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Air Date: April 27, 2022
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In this podcast, Alex Jones discusses the current state of affairs in terms of politics, economics, technology, and freedom of speech. He talks about how everything that has been predicted or talked about in the past is now happening, making it an exciting moment for him and his audience. He mentions receiving massive responses on social media platforms and covers topics such as Elon Musk taking over Twitter, inflation caused by fraudulent practices of politicians and banks, globalist plans aimed at creating a post-human world, and the importance of counteracting censorship faced by alternative media platforms like InfoWars. Jones also promotes various products available on his website, including apparel, immune system boosters, health supplements, and limited-edition fractional gold bars featuring original artwork. The speaker thanks supporters who have helped keep their operation afloat despite facing challenges and obstacles. Additionally, he acknowledges those who have gone into debt for the first time in their life to support InfoWars.


The decision was made to end free society everywhere and bring in tyranny.
And that's why you see the headlines in Bloomberg.
And in the Financial Times of London, the Washington Post, New York Times, Shane, dictatorship is good, censorship is good, and that's what we need.
Because they're selling you authoritarianism because they don't want you and I to have a seat at that table.
I want us to have a seat at the table.
I want us to have a pro-human, altruistic, renaissance, liberal future.
Not the liberal authoritarian counterfeit, but the real liberal future that Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin, and Voltaire, and so many other talked about.
So we've got one hell of a broadcast lined up for you here.
And everything is aligning right now.
So it's gonna be crystal clear which side you're gonna decide to be on.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
You want answers?
Well, so do I. It's the Alex Jones Show.
Live, Wednesday, April 27th.
The year is 2022.
And I was born for this, and so were you.
What an incredibly historic moment we are all living in right now, today.
We have another big important transmission lined up for you and so many special reports and clips as well.
Man, everything we talked about is happening now and it is very exciting on Instagram and on Facebook and on Twitter and on YouTube, everywhere, without looking.
People just flood me with it.
Massive, massive response to the public saying Alex Jones was right, and just huge traffic and new listeners coming to InfoWars.com forward slash show and to the local AM and FM stations and TV stations around the country.
We are just exploding right now when it comes to new listeners, and that's what this is all about.
I love those of you that are informed, and a lot of you have been around longer than I have and know more than I do, but man,
Isn't it precious?
New people that are reaching out to find the truth.
I want to welcome them all for joining us here today.
I could talk big picture, because that's the most important thing, or I could drill down into all the news that's the symptom of the disease, and I'm gonna do both, but it's just important to understand what's happening.
By the 50s, there was a scientific consensus in the Anglo-American establishment, that means the British Empire merged with the United States, after Bretton Woods,
To have a post-human world where humans became a corporate commodity of the ruling class that would create stability, end war, they said, and be the final revolution or the end of history.
It's either called the final revolution or the end of history.
Look those terms up.
Look up anything I say.
It's how the crew gets up there and look it up and find it.
I'll tell you Bertrand Russell talked about nuking all the major cities to get rid of most of the humans to have peace in the 1950s.
Just because he said it, you can pull it up.
Or did I tell you that David Rockefeller bragged in the New York Times about putting Mao Zedong into power in 1949?
You can look the damn thing up.
And so all you gotta do is write down what I say, and 95% of it is not speculation, it is admitted fact.
A decision was made, ladies and gentlemen.
The decision was made.
To end free society everywhere and bring in tyranny.
And that's why you see the headlines in Bloomberg.
And in the Financial Times of London, the Washington Post, the New York Times saying, dictatorship is good, censorship is good, and that's what we need.
Because they're selling you authoritarianism because they don't want you and I to have a seat at that table.
I want us to have a seat at the table.
I want us to have a pro-human, altruistic, renaissance, liberal future.
Not the liberal authoritarian counterfeit, but the real liberal future that Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin, and Voltaire, and so many others talked about.
So we've got one hell of a broadcast lined up for you here.
And everything is aligning right now.
So it's gonna be crystal clear which side you're gonna decide to be on.
You will get the most important information.
You will get the real secrets here.
That's why the globalists are up late at night trying to figure out how to deal with us.
Because we're over the zeitgeist.
We're over the target.
And we've got a lot of huge news and a very special guest joining us in the second hour today.
And I just want to ask all the great viewers and listeners to think about how important it is that you care enough to be tuned in right now and that you care enough to care about your world.
Because the general public's still in a coma, but a larger and larger minority of people of every race, color, and creed that love liberty, who have the same spirit, we're brothers and sisters in that spirit, transcending what color we are or where we came from,
More and more, you're realizing that you're the brain trust that is going to share this information worldwide when people will be ready to accept it, which is now.
This is our greatest moment coming.
This is the battle that's been foretold for thousands of years against good and evil, and it's going to be rough.
On the other side, when we come out of this storm, the sun will be rising, and the new island of liberty and freedom will be waiting, and it's called the stars and beyond.
We are together.
We are invincible.
The battle is joined.
The fight for free speech is now the hottest topic in the world as Elon Musk successfully takes over Twitter and the leftist authoritarians go into meltdown mode.
Joe, are you ready for Alex Jones?
Oh, I've been ready for Alex Jones.
Let me pull this up.
They're f***ing killing Artie Moore, kids!
So you're telling me it isn't real when I had a f***ing vote in the goddamn f***ing Senate!
How real do you want this to get?
You want mushroom clouds?
You want super deadly bioweapons?
You want mass starvation?
You want to die?
Well, if you don't want to die...
Wake up, realize it's a spiritual war, realize there's an alien spirit and force trying to destroy humans before we go to jump point and the next level of our civilization.
And realize that in that fight, this broadcast is seen by the enemies of humans as the number one threat
What an incredible honor to be here with you today, because it's not just Alex Jones.
This is a focal point.
It's our crew.
It's our callers.
It's our guests.
It's our listeners.
It's the people that spread the word.
It's the folks that intercess and pray for this broadcast.
We are witnessing God's power.
David versus Goliath against the satanic system through InfoWars, which is now
The blueprint of victory against this satanic force.
Recognized by world leaders that are on our side.
Recognized by all of the top people fighting the New World Order in media.
Recognized across the board as the genesis point of the resistance.
All glory goes to God.
And God working through all of you out there, the glory goes to you.
But it doesn't mean the times aren't about to get really, really rough.
We're under economic warfare.
And before we end this segment, I'm going to air an extremely powerful special report by Greg Reese that's titled, Incoming Carbon Taxes and the Worldwide Climate Lockdowns.
It is beyond central, beyond critical, beyond essential for you to understand there is a globalist force that wants a post-industrial world.
Six plus million people starve to death and dead within eight years.
And even Elon Musk comes out and says, we'll have billions die.
Civilization is about to collapse.
We've got to have a pro-human future.
We've got to have more children.
We've got to use fossil fuels.
We've got to set up clean nuclear.
But the globalists say, no, you don't get nuclear and you don't get fossil fuels.
You get windmills, which they know can't supply 10% of the energy humans need and never will.
And all the Hollywood scum and the globalists think we're stupid and think we're going to sit here while they destroy civilization and then they're going to claim things are collapsing because of global warming when they're collapsing because of them.
They are the enemy.
They are the problem.
They devalued the currencies.
They bought up the markets and the infrastructure and the companies and the intellectual property by their fraud.
And now they're handing us this fraud and this debt and saying, oh,
It's your fault this has happened.
Or, oh, we didn't know this would take place.
Or Chuckie Schumer came out, and I've got a video of it here.
Forgot to give it to the crew.
Grab that video.
And said, we need to raise taxes on the middle class and poor people.
That's the reason we have inflation.
So right as all your products cost more, they want to charge you more taxes so the little people have less money to spend, but all the big banks that created the quadrillions in fiat currency to buy up everything... Well, ladies and gentlemen, they say that that's something that we should just submit to, and it's something we should just go along with.
In fact, let's play the clip.
Here is clip 10.
Chuckie Schumer claims the only way to reduce
Bidenflation is to raise taxes, saying the only way to put out a fire is to throw gasoline on it.
Here it is.
If you want to get rid of inflation, the only way to do it is to undo a lot of the Trump tax cuts and raise rates.
No Republican is ever going to do that.
So the only way to get rid of inflation is through reconciliation.
Let's go ahead and go to Greg Reese's report on the inflation wars.
The most effective control technique deployed by the American media is to distract the audience.
This is very easy to do because everyone takes the bait.
But today's distractions are threatening our very lives.
While people are busy discussing their opinions on he-said-she-said nonsense from Hollywood stars, and celebrating the fact that one of the billionaires who made hundreds of millions off the COVID lockdowns just bought Twitter,
The banker's agenda continues to move forward unobstructed.
The World Economic Forum has made their intentions clear.
You will own nothing and like it.
And the best way to accomplish this is through more lockdowns.
Permanent lockdowns.
With occasional breaks for good behavior.
Just as China led the way in 2020, showing the world how efficiently a totalitarian regime can fight a fake pandemic, the rest of the world soon followed.
Shanghai is now building cages around entire apartment buildings to keep people from escaping.
An entire new method of government mass murder.
America's version will be so much more cozy.
World nations are beginning to adopt the carbon tax and cutting off the fuel supply while announcing massive fuel shortages.
In America, Gavin Newsom is leading the way by cutting off the water and power to Californians after years of creating the problem by turning off production.
While facing a massive fertilizer shortage, Bill Gates owns the majority of farmland and wants you to eat nothing but genetically modified synthetic food products.
And he marches forward, no matter how much you make fun of him on social media.
And while we face an immediate shortage of fresh foods and staple items, over a dozen food processing plants have been destroyed in recent weeks.
It may not be possible to see the entire picture from the level where we are at, but they are going to shut us down again.
The very systems of government we believed were put in place to serve us are being used to kill us by billionaires and banks while they maximize their own profits.
That much is clear.
And as far as the ones perpetrating this human liquidation, what they can clearly see is that we will obey.
We will put the mask on when we are told, and we will take it off when we are told, and we will celebrate that as a victory.
They know that we will ignore their destruction of America so long as they feed us distractions to ruminate over on social media, just as they are doing right now.
On January 20th of this year, the WHO submitted a proposal that would give the World Health Organization international authority over pandemic response, meaning no more recommendations, but de facto law.
This proposal has been fast-tracked by Washington for consideration at the World Health Assembly this May.
They want to make you stay inside your home and die quietly, peacefully, where no one notices.
Many of you may doubt that they will get away with any of this, but our actions say differently.
Our actions suggest that they can do it again.
And so long as we have a voice on Twitter, once we are locked down in our homes again, we can complain of the food shortages, the rolling blackouts, and the cyber attacks.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
If you want to survive, if you want to stop what they're doing, you've got to take action.
You've got to go to Bandot Video.
It's a featured video.
Click the left-hand corner.
Go to the Gregory section.
It just went up a few minutes ago.
And the headline is very, very important to understand what we're dealing with.
Incoming carbon taxes and worldwide climate lockdowns.
That's their plan.
They said it ten years ago and two years ago.
We knew it was coming and here it is being announced in Italy and other areas.
So, for my own sake and my family's sake, I won't get out of this unless you wake up.
I'm talking to new listeners.
And none of us will get out of this unless we wake up the sheeple.
So listeners, the games are over.
The world government's out in the open, the wars, the open borders, the forced inoculations, the climate lockdowns, it's all here.
I've got articles right here, mainstream news, Biden announcing the UN will control all of our
COVID responses or disease responses in the future.
It's all happening now.
Sure, I put up my film Endgame 15 years ago.
What does that matter?
If we don't take action.
America is a paradox.
Powerful, free, the greatest innovations ever seen.
A trailblazer for human freedom worldwide.
But now captured since 1913 by the private Federal Reserve, turned into an engine and a weapon against freedom around the world since after World War II.
And the globalists know that.
They're waging war on the American people while they wage war on everybody else.
In the next segment, I'm going to hit the huge Russian news that just gets more and more dire, more and more serious.
And then the censorship news, and the inflation news, and the economy, and then a special guest, Count Dankula, a great comedian and YouTuber, good friend of mine, is going to be coming on to talk about the Elon Musk censorship, and the audio that Veritas got of the executives trying to talk about how they're going to try to stop Elon Musk.
That's all next hour.
But I wanted to spend a few minutes right now talking about an investment.
You know, we think about our children, if you have children.
We think about how they want them to have children and we want to have a successful civilization for them.
We're pro-human.
The globalists see humans as failed and bad and ugly and they want to have a post-human world.
That's their transhumanist operation.
But Infowars is like a line of people in the 28 years it's been on air.
The thousands and thousands of guests, the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of calls, the tens of thousands of huge stories and hundreds of top stories broken that really changed the course of history.
It's about that fight going on into the future.
And you know who you are out there in our great time of need with the corrupt system surrounding us doing everything they can to shut us down.
You came through last week and dug us 40 plus percent out of the hole.
And then I just learned today that two days ago we got a big donation that was now gone through and confirmed that got us.
Sixty-plus percent of the whole right now, praise God.
And I want to thank the individual that donated, and they know who they are.
We don't know who they are, but it was substantive.
And it's going to be when people that have means get off the bench, that this fight will get won very, very quickly.
But it's been the little people.
The dishwashers, and the truck drivers, and the farmers, and the police officers, and the school teachers that have been buying the t-shirts, and buying the books, and buying the films, and getting the supplements, and they get a great response back, our coffee's really high quality, it's at a low price.
But the point is, they've been the ones carrying the bulk of the weight.
You know, I've met with well-known billionaires and others that say they're supporters, and I don't even get around to asking for money, because
The average billionaire can turn a piece of coal in their rear end into a diamond.
And that's fine.
But my issue is with the devaluation and the tyranny and the war, the middle class, the nouveau riche, the ultra wealthy, you're going to lose everything if you don't put skin in the game.
And that's why I'm asking everybody to remember how important InfoWars is and don't take any day we're on air for granted.
I know I don't.
I very humbly ask you on my knees metaphysically to pray for us and to pray for yourself and to pray for awakening and pray for peace and pray for justice and pray for stability and pray for innovation and pray for the satanic system in our way to get behind us so we can move on with God's plan if we choose that through free will.
So I want to commend everybody that donated last week.
You can make straight donations at InfoWars.com forward slash show.
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But I just ask you to commit and realize that I'm committed.
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And in all the Democrat-run lawsuits and all the rigged events and all the big court fines and the rest of it, it's okay because I've got you and God on my side and I trust in God through this fight and I have an amazing crew who don't get enough credit who are amazing.
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And I don't want to get into any inside baseball here, but
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And I'll just leave it at this.
The extra profit in this, why it has the markup, is to pay them back.
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I'm gonna leave it at that.
And for the first time in my life, I started going into debt to keep this place on air.
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And so that's what this is about.
That's why you see the lies all over the media saying Jones has $60 million, $80 million.
I don't have $5 million in cash.
I don't have a bunch of real estate.
I've got a couple of cars.
I've got a Dodge Hellcat and a Ford truck.
And that's what I got.
And I don't care.
I don't measure myself how much money I've got.
I measure myself on how we affect the world.
But I'm maxed out.
I'm selling everything I've got.
I've even had them go into storage and get old furniture out or whatever that ain't worth that much to sell it because I'm not gonna let these employees go.
I'm going to sell everything I've got before I let any of this great crew go and this incredible infrastructure and operation we've built.
So I want to thank all the AM and FM affiliates.
I want to ask folks to support them as well.
Become a sponsor, donate to them, whatever, because this broadcast is doing way more than your local church you donate to, to fight abortion and the new world order and the Satanists.
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We need your support.
The local stations do as well.
But I want to encourage all of you to spread the word about the broadcast.
Go to mfoltworkstore.com.
All right, I'm done plugging.
When we come back, the Russia News, it's hard to even read, but it needs to be out there so we know what we're facing.
And then we're going to get into the inflation.
We're going to get into the latest with the pedophile takeovers.
Biden actually did something good.
