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Name: 20220501_Sun_Alex
Air Date: May 1, 2022
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The speaker discusses how Monsanto, backed by big pharma and Bill Gates, still holds power over the food industry despite public backlash. They mention the World Economic Forum promoting indoor vertical farming as a replacement for conventional outdoor farming with companies like Arrow Farms leading the industry. The USDA and FDA have approved genetic modifications on pigs, salmon, and cattle, as well as synthetic lab-grown meat. In order to establish their control over the food supply, a major crisis such as food shortages or factory destruction may be created. Bill Gates is heavily invested in alternative fertilizers and owns shares in the Canadian National Railway, which claims to help the fertilizer market grow. The ultimate goal of this new farm-food industry is to make all food traceable through nanotechnology. The speaker discusses how GMO farming, such as Bill Gates' and Monsanto's, has taken over the food industry. They argue that these corporations control not only the food but also travel, communication, medicine, and media. They mention Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter and how it has panicked those in power because he is not part of their club. The speaker believes Tulsi Gabbard understands the situation and calls out Obama for being behind the Ministry of Truth, which was implemented by Joe Biden. They also discuss a conspiracy theory about Vijaya Gade, who they believe was Obama's rat at Twitter. Finally, the speaker promotes InfoWars products, specifically their immune support supplement, stating that it boosts natural defenses and funds the info war. In this video, Alex Jones talks about a product that includes concentrated elderberry, echinacea, astragalus root, and other ingredients for immune support. He emphasizes that purchasing the product will help fund InfoWars operation. He then discusses how the Democrats have unofficially declared war with Russia through Ukraine, while the US economy is suffering. He criticizes the increasing prices of gas, food, and energy, as well as public school education. Jones also comments on the 50 billion dollars allocated for Ukraine's financial support, despite Americans struggling financially. Additionally, he mocks Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi going to Ukraine for photo ops and speculates about corruption in the distribution of funds. He ends by expressing his concern over CNN's fear of Elon Musk controlling Twitter and blocking censorship, while advocating for more government control over internet channels.

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Well, as the Democrat Party and the liberal media and Hollywood and all their control freaks want you to be concerned about who controls the internet.
It's all about censorship for them.
What about who controls the food supply?
You can't eat the internet if you're hungry.
Who controls the food supply?
Here's the latest from Gregg Rees.
During the 1990s, Monsanto Corporation's devastating attack against farmers, their genetically modified frankenfoods, and their neurotoxic pesticides inspired people to push government into legislating certification standards for foods.
But thanks to Big Pharma, Bill Gates, and pop culture media brainwashing,
Monsanto still stands strong and is ready to take complete control of your food supply with the help of the same powerful families and foundations who already control the money and the energy.
Their plans to do so are comprehensively laid out in a recent report published at Corey Diggs.
The indoor vertical farming industry, which is a highly innovative and efficient method,
Is being funded by Bill Gates and pushed by the World Economic Forum as a replacement to conventional outdoor farming.
Arrow Farms is the industry leader in vertical farming, and they also co-developed the first CRISPR gene-edited produce product and worked with the NIH to produce proteins for the deadly COVID vaccines.
Arrow Farms makes it clear that they are not conventional gardeners.
They are all about synthetic food products, which is clearly the trend in this growing industry.
Monsanto is creating specially tailored genetically cut seeds for these vertical farms.
And the University of California is developing a plant-based mRNA vaccine that farms can grow in heads of lettuce, which happens to be the main crop of these new farms.
These GMO farms already provide food at major outlets including Kroger, Walmart, and Whole Foods, and are massively expanding.
And it's not only fresh produce that's getting genetically modified.
The USDA and FDA have already approved genetic modifications on pigs, salmon, and cattle.
And they have approved synthetic lab-grown meat.
Bill Gates' Good Food Institute plans to reimagine meat production with $10 million of support from the USDA.
But in order to make their big pharma food supply the new American model, they will need a major crisis.
The 2020 lockdowns distressed the supply chain, which was further affected by U.S.
sanctions against Russia.
This has created a food shortage crisis.
Add to that, over a dozen food processing plants have mysteriously been destroyed in the past several weeks, as well as major fertilizer plants during a major fertilizer crisis.
To make matters worse, Union Pacific Railroad forces a 20% reduction in shipments from the world's largest fertilizer company.
And when the people demand a solution, as it turns out, Bill Gates is heavily invested in alternative fertilizers, and is also a chief stockholder of the Canadian National Railway, who claims to be helping the fertilizer market grow.
Perhaps Bill Gates and Monsanto will volunteer to save everyone with their new gene-edited bacteria fertilizer.
And maybe it will backfire like it did in Africa, when after 15 years of trying to help, all Gates and Monsanto accomplished was increasing starvation by 31%.
But that's okay, because it's Monsanto Bear to the rescue, with their big pharma food factories, with brand new mRNA vaccine lettuce.
And as if this wasn't bad enough, the stated goal of this new frankenfood industry is to make all food traceable.
And that means coding it all in nanotech.
Who controls the food supply, controls the people.
Who controls the energy, can control whole continents.
Who controls money, can control the world.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Boy oh boy, I mean, you know how serious it is, and then you see a Greg Reese report like that, and it just reminds you.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Owen Schroer.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Well, if you're just tuning in here on this Sunday, May 1st, wow, already the month of May in the year 2022.
If you're just tuning in, you missed a very powerful Gregory's Report.
It's a Band-Odd video.
Big Pharma set to control entire food supply and it's Bill Gates right in there as well.
It's all the same suspects and I didn't intend to really get into that.
I do have news on that front though.
More food manufacturing plants are burning today on fire.
But you see that report and it really lays it all out beautifully, doesn't it?
And anybody that has an IQ above 60 should be able to read between the lines there.
How massive
It's not, see, they want to demonize the rich synthetically so that you just hate your local millionaire or billionaire down the street or whatever, you know, that's in your city or your town.
But then it's the super, super elite, the Bill Gates, that are the ones that are actually acting like Monopoly men, but get praised by the mainstream media so that you don't think they're the bad guys, even though they are the super rich.
That you should be concerned about.
Buying up all the farmland, buying up all these new industries that are innovating food and tech into one, and everything has a backdoor to control the individual.
So it must just be a coincidence though, right?
It must just be a coincidence that you're having all the food shortages.
It must just be a coincidence the fertilizer shortages.
It must just be a coincidence the war in Ukraine hurting that market.
It must just be a coincidence Bill Gates buying up all the farmland.
It must just be a coincidence that Bill Gates not only buying up all the farmland is also invested in all these new and up-and-coming food technologies.
It's also probably a coincidence
Bill Gates invested in railroad companies as that's the number one means of getting crops and everything across the country.
It must all just be a coincidence.
It must all just be a coincidence that Bill Gates also happens to be involved with viruses and vaccines and all of that and how there was a giant pandemic that somehow he knew and predicted and now he's saying there's going to be more.
It just must all be a coincidence.
I guess that's what Bill Gates would have you believe.
He says get ready for pandemic number two.
He says we've not seen the worst of COVID.
He wants to create a new pandemic response team called Germ.
And so, you just really need to understand what's happening here.
These are mad scientist monopoly men going for world domination.
Whether you buy into the theory or the ideology that there are too many people or people have become so fat, lazy, and decadent and stupid that they just need to just die off anyway.
They're just useless eaters.
This is the intellectual decision as they see it.
Deeming themselves the stewards of the planet now.
So, whether everybody ends up starving or not, it doesn't matter.
They're still going to roll out all of this and force-feed it to you in the name of man-made climate change.
So, it'll be a situation where, yeah, the Earth could go into such a period of turmoil, or not even the Earth necessarily, the supply chain
Civilization could go into turmoil if the supply chain is disrupted, and that continues.
And so yeah, you'll need the Bill Gates GMO farming.
You'll need the Monsanto GMO farming.
And so they get what they want either way.
You're no longer eating real food, you're eating their synthetic food.
You're no longer out there, active on the planet, causing carbon emissions, which is not even the problem.
They're gonna get their monopoly power either way.
