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Name: 20220421_Thu_Alex
Air Date: April 21, 2022
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Alex Jones discusses InfoWars' financial struggles and urges viewers to support the company by purchasing products from their store. He emphasizes the importance of free speech and liberty in the fight against censorship. In addition, he talks about biomedical tyranny, corruption surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, and the need for investigations into the origin of the virus and its connection to bio labs in Ukraine. Jones also mentions selling off remaining stock at cost price to raise funds for the company's operations."

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You see the theme here.
Take Alex Jones off the air.
Take Tucker Carlson off the air.
Remove Trump via election fraud.
Use the Justice Department to spy and harass and persecute the American people.
That's where we are in the year 2022.
And that report we just aired, some stations don't carry the first five minutes, was incredible.
By John Bowne.
Dementia-riddled crooks run the United States of America.
Will you guys cue that up, that video, to the last minute or so?
Because first and foremost, John Bowne is a writer and a newspaper reporter.
That's what he did and also worked in TV.
And what he wrote there about who rules America and what they've done is pure nightmare poetry because it's true.
About the mummies, the corrupt globalists, with their insider trading and all their scams, holding on to power and using high-tech psychological warfare, that's declassified, against the people of America to divide and conquer and to destroy civilization.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news.
Some seniors spend their twilight years in their own home.
Many move into a nursing home.
Don't ever put your loved one in here.
And a select few continue to pull the levers of power, debasing the most powerful country in the world in order to protect and add to their ill-gotten gains.
The youngest member of Democratic leadership is 71-year-old Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York.
The longest-serving senator, 88-year-old California Senator Dianne Feinstein, is worth well over a billion dollars.
That includes $96 million of her own fortune, combined with her late husband's assets, acquired from a senator's base salary of approximately $174,000.
Should members of Congress and other spouses be banned from trading individual stocks while serving in Congress?
No, I don't know to the second one.
This is a free market and people, we are a free market economy.
They should be able to participate in that.
First Politico revealed that a Feinstein staffer was a Chinese spy.
Then in Materin Ross, more.
Citing an unnamed source, the column revealed the Chinese spy was Feinstein's driver for 20 years, who also served as a gopher in her Bay Area office, and was a liaison to the Asian American community.
He even attended Chinese consulate functions for the senator.
Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina sold between $600,000 and $1.7 million worth of stock in late January and mid-February, about a week before the U.S.
market started to slide and as lawmakers started to get daily briefings about the growing health crisis in Asia.
Georgia's junior Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler, who is married to the New York Stock Exchange chairman, sold off hundreds of thousands of dollars in stocks starting in late January.
Congressional records show Republican Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma and California Senator Dianne Feinstein also sold stocks.
On Twitter this morning, Feinstein said the stocks belonged to her husband who sold shares of a cancer therapy company.
She also says her assets are in a blind trust.
If you know that you own, to take your example, Exxon stock, you know that your congressional action when it comes to climate change policy could impact your stock price.
And so it's not that you're trading on knowledge, it's that your ownership of that stock disincentivizes you to do what's in the public interest as a result.
If, as a lawmaker, you don't face any real significant penalty for violating the Stock Act, if you ultimately do, they only face a $200 fine as an initial fine if, for example, they are months or even years late in disclosing
But aside from the fleecing of America, Feinstein and Pelosi's mental fitness has frequently come into question.
She can no longer fulfill her job duties without her staff doing much of the work.
A California Democrat in Congress described an extended conversation with Feinstein saying they had to reintroduce themselves multiple times.
Without term limits or age limits, we are allowing dementia to rule over our prescient present and the impending New World Order future.
To be clear, you're not taking any arrows out of your quiver, you're not ruling anything out.
Good morning.
Sunday morning.
We have a responsibility.
We take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
Good morning.
Sunday morning.
The American system has become a country club of decrepit, scamming, millionaire, globalist pawns lording over younger generations that are left to pick up the pieces after the old establishment finally releases it from the grasp of their corpses.
John Bowne reporting.
Ladies and gentlemen, we just kicked off a live 24-hour plus transmission
At 8 a.m.
this morning with Harrison Smith out of the InfoWars studios here in Austin with the American Journal, and now of course you've got InfoWars' truly Alex Jones, and then we've got Owen Schroer in the War Room, and then I'm gonna be here till midnight tonight.
Mark Dice is coming on, Sean Stone, just a bunch of other big guests, David Icke, Thomas Renz in studio, MTG with big breaking news, they're openly trying to bar her.
And the courts are letting it go forward because she challenged an election.
They're saying she can't run for office.
That's the Democrat strategy with these controlled judges they've got in different parts of the country.
Not all the judges are controlled, but the different Clinton lawyers, it's mainly Elias, that are going around doing this to frustrate voters being able to choose who they want.
And that's exactly what MTG was saying they did still in the election from Trump, which they clearly did.
And she's still in the election for the American people, and so they're trying to bar her and a bunch of other members of Congress from re-running because she said that they're trying to suppress the voters' will.
So their response is, well, we'll just suppress the voters' will by disqualifying a candidate, and they're trying to disqualify with legislation Trump being able to run again.
And whether you love Trump or hate Trump, he should be able to run again if he wants to run again.
I personally like DeSantis better, but I would take Trump over Biden any day, and I think Trump means well.
But the poison vaccine promotion is almost inexcusable for me.
But effort to remove MTG from ballot can proceed, judge says.
She's joining us at the bottom of the hour.
But you see the theme here.
Take Alex Jones off the air.
Take Tucker Carlson off the air.
Remove Trump via election fraud.
Use the Justice Department to spy and harass and persecute the American people.
That's where we are.
In the year 2022, and that report we just aired, some stations don't carry the first five minutes, was incredible by John Bowne.
Dementia-riddled crooks run the United States of America.
Will you guys cue that up, that video, to the last minute or so?
Because first and foremost, John Bowne is a writer and a newspaper reporter.
That's what he did and also worked in TV.
And what he wrote there about who rules America and what they've done is pure nightmare poetry because it's true.
About the mummies, the corrupt globalists with their insider trading and all their scams, holding on to power and using high-tech psychological warfare, that's declassified, against the people of America to divide and conquer and to destroy civilization.
It's incredible.
We're going to play that in a moment.
And then Savannah Hernandez is doing great reporting, and she's also posting her work to Bandot Video, and she went out and caught a bunch of leftists yelling and screaming and laughing and saying they want to kill babies after they're born.
They think you should be able to kill babies up to seven days after they're born.
I mean, it's just incredible what the left has become.
They will sign on to anything.
That's coming up.
They will do anything.
Massive news on the COVID front.
Huge, massive news on the situation in Ukraine.
And Putin declaring victory in Mariupol.
And we've got just so much to go over here today.
Elon Musk has come out and sounds the alarm again over depopulation and how it's going to collapse society.
And he just lays out the simple math that anybody can verify for themselves.
PragerU years ago did some of the best animated graphics showing this.
And if you don't have 2.1 children in an industrial country,
Society collapses within 100 years.
If you are in a third world country, you don't have about four children, you collapse.
And so we're, we're peaking, but then collapsing.
And it's a very serious situation.
He talks about the reality and the numbers of that.
Now, now, let me get to this, though, when we come back, I still got more to hit in the segment, but next segment.
I started hearing about this a couple weeks ago.
There was a sabotage of fertilizer facilities, a sabotage of food processing facilities, and sabotage of power lines and things that's not being reported in the press.
And I've got this from very good inside sources.
And they were telling me a couple weeks ago, I need to look into this, and I didn't look into it, because I just get so busy.
And then suddenly it just pops up everywhere.
Do you know how many food processing plants blew up and burned down in the last two weeks?
Anybody know?
Take a wild guess.
It's over 20.
And just as this story started getting picked up yesterday, people are finding even more that blew up and burned down.
100% sabotage.
Now, who would be doing that?
I don't know.
Who's turning off the pipelines?
Who is flooding the border and totally opening it right now?
Who is developing the dollar?
Who is doing all this?
I mean, we know this is the Extinction Rebellion, Great Reset, environmental globalist cult that is the WEF.
That's their whole agenda.
How do you think they're going to get us to total collapse and 90% depopulation by 2030?
I mean, they're not playing games.
That's why you see all these leftists go from William Shatner.
I mean, saying he's even a leftist, but he's with the leftists.
And AOC and Beto and all of them saying, everybody's going to be dead by 2030.
The global warming is going to kill everyone.
Everyone's getting ready to die.
They've just been given part of the story and are told this is coming.
But it's not the global warming, it's the globalists sabotaging everything down the line and lawlessness setting in.
And then when these food processors, a lot of them find out they're not able to get food anymore, they go ahead and burn it down for the insurance money.
And so the lawlessness, the insanity, the wild corruption begins to accelerate.
At these points, and we're going into a very accelerationist area.
A lot of folks want to just accelerate things and see it collapse.
I do not.
I don't want civil war.
I don't want death.
I don't want to strut around in a uniform.
I'm not looking to be part of what the globalists have initiated.
I'm just here trying to warn people and have sanity prevail and stop this.
But I'm being typecasted as the rebel leader who wants violence and war.
Hundreds of articles yesterday, including Washington Post, New York Times, you name it, saying Jones is basically a master criminal.
Jones, you know, is being investigated, is orchestrating January 6th.
All of it, pure bull.
We've got that information as well.
Look at this headline.
Alex Jones reaches out to Justice Department about January 6th interview.
And I guess technically, when they call you, and then you call them back, I guess that's reaching out.
See how the deception works?
Oh, Jones is a rat.
Yeah, Jones is gonna spill the beans for immunity.
They've been calling for months, wanting me to go to D.C.
and meet them.
And I'm like, are you crazy?
Then Maryland.
I said, if you come here, and you give me immunity, so you don't try to set me up in some perjury trap,
I will talk to you guys, but I don't know anything about any setup or plan.
That's on record.
I tried to stop it.
And I know you're just here trying to make a case on me.
And I'm not stupid enough to consulted like eight different well-known criminal lawyers on this.
And I said, but if you give me immunity, I will talk to you.
That way you can't set me up with something I didn't do.
And last time I heard they said no.
So he said, fine, we're not talking to you.
And then now it's in the New York Times.
Jones reaches out.
Oh, let me just reach out.
Oh, I really want to come talk to you guys when you're the main culprits of January 6th with a stand down and you're provocateurs.
I mean, I want to go talk to the main suspects who set everybody up and preside over the destruction of the nation.
Oh, I, I really think that's a good idea.
And also added, you know what?
Why don't you just drop the charges against Owen Schroer and then I'll meet with you without immunity.
Not doing that.
They say in their filings and arrest that Owen Schroeder doesn't work here, that he was not with us, he did not try to stop the attack on the Capitol, that he basically attacked the Capitol.
I mean, just total lies!
I'm supposed to sit there with absolute total liars and give them any respect?
And I've sat here on air and explained all this.
I told you that I told them, yeah, give me immunity, I'll talk to you.
And then I'm going to sit there, and I've already looked into who they are, and like they're directly connected to the damn folks that ran
The provocateur in queue action there!
Am I saying these agents and these prosecutors themselves are guilty?
No, I can't prove that, but my God!
My God, the FBI and Justice Department's fingerprints are all over this damn thing, and you want to come ask me about it?
You want to find out what really happened?
Why don't you look in the damn mirror and you can tell me.
You had a thousand paramilitary agents there that day in the crowd.
You had FBI agents everywhere.
You grabbed all the communications.
Why don't you tell me what went on?
You're the big, swinging ding-a-ling.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We have a very impressive lawyer who has been devastating.
Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca joining us in studio in the second hour.
That's next hour.
And then we have no introduction needed.
David Icke joining us in the third hour.
Paul Joseph Watson in the fourth hour.
Then right into the War Room and Mark Dice, Sean Stone, a bunch of other huge guests tonight.
We're going to be going live throughout the evening into the early morning hours.
And then we continue live in the early morning hours right through until Friday at midnight.
Because InfoWars refuses to back down, InfoWars refuses to quit, and we're a family of resistance here, and we've certainly had the biggest effect out there, the listeners, the crew, our guests, myself as a family.
We have really exposed the New World Order on a planetary scale, and given these arrogant monsters a real run for their money.
So I'm going to play that clip that I mentioned from the John Bowne report, just to end last minute here in a second.
Let me just illustrate something for you right now.
Things are only going to get worse if we don't stand up and speak out.
And the psychological terrorism, the economic terrorism, the bullying, the censorship, the social credit score is only going to get worse
So there's no reason not to resist.
There's no reason not to say no.
There's no reason not to throw your full will and weight against these people.
And there's no place better to do it than in full war.
So please tell everybody that Alex Jones is doing a special anti-censorship Save America broadcast until midnight Friday with a bunch of special guests and more.
And when we're not doing that,
10 hours a day that's on syndicated radio and TV from 8 a.m.
to 3 to 6 p.m.
in the War Room, then it's basically commercial-free.
We'll be hearing promos, we'll be hearing special reports, we'll be hearing some new special reports as well.
I have a bunch of big guests and it's just gonna be non-stop calls, non-stop guests until midnight on Friday evening tomorrow as we go into Saturday.
So, and I'm gonna be here tonight for a few hours, 9 to midnight.
I'll be back tomorrow obviously the regular show and there's a list that we're now compiling and putting up on InfoWars.com
You can also go to SaveInfoWars.com or InfoWars2022.com and then share those links.
That way it's harder for them to censor links that they don't have in their database on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram.
So InfoWars2022.com is the link to share on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube and everywhere else.
InfoWars2022.com, InfoWars2022.com.
We've had money bombs and special reports before that you had 20 million, 30 million people tuned into it during the election 2016.
But our other big ones had 3, 4, 5 million people extra tuned in.
And that's a big deal.
And so we wake a lot of people up.
But I mean, I've told you this.
I've explained this.
There's a concerted effort in the corporate press with financials they got.
But still defaulted is saying we never gave them any information, claiming that we have $60 million and $16 million and all of it's made up, all of it's pure bull.
They count the money over the years that went to buy storable food and water filters and t-shirts and books and films and supplements and shortwave radios.
And usually we're only making
A hundred percent on something.
So, you know, it was supplements, 50 bucks.
It cost us 20 something bucks.
These are high quality.
So there's all that money and they know full well it went out to all that.
And they just say, Oh my God, he's got all this money on the news.
So when you hear me saying, Hey, we're almost bankrupt, you don't believe it.
So on my children, on my soul, on everything I am.
We have maximum within the company and me and everything about $3 million.
And a company this big to operate, that's basically insolvent.
The experts look at it and say, you are insolvent.
You need to increase $300,000 a month, what you're bringing in.
I mean, I sold my house that I got as an investment, everything to put it back into this, because it's a war for me.
I mean, I wish I had $60 million.
I don't.
That'd be great.