Abraham Bolton, the ex-Secret Service agent that tried to stop the Kennedy assassination and got in trouble for it, he's been pardoned by Biden.
So wow, Biden did something good.
If you look at the countries that Russia has attacked over the last years, Georgia, leaving forces in Transnistria and Moldova, and then repeatedly Ukraine, these are countries that were not part of NATO.
It has not attacked NATO countries for probably a very good reason.
You could also argue the countries they've attacked were part of Russia.
Well, we're part of the Soviet Union.
Yes, and I firmly disagree with that proposition.
It is the fundamental right of these countries to decide their own future and their own destiny.
I'm not saying it's not, but I'm saying that the countries that have been attacked, Georgia and Ukraine, were part of the Soviet Union.
And they were part of the Soviet Union since the 1920s.
But that does not give Russia the right to attack them on the contrary.
It does, but it really has nothing to do with being part of this empire by force.
Now Senator Paul went on to echo several Russian talking points and criticize the United States for agitating for Ukraine to join NATO last fall, something Russia considers a red line.
There could have been voices before this invasion, instead of agitating for something that we knew our adversary absolutely hated and said was a red line, as recently as last September.
Before you signed the agreement, once again agitating for NATO, Russia said that it was a red line.
Now there is no justification for the invasion, I'm not saying that, but there are reasons for the invasion, and I think it's added nothing.
Joining us now, former U.S.
Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor and Siena National Security Correspondent Kylie Atwood.
During that first thing that Senator Paul said, you were making exasperated sounds, is how I'll put it.
I mean, what do you think when you hear him say that?
You were!
Those countries, Georgia, that the Russians invaded in 2008, and Ukraine, that the Russians invaded in 2014, as well as today, they're sovereign nations.
They've been sovereign nations since independence in 1991.
30 years they've been independent.
Sovereign nations get to decide what their security arrangements are.
And so for anyone to say that because they were part of an empire before, they can be attacked.
It doesn't make any sense.
And that's the exact point that the Secretary of State very clearly made, right?
He shut down Rand Paul's line of questioning, which was based on this idea that because these countries had at one point been part of the Soviet Union, that may have frustrated Putin even more when he heard about Ukraine's desires that have existed for a long time to join NATO, and that could have prompted them to invade
And that's CNN that no one believes.
So even what CNN is saying is true, and it's not.
The average American sees that and says, well, it must be the opposite.
Putin must be good when it's more complex than that.
And that's what the establishment's finally figuring out.
Everyone hates them.
They can say the sky is blue and water's wet and fish swim in the ocean and birds fly around in the sky and no one would believe it because they are a pack of criminal anti-American scum that have been waging economic and cultural and chemical war through fentanyl and other drugs against us.
Our problem, our enemy in front of us, is not Vladimir Putin.
It's the globalist, New World Order, Chaikin Alliance that's destroying us.
But I have here the video and the articles, and I'll show it to you, of the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, yesterday saying, yeah, we may have Ukraine join NATO when an agreement was signed
In the 90s, with the Russians, not to turn those countries into puppet states of NATO or the European Union.
And now we've had US troops there for 10 years, 8 years ago, they overthrew the elected government that was somewhat pro-Russia.
And then started attacking the border regions of Russia in Ukraine.
Absolutely insane.
Absolutely dangerous.
And so it's the globalists started this.
Did Putin walk into a trap?
I mean, it's hit the news years after I told you, because I know the soldiers, but I can also look at the congressional funding.
But I mean, they've got so many U.S.
soldiers over there that there are multiple people in this building that have been over there fighting the Russians in the last few years.
Fighting the Russians.
In this building.
And everybody I know that's long-term army has been over there at one point or another or knows all about it.
I can't swing a stick in the dark around military people and not hit somebody with it that's been over there training people how to kill Russians.
Or how to attack those Russian-held areas on the Russian border.
So the Russians knew what they were getting into, and they've said they're fully committed, and they expected to fight NATO, and Lavrov came out yesterday and said, we are fighting NATO, and we're not going to stop, and the Russians have said, we don't care if 5 million Russians die, we're not going to stop.
And you know, 20-something million Russians died kicking Hitler's ass.
And I'm not saying my grandfathers in the Army Air Corps weren't part of taking down Hitler, but we lost less than a million people, they lost 20 plus million.
They're not gonna give up.
This is not Afghanistan, ladies and gentlemen.
They're not gonna stop.
Doesn't matter how high-tech the West's weapons are, it's not gonna stop.
And that's where this is going.
We are now in a direct war, no longer a proxy war, with the Russians.
And if the Russians were promoting communism and doing all this stuff, and over here, I would actually say, well, okay, maybe we should do that.
I'm not a pacifist, but the New World Order is attacking us and attacking Russia.
And I've had enough of it.
So, almost everyone I know this career Army,
Has been or is over there with those platoons firing missiles and directing weapons with US satellites at the Russians.
We are at war with Russia.
A major mobilization.
You know why we pulled out so haphazardly out of Afghanistan?
Because they knew Russia had decided to go in last year.
I told you Russia would go in by February.
They went in by February.
I'm not pulling this stuff out of a hat.
Or out of my arse.
And I'm not going to pull out of my rear end, excuse my French, what is about to happen right now if the brakes don't get put to this.
Here's the headlines.
Russia cuts natural gas to two NATO countries in escalation.
They've cut off natural gas to members Poland and Bulgaria today and threatened to do the same to other countries, dramatically escalating its standoff with the West over the war in Ukraine.
European leaders decried the move as blackmail.
Putin warns of quick response if West intervenes in Ukraine, which they're already doing, striking Western targets.
That's called World War III.
Defense Secretary Austin, Ukraine may still join NATO despite warnings by Russia.
See the article.
See him.
Say it.
And it goes on from there, my friends.
You already saw the clip.
Rand Paul argues the U.S.
should not have backed Ukraine's NATO aspirations, citing Russia's stated reasoning behind the invasion, which is a fact.
And they go, oh, what are you, pro-Russia?
No, Russia said it would invade if the West did that.
That's all he stated was reality.
But if you tell people reality, you're bad, according to the Washington Post.
Trump's right.
He said we have stupid people now running our country.
The world is going to be blown to pieces.
Then we have this video.
It's on Infowars.com.
I'm not going to play it because of time constraints.
When America tried to keep Ukraine in the USSR, 1991, the agreement, they say, doesn't exist.
It is an agreement.
It does exist.
We have the damn video of the U.S.
President and the Secretary of Defense, Colin Powell, saying there's an agreement.
And when the President says there's an agreement, that's the same as a treaty.
There is an agreement.
In perpetuity.
Broken promises.
And then it gets crazier.
It's not discrimination.
Wimbledon officials gaslight public over decision to discriminate against Russian players banning all Russian players from the sport.
There's also another video on Infowars.com as Italians are furious as Ukrainian Nazi sympathizers incorporated into Liberation Day parade, the celebration Italy has for six months before the end of the war when the Nazis were kicked out of Italy.
And now known Nazis are in the anti-Hitler parades in Italy.
Infowars.com, tomorrow's news today.
We're going to come back and hit what's happening with the economy and more.
Stay with us.
A lot of big stuff going on.
That I can't tell you about.
It's all in confidence.
I want to say hi to all the folks that are tuning in right now.
The good friend I was just talking to during text.
All right.
You know, there's a big awakening happening, but we are very dependent on just-on-time delivery in this very complex civilization we live in and the supply chain.
You don't need me to tell you that.
But if you look at what the big corporations are doing in lockstep, they are sabotaging and shutting that down across the board.
And then playing dumb and going, we didn't know if we printed quadrillions of money and gave it to ourselves that that would hurt you.
And again, Chuckie Schumer's answer is raise taxes on middle class working people.
The very thing you don't do during inflation.
I mean, whatever the default is of you don't want to do it,
Like, you don't want to take 100 hits of acid, that'll kill you.
Well, let's just do that.
Or you don't want to pour gasoline all over yourself and light yourself on fire.
Well, let's just do that.
And they're doing it.
So, U.S.
inflation climbed to 8.5 in March.
Highest rate ever.
Because they're manipulating the rate.
Chuck Schumer, only way to reduce inflation is to raise taxes.
Home buying is becoming unaffordable for most Americans.
Here's what experts predict for the housing market.
But don't worry, climate zealot Mark Rufio doesn't believe in utilizing nuclear energy.
Nuclear is expensive and very dangerous.
Yeah, if it's not run right.
But you can't cut off all the fossil fuels when nothing else works while you guys also destroy the hydroelectric dams.
But he's an actor, given his talking point, to go out and be the hero because he wants to cut off the carbon that actually creates carbon dioxide that plants breathe.
And then that leads us to this next stack of news on the economy.
China's quote campaign to wipe out COVID is crushing its economy.
But whose economy is it really crushing?
It's a communist economy.
They're engaged in economic warfare against the West right now.
That's what's really going on.
And let's shift into
The fact that they have almost no COVID deaths, but COVID cases of a fraudulent PCR test, they're admitted to be fraud, held two plus years ago we told they were fraud, the government admits they're a fraud for a year.
Off of those, they continue the lockdowns, and so does Israel.
Israel, why is all-cause mortality increasing?
But what did the European and German and UK and US and Canadian?
Insurance companies fine the last six months.
A 40 plus percent increase in death in 18 to 64.
So this is not debated.
This is mainstream news I'm reading.
Why is everybody dying of blood clots and heart attacks and cancer?
Well, because that's what this does.
It's not a vaccine.
It's a prion generating system that colonizes and takes over your body.
And then it collapses your economy after they've done that.
But then they've got headlines like this out of Forbes.
You know Forbes is owned by the Communist Chinese Party?
You know, I knew that years ago, but I forgot about it.
I was at dinner with some very successful business people that are involved in media the other night.
They said, Alex, we never hear you talk about this.
And they pointed that out.
I said, oh, I forgot that it's 100% owned by subsidiaries of the Communist Party.
And what are they telling you?
Unvaccinated people increase risk of COVID infection among vaccinated studies finds.
Oh, if you take the shot, it doesn't protect you from the virus.
But I thought that's the whole point of a vaccine.
All lies.
Mixed with the unvaccinated increases COVID-19 risk for the unvaccinated.
So it doesn't protect you from the virus?
And I told you this was coming for a long, long time.
It's all over the news.
Chile passes a law
Prohibiting discrimination against mutants and genetically altered people.
So corporations can make genetically altered people that aren't even human, that they control, that are owned by the corporation, but then they have rights.
And that's where the transhumanist movement of saying a man is a woman, a woman is a man, a biological man can get women pregnant and rape them in the prison, but it's okay, is getting you ready for this.
You might want to go read that article.
It's a big, big, big, big deal.
Talk about next decade's news today.
But here is
You got it.
Obama, that's really his president, his third term.
Here's Obama's, Biden's a puppet, here's Obama's current COVID advisor, Ashi Jha, says America will give its sovereignty as a nation and let the World Health Organization override its constitution during pandemics.
That's officially a global treaty going through right now that we're going to hit here in just
A few minutes.
But here's some of the other headlines.
Are COVID vaccines causing liver failure?
The evidence is overwhelming.
We predicted it would.
Here's the studies on it turning your immune system off or causing horrible autoimmune disorders.
Immune, innate immune suppression, SARS-CoV-2, mRNA vaccination, the role of G, quadriplexes and exosomes, and micro RNAs.
You might want to go read that for yourself.
But oh, it's okay.
Fauci says we're out of the pandemic phase.
Fauci confirms COVID-19 infections are at a low, but people should still get intermittently vaccinated with the non-vaccine.
Kamala Harris tests positive for COVID, but Joe Biden, not a close contact.
She's had four shots and she's sick.
Double vaccinated ESPN's Kirk Harburstright, if I pronounced that right, misses 2022 NFL draft due to blood clot.
And it goes on and on and on.
Another scientist who publicly dismissed Lably gave it credence in private.
Read that article.
It's on Infowars.com as well.
But let me go to this clip of Biden's, which is really Obama's, not advisor, but spokesperson for the propaganda.
It's all pre-written by the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundation and the CIA on record.
I mean, they admit that.
Here he is telling you, well, I mean, here, hear it for yourself.
That there are some people in this country who sometimes think that we can take a domestic-only approach to a global pandemic.
That's not a thing.
You can't do that.
If we're gonna fight a global pandemic, we have to have a global approach.
That means we need funding to ensure that we're getting shots in arms around the world.
A global campaign, and they have the treaty to have the UN take over all of our major governments, and they have the Strong Cities Initiative
That Obama signed on to but never got implemented fully with the UN running the police review boards and the police departments with the communist DAs that George Soros has put in almost every city.
They let the fentanyl be on the street, they let the illegal aliens be here, they let the looting happen to defund the police.
So the civilization and society collapsed.
So we've lived to see it.
We have lived to be inside the New World Order with global government, forced inoculations, lockdowns, pedophilia, devalued currencies, all of it.
And it's just going to get more insane until these criminals get brought to justice by us taking back the states and the courts and the system.
Because right now they're hiding the bureaucracy.
They pretend like, oh, we did two years of lockdowns.
We know that would cause mass starvation.
And they go, oh, we need more global government now to deal with starvation.
Or, oh, your borders are collapsing because the third world's collapsing.
Oh, the answer is more U.N.
and more lockdowns.
But once you get the battle plan, once you get the operation of the globalists, it's game over.
And that's what's starting to happen.
But it's central to expose the Great Reset and the Build Back Better agenda.
It's essential to expose the megacorporations of BlackRock and Vanguard controlling the WEF so we can stop their agenda.
It's like if aliens showed up and started blowing stuff up.
We're like, oh, why are the cities blowing up?
We don't know why.
And there are the big ships attacking us.
We have to see who's doing it in their own admissions and then organize and say no to them.
That's why they're after us because we keep ringing that alarm.
Hour number two of Count Dankula coming up.
It's called the Great Reset.
Tough guy.
It's called the New World Order.
It's called the big banks wanting to squeeze the economy and make people poor so they can loan us fiat money to take control of our lives with a social credit score and a universal basic income.
That's everything.
That's the whole future of our lives.
The whole world's gonna be about surveillance and control and then manipulating and tracking everything you do.
It's all being officially announced.
I've got articles everywhere.
There are press releases saying it!
And then the crew asked me during the break, they go, Are you alright?
You really seem upset.
Are you feeling okay?
I mean, they're gonna starve a couple hundred million people to death.
Yeah, I'm pretty freaked out.
Yeah, this is real.
This is not a freaking game to me, man.
People are already starving to death by the hundreds of millions right now.
Man, you'll never see it on the news.
They're dying right now.
They're in their freaking houses, starving to death, begging for God to help them, and no one's coming because God tells us to get up and take action, and then we don't do anything!
And that paralyzes God!
Yeah, God can do it.
God needs us to do it, because God's not real.
Once again, not for the first time, what had seemed like a nutty conspiracy theory turned out to be the truth.
Yeah, I'm upset.
I'm really... I told you last night.
What's wrong with you?
I'm really freaked out.
Oh my God, I'm really freaked out!
I'm really freaked out!
I'm really freaked out!
You see, because this is real!
The supply chain being cut off, the energy grid being cut off is real!
And we're going into a time now where we're not going to be on the air.
I mean, if we don't back this off, if we don't get sane people to stop the vaudevillists... I mean... We won't be here in six months.
You won't be here in six months.
Who is the most banned news network in the world?
InfoWars.com InfoWars comes to mind.
You watch InfoWars?
It's a radio show hosted by Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
You must be a threat if they call you out by name.
Nice guy.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones is the greatest.
He knows who InfoWars is.
You're playing this joke over here.
That's why the deplatforming didn't work.
Alex has been right on for over a decade.
You need to listen to Alex Jones.
Zack, this is Crystal Palace.
NORAD has declared DEFCON 3.
Scramble all alert aircraft.
I repeat, scramble all alert aircraft.
The Whopper spends all its time thinking about World War III.
