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Name: 20220515_Sun_Alex
Air Date: May 15, 2022
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In this passage from InfoWars, the speaker discusses various political and social issues. They believe that the Democratic Party is attempting to connect the Republican party to white supremacy and the Second Amendment in order to create violence and stage false flags. They also accuse the media of hyping up race war news to incite conflict between different groups. The passage mentions Royce White, a former NBA player and political activist running against Ilhan Omar for Congress, and promotes various products available on InfoWars Life. The speaker discusses the state of the world, highlighting conflicts such as Roe v Wade, the situation in Ukraine, food shortages, currency fluctuations, and violence in schools and communities. They mention four heralds of the New World Order - famine (currency collapse), plague, violence, and technocracy - and explain how each is breaking out at the moment. The passage concludes with a promotion of Ultra 12 vitamin B12 supplement available exclusively through InfoWars store. Alex Jones discusses the importance of vitamin B12, specifically Ultra 12, which is available at Infowarsstore.com with a 40% discount. He then brings on Royce White as guest host for the remainder of the broadcast to discuss Roe v Wade and its relation to dehumanization and the military-industrial complex. White believes that the ability to kill a human fetus justifies waging war and killing innocent people worldwide, leading to moral hazard and decay in values around life and death. He urges listeners to reject such beliefs and become more politically active, emphasizing the importance of protecting the citizenship of the unborn. In this segment, David Knight talks about the ongoing culture war around white supremacy, black people, racism, and Jewish people, comparing it to a never-ending three card Monty. The author discusses his meeting with David Penn, who is a Jewish person by birth, and appreciates him for helping him understand his Jewishness better than before. The passage ends with the speaker thanking Alex Jones and the Infowars team for allowing him this platform. This passage discusses the importance of vitamin B12, specifically Ultra 12 which is available at Infowarsstore.com with a 40% discount. David Penn, a Jewish person by birth, is introduced to discuss Roe v Wade and its relation to sacred honor from a Jewish perspective. The author thanks Alex Jones and the Infowars team for allowing him this platform. The speaker promotes products available at InfoWarsLife.com, including Ultra-12 vitamin B12 and InfoWars Immune Support supplements. They also mention Redux line of Faraday bags for electronic devices. The focus of the broadcast is on the World Health Organization Treaty and its potential implications for national sovereignty and globalism. In this speech, Alex Jones discusses the importance of taking action to reclaim control over one's government. He encourages listeners to get involved with local political units through their respective parties in order to regain power and sovereignty from what he perceives as evil globalist forces. Additionally, Jones highlights the need for a strong immune system in the face of adversity and promotes his product Infowars Life Immune Support. In this discussion, David Penn discusses nationalism versus

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The false flags are coming.
You have seen all the massive pre-programming.
You've seen the Democratic Party in the deep state running on the fact that the American people that don't want to destroy their country, that don't want election fraud, that don't want open borders, that don't want lockdowns, are white supremacists with 177 days out from the election.
Coming up in the second hour, we're going to air excerpts from the last year and a half where I specifically laid out that incel white supremacists would attack black grocery stores, churches, colleges, and other facilities as a pretext to get Americans killing each other and each other's throats right before they plunge the dollar and bring in new lockdowns and steal the next election in 177 days.
The feds
Head Red flagged him.
People had called and said he's gonna attack and kill people.
He said he is.
He had a manifesto.
But nothing was done.
And now we're told all of talk radio has to pay.
Now we're told that everybody's free speech has to pay and that it's Tucker Carlson's fault.
And in less than three hours after the shooting, the blood wasn't even dry, they were blaming talk radio and the internet and free speech and everything else for what happened.
Now am I saying that the government actually did this and this guy doesn't exist?
No, I'm not saying that.
I'm saying the atmosphere of saying whites are the devil and then whites being racially attacked everywhere and the media hyping it up saying we should exterminate all the white people in the New York Times is the left trying to get black and white people and others to kill each other and distract from what's happening because they statistically through criminology know
That the FBI does, that if the media hypes up enough race war news and says it's imminent, and then there's a Kenosha black supremacist, another crazy person, runs over some innocent white people, that whites are then going to see that, that are mentally ill, and think that there's not justice, and think the answer is going out and killing black people, not seeing that it's the globalists playing both sides off against each other, and we got to be smart enough to understand that.
Those innocent white people run over and killed at that parade.
Didn't deserve what happened to them.
That guy didn't even know who they were.
Same thing with these innocent black people.
The first two he shot reportedly, and we have the footage, is two black women loading groceries in their car.
What the hell did they do?
Didn't even know them.
And notice, there's never attacks on the UN or the Rockefellers or the Rothschilds or the New World Order.
And I'm not saying there should be.
I'm not for offensive attacks.
But in these provocateur actions like the FBI, and what we saw with Governor Whitmer, now a totally staged event with a kidnapping plot,
We understand that they've done this over and over and over again, and when they actually do target themselves, they make sure that it's non-fatal and that nobody gets killed, like with Governor Whitmer.
But when the American people, whether they be black, white, Hispanic, Asian, old, young, gay, straight, you name it, get attacked, well then, ladies and gentlemen...
We're all told collectively that white people are to blame and gun owners are to blame for what happened here, and that is a total fraud.
Now, Royce White is a former NBA player, a martial arts fighter as well, mixed martial arts, and he has really been kicking ass running against Ilhan Omar.
He is about to take over here, ladies and gentlemen, and he's got a special guest, David Penn, political activist, international businessman.
He was set to host today, but things were so hot with such a giant audience, I just thought I had to come in and give you my
Baseline on what's going on, and then I'll be back in the second segment, Hour 2, to play the excerpts where I predicted all this very, very specifically.
Now, we're going to come right back from break with Royce White.
He's going to be taking over from Minnesota.
He's running against Ilhan Omar.
This is going to be one hell of a broadcast.
Let's override the sensors.
Everybody, take the live feed from battleplan.news and band.video and share it now.
We'll be right back with Royce White.
It's Sunday, May 15, 2022, and a tragic event killing 10 innocent human beings in Buffalo, New York has taken place.
Next hour we'll play the specific videos from last year where I predicted this exact scenario and what will come next is more important.
177 days after the election, this is just the beginning of the provocateur psychos the deep state have got ready to release off their leashes.
This is important.
We know their game plan.
We can stop them.
We can come together.
They are playing black off against white and everybody else to try to get us to start killing each other so they can be the referee over it and distract from their whole new world order.
Taking over now is Royce White, born and raised in Twin Cities, Minnesota, currently a professional athlete, former NBA player and a professional mixed martial artist, also an author, political activist, and
You know him well from Tucker Carlson, this show, and others.
He's running against Ilhan Omar.
I couldn't think of a better person to get into Congress.
He also has David Penn joining him next segment for the Balance of the Transmission, political activist, international businessman, freepeopleofamerica.org.
I'm Alex Jones from Infowars.com.
And now, Royce White takes over.
Thank you, Alex.
I appreciate it, brother.
