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Name: 20220511_Wed_Alex
Air Date: May 11, 2022
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Infowars claims that globalists are manipulating people through a false reality which could lead to collapse, war, and death. The show discusses the Biden administration's alleged responsibility for inflation, criticizes its nuclear strategy, raises concerns about an EMP attack and potential "great reset". It features interviews with international lawyer Reiner Fuellmich and political strategist Roger Stone. In this episode, Kay Dally guest hosts and discusses topics including a proposal to empower the WHO general director to declare health emergencies unilaterally, a centralized digital currency system being explored by Russia's central bank, and how COVID-19 was released as a biological weapon due to resistance from those who refuse to give up their guns and free speech. She encourages viewers to prepare for potential future changes in the financial landscape and thanks listeners for financial support through InfoWars.com.

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Because everybody we have on is fighting with everything they've got!
This is a war against you and your family of inflation and collapse!
And they know everybody's going to wake up in the midst of it, that's why they want to silence the leaders, because they think they can then defeat you.
So when you keep us in the fight, you keep yourself in the fight, and this is life and death!
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
The Globalist Crime Syndicate has launched their global takeover.
Their societal collapsing endgame.
Their great reset.
Their transhumanist dream.
Our nightmare.
But humanity has awoken and the process of the intensification of that awakening is now accelerating to warp speed.
The globalists have been caught lying and dissembling and manipulating instead of backing off.
They have intensified their lies to create an entire false universe and false reality in which they intend to try to keep us under their control.
But instead, it's only making them a complete and total laughing stock.
This is extremely dangerous.
Because historically, this leads to collapse, massive war, and unspeakable death.
That's where we are right now in the year 2022.
Thank you for joining us on this May 11th Wednesday transmission.
A very powerful broadcast lined up for you today, particularly powerful.
First, let's show two exhibits of the clown show.
That when Biden says absolutely insane things, like the Democratic Party controls all three branches of government,
Psaki then backs him up instead of admitting that he is a person addled with serious late-stage dementia.
Here are the clips.
Do you believe that you and your administration bear some measure of responsibility for the inflation that we're seeing across the country?
First is we're in power.
That's the first thing.
And you're justifiably right.
We control all three branches of the government.
Well, we don't really.
What the president's done is taken steps to address both of those enormous challenges and try to put forward solutions to them.
We'll leave it to the Federal Reserve, outside economists, inside economists to make other projections on what's next.
They've already made projections about when they expect inflation to come down.
As he noted today, he is the president.
We do control all forms of branches of government.
That's why he laid out very clearly what he'll continue to do as president to bring down prices.
All they have is arrogance and hubris and their disconnection from God.
They're way out in left field.
And our subservience and our laziness, mine included, has allowed these lesser beings to commandeer and hijack control of the trajectory of our species.
We can, we will, and we must take control of ourselves again, get our houses in order, and then externalize that order into the universe.
That's God's plan.
The children are counting on us, and God will damn us to an eternity in a black hole with these people.
We are eternal.
If we do not get on the right path and get down on our knees at 3 a.m.
in front of God and repent and ask God to send the Holy Spirit to remove the weakness and remove the evil from us all.
It is a cleansing process and it starts with us individually when we return.
An extremely powerful report being premiered here today with Greg Reese.
I'm also going to do a deep analysis and play critical clips from the seminal film, 2000 Mules, to magnify it and promote it.
And we will also take your calls.
And Roger Stone joins us to break big news.
Stay with us.
America's current nuclear strategy is a deterrent strategy based on the idea that nobody can win a nuclear war without mutual annihilation.
And this has been the strategy since the 1960s, based entirely on an all-out nuclear attack from Russia.
But this is a problem for the US, because Russia is playing by their own set of rules.
A key element to America's nuclear deterrent system is our Ohio-class nuclear submarines, which were all built in the 1980s and armed with Trident missiles that cannot reach any Russian targets from port, which is where most of them remain, despite Russia's threats of nuclear war.
The Russians, on the other hand, have intercontinental ballistic missiles loaded onto their submarines, which are capable of reaching the United States even when docked at port.
But they are not at port.
Russia has made their nuclear submarines actively ready for war with NATO.
We reportedly have only four on patrol at all times, because the main element of America's nuclear deterrent is our aging land-based nuclear umbrella, designed specifically for mutual assured destruction.
A doomsday machine.
This outdated system has gone untested for over 30 years, while Russia has continued their testing, as well as continued to build thousands of advanced tactical nukes, while the US has decreased its own stockpile to below 200.
Biden has assured Putin that a nuclear war can never be won.
Even though the United States itself has already proven otherwise.
So is it really that mad to assume a possible victory?
We know that the Earth can withstand it.
There has already been over 2,000 nuclear bombs detonated on Earth.
Mostly underwater, underground, and in the upper atmosphere.
But it's clear that the Earth's atmosphere can take it.
American media is even suggesting it would be good for the environment.
But the West could potentially be defeated with only one nuke.
Russia has released videos of a strategy wherein they could detonate an underwater nuke to create a tsunami that would devastate the United Kingdom.
But there is a strategy far more simple that they could deploy.
A surprise attack with a super EMP weapon could bring the United States and Europe to their knees in an instant.
A large enough nuke detonated in our upper atmosphere could fry the entire electrical grid, which is already in need of repair.
This type of super EMP is capable of an electromagnetic pulse that can emit up to 150,000 volts per square meter, which is three times the amount our military systems are shielded for.
An EMP attack like this could quite easily cripple our military communications, keeping the U.S.
from waging any sort of counter-strike.
The payload required for a Super EMP could be launched from a submarine at hypersonic speeds.
And could also be hidden on board a satellite.
An EMP payload could have already been discreetly delivered into our atmosphere by Russia, China, or the United States, and once detonated, would first take out all other satellites, leaving all evidence of the true perpetrator undetectable, so it could be blamed on anyone.
And with the CCP-owned Biden administration openly vying for the Great Reset, it would seem that taking down the entire public grid could actually serve their Build Back Better agenda.
Why on earth would the world care if America was silenced and put to sleep?
Average Americans seem to enjoy the endless illegal wars.
The mercenaries are now clamoring for a few more bloody dollars.
The liberals are celebrating a world war with Russia.
And the Republicans are cheering for Elon Musk, who has used his alliance with NASA, which was founded by Nazis, to serve the neo-Nazi battalions in Ukraine against Russia.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
How Russia Can Defeat NATO And Launch The Great Reset With Only One Nuke.
Just went live at Band.Video.
You can tell Greg Reese is not an Elon Musk fan.
I am a fan of the direction Elon Musk has been taking, and I think the jury's out.
But regardless, my reporters have their own minds, their own opinions.
We don't run a cult here.
That is a very important report, obviously.
I don't need to tell you that.
It needs to be shared.
Let me tell you what's coming up today.
We have Reiner Fulmik, the big international lawyer, who is probably the most articulate person out there on what the whole COVID-19 power grab, initiation of global collapse program is.
Now to stop it, he'll be joining us in the second hour.
Roger Stone will be popping in with some big news in the third hour today.
Of course, there's the War Room, 3 p.m.
Central here on the vaunted, embattled InfoWars network.
InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Battleplan.news is the uncensored link right now.
That takes you to Bandai videos.
You can share those videos and be part of the fight.
Be part of the win to awaken humanity before it is too late.
All right, here's the best way to do this.
Again, I'm just going to tell you what we got here in the stacks.
We have explosive inflation by design accelerating at the speed of light or the speed of digital currency being printed.
We have massive shortages, and my reporter went out, Savannah Hernandez went out, to eight locations and found they were all empty.
It's real.
That's even here in Texas.
You have these let them eat cake statements by Biden saying we control all three branches of the government, we're going to fix the inflation, but it's the Republicans' fault.
We have that stack of news.
We have the official censorship board, Ministry of Truth, set up.
It would make Joseph Stalin proud.
The FCC commissioner says Biden's disinformation board is unconstitutional.
Think so?
We have a stunner.
Walgreens has released the data.
New data from Walgreens reveals unvaccinated have the lowest possibility and positivity rate for COVID.
Triple and double vax groups have the worst rate and all the other statistics show you have a higher infection rate, a higher hospitalization rate and higher death rate if you take any of the four major injections that create spike protein.
That's J&J, AstraZeneca, of course, Moderna and Pfizer, the two big ones.
I mean, this is just incredible.
We'll be getting to that.
We got Trump-backed candidates winning 98% of the time.
It's incredible.
And that's the good thing about Trump.
A lot of these candidates are excellent.
That's why the system is so damn scared of him.
We'll be getting into all of that.
They've now charged the liberal reporter out in Portland for launching attacks, knocking out windows, breaking things, vandalizing Black Lives Matter and
We're good to go.
And as I said, we have several big guests that are going to be coming on the broadcast as well.
But just look at some of these censorship headlines that are just stunning.
Christian policeman faces disciplinary action after posting there are two genders.
That's in Australia.
Shocking World Economic Forum's Yuval Noah Harari says artificial intelligence will decide if you're gay.
This all ties together.
Target launches gender-affirming products including chest benders and packaging underwear to cover up your penis.
This is a total takeover.
Psychologists says over half teen patients identify as trans.
Folks are fighting back Tennessee bars men from competing on women's sports teams.
This is the designed
Take down of civilization that we are witnessing right now.
On top of it, more signs the federal government itself is completely collapsing.
IRS paying billions in interest on millions of delayed tax returns.
And of course, it's an unconstitutional tax.
It's a fraud.
It doesn't run the country.
It's wrong.
It's just another illustration of how it's all unraveling, disintegrating by design in the Great Reset.
We're going to hit the huge inflation news and what that signifies on the other side.
Remember, I told you two years ago, when the first world collapses, the third world dies.
The third world survivors then flood the first world.
The whole world becomes a third world high tech police state grid.
We are becoming more like Venezuela with a high tech control grid laid over it.
Every minute.
Here are some of the headlines Wednesday live.
Hope you'll share the link on InfoWars.com.
America awakens to Biden's intentional destruction of the U.S.
economy as danger of nuclear war in Ukraine intensifies.
We're good to go.
Should be, you know, ten Pulitzer Prizes just for the journalism that went into it.
I'm Dinesh D'Souza.
He joins us next week.
And I've got key ten clips, analysis that we'll cover in the second hour ahead of Roger Stone.
Let's get back to the inflation, the weapon system they're using on us for Build Back Better, the Great Reset.
The images all over the country are not hyped.
We've checked it ourselves.
Baby formula is off the shelves everywhere online.
There's at least a two-month wait.
I went and checked it myself last night.
Nancy Pelosi, though, invokes the Bible to justify sending $40 billion to Ukraine.
You will be fulfilled.
We got that clip coming up in a moment.
Absolutely chilling.
Here's an interesting meme that says it all.
Gas prices just hit a record high and my family can't find baby formula.
Old Joe's eating ice cream cone.
He says we're sending another $40 billion to Ukraine.
House passes bill for $40 billion in new Ukraine aid package and they're calling MTG a Russian agent because she didn't want to do it.
$40 billion vanishes just like that.
Isn't that sweet?
Here's a clip of MTG on the floor yesterday, valiantly fighting this situation.
Here it is.
Thank you.
I rise in opposition to the Ukrainian supplemental bill.
Forty billion dollars.
But there's no baby formula for American mothers and babies.
An unknown amount of money to the CIA in the Ukraine Supplemental Bill, but there's no formula for American babies and mothers.
$54 million in COVID spending in Ukraine, but there's no formula for American babies and mothers.
900 million dollars for non-profits and organizations in Ukraine, but there's no formula for American babies and mothers.
$8.7 billion for economic support and funding in Ukraine, but there's no formula for American mothers and babies.
If this is about claiming that it's about saving lives, let's be real, then we would care about war-torn countries like Ethiopia.
So that's a bunch of hypocrisy, because I never hear Ethiopia brought up here.
Totally ignoring, completely ignoring our own border crisis, our own baby formula crisis, and brutal inflation skyrocketing gas prices that no one can afford but 40 billion dollars for Ukraine?
Stop funding regime change and money laundering scams and U.S.
politician cover-ups of their crimes in countries like Ukraine.
The American people do not support paying for constant U.S.
involvement in foreign affairs while our own government fails our own country.
Let me remind everyone here, we swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and our borders.
We should be paying attention to our country right now.
I yield back.
And don't forget the fentanyl, the exploding crime, and everything else that's happening, the savings being destroyed, all of it.
Here, ladies and gentlemen, is the opposite of that beautiful smart woman.
Here is the goblin demon invoking scripture.
Of course, the Bible tells you that Satan will quote your scripture.
And Masquerade is an angel of light.
Here she is.
You gotta hear it for yourself, ladies and gentlemen.
When you're home thinking about the $40 billion to Ukraine, it's all about, just think about, when I was hungry, you fed me the Gospel of Matthew.
Here it is.
It also is so pleased that Mr. Meeks, the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, was with us because we talked about sanctions.
Look at these clowns.
The woman in the stupid mask.
Pelosi standing up there.
When you were hungry, you fed me javelin missiles and stinger missiles and .50 caliber rounds and suicide switchblade drums.
You know, you heard Midas had a Midas touch.
Everything he touched turned to gold.
So he starved to death.
Well, hell, this is beyond the Midas touch.
You're hungry?
I fed you high-tech munitions.
No baby formula, but we are gonna feed you cluster bombs.
But the doctors tell you it's too dangerous.
Don't make your own baby formula.
Hey, I got an idea.
How about we start going back to being humans?
You know, back when only one parent had to work and people had a better standard of living just 50 years ago?
Feminism was all about breaking up the family, making women work, and here is the head of the Federal Reserve yelling, says, reducing abortions would have very damaging effects on the economy and would set women back because they couldn't be good little slaves for the system and couldn't have the choice to stay home if they wanted to.
Here it is.
Look at these clowns wearing masks.
The sign of a medical dictatorship.
So, Secretary Yellen, the draft of the Court's majority holding in Roe v. Wade is the actual decision.
What impact will the loss of abortion access mean economically for when?
Well, I believe that eliminating the right of women to make decisions about when and whether to have children would have very damaging effects on the economy and would set women back decades.
Roe v. Wade and access to reproductive health care, including abortion.
Shut her up, I can't listen to that demon any longer.
She goes on to say, the article's on InfoWars.com, that we need women working.
So, we need to ship in all the illegal aliens and put them on welfare, but then American women all need to kill their babies so they can go working.
Where are they going to work?
At some shopping mall and there's no jobs left.
Everything they're doing is to corner us and get us out of our natural environment to domesticate us for slaughter.
They are the global eugenics depopulation transhumanist death cult party.
They are the enemy.
They are the central banks.
They are the fraudsters who are waging war on reality and strength because it threatens their system of dependency and death.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com are the tips of the spear.
