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Name: 20220422_Fri_Alex
Air Date: April 22, 2022
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This video discusses potential cyberwarfare attacks, the fight against the deep state and censorship of conservative voices; it also covers recent events such as media indoctrination, financial dealings of senators, Ukraine conflict, French veil ban and aging political establishment's impact on younger generations. The speaker promotes limited edition t-shirts to support their operation amidst censorship attempts and warns about threats posed by an authoritarian government. They also discuss tax planning strategies, nutritional supplements like ZDTOPs, war's role in research development, and the connection between globalist elites and serial killers.

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I'm entering my most important work right now, and we're all doing that together.
And this great challenge and Satan's attempt to depopulate us is now upon us.
And I know that the work we're doing right now is going to change the future destiny of our entire species.
And we're going to stop the depopulation.
We're going to go interplanetary.
We're going to go interstellar.
We're going to go intergalactic.
We're going to go interdimensional.
We are going next level.
And I just want everybody to realize that, that that's not talk.
You know it's true.
In your spirit, you know it's true.
But God works through free will.
The only way we win is when you do what you know is right.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
It's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
The next clandestine move for the architects of the Great Reset following the plandemic vaccine rollout that is slowly happening, killing millions as I speak, will be known as cyber warfare.
Imagine one day you woke up to find your phone was dead.
Your bank account was empty and when you turned on the faucet, nothing came out.
You can't go to a neighbor for help because they're all in the same situation.
You have no idea how it happened or even how you could figure that out.
Don't start freaking out just yet, but this reality could be a lot closer than you might think.
And just as the plandemic was publicly forecasted amongst its conspirators months before its rollout, so too it goes with the coming cyber warfare predictive programming of the flip of the power grid kill switch.
Cyber attacks must be treated as a serious threat by our leadership at the highest levels.
Look, today my administration is issuing new warnings that, based on evolving intelligence, Russia may be planning a cyber attack against us.
We've already seen with the Colonial Pipeline and with many others, it's not just a stealth of data, it's a shutdown of critical infrastructure.
We've seen it with Colonial Pipeline, we've seen it with hospitals.
We've seen it with factories that were shut down, and many of these attacks are activated by private organizations, private criminals, but some of these attacks are also behind them, there is government-sponsored attack.
But which governments have embedded what is known as the Swiss Army Knife of malware into critical infrastructure?
All signs point to the United States government.
I was looking for these things that are called PLCs, or these small computers that control things like factories, like the power grid.
What you see here is the code that is put onto the PLC, and this is a normal process.
Code goes onto the PLC, turns the PLC on or off, and controls it.
As the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency wrote in their alert for the APT Cyber Tools targeting ICS SCADA devices, the Department of Energy, the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency, the National Security Agency, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation
...are releasing this joint cyber security advisory to warn that certain advanced persistent threat actors have exhibited the capability to gain full system access to multiple industrial control systems, supervisory control, and data acquisition devices.
There is an energy producer in Texas who has identified a very serious malware
Instance in their system this malware is not just in systems like a Windows You know Vista that is sitting in one of these plants.
No it is in the Schneider electric programmable logic controllers That's a PLC it is in the Omron sysMac NEX PLC's and the open platform communications unified architecture servers this some of this stuff is
Could only be put into these devices at the manufacturer.
And so when I asked our dude named Ben Protector of Megawatts, I said, what does it look like to you?
These guys look at this stuff all day long.
They say, Russian?
Because the Russians are the ones that people really do fear.
You know, if you got the ghost in the machine, these guys are good.
He says, this looks like our guys.
Without making a formal accusation, of course.
Of course, there's people who are doing reports on it, but it is not the, hold on to your ass because the lights could go out in Texas or New York or anywhere.
This would be the one.
And they're not making a big deal out of it, which makes me highly suspicious.
This move will plummet civilization into chaos and total submission, unless you are one of the lucky few that has already made preparations.
John Bowne reporting.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us on this live, Friday, April 22nd, worldwide broadcast.
Alright, on screen,
is undoubtedly Jon Bowen's most important report he's ever done out of hundreds of critical reports.
The headline is, Power Grid Kill Switch Discovered.
Now, I want to make that the central video at Bandot Video right at the top, and I want to add it under the live show feed today of the broadcast on the front page of InfoWars so everybody can find it and share it.
I want to explain something and be 100% clear with everybody about this.
There is no doubt
The global fascist corporate crime syndicate has kill switches in all the phones, all the power plants, all of the air traffic control, and in all the Pentagon hardware.
It's not the Russians, it's not the Chinese.
It's on record, it's been declassified for decades, Snowden exposed it as well, and now that very same group is telling you that power outages and hacker attacks are imminent and it's going to be the Russians.
We gotta go to war with the Russians.
It's not the Russians imploding the border.
It's not the Russians devaluing the dollar.
It's not the Russians cutting off thousands of pipelines, including Keystone.
It is the global corporations waging war against every nation-state on Earth who have been embedding kill switches and surveillance switches and backdoors in all of the computer programs since they first rolled out with silicon systems in the 1970s.
And that is a fact.
It's all there in the congressional record.
It's all there.
And now, the public is just now talking to engineers and scientists and going, yeah, these kill switches are put in at the factory where the chips are made by the company's design.
The dams.
The power plants, everything.
And look at the globalists.
What is in the transportation bill that Biden signed into law?
A kill switch in all cars by law.
New cars by 2025 that surveils you and tracks you in real time.
It's in the freaking law they put kill switches in the new cars.
And by the way, cars going back 20 years ago already have them.
They don't make a big deal about it, but major police departments have been let in on it, and they got helicopters that just send the frequency down, and the car stops.
So, everybody needs to get this straight.
We have a kill switch.
Remember the movie Dune?
It's an adaptation by folks of that great book.
And remember, Baron Harkinen has heart plugs, everybody, where if he doesn't like you, or he wants to get off, he just pulls a heart plug out.
That's not in the book, that's in the movie that Lynch put out.
And so, America and all the world has heart plugs.
You just pull the heart plug, boop, and it opens up the aorta and all your blood spills out.
So, that's what's going on here, ladies and gentlemen.
And it's a fact, and that's what's so frustrating about this broadcast is 99% of what we are covering and what we are doing is on the damn record.
And they're getting ready for mass collapse and depopulation.
How does the UN officially say they want depopulation by 90% by the year 2030?
Well, you're seeing it right now.
Wars, lockdowns, sanctions,
That the cataclysm, the great disaster is about to come, and there's going to be so much death.
Shatner's, you know, up there flying around with Jeff Bezos, and he gets back down from space, he goes, I just saw it down there, and too bad, they're all going to be dead in the coming cataclysm, but I guess it's what's needed, right?
The Earth, I mean, you know.
They're like, uh, sir, uh, sir, uh, yeah, please stop telling people that.
Whoa, that's death!
Here's everything William Shatner said to Jeff Bezos after returning from space.
We got Madeleine Albright up there in the same report.
Uh-huh, it's fun to kill 500,000 children.
She'd do it again.
But it's okay, because she looks like a goblin.
She's ready for Netflix's Skeksis.
I mean, it's okay!
She's a woman.
She's a murderer.
She came, she saw, they died.
It's funny.
It's cute.
It's fun.
They're not going to do a full kill switch shutdown at first.
They're going to say terrorists and Russians did it, to then quote have infrastructure protection that they roll out to spy and surveil, which they're already doing, and then they'll hit you with the big one.
So understand this.
The bioweapon release of COVID and the bioweapon injections was the beta test for the bio attack and global lockdown.
Now they're doing the beta test for the digital cyber attack lockdown.
They're doing the beta test for the martial law, race war, civil war lockdown, where they're going to go out and arrest the opposition to this, yours truly, and others.
And that's where we are.
And I'm just sitting here trying to explain to everybody that works in the system, you understand when they say 90% dead, that they're only telling the 10%, oh, you're still going to be around, they're going to get rid of you too.
And a lot of people know this stuff, and they've decided to join with it, thinking it's going to protect them.
That is the dumbest thing you can do.
Even if you don't believe in God, and you don't believe in karma, you don't believe in what you show, you don't believe in that, which is totally real.
Anybody who's experienced life knows that.
They're going to kill you.
Do you think they're going to leave a bunch of traitors and scum and social climbers like you around when they finally drop the hammer?
They do not respect you.
And the top of this group is very well organized and serious.
Their minions are addled and senile and diseased and out of control.
But at the top, these are Luciferians.
These people are very pious, very focused, and they believe they're carrying this out.
We'll be given godhood.
Once they cleanse the earth of humans, they'll be able to merge the machines.
And the first people they're going to kill once this thing goes down is the minions that open the drawbridge, because they don't want you around later.
They're going to scapegoat you with the survivors.
And I'll just tell you point blank, I am highly respected by these groups, because they know I understand their whole plan, and they just disagree with me.
And I've been invited to join them, everything.
Many times.
Most famous people you can imagine, you name the net.
It's not name dropping here.
That's what's going on.
I could snap my fingers still and quote, you know, get the private jet codes and know where the airbase is and where the bunker is at and all that crap.
I have chosen
To stay here on the surface with you, because God's watching, and I'm not going to be part of this.
Do most of us deserve to die?
We've killed our children, we're decadent, we're scum.
But the people carrying this out are worse.
Because they didn't try to fix things, they decided humanity was junk, and humanity was trash, and they look forward to the end of humanity, and this new super sapien, and you look at garbage, like Harari,
And these other people, you really think that's the super sapien?
You really think that's the uber-menschen telling you, you have no free will, you're gonna die, you're not gonna exist, roll over in a hole?
That's who they worship?
That's, and Abramovich, and all these stupid Gallister Crowley people?
No, I don't want to be at the Aleister Crowley rituals, and I don't want to be part of your devil orgies and all the rest of it, and I certainly don't want to be part of the judgment that's going to come down on you trillions of times worse than what's going to come down on the general public who's been tricked into sin and tricked into corruption.
So every one of these Rothschilds and Rockefellers and Gateses and New World Order people pretending they're God on this power trip are going to be brought down to size.
You will be broken.
You will be destroyed.
So you sit there and laugh at me under constant attack by the satanic system and all the lies and all the fraud.
That's a sign of I'm in the arena, thanks to the glory of God, the grace of God, as a failed vessel still fulfilled with the Holy Spirit and re-energized millisecond to millisecond.
Carrying out my mission faithfully as best I can as a failed sinner, but still in the court of God, in the countenance of the angels.
And I can guarantee all of you that serve Satan, you will be destroyed.
You will be broken, and you will pay for what you've done.
So you laugh, and you giggle, and you snicker, and you think you're getting away with it.
You're not.
You're going to pay very, very soon.
We've got a lot of big news today.
We're in the middle of this big 40-hour emergency fundraising transmission.
I want to thank you all for your support.
Go to InfoWarsTore.com, make a straight donation up there.
Great products at the same time.
And it's up to you whether we're going to stay on air or not.
And I really believe we're a valuable thing to everybody.
So I thank you all for your support.
The decision has been made that you and your family are not essential and are marked for death.
It's all been publicly announced by the most powerful organization in the world, the Bilderberg Group, through its spokesperson, Klaus Schwab, in the World Economic Forum.
I can play you hours of them now, openly, taking the mask off, because they can't hide who they are anymore, because they've gone from beta to operational.
All right, we have a lot of really big guests today coming up, and we're going to continue on until midnight tonight with a live broadcast.
And then I'm going to take some of the most powerful interviews we've done in 40 hours.
We're going to choose those this evening, and we're going to re-air those over the weekend at InfoWars.com forward slash Sean Bandai video right through the live Sunday show, 4 to 8 p.m.
that we do with myself, Owen Troyer, Christy Lee, Harrison Smith, and others.
I want to thank the crew for working so many hours.
I want to thank the listeners out there for sharing the live link from BattlePlan.News.
That's the one they're not censoring.
Or you can also share the link to InfoWars2022.com.
That takes you to the live feed and the Money Bomb and links to the best deals on the store.
I want to send that out because that's not a banned link at this point.
Or SaveInfoWars.com as well.
All right, let me tell you what's coming up here.
Again, I didn't tell you they were going to release the virus and do lockdowns and bring in a cashless society tracking grid because I just looked into a crystal ball or pulled it out of my rear end, okay?
This is deadly serious, all right?
They're going to kill us, you understand that, right?
Unless we stop them.
The general public's got Stockholm Syndrome.
It's up to us to be leaders and stand up against this and lead people out of this.
I told you what they were going to do with the virus because these monsters think we're animals, and they metaphysically also have to publish what they're going to do.
So they told us thousands of times what they were going to pull, and that's how I can specifically tell you what it would look like, because I read the futurist reports out of the British Ministry of Defense, and the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundation, and the CIA, and the Defense Department, and that's all they talk about.
They are getting you bankrupt and poor and drugged out of your mind before they turn the power off.
And that'll just be the beta test.
We'll turn it off in regions and we'll turn it off for a couple weeks.
And then, oh, somebody hacked the database.
We've got to have a new currency.
It's okay.
You know, oh, we've got your records, but you've got to, you know, have this new card, this new chip, this new scan that Amazon just rolled out with your hand to buy and sell.
And your money will work again.
It's all been planned.
It's all been prepared.
And this is the point where they make their move.
So guard yourself, my friends, for true.
This isn't a game.
We failed to stop them going operational.
Now, they're in trouble.
People are aware of them.
They had to go operational, in their own words, because they were so damaged and globalism was in so much trouble.
So they went ahead and didn't give up.
They believe in fortune favors the bold.
I do as well.
And they have initiated it.
It is the countdown to human extinction.
In eight years they plan on almost all of us being dead.
What are we going to do?
How are we going to stop that?
I spent a lot of my time behind the scenes really trying to get prominent people to understand this and I've got them there, but I didn't get them there, the reality got them there.
And as much fun as it is, and I do it too, to laugh at CNN collapsing and Netflix and Disney, you have to understand their weapon systems that are designed to take us out, they were intended to be destroyed in the process.
The minions that work there arrogantly don't know that.
That's why there's not any talented or smart or beautiful people there, because they wouldn't be part of that.
Of course it's a bunch of people that look like child molesters, because that's who they are.
That's who you can get to do bad things.
We're facing an army of demons, ladies and gentlemen.
An absolute army of trash.
That believe they're the winners, when all they are is a wrecking ball slamming into our head.
Actual headlines out of Forbes and CNN.
Do not do your own research.
I mean, teach five-year-olds they're another sex.
Destroy the borders.