Once again, I am your guest host for the next couple of segments, the next two hours.
It's going to be a hell of a broadcast.
I appreciate the time.
A lot of things to talk about today, obviously.
A lot of things to cover.
The Buffalo shooting is another example of the spiritual crisis that we face.
And we do face a spiritual crisis.
And we do face a crisis of logic.
And ultimately a crisis of leadership.
First and foremost, I wanted to start off the broadcast by thanking Alex Jones and the InfoWars team for allowing me to share their platform.
Alex Jones is an American hero, and we all owe him our deepest gratitude and our continued support.
You know, I'm here in the belly of the beast.
Minneapolis, Minnesota is the belly of the beast.
Make no mistake about it.
And I'm running for Congress against Ilhan Omar.
And had I ran as a Democrat, I would have been literally crucified for even associating myself with Alex Jones.
Had I hired a general consultant from the establishment Republicans, I would have been persona non grata.
But this is a turn of the tide.
And the turn of the tide is that people are stepping up around the world and communities around this country to fight back against the corruption and the status quo of our legacy institutions.
And I for one am proud
To be able to guest host InfoWars, to be able to know Alex Jones, and to be able to stand alongside a man that has fought for freedom, fought for the right to speak truth to power, and said things that were unpopular at times when he stood to lose the most.
So make sure that we continue to support Alex Jones.
We got a great show coming up for you today.
I'm going to touch on Roe v. Wade next segment.
And then we got a good friend of mine, David Penn, joining us in the fourth block and fifth block.
Like Alex said, he'll be rejoining the broadcast in the second hour.
For one of the first blocks and then I'll take the show again and we're gonna talk about everything from globalism and nationalism anti-semitism Roe v. Wade We got a lot to cover I just want to start with the 30,000 foot view for this first segment and I think Alex Jones and myself and many others who have dared to touch the 30,000 foot view have been casted as crazies But allow me to have my my chance here
The battleground seems very clear to me.
God versus Satan, first and foremost.
The battle is spiritual.
Like I've said many times before on this show, and I will continue to stress, and what's important to realize about it being a God versus Satan kind of battle is the forces at work are somewhat beyond our comprehension.
And it validates or justifies those of us that believe that the Holy Bible and that faith are the spiritual guide in a battle that is beyond our comprehension.
And when I say beyond our comprehension, I mean we have to understand that Satan is fighting on multiple fronts at once.
We see it with the Roe v. Wade conversations that have broken out over the past few weeks.
We see it with the Ukraine conflict.
We see it with the food shortages.
We see it with the currency flux.
We see it with the continued conflict there in Kashmir.
We see it at our own southern border.
We see it in our schools, in our communities, with the church of LGBTQ.
There are many, many fronts where Satan wants to wage war.
And most recently, his war came to Buffalo, New York.
And I want to take a moment, a moment of silence for those that lost loved ones, for those that lost their lives in Buffalo, New York.
Now, you know, we're going to talk a lot today about cultural narratives.
Three-card Monty's using black, white, Jewish, all of these ethnicities and, and titles to stir and foment violence and
First, before we go there, I want to set the stage around the geopolitical.
We talked about the spiritual, and we know there are forces beyond our imagination.
But I want to talk about the geopolitical.
We got a four-player jump ball going right now.
And that four-player jump ball is the globalists, the free people of the world, China, and Russia.
And it's hard to say whose interests lie where.
It's hard to say who will eventually be
Coalesced against the free people, but what I can say is that the free people have to understand that in the jump ball We are we are down We we are not in a winning position right now and much of it has to do with the the fact that many of us have abnegated our faith in God and put our faith in man and and by putting our faith in man, we will fail most times we have to
Restore our national honor and our sacred honor, and we have to do it through American constitutional values, but we also have to do it through faith in God.
So we got a four-player jump ball on the international political scene, and I want to touch on the four heralds of New World Order, if I could for a moment.
There are four clear heralds of New World Order for the globalists to finalize their totalitarian
Dystopian dreams.
Those four heralds are famine, which is currency collapse.
We see that starting to emerge.
And then you got all out technocracy and dystopia where artificial intelligence, you know, prosecute crimes through facial recognition, which is already happening in China.
And those are the four heralds.
And we have all four breaking out right now and in a very in a very dire way.
And the most recent one is this Buffalo mass shooting.
Ten years ago, when I was drafted into the NBA, I said mental health was going to be the greatest social issue we face.
Now, whether or not we believe that government agencies could be involved in using this mass shooting as a false flag to start a race war, to foment racial division in the country,
Is neither here nor there in the sense that anybody anywhere in the world that would kill unarmed innocent unexpected people is doing the work of Satan despite what other allegiances they may have they are doing the work of Satan and we have to pray today going forward we have to pray for discernment we have to pray for the ability
To see with clarity where the enemy wants to lead us.
And right now it appears that the enemy wants to lead us into a cataclysm of violence.
And yes, we are all shook anytime 10 people lose their lives in this way.
But in the next next segment, I'm going to come back with more discussion about Roe v. Wade, the sanctity of life, the millions upon millions who have
We're going to have an incredible broadcast, like I said.
I am extremely grateful to be here on this day, a historic day for bad reasons.
Please stay with us over to the next segment.
We're going to talk Roe v. Wade.
I am going against Ilhan Omar as a United States Congressman.
And we're going to bring integrity and faith in God and national honor and sacred honor back to D.C.
Thank you very much.
Stick with us to the next segment.
I want to get into Roe v. Wade.
Thank you, Alex Jones.
I can't wait to talk to you again in the next hour.
As I'm your guest host, Royce White, here in the belly of the beast, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I am running for United States Congress against Ilhan Omar in this segment.
I want to talk about Roe v. Wade.
We know there was a mass shooting in Buffalo.
We know that violence is going to start to break out across the world, as it has for many years, but now it's going to ramp up.
And I want to just say that this is an important story.
Anytime people lose their lives, it is an important story.
It is important for us to take notice.
It is important for us to pray.
But let us not forget that the biggest decision in my lifetime
By our government still hangs in the balance and that is the Roe v. Wade decision.
Why some might ask some who are watching probably already understand this but but some who will see this clipped up by the mainstream media as an attempt to categorize myself and Alex Jones as as far right white supremacist even will not understand this.
So I'm going to try and reason.
Any precept of human rights and civil rights must begin with the sanctity of life.
And the Democrats have waged a 100-year, a 160-year war on the sanctity of life.
And so for all the mainstream media's propaganda around race, around black people, and white people, and the history of this country, and the patriarchy, and the list goes on, what they fail to mention often
Is that Democrats fought to retain the right for people to own slaves in this country.
In the 1800s, it was the Democrats who attempted to arbitrarily categorize people as subhuman.
Today, they attempt to do the same with the human fetus.
And I'd like to play a clip right now to show how this issue also intersects with the conversation of spiritual warfare and God versus Satan.
Please, if we can play the clip.
Okay, we're having a little technical difficulty with the clip, but we'll get it up as soon as we can.
