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Name: 20220506_Fri_Alex
Air Date: May 6, 2022
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In this recording, Alex Jones discusses a range of topics from the New World Order to tax evasion strategies and limited edition shirts for fundraising. He criticizes the CDC and public health officials for spreading misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines and their serious medical effects. Jones also talks about corporations censoring conservative voices, disease outbreaks, supply chain breakdowns, ways to support InfoWars, taking action against evil, globalist agendas, and fallen angels' influence on history. Additionally, he discusses tax planning strategies, food prices, rent costs, mortgage rates, past revolutions' funding sources, technocracy, J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis's awareness of conspiracies, and promoting InfoWars merchandise to keep his message alive.

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I really need all of you to get that you're everything.
You're the eyes and the ears on the ground.
You're the people that know how to operate and run this country.
And you're the people that tuned in here out of the billions of folks on earth to find out what's really going on or to augment the knowledge you already have and use this show as a sounding board.
And that's why I just cannot stress upon you enough that you are
God's will on this planet.
You want God to take action?
God's doing it through you.
And when you take action, we win.
When you don't, we lose.
This is an Emergency Friday Broadcast.
Emergency Broadcast.
Friday Emergency Must Watch Broadcast.
Globalists are fighting to kill you and your family.
Learn how to stop them today.
While America is fighting for its soul, the world slides closer to thermonuclear war and the end of civilization as we know it.
Across America, leftist terror forces are announcing plans to stalk Supreme Court justices in their homes, while Antifa vandalizes and ransacks a pregnancy center amid reports of the end of Roe v. Wade.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones!
If you had asked me all this stuff a year ago about the corruption that's going on, I would have said you're crazy.
There's no way that there could be this level of corruption in government.
You shouldn't listen to InfoWars and Band.Video because that's all nonsense.
And, you know, we shouldn't pay attention to any of this stuff.
It's been very evident to me that all these people who are being labeled as misinformation spreaders, I mean, they're the guys telling the truth.
There are many thousands of physicians who have been silenced for telling the American people the good news about the situation, that we can manage the virus.
The true misinformation spreaders are the CDC and the public health officials.
This remains a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
They are the ones that are propagating this outbreak.
The only people you can blame.
This isn't shaming, this is the truth.
Maybe they should be shamed.
Of the unvaccinated.
This is a situation of an outbreak and a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
Dr. Fauci's probably done more good for the world than all of us in this room combined.
Dr. Fauci, knowing that it is a crime to lie to Congress, do you wish to retract your statement of May 11th where you claimed that the NIH never funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan?
I totally resent that.
And if anybody is lying here, Senator, it is you!
We now know that Fauci-funded EcoHealth Alliance, a New York-based non-profit headed by Peter Daszak, was absolutely engaged in gain-of-function research to make chimeric SARS-based coronaviruses, which they confirmed could infect human cells.
And the worst part?
All the people going along and being lab rats for these heartless megacorporations.
It is truly incredible.
If only people had the entire story that the COVID shots are not conventional vaccines.
There are plenty of examples of people that are having very serious medical conditions that result from the vaccination.
When the convulsion started, I knew it had to be from the vaccine.
Due to this vaccine, I don't even know if I'll gain full movement in my leg back.
One of their high school football players died.
He had two blood clots inside his brain, another on the outside of his brain.
The hardest thing was I let him get that shot.
They got the vaccine!
We need help.
Well, the Bill of Rights is a stumbling block on the way to shutting down speech that the left doesn't like, at least in government.
But there's a new avenue for those who would like to censor what you say and think, and that's corporations.
The left have wised up to this.
If you want to stop someone from telling the truth, use companies to do it.
The social media giants.
And they are.
For many on the left, the view seems to have become that if you can't beat them, prevent them from speaking.
So far the most prominent casualty of the crusade against free expression has been the radio show host Alex Jones.
There is a concerted effort by the Democratic Party and multinational corporations and big tech to silence conservative and nationalist and populist voices.
There's also guys on CNN that spend their whole day calling Facebook and saying, can you ban this person?
He may be America's best-known conspiracy theorist, but this week, Alex Jones' content will be a little harder to find.
Shame on the mainstream corporate media for not defending the First Amendment, but instead attack-dogging, calling for federal regulators to shut down independent, free press working with big tech.
People know what's true.
They can smell it.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
In a free country, everyone can be hurt.
In totalitarian societies, only the powerful can be hurt.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
InfoWars has been banned.
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
Go to Banned.Video.
Download the videos and share.
Support the Information War at InfoWarsStore.com
And never give up the fight.
We are the embattled front line of human defense against the globalist depopulation armies.
The sign of a dictatorship.
It's Friday, May 6, the year is 2022.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Alright, I intend to open the phones up for several hours of the broadcast today, and I intend to cover the entire waterfront of incredible news, but here is the bottom line.
America is fighting for its soul right now over this infanticide, abortion, baby harvesting nightmare.
And we have massive news on that front.
Or the left announced two days ago they would start storming churches and pro-life centers and stalking and harassing members of the federal judiciary in D.C.
and in other areas that do not submit to their tyranny.
This is clearly a racketeering terrorist operation, but they are fully protected by the head racketeer terrorist minion, globalist puppet, but still he is the president.
In function.
And that, of course, is Barack Obama enjoying his third term right now with a placeholder.
Placeholders known as Biden and Harris.
Godless pro-abortion activists announce plans to storm Catholic churches.
Interrupt mass on Mother's Day this weekend.
They hate motherhood.
They hate family.
Report Antifa attacks a crisis pregnancy center in Portland.
Ransacks it.
Breaks out the windows.
Leftists direct protesters to intimidate conservative Supreme Court justices at their homes, and the White House press secretary defends it and says it's a good idea, and says the criminal leaking of the Supreme Court draft ruling is also a good thing.
Now leftists ask if someone should kill conservative members of the Supreme Court over Roe v. Wade.
Don't expect any investigation.
Again, it's BLM Soros-funded groups targeting members of the Supreme Court's homes, offering money to the activists.
We'll be going through this.
We planned the clips.
That's in the stack.
Then, we have a very important stack on the whole COVID tyranny.
It's in the SPARS 2025-2028 War Game document.
That is really a blueprint for what they carried out with COVID for the year 2020 to 2023.
And in there, we shot a report over a year ago titled SPARS 2023-2025-2028.
It's got about 4 million views on Bandai Video that you should go watch because it's more important now than it was even then.
People like General Flynn saw the document.
He was blown away because the military will do
War games, but those are actually operational war plans as well.
So a war game is a practice of an off-the-shelf attack you're going to run, and in it they talk about how when it comes out that the shot's going to cause blood clots, heart attacks, brain damage, infertility, autoimmune disorders that are AIDS-like, that they will put little announcements out that they cycle on and off to look out, to watch out,
That'll be published as like public warnings, but not widely disseminated.
And then that way later when it all comes out, they'll just say, well, it's plausible deniability.
Nobody made you take it.
There's the report.
Emergency Saturday broadcast.
World shocked by Spars 2025-2028 document.
It's got 3.6 million views in that version.
Another million views on another version on Bandai Video.
The point is,
3.6 or 4.6 million views is not enough.
Everybody needs to see it.
I'm gonna have it reposted under the live show feed today, so it'll be easier for you to find and share.
And so what we saw in the SPARS document is now here unfolding in front of us.
FDA limits J&J COVID-19 vaccine over blood clot risk, even though all the other ones do the exact same thing.
Now the J&J is a virus vector
Vaccine or a spliced clone DNA virus RNA mixture of a chimpanzee and a dead human child are fired into the nucleus of the cell and then it orders the cell to produce the deadly spike protein.
That's what statistics show.
The shots are worse than actually getting COVID and basically give you the same thing.
They do so many other things as well.
But it causes so many disorders in their studies of rats and other animals, that's why they went with it, because it's then hard to pin down exactly what's going on.
But they knew in their own CDC documents in October 2020 what would happen months before they rolled it out.
Well, now the FDA limits J&J COVID-19 vaccine over blood clot risk.
You know, if you try to tell people that two years ago, they were even starting secret trials that was doing that, they would ban you off Twitter or Facebook.
But here it is.
They now admit it.
We'll be going over all of that.
Pfizer's new 80,000 page data dump in her court order is a nightmare and came at the same time as the Roe v. Wade leak.
We'll be going over what's in those new documents and really the biggest news of the day and then I'll get into all the rest of it.
Gates and all his minions and cohorts are openly having a U.N.
corporate takeover of all medical systems in the world and a world medical ID, the basis of the world cashless society programmable token, martyr the beast, cashless society system that brings in
The social credit score, carbon tax, in their own words.
Well now he's making the rounds, he's crawled off from under his rock, saying creating the germ team, a corporate UN body, is the single most important thing we can do to prevent the next pandemic.
And the UN has basically announced it's now under Bilderberg Group, Davos Group command, yesterday.
And Bill Gates promises there'll be no more pandemics, because there won't be any more people.
When they are done, this is the cover for their economic collapse and takeover.
We'll be getting to all of it coming up today, and folks are battling back against it all over the world, also in New Zealand.
They caught a bunch of theater where the Prime Minister and others, dozens of them, weren't wearing masks.
But before they go on the stage, they put their mask on.
And then they take their mask off.
It's all for complete theater.
She even says, go ahead and put your mask on.
We're about to go on camera.
And they don't even care that other cameras are capturing it.
We got similar footage of this in California and Pennsylvania and D.C.
with the politicians doing the same damn thing.
They follow a battle plan script.
Meanwhile, you look at this, you think, well, these are just kooks.
Somebody has to listen to them.
Whatever they put out is what the Tavistock Institute and the Dabos Group
The Carnegie Endowment won't.
Transgender activist makes argument for all children to be put on puberty blockers until they can determine their identity.
Talk about mass sterilization, mass evil, mass drugging.
That is it.
It's not enough the plastics and chemicals and the food and water to hermaphrodize the general population and cause all these mutations.
Serious medical issues.
Now they want to openly and directly do it.
They're also in the news calling to put lithium forcibly in the water to make you behave and have a happier society.
An anti-psychotic metal.
So that's what we've got on that front.
We've got the leftist more footage of them melting down of their sacrament of abortion.
People not wanting to go along with it.
It's all coming up today, but make no mistake.
InfoWars is dreaded by tyrants and pedophiles and satanists and control freak predators everywhere.
And when you share the articles from InfoWars.com or NewsWars.com isn't as banned, or from Man.Video, the link to use for Man.Video, they haven't
Restricted yet on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and other places is battleplan.news, battleplan.news.
When you do that, you're changing the world.
We're so close to tipping point.
We're so close to beating these globalists.
We are so incredibly close to winning.
And instead of just hoping Congress reverses all this censorship, we have to override it by the sheer force of your action and your will.
And it's so simple.
If you just put InfoWars.com on the back of business cards or on the back of pieces of paper and hand them out and say, find out the truth, find out what you're not supposed to know.
If you just share the articles and videos, we have the most important, hardcore, effective truth out there and it needs to be spread.
I know you're doing it.
You're the tip of the spear, and I salute you and thank you.
But today, recommit and realize how important your human intelligence on the ground is, and your human action is, and your prayer.
And thank you for your financial support, getting great products at the same time at InfoWarsTore.com.
We'll be right back.
Amazingly, today we do not have a large global organization dedicated to preventing pandemics.
There are some part-time efforts.
The WHO helps the world with lots of health issues, but it hasn't been given the resources to have this dedicated team.
We need to create this group with full-time paid experts who are constantly tracking disease outbreaks
I call this the Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization Team.
So the acronym is GERM.
The GERM team will actively monitor potential health threats all over the world.
Data scientists would see where there are clusters of suspicious cases.
Epidemiologists would monitor reports from national governments to identify anything that could be an outbreak.
We'll have disease modelers gathering the data to do accurate projections.
Product development experts will work with governments and companies.
We need more work on diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines that we can scale up with very short notice.
And we'll have policy experts making sure that every country has the right approach
The team will need to regularly organize outbreak simulations, germ games that test the global response system and find the weak spots.
We do that for war, we do that for fire, we do that for earthquakes, and now we need to make sure we do it for pandemics.
This team would keep their skills fresh to help you get rid of polio, get rid of malaria, get rid of measles and other infectious diseases.
So they'll have immense value even in the years where we don't have a pandemic threat.
I think it's a critical step to build this germ team, making sure we're ready for the next pandemic.
Everyone should watch that one minute 45 second clip over and over and over again.
I'm gonna have it posted in the live show feed area beneath the main broadcast today.
But let's let's walk through it.
In that minute 45 seconds, he hits everything.
We're gonna have a permanent UN world government system, which they've got the treaties going with right now unfolding.
We're going to have the
Surveillance system over your phones and then chips in your clothes and body.
They've announced all that.
It tracks everywhere you go in the name of stopping the pandemic.
They're going to continue to develop the new viruses and release them and then beta test stronger and stronger viruses and stronger and stronger quote vaccines they're going to give you while spinning the whole thing that they're trying to protect you while they do it.
This is how they're bringing in the cashless society, the carbon tax, the social credit score.
It's all admitted.
By the Davos Group, and here's Gates pushing this merger of corporations that quote, work with the UN and this new empowered world body germ to then come up with the treatments that the corporations are then paid taxpayer money with.
They consolidate the money and power while tracking and controlling you, while making everybody else non-essential, while training you to be locked down on a routine basis under a technocracy.
This is absolute hell on earth.
And remember, Bill Gates, Peter Daszak, Anthony Fauci are all on record.
It's all there.
The emails have been released.
It's all come out of EcoHealth Alliance and all of it.
And Obama, going back to 2012, and it was going on before that, but it accelerated, creating viruses described as COVID-19 with the exact same sequences and combinations.
It was made in a lab.
It was made in the United States.
It was transferred to China for plausible deniability six months before
The release publicly.
They approached the Pentagon and said we'd like to open air releases in China.