Bandot Video.
Sharing those links isn't an option.
It's an imperative.
Oh, yes.
All of our metal will now be tested as the new type of warfare, high-tech, transhumanist feudalism is launched against all of us, every single one of us, even those that pretend they're part of the power structure.
Let me give you a little prelude to what's coming up next hour in our detailed analysis and clips of the incredible film, 2000 Mules by Dinesh D'Souza, that conclusively proves the National Organized Crime Syndicate
Racketeering operation of the Democratic Deep State CIA operation is still the election from Donald John Trump, 45th President of the United States, and their attempts to criminalize questioning their fraud.
Here's a clip dealing with the geolocating and the mules.
What, Greg, is geotracking?
So the idea is to collect these signals that are emitted from your phone.
Your cell phone is delivering information to apps that are collecting that ping.
So there are four key coordinates.
The lat, long, the elevation, and the time.
And with that data, we can then build a pattern of life around you.
So that phone's here right now.
Well, where's it going to be at 5 o'clock?
And where's it going to be tonight?
Well, here's my cell phone.
My cell phone is off.
Can I be geotracked even with the cell phone being off?
Depending on the apps that are on the phone.
That's what marketing companies do all day, every day.
Now, this is the point.
We were just at the Apple Store and at CVS, and on both occasions, they knew where you were evidently.
And they were telling you about specials.
So people have experience of this.
There's 300,000 or so apps that gather that data and then they sell it to brokers.
Isn't it also true that this geo-tracking has now become a vital tool for the military, for the intelligence agencies, and for law enforcement?
They're using it almost every day.
I'll say that there's no question amongst anyone that I know in the community that
Many, if not all, of the people that were involved in the situation at the Capitol on January 6th were being tracked previous to January 6th because they already knew what their pattern of life was.
They already knew who to look at.
Many of the people who stormed the U.S.
Capitol on January 6th left digital footprints that law enforcement has used in making arrests.
You're saying they must have known about these people before because some of those guys were arrested one day?
Three days, five days after January 6th, and that's not enough time to do the geotracking analysis.
The very idea that you could go from the afternoon of January 6th to acquiring the data, tracking the data, unmask who actually owns that phone, which the government is required to do, and then get it to a grand jury, make an arrest in 72 hours.
It's not possible.
They had to have been tracking the people in advance.
The film is so good, I'm gonna watch it again tonight, because it introduces the average person to things, but does it in an informative way for those of us that are already awake.
I remember in 1996, I was approached by several major engineers.
And one of them had worked for the NSA, and they explained, hey, in the Telecommunications Act, they're passing, by law, this will all be done, even when your phone's off, they're pinging it and still getting the location every couple minutes.
When it's on, they're tracking you basically in live time.
And now your car has it, your refrigerator has it, I mean, it's being put into everything, everything's communicating.
So even if you have a newer car, and you've got the GPS on it, that's tracking you too.
So, they introduce it to people and explain, this is there.
Well, okay, they went and bought the data from the app companies, and then they went to the surveillance cameras at the drop boxes, because at least that was on law, and they got thousands of people walking up with hundreds of ballots, sticking them in!
And those same people going to up to ten locations apiece!
Incredible work that, you know, a team of 50 FBI agents would take them a while to do that.
And these folks did this in the last year, made the film, put it out with total, absolute, maximum proof.
And then we even have whistleblowers in three states who were USPS and other delivery drivers who would say, wow, I'm driving from one state to another.
I don't normally have this route, in the case of Pennsylvania.
And so, the postal delivery man said, I'm gonna look in these boxes, that's my job if it's suspicious.
He opens them, and they're all only filled out for Biden and the Senate races.
Biden and the Senate races, all printed by computer.
He goes to the media, goes to the government, and the FBI comes and threatens him.
So we have them delivering them?
We have them shipping them in in Michigan and everywhere in Georgia in the middle of the night.
We have them covering up the windows so you can't see.
And then we have the surveillance footage inside of them pulling them out of boxes and running them, in some cases in Georgia, four times the same stacks.
Total fraud in front of everyone.
My brother-in-law, Austin Rivera, a really smart guy, he's a chemist,
Good friend of mine, saying he's a great guy.
Two days after the election, he's at the main post office on Congress.
And he's sitting there while a man has dozens and dozens of ballots filled out with different names, and he's taking pictures of each one as they process it and mail it in.
They were doing it for a week after.
That's why Pelosi said, no matter
How many votes Trump gets, it'll look like he wins on election night, but we will have the mail-in ballots, he will be out of office.
And they did it.
Bigger than Dallas.
In front of everybody.
And now they have a disinformation board saying, at Homeland Security, saying they're going to come after you, just like parents protesting critical race theory, the school boards, if you dare talk about it.
I mean, this is not the ingredients of tyranny.
This is the baked cake.
This is the most bonafide, disgusting, illegal, out-of-control system with surveillance, censorship, intimidation, fraud.
And then provocateuring January 6th and trying to set us all up with the same FBI team that got caught running the Whitmer fraud.
This is unbelievable.
That's next hour.
So listeners, the globalists are failing.
They're falling apart.
But they're going to keep doubling down.
So I'm telling you, I personally can tell you
That everyone working for the system and those of us not in the system are screwed.
This is suicidal.
This is a circular firing squad.
This is insane.
And I am just reaching out to everybody in corporate America and the private system and government and just saying, and the clergy and everybody else, folks, we've got to get off this train.
We've got to say no.
We've got to stop 40 billion to Ukraine and there's no baby formula.
And I'm going to ask listeners again, tell everyone you know, tune in now, send them links, battleplan.news, the live show feed, the Alex Jones section.
Send it out to everybody you know, and tell people tune in, because this is important.
Will we save the world today doing this?
No, but this will go towards saving it, and all the work we do daily, and when you activate, and you take action, and you physically tell people go to battleplan.news and find the forbidden information.
Or by word of mouth, Infowars.com.
It changes the world and it's how we're beating them in this giant wrestling match.
But now we're in the most intense part of the fight.
We gotta turn it loose and not decide that we're gonna win, just to win.
We're gonna win.
It's like winning a fight.
You don't decide, I'm gonna kick this guy's ass, he started a fight.
You just do it.
You know that feeling?
Politically, non-violently?
Turn it loose, open the can.
I'm going to tell you a really cool story and I'm going to tell you something really scary so we can hopefully avoid what this monster is trying to do.
This morning I was going through my stack of news and I put together some articles and clips
To point out that Bill Gates is always pre-positioned ahead of every crisis to then profit from it but also destroy all his competition and hurt the economy at everybody's expense but his.
He is a true master predator, a real James Bond villain in the flesh under the training of Charlie Munger and also his monstrous father.
These are killers.
As bad as it gets, Hitler didn't hold a candle to him.
Stalin blushes from the grave.
Mao is jealous.
And I'm not joking.
And Scott, my main producer, walks in this morning and he puts a stack of stuff in front of me and he goes, look at this.
Bill Gates is bemoaning supply chain breakdowns, but don't worry, he's got solutions.
And he's bemoaning that, oh sorry, there's not enough baby formula and all the mothers got to work, so he's got synthetic lab-grown human milk coming out.
Oh, and a month ago it would have taken five years.
Now he's got it ready to come to market.
The MTA's just got to approve it.
That's why the MTA's shutting down all the major plants.
Three of them.
This is economic war under a technocracy where they order their competition shut down using regulations and bureaucracy, and then they can operate.
That's what globalism is, is high-tech feudalism.
And so it's just interesting that everybody's on the same page.
We should make a short report, maybe a Gregory's report, five minutes long, asking the question, how is Bill Gates always ahead of every crisis?
And then he's got his fingerprints in every major crisis.
I mean, he paid to make the viruses on record and then released them and told all the companies what type of so-called vaccine to make, four different ones.
And all these other countries won't take it, like China, but we do.
I mean,
The idea that we're under attack is so wild.
The idea they're so bold.
The idea that the people running the attacks run the response to the attacks.
Well, why do you think they're confident to launch the damn attacks?
Because they're in charge of it all!
And anyone playing along that you're with the power structure because you get a few shekels is a fool!
And the public's just now figuring it out.
Hate free speech because they fear dissent.
Not disinformation, says Brandon Smith at Alt Market.
And I guess you've got to state the obvious, like, fishies like the ocean because they live in water.
Or trout like mountain streams because they live in mountain streams.
Or the sky's blue and birdies like to fly in it.
Oh, you mean they're not censoring and surveilling everybody to censor them because they want to help us?
They want to hurt us?
Is that why they're teaching five-year-old boys to have their parental rights taken away and have their balls chopped off?
You mean they're putting men and women in sports because they're bad people?
Imagine the most evil crap you can imagine, and they're doing it.
Bill Gates had a plan to block out the sun.
It's not a joke.
They're chemtrailing us.
The bugs are basically all dying from the aluminum dioxide in the damn soil in every country that has the program going.
We are being exterminated.
The Earth's carrying capacity for humans is being shut down.
And only a person with a death wish would let these psychos run things.
So I'm going to say it again to the establishment.
Look in the mirror and ask yourself, are you really this evil?
And are you really going to go along with it?
Because soon you'll be replaced with technocracy and drones and combat robots.
It's already here.
So we told you about the tracker systems and phones in 96 and the media went crazy.
We told you in 2000 they'd have combat drones, miniature ones running around killing everybody.
I got video of that next hour.
Now it's here.
Swarms of hunter-killer murderer drones that then direct larger drones with their payrolls to where you are.
This isn't coming.
This is here.
Whatever you're seeing is a decade old and the change is going to accelerate.
This is a revolution against humanity.
This is a war against you and your family.
To put you in an artificial space so horrible you will agree to do things morally through the social credit score that will cut you off from the time-space-flow spirit or transmission that we are receiving.
It's all science.
Let's play this very cryptic clip of Bill Gates.
Bill Gates, pleasure to have you on.
Good to talk to you.
So since we last talked, a small thing has happened.
Russia has invaded Ukraine and it feels like we're in a new world.
We are going to be seeing higher energy prices, higher food prices for years to come.
It seems difficult to see how this resolves itself very quickly.
What does that say to you about the economic outlook for the next few years?
Well, it comes on top of the pandemic where government debt levels were already very, very high and there were already some supply chain problems.
And so it's likely to accelerate the inflationary problems that virtual economies have and force an increase in interest rates that eventually will
Did you hear that?
What was the takeaway?
Get ready for collapse.
It's all Russia's fault.
It's going to go on forever.
And boy, Africa's the main target as he smirks and laughs.
And you can say, well, there are too many Africans.
Go along with that argument.
Okay, you just signed on to killing them.
And you'll be killed too.
I mean, this is an issue of your soul, ladies and gentlemen.
You better get on the right side of history and you better do it now.
All right.
We have incredible news with the attacks on pro-life facilities around the country.
Firebombings, you name it.
Groups taking credit, saying there's going to be more.
These leftists violating federal law and going and trying to intimidate judges at their houses.
Biden's doubled down and says he doesn't care if it's the law.
Just unbelievable information on that front.
More on inflation and so much more.
But again, please tell everybody you know, tune in next hour.
When I do a detailed data dive into 2,000 mules and play some key clips from that film.
It's not a game.
This is not a drill.
We don't tell people to tune in and we don't get aggressive about it.
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The enemy is going to win.
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We are now into hour number two, starting next segment.
I hope you're telling friends and family to tune in.
We're going to review 2,000 mules that's so seminal and so key to victory and taking back our freedom from these frauds.
But I want to air a few clips back to back that just illustrate a lot.
Here is MSNBC host guest saying, wants to make sweet love to the Supreme Court leaker and then kill the baby with him.
You see a lot of this, the mixing in, killing babies with sexual pleasure.
I'm going to put a compilation together of this because there's a lot of this.
There's a fetish out there where you get pregnant and then you kill the baby together.
This is demonic.
These people are purely satanic.
I want to play this clip and then talk about the big awakening.
$40 billion for Ukraine, but at the very same time, no baby formula.
Here it is.
So I mean, here's the thing.
Here's my feeling about the leaker.
I would like to find out who the leaker is so I could make sweet love to that person because that person is a hero to me.
And if the leaker, a lot of people are saying it could be a conservative, if the leaker is a Republican, and if I get pregnant during our lovemaking, I will joyfully abort our fetus and let them know.
I don't know if that answered your question.
I probably didn't.
It was a little off topic.
It was a little... Go ahead, Jen.
Take this one.
You know what?
It's all rumored right now, right?
I've been having to look pretty heavily for it, I would say for the last four or five months, but this last month it's just become impossible to find.
Unfortunately for me that I can't breastfeed my kids, I depend a lot on formula, or else my kid can't eat.
You would think it wouldn't be a problem to be able to feed your baby, but now it's really scary.
How is this America?
This is the United States of America!
And as American mothers, like the ones you just heard from, they're struggling to feed their children, we're sending billions and billions and billions to Eastern Europe.
In the last hour, the House passed a bill to send another $40 billion to Ukraine in military and humanitarian aid.
Is this even popular with the American people?
Well, we took the streets to do our own little survey.
The babies are coming first.
Why not take care of the children?
That doesn't make any sense.
I think the government needs to do more than that.
They need to really think about America.
Put money on the side for our means first.
Take care of ourselves, then we can take care of the rest of the world.
I'm very sensitive to the people who are losing their lives.
I'm very sensitive to the fact that people are dying unnecessarily.
We have the same problems here in the United States.
I don't see any of these issues being addressed here in our own country.
There's still homelessness here.
There's still unemployment here.
Inflation, screwing every working class person, especially young people.
What do you do if you can't find formula?
My daughter breastfeeds, but if you can't find the formula, what do you give your new grandson?
I don't know what the appropriate amount of money to send to Ukraine is.
But I think we need to take care of business at home at the same time.
It's a lot going on in America, so it's like, why are we worried about overseas?
And that's all I gotta say on that one.
Thank you, Madam Speaker.
The gentleman from Maryland talked about protecting this institution, or talked about this institution, but we got a $40 billion bill at 3 o'clock in the afternoon!
I haven't had a chance to review the bill.
My staff is poring over the pages trying to see what's in it.
You want to talk about the institution?
You want to talk about standing up alongside Ukraine?
Why don't we actually have a debate on the floor of the People's House instead of the garbage of getting a $40 billion bill at 3 o'clock in the afternoon?
Not paid for, without having any idea what's really in it, with a massive slush fund that goes to the State Department, $13 billion, $8 billion for the Economic Support Fund, $110 billion for embassy security, we've got $40 billion that is unpaid for, and you want to sit here and lecture this body about what we're going to do or not do about standing alongside Ukraine?
Why don't we talk about the American people who are hurting, the wide open borders, the inflation that's killing people, the jobs that people can't get because of the cost of goods and services in this country?