Again, one of the things once I posted this clip that I ran into was this narrative about the Democrat switch.
And I want to talk about the Democrat switch because it was a lie.
And the reason why many people are unable to decipher this lie is either A, they've been indoctrinated and brainwashed by Marxists
Academia institutions across the country who have pushed this lie, shoved this lie down the throats of students who were unbeknownst and really unable to defend themselves psychologically and intellectually.
But the truth is, the truth that nobody wants to say because of how inconvenient it is, is that we live under the thumb of a uniparty.
And we have for a very long time.
And one of the symbols of the Democrat switch was the civil rights movement, the Civil Rights Act.
But many of us understand that in retrospect, LBJ was in no way a friend to black people or civil rights.
In fact, he often is, is, um, understood to have used civil rights as a, as a political tool, as a political, uh, machine, uh, for the, for the Democrats interest as, as a party.
And then we had Nixon, who in retrospect, himself and Kissinger, we understand to have not been conservatives, not been people who believed in God, but Democrats.
And really they were uniparty globalists.
And so when people don't or aren't able to understand this history, they throw out these talking points like the Democrats switched.
The Democrats have never switched.
The Democrats fought for the right to categorize a certain group of people as subhuman.
Today, they want to do the same thing with fetuses and babies.
Please roll the clip.
He definitely fought for abortion.
He definitely aborted babies.
Can you guys help us?
Stop fucking praying!
It's not fucking working!
It's not fucking working!
Help us!
Help me!
Help me!
Amy, come over here!
Let's talk!
Okay, great!
I mean, we have a yellow lady.
What's your name?
Hi Bernadette!
Why kill this son?
Why can't I?
Why murder this son on that piece of shit wood?
Come outside!
I brought my ravens for you to kill.
And you know what the fucking police, this fucking performance is getting better.
This performance was getting better.
The priest!
Come outside!
We want to talk!
We want to fucking talk!
Where the fuck is the priest terrorizing my motherfucking uterus?
Where the fuck?
I mean, to understand, I mean, first of all,
The fact that 20 million, 20 to 30 million of the babies that have been aborted since Roe v. Wade went into law in the 1970s were black children.
And that Planned Parenthood was explicitly, explicitly explained and designated and promoted by Margaret Sanger to be a way to exterminate black people makes this clip disturbing.
Most disturbing.
And it makes it most disturbing because today the liberal media, the mainstream media, the Anti-Defamation League, will try to tell you that white supremacy is afoot in the form of this shooter.
And certainly it may be.
Obviously it is.
Obviously this violence is completely abhorrent.
But the real white supremacy
Is to tell black people to tell all people to tell working class people to tell American citizens that if you can't keep up with an affluent.
Radical material lifestyle, then you should just kill your kids and that they're not kids.
They're just clumps of sales that we can get rid of in our own interest.
When civilizations when society start to sacrifice their young for their old.
We are in a crisis.
Abrahamic faith introduced and changed civilization in the direction where we no longer sacrifice our children.
Again, another vindication of the Bible's wisdom.
Not sacrificing your children separates you from the barbarity that ruled over the ancient world.
Over the last 50 years, we've lost that.
And this clip was a prime example that Satan is at work on all sides, from many angles, with many political ambitions, but many more spiritual ambitions.
We're going to come back next segment with a good friend of mine, David Penn, who is an international businessman, and we're going to talk about some issues that may be even more touchy than abortion.
Please stay over to the next segment.
Thank you, InfoWars, and thank your audience.
Good afternoon.
I'm your guest host, Royce White.
I'm going to be guest hosting InfoWars for the rest of the two hour block.
And I am honored to be here.
Thank you to Alex Jones and the InfoWars team for allowing me this platform.
We're talking about Roe v. Wade and we're going to get David Penn in here as soon as possible.
But, you know, Roe v. Wade is the issue, right?
It's not just another political issue.
It's the issue.
We cannot
Have a civilized country, nation, communities without the sanctity of life.
And what dawned on me the other day is not only around the hidden racism of the liberal, globalist, anti-human movement, but also the military interests.
And we have a war right now that's breaking out between Russia and Ukraine, or already has broken out, and we're in it.
And there's this $40 billion bill with a bunch of phantom budget items, $190 million going to the CIA, $5 billion for Joe Biden to use at his discretion.
The man can barely stay awake.
We got big problems.
But still the linchpin of this entire spiritual and societal decay is Roe v. Wade.
And what dawned on me the other day is it seems that
The ability to kill a human fetus, to kill a baby in the womb, justifies the ambition for the military-industrial complex to wage war and kill innocent people all across the world.
Faithless, not faithless, but faceless people.
And that's what Roe v. Wade and abortion and abortion around the world that has reached 30 to 40 million babies per year, 125,000 a day.
That's what was ushered in by abortion, is this dehumanization and this disconnectedness with life and death.
And there are unintended consequences.
There is such a thing as moral hazard around these issues.
And one of the unintended consequences may have been that people's overall value and respect for human life has continued to decay over time.
And we see that.
I mean, we know that that's true.
That's not a conspiracy theory.
I mean, the progressives, you know,
The progressives, there's a difference here.
Let me say this.
The two futures of American politics are nationalist populism and socialist populism.
And the progressives, you know, they seem to want to promote that in order for us to be humans, be meaningful, live meaningful lives, that we need to save the earth.
And in order to do so, we have to eat soy or we have to kill our dogs.
But that's not all they promote.
They also promote that we should kill our children.
That our children are not really children.
That every baby that we've aborted is not really the future of this country.
And I reject that.
And I think every patriot, God-loving American listening to this broadcast should reject that.
Now, should you take a weapon into a grocery store and kill unarmed people?
Absolutely not.
There's nothing Christian about that.
There's nothing God godly about that.
That is the work of Satan.
But we must become more politically active than we have ever been.
Because it's very clear how this situation got out of hand.
Our politicians sold us out.
We traded our security for freedom.
We traded our freedom for security.
I'm sorry.
We traded our freedom for a material high.
And in doing so,
We allowed politicians to broker our citizenship and in doing, and in their brokering, they have made the claim that a human fetus, that a child in the womb has no rights, has no citizenship.
We must protect the citizenship of the unborn.
Now I want to bring in my guest today, David Penn, who's a friend, someone I consider family.
He's an international businessman.
He's a believer in God.
He is somebody who is a mentor.
He is somebody who has a very rich understanding of history.
We have great conversations.
And he happens to be Jewish.
Please, David Penn, bring David in.
And I want to say something else before David and I start.
It's interesting that today, with everything else that's going on, a culture war is going to continue to brew
And spill over.
And the culture war around white supremacy, black people and racism in our history and Jewish people is a never-ending three-card Monte.
I've said it before and I'll say it again.
The black bourgeoisie.
There is a there is a secular Jewish elite that have taken advantage of the Jewish people.
In the same way that the black bourgeoisie here in America have taken advantage of black people.
And there are elites of every creed, ethnicity, color, age, gender, that have been predatory on the common folks.