So I've got you.
So you want to keep this dog in the fight?
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And I actually got approached by a bank that puts these out.
And I'm like, yeah, maybe I'll do that.
I mean, I don't know if my listeners would like that.
I have to investigate it more.
Kind of like I never promoted Bitcoin for the first 12 years.
Boy, I wish I would have.
And so...
Then I saw news articles about millions of these being sold, and this particular company I'm working with sold 300,000 of these at $170 each, and now they've gone up in value.
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We'll be right back.
We are not submitting.
We are not backing down.
We are not giving up.
There are few people, more in battle than I, but MTG is one of them.
...that are in the house like Marjorie Taylor Greene.
This woman, Klan mom, is especially upset with the three Republican senators who said they'll vote yes on Judge Katonji Brown-Jackson, who's nominated for the Supreme Court.
She tweeted, Murkowski, Collins, and Romney are pro-pedophile.
They just voted for KBJ.
Wow, where is Will Smith when you really need him, huh?
Besides that being disgusting.
So, a double attack.
Physically attack a woman and say she's in the KKK, a Klan mother.
I mean, what a little monstrous race pimp he is.
That was a week ago.
Seems like an eternity ago.
Now, New York Times with glee.
Effort to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from ballot can proceed, judge says.
For her saying she questions the elections results, that's her right, now they don't want her to be able to run and defraud voters by not being able to vote for an incredibly popular congresswoman who's beautiful and smart and they're scared of.
This is disgusting and this is criminal and it proves the very thing she's saying.
MTG, amazing to have you.
Thank you for spending time with us.
Where to begin?
Well Alex, I think we need to really realize what's happening here.
The Democrats know they're going to lose in November, and what they're most terrified of is a Republican-controlled Congress with me there, because they've seen who I have been in the minority.
They know that I didn't join the club in Washington, and they know that I'm going to stand up and fight back.
But then they realize that things will be completely different with Republicans in control, with a Marjorie Taylor Greene back on committees and pushing my conference to go aggressively after the Democrats and investigate all of the things they've been doing.
And so this is why they want my name off the ballot.
It has nothing to do with January 6th.
They know.
That I did nothing wrong.
They know there was no insurrection.
That is their big lie.
But they're trying to take my name off the ballot, rip it off the ballot, using the courtroom, using a judge and using bureaucrats to take away my district's right to vote for me and re-elect me to go represent them in Congress.
You talk about destroying democracy.
This is destroying democracy.
This is an assault on our freedoms.
It's an assault on our elections.
And every single American should be extremely upset about the dangerous precedent that is being set tomorrow when they put me on the witness stand and question me about something I've never been charged with.
No one has been convicted.
The January 6th Committee has not asked me any questions about it.
And I was, as a member of Congress, inside the House chamber, inside the Capitol, when the riot occurred.
So this is, this is
And it's all organized by a funded dark money group.
They call themselves, ironically, Free Speech for People.
Well, that is such a joke.
Well, I'm dealing with the same thing where I was found in default in cases for not giving them documents, but they have all the documents.
And then I'm supposed to have a jury trial on how guilty I am, but we're not able to speak at that trial.
But with you, it's even worse.
They are saying, OK, you've not been convicted.
You've not been charged.
You did nothing wrong on January 6th.
But because you question the election now, you can't run for office defrauding voters, again, doing exactly what
You've said they're trying to do.
I mean, this is so villainous.
And I know that the Clinton lawyer, Elias, and others are running around involved in this.
And you're not the only member of Congress they're trying to keep from being able to run.
I mean, this is just next level tyranny.
And you've got to go into court.
This is just shameful.
Yes, it is shameful.
It's embarrassing.
It's shocking for our country.
Because they're progressives.
These are radical progressive attorneys.
They're funded by the same foundations and 501c3s that are all interested in horrible things, things that are destroying our country, like illegal immigration, illegals voting in our elections, abortion, killing babies.
All they want, these are the radical things they want.
You know, a pediatric gender clinic, putting biological men and women in court, taking away freedom of speech, censorship, gun control.
This is who these people are.
And because they hate the people in my district so much, they hate them for voting for me.
They look down on them because they love our Constitution.
The people here in my district love our freedoms.
And they wanted a fighter in Congress to stand up and fight for them, and they sent me there.
Well, these progressive attorneys from New York City and Massachusetts have decided that my district doesn't get the right to vote for me.
They're hauling me into court, putting me on the witness stand, and asking me ridiculous questions tomorrow, actually, tomorrow morning.
At 930 and it's going to be televised live, having press in there, the public's allowed in.
It's a complete show trial, all so that they can raise more money and do everything they can to destroy our country.
When Alex, let's talk about people, what people really care about.
People really care about securing the border.
People care about stopping the illegal invasion, stopping the fentanyl and the terrorists and God knows what else coming across our border.
Americans care about the inflation that is out of control.
They care about gas prices.
They care about the ability to buy food at the grocery store to feed their family.
They are shocked and completely dismayed at a president who is clearly suffering with dementia and a Democrat party that will do nothing about it.
You know, the American people are fed up with our jobs and companies running overseas and then people here at home.
Suffering and paying the price for all of this failure that comes out of Washington, D.C.
But yet here we have a complete attack on our election integrity here in Georgia, where they are literally trying to rip my name off the ballot and tell my district, you're not allowed to vote for her.
You cannot have her.
And that is that's the attack that's happening tomorrow.
Well, I couldn't say it as well as you are, and clearly the globalists want to implode the country, cloud and piven, to make us dependent and take control.
But it's so obvious with Biden, and all the polls show a total collapse and realignment towards populist Republicans.
How do you think the Democrats in the deep state are going to try to stop this populist peaceful uprising?
Well, I think they're going to try to stop it by taking people like me out of Congress.
They don't want me in there because they know that I don't serve Washington.
They know that you can't buy me.
I cannot be bought.
I'm literally there to only serve the will of the American people and the populist movement and America first.
That is it.
And they know that I will fight with everything I have.
We're good to go.
So these globalists that are completely trying to destroy our country and move us into their global economy and their one world government to where NATO is telling our military who they should go to war with and where the UN is running the entire world.
This is what Democrats want.
And so they know that in order to achieve these goals, they have to get the strongest fighters out.
And that's why they're coming after me and they're coming after Andy Biggs, Paul Gosar, they went after Madison, and they're going after others because they know that we're the real problem and that we will stand up and fight as hard as possible to stop what they're trying to do.
And I want to illustrate something, I want to expand on something you said at the start of the interview just six, seven, eight minutes ago, and we're going to come back for a break and we're going to talk about it.
They're targeting you, obviously not because of January 6th, you did nothing wrong.
You're totally independent and the most maverick of a group of maverick men and women that got into Congress in the last couple years, and if other people don't join the committees and
And don't join the club, and don't kneel and bow to the neocon leadership, then we really will take over the Republican Party, we'll save America, the Democratic Party will be forced to reform, or a new party will start.
And so you are literally coffin nails to the corrupt establishment, and that's why they're so scared of you.
That's exactly right, because they found something out over the past four years with President Trump.
They found out that the Republican voters and many Americans, independents, people that had never voted before, what the Washington establishment, the machine, found out
Absolutely, you are a symbol of the populist America and that's why they hate you and that's why we love you.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back to the
Special broadcast.
We're going to be live here with myself and a bunch of other great hosts and guests until midnight tomorrow on Friday evening.
You know, I celebrate MTG because she's a really smart lady.
She has courage.
She's even more beautiful in person.
She's a businesswoman, a mother, a patriot, very successful in the private sector.
And she's the example of what America is.
And that's why they fear her so much, and that's why they ridicule her, and call her a clan mother, and say she should be physically attacked on nightly comedy shows, because they're scared.
I don't
Because that's a populist movement.
He's a good guy.
He's not lying.
He's not perfect.
But we should support him.
He's under attack.
She understands the common sense of, we're the good guys.
We're trying to save the country.
We've been proven right.
And instead of running from each other and being scared of the corporate media, the corporate media is collapsing.
Hollywood's dead.
Netflix is falling apart.
They're all done, folks.
And all they can hope to do is have a civil war and hope we forget about how bad they are.
We're not going to forget.
We're gonna save this country and the world together, but we've got to celebrate our free speech, and celebrate Tucker Carlson, and celebrate Trump, he's not perfect, and celebrate DeSantis, and celebrate all the people like Matt Gaetz that's under attack because he's a good man, and we have to hold each other up and realize the people under attack in the arena are who you gotta bet on because you know they're under attack by this devil system because we're doing a good job.
And I'm not trying to toot my horn here, but dammit,
I know the listeners know this, but we need to fully get behind you and fully get... Who else should we get behind, MTG?
And I'm ranting here.
I could ask you a hundred questions, but what else is on your radar screen?
Well, Alex, I just want to I want to chime in there and tell you I fully support you, Alex.
You have been so in front of so many issues and news stories.
And I'm just grateful for you.
And I'm grateful for your fight.
I'm grateful that you've never given up and that when they've come after you like they have all these years.
You have dug in and said, no, you will not take me out.
I will find another way and I'll keep telling the truth.
And I just really appreciate you for that.
And I fully agree with you.
We have to band together.
We have to band together because, like you said, the establishment
I'm good.
The American people have to come together and support one another.
We have to be no longer afraid to stand up for traditional family values and defending our children and the radical evil attack on our children because Satan certainly wants to steal and destroy their souls.
And this is what's happening in America today.
It's no longer the time to turn a blind eye and say, I'm too busy.
I just can't get involved in this or I'm too overwhelmed with it.
Everyone has to get involved because it's our responsibility, it's our generation, and it's our time to stand up and stop it.
Because if we don't do it, it's our children and our grandchildren that will pay the price, the ultimate price of us being too busy or too inconvenient or too unwilling to actually stand up against it all.
And so that's why, Alex, I just I really just want to say thank you.
Thank you for that message.
And I really appreciate you.
And I'll definitely be
Be joining along with everyone that's going to stand in this fight with us.
Matt Gaetz is wonderful.
The Freedom Caucus is full of fighters and there's just good Republicans, Thomas Massey and others.
They're wonderful in the conference and they're trying so hard.
And I'm hoping that we see some more patriots get elected in this election cycle because I'm definitely looking for some more friends to join us after November.
I mean, I see you in there swinging for the fences and hitting home runs, and I see Matt Gaetz, and I see Jordan, and I see all of them, and just, I see the determination, and it just ignites my spirit.
Well, that's right.
And I think, people have pep rallies before a football game.
We should have, that's what Trump kind of did, but pep rallies about, hey, folks, we're doing the right thing, we're attacked by this scum, because we're over the target, we're doing a good job, and I think we should spend more time as Christians, as conservatives, as populists,
Really celebrating, you know, the fact that we are on the right side of history and letting the enemy know they're not getting us down.
You know, because I mean, because people don't people outside Georgia probably don't know your whole background, but very successful builder, very successful business lady, you know, out there building up from nothing, very successful.
And then you got in the arena because you were pissed off about what's happening.
That's what we need.
And that's what scares them is people like you getting in the game.
Yeah, no, we need more people.
We need people to say, I've had enough.
I mean, look at all these parents that have stormed the school boards and really gone after them and said, these are our kids and these are our tax dollars and you better not educate them with sexual immorality and CRT, training racism and all of this garbage.
I mean, those are the people that we need to keep stepping forward and we're hoping to see them eventually join us in Congress and I can't wait to see it happen.
And Alex, like you said, we need to rejoice
We should rejoice when we're being attacked.
When we're being persecuted by evil people, why should we feel embarrassed?
And why should we allow it to get us down?
We need to call each other, text each other, and just support one another.
You know, Tucker Carlson, you mentioned him.
He's constantly under attack.
They hate him.
He stepped out of the line.
He's not preaching the talking points anymore, and he's not going along.
He's 100% born again.
He's born again hard, as they say in Full Metal Jacket.
He gets the whole thing now.
They are scared as hell.
Yeah, they should be, because he's saying exactly what people at home think and feel.
And that's what you're doing, too, Alex.
And I love those t-shirts.
Alex Jones was right.
I need one.
I definitely want to wear one.
And I'm so thankful that you have been right so many times.
And I'm fighting as hard as I can in Congress alongside
My allies in Congress.
And we will not give up.
We'll never quit.
We'll never stop.
But we really appreciate it when we hear from people at home that call us and send us letters and tell us that they're praying for us or send us donations.
People are helping me with my lawsuit here that I'm having to pay attorneys and defend myself from a ridiculous lie.
Oh, let me tell you this.
This is great.
If anyone wants to donate, it's MTG4America.com.
You'll help me get through this trial and help me fight back.
But guess what?
This is so crazy.
This attorney group that is totally funded by, you know, the George Soros-style dark money groups,
They could only find five voters in my district.
Out of over 700,000 people, they found five that they were able to get to do this candidacy challenge against me.
And guess what?
One of them happens to be the Democrat district chair of my district.
So you can see that's a huge political motivation.
I don't mean to interrupt you, but just for the few minutes we have left, explain to listeners how on earth they can have a challenge so you can't run for office.
I mean, the Democrats are doing that, exactly what we said they're doing, trying to stop voters in 10, and you're having to spend all this money to battle them, and they have Democrat chairpersons are the witnesses against you.
How the hell does that work?
Explain it.
Well, that's called dirty politics, and politics is a blood sport.
But let me tell you something.
Two can play that game, Alex.
Here's what everyone needs to know.
Anyone in any state, you can challenge your representative, your senator, your congressperson.
You can challenge their candidacy qualifications.
Typical qualifications are, do you live in the state, how old you are, things like that.
But come to find out, if you think that your representative or senator is guilty of insurrection, let's give some examples, shall we?
Let's talk about Maxine Waters going and inciting a riot in Minnesota.
Let's talk about Ilhan Omar and Kamala Harris sharing the Minnesota Freedom Fund bail bond link for criminal rioters to be bailed out to go back in the city streets and actually declare insurrection as they were attacking federal buildings and courthouses and police officers night after night in those BLM riots.
So if anyone listening to this show right now, if you think that someone that happens to be on your ballot needs to be challenged for perhaps insurrection, you can do that too.
And you can turn the tables.
You don't have to just let people go after Republicans like me.
Republican voters can take it to Democrats.
That's right.
What's good for the Joe's is good for the Gander.
They drew first blood.
And so when they're really communist and antifa that want to overthrow and attack and they're running for office when they got bailed out by the vice president for burning down buildings and homeless shelters, we can actually go after them when they are insurrectionists and do it to them.
And then they can't complain because they tried to do it to you.
That's right, because you know what?
Exactly like you said.
We can turn the tables.
We can play the same game.
And it's time to start doing it.
It's time to stop constantly taking the high road while these people are literally trying to kill us.
They will do anything.
They will lie, cheat, and steal to get power.
