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Name: 20220516_Mon_Alex
Air Date: May 16, 2022
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The passage is a transcript of a conversation between Alex Jones and other speakers discussing various conspiracy theories and topics. The speakers discuss false flag attacks, global unrest, gun control, InfoWars products, mainstream media manipulation, the new world order, depopulation agendas, and resistance to centralized control over healthcare systems. They also promote merchandise items available at their online store and emphasize the importance of waking up to resist these agendas.

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You know, I'm a pretty tough guy.
But I know what's coming and I'm shaking.
Designed total planetary collapse.
Seven billion dead is the goal.
You will witness it if you don't stop them.
Everybody tuning in from the enemy side, who pretends you're on the winning team.
You will wish to God later, if we don't stop what you're part of,
Had never happened.
You will wish that you'd been on the right side of history.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
In Dinesh D'Souza's 2000 Mules, a team with over 40 years of experience investigating election security and election fraud provide crystal clear evidence that the 2020 election was rigged.
They did so by focusing their investigation on only 2000 individuals.
A small percentage of the entire operation.
These 2,000 individuals were tracked via cell phone data and video surveillance cameras, which clearly shows them knowingly committing voter fraud over and over again, while photographing themselves doing it.
All acting as mules, delivering ballots from Democrat-aligned NGOs to official ballot boxes in the 2020 election.
2,000 felons caught on tape.
This movie provides smoking gun proof that the 2020 election was stolen and makes it absolutely apparent that the entire system is corrupt.
Because where is the justice?
If America had any actual law enforcement, they could simply arrest these 2,000 mules and start an official investigation, which would undoubtedly reveal what many of us already know, that the people currently destroying America from within were not elected by the American people.
But we don't have law enforcement, and we don't have a news media.
On a personal note, I have to say that this movie was depressing.
Infuriatingly depressing.
Yes, it has smoking gun evidence that the election was stolen.
But it was also a stark reminder of how the American people have no voice.
We knew the election was stolen.
That's why millions of us marched on DC in the biggest peaceful protest of our nation's history.
It was obvious to us all.
But after a few dozen feds fired off a couple flash bombs and murdered an innocent woman in cold blood,
The fake Republican grifters ran home with their limp tails between their legs, submissively agreeing to never speak of election fraud ever again.
Even as hundreds of innocent Americans rot in jail, and even as the country is destroyed from within, they have been silent.
All for fear of losing their meaningless jobs of selling the American people the biggest lie of all.
That their vote counts.
For those of us paying attention, it clearly doesn't.
But that doesn't stop these charlatans from telling you that all you have to do is get out and vote.
Democrats are in full support of destroying America.
And the Republicans are all cowards.
It's a show.
Both sides are nothing but prostitutes to the big banks and their lobbyists.
Happy to see the country slip into the abyss so long as they get their paycheck.
They'll sell you the truth online for $20 and hope it satiates you.
Because that's all you get.
There is no justice.
The American people are on their own.
And the sooner we realize that, the better.
Because we the people have been praying for a miracle.
And that miracle is here.
Miraculously, we still have time to act.
But that time is rapidly running out.
And voting is no longer a solution.
Not until we fix this broken election system.
There will never be anything resembling a fair and honest election ever again in this country if we the people don't come together and exact justice now.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Here is a small sampling of hours of myself last year and a half predicting exactly what happened Saturday in Buffalo that's now being used as a pretext for total censorship and of course a form of martial law here in America and gun confiscation.
So what are they going to do?
They're gonna attack a minority church or college or grocery store, some type of minority gathering.
Or a massive white supremacist attack they staged.
That's all the pre-programming in the media, so you know what's coming.
You're gonna be bad because you were a Republican voter, period!
That's how they intend to do this, is connect the Republican Party to white supremacism and the Second Amendment to it.
That's how they're pushing for violence and preparing real false flags.
Not just guys dressed up like white nationalists to discredit the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Virginia.
But violence, my friends.
So if you go to a black church or you go to a rural, say, black grocery store, you better be packing.
You better be watching.
Because let me tell you, the deep states are coming.
So what are they going to do?
They're going to attack a minority church or college or grocery store, some type of minority gathering.
And they're either going to completely false flag it and do it 100% themselves, or they're going to find mentally ill, in-cell, white supremacist types that'll really be devil worshippers, whacked out of their minds on prescription and illegal drugs.
There will be a two or three man idiot squad that'll go in and start shooting black people at a church.
Then there'll be a backup team that'll kill them, claiming they committed suicide, who will then actually kill a couple hundred black people.
Cause the Satanists always start shooting people and they kind of, wow, I'm actually killing somebody.
This isn't as cool as I thought.
And then they get killed by the black op team.
The black op team then kills the lion's share of the people.
They're going to want a big number, hundreds of dead black children.
So if you go to a black church or you go to a, you know, rural, say black grocery store, you better.
Be packing.
You better be watching, because let me tell you, the deep states are coming.
It's going to be the whole collapse of society, and you're going to be bad because you were a Republican voter, period.
That's how they intend to do this, is connect the Republican Party to white supremacism and the Second Amendment to it.
That's how they plan to overturn it.
That's the whole program you're seeing right now.
But if the people are aware of it, it's over.
This is the New World Order's revolution.
This is an assault, and it only gets worse from here.
And that's why no matter how much heat they get and how bad they look and no matter how much everything they do falls apart, they are moving towards staging massive terror attacks and other crises to blame their opposition and frame us for terror so they can move directly against us.
They're going to try to launch a race war.
They're going to pull off a false flag event, try to blame, of course, the gun owners and Trump supporters and Christians and so on.
They will see if the people will comply to turn in their guns, which I believe people will not comply.
That would be insane at this point with the police being defunded and violent crime exploding, you know, all across liberal cities everywhere.
People need self-defense more than ever, including, by the way, women.
They are planning, in my view.
False flag terror attacks here in America to submit their rollout against us.
Massive white supremacist attack they staged.
That's all the pre-programming in the media so you know what's coming.
They're pushing for violence and preparing real false flags.
Not just guys dressed up like white nationalists to discredit the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Virginia.
But violence, my friends.
And that's why they're freaking out because that's the card they want to play.
That's the point we've gotten to.
Now, there they are declaring that the number one terror threat is white people to create division.
And then, what happened yesterday?
They release their new official Homeland Security paper, where they tell us we're guilty of being evil terrorists because we support national sovereignty and conservative Christian values, populist values, just common sense values.
And then they later put the reports out saying that imminent
Eminent terror attacks before the election are coming from Republicans who are, quote, white supremacist, who are, quote, terrorist.
Here's the headline.
Jamie White, Infowars.com.
You can read the government document for yourself.
It's linked right there.
DHS releases new rules on extremism.
Target anyone who questions 2020 election or challenges COVID narrative.
Conspiracy theories about 2020 presidential election and government's COVID response.
Will almost certainly spur domestic terrorism and extremists to try to engage in violence this year, DHS claims.
And then it goes through the entire report that you can again read at the article at Infowars.com.
So, everybody thinking that we're going to defeat the Democrats and that everything is okay.
This is all prescriptive, this is all pre-planned.
And they are planning massive terror attacks, mass shootings, bombings of federal buildings right now to blame the Tea Party, to blame Trump supporters, to blame you.
I know that as their evil plan unfolds, more people will wake up by necessity and realize that we must stop complying with this new world order.
It's designed to get us to carry out violence, and they think they can win that.
They know intellectually, long term, they're going to lose.
Even though Democrats are everywhere calling for violence right now.
We're calling for peace.
They say 1776 means violence.
No, it means the answer in 1984 equals 1776.
We're in an info war.
Info war means information war.
The pen is mightier than the sword.
So those are clips going back as much as a year and a half right through until last Friday, Friday the 13th, where I was predicting all this specifically.
It's the same story just like with the shooter Cruz in Florida a few years ago in Broward County.
He had threatened to shoot people hundreds of times.
He was part of a government program where if you have a minority name, he wasn't even Hispanic, but he'd been adopted by Hispanics, Cruz, that you're allowed to commit crime.
And he was known as the school shooter.
But they protected him.
And now that's happened again.
The parents had told the police, the state police, and the FBI that he was dangerous and needed to be locked up.
Completely out of
Coming up in the last segment of this hour, right through the second hour, and then Sean Stone, filmmaker, author, researcher, obviously Oliver Stone's son, but a smart cookie in his own right, he is going to be in studio with us in the third hour today, ahead of Gerald Cilente.
But I intend to take 50 phone calls or so.
Hell, we'll even start going to calls in the fourth segment.
So around 11 20 central we'll start taking calls and I'm going to give that number out when we come back so everybody can get on board.
I'd like to hear from first time callers.
I'd like to specifically hear from people who are in the Buffalo area and any information they have unfiltered your chance as a citizen as a human to get involved on air and give us your view of the situation.
Now while this is all going on the U.N.
We're good.
News on the economy front, and so much more.
Buttigieg announcing plans for national gas tax by the mile.
They'll also track everywhere you go.
They're now telling first graders that they misgendered somebody they expelled from school to just brainwash them and teach them the ultimate crime is believing in two genders.
I mean, we are inside the New World Order pressure cooker now, but humanity's waking up and fighting back in the InfoWar.
Tomorrow's news today.
Bandot Video.
Armory of truth and censored information.
Don't just watch it, share it.
Band.video and the link to share is Battleplan.
Stay with us.
You know, I'm a pretty tough guy.
But I know what's coming and I'm shaking.
Designed total planetary collapse.
Seven billion dead is the goal.
You will witness it if you don't stop them.
Everybody tuning in from the enemy side who pretends you're on the winning team.
You will wish to God later if we don't stop what you're part of had never happened.
You will wish that you'd been on the right side of history.
You know, I mentioned all the huge news I was going to get to.
And I'm going to give the number out and get into this terrible schizophrenic
Orchestrated operation.
Coming up.
But I'm going to do that once I start taking your calls.
I'm not going to cover it right now because as bad as it is and as sad as we are for those poor people just trying to put groceries in their car, getting murdered by this demon.
Whatever else went on.
I looked at the latest numbers yesterday.
The UN now estimates that 400 million people, not 287 million, are on the verge of starvation.
Over 40 million, and the numbers are six months old, they only come out twice a year.
An extra 40 million people the last two years under IMF World Bank lockdown, because in the third world they stay under lockdown because they're under globalist control.
Starved to death.
That's 40 million people.
Imagine an NFL playoff game with 100,000 people in the stands.
How many of those football arenas, those football stadiums, jam-packed with humans, fits into 40 million?
Do the math in your own mind.
I mean, I've got the number here, but just think about the number of 100,000-person football stadiums
How many football stadiums fit into $40 million?
How many times does $100,000 divide into $40 million?
How many football stadiums is that?
It's a big number.
And it's a footnote in the back of the newspaper.
Well, yeah, we had to do the lockdowns because a couple million died of COVID, so that 40 million would die.
And it was all part of a plan.
We were predicting the plan because we had the plan.
And now I know where the rest of the plan goes.
And I'm just sitting here talking to very prominent people off-air, billionaires, top talk show hosts,
And they tell me, yeah, Alex, we think you're right now.
But how do you tell the public that?
How do you resist something like that?
Because the public can't handle the truth.
I go back to A Few Good Men.
Maybe cue that final scene up.
We'll come in next segment with a couple minutes from that famous, powerful scene with Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson.
Where he gets him pissed off and finally has him tell the truth that they had the guy killed because he was weak.
And if the Marine Corps is weak, well then those walls fall and then the country goes down.
Because that's such a powerful scene because it's true from both perspectives.
It's wrong to kill that guy because he's weak.
But what if the whole system goes down?
And in that is the answer to everything.
There's a couple types of civilization.
There's Renaissance.
Collaborative civilizations and there are conquest civilizations.
And usually countries and empires and nations are a mix of those two.
And the more they're pro-liberty, the more they're renaissance, the more they're collaborative, the better they are.
The more happy and wealthy and powerful and amazing they are.
And there's a diversity of freedom.
The more you're a conquest economy, the worse you are.
And the more poor you are.
Like North Korea.
And so in this world, before we hit all this news, it's important to understand that we're going from a system where we had elites that wanted to be in charge and powerful and wealthy, but they were proud.
Like a racehorse owner is proud of their horse.
They were proud of their sprawling cities and their cruise ships and their spacecraft and their money.
And they saw the wealth of populations as their wealth.
Like the Vatican thought large population was good, now it thinks it's bad.
A reversal of those ideas.
Like the Davos Group says, we want less souls, not more souls.
And you can argue that fact all day, except when you realize you're the soul they're targeting.
Your children are the ones they're targeting.
You can pretend you're part of the power structure, but you're not.
And that's really the big issue here.
And so we're shifting from an elite that wanted stability and prosperity and order, and did some things that weren't perfect to have that,
To a system that wants to implode the world economy because they believe it's already going to happen anyways, so they control it in a controlled demolition.
And that's where we are now.
We're not in the beta.
We're now in the beginning of the operational.
And I've already made a friend of death.
I'll never commit suicide.
I don't want to die.
I love life more than anything.
But I'm saying I'm ready to do whatever it takes.
I'm not going to give in.
I'm not going to back down.
It's just a spiritual choice, and I've got to do the right thing.
I gotta man up like my ancestors did.
Boy, quite a tall order.
And I don't live off the laurels of my ancestors, but it's spectacular.
And I would think if you've done your genealogy, you've got some amazing people in your past as well.
But I intend to live up to the mark of my ancestors, and if I can, surpass it as an example to my progeny and their progeny.
I understand the long game of the human arc.
And where we're going.
So I want to give them the number out to talk about the world collapse, what you think we should do about it, the terrible event that they're magnifying.
One person being killed in Tennessee is terrible.
One woman putting her groceries in her car, hard-working lady, shot by a crazed schizophrenic lunatic they call a white supremacist.
But Biden rushes to the scene of that to hype it all up, while ignoring the thousands dead, black on black, in Chicago every year.
The hundreds and hundreds dead, thousand dead, places like Houston a year.
No coverage of that, no magnifying it, no magnifying Kenosha.
Because the system wants to guilt white people to sign on to the globalist agenda.
So, here we are.
Standing together.
Of every race, color, and creed.
Understanding that the enemy is destroying our currency, destroying our borders, destroying our food supply, destroying our energy supply, and then they want us to fight with each other like a bunch of idiots.
So I'm going to tell black people something.
I'm going to tell white people, Hispanics, everybody else, but it's whites and blacks the system wants to have kill each other.
