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Name: 20220419_Tue_Alex
Air Date: April 19, 2022
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Alex Jones talks about various topics such as global economic collapse, political illiteracy, and the role of corporate press in censorship. He discusses the recent announcement by Biden administration that TSA will no longer enforce federal mask mandates on airplanes. He warns about the intentions of New World Order to turn the entire earth into a prison planet and urges listeners to be aware of their enemy - the environmental transhumanist terror cult. He also talks about his ongoing legal battles with Sandy Hook parents and their lawyers who he claims are trying to bankrupt him and silence his First Amendment rights. The Infowarstore.com offers a strong immune system product at 25% off. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has slashed its global economic outlook, confirming a depression and mass starvation. The speaker expresses concern about the current state of the country, fearing a future with increased crime and loss of freedom. They mention that many people are losing touch with God and that corruption in the courts is becoming more widespread. The United States is spending billions of dollars a month securing the border of Ukraine and fighting a war against the Russians. The speaker criticizes YouTube for banning a video of a woman who thought she was a man but went back to her biological sex, as an example of extreme censorship. They also discuss the social media blitz coming out of Shanghai where people are being starved and pets killed during the lockdown.

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And the very people going along with this are gonna wake up in a destroyed country with total crime and no birthright of freedom anymore and no due process, but they don't care because they've lost touch with God.
They're lost people.
And the fact that the courts everywhere are this corrupt, not all of them, but more and more there's just outrageous judicial tyranny, no one denies that, is emblematic of everything else that's coming down.
So people ask me constantly, how do you take it?
How do you deal with it?
And I'm like, we're all on the same sinking ship.
How do you?
How am I taking it?
Do you understand what's going on here?
This is the planned world collapse.
Do you know what it's going to look like?
It's going to look bad.
You think crime exploding already is bad?
You think the border collapse is bad yet?
You think inflation is bad yet?
Folks, the New World Order did every bit of this.
The central banks did every bit of this.
And if you think Mexico is dangerous and scary, we're going to be way worse when we go belly up.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
The final days of the Republic.
It's Tuesday, April 19th, Patriots Day.
Tomorrow's news, today.
The world is in a freefall economic collapse by design.
Every major institution that is good and wholesome has been either overthrown or infiltrated and destroyed.
And here we are, ladies and gentlemen, on the verge of all these different programs and operations we witnessed only getting worse.
And this is happening because the public is politically illiterate, culturally illiterate, when it comes to understanding what the social engineers are doing.
I am simply here trying to get people to become aware of the globalist agenda, and to understand that a lot of people unwittingly go along with it via peer pressure, even though it's going to destroy them in the end.
The corporate press
Going along with censorship and authoritarian policies in the economy is now seeing the biggest layoffs in its history.
Web streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are all plunging in their subscriptions.
The depression is going to hurt everybody, including the useful idiots that have gone along with it and cheerleaded it.
There's a lot of people pretending they're part of the globalist elite when they're not.
And even the globalists themselves
are fools for going along with this agenda, this anti-human agenda, and many of them now realize that, but this juggernaut
Has been sent into motion.
So we've got a big broadcast for you lined up today.
A very special guest, the second hour, Dr. Lee Merritt.
We're going to be looking at the IMF slashing the global forecast into depression territory and predicting mass starvation will intensify.
That's a no brainer.
Got three big factors, which are about to make the coming food shortages even worse.
We have the good news with the TSA and the federal court ruling and
The Biden administration being faced with the fact that the public is not buying into their COVID hysteria anymore, having to back off the mask mandate, which is the symbol of silencing the public, the symbol that we're diseased and evil and bad.
And the symbol of basically our surrender to a biomedical tyranny.
Here's a few clips of pilots and the stewardesses and people cheering as the news was discovered mid-flight yesterday.
They are encouraged to continue to do so as a precaution.
I just wanted to read that to you guys, so if you would like to take them off, you can.
If you want to keep them on, you can, okay?
April 18th, the Biden administration announced that the Transportation Security Administration will no longer enforce the federal mandate requiring masks in all U.S.
airports and on foreign aircraft.
All right, so that's a few clips from different flights around the country when the news came in at about one o'clock central yesterday.
We broke the news here with Judge Andrew Napolitano on air with us.
This looks like a victory on the surface, and it is, but remember, the fact that we've put up with several years of this theater, and this fraud, and this hysteria, and the fact that the teachers' unions in Hollywood, all of them, want to aggressively keep masks on our children, but not even on themselves, is just a sign of this power cult, and what they're trying to do.
They want to cover our faces.
They want to train us to live basically under a form of biomedical sharia law, and it must and will stop.
Meanwhile, over in China, things have gotten even more nightmarish and dystopic with their ongoing lockdown, now 400 million under intense lockdown, and a giant martial law drill for the ages.
That's coming up as well on the other side.
Big broadcast lined up for you today.
It's Tuesday, April 9th, 2022, Patriots Day.
In defiance to tyranny and the World Economic Forum, the UN, the New World Order, big tech, the censors, the pedophile satanic left, embattled but stronger than ever, vindicated.
We are the Infowar.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Well, if you look over in China,
400 million people are under total martial law meltdown, not allowed to go to work, not allowed to farm, not allowed to produce, already creating massive famines in China and around the world.
Now 400 million are locked down, only intensifying.
This is the new world order in action.
Folks in Shanghai have been locked down for a month.
And this is video of them singing and basically having a group party between tower blocks and the police are running around telling them that they'd better stop.
All of this, an exercise in turning your country into a prison.
And China is the model to turn the entire Earth into a prison planet.
Is what they have in store for all of us.
This is in the Rockefeller plan, Operation Lockstep.
And China is a giant laboratory where they created the virus, where they released the virus.
And now all of us are suspect.
All of us are bad guys, except the biomedical government corporate fascist system.
And that's what this is.
If you're a radio listener, you're not seeing this.
Images of elementary students going to school in their biomedical hazmat suits, all complete, total theater, really massively abusing these poor little children into this tyranny.
But remember a few months ago here in the U.S.
The mandates were getting lifted by different states saying, no, we're not going to make elementary students wear masks when the masks don't work and zero children are dying from this lab-made bioweapon.
They were cheering and extremely happy when they got the news.
Starting tomorrow, we don't have to wear masks anymore!
This has all been an exercise, country by country, by the technocracy, from Australia to the US, from Canada to Germany, from China to South Africa, from Mexico to Brazil, from the UK,
To France to see how we'll behave and see what we'll put up with and see what we will submit to and to see how we can be censored and controlled and outside gatherings banned and medical doctors and scientists saying that the vaccine doesn't work and is dangerous being restricted.
All of it was a beta test for the next big move that's coming.
And that's why we're tomorrow's news today, next year's news today.
We have shown you out of the EU, out of the UN, out of Canada, out of the US, where the bureaucrats are planning it at the end of this year or next year.
They're bringing it back.
It's the post-industrial world, the build back better, cutting off the pipelines, cutting off the energy, cutting off the food.
Destroying the infrastructure to bring in the worldwide collapse, which they will then blame on global warming, and the depopulation on global warming, and the new diseases on global warming, when it's all being man-made.
This is the Extinction Rebellion writ large by this cult.
And if you're not aware of the environmental transhumanist terror cult, you are like a blind person hiking in the mountains.
You're going to fall off the edge of a cliff.
But if you have the understanding of the real agenda and who your enemy is,
We can all be aware of it and transcend it before it's too late.
China is an authoritarian police state.
They are deeply under its control.
But we have our systems and our checks and balances.
We're not perfect, but that's why we've been able to say no to this fraud and stop it.
But notice where it's a biomedical dictatorship.
It never ends because it's designed to never end.
It's designed to carry out the orderly collapse of society, the post-industrial world.
You hear Build Back Better, it means destroy civilization and build a technocracy on your ashes.
Now, you saw the school children months ago celebrating here in the U.S.
Here is the pilot, the flight attendant, and folks cheering on planes yesterday afternoon when the news came across that the federal government, a judge, had said, you don't have to wear a face covering anymore.
You think, oh, this is great, but imagine how far our mighty republic has fallen that we ever put up with this in the beginning.
Here it is.
It's over.
All right, so there you go.
We're going to go to break.
I'm going to come back with the military news and the economic news.
It's really serious.
And the electric car news, they're announcing basically nobody's going to make gasoline cars for 2026.
And so much more.
We've got a big broadcast lined up for you today.
Also, more and more pregnancies between two women in prisons, when it's really a biological man impregnating women, turning the prisons into basically birthing centers.
That's coming up as well.
But I want to just make, again, an announcement about what's happened the last 24 hours.
The corporate media and the Democratic Party law firms who admit they want to bankrupt us and shut us down have lied and said that we have all these tens of millions of extra dollars.
We're good to go.
Force this out in the open because I believe the lawyers are lying to the Sandy Hook parents who've already, you know, had the big paydays with Remington and the lawsuits and the big charities they have, but that they want the First Amendment now as well, the lawyers and the groups around them.
And so it's just not true.
And so I'm like, you know what?
We'll just do Chapter 11 so that this is all evidence.
So regardless of whatever rigged stuff they do with these juries or whatever, in the end, it'll go back to the federal court and reality will set in.
That said, I talked about this yesterday.
There's been a lot of press interest in it, so I'm going to get it out in the next day or so with a special report.
In Texas, they have filed, and the judge has said yes, for a million dollar sanction on me, where you get your attorney's fees before there's even a trial.
You're guilty, and they decide how guilty you are with a jury, and you get the attorney's fees before that.
It's never before been done.
In law, illegal.
Judge says they don't care.
That's how wild the liberal leftist weaponized judiciary is, and it gets worse.
It says when we are in the kangaroo trial, we cannot talk about the First Amendment or anything and have no defense.
Basically, we'll have to wear duct tape over our faces.
And this is what they're doing, and they're setting a precedent for everyone else.
This is authoritarianism.
This is what authoritarians do.
And when you see the whole corporate press celebrating it and saying, yay, shut down Alex Jones, it's because they see me as the archetypal Americanum populist.
That's how they see me.
And that's because they hate you, and they hate all of us, and they hate flyover country, and they hate Christians, and they hate capitalists, and they hate successful people, and they're a cult.
And so of course they hate me because I'm strong, and I'm well-spoken, and I'm truthful, and I have love in my heart, and you love me back, and you're amazing as well, and they want to try to silence us.
And I'll assure you, you're not going to silence me, ladies and gentlemen.
Because you will never let them silence me.
You will always take my information, and the reports, no matter what happens, if they kill me or put me in prison, you won't let them silence me because you're not going to be silenced yourself.
So I salute you and I thank you, but I want to encourage you.