Over all the travel, over all the communication, over all the food, over all the medicine, everything.
And the media.
And that's why they're so panicked at Elon Musk buying Twitter, because he's not in their little club.
And I'm sure they've tried to bring him into the club.
I'm sure they've tried to get him in, and he's just not been interested.
So that's what the freakout over Elon Musk is really about.
And the freakout continues, by the way.
And Tulsi Gabbard seems to get it more and more every day here.
And then I've got this clip of CNN just freaking out.
These people are just out of their minds.
Senate Democrats consider calling Elon Musk to testify on Twitter by... I think they're bluffing here.
But they may.
And so it'll just be adding more irony to the plot here.
Oh yeah, we called Facebook and Twitter and YouTube up to testify, and they lied to our face.
And it was, you know, it was kind of a wink and a nod testimony.
Like, yeah, you're not really under oath and, you know, we're all on the same side here, so, you know, just show up and we'll go through the motions.
And then they did.
Okay, oh, we're not censoring.
No, no idea.
Doesn't happen.
And then all the politicians nodded their head and said, oh, okay.
Oh, thank you for gracing us with your presence.
You think that's how they'd treat Elon Musk if they got him up there?
Somehow I don't.
Tulsa Gabbard gets it though.
Tulsa Gabbard says Obama is behind the Ministry of Truth.
Joe Biden is just the front man.
And she's right.
The evidence is pouring in.
On April 21st, Obama said social media censors don't go far enough.
Six days later, his puppet Joe Biden rolled out the Ministry of Truth.
And I believe we've identified Obama's rat at Twitter as
Their lead counsel, Vijaya Gade, I believe that that is Obama's rat, and hopefully will soon be the former Obama rat, in Twitter, making $17 million a year.
Twitter's $17 million per year censorship czar could get axed under Elon Musk, at least that's the belief.
I believe she was Obama's rat.
I believe she was running all the censorship, and I also believe she was intimidating Jack Dorsey with, let's say, potentials.
She would present potentials to him.
Say, oh, what if this happens?
What if this happens?
Then this could happen.
And Dorsey, just not knowing any better and not wanting to get in any trouble, probably just went along with it.
She was the lawyer he went with, probably recommended by Obama.
And that's how it all went down.
At least, that's my conspiracy theory.
But, you're not allowed to do that anymore.
You're not allowed to look at the facts and evidence and contemplate and discuss these things on the air.
Hmm, Obama says we should have a Ministry of Truth, then Joe Biden does it.
Hmm, Obama meets with Dorsey and Godet and all these people and then they end up running Twitter and censoring all the people.
Paul C. Gabbard gets it.
Most of America gets it.
I think Elon Musk gets it.
We're catching on to you scumbags.
And you know, the more and more we kind of just peel back the layers or just we sit here watching the old Biden administration destroying America.
I think there's a new theme emerging, which is the old theme.
It never really went away, but it was just kind of dormant because everything else going on.
Barack Obama was really the worst thing to happen to this country.
Barack Obama's radical, left-wing, Marxist, communist, hatred of America ideology really activated a virus in this country of hate and really activated a radical communist movement in this country
The likes of which had never been seen.
And I even think Obama had his own agenda outside of the globalist, even.
But they figured, hey, Obama's kind of a bad guy, too.
We'll cut deals with Obama.
And so that's why they ingratiated him so much to the American people.
But he's running his own deal.
And they just figured, hey, if Obama's going to try to destroy America, that works for us anyway, so go ahead.
He implanted his ideological stay-behinds all over the White House.
Radical leftists.
He implanted his ideological radical activists all over America like, I think, G'day at Twitter.
And I think it's all starting to be exposed, ladies and gentlemen.
Barack Obama, a radical Marxist-Communist, leading an underground revolution to destroy America.
I'm good.
Now, I do have more news on the censorship front that I'm going to cover here on this Sunday evening.
I really want to get into the story that is the headline of today's show, though, how the Democrats had already unofficially announced that, hey, we're at war with Russia, Ukraine is the battlefront, and so we're going to have never-ending financial support for that and weapons as well.
That was pretty much already determined.
That's pretty much already been accepted.
Now they're just officially admitting that, as you're getting crushed, economically, financially.
So badly, in fact, at the Correspondents' Dinner, radical leftist, quote-unquote, comedian, I'm not sure he doesn't say many things that are funny, until the joke at the Correspondents' Dinner last night, Trevor Noah saying,
Things under Biden are looking up!
Everything's looking up, Joe!
Gas prices are up!
Energy prices are up!
Food prices are up!
That's funny.
And it's true!
So things are so bad now, they're even allowed to joke about it, but oh, they're all rich, they're all elite, they're all in on it, it's all a big joke to destroy America, so ha ha ha!
Let's laugh about how we're crushing the economy.
Let's laugh about how the American people can't afford to live anymore.
Oh, yes, it's fun.
It's fun.
By the way, $50 billion for Ukraine.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
That's nice.
Sorry, Americans.
You're just gonna have to learn how to eat.
Eat on a very steep or small budget.
You're going to have to learn how to get around town without being able to afford gas.
You're going to have to figure out, you know, your wages aren't going up with the inflation.
You're going to have to figure out how to heat and cool your home, too.
I know it's all a disaster.
Plus, you see what's going on at your public schools.
They're teaching your kindergartener how to have, you know, anal sex and oral sex.
You don't want to send them there, but you can't really afford to homeschool them or send them to a private school.
So, yeah, we're going to raise your kids for you, too.
It's all fine and good, but don't worry.
As you're getting crushed, we're going to make sure Ukraine gets plenty of money.
Okay, so just know that as you're starving, as you can't fill your gas tank, everything else, just know the Ukrainian war, the U.S.
versus Russia in Ukraine, that's going to get plenty of financial support.
And we will probably eventually come to take your guns because you're a threat to the country that we hate and we're trying to destroy.
But you're a threat, so we're probably going to come and take your guns.
But don't worry, we'll send those guns over to Ukraine.
Yeah, and there's Pencil Neck Adam Schiff and Nasty Pig Losey.
They get to go to Ukraine for a nice little photo op is all that is.
That's a beautiful little photo op.
And I guess just make sure that, you know, their portion of this $50 billion is, you know, funneling to the right channels, if you know what I mean.
Hey, you don't send $50 billion over there without planning on looting some of it.
And you gotta send your top looters like Nancy Pelosi over there, probably training Adam Schiff, showing him the ropes.
It's like, hey, we just sent $50 billion to Ukraine.
We gotta send somebody.
There's no oversight.
But we gotta send somebody over there to make sure that we're getting our cut.
Send Pelosi over there.
You know, she's on her last leg.
She's an expert at this.
And send Schiff, too.
He'll learn the ropes on how we steal money from the American people in foreign countries.
So we'll keep that freak show around, and Pelosi can kind of show him the ropes.
And then they go, they do the whole grandstanding, and remember, 10% for the big guy.
Don't forget about 10% for the big guy now.
So what's really going on in Ukraine?
Well, your money is getting stolen from you.
That's what's going on.
You're being distracted, and you're being robbed blind.
That's what's really going on.
But you know what?
I'll come back to that.
I do want to play this clip from CNN freaking out about Elon Musk, though, because it's just all about the control
And they even brag now.
I mean, I call it brag call, just admitting it.
They say, we need to control the internet.
We need to control, control, control, control, control.
He literally just keeps saying control, control.
So I mean, I could sit here and I could pick this 90 seconds apart just for all the leftist insanity that you hear here.
So here's CNN this weekend.
Still in full panic that Elon Musk is not going to allow conservatives and patriots and Republicans to be censored on Twitter.
This is panic central at CNN.
Here it is.
No, I think there's a bigger problem that when we focus on the personalities of people like Elon Musk and people say, oh, I think Elon's thinking this or that.
There's a bigger problem here about how we are going to control the channels of communication in this country.
In 1927, we had the Radio Act.
1934, the Communications Act.
Yes, more government.
Congress stepped in.
Bigger government.
FCC wasn't great, but it's still regulating the broadcast industry.
Oh, FCC.