And it's interesting that, you know, here in Minneapolis, when I decided I was going to run against Ilhan Omar, and I made that announcement, the newspaper of record, the Star Tribune, made the claim that I was peddling
Anti-semitic conspiracy theories by saying globalists by saying the word globalist by talking about globalism and I'm offended today because when I look out at the mainstream media and the narrative around this mass shooting an Idiot an agent of Satan who decided to take people's lives in an act of pure violence is being associated linguistically
With people like myself, Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, and whoever else they have called anti-semitic.
Or far-right, or white supremacist.
I mean, the Washington Post called me a darling of the far-right.
And I reject that.
And I reject the idea that to talk about globalism is by default anti-semitic.
So I want to bring in David Penn just to get our conversation started.
You got about two minutes.
Yeah, good to be with you, brother.
Got about two minutes and we're going to go over into the next segment as well and continue our conversation.
But just briefly, just briefly talk about how you heard my name initially and how we came into contact.
Two minutes.
It was a very short period of time for me to express to the audience what a lover of the Jewish people and a lover of Israel Royce really is.
Two minutes ago.
And the reason I met Royce was because a local political operative contacted me and let me know that Royce was going to enter the race.
This handler of Cicely Davis was another candidate here for this congressional seat.
This Matt Brodsky called me and he said, Royce White is going to enter this campaign against Davis.
And don't worry about it, he's an anti-Semite.
And as a Jewish person by birth, this was very triggering for me.
So what do I do?
I pick up the phone and I call Royce.
And we had a wonderful conversation.
The first conversation was at least three hours straight.
And I want to share with the audience that
After a lifetime, 62 years of being Jewish, Royce actually helped me understand my Jewishness better than I ever had in my life.
So I want all the listeners and all the gawkers and watchers and haters that want to paint people with labels to suppress their voices to know that this is an anti-American, anti-religious, anti-freedom strategy to
Hammer people with labels, labelings that are not accurate.
So Royce, I really want to thank you for bringing me on here.
I consider you family and I consider us religiously aligned and I look forward to continuing this conversation after the break.
Thank you, brother.
Thank you.
We're going to be back after the break and continue the interview with David Penn.
He's also going to join us in the second half of the second hour for a moment to talk about some broader political ideas.
Stay tuned.
InfoWars, I'm your guest host.
I'm back.
Royce White, your guest host for InfoWars for this hour and the next.
I want to thank Alex Jones and the InfoWars team for allowing me this platform.
I want to bring back in now my guests.
My guest and friend, David Penn.
David, I threw two minutes at you to try and explain a story that's long and has many details and nuances, but I think we're past that.
The gist of the story is that the cultural narratives are playing out, but they're actually spilling over.
And people like myself and David Penn, who otherwise the establishment and the narrative would try and keep separated, have found an opportunity to come together under the circumstances, the dire circumstances of our country.
But now, David, you know, we talked a little bit earlier today about Roe v. Wade, and I have to admit that you have changed my opinion about Roe v. Wade in a way that has made me feel
More strongly about it, more convicted about the implications of Roe v. Wade, maybe than ever before.
So I just want you to talk a little bit about, I'm just going to kick the football to you and let you go, about Roe v. Wade, the sanctity of life, and sacred honor.
And why Roe v. Wade, for you, as a Jewish man who believes in God, is so offensive in the way that it's presented today and in the way that it is played out and carried out in our modern society.
Have at it, brother.
You know, it occurs to me that the sanctity of life issue, it has its roots back in the story of Abraham binding Isaac on Mount Moriah and God letting Abraham know that child sacrifice or child death was no longer a requisite ritual in the Abrahamic faith.
Thank you.
The Jewish people have been on the run for a long time since the Romans destroyed Israel.
And this anti-Semitism issue that we were discussing before the break really goes back to that violent end of the State of Israel, number one, at the time of Christ.
And when the Jewish people moved throughout the world, because they do keep on to themselves, because a Jewish person
A real Jewish person, their entire life is dedicated to their relationship with God.
And I think that's something that really speaks to the heart of this Roe vs. Wade issue.
Because traditionally over thousands of years, this is thousands of years, the Jewish people only focus on their community and their community's relationship to God.
This went on with great, great challenge because the Jewish people had been pushed out of their homeland.
Wherever they went, they were a stranger in the land because they kept to themselves.
They had strange traditions and in alien ways they were discriminated against.
And the high point of that discrimination came in World War II.
And while we
Look back on World War II as a great victory, a great military victory.
It was a phenomenal spiritual defeat of faith by the forces of darkness, by the forces of evil.
Because after that war, even though it was won, 88 million people dying in five years, 6 million Jewish people dying brutally in gas chambers, marched to their deaths.
And there was many other people that died in those gas chambers.
Catholics, homosexuals, communists, trade unionists.
You know, the Germans were almost equal opportunity genocidal maniacs.
People lost their faith.
They just couldn't understand, after the war, how a loving God could have lost such barbarism and butchery to take place.
And this led to a tremendous increase in the postmodern tradition of secular humanism.
And for the Jewish people, and I'm going to get to this Roe versus Wade issue because I think these things are related.
The Jewish people made a decision.
Now, I'm a child of the 50s, so I'm pretty aware of this decision.
The decision was made to assimilate.
In other words, previous to the World War II experience, Jewish people really did not want to assimilate.
And that did cause anti-Semitism.
But when that war happened and there was such, such horror, the community, in large part, decided that joining with the culture, becoming part of the culture, was the strategy for survival.
It was a survival strategy.
Now, we did have a large portion of the people that maintained the tradition, maybe a third of our population, what we call the Orthodox.
But two-thirds of the population, which we call the conservative and reform movement, actually became homogenized with the general culture.
And that meant that these very religious people now became very American people.
And as time progressed, whether they knew it or not, the decision was made either overtly or tacitly.
That going with the liberal tradition, much like the black community, Jews are cultural Democrats because the Democrats provided shelter for them, fought for them allegedly, and this was a home for this immigrant population to find safety.
So, it wasn't a surprise that Jewish people forsake their faith, became on the front lines of the abortion movement,
Prominent Jewish attorneys were, you know, very vocal and very key in the litigation that led to the Roe v. Wade decision.
And, you know, these are cultural Jews.
I have to say, I don't think they're religious Jews.
You know, this is a great lie.
If we believe in God, we cannot believe in abortion.
And we were taught that as Jews.
You can be Jewish and believe in abortion.
I know Catholics were taught they can believe in Catholicism, they can believe in abortion.
But this is time, this is an offensive lie, a brainwashing of children.
The tradition, the Judeo-Christian tradition, forbids child sacrifice and child murder.
So this is an unambiguous issue and it's something that
Has really caught up a great part of the Jewish community, even to the point where today a big part of the cultural Jews are vehemently in favor of the pro-choice movement, on the front lines of the pro-choice movement, both as protesters and as the legal force that is seeking to maintain that.