Target selection complete.
Time on target sequence complete.
22 Typhoon-class submarines departing Petropavlovsk, turning southbound at Nordkapp, bearing 095 degrees.
Radar reports two unknown tracks are
From the front lines of the Information War.
Flush the bombers, get the subs in launch mode.
We are at DEFCON 1.
Are you prepared to destroy the enemy?
You bet!
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
We'll keep control, but we'll keep it here at the top where it belongs.
3... 2... 1... Impact!
Shall we play a game?
How about...
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
All units confirm weapons targeted and ready.
Awaiting launch codes.
We are on a launch mode.
Do you really believe that the enemy would attack without provocation?
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We're in!
Russians are still denying everything, sir.
We have a Soviet submarine launch detection.
I wish I didn't know about any of this.
I wish I was like anybody else.
Well, I couldn't think of a better person to have on this April 27th Wednesday transmission than an amazing comedian, great talk show host, and a good friend of mine, Count Dankula.
He was arrested, he was charged, he was tried for making a joke with his pug, Heiling Hitler, which is similar things that John Cleese did, not even as funny as Count Dankula, on national British television.
But make a joke about Hitler, something that all the leftists can do.
And you, ladies and gentlemen, go to jail in the UK.
And we have the UK and the EU coming out and telling Elon Musk, we don't care what you do, we're gonna arrest you if you let people have free speech.
And The View and others have come out and said that Elon Musk is a Nazi.
Yes, because he wants free speech.
What an incredible time to be alive, must-slams, anti-free speech authoritarians.
I'm against censorship that goes far beyond the law, which is Section 230.
You call for killing somebody, you post child porn, you go to jail.
If it's illegal, well, then you aren't allowed to do it.
It is a utility.
Now I've got stacks of videos and articles with
Clinton appointees and Obama appointees, Robert Reich, you name it, saying, well, it's a utility.
We've got to be able to say whatever we want.
Well, yeah, Musk isn't going to censor you.
He's saying, we're going to let us have a free-for-all, but you leftists can't win a debate.
I wouldn't say I'm a right-winger.
They call me one.
I'm an anti-war libertarian overall, but I am a Christian.
Count Dankula, I wouldn't call him a right-winger.
But it doesn't matter.
They want to silence who's popular because they don't want populism.
EU threatens Musk, says it's not your rules which apply here.
Elon Musk responds to Russian collusion hoaxers currently working at Twitter, who put out fake reports about Russia that have proven to be lies.
Points to big changes.
The response is to say he's a Russian agent.
Babylon Bee puts out the satire piece, Musk Twitter purchases fails after 138,000 board member votes found overnight.
Didn't really happen, but it's just like the election.
Here's Robert Reich I mentioned.
Musk and his apologists say if consumers don't like what he does with Twitter, they can go elsewhere.
But where else do consumers go to post short messages that can reach millions of people other than Twitter?
The free market increasingly reflects the demands of big money.
Oh, so big money owned it before and wouldn't let conservatives, 96 to 4, that's in a big study here, have free speech.
But when he says everybody gets it, that's now censorship.
See, censorship for the authoritarian left is free speech.
Tech employees are much more liberal than their employers, at least so far, as the candidates they support.
Here's some of the reports.
I said 96%.
It's 98.7%.
And the censorship's 96% against conservatives.
And it goes on and on and on with Bill Gates not being popular, Macron being hit with tomatoes.
They are gaslighting us.
And to talk about it all is the mighty Count Denkula.
Yeah, it's been a little while since I've been back, but it's good to be back.
Long time no see, Alex.
Honestly, one of the things, as you were pointing out there, I see how that Robert Reich tweet that you were just talking about there, there was a reply he made under it to his own tweet where he used the term platform monopoly.
Now, platform monopoly was a term that I started using years ago when you went through your great unpersoning where all of big tech came together and just decided, you know, Alex Jones doesn't exist anymore.
I used the term platform monopoly to show that why collusion of big tech Silicon Valley you know who control the online speech of about 80% of the English-speaking world why it's such a dangerous thing for them to all be working together and to have a monopoly and one thing that I've said
For years and years and years, whenever I'm arguing with leftists online is when it comes to the monopolization of information, the only reason you support it right now is because it works in your favor.
But if it was the other way around, then you would all be making the exact same arguments we are.
And Robert Reich was one of the people that said, use the phrase platform monopoly, use the exact same arguments that we're all making.
And I've seen them all do it.
Yeah, they haven't arrested me yet for my speech, they have you.
And last time I checked, how much do you have to spend?
I mean, how did that all end?
Oh, it's all over now.
I got caught out in a complete catch-22 because I was going to take my case to the European Court of Human Rights, but the way that the system works is it was a complete catch-22.
I did not file the case in time, but in order to file the case in time, I wouldn't have been able to meet the requirements to actually file my case.
So no matter what I did, I was completely screwed.
But I've got
I've got about £40,000 left from the fundraiser, the fundraiser we did to fund my legal defence, and I have been spending the last three weeks trying to find charities to donate the £40,000 to, but because the money is coming from me, every single charity has rejected me.
All of them.
And we'll try to find it and put it on screen live or later in post when we post it to Bandai Video.
But the famous images of you coming out of court.
There it is.
I mean, that is, that's powerful.
Look at you.
That's my arrest.
That's my arrest.
That's them dragging me out of my house.
I saw the court one similar where you put your thumbs up, right?
Yeah, yeah.
I was waving and smiling as I came out of the court because I was expecting to go to prison.
I was fully expecting to
For them to try and make an example of it.
And that was you getting your pug to Heil Hitler.
It was funny.
Yeah, it was a joke.
Like, anyone with two brain cells knows that that video was a joke, but the government saw an excellent chance to set an example for people who might dare to make, you know, such funny, edgy jokes in future.
It was a scare tactic.
It was a sort of display of, like, even though that picture of me getting led out of my house in handcuffs,
The reason that the reporters were actually there is because the police illegally tipped them off as to the exact date and time of the arrest because they wanted a perp walk.
They were like, look at this big bad white supremacist Nazi that we've caught.
This is what will happen to you if you dare to do the same thing.
Meanwhile, meanwhile, there's a lot of media out there, but I watch your stuff at least every week or every time Mad Lads comes out.
I would not even describe you as a right winger.
That's what's ridiculous about this.
I'm libertarian.
I'm libertarian.
I'm anti-war, anti-state.
You know, I read a lot of Rothbard.
I read a lot of Hans Helm and Hopper.
I wouldn't even really consider myself right-wing.
But, you know, back in the 90s, I would be considered a leftist.
If we were back in the 90s, I would be considered a leftist.
Well, yeah, the leftists in the 90s were like anti-war, pro-free speech.
I mean, other than abortion and stuff, I agree with them.
They were all really cool.
You just drink beer with them.
Now they want to kill me.
Yeah, yeah.
It's weird.
I have no idea what the hell went wrong.
When you look back at all the great, I consider leftist comedians, you know, you've got George Carlin, you've got Bill Hex and stuff like that.
I always have to think to myself, what would they think about what modern leftism has become?
I mean, even Bill Maher
Bill Maher is completely fed up with the modern left.
He can't stand it anymore and he now spends an awful lot of his show dunking on what the modern left has become.
I mean, it has become a joke.
Everything is an extreme.
If anyone is even the tiniest, slightest little bit to the right, they're a Nazi, fascist, uber-mega-Hitler.
You know, just because they're like, maybe we should have some checks at the border.
Maybe some, you know, just to make sure we're not letting any rapists or criminal gangs in.
But apparently just by you wanting that, you know, you're the second coming of Adolf Hitler.
I don't understand.
Everything's exaggerated.
I want to ask you, when we come back, where you think it's all going, because I asked Gavin McGinnis a long time ago, like six years ago, what's peak leftism?
He said it's going to go a long way, but I think we're getting close to what's happened at Twitter.
Elon Musk, what do you expect to happen next?
What's happening in the UK?
What's happening with the Russia-Ukraine situation?
All of this will be covered with Count Dankula on the other side, but in 20 seconds, I haven't checked your site in the last week.
What's your latest mad lad piece?
Uh, the latest Mad Lad video I uploaded was actually the Washington Sniper.
I did a video on the Washington Sniper.
That was a... Well, I'm not going to say a fun one, but it was an interesting one.
Well, I'm a big fan.
Count Dankle is our guest.
We'll be right back in a few minutes.
Please stay with us.
And now...
The video that got him arrested, the super viral pug hailing Hitler.
It could be okay with countless other comedians and leftists of the past and John Cleese and Monty Python, but not when Count Dankula did it.
Sieg Heil!
Who's a good wee Nazi?
Do you want a gassy juice?
Do you want a gassy juice?
One more gassy juice, son!
My girlfriend is always ranting and raving about how cute and adorable her wee dog is.
And so I thought I would turn him into the least cute thing that I could think of, which is a Nazi.
What, I gas the Jews?
Gas the Jews?
Do I gas the Jews?
Do you want a glass of juice?
Do you want a glass of juice?
I'm not racist, by the way.
I just really, really wanted to f*** her up.
Mark, tell me, have you got any...
So that's a Sky News edit without the really funny parts in there.
But just imagine, folks, if you can arrest somebody for that, what could you not do?
Getting back to Count Dankula here, great comedian, great talk show host.
Elon Musk, I wanted you on about this even before it was unfolding.
I wanted you on about free speech a few weeks ago.
You're finally able to come on, perfect timing.
What do you make of Musk?
What do you think of Musk?
Where do you think this is going?
I do think he has a good head on his shoulders when it comes to freedom of speech and the exchange of ideas.
I hope that he's definitely going to do good things for the platform, however it remains to be seen.
I've been through far too much in the last five years to allow myself to get hopeful for anything, so I'm going to do a wait, back and see approach, but obviously support him in any way that I would be able to.
One of the key things that I'm noticing as well is everyone saying, oh, billionaires shouldn't be allowed to own social media platforms.
Well, I'm sorry, but you know, since their inception, all social media platforms have been owned by billionaires.
They all already own them.
You just don't like this billionaire that's owning this one.
And one of the arguments that people are saying, and I'm fed up of hearing this, is
This is a threat to our democracy.
It's a threat to our democracy.
Oh, it's a threat to our democracy.
Now, in my understanding, the way I was raised and my understanding of democracy is democracy is when people are allowed to make an informed vote in a parliamentary system.
So you've got two candidates that are running for office and the public get to decide who they vote for, but their vote has to be informed.
Both candidates have to give
Both sides of the story and tell the public why they should be able to vote for them.
So if you are not allowing one of the candidates to even speak and present their arguments to actually have a chance of winning any votes, well, then that means you are undemocratic.
You don't believe in the democratic process.
Instead, you just see it as a convenient means to an end.
Well, you use your control of social media to, you know, brainwash everybody into voting for the candidate that you personally want.
Right, so see if you have control over the megaphone and you don't share it with anyone, then that is undemocratic.
So if you don't believe in freedom of speech, then you also don't believe in democracy.
And that's why they are so upset about this.
They are terrified of the fact that their ideas will now have to compete on a level playing field.
They're worried that the fight will be fair.
And the reason that they're worried about that is in a fair fight, they're not going to win.
Beautifully said.
Let me play you Artie Melbourne, a MSNBC host and Democratic Party operative, inverting and projecting and gaslighting about everything they've done fixing elections, 96% monopolies, and then he's saying that's what's going to happen if Musk allows freedom.
Here it is.
You own all of Twitter or Facebook or what have you.
You don't have to
You don't even have to be transparent.
You could secretly ban one party's candidate or all of its candidates, all of its nominees, or you could just secretly turn down the reach of their stuff and turn up the reach of something else and the rest of us might not even find out about it till after the election.
Elon Musk says this is all to help people because he is just a free speech, philosophically clear, open-minded helper.
Lord Dankula, what do you make of that?
That has got to be the most inverted, where he's telling you what they've been doing and then acting like we're going to do it.
Yeah, it sounds very familiar.
Everything he said there sounded extremely familiar.
It almost feels like that's what we've been going through for like the last four or five years.
Basically, it got to the point where, you know, whenever anything came out about Trump, you were allowed to say any wild thing that you wanted to about Trump.
You could say anything, you know, like the Russia, what is it, pissgate or whatever they called it, that was spread far and wide all over the place.
If you mentioned anything about a certain laptop or certain vehicles with some boxes of votes turning up at 4 o'clock in the morning and you were banned.
And also other things as well.
If you said anything about certain parts of the Covid vaccine or the origins of the virus, you were banned.
You were not allowed to talk about these things.
You were removed.
Even though some of the stuff about Covid later turned out to be true, the accounts that said the original true stuff were still left banned.
Right, and it's just, it is a case of, they enjoyed this system because it was so one-sided, it worked so well in their favour.
They were like, because the Biden laptop stuff was damning.
It was absolutely damning.
And they knew that it was going to be a massive problem in the lead up to the election, so what did they do?
They stifled absolutely everything about the laptop, and then they made, they made damn sure that they got rid of Project Veritas as soon as they could, because... Yeah, the FBI, the FBI raided them.
Yeah absolutely and that was a what was it over there was a certain diary that was found as well and that was what instigated the FBI raid but it's a case of
They don't like it when the other side has the same power they do to be able to question them.
They don't like that.
There are certain things that people might want to point out or certain points that people might want to make.
If it's going to be damning to the Democrats or those that are in power, then they're not going to let them do it.
And that's why their control of Twitter was such a convenient tool, because not only could you ban people and silence people from being on the platform and actually getting the word out there, but you could also tweak the algorithms so that people only saw
Specific information that you wanted them to see, you know, things that would very slightly over time make them lean further and further and further to the left, and it would be all this stuff like, Republicans evil, Republicans eat babies, Republicans are going to... Or, or the vaccine totally works, or the lockdowns are good, or the masks totally work, all lies.
So let me ask you this.
Obviously, I mean, tell me if you disagree, I think the worm is turning, I think the pendulum's begun to kind of stop, it's about to swing back.
You think that's an accurate statement?
And what happens once it swings back?
Yeah, I'm seeing it.
I'm seeing it all over the place.
Like, see when Elon Musk bought Twitter after some of the things he was saying about freedom of speech.
Like, for example, I was at the... The New York Times were banned for posting the Hunter laptop story, and Elon Musk made a reply to the tweet saying, yes, that is a very... You know, that's a very bad thing to do.
Yeah, New York Post, absolutely.
He's saying that's wrong.
Yeah, that was it, basically.
So, seeing things like that and now knowing that Elon Musk owns Twitter, that...
Was a white pilling moment for me.
It made me think we are actually going to be able to see how the whole free marketplace of ideas, you know, that thing that left us always roll their eyes up because they say it's a system that doesn't work.
Well, the reason that they don't believe the system works is because they never win in it.
You know, it's like saying, look, boxing matches prove to who is the best fighter, but if leftists are always losing, they're saying, well, boxing doesn't work.
Boxing doesn't show who's the best fighter.
You know, they need a handicap.
You know, they need stabilizers on their ideas to help them through.
And the fact that Elon Musk has now bought Twitter and seems to be very focused on freedom of speech, that's what's making them all panic so much.
That's a great analogy.
I want to come back with that.
It's like, you can't make Mike Tyson his prime, so you bring a shotgun.
And that's the left.
They brought a shotgun to fight Mike Tyson.
I don't blame them, but liberty and freedom is too sexy.
Instead, what they did is instead of actually allowing the boxing match to happen, they instead dug up Mike Tyson's old tweets and got him banned from even boxing in the match.
Oh no, it's different.
Stay there, Kemp.
Vankula, you are on fire as usual.
We'll be right back.
Well, the great Count Dankula is our guest.
We're talking about free speech and where all this goes.
And he agreed with me that the pendulum has basically stopped.
It's swinging back and forth.
There's that moment where it just stops.
And now it's beginning to come back.
What is that going to look like?
We don't want to behave like the left and act like them.
