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Name: 20220502_Mon_Alex
Air Date: May 2, 2022
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In his show, Alex Jones discusses how he believes the world is aligning for a global dictatorship, with mainstream media openly celebrating censorship and control. He warns listeners to spread the word about this takeover and rally support against it, as the Republican Party cannot be trusted due to being bought off by big tech. He also promotes new merchandise and takes calls from listeners who share their opinions on various topics related to InfoWars. Gerald Celente is introduced to discuss the spread of disinformation by mainstream media outlets like The New York Times, emphasizing the importance of supporting InfoWars in order to combat these false narratives and maintain freedom, peace, and justice.

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So when we come back, I've got Obama saying we need more censorship and government control, Ministry of Truth, and then the most shocking video ever, AP drooling and saying watch traitors being rounded up for mildly criticizing Zelensky and saying that a lot of people don't support the ongoing war and want peace.
You say mild things, they come to your house in military gear and they take you away for years in prison.
Ukraine hunts down traders.
And remember, Ukraine is the model for what the globalists want to do in America.
And the globalists are running the whole response to Ukraine and bragging about it and admitting it all.
And I have all their admissions right here.
And what is Obama saying?
We need a European model here in Germany.
In England they arrest you for political incorrectness.
This is the reality.
Laying down will only make it worse for you.
Standing up is what built this country in freedom and I intend to not disgrace my ancestors.
I will stand firm to the end.
It's Alex Jones.
It's Monday, May 2nd.
The year is 2022.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and InfoWars is on fire as we enter the great confrontation with the fabled New World Order.
Ladies and gentlemen, all the pieces came together in the last 24 hours, and I have got chills shooting up and down my spine right now.
I have the legislation, I have the statements, I have the videos, I have the admissions of the criminal elements of the deep state and the United States government.
Running Ukraine for over a decade as a money laundering operation, admitting that the censorship and control and secret arrest and torture and murder of people that just say, I'm against this war and I think Zelensky's bad, they are on the news.
mainstream media is running around like this is a good thing with the Associated Press
rounding people up.
This is unprecedented.
Now, this is such a incredible moment to be alive and have our media, that is the enemy of the people, publicly celebrating the secret police Breaking down doors and saying you are critical of Zelensky, you're critical of this war.
And so now you're going to go to a prison for decades and you're going to be tortured and a lot of you're going to be killed.
You've already seen how they shoot him in the knees.
This is as bad police state as you can get.
This is North Korea.
And they're saying it on national television, and this is being aired all over the US, it's a good thing, to take people away for mildly criticizing a corrupt government.
And the people confessing that, well, yeah, I did criticize the war.
And then the women under Stockholm Syndrome, groveling and hugging and kissing the asses of the secret police paramilitary teams that are going around and arresting everybody.
Now, you have to understand, our government is directing that while simultaneously calling for similar things here.
Barack Obama came out and gave a speech last week that got little attention, but it's going viral now.
And said, we need to go beyond just censorship.
With the new Ministry of Truth, we need to start arresting people, basically.
It's what his surrogates are saying, but he said we need to go beyond the current censorship.
And anyone criticizing what we're doing is promoting violence.
Even if you don't say I want violence, if you say we have a bad, corrupt government, that's violence.
And you need to be debanked, deplatformed, and arrested.
And of course, Obama really is the president right now.
He's his third term.
We'll be right back.
Tomorrow's news today.
I am begging every listener and viewer of this show.
To realize that you are the vanguard of resistance to this takeover and that if you will simply continue to spread the word about the broadcast and warn the people and raise the alarm like Paul Revere's, we can galvanize our legislatures, our towns, our cities and our Congress to come out against what's happening.
Now let me be very specific here and I'll go through all the evidence because it's massive.
The Republican Party is bought off by big tech, most of them.
They're almost as bad as the Democrats.
There is a Trumpian populist nationalist movement that Trump wrote in on, but Trump did not create.
That is taking over the Republican Party and is very popular with the people of every race, color, and creed because they're populist too and want common sense.
They don't want open borders.
They don't want devalued currency.
They don't want drag queen pedophile story time.
They don't want all these wars.
They don't want the tyranny of the Great Reset.
So the system is in a total panic knowing it's losing control and knowing that the big corporate global empire that BlackRock and Vanguard and the rest of them have set up that the US military enforces is coming to an end everywhere.
So they want to start a major global war on top of the previous lockdowns and new lockdowns.
As the pretext for why everything collapses so there'll be a true global reset of the world currencies into digital programmable tokens they control.
That's all been announced.
It's all being pushed.
The UN is setting it up.
The treaty set to be signed by Biden on, what, the 23rd of this month to put the UN in control of all of our health care and pandemic responses.
I mean, it's happening now.
The planets of tyranny are aligning.
But in this moment, the world's waking up.
And they're trying to have this paradox where they admit, yes, we want dictators.
Yes, we want to oppress people.
Yes, we want to arrest those that disagree with the great, loving, new order takeover.
That's Bloomberg, AP, Reuters.
I showed you the headlines last week, just dozens of them.
Dictatorship's good.
Censorship's good.
We need less freedom.
We need more dictatorial power.
Those are headlines!
And then all over the Sunday news shows and all over last week's shows, I've got like 20 of them here.
Can't even cover them all.
Of major government spokespersons and others on TV saying, we need to take control of the information and not let the American people have access to Elon Musk or access to Alex Jones or access to any of this.
We've got to stop it and take over everything.
They're doing that out of extreme weakness.
So they are normalizing ministries of truth, shutting down everybody that disagrees with them, arresting everybody.
And that Biden's a good dictator.
I'm showing the headlines right now from the Washington Post, Bloomberg, you name it.
And then I've got all these clips of Obama and others saying, Big Tech isn't going far enough with censorship, we need more.
And then he points to a white paper that calls for arresting people and his minions on national TV have got three clips saying, we want the European Union style control.
And Macron has now announced a ID based on a vaccine passport to buy and sell.
So has Australia.
So has New Zealand.
So has Italy.
Oh, and it also tracks your carbon and tells you how much you can eat and when you can go out and when you're allowed to rent a car.
Everything I told you about was in their own documents.
Of course they attacked me when I was reporting their own documents because they didn't want to form any opposition to it.
But now it's here.
Where is Congress?
We have Tulsi Gabbard saying that Obama is becoming a dictator and that Obama's really in control, just as I've told you.
You can see it for yourself with his own alternate White House, two miles away from the White House.
He was still president when Trump was in, with all his stay-behind networks and the government rebelling against the people.
So we're in a corporate coup here.
So what's the answer?
We've got to hammer Rand Paul, hammer Josh Hawley, hammer Senator Cruz.
Hammer them all and just say, look!
You know about the Great Reset and the New World Order.
You know if you push too hard, they come after you.
But they're already coming after us.
You need to come out and admit to America there's been a corporate global coup through the corporations, and that it's illegal, and it's dangerous, and that they have a ministry of truth, and want to start arresting their political opposition ahead of the election in 190 days.
And they're obviously going to stage false flags as the pretext for that, because they know it's over.
They lost.
Now use the Terminator analogy for the 1980s James Cameron one.
Skynet had already been blown up.
Skynet was already defeated.
So they had to send a Terminator back in time to try to kill the leader of the resistance.
That's a simple analogy, but that's it.
They've already lost.
Now all they can do is start a giant war and a world collapse and hope things are so bad during that that you ignore all the crimes they've committed and the Ponzi schemes and the thousands of trillions of dollars they created and gave themselves and the hyperinflation.
We're coming to the end of the megabubble.
And out of it is world hunger, starvation, collapse.
It's all being admitted.
And these guys are hinging everything on you being stupid and not watching and learning what they're saying and doing.
Because seriously, here's the paradox.
They have to do a tightrope walk where they gotta act confident at their Demos groups, which is the public Bilderberg group, and their CFR meetings, and brag about their world government, and brag about Kim trailing, and brag about pedophilia, and brag about world government, and brag about world currencies, and brag about medical IDs, and brag about the cashless society, and the social credit scores, and the carbon taxes.
To sit up there in their suits and their big hundred-foot jumbotrons and behind their curtain like the Wizard of Oz.
So they got to admit all the stuff they're doing to their minions and that less than
one half of one percent that administer all this, that are waging war against humanity,
that are eugenicists, that openly say you have no free will, we're going to kill all
of you, like Harari.
And where they admit the whole world government ships under your skin to buy and sell, but
then simultaneously gaslight everyone.
Sometimes in the same newspaper, the same day, it'll say, we need dictatorship.
We need censorship.
By the way, over here, Alex Jones is crazy and needs to be arrested.
He ran January 6th and he claims there's a world government that wants to take your freedoms away and bring in a world ID.
And what they're telling everybody is, hey, this is real.
And if you don't go along with it, you'll end up like Alex Jones.
They've now moved from denying it to like, yeah, we're setting up tyranny.
Yeah, we're secretly arresting people.
Yeah, we're totally taking over.
What you gonna do about it?
And they get up on TV and brag about it.
Yeah, we told the head of the Ukraine, if they investigated my son, I'd hold back a billion dollars.
Son of a bitch, they fired him, you know.
And they're just up there all exercising their power and pissing in our faces.
And so you can go along with them all you want.
Your life will get much worse if you even live, if you're even alive in 2030.
Because under their plan, they plan on 80-90% of us being dead in 2030 officially.
Harari says by 2024, excuse me, by 2044, there'll be no humans left.
And they worship this man.
This is their plan.
And Ray Kurzweil and all of them make similar statements.
Welcome to 2030.
I own nothing.
I have no privacy and life's never been better.
That's from the World Economic Forum's own words gaslighting you.
Yeah, life's never been better because you're going to be dead.
Now, if we survive this or mitigate it, well, they'll be saying in eight years, well, Jones said, you know, 90% would be dead.
Only a billion starved to death in the Great Famine.
Only half a billion in the Great New War.
So he was wrong.
I mean, it's already 40-something million extra starved to death the last two years that you would admit, and I believe the number.
40 extra dead million people because they locked everything down, not for the virus, and it's just a tiny little footnote.
So when we come back, I've got Obama saying we need more censorship and government control, Ministry of Truth, and then the most shocking video ever, AP drooling and saying watch traitors being rounded up for mildly criticizing Zelensky and saying that a lot of people don't support the ongoing war and want peace.
You say mild things, they come to your house in military gear and they take you away for years in prison.
Ukraine hunts down traitors.
And remember, Ukraine is the model for what the globalists want to do in America.
And the globalists are running the whole response to Ukraine and bragging about it and admitting it all.
And I have all their admissions right here.
And what is Obama saying?
We need a European model here in Germany.
In England they arrest you for political incorrectness.
This is the reality.
Laying down will only make it worse for you.
Standing up is what built this country in freedom and I intend to not disgrace my ancestors.
I will stand firm to the end.
Thank you.
Come here!
Come here!
There's a woman!
There's a woman!
There's a woman!
There's a woman!
There's a woman!
There's a woman!
There's a woman!
There's a woman!
There's a woman!
There's a woman!
There's a woman!
There's a woman!
There's a woman!
There's a woman!
This, ladies and gentlemen, is where we live on planet Earth.
And powerful corporate forces have taken over the planet through money laundering, drug dealing, sex trafficking, and mainly creating artificial currency for themselves that they use to buy off infrastructure and media and control and build giant armies.
And they think there's too many of us?
And they want to get rid of the human infestation that is on their land and their property.
They believe they stole it through fraud, fair and square, and that we didn't resist them, so they believe survival of the fittest, social Darwinism.
So you can say whatever you want about the political systems of the world and what the churches are saying and what's going on, but this that you're hearing on air is the reality.
If you're a TV viewer, you saw that.
That is Something the AP was there covering, very proud of.
Here's AP, Associated Press.
And believe me, AP is the mouth of the U.S.
Cracks down on traitors helping Russian troops.
And then it goes on to say, they post things saying they want Zelensky to make a deal.
And that the majority of people in Ukraine are of Russian background.
And that they think Zelensky stole the election.
That they don't like the fact that eight years ago that the West admits they overthrew the elected president.
And when you say that, they come and take you to a slave camp for years of imprisonment, torture, and in many cases, death.
These are the real images.
And when you understand this is all being directed, that's even mainstream news, by the Pentagon, you understand that the terror that is taking place and going on, you've seen The war crimes.
So let's go over some of these headlines here that back all this up and tie it all together.
It's incredible information.
But first, understand that's what they plan to bring here.
And if we don't have a major political awakening by successive approximation, the deep state's going to bring in the Ministry of Truth, bring in all the censorship, bring in the false flags, start the arrest, and try to disqualify many members of Congress that oppose it from even being in office.
That's called dictatorship.
And Obama is in his third term, now officially a dictator.
I study the math, I know the numbers.
Obama won his first election massively.
People were sick of Bush and the wars and the rest of it, and there was a landslide for him.
He was part of the same group.
Neocon left his power axis, and then he barely won the next time, even though he ran against puppets both times.
Trump won a massive landslide, but they almost stole it from him in 2016.
Biden lost massively, but through election fraud, you know the rest of the story.
So Obama is running things.
That's even mainstream news.
They call him the president.
They call him the acting president.
He is a dictator.
And dictators call for intensified surveillance.
That's what it is to censor.
You have to surveil as well.
And to censor.
And they're establishing a censorship board that calls for the arrest of people they disagree with and for the EU model of arresting people.
And that goes on all over the Western world now except here.
In Australia they come arrest you at your house for your speech.
In the UK, they do it for political correctness.
In Germany, it's massive.
Many people they arrest, they beat to death, including medical doctors.
It's here.
We need to recognize that we have been put into this tyranny or we will boil like the frog in the pot.
The water, is it boiling?
We have to jump out now.
And if Congress doesn't act, they have to understand there will be a cascade of coups to remove any Republicans that oppose them with things like the baseball field attack.
The attack on Rand Paul and the rest of it.
So I understand that these men have done as best they think they can walking a tightrope, but you can't do that anymore because the New World Order is making its move now because they know they've lost.
We are all in grave danger.
Here is Obama.
It's an incredible clip.
He says, Big Tech doesn't go far enough in censorship.
Hear it for yourself.
Now, the good news is, is that almost all the big tech platforms now acknowledge some responsibility for content on their platforms, and they're investing in large teams of people to monitor it.
Given the sheer volume of content, this strategy can feel like a game of whack-a-mole.
Still, in talking to people at these companies, I believe they are sincere in trying to limit content that engages in hate speech, encourages violence, or poses a threat to
public safety.
They genuinely are concerned about it.
They want to do something about it.
But while content moderation can limit the distribution of clearly dangerous content,
it doesn't go far enough.
And they go on to say, in the groups they push forward in the federal government,
that anything they say is disinformation, then can cause violence, so you can be banned.
And of course, they define what disinformation is, well, they're the biggest liars the planet's
ever seen.
Here's David Zerwacki, dangerous with Elon Musk buying Twitter, we need to look to Europe Total tyranny.
You need regulation.
You cannot let these guys control discourse in the country or we are headed to hell.
See, they're bringing us to hell.
You can't let us have discourse!
Can't let them talk!
Trump opened the gates of hell, and now they're chasing us down.
No, you're chasing us down.
You're the ones sending pedophiles to the schools.
You're the ones opening the borders.
You're the ones sterilizing little kids.
You're the ones destroying everything.
The border, everything.
And then you say, when we don't like it, we're bad.
Here he is.
No, I think there's a bigger problem that when we focus on the personalities of people like Elon Musk and people say, oh, I think Elon's thinking this or that.
There's a bigger problem here about how we are going to control the channels of communication in this country.
In 1927, we had the Radio Act.
1934, the Communications Act.
Congress stepped in.
We made rules.
FCC wasn't great, but it's still regulating the broadcast industry.
You can't use vulgar language.
You can't do all these things with speech.
