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Name: 20220505_Thu_Alex
Air Date: May 5, 2022
2109 lines.

This passage discusses various topics such as abortion, Satanism, and the collapse of civilization. Alex Jones promotes products from InfowarStore.com while discussing an interview with David Parton, grandson of General Benton K. Parton, a respected military figure. General Parton believed in a secretive "scientific cabal" controlling society and saw the medical community as a tool for control. Alex Jones criticizes leftist women for valuing fictitious aliens more than human children and questions Ilhan Omar's intentions behind her trip to Kashmir. Royce White promotes InfoWars apparel, discusses iodine deficiency, and criticizes people who link conspiratorial thoughts with Christianity. The passage also mentions the recent leak about the US Supreme Court's plans to overturn Roe v. Wade and its implications on the sanctity of life.

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Imagine in the 70s or 80s or 90s or 2000 and there was a movie set in the year 2022 where there's lockdowns that starve 40 million people to death for a virus made in a lab and they give you a shot that isn't even a vaccine that doesn't even protect you and makes you sick.
They're rolling out a world government and they have convicted pedophiles in drag queen pedophile time at schools and libraries everywhere.
I mean, you would watch that.
You say, that's not believable.
This is more like satire.
If there was a puppet president who could hardly talk and didn't know where he was, and we were starting a war with Russia, you would look at that, you'd say, that's not real.
In the movie, in the fictional movie, ten states have passed laws, another dozen or so are about to pass them, to kill babies a week or up to a month after they're born.
Kill them!
Well, why not?
You kill them up to nine months.
And they look at you with a straight face in congressional and state hearings and say, yeah, we're going to kill babies after they're born.
It's the mother's decision.
It belongs to her.
It's Alex Jones.
In today's world, abortion supporters routinely attend pro-life rallies and attempt to bully activists.
If you have a problem and need a smelly group of commie devil worshippers, maybe you can call the A-Team.
How many did I adopt?
I kill my kids.
I kill my kids.
Hey, we saw your Facebook with your communist hammer and sickle.
That's pretty cool, man.
Is that you on the Facebook?
Is there a Facebook page of you with a hammer and sickle?
I don't think so.
How do you get your abortions paid for?
I pay for them.
How many do you pay for them?
Upwards of 50.
How do you get your abortions paid for?
I pay for them.
Really? How many do you pay for them?
Uh, upwards of 50.
Oh yeah.
You, you piece of [beep]
Bunch of misogynist motherfuckers!
Take your male privilege somewhere else!
Tyler, you're being aggressive.
I'm being aggressive?
These stats, them guys, that attack Alex Jones.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
It's Thursday, May 5th.
The year is 2022.
Strap yourselves in and get ready.
Tomorrow's News Today.
I literally have hours of clips, current and past, of leftists.
We're not cherry-picking these.
All over the United States, all over Europe, all over the UK, all over Canada, all over everywhere where you have abortion, saying, it's about Satanism, I love killing children, I hate those little bastards, I hope they hurt.
And then mainline feminists saying, yeah, it's a baby, and I killed it.
And I'm gonna kill more.
Their hearts have been hardened.
Those of you that were involved in abortions or had them because you believed it wasn't really a human yet and your heart was right, God forgives you.
But if you were convicted by your conscience that it's wrong and you harden your heart, you turn into these cult members who've been through an occult ritual of child human sacrifice that has gone on continually in declining and collapsing cultures.
I'm going to play many of these clips today.
We've got a big guest as well.
Here's just one of the clips.
This is a demon-possessed abortion doctor.
Hisses and says he loves killing babies while breathing his horrible stinking breath in the camera person's face.
My friends, I pray.
Sir, you gotta repent, sir.
You gotta repent, sir, for murdering babies.
Because it's a sin before God.
Stinky breath.
It's pretty evil of you, sir.
Yeah, I am.
And I hope and pray that you...
Well, that's what you do to babies, huh?
I love it.
You love it, huh?
Yeah, I do.
I hope that you come to Christ, sir.
Oh, I'd never go to Christ.
I hope that you come to Christ, sir.
No, I don't go to Christ.
Yeah, you... I don't listen to Christ.
You will have a darkened heart, sir.
I do have a darkened heart.
You have a darkened heart.
I do.
I do.
Very, very much so.
And you will stand before God in judgment day and day?
Yes, I will.
Every day.
You will stand before God and judge him.
Yes I will, every day.
All of the babies that you have killed.
I love it, I love it.
Yeah, keep tearing the babies apart.
Yeah, I will.
Keep tearing the babies apart.
I will.
Keep tearing the babies apart.
Yes sir, the babies, their blood streams from the ground.
Their blood streams from the ground.
You are a murderer sir, you are a murderer.
Hello officers.
Even if you don't believe in God, or reap what you sow, karma, anything, a society and
a culture that kills its young and doesn't value its young, when your instincts are all
designed to protect them with your life, will collapse in on itself and kill itself.
And you see that happening.
The wages of sin are death.
And that's why we see ourselves in economic collapse, bio-attacks, and the verge of nuclear war, as NATO is officially at war with Russia.
Stay with us, it's a big broadcast.
Thank you for joining us on this live, teleprompter-free fight against tyranny in defense of liberty.
It's Thursday, May 5th, 2022, and the demons are coming out of the woodwork.
Pour it on me, you can pour it on me.
Come on, come on. You're gonna wet your pants with some of this.
Pour it on me, pour it on me. [INAUDIBLE]
I saw all of it.
I don't want to because you're going to hell.
Hey, hey, if you believe in gender dysphoria, if you believe in gender dysphoria, nobody wants to hear it.
your breasts chopped off. You need a lady's earwax.
You're just sad, you're just sad because it didn't work out for you.
I'm sorry, you need a lady's earwax.
F*** you.
Hey, if you believe in gender dysphoria, if you believe in gender dysphoria, then you can-
Nobody wants to hear it.
Are aborted babies being burned and then used for electricity?
I hope they are.
Jesus, I am so fucking tired of seeing this.
You know what?
I fucking hope so.
I hope so.
I sure hope so.
I don't know.
I hope so.
Oh god, I hope so.
I can just imagine the fucking snowflakes with that one!
Oh no.
I just eat mine straight from the can.
I don't think we should be asking, are they being burned and used for electricity?
I think we should be asking, why aren't they being burned and used for electricity?
Take ours, re-ours, recycle, and burn them.
Ooh, sustainable energy!
I love the advocacy.
We should try it, if we have it.
Portable charger!
Give me your feet!
Ladies and gentlemen, we can play hours of the left celebrating the murder of children.
They're not just doing it to antagonize us.
This is who they are, it's what they do, and they are sponsored and pushed by big tech and the largest corporations in the world to get us to turn off our life force, to turn off our own survival instinct.
And if we will kill our old and kill our young and kill our babies, there'll be nobody there to stand up for us.
And this is all a giant design collapse of civilization.
Agenda 2030.
Now we have a stunning admission and a stunning document that I have here before me that is incredible.
Open world government announced by the UN to be coordinated dually by the UN and the World Economic Forum that is the public arm of the Bilderberg Group.
We are literally witnessing the Bilderberg Group which until 12-14 years ago they wouldn't even say existed Now publicly announcing control of all these major UN treaties that are rolling out the World ID, the cashless society, the social credit score, the carbon taxes, all of it, and tying it to you taking into your body whatever GMO, franken, mutagenic, gene therapy injections they want you to take.
I mean, if that isn't a dystopic science fiction novel or movie.
Imagine in the 70s or 80s or 90s.
Or 2000, if there was a movie set in the year 2022, where there's lockdowns that starve 40 million people to death for a virus made in a lab, and they give you a shot that isn't even a vaccine that doesn't even protect you and makes you sick.
And they're rolling out a world government, and they have convicted pedophiles and drag queen pedophile time at schools and libraries everywhere.
I mean, you would watch that.
You say, that's not believable.
This is more like satire.
If there was a puppet president who could hardly talk and didn't know where he was, and we were starting a war with Russia, you would look at that, you'd say, that's not real.
In the movie, in the fictional movie, ten states have passed laws, another dozen or so are about to pass them, to kill babies a week or up to a month after they're born.
Kill them!
Why not?
You kill them up to nine months.
And they look at you with a straight face in congressional and state hearings and say, yeah, we're going to kill babies after they're born.
It's the mother's decision.
It belongs to her.
And it's this fetish with these leftist women to not just kill their babies, but Adopt male babies or have them and then cut their penises and testicles off by age four.
That's done in places like Brazil.
And Bolsonaro's fighting that.
And then when the little boy in one case was seven and wanted to leave, the two mothers stabbed him to death.
This is a religion of death.
This is a religion of just absolutely turning yourself over to demonic forces.
Voodoo, call it whatever you want.
This is, this is demonic.
Unhinged feminist YouTuber issues crazed call for women to kill all male babies.
Any man you see in the streets.
Now I'm going to play something here in just a minute or two.
It's very powerful.
That's five years old.
And it talks about where society goes and what happens with culture when we let ourselves get to this point.
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Here's the piece from five years ago.
Aborted babies incinerated to heat the UK hospitals.
Soylent Green, ladies and gentlemen, is made out of people.
But now, children are literally being passed through the furnace in order to fuel hospitals in the UK.
They're being sacrificed on the altar of efficiency and prosperity.
What is the secret of Soylent Green?
The powdered flesh from dead babies.
Some people believe they can cure disease.
Because of its enormous popularity, Soylent Green is in short supply.
Remember, Tuesday is Soylent Green Day.
The supply of Soylent Green has been exhausted.
You must evacuate the area.
The federal court ruled that the shareholders of PepsiCo, Big Bilderberg Group Company, are not allowed to know what they're using the baby parts for in the flavoring, but we already know.
So enjoy the flavor.
We're going to get the real solution, which is going to be a combination of death panels and sales taxes.
I'm consistently pro-death.
I'm for assisted suicide.
I'm for regular suicide.
I'm for whatever gets the freeway moving.
He is spending a million dollars on that last three months of life for that patient.
Would it be better not to lay off those 10 teachers and to make that trade up in medical costs?
But that's called the death panel, and you're not supposed to have that discussion.
They told me to say that they were sorry, but that you had become unreliable.
Is this the kind of society that you want to live in?
Any kind of society that would do this to its children will do it to its senior citizens.
It will do it to its dissidents.
That kind of society will also eventually turn on its police, on its army, on its prison guards, on the quizlings and the collaborators who make that possible.
This is nothing but a suicide cult.
The scoops are on their way.
The scoops are on their way.
I repeat, the scoops are on their way.
You will find out why Soylent Green means life.
You will find out why Soylent Green means death.
We gotta stop them!
That is the secret name, Soylent Green.
They keep saying they'll be breeding us like cattle, for food.
You gotta tell 'em.
Alright, my friends.
Let me lay out what we're going to be covering today.
We have the grandson of General Benton K. Parton, one of the real unsung heroes of the fact that we're not caught flat-footed today in our fight against the globalists.
David Parton, his grandson, is going to be joining us coming up in the third hour today.
I really look forward to that interview because everything Parton told me was dead on.
And he was one of the ten or so people that really took time out to encourage me when I was first on air.
Gosh, I knew Parton 27 years ago, pretty much got to know him immediately.
Right after Oklahoma City, 1995.
And I was just very blessed again to know Ted Gunnarsson and J. Edgar Griffin very quickly.
Hell, I've known David Icke.
I interviewed David Icke for 25 years.
Been friends with him 20.
I just, that's one of the greatest parts about this job.
I used to know Jesse Ventura real well back when he was pro-gun and anti-New World Order and anti-vax.
Now he says you ought to be made to take it.
So it's also sad to see some people go from being good to being bad.
I'm not judging Ventura.
It's just very 180-ish of him.
But Parton really had the whole thing down.
He called it the program.
The communist program.
It is a communist takeover.
The globalists run it, but communism is their operating system.
And so we'll celebrate the life and work of General Benton K. Parton, former head of the Air Force Weapons Program, head of the Secret Space Program, head of HAARP, and so much more with his grandson, also a veteran, here on the broadcast today.
Obviously we have the big Roe v. Wade battle stack and what's really behind all that.
We have Just the over-the-top information on COVID that just continues to intensify with all these top scientists and hospital and university heads from Germany, the US, England just this week came out and said, yeah, we've seen all the statistics from ironclad government and insurance companies.
Stuff we told you a year ago, but 40% increase in death and on average a 40 times increase So the studies show, a bunch of them, in adverse reactions of the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated.
And again, it's not a vaccine.
That's the lie.
This is so incredible to be living through this.
I've got that stacked.
I've got Joe Biden saying we're going to spend unlimited money and make everything free.
And that Republicans that don't like that are the most extreme people in the world.
He actually says that.
We have the clip and the stack of news showing what it's doing.
It's great for the ruling class that gets the money up front, then they hand us all the debt and inflation.
This is warfare.
This is savage, criminal stuff you wouldn't do unless you were really trying to hurt people.
We got that stack.
And we've just got so much more.
You know, I've got a fun stack too.
More and more we need to do fun things here on air instead of just negative things.
So before I go to break and come back with the biggest news that I mentioned earlier, there's an article On Infowars.com, it links through to the new agreement with the UN and the World Economic Forum.
And then we have the actual clips of them ratifying it.
But video, UNWEF to accelerate agenda 2030, in their own words, as Great Awakening threatens globalism.
So they were behind schedule, so they're now accelerating the operation.
That's coming up, starting the next segment.
But right now, let's go ahead and just have some fun.
This has gone super viral.
I saw Jack Posobiec put it out last night.
It happened to be on his Twitter when it went live and now it's got 47,000 retweets.
Kyle Rittenhouse has incredible trigger discipline, eye discipline.
This is Simit Marlago with a very well endowed woman.
And again, God designed us to celebrate the beautiful feminine form.
You like how they look?
They like how we look.
Nothing wrong with it.
But the point is, is that he's got really good trigger discipline and eye discipline, not staring at our chest.
Here's some other fun news.
Is this in Russia?
Is this?
I'm not sure which exact variant of Slavic Alphabet this is, but wow!
Hashtag InfoWarsStore is worldwide with a sticker on the sign Vaccines Kill.
You know, we're run by the Russians here according to the media, but I don't know actually what.
That says.
Who wore it better?
Hillary wore her Emperor Palpatine red gown.
Very similar to Emperor Palpatine's.