We don't want to censor them.
They're claiming Musk is going to do that.
But he said, no, as long as it's not illegal, we're going to do it.
That's what freedom is all about.
So, Count Dankula, what are your predictions, my friend?
I think what we're going to see over the next year, if Musk goes ahead and does what he proposes that he's actually going to do, is...
Our ideas competing on a level playing field, we will see most likely an increase in voters.
However, I believe that was going to happen anyway because of the absolutely awful job Biden's doing.
But I believe we are going to see a lot more people coming to the right wing or centrism or just being standard libertarians and stuff like that as well.
And I think without the censorship going on, I think things are going to get a lot more sensible because
After 2016, the internet and so many different websites became just a complete nightmare.
Mention Trump's name and everyone started frothing at the mouth like a shark with a drop of blood in the water.
Everybody freaked out and I think that over time all of that is going to calm down a lot.
I think all the everything's Nazi, everything's racist, everything's fascist stuff is going to calm down.
I'm feeling a little bit hopeful.
Because ideas will now be able to bounce off each other.
Because again, I like the free marketplace of ideas.
That way, the best ideas rise to the top.
You know, if something's a bad idea, then the public will reject it.
If it's a good idea, then the public will take it.
But as for showing that a lot of people have an issue with, oh, but you're going to give free speech to socialists and communists and leftists, the people who would take your free speech away from you.
And it's a case of, yes, I would offer that because, you know, that famous clip, you know, would you get rid of the law to get at the devil?
It's one of my favourite clips and I enjoy that.
And the reason for that is, is I want people to be able to experience and appreciate how much better things can be in a fair system.
It's a case of, you know, because see if you start censoring people, you know, as we know, then they get painted as a victim.
When you censor and attack people and take away their voice, infrastructure then gets built by that certain political sphere to support and boost them.
I mean, look what happened to Libs of TikTok.
Right, that was a hardcore cancellation by Taylor Lorenz.
And for those that don't know the story, recap it for them.
Oh yeah.
Lives of TikTok is a Twitter account that likes to take
You know, liberals who are on TikTok who say wild and crazy things and essentially just post their exact own words on Twitter.
That's all she does, right?
She takes what these people have said and posts them on Twitter.
That's it.
That's all she does.
What did they say?
We're going to have sex with your children.
We're going to take your guns.
We're going to destroy America.
I mean, you show what they're saying.
Yeah, yeah.
It's just basically like, these are the words out of their own mouth and everyone's like, oh, but they're making liberals look bad.
And it's like, no, this is them saying it.
She didn't say it.
The liberals said it.
She just showed it to more people.
If people didn't like it, well, there you go.
There's a free marketplace of ideas.
People didn't like what this person said.
And so they've rejected it, or they're mocking the person, or making fun of them, and all that other type of stuff.
And then she has the nerve to say that if people criticize her, it's censorship and an attack.
But then she's doxing people.
Yeah, yeah.
Just two weeks before she did it, she says, oh, online harassment's terrible and doxxing's terrible and people try and get your private information.
And then she turns up at Libs of TikTok's house and the homes of her family members.
I don't
When they tried to cancel Libs of TikTok, instead, it was the same thing that happened to me.
You know, the Streisand effect kicked in and Libs of TikTok absolutely exploded in popularity and was getting support from everyone.
So see the whole cancellation and attempted censorship stuff?
It doesn't work because we've been going through the censorship thing for like the last five, six years, right?
And we are all still going really, really strong because we built infrastructure to support each other whenever we get canceled.
If we do the same to the Communists and the Socialists, the exact same thing will happen.
They will do the exact same thing and then they'll be able to play themselves out.
We don't want to censor them because we want to expose their ideas.
No, I agree.
So let me ask you this.
With Netflix imploding, with CNN in one month, CNN Plus closing, 300 million investment failure, everything they're doing is dying.
Didn't they get, Twitter was dying, that by censoring real debate it makes it very, very boring.
We have leftists on every day.
None of them will come on.
Tucker Carlson built his brand.
Now they won't.
They would come on.
They just won't debate.
Even if it's a big show, they can't defend their ideas.
And so, where do you see it going with all the corporate media and Hollywood literally dying?
They attempted to shut us up, hoping that would save them.
But instead, it just accelerated their destruction.
Well, exactly this has happened before, and it all stemmed from the censorship itself, right?
Old school Hollywood way, way back in the day, you know, the 30s, 40s and 50s, had a thing called the Hays Code.
I don't know if you've heard of it.
And basically, the Hays Code was a moral code put onto media to prevent, you know, stop people from having bad morals and to stop a moral shift in society.
So the Hays Code had things, you know, like
No sexual things on screen.
Bad guys always have to get their comeuppance.
No interracial kissing or romance at all.
Couples were not allowed to sleep in the same bed.
All manners of different type of rules to preserve the morality or the political message that they wanted to push at the time.
All that happened after a couple decades of that is people were getting sick of getting preached to, people were getting sick of media constantly telling them this is the way society should be.
Exactly, it created the 60s and made people wild because of the push the other way.
Yeah, exactly.
So basically everyone stopped consuming the media because people were like, I don't want to be preached to and told that I'm awful and told that I'm terrible and told how I should live my life.
I just want to see a good movie.
And what ended up happening was foreign films that didn't abide by the Hays Code were outperforming all of the American movies.
So everybody, whenever people got sick of being preached to all the time, they went elsewhere for their entertainment.
And that's exactly what happened.
CNN Plus crashed because nobody wants to watch it.
Netflix crashed because nobody wants to watch it.
Because people- A perfect analogy and historical parallel.
So, with that big 10 pound brain, what is going to happen as they realize that they failed?
What are they going to do?
They're going to panic.
I don't know where it's going to go from here.
I don't know what they would be capable of.
I think they're already trying to draw links between Musk and China.
They're trying to pull out that old chestnut as well, saying, oh, he's bought by China, he's a Putin puppet, and all this other type of stuff as well.
So they're just going to do the same as they've done for the last five, six years.
They're just going to lie, exaggerate.
I agree.
They keep running the same playbook, even though it fails.
That's what losers do.
So what do you think that happens in a year or two?
What happens?
I think it's... The problem is they've played that hand far too many times that people just see right through it.
Like, do you remember in 2014 when someone got called a racist or a Nazi, you immediately believed it and it was a terrible, awful thing?
But now in 2022, whenever you hear, oh, this guy's a racist or a Nazi, your mind now goes to, okay, so he's someone who disagrees with the left, right?
Because it got overused, it got overplayed.
So see when they come out with their lies and exaggerations and discreditations,
Nobody's going to believe it.
It's not going to be as hard-hitting as it used to be, because they've overdone it.
You know, the boy has cried wolf far too many times, and now no one believes him.
That's a really positive outlook, and I agree.
I totally agree.
But what about the wild cards?
We're going to break, come back in a minute.
Inflation, war.
In 60 seconds, we're going to break.
What's your view on the Ukraine situation?
I've personally completely tuned out of it because I don't believe anything that is coming out of it because everybody knows that whenever there's a war there's going to be propaganda and what propaganda is is two sides competing to see who can tell the most convincing lies.
Which is why Western media, Eastern media, Russian media, British media, American media, anything they say about the war, I've tuned out.
You're right.
Giant lie fest.
Yeah, absolutely.
And it's not even a case of, oh, because America bad, Russia bad, blah blah.
That's every single country.
Look at every single country in history.
When they go to war, they all lie their heads off.
They all lie constantly.
So, you know, it's just the
If that's the way it goes, then I'm just not going to take part.
That's why I've not been following it, not been listening to it.
Folks, he's got to do more live talk shows.
Count Dankula is smart as it gets.
We're going to come back to the final long segment and talk about whatever other issues he wants to get into and where he sees this all going.
Count Dankula is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones.
All right.
The next hour, I'm going to open the phones up and cover news.
Take your calls.
Here we are in the last ten and a half minutes of our number two with the man amid the legend, Count Dankula.
And I said, hey, I got a bunch of stuff I want to hit.
Biden, what do you see happening with him?
The economy, all this stuff.
I said, what do you want to hit?
He said, I want to hit Hunter Biden's laptop.
And you know, that's something that's so incredibly thousands of images of sex, some of it underage, smoking crack.
But forget that part.
That's bad enough.
On board saying I'm under Chinese intelligence control.
And the head of Chinese intelligence has been arrested and disappeared, and the FBI is after me.
That's recordings two and a half years ago.
They knew it.
They suppressed it.
Now it's out there.
Where does this go?
Because there's so many facets to this, obviously.
The media is suppressing it, and then now it's out there.
Why is it out there now?
Where does Count Dankula see this going?
I think it's mostly a case of, like, the laptop came out at an extremely bad time.
It came out at the election.
It came out at a time when the Democrats absolutely would not have wanted it out there.
You know, the worst possible time.
And so they had to pull every string that they could to get the story absolutely buried.
And they says it's a conspiracy theory.
It was done by the Russians.
It was all fake.
You know, all these other different types of things right now.
Basically, you know, a politician's son enjoying prostitutes and crack.
It wasn't surprising to me, right?
I didn't find that surprising.
You know, that's just politicians doing politician things.
It was the fact that no one was allowed to talk about it.
People were banned from posting the images and posting the pictures.
You know, it was getting suppressed absolutely everywhere.
It was the New York Post ended up getting their account banned because they were posting information about it and they were saying this isn't real, this isn't real, this is fake.
You know, it was back like we
Hillary's emails, you know, I forget the guy's name who said on CNN, any information you get about these emails, you get it from us.
You're not allowed to look at these emails.
Chris Cuomo on WikiLeaks, he said, we're allowed to look at WikiLeaks, you're not.
You'll be arrested if you look at it.
Yeah, exactly.
So in other words, let us give you our interpretation of events.
And that was what they wanted to do with the laptop as well.
So that's why they got rid of it absolutely everywhere.
Biden went on to
When the election and it ended up like a wee while later.
I think it was only just in the last few months that some like new media outlets started to go.
Okay, maybe the laptop story was real and everyone is like, yeah, you're doing that after the election got one right now.
You're doing it and now you're allowed out there, but there's all types of things that are going to be allowed to get discussed now on Twitter.
At least I hope I'm not.
Saying all this for a fact is happening.
This is the path that I hope Musk goes down, where you are allowed to talk about the laptop, you are allowed to talk about vaccines, you are allowed to talk about certain haram subjects.
Yeah, let me interrupt you.
That's a great question, because again, you're a really intuitive guy.
If you were Elon Musk, like if you were king of the world, if you owned Twitter, if you were worth $180 million, what would Count Dankula be doing if you were Elon Musk?
If I was him, I would be removing all information algorithms, because see, using little tricks and programs to influence how people are thinking without letting them choose it for themselves, I find that absolutely morally bankrupt, so I would remove those immediately.
Ideas being discussed.
I wouldn't care what ideas.
If it was the discussion of certain ideas, then that's fine.
I don't care what the idea is.
If people want to discuss it, they can, even if I don't like the idea.
The only things that I would do, offer as an olive branch, would be threats of violence that do indicate imminent lawless action, as it's called, and that's because, based on old case in America, Brandenburg versus Ohio, where, you know, if a 12-year-old says, I'm going to kill you, someone on Xbox Live, well,
Credible actual ones that will result in the phrases imminent lawless action.
So those ones, fine.
Child porn, gone, obviously.
That would definitely not be allowed on the platform.
Outside of those, there's nothing I can really think of that I would want to censor.
And also, I wouldn't want the power to censor.
I don't think that's a power that should be in anyone's hands.
And by the way, it looks like the first move he made, because I talked to Joe Rogan this morning, he's got 100,000 followers the last 24 hours on Twitter.
All the conservatives, nationalists, populists are exploding.
All the liberals are imploding.
We're finding out they're bots.
So it looks like Musk did immediately take some algorithm control system off.
Here it is.
Liberal Twitter users baffled as they lose thousands of followers after Musk's buyout.
I have a different theory.
I don't have any evidence for this, but this is just something that floated around my mind, and it's just something, you know, do with this what you will.
Whenever Musk gave his first offer, they rejected it.
They swallowed the poison pill, as it's called, to prevent him from taking over the company.
And then they had about four or five days, and then they accepted the offer.
And it was after that that they accepted the offer that we saw lots of, you know, left-wing accounts losing tons of followers and we saw lots of right-wing accounts gaining lots of followers.
I gained an awful lot of followers.
Now, a theory that I have, Musk is barely in the door, he hasn't really done anything yet, you know, he's still signing paperwork, he hasn't even set foot in headquarters or anything.
I think that Twitter maybe did a little bit of something that embassies do whenever they're doing a pullout, where
Oh yeah, getting rid of their operatives.
I don't think you're wrong.
I think that's what happened.
Yeah, and so basically what I believe, because I looked in, because loads of people were saying, oh, these are just people that are making new accounts and that is why you're getting followed.
But then I decided to go into my new followers, because you can see them in order as they follow you.
And yes, there were some people who had just made a fresh new account, but there was also lots of accounts that have been on the platform for years.
Yeah, they've been trying to follow you, but they were kept getting to you.
It's admitted that's happened.
So in closing... Yeah.
In closing, where does all this go?
What do you see unfolding?
I think, as a case study, we are going to be allowed to be as popular as we are supposed to be in the free market.
Basically, you know, people can't like you and follow your stuff and listen to your stuff if they have absolutely no idea you exist.
So it was in, you know, the leftist's best interests to prevent people from hearing about you.
You know, they learned a little bit too late that the Streisand effect was a very, very detrimental thing.
You survived, I survived.
So final question then.
It's obviously one of the top trending things.
When does Alex Jones come back?
When does Trump come back?
When does Alex Jones come back?
They've brought back people like Tucker Carlson and others.
Like you said, it'll take him I think a few months.
I got asked by a well-known talk show host how long until I'm back and I'd love to come back.
I think a few months until he even gets partial control.
They admit they had to lock out the employees of Twitter from a bunch of controls so they wouldn't sabotage it.
Yeah, they locked a lot of employees out of the tools because they were worried about, remember when there was an employee that left Twitter and as his little final hurrah before he left the company he deleted Trump's account?
You know, they were worried about people doing stuff like that and I actually had thousands of people on Twitter that wanted me to ask you if Elon Musk says
Alex Jones is allowed back on Twitter.
Will you make an account?
Of course I'll make an account.
I think Trump's wrong to say, oh, I'm on True Social.
I won't come back to Twitter.
He doesn't even post on True Social.
So he should go back to Twitter and promote whatever he's doing.
It's a really dumb move if Trump doesn't do it.
Yeah, he definitely should come back to Twitter because like Musk said, it is the online marketplace.
There are alternatives out there, there are other marketplaces, unfortunately a lot of them are located in little dusty alleyways that only have a few people in them.
Twitter is
The big one.
It's the big main one where everybody comes, which is why I feel it's quite crucial for a platform with that much power to enforce freedom of speech so that ideas are being exchanged fairly.
And so I believe that Trump should come back.
I want Carpy Dompton to come back.
I want Sargon of Akkad to come back.
I know that Tommy Robinson tried to make an account yesterday.
And he announced his return but then he was very quickly banned.
I don't know if Tommy Robinson will be allowed back.
We've got to give Musk a while to get in there and get control.
Alright, Count Dankula, incredible interview.
Everybody finds you at Count Dankula TV on Twitter and YouTube, Count Dankula.
You've got to come back more than every two years.
We really appreciate you.
We salute you.
You're an amazing person.
Thanks very much, man.
I appreciate it.
It's good to be back.
Good to be back, brother.
All right.
What a crazy time to be alive.
Next hour, I'm giving the number out.
We're taking your calls.
Long-time callers.
First-time callers.
People that disagree, agree.
All we want is a clear telephone and a point you want to make.
We're not censoring you.
If you disagree, please call in.
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Hour number three, straight ahead.
We're good to go.
Well, the Bill of Rights is a stumbling block on the way to shutting down speech that the left doesn't like, at least in government.