Destroy the infrastructure.
Destroy the dollar.
Destroy the family.
By the way, more, more food packing, meat packing factories blew up yesterday.
A couple more.
By the way, food processing plants all over Russia blew up.
Chemical plants in Russia, the biggest one in the country, blew up.
Their main military secret facility, with their bioweapons, blew up yesterday.
Blew up!
Is it the Easter Bunny did that?
We're in a war, with globalists manipulating all the countries against each other, building towards a crescendo, and the public doesn't even know.
I was getting gas this morning.
And a man was buying a small 16 ounce milk, and it was $3.
That milk was $1 a year ago.
A man was buying a pack of cigarettes, American Spirits, in front of me.
I was getting a breakfast taco and a coffee.
And they were $11.49 for regular cigarettes.
And the man complained, man, it just went up from $9 last week.
And the guy behind the counter goes, I know, and I'm told it's going up again next month.
When you see cigarettes go up, a couple dollars in a month, baby, you're going Zimbabwe.
$3 for a milk.
This didn't happen by accident, but they've got their puppet Biden up there so people think, oh, it's the adult dementia guy.
He mismanaged us into all this.
What an idiot.
He's a weapon that's meant to be expended.
When they fire one of those javelins into a Russian tank from a half mile away, does the javelin get destroyed in the process?
So does the Russian tank.
CNN, the Democratic Party, the universities, what they don't get is they've been promised power, that they're gonna be in control, they're politically gonna be the bosses.
But all they are is javelins.
All they are is missiles.
All they are is bullets.
All they are is slaves.
Let that sink in.
So, when you laugh,
At the left, remember, that's the weakness that we allowed that to happen.
We allowed our fellow humans to fall to this evil.
And so just because we're more connected to God, just because we're stronger, just because we didn't succumb as bad as they did, is not a case for celebration.
And look, I'm the worst at making fun of these people.
And I really, at a certain level, I'm going to come back and play a clip of Tucker Carlson celebrating the death of CNN.
And we should celebrate the death of CNN.
It's not just the death of CNN+.
CNN has on average 87,000 viewers in the United States, maybe a half million worldwide.
Folks, I could spill milk and put it online and it would have more viewers than I have.
And that's not saying I'm some great person that I can aim a camera at the wall of my house and say nothing and we would have people watching it.
It's not that I'm great, it's that they're that bad.
So don't sit there, and I'm telling myself this, and look at these pathetic people and think, oh, look how dumb they are, we're better than them.
They are losers that have been overrun spiritually, who are clawing us into a hole with them and trying to drag us with them.
Those are humans we lost.
Those are people that are gone.
And that doesn't reflect well on those of us that are still half alive.
Because believe me, you may think you've got friends and family that are still strong.
This satanic power is moving so powerfully.
Headed on the highway, looking for adventure.
And whatever comes our way, fire all your guns at once.
They explode into space.
All right, my friends.
I want to hit some really massive news here and cover a lot before these guests join us.
And I'm going to be back this evening like I was last night.
What an interview with Mark Dice.
What an interview with the Aussie Cossack.
It was a great
Three hours or so that I did and then the rest of the crew came in after that did a fabulous job as well so I stayed up really late watching it didn't give it about three hours sleep those make for sometimes the best broadcast the next day so we'll we'll see what happens here but
I really don't want to miss the forest for the trees here.
Do you understand that the deep state corporations put kill switches in everything, and now they admit it, and then they say Russians are going to turn the power off when they're the ones that put the damn switches in?
This is not our government.
This is mad scientist control freaks that couldn't help but do that because they want to control things.
And by the way, they want to depopulate you and I.
So, is there a bigger issue?
Yeah, this stuff's crazy.
Yeah, it's scary.
Look at all the wild stuff the Communists and the Nazis did.
I mean, that was crazy.
Crazy people do really crazy stuff.
Especially power-mad megalomaniacs that are jacked into an anti-human force.
So, let me just say this right here.
I'm very thankful to the listeners, and I'm very thankful to the viewers.
I'm maxed out, and our most important work is now happening right now.
You don't need me to tell you that.
I mean, InfoWars is extremely influential now, having a massive effect thanks to this family we have of listeners, and the callers, and the guests, and the crew, and the other hosts, and the special reports, and the documentaries.
I mean, we're reaching tens of millions of people a week, conservatively, directly on our platforms, and then there's no way to count outside there.
It's huge, despite all this censorship.
We cannot allow that light
To be dimmed or extinguished.
And that's why they run these headlines everywhere.
They're getting more sophisticated with their attacks.
Alex Jones is going to the January 6th committee.
He's going to rat out everybody.
Totally made up.
Total BS.
The same article says Owen Schroer stormed the Capitol.
That's to make it sound like that I'm doing that stuff.
They wanted to talk to me.
I said, yeah, drop your charges on Owen Schroer.
If you want me to talk to you, because I know you want to set me up in a perjury trap.
Give me immunity.
And of course they're not going to give me immunity.
I'm not going to talk to them.
That's not Alex Jones reaches out when they're calling us for months.
But that's the deception, ladies and gentlemen.
I've told you on air they've called and I've said, yeah, I'll talk to you.
I'm going to ask you what you did on January 6th.
That's how that interview is going to go, is me asking them about Whitmer plot and the FBI and the thousand armed hostage rescue team paramilitary that were there.
I mean, that's all on record.
Yes, it'll be unlike any FBI proffer you ever saw, because I'm going to be asking some of the questions here.
Because I want to know.
You got questions?
I got questions, too.
So, that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's why they tell you.
In fact, I had read all the articles until I did it this morning.
Alex Jones has $80 million.
Alex Jones has $60 million.
Alex Jones has $60 million.
All of it's a lie.
But they put that everywhere.
To make the left jealous and hate me more, and to make you think we've got plenty of money.
And I'm going to tell you again, we don't have the money right now to buy the supplements that you will buy, that you have bought.
We had no problem two, three years ago because you were buying the product.
We can't get enough of it.
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So I will start imploding and shutting down because I only have less than $3 million total in the coffers.
Of this company.
And I have way less than that.
And I've been putting that money in to keep things going.
And so I'm spending hours a day with accountants now, trying to figure this out.
This is very serious.
And they know that.
They have all our financials from the lawsuits.
They lie about that and misrepresent.
They go, oh, look, over the five years, you know, $70 million or whatever went out to buy product.
To buy the product that we sold over the years, as everybody knows, who owns a business.
It's like going to a gas station owner and saying, oh my gosh, you sold a half million dollars worth of gas this week.
And you're like, yeah, and I make 10 cents a gallon on it.
You sold 10 million dollars' worth of food, yeah, and I get 30% on it.
So, that's how that works, ladies and gentlemen.
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When do farmers finally quit?
When daddy dies or gets run over by a tractor or is it there's not enough money to buy the seeds for the next year?
And everybody's got a side job on the farm.
I got family that are farmers where we come from, ranchers and everybody, you know, growing up, everybody had jobs in town.
And then you work till 10 o'clock at night, especially in the summer and the spring at times.
And, you know, did calving and everything in the middle of the night and took care of the horses, everything else.
And you enjoy it.
But you, I mean, my family couldn't make money by the depression in farming and ranching.
So they all went and got jobs, but still kept the farm and the ranch.
And, you know, it's, it's, it's the same thing.
And I forgot what my analogy was that I was going to hit, explaining that things have to be supplemented, things have to be expanded, things have to be... Oh yeah, it was the seed money.
Farmers have to give up when they don't have the money to buy next year's seed.
Because it's fine that everybody's got a job, including mama.
Washington Iron Shirts in town and daddy works at the gas station and daddy works for the highway company pouring concrete and asphalt and Bubba works down at the auto parts store and comes home and works till 10 at night, you know, taking care of the farm.
I'm in your hands.
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While you were sleeping, they came and took it all away.
All right, I'm going to hit the news.
We have a special guest joining us, Sean Stone at 15 after next hour on the world economy, the kill switch, what's happening in Ukraine, and more big news there.
We have another special guest joining us, Anne J. Dyer.
And then I'm going to be back tonight, 7 to 9, hosting commercial-free on the audio and video streams.
A lot of radio and TV stations are picking up, and it's always good to do that.
There's a lot of other great guest hosts as well.
We're going live until midnight tonight, and then all the best interviews of the two days are going to be condensed down and aired commercial-free.
I mean, there may be a few breaks, but overall, it won't be the regular clock until we go live Sunday.
4 p.m.
and every day we're on air is really precious.
Let me just say this and I'll go back to the news.
I don't need to tell you that InfoWars is in its prime.
We were built for this.
We were made for this.
The system is hysterical right now to silence us.
And for everything you see on the news, behind the scenes, it's more intense.
And I have accepted that.
And I've taken that on because it's the right thing to do.
And it makes me feel good too.
Because I know it's what God made me for.
And I know God made you for this as well.
And there's just not a place where your word of mouth, your prayer and your financial support can be more effective.
There just isn't.
Now we have everybody else on and promote all of their operations and all of their shows and things they're doing because that's why we are number one is we actually want to promote everybody else.
I know a lot of really smart, good people that work at Fox and everywhere else.
They're just like, hey, you're just too popular.
And the executives say, we'll be fired or we have you on.
It's all about competition.
There isn't competition when it comes to survival against these globalists.
We've got to come together.
And you know, I was once told by Roger Ailes,
We got Limbaugh syndicated to launch Fox News.
He said, Alex, your biggest problem is, you know, you have all these guests and you just have all these, these charities on and, you know, all these groups and people only have so much money to give in your audience.
They're going to give to all those groups and then you're not going to be successful.
You want them all with your sponsors and your products.
He goes, that's why Rush doesn't have guests unless it's like Charlton Heston or Dick Cheney or George, you know, presidents and stuff.
I don't know.
Want the big, private, fancy jet.
I'm not saying people are bad that fly around on those.
My point is, is I'm not, I want victory.
I want to support all the groups and organizations out there that are doing well.
And I'll tell you, I've given away millions of dollars over the years to groups exposing human trafficking and other things.
I never really made a big deal about it because I didn't want to, you know.
That was quiet.
Well, I got extra money.
I'm not going to hire more crew.
I'll just do this.
Boy, I wish I'd have kept that money now, because I need it right now to even stay on air.
But God's watching, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's what we've come down to here.
And you need a voice challenging this.
And you need a voice that has been through the war and through the trenches and that is battle-hardened.
And I can tell you, I am a lot better than I was a year ago or 10 years ago or 20 years ago.
And we're all getting smarter quicker.
And so our most important work is here.
I don't know how all God's mysteries work.
I've gotten to see God's power and totally trust God.
If they grabbed me today and took me in a ditch and blew my head off, I would know it was in God's will and I would not be mad at God.
But I really just as a man want to keep fighting.
I believe our most important work is here.
And I feel that in the spirit.
And then I don't know why
I know why we're being tested like this.
It's because that's what happens.
But I could do so much more if we had the funds.
And I don't want to spend my whole time doing it.
But it's why we're doing this big money bomb and trying to get support.
Because I don't want to give up.
I don't want to roll over to these people.
These are nasty, horrible, evil people.
And I just, I've never given up my life.
I've never backed down.
And I've, you know, I always found that place where I black out.
And that's where victory's at.
And by blacking out I mean totally turning over to the mission and not even thinking anymore.
Which means you're totally thinking.
You're in the zone and I can feel that in my life I'm blacking out.
Like I am getting so close to the zeitgeist now that I'm entering my most important work right now and we're all doing that together and this great challenge and Satan's attempt to depopulate us is now upon us and I know
That the work we're doing right now is going to change the future destiny of our entire species, and we're going to stop the depopulation.
We're going to go interplanetary.
We're going to go interstellar.
We're going to go intergalactic.
We're going to go interdimensional.
We are going next level.
And I just want everybody to realize that, that that's not talk.
You know it's true.
In your spirit, you know it's true.
But God works through free will.
The only way we win is when you do what you know is right.
Because God doesn't rule slaves.
People follow God through free will.
We are to be married to God, the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit.
We are married to Christ.
He is the groom.
We are the bride.
He's the man.
This is a spiritual relationship that is beyond sexual in nature, but is described as sexual.
Because it is communion.
It is Congress.
It is intercourse.
It is merger.
And Jesus Christ ain't gonna rape you, folks.
You gotta come to Christ, and you gotta say that you want it.
And then God's not going to give it to you right away.
God's going to want to make sure, because this is for eternity, that you're loyal.
You want to be loyal.
You want to get on board this system that made everything.
You want to be chosen.
You do not want to get left behind.
And that's what's about to happen.
All the Netflix and all the entertainment, all the jokes and all the trendy garbage is about to be completely blown away.
And all these people that signed on to Satanism are going to have that clear-cut understanding that they made this decision.
So all I can tell you is,
Satan isn't going to give you free will.
Satan's not the devil cheerleaders in a party.
That's just the bait.
Satan is about being a slave.
And the only time you get let out of your cage is when you go out and hurt other people.
But you're still a slave.
So I ask everybody, are you really going to sign on to this?
All right, we're going to do 15 minutes before Sean Stone joins us and I'm going to hit all this news.
Let me tell you what we got here.
And this is not in the order of importance because it's just I can't even collate all this anymore.
I try to make sense of it all.
It's just... Shockey says we're going to brainwash the five-year-olds.
Got that video about how to have their testicles cut off.
You just can't make that up.
CNN staffers in total and utter shock at failure of network.
I mean, what did you morons think?
Tucker Carlson celebrates the hilarious death of CNN.
Video, Fauci decries CDC should be above authority of courts.
Yeah, like the Federal Reserve.
In fact, guys, go to YouTube and find that old clip, like 10 years old, of Alan Greenspan, the former head of the Federal Reserve, saying, headline is, Alan Greenspan says Federal Reserve is above the law.
And it is, because we let them be.
Rowling compares transgender wokeism to Soviet Union.
Quotes anti-communist hero Shostakovich.
She was a libtard five years ago.
Paul Watson challenged her and woke her up.
Trump at Heritage Foundation dinner.
Climate hysteria hoax destroying economy.
But it's not a hysteria.
It's a planned global takeover.
Amazon palm scanning payments arrive in Austin, Texas.
Russia's largest chemical plant engulfed in flames hour after mystery fire at military research facility.
Think something's going on?
FSB says Ukrainian operatives planned car bomb attack on Russian humanitarian convoy.
Macron claims banning Islamic Veil would spark civil war in France.
And it just goes on from there.
I haven't even scratched the surface.
That's one stack.