And so we need to hold these people accountable and teach them and give them a little taste of their own medicine.
Wow, mtg at mtg4america on Getter, green.house.gov, and then what's that other website for people to support you in the fight against the Clintons trying to ban you from running for office?
If you'll pitch in and help me out, I am so grateful and so thankful and I've got a lot to pay for.
Just like you, Alex, attorneys are expensive and having to defend yourself from the radical left costs a lot of money.
God bless you and Godspeed, MTG.
Thank you so much.
We're good to go.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
One of the most prominent successful lawyers at battling the COVID tyranny and you know round two is coming.
We need to get ahead of this.
Joining us in the studio in about 15 minutes.
I got a ton of news to hit next segment to blitz through.
You don't want to miss that.
It's coming up.
Then we got David Icke.
We got Mark Dice.
We got so much coming up today during this emergency broadcast that runs until midnight tomorrow.
My friends, wars
Don't just cost blood, and they don't just cost will and courage.
They take a lot of planning, they take a lot of focus, and they take a lot of money.
And most revolutionaries rob banks and kidnap people and do all sorts of really hardcore stuff to win a war.
I'm not doing any of that.
I am selling products in the free market system that America affords me to fund my operation from the grassroots instead of from George Soros, the New World Order.
I could have snapped my fingers years ago and instantly joined their cohort.
But I love God, and I love you, and I love myself and my family, and I'm not selling my soul for a little bit of short power.
And I look at these globals, how unhappy they are, and how soulless.
It's all an illusion.
It's all a fraud.
But I can't stay on air without your support.
And you've seen that we've declared limited bankruptcy, reorganization.
We're totally maxed out.
We don't have all this money the mainstream media and others are lying about.
They put those stories out, thousands of articles a week, telling you that I've got all this money, lying, because why?
They don't want you to support us because they actually have our financials through Discovery and know we're on the verge of shutting down.
But it's very simple.
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That's the underage we've got right now.
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Show that I can make those purchases and do those things and have that planning.
Show we can continue on with what we're doing and a lot of other really exciting stuff that's a few months behind, but is nine months pregnant.
I mean, we've got incredible stuff in store for you.
Scouts honor on my soul.
We need to complete these operations.
And you've brought us here together.
So thank you.
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All right, we're now into our number two of the embattled
Infowars operation.
I am your host Alex Jones.
We have a special guest joining us coming up in the next segment.
And I've got all this huge news to hit.
I've got the military news, the economic news, the over 20 major food packing, meat packing, factories blowing up, burning up all over the US.
We've got that insane mystery.
We've got a lot to cover.
Here today, but I wanted to hit two things that I saw on InfoWars.com this morning when I was up at 5am doing research and
The first one is a little Darren McGreen piece he's put out that just shows the insanity of these people.
Beware of these four words.
This is Brian Stelter and others, so is the New York Times, saying do not do your own research, do not ask questions.
Those are headlines.
I've got a whole stack here saying dictators are good, freedom is bad.
I mean, my jobs!
I'll show you that in a minute.
Not hard now to prove they're evil, but see, they want us off the air so they can cut your food and water off with social credit scores and new lockdowns and make you accept that like you're doing in Shanghai, China right now.
So beware of these four words.
Here it is.
Four words, four little words that are hurting America's pandemic response.
What are they?
Do your own research!
Can we all stop saying, I need to do my own research?
Nobody who's saying that is getting in a lab and doing tests.
At best, you're reading other people's research.
And more likely, you're probably reading a tweet about a headline about a blog post about someone else's research.
That phrase, do your own research, is popping up a lot in conversations about coronavirus and about COVID vaccines.
But this go it alone approach, doing your own research, it seems so innocent, but it can have serious consequences.
In other words, CNN says, don't do your own research.
What are the roots of this phrase?
I feel like I used to hear it around QAnon craziness.
Well, today, the deer antler guy was sentenced to 41 months in prison for his role in the Capitol riot.
The same phrase through your research is being peddled by some people who do have ill intent, who want to push you down certain paths, who want to, either for profit reasons or for geopolitical reasons, want to make sure that you are reading certain information as opposed to listening to authoritative sources.
So what should be an actually smart idea, especially in the U.S.
with such a lack of funding and media literacy and all of these issues, it can really actually help make things worse.
Yeah, it's a sneaky little phrase.
Here's the four words that are helping to spread vaccine misinformation.
Are you ready?
According to CNN, here they are.
Do your own research.
Do your own research.
Do your own research.
It's a sneaky little phrase.
That's right, folks.
CNN here to tell you, don't look into these things for yourself.
Don't do your own research.
Don't question anything.
Just listen and obey.
He could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think.
And that is our job.
Once again, the media is clamoring to tell you to stop looking into stuff for yourself.
Do your own research.
Those four words are hurting the U.S.
pandemic response, CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter said on Reliable Sources Sunday.
Brian Stelter visits school kids to teach them to spot misinformation.
He's telling them don't even trust satire, don't trust anything but CNN.
Reducing a liar's reach is not the same as censoring freedom of speech.
That video went up yesterday and it's got a quarter million views.
It needs 10 million views to save America and the world.
Beware of these four words in the Derren McBreen section of Bandod Video or I'm going to have it posted to the front page of Infowars.com again and under the live show feed of my broadcast today.
We are going to have it reposted there as well.
I mean, that is just insane.
And I've got the New York Times, the Washington Post, all of them saying, don't do your own research, don't question, just do what we say.
Hey, when somebody's doing that, you're in a cult, okay?
I mean, you know I'm not making this up.
Let me show a few headlines right here.
Washington Post, it's time to give these elites a bigger say in choosing the president.
Look at that.
Democracy works better when there's less of it.
Financial Times of London.
Bloomberg, to save democracy we need a few good dictators.
These are not the good people, folks.
These are the bad people.
Now, Savannah Hernandez does a great job for Truth Social with Trump.
She also does some work with us again.
We love her.
She first got her start here with us, and she's posting all of her great work to Banned.Video.
There's a larger edit of this, it's like an hour of it, but I'm just going to play a few minutes of it.
Hundreds of women on video saying, I want to kill babies after they're born.
It's my right.
I mean, these people are disconnected from reality.
They're basically soulless.
They're in a trance.
And they're just regurgitating whatever the new talking point is.
Like, oh, the new thing is kill babies after they're born?
And then now that's the new received knowledge with multiple states passing laws, they can do that.
I mean, and now it's kill the old people, it's kill everybody.
So the report is on Savannah Hernandez's section on Bandot Video.
Just go to Bandot Video, click the left-hand corner, you'll see a bunch of the great channels.
And it's also posted on Infowars.com.
The pro-abortion crowd is out of control.
That's a great headline.
Pro-abortionists or liberals call for killing babies up to seven days after birth.
I mean, that's really what it is.
And again, that's 28,000 views.
Went up yesterday.
It needs 100 million views.
Look at these people.
These are feminine women.
Where is their maternal instinct?
Well, it's been driven out of them.
Here they are.
This is Savannah Hernandez here in Venice Beach.
Now California's trying to pass a bill to legalize infanticide seven days post-birth.
Let's go see what Californians think of the bill.
So I prefer that most women make their decisions at eight weeks, but I'm also in support of ten months out of the womb.
So you think babies should be aborted 10 months after they're born?
If the mother wants to, yes.
I think f*** them kids.
So if you want to get a late-term abortion, that's up to you.
I've had an abortion too, and it was my choice, and I'm happy I had that choice.
Because if you're talking about post-birth,
Um, that's not considered an abortion.
Like, you could look up abortion in the dictionary.
Who would it be considered?
Murder at that point?
Um, I mean, if somebody, if somebody were to, um, you know, abandon their child in a dumpster, they would be, and they were found, like, yes, they would be charged.
Like, there are actual cases of that happening.
That's child neglect.
And, um, anyone who's putting their child in harm's way, like,
I think there should be definitely things put in place to make sure that children are safe.
Anything that is pre-birth, if it involves termination of a fetus, that's considered an abortion.
I 100% support it.
I've had an abortion myself.
I'm not a bad person because I made the choice that was right for me and now I have a life that I enjoy and I wouldn't take it back.
Would you guys get an abortion again?
100 times.
I'd do it multiple times.
Until I feel that I'm ready to parent, that's a choice I'll continue to make.
So basically, like, if they have their baby, they can neglect them for 7 days, and if the baby dies, then they can't be held criminally liable.
What do you think?
I mean, I think, like, I agree.
I think whatever, like, helps women and helps them achieve their, like, dreams and however that needs to, like, happen is definitely... Acts to help that is helping all of us.
So they sell these women on you're getting ahead in life.
Now you can kill your baby after it's born.
They're like, yeah, I want to have fun.
I want to... Do you think in a world like that you're going to be safe, sweetheart?
Do you think in a world like that there's going to be a civilization?
They don't know.
And they're led by Hollywood and led by the corporate culture and you sit there and you look at these women and no matter how attractive they are, those at the end are very attractive, they're dumber than a box of rocks and so they're ugly to me.
I mean, you have a woman with a big ol' hook nose and 100 pounds overweight who's awake and she's more sexy than those women.
Those women are dead inside.
And I'm not their enemy.
I wish there was a way to wake them up.
I wish there was a way to get to them, but this is what we've created, ladies and gentlemen, and it's disgusting.
All right, InfoWars.com, tomorrow's news today.
We got a big guest on the front lines of the fight for human liberty.
Joining us, Thomas Wren's attorney on the whole COVID power grab straight ahead.
InfoWars.com, tomorrow's news today.
I want to thank you all for your support.
The Money Bomb's live.
I want to thank you all for making straight donations.
You know who you are.
Thank you.
InfoWarsStore.com, big donation button right there at the top.
All right, he went on American Journal this morning with Harrison Smith did a great job, and he's going to be on The War Room later today.
He's on Mike Adams Show later.
We're in the middle of our... How long is this broadcast?
8 a.m.
until midnight tomorrow.
How many hours is that live?
How many hours is it?
It's 40 hours live.
The Infowars money bomb is live now to keep us on the air.
And I wanted to talk to Thomas Renz, who's a great lawyer, who has been in the hearings and testifying at the legislatures and to senators about what's really happening and really been ahead of the curve, exposing Pfizer and Moderna.
And I wanted to get his take in studio on where that fight is and where we're going with this biomedical tyranny.
But you also wanted to get into
Noah Harari, you wanted to get into the food shortages, the shutdowns that are happening, and the whole great recess.
Great to have you here, brother, and thanks for the support.
Oh man, I'm so glad to be here, Alex.
What an honor to be in the studio with you.
And man, listen, I want to plug support Alex Jones.
Man, if you're watching this, this guy's been getting the truth out for years.
You got to support this guy.
Don't just say, hey, I want to make a difference and then not do anything.
Support this guy.
This all takes money to do.
We got to support our freedom fighters.
Well, they're coming at everybody right now and trying to disqualify MTG and other members of Congress from rerunning and just trying to destroy everybody.
So I think the listeners get that.
You, though, have been particularly successful.
I'm not going to laud all the stuff you've done.
It would take two hours, but give us, you do a really good boil down the current state of the biomedical takeover.
Why they backed off the COVID attack for a while because of, I think, people exposing them and what you think they're planning next.
Just kind of give us an update on that.
Well, so, you know, basically we were kicking their butts, and the PR and the media everywhere were hitting the courts, were hitting all this stuff, right?
And what was going on is, you know, the PR was so bad on this, people were waking up right and left, so they needed a distraction.
So we started a war with Ukraine, right?
Well, the war with Ukraine did a bunch of things.
So first of all, we got the Hunter Biden connections.
And we've got the globalist connection.
So in the Ukraine, you've got, first of all, you've got Soros' piggy bank.
All these guys run money through there.
It's a corrupt nation.
Second of all, you've got Hunter Biden, who is funding these biolabs.
So, and let me lay this out.
This isn't speculation, Alex.
Oh, it's on record.
Oh yeah, yeah.
So we've got the evidence on this.
Hunter Biden, his firm bought a big stake in this company called Metabiota.
Metabiota was in Wuhan when they were creating SARS-CoV-2.
In fact, in 2015 we got the press release where they were very excited that they created SARS-2, which sounds a little bit like SARS-CoV-2, but I'm sure it's totally different.
Well, you know, listen.
So this same company, this same metabiota, also had ties with the Ukrainian biolabs, you know, that don't exist according to our corrupt administration.
Well, so, metabiota, it's tied in all these groups, well,
The labs over in Ukraine also, one of them, got a grant in 2019, October of 2019, which is before COVID-19 existed, if you believe the narrative, to study COVID-19.
Now listen, if they got a grant, that means someone created the grant, wrote the grant, applied for the grant, and received the grant.
October 2019, COVID-19 didn't exist.
So how did they do this before COVID-19 existed?
So we have Hunter Biden... No, exactly, and that goes back to what we know about what happened in China.
They were preparing this years before they had patented, as you said, 2016-17.
They're caught red-handed.
Oh, no doubt, no doubt.
And we've seen this over and over again.
They've been caught red-handed.
So, you know, we've got things.
Reports are coming.
I don't know about this.
You know, I know that I talked to some friends out of the UK, some vets from the UK military, some special forces had went over and they were going to try and volunteer their services to help with this disaster in the Ukraine.
They said when they got to the border,
Uh, the Ukrainians turned them away, said, listen, if you cross the border, we're going to tear up your passports.
There's no body armor.
Oh, that's confirmed now.
Oh, that's been confirmed?
They basically take them as prisoners, yeah.
Oh, I didn't see that.
So, you know, these guys were telling me firsthand that this is what they experienced.
Sounds like they don't want people seeing what's happening over there.
I mean, you've seen, I mean, we've seen the video of, you know, people in body bags getting up before the film was over, and the cardboard cutout guns.
And Snake Island didn't happen, and all of it.
You know, listen, I don't have confirmation, I don't really know what's going on over there, but what I do know is that it's a corrupt piggy bank for the globalists.
There's ties with Hunter Biden all over the place.
There's reports that Russia was hitting these bio labs.
And there's the globalists having a fit over this because it's supposedly or potentially slowing down their plans.
These are things that really seem to fit the narrative and we've got so much evidence tying this all together that it's kind of hard to ignore.
I mean, at minimum...
We ought to be having legitimate investigations into what's going on, but we can't even get an investigation that's real as to the origin of COVID-19.
That's right.
I kept asking, how are they going to cover up the vaccine damage?
How are they going to cover up the lab origin, which is proven?
And I said, a war, financial collapse, and then now we're here.
Yeah, well, and you...
I gotta tell you, the last three years have been a red pill for me, Alex.
I just, the number of times, I didn't see the Alex was right t-shirt thing until today.
I need three of them.
I didn't have any idea.
And listen, I'm not blowing sunshine.
You just, you were.
You were just correct.
