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Name: 20220429_Fri_Alex
Air Date: April 29, 2022
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The radio segment of "The Alex Jones Show" discusses various global issues such as inflation, food shortages, population control and medical dictatorship. It also covers topics like climate change, iodine deficiency, vaccines, crypto donations and limited edition merchandise. The show features interviews with guests like Roger Stone and Steve Bannon, and commentary on current events and the fight for free speech. Topics covered include Disney's involvement in shaping popular culture and allegations of pedophilia, sexual abuse scandals involving minors and child stars connected to Jeffrey Epstein. The speaker encourages listeners to support Alex Jones and donate to InfoWars through crypto currencies such as Pterium, Bitcoin, XRP or Litecoin.

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Every damn cell in my body when they're trying to kill our species and mutate our species and turn us against each other and bring us down, it's the opposite of fear.
It's every damn cell punching me in the face going, Jones, you get your ass in gear and you stop these people!
And whatever you need, you're gonna get it, sonny.
But you gotta man up.
That voice of the Holy Spirit and discernment
The conscience that's connecting with that program God gave us is demanding, ordering, pushing me, punching me, attacking me, saying, you have not done enough.
You are a coward.
You are weak.
And I'm telling you, I gave you all this power to carry out an operation.
And if you don't give me 100%, I'm gonna dump you in with these people.
And I'm just like, please just take me over then.
No, God says, you have free will.
You're going to do this, you signed on for this, and you're gonna execute this, or I'm gonna fry your ass!
That's what God-fearing is.
You think I fear you Satanists?
You think I fear the New World Order?
You think I fear the mainstream media?
I fear God!
Because I know how real God is!
And I resonate with God, and I can feel that deliberate, focused rage and annihilation.
And so I click my heels, and I salute, and I say, whatever you say.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Here we are in the year 2022.
It's April 29th, Friday edition.
Start your engines.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
We live on a magical planet hurtling through God's mind.
There are those that wish to imprison humanity and use us as an engine for their plans.
The great battle as we contend to control and empower the future of humanity.
Thank you for joining us on this Friday edition.
How about I just read you a few headlines here.
We are on the precipice of a global food crisis.
Goya Foods CEO warns they can't even get beans.
Cell phone radiation causing sharp rise in Alzheimer's.
Major study.
World Economic Forum guru, literal guru, one of the most famous in the world says, we must depopulate the earth.
We need less souls.
The Christians want more.
We want less.
What a satanic statement.
Biden has launched a new Ministry of Truth, headed up by one of the main Russia hoaxers.
Talk about Orwellian, major backlash to that in Congress.
And of course this massive news.
Be warned, the World Health Organization's pandemic treaty will destroy all remaining freedoms and unleash a global medical dictatorship.
Which has been their plan for at least 50 years.
That's why I found a clip from 2011.
And it's actually still posted to PrisonPlanet.TV.
Video archive, September 14th, 2021.
PrisonPlanet.TV was a subscription, but I made it free because the information was so important.
And back in 2016, we had plenty of money.
And so I didn't need to have subscriptions anymore.
Remember those days when I hardly even had to plug the products because we weren't being censored.
You've helped dig us out of the hole we're in, and now our work is more important than ever.
But the clip of where I lay out their plan for their medical dictatorship and Bill Gates and all of it, and that clip from 2002 that go together with it, we're going to be playing that for you today.
But I asked Rob New to go ahead and add.
Clips of what I'm saying into it so you even get to see Bill Gates say what I'm quoting him as.
You'll notice I quote him exactly as he made statements about his wish to kill you and your family.
That's the incredible thing is, that's just some of the news, is that there are articles every day about me, so many hundreds of them I can't even track them all, but I'll scan over them.
And one of the big talking points out there is that I am telling people that there's a plan to kill the public, and that I'm trying to make people be violent in response to that made-up story.
Even though they're all over the news saying they want to depopulate us, even though everything they've deployed, these poison shots, the cell phone radiation, the 5G, causes massive brain damage and cancer.
It's all over the place.
And then they're in the Wall Street Journal, they're in the New York Times, they're in Bloomberg saying, we want dictatorship, we want the end of humans.
I mean, these are quotes, you can type this in.
And then I'm like, man, that really sounds horrible.
Ministry of Truths, sexualization of children, so they never form a family.
Devaluing currencies, imploding borders!
And then they sit there and they go, he's a madman, he's a dangerous man, he's lying about us and says we want to depopulate you.
And then I've got Hirari, the spokesman of the World Economic Forum, they're futurist, but they laud and worship when he goes up on the stage.
Saying, your free will's gone, we're gonna be gods, and his new quote is, we need global government to enforce forced inoculations.
I have the clip.
I mean, it's just, what a paradox.
It's like, well don't listen to him, he questioned a mass shooting.
Of course I did, and we should.
It's our right to do it, most of the time the stuff's staged.
So, it's just an incredible time to be alive.
We're fighting for our lives, all of us together.
We're gonna win, stay with us.
Welcome, my friends, to this live, Friday, April 29th, worldwide transmission in defense of human liberty and our people's future!
Our will is strong.
And if we identify the globalists and their plans, they will be defeated.
Now, they are engaged in some incredible gaslighting.
New World Order chieftains are all over the news announcing world government, total surveillance, forced injection, mass medical imprisonment, depopulation plans, ministries of truth, sexualization of five-year-olds, to break up the family and not form lasting relationships.
I mean, it's all mainstream news, them telling you it's a wonderful, fantastic idea.
And then I say, it's a terrible idea.
And they say, that man must be silenced.
We're not saying that.
We're not in all the major newspapers saying dictatorship is good.
We're not devaluing the currency.
We're not imploding the border.
And we know they are.
But they are.
And that's why we've got a big problem.
Because myself and G. Edward Griffin and Ron Paul and so many others before us
We're exposing it, and you are exposing it.
And you know who you are out there.
Some of you are 70, 80, 90 years old, been calling the show 25 years.
You've been fighting in the trenches forever.
And the only reason we got a shot to beat these people is that God inspired you to find the truth.
And I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart, from my family and my children, that I salute you!
We are unbreakable when we stand with God and ask God to fill ourselves with His Spirit.
And I pray for God to pour out his spirit of strength, and focus, and clarity, and discernment, and honor, and creativity, and life.
And we praise God, Eternal Father of the Universe, and thank you for the sacrifice of your Son, Jesus Christ.
Thank you, God.
Thank you, God.
Thank you for the consciousness you've given us.
Thank you for the will.
Thank you for everything you've done!
This news is over the top.
I mean, I am surprised at how open they are.
Pedophilia's good, they say.
World government's good.
Destroying everyone's good.
Depopulating's good.
Alzheimer's is good.
Cell phone radiation is good.
GMO is good.
The deadly shots are good.
We are being murdered!
And if we lay down to this, we deserve what we get.
But I, on the record, am saying to Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates, the New World Order, that you are not superior to me.
I, and my listeners, the people that love God, are superior to you!
And just because we're superior, we're not going to take your free will, we're not going to put you in a camp, and we're not going to kill you!
And we are not going to let you do the same thing to us.
Is that understood, little man?
You will pay for what you've done!
And I pray that God send angels to visit vengeance upon you!
But none of us will harm a hair on your filthy, murderous heads.
But God will crush you!
Crush you!
You will be destroyed, not us!
Our will breaks you!
God breaks Bill Gates!
You understand that?
You will be visited by the Spirit of God.
You will be visited by the angel.
The same angel that visited Pharaoh.
You are not the Angel of Death.
God sends the Angel of Death.
And he sends the Angel of Death with wrath.
You will never suppress us.
You will never stop us.
You will never take our birthright.
Now that I've said that to Satan and his minions, let us move to the news.
Let us start with clip 20.
We are on the precipice of a global food crisis.
Goya Foods CEO warns.
Inflation hitting a new 40-year high in the month of March.
Americans especially getting hit hard at the grocery store.
The price of items like dried beans, canned vegetables, flour, all up better than 10% from the same time just one year ago.
Joining me right now is the President and CEO of Goya Foods, Bob Yunanwei.
Bob, it's good to see you.
Thanks very much for being here.
Assess the situation.
How do you see inflation today?
Good to see you, Maria.
We are on the precipice of a global food crisis.
God created humanity.
Humanity has created every way to destroy itself from nuclear, biological, chemical.
But now we've waged a war.
We've weaponized food.
In the Ukraine, between the Ukraine and Russia, they represent 50% of the world's production of fertilizer.
30% wheat, 20% corn, 2.5 million acres of sunflowers, other food and minerals.
They also have sand for fracking, sand for glass.
And, you know, they have... What Russia's doing with their land bridge, they're also cutting off the Ukraine to the sea.
They've taken Mariupol, pretty much.
Odessa is left.
If they cut off Odessa, then they basically landlock
And that's just one part of the global food shutdown.
The main cause is the lockdowns the IMF and World Bank ordered in Africa, Latin America and other major food developing sectors.
Now let's go to this next clip.
I'm going to title into the depopulation.
I've got those clips at the World Economic Forum, the world government announcements they just made again.
They're stunning with their world government medical tyranny.
But here's Governor DeSantis calling it what it is and saying he's not going to go along with the Biden administration's homeland security, thought police, ministry of truth.
Here's the governor.
Uh, but clearly, uh, our entire principles of the country was founded on, uh, you cannot have a ministry of truth in this country.
And so let's get real here.
Let's, let's make sure that we're doing things to benefit, uh, Floridians and Americans.
Uh, but we're not going to let Biden get away with this one.
So we'll be fighting back.
We will be fighting back.
Now governors are fighting you.
Now legislatures are awake.
Now churches are awake.
I told you that my mother went to one of the biggest churches in Austin for Easter that her friends invited her to.
There were so many people, they had thousands in the parking lot watching it on jumbotrons.
And the preacher, she said, sounded just like me.
About the new world order and the coming food collapse and the takeover and the market of the beast.
We're not going to take this lying down while Bill Gates and Harari and Schwab talk about how they're going to kill us and how they're going to use a world government to do it and how we are non-essential.
I'm not gonna lay down to somebody telling me I gotta roll over and die in a ditch.
But I'm smart enough to know they got a thousand evil people behind each one of them that'll just take over probably worse than them.
So we don't play their game of violence.
We play the game of exposing them and not supporting them and praying against them.
Praying against.
Praying against Schwab.
Praying against Obama.
Praying against the Rothschild leadership and the Rockefeller Combine.
Praying against the CIA director who is the Carnegie head carrying all this out.
Praying that they wake up before it's too late.
Praying they still have some shred of humanity in them.
Praying they come back to God.
But for those that don't, it's not our job.
Because they have sent the angel of death, they're manufactured
Counterfeit of the Angel of Death, and God will strike back against them.
And God will do it in God's perfect way.
Tomorrow's news today.
But we don't be violent, even though they've attacked us with a bio-weapon.
We expose them.
Stay with us.
Yuval Noah Harari is worshipped by the globalists.
He's the rat-like spirit announcing that they will be God and that soon we will all die.
That our free will is nothing and that they will conquer us.
Not so easy, rat man.
Here's a clip of him yesterday.
Announcing that they need world government to carry out world tyranny while governments around the world sign on to a treaty to have the UN run their medical response to pandemics, when it's the UN itself that cooked up the weapon with Bill Gates, released it, then brought in the vaccine.
It's not a vaccine that continues on with the weapon.
Talk about sick.
Talk about twisted.
That's who these people are.
Here he is in his latest disgusting declaration.
It was a huge disappointment to see the lack of global leadership and the lack of global cooperation over the last two years.
In the beginning, it was like watching a disaster in slow motion.
Oh, you hate it.
That as the virus began to spread around the world, and it was still in the initial stages, decisive action could have stopped it.
And there was like, there is no, there are no adults in the room.
Like everybody is just watching it.
And nobody is taking a leadership of, OK, let's have an international front to together help the countries most in need and stop this before it spreads everywhere and before we have this problem that we are now facing with the mutations and the new variants.
And there was no global leadership.
And what was really disappointing about it is that the virus is a much more obvious and immediate threat than other global problems like climate change.
And it should have been relatively easy to unite humanity in the face of such a threat, and it just didn't happen.
This is really... What's the answer?
I don't know.
This is where we need to rely on politicians to do their job.
Because the scientists did their job in a wonderful way.
Hit pause.
Back to the first sentence.
And the scientists did their job in a wonderful way.
Yeah, cooking it up, man-made, CRISPR editors, 100% man-made.
We have the documents, how they made it, how they released it, how they tried to get the Pentagon to be involved.
And then they censor everybody, then they block therapeutic treatments, then they give you a deadly gene therapy shot that eats your liver and your heart and your lungs and your brain.
I mean, it's just disgusting to listen to these people and all their little double meanings and what they're talking about.
Peter Daszak, Bill Gates, that little evil garden gnome, Fauci, all need to be in the Supermax prison in Colorado.
But instead, because the public is ignorant and illiterate about science and history, thanks to their brainwashing, they're hearing this crap and thinking, oh, as if you could stop a man-made virus like that once it got spread in China.
As if you could do that.
The only way you could do that would be to kill everybody.
They weaponize the coronavirus with five other viruses with an HIV delivery system, they release it on us, and then the very people involved quarterbacking the whole deal sit up there and tell you they need a global multi-trillion dollar a year fund to run our lives and have us have little passports and weather reports about the viruses and all live in fear and wear these damn masks when they're the ones power grabbing and they're the ones that did it and they're the ones announcing world government.
It's ridiculous!
We have them doing it!
We have the motive!
We have them executing it!
That's how... People sit there and they go, how did Alex Jones, 26 months ago, it's all over Twitter and all over Instagram, without me even looking, people send to me, how did Jones know they'd have weather reports for viruses?
How'd he know they'd want us to take four or five shots a year?
How did Jones know they'd have more lockdowns?
How did Jones know it'd last more than 15 days?
How did Jones know they'd make everybody wear a mask and shut down all the sports?
Because I read the damn documents!
Like Operation Lockstep 2011.
Like Crimson Contagion.
Like Spars 2025-2028.
I mean, it's so frustrating.
It's like people are blind, and these little gremlins are running around.
They have eyes, but they are evil.
And if we would just open our eyes up, we'd see these damn people what they are.
Crazy, psychotic, lunatic control freaks projecting their own hatred of themselves onto us!
Go back to the maggot.
I don't know.
What's the answer?
And this is where we need to rely on politicians to do their job.
Because the scientists did their job.
In a wonderful way.
To understand the virus, to develop treatments, to develop vaccines.
How to implement, how to use these tools?
This is the job of the politicians, and it wasn't done really.
And ideally, the response to COVID should be the establishment of a global healthcare system, a basic healthcare system for the entire human race.
You know, lots of people, you mentioned populist leaders, they are very much in favor now of building walls and building fences on the borders.
We need a wall on the border, but not between countries.
We need a wall on the border between humanity and the viruses.
And everything he says is a lie.
All over the world, the globalists have gotten rid of borders and do no viral checks at the borders.
And they're getting rid of Title 42 that does that.
And then he sits there and says, we need to control the borders and make them not happen.
And it's the whole New World Order, the whole Demos group, they're putting out those policies.
Here's another World Economic Forum darling, always on stage with Klaus Schwab.
Guru, Infowars.com, admits they want more souls, I want less on the planet.
Who is he talking about?
The Christians.
During the World Economic Forum's W.E.F.
Indian Economic Summit, forum speaker, Saad Guru, a yogi author, laughed out loud at admitting he wants more people to die.
The visionary has been a primary speaker at the UN World Headquarters and UN Convention to Combat
Desification, which you need carbon dioxide to combat that, makes the desert turn green.
And as a regular speaker at the WEF India Economic Summit and TED conferences, and again, the truth is, carbon dioxide was much higher in our atmosphere previously, and now it's very, very low, a trace gas, and when you boost it up even hundreds of times, it makes more oxygen through the carbon cycle of plants, and more life.
And they know that the real reason that the Sahara is expanding was low carbon dioxide.
Look at the studies.
Sahara expanding because of lower carbon dioxide in the last million years.
Look, look, just type that in.
Type in higher carbon dioxide.
Greens the desert.
But then they're like, oh, we need to stop the desert.
Oh, we need to get rid of carbon dioxide.
Thank God it's all held in the planet.
Like it was put there for us.
As our fuel.