Sitting here and being lectured to when I don't even have time to look at a 40 billion dollar unpaid bill.
I make a motion to adjourn.
Hey everyone, this is Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.
We're back in session this week, and you know what Congress wants to do?
They want to send nearly $40 billion to Ukraine, while American mothers can't find baby formula, and while our border is being completely invaded every single day, and fentanyl is flooding across and killing Americans.
But Congress thinks it's their job to fund $40 billion of your hard-earned tax dollars to Ukraine, while farmers are suffering,
Mothers can't get baby formula and our border is being completely invaded.
America is being dismantled, destroyed by design.
We are being looted.
$40 billion was passed two hours after a multi-thousand page $40 billion bill was rammed through that we now know.
Gives billions and billions and billions of dollars to the State Department to do whatever it wants with it.
Secret funding for the CIA.
War with Russia intensifying.
Meanwhile, we have the new head czar at the Ministry of Truth, the Soros-Debos fellow, coming out in a clip we'll play here in just a moment.
Saying they want to surveil everything you say online in live time, including your emails and text messages.
That's what they've been pushing even on CNN with Brian Stelter.
Think of the surveillance of that, not just the censorship.
And control what you can say and edit your tweets and edit your Instagrams or be able to fully block it.
What is this all about?
It's about total AI control.
By these arrogant, out-of-control monsters that we've allowed to break all the basic laws and rules of common sense.
Those of us that know history and see a checklist of tyranny know the signs of it.
Well, this isn't the signs of it.
This is a raging, out-of-control inferno, destroying our freedoms, gobbling up everything in front of it, and the more they get away with, the more they do it.
This is a mad, criminal, globalist depopulation orgy, because after all, stealing and robbing and wrecking everything is part of saving the Earth, while they GMO the entire planet and spray aluminum dioxide across the planet to kill the plants and insects.
This is the terraforming to kill the planet in front of everybody's faces.
And that's why this hour we're going to review a key chink in their armor, and that is the amazing filmmaker, the greatest living documentarian, Dinesh D'Souza and his 2,000 mules.
And we're putting links up on the live show feed where you can go see the film and we can promote it to others.
We're good to go.
And talk about what we're facing.
FCC chairman says Biden's disinformation board is unconstitutional.
That's how you push back with the truth.
Biden's information czar demands power to edit other people's tweets.
Bill Gates wants to create a 3,000 person social media unit to quash vaccine misinformation.
That means questioning all his lies.
Like when he said it would kill 5 million people and it didn't.
Now he admits it was just like the flu.
Leftists hate free speech because they fear dissent, not disinformation.
Musk says Twitter ban of Trump was foolish in the extreme.
Would reverse as soon as he gets control of the company.
Stolen election.
New Biden press secretary slammed for tweet about 2016 election saying it was stolen.
They can say it.
They can try to do a 10-day hearing in the Senate.
But when we do it, it's illegal, and the Justice Department investigates you.
When the Democrats storm a Capitol, none of them get arrested.
When a thousand get waived in and only a few hundred fought the cops,
Those people face life in prison.
This is the next level tyranny that we live under and it's only going to get worse until we decide to stand up and stop complying with this evil.
So here is the mind control czar openly saying they want to be able to edit tweets in live time.
Here is the Soros fellow.
And I am eligible for it because I'm verified.
But there are a lot of people who shouldn't be verified who aren't, you know, legit, in my opinion.
I mean, they are real people, but they're not trustworthy.
Anyway, so verified people can...
Essentially start to edit Twitter the same sort of way that Wikipedia is so they can add context to certain tweets.
So just as a easy example, not from any political standpoint, if President Trump were still on Twitter and tweeted a claim about voter fraud,
Someone could add context from one of the 60 lawsuits that went through the court or something that an election official in one of the states said, perhaps your own Secretary of State and his news conferences, something like that.
Adding context so that people have a fuller picture rather than just an individual claim on a tweet.
That's Nina Jankowicz who wants to get between you and other people as your minder to decide what you can and can't say and how you should be punished.
Remember Tony Montana and the fictional movie Scarface based on a compositor's stories?
He's trying to get in the U.S.
They ask him if he's a communist and he says, are you kidding?
You're basically starving to death under communism.
You have a spy on every corner watching you, telling you what to eat, when to sleep, when to work, what you can do.
Want to live under these people?
No, I'm not a communist.
F no, I'm not a communist.
And now, more good pushback.
The Santa signs bill for Florida students to learn about victims of communism.
Let's get some real education that's political, if it's all going to be political now, and teach people about
The force that killed more people than anything else in human history and that is a purely satanic force.
All right, we're gonna go to break here in about 3-4 minutes.
I got some other news I want to hit.
And we're gonna come back and get into the 2,000 mules and how important that 2022 film is and more.
And I just want to encourage all of you to understand and to realize
That whether it's this film, or whether it's this show, or whether it's clips of Tucker, everything is having a huge effect.
The enemy spends all their time trying to block our communications, trying to control us, because if we communicate, they will fail.
And look, I know you know that, but it's something that really needs to sink in.
People come up to me every day when I'm out, and they say, man, I love your show, blah, blah, blah.
But I haven't been able to find it in years.
And I go, did you think about InfoWars.com?
Did you think about Band Up Video?
No, no.
Yeah, my buddy still listens.
I should have asked him that.
Just get them conscious, get them thinking, and then tell them, hey, once you're back on listening,
Tell everybody you know that Alex Jones lives, InfoWars lives, Owen Schroyer lives, Harrison Smith lives, all these great guests and these great reporters and these great special report and documentary makers like Darren McBreen and Greg Reese and all the rest of the great crew here.
This is important truth like water to a someone dying of thirst.
And if we don't bring it, nobody will.
So I cannot explain to you enough when you call in and say, what do we do?
What do we do?
We educate the public and tyranny will vanish like phantoms at dawn, to quote Thomas Jefferson.
It really is up to you.
So please.
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We'll be right back.
Please stay with us.
It's one thing to have the scientific evidence which is persuasive on its own merits, but do you have video evidence?
We do.
How much of it do you have?
Four million minutes of surveillance video around the country.
Official surveillance video of these mail-in drop boxes?
How do you get it?
You can file for open records requests.
Any citizen can do this.
It was a very difficult series of steps that had to be followed to procure the actual surveillance video.
Do you have video in Georgia?
We do.
Is it video from the presidential election, the runoff election, or both?
Do you have video from other states?
Some video from Arizona.
We have recently learned video was specifically turned off on particular drop boxes.
In which state?
Wisconsin, it turns out, even though the rules required them to have video... Did they do the video?
No, they did not.
There should be video on every Dropbox.
Given today's kind of cost of technology, it would not have been that hard to do it.
And you sent me a screenshot, Catherine, where you were requesting video, and I believe it was the state of Georgia saying, this video does not exist, and we can't tell you why it doesn't exist.
Right, that was in Fulton County.
We have correspondents like that from a lot of states.
Well, I'm sure glad they didn't abort this beautiful lady and her beautiful voice.
That angel.
Alright, so the globalists are testing worldwide martial law with COVID.
They're bringing in a world ID system.
They're cutting off the resources.
They're starting giant wars.
They're starving the third world to death.
They're flooding us with high-tech drugs.
They're weaponizing all these robots and tracker systems.
We're in the new world order.
And one of the most powerful tools to counter them is the truth through documentary films.
Something we reach hundreds of millions of people with.
Back when I was making films and doing that, and I've not made one in 10 years, I've been so focused on live coverage and things that are going on.
But thank God others fill the void like Tucker Carlson and the great documentaries he's been making.
And people like Dinesh D'Souza, 2000mules.com.
You can go there.
They're not a sponsor.
I'm just promoting them.
And you can watch the film.
I would have people, friends and family over to watch it.
You can get the DVD.
Give it to people.
What I'm going to do right now is go through some very important clips from the film so that it will encourage others to again do their own research and look into this.
But what is so huge?
Is that this proves what I said, and what Robert Barnes said, and what all the experts said, that the electronic voting machine, and the Chinese hacking satellites, and all that was red herrings, and some good people bought into it, so that it would be a dead end.
When the Democrats laid it all out months before and said, there will be a red mirage, it'll look like he wins, but there will be enough absentee ballots that we predict it'll be Democrat, and enough of the voting by mail because of COVID,
Hoax and fraud, and I'm not saying COVID doesn't exist, but you know what I mean, the whole power grab, using that as a pretext for the mail-in ballots.
Now they used geolocating, they were able to buy from private companies that track you, to then go find the voting locations, find the identities of the people, and show them putting hundreds of ballots, in many cases, per box, and going up to 10 different locations on tape.
And they could have shown thousands of more mules, not just the 2,000 they went and documented, but that was their budget.
Absolute definition of a smoking gun.
This is open and shut.
There isn't a grand jury wouldn't indict these people.
There isn't a jury wouldn't convict them.
And it was coordinated massively on a nationwide scale.
They even tried to steal Texas.
They even tried to steal Florida.
But they had absentee ballots, voting rolls, people that had moved out of states.
They only had so many bullets in their gun with the names they could put on there.
So they almost stole Texas.
They almost stole Florida, but you can see when they're running up with the Republicans beating them, and then all of a sudden they run out and it just stops.
No more votes.
Because there was such a landslide.
So this is beyond critical that we get this information out to everybody.
So I'm going to go through these clips.
Clip one is the intro roundtable with Dinesh D'Souza, Larry Elder, Dennis Prager, and many others.
And why more Republicans aren't speaking up?
Well, you get demonized, you get attacked, you get censored, you get sued.
Clip two, intro investigators lay out what's actually happening and unfolding.
Past election fraud, that it's okay to point out it's happening, that our own State Department goes around and polices elections around the world and doesn't even follow its own rules here.
Geo-tracking I played earlier, we'll play that again.
Mule requirements.
What is a mule?
Pattern of life.
Pennsylvania fraud.
Video evidence.
Large Dropbox haul.
This is just some of what's in the film.
Let's go ahead and play clip one, two, and three.
Let's go ahead and play those clips back to back.
In the Republican Party, I keep hearing people who seem annoyed at the revisiting of the 2020 election.
Their attitude appears to be, let bygones be bygones.
Let's just move on.
I think the reason that many Republicans are saying let's move on is because
Bold accusations require bold evidence, and they haven't seen it.
And because they know how vulnerable they are and how much they're going to be bashed.
Well, yeah, you're called a sore loser.
You're called a conspiracy theorist.
The people who say that, let's move forward, are people in the elite who see Donald Trump as an anomaly.
You will not win in any district in this country
Because you have said that the 2020 election was a fraud.
And if they can't win on this issue, then don't use it!
Well, it doesn't have to be the only issue, but their unwillingness even to speak up about it, I think is despicable.
Show me the proof, and I'll bet you they do speak up.
Just like I will speak more, and I'm not running for office.
But I have not gone on board of, I know for a fact this was a fraud.
Show me the money.
Greg Phillips, what's your background that prepares you for this kind of work?
I've been in and around election intelligence and integrity for about 40 years.
We've done investigations literally all over the world.
It's a combination
Catherine, you started the group called True The Vote in the year 2010.
What was your mission or objective?
We just didn't have enough volunteers working at the polls in our local elections.
So we began by training people to work in the polls.
And then as we got further into it, we recognized, wow, some of the problems you see at the polls can be attributed to problems in the voter rolls.
Well, what can we do about the voter rolls?
And so it turned into something much bigger than we had anticipated.
True The Vote has the largest store of election intelligence for the 2020 elections in the world.
No one has more data than we do.
So I started True the Vote to ensure that every American voter has an opportunity to participate in elections.
I think I became familiar with your work when you gave congressional testimony.
Now, that was in the year 2014.
Well, you told me about this remarkable election in which you had vote harvesting and vote trafficking, but it was on behalf of a Republican candidate.
In North Carolina, it was unique in that it actually overturned an election.
There's going to be a new election in the North Carolina Congressional District engulfed in a scandal over voting fraud.
This all centers around allegations that an operative for Harris then hired a team of people to harvest absentee ballots, paying them between two and three dollars a vote.
So you have an activist, the guy's name was McCray Dallas, and he worked for the Bladen Improvement Association.
In 40 years of doing this, we've seen this over and over again.
Sometimes the schemes are a little bit different.
Sometimes it's people out banging on doors, gathering ballots.
Sometimes the ballots are sent here, gathered here, deposited there.
But the trafficking itself is always the same basic pattern.
Alright, 2000mules.com.
Get it, watch it, stream it, get the DVD to have a hard copy of it.
Show it at your church, show it at your businesses.
I'm going to try to buy
It's so important.
I got a hold of them and get a good deal.
100,000 of them.
We're starting to talk to D'Souza.
He's been on the show many times, but he's on next week.
And we are going to really push this hard, but don't wait.
Get it now and get it out.
This can save the country and the world.
We're going to come back with more clips from the powerful film 2000 Mules They Don't Want You To See.
And again, we're streaming this live right now at Infowars.com forward slash show and Bandai Video.
Please share those links.
You keep lying when you should have been truthing.
I just got a brand new box of matches.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Globalists are going down.
And you know, as you grow up, you start drinking coffee, you associate coffee with a new day and a good part of the day.
Associates smellin' the roses with a good day.
And 2,000 mules of the Dinesh D'Souza smells like victory.
You know, they say napalm smells like victory in the morning.
But I'm telling you, this is napalm delights.
Let's continue with some of these important clips.
Here's one on geo-tracking to explain to folks that don't know what it is.
And how they were able to then go get all this information from private companies and go and get with subpoenas the Dropbox camera and there they were committing the crime!
Absolutely incredible.
So we'll play that clip and then you have mule requirements.
Greg explains the criteria they use to determine
Who was a mule, 10 or more trips to a Dropbox location, and 5 or more visits to stash houses, which are non-profit locations where they would pick up the ballots.
And that's the organized crime nature of this, and all we need is some people to come out and blow the whistle.
But, it'll have to be at state grand juries because the feds are completely part of this and ran it.
It was when witnesses came forward, the FBI came and threatened them.
Folks that were saying, why am I delivering 50,000 ballots to some safe house?
All filled in for Joe Biden.
We're the FBI.
We may arrest you.
You're not supposed to be looking in there.
Imagine being those FBI agents and look at yourself in the morning.
Oh, but it's for a good cause.
Trump's Hitler.
That's why the ballots were only filled out against Trump and Senate candidates.
That was the moral decision.
Oh, we're just getting hundreds of thousands of people involved in this fraud.
And the boldness of doing that is if they wouldn't get caught,
Because Trump's Hitler, and his supporters are Hitler, and we're Captain America fighting Red Skull and Hydra.
Here are the clips.
What, Greg, is geotracking?
So the idea is to collect the signals that are emitted from your phone.