We gave over what amounts to our airwaves or our internet waves to Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk.
And we are in so much trouble because those guys believe in making money.
We've already seen that with the 2016 election in Zuckerberg when he was taking No, I'm serious.
We don't have people in Congress who can make regulations that can make it work.
I think we can look to the Western countries in Europe for how they are trying to limit it.
the SEC, tried to, how dare they question them, you know what I'm saying?
This is dangerous.
We can't think anymore in this country.
We don't have people, no, I'm serious, we don't have people in Congress who can make
regulations that can make it work.
I think we can look to the Western countries and Europe for how they are trying to limit
But you need, you need controls on this.
You need regulation.
You cannot let these guys control discourse in this country or we are headed to hell.
We are there.
Trump opened the gates to hell and now they're chasing us down.
There is a professor of media studies calling for the EU model like you're seeing right now with the mass arrests and putting people in prison not just in Ukraine but other nations for criticizing lockdowns, you name it.
It's coming here now.
Congress must act against it.
Look at this headline.
Panicked CNN guest, a media professor who advises the Democrats, says, quote, How are we going to control the channels of communications in this country?
And I played you a bunch of clips last week where they were all over the news saying, well, we just can't let them talk to each other.
They'll vote us out.
And you heard them.
They're coming for us.
They're gonna get us.
They're destroying us.
They're unstoppable.
What's the exact quote here?
We cannot let these guys control discourse in this country or we are headed to hell.
We are there.
Trump opened the gates of hell and now they're chasing us down.
They're the ones destroying the country.
They're the ones in charge.
And they're saying we're destroying them.
No, you're minions of a system that's coming down.
It's going to destroy you, professor.
The food shortages.
I have clips of Obama administration officials.
I'm just going to start calling it the Obama administration.
That's what it is.
The Obama dictatorship.
The third term.
The third and elected term.
That's what it is.
And they're just up there saying.
That they've got to take over, and they've got to silence all of us.
And that inflation's a good thing, and they start laughing at us.
So you can look at the Correspondents' Dinner, where they make jokes and laugh about inflation.
We've got those clips, but I've got another clip here, where they have a Biden administration official, again, third administration of Obama, laughing and saying inflation is good.
Again, they don't know when the French Revolution started, Marie Antoinette really said when there were hundreds of thousands in the city starving to death and tens of thousands at the gates saying, we need food, we're starving to death.
And if she really said, let them eat cake, when they had giant granaries of food enough to feed them all for months.
But they are actually saying, let them eat cake.
And their answer is surveillance, and censorship, and then it's not gonna work, and so then it'll be secret arrest, and torture, and then in an armed country like this, it'll blow sky high.
Which is what globalist forces want, and then you'll get your world currency, and you'll get all the controls after six months, a year of civil war.
So let me be one trillion percent clear.
Let me be infinity clear.
The last thing we want is any offensive violence.
The last thing we want is blowing up federal buildings or shooting people.
We're not the left that goes around burning things down.
And the globalist provocateur obviously ran Oklahoma City.
That is all they've got left.
It's the only cards they have.
And you can see them saying white people and Trump supporters are terrorists and they're the number one terror threat and just making up all this BS because they're building up towards those events.
Just as sure as the sun came up this morning.
And we need Congress to understand this and understand that this is not going to be Like business as usual.
But of course when Mayorkas, the head of DHS was asked, give us one example of white supremacist terror in the last few years.
Couldn't give one.
Not one.
Could you have some examples of black on white?
Tens of thousands of horrific ones we know of.
And that's not all black people.
It's not even a big minority.
But it's a sizable minority of really hateful black supremacists that have been told by the media that whites deserve to be raped, robbed, killed, carjacked, you name it.
And it's going on and it's down.
Not 10 to 1 like it used to be black-on-white crime.
It's over 20 to 1 in blue cities.
I've seen numbers as high as 30 to 1.
Everybody knows that.
So their answer is the exact opposite.
Now do I blame black people in general because there is a sizable minority of black folks that are foaming at the mouth race baiters because the media hyped them and brainwashed them and told them to do it?
No, I don't.
But that's the reality of these people and they want us divided and conquered and killing each other because their system is coming down in a controlled demolition to bring in the new system.
They had to implode the old system, use it to get more power and control.
Now they're bringing it down to bring in the new system that's a hundred thousand times worse.
I mean, total surveillance, total control, cashless society, programmable tokens,
where the money tells you what you can do with it and how you can spend it and where you can go.
I mean, it is hell on earth.
I have all the manuals and all the UN trading plans going back 15 years and all the Operation Locksteps and all the
Plandopolis programs and everything.
We know exactly what it'll look like, how it'll run, what they're gonna do.
We have the whole damn plan.
And I sit up here, more than any other talk show host, Joe Rogan, Tucker Carlson, they're great.
But they're not going to the final step of it's a huge world government takeover, corporate takeover, because there is a pre-programmed demonization for decades of that information.
So when they finally did it, everybody knows not to criticize it.
And it's at that critical moment where we don't engage this and we don't fight this, That it's over.
And by the way, Tucker does a lot slicker job than me and does actually cover all this in a very populous way and he's gone further than anybody else in mainstream media.
I'm just saying we have to call for action by the governors and the legislatures and the churches and everybody to just stand up and say, we know what you're doing, we know what you're planning, we don't want World War III, we don't want a collapsed dollar, we don't want open borders, we don't want agenda 2030, we don't want... ...masty population.
And that's all I'm saying is, this is the globalist planned corporate world takeover.
For decades in the planning, we're here!
We had all their training documents, they were so arrogant!
And are you really going to let them do this to you and your family?
That is the big question.
Now one of my favorite pastors, if not my favorite, Pastor Rodney Howard Brown, has witnessed how the left takes over countries.
He's gonna be joining us in the second hour.
I'm gonna Then open the phones up in the third hour.
And Joe Slim is in the fourth hour.
And then Owen Schroeder in the War Room, 3 p.m.
Central and fullwars.com forward slash show.
Also next segment have a really big important announcement about victory and how to win and what's happening and some very exciting news making things that are extremely important.
That is coming up here.
We got a break in about three minutes.
Let me start trying to get some more of these clips as I mentioned them.
Here is NBC's A sign saying that there's a neo-Nazi GOP group and it's a pivotal moment that we all have to be basically censored.
Here it is.
I mean, it's easy in American discourse to talk simplistically about the far left and the far right as two equally dangerous fringe blocs.
Elon Musk has done it plenty of times just in the past week.
But here's the difference.
America's far left wants to give us free healthcare and free childcare.
America's far right wants to give us white supremacy and no democracy.
And this asymmetrical polarization of US politics would be laughable if it weren't so horrifying.
We are living through an unspeakably dangerous moment.
The pro-QAnon, pro-Neo-Nazi faction of the Republican Party is poised to expand dramatically come the midterms.
We're just two years away from Donald Trump very possibly re-seizing executive power.
If that happens, we may look back on this past week as a pivotal moment when a petulant and not-so-bright billionaire casually bought one of the world's most influential messaging machines and just handed it to the far right.
I'm joined now by Molly Jong Fast, a contributing writer at The Atlantic and the author of the Wait, What?
There you go, branding all their opposition as Nazis.
Let's play Biden.
Let's play clip 2 and 7, Biden talking about how inflation's funny and making jokes about it all.
Then we'll play the clip of one of the officials in his administration.
That's clip 22, Biden official, Samantha Power celebrates fertilizer shortages.
I mean, that's mass death guaranteed right there in the third world and collapsing third world to flood us.
So let's play those clips back to back.
I'm really excited to be here tonight with the only group of Americans with a lower approver rating than I have.
I think ever since you've come into office, things are really looking up.
You know, gas is up, rent is up, food is up.
No, it really has been.
A tough first year for you, Mr. President.
Fertilizer shortages are real now because Russia's a big exporter of fertilizer.
And even though fertilizer is not sanctioned, less fertilizer is coming out of Russia.
As a result, we're working with countries to think about natural solutions like manure and compost.
And this may hasten transitions that would have been in the interest of farmers to make eventually anyway.
So never let a crisis go to waste, but we really do need this financial support from the Congress.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Coming up, another big fire at a giant food processing plant.
Chesapeake Fire hits industrial fire at Purdue Farms facility.
Chesapeake Fire Department responds to industrial fire at Purdue Farms facility.
It's happening every day at unprecedented statistical numbers.
No way this is happening naturally.
And it's happening in Russia and it's happening in Europe.
Yeah, you're seeing Extinction Rebellion.
The people that control that launched their attack.
The globalists aren't just hitting medical research facilities they don't control now, they're hitting it all.
This is the purposeful take down of the borders, the infrastructure, education, everything.
Orders are being given to Democrats and leftists worldwide that will destroy the social compact The social contract, and that will annihilate goodwill between the people and the government.
And the fools carrying this out think they're about to be part of a takeover.
They're not taking over, they're destroying everything.
All the billionaires that run it doubled their money in the last two years on average.
Speaking of money, You have seen how there are hundreds of articles a day, dozens of national TV programs a day, conservatively, you can't even track it all, saying Alex Jones is a criminal, Alex Jones is evil, Alex Jones needs to be shut down.
And now we have these articles coming out from thestatesman.com and the Washington Post and ABC News.
Look at this headline.
Feds back Sandy Hook families in legal fight with Alex Jones.
Now, I learned about this when I declared limited Chapter 11 bankruptcy for reorganization a week and a half ago.
And the lawyers said, wait till you talk about it because we want to get the transcript.
This is so unbelievable.
And we have it now.
The head of the Justice Department agency Directed them to contact the trustees who are retired judges.
So we went out and you know did the most standard clean thing you can do and you have outside groups coming in that are highly respected and told them Quote, you are not to help Alex Jones.
They said, we've never gotten a call like this.
What do you mean?
Everybody has access to the courts.
They said, no, it is the policy of the Biden administration that no one is to help Alex Jones.
And then they're in the news saying, I'm a criminal for going into federal court.
And then I've come to the deep state for help.
No, those are the courts of the people to say there's all these lies about us.
And then we have hundreds of millions of dollars when I don't have $5 million.
And That I'm going to be investigated for this.
Okay, great.
Plant whatever you want.
It's all a lie.
I'm sick of the media putting out this information about us.
I'm tired of these controlled state courts where they file with political operatives that they openly control.
And so I'm gone.
To a respected bankruptcy judge in Texas and said, come check it out.
Send in, we told the court, the court can send.
Not just trustees, the court can come in here.
They can see everything.
I gave all this to the Sandy Hook people and a defamation case was ordered to, and then I was defaulted and they said I gave them nothing and or fake information.
Prove that.
Because we didn't.
Number one, I know I'm a major target.
We run a very clean ship here.
Number two, I'm a good guy and I don't engage in fraud.
And that's the next thing.
We got a little over a million dollar donation last week from a Bitcoin whale, who I want to thank again on the air.
And I said on air, I said, we raised a million dollars last week in the money drive, but most of it was products.
We made about $500,000.
I said, we need about two and a half million dollars just to buy product this year to keep funding ourselves with the product.
If not, I've got to start deciding what we're going to do.
I told you that on air.
And then you notice a few days later, it broke.
From the SPLC that spies on us.
That terrorist organization, mind you.
Anonymous donor drops one million in Bitcoin on Alex Jones.
And I told you, last week.
And they act like, ooh, we caught him.
Oh my gosh, we caught Alex Jones.
Oh my gosh, he's so bad.
In his bankruptcy filing, you know, he said he sells merchandise to fund himself.
How evil is that?
And then I have the First Amendment, even worse.
Well, guess what?
You must have made the donor mad.
I don't know who they are, where they are.
They could be in Japan, could be in the U.S., could be who knows where.
I appreciate them.
Whoever they are, bought hundreds of millions of dollars of Bitcoin at a lower price back in 2016, never spent any of them, and has now given us A million dollars of Bitcoin, and you must have upset them, whoever they are, because, oh, sorry to the left of the globalists, they gave us a million dollars more on Saturday.
Let me break that for you while you sit there and say we're covering it all up and hiding it in bank accounts and all this crap.
We no longer have $3 million in the company, barely enough to make payroll and operate my product.
We now have $5 million.
And we're going to file all that with the bankruptcy court too, before they can run and do it and say we're hiding money.
Because that's what these liars do.
Everything they say about us is what they are doing.
And then that money, when the court sees, is enough to run this place, They won't be able to say I've got hundreds of millions of dollars and tell a Texas jury under default that this man's already guilty.
He's not allowed to talk at trial.
That's been filed by the judge.
He can have no defense.
This is their new system.
And he's got $100 million.
No, I don't.
I've got $400,000 in my personal account.
That's just enough to pay bills and my own personal legal bills.
And I'm not even into money.
I don't dislike having a nice car, being able to fly first class, whatever, but I don't do what I do for money.
If they could offer me $10 million, I wouldn't sell out to them.
But thank God for the people getting upset and angry and understanding that we're going to lose everything if we don't all start standing up.
And the wealthy people out there need to know that you're a fraction of the people that have supported InfoWars, and it's mom and pops and common hardworking folks that have been doing it.
And I've asked the people with wealth out there to step up to the plate and go to InfoWars.com forward slash crypto and choose more than 20 ways you can donate right there.
And then the funds will go into this operation to keep the crew employed, to keep our journalism
going, to keep warning the people as modern Paul Revere's and to fight these legal battles.
Because the two and a half million dollars that have come in extra in the last two weeks
is just enough to buy the product into the future to make the money to then pay for all
the crew and the uplinks and the bandwidth and the legal.
So we need to still have people buying product and everything just to stay on track.
You've taken us from the red right up to the black and it's God again like the widows might.
Every day she'd wake up and enough oil, enough grain for her and her daughter to feed themselves
and not starve was there all because they gave the prophet, I'm not saying I'm a prophet
but this is the Bible story, the prophet when he was hungry they gave him everything they
And so God just kept refilling it right as they needed it.
And the archetype of that, whether you believe the story is true or not, is that's how God works.
And I have experienced that.
When I was on air saying, we need two and a half million dollars just to get solvent, and it came in.
A little donations, big donations, it all comes together, and I would love to have even more money in my war chest.
We could do so much more, but God's working through you, so please keep going to infowarestore.com and getting great products, great books, films, t-shirts, supplements, shortwave radios, just thousands of great items.
Infowarsstore.com or call toll free 888-253-3139.
We also have a lot of folks write in and make donations at P.O.
Box 19549 Austin, Texas 78760.
I want to thank all of you that did that.
You know who you are.
Box 19549 Austin, Texas 78760.
Thank you for taking the time to do that because listen, I am not going to back down.
I physically can't do it.
And I'm not going to give up, but I could, like a horse that's been roading too hard, collapse.
And so thank you for giving us hope to keep fighting on because I was coming down the line with really important decisions to make about what we were going to do.
Either not order more products, sell out what we have, have enough funds for six, seven, eight months, and then implode.
Or do Lord knows what?
I mean, I have no other option or start laying everybody off now and imploding the showdown, you know, with a smaller crew and not putting out all the video reports and letting go all the great people like Greg Reese and, you know, so many others.
And I just don't want to do that.
That's important work we're doing.
So thank you for believing in us.
We believe in you and you've got my commitment.
To fight even harder and never back down.
And I salute you and I thank you.
And I thank the individual.
I know you're a man, a woman, old, young, black, white.
I don't know who you are, but thank you for what you've done.
And we've been contacted by some other very interesting, high-powered people since then saying they want to come in and help as well, because they understand there's a key battle for the future happening in Infowars.
And the enemy sees that and wants to take down this standard of freedom.
But we're not going to let them do it.
But thank you so much.
And most iodine that you get from different foods is bound to other minerals or other compounds, so it's not absorbable in the body.
And that's why iodine deficiency is such a huge issue.
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Please visit Infowarsstore.com and get your X2 today.
Tomorrow's news.