You know, but here's the thing.
Just so you know, I'm not that smart.
They basically telegraph what they're going to do.
They do.
And that's my job is to get everybody else who's smart, but not thinking like a psycho to go, hey, you might want to read what Klaus Schwab says because they're doing it.
Well, here's the thing, right?
So listen, as a guy who a couple of years ago thought this was all nonsense, oh, it's conspiracy theory, right?
Well, but here's the thing.
When I look at Yuval Noah Harari,
Who's an advisor for Schwab, who keeps getting invited back to the New York Times, who gets, you know, welcomed to all these universities, who sits down with Angela Merkel, Macron, all of these people.
You have no free will.
We're going to get rid of you.
Humans are bad.
Jesus Christ is fake news.
There is no God.
Except I'm going to be God, he says.
Oh yeah, we're God.
And guess who's going to be in charge?
Now, it's interesting.
He says, these guys are saying things like, I'm going to hack human beings.
I'm going to take your free will.
If you take my free will, what you're doing is enslaving me, right?
So this guy is a pro-slave guy.
He makes statements on a regular basis.
So the High Priest of Davos group is literally like Satan?
He says, I'm taking your free will, you're going to die, I rule you, and we're supposed to go, oh yes sir!
Alex, I'm uncomfortable even saying it, but he's saying it!
That's the thing, I agree, you feel crazy saying what they said, but they're saying it!
Listen, I'm an attorney, I've got a transcript in the form of a book or videos of this guy saying it!
What am I supposed to deny that for?
He puts it in his books!
Oh, it's everywhere!
I can't deny that he's saying it.
He is saying we want to incite.
And he's not some crazy guy on the side of the street.
He's literally the high priest of the Davos group being worshipped by the media.
Talking about how great this guy is.
All of these people are talking about how great this guy is.
And what he's saying is so ridiculous that it makes me uncomfortable to talk about because I like to think that I'm credible.
But he's saying... You say it perfectly.
In fact, I want to take the clip of him the last two minutes.
And put that on the front of this interview we'll put out later at Bandai Video.
We're obviously live right now, but Thomas Renz just knocked it out of the park.
I mean, you feel dirty saying what they said, but it's real!
And the media goes, it's not real, no one wants world government, no one wants your free will, and then they're like, Davos Group, bring him forward, your will is gone, we put chip in you, tell them, Noah, yes, we're going to get rid of all of you, it's wonderful, I tell you!
And you're like, what?
I mean, you know, we'll be right back, stay with us.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Financial, cultural, spiritual,
Emancipation from this tyranny.
And if we're defending ourselves, physical as well, we have a right to defense.
Thomas Renz is a great lawyer, had a huge effect all over the country with lawsuits and actions against the COVID tyranny.
You wanted to get into your substack, Renz-Law.com, R-E-N-Z-Law.com, but get into what's happening currently with the COVID takeover, and then all these other facets we're getting into.
Harari, the high priest of the Deimos group, and his declaration of war against free will.
I mean, this is just biblical stuff.
Oh, it is.
It is.
Well, and you know, it's interesting because, again, it's uncomfortable to talk about, but they're making it biblical.
When you start making references to things that are seemingly antichrist, I mean, there's talking about, you know, you can't participate in commerce without a, you know, mark, a tracking mechanism.
There will be a chip under the skin, and if you do not do what we want, you die.
Yeah, and they're saying it.
I'm not saying it.
I think it's insane.
I think the whole thing is ridiculous.
It's absurd.
But they're doing it.
And what can I do?
They are.
Should I deny it?
I mean, this would be like me going into court over a murder case and saying, you know, it's ridiculous that this guy used a chainsaw to cut someone up.
So I'm just not going to bring that in because I don't like it.
Exactly, like, why do you wear a clown mask and rape the kids?
I mean, he did it!
These people are nuts!
But you're not supposed to say it because it sounds crazy.
It does sound crazy, but they're saying it, and apparently, you know, they've got the power to do it.
These are global leaders!
Let me ask that question, and I'm going to interrupt.
Why do you think they're saying it openly, then having corporate media say it isn't true?
Is that gaslighting, or what is that?
You know, I think everything about this is scripted, planned, and coordinated.
You know, when you, when you, you look at like serial killers, okay, because I mean listen, if you're telling me you want to enslave the globe, and you're telling me that, and he said, he said, he said the Nazis... You're right, it's all serial killer psychology, how they plan it all out.
Didn't have enough power.
KGB didn't have enough power.
That's what, oh, Harari's out there saying this.
He's saying the Goebbels understood this.
So this guy's like, he's a Jew and a Nazi sympathizer, which is bizarre.
You've got a guy who's got some serious, serious issues.
You know, listen, serial killers like to put out announcements.
I don't know why.
About how many people they kill, and they like to brag about it.
I don't know why.
These psychopaths... Zbigniew Brzezinski once got up on C-SPAN and said, I did not kill 30% of the population of... It was Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.
He goes, but I had him do it.
And they clapped.
Oh, you kill!
Oh, you kill!
Sorry, I'm interrupted.
Hey, get off on it.
No, but you're right.
You're right.
So I don't, you know, why do they want to brag about it?
I don't know.
But what I do know is it's so ridiculous that what they're saying, that when I repeat what they say, yeah, the mainstream's going to say, this sounds crazy.
Who'd believe this?
Well, I agree with you.
Who would believe it?
But why are they saying it then?
Ask them, not me.
Your free will is over.
Oh my God.
Humans are over.
Yeah, it's insanity!
It is insanity, but the thing about it is, when you've got that kind of insanity, and you've got them speaking to, and working with, and world leaders saying that they admire or, you know, appreciate what they're saying...
That's terrifying.
This Ferrari guy has met in person with Merkel.
He has met in person with the President of France, Macron.
Obama said he's an amazing author.
Can you imagine?
Alex, can you imagine?
If you had a known Nazi sympathizer come on this show, what you'd deal with?
Can you imagine if President Donald Trump invited a known Nazi sympathizer to come back over and over again and speak?
Can you imagine if he associated or you associated with a guy who said, it's just too bad the KGB and the Nazis didn't have this kind of power?
I mean, the world has known!
For those who don't know, he wants authoritarianism.
I showed articles earlier, Bloomberg, Washington Post, saying, we need dictators.
I mean, they're not even hiding it anymore.
And what they're saying, here's what's important, right?
So, you've got to understand, it's sick and there's hypocrisy when we talk about the fact that, you know, these guys are associating with a no-Nazi sympathizer and nobody's, New York Times invites them back.
But, here's the thing, why does this matter to you and I?
Okay, it matters because these are the same guys who, when they're talking about hacking humans and all this other ridiculous nonsense...
They're talking about digital currency.
Now, I don't know about the technology to hack a human.
I just don't have anything on that.
I can only take them at their word.
But digital currency, I do know about.
It's feasible.
All they have to do is implement it.
But why would you implement digital currency?
It's only for control.
It's for trading.
They emit programmable tokens to decide what you can even spend it on.
They will control, not to surveil, but control what your money can buy.
Right, and guess what?
Why do you trust someone who says that they want to hack human beings?
And isn't it crazy that we got warned 2,000 years ago in the Bible?
Like, exactly this would happen, and now it's happening.
Well, it's almost like they're following all the bad parts of Revelations to try and make it real.
They're using it as an owner's manual.
It's insanity!
I mean, who wants to lie?
By the way, you can watch hours of Harari and Schwab.
Schwab says all the same stuff.
You'll know free will, put chip in, you'll kill most, it's good, you have nothing, you like it.
I mean, it's like, what?
I mean, it's ridiculous!
Alex, I gotta tell you, as an attorney,
As someone who's tried very hard to remain very credible on the COVID, I just, I really thought long and hard, I want to talk about this publicly because it sounds insane.
It just, every time I say it, I feel like, man, have I lost... But even Dr. Malone, everybody else is coming out because it's true.
He goes and others speak to huge ballrooms.
And when they talk about, you know,
To have sex with children!
They all wiggle around and giggle.
We're going to kill everyone!
It's like, it's the, it's a form of degeneracy.
To like, just, they're getting off on this, playing God.
They are, and you know, the thing about it is, is, so why does the COVID guy look at this, right?
Why does, isn't Rems just that guy looking at COVID?
Yeah, I am.
So guess what?
Here's what I found when I looked at COVID.
Antifa, she's a crook, right?
But so are all of these presidents and other people all over the world.
If you're a crook, you're doing this for a reason.
Make money, power, whatever.
Who has the ability to pay off
I don't know.
I feel great about that.
But they're going to put a new scumbag in and they're going to buy him off.
It's like shark teeth.
There's just endless.
There's endless.
So what I got to do is I got to ask myself, OK, someone somehow bought these people off to put this global death jab out there.
Who did it?
How did I get to the head of the snake?
And when I start looking at the head of the snake, what I find is this.
And this is an evidence thing.
And again, I can't deny it.
You can't just arrest the low-level soldiers.
You've got to go after the kingpin.
You've got to cut out the head.
The head of the snake's got to be gone.
So, you know, when I start looking, here's what I find.
You know, I hear, because I work with all the freedom fighters all over the country, you know, Mike Flynn and Clay Clark and, you know, everyone.
So, you know, I'm talking to these guys and, you know, they're telling me, well, we see this in the election, we see this in January 6th.
Hey, you know, this stuff with these pedophiles pushing this nonsense in schools, this sick nonsense on young, young children.
When I start looking at who's behind COVID, who's pulling the strings for the Anthony Fauci's?
It's the same people.
It's Bill Gates.
It's the Rockefeller Foundation.
It's the exact same people?
It's always the same people.
And so, I had this epiphany not this long ago.
And, you know, a friend of mine had given me some information and some new information.
Yeah, I got whistleblowers all over the place giving me all sorts of data.
And if I could make... Yeah, we should add, you brought a lot of cases of big whistleblowers that have devastated them.
Oh yeah.
Yeah, we've got massive amounts of whistleblower data.
I mean, I've made maybe just a... But your point is we can't just fight heads of the Hydra.
We've got to fight the heart of the Hydra.
We've got to get to the heart.
And the thing about this is, is the heart...
It's not Anthony Fauci.
The heart is beyond that.
So you start looking, and these globalists, and you know, it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.
Is China part of it, or are they against it?
Well, kind of both from what I'm seeing.
It's all an agenda they're building, but they compete with each other over who gets the power.
So they're all building the takeover and then fighting over who gets the control.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Thomas Renz.
Thomas Renz is a lawyer who's been battling the whole COVID tyranny at point-blank range and having big victories at Renz-Law.com.
You can find him on Substack as well, amazing work.
But you're absolutely right.
Identifying this as a larger globalist agenda, not just fighting one head of the Hydra's key.
Please continue.
Well, and that's really the key.
And what I've found is, you know, when we start looking at that, then we start seeing connections.
And I'll give you a couple of great examples.
So let's take Amazon.
Jeff Bezos owns Amazon.
He also owns the Washington Post.
When the COVID lockdowns occur, Amazon starts making insane amounts of money because, first of all, they're eliminating competition.
The small businesses, mid-sized businesses were all shut down, and most of them went out of business, so it was a huge win for them.
Meanwhile, sales for online deliveries skyrocket.
Well, small businesses don't have an online delivery system like Amazon, so they lost.
Amazon wins big.
Now, do you think that Jeff Bezos is going to allow the Washington Post that he owns to publish anything bad about the lockdowns or about the vaccines or anything else?
No, he's not.
This is beyond insider trading.
Oh, it's way beyond.
And this is fundamental.
And this is where we see companies like BlackRock and Vanguard.
You were telling me during the break, this is amazing.
Yeah, so I don't know.
There's a lot of talk about the food shortage and supply chain shortage.
Well, it's all manufactured.
So, Union Pacific, the railroad company that's responsible for most of the fertilizer shipments and most of the important farmland in the country, has just decided that they're going to cut way back on shipments of fertilizer this year, in the spring, during pandemic season.
Now, wait a second.
They don't have to do this.
And the Biden administration, who's telling us there might be food shortages, if they cared, would certainly do something about it.
But guess what?
Nobody's saying a word.
This is the destruction of the country.
The cutting off the pipelines, everything.
And then Kudlow goes, why is Biden so dumb?
He's not dumb.
They're following an agenda to collapse the country.
Yeah, well, and Biden's pooping his pants in a corner somewhere.
He doesn't even know what he's doing.
But his administration, the people around him are all crooks.
And so here's what's happening, though.
Union Pacific Railroad, that for no apparent reason decided that they're not going to ship fertilizer.
Well, who are they owned by?
Well, their two biggest stakeholders are BlackRock and Vanguard.
BlackRock and Vanguard are the two biggest holders or financial managers in the world.
They're huge.
They control everything.
So we don't have powerful financial institutions trying to empower people.
They're at war with us.
Oh, they are.
Please continue.
But here's how it works.
And here's why this is important.
And here's how this ties in with COVID and everything else.
What we have is we have a series of what you'd call vertical monopolies.
You have companies that own entire chains, from the creation of product, to the sales of the product, to getting the resources, they own everything.
And what they do is they own a whole bunch of different industries as well.
And they use their positions in one industry to help them profit in another.
So BlackRock, for example, owns assets in everything.
There's some estimates they'll have like 98% of everything within a decade.
I mean, this is economic warfare.
It absolutely is.
It's the consolidation of power and money into the hands of a few.
It's the greatest wealth transfer in world history.
And what they're doing is they're using various industries to create this kind of war on freedom.
So, you know, the vaccines and Pfizer and, you know, this whole COVID thing,
Is a massive thing.
Schwab told us it's part of this great reset.
It's a great opportunity.
Meanwhile, you've got groups like BlackRock and Vanguard that are leveraging their position in one industry to create issues, another creating emergencies.
Guess what?
They made tons of money off of the vaccine, the COVID crisis.
They're going to make tons of money off of a food crisis that they're manufacturing.
They're going to make tons of money off of an energy crisis.
Anything that they can manufacture that's a crisis, they're going to make more money on.
They're going to consolidate.
And the money is just to consolidate in the social engineer.
It is.
And this is why this is so important.
COVID led me here.
But when I realized if I want to go after the heart of the Hydra, rather than just chopping off heads, it's not just Anthony Fauci.
Now, I've got to get him in jail.
That's just a personal goal is to see him in orange at some point.
In any event, that's not the end of it.
And we have to be smart enough to look beyond this.
We can't just stop at the end of our nose.
We've got to see the real bad guys.
Not that Anthony Fauci is not a real bad guy.
He's an absolute monster.
But he's shown us a little thug they control.
He's mid-level management at best, right?
And that's amazing.
Can you imagine how big this must be to say someone like Anthony Fauci is mid-level?
He is, though.
He is just a cog in the wheel.
And we've got this, because you look at, he's on the board for the Gates Foundation.