By our daddy.
All this was set up, the planet perfectly set by the sun, the moon the exact location where it needs to be for this perfect climate.
I mean, we were given the launch pad, and these gremlins are like, anything that's good to get us off the planet and go next level, they are dynamiting and attacking and destroying.
Because their transmission, their job from this thing is kill them, destroy them, annihilate them, shut it down, sabotage it, infuse them.
And it just transmits that over and over.
I will give you power if you shut them down.
Kill them!
Kill them!
Kill them!
Kill them!
Kill them!
Kill them!
Kill them!
Kill them!
Kill them!
That's transmit!
Kill the humans!
Kill the humans!
Kill the humans!
What is it?
An alien.
It's all right there in the Bible.
And these people are dialed into it, and they are under its control, and we need to defeat them.
We can wake up and rally against them.
We can do it together.
So I'm going to play the clip of him talking about killing everybody.
Oh, they're like, oh, liberal!
Oh, kill everyone!
Tomorrow's news today.
We'll play the clip when we come back.
The bringer of death.
The new world order.
And now the choice is up to you.
You want to die or you want to live?
Because the bringer of death is here.
I choose life.
So you got this smart mouth guru walking around putting on his act like he's all high and mighty, up there laughing about how they want to depopulate us at the World Economic Forum.
Let's hear from this piece of garbage.
So in the session we just attended here at the Economic Forum, I think there was a sense of relief actually in your frankness.
You brought up some issues that others are reluctant to bring up.
That's my trouble.
All the religious groups are against me because I'm talking about population.
They want more souls.
I want less on the planet.
Then blow your head off, then.
I'm not going to do it.
Nothing violent against you.
Just shove a shotgun in your mouth and blow your brains out, buddy.
Pour gasoline on yourself.
Feed yourself into a wood chipper.
Jump off a 50-story building.
Just get out of my way.
You want to kill people, big man?
You like running your frickin' mouth talking about it?
I say God's gonna step on you like a cockroach when you turn the lights on at midnight.
You want death, brother?
You're gonna get it.
You like death?
You're gonna get it.
You understand that, you little piece of filth?
God is gonna wrap his hands around your neck until your eyes pop out of your skull, murderer.
You and that little tart you're interviewing.
You guys sitting there now giggling.
Oh, you got the courage to talk about killing people.
Man, aren't you great?
All those starving children under two years of lockdowns.
25 million of them.
Man, aren't you a champion?
But you don't have the nerve to go in there and kill them with a hatchet.
No, no, you're just going to starve to death and sit around your private jets and run around and laugh while they die.
God hates you guru dipshit.
And God is going to stomp you into the ground, you thug, you thuggy, you little slime bag.
I know who you are.
God's going to cut you down.
Not us.
We're peaceful.
We love everybody.
Let me just sit back and let Daddy take care of it.
But we're going to do the groundwork.
And then when God's ready, it won't be us that go into the furnace.
It'll be you.
Because you asked for it.
You are conjuring us.
You are rising the resistance, which we are.
We will not be stopped.
You will die.
Not us.
You fraud.
You succubus.
You liar.
You Luciferian filth.
Bringer of death.
Bring her up death!
You want death?
Bring her up death!
To you!
You did it!
You asked for it!
And God's gonna just let that door slide open.
And here, everything you asked for, everything you wanted to happen to us will happen to you.
And all your rituals you conduct to try to divert all of that karmic energy will not be deflected.
It will bounce back a thousand times stronger and will incinerate you.
Because you are the threat.
You have announced you want to kill everybody because deep down you know it's you that needs to die.
You want us to die?
I got a better idea.
I got a better idea.
How about we all pray for justice?
How about we ask God to punish the
And if we get hurt in the process, well that's just collateral damage, isn't it?
Look at that fraud, look at that fake, acting like he's deep, acting like he's great, hanging out with the scum of the earth, pushing Bill Gates' poison vaccine agenda on India to kill those great people.
That thug, that's what he is, is a thug.
A thug, look that word up, a thuggy.
Creeping around, acting all powerful, acting all tough.
I guarantee you, you put him on the rack, he'll beg for his mama in five seconds.
Bringer of death.
God is the bringer of death.
Not you, Lucifer.
You little twit.
Your little cool John Lennon outfit.
But John Lennon was against your depopulation.
John Lennon woke up to the Satanist and was singing songs about it.
Because he'd been part of it.
And that's why they killed him dead in a hammer.
But he lives on.
He's real.
You're not.
You're a sack of garbage.
Alright, get that maggot off the screen.
Thank you.
We have a lot of news to cover.
I got a little piece of good news for you.
All over France, farmers are coming in and dumping thousands and thousands, hundreds, tens of thousands of times.
Thousands of tractors and trucks are dumping thousands of pounds of manure a piece.
And no one is buying that Macron won by 15 points or whatever.
You believe in that?
You believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.
And so the farmers,
Are saying, you clean it up, government.
You go ahead and just enjoy yourself.
Because we're done.
And the rank and file police are done as well.
And you've got just a few little cowardly globalists hiding back, taking their orders from Klaus Schwab, the New World Order.
As in front of every globalist institution, people dump garbage and feces everywhere as a message of who you are and what we think about you.
And we salute the French people.
You know, America has an Anglophile prejudice against the French.
And I'm, myself, if I was anything, I'm Welsh-German type.
I've got a little bit of Alsatian in me, a tiny bit of French, but the point is, is that the French have been amazing people for thousands of years, and they've been amazing in war, they've done everything else, and they've got their problems, but this whole thing of hating them and making fun of them is stupid, and it needs to stop.
Just like when we talk about the Communist Chinese and what they're under, it's not the Chinese people.
The French are good people, and they're strong, and they're under a lot of evil, and we should pray for them.
Once they were under Hitler and then the rest of it, they never really got out from under it.
And we're going under tyranny as well, so we can't point at them under slavery and then laugh at them when we're going under the same thing.
We're all brothers and sisters together.
Whether you're an African or a French person or... One way or another, I'm gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha.
One way or another, I'm gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha.
We are back, ladies and gentlemen, broadcasting worldwide the enemy of the New World Order, InfoWars.
The crucible, the heart of the resistance, the tip of the spear.
I want to let you know that the great, amazing Savannah Hernandez has done so much great work and they're going to give me the talking points and videos we're going to play with her because she's amazing.
That's coming up here in just a few minutes.
She'll be in studio with us today.
And then Roger Stone's on.
You know, we heard that Roger Stone was back on Twitter, got thousands of followers in just an hour, and then he was deleted in the Huffington Post.
I forgot to print that.
Print all that for me.
Celebrate it!
Oh look, Elon's not in control, or Roger's censored, and it was a fan account.
But I want to get his take on Elon Musk and all the rest of it.
He'll be with us.
And take calls.
He'll talk to Roger Stone.
What an interesting little devil he is.
He's a good guy.
He'll be on with us in the third hour today.
I had a Jay Dyer who's really a smart cookie.
You want documents?
He's got them.
I mean, I can sit here and read them to you too, but he does a good job of it.
Excellent job of it.
So you can hear all about how they're going to murder you and kill you and take everything you got first before they do it in the fourth hour today.
I mean, that's what's so frustrating is this is just out in the open, a horrible thing that's happening.
So people ask me, how do you take it?
Being attacked in thousands of publications a week, and on hundreds of TV shows a week, and just all over the world, they tell the public, this is the devil.
And the answer is, I expected this, and I thought this would come, and I knew this would come, because I knew I was right, and I knew they would launch this operation, and I expected to get killed or put in prison before this.
And so everything going forward is just gravy.
I mean, I can't sign on to pedophilia and devil worship and depopulation, sorry.
I've said this before, I'll say it again.
If we had a boss hog running things that just wanted to be in charge, but wanted prosperity and fun, I would say, hey, we shouldn't have boss hog.
And I would, I would fight boss hog, but I wouldn't risk my life.
No, I would take a job for boss hog.
And I do things in and around boss hog.
And I do what I could to stop boss hog.
But I wouldn't risk my life to fight Boss Hogg.
Because Boss Hogg loves his grandchildren.
Boss Hogg don't want to see everybody poor, he just wants to be in charge.
Alright, I can understand that.
And you know, Vladimir Putin's Boss Hogg, folks.
So you got Boss Hogg over here, he's the old-fashioned thing.
The thing we fought, King George III was Boss Hogg.
Not that bad, but you know, we were a lot better.
And I'd fight Boss Hoggs.
And I'd resist a fight.
I mean, I'd do whatever I could to stop him.
But I'm not going to go 100% crazy-eyed into a fight against Boss Hogg, because I'm a little bit of Boss Hogg, and we all are.
But you get me devil-worshipping pedophiles that want to kill everybody and turn us all into cyborgs?
Baby, you got me laser-beam-eyed crazy to fight your ass.
In fact, I'm not afraid
It's the opposite.
Every damn cell in my body, when they're trying to kill our species and mutate our species and turn us against each other and bring us down, it's the opposite of fear.
It's every damn cell punching me in the face going, Jones, you get your ass in gear and you stop these people!
And whatever you need, you're gonna get it, sonny.
But you gotta man up.
That voice of the Holy Spirit and discernment
The conscience that's connecting with that program God gave us is demanding, ordering, pushing me, punching me, attacking me, saying, you have not done enough.
You are a coward.
You are weak.
And I'm telling you, I gave you all this power to carry out an operation.
And if you don't give me 100%, I'm going to dump you in with these people.
And I'm just like, please just take me over then.
No, God says, you have free will.
You're going to do this, you signed on for this, and you're going to execute this, or I'm going to fry your ass!
That's what God-fearing is.
You think I fear you Satanists?
You think I fear the New World Order?
You think I fear the mainstream media?
I fear God!
Because I know how real God is!
And I resonate with God, and I can feel that deliberate, focused rage and annihilation.
And so I click my heels, and I salute, and I say, whatever you say.
Whatever you say, just please, please, please, please.
Oh, God.
And God says, you want free will, don't you?
You wanted this.
And yes, I do.
And it's so beautiful, and it's so great, and it's so powerful.
It's so real.
It's everything the Satanists are looking for.
It's everything the Left wants.
It's all the things they crave and believe they'll have.
What's all waiting right there?
If they just take God's hand, it's all they had to do.
Because they're ashamed of themselves in God's presence.
So they say, I'm ashamed of myself, God.
And so I'm going to hate you.
And I'm going to try to be you at the same time.
Because I don't like the way you make me feel.
And I don't like how you order me to do things.
And I don't like how you're so good.
And how it's so powerful.
I just don't like it.
And that's what goes on in Satan's brain.
And so Satan can come find embryonic humans at their larval level, that's what you're at, and say, well watch what I'll do to your eggs!
We're God's eggs.
Little eggies.
And God says, well that's part of the plan there, sonny boy.
And that's the Satanist argument.
Why did God do this?
Because God did what was right.
Why shouldn't God create trillions of free souls?
Why shouldn't God create company?
Why shouldn't God create new entities that have free will and can grasp infinity?
That would be a sin not to do that.
And so that's the argument.
Your God is the ultimate Satanist.
But it's not true.
Your God is the ultimate sadist.
But it's not true.
God created free will.
And God did this.
And yes, Satan works for God.
But God doesn't do what Satan does.
God didn't order Satan to do this.
But God is into freedom.
God doesn't damn you to hell.
If you read carefully, God sends you to the energy that you resonated with and that you believed in and that you wanted to be with.
So imagine an eternity with Joe Biden and Lord Rothschild and Barack Obama and Jimmy Savelle and Prince Charles.
Does that sound like a good place to be?
Instead of an eternity with all those amazing, strong, incredible souls.
All right, we're gonna go to break.
But I gotta tell you, I've seen the next level.
This is just a boot camp, folks.
And if you think you're going to fly around up there and play harps and stuff, when you get, let me tell you, when you go to the next level, ladies and gentlemen, you're going to realize that there is a lot more going on.
And it's so complex and so fantastical and so real, I can't even interpret it.
It's nothing in literature, in art, in culture, totally new, all of it's just completely, I could go to Hollywood right now and write science fiction books and be number one all day long because this stuff's never been seen.
This is new, because the average person has no access to it, and so much of what you see is things that the Satanists have seen, but only to a certain level.
Like, you see Sauron in Lord of the Rings?
That's what Satan looks like.
I saw that when I was like four years old.
That's the exact deal.
Like, Sauron.
That's what it looks like.
They've seen that.
That's what it is.
That's what these things are.
Look at Sauron.
That's the outfit, the gear, the whole nine yards.
You think it's an all-seeing eye until you realize there's a portal with Sauron standing in it.
It's not an all-seeing eye.
It's a portal with Sauron standing right there.
But Sauron will fall.
Sauron will fail.
Next hour's coming up.
Tomorrow's news today.
Stay with us.
On April 26th, China recorded the first human infection with H3N8, a new strain of the bird flu.
According to China's health authority, a four-year-old boy in contact with chickens and crows raised at his home was found to be infected after developing a fever and other symptoms on April 5th.
This particular strain of the bird flu has been found in horses, dogs, birds, and even seals.
But this was the first human infection.
In the United States, as of early April 2022, an outbreak of a highly contagious bird flu has accounted for the death of 23 million birds from Maine to Wyoming, chickens and turkeys mainly, who were killed in an act of precaution.
But no human infections have been reported so far.
Almost a year ago, in June of 2021, a 41-year-old man in eastern China was confirmed to have H10N3, another bird flu strain, and he was also the first case.
However, the last major human epidemic of bird flu was in China from 2016 to 2017 with the H7N9 virus.
It infected almost 2,000 people and killed more than 600, according to the United Nations statistics.
And based on the World Health Organization's research, in 2018, the H7N9 bird flu was reported to kill more than 40% of those who contracted it in China, causing a new cycle of global panic, just about two years before the massive corporate media and world governments' overreaction to COVID.
Later that year, back in 2018, the World Health Organization decided to name the possible emergence of a deadly new bird flu strain, Disease X. A term used for years to refer to any number of unknown future pathogens that could cause an international health crisis.
X simply meaning that it's unexpected.
In 2017, during China's deadly bird flu epidemic, Bill Gates was well aware of the H7N9 outbreak, as he spoke often about the possibility of a pandemic.
At a security conference in Germany, he said, quote, Whether it occurs by the quirk of nature or at the hand of a terrorist, epidemiologists show through their models that a respiratory spread pathogen would kill more than 30 million people in less than a year.
And there is a reasonable probability of that taking place in the years ahead.
Less than three years later, the COVID pandemic began.
And according to Bill Gates' own statements before COVID, a small non-state actor could build a deadly contagious disease in a biolab, just like COVID was made.
So is the new breakout of bird flu in China, the H3N8 strain, the disease X the WHO has been waiting for?
And was it built in a biolab as Bill Gates predicted with Stephen Colbert?
You tried to warn us about this pandemic and we didn't listen.
What's the next thing you're warning us about that's going to happen five years from now that we're not listening to at the present?
The idea of a bioterrorist attack is kind of the nightmare scenario because they're a pathogen with a high death rate would be picked.
Now the good news is, not trying to depress you, it's tough enough right now, that most of the work we're going to do to be ready for Pandemic 2, I call this Pandemic 1, most of the work we'll do to be ready for that are also the things we need to do to minimize the threat of bioterrorism.
Perhaps the New World Order will blame Russia for releasing some sort of bird flu bioweapon.
We've heard President Biden has warned there are clear signs Russia is preparing to use chemical and biological weapons in Ukraine.
Now he's talking about new false flags he's setting up, including, he's asserting that we, America, have biological as well as chemical weapons in Europe.
Simply not true.
I guarantee you.
They're also suggesting that Ukraine has biological and chemical weapons in Ukraine.
That's a clear sign he's considering using both of those.
The White House is warning that Russia may use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine, possibly as part of a false flag operation.
What could that look like and how serious of an escalation would that be?
United States believes that Russia may still possess some chemical weapons and perhaps some biological weapons.
All right, my friends.
Right now it's a threat.
This is a longer report.
Find all of it at man.video.
Wilson did a great job putting this together.
We'll be right back with Savannah Hernandez.
Savannah Hernandez, embattled former InfoWars reporter, now working for Truth Social, working with Tucker Carlson, doing so much incredible work, is knocking it out of the park, and she's defending free speech.
Not running from those targeted, but championing those.