During the 1990s, Monsanto Corporation's devastating attack against farmers, their genetically modified frankenfoods,
and their neurotoxic pesticides inspired people to push government into legislating certification standards for
But thanks to Big Pharma, Bill Gates, and pop culture media brainwashing, Monsanto still stands strong and is ready to take complete control of your food supply.
With the help of the same powerful families and foundations who already control the money and the energy.
Their plans to do so are comprehensively laid out in a recent report published at Corey Diggs.
The indoor vertical farming industry, which is a highly innovative and efficient method, is being funded by Bill Gates and pushed by the World Economic Forum as a replacement to conventional outdoor farming.
AeroFarms is the industry leader in vertical farming, and they also co-developed the first CRISPR gene-edited produce product and worked with the NIH to produce proteins for the deadly COVID vaccines.
AeroFarms makes it clear that they are not conventional gardeners.
They are all about synthetic food products.
Which is clearly the trend in this growing industry.
Monsanto is creating specially tailored genetically cut seeds for these vertical farms.
And the University of California is developing a plant-based mRNA vaccine that farms can grow in heads of lettuce, which happens to be the main crop of these new farms.
These GMO farms already provide food at major outlets including Kroger, Walmart, and Whole Foods, and are massively expanding.
And it's not only fresh produce that's getting genetically modified.
The USDA and FDA have already approved genetic modifications on pigs, salmon, and cattle.
And they have approved synthetic lab-grown meat.
Bill Gates' Good Food Institute plans to reimagine meat production with $10 million of support from the USDA.
But in order to make their big pharma food supply the new American model, they will need a major crisis.
The 2020 lockdowns distressed the supply chain, which was further affected by U.S.
sanctions against Russia.
This has created a food shortage crisis.
Add to that, over a dozen food processing plants have mysteriously been destroyed in the past several weeks, as well as major fertilizer plants during a major fertilizer crisis.
To make matters worse, Union Pacific Railroad forces a 20% reduction in shipments from the world's largest fertilizer company.
And when the people demand a solution, as it turns out, Bill Gates is heavily invested in alternative fertilizers, and is also a chief stockholder of the Canadian National Railway, who claims to be helping the fertilizer market grow.
Perhaps Bill Gates and Monsanto will volunteer to save everyone with their new gene-edited bacteria fertilizer.
And maybe it will backfire like it did in Africa, when after 15 years of trying to help, all Gates and Monsanto accomplished was increasing starvation by 31%.
But that's okay, because it's Monsanto Bear to the rescue, with their big pharma food factories, with brand new mRNA vaccine lettuce.
And as if this wasn't bad enough, the stated goal of this new frankenfood industry is to make all food traceable.
And that means coding it all in nanotech.
Who controls the food supply, controls the people.
Who controls the energy, can control whole continents.
Who controls money, can control the world.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Ladies and gentlemen, get ready.
My favorite pastor, Rodney Howard, is going to be joining us.
Straight ahead, Pastor Rodney Howard Brown.
Stay with us.
We are broadcasting worldwide in defiance of tyranny and the love of liberty.
And I was talking to one of my favorite people, and definitely my favorite pastor, Rodney Howard Brown, who has a giant church in Florida, but mainly travels the world hundreds of times a year, talking to millions.
And I said, I'm seeing a massive awakening and revival in people that don't even go to church.
Saying it's good versus evil, God's real, Margaret the Beast.
My mom went with some family friends to a mega church in North Austin with tens of thousands of people.
They had people out in the parking lot on jumbotrons on Easter.
And it was just, the new world order's here, Margaret the Beast, world government, gotta stop them.
And I know people that went to that church just a few years ago, they weren't talking like that.
So, people are really starting to get it.
And so I was talking to Pastor Brown this weekend and I said, are you seeing what I'm seeing?
And he said, yes.
And he gave me a report that was so powerful.
And I said, can you come on air and say that again and then cover the waterfront with Biden and the war and The open borders and the frankenfood and the microchips to buy and sell.
I mean, it's all out in the open now.
We are so vindicated.
Unfortunately, I wish we could have stopped it before it all went to the next phase, but at least people are partially awake now.
Pastor Rodney Howard Brown was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and grew up in the Eastern Cape.
Rodney and his wife came to America with $300 in their suitcase and three children in 87.
And under the banner of Revival Ministries International, they have now reached hundreds of millions of people conservatively in the blood of the Lord.
They travel 46 weeks out of the year, revival.com.
He joins us for the balance of the hour.
We salute you, my friend, because in these dark times, the light of Christ is always that much brighter.
Thank you so much, sir.
Alex, it's so great to be with you.
And as I said to you, many people will never know the price that you paid to get these truths out.
Whether people like it or not, unfortunately, the facts are the facts.
And as you know, we're being dealt a Ministry of Truth now, which only a few people in the last hundred years have had that, and it didn't turn out well for that society.
So, I know you're under major attack, but I pray for you every day that God help you.
Thank you, sir.
I really appreciate when you reach out with those prayers and reach out with your texts and calls.
Where do you want to start?
I mean, what you said was so powerful to me on the text messages and audio messages.
It really buoyed my spirit.
Can you report to folks what you're saying?
OK, so here's the big thing of the lockdown in the past two years.
What they should have done was shut off the Internet because people started to search and more people became awake to actually what's going on behind the scenes.
So, what you started out, Alex, all those years ago, started to tell people of what was coming, people begin to investigate and begin to realize that, no, this is not a conspiracy theory, this is a conspiracy fact.
But here's what I realized, and of course, because this is my job, the gospel of Jesus Christ is the solution to any society.
So if you go back in history and you look at the 1700s, the 1800s, if you go back to England, Mid-1750s, 1740, the whole of the UK were, there were drunkards, they were into witchcraft, there were sacrifice, there was slavery, was an all-time high, and whatever, and then that great revival that started with the Westleys, that really shook and turned the tide in the United Kingdom, jumped the pond, came to the United States, that actually caused these 13
Colonies here to become one nation under God and the birth of the United States of America.
And I know there's a lot of people, they hate America, but I've traveled 85 countries.
This is the greatest place on the planet.
That's why they wanted to take America down.
But this passage from Luke chapter four, I think explains it.
I'm going to tell you, I just did a tour last week.
I was in Long Island and then went on to, um, Pennsylvania.
And then West Virginia, and then on to Pittsburgh.
So we did a little dip down, and then went up to Pittsburgh for two nights.
Places were packed, standing room only, and nobody would leave, even 11 o'clock at night.
I mean, the service starts at 7.
At 11, I tell people, we're going to end the service.
They go, no!
We'll kidnap you.
We'll arrest you again.
And so people are hungry.
They're hungry for God.
We had overflow rooms that People started leaving at about 10 to 12 in the one place.
So I filled the building at midnight.
I filled the building from the overflow.
Nobody wants to leave.
But this passage is what jumped in my spirit that I wanted to share with you.
This is from the words of Jesus.
It's from Luke's Gospel, Chapter 4.
Jesus, the Bible says, in verse 14, it says here, then Jesus went back full of power.
of the Holy Spirit in the Galilee and the fame of him spread throughout the whole region round about which is that's why they want to shut the church down and shut the gospel because they know that the gospel brings the solution to the problems that man is facing.
He said, and he conducted a course of teaching in the synagogue, being recognized and honored
and praised of all.
He came to Nazareth, that Nazareth where he'd been brought up, and as he entered the synagogue,
and as was his custom on the Sabbath day, he stood up for it to read.
And it was handed unto him the book of the prophet Isaiah, and he unrolled the book,
and he found the place was written, "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed
the places written the Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he have anointed me
me to preach the gospel."
to preach the gospel it says here the anointed one the Messiah has anointed has anointed
It says here, "The anointed one, the Messiah, has anointed me, God has anointed me to preach
God has anointed me to preach the good news the gospel to the poor
the good news, the gospel to the poor, which the poor are so in need right now.
which the poor are so in need right now he has sent me to heal the brokenhearted
He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, and he has sent the prophet Isaiah and he unrolled the book and he found
and he has sent me to announce release to the captives recovery of sight to the
blind to set at liberty those or set forth delivered those who are
oppressed I'm actually quoting two translations here between the King James and
the Amplified Classic who have downtrodden bruised crushed and broken down by
calamity the Amplified Classic says to proclaim and the acceptable and accepted he
of the Lord the day when salvation and the free favors of God profusely
abound so there's many people say well that was for Bible days no the
gospel is relevant today so Klaus Schwab World Economic Forum United Nations
knew that we have to shut the church down we have to lock the church down and
we've got to stop the congregations from gathering because that's a place of
community and the Bible even tells us don't forsake the gathering of yourself
together even the much more when you see the day approaching
And they shut down retirement homes, assisted living homes, which we go in there and pray for people right before they die.
They shut down the schools, which just let you know, all of that's opening up for us.
We in there right now, we slamming it.
I think last week we had 500 people in senior assisted living homes, pray the prayer to accept Christ.
You know, like you were on to this many, many years ago, Alex, and of course, I listened to you.
I was delivered this package back in 05.
This is a plandemic flu preparedness kit.
This was given and made by the Department of Deficiency, Department of the Feds for the fisheries.
Pandemic flu preparedness kit, and inside it is the two N95 respirators, four surgical masks, and one hand sanitizer bottle, which I never did open.
But on the back it says, there is no influenza pandemic gift.
Local health and government authorities will notify you.
But this last week, I was showing it so many times that the sanitizer started leaking out.
So I actually opened it publicly in the service, and I was shocked at what I found in it.
Of course, I find in it Purell hand sanitizer in the package.
All right, this is 2005.
Inside here, we have two N95 masks, all right?
And then we've got these surgical masks.
And very interesting, made in China.
And all this package was put together in Vancouver, Washington.
If you remember, Vancouver, Washington was the first people in America to get infected with coronavirus.
Then I opened this.
Was I in for it?
Stay there, we're going to come back and get to this because it's crazy.
We didn't talk about this, but I was going to go there.
The UN plan now being launched by Obama to take over all the medical responses, the world
government documents, it's all happening in late May and I think that's probably where
you're going, I'm guessing.
We'll be right back with Pastor Brown to go over all of this because this is their UN
world government takeover using the biomedical system and Congress is hardly even talking
I've got a whole folder on this today and Brown didn't even know I was going to go there.
It looks like that's where he's going.
We'll be right back.
Well-renowned pastor Rodney Howard Brown of Revival.com is our guest for the rest of the hour and I always love where he takes us.
We don't talk about what he's going to talk about before he comes on very much.
He's bringing up from a 2014-15 Homeland Security pandemic package I know we can trace back to Obama and then right before he left office signing executive orders, changing the law to basically arrest anybody, an executive order wouldn't pass by Congress, who they say even might be sick.
So this is definitely their power grab mode and it's all official now.
And I'm guessing where you're going with this.
So for those that just joined us, you were going through this packet that you finally opened after seven years, just a few days ago, please continue.
As a matter of fact, this is from 05, Alex.
Oh, okay, I misspoke.
Wow, 05.
Yeah, yeah.
So, I mean, that's what's even more shocking about it, but everything's made in China, and it's all produced through the Vancouver office, which, um, it's in such fine print here, but manufactured, it says here, manufactured by First Aid Only, Inc.
11101 NE 37th Circle, Vancouver, Washington.
And it's called firstaidonly.com, made in China.
Everything's made in China.
So, um, this was all planned.
And if you remember, Vancouver was the first site.
Remember they announced, I think three people contracted COVID-19 with Vancouver, Washington.
That's where everything came.
So I was shocked when I unveiled it.
I told the whole congregation where I was preaching up in Pittsburgh.
I said, this is like unveiling Tutankhamen's tomb because I got these in October of a five and I've never opened it.
So I opened it up.
And it looked, you know, everything that's on the front cover is on there, but when you open it up, it immediately goes.
Avoid people with the flu.
When the flu's in your community, stay at home if you can.
Avoid crowds.
You must go out, consider wearing a mask.
Try to keep six feet away from people who are coughing or sneezing.
Most people catch the flu by coming into contact with droplets of cough or sneezes.
Wash your hands, warm soapy water, alcohol-based, all the stuff that they planned to plan.
Food, water, gas, electricity, transportation, all may be disrupted for periods of time, which you actually see now.
This is not only being disrupted, but it's being done on purpose.
All the food supplies that are being destroyed, which I've got another whole thing, Alex, we're growing here, we're getting everybody to grow.
And I can show you what we're doing here.
This is medical care and access to non-prescription and prescription medication may be limited.
That's why everybody needs your health products that you're making available so people can boost their immune systems.
Schools may close for one to three months.
Plan for child care.
If schools are closed, kids should not gather in large groups.
Check with your employer if you can work from home, which that was all their plan, was to drive people out of the marketplace.
If you're sick, stay at home, cover your nose and mouth, and it goes all through you, depending on how severe the pandemic is.
You may be requested to stay at home if you have sick family members.
If you can, designate one family medicare for those who are sick with the flu, which I don't understand how They're healthy, keep themselves whole, if you don't just do what you have done for centuries.
Then he goes on to talk here about, they talk about mosques.
The kit has two supplies of mosques.
And then it says, a mosque does not guarantee protection.
It would reduce but not limit the risk.
The best protection limit is your contact with sick people.
So in other words, anybody who's sick, just stay away from them, which was the whole fear thing that they wanted to drive everybody so.
And if somebody who's sick doesn't get health care from anything regular, they might die.
So they knew what they were doing.
This is an amazing find from 2005.
And I remember back under Bush, they were talking about national pandemics and using that as a power grab then, but then the public didn't buy it.
Okay, so we've got somebody doing the research and I will send you all what they found out.
We've got Bush actually on video talking about how he was going to quarantine whole cities in America.
We've got Bush on video talking about how the United Nations Task Force was going to work.
And I actually warned everybody.
I have two clips that I could play, but it's me much larger because I lost a lot of weight.
But from 05, so people can see I'm not making this stuff up here.
But Basically, they're saying you should have ibuprofen and some Tylenol, a thermometer, a rehydration solution, household briefs, disinfection, cell phones, radios, battery supply, face masks, plastic gloves, whatever, and a two-week supply of food.
Remember, 15 days slow to spread.
And then at the back here, I'll send you one of these packages.
I have a few more.
I will overnight your package so you can open it yourself.
This is the second one.
I left the first one with the investigative reporter.
This one I brought home and then I opened it last night and I'll send you one so that you can see for yourself.
You can hold it in your hands.
This is smoking, this is smoking gun.
Because the first time I saw the plan for the 15 days to slow the spread and wear the mask and all of that was in the Rockefeller Foundation Operation Lockstep 2011.
You got something from six, seven years before that is word for word what they did in 2020.
Which is shocking to me because I never did open it because I thought, well, I already know about the pandemic.
Why would I open it?
But the stuff started leaking out in one of my assistant's bags.
It was dripping all of the hand sanitizer.
So I said, OK, I don't want to spoil his bag.
I said, let's open it publicly here.
And when I opened it, what I saw made in China, when I saw it from Vancouver, Washington, When I started reading all of this stuff for the 15 days and the months... They've been planning this a long, long time as their power grab and now officially they're announcing the UN to take over our pandemic response.
So now, what they... Okay, now let me just say this on the other side, because we've got to have a little positive here, because it's not all negative.
They have failed, largely, in many instances.
And I'll tell you where they failed.
They failed in America, because what they thought was America was one country that would just shut down.
But they didn't realize that we have 50 states that are sovereign.
And they didn't realize the spirit of America.
Now there are countries in the EU that are pretty much gone.
I mean, short of divine intervention, I don't know how they're going to turn themselves around.
But America, and yeah, in the state of Florida, Alex, listen, so they're coming off to the water, they're coming off to the energy, they're coming off to the fuel, they're coming off to the food supply, and all of this stuff is being designed because then they can drive the people to bread lines and they can say to you, you will take these shots, you will comply, and of course everything's to do with the vaccine passport where you can't buy or sell or travel or whatever.