We now know they did it years before in 2017.
That's how Michael Flynn, General Flynn, learned about that when he was at the Defense Intelligence Agency, and then as the head national security advisor.
That's why he wouldn't release classified info on air, but he would just say I'm telling you it was made in the land.
It's synthetic nanotech virus.
And then we got the documents.
It's synthetic nanotech.
Headlined London Telegraph.
Synthetic virus particles penetrate human skin with sparse COVID chimeric viruses.
And so when Gates chillingly has been making the rounds the last week, whenever he comes out of his spider hole, better look out because he wants to telegraph and tell you what he's about to do.
So he'll be called a hero.
When everything he talked about comes true because he and others that he represents are behind it.
This is a life and death situation.
This is all on record and we need legislatures.
We need governors.
We need citizens and lawsuits.
We need courts.
We need Congress.
We need whistleblowers.
We need people to realize this is front and center of their takeover.
They're on record.
Saying there are too many people on the planet and that they're going to cull us.
Remember, General Stubblebine was the head of the Army, his wife was a high-level medical doctor, and they were told in the early 2000s, 2005, while she was treating the head of state,
I don't know.
That I helped do the research for, on at least two of the episodes are 90% of my research, the others are partially my research.
The point is, I brought them Labo, I brought them the documents, and it's not about credit, it's about I knew who to bring to them, and that's why those shows are so powerful and so viral today, is because word for word, what she says is true.
Who do you think she is?
She's a top medical doctor, the wife of the guy that ran, not just the Army's secret operations, but who ran the CIA's secret operations, and what came after MKUltra.
Now they believed they were doing that to make America stronger and defeat foreign enemies, but they later realized that it was bad.
Look up Stubblebine.
They turned it into a cartoon and a joke with John Ronson's fraudulent book.
Everything he does is a fraud in my view.
Men who stare at goats.
But that makes a joke.
Jeff Bridges and others in it about what Stubblebine was really doing.
But those projects they were doing that are in that movie is just a very, very, very, very, very small part of the projects they were involved in.
So I'm going to say it again.
People ask how I know all this stuff.
It's on record how I know all this information.
You can learn this information.
You can stop this information.
They say in the Spars document that it's a battle plan.
You can't walk around with a battle plan admitting it's a battle plan, so you just change the dates.
It's got the tweets and everything, and when you flip the tweets, all of them, the acronyms and things, it says COVID-19.
It says all the response, and then the sub-headlines are exactly the same.
They even war-gamed out what the agencies and Bill Gates would tweet.
This was several years before they released the virus in late 2019.
An exact battle plan, day by day.
And they announced going into the third year that they'll start admitting heart attacks and strokes and blood clots and say it's an accident.
And now, FDA limits J&J COVID vaccine over blood clot risk.
It's all been wargamed out and we sit here like fools
When we have their war game, and know what they're gonna do next, and we just take it like we're morons!
And then other people go, man, Jones is so smart, how does he know all this?
These frickin' criminals are doing this out in the open, people!
You know, the saying is out there everywhere now.
It's written on the side of buildings, bathroom walls.
You see it all over the internet.
It really enrages the globalists.
It makes them pull their hair out because they recognize Infowars as an archetype of human populism and liberty and justice and strength.
Not just myself, but the whole crew, the listeners, the guests.
This is what they fear.
A community of information and resolve, and the fact that we're giving each other succor, or that we're supporting each other, that we're aiding and abetting each other in our quest for freedom and justice.
And so the saying, Alex Jones was right, drives the system into a rage.
And more and more people are saying that, more and more people are doing that, and I was watching the guest host yesterday in the fourth hour, did a great job, and he was saying, you know, Alex Jones has been a one-man army and a one-man mission to stop the New World Order, and as nice as that is what he said, it's not true.
It has been individuals on the ground for 28 years that have allowed us to do what we've done.
This has been a community effort.
And I don't say that to sound magnanimous or pat you on the head.
I really need all of you to get that you're everything.
You're the eyes and the ears on the ground.
You're the people that know how to operate and run this country.
And you're the people that tuned in here out of the billions of folks on earth to find out what's really going on or to augment the knowledge you already have and use this show as a sounding board.
And that's why I just cannot stress upon you enough that you are God's will on this planet.
You want God to take action?
God's doing it through you.
And when you take action, we win.
When you don't, we lose.
This is an Emergency Friday Broadcast.
Emergency Broadcast.
Friday Emergency Must Watch Broadcast.
Globalists are fighting to kill you and your family.
Learn how to stop them today.
While America is fighting for its soul, the world slides closer to thermonuclear war and the end of civilization as we know it.
Across America, leftist terror forces are announcing plans to stalk Supreme Court justices in their homes, while Antifa vandalizes and ransacks a pregnancy center amid reports of the end of Roe v. Wade.
There's so much to go over and so much to talk about here, but I really today also want to take a ton of your calls on Ukraine, on inflation, on the economy, what's going to happen to Biden, who are you viewing as the main contender in 2024, which is really the start of the campaigns less than a year away.
We're 186 days out.
From the midterms and the left is saying race for imminent right-wing terror attacks, anyone questioning vaccines, anyone questioning open borders, anyone questioning elections is a terrorist.
And that's now officially what they're trying to say.
It's obviously ridiculously transparent that this is an authoritarian move that we're witnessing.
Because they know they don't have the people's support anymore and that the world is waking up to them fast.
So a lot of people say, well, let's just sit back and they'll destroy themselves.
Well, yes, but they're destroying us in the process.
So how do we stop them in a nonviolent way that doesn't help them trigger the civil war that their controllers desperately want to bring down this country once and for all?
The world is in
Extreme danger.
You don't need me to tell you that.
We're on a nice edge here.
So I'm going to give the number out today.
And this is for first-time callers, regular callers, callers again that agree, that disagree.
All I ask is that you have a clear phone line and then don't want me to screen your call on air.
You can tell us what you want to talk about.
They'll put a little note on the screen.
But something that happens a lot
Something that happens a lot is folks will
Call in and then say, is it okay if I talk about this?
Or is it okay if I talk about that?
When you're on air here, no one is censoring or controlling what you're saying unless you use cuss words.
We're on over 330 AM and FM stations and a bunch of TV and cable stations and they can't have that because they're under FCC rules.
Sure, CNN can cuss.
Sure, the liberals are allowed to cuss.
As Christians and conservatives, I'm not mad at people that cuss.
There's a lot bigger sins than that out there.
I'm not a hypocrite.
But I can't get our stations in trouble.
So, that's all I'm asking for, is that you hit me with your info, hit me hard, so we can get to the next amazing person.
Because I love taking your calls.
Because they take us in so many really interesting and informative directions.
Now here's Tulsi Gabbard's rightfully discussing the fact that we're on the verge of World War III, and that if we're not very serious about it, and if we're not focused, we can end life on this planet as we know it.
Here she is.
Former Congresswoman and presidential candidate, Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S.
Army Reserves, Tulsi.
The U.S.
government, you know, says no, that's not true.
Intel specifically targeting Russian generals.
How dangerous is this American involvement getting?
This is just one piece of the larger reality that we the American people are facing, which is that the Biden administration has already gotten us into a war with Russia, not just a cold war, but a hot war.
And they're using Ukraine as our proxy.
We heard Secretary of Defense Austin say just the other day very clearly what our goal is.
And I'm going to quote him.
He said, we want to see Russia weakened to the degree that it cannot do the kinds of things that it's done in invading Ukraine.
End of quote.
Russia will see this, even if we get close to achieving this, Russia will see this as a threat to their very existence.
And they've already said how they would react.
They would react with nuclear weapons, starting with tactical nukes.
And you and I know very well that once that Pandora's box is opened of nuclear war,
There's no way to close it.
That means the American people, the people of Europe, the people of the world, we face destruction because of this nuclear war.
Forget about it.
Yeah, I mean, the East Coast of the United States.
I mean, the West Coast of the United States, threatened.
It's all threatened under this scenario.
Now, I want you to listen, Tulsi, when I was watching the other networks today, about how the national security community, you know, ex-CIA, is spinning this New York Times reporting.
There is an important distinction between giving the Ukrainians information in order to target individual leaders and giving the Ukrainians information that helps them prosecute the conflict, which by nature of conflict will occasionally include senior commanders who are in the field.
Tulsi, I've heard a lot of parsing of words in the past, but that's pretty much on top of the list.
Parsing of words and mumbo-jumbo, really trying to obfuscate, again, what their goal really is.
And their goal and what they're doing, the actions and policies we're seeing, has put us directly in war with Russia, which the American people don't want.
You know, people are struggling.
You've talked so much in this show already tonight about how people are struggling all across the country.
Higher gas prices, crazy high inflation, high rents.
To speak of what the cost and consequences would be to continue to escalate
This war with Russia and that's that's frankly where I have hope because the power is in our hands.
We've seen now primary elections are going on the general election will be here very soon.
Now's the time for we the American people to take a very strong stand for a future of peace and prosperity and thoroughly reject any Democrat or Republican who will not work towards that future of peace and prosperity and who will who will not reject this war with Russia that threatens our very lives
And the well-being of our families, our children, and our future.
All right, Tulsi, wonderful to see you.
Thank you so much.
There are, of course, those who do not want us to speak.
Let me think, just let me think.
I suspect even now orders are being shouted into telephones and men with guns will soon be on their way.
It's Chancellor Sutler.
Damn it!
Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation,
Words offer the means to meaning and for those who will listen.
The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?
You decided, sir.
You wanted it foolproof.
You told me every television in London!
Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression.
And where once you had the freedom to object, think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and subverting your submission.
We need cameras.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Well, certainly there are those who are more responsible than others.
They will be held accountable.
But again, truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.
I know why you did it.
I know you were afraid.
Who wouldn't be?
There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.
Fear got the best of you.
And in your panic, you turned to the now High Chancellor, Adam Sutler.
He promised you order.
He promised you peace.
And all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
There is a war.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the resistance.
We are the Infowar.
We're going to take calls for the entire second hour and into the third on this Live Friday edition.
Love the different directions callers take us.
The wild card of it.
And so that's why I love taking your calls and interfacing with you.
Plus the system hates uncensored, unfettered access to the airwaves because of whistleblowers and key ideas that get introduced into the ether.
877-789-2539 is the number to get on air with us here today.
All right, let me just go back to what I was saying and I'm gonna hit a bunch of the news that's breaking.
And boy is there a lot of it and a lot of powerful stuff.
I could sit here and talk about all this news and it'd be a really riveting interesting program and boy folks would love it.
It would be an edgier seat thing and we're gonna do that.
It's important for people to know all the minutia.
But if you don't know the big picture, you don't have a hope, and neither do I. And we're all in this together.
So if I'm going to be free, you need to be free.
If you're going to be free, I need to be free.
That's what symbiosis and symbiotic relationships are about.
And evil people tell you that that's not how the world works.
And they're trying to set up a system where we turn against each other, where we don't care about the unborn or the old or the weak.
When you do that, you don't make yourself stronger, you make yourself weaker, and you turn yourself into a major, major target.
So they're celebrating being weak, they're celebrating being alone, they're celebrating being stupid right now, because that's the type of prey that these people want.
And anybody pretending that they're part of the power structure, anybody pretending that
You can just go along with this and somehow get ahead is delusional and is lying to themselves.
And look, I know as an audience, you understand that and you get that, but this is a life and death situation.
I think the most important thing to do is to pray quietly while you're alone every day for enlightenment.
And for discernment and that you have a spirit of kindness and compassion but also strength to be light in the dark of this intensifying night that we're going into.
But here's really what I wanted to say during the break when I was thinking about this.
We can talk about the symptoms of the New World Order and Satanism all day, but we have to talk about the cause.
And it is spiritual, good versus evil cause.
And when you see everything happening, the intensifying wars, the pedophilia, the sexualization of children, the devaluation of currencies, the mass starvation, the imploding borders, the food shortages, when you witness all that, those are the wages of who these people are.
Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and his whole ilk come from generations of super ruthless evil people.
And they look at you with less respect than you would give a cow out in your pasture.
They don't even see you as having value like a cow has.
They see you as garbage that is to be taken out and thrown away.
And when you buy in to these people's narrative, you are buying in to your own destruction.
Now I know for the general audience, millions of people, you know that, you're like, Jones, you keep saying that every hour.
Well, because this is a message to those that aren't yet aware of how much danger they're in.
And it's a message to those of you that are awake, that we're in a life and death situation here.
All the things I mentioned earlier, all the attacks, all the breakdowns, is the stated Agenda 2030 post-industrial world.
And everything the globalists said that they would do in Rio de Janeiro with that treaty that Herbert Walker Bush signed on to, they've done.
And so do you want to pretend
That they're not going to kill 80-90% of us by 2030?
I want to still be on air then, and I want to say we turned the tide and that they didn't carry it out.
But do you understand?
They will kill you in the next eight years.
They will murder you.
And it really freaks out the left when I say that, without even looking.
I see articles in major publications every day going, look at Jones.
He claims they're going to kill 90% of us by 2030.
He's dangerous.
He's got to be arrested.
He's scaring people.
He's going to cause violence.
No, I'm quoting globalists.
I'm quoting the Washington Post and Bloomberg saying they want a dictatorship.
I'm quoting them saying they want to depopulate us.
You will have nothing, you will own nothing, and you're going to like it because you're going to be dead.
They're on record saying you'll have no free will.
They're on record saying you'll live in a 200 square foot coffin apartment if you're even allowed to live.
They're on record saying all of this, so I'm just sitting here saying, are we really going to let them do this?
And I know why people have trouble.
If you try to go to your business, or go to church, or tell your wife or husband this stuff, and they're not up to speed on it, they're going to think you're crazy.
But what we found, and what we should really focus more on, is getting all the times I predicted stuff.
In fact, I was out with Joe Rogan last week, about three or four hours, and he just looked at me and he said, he said it three times, and Joe doesn't usually belabor something, and he's absolutely right, and we need to do this.