Can I pause this?
I love this angle right here.
Oh, the FCC.
The FCC.
You understand
This was actually a problem years ago.
They've backed off.
We would air Drag Queen Story Time footage, which is for kids.
They do it at libraries.
They do it at schools.
They do it in churches now, too.
I went to a Drag Queen Story Time at a church.
That footage is all banned off the internet, though, so I guess it doesn't exist.
I would show, well it happened on the Alex Jones Show, syndicated on all the radio stations, picked up on satellite TV stations, some may have even dropped after this.
We would show you the literature.
That they're showing kids in grade school and kindergarten depicting oral sex, anal sex, it's all in this literature.
Now they brag about how, oh, you've banned these books, we're gonna make sure your kids get it anyway.
And we would show the drag queen story time with full bearded men in little stripper fairy tutus bouncing little boys and girls up and down on their erections and on their male members while they have thongs on and banana hammocks.
And we would show that and then local radio stations or satellite TV stations would pick us up and they'd get complaints from the FCC.
Oh, I'm not allowed to show this on TV, but they're allowed to show it to kids in kindergarten without their parents even present or knowing about it.
And when you understand that psychology, you understand everything.
Yeah, we know what we're doing to the kids is bad, but we're doing it for a good reason.
Let's continue here on The Freakout with CNN before we go to break.
Oh, we're in trouble.
Oh my gosh, they believe in making money?!
Stop it!
Stop it, guys!
Stop it now!
Pause it!
Stop it!
Pause it!
They believe in making money!
Oh my gosh!
Wow, I mean, here's this guy on CNN.
We need more control!
Bigger government!
More government involved in your life!
And oh my God, these people like making money!
As if CNN doesn't have hundreds of millions of dollars, as if this guy's probably not making at least six figures a year.
With, I mean... Continue.
I shouldn't say, oh, I think it's crazy to think they had any influence on this election.
Musk is the same.
Musk doesn't want it.
Oh, you know, he's upset with the SEC.
How dare they question him?
You know what I'm saying?
This is dangerous.
We can't think anymore in this country.
We don't have people.
No, I'm serious.
We don't have people in Congress.
Oh, we're not allowed to think?
Alright, there we go.
Take him down.
Oh, we're not allowed to think?
Oh, who's stopping us from thinking?
I mean, these people are lost in a world that doesn't exist.
We're witnessing mass psychotic behavior here.
Mass mental illness, mass psychotic behavior.
American politics is just wild, man.
And now, the tip of the spear.
Leading the fight to take back the nation.
It's Owen Schroyer.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You know, we really don't take victory laps around here because we're just too busy trying to get all the information out that we cover here.
And just, it's all about getting the info out, keeping the American people informed.
But we really had a major victory on the Money Bomb.
This audience really came through with our Money Bomb just over a week ago.
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It was really huge.
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So really just big, big hip-hip hooray for the audience.
Seriously incredible job.
The Money Bomb was a huge smashing success.
We can't thank you enough.
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So, that's all happening at InfoWareStore.com, and as you know, it's your support there that keeps us on the air.
So, you know, this country is really in a bad place right now.
There's a lot of good things happening.
The Great Awakening is definitely ongoing.
But when you see what's happening with the criminal activity in Ukraine and that we put up with this, it's really sad, actually.
It's really quite sad.
In fact, every Saturday here in Austin, there's a group that goes out to the Capitol and does an I Stand With Ukraine protest or rally.
And, you know, I'm just trying to go have breakfast and it's Saturday and I just don't want to deal with it.
So, it's like, do I get out and do I try to talk to these people?
And I mean, I can get the normal content I want.
Just showing how most of these people that go out and do these rallies and protests have no clue what it is they're talking about.
But with the Ukraine people, you know, they fall for a different level of propaganda.
And I wonder who it is.
Is it conservatives?
Is it liberals?
Who's out here every Saturday really standing with Ukraine?
And I just say, hey, you know, 50 billion for Ukraine, you think that's a good idea?
Oh yeah, absolutely!
But really, have you been down the street here?
Not even a mile from here you can find about 50 to 100 homeless people, many of them looking, starving and decrepit, probably abusing drugs.
You think that we maybe need some help here?
What about all the illegal immigrants that come in here that we have to pay for too, that cost us hundreds of billions of dollars?
You think that costs us a little bit as well?
What about all your bills going up, huh?
You like that?
Your bills going up on every aspect?
You like that, huh?
Consumer Price Index?
50 billion for Ukraine, though, that's a good thing.
Uh, do you know where that formula goes?
Do you know where that equation ends?
You get that?
No, you don't, do you?
Or you wouldn't be out there.
But no, they're out there every Saturday, and so...
There was also an anti-vaccine mandate protest going on out there too, so it's just the Austin, Texas capital.
Beautiful Saturday, so I guess people want to get out there, but stand with the Ukrainian people out there every Saturday.
Pelosi in surprise trip to Kiev vows unbending U.S.
So what does that mean?
You'll never stop sending billions of dollars to Ukraine for probably the next 10 years.
And the proxy war, which is, it really is a, see we're used to proxy wars with just kind of like CIA front groups masquerading as moderate rebels or whatever else, ISIS, ISIL, it's all this other bogus crap.
They were in Chechnya, it's been Saddam Hussein, it's all the same story.
So now, the new proxy war is just Ukraine.
Ukraine is now a proxy of the corrupt Western regime.
Ukraine is now a proxy of the globalists.
So it's not like moderate rebel groups that occupy parts of Afghanistan or Iraq or Ukraine or Russia.
No, now it's just an entire proxy country that they launder money and weapons through and then use for geopolitical purposes in that region.
Incredible advancement of corruption.
And they don't even hide it.
They don't even hide it.
By the way, who do you think paid for Pelosi and Adam Schiff's and the Democrats' trip to Ukraine?
There's about 10 Democrats that went over there.
Who do you think paid for that?
Do you think they paid for that or do you think you did?
Yeah, stand with Ukraine.
How much carbon do you think was emitted?
How much carbon do you think was emitted to travel 10 Democrats to Ukraine for a photo op and to just make sure their big giant money theft is going well?
How much carbon do you think was emitted for that?
I have to think about that.
How many days did that cost us on this planet?
I think Nancy Pelosi's trip to Ukraine with 10 Democrats probably cost us, what, two, three days?
I mean, that's a whole airplane flying over there.
So, I mean, now the Earth is going to end two to three days sooner because of ten Democrats flying to Ukraine to make sure their money laundering operation is going well.
Are you okay with that, Liberals?
Are you okay with that, Democrats?
Did Nancy Pelosi just put the expiration date of the planet three days closer?
That's brutal stuff.
Angelina Jolie can't get enough of herself.
Angelina Jolie visits Ukraine with no body armor to sign autographs.
So brave.
So brave.
Pentagon spokesman chokes up while talking about Ukraine.
Oh, he's crying now.
He's crying.
What about the couple of police officers that got ambushed and murdered this weekend?
Not interested in that.
What about the Border Patrol officers that drowned trying to stop drug dealers from drowning, actually, and save their lives, but then they died?
What about them?
Any tears for them?
And you know, we really don't even talk about that.
Bishop was the young man's name.
22 years old, jumps in to stop illegal immigrants from drowning, ends up drowning himself.
They end up being drug dealers.
This gets asked to Jen Psaki, like, hey, you know, you guys kind of owe Border Patrol a big apology, don't you?
You lied about the whips.
And now you're just ignoring this guy that gave his life, Bishop Evans?
You're just going to ignore him?
You're just not even going to make a big deal?
And Saki's just up there like, oh, we don't comment on Border Patrol stuff.
If you want to talk about that, go to DHS.
If you want to talk about that, go to Border Patrol.
Oh, really?
Because you wanted to talk all about it when you were lying about Border Patrol agents using whips.
Then you couldn't stop talking about it.
Then it was all you wanted to talk about.
But when Bishop Evans gives his life
Trying to stop people from drowning that end up being drug dealers because of your open border policy, then you don't want to talk about it.
I see.
I see how it is.