So, It is actually, it's an exciting time to be alive.
I'm watching the Bible come to life right in front of me, but I do believe that we have time.
I believe we do have time left, and that's why we've got to preach the gospel, because the only hope is Jesus.
A lot of the people that are out there that are caught up in wickedness, some have no clue what they're doing, but there are others, the sinister ones that are behind the scenes, they know exactly what they're doing.
Everything is by design.
So, you've got The wicked that are using what we call, and that sounds terrible, but it's a communistic term, they're using useful idiots.
All the people that are in compliance that say, oh, we're going to go with popular opinion.
They will be the first ones that will be taken out when these people get control of what they want to.
But Alex, The body of Christ is here.
We understand the spirit of Antichrist is rife in the earth today, but this is the hour.
And I want to say this to the listener.
This is the hour of the body of Christ.
This is the hour of the church.
This is the hour of the pastors and ministers to get bold and to stand in the pulpit and to preach this word and to believe this word.
Believe it literally.
If you're not going to believe it literally, why even be in the ministry?
If you're going to sit and argue about the scripture, whether God meant it, it's true.
It is true.
Pastor, stay there, stay there.
We've got to take a break, but everything's being fulfilled.
They're announcing one world government, market the beast everywhere.
The EU announced you'll buy nor sell without this new carbon credit, which they also say will double as the vaccine passport.
It's all happening.
We'll be right back.
Well, every time Pastor Rodney Howard Brown of Revival.com comes on, he breaks some major news.
I want him to come on about the big revival happening and so much more.
I had in my stack how they're planning to bring in this World ID, and they have this big world government event that's about to happen in just about two weeks.
So it's huge news.
We're going to cover it with him, and then I want to ask him some personal questions about InfoWars and what his advice is for myself and the audience out there and the power The power of prayer.
But before we get into this other news and I get your take on it, what else is on your radar screen front and center, Pastor?
Okay, so of course I'm a preacher, so my whole thing is the gospel to get people saved.
We are mobilizing right now.
We're hitting 67 counties in the state of Florida.
I've got teams that are moving around.
We're hitting every high school.
We're hitting universities.
It's amazing what's happening.
I think last week was over 3,000 people they prayed with in the different entities that I'm mentioning to you.
So we have to, we have to, I'm telling every believer that's watching me right now, you might have a full-time job and you might be busy, but every day you've got to tell somebody about Jesus.
And you have to tell him that he's coming soon.
I beg you, this is the only time you'll ever hear me beg.
You know, I don't beg for money.
I'm not out looking for money.
Money's out looking for me.
But I'm not worried about that.
I am on a quest to let everybody know that we are closer to the end now than ever before.
And the only hope is Jesus, which is very important.
The second thing that I woke up with, and I actually talked about it last year, and of course I've heard you speak about it, I live on 26 acres, I have my own cattle, I have Angus herd, I've got my own sheep now, St.
Croix sheep.
And I've also just done a land lease to expand the cattle herd.
I just brought 23 dozen eggs to the ministry today to give away to people because my chickens are laying so many eggs.
But my whole thing was growing and I've been talking about it and I have people in my congregation, they have four, five, six acres and others are growing.
But I felt that we had to do it as a ministry.
So we took five acres eight weeks ago and we put it under agriculture.
So if you can put the pictures up and put the clips up, Alex, we probably have 40,000 plants already in the ground right now.
We have seven different kinds of corn.
We're doing everything, and it's all going to be climate controlled.
We've got the greenhouses.
That's going to be for chefs and restaurants.
We're growing, and I've got 300 varieties of tomatoes, and fruit, and everything, because people don't know that a blueberry has 57 infect and disinfectants.
Well, you must be having a giant effect, or it's other people having the same idea, the Holy Spirit.
Because these big megachurches in Austin are saying the same thing now.
I think God's spirit is warning people as Bill Gates tries to buy up all the farmland and shut it down, and as the USDA literally says they don't want to produce food anymore, that the people are organically figuring this out.
Yes, sir.
People realize we're coming to... I mean, some of my Hispanic congregation said, Pastor, we went in, we tried to buy tomatoes.
We went to three stores and couldn't get them.
I said, don't worry, we'll have all the tomatoes.
Plus, I'm starting... I've got a major seed bank that I'm working with people to have seed.
And I'm talking about heirloom seeds.
Some of our seeds go back 700 years.
So this is very important because you don't want the genetically modified seeds.
You want the elm, the pure seed.
And it's the same way as what they're doing with people, creating hybrid people, trying to put implants
in their brains and do all kinds of stuff because they're trying to mess up the seed
that God created in the book of Genesis to produce off its own kind.
They're trying to produce off to some other kind and it's like revelation.
I mean, Romans, he says, even when they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind.
So I see them failing hopelessly.
This one unit on the side you can see is totally enclosed now.
That's going to be for canning and freeze drying and to build up a food supply.
And I'm wanting to do this around local churches.
So I have a conference coming up near the end of May, it's called unshakable because it's the Word of God and the Kingdom of God that is unshakable.
And this is very important, Alex, and then I can show pastors, this is how you grow.
We can show them the basic greenhouse kit with the basic seeds they need to put it into place.
And by the way, Thomas Jefferson said we couldn't be a free nation if we weren't all farming at some level.
He said once men are taken off the land, they turn themselves over to evil.
Farming literally gets us closer to God, doesn't it?
No question.
I mean people come out there, you know these kids in the university, they don't know where food comes from.
And so now for the first time they can plant a seed and see the results of the seed growing.
So you're saying the whole future is going to be the humans rediscovering how God made us and countering all the poison stuff they produce with real stuff and people want the real stuff and will stop their GMO takeover.
It's beautiful.
Totally, totally.
So, um, obviously we've got to preach the gospel, get people heart change, because if you have wicked people, what they'll do is build a huge farm and then sell it to Monsanto and sell it to Bill Gates.
So, I mean, there's a lot of people bailing out on what they've had.
Oh, well, I'll just take a paycheck now.
I'll sell it for a billion.
Don't sell what God has given you.
This stuff needs to be controlled by the body of Christ and by the righteous.
The Bible says the righteous will flourish like a palm tree.
And I know there's many things happening, and the Bible says there's wars and rumors of wars, famines, earthquakes, pestilences, and all of these things will continue until Jesus comes.
But we are the church, and triumphant we shall stand.
And so quickly put the clip up for the upcoming conference.
It's the 22nd of May through the 29th.
And I'm going to be showing people how to do all of this stuff because just roll it quickly, Alec.
Very, very exciting.
Here's a clip that they're running from their studio.
You don't have the power of God, you won't make it in this final hour.
If you don't have this anointing, You will not make it in the days to come.
Only the power of the Holy Spirit will carry you through the storms that shall come.
But those that know their God shall do exploits in His name.
God's called you to do exploits in His name.
There's people sitting here and you wondering, how in the world am I going to accomplish what God's called me to do?
That which I feel the Lord's telling me to do is so big.
It's in meetings like this where the fire of God's falling.
Suddenly you see things you never saw before.
Suddenly you know things you didn't know before.
Somebody said it's all over, Pastor.
Things are finished.
I've got news for you.
It's not over.
I saw the hand of God clear the earth one more time.
One more time!
One more time, evil Satan!
One more time, nations will tremble in praise!
Very, very exciting.
I'm glad you shared that with us.
And the enemy knew to try to shut down the churches.
They knew that God is the cure to this satanic cobra bite we're under, Pastor.
No doubt, and that's why you're under attack because you're informing people and they don't like what you're doing.
But Alex, I don't believe that they've... I know they've failed.
They've failed for the season right now.
I know they're regrouping, but they will fail.
The wicked will fail.
God is frustrating the plans of the wicked right now.
He's pulling the wheels.
I mean, I watched the Saturday night White House press You know, the big comedy thing, which, well, whatever.
Yeah, the press dinner where they made fun of people starving to death.
Yeah, yeah.
And I was laughing at them realizing how stupid they are.
They don't even actually understand what's actually going on, and they're all just falling for it hook, line, and sinker.
Here they are, posting on their Instagram and whatever, just wearing this by this designer, and then they're posting, can't believe we're sitting in a room full of people, people are going to be infected, and even President Biden, or I call him O'Biden, because it's Obama and Biden together.
And so I was just laughing, and I thought it was very funny that, you know, they're making fools out of themselves every time they open their mouth.
It's not intelligence that's speaking.
It's people that are totally delusional.
And, uh, does it matter what they say?
It's like, God is really mocking... You're right.
Come back and let's talk about that, because they are trying to destroy us, but in the process they're really destroying themselves.
Pastor Brown, stay there.
I think ever since you've come into office, things are really looking up.
You know, gas is up, rent is up, food is up.
No, it really has been.
A tough first year for you, Mr. President.
I'm really excited to be here tonight with the only group of Americans with a lower approver rating than I have.
Revival.com, find out about all the amazing things Pastor Rodney Howard Brown is doing.
Really should make it your online church.
If you live in Florida, you should go be part of it, or you should definitely come when he goes on these tours all around the world and the country.
So I wanted to finish up there, and then get into some other news, but you're right.
They're making fools of themselves.
Everything they do hurts us, but hurts them ten times worse, because they really are slaves of the world government devil system.
And don't these evil ones know that, or what's their problem?
I mean, yes, the president.
He's stating that he's with a group of people that have a lower rating than he.
They all know.
They all know.
I mean, what's it, Boris Johnson?
No, was it Macron?
Can't go anywhere now.
They pelt him with eggs.
And he has an approval rating of like 36%, but he won with 58% of the vote.
Who's going to even believe that?
So all of this stuff is total garbage.
They know in their heart of hearts that they're part of a scam.
But I don't know what they think, that their reward is going to be great.
Obviously, Lucifer has promised them, I'm going to give you the kingdom of the earth.
But they don't know.
That they're gonna go to a lost eternity without Jesus.
And they need to repent now of their sin and come to God.
And cry out.
Say, Lord, forgive me.
I'm a sinner.
I need you.
I need your blood.
Wash me clean.
And come to Him.
I mean, God will have mercy on all of them.
As much as we don't like them, God will have mercy on all of them because that's how He is.
So, but they obviously think they are just, hey, we fine, you know, and even Bill Gates.
How does a Microsoft engineer suddenly now is a world health professional on viruses and pandemics and whatever?
So it's all part of eugenics movement, as you know, and what they what they planning.
But you've been on it for so many years.
I just wish people who had to listen to you 20 plus years ago, Alex.
Let me ask you that before we hit some other news.
You always send me words of encouragement, and I showed folks this earlier, but this is pretty incredible.
This is in mainstream news.
It's all over the place.
The Justice Department, here it is, and I learned of this a week and a half ago, but the lawyers asked me not to talk about it at the time, but it's in the news, now we can.
Feds back Sandy Hook families.
Again, I hardly ever talked about it, questioned it, a lot of people did.
They make me the Sandy Hook guy, now they want to get rid of the First Amendment.
Feds back Sandy Hook families in legal fight with Alex Jones.
What are the Feds doing trying to get involved in a federal court where I'm doing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy so that they can't misrepresent these state courts?
That's totally legal, totally lawful, but that one gets dirty and bad.
And they had the head guy from the federal agency over all this call up The representative of the judges, the trustees, and say you're not allowed to even be part of this.
Alex Jones doesn't get access to the courts.
They said, excuse me, what are you talking about?
And they're getting a transcript out to actually bring this out.
I mean, this is next level.
But they're in the news saying they did this.
They said it is the policy of the administration, quote, from the top.
I mean, the Justice Department?
That Alex Jones doesn't get any relief.
I mean, the brazenness, the desperateness, the outrageousness of this, and obviously it's already backfiring on them.
What the hell's going on with these people, Pastor?
Well, I mean, I think even Trevor Noah said something at the dinner, which you might want to pull that clip.
He said, I think any son, like Hunter Biden, who makes money off of his father's position should be investigated.
That was a zinger that Trevor Noah dropped the other day.
And, you know, I like Trevor.
He comes from South Africa.
Unfortunately, he came here and he got turned left.
But he has started questioning everything from the vaccines to all of these stupid mandates.
He started to question them, and I thought he handled it.
I thought it was funny.
He could have dropped a few more.
I totally agree, but it's what you're saying.
What does it mean when even their former minions are turning against them in front of their faces like Trevor Noah, like Bill Maher?
What does that signify, Pastor Rodney Howard Brown?
Well, I think they're going to push everybody to their place.
I think they're going to push people to their place where people are going to realize, look, I'm either going to come and be honest and truthful to my heart or I'm going to live the lie.
This is really what's happening, and I think the thing's unfolding.
I think the thing's being exposed.
It's like the whole Russia-Ukraine nonsense that's going on.
I think all of this stuff's going to be exposed for what it is, and we're going to see it happen.
And I believe the Lord's on our side.
That's why I tell the church, pray.
Pray every day that God would intervene.
And for those that, you know, don't go to church or whatever, talk to God.
Somebody said, I don't believe there is a God.
Okay, if you don't believe there is one, just say, if you're real, show yourself to me.
and see what happens. God is real whether you like it or not.
Explain that. God is not like the devil forcing things on you. God is free will.
Just reach out to God, folks, and you'll be blown away.
Explain that to them.
Yeah, you know, basically, I mean, wherever you travel in the world, you'll see people that
they say to you, "I knew that there was someone. I didn't know who there was."
Now, I have a story of a missionary who comes from Canada that was touring the Arctic Circle amongst the people that follow, um, the, uh, caribou.
Yeah, they're all roving people.
He found this place in the northern part of Russia and it took him about 18 months to go to this village.
The only way he could go there was to take a Russian tank.
He had to hire it and went 46 hours across the tundra to get there.
And when he got to the village They said, what are you doing here?
They've never seen a white person.
They said, what are you doing here?
He said, I came to tell you about the God who's in heaven who sent his son to die for you on the cross and that he loves you.
And the headman of the village said, why did you take so long?
Why did you take so long?
It took us 18 months to get here.
He said we knew there was a God.
And every night we talked amongst the village.
So what we would go, we would stand and look up at the stars and we would shout, if you're out there, if you're out there, send somebody.
And we've done that for the past number of years.
What took you so long?
Sir Alex, there are people crying out.
There are people even in the cities of New York and Chicago and Los Angeles and even in Austin, Texas, Tampa, Florida, where I live, Miami, and all the great cities of America, Atlanta.
They're crying out for God.
They're high on drugs, cocaine, every kind of synthetics.
Their life is caught in pornography and They're in the middle of trying to identify with something that they know is not them, and they're trying to find that peace that only Jesus can give.
That the whole gospel, for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.
For God did not send his Son of the world to condemn the world, but to save the world.
That all who would believe on him, look at these poor people, they're bound by drugs and alcohol.
The only hope is not medical science and doctors and politicians.
The only hope is Jesus.
And the good thing is we've seen people all across the city and every place we go that were like that.
Now they're preaching the gospel.
Alex, it's happening.
God is doing it.
And I see this is going to pick up momentum throughout 2022 into 2023 and 2024 that you're going to see the body of Christ stand and it's going to be I'm this denomination, I'm that denomination, I don't like him, I don't like that.
You're going to see one church, not a globalist church, but one true church stand and draw a line in the sand and believe the words of the Lord Jesus Christ himself and stand upon the word and we're going to see The whole place is shaken by the hand of God.
And if God brought America through in 1776, and he carried America through the 1800s,
then God will carry America through in 2022, and that's the way I see it.
I'm totally... If I didn't feel like that, I would tell everybody, and I would...
I don't know what I would do.
Pastor Brown, Revival.com, Summon at Scrayware.
I've got to come out there and see your church.
I'm told it's the most amazing thing by Roger Stone and others, who now is born again.