She's got so many of her huge reports she's been breaking, and also posting at Banned.Video.
She's about to share with us here in the second hour of the broadcast today, but here's last week's visit, or a few weeks ago when she visited with Tucker Carlson.
What did you think of Alex Jones?
Loved him to death.
I still talk to him to this day.
I think that he's great.
And I think that many more people should have been vocal when he was initially banned.
I agree.
Because I was actually there.
I was on a fishing trip that day.
I was in Labrador, and I've regretted it ever since that I didn't come out of the box.
I wasn't there.
I was off the air.
But I completely agree.
It was not even about Alex Jones.
You can't censor people, period.
And Tucker, I remember the exact day when he got censored.
I woke up and I looked on my phone and it said, Alex Jones banned from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
He was banned everywhere.
It was a mass banning, mass censorship effort to silence him.
And again, I really didn't have an introduction into politics, but I had learned a lot of, you know, things from Alex Jones up front.
Everything that he was telling me was not false.
The people who condemn him and say that he's a crazy conspiracy theorist do not listen to his show every single day because I worked for him for two and a half years.
I didn't know the three branches of government when I started.
Now I can tell you international policy and what's going on all over the world right now because I have listened to Alex and he's talked about, you know, the government corruption historically that we've been through, all of the different operations such as
Operation Mockingbird, Operation Paperclip, a lot of these things.
Tuskegee Experiment, which is why, you know, the black community is so apprehensive for vaccinations in the modern day.
He talks about a lot of these things and our government doesn't like that.
Our government doesn't like being exposed.
They don't like people who are willing to tell the truth and people who are willing to push back against the narrative.
Look at the fact that the DHS just updated their bulletin to say, hey, if you're spreading distrust in the government, that could be considered terrorism.
I don't think so.
I couldn't, of course, agree with you more, but I'm fascinated by the hate for Alex Jones.
I'm not a daily Alex Jones viewer.
I don't view anything regularly, actually.
But I think Alex Jones seems really talented.
He's smart.
He's funny as hell.
He's truly funny.
He's a lot more talented than I am in a lot of ways.
That's my takeaway from Alex Jones.
But why is he such a threat?
Why would you hate Alex Jones?
I've never understood that.
Because he's telling the truth, Tucker.
And again, I know Alex personally, and I've met a lot of people in this industry.
And one of my biggest takeaways is that there are a lot of people, especially in conservative media, that are in this for money and fame.
They don't actually care about this country.
That's for sure.
And they don't actually care about America.
They're scared about being censored.
They're scared about, you know, hurting the wrong people's feelings, not getting the proper endorsement.
Alex doesn't care about any of that.
Alex cares about the truth.
He has since day one.
He has made mistakes, for sure.
But he comes out, he apologizes for it, and he corrects the record, which is something that
Many people in our media refuse to do so.
The people who hate Alex Jones hate him because he is everything that they wish that they could be.
Somebody who is willing to tell the truth, willing to fight for this country, and actually cares about humanity.
Not just America, but humanity as a whole.
Yeah, he owns his own company and he has no advertisers, so he's kind of immune, really, and the only way to stop him is by destroying him with lawsuits for giving his opinion, which I guess is now a crime or something in the United States, so they're trying to do it that way.
I couldn't agree with you more, and why do you think, I've already said why I didn't defend Alex Jones the day he was deplatformed, I wasn't in the country.
But why do you think that more in conservative media didn't take a principle stand against censorship when that happened?
Because Alex was off-limits.
Look at the fact that right now, Tucker, so many in conservative media who wouldn't even mention Alex Jones's name now say his name on a regular basis.
So Alex Jones is right.
Alex Jones is right.
We see this constantly, okay?
The people in the conservative media, or in the right-wing even, will not latch onto a specific narrative or tell the truth until it goes mainstream and they're allowed to do it.
So even in the conservative and the right-wing faction, the reason why we lose is because we continue to wait for the left, the liberal media, the mainstream media, to allow us, to tell us when we are allowed to tell the truth.
Alex did that initially from day one.
So, I mean, I think that's why conservatives didn't stand up for him when they should have because they weren't allowed to at the time.
I couldn't agree more, but she's got to take a stand against censorship, I think.
Especially if you're in the media.
I find Joy Reid loathsome.
I think she's a race-hater and she spreads race-hate.
However, if the government pushed for her to be censored, I would defend Joy Reid without even thinking about it, because I'm against that.
I don't care who it is.
And I don't know why National Review can't take that stand.
I think it's very, very odd.
And we just saw Republican Senator Kennedy last night with Sean Hannity.
I don't want to be enemies with these guys.
I like them, but saying, well, we want free speech.
We got to ban hate speech.
Well, that's whatever the Southern Poverty Law Center and ADL define as it.
Savannah, you know, you came to work here four years ago or whatever it was.
You did a great job.
You went into the middle of these frays with Antifa, you name it.
I know you got mad because you were getting attacked and beat up.
And I said, you're not going out to do that anymore.
She said, I quit and went and did massive stories everywhere.
And now you are really exploded.
And so I'm really pleased and very thankful to get to know you.
I got to say, that little four minute clip encapsulated things perfectly.
You did it way better than I could or probably even Tucker could.
So congratulations on being such a force for freedom, Savannah.
Well thank you so much Alex and you know in the break I was even thanking you because you really have helped me you've mentored me throughout the years and you taught me the most important things about this industry and that is keeping truth at the forefront making sure that again like people stand up for you Alex that's one of my biggest concerns with right-wing media is behind the scenes everyone loves Alex Jones everyone listens to InfoWars but they won't publicly say anything
Until it's popular to do so.
I've always had so much frustration with that because like Drew Hernandez talked about, you have really been a launchpad for so many of us.
It doesn't matter if somebody is a local activist or if they're the biggest name in media, you will give them a platform.
I want to be clear.
It's reporters, the crew, and the listeners that did it.
You guys get the credit too.
This is all everybody together.
That's what I wanted to do and that's what they fear is a place for truth tellers to come together.
And again, too, that's why Band Off Video is so important because you've been at the forefront of highlighting these reporters who are just on the ground telling the truth and trying to get the truth out there.
So it was a really great honor to be on Tucker Carlson's show, but it was an even greater honor to be able to stand up for you and say, you know what, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Alex Jones.
So many people have hated on you unjustly.
So many people have tried to destroy you.
So I was very honored to be able to say, look, you know, I made it to Tucker Carlson's show.
So many people said, you know, being... And you've been on his Fox show, too.
Well, he played a couple of my clips on there, yes.
But it was so nice to be able to be like, you know what?
People said that starting my career off with Infowars was a death sentence.
I'm on Tucker Carlson's show now.
So, Alex Jones, if anything, is the best point to start off on because you gave me the foundation for truth and to not care about fame or fortune in this industry because so many people do.
So many people fear the left.
They fear a specific narrative.
They fear not getting endorsement by the, you know, correct people in this industry.
You don't care about any of that, Alex, and that's the most important thing that you've taught me, and that is why I've been successful, is because you helped me with that.
Well, thank you, Savannah.
But it's also a paper tiger.
CNN spent $300-plus million and failed in a month with CNN+.
Why are we letting these losers direct us and control us and intimidate us because we're scared they're going to attack us or lie about us?
Now, let's talk about Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan.
I knew Joe Rogan 23 years ago, 24 years ago, and we became good friends in just a few years and had a lot of fun together.
And I knew Joe Rogan was special when I met him.
I didn't care about Hollywood people or anybody, but I thought this guy I was a fan of.
And it's the same thing with Tucker.
I meet Tucker in person.
He's so charismatic.
He's so real.
And it's not about kissing his ass or kissing your ass.
It's about people that are into freedom are really amazing.
And I've been around the Globalist.
I've been in private meetings with them.
I've agreed to meet with them.
Some of the top people.
I'm going to leave it at that.
And it just, it feels cold and weird and robotic and like you want out of there.
And I'm around people like you or Owen Schroeder or this crew or Tucker Carlson or Joe Rogan.
I just want more of it.
So it's like my, my cells want to be with this and that's why I do it.
Does that make sense?
Definitely, Alex.
And the reason, too, why you're so successful, why anybody in this space that is just willing to tell the truth is so successful, is because that is something that is severely lacking.
If you look at our media, they're basically telling us the exact opposite of what everybody is seeing and hearing with their own two eyes.
Jen Psaki is going up in front of America and saying, well, public polling is actually showing that people don't want to take their face masks off on airplanes.
So, you know, this entire administration has this
A disinformation governance board that they're pushing, the same administration that continuously lies to us, that has elected a man that is pretending to be a woman to lead us in health in this country, be our health secretary.
I want to come back.
Stay there.
That's my next thing.
Disinformation board.
You're on target.
Because the same party that tells us a man can be a woman and a man can have babies is telling us they're going to run the new Ministry of Truth.
Savannah Hernandez in studio.
Well, I got to tell you, she is a firebrand.
Savannah Hernandez has got amazing intellect, incredible energy, and I am just so glad to know her.
Wow, all of the pro-human women I know are just so fiery and beautiful and smart.
And you look at leftists, they're just husk of what they were, just like the men that serve evil.
I want to get into the Ministry of Truth next segment.
You said you want to get first into working with Truth Social, Trump's new social system.
Social network you travel the country and you were telling me about being in San Francisco and having to leave Feeling the spiritual drain.
It's the same way in LA and San Francisco There's something about California and the people that it's like kryptonite to Superman.
I just I I don't get into all of it, but I even because I'm about to LA a lot folks and
It's not just when I'm at Skid Row, when I'm at somebody Hollywood's house or producer's house.
I feel like my soul's being drained and I've always got to get out of there.
You were just telling me that during the break.
Yeah, I almost left halfway through my trip because I had spent the first half of my trip in California in downtown L.A.
in Skid Row.
I was asking L.A.
residents, hey, I heard that people get chased to parking garages by the homeless.
Is that true?
I actually got an interview with one of the D.A.'
's employees saying, yeah, a homeless guy chased me with a stick the other day.
And then her friend said that a homeless guy tried to break into her car as she was in the vehicle.
So that was day one of me being in California.
I also got to witness the horrifying scene of this man that was just high on drugs downtown.
He's screaming at everybody that passes.
This poor little girl starts bawling her eyes out because she has to walk past.
Her dad has to pick her up and console her.
And this is just an everyday occurrence for people in LA.
These are open air death camps with triple the fentanyl coming in under Biden and under Trump.
These are open air death camps where I watched the escalates dealing the fentanyl in front of the police when I went to Skid Row in LA and nothing's done.
Alex, it was absolutely insane because that was happening in Skid Row.
You have Mercedes-Benz driving down the streets.
People are doing drug deals.
Because again, they're getting welfare money.
And you have leftists that manage that and get part of it.
So you have all these leftist groups giving the homeless money, young women, you name it, and then they're buying drugs.
And it's kind of crazy too, Alex, because I had just gone to the border two weeks prior to my California trip.
So seeing the open borders, seeing all of the NGOs that are government-funded, chipping illegals throughout the country, seeing how the fentanyl crisis has been affecting our entire country, how illegals are now starting to make up a good portion of Skid Row.
I was talking to a couple of the volunteers at the missions there.
They were saying that they are now seeing a lot of Guatemalans, Hondurans, people from El Salvador.
Well, that's big news.
So we're seeing, where do all these millions are coming and going?
They're going to Skid Row.
Many of them are making their way to Skid Row if they end up homeless, so the population and demographic over there is changing.
Again, the borders being wide open, the fentanyl crisis gotten completely out of control.
I talked to several volunteers in California, both in downtown LA and in San Francisco, who said that they've watched people die in their arms because of the fentanyl overdoses that are happening in some of the more notable
Universities in California, and this is going underreported, so I'm gonna go do some investigation myself into this.
Apparently cocaine is now being laced with fentanyl, and there's a big uptick of students, college students that are dying from this, and nobody really... Marijuana is too, that's why... If people are gonna use marijuana and stuff, you need to get, like, the actual places where it's officially put out.
You do not want to just get any street drugs now, because fentanyl's being put in most of it.
Yeah, there's fentanyl being put in everything.
I learned about something called the fentanyl crawl from some locals over there.
You got it on tape?
I did, where basically people were taking fentanyl, and they are bent over for six to eight hours, and they are just cracked out of their minds.
They're slapping themselves in the face.
It was horrific to see, Alex.
You have, again, you know, you and I went back and forth because you were like, Sav, I don't want you at these BLM riots.
I felt more safe watching businesses get actively looted and people get punched in the face at BLM riots than I did in San Francisco at 2 p.m.
I'm not joking.
With cops right next to me.
I know, and I'm not trying to be a hero here, but fundamentally, you were getting beat up at rallies.
We were trying to assist security with you.
I didn't want you to get hit in the head with a pickaxe.
It would be my fault.
I like you, Savannah.
No, and that's not the reason why I quit or anything like that.
I remember you got pissed when I was like, you know, you're not doing that anymore.
I was wrong.
No, I definitely did, but you are protecting me from, you know, to an extent, like, if you watch my interviews, I went up to a guy with a crack pipe and I was interviewing him then, so obviously, like, it is good for me to have men in my life that are like, okay, Sav, calm it down a little bit, because I just am so on fire and so curious about what's going on in our country that I will go and find out these stories, because we don't, we have a severe lack of strong men.
Yeah, you'll march into like a thousand antifa and like, I got trained military veteran war heroes that aren't afraid for a fight, they just feel bad bringing a woman into that.
It's just, it's a genetic thing with men, like, but I get it, you're a warrior, you're a Valkyrie, we love you, it's just, there's something in, we're like, we don't want to stick a woman in a bad situation, but I get it, you're doing it.
No, I mean, I totally understand where you're coming from, Alex, and again, you know, my curiosity, I should definitely curve it to an extent because, you know, you see with this reporting, I actually have a lot of friends who are at the border right now.
Andy Ngo, yes.
Andy Ngo, yeah.
Andy Ngo, he's been attacked by Antifa multiple times.
I have friends who report extensively on the border.
The cartel has hits out on them.
So, you know, this is a very dangerous job.
And I do wish that we had more men in this country who were willing to tell the truth and go into these dangerous situations so I didn't have to do it.
One of the things that I saw in my Instagram account is people were asking me, please come to Portland, come to Seattle, come to Chicago and show the drug crisis in my city.
And I'm like, okay, why aren't there more reporters who are going out?
Well they never show the thousands of deaths in Chicago a year in shootings.
They never show all this.
You're doing it.
In fact, I mean, it's paradoxical.
I should have just let you do it.
You understand, I just had a problem doing that to you.
No, I always tell people, I'm like, yeah, Alex is like my dad, and you totally are, because my dad's the same way.
He's like, I don't love watching you go into these situations.
Not many people do.
Luckily, you know, God has protected me so much, so I appreciate all of your prayers, and they definitely come in handy.
But again, not many people are willing to go to San Francisco and point a camera at somebody overdose, like, not overdosing, but, you know, using fentanyl.
Close to death.
Yeah, I had to do it because I was like, this is what is being allowed to play.
Why do you think that was more dangerous?
Because you marching into a thousand antifa in Austin and then beating you over the head?
I mean, that's pretty damn dangerous.
How is this more dangerous?
Or just it's worse to watch or what?
I would say that it's more shocking to see and also when it comes to these drug addicts, you don't know how they're going to react.
For example, in Skid Row, I had this woman that was throwing glass and trying to give me shards of broken glass because it was art.
A total mental illness.
It's mental illness.
You never know how these people are going to react.
And more importantly, the police are standing by watching this happen, knowing they can't do anything.
I actually got a volunteer on camera basically saying to me, well, the cops stopped arresting people because the DA here will just let them out the next day.
That's right, they're all Soros DA's.
So the cops want to do the job, they can't.
Yeah, and so they have their hands tied.
I talked to the police in San Francisco.
They said our job is to observe and report.
I heard the exact same rhetoric from the National Guard at our border and the Border Patrol.
So everyone in this country is extremely demoralized because so much crime is being allowed to prosper.
And to be quite honest, at this point, we basically have the Biden cartel
Look at those children!
There are cartel wars going on in California that nobody's even talking about, Alex.
There are cartel members who own homes in Dallas, Texas, in, you know, regular neighborhoods here all over the nation.
And by the way, it's the new economy, it's the collapse of America.