Of all these stacks.
I'm going to ask you again because you've got to realize you're not a spectator.
You're not somebody in the stands.
You're in the arena.
Do you realize how powerful you are right now?
You realize how the enemy fears you and fears our relationship?
Do you realize what you can do if you share the battleplan.news link or if you share the link to the money bomb that's going on right now that has the feeds up on InfoWars.com forward slash show or SaveInfoWars.com or InfoWars2022.com?
We're good to go.
Some seniors spend their twilight years in their own home.
Many move into a nursing home.
Don't ever put your loved one in here.
And a select few continue to pull the levers of power, debasing the most powerful country in the world in order to protect
And add to their ill-gotten gains.
The youngest member of Democratic leadership is 71-year-old Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York.
The longest-serving senator, 88-year-old California Senator Dianne Feinstein, is worth well over a billion dollars.
That includes $96 million of her own fortune combined with her late husband's assets, acquired from a senator's base salary of approximately $174,000.
Should members of Congress and their spouses be banned from trading individual stocks while serving in Congress?
No, I don't know to the second one.
This is a free market and people, we are a free market economy, they should be able to participate in that.
Like her crony, Pelosi, Feinstein has opened the door to contracts for her husband's company through the years related to one federal crisis after another.
First, Politico revealed that a Feinstein staffer was a Chinese spy.
Then in Materin Ross, more.
Citing an unnamed source, the column revealed the Chinese spy was Feinstein's driver for 20 years, who also served as a gopher in her Bay Area office, and was a liaison to the Asian American community.
He even attended Chinese consulate functions for the senator.
Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina sold between $600,000 and $1.7 million worth of stock in late January and mid-February, about a week before the U.S.
market started to slide and as lawmakers started to get daily briefings about the growing health crisis in Asia.
Georgia's junior Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler, who is married to the New York Stock Exchange chairman, sold off hundreds of thousands of dollars in stocks starting in late January.
Congressional records show Republican Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma and California Senator Dianne Feinstein also sold stocks.
On Twitter this morning, Feinstein said the stocks belonged to her husband, who sold shares of a cancer therapy company.
She also says her assets are in a blind trust.
If you know that you own, to take your example, Exxon stock, you know that your congressional action when it comes to climate change policy could impact your stock price.
And so it's not that you're trading on knowledge, it's that your ownership of that stock disincentivizes you to do what's in the public interest as a result.
As a lawmaker, you don't face any real significant penalty for violating the Stock Act if you ultimately do.
They only face a $200 fine as an initial fine if, for example, they are months or even years late in disclosing stock purchases or stock sales in companies that, in terms of the total value of those trades, could number into the six, seven, or even eight figures.
And we've found evidence of all of that with several lawmakers.
But aside from the fleecing of America, Feinstein and Pelosi's mental fitness has frequently come into question.
She can no longer fulfill her job duties without her staff doing much of the work.
A California Democrat in Congress described an extended conversation with Feinstein saying they had to reintroduce themselves multiple times.
Without term limits or age limits, we are allowing dementia to rule over our prescient present and the impending New World Order future.
To be clear, you're not taking any arrows out of your quiver.
You're not ruling anything out.
Good morning.
Sunday morning.
We have a responsibility.
We take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
Good morning.
Sunday morning.
The American system has become a country club of decrepit, scamming, millionaire, globalist pawns lording over younger generations that are left to pick up the pieces after the old establishment finally releases it from the grasp of their corpses.
John Bowne reporting.
An important article at InfoWars.com.
We're going to cover when we come back.
Taking away special treatment for woke corporations is not authoritarian.
Stay with us.
And filmmaker, researcher, author Sean Stone joins us coming up next segment to talk about all of these.
Food processing plants blowing up and burning down around the U.S.
More blew up yesterday.
The big explosions in Russia, their top chemical plant, also their big military research facility blew up.
I mean, there is a shadow war going on big time.
But we've got this article right here that's really informative.
It's on Infowars.com.
Four U.S.
airlines to allow face mask violators to return to skies as mandates lift.
So they created a social credit score system.
The abuse.
Now let's talk about how we fight back.
Florida House voted 68-38 to strip Disney of privilege, tax, and self-governing status.
Woke conglomerate pays the price for publicly bashing Governor DeSantis.
Don't say gay, Bill.
It didn't say don't say gay.
It said don't say pedophile.
Don't teach five-year-olds how to get blowjobs.
We got Saki in a moment saying all that.
No, that needs to continue.
We, the government agent, to have a discussion about sex and your child's future when you're not even having that with them until they're 10 or 11 years old.
I mean, these are sickos trying to screw your kids up.
There's a big article from Brandon Smith from altmarket.us.
It's also on Infowars.com.
Taking away special treatment for woke corporations is not authoritarian.
Yeah, I don't get a tax exemption here in Austin employing people, but Google and Apple and everybody else does.
And if you're conservative, you get your bank account taken away.
You get your website, you get kicked off Twitter.
So the idea that it's authoritarian to say, okay,
You want to continue mask mandates.
You want to continue sexualizing children.
You want to continue to have Disney employees caught every week in pedophilia.
And you want to attack us and attack our legislation saying don't sexualize five to eight year olds.
My God, it should be up to 12 year olds.
I mean, what's the government's job?
I mean, to begin with, this is evil.
It's Keynesian psychology.
He said, if you can get children when they're young and tie political systems to their sex,
They will see that political system as their daddy, basically.
Very sick, folks.
People who get abused by pedophiles, their whole life gets controlled by it, usually.
It's the same thing.
They are ruining your children, creating a sick relationship with them, a criminal relationship, hiding it in plain view.
So taking away treatment, special treatment, for woke corporations is not authoritarianism.
And he goes through and does a great job in a long article
That everybody should read, I read this morning, that explains all of this.
But it's just incredible when you see what these corporations are doing and what they're engaged in.
And so that is the answer.
Wait, you get tax exemption, you get your own police department, you're your own city, you're above the law, you can do whatever you want, but you want to use your money against the elected state governor and legislature
Try to stop them from not letting you fund groups coming after their children sexually.
Here's a clip of Saki, doubles down, declares teachers should be talking to five-year-olds about gender identity.
To confuse them, to have the teacher that's supposed to teach them 2 plus 2 equals 4, or how to write in cursive, or how to, you know, at Christmas time, with cotton balls and red construction paper, make a Santa Claus face.
Now, oh, you're a little boy?
You might be a little girl.
You're a little girl.
You might be a little boy.
So they can create a state relationship with your child to take parental rights and then screw your children up.
I mean, this is just disgusting and horrible, man.
These people are really, really, really, really gross.
So, here's Saki.
Don't parents have a right to have concern?
I mean, we're talking specifically here about teaching about sex in kindergarten through third grade.
I have to say, as a parent, I would have problems with that.
But the law is not about teaching sex education.
It's about teaching about gender identity.
And so, what do you do if a parent or a kid, should I say, a kid in one of these elementary schools says, what about Sally?
Sally has two moms.
Or, I'm not sure if I'm a girl or a boy.
I mean, these are kids who are experiencing, you know, these moments in their lives.
I also think that these are not, there is not a big record of there being either sex education or extensive gender identity education in these schools and this is creating a problem or a political cudgel about an issue that I don't think exists.
A political cudgel?
Record numbers of people saying they're trans, record numbers, millions being sterilized, total targeting of children everywhere.
Courageous and brave.
Bruce Jenner.
And, oh, nobody's targeting your children?
Oh, well, in this moment, when you say to a child, you might be another sex, and the teacher goes, ooh, how neat, and I've got articles here where they're literally training the teachers in elementary school, first, second, third, fourth, and third grade, to go in and screw these kids up for life.
Imagine if you found a mother telling her son she's a girl, or that's a sick mom, but now the state does it.
It's like, well, that's a good thing.
In fact, here's a report on it.
District employees coaching third graders on their gender.
So they're brainwashing the teachers and training them to go in to do this.
And now we have school administrators
On television saying, of course we're going to teach your kids to be a different sex.
Of course we're going to teach them how to masturbate.
It's a total sick power grab.
Here it is.
Dear Board Members and Superintendent Ikjen, As you're aware, I'm sure, a packet of district emails was released to a GUSD parent on the basis of a public records request for all communications matching certain keywords such as CRT, LGBTQ, or queer, for example.
What was discovered in this initial release was appalling and needs to be addressed ASAP by all levels of district leadership.
For those of you who haven't seen these documents circulating on social media, I'll recap for you.
On an email dated June 7, 2021, from Mrs. Tammy Tiber, a 3rd grade teacher at Jefferson Elementary, to Sally Miles and Craig Lewis from District's Teaching and Learning Department, Mrs. Tiber says, Good morning, Sally and Craig.
As you know, I teach 3rd grade.
Today I talked to my class about LGBTQ Pride Month and played two short videos from YouTube that were geared toward kids.
A parent who heard the lesson and discussion made her daughter leave the Zoom and texted me asking when I was done discussing sexual orientation so that she can let her kids back onto Zoom.
I was planning on doing more lessons tomorrow and Wednesday, but now I'm afraid to.
Here are the videos and lessons I was going to do with my class.
Of the YouTube video links she listed, here's an excerpt from one that she played for her 8-year-old students where an MTV host asks children questions about being gay and transgender.
She says, Jodie Foster is a woman and she made me question my own sexuality when I was a child because I liked her so much.
And she was nude in the film Nell.
And sarcastically says, not that I remember watching it several times as a child with a wink,
During remote learning last year, a parent heard what was being shown and taught to her 8-year-old child on Zoom, immediately turned off the computer and contacted the teacher, which resulted in the worried email Ms.
Tiber sent to district personnel.
Exactly 21 minutes later, after sending the email, Mrs. Tiber received a response from Mr. Craig Lewis, part of district staff, that said,
Do not be concerned or afraid.
Your principal should support you, as I know that our district, including Vivian, does."
This district staffer goes even further and gives more media recommendations to the teacher, but says to steer clear of content that says sexual or coming out, since it may raise red flags.
In other words, coaching this teacher on proven methods to push her agenda, but to stay under the radar.
Immediately after the release of this email chain, the parents at Jefferson Elementary, who have had Ms.
Tiber as their child's teacher, reached out to the principal and demanded answers.
Why is gender and sexuality issues being taught to 8-year-olds to begin with?
With the tremendous loss of learning our children experienced the past two years... That's Alfred Kinsey.
If you can screw them up sexually, you rule them for life.
This is beyond pedophilia.
This is about wrecking children's minds.
We got Sean Stone coming up, and we've also got to get to this news.
What is Title 42?
Even the head of DHS is saying, okay, we shouldn't do this.
No screening for drugs, no screening for diseases, no screening of IDs or dudes with three kids, which they admit there's a bunch of kidnapping going on.
You don't check anything.
But when you fly on an airplane, they're going to follow your genitals.
And when you're a citizen flying back, they're going to check your passport.
But when you're coming across the border, baby, you don't have to take shots.
You don't got to wear a mask.
We don't ask who you are.
You got a kid with you?
Hey, it's fine.
You got tuberculosis?
Thank you for bringing that to us.
Well, he's an old friend of mine.
He's a filmmaker, author, actor.
Sean Stone joins us.
His dad, of course, made and produced the epic films on Ukraine long before this whole thing exploded.
Ukraine on fire and more.
And he joins us now to talk about some of his new films that lay all of this out in a new book on the Anglo-American establishment.
Sean Stone joins us.
And so it's great to have you here, my friend.
Obviously, we were talking before you went live with us.
What is front and center on your radar screen?
I've got the big question.
With the collapse of CNN, the collapse of Netflix, the collapse of Hollywood, all this censorship, what is the establishment going to do?
How would you describe the current state of the world?
Thanks for joining us.
I would describe it as people waking up.
This process, this awakening process, is just, it's an inevitability.
How can you have such an overtly lost president, so-called president of the United States, and expect people to not get that there's something seriously wrong?
How can you push bills like they're doing in California, where you can literally murder a child after it's born and call it abortion?
I mean, it's like, at some point, you have to realize that the dark side
Yeah, yeah.
As an agenda to basically take down wages such that, you know, a man, as we know, back in the 60s could make a wage to support a family of four.
And what have we seen?
Complete wage stagnation since that time, right?
Since we went off the... Well, really, I mean, since the Federal Reserve has been printing money like crazy and destroying our industries and our infrastructure so that they've created this crisis point now, right?
But it's not like this is just Biden.
This is 50, 60 years in the making.
And so what happened was that people I think are now at that place of crisis and they have nothing left to do but wake up or check out.
Basically surrender.
Beautifully said.
Either fight back or surrender.
We are at the crossroads.
That is absolutely profound.
Please continue.
And so again, so this has been generations in the works.
I mean, there are people that were talking about world government back in the 40s and 50s.
And it was like, as we know, these were the conspiracy theorists of the time, and it felt maybe a little bit far out.
But there were very powerful, prominent people within the Republican Party, people like Charles Lindbergh, right, and other Republicans like Taft and others that were warning against
You know, whether it was the League of Nations or the United Nations, and this concept of driving towards world government, taking the power away from we the people in America, given power by the Creator, not by a government, right?
Our Declaration says it's God that endows us with these rights, it's not governments that do it.
And so they've been trying to separate and take us away from having authority over our lives,
And to surrender basically more and more to these power structures.
That's why they're now pushing this whole agenda of the World Health Organization being able to issue edicts and mandates and things like this, right?
To surrender national sovereignty.
That's been the goal for, you know, again, going back 60, 70 years.
And it's like, it was a conspiracy theorist that were out there, you know, whether they're the Birchers or the LaRouches or others that were calling these things out, and it seemed more far-fetched unless you were an insider or really paying attention.
But now it's not far-fetched anymore.
You know, now it's just like, it's obvious, it's evidence, it's self-evident.
It's like, you have to make a choice at this point.
Do you want to buy into that totalitarian system?
That literally can dictate to you when your business can operate, whether you know, whether or not you have to put something into your body against your will, you know, whether or not your children can basically be taken from you at will.
I mean, all these things that are that are sadistic and satanic.
By the way, let me back you up.
Here's Fauci yesterday saying, as you said, there's a treaty.
The UN wants total control over all health care of our governments.
Which the Operation Lockstep said a decade ago they would do, the Rockefeller Foundation, but here he is on national TV saying that the CDC should be above the law, that Congress, the courts, has no power.
Well, I mean, that's a medical dictatorship.
Here it is.
I was both surprised and disappointed because those types of things really are the purview of the CDC.
This is a public health issue.