Very, very beautiful thing there.
None of us are perfect, but Christ can, you know, take us to the next level, and that's what it's all about.
Pastor Brown, thank you so much for spending time with us, sir.
Alex, we love you, pray for you.
I believe God's going to deliver you from the snare of the fowler.
And to everybody watching, God will deliver you too.
Call out to Jesus today.
Do it.
Thank you, Pastor.
Powerful interview.
A lot of big news he broke there, too.
We're going to come back.
I'm going to cover a bunch of news.
It's huge.
It's important.
Please stay with us.
And I'm going to give the number out and take some of your calls as well.
But wow, that was powerful.
Now, look, we've talked a lot about it, but I've got the specifics of the U.N.
takeover meeting.
We've got to talk about that.
We've got about the Russia war situation, the Ministry of Truth.
I mean, it's just surreal to be living at this time.
Tomorrow's news today.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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We're already seeing it in so many places, so many ways.
Here's a very important report from the great John Bowne.
Hell awaits the trendy demons.
We'll be right back with tons of news.
Stay with us.
As moral society breaks down even further and the Satanists within the upper echelons of society assume that their rituals are acceptable to the masses, statements like these begin to trickle out.
I guess to drink each other's blood might mislead people, like people are imagining us with like goblets and we're like Game of Thrones drinking each other's blood.
It's just a few drops, but yes, we do consume each other's blood on occasion for ritual purposes.
In a tell-all interview with Glamour Magazine, Megan Fox addressed rumors admitting that she and Machine Gun Kelly routinely engage in blood drinking rituals.
It is used for a reason and it is controlled where it's like, let's shed a few drops of blood, I need to drink it.
He's much more haphazard and hectic and chaotic where he's willing to just like cut his chest open with broken glass and be like, take my soul.
Let me bleed on you.
It doesn't not happen, let me tell you.
Maybe not exactly like that, but a version of that has happened many times.
As Jamie White writes, reactions from social media over Fox's disturbing revelations ranged from pointing out that Alex Jones was right about Hollywood's satanic energy to mocking Fox and Kelly's sadomasochistic romance.
Meanwhile, a child, formerly under the care of South African band Die Antwoord, known as Taki, who is now 20 years old, accused the duo of exposing him and his underage sibling to pornography and sexual activity, unspeakable violence, and even rituals tinged with their own blood.
When I lift it up to one box, Like, the whole Black Magic voodoo, like, voodoo sh*t came
Like, they felt like a rabbit's foot.
I think it was a wolf's foot or whatever.
Felt out there, there was like a voodoo doll.
There was a small bottle of blood.
Did you and your sister ever had blood taken from you by Ninja and Yolandi?
Yes, lots of times actually.
They took us to like a place.
It's not really like a hospital or a private hospital or some type of thing.
But they took us there and they said it's like a hospital but there was no cars there.
And then ninjas took us in there.
They took our blood.
And then we go, me, Randy, and then we go out and the ninja's the only one who stays inside the hospital for like 15 minutes or so.
Then when he came out of there, he had like a little bag in his hand.
And when he took out the things in the bag, I saw a little bottle of blood inside the bag.
And my mother said it was going to be a good experience for me.
It's going to be better for me and whatnot.
So I went.
And I also thought it was good, but then after a while I found out to say they were actually just grooming me.
And speaking of the Hollywood pastime of grooming... Read the book, you'll be like, ha ha, transitioning from Disney to this was fucking easy.
I don't know, getting molested for fucking... From your 6 to your 14 seems like way harder circumstances, or being physically abused all the time.
The type of mistreatment that I was still dealing with at that time, that everyone around me saw and did nothing.
According to the Daily Mail, a British actress who starred in Doctor Strange and her husband are accused of having sex with a 13-year-old girl after they groomed her.
The girl, now an adult, says that Zara Pythian and Victor Mark filmed the abuse in a bid to recreate pornographic scenes.
The abuse is claimed to have happened between 2005 and 2008 when the couple were martial arts instructors in Nottinghamshire.
Everything that we've seen already is just the beginning, and our society is enabling this evil inhabiting the bodies and minds of those we clamor to theaters and music venues to pay our hard-earned money to see.
But it all adds up.
In the words of John Adams, our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.
It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.
John Bowne reporting.
The servants of Satan are always destroyed.
First, they are the fool's fool.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're now into hour number three of this May 2nd, 2022 transmission.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and we're going to be here for another hour until Gerald Cilente takes over in the War Room, 3 p.m.
Central, with Owen Troyer knocking it out of the park.
I've already hit some of this, but I want to drill into it right now.
I want everybody to listen up and listen as well as you can.
A lot of you are busy at work, but please bookmark this later.
Share it.
That's how we defeat the enemy.
That's how we win.
We need to win, and we are going to win.
You've already seen how far we've come together.
All we have to have is the will to understand that things will be much worse if we don't stand up than if we submit.
And we understand there is no choice but to take action.
Now, I just have literally like 50 articles right here.
So let me just try to give you some headlines.
I'm actually going to drill into a fact sheet some folks put out that is very accurate for my research.
And it's all done in one place.
You can find it easily, okay?
And I'm going to have this fact sheet posted under the live show feed today by Ben out there who's doing a great job updating InfoWars.com.
Bill Gates wants to build a new global team called Germ.
And of course, that's him running the United Nations in this New World Treaty.
And that's why we played you all the clips the last two weeks.
I mean, we probably played 10 of them.
ABC, NBC, CNN, all of them.
NPR saying, we need a global government.
We need a global response to make all the countries do the right thing.
And that will stop the next pandemic.
Well, you know, like China does with endless lockdowns that don't work.
Well, they're the ones that cooked it up and released it.
So this is the big enchilada, the medical tyranny to take over the world while the borders are wide open.
Excellent story out of Gateway Pundit, lays out Bill Gates' major obvious involvement.
Here's another one, Wall Street Journal.
The world needs a pandemic protection team.
The UN that cooked it up and runs it all and ordered the lockdowns that starved millions to death.
Tens upon tens of millions.
It's so trendy!
And they're gonna test you with the toxic nose swabs and the fake PCR test and... It's the mask cult.
Macron introduces digital ID scheme for public and private sector services.
Oh, it's based on the vaccine passport, the same system, but now it's to leave your house, get on a train, a plane, rent a car, hotel, go to a restaurant.
You see the police are not letting them be in restaurants if they don't have the virus ID, the vaccine ID.
And now they're just going, you know what?
It's a climate, carbon tax, social credit score ID.
And if you're a bad person, Well, we will just turn off your ID.
There it is.
Same thing happening in Italy.
Here's an excellent boil-down by DontYouDare.info.
Again, I'm going to have this posted in the live show feed under the live show at InfoWars.com where we break down the headline each day for today's broadcast.
In fact, that's lost in my stack.
Will you guys pull up today's show headline so I can read it to listeners, please?
Thank you.
Every day we post a live show audio and video feed that gives you the basics of the show so you can share it and get it out to people.
And we post a lot of keynotes in there and links.
Emergency Monday broadcast.
Under Biden's direction, Zelensky regime conducting mass arrest, torture, killings of online critics of the war.
of the war.
We shed the war.
I wrote that too quickly.
I messed that up myself.
I wrote that for went live on air.
Very important.
And we'll post under the live show video that's there this image so you can share this flyer.
Let's read over it.
The World Health Organization is attempting a power grab.
Number one, most people have never heard the International Health Regulations, IHR.
The United Nations agreed to the IHR in 2005.
And Pastor Brown had that document from Homeland Security planning all of it then that he broke last hour.
Number two, that's a key tidbit, isn't it?
On January 18, 2022, the United Nations submitted a number of amendments to the IHR that serve to give away even more of our sovereignty and greatly empower the World Health Organization, or the WHO, to restrict your health-related rights and freedoms.
It takes control of everything.
Number three, the 75th meeting of the World Health Assembly will be held in Geneva, Switzerland from May 22-28 this year, this month.
The Assembly will vote on the amendments to the IHR.
They are very likely to pass and be enacted into international law unless we the people stand up against this attack on our sovereignty.
And even if they pass it, we have to block it at the congressional level, at the court level, because Biden will try to implement.
Number four, these amendments to the International Health Regulations do not need to be approved by two-thirds of the U.S.
We have already agreed to obey the IHR in previous treaties by virtue of our membership in the United Nations and the World Health Organization.
We have already given away some of our sovereignty.
These amendments are designed to confuse the member nations into giving away even more of their sovereignty.
Number five, In addition to the proposed amendments in the IHR, the WHO has also set up an intergovernmental negotiating body that is actively negotiating an international treaty of pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response.
The proposed pandemic treaty is separate from the addition to proposed amendments to the international health regulations mentioned above.
So they get you to sign on to it, and they say, well, your government's already signed on, unless the government says no.
Number six, the pandemic treaty does not yet exist. It is being drafted and negotiated right now.
Discussions regarding the pandemic treaty are important, but they are also part of the sophisticated
diversion to confuse people and get them to ignore the immediate concern, which is the
amendments to the IHR being considered by the World Health Organization this May 22nd, 28th.
Number seven, the time to speak out and stand up for your rights is now. All you saw in the last
two years was a drill and a preparation for this. #DontYouDare
Hashtag stop their IHR.
Hashtag we are sovereign.
And the website don't you dare dot info.
Excellent job.
I want to get the folks running this on.
This is a big, big deal.
The censorship.
The control.
The forced inoculations.
The world ID for the social credit score and carbon tax.
It's not coming.
It's here.
And here's some articles dealing with it.
Wake up and smell the burning of our Constitution.
Breaks it down.
Global government alert.
Threat to national sovereignty set to go down May 22nd, 28th at WHO World Health Assembly.
Jim Hoff did a great job there.
A new pandemic treaty.
What the World Organization needs to do next.
Major news in the UK.
ISC reporting that.
Here's the actual latest announcement from the United Nations for viewers.
Be warned, the World Health Organization's pandemic treaty will destroy all remaining freedoms and unleash a global medical dictatorship.
That is not an exaggeration.
UN report pushes global government.
That's a quote.
To prevent future pandemics, global surveillance, financial independence, that means slavery, and power to override national governments headline WHO's recommendation reforms.
Here's the UN press release.
Global leaders unite.
Urgent call for international pandemic treaty.
You see it being pushed everywhere that we need a global response with the UN running it all.
Global solution to pandemic.
A new treaty that would essentially create a world government run by private corporations.
Some good news, no one can be forced to be vaccinated, says India's top court, the Supreme Court of India, today said that no individual can be forced to receive a vaccination, adding that no state government can take a step that may violate the integrity of a person's body.
Wouldn't it be nice to see that from our so-called Supreme Court?
That is just some of the news in that stack.
We come back have a little bit more I want to hit on that subject and then the massive censorship the latest developments on the censorship ministry of truth they publicly announced and then the economy some political news some very important eugenics abortion news and at the end of the next segment I'll get the number out we'll take calls We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
and then Gerald Cilente will take over. Please remember, the only way we stay on air in attack
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Visit Infowarsstore.com. You can also make donations straight to us at the top of Infowarsstore.com.
And I thank you for your support. We'll be right back. Stay with us.
When you see all these desperate globalists on TV saying, "They're coming for us.
Everybody's waking up. We're doomed." It's because they think they got us in a stranglehold.
It's the other way around.
They think they can just attack and imprison and kill our leaders?
That'll just make our people stronger.
That's why they've been taking those final steps with yours truly, but I don't take anything for granted and I'm not arrogant.
And every day that I'm alive or not arrested, I see that as a blessing.
Every day we are able to warn millions of people, and get you to warn others, and get them to warn others, and tell them to warn others, and the chain reaction is completed.
It's children and innocents we're saving.
Now, I've talked a lot about this, but I really want this to sink in, and I want this to sink in to you.
And I say that because living here in America, most of the listeners do, even our poorest are better off than pretty much anybody in the world.
And America's got big problems, so you travel around the world, and it really is true, wow, this country is awesome.
For the average person.
I mean, if you're super rich, would Switzerland probably be nicer?
But, I mean, it's just for the average person, you can't beat it, okay?
And when we talk about 40-plus million people the last 26-7 months that starved to death because of the lockdowns, that's 40-plus million people.
And the UN says almost 300 million are set to die in the next year.
They ordered that lockdown.
The IMF and World Bank control those countries.
They murdered those people.
So let it sink in that people that went along with the lockdowns and wore the mask and moralized to you through their useful idiotness contributed to this death.
Now, we're not going to hate them, but we need to also get in their faces and rebuke them and let them know what they did.
And the best way to do it However, you're able to reach out to people, whether it's at church or at work or on the street, perfect strangers, but with digital information.
Here, let me give you a card with a website on it.
Let me warn you.
Talk to people when they get in your face and tell you you should be, quote, vaccinated and explain to them it's not a vaccine, it doesn't protect you.
Don't let them push you around anymore.
Everything they're doing is about silencing you.
Because you have the power.
And if you don't use it, I'm not in your face here.
I'm just telling you respectfully, you don't need me to tell you this, but I'm gonna tell you.
You know what I'm gonna say.
Those of you that are fighting hard and spreading the word and doing what you can do, I salute you and thank you.
But for the millions of people that tuned through here to see what it's all about and think, well, that just sounds a little too much, I don't want to believe that.
This is real.
It's on record.
It's now completely decloaked and it's in our face.
And so what are we going to do about that?
What are you going to do about that?
Because that's a really serious question.
Because what are the Hawaiian Islands?
Well, they're actually the tallest mountains in the world, taller than the Himalayas by 10,000 feet.
They are 50,000 foot, I think the biggest one is, Kona.
And 15,000, 16,000 foot of it's sticking up out of the ocean, but the rest of it's under the water.
Now, why am I talking about that?
Well, picture America and red cities and red states that aren't perfect, but are better off than everybody else in the world as mountaintops.
And we're up here on the mountain.
And we look down at the rest of the world that's drowned in tyranny and death and just absolutely out of control behavior.
And we see the water rising.
And we don't want to understand that we're soon going to be underwater as well.
So the fate of all these Latin Americans and Africans and people in the Middle East and Asia, literally starving to death.
They just come and pick up the dead bodies.
You get malnourished, you know, you die of just a common cold.
They are our responsibility.
And if we don't speak out against this, we're going to flood too.
And the water's coming up.
So you got 30,000, 35,000 feet of water beneath the mountain, and we're up here on the top, and right where I live, I can see the water creeping up.
The inflation, the open borders, the Satanism, the devaluation of the currency.
So we're here in America up on the surface, but right over the edge is a cliff straight down to the bottom.
So it all looks pretty and nice up here where we're at, and it looks even nicer to the globalists up there on their giant 100,000, 200,000 acre ranches and their 5,000 acre palatial facilities and just all of it, their own little reservations away from us while they wage war on us, and they need to know they'll be flooded as well.
As they get rid of due process, as they get rid of freedom, as they consolidate power out of pure greed, they destroy the liberty and freedom and the engine that made them so wealthy that they've been scamming.
So here's the headline.
Food shortages in six months.
The globalists are telling us what happens next.
Big article by Brandon Smith of AltMarkets on InfoWorks.com.
You should go read it.
And it just goes over the UN saying that.
And it's true, but then they're the ones doing it and then they pose as the saviors.
That is a big, big, big deal.
We need to re-declare our rights and point out this is happening and point out this was all deliberate depopulation operation.
They don't just kill you with the COVID they cooked up in a lab and then blocking the different treatments and things, therapeutics.
They didn't just do it locking up the nursing homes and shipping COVID patients in to kill them.
You can't come in with a COVID patient, Ken.
That just murders common sense.
They're doing it through the starvation, and then the economic collapse, and then those that survive, military-age men, flood us and collapse the Western world.
They're the big tidal waves coming in, crashing into the side of the mountain.
So this is what's going on and God is pissed off about this, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm going to give the number out.