The question is who did wear it better?
And a good quote, I forgot I did say this on air a couple years ago.
If you don't accept communion with God, you accept communion with everything else that has rejected God.
And that's just some of the interesting things in the stack today.
But I gotta tell you, we can't just be run over by this information and get up and dust ourselves off and forget what's happening and just adapt to being enslaved.
Humans are the only animal that takes control of its environment, because we're not an animal.
We're in the image of God.
We are the only creature on this planet that we know of that takes full control of its environment and its body to a great extent.
And so the globalists trick us to just act like animals and go through all the chutes and ladders and maps of the mind that they create so that we become cogs in their system instead of venturing out and creating our own paradigm.
And that's really what human liberty is all about.
And everything big tech, and everything the globalists, and everything Hollywood, and the big central banks stand for, is about destroying free will.
It is fundamental, on its face, dehumanizing life, dividing and conquering, poisoning us, tearing us apart, in the name of unity, by every historical and common sense yardstick.
They are the bad guys in spades.
and must be opposed. All right, when we come back, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to hit this huge
noose and how it ties into the UN censorship boards through the WEF and Bill Gates and Klaus
Schwab that they've said is their main mission and they admit they're losing. They've turned up the heat.
They've done incredibly criminal things.
They've started wars.
They've annihilated borders.
They've starved 40 million to death.
They've launched bio-attacks.
And it's only angering and waking people up.
So they're now not backing down.
They are putting the pedal to the metal, or the balls to the walls, as they say, in the Air Force.
We'll be right back on the other side, ladies and gentlemen.
Please remember, you are the power and the engine of InfoWars.
When you spread the articles, the videos, the live links, and tell folks about local stations, you win the war.
More on why the Supreme Court is deciding to rule on Roe v. Wade now in an election year, we'll talk about that next segment.
But right now, here on this Thursday edition of the Alex Jones Show, let me get into something that's so huge, it's getting almost no attention.
It was Westbrook Pegler, back in the late 50s, that heard reports of hundreds of world leaders, including royalty, meeting in secret in the UK, Europe, and the United States, rotating to different locations each year.
And for over a decade, he tried to figure out what it was and could never even find the name.
And he was a big, famous reporter on all sorts of issues.
Jim Tucker was a sports writer and an editor for a national syndicate and a famous sports writer.
But he was pro-America.
And Jim Tucker picked up what Pegler was doing and just simply found out about where the place was and physically snuck in and got the paperwork out of the trash can.
This is in the Late 60s.
And we didn't even know the name Bilderberg until then.
Now, until 2007 or 2008, the media would say it did not exist.
Folks, I stayed inside the building once it got thrown out.
On video.
And caught them playing the National Anthem of Spain when the King of Spain arrived.
I mean, I was inside the Chantilly, Virginia facility when they had already locked it down for six hours.
They flipped out.
They had plainclothes marines come to our hotel and threaten us.
It was unbelievable.
Yeah, that's us at Bilderberg, what, 2010 in north of London.
You see Paul Watson, David Icke, Luke Radowsky, a lot of the great people.
That was the same event where down in the bottom of that basement of that steakhouse at our hotel about three miles from Bilderberg meeting and Max Keiser was trying to give me the 10,000 Bitcoin.
I didn't know what it was and he got pissed.
I didn't have any IT people to set up a digital wallet and take it.
Oh yeah, then too I stayed in the hotel once it was closed.
Oh my god, I got so mad that time too.
So, we've done a lot here, and the reason I raise this is, just 15 years ago, 14 years ago, they had New York Times articles saying, Jones was at Chantilly, Virginia, imagining helicopters and men in dark suits with sunglasses and earpieces.
No one was there, he's totally insane.
Now today you know Bilderberg Group's real, but who was heading up the Bilderberg then?
Who headed up the steering committee many times?
Who was in the board of directors of it?
Klaus Schwab.
Who he work for?
Who did he work for?
Henry Kissinger.
And so their whole depopulation, New World Order agenda, that was later given stuff out of the National Archives by leakers.
Where it was U.S.
Senators in the 60s and 70s talking about the Bilderberg Group plan to take over with corporations and get rid of national governments and have them just serve as puppet organizations that are like Little Leagues, the big leagues, where you run for office, serve the globalists, and then get to be in the global government.
Now David Rockefeller set it all up.
I mean, we have the proof.
It's in my film, Endgame.
Blueprint for global enslavement.
The reason I do that back story here is, now in the year 2022, we have hundreds of clips of world leaders saying we need global governance, we need a world medical system to take over.
To save you, of course, from viruses they created.
And you have the public arm of the Bilderberg Group, the Davos Group, set up in the 70s, It goes really public in the early 90s, and now is the most dominant group in the world of a thousand plus major corporations, where if any corporation gets out of line, or doesn't submit to what they say or do, they destroy them.
It's the global corporate mafia.
The same ones waging war in Ukraine and starting World War III.
So now there's an article on Infowars.com that links to the documents, but W.E.F.
with the U.N.
to accelerate agenda 2030 as Great Awakening threatens globalism, and they admit that they're in trouble, and they say that the plan where you'll own nothing and have nothing needs to happen even quicker, that way you'll be under their full control.
Prosperity is their enemy.
They want to control you and that's why you see everything going against common sense and prosperity under the rubric of the environment and quote keeping you safe.
So Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and the UN General Secretary Antonio Gutierrez signed an agreement to accelerate Agenda 2030.
Now you can go to the New York Times even five years ago saying Alex Jones is insane.
There is no Agenda 21.
There is no Agenda 2030.
Now what is Agenda 21?
You've been living it for 30 years.
30 years ago in Rio de Janeiro, George Herbert Walker Bush, Mr. New World Order, signed the agreement to bring us where we are now and put us under UNESCO, UN regulatory control of all the agencies.
Congress never ratified it.
But we were still signatories to UNESCO, so we went under it.
Congress didn't challenge it.
Now we're going under Agenda 2030, which means depopulation of 80-90%.
And they're telling you that, while simultaneously saying you're bad and crazy if you say it's happening.
That's gaslighting, folks.
So I don't care if you're black, white, Hispanic, old, young, gay, straight.
Handicapped, I don't give, I care about your soul, and your freedom, and your dignity, because if you're not free, I'm not going to be free.
And there's no debating they're doing this.
There's no debating they're shutting off the energy in the medicine.
There's no debating they're starving the third world to death.
There's no debating. They're coming for all of us, ladies and gentlemen.
These are serious people.
They intend to kill you and your family.
And anybody playing along with this that you can work with it and you'll survive is a fool.
This is beyond Hitler, beyond Stalin, beyond Mao, beyond Fidel Castro, beyond Hugo Chavez.
This makes them look like amateurs.
This is corporate world government turning you into a commodity.
Here is the UN General Secretary announcing the public rollout of the corporate world government takeover.
This afternoon, the Secretary General and Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, will witness the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on a strategic partnership between the UN and the World Economic Forum, which outlines areas of cooperation to deepen engagement between the two institutions and to jointly accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.
Remember, you can pull up the New York Times, Washington Post, and you'll find hundreds of articles, dozens with my name on them, He's a danger.
He believes there's a world government.
He believes there's an Agenda 2030 to cut off resources and forcibly inoculate the population and bring in national and world ID medical cards.
He believes you'll be forced to wear a mask, won't be able to leave your house.
People ask, how does Jones know this?
And I get three different things.
He's psychic.
He's done his research, or he's one of them.
And it's not that I don't mind being called one of them when I'm not.
It's that that's lazy and stupid.
One of them, these damn people, get up on TV and admit it!
I'm one of them?
That means any of you watching are one of them.
I'm not one of them.
I'm one of you.
I do not believe in abortion and death and collapsing civilization.
I fight it.
Judge Tree Bites Fruits.
But it's just so frustrating that the general public still acts like it's magic.
That I know all this stuff.
This is what I do.
If I watch football and baseball and basketball, which I used to love and watch, I know every damn thing about it!
And it's shameful that I used to know all the statistics on quarterbacks 30 years ago and their passing averages and how much they weighed and who their wives were.
Who cares?
Now I take that memory and that knowledge and put it to the globalists attacking me and my family and attacking you and how we beat them.
So folks, get your thinking caps on and start researching and find out what you're up against.
We'll be right back with how to stop them.
Stay with us.
If you'd asked me all this stuff a year ago about the corruption that's going on, I would have said you're crazy.
There's no way that there could be this level of corruption in government.
You shouldn't listen to InfoWars and Band.Video because that's all nonsense.
And, you know, we shouldn't pay attention to any of this stuff.
It's been very evident to me that all these people who are being labeled as misinformation spreaders, I mean, they're the guys telling the truth.
There are many thousands of physicians who have been silenced for telling the American people the good news about the situation, that we can manage the virus.
The true misinformation spreaders are the CDC and the public health officials.
This remains a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
They are the ones that are propagating this outbreak.
The only people you can blame, this isn't shaming, this is the truth.
Maybe they should be shamed, by the unvaccinated.
This is a situation of an outbreak and a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
Dr. Fauci's probably done more good for the world than all of us in this room combined.
Dr. Fauci, knowing that it is a crime to lie to Congress, do you wish to retract your statement
of May 11th where you claimed that the NIH never funded gain-of-function research in
I totally resent that.
And if anybody is lying here, Senator, it is you!
We now know that Fauci-funded EcoHealth Alliance, a New York-based nonprofit headed by Peter Daszak, was absolutely engaged in gain-of-function research to make chimeric SARS-based coronaviruses, which they confirmed could infect human cells.
And the worst part?
All the people going along and being lab rats for these heartless megacorporations.
It is truly incredible.
If only people had the entire story that the COVID shots are not conventional vaccines.
There are plenty of examples of people that are having very serious medical conditions that result from the vaccination.
When the convulsion started, I knew it had to be from the vaccine.
Due to this vaccine, I don't even know if I'll gain full movement in my legs back.
One of their high school football players died.
He had two blood clots inside his brain, another on the outside of his brain.
The hardest thing was I let him get that shot.
I got the vaccine!
I got the vaccine!
Please help me!
We need help!
You're watching the American Journal with Harrison Smith.
The Alex Jones Show.
This is the Law Room with Owen Schreier.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Powerful report at Band.Video.
Proof conspiracy theorists were right all along.
By the mighty Darren McBreen.
Share it and save lives, or crawl in a ditch and submit to Satan.
Here is Trudeau's main spokesperson, his whip in there.
Parliament saying the unvaccinated continue to disproportionately risk the safety of those vaccinated.
Of course, that's a total lie on its face, but they're gaslighting us.
Here it is.
Maybe liberals won't follow the province's lead and give unvaccinated Canadians their rights back.
Maybe they will follow our international partners.
We know that the Prime Minister values his Plamoy image on the world stage more than anything else, as his travels and selfies prove.
But our international partners are bewildered as to why the Canadian government is so reluctant to let life return to normal for all Canadians.
Switzerland and Greece are removing all travel-related restrictions next week and virtually no other country requires it for domestic travel for their citizens.
So why won't this government follow the science?
The Honourable Prime Minister gets in to the Minister of Health and the Minister of Sport.
Thank you Madam Speaker and I thank my Honourable colleague for giving me the opportunity to
highlight a recent study indicating that unfortunately the unvaccinated continue
to disproportionately risk the safety of those vaccinated against COVID-19 and highlight the
fact that in the last week almost 12,000 Canadians have received their first dose,
30,000 Canadians have received their second, 89,000 have received their third and over 220,000
have received their fourth dose Madam Speaker.
This pandemic is not over We all want it to be, but we must continue to follow the science.
We must continue to support our neighbors.
We must continue to fight for kids, to ensure that young people under six do not get COVID-19, as they have been the biggest numbers in the last couple of days.
Thank you.
Total lies.
If it's a vaccine, it protects you.
It doesn't.
It destroys your immune system on record.
If they just help, they can suppress the truth and you don't learn of it.
Let's get back to the main group launching this attack on us, because all this injection is, and all this bioweapon is, is the beta test for more deadly weapons, and I've got clips of Gates all over the news saying the same thing.
In fact, he's out there so much, do you need me to play the clips of him smiling and giggling and saying something much worse is coming?
Because we know they made thousands of viruses even more deadly, and he paid for it.
Do we need to play those clips?
Because they're coming for us all.
We already know that, don't we?
So let's look at this.
Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum, and the UN General Secretary have signed an agreement to carry out Agenda 2030 and to accelerate it through corporations.
We have Rand Paul Grylls, DHS Secretary, on creepy Ministry of Truth.
What is it really?
Well, Musk doesn't blink as groups backed by Soros, former Clinton operatives, target his Twitter effort and try to bankrupt the country.
The company.
George Soros, Clinton and Obama staffers and European governments are behind anti-Musk campaign.
We played the clips last two days where they say we're going to use the EU-UN model to ban criticism and have governments take over Twitter.
And who do they have working for them?
Who are the people attacking Musk?
Well an NBC executive who attacked Musk and called him a danger then got busted trying to meet a 10 year old child for sex and there's video of it all.
It's an army of compromised people and they don't trust you till you either are into killing babies or into having sex with children.
You gotta cross the Rubicon and commit that crime against God.
And once you've done that, they let you in to their disgusting club that I want absolutely no part of.
People ask me sometimes, like insiders who aren't really working with the globalists but have been to Bilderberg and have been in business with some of them.
They say, Jones, how do you not turn it down?
I mean, how do you turn it down when you've been offered all this stuff?
Because they know what they've been offered.
Before they even knew what they were getting into, they took the money.
And I just said, you can't sign on to this.
It's not even hard.
I feel completely empty when I have been entreated by these individuals.
When I have been in the attempt to entice me and seduce me.
And that's what's so frustrating about this is, this is 100% real.
As real as death, as real as life.
And people can't play games with that.
You know, I've had the globalists try to hire me at least 10 times.
And it went from tens of millions to hundreds of millions.
To, we're gonna put you in prison if you don't stop.
Well, there are fates worse than prison or death.
And I will not betray the children.
It's not because I'm a hero.
It's because I'm a red-blooded human that loves life and I love God and I'm not going to go against my spirit.
Bill Gates says real invention is needed to stop online election and medical misinformation.
Translated, don't criticize any of our medical tyranny, don't criticize our election theft, which they're openly saying is an act of terrorism.
As NBC calls Elon Musk a danger, their news director was busted trying to meet a child for sex.
And look at this blob.