You're just corrupt scumbag liars.
Thank you for clarifying.
The Democrats apparently have lost Noam Chomsky.
I think that happened a while ago.
Old radical praises President Trump for seeking diplomatic resolution in Ukraine.
And they do these television interviews.
Look, Democrats, liberals, leftist folks, we all know they're not smart people.
They do these TV interviews and they get asked, like, hey, you know, how come
How come Putin goes into Ukraine when Democrats are in the White House?
How come Putin goes into Ukraine when Biden's in the White House?
How come they didn't go in when Trump was in there?
And they said, well, because Trump, Trump was giving diplomatic situations.
Trump was trying to reach peace deals.
Trump kept peace there.
And you're like, isn't that what we want?
It's like, no, they don't.
They want their nice little piggy bank of Ukraine that just got 50 billion more dollars in it.
Well, the Correspondence Dinner was just another display of left-wing arrogance and lies.
Fauci says, oh, I'm not going to attend the Correspondence Dinner.
It's just too risky with COVID going around.
Oh, really?
Because then he went to all the post parties without a mask on.
Just what a total scumbag he is.
All the attendees of the Correspondence Dinner did not have to wear a mask, but the help did.
The peasants, you know, because that's how they view it.
And they like it that way.
They like seeing the little peasants running around in their masks.
That makes them feel good about themselves, that they get to dominate you, that they get to subjugate you.
Can you imagine being treated like that?
Really, what a sad thing it is.
But that's what you get in Washington, D.C.
with our politicians.
By the way, you know, uh, Emmanuel Macron, this guy really, he just won the election, didn't he?
Boy oh boy, he really must have won the election.
Guys, just give me the b-roll of clip 15 here.
Since Macron has won his re-election in France, protests have not stopped.
They've not stopped.
Even the left-wingers are protesting Macron.
And so now farmers, again, this is not the first time they've done this in protest of Macron.
They did it a few years ago.
Now they're back at it.
They're dumping entire loads of manure
In Pau, France, loads of manure being dropped off, and some even being lit on fire, and a lot of garbage as well.
And so this is just the continued protest of Macron in France.
It's been going on for years.
But he won re-election, folks.
Even the left protests Macron.
The right and the left protest Macron, but he won his election, I'm sure.
Even though we had the same signs of election irregularities.
That we saw here in 2020 with Macron losing, numbers being switched, middle of the night, numbers changing.
Oh yes, but pay attention, pay no attention to this.
No, no.
No, no, just the world being conquered.
And that's really what it is, the international super elites.
They can operate and communicate completely off the map, completely off the radar.
They're running schemes and operations and programs that governments can't even keep their eyes on or that they've already bought and paid for the governments that would to begin with.
And of course, it's always Bill Gates there.
He's always the one.
Bill Gates wants a COVID-19 or a pandemic full-time pandemic emergency response team calling it germ.
Yes, Bill Gates.
Please, continue to just put yourselves in our way.
And he also says, Bill Gates, we've not seen the worst of COVID.
Oh, really?
What do you know, Bill?
Bill Gates says this is just Pandemic 1.
What is it, like, Year 1 now?
We're just resetting the calendar now under Bill Gates?
So it's not when the sun rises or sets or months, it's just, oh, when Bill Gates says there's a pandemic.
Alright, you're in Pandemic 1.
Alright, Pandemic 1's over, you're in Pandemic 2.
Is that the new timetable now?
What day and number are we in of Pandemic 1, Bill?
I don't know.
What, uh... What number day are we on of two weeks to slow the spread?
CDC quietly published new rules for quarantine and isolation on last day of Obama's presidency.
Boy, what does that?
Make you think.
What does that make you wonder?
I'll tell you what it makes me think and wonder.
They planned that pandemic as soon as they learned Trump won the election.
They started planning that pandemic and they knew they were going to use it to get him out of office, to steal a bunch of money, and to make up the ground of power grab that they lost when they didn't get their corrupt puppet Hillary Clinton in there.
And so here's what I've learned from my 32 very short years on this planet, I feel, but things are starting to get a little more clear to me.
The same people have been running the same operations for certainly centuries, maybe even longer than that.
And they've got bloodlines and they've got ancient texts and schematics and they know how to do all of it.
And they just did it again with this pandemic.
And I believe they've done it before.
I think they did the same thing with the Spanish flu pandemic.
It's harder to go back in time considering, I mean, we see what gets written as history today and we know it's a lie.
Imagine when we didn't have all the alternative media and the age of information going on.
Imagine all the history that just is just a total lie that gets written in the textbooks that we can't even comprehend.
But boy oh boy, I bet you start digging into the old Spanish flu pandemic and looking into all that stuff.
Yeah, there was a lot of chicanery that probably went down then, too.
And by the way, people have, and they've found a lot of it.
Including the elites never wearing masks, while everyone else did.
Now they're doing the same thing as a photo op.
It's all just them marking their territory like a dog pissing on a tree.
Except the globalists do it in time and space as a continuum.
Like, here we are in 1920 teaching the peasants to wear a mask while we don't.
Here we are in 2020 teaching the peasants to wear a mask and we don't.
Ha ha ha ha ha.
We really run this planet.
So, yeah.
You think that the Obama administrating, writing all the new rules for quarantine and isolation right before he leaves office, you think that's just a coincidence, folks?
And then that was a major factor of getting Trump out of office?
The guy he illegally spied on, Obama, that is?
Yeah, you think that's a coincidence, huh?
Pfizer announces PaxLavid is not effective at preventing COVID-19 infection after Biden purchases 20 million doses.
Nice, nice, nice.
So we've spent billions on vaccines that don't work.
And now we've just spent more millions on a drug that doesn't work.
The masks that don't work.
The ventilators that don't work.
Trump got duped into that too.
The vaccines that don't work.
Trump gets duped into that.
Now the Pax Lovid that doesn't work.
Biden gets duped into that.
It's just pathetic, man.
It's just pathetic that we're enduring all of this.
You know, you may be able to say that now, but that can come, that can change.
I think it's more important to sit back and actually
And I kind of did this on The War Room last week, when Elon Musk talked about the far left and the far right.
Well, what is the far left?
What is the far right?
What does that even mean anymore?
What does it mean to be a Democrat?
What do Democrats value?
What are the major issues for Democrats?
What is on their playbook?
It's one thing to go off what they say, but what are they actually doing?
Democrats are the party of censorship.
They want to censor free speech.
Democrats are the party of infringing on your Second Amendment.
They want to limit your rights to firearms and your right to protect yourself.
Democrats are the party of war.
There was no expansion of war when Trump was in office.
Democrats have gotten in.
The war in Ukraine is now raging and they're about to cut another $30 billion check to that proxy war that I'm sure they're going to line their own pockets with.
The Democrats are the party of death.
They like killing babies.
And they are, of course, now the establishment party.
All the mainstream media leans liberal Democrat.
Hollywood leans liberal Democrat.
And if you try to exist in those arenas and you're not a liberal Democrat, well then you don't exist in those arenas, do you?
Democrats are the party of open borders and invasions.
Democrats are the party of crime.
Every major city Democrats run has already been worn down with crime and poverty, but now it's just getting worse and worse by the day.
I mean that's good little, is that your good little Democrat Party starter pack right there?
Abort babies, high crime, open borders and invasion, medical tyranny, war, censorship,
That's your Democrat Party starter pack.
Does that sound good?
Does that sound fun?
Does that sound American?
Does that sound like freedom?
Does that sound like winning?
Does that sound like something you would want, you would sign on to?
Who would really sign on to that?
Who would really be about that?
No one.
That's why they lie about who they are.
That's why they have to censorship the people that tell the truth about who they are.
That's why they have to censor the information that shows who they really are.
Like Hunter Biden's laptop.
And Ashley Biden's diary.
So you see, that's what it is, folks.
Who knows what stuff, what sort of skeletons are in these people's closets.
We've seen Hunter Biden.
We've got a glimpse of that.
I'm sure he's not the only one.
I'm sure he's not the only person, the Bidens, that have somebody like that in their family.