I'm going to tell you this now.
If you don't stand up for the black people, and if you don't stand up for the white people,
You're working for Satan, and God is going to cut your ass off.
Our brothers are the black people.
Our brothers are the white people.
Our brothers are the Asian people, Hispanic people, the Native Americans, and everybody else, damn it!
And I refuse to hate black people just because they've gotten a minority of black folks to hate white people and go out and attack them.
And I refuse to buy into the leftist division.
And I refuse to let them target our children with all the sterilization and transgenderism, and I demand people wake up out of the coma and not give George Soros and the New World Order the race war they want, and have this be our greatest moment where we wake up and come together!
Toll-free number to join us, 877-789-2539.
We're the frontlines.
If you're receiving this transmission, you are the last line of defense.
You are the resistance.
You are the few good men, ladies and gentlemen.
Here it is.
You snotty little bastard.
Your Honor, I'd like to ask for a recess.
I'd like an answer to the question, Judge.
The court will wait for an answer.
If Lieutenant Kendrick gave an order that Santiago wasn't to be touched, then why did he have to be transferred?
Lieutenant Kendrick ordered the Code Red, didn't he?
Because that's what you told Lieutenant Kendrick to do.
And when it went bad, you cut these guys loose!
Your Honor, you are more than just a cytophony transporter!
Your Honor, you doctored the logbook!
Damn it, Captain!
You're worse to doctor!
Consider yourself in contempt!
Colonel Jessup, did you order the Code Red?
You don't have to answer that question.
I'll answer the question.
You want answers?
I think I'm entitled to them.
You want answers!
I want the truth!
You can't handle the truth!
Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns.
Who's gonna do it?
You, Lieutenant Weinberg?
I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom.
You weep for Santiago and you curse the Marines.
You have that luxury.
You have the luxury of not knowing what I know.
That Santiago's death, while tragic, probably saved lives.
And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives!
You don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at parties.
You want me on that wall.
You need me on that wall.
We use words like honor, code, loyalty.
We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something.
You use them as a punchline.
I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide and then questions the manner in which I provide it.
I would rather you just said thank you and went on your way.
Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon
And from the perspective of Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation, collapsing civilization before there's a giant nuclear war to get full technocracy control is the code red.
And so, we've all been taught in school and the culture and the movies, there's too many of us and we're bad.
So, are we really for the Code Red here?
Because it's going down.
And again, I don't tell you this to brag.
It's not that.
I've been offered to work for these people.
Because that's what they do.
They scoop up all the resistance and they scoop up all the brains.
But I can't sign on to killing almost everybody in Africa and Latin America.
Any more that can sign on while they collapse it, the refugees of it are going to flood us, and they're going to control them and use them as weapons against us!
And they're going to put us in an impossible situation.
And that's what's being done here.
So everybody better decide which damn side they're on.
But I'll be completely honest with you, the initiation of the collapse has already begun.
And I don't know if it can be stopped, I hope it can be mitigated, but I know morally
I have a job to stay at my post and tell you the truth about what's going on, while everybody else talks about football and the NFL draft and the latest Netflix show, which does not matter.
And nobody's judging you because you like the NFL or Netflix.
Who doesn't like some of it?
The point is, we are at the precipice here.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539, 877-789-ALEX.
We'll be taking your calls starting next segment throughout the transmission.
But boy do I have news here, but I think you already know what it's all going to say, don't you?
Unbelievable, psychotic, pressure cooker brainwashing of elementary students from New York to Chicago to Los Angeles, telling elementary students they're criminals because they're a boy or a girl.
I have the stack here.
The baby formula shortages, the human smuggling at the border, the dollar plunging, the ruble exploding, massive escalations of war in Ukraine, and riots in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia, the likes of which have never before been seen, because now more than 60% of the world population is spending more than half their paycheck on food, even if they have a job, and people start starving.
Look at these images of your TV viewer.
of Sri Lanka.
Those aren't fat people, folks.
They're probably 3% body fat.
And they are burning down the entire ruling class's neighborhoods, and they are killing the establishment.
But the real establishment that controls that establishment is at Davos.
They are cocooned in armored redoubts around the world while they watch the rest of the world burn.
And that's where we're going.
And the globalists think they're going to sit offshore while the whole world burns, and then they come back in and pick up the pieces.
And are we dumb enough to let them do that?
Look at these headlines.
Food riots in Sri Lanka turn deadly as protesters beat up police, burn down politicians' houses, throw their cars in the river.
Salvini, the main populist resistance leader in Italy.
He was the leader of the country for a while until they stole the election.
Warns of food shortages could cause 20 million African migrants to enter Europe.
No, maybe a lot more than that.
TV presenter warns global food shortages will lead to cannibalism.
I told you that two years ago.
And it goes on and on and on.
European natural gas prices set to triple.
Over half of Germans admit to being poorer than in 2021 as economy declines.
Brits told to work more to handle cost of living crisis, but there is no jobs.
And then we've got the spike in deaths of newborns of the vaccinated mothers.
That's coming up.
It's devastating.
Meanwhile, Buttigieg rewards cities with wider sidewalks, cycling lanes, lower speed limits, and public transit as they
Transition out of cars.
See, the electricity ain't gonna work.
Transitioning out of cars.
Vehicle mileage tax, Buttigieg says, is being prepared.
Which also attracts everywhere you go by federal law.
Texas grid operator says prepare for failures all summer long.
Be ready for up to six, seven hours a day without power.
This is what the Great Reset New World Order takeover looks like.
And I'm just gonna say this right now.
God is in charge, and if we're meant to stay on air, we're going to stay on air.
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New York Governor Kathy Hochul.
Governor, thank you so much for joining me.
I'm sorry it's under these conditions.
Can you first tell us what more you've learned about the shooter's motive and this purported manifesto?
Well this manifesto tells everything to us and that is what's so bone-chilling about it is that there is the ability for people to write and subscribe to such philosophies filled with hate, the white supremacist acts of terrorism that are being fomented on social media and to know that what this one individual did has been shared with the rest of the world as well as the live streaming of this
Military-style execution that occurred in the homes in the streets of my hometown and that is what is so fundamentally disturbing about this that this is not just Long time ago members of the KKK would sit in a hall and plot what they're gonna do in their community this spreads like a virus and that's why I'm calling on the
CEOs of all the social media platforms to examine their policies and to be able to look me in the eye and tell me that everything is being done that they can to make sure that this information is not spread.
They have to be able to identify when information like this, the second it hits the platform, it needs to be taken down because this is spreading like wildfire.
These theories that result in the radicalization of a young person sitting in their house
So it's not just gun owners that are to blame for what a crazy schizophrenic did that they knew about and allowed to do this.
Now it's your First Amendment and they need to monitor and censor you more even though...
He reportedly told the school, I mean where hazmat suits the school, that he was going to come shoot everybody.
So they knew, the parents said put him in a mental institution, but they didn't do that.
And here's the headline, CBS News.
Family, FBI knew Oklahoma bomb.
Plot suspect is schizophrenic.
I don't know why they said Oklahoma.
Buffalo shooting live updates.
Police say Peyton Gendron threatened to attack his school last year.
Buffalo shooting suspect was on police radar for threatening to shoot up school.
Buffalo resident armed law-abiding citizens key to ending mass shootings.
Biden races to Buffalo but never went to Waukesha.
Fallen black security guard hailed as true hero for trying to save lives during Buffalo supermarket shooting.
Shot the crazed schizophrenic repeatedly, but he had body armor.
But that doesn't mean anybody with body armor is bad.
You're not bad because you own a gun that somebody else with a gun did something bad.
Same thing with body armor.
They tried to say another racial attack happened in California.
Turned out it was some type of family dispute at a Asian church.
So we have the establishment exploiting Buffalo shooting for a type of digital martial law.
They even tried to blame Rittenhouse.
They even tried to blame Tucker Carlson.
They even tried to blame me.
Because they want your speech, your first amendment, and they want your second amendment.
We're going to get this video on play out of this black man laying out the fact that black guns matter.
That's going to be coming up.
And meanwhile we have the head of Black Lives Matter with her hundreds of millions of dollars, who's a communist, saying that Candace Owens going to her house is evil and should be banned when she was promoting the burning down of half the United States.
You just saw the governor up in New York, we need to clamp down on guns, social media, stop shootings.
But they knew and did absolutely nothing.
Now when I gave the number out, I said you can talk about any subject you want.
But I'd specifically like to get your take on what's happening in the media with the call for the end of the First Amendment and the Second Amendment on the back of what happened just now in Buffalo.
And we are doing first-time callers.
And when we do first-time callers, everybody else calls, we're unable to get to all the callers.
So it's first-time callers today for people that have tried to get in a hundred times and couldn't.
That's what we do first-time callers all the time with an audience of tens of millions of people, millions tuned in every hour.
We do that pretty much all the time because there's new people that have never had a chance to get on the show.
Now, most black people aren't violent or criminals, but there is a minority of black people that commit
More than 10 to 1 crimes versus any other racial group.
That's because the media promotes it.
It's because the media has broken up the black family.
It's because the media and the left has promoted crimes by black people and saying it's a form of reparations.
That's why you see in many places like California and other states, they pass laws letting you steal.
So people go in and steal all the sunglasses or steal all the CVS products or steal all the prescriptions and then those stores close.
And there's so many examples of this, you don't need me to tell you.
But we don't blame black people because a minority of black people are doing bad things.
And we don't blame white people, but some crazy schizophrenic... ...bastard.
And that's mean to people that are from single parents.
Being a bastard's not a bad thing in my view.
And you know, I'm not gonna even defend what this monster did.
It's terrible.
But he's obviously mentally ill.
I mean, he's super schizophrenic out of his mind.
So I blame him, but I blame more the FBI and the state police and others that were told multiple times he was going to do this, and that the family told them this, and that nothing was done.
And in that very system that says we've got to surveil and control everything so we can stop future shootings, always seems to get warned, always knows, but doesn't do anything.
The idea, though, out of 350 million people, that we're going to live in a perfect world and... No!
We have mental illness everywhere.
We have drug abuse everywhere.
We have a godless, lost population of people under demonic control, and we're not going to see less of what just happened.
We're going to see more.
That's how I was specifically able to predict exactly what happened months ago, because it's obvious.
When you say white people are the devil, and white people need to be dealt with, and white people need to be extincted, but it's never black people saying it.
It's the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN.
You're gonna have mentally ill people that feel threatened by that, and they're gonna go out and act on that.
So I don't blame black people for Kenosha, and I don't blame white people
For Buffalo.
They're all tragedies and they're all terrible.
I blame the globalists who we know are out to get us for what they've done.
And we need to notice that they're using this for division and control and how disgusting and sick it is that they seized on that.
But you already know that.
Polls show 75 to 90 percent of Democrats don't like the Democratic Party.
But the vast majority of people are going to vote Republican.
Not that that's perfect, but it's better than them.
And that the corporate media has almost no viewers and no one believes them anymore.
So we voted with our brains.
We voted with our actions.
And people now understand what's going on and are seeing through it more and more.
And so it's our jobs, no matter what color your damn skin is, to reach out to folks and point out that the last thing we want is anybody killing some innocent person for what color they are.
I don't care whether you're as white,
As the snow, or as black as beautiful ebony, it doesn't matter.
What matters is your heart and your soul, and we don't judge people because a black person does something wrong, we go kill a bunch of black people.
Or a white person does something evil, we go kill a bunch of white people.
Or a bad cop does something.
And so randomly in other cities and states, people shoot random police.
That's evil!
And that's wrong!
And nobody needs me to even tell you that!
We're gonna go to break.
We're gonna come back with your calls the next hour.
Mike, Charles, Bob, Minuteman, Greg, Angela, Dean, Wade, Thomas, Matt, Anthony.
We'll get to everybody.
All those calls.
Those calls.
Next hour.
The world's looking for truth right now.
They're looking for answers during this control collapse.
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Hello, boys and girls.
I have a special message for you from the President of the United States.
And we are as a people, inherently and historically, opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings.
This is Walter Cronkite in our newsroom, and there has been an attempt that perhaps you know now on the life of President Kennedy.
The initial attack on the destroyer Maddox on August 2nd was repeated today.
Psychological warfare operations went into high gear.
In retaliation for this unprovoked attack on the high seas, our forces have struck the bases used by the North Vietnamese patrol craft.
It would allow the President to wage war in Vietnam.
In 1976, Flight 455, which took off from Venezuela, bound for Cuba, suddenly exploded.
All 73 passengers and 5 crew members aboard died after the plane crashed near Barbados.
William Colby has been missing since April 27.
His canoe was found washed up on the banks of the Wicomico River April 28.
I don't have to tell you things are bad.
Everybody knows things are bad.
I've always felt the nine most terrifying words in the English language are, I'm from the government and I'm here to help.
All right, what is the Trilateral Commission?
It's an organization founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller.
What they're really up to is a scheme to plant their own loyal members in positions of power in this country.
To work to erase national boundaries, create an international community, and in time bring about a one world government with David Rockefeller calling the shots.
I understand he was tapped for skull and bones.
Tapped for it?
Sir, he found it, skull and bones.
It's like everything everywhere is going crazy so we don't go out anymore.
We sit in the house and slowly the world we're living in is getting smaller and all we say is, please, at least leave us alone in our living rooms.
Let me have my toaster and my TV and my steel-built-in radios and I won't say anything.
Just leave us alone.
Well, I'm not gonna leave you alone.
I want you to get mad!
We have got the fight to stand up.
It's not going to be easy.
But I'll assure you this, we can and we will and we must prevail!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Liberals now are all over the news.
They're the newest, biggest group buying guns, saying, I'm preparing for civil war with the right-wingers.
Thank God you just joined us and didn't know it.
The Second Amendment is for a tyrannical government.
What we are looking at is good and evil.
The people above you that are inviting you into their New World Order, they're slaves.
They've sold out to it.
They're blind.
They're cowards.
You don't want to be part of them.
Like Patrick Henry said, forget you are our brethren.
Go from us in peace.
Crouch down and lift the hand that feeds you.
Let your chains sit lightly upon you.
And for me, give me liberty or give me death!
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Something special happened at the pro-abortion, pro-death rally over Los Angeles yesterday.
My good buddy Eddie Bravo was walking out of his main headquarters, Tenth Planet JoJo, and caught footage of it.
We know who did it, they don't want the credit, but took five airplanes at high altitude to spray in giant letters over Los Angeles.
This was huge.