Orwell was a prophet, says the great John Bowne.
This is from the great 1984.
He was a faddish man of paralyzing stupidity, a massive imbecile enthusiasm, one of those completely unquestioning devoted drudges of whom, more even than of the thought police, the stability of the party depended.
The picture of Brian Stelter.
And why is that important?
In the book, the little minion who serves the system ends up in the torture camp With Winston.
And I take you to all these Twitter comments.
Here's just an example.
For the endless outrageous string of lies, people like Greg Kelly and Alex Jones, or all of their scum of liars, should finally be accountable and put in jail.
And what did Greg Kelly say?
That she's not a medical doctor.
They should stop calling Jill Biden a medical doctor.
It's an honorary degree.
And for that, they want us put in prison.
That is who these people are.
They are creating 1984 meets Brave New World for real.
You see this?
It's an InfoWars Republic Defense Card with original InfoWars art designed by yours truly with a little gold bar implanted in it and on the back it's got a hologram.
There are only 25,000 of these in existence and they'll never be made again.
The bank that owns the Mint that has started putting these out the last few years just sold out of 300,000 of a similar offering that was 40% more than what we're selling these for.
And when you get three or more, you can get these at 50% off and they fund the Infowar.
Please visit InfowarStore.com and check out this amazing new art-slash-gold product.
It's a collector's item and you'll know you helped fund the second American Revolution against the globalists at such a critical point.
Get your gold bars and so much more exclusively at mfullworksstore.com.
And I want to thank you for your support over the years because without you, all of the
great success we have had together would not have happened.
We are the tip of the spear.
You are the tip of the spear.
And I salute you and thank you.
Visit mfullworkstore.com today.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.
As we go into our number two, I'm going to hit the massive COVID tyranny developments,
the incredibly over-the-top potential Armageddon, Russia-Ukraine developments, a lot of good
news here in the U.S., the latest in the Roe v. Wade fight, where I think all that's going,
and so much more here today.
And I also intend To take 8 phone calls.
You guys cheated a little and put about 12 or 14 on there and I stayed late to the 4th hour here.
I want to take like 8 calls this hour from first time callers.
I'll give the number out when we come back.
Here's a very important report on what we're facing with the Obama Revolution.
Back in 2008, while the masses flocked to Obama to save them from Dick Cheney, those waking up to the American nightmare could clearly see how he was a puppet to Wall Street and the big banks, and also to the military-industrial complex.
Their profits soared as the anti-war movement disappeared.
Obama even had an American citizen killed with a drone strike while eating dinner.
Obama loved predator drones, and he normalized the unending war.
I have two words for you.
Predator drones.
You will never see it coming.
You think I'm joking?
At first, Obama was not threatened by the election of Donald Trump.
He had the all-powerful media on his side.
President Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States!
Exclamation point.
At real Donald Trump.
Well, at real Donald Trump.
At least I will go down as a president.
But that didn't last.
If we fall for... Trump got elected and Obama helped lead a massive attack against him with the entire establishment, mainstream media, and loyal Democrats.
And by the time the 2020 election was stolen right before our eyes, there was no doubt that Joe Biden was a puppet.
But whose puppet?
I think it's no surprise to know that it's not just Obama, but it's the whole Obama-Clinton machine that has been in power for a long time and continues to pull the strings behind the curtain in the Biden administration.
But when we're talking about this ministry of truth, Will, what's even more disturbing than the fact that you have all these Democrats who are supporting it is that there are powerful Republicans who are supporting it as well.
Obama and Clinton are puppets, along with at least 99% of all the Democrats and Republicans in Congress.
And it's not even a government anymore.
It's a criminal cabal made up of several crime families and corporations that see the people as a commodity.
And now, while being exposed for some of the biggest crimes in American history, they are stealing every last penny from the American people, creating a worldwide famine, and provoking a war with a country that is showing off ways they can nuke we the people into oblivion.
In Germany, hundreds of thousands of people are demanding that their government stop sending weapons to Ukraine, and urging them to move towards a peaceful resolution.
While in America, it seems as if everyone is just going about their business, waiting for the next election, as if it's just a series on Netflix we are watching.
But if we sit and do nothing, as we watch them start a nuclear war, are we innocent?
The U.S.
government is training Ukrainian soldiers in Germany and supplying Ukraine with hundreds of newly declassified suicide drones.
The liars and thieves inhabiting the U.S.
government are starting this war for their own puppet masters.
But they are no one special, just old, old money with centuries of fraud.
And we outnumber them 10,000 to one, conservatively.
They are not going to stop.
And now that they are being exposed, it's just going to get worse.
And so, wouldn't it be beautiful if we the people can stand up for what's right and stop World War III?
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
And then we have the grandson of General Benton K. Parton, that I have known for 27 years.
He's now gone to be with the Lord.
To talk about the former head of Air Force Weapons Development, the head of HAARP, the head of the Secret Space Program, and more, who told me about how the Globalist operated and how to stop them, and spent a lot of time in person and on the phone and on air with us, really spending time.
And I didn't know why people like Partin and so many others like Gunderson and even Charlton Heston Spent time encouraging me, but they saw a lot of potential.
They saw a lot of potential in you to stop these people and we can do it together.
So I really look forward to him coming on.
Because you know, when these guys are gone, it's like the Elvis song, you were always on my mind.
I am so blessed that those individuals We're like Obi-Wan Kenobi to Luke Skywalker.
Except this isn't a movie, this is real.
We have to remember people like Congressman Hanson that was tortured by the Feds for what he did and Barry Goldwater and countless others.
And I think more and more we should celebrate people like them and we should get G. Edward Griffin on because he's still 100% there and is a living legend.
He's been fighting the New World Order since the early 60s.
He's making movies that were in movie theaters in the late 60s fighting the globalists.
He was Alex Jones back then.
Gotta get him back on.
How incredible.
All right.
Ladies and gentlemen.
I want to give the number up and I'm gonna hit more news and take your calls.
We're doing first-time callers today.
Give you a chance to get on board.
You can talk about any issue you want, but obviously, the war, the announcement of World Economic Forum to basically run the UN, the COVID news I haven't hit yet, this Biden news I'm about to hit on the economy.
Whatever you want to talk about, we're not censoring you.
All we ask is you have a good, clean phone line and have some points to make.
Because what we do here, the Electronics Town Soapbox, Town Square Soapbox, is what the enemy is afraid of and does not want.
Toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
seven seven eight nine two five three nine eight seven seven seven eight nine
two five three nine eight seven seven seven eight nine a lex all right let's
hit this finish now I know most of you know this better than I do but for new
listeners that just now tuned in and or want to see what it's all about coming
the forbidden URL info wars.com port slash shower band I video
As a intellectual, as a informed political person that promotes human freedom, as somebody that's made a friend of death and a friend of persecution, I am shaken to my very core that though the general public's waking up at the fact they've been lied to, and that the political system's controlled by corrupt corporations, people still think it's business as usual and don't realize how much grave danger everybody's in.
I mean, I have nightmares about this every night, because I know what's coming next.
We tried, you tried, our guests tried.
To show you their plans and hopefully humanity will wake up and stop it.
Instead, they accelerated their plans.
We've got to stop the next phase.
Are we going to let a bunch of corrupt, selfish, wicked, twisted people really turn us into slaves and kill most of us?
And as bad as they are, it is survival of the fittest.
It is social Darwinism.
If we let them do this, if we let Klaus Schwab, the literal Nosferatu on two legs, incarnate the James Bond villain from hell, if we let them do this to the third world, and then us, we deserve what we get.
And I want to be very clear.
Many areas of the third world are overpopulated.
They've not been allowed to industrialize.
They've been kept under control.
And now they're being starved to death and their economy shut off to flood us and bring us down as well.
So they are a dangerous force.
I love water.
Take a shower in it, drink it, you need it to live, grow crops with it.
Wash your car with it.
But if you live at the foot, say the Hoover Dam, and it breaks, you're gonna flood and die.
So water's a really nice thing until you get hit by Millions of gallons of it.
And that's what's happening in the third world.
So when I get upset about them turning the food off for two years in Africa and Latin America and other areas, I have empathy for those people, but I also have a lot of empathy for myself.
When I see the refugees of the globalist economic war flooding Into Western world and being organized into a political permanent underclass and a weapon against us.
It's just outrageous.
They're bringing this into a global crisis.
So we'll accept depopulation.
And if we go along with this, we lose our souls.
So let's play this first clip of Biden.
Clip two.
I don't want to hear Republicans talk about deficits and the ultra-MAGA agenda, which in the same speech he said is the most dangerous, radical group in history.
In American history.
Now, they're the ones involved in economic warfare.
They're the ones carrying out this mass destruction.
They're the ones doing all of this.
Anybody that knows basic 8th grade economics knows that.
And so, this is warfare.
This is murdering your savings, murdering your future, and actually murdering third world populations from no food.
And of course they're going to get us next.
Here is the puppet Biden.
I don't want to hear Republicans talk about deficits and their ultra-MAGA agenda.
I want to hear about fairness.
I want to hear about decency.
I want to have our help on ordinary people.
Let's play Quillip 3.
While defending abortion rights, Joe Biden says, I believe I have the rights that I have not because of government, but because God But because I am just a child of God.
Talk about blasphemy.
Talk about Satanism.
Talk about inversion.
We'll play this clip and then go to the clip of him declaring populists the number one enemy.
Number two, uh, what was the second one?
Oh, look.
The second one was on abortion.
As I said, when I, uh, um, when this hit, as I was getting on the plane to go down to Alabama, um, This is about a lot more than abortion.
I hadn't read the whole opinion at that time, but this reminds me of the debate with Robert Bork.
Bork believed the only reason you had any inherent rights was because the government gave them to you.
If you go back and look at the opening comments from the Bork Biden, when I was questioning him as chairman, I said, I believe I have the rights that I have, not because the government gave them to me, which you believe.
But because I'm just a child of God, I exist.
I delegated by joining this union here.
Well, that got struck down.
Griswold was thought to be a bad decision by Bork, and my guess is the guy's on the Supreme Court now.
What happens if you have a state change the law saying that children who are LGBTQ can't be in classrooms with other children?
Is that legit?
Under the way the decision is written?
What are the next things that are going to be attacked?
Because this MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that's existed in American history.
It's in there, but let's talk about misinformation, because that has been a hallmark, unfortunately, of this pandemic.
President Biden rather famously said last July that misinformation on social media is killing people.
Do you agree?
It's been weird that, you know, vaccines have been attacked as, you know, being overall negative or there's some conspiracy here.
It's terrible.
Well, some of it affects you.
You're part of these conspiracy theories.
That is a very weird thing that just because I support vaccines to save millions of lives, people are saying, no, I, you know, I make money from vaccines or that I'm trying to, you know, cause death or track or a lot of strange stuff.
Hard to understand why that is.
Well, you know, misinformation is obviously a big issue that a lot of folks like you are worried about.
Elon Musk just recently announced moves to acquire Twitter.
I wonder if you are concerned about the proliferation of misinformation given some of his views about expanding what he refers to as free speech on Twitter and what you think of the acquisition.
Well, the digital realm has facilitated, you know, kind of interesting but wrong ideas spreading very quickly.
And we need to innovate so that digital realm is more of a positive thing of getting the truth out and that people are seeing, hey, this is false.
Do you worry about Elon Musk?
Well, Elon, you wouldn't want to underestimate Elon.
What he did at Tesla is amazing, helping with climate change.
What he did at SpaceX, you know, will he this time make that improvement?
You know, should there be laws that strike a better balance of free speech versus, you know, conspiracy theories confusing people?
You know, Elon thinks he can improve Twitter?
Well, I don't know specifically what he'll do, but there's an opportunity and we need innovation in that space.
We need innovation when it comes to silence you while they push a deadly gene therapy on you and your family.
He doesn't know why anybody wants to Think that he wants to hurt anybody.
Oh, he's not making any money off of it, and he's not running the lab at Wuhan, and he's not openly calling for depopulation.
No, no, no.
The big bad wolf doesn't want to eat the three little pigs.
The fox just wants to hang out with the hens.
Hitler loves the Jews.
I mean, it's just amazing.
But he's failed.
He's one of the most hated people in the world, and folks know, That he's the problem.
And he was using Jeffrey Epstein to blackmail and get in deep corruption all these different scientists for total control.
All right, I want to go to your phone calls.
Ben and Robert and Drew and John and Jason and David and Jill and Tucker Tom, Trucker Tom, from Illinois.
And we're going to start those calls right now.
And then, after I take a few of them, I'll continue with calls, I'm going to hit the huge Cuban news and the huge Russian news that's so vitally important.
Legacy nuclear powers again threaten the globe.
intelligence has helped kill multiple Russian generals in Ukraine.
More on Pope Francis saying the barking of NATO at the gates of Russia is likely what motivated Putin to attack Ukraine.
I agree with the Pope on that.
What a day to live.
Pigs are flying.
That's all coming up.
But right now, holding the longest here would be Ben in the great state of Kentucky.
Ben, thanks for calling.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks for having me.
Can you hear me okay?
I can, brother.
Thank you for calling.
Thank you for letting me be a part of the info war.
Thank you, sir.
Yes, sir.
I just have one minute to bring some context to my question.
As you know, Hitler and Stalin, of course, terrible people, no one agrees with them, right?
Anyway, Hitler was assassinated, or at least they attempted to assassinate him, in 1944.
That's already understood.
The Operation Valkyrie, the bombing of the Wolf's Lair, with a satchel explosive.
And there is evidence to prove that Stalin himself was assassinated in 1953, and that he was poisoned, basically.
And so with that, You can see that Hitler and Stalin's followers, even though they followed him so long, eventually it got to a point where it was too much for them, therefore they turned on him.
Yeah, it was Erwin Rommel who helped lead the attack.
And when it failed, they took him and said, we're going to kill your wife and children, you need to take cyanide.
He did.
Took that long Mercedes-Benz ride into the forest.
And you're absolutely right.
As this gets crazier and crazier, their own minions are going to realize that it's against their own future to continue this.
So just pointed to current times.
Piers Morgan, as you know, was he was on CNN and he wanted a total gun ban at the time.
And I remember you had a get with him there as well.
And now he's on Fox News and he's a contributor for them.
And he's totally flipped the script.
Do you think that it's coming to a point soon where more people are going to turn against the globalists and the leftists who are pushing this terrible agenda?