We've got a bunch of clips we haven't played.
We're going to get to these with Savannah Hernandez.
The viral kill babies for 10 months after the womb interviews.
The skid row, the fentanyl crawl, border crisis.
All the exclusive, groundbreaking work Savannah Hernandez has done.
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I want to encourage everybody else to get these while you can.
There's a limited supply.
Savannah, I've got eight clips of just the stuff you're doing, and we're so honored to have you at Bandot Video co-hosting the stuff you do at True Social.
How does everybody find the amazing work, which is amazing, I'm unhyping it, of the amazing Savannah Hernandez?
Well, of course, Bandot Video, my Action 7 channel, reactivated, so I'm putting stuff back up there.
And then YouTube, Saf Says, Rumble, Odyssey, my website, SafSaysOfficial.com.
And then Instagram is now my primary, you know, place where I post because I've been banned from Twitter twice.
So Instagram at Sab with one N. Go check out all of my work there.
And it's an act of revolution to promote what you're doing.
Literally, the globalists are so scared of us because we're strong.
It's the saying, I always quote, no one knows who first said it, but the propaganda would not be necessary if the situation was hopeless.
We must win for the children.
Exactly, Alex, which is why we continue to push so hard, why we will never stop pushing for the truth.
You know, we're up against a mighty opponent right now, the entire government, which is lying to us, the entire mainstream media, which continues to slander us and spread falsehoods every single day.
So quite a mighty opponent.
But God always wins in the end.
And we will continue to push out the truth.
One of the things that I've learned in this industry is that no matter how many times you are slandered or struck down, continue to push forward, continue to tell the truth, because it will
Well, again, when Rand Paul first won the Senate many, many years ago, and he was on the show, we were big pushers, the number one fundraisers for him on record.
Politico called me, and back then I still talked to the media, and they said, how could have Rand Paul been defeated?
This was a good question.
I said, you should have endorsed him.
He would have lost.
They had fake KKK out, posing as his supporters, all of it.
It failed.
But now they finally are smart.
They're like, Jones came to the feds and admits January 6th was an attack, and he's going to rat everybody out.
They kept calling us.
Total lie!
FBI wants to come to the office.
We're like, okay, give us immunity.
There's no, nothing there.
We didn't know about any attack.
We tried to stop it, but you're not going to get me in a perjury trap like Martha Stewart.
We wrote them a letter.
They give it to the New York Times, don't quote any of it, and say Jones is guilty, and they know how to hit us now.
Because I had a lot of listeners get pissed.
They're like, you're going to the Feds to say January 6th was staged by Trump?
No, it wasn't.
So they're finally getting more sophisticated, Savannah.
And you know what, Alex?
I've been thinking about this a lot, and it really is sad to me that the media, instead of focusing in on why the supply chain issue is so bad, on why the gas prices are actually rising, on the fentanyl crisis, on the open borders, on the death rates and gun violence in Democrat-run cities, instead of focusing their time and energy and talents on what's actually going on in this country, they are instead dedicating their time to ruining the careers of people
We're good.
So we'll go to your video clips next segment, but since you raised it, a Ministry of Truth with Homeland Security to target people they say are lying?
And then they list a bunch of stuff we told the truth about.
Biden's new Ministry of Truth director turns out to be a raving lunatic that made up the whole Russia narrative.
I mean, how ridiculous is that?
She also tried to discredit Hunter Biden's laptop as well as Russian misinformation.
Said it wasn't real?
This woman is absolutely ridiculous.
There are so many different TikToks of her singing about disinformation that are going viral, like I'm about to go self-delete after watching them.
It's horrible to see what this administration is bringing in.
I'm not surprised, though, because remember that in February of this year, the DHS updated their bulletin, their terrorism bulletin, to say that anybody who is sowing distrust in the government is
Essentially a terrorist.
So it's not surprising to see that they've implemented this at all.
But this is the Biden administration declaring that they can decide what is true in society.
And again, from the same administration that says that women can have penises.
It's ridiculous.
I saw the meme.
I've got it somewhere.
But the same group that tells you men are women, and that men can have babies, and that men can be in female prisons, and that two women have a baby, the same group is going to counter disinformation.
Exactly Alex, look what they put us through the past two years with COVID.
These are the same people who told us face masks work and that the vaccines were effective and that if you got your vaccination that you couldn't spread COVID anymore.
They've been lying to us and at this point if you don't see that and if you don't understand that there's no help for you and there's no hope for you.
Like I'm a big proponent of natural selection where it's like hey if you're dumb enough to believe the government's lies then that's what's going to happen to you because there have been blatant examples time and time again.
I mean, you're right, it's crazy.
Like, oh, there's no inflation a year ago.
Okay, inflation's good.
And now inflation is Putin's fault.
And if it was Putin's fault, great, we can blame him, but it's not.
Yeah, exactly, Alex, exactly.
They take every single situation, like you just talked about with inflation, it's like, well, inflation's actually a good thing, and so is us printing trillions of dollars.
Here's why.
And it really isn't.
And now the IMF head says, we didn't know it would do this.
It's ridiculous, Alex.
It's so horrific to see these people blatantly lie to us.
And they do it now.
They don't try to hide their lies anymore.
That's why we have all of these, you know, elites and all of these organizations straight up coming out and being like, yeah, we want to take away your rights and freedoms.
That's exactly what we're doing.
They're not hiding it anymore because so many people are so subservient to the government, have already traded their freedom for safety that they would gladly welcome somebody coming in and, you know, injecting them into the metaverse so that they don't get sick.
The good news is, whether Elon Musk is a good guy or a bad guy, or Peter Thiel and all of them, they're all aligning with the revolution because we're winning.
And I'll just say that in a positive way, it's very dangerous, it's crazy as a globalist, or like corner rats, but humanity's waking up.
Yeah, it definitely is.
It definitely is, Alex.
And we saw the whole trend of Alex Jones was right.
And we see many of those people on the right wing that would previously either condemn you or even stay silent and never speak Alex Jones's name.
Those same people on the right wing are now like, oh, Alex Jones was totally right.
And there is a war on white people in this country.
White people are experiencing discrimination.
So I'm glad that we're finally seeing, you know, people wake up to the reality.
It took them a long time.
For example, I didn't celebrate the face masks being lifted on airplanes, because we could have been doing this all along if the masses had decided.
I don't know... To not comply.
What if half the planes said no?
They're not going to kick half the plane off.
Alex, the CEOs of major airlines were writing a letter to the Biden administration asking them to lift the mandate.
If those same CEOs just said masks are done, they would have been done.
The masses need to wake up and realize they have the power and I think that they are starting to realize that.
Like you said, they're waking up, thank God, but understand what the government has done to us and they will do it again unless we push and fight back.
Well that's right, and they just put a Wired Magazine article from like three years ago up with the headline, the name that must not be mentioned, Alex Jones, and it shows a red, white, blue Alex Jones with a black hand covering it up, dragging it away.
Like they're so tone deaf that like dragging away people and ending their free speech is not what good guys do.
Alex, look at the fact that they're trying to take Marjorie Taylor Greene down because she said the word 1776.
I want people to understand that.
Yeah, she's in court going, you said 1776, which means July 4th, and so you can't run for Congress.
Exactly, and what I want people to
That's right.
Savannah, when are you ready to come host the day of the show?
Next Tuesday, I've got a family thing I've got to do.
Do you want to come next Tuesday?
I'm going to be in California, or I would have.
I'm going back to California next week.
Oh my gosh.
Hotel California.
I know.
Alright, well, amazing.
She was always amazing, but Savannah is like a top tier Patriot talk show.
This is Savannah Hernandez here in Venice Beach.
Now California is trying to pass a bill to legalize infanticide seven days post-birth.
Let's go see what Californians think of the bill.
So I prefer that most women make their decisions at eight weeks, but I'm also in support of ten months out of the womb.
So you think babies should be aborted 10 months after they're born?
If the mother wants to, yes.
I think f*** them kids.
So if you want to get a late-term abortion, that's up to you.
I've had an abortion too, and it was my choice, and I'm happy I had that choice.
If you're talking about post-birth,
Um, that's not considered an abortion.
Like, you could look up abortion in the dictionary.
Who would it be considered?
Murder at that point?
Um, I mean, if somebody, if somebody were to, um, you know, abandon their child in a dumpster, they would be, and they were found, like, yes, they would be charged.
Like, there are actual cases of that happening.
That's child neglect.
And, um, anyone who's putting their child in harm's way, like,
I think there should be definitely things put in place to make sure that children are safe.
Anything that is pre-birth, if it involves termination of a fetus, that's considered an abortion.
I 100% support it.
I've had an abortion myself.
I'm not a bad person because I made the choice that was right for me and now I have a life that I enjoy and I wouldn't take it back.
Would you guys get an abortion again?
100 times.
I'd do it multiple times.
Until I feel that I'm ready to parent, that's a choice I'll continue to make.
So basically, like, if they have their baby, they can neglect them for 7 days, and if the baby dies, then they can't be held criminally liable.
What do you think?
I mean, I think, like, I agree.
I think whatever, like, helps women and helps them achieve their, like, dreams and however that needs to, like, happen is definitely acts to help that is helping all of us.
Sav Says with Savannah Hernandez, founder of Bandai Video and Truth Social.
Savannah Hernandez here with us.
So they've trained women that killing their babies and killing them after they're born is how women get ahead.
They see it as a women's right.
They're very, very proud of it.
And I've seen a lot of these videos out there.
Yours is particularly powerful.
What do you make of this, how they've inverted femininity?
I think it's heartbreaking, Alex, and it's hard to listen to after this.
Interviews specifically, usually, I will go and conduct my interviews.
I'll start editing right away and get the footage out as soon as possible.
After this interview, I had to take an entire day off because I felt so spiritually depleted after listening to multiple people say, yes, we should kill our child 10 months out of the womb.
You know, I would get an abortion multiple times.
This woman in particular, the white woman that I interviewed,
Is like, yeah, you know, anything that has to do with child neglect or a child dying outside of the womb, I don't agree with.
But also, I support abortion, you know, as long as your baby's in the womb.
So it makes absolutely no sense with these women.
They're misinformed.
And this is, abortion is healthcare, is actual disinformation.
And Mark Dice got videos of them saying, kill baby every 10 months, which is actually what the left pushes.
I want to show people real feminine power.
People ask where I get my power from?
Never shown us before.
This is my mother's mother, Benny Grace Hammond.
And this is Patty Lemons.
That's my dad's mother.
And they were amazing women.
She died at like 80.
She died at 92.
But the point was, those were amazing, smart, powerful women.
And I just look at the women today and I don't see many of them that are as strong or full of a life force like you are Savannah.
You're so full of life force and you love God, you love justice.
And I think about grandmothers and I have, I have dreams about my grandmothers, not my grandfathers, like every week and their spirit is there.
The reason I bring it up is people want to know it's so strong to have women behind the culture and that are loving their families and being real women.
It's so powerful.
Definitely, Alex.
And honestly, one of the reasons why I'm so passionate about being on the ground is because I'm not raising my own family right now.
And I think that that is the ultimate thing that every single woman should be doing, is raising the next generation, is instilling these Christian values into our children, protecting our children.
So that is such an important thing that's lacking in the modern day.
And we do need to bring back these traditional roles for women.
The reason why these women said that they would get abortions multiple times
Is because they didn't have parents that loved them and taught them morals or values.
They're so depraved and they're so malicious with their views because they never had somebody that loved them enough and taught them about the value of human life.
And that in itself is a very sad thing to see.
So, you know, when I was on Harrison's show, he was asking me, Sav, how do you have hope for the future?
And my answer in response to that is I'm going to have kids one day and I'm going to get to raise the next generation.
And I know that I will be able to raise Americans who love this country, who are taught what is correct and right, and are raised up with Christian values.
And that's the best that I can do.
And talk about my grandmothers.
This one was amazing, and she got polio in the 50s, lived to 92, and was such an independent, hard-working, amazing lady.
And then this grandmother had a master's degree in education and English, and she stood up in East Texas to the KKK, everybody else.
It was just amazing.
These are powerful women.
And the left claims they want to empower women.
No, they want to stop women like these.
And you remind me of the strength of my grandmothers, so that's the best compliment I can give Savannah.
Well, thank you so much, Alex.
That means a lot to me.
And, um, again, I appreciate you.
With, you know, women and men are supposed to complement each other, and, you know, Alex has been a mentor to me, and Alex has laid the foundations of truth, and he's helped me and tried to keep me protected from these bad situations, as, you know, strong men should do.
So, Alex, I really do commend you on being one of the only, like, true alpha males in this space.
I've met a lot of people in the media industry.
A lot of them are genuinely corrupt behind the scenes.
They don't actually care about the ideals that they espouse.
And one of the things that I say to everybody is, you know, Alex might seem crazy, he might seem wild, but he believes every single thing that he preaches to his audience.
And that is a rare thing in media, especially.
And that is why I think you're so powerful, Alex, because you tell the truth and you actually care about humanity.
You care about men being men.
You care about women being women and just us taking back our country through morals and values.
Some of these clips you've done are just so groundbreaking.
You deserve a Pulitzer Prize.
It's true.
This should be on every channel, 60 minutes, but it's not.
Children drugged to be used to get across the border.
Getting rid of Title 42.
They won't even check the IDs of who has these kids.
And then the border crisis.
Let's play a couple of these clips.
Clip 7 and clip 8.
We don't have time in this segment.
We got to add them in post.
But here's clip 7.
Kids drugged to the border.
Savannah Hernandez shot this.
This is what they do to the kids, guys.
This is really a reality.
This is actually the United States right now.
He's unconscious!
Oh, he's totally unconscious.
Savannah, this should be the top story in the country.
I'm sitting here with the reporter who goes by Juan Moore News.
Juan, this is the first time this footage is being seen.
Can you explain to us what we're seeing?
So this footage was taken back in August of 2021 in Roma, Texas.
So this footage is when we encountered a lot of children that were made it across the river.
And they were actually sedated by the cartel members and the smugglers in order to stay quiet.
Now, they sedate them so they don't make any noise and make any problems when they're crossing.
And, I mean, they get sedated to the point that they look like they're dead.
So we've blurred out the footage here because these are children, but can you describe what the raw footage looks like, what these children's faces look like, and also what it was like taking this footage?
Well, the raw footage, I mean, it shows these kids, they look like they're unconscious.
And I mean, like I said, it looks like if from afar, they look like they're a corpse because they're not moving.
They're not responsive.
And just taking it, it was very, it was hard to sleep for a lot of nights after that, because it's just showing just how the cartels are being just this brutal to people and just harming kids because they just want to make a profit from smuggling people.
And these kids, I mean, we want to assume that these are their parents.
Do you know that for sure?
Were you able to talk to anybody?
It's hard to tell.
And then a lot of CBP sources that I've talked to on the ground have told me that they've had times where they've encountered like the same kid with like multiple times, two, three, four times.
You can't.
It's hard to tell.
That's the sick part.
People that are claiming to be the parents are actually the case.
A lot of times, a lot of people lie and actually get these kids or pay for them because they know that if they go in as a family unit or claiming to be a family unit, they will have more chances of being released into the US.
So satanic.
So border reporting is your specialty.
Can I ask, why, if Border Patrol has seen these kids multiple times, are they not helping them or, you know, taking them into custody?
Well, they're trying to do their best to help them out, but like I said, they're just overwhelmed with just- Oh, let's just stop right there.
The full report is at staff says at BandOnVideo, but they're doing it because they're ordered not to, and we know they use the children sometimes dozens of times, drugging them as their get-out-of-jail-free card.
This is, this is so satanic, Savannah.
Definitely and this is actually footage that was taken by one of my friends who's a reporter at the border and it didn't get released until just now because he works for a certain media company and they asked YouTube hey can we put this on our YouTube channel and YouTube said no because it was too graphic and so I told him this should be a huge story let me buy the footage from you and put it out.
Oh yeah YouTube doesn't want the crime show they want to keep this going.
So I was like, well, I'm gonna put it up, like, this needs to be seen.
People need to see what is going on.
And honestly, Alex, I've realized with my own reporting that we need to be putting out this shocking imagery because people read the headlines.
Yeah, we should have started the show with this, actually.
Oh, my God.
That's horrible to watch.
It really is.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Now you stand there tongue-tied.