To understand, we are maxed out here, and we need money to go through this bankruptcy and the rest of this stuff, and we will continue on.
You've got that pledge for me, but I need your help now.
Or you're basically giving up in the fight to these people.
I need you to go to infowarestore.com and get Rainforest Ultra back in stock.
We've got a flash sale on our amazing bone broth with the chaga mushroom and a really high-quality turmeric in it.
It's incredible.
It's a flash sale going right now at 50% off, one day only.
While you're at it, get an Alex Jones is Right t-shirt.
The Border Patrol estimates they're only capturing about one in eight that come across the southern border.
And last year alone, they captured 700 plus thousand, almost 800,000.
You can do the math on that.
That's almost 7 million people total.
And we have official numbers out today.
That's coming up next segment.
But let me just hit this information for you.
Here's the live show headline today, and I'm going to get into the articles themselves.
Tuesday Live International Monetary Fund slashes global economic outlook, confirms depression, mass starvation imminent.
Now they've run these operations around the world and put countries into debt and implode their economies by design, and third world countries then go from being developed countries into being undeveloped, or basically slave colonies.
And there's been many a congressional hearing on it, there's been books written on it, Economic Hitman, John Perkins, that's what they're doing.
Three factors which are about to make coming food shortages even worse.
Zero Hedge does an excellent job laying it all out.
The confluence of circumstances create a perfect storm for global food production.
And the perfect storm of what's happening there.
A lot of people have been pointing out that if you look at this, we have people like Bill Gates, who's always the consummate insider, positioning himself well before the next crisis.
And two years ago, it turned out he was buying up farmland all over the world, and I said, watch.
These lockdowns are going to cause food shortages, and he'll be positioned.
To then grow GMO and basically force you to eat it.
Well, here's a point that the folks on Twitter, Resist05, had to say.
Bill Gates is the largest investor in vaccines, and there's a pandemic.
Bill Gates is the largest owner of land in America, and there's a food crisis.
Bill Gates is the largest investor in renewables, and there's an oil shortage.
And they're forcing you onto them.
So here are some of the factors.
We've got the war in Ukraine.
We've got 400 million people in China that are under the lockdowns.
And we have massive fertilizer shortages all over the world.
And now bird flu is the worst it's ever been, wiping out bird flocks across the planet.
Forget about a soft landing.
What's the shape of the hard landing?
And it's an excellent article also at Zero Edge that lays it out.
And let's just put it to you this way.
It's not fun when you go to the doctor and you learn you got cancer.
Bad cancer.
And that's what we've got.
And then a lot of people in their lives will learn, hey, you got terminal cancer.
You'll be dead in six months.
And usually they're right.
So we have to get our affairs in order.
As I've always said,
I'm a canary in the coal mine, and that's why when you see us being taken down and really having big problems, that's just an indicator of the fact that the whole body's sick.
And you don't need me to tell you this.
But we're going to look back, like I said two years ago, on two years ago as a good time.
We're going to look back on today as a good time.
And I don't say that to scare you.
I say it because you better get right with God, and you better get ready now while you still can.
Because this has been an artificial program.
This is what the post-industrial world looks like.
And George Herbert Walker Bush in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, 30 years ago, did not sign on to that treaty to do this by 2030 for no reason.
And they said they would launch the collapse in 2020.
We're good to go.
This could be their Waterloo and they could be removed and imprisoned and punished and it'll be, you know, this great tyranny we defeated, we'll learn from it.
But if folks don't make this the central issue at their churches and at their legislatures and at their businesses, it's over.
And the good news is, my mom went to a big megachurch in Round Rock with friends this
This Sunday on Easter, and she said the place was so full it had overflowing big jumbotrons in the parking lot, and that the preacher was talking about the New World Order and the takeover, and how everybody's got to get ready and dug in and get prepared, and how the COVID was nothing but a power grab.
And I'm hearing that from listeners, and I'm hearing that from family all over the place.
So we need this information to become ubiquitous.
We need this information to be known everywhere so people understand who's doing it.
I know I harp on that.
But we've got better than a good chance if we're aware of this of stopping it.
We will.
There's no way the hell on earth that's going to be unfolding will continue if the people doing it are known and know they're going to get in trouble.
They can only do this by stealth.
And that's why they want to gaslight you while they arrogantly sit up there at the Davos Group bragging how they're doing it to you, but censor everybody with big tech that talks about it here in America and go, man, Senator Rand Paul's crazy.
He's talking about the Great Reset.
Oh, that Alex Jones, that Tucker Carlson, that Josh Hawley.
When we're talking about the real threat, it'd be like the Ukrainians.
Could they win a war if they didn't know it was Russians they were fighting?
Or didn't know what was going on?
No, you've got to know what you're up against, and that's very elementary, but I just showed you articles yesterday all over the news, Washington Post, New York Times, Financial Times of London, Bloomberg, saying we need dictators.
It's time to have dictators.
It's time to get rid of freedom.
It's time to get rid of free speech.
And then hundreds, not hundreds, excuse me, I don't want to lie to you, thousands of articles with just ecstasy-laden happiness that, oh, Alex Jones could be shut down, oh, Alex Jones and his empire could be taken down, oh, Alex Jones deserves it, he's got all that money, and they just lie and talk about product we bought.
And the money we paid for it as extra money.
Look, this money went out.
Where'd it go?
Well, where we fund ourselves.
We buy product.
That's how we fund 90 plus percent of our operation.
It was like, where did this 16 million go?
He's got it in his pocket.
No, it went to product to sell it to then fund our operation.
So they count the money going in and out between the supplement company my dad's got, Infowars Life, and Infowars.
And then they call that profit.
And of course, they know it's not profit.
I wish it was.
We wouldn't be begging for support.
But again, and the very people going along with this are going to wake up in a destroyed country with total crime and no birthright of freedom anymore and no due process.
But they don't care because they've lost touch with God.
They're lost people.
And the fact that the courts everywhere are this corrupt, not all of them, but more and more there's just outrageous judicial tyranny, no one denies that, is emblematic of everything else that's coming down.
So people ask me constantly, how do you take it?
How do you deal with it?
And I'm like, we're all on the same sinking ship.
How do you?
How am I taking it?
Do you understand what's going on here?
This is the planned world collapse!
Do you know what it's going to look like?
It's going to look bad.
You think crime exploding already is bad?
You think the border collapse is bad yet?
You think inflation is bad yet?
Folks, the New World Order did every bit of this.
The central banks did every bit of this.
And if you think Mexico is dangerous and scary, we're going to be way worse when we go belly up.
We are going into hell.
We turned our backs on God.
God turned his back on us.
That's what's important.
Get your soul right.
And get prepared.
Stay with us.
Well, as you know, I spent quite a bit of time here in the pre-war period.
And when the invasion happened, I had friends who were in Donetsk, who were in the Ukrainian army, who were writing to us and telling us, we're not going to survive tonight.
We've been hit 500 times.
You know, these are graduates of Defense Language Institute.
These are my friends.
And, you know, as the more I saw of the war going on, the more I thought, I'm done talking.
All right, it's time to take action here.
So about a month ago, I joined the International
That's MSNBC regular Malcolm Nance.
Telling everybody to go over there and get involved in a war that Zelensky says will last 10 years they're ready to fight.
The new Vietnam, Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, denies Russia would use nukes in Ukraine despite the fact that Zelensky keeps saying it with no evidence.
A British government now admits that their special air services soldiers are training troops on Ukrainian territory and guess what?
They've been doing it for at least eight years and helped overthrow the government before.
Which is why the Russians are so incredibly angry.
New national poll.
Republicans see Biden as being more harmful than Putin.
Think so?
And there's been so much incredible lying in the press.
I never got to this clip yesterday, but I'm springing this on the crew.
Will you guys queue up that German DW national TV piece?
It's like a 10 minute report, but there's a short clip in it.
Where they talk about medals being given to the people of Snake Island that didn't surrender to the battleship.
They don't even tell you, hey we lied to you and made that up as war propaganda, and knew it wasn't true, like the ghost of Kiev and...
All the rest of it, they just now, oh hey, here they are getting medals.
Here's the guy that was on the radio telling the Russians screw off on the very battleship later sunk by two anti-ship cruise missiles.
That hit the Moscow.
So, the Moscow didn't kill the civilians.
The Moscow didn't attack the military there.
The Moscow did no such thing on Snake Island.
But it doesn't matter, because people were already angry, because they've been told a big lie.
And that's how brainwashing works.
Is they don't care if you even learn the truth later, if you emotionally start hating the Russians or whoever the target is, and so later when it comes out it's a lie, you don't care, you're already going along with the disinformation.
Here's a clip from DWTV with the magic folks from Snake Island all alive getting medals.
The Moskva came to prominence at the start of the war.
Being told to go F itself when it tried to capture Ukraine's Snake Island in the Black Sea.
I propose to lay down your arms.
Otherwise, you will be hit.
Do you understand me?
I'm sick.
I'm sick as well.
Last month, the man behind those words was awarded a medal for his bravery.
Initially feared killed, he and other soldiers were taken captive before being freed in a prisoner exchange.
The Moskva was the main ship in Russia's Black Sea Fleet.
Its loss marks a significant reduction in Russia's firepower in the area and a huge symbolic blow for Moscow.
So, the United States is spending billions of dollars a month securing the border of Ukraine and fighting a war against the Russians.
And now Biden has announced the plan to send tanks, armored vehicles, and attack helicopters into Ukraine.
We're at war with Russia, folks.
And did Russia turn off our pipelines?
Did Russia open our borders?
Did Russia teach pedophile story time?
Did Russia censor American conservatives?
Look at this latest headline.
Over 221,000 migrants, non-illegal aliens, crossed southern border in March setting new record, says the Border Patrol.
But you know it's far more than that because they're catching maybe one in eight.
Texas Sheriff expects border is about to be overrun.
It's already overrun, but he means just completely be gone.
As the numbers are 10, 15 times even previous records.
NBC suddenly had an epiphany Monday, realizing that when Joe Biden lifts the 42 Health Authority on migrants crossing, Title 42 Health Authority on migrants crossing into the U.S., there will be a massive surge to the border.
No medical checks, no criminal checks, no checks to see is that your child with you, a totally lawless border.
But the airport wants to put its hands on your genitals.
They want you to wear a mask.
And the IRS wants to know everything you do in your bank account without a warrant.
But don't worry!
The illegal aliens don't have to take vaccines.
They don't have to wear masks.
They're always exempt.
After all, they said the UN's bringing them into the U.S.
and the UN doesn't want liability from the experimental shots.
That was in Reuters two months ago.
Oh, we can't give it to the illegals because it might hurt them.
This is only for the American people.
White House downplays terrorists crossing over the wide open border.
They're catching record numbers of them.