He said, you need to make a movie called Alex Jones is Right.
And he said, you need to take, and he talked for like 10 minutes, about all the things I've been right about, and I'm not name-dropping, I'm just giving him credit, and he said, that's what'll wake people up, and he's right.
It's one thing to tell somebody about what's about to happen, even if you have the documents, it just sounds preposterous, but if you can show a film where I make a prediction, 25 years ago, and then we show it come true,
And I make one 20 years ago, and it comes true, and 18, and so on and so forth, and then show how I knew from the documents, and then say, in the last third of the film, this is all Joe's idea.
Here's what's coming next.
Because I was sitting there telling Joe, you got to warn people, you got to tell them this is coming next, you got to lay this out.
He said, listen, you know, send me the links, fine, but you need to tell them how you were right beforehand and how you knew.
There's a conversation started.
He's like, how did you tell me 15 years ago about Epstein by name and about the island and all that?
And I said, Ted Gunderson, former high level FBI.
And he goes, hmm.
He said, well, you got to make a movie about all this.
And so he gave me, I mean, not 10 minutes, probably talked about 20 minutes just on this subject.
And then he circled around again and then again.
I guess we're hanging out about four hours, hanging out.
At the end of the night, he said, make that movie.
I haven't made a real film.
I produced some, I voiced some, I've been in some.
I haven't made a real film in 10 years.
Because I've been so hardcore on the air, live, breaking news.
But we're going to make the Alex Jones was right movie.
And we're going to do it off what Joe said.
He's absolutely right.
It needs to happen.
Because I have found that is the most effective way to wake people up.
The only way we can make that movie and make sure it takes place is you to keep funding this operation that's embattled.
I want to thank you for your support.
Please go to InfoWarsTore.com.
We got a decent shipment of X2 in, but we've already sold out a half of it.
It'll be sold out in a few weeks at current sales rate.
25% off.
If you have an experience deeper with crystalline, I know what it does for your body, your immune system, your libido.
You're crazy if you don't.
We'll be right back.
The UN estimates that over 2 billion people alive on Earth today have cognitive disabilities, lower IQs, and so many other medical issues because of one thing, iodine deficiency.
And most iodine that you get from different foods is bound to other minerals or other compounds, so it's not absorbable in the body.
And that's why iodine deficiency is such a huge issue.
We have the purest, cleanest, best iodine in the world from deep-earth crystals more than 7,000 feet deep.
I think so.
On March 11, 2022, a peer-reviewed study was published highlighting the close link between cell phone radiation and early-onset Alzheimer's disease, what the author calls digital dementia.
A professor at Washington State University, Dr. Martin L. Paul, exposes how damaging EMFs, electromagnetic fields, can cause excessive intracellular calcium, or a buildup of calcium in the cells of the brain, which contributes to Alzheimer's.
Pulsed electronically generated electromagnetic fields used for wireless communication are producing strong electric and magnetic forces that act in the cells of our bodies, primarily via activation of voltage-gated calcium channels.
In other words, electromagnetic waves produced by cell phones, smart meters, radar, etc.
are activating functions inside brain cells that regulate calcium levels.
And this interference is causing an excessive build-up, which essentially calcifies cells and speeds up Alzheimer's disease, what Dr. Paul calls digital dementia.
The EMF exposure also causes stress inflammation in the brain.
Yet another contributor to Alzheimer's and dementia.
These widespread electromagnetic fields, primarily cell phone radiation, produce what Dr. Paul calls the ultimate nightmare, extremely early-onset Alzheimer's disease.
The age of onset Alzheimer's has decreased over the past 20 years or so, with the timing corresponding to the large recent increases in wireless communication electromagnetic field exposures, including recent reports of 30 to 40 year old Alzheimer cases, aka digital dementia.
These EMF-induced changes to intracellular calcium levels and correlated stress inflammation have been demonstrated in animal models of Alzheimer's disease.
In a 2008 study cited in Dr. Paul's paper, after only two hours per day of radiation exposure from a very low-intensity mobile phone base station,
Massive levels of neurodegeneration was produced in the brains of young rats.
34% of the brain cells died in four weeks.
In a 2013 and 2016 study, rats exposed to a series of EMF pulses in one-day to two-month-old rats
Found universal Alzheimer's effects in those rats when they were 20 months old.
The equivalent of 42 year old humans.
In addition, some 10 month old rats exposed to EMF pulses daily experienced extremely early onset Alzheimer's.
The equivalent of 21 year old humans.
Is digital dementia the Alzheimer's disease for a new generation?
Raised within electromagnetic fields and inundated with cell phone radiation?
So don't hold your phone to your head.
Be weary of cell phone towers, 5G transmitters, and turn off your Wi-Fi whenever you can.
We may not be able to escape all electromagnetic fields, but we can at least reduce the amount of cell phone radiation we pump into our brains.
This is Brian Wilson with InfoWars.com.
There's a lot of controversy around this network about Alex Jones, for example.
Alex Jones, the far-right conspiracy theorist who is apparently
It's Alex Jones!
Russian scum!
The Troll Wars comes to mind.
Your reputation's amazing.
I will not let you down.
You will be very, very impressed, I hope.
We are now into...
Hour number two on this May 6 Friday broadcast.
I'm going to go to your phone calls during this segment.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
Look, I'm going to go back to what I said last time.
I'm going to say it again.
If you knew there was a plan to use viruses for fear, to lock civilization down and bring in a cashless society control grid, a term I coined 20 years ago,
And you knew they were going to carry it out, what would you do?
And again, I want to explain something.
I wear a journalist hat, normally just a pundit analysis hat.
But wearing a journalist hat when I've met with people in private, those meetings are private.
And that's why more of those meetings have happened.
I have met with at least three members of the Bilderberg Group.
I have met
With intelligence agency heads of this government, I have gone through the process of having them try to buy me off 20 years ago, and 12 years ago, and 10 years ago, and 5 years ago, and 2 years ago, and I've not sold out to them.
But it is very frustrating to be speaking to you with a completely level head covering things that are on the record happening and that are going to happen and to have it even debatable.
And then to see all the mercenaries in thousands of corporate publications and TV programs lying and attacking this broadcast, pretending like none of this is going on.
So I'm gonna hit some news and go to your calls, but I'm gonna just say it again to everybody.
I want to sink into myself as well.
The globalists have executed 95% of their Agenda 21 program that was to be completed by the year 2021 on
In the paper they admitted all this.
The next nine years will end free civilization and kill the majority of people on this planet in their own admissions.
I morally cannot sell out to these people even though it would give me some protection for at least a season.
I don't want to go to prison.
I don't want to be attacked by these people and their lawyers.
But at the same time, that cost is nothing compared to being involved with what they're doing and how evil it is.
So I don't have a choice but to do the right thing.
And I want you guys to realize that when you call into the shows, I'm going to go to your calls and thank me, that it's obscene.
And I mean that in a nice way.
You're supposed to fight this.
You're supposed to resist this.
It's not like it's nice when you're a father or a mother to get up and feed your baby at midnight or change their diaper.
You're supposed to do that.
When you see somebody have a really bad car wreck and you're in the middle of nowhere, you're supposed to pull over and render aid.
You're not a hero when you pull over and render aid.
When you see somebody choking, you're supposed to perform the Heimlich Maneuver.
You're not a hero when you do it.
And it is not a question of if you need to be activist and engaged.
It's a question of, do you want to be on the right side of this?
Because if you do not oppose this evil, and if you do not fight this evil, you are not neutral.
There is no neutrality.
It's like the Rush song.
If you choose not to choose, you still have made a choice.
If you choose not to choose, you still have made a choice.
Please, I'm begging you.
I don't want to be right in eight years about this.
Now let me tell you the good news, and I'll hit the news.
When I've had the globalists reach out, and in some cases meet in person, they were very arrogant before.
They were laughing at me when I didn't join them.
Now when I've met with individuals at the highest levels of the system, they say, how do we get out of this?
It's going to destroy everybody.
You're right.
This isn't good.
And so even individuals at the highest levels of the power structure,
Now realize that this system is going down and falling and that they'll never survive what's happening.
And that's why you see what Elon Musk is doing.
It's like in V for Vendetta when he finally meets with the police inspector, you know, the head detective.
And the inspector tells him how the government released a bioweapon for fear, and they brought in a biomedical tyranny state to control everybody, what we're now living under.
They're telling him what they would do beforehand.
He looks at V, who he hasn't figured out is V yet in his disguise, and he says, why didn't you do something before?
Why didn't you stop this if you knew this?
And V looks at him and he says, I was waiting for you, inspector.
I was waiting for you.
And that's the same thing.
When you call in and thank me, I'm asking you to take action.
I'm just like you.
I just learned this earlier.
I can't do this without you.
You're just as important or more important than I am.
That's why V looks at me and goes, the inspector.
I was waiting for you.
I was waiting for you.
I mean, do you understand that all the food shortages and the collapse and everything you've seen being set up is just the beta test for their main move?
Do you understand that?
I mean, just as sure as the sun rose this morning, they are making a move to implode civilization, cause mass collapse and mass death on a scale never before seen.
And I am completely energized in every cell in my body to stop these people.
But I cannot do it without you.
I need all of you, including my amazing crew, who is absolutely aligned and doing a great job, to understand that we don't have time to screw around now.
And we may have failed in stopping them launching their main operation, but they've done it in a badly coordinated, damaged way and they admit they're in trouble.
And so now we've got to stop them.
So I could talk about the window dressing all day.
But when you realize the transhumanist, power-tripping, satanic goal of the New World Order, and you realize you have nothing left to lose but taking action, then the question is, how do we take action?
And I'm going to do pieces on that, my best thoughts.
We're going to do a lot of shows in the future where I'll do three, four hours of calls just on solutions, because you have great ideas, where we can all war game how to peacefully stand up and do the right thing and not be set up at a false flag.
And how to go to city councils and county commissioner meetings, and how to go to churches and speak, and how to street corners, it doesn't matter.
But how every little bit counts, and how we're going to raise the alarm and save humanity together with God.
Alright, we got loaded phone lines with Jordan and Chris and Harv and Bruce and Robert and Scott and Kyle and Winston and Russell and Alex, and I'll take every one of those calls and more today
And then we'll get to all this other news.
But the New World Order is a suicide pact.
The New World Order is a deal with death.
The New World Order is a delusion.
It's a lie and it's gotta be rejected.
When you swallow poison, you gotta vomit it out.
We'll be right back.
InfoWars.com, the tip of the spear.
Came in the outtake, gave me the collywobbles.
Still does.
That's close enough, Inspector.
We're not wired.
I'm sorry, but a man in my position survives by taking every precaution.
You've information for us?
No, you already have the information.
All the names and dates are inside your head.
What you want, what you really need, is a story.
A story can be true or false.
I leave such judgments to you, Inspector.
Our story begins, as these stories often do, with a young up-and-coming politician.
He's a deeply religious man and a member of the Conservative Party.
He's completely single-minded and has no regard for the political process.
The more power he attains, the more obvious his zealotry and the more aggressive his supporters become.
Eventually, his party launches a special project in the name of national security.
At first, it's believed to be a search for biological weapons and its pursuit without regard to its cost.
However, the true goal of this project is power, complete and total hegemonic domination.
The project, however, ends violently.
But the efforts of those involved are not in vain, for a new ability to wage war is born from the blood of one of the victims.
Imagine a virus, the most terrifying virus you can, and then imagine that you and you alone have the cure.
But if your ultimate goal is power, how best to use such a weapon?
It's at this point in our story that along comes a spider.
He is a man seemingly without a conscience, for whom the ends always justify the means, and it is he who suggests that their target should not be an enemy of the country, but rather the country itself.
Three targets are chosen to maximize the effect of the attack.
A school, a tube station and a water treatment plant.
Several hundred die within the first few weeks.
That Three Waters has, in fact, been contaminated.
Authorities are attempting to control its deadly spread.
There's a wave of destruction throughout the underground.
Fueled by the media, fear and panic spread quickly, fracturing and dividing the country until at last the true goal comes into view.
Before the St.
Mary's crisis, no one would have predicted the results of the election that year, no one.
And then not long after the election, lo and behold, a miracle.
Some believed it was the work of God himself, but it was a pharmaceutical company controlled by certain party members that made them all obscenely rich.
A year later, several extremists are tried, found guilty and executed, while a memorial is built to canonize their victims.
But the end result, the true genius of the plan, was the fear.
Fear became the ultimate tool of this government, and through it, our politician was ultimately appointed to the newly created position of High Chancellor.
The rest, as they say, is history.
Can you prove any of this?
Why do you think I'm still alive?
We'd like to take you under protective custody, Mr. Rookwood.
Oh, I'm sure you would.
But if you want that recording, you'll do what I tell you to do.
Put Creedy under 24-hour surveillance.
When I feel safe that he can't pick his nose without you knowing, I'll contact you again.
Till then, cheerio.
Why didn't you come forward before?
What were you waiting for?
Well, for you, Inspector.
I needed you.
But it wasn't a right-wing political group who released the weapon.
It was the eugenicist death cult who released it.
I'm Alex Jones.
I'm your host.
Thank you for joining us today.
We're going to go to the callers and the order they've been received here.
That would mean Russell and Winston and Bruce and others first.
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We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
All right, we're going to your calls right now.
I want to show TV viewers a few images and I'll narrate these for the millions of radio listeners tuning in.
These are some of the leftist activists that are now celebrating Disney because it's targeting children with sex.
And you look at these people that are sexualizing children, whether they're men or women, or the NBC executive that was attacking Elon Musk, caught trying to have sex with a 10-year-old boy two days ago.
And you look at them, and these are not the people you want to listen to on sex.
And look, I'm a little overweight, I'm not perfect, but this woman weighs 500-600 pounds.
And she loves Disney, and she loves the leftist agenda, and she's on sex strike.