You know, I just learned
That Piers Morgan did a big attack on me yesterday, and I take that as a badge of honor.
I'm attacked thousands of times a day by the New World Order because I do want justice and I am trying to tell the truth.
I'm not perfect, but I can only stay in this position and fight these people with your support.
So thank you for your word of mouth and your prayer.
Savannah Hernandez, we don't have time to play all these clips, but I want to get back to
Drugging children at the border and a major conservative outlet, we won't say the name, had this footage for a while, didn't put it out.
The Border Patrol has said this is going on.
They're obviously drugged up on an opiate and they're being used because then the government lets them in if they have children.
Now with getting rid of Title 42, anybody comes in.
This is just, it's so shameful and it lets you know just how damn evil the people are running our government.
Yeah, you know, Alex, I was talking to a lot of the National Guard members that are at the border, and it was heartbreaking to hear what they're going through down there, because they're watching children drown in the Rio Grande as their parents force them to cross every single day.
They have little kids who are just abandoned.
Because their parents got swept away.
They're watching people drown.
We just had a National Guard member, Bishop Evans, drown trying to save illegal immigrants who were involved with drug trafficking at our border in Eagle Pass, the exact same place where I was at.
Also, the cartels own cell phone towers across the way in Mexico from Eagle Pass where those National Guard's men are posted up.
They're finding the cell phones of the National Guard and they're sending them pictures of dead bodies and death threats and telling them they're going to kill them.
So that's what's happening to our National Guard at the border.
And Savannah, interrupt, you're saying important stuff.
When I get upset, it's empathy because I know I'm in danger and my children are.
Folks, this is bad.
This is America doing this.
I mean, we are in danger when this is going.
You understand?
You think it's going to stop there?
Yeah, Alex, it was very difficult to see and it's really horrible that the Biden administration is allowing this to prosper and is allowing it to happen.
God, is Biden not just, it's so evil, everything he does.
It's so, it's so fantastical, I can't even believe it.
I can't either, Alex, which is why, you know, I do like going out on the street and reporting on these things, because you read these headlines, you see these statistics, and it's so evil and insane that it sounds too crazy to be true, but then you go and you watch people crossing over, you go watch our National Guardsmen have to put their lives on the line.
To go save these people who are trafficking drugs across our border.
And then you have the Biden administration and our entire media that's like, oh, illegal immigrants are being whipped at the border because the National Guard and Border Patrol are so evil.
And then the Border Patrol's whipping the horse.
Yeah, exactly.
This doesn't want to go in the river.
So they're twisting the narrative.
They're allowing this to prosper.
The cartels were celebrating once Biden got into office because they knew they were going to be making millions.
Not to be vulgar, but so people understand what's happening at our border.
Women and children are being raped by either the Mexican police on that side or by the cartels.
Even the UN says 88% of women coming across are being raped.
It's horrible, Alex.
It's horrible to see.
I mean, look at this.
There's different areas, right?
When people cross over, they'll change clothes because they're all wet.
And so it looks like a trash bin has exploded on the border.
And I'm looking around and I see children's shoes, I see birth control, and I see condoms littered everywhere.
And it was horrific because it's like, I know that people are getting sexually assaulted here.
I know that children are going through worse things here.
I'm glad you're at Truth Social.
We want to get you back with them full work.
We know you're posting a video.
Amazing work you're doing.
And this is scary and crazy, but not as bad as going into a thousand Antifa by yourself.
So we thank you for coming in.
It's been amazing.
Promise we'll start visiting more often.
I promise, Alex.
I love you guys.
I miss you guys.
And I'm traveling a lot, but when I'm not, I'll try to pop in when I can.
You did a great job on Heroin Suspect this morning.
Thank you so much.
Are you going to hang out with old Owen?
Hey, I don't know.
I don't know if I'm big enough to go on Owen's show, so we'll see.
Oh my goodness.
You and Owen.
I know, I know.
He's one of my favorites.
What a dynamic duo over there.
What can I say?
I know.
Good old Owen.
So, uh, anyways, we got the great
Sweet boy.
Roger Stone coming up.
But first, it's a couple minutes long.
It's going to be posted to Bandai Video.
It went viral the last few days.
A clip of myself from September 14, 2021, with Bill Gates being exposed.
Here's Bill Gates and his own words coming up.
And then the wrecking ball, the American patriot, the former political prisoner, Roger Stone.
Was he really censored on Twitter?
Or what really happened?
It's all coming up.
Stay with us.
We're good.
The issue that really grabbed me as urgent were issues related to population, reproductive health.
This radio show, InfoWars.com, is about action.
It's about being involved, being informed, and standing up to con artists.
Earlier I played some clips of Al Gore's lecturing High Horse how any disaster, any problem, any dust storm, any fire,
Is the result any flood of human activity when carbon dioxide is much lower than it's ever been recorded in history.
That's what's crazy.
They tax flatulence of animals.
They tax the carbon dioxide that comes out of plants.
And I've seen Bill Gates, I've played the clip, and I've seen the New York Times.
In fact, Google, New York Times, a tax to breathe, or paying to breathe.
And they said, yeah.
See, they take something absurd and go, yeah, we are going to tax you to breathe.
It's for the earth.
And I've seen Bill Gates say, in that little yuppie voice, and then what we need to do is,
Get this graph down to zero on carbon dioxide being output on the earth.
How are we going to do that?
Well, humans are the main thing and we put out individually this amount at the TED conference.
What do you think about that?
Everybody goes, ha ha ha, and he goes, that's right.
We've got to get this down to zero.
And he puts his clicker and puts an image of a human up there.
And all the little anti-human control freaks, you know, that mommy never disciplined, like, get off on the thrill of, ha ha ha, we're going to kill everybody.
And Gates laughs with, and then there's a, I should do a special newscast on this on the Nightly News, where I just show a little giggling about killing us.
The giggling about killing us at TED conference.
The giggling about killing us at another conference where he said,
If we get rid of Grandma and don't give her end-of-life care, we hire ten teachers!
What do you think about that?
I mean, it's just like scum, Nazi-filled, trash, garbage maggots.
We are all ruled by little chicken-neck Nellies going, uh, kill everybody!
I get off when I talk about cutting people's power off!
I'm a Nelly!
Just simpering control freaks in big nerd packs, taking everything over, ruling everything, becoming police officers with weapons, tasering us for fun.
I've had it with control freaks and scum!
You people are cancer!
Alright, I'm not in a good mood now.
I just started thinking about Bill Gates up there with that little chicken neck.
Hopping around, a little murdering eugenicist.
You know how he walks?
Like a demonic elf.
Hey, Bill Gates!
I'm gonna shoot you up with something that's gonna kill you dead in a hammer.
How's a 30-year death from gut disease sound, African children?
Roll up the sleeves!
I'm a little chicken-neck bastard, and nobody's got the will to see what I am!
So you've got a thing on the left, CO2, that you want to get to zero.
And that's going to be based on the number of people, the services each person's using on average, the energy on average for each service, and the CO2 being put out per unit of energy.
So let's look at each one of these and see how we can get this down to zero.
Probably one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty near to zero.
Now that's back from high school algebra, but let's take a look.
The problem is that the population is growing the fastest where people are less able to deal with it.
So it's in the very poorest places that you're going to have a tripling in population by 2050.
First, we've got population.
The world today has 6.8 billion people.
That's headed up to about 9 billion.
Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, healthcare, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.
But there we see an increase of about 1.3.
Now malaria is of course transmitted by mosquitoes.
I brought some here so you could experience this.
We'll let those roam around the auditorium a little bit.
There's no reason only poor people should have the experience.
Those mosquitoes are not infected.
That's a trade-off society is making because of very, very high medical costs and a lack of willingness to say, you know, is spending a million dollars on that last three months of life for that patient, would it be better not to lay off those ten teachers and
To make that trade-off in medical costs.
But that's called the death panel.
And you're not supposed to have that discussion.
But by the way, all that NPR voice, all that Nelly stuff, is Delphi technique training.
An epidemic, either naturally caused or intentionally caused, is the most likely thing to cause, say, 10 million excess deaths.
Today, the greatest risk of global catastrophe doesn't look like this.
Instead, it looks like this.
If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it's most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war.
Oh, hi!
I'm Bill Gates.
I want to give you some shots that are going to kill a lot of people and do hurt you, but we're going to be indemnified by governments, taxpayers.
Also, my dad did run Planned Parenthood, and I do believe in depopulation and killing old people.
But it's okay.
Because I'm wearing a pink sweater.
And you notice who works for me?
Mark Zuckerberg wears a pink sweater too.
And now all of his money is tax free as well.
And he wants you to take shots as well.
So, if you don't take the shots we want to give you, we're going to have you taken off the internet for now, and you won't be able to leave your house unless you take the shots.
So take the shots, because there's just too many people.
I'm Bill Gates, reminding you, don't go to Bandod Video, and just do what I say.
We need more childhood death, okay?
And I almost forgot, I'm wearing a pink sweater.
We are now joined for the rest of the hour by the mighty Roger Stone.
Roger, I want to talk about Elon Musk, I want to talk about the economy, I want to talk about Russia, I want to talk about January 6th, all of you, my good friend, my compadre, but wow!
I got a bunch of texts last night, and I didn't call you, I didn't want to bug you, like, Roger's back on Twitter!
And then within hours, it was banned, and, oh, the New York Times, the Washington Post, I've got a Rubbingham poster all right here, oh, he's banned again, thank God!
And then you text me, you go, I said, I texted you, I said, is this true?
He said, no, that's not even my account!
They can't get anything right.
Elon currently hasn't taken over completely.
But regardless, you and I are a litmus test here.
We should be reinstated.
Wow, Roger, this is just crazy.
What do you make of this?
Well, first of all, let me take a moment to salute Savannah Hernandez.
As you know, she was the producer at The War Room when Owen Schroyer and I were teamed up.
She's really emerged as a great spokesperson for freedom.
Very, very proud of her.
A member of the Infowars family originally.
Great to see her on the air with you, Alex.
Yeah, this is kind of an exercise in political activism.
I was with you when we learned that Elon Musk had successfully acquired Twitter.
And it was a celebratory moment.
By the way, if you want to look, folks, that particular version of the Alex Jones Show has had over 350,000 downloads online.
And I knew it was good news, but then I began to see lists of those who have unjustly been deplatformed, including President Donald Trump, you of course, Alex Jones, Mike Lindell, General Mike Flynn, my good friend Milo, so many others.
But I noticed that I was missing from all those lists.
In all honesty, perhaps it's because
I was de-platformed way back in 2017.
I was a pioneer.
And as you pointed out to me at the time, when I was de-platformed, no conservatives rose to my defense.
No other conservatives other than you, Alex, were outraged.
We'll talk about it on the other side.
And real quick, where do people find the Robote and Roger Stone fix?
That's right, Roger.
They can go to StoneColdTruth.com right now, StoneColdTruth.com, or they can check out my show, The Stone Zone, at FrankSpeech.com every day at 4 o'clock Central, 5 o'clock Eastern.
All right, we'll be back with the living legend, Roger Stone.
The embattled.
Roger Stone is our guest.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
The big debate is will Elon Musk reinstate people, which will totally enrage the left.
Trump, I think, foolishly has said, oh, I'm not going to go there.
I'm on true social, which he doesn't even post to.
He should get the Twitter and then point at that.
But you know Trump better than I do.
Moving on from that, Roger Stone dumped from Twitter almost as fast as he rejoined.
More fake news.
You're getting into this big battle over Twitter and these latest pieces of disinformation.
So what I did, Alex, to prove my point was, instead of trying to get my currently suspended Twitter page reinstated, where I had just short of a million followers, I purposely posted a new profile, confident that the current woke staff at Twitter would ban me immediately, and it only took six hours.
Okay, because I barely talked to you this morning, I misinterpreted.
You were just saying, I get it, it wasn't an official account though.
No, I just did it to prove a point.
And that is, I'm among the banned.
I'm among the censored.
I'm one of the pioneers when it comes to censorship.
My hope is, and the message I was trying to send to Elon Musk, who I have huge respect for, because I think he's kind of more of a libertarian than anything else.
Believe me, I'd be driving a Tesla if I could afford one, is that the staff there, the people working there, have got to go.
He needs to clean house and put in software engineers who reflect his vision, which is a vision of free speech.
I've been watching his tweets on a friend's Twitter feed, and he admits that the left in this country has moved even further to the left.
He thinks the right is too extreme as well.
Not necessarily wrong about that.
But given the shift to the left, if you're in the center, well that unfortunately these days puts you on the left.
I think Elon Musk is neither left nor right.
I just think he's a truth teller.
He's an entrepreneur.
And most importantly, he understood that when it came to a tender offer for Twitter, well, money talks and bullcrap walks.
I mean, at the end of the day, he made them an offer that was so great that they put aside their ideological mission of crushing free speech by people like Alex Jones and Roger Stone and Laura Loomer and others, and they took the money.
How long do you think it takes for him to get full control?
Like, at what point do we get mad that he hasn't reinstated us?
Because, again, we have our own platforms.
It's not about, oh, we need that platform.
It's about the symbol of us being brought back.
How long do you give him until we start getting a little bit upset?
Well, I don't want to paraphrase Judge Katenji Brown-Jackson, but I'm not a Wall Street expert, and I'm certainly not a financial expert, so I don't know how long the completion of his transaction will take, but I hope that when he does get control, he realizes that he needs to clean house.
Well, they're already saying he's going to get rid of that lawyer and the head CEO.
Well, and I love the idea of turning their headquarters in San Francisco into a shelter for the homeless, and I hope he will relocate the entire operation to either Texas or Florida.
Good idea.
I mean, what I love about this guy is that he's such a straight talker.
They can't pigeonhole him as a right-wing extremist because he's not a right-wing extremist.
He's an entrepreneur, but he has a commitment to free speech.
Well, Roger, you've been for marijuana decriminalization, you have been for prison reform, you have been for gay rights, and then they call you an extreme right-wing Nazi.
I mean, it's just, none of it makes, it's not true.
No, I'm a libertarian conservative.
People know that.
You know, there was a time that I was pro-abortion.
With my redemption in Jesus Christ, I've changed my views radically.
I'm now very pro-life.
I feel very strong about it.
And by the way, it's not fake.
Roger calls up and preaches at me.
It's pretty astounding.
You're definitely not faking.
Well, the birth of my first great-grandson really just reinforced my belief that abortion is murder, and I'm now opposed to it.
But I'll be attacked for that as well.
Look, the bottom line here is more than just the acquisition of Twitter.
Twitter is the head of the snake.
Whenever any an idea, no matter how absurd or ridiculous, for example, the Russians helped elect Donald Trump, whenever an idea like that reaches critical mass on Twitter, then the dopes who are in the newsrooms at the New York Times and the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal and CNN... And the Justice Department taking his Gospels, that's my next point.
They are in hundreds of articles a day saying you and I led January 6th attack, which is preposterous.
As you warned me a year ago, they are now creating that false narrative and that drum.
Where do you see that going?
Yeah, I think that we now lose the source of the talking points.
I mean, first of all, there is no evidence.
I think we both made it very clear.
We know nothing about the violence or the illegal acts on January 6th.
I feel nothing but empathy and pity for those who were arrested because I think their due process is being violated.
I think that people have already served more time in hellhole-like conditions than they would get if they were convicted of trespassing, for example.
Many of them do not have adequate legal
I don't know.
Take for example my friend Sal Greco, the New York police officer.
They're trying to ruin his life.
He wasn't even there on January 6th.
He was in the hotel room with me.
He knows nothing about any illegal activities.
But, you know, they're trying to destroy him.
They're trying to take away his pension.
By the way, you can help him by helpthisnycop.com.
Because they're trying to fire him.
That's the crazy point.
They go, why wasn't Roger at the thing?
Because I had to have 30 security people to break through the crowd of a million to get there.
Barely could.
It was a nightmare.
And you were like, I can't get out of the hotel.
It was a million people there.
Imagine being Roger Stone, Alex Jones, or Donald Trump and a million people.
I barely got into the ellipse.
So the idea that, oh, you didn't go because you were quarterbacking an attack.
It's just ridiculous.
Well, at least three Washington Post reporters all confirm that I was never in the so-called war room inside the Willard Hotel.
If there was a war room, I'm unaware of it.
I certainly was in no war room.
But you know what they call a war room, Roger.