But there's a new avenue for those who would like to censor what you say and think, and that's corporations.
The left have wised up to this.
If you want to stop someone from telling the truth, use companies to do it.
The social media giants.
For many on the left, the view seems to have become that if you can't beat them, prevent them from speaking.
And they are.
So far the most prominent casualty of the crusade against free expression has been the radio show host Alex Jones.
There is a concerted effort by the Democratic Party and multinational corporations and big tech to silence conservative and nationalist and populist voices.
There's also guys on CNN that spend their whole day calling Facebook and saying, can you ban this person?
He may be America's best-known conspiracy theorist, but this week, Alex Jones' content will be a little harder to find.
Shame on the mainstream corporate media for not defending the First Amendment, but instead attack-dogging, calling for federal regulators to shut down independent, free press working with big tech.
People know what's true.
They can smell it.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
In a free country, everyone can be hurt.
In totalitarian societies, only the powerful can be hurt.
Look at this right here.
The guy that goes around policing and calling for censorship and then claims that Trump's wrong, there's no censorship of conservatives or patriots.
You are incredibly shameful.
How are you doing, Alex?
Eyes of the Rat.
Eyes of the Rat.
Eyes of the Rat.
Eyes of the Rat.
Even more evil looking person.
He is just scum.
You're a virus to America and freedom.
Smelling like a possum that climbed out of the rear end of a dead cow.
You look like a possum that got caught doing some really, really nasty stuff.
That's enough!
That's hilarious.
What do you hope to accomplish here?
I'm just showing people just the servile nature of the bottom of the barrel of these dying news corporations that have to dredge up from the front lines to attack the First Amendment.
You're the equivalent of like the Hitler Youth being put on the front lines to stop the advance of the Allies.
So you came here to attack the media?
You're not the media.
You are fake news.
You are the criminal news network.
You engage in racketeering trying to shut down real news or information.
You engage in lying and fraud to your audience on a premeditated continual basis.
The globalists are bombarding us with propaganda and with spiritual warfare and with poisons and chemicals added to the foods.
It's all come out.
And they're doing that not because we're weak, but because we're made in the image of God, the Creator, and we are powerful.
And the social engineers fear that so much.
So that's why I repeat that famous internet saying that nobody knows who first came up with, but boy, is it true.
The propaganda would not be necessary if the situation was hopeless.
They need all their propaganda and all their lies and all their evil and all their cultural death because they know
And they signed on the God of this world who is a loser.
And that's why it's so important that everybody keep info wars in the air now more than ever.
Because even if you don't believe in God, what the globalists are manifesting and setting up is satanic.
And we are opposing the one world government and the Mark of the Beast.
Tomorrow's news.
You are listening to a Frontline Report.
You found it.
You found the place where people don't sell out, where they're tenacious and they don't back down.
You found people like you.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live Wednesday, April 27th, worldwide transmission.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
I want to thank the great crew for all the wonderful work they do.
Amazing interview with Count Dankula in the last hour.
I got a bunch of news to cover.
And I've got a lot to break down.
There have been a bunch of viral videos that have been put out about myself and unbanning us on Twitter.
And those people have said, why isn't Alex Jones calling us out?
Why isn't Alex Jones appreciating what we've done?
And I'm going to tell those viewers and those listeners why I haven't done that.
Every time I praise some activist on Google or on Twitter or on Apple or on Facebook or on Instagram, they get banned.
So that's the reason I haven't done it.
But since you asked for it, maybe now it's different with Elon Musk.
I've got it here in the stack.
I will give you credit and we'll play the piece here in a moment.
It's got a few bleeps in it.
But this is Damon Imani, or Emanuel, I can't, my eyes are going, I need to start, I got glasses last year but I haven't been wearing it.
And he is at Damon, I-M-A-N-I, a great guy, amazing talent.
He did that whole thing where Alex Jones takes over the Davos Group piece that got tens of millions of views.
He's on this new one, Elon Musk and Twitter employees reinstate Alex Jones account live on Joe Rogan's podcast.
They edit myself and others into the same studio back when it was California and show that.
So there, my friend, Damon, I'm fully aware of your work.
Damon Amani.
And this is better print.
I can read it here.
So David Imani, we salute you.
We appreciate you.
Someone tell Alex Jones that I've done two viral parodies, no more than that, on him in a month and I still haven't received the shout out.
Well, you're getting the shout out.
OK, so I hope they don't ban you because I did.
The shout out does not mean I don't appreciate you.
In fact,
About a month ago, there was a particular individual, I won't even say, who is getting millions of views a day, millions and millions of people, exposing COVID and putting a lot of our stuff out.
I wouldn't dare say who they are.
And then finally, I did, and they banned him.
But they came back and got stronger.
So that's why I haven't been talking about you, brother.
I really, really appreciate you.
Here's the latest little piece he put out.
Joe, are you ready for Alex Jones?
All right.
Oh, I've been ready for Alex Jones.
They're f***ing killing Arnie Moore kids!
So you're telling me it isn't real when they had a f***ing vote and the goddamn f***ing Senate!
That's all over the internet right now.
It's having a lot of fun.
So, I really appreciate you.
I hope you don't get banned now.
Alright, let's do this.
Let's go to your phone calls.
That's one of the news we're going to be hitting as well that's breaking.
But we got Russell, we got Justin, we got Forrest.
That was my uncle's name.
We got Austin, we got Nathan, we got Dustin, we got Bella, we got David, we got Chris, we got Kentucky Rebel and Matthew.
And I will go to all of your calls in the order that they have been received.
And so first up, ladies and gentlemen, is a caller from Oregon.
Russell, you're on the air.
Alex, good morning.
I just wanted to let you know, man, I love you so much, and thanks for making these great products.
The X3 iodine is just phenomenal.
Every listener should be buying this.
It's powerful, brother.
X3 sold out.
We love you.
We have X2.
It's just as good.
Well, I just wanted to give you a report, a frontline report from here in Portland, Oregon.
This is the beta test for the New World Order.
This is where it's all happening.
We are being
You know, manipulated in this town to basically be the forerunner of what every other community is going to be experiencing in this town and the rest of the Western world.
And I just, you know, this is a small, out-of-the-way place on the Western frontier.
Oh man, from what I've read, Western Canada is running incredible police states under COVID-19.
Tell us about that.
Well, I want to tell you about what's going on here in Portland, and specifically that we have what I'm calling a weaponized homeless camp.
That the city has hid behind... Yeah, sorry I misheard you.
I thought you said West Coast and Canada.
I must have missed that, but yeah.
Portland, we know, is a giant communist command base, social engineering laboratory, which tells us what they want to do to us next, so please give us an intel report.
So what we're experiencing most acutely right now is weaponized homeless camps.
This is something that the city and this is colluding with the CDC.
The CDC guideline going back to 2020 said no homeless camps should be dispersed or moved because it's a threat to, you know, spreading COVID.
Although we have found legitimately there is way less transmission of COVID from homeless camps because they're outdoors.
That being said, we have camps.
I mean, I've heard you talk about San Francisco on the show, but Portland, you know, being a much smaller community, we have a problem that is magnified beyond... They are spectacular camps.
I've been to Seattle.
I've been there.
I've been to Portland.
I live here in Austin.
And it's just night and day from five years ago.
What caused this?
You're right.
Once they have this collapse emergency, they use that to declare an official emergency for FEMA CDC control.
Well, that's right.
And the other thing that's driving it is we passed Measure 110 here in Oregon in 2020, November 2020, as a ballot measure that criminalized all drugs.
And I'm sure you're familiar with this, but now it's legal to have multiple grams of meth, heroin, fentanyl, crack cocaine.
It's not just one or the other or the other.
These people can have all of them.
And it's not just the users, but it's the drug dealers that are coming in.
Because they don't bust any of them, they don't stop any of them.
They're allowed to sit there and sell the drugs, and the welfare checks all go to the people, and they're black, white, Hispanic, old, young, and they just lay out on drugs all day doing the fentanyl crawl, and you just see the targeting of the American people.
It's insane.
Well, I've got one more point about it, Alex, and I think that this is the big take-home that nobody has mentioned, and not in my community, and not in the national, you know, scheme.
How about the fact that we require sex offenders to register when they move into an area and to inform the city, inform the county, inform the state, inform their neighbors.
What do people not do when they're living in a homeless camp?
They do not register as sex offenders.
There's no accountability.
And here in Portland, we have these weaponized homeless camps just massing across the street from schools, across the street from playgrounds and parks.
And we have laws here that prevent you from opening a weed store or a liquor store a thousand feet from a school, but across the... Oh yeah, there's massive regulations on trying to open a business or a church or anything, but then everybody's drugged out of their minds next to a school with burning fires at night and rape and murder and it's all okay.
And it's an open-air drug camp, and they are literally shooting and selling drugs across the street from school.
This is six blocks from my home.
I pay taxes here in Portland, Oregon, and they won't do anything to accommodate actual citizens.
Everything is being done.
If you threw trash and needles on your yard as a citizen, you would get cited.
You would get fined by the city.
But if you do it in an open-air drug market on the street,
It's fine, and nobody cares.
You can make as much mess, you can touch kids, you can coerce kids into using fentanyl.
Oh yeah, you see underage girls and people there?
This is all over the place, and this is the modern euthanasia camp.
They put weaponized MIT CIA-developed drugs, like fentanyl, way worse than even crack in the 80s they shipped in, they put it there and they let it be a death zone like Mazda Flame.
It's the takedown of the country.
God bless you, Russell.
Alright, I got to one call in that segment.
I got to get to everybody now.
So we're going to come back in the next 45 minutes, we're going to get to everybody here.
Up next is going to be Justin, and then Forrest, and then right down the line we're going to take your calls, the order they were received.
But yeah, this is it.
And they're lacing marijuana with fentanyl, and they're lacing all sorts of stuff, ladies and gentlemen.
It's so dangerous, you don't need me to tell you this, but this is the chemical attack on America.
And fentanyl shipments and drug overdoses have tripled.
Both have tripled.
Obviously it's tripling the amount, tripling the overdose.
Since Biden got in, Trump did a damn good job of cutting the fentanyl back 90%.
Now it has exploded.
And again, that is mass murder.
Is Biden running that?
No, he's a puppet.
But the people running the Biden administration are guilty of war crimes, of chemical attack.
We are living in a magical time.
There's not just evil in the universe, there's good.
But the main enemy is apathy.
Don't be apathetic.
Don't be a spectator.
Don't live your precious 75 years on average on this planet and not be in the game.
Info Wars is all about being in the game.
Because remember, God's watching.
All right, Justin in Minnesota, you're on the air worldwide.
Mr. Jones, this is my first time talking to you and this is an absolute honor.
I'm just going to give you the floor right now.
I went to the Mayo Clinic here in Rochester, Minnesota, and I held up a sign that said, Stop the Great Reset, because I don't believe in the fear that has been pushed in this blue state.
So my question, Mr. Jones, because I got some pop thrown on my sign and me, and they're saying, you know, things like, oh,
My son's in there.
I have kids in there.
You know, we're scared of this phony pandemic and whatnot.
How do we convince the rest of the population in these blue states like mine that this is just a fear tactic?
Minnesota, I hope you're listening to Mr. Jones right now.
Go ahead.
Well, look, most people want to believe the social contract hadn't been broken.
They want to believe the corporations and government are on their side.
And there are a lot of good people in corporations and in government.
But at the top, very, very bad people are in control.
And so to expose the fact that the Great Reset wants to shut down society and bankrupt us, and now we're in the Great Reset, is a good thing.
You're not against all the doctors in the building.
You're not against all the nurses.
You're against the policies and the fear-mongering and the blocking of treatments and a vaccine that isn't a vaccine that doesn't protect you.
So I would just describe it that way to people.
Mr. Jones, I really appreciate you taking my call.
Justin, I appreciate you calling in.
Brother, what else is on your mind?
Brother, I don't know how to make people believe the truth, because we're telling the truth.
Well listen, you're never going to get the general sheeple public.
It's a minority that always does evil, and it's a minority that always does good.
And for the media spends, I don't mean a minority of people's color, I mean a minority of a group.
And so that's what we're doing, my friend.
And Justin, I appreciate your call.
God bless you.
Let's go to, very good questions.
Let's go to Forrest in Nebraska.
Forrest, you're on the air.
How you doing, Alex?
Man, I'm above ground talking to you, and we're in the new world order now, so I'm doing alright.
Yeah, we're above ground for now.
Yeah, I was actually with the pipeline inspector that called in about the quality a while back.
I remember, yeah.
Now they're saying cyber attacks and they're shutting off our pipelines.
It's so obvious.
Who's against this?
Well, I got some news there, too.
You know, I talked about how they could manually operate that pipeline.
It didn't come out that they did somewhat manually operate that pipeline.
Well, you know, they've got the Keystone shut down, that's the first thing Biden did, and they've got all these other projects shut down.
They're not issuing any more permits, but magically they're working on the Colonial now.
They've got some money from somewhere and got the permission to do things.
So I'm thinking that whole thing was just a giant con job.
Well, groups definitely stage attacks on themselves to get money and power.
The Romans would always say when some attack happened, who benefits?
Because half the time they found it was their own people doing it.
And it's just a fact.
It's why when the Pentagon said the Russians are going to stage a false flag they're about to invade, they didn't tell.
It was actually true.
It's pretty clear the Russians detonated truck bombs and attacked government buildings on their border as a pretext.
That's just what governments do.
And so they're like, you're Alex Jones of the State Department!
I don't like the State Department, I don't like the war, but they were telling the truth about false flags.
So the idea that you shouldn't question things as a potential false flag makes no sense.
And now the Russians are warning, the West is preparing a dirty bomb nuclear false flag, which I see all the pre-programming for, which I agree with, as a major escalation that's going to lead to nuclear war.
So I think it's very credible for America, for NATO, for the Russians, for everybody to look at who's going to do false flags, because false flags is one of the main cards in a toolkit
But they want the public politically, culturally, militarily, spiritually... What's the word I would use?
Not just inept, but illiterate.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, that makes perfect sense.
I mean, that's exactly what happened with the schooling and pipeline thing.
Why else would they do that?
And then all of a sudden they've got everything else shut down, and now they've come up with the money.
I've got a buddy that's inspecting on that job right now, and they're going to be working on it for a long period of time.
You know, they've got everything else artificially shut down.
They're artificially creating food shortages.
I mean, Mike Adams has been covering about the railroad situation.
I mean, this is just insane.
Yeah, exactly.
It was four or five things you'd say it's an accident.
Thousands of key points that are choke points are being directly sabotaged by federal bureaucrats because it's part of the Extinction Rebellion environmentalist doomsday cult.
When I say that, folks, that's not rhetoric.
The environmentalist transhumanist doomsday cult.
The environmentalist globalist depopulation doomsday cult.
That's what they are.
We're all in grave danger.
Yeah, and it's global.
Yeah, I mean, the war in Ukraine.
I mean, my wife's Ukrainian.
I actually converted to Orthodoxy.
So I kind of prescribe to the Joel Skousen side of things.
But you can't deny 35% of the world's wheat comes from Ukraine.
And now that's going to be shut off.
The energy crisis, the supply chain breakdowns, hundreds of millions at the start of the death.
We are living in the extinction rebellion by the globalists.
And you know, with the border wide open, you know, what's going to happen when all these South American countries can't feed themselves with all the food supply shortages and artificial shutdowns and all that?
They're going to collapse and come this way.
And then what happens then?
I mean, we collapse.
And I mean, that's why, I mean, I got out of the city.
I mean, I bought, I'm from Texas originally, so I'm a fellow East Texan, but you know, I'm working in Nebraska.
We bought a place out in the middle of nowhere in Nebraska.
You know, we're growing our own food and trying to live like our forefathers did because, I mean, it's all baked in the cake now.
It doesn't matter what happens.
The left has flipped out and said, Jones is a doomsday cult.