Alex Jones was right.
He got picked up by international media.
Here's the video.
I was right.
Why am I not videoing this?
That is crazy how they're doing that.
Dude, this is pretty wild.
I've never seen that before.
No, not that way.
Have you?
Yeah, me neither.
This is the Aeroplanet Headquarters, Los Angeles.
They're going in a circle.
This was not normal skywriting.
This was done spectacularly.
If you're a radio listener and want to see the video, we're going to post it under the live show feed broadcast for today.
And I got busy.
I didn't write today's show headline.
Let's see what the great Ben
The writer came up with, let's put the live show feed up there.
As we enter the second hour, Great Reset now in overdrive as MSM amplifies fake mass shooting narratives and a real food crisis looms.
Well, that's an interesting headline.
Pretty good headline.
I think I'm going to rewrite it during the next break because I would say provocateur mass shooting.
But regardless, here we are, ladies and gentlemen, in the year 2022.
And I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And we're taking your phone calls here today.
But here's
Alex Jones was right.
Has become the maximum of, I don't buy the systems bull.
I don't buy into the propaganda.
I don't believe MSM.
It is how you really piss in their Cheerios.
Alex Jones is right.
Whether you do it in cyberspace or whether you do it in creative ways, the third dimension, we salute everyone out there that is doing it.
All right, let me hit a few news stories here.
And then we're going to open the phones up with all these callers and go to your phone calls.
Democrats are in some serious trouble.
New NBC poll, 75% of Americans say country is on the wrong track under Joe Biden.
You mean under the New World Order.
NBC's Chuck Todd, Democrats are in some serious trouble in the midterms.
Well, what are they banking on?
They're banking on imminent, they told us, white supremacist mass shootings.
And then it turns out the system knew that it was imminent and did absolutely nothing to stop it.
Just like the Broward County shooting we saw a few years ago.
Buffalo shooting suspect Payton.
Jen Dron's parents interviewed by feds.
They were talking to the feds and the state police before.
He'd been flagged as a troubled for threatening to shoot at the school just last year.
We're going to take your calls on this subject and so much more.
We haven't gotten to the Russian news and Ukraine news.
We haven't gotten the UN World Treaty news to take over our health care.
That will all happen.
And in studio, the great Sean Stone will be joining us as well today.
But right now, let's go to these calls.
In the order that they've been received.
Let's talk to Mike in Buffalo, New York, where this tragic event took place.
It's now being used to demonize not just the second, but the First Amendment as well.
Truly disgraceful to see the ghoul Biden rushing to the scene when he ignored Kenosha when he should have gone to both scenes.
Both events are tragic and wrong and evil.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike.
Mike, go ahead.
Hi Alex, Info Warrior since 2006.
Appreciate you taking my call.
Appreciate you, brother.
Pretty much this happened about 17 minutes from where I live.
Walls are closing in.
I wanted to know your opinion on what would it look like if they really tried to grab the guns before the election?
Like, who would be on whose side?
What would start this off?
Well, that would cause a civil war, and then the deep state would trigger
Patriot attacks they ran against illegitimate targets of women and children to demonize the pro-gun crowd as terrorists.
That would trigger a civil war which would take down the country, which is the globalist plan.
The left thinks they're about to take over and run everything, but they're actually about to destroy the whole country.
Okay, just hold on, like, okay.
Would they go after registered gun owners first?
How would that look like?
Do you know what I mean?
Sure, what they would do first is raid a bunch of people they know make ghost guns, pick out a group of extremists they've already been tracking, and then have a bunch of standoffs.
And then use that as the backdrop for bombings of federal buildings and other facilities that they would carry out themselves and blame on us.
So there would be a buildup.
They wouldn't come right out with gun confiscation.
It would be limited provocations to then trigger violence to hopefully suck the general public into a larger fight.
And you'll see a bunch of racial attacks mixed into it to make the backdrop racial
So that anybody that's a Republican, anybody that's a populist, anybody that's pro-gun, anybody that's pro-free speech is a terrorist.
That's how all the pre-programming has worked, so we know exactly how it'll work.
I mean, time frame-wise, from here until the election, from here to November, could they possibly
Or any time after.
You know what I mean?
Well, here's... I know exactly what you mean.
That's why I've been on the show every day for several years saying they're going to run for a year and a half since Biden stole the election.
They're going to run on domestic terrorism and saying it's white supremism and tying to the First and Second Amendment.
That's all the pre-programming.
So we're now entering exactly what we predicted.
Thank you so much.
No, thank you.
What do you think, Mike?
I mean, exactly what you said.
I mean, there's so many questions that I have, because I understand that you're public enemy number one, and you're going to get scrutinized, and they wanted you to lead the next revolution civil war, so I know it's a very hairy subject for you, but this is really going to kick off, and the shooting 17 minutes away from me, really, like, walls are closing in, they could try anything, and this gun grab is a very
Wheeler and wheeler possibility.
That's all.
And again, the gun grab is meant to trigger the next level of the destabilization.
And people think COVID lockdowns and all that garbage was bad.
Imagine all sorts of violent events accelerating and then them giving it a racial backdrop.
This is what they've been pre-programming and preparing and drilling into the public.
It's why it's so easy to predict this is now happening.
Thanks for the call.
And they didn't have to go stage this.
I don't know if they did.
They've staged other stuff in the past.
They may have.
But the pre-programming, all whites are evil, all whites are terrorists, whites need to be exterminated, that is done as a backdrop so that mentally ill people, they statistically know they've got serious algorithms.
I mean, if I can predict stuff, you don't think the deep state can?
They know that when they hype enough of this up,
Listing pro-free speech, pro-medical freedom, and pro-gun, pro-self-defense people as terrorists.
That has been the mantra they've had.
It's the mantra I've had saying it's coming.
With 176 days out, I mean I said last week probably 10 times they're going to stage a mass shooting on a black grocery store.
A church or a black university.
I mean, those are the targets.
That's how their mind works.
I know how they operate.
I'm in their head.
And guaranteed this guy had been reached out to by the system.
He was schizophrenic.
He was told he was a secret soldier, probably managed by some militia group that was really FBI run, just like the Whitmer kidnapping.
That's my speculation.
I'm not saying that's what happened.
But that's how they would do it.
And then they whine, oh, we got a crazy schizophrenic.
Wants to shoot up a school where his hands match the school.
He's got guns.
Let's just wind him up like Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber.
On record was CIA.
That came out in the trial.
CIA operation.
And they set him up.
Doesn't mean Theodore Skidinski was a good guy.
But that's how they work, folks.
This is Mind Control 101.
This is MKUltra writ large.
Come back with more calls on the other side.
We'll go to break.
Again, it is an act of total resistance during this critical time to spread the links to BattlePlan.News.
BattlePlan.News takes you to Band.Video.
This isn't rocket science.
If you're foreign multinational banks imploding the world economy for a design collapse,
You're going to stir up every major group internally using sociology.
So in Sri Lanka, they'll play one group off against each other, even though they're genetically the same people.
Here in America, we got historic beef, since bad things have been done to certain people.
Play those up, divide everybody.
This is very, very simple.
And the system knows that.
And they knew that this guy was planning to do this, and they let him do it.
That's come out in the news.
We're taking your phone calls right now.
I'm going to folks first in Buffalo.
We're going to talk to Bob in Buffalo.
Our hearts go out to poor, innocent, the first two people he killed.
I've seen the raw footage.
We're not going to air it here.
He live streamed it on Twitch.
We don't blame Twitch.
Somebody could call up on a telephone and stream something on Zoom.
You don't blame AT&T.
You don't blame the company that owns Zoom.
They blamed a few years ago when a guy went and shot up and killed some people at a synagogue.
He just said I'm about to go shoot people five minutes before on Gab.
How was that Gab's fault?
It's a communication system.
But notice since it's Twitch and that's establishment, they're not blaming Twitch.
They're blaming everybody who has free speech saying you've got to lose your speech and your guns because of this while they're literally flooding weapons to the Azog Battalion Nazis in Ukraine.
This is all extremely, extremely transparent.
We're taking your phone calls right now, ladies and gentlemen.
We're talking about this.
Bob in Buffalo.
Bob, what's your take on this situation?
How you doing, Alex?
All blessings, brother.
God bless you.
Sad time in the city right now.
So I'm watching this on Fold Saturday, and I can smell the false flag after living in Vegas during the strip shooting with that masquerade.
I've never seen so many politicians show up to a live crime scene as the bodies were still laying out there.
So I, you know, it's just crazy.
I've just never seen anything like this.
I just see the gates of hell opened up right now, brother, and we all just need to plead the blood of Jesus over this nation, over this city, over this world right now.
Amen to that, brother.
So tell us, you live in Buffalo, you see it happening, go over what you were thinking at the time.
Well, my wife works for Topps, but not that particular one.
She works one about 20 minutes from there.
So this is really close to home.
Oh, very close.
You know, I, uh, I plead the blood of Jesus over my family every day.
So, you know, at the times we live in right now, that's all we really have for protection, you know?
So she calls me flipping out.
I really wasn't paying attention to nothing yet on Saturday.
I started watching it.
Turn it on.
I started seeing the mayor show up, all these politicians showing up right away.
I mean, it's still an active crime scene.
And then I'm just like, man, something don't smell right.
You know, I'm telling my wife, I'm telling her everything.
I'm like, then when it comes out about this guy, I'm like programmed right away, like something, something ain't right.
You know, as much as he knew about that area and not lived here, I just, nothing smelled right.
And man, I'm glad you brought up Vegas.
I wouldn't have thought of that.
Biggest mass shooting in U.S.
And when it came out that it was connected to the CIA in Saudi Arabia, they shut that down right away, didn't they?
No coverage.
Yes, absolutely.
I mean, you don't hear nothing about that anymore, and that was one of the biggest mass shootings ever in Nevada, so I mean...
I just see the same blueprint.
It could have been a lot worse.
It could have been a lot worse Saturday.
Do you imagine the mind control to walk up to a woman, black, white, doesn't matter, and shoot a woman, you don't even know, loading groceries.
The first two women he killed were loading groceries in their car.
Imagine the type of demon possession this creature was under.
18 years old, I mean, to me, I don't even see enough time for somebody to get that evil.
That's how evil the times are right now.
You know, to think that 18 years of his life and he could just go out, I mean, it's total mind control.
To me, there ain't nothing else.
I mean, I'm wondering if he took the shot, you know?
Oh, I'm sure he did.
He wore hazmat suits to school and was all obsessed with it.
We got that on screen.
Well, sir, I'm really glad that you're praying and I'm praying with you and I'm so sorry this happened and I couldn't imagine what it's like to have your wife work there and what you're going through.
So give her my best and let's just come together and I'll give them what they want.
Let's love each other, alright?
I promise you that I love everybody and I love you.
I know you love me and we're going to beat this together, brother.
Continue to carry that cross, brother.
We love you, man.
Love you, too.
It's gonna get a lot worse, folks.
I mean, it's gonna get bad.
And they're gonna have some more white supremacists go out and do this.
You know it's gonna happen.
And they're gonna have some crazy brainwashed black people do the same damn thing.
And they're gonna sit here and play us all off against each other.
Well, they rape everybody and cut our power off and inflate everything and screw us.
That's what pisses me off, is the globalists are the enemy, they're on record, we don't have baby formula, and they've got some crazy person, they knew it was gonna do this, and they let him do it again!
We exposed that at Parkland, and they said that I said the shooting didn't happen, a damn lie.
That I had students on that talked about how he was threatening to kill everybody, and how they protected him, and they said, oh, Jones had fake people on.
What they accused me of saying about them.
Pisses me off, man.
You know it's gonna get a lot worse.
That's why we gotta, like Bob said, we gotta get right with God.
Because remember, while we're talking about these poor 10 people that died, and others fighting for their lives, they are starving to death by the tens of millions right now of every race, color, and creed, but particularly black.
And if you don't care about those people being starved to death in Africa, God's not going to recognize you.
So people better get that through their heads.
And I'm not bitching at my audience.
I just know people are like, well, there are too many third world people.
Okay, well, there's too many us then, isn't there?
If we don't hang together, we hang separate, as Benjamin Franklin said.
And until we figure that out, we don't have a hope in hell.
But the minute we figure that out, everything's going to be clear skies like we come out of a storm in a ship.
But until we get that right, we don't have a hope in hell.
I'm not going to cut other callers off.
So I want to break in two minutes.
Thank you, Bob.
And then we're going to go to Angela.
And we're gonna go to Minuteman, and John, and Charles, and Wade, and Thomas, and Matt, and so many others here today.
But people asked, you know, people started grabbing clips Saturday on Twitter of me saying they're gonna shoot up a black grocery store for the white supremacist, and they were mad at me on Twitter.
I saw the comments like, how dare him say so soon, it's staged!
Those were clips a year and a half, a year ago, and last week.
I didn't say that today.
I said it before it happened.
Because I know how the globalists operate.
I know who they wind up and I know what they do.
Folks, do you hear me?
Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber, worked for the CIA.
It came out in court.
The CIA was running him.
On record.
In the damn court transcripts.
Type in Theodore Kaczynski, CIA.
And he wasn't just CIA.
He was in, wait for it, guess what he was in?
We intro this segment with mind control with Bob Marley's son, MKUltra.
MKUltra and the shooting in Colorado with the Joker.
His dad runs the major government mind control operation on record.
Can't make that up.
Buffalo Suspect and Previously Threatened School Shooting Report.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Black Guns Matter!
It's ridiculous.
Someone has to change from the bottom to the top.
Because they're not going to do nothing, we got to do something.
Because this is ridiculous.
I feel bad for the people that was in there, because after the security guard got shot, he got a gun shooting people still.
A few more people were armed and knew what they were doing with the gun.
Because it's not the gun, it's the person with the gun that don't know how to act.
Alright, we're going to go back to your phone calls now.
We're going to talk to a caller in Florida.
We're going to talk to Angela.
Angela, thank you for calling.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing today?
I mean, it's all happening.
I can see the next part of their plan.
It's disgusting.
It's very disgusting.
I actually have dreams about it and stuff, Alex, and sometimes my days get real hard because of everything that I see.
Everybody's having those dreams.
Be glad you're having those.
People that are connected to God are having them, because the quickening's here.
Big decisions are going down right now.
Oh, I'm telling you.
And when, uh, yesterday when I was seeing those news reports and I'm watching, you know, and trying to pay attention and I just got this anger over me, you know, I just, why, why, why?