And for a court to come in, and if you look at the rationale for that, it really is not particularly firm.
And we are concerned about that, about courts getting involved in things that are unequivocally public health decisions.
I mean, this is a CDC issue.
It should not have been a court issue.
And that's what Governor Newsom said four years ago when he said we keep babies alive and sell their organs.
He goes, we don't want courts or police involvers between a woman and the doctor.
Well, they mean the state.
So this is a big deal.
Sean, it's what you just said.
Well, yeah.
And again, I mean, the drive towards
Even empowering the World Health Organization far beyond, you know, anything as far as our nation is concerned.
But I would even argue maybe, look, it shouldn't be a court issue in the sense that it's a personal issue.
It's a personal hygiene issue.
And this is what these psychopaths don't want you to remember.
And so we know our court system is compromised.
I don't trust the courts.
I mean, I'm sure that the DOJ is going to appeal this and, you know, if it goes to the Supreme Court, I mean, it's like, will they rule what's right?
I don't know.
Because as we know, the bar system, the bar association as a system, is a self-regulating system.
It's, you know, ultimately it's based on maritime law, maritime legal structures, that essentially are not based on natural principles and natural rights, based, you know, really on the sovereignty of the individual.
Based on what?
This is what God says, ultimately.
The Ten Commandments.
The Ten Commandments is about not trespassing.
And as long as we honor natural law and principles, we all have an understanding of what should be lawful.
But unfortunately, they've created this masonic infrastructure.
No, you're right.
Everything is about systems that either trespass or don't trespass.
And real systems are against trespassing.
The globalists are all about trespassing.
Everything is about trampling your rights.
That's right, because they've created such a Byzantine legal system.
I mean, the point is that there's really just there's a one principle that exists.
Do not trespass.
And yet they've turned it into how many codes and commercial laws.
I mean, that's how they've been able to violate our sovereignty as individuals, mainly on a commercial law.
The federal government had no business beyond the Constitution, giving it certain powers of regulating, like, you know, our military and certain certain things when it
I'm good.
Anything that goes across commercial roads, basically, they can get their hands into, even if it comes to smoking weed in your home.
And obviously, when it comes to using your cell phone, all these things, commercial code, that allow them to spy on us, to take away our rights.
And we have to get back to our principles of, no, natural law, natural justice, the God-given rule that really is based on, if I'm not doing harm to others, not trespassing on others,
Sovereignty and freedom.
Why should anyone have the right to take that from me or to tell me what I can and can't do within my own person, my own sovereignty?
Beautifully said.
I want to talk about your docuseries dealing with all this when we come back and your new book.
And I want to get into what's going to happen with Biden.
What's going to happen?
With the collapse of the border, getting rid of Title 42, where nobody let me check for any diseases.
Where do you see this going?
And how do we get the average person who's still in a trance to realize that we are at a crossroads and they have to make a choice in free will?
We'll be right back.
Well, he's got a new book out.
He also made a documentary series.
It's amazing.
Best kept secret.
It's Sean Stone here with us today.
So Sean.
Going back to what you pointed out, I mean, we really are at a crossroads.
It's such an epic moment to know that we're now inside the New World Order.
We're not in beta anymore.
I think nobody debates that we're now in operational mode.
So much of what they're doing is being revealed.
Why do they want us to be satanic?
Why do they... I know it looks like a party, it looks like it's fun, but really it's dehumanization, not standing up for each other, just getting rid of systems where people
Stand up for each other?
What are we being prepared for?
Right, right.
Well, it's an old concept, really.
I mean, it's the nature of empire, right?
We've seen it throughout human history.
It's enslavement of humanity and is predicated on the idea of, as you mentioned, the degradation of humanity, the lack of love for our fellow man and woman, the idea of
Gosh, it's so complex, right?
But ultimately, it's keeping us in this class system that we see perpetuated through the idea of masking, right?
The elite get to walk around the parties without the masks, and the serfs basically have the masks on.
The vaccination strategy, the same thing.
Like, those that know what's going on are, you know, not really going to do it, but they're going to tell everyone, yeah, go ahead and get your upgrade here, your booster.
No, really, it's, as we know, the new evolution of the satanic agenda, which has always been embedded with empires and embedded within the Darwinian ideology, which basically says that humans are a random mutation.
We have no divine, there's no divine spirit working through humanity.
It's just that we're just smart monkeys, right?
That satanic ideology, which is
That's like Yuval Harari, who's the high priest of the Church of the World Economic Forum.
He says, you have no free will, you're worthless, we're going to get rid of you, but we'll be gods soon and we have free will.
So it's very paradoxical.
They're telling you the trick that you don't have free will and you're an animal and you're nobody, but oh, we're gods.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
No, they don't want to compete with other conscious sentient people because they're losers.
Right, well exactly.
So they want to essentially rule over this modern-day empire, and as we talk about in the Best Kept Secret docuseries, transhumanism is an integral aspect of getting control, because they know, these Satanists know they cannot control God's universe.
There is a natural logic and power, right?
There's a natural force that works through nature that is God-given spirit, right?
And that's life itself.
They cannot control life, but they will do everything they can to
Thank you.
Pretty much.
Pretty much, yes.
I mean, that's just the obvious.
That's where they are now because, again, a lot of these things have been around for decades and it was more like it was sort of in closed minutes, it was indicative, it was...
It was covert in places like Bohemian Grove where you expose like that ritual and a lot of it was symbolic, right?
So it was like breaking people down morally to the symbolic level.
Yeah, what's her name?
Abramovich is out there, you know, having these bloodbaths.
They call art, you know, it's symbolic.
Well, everything symbolic has energy.
Everything in this physical realm has an energetic imprint and a frequency to it, right?
So if you create movies like Saw and all the satanic films that have come out over the last decades, basically, uh, torture porn, you know, eliciting, you know, this sort of, this fascination with the destruction of the human, with the gutting of the human, and desensitization of children, that it goes accordingly between the video games and the films and other things, right, that basically give us no value for human life,
Now, even though it's not real, it's all a movie, but psychologically, we don't know the difference.
You know, if you have a dream, what happens when you wake up from a dream?
You're terrified.
And what you're saying is so key.
They desensitize us with simulations because they're getting ready to do the real thing, and they don't want us to differentiate the two.
Exactly, exactly, because they know that the mind is malleable in that way.
They know how the mind can be controlled and manipulated through the visuals, through the, again, progressive breakdown of our morality.
So it's like, you know, what starts with, you know, essentially, you know,
That's a good question.
Exactly, exactly.
And that's the progressive agenda.
It was really a slow-boiling, as we know, the socialist ideology, where it's like, well, you know, as we've seen around socialism, if you go to Europe or Australia or places like this during the lockdowns in Australia, and I talk to the Australian people, I'm like, how can you allow the government to literally dictate to you, you know, to close down your borders, to tell you, you know, you have to quarantine, to all these, you know, parameters for health purposes.
Oh, it's the government.
It's their prerogative.
That's socialism for you.
The government gives us everything so we can basically be told by the government what to do.
And listen, you're a visionary in your own films and your own work, but your dad was Snowden and JFK visionary on what they now admit.
Kill switches have been put in everything.
They're trying to blame the Russians when top programmers go, no, these are built in the U.S.
These are put in the chips, not by the Russians.
It seems like their power is waning, though, and that's why they're trying to dominate us and bully us.
You think I'm right by saying that?
Or is their power waning?
I mean, how do you see this gut level, spiritual level, just the current imprint, how do you see this unfolding?
You have hope, or are you feel doomed, or a mix of the two?
No, actually, I feel very optimistic in the sense that the system is breaking down.
And so as you know, like as you say, when the system is breaking down, heading towards, basically it's bankrupt.
It doesn't have authority.
It will do everything it can to intimidate, to scare, to basically terrorize you.
Oh, you don't want to be a conspiracy theorist.
If anyone challenges us as part of QAnon, it becomes ridiculous.
You see, it becomes so bad that people start to see through the illusion.
And then you end up with bifurcation, which is where we are, what we've been living through the last two years.
The bifurcation of, especially in America, but all over the world,
Those that are saying, hey, you know what?
I'm, you know, I'm going to choose body sovereignty.
I'm a patriot.
You know, whether or not you get the vaccine, if you believe in body sovereignty, you know, you're basically a patriot.
Because that's in our constitution.
If you don't believe in body sovereignty, you're on the bad guy's side.
And so that's where we are.
We're in this bifurcation point where those that are believing in this liberal, so-called liberal, satanic order, ultimately, because they use liberalism to get away with anything they want.
Ultimately, it's perversion.
It's libertarianism.
Whatever you want to do, you can do because, you know, we're free.
And it ultimately leads you to satanism.
So there's those that have completely bought into that agenda.
They have no qualms with it.
They really have no morality.
They just want what they call freedom.
And that freedom basically will be, you know, the end of the individual, the end of our individual sovereignty.
By the way, what you said is so important.
I used to call myself a libertarian until I figured out it means no boundaries.
And then I don't have boundaries.
I don't even have sovereignty.
And so it becomes like this excuse for tyranny.
And then it's the opposite of liberty.
Exactly, exactly.
It's like the Libertine concept of freedom.
The Libertines were notorious.
You know, the Hellfire Club was an example of that.
You know, it's like they were just notorious for their excesses.
And oftentimes, Hellfire Club was known to do satanic things and rituals and, you know, beyond just sexual issues, maybe even perversions like pedophilia and things like this.
It's obviously very, very pronounced.
Sean, you went to Oxford, which was associated with that.
And I know you did some research on that.
Maybe you can talk about when we come back.
But you know something about the Hellfire Club, don't you?
I went to a party that they held in the caves where the Hellfire Club used to do their parties.
But don't forget, Ben Franklin went over there.
You know, he was a part of it.
I don't mean that anyone who's part of it was necessarily a Satanist.
No, no, I totally agree.
He was investigating and experiencing things.
But yeah, no, but the point is they gather the free souls in where they think it's freedom and then it's something else.
Exactly, exactly.
All right, tell people where they find your new amazing documentary.
I love it.
Best Kept Secret.
Yeah, you're in it too.
It's great.
SeanStone.info is the best place to get all the links.
It's on Iconic, David Icke's platform.
It's on Vimeo On Demand.
But SeanStone.info is a great gateway to get there.
I want to come back and talk big picture and where you think the world's going.
All right, stay right there.
Tomorrow's news today, we're doing a money bomb because contrary to the news, I don't have $60 million.
I need money to file these lawsuits and stay on air.
So please support us.
Great products.
Infowarsstore.com or saveinfowars.com or infowars2022.com.
Why the different URLs?
Because they have trouble blocking them.
Jimmy Levy's had three number one hits talking about bringing down the New World Order.
Freedom's Popular, CNN, Netflix, it's all collapsing.
And I brought this up with Sean Stone because I worked on Ventura's TV show with him and knew him before that.
He's a great guy.
And of course, obviously being Oliver Stone, one of the top directors, producers, writers ever, he obviously, they tried to recruit him into it.
And I told these stories years ago, not trying to brag, but when I was young in Dallas, there was like feeder groups to this, very rich people.
And you know, sex parties, things like that.
Nothing illegal, nothing pedophilic, except I was, you know, young.
I mean, I was like 14, 15 doing this.
And then I, it got dark and I got out of it.
These were like beautiful college women, you name it.
I was like, God, of course, I love women.
And, and I, and I look a lot older my age, but.
The point is, he talks about Oxford, the Hellfire Club.
I've been invited to those very things at Oxford.
People say, well, tell us who.
Well, I mean, it's an off-record thing.
It's like eyes wide shut.
They're not killing people at it, but it gets to later.
And so when we tell you about that, it's like Madison Cawthorn says, yeah, I got invited to these orgies.
Folks, that's 101.
Roger Stone admits this.
He's a Christian.
It's real.
But he was the top lobbyist because
Twenty-five years ago, because he ran sex parties.
I'm going to leave it at that.
I know the inside baseball, not just from him and from others.
But, you know, I mean, Roger Stone and Richard Nixon were partying in the 70s.
I'll leave it at that.
So not just Roger Stone and Trump, OK?
I mean, you know.
Yeah, there ain't no Russian spies going on here, but there's certainly some other things going on.
So you need to understand, that's the entry level to this, Sean.
So when you talk about this, you're talking from experience.
You never did anything illegal, we've talked, meaning there's nothing bad, but we definitely skated on the edge.
Why do you think some people, they try to recruit, others they don't?
I mean, presumably it's as needed.
It could be a bloodline thing.
I would suggest that we're basically looking with very vast, you know, ancient structures, right?
We talk about masonry, and again, I don't believe all masons are evil.
You know, our founding fathers were masons.
Washington, you know, was a mason.
So I can't say that the masons are all evil.
I think that there are... There's a battle within that structure.
Sorry, there's a... That's where the real war is.
That's the real thing.
It's like there's...
I think so.
They kind of try to set, they use various practices, including magic, including astral projection and like things, you know, we, this is, this is, I mean, this is known if you look, if you studied remote viewing, for example, right?
And you know how to project and you can, you can, you can, you can see people from at a distance, you can kind of go into their field.
And I think that they use different techniques to try to figure out where you stand.
We're good to go.
Exactly, exactly.
And by the way, Darth Vader is a great example of the transhuman agenda, right?
He does, ultimately, in the process of losing his soul and his physical body deteriorates from using black magic, he has to become, what, a transhuman?
He has to merge with machinery to survive.
So that's actually very much the transhuman agenda.
A lot of the beings in the Star Wars universe are transhuman.
That's why they're all walking around like stormtroopers with masks.
They don't get to breathe oxygen normally.
So think about where they're trying to take us.
That's the dark side.
And the initiation process.
Look, I was talking to a Mason years ago.
Who's told me he's in a like our lodge has been co-opted completely by OTO, which is the Crowley Black Magicians.
They go there.
Basically, they use our lodge after hours.
They do like rituals there.
They've turned the energy into a dark energy.
And so again, this is why I say this to say that not every don't just think someone's a mason.
Oh, they must be a bad guy.
It's not that simple.
It's a much more complex like the CIA, right?
Like there are white hats and too many people are saying, well, why aren't the white hats just taking out the black hat?
Why don't the white hats just kill the bad guy?
But I always say, look, if you're not involved, you're not making a choice, you're not part of the story.
If they just took out Fauci and Clinton, all these people, and it was just, you know, all the bad guys were gone, the system would still be there.
We, as individuals, have to be involved in changing the system or getting out of it.
We have to get the proletariat to make the right decision.