So, my call is out to the Jewish people, to the believers,
To see that they have common cause with the black community, with the Christian community.
I think that Jewish believers know that.
But I also want to talk to the Jewish non-believers.
Because there's no safety for them in this.
Because globalism and the New World Order and where this abortion predicate takes us, which is to the fourth industrial revolution, it's a very anti-human
Very brutal reality that we're bringing upon ourselves, not the least of which is, how can a nation be blessed if it's engaged in the murder of children?
And I think it's time that Americans of all stripes, all religions, all colors and creeds, start to think about our need for faith and our need for prayer and reach out in ourselves to God and become clarified
Of what the number one critical question is.
Do we believe in God?
Or do we not believe in God?
Because that's what this abortion argument really is.
It's a proxy war.
It was always a proxy war from the first day.
Because the believers rejected abortion, and the non-believers accepted pro-choice as their new sacrament.
And it's time for us, I think, as a country to talk about this.
And not to suppress each other,
With vile claims of anti-Semitism or racism.
That's right.
Right now more than ever in this time of great cultural confusion and social confusion and historical trauma, we need to talk to each other and not to be labeling each other and make I statements.
I believe in God.
I believe in the sanctity of life.
I believe in America.
I believe in our Constitution.
I believe in my brotherhood with all my fellow Americans.
Those are the statements that I'm craving for, I'm hoping for.
And interestingly, I hear here on InfoWars, no matter what those that don't listen to this show might say about it, I'm a new listener.
And I'm very happy to hear the warm and welcoming dialogue that's really here.
Thank you, David Penn.
I appreciate your insight.
No doubt, no doubt that the question of the day is, do we believe or don't we?
Do we have sacred honor or are we without?
David Penn elaborated something that's very important to think about from the terms of cultural narratives between blacks, Jews, whites, but really Americans and people who believe who have sacred honor and those who don't.
Stick with us at the second half of the hour.
Good evening.
The time is 5 p.m.
Central here in Minneapolis, the belly of the beast.
I'm your guest host Royce White.
I'm the guest hosting InfoWars for the next hour.
This segment, I just want to talk about my campaign a little bit.
And then we're going to kick it back to Alex to talk more about this Buffalo situation, because nobody can speak to a situation like this better than he can.
And then we're going to bring David Penn back in the later part of the hour to have some more
Interviews about broader issues, nationalism versus globalism, and the World Health Organization Treaty, which has fallen by the wayside, given all of this other news.
We can beat these people.
We can beat these people if we dedicate and commit ourselves right here, right now.
I don't want to hear that they're going to steal the election from us in 2022.
I don't want to hear that they're going to steal the election from us from 2024.
As an athlete, when the deck is stacked against you,
You dig down deep, you bite your mouthpiece, you bite your tongue, you bite the inside of your lip, whatever it is, and you find a way.
That's what grit is.
That's the best thing America has to offer, is grit, pride, honor, sacred honor.
We've been sold out.
We've gotten the government we deserve, but we can turn it around.
I'm running for United States Congress against Ilhan Omar, who is about as un-American as you could possibly imagine.
She's in on it.
She's in on it with the globalists.
She's in on it with the leftists.
She's in on it with the progressives, the AOCs, the anti-human, the transhuman.
She's in on it with everybody she can be in on it with.
And the scary thing is she has broad support and massive appeal to the mainstream media and commercial market.
We have to become activated.
We have to continue to support America First candidates all over this country.
And if they cheat us, we will know it.
We will know it and we will respond as such.
Now, I have to explain this to you in a little bit more depth so you can understand the uphill battle we face.
There is a fundraising process in our country that is taking place right now.
In the Republican establishment, in the Democrat establishment, everywhere in between.
There are bundlers, third-party bundlers, brokers, who sign on to raise money for campaigns such as mine.
And it comes with strings attached.
And the strings are that the third-party broker gets 85% of the split.
85 cents on the dollar that American citizens donate through these brokers.
Go straight into somebody's pocket.
Now, during my campaign, I have made it clear to all of these third-party grifters that I will not allow them to scam the American people, the American taxpayer, the working class, our citizens, by agreeing to this 85-15 split.
In fact, I told them nobody gets above 25%.
As you can imagine, because the 85% is so commonly accepted,
I have not been able to raise money like my primary opponent, CeCe Davis, who raised $1.1 million and she's already spent a million of it, which is going to these third party donors.
So go and check out my campaign website, RoyceWhite.us, if you have the chance.
Also, continue to support Alex Jones.
I cannot express enough my gratitude that he has gotten behind my candidacy and allowed me to speak to this audience, which is
The most awake and spiritual audience in our country and around the world.
Thank you for your support.
I hear it every day all the time.
I'm getting your feedback.
I love I love that people are are open to politicians.
Starting to talk about God again.
I come from a Christian background, a Catholic upbringing, and there are problems in the Catholic Church as well.
And I'll talk about those one day with a full throat.
But today is not about that.
Today is about the third-party grifters who scam the American people.
I'm kicking it to Alex Jones to talk about the Buffalo shooting because nobody can speak to these issues like he can.
He is the czar.
He is the guru around these types of situations.
I'll be back with you after this next segment.
This is Info Wars.
Stay tuned.
I'm your guest host Royce White in the belly of the beast.
Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much again for joining us on this very, very serious Emergency Sunday broadcast.
Royce White with a special guest, David Penn, is going to be coming back up for the balance of the hour.
We are now into hour number two, and we have this terrible white supremacist attack at a black, predominantly black, grocery store in Buffalo, New York.
As predicted, he's an 18-year-old in the cell, and the corporate globalist media is saying, well, we need to ban all conservative media because it's their fault this happened, and we need to censor everybody in live time, and we need to take all the guns, despite the fact that he was red flagged a year ago, specifically saying he was going to use guns for violence and target minorities.
And perfectly said, perfectly on time,
The FBI, the Justice Department says that there are white supremacist attacks that are imminent, that white supremacist attacks are off the chart, though statistically they're incredibly rare, and that they were going to happen right before the midterms.
Suddenly it happens, just like the Governor Whitmer kidnapping plot, which came out in court, was staged and led by the FBI.
Was this completely staged and run by the FBI and Justice Department?
We don't know that yet.
But historically, in many cases, it is.
We're not saying no one died.
We're not saying a tragedy didn't take place.
And we're not saying that tragedy isn't a terrible thing.
What we're saying is, collectively, Republicans and conservatives and libertarians and populists and nationalists
White people are not to blame for what this crazy man did, and we decry it, and Dylann Roof at the church, you know, years ago killing 10 black people as well, and the terrible black supremacist at Kenosha running over people with his car because they were white, and the media covering that up, or Black Lives Matter connected groups going and shooting, you know, cops, including black cops just because they're cops.
That's all wrong.
The globalists are about to implode the currency.
They're bringing in a world government.
They need a domestic crisis.
They need a cascading civil war as the pretext to bring in phase two of the COVID lockdowns, the martial law race war lockdowns.