Also, when Psaki got demanded to apologize for her and Biden saying that the Border Patrol agents
Whipping their horses across the river.
That's what you do.
You spur the horses.
You hit them with the reins.
Because they don't really want to chase people and, you know, run through rivers so they can break their legs.
So you have to... And they went, oh look!
He's got a whip in his hand!
It's Django!
And of course it was Haitians trying to get into the KKK country.
Getting in to... No, no, ladies and gentlemen.
Well, it turns out none of it was true.
It was all a lie.
They've been found not guilty by the investigation.
Here is what the sheriff had to say about the collapsing border.
Border officials revealing more migrants crossed into the U.S.
in March than any other month since records were kept.
This has authorities brace for a massive surge after the Biden administration lifts a border restriction known as Title 42.
Julia Ainslie has late details.
Tonight, urgent warnings from the border, with the Border Patrol releasing these new images, saying a record 221,000 migrants crossed into the U.S.
last month.
Local officials expect that could soon double.
Numbers like that would be completely overwhelming to our community.
The surge is expected after the Biden administration decided to end a COVID border restriction called Title 42.
The Department of Homeland Security estimates more than 170,000 migrants are waiting in Mexico, planning to cross when Title 42 is lifted May 23rd.
What do you need from the Biden administration between now and May 23rd?
Plans would be helpful.
Commitment for additional funds.
Migrants who cross through the Rio Grande Valley come through this bus station in downtown McAllen.
And officials here worry that if the numbers get too high, it could overwhelm the bus station, the shelters, leaving people with nowhere to go and sleeping on the street.
We're asking them to reconsider, you know, lifting the Title 42.
Sheriff Eddie Guerra says he's been told by Border Patrol to have his officers on standby in case the ports of entry are overrun.
We're talking about, you know, the deputies dressed in their riot gear with their shields and their helmets and batons to keep the crowded bay.
The Biden administration is facing bipartisan criticism of its immigration policy, with 1.7 million illegal border crossings last year, an all-time record.
Okay, so notice the globalists bring in their collapse policy.
Now they're getting ready to get rid of Biden, so they blame him.
And he deserves blame, but he's like a captain under a general.
They get the blame, the globalists, the deep state.
The New World Order, the replacement migration of the UN, the Southern Property Law Center, the ADL, trying to silence anybody that exposes this.
They're bringing in a permanent underclass they control.
We'll be back with men getting women pregnant in prison.
Stay with us.
There's a war on logic.
There's a war on common sense.
There's a war on goodness.
Because an evil group of inbred families using behavioral psychology have a plan for humanity that's destructive, that's ugly, that's sad, that's humiliating, that's deadly.
So they need us to go against common sense.
They need us to go against our own instincts and our own connection to God to follow the destructive path that they have prepared for us.
They are the biggest control freaks this world has ever produced and we are facing down this tyranny today just as our ancestors faced other combinations and other permutations and this will be our finest hour if we simply take on the challenge and realize
We don't have any alternative.
Slavery and humiliation and turning our children over to pure evil is not an option.
The only option we have is getting informed, getting focused, and standing up.
Now for those of us who are the most prominent in this fight, and for those of us who are the most bold, the enemy is going to pull out all the stops and engage in a lot of manipulation and corruption to try to demonize us and silence us.
And as the lies and demonization and deplatforming and fraud backfire on the system, they're going to get more desperate and double down in their attempts to finally bully us into silence.
They're coming after me because they're coming after you.
That's totally true.
And InfoWars is a populist lighthouse in a deadly storm guiding in the ships.
We so many times, hell probably half the time, are the progenitor or the fount or the spring head of the awakening and the understanding of the globalist philosophy and how to beat them.
And for those of us that have been informed and awake a long time, a lot of people before I was born knew about this, but then it was less than 1 to the 1% that knew.
My grandfather knew.
My mother's father knew everything.
That would have been the real Alex Jones.
That guy was smart as hell.
A scientist.
Then it's secret stuff of the Pentagon, you name it.
But I'll leave it at that.
The point is that now a large portion of people know the truth.
20% or so.
And it's growing.
And whether you're in Africa or the subcontinent of India or whether you're in Eastern Europe, InfoWars is as hot as a white flame.
It is burning bright.
And that's
Twenty days, like yesterday, to dig out of the hole and be able to fight for years to come, despite all the things the left wants, to not shutter and shut down this command base, this mothership.
Now, I got a lot of powerful friends, and a lot of good people are awake now, and it takes time to get them going, but they will not silence me being on air.
But they could cripple some of the effectiveness and really, really, really delay us in things we're up to.
I'm not going to give the enemy our strategy or what we're doing, but there's a lot going on in Austin.
There's a lot going on in Florida.
There's a lot going on.
I'm advising a lot of top people, for the grace of God.
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Okay, let's move on to this.
Again, the brainwashing, the in-your-face gaslighting all over the country.
Well, there's more than 12 states, less than myself, like 13 states, 14 states, that have biological men in the prison cells with the women, raping them and having consensual sex.
And then they've got the nerve in the corporate media to gaslight us and say, oh, two women had a baby.
It was consensual.
Well, trans inmate impregnates two inmates at all woman's prison.
And it's a black dude with a ponytail.
And then here's the news.
New Jersey news.
Two women at New Jersey prison are pregnant after consensual sex between inmates.
I mean, two women!
They just sit here and brainwash us to accept all this tyranny.
New Jersey's women prison inmates pregnant after sex with transgender prisoner.
Trans prisoners impregnate two women inmates at all-female jail.
And then...
Tucker Carlson does an interview with a woman who thought she was a man, wasn't happy, went back to being her biological sex, and YouTube bans it because, well, you're not allowed to go back once you're in the cult.
Absolutely insane next level censorship that is going on.
It's happening in New Jersey.
It's happening in California.
It's happening again in 13 states.
Last number I saw.
And what's the whole scientific establishment's response?
Democrats are working with big tech on new censorship calls and new levels of censorship and debanking people with a social credit score they don't like.
I mean, wow.
Meanwhile, Brian Stelter, Humpty Dumpty came out and said, people don't play in the gutter.
Calls for more censorship on Twitter.
To which Jack Dorsey comes out and says, you are destructive and hurtful and you are a liar.
Talk about the worm turning.
People really get it.
Elon Musk threatens that once he takes over Twitter, he's going to fire the board that's got people on it that are members of the Bilderberg Group.
Absolutely insane.
Tomorrow's news today.
All right.
We have a special guest coming up.
We also have news on the exploding crime waves and the move to ban all gas cars by 2026.
That's only in four years.
That's coming up in hour number two and three today.
Please stay with us.
We're good.
Well, Dr. Lee Merritt's really a smart lady and medical doctor, and I want to get her take on what she sees happening with the COVID tyranny and more when she joins us coming up after this break here and this special report we're about to air.
And then after she leaves us, I'm going to open the phones up.
Like I did yesterday, and I'm going to hit the economic news and more of the military news, and then all of this Democrat news that we've got with Biden announcing he will run for president again.
Wow, can you imagine him even making it through the midterms, much less that, when he's being led around by the Easter Bunny?
That is all coming up, ladies and gentlemen, here today.
And remember, you're awake, you're informed.
You kind of take being informed like I do sometimes for granted.
The general public doesn't know what's going on, and they're desperate for the truth, and they're ready to be awakened right now.
That's why this broadcast is so important.
Because they're trying to bring the lockdowns back?
That's admitted.
We got to stop them.
Social media from the CCP rarely ever makes its way into American pop culture.
But in early 2020, they went viral with radical videos of forced quarantines and sealing people into their own dwellings with welding torches.
Were Americans showing all this to make our own lockdowns seem less devastating?
And if so, what are we to make of the new social media blitz coming out of Shanghai?
People are being starved in their own homes.
Their pets are being killed.
And it's getting so hellish that suicide is seemingly an everyday part of life now in Shanghai.
Just because things are feeling a bit more liberating in America doesn't mean the lockdowns are over.
How in the hell are these Democrats going to win an election without another lockdown?
They're already setting up the narrative and have invested in new mobile testing machines.
If you think Trump is somehow going to save you, even though he helped in the last lockdown and proudly gave birth to the deadly vaccines, he just sided with Dr. Oz.
The way I endorsed another person today, Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania.
Dr. Oz.
Great guy.
Good man.
Good man.
Harvard educated.
And Dr. Oz loves the CCP lockdown model.
And the Chinese numbers have dropped dramatically, which is fantastic news.
And it's also valuable for us to understand why they were able to do that.
If you look inside of Wuhan province, they had a catastrophe.
But outside the province, which of course they quarantined in the largest
We're good.
In trauma-based mind control, the abuser alternates between abuse and comfort, which forms a bond with the victim, known in pop culture as Stockholm Syndrome.
This might not work on you, but they are not doing it for you.
They want the majority on their side when they start arresting people like you for forced vaccination and, of course, gun confiscation.
China has a number of problems, two of which are that their complete lockdown, which was their approach, strictest lockdown that you'd never be able to implement in the United States, although that prevents the spread of infection.
I remember early on, they were saying, and I think accurately, that they were doing better than almost anybody else.
But lockdown has its consequences.
You use lockdowns to get people vaccinated.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Well, she has been hardcore for the last two plus years, day one, exposing the corrupt power grab that was the whole COVID-19 police state paradigm.
She's a medical doctor, Dr. Lee Merritt, and I wanted to get her on to talk about the state of the world, the 400 million in lockdown in China, these different health officials in Europe and the US and Canada saying lockdowns are coming back right after the election, and
The airport's putting in mask enforcement robots and permanent COVID facilities, but now saying, oh, you can take the mask off yesterday with this federal ruling.
I want to get her take on what she thinks they're going to pull next and how they're coming after doctors and free speech.
The Federation of State Medical Boards telling state boards to go after doctors for disinformation, which means questioning all the known lies that we were told that have been proven to be lies.
Number two, we'll talk about bio labs going back to 1991.
You can't shut down the labs, you have to defund the snake.
Why are these insiders not speaking about things that really matter?
What's going on?
And the whole snake venom angle that's out there.
She wants to get into that.
But first off, Dr. Lee Merritt, thank you so much for joining us.
Demonized and attacked by the corporate media for telling the truth, that the masks didn't work, the vaccine wouldn't work, that it wasn't a vaccine.
You've certainly been vindicated, you and many other prominent people, but what do you make of where we are now?
I see it as a global awakening, people pushing back.
They panicked with Joe Rogan and others getting on board, Tucker Carlson, and so they kind of backed off till our political resistance dissipates, and then they'll be right back at their attack again.
That is how they've operated in the past.
What do you think's happening right now?
Well, I hope that's right.
I hope that it was our, I hope it was the truckers standing up and us doing stuff.