So, you see why they're really panicked about internet censorship, folks?
It's not just about politics, even though that's the main thrust.
They know that there's all kinds of dirt and skeletons in their closet that they don't want out there like Hunter Biden's laptop.
Because that just exposes what scumbags our politicians and our career political families really are.
The Hunter Biden laptop.
The average American wakes up to what the radical left has become.
What the American conformist has become, and it is a liberal.
You guys think you're anti-establishment?
You are the biggest conformist on the planet right now.
As America wakes up to that, we begin to see hell on earth unravel.
Here's the latest report from Jon Bowden.
As moral society breaks down even further and the Satanists within the upper echelons of society assume that their rituals are acceptable to the masses, statements like these begin to trickle out.
I guess to drink each other's blood might mislead people, like people are imagining us with like goblets and we're like Game of Thrones drinking each other's blood.
It's just a few drops, but yes, we do consume each other's blood on occasion for ritual purposes.
In a tell-all interview with Glamour Magazine, Megan Fox addressed rumors admitting that she and Machine Gun Kelly routinely engage in blood-drinking rituals.
It is used for a reason and it is controlled where it's like, let's shed a few drops of blood.
I need to drink it.
He's much more haphazard and hectic and chaotic where he's willing to just like cut his chest open with broken glass and be like, take my soul.
Let me bleed on you.
It doesn't not happen, let me tell you.
Maybe not exactly like that, but a version of that has happened many times.
As Jamie White writes, reactions from social media over Fox's disturbing revelations ranged from pointing out that Alex Jones was right about Hollywood's satanic energy to mocking Fox and Kelly's sadomasochistic romance.
Meanwhile, a child, formerly under the care of South African band De Antwoord, known as Taki, who is now 20 years old, accused the duo of exposing him and his underage sibling to pornography and sexual activity, unspeakable violence, and even rituals tinged with their own blood.
Did you and your sister ever had blood taken from you by Ninja and Yolandi?
Yes, lots of times actually.
They took us to like a place.
It's not really like a hospital, or a private hospital, or some type of thing.
But they took us there, and you see it's like a hospital, but there was no cars there.
And then ninja took us in there, they took our blood.
And then me, Randy, and then we go out, and the ninja's the only one who stays inside the hospital for like 15 minutes or so.
Then when he came out, when he came out of there, he had like a big bag in his hand.
And when he took out the things in the bag, I saw a little bottle of blood inside the bag.
And my mother said it was going to be a good experience for me.
It's going to be better for me and whatnot.
So I went.
And speaking of the Hollywood pastime of grooming...
According to the Daily Mail, a British actress who starred in Doctor Strange and her husband are accused of having sex with a 13-year-old girl after they groomed her.
The girl, now an adult, says that Zara Pythian and Victor Mark filmed the abuse in a bid to recreate pornographic scenes.
The abuse is claimed to have happened between 2005 and 2008 when the couple were martial arts instructors in Nottinghamshire.
Everything that we've seen already is just the beginning, and our society is enabling this evil inhabiting the bodies and minds of those we clamor to theaters and music venues to pay our hard-earned money to see.
But it all adds up.
In the words of John Adams, our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.
It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.
John Bowne reporting.
Of course you can find that and all John Bowne reports at band.video.
They're coming out telling you who they are, folks.
Blood Rituals, yeah!
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
It's Alex Jones.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
Alright, still more news to cover, folks.
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Alright, so we're looking at the just complete insanity of the left.
By the way, they've attempted an Antifa comeback.
And there are some pockets of Antifa that still exist and I guess get active, like for example
You know, they're so pro-woman.
But, uh, a guest of mine on The War Room, Kelly Neidert, had Antifa spray on her door.
Uh, let's just say some very offensive language.
Because, you know, it's the loving, tolerant left.
But, uh, Antifa's back out today, or they tried to get Antifa.
Somebody paid for a big, massive, uh, marketing push to get Antifa back on the streets for May Day.
And they were supposed to be marching out here in Austin.
There was a rally for local police here.
They were marketing that Antifa was going to show up.
I've got a couple friends that are out there.
They were going to tell me if Antifa showed up.
Not sure if they did.
Same thing was happening in Dallas.
I know a guy in Dallas who's monitoring that.
So they're trying to make an Antifa comeback.
I'm not sure if it's going to take them.
But I'll have more on that perhaps tomorrow or Harrison Smith maybe even with an update.
He's going to be hosting Sunday Night Live tonight.
Let's see what else we have here as far as news is concerned on my desk.
Misinformation fingerprints.
The Pentagon awarded fact-checking organization NewsGuard $750,000 last year.
Now this was originally proposed and executed by Obama.
I think Trump continued these contracts, by the way.
But it's these leftist groups that basically engage in Democrat Party propaganda and censorship on the Internet, receiving government money.
Totally criminal, totally illegal, totally against free speech as a principle, and just totally encompasses what the Democrat Party is up to.
But they'll fund themselves again, don't worry.
I mean, that's like low-level money laundering and fraud, but, you know, they do it low, they do it high.
DHS chief Mayorkas gaslights.
Disinformation board won't police free speech or monitor Americans.
And what is it going to do exactly then?
What is your misinformation, disinformation, ministry of truth going to do if you're not monitoring Americans and policing their speech?
What is it going to do then?
I guess it doesn't exist.
I guess it just doesn't exist, guys.
It doesn't exist.
It doesn't exist.
It exists, but it doesn't exist.
We're going to censor and watch for American speech online, but we're not censoring and looking for American speech online.
What are you talking about?
And it's always, oh, there's no left-wing hate.
Except, it's always the left-wing.
Victims of online right-wing terrorism.
Right-wing terrorism, they say.
May finally be able to sue the people who perpetuate it.
And so this is what it's all about.
This is what they're trying to do in Europe, and this is now what they're gonna have to do in the U.S., because they're afraid they don't control Elon Musk.
And they're just gonna say, oh, you said this, or you did this on the internet, you're now considered a terrorist, and now you have no rights.
But forget about the left-wing doxing people.
Forget about the left-wing and their death threats.
Forget about the left-wing and them burning down buildings and attacking police officers.
Forget about all that.
That's good terrorism.
Your free speech as a conservative, that's bad terrorism.
UK's General Medical Council to restrict what doctors can say online.
Yeah, the censorship in the UK is really, really bad.
Really bad.
People get arrested over there.
And they've now got actual proposed legislation to just totally censor the internet.
So, uh, be glad you're not a dirty limey.
They're liars!
They're horrible people!
Sarah Palin on leaders of Biden's Ministry of Truth.
Is Sarah Palin gonna get back into the mix here?
Seems like she should.
And, uh, she tells it like it is, so maybe we could use her back in the political arena.
You know, you look at the Biden administration and it really is just laughable.
You've got the gay intern.
It's all about how he's gay.
He dresses up in women's clothes and then runs around the White House telling everybody how gay he is.
Then you have the man that pretends to be a woman, Rachel Levine.
Then you have the cross-dressing, bisexual furry,
That they just promoted to be the nuclear guy, the head of the nuclear, so that's good.
And then their latest, this Nina Jankovic, is just a complete disaster.
Oh my gosh.
I mean, folks,
Imagine all the left-wing liberal insanity that you've seen over the years that we play.
It's like the comedy stuff.
They're screaming at the sky.
You know, they're acting like banshees.
They're crawling around on the ground.
All the wildness.
Not to mention all the propaganda they fall for.
She is the embodiment of all of it.
Of all of it.
Every, every...
I can sit here and play you all the videos.
The funny thing is, I actually kinda like her.
Because she seems like a real person.
Yeah, she's a complete moron, but she actually seems like a real person.
I don't think anyone controls this woman.
I don't think anybody controls her.
I think she really speaks for herself.
I think she's really genuinely that stupid.
I actually don't mind that.
I'd rather have somebody in there that's just a complete fumbling idiot than somebody that's consciously out to get me.
Because that's what she appears to be.
I mean, folks, we've got all the videos.
I don't even want to bother playing them.
Because it's just more of the same crap that you've been seeing for so long from just radical leftists.