Your cell phone is delivering information to apps that are collecting that ping.
So there are four key coordinates.
The lat, long, the elevation, and the time.
And with that data, we can then build a pattern of life around you.
So that phone's here right now.
Well, where's it going to be at 5 o'clock?
And where's it going to be tonight?
Well, here's my cell phone.
My cell phone is off.
Can I be geotracked even with the cell phone being off?
Depending on the apps.
That's what marketing companies do all day, every day.
Now, this is the point.
We were just at the Apple Store and at CVS, and on both occasions, they knew where you were evidently.
And they were telling you about specials.
So people have experience of this.
There's 300,000 or so apps that gather that data and then they sell it to brokers.
Isn't it also true that this geo-tracking has now become a vital tool for the military, for the intelligence agencies, and for law enforcement?
They're using it almost every day.
I'll say that there's no question amongst anyone that I know in the community that
Many, if not all, of the people that were involved in the situation at the Capitol on January 6th were being tracked previous to January 6th because they already knew what their pattern of life was.
They already knew who to look at.
Many of the people who stormed the US Capitol on January 6th left digital footprints that law enforcement has used in making arrests.
You're saying they must have known about these people before because some of those guys were arrested one day, three days, five days after January 6th.
And that's not enough time to do the geotracking analysis.
The very idea that you could go from the afternoon of January 6th to acquiring the data, tracking the data, unmask who actually owns that phone, which the government is required to do, and then get it to a grand jury, make an arrest in 72 hours.
It's not possible.
They had to have been tracking the people in advance.
Final decision was they had to have been to ten or more drop boxes, meaning unique visits inside of a space, and five or more visits to one or more of these organizations.
Those were the outliers.
It was such an aberrant pattern.
So what you're saying, I mean, it seems to me there's no reason for someone to go to even two Dropboxes.
But you're saying that maybe there's a conceivable reason someone did that.
Let's identify a large number of Dropboxes and multiple trips.
And that way we're going to catch not all the offenders, right?
But the worst offenders.
The way we would describe it is we want to absolutely ensure that we don't have false positives, meaning including people that should not have been included.
We're not in any way saying that this is all there is.
We're just saying that based on our criteria, that we identified in Atlanta 242 people that went to an average of 24 drop boxes in eight organizations during a two-week period.
Incredible, and that's just looking at one city.
Ladies and gentlemen, let's go to... What is a mule?
Let's explain that from 2000 Mules.
What is a mule?
When we started the project, we had to figure out how are we going to describe the individuals and the elements involved.
And to us, it felt a lot like a cartel.
It felt a lot like trafficking.
It can be trafficking in drugs, trafficking in humans.
In this instance, it's ballot trafficking.
And so we began to use that vernacular.
A mule is
By our definition, a person that is involved in picking up ballots from locations and running them to the drop boxes.
So you have the collectors on the one hand, you have the stash houses, which are the nonprofits, and then you have the mules that are doing the drops.
What do we know about them?
Who are they?
Well, first let me say, this is not grandma out walking her dog.
Bad backgrounds, bad reputations.
We've had encounters with several that are, you know, not terribly positive.
Violent guys.
Can be.
They are interested in one thing.
That's money.
Now let's continue with the pattern of life of these individuals who were organized through the NGOs, through Soros, through the U.N., the Democratic Party, who then executed these operations and even bragged that they were doing it.
This is their pattern of life.
So we're going to show you a visual, a pattern of life that someone can see and look at rather than just a whole spreadsheet of numbers being able to look at it in this manner.
What you see here on the screen is a single person on a single day in Atlanta, Georgia.
They went to 28 Dropboxes in five organizations in one day.
What are the orange dots?
Those are Dropboxes.
And what is the blue tracks?
That is a smoothed out pattern of life, so that we could take the sort of the movement of the individual cell phone signals, marry them together into something that's visual, so that you can see movement on the individual.
To get to some of these drop boxes, you had to be intentional.
You had to get off the highway, you had to go on surface street, you had to turn in somewhere in order to get to those drop boxes.
And the circles, I take it, reflect the non-profit centers?
Are that the places where the ballots originate?
The stash houses, where the ballots are collected and handed to the mules to take to the drop box.
And when we come back, the footage at those places of them going in the NGOs, coming out with boxes, then going to the drop boxes to stuff them.
Open and shut, caught red-handed, and of course the FBI basically ran the whole operation.
We know the Justice Department helped run it with the CIA.
Nobody rides for free.
There's not just evil in the universe, there's good as well.
And we are that response to evil.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live Wednesday transmission.
We are reviewing key clips from the groundbreaking historic
Film 2000 Mules.
Watch the film in full or get the DVD at 2000mules.com.
And I'm going to get as many DVDs as I can and sell them at Infowars.com as well.
And really, Infowars' greatest service is boosting and magnifying the small, important stories that are important in the larger frame and small, independent people that are being suppressed, but also magnifying really important, big, groundbreaking things like this.
That's why the enemy
Recognizes InfoWars as one of the key nexus points, if not the key nexus point, that boosts the truth through the censors and gets us the big victories.
That means you're the ones that have done that and I salute you and I appreciate you all.
So please keep this platform on the air.
Take action now.
And it magnifies everything we're doing together.
Alright, again, the film's incredible.
Let's continue with the Pennsylvania fraud, the video evidence, large drop box haul.
Let's go ahead and play clip 8, 9, and 10 back-to-back.
Pennsylvania, critical state.
I think it was Pennsylvania that really gave Biden the election.
Philadelphia alone, we've identified more than 1,100 mules at rates well beyond anything we've seen.
Closer to 50 drop boxes each.
Each guy going to 50 Dropboxes.
We saw people driving back and forth to New Jersey across the bridge.
You're saying the ballots may not even be from Philadelphia or from Pennsylvania.
You're saying that the origin point appears to be Jersey.
Now running 1,100 meals times 50, we are 50,000 Dropbox visits by the meals alone in Philadelphia or greater Philadelphia area.
It's one thing to have the scientific evidence, which is persuasive on its own merits, but do you have video evidence?
We do.
How much of it do you have?
Four million minutes of surveillance video around the country.
Official surveillance video of these mail-in drop boxes?
How do you get it?
You can file for open records request.
Any citizen can do this.
It was a very difficult series of steps that had to be followed to procure the actual surveillance video.
Do you have video in Georgia?
We do.
Is it video from the presidential election, the runoff election, or both?
Do you have video from other states?
Some video from Arizona.
We have recently learned video was specifically turned off on particular drop boxes.
In which state?
Wisconsin, it turns out, even though the rules required them to have video... Did they do the video?
No, they did not.
There should be video on every Dropbox.
Given today's kind of cost of technology, it would not have been that hard to do it.
And you sent me a screenshot, Catherine, where you were requesting video, and I believe it was the state of Georgia saying, this video does not exist, and we can't tell you why it doesn't exist.
That's right, that was in Fulton County.
We have correspondents like that from a lot of states.
We've seen circumstances where it appears that buckets full of ballots showed up.
There's one box in Gwinnett County that had a chain of custody document with 1,962 ballots noted on this.
And first of all, that's roughly 10 times what we normally see.
We sorted through the geodata, found a few hundred people.
Okay, well that's pretty odd.
We have video of all of this.
And guess what it shows?
271 people approached that ballot dropbox during that 25-hour period.
1,962 ballots were deposited.
Here are election officials pulling out of that dropbox two full duffel bags containing over 1,900 ballots.
You see, that's the real hallmark of a tyranny, is it organizes a large group like the Nazi Party or the Communist Party to carry out a mass crime.
And now they've got so many people involved in the crime, they're going to fight to cover that crime up.
And imagine the new crimes this syndicate's going to commit if they're not brought to justice.
But because the Justice Department was in there,
And the CIA, criminal elements of them, quarterbacking this, they will now fight like the devil to suppress that information.
Again, we're playing key clips and analyzing them here from 2000 Mules, a seminal film by Dinesh D'Souza.
Let's go ahead and play clip 11 and 12, the glove mules, and of course, 4 million minutes.
Again, this is critical beyond anything else out there.
They did steal the election.
This is the smoking gun proof.
This particular one is at approximately one o'clock in the morning on January the 5th.
Stuffs her ballots in there.
It's like a small stack-ish, maybe three, maybe four.
Takes it off.
And then puts it in a trash can that she never looked at.
So she knew it was there.
She knew it was there, right?
And so we have her on a number of locations.
She's an out-of-state mule, and this is in no way the only Dropbox that she attended.
That's right.
No, she goes to dozens and dozens over the course of these two elections.
Who's next?
What you're going to see is he approaches the Dropbox on his bike.
He also has a backpack on.
Pull the ballots out of his backpack.
Taking his time.
Taking his time.
Digging around.
Looking for some ballots.
Finally gets that.
Pulls them out.
Okay, now I'm set.
And he'll put them in.
But you also see him get sort of frustrated as he starts to leave, because guess what?
At this point, they had started requiring the mules, apparently, to take pictures of the stuffing of the ballots.
It appears that that's how they get paid.
So they take a picture and stuff it in.
They take a picture, not a selfie, but a picture of the actual ballot going in.
But this guy gets frustrated, so he actually has to park his bike, get off,
So if you were there just casting your own ballot, what reason in the world would you have to come back and take a picture of the box?
Any meals to have?
Lookin' around.
Take some pictures.
So these are the kind of things.
Four million minutes of this.
This was an organized effort to subvert a free and fair election.
This is organized crime.
You can't look at this data in its aggregate and believe anything otherwise.
That's especially true when you consider that in places like Georgia, it was only decided by 10,000, 12,000 votes.
And you look at 5,000 visits just from our mules?
It's not a leap to say, yes, this would have made a difference.
Adding these numbers up, we have 2,000 plus mules based upon not searching these whole states.
And remember, we're only talking about a small number of states.
We're not talking about the whole country.
We're not even talking about whole states.
We're not even talking about whole states.
And we're also talking about a gross undercount of the actual number of mules because you set a high bar.
That's right.
They had to go to ten drop boxes.
So if there's a mule who went to seven drop boxes, you wouldn't catch that guy.
And they had to go to non-profits.
So they had to meet those two criteria and then go to one of the geofence drop boxes.
If they met the two criteria but went to a post office box, we're not going to look at them.
One of the slogans of the Democrats through all this debate has been, make every vote count.
And I think we can now see in a chilling way that this is kind of what they mean.
What they mean is, it doesn't matter if all kinds of illegal ballots are being dropped in, let's just count them.
Now, understand that if you're a radio listener, they're all wearing masks and gloves, and they take the gloves off when they're done, they take the photo.
Again, my brother-in-law, smart, educated chemist, he came in here a day after the election, extremely upset.
He said, I was just up at the main post office in Austin on Congress, and he saw a guy with dozens and dozens of ballots with names on it, different names, taking photos of each one in front of the clerk, not even hiding it, doing it.
Because this went on for like a week after to make sure they got what they needed.
And remember, Fox News will not let you talk about this, will not let Tucker Carlson have guests on about this, and is suppressing this.
That's why InfoWars is so precious, and other independent outlets.
We're going to go to break, we're going to come back with more, and then I'm going to shift gears into some new Pentagon CIA propaganda that is the craziest stuff I've ever seen.
Wait until we cover this.
Believe me, you're going to want to see this next hour, and Roger Stone is going to be popping in as well.
InfoWars.com, tomorrow's news today, 2000mules.com.
This is just a fraction of the film you've seen.
We want everybody to get it.
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I'm just promoting because it'll save the country and the world.
But support us, please.
We won't be on air.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.
Let me say it again.
The 2020 election was the most secure election in American history.
Let me begin by asking a very simple question.
Do we know the truth about what really happened in the 2020 election?
I think millions of Americans know something went wrong, and they have little pieces, and no one's really put it together.
I'm agnostic on this question, and I am awaiting more information.
If I believed the president were a Nazi, I might steal an election.
Bold accusations require bold evidence, and they haven't seen it.
We have been working on something big.
Show me the money.
Can we meet?
I've been working with Greg Phillips.
He has a deep background in election intelligence.
True The Vote has the largest store of election intelligence for the 2020 elections in the world.
No one has more data than we do.
We identified in Atlanta 242 mules that went to an average of 24 drop boxes.
But Philadelphia alone, we've identified more than 1,100 mules.
What is a mule?
A person picking up ballots and running them to the drop boxes.
This is not grandma out walking her dog.
Bad backgrounds, bad reputations.
They are interested in one thing, that's money.
And in no shape, in no way, in no time is that leakful.
This is organized crime.
Do you have video evidence?
Four million minutes of surveillance video around the country.
What you're about to see is disturbing.
So this is 1 o'clock in the morning.
Don't we all vote at 1 o'clock in the morning?
One night, this person, this mule, went across six counties to 27 different drop boxes.
I call it the Mexican Mafia, seriously.
Because they work like that.
This is jaw-dropping.
What you showed is frightening.
It's just sickening to me.
Now we come to the most important question of all.
Was the magnitude of vote trafficking enough to tip the balance in the 2020 presidential election?
It's not a leap to say this would have made a difference.
They have ruined election day in the United States of America.
That's provable.
And that's enough for me to fight the left with every fiber in my body.
Without free and fair elections, we are not a democracy.
We are a criminal cartel masquerading as a democracy.
Roger Stone will respond on the other side of 2,000 mules and how devastating it is, and so many other big, giant issues that are coming up.
It was easy to take America over when we were asleep.
But now that we're awake, there is a tug of war happening over the very soul of this nation and all of our futures.
You're not going to have to wait to get hurt by tyranny.
They got $40 billion for Ukraine, but don't have any baby formula.
And power outages are rolling across the nation.
This is the Great Reset.
This is the Build Back Better.
This is the bringing us to our knees as authoritarians do throughout history with a modern form of feudalism as we march towards a high-tech version of Venezuela.
But Infowars and others are standing and fighting and we're going to win because we don't have a choice.
And the good news is there is a giant
Awakening that is exploding right now, and those of you that watch and listen to this show, let it sink in, because these aren't just words.
You are the frickin' light in the dark of the night.
You are the tip of the spear.
You are the resistance.
And I am so honored and blessed and proud to know you, the listeners and viewers and activists and crew and guests and family that is InfoWars.
We will never back down.
We will never submit.
And in the words of
Colonel Travis, victory or death.
And we are in the danger zone, here on the Alex Jones Show, hour number three with the great, embattled, but victorious, Roger Stone.
And we have got a lot to cover with him in the 45 minutes we have.
Then the last segment, I'm going to hit incredible PsyOp propaganda.
Recruiting for PsyOps by the Pentagon.
Wait till we cover this ghost of the machine in the last segment ahead of Kate Daly taking over for an hour ahead of the War Room, 3 p.m.
Central with the great Owen Schroeder.