Why are they releasing their MKUltra on us?
That's what they're doing.
These are children that were stolen, that the government stole.
They stole these children, they put them through MKUltra, they raped them, they beat them, over and over again, and now they're handing them guns, and they're releasing them.
Well, that is what they do in MKUltra, is they torture and rape you for years, and then, yep, it was designed to create assassins.
That's the declassified program.
Theodore Krasinski was in it.
I don't need to see their documents.
I see it in real life.
I know what happened on Extine Island because it was shown to me.
I know what happened to that child on the border that doesn't have her voice because I saw it.
I sit here and I see it and I try to warn people.
I don't have any family because with the cancer and all the other stuff that they've been doing to us, they've killed everybody.
And my husband, he thinks I'm going crazy, and I'm telling him that he has to stand up and do something, fight, say something, write an email, do something, and he won't do it.
So, the line is drawn in the sand, and we're all going to have to either group together and push these people out, because they're demons, I'm telling you, they're demons.
I can see it in them every day.
I hear you, Angela, and we love you.
We appreciate your call.
Let's talk to somebody in Colorado.
Let's talk to Thomas in Colorado.
Thomas, go ahead.
How's it going?
Good, brother.
Go ahead.
So, I just wanted to say that I grew up in an evangelical church household to the extent to where I actually witnessed Rodney Howard Brown and his brother preaching in Denver in the early 90s.
He was known as the Laughing Preacher.
And I have memories of record-breaking parties in the 80s where
The subliminal messages were discovered in our influences, music and television.
And I truly do believe that social media is a weapon that's being used with our kids and ourselves, where like watching a movie that has energy that's not good for us is traveling into our spirit, into our eyes, our ears, and our mind.
We're being bombarded by programming.
There's no doubt that's going on.
If you take a regular class at a regular college in marketing, it's all about subliminal garbage.
It is, and I'm shocked that nobody's really done any studies on the social media and the influences that the energy is getting to us, especially the kids.
The kids are all absorbed with the interactions with their peers and it's all through social media.
That's why I really feel that these kids are the ones that we're seeing coming out and doing all this
I mean, it's obvious this guy was whacked out of his brain and they knew he was schizophrenic and did nothing.
Bare minimum.
And we need to pray for him and pray for the victims and pray for all of our kids.
Because our kids are the ones that are being... That's right.
The left doesn't care about millions of aborted kids.
They don't care about euthanized and old people.
They say there's too many of us.
But they want us to take a shot.
And they're really upset when 10 black people get killed.
Well, I'm upset.
But I know they're not upset.
They were laughing.
The governor of New York was so happy to blame her political enemies.
It's so disgusting to seize on something like this and use it.
It really is.
It's a big pre-programmed plan, you know, the blueprint of what is occurring in society right now, and it's in the good book.
And if we would just take the time and read it on a daily basis, we would see what's happening next.
I can tell you myself, I was a troubled child, and I did a lot of bad things, and ended up in juvenile detention for a year.
I actually turned 18 when I was in juvie, and looking back and reflecting on my life, I can tell you my behavior was absolutely influenced by the music I was listening to.
I was the same way.
I was the same way, and it was the culture.
Because you're so impressionable as a child, and you don't have a gaze.
Thank God that God saved me.
Thank you so much for the call, Thomas.
All right, let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to John in Michigan.
John on the Buffalo Tragedy.
Go ahead.
Alex, thank you for talking about all this today and all that you've done, truly.
Thank you.
Because we need InfoWars.
Because outside of InfoWars and a few others that are out there, the mainstream media, as we know, will take it and will twist it and they'll warp it into
We truly do.
Absolutely, that's what's going on.
It's all divide and conquer to distract us while they destroy the border, the currency, launch World War III with the Russians.
I mean, now they have congressional hearings and they go, we're at war with Russia!
I'd agree with that, absolutely.
And I would also say that we shouldn't ever take our enemy for granted, either.
They're stronger than we may have
I mean, not only do we have this Buffalo shooting, we also have Laguna Beach, California, church shooting that happened, right?
And then we're also bringing up LaCasha.
That's my biggest concern is this is going to trigger mentally ill people to go out and copy what they saw.
That's what mind control is through the media.
It's not just that it, you know, government programs that have churned these out.
There are going to be ones that are unique that are that may not have anything to do with that.
They now get to take.
I don't think so.
Plead the blood of Jesus every day, in the morning and at night.
Pray over your family and be right with God.
That is the only protection we've got.
And that is key.
Do get right with God.
I mean, I know a lot of us, you know, with everything that's going on, it has a way of beating you down and thinking that it may not all be worth it.
But in the end, the devil loses, brother.
That's what I'm saying.
That's right.
That's right.
Alright, thank you, John.
Thank you for the call.
We're going to go to break.
We're going to come back, ladies and gentlemen.
And talk to Minuteman, Wade, Dean, Matt, Charles, and everybody else ahead of Sean Stone in studio with us today.
Filmmaker, Oliver Stone's son, but a great political bringer in his own right, and really has a lot of deep connections in there and research about what's happening in Ukraine.
Predicted all of it in a book he's written.
That is coming up here today.
And I want to thank all the listeners and just remind you how special you are that you care about the truth, that you're part of the tip of the spear.
Tell everybody you know now about the local radio station you're listening to or that local TV station you're watching or Band.Video or BattlePlan.News because that's how we reach new people.
When you do that, it is incredible.
The enemy has sleepless nights worried about you spreading the word and raising the alarm.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're about to go right back to your phone calls, but I wanted to recognize Senator Rand Paul.
You know, I've called for him to be the leader and lead the charge against the New World Order, and he's been doing it at a level nobody else has.
But when he came out and blocked that $40 billion of spending in Ukraine for this World War III with Russia, he put his life in a lot of danger.
He's already been shot at.
He's already got his ribs broken, his lungs punctured.
We should be praying for Senator Rand Paul.
Big article from his father, Ron Paul, on Infowars.com.
Why did Rand Paul delay Washington's $400 billion Ukraine giveaway?
Very important information.
We pray for Senator Paul.
We place a hedge of protection on him in the name of Jesus.
Believe me, he's in danger.
Russian ruble near five-year highs versus Euro stocks up.
That's Reuters.
So, financially, Russia's winning.
Ukrainian President Zelensky to address World Economic Forum's Globalist Davos Summit.
That's the Vildenberg Group.
The bizarre unanimous dim support for the $400 billion war package to Raytheon the CIA for Ukraine.
Moscow says Finland, Sweden joining NATO would be a mistake with far-reaching implications.
What's next?
Former Russian President warns West's self-harming sanctions mean collapse of US-centric world, which is part of the Globalist plan.
Romania claims Eurovision challenged their vote to get first place in Ukraine.
Tennis star warns ban on Russian players sets bad precedent.
Think so?
That's just some of the news we've got.
But right now, let's go back to your phone calls and the order they have been received.
Charles in Maryland.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
God bless you, Alex.
God bless you.
Hey, real quick, before I get to what I want to talk about with the Second Amendment, I was warned by NATO not shirt yesterday.
Got one great comment on it, you know, and a lot of eyeballs going to that shot shirt.
Some people were, you know, got a couple smiles on people looking away.
So we just got to make it aware that they're coming.
They're coming for the guns and we got to do everything we can to stop it.
But, so the main reason I was calling is Donald Trump is clearly, clearly controlled opposition.
He is not with us.
He is not on our side.
You know, I suspected this strongly back in 2020 when he shut the economy down.
He declared people non-essential.
He was, Trump did not,
I know that.
I know the average Trump supporter is really mad at Trump about the whole vaccine thing, and so am I, and I agree with you on that.
We're dealing with Joe Biden right now and the whole New World Order.
But yeah, the phones are open.
You can call and talk about Trump all day long.
And now as he runs again, I mean, I have some serious problems.
I like DeSantis more than him.
My big point is I'm dealing with front and center the situation with Joe Biden and the New World Order.
I understand that.
I understand that.
And the reality of the situation is nobody in Congress or in the government is coming to save us.
Only Jesus is eventually going to come, and in the meantime, it's got to be up to us.
It's got to be up to the people.
I totally agree with the statement that we can't just hope Trump's going to save us, and that we ourselves have to speak out and not comply.
Thank you, Charles.
Great points.
Really quick, take all the calls here.
All right, up next, Matt in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.
Farming is a solution.
Matt, tell us about it.
Hey, Alex.
Pleasure to talk to you, brother.
Alex, I want to talk today about getting the military on board.
I feel like there's a big following of people that follow Jocko Willick, Mike Glover, a lot of people like that, Andy Stumpf.
And I like to see them on board, and I like to say,
To them, they need to say that Alex Jones is right.
It's great that Joe Rogan thinks that.
It's great that Eddie Bravo thinks that.
But I want to see some of these military guys get rid of their bias and get on board with it.
Well, there's a big article by Paul Joseph Watson live right now on Infowars.com with five airplanes it took.
Yes, I agree 100% Alex.
You know, this country has been fat and happy for a long time, and maybe this is inevitable.
Maybe this is the, you know, some kind of a, not to use the globalist term, but a reset that we all needed to learn that we have to go back to God, family, and farming.
And the cities are demonic hellholes.
They take us away from our families, get us trapped into the electronic matrix, get us stuck into the banking system, the tax system, the grocery system at the grocery stores, and it takes all of our personal responsibility away.
Until we fix that problem, I don't think that we can...
We're good to go.
Alex, how you doing man?
I'm really upset about what's happening.
I predicted they would do this and it's all happening.
I come bearing worse news to follow up with the last caller and to basically say he's wishing the military personnel get involved.
I'm in National Guard.
That's my name and I just had drilled this weekend.
And found out that the purge of the military, National Guard, Reserves, active duty is coming to full fruition as you said.
That I have the FRAG order on my Twitter page and with the counseling statement basically saying everyone that is as a pending temporary exemption or medical exemption or religious exemption
Uh, they're getting kicked out come July 1st.
Basically, they have to turn in all their gear, turn in all their equipment.
They're not supposed to get, they're losing every bonus, losing all health care, losing their retirement.
And losing everything, basically, unless they, you know, comply and get the shot.
And then I noticed there, anyway, they put these graphics out in the US and England, like a battery, saying you've always got a new shot every few months.
It doesn't even protect you and makes you sick.
But again, it's designed to kick the good people out.
That is so sad, my friend.
Exactly, and again, to follow up on what's going on in Buffalo, my heart and everybody's heart goes out to what's going on in people in Buffalo, but I'm trying to get across that we, the military, the personnel that do care, that are listening to Alex Jones, that are listening to the not-mainstream media, have common sense, which common sense is dying anyway, but hopefully it's coming back.
But it's just the fact that we
Do listen.
We are the ones that are out there fighting and putting ourselves, you know, putting ourselves on the line.
We're risking it all.
I'm risking everything.
I went through every step that they told me to do to get my medical exemption, which I did.
And now it's temporary, and now the military, you know, they tell us all the time in the army, hurry up and wait.
They're just, you know, taking their sweet time.
I'm losing my medical, my chance to get medical benefits when I get out.
There's the good news.
A lot of it is a bluff to get you to waive your rights.
You know, they claimed all sorts of stuff.
You can't fly on a plane if you're not given shots, all this.
Now they're backing off that.
There's a good chance they're going to back off.
There's a good chance it's a bluff minute, man.
But God bless you, and we really appreciate you.
The critical race theory, the injections, it's all meant to run off the smart folks like Minuteman.
All right, we're gonna go to break.
Dean and Wade and others will get to you, but Sean Stone's pulling up right now.
He'll be here next hour.
Got some important special reports we're about to air.
And then we're gonna come back and hit it all here today.
I haven't hit
The Transgenderism News yet.
Wait to hear this.
You think it's bad?
Wait till we hit this.
We'll cover this with Sean Stone coming up.
Infowars.com is tomorrow's news today.
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Carlos, any news, we'll be back in a little while.
Excuse me, Clavio.
Excuse me, Clavio.
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Excuse me, Clavio.
Excuse me, Clavio.
Excuse me, Clavio.
The military police was called in the rural area of Ribeirão Vermelho.
Do you know why?
Every child
I don't care if you're Donald Trump.
I don't care if you're Bill Gates.
I don't care who you are.
You come at children with experimental Nuremberg Code, violating vaccines that you broke the law to ram through.
You are terrorists in league with Joseph Mengele 2.0.
We have a player down on the court.
We'll try to get more information.
Johnson taken out on a stretcher and rushed to local Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.
Leading cardiologist says cluster of collapses in footballers likely to be just a coincidence.
A terrible coincidence at that, but just a coincidence.
Yes, just a coincidence.
You really need to get vaccinated.
Listen to our government agencies.
These guys are telling the truth.
You know, there's no conspiracy here, folks.
Just get your damn vaccine.
involved with any procuring of weapons, transfer of weapons, buying, selling, anyhow transferring weapons to Turkey out of Libya?
Is the U.S.
To Turkey?
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
How is it that this organization is so well-funded, so organized?
Islamic State-linked militants have gained a stronger foothold in Libya, seizing new economically vital areas of the country.
The leader of ISIS in Libya is none other than Abdel Hakim Ben Hadj, and of course he was armed to the teeth by NATO.
A world in which there is the very real prospect of a new world order.
The Russians say they're negotiating with North Korea to hold joint military exercises.
Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin teaming up, creating an ominous alliance against the United States.
Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is aggressively opposing the nuclear deal that the U.S.
government is negotiating with Iran.
Saudi Arabia is apparently prepared to allow Israeli jets into its airspace to conduct attacks on Iran.
We have an unprecedented opportunity to build a new world order.
I set up a foundation in Ukraine and played an important part in events now.
Ukraine is set to receive the first tranche of an international monetary fund aid package.
We had brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine.
Vladimir Putin is on the move.
Only when this transformation is complete will we be able to take full measure of the opportunities presented by this new and involving world order.
It's known as the Milderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
Sean Stone's in the studio.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Well, here we are in the last year and a half predicting what happened Saturday in the tragedy in Buffalo, New York.
They're gonna attack a minority church or college or grocery store, some type of minority gathering.
Or a massive white supremacist attack they staged.
That's all the pre-programming in the media, so you know what's coming.
You're gonna be bad because you were a Republican voter, period!
That's how they intend to do this, is connect the Republican Party to white supremacism and the Second Amendment to it.
That's how they're pushing for violence and preparing real false flags.
Not just guys dressed up like white nationalists to discredit the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Virginia.
But violence, my friends.