Just insane.
Just the insane behavior.
But, um... Wow, I mean, they are really... They are really putting together quite a goon squad, aren't they?
I mean, they have really assembled an A-team.
I mean, Jen Psaki...
Seriously, have you seen what the Biden administration has put in charge?
Folks, do you know that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris aren't really getting along?
It's actually not a good thing.
They were supposed to have lunch every Sunday.
It was a thing.
I think it was every Sunday.
Guys, look this up.
If not, I know I have the news story on my desk in the War Room Studio, but just see if you can find it.
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris never have lunch on Sunday.
They were supposed to have lunch every Sunday.
First of all, you'd think they'd be working together every day, but no, that wasn't the thing.
So they already didn't like each other.
That came out during the Democrat debates.
Kamala knows she was just the token black woman as the vice president picked, but so she always had a chip on her shoulder.
So it's always been rough between Biden and Harris.
Biden has only had lunch with Kamala Harris twice this year, despite his promise to dine together once a week.
So, it's not going well.
And look, the problem is, Kamala's not getting along with Jill, Joe Biden is crapping his britches, he couldn't even go to lunch anyway, and Kamala's got a chip on her shoulder and I think she wants to be the president.
And so, this is all going on behind the scenes.
As the Democrat Party is attempting to destroy America, Kamala Harris is attempting to become the Queen of the Ashes.
Kamala Harris wants to be the Queen of the Rubble of Joe Biden's destroyed America.
The A-Team of Jen Psaki and Rachel Levine.
Eat that ice cream, Joe.
Put it on down.
What flavor ice cream is that, Joe?
It's chocolate chip, Jack.
How are you and Kamala Harris doing?
I haven't spoke to her in months.
I don't know.
How is she doing?
Well, she's your vice president, sir.
Somebody asked me an ice cream question again.
Oh, yes, okay, yeah.
Sir, what ice cream are you getting today?
Strawberry swirl.
That's enough from you.
Oh, I'm not allowed to talk.
Somebody bring me a kid to sniff.
I'm Joe Biden.
And I approve this kid sniffing.
I'm Joe Biden, and Hunter Biden's the smartest guy I know.
Yeah, sure, he's a drug abuser, sex addict, and well, he's engaged in all sorts of sordid activities.
Smartest guy I know.
It's weird.
I go shopping with my son, Hunter.
He always wants Parmesan cheese.
So many questions.
So little answers.
The Alex Jones Show here.
We are live, ladies and gentlemen, on this Sunday, May 1st.
Glad that you have joined us.
I still have a bunch of other news to get to.
That's funny, though.
I kind of want to do a montage now with the A-Team music and then just show us like Jen Psaki, Rachel Levine, the gay intern, just all the insanity.
The military in the high heels.
The latest Nina Jankiewicz.
Oh my gosh, it's just such a clown show.
We're just being conquered by clowns.
Talk about a nightmare.
Yeah, there they are.
Yeah, the gay, furry, nuclear guy.
I mean, let's just, I mean, this is an A-team, man.
We've got a real A-team going here.
Here's another member of the A-team.
Joe Biden's A-team!
Patrick Rose, former president of Boston's police union, pled guilty to 21 child rape and sexual assault counts on Monday.
Walsh's successor as mayor released records that showed the police conducted an internal investigation into Rose after he allegedly sexually assaulted a 12-year-old boy.
And the, uh, liberal police union covered it all up.
You think that all the anti-cop marches are going to happen over this story?
Because their puppet masters in the mainstream media aren't telling them to march.
They'll march against something else.
RINOs and Democrats just stole future elections in deep red Alaska and the Republican Party did not lift a finger to fight it.
And this is all going to come out, more of it at least, with 2,000 mules.
Dinesh D'Souza and Salem Media will release the much-anticipated movie 2,000 Mules on the 2020 presidential election heist.
And the Democrats are in big fear of this one.
They don't want you to know how they stole the 2020 election.
But you probably already do.
New York Times reporters, Manchin would have given the Senate control to the GOP, but he didn't like McConnell.
So McConnell has got to go.
Absolutely got to go.
You know, by the way, the New York Times did a hit piece on Tucker Carlson.
Maybe I still have this up.
No, I think I lost it on my phone.
They did a hit piece on Tucker Carlson and it was funny because they said Tucker Carlson believed in all these different conspiracy theories, but everything that they listed as a conspiracy theory has actually come true.
Yeah, unfortunately I lost it, guys.
That's okay.
But, it's just funny.
It's just funny when you see this, it's like, oh, there's an open border.
It's like, oh, that's a conspiracy theory?
Huh, what?
Like, 10 million illegals have poured in the last three years?
Conspiracy theory, open border, huh, okay.
Gotcha, I see how that works then.
Let me ask, the World Health Organization and the International Health Regulations is probably a conspiracy theory as well, isn't it?
The World Health Organization, I don't know where this verse came from, but don't you dare dot info is where you can find it.
Don't you dare dot info.
I'll just read all these out.
In fact, I'm going to have to come back and do this because it's too important.
But, you're about to have your sovereignty, not just the country, not just the nation,
But your individual sovereignty is about to be handed over to the World Health Organization and Bill Gates.
And you know what these people are into?
I don't like to cover this stuff on Sundays.
And I've got a lot more of this that I'm going to cover on The War Room tomorrow, but I'll just, I mean, just so you get an idea here.
Stories are at InfoWars, and there's a lot more on this.
I'll cover it tomorrow, but American Academy of Pediatrics book teaches nine-year-old girls that they can get erections.
An American Academy of Pediatrics puberty guide created for children ages 9 to 12 teaches them that girls can get erections and boys can experience menstrual cycles.
Promoted by the tax-funded outlet NPR, Uology, a puberty guide for everybody, is meant to take the embarrassment out of growing up.
You freaks.
You absolute demented sickos.
And then here's NPR promoting it everywhere on the internet.
A new puberty guide for kids aims to replace anxiety with self-control.
And then they're sending in a 300-pound bearded woman in a fairy tutu to bounce your kid up and down a lap and teach you about how a 12-year-old girl can have an erection.
And a little boy can have a period.
And they're just obsessed with this crap, man.
I mean, they are just obsessed with it.
They brought it up last night at the Correspondents' Dinner.
They're upset.
I mean, these people, let's just call it what it is.
I mean, they just want to reach down your kid's pants and grab the genitals.
That's what they want to do.
And, uh, they're putting their sick freaks in all the classrooms and everywhere.
They're wanting that access.
So they've basically been told, hey,
They haven't received a written statement or anything.
It's a transmission that they've gotten.
The transmission has gone out.
Hey, you want access to kids?
We're going to create the scenario where you can go into the classroom as a kindergarten teacher, a first grade teacher, and you can talk to the kids about whatever the hell you want.
You can show them porn.
You can teach them how to be gay.
Maybe even give a little example for them.
I mean, what was the woman's name from the Clinton administration?
They first tested this out, it was like 1996, and the woman came out in front of Congress and said, yeah, we should be reaching our hands down children's pants and teaching them how to masturbate.
She said it.
Now, that was 1996, so the people were like, whoa!
That's a little too much!
Them's, uh, you know, those are the type of words you end up in the town square, you know, not such a good time for you.
So they backed her off.
They backed that rhetoric off.
Now they're bringing it all back.
They had to have their gay revolution.
They had to militarize the LGBT movement.
Now anybody that doesn't want you to be gay or whatever is a homophobe.
So now they've sent it all out and they're sending it out to the kids now too.
This is normal.
Grown adults in the classroom are going to come grab your genitals.
Discovery Plus show Generation Drag pushes LGBTQ culture on youth.
Yeah, that was the woman.
I forget her name.
Jocelyn Elders, the crew.
Saving me.
Jocelyn Elders.
Said, yeah, we need to teach the kids how to masturbate!
Get that nine-year-old in the classroom, reach down their pants and show them what's good!
Said, what?
Oh, let's try again in the year 2022.
Maybe then they'll accept it.