Well, nobody wants to have sex with her.
And then you got the woman headed up to run the Ministry of Truth Bureau, who I never even got to yesterday.
Reprint that for me.
All the time she's attacked me and said I should be silenced.
What the CIA wants you to think its henchmen look like, got James Bond over there, versus what they actually look like.
Crazed anti-human.
Oh, and you get a 3% raise but inflation is 5.4, 6.2, 6.8, 7.5, 7.9, 8.5, 10.25.
Yeah, that destroys any of the chances you have to get ahead.
It is economic warfare.
Plain and simple, and we've got to fight the censorship.
Elon Musk says, I'm on the warpath.
Elon Musk expected to axe Twitter's censorship team, become CEO after he takes full control.
You know, the jury, I think, is still out on Elon Musk, but everything he's doing right now makes a lot of sense.
It's a good thing.
And a lot of people say, hey, he bought Twitter a million years ago.
It's like a week ago now.
Why isn't Alex Jones back?
Well, James Woods is back, and I've seen a bunch of other folks that are back.
Why isn't Alex Jones back?
And why was Adon Salazar kicked off Twitter, one of our reporters, two days ago?
He's not in control of it yet, but six months from now, if we're not instated, it's not about being reinstated on there.
I was never the best tweeter anyways.
Then he's full of crap.
But if I'm back in six months,
Then I think he's definitely done what he said he would do.
And I love how Musk says he's calling for investigation of far-left groups trying to pressure advertisers.
That's racketeering.
George Soros and others are fighting him.
When you've got enemies like Bill Gates and George Soros, well, makes me like you.
It's definitely a real fight going on.
Is it globalist battling over control or has Musk gone rogue and bet on humanity?
He says don't depopulate yourself, don't take the shot.
He says we need more children.
I mean, he's doing a lot of good things, but he pushes brain chips and he pushes universal basic income.
Not good.
OK, let's go to your phone calls.
Appreciate folks holding so patiently.
We're going to go to the callers, the order that they have been received here.
And that would mean that we are going to go to Chris in Arizona.
Chris, welcome.
Hey, Alex.
Thank you.
Hey, I just wanted to let you know why I wanted to bring it up.
You know, there's a war for our mind.
We need to bring on the war.
We need to bring on the war to their mind.
I'm talking about the liberal left, blue haired, elected, mistakenly having people.
Well, with this abortion thing going on right now, they're over there protesting.
We need to make it look absolutely absurd what they're doing, so... Do me a favor.
It sounds like you're covering your phone up with your hand.
Can you talk right into it?
Yeah, I'm talking right into it.
Sorry, I'm right over at Air Force Base, and they're doing drills right now, but can you hear me better now?
Yeah, go ahead.
So, how do we try to wake the left up?
Well, we need to go out there and, uh... So, they thought it was cute going into J6 with their little, uh, implants.
What we need to do is we need to go into their protest.
Well, they're protesting for abortion.
We need to go in there and do something like protest like puppy abortions.
Get that on on screen and, you know, it's hard for me to explain.
But basically, you know, they don't care for human lives, but they definitely care for the animals.
I'm just thinking, you know, I don't know.
No, no, Chris, definitely infiltrating leftist groups, but not having them commit crimes, not act like they do, not set them up, but just discover what they're doing and expose it is a beautiful idea.
And just illustrate absurdity with absurdity.
That's a great idea.
Yeah, I mean, go in there and just be like, we need to abort puppies.
You know, when other people... Oh, exactly!
We need to abort puppies!
And then that will... Wait, aborting a puppy's okay.
Great point.
Great idea.
Thank you so much.
Let's go to a caller in Mexico.
Winston in Mexico.
Welcome, and thank you so much for calling.
Alex, it's great talking with you, and thanks for that Rush lyric from earlier.
Yes, sir.
I want to talk about living in Mexico, and also if we have time, the manufactured global oil crisis that we're seeing.
Yes, sir.
So, I've been living here for about three months.
I actually left the day of the invasion, and the social control I've witnessed here has been very disheartening.
People are still wearing masks in the streets alone, in a car alone, yet they'll walk down a crowded street with something to eat.
That's a whole debate we could have, because I love Hispanic folks.
They're pro-family, hardworking, smart.
But when I'm driving around in my car, I see Hispanic men and women in their car wearing the mask.
It's almost always a Hispanic person or an old white person.
What the hell's going on there?
They're really good people down here.
I mean, they have a sense of humanity that we have lost in the United States, and it's one of the reasons why I came here.
So it's, like I said, extremely disheartening to see this charade continue.
So what do you think the Hispanic blind spot is for going into the Cub Attorney?
It's just fear.
They live in fear here.
There's a lot more crime.
There's a lot more violence.
There's been a huge uptick of leftist violence here.
Antifa-like groups smashing 400-year-old architecture.
You know, in the name of transgenderism and abortion.
I mean, I never thought I would see that coming here.
You see all over the place spray-painted aborto and different transgender flags.
It's really crazy.
It's a worldwide anti-human death cult.
And if we ever get the Latin Americans on board with Liberty, the New World Order is dead on arrival.
And they're ready for it.
They're perfect for it.
And we just need to get down there and educate these folks.
But I get it, you know, there's such a loss of control.
People want like one more, okay, well, you know, maybe the mask will help.
No, it's a sign you're buying into the fear.
It's a fraud.
Thank you so much, sir.
God bless you.
All right, let's jam in one more call before we go to break.
Got a minute and a half.
Go ahead, Russell.
Russell in Oregon.
Alex, it's an honor to speak with you, man.
Honor to talk to you, brother.
Tell me what's on your mind.
Well, I just wanted to talk about briefly.
We're good.
And they admit that they're coordinating with the WEF.
Total cohesion.
And so the World Health Assembly... Hold on, Russell.
I've actually got... This is part of the news I wanted to cover.
Don't hang up.
So I'm going to come back and play the new clip of what you're talking about, and then we'll go back to you.
Stay there, Russell.
Yeah, I mean, folks, this is...
I'm mad at myself.
I'm only covering this like an hour a day.
I mean, their main big move is not even Ukraine.
It's this world government treaty.
The W.E.F.
in charge of it all.
The U.N.
signed a treaty with the private corporations yesterday.
This is the big enchilada, folks.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us in full wars.com.
This afternoon, the Secretary General and Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, will witness the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on a strategic partnership between the UN and the World Economic Forum, which outlines areas of cooperation to deepen engagement between the two institutions and to jointly accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.
I'm announcing three actions that the Department is taking to advance environmental justice.
First, consistent with the President's executive order on tackling the climate crisis at home and abroad, we are issuing a comprehensive environmental justice enforcement strategy.
Associate Attorney General Vinita Gupta will discuss that strategy in just a moment.
Second, I'm pleased to announce that we are launching the Justice Department's first ever Office of Environmental Justice to oversee and help guide the Justice Department's wide-ranging environmental justice efforts.
Like all parts of government, it will get its own acronym, OEJ.
And third, the Justice Department is issuing an interim final rule that will restore the use of an important law enforcement tool, Supplemental Environmental Projects, subject to new guidelines and limitations that I will also be issuing today.
Administrator Regan and I know that the communities most impacted by environmental harm are not isolated in any one part of our country.
Environmental crime and injustice touch communities in all our cities, towns, rural areas, and on tribal lands.
Although violations of our environmental laws can happen anywhere, communities of color, indigenous communities, and low-income communities often bear the brunt of the harm caused by environmental crime, pollution, and climate change.
They include communities, fenceline communities, where exposure to toxic air pollutants have caused scores of cancer-related deaths.
All right, Russell in Oregon.
Thanks for holding.
Everybody else as well.
Russell, you really make a big point.
I mean, we have world government being announced.
I had we came into break Antonio Gutierrez, the general secretary of the U.N., saying that they are now merged with the Bilderberg Group and its public organization, the World Economic Forum.
So the Justice Department saying this is their new big push.
Nothing to do with the environment.
Total power grab.
Total control.
Medical tyranny.
And you were making some great points.
Please continue.
Thanks, Alex.
Well, it's not just the UN and the World Economic Forum, but also, of course, the World Health Organization, and that their assembly is concurring with the World Economic Forum's
Thank you.
Oh no, tell me about what I mean, because they obsess on it, because they're the ones putting stuff that blocks iodine, chlorine, fluoride, bromine, in the water.
I mean, I don't just sell iodine and just say it's important.
They're literally obsessed with keeping us from iodine, just like the U.N.
will order world lockdowns and starve 40 million people to death the last two years, on top of who dies, and then they say, oh my God, they're starving.
So what are they saying about iodine?
I don't know yet.
You can look at the World Health Assembly website on the WHO website and one of the items on the agenda for the
22nd through the 28th Assembly is Iodine Deficiency Disorder.
So I don't know the exact nature of it, but this is... Well, it is the number one health cause on Earth, they admit.
I don't just believe the UN, I've checked it out.
I was educated by top scientists about this 10 years ago.
But it's just incredible.
But then meanwhile they bombard us.
You understand, when you've got chlorine, bromide, fluoride, all of it, it blocks the good halogen.
Well, I completely understand that, and that's why I religiously take the nascent iodine, the X3, the X2.
It's an amazing product, and I have felt a true difference in my function.
I wanted to bring up one last thing, and this is a really big tie-it-all-together with what's going on there in Switzerland as the summit of all globalist activity.
I don't know.
Interdimensional holes.
They are trying to become God.
They are trying to make... And by the way, they say that themselves.
They admit there's multiple dimensions.
There's a dimension five times stronger than ours.
That's the next dimension holding us in.
They're trying to blast their way through it.
Even though they admit it can create a black hole or a strange lid and destroy the planet.
Because again, colliding uranium and plutonium, folks,
Well, and that's why they call the Higgs boson the God particle.
This is their whole thing.
They want to use the LHC to become God.
And it's, again, they fired it up.
It has been in an inactive state for four years, and they just turned it back on a couple weeks ago, one month before this.
Well, that's because it blew up.
They blew up with whatever they did last time.
It was scheduled.
They have these off periods.
They run it for a couple years, then they have the off periods, and they are able to process the data that they collected from the trial in those off periods.
So they are firing it back up.
And I just want to remind everybody, do you remember about eight, nine years ago when these videos surfaced from CERN where they were doing these mock
Like satanic rituals, mock executions.
Guys pull up satanic rituals at CERN.
They had everybody like in eyes wide shut in druidic robes out doing sacrifices with a giant god Shiva above them in a huge statue.
Yes, I remember those.
And this went totally under the radar and it was such a joke.
And if the crew doesn't find it, I don't blame them in the next minute and a half.
Add it in post when we upload this to Bandai Video.
Oh, there, they found it.
Great job.
Yeah, show this to viewers.
There you go.
The crew's incredible.
They found that in 10 seconds.
The other thing, Alex, that's going on in Switzerland, I mean, Switzerland is the locus of the globalist
I mean, it's where it's all happening.
Take over.
And Novartis, which is the largest pharmaceutical company in Switzerland, formerly Sandoz, where Albert Hoffman discovered LSD in 1943.
They are now Novartis, and they are, as of 2019, collaborating with Microsoft.
Hold on, I'm going to hold you over it again.
I'll get to all the callers.
We pushed our guests back.
Everybody stay there.
I'll get to everybody.
Jordan, everybody else.
But look how they take the beautiful woman as the goddess.
If you're a TV viewer, you see it.
And put her in front of Shiva, and they do a mock human sacrifice.
I mean, this is insane.
I'm glad you reminded me of this, brother.
Well, it's just important stuff, and this is real.
It's not a joke.
And again, I want to just go back to that Novartis in 2019 signed an agreement to work with Microsoft to use AI technology, cutting-edge AI technology, to develop research on chimeric antigen reactors.
Oh, they created the whole thing.
It's on record.
More calls coming up.
Stay with us.
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We are shoving it into overdrive today.
Blessed to be here with you, honored.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're taking your phone calls right now.
We're going to go to Jordan in a moment, but let's go to Robert in Texas.
Robert, welcome.
Hello, hello.
Yes, sir.
Good to talk to you.
Hey, three points.
My pleasure.
I'm going to get the business quick.
Number one, Jason Remus, if I'm saying the last name correctly.
Burmess, yes sir.
Outstanding presentation for the fourth hour Tuesday.
I was like, man, I recognize this.
I watched it while I had my lunch and had meetings.
I watched most of it.
Jason's a smart cookie.
Yeah, man.
So my point is, I'd love to see more of him, fourth hour.
Don't miss that Invisible Empire is an excellent documentary available free on YouTube.
I know, I produced it.
It's a good film.
If you're interested in what is the New World Order, check out Invisible Empire.
Number two, this is my product endorsement to you.
About 10, 12 years ago, you had, uh, you offered, uh, the full library of DVDs, all of your DVDs.
These include, uh, you know, Bohemian Grove, Endgame, uh, Police State, all those.
Uh, you had a package deal.
It was a sweetheart deal, and I'm recommending that you consider, uh, offering a note, something like that.
You know, hey, you get the whole library, you got them on hard disk, and this is back when you could, um,
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I mean, we're very in battle, like the media spun it.
Jones says he's down to $3 million.
That's $3 million he's got.
No, I've got to buy product, I've got to run the place, that's nothing.
And then we got two million dollars in Bitcoin donations.
And I put half of it out there.
I need the money right away.
The other half, I hope Bitcoin goes back up.
It probably will.
Then I'll sell it later.
But I mean, we are still treading water here.
And that's why I appreciate all your support.
But you can find a lot of films, a lot of DVDs at InfoWarsTour.com.
But most of them you see have that, you know, some of them have that join the waiting list because a lot of them have been sold out.
We just haven't had the money to go reprint them.
But yes, it's so important to have these on hard copy.
Where you can share them in all my films.
You're authorized and encouraged to make copies.
So thank you so much, Robert.
All right, we're gonna go to break.