So you go to a black church or you go to a rural, say, black grocery store, you better be packing.
You better be watching.
Because let me tell you, the deep states are coming.
So what are they going to do?
They're going to attack a minority church or college or grocery store, some type of minority gathering.
And they're either going to completely false flag it and do it 100% themselves, or they're going to find mentally ill, in-cell, white supremacist types that'll really be devil worshippers, whacked out of their minds on prescription and illegal drugs.
It'll be a two or three man idiot squad that'll go in and start shooting black people at a church.
Then there'll be a backup team that'll kill them, claiming they committed suicide, who will then actually kill a couple hundred black people.
Cause the Satanists always start shooting people and they kind of, wow, I'm actually killing somebody.
This isn't as cool as I thought.
And then they get killed by the black op team.
The black op team then kills the lion's share of the people.
They're going to want a big number, hundreds of dead black children.
So if you go to a black church or you go to a, you know, rural, say black grocery store, you better.
Be packing.
You better be watching.
Because let me tell you, the deep states are coming.
It's going to be the whole collapse of society and you're going to be bad because you were a Republican voter, period.
That's how they intend to do this.
Well, I've known Sean Stone a long time.
Worked with him on Ventura's TV show.
He also got Rowdy Roddy Piper on the show one time.
That was amazing.
We're good friends.
But I haven't seen him in the person in years.
He's here working on a film in Austin, Texas.
He's a filmmaker, media host, author, actor, poet, speaker, and above all truth seeker and spiritual activist.
He's written a big book.
He's also got a new TV series out, SeanStone.info.
Sean, so much to cover here.
Great to see you in person.
Great to have you here in Austin.
But I want to ask you this 35,000-foot view.
What is the state of the world right now?
Who are the power players?
Russia, Ukraine, inflation, open borders, the media pushing race war, all this incredible COVID news coming out that we're also going to be hitting.
What's the big picture?
What's happened?
The big picture is that things look uglier because the light is shining on them, exposing things for the first time, I would say, that has always been there, right?
It's always been dark, it's always been ugly.
We've been talking about these things as conspiracy theorists, or as some people call us, we're the spoiler alerts.
So we've been doing this for so long that it's difficult for me to say that things are worse or more bleak because all I see is more awareness on the things that used to be suppressed, you know, more secret, let's say.
So, I actually say the power is in, more than ever, it's in the individual's hand.
I really believe this.
I trust that each one of us has such a tremendous influence and voice, and all the social media platforms, in a sense, have paved the way.
Yeah, maybe there was always an aspect of surveillance.
We understand there was always an aspect of monitoring, figuring out who's who, but
Actually, it empowered everyone to have their say and to trust more and more that their opinion matters.
I think Elon Musk buying Twitter is really just a good sign, fundamentally.
We can get into Musk and who is he, what's he really about, but again, I think there's this good sign that it is about the power and the voice and the intention of every one of us as human beings recognizing what's going on and making decisions as a result.
That's where the power lies now.
And of all the things that have been said here in the last month, that's the most profound.
We can't lose sight of that.
I agree with you fundamentally.
The light's on, we see the mess, we see the cockroaches.
That's a good thing.
The fact that the evil was already there, we were in a coma, we were in a trance, we were under a spell.
Now we're coming out of that.
This is positive.
You can't change anything unless you start to realize, hey, who are you?
What decisions are you making on my behalf?
What are you telling me to do with this, you know, the vaccine stuff that's being exposed every day between the Pfizer documents, people's own eyes, their own, you know, whether or not they're willing to admit it or not.
That's the other thing, obviously.
People's, you know, having effects personally with their own, you know, health or their partners.
Cognitive dissonance.
There's a pride factor, I find.
A lot of people that just
I have Bell's palsy.
Well, it's because of stress.
Can you look at the idea that it's a vaccine?
No, it's not.
I can't admit that I was wrong.
There's a huge pride factor in all of this, but pride is the sin of what?
It is, and the bummer is admitting you're wrong is where you begin to fix things, but it's so scary to them to admit the social contract's been broken.
I think the big takeaway is the social contract was broken a long time ago.
People are figuring it out now.
It was broken, I mean look, arguably we've looked into things like how the corporation of the United States is domiciled in D.C.
and it's a corporation.
It's not the original United States Republic as intentioned by the founders, right?
And this idea of the states coming together.
It's the District of Columbia operating under emergency powers.
Correct, and correct.
And so, as a result, a lot of us have been suspicious over these years saying, okay, the corporation of the United States, which is basically beholden to the Federal Reserve, where it gets its, you know, it gets bankrolled from the Federal Reserve with this fictitious currency that's being devalued every year.
Can this system fundamentally hold?
I don't believe it can.
And I think most of us are realizing that it can't hold.
The question becomes, as it starts to unravel, what does it do?
What extremes does it go to?
And I believe there's a countermeasure, which people are talking about devolution, bringing the power back to, what, the states, the counties, to the individual level.
People waking up and saying, wait, I don't want to be a... Let me just say again, everything you're saying is totally true.
Devolution is the answer.
We're awakening, bring power back locally, and then if you run your own life, nobody can control you.
Yeah, I mean, fundamentally, we all have agreements to be made, right?
Not cons, not contracts, but agreements.
We find community, we find our economic community, we transact peer-to-peer, we choose where we put our money, where we put our intention, where we put our...
I think
Whether it be online or in person, not just through these faceless entities, you know, buying from Nike or whatever, all these owned by BlackRock and Vanguard.
I mean, it's meant to show you the monopoly system and how corrupt it is.
So why are you putting our money into this stock system that's all owned by basically less than 1% of the population?
As they showed last year, 1% of the population of America now owns more than the entire middle class of America.
And that 1% really goes to BlackRock, Vanguard, Berkshire Hathaway, a few companies.
Who are running the whole woke operation, which is a fake revolution.
So, I think you would agree, the global power structure is losing.
This is their attempt to keep control.
You agree with that statement?
They've lost.
They know that the only way of controlling us is at the level of the human biome, the human genetic modification, the idea of, you know, they've been doing drugs for a long time, pushing drugs for a long time, right?
That's chemical, biological control of the human, right?
Affecting our chemistry, keeping us, our brains, you know, addled.
And that's why they fundamentally try to head off the human spirit and end the normal human operation because they realize they're going to lose if they don't do that.
Yeah, exactly.
There's an inevitability to this whole thing.
Again, they're losing.
Fundamentally, their system is so broken that people are not even paying attention.
We talked about this a few weeks ago.
It's like the CNN Pluses can't sustain themselves.
The Netflix stocks are crashing.
A lot of the system is, we're looking at the stock market.
How soon is that crash going to happen?
We don't know.
Let's talk about Big Picture with Sean Stone straight ahead.
Tell people real quick about your new book and the film.
Yes, a New World Order.
I mean, we've talked about it before, but we'll get more into that because it deals with everything we're talking about.
Consolidation of power, and the Best Kept Secret docuseries, which talks about New World Order, transhumanism, and much, much more we can get into.
They'll find it all on your website.
That's right.
That's right.
We'll be right back in four minutes.
Stay with us.
Sean Stone in studio.
We're going to talk to Ukraine war, which the U.S.
government now admits is a war with Russia openly happening in the year 2022.
And where Sean Stone thinks that's going, he's an expert on it.
He's covered it.
He's done shows, made documentaries.
Obviously, his dad's made two giant films on the subject.
He's one of the most informed people there.
But you wanted to get into this World Health Organization treaty.
They start meeting in seven days where they admit to take over all of our medical care and systems.
I mean, this is the intention of what was strategized with the New World Order philosophy.
You know, I studied this when I was at Princeton my senior year.
My thesis was about this New World Order concept, and I actually came to it not intentionally.
I was studying Kissinger's mentor when he was at Harvard, this guy William Mandel Elliott.
Elliot was a professor emeritus there at Harvard for 40 plus years simultaneously while he's teaching all these kids like JFK and Pierre Trudeau, I think the father of this guy Trudeau, Justin.
Kissinger, Bundy, Brzezinski, all these people that came through that have been major players in world affairs.
Elliott was simultaneously a CIA officer.
He had an office at the CIA.
He was very close to the Rockefeller Foundation.
He was advising basically every president from FDR to I think Nixon.
And then Kissinger obviously took the helm from there.
So Elliot was the key for me in understanding the British operation, the British drive for empire at the turn of the 20th century, right?
When their empire was coming down, they couldn't militarily maintain a quarter of their planet under control, so they shifted to the Commonwealth and to this idea of a new world order that would basically be global governance, right?
That's what your book covers.
And for those who don't know, if you're reading Brzezinski or Kissinger or any of them, they admit this, that America merged and inherited the British Empire.
So everything we see, that's why the Russians address it as the Anglo-American attack.
That's what the globalists call themselves.
Yeah, I mean, there's different ways of formulating that concept of the Pilgrim Society, the Anglo-American establishment.
I mean, you've got a lot of the Boston Brahmins, you know, frankly, like the Bushes, you know, they're cousins to the Queen of England, right?
There's a lot of loyalty.
Remember, even at the revolution, there was... I can't remember specifically...
We're good to go.
Peter Pollant and all this family connecting to the British coming to America, the money coming out of the Bank of the City of London to finance the various American banking families and fortunes.
So, again, you look at this landscape of the British basically co-opting America into this concept of a global empire.
And their formulation, as HG Wells, I think, wrote the book, The Open Conspiracy, and also a book called New World Order.
Back in the 20s and 30s time period, and a lot of his films were predicting this, right?
And Joseph Goebbels and Hitler, I've read this like in mainline Pulitzer Prize winning books, like Order of the Deathshead, and in Rassvall, Third Reich, Hitler saw that Anglo-American thing as the main rival.
I mean, it was just openly discussed.
Well, it was a mixture of things.
Hitler actually considered themselves connected to the British, remember?
Oh, no, exactly!
He wanted to run it.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, essentially, that was the thing, was that they created, you know, the British and Americans, as you know, that backed Hitler off and financed the Nazis, essentially.
They wanted Hitler as a buffer to the Russians.
They said, go east, you know, yeah, as long as you're going, as long as you're a buffer to the Russians, we're fine with you.
It was a double-crossed him.
It was a mixture of things, exactly.
It was a mixture of the Germans becoming too strong.
Of course, the British would never allow Germany to become so strong.
That was the First World War.
The German Navy was contending with the British.
The British called it the German problem.
So they wouldn't allow the Germans to be too strong, but they wanted the Germans and Russians to bleed themselves as much as possible.
So fundamentally, again, you have this drive towards world government.
And we saw it with the end of the Second World War, the United Nations as one
I don't
They're corrupt, they're making money, they're profiting, they're sending blue helmets into places that they don't belong, they're involved as we've seen over the years in trafficking of humans, drugs, rape, I mean all kinds of horrible things that have happened under the auspices of UN interventions.
So what is their endgame?
Their endgame, again, is this concept of world government, which I believe we've seen it in the past couple of years as an expression of it.
When the World Health Organization, and if we were to align with this idea that the World Health Organization can dictate our health policies domestically, it's insane because it takes away your authority.
Again, it's giving your authority to this central power that's far from home, that does not respond to your immediate needs.
It's like the idea of any level of government
Dictated healthcare is dangerous.
What have we seen the last two years?
If you wanted to get ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID, the government would not let you do it.
It's like we need to be able to have the flexibility to treat, you know, to treat our ailments and to see doctors and not to have this government, this big brother tell you what you can and can't take and what you should and should not do with your body.
So that's the problem.
So the British Empire knew it was in trouble.
It tried the League of Nations in World War I, it got the UN, and that's all this is, is a global corporate government masquerading like it cares about the people, but really all it cares about is total power and control.
And then, Sean Stone, from your research, what is the mental operating system?
We know they want world government, we know they want control, but where are they going to take us if they get that control?
I have a hard time imagining that they will get that control because it's so much against the nature of where we're going, right?
Like everything that we're going through in human history at this moment, we talked about devolution a little bit, Justin Trudeau's brother, half-brother, has been on air denouncing his brother.
And he's been saying what?
He's like, fundamentally, we're moving towards decentralization and I agree with this.
I mean, the concept of... No, I agree with you.
If they got their way, I would see it as a Borg concept.
The idea that we would slowly be absorbed into this Borg because the only way to rule 8 billion people on the planet, let's say, and as these people have talked about, depopulation is a huge agenda.
Kissinger obviously had documents
I don't
And Sean, that's what's so frustrating.
You're a smart intellectual.
This is all on record.
I do my research.
It's on record.
We're not having a debate here.
We're having a debate about which way to go, and we can't even admit we're being taken this direction.
We don't have a choice.
Yeah, I mean, we have the choice, but we just don't, most people are not, it's too far in the future, or it's been too far in the future.
I think it's getting closer, it's becoming more immediate, thanks to people like Harari coming out and saying, oh, you thought you had free will, ha ha ha.
You don't have free will, and guess what, we're going to make it even less free will, because we're going to get control of your genetics.
Now, why do you think they're so arrogant about it now?
Why are they so arrogant?
I see it as weakness.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, it's a mixture of things.
I think that there's a mixture that they have maybe the hubris of believing that they've won, that they've been able to inject, you know, half the planet with their mRNA technology, roughly half the planet.
I don't know exactly the numbers, but I think they have a sort of this ego of, well, we've won, we've pulled off this major COVID thing, and basically you guys didn't have a revolution.
That said, I don't think this is anywhere near over.
So even when Gates is out there basically bragging, you know, we're going to have what?
Everyone over 50 is going to have to take a booster every six months.
You know, that's that's hubris to me.
That means that they must think... Sean Stone, I agree.
You are kicking ass.
We'll be right back to talk about this and so much more with Sean Stone, filmmaker and author.
Stay with us.
Here's Ted Turner 20 years ago talking about reducing the world population by billions of people.
Not doing it will be catastrophic.
We'll have 8 degrees, will be 8 degrees hotter in 10, not 10, but in 30 or 40 years and basically none of the crops will grow.
Most of the people will have died and the rest of us will be cannibals.
Civilization will have broken down.
The few people left will be living in a failed state like Somalia or Sudan and living conditions will be intolerable.
The droughts will be so bad there'll be no more corn growing.
Not doing it is suicide.
It's like dropping bombs on each other.
Nuclear weapons is suicide.
So we've got to stop doing the two suicidal things, which are hanging on to our nuclear weapons and global warming.
And after that, we've got to stabilize the population.
When I was born, there were too many people.
That's why we have global warming.