We had a show called War Room.
You were the co-host.
We still have it.
That's the name of Bannon's show.
So he was doing a show called The War Room.
That's the games they play.
Yeah, well, the real War Room is on every day, 4 o'clock Central.
I believe it is maybe 2 o'clock Central, 3 o'clock Central, here at InfoWars.
That's the real War Room.
If you want to see it, we did a great version of it last week.
Owen Schroyer, he's improved dramatically since the days that I was there, and he was good then.
So you don't want to miss the War Room today, right after the Alex Jones Show.
And again, it's called War Room.
We're not plotting to kill people.
It's called the War Room.
Well, James Carville was in a documentary entitled The War Room.
It doesn't connote advocacy of violence.
It's just a name.
But I did want to tell people the truth about Twitter.
So no, I wasn't banned.
I was already suspended.
I'm still suspended.
But I do want Elon Musk to notice that I am among those whose free speech rights have been
All right, stay there, stay there.
I want to get into the Ministry of Truth.
I mean, I say that, and it sounds like I'm lying, but it's real.
They've announced the Ministry of Truth.
We have clips of this, congressional hearings, the Roger Stone coming up.
An actual Homeland Security Ministry of Truth has been announced.
Roger Stone's our guest.
Thank you for joining us.
NewsWars.com, InfoWars.com, Band.Video.
Can't share those links on most platforms, so you share the new link that's not censored for now, BattlePlan.News.
She had previously called the Hunter Biden laptop a Trump campaign product, seeming to discredit its validity or validity of reporting surrounding that.
How can you assuage concerns of people who are looking at this person who's been appointed to this position and wondering if she's going to be able to accurately judge misinformation now that a lot of that reporting has been proven to be
Prevent disinformation, headed up by the whole Russiagate hoax lady,
Biden's new Ministry of Truth director turns out to be a raving lunatic.
This woman ran the whole Russiagate hoax.
Roger Stone, what do you make of this?
Well, Alex, just in case anybody thinks you're kidding, here's the cover of today's New York Post.
Big Sister is watching you.
Let's be very clear.
Nina Janowicz, the woman who is now the head of the ministry to Orwellian Monitor our speech, is herself one of the progenitors who claimed that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation.
Called out on that.
She said, well, she was merely reflecting what Joe Biden said.
Well, Joe Biden was lying and therefore she is lying.
She also was lauding Christopher Steele, trying to say once again that the Steele dossier was legitimate.
Sorry, Nina, that's BS as well.
And her worst nightmare is that free speech absolutists, she says, would get a foothold in the Internet.
I don't understand that.
Who died and made her the thought police goddess?
Well, evidently Joe Biden did, or Joe Biden was told to by Barack Obama.
So this is outrageous.
Americans should be very angry.
We're smart enough on our own to figure out what is the truth.
American people are very, very smart.
They can discern BS from facts, but not if they're never exposed to the facts.
So this appointment is outrageous.
It is obviously yet another attempt to control news.
She's worried that minority communities will be marginalized by the advent of free speech.
That's bizarre.
That's mental illness.
That's crazy.
It's almost as bad as Robert Reich, the former Labor Secretary under Bill Clinton, saying that Elon Musk's commitment to free speech is the hallmark of every great despot
That's right, he said free speech is anti-free speech, and the group going against Marjorie Taylor Greene is called the Free Speech Group.
It wants her so she can't run from office because she says they want to keep people from winning office.
So she says they're trying to frustrate the voters' will.
The most critical way to do it is to not let a candidate run.
I mean, that is the essence of election fraud.
For saying they want to stop candidates.
She now can, they're trying not, I mean, let her run.
It's just, it's unbelievable!
Yeah, it's election interference, as the left would say.
Once again, this woman savagely attacked former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, perhaps the greatest mayor in New York history, and said that he was peddling Russian disinformation, when in fact we now know that virtually everything, all, not virtually, everything
Rudy Giuliani said about Hunter Biden's laptop is correct, except for it's much worse than we were led to believe.
So disinformation is the hallmark of this administration.
And this appointment is particularly disgraceful.
This woman, Nina Genovitz,
Let me ask you this question, I totally agree with you Roger Stone.
Why are they like being cartoon character villains?
I mean, a Ministry of Truth?
And you've got new WEF announcements of depopulation.
I mean, they're just, it's insane.
And then when we counter it and go, hey, we don't want a Ministry of Truth, doesn't exist, you're crazy, or we don't want depopulation, oh, you're crazy, doesn't exist, or we don't want censorship, oh, you're crazy, doesn't exist, the gaslighting isn't working anymore, in my view.
How do you see this with 193 days out from the midterms unfolding?
I mean, how can they grab victory from the jaws of defeat?
That's why they're in such a hurry, Alex, as our friend Tucker Carlson points out.
They don't act like people who have the luxury of time.
They know that every single day that more and more Americans are waking up to what's going on.
Let's be honest, InfoWars has a lot to do with it.
That's why they're so desperate to shut InfoWars down, because it is a beacon of freedom.
I'm going to come out right out and say it.
The only reason I've got the energy to do this broadcast is because I'm using BrainForce+.
I don't get paid to say anything by that, by the way.
I have no deal with Alex Jones.
By the way, every time you do that, they run national headlines.
Like, it's bad that we sell a well-known brain formula.
I mean, we just sell whatever the top thing is.
We clone it.
I mean, it's like, oh my God!
Roger Stone went on Huffington Post, New York Times.
He said Jones has a good brain pill.
How dare you, Roger?
Where is he going to Whole Foods and buy the same thing for $5 more?
I mean, it's just insane.
Actually, that's not true, because what the stuff you buy at Walmart or the stuff you buy at the drugstore is laced with ephedra, which, yeah, gives you a quick burst of energy, but then you crash.
Brain Force Plus is subtle in terms of it gives you energy and both mental and physical focus, but there is no after effect.
So, folks, go to the InfoWars store right now and order your Brain Force
We're good to go.
Well, first of all, there is a concerted effort to make sure that many in these upcoming Republican primaries are rhinos, so that the Republican majority in the House and the Senate is illusionary.
It's not enough just to take both houses.
We have to be discerning.
We need to elect candidates like Laura Loomer.
Like Mike Crispy in New Jersey.
Like J.R.
Majewski in Ohio.
Let's use those as examples.
We need to elect candidates like Jan Morgan to the U.S.
Senate in Arkansas.
Like Jackson Lawmire and Dr. Randy Groener in Oklahoma.
We have to have subsets of true American patriots who can use their leverage to drive the Republican majority.
You cannot just say, election night, well, the Republicans won, the Republic will be saved.
That is unfortunately not the case.
So people need to focus on individual races.
America will be won or lost between now and this November.
We do not have the luxury of time, folks.
This is it.
This is the struggle for freedom.
It'll be decided in the upcoming primaries and in the upcoming general election.
I totally agree.
We are under attack, but we have the dagger of truth.
And if we use that dagger of truth, we will survive.
If we don't, we deserve what happens to us.
But I mean, I gotta say, Roger, how weird is it, because I know you were around with Barry Goldwater and all those guys, and Ronald Reagan, warning of this, and Ron Paul, and now it's all here.
I mean, this is like, this is crazy.
Well, Alex, nobody's been more accurate than you have.
They made fun of you, you know, five years ago, ten years ago, when you began predicting everything that would happen.
The New World Order is here, folks.
These people have no regard for civil liberties, no regard for the Constitution.
No regard for the law.
They have a short period of time in which they intend to crush the American system, to bury our heritage, to erase our history.
The worst thing you can be today is a white male.
I mean, that's toxic to them.
So folks need to go to InfoWars right now.
If you're not interested in buying one of their great products, there is a donate button you can give to.
I was in Austin last week.
This is real, folks.
We're not just crying wolf.
The legal attacks, the lawfare attacks coming at InfoWars every single day, the attacks on me and my wife in these... Stay there, Roger.
Stay there.
They call her a KKK mother.
That's what...
Late night talk shows call her, they call her a stupid woman, but I find her to be very instinctive and very smart.
MTG winning at a record level in Georgia and an example of what really scares a globalist.
Here she is in a press conference, the full thing's up on InfoWars.com yesterday.
Popped story on Yahoo last night and this morning, saying she wants Milo Yiannopoulos and Alex Jones and Elon Musk at a roundtable about free speech.
She's introduced a bill to counter all the attacks on free speech.
Here it is.
There'd be a lot of people I'd love to invite to this roundtable.
I see someone standing behind you right there, Milo Yiannopoulos.
I think he'd be a great person to have there.
Alex Jones would be another person.
We'll put together a great list of people who have been just almost deleted from public life due to this type of censorship, and I think Elon Musk will enjoy talking with them.
And once they do that, Roger, you and I have experienced it.
It's not just that you're silenced.
Then they can say whatever lie they want about you.
This Elon Musk thing is big.
I want to go back to the earlier question.
How do the Democrats, the deep state, counter this when the whole world's turning against them?
Obviously, election fraud.
And now they're saying it's illegal to question election fraud with their Ministry of Truth.
What are your predictions in 193 days?
Well, as I've said previously, my greatest concern is that Dr. Fauci and his colleagues will cook up some new pandemic, cause a public panic, lock down America, and then the Democrats will jam through federal legislation, which Joe Biden, somebody will hold his hand and help him sign it into law, that requires that all voting in our next federal elections be by mail-in ballot.
Mail-in voting is an invitation for fraud.
Elections should be held on one day and one day only.
And I applaud Carrie Lake and Mark Fincham.
Carrie Lake's running for Governor of Arizona.
Mark Fincham's running for Secretary of State.
They are pushing a proposal to return to paper ballots.
Paper ballots is how we conducted our elections successfully in this country for decades.
Texas always used paper ballots and paper ballots are more trackable.
There's less opportunity for fraud.
Yes, there should be provisions for absentee ballots.
If someone can prove that they are too sick to go
Questionable ballots in the middle of the night, which we, by the way, saw in France, which we saw in the last presidential election, that cannot be allowed.
And Roger, let's not debate this.
The Democrats in a bunch of cities have illegal aliens voting now.
I mean, so they admit this.
I mean, they're engaged in mass fraud.
There's not a debate about this.
I would be surprised if they had space aliens that are voting.
So you guys at Media Matters, you can now run to your computer and you can post that if you want.
Have fun.
It's a joke.
It's satire.
So let me ask you this, Roger.
You make your great points.
What do we do to counter this?
Get involved politically?
I mean, what extra can we do to stop this, this, this catastrophe that we're steaming into?
Well, first of all, you said the most important word.
People do need to pray.
Prayer has real, real power.
I'm only before you through the grace of Jesus Christ, only through the power of prayer.
Otherwise, I would have died in a dank Georgia prison of COVID-19, which was the government's plan for me.
Only through the intercession of the Lord am I with you.
Yes, if you're a liberal elite in New York, you can snicker at that.
You can mock me.
You can say that it's a head fake or some kind of pose.
Don't really care what you think.
Only care what he thinks.
So, now that we've dispensed of that, secondarily, free speech is the key to everything.
You cannot galvanize public opinion.
You cannot mobilize the demand for free, fair, honest elections without free speech.
I still believe that we are the majority.
Unfortunately, we're the silent majority because many of us have been silenced.
But as I have said from the beginning, we need to create our own community on the internet.
We need to have our own news programs, programming, like InfoWars, which uses its own servers, which doesn't rely on Amazon or Google or Apple or anyone.
And that's why it's so precious to support.
Let me play these clips for you, then, and get your take on them.
What's going to happen with Biden?
We knew three years ago you and I got double-banned by Facebook.
They listed us and said, you're allowed to call for violence against these individuals.
Look it up.
I'm not kidding, folks.
Paul Watson, yourself, Louis Farrakhan of all people, 25 names put on the list for saying he had cognitive disabilities from brain surgery.
Now that's completely clear.
He can barely talk.
I want to ask you, how do they extricate themselves from Biden?
But first, here's a clip of him not being able to say kleptocracy, which is the name of himself.
That will enhance our underlying effort.
To accommodate the Russian oligarchs and make sure we take their ill-begotten gains.
We're going to accommodate them.
We're going to seize their yachts, their luxury homes and other ill-begotten gains of Putin's kleptocracy.
The guys who are the kleptocracies.
These are bad guys.
You're a pedophile.
What happens to him?
This is a guy who, by the way, was very proud to point out that they had put together the largest, most comprehensive voter fraud operation in American history.
Remember, he said that.
We put together the best fraud.
He said it!
Yeah, he just blurts the truth out from time to time on those days that he doesn't know what day of the week is.
By the way, if we're going to be seizing properties, the Monsai Million Dollar Condominium in Miami Beach, owned by Ukrainian President Zelensky, the actor, the comedian, the dancer, that should probably be seized, because I'm not sure how he afforded that.
Look, I said this last week, it didn't get as many downloads as our conversation on Elon Musk, but I still predict right now that Joe Biden will be removed by the 25th Amendment.
He will be constitutionally and legally removed as president shortly after the election.
They will deify him while they're doing it.
He will presumably agree to step aside.
And they're going to say, this great statesman, this great American, unfortunately, he's not well enough to do the job anymore.
We're going to have to remove him.
It requires a majority of the cabinet.
Plus the acquiescence of the Vice President.
So I stand by my prediction made last week right here on the Alex Jones Show that they will replace him after the election because the net result of the corruption and the sexual exploitation of children and the drug use and the treason that is documented in the three laptops of Hunter Biden
That we now know are absolutely real, coupled with high gas prices, food shortages, crippling inflation.
Imploding border.
And those surging across our border, that's just too heavy a burden.
No, you're right.
And it'll be like a public funeral, but he'll still be alive, eulogizing him, but he's being removed.
I totally agree with you.
Let's play this clip.
This is Ari Melber on MSNBC inverting reality and saying, if Elon Musk takes Twitter and has free speech, that'll meddle in the election.
Everything he's saying here is what they've done to us.
Here it is.
You own all of Twitter or Facebook or what have you.
You don't even have to be transparent.
You could secretly ban one party's candidate or all of its candidates, all of its nominees, or you could just secretly turn down the reach of their stuff and turn up the reach of something else and the rest of us might not even find out about it till after the election.
Elon Musk says this is all to help people because he is just a free speech, philosophically clear, open-minded helper.
So there they are describing exactly what they've done and claiming freedom is what they've done.
I mean, I've never seen such an inversion.
Ari, what you're talking about happens on Facebook today.
Republican candidates are not allowed to use their advertising app, not allowed to use those.
Democrats are.
Ari Melber is one of the greatest distortionists of all time.
I mean, this guy is really a freak.
And guilt by association is his favorite tactic.
Absolutely his favorite tactic.
Well, it's like they say in the dog food business, the dogs hate that stuff.
Nobody's watching CNN because nobody believes it.
As I've said many times, I don't get my news from CNN for the same reason I don't eat out of the toilet.
Thanks for having me today, Alex.
God bless you.
Have a great weekend and Godspeed.
Best website again.
StoneColdTruth.com, and check out my show, The Stone Zone, at FrankSpeech.com at 5 o'clock Eastern, 4 o'clock Central, today.
God bless you.
You ought to steal Steve Bannon's name, The War Room, for your show.
I think we may steal it back, Steve.
That's a joke.
It's a joke.
All right, thank you, Roger.
I'll do five more minutes, and then Jay Dyer takes over.
Thank you, Roger Stone.
All right, so last segment I'm going to be hosting until Sunday night, 4 to 6 p.m.
The great Jay Dyer is fired up with his wife and co-host, ready to take over here in just a few minutes.
And the War Room is in an hour with the wonderful, good friend of mine, such a patriot, such a real man.
Such a just steadfast Boy Scout.
Owen Schroyer in one hour.
Infowars.com forward slash show at radio stations across the country.
By the way, we've gained about 50, a little over 50 radio stations the last few months with the persecution.
We're up at 350 stations right now.
So the persecution is backfiring.
The Streisand effect is in effect.
Now, Piers Morgan.
Edited tapes of Trump, claim he stormed out, lied about everything.
The guy is a snake in the grass, we already know that.
But he came out last night and attacked me, and it's blowing up in his face.
People are so sick of this crap.
But if you work for the establishment, you attack Alex Jones, here he is.
Talking of removal from classless to cashless, the name Alex Jones may not be familiar to you, until I replay an old clip from the time he screamed at me about guns on American television.