And we're gonna come back and we're gonna go to Jordan, Harv, Bruce, Scott, Kyle, and Alex.
And I'm gonna give each caller about a minute and a half.
And we're just going to get to the next person.
But yeah, listen, nobody hates plugging and selling products more than I do.
So I'm going to sell products that are going to be great, because I feel good about that.
Because I want you to buy them again so they work.
I want you to like them.
But I would rather just have some billionaire give me $50 million a year to run this operation.
That's a lot of money.
No, it's not anymore, folks.
We're spending $10 million a year on bandwidth.
We're a victim of our own success.
We have massive bills, and that's why I don't want to lose to these people, and that's why I'm counting on you to go to mfulworthstore.com and just shop with us.
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It's so incredible.
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Such a game changer.
X2, mfulworthstore.com.
We are still live on air in defiance of the entire corrupt power structure trying to snuff us out, which shows us that humanity is strong and you are strong, and I salute you and I thank you for keeping us on air.
You are the resistance, literally.
Jordan in New Mexico.
Jordan, thanks for calling.
Thanks for holding.
Thank you, Samaritan Jones, for having me.
Without further ado, I just want to raise an issue, and I'm calling on you to coin a new term for the new age that we're in.
I agree with Mr. Fink that globalism is dead, and that as you have coined terms in the past, sir, we need to coin a term for this transhumanist technocrat system that's now taking the place of what was a globalist system.
What, high-tech cannibalism?
Satanic science?
What did you call it?
I urge you to come up with something, sir.
I'm sure you will, but I think it's time to dispossess ourselves of the current globalism.
Globalism, they admit it, was always a lie to everybody under their control.
Well, you're right.
Then they bring in the collapse and high-tech Elysium cities, golden field cities that are above everybody's control while we all starve.
I don't know what you call it.
I mean, what would you call it?
We should have a whole show about what do we call post-globalism.
Yes, a symposium if you will.
That's one of them.
But I urge you to do that at home.
What, the new Dark Age?
I mean, what do you want to call it?
The new scientific Dark Age?
Yeah, that's a good question.
I think Mr. Dyer should be involved in this conversation and you should have some titular heads of... Yeah, but let's go back.
We covered that three weeks ago.
How big is it to have the head of BlackRock and also Vanguard, the same company, to have one of the top New World Order people, even above Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates, say globalism's dead, the public's turned against us, but he went on to say the answer is collapse.
Collapse, that's their weapon, is to collapse.
Instead of him going to jail like Bernie Madoff, he just starves you to death and you put up with it.
Yeah, here's the thing, and Dyer touched upon this in a couple of shows in the past week.
HG Wells and them talked about the froth of the capitalist system being the grid which they'll use in order to bring in their new system, the new Aon, as they call it.
Yeah, they said we'll use the power of capitalism and free market to build the new present.
And they have.
And part of the grid system and part of the reason for the replacement migration is to get the people out of the lower areas of Latin America and the third world and bring them to the big grids of the first world so they can, guess what, kill them slowly as they've started to kill us.
Do the same thing they've done with us with this medical authority, which they'll run in the first world systems that they're slowly collapsing, but not quick enough in order to get the people that have resources.
And they'll be low resources so we'll all wink wink while they're killing the third world people, yeah.
You know what I'm saying?
No, it's a total plan.
They admit their plan.
And Jay Dyer is going to be hosting the fourth hour, so he is quite the brain.
Thank you so much.
Great points.
All right, let's take a call from Harv in California.
Welcome, Harv.
It's an honor and a pleasure, but within a minute and a half, I guess we'll get going real quick.
Hi, Alex.
I've been noticing a lot of things popping up in my social media feed, and even coming from people that I talk to that are not religious at all, starting to just bring up the topic of the Four Horsemen.
Now, I've been thinking about this, and I'm starting to see a lot of correlations that looks like we are really starting to check off the boxes for the arrival of the Four Horsemen.
We already, you know, pestilence, famine, death, and war, right?
With coronavirus and the poking smoke, we already have pestilence.
We have every government leader right now, basically, saying that the world is about six months away from a global food crisis and famine, with people trying to escalate the conflict in Ukraine into potentially a global conflict, as well as all of the social dissidence we're seeing across the world that could easily spiral into civil wars across the world.
I just wonder, do you think that maybe we might be seeing the arrival of the four horsemen?
Well, there's echoes of this, there's many antichrists that are like little waves before the big wave.
There's the antichrist and the devil have the same program, so he's always trying to enforce it.
But yeah, I mean, we are entering Agenda 2030, that is, the globalists believe a collapse is coming, so they want to implement it before it happens, so they control it.
Alright, well yeah.
Thank you for that, and I guess I need to get out of the way, because if you have any callers like that... No, no, that's it.
You're making great points, brother.
Thank you for bringing that up.
Thank you.
All right, let's take another call here.
Let's talk to Bruce in North Carolina.
Thank you, Alex.
Yes, sir.
I called to tell you who is the New World Order, and
Alex Jones is known by many names.
He might be called Alex, he might be called Father, he might be called Boss, Entrepreneur.
Back in the day, there were these people called the Igigi, the Nephilim, the Watchers, and the Fallen Angels.
These were the same people.
At 425 AD, the Fallen Angel Constantine got some of his pals together and they rewrote the Hebrew Bible in the Council of Nicaea.
To create what you would call the Holy Bible now.
So, take the Fallen Angels, and they made themselves the Romans at that time, to retain their rank, and kind of hide their name, and start the New World.
Another New World Order that was then.
So now, take the Fallen Angels, and replace the Romans that you know today with Fallen Angels.
Then you have the Fallen Angel Empire.
You have the Fallen Angel Catholic Church.
And it goes on and on and on from there.
Really hard to unpack a 14-hour conversation in 90 seconds.
So I started right there in the middle with the fallen angels.
They were the servants of the gods.
Yahweh, Muhammad.
Muhammad and Yahweh had children.
Yahweh had children.
One of his children's name was Marduk.
Guess what?
Marduk wanted to be a god too.
So Yahweh said, okay, son, here, carve out a spot in my realm here.
So Marduk went down and made Egypt and made himself Ra.
So now Marduk is a god.
One of Muhammad's children wanted to be a god.
So Inanna, his grandchild, was granted her own domain.
She became Sri Lakshmi in the Indus Valley.
This is why we have gods all over the planet and all this ultra-intense architecture that cannot be reproduced today.
What you got for me?
Very interesting.
I appreciate your call.
We're taking your calls.
All right, let's talk to Scott in Texas.
Go ahead, Scott.
Hey, how's it going?
Good to talk to you as always.
I wanted to touch on the SARS pandemic.
Basically, it talks about the loss of confidence in all government officials, all government leaders, all established establishments.
So, this is all part of the plan, in my opinion, like it talks about in the SPARS document.
A couple other points real quick.
To fight censorship, I recommend trying to get a hold of Matthew Ramer with contentspace.co.
He'll help you bypass censorship.
I'm here to have you as part of the team, Alex.
Solutions, you were speaking of, go to CorbettReport.com.
James Corbett does a whole series on solutions.
And if I could get a soundbite from you, just say go to GrandTheftWorld.com.
You know, it's hard for me to plug something.
I don't know what it is.
You sound like a nice guy, but I don't know what that site is.
Send me a clip to showtipsatinfowars.com, brother, and I will check it out, but I can't endorse something.
People say, why don't you just get sponsors?
Well, I've got to vet them and check them and then test them and make sure people like it before I do it.
I can have 100 sponsors, but I can only bring sponsors that I know are really great, but I appreciate your call.
Let's talk about the collapse and what is the plan.
And I will get to Kyle if Kyle holds 45 minutes.
We have a special guest joining us.
Then I want to answer that question because that's the big question.
I don't even have all the answers.
I'll take a little bit of Jay Dyer's time coming up in the fourth hour and answer Kyle's question.
Even if Kyle hangs up, I'll be able to talk about the collapse and what
What the plan is.
Does he mean their plan or what is our plan?
Because there's, I mean, this is such an incredible time.
And if we just think big picture, we think about being empowered and we think about being informed and we think about how things really run, they won't be able to do this to us.
So I'm trying to get people literate on the New World Order, literate on how it operates, because I believe in you.
I'm betting on you.
I don't think you're garbage like the New World Order does.
I think I'm great.
I project onto you.
I think you're great.
And you are.
Project onto me that I'm great.
I project onto you.
Together, we're going to go to the stars and beyond.
Let's do it in Jesus Christ's name.
All right.
Ban.video, battleplan.news.
Share those links.
Share those videos.
We'll be right back.
The answer to 1984 tyranny is 1776 liberty.
Alright, I want everybody to listen to me very, very carefully.
I respect you all and any advice I would give you is advice I would take on my soul.
When the police pulled me over two years ago and said, have you been drinking?
I've been so committed to the truth that I said, yeah, I had a half bottle of wine, they arrested me.
And it wasn't... I just couldn't lie anymore.
I couldn't lie.
And so I'm now to the point where
My wife says, you like that woman?
You're really turned on by her.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, she's really hot.
I can't help it.
I just, I tell the truth now, period.
And it's just what I do.
It's, it's, and let me tell you, when you train your brain, because when you lie, your brain calculates everything and then decides what to say and creates a false reality.
When you stop lying, and I've never been a big liar.
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When I was 14, he goes, I go, yeah, I did.
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But the point is, is that I don't lie to you.
And that's why they sit there and they say that I'm a liar and I'm a deceiver because I'm the opposite of that.
That's why I've told you horrible things about me because I want you to know that I'm a sinner and I'm not perfect.
Now, let me tell you something.
There is nothing more frustrating, nothing in my life more frustrating than seeing the establishment write the laws and the regulations to help themselves and to not help you.
And to have the government and the systems and the bureaucracies, the corporate bureaucracies, not tell you how it works.
Because if you want to bring down the system and replace it with a better one, not the horrible one they want to replace it with because they're bringing it down.
You need to know the tricks and what's going on, and you need to know how easy it is.
And that's another giant frustration.
We wouldn't be on air right now without good tax lawyers and good researchers.
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It was just amazing.
It was a match made in heaven, but we're going to break in three minutes.
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That's right.
That's right, Tyler Bennett.
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Key information straight ahead.
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The politicians, the politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice.
You don't.
You have no choice.
You have owners.
They own you.
They own everything.
They own all the important land.
They own and control the corporations.
They've long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the state houses, the city halls.
They got the judges in their back pockets.
And they own all the big media companies, so they control just about all of the news and information you get to hear.
They got you by the balls.
They want obedient workers.
Obedient workers.
People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime, and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it.
And now they're coming for your social security money.
So they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street.
It's a big club.
And you ain't in it.
You said recently, quote, when you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do.
You better believe it.
So what specifically did they do?
If I ask them, if I need them, you know, most of the people on this stage I've given to, just so you understand.
A lot of money.
You and I are not in the big club.
The owners of this country know the truth.
It's called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.
But I'll tell you what they don't want.
They don't want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking.
They don't want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking.
They're not interested in that.
That doesn't help them.
That's against their interest.
That's right.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, two weeks ago, Tyler Bennett of American Tax Solutions was on with us.
And I was 100% honest with all of you.
You're not going to get in the big club.
And you don't want to be in their satanic big club.
Bezos and the top globalists pay zero taxes.
Musk is not part of their club.
He had to pay $16 billion or whatever it was this year.
Which is still a small part of what he has.
They have special former Justice Department heads.
They have three law firms.
They're on record.
The old one was Arthur Anderson, but they got in trouble with Enron, so now it's these other ones.
There's three of them.
If you get them to sign off on your tax return, you pay zero taxes, basically.
And there's ways they do it, and they have you move it around through Ireland and other countries.
You're not doing that.
It doesn't matter whether you work at McDonald's.
It doesn't matter whether you're a doctor.
It doesn't matter whether you own a ranch.
It doesn't matter whether you're in the FBI.
It doesn't matter if you're a college professor.
It doesn't matter if you're an auto mechanic.
There are easy default things that the big corporations and the big HR blocks will not tell you about.
And that there's groups that will sign on and say, we're defending this, this is kosher.
And then they leave you alone.
And so there's hundreds of ways to do it, but very simply, the type of corporation you have.
From 40% tax to 20.
There's so many things, and we wouldn't be here on air if I hadn't changed our tax strategy like four years ago.
I was just going along with the mainline deal and getting totally screwed.
We wouldn't even be here.
So ladies and gentlemen, that's why I'm saying I feel so good about pushing this because this is the Achilles heel.
They've got a club that they leave loopholes and escape systems for themselves.
So up at the top, the billionaires paint basically 5% or nothing.
5% is about the average.
You can look it up.
But if the general nouveau riche middle class working class knows this, you can save 10, 30, 40 percent a year easily.
And it's so simple.
But you've got to have lawyers and CPAs that aren't screwing you and that are patriots.
And that's why we have American Tax Solutions.
Go to jonestaxrelief.com and we get the support from the members that go there and be part of this.
And I'm telling you, they will scan what you've done.
It'll take them a few days, a few weeks, depending on how complex your business is.
Do you get it?
This is as close as you can get.
And Tyler, we talked about this on the phone the other day privately.
Repeat what you said to me.
I mean, how close can you get the average person to where the globalists are in not paying taxes?
So again, as you're saying Alex, the globalist true game is a pay-to-play being part of their club thing.
But all the tax codes since the beginning of the IRS were written to be as confusing and as confounding as possible.
Albert Einstein, arguably one of the smartest people in history, said the hardest thing to understand in the world
Is the income tax.
Well the reason it's so hard to understand is because the lobbyists for the globalists have made it unless you go to school for tax law you know for 10 years and study this stuff every year how it changes the regulations how the IRS can change the law without congressional approval etc etc you're just gonna fall behind and so let me tell you something about the big-box tax company
If you've been paying attention since I've been on this program, I've been telling you they're evil and to watch out for them.