So whenever thousands of white people get killed a year because they're white, the media covers it up.
But when a crazy white person goes and kills innocent black people, women, first people he killed reportedly, you know, we have the live stream shooter video from Twitch.
Is Twitch to blame?
You can call somebody up on the phone while you're killing people.
Is AT&T to blame?
Well then why was Gab blamed a few years ago when a white supremacist went into a synagogue and shot innocent people, terrible crime, because he put on Gab, he was about to do it five minutes before.
Again, you do not blame the telecommunications mediums that people commit crimes on.
When somebody calls up on 911, my husband's killing the children with a hatchet.
Do you blame Verizon?
Do you blame Southwestern Bell?
I mean, it's crazy.
So, there's a lot of different facets.
To all of this that we're going to be breaking down and covering.
I'll be back tomorrow, 11 a.m.
Central, my regular show to cover it all.
Weekday mornings you have, of course, American Journal with Harrison Smith doing a great job, The War Room.
But Royce White's about to come back and talk more about this with a special guest.
He was supposed to be hosting today, but all of this came out, all of this unfolded, so I came in here to give you my breakdown of this.
But here's the bottom line.
The globalist
Are you?
Predictions, because I'm in the mind of the globalists and their war games and their anti-white propaganda, which they know will trigger some unstable white people to buy into this and go be in a race war, because there is an undeclared race war against white people run by the left to cause the real race war.
So it's wrong.
We love black people.
We love white people.
We love everybody.
We need to be smart enough to see all the movies and all the shows that whites are the devil and there's going to be a civil war.
I don't
So, what are they going to do?
They're going to attack a minority church or college or grocery store, some type of minority gathering.
Or a massive white supremacist attack they staged.
That's all the pre-programming in the media so you know what's coming.
You're going to be bad because you were a Republican voter, period.
That's how they intend to do this, is connect the Republican Party to white supremacism and the Second Amendment to it.
That's why they're pushing for violence and preparing real false flags.
Not just guys dressed up like white nationalists to discredit the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Virginia.
But violence, my friends.
So if you go to a black church or you go to a rural, say, black grocery store, you better be packing.
You better be watching.
Because let me tell you, the deep states are coming.
So what are they going to do?
They're going to attack a minority church or college or grocery store, some type of minority gathering.
And they're either gonna completely false flag it and do it 100% themselves, or they're gonna find mentally ill, in-cell, white supremacist types that'll really be devil worshippers, whacked out of their minds on prescription and illegal drugs.
It'll be a two or three man idiot squad that'll go in and start shooting black people at a church.
Then there'll be a backup team that'll kill them, claiming they committed suicide, who'll then actually kill a couple hundred black people.
Because the Satanists always start shooting people and they kind of, wow, I'm actually killing somebody.
This isn't as cool as I thought.
And then they get killed by the black op team.
The black op team then kills the lion's share of the people.
They're going to want a big number, hundreds of dead black children.
So if you go to a black church or you go to a rural, say, black grocery store, you better
Be packing.
You better be watching, because let me tell you, the deep states are coming.
It's going to be the whole collapse of society, and you're going to be bad because you were a Republican voter, period.
That's how they intend to do this, is connect the Republican Party to white supremacism and the Second Amendment to it.
That's how they plan to overturn it.
That's the whole program you're seeing right now.
But if the people are aware of it, it's over.
This is the New World Order's revolution.
This is an assault, and it only gets worse from here.
And that's why no matter how much heat they get and how bad they look and no matter how much everything they do falls apart, they are moving towards staging massive terror attacks and other crises to blame their opposition and frame us for terror so they can move directly against us.
They're going to try to launch a race war.
They're going to pull off a false flag event, try to blame, of course, the gun owners and Trump supporters and Christians and so on.
They will see if the people will comply to turn in their guns, which I believe people will not comply.
That would be insane at this point, with the police being defunded and violent crime exploding, you know, all across liberal cities everywhere.
People need self-defense more than ever, including, by the way, women!
They are planning, in my view.
False flag terror attacks here in America to submit their rollout against us.
Massive white supremacist attack they staged.
That's all the pre-programming in the media, so you know what's coming.
They're pushing for violence and preparing real false flags.
Not just guys dressed up like white nationalists to discredit the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Virginia, but violence, my friends.
And that's why they're freaking out, because that's the card they want to play.
That's the point we've gotten to.
I'm your guest host Royce White and I am back here from Minneapolis in the belly of the beast and right now I want to do a little bit of housekeeping.
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Getting back to our agenda.
And please go support Alex Jones.
We just can't.
We cannot.
Overstate how InfoWars is one of the last bastions of freedom, free speech, and truth in the entire world.
I want to bring back in my guest, David Penn.
We're going to touch on the World Health Organization Treaty to underscore what Alex Jones was just alluding to.
And David Penn brought this to my attention in the last few weeks, which I had not been aware of because I'm in the middle of a congressional district race with an American trader.
You know, and before you go, David, and I want you to touch on the World Health Organization Treaty and what you see it as and what you think it means.
But before you go, I just want to read for people something here that, again, reiterates that this is not conspiracy theory.
There are real conspiracies.
We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the U.S.
public believes is false.
That was CIA Director William J. Casey, and the globalist agenda and initiative is on full throttle.
We know that race is a main catalyst of violence, anarchy, and distrust.
David, WHO treaty, what do you think about it?
I think that six corporations
control 90% of the media that is consumed here in the United States of America.
So we don't really have choice.
We have the illusion of choice.
Therefore, the fact that Royce, you weren't aware of this treaty situation, or that I didn't listen to Alex Jones for the last 15 years.
For all kinds of reasons, and suddenly I listened to him and I found out it was completely different than what I was led to believe it was.
This is what you're talking about with this William Casey quote.
This globalism issue has been going on for 2,000 years, but it really reached a high level of criticality after World War II.
And in 1947, just after the war,
Our government under Harry Truman signed the World Health Organization Original Charter Treaty and we are a signatory to that treaty and we participated in it.
We as a country saw the influence and the reach of the World Health Organization over the last several years as we suffered through this COVID-19 pandemic.
We find out maybe three or four weeks ago, and I can only share with the audience what I understand, and the reason why I say what I understand is there's an almost complete blackout of information about this World Health Organization's 75th convention, going back to their formation in 1947.
This is a very interesting convention they're going to have in Geneva, Switzerland.
The Biden administration apparently from what I've been able to discern in January proposed amendments to the treaty which would pass control of the U.S.
governmental authority to the World Health Organization in the event that a global health crisis or pandemic was declared.
And because the treaty is already in place, these amendments will be passed and the United States is going to cede its sovereignty to a globalist World Health Organization, United Nations, world governance.
So, as Royce had said earlier in the broadcast, we're playing from the down position.
We've lost control.
These amendments will take no action by our Congress, no ratification, no debate.
From what I understand, this will pass, that there is already a sufficient number of countries that are going to vote for this.
And I just want the audience to understand that, you know, what's a health emergency?
Could it be gun violence?