That's where the real battle is.
By example, not by
These, these, these intersectarian wars.
I mean, again, I think that there are white hats that are operating.
I think that there are good things that are taking place behind the scenes, but at the same time, it can't all be behind the scenes, right?
And that's why so much of this is put on display to really kind of, as Juan Osama and others have said, like, to find out where does the population stand, right?
I mean, not everybody went along with the Vax.
At least 30% said no.
Again, it's all a test.
It's very much a test.
Very much a test of our souls to find out, okay, where do you stand, right?
Because if we don't claim our sovereignty here and say, this is our country, this is our nation, we have to reclaim our nation and we have allies that are in powerful positions, but they need us too.
And they need to know that we're out there doing our part, whether it's with our work, with our voice, with our protests, with our votes.
We are supposed to be an example and leaders to others.
So everyone has their own particular mission.
And that's why I don't like sometimes people get so paranoid and think it's all dark.
Everything is bad.
It's all bad.
This is still God's universe.
It's not.
You're so right.
In fact, there's so much more good than bad.
It's just that good doesn't scheme and get together like evil.
But there's I'd say there's ten to one good.
It's just that we're not.
What's wrong then?
What's wrong with us?
Because I know it's ten to one good from my experience.
But why don't why can't we stop them?
I don't know that we are not stopping them.
I think that collectively we actually have come a long way.
And as you know, I mean, look, where are people now compared to in 2001 when 9-11 happened, right?
How many more people are awake now?
How many people are seeing the consequence of this order?
How many people are realizing, my God, I lost my job, I lost my freedom, I lost my, you name it, my relationships.
But they made choices, like Christ talked about, separating the wheat from the chaff, turning father against son and husband against wife, all these things.
It's like, to find out where you really stand on the spiritual war that we're going through.
And so I believe that what's coming is very positive, but it's a transitionary phase because we're bifurcating, we're separating those that are really buying in.
They bought into the New World Order.
They're just like, they're happy, like, hey, I'll become a transhuman.
I'll surrender my sovereignty, go back to your normal, you know, so-called, even if it's at the expense of my life, my livelihood, and my freedom.
And then there are those that are like, no, we're moving to Texas and Florida.
We're going to reclaim our country state by state, because that's what the United States are.
Remember, it's it's a collection of states that agreed to a federal government.
But we still have a lot of power within our states and within our counties, even.
And we got to get back to that, that that memory.
And it's a sign when the tyranny hits that people then move the other and it creates the new revolution.
So so I agree with you that we're hitting the new renaissance or a whole new expansion.
I think it's getting more and more clear.
We're seeing Disney being called out for their so-called woke agenda.
There's a reason that people like Jimmy Levy and others are coming out of the music industry saying, look, I've seen satanic stuff.
I've seen people doing adrenochrome in the record booths and just thinking nothing of it.
The fact that all these voices are out here now, it's prompting
It's prompting us to make decisions, to make choices.
Do I really want to engage with what the frequency of what Netflix is putting out or what Disney is putting out?
And if you just feel into the energy of a lot of these things, you realize, man, this is not healthy stuff.
It's all about what energy do you decide to interface with.
I mean, it's real simple.
Yes, that's it.
That's it, and everyone has to make their choice.
Yeah, there you go.
Let me ask you this, because, you know, neither you or I are perfect angels, but at the end of the day, we love God and justice.
How could these people not feel the power of good that is levels incomparable better than dark energy?
Because I've taken on dark energy.
I've experienced it some.
I've dabbled some in it.
And it's like a, it's victory and it's fiery, but it stinks at the end of the day.
And it always creates bad things.
It's not good long term.
Being good is like so much better.
I don't know why they don't serve good.
Well, it's like, I mean, how does it, how, why doesn't an alcoholic just stop drinking?
There's an addiction quality.
There's a, there's an energy, there's an energy that once you've gone into it, it's very difficult to clean, to clean off and to really detox from that.
Um, I've seen people get possessed.
It's very much like a, like a drug addict or an alcoholic.
Um, and, and so what comes over them is basically it's like loss of control.
And so you could say there's multiple factors.
Ultimately, Satanists are materialists.
They believe very much in worldly power.
They're willing to sacrifice someone else, right?
Someone else's life.
Even maybe sometimes they say, make acts with their, you know, to sell their own soul or to lose their own life.
Totally selfish.
It's, it's this material fascination.
And I've seen, you know, again,
It's difficult because we are sold as kids.
I mean, how many times, how many movies like Wolf of Wall Street get perpetuated, which is a satanic film, by the way, that basically shows you, like, this is what you want to be.
You want to be the guy, you know, ripping people off, you know, sleeping with hot girls, partying every day, having a lot of fun.
And, you know, what is, what consequences of Wolf of Wall Street have?
Hands up is Tony Robbins.
Stay right there.
We'll be right back.
Give me back my bullets.
Give me back my will.
Look, I think the enemy's biggest trick is not letting people know that they're tied to a divine creator, which means we are divine, and the majesty and the incredible beauty of the universe and the over-the-top amazingness of this planet and what we're doing, and just realizing you are fulfilled, you are incredible, we are all amazing, just being conscious and loving each other.
The idea is you're not fulfilled, only the world can fulfill you, the system, and then it never fulfills you.
Because if you actually tie into the universe and God, you are fulfilled.
And I think really people, as you said, Sean, are now going to realize that Satan can't fulfill them, and that only God can do that.
And I think we have already crossed the Rubicon.
The victory is going to be there.
I just wonder,
I mean, again, I don't try not to worry too much about what they are trying to do at this point.
It's difficult to know.
I think it's more important to figure out what am I doing and how can I basically connect to my
My relationship to the Creator, my connection to Spirit, working with consciousness, working with energy, right, my energy, and those obviously of a like energy and mindedness.
We have to focus on what we're building out.
That's why I just put out an Art of Success workshop, right, to really empower people now.
This is what I'm more interested in, is to give people the
I totally agree.
That's my greatest failing is I focus on the evil too much.
You're right.
So tell me, well, how do I not focus on them, but still fight them?
What do I do?
Because I agree.
I was talking to my good friend this morning.
I said, I need to stop focusing on them.
I can't look at what they do anymore.
It's hurting me.
I want to promote positive.
How do I do that while still warning people?
Yeah, it's an interesting balance, isn't it?
Because part of our role here is to be the Paul Revere's at some level, right?
We are here to help people be aware of what's going on, but we also can't ultimately energetically feed them in the process, right?
We don't want to feed that dragon by giving it so much attention.
Remember Nightmare on Elm Street was a great, there was a great message at the end of the film where she said, I take my power back.
I don't give you, I'm not afraid of you anymore, Freddie, right?
And that was the
I think?
This isn't really the president.
This isn't the guy running things.
The president never was the guy really running things, but now we know he's not the guy running things.
I agree.
So we're entering the season of things being revealed.
There's a revelation, exactly.
We are in the apocalypse, which means the revealing, right?
The unveiling.
We've been in it, I think, for 10 years.
I think 2012 was monumental in that sense that since that time, if you really think about how much we've learned in that time period, how things came to prominence, you know, Trump came, you know, calling out fake news, and all of a sudden we realized, yeah, they are fake, and the president can say it, so can I, and I don't have to follow them anymore.
And, you know, and all this Russiagate stuff, it's always been revealing how absurd and insane these people are, right?
Ultimately, how can you, you can't change someone who's insane.
Like, literally, I mean, these people are calling for murdering children after they're born on the premise that it's a late-term abortion, right?
How do you, you can't really debate someone at that point.
They're insane.
You just basically say, okay, you know what?
You live your reality.
We're walking away.
We walk away from the table.
That's what we do.
We have to build the new world, the exodus, and not engage them at any level that we aren't forced to.
I agree.
Sean Stone, very impressive.
You were to come to Austin a few months ago.
It didn't happen.
I'm gonna be here in a few weeks.
I hear you're coming.
Please come to the studio.
Hope we get dinner.
Go out on the boat or something.
But SeanStone.info.
Find your book.
Find the series.
And so much more.
You're a wonderful friend.
We really love you.
And just congratulations on all your great work.
Thank you, Alex.
And we'll definitely look to see you next month.
I appreciate it.
Yes, sir.
I got a bunch of news ahead of the next guest.
All right.
And it's just it's just amazing.
I was just talking to a good friend this morning like I can't I can't focus on these evil people anymore.
Once we discover who we really are, we'll realize why the Satanists hate us so much, they're trying to hold us back.
We have been given the keys to destiny, the keys to the universe and beyond, and we will succeed.
I know that.
I know.
Because there's a time flow of all of our ancient people into the present and into the future, and I can see the lines into the future.
And I know that in the end we win.
But some of the paths are involved in great death and great bondage and millennia of slavery.
But we can bypass that together.
We can do it.
The victory has already been given to us.
The question is how painful is it going to be?
Let me just say a bunch of this news.
You know, Sean Stone's a really smart guy.
Can you imagine?
He's, like, in over a hundred movies.
He's made more than a dozen films, been an international reporter, written a bunch of books, everything.
I mean, that guy knows everybody.
And, uh... A lot of stuff's off record, but I can just tell you, the same people that tried to recruit him tried to recruit me.
And this is as real as a heart attack, ladies and gentlemen.
This isn't a game.
And I think obviously everybody knows that, but this is very, very serious.
And so everybody needs to just get still, spend an hour tonight or tomorrow morning, whenever you're fresh, and just really think about the universe.
Just be calm.
Think about God.
Think about what God wants.
And like you have a relationship with a man or a woman who you love, think about that, just that relationship of really interfacing with them.
And think about that with God, like it's a personal relationship.
And if you just put your feelers out there, God's there waiting and really wants you to be saved.
Saved from where the majority of people are going.
And that's a very, very sad thing.
All right, let's talk about this.
You know it's the oil companies that are coming out with the carbon tax, right?
I mean, I could talk for 20 hours about this, but...
The oil companies, not the wildcatters, not the small ones, but the big 10 or so, it goes back to standard oil, their monopoly all over the world.
They want control and they want power over energy.
So why should they have the old policy of just all the energy you want at low prices?
They don't want that.
They want a carbon tax which is surveilled and tracked and controlled with all these electric cars, all new cars by 2026.
They're trying to pass regulations and laws.
A bunch of the big automakers have already announced that.
No more combustion engines.
But the electricity comes, in most cases, from a carbon-based system.
And so, you know the main sponsors.
R of the carbon tax is the whole movement.
It's Dutch Rochelle.
It's British Petroleum.
It's Exxon.
That's who it is.
It's the Saudis.
Because they're still going to sell you oil.
And they're still going to sell you coal.
But ten times what it's worth.
And then burn coal and whatever for electricity.
You're just going to pay a carbon tax on it.
And here's some of the headlines.
Wall Street Journal today.
Oil trade group.
The oil companies.
Drafts carbon tax proposal that could raise prices at the pump.
They want a carbon tax.
And who's running it?
The oil companies.
And it just goes on from there.
Think about that.
Look at this article, Associated Press.
Scientists mystified.
Mystified, wary as Africa avoids COVID disaster and has 96% less deaths of illnesses.
Because it's the vaccine that grows the spike protein and then sheds it and they know that and the Africans
Maybe poor on average, but they sure as hell know, when the UN trucks pull up with the vaccine, everybody gets sick and starts dying.
But for 20 years in Africa, they run when they see the UN vehicles.
And by the way, they love the white medicine man, 50, 60, 70 years ago.
Those were real scientists, real doctors, helping them with malaria, helping them with diseases.
Suddenly the white medicine men, the Christian medicine men, they didn't bring life anymore.
They brought death starting in about the 70s.
So that's 40 years ago.
And so now the Africans run.
They run.
And it's not that they're even superstitious.
I mean, Africans, like any other group, but Africans particularly love medicine men, love injections, love being given attention by the high priest in the white outfit.
Because they know when they get sick, they go to their medicine man, he gives them some herbs that make them better.
But if the black medicine man was giving them something that made them sick, they would kill him.
That's what you do to a medicine man.
Doesn't deliver.
Oh, you gave me something that killed us?
You're dead!
That'll fix medicine men real quick.
But when the white medicine men show up, they run.
They get out.
And they're not sick.
And they're not dying.
Because they already spent 40 years being injected with HIV.
In a globalist operation.
Forty years.
That's the Associated Press.
We told you this a year ago.
Scientists mystified.
Yeah, you can go to India, you can go to Africa, where they beat the UN trucks that come with the shots with sticks.
Why would you do that?
I mean, hell, if I've got strep throat, I want antibiotics.
I trust my local doctor.
But see, when it's the UN, these people know not to trust them because they know what happens when they take it.
So why are the Indians chasing down Bill and Melinda Gates employees and beating them with sticks?
Well, because they already had a bad experience.
They're not stupid.
That's why.
More polio cases now caused by vaccines than by wild virus.
ABC News, from Bill Gates.
So, the scientists are mystified.
There's a big, thick article.
Gee, they don't know why the Africans aren't getting COVID and dying.
That's because the Africans
Took Ivermectin, which they know is a miracle drug, and the Africans did not take the shot.
And that's all the evidence you need with friends or family or neighbors or anybody is, hey, the Africans didn't take the shot and they're not sick.
And I'm just like the Africans.
If I go to a doctor and they treat me good, I go back to them.
But some doctor comes in my town, my village, my neighborhood, and a bunch of my family dies?
That doctor's a bad person.
This ain't rocket science, folks.
But see, oh, we're too smart as Westerners.
Oh, oh, well, you know, you're already pre-told.
Well, yeah, people are getting sick and dying, but it's not the shot.
Just don't listen to that, or you might get ostracized.
You might get attacked.
You might get demonized.
You might get ridiculed.
Well, that's a lot better than being dead, isn't it?
So we can take a cue from Africa.
And understand that they've been under two years of lockdown under IMF and World Bank rules to even get their basic funding.
You see why they take the money?
Because they bought their leaders off 50 years ago, 100 years ago, depending on the country, and they own it through fraud.
And we're going under the same fraud of the IMF and World Bank, and it's very dangerous.
I have a special guest joining us.
I'll tell you about the guest when we come back on the other side of this break.
We have the Money Bomb going right now.
I want to thank you all for your support, your donations.
It's amazing.
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They've all been amazing.
when I go live again.
But listen, here's the deal.
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And so let me explain how this works.
I've got articles here in my stack.
I was looking for them in the break.
I can't find them.
But you can type it in where Amazon paid zero tax on $55 billion in profit.