Yes, but most of them are mercenaries, so it's going to be a double deal.
Like, notice Piers Morgan says he's a Republican conservative now, but he's still anti-gun and anti-Alex Jones and pro-censorship.
So, again, it's only on the surface.
But I agree, more and more people are going to flip over, so she's got to watch him.
They've got a history of being double dealers, she can't trust them.
Can't trust them and hopefully they can see the light and they can follow the info war as well.
Well yeah, they should get on the winning team.
Even if you're a sociopath, you should be against Gen 2030.
I mean, Karl Schwab should be against it.
He's gonna literally be destroyed by God.
He is not God.
He's gonna find that out.
Absolutely, sir.
Thank you so much for having me on.
I'm a great listener.
I love listening to your show, sir.
And keep it up.
And everyone, try to fund the InfoWard.
Thank you so much.
Love you, Ben.
Just please keep spreading the word.
That's the most important thing.
We are taking your phone calls right now.
Next segment I'm going to hit.
The breaking COVID news that is just confirming, triple confirming everything we already knew.
Survey reveals parents stance on COVID vax for children.
We're going to be hitting that.
Top German professor raises COVID vaccine alarms.
Points out 40 times increase in adverse reactions and death in those that take the shot.
40 times.
Reports CDC spotted Americans to see if they were complying with lockdowns.
It's a global drill.
And so much more coming up.
But right now, let's go back to your phone calls.
Who has been holding the longest?
That would be Drew.
Drew in New Jersey.
Drew, welcome.
How you doing?
Good, sir.
Go ahead.
Hey, hopefully I get this out concise.
Just give me a minute here to get my train of thought across.
So, yeah, thanks for taking my call.
I've been listening to you for like 15 years, man.
Never called him before, but I talk about a lot of this stuff with other people, and talk about the founding fathers in this country, and you know, everything kind of makes sense to people, right?
Free speech, different amendments, you know, but I think a lot of people gloss over this third amendment, because it doesn't really apply to like the, you know, to the uneducated person, you know, like to the here and now in contemporary times.
You know, if you think about the Third Amendment right back in the day, you know, the colonists, it was about soldiers being quartered in the houses by the king in the colonies.
What it meant is you don't want standing armies you gotta locally pay for.
Right, right.
And part of that, my understanding, was that the purpose of those soldiers, too, was to basically perform espionage in the colonies and to learn, like, the community ties and who was loyal to the king and basically create a... It was to build human intelligence and anthropology and sociology.
Right, right.
I think, you know, a lot of that now translates to what's going on with the new things that are coming up in today's day with, you know, digital IDs, carbon tracking, the Patriot Act, NSA, monitoring the undersea cables, you know, a lot of things.
No, you're right.
The third of it means there shouldn't be an intelligence grid spying on you.
It affects the NSA, all of it.
You're damn right.
Yeah, man.
You know, just the last point is, you know, if you look at the different documents for history that we have, the different texts, you know, earliest being like the religious writings, the Bible and stuff, now it's our human history.
And as we begin to go through history and transpose that technology that happens throughout our development and our evolution, you know, these new things come out.
You know, first is the Bible talks about good versus evil, that balance that's been intertwined with our history.
And the next big thing for us in America is, you know, the Declaration, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights.
And nowadays, you know, I think it's all this technology shit that's going on, you know, with the World Economic Forum, so on and so forth.
And, you know, I think you're spot on right over the target.
As long as we don't comport to the systems they try to force us into, we win.
Giving in to those systems, thinking, oh, I'll comport, I'll get along, is pure death.
Sir, I'm glad you've been listening for 15 years.
Drew, it's really nice to meet you.
Hey, take care, man.
Thank you, and I appreciate you.
You are the resistance.
All right, let's talk to a caller in Washington.
Let's talk to Jill in Washington.
Go ahead, Jill.
Hi, Alex.
I'm calling in because I'm a psychologist, not a medical doctor.
And I received a letter from the State Board of Health at the end of March encouraging me to sign up for a new program called Powers of Providers.
And in which they want me to, and remember I'm doing psychotherapy with people.
Power of, yeah, they're teaching you your medical tyranny power, yeah.
Power of providers, wow.
Tell me about the power.
Power of providers.
That I'm to seek the vaccination status of folks that are coming to me for primarily anxiety disorders.
Yeah, they want to get providers of all types to make you take these shots.
And not only am I to refer them to a vaccine location, but I'm also to empower them, essentially brainwash them, to share their positive experiences about being vaccinated.
Wow, so you don't just push them to take the experimental shot that erases their immune system, but you're supposed to tell them to become engines of propaganda themselves.
That's the chain reaction they're trying to get you to form.
And my issue with this is that It's unethical for me to recommend any medical procedure because I have a doctorate.
I am not a medical provider.
What you're saying is so clear under law.
Explain that to people.
Because you know when you go to an orthopedic surgeon, they're not going to give you advice on your heart.
Or if you go to a general practitioner, they're not going to give you advice on your kidneys.
They all know under law.
They're asking a psychologist or psychiatrist to go out and do something that's not even under their license.
Wow, that's incredible.
Well, it's against ethics.
And so when you go to graduate school, you have to take courses in ethics, and you are not to practice outside the bounds of your competence.
And I have no basis to recommend the vaccine or not.
Exactly, my dad's a retired old surgeon and dentist, and sure, he went through medical school and knows basic anatomy, but when I got a broken bone and I go to my dad, he doesn't know.
Right, exactly.
And not only this, but If I sign up for this program, I'm to basically hang it up in my office that I am a power of provider, and to display that in my office.
And so my question to you, Alex, is that right now it seems as if COVID is done, right?
Like we're being told Hey, it's over with, like, you know, it's a flu.
You're kind of getting that messaging in the media.
Why is the state sending this out now, March 2022?
I'm glad you bring this up because the crew pulled up what you're saying and documented it for TV viewers.
What she's saying is right there in the news.
Because it's not.
Bill Gates said this is a beta test.
We have the clip today, actually.
Maybe I'll play it next segment.
He's all over the news.
I mean, hell, we'll play it.
Get the clip ready.
He's saying, oh, the next big one's coming.
This was just a beta test.
He even basically admits he's behind it.
And so they're getting ready, whether it's this year or next year.
This was all just the beginning.
So that's why they're getting everybody in line.
And we get all the professionals signed up on power trips, not asking questions, taking orders, which you're a psychology expert.
You can see that better than I.
Well, it's interesting because I went to one of the most liberal, like, it was a really good university, and I was a sociology major in addition to a psychology major, and so I know how Marxists think because I was trained by them.
This is way back in the 90s, and I had to unwind a lot of that thinking throughout my adult life, and so now I'm close to 50, and I'll tell you what, it takes The indoctrination takes a long time to see the truth.
You're a big reason for it, Alex.
I started watching you way back when you were on TV with Jesse Ventura.
So, you know, thank you for all that you do.
Oh Jill, you're a beautiful person.
Thank you.
And we've all been through this journey together and that's why we just need to keep reaching out and informing at the end.
It's going to be people like you and I and all of us together.
They're going to stop this corporate fascist takeover and that's what it is.
And it uses communist ideology at the grassroots to control people.
But there's so much good liberal teaching that was classical liberal.
They just attach leftism and communism to it.
But even, I'm sure what you're saying is, even what you were taught 20-30 years ago, now they've even basically betrayed that.
So, first the left championed American ideas of true liberalism to hijack it and body-snatch it, and now they want to lead everybody into what they're doing.
Pro-war, surveillance, it's not going to work because of people like you, Jill.
Well, thank you, Alex.
I appreciate that.
Just going to keep on listening and supporting you in the info war.
Thank you, Jill.
Thank you.
Because we have big enemies.
Because we're at the tip of the spear.
And it's really true.
I mean, it's not like I'm sitting there saying, hey folks, we're the tip of the spear.
We are, because of God, the tip of the spear.
And it's hard.
And I'm only here because of your prayer, and I say that because I can't hold out, folks, without your daily prayer.
I need your psychic, positive energy.
God hears that.
I need it really bad, because I don't want to give up.
I can't physically give up, but I can give out.
And so more important than financial help, more important than word of mouth, even though that's the key to spread the word, I need your prayer.
I need it bad because I want to continue on the fight and things are so intense right now and I can do it thanks to you that's why when you call it and thank me it's like you're a life raft I'm holding on to in the ocean and you're thanking me and I'm like the life raft is thanking me I need your help help me we'll be right back more calls straight ahead stay with us All right, we are back broadcasting worldwide on this May 5th, Thursday transmission.
I am your host, Alex Jones, at the center of the vortex of human resistance to death and destruction, powering our victory.
It will be magnificent, but it will be not without great costs.
Let's take a call from Illinois.
Let's talk to Trucker Tom.
Trucker Tom, welcome, sir.
Hello, Alex.
All right.
Yeah, so I just wanted to talk about a few things.
Your police state film, the third one, I just recently watched it.
And wow, like towards the end of it, just like everything you hit on, it's just like happening today.
It's just it's unbelievable.
Yeah, that's a 16, 17 year old film.
So I'm like, okay, well, this stuff's happening today.
Well, so yeah, I wanted to talk about, usually I do, uh, I'll do like pickups and like around like the South side of Chicago sometimes, or like, you know, on the West side.
And it's just like people walking around by themselves, don't wearing the mask and just like walking around, looking in their phone, just like, they're like zombies.
They're like, everybody's like a zombie.
It's very sad, isn't it?
They've been put into a trance by the television, the culture, medically.
There's big studies out that upwards of a third of the public is in a near dream state daydream.
And it's up to us to get them out of it.
A lot of sci-fi films, like, you know, it got like Judge Dredd where, you know, instead of having like regular sex, it's
just like you just plug into something and it's just, you know, there's no physical, like, contact or anything.
And it's just really weird. And then there's another film, uh, uh, Ready Player One, where people are plugged into
like a video game, like, twenty-five.
And you're right, sir.
And we are bombarded by big universities, the Davos Group, with images of artificial wombs and the state growing babies that aren't even human, that are cross human animal or genetically synthetic.
Yeah, also I wanted to make a call to action.
and they're all over the news hammering and promoting and normalizing this.
Destroy men and women together, say there's not two sexes, there's a thousand
sexes and then you don't know what you are, now they can program you to accept
whatever they want. That's their plan. Yeah also I wanted to make a call to
action. I don't know when people get paid this Friday or next Friday. When you get
paid, take $10, that's all I'm asking, $10 and take that and donate it right to InfoWars.
Just $10.
$10 and if a lot of us can do that maybe we can get another million dollars.
It's the idea of funding Infowars and other independent groups that breaks
their control. The globalists have unlimited fiat currency and if they can
trick us not believe we have power we lose but if we use the money to fund the
truth and realize it's a war and the most important thing we do is fund
freedom of speech and liberty and the most important outlets they're telling
the truth then we will still win that's what they want a universal income a
bankrupted world so there's no more free market competition they are in
desperate straits.
Right yeah and also I I know it's one of your commercials about the t-shirt.
You are 100% right on that.
Every time I have, you know, one of your t-shirts, like, I think, when I go to Costco or something, I have the, I had the Trump 1 t-shirt on.
And I never wore a mask when I went in there.
Then people come up to me like, oh my God, where'd you get that shirt?
I love it.
I was like, infowarrestorer.com.
You know, it's just, Oh, the adventure you have wearing an InfoWars shirt in red areas will be super positive, in leftist areas mainly positive, some violent, but it is literally jacking into an adventure to get an InfoWars shirt at InfoWarsTore.com.
Sir, thank you so much for the call and God bless you, Trucker Tom.
All right.
Let's take another call from John.
John in Oregon.
Welcome, John.
Yes, sir.
Hey Alex, I'm a new fan.
I started watching you around when I realized that mainstream media was trying to screw Rittenhouse.
Ever since then, I've been watching you.
You really are the tip of the spear, man.
Well, I'm trying, brother.
And isn't it great to see Rittenhouse, with his trigger discipline and everything else now, coming to the fire and stronger than ever?
I was just thinking that.
That's awesome.
The other thing I was going to tell you real quick is I ride the MAX train in Portland, Oregon, and I was waiting for a train the other night, and these two people from Afghanistan, speaking Arabic, talking shit to me, I had to get out of there.
Can we get a cuss on there, sir?
Just hold on a minute.
I'm going to delay that out and we'll bring it back, but don't cuss again.
They brought in thousands of admitted terrorists out of Afghanistan.
That's mainstream news.
Again, it's asinine that they care about our safety.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I almost got in a fight with these guys.
I was going to mace them and fight them, you know, if I had to.
Tell me, where were you?
What happened?
I was at Delta Park, riding the Yellow Line train in Portland, Oregon.
I was just waiting for the train.
And where I was standing, You would have to go way out of your way to get close to me.
So when they started getting close, I realized something's up.
And then I heard them speaking Arabic and they were talking, you know, they said they're from Afghanistan.
And they wanted to do harm.
I hear you.
Not all the Afghans are bad people, but there's no vetting going on.
It's very dangerous.
I appreciate your call, John.
God bless you.
All right.
We'll get to Robert and others.
We're going to go to break.
We've got General Benton K. Parton's grandson, who's also a great veteran in his own right, joining us coming up the next hour.
And it's important to remember those that exposed everything and that were dead on decades and decades and decades ago.
This is going to be a big, big interview next hour.
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Thank you so much for your support.
All right.
Hour number three.
Straight ahead.
Then, in the fourth hour today, Royce White of Substack with incredible information.
Stay with us.
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Tomorrow's news today.
Johnny Vedmore recently published an article exposing the hidden history of the mysterious World Economic Forum, who is currently waging war against the world with their Great Reset.
Founder and director Klaus Schwab's three mentors were the most influential people in America's thermonuclear deterrence program, as well as leading proponents of a one-world government.
Henry Kissinger recruited Klaus Schwab at the Harvard International Seminar, which was funded by the CIA.
During this time, Kissinger was focused on global governance and depopulation.
But it was with the Council on Foreign Relations that Kissinger became a major player by wargaming psychological operations involving America's growing thermonuclear weapons arsenal and writing the book on nuclear weapons and foreign policy.
John K. Galbraith was a highly influential economist who helped Klaus Schwab create the World Economic Forum.
Galbraith was an economist at Harvard who traveled to Germany in 1938 to study land policies under Hitler's National Socialist government.
From there, he went to work on an advisory committee for FDR's New Deal.