Let's put them in a drag queen outfit.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, you're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
So it turns out, the biggest weapon of the elite trying to conquer this planet
A virus that they can make and manipulate in a lab and release and then use the media that they control to drive up the fear and then use the government they control to drive up the propaganda and ultimately the control.
is a virus.
And this worked so well in the year 2020 with COVID
They are now going to have a repeat power grab but go for everything in their latest attempt with the World Health Organization and an international health regulations meeting that is set to kick off.
Now, here's the problem with society and that's the naive nature that people have to think
Hey, the person on TV is telling me the truth.
Hey, the person in government is telling me the truth.
They're not out to get me, why would they lie to me?
That ignorance, that naive nature needs to go.
And I think it has for a lot of people, but hey, you'd understand.
Deadly virus, might get you sick, might get your friends sick, whatever.
Alright, let's figure it out, let's get it under control.
Doesn't mean you should shut down, doesn't mean there should be government tyranny, but hey, yeah, there's a deadly virus going around, you're concerned about it, perfectly rational.
But then you learn how it was made in a lab, then you learn how it was lied, we were lied to about it and everything else, and now here we are two years later, they're still driving up the fear, they're making you take experimental medicines that kill ya.
And they're getting ready to go for their total power grab.
And because we didn't learn the lesson in 2020, they're going to ratchet it up even bigger now.
So you can find this entire pamphlet.
If you want to try to wake friends and family up at don't you dare.info.
And so let me just briefly explain this.
And I'm going to read to you the seven bullet points here.
That's so, so important because they're successful power grab in the name of COVID in 2020.
They're now going for broke.
They want total control over your body, they want total control over your movements, and they want total control over your country, and they're going to use pandemics to do it.
Bill Gates brags about it, and it's his buddy Anthony Fauci and Peter Daszak that were all involved in the creation of COVID, and who knows what else they're up to.
So that's what they do, is they make viruses, they release the viruses, they then have the pandemics, whether they're synthetic or real,
2020 COVID was not a real pandemic.
There could be real pandemics.
They could release a real pandemic on this country.
If they have the capabilities, they probably will.
And they're warning about it.
They're saying, yeah, bioterrorists are going to release a pandemic.
Well, Bill Gates is a bioterrorist now and then, I guess.
So here's the power grab that the World Health Organization, and you know our politicians are all going to let them do this, too.
The World Health Organization is attempting a power grab.
Most people have never heard of the International Health Regulations.
The United States agreed to the IHR in 2005.
These regulations override and supersede the U.S.
Well, that's what they claim.
Of course, they don't actually.
But neither did all their COVID stuff, and somehow that was okay.
On January 18, 2022, the United States submitted a number of amendments to the IHR that serve to give away even more of our sovereignty and greatly empower the World Health Organization to restrict your health-related rights and freedoms.
The 75th meeting of the World Health Assembly will be held in Geneva, Switzerland this May 22-28, 2022.
The Assembly will vote on the amendments to the IHR.
They are very likely to pass and be enacted to the international law unless we the people stand up against this attack on our sovereignty.
So imagine, the Biden administration says
Here, World Health Organization, take America's freedoms.
Take the people of America's freedoms.
Here's power for you.
Take away power from us and take it and you control our people.
Do you think the World Health Organization is going to reject that?
It's all already worked out, folks.
And they know it.
This is just a ceremony that's coming up later this May.
They've already signed this country away, folks.
The ceremony is just about to begin.
These amendments to the International Health Regulations do not need to be approved by two-thirds of the U.S.
We have already agreed to obey the IHR by virtue of our membership in the United Nations and the World Health Organization, which we need to get out of immediately.
We are already giving away some of our sovereignty.
These amendments are designed to confuse the member nations into giving away even more of their sovereignty.
In addition to the proposed amendments to the IHR, the WHO has also set up an intergovernmental negotiating body that is actively negotiating an international treaty on pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response.
The proposed pandemic treaty is separated from, and in addition to, the proposed amendments to the international health regulations mentioned above.
And you'll have the same elites, the same groups, and everybody running these international confabs, taking your sovereignty, forcing you into lockdowns, forcing you into quarantines, forcing you to take injections, and all of a sudden you're just a slave in a permanent pandemic.
The pandemic treaty does not yet exist.
It is being drafted and negotiated right now.
I wonder if Bill Gates has any involvement in this.
Discussions regarding the pandemic treaty are important, but they are also part of the sophisticated diversion to confuse people and get them to ignore the immediate concern, which is the amendments to the IHR being considered by the World Health Assembly this May 22nd through 28th.
The time to speak out and stand up for your rights is now.
You can find this and more at DontYouDare.info.
And I'm sure, if they haven't already, the big tech censors are out to censor that website and censor this information from getting out.
Now, let me try to take something complex and boil it down for you.
The agreements have already been made decades ago that the only way for humanity going forward is a world government.
And the very same people that reached these intellectual conclusions at the Bilderberg Group, Davos Group, and all these other things, have been operating in the shadows and undercover for a long time.
But they can't anymore.
So now they're forced to come to the surface and convince you it's for your own good, it's a response to a pandemic, it's a response to global warming, whatever it is.
The agenda is global government.
The agenda is world government.
But who would willingly step into that?
How could you do that without major fallout?
Well, you couldn't.
Unless you tricked people into believing it was for their own health.
And that's what they're doing.
So this is all about global government.
And then, on the back end, they want to convince Americans to not be proud of being an American, not understand how important our God-given rights are here, but to hate America, reject your rights, so that when this day comes,
And a global government international organization comes to take over your country, you don't want to fight it.
You're so scared of a pandemic, you're so scared of the sun, or you just hate America so much that you just lay down and you say, good, I'm glad that the World Health Organization is taking over.
Look, people don't even respect a pandemic.
Look, people still eat meat and drive cars.
Look, America still exists, the racist, misogynistic, bigoted country.
And they'll celebrate being conquered.
They will cheer as they shackle themselves up to be permanent slaves.
So that's what this is all about.
And now here you are, on May 1st, 2022, three weeks away for them kicking off their ceremony, where they're going to clink glasses and celebrate that they're going to get it on paper that they have conquered you.
Now, they're not going to show up tomorrow for this, maybe even not next month, but they sign this treaty, they sign over our sovereignty, you're going to see the COVID pandemic part two, and it's going to be ten times worse.
It's going to be like China, it's going to be like Australia.
And you try to bring up the Constitution, you try to bring up the Bill of Rights, you try to bring up freedoms, it's not going to matter.
And they're going to try to lock us down.
So all they're doing is giving themselves the right to end your sovereign state, a country or an individual, and then give themselves the right, an international governing board, faceless, nameless, never voted for, to come lock you up in a prison in the name of stopping a pandemic.
And they're getting ready to have their ceremony that they're going to take that power from you, and it's coming up in three weeks.
Final segment here of the Alex Jones Show on this Sunday.
Reminder, Harrison Smith is coming up to host Sunday Night Live, so don't change that channel on banned out video.
Harrison Smith coming up next.
And remember, everything we do here is sponsored by Infowarsstore.com.
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It's an amazing victory we're having here.
Now, Donald Trump is actually live right now.
He's in Nebraska having a rally.
I figured we'd pop in real quick.
I'm guessing there's probably at least 20,000 people there.
Joe Biden couldn't fill a broom closet.
But let's check out Trump's rally right now.
He's speaking in Nebraska.
Here he is.
Thousands of patriots that went around the country viewing tape.
You know, all those fake, I call them the unlock boxes.
Not the lock, they're unlock boxes.
Because you unlock them.
I wonder what they did when they were unlocked.
But I call them the unlock boxes.
They have tapes of all those boxes.
And these incredible women, headed up by Katherine Engelbrecht, who's an incredible patriot.
She, uh, they went around and they looked at miles and miles of tape, film, tape.
And they found millions and millions of phony votes.
And you know what's going to happen?
Maybe nothing.
You know, maybe nothing.
Isn't it sad?
The fake news doesn't want to talk about it.
They don't want to talk about anything bad.
But the Democrats, they don't want to talk.
The biggest thing they don't want to talk about, though, is the election.
Because they know the result and they don't want it.