I really think that's my hope.
But I have to say, you know, Albert Biederman, the psychologist that has Biederman's chart of coercion, how you coerce prisoners, and he developed that.
He wrote the book on brainwashing after the Korean War, after being asked by the government to look at what happened to our prisoners of war.
And essentially, you know, there's a sequence of events.
I mean, first you isolate people, then you monopolize their perception.
Think, you know, being locked in your house and watching CNN all day, all day, you know, people that might have watched it 30 minutes and then they became scared and then they, you know, and then you do other things.
You have nonsensical requirements, you know, stand six feet apart, a little government approved circle and wear a mask that nobody agrees that nobody believes works, things like that.
But then there's a point where one of the things in his chart of coercion is after you've really locked them down and you've taken away all their liberties, you give them a bit of freedom and they start to have hope and they start to feel better about things and then you lock it down again.
And that just demoralizes them terribly and makes them really bend to your will.
And I just hope that that's not what's going on, but I fear it.
Well, they admit that's exactly what's going on in the images out of China.
And I'm not even sure what the justification.
I mean, they're saying COVID.
You know, it's just hard to fathom.
I do think it's pretty funny when you look at the COVID numbers, and I haven't been on for a while to talk about this, but don't you think it's funny that the scientists are just all baffled?
That was actually in a headline.
Scientists and researchers baffled that Africa has such a low rate of COVID when they only have 5% vaccination in most countries.
That's right.
Africa had several thousand percentage points lower than the U.S., tens of thousands lower than Israel because none of them trusted the government, none of them took the vaccine.
Yeah, and now the scientists are baffled.
I mean, you know, at some point, it should be obvious to them, where the vaccine goes, death and destruction follow.
And we ask, why are the Africans so smart?
Well, they've been under IMF World Bank control, where the countries don't get the money unless they take the shots.
They've seen the effect of these global shot programs, and they run from the vehicles.
They run from the UN.
That's right.
And they've been experimented on.
I mean, you know, when we talk about things, you go back, this is all these emerging infectious diseases.
And, you know, after we got rid of our bioweapons labs, theoretically, after the treaty was signed in 73... Yeah, now they're called bioweapon research peace labs.
How to counter the bioweapon, they make the bioweapon.
Yeah, they have lots of acronyms for it.
DTRA, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Cooperative Threat Reduction, you go on and on.
It's always Threat Reduction.
If you see something named Threat Reduction, don't stand too close.
It's probably a bioweapons lab or some other similar facility.
But in Africa, in South Africa,
The South African Defense Force was running bioweapons research in the 80s and 90s and they were selling race-specific stuff to the Israelis.
Right, and we were involved in that.
Not officially, because officially we couldn't be involved and we signed the treaty, but do you think we just sat around and did nothing?
It's interesting, we also converted a lot of, like Fort Detrick became a cancer research facility.
They hide bioweapons research, people need to keep this in mind, under cancer research and under veterinary research.
The veterinary research right now is a big deal because of this avian flu that they're claiming is going to, I mean, this is now we're in the starvation phase of this, you know, of this war.
I said we're in a four-part war.
The first part was releasing a man-made bioweapon that was probably a contact pathogen, but we can debate that, but something came out that made people sick that we call the spike protein, spike protein syndrome.
But that didn't really do much.
I mean, it killed some people spectacularly, and then it kind of calmed down.
And then we go, yeah, right now, bird flu in Iowa.
So we'll get to that.
So the next phase of the war, phase two, was the fake tests and the psychologic operations.
And by the way, I saw you months ago saying on another show, that's what I've been trying to get you on, that you said bird flu's next.
How did you know that?
Well, that's what I'm talking about.
So phase three was a vaccine, and then phase four is they're sitting back and waiting to see what the death counts are.
And I got a text from a friend of mine six months, eight months ago, who said, watch Robert Kadlec.
He's coming to Kansas.
He's going to damage your food supply.
Now, you know, again, veterinary medicine has been a big deal for hiding bioweapons.
That's like Plum Island with zoological stuff.
They always have their zoological.
I mean, it goes back to the Japanese in Manchuria in World War II.
That was all couched under veterinary research.
But in Wisconsin, and it's a Japanese name that I'm blanking on now, but he was given a lot of money to research the pandemic of 1918 virus, which it's really a joke how even their logical thinking about this.
That's a deep hole.
But in any case, let's say he did get the virus, then they claim that that was gain-of-function research, it was used to mix that somehow with avian virus to come up with an avian flu that could be more deadly to humans.
And even the bioweapons people at some point, or these viral researchers, got a conscience and started speaking out against this.
I think that's what's going on, but to be honest, I don't think there's avian flu breaking out.
I don't think that's what it is.
They're testing using the same PCR tests that we took off the market.
Sure, sure, and the PCR test says a chicken or a turkey has it, they just kill the whole flock.
Right, and they kill the flock, and then they come after every flock in the area.
And it's also not in isolation.
Let's just think about, in addition to taking out the chicken flocks, they are now saying UP Railroad won't haul fertilizer in time for the spring planting season.
You know, what's the rule for that?
Are we worried about fertilizer disease now?
I mean, this is a starvation.
I tell people, do not wait to start a garden.
Do not wait to become self-sufficient.
Oh, you're right.
There's no doubt.
Every button, every lever they can push or pull to shut down energy and fertilizer and food, it is being turned off right now.
But the chickens are the things right now.
And I tell people,
That's why you have a sheriff.
Don't let them come into your county and do this.
Don't let them take out these birds on the theory.
Have them prove to you that there's an actual disease that we're dealing with.
It's all a giant power grab.
A precedent to kill and destroy and shut down whatever they want.
Yeah, industry warns.
You know, show me some proof.
It's just like Patrick King up in Alberta.
Show me the virus exists before you fine me.
Alright, Dr. Lee Merritt, stay right there, but it's clear.
Bureaucracies, governments, corporations are testing total control.
This is all a beta test.
There are powerful corporations in the world that want control of human development.
They want to make humanity a commodity, not just free men and women getting together and having families living our lives.
They want to not just make the crops GMO, they want to make us GMO.
It's a corporate takeover of the individual, of the human system.
And Dr. Lee Merritt, medical doctor,
Is here with us, laying all this out.
Also a Navy physician, giving her kind of that inside view to that before she was in private practice.
So continuing, what do you expect to come next?
And what can we do to not let them reinstate these lockdowns?
We know they're preparing.
Well, I mean, I mentioned that what they're coming after next is they're coming after the doctors.
And just like they came after, I mean, if we're going to be in a forced lockdown like Shanghai, we've got to have people to enforce it.
And I will tell you one of the ways they're going to do that.
When you get, I was just talking to a friend of mine that was a West Point graduate, what happens when you get rid of all the people in the army who are not going to take unlawful orders?
And it's unlawful to force vaccinate, to mandate a vaccine.
It's in the Code of Federal Regulations, you can't mandate an experimental vaccine on the troops, okay?
So those officers and senior enlisted and people that are not willing to take unlawful orders,
I don't know.
People that are willing to do illegal orders.
And you've got the same thing in medicine now.
No, but that's not... Let me just interrupt.
You're so right.
This is a sifting process to find biological androids, to find drones that will do whatever they're told to serve the system.
They'll be thrown away once they've been used.
It doesn't matter.
This is a testing process to see who will submit.
And the last two years of tyranny was just the beta test.
They're getting ready to go operational.
Please continue.
Well yeah, and that's what my, it was mindless.
My friend who had been an army officer said that you're going to end up with the mindlessly obedient, which I thought, I told him, I said can I save that term because that applies to the physicians too.
You know, the physicians that are speaking out,
Are basically saying, you know, don't kill people with Remdesivir.
Don't run out and take a vaccine that's experimental, that we don't know anything about.
We've got some other treatments.
Consider hyperbaric oxygen.
Consider these other things that work.
We can prove to you this works.
Here's the literature.
I mean, this is not outrageous claims that we're making.
But they're considering this misinformation and disinformation, so once you de-license all of us, then what you're going to end up with are the doctors that follow state orders.
And we've seen this before.
I mean, you know, if you want Mengele, if you want the Nazi system of medicine, that's what you're going to end up with.
Now the way that they're doing it, and I'm sure this is true to a lot of industries, but the way they're doing it is important to understand for medicine because we as physicians are not going to be the ones that save ourselves for the most part.
We've got to have people.
It's really taking away patient rights.
When we're gone, all you're going to have are the order followers, so it takes away your rights to other
Thanks for watching!
And I've heard from doctors in hospitals, the reason they cannot go against the mandated protocols is it's artificial intelligence driven.
It's AI.
They don't have anybody to complain to.
It's not like the chief of staff.
They can't go and say, no, this is an AI that's given to them.
Which is programmed by them for what they want, but they still blame it.
Oh, we didn't do it.
The AI did it.
I mean, at some point,
People that are worried, there are some people speaking out now anonymously because they're afraid of losing their jobs and it's all I can say to them, I just want to say, let me get this right, you're afraid of losing your job at Auschwitz.
You know, that's kind of where we are right now.
But how they did this, people think that the state medical boards is there for your safety, that somehow by licensing physicians they weed out the bad guys.
No, by licensing physicians they weed out the narratives they don't like.
And what they've done is the state medical boards now are taking orders, essentially, from a new lobbying group.
I don't remember.
It's 10 years, 15 years old.
The Federation of State Medical Boards.
And these guys make guidelines and courses for medical board executives.
It's a private lobbying organization.
But it represents the state's attorneys who work for medical boards.
So here's what they say.
This is what they say that we're doing that we should lose our license for.
Get ready for this.
Physicians who generate and spread vaccine misinformation or disinformation are risking disciplinary action by state medical boards, including the suspension or revocation of their medical license.
They must share information that is factual, scientifically grounded, and consensus driven.
Now, consensus driven, science doesn't proceed by consensus.
That's the opposite of science.
Oh, there's a consensus, the world's flat.
You've got to say it's flat or you're going to be kicked out of your job.
Right, so years ago you had the t-shirt that said we're all Alex Jones now and you were exactly right and I bought one of your t-shirts so I wore it because it's coming to us next and here it is so maybe I'll have to have a t-shirt made for you that says we're all Dr. Lee Merritt now.
Yes ma'am.
It's basically they're criminalizing speech.
Come on now.
I do like what Elon Musk recently said, that if you allow people you don't like to say things you don't agree with, then we've got free speech.
This is not being generated because we're harming patients.
The boards are not getting complaints about our patients.
The boards are taking the orders of this higher up.
And this is just what happened in Nazi Germany.
This is what happened in Russia.
Big Pharma wants full control of the medical profession to carry out its operations.
Well, that's right.
And it's involved in that.