We're going to come back and take your calls.
I'll hit the censorship news and the incredible Ukraine news of door-to-door arrests of people that mildly criticize the corrupt regime and our government backing this North Korean-style or Nazi-style evil.
I guess Nazis better because they actually, comparisons actually have historical roots to these folks.
Very, very closely tied with those battalions, the Azov battalions and others.
So I want to open the phones up for first-time callers on any subject you want to raise, any item you want to go over.
I'd imagine you want to talk about some of the things we've already talked about today.
The toll free number to join us is 877-789-2539, 877-789-2539, 877-789-ALEX.
Your phone call is coming up a little bit in the next hour and then Gerald Cilente will
be taking over.
So stay with us.
And so I would just put eight calls on the board.
And I'll know I'll get to all eight or put nine on.
I'll be a little greedy and we got a phone system that can take 20-something calls at a time.
We have a large audience.
We love you.
We appreciate you.
It's a digital phone system.
I can actually tell you how many calls we got.
One time we got over 20,000 calls in two hours.
You're all great.
I'm sorry so many of you can't get on, but more and more we are going back to calls, doing special shows.
We do nothing but take calls because you take us in so many great directions and bring up things that I've forgotten to cover or give us amazing insights.
It's just incredible.
It's like Pastor Rodney Howard Brown was on.
and brought up the Homeland Security documents in 2005, already planning all this.
And then now we know in the pandemic document with the UN treaty they're writing up that that's what
they admit was when this started. I didn't even know that or I knew it and forgot it. I remember
Bush trying that stuff, George W. Bush. It's just the same group, folks, same plan. And our liberty
movement taking over parties politically, peacefully threatens them. We'll be right back.
Infowars.com, tomorrow's news today. So I would say, you know, if anything that's happening at
CNN and anybody who buys your book, it's really just one of those things that is dividing our nation.
And I don't believe in dividing our nation.
It hurts our great nation.
And so, CNN is really the enemy of the truth.
And that's my opinion.
Thank you.
No American is an enemy of another American.
No News Outlet is an enemy of America.
No News Outlet is an enemy of America.
No News Outlet is an enemy of America.
No News Outlet is an enemy of America.
No news on losing enemy of America!
He came in peace.
(dramatic music)
No news out there is an enemy of America.
Bill Gates wants you.
Take the vaccine.
Don't run.
See him as your friend.
This is CNN.
Thanks for seven.
All right, my friends, we are back.
We're going to take calls from Kevin, David, Michael, Mike, Cameron, Rudy, Barrett, and others.
Let me just briefly tell you this.
Elon Musk is going to town.
He just keeps getting better and better.
I'm not saying I totally trust him or he's our messiah.
I'm just saying he's bringing up Jeffrey Epstein.
Ghislaine Maxwell, the client list, Bill Gates, and the fact there needs to be an ending to the cover-up of that by the Justice Department, that's the stuff of victory right there.
That's what we need to be hearing, and if you do stuff like that, you're on the right team.
He is really taking them on, and if you look at the trajectory of how hardcore he's getting, it is...
I mean, if he keeps doing this week after week, I just don't know what we're gonna have to say about Elon Musk, but wow.
And, you know, they could point out, well, he took a picture of her at a gala.
That's what these people do.
He's saying that they photobombed it.
Fanny Fair party and she photobombed the background.
But you know that already, don't you?
Yeah, that's what they do.
They creep up and they get in a photo with you.
And then they sit there and somebody takes a picture and says that you're with her.
Absolutely ridiculous.
Yeah, let's start with you.
He's now a client of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.
Absolutely crazy.
And the more they mess with Elon Musk, the more hardcore he gets.
Let's do this.
I'm going to get into more of this censorship news after I get to your calls.
It's really insane.
It's waking a lot of people up with this Ministry of Truth.
But when you see the tyranny in Ukraine, they admit that the Obama administration is running that.
And again, it is the Obama administration.
He is now the dictator.
The third term of Obama as a dictator, trying to sew up their dictatorship and finish our transition into being the new Venezuela of the North.
The good news is he tried to overthrow, when he was president, the In his second term, the Kenyan government and those emails and documents came out with Muslims.
It failed.
And so they're not going to get everything they want if we start saying no.
I mean, it's very, very clear.
All you can do is start saying no and warning people.
All right.
Who's been holding the longest here?
I guess that would be Michael in Mississippi.
Let's talk about Satanism in Hollywood.
You're welcome.
Okay, he just dropped off.
Okay, let's go to Mike in South Carolina.
Mike in South Carolina, you're on the air.
Yes, sir, Alex.
Can you hear me?
I can, go ahead.
First of all, thank you for taking my call.
And I want to plug some of the products you have first, if you don't mind.
Sure, go ahead.
I use the magnesium.
I think that's fantastic.
The X2 is off the charts.
And I also want to mention the attire.
I don't consider your t-shirts to be t-shirts or whatever you have.
I consider them to be uniforms.
And that's just my feeling about it.
Well, that's it.
I mean, the left and their black antifa stuff is their uniform.
An InfoWars shirt tells folks who you're with and it really does a lot of good.
Yeah, I get a lot of compliments on them, trust me.
Now, I've got two things I want to run by you here, and I can do it in three minutes or less, but I think would be a great help and end a lot of this isolation with censorship, if you'll allow me.
Two things.
I know people, they say they're going to reach out to their representatives and try to make something happen, and they can't get their voices heard.
People need to use those black things they carry around with them or whatever color their phones are.
Make personal videos of grievance or whatever you want to call it.
Upload them to a safe website.
They can do that to Rumble or Bitchute or whatever.
Then call the representatives nine times out of ten.
What's going to happen?
You're going to wind up getting a hold of who?
The people that are in his office.
You tell them your grievances, or where you think they're dropping the ball, and then you turn around before the call ends and you say, hey look, just want to make you aware that I've made a video of this and sent it to your email address, to my representative, and I'm also sharing this with the world.
That's the first thing.
That's the second thing.
And don't just hit the friendly sites like Gab and everybody else.
They're awesome.
Upload to YouTube and Twitter.
Make them take it down.
The point is, you never know what's going to go viral.
If everybody just starts being a leader, it's game over for the globalists.
And go to city council and school board meetings.
That scares the hell out of them.
That's taking our governments back.
Absolutely, brother.
Yes, sir.
Last thing, and I'll make this quick.
Now, we're isolated.
I don't think they grasp censorship.
A lot of people think, well, okay, censorship is you're putting videos up on YouTube or whatnot, just getting pulled down.
It's more than that.
It's isolation.
I've got a suggestion that I'm hoping that you guys will take this and run with it.
All platforms, what you're doing needs to do the same here.
There has to be people out there that write code, that build stuff for the platforms, that build websites or whatnot.
These people need to build what I would call an online phone book, an open source phone book that could work state by state, town by town, just something simple that could be open source, could be given away to people like myself who run websites, or have access to a place to park something like this, where people can go and they can look and see, okay, well these people are in my state or whatnot, So that people can form chapters and groups, and you can also... Well, that's right.
I mean, whatever happened to meetup.com?
I mean, because that's the top... I guess everybody got censored off that, or what happened?
I don't know.
I'm not... But you're right.
That's the first thing Republicans should be building, but of course they aren't.
They're letting the Democrats redistrict places like Alaska.
They just redistrict that blue, even though it's deep red.
God bless you, sir.
I appreciate your call, Mike.
Thank you.
Let's go to a caller in New Mexico.
Let's talk to JP in New Mexico.
Go ahead.
Alex, long-time listener, first-time caller, I want you to know that when you play that commercial and you're talking about how you had a little local station and you just wanted to, you know, get the globalists, that's us.
We have a little station in New Mexico.
We run Alex Jones, you know, War Room, all that all the time.
We have to shoulder together with InfoWars to fight this tyranny.
Well, that's beautiful.
Where do people hear the station and what's the frequency?
StudioJFM.com is the best way to catch us.
It runs 24-7 and we run you guys every day between 12 and 5.
By the way, I love everybody online or real stations, micros, whatever.
Pick it up, refeed it.
We're all free to air.
Just everybody use it.
It belongs to you.
And Alex, about the products, you know, I got my first round of shirts, and dude, those are beautiful shirts, man.
Clean, custom, real nice.
They don't shrink when you wash them.
Dynamite stuff.
I'm telling everybody to go to InfoWars and buy shirts, buy hats, buy coins.
Well, no more coins, but buy whatever you guys have.
We have the support to get InfoWars.
Beautiful, brother.
What's that website again?
We run you all day, every day.
What else is on your mind, JP?
Uh, you know, I just wake up every day, I read the news, and I just cannot believe the clown world I'm living in.
I, you know, I just had another friend die, so this will probably be in the last six weeks, about 23 friends that have passed.
We don't need to say why, we know why, and it just aggravates the hell out of me, Alex.
I don't even know what we can do at this point.
That's right, we're living under a depopulation and this is just the start.
They're going to make the shots more deadly, they're going to release more deadly viruses, Bill Gates promises.
I mean, this is life and death, folks.
Things are only going to get worse until we get really aggressive politically, civil disobedience, city councils, and just say it all and it's happening and they're scared.
Thank you so much, JP, we love you.
Alright, Alex, Barrett, Rudy, Cameron, Kevin, David, we're going to get to all of you before Gerald Cilente.
Stay with us.
Eastbound and down.
Loaded up and trugging.
We got a long way to go.
And a short time to get there.
I love the end of this song.
So never mind them breaks.
And there's beer in Texarkana.
There is a very powerful report that just went live on Mandai Video.
It's on the front page of Infowars.com that needs to go viral.
Did the FDA skip phase 3 trials for COVID-19 vaccines, which is totally illegal?
And they did.
Old Smokey's got his ears on.
And he's hot on your tail.
And he ain't gonna rest till you're in jail.
So you gotta dodge him.
You gotta duck him.
You gotta keep that diesel trucking.
So put that hammer down and give him hell.
We're gonna win, folks.
We got the will.
We have no other choice.
Children are counting on us.
I gotta move quick.
I wanna get to everybody.
Let's go to a caller in Connecticut.
Let's go to Rudy.
Then we'll go to Alex and others.
Welcome, Rudy.
Hey Alex, how are you?
I'm in the fight of my life.
I've actually never been happier, even though things are scary.
I'm right where God wants me to be, brother, so I'm actually recharged and empowered by the grace of Christ.
Yeah, well, I'm praying for you, so... I can feel it.
I can feel it, and I want to thank you.
Go ahead.
I want to talk about the four horsemen and the apocalypse.
You were talking with Pastor Brown about signs, and everybody's talking about the mark of the beast, but no one's talking about the four horsemen.
The first one obviously has been referred to as pestilence and the rider was given a crown or a corona and the second one obviously is war and then we're looking at the third one more obviously famine.
That's right in the Latin they say that pestilence is given a crown of the corona and I guess that's Latin or also Spanish and it just describes it all perfectly doesn't it?
It sure does and it's actually the beast That calls or the four beasts that call forth the horsemen.
And so I just think that that's very relevant for people that read the Bible to look at that as the sign.
And so everybody should get their ducks in a row and get right with God.
Well, there's no doubt that Antichrist tries the same thing over and over again.
There'll be waves of beta testing until it comes, but this is definitely either the real deal and the final big one coming up, or it's them beta testing for the plan they're building out into the future.
But they do intend to kill 80-90% of us, and that's more than what the Bible says.
The Bible will kill, what, one-fourth the world's population before it gets turned around, but they are definitely trying.
It's our great points.
Anything else?
I wanted to talk about intelligence networks in Ukraine and how the USAID, which is a cover
for the CIA, is building networks, or has been building networks in Ukraine since 2007,
and even more so since 2014, along with NATO allies and trying to undermine any influence
Russia has in Ukraine.
And by the way, they admit that.
So the Pentagon and CIA are in charge of rounding up tens of thousands for even posting anything vaguely critical of the dictator Zelensky.
That's what he's become.
Just unbelievable behavior.
And the Associated Press thinks it's wonderful.
And all the billions of dollars going into there is, where is all that money going?
We're talking about billions of dollars going to Ukraine.
A lot of it goes back into the big guy's hands.
Oh, absolutely, the big man.
Joe Biden.
Great point, sir.
God bless you.
More amazing calls coming up.
Alex in Texas.
Alex, welcome.
Yes, sir, Alex.
Hi, welcome.
Your phone having a problem there, Alex?
Go ahead.
Can you hear me now?
I sure do.
All right.
I'm sorry about that.
That's all right.
Go ahead.
Thank you for the opportunity to talk.
I just want to start off by thanking God for you, because between 2008 and 2009, I was actually a youth leader in the Communist Party.
And I remember sitting there watching YouTube back when you were actually able to be on YouTube and watch some content that was actually truthful.
And I watched one of your videos, and I remember it changed my entire viewpoint on everything.
Because at that point, I knew something was wrong with the world.
But I was going against the system, rebelling against all the evil in the world.
And at that time, we're just coming out of a bush.
And so I want to be as far left as I can get.
I paid my dues and over the year or so that I was part of it, you know, there'd be phone conferences with the main base back in Chicago.
And I realize at this point, you know, the Communist Party really is just kind of an underling of the world order, but it's amazing how deeply entrenched they've been since the 50s and 60s now in American institutions, in the school system, and in the government, because they've set up this system now where they want to, through the education system, have a new sexual revolution.
That was always one of their key points.
That would be a big deal, but In their mind, they want this materialistic world where there is no God.
So, how best to do that than to bring that materialistic doctrine into schools, teach that God isn't real, it's just more of a theory, and that if you can get these kids separated from God without any thought of repentance or Jesus Christ, it'll be that much easier for the state to take over and become the God.
And it's not as prevalent down South.
But up north where I'm raised, you know, evolution, Darwinism, social Darwinism is actually, you know, it's a common practice.
That's right.
The Communists are promised positions of power, but really they're just useful idiots.
Here's a headline on the Red State.
Communism has been tried and the reason it fails is simple.
No, it hasn't failed.
It is an instrument of the big megabanks to destroy free markets and enslave people and then tell them that it's freedom.
Communism has been a disastrous, totally wicked success of the evil Illuminati going back to the French Revolution that was the beta test of it.
That's even in mainline PhD level political science.
They all know that and they are the parasitic ruling class that think we're all dumb animals and they plan to put us to death in slow labor death camps.
And the thing is, you brought it up before, they want a new French Revolution.
the plan for blood and the plan to kill people and the red terror they were going to have and
how they were going to collapse civilization through cloward and piven uh to then bring in
the new order is that what you heard absolutely and the thing is you brought it up before they
want a new french revolution so what they can try and do is just infiltrate all the other liberty
movements and things like that which they have done because being in the libertarian movement
but they have fingers in every pie Well, Alex, I'd like to get your number and maybe have you on via Skype or something as a guest.
You can send us if you want any photo shots of you, you know, in the Communist Party, or we can protect your identity, but I would love to have you on.
Put him on hold and see if he wants to come on as a guest.
Thank you so much.
Amazing call.
All right, let's take another one here.
Let's talk to a caller in Florida.
Let's talk to Kevin in Florida.
Welcome, Kevin.
Hey, Alex.
Good to have you.
Long time, first time.
Love the show.
Thanks for everything that you do.
I've got the X2, I love D3, Wintersun, the Alpha Power, Ultra B12, the Bodys is a miracle after a long bike ride.
You really do have the best products at the best prices.
Thanks, sir.
The one thing I really love is the Privacy Pocket.
Not sure if you're aware, but Florida is one of the few states that allows DRT boxes or stingrays, basically.
Yeah, that's right.
And DeSantis should stop that, but yeah, the police, the state police and others are scooping up your data.
And they actually have small aircraft like Cessna's and stuff with the dirt boxes on them, flying directly overhead, sometimes at 500 feet.
So, giving them the double tall man and having the privacy pocket, it's wonderful.