And now, look it up.
TurboTax just got a class action lawsuit.
They're being sued.
They're giving $125 million back to people that use their services that they took advantage of.
They said they'd help them save taxes.
They took their money.
They said they'd get them in tax plans.
I don't think so.
It's a vested interest for me, too, because I don't want those people to get your money, my money, or anyone else's.
I want you to keep it.
Let's be clear, it's all fiat.
None of it runs the country.
I've talked to top lawyers and others.
They admit it's all for social engineering.
None of this money runs anything.
That's right.
So, I mean, listen, that's why it's your duty as a patriot, if you don't believe what the regime is doing, is to pay them the least amount of possible.
And here's where they're sneaky, okay?
There was a poll that went out last month and they asked, what's the biggest issue affecting 94% of Americans?
Answered inflation.
Inflation is going up so high.
I talk about this a lot, but it's kind of hard to explain.
So let me simplify it.
When inflation goes up and taxes are not adjusted, you are paying more in taxes.
Let me put it to you this way.
Let's say you have a thousand dollars.
And this is what you're going to owe in taxes.
Well, after inflation that's happened so far, you can get rid of $150.
Now you have your $1,000 is worth $850.
And by the end of the year, guess what?
It's going to be worth closer to $700.
And you're going to have to make up that $300 deficiency.
So that's how, even though the Biden administration hasn't explicitly raised taxes, they're getting more and more of your money through inflation.
That's right.
Inflation is the ultimate tax.
So everyone must use the loopholes now just to survive.
That's exactly right.
And if we look back in history, remember, inflation brought down the Roman Empire.
But the globalists are not going to be brought down.
They're going to let you be brought down by this.
Don't let it happen.
We need to get you in the proper tax plan because we can foresee the way inflation is going to affect your taxes going forward and make sure you're not paying a dime more than you need to.
Because remember, if you give the government money up front, it's an interest free loan.
If you owe money, they absolutely will
Charge you interest.
It's just... Tyler, let's talk about it when we come back, because give people examples.
Again, they've written the tax code for themselves, their system won't tell the general public, it's all legal, all awful, and when they see a lawyer's name on it, it's your issue once you guys sign off on it.
That's what's so valuable about this.
I mean, it's just, it's a no-brainer.
That's why I'm so frustrated that everybody should be doing this.
I was just going to say, that's absolutely correct Alex, because the thing is, like you said before, it's not about people being dumb or stupid, it's about this country purposely gave you a lack of education in this department so they could take advantage of you.
Do not let the globalists take advantage of you.
That's my passion.
It's just like the vaccines.
We have all the numbers.
It's killing you.
We have all the numbers.
It's not a vaccine.
They don't know.
People perish.
That's why I'm so frustrated.
I mean, I remember like three or four years ago, I'd go, wait, if I'm a different corporation, I'd pay less.
Yeah, boom.
We'd be shut down now if I hadn't done that.
I mean, it's like, why didn't five tax firms tell me this?
Why didn't they?
And then later, it's totally kosher.
Man, I mean, it is just insane what they do to us.
Wow, we'll be right back.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
InfoWars is the undisputed spirit animal of the worldwide liberty movement.
And when I'm not sure things, I get angry, actually.
Because they've written the tax code, and they've controlled all the lawyers and CPAs not to tell you what they're doing.
And with social engineering, until they change the tax law every year or so, they're always ahead of things, not paying any taxes.
Having you pay taxes to suppress you while I have all the fiat currency.
Learn what's happening.
Get an assessment.
Save massive money.
Be successful.
Be prosperous.
That's what we're about.
Don't kill your children.
Don't depopulate.
Believe we're going to the stars.
Everything we do here is about wealth and strength because we are not people given to fear, but a spirit of victory, as the Bible says.
Go to jonestaxrelief.com.
One word.
It's a Friday show.
They're gonna get thousands of calls today.
Over the weekend, I've got limited staff there, but leave your name and number, they'll call you.
They've had to even scale up, you know, they're a big national firm.
I've watched their LA offices, just hundreds of people, amazing.
They are about action and cutting through the red tape and not milking you with a long assessment and what's going on and pay these, you know.
We can save you now.
We'll do this.
We'll sign this up.
We get a percent.
It's a win-win, baby.
Do it.
Everything I sell is victory.
And I'm just telling you listeners, this is something that I am just obsessed with because it helps you
And it funds the operation.
That is where I just, everything I do has got to be a win-win.
And this is the win-win of win-wins.
All right, Tyler Bennett, we're going to go 50 minutes to the next hour.
Jay Dyer is going to take over.
But you've got a lot of stories, a lot of reports, a lot of angles, a lot of examples of different types of businesses.
But whether somebody, again, works at a grocery store, or is a scientist, or a billionaire, or a millionaire, they need to talk to you guys.
How do they do it?
What are some of the services?
And what are some of the stories?
That's right, Alex.
So, let's talk about the grocery store employee.
I had a woman who worked at a grocery store that was paying her under the table and she was making some side income left and right a few weeks ago come into my office and she knew because she had heard me on the program before say the IRS only knows what you or somebody else tell them, right?
And so she said to me, well, hey, I don't want to report this income.
What I had to tell her is, listen, the number one way the IRS is going to get you is that they catch you in a lie because
Tax evasion is illegal and the only difference between that and tax avoidance is we find legal... Folks, the avoidance is in the law.
Don't do it illegally.
There's a legal way to do it.
Explain it.
So what she called me and wanted to do was say, hey, can I just keep all this off the books and we'll say I didn't make any money?
I said, no, look, we're going to legally report this income and do it the correct way.
And she didn't know any money anyways.
If you do it correctly, you know what you're doing.
And she's on a 1099.
That's when you're the world's in your oyster for deductions.
And, you know.
We're good to go.
She reported all her income legally and didn't owe a dime.
Another example is on the TurboTax thing.
I had a caller from your program again who said, Hey, I had used TurboTax and they're saying, I owe $20,000.
This woman's 71 years old.
And we said, we'll take a look at the returns.
We did them.
There was a glaring mistake because like I tell you at these big box stores, they're not attorneys.
They're not even enrolled IRS agents.
They're clerks.
And so they missed a huge amount of deductions.
Uh, and, and miscalculate her income, and at the end of it she got a refund, actually.
Uh, so it's all about who's doing it.
So again, instead of her paying 20 grand, she got a refund.
I mean, these, these, these globalists, these lawyers, your lawyers, not all lawyers are bad, but the way they, they just hope people don't look into it or have lawyers like you to counter them.
Exactly right, Alex.
I mean, the way that I would put it is, if you go to the doctor and the doctor says there's something wrong with you, or you're smart, you'll get a second opinion, but if the doctor says something, that's the way it is, right?
And so a lot of these people say, well, Turbo Tech said this, or my risk-adverse accountant said this, who really works for the IRS, and so they think that's it.
I'm here telling you that is not the only option.
Give us a call.
You do not have to pay everything they're claiming because they tack all sorts of fees and different things that they want you to pay.
They have to pay for Ukraine.
They have to pay to make everyone go broke.
And as soon as they know that they've got a major law firm behind them, they back off quickly.
Oh, absolutely.
So check this out.
This is a new thing that's just absolutely crazy.
So we've known for the longest time that the IRS has been outsourcing debt collections to private collection agencies.
This is something that just came across my desk the other day.
This is from a law firm.
I had to bleep out names, obviously.
But this is from a law firm that the IRS has employed to collect
I don't
Oh, they're finding other ways to do it.
They're going through Department of Justice, especially crypto people.
Pay attention.
If you have any crypto, they will go through DOJ to say, hey, we need to monitor this person's account.
We need to monitor this person's public addresses to see if there's any fraud going on.
Is it really about fraud?
Nah, it's they want to take the most amount of money from you as possible.
You have to understand that this is what's happening.
This is the world we live in right now.
Oh, it's like cutting off the pipelines and everything.
It's about suppressing us.
They admit that.
Yeah, absolutely.
So it's literally the listener's duty to save money and not pay the beast.
Because Biden said every American should be proud.
You said this a month ago.
I was like, oh yeah, it's a good point.
But now it's like you're psychic, Tyler.
You said you're paying for the Ukraine war.
It's wrong.
Biden said every American should be proud you're paying for the war.
Yeah, well, I'm not proud to be paying for a war that I don't care about, and I know no one else is either, okay?
And the thing is, is, yes, it is your duty to pay the taxes you owe, not a penny more.
That's the way that it was written, and so, listen, we have a social contract, pay taxes.
It's nice to have police and stuff, but I don't want to pay them a dime more so they can promote their agenda.
But police are paid by local taxes.
Police are paid by local taxes.
That's right.
So the IRS is just, the only thing they're doing is collecting it for their, you know, New World Order and things they want to do.
So yes, a social contract exists.
Do not pay them anymore.
It is not going to help you.
In fact... So somebody that works at McDonald's, you can save them money.
Somebody that
Owns a string of restaurants you can help.
It doesn't matter who they are, you're ready to help them right now.
I know how you do it, but explain.
How do you guys cut to the chase when other law firms, there are some other governments as well, and CPAs play games and milk you?
I don't see why people don't just do what you're doing.
So the name of the game since 2017, it's been five years, is Entity, C Corporation, depending on what you're set up, for COVID relief.
There are now bills have been put in place for self-employed people to save 20% off the top.
There's all these laws that they're not going to tell you about because it's for the people in the club again.
But I know it, my attorneys here know it, and our job and our passion is to make sure you're paying the least amount of tax possible.
Because guess what?
When you have that money in your pocket, you can use that to fight the globalists instead of giving it to them.
Oh, that came out of the Bilderberg Group like 10 years ago.
They said, we got to make people poor so they can't oppose us.
Money is independence and power.
And again, they know the tricks.
They don't want you to have the tricks.
It's so simple.
I would guess anybody that calls, whether they're a retiree or whether they're wealthy, anybody that calls, you're going to be able to help them.
Right, because Alex, everyone's tax situation is unique.
That doesn't mean you can't be helped.
Everyone can be helped.
And does that mean one size fits all?
Absolutely not.
That's why it's so confounding and confusing to the average person, because we need to find a bespoke strategy for you.
Whether you are on Social Security, whether you are working at a W-2 job, whether you are a small business owner, whether you're nouveau riche,
Any of these things, we can help you all because I guarantee you're paying too much taxes if you don't study it or have somebody in your corner that is, you know, Mike Tyson.
That's right.
That's why I hammered the daylights out of it.
Jonestaxrelief.com or 833-900-4285.
Folks, you got a call and you've hired a lot more people.
You already had a big firm across the country, but you're getting flooded.
This weekend people leave their name and number.
They're going to call them back on Monday, right?
I am so happy that the InfoWars audience is, they're flooding us and I am staffing up majorly because we're getting lots of calls.
We will take it all.
And listen, unlike the globalist tax companies, I say we'll take everybody.
We don't care how much money or how little money you have.
You deserve to not be taken advantage of by the government or the technocrats.
And that's where we come from.
Let's come back and talk about some of the breaking tax news and more ahead of Jay Dyer.
Stay with us.
Tyler Bennett of jonestaxrelief.com.
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I want to salute all those.
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Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Litecoin, there's dozens of them there.
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And all of you that donated, we salute you and thank you.
For the remainder of 2022, food at home prices are predicted to increase between 5 and 6 percent, and food away from home prices, restaurants, are predicted to increase between 5.5 and 6.5 percent.
Earlier this year, the USDA predicted food prices would increase 5 and 6 percent.
The price of meats like beef and chicken increased by 1 percent or more between February and March.
McMullen says eggs used to be $1.29 a dozen for large eggs, but now?
They're almost $3 a carton.
Thirty percent of the world's wheat production, if that goes unplanted in the Ukraine and corn and other things, our world is on a very tight balance.
And if we interrupt the food production, we will have a food crisis.
Prices will go through the roof.
We can afford it as a rich country, we're so abundant, but other countries unfortunately will not.
And we will be the last ones affected, but like Marie Antoinette said, let them eat cake.
Meanwhile, dozens of food processing facilities have been damaged or destroyed in fires, plane crashes, and other ominous incidents across the United States.
Everybody's concerned.
Nobody knows what the future holds.
Uncertainty consumes the employees of an Eastern Oregon food processing plant decimated by a fire earlier in the week.
While gas prices pummel the middle class dining room table.
The cost of fuel for agricultural aircraft that is used for planting crops has actually tripled since last year.
Supply chain issues also making nitrogen fertilizers more expensive.
Anywhere from
Say two to three hundred dollars to a thousand dollars more a load going across the country.
Add that to already increasing prices due to inflation, supply chain issues, and trucker shortages, and that could all lead to sticker shock at grocery stores.
Rents reach unsustainable levels nationwide.
Supply and demand problems in the housing industry is having a huge ripple effect on renters.
With home prices soaring, it's forcing many people to rent.
On average, across the country, rent is up nearly 20%.
In one Florida city, a woman's rent is going from $1,700 a month to $3,500 a month.
There are several factors for the big increase.
Mortgage rates are above 5% for the first time since 2010.
Construction costs are high, and that's in part because of supply chain
You would think that all of these simultaneous crises occurring within the United States would be met with the vigor of a deeply concerned United States President.
But America is supposed to assume that this senile, useless pervert donning a jacked-up bowtie is merely incompetent and somehow inherited this whole mess from the previous administration
I'm really excited to be here tonight with the only group of Americans with a lower approver rating than I have.
I think ever since you've come into office, things are really looking up.
You know, gas is up, rent is up, food is up.
No, it really has been.
A tough first year for you, Mr. President.
This Nero 2.0-esque laugh by world government operative Joe Biden as America suffers from his handler's controlled folly while guided by the minions of globalization is a scene straight from the inner sanctum of Skeletor.
We're coming back with a solution.
This is a war.
Be aware of the war and win.
We got one more caller who held Kyle in Newark.
We're going to at the end of the segment, but I want to finish up with Tyler Bennett.