How many gun murders were there in Britain last year?
How many chimpanzees can dance on the head of a pin?
The tyrants did it.
Hitler took the guns.
Stalin took the guns.
Mao took the guns.
Fidel Castro took the guns.
Hugo Chavez took the guns.
And I'm here to tell you, 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!
Oh, I hear you cry.
That crazy guy.
Well, Jones isn't just crazy.
He's a nasty piece of work who built a gigantic online following with his InfoWars website and made many millions of dollars peddling mad conspiracy theories about the US government.
His most vile claim was that the 2012 Sandy Hook mass shooting was faked.
Very few tragedies have ever moved me more profoundly than that appalling massacre in which 20 children, aged between 6 and 7, were shot dead in their classrooms by a lone lunatic.
But Alex Jones responded to what happened by saying it was all a government-staged hoax, perpetrated by crisis actors to justify new gun control laws being introduced.
It was a disgusting lie that caused immeasurable new grief and misery to the poor families of the children who died.
But ten of those families decided to sue him for defamation.
And they won.
And they won big.
Now Jones, a great government conspiracy theorist,
Has filed for bankruptcy as he awaits details of the huge damages he'll now have to pay.
And he's been reduced to desperately and pathetically begging the same government he has always said is the enemy of the people for bankruptcy relief.
Oh, the irony.
Jones deserves everything coming his way.
What he did to those Sandy Hook families was beyond despicable.
He's been morally bankrupt for decades, now he'll be financially bankrupt too.
And hopefully that means he'll never again be able to lead such a vile smear campaign like the one he did to desecrate the memory of those 20 young children.
Piers, you're the one that's morally bankrupt, I'm the one that questioned WMDs in Iraq, Gulf of Tonkin, Operation Northwoods, what happened with people like Jesse Smollett, and you're the one that lives off that.
You're the one that's a fraud that's anti-free speech, anti-Second Amendment, and a piece of garbage.
And, oh, I'm going to the deep state, as the New York Times said, to do limited bankruptcy to show the public that I don't have hundreds of millions of dollars.
These people are trying to get to silence our speech.
They're coming after all of our speech.
My speech, your speech, everybody's speech.
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Encourage you to realize how important this fight is and to continue it.
God bless you and good luck!
You know, it's going back to what we all thought was going to happen in the 90s when the internet and mobile technology first came out, which is we thought, you know, this is going to level the playing field.
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That's our goal.
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So that's our goal is to help people take back their freedom by helping them to take back their privacy.
And so that's really what we're trying to do.
And so I hope that everybody listening will check us out at VoltaWireless.com.
That's V-O-L-T-A Wireless dot com.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis, and I'm here with my Disney princess wife, Jamie Henshaw, and today we're going to cover the dark side of Disney, Disney's dark secrets.
Jamie's done a lot of research on this.
She's written a couple books that delve into this, and it's perfect timing given the fact that what Megan Fox just came out talking about the fact that
She drinks blood.
I got to thinking about that and the blood drinking and how many flavors of STDs you think you could taste if you drank Hollywood blood?
31 flavors.
32, right?
Plus that's Masonic, right?
Anyway, so we're going to get into the history of Disney and how it's always been a deep state tied at the hip of the military industrial complex corporation.
And why don't you kick us off with that?
You've got a bunch of notes here, so tell us about Disney.
Welcome, boys and girls!
I am Princess Programming, and we are going to tell you a tale of enchanted sorcery.
And today we are going to talk about all of the things that I have been studying about Disney for the past 10 years.
I have three books on it, I have multiple shows, articles,
All of those things, and I have condensed it for you because I heard you talking about Disney last week, and I am here for it.
Let's kick them when they're down.
And first off, let's just start talking about Walt Disney the person.
He is sus.
He is a very shady character, and let me tell you, I hope you watch till the end because this is going to get very weird.
He was born in 1901, allegedly.
His father was very abusive, and his brother Roy actually ran away from home.
He tried to enlist in the Navy in World War I, but there was a problem with his birth certificate, which is going to come up later in his life.
His parents were acting very weird about his documents and everything.
And so he just decided to sidestep that and join the Red Cross by lying on a form.
So during the World War I, he would make fake battle relics and sell them.
So he would get helmets and put bullets in them and fake blood and everything and sell them for profit as relics.
So he was a mountebank?
Then later on in his career, he was used by the B'nai B'rith in the 30s to bring family values back to Hollywood and deflect scandals, because this was right after the Great Depression, and America was trying to get back on track, and they saw Hollywood as a sort of Babylon and a source of degeneracy.
So they chocker propped up Walt Disney as a wholesome,
Entertainer with family values that could get Hollywood back into the hearts and minds of the American public, right?
So that's why Disney Studios was so strict back in the day.
They couldn't have mustaches.
They had all these weird moral rules.
It sounds like a mafia rule.
Like what?
Why no mustaches?
Well, a lot of times people with, um, dirt, uh,
We're trying to cover up things, try to be more moral than everybody else.
Because it's a front.
Oh, I see.
So just made up legalistic rules of piety.
So for Walt Disney, finding his true parentage was the bane of his existence.
And this is the issue that J. Edgar Hoover used to strike a deal where Walt agreed to assist in the crusade against the spread of communism in Hollywood.
And in return, the FBI had full access to Disney.
So he became a full special agent in 1954.
Representatives from the FBI had complete access to Disneyland for use in official matters.
And in 1958, three special episodes of the Mickey Mouse Club featured a budding 13-year-old secret agent who tours FBI headquarters admiring agents in action.
And actually, Walt Disney's favorite game when he was a child was to play secret agent Jimmy Dale that he made up.
Well, this sounds like what Dave McGowan talks about in his Weird Scenes Outside the Canyon book, that basically back at the time of the Laurel Canyon Air Force Studios out in California, all of the top directors, all the top Hollywood people had access, and they filmed all kinds of secret, unknown movies there.
Who knows what that is?
And Walt was one of the people that had access there, as well as Marilyn Monroe.
Even back then, the 40s, 50s, 60s, all of these people, the A-listers were all tied at the hip to the Pentagon, the military industrial complex, the FBI, etc.
So, lots of people say that Disney was a Mason, and that is not technically correct.
Roy was a Mason, but Walt was Dimalay, which is a Masonic appendage for young boys.
So, like I said, behind fronts of strict morals, you often find mass amounts of guilt and a dirty mind.
Walt attended Bohemian Grove in 1936.
And he complained about all of the snoring coming from the tents, and that's where the scene of the seven dwarfs snoring came from.
From Bohemian Grove.
So, often the main topic of the studio was Walt's bizarre behavior.
He never emerged from the studios underground until late afternoon, where he was supposedly chatting with maintenance engineers all day.
In 1945, he had a nervous breakdown and spent all his time in his private inner office.
Which they jokingly called Walt's Chamber of Horrors.
So a lot of things were weighing on him.
And probably guilty conscience.
So he would just spend all day playing with his model choo-choo trains.
And people who knew him personally said that he was obsessed with butts.
And this is reflected in many of the early cartoons.
I've heard this, yeah.
So one coworker recalls that he could talk about turds for 20 minutes straight.
And this is a weird anecdote that I found.
And all of this can be found in my first book.
If only Amber Heard had waited a little while, she could have had a Disney special.
Operation Culture Creation.
Amber Turd.
Weird stuff.
And this is all about Disney's history.
But according to Kenneth Anger, who's not the best reliable source, but I thought this was interesting.
He said, while Disney used to open a small rounded door in the wall, a fairy tale door that creaked and take his guests down a winding staircase into a dungeon filled with rats and child-sized iron maidens.
So, take that for what it's worth.
I don't know, Kenneth Anger is the best.
No, he's not the best source, but he did have some insight into the dark side of avant-garde Hollywood at the time.
So, Walt was probably one of the most lauded people of the 20th century.
He has more accolades than anybody, really, I can think of.
He received the Dimalay Legion of Honor in 1931, which is equivalent to the 33rd degree in masonry.
And then in 1935, he was summoned to Paris to receive a Medal of Honor for the creation of Mickey Mouse from the League of Nations.
Well, this is when they were really planning to make Hollywood go global, right?
And Disney was a big part of extending of Americanism and American culture to the whole globe via things especially like Disneyland.
So let's talk about Disney World War II propaganda.
So there's an entire DVD collection called Disney on the Front Lines that you can get that has all of these videos in it because in 1941, the day after Pearl Harbor, Walt Disney Studios in Birmingham was commandeered by the military as a primary defense station and 90% of its production went into government training and propaganda films.
I think a lot of these are on YouTube, right?
I mean, I remember clicking around and Goofy's, go pay your taxes, gorsh!
Right, like telling you to pay your taxes.
So one of these was called Army Psychotherapy, Stress, Adrenal Glands, and the Basics of Fear and How to Instill It.
So that's a weird... Imagine cartoon dogs and ducks, like, telling you to pay your taxes.
This is already a dystopia right here.
And then another one was called Chicken Little, and this is a cartoon about using psychology
To create false narratives and false flags to undermine the faith of the masses in their system into trusting idiots and subsequently leading to their death.
Then you have one cartoon called The New Spirit which implores Donald Duck to pay his income taxes to beat the Axis and it's a really weird sequence in there where they tell you exactly where your tax money goes.
It's to create
Well, they were studying the usage of sexual symbolism in cartoons and films a long time ago.
So they were capitalizing on Freudian and Jungian insights even for cartoons.
And we'll get to that, crowd favorite, towards the end about subliminal messages.
But the last one I wanted to talk about was Education for Death, the Making of a Nazi.
And this details the life of a Nazi youth and the psychological conditioning that makes a trained killer.
So look those up on YouTube.
Yeah, and I mean, basically, Disney is another version of the same thing, right?
So even though he was involved in the war effort, it doesn't necessarily make this the good guys, right?
Versus everybody else is the bad guys.
It's all bad guys because Disney was linked to the hip to Siemens Corporation and Military Industrial Complex for a long time.
Don't go anywhere.
You're watching the Alex Jones Show.
This is the fourth hour.
I'm your guest host Jay Dyer with Jamie Hanshaw.
Come right back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host Jay Dyer together with Jamie Hanshaw and we're covering the dark secrets, the dark side
We're good to go.
I really like the Coral Calcium toothpaste.
Yeah, she does like it.
I used to have sensitive teeth, and then after I used that, the sensitivity to sugar has gone away, so it gets useful.
Also, when you wear your grill, it doesn't affect you, the sensitivity.
Yeah, yeah.
So, let's get back to Disney, and I want to remind you, too, also, if you want to support the work that we do, we have also written books on these topics.
For years now, in fact, way ahead of time, I wrote my book, Esoteric Hollywood, where I got into the very topics that we're covering today many, many, many years ago.
Some of these essays I wrote at least 10, 15 years ago, and they've really proven to be true.
I was talking about all the occult stuff.
I was talking about the ritual abuse.
I was talking about the blood-drinking type of stuff that you hear in the news today.
And it all goes back to an attempt to scientifically use cult mindsets and cult techniques to control not just weirdos in Hollywood, but the whole culture.
And that's why Jamie's insights into Disney are really powerful here.
Well, let's talk about who actually built Disneyland, the happiest place on Earth.
A lot of people don't know this.
A weird story that I found in a very obscure place, a little article in Fate Magazine.
So, Wahl actually consulted with SRI, whose clients include all branches of the military, the Office of Naval Research, and DARPA, to determine the best location of the park.
It was decided by C.V.
Wood, who left S.R.I.
to become Disneyland's main engineer and more.
He introduced Walt to the outside sponsors like Monsanto and G.E.
Disneyland sits on Latitude 33, which is famous for other strange events such as Roswell and the Kennedy assassination.
Um, some people, the same people who invented GPS and weather radar are studying the electromagnetic properties of Disneyland and they used their knowledge of ley lines to build the park on three intersecting lines where they built, uh, King Arthur's carousel that supposedly, uh, these people are positing that, um, they are collecting energies.
And spinning them around, so I don't know how woo you want to get with this, but it is definitely weird that Walt Disney is working with SRI.
Well, they were, and SRI at that time was studying the occult stuff, right?
So the U.S.
government was doing research into the occult that's on record.
They studied the remote viewing and all these kinds of techniques, Project Stargate and all that.
Those are real projects, which
Eventually it kind of becomes the Men Who Stare at Goats story.
But yeah, I think that a lot of people don't know this, but this is what leads into basically the CIA helping Walt to get that land.
But it basically set it up as its own weird kind of city-state.
One more thing about Disneyland in California, the original Pirates of the Caribbean used real skeletons.
Because they thought fake ones looked too fake.
So there you have Disneyland, but then who built Disney World, as you were saying?
And hint, I'll give you, uh... I already said it.
Three letters!
So in the 1960s, Disney operatives engaged in a far-ranging conspiracy to make sure sellers had no idea who was buying the central Florida property because it would make the property values and everything go up and they didn't want to spend all that money.
So Disney's key contact in the C.I.A.
was named William Wild Bill Donovan, who was also called the father of the C.I.A.
And he provided fake identities for Disney's agents to buy property and set up a secret communications center and a disinfo campaign to maintain control over the development.
Then you have Paul Hallowell, who helped launch a secret CIA war in Indochina and other siots against Castro.
He came to work with Disney and he came up with a way to avoid taxation, environmental regulations, and immunity from the Constitution.
So this was the classic CIA strategy in foreign countries, which is set up a puppet government and then use the regime to do your bidding.
Yeah, it's a state within a state.
It's the same model of the Vatican of Washington, D.C., the city of London.
They're states within states.
And they even had their own bylaws, their own police force.
A lot of people don't believe this, but that's actually the real history of Disney.
So they created cities whose only official residents would be handpicked by Disney loyalists who elected officials under control of Disney executives.
And so the Magic Kingdom in Florida is actually the city of Bay Lake, Florida, and then the other one is the city of Lake Buena Vista.
And these parks reshaped Central Florida, and Walt gave the opening speech from beyond the grave.
That is weird.
That was weird.
Then you have theme park corporate sponsors.
Yeah, well, I remember the last time that I was at Disney,
I was walking around Epcot and I was noticing how it's basically just a giant bunch of advertisements.
Like you walk over to...
I mean, it's really lame.
Whatever that banana boat ride is, and literally the whole ride is just riding in like a giant banana floating around a bunch of GMO plants.
That's it.
And the whole thing was an ad for depopulation and Monsanto.
It's a Monsanto-sponsored banana ride.
I couldn't believe that.
It's the stupidest thing ever.
Yes, all the rides in the parks are sponsored by military industrial corporations or something like that.
Siemens Corporation.
So, in 1935, Walt Disney met with H.G.
Wells, who you've talked a lot about, who, along with Jules Verne and Leonardo da Vinci, were a huge inspiration for Tomorrowland.
Wells wants for tomorrow, right?
We know what H.G.
Yeah, and Tomorrowland, well, EPCOT and all of that is actually, it's called the City of the Future, and it was intended to be a preparation model for smart cities of the future.
So if you want to wonder how we're getting to the smart city and, oh, this is so revolutionary, the idea of a smart city is going to be so great, we're living in pods.
No, this was planned a long time ago, and it was prepped through EPCOT and the City of Tomorrow.
So then you have Nazi scientist Wernher von Braun, who worked as a technical director on three Disney TV shows about space called Man in Space, Man in the Moon, and Mars and Beyond.
And he appeared as one of Walt's experts on the world of tomorrow.
There is your fine Nazi scientist Wernher von Braun.
Yeah, again, proof that space is fake and gay.
That's a joke, by the way.
It's a joke.
Just a joke.
Just a joke.
I'm not saying space isn't real.
It's a joke.
So like you said, Monsanto was one of Tomorrowland's original sponsors, and then theme parks as military industrial complex commercials is very true.
And like you said, EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.
And it is the most ideologically important piece of land in the United States.
Yeah, if you remember the last time I went and rode the goofy EPCOT ride, like it's showing you the history of the human race, and it's like,
Evolution and all this nonsense, you come out of the muck, and then it's ancient Egypt and Babylon, and then it's the American founding fathers, and then the end of the ride is like this nerdy little Bill Gates, animatronic Bill Gates over there slapping at a keyboard in his basement, as if that's the real way that Microsoft came to be, was just some nerdy guy, nerds in their garage, and it's like a little animatronic Bill Gates, get the numbers down, get the numbers down, get the numbers down, and then you ride into the Matrix, like you ride into what is supposed to be binary code, the Matrix, so
The whole message is not just the City of Tomorrow, but we'll also put you into the Matrix in the City of Tomorrow, you see.