He doesn't control the Gates Foundation, or was on the board.
You know, he's doing what he's told to do by his puppet masters.
Now, is the Gates Foundation in charge?
It's bigger than even them.
Oh, it was the Rockefeller Foundation set it up with his dad.
It's all them.
It's been, this has been in plan, and you can follow the law and the evolution of the law and how it's been implemented, and you can follow this evidence.
Oh, they don't even hide it now.
The Rockefeller Foundation is in charge of the U.S.
and U.N.
world response to COVID.
I mean, they are in charge of it all.
And the head of the Carnegie Group is even more powerful.
He's the head of the CIA.
Well, and listen, you know, here's the thing.
You want to tell me I'm a conspiracy theorist?
You want to tell me this is wrong?
I'm going to tell you right now on camera how the government, Biden can get rid of me and every bit of disinformation that he says I'm putting out there.
And I'm going to tell you how.
Do two things.
Eliminate immunity for vaccine manufacturers because if it's safe and effective, why do they need immunity?
So eliminate that.
And then make the raw data that you've got from the 40 different collection groups and databases that you're using to determine safety and efficacy of the vaccines.
Make it available.
I'll raise the money myself.
To fund an independent auditor to go through that raw data.
And if you, you can discredit me tomorrow, and then you can say everybody in this country should get these safe and effective vaccines.
Because if they're not safe and effective, you can sue the manufacturer.
Plus, we've shown that Renz is a crazy guy because we put the raw data out.
You don't have to hide it if you're telling the truth.
But you see, they keep, what they do is they call guys like us crazy conspiracy theorists, but
They say that, but won't share the information.
These guys are liars, they're crooks, they're misleading, they're illusionists, it is nonsense from beginning to end.
And their excuse to be criminals and psychos is extinction rebellion.
There's too many people, so they can do horrible things because they're ridding the earth of bad people, but it's really just their crooked cosmology and ideology, like ISIS, to do whatever the hell they want.
I didn't coin the phrase useless eaters.
I mean, useless eaters.
That's Hitler, Joseph Goebbels.
Well, yeah, it's been around for a long time, but it's one that's been adopted by this world economically.
Oh, and they say it!
They say we want to get rid of you, and then they're like, oh, but we want this shot so you don't die.
But you want me to die, but you want me to take a shot to live.
Listen, they call us useless eaters.
They say we want to hack human beings.
We want to get rid of free will.
He says your free will is gone.
It's over.
So let me remind us all of one of the most terrible things that we dealt with in American history.
We had a civil war over it.
Remember Kissinger?
I didn't mean to interrupt you.
No, go ahead.
I'm sorry.
Listen, what is it if I subjugate your free will?
That's slavery.
It's the definition.
It is.
Kissinger wrote Simphart Memorandum 200.
He called our military cannon fodder dumb idiots.
He calls elderly useless eaters on record.
He writes books saying this.
He's a jerk, man.
He's a piece of filth.
Or worse.
I mean, what he is is a damn threat.
Well, they are.
They're a serious threat.
They're a serious threat.
Yeah, and we're not taking it, Rockefeller and Bill Gates.
We're not just rolling over for you to kill us, you bastards.
Brother, this is a hill... I'm sick of their crap!
This is a hill I will die on.
I've planted my flag.
We will have freedom for my children.
So help me God.
I mean, look at that jerk.
I mean, he thinks we're supposed to roll over in our graves for him?
So he can piss on us and plant his flag on us?
We're not going to die, buddy.
Hell no we aren't.
We're going to fight because that's what we do.
Listen, these guys, these guys have said what they want to do.
They've told us what they're going to do.
They've told us why they're going to do it.
They've told us that we're useless eaters, that free will's a joke.
They've told us they're going to take it.
They're going to take control.
And we're going to show them free will, aren't we?
It exists.
We have it.
I sure do.
They tell you that trick.
Oh, you don't have will, so you give it to them.
No, I do have will, and God gave it to me like air in my sails.
I do have will.
Wind in my sails.
I have will, and I'm going to use it.
I'm going to break freedom down into three parts.
There's spiritual or freedom of conscience.
There's bodily autonomy, the ability to move, to be free, to control what goes in and out of your body.
And there is freedom of speech, to communicate your thoughts and your ideas.
And it's all under attack by these bastards.
Most of that's covered in the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution.
The other part of freedom is the Second Amendment.
Now, no one wants violence.
No one wants anything but peaceful resistance.
But our Founding Fathers knew
That the ultimate check against unchecked power was the ability to defend yourself.
The First Amendment and the rest of the Bill of Rights define freedom.
Thomas Rins, you're on fire.
I love you in studio.
We've got to go to break.
We've got five more minutes of David Ickes coming up.
Come back and start over what you're saying, the three types of freedom, because you're absolutely right.
And folks, if you don't stand up for yourself, you're dead.
If you do, we win.
We'll be right back.
Well, Thomas Renz, I've always been impressed in the last couple years watching you fight the tyrants.
Great lawyer.
Great success.
But in person, you seem to have really gone to the next level here.
That's exciting.
And so many others are going to the next level.
And the tyrants need to know that, yeah, we were out of the game being normal folks, raising families.
But now we know their plan.
And now we're getting caught up very quick.
I think that's why they're so scared.
So recap the three types of freedom.
What you were saying was amazing.
Yeah, I didn't want this fight, but I have to take it.
Freedom breaks down into three things, right?
So you've got spiritual, freedom of consciousness, freedom of thought.
You've got the freedom to communicate your thought, freedom of speech.
And then you have the freedom of movement, bodily autonomy, you know, what comes in goes out of your body, controlling yourself.
Now historically, historically, we've thought of freedom through, you know, this freedom of speech and freedom to control your body.
Now, these lunatics are telling us that they can actually take that third piece that was always untouchable, the freedom to think, the freedom of conscience.
They actually think they can take that.
If they take any of those three, freedom is gone.
If they take all of those three,
Everything's gone.
There's no winning.
There's no coming back.
And that we have to fight till the bitter end, which is why the Second Amendment's there, if it ever came to that.
But we don't want it to come to that.
That's why... Well, we can't be ashamed of the fact it's there in desperate times.
And we don't want to institute that now, but with what's happening, everybody should just know, God is going to direct you at the time and place if you have to defend yourself.
Well, yeah, and right now we're not there.
We don't need to worry about that.
We're winning politically and spiritually, that's why they're panicking.
Well, they're panicking, you know, and listen, that's why you don't give up the Second Amendment, right?
It's there, it's carrying the big stick.
It's speaking softly but carrying the big stick.
You don't give it up.
But here's the thing.
We've lost our freedom.
The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.
We didn't pay that price.
My generation sat on our lazy butts.
And I include myself in this.
We watched as they passed bad law after bad law after bad law.
We watched.
We called guys like Alex crazy.
I didn't believe him either.
Now I do.
He was right.
And you know what?
While he was out fighting, I was sitting on my butt.
I was enjoying the freedoms that my parents and my grandparents fought for in the country that they built.
And I watched as it got taken away from me.
And it wasn't until COVID that I realized, guess what?
It's gone.
So now, I want to stress, it's gone.
We've lost it.
This is about how much more we're going to lose and how we're going to get it back.
We've got to earn our country back.
Earn it back!
I totally agree with you.
We have to admit, we've been taken over.
We're already in the dungeon.
We've got to get out.
We have to fight our way back.
That comes through people waking up.
Listen, we've got Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi.
We've got all sorts of people who've taught how to have peaceful revolutions.
We have to have it.
We have to fight for it.
We have to say we will not be enslaved again.
We learned when we were so monstrous that we enslaved people based on skin color.
Do you think that we're going to allow that to happen again?
Hell no we aren't.
Hell no we aren't.
We're going to fight it in the courts.
We're going to fight it in the court of public opinion.
We're going to fight- Because now they've reversed it that whites are inherently bad.
Oh yeah, yeah, well, apparently, and, you know, listen, my kids, one of my heroes growing up, Martin Luther King, Martin Luther King, that man said, and this is one of the single most, the single thing that resonated most with me, I dream of a day that a man will be judged by, and I'm paraphrasing, by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin.
I've had the privilege of traveling around the world before everybody got locked down with this insanity.
I've never been to a place where people don't bleed red.
Never once.
Ever once.
My kids didn't know that skin color was a thing until they got to school and someone taught them that.
And then I had to explain to them it's not a thing.
I don't care.
Total division.
It's who you are.
Thomas Windsor, you're going to go on Mike Adams' show today.
I want to invite you back.
We're doing a 40-hour broadcast until midnight tomorrow, the InfoWars Money Bomb.
Thank you so much for spending time with us.
You're really on fire.
Thanks, Alex.
Great job, brother.
All right.
David Icke's coming up and so much more.
We're going live until tomorrow night at midnight.
Thank you so much, sir.
Thank you.
Powerful information.
Have you spread the live links?
Tomorrow's news today are Infowars2022.com.
Well, I've been on air 28 years, but the man we've got on, well, this has been awake for, I think about 32, because he was instrumental in waking me up.
To the next level.
And now we talked about the emergence, he talked about the point where it can't hide anymore, it comes out in the open.
And I've got articles right here, a whole stack of them, Washington Post, Bloomberg, Financial Times of London, saying we need a dictatorship, we need to end free speech.
I played clips of ABC News, CNN, you name it, a compilation earlier, saying do not question, that's evil.
I mean,
You've got Noah Harari of the Bilderberg Group and Davos Group saying Hitler was good and your free will is gone.
I mean, these people are out in the open.
They can't hide it anymore.
Here's some of the headlines.
It's time to give the elites a bigger say in choosing the president.
Washington Post.
Then we've got all these other articles.
Democracy works better when there's less of it.
Financial Times of London.
To save democracy we need a few good dictators.
So why are they making their move now?
Why are they so desperate?
And right as they power grab, Hollywood's collapsing.
Netflix is collapsing.
Confidence in them is collapsing.
It is very paradoxical.
And what we know is they're not in charge.
They're not empowered right now.
Doesn't mean we're winning, but it doesn't mean they're winning.
They are desperate.
Why are they desperate?
So the icon of icons is David Icke.
He is the trailblazer.
He's the guy that took it to the next level.
And I'm just really honored to have David Icke with us.
DavidIcke.com, Iconic.com, BandotVideo forward slash channel, David-Icke.
We're honored to have him over at Bandot Video.
So, David, great to have you here for the hour.
Really appreciate you.
And just where to start with what's happening in the world right now, because obviously you taught us there'll be a moment of emergence.
I think that started two years ago.
What comes next after the emergence?
Well, why are they putting themselves on public display now?
Because they've got no choice.
You know, I said a long time ago that this can only remain under the radar, operating in the shadows for so long.
Because if you are planning to transform human society, the society that people can see and experience every day, then at some point,
You've got to change that which people can see so obviously, because that's how you want to change that society, that people, except the absolutely solid gold, please tell me it's not true, still asleep, that people with a smear of vision can see is happening.
So you can't hide it.
So what you do then is you move into sales pitch mode.
You can't hide it, so you sell it.
And so what we're being told now is that connecting your brain to AI is something that will make us gods.
It will make us superhuman.
The idea is to make us post-human.
And all these things are being put forward, A, as a good thing,
And B, because of the problems they're creating, like the dismantling, demolition of the economy, and all these other things that are going on, and the hoaxes like Covid and human-caused climate change, the other technique is to create those problems, most of them illusory, but not all.
Tell people it's illusory, the economy's being dismantled.
And then you offer the solutions to those problems.
So we're in a situation now where they're selling it.
On one side, they're saying, it's a great thing.
What we want is a new society.
It's a new human.
And on the other side, they're saying, well, we've got to do this because of what's happening in the world.
We've got to solve the problems of the world.
What they don't tell you is that they're creating them, or at least the illusion of them.
So it's out in the open now.
So you then look at how can they survive a debate, an open public debate, on what they're doing and how can they survive the evidence being revealed of why they're doing it and what's behind it and what the whole game is.
Well, you survive by censoring that information.
So you've got the sales pitch going,
And you've got the shutting down and the ever more extreme targeting.
Of those people and the alternative media that are exposing, actually, that it's not a great idea and this is the real reason for it.
What you're saying is, David, is they can only get away with it if they silence us so that the gaslighting is complete.
They can't have anybody pointing out the Emperor's new clothes.
That's why they're so desperate to silence you with dirty tricks.
Desperate to shut us down with dirty tricks.
They are just hysterical right now.
Well, exactly.
Because, look, if you know, and they know,
That in an open forum, they can't win the debate.
They'll get demolished.
I keep asking people who, you know, haven't had a go at me.
Okay, so debate me live, right?
Bring as many people you want on your side.
I'll just represent me.
But they'll never take you up on it, because they can't win the debate.
And thus, they don't have it.
And so what we're looking at is what I was saying a long, long time ago, that the plan is to reach the point, and Orwell talked about this as well, where no one ever sees or hears anything that isn't approved by the government.
And that's where we're heading.
And we're heading there because
Just as they can't hide it anymore because the changes they want to make they're making in the world of the scene, they can't survive the exposure of what they're doing, so they've got this twinned attack of selling a tyranny
Thank you.
And they said, OK, what are the how do these people survive?
How do they do what they do full time?
OK, well, one way is they get income from from YouTube videos.
So we're going to we're going to get rid of that.
So that was number one.
And you knew where it was going from there.
And then, of course, the different criteria
For censorship by YouTube has just got more and more hysterical.
I was off it in the spring of 2020 because of what I said about COVID.
And so it's got more and more extreme.
So now you're seeing professional doctors being censored and thrown off YouTube and social media for giving a professional medical opinion.
Who you are, it's what you're saying.
And it doesn't matter what your background is.
It doesn't matter what your expertise is.
None of that matters.
It's what you are saying.
And that's the criteria on which people are obviously being censored.
And as this gets squeezed and squeezed and squeezed, the ability on the mainstream internet
To criticise, even mildly, expressions of this agenda and this narrative of being censored.
Now, what that tells you is actually an inversion of what it seems to be.
What it seems to be is these people are all powerful.
No, they're not.
You don't censor if you're powerful.
I'm not trying to censor anybody.
I want the free flow of information.
If people want to have a go at me, please feel free.
You know, because we lose this basic understanding of what free speech is.
It's the freedom to speak!
It's the freedom to express your opinion.
Ah, yes, even those I don't agree with, or he doesn't agree with, or she doesn't agree with.
David, stay there.
Very powerful.
Let's come back and get into this.
But exactly, it's the free flow of energy.
If you aren't letting speech happen, you're in a prison.
Even the censors put themselves in a prison.
DavidIke.com, he is on fire.
Stay right there, David.
We've got to go to break.
David Ike.
Stay there, we gotta go to break.
David Icke.com.
David Icke's coming up.
Tomorrow's news today.