After World War II ended, his work shifted into nuclear weapons.
Galbraith was tasked with evaluating the overall economic effects of the wartime bombing.
He interrogated Nazi war criminal Albert Speer and was sent to Hiroshima and Nagasaki to evaluate the damage caused by the nuclear weapons attack.
By 1968, Galbraith had joined Kissinger in his pursuit of a one-world government.
And it was during this time that Kissinger introduced Galbraith to Klaus Schwab, along with Herman Kahn, who in 1967 suggested subverting democracy by training a select group of global leaders, which later became the World Economic Forum's Young Global Leaders.
Both Kissinger and Galbraith were heavily involved in the religion of thermonuclear deterrent warfare.
But Herman Kahn was, as the New Yorker puts it, the heavyweight of the mega-death intellectuals, and is commonly referred to as the real Dr. Strangelove.
Kahn wrote the official military policy on nuclear deterrence, and believed that if everyone had nuclear weapons, the world would know peace.
By the late 60s, Kahn was pushing for a European Union and joined Galbraith in 1970 on a European speaking tour to support Klaus Schwab's recruitment drive for the first European Management Symposium, now known as the World Economic Forum.
And while they were doing that, Klaus Schwab helped merge his father's nuclear weapons company Into a company that he then directed to illegally build nuclear weapons for the South African government.
In 1972, the Club of Rome published The Limits to Growth, which planted the seeds of the depopulation agenda.
And while Kahn, Kissinger and Galbraith helped Schwab get started, what really brought him the international support he was hoping for was when he introduced the ideas of depopulation.
In 1972, the Club of Rome's founder was invited by Schwab to make the keynote speech in 1973.
As controversial as it was, even Herman Kahn opposed it, the World Economic Forum suddenly caught the attention and financial support of powerful elitists everywhere, and blew up to what it has become today.
The article suggests that Schwab's supervillain persona is a deliberate marketing tactic to gain the attention from those who seek power and wealth to join Klaus Schwab as stakeholders in society.
The author believes that the World Economic Forum is reaching its maximum level of expansion before its inevitable collapse, because eventually people will fight back.
But they already know that.
And all they really seem to care about is world government, depopulation, and thermonuclear war.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is more important than ever to celebrate those that were way ahead of their time and stood
up for freedom.
And God's really laid that on my heart.
And I think about people like Ted Gunnarsson, General Parton, and some that are still living, like Jeh Ebert Griffin.
And these are really the people that Ron Paul, myself, and so many others stand on their shoulders.
And so for the rest of the hour, David Parton joins us, the grandson of General Benton K. Parton.
I could go over David's whole military history and things he's done, or I could talk about his grandfather introducing myself.
But, you know, it was very early on, right as I was getting on AXS TV in 1995, that Oklahoma City happened and all the tapes were being sent that were only on the local news of General Parton exposing the bombs in the building and the rest of it.
And a year later I got to meet him.
Probably had dinner with him 10 times, talked to him on the phone many times, and had him on the show probably 60, 70, 80 times, I don't have the number, but it was maybe 100.
And he was just an incredible patriot, and it's key to understand, people say Alex Jones Is tomorrow's news today?
No, it's because I had a chance to not just people like General Partin, but my uncle, who was in Iran-Contra and Army Special Operations and the Vietnam War heroes, six silver stars, you name it, and never even told people about until he died.
We opened up all this stuff until we knew he was a war hero.
And all of this, they were the ones that told me what was happening and that literally set me off of what I was doing.
So we think about the LGBT Drag Queen Storytime having first contact with our children and the influence I was having.
Well imagine the influence I got that was so good and it was so strong and it's just amazing.
So I appreciate David Parton joining us.
Generalparton.com is the website to remember his great Grandfather and all the great things he did, but a true icon, unsung hero of the fight we're in today.
And what would General Parton of GeneralParton.com say today witnessing this about the communist program that we now know we are all facing, and he was right.
So, David Parton, we salute you.
I'm going to try to give you the floor for most of the hour here because I can run on.
Wherever you want to start about your grandfather, yourself, this journey, and just what he would be saying today if he was alive.
We know he's looking down on us from heaven.
That's right, Alex.
Thanks so much for allowing me to come on and talk about granddad.
You know, growing up, I got exposed to the InfoWars show at a very early age.
And, you know, getting to be a part of his life was just incredible.
You know, I sent a couple other pictures, too, kind of when he was in uniform.
One of them, I don't know if we can get it pulled up later, was when he was in the Armament Laboratory, Commander.
And you can kind of see his cold, steely military eyes, you know, just bearing down, you know, talking about weapons.
But, you know, I wanted to get on the show today and just bring some context because I always hear you mentioning Granddad and I really, you know, Growing up next to that and seeing what he went through and bringing a first-hand perspective to it and remembering him and taking his leadership and trying to preserve that history I think is very important at this point.
Well that's right, for those that don't know, he pioneered the modern weapons, he pioneered the secret space program, he ran HAARP.
I mean he was a super engineer brainiac for those that don't know.
Yes, he had a master, like a dual masters in metallurgy, and he's just an incredible guy.
Honestly... Space plates!
All of it's classified, but it's known he was the main impetus.
Yeah, and he was the most versatile man I had ever met in my life.
And, you know, I just wanted to bring that kind of perspective and talk a little bit about, you know, share some family stories about his childhood and kind of what helped him develop and, you know, what helped me develop as well.
But I'd like to start out with a Bible verse.
It's Hosea.
I think that's kind of right where we're at in today's in today's world.
translation, so, "My people are being destroyed because they don't know me.
Since you priests refuse to know me, I refuse to recognize you as my priests.
Since you have forgotten the laws of your God, I will forget to bless your children."
And I think that's kind of right where we're at in today's world.
But one of the first things I wanted to get to was his early life in Chadburn.
You know, Granddad grew up on a farm, and it was kind of a rough life for him.
He had, you know, but he enjoyed it.
You know, he worked hard, sun up to sun down, went to school.
But, you know, I could tell that Granddad wanted to, you know, had a calling to do something different.
But one of the stories he passed along to me, Was, uh, well, I call it the fox in the henhouse story.
So one of his, one of his duties was to, uh, you know, tend to the chickens.
And, you know, one morning he got up and noticed that, uh, you know, some of the chickens were gone and there was a bunch of feathers flying around everywhere, um, that, that he couldn't, you know, he couldn't account for.
So he, he had a good idea of what was happening.
Um, he figured something was getting into the coop at night and, and taking it, hauling off with his chickens.
So what he did, and this is a farm story from the 20s, but...
He rigged up a shotgun to the coop somehow that when the door opened it just went ahead and blasted whatever was trying to get in there, so he booby-trapped the coop.
And, you know, he kind of just had the mentality that he had to protect what was his, he had to protect his livelihood, and, you know, that was his early farm life growing up there in the 20s.
And then he traveled the country energizing people like myself, rigging those shotguns, didn't he?
And that's what I wanted to talk about today is that, you know, the New World Order's plan has been booby-trapped, Alex.
And it's been booby-trapped by people like General Partin.
It's been booby-trapped by Ted Gunderson.
And all these people who saw the corruption at the highest levels and, you know, chose to do the right thing and use their God-given rights to speak out on it.
Um, so we wouldn't be here in that position if it wasn't for them.
Uh, but the, you know, granddad, you know, he, he graduated and he got into the college and, um, he's joined up in the Army Air Corps and he started flying and he, you know, he, he had, uh, he, he got to be kind of witness to the, the whole fire bombing, um, that was happening.
They're in Germany, and it really bothered him, the kind of indiscriminate killing that was going on.
And that's why he helped develop the precision-guided munitions.
Yes, sir.
That is absolutely, that's 100% correct.
People don't know, your grandfather was like a super pioneer inventor, like up there with Thomas Edison.
I mean, he literally is one of the main fathers up there of precision-guided munitions.
That's correct.
He wrote the first request to industry for a laser in the 1950s.
And you know, there was actually, you know, it came back and forth.
And one of the first projects they were working on was a maser.
And I'll come back to that, but I wanted to finish up with the firebombing.
So that kind of came later.
But after he got the request for approval for the maser, Uh, he started working on the Mazer.
It was, it was the precursor to it.
And, uh, and, and Grandad, you know, got exposed to the guys in the dark suits showing up and shutting down his operation and, uh, going ahead and taking all of his information.
And he told me personally that he would be studying wreckage from damage of stuff that happened.
You know, in other countries and he would see, you know, evidence of, of, you know, the weapon system he was working on that had got shut down.
So it's like this technologies, they get, they get, you know, exposed and, and, and, you know, brought up and built up, but then they get hijacked.
David Parton, stay there.
This is so powerful.
We'll come back.
Again, folks, this is the grandson, he's a veteran himself, of the former secret head of HAARP, secret space program.
What you're getting is intel you're not going to get anywhere else.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with one of the grandfathers of the fight against the New World Order, General Benton K. Parton, and his grandson.
Stay with us.
You know, when I first got involved in the Liberty Movement and was instantly successful, I got to meet all these incredible people, mainly old men, who had been at the top of their fields, who knew it was coming, and they knew that they were going to live forever.
Whether it was Charlton Heston, or General Parton, or Ted Gunderson, or so many, and they would literally grab him by the arm and say, this is coming, you've got to get ready, and you've got to be a leader, and you've got to be strong, and you've got to keep your nose to the grindstone, because we can't let him win.
And I remember talking on the phone and doing countless interviews with General Partin.
And I would bring up other topics.
He would say, listen, it's a communist program.
Here's how you stop it.
And everything he said has happened.
I'm sure talking to his grandson, a veteran himself and a scientist in his own right.
David Partin runs GeneralPartin.com.
Continue telling stories about your great...
I'm not saying great-grandfather.
Your great-grandfather was a great man.
Just the amount of things he did and innovated, and then his greatest innovation was challenging the false flag of Oklahoma City and Waco and the New World Order and going around and energizing the Liberty Movement.
It's just a critical catalyst that's got to be recognized.
For those of us alive today to realize it's not just us, but it's those we inspire into the future.
So you were getting into the bombing of Dresden.
He was in World War II, Army Air Corps.
He thought that was indiscriminate.
He came up with the Persistent Guided Munitions, the first lasers, the HAARP program.
I mean, it's all classified.
He wouldn't tell me most of it or hardly any of it, but it's on record.
He might have told you some things, but please continue.
Yeah, absolutely, Alex.
And the plan, the plan is out there.
Um, and, and live, you know, being a little kid and growing up and, and I used to spend the summers up with granddad.
And he go, not a plan, a program.
Yeah, it is.
Well, the, the, the, his house, uh, was, was just littered with the, all of the, you know, conspiracy hierarchies books you could think of.
And I mean, uh, he, he took me down to the library of Congress and he, uh, him and I photocopied.
The Communist International Plan, documents 1919 to 1943 by Jane DeGrasse.
And it's all laid out right there.
I mean, it's just incredible that they were talking about this back in the 20s and 30s.
You know, they said that, you know, the 20th century is going to be the American century and the 21st century is going to be the Chinese century.
Boy, if we aren't witnessing that, I don't know how they could call it back then.
But he took the time to understand that stuff.
And another great book that he gave me was called The Christian History of the United States Constitution of America.
Wow, he gave me the same book out of the back of his car like 25 years ago.
It's somewhere around here.
This is an incredible book.
It's I highly recommend it.
It goes through everything.
It talks about the buckets and buckets of blood that have been spilled in it and it gets into the ideas of it and why it happened.
But on the front cover here, you got a picture.
You got some pilgrims up front with guns.
Then you got the father or priest or pastor right behind him.
And then you've got the women and children and there and there at the six you got the the pilgrims with guns again.
And you know that's that's your fox.
That's your fox right there in the hen house story.
You know that everybody's protecting their livelihood.
But those people that stepped out at first to start our country they took an oath with God and trusted him and they just put everything in his hands.
You know sailing across the Atlantic most of the ships didn't make it.
And it was a really dangerous voyage.
At least five colonies failed before.
Yeah, absolutely.
So it's an incredible history and that's...
That's one of the things I'm most thankful for is that Granddad turned me on to our incredible history that we have as a country.
And it's not something that's taught.
You know, you don't find out about this stuff in school or college.
You have to actually go and dig for it.
And that's part of the plan.
That's done on purpose.
You know, I met a guy out here, I was just in passing.
And he told me, he's like, Hey, you know how we got everybody to be so focused on recycling.
We started with the kids.
And I said, I was like, you know, why, why don't we start with the kids with, with math, reading and writing and the pledge of allegiance and a little bit about our history.
Why don't we just do that at first instead of.
You know, making our number one export to China, recyclable trash.
No, no, I agree.
Let's go back here.
Interrupt you because it's incredible.
Get back to him developing incredible high-tech technology.
They still say that Blackbird is the fastest plane in service in the 50s.
We know it's not.
We know your dad was involved in a lot of those developments early on and right through the programs of the 80s.
Talk about him then seeing, as the head of the Air Force Weapons Development, returned debris that was his technology and things that had already developed in the Air Force.
How big a deal that that, literally him being visited by the men in black, grabbing the, I mean that's huge what he told you.
Yeah, yeah, absolutely.
And I think that was kind of a turning point for him, you know, in the development, because he lamented later on that all he did was give the New Order the tools for carrying out their, you know, their exploits.
But I don't think that's true because, you know, another book that he gave me was the Science of Coercion by Christopher Simpson and that's an incredible book where they were predicting back in the 50s how wars were going to be fought and won and they weren't going to be fought and won through traditional means.
It was going to be keystrokes.
And we're there.
We're 100% there.
He realized that later on in his life.
That's what I want to talk a little bit about is the dichotomy of that.
He had these competing ideas.
He witnessed indiscriminate killings in a war.
Then he witnessed building superior technology that's helpful, that can execute a war in a precise manner, a precise and quick manner.
And then he figured out that, hey, guess what?
There's a whole other group of people out here that want to control this technology and not essentially use it for the benefit of our country, but they want to use it to drive societal change.
And one of the biggest things in that was Oklahoma City bombing.
And when he really started speaking out about that, it was incredible.
I mean, he realized right up front that there was no way that this single truck bomb narrative could create that amount of damage, you know, to those reinforced concrete columns.
He blew the blast points, blowing them off with a plastic explosive.
Yeah, yeah.
And he, you know, he went there and he was advocated for an independent, you know, evaluation of the damage that was done there.