It's too close.
We're too close.
We're not too close.
We know the results, you know?
The biggest lie of all is when they say, the big lie.
You ever see these stories when these fakers, they write stories and they say, well, there's absolutely no proof.
We got truckloads in every state.
Wisconsin, you see what's going on in Wisconsin?
Where they have almost 100% in senior citizens facility supposedly voted, but in years past very few people voted.
They have other problems.
You know why?
They don't care about Trump.
I don't blame them.
They want to live.
They can't breathe.
One person came up, my mother's comatose.
She hasn't been able to speak for over a year.
And they're saying she voted in the election.
Honestly, she didn't care about the election.
She has much bigger problems.
But they had almost 100% of the people in Wisconsin voting.
And they have a man, Justice Gableman, a very highly respected man.
He's fantastic.
He's a fantastic man, and he's issued a report that's just so horrible, so damning, as to, we're like a third world country, and we're third world with the press too, because they're among the most dishonest people.
Every sentence, I read something today in one of our main papers, almost every sentence, every time they talk about the election, while nothing has been proven, while there's, it's all out there, it's there, and this one's going to be interesting, because
David was great, what he did with the 417 million, how it went to mostly Democrat areas, and I can't believe it's legal, David.
I just can't believe it.
But when you watch this one that's coming out now, and I'm not necessarily talking about the movie or the documentary, but that covers it to an extent, but they have much more even than that.
When they released their findings next week or the week after, millions and millions of votes, and they focused on swing states.
They didn't focus on
They probably did something there too.
The bad people, the corrupt people.
But the swing states were devastating.
And the information they found was devastating.
And I could go over things like left and right.
When you look at what happened in Detroit,
Was so bad.
Philadelphia was so bad.
Atlanta was so bad.
That governor did nothing.
I got him in when I endorsed him.
I got this guy elected.
He did nothing.
And one thing has nothing to do with the other.
But I'll tell you what.
He did nothing for the people of Georgia, the people of this country.
He didn't want to know about it.
I think he was embarrassed by how bad it was.
And he didn't want it down on his watch.
And that's not what it's about.
And frankly,
If he did the right thing, it would have been a positive for him.
It would have been a positive.
He's like afraid of the Stacey Abrams.
I don't know what the hell's going on there, but he's done such a bad job.
And I hope they get out, by the way, Charles W. and vote for David Perdue.
I do hope so.
Because he's in there fighting.
Alright, so Trump's still having massive rallies.
Again, you know, Biden can't fill a broom closet.
But yeah, 90 million votes, whatever they claim, I'm sure.
I'm sure that's how it went down, ladies and gentlemen.
You know, it is frustrating.
I mean, look, they stole the election.
It's so obvious.
But, you know, you'll get arrested for even saying it.
And we'll see what comes out.
I mean, everybody's really anticipating.
I've heard this next documentary from Dinesh D'Souza is just going to be really key in exposing the election fraud in Awakening America.
But Trump here alluding that he has knowledge that they're about to release some other findings about how they stole Michigan and Pennsylvania, which, I mean, yeah.
A five-year-old kid could figure that out when you see that in Michigan and Pennsylvania, Biden got 300,000 votes in five seconds and then they stopped counting magically at two in the morning.
A two-year-old could figure that out.
So that's how it goes.
Let me finish up with my news coverage here before Harrison Smith takes over.
He may want to go to the Trump rally, may have other news coverage, may want to take your calls, I'm not sure, but he's going to be taking over here on Sunday Night Live.
Another food plant catches fire in Virginia amid wave of destroyed food facilities.
Folks, this is getting out of control.
Where's the FBI?
You've had dozens of food manufacturing plants, fertilizer manufacturing plants go up in flames in the middle of a supply chain shortage and economic crisis.
And the FBI, what's the FBI doing?
The FBI is searching millions of Americans without warrants.
The FBI conducted as many as 3.4 million searches of Americans' electronic data without a warrant last year.
Yeah, what else is the FBI up to?
Oh, just investigating me up one side and down the other.
Yeah, but figuring out what's going on at the food plants and the fertilizer plants?
No, they can't figure that out.
The FBI is looking for white supremacists, too.
And they can't find them.
Amazing, isn't it?
DHS head can't name one single case that he referred to the Department of Justice for white supremacy or domestic terrorism.
Couldn't find one.
Couldn't find one.
Meanwhile, another hate crime was committed against an Asian in New York.
And do you know who did it?
A black trans man.
A liberal.
So they don't want to talk about that, do they?
That's not convenient for the narrative.
Folks, I got to tell you, if you really want to see some of the most powerful work that Alex Jones and Infowars has ever done, it's the Police State Documentaries 1 through 4.
And, you know, it's amazing.
The liberal left should be all over this.
They hate the police state.
But it's, you know, when they hate Alex Jones, they forget how much Alex Jones has fought against police corruption throughout his time.
And we all can understand that.
But all four police state documentaries are now on Banned.Video.
Very powerful stuff.
And it really just puts it back into perspective on a timeline of zooming out and going back in time that we have been in this agenda to conquer America and overthrow our sovereignty for a long time.
We're just really getting into the throws and the final rounds of it now.
NBC News anchor.
At WETM, news anchor caught trying to meet young boy to catch a Predator-style bust whines that it's cancel culture.
Sounds like, uh...
Good guy.
Sounds like a good guy.
New January 6 footage shows DC police officer bashing unconscious Trump supporter who died at Capitol.
Yeah, more footage of police killing people on January 6.
And again, the anti-cop left, they don't like seeing unarmed people die unless they're white or unless they're conservatives or patriots or Christians.
Then the anti-cop left doesn't mind when cops kill innocent and unarmed people.
Then they actually celebrate it.
That's how it works for them.
Time Magazine correspondent labels freedom of speech a white male obsession.
Yes, that's all you guys have, isn't it?
Your hatred for white males.
Sad, sad state of affairs.
Alright, that does it for the Alex Jones Show.
An honor to sit in here on this Sunday with you.
Harrison Smith takes over with Sunday Night Live.
Welcome to Intermission.
There is a war on for your mind!
You need to listen to Alex Jones.
We return you now to your regularly scheduled program.
Dog in Connecticut, go ahead.
Hey brother, how are ya?
I'm good, brother.
Listen, I just wanted to let you know I'm not looking for a thing out of it, but I'm absolutely positive that some years ago, I'm the one that started the Alex Jones was right slogan on the YouTube channel.
It was probably you, brother.
Tell us how you did it.
Well, I've been a retired cop for eight years.
My wife's a teacher and she'd come home exhausted every day.
I'm a stay at home dad and I'd be like,
Man, you wouldn't believe what Alex covered today, and blah blah blah.
She thought I was nuts until the election was stolen, and then it was like somebody gave her smelling salts.
Boom, she woke up.
So, I would tell her, I'm like, you know what?
This dude's got the hands of God on him, for sure.
And in all the chat rooms you or I or your fans would watch, my name on YouTube is TheElectricEye, with the Judas Priest album covered on there.
I put up two lightning bolts and an eyeball, and I type it in all caps.
Alex Jones was right, and I would keep hammering it, and sure enough, there it is, and that's freaking awesome.
And I'm glad I was able to help contribute to
Brother, I believe you.
That's the magic of it.
And I'm not just right.
The people are always right because we love God.
Where do you think this world's going, brother?
Man, I started reading the Bible this year.
I'm in the Lamentations of Jeremiah right now, and I don't know if God's going to save us one more time, but I encourage everybody to read the Bible.
To me, that's our human history, and it's
It's just repetitive.
God gives you the great earth and the animals and this and that, and people go against him, worship false idols, do evil things, and then he slams you.
And he's gonna test you with Satan, just like Job.
Everybody should be reading the book of Job.
You're gonna get slaughtered.
I know I have.
I know you are.
We all are now.
We're being tested.
You gotta keep your faith in God and keep going forward, and if someday we witness the end of the earth, we go up, they go down.
Brother, beautifully said.
Thanks for your support.
I love you, Doug.
And I believe that you coined the term, Alex Jones is right.
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