And it's not that we're bad, it's that the government, hackers, out-of-control groups, all that data scooped up and used against you later, they can also spoof you and they can drive around copying your SIM card digitally and make it look like you did something bad.
The one thing I wanted to talk about is It seems like maybe a couple months ago you switched to a new video player.
I can't change my resolution down.
Usually you're in my pocket, so I don't even really care if I'm in HD or anything.
But one thing that might help with your bandwidth costs monthly is maybe just uploading only like a maximum of 480.
You're right.
And also on our great IT crews, we had to build, band up video from scratch and all the systems and M4s and pay with the bandwidth is to create a little audio button that says just listen in audio.
That's right there beside all the videos.
Most people, I mean, most, I don't want to look at myself.
I'll listen to a rebroadcast.
I can't be driving watching Owen or Harrison or the other host.
So, I mean, ITs are great.
I told him this a while back, it didn't happen, it needs to happen.
We should put an audio player beside each video on the site, or at least the InfoWars videos.
It becomes a hassle when other people upload it for it to encode it and do audio.
We haven't done it.
We should probably make the audio player at InfoWars.com on the live show feed at the top more prevalent so folks can listen that way.
Thank you so much, sir.
All right, we're going to break.
We're going to come back and we're going to cram in as many calls as we can.
Barrett and Cameron and Dave.
I don't know if we're going to have time to get to Alex.
I want to talk to him and he's about to comment.
You know what?
I was going to play this video, but I'm not going to play the video now so I can get to all your calls.
I have to go a little bit into segment two.
Gerald will be cool with that because I'm going to get to all these callers.
It's important.
But I tell you, this new video, you've got to watch it.
The Biden administration, did they skip trial three?
Or did Trump, the whole system, did the CDC?
And the answer is, you bet they did.
We'll be right back on That's Illegal.
Into our number four, Gerald Cilenti will take over about 10 after, but I promise to get to all the calls of the board, so I will.
We got Alex, Barrett, Cameron, and David.
I'm going to go to you guys in the order your calls are received.
Let's go to David in Florida.
Thanks for calling, David.
Hey, thanks a lot, Alex.
I just wanted to tell you, you probably saved my life and my family's life, and none of us are poisoned, and I appreciate that very much, my brother.
I've been a listener of yours for about 25 years.
I got a bootleg tape from a cop buddy of mine back in the 90s when I was a cop on the Branch Davidians, and the work that you did at Waco is incredible.
I have some ideas for you guys as far as a fundraiser.
I'm an idea guy and a business man.
And have you ever considered maybe, I mean of course you're going to have to have cojones to do this as a business owner, but I mean I do, I don't care.
And I'm a Christian.
Why couldn't we have a fundraiser on your show where you do like a 15 or 30 second spot with Patriot businesses that you could advertise and we could put it on, maybe you could have the number flash on the screen or something briefly or something like that.
And you could charge like $100 for like a 15 second spot.
And then all these people would go to those businesses.
Because, I mean, voting with our wallet is probably the second most powerful thing that we could do.
I totally agree with you.
Or, you know, we could, the thing would be organizing the advertisers, having them reach out, then getting that organized and prepared, but it's a really smart idea.
Or maybe even interview every hour for like five minutes the businesses.
And then having them do a little bit bigger sponsorship to make sure people reached out and got their services.
Hey, this is a great service. People can use everywhere, especially online companies.
Things that's auto parts supply, farming supply, book supply, just all sorts of service type deals.
Absolutely. Trying to make ends meet. We've gone back to getting some sponsors.
We found some great ones. That helped keep the payroll going.
And then we have these two big donations. I got to figure out how to cash them out at the right time.
But right now it's like $2 million in Bitcoin, which took us into the black.
I said we're about 2.5 million behind projecting out into the year.
This message is from God, okay?
I'm a prophetic dreamer.
I've had prophetic dreams all my life.
I mean, I know you don't know me from Adam Soskat.
You and I are the same age.
figure out the right answer with that, but absolutely sir, beautiful point. What else
you want to add?
Thank you Alex. I do want to tell you real quick, this message is from God, okay? I'm
a prophetic dreamer, I've had prophetic dreams all my life.
I mean, I know you don't know me from Adam Soskat, you and I are the same age, I'm a few
months older than you, young man. But anyway, I just want to tell you, I prayed about
this to how to help you.
I pray for you.
My children pray for you.
Pray for you guys and the crew every night.
Owen's amazing.
You guys are all amazing.
And what you're doing is on the next level.
And Info Products are a multi-billion dollar a year business.
You don't have to have inventory.
I mean, you know how it works, clearly, with your course that you have.
But this message is from the Almighty, brother, okay?
You, I've seen it in a dream, you are going to be the mainstream in the future.
You're going to be on television just as if Fox is there, everybody else.
That's where we're headed.
The pendulum is swinging in God's direction.
And you, sir, are the general of the Infowar.
And if it wasn't for you, you don't know how many lives that you have saved with the work that you guys have done.
And I am forever grateful to you and to my late older brother.
He was Power Slave XXX.
He used to call in to you many years ago.
He passed suddenly in Sorry that happened, brother.
Well, let me just say this.
I mean, I think we're an archetype that God's put up here.
The enemy knows that we have the Genesis potential to defeat them like a seed.
And so thank you so much.
I want to thank the listeners.
It's symbiotic without you, we wouldn't be able to do this.
Thank you, David.
I'm gonna go to break, come back with Cameron and Barrett.
It's only a one-minute break.
I'm sorry the other caller hung up because he was talking about communism and how it's happening, what's going on, but I understand you can't hold forever.
We're gonna go to Cameron and Barrett.
We come back and then we're gonna hand the baton to Gerald Cilente.
But my biggest deal is getting enough funds in To really have an advertisement manager.
I'm kind of doing a lot of it myself right now.
And, you know, just finding the right people.
Because we kind of got rid of our advertising staff 10 years ago because of issues and things.
And I really want to vet the sponsors too.
And then it's just, it's just turned, you know, we're not a big corporate operation.
And now we have to pay for our own bandwidth.
That's millions and millions of dollars a year right there.
And the listeners are right.
There's things we can do to push more people to audio instead of video, and that's something we're having to look at if we don't get the funds.
But I just look at every person tuning in being precious, and so we really appreciate all your feedback and more.
Gerald Cilente takes over in about five minutes, but I'm going to talk to Cameron and Barrett to finish up with them on the other side, and we'll be right back with the great trends forecaster and a good friend of mine, Gerald Cilente.
Stay with us.
I want to salute all those.
You know who you are that have been giving the donations.
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Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Litecoin, there's dozens of them there.
And by the way, we've got our own NFTs at Arnescam.
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I'll tell you about that later.
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InfoWars.com forward slash crypto.
and all of you that donated, we salute you and thank you.
Rallying patriots worldwide.
We the people.
And the great trends forecaster, Gerald Celente, takes over in just T-minus five minutes.
But right now, I promise to get to all the calls.
Let's talk to Cameron in Texas and Barrett in Texas.
Cameron, welcome.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, man.
Hey, I want to make this short and quick, but I was hearing you talk about Bitcoin and NFTs and the attack on the free market.
And I think I have single-handedly a conceptual solution to negating that whole attack with Like a concept that works like this.
Um, so NFTs can be minted from nothing.
And so I was thinking the Fed, uh, they printed trillions or they printed trillions of dollars.
And, uh, I, I was thinking maybe, you know, if there were a bunch of small businesses that would sell their products, issue receipts, and then, uh, hand out a business card where on the back of the business card, there was a bill of sale, uh, Uh, field where two individual parties could sign, uh, handwrite their signatures and then terms and conditions on this bill of sale, which is a business card that was issued to them after the business had sold them a good and it's QR code authenticated by the business and they're compliant with the S and S and P 500.
They're tax compliant.
And so what happens is this, uh, after two, two private parties, uh, transacting in the free market, Uh, they both take a photo of this bill of sale contract between both of them that are both, they're both hand signed with their signature, which is hard to replicate.
And so they upload it to a network, uh, both within the, uh, they both take photos of the same piece of paper, upload it to a network, and then, uh, the network recognizes that it was uploaded within 15 seconds of each other, timestamp verifies it, and then, uh, generates an NFT, and that's on the network.
And it's like a decentralized network and then after the fact... And so by supporting other fellow patriots you create a piece of art that then could have potential value into the future and it's a new really digital currency being used between the people using NFTs is that which gives those actually a lot of value.
Yes, exactly, because they tear it in half.
They tear the business card in half after they do it and keep that as collateral in their pocket.
And that's like a We the People issued reserve note.
It's material.
We've got to talk about it more.
Write up a proposal.
Mail it to me.
God bless your email.
Thank you, sir.
Barrett in Florida.
Last caller.
Then Gerald Cilente takes over.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing?
I'm good, brother.
Thank you for calling today.
Hey man, I was watching that pastor you had on earlier, and he inspired me to call.
I'm a recent, just started watching you in like the past three months, and I've really gone to Christ.
I got baptized, amen, because of the stuff you've been pushing.
But I gotta ask you to pray for all these sheeple as they turn over, because it's a dark hour when they come to the information that you bring.
And it takes a lot of courage to make it through that information and come out on the bright side.
No, I hear you.
They say ignorance is bliss, but it's also super dangerous.
And you're right, I was once ignorant.
And it's really scary when you finally realize there's a bunch of psychotic predators taking over, and that while we've been asleep, they've been really building a giant digital gulag for all of us.
But at least we now know the truth, brother.
And I'm sorry, the truth is, it's pretty scary.
It is, but hey, you know, that's what Jesus is here.
He came not to condemn us, but to save us.
And another thing that's been on my heart since I've been watching you is I don't think you've been on Trump enough about him pushing that vaccine still to this day.
And we know the trouble it's brought and what it's still bringing for months to come.
No, I hear you.
I'm very upset about Trump.
But, you know, the point is that he's not in power right now and he's very stubborn about the shot and doesn't want to admit he's wrong.
And it's just he's destroying himself.
I mean, he's shut up about it mostly, but he still runs his mouth about it.
And it's just it's ridiculous how he helped put through warp speed and all of it and now doesn't understand it's a millstone around his neck.
Thank you so much.
There's a new video on InfoWars.com.
FDA skipped stage three trials.
It's illegal.
It's a very important video.
You should share it.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, my good friend Gerald Salente, the top trends forecaster, joins us now for the next 15 minutes to take over.
Thank you so much, Gerald.
Oh no, listen, thank you, Alex, all you do.
And everyone listening, you know, what Alex just said about these psychopaths in charge.
I mean, this is it.
If we don't unite for freedom, peace and justice, we're dead.
And you have to do all you can to support Infowars because we get rid of, they get rid of Alex Jones.
This is what they would love the best to do.
You know, you look at the toilet paper record, they call themselves the paper record, the New York Times.
So the last two days had live stories about Tucker Carlson.
God forbid you should think of anything different from the crap that they shoved down your throat.
The murderous New York Times.
Talk about spreading disinformation?
Hey, where's that clown lady that they're gonna bring in the disinformation chief?
How come she didn't come out about the falsehoods of weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al-Qaeda?
What do you got, Lockjaw on that one?
So you're looking at what's going on with this disinformation and how they're only selling lies to us that they want us to believe.
Hey, remember the Maine?
Oh no, that was the Hearst organization that did that around the 1900s to take over Cuba.
Hey, how about the Gulf of Tonkin incident?
That never happened.
That these murderous politicians, only, you know, it was my generation.
Some 60,000 young guys, dead.
Murdering over 3 million Vietnamese.
Agent Orange.
Telling the troops that it was, ah, we're just doing this to kill the mosquitoes.
As they slaughtered over 3 million Americans.
And there's that little low life, yeah.
One after another.
Low lives, leading us into war.
If you don't support InfoWars, you have a mental problem.
Every year, this is, the amount of people that are watching, And you throw a couple of bucks in there, 10, 20, 30 bucks.
Oh, you're going to go out for a cup of crappy coffee at Starbucks?
I don't know how people could drink that crap!
Hey, but people line up to eat at McDonald's.
Oh, that's for the poor people.
Oh, the poor people.
They don't know how to cook.
Oh, we didn't teach that in school.
No cooking classes.
We got dead woke classes.
Can't learn how to cook.
I can feed eight people for seven dollars.
Make a risotto, a pasta.
And you're spending this kind of crap on that junk that you put down your body to make you sick.
When you could throw a couple of bucks into InfoWars to keep it going.
What do you think I do this for?
They don't pay me to come on here.
I do it in honor of Alex Jones and the staff and the people that he brings on and the fight for freedom.
You heard what he just said about Trump.
Yeah, he didn't back down.
So you say what you say.
Does he even use a word like disinformation?
Boy, Goebbels would have loved the little freaks that they got playing the show now, boy, on the Cartoon News Network.
How about FU?
You know what?
This is NPR.
We'll say it very seriously.
And we have a tone that when we speak like this, you'll swallow the garbage that we're shoving down your throat.
We are in the beginning of World War 3.
Get this in your head.
It's started.
It's started.
Look at the guy that's playing our Defense Department head.
Oh yeah, General Loser!
General Lloyd Austin, you lost every war you fought in, so save your crap about what you're gonna do to win.
Hey, I strike out all the time!
Well, put me up now!
I'll hit a home run!
Oh, you're on the board of directors of Raytheon?
The second largest defense contractor in America?
$42 billion of our money?
Oh, if only black people were in charge.
No, no, no.
If only women were in charge.
Hey, yeah.
How about that?
How about Pelosi?
Oh, yeah.
Going for peace over there in Ukraine?
No, more war.
Oh, well, if only women were in charge.
What a bunch of garbage.
Black, white, red, yellow, gray, screen of color makes no difference.
It's all in the heart.
And these people are heartless.
Look at this!
Look at this freak!
In charge of our lives.
We'll be right back.
Stay tuned to InfoWars.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
You know, you mentioned about those gold bars.
You know, GC's, 3G's, guns golden and getaway plan.
You better be hip to the scene, man.
Oh, and Win Man gotta be, you know, up in here.
Matter of fact, I'm coming out against saying misstatements.
Why, that's, that's, That's sexist.
It can't be a misstatement.
It's called a trans statement.
Going back to these bars, these gold bars, gold is the best.
I don't give financial advice.
I do trend forecasting.
For me, my first buy of gold was 187.50 an ounce.
And you know, gold is the ultimate safe haven asset.
And when all things go down, and this thing's going to go down like we've never seen in our lives.
See those equity markets today?
They were up.
Oh, and then they were way down.
Oh, now they're going back up a little bit.
They were still down over 200 points, just the last couple of minutes.
Down over 400 points.
Oh, they're only down over 900 points.
Had their worst run in years.
This is going to be, it's not going to be stagflation.
Stagflation is a stagnant government, stagnant economy and rising inflation.
This is going to be dragflation.
GDP is going to be dragged down and inflation is going to go higher.
So for me, only speaking for myself, gold is the way to go.
I call it my GSB, gold, silver and Bitcoin in that order.
And, you know, that's the way I look at it.
And these gold bars that they're selling at Infowars, at infowarsstores.com, are something that you might want to consider.
Again, this is dragflation.
I'm the only one saying this.
Oh, Buddha Gig might get mad at me for saying dragflation.
Take it easy.
I don't mean it like that, all right?
And again, as I said, all that crap I've been hearing all my life, if only women were in charge, there wouldn't be wars.
Oh yeah, they just buried, what's her name over there, the warmonger Madeline Not-All-That-Bright, huh?
Yeah, the price of 500,000 Iraqi children under the age of five, slaughtered by fat-mouthed, arrogant, little boy of nothing Bill Clinton, when she's on Leslie Stahl.
And Leslie Stahl asked her if the price of 500,000 dead Iraqi children were worth the sanctions.
And she said, yes, it is.