Okay, well, I'm a middle class guy.
I pay 40% tax and a little bit of money I ever save for myself.
And there's nothing more frustrating to me than knowing we've got answers and knowing we've got ways to help our listeners that are so easy to do and to help us.
So I'm going to be point blank with you.
We're doing this money bomb because I got three or four of these rigged trials coming up.
Doesn't matter.
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But we got to do it.
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It's the fight.
But there's nothing more frustrating than knowing that Money Magazine and Forbes and others have done the studies where you go to 30 CPAs or lawyers, you get 30 different answers.
Or you go to 50, you get 50 different answers.
When the code is so clear, how is Jeff Bezos paying no taxes?
How are they doing all this?
Well, it's simple.
The law is written for them, and the average CPA or tax lawyer won't tell you.
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So, I have four listeners.
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Or whatever it is you do, you're a psychologist, a doctor, whatever, that these average tax law firms you go to, which are better than CPAs on average, milk you in, they got to do an analysis, they got to charge you a bunch of money to find out, and then they give you answers to save a little bit of money.
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So JonesCashRelief.com.
Tyler, we're going to break in three minutes.
I'm ranting here, but I know you've been.
Basically overwhelming.
You've gotten back with everybody, so we waited a week before we had you back on.
Thousands of calls a day.
It's beautiful what's happening because it's a win-win for everybody.
What are you going to talk about with us today?
Well, it sure is, Alex.
And let me just say, I was about to say the same thing that you said.
Tax season is over, but the real work begins now.
And what does that mean?
It's audit season.
And that means the war is on.
The war against who?
The globalists and their collection agency, the IRS, because they want to get
The most money
We're good
Because they will take everything they can.
And that's what it's really about.
So now that taxing is over, listen, if you already filed your taxes, there might be ways that we can still lower your liability.
For next year, we need to make sure you're in the most effective tax plan as possible.
And that really is going to come down to what you do, right?
And as you explained, nobody tells you what the elite do.
One type of corporation cuts your taxes in half.
One move.
That's absolutely correct.
Since 2017, the C Corp, if you're making money, has been the best entity structure to be in.
It is the only flat tax rate in the country, which means when inflation is as high as it is, if you're in a graduated tax rate, which everybody else is, you, me, except corporations, that means we're paying more and more every year because of inflation.
However, the only flat tax rate in America on income is the corporate tax rate at 21%.
Look I get excited about freedom and everybody knows that I'm a wild man but yeah I mean I'll be honest with you I am so frustrated that the US tax code is the most complex in the world and it's written by the big banks and big corporations where they paid basically zero like 2% on average a lot of them pay nothing and then you don't know that I don't know that even for the average person and so it's
Two sets of books, basically.
And the difference is, when you have a law firm that cuts right to the chase, because they already have the formulas, they know who you are, what it is, and they just make quick decisions, and off the basic facts, then you save all this money, and so many services, and just the C-Corp thing, all of it.
You should give them a call, tell them what you're doing, show them what's happening, let them look at the info, they'll give you time, they don't rush into it, and then they'll give you their advice.
And it's just, it's like picking money off trees.
And with the inflation, all the problems,
People need to save money.
And again, what's key to understand, I've been told this by top lawyers, top CPAs, U.S.
senators, you name it.
They laugh.
They go, yeah, it's all fiat money anyways.
The taxes is social engineering.
They do the taxes to control you, folks.
Because they exempt themselves and then you get screwed and then they can out-compete you because of the fraud.
It'd be like if I was going to try to run a marathon, which I would say I could probably run two miles if I tried, but they tied like lead weights onto me, bowling balls on my legs, I'm going to lose.
And so this is something everybody needs to do, especially if you're a business person.
So, Tyler Bennett of American Tax Solutions, jonestaxrelief.com, takes you right there, so we get credit with the sponsorship.
We're getting great reviews from what you're doing.
That's why I sought you out, that you were a listener and I was blown away.
You and the rest of your crew.
Tell people about some of the services and now that tax season is so called over, why it's important to get ready and plan now.
That's right, Alex.
So like I said before, now is more important than ever to make sure you're in the correct setup because it's audit season and the IRS is ready to take your money and they've decided who to declare war on already, right?
So like I said before, since the 16th Amendment was passed in 1913,
The IRS realized that they could pass public policy sneakily under the radar through the tax code.
And the globalist elitist lobbies have, of course, been privy to that since day one.
Now, that's when you're talking about there's two completely different systems because the average person doesn't know about these things.
They don't teach it in school.
They don't want you to be a part of their club.
And so, that's what it comes down to.
Now, just today, some of these policy things have been driving me crazy.
So, I found out this morning a client called me and said, hey, I called the IRS and they are still taking my biometric data, even though they said that they were not going to do that as of last month.
So watch out before the IRS takes your biometric data and gives you that global ID, okay?
Another huge one is
Traditionally the IRS has been targeting religious groups.
They were targeting Christians for a long time.
Now they're targeting the crypto crowd.
And so if you're part of that crowd you need extra protection because the IRS is going to get you.
And even if you didn't do anything wrong.
One of the other biggest policy changes is going to have the biggest effect on the middle class.
The Biden administration's attempt to close the tax gap by 1099-ing all sources of income over $600.
That means if you sell a pair of shoes at a garage sale, you're going to get 1099 for it.
You sell it on eBay, you're going to get a 1099 for it.
It's your job to prove that it's not income.
This has created what we call orphan 1099s, meaning these 1099s show a massive amount of value on there, which isn't even true.
And if you're not in the right setup,
Then this could really come back to bite you.
Let me tell you some horror stories.
So I had a client who went around the world buying little trinkets on his little adventures here and there, and then decided to sell them on eBay for $5, $10, not really making any money, the same price he bought them for across the world.
He still got stuck with a fat $10.99 that was claiming he had zero basis in anything, which is impossible.
The only way you can have zero basis is if you got it as a gift.
Then we had to go back and rectify the whole thing because it's impossible not to have zero basis.
But the point is, if you don't have someone in your corner fighting for you to do this, they're just going to take your lunch because they don't care about your rights.
Another example is Coinbase.
This is for all my crypto people out there.
If you received a 1099 from Coinbase this year, then you know you didn't get a 1099-B like any other brokerage account.
You got a 1099-MISC, which means every dollar that flowed through that Coinbase account, whether you made it or lost it, gets counted as income towards you.
And so that's obviously not the case.
We can fix that for you.
Give me a call.
And again, explain, the average HR block or the average tax lawyer, they know this, but they're just lazy following a computer program because they don't want to defend this in court.
You guys signed on, you defended, but you don't have to defend it because you're following the law.
That's correct, Alex.
And so the thing about the big box technological tax companies is they don't even have any lawyers on their payroll.
Let's say you walk into your neighborhood H&R Block, they are a computer program.
They are much closer to Facebook and TikTok than they are to, let's say, a tax firm that helps you out because the clerks there, and they're just clerks, they're not attorneys, they're not even enrolled agents,
What they do is all they know is how to input your data into their system.
And keep in mind, these are the giant technological companies that, of course, are in bed with the globalists.
And so, do you want the globalists doing your taxes?
Or do you want someone who's on your side?
We have the same beliefs.
We will fight for what you believe in.
Don't give your money to them.
Don't give your money to the globalists.
I mean look that's why I feel I mean out of everything we sell I feel really good about like x2 and about turmeric because I know and about pqq is because I know it totally works it's great I feel good promoting it but man it's like
Having eyeballs versus being blind.
The whole system, they don't pay taxes, and then the average lawyer or CPA won't tell you because they're left as jerk-offs.
And then it's all right there.
Like, how did Jeff Bezos make 55 million profit, it's in the news today, and pay zero tax?
Well, because he's part of the elite and he's got all the rules.
Explain that to people.
So the way it works, Alex, is there is a cabal, as we all know, of the elites.
And so the very expensive tax attorneys that they use to make sure they can, you know, pay zero in taxes, they all belong to the same club.
And they don't want you part of your... And they're all former Justice Department heads.
It's a group.
And so if you're not part of that... And with you, you're not going to get to that level where it's all certified by the Justice Department, where you pay nothing.
You're just going to use the actual code and have people pay way less.
Because at the end of the day, there still is two systems, the globalist system and the people system.
So is it fair to say, like, here's the average person getting screwed down here at zero, you're at about 50, and the Bezos system is totally tax free?
Because you can't... we don't get what they get, but you get a lot of what they get.
We can get almost all of what they can get.
The reason we can't get all of it is a true system like that, where you're going to pay nothing in taxes, is pay to play, right?
You got to pay somebody a lot of money to get that.
It's former Justice Department attorney generals are the ones that run those firms.
And you know you're not going to be able to just... That's the kind of law firm that you can't even just become a client of.
They have to vet you and decide that they want you to be part of their club.
I want you part of my club.
Give me a call.
I will help you out.
We got to stop these globalists and we don't want... Exactly.
Because we're being really accurate here, Tyler.
The general CPA or lawyer screws you and is lazy and follows a computer program.
You're like 90% above that.
You're as good as it gets, legally and lawfully, before you literally have like former Justice Department heads.
I mean, because to pay zero tax, you got to have them.
But with you, and again, it doesn't run the country, folks.
You're not not paying taxes, and the little kids don't get their food.
It's all lie.
It's all fiat.
It's all social control.
Remember the IRS Bill of Rights, which they won't tell you, which says you have an obligation to not pay a penny more than you owe in taxes.
And so, of course, pay what you owe, but do not use your additional money, which you could spend on things that you like and support, instead of the IMS.
Exactly, so I'll stay there, but I'm just being, because I've studied it like you have, you're a lawyer, I've just studied it, covering it.
We're just being honest.
There's the public getting screwed, really good tax lawyers that sign on and protect you, and then the New World Order pays no tax.
We're just saying, don't you want to be almost up there legally and lawfully?
I mean, JonesTaxRelief.com.
You folks, folks, on my soul, you are insane if you don't do this.
I mean, it's just ridiculous.
They hope you don't do it.
JonesTaxRelief.com or 833-900-4285.
So again,
Opportunity is always there.
Everything I do is about showing the magician's trick.
Everything we do is about breaking down how things really work.
It was about five years ago, we didn't have money to fund the operation, and I went through several tax lawyers and found folks and saved all this money.
Then I found Tyler Bennett and saved him more money.
And that's what I'm saying.
In this rigged system, if you don't protect yourself, you're insane.
And you work all day, you go to a job, you run a company, you do this, and then you don't study the tax code?
They're laughing at you.
Jonestaxrelief.com or 833-900-4285.
Give them a call.
They'll work with you.
They will knock it out of the park for you.
I mean, up to 90% savings, folks, with a law firm signifying it, signing off on it, tax extensions, planning, everything.
833-900-4285 or jonestaxrelief.com.
American Tax Solutions.
So, Teller Bennett.
I could ask a lot of questions here, but talk to the listeners if you can.
I know you got a lot of stuff you want to cover, but humor me about how the process works when I give your CPAs or lawyers a call.
How that works when it comes in and how you guys deliver stuff so fast.
So Alex, what it comes down to with a tax plan is we have to know what your individual situation is.
And the thing is, is we've been around long enough that you're not the first person to come to us with your situation.
However, everyone's situation is still unique.
And what that means
I'm good.
A lot of people are scared that the U.S.
dollar is being devalued, inflation, they don't trust the stock market, but they don't want to take a huge capital gains hit.
Well, this is one way that we're able to save our clients money.
There are what's known as economic opportunity zones in the United States, that these kinds of funds and assets have really been only accessible by the elites because they're large private equity.
You've got to have millions, billions of dollars to invest.
You have the laws for them and you tell people the trick.
So we know the trick.
So if you want to get out of the market, if you want to get out of the market and invest in an EOZ, an Economic Opportunity Zone, which is real estate basically, which is what you invest in when you don't trust the market, give me a call.
We can get you out of crypto.
We can get you out of your stocks and get you into something.
And let me give you an example.
Where our office is in Austin is the hottest economic zone in the country.
You can't even get into it now.
It's so hot.
No, you can't.
You can't.
The only way, we have a way into it, but normally the elitists prevent anybody less than their class from getting into these things because the tax benefits are so amazing.
I can take a million dollars of capital gains, reinvest it into EOC, and I don't pay any of that capital gains until I take it out.
If I leave it in for 10 years, it's tax free.
So that's an incredible option that was not available to the regular people before.
Oh yeah, that's the Achilles heel of the globalists.
They write loopholes for themselves and they hope all day nobody takes advantage of those but us.
I mean, but them.
And they're hoping we don't take advantage of it.
But see, it's only a matter of time before we learn how to do it and do it as well.
And so that's one big thing.
I know a lot of people are worried about the collapsed U.S.
Well, if you're worried about that, give us a call.
We can take care of you there and you won't have to pay capital gains.
Another thing is entities, right?
I think?
Revenue you're making a year which one I would recommend you go in hundred grand or so s more than that Absolutely you see and here's why s corporation allows you to bifurcate your income with what's called a reasonable salary and you won't pay Self-employment tax on the other half of your income so you can effectively save 7.5% with an escort now with a C Corp and
You're it's a flat tax rate.
You're only paying 21% because even that S Corp was graduated up to 37% at the end of the day with your personal tax rates.
So C Corps are amazing.
Let me give you another example because I bet down on Lake Travis, you know, a lot of people that fish and really enjoy doing it and fishing is expensive and all that.
So unless you're making money, we know the hobby rules affect
Individuals, LLCs, any kind of flow-through entity, meaning if you're not making money three out of five years, they're going to disallow your losses, right?
But the thing is, the C-Corp, which only pays 21% in taxes, does not have hobby loss rules.
You make your fishing business a C-Corporation, you can lose money every single year, and it's valid.
If you did that as an individual, they would shut you down, audit you, and you'd owe a lot of money.
And so you just have to know these things.
And of course... Yeah, because the average person doesn't know.
In a company like that, you can take draws that are a loss.
With a C Corp, there's so many things that you can do that you, as the layperson, just wouldn't... So basically, this is like trying to fix an engine if you don't have the owner's manual and a mechanic's manual.
I mean, even a mechanic couldn't do that.
Literally, you're just like, here's the mechanics, here's the blueprint, here's how you even play the game.
And with you guys, it's so simple.
It's not hard.
You guys look at it, you do it, you certify it, boom, it's done.
Absolutely, because the thing that you have to keep in mind is the thing with most CPA firms, CPAs by their nature are risk adverse.