And he couldn't get it.
He couldn't get it.
He tried and tried and he filed his report and sent it to Congress.
And he, you know, he got around and tried to rally the troops.
But I don't think You know, the troops were ready to rally behind something like that just yet, you know, as far as at least getting the truth out there about what happened.
And, uh, yeah, it's, it, it, it, it was, uh, incredible, uh, incredible event.
And it was a life changing event for granddad because he just said, you know what?
I'm not, I'm not gonna let this slide.
And, uh, I'm not, you know, he spoke out on it because he knew what was true just from having such experience, you know, going around testing things and, uh, building bombs.
And then he showed up, put the bomb on top, the concrete part of the Davidian church that later came out in Congress.
He was right.
He exposed it all.
I was a little kid sitting at his table in his house and he pulled up that Waco video and he showed me the assault on the building.
And I just couldn't believe it.
I mean, imagine being 10 years old watching that stuff on Ombak.
I couldn't believe it.
I said, this is insane.
Stay there, David Parton, grandson of the legendary Benton K. Parton, the admitted main scientist behind so much of what you see, and then also launching the Liberty Movement to the next level and being a mentor to me.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us for clips of him.
You know, all the really cool people you never hear about in the history books, but General Benton K. Parton was one of them.
And I'm not going to tell any private stories here.
And when I was young and didn't really realize it all, I wonder why these prominent men were taking time out to encourage me and really help.
energized me to take action but they were setting booby traps for the globalists
and they really gave me the encouragement to go forward and that's something General
Parton did. He's able to lead the military and do projects nobody else could because of his leadership
and really empowering people with his intensity and his focus and we've got his grandson who's
a veteran himself and also an inventor, scientist.
He's also out in Hawaii at Deals with Dave Hawaii.
He's a real estate agent on Instagram at Deals with Dave in Hawaii.
David Parton is our guest, General Parton's grandson and really his confidant, very close to him.
David, continuing here, talking about this, there's so many facets to hit, but just what would your grandfather think about the world today?
Because he told me, he said, listen, they may launch their takeover, their communist breakdown of the economy and their open borders and their gun confiscation now.
And they're going to open the prisons up right before the communists take over.
That's to fill us up with them.
And I'm hearing all this.
We see him trying it today.
What would he be doing and saying today if he was with us?
You know, he was big on the molecular vision of life, so he understood that there was a kind of a scientific cabal at the top, you would say.
He called them pencil necks.
And he said, I don't want to let the pencil necks ruin my life.
And one of the stories is that he went to some meeting at Woods Hole, you know, a gathering of scientists, and he met Theodore Von Kersman there, and that guy was a legitimate
rocket scientist.
And he, Granddad told me that he could take a paper napkin, a ballroom napkin,
and draw a two-scale rocket engine on the back of that.
And so once he started realizing like, hey, you know, we've got these really smart people
at the top of the military industrial complex.
He started exploring the medical community and he started believing that, you know, the medical community was going to become a kind of a ward of the state eventually, which is unfortunate, but it all, it all falls back into that underlying plan that he, you know, he understood.
And once his plan, you know, started unfolding more.
I'm sure he would be out front right now today at his church talking about things that are happening right now and encouraging people and encouraging pastors and encouraging his city council.
Grant was actually chairman of the Fairfax County, Virginia City Council.
He was kind of an important guy.
He got, he worked for Reagan for a little while.
Uh, he, I mean, he, he didn't just take his military career and stop, but he took his underlying, you know, uh, knowledge and he transferred it into, uh, the political realm.
And then he also was in the religious realm too, uh, Working to educate people.
And that's really, I think is the most important thing that we got to carry on is that we're here at this point.
We just, we just got to continue to educate people.
Let's say some grab a hold of them.
Just like he grabbed you or he never really grabbed me like that, but he, he just kind of walked me into all this stuff.
Uh, but he, he definitely, uh, would be out there telling folks to wake up, pay attention.
This is a plan, and we gotta do something to fix it.
Otherwise, it's just, we're not gonna have a country left, and that's a scary prospect.
Well, on the phone, and then once in person, I'll be bringing up other issues, and one time he grabbed him by the arm, I guess you've heard the story.
in like a restaurant and he said, "Listen to me.
"All you gotta do is learn the communist program "and fight that and we'll beat 'em.
"You need to stop worrying about all the side issues."
Do you hear me?
And he goes, "You need to take action.
"You've got what it takes."
And I just remember like, whoa.
And he was dead right though, because you can look at all the side issues,
but it's a communist plan.
When you look at that, it's what it is.
If you know what the communists do, you know what they're gonna do next.
And he's been proven right.
100%, 100%.
And that's the thing that about Granddad is I don't think he was a very heavily religious person
growing up in his life 'til later.
And then he told me a story and it's, it's a pretty, pretty incredible story that I'd like to share about when he was, he almost died.
Um, it was at the end of the war.
Um, and he, you know, one of the, one of the admirals was, uh, throwing a party in the Philippines or something.
And, uh, he was a pilot at the time.
And one of the admirals aides, uh, loaded up a bunch of like party equipment onto his airplane, uh, without, you know, checking the, the, uh, loads and the weight and balance, uh, for the plane.
And so when he got on the runway, he didn't, he had, his weights and balance wasn't correct.
And so he's about to take off and he's hammered down, hammered down on the, on the throttles.
And he's getting right towards the end of the runway.
And, um, he said, I didn't understand it at the time, but it, until later when he was studying, uh, aeronautics.
Uh, but he said he felt something grab his hand and go down and pull the flaps down.
And what that did to the plane was it increased the lift.
And it enabled him to get the plane off the ground.
And he said he almost hit Aloha Tower, which is kind of a historic monument out here in Oahu, the beautiful Aloha Tower right there in the harbor, welcoming all the visitors and people from all around the world.
But he said he almost hit that thing, but he was able to get the plane up and tested it out and was able to fly.
That's an incredible story.
Most of it, I think, that are close to God have had those.
I have had similar experiences in my life when I was going to die, and literally, an angel in the hand of God, whatever, like, I've even heard like a voice, like, watch out!
Look out!
And then a mugger comes around with a club trying to kill me.
That happened once.
Another time, it's the same deal.
It's like, literally, it's God's real.
If God has a mission for you, God's going to protect you until that mission's carried out.
I totally agree, Alex.
You know, Granddad passed away December 20th, 2019.
I wasn't able to go to the funeral, so this is a little bit of an eulogy for me.
So I appreciate being on here and sharing some information with the most important people, I think, in the world.
All the info warriors out there.
How old was he when he died?
Oh man, I put him on the spot.
He's almost 98, I believe.
98 years old.
Yeah, he almost made it to 100.
Yeah, he's an incredible guy.
Been through heart surgeries.
I mean, all kinds of stuff.
That was 5 months before he passed away.
That was in April.
5 months before he passed away.
Or 8 months before he passed away.
What were some of the last things he said to you the last time you saw him?
Uh, you know, Grandad was, uh, he, he was instilling good spirits, you know, he, he recognized me and he, you know, we actually talked about, uh, uh, just normal, normal kids stuff, you know, how, how we're doing and how's life in the islands and, you know, things like that.
It's just, just small talk, nothing major.
And he.
He's kind of, you know, towards the end of his life, his mental abilities were kind of gone, gone away.
And so you just, you get there.
Eventually, once you're almost a hundred years old, you know, if you get, I think if you can put your pants on one leg at a time.
I agree.
Was that you 10 years ago?
We called and called.
He couldn't come on.
And then somebody from the family called and said, sorry, he's, you know, he's kind of a little bit Alzheimer's.
Was that you or who was that called me?
It wasn't me, Alex.
This is the first time we're talking.
What a great family you got.
Are you guys really proud of your grandfather?
Oh my gosh, yeah.
Growing up and going to his house was always something that we looked forward to.
I remember I used to ride the train up from my house up to his house and I'd get off the train and he'd be standing there just He'd always drive a Cadillac, so he'd pick us up in his Cadillac and take us back to the house.
A real American.
Let's come back and play some historic clips of General Benton K. Parton, your grandfather, on the other side.
We've got David Parton with us right now at GeneralParton.com, on Twitter at Highway underscore 30.
We'll be right back.
Well, we've got to get David Parton, grandson of the great General Benton K. Parton back on.
So much to talk about here, but let me ask you this.
I remember doing interviews, probably close to 100.
It was at least 70 or 80 interviews over 15 years or so with your grandfather.
And I remember That he would just bring up, well I ran the HAARP program and it was really over the horizon to see ICBMs coming in from Russia and blah blah blah and they claim it's this but it's really not that and it's just all the things and I would look it up and it was true that he ran that program and actually started it.
I mean he was involved in the deepest of the deep state and as you're saying he was exposing what Eisenhower in 61 his farewell address said.
I guess in like, was it 1961, early January 1961 before Kennedy took over, about a scientific technological elite that had taken control of the military industrial complex and how dangerous it was.
Your father, your grandfather, I guess really saw that and knew that.
But did he ever tell you about HAARP stuff or space planes or all the other stuff he was involved in?
We never got into that.
You know, as a grandkid, I think, you know, if you could go back to that picture, guys, of him receiving that briefing when he was a colonel, I'd like to give a little context to that.
Yeah, right there.
Okay, so he's getting a briefing from the lead manager at a hyper-velocity gun range right there, all right?
And this is like in the In the late 60s or 70s.
If you look at his eyes right there, I never saw those eyes.
Growing up, I never saw those eyes.
It was always a kind, gentle, showing us stuff, teaching us things.
The thing is, I got to see those eyes.
That's what was interesting.
And that's what I'm saying.
He, he, he showed them to people and don't get me wrong.
If you, if you stepped out of line, you might, you might catch those, but that's, that's, that was him doing that pretty much all the time for over 30 years.
He had that look on his face.
And, um, you know, it, when you're in a war, you make sacrifices and he, he was in a war, uh, several of them and he had to make some sacrifices and, um, I think one of those was him being gone all the time.
Um, and you know, his kids not getting to see him.
So he kind of wanted to show to us, you know, that, that he was there for us.
And we just got the whole point of that is getting stuff done and noting to people, this is serious.
I don't think it makes so much people are in trouble.
Your grandfather was like, listen to me, this is serious.
You need to understand this.
And he tried to shake you up and make you understand it if you weren't grasping it.
Um, and he, you know, but, you know, growing up around him, it was, it was, he told me, he said, the commons are going to take over.
They're going to put everybody in forced labor camps.
They're literally going to destroy your family.
This is serious.
Understand you're fighting communists.
You understand that?
And that's, that's, uh, that's serious business.
Once we get, uh, you know, once people start grasping and I think we're, I think the tides really turned lately is that, you know, the, The New World Order's plan is 100% booby trap.
They jumped the shark way too early.
It's just too many good, God-fearing, good Americans in this country to let something like that happen.
And that's my point, is that he realized that I and others were fighting, so that's why he was so serious.
It was military then, about this is the fight for the Republic.
And he was setting, he was helping set those booby traps.
And I'm glad you brought that analogy up, because that's what he was critical in doing.
Yeah, it's not a game.
It's not a game we're playing here.
It's that God judges the heart, you know, but the heart is where your actions reside inside of your head.
That's right.
Let's play a clip here.
We've got three of these clips.
I need to get to them.
Here's General Parton, more than 20 years ago, talks about how all the false flags attacks are created for a world communist system, how NATO expansion is part of the goal, and that the media and the government are working together to stop ascending opinion.
Here it is.
When the bomb went off in Oklahoma, President Clinton said, who was responsible?
The generators of hate.
Who are the generators of hate?
The Christian Right.
Talk show hosts.
Now, there's also a lot of forbidden information out there.
By the media.
And the media have been organized continuously for the last couple hundred years.
And this goes way, way back.
Now, forbidden information.
We've heard a lot about collective security.
Trying to move NATO into Western Europe.
One of the stated, declared, chief objectives of the communist world for many years has been to establish a global collective security system.
They've been talking about a collective security system that reaches from Halifax in Canada to the Sakhalin Islands, the other side of China.
And bring this all together in a collective security system.
And NATO is now a functional part of the United Nations.
Their target, number one, was to destroy Christianity, in specific, and all religions in general.
And Voltaire said, I will destroy Christianity if it takes a thousand years.
And the first item on their list, the first item is a total subjugation of public opinion and the annihilation of the faith of all Christian nations.
And there's a whole bunch of others.
But the first thing is the control of public opinion.
The censorship, the attack on Christians, NATO as the new older takeover arm.
He said that 20 plus years ago and it's all happening now.
Now what a visionary.
Yeah, and it's not, once you got the keys, it's not hard to predict it.
So I don't understand why the battle plan, we just can't move on.
I think it's in everybody's head already.
We know the enemy battle plan, your grandfather gave it to us, it should be easy to beat.
Exactly, so let's, you know, and I think we're doing an excellent job, you know, all kinds of things going on right now, the Rove versus Wade probably getting overturned, that's incredible, we've got, I mean, it's just, Somebody once blessed us, may you live in interesting times, and we certainly do.
We do.
Here's another clip of him 25 years ago after Oklahoma City.
General Parton reveals how he knew that it was a cover of an Oklahoma City Heritage.
When the bomb went off in Oklahoma, I knew within the first few hours that somebody was lying.
Because you know from evidence, from the architecture of the building, the asymmetry in the collapse of the building, The reach of the warhead was absolutely, totally incompatible with 4,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil, or ethanol.
So my move was initially, within the first day or two, to get in contact with the Senator from Oklahoma's office, and try to keep that building from coming down.
I knew because they were lying, they would try to cover it up, and they would bring the building down and bury it as quick as they possibly could, or get rid of it, dispose of it.
And so I went to Senator Nichols' office and his assistant who was handling things for Oklahoma said he would check it out, see what he could do.
I was trying to get him to get the Oklahoma National Guard to do an independent investigation.
And two days later he said, well he talked to the people and there's a lot of difference of opinion in Oklahoma with respect to what happened.
And from that comment, I decided he was going to do nothing, so I turned out a technical report and sent it to 75 senators and congressmen who had very good voting records.
And, uh, essentially it was a black hole.
Most of them sent the report to the FBI for their information and action.
Uh, one senator wrote a letter back and said, I've withdrawn my report, my support for the, uh, counterterrorism bill, and we'll see to it that it is cleaned up before it gets through.