Don't forget, weekday mornings, 8 a.m.
with the amazing Harrison Smith, American Journal.
I want to cover the waterfront here.
I want to get into 2,000 mules and the total proof of how they stole the election.
And the red herring they used of electronic voting fraud.
I want to get into the incredible developments with the $40 million.
Money laundering package Pelosi.
The bill was introduced two hours later.
It was passed while there is no formula on the shelves all across the country and inflation explodes.
I want to hit these amazing developments where everybody Trump's backing is winning.
Most are good candidates.
Some are bad, but hey, they hate Trump for a reason.
He is energizing the base.
And where Roger thinks Joe Biden is going to go, how they're going to get rid of him, because this is just blowing up in their face even worse than they wanted it to.
They wanted to blame him for their collapse, their takeover, their cashless society, but the Davos group and the globalists are getting the blame for their minions.
So they are in full panic mode.
And yes, CNN, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, oh my gosh, the secret messages of
Roger Stone and Alex Jones and the Oath Keepers.
And we've penetrated into the Trump White House.
Oh my gosh, they're all going to jail.
Total, made up crap.
Absolute BS.
We're going to hit that as well on how they're running on.
What are they running on?
They're running on the Russia war that is unpopular and the majority of Americans don't want to be in and national polls over 80% and they're running on January 6th while they terrorize Chief Justice at their houses, firebomb and shoot up the AG's office in Virginia.
And that's just back of the newspaper.
Oh, you know, the pro-deathers, you know, threatened and shot up the AG's office.
Big deal.
Oh, they firebombed the Pro-Life Center in Wisconsin.
Oh, they ransacked and tore one apart in Portland.
Big deal.
These are what good people do.
Psaki says they're angry.
Mostly peaceful.
So incredible moment to be alive here and Biden saying that he controls all three branches of government and Psaki says it's true!
Pigs fly!
So we have reached
Well, Alex, I'm reminded of that scene from the movie Patton.
Where George C. Scott is paying General Patton and Patton is overlooking the battlefield and he says, God, I love war.
I'm a happy warrior because we're fighting for the Republic.
The tactics of those against us are the dirtiest I've ever seen in 40 American politics.
It is disinformation and lies.
Reuters reported months ago that the FBI thoroughly investigated both you and I, and they correctly found no evidence of conspiracy pertaining to the events at the Capitol on January 6th.
But the legacy media and the fake news media and the praised grade B leftist media have seized on this theme where they try to use guilt by association in both regards to you and me, now insinuating that because there is a chat room someplace that these messages are somehow secret or hide some evidence of crime.
When you're prominent,
People can add you to a chat room at will.
It doesn't mean that you participate.
It also doesn't mean that there's anything inappropriate if the chat room was set up to coordinate the logistics of perfectly legal appearances at fully legally permitted events where our First Amendment's rights of free expression were utilized and where others' right to assemble was exercised.
And by the way, Roger, as you know, I barely used Signal and stopped using it because it was weird that anybody that was in there could basically contact me, but I probably used it 10 times maybe.
I was never on those chats back at the time, but I know my security folks looked it up and they, you know, coordinated some stuff on the 5th about, okay, you're running security.
We're going to come through this way.
We're going to leave that way.
Here's the exits.
Here's the safety plan.
And you said you've reviewed yours.
That's what you have found in yours as well.
But we turn on the national news and it's the smoking gun of all these horrible things we did and the proof that it goes right up to Trump and the rest of it.
Yeah, look, it's an absurdity.
They're trying somehow to connect Donald J. Trump to the violence at the Capitol.
If they can do that, through some means, through some witness, through some individual, then they seek to disqualify him for running for president.
That's what this is really all about.
So, Roger Stone, Alex Jones, others, Ali Alexander, we're just, you know, we're just guys to be flipped, or guys who must know something.
Which of course we know nothing about any of the illegal activities.
And that's why they run these fake headlines that I'm flipping, you're flipping, Ollie's flipping.
Ollie got a subpoena from a grand jury.
You have to respond to that.
That's not flipping when you know nothing and did nothing wrong and respond to a grand jury.
Or when the FBI calls us and we call them back, that's not us flipping.
There's nothing to flip on.
Yeah, no, it's exactly right.
It's like those issuing default judgments against you, which is claiming, therefore, you didn't respond to a lawsuit.
You didn't submit thousands of documents and hours of testimony.
So it is an ongoing fraud.
You know, the expense is what's problematic.
I mean, in all honesty, I'm working very hard on a number of campaigns.
As you know, I'm back to doing strategic political consulting, what I did in the beginning.
Additionally, I now have a show every day at five o'clock.
Thank you very much.
But I have to be honest with you, what I take in from all of my economic endeavors does not even come close to the total of my legal bills, my medical bills, my veterinary bills now that I'm treating a dog with cancer.
And that's what they're really doing is they want to destroy us as a message to everybody else to not stand up.
But we're going to lose everything if we don't stand up anyways.
And I don't think the intimidation is working.
What do you think all this Democrat bullying and firebombing, what do you think it's going to do?
Well, the left is getting increasingly violent.
Does anybody think that if I doxed, I don't know, Congressman Adam Schiff's home address in the public square tomorrow, that 29 heavily armed FBI agents would not show up at 6am to arrest me?
Of course they would.
If I doxed the liberal members of the court and urged conservatives to go there and protest,
In violation of federal law, would I not be arrested?
Of course I would.
So they operate with impunity.
The Department of No Justice is not enforcing the law.
Virginia Republican governor
Glenn Youngkin, who presumably controls the Virginia State Police, and a number of these Supreme Court Justices' homes are in Virginia, he seems to do nothing.
These people are breaking the law and they should be prosecuted.
But if it weren't for double standards, they would have no standards at all.
So, I need to tell you, every day you're being attacked, every day you have to play defense, at the same time, you have to play offense.
2,000 mules.
Talk about that on the other side.
Absolutely, Roger.
I don't want to go through the violence.
Against pro-lifers and things that are exploding and how the White House is defending it.
It's just, as you said, the hypocrisy.
They have no values except being inverted.
And it's just an amazing time to be alive.
But yes, everybody should support you.
They should support me if they want to keep us in the fight, because you and I are having our most important work ever.
We're more influential than ever.
But with that comes all the attacks that we've got to stay on air.
How do people support you, Roger?
Go to StoneDefenseFund.com.
This helps me pay these massive legal bills.
Between the phony lawsuits against me and the January 6th thing, you know, my legal expenses are more than I make in an average month.
Stay there.
We're going to come back.
This is really, really important, because if they can destroy our leaders, they win.
All right, I want to get into the abortion fight.
I want to handicap the election coming up.
I want to talk about all these Trump endorse candidate victories and what these landslides portend for the midterms in 181 days with the legendary Roger Stone.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
But Roger...
You always just throw in, hey, please support me because I know they've basically bankrupted you.
They're really trying to do that to us right now.
I want to spend a few minutes on this so people can get their minds wrapped around this.
I don't talk a lot about this because I don't try to focus on us all the time, but we've got to or we'll be shut down.
You and I particularly, not particularly, other than Trump, we are the most hated, most demonized, most lied about.
We are like trophies that they want to capture, like enemies of Rome wanted to capture the Roman standard or capture the flag.
We are symbols of American resistance.
That they hate more than anybody.
That they've been unable to imprison and destroy and kill by the grace of God and your support.
So we are embattled gladiator champions.
And I don't say that on a power trip.
I mean, I'm in the frickin' arena here.
This is life and death.
And it is only your prayer and your financial support and your word of mouth that energizes me millisecond to millisecond to be able to do this.
So that's when you call in and thank me.
I'm like, hold your horses.
I want to thank you.
You're like a life raft.
I'm in freezing Atlantic water.
As I fall in the water, I'm dead in 30 seconds.
It's sub-zero.
I'm getting chills right now.
You understand this?
And then it's our children and the future.
And I didn't just do all this to be famous or whatever.
I did it because I hate these people and want to beat them.
And let me tell you something.
When I'm in these depositions with these Democrat George Soros lawyers that's now confirmed Soros funds and all, that's going to be breaking big with all the documents soon.
But it's too busy to get it all together and show you, but we learned it last week.
They shake with hatred and look at me like they want to kill me, and then they say, I see you're raising money.
We're going to investigate if you're spending all that on your defense.
It's a form of federal prosecutor's going.
We're good to go.
That we keep fighting.
So there isn't anywhere you can fight harder than buying products at infowarestore.com, supporting our local affiliates, and sharing the articles and videos in live feeds, and supporting our guests!
Because everybody we have on is fighting with everything they've got!
This is a war against you and your family of inflation and collapse!
And they know everybody's gonna wake up in the midst of it, that's why they want to silence the leaders, because they think they can then defeat you.
So when you keep us in the fight, you keep yourself in the fight, and this is life and death!
So go to infowarrestore.com and get amazing products, and sign up for auto-ship and continue to support, make a donation at the top, and go to the Stone Defense Fund and make a donation to him, because he's a gladiator and a champion in the fight, and if you don't support us, you're helping the enemy!
And I'm not bitching at listeners, I'm telling you, this is all-out war!
Well, Alex, I think you're absolutely right about the fact that you and I are, after Donald Trump, two of the most hated men in the Americas among the American left.
But here's the good news.
We're also two of the most beloved.
Because millions of patriots across this country, the silent majority, and we are a majority, understand what this fight is about.
Understand this isn't just some regular partisan political squabble, but more importantly, an epic struggle between good and evil, between dark and light, between the godly and the godless.
And as I've said in rallies across the country, if we lose this fight, America will step off into a thousand years of darkness.
The Democratic Party that was once reasonable, the party of John F. Kennedy and Harry Truman, that party is dead.
It has been hijacked by socialists, they, communists, people who want to snuff out the U.S.
Constitution, want to lock us down, want to mask us, want to starve us with their food shortages, while skyrocketing prices of gasoline are killing working families, and the inflation is crippling.
Meanwhile, they want to shut you up so you can't complain about any of it, so you have to be censored and deplatformed, and in my case, cancelled.
And then they use lawfare on you to drive up your legal bills.
I can't go out in public because I need professional security to leave my home because of the physical assaults against me in public spaces.
And I don't say that to try to engender copycats, but it's just a fact.
The hysterical left is getting more and more hysterical.
And the fact that they can't connect us to January 6th, because there's nothing to connect us, having done nothing with it, but people read these stories and they believe this crap.
An idea reaches critical mass on Twitter, which is a cesspool of hate, and it becomes a fact in the minds of demented leftists.
No wonder they attack you in the grocery store.
No wonder they attack you in a restaurant.
You were here in town two weeks ago, and when we were leaving, they attacked.
Followed me all the way to the garage, calling me a Russian traitor.
Obviously they never read the transcripts of my trial or the disclosures by the Justice Department a year and a half later in which they admitted that Mueller had no evidence against me.
The whole thing was a framed job to squeeze me to testify against Donald Trump.
That's a key point, Roger.
They don't even care when it comes out that the dossier was fake, all of it was lies.
They were illegally spying on all of us.
The leftists don't even care.
They just scream, Russian, Russian, Russian at the dinner table and follow you down the street.
Look, the biggest scandal in this country today is the treatment of the January 6th prisoners.
I just got a text message from the girlfriend of a detainee named Jeff Brown.
Not to be confused with Jeremy Brown.
Jeff Brown is now in a 8x8 isolation cell with four other men.
Unfortunately, there's only three beds.
So he is the designated guy who gets to sleep on the floor.
This is outrageous.
His lawyer is selling him out.
His lawyer gave money to Biden and Obama and Carter, Clinton, pardon me, his court-appointed lawyer, who just wants him to sign a confession.
This is one of the greatest scandals in the nation.
The abuse and loss of constitutional rights and due process of the January 6th detainees.
Nobody talks about it.
And they plan to use that, they admit, as a model for the rest of the country.
And the CIA is running similar operations in Ukraine.
They plan to do this to everybody, Roger.
Well, it is a blood and feces infested gulag.
It violates the Geneva Conventions, which we have signed.
We are treating foreign terrorists better than we treat American citizens.
This is one of the great disgraces in American history, and it has to be talked about.
Those who broke the law, yes, they should be prosecuted, but they should have access to legal defense, and they should be treated humanely.
And Roger, all of this is the backdrop
Well, the left does far more running around terrorizing, firebombing, shooting up the AG's office in Virginia.
And Psaki says that's a good thing, basically.
It's extraordinary.
As I said earlier, if I doxed members of Congress, I'd be arrested in a heartbeat.
There'd be 29 FBI agents at the door tomorrow morning.
But when the Democrats do it, when Ruth sent us, some radical group does it, we know who those people are.
Why aren't they being prosecuted?
Roger, when we come back, I want to hit the abortion news, I want to hit the election news we mentioned, and I want to get into some of the other big things facing America.
But just in 30 seconds, what is your overall prediction for the midterms?
I think they're going to try to steal them again, no matter how big the landslide is.
That's not a question that I can handle in 30 seconds.
Here's, Mike, answer your question with a question.
Will we have free, fair, transparent elections in 2022, or will we not?
Let's hit it on the other side.
That's right, and we'll get more into 2,000 mules, which we reviewed and played Clemson last hour.
So much more to cover with Roger Stone.
Tomorrow's news today.
I want to thank you all who've been supportive and I want to thank those who are going to be supportive because this is a fight for all our lives.
People need to figure out this is life and death.
Things are only going to get worse right now.
This is the communist playbook you're witnessing right now.
The shutdown of the country.
These aren't just words.
It's the truth.
Let it sink in.
Marinate in the fact that we are inside the global government corporate takeover and humanity is waking up and fighting back.
But now the public's more prone.
To be awoken than ever before.
We have to take people to the next level.
That's what we're doing here.
And that's why I salute the audience of the most hardcore patriots of the planet that tune into this broadcast.
The legendary political operative and former political prisoner, Roger Stone, joins us here for one more segment.
I got a lot of huge news.
I'm going to hit next segment.
Roger, this Supreme Court thing, all of it, Trump and these big races that he's been endorsing winning, that really, for me,
Chronicles and forecast.
Not just a landslide, but a political realignment.
All the numbers show that.
And everything the social engineers do is blown up in their face.
What are you worried about?
What are you expecting them to try to pull when we see massive victory on the horizon in 181 days?
Well obviously the leaks from the Supreme Court were designed to throw all the cards in the air and reshuffle the deck for the 2022 elections.
The left believes that this will energize their base, when in fact only 4% of Americans list abortion rights as their number one concern.
Particularly given the state of gas prices, food shortages, inflation, and lockdowns.
Not to mention the COVID-19 pandemic itself and how it's been handled.
The energy on this issue is on the extremes, but there's no evidence that it actually motivates voters in the broad middle.
Most Americans favor legal abortion.