The Globalists are doing this out of weakness, not out of strength.
We'll be right back.
Check it out.
So, there are a lot of great people that expose the Globalists, like Barry Goldwater and Cleon Skousen.
And the John Birch Society, long before I was born, but the guy that really exposed the full depopulation agenda and really how it was an anti-human, really alien force, was David Icke.
He's with us right now for the rest of the hour on this special Thursday, April 21st transmission.
So you were getting into the emergence, where we are, people waking up, but you don't want to talk about yourself, but
The process, everybody's watching this.
What is the vindication like to be there 30 years ago, top BBC show, coming out saying this, being ridiculed, laughed at by an audience of hundreds, millions watching worldwide, and then what is it like to be...
Because you were smiling then, you knew that you were right, to now be vindicated.
Because I've had that happen in a similar way, probably not as intense as you, but overall just as intense in the aggregate.
And I knew then I was right, so it wasn't about what was happening to me, because I knew it was happening to us all.
But what is that process like?
Because so many other people have been ridiculed, they've been attacked for telling the truth, and they're vindicated as well.
And so now that we enter this new system, what do you expect the enemy to do next?
So two questions.
What's it like to be vindicated?
And then what do you expect to happen next?
Well, vindication is not something you were actually looking for.
What you were looking for was to alert enough people that this was real, that it would be headed off.
But it was clear that wasn't going to happen.
As I said many times, this has got to get really, really bad before we turn this around because it's got to get really bad before enough minds are focused.
I've just been listening to previous guests to see actually what a situation we're in because
What you're doing when you're telling people what they don't want to hear, and that's what, you know, people like me and you and the alternative media have been doing over the years, is telling people what they don't want to hear.
Who the hell wants to hear that a deeply evil, satanic cabal is seeking to impose horrors on the human race?
Who wants to believe that?
So if you're telling people what they want to hear, which is what the opponents of the alternative media are doing, oh no, don't listen to them, it's not like that at all, it's just a conspiracy theory, that's not going on.
People, they want to believe it's not going on, so their door is swinging open.
So the people who are telling them what they want to hear, it's all right, everything's fine, they're pushing against the swinging door.
When you're telling people what they don't want to hear,
You're pushing against a locked door.
And so for that door to open, that people have got to see increasing tangible evidence in the changes in society and their daily lives, that actually this is real.
And while the COVID period has been horrific, it's also been a massive wake-up call for so many people.
Because the conspiracy theory, I loved a line I heard
Yesterday's conspiracy theory is today's breaking news.
That's just so, so right.
They're now beginning to see that this is not some fantasy, it's actually real.
And the vindication is not really about, oh, see, I told you.
It's about the realization of great tracts of the population now that this is real.
That's what the vindication really means.
And that's a fantastic thing.
A perfect answer.
It's the shared community that we're finally waking up together.
So the vindication is we're now together.
We've got a better chance.
People are waking up.
Yeah, it's not about, you know, an individual being vindicated so much as people seeing that those people were right, bringing them to the table.
And bringing them to a point where they're no longer being scammed by being told a lie and it's all fine and this is not going on when actually it is.
And, you know, going back to what I said earlier about there comes a point where you can't operate below the radar anymore because you've got to change society in the world of the scene.
You can't manipulate towards it anymore.
It's got to happen.
So you can't hide it.
And so this is, yes, a dangerous time for the human race.
But my goodness, it's a dangerous time for these pillocks in the, in what I call the global cold.
Because they're now on public display.
I mean, we chatted about this, right at the start of the COVID thing, when I said, they've actually come into the room, and they've just heard the door click behind them.
Because now they can be seen and more and more people say, I mean, it's unbelievable.
The number of people that stopped me, who I never would have thought, you know, from their background and everything that they would ever have seen this, but they're seeing it.
So this is a time of enormous optimism, as well as... I totally agree.
It's not me bragging, but I go to liberal areas and eat at restaurants now, and they buy my food almost every time, and I get standing ovations and liberals coming up and apologizing, saying they were wrong everywhere I go now.
I was downtown last night doing a podcast, happened everywhere.
That's a bellwether.
I guess that's what you're getting too, David, right?
And when you're in England.
Yeah, I mean,
In the early 1990s, and actually throughout the 1990s and across the millennium, you know, I was a figure of ridicule in this country, and further afield actually, but certainly in this country.
You know, in the early 90s I couldn't walk down the street without being laughed at.
Going into a bar was, I mean, forget it, there was uproar.
And so
When people say people aren't waking up fast enough, I say you should have been around years ago.
There was nobody awake then, virtually.
You know, what's happening now, I can tell you from experience of seeing it develop, and you too, it's phenomenal.
And all we need to do is keep building on this and building on this and building on this because, you know, it takes a long time.
Yeah, there I am, 1990.
It takes a long time for the cracks to appear in a dam.
You know, the water, the body of water is pushing against it, but it takes a long time for the cracks to appear.
But when the cracks appear in the dam, to the dam collapsing can be a very short time.
I know you don't want to talk about yourself, but we're going to go to break in a minute and a half.
We've got long segments coming up.
But you are a very interesting person.
I admire you.
I love you.
I appreciate you.
You're a great soul.
You're an inspiration.
Why were you woken up?
Why were you, out of everybody out there, the detonator for the Great Awakening that's happening now?
Stay there, David.
I think we'll talk about yourself, but I think it's
I want to ask you.
We're not going to be stopped.
We are beautiful, and you are beautiful, and we're not going to be stopped.
And the enemy wants to shut us down, but we're not going to be shut down.
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So I think it's important to know the origin story of David Icke because
Folks, I've read all his books, and the older I get, the more I experience, the more I know he's over the target.
And there's nobody else like him.
He doesn't want to talk about himself, but we need to celebrate people that are special and are leading the way.
And of all the special people, amazing people to talk to, David Icke is
Undoubtedly the most important.
And I think recognizing that is important for all of us as a model of what we can do and what we can be.
And many of you will do even greater things than David Eicher, I have, others have done.
We're human.
We must do this.
We're amazing.
But as a spiritual being, as a creature of energy, we now know historically with science, what you said 30 years ago is true.
These things that are attacking us are obviously weak and pathetic.
That's why they're successful.
We're just not aware of them.
But to understand how to be successful, you need to retrospectively... I never heard you speak to this.
I know you went to Peru and got a vision and I've had similar things happen, but a download.
But why was David Icke... and look, I'm not saying...
We're good to go.
Fighting the New World Order agenda, David Icke and Alex Jones.
Why are we both Celtic?
Why are we both Welsh?
Why do we both come from the same place?
I mean, what's going on there, David?
What is your origin?
Why have you been chosen for this?
Well, you know, the planet has a network, a grid, a plexus of energetic lines of force.
They go through the planet, they go around the planet, some people call them ley lines, they're called dragon lines in the east, they're part of ancient culture.
And where these lines cross, a vortex is created, which if lots of lines cross at that point, a massive vortex is created.
And this is where the ancients put their standing stone circles.
This is where they put their sacred places, because of this vortex, this power centre.
And from what I've learned over the last three decades, what we call the British Isles is the heart centre of the grid.
where most lines cross and you know it's interesting you put up that um that shot there of the stones there are more standing stone circles more earthworks more ancient earthworks more standing stones um in Britain per square mile than anywhere else in the world and so what what they want to do if you see because this
The energy, the frequency, the perceptual energetic state of this grid is impacting upon the field of energy of consciousness that we're all interacting with.
If you can control this energetic state and the perceptual state of the energetic field that we're interacting with, imagine, you know, like a computer interacting with Wi-Fi, then
You can impact upon the perceptions of the whole population.
So much mind control and perception control is actually happening energetically through frequency.
And I totally agree.
You had that vision in Peru when I finally got the Stonehenge off the side of the highway.
OK, big deal.
And I walk right across this line.
I get energized.
I have all this ancestral memory.
And then the park ranger goes, only about a third of people have it.
It's some kind of genetic code.
But I watch people walk across that line and get hit by it.
And then I tried to do it later, the message had already been, but it's something heavy.
And so, why is it then manifesting such good and such bad?
I mean, what's happening?
Well, you see, when you have these low orbit satellites, Mr. Musk, Mr. Free Speech, pounding this 5G and other Wi-Fi at the Earth, creating this cloud every inch of the planet,
What are they doing?
They're firing technologically generated frequencies into the field that we're all interacting with.
They're changing it.
They're impacting upon human awareness, human consciousness, human perception via this frequency interaction.
And so who controls the grid in terms of its
Frequency state.
If it's high frequency, it's going to influence people into a high frequency state.
If it's in a low frequency state, it's going to bring you down into that low frequency state.
And this is why the Satanists and other expressions of this cult, they target these energy points.
They do their satanic rituals on them because they want to put very low vibrational energy into this grid because that then starts to impact on human perception.
So you've got this situation.
Um, with the British Isles.
This is, I mean, look at the British Isles, Alec!
Look at the size of the bloody place!
Why has it been such a central point in history?
Why did it have the global empire on which the sun never set?
Why has this global cult parked its arse in Britain overwhelmingly?
Because it's the heart center of the grid.
And they are seeking to control that heart center and thus the grid.
Now, this frequency, these vortices, and the British hours is a massive vortex, operates on low frequencies.
That's what the cult's after.
That's why they come here.
And then there is high-level frequencies of the Vortex, and that's why the spiritual people come here, that's why those working to protect human freedom come here, because they're operating at different frequency levels of the Power Center.
The common denominator is it's a Power Center.
If you can dictate or control or influence the frequency state of the heart center, the British Isles, then you impact on the heart center of the... you impact on the... David, how does that tie into Plato claiming Atlantis was by the British Isles?
Is there any truth to that?
He describes like flying ships and energy vortexes.
Well, you see, this reality
Thank you.
Like the body in its base state is an energetic field of information.
The holographic body that we experience as physical is a projection of that field.
So if you look, for instance, at alternative methods of healing, they're not really targeting the hologram, they're targeting the frequency field.
Because if that frequency field is in harmony, then the body, which is a projection of that field, is in harmony.
It's well, it's healthy.
So, imagine, when people say, oh no, these technological frequencies, they don't affect your body.
Well, they do, because what they affect is the frequency field of the body.
So you've got an energetic frequency field which on one level that we experience is electromagnetic.
It's an electromagnetic field.
Some people call it the auric field.
And now it's being bloody bombarded from towers and from space.
By technological frequencies of great disharmonious nature.
And so it's disharmonizing the energetic field of the body and thus it's causing illness.
Because as the information foundation of the holographic body we call physical, what's happening in the field is happening in the body.
They're just expressions of each other.
So you
Disharmonize the field and you disharmonize the body.
We call that not only physical illness, we call that psychological and mental illness.
Because if you look at how the brain works, how does it communicate?
How does the brain communicate with the body?
David Icke is on fire!
Stay there!
Electrochemical information coming up.
David Icke.
We are so blessed to have him.
Final segment with David Icke.
Paul Joseph Watson from England will be joining us in the fourth hour.
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All right, David, again,
You're a real mentor to me.
I love you.
I appreciate you.
I see how right you were.
Speak on whatever you want in the last 10 minutes we have.
But I'd like to know what you think is coming in the future.
What message you should give to folks because you've been taking off everything but your own independent sites and our sites.
And so I think listeners should understand that we're going to some very serious times and there may be a point where they can't hear us anymore.
So what is your advice to people about this battle, this final big battle we're going into?
Well, you know, people do what they do because they perceive what they do.
They perceive as they do and so they behave as they do.
Behavior just follows perception.
And perception is formed by information received.
And if you want to control the behavior of the population, you control the perceptions of the population.
And you control the perceptions of the population by making sure they only hear the information that will have them form the perceptions you want them to have.
So the very foundation of protecting freedom is to protect alternative sources of information.
You know, in the years of COVID, this cult got a great deal of what it wanted.
It got nothing like, so far, all that it wanted.
And the reason it didn't was the alternative media that were able to expose the lies and put forward another explanation for what the hell was going on.
So now they prepare for another pandemic hoax, Covid or bird flu, whatever they come up with.
And they're thinking, what do we have to do to get far more than we got the first time?
And right at the top of that list will be we've got to destroy the alternative media.
And that's what's happening, not just in attacks on you, but attacks through legislation.
We've got a law going through the British Parliament currently, and there are similar ones in other countries, called the Online Safety Bill.
Which will give Ofcom, the broadcast and now internet regulator, censor of the British government, created by Tony Blair, that's how bad it is.
It will give them the power to decide what can be posted and what can't, not on the basis of what is lawful or legal, but on the basis of what it says or perceives or claims.
Would might harm people.
And what their third party leftist Soros funded groups that advise them say is bad.
That's right.
That's what's crazy is NGOs advise government because I know the same things in the UK, Canada, Australia, the US.
This is incredible.
Yeah, exactly.
And they say, oh, it's to protect the children.
Oh, really?
Well, that'll be a bloody first, won't it?
It's to destroy the alternative media.
That's what it's for.
And so, you know, take your Band-Op video.
It's fantastic.
It's a fantastic contribution to the alternative media, and it must not be allowed to disappear.
It must prosper.
Oh, it so outrages them, David, that on average we have about five million views a day, and it's beautiful, and all this great stuff that people post there ends up going viral.
It's a launchpad, and they are so enraged right now.
Yeah, and, you know, people need to understand, too, how much it costs to run these things.
I mean, it is phenomenal.
We have Iconic, and, you know, if you're going to make a classy documentary, which is what we want to do, then they don't come cheap, you know.
So, you know, people can support in that way.
You are totally a thoroughbred.
Like the Babe Ruth of Liberty.
People cannot bet on a place like DavidIke.com or InfoWars.
You cannot bet on something that is a more proven commodity.
We're not bragging.
It's just true.
And we just want to win this fight.
And we're so close.
Yeah, and you know, I remain the optimist on that.
But like I was saying earlier about, you know, the way the brain processes information into a perception, it does it electrically and electromagnetically.
So all this stuff coming from the sky, thank you, Mr. Musk, you nice man, very genuine, is also targeting human perception and scrambling the brain.
And so this
The whole situation that we're facing is between states of consciousness.
Consciousness that believes in freedom, that believes in love, and consciousness that is the inversion of that.
What is evil?
It's the absence of love.
That's why these people do what they do.
And so when people talk about this spiritual battle, I don't like the word battle but, you know, it'll do because that's
Yeah, I think so.
He doesn't want to do that, but he's terrified of not doing it.
What are the consequences for me?
And then there's the third group that says, I can see what's going on and I ain't incorporating.
And so if people want to defend freedom, whether it's freedom of speech or freedom in general, and the whole basis of freedom is freedom to speak, then that group, I'm not sure about the first group, maybe some, but that second group that
doesn't want to do what they're told to do, but is frightened of not doing so, that's got to get into the third group.