It's not necessarily a bad thing, but here's where it comes back to bite you is they're not going to use those loopholes and everything they can think of to make sure you're paying the least amount of tax as possible.
They just want to make sure their ass is covered, not yours.
Yeah, they don't want to get called in court.
They don't want to defend it.
Whereas you are ready to... How do you guys do that with your huge firms across the country?
Because you certify this.
You stand in defense of this.
And that's what's really valuable.
You're not just giving somebody advice and just shoving them out there.
If we sign your return, we stand behind it, and we're not going to sign anything that's going to get audited, first of all.
Listen, there's always a 0.5% chance of getting audited.
Anyone's roll the dice.
But that chance raises a heck of a lot if you fit into one of two groups, which is either you made too much money or you didn't make enough money.
And so we know those thresholds.
It doesn't matter how much money you actually made.
And they know when they see your name on there that you're not playing games.
Oh, that's right, because we put our letters behind our names.
It doesn't say Tyler Bennett.
It says Tyler Bennett, J-D-E-A.
So they know they're messing with someone with a law degree.
They're going to move it up to legal.
It's just incredible how they screw the American people.
We should have a fair tax system.
It's very easy to understand.
We didn't do this.
We're not for this.
But you should take advantage of it.
Right, absolutely, because the deep state is going to do everything it can to get the most amount of money out of you as possible.
And remember, the IRS is an executive agency, which means Biden is in control of it.
And we still have three years of Biden left.
So inflation at eight point five percent and rising.
Effectively becomes $8,500 and you're going to owe another $15,000 at the end of the tax year.
So because that's the case, and you're in a graduated individual tax rate, the only way to beat this problem is to be in a flat tax rate.
There's only one flax tax rate in the country and that's a C corporation.
And can an average, who can get into one of those then?
I guess people call you can explain it.
Here's the thing, Alex.
There is no restrictions as to who can, you know, you literally buy one from the state you live in or any other state that has better taxable consequences.
For example, Wyoming, Florida, Texas, Nevada are very popular states for people who live in California because the taxes here are so high.
But anybody can do it.
What is crucial is implementation.
So that's the key.
You guys handle it and then people save massive money.
That's right.
So whether you're on a W-2, whether you're on a 1099, we can save you money.
Because the name of the game is you have to do what the globalists do to save money, which is, hey listen, you know there's some really, really, really highly paid W-2s out there who are globalists.
You think they're paying taxes on all that?
No, they got side hustles to write off all that income against.
So let's explain this.
You fund InfoWars, you save money, we all win.
It's simple, folks.
Take advantage of it here during the Money Bomb.
JonesTaxRelief.com or 833-900-4285.
Don't wait.
Call them, get a consultation, or you're missing out.
All right, coming up, we've got some big breaking news on a bunch of fronts, and then Jay Dyer takes over, then Owen Schroeder and others.
I'll be back tonight, 7 to 9 p.m., during the special emergency broadcast.
Tyler Bennett, the great work you're doing over at American Tax Relief, which people should link through to at jonestaxrelief.com, is just so important.
What else should listeners and viewers know?
Because literally, you work all day, you get these checks, anybody out there could know these loopholes and do amazing things.
It's just so sad that millions of people are listening right now, and only thousands are going to call you.
Everybody should call you.
That's right, Alex, because here's another issue that most people don't even think about, but it affects everyone, and that's the states and state taxes.
Now, of course, there is six states out there that don't have any income tax, but that doesn't mean you're not getting taxed.
You're getting taxed in sales tax, other ways, etc.
And they are extremely powerful and extremely hungry.
For example, right, so Disney is such a powerful corporation.
It's globalist.
I don't know.
The state can do whatever they want to whoever they want.
Disney thought they were tough and now they're going to face the consequences.
Another interesting thing about that is, well, now there's a, you know, almost a billion dollar deficit that this is going to create in Florida.
Well, somebody is going to pay for that and it's going to be the Florida citizens.
So that's an interesting thing.
On the other side of things, if you owe the state money, especially a state that doesn't have an income tax because they have an extra chip on their shoulder for not charging income tax, they're going to come after you with a vengeance, okay?
And long before the IRS decides to levy collection activity against you, the state will already have done it.
The state shoots first and asks questions later.
So if you get contacted by the state, you need to give us a call right now because that call might be the like literally the 12-hour notice before they take everything out of your bank account or put the close sign on your business.
So we don't want that to happen.
If you know you're in any kind of state trouble or could be give us a call because we can prevent that because like I said before you have a taxpayer bill of rights.
The state is once removed from the IRS even and they will absolutely violate your rights.
We see it time and time again and here's something that happens is if you don't file this is why I recommend everyone file if you don't owe taxes because what we see here in California and other states is the state itself if you don't file a return but let's say you're making a mortgage payment or something they'll say hey you must have had income to make this payment which of course isn't true and they will assess you a large amount of money based on that and the way around that is this is
For your constitutional scholars out there, look up the word field preemption.
So what it means is when the federal government controls an entire field of a subject, for example, taxation, that means at the end of the day they're the ones in control.
There are certain substantive things that the states can change, but they just can't claim that you owe money if there's nothing reported to the IRS.
So if that's ever happened to you, give me a call.
We'll eliminate that liability from the state.
Completely, because you don't know it.
The state just makes things up because they can get away with it, and they're that hungry for money because they can't print money off like the feds.
The state's law enforcement works for the feds.
We need to be clear.
They're violating your rights.
Experts can block it immediately.
So it's like fighting blind.
But with American Tax Solutions, people are not blind anymore.
People can go to you directly and give us support at jonestaxrelief.com.
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Jay Dyer is about to take over.
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Central, taking your phone calls and covering so much important information.
Man, some of the reports on InfoWars are just incredible.
So much gold when it comes to exposing the system is there.
The only way it gets out there is if you promote it, you push it.
Alex Jones broke the groomer scandal in 2008.
We're going to play that clip in a moment.
In France, an elderly woman brutally attacked while feeding birds in the park.
We've got, uh, they're playing hardball.
Fed subpoena Hunter Biden's paternity docs, including tax records.
Horrific fentanyl turning homeless into mindless zombies.
That's another report.
IMF director, we didn't think through the consequences of printing too much money.
You really believe that?
That's some of the articles at Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
But Jay Dyer is an expert on the globalists.
He's about to take over here in a few minutes, but I wanted to air this report because the globalists cannot get away with what they're doing if we're conscious and if we're awake.
And the fact that we've had these groomers coming after our children
For so long, it's paramount.
And the question is, why are they coming after our children?
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So here is yours truly breaking down the rumor scandal in 2008, and Jay Dyer, bestselling author, researcher, takes over.
They teach the children in the US and England how to not just have gay sex when they're six, seven years old, but how to do things like inserting giant, dangerous implements in themselves.
Texas Youth Commission, giant rape rooms, public rape- raperariums.
It's just, it's just hell has been released.
You know, I may not even cover this.
Just know it's going on in British and US and European schools.
Know that B.F.
Skinner tortured his son to death over several years in a small box and is hailed for it.
And know that you've got to get evil people to run a criminal government.
And so a lot of their frontline people and a lot of their technocrats and even high-level people are part of pedophile guilds.
And so what they're doing is they're legitimizing that parents can't talk to their children, can't dry their children off in England with a towel without being government registered to touch their child.
So see, they make everybody else a pedophile for no reason.
And then they teach the children in the U.S.
and England how to not just have gay sex when they're six, seven years old, but how to do things like inserting giant, dangerous implements in themselves.
And I can't even... I mean, there's recordings of what, in Massachusetts, they teach elementary school students that I actually played on air about ten years ago and a few affiliates dropped us.
I mean, it was small children brought to a college dormitory and put in beds.
And then the school taught them how to have sex with each other.
Whether it's heterosexual, homosexual, whatever, it shouldn't be going on and it's wrong.
But I have to say, it is the, quote, gays that are pushing homosexual sex.
And so it seems that because that's a protected group, they're allowed to engage in pedophilia.
We're going to go live right now.
Here we go.
On screen I'm holding up an article that reads, teach the pleasure of gay sex to children as young as five, say researchers.
This, and this is going on in the US, this is going on in England, I covered this a decade ago.
And I can't even really read this on air, even though it's out of a major newspaper.
It's homophobic to say you shouldn't teach children as young as five that it's wonderful to have gay sex.
Now, if you teach them heterosexual sex, that's pedophilia.
But because they're a protected group, they do teach this.
And it's pedophilia, and it's wrong.
And just God help us, just God help us.
Children as young as five should be taught to understand the pleasures of gay sex according to leaders of a taxpayer-funded education project and it goes in to say that millions of dollars, six hundred thousand pounds just in one program is being taught in fourteen primary schools.
The parents are told it's part of a stop bullying and prejudice aimed at homosexuals and then in it five-year-olds that have never even heard of sex, who are totally innocent, have their minds ruined.
And again I mentioned earlier
The Feds in this country, in England, started suicide education in 1990, and then every school that did it saw suicide start.
And they teach little girls, so you don't do this, we'll show you how you strangle yourself, or how you eat three bottles of Tylenol.
Did you know girls kill themselves by going and getting all these different bottles of cold medicines, and then it will kill you.
But it's painless, you go to sleep.
Now we're going to show you the basketball diaries of mass shootings in schools.
And then, boom, it all starts.
They know.
And so, oh, let us teach you how to fist each other, and that's in here.
How to bleed, how pleasurable it is.
Let us teach you how to do this.
And then if you say, I don't want that, you are arrested.
Because to say you're against it is, I'm not kidding, just type Prejudice Raids England, Robin Page, BBC presenter, said that
Rural communities deserve the same rights as homosexuals, and that word, homosexual, is illegal, if they choose.
They have special social networks, social services boards.
This is not a joke.
This is not satire if you're watching this.
This is happening.
So they just destroy the innocence of these children.
And this is part of the recruiting, and the eugenicists cold-bloodedly do this so people don't have children.
This is about, and then they say this in the 20s, they say, we're going to teach this in schools so people don't have children anymore.
And so now they're targeting your children for over a decade, and, you know, they're going to corrupt your children.
You put them in a government training camp, you're out of your mind.
But I'm against heterosexual or homosexual indoctrination of five-year-olds.
But, I mean, this is five-year-olds.
And God Almighty, folks, we've played the tapes from the classrooms where they bus the seven, eight, nine-year-olds to college dorms and put them in beds together, and then they teach them and have them, you know, it's open pedophilia.
It's now legal in the country.
Selectively, the only government can practice open pedophilia.
That's why you've had so many Homeland Security State Directors, Deputy Directors caught, because the whole government isn't bad.
All the police aren't bad, all the military isn't bad, the whole system isn't corrupt yet, so they keep busting their own people.
Texas Youth Commission, giant rape rooms, public rape-rape-rariums, I'm going to coin a term, I mean literally, it's just, it's just, hell has been released.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of jaysanalysis.com and of the YouTube channel, Jay Dyer and of the Rockfin channel, Jay Dyer.
I want to talk about how we got to where we are through the research and development test lab known as WAR.
Everybody knows about WAR as a battlefield, a theater in which one side wants to beat the other side.
But from the technocratic perspective, WAR is an excellent
Domain an excellent arena to do a lot of testing experimentation research and development and certain previous conflicts and wars are very Insightful in that regard we can look at things like Vietnam.
We can look at different theaters of war like Iraq and like Afghanistan to see how certain technologies are rolled out that later or in our day are now being applied to everyone and
So if you look at, for example, first of all, I want to see why this is.
How does this come about?
Who would have ever thought of this?
War, as we said, is a time when normal laws and procedures, which themselves are usually, you know, overbearing and over the top, they become extenuating and crazy due to setting aside, right, the normal procedure.
So crisis and wartime allow for those in power, the social engineers, to say, oh, well, you see, now we have to do extraordinary measures because of this emergency.
We're good to go.
Especially in times of crisis, they're never going to give that up.
It's not like after the crisis at bay, it's okay, now we're going to hand over all that power back to you.
No, no, no, it's never going away.
And it always increases more and more towards a centralized technocratic authority in our day, because that is the long-term goal.
A total centralized AI technocratic authority where everything is under transhumanist AI control, depopulation is the long-term goal, and then the getting rid of the human species as a whole.
But there were many theaters of war that were crucial for gaining the knowledge, gaining the intelligence, gaining the strategies to later implement on a mass, on a national and then a mass scale.
But who was behind that?
Well, one easy way that we can understand this is to look at the 1950s Reese Committee reports.
So the Reese Committee
We're good to go.
And the Reece Committee turned out to kind of be somewhat of a failure because Norman Dodd later, who was involved in this, said, no, we need to go deeper into this.
And so he went deeper.
It was called the Dodd Report.
And he was a famous former banker, so he kind of knew the layout of this land, this strategy.
And what he found was that, no, actually there is a subversive element involving the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Carnegie Endowment, and particularly the way that they would allocate money at Columbia, Harvard, University of Chicago, University of California.
And he said, back then, it appeared to be the promotion of oligarchical collectivism.
Quote, he stated, "...the purported deterioration in scholarship and the techniques of teaching which have attracted the attention of the American public have apparently been caused primarily by a premature effort to reduce our meager knowledge of social phenomenon to the level of an applied science."
In other words, they were beginning to use scientism as a worldview, as a technique.
Materialism, reductionism, they were all being placed under this new approach, which we're going to get to in a minute,
Coming out of some of the wartime theaters and research and development information.
So, Dodd said, wait a minute, there's a promotion of moral relativism.
You've heard me talking about this a lot, right?
Why are we getting from the elite the promotion of ethical relativism, moral relativism, subjectivism, a thing that I've harped on for decades now, 20 years of critiquing and doing an internal critique of the relativist worldview.
Well, that was actually promoted from the top down.
This wasn't an organic development of people coming to the conclusion that there's no such thing as objective truth, there's no such thing as objective morals.
It was actually promoted from the top down, and the Reese Committee, aka the Dodd Report, found this.
Wait a minute.
Why are they promoting the notion of a global village, internationalism, and moral relativism?
Because the two go together.
Well, some of the big top elites, people at the
For example, Karl Popper, who was part of the high-level Society of the Elites that's mentioned in some of the writings, he had this philosophy of promoting relativism, promoting open society, hence the term Open Society Institute, the Soros Foundation, is taken from one of these global elite philosophers who intentionally want to promote internationalism and moral relativism.
The committee noticed that this moral relativism has the intention of social control.
And what was amazing was that this is right around the time of Joseph McCarthy.
And of course, McCarthy at that time, early on, was thinking, well, this is all Soviet communism.