Most Americans are for a number of strong restrictions on that process.
So, I don't think this is going to work.
One very interesting thing happened yesterday in the primaries that I take note of, and it'll get lost in the ashes, but in West Virginia, Alex Mooney, endorsed by Donald Trump, utilizing the fact that his opponent David McKinley, a rhino, voted for the establishment of the January 6th Committee, and voted for the infrastructure bill, aka the New Green Deal,
Was a killer in the primary.
Two incumbents clashing against each other, thrown into the same district by redistricting.
This is very, very significant because, for example, in New Jersey, in the fourth congressional district, Rhino Chris Smith has voted for the establishment of the January 6th committee, as well as voting for the Green New Deal, the infrastructure bill, and therefore is equally
Vulnerable to a challenge by Mike Crispy, an America First candidate, former commentator on right-side broadcasting, who's running a very strong campaign challenging a 42-year incumbent.
So more and more, it's not just Republicans that are going to beat Democrats, it's patriots replacing neocon rhinos and supporting the Jan 6 show trial now as a litmus test to defeat Republicans.
Well, not only that, but I think the average Republican, and certainly the candidates I'm supporting, are outraged that Kevin McCarthy is not talking about the loss of due process rights by the January 6th detainees.
By the fact that most of them have already been incarcerated for a longer period that they would, on average, serve in a sentence for the crime in which they are charged.
As Judge Napolitano pointed out on my show, The Stone Zone, the other day.
So, no, winning a Republican majority in the House and the Senate is not going to change anything.
It is only through the election of a cadre.
Of 10 to 15 to 20 in the House, stout men and women like Mike Crispy, like Laura Loomer, like RJ Majewski, like Scott Bau, like Scott Stevenson.
I mean, there are candidates across the country who will stand up to the Republican leadership.
In the Senate, you only need two or three.
Jan Morgan in Arkansas, Jackson Laumeyer in Oklahoma, Dr. Randy Grellner in Oklahoma.
And Roger, I want to go over these names, but I want to just slow down here and let it sink in.
What you're saying is the key.
If we get a
Group in Congress.
If we get a caucus that is for real reform, it can be the swing vote and basically have power over Congress and then help lead and get more people elected in the general election as well.
What you're saying is the strategy of victory.
We just rely on Republican majorities, the neocons and globalists up there like Kevin McCarthy and of course Mitch McConnell are going to be able to continue to make deals and sabotage the situation with the deep state.
Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell do not have the balls to stand up to the radical socialists who are trying to destroy this country.
By getting a subgroup of patriots elected in both houses, you can use that leverage simply by refusing to go along, to drive changes in the leadership of both houses, and to follow an aggressive
Pro-American America First Agenda.
For example, the House Republicans need to move articles of impeachment against Joe Biden.
We know from what we've seen in Hunter Biden's laptop that there's far more evidence that would be impeachable than any of the contrived crap they came up with against President Donald Trump.
And don't we want Congress to make a big noise about 2,000 mules and the total proof of that organized crime as well?
And they need to be running on an investigation of 2020 with that evidence instead of running away from it.
What, 80% of Republicans think it was stolen?
Almost half of Democrats?
I mean, this is a major issue.
We shouldn't run away from it.
62% of Americans believe there was extensive fraud in the last election.
The truth of it is, it's never been adjudicated.
We can't sit here and say we're positive the election's stolen.
What we can sit here and say is there's overwhelming evidence that it was stolen.
Forensic, eyewitness, overwhelming evidence.
But no court,
No judicial body, no regulatory body has ever been willing to weigh the evidence.
The left says, oh, the courts reject.
No, they didn't reject our case.
They rejected allowing us to hear our case.
They rejected hearing our case.
It's something very different.
I liked 2,000 mules.
I'd like to have seen the address of the safe houses.
I would like to have seen the names of the mules.
I would like to have seen the documents connecting this to Stacey Abrams, you know, non-profit.
They should put out an addendum report, a text report and a video report, 20 minutes long, just giving a snapshot.
That's right.
This is powerful filmmaking.
Make no mistake about it.
I mean, Sebastian Gorka needs to affect a monocle, but other than that, it's powerful filmmaking, but the most riveting part is when you see the actual fraud going down.
You can actually see it.
Well, let's not be mean to Gorka the gay whale, you know.
I just don't like him supporting censorship, you know, but it doesn't matter.
The film is powerful, it's important.
Roger, in two minutes, what else is on your important radar screen?
Well, Alex, I do think that the left is getting increasingly hysterical and increasingly violent.
These attacks on Catholic churches, these attacks on those who disagree.
The tone of the demonstrations, which are illegal in themselves, outside the homes of Supreme Court justices, they're ramping up the personal attacks on me.
As I said earlier, it's very difficult to travel.
Even going to the local grocery store can be dangerous.
Look, I appreciate the fact that although we must be vilified, millions of Americans love us, supported us, have donated to us, have helped me and my family in our legal struggle, in my wife's struggle with cancer.
If it were not for the Infowarriors audience, and the Patriots, and the America Firsters, and those who are still ready to stand up for America,
We wouldn't be here today.
So you said it best.
InfoWars needs your support.
I need your support.
God bless you.
If you can't help us, we are the tip of the spear.
Absolutely right, Roger.
And I really am glad you're doing your own daily show.
We need more great patriots on air fighting and more people sharing the links and the information.
Thank you, Roger Stone.
Say hi to your wife for me.
God bless you.
It's good having dinner with you here in Austin.
You haven't been here in a couple years.
Best Chinese food I've ever had.
We love you, Roger.
You're looking great, by the way.
Thank you.
They want to bring that man down.
They want to bring us down.
InfowarStore.com, StoneDefenseFund.com.
All right.
I have a lot more to cover, ladies and gentlemen.
When we return, you want to see how the CIA and the Pentagon are recruiting domestic spooks to spy on you?
You want to see the type of stuff they're putting out?
Well, we're going to review some of it.
With one of these recruitment things they put out, on the other side, ghost in the machine, straight ahead, stay with us.
So the group, firebombing pro-life facilities and connected to shooting up Attorney General's offices and things like that, have put out their first communique, and we're going to be going over it here in a moment, with the Wisconsin firebombing and more.
But that ties into this.
The CIA and the Pentagon for at least 20 years have been recruiting hardcore communists and pedophiles and just criminals in general.
It came out last year that the CIA would only put pedophiles in charge of orphanages they controlled in Germany when Germany was occupied still up until the 80s.
That was mainstream news.
And in Afghanistan, they would only put pedophiles in charge.
That was mainstream news.
They just chose pedophiles.
They like pedophiles.
That's who runs our country.
Pedophile lovers.
And talk about smoking a gun, that was just a footnote.
And so they hire mentally ill criminals and pedophiles.
And they hire people like Reality Winner and you know all these other people that are communist or whatever to do this because they'll do anything.
And they know the Justice Department will protect them while they terrorize everybody.
And that's why this Pentagon CIA recruitment video goes to the machine.
It doesn't have a lot of voiceover so I'll kind of give some narration to it.
Uh, describes how they're these ghosts, not just paramilitary going out to kill people, but that they're going to sabotage everything and that the battle now is in our phones and the battle is censoring the American people and so they're recruiting this army that'll shoot people, burn things down and stage
False flags.
The only problem is the local police might bust them.
In the case of former journalist, big leftist Antifa, charged with attacking Black Lives Matter and synagogues and things and having it blamed on the right wing.
And even when he got caught and now charged, they don't make the point that it was false flag operations that he was running.
We're good to go.
That's the Army PSYOPS patch is the ghost.
And so now that ghost is working against you and your family.
Now that ghost is making sure the power plants get shut down.
That ghost is making sure the pipelines get shut down.
That ghost is making sure the fentanyl comes across.
And I can tell you all the good people I know that have worked in those units and things are completely out of it and refusing to take jobs with it now.
And the type of people they have in there are literally scum of the earth that can't even wipe their own asses.
But they can cram ballots in ballot boxes.
They can firebomb and blame it on us.
They can shoot up Attorney General's offices.
They can go threaten Supreme Court justices at their houses.
Because their bosses carried out Oklahoma City, their bosses carried out Waco, and their bosses want you dead and hate you and your family's guts.
So just understand that and know that and know the answer is exposing it and taking our government back.
They want to cause a civil war.
They're telling the left they're going to win the civil war.
It's actually going to bring the country down.
So we don't want a civil war or offensive violence, but we must defend ourselves because that's where all this is going.
So be prepared to defend yourselves and try to fix things politically and spiritually now before it's too late.
And then all you can do is defend yourself because you don't want to be taken to a FEMA camp.
That's what the whole COVID lockdown is about.
All of it is getting you ready for full-on total martial law in their own admissions and own words.
So here is the several minute long trailer for the Pentagon and the CIA to recruit people to go around and terrorize the American people.
Here it is.
If your opponent is bad, you deceit.
Tend to be weak.
He may grow.
And that's what the left does.
Oh, we're just weak, we're pathetic idiots.
Other hardcore criminals.
Have you won?
And they pretend like, oh look, we did good things in the past, now we're gonna do something good this time.
And who's pulling the strings?
See, any Americans that resist it are working with the Russians.
Well, they're the globalists that have actually put China in power.
Born from the ashes of a world at war.
Here comes the CIA after you and your family.
You'll find us in the shadows.
Yeah, we know.
Running child kidnapping rings.
Torturing people to death.
Funding radical Muslims.
Giving China all our secrets.
We know what you're doing in the shadows.
The threat rises in the East.
Yeah, if you set it up.
Democratic Party, a bunch of Chinese agents.
Warfare is evolving.
And then it goes from people fighting thousands of years ago, the Huns, into the Internet today.
And your smartphone.
And all the world's a stage.
Disposing of poot and manipulating things.
It's Papa Mastro.
Warfare is another very important phase of warfare.
It has as its target, not the body, but the mind of the enemy.
The target of psychological warfare is against the enemy's mind.
It is words and ideas.
Ammunition used by Psi-War.
Who's at war with America?
Our own government?
Who's dismantling everything?
Who's telling us we're evil?
And at the same time is expected and encouraged to study foreign languages and the social sciences such as history, economics, and sociology.
He must have a broad and sympathetic understanding of all phases of human experience.
Oh, you're the liberals.
You're good.
You'll now kill the people that don't agree.
The next phase of censorship is death.
Killing us.
We are everywhere.
Yeah, molesting children.
Shipping in drugs.
Sabotaging America.
This is the Extinction Rebellion.
Taking over the CIA.
Feeling in the dark.
Then they show footage of Soros overthrowing Ukraine eight years ago.
Put on your mask.
Join the globalists and bring down America with critical race theory and transgenderism.
Starve millions to death in Iraq.
These are the Psywar soldiers.
And we are the Americans.
We are the resistance.
Our government is compromised.
Our government has been hijacked.
Our government is run by enemies of the republic.
You'd have to be an idiot with no brain cells not to know that.
And the litmus test is critical race theory and transgenderism to run out all the good people out of the military and convert it over to a pure army of trash.
Same thing, taking over local police departments, not to defund them, but to get control of them to be political officers.
And Soros already has most of the people in local government under his control.
The city attorneys, the county attorneys, the district attorneys, the local courts.
And now they're going to sew up their operation.
They've got their intimidation forces running around attacking people.
And there's almost no media coverage because they're doing the Lord's work.
Then we get this.
A first communique from James Revenge for attacking pro-life facilities and firebombing them.
This is not a declaration of war.
War has been upon us for decades.
Oh, not
Not being able to kill babies is war on you.
Our war, which we did not want.
Oh no you didn't.
And did not provoke.
Oh sure, you're not attacking anybody.
Too long have we been attacked for asking the basic medical care.
Too long have we been shot, bombed, and forced into childbirth without consent.
That's right, all birth is slavery.
This was only a warning.
We demand
The disbanding of all anti-choice establishments.
We gotta do what you say, right?
Fake clinics.
Oh, people that actually try to get women to come in and have the baby and help them financially?
Oh yeah, you can't have people talk to women and have free speech.
What nice people can't have fake clinics and violent anti-choice groups within the next 30 days?
This is not a mere difference of opinion.
Oh yeah, right, this is Antifa.
As some have framed it, we are literally fighting for our lives.
We will not sit still while we are killed and forced into servitude while they're killing the babies.
We have run.
We are forced to adopt the minimum military requirement for political struggle.
Again, this was only a warning.
Next time the infrastructure of the enslavers will not survive.
Medical imperialism will not face a passive enemy.
This is communists that work for the globalists.
Wisconsin is the first flashpoint, but we are all over the U.S.
and we will issue no further warnings.
We will not stop, we will not back down, nor will we hesitate to strike until the inalienable right to manage our own health is returned to us.
So pro-lifers can't go out and try to save babies, even peacefully, or you'll kill them.
What a group of terrorists.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, final segment I'm hosting.
Kate Daly, always not shy of the park.
She really has a lot of good points to make.
And she has a lot of amazing guests.
She's coming up and then in T-minus one hour, the vaunted Owen Cut Destroyer Shroyer will be taking over from the studio right next door to me.
And I'm a busy little beaver getting a lot of other things done behind the scenes.
You can be guaranteed of that.
There's a bunch of articles I didn't get to that just broke in the last hour at InfoWars.com.
One of them is Madonna.
Trying to get attention, really showing you the soul of Satan.
She now has put out NFTs and videos of centipedes, robot centipedes, crawling out of women's vaginas.
The article is on InfoWars.com.
We can put that on screen.
We're not going to show you any of the disgusting stuff.
That is what these people are into, okay?
And that is what they are showing you.
We're showing you some of the least graphic stuff here, but it's very, very satanic art to degrade your mind and prepare you to accept real ugliness in the real world, and that's come out
In CIA documents.
So anytime it's bombarding you, just turn off the TV.
Go up and look at the stars.
Go out to the woods.
Go out and look at fish in a creek.
Go out and pick flowers.
Go out and just pray to God and just forest bathe.
All the studies and statistics show it.
You don't even need to know those statistics.
You already know it yourself.
So just get out in nature and unplug from the system and spend time with your family and just get in that quiet place of the most high that King David talked about in the Psalms.
And I said that to myself.
I've only recently
The last few months, I've been able to calm down, relax, realize God's in control, and not just have this devastating feeling of loathing that I'm not doing enough and that we've got to save the children and save everybody.
Yes, we're going to fight as hard as we can, but we're going to do it with the Spirit of God that's directing us.
And when I point my finger at you, there's three more pointed back at me, I am telling myself that.
I'm really asking God to take control of me.
And it's been happening.
We've gotten more informative.
Shows have gotten more powerful.
We're making better decisions.
Because I have a tendency, and I know you do as well...
Try to do it yourself and just get into guttural, bestial level.
Not of evil, but of brutishness.