Tyler, it's so frustrating to know the tricks of the New World Order and just see the general public just go, well that's what they do.
I'm going to keep being abused.
It is so simple.
The tax code is written to bankrupt the general population, just like the fentanyl, and the open borders, and the inflation, and the regulations, and the carbon taxes, and everything.
And if people would just legally and lawfully know the loopholes that are written, it'd be game over.
That's why the main CPAs and lawyers
Don't tell people all this, because they're part of the club and it's not supposed to be given to the general public.
The general public is seen as the target, as the schmucks.
We are the people.
We are the power.
With this inflation and the crime exploding, all of it, we've got to get prepared and ready.
And that's where jonestaxrelief.com comes in with your great company, American Tax Solutions.
But here it is.
L.A.D.A., Big Soros Communists, will not bring felony charges against armed men who tried to tackle and stab to death Dave Chappelle on video.
They are encouraging this violence and this breakdown of civilization.
Another sign of that, literally tries to stab and Dave Chappelle moves, they barely missed him, they now confirm, and they don't even, I mean,
This is to destroy confidence and bankrupt everybody so they can buy us up for pennies on the dollar.
Our job is to keep the economy going and be successful and not implode when they want us to.
And that's where people calling jonestaxrelief.com or going to the site and it's so easy.
What's frustrating is...
It's 100% a win-win if people just do it.
That's why I'm so angry because I know there's like three million people watching or listening right now and a few thousand will call you.
They all need to call you and stop being in the trance.
Stop being the sheeple.
Stop going along with the lies.
This is just as big as the poison shots or just as big as the brainwashing in public schools.
This is something everybody needs to do.
So you got six, seven minutes.
Closing comments for TV viewers and radio listeners.
Absolutely, Alex.
Well, let me just say this is the crime and the allowance of crime such as in California now there, you know, it's on the ballot.
It's been accepted in certain places that theft is not a felony unless it reaches a ridiculous amount of money used to be $99.
Now it's a thousand, right?
Which means there's mom-and-pop shops that can't even call the police to get criminals out of their store and door.
And why does this exist is the trifecta.
They want you to be scared.
We're good to go.
We're good.
The tax law is nebulous because the IRS lost a Supreme Court case that crypto investors took up in regards to staking.
And we can use this to our advantage.
Biden absolutely will make the law so that you're going to have to pay everything.
But right now,
We can treat staking income as capital gains, and there's other things we can do.
Wash sale rules.
These are loopholes exist only in the crypto world that are going to be taken away.
We got to the end of the year, and we need to use this stuff now because Biden has
Jeff said he's going to get rid of it, and as I showed you before, the IRS is not necessarily going to wait for the law to say they can do it.
They will use other administrative agencies, the Department of Justice, or whoever else they have access to, their private collection agencies, now these law firms, to do their dirty work.
You know, while sidestepping the law.
Because to sue the IRS, you have to sue them in federal court.
That's expensive.
That's the kind of thing we do when they're violating your rights.
But the average person is not set up for that.
They don't have the funds to supply something like that.
Let's explain.
People aren't going to get with you to get teed up for that.
When they see a major law firm is behind them and doing legal, lawful stuff, they just move on.
They move on to people that don't know their rights.
Absolutely, Alex.
Let me explain to the viewers out there that the IRS, if you've ever had the misfortune of calling the IRS or dealing with one of their employees, you'll know you're not dealing with an attorney.
You're not dealing with an enrolled IRS agent.
You are dealing with a clerk that has been, uh, took a two or four week training period on what the law is.
Do you trust their decisions?
I don't because I've seen them violate people's rights time and time again.
And these are not all bad people.
They just don't know the law and we need to tell them what the law is.
And once we assert that, do you think they're going to go to their manager and say, whoops, I was violating the law.
They're going to roll over him.
Well, that's just the awful truth of it, Alex, is the cabal at the top, they want to keep all of us paying their taxes, and that's how they can escape by paying nothing.
Let's expand on that.
Listeners need to call you because they don't know their situation.
It needs to be assessed.
You don't know, folks, but you're saying basically in every case, you could save people money right away.
Everybody graduated high school and college and guess what?
You went out into the working world and you had to fill out taxes probably even before you graduated high school and you never knew what you were doing and you fumbled your way through it, right?
And that's the problem and that's why you hire some company to do it that doesn't have your back but knows that you don't know what's going on and they know they can take advantage of you.
That's why everybody needs to write down jonestaxrelief.com
JoestaxRelief.com or 833-900-4285 and call on Friday today while we're live, call this weekend, leave your name and number, call next Monday.
But seriously folks, this is such a no-brainer and I hate the globalists and I don't want them impoverishing you and controlling you.
I want you to know they wrote these loopholes, they're legal and lawful.
If you don't take advantage of it, then you kind of deserve what they're doing.
And I'm not trying to be mean there, this is just a no-brainer.
Tyler Bennett, 30-second closing comment.
Remember, when you pay more than you owe in taxes, you are supporting the globalists.
That money is going to Ukraine per Joe Biden.
So pay the least amount as possible because then you can give that money to your church, your charity, InfoWars, whoever you want the money to go to.
Because stop supporting people who hate you and want to bring you down.
Tyler Bennett, JonesTaxRelief.com, American Tax Solutions.
Thank you so much.
Alex, it's been a pleasure to hold this long and talk to you first.
I want to say
Happy Mother's Day to your mom, my mom, and all the mothers of the InfoWarriors out there.
Without them, no matter what Katanji Brown-Jackson says, why not?
We salute the Goddess.
We salute our mothers.
And praise Jesus Christ as well.
Oh, I didn't mean that religious when I said Goddess.
I meant just the women are awesome.
No, of course not.
But they are wonderful souls.
They're angels.
That's what the mothers are.
That's what they are.
This whole thing's been planned.
I started watching you after you were on Rogan during election night.
I'm sure you've heard that repetitively by now.
But I just wanted to know if, worst case scenario, because I know you repeat it a lot, I think we have the globalists right where we want them.
I think they're losing.
But they're talking about speeding this up.
Could it be before 2028 election?
2024 election?
I have a whole list of just propaganda that they've filled out.
I mean... Oh, they're getting everybody ready for new bio-attacks, wars.
I mean, I think it might be before the midterms.
I mean, they are just launching everything.
We're 186 days out from that, brother.
Your guess is as good as mine, but they have beta-tested and are ready all-out war against us.
That's why being aware of the fact they're the bad guys is so key.
One of the things that I wanted to ask you though, Owen had covered the first Pfizer dump with the nine pages of adverse reactions that he pulled up a graph.
The reporting initially said 3% mortality rate.
There's two groups that have to be removed from that, and when you remove the unknown group and also the not recovered at the time of reporting group, the possibility of mortality after
It's 49.24 percent.
That's what top German scientists are saying.
It's over 40 percent.
God bless you, Kyle.
Thanks for holding.
Jay Dyer takes over right now.
The War Room in 45 minutes with Owen Schroyer.
Stay with us.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
You know, I discovered something really wild the last couple of weeks reading and doing some research that I thought I woke up this morning
And I had a, had a dream about it actually.
And, um, I don't typically do the fourth hour of Alex Jones Show based on dreams and premonitions I have, but this time I had to, because I mean, if I did, it would be like crazy stuff, like, uh, like how to fly or whatever.
But no, today we're going to be talking about, um, Tolkien and C.S.
Because I realized, uh, through reading C.S.
Lewis's Space Trilogy, which is an overlooked,
Um, dystopian story that has actually redemptive Christian themes.
I think that's why it's overlooked, is that you can't have a Christian-themed dystopia story nowadays.
You gotta have things that are really nihilistic and depressing.
I mean, I think Brave New World in 1984 are great books, but they don't leave you with much hope.
And the thing with C.S.
Lewis' space trilogy is that he brings in the, not just the spiritual warfare, satanic element of what we're undergoing in these days,
But he also brings in the redemptive hope aspect of it.
But before I get to that, I want to kind of rewind and understand where we are in the long term here, right?
Remember, in the French Revolution, according to Dr. Quigley, there were different banking interests that had put money into a giant revolution in France that would reinstitute what they call Year Zero.
So when we hear the term Great Reset, you should keep in mind that it really is the same basic plan
Going back to the French Revolution, the French revolutionaries wanted to instantiate an ideal perfect republic based around pure reason.
So, the goddess reason was exalted at this time.
They didn't really believe in a goddess, but they thought that the goddess region symbolized what the new order, the new global international order should be arranged around.
And what this led to was a lot of frustration on the part of these insane, foaming-at-the-mouth revolutionaries who, when they couldn't get society to operate on a perfectly mathematical, rational basis, why, you have to kill everybody.
Everybody that doesn't go along with it, off with their head.
And this led to the creation of the Committee for Public Safety, which is estimated to have beheaded tens of thousands of people in the French Revolution.
Now the reason this is relevant today is because I was just reminded by my buddy Tristan when he was covering the book, Fire in the Minds of Men, which is by James Billington, who is kind of the historian of revolutionary thought.
He was a Library of Congress historian, and in that book he talks about how the revolutionary faith from the time of the French Revolution onward is a faith.
It's a belief in the ability to perfect man, to overcome man, and to create a utopian society.
And for the revolutionary, what always stands in the way of the perfect utopian society is the traditional ideas, conservative ideas, the ideas of God, the ideas of family.
These things end up being stumbling blocks, in their view, to the creation of the utopia.
So, they locate evil within the created order.
Evil is always some existing thing, like a family or a government, as if evil itself had existence, as if it was something over there and not a moral problem.
So, first of all, revolutionaries have what we could call a Pelagian view.
They think that you can perfect man or you can fix man through external means.
They don't understand that
Man's problem is his own fallen heart, his own passions, his own desires.
It's not something out there in the world.
There's evil people, but evil people aren't evil in themselves.
But you have this sort of Gnostic idea amongst revolutionaries that the overcoming and creating of a utopia requires the destruction of everything that came before, and that was something that the French revolutionaries were adamant about.
Now, you're going to be blown away when we get to the Lewis and Tolkien part, because I was blown away this last week or so reading this, and it just occurred to me, it finally coalesced, like, what Lewis and Tolkien were writing about.
And I'd actually done an episode of my TV show from a few years ago, I had a TV show where we decoded movies, and we did two episodes on Lord of the Rings, and I thought at that time, well, it's a warning about technocracy.
But it's way more than that.
And I didn't even realize that back at the time.
And I went and watched a bunch of professors and people doing lectures on Tolkien and Lewis.
And even those guys couldn't figure out what these books are really about.
But if you read the Space Trilogy and if you read Tolkien together, his trilogy, they're actually meant to be kind of parallel.
And I'll prove that to you here in a little bit.
You're going to see the continuity.
This is not crazy.
It may sound a little out there, but I'm going to show you that C.S.
Lewis and Tolkien were saying the exact same thing as Alex Jones.
Believe it or not.
I'm not joking.
You will learn that they were literally Alex Jones fans.
They were saying the exact same things that Alex was telling you.
So why am I talking about this?
Because how do we wake people up?
How do we get people to understand what's going on?
Everybody has seen Tolkien.
Everybody has seen Lord of the Rings.
Most people are familiar with Narnia.
Not many people are familiar with C.S.
Lewis' Space Trilogy, which is actually more sophisticated, more powerful and insightful than Narnia.
But the Space Trilogy is about Tolkien.
Did you know that the main character at Ransom is Tolkien?
I don't want to get too far ahead of myself.
Anyway, we'll get to that in a minute.
But going back to the revolutionary ethos, the idea of the revolutionaries was to create the new society.
Everything had to be destroyed that came before.
And so they came up with the idea of a new calendar with no Christian holidays, no Christmas, none of that stuff.
It's got to be all new, rationalist, science man holidays.
And they just made up stuff.
Thermidor, right, which made up nonsense.
Oh, we're going to celebrate Thermidor.
We're going to celebrate science today.
And all of it was just to replace and give people another version of what they had before, but what taught the revolutionary faith.
And so they had to get rid of all the history and they called it Year Zero.
The idea of bulldozing and getting rid of all the past is fundamental to the revolutionary ethos.
That's why you see the left and people doing this kind of stuff really hardcore in the last several years.
They're not doing anything new.
This is what every radical Jacob and Illuminist revolutionary regime has done.
You have to erase history.
And it's always erected around the notion of an oppressor oppressed mythology.
That might have some truth.
I mean, there's always been tyrannical, oppressive governments.
The problem is that they will act like if we can just destroy everybody that came before and everything that came before, then we can finally erect what we're after.
But they never come to think or to consider that maybe their revolutionary philosophy itself is the problem.
Maybe they're the ones that are evil and satanic.
Saul Alinsky dedicates his revolutionary strategies book to Satan.
They think that they're on this revolutionary banner to create this great society that will be egalitarian, everything will be free, it'll be great, and it always ends in mass death.
Well, number one, because they're under delusion.
They don't really have a grasp on reality.
Number two, they are so idealistic and married to their own delusions that they really think they can stamp into the world their perfect
I think?
It means that maybe they're not right, and they can't handle that.
That's why so many people are turning to going nuts now.
They're going crazy.
They want to kill the conservatives.
They want to put us in camps, all this kind of stuff, because they know that deep down they might be evil and they might be wrong.
And so they have to double down.
They have to keep doubling down like an Ouroboros eating themselves.
They literally want self-destruction.
Don't go anywhere.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
We were talking about
How we're getting up to the 20th century's revolutionary ethos from the French Revolution, and I was telling you about how they had these ideas of perfect egalitarianism, perfect enforced equalitarianism.
We'll make everybody, in a literal sense, equal.
Everybody will be part of this giant blob, and that's why they were collectivists.
The French Revolution.
And this is precisely where you've heard, I'm sure, of Adam Weishaupt and his philosophy.
Well, Weishaupt's illuminism was communism.