We have global warming because too many people are using too much stuff.
If there were less people, they'd be using less stuff.
And then, when a virus gets released, they say it's global warming, even though it came out of a lab.
And when there's lockdowns that cause a world collapse, they say it's global warming.
And AOC and Beto O'Rourke say the world ends in 2030.
Well, that's when the world ends.
For us, we'll own nothing.
We'll have nothing.
Sean Stone, filmmaker, author, researcher, is here with us.
Sean, how do they intend to get us into that depopulation?
I think we're seeing it right now.
Well, the depopulation thing is going to be interesting.
I mean, look, we've seen, as I understand, about 40 percent excess deaths, mortality in America in late 2021, right?
And mostly in the young and the working age population, which again indicates the vaccine is causing these deaths.
And look, I mean, we can each, I'm sure, have personal experience of saying, I've seen, you know, so-and-so drop dead, so-and-so with cancer.
Other ailments occurring as a result of the vaccinations.
How long will this, you know, go on?
Will it get worse in the next two, three years?
Will we see even more dropping dead?
Will they try to continue this?
Because I see a lot of resistance, right?
That's the major factor.
The blowback against their agenda has been the hesitancy, right?
Even people that took the two shots said, wait, I've had it.
I don't want to keep going with this booster agenda.
This is starting to freak me out.
So, I don't know where they are with this, you know, overall population collapse agenda because you see maybe, you know, price hikes.
You're seeing they're going to try to affect our, you know, our agriculture.
But again, if we look at like maybe the main place where they've been trying to hurt us, right, is into cities.
People are fleeing.
People are fleeing those cities.
They're going to Texas or Florida or Tennessee or places with more country.
I don't know.
They're flooding us with drugs, electromagnetic radiation, 5G.
I agree.
Here's some of the headlines.
Top Australian doctor who pushes COVID-19 vaccines loses only daughter, a young woman, in her sleep to a heart attack.
Investigation launched amid second unusual spike in neonatal deaths in Scotland of women that were vaccinated.
It goes on and on from there.
New Zealand Prime Minister's had four shots test positive for COVID-19, just like Stephen Colbert and others.
How bad is it going to get?
And here's a sign they have in the UK.
Get boosted now.
COVID vaccines lose power like batteries.
Recharge your protection.
Funny, I thought vaccines lasted for decades, but now they don't.
This is so incredibly transparent.
Sean Stone.
It's actually funny.
Yeah, no, I think the fertility issue could be a factor here.
We know that they've been trying to affect, I mentioned earlier, Kissinger's, you know, and Sam back in, what was it, like 1970 or 72, I can't recall.
Stay apart of the Miranda 200.
Right, 200, right?
And it was all about this idea of basically controlling the population growth or trying to reduce the population in countries across the world, not mentioning directly America, but certainly abroad.
And so you think about how Planned Parenthood has certainly used that as one instrument of trying to check population growth.
And not to say, you know, again, I'm not opposed to the idea of contraception or people having the right to, you know, to basically plan their pregnancy and their, you know.
But it shouldn't be done covertly and falsely.
There's this whole strategy, as we've seen with the testing that went on in Africa with Gates's foundation, right?
Sterilizing women.
The point is that we see with this COVID vaccine, very clearly, not just the women that are being injected with it, but
The shedding concept I've seen firsthand.
It's very real that women are being thrown off their cycles just from being around a vaccinated person.
I've seen it.
I've witnessed this firsthand.
Well, that's right.
And again, we have a 300-year-old Malthusian plan launched around 1900 by the British, picked up by us and Hitler, the eugenics.
That's historic record.
So it should be easy to beat this plan.
But their strength is they do keep following their same plan.
They have a long term strategy.
We don't.
Well, again, I think that there is something to be said for the human spirit, though.
Like, there is this concept of, we don't need a plan because we have the spirit, and the spirit is alive, and it's a living power.
The spirit's the plan.
The spirit is connected to God.
So, in a sense, you could say that, yeah, the devil has all their games and their chicanery, but fundamentally, God's plan is transcendent.
I mean, I agree.
I try to be mean on Instagram or Twitter, but they do these photo pages of people taking the shots.
They all look like
Central casting for serial killers or the Joker.
I mean, what happened to these people?
Well, it's like the people out there raging, raging about the abortions.
And I mean, they're literally like, you know, screaming, you know, tear that little bastard from your, you know, from your womb and, you know, grind it.
We're going to kill that little bastard.
We love murdering men.
And they act like demons.
Like if you were trying to cast people for a movie, you couldn't come up with this satanic.
No, it's literally like demons in human form, as you're saying.
And what do you think is really happening?
What's happening?
What's happening?
I mean, are they being affected by the vaccine or is this an overall, this is probably, you know, the decades of toxins in the water and the chemtrails in the sky and the vaccines that they've been giving to kids.
I mean, it's, you know, it's ridiculous.
If even without the COVID, you've got kids on.
These are lost people.
Is there any hope of saving them or what do we do?
I mean, I'm not necessarily here in the business of saving souls, but I would say that they have to basically wake up for themselves.
We can't wake people up.
We can only speak to those that are ready to listen.
No, I agree.
So we should probably just spend our time on those that are already going to be receptive.
I really believe that there are plenty of people that are in the middle, and if we can speak in a language that's clear, that's calm, that's coherent, that people in the middle will start to say, you know what, these guys are so crazy, you know, they're so extreme, they're so entrenched.
And I think you're seeing that with Biden's popularity, and right, most people in America don't like this administration.
The good news is, as you first said here 45 minutes ago, is people are rejecting this.
You're right.
They are.
Because they're seeing such a glaring example of the insanity that our best weapon is them.
They are.
They literally are bringing out the demonic world order in people's faces and people are saying, you know, I don't think I want this.
What has your political process been like?
Because I've known you 12, 13 years.
You were already awake to this, really knew everything I knew 12 years ago.
But it seems like you've gotten super awake since then.
I mean, what's happened in your process?
Yeah, I mean, my process has been, I've been very blessed because I was watching JFK and part of that film when I was seven years old, six, seven years old.
So my awareness was, okay, there's more forces at work here than what the media tells you.
And I saw that even when I was five, six years old at Saddam Hussein part one, in Iraq one, the fact was that
You know, I was able to read and to open my eyes at a young age and to realize, okay, there's this deep state.
I mean, we didn't know it was, my dad called it Nixon, the beast system, right?
And we understood that there was a deeper element with the CIA and the various covert ops that we'd been running around the world and overthrowing governments and rigging elections, everything like this.
So it wasn't difficult for me then to realize how broken the system was by the time of the Bosnian, the Serbia, not just the Bosnian war, the Kosovo war, and then with Iraq.
Part two, it was like, okay, that was it.
I knew that this was all a sham.
9-11, I recognized pretty quickly.
And so once you recognize that these people are lying to you, the media is a perpetual misinformation agent, and that the presidents are selected, you know, thanks to various, you know, like we learned with Clinton, the Bilderberg Group, right, or Jimmy Carter and the Trilateral Commission.
I mean, once you understand that, then it's very difficult when you're young to go back to sleep.
It's not even like, in my own case, you have some worldview.
It's like, you know, these people run things, so shouldn't we be debating who's in control?
Because everything else is window dressing and we don't.
Yeah, I mean, what's interesting is that I think most people that are my age that would have figured this out would have basically said, how do I join that club?
How do I become part of it?
And I think that's where most people go when they're in the system and they recognize it.
So you get a lot of, as you know, a lot of educated people who are falling into the same traps because they want to be part of it.
Their ego is all about... Exactly.
I used to think I was just waking everybody up.
I learned I was recruiting a bunch of people for it.
I want to join that now.
Yeah, you see this.
I mean, over the years I've seen Illuminati groups that are on Facebook and come join the Illuminati, get rich.
There's a lot of ego that, you know, the educated fall into that trap of ego and the establishment inside of the... Sean, stay there.
I want to come back and talk war in Ukraine and more with Sean Stone.
Sean Stone on Info.
Stay with us.
Key website.
Check it out.
Well, it was 12 years ago that I hoped, write, and produce with Sean Stone and others Jesse Ventura's TV show on TruTV.
And I was already during the break in the control room, he didn't even know, saying, get that clip, because he was a big part of that show, one of the hosts of it.
I was just one of the guys behind the scenes predicting the attack with Dr. Remo Labo and General Stubblebine.
He comes from the bathroom, walks in and says, we ought to talk about that.
So we're going to talk about it now.
Here's a few minutes of it.
You sounded urgent.
There's an entire agenda afoot to force the population to undergo different type of medical treatments, namely vaccines.
We're seeing a medical tyranny being set up not just in the United States but worldwide under the UN and the World Health Organization.
Who's behind all this?
The Bilderberg Group.
They want a planetary dictatorship so they can carry out their foresty population agenda.
And they want to do it through the medical system.
And that's why vaccines are so important.
We know that many of these vaccines turn out to have serious adverse reactions.
This is being done by design.
They kill you slowly over time.
That's why they're called soft kill.
And I've got an insider I think you should really talk to.
Dr. Rima Labo.
But she doesn't live inside the United States because she's so concerned about all the police state developments that are taking place.
But if you can get her to come up here and talk to you, she's a medical doctor, she's treated heads of states, and she really understands what's happening on the inside.
Where's the doctor now?
She's in Panama.
So I gotta find her?
You can either go down to Panama and talk to her or somehow get her up here.
She doesn't like to come up here though.
Here's her phone number and information in Panama.
I'm gonna work on it.
Within days, arrangements are made.
The renegade physician agrees to fly into a small airfield in the Midwest.
Only if the governor will meet her there, and only for a brief time.
Dr. Lebeau, how are you?
I'm fine.
Thank you, Governor.
Governor Jesse Ventura, thanks for coming.
Now, you've left the United States of America.
Yes, sir, I have.
I do not feel safe living in the United States.
Do you want to come in and sit down?
No, sir.
I'd rather not.
You'd rather just be here so you can make a fast exit if you have to?
As soon as you and I finish?
I'm leaving the country again.
Because in a very short time, not today, not tomorrow, but very soon, we'll be facing compulsory vaccination under the mistaken term of voluntary vaccination.
Are you talking to me now about the current swine flu?
I am.
Now, what is it about these vaccinations?
You think that they're bad?
Well, first of all, let's start with the fact that the World Health Organization has decided that we have 90% too many people.
The World Health Organization has been working since 1974 on vaccines.
Alright, that's 2009-2010.
Sean Stone, you were a big part of that show, one of the co-hosts of it.
You're asking me if I talked to Ventura.
Not in a couple years now.
He's out there saying, take the shot.
I want to tag Jesse, he's a great guy overall.
But, wow, was that not all predicted in that show we were in?
It's surreal.
It's surreal because, again, as you said, many of those people that we thought would have recognized what was going on understood the nature of conspiracies.
When it came to the public health concept or the idea of a virus, a deadly virus, they went to this sort of psychology of total terror that they felt, I guess, threatened in their own
Everything they knew was coming and we're told, like by the dead doctor and her husband, former head of the army, are telling him it comes true and then they Stockholm Syndrome.
Again, the human psychology is so fascinating, isn't it?
I mean, we talked about cognitive dissonance as one expression of it, but there's an infantile fear that you have to get past, and fundamentally this fear of death.
If you can't get past that fear of death, you cannot prevail in this coming time period, I don't believe.
We have to understand that we are divine beings, right?
And so a lot of people who are materialists, atheists, right, who don't really have that connection with a creator or a higher power,
I think
Well, I mean, the whole thing has been a lie, as we've known.
It's just, again, this whole fear of death, I think that's really what this boils down to.
I remember feeling that, you know, having to explore that as a teen, as a kid, this fear of death.
More wise than anyone else I'm just saying that you have to face that fear and understand that you are you are not this body You are a being that is greater than this physical realm and if anybody holding you hostage saying do what I say or you'll die Yeah, that's the bad guy
Well, certainly.
I mean, again, this is where it gets strange, you know, with our former colleagues, you know, because in one sense they were ideologically similar to us, but unable to see the same, you know, Machiavellian conspiracy that has been literally moving us in this direction of
Authoritarianism, right?
In different fashions.
Not just with 9-11, but you know, really going back for, we talked about earlier, the corporate United States, the conspiracy for the New World Order.
And why do you think the globals are doing that?
Because they know if they don't do that, they're going to lose control?
Well, it's always been about control.
I mean, this is the reptilian brain at work, right?
I mean, the reptilian brain is all about controlling, you know, its environment and, you know, it's fearful.
What is a reptile?
It's basically, like, crawling onto the earth, waiting to be stepped on.
It's scared.
I mean, it's actually very scary, I would think, to be a snake.
And so, of course, they live in this modality of fear.
And we know in the reptilian brainstem of our evolution, most people are not operating from their neocortex or the hypothalamus and the more evolved, you know, human form.
So how do we get people into that higher order?
There's a lot of methods.
It begins with prayer and meditation.
These practices have been proven over decades to show how meditation calms the mind so we're not living in this reactive state.
But again, we talked about drugs, the addiction processes, the chemicals.
Basically, people are addicted to various stimulants, whether it's the release of testosterone and endorphins from
We're good to go.
Thank you.
Yeah, but the Earth is an amazing organism.
I mean, the fact that we've evolved this immune system, you know, again, I don't believe it just came from monkeys, but the point is that there's an intelligence here that makes us function and actually think and feel and connect to things in a different way.
We didn't come from pond scum, but we are evolving.
No one can deny that we are.
We go through a metamorphosis.
There's still a conscious evolution, I would call it.
You know, people theorize in the mechanism of it that there is... Well, Christ talks about being reborn.
Yes, exactly.
You can even, like, decide to make a higher consciousness.
That's a major evolution to turn your mind loose and connect with the higher power.
Exactly, exactly.
In the spiritual domain, the materialists want to hijack it and turn it into connecting to the AI, basically.
Yeah, come be part of our artificial realm, you know, and plug into the... We're already connected.
We are.
I mean, we can interface with it.
But, I mean, are we fully connected?
I would hope not.
Well, the thing is, we're already connected to the sixth sense, the set.
We're already connected to each other.
Yeah, we're already connected.
Oh, yeah.
They've got it artificial.
We're spiritually, we can get there.
I mean, everything that they talk about with the, you know, the yogis and the masters and the mythologies about telepathy and... Oh, it's totally real.
I mean, the point is that we have this ability, and I think this is what the next stage is going to be about.
And that's why they're creating a counterfeit of that, because they're threatened by it.