Because it's comfortable to be like that and just be very hateful back at the enemy.
They're not worth our hate.
We do this because we love our children and love innocence and love justice and want a future together.
And we're going to do this together with love.
And I feel your love and I see your love.
This great crew that is so wonderful and is so
Nice putting up with me and doing such a great job, and the listeners, and our sponsors, and our affiliates, and all the great guests and people we bring here.
It's just such a blessing in this fight to know all of you on this journey.
This journey of discovery, this journey of challenge, this journey of transcendence.
And it really is special.
It's what life's really all about, and I feel sorry for the Jen Psaki's and the Joe Biden's, picked by the most evil forces on earth because they're so empty, they're so arrogant, they're so hateful, and we don't want to be anything like them.
We want to pray for peace and awakening, pray for justice, and pray that people working in the system that haven't been completely turned over to a hard heart and evil will realize how much danger they're in, and that even temporally, even physically, even financially, medically, where this new world order is taking us is absolute total death and destruction.
Tomorrow's news today.
Keep sharing those articles and videos and know you're changing the world.
I salute you and I thank you all.
And again, amazing job, crew.
Kate Daly takes over in T-minus 60 seconds.
Please share the links.
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Hi, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from KateDallyRadio.com.
The only centipedes coming out of any vaginas will only be Madonna's, I assure you.
That is one weird woman.
You know what?
The whole rack of Hollywood is an interesting lot, am I right?
Anyway, we could talk for days about this, but I have some things I want to get to, and I also want to get to the heart right behind the lies of the headlines.
Also, the conversation that you need to have with your child that you're probably not having, and you didn't think you'd ever have to have.
But I'm going to tell you what that conversation looks like.
It's one of the most requested things I've ever talked about on my own show, and I want to talk to you about this, and what will happen in the banking failure that they keep doing drills for, and the art of the bait and switch, because I think the bait and switch is a lot more fierce than we even think.
So, number one on my list is baby formula.
And you're hearing a lot about this because, of course, the shortages and then on top of that, the recall.
So you're hearing a lot about this.
Never mind the fact that we should be breastfeeding our kids anyway, but Bill Gates has something to do with this, possibly.
So, BioMilk, with a cute little spelling, M-I-L-Q, just earned the backing of the top's world investors, right?
And he's raising, well, raising about 3.5 million in Series A funding.
And what they're doing is they're simulating mother's milk and saving the planet at the same time.
Oh, gee, thanks.
And this concoction is right along the line of Beyond Beef.
And so, that rated like dog food, didn't it, when they did the chemical studies?
I think it actually rated like dog food.
We really should be panting.
Anyway, that's how they treat us.
So the founder, Michelle Ager, was a food scientist who worked for a Larabar at General Mills before she moved on to her cute little stint at the Gates Foundation.
Just seems a lot of people work with Gates.
And she was hoping that the breast milk produced by BioMilk... Can you imagine giving this concoction to your baby?
Here's your Beyond Beef, honey.
It was made in a Petri dish.
I'm so excited.
Not to say that formula isn't made in its own way, but they are seriously screwing with it this time.
And I do think this might be a little bit of a bait and switch with, oh gee, we have this formula shortage and here's this new product.
They seem to want to do that a lot.
And so, parents want to do what's best for their kids, but I'm not quite sure that is going to be the best thing that you can go get your hands on.
Especially, especially when Breakthrough Ventures is behind it.
Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Jack Ma, all of your, you know, people that run, that run the world.
So, there's that.
And I also wanted to talk about Roe vs. Wade for just a second.
Because abortion, Feds did not
Make it legal.
One more time.
Because somebody in mainstream really needs to learn this lesson and fast because they keep spreading these grandiose over-the-top lies that I've never seen before.
Usually they'll mix truth with a lie.
They won't just out and out.
Out and out, well yes they will, they're CNN, but out and out say a lie that you know you can look up, that they even admit to in the articles.
So, the feds didn't make it legal, it's just that the states didn't make it illegal.
That's the difference.
Was this planned to get an even more hideous, evil bill passed to sanction murdering?
You know, they tried this in 2019.
We talked a lot about this on all the shows.
This was, you know, they wanted to kill the baby after birth when the baby can actually look at you and smile.
Yeah, that's when they want to murder the baby.
And I do think we should really start calling it murder instead of abortion.
They like their words.
They like to be able to use the words they choose.
And then they like to screw up the meaning to those words.
But if you have to stop a thing from growing, that means it's alive.
This is pretty easy.
So if you wonder at what point does it become a baby?
Well, if you have to stop it from growing, you actually have to kill it because it will just keep growing, right?
So that means it's alive.
And Mitch McConnell, doesn't he look like a guy that should be like, I don't know, I just can think of him in high school and in middle school constantly tased.
And hazed, I'm sorry.
And if he wasn't, he should have been.
But McConnell is out there saying that the Senate Republicans could not pass an abortion bill.
That's because this is not a federal issue.
Yet ABC News turns it into a federal issue, right?
And so McConnell and Schumer are both out there talking about this.
But the interesting thing about this is the activists are calling this the fight of a generation.
Now you and I both know, they're not crafting these phrases.
Just like they keep calling it a landmark case.
Fight of a generation.
What's that fight about?
What's the fight about?
Ask somebody next time.
Because I'm seeing people all over the place going, hey, can I go join a pro-life, uh, pro-choice rally?
What are you rallying for?
What are you rallying about?
Just murdering babies?
Just left and right?
It's okay?
So, the problem here is that the media is out and out lying.
They're saying Democrats are forcing, preparing to force a vote, seeking to enshrine abortion rights into federal law.
That right there tells you there is no federal law for abortion.
They admit it, but they don't really want you to focus on that.
They don't want you to focus on a lot of things.
They don't want you to focus on election fraud.
They don't want you to focus on anything else that's going on.
The food shortages that we're going to be seeing.
I'm talking to farmers all the time and let me just tell you, it is not looking good.
The canary in the coal mine, it's not looking good for us.
And I would imagine by the fall, by Christmas, we'll start to really notice.
But I'll be talking about that in just a moment because there's some things I'd like to share with you that are really intriguing about that.
Um, and so back to Roe vs. Wade, they're trying to pass now the Women's Health Protection Act, which really, uh, sets them up to be able to kill a baby, um, uh, even late term.
And so, as they fought for this in 2019, New York really fought for this.
Boy, they should be proud, right?
Um, still the vote, they say, while largely symbolic, will force every single Senator, Democrat, and Republican to go on the record as to where they stand on the issue.
And Senator Maggie Hassan from New Hampshire launched a digital ad saying McConnell's decade-long crusade to criminalize abortion.
Maggie, no one's done anything about abortion.
And yes, it should be criminalized in every single state.
That would be the right and proper way to do this.
But the states
But the states have used this as an election getter, okay?
A vote getter.
Because, really, what do people want to know?
Where do you stand on abortion?
But why?
Once they get in, they never do a thing about it.
They never talk about it.
It's like the election fraud.
Very, very quiet.
Quiet as a mouse.
Quiet as a little mouse.
Not a word from these people.
These jokes.
This swamp.
Yes, largely symbolic vote.
This is a crap fest of news telling a whole lot of lies.
There has never been a federal law for Roe vs. Wade.
There has never been anything federal about it.
It was an opinion on a Texas case.
That is it.
And then the states, what they say is, oh, we don't have the money to go fight it in court, so we're never going to put anything out there that goes up against Roe vs. Wade.
So really, they're just chicken.
They won't do anything about it.
They don't want to be the state that does anything about it.
In fact, just until recently, in the last couple of years, have I been interviewing people from states that are finally saying, we are not going to sanction abortion.
We're not going to sit there and not make it illegal.
And so I like that.
I'm really happy to see states do that.
We should protect our unborn.
We should protect our unborn and we should protect our nursing homes.
This is where we really fall as a people because these people that really don't have a voice, especially our unborn, are not getting the chance to life.
I had Chris Ann Hall on last week and we were talking about this.
It's a right to life and the pursuit of happiness.
And they're taking that from them in the name of selfishness, in the name of career.
Because they won't just, you know, I know, how about not have sex?
Because that's, that's what, that's what makes the baby, right?
Last time I checked.
We know exactly how it happens.
No surprise there.
Yet these women feel like they just don't want a consequence.
So they want to validate.
They want to validate this choice.
It's not a choice.
It's a murder.
A choice is between a Pepsi and a Coke.
This is a baby.
This is a baby.
I'll be right back.
I'm Kate Valley, your guest host.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Daly, your guest host.
I'm so glad you're joining me this hour.
There's so much to talk about and there's so much to correct.
You know, the art of debate and switch.
It's sometimes I think it's difficult for a lot of people because of the influx of information that we get and so much of it is so deceitful that I often refer to this next tactic the fake fight.
The fake fight.
I love the fake fight because it's getting more obvious.
It used to be that the two different sides that are worrying the Democrats and the Republicans
Could really use each other to get away with things or to dismiss things.
But now it's getting a little harder.
So let me give you kind of an example.
When I talk about the two parties, often I will say, look, you know, the difference between the right and the left is the left, the leftists, they actually really do want to destroy this country.
They think they're going to to somehow make it better, except without God.
And without you, because you're the enemy.
You're a human.
So they want to destroy the country and they're actively, actively doing this.
But the right doesn't do anything actively.
They don't actively fight for freedom.
They don't actively return your liberty.
They don't actively do much.
In fact, they always act like they're in defense mode.
Oh, what is the leftist doing to us now?
And then they blame it on the leftist, even in states
Where majority rules, you know, the majority is like the GOP, they still blame the Democrats for not doing things that are right.
So the fake fight is just getting, I don't know, more obvious.
Let me give you an example of the Ministry of Truth.
Ministry of Truth comes out, which we all know is so Orwellian and so Orwell, and it's to the point where you're just shaking your head because you can't believe that we're actually talking about this.
I get it.
But look at what the right is doing.
The right is supposed to be fighting for our liberty.
The right are supposed to be the beacons of being conservatives.
I mean, I'm a registered Republican in my state, right?
The problem is, is instead of coming out about the Ministry of Truth and saying that this will never happen, it will be abolished, what they do is this.
They complain about the name of it.
Now, now, if you don't believe me, go look at all the Republicans.
It was like they were all sent a memo, like how to handle this.
So the number one thing they're going to talk about is they don't like the name.
And then they're going to say, well, um, I don't, I maybe don't like how they're going to do it.
Not that it shouldn't exist.
That's a really big point to remember because that's the fake fight.
You're not fighting against it.
They're just picking out some things that make it look like they're fighting against it.
And that's my whole point.
Fake fights are using the abortion topic to get into office and then never do anything about it, right?
Because it's really easy to say stuff and then not do anything.
Fake fights are complaining about Obamacare and socialized medicine, but when we had the House, the Senate, and the presidency, we didn't do anything about it.
Why is that?
It's kind of like the wall.
So, when we don't do anything like this, like election fraud, there's another great example of this.
Not a peep.
Not a word about, hey, why don't we go back to handwritten ballots?
Why don't we stop with the ballot boxes?
If you haven't seen 2000 Mules, Dinesh D'Souza's latest, I just interviewed him, and this movie showcases and shows you the fraud.
It shows you the fraud.
It shows them at 345 in the middle of the night taking out ballots.
Okay, so we have it on film.
We have it on film.
They're taking pictures of themselves and this isn't even talking about the software.
So it's a drug trade.
It's like a drug trade with drug mules, except this is voting with voting mules.
With election mules.
And these people run around the country, and they affect the ballot boxes.
And also, the bigger problem is the software, because that is bigger.
And I've been talking about that for six years.
It's huge.
It started out as GEMS, G-E-M-S, and then translated up into Dominion.
They took an ex-con out of the Obama administration, took an ex-con out of prison to write it.
And the only reason I know about that is because it went to court in California.
You never heard about that in the media, of course.
Never hear about anything important in the media.
But Gems has gone by all kinds of different names and now, of course, it's Dominion.
All right.
There is even new evidence coming out suggesting that Trump might have gotten 305 electoral college votes would have definitely gotten him the win.
There's no doubt in anyone's minds and even the hardcore leftists that Trump won that election.
There's no way because the country was showing up for him.
So they can hide it.
They can create a ministry of truth, whatever, whatever, whatever these little bastards want to do.
But let me just tell you the evidence is there and the proof is there.
So where is everybody on the right?
Why aren't they fighting for it?
Why aren't they bringing it up?
You won't see anybody.
In fact, the party's trickling down to the states, all the way down to the states, the county commissioners, and not having them do a thing about it.
That's amazing to me.
And you're going to see this with the abortion thing too.
In fact, was this a bait and switch?
Was this... I think it served four purposes, by the way.
Roe vs. Wade right now with its timing.
One, lie to the public that some federal law that does not exist is being overturned.
Get everybody in a huff.
Can't murder babies.
Oh my gosh.
It's not true.
That's not true.
The states have to enact something like that in order to do that, which has always been the case.
It's never changed.
Liberal women are stupid enough to believe the lies, though, because they're usually watching CNN.
Hate to be mean, but that's the truth.
Also, distraction from election fraud.
There's another one.
The movie comes out, 2000 Mules right now, that showcases the fraud and what are we talking about?
Roe vs. Wade.
Introduce a bill so horrific that anyone with a conscience and a soul should find abhorrent so the sides will then meet in the middle.
To deliver you something because they compromised.
I love compromise.
Don't you?
No, said every founding father of our country.
Absolutely not.
Because somebody's giving away their principles.
But they have, honestly, they have really perfected the art of doing so because this is how they get things done.
It's the art of compromise.
Tell us we're going to get something even worse and that the other side is fighting to get this thing that's worse and we'll meet in the middle and then pretty soon you're in a situation you never thought you'd be in and that's how it works.
Um, they are also doing these surveillance, right?
Cameras everywhere.
And there's news articles today talking about the implementation of even more cameras.
But you know, because you know, the bad guy got to get the bad guy.
Oh, they're everywhere.
It's always the bad guy.
Well, as they do this, remember that either side, neither side really have done a thing about surveillance.
They've only voted for it.
Both sides have voted for it.
And I remember when Obama was getting into office, you know, that little turd, well, he had promised to abolish surveillance.
You guys remember that?
And he gets in, what does he do?
Puts it on steroids.
They all do.
They all do.
They love their surveillance.
They love their control.
So they're going, they say they're going to do it in a non-privacy intrusive way, you know, but so we don't track any, no facial recognition or anything.
I believe that.
I'm going to come right back.
There's a couple of things I want to bring up.
New information from Pfizer and also what the bank failure would look like in real terms.
Be right back.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host.
Hey, back here with you on the Alex Jones Show.
I hope you're having a good day.
We need some good days, don't we?
We need some good news.
That'd be nice.
There are people actively fighting.