Could it be an environmental crisis?
Under what auspices will our control
Be transferred.
But I want to say also, never fear, because this treaty is a piece of paper.
I'm a political activist working in Minnesota.
I work in the Republican Party.
I believe that every person in this audience, that we represent the most aware, knowledgeable, and spiritually alive media audience on the planet Earth.
And the first step, of course, is that awareness.
But when you reach that awareness, we gotta get active.
I got active.
I wasn't active for years.
I abdicated my authority and trusted in other men to lead me and to govern my country.
And I realized they're evil people.
So because we have a Constitution, because we have a political process,
I am fully empowered by my Constitution in the most lawful and in the most beautiful ways using oratory and composition to engage in a political process and speak to you, the audience, and encourage you with these words to please on Monday, call every one of you, call your local political
It's a precinct.
It could be a basic political operating unit.
You put your city in and you go Republican Party.
I know some people don't like the Republican Party or they don't like the Democrat Party, but let's work within the party system because that is the fastest and most powerful way that we, the people, can reclaim our government, which is our government, of the people, by the people, for the people.
And if we get involved and we work together as one family, one American family, we can remove these evil people, these globalist evil people, from our governance.
Take it back with sacred honor.
And this WHO World Health Organization treaty can be ripped up by a new American government
And we can regain our freedom and our sovereignty and our sacred honor.
Royce, I want to thank you for letting me say that.
It's been weighing heavy on my heart.
I want every person on Monday to get involved.
Every single listener.
Thank you for that motivational speech.
And he couldn't be more right.
We do have to take this government back.
We are in the 12th hour.
Right now is the time.
And if we come together and we get active, we can take our country back.
We cannot be nihilist.
We cannot be hopeless.
We have to do what we have to do in order to take America back.
For those folks who've lost their job right now because a plant went down to Mexico, you know, that isn't gonna make you feel better.
And so what we have to do is to make sure that folks are trained for the jobs that are coming in now, because some of those jobs of the past are just not going to come back.
And when somebody says, like the person you just mentioned, who I'm not going to advertise for, that he's going to bring all these jobs back.
Well, how exactly are you going to do that?
What are you going to do?
There's no answer to it.
He just says, I'm going to negotiate a better deal.
How exactly are you going to negotiate that?
What magic wand do you have?
And usually the answer is, he doesn't have an answer.
What I've tried to do, what my administration's tried to do is, let's grow those manufacturing sectors, like clean energy, like some of these new technologies that are coming up.
Let's focus on those.
We've set up, for example, manufacturing hubs where we work with universities, local businesses, local governments, to create research labs that can take something like 3D printing or nanotechnology or all kinds of stuff that I can't really explain because scientists and really smart people know all about it, and said, let's invest in this so that when the new jobs come,
They're coming here.
But I got to tell you that the days when you just being able to, you just being willing to work hard and you can now walk into a plant and suddenly there's going to be a job for you for 30 years or 40 years.
That's just not going to be there for our kids.
The Senequan non of black bourgeoisie sellouts, Barack Obama.
I just wanted to play that clip.
For you all that you can see what it looks like ex post facto for an elected official of the highest office in our country to stand before the American people in a town hall setting under the banner of a mainstream media institution like PBS and tell a complete lie.
What he just admitted to there was to give over the sovereignty
And the future of the American working class and American citizenship to a technocratic ball.
We have research labs.
We have coalitions between universities and tech companies who deal in technology that I don't understand because they're smarter than me.
That's scientism, folks.
I want to bring back in David Penn for one final segment of thought right now to talk about nationalism and globalism because I see the two
The two sides being God versus Satan, obviously, in the spiritual.
But politically, at the highest level, we're talking about nationalism versus globalism.
And David Penn, you were a former international businessman and still are an international businessman yourself.
And as you and I have said before and discussed and agreed upon, and I have said on this show, that America was supposed to be a nation of shopkeepers.
The Second Amendment, paired with the entrepreneur, the independent business owner, created a safeguard against economic imperialism.
And we see that those safeguards are being warred against every day.
And the effort to take our Second Amendment rights is on the move, but also the attempt to tear apart the middle class, but also the middle market.
So I want to give you the last five minutes of this segment.
To talk about your thoughts on the middle market, because I think a lot of people don't understand that the independent entrepreneur in this country is really one of the biggest targets of the globalist elite.
Royce, you're exactly correct.
And the reason why that is, is the people that are in the middle market,
The independent business people that, like myself, I slept in a car when I was 17 years old, I didn't get any money from my family, I dug it out of the side of a mountain with my hands, breaking my fingers.
Those people that have worked their lifetime to create their own reality, it's because of our freedom.
We have freedom to create.
We also have thanksgiving and gratefulness, many of us, if not most of us, because we know there's a great deal of divine providence involved with actually succeeding as an entrepreneur.
Every day, you're really depending on yourself, and if you're really smart about it, you'll recognize you're really depending on God.
And, you know, not to pass this by, globalism and nationalism are two ends of the same system.
We've waxed and waned between globalism and nationalism for 2,000 years.
It's not globalism per se that's evil, it's the faithlessness of the globalists that's evil.
We could have a faithless nationalist government that was corrupt, and in fact, it was the nationalism of the Third Reich and of Japan in the World War II period which really discredited nationalism and led to this kind of globalist architecture.
It justified creating global governance, and the story was that through global governance we would avoid holocausts like we suffered in the World War II period.
But because the globalists themselves, the people that want to lead this, are faithless, they're secular humanists, they don't believe in the sanctity of life, they're not capable of governing the world in a beautiful, human-centered way.
And David, as you and I have discussed, and we agree upon, that in order to have freedom, you have to have self-governance.
But in order to have self-governance, you have to have faith.
Thomas Aquinas that said, it's not law and order that we want, it's peace and order.
And I think it was St.
Peace and order.
Man can have peace when he submits his passions to his reasons and his reason to God and if you can have peace with himself Then you can have peace with others and thus you create order I Understand what you're saying about globalism not being the issue per se But I have told you before that it is my opinion that borders in a post
A post what I want to say a post.
A post mapped out world where there is no new land to go venture to that the borders actually place humble constraints on man's ambition to conquer.
That at one point the impetus towards imperialism or colonialism or globalism, the early stages of globalism, are constrained by nation states and sovereign borders.
And I think it's a very technical philosophical argument to understand the mechanism culturally on man's ambitions and from a psychological standpoint.
That it's not for you to conquer the entire world and it's not that humans can't come together in a collaborative effort.
To have peace and accord across this great nation, but that oftentimes, especially in our time and for the last 60 to 70 years since after World War II, we have seen many of those efforts be corrupted right down to the bone.
Your thoughts?
I want to say, Royce, in the same sentiment, it's the middle market business people, the small businessmen,
That is a limit to the ambition of the globalist corporation.
That's why such a great effort is being made to get rid of the middle market.
Because we're generally believers in God, and we're there to serve.
We're not crass materialists just talking about price.
We're there for our customers.
We're there for our employees.