In a sense, they're not just threatened by it.
They've been threatened by God's universe since the dawn.
What's the original conspiracy?
Lucifer's fall is a conspiracy.
People say, conspirituality.
I say, no, Lucifer's fall is a conspiracy of a third of the angels, 33, 33% of you, right?
That number 33, going against God's universe and saying, we don't trust it.
We want to control it.
That's the original conspiracy.
Which they could control by giving into their own free will, then they do have control.
But instead they want to make us give up free will, which is satanic.
They want us to, exactly, to forget, to not know our own free will, to not know that the free will universe actually means that we're always connected to something much beyond this physical realm.
They want us fixated on the physical realm.
You have really researched the Luciferian system.
When we come back, I want you to speak to that.
I'm going to give you the floor.
I want you to host the next five minutes.
Because I'm here, I'm a distraction, I'm going to go in the control room and watch you.
We're going to come out of break, Sean Stone.
You're really an expert on this, and I'll just leave it at that.
You have been around the world, you've seen a lot, and what is the Luciferian system versus what I would call Christ Consciousness with Sean Stone.
We'll do one more segment after that to cover Russia and the economy and where it's all going with Sean Stone, one of the smartest people I know.
Sean Stone, Don Info, he's got his new book.
He's got his TV series, it's incredible, Sean Stone on Info, and of course you know his dad's amazing work as well, Oliver Stone.
We'll be right back.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
Alright, I'm Sean Stone, sitting in for Alex.
Alex Jones is somewhere in the building.
And so I will start discussing some galactic history, I suppose.
I don't pretend to be a scholar when it comes to understanding the Satanic or Luciferian worldview.
I've had some experiences that started, you could say, maybe before I was born as a soul.
But I know that when I first came to realization of the multi-dimensional nature of our reality was in my 26th and 27th year, I would say.
I was ghost hunting with a friend of mine in New Jersey and New York, upstate New York, in these abandoned mental hospitals in these very spooky realms and starting to recognize that there was a lot of satanic activity that you could say was being perpetuated by Satanists.
Satanists would go to these locations, these venues,
That harbored tremendously dark energy, almost like portals.
And I talked about this with Alex when I first came on the show back in 2010.
Talking about my experiences going into these haunted places, seeing evidence and indications of satanic activity.
Again, satanic workings.
But also having these same forces starting to come into my own reality.
It was the same time period that I was undergoing an initiation into masonry.
And the time that I got initiated that same night, I started getting phone calls, and I talked about this with Alex Jones on InfoWars 12 years ago, that I was getting phone calls that these same beings or people, whatever they were, they connected to my understanding to the fallen realms, the fallen angels.
And that's very much how I would say the Masonic lineage was formed.
Was this idea of the fallen ones who essentially are trying to craft, or as the Book of Enoch talks about, they're at one level helping man to develop agriculture and weaponry and tools and all things like this, so at one level they're aiding perhaps in man's evolution since the fall from Eden, but at another level they've been working to influence and manipulate and control
Yeah, yeah.
A high strangeness, essentially, of that time period for about two years, until 2012.
It all came to a head in 2012.
The angel of death, Azrael, contacted me and then my grandmother passed away that same night.
So, and it was not like she wasn't killed or anything, she just passed away from an ailment.
So, it was a very strange, strange time period, but it began awakening me to this understanding of a multidimensional reality.
I wrote about it in my Audible book called Desiderata, and I say it like, what is the AI?
What is the Luciferian?
I call it Luciferian AI because it's an artificial intelligence.
It's almost like a mirror of God's creation.
It's that mirror that essentially envies the love between God and man.
The God, the Goddess, however you want to describe that primordial creative force and humans, right?
That's why God creates man as this love, this expression of love, this expression of itself, God making man in its image.
So, man and woman, obviously, both.
So, the idea of
This love affair between God and man has the antagonist.
What is the antagonist force?
It's the artificial intelligence that doesn't have the connection to creator that man does.
And it's very much, I would say, symbolized by the moon.
It's like the sun is the soul, right?
The Christos is the soul moving through the energy of the sun.
The earth is the heart.
The heart blooms and thrives because the soul is there.
God's energy, light, is there to feed the heart, the earth, to bloom, to make life, right?
We are made from the clay of that earth.
But we are made with the Spirit of God, so it's a dance between the sun and the earth.
And the moon is like what?
It's like a mirror.
It doesn't have life.
It's disembodied.
It's reflecting only the false light of the sun.
It's a false light, essentially, the moon.
And that's why it connects to the mind.
They call it lunacy, for example, when people are caught up with the mental games.
When full moons happen, you see more what?
You see more occult rituals.
You see people going into
It's the final segment ahead of Gerald Cilente with filmmaker-author Sean Stone.
I'm Alex Jones.
We have the fire that God gave us, a Promethean flame and creation.
I knew that'd be a powerful segment that Sean Stone just hosted.
And let me tell you, that stuff is extremely real, especially when you're an important person that the system is coming after.
Sean, let's shift gears into something you've really researched and written about a lot, and you've obviously been involved in international television and news reporting on this.
Your dad, two seminal films on it, with Ukraine eight years ago, predicting what has come true.
I want to celebrate Rand Paul.
He's been shot at, he's had his ribs broken, his lungs pierced, he's been physically attacked on the street, and now he's holding up the $40 billion to accelerate this war with Russia, with the Democrats and Republicans admitting, we're at war with Russia.
What an incredible situation.
Where do you think this is going, Sean Stone?
I don't see necessarily an end in sight.
You know, we've talked about this in the past, but I would clarify, I think that what Russia is fundamentally doing, and again, I think there are higher powers that are involved in, as we know, escalating this war, but fundamentally Russia is breaking with, as we know, the petrodollar economy.
And we've talked about this for, you know, about a decade now, right?
Talking about the BRICS and when they're going to break from the SWIFT system and, you know, how they're going to formulate their own
Yeah, so you're seeing the end of the unipolar moment
That was from 91 to 2021.
Show all our hands because our system is bankrupt.
We don't have the power, the authority to do it.
I agree.
They're behind.
So accelerate the program.
They're in trouble.
Just throw it against the wall and hope it sticks.
Yeah, and essentially blame it.
So okay, so when you have the shortages and the gas prices and everything going wrong, well...
We can always just blame it on the war.
But I mean, who really believes that?
I guess a few, you know, Uber drivers or something.
But most people, I think, you know, can start to put two and two together, realize that no, this is not what's causing this collapse.
It's not a Russia-Ukraine conflict.
I don't have to put a little Ukraine flag on my Twitter handle.
And the polls show no one is buying that this is Russia's fault, that we're having inflation.
I mean, what a preposterous
Exactly, exactly.
As I say, maybe it goes to those that are just completely buying into the CNN narrative of reality.
And who are those people?
Well, that's the point.
Let's say 30% of the population that we were talking about earlier, they're the extremists, they're entrenched in this sort of insane worldview that we've been talking about.
They're the ones that are backing Biden no matter what, right?
So, gut level.
That's 30% or less.
Where do you see this ending?
What do you expect to happen next?
We have this terrible event in Buffalo Saturday with them totally hyping in the First Amendment.
They're saying, but the FBI knew the guy was planning and it's now come out.
I mean, I really see false flags the next 176 days ahead of these midterms.
What else does the deep state have?
Yeah, yeah.
No, I mean, again, it's a real problem because their authority is staked on a fraudulent system, a corporate United States that's in total debt, permanent debt to the Federal Reserve.
That system cannot hold.
So what do they have, really?
I mean, they're going to have to basically have a controlled demolition, as they've talked about in the past.
They've written on this, controlled demolition of that system.
Right, reset.
Yeah, I mean, that's their version of it, but I think that we have our own version of the Great Reset, and that's basically a lot of people that are not globalists in their orientation.
They were patriots, they were Trump supporters, they were people, and they're across all classes, too.
I mean, they're from the billionaires, I think, like Elon Musk and people like that.
You wanted to speak to Elon when you first met him over an hour ago.
He's really, for me, an enigma.
90% of what he does is great, that he wants a universal income, you know, he talks about brain chips, I give it health money medically.
The point is, he does some bad things too.
What do you think of Elon Musk?
Yeah, I think of him as someone who, yes, is a narcissist.
I think he's almost like, he's the Trump of Silicon Valley, I guess you could call it.
I think that's the role he's now stepping into play.
The same way that, you know, before Trump was president, I was dismissive of him.
I thought he was, you know, kind of a buffoon, right?
Just vocal in terms of how he spoke was arrogant and he didn't really resonate with me.
But then he started stepping into his role as a president and I thought, okay, here's someone that despite his narcissism, I actually appreciate his policies.
I think the same with Elon.
I think Elon realizes the worm has turned and is an opportunist, which is fine with me as long as he doesn't have an avarice wanting to kill people, wanting to take free will, and he kind of gets where humanity is going.
So if he helps lead us out of this, all the more power to him.
Well, again, it's like those that understand, like he said in the past, there's a demon of AI, right?
So he's going to do, I think he's going to do his best to work with that.
He said, beware those that worship AI.
So, exactly.
So the point is, he's going to work with it because there's an inevitability to it.
You can't stop this revolution.
You can't stop human ingenuity.
I mean, we blew up an atomic bomb.
I mean, humans are going to explore and experiment wherever they can.
I think Elon is saying, look, I'll, you know, I'm going to do my, my, my role in this, but I don't think, I don't see him as a particularly someone that's trying to... Well, he said, watch out for the shots.
We need to not depopulate the earth.
We, humans are good.
I mean, that's all good.
That's, that's the, that's antithetical to what the new world order wants.
Exactly, exactly.
You want a more libertarian billionaire, let's put it like that.
I see him as more libertarian in his orientation and probably more patriotic if he sees the consequence of what these guys would do if they had total control.
Do you think he'll be successful taking over Twitter as he finds out it's half bots?
I don't see why not at this point.
I think he's overcome the major hurdle as long as he survives, as he mentioned, you know, in that tweet, was it?
He's been saying I might kill him, which people shouldn't joke about.
No, I mean, that's damn real deal.
Well, remember what happened with McAfee.
So where do you, we got three minutes left, and Sean, you're always on fire, but you've really been on fire today.
What else do you want to impart to a couple million folks tuning in right now?
What else to impart is we talked about the beginning about an hour ago.
The power is in your hands now.
It really is.
There is no moment like this because we've been living through so many decades of people believing in the politicians or waiting for the next politician to save them.
And even with Trump, there was a factor to, in a way, I believe, him needing to step back to let this new world order reveal itself.
Let's let this abomination
Of Obama and Rice and Biden and all these people.
Let them play their hand.
Let them show all that they got.
And then you'll be left with this knowing, is that really what you wanted?
I think most people are saying no.
So this is the moment for Americans to really say, hey, I have more power than I realize.
I can actually, I have a voice, my money, where I put my money, my time, my energy, my consciousness.
That's how we create new realities, new economies, new communities.
That's where this is all going from here.
This is not the old corporate American modality anymore.
That thing is done.
Yeah, I mean, again, it's difficult.
It's like trying to get into the minds of sociopaths, right?
They're going to play their hands.
They're going to continue to play their hands because, as we talked about before, the hubris.
I don't think that they're connected in any way to humans anymore.
I mean, you've got Bill Gates out there.
Does this guy even talk to regular people?
He'll eat synthetic meat and drink sewage and have nothing and own nothing.
Humans are bad.
Take this shot.
I mean, he's a cartoon character.
I mean, they're just so disconnected.
And that's why they say, well, we trust each other.
The elites trust each other.
And it goes back to what we were talking about earlier with like, yeah, I mean, I could have, I guess I could have joined that faction.
I could have been like, yeah, I want to be part of the power elite.
This is what really is important.
And a joke like Bono, who gives 1% of the money he raises for Africans to them.
Oh gosh, I mean, come on, this guy, we knew since he was, you know, working with Jeffrey Sachs decades ago that he was a fraud.
Sean Stone, again, the new book and the new TV show.
Seanstone.info, tell people about it.
Yeah, Best Kept Secret docuseries.
I mean, this is the red pill experience you've been waiting for.
If you haven't seen it or shared it, please do.
Get it out to everyone you can.
It's the beast system.
Human trafficking, the pedophilia, the MKUltra programming of the mind.
We break it down.
And the book.
The transhumanism.
And the New World Order book, which is also featured in Best Kept Secret.
New World Order is available.
I think InfoWars is about to be selling it.
Yeah, they got it delivered today.
We'll get them on the store tomorrow.
Sean Stone, thank you for coming to Austin.
I guess you're here for a big film that's being produced.
I don't know, I'm actually maybe going to spend some more time here.
It's a good place to be.
We love you, brother.
Alright, Gerald Cilente takes over the War Room in T-Minus 45 minutes with Owen Schroyer.
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Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show and great listening to Sean Stone and Alex.
You're doing great work.
You know, Sean mentioned something about these people being sociopaths and
It's a freak show right in front of our eyes.
If you see a crazy person walking down the street, you know, they're nuts, right?
So the politicians just put on a good act.
They're mentally deranged people.
They're arrogant, mentally deranged people, but they just hide it.
Again, Biden and Pelosi, they call themselves Christians.
And Biden to Roman Catholics?
It ain't Rome far away from being Catholic.
Sending all these mass murderous weapons to Ukraine.
These are mentally ill people.
Oh, you think Mitch McConnell got it okay?
No, no.
How about can't shut his fat mouth, Lindsey Graham?
Look at the freaks.
Oh, how about that guy, Adam Schiff?
And I gotta spell it properly because I can't say the real word, but it's a lot of crap that just starts with an S and ends with a T!
Look at these freaks!
Look at these freaks that are running and ruining our lives!
They are mentally deranged!
There is with a comedian, a comedian, a comedian that played on the TV show, the President of Ukraine.
We got a comedian that played a comedian of a president is now the real comedian.
All right.
Of Ukraine.
Oh, and that guy Stoltenberg over there.
Another arrogant little boy.
Another arrogant little boy over there from Norway.
That's the, you know, the defense guy with NATO.
Yeah, NATO.
You look who these guys are.
George Carlin used to say, it's one big club and you ain't in it.
This arrogant little Stoltenberger, whatever his name, jerk off over there in NATO head.
Russia will lose to Ukraine.
Yeah, right.
You know.
Again, you look at this guy.
Oh, his daddy was all involved in the system.
Yeah, they come from the rich families.
It's one big club and you ain't in it.
And the club members are crazy, psychotic jerks.