There are chicken farmers.
There are all kinds of people that are truly fighting.
And you know what?
You have to recognize that once in a while, too, because the news can get so heavy.
When I started radio, these types of headlines that we get every day used to happen maybe once a week, twice a week.
And they were bad headlines, but at the same time, we had some buffer in between, right?
Not anymore.
Not anymore.
It's like 5,000 of these headlines a day, and then you have to try to pick what you want to focus on.
That's how crazy it's gotten.
When I was talking about the Republicans versus the Democrats and how the leftists, communists, globalists are trying to actively ruin this country and get rid of our sovereignty, actively pursuing it, but the Republicans aren't pursuing a thing.
If the Republicans were actively pursuing liberty and getting it back and restoring and making sure you had freedom, making sure that, because that's their only job.
They only got one job, right?
If they were actually doing that, then it would throw these leftists off their game.
But when you're just a sitting duck and you act like a sitting duck and you do nothing else, then it always seems like the leftists, progressive liberals, these
Strange, incredibly crazy, mentally off people are going to always be on the offense and always get their way.
That's what sucks.
It really does.
It's terrible.
Because we don't have a group fighting for us.
It's like being in a war and sitting there and doing nothing.
So the unjabbed are not dying.
I hear crickets.
I guess we're not dead.
In fact, Walgreens came out after a study of 5,000 stores and said, you know what?
The rate of getting sick for those unjabbed is lower than the rate if you would have gotten the second and third jabs.
How many narratives have to come out that are totally just obviously exposed before people really start to figure this out?
So, those with three doses, and they took their last dose taken over five months ago, have the highest rate of illness at 31.3%.
Because it ruins your immune system.
It's supposed to.
And under a microscope, just to let you guys know, I've got some personal knowledge on this.
Under the microscope, the Pfizer shot caused the white blood cells to stand still and not do a thing for you.
They just sit there.
I think so.
Um, that has something that, and I've heard it described this way, which might sound like I'm exaggerating, but does it assemble?
There is something to it.
There is some sort of something in that Monsanto shot that, that builds upon itself.
We'll say that.
It's directed.
It's really scary.
By the way, the Pfizer documents that are leaking out because they can't take all those years to do it, right?
They can't take all that time.
So what?
They had 28 women.
I don't know if they knew they were pregnant when they were into this study, into this very short study.
What was it?
A couple of months?
For Pfizer, 23 of them spontaneous abortions, two premature with neonatal death, and one spontaneous neonatal death.
And only one survived?
Says a lot about their shots, doesn't it?
Alright, I also wanted to talk about the fact, just to kind of brush over this one.
So, we suddenly had a whole lot of planes full of money, you know, to send to Ukraine, but we didn't have anything to build a wall.
Suddenly had lots of money to send over to Ukraine, although we don't have to send it in planes on Mark this time.
We can just send it because it's sanctioned.
I like that.
I like it being sanctioned.
And so if this isn't the biggest pit of money laundering you've ever seen in your life, I'm not quite sure what is.
But we're not even supposedly at war with Russia or Ukraine.
Yet there we are!
It just cries, we cooed Ukraine in 2014, does it not?
So journalists on the ground though, I appreciate those journalists on the ground that are talking about it and they're saying all the footage that we're being shown
Um, is actually the Russians fighting back after, uh, the little Nazi groups that are CIA trained, um, took over the buildings.
And so they're the ones that are fighting.
Um, it isn't necessarily Russians versus Ukraine.
It's Russians versus the little Nazi groups that we trained that sanctioned murder over there of Russian Ukrainians.
Just to, you know, throw some truth in the mix.
And so I did notice something with the Washington Compost.
They were trying to sell the idea to everybody that, oh my gosh, this war is really bad.
Look, we have a hundred videos to prove it.
They're getting so desperate.
Them and the New York Slime.
They are getting very, very, very desperate to showcase a war to you, to tell you it's violent.
I've never seen such desperation before.
Maybe because people are finally figuring out, let's just hope.
And let's hope that people see the money laundering scheme going on over there.
You know, we just put out the war sign on the front door and it's amazing what you can get away with.
It's amazing the money funneling by both parties, by the way.
Both parties are in on that one.
So, um, there's that.
Um, we're not always the hero.
So, this is another one I wanted to tell you guys.
Sexualizing children, you know, the people that are fighting for this, the teachers of the kindergartners and the first graders and the second graders that are going to bat, right?
They were going to bat in Florida, trying to get that sexualization to occur.
But then, on the other hand, saying that they weren't doing that.
But you're fighting for something you weren't doing?
Hmm, interesting.
So it brings me to a conversation that's really requested, and I brought this up years ago.
Tyler Perry was on the Oprah Show years and years ago, and he described an event of abuse in his own life to himself by a family, by a relative, okay?
By a family member.
And he said something kind of thought-provoking.
And you know, I don't go to Tyler Perry for all my advice for kids, trust me.
But this was a gem, so I want to pass it along to you.
When he had this occur,
He actually said that his body betrayed him and did things that he didn't want his body to do.
And a little light bulb went off because I thought at the time, I thought, you know, there's something really to this that our kids need to hear.
And if you haven't had this conversation with your kids or your grandkids, you should.
And asking them if they've seen porn, they're going to say no.
You have to ask them when was the last time they saw porn.
Trust me, I know.
And, you know, I've raised five kids and I'm telling you, it's just, when did you see it?
Let's talk about it.
I want to know.
But when Tyler Perry said that, when Tyler Perry said, my body betrayed me and did things I didn't want it to do mentally.
I hope that we have that conversation with our kids.
They're going to see a lot of images.
They're going to be told a lot of lies.
They're going to be told things in school and their body might react to all kinds of different sexual things.
But it doesn't mean something.
It doesn't actually mean that maybe now, maybe I'm gay, maybe I'm this, maybe I'm a trans, maybe I'm this, maybe I'm that.
Sometimes our bodies just react because we're human beings, biological human beings.
And so have that conversation with your kids that their bodies could react to things that their mind would never want to go along with because of course it can happen.
But it doesn't mean anything.
I think a lot of our kids are getting so screwed up, especially by teachers in government schools.
They're not public anymore, they're government.
Government schools or shows and the media constantly telling them that they don't know what gender they are, they don't know what sex they like, and, hey, it's a free-for-all.
Today you're a boy, tomorrow you're a girl, and then you're an it, and then you're a whatever.
And with all of these confusing messages, remind them
That their body might react to certain things, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they need to go on this hunt and try to investigate if they are something or not.
We need to have that conversation with our kids.
I'll be right back.
I'm Kay Dally, your guest host on the Alex Jones Show.
Back here with you on the Alex Jones Show.
Make sure and get those supplements and get them in bulk.
You know, they'll keep, they always keep longer than they say on the bottle for sure.
And always make sure, well right now, just make sure you're getting it in bulk.
Because I do think our supply chains are being so messed with products, all those kinds of things.
They want to drive up gas.
They want to drive up all of these things.
So be ready for it.
I'm big into prepping.
You should be too.
And you probably are.
And I love that.
So there's a couple more things I want to talk about because we're in that last leg of the hour.
It goes so quick.
So handing over sovereignty to the who.
Well, we are in the way of emergency health orders.
Yes, we are.
We're doing this May 22nd to the 28th.
Control over the America's health care system.
This comes from Dr. Peter Brigham.
In fact, some of the articles that I've read has described it as this is going to be delivered for a vote to the World Health Organization's governing body.
You can just imagine how they're going to go with the vote.
Big shocker.
And the threat is containing new amendments to WHO's international health regulations proposed by King Fratelot's administration in Hormala that are scheduled as provisional agenda item 16.2 and these amendments will empower the WHO's general director to declare health emergencies or crisis in any nation to do so unilaterally.
And against the opposition of a target nation.
Gotta love that.
So, here is the deal with this, though.
If you really look at it, we've already been doing this.
In fact, our mainstream whores, our media... I love Gerald, so I'll tell you what he calls them, the whores!
The mainstream media has been doing this for quite a long time in the way that they always go to them for comment.
We're always taking direction from the who, somehow, someway.
And then remember that the CDC, because of all the deals they made and the money flowing out of our country to work with these other countries, the CDC was also able to declare really a global pandemic.
So we just went through this whole case scenario.
And as long as our media and our government acknowledge who to be over us, then the American people think that that's the truth.
Um, it's not.
We still have sovereignty as a nation, but this new amendment would do it legally, give them that sort of power?
Is that a good word for it?
Also, so beyond that, we could probably do a whole hour on that.
But I do want to talk about this because I always like to be prepared, kind of know what's happening.
And about 10 months ago, Bank of Russia, yeah, Russia, the bad guy, Bank of Russia explores a centralized digital currency system that can restrict certain purchases.
Well, what does that mean?
We know that the banking drills have talked about, especially Cyber Polygon and then of course this latest one in December 9th, the IMF one in Israel.
They, with 10 countries, they were talking about the fact that banks would go down on a banking holiday, you would come back and because everything was so messed up and accounts weren't right and your money might be missing,
They would be giving you like six months to a year of payment free.
So everybody would like that.
That's a huge carrot for people.
Oh, I get to go payment free?
But in order to get back your stuff that you've been paying on for a long time and then go back into your payment system that everybody's in for whatever stuff they own, then you would have to sign up for digital currency in order to get your stuff.
So obviously that's an issue and something that is abhorrent.
But are they going to do it?
Well, they certainly have been drilling about it.
And then we have another cyber polygon coming up for 2022 in July as well.
So when Russia did this, Russia's central bank was exploring a two-tiered digital ruble.
Remember that, two-tiered.
And it would allow users to restrict certain types of purchases on all these transactions that would be recorded on a centralized ledger.
You know,
That ledger they keep talking about, right?
That's supposed to make everything transparent.
That's the carrot.
It's not true.
Just imagine that you were able to give your kids some money in digital rubles and then restrict their use for the purchase of junk food.
This is really how they were selling it and how they were laying it out, okay?
The digital ruble shall be more convenient than cash in its use.
The digital ruble will exist in the form of uniquely identifiable units
So you're going to get one or the other and they could absolutely cause you to be able to not purchase things.
Certain things that you want, okay?
Maybe they don't want you to buy a firearm.
Maybe your government score isn't high enough and you need no car, no car for you, right?
But all these restrictions on what you could buy at the store and what you couldn't, is that what a two-tiered
Can't talk today.
Ruble system would look like.
Is that what our digital currency is going to look like?
And think about that.
What are we going to do?
So today they're saying, oh, yes, of course, you still have cash.
Mm hmm.
But we're going to make everything to the point where we have we have all these companies in the palm of our hand.
We own Walmart.
We own all these big companies.
But the big companies would be just like they kicked it in for for covid.
They would kick it in for the digital currency, too.
And so as they do this, think about what that future would be.
This is a great time to buy things, right now.
This is a fantastic time.
I would suggest that right now, while you still have some autonomy and some freedom, do so.
Get what you need, right now.
Because I think this window is closing.
I really do.
There's a couple of things I want to mention, and I have been reading the IMF papers, that's what a nerd I am, but I've been reading the IMF, sort of their walking papers, the ones that they're working on, you know, and they've been talking a lot about reset, crisis, what happens.
I looked at some other years, they weren't talking about it like they are right now.
So all of, I'm sorry, working papers, all right?
Too much caffeine today.
So working papers, all are describing major, this is what you do after fallout and after bank insecurities happen and all these things happen.
So I do absolutely think these drills are going to turn into a reality for sure.
We're good to go.
Through the years.
An atmosphere water machine, you can learn how to do this on YouTube.
There's a lot of people that explain it.
You can actually buy them.
They're getting harder to buy though.
Atmosphere water machines, they make water out of the atmosphere.
That's why they're getting harder to get.
They don't like that.
They like having control over your water.
And then also, variety.
There have been people, friends of mine, that have been living off food storage to see what the problems are.
You know, what happens if you live off your food storage for a month?
And the problem was no spices, no variety.
They had been buying things at K-Slot sells, and because of that, they had everything in bulk.
So, you know, like 50 cans of green beans.
And with no seasonings, you can imagine how old it got really, really quick.
Make sure you have those things in variety.
Make sure you have powdered sour cream and powdered eggs, which are getting really expensive right now too.
Make sure that you are getting some sort of variety in there.
Also, a lot of people have been having a lot of feelings lately and they've been contacting me and saying, you know, I've never thought, I've never really gotten into prepping, but right now I just have this feeling you better start buying stuff.
And that's why I say get Alex Jones supplements, because get them in bulk, because there might be a time when you can't get them.
And because of a two-tiered, we'll call it a ruble right now, but you know, Russia always plays along.
Don't think that Russia doesn't play along with the IMF.
They're always right there to play along.
And so, of course, trying out or wanting to try out that two-tiered system.
Right now is a really good time to acquire skills.
Instead of watching the garbage on TV, look at YouTube.
Learn how to make things.
Make yourself essential in that way.
I hate the terminology of that because what they did with that with businesses across the country was abhorrent during COVID.
But I will say that acquiring skills is something that we could all do instead of just wasting time.
Do that.
And a friend of mine brought up this great point too.
Skipping a meal, if you have to only eat one meal a day, eat it at night.
Don't eat it in the morning.
When you eat it at night, it goes to all the right organs and it does what it's supposed to do efficiently and nutritiously.
If you eat only one meal in the daytime, then you're burning through all of that as energy.
And so the nutrition doesn't get where it needs to go.
So I thought it was a really great point about making sure that if it ever got to that point, remember this conversation and remember that eating a meal at night would actually do you more favors.
There's so much to prepping pellet guns, all these kinds of things that we should be
Making sure you have, just make sure that you have all the things you need in bulk and not just flour and not just wheat and all those things.
What are you going to make?
You know what I mean?
You have to be able to make things.
You have to be able to have recipes and you can make food taste good too.
There's a lot of great companies out there.
We could go on for days talking about prepping, but I just wanted to give you kind of those things that are on my mind today and really the art of the bait and switch, the lies that are being told and how they do it.
And I hope you benefited from that today.
Alright you guys, I'm Kay Daly, your guest host for the Alex Jones Show and I'm really happy to be here.
I've been on radio for about 10 years and boy has it been a trip, a study, everything.
It's been a crazy ride for sure.
You guys have a great day.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have had quite a run here at InfoWars.
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And we're being bullied.
We're being brutalized by the special interests that want to get through us.
To be able to get to you.
So if we put today's live show headline up on screen for TV viewers and ask the question, did Alex Jones Infowars declare bankruptcy?
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So I want to ask you to go to infowarestore.com and every day during the live show, under the live show feed, we'll have a link to it as well where you can donate and we can buy products.
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The only way we fail is if you don't take action.
When we get together and stand up against the globalists, we are unstoppable.
I'm counting on you.
Stay with us.