That's got to come across and stop cooperating with your own enslavement.
Because, you know, in the end, there are billions of people being manipulated.
And in full knowledge of what they're doing, there's a handful of people doing it.
So from that perspective alone, I see a way out of this.
David, I want you to speak to that in the two minutes we have left and please come back again soon.
We love you.
Let me ask you this in closing.
I feel like I see we're really winning.
It's still going to be nasty.
It's going to be bad.
They seem scared.
They seem desperate.
I think we're winning.
A, is that true?
Because I mean, I believe what you say.
Is it true we're starting to win?
And then what does it look like?
What is the human victory past these people?
Well, in answer to that, I would say, look what it was like in terms of awareness of the population of what the hell's going on, where it's meant to go and who's behind it.
Look at the knowledge of that and the awareness of the population in 1990.
Look in even 2000.
Look in 2010.
And look now.
The awakening is fantastic and it's exponential because the more that awaken, the more awakened people there are because of the interaction and the communication of information and the awareness that comes from that.
So I'm optimistic and you know, you look at these people, this is the big thing Alex, you know.
We mustn't give these people power they don't have.
David, this is the key part.
Two minutes to five more minutes with us and Paul Watson takes over.
You're absolutely right.
We are to this moment.
We're giving them all the power we have to stop.
DavidIke.com, Infowars.com, Infowarsstore.com.
We have a 40-hour money bomb going to stay on air to pay the legal bills and keep the crew hired.
Thank you for your support.
Listeners, this is so critical.
Back in two minutes, David Icke is going to finish up about the solutions and how to counter this and not giving the enemy power.
Back in two minutes.
Please stay with us.
David Icke, I think this is my question in closing.
We really appreciate your time today.
Obviously, there's been other civilizations before this.
Obviously, this is something bigger than us individually.
We're eternal.
We know that.
And obviously the people attacking us, these things aren't really powerful.
We're just not aware of them.
That's why they're having victory.
But this could be the last time we ever talk.
I'm not saying that.
I'm saying with the kill switches, with the wars, with everything this group is doing to try to suppress humanity, they may launch World War III.
I believe we can stop it together.
Who knows?
But if this is the last four minutes ever that you have to talk to people, what are you going to say to them?
We are going to win this.
When we realize that we're not dealing with an all-powerful force, we're dealing with a force that has one gift, and that is the knowledge and the ability to hijack the perception of the target population.
And key to that hijack is to persuade us
The billions that they, the handful, have power.
They do not have power.
They have only the power that we give to it in the form of acquiescence.
So without the power we give to them,
We're good.
Then the perception that that's how things are will have billions of people meekly going under house arrest.
If people won't have it and do their own thinking, they don't do that.
They don't meekly go under house arrest.
Everything comes from perception because all behavior comes from that.
We are not dealing with an all-powerful force.
We're dealing with a force that is hijacked and
Thank you very much.
In the secret society network.
Why is it a network of secret societies?
To keep secrets.
Who from?
The population.
So we've got two worlds.
We've got the world of the cult, where they're handing through the generations, through the initiations, etc.
of the secret societies, knowledge they don't want the public to have.
And the public are set up to be ignorant of everything they know.
So these people have created the education system.
Look what they're doing to the kids.
Making them knowledgeable people?
Programming them to be robots, to be press enter people.
They control the media, controlling information.
What is the education system?
Controlling information that the children and young people receive.
So what they're doing among the population is suppressing knowledge, not least about reality, but also about the agenda that they are pursuing.
So they want to keep the population blind from what they know.
And it's very, very relevant, and so symbolically perfect, that one of the key symbols of this cult is the all-seeing eye.
The single eye.
And that's what it is.
Compared with two-eyed, third-eyed humans, it's a single all-seeing eye.
Actually, not all-seeing eye.
It thinks it is.
And so, if you look at this phrase, in the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
They have not got the power over us.
They have manipulated us to be in ignorance of their existence and what they know.
Thank you so much, David Icke.
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I'm your host, Alex Jones.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
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Paul Joseph Watson with Summit.News takes over right now.
We're live, it is the Summit News Hour, where we kick through the dumpster fire that is the news.
Last night, of course, we had a big controversy with Donald Trump appearing in an interview with Piers Morgan, during which Piers Morgan lectured him about the, quote, fake news of claiming the 2020 election was rigged.
Of course, that's pretty rich coming from Piers Morgan, who literally rose to prominence off the back of fake news before fake news was even a thing.
You'll remember back in 2004, or maybe many of you won't, headline out of BBC, editor sacked over hoax photos.
He was the publisher of the Mirror newspaper of fake mock-up photos of British troops supposedly abusing Iraqi prisoners of war by peeing on them.
The story was completely fake, the photos were completely fake, it was one of the first
Primary examples of fake news.
So then you've got Morgan lecturing Trump throughout this interview about the quote fake news of the 2020 election being rigged.
You have him launching this new talk TV network off the back of a promo, which I saw a couple of days ago of him saying, oh, we're going to take on the woke snowflakes and the virtue signalers.
There was no bigger inauthentic fake phony virtue signaller than Piers Morgan for the past two years plus over the COVID pandemic constantly demanding people be locked down harder.
Lock me down harder daddy.
Constantly demanding people wear face masks while he's caught numerous times in public without a face mask.
His own son went to a Black Lives Matter rally just days after Piers Morgan said nobody should congregate in huge groups.
His own son goes to a Black Lives Matter rally in London.
He congratulates his own son.
The guy is completely fraudulent and he has been for the past two years.
I've been telling people about that.
I've been warning people about that.
So he tries to create a fake news controversy.
By pretending that Trump stormed out of this interview, and in fact we've got the clip of this supposed Trump storming out of the interview in anger.
Let's go to the clip and then I'll talk about what really happened.
Here it is.
A former president in denial.
It appears I'm ready.
I'll be completely straight with you.
It's your face.
I think I'm a very honest man.
Much more honest than you, actually.
It was a free and fair election.
Only a fool would think that.
You lost.
I do now, yeah.
Do you think I'm a fool?
With respect- Excuse me.
Okay, with respect- The legislation- It's the hard evidence.
Excuse me.
The most explosive interview of the year.
I don't think you're real.
This is just- I'm not like- Very dishonest.
Let's finish up the interview.
Morgan versus Trump.
Turn the camera off.
Very dishonest.
So again, that is clearly deceptively edited to suggest that Donald Trump stormed off because he was being grilled too harshly on the 2020 election rigging question.
What actually happened was that Piers Morgan was given 20 minutes for that interview.
It went on for an hour and 20 minutes.
The end of the interview was completely cordial.
They were talking about Trump getting a hole-in-one in a golf match.
And when Trump says that's the end of the interview, it's because he's gone over by an hour.
So they've spliced different parts of the interview together.
Trump did accuse Morgan of being dishonest on several occasions during the interview because that's his entire shtick.
But again, this was a completely fabricated, fake news story to try and drum up interest in this crappy new talk TV network Rupert Murdoch funded
That Piers Morgan is now a part of, that he is the primary face of.
Again, the reason that Piers Morgan is or was unemployed, and he also got kicked off his CNN show because it hemorrhaged viewers, like CNN Plus is doing now, is for the same reason.
Nobody's interested in his bluster, in this fake act that he comes out with.
Again, he got the talk TV job because he stormed off a Good Morning Britain
Confrontation with another host.
Again, completely staged.
Fake controversy.
The Hill reports Trump, Piers Morgan, went out of his way to deceptively edit the interview.
And he's released the audio.
Proving the duo in the audio Trump provided thanked each other at the end of the interview set to air next week for the launch of Piers Morgan Uncensored.
Trump was heard saying turn the camera off once the conversation had ended.
And again,
That was after they cordially ended the interview and basically said Piers Morgan profusely thanked him for the interview.
They've taken a clip and put it together with this confrontation about the election rigging to try to make out as if Trump stormed off because he couldn't handle the questions.
Now you'd think that normally deceptively editing a clip and putting out deliberate disinformation, misinformation, would cause Twitter to at least put a warning label
On that clip!
But no, they haven't!
Breitbart reports Twitter won't label Piers Morgan's misinformation about Trump.
Yesterday, interviewer and controversy junkie Piers Morgan released a deceptively edited clip on social media, appearing to show a contentious end to an interview between himself and former President Donald Trump, as you've just seen.
Despite this, tweets and unedited articles from the corporate media organisations that got the story wrong continue to spread freely on Twitter.
The fact-checkers have mysteriously vanished once again!
This was the biggest story overnight, and the much-vaunted fact-checkers, who are straight in there when it comes to any regime narrative that gets contradicted, oh, they're suddenly AWOL again!
What a surprise!
Twitter has a rule, a specific rule, against quote, deceptively edited media, which the platform used as a pretext to take down clips of embarrassing Joe Biden gaffes.
And again, Project Veritas, they hit them with it numerous times, claiming that they deceptively edited videos, when they merely edited videos, because all videos are edited.
Not deceptively, but in this case it was a clear example of a deceptively edited video to push a misinformation narrative.
The original clip hasn't got a warning label on it.
None of the mainstream reporting has got a warning label on it.
And this is just going to be allowed to fly again.
And this is from the progenitor, Piers Morgan.
So Trump came out with a statement after this gotcha fake controversy ginned up by Piers Morgan, the king of fake news.
Most Americans don't know his history and it's literally the history of fake news when he was a newspaper publisher in Britain.
Trump said, quote, So again, many people are asking the question, why is he, why is Trump even giving these interviews to regime media outlets?
They're gonna make him look stupid, they're gonna edit the interview, and someone like Piers Morgan is specifically likely to do so, given his history in the news business.
But Nigel Farage, I'm told by his aides, gave Trump a full rundown, a full history of Piers Morgan after this incident, and in fact, Nigel Farage put up a video about this this morning, and we're gonna play it now.
Here is Nigel Farage on this issue.
So a major row has blown up overnight between Donald Trump and Piers Morgan, or perhaps more accurately, between Donald Trump and the Murdoch media empire.
What's it all about?
Well, Piers Morgan of course launches his new show on Monday.
He wrote a piece last night saying that just before he recorded an interview with Trump, he was presented with a dossier.
Which showed the very, very unpleasant things he'd said about the 45th President in his last few months in office and thereafter.
Morgan accuses me of putting that document in Trump's hands.
Is it true?
Well, here is the truth.
A few days before Morgan did the interview, I was at Mar-a-Lago, I met with Trump, and we went out for dinner afterwards.
I said to him, Morgan has gone around boasting in UK media, telling everybody that he's your friend, that he's got special privileged access, when in fact, behind your back, he's been stitching you up for a long time.
If you do this interview, here is the truth.
And I gave him a document.
Trump clearly was extremely displeased at the interview.
Because of that, it wasn't perhaps the friendliest it ever could have been.
But here's what makes this worse.
Let's have a look at today's Sun front page, okay?
It says, Ex-Prez storms out on Maul.
And the clip they're showing is Trump saying, turn off the cameras, getting up from his chair and walking out.
It is, let me tell you, that headline there is fake news.
The interview had been concluded.
It was finished.
It was over.
They'd said their thank yous and Trump got up to go on to his next appointment.
He has been completely and utterly stitched up by Piers Morgan.
It is disgraceful.
It is disgusting.
I bet Rupert Murdoch is absolutely fuming.
Why would Trump now trust Fox News or any Murdoch media empire?
I'm not surprised, I have to say, by any of this.
I really, really am not.
But I will tell you the full story at 7 o'clock tonight on GP News about what I said to President Trump and his team about Piers Morgan and about other untruths that Morgan has told in the course of the last 24 hours.
Why would anybody want to be interviewed by a man that stitches them up like this?
So there you have it.
I'm going to move on now, though, because we have some current thing news.
Headline out of Summit News.
Ukrainian tennis star demands Russian players be subjected to ideological purity test.
Now, of course, we've had this in Hollywood, in film, over the past several years.
Even in the literary world where authors have to sign a contract literally saying that if they're subject to cancellation, if they don't carry the water in terms of the current narrative on whatever hot-button issue is in current affairs, then they can be cancelled, their contracts can be cancelled.
And now we see a similar ideological purity test seeping into sports.
This Ukrainian tennis star has demanded Alina spill Alina.
That Russian and Belarusian players be subjected to ideological purity tests before they're allowed to compete in international tournaments.
Of course, we've seen chess players, Russian chess players, banned from international tournaments.
And then we've seen a case of two female Ukrainian grand chess masters refusing to sign a document saying that all Russians should be banned from chess tournaments.
These are Ukrainian players.
And because these Ukrainian players refused to say that all Russians should be banned, they were banned.
This is a total purge.
It has nothing to do with the fact that a lot of these players have come out and denounced the war.
They've come out and said they want peace immediately.
It's not enough.
Now the former world number three has insisted on a total ban on all Russian and Belarusian athletes if they fail to sign up to a series of statements regarding politics and the war in Ukraine.
And you see the slippery slope on this.
First it's Ukraine, then it's Covid, then it's whatever else.
BLM, whatever the next issue, current thing is shoved in front of our faces.
If you as a private citizen, an athlete, a sports person, don't agree with it, then your career is ruined.
This is how they make people ideologically subservient to whatever they want people to be the water carriers for.
She said, we noticed that some Russian and Belarusian players at some point vaguely mentioned the war, but never clearly stated that Russia and Belarus started it on the territory of Ukraine.
Now, of course, that's avoiding an entire argument about how Ukraine has been shelling Donbass region for years on end.
No, you can't be nuanced.
You have to condemn your own country in order to compete in a tennis tournament.
So she's demanded that Russian and Belarusian players answer these three questions.
One of which is, do you support Russia's and Belarus's invasion in Ukraine's territory?
As a result, that war started by those countries.
They have to denounce their own governments.
They have to say who started the war, who's responsible for it.
And if they don't all agree to do that, then basically, at least for the time being, their careers are finished.
This is an ideological purity test, and it starts with something like Ukraine-Russia, the next thing it could be, the next round of lockdowns.
If you don't agree with that, then you don't compete in a tournament.
We saw it with Novak Djokovic, simply refusing to state his vaccination status.
He was kicked out of the Australian Open and deported from the country.
Now Djokovic calls Wimbledon ban on Russian players crazy.
So this Ukrainian tennis player, in insisting that Russian players denounce their own government and specifically adhere to this current thing narrative, that sounds pretty draconian, right?
But Wimbledon has gone a step further.
They're saying even Russian and Belarusian players that openly denounce Russia's invasion of Ukraine, openly denounce Putin,
Carry the water for the current thing narrative to a tee.
They're banned simply because they were born on a piece of land called Russia or Belarus.
Well, Serbian star Djokovic, who of course was deported earlier this year for his refusal to partake in the then current thing, the mass vaccination, has said that it's crazy.