Why, if a man said that, that would be terrible.
Again, good and bad comes in everything.
All races, creeds, colors, and genders.
So save it.
Don't want to hear it.
Oh, transgender, everything is perfect.
I told you the story when I did a talk on the QE2 and she spoke before me.
I was the next one.
And I made a joke, they gave her a 15-minute introduction.
She was born in the Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia, and her father was this, and her mother was that.
And they gave me like a two-minute one, and I said to the guy, thank you for that introduction, but I feel shortchanged after hearing Madeleine Albright's.
Everybody laughed like crazy.
He was on the QE, too.
He went for a cruise with the top marketing executives around the world.
And I said, well, you also forgot to mention, because I said, she graduated with honors in this, and honors in that, and honors like this.
She was dressed in red.
The queen of tarts over there, this big chooch.
Arrogant, arrogant, arrogant murderers!
I said, you forgot to mention that I didn't graduate PS-76 with honors in the Bronx, you know.
Anyway, we have freaks running the show.
How about Hillary Clinton, huh?
Now there's a great woman for ya!
If only women were in charge!
If only women were in charge!
What'd they ask her about, uh, when Barack the Nobel piece-of-crap prize winner?
Assad has to go.
That's a quote from him.
He was the, uh... There she is.
He ran Gaddafi, excuse me, Gaddafi has to go out of Libya.
They destroyed Libya, the richest country in Africa.
The richest country.
And when they asked her, you know, Gaddafi was just killed and she said, we came, we saw, he died.
All right?
So save it with this race.
I don't want to hear it anymore.
Don't want to hear it!
Don't want to hear it!
Shove it!
Shove it!
And that's why you support InfoWars.
Because they're not doing this.
We're not selling agendas here.
We're selling facts.
Buy the toilet paper or record.
The New York Times.
What happened over here?
Sorry, it froze up.
Am I all right?
Putin redeploys troops and attempts to recapture momentum in Ukraine.
Zimiv, Ukraine.
The wind carried the smell of death across the street.
The body of a dead man, burned, mutilated, and barely recognizable, was taken from The refrigerator and laid on a metal gurney.
How come you weren't writing this stuff about the United States wars?
How come you never wrote that about Obama's Libyan wars?
How about you never wrote about that of Obama's troop surge in Afghanistan?
How come you never wrote about that with George Bush's lies that we're gonna get Saddam Hussein dead or alive because he tried to kill my daddy?
A little daddy's boy, a little daddy's boy with a cojone smaller than a mothball lying us into war.
How come you weren't writing that?
You know why?
Because we're prostitutes.
We're media whores that get paid to put out by the corporate pimps and government whoremasters.
And that's why you need to support InfoWars.
Look at this propaganda.
Day after day, night after night, week after week, the eight weeks we've been hearing about Russia's slaughters in Ukraine.
Never about what the Ukrainians are doing, about Donbass killing the people over there in the Russian-speaking regions.
No, no, not a word about that.
Never pictures of, hey, remember Fallujah?
Oh, how about Raqqa in Syria that the United States annihilated?
How about that, huh?
No, no, we're not going to show any photos of that.
You know why?
We're the toilet paper of record, the New York slime.
They have led us into World War Three.
This is real.
I'm going to read you the facts when we come back.
And again, you need to support InfoWars.
There are no peace movements going on in this country.
Only pieces of crap that say, we got to support Ukraine.
You want to go there, go do your trip.
I'm an American.
I believe in men like George Washington, a real fighter and a real general.
No foreign entanglements.
All you got is a track record of debacles.
You forgot Afghanistan?
How about Syria?
No, I like Iraq.
We're gonna be back in a few.
Remember, support InfoWars.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And again, do what you can to support InfoWars.
And you know really what you're doing also, is you're supporting yourself.
And it's really important.
Because not only the information that they're giving you, but the products that they're giving you as well.
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Particularly, you know, one of the ones that really catches my attention is BrainForce Plus.
And it's now on sale with 40% off.
And BrainForce is what you need now, man!
And women, gotta be proper here, can't say blackball anymore.
It wasn't blackball, no, it was whitewashed.
Oh, no, can't say that either.
But anyway, they got these great products.
And this Brain Force to me, you know, it's one of the highest rated and best selling products out there.
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You know, this stuff is going quick.
The survival shield, one after another.
So do what you can to support InfoWars because what you're really doing is you're supporting yourself.
And it's the truth shall make you free.
Boy, I may get blackballed.
Like, I can't say blackballed.
I may get whitewashed.
I'm not even that white.
I'm an Italian, you know, an Italian.
What a bunch of garbage.
What a bunch of garbage they're shoving down our throat.
You know, people, you know, they know about what, you know, the football games, the baseball games, the basketball games.
They know every play of, oh God, they should have done that.
They have a clue what's going on Don't have a clue.
I mean, I'll never forget this guy.
What was his name?
Staggered or something.
I don't know who he was.
An actor.
And he died.
He was in the news for, like, three months.
My cousin Josephine, may she rest in peace, she passed away.
Didn't make any of the news.
Heart of gold.
I mean, what do I care if this guy died?
Yeah, sorry he died, but guess what?
Everybody dies.
And it's news for all that time?
And that's what they're doing to the people, they're brainwashing them.
You give them junk news by junk comedians that people call journalists.
They're not journalists anymore, they're gone.
So Infowars is giving you all they can.
So give back, because you're giving to yourself.
I'm talking about the markets before.
This is serious, very serious.
The markets, the volatility today is ridiculous.
Opened up, went way down, now it's up and now it's flat.
There's a thing called the Plunge Protection Team.
It's not a plunge protection team.
It's a rig game by the Fed, where when the markets go down, they dump a lot of dough in it, artificially prop them back up.
We are going to go into this most serious, the most serious economic crisis in world history, in modern history.
And it's going to be exacerbated by the wars.
The sanctions that Trump put on Trump, Biden, Trump, Biden, Greenberg.
Again, to me, it's a crime syndicate that people call the government.
These sanctions that they put on Russia are only hurting the people.
The facts are there with the wheat prices, the barley prices, the sunflower oil prices, on and on and on.
Gas prices.
Oh, today, markets opened up and Brent crude went down a bit.
Oh, but then they went back up because of the problems.
Yeah, no kidding.
Look what you're paying for gas.
Look what you're paying to heat your house.
You ready for this?
They put a note on my door from Central Hudson.
One of my buildings.
One building.
It's Saturday.
We owe $7,300 and something dollars in bills for electric.
It ain't a huge building.
It's a nice size.
It's not, you know, it's a two-story building.
1750 Franz Rogenhaus.
They've been sending it to the wrong email and never sending us by direct mail.
Over $7,000.
Business is not going to bounce back.
Wages are way below the real inflation level.
Real inflation is double what they're telling us it is.
So it's 8.5, it's really, you know, 19%.
17, what?
8 and 8 is 16, 17%.
Not good at math.
And that's John Williams' shadow stats.
So even with the fake inflation number of 8.5%, you know, real wages are down, you know, by 3, 4, 5, 4%.
3%, 4%, 5%, 4%.
Price of everything going up.
So what you want to do is you want to hedge against this.
And I'm not telling you what to do, but gold bars, many products, they have a lot of great products in Infowars.
That's, I got to tell you, my favorite.
Along with that super male vitality, you know, you got to keep going, you know.
You know, that's the other thing, the older you get, the more you have to do.
You know, you think I want to work out every day?
And I say to myself, okay, I got to do this for the rest of my life.
You know, I see guys my age, they get that guy, what's his name, Murray, the guy that they, the comedian over there, that all the news because they stopped the production, Bill Murray or something.
I remember him when he's been on Saturday Night Live.
And I looked at this guy, Marron.
This guy's like four years younger than me.
I said, I hope I don't look like this cat, man.
The older you get, the more you have to do.
The older you get, the more you have to do.
And Infowars has a lot of those great products.
And again, you're helping yourself as well as helping InfoWars.
But the bottom line really is that you're helping yourself more than anybody.
Because we need to keep the truth alive.
That they're coming out with this disinformation, you know, baloney.
You know, they had this article on InfoWars.
And he quoted Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat, cited Obama's remarks at Stanford University last week, calling on social media platforms to ramp up censorship of political speech.
He doesn't like characterizing the infringement of free speech as, quote, content moderation.
Boy, Goebbels would have loved you, Obama.
Now the good news is that almost all big tech platforms now acknowledge some responsibility for content on their platforms.
And they're investing in large team of people to monitor it.
Monitor it, Obama said.
Give the sheer volume of content.
This strategy can feel like a game of whack-a-mole.
Isn't that funny, huh?
Look at this arrogant, arrogant, arrogant, arrogant, lying piece of crap prize winner.
Remember he was always folking us?
Oh, yeah.
Peace prize winner.
Libyan war, Syrian war.
Oh, quote, I'm really good at killing people.
How could you believe this guy?
So what we did is we contacted Stanford University.
And we asked, how much did he get paid to spew out his crap?
And you know what?
We keep asking him and asking them, and they refuse to respond.
So now we're going to the Freedom of Information Act to try to find out.
And that other arrogant guy, Bill Clinton, was shooting his mouth off at Brown University, talking about Russia.
And there was... Oh, Bill, uh... I never had a sexual relation with that woman, Monica Lewinsky.
Oh, yeah?
Eli, uh... Oh, you like the, uh, Yugoslav boy, Bordasensu?
No, no, all the people he killed in Iraq.
Look at this arrogant guy.
Look at this arrogant guy.
Arrogant, arrogant, he should... I wonder how much they paid him.
Didn't have sex with that, well, sexual affair.
Boy, you know you gotta be at the top to go out with that thing.
I like to happen with that guy Zucker with CNN.
Wonder how much, you know, hey, he was the top guy.
Hey, well, he's my boyfriend, but, you know, why not?
So, we're going to go into very rough economic times.
When I come back, we're going to wrap up with it.
In the meantime, go to InfoWarsStores.com.
We'll be back.
Hello, hello, everyone.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And as he said, you know, it's very, very important to support InfoWars the best way that you can.
And you talk about building up your immune system.
They never talk about this.
All they do is tell you to take the jab.
Somebody's knocking at the door over there and they want to come in.
They can't get in.
The New York City raises COVID alert level as new cases surpass key threshold.
All right.
They're starting the COVID war again to sell more jabs.
Nobody's talking about natural healing or building up your immune system, and the products you get on InfoWars can help you do that.
So do what you can.
I want to go back to the markets.
The markets are up right now.
There you go.
All right?
Recommends masks indoors.
You know, it's very important, remember, when you go into a restaurant indoors that you walk in with the mask on, and then when you sit down, You can take the mask off to eat because COVID only goes at a height when you're walking up.
It's never a table length.
Bars are higher than tables, but they know you're sitting at a bar so the COVID doesn't go there either.
They're making this up.
This isn't science.
It's political science.
Just like the stupidity of wearing a mask on when you go into an airplane.
You can eat and drink without the mask on, but when you finish eating and drinking, put the mask on, because the COVID knows that you stopped eating and drinking, so it's gonna get you.
And again, this guy Adams, like the mayor, hey, you're all jammed up, man!
You got the Vax, you got the boosters, and you got the COVID!
Hey, Obama!
You got the jab?
There we go.
That's the new world disorder.
Obama got the jab, got the boosters, got the COVID.
Harris got the jab, got the boosters, got the COVID.
That Peter Schiff, and I can't pronounce his name properly because I don't want to get censored, but not Peter Schiff, excuse me.
Peter Schiff is a great guy.
Adam Schiff.
Oh yeah, he went to that little congressman of nothing.
Congress boy!
An arrogant little jerk!
Off over there, over in California.
Fully vaxxed and boosted, and he shoots the crap out of his mouth!
Boy, I'm really glad I got vaccinated and boosted!
Oh, I got the COVID!
Look at this!
Look at this!
Oh, and a couple of these guys of a former paratrooper.
Oh, you like?
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
That's your gig, man.
Ain't mine.
We're going to keep supporting Ukraine.
We look if someone's a criminal.
And goes around shooting.
Killing and robbing people.
And you supply that criminal.
With money and weapons, are you an accessory to the crime?
My honor?
Of course.
If you're giving armaments, lethal quote armaments and money to Ukraine to fight the Russians,
are you an accessory to the war?
Yes. It's as clear as that.
America is at war with Russia.
Get this in your head.
You got these clowns shooting off their mouth talking about, you know, sending more troops,
sending American troops.
Got a whole bunch of them over there.
Oh, I gotta tell you this one over here.
This is so important.
This is from Yahoo News.
This again, this is why, again, the Trends Journal, our magazine, we're giving you all the facts.
We put the facts down, give you our trend forecasts and trend alerts, you know, where things are going, trend analysis.
We don't tell you what to believe, the models think for yourself.
We don't sell propaganda like Yahoo News does.
This is the headline in Yahoo.
Putin is inching toward his nukes.
Threatening to annihilate the world if he fails to capture Ukraine, says foreign affairs expert.
Oh, an expert?
Oh, he's a foreign affairs expert?
Oh yeah, I don't know crap, but he's a foreign affairs expert.
I read this thing like six times.
His name and his experts never mention it.
But lines like, in my opinion, the international community should respond to these threats in a way that runs contrary to Putin's expectations.
My opinion?
Who's your opinion?
Ain't here.
After launching its mad, irrational and barbaric invasion of Ukraine, Russia has revealed that is no longer a credible, rational actor on the international arena.
How about after launching its mad, irrational and barbaric invasion of Afghanistan?
Or how about After launching its mad, irrational, and barbaric invasion of Iraq?
How about after launching its mad, irrational, and barbaric invasion of Somalia under Clinton?
No, no.
That's where he sent the troops.
Yeah, both.
Destroying Iraq.
Yugoslav War.
How about those barbaric invasions?
That's the propaganda that you're getting.
Oh, and I forgot Libya.
Oh, what about Yemen?
Oh, that guy Blinken, who's our Secretary of State?
You know, George Collins says, one big club and you ain't in it.
What a warmongering freak!
What a little warmongering freak!
What a little warmongering freak!
Anthony Blinken is.
He loves every war, every war.
Get this in your head, everybody.
They're mentally ill people.
You got it?
They're mentally deranged.
You're walking down the street, minding your own business, and some madman or a madwoman jabs you in the back of the... your back with a knife and kills you.
Are you going to ask, now why did you do that?
Really, what brought you to do that?
They're mentally sick.
The people in control of our nation are mentally ill.
They're psychopaths.
They're sociopaths.
They're pathological liars.
There he is, blinking.
A daddy's boy.
An arrogant daddy's boy.
Born on third base.
I went to Dalton.
I went to Harvard.
Harvard, yeah.
Harvard, Princeton, Yale.
Bullets, bombs, and banks, Lincoln.
A murderer.
He loves murder!
But only the murders that, you know, are okay with him.
Can't say anything bad about Israel.
No, no.
They could steal all the land that they want.
They can take anything that they want.
Nope, Russia can't, but Israel can.
God gave it to them, yeah.
Moses came down with 10 commandments.
Mary was a virgin.
Listen, Buddha was born on a lotus blossom.
Now take it easy.
How come nobody's coming out against Israel, what they're doing?
In occupied territory, in a mosque, beating up these people.
No, no, no, no.
Blinken said, Israel can do anything they want, and we'll support them.
This is not my America.
My America is a true patriot of honoring the Founding Fathers.
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and no foreign entanglements.
George Washington, Jr.
George Washington, Jr.
No foreign entanglements.
Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Warning the American public that the military-industrial complex was robbing the nation of the genius of the scientists, the sweat of the laborers, and the future of the children.
And here we are.
We got our Defense Department head on the board of directors of Raytheon, the second largest defense contract.
Technocracy has taken over the world.
We're gonna have a lot of articles in the Trends Journal this week by Joe Durant on it as well.
Along with the disinformation queen.
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