And he had been influenced by a lot of medieval communistic style movements to create the perfect society.
And although it was not very popular at the time, there were a lot of secret societies that had sort of jumped on board with this at the time of the French Revolution.
And over time, the spread
And the same forces, the same ideas behind the French Revolutionary attempt to create the Great Reset, Year Zero, Perfect Society, did the exact same thing in the Bolshevik Revolution.
And if you have read Billington, you know that he talks about how the journalists, I had a grad class on this, I'd totally forgotten this, but the journalists in the French Revolution, back at that time, they were the ones who were the new moral fact checkers, the new moral preachers.
Now that the church had been replaced, the journalists had the ability at that time to get people executed if the journalists didn't expose on you.
Back in the time of the French Revolution, right?
If Lord Babouf was too fat, then he wasn't a man of the people because he was bourgeoisie.
You see, he was overweight, so he's not really a revolutionary even though he pretended to be, off with his head.
And they gave the journalists the ability to dictate the morality and sentence people to death for not being a true part of the revolution.
I can't believe I've forgotten that, because that's exactly what is going on on Twitter.
I mean, thank God now Elon has bought Twitter and things seem to be changing there.
But typically speaking, the mainstream journalist is no different in his role, or his role, than it was back at the time of the French Revolution.
And I can believe I've forgotten that was so important.
So shout out to Tristan for reminding me of that.
And when it doesn't occur, what do they do?
Well, they just repackage and redo the revolution a few years later.
And they'll do it in another country.
It's the exact same model.
They do the exact same thing.
It's a scientific technique of revolution.
And they did the same thing in the Bolshevik Revolution.
So when the Bolsheviks did this in Russia, and they were funded by the elites in the West, by the way,
They just did the exact same model, destroy everything that came before, raise it to the ground.
And people like journalists, right, and fiery people in the salons and whatnot, just like in France, like they start, they stoke the fires of revolution.
And anybody who wasn't up to date with the latest orthodoxy that week, it would literally change, was also subject to the revolutionary purging.
And that's why Alex is always correct to point out that the first people that are going to be axed in this Great Reset are the people who serve the system.
It's just a fundamental ignorance of history to not know that that's what revolutionaries have always done.
They always, because they're not really about the revolution, they are always tools of money power, industrial power, always, or foreign powers.
All revolutions in the modern world in the last 1,500 years since the 1500s, all of those revolutions are essentially funded and used by some offshore power or some bigger power block or some foreign entity or some bank or some private industry.
Even the great analyst and historian Oswald Spengler said there's never been a socialist revolution which was not the tool of the money power.
And I don't agree with everything that Spengler said, but he was a, you know, wise sage, you could say, in terms of history and analysis.
Spengler knew that.
I think he himself had some kind of like a Prussian socialist view, so even he, who, you know, had apparently bought into this to a degree.
So, Socialism and Revolutionary Communism, all of the isms, it doesn't really matter, they're all really the same kind of thing.
Fabian Socialism, Marxism, they all have the same modus operandi of raising to the ground everything that came before, and they're impelled by, ultimately, a Satanic ethos.
And even though they may not believe in Satan, they actually typically will say, you know, Satan is our symbol.
Think about George Bernard Shaw, these different people, the Fabian Socialists, and Bertrand Russell was amongst the Fabian Socialists for a while with H.G.
Wells, and they had this liberal veneer.
But really, deep down, they are controlled by people like the Royal Society.
That's how the Fabian Socialist Society worked.
It was the fake left arm of the real Illuminati.
And by the real Illuminati, I'm speaking of the same powers and forces that were the money influence behind
The French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution.
The same old families, the same black nobility, the same British royalty, the same banking elites, the same industrial elites.
The exact same people today, and not literally the same people, they're not vampires, like, they're not literally living through the century, but the same ideology in these elite families, in these groups that vehemently believe
That in order to erect the perfect society, they must kill most people.
And why would that seem strange or hard to believe if you've had any basic history?
If you know anything about the history of regimes, especially the communist socialist regimes, which believe like Plato's Republic, the Republic is a communistic style society.
They believe that you have to cull the population at regular intervals, right?
It's like, you gotta weed the garden.
That's how they view it.
And the same idea is combined with technocracy, which also comes out of ancient Greek philosophy that comes out of Plato's Republic.
So when you combine technocracy with this, you get a dangerous mixture of the idea that, well, the previous revolutions didn't work because, number one, humans are fallible, they make free will decisions, they have these false ideas like love and family values or whatever, Christianity, God's existence.
If we could just erase all of that and then bring in the technocracy, that will be the key to the utopia.
And so it's a faith, that's why Billington calls it a revolutionary faith, that they will be able to set up a perfect utopia if they can overcome man.
Man is the problem, according to these people.
Humanity is the problem.
What does the first Global Revolution book say from the Club of Rome?
We have come up with the idea that humans are the problem and pollution is our new global threat.
They even say we just came up with it.
So, I mean, there is such a thing as pollution, obviously, but pollution is not the great global threat.
They just chose a great global threat.
These vast corporate elite interests chose this because they are committed to this belief
That mankind must be wiped out and overcome.
And people called that crazy.
They said, it's hard to believe, even though Noah, you've all, Noah Cain, Uthupro, Ferrari, whatever his name is, even though he's up there literally saying this in countless clips and lectures.
I've shared it all across Twitter and everything.
That there is no free will.
You will be destroyed.
You must be overcome.
Humanity must be hacked.
Humanity must become a giant Matrix blob, Borg blob.
He says all these things constantly.
And he's Klaus's understudy.
So while reading all these global elite books, reading all this great reset stuff, and remember a lot of these people come out of the Royal Society.
They come out of the Oxford-Cambridge circles.
The Cliveden set, the Astors, those people are a big part of this.
According to Quigley.
And separate from that, I mean, I knew that Lewis and Tolkien had been in some of those circles.
They knew some of these people.
They've been writing about these things to a degree.
But when I read the Space Trilogy, I could not believe the precision with which the artistic power of Lewis literally predicts the future.
I mean, he was writing about the technocracy, transhumanism, and all of this being satanic,
The Controlled Left-Right Dialectic, he calls it a international conspiracy by the National Institute for Coordinated Experiments, NICE, that he's making a joke that they call themselves NICE.
He's talking about Tavistock and the scientific Illuminist elite.
He's talking about the real scientism-based Illuminati.
I'm not joking.
That Hideous Strength, the third installment of the Space Trilogy, calls it that.
But he has a hero in the book,
Who is a professor and a linguist who exposes this to the entire world.
His name is Ransom, the hero of the first two, and then he plays a significant role as a hero in the third one.
Guess who Ransom is based on?
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer.
Jay Analysis, also of the YouTube channel, Jay Dyer.
If you like this discussion, by the way, I have lengthy lectures through
These works.
We've been going through the CS Lewis Space Trilogy and I'm about done with that.
We'll post the second lecture for the subscribers, but I get into a lot of this over on my YouTube channel, which I just hit 90, almost right at 90.
So I'm trying to work up to 100,000.
I know we're not big fans of YouTube, but definitely you can still reach people through that platform if you can filter them over from YouTube to better platforms such as
This one here, or I also have a lot of content over on my Rockfin channel.
By the way, I'll be having a good discussion with Eddie Bravo over on Rockfin pretty soon, too, so that'll be a lot of fun.
Now, we were talking about the predictive elements of Lewis and Tolkien, and they knew about this conspiracy.
That's what's kind of blown me away, is that what I finally realized... By the way, that's my channel.
I just dropped the hottest rap track of the summer right there.
It's a Piggy Remix, which actually is pretty funny if you go listen to it.
I'm getting a lot of comments saying they really like it, so I'm happy about that, but it's a joke track.
I don't know if people can figure out that a lot of the stuff I do is tongue-in-cheek, so don't take that too seriously, but it is a fire hip-hop track for your summer barbecues.
So they were in the circles of, they had their own little club, for example, that they called the Inklings, and this was Lewis, Tolkien, and some other writers together, and they sort of bounce ideas off of one another.
But there were other people from the Oxford-Cambridge circles that did have, you know, basically Christian views, and they had gotten wind of the things that people like Bertrand Russell believed.
And so they were kind of shook because, on the one hand, you can tell that they're wanting to put out really good artwork in terms of their novels and their stories, but they were definitely concerned about
Not just World War II.
I think most normie analysis of, you know, C.S.
Lewis's books, even especially Tolkien's trilogies, is, oh, it's about World War II, right?
It's Sauron and the Eye and all this.
This is the great battle is World War II.
And I don't think, I think it's more than that because, you know, the process of Tolkien writing The Lord of the Rings, which he wrote after
I mean, it took him many years to write it, but it was published, I think, in the 1950s, like 54-5 is when it finally came out.
54, Fellowship of the Ring, and then Return of the King by 1955.
But Lewis's space trilogy, he finished the third one, which is the most important in that trilogy, in 1945.
So 10 years earlier, he had finished that.
And he mentions that he had been influenced by multiple people in the Inklings, their literary circle.
To put this novel out.
And as I said, I was watching a bunch of professors from various evangelical schools and different religious traditions give their analysis of these books to see what they thought, and nobody could figure out what Part 3 is about.
Now, Part 3, as we said, is about this secret institute that has a cover front for humanitarian NGO scientific experimentation and work called the NICE Institute, right?
And in NICE, there's a guy who's recruited into it under the guise of helping the world and doing sociology for the purpose of creating a utopia.
And what we find out, I'm not going to spoil the story, but as the story progresses, what we find out is that this is actually a front for an institute that is just like the Tavistock Institute.
It's pretty amazing.
I'm convinced that C.S.
Lewis had to have known about this, and he definitely knew about Bertrand Russell and Russell's plans being part of the Royal Society, the Fabian Socialist Society.
They even have a Fabian Socialist approach in the Institute in that hideous drink.
He even says that they
Control and create riots and chaos false flags To stir up society to eventually bring in the police state that they want to bring in under Satan And there's a scene where eventually they are interacting with this it's a it's a being who's it's like an error It's an inverse of the incarnation of Christ, right?
It's this being they're trying to create who's the head severed head of like a scientist and
They're trying to keep it alive and they want to create the body for an Antichrist type figure.
And the head still has consciousness, right?
It's told in a mythological way, right?
So the head still has consciousness and at one point the main character who's duped into this, he goes and meets with the head.
Yeah, it could easily be the head of Bertrand Russell.
And he says, what's the purpose of the Institute?
What are we trying to do here?
And the idea, he says, is that, well, if you look at the moon, the moon is a world that is all death and dust.
There's nothing there.
And he says, that's what I want, because whoever at one time lived on the moon, he says, they must have transcended their body and bodily existence.
And he says, if you think about it, biology and the natural order is the problem.
And so the head says we have to get rid of bodies, we have to transcend it by technology, we will create a kind of upload consciousness that will no longer require bodily existence.
And in order to do that, the head says, we have to wipe out all organic life on the planet.
Now in the novel it is made explicit that this is a satanic
The head is actually prompted and motivated by the Dark Archon, who is identified as Satan in the story.
But there's a figure who is the antithesis, the ultimate good figure in the trilogy, who is Professor Ransom.
And Professor Ransom, according to C.S.
Lewis himself, in the trilogy at the end of the first book, is based on Tolkien.
He's a philologist.
Who wants to expose this story of the grand Illuminati scientism control takeover and depopulation agenda, but he knows he can't come out and talk about it and no one will believe him.
I mean, imagine knowing about the entire NWO plan in the 40s, 30s, 40s, 50s.
And they did because they were around the people at the Royal Society who openly talked about it.
They knew what C.S.
Lewis, excuse me, what Russell had written.
They knew what H.G.
Wells had written.
And so they wrote counter mythologies.
Space trilogy, Lord of the Rings trilogy against this view.
And so I was blown away when I realized this from reading all this and reading into Lewis himself talking about what it's about.
And it's essentially saying that Professor Ransom is Tolkien.
He can't write about the illuminate confirmed plan because no one will believe him.
So he's going to put it into the book.
Lewis's space trilogy is about how Ransom, Tolkien, is going to expose this in his books.
Expose the Tavistock Illuminati plan.
Nobody has figured this out.
I mean, I'm not trying to brag, but I'm saying, how could I, how could all these professors, I'm watching all these analyses, like these literary professors, I don't know what the, the third book, it doesn't make any sense.
I don't know what it's about.
What is the Snipes Institute?
What do you, what's it about?
It's about scientism.
It's about Bertrand Russell.
It's about a Luciferian conspiracy to depopulate the world.
It even explains in the third book what the book is about.
How could you be blind to this?
And he even explains that Tolkien's trilogy is about the same thing.
The Lord of the Rings is about exposing the scientific revolutionary
And that makes all the more sense when we think now about what happens in the Lord of the Rings.
The Lord of the Rings symbolizes intense technological power.
God-like technological power.
It's similar to the Ring of Gyges that's in Plato's Republic where there's a ring that makes you invisible.
Tolkien is intentionally referring back to the technocratic view in the Republic of Plato and the attaining of the power of technology that's almost godlike, right?
The problem is that when entities and people are duped by this power and they don't have the virtue and the wisdom to go along with the pure knowledge that they have,
Then it will erect a dystopia and chaos and death like never before seen.
Mr. Frodo!
Mr. Frodo!
Throw the ring in, Mr. Frodo!
The Tyche of the Opposite Eyes has gone!
I couldn't resist throwing in some Legolas and Sam and Frodo discussions there.
But, again, I was blown away because I grew up, again, with obviously I read Lord of the Rings many times growing up.
I'd never read the Space Trilogy until now, but knowing and having read all the writings of the Globus Elite of the last 10 years, 60, 70 of them by now, and then reading the Space Trilogy, that's what this is about.
So I kid you not, C.S.
Lewis and J.R.R.
Tolkien prove hashtag Alex Jones was right.
And if you want to hear more about this, I will go into a lot more depth with breaking down the symbolism.
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