He said, quote, I will always condemn war.
I will never support war being myself a child of war.
Of course, the attack on Serbia by NATO
He asserted, adding, I know how emotional trauma it leaves.
In Serbia, we all know what happened in 1999.
NATO attacked the country.
In the Balkans, we have had many wars in recent history.
However, I cannot support the decision of Wimbledon.
I think it's crazy when politics interferes with sport.
The result is not good, said Djokovic.
We're going to go on into the next segment and talk about how Germans are being told to take fewer showers because of their need to support the current thing.
Summit.News, don't go away.
We'll be back.
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Now, I'm going to go on to talk about this because everywhere that I drive around where I live, I visit nearby villages here in
England, moved out of London of course to a more rural countryside area.
Every little village you go to, they're expressing support for the current thing.
I've been to villages, tiny little hamlets with populations of literally, I don't know, 50 or 100 people in the village.
And everywhere you go, outside private houses, on public greens, this is like taxpayer funded at this point,
Giant Ukrainian flags everywhere.
Absolutely everywhere.
And you'll notice these nice villages that you go to are the most economically viable villages and little hamlets in the entire country in many cases.
So these very privileged, very posh people are vehemently displaying their support for the current thing.
Meanwhile, people in other areas of the country, already close to the poverty line, are basically now slipping into poverty, both economic and personal depression, because of soaring gasoline prices.
Soaring food prices.
They were obviously already on the rack because of the inflation, which we also had in the UK, as you had in the United States before any of this even started, but apparently it's all Putin's fault.
Those people, poor people across the country, were already on the edge.
Now, as a result of this, as a result of these sanctions, they're going to be pushed over the edge.
We know that poverty, it's not just scrabbling around for some money.
Poverty directly leads to death.
It leads to depression.
It leads to cancers.
So you have people across the country in these poor areas struggling to get by, struggling to buy food, struggling to feed their families, struggling to fill up their vehicles, and then you have all these posh twats everywhere else who have a pile of money that they're sitting on, virtue signalling about supporting the current thing by erecting giant flags of a country which two months ago they knew nothing whatsoever about, in public,
And it's absolutely everywhere.
I mean, what they had before, I don't know, maybe they had giant NHS flags because the NHS is so good and it's the envy of the world.
Maybe in a few months they'll have giant LGBT flags.
But again, I just find it absolutely unconscionable that people who are already close to the poverty line have slipped into poverty now.
They don't have the money!
To buy a $5 Ukrainian flag off of Amazon.
To hoist it proudly and say, I stand with Ukraine.
Absolutely incredible.
And now we see technocrats, elitists in European countries telling people to suck it up.
Headline out of Summit News.
Germans told to take fewer showers as energy costs buy and of course they need to stand with Ukraine but that may mean not putting food on the table or not being able to take a hot shower.
They're literally saying in this article which was published by Germany's Bild newspaper, massive tabloid newspaper in Germany, that not having a shower for three weeks makes you smell better.
They literally say this in the article.
Amidst discussion in the country of a potential total energy embargo on Russia, articles about the supposed health benefits of showering less have begun to pop up.
And bear in mind we had an article a few weeks ago where their government minister Peter Hawke also told Germans that they should cope with soaring energy costs by turning off the heating and wearing warmer sweaters.
Bear in mind this is about six weeks ago when it was very cold in Germany.
Old people die if they don't have the heating on.
They're literally saying it's better to stand for the current thing than to survive as an old person and get pneumonia and die.
The government minister literally came out and said, quote, you can withstand 15 degrees Celsius in winter in a sweater.
No one dies of it.
But people are dying elsewhere.
Well, then they had to have poverty experts and
Heating energy experts come out and say that no, actually old people are very susceptible to that kind of decrease in temperature and they do get ill very easily if the temperature in their homes isn't sufficiently high enough.
So yes, they are dying.
They do die.
They can't afford to heat their own homes.
But I suppose it's more important to stand with the current thing, isn't it?
So now they've come out with these BS studies from experts
Saying, quote, it's enough to wash these four body parts.
Why the skin cleans itself?
They're telling Germans don't shower for three to four weeks and you'll smell better.
They're literally telling them, wash your armpits and your behind, basically.
Which in the United Kingdom is colloquially known as a, quote, whore's wash.
It's a literal, like, 19th century term.
Apparently this is what we're going back to now, in terms of the Great Reset and the deliberate reduction in living standards, which was happening for months and years before any of this Ukraine crap.
But now they can smother it in that current thing narrative and say, no, it's because of Vladimir Putin that we're reducing your living standards.
Absolutely incredible.
Let's go to this Sweden clip now, though, because Sweden has seen massive multicultural riots in the past few days, and then the media came out and, of course, blamed it on right-wingers.
Here is the clip.
Multicultural riots in Sweden.
Let's roll it.
Multicultural areas of Sweden have been rocked by three nights of some of the worst riots the country has ever seen.
The prevailing media narrative holds that the riots were a somewhat justified response to plans by a right-wing group to burn the Quran.
Politician Rasmus Paladin held an event in Jönköping while brandishing a Quran, but his speech was drowned out by a priest ringing the bells of a local church in protest.
Sweden's liberal churches having done, of course,
Absolutely nothing to prevent the total subversion of Christianity, aside from openly encouraging it.
Ever eager to exploit an opportunity to riot the diverse populations of Rinkeby or Ebro, and last night Malmo took to the streets to cause mayhem.
Authorities told the Associated Press the criminal rioters are just using Paladans Karanstund as an excuse and that their real target has been the police.
Sweden's National Police Chief Anders Thornberg says he's never seen such violent riots.
Quite the statement given the country is routinely rocked by mass civil unrest thanks to its open-door immigration policy.
The situation is so notorious that last month Ukrainian refugees said they'd rather stay home in a war zone than be fed into the Swedish asylum system.
Sweden went from being one of the safest countries in Europe 20 years ago to the second most dangerous.
Gee, I wonder what changed.
We know what changed.
The people living there.
Remember back in 2017 when the media laughed at Trump for highlighting Sweden's massive problem with unintegrated Muslim migrants?
They also tried to run hit pieces on me, asserting that dangerous migrant crime no-go zones were a made-up conspiracy theory.
Yeah, well, it's not so funny now, is it?
The same no-go zones they once insisted didn't exist are now routinely on fire.
As even left-wing journalist Lena Mellon admitted back in 2019, quote, everyone knew it would end in disaster.
So Sweden routinely suffers these migrant riots mainly for the reason that police try to arrest violent criminals and then they all riot in response to it.
It's happened in 2020, it's happened numerous times before that, it happened in 2017 which is when Trump came out and talked about it and they all tried to humiliate him and basically pretend it wasn't happening.
So you had that happen again, the police, the authorities say
It's not the right-wingers burning the Koran.
It's not them rioting.
It's these Muslim migrant criminal youth gangs using that as an excuse to deliberately target the police.
Even the politically correct police in Sweden are saying that.
But how did the German media respond?
Well, they said that these riots, these car burnings, these throwing stones at police officers
We're actually staged by shadowy right-wing extremists.
CDF reported that there were, quote, riots at right-wing demos in Malmo.
Of course, the riots were conducted by the Muslim migrants, not anyone on the right wing.
We'll be back.
Summit.News, don't go away.
Let's go to this video now, because I've got a couple to run through.
This is the Taylor Lorenz video.
Of course, you've probably heard of the controversy about libs of TikTok.
The Washington Post decided to send their best journalist to go and try and doorstep the relatives, family members of this estate agent, basically, for the sin of owning a Twitter account that posts demented rants by left-wing extremists.
I'm going to come back and talk about it a little bit more, but here is the clip about this Taylor Lorenz creature.
She did it again.
Let's roll the clip.
Well, she did it again.
Taylor Lorenz, the journalist who cried on camera about suffering PTSD over criticism of her journalism.
Oh, sorry, no, I mean bullying and harassment, has just doxxed another private citizen in a hit piece for the Washington Post.
Meet the person with the least self-awareness in the entire world.
You feel like any little piece of information
That gets out on you will be used by the worst people on the internet to destroy your life.
I'm so sorry.
You're fine, you're fine.
It's overwhelming.
It's really hard.
Her latest cry-bully target, Libs of TikTok.
Yeah, Taylor's latest courageous act of intrepid journalism was to stalk and track down the family of the owner of the Libs of TikTok account in an attempt
All she does is post videos of leftists inanely ranting on TikTok.
If your ideology is so progressive, tolerant, and wise,
Why is it necessary to weaponize a huge legacy media outlet owned by a literal billionaire to target someone merely for amplifying that ideology?
Quote, several teachers have been fired as a result of being featured on the account.
But wait, according to you lot, cancel culture doesn't exist.
According to them, whenever the mob gets a conservative fired, it's just taking responsibility for their words and actions.
How is that any different from the role performed by Libs of TikTok?
No, it's not okay when you do it!
Taylor Lorenz is about to expose the private citizen behind some anonymous account on Twitter, and when people criticize her for it, she and her friends will claim Taylor is the real victim, and anyone criticizing this type of journalism will be guilty of causing her trauma.
Only the narcissists in corporate media could take someone who grew up in Greenwich Wealth and Swiss boarding schools, who regularly harms the lives of ordinary citizens with their massive journalistic platform, and tell the public
She's the victim and can't be criticised.
This is the framework corporate journalists are trying to construct and force you to accept.
They can criticise, expose, bully and destroy anyone they want, no limits.
They're journalists.
You can't criticise how they use their power.
That's harassment.
Lorenz then literally showed up on the doorstep of Libs and TikTok's relatives to harass them.
This from the woman who cried on TV about harassment.
I'm so sorry.
It's fine.
It's overwhelming.
It's really hard.
This from the woman who literally tweeted, quote, But it's okay when we do it.
It's okay when it's being published in a billionaire-owned corporate media giant.
Taylor Lorenz, mean tweets.
Taylor Lorenz showing up to people's homes and calling their family because of a name on Twitter account.
Virtually the entire article that Lorenz then published in the Washington Post exposing Libs at TikTok's name and location is just whining about how effective the account has been in derailing the groomer agenda.
Oh, but it's to protect the alphabet people, who are apparently so downtrodden, they require anyone who makes fun of them to be made an example of by one of the most powerful institutions in America.
Oh my God, so downtrodden.
Lorenzo's previous greatest hits include exposing the identities of Pamela Geller's young daughters, who weren't even political, and who had been previously targeted, along with Geller herself, by Islamic terrorists.
But remember,
Taylor Lorenz is the real victim!
It's really hard!
And well, what do you know?
After this controversy blew up yesterday, guess who claimed to be the victim once again?
It was Taylor Lorenz!
Matt Taibbi and Zero Hedge has got a good article about this called the Washington Post's Libzer TikTok Nothenburger.
He makes the argument that this ambush journalism, this showing up on the doorsteps of people, confronting them with cameras in the streets,
Is only really permissible, from a journalistic ethics standpoint, if you're confronting people who have been accused of serious corruption.
Project Veritas has done that in the past, left-wing organisations have done it in the past.
This woman, her sins run to running a TikTok, running a Twitter account, sorry, that highlights demented, deranged rants that left this post on TikTok, which go viral on TikTok in many cases,
And merely highlighting their words.
She's a private citizen.
She's not accused of any corruption.
The main gripe, the main beef that Taylor Lorenz and these leftists have with her and that account is, as ever, that it's effective in exposing them for exactly what they are.
Let's go to this other clip now, though, because we had an absolutely hilarious development a couple of days ago.
Where the YouTuber, Ethan Klein, who has repeatedly called for the deplatforming of other YouTubers, repeatedly said that cancel culture is a good thing.
Lo and behold, guess what happened to him?
He got cancelled!
Remember, this is the guy who had a spat with Jordan Peterson back in January, where he said the Canadian academic was, quote, a dangerous gateway to the alt-right, transphobia, and COVID misinfo.
So, Ethan Klein deleted these two interviews with Jordan Peterson, which at the time, a few years back, were very entertaining, very friendly interviews.
But again, because Ethan Klein has basically sold his soul to the devil in terms of Susan Wojcicki and YouTube, he's joined the regime.
And of course, part of joining the regime means you need to denounce all your previous beliefs and all the previous people you were associated with.
He deleted
The two Jordan Peterson interviews that he had uploaded several years previously, again, because he's so petrified, pathetically, of the mob coming to cancel him.
Well, of course, when he deleted those interviews, Jordan Peterson warned him directly.
He said, quote, You will be held to a higher and higher and soon impossible to maintain ethical standards by the very mob you wish to please.
Then you will make a mistake and they will devour you with glee.
Please take this warning seriously.
Ethan Klein responded by saying, cancelling, as you call it, sometimes is a good experience.
Well, he knows that feeling for sure now, because he has been cancelled.
Let's go to the clip.
Here it is.
This isn't too far, it's too much.
Sorry, Gary Stanz.
Today we have no sponsors because, uh... Uh, I am an existential threat to, uh, gay rights.
And all progress.
So of course our wonderful fans have taken it upon themselves to rid of our sponsors and to have them not sponsor or not to support us.
So we are, I'm very, you know,
I'll just say this, I'm very thankful to our members.
It makes this show kind of bulletproof to stuff like this, even though it's painful.
Emotionally, it's just painful that people would do that.
There it is.
You expect a little more of the sponsors in a way, but I get it.
You know, it's just transactional for them, but you know, I feel like I put so much into our good partners and it's kind of crazy when they just drop you like a bag of dirt and run over some bull.
So again, that was him being cancelled after saying cancel culture was a good thing because he made, quote, homophobic remarks in a separate clip, which basically, you know, was just bantering.
So now the same person that celebrated other people being deplatformed saying cancel culture was a good thing, Jordan Peterson, three months ago, directly warns him, you will be cancelled by the same mob, and lo and behold, he's cancelled.
He's lost all his sponsors.
Couldn't have happened to a nice person.
Meanwhile, family sex show aimed at kids cancelled after backlash, groomers take the L. This was a disgusting production which involved naked performers.
In the United Kingdom, at Bristol's Tobacco Factory, called the Family Sex Show.
And the production company behind this themselves called it, quote, an alternative to porn.
Now that has been cancelled after thousands of people signed a petition opposing it.
So again, the left says cancel culture doesn't exist, but when it happens to them, suddenly it does exist if you're trying to cancel literal groomers, and it's a bad thing.
Meanwhile, black Americans' murder jumps 32% thanks to Black Lives Matter.
So, 2020, murder of black people jumped 32%, and of course the reason is the Ferguson effect.
Defund the police movement promulgated by Black Lives Matter has caused police officers not to enter high-crime areas, which results in more black people being killed.
Another rip-roaring success for Black Lives Matter, which now exists basically as a giant grift operation for its founders to buy multi-million dollar mansions.
That's going to wrap it up.
War Room is coming up next.
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