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Name: 20220511_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: May 11, 2022
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Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.
You'll find us in the shadows, yeah we know, running child kidnapping rings.
This is a war against you and your family of inflation and collapse!
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
I have a lot more to cover, ladies and gentlemen.
When we return, you want to see how the CIA and the Pentagon are recruiting domestic spooks to spy on you?
You want to see the type of stuff they're putting out?
Well, we're going to review some of it with one of these recruitment things they put out.
On the other side, Ghost in the Machine, straight ahead, stay with us.
So the group, Firebombing Pro-Life Facilities, and connected to shooting up Attorney General's offices and things like that, have put out their first communique.
And we're going to be going over it here in a moment, with the Wisconsin Firebombing and more.
But that ties into this.
The CIA and the Pentagon for at least 20 years have been recruiting hardcore communists and pedophiles and just criminals in general.
It came out last year that the CIA would only put pedophiles in charge of orphanages they controlled in Germany when Germany was occupied still up until the 80s.
That was mainstream news.
And in Afghanistan, they would only put pedophiles in charge.
That was mainstream news.
They just chose pedophiles.
They like pedophiles.
That's who runs our country.
Pedophile lovers.
And talk about smoking a gun, that was just a footnote.
And so they hire mentally ill criminals and pedophiles.
And they hire people like Reality Winner and all these other people that are communists or whatever to do this because they'll do anything.
And they know the Justice Department will protect them while they terrorize everybody.
And that's why this Pentagon CIA recruitment video goes to the machine.
It doesn't have a lot of voiceover, so I'll kind of give some narration to it.
Uh, describes how they're these ghosts, not just paramilitary going out to kill people, but that they're going to sabotage everything and that the battle now is in our phones and the battle is censoring the American people and so they're recruiting this army that'll shoot people, burn things down and stage
False flags.
The only problem is the local police might bust them.
In the case of former journalist, big leftist Antifa, charged with attacking Black Lives Matter and synagogues and things and having it blamed on the right wing.
And even when he got caught and now charged, they don't make the point that it was false flag operations that he was running.
And it gets almost no coverage.
So that's what this ghost in the machine is, is the terrorist in the machine.
And Rob knew the other day and said, look at this.
And as soon as he showed me the video, I said, oh, that's...
That's the Army PSYOPS patch is the ghost.
And so now that ghost is working against you and your family.
Now that ghost is making sure the power plants get shut down.
That ghost is making sure the pipelines get shut down.
That ghost is making sure the fentanyl comes across.
And I can tell you all the good people I know that have worked in those units and things are completely out of it and refusing to take jobs with it now.
And the type of people they have in there are literally scum of the earth that can't even wipe their own asses.
But they can cram ballots in ballot boxes.
They can firebomb and blame it on us.
They can shoot up Attorney General's offices.
They can go threaten Supreme Court justices at their houses.
Because their bosses carried out Oklahoma City, their bosses carried out Waco, and their bosses want you dead and hate you and your family's guts.
So, just understand that and know that.
And know the answer is exposing it and taking our government back.
They want to cause a civil war.
They're telling the left they're going to win the civil war.
It's actually going to bring the country down.
So we don't want a civil war or offensive violence.
But we must defend ourselves because that's where all this is going.
So be prepared to defend yourselves and try to fix things politically and spiritually now before it's too late.
And then all you can do is defend yourself because you don't want to be taken to a FEMA camp.
That's what the whole COVID lockdown is about.
All of it is getting you ready for full-on total martial law and their own admissions and own words.
So here is the several minute long trailer for the Pentagon and the CIA to recruit people to go around and terrorize the American people.
Here it is.
If your opponent
And they pretend like, oh look, we did good things in the past, now we're gonna do something good this time.
And who's pulling the strings?
See, any Americans that resist it are working for the Russians.
Well, they're the globalists that have actually put China in power.
Born from the ashes of a world at war, here comes the CIA after you and your family.
You'll find us in the shadows, yeah we know, running child kidnapping rings.
Torturing people to death.
Funding radical Muslims.
Giving China all our secrets.
We know what you're doing in the shadows.
The threat rises in the East.
Yeah, if you set it up.
Democratic Party, a bunch of Chinese agents.
Warfare is evolving.
And it goes from people fighting thousands of years ago, the Huns, into the Internet today.
And your smartphone.
And all the world's a stage.
He's posing a clue to manipulating things.
He's a puppet master.
Warfare is another very important phase of warfare.
It has as its target, not the body, but the mind of the enemy.
The target of psychological warfare is against the enemy's mind.
It is words and ideas.
Ammunition used by cyborgs.
Who's at war with America?
Our own government?
Who's dismantling everything?
Who's telling us we're evil?
And at the same time, is expected and encouraged to study foreign languages and the social sciences such as history, economics, and sociology.
He must have a broad and sympathetic understanding of all phases of human experience.
Oh, you're the liberals, you're good.
You'll now kill the people that don't agree.
The next phase of censorship is death.
Killing us.
We are everywhere.
Yeah, molesting children.
Chipping in drugs.
Sabotaging America.
This is the Extinction Rebellion.
Taking over the CIA.
Feeling in the dark.
Then they show footage of Soros overthrowing Ukraine eight years ago.
Put on your mask.
Join the globalists and bring down America with critical race theory and transgenderism.
Starve millions to death in Iraq.
These are the Psywar soldiers.
And we are the Americans.
We are the resistance.
Our government is compromised.
Our government has been hijacked.
Our government is run by enemies of the republic.
You'd have to be an idiot with no brain cells not to know that.
And the litmus test is critical race theory and transgenderism to run out all the good people out of the military and convert it over to a pure army of trash.
Same thing, taking over local police departments, not to defund them, but to get control of them to be political officers.
And Soros already has most of the people in local government under his control.
The city attorneys, the county attorneys, the district attorneys, the local courts.
And now they're going to sew up their operation and we got their intimidation forces running around attacking people.
And there's almost no media coverage because they're doing the Lord's work.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have had quite a run here at InfoWars.
We've had a huge, huge effect when it comes to the fight against the globalists.
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We are maxed out and pushed up against a wall, just like America is pushed up against a wall.
And we're being bullied, we're being brutalized by the special interests that want to get through us.
To be able to get to you.
So if we put today's live show headline up on screen for TV viewers and ask the question, did Alex Jones Infowars declare bankruptcy?
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