And it's basically the history of culture creation through language and communications.
Yeah, and by the way, part of the ride is that you're tracked and trailed and surveilled through the whole ride.
And they've secretly taken pictures of you when you get out of Epcot.
And then, oh, I can pay $50 for a picture of me going like this, riding the ride.
And it was because they had been watching you the whole time, right?
And they tell you that the future will, you'll be totally surveilled.
It's going to be so cool.
Don't go anywhere.
You're watching the Alex Jones Show.
This is our breakdown of Disney.
And we are going to be right back to cover more dark secrets.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest, S.J.
I want to remind you that here in about an hour or two on my YouTube channel, I'm going to be doing a live stream where I delve really deep into Hollywood cults, mind control, the whole blood drinking thing.
What is that all about?
It's very real.
How real is it?
And you want to definitely come and check that out.
My YouTube channel is Jay Dyer and I'm also over on Rockfin, which is a great free speech based platform as well.
It's a big fan, a big supporter of the work that I do.
So shout out to Rockfin and definitely go subscribe there.
Jimmy, you were telling us about the
Dark origins of Disney and let's get more into we learned that the CIA helped secure the land help set up the bylaws so they could be their own kind of city-state and To me.
I've always thought this is just a giant mind-control culture creation operation.
That's really what it is.
So I
If you've talked about that for at least I've talked about for at least 20 years, and I know Alex has talked about that way before me.
You've talked about it for a long time, too.
Why is it that it's so hard for people then to figure out now that this is all coming out?
Oh, they're grooming.
No shocker.
I mean, we've been saying that for years, right?
We conspiracy theorists, quote-unquote, are always vindicated and yet we never get the credit for that when we talk about it, you know, 10, 20 years ahead of time.
Now it's all coming out, now they're, oh yeah, we drink blood in Hollywood, so what?
So what?
So it doesn't exist, and then when it comes out, yeah it exists, but so what?
It's actually cool or whatever.
Yes, this revelation of the method is polarizing people.
So now they're going to have to actually take a side when all the facts are out.
And then they're going to be like, well, since they've been demoralized, what's wrong with it?
It's cultural realism, dude.
Who are you to say that it's wrong to drink blood or whatever, right?
Now, Disney had a role in this.
Well, like I said, it's the most ideologically important piece of land in the U.S., and Disney, everyone knows that.
It's the largest multimedia conglomerate on Earth.
So it has the most influence on popular culture, and that's why I talk about it so much, and I try to drive the point home that Walt Disney Co.
is an evil corporation.
Well, one point to interject here.
I remember one of the MKUltra doctors, Dr. Gregory Bateson, he had a famous quote where he said that if you really want to control men and figure out how to capture an entire society and entire culture, he says you have to capture their imagination.
And then that made me think about, well, what is Disney?
Their whole tagline is like... They actually say, we capture your imagination.
That's what Gregory Bateson said, the MKUltra doctor.
And then some of their employees are called Imagineers.
So they're Imagineering a different world.
Controlling your imagination, right.
So the Bucky golf ball, you know, the Epcot ball, is sponsored by Siemens, a fine lofty company whose corporate logo could be found over the gates of Auschwitz.
And now it's in Disney World.
The theme of the ride, like we were talking about before, is the history of language and communication from cavemen to the Matrix.
That's what I was saying.
And the last thing you see is an animatronic Bill Gates slapping a keyboard.
In a basement.
It's a small world.
After all, it's sponsored by Pepsi and UNICEF.
And if you go to unicef.org right now, there's a giant photo of a vaccine going into a kid's arm and it says, Immunization Agenda 2030, a global strategy to leave no one behind.
And it's so creepy.
Yeah, so it's all just totally cynical, complete anti-human depopulation cloaked in like
Sugar and candy and, like, creepy, you know, mouse uniform, mouse outfits.
Think about, it's a small world, right?
So... Yeah, it's a global village, right?
That's globalism.
Yes, global village, reducing population, and then leave no one behind.
That could have two meanings, right?
Yeah, right.
Leave no people behind.
And I remember the last time I was there, I was thinking about if you were to look above Disneyland, you'd have all the kids.
Everybody wears the stupid mouse hats.
It's like mice running around in a rat maze, which is like a giant experiment, basically.
It's a giant rat experiment.
We talked about this on my show on YouTube.
You can find it under my name, and it's called Out of This World.
Me and Kristen Lagan talked about science and the effects of the studies of rats.
And mice and how mice are, you know, lab rats, basically.
So we are now the Mickey Mice lab rats that they experiment on.
Well, the more I think about it, I mean, this is basically just a giant acid trip.
I mean, Disneyland is just, I mean, look at this.
It's a small world.
After all, it's basically a bad acid trip.
That's all it is.
And we'll get to the Monarch program in one second.
I just wanted to talk about Disney-CIA connection a little bit more.
So they're close associations.
With the CIA and the intelligence community, this says Disney World is responsible for the nation's largest single commercial application of biometrics.
And that's true because when you enter the park now, you have to give your fingerprint, they take your, um, face.
I remember I first heard that from Alex.
He covered that back in probably 2004 or 5.
I remember Alex covering that.
So after 9-11, the government actually sought Disney's advice on intelligence, security, and biometrics, and they boast the use of biometrics at their parks and the cruise line.
And a number of Disneyland employees have gone on to fill some of the most sensitive positions in U.S.
intelligence and security communities, including Disney executive Gordon Levin, Eric Eastline, and Bran Farran.
Do not go to the parks and give your fingerprint anymore.
So now we come to Operation Mockingbird.
I lived in Florida for a year, and one thing you notice living in Florida is that a lot of people in Florida, they love, they live Disney.
It's like their whole life.
They will get a year, like, endless, infinite pass, right?
Like, you can forever go to Disneyland.
I mean, I can imagine, like,
It's like the theme park, this little city.
It's not owned by Disney anymore.
They sold it off to somebody else.
It has like the most HOA, Homeowners Association rules anywhere.
It's like Truman Show, basically.
There's a whole community that is supposed to be like the Truman Show.
It's super creepy.
I think they even might have filmed a few scenes or clips of the Truman Show.
I know it was filmed in another part of Florida, like Seabreeze or something like that, but there's a lot of
If it's not, if I'm wrong about that, I mean this place is basically like that.
It's like the Truman Show if you've ever been to Celebration, Florida.
But it was a whole created community that Walt thought would be like the ideal community.
So Operation Mockingbird, everyone has heard of that probably before, but it was designed to manipulate news media for propaganda and they spent millions per year hiring journalists from Disney and ABC and others to promote their point of view.
So, files obtained through the Freedom of Information Act reveal that the Department of Defense and the CIA
Fact and influence hundreds of movies and TV shows owned by the Walt Disney Company.
So Disney's special effects wizard, a guy named Robert Cary Broughton, created award-winning films for both Disney and the OSS, which became CIA.
Yeah, all the OSS people are who went into the first era of big media.
So all the heads of CBS, NBC, ABC, they were all people out of the OSS.
Paley, Sarnoff, all these characters.
And what you just read, that's actually the first page in my sequel.
My second book is about the FOIA request, about how all that Pentagon and military industrial complex money was put into messages in every kind of show you could imagine.
Everything from Cupcake Wars to Hawaii Five-0, they all contained Pentagon and military messaging.
So then the last point I want to make about Disney and the CIA is obviously MKUltra Artichoke Monarch, which is the CIA program to make, you know, mind control
And I actually have this handout that you can get.
I think it's from Springmeyer.
And it's how to brainwash your friends and family.
And this is a step-by-step
Script from a programmer on what to say on each scene in Fantasia, so they would give a child LSD, pop on Fantasia, read the script to program them.
Now, if that sounds a little far-fetched, I actually did uncover Dr. John C. Lilly in his book, Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer.
He's one of the M. Kilcher doctors most famous for the whole dolphin stuff that he was involved in, like really weird, creepy, mind-controlled dolphin fetish stuff.
Not joking, by the way.
He actually does say in that book that he would utilize imagery that like you would find in Alice in Wonderland when he was dosing children with LSD.
So he talked openly about that.
By the way, Tim Leary has an essay as well where he talks about what the shaman can do in the process of leading people through trips to program them.
He wrote a whole essay on that, by the way.
So some of these MKUltra and LSD proponents do actually speak this way, where they think that there is a technique by which you can program people through things like the imagery that's used in these cartoons.
Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jason Dallas.
I just want to remind you that I'm going to be live streaming about crazy Hollywood cults and blood drinking over my YouTube channel in the next hour, hour and a half.
So head on over there if you want to see that.
Jamie, go ahead and get to the rest of your notes.
You've got some juicy details here I want to hear.
Yeah, we're going to the moon.
Let's do it in 10 minutes, okay?
So last time we were talking about many pop stars who exhibit the signs of monarch programming were once Mouseketeers.
Walt Disney and Alan Dulles are actually 20th cousins, I found out.
That's pretty weird.
So let's talk about Peeping Mickey, Disney's pedo problem.
So, Disney is a magnet for creepers and many actually work for the company.
Director of music publishing at Disney, John Healy, was arrested on three counts of lewd acts and abusing underage girls.
Disney Vice President Michael Laney was convicted of sexually abusing a seven-year-old girl and sentenced to six years in prison.
Former Child star Ricky Garcia filed a complaint against manager Joby Hart for allegedly raping him throughout his adolescence.
Four other individuals were involved.
At least 35 Disney employees have been accused of sex crimes involving children since 2006.
There is a old scandal about Walt Disney and actor Bobby Driscoll who played Peter Pan.
That's a classic scandal if you want to dig it up.
And then you have your Victor Salva, a formal child care worker, was sentenced to three years for molesting a 12-year-old boy who acted in two of his films.
Disney hired Salva after
He was released to make the movie Powder in 1995.
And then Miramax and other subsidiaries are used to make money in pay-per-view porn and other lewd things since the 90s.
So Disney has made millions and millions and millions of millions of dollars on dirty stuff and they have a creeper problem.
Jamie Henshaw and Greg Reese on the same wavelength.
Because he did a similar video that reminded me of that video that Gregory said.
So let's get to Epstein connection with Disney because they are neighbors.
Epstein Island is right next to Disney's Island.
Great point.
Little St.
James, aka Epstein Island, is off the coast of St.
Tomich, which is a port of call on the Disney Line Caribbean cruise.
One excursion called Captain Nautica's Snorkeling Expedition takes you to Little St.
Other excursions are called Butterfly Anytime and Butterfly Secrets and then this picture just came out of Ghislaine Maxwell at an event organized by The Mirror called Disney Day Out for the Kids at Longleat House in Wiltshire where Ghislaine presented a check for the Save the Children Fund and that was in September of 1985.
Yeah, nothing to see there.
That's totally normal.
What are you after, conspiracy theorists?
I don't get it.
ABC News anchor Amy Robach was caught on hidden camera admitting that the network had the Epstein story for three years before it broke and had evidence against Prince Andrew and the Clintons at that time also, but they were afraid to pursue the story.
Then you have Disney chairman Richard Cook.
He took trips on the Lolita Express in 2002, then became the chairman after he took the trips.
I've always talked about it.
This is like my own kind of
Cruise ship conspiracy theory that the cruise ships have to be up front for something else.
I've always thought that.
I mean, I think there's been a few cases, but it's just one of my pet theories.
Ghislaine had her submarine pilot license, right?
So there could have been some underwater stuff going on.
I didn't even know that.
So let's do the crowd favorite real fast, and then we're going to the weirdest part ever.
Subliminal messages.
A lot of peepees and butts everywhere.
I think about 1956 was when they started realizing that you could hide things in between.
Yeah, they were doing a lot of subliminal research.
And it was so effective that they actually had to outlaw it, but then they relaxed the rules a little bit and they said, well, we'll use it, but it'll be for the public's best interest.
So, the first one that everyone talks about is the Little Mermaid phallus on the VHS cover.
And the little priest has a little boner when he's giving the wedding of Prince Eric and the villain.
The Lion King in the dust spells out S-E-X.
And Lion King is a grooming movie, in my opinion.
We can talk about that maybe in a later date.
In the poster, Mufasa's face looks like a booty with panties.
And then, um, there's a scene where Zazu is flying and there's boobs in the desert.
You can't make that up.
So then, The Rescuers has a naked lady in the window as they slide down the ramp and start eating.
That was the one that really convinced me.
Like, a lot of these I was like, I don't know, but then I saw that one and I was like, alright, well, you can't really deny that one.
Um, Monsters, Inc.
has a child drawing of Uncle Roger doing mommy doggy style.
Uh, I didn't make it up.
In Lilo & Stitch, Lilo has a wall full of pictures of people's butts.
In the 1989 episode of Duck Tales called Yuppie Ducks, Scrooge visits the doctor who has an eye chart that says, ask about Illuminati.
That was the one that like really blew me away.
I remember seeing that back in like 2005 and I was like, what?
So these are just a couple of the examples that I found.
And then there was one of Fantasia that looks like Mickey standing in between some boobs.
So, very good.
Yeah, I mean, I think the Donald Duck Illuminati one is like, that's probably the craziest one.
So you've seen the movie Alien by Ridley Scott, right?
I think I have.
And didn't you think it would make a perfect ride for children at Disneyland?
Okay, so here's Disney UFO phenomenon.
I think xenomorphs when I think of kids.
This is where it gets really weird, you guys.
So in January 1995, Walt Disney World hosted a UFO convention.
The two-week conference on the ET and UFO phenomenon featured scientists, authors, and former military.
It was not advertised to the public, and in preparation for the new ride,
In the new Tomorrowland called Extra-Terrestrial Alien Encounter.
To promote it, they made a documentary about UFOs and aliens.
And in it, they claim that 1.
Intelligent beings are beckoning mankind to join the galactic community.
So this movie has three premises.
It's like 1.
Aliens are real.
You are going to meet them.
And we are going to prepare you for that encounter.
So, they referenced the federally funded 1960 Brookings Institute report that warned the public of discovery of life in space might topple civilization if faced with a race of superior beings.
It also says that it would get rid of all the Western biblical religions, too.
And I cover that in my book because that was a Brookings report put out for NASA.
And they actually said that the effect of the discovery of alien life would basically destroy anything to do with theology and especially Christianity because people would think, oh, I guess the incarnation of Christ doesn't matter because, you know, he became incarnate for human nature's sake.
But there's other natures, there's other races, and so I guess that's not really a true story, right?
Because the universe is bigger than this planet.
It's all just a psy-op, though.
It's all nonsense.
I mean, there's obviously a demonic element to it, but if you watch Mirage Men, that documentary actually shows in depth how the whole alien nonsense is used for psy-ops.
So Disney Imagineers have designed a way to prepare humans for their inevitable alien encounter
And they say in this documentary that the atomic bomb was mankind's calling card announcing their evolution on Earth.
So now we are ready for the next phase in evolution, which is meeting these ghoulies from space.
Yeah, people overlook the role that Disney has had in space, space mythology, exo-theology, alien life.
If you remember, it was I think Francis Ford Coppola or Lucas, one of the two, that was going to direct
The Captain EO ride or they did direct it and that lasted for many years and they basically used Jacko and the whole mythology and ethos of Jacko in the 1980s and early 90s to promote this ride which was all about aliens and beating the aliens with rainbows.
I'm not joking.
Like Jacko would like shoot rainbows out of his like white gloves and well you have to it's music and social justice rainbows that beat
That'd be the evil aliens.
So Extra-Terrestrial Alien Encounters was actually so scary that they had to tone it down because children were crying.
And the actual ride lasted only two years because even after they toned it down twice, it was still too scary and they had to take it out and it's something else now.
So if you want to learn more about that, these are the subjects of my books Operation Culture Creation, Part 1, 2, and 3.
Hollywood mind control.
So everything that we were talking about today can be found in those and much, much more.
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But, you know, they're really sourced well.
They're not just, like, speculations.
And here's a symbol.
I think it means this.
It's done in a very academic way, because that's what I studied in grad school, was this very topic.
So, avail yourselves of our books, and I want to thank you guys for tuning in.
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