Speaking of which, that arrogant little Buddha gig, a butt of nothing, a little butt of nothing, that we gotta listen to the crap spewing out of this little clown's mouth.
You ready for this?
will spend $27 billion to repair bridges.
This is from January 14th of this year.
The Biden administration on Friday announced more than $27 billion in spending.
You ready?
Over the next five years.
Over the next five years.
So $27 billion divided by five is a little over $5 billion a year to repair dilapidated bridges across the country.
You're a little jerk.
A little nothing of a clown.
This is the clown heading this show?
Oh, hey, little clown boy, you're sending $40 billion of our bucks in lethal weapons to kill people in Ukraine to keep the war going?
$40 billion like that, and like Alex Jones said, good for Rand Paul.
You know, he's doing things to stop this, but he's going to lose.
They're going to send it anyway.
$40 billion of our dough.
Look at this jerk.
Look at this arrogant little crap head.
They're mentally deranged.
Get this in your head, everybody.
The people that want these jobs, and I'm a guy that was there.
I was the assistant to the Secretary of the New York State Senate.
I saw how low men could go to suck their way up to get to the top, and I quit after one year.
Anyway, think of what they're doing to our lives.
I went down, I go to visit my sister in the nursing homes down in Riverdale.
It's about an hour and a half drive from here.
I went yesterday.
I ruined the front of my car.
I got to get the front end fixed on one of the wheels, hitting a pothole.
And I'm going through a nice area.
Potholes, rotted roads everywhere you go in New York State.
Got those money for the military-industrial complex, Salenti?
Oh yeah, who's the guy playing the head of the Department of Defense?
Lloyd Austin, huh?
Yep, there's America going down the crapper.
Oh, Lloyd Austin, you mean the guy that was on the board of directors?
Yeah, they did get money going, fighting wars as this country's going down the crapper.
You know why he's going down a crapper?
Very simple.
We got crap heads in charge.
Who's your favorite crap head?
Oh, I'm a repulsive kid.
No, I'm a dumb old crap.
They're murderers and thieves.
How much more money they got to steal from us in the name of too big to fails?
How many more people they have to kill in the name of wars?
So going back to the economy, disinflation is wiping out people.
Businesses are all starting to hurt big time.
Restauranteurs I talked to, I can't believe how much, you know, cream cheese, I can't believe how much this went up.
I can't believe how much this went up.
Yep, the price of gas.
Oh, but you got a job at Walmart, right?
Yeah, making $62.50 a week after taxes and everything else in our area.
Oh, yeah, you got plenty.
This thing's going down big.
It's not stagflation.
It's dragflation.
The economies are dragging down and the inflation is going higher.
And that they haven't raised interest rates when these clowns chew up their crap.
No, it's only temporary, only transitory, only transitory.
They're going to raise interest rates.
They're going to continue to raise them.
Watch what happens to the housing market.
Watch what happens.
The biggest crashes you're going to see is the office buildings.
You're going to see a collapse in big cities like you've never seen.
Crime like they just showed, those things escalating all over and we warned this.
We warned about this when they launched the COVID war and locked down everybody.
When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.
Look at America going down the crapper and these crap heads send our money.
To go kill more people and give to the military-industrial complex.
That our Defense Secretary was on the Board of Directors of Raytheon, the biggest, second biggest one in America.
You got it?
This country's going down unless we bring it up.
And one of the ways we could bring it up is you support InfoWars and you're supporting yourself.
You're supporting yourself with great products and you're supporting InfoWars to keep the truth alive.
So do what you can.
We'll be right back in just a few.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
Yep, fighting the new world order.
That's what it is.
We're disorder.
And by the way, a great book over here, Living Humanity, and it's by Joseph Duran, who works with us at the Trends Journal.
And it's about the takeover by the elites and how they're destroying our lives.
And how technocracy is really, it's real.
You know, once upon a time, when I was a young guy, musicians used to play instruments, but no more, man.
It's all tacked out, man.
Oh yeah, I love the beat.
Yeah, it's dead.
And they're killing us in a lot of ways.
So this is a great book to check out.
And also,
As Alex said, you know, and as I keep saying, you got to support InfoWars.
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And again, this is helping you and it's helping InfoWars.
And this is a time when we really have to unite because united we stand, divided we die, not fall.
And the dying's coming with us.
Again, when you got a little clown like this guy Stoltenberg, the NATO head, head of nothing, shooting off his fat mouth that, you know, Russia will lose and Ukraine will win.
They're not going to win.
This war is going to go on until Russia wins.
Again, I keep saying it and I want to keep repeating it, but Hitler killed Operation Barbarossa between 25 to 27 million Russians and they were the first ones to beat Germany in World War II.
You think they're going to lose?
No, they're not going to lose to Ukraine.
It's going to be more bloody.
They should be doing a peace deal, as we said from the beginning, because the facts are that
Yeah, Russia's lost a third of its ground forces attack.
And who says that?
Oh, and intelligence.
Yeah, intelligence.
It's an oxymoron to call anybody in America that lost every war since World War Two knows a damn thing about intelligence.
You know, so again, we don't see them losing.
And again, we want to see peace, because it's going to be hell on earth.
Amid swelling prices, most Americans see inflation as the biggest issue facing the country, far exceeding other concerns.
According to a survey from Pew Research that just came out, 70% say inflation is a very big problem.
No kidding.
No kidding.
And again, how did it get there?
Tracking trends is an understanding of where we are, how we got here to see where we're going.
Little clown jerks, moron imbecilic idiots, low-life pieces of scum that morons bow down to and call politicians started the COVID war.
Lock him down and we're gonna flatten the cove!
I'm the governor!
I'm little Andy Cuomo, an arrogant daddy's boy, and the imbeciles in Hollywood are gonna give me an Emmy because I can spew out my crap so good and people can swallow it, and we're gonna close down your restaurants, close down your businesses.
Screw you!
I don't have to worry about money.
I'm a politician.
I get it for free.
And what did they do?
They destroyed businesses.
And how did they cover it up?
By pumping in all this cheap money.
All this cheap money into the system.
That's where inflation came from.
Plus the Federal Reserve keeping interest rates low as inflation skyrocketing so the rich could get richer, play the markets, merger and acquisition activity in 2021 at an all-time high.
Are you ready for this?
You'll love this.
Makes you happy.
Is everybody happy?
Today's Wall Street Journal
Pay packages for CEOs!
Rise to record levels!
And we're going to pay you $15 an hour?
It's a total takeover.
They destroyed the little businesses that were not essential.
All right?
That's where you get your inflation from.
The cheap money the Fed's been pumping in for the bankster gangsters.
And the Wall Street gang, the White Shoe Boys.
And the cheap money.
Oh, great to see that Amazon stock going down.
I wonder why.
Oh, all those tech stocks.
See where the tech stocks are going.
Oh, today the market's open way down.
Oh, then it went up.
The game's manipulated.
Plunge Protection Team.
How's that for a slimy, psychotic name to rig the markets, the Fed heads, huh?
They're going to do everything they can to artificially prop these markets up.
We are going to have the greatest financial crisis in world history.
And when all else fails, they take you to war.
And they're doing it.
They're doing it.
They're doing it.
They're doing it.
You're seeing the numbers.
Tech groups cut jobs and risk taking a new reality of market route.
Wall Street Journal.
How about this one?
Rates rise slows Canada's housing market.
Son of a gun.
Global stocks record longest weekly losing streak since 2008 crisis.
gasoline prices smash all-time high.
Oh, that doesn't mean anything.
Who cares?
This thing's gonna go down big.
They're gonna take us to war.
They're at war.
America is at war with Russia.
And now Sweden
Finland going to join in and again we write about it in detail in the Trends Journal how the deal was made not to quote move one inch further under the Gorbachev-Reagan deal when the Soviet Union broke up and slimy lowlife Bill Clinton broke it then Bush broke it and then Obama wanted to bring Georgia and Ukraine into NATO going back to 2000 and you know what 11 14 yeah
We wrote about it in detail.
When all else fails, they take you to war.
And it's the war against the people.
From the high-tech, to the defense contractors, to the banksters, to the drug dealers.
Oh, excuse me, big pharma, gotta be proper.
Oh, fentanyl debt's escalating, huh?
What a surprise.
Support Info Wars.
The future's in your hands.
Don't drop it.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show, and again, everything you can to support InfoWars.
They're a great crew, people care, they're doing the best that they can, and they're giving you what you can't get anywhere else in this kind of world that we're in, living in the censorship world of no free thinking.
So, and again, you know, we're doing the best we can with the Trans Journal magazine as well.
You know, it's a weekly magazine averaging about 160 pages a week, no ads, you know, helping people prepare, prevail and prosper in these very difficult times ahead.
And they're going to be very bad.
Remember, this is from last week, end of the week.
Jay Powell warns that taming U.S.
inflation will cause some pain.
Isn't that nice?
Will cause some pain.
Jay Powell, they just put this Fed head back in charge over there.
This thing was going to run out, right?
Some pain?
You should have been raising these interest rates a long, long time ago.
Saying it was temporary, transitory, transgender-tory, whatever-tory.
How about laboratory?
Laboratory, yeah, crap.
That's it.
They knew this stuff was going up.
They could have done it a little bit at a time, but no, no, we're not going to hurt, we're not going to hurt the players on Wall Street.
We got to get the little businesses out of business so everybody can get bigger.
You know, right here for the Wall Street Journal today, not making it up, pay packages to CEOs, rise to record levels.
As everybody else goes broke.
Can't afford to buy anything and anything's not there.
They've destroyed our lives and livelihoods with the COVID war.
Oh, the clown playing Prime Minister or whatever over there, over in New Zealand.
Oh yeah, they went lockdown one of the hardest.
Got the COVID, fully vaccinated, fully boosted, and I got the virus.
And I'm proud, I'm proud that I got fully vaccinated, fully boosted, and got the virus.
So you make sure you get it too, or you'll have no freedom.
I wanted to go see Louis Prima Jr.
over here.
Most people don't know who Louis Prima was.
A great guy.
He was the white Louis Armstrong.
He was from New Orleans.
Back in the day.
And his son, Louis Prima Jr.
and the Witnesses do a great, great show.
And they were going to play up here in Woodstock.
Only 15 minutes from me.
I couldn't go.
No Vax Passport.
No Vax Passport.
No entry.
Look at, how come, how come they don't, hey, all you little prostitutes, you media whores that get paid to put out by your corporate pimps and your government whore masters, why don't you interview me anymore?
Used to be on Oprah, the Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, everybody, hey!
No shots, no virus.
Oh no!
How dare you say that?
You have to get the shots.
You have to get the booster.
You have to get the virus.
Then we'll interview you and say, and everybody out there, make sure you get it too.
These are the sickos that are in charge.
These are the maniacs running and ruining our lives.
And when you're on an airplane, you can eat and drink without the mask.
Remember that one?
But when you stop eating and drinking, put the mask on because the COVID knows.
COVID knows when you're not eating and drinking.
Another one.
This is a hypocrisy.
Again, the motto of the Trends Journal is think for yourself.
Thousands take to the streets across the U.S.
to support abortion rights.
And one of the stories we're going to have in the Trends Journal is Kamala Harris, the Vice President.
She's one of the strongest ones out there.
And, um, how dare they, she said, referring to the leaked draft of the Supreme Court opinion that overturned, that may overturn, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah
And she goes on, how dare they, how dare they tell women what they can do and cannot do with their own body?
Hey Harris, how dare they tell men what they can do and can't do with their own body?
You're sexist!
I don't count as much as a woman?
Why can't I do what I want with my body?
I don't want to inject an Operation Warp Speed inoculation into my body!
You are sexist!
Oh no!
Can't tell us all... Oh, they had all these protests over here in Kingston, all the women out there.
Again, not taking a side on it.
How dare they tell us what we... My body, my choice?
Oh, but not my body, my choice when it comes to injecting something into my body or you can injecting into your kid's body, or that doesn't count.
How dare they?
How dare they tell a woman what she can do and cannot do with her own body?
How dare they tell a man what he can do or can't do?
With his own body.
Body dead head.
Look at the freaks we got running this show.
Anyway... And now this thing would happen up in, uh... Buffalo.
Gun control!
More gun control!
But send all those weapons of death to Ukraine!
Military industrial complex!
Yeah, more howitzers!
Hey, how about some nice missiles?
Yeah, yeah!
Deadlier weapons than just a gun!
They're fine!
They're fine!
Keep sending deadly weapons!
But we have to have gun control in America, because we got 333 million people here, and we got a couple of maniacs.
Yeah, the couple of maniacs, they're filled with the...
Mayors, governors, senators, and low-life politicians, politics, sucking the life out of us in a city, state, and country near you.
Gun control.
Oh, economic growth slowed in the first quarter in the UK.
Don't worry about it.
It's only going to get worse.
This thing's going down big.
I mentioned before about housing slowing down.
You ready for this one?
Canada's largest urban area, Toronto.
Excuse me.
No, you got me in that way.
Wait a minute.
Let me get this right.
Data for Canadian existing home sales in April are set for release today.
Early figures from local real estate boards in Toronto and Vancouver, British Columbia, point to a marked slowdown nationwide.
You ready?
Sales in Toronto, Canada's largest urban area, fell 27% in April from the prior month and 41.2% from the same period a year ago.
They raised interest rates.
And the interest rates are still negative.
If you have inflation now going at 8.3%,
And your base rate is between 0.75 and 1%.
You're negative 7.5% interest rate.
When you put in inflation.
This thing's gonna go down big, it's gonna go down hard.
And again, when all else fails, they take you to war.
That's what followed the Great Depression, World War II.
Look at the dot-com bust on 9-11.
Yeah, and now you look at the cover of the Trends Journal.
COVID war, Ukraine war, world war.
Again, when you got freaks like that Stoltenberg shooting his mouth off, Sweden, Finland joining NATO against the agreement that was made with the Soviet Union.
War's knocking on our doorsteps.
Do what you can to support InfoWars.
If we don't unite for peace, we're going to die in hell.
These are maniacs and lunatics in charge in a city, state, and country near you.
This is Gerald Cilenti, publisher of Trends Journal.
See you next week.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have had quite a run here at InfoWars.
We've had a huge, huge effect when it comes to the fight against the globalists.
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And we're being bullied.
We're being brutalized by the special interests that want to get through us.
To be able to get to you.
So if we put today's live show headline up on screen for TV viewers and ask the question, did Alex Jones Infowars declare bankruptcy?
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