And it just saw the medical system
Yeah, and you asked about what do we do?
You know, the bottom line is you can't give an inch anymore.
We never could, but people were willing to kind of compromise some things, thinking this would go away.
It's not going away, guys.
We have to, you know, don't ever put a mask back on.
They're not healthy for you anyway.
You know, for whatever reason, don't take any vaccines from these people.
You know, I have people say to me, well, I'm not going to take the COVID vaccine.
What about those shingles or something?
I said,
Really, I'm not, I don't want to buy toothpaste from these psychopaths.
Do not take their vaccines.
You know, we don't know what is in them.
Yeah, I'm glad people are clapping.
Yeah, they censored us, they silenced us, they covered up the bad effects.
I wouldn't buy a glass of ice water from them.
You can't trust anything they do.
Well, and the ice water is a good point, because, you know, with all this stuff about watch the water, it's the one thing you could poison would be bottled water, you know, so there's maybe some truth to that.
All this stuff that comes in cans, all of our canned foods, all of our foods that have labels that have, you know, they've been slowly poisoning us for years, whether it was fluoride, it was bromine as a stabilization in wheat, we used to have iodine, which was a good thing, but after World War II,
You know, suddenly we had bromine.
What was that all about?
It's a toxic halide.
So they've been putting bad things in our food.
So anything that's processed by man is dangerous.
Thank you, Big Pharma, Big Ag, together.
This is a real cult.
That's right.
Dr. Lee Merritt, stay right there.
Let's come back and get into those other subjects.
You wanted to get into the labs and the snake venom and more.
Dr. Lee Merritt is our guest.
Amazing Lady of the Medical Rebel.com.
TheMedicalRebel.com, Alex Jones with InfoWars.com.
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Dr. Lee Merritt, going back to you now.
Well, I honestly have to say, I
I don't know.
Snake venom like chemical and it's used in the times of oxidative stress.
And what they discovered at the University of Arizona is that in people that were getting really, really sick with COVID, then they had more of this.
They had quite a bit more than people that were recovering from COVID, whatever we think COVID is, but that's what they discovered.
And so from there, it kind of went from paper to paper to paper.
But I really think the bottom line here is that
That snake venom is actually been used for medicinal purposes.
And there's a big difference.
Let me just make this point.
Regardless of whether or not there is some hidden snake venom somewhere, the ability to put it in a water system is nil.
First of all, the amount of snake venom it would take to kill somebody, that's called the LD50, the dose at which it kills 50% of the animal or the human that we're talking about.
When you inject it like a snake bites you, or you inject it through a needle, is one thing.
To then, to swallow it is a totally different issue.
Your body breaks it down, it gets destroyed in the stomach acid, you'd have to give a huge whomping dose.
And, you know, I looked at this, having looked at bioweapons issues since the 1980s, I can tell you that there's a reason the Soviets didn't look at, seriously, that I know of, poisoning our water supply.
And the reason is because it's almost impossible to do.
Just so people understand what they should be and should not be worried about.
You would have to go to every city, every little town, to put something in the water.
We're not all connected, that's number one.
Number two, you'd have to either subvert or subdue or bribe or somehow the people that are involved in the water
Sure, snake venom doesn't replicate, it's not the right weapon.
So I'm just wondering why this story's been pushed so much and why it's out there.
Now, what I'm going to say... The real problem you're going to get at, as we know, this was said before even COVID was released, it's electromagnetic, it's the 5G and all the radiation.
Isn't that the main cause of all the sicknesses?
I think that's what we got to be looking at.
And so what I'm wondering is how much of this, not due to him, but maybe due, you know, it's interesting that he got a call from somebody that said, you know, what about venom or anti-venom?
And then... They're desperate to get us off the bio lab.
They're desperate to get us off of electromagnetic.
Stuff, yeah.
I would be, like I say, really, if you want to be concerned about something, the thing you could poison, and I'm not saying that they're above this, is your bottled water.
It turns out bottled water has less stringent
Testing requirements than your tap water.
You are better off with filtered tap water than you are with even the best quality top brands of bottled water.
So that's that's the bottom line here.
You know, it could be done, but it'd be very hard to do anything in the water.
So I think what we're what we really need to pay attention to is, you know, in a worldview, we always thought that we were worried and what the and I think we've been just we've been led astray into this worldview.
That we were worried about that there are terrorists out there and there are bioweaponers out there and someday enough of them will get together that there'll be an overlap and they'll talk and they'll coordinate their efforts and we'll have some cave somewhere making bioweapons kind of like this.
And let's explain this.
Governments are all obsessed with this because they're obsessed with power.
This is really the keys to the future.
That's why they keep doing this.
Right, and so it turns out we're not dealing with terrorists, small numbers of people in a cave somewhere making a bioweapon.
What we're dealing with, who knew, is kind of this rich, globalist, occultist, pedophile network that has 80-90% of the corporate world wealth, and within that they can fund these biolabs.
Now, you know, and we as taxpayers, I'll tell you what I woke up to because I was at a Freedom Law School event and I started it by saying, you know, I just woke up to the realization that all my life I've paid taxes so that our government could pay for bioweaponers to then develop a pathogen or a toxin to kill my children.
You know, I'm kind of over that.
To be honest, that's what happened.
So if you go, the bioweapons, we've been dealing with bioweapons and studying this stuff since the First World War.
But it really kicked off, I have to say.
It seems to me there was a real big acceleration in the early 80s.
And ever since then, this whole talk about Ukraine and how everybody's surprised, what we really should be asking is, why are these people that have been part of DARPA, BARDA, you know, the biologic aspect of kind of like DARPA, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, all these different agencies, why
Are they not coming?
Why did they not come forward when this whole thing broke out in Wuhan and say, hey, by the way, did you know there were bioweapons labs surrounding the Russian Federation all over the place from these old Soviet?
It isn't just Ukraine.
There's there was and we've known about it because in 1991, you can go back and you can look the Nunn-Lugar Act.
The Nunn-Lugar Act designated 400 million dollars a year for four years for us to go over, our people, our staff, our specialists to go over and take over in the guise of cooperative threat reduction, CTR at that time, to go over and take over these bioweapons labs in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan,
The Lugar Lab, actually they named one after Senator Lugar.
The Lugar Lab was in Tbilisi, or is in Tbilisi, Georgia.
Well that's what frustrates me is these labs were all bragged about in the Washington Post and Obama funding them in Georgia, in Ukraine.
And they turn around and go, it's an insane conspiracy!
They don't exist!
It's all a lie!
Well, and it goes back even further.
They can't admit it because this is really ugly.
What I'm saying is they will admit in articles how great the labs are, then when we point them out they say they don't exist.
I know.
I know.
It's the disinformation, counter-intel.
But they know they exist.
I remember in 2000, this is a DNA war.
This is what I've been telling people.
We were in this weird DNA war.
They never name wars until after the fact, but I call it the Great DNA War Against Humanity.
I agree with you.
We're good to go.
As Dr. Lee Merritt said, the great DNA war is here.
What is the DNA war?
What are the world's ruling elites engaged in?
What is this biomedical tyranny?
Dr. Lee Merritt.
Well, and some of this is my opinion.
The first part is my opinion, then I'll tell you the facts.
My opinion is that if you really look at the world, there are groups of people that have kept their bloodlines pure for millennia.
You know, we thought it was cute when the royal houses, for example, all made sure that they looked at Burke's peerage before they got married, right?
What was that really all about?
You know, it's kind of like the Old Testament has the who begat who begat who.
They want to know exactly where you come in there, what bloodline you're from.
Well, now we have DNA testing and back in, I remember back in 2000,
There was a push, the Chinese complained that some guys from Harvard were over in China scavenging the Chinese DNA.
Of course, we denied it, but they went out, the Chinese subsequently went out, and they bought over 50% of the world's fastest genetic sequencers, and they're under a project now to sequence a million animals, a million plants, and a million people.
And then the next thing I remember was in 2017, Putin, and I remembered when this happened because I just thought it was weird.
Putin complained that there was some military or some Americans over there sampling DNA from pure Slavic people.
They had to make sure it was pure Slavic people.
So they wanted a race specific bio oven?
Yeah, very, very specific.
They're looking at it.
Now, more recently, the Chinese have gotten caught sampling the Uyghurs' DNA.
So, you know, everybody's into this game.
Well, then you started seeing news articles come out that bioweapons could be designed to kill only people of a particular race, okay?
And at one point they said that the chiefs of countries, the presidents of countries around Europe and Asia were worried that the Americans had a way of preserving Obama but killing all their leaders.
You know, by DNA targeting... Sure, we caught the communist Chinese through the YouTube head's citrus company getting DNA and that was later confirmed.
They're really doing this.
Right, they're really doing this.
And remember when they, talking about conspiracy theorists, they called us conspiracy theorists when they would say to, you know, people would ask me if I thought the PCR was safe, and this idea that, well, you're giving them your DNA when you get a PCR test, right?
We were concerned about that.
Well, what happened is, in England, there's a company called Signpost, spelled with a C-I-G-N, Signpost, and they got caught selling three and a half million PCR tests with its DNA to outsourced companies.
By the way, you were on a year and a half ago and you said these PCR tests are getting your DNA.
Just three months ago it came out they were saving the DNA all over the world, confirmed illegally doing it, totally vindicated again Dr. Merritt, and again so much is happening we just moved past that.
But remember, you know, people remember 123andme and Ancestry.com, the new thing of sending in your blood and getting your DNA.
In other words, they got us all, I didn't do it, but they got people to become part of this.
They wanted to know.
What it looks to me like is for 20 years... Is a map for a race-specific bio attack.
They were making a map.
They had to determine what's different about our DNA than everybody else's DNA and how can we exploit that.
Well, it turned out to be the ACE2 pathway.
And the ACE2 pathway is what this spike protein hooks into with an electromagnetic bond.
It's a chemical bond.
And not everybody hooks in the same.
So it turns out if you're a white European accepting Finnish, you have, and I'm going to talk in little different numbers than the electromagnetic bond, but this is the upregulation in one of the papers.
It's called new insights.
I think?
Thank you.
And then it drops way down to Asians and Finnish.
It turns out the Finnish are from the Korean peninsula, who knew?
But they have the same binding affinity that the other Asians do.
Oh, that's right.
Even their language is Asian.
They've now reverse engineered it.
So it's Northern Whites and Africans and then Asians below that.
So it's a bioweapon, a race-specific weapon.
And then you get to the bottom, which is zero, and it's this group called the K26R.
Now, I probably am K26R, because as it turns out, as I said, the Royal Houses are probably K26R.
This is the group, the group that brought us this nightmare, I hate to say it, it's somewhat identifiable, but not completely, because this is a group that was all over the place, intercalated into all other societies, but it's the Royal Houses, it's the big banking houses, it turns out the Amish
The Ashkenazi Jewish population.