He says the end.
No, I said the globalists are a doomsday cult and they're trying to create an artificial collapse.
We should stop it.
I mean, they admit it all over the news.
And then we respond and go, oh, you're crazy.
You want a doomsday cult.
We're like, no, you're the doomsday cult.
We want prosperity, which we can easily have.
Yeah, exactly.
But no, they're creating artificial scarcity for control and manipulation and power, man.
Well, it's like they say we want civil war and we want violence.
No, I don't.
They got the FBI and Justice Department with huge investigations open.
It's in the news that Jones ran January 6th.
Why would I make us look like idiots?
Why would I destroy our chances of challenging the election?
It's preposterous, but it doesn't matter.
They don't care.
They're moving forward.
We can't back down to that.
We have to tell the truth.
Thank you, Forrest.
All right, I don't want to jam Austin in.
We've only a minute and a half left from break.
We'll go to Austin next.
We'll get to Matthew, Kentucky Rebel, David, Stella, Dustin, Nathaniel.
Excuse me, Nathan and Austin, on the other side, please remember, I can only stay on air because of your graces.
I live in your hands.
And I, like a pit bull in a fight, I'll keep fighting until I die.
I mean, it's just the way I am.
But I cannot fight if we're not provided for.
Because you can have the meanest pit bull ever, if it's not getting fed food and getting water, it will die.
And so, I'm just telling you, we've reached the most critical point
We have come to the most critical point in our history right now, and this is the time to spread the articles and videos.
It's the time to pray for Infowars, just as important as financially buying the products that you need.
X2 is incredible.
When I forget to take it, I feel it in every way, including my libido.
Way beyond Viagra, ladies and gentlemen, but it takes two weeks to kick in.
Get your X2 at InfoWarsTore.com, 25% off, back in stock, sold out for months.
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And don't forget, InfoWars.com forward slash crypto, where you can give straight donations, or InfoWarsTore.com, you can donate as well.
We'll be right back.
You know, I sit here,
During the breaks, looking at news, thinking about what I'm about to cover next, and I just think about the fact that we use words to describe this, but people overuse words.
Like they call everything bad Hitler, and everything even good Hitler, so it loses its effect.
But when we're here talking about the current time we're living in, and the incredible awakening, and the beautiful souls
Of every color and shape and creed who bleed red blood and love God coming together.
And we see the other bad guys on the other side.
It is epic.
It is incredible.
It is amazing.
And there's just not words to describe 28 years on air.
And being woken up and trained without even knowing by the best minds in the world against the New World Order because God was doing it.
And now to be here with you.
What an incredible time to be alive.
I salute you all, and I thank you all, and I mean that.
I salute you all.
I appreciate you.
I am so blessed we're together, and it is the greatest thing in my life to get to know all these beautiful souls.
I really feel sad when I'm out in public and I see leftists, particularly in cities like Seattle where they're just almost all of zombies.
And they just hiss at you and scream at you and they look dead and you want to wake them up and then I'll be in a grocery store or a restaurant or a shopping mall or a doctor's office and I just see a black man or a black woman or a Hispanic lady or a white guy and their eyes are just so alive.
And you look at them and you just see it.
Doesn't mean they've got classically beautiful features, even a lot of them do.
It's just like, they're so genuine, and they're so real, and they're so loving, and you're just like, these are my people!
It's so powerful!
This crew has that look in their eyes.
All of us have it, they're awake, and we just simply want others to have what we've got.
They've been told by the spirit that controls them that before they can be powerful, we have to be extinguished.
We have to be imprisoned.
We have to be shut up.
We have to be bullied.
We have to be exterminated because our strength makes them fearful.
When I look at a man who's strong and powerful and got a beautiful woman and a beautiful house and a beautiful everything, I don't feel like I hate him.
That's part of my wealth.
But see, a globalist, a minion of evil, they don't like senior success.
And the more powerful you are spiritually, the more the system's going to try to drive you down and dominate you.
So I tell you this, and I'll tell you this a thousand times, but I told you it once, and I want you to listen and listen good.
Then I'll go back to your calls.
I say a lot of important things, but this is important.
I want you to listen real good.
I want this to sink in real good.
You can't beat Satan on your own.
I've tried it.
Not even consciously, but I still felt like I could do it.
Even though I was calling on God, it was kind of like a, well, yeah, I'm calling God a little bit.
I can do this.
I can handle this.
And then God will show you that you better humble yourself.
You better get on your knees.
You better roll up your sleeves.
You better ask God for guidance and support or you're not going to make it.
It's only going to be God that carries us through this.
So I want all of you now listening to me to call on God and His Son Jesus Christ into your heart and soul to clear your mind like King David talked about and push out that evil and have you be reborn and strong.
And then together we can start beating this thing.
And it's so much better when you finally surrender to Christ.
Even if you already love God, even though you're a good person.
You know what I'm talking about.
You have this feeling like you gotta do it.
It's not an arrogance.
It's all you know is what you got.
You gotta turn loose of that and say, I'm gonna fight this evil, but I'm gonna ask God into me to do it, and then I'm gonna do whatever God tells me.
And then, we will break the evil.
But only through God.
Only way to beat this is with God.
We don't have a hope with God.
We have absolute, pure victory with a capital V. We have total completion.
We've got to dial into the person that made us, the God that made us.
We've got to dial into the creature, the omnipresent power that made the entire existence and then created us with his mind.
You will be defeated if you fight Satan on your own.
But if you ask God in, you are invincible.
Let's go back to your phone calls.
Austin in Ohio, you're on the air worldwide.
Thank you for calling.
Alex Jones, amen!
That's amazing, sir.
I'm so glad that you just made mention of that because it's going to segue into exactly what I was going to mention.
I wanted to speak a little bit about Elon Musk, but first I wanted to thank you for being, like you said, the tip of the spear and the forefront of the information warfare.
I'm a 29-year-old male and I've been watching you and studying what you've dug into on the occult
The Bohemian Grove and other places.
The Skull and Bones Society.
And that has really catapulted me onto this road and this path of truth finding.
And to kind of connecting the dots with everything.
I wanted to mention Elon Musk because I know he's the people's billionaire.
He's the Batman, the Iron Man, whatever you want to call him.
But could he be a deception?
Is he the false hub?
I think we should all be asking that.
That's what I was going to say.
Albert Pike was a... I was about to say that as I walked in here.
Go ahead.
The Holy Spirit's great, brother.
We're thinking the same.
Albert Pike... Well, no.
During the break, I was going to come out and say it.
I forgot, so God made sure it happened through you.
They've got their Internet of Things.
They've got their AI.
We've got the real AI.
That's it.
Albert Pike was a Confederate general, and more importantly, he was a 33-degree Mason.
And the founder of the KKK.
And he was a very influential and a father figure of modern occultism and Luciferian and Satanism, and he was quoted by saying, whenever the people need a hero, we shall supply him.
And I think we ought to be a little bit careful with Elon Musk here being the savior of freedom of speech, but his mother's a well-known supermodel who is well-known to have the one-eye symbolism, and so it's constant gaslighting, right?
All these things are happening, and Trump's the bad guy, and then
That happens, and we're in the Biden administration, and all these things are happening in the background.
But now Russia's the bad guy, and Ukraine is the good guy when all the corruption and Hunter Biden's laptop comes through.
And then, you know, how about all the supply chain breakdowns and all of these fires happening in the distribution chains?
And they're airing Johnny Depp, but they didn't do Ghislaine Maxwell.
I mean, it's nothing but gaslighting.
It's nothing but a satanic cult that is
I agree and they've got three Sandy Hook trials lined up this summer and fall.
14 weeks of it where every channel is Alex Jones is mean to children and free speech is bad and that's why they're so pissed we declared bankruptcy which put a little bit of a cattywampus into their operation.
Absolutely and I want to say that things might be bleak
The New World Order is not happening, it's here.
The beast system is being set up, and we have to be careful with Elon Musk.
He's the same guy that wants to put a chip in our brains and set us up to that mark of the beast type system, right?
So, just like you were saying, we cannot beat the powers of sin, death, and hell, and Satan by ourselves.
It's only through the power and authority that Jesus Christ has given us.
Just like the demons that confronted some of the apostles that said, we know who Paul is, we know who Jesus is, but who are you?
We can't go fight this on a nationalist, patriotism mindset.
We have to operate with a... You're right.
It's purely a spiritual war, and we can't even go to the mainline churches because they're counter-controlled.
We have to make a connection to God and then do the right thing.
But I'm not going to poo-poo Elon Musk if he does some good things.
But at the same time, we cannot trust in man, as you said.
We have to trust in God.
Absolutely, brother.
Error on the static caution.
That's it.
Always look at what's behind the scenes and what the big story is, because there's something else happening behind the scenes.
Beautifully said, Austin.
Thank you for the call from Ohio.
All right, we're going to go to break, and we return.
Nathan, Dustin, Stella, David, Matthew, and then we have the great Kate Daly taking over today, and then War Room, 3 p.m.
Central, with the one, the only, Owen Schroer.
The only way that powerful show gets seen, the only way it gets spread, the only way we win, is you take those links to that live show at 3 p.m.
today and you share them.
The War Room.
Help me spread it.
We'll be right back.
Hour number four is straight ahead here on the Alex Jones Show.
We're taking your phone calls right now.
Very blessed to be here.
Let's talk to Nathan in Tennessee.
Nathan, you're on the air.
Hey, how you doing, brother?
I just want to amen everything you said earlier.
And this is a spiritual battle.
And I wanted to encourage you and strengthen you that you don't need to be afraid of running out.
You don't need to be afraid of being shut down.
You don't need to be afraid of not having the funds to go on.
You just need to keep doing what's right, Alex, even if it means, you know, literal death or figurative death or whatever it may be, that you don't need to worry about that.
Quit spending so much time and energy on that.
I know, I agree, but I've had the Democratic Party off record, I can't say who, directly reach out months ago and say, we will put you in prison or kill you if you don't do this, this, or that.
Obviously, I'm not going to back down.
It's just I want the listeners to understand how dangerous it is, how much danger we're all in.
These people are pure evil.
I understand and that's why it's important for us to keep walking in love and forgiveness and being the example and the light in the darkness.
I just really want to say thank you brother.
I appreciate everything that you're doing.
I know I called to talk about Elon Musk, but I've been praying about what to say the whole time.
I'm a combat veteran.
I just really appreciate everything that you're doing.
I appreciate you.
I'm very thankful to be in this position.
I just want to keep fighting, and I get what you're saying.
Turn it over to God, but I'm still a sinful creature.
I don't want to lose, but I get it.
God's going to win in the end.
Yeah, and what you said is true.
In the end, you're going to realize it's not you.
It's going to be God that does it, and we just have to be willing servants of God to keep doing what he'd have us do every day, and that goes for everybody.
Don't lose hope, because that's it.
The future is our hope.
I want to give a shout out real quick that my 12 year old son is listening in the other room.
We love you Alex.
I was about to say it's all about our children brother.
Talk about that exactly.
It's all about them.
They know they're losing.
That's why they're targeting our children.
That's what keeps me going on, you know, is every time I face these battles, every time I feel down, I look at them and I realize it's about their future.
You know, it's about what's going to happen.
We have to forget about what's been done and start to turn this around.
Start to turn around the economy.
Start to turn around all these... And we gotta forget about what's gonna happen to us individually and just commit to the children.
Anytime, because I don't get scared very often.
It's not even scared, it's more of a frustration and anger.
Literally in the middle of the night, God touches me and says, think about the children, stand up for them.
And I'm ashamed of any of my doubts.
It's like, yes, I'm going to stand up.
Because if we saw kids getting killed right in front of us, we'd fight and die for them.
Well, they're getting killed and we got to stand up for them.
Well, that's why I called, just to strengthen you, brother, and let you know that we're praying together on that.
And don't lose hope.
Just hopefully, Lord willing, one of these days I'll have a chance to look you in the eye and shake your hand and give you a big hug.
But in the meantime, this has been great for now and I'll let somebody else take over.
I appreciate you, brother, and God bless you.
My biggest frustration is it's all out in the open now and it's going to get so much worse if we don't stop it.
And I realize it's all foretold it's going to get a lot worse, but it's just so unbelievable.
There's this many evil people, but it's just, it's free will and it's happening.
Let's go ahead and talk to Matthew in New York.
Matthew, thanks for calling.
Hello, Alex.
It's an honor and a pleasure to talk to you.
Back at you.
First of all, let me give you a little bit of a plug for the krill oil.
A few years ago, I was diagnosed with AFib.
If anybody knows what AFib is, the danger is that your blood clots and you suffer from a stroke.
Fast forward a couple of years.
I was getting ready to have a colonoscopy, and in my pre-screening, they told me to stop taking the krill oil because it is a blood thinner.
So, you don't need the pharmaceutical blood thinners and all the bruises on your hands.
Krill oil works.
Well, all the studies show it does.
We have the highest grade krill oil that's out there, but it's well known for heart and cardiovascular health, that and fish oil.
I love it.
I had a thought a while back, and I just wanted to pick your brain on it.
It was kind of weird.
I just thought that, does the Second Coming of Jesus Christ actually require a physical presence, or is it the awakening of the Spirit within each of us that brings about the Second Coming?
I mean, I think it's both.
And again, I'm not bashing folks who talk about pre-tribulation raptors, but I can read the Bible.
It clearly comes after the battle and the debtor raised in Christ.
But regardless, God's not going to recognize us if we don't fight evil.
So all the Christians out there, and I'm not putting you down, and I'm not lecturing you.
I'm just telling you, obviously, if you don't fight evil, if you don't speak out against it, and I'm not saying I'm perfect either, but if you don't try, God's not going to recognize you at the White Throne Judgment.
So if you don't put skin in the game, and say, oh, I was going to get raptured out because I magically said I was with Jesus, Jesus had to go to a cross and get tortured to death to rise again.
We are going to have to go through some serious pain for this.
I'm not a real believer in a rapture, but is the story of Christ that we have to suffer to achieve
Eternal life?
No, I think we have to choose God and be reborn, but with that, the world's going to persecute us if we're willing to do it.
Ah, that's the thing.
It's the evil that fights against the good.
Yeah, God's not going to torture you, but evil is, so you've got to be ready for that.
But it's a few minutes, a few hours of them torturing the hell out of you, and then it's Valhalla, brother, after that.
I'm not going to even get into it.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's jam in.
David in California.
David, welcome.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
I'm good to be here with you, brother.
That's good.
Before I start this message, I'd like to say to the call to the listeners that the goal in life is to have a return on life.
I wasn't going to speak about Elon Musk, but I want to stick to the subject that's going on right now because I have some big news today.
If you don't mind, Alex, could you write this down for me?
It's called ectoplasma specialization.
Ectoplasma specialization.
If you could just look into that and everything will be explained.
Let's cut the head off this giant today.
Again, once again, my name is David.
You have God, you have Jesus, you have the Holy Ghost, you have the Spirit, you have the body, you have the soul, which is the mind.
People need to understand that the soul is the mind, which is what we take with us when God takes our spirit.
God has all the power, and only the power, to keep the spirit bound in hell.
So that's the reason why the demon says, I want your soul.
We're the ones who make the choices to send ourselves to hell.
So once again, God, Jesus, the Holy Ghost, spirit, body, the soul, slash, uh, the mind.
You have the, there's two reasons why the number three is so important to them.
You have the domain, which is their spirit.
You have the host, which is their body.
You have the SEO slash algorithms, which is their Holy Ghost.
They're stuck in a sixth sense.
Which we have been trained and taught, which the Brown Report has reported about this, and I have called in about this 10 months ago and spoke about this, which they use remote viewing.
Our sense, Alex, the people of good, use the seventh sense.
We're trying to reach the seventh sense.
Be like God, creatures.
Be without sin.
Because it's our choice to sin once we know right from wrong.
But our message, our connection, which is not a connection, we're in tuned.