But that's only part of the picture.
It wasn't really Soviet communism.
I'm not saying that communists didn't engage in foreign
You know, social engineering efforts and intelligence operations and espionage.
But it was not really the communists behind that.
In fact, who did Norman Dodd identify as the real culprits here?
And who does Dr. Carol Quigley agreeing with Norman Dodd identify as the corporates?
The Institute for Pacific Relations, which is a Rockefeller entity.
And he notes that they were promoting complete socialism and collectivism.
So, unfortunately, many people at that time, many conservatives, many paleoconservatives, they thought that they were still engaging with this foreign subversive element in Moscow.
And that was really not the case.
I'm not saying that Moscow and Soviet Communism was a good thing, but that wasn't really who was altering the American landscape.
Everybody's seen, probably, Yuri Bezmenov's videos, right?
And I'm not knocking everything that Yuri Bezmenov says.
Some of what he says about the strategies of moral subversion and whatnot are true.
But what Yuri Bezmenov doesn't talk about is who was really putting the money into this.
It wasn't Khrushchev, and it wasn't Moscow.
The money was coming from higher level people that Norman Dodd identified.
And then Joseph McCarthy started realizing, hey, wait a minute, it's not actually communists.
It's the wealthiest people in the West.
And this is what nobody was ever able to figure out, especially during the older generation, especially the boomers.
I'm not knocking boomers, but for some reason there was a big difficulty.
I think they were so indoctrinated during that Cold War period.
As to not understand that the socialism and the collectivism and the communism being promoted in America, the moral relativism, was coming from super wealthy elitists from the West, putting countless amounts of money into that.
And when you go and you read David Rockefeller's memoirs, or you read the authorized biography of the Rockefellers by Collier and Horowitz, it says exactly that.
Those books from the establishment say
That the liberalism and socialism that are promoted in America come from these families and these foundations.
It is not primarily a foreign export to the West.
It is the elites of the West who export this to other countries, just like Marx and Engels were funded by Western banking elite to export that technology of destruction, that ideological warfare, to Russia via Bolshevism.
So you have to keep this in mind that communism and socialism are a rich man's game, a millionaire, zillionaire, billionaire game, right?
That's who loves it more than anybody else.
So don't go anywhere when we come back, we're going to look at this technology of warfare research and development.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We were talking about the transition from the older American ideas into the ideas of internationalism, moral relativism, and socialism and collectivism that were promoted by the wealthiest people in our country.
And that was on purpose because these people are internationalists.
They have a view that the future lies in controlling the emerging world government.
And that's precisely what Norman Dodd discovered, which was what Dr. Carol Quigley was defending in his apologetic treatise, Tragedy and Hope, which is a defense of the designs of the global elite to erect a one world order out of the ashes of the wars of the 20th century.
And we know that because the same power searchers, the same entities identified in the Dodd Report are the same entities that Dr. Carol Quigley mentions.
He does mention the Institute for Pacific Relations.
He mentions these foundations.
Carnegie's, Rockefeller's, Ford Foundation, etc.
And you can include, of course, Open Society Institute in that.
Now that it's now surpassed, according to the New York Times, the Ford Foundation is one of the largest foundations in the U.S.
And critics of the Dodd Report said, oh, you're just a conspiracy theorist.
Oh, this is crazy.
You're going against people's free speech.
Well, it's not going against free speech to call out people.
In fact, it's shutting down free speech to call out the
Denial of free speech, right?
Shutting down people's speech through money, through corporate control.
And this, again, it's the same entity, by the way, that is behind the world wars of the 20th century.
So what I'm trying to point out is that there is a clear agenda.
You can actually identify the people, the power structure, the foundations, the NGOs, the think tanks, the banks, etc.
behind this.
And they're the same people, the same entities, according to Carol Quigley, that organized the wars of the 20th century, including the Cold War.
But what happened in the Cold War that was different from, say, World War I or World War II?
Well, the Cold War had this long-term test phase of a lot of technology.
A lot of technology was rolled out.
I think?
Some writers even called it a techno war because it was the first to really roll out high-level tech.
And then, of course, Iraq and Afghanistan, they rolled out newer versions of biometric tracking, tracing, genetic identifiers, etc.
A lot of that was pioneered at the time of Vietnam.
Now again, I'm not saying that the people who fought for America and Vietnam, they're all bad guys.
In fact, a lot of the Vietnam vets later came back and were anti-war because they saw what Vietnam was really about.
And they became anti-war not because they hated America or whatever, they were demonized for doing this.
The anti-war movement
Was co-opted on purpose, because a lot of people, and I don't agree with all the leftists and their ideologies in terms of being critical of the Vietnam War, but many of them had a point when it came to that this was not a war about defending America, it was actually a war that seems to have been for the purpose of demoralizing the West in America.
There's a book on this that's really good called The Phoenix Program by Douglas Valentine, who was involved in military intelligence and
He was over there analyzing and involved in and saw a lot of this firsthand.
And he was very critical of the fact that really Vietnam was a CIA war.
It was a war where the CIA, ARPA, DARPA were really rolling out a lot of test psyops and test technologies, as I mentioned.
And he says, if you look at what was going on in Vietnam, you will notice the exact same pattern of the intense involvement with drugs, the importation, exportation of drugs in black markets.
The controlling, tracking, and surveillance.
Did you know Vietnam was the first war to really go heavy into tracking, tracing, and surveillance?
And he says, if you look at the intelligence apparatus, the people coming out of the OSS, the Yale Skull and Bones CIA networks that ran the Vietnam situation, the Vietnam War, you'll notice the pattern is exactly the same.
Well, Afghanistan.
I wonder what's going on in Afghanistan with drugs and the CIA.
It's the same pattern.
It's the same technologies.
They just get more and more sophisticated.
And Douglas Valentine goes into pointing out that all of this was really the extension of the Anglo-American establishment's empire.
That's why, not just, well, Vietnam wasn't about that per se, but that was about, again, testing a lot of technologies, bio-warfare as well, Agent Orange.
You know, a lot of the later geo-engineering technologies
We're good to go.
People that came back and were critical of it, who were demonized, by the way, right?
If you, oh, you're anti-American, if you're against this war.
Well, this is a war that these people back then figured out was being fought for a bunch of networks of Eastern seaboard degenerate elites.
It wasn't about defending America and against, you know, communism.
We're gonna fight the commies, right?
Now, there were evil communists.
I'm just saying that there was a deeper, worse plan going on with our elites.
I haven't been able to necessarily prove it yet, but Valentine agrees that it does look like there was a connection between MKUltra and the Phoenix program in Vietnam.
There's a lot of parallels, a lot of similarities in terms of what was going on, and typically we find out that a lot of these programs have a higher level connection and coordination going on.
And he mentions a lot of the covert operations in Vietnam that included utilizing not just capture, ambush, torture, and immediate assassinations, but also recruiting cannibals.
Utilizing cannibalism, utilizing terror, in order to terrorize an entire nation into submission.
And Colby mentions this.
It was William Colby involved in coming up with others as well.
People from the Ford Foundation, for example, dreamt up the Phoenix program.
A guy named Berkman, I think was his name.
They dreamt this up through the research that they'd done in terms of
We're good to go.
So then there's these programs that were invented called the Chaos Program, which led to what was called Hydra.
I'm not joking.
Sounds like something out of Marvel or the Marvel Universe.
The Chaos Program and the Hydra Program were ways to track and trace and surveil dissenters about Vietnam.
So the CIA was doing this back in the 70s about Vietnam, and they had this giant blacklist database that they had created of all these people who were dissenters.
And then that led to counter-terrorism efforts first initiated in 1972 by William Colby.
So, Phoenix Program also gave birth to, in these programs of dissenters in relation to the Vietnam War, to the invention of total information awareness and counter-terrorism coming out of Vietnam.
And that has to do with guerrilla warfare, you see.
Oh, if you're involved in guerrilla warfare, unconventional warfare, then you're a terrorist.
But it was actually the CIA that was studying the counter-terrorist
Warfare in order to master it in order to master death squads to terrorize nations to scare the crap out of them and This is what leads a certain theorists like Dave McGowan and his book program to kill to think that perhaps some of the famous Americans American serial killers who were involved in Vietnam War they might have been part of the Phoenix program.
They might have been recruited into
We're good to go.
And perhaps that's why serial killers come back from Vietnam and suddenly we get all these serial killers after Vietnam.
I mean, again, it's a plausible theory to me, right?
But again, this is a theory.
But what we can prove is that international terrorism as a new idea coming out of the Cold War begins with Phoenix Program, chaos, and Hydra, according to Douglas Valentine and according to William Colby.
So the Vietnam War was a CIA war.
That was a shop, a test lab, a test tube for creating the world that we live in now.
The tech world that we're living in now comes out of this.
Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jays Analysis.
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I love it.
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If you would also be sure and like and share this video as well as the other videos when they go up later to Alex's sites.
So, you know, I was mentioning the serial killer thing.
I can't pass this up because it was such a surprising section in Douglas Valentine's Phoenix Program book.
And I wanted to call out to the usage of religious symbolism that comes into play here.
And he points out that
During the early phases of the Psy-War campaigns that were being used by the Navy SEALs and different people in the Phoenix Program in Vietnam, some of the counter-terrorism units, that is people in the, I'm not joking, this is what it says, in the Phoenix Program would devour their enemy's vital organs to terrorize the enemy.
Then it goes on to say that
Psywar experts had also figured out that it was useful to leave calling cards or playing cards nailed to the foreheads of the corpses that were left behind.
These playing cards were playing card size with a light green skull and red eyes and red teeth dripping with blood against a black background.
We hammered them into the third eye of the pituitary gland with our pistol butts in the third eye of the consciousness of the Buddhists
Was also a form of mutilation that had powerful psychological effects.
They were doing sacrifice and human mutilation, devouring and eating organs.
To achieve, supposedly, just a psychological effect.
Now, I think some of these people were legit nuts.
I mean, these were like literal psychos.
There have been many situations.
The Navy has recruited serial killers to be involved in assassination programs.
That came out many years ago and was hushed very quickly.
But you can find that Dr. Thomas Nehru mentioned that publicly and then got in trouble, I think, for saying that the Navy had in the past recruited and experimented with prison inmates and serial killers to make them into assassins.
The studies noticed that this utilage of the eye of God, an all-seeing eye image, and the serial killer mutilation that was involved in these programs had a tremendous effect of terrorizing the population and it led to atomization.
So the the psi warfare that they experimented with with terror and serial killers atomized the society.
That's exactly what the thesis of
We're good to go.
I'm good.
We're good to go.
Obviously very damaged and insane people, but were they still lone nuts or were they still perhaps part of hit teams?
And there is some evidence to suggest that a lot of these people were still functioning as hit teams, hit squads.
A lot of the serial killers, by the way, worked in pairs.
A lot of people don't know that.
I think they were just as organic, you know, people out there.
But anyway, the point of this is not to get into the serial, because that's its own thing.
I've done lectures through all of these different
Details of the various serial killers as well on my channel if you want to go watch those.
But the point is that this is all being studied at a scientific level.
And a lot of the darker stuff comes out of the theater of war.
And the rationale is, well, if we don't do it, the other people do it.
So we've got to master the dark arts, so to speak, and run the black markets so that the other guys don't do it.
But the people saying this are the same people that want to bring in this global government and technocracy and get rid of everybody.
They're essentially like Dahmer or any of the psychopaths, but they're just smarter about it.
They're at a higher level.
They have money, right?
They're not middle-class broke dudes with drunk parents, right?
They're insane billionaires, billionaires who have the exact same philosophical worldview.
We're good to go.
There's only a couple of them that there's no evidence of the serial killers being into Satanism and the occult.
But that's actually suppressed.
You have to really dig to find that in the case of most of these serial killers.
And that also has to explain how they're connected to networks of cults, which are used by intelligence agencies as hit squads as well.
So there's organized crime involved in that.
But I wanted to point out that this is not new in terms of what we see in Vietnam.
If you go read Miles Copeland's retrospective called The Game of Nations, Miles Copeland goes into how the CIA was involved in using terror and fake false flag terror
I think so.
But the fact we're not even really worried about that so much, because the real goal is the long-term plan of reducing the population.
And get this, Copeland says, if you want to understand what the CIA is up to, just go read the CFR documents and read Bertrand Russell.
That's what he says at the end of the book.
He gives a recommended reading list.
He says, you won't understand what we're up to.
It's just, it's just destroying these
These countries.
Here it is.
Suggested reading.
Go read the CFR.
Go read Bertrand Russell.
All the people that I tell you to read, that I lecture, that why is that?
He also says go read the Rand Corporation documents too.
So here's the CIA reading list.
It's all the stuff you see me telling you to read.
There it is right there.
Go read Bertrand Russell.
Go read all the history of the Rand Corporation.
And what did we just, I just lectured what a couple months ago here for you guys in the fourth hour through the Rand Corporation book.
Who was one of the major players of the Rand Corporation?
Herman Kahn.
And who did Johnny Vedmore in his excellent essay, Uncover, was involved with Kissinger and Galbraith?
Herman Kahn in recruiting Klaus to be the head of the World Economic Forum.
The same people, the same power structure,
Rand Corporation, Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Open Society.
And what was the ethos of the Rand Corporation?
Utilizing terror on a mass scale to scare everybody into global governance.
To scare everybody first into the American project, which is again, that's what Dr. Strangelove is about, is about this, right?
After America is done with, these same people just shed that and move into the new phase, the global governance, the World Economic Forum.
It's the exact same plan.
And you can even see who the ideologues are.
In fact, I had forgotten, there's that great documentary that I just recovered.
I just did a whole lecture through last night on my YouTube channel by a Dama back, I think, a German guy.
It was called the Unabomber and the Internet.
It's from 2003.
It's an old documentary, but the first half of that documentary describes all of these other people who were key figures from the deep state of the military-industrial complex in helping to get the 60s counterculture revolution going, who also were tied to the Esalen Institute and people from the Vienna Circle.
And who are the Vienna Circle people, right?
There's Wittgenstein, Karl Popper, people who promote the open society stuff, right?
Carnap, these people.
And their whole idea was, how can we introduce cybernetics after a series of cultural revolutions to bring in transhumanism to mind control and brainwash the society?
That's their words.
That's the Vienna Circle's words.
We're working with the Tavistock Institute, working with the Frankfurt School, all to create a technocratic, mind-controlled society in their own words.
That's what they're all about.
That's the whole thing.
And getting rid of everybody.
That's it.
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