But again, it's not that everybody in these populations are evil.
It's that the people that are doing this, though, are in these populations.
They have this K26R genetics and they've kept it good.
You know, most of us don't... So tell us what that genetic manifestation is.
Well, and it's that they have zero binding of the spike protein relative to this 56% that we do.
So, and the only reason I, and it's a mitochondrial DNA
Yeah, I think so.
So, that's how this works, and it's a little bit creepy, but I think that's what's going on.
And this thing is targeted, and it may not make a huge difference in terms of people getting sick.
I actually talked to Dr. Zelenko about this, because he has a high... because the Ashkenazis are... the Ashkenazim are part of this.
And I asked him, did he see a difference?
But the problem he has is his entire population when he was treating people during the outbreak were Ashkenazim.
And I was in the opposite side of the world where none of my people were Ashkenazim.
So we didn't have anything to compare it to.
But it may not be a big deal for getting sick because there are so many other factors, but it may be a big deal for sterility because we know that this spike protein in the vaccine is targeting
The testicles, the ovaries, and your spleen, and I think those are the big three.
We know also that women are being shed on, are having menstrual irregularities, miscarriages, we're having a lot of stillbirths, a lot of problems from this whole vaccination program.
It may be that you're not spared getting sick at all, but you are spared having your children be sterilized by this, and we may not be.
This is the... it's a really biblical kind of issue here, I think.
It's really ugly.
And like I say,
You know, my neighbor, for example, down the street, she's Mormon with six kids, but genetically she did one of those heredity things, and genetically she's a hundred percent Ashkenazi.
She and her five kids that look like her did not get sick at all last year, kind of like me, and then her husband and one boy that looks like him did.
Who knows?
I mean, that's not a
Study, that's an anecdote.
But I'm just saying, there's something to this because they've gone incredibly out of their way to search around in a very select, you know, when Putin complained about this in 2017, what he said was, he said, when they kind of said, oh, you're just overreacting, he said, this is being done quite professionally.
We seem to be a subject of interest to them.
And it was being done quite professionally.
So this was not for nothing.
I also learned just recently from a Brigadier General in the Air Force that did you know the Air Force had, they're the number one service for genetic sequencers and I mean I guess I shouldn't be surprised by anything now but I guess I'm surprised that our
The whole future of the world, as Dick Cheney wrote 20 years ago in Rebuilding America's Defense of the PENAC, is going to be race-specific bioweapons, so they can create a bioweapon even down to the individual
So they're classing these weapons, they're preparing these weapons, they want to knock out Western Europe, they want to knock out Africa, so it's the perfect weapon to depopulate Africa while knocking out Western Europe that wants to promote freedom, and then the globalists and the chi-coms take over.
Dr. Lee Merritt, thank you so much for the time today.
In 30 seconds, closing comment.
Well, remember the PNAC said to us that now that we have specific genotypes we can target, that it will transform biologic warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.
These are our own people saying that.
Hold on, don't hang up.
Do five more minutes with us and I'll let you go.
And then we're going to take calls after that.
I'm opening the phone system up right now.
We'll do five more minutes with Dr. Lee Merrick, and then we will go to your phone calls straight ahead.
But what an incredible hour.
Race-specific bio-warfare.
How do you release a bioweapon that will kill everybody, but not if it's race-specific?
And there's been massive studying on it.
Nick Cheney wrote back in 2000, in April of 2000, they wanted to develop these things and deploy them.
And now we know COVID-19 and what it does targets Northern Europeans and Africans.
And exempt some other groups below it.
What an incredible time to be alive.
So why are the Chinese locking their cities down?
To make sure they don't go to work to collapse our economy.
This is a very sophisticated program and no doubt, you're right Dr. Lee Merritt, the evidence shows this is a documented first use of race-specific bioweapon.
What can you add to folks in closing on this incredibly important subject?
Well, don't blame just the Chinese for the outbreak here, because when we look at this, there was in 2016, I believe it was, there was actually a seminar, and there's a book written about it, a big seminar on gain-of-function research.
And this talked about, in there, you find the biography of Dr. Michael Callahan.
He's an infectious disease guy at Harvard.
And I'm not trying to drop a dime on him, but the fact is, is that in 2002, or somewhere around there, he was sent over to spearhead these Soviet bioweapons labs that now were in the hands of us, basically, when the Soviet Union fell in 91.
Then after that, all these socialist republics were starved for money.
We went over and we fed money to these guys.
We took over the bioweapons labs, we staffed them, and we experimented on their population.
We have the contracts, we have the contractual agreements to be held harmless if people got killed or died by being guinea pigs in our study.
And what it says is, what his role in here was to quote, reconfigure former biologic weapons production facilities in the former Soviet Union
To accelerate drug and vaccine production, and he was put in charge of gain-of-function programs for viral agents at these facilities.
Additionally, one of the things that they were doing is they were looking at bat coronavirus.
They were categorizing bats, 10,000 species of bats.
It was a USAID EcoHealth Alliance got together to do this.
And one of the things that Callahan published with a Thai
We're good to go.
Frank Plummer up in Winnipeg, Ralph Baric in North Carolina, Dr. Shi and Dr. Hsu and all these other guys from the Woolong Lab coming over and working in our lab in Fort Detrick.
We've got labs all over Africa.
We've got labs all... I mean, again, my conclusion from this is that we normal people our whole lives have been working thinking we were free and we were working and paying taxes so that the psychopaths
Uberlords in charge of this world could fund these guys to poison us.
What can it be for?
Is there anything other than depopulation and transhumanism that you can come up with?
I can't.
That's why my new background for my talks is this DNA behind me.
Because they're not killing everybody.
They've got to have some robotic humans to continue to work and be serfs.
And I think that's the transhumanist agenda.
But we'll get out of it.
We're going to win because we're human.
And that is, it gives new meaning to some of the biblical points about the blood.
And I think that we have something they want.
We have something that only humans have.
We have a direct connection with God.
And I think that's through our DNA, which is why they want to alter it.
That's right, electrochemical control.
Dr. Lee Merritt, amazing interview.
Thank you so much for the time today.
Join us again soon.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Thanks for having me on.
Wow, that was a powerful hour, and it's live, and the censors can't stand the fact that millions of people are tuned in right now.
What really scares them is that once it's archived at Bandot Video, you remember this, and you go there, and you get it, and you share it, and then millions more see it.
And then if they share it, millions more see it.
And then they share it millions more, and they're so afraid of that chain reaction that overrides their evil, wicked, scientific attack on humanity.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Well, she did it again.
Taylor Lorenz, the journalist who cried on camera about suffering PTSD over criticism of her journalism.
Oh, sorry, no, I mean bullying and harassment, has just doxxed another private citizen in a hit piece for the Washington Post.
Meet the person with the least self-awareness in the entire world.
You feel like any little piece of information
That gets out on you will be used by the worst people on the internet to destroy your life.
I'm so sorry.
You're fine, you're fine.
It's overwhelming.
It's really hard.
Her latest cry-bully target, Libs of TikTok.
Yeah, Taylor's latest courageous act of intrepid journalism was to stalk and track down the family of the owner of the Libs of TikTok account in an attempt
To dox her identity.
Lorenz proudly informed Ron DeSantis' press secretary how she was planning to expose the woman behind the Libs Up TikTok account.
Expose her for what?
All she does is post videos of leftists inanely ranting on TikTok.
If your ideology is so progressive, tolerant and wise...
Why is it necessary to weaponize a huge legacy media outlet owned by a literal billionaire to target someone merely for amplifying that ideology?
Quote, several teachers have been fired as a result of being featured on the account.
But wait, according to you lot, cancel culture doesn't exist.
According to them, whenever the mob gets a conservative fired, it's just taking responsibility for their words and actions.
How is that any different from the role performed by Libs of TikTok?
No, it's not okay when you do it!
Taylor Lorenz is about to expose the private citizen behind some anonymous account on Twitter, and when people criticise her for it, she and her friends will claim Taylor is the real victim, and anyone criticising this type of journalism will be guilty of causing her trauma.
Only the narcissists in corporate media could take someone who grew up in Greenwich Wealth and Swiss boarding schools, who regularly harms the lives of ordinary citizens with their massive journalistic platform, and tell the public she's the victim and can't be criticised.
This is the framework corporate journalists are trying to construct and force you to accept.
They can criticise, expose, bully and destroy anyone they want, no limits.
They're journalists.
You can't criticise how they use their power.
That's harassment.
Lorenz then literally showed up on the doorstep of Libs and TikTok's relatives to harass them.
This from the woman who cried on TV about harassment.
I'm so sorry.
It's fine, it's fine.
It's overwhelming.
It's really hard.
This from the woman who literally tweeted, quote,
Taylor Lorenz, showing up to people's homes and calling their family because of a name on Twitter account.
Virtually the entire article that Lorenz then published in the Washington Post, exposing Libs of TikTok's name and location, is just whining about how effective the account has been in derailing the groomer agenda.
Oh, but it's to protect the alphabet people, who are apparently so downtrodden, they require anyone who makes fun of them to be made an example of by one of the most powerful institutions in America.
Oh my God, so downtrodden.
Lorenzo's previous greatest hits include exposing the identities of Pamela Geller's young daughters, who weren't even political, and who had been previously targeted, along with Geller herself, by Islamic terrorists.
But remember,
Taylor Lorenz is the real victim.
It's really hard.
This is Savannah Hernandez in downtown LA.
I keep reading articles of people walking to parking garages and getting harassed and attacked.
Let's go see if that's true.
I walk from that parking garage over to work every single day, and just last month I was chased by a homeless man carrying a tree branch.
I was very lucky to make it into the courthouse in time, so... I do the same walk, except I was actually in my car, what was this, like a couple weeks ago?
And a homeless guy tried to get into my car.
Luckily my doors were locked, but...
I've had a couple co-workers who felt threatened at one time by some homeless individuals, but it was reported and we took some steps to walk to the train station as a group, but that's about it.
Being followed is, like, really common.
Home people, they'll follow you.
Like, I had a guy, like, follow me home from school until, like, the last block from my house, and then he left.
And then it's, like, you know, that's, like, a big problem over here that, like, even no matter what age you are, you're still gonna get followed, and, like, there's a lot of kids around here.
Yeah, there's homeless people around.
There's not much we can do about it.
The city's been trying to do something about it, but they don't seem to be getting much traction on it.
You get out of town, you're gonna have homeless people, you're gonna have crackheads.
Are you guys kind of just used to the homelessness?
I mean, what do you guys think about it?
I've gotten pepper spray and just try to stay as safe as we can with as little as we can and not be too threatening to the homeless population because we are sympathetic to a lot of their issues, but at the end of the day, public safety comes first.