And that is the Holy Ghost, which is your VAX bus story.
When you explain to the guy about the vaccine towards kids.
And then the VAX bus drove up.
Just like the caller calls from Canada when he speaks about the Holy Ghost and how it travels.
That's our in tune.
Being in tune with God.
They need a connection.
No, you're right.
We're not in connection.
We're aligned.
We are it.
That's correct.
And that's why the
They're transgenic, just like you said on Joe Rogan, your Spotify interview with him.
It's called The Ghost in the Machine, which Mike Adams was speaking about.
The guy named Charles, I think his last name is Libra.
He uses an EMP as a heart.
He uses a human brain.
He uses the tubes that connect, that substitute as a quartet, quartet or arteries that connects to the left and the right brain.
They use a 3D bio-printer for skin, for fake skin, and this is how, and then you have the synthetic ecoplasm that runs through the tubes.
Now this is how they end up with the ghost in the machine.
They think... And you're right.
That's what they want, is a synthetic human.
They want to be God.
It's the Devil's Rebellion.
Originally powerful, David.
Could talk to you for hours.
Thank you.
Stella and Dustin, we're going to break.
You're going to have two and a half minutes apiece, and then Kate Dally takes over in the fourth hour, 55 minutes, and then Owen Schroyer with The War Room, InfoWars.com forward slash show, and carried on stations across the nation.
Stay with us.
Hour number four is two minutes away.
Well, it's the final segment I'm hosting, and then Kate Dally takes over.
We're taking calls now from South Carolina and Kansas.
Dustin in South Carolina, welcome.
Yes sir, go ahead.
I just want to agree with you.
A minute ago you said there's a spiritual war and they are definitely coming for our kids with the trans agenda and all that crap, but there is in Illinois, it started there.
The satanic temple has started
After School Satan Club, and it approved in Illinois.
Pennsylvania shot it down.
I don't know what school it was, but there's a school in Greensboro, North Carolina, that is, they're starting up their After School Satan Club this week on Friday.
That's right.
It's a total coming out of Satanism, pedophilia, you name it.
Yep, and it's just crazy.
The Bible says
Anyone to cause one of these little ones to stumble, it would be better for them to have a stone around their neck and cast into the water.
But it's our job to oppose this stuff and it's just crazy all this satanic stuff going on and it's just crazy man.
Well, we haven't stood up for ourselves, and so God has lifted the hedge around us, and evil is coming in.
But we're going to counter it, and there's a good awakening happening, a big awakening happening right now.
So have faith, my friend.
That's right, that's right.
I just want to plug real quick.
I get the vitamin, the B3 gummies, and the whole food vitamins, and the immune support, and all of that stuff, and it definitely works.
It definitely works.
Well, thank you, Dustin, for not just supporting us on air, but taking care of your own body.
We wouldn't be here without you, so we thank you, Dustin.
God bless you.
All right, last caller before Kate Daly takes over.
Stella in Kansas.
You're on the air.
Hello, Alec.
I just wanted to run an idea across to you.
I don't know if it'll work.
I don't know if, you know, if anything's going to work now.
But what do you think about
Having like a national call-in day to the White House letting them know that we will all stand together and we will stand and fight for our freedom.
You know, I think it's always important to call Congress and call the White House, but I think they know we're awake.
I think they know we're the enemy.
That's why they're declaring, you know, anybody protesting their tyranny as a terrorist.
They have no legitimate power.
But yeah, everything is good.
They're a joke.
Resistance is good because it opens your mind up to what you're doing and gets you in the action of doing it.
Even if what you do has little effect, over time it lenses, it amplifies.
Well, I mean, like, slam them with the calls to let them know that we are here and we are together.
We're not alone.
They won't lock us down again.
And we will stand and fight.
No, I agree with you.
Getting mayors and city council and legislators and governors elected that will not put up with the next lockdown is key because it's coming.
They admit it is.
You're absolutely right.
We've got to really keep pushing harder now than ever.
So they push their agenda.
We wake up and push back.
They go away.
But they admit they're about to come right back.
Exactly, but if you put to the air a day, a special day, for all of us to call in to the White House on that day, and I know it'll take a couple weeks for everybody to get through, but if we just inundate them, inundate them with those calls, maybe, I don't know, maybe they'll shift something, I don't know.
I think it was Trump that would have an effect, Biden probably they ignore it, but legislatures and governors, how about
A day where we call our governors, we call our legislators, because they're really listening, but not so much the White House.
And I'm not saying you're wrong, call the White House too.
But not just the Republican Senators and Governors, but also the Democrats.
Just because we're Republicans doesn't mean we can't call our Democrats.
I think writing letters and calling lets them know we're aware of them and what they're doing.
I think it's a very positive thing.
So I totally agree with you, Stella.
So maybe you could come up with just one day for us all just to start back.
I mean, I know they watch you, so if you're announcing, people call them.
You know, they're going to know we're going to call.
It's a good idea.
Stella, what a beautiful name, means the stars.
All right, we'll be right back with Kate Daly.
She's about to take over.
The War Room is live in 56 minutes with Owen Schroyer, InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Please tune in.
Please share that link.
And please continue to pray for a huge awakening and for peace, because World War Three is very close in Ukraine.
Kate Daly takes over right now.
Stay with us.
You know, it's going back to what we all thought was going to happen in the 90s when the internet and mobile technology first came out, which is we thought, you know, this is going to level the playing field.
Everybody's going to have access to the same information.
Everybody's going to be able to freely communicate that information.
That's our goal.
To get back to that place where we all have access to all of the information.
We all have the ability to freely communicate that information with whomever we want, whenever we want.
And we don't have to worry about anybody tracking what we're doing and trying to judge us or categorize us or figure out some way to go after us because of the conversations we're having, because of the internet searches that we're doing, because of the discussions, the people we want to talk to about these things.
So that's our goal is to help people take back their freedom by helping them to take back their privacy.
And so that's really what we're trying to do.
And so I hope that everybody listening
We'll check us out at VoltaWireless.com.
That's V-O-L-T-A Wireless dot com.
Hi, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
So glad to be here today.
I just hope you're having a great day.
I hope you're having a great week, actually.
And boy, do we live in interesting times.
Am I right?
Welcome back.
And by the way, get the X2, get the iodine.
Great products.
I'm serious.
These are great products and everybody needs them en masse.
You need to order in mass, really and truly, and stock up.
So the distractions, of course.
Johnny Depp and Elon Musk, total distractions.
Who cares who owns Twitter?
And we're not forced to be on any social media, so it's absolutely ridiculous who owns it.
And by the way, we already know who is running the thing.
All they're talking about is who's going to be the face of it.
And what is important?
Well, today I have an explosive guest.
We're going to talk about what is important.
We are important.
The patriots of America and this great country.
We are important.
And more importantly, how we're going to get through these next several years, because I'm going to think that our biggest threats right now, after all the research that I do, are basically being incarcerated for mental health reasons when it's completely bogus.
And of course being entrapped by those that infiltrate Patriot groups to take down the Patriots of America and probably throw them in prison because they can.
Because they can put you in on bogus charges as we just learned from January 6th and other events too that I've covered.
I've been on the radio for about 10 years.
I've covered a lot of FBI entrapment cases.
And this one is one of the biggest I've seen, and it's an amazing story.
My guest is Todd Engel.
He spent four and a half years in prison, and today we're going to learn how entrapment works, how they infiltrate the fake MAGA hats, the buddy system, the jean shorts, the perfect short FBI haircuts, and the matching sunglasses.
Give me a break.
Anyway, they think they look good.
They think they look like one of us.
Isn't that sweet?
But today we're going to learn how this works and we're going to learn what they do, most importantly, so that you are on your guard, so that you know what to look for.
This is a very, very important hour and I really do hope you stay tuned because we are all subject to this.
Because you love this country and the communists don't.
So yeah, they're destroying the economy.
And yes, that is a very big deal to our daily life.
But Todd Angle's story, you need to listen up to this because he's going to show you exactly what they did to him and how they did it, most importantly.
Welcome to the show, Todd.
How are you?
Good, good.
Thanks for having me, Kate.
Tell us a little bit about your story.
So, in 2014, I saw an incident occurring down in Nevada, so I drove down.
It's infamously known as the Bundy Ranch, and I was there for about an hour and a half on the bridge, and I worked with law enforcement to assist in hopefully getting that thing to end peacefully, and it did.
And then after that, I returned home and was
Immediately infiltrated by federal agents and informants.
Some of them I could see, you could tell because they were trying to get you to do things that were illegal.
And you immediately knew, okay, this guy, you know, I just need to get away from this guy.
But many of them you can't.
And I know a lot more about this now than I did then.
And what occurs is when the DOJ and the FBI
Deal with it.
They flood your church.
They flood your gym.
If you go, if you have any patterns, though, if you go to a bar, they'll flood the bar.
If you are a part of the VFW, they flood the VFW.
They put in so many agents and they're always attempting to bump into you and become your friend.
And it's very difficult to see them coming from every angle.
Oh, I bet.
I can only imagine.
So, tell us what you, what were the charges that you were actually incarcerated for?
I think this is just, listen up, because we all know the January 6th charges.
There were no charges for guns.
Like they said, it was an armed insurrection.
There were no charges, really, for guns that stuck.
Even if they did a couple of people, they still didn't stick because nobody had a weapon.
It was only trespassing, but that never, of course, made it to fake media.
So, tell us what your charges were.
So I was charged with 11 charges in total.
I was convicted of two, one of them being interstate travel in aid of extortion, and the other was obstruction of justice.
And neither one of those should have ever even been charged.
But they were.
They throw everything at the wall and hope something sticks.
So ultimately, it was an incredibly corrupt trial.
Terribly corrupt.
And the Ninth Circuit ultimately overturned the jury's convictions.
And you were freed, thank goodness.
We worried about you, we thought about you, we talked about you for so long, and we were so worried about you in there.
And let me just tell you, four and a half years, I don't know how many people could stomach that, knowing that it was a total sham.
But what's interesting is, it was an aid of extortion.
Who were you aiding, supposedly?
What was that charge about?
It's interesting because they say because I left the state and went to another state, so interstate travel in aid of extortion, but nobody else was convicted of extortion that I could have aided.
So they tried to put forth that I had been responsible for the cattle being released and in the extortion, they ultimately fined me $1.65 million because me personally,
I was responsible for the entirety of the cattle gather gone wrong.
So yeah, they tried to get me for 1.6 plus million dollars.
And I remember the tapes because they were sitting there armed to the teeth, really proud of it, got their macho card, the mall cop card on, and acting like they were just going to start shooting at you guys because you deserved it.
And all there was was people with flags on horseback.
People were armed, but they were legally even armed.
I mean, I hate that because I think that's an infringement on our Second Amendment.
But still, you're allowed to carry arms, but they made that the issue.
And what's interesting, too, is they can throw women to the ground, they could get away with anything they wanted to do, and there was a lot of informants that had infiltrated, and they don't get anything done to them, right?
Except you get bogus charges and you do four and a half years' worth of time.
Nothing ever usually happens to them.
What people don't understand, according to the government's own attorney that testified in all three trials, is that Clavin Bundy did not owe $1.3 million.
He owed $8,810.
And for that, they convened and deployed an entire army.
And two nights in a row, they surrounded his home with sniper teams prior to any
Protesters even arriving to the ranch.
So why, why would you surround a man's home with sniper teams in the middle of the night if you did not have nefarious and sinister intent?
Yes, and if you don't believe Todd, just realize that they never went after the amount of money that was paraded around in the press, because they knew it was bogus, they knew they couldn't get it.
And you're right, it was $8,800.
And so that matter could have been taken up civilly, but they wanted a little war, they wanted to take that family down.
And it was just, it was the most horrendous thing I've ever, well, I've seen the FBI do, because I'm closer to the situation where I am.
But the problem is we just had January 6, too, and this is why I desperately wanted to do this show, is because we need to arm people with what to look for, what to be aware of, because these people that work for the DOD, that work for the FBI, are relentless.
Look what just happened in the Gretchen Whitmer case.
No one wants to be around that woman for five seconds, let alone kidnap her.
Give me a break.
And then they come up with this entire ruse and they get nailed sort of in court.
They also got nailed in your situation.
You're free today.
They also got nailed in the Bundy situation because they proved that they were corrupt in all these charges and doing these things.
So, it has backfired on them.
It doesn't always work for them.
And I want to know, and I know we only have about a minute left.
We're going to go to a break, but we're going to come back because I want to talk about what's so important.
How did that infiltration work?
What to look for?
What did you notice?
What did you not notice, more importantly, about the people that were buddying up to you?
Because that's what these people do.
They infiltrate these groups.
They buddy up.
They try to act like your best friend, and they try to act like a saint, and then you trust them.
And so it is a natural thing to do, to want to trust people.
I get it.
Because we have good hearts.
So we always think everybody else has good hearts too.
And but that's not the case.
And when you're a true patriot, when you're somebody that loves this country, you do have a target on your back.
And we have to be very, very, very careful.
So I'm going to come right back more with Todd Engel when we come back.
I'm so glad he's out now and and has beat this.
And we'll be right back.
I'm Kate Daly, your guest host on the Alex Jones Show.
Of course.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host.
So glad to be here today.
So glad to be with you today.
And let me just tell you, as a talk show host, I am neither mental nor near a mental break nor suicidal.
And I know that I swear I feel like I have to say that daily because we know what's ahead of us and we know how they're going to
Is that a good word?
Todd Ingle is my guest.
He spent four and a half years in prison.
Can you imagine spending four and a half years in prison and you didn't do anything?
Really and truly, you didn't harm anyone.
There wasn't anything there.
There was no there there.
Let's put it that way.
And so when this all started, what did you notice?
Why were you the target, Todd?
Why you?
One of the main reasons is because I went and was willing to stand against an extreme overreach by the federal government to the point of standing in the gap and willing to, you know, do as our founders did at Concord and Lexington.
We were not going to back down and they knew it and ultimately they had to back down.
So that put a huge target on my chest.
And then ultimately I came back and where I live in Northern Idaho,
It's one of the main targets in the United States for the Feds to infiltrate because they say, as we well know, that North Idaho is ungovernable.
We are very liberty-minded and independent up here.
And they did not like the fact that I was down there and that I lived up here and that, you know, I was involved in, at that time, I was actually involved in the Oath Keepers.
Unfortunately, at this point, I know a lot.
And then, you know, we do a lot of shooting and we're active in the Patriot community up here, and they just wanted to pound the tallest nail down in North Idaho.
And so you were in, so leading up to this, what did, or let's just say right after this, because that's really when you became the target.
So right after this, what did you start to notice?
Like you said, bumping into people at the gym, people suddenly around you wanting to be your best friend, right?
Yeah, so, um, the gym, they infiltrate you at the gym by, uh, if you're in the hot tub, they come in and they overhear the conversation and then they enter into the conversation and strike it up.
And they're usually everything that you are.
That's the key to this.
If you like to shoot, they like to shoot.
If you like to ride motorcycles, they like to ride motorcycles.
So they know everything about you.
So then they send in
Sources and agents that are exactly like you, that you're going to get along with really well.
Up to and including, I go to church, you go to church.
I hunt elk, you hunt elk.
So you want to be friends with this guy because you don't meet a whole lot of guys that enjoy all of the same things that you do.
So you obviously are going to invite him into your world and go riding motorcycles and shoot guns and hunt elk.
And little do you know, he works for the federal government.
It's amazing.
And I know there's, you know, it came out I think a couple years ago that the DOD was spinning out just, what, several million civilian types that were working for them and in basic jobs, you know, just kind of just one of you, you know, all of a sudden they start showing up to everything.
So were the same people then, like, were they trying to make plans with you?
Were they showing up to the same sort of meetings with other patriots?
And when I say patriots, I'm talking about people that just love their country.
We're not talking about violence.
We're not talking about hatching plans.
We're not talking about anything like that.
We're just talking about people who deeply care about their country being demolished right now.