But the reaction was pretty much like a black hole.
As you know, they went ahead and took the building down and physically buried it.
It was physically buried.
The pressure from, say, we're out here where it had been 500 to 700,000 pounds per square inch where the explosive went off, by the time you got to the first point of contact, this column, The pressure would have been down to about three hundred and eighty-five, ninety pounds.
And that's enough when you can load structures to get failure, but you cannot get the kind of failure, what you call Broussant's failure, where the stuff turns to powder.
You cannot get any of the Broussant's damage, but there's a lot of Broussant's damage in the building, so you know.
Because again, there were demolition charges inside the building.
The FEMA report said to, they took the FBI figures for the size of the crater, which was 28 feet across, 6.8 feet deep, and said to generate a crater that size it would require 4,000 pounds of TNT.
TNT is a standard, sort of a standard measure against which you measure everything else.
So we're taking 4,000 pounds of TNT.
And these areas are proportional to weights.
So if this is 4,000 pounds of TNT, it would have taken 14,800 pounds of ethanol to give you the same blast equivalents in a two and a half ton truck.
So that's just totally incompatible.
And then we have all the witnesses of them planting the bombs in the buildings, even the names of the Feds.
Do five more minutes with us.
Very impressive.
David Parton, GeneralParton.com.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We'll be right back with a few more minutes with you.
And I got a bunch of other clips we'll have to add them in post of General Parton's amazing work.
You can see what a great leader he was.
True Americana.
We stand on his shoulders and I thank General Parton for his Influence in his tutelage, because InfoWars wouldn't be here without him and many others.
We salute you, General Parton.
We love you.
On the road again!
Got a special guest about to take over.
David Parton, grandson of General Parton, is our guest.
I want to play one more clip of General Parton on Waco.
He was one of the first to expose charges used, infantry behind the tanks killing people.
It turned out the Delta Force was there, under orders, and killed everybody inside, except a few that climbed out the front.
And so here's Parton talking about this 25 years ago.
I was asked by the chief investigator of a civil case dealing with Waco.
I was asked to do a forensic on the Church Records Vault.
Ramsey Clark.
You probably haven't heard anything about the Church Records Vault at Waco.
We're standing right on top of the former Church Records Vault.
There was a curious hole blown on the top with the rebar bent in.
What would cause that, sir?
Well, it's clearly a demolition charge was set off on top of the building.
on the roof of the first floor and of course there were two floors three floors built above that but the charge it went off had to be in very close contact with the roof of the church workers vault and it would leave that hole in there and there was rebar across where the hole is and the only way you can Take, turn the concrete into dust and blow it away like that and leave the rebar undamaged.
Just a slight bend in it, very little.
The only thing that could have done that would have been a high explosive demolition charge there.
All right, from the vault, a blast from the past.
In closing, David Parton, thank you for the time.
We've got three minutes left.
How would you like to leave us here today as we celebrate the amazing life of your incredible grandfather, General Benton K. Parton?
Alex, thank you so much.
One of the last points I wanted to make was Granddad had an opinion on, if you remember the BRAC, the Base Realignment Consolidation, and he called that target consolidation.
And he said, hey, you know, when you're centralizing all your militaries and he said that becomes an easy target.
Well, uh, I think that kind of translates into the current situation with the info war and everybody, you know, trying to move out of California into Texas or, or somewhere in the Midwest or South.
It's, uh, it's almost, you know, not time, I think, to do that.
It's, it's time to just stay focused and.
Focus on the information and understand the plan and educate yourself.
That's right.
When you're in a globalist area, even under more tyranny, people are going to be more receptive than in other areas.
I'm not blaming folks that are involved in an exodus from the left, but you got a good point.
I just want to stay where the fight's hot and just keep educating as many people as I can.
And I can tell you that where I'm at, a lot of people are awake, 100%.
Again, in closing, what do you think your grandfather thinks the current situation?
You know, he would probably be a little upset.
I mean, if he had his wits about him, he'd definitely be upset.
But he'd be fighting just as hard as you, I think, Alex, if not harder.
Um, and, and, you know, that's one of the things that I loved about granddad is that if you were in trouble, he'd stick up for you.
And he'd always be there by your side to help you out.
And he would go down and have your back if you needed some help with something.
And that's, that was an incredible thing for him.
He's a standup guy.
Um, I miss him dearly.
I think about him every day.
I listen to your show almost every day and I love you, Alex, and God bless all the InfoWarriors and God bless your crew.
And thanks so much for allowing me to come on and talk about my granddad.
Well, I appreciate you, David Parton.
And I would just say this.
It's what you said at the start of the broadcast an hour ago that was so critical.
Your grandfather and other patriots planted booby traps for the New World Order.
They're being caught flat-footed.
They're not going to win because of the work people like your grandfather did.
And that's why I'm just very, very thankful.
And I appreciate you, brother.
Thank you so much.
All right.
God bless all of us.
Powerful interview.
I don't even know what to call it.
It's been live.
It's going to be archived and made on video.
But it's very, very important.
And we really appreciate Ben Parton and the incredible work he's done.
All right.
He's running for Congress against Ilhan Omar.
Royce White is amazing.
He's an MMA fighter, former NBA player, and just a great guy.
I hope to meet him in person sometime.
He's about to take over.
Here in just a moment.
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Good afternoon, InfoWar audience.
I'm Royce White.
I'm your guest host for the hour.
And I am honored to be here.
Alex Jones is an American hero.
Thank you to Alex and all of the team over there at Info Wars for continuing to tell the truth and fight for the American people and fight for people everywhere.
We're going to get into a lot of things over the hour.
The first half, I want to talk about Roe v. Wade and the implications of Roe v. Wade and the latest news coming out of the Supreme Court.
And the second half, I want to talk about my congressional race opponent coming up in the midterm election, Ilhan Omar.
Her most recent trip to Kashmir, the war in Russia and Ukraine, the military industrial complex and the implications there as well.
First, I want to say most recently, there was a Washington Post hit piece that was done on me that referenced Alex Jones done by an editor or journalist, David Gardner.
And this piece called me the new darling of the far right.
And in it, there was a, you know, 4,000 word expose that basically tried to make me out to be a crazy person.
And, you know, this is a common trait.
You saw them go after Tucker Carlson later on during the week with a 20 piece hit piece from the New York Times.
And I just want to say, In the lead up to them coming out with this article, I was interviewed for over four hours.
I think one quote from that four hour interview made it into this piece.
And during this four hour interview, I was asked about Alex.
I was asked about my relationship with Alex.
I was asked about whether or not I supported Alex.
And I want to say here clearly, because it didn't make it to the article, that I do support Alex Jones.
I think Alex Jones has been extremely brave.
And his fight and continuous fight to tell the truth.
I think Alex Jones has waged a one-man war against the establishment long before many people had the courage to stand up and speak with a clear throat, as some are starting to do now and more are starting to do every day.
And that's a good thing.
But we always have to remember and revere those who stood up and spoke truth to power in times when it wasn't advantageous for others or many of us.
So I do support Alex Jones, and for that, I guess I'm a darling of the far right.
I don't even know what far right means anymore, to be honest.
Far right is anything that's not far left, it seems.
And we're going to talk about some of those political spectrum ideas today.
I'm your guest host for the hour.
We're going to get into a lot of things today.
We are in an information war, so it's timely that I would be allowed to have a guest host spot here on the show.
And the first priority, is that we have to restore our national honor and our
sacred honor. It's my opinion as a Christian man that the best way to restore our national honor and our
sacred honor is through faith in God. And I do believe that faith in God is the most efficacious
way to restore and maintain national honor and sacred honor.
This country was founded upon Judeo-Christian values.
Any precept of human rights and civil rights must start with the sanctity of life.
And we'll get into that more when we talk about Roe v. Wade and some of the horrendous ideas that have been expressed by people on the far left over the past few days.
We are in a time where human rights are being used As a scapegoat.
As a weapon.
To go after human rights.
We have to be mindful of just how deceitful and tricky the enemy can be.
Women for the past 50 years have been given this symbol of their political power.
This symbol of their progress in the West.
In the form of killing the unborn.
Nothing more atrocious, nothing more atrocious, nothing more dehumanizing than to tell a woman that her political power is inextricable from her right to kill her own child.
And we are at a pivotal point in this country and I'm happy and many prayers have been answered that the Supreme Court The current Supreme Court has had a change of heart around this ruling, and I do think it should be overturned.
I think it is part and parcel of the misinformation or informational war being waged on the public to frame this issue as though the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade would make abortion illegal in the absolute sense.
It won't.
It's going to kick the issue back to the states and let states decide on this issue.
This is a consistent theme.
When the mainstream media establishment has been captured by far-left ideologues, all of the narratives, all of the headlines become weaponized against truth, against freedom, against humanity, against God.
But today is a glorious day.
It's a great time to be alive.
People are waking up.
People are starting to shake the fear of being called crazy.
Shake the fear of being called a conspiracy theorist.
Shake the fear of being called a religious whack job.
And some of those things were implied in this Washington Post hit piece that was done on me last week.
And Alex Jones and Tim Pool and Steve Bannon and many others were mentioned in this article.
And I'm in great company.
I'm happy to be here today.
I can't wait to get into the Roe v. Wade issue in the second block and third block.
Later on in the second half of the show, I want to get dive in to Ilhan Omar's ill-advised, unwarranted trip to Kashmir, which is a tinderbox, which is a tinderbox.
It is the tinderbox, maybe, in the world to potentially start World War III.
And we'll talk about that as well.
But I also want to talk about Ilhan Omar's history.
Um, America's history as it pertains to that region, uh, and the implications as it also pertains to the war in Ukraine and Russia and how the military industrial complex on both sides of the political aisle manifested through the unit party is, is, is up and running right now.
Um, we had COVID.
We had the war and, and, and, and slowly, but surely COVID quieted down the war in Ukraine kicked up.
The war in Ukraine started to be seen for the scam that it is, and it is a scam.
Not that it's not a real war and there's not a real cost, a real human cost, but the premise, the auspices of this conflict Are completely illegitimate and completely ill-formed and misrepresented in the media.
And now we have Roe v. Wade here in America to keep us distracted yet again from the forces at work.
Although God has made it so that the issue of our time politically be thrown into the center stage for us to be able to discuss at this time.
Again, we're going to get into, we're going to get into The Roe v. Wade issue in the second block.
We're also going to get into Ilhan Omar, her trip to Kashmir in the fifth block.
And we're also going to discuss the war in Ukraine a bit.
This is a wonderful time to be alive, people.
I'm going to be your guest host for the hour.
I thank Alex Jones and the team over at InfoWars for allowing me to have this hour.
and let's get into it.
Okay, I still got more time in this block.
I'm going to keep going.
Okay, to get us started on Roe v. Wade.
The Roe v. Wade issue, the inception of the Roe v. Wade issue, was illegitimate to begin with.
The ruling was illegitimate.
The case was illegitimate.
Norman McCorvey, who they try and hide in the shadows of the conversation, was a complete psychopath who admitted She lied to try and receive an abortion in Texas where it was illegal by claiming that she was raped when she wasn't.
She falsely accused four individuals of raping her in hopes of getting an abortion.
And three of the assailants, the alleged assailants, were men.
One of them was a woman.
In the Norma McCorvey example itself, it shows the danger of political ideologues.
It shows that in this postmodern feminist movement, women can become collateral damage.
Women can even become collateral damage.
What a thing to do.
To lie on anybody, but especially another woman in hopes to have an abortion.
And later on in her life, Norma McCorvey, who was the star witness or the star subject in the Roe v. Wade Royce White, I am back with you.
I'm your guest host for the hour.
I appreciate Alex Jones again and the InfoWars team for allowing me the platform to speak to this audience.
Thank you.
We are in a referendum.
Today, we are talking about Roe v. Wade in this block and the next.
And I want to talk about the idea of Roe v. Wade first for a moment.
And then I want to talk about some of the outrageous comments that have been made in response To the news that the Supreme Court plans to overturn this ruling.
Any precept of human rights and civil rights must begin with the sanctity of life.
We have to begin from a place where life is sacred.
If we don't begin from a place where life is sacred, We have no hopes in maintaining any morals or ethics around being human or protecting humanity.
And it's not by accident that Roe v. Wade has become one of the fundamental dividing lines between the right and the left.
One of the things that's interested me the most over the past 24 hours is to realize how many People in America have no real recollection or accounting of our history in this country and the political, the role of political parties, specifically as it pertains to Democrats.
And I'm going to make this case here today that Democrats have waged a 160 year war on the sanctity of life.
And, uh, you know, yesterday you heard Joe Biden come out and say, The MAGA movement is the most extreme political movement in America's history.
And then he redacted it and said, recent history.
Well, as a person who's a part of the MAGA movement, who's a part of the nationalist populist movement, who's fighting against the globalists, who's fighting against the neoliberal Marxists, I wear Biden's castigation as a badge of honor.
We are the most extreme response.
You, me, Alex.
All of the truth tellers and patriots around this country are the most extreme response to the Democrats' 160 year war on the sanctity of life, to remove the sanctity of life from this nation.
And what's most ironic about it, and part of the reason why I got into politics to begin with, is because black people have been used to do it.
60 million abortions in 50 years is a genocide.
30 million of them being black is an ethnic cleansing and it was done intentionally.
Many of us know the history of Margaret Sanger and the eugenics movement and the role it played in the founding of Planned Parenthood.
Some people don't know in our country.
Some people that information has been kept from.
Some people that information has been ignored out of political ambition or political affiliation.
All of those things are on the table.
But when you look at it from a fundamental ideological standpoint, the reality is the same party that fought to retain the rights of slave owners, that fought to retain the right to own slaves, are the same party that now fights to retain the right to kill a child.
And it's the same idea.
The idea is that a group of people who are motivated politically Get to arbitrarily.
It's arbitrarily being a certain group of people as subhuman.
In that time, it was black people.
It was people who were meant to be enslaved, who they felt were meant to be enslaved, who it was rightful to enslave.
In our in our time today, it's it's a fetus.
OK, is this the exact same idea?
Black people are subhuman, therefore, we should be able to enslave them.
A fetus is not a human being, therefore, we should be able to kill it.
This party, the Democrats, have waged this 160-year war right out in the open.
And it troubles me because the linchpin of the identity politics, mainstream media, Ricard Monty, bait-and-switch, is to say, what happened to black people?