If people want to do crack, let them do crack.
I haven't experienced any crime.
I've been pushed by a homeless person, but it wasn't really a crime, just kind of a... Like into the street or...?
Yes, into the street.
Skid Row is growing and further from its Skid Row sort of bounds like it's just everywhere now.
It definitely expanded since the pandemic started.
I think it got bigger and you can see larger areas affected by all that now too.
How do you feel Gavin Newsom's doing as your governor?
Um, I mean, yeah, it's a complicated question.
Um, I like, I mean, so I work in education, so I like some of the things he's done for, like, our budget in that regard, for higher education.
Um, but I think in terms of, like, actually addressing issues of homelessness, um... Alright, that's just part of this really powerful report that is at Bandot Video and at InfoWars.
And that is watch California residents terrified by homeless population.
That's what InfoWars is financing.
That's what InfoWars is keeping on the air is dozens and dozens and dozens.
I don't know.
And support InfoWars.
We're going to go to break and come back with Greg and William and Doug and Steve and Jack and Rudy and Kareem and Alex and Jay.
Those are the calls we're going to take.
And then that's it.
Because we've got a big guest host joining us with the whole Biden plan to implode America and how to stop it.
So stay with us in the fourth hour today.
We're going to go to break and come back and go right to your calls.
But first off,
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have declared reorganization bankruptcy because I am stuck between Connecticut and Texas and out of control state courts that are just doing insane things to us and unprecedented things to us.
And I'm like, what you're saying, is it true?
Bring in the federal court, bring in a reorganizer, see that this isn't true, and we'll see what happens.
But regardless,
If we don't have funds to operate and funds to fight this stuff on going, it's a foregone conclusion that I'm going to shut down.
I'll still be here and I'll still do interviews, but InfoWars command base and all these reporters like Greg Reese and Savannah Hernandez and everybody, they're not going to be getting paid.
They're not going to have that platform or they're not censored at Bandai Video that's reaching 4, 5, 6 million people a day.
That is invaluable.
So don't let the bullies shut down speech.
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So here we are live, still on air in defiance of globalist oppression and censorship reaching millions of people.
What a beautiful thing.
God is real and you're real out there.
I'm your host Alex Jones on this live Tuesday, April 19th, 2022 Patriots Day Transmission.
We're going to go to Greg and so many others right now.
Greg in Pennsylvania.
Thanks for calling.
You're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
I've been listening to you for 19, 20 years.
I have about, I don't know, probably 40 of the products I've bought from your site.
Thank you.
And I want to just, I want to say to your listeners, I am a repeat customer and you buy quality from your site and I appreciate that.
I've done comparisons and tried other products, but you do sell quality products.
Alex, I really want to thank you for your work.
You do God's work in so many different ways, and I just want to thank you for that.
Well, I want to thank you for keeping me in the fight, Greg.
I appreciate you, too.
Alex, I'm a truck driver.
I came onto a daylight shift a little over two years ago.
I drove nights for about 26 years, and I couldn't see a lot at night because it was all night.
And I drive straight across the state of Ohio every day.
And I watched these 5G towers being constructed and upgraded, and it's kind of synergy, because I heard Dr. Merrick on your show months ago talking about the 5G being the real weapon, and it just confirmed what I was looking at.
These towers, if you look at them, and I encourage any driver who's listening, look closely at these towers.
There is a substation at the base of every one of these towers and it's like a little power plant and and the wiring is there's 16 to 24 fat cables going up these these towers and um they they are not for cell phone use they they are for some much much more and uh I don't care you know I was talking to a guy and he told me that though they're just 80 watt you know or 80 amp
And I'm like, well, 80 times 24, you know, do the math on that.
You could power a small plant or a small town.
That's what I was told 25 years ago.
I was told by a big engineer who came out and visited me at the local TV studio and he said, they're using the Doppler radar to ionize the atmosphere like HAARP and control the weather.
And then 20 years later, like five years ago,
They come out in mainstream news and admit Doppler radar, but with like 10 times the power, is used to control the weather.
I have articles admitting 5G can manipulate the human brain.
So absolutely.
You're absolutely right.
They're everywhere.
I mean, they are every mile or two.
I mean, I can see two or three of them at all times coming across the planet.
Yeah, they got a grid to just literally turn people off.
They can maybe just have a convulsion if they want.
They put weapon systems in everywhere.
When Dr. Merritt... They're hiding inside the light poles, everything.
Yes, yes.
They're starting to put the poles up that the wiring is all inside of them.
You know, so it's really something that... It's an alien takeover, brother.
You can call it what you want, but it's definitely anti-human.
Thank you, Greg.
Great points.
All right, who's up next?
Alex in Florida.
You're on the air.
Hey, Mr. Jones.
What's going on?
Man, just living the crazy time.
Yeah, I'm right there with you, brother.
I'm a proud founding member.
I love the coin.
The coin is absolutely gorgeous.
We're able to stay on air.
Thank you.
Everybody that's a founding member is going to be part of something special.
Well, hey, quick plug, too, man.
I was going through some really bad back pain the other night.
So bad I couldn't fall asleep.
And my fiancee reminded me.
She's like, hey, you want to take some bodies?
And I was like, oh, you're right.
You know, we have.
Give me two bodies.
And I took two of them along with Down and Out.
30 minutes later, I was sound asleep, pain-free, woke up the next morning feeling great.
So thank you again, because Bodies is fantastic.
We can sell a normal turmeric, but you got to take time to ask more.
Well, thank you.
This is the strongest curcuminoid compound out there.
We're very proud of it.
So thank you.
Oh, a thousand percent.
Well, the reason why I called in, sir, is because, you know, it started with the Second Amendment.
I believe it's going to end with the Second Amendment.
One of the first purchases I ever made from you years ago was Les Adams, the Second Amendment primer.
And I started reading it again a few days before the shooting in New York.
And the reason why I'm bringing this up is, you know, my fiance, she's Vietnamese.
And it looked like it was, you know, a bunch of Asians that were targeted during that New York thing.
And that's why her and I go nowhere without our Second Amendment underneath our shirt with our concealed carry.
And she is extremely proficient in it.
And I just want to let everybody know who can hear my voice.
That is why precisely.
I don't know.
It's the first page in the book.
It says,
I wanted to bring that to everybody's attention, because now, more than ever, you should be getting out there, women especially.
My lady goes nowhere without it.
I go nowhere without it.
It's fun, too, and it's a conversation starter, and it's really, honestly... No, brother, it's beautiful, and thank you so much, Alex, for your testimony.
Alright, let's go ahead and take another call here.
We have a caller who was fired from their job.
Steve in Canada.
Fired from their job for not taking an experimental injection.
That company violated the Nuremberg Code.
Steve, tell us what happened.
Well, basically they wanted us to take two vaccines.
Two vaccines.
Either one of, I think it was Moderna and Pfizer.
And they had papers around the cafeteria and they showed us, okay, by this day you have to be vaccinated so you can have the second shot.
And I didn't do it, because I don't want to, because I know I've been listening to you for many years.
I started listening to you just after Obama got elected, so it's been a while.
Yes, sir.
It's insane.
I mean, what a cult!
You don't take the experimental shot that doesn't work.
It has all these health problems, so you're fired.
I mean, this is just insanity.
And they can't even tell you what's in it.
They don't know.
Just do it.
Just let us put something in your body.
I mean, if I walked in with my wife and said, I'm going to put something in you, she's like, what is it?
She'd leave me.
I'm like, I'm not going to tell you.
I'm putting it in you.
I mean, you wouldn't let your husband or your wife put something in you you don't know.
Why do you let them?
It's a kind of rape, actually.
It is rape!
No, it's rape!
It is biological rape!
And, uh, April 1st was my last day, but I went into work like that, just like nothing had happened.
And the manager comes in, he says, you got a lease.
I go, well, I want my 6% and I want, because I've been there over 6 years, I want my 6% and my, uh, my severance pay.
He says, well, it doesn't work that way.
So, Mia, now I gotta go through the work-labor standards.
I already just talked today.
I had a consultation with a lawyer.
Once I get the actual complaints, which is called here, the CNESST, which is like labor law.
Hold on, Steve.
Don't hang up.
I want to talk about this, because if somebody rapes you, they give you hepatitis or HIV if you're not lucky, but still you can get over it.
It's bad.
Nobody likes it.
It's terrible.
Imagine biological DNA destroying rape.
This is, this is rape.
This is corporations with the government saying, we're going to violate law and put this in your body and change your DNA.
The big private central banks owned by the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Sachs-Coburg, Goethals and others.
They just create unlimited money for themselves.
And they get us to jump through all these hoops to even be able to live and take care of our children.
And now they're engaged in inflation and hyperinflation to literally destroy the savings of the general public and impoverish you.
And so when I get up here and I ask listeners for support, I'm just pointing out that we're not running this system, and we're not censoring you, and we're not trying to silence you, and we're trying to promote your freedom.
So we're in this together.
And I don't like coming to you and saying, I need your support or we'll be shut down.
But that's where we are.
We're taking on the globalists in a major fight.
So I'm encouraging all viewers, all listeners, everybody that has seen the history of Infowars,
And all the lore, and the Bohemian Grove being exposed, and 9-11, and the Iraq War, and Obama, and the Clintons, and COVID-19, and everything we've gone through to realize that
They think you're gonna get used to this fight and become kind of asleep to the war and having your liberty taken and like, just get used to being in a war so long you kind of just give in.
Those that win the war get that it's a long-term battle and commit harder and harder and harder as it gets deeper.
And that's where we are.
This is not sunshine patriot.
This is winter soldier time.
So listen, this is your historic chance to go to InfoWarsTore.com.
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And then you can make that donation to keep us on air.
This is the fight.
This is the fight against you and your family.
This is the globalists coming for you and coming for your prosperity and coming for your medical freedom and coming for your very bodies to rape you physically with their GMO, DNA-destroying poison.
And we're here fighting them because everybody else got on their knees and got scared or did half measures.
I want to stay in this fight.
I can't do it without you.
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Alex Jones is right.
Whatever you do, take action.
Because only inaction is victory for the Satanist.
You override them with your will.
Take action now.
Pray for the broadcast.
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Share the articles and videos.
And buy the products at InfoWarsTour.com.
And that is the trifecta.
Let's go back to Steven.
Lost his job at Canada, if you want to say where it was, sir, you're welcome to, for not taking their GMO deadly shot.
And that's a window into the future with the global social credit score where you won't get your welfare EBT check, you won't get your digital money, you won't even be able to keep your job unless you submit and let Klaus Schwab and...
Trudeau and the New World Order put in your body what they want, when they want.