And so these CADs, these people that are traitors to their own country, will go and infiltrate these groups
So that they can provide information to like the FBI DOD, right?
And they show up at political rallies.
If you support a candidate, they support the same candidate and obviously
They're reporting back on you.
You do not know it because they're not doing anything to you to get you to break a law.
Like what we see with the Gretchen Whitmer case.
That was that was you could have seen that for a for a mile away when they're instigating crimes and they're hinting at crimes.
I had that happen to me.
There were guys that wanted to, you know, get me to do illegal things and I just eradicated them out of my life.
They also, the FBI also sent two beautiful young women at me at different times to try to get me to, I don't know, take them home or whatever.
And I actually, you know, I was sitting at a hamburger stand and I actually looked over at the one the one day and I said,
You must be with the FBI.
I'm an old fart, and you're 25 years old and gorgeous, so get lost.
And two days later, they did it again, and I said, you're with the FBI.
Just get away from me.
So I was able to see them.
You could see some of them from a mile away, but the ones that go to your church, and they're just the nicest people in the world, and they're not trying to get you to do anything illegal, those you just cannot tell at all.
You just can't see them coming.
In your case, you became friends with a couple of them, correct?
Really good friends.
Yes, I did.
One of them, I became such good friends, we actually started a company together.
And through that,
We just were super, super tight.
He was the nicest guy, a good Christian man.
He had some kids that he had adopted.
He was just a good dude.
And, um, I also met another one that was, you know, just like me, he was a shooter and a hunter and he had all the same interests in common.
So we, you know, us three did a lot of things together.
Um, and they never, there was no hint that they were with the FBI or, um, informants until, um,
After I was released and then I found out a whole lot more.
And then suddenly a lot of your stuff is missing.
A lot of the things you can't get back after you're out, so to add insult to injury, you have had to face so much since you've gotten out.
I mean, it's been very difficult.
All your stuff's gone.
Yeah, it's very difficult.
The one guy that I knew,
His name is John.
He, uh, he went to my home after my arrest to secure all of my property for me.
And he was there within hours after my arrest, um, and took all of my property, uh, over to Montana and, and stored it.
But we were attempting to get it back from him.
For months and years and he always had excuses as to why he wasn't going to give me my property back because he wanted to make sure that I had everything that I owned still when I was released.
He wanted to give it all back to me when I was released.
And so obviously I was released with a surprise because I was supposed to do 14 years and I only did four and a half.
So it caught him off guard and he began to panic and we learned a lot more about this guy.
Here in the last 18 months since my release and I will go into that here shortly.
And it's a compelling story.
It really is because you realize, I mean, you think you can trust them.
You don't have a whole lot of people that are in a position to, you know, think about it, everybody.
If you were incarcerated immediately, who would you trust with your stuff?
What would you do?
I just can't imagine being put in that situation, but then you're right when you start to find out who this person really is, what they're behind, and then you start to see the whole picture.
I'm sure that was really, it's discouraging, but I want to come back.
Let's explain that when we come back.
My guest is Todd Engel.
He did four and a half years on trumped-up charges and it was just despicable what they did to him.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com on the Alex Jones Show.
We will be right back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com.
I'm so glad to be with you because I have such a great guest with me and I've been wanting to talk to him for years.
He was incarcerated for four and a half years on trumped-up charges, FBI entrapment.
They're really good at entrapping and they have really perfected the skill.
Although, I have to say, looking back at the pictures from the reunion of January 6th and
We're good.
When talking about this, you know, I was on the air yesterday talking about the Nigerians and how cell phone service was cut out for 73 million people.
They're going to do a lot of things to make our lives difficult, okay?
We've got an economy that is going through the roof right now because of King Frodolat and Hormala at the helm.
We know they're not really at the helm, they're just the puppetry, but they are
What we have is an economy imploding.
We have people getting more angry and as people get more angry Patriot groups are the focus and they want to come in and they want to see who's doing what all over the country You know what's going on.
It's kind of like what we used to say in my family like checking the weather You know what?
I mean?
I just want to make sure what's going on and who's who and and and everything else what groups are doing So you have to keep that in mind
Because as people get more awake and more angry, you have more infiltration.
And so I'm not talking about being paranoid.
I'm talking about looking for the signs of those people that infiltrate where you think something's off about their story, the reasons they're there.
All of a sudden they have this huge interest in politics that they didn't have before.
There's so many different things that we should be looking at.
My guest is Todd Engel.
So, let's go a little deeper with this.
So, you became friends with this gentleman.
All of a sudden, he had all of your things while you were incarcerated.
Yes, that's correct.
And then when I was released, I attempted to get everything back.
And we are talking all of my vehicles.
We are talking about 30 plus guns, tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition.
Just about everything that I owned of any value, and he also was and is in possession of an ATF-controlled item, which is a suppressor.
Something that I own legally, but is not in my possession anymore, is in his possession, and he is in illegal possession of that weapon.
Now, my investigator sent a 17-page complaint to the Office of Inspector General, this time last year.
They felt that it was worthy to send it to the FBI and to the DOJ.
The FBI and the DOJ sent us back go-pound-sand letters.
This guy, we don't care what he's done and we're not going to do anything about it.
We know now that he is an actual, at minimum, a confidential human source, if not an agent of the FBI.
It looks very, very likely that he is a federal agent.
He has, since my arrest and him taking possession, stealing everything that I owned, he has been selling my weapons on the streets of America.
These are stolen rifles, stolen handguns.
This has a ring of Fast and Furious where
Um, this, this man is out there as a federal agent gone rogue.
I don't know, but we do know that the FBI knows that he is doing this.
We've, we've reported this to them from every angle we possibly could.
We did not want to go public with this.
We wanted to get them to make this right with us, but they wouldn't.
At every opportunity, they would not make this right with me.
So we are sitting here with you now, Kate, and
This man is literally selling high powered rifles, AR-15s, AR-10s, HK-91s on the streets of America.
A federal agent stole 30 guns and is selling stolen guns on the streets of America right now as we speak.
And the FBI knows it and they have consented to it.
I'm speechless.
I'm speechless because how many times have they done this?
This is the one time, you know, they're getting called out on doing this, but you know that there's so much more to this that they've done in the past.
So many people are sitting in prison right now on trumped up charges.
There's stuff taken from them.
They never get it back.
I don't even know if the Finnecombe family got back the vehicle that they took from them.
I mean, it has been amazing to watch.
Things unfold over the years and no justice, zero justice, when they do something to us as citizens.
Where is the justice?
And so, I can't imagine how you've gotten through this, Todd.
I really don't know how you got through four and a half years.
How did you do that mentally?
What did you do to get through that?
Kate, I'm just a strong believer in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and He got me through some of the most
Horrific events that you can ever imagine.
But he got me through it with flying colors.
I read the Bible a lot while I was in there, and I understood it from a different perspective.
The Apostle Paul, he spent time in prison.
Daniel, Joseph.
So when you have a good faith, you can get through these horrible times.
The Lord got me through it, and by the grace of God, I'm here with you right now instead of still sitting in a prison.
Yeah, because you came dangerously close to that and I can't believe 14 years for going across state lines in this here United States of America.
And what was the other one?
What was the other charge?
Obstruction of justice and interstate travel in aid of extortion.
Obstruction of justice.
That's what they tried to pin on those January 6th people who were just waved into the Capitol when that, you know, you couldn't open that very, very heavy door from the outside.
So they were waved in by policemen and they had to acknowledge there were tapes waving people in.
But they did the same thing.
Obstruction of justice.
So know that they can put that charge on you whenever they feel like it.
You know, I can't imagine being a member of the FBI right now or the CIA or the DOD right now
Because really and truly who are you working for and who are you working against when you're in when you go to the to the situation of entrapment When you're in a situation to entrap and inform on people Then haven't you crossed a line as a treasonous to this country?
I mean, I would think so I would think that that would be the point where you would check yourself and say what?
Occupation am I in and why am I doing this?
I'm sure you thought a lot about that about what it means to be an American when you were sitting in prison
Yes, I did.
And I got to think about everything that had occurred for many years.
And then when I was released, Kate, it became even more apparent who the FBI has become.
I was told confidentially that the FBI wanted to go to my place of residence in the middle of the night with two hostage rescue teams.
There could have been no good outcome for that.
They arrested me a few days later with no incident at all, a peaceful arrest.
But a few nights before that, they had two hostage rescue teams ready to go to my high mountain cabin and assault me.
Now, mind you, I live a couple of ridges over from Ruby Ridge.
So we were about ready to have a second Ruby Ridge in Northern Idaho.
And these guys were gung-ho.
Friend of mine told me about this because he was in the meeting with the hostage rescue team and he shut it down and would not let them go to my cabin and ultimately would have probably killed me up there in the mountains.
So these guys are not, like regularly people say to me, well, there's good people in the FBI.
Yes, I understand that.
The mafia walks women across the street, they donate to the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts and, you know, they may have some philanthropic things, but they're still the mafia.
The FBI may do some good things, but they're doing bad things.
A lot of bad things.
And for those FBI agents that are listening to this, you need to have some integrity.
You need to look for a new job.
Get away from this organization.
Man, I can't say it better than that.
It renders me speechless, because I, like you, I'm thinking about these people, and I'm thinking, I know they go home at night, they look themselves in the mirror, they've got to ask themselves, what is my job doing to my country?
Because you know what?
They're going to be on the other side of this as well.
And they don't realize that.
The more that they ruin this country, they still live here, and they are part of this country too, if they don't think it's going to happen to them too, at some point.
Be right back, Kate Daly.
Back here with you on the Alex Jones Show.
So happy to be here.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com.
My guest, Todd Engel, who spent time in prison, unfortunately, at the behest of entrapment by our FBI.
And what's interesting about this is, when I look at this as a whole, you know, those that run this country, that are really running this country, they can't do anything in a small number like that, unless they have government employees willing to do their dirty work.
They can't do a thing unless regular Americans who work for them are willing to go in and take patriots that love their country and turn them into something violent in the press, which they're not.
Or take them down in some way.
And that's what's so sad is, you know, you have Black Lives Matters.
That's a violent group.
You have a lot of violent groups in America to worry about, but they're coming after those that love this country.
And that's what makes me sick, is that we're the problem.
They are selling to America right now.
We are the domestic terrorists, right?
Because we just love our country.
We're not planning anything violent.
There's nothing violent about this.
But we want to defend our country from them, but we don't know what to do about that.
And so we meet often, and they love to infiltrate these groups, our groups, and try to see what we're up to, what we're doing.
We're not doing anything.
We're talking about our love for our country, but they want to turn it into something else.
And that's why they have to use techniques like entrapment against their own fellow citizens, which is quite abhorrent and disgusting.
But, Todd, what other evidence did you have that this guy that buddied up to you, took all your stuff, selling your stuff, was FBI?
So, when I was released, a co-defendant of mine came to me and said, when I was looking through the discovery,
I found what's called an FD-1023.
It is a report written by an FBI agent who is actually interviewing a witness, a source, or another agent that has information.
And he said that these FD-1023s ended up in his discovery.
These FD-1023s described a conversation with my co-defendant and John Anderson.
So John Anderson turning over information
To the U.S.
Attorney's Office on my co-defendant.
So that was one of the first heads up that we had that he was working with the feds.
The next one was I was contacted by a man that had been put in prison by John Anderson when Anderson was recording every one of their phone calls for almost two years.
These recordings are in the discovery in this gentleman's case.
But this case has been sealed so we can't get the recordings out from the U.S.
Attorney's Office because they don't want us to have this information on John Anderson.
We do have a clip of this.
We can play.
I believe.
Yeah, you have a clip of John Anderson and myself on the phone when he makes a pretty interesting statement.
You know I work for the government, right?
I need evidence.
Yes, I know all about who you work for.
All right.
All right.
As long as we all understand that.
We all understand.
On that note, Kate, he works for the government.
I am in prison.
He is not allowed to even talk to me while I'm in prison.
I have a Sixth Amendment right to counsel.
He is an agent with the federal government who's talking to me on the phone, violating my constitutional rights every time I talk to him.
He is most definitely barred from having my property at his house.
It would be like I'm arrested and 10 FBI agents go to my house and go, Hey, let's take all this stuff home and enjoy his stuff.
And then let's, whatever you don't want, sell it on the streets.
And that's what's happened here.
I hope people realize that we are the targets.
The people that just love this country are the targets.
You did nothing, Todd.
You weren't doing anything.
You didn't harm anybody.
There was no plot.
You were just running to the aid of other Americans like we all would.
Thank you so much.
They get charges that they create.
And the system is so bad that you were actually thrown into prison for four and a half years.
You spent four and a half years.
We're not talking a month.
We're talking four and a half years of your life in prison.
And they were able to do it on trumped up charges.
Those charges are so innocuous.
So now what?
Now what do you do?
As you know, I have a civil suit against the federal government for what they've done to me.
But the persecution continues, not just with John Anderson, but I am disallowed still from purchasing a gun.
I actually tried yesterday and I was denied.
I am.
I still have not had my property returned to me from the FBI.
Agent Joel Willis is in possession of one of my guns and some other personal property, and he won't return it to me.
And I've been out of prison for 18 months.
I'm totally vindicated.
I have no criminal record at all, but the FBI won't even return my personal property to me.
And they won't answer why they won't return my personal property to me.
So not only has Anderson stolen everything that I owned,
I really hope people are listening.
I hope people look around, and not in a paranoid way, I'm not saying that.
What I'm saying is, look around.
What doesn't fit?
You know, sometimes you gotta listen to that little spirit inside that says something's not right about this person or this situation.
It doesn't make sense.
There's little clues, right?
I mean, I have felt naive in the past.
Have you felt naive in the past, Todd?
Like you didn't pick up on it and you should have?
What would you tell people to look for in these situations, too?
So what you're going to look for, if you become a target to the DOJ or the FBI, you are going to want to watch out for the person that just moves to your area.
He's going to be brand new to your area.
He or she.
They're going to come in and like I said, they're going to be everything that you want them to be.
And they are going to infiltrate you from every angle that you can ever imagine.
They have every bit of information on you.
They will come at you at your weakest points.
Be on lookout for... I am a strong supporter of the military.
I love these guys.
But the majority of the infiltrators and the agents that came at me were former military.
Stuart Rhodes is the one that introduced me to these two gentlemen that robbed me.
And I was very good friends with Stuart Rhodes.
He's former military, obviously.
And I've lost a lot of faith in a lot of these guys that show up into my world and
Our former military.
I love these guys.
So I obviously had a big heart for these guys.
I trusted them.
They've been through a lot.
So it really tugged on my heartstrings.
I wanted to do everything I could to help these guys.
That's why I would give them jobs and employ them.
And unfortunately, their heart is much more towards working with the FBI.
A lot of these guys, unfortunately, and it's really broken my heart to know that
A lot of these people that did these things to me are former military.
It just really breaks my heart.
Oh, I'm sure.
I would say don't bring your cell phone to an event, I would say, because they can grab all that information.
I would say be very careful about all the events you go to and who your new friends are.
I think you're running for office, which I'm really happy to see that.
We need people that understand how broken our system is.
Boy, it sounds like a politician statement.
How broken the system is with our justice system.
And it is pathetic.
And so I'm really glad that people like you, you are running for office.
And in Idaho, I sure hope that you get far with that because you need, you need to because you can be somebody in there that's already been through so much.
But also, just be very careful out there, people.
I mean, these, they really do want to take down the patriots of this country, the people that love this country.
And seeing what they've done to the people January 6, it just, it breaks my heart.
It just makes me, it just makes me sick.
And so I really appreciate you, Todd, for coming on with me.
Todd Engel, really appreciate it.
Thank you for telling us your story.
I know it's not easy because you put your own self in danger and I thank you for that.
I'm Kate Daly, your guest host for the Alex Jones Show.
Sure, appreciate your time in this hour.
What an important message from Todd.
Thank you.
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