What happened to black people in our American history gives us the right, gives us the right to determine the parameters around human rights and civil rights.
But I'll say it again.
Any precept of human rights and civil rights must begin with the sanctity of life.
And it's it's not by accident that the policy Of abortion, that the policy of the Roe v. Wade, that the outcome of the policy and the law of Roe v. Wade has disproportionately affected black America.
And there's a reckoning coming.
There is an exodus that has begun.
I am a product of it.
I am an example of somebody who was caught on the Democrat plantation culturally.
Who was kept from the Republican platform, who was kept from a nationalist platform, who was kept from people who were libertarian or some of these other political ideas.
And it was shoved down my throat constantly that Republicans exemplified racism in our country from a political standpoint.
That white people in general exemplified racism with enough independent research, with enough With enough run-ins with the establishment where they contradicted themselves on the issues of human rights.
In my situation, it was the NBA.
The globalist institution.
The lapdog for China.
The running dog for the CCP.
With enough run-ins with institutions like that, I understood that the entire narrative was rightful to question.
And the mainstream media wants us to believe that anyone like me Who calls into question the mainstream narrative, the stories that are told to us by all of the legacy institutions are crazy.
That's their pitch.
That is crazy for an individual like me to say that 30 million babies in 50 years, 30 million black babies is a tragedy, a national tragedy, and maybe the greatest sin in American history.
The 60 million babies we've killed over the last 50 years is the greatest sin in American history.
And we have to repent.
We have to repent.
We have to change course.
There is no future in America, or for any of us, if we kill the most precious, sacred, miraculous gift we've been given.
The ability to reproduce, the ability to create life, the ability to raise children, the ability to instill values and morals in our children, and hand the baton off to our children to be stewards of the idea of this country, of America.
If we're going to restore our national honor and our sacred honor, we have to do it through our children, through our future generations.
And once we regain a proper course with this Roe v. Wade issue, the next institution, the next battleground is going to be with our education, how we teach our young people.
Because make no mistake about it, the reason why Roe v. Wade was able to become what it has become, this symbol of a woman's freedom, Is because our institutions have become, our institutions are hijacked and captured by this left, this far left ideology.
We have to take it back.
We have to take this country back.
The next two elections are a referendum.
A referendum on the American people.
A referendum on the idea of America.
I'll be coming back to you in a few moments after a brief intermission, after a brief A brief intermission to talk more about Roe v. Wade.
Royce White, I'm back with you this afternoon as the guest host of InfoWars.
Again, I want to thank Alex Jones and the entire InfoWars staff for allowing me this platform to talk to your audience.
We're talking Roe v. Wade.
In the last block, I talked about the idea of Roe v. Wade, the idea of sanctity of life, the implications of sanctity of life in our nation as a political idea, but also as a spiritual idea.
And make no mistake about it, we are able to see through this issue right now today, the presence of demonic possession in our world.
In the Washington Post, you know, there was an inference made that my Christianity was in effect tied in to a long line of conspiratorial thoughts or ideas.
Of which they mentioned Alex Jones's name, you know, in effect as well.
And that is what the left has tried to claim.
That God himself is a conspiracy.
A conspiracy theory.
And all of these other far-right ideas are roped into Christianity.
That Christianity itself is the new symbol of tyranny.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
And I want to give you some examples that I pulled here.
If you follow me on Twitter, you're able to follow me on Gitter.
I've been posting some of these disturbing commentaries from far left people.
Amanda Duarte, I think that's how you say her name.
I do wonder how these white supremacist lawmakers would feel if their little white daughters were raped and impregnated by black men.
That was one quote.
I mean, these people are absolutely demonic.
Okay, first of all, that is as racist as it possibly gets.
And these white liberal women show us that none of their political platform or ideology has any real interest in black people.
Now, if a 30 million baby genocide of a specific race that was instituted and catalyzed by a woman who was an explicit eugenicist that made open claims about eradicating the black race through Planned Parenthood isn't enough to show us that these white liberal women aren't who they say they are, then comments like these, comments like these in real time, let us know exactly who these people are.
After I saw the comment, I wanted to look into her a little bit more, so I put in a search on Twitter.
And many of our great patriots who are also interested in the truth had already gone back and done exactly to Amanda what the far left tried to do to Joe Rogan.
Only when they did it to him, it was really corny and very irrelevant.
Here, it's very relevant.
And the sheer The sheer vulgarity of it shows us the relevance.
I mean, when you decide to tweet something, most times people take a second and third look.
So many typos when you go to spell out any of these things on these social media apps anyway.
You're bound to have one or two spelling errors at least.
Okay, so anytime I see a tweet that was spelled perfectly, grammatically, I tend to think that a person took a second look.
Sometimes people take a third, fourth, fifth look because many of us are very concerned with how our ideas are represented to the wide public, and we should be.
We should take ourselves serious and be concerned of how our ideas are being represented.
Some of these things live forever, and this one is an example.
This was tweeted by Amanda Duarte in October of 2016.
She says, I almost want to get pregnant with Trump's baby and let it get to full term just so I can rip it halfway out and cut its fucking head off.
I'll read that again.
Please bring the graphic back up.
I want this to sink in.
These are the, these are the people.
These are the people.
That the far left will prop up as their political leaders, as their activists, as their voices of reason, as their voices of freedom, as their voices of human rights and civil rights.
These are their advocates.
These are their activists.
I almost want to get pregnant with Trump's baby and let it get to full term
just so I can rip it halfway out and cut its fucking head off.
I don't understand how a person could come up with such an idea.
All of the story around Norma McCorvey is represented in Amanda's tweet.
It's right there.
It's right there for you to see.
She's willing to use sex as a measure, as a political measure, vindictively, To have a sexual interaction with a man who she hates, just to be able to get pregnant, just as a means of utility, vindictive utility, to then turn around and carry out a murder.
I mean, even in the hype, there's nothing humorous about that tweet.
There's nothing joking about that tweet.
This is what we're up against.
This is the crisis of femininity.
The inability for women, many women in the world today, to process and deal with despair.
Mostly because their idea of heaven has collapsed.
And when your idea of heaven collapses, all that's left for you is the here and now.
That is the breeding ground for radical despair and anxiety.
When all that you have Is the fleeting moment of today or the fleeting moments of a human life against the breath of time.
You're going to have radical anxiety and despair.
There's no doubt about it.
And again, Norma McCorvey was was so hell bent on having an abortion.
And in that case, Might I add, she claimed that the man who got her pregnant, um, was someone who she believed that she was in love with, but later on realized that she wasn't.
And when she realized that she was angry, she was disappointed.
She was sad.
She was detached, disconnected from reality, from humanity.
These things happen.
And greater and greater occurrence when people don't have any spiritual anchors, when people don't have any metaphysical anchors, when people don't have any sanctity in their life.
Why on earth would anybody even say that out loud?
I mean, even if you thought it, I'll say it again.
This time I won't cuss.
I almost want to get pregnant with Trump's baby and let it get to full term, just so I can rip it halfway out and cut its head off.
Now here, they're showing their true colors because here, we're not even talking about a fetus anymore.
Well, we're not talking about a 15 or 20 week term or some semantical argument about when does the fetus have a heartbeat, so on and so forth.
Here, we've made the explicit case To let a child, a baby, get to full term, to the point where you're just about to give birth, rip the baby out.
You know, not let the baby out, not start to give birth, violently rip the baby halfway out and cut its head off.
Now, I don't agree with Donald Trump on everything.
I agree with a lot of the things Donald Trump had to say.
I agree with a lot of Donald Trump's platform.
But there is nothing that Donald Trump did, and there's nothing that anyone could do that would justify this kind of treatment towards a child, towards a baby, towards an unborn human being.
The only thing that can justify these types of ideas and actions are demonic possession.
People who are possessed by Satan.
And as nice as these white liberal women talk.
In our country today, from Hollywood to D.C., there is nothing more dangerous in our country that undermines the future of our country than these satanic worldviews around the sanctity of life.
Royce White with you back again.
I'm your guest host for the evening, for the afternoon, and I want to thank Alex Jones and the InfoWars team for allowing me to have this time slot and this platform to talk to this audience.
I appreciate every freedom fighting, every truth-telling, patriotic American citizen out there watching.
I am running against Ilhan Omar in this midterm election here in Minnesota's Congressional Fifth District.
And I want all of you to go to RoyceWhite.us if you can, and pitch in in any way that you can.
Continue to pitch in and support Alex Jones as well.
We need money to fight you.
And to give you an example, when Alex says that George Soros is waging a war on this country and the foundational values of America, He's not, he's in no way being exaggerate.
The quarterlies came out in the Minnesota midterm election races or campaigns and findings, facts and findings, and there his name was, right there.
Right on line four, George Soros, $250,000 to the DFL, which is our Democrat Party here in Minnesota, the Democratic Farmers and Laborers Party.
And his name is right there, $250,000 to the party.
Here in Minnesota, our Republican Party has $50,000 on hand total.
The Democrats had $2.2 million on hands.
We're in an uphill battle.
We're going to move on from Roe v. Wade, which I touched on.
I touched on the idea of Roe v. Wade politically, its references in our American history, the link that ties the Democrats into a 160-year war on the sanctity of life.
And then I talked a little bit about just how demonic some of the commentary is from some of the people who have a problem.
With the leaked document that the Supreme Court plans to overturn Roe v. Wade.
And in closing, I want to say I hope that our Supreme Court justices have it in their hearts, find it in their hearts, find the courage to follow through and overturn Roe v. Wade.
If that happens, it will be the single greatest thing that my government has done in my lifetime.
Again, Any precept of human rights and of civil rights, any restoration of our national honor and our sacred honor must begin with the sanctity of life.
In closing, I want to read one final tweet from somebody that was sent to me earlier this morning that kind of encapsulates the bigger attack from the left through this abortion issue.
This is from LZA.
I don't know the person's name.
All right.
I'm tired from all the aggressive hate tweets I've twot today over Roe v. Wade.
That's all folks.
Some parting words.
Christianity is a cult.
Conservatives are gross.
Fetuses look like alien bugs.
And you don't need to feel sorry or guilty about a boarding mission motherhood.
Now, I don't think there's a better example that encapsulates just how inhumane the left is with regards to this issue.
I mean, we know that our government has lied to us about UFOs, about extraterrestrials, but none of us have actually seen or many of us have never actually seen aliens.
We've seen a representation of aliens given to us by Hollywood, who may in effect actually have an accurate representation of aliens.
I don't know, because I've never seen one.
But all of us have seen a human baby.
All of us have seen a human child.
All of us have seen, most of us of adult years, have seen a human child grow from being an infant to being a full-grown, functioning adult.
To these liberal left white women, to these liberal left ideologues, an alien is as real as a human child.
An alien to them.
The Hollywood fictitious image of an alien is more real than a human child.
Okay, enough on Roe v. Wade.
I want to talk about my opponent, Ilhan Omar.
I recently wrote a letter, an open letter, to Ilhan Omar regarding her trip to Kashmir, the tinderbox, Kashmir, there between India and Pakistan.
And recently, Ilhan Omar took a completely unwarranted, unsanctioned, you know, the United States State Department didn't fund the trip.
They didn't okay the trip.
They claim that she took an independent trip to Kashmir for some reason that we don't know.
I want people to understand How dangerous the situation is in Kashmir.
While everybody has us looking over at Ukraine-Russia, India is one of America's strongest allies.
And then the Prime Minister there, Modi, is a nationalist.
He and India, the people in India, are a safeguard against the CCP and the globalists running roughshod Throughout the entire Eurasian landmass.
There's not a more important ally in the entire world for America right now than India.
If you accept the premise that the CCP plans to dominate the world, which they openly say they plan to have the world come run through China one belt one road 2050.
And President Xi comes from the school of Klaus Schwab, but I think deep down he's a nationalist.
He's only interested in globalism so far as China is the center of the globalist vision for the future.
He's an ethno-nationalist and anybody who knows anything about China, the CCP or the Chinese people, culturally knows that China is their religion.
The Chinese people are their religion.
They believe they have the mandate from heaven.
Nobody more dangerous than that in terms of an adversary.
And they have openly claimed that they are our adversary.
India is maybe one of our most important allies, again.
And Kashmir is a territory in between India and Pakistan that is up for grabs.
Jump ball.
And For Ilhan Omar to go and visit Pakistan has infuriated the people in India, the government of India, Prime Minister Modi.
And they have called into question what this action was meant to do.
And I have a theory.
And I want to explain my theory here today based on other recent events that have happened on the global stage around military, military conflicts in areas that are contested in the geopolitical landscape.
Do we really believe that $80 to $90 billion worth of United States military equipment and weapons was left in Afghanistan by accident?
Now, I know many people wanted to poke fun at Joe Biden, and we liked the idea or the caricature that Fox News presented, that Joe Biden is so asleep at the wheel that he left these weapons in Afghanistan completely by way of incompetence.
I'm not buying it.
I'm not buying it.
The first day I get elected to Congress, we will, we will put forward an action to look into the departure from Afghanistan and not, not just around Joe Biden, but all of the people who advised Joe Biden, all of the people who, who voted to leave Afghanistan in the manner that we did.
We need to go back and check all the receipts.
And in that same vein, I want us to think about one thing.
Who did we leave behind in Afghanistan?
When they said that we left people behind in Afghanistan that had helped us, our allies, what we meant was there were people, assets in Afghanistan, people who helped the United States military while we were there, that we left behind.
Well, let's think about Somalia.
Who got out of Somalia?
Who was it that came to America from Somalia?
National security assets.
People who helped us in Somalia.
Ilhan Omar may be one of those people.
She may be a national security asset.
We don't know.
We are in the law of uncertain outcomes and unknowns now.
Okay, I can't explain why somebody would go to a tinderbox in the middle of an already brewing geopolitical conflict between Ukraine and Russia and speak with not only the new Pakistani government, but the former Pakistani leader who claimed that the CIA and the Chinese had worked together to stage a coup against him.
These are dangerous times.
These are uncertain times.
And we cannot be naive to the role that the Central Intelligence Agency, or the intelligence community, or the Five Eyes, the collaborative of intelligence communities around the world, are having an effect and role in geopolitical conflicts such as Ukraine and Russia, or even right here in Minnesota in the 5th Congressional District, where they may have sent one of their assets into a place that could spark World War 3.
We'll be back after the break.
I'm going to talk more about this trip to Kashmir and Ukraine-Russia.
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