We go about our business with love.
And that is an affront to the globalists.
So... Understand.
Understand what David Penn is saying right here.
And David, we thank you for your time today and joining us and sharing your insights.
And hopefully when I get to guest host in the future, we can have you back as well.
Godspeed, brother.
I appreciate your time.
But I want everybody to understand what Brother Penn is saying right now.
He is saying, do not be misguided.
Into believing that your ability to own something, whether it be a piece of property, your car, a business, a business that creates, do not be misled into believing that those things are inherently evil.
That in fact, the independent business owner is a bastion against the globalists that we come to despise.
And Alex Jones is one.
David Penn is one.
I'm running for Congress.
I am your host, Royce White.
Finishing up the bottom of the hour here with InfoWars, and I appreciate Alex Jones and the entire InfoWars team for allowing me to host the mothership for the past two hours.
Thank you to David Penn and his time that he shared with us today and his insights.
Thank you to Alex as well for dropping in and doing some live work during the broadcast.
To finish up here, I want to talk about the endgame, Satan's endgame.
And I talk about the spiritual a lot, because I believe that the spiritual is where we can go to start to rebuild this nation and this world in the proper way.
They say that politics is downstream from culture.
Well, culture is downstream from the spiritual.
And we have a spiritual rot.
We have a spiritual decay.
And I think, like I said earlier, you know, Democrats and Republicans alike have been guilty
Of trading our sovereignty, our freedoms, our citizenship, over to a corrupt elite.
And you have two distinct differences between the Republican trade-off and the Democrat trade-off.
In my opinion, many Republicans traded their freedoms for security.
The Democrats traded their freedoms for material.
Radical materialism, a material high.
But in effect, it's the same thing.
That impetus is how we ended up with a centrist, globalist, uniparty that is doing Satan's work.
And they are doing Satan's work.
But even they are a little in the dark, I believe, about what Satan's real agenda is.
Some of them.
Some of them are just Satanists.
And I want to talk about the Satanists and the Satanist agenda.
It's my belief that Satan's game that he's playing right now
Is to make God so angry that he just destroys the entire thing.
That's the endgame, ladies and gentlemen.
To make God so upset, so sad, so disgusted with the way the world has turned out, with what people have become, with the way we treat each other, with the way we we revere his blessings, his gifts, children being first and foremost.
That he just says, oh, time to reset.
It's over time to start again.
And you can see this this impetus on the left in that.
You know, it's it's one thing to kill other people.
And during World War Two, we did a lot of killing of other people and we've done so ever since.
Despite any of these globalist collaboratives to try and upend geopolitical conflict and wars and military deaths.
What we see, in fact, is that people
Have become more prone to killing themselves, whether it be physically, spiritually, health-wise, informationally.
Many people have bought in, have signed up for the decay.
And I told my friend David earlier when we were talking before we jumped on air that, you know, yes, the elites are corrupt.
There's no doubt about that.
Yes, they have
For generations, conspired to undermine citizenship, to undermine freedom, faith, God, all of the ideas that we hold true, dignity, humility, the list goes on.
But ultimately, you get the government you deserve.
Every constituency of people around the world, the free people of the world,
Have gotten the government that we deserve.
Because we didn't want to stand up.
We didn't want to be Alex Jones.
Now many of us are fans of Alex and we respect Alex and we're grateful for him.
But we'd be all lying if we didn't admit that there are certain circles, certain places, certain times in our daily lives or throughout our life where we were afraid.
We were afraid to admit to watching Alex Jones.
We were afraid to admit that we believed the things Alex Jones said.
And I had an encounter like that not too recently with the Washington Post when they attempted to do a hit piece in which they associated me with Alex Jones and Steve Bannon and many others as being far-right or an extremist.
And I told the journalist of that article that I'm not ashamed.
I'm not ashamed that I admire Alex Jones.
I'm not ashamed to call Alex Jones an American hero.
I believe he's an American hero.
I believe it to the point where I'm willing to admit it in any circles.
I tell as many people as I can that they should listen to Alex Jones and Infowars if they want to understand a 30,000 foot view of what humanity and society face today.
And he has been one of the few that have been willing
To wrestle with the idea that Satan has a game, he has an initiative, he has an agenda, and he is playing it out through the political realm.
He is playing it out through the corporatocracy, technocracy, technology, scientism, all of the many avenues that a supernatural being like Satan has at his disposal to play his wicked game of lies.
But the first step to combatting Satan is that we ourselves have to commit to not lie.
I ain't sure people tell their white lies here and there, and we can argue about how consequential those lies are, but the reality is, in the places where it mattered most, in the places where we were commissioned by God to hold the line, to not bend the knee, to not capitulate, we did.
We did, and we've done it for too long.
There should be a thousand people in the streets of every small community
Across this country, not up in arms and to create anarchy and chaos, but to march the front door of the establishment and say, we want our country back.
We want our lives back.
We understand the value of our citizenship.
We want our citizenship back.
We want our ability to live closer to God back.
We don't want all of these systemic, globalist, institutional, corrupt,
Roadblocks Standing in the way of our of our spiritual faith played out in the physical world and Much of that has happened and much of it.
We let happen Again, I believe Satan's in game is to make God so upset that he just erases the entire thing God's winding up and I go back to the sanctity of life because I believe that is the best example of
Of how far we've fallen from the path.
40 to 50 million babies aborted every single year.
I mean, let that sink in.
Really let it sink in.
That we have conversations on a daily basis about minority groups who are endangered or at risk.
Minority groups of whatever variety that are at risk, that are marginalized.
Nobody has been more marginalized in this country's history than the unborn.
The first action step to restoring our national honor and our sacred honor is to protect the citizenship of the unborn.
And I said this online the other day and I had somebody tell me, by definition, children who are not born
Are not citizens.
This is the level of cognitive dissidence and corruption and evil that we are facing.
But we have to become just as committed and action-oriented in our faith and our belief as they are in their disbelief and their non-faith.
And we can do that.
And we have to find enjoyment in that.
We have to reject the material high.
We have to reject the radical materialism that they have birthed and they have set in the center of the stage.
We have to reject that in order to get back closer to the path, to get back closer to God.
And in that, we can find the power and the strength and the courage and the clarity to reclaim our country, our citizenship, our sovereignty, to reclaim our ability to live
Live as we want to live.
Close to God.
I appreciate your time today.
My name is Royce White.
I am your guest host for InfoWars.
I appreciate Alex Jones.
I appreciate the entire InfoWars team for giving me a platform to speak to this audience.
And it is the most awake, most spiritually alive audience in the entire world.
My campaign website.
Feel free to go and make a donation.
I am running for United States Congress against Ilhan Omar.
And the first thing we have to do is to take back our government through our elections.
Please continue to support Alex Jones and Infowars.
Please follow me on social media.
I'm on all social media for the time being, but I'm sure that time may be limited.
I appreciate each and every one of you.
God bless America.
The time is now.
We have to restore our national honor and our sacred honor.
Thank you.
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