This is outrageous.
We must resist it and build our own economies and resist.
Stephen, finish up your story, brother.
We appreciate you.
Yeah, the company, I work for a smaller company which was bought out back in the end of 2019 for a few hundred million.
I don't remember exactly.
The major company is the biggest company in meat products in Canada.
They're called Maple Leaf Foods.
I don't know if you've heard of them.
I've bought the product.
Yes, I've heard of it.
So, wow, so you're in a major meat packing facility and you can't keep your job because you didn't take the shot.
And I had people at my work, they're like, oh, why did you get it?
Why did you get it?
Well, because first of all, I don't know what's in it.
Second of all, I know what's in it.
Because you don't know what's in it, it doesn't mean that I don't know what it's in it.
You know what I'm saying?
And I couldn't believe it.
I couldn't believe that they did this, you know?
I kind of knew, because I knew this was going to happen, but it's unbelievable.
Well, sir, I mean, look, here's the deal.
This is not a vaccine.
It is a GMO gene altering that colonizes your body with a prion.
And so it's going to hit us all.
They're going to demand we take it and never stop.
And those are in a coma under Stockholm syndrome.
They'll just destroy themselves.
So so it's our job not to just do what you've done.
I commend your courage.
And when we salute you and appreciate you.
But it's all our jobs to warn everyone as much as we can.
And I have family members that have taken the shots and so far so good.
Knock on wood.
But I can see like they've had some side effects like severe headache from the third shot.
Well, that's the thing.
Most of it is placebo for now.
We know that from studies.
It's beta testing, though.
It's seeing what will people submit to.
Will they say the state has control of our bodies?
Think about that.
God bless you, Stephen.
Thank you so much, sir.
That's a man standing up for what's right.
But we're all going to be in his position soon.
China and other places have already fallen.
We sit here in places like America that still have some basic freedom while they tell us how bad America is.
Think about how bad it would be if you weren't here.
Thank your lucky stars I was born here today.
It's like that Lee Greenwood song, Proud to be an American.
In fact, I want to come in first five minutes of the next hour and I want to play that.
Because America isn't perfect, but the globalists hate it, because it has an idea of freedom, and it is a dream of freedom.
It's a vision of freedom, and what we envision, we end up building.
We got William, we got Doug, we got Jack, we got Rudy, we got Kareem and Jay.
Let's go to Kareem first.
Kareem, thanks for holding.
From California, you're on the air.
How you doing, Alex?
Man, I'm in the thick of the war now, brother.
It's an honor to speak to you.
Listen, Alex, we've got to identify these globalists vividly.
Do you know that they're the carnal offspring of that tree that was the knowledge of good and evil?
That's an entity.
That's a man, but it's an angel.
And he had sex with Eve, and his kids are running the planet into the ground.
That's who they are.
When Christ said, you are of your father, he didn't mean that as a figure of speech.
The word is carnal offspring, meaning genesis.
He said, you are of your father, and you love death.
They love death.
Because the ground will not yield to them.
He told that snake, the ground will not yield to you her strength from henceforth after Cain killed Abel.
He's a literal carnal offspring of his daddy.
That's why nobody understands these guys.
They are Luciferians.
They are the synagogue of Satan because they're his kids.
Carnal offspring is the word.
And you're right.
They can't help it.
They want to kill us.
They cannot sell you food or medicine.
They have to synthesize it because the ground will not yield to them.
That's Genesis 4.12.
That's why Bill Gates is buying all that land.
Because they have to sell you poison as medicine.
That's their way to get back a father, God, who cursed the ground to Cain.
Cain is the literal carnal offspring, and that's what that word seed is.
When he said, I'll put enmity between your seed and her seed, that word is zera.
It means carnal.
When you go to Matthew 13, he goes, tell us the parable of the tares.
He goes, the tares are the children of the wicked ones, and the enemy that's on them is the devil.
That word is broadcast.
It's sperma.
4690 in the Greek.
When he said, you have your father the devil murdered from the beginning, that's carnal offspring.
That's not a figure of speech.
That's why nobody can figure these people out.
So the Antichrist is coming.
It's a fake show.
It's a fake Jesus.
You're not going to fall for it, because, you know, you do the work.
But I just want to identify these guys biblically.
They're his kids.
They're his literal offspring, and that's why they're doing all these things.
The sorcery, the pharmacia, when I called prior, and then we went over that, it's sorcery, which is pharmacy.
They're the pharmacists of the world, and they also control the banking, of course, through the contract, a covenant with death. 1913.
So the whole world is on that path, but they just don't know, identify these guys biblically.
When Christ said, oh, I know them, they say they are Jews or Synagogues of Satan.
I'm quoting scripture.
All right, Kareem, powerful.
I'm not anti-Semite.
Appreciate your call.
God bless.
We'll be right back.
Wayne Allen Root has cracked the code with Biden, and now he's designed to be the puppet who is the
Nail in the coffin for America, that's coming up next hour.
Then in an hour from now, hour and 15 minutes technically, Owen Schroyer and the War Room 3 p.m.
Central takes over.
We're taking your calls right now.
I'm gonna take these calls, the order they have been received.
Let's go to a caller in Idaho.
Let's go to William.
William, thank you for holding.
Great to have you here with us.
Hey, thanks a lot.
I've been a long-time listener and buying your products.
Winter Sun is great for my dad.
He's 90 and he can't take pills, so it's really a good product.
Thank you.
I was reading a book called The Conspirators Hierarchy, the story of the Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman.
Powerful book.
I read it 30 years ago.
Tell people about it.
Say that again.
John Coleman, the Committee of 300.
Yeah, it was written 30 years ago by an ex-MI6 agent.
And on page 164, it says, the United States will be flooded by peoples of alien cultures who will eventually overwhelm white America, and that's not being racist.
People with no concept of what the United States Constitution stands for, who will, in consequence, do nothing to defend it.
Yeah, it's a tower of Babel.
It's people from everywhere, so we're all divided, yeah.
Right, the word tower means mind.
So that's the tower of confusion, the mind of confusion.
It's John the Baptist's head, the perfect mind of God, mingled in the cup or the mind of the great whore, the Catholic Church, and her daughters.
That's the cup full of abomination.
It just is going along with what the guy was saying before, you know, down in Arizona, you got the Lucifer telescope being run by the Jesuit order, waiting for their alien savior.
You know, a reverse of a radio telescope is a harp system.
And you can control people's minds through a harp system.
It has a hundred mile radius.
It says, don't go in the desert.
You know, if he says in the desert, don't go.
And so if you even go there, you can become under control of either harp system.
And, you know, you're mingling paganism with Christianity when Christ's robe is pure.
It's not sewn together by seams.
It's not the beggar's clothes.
It's not the patchwork garment.
The tears are the same tears that are on Christ's skin while he hangs on the cross.
The reigning kings of the earth, who've lived deliciously with her, bringing their false testimony of the torn-up testimony of Jesus Christ, they're the ones that are creating all the confusion in the world.
And so that's where you get the flowers, or the flowers, on Aaron's rod that butted inside of the Ark of the Covenant.
Alright, powerful.
Thanks for the call, brother.
Alright, next up, in the order that I received, Rudy in Connecticut.
Thank you, Rudy, for calling.
Hi Alex, how are you?
Man, I am living the nightmare.
It is getting crazy.
Well, I just want to start out by saying that I was also terminated for declining the vaccination.
I was a journalist for over 30 years and won awards and everything, and my whole career was just ended over this vaccination.
Wow, that's so wrong, brother.
He wanted to talk about NATO expansion, mass shootings, and medical tyranny?
Yes, Rudy's gone.
I appreciate your call.
Thank you, Rudy.
Okay, let's go next to Jack in Wisconsin.
Jack, then we'll go to Doug and Jay.
Jack, welcome.
Hello, eater of all the red pills.
I'm a huge fan of yours.
I was wondering what your thoughts were on a couple things.
I saw on tic-tac lore of Native American Navajo Comanche, I'm not sure, stories of alien
providing support against cowboys, but the twist was that they were God-believing aliens, which I thought was interesting.
There's a lot of wild stuff on TikTok, brother.
I didn't see that, but who knows?
Yeah, I know you're the conspiracy theory guy.
That's why I listen to you, and that's why I'm so shocked with Sandy Hook.
It's like, you're a conspiracy theory guy, and they're blaming an apple for being an apple.
Anyways, um... No, the whole Sandy Hook thing is this.
I covered thousands of things.
I barely ever covered that.
Hillary Clinton ran against Trump on Sandy Hook and said he was a Sandy Hook guy.
We questioned it.
Of course we did.
Had a lot of anomalies.
Then they made it, oh Alex Jones is against kids.
His show is about Sandy Hook.
People on the street go, stop talking about Sandy Hook!
We don't talk about it.
We hardly ever talked about it.
It's their excuse to end free speech.
Oh look, dead kids!
Give us your guns, give us your free speech, and that's basically it.
It has nothing to do with reality.
Yeah and you're a radio guy though, but like it's different because you're a radio guy and you're a radio guy who specifically deals in out there conspiracy wild stuff and that's why... All he did was listen to the internet questioning it and I would do it again.
I said Jesse Smollett was fake, WMDs were fake, I was right.
The internet didn't believe Sandy Hook, I questioned it, it's my right to do it.
That's why they're rigging the courts with default judgments where I'm guilty
Then a jury decides how guilty because they can't have a real case.
Because what they're doing is anti-American.
And in the end, it's not going to work.
Yeah, I'm sorry for bringing it up.
No, I mean, the point is we don't bring it up because it's not who we are.
They live off InfoWars.
We don't live off them.
Yeah, the other thing that I wanted to bring up to you, Joe Rogan has brought it up too, and the article changed.
Wikipedia changed the article about it was with Operation Midnight Climax.
And I think it needs to be brought up nowadays where, you know, they can use sex, weaponized hotties, and also mind-altering drugs, you know, not only to poison people.
For example, they have like face-eating chemicals found in your face.
Sure, for what?
People don't know about MKUltra.
Operation Nightmare Climax was an MKUltra program running prostitutes in LSD.
Yeah, Midnight Climax.
And, you know, they would also, like, have people, you know, like, you know, guys who get really in the mood and then... What did I call it?
You said Midnight Climax.
What did I call it?
Uh... I don't know.
I don't know.
It just happened, though.
Nightmare Climax, more like it.
But yeah, that's even worse.
Then the last thing I wanted to hear your opinion, because you brought it up many times before.
You were very prescient about it, was the, uh, you know, you hated the smell of dust mites.
And you know, mites and dust mites, they easily produce bioweapons, because you can just get like an island with a bunch of people who are sick on it, or like a nasty place, and just have them get mites, like how Fauci put the mites and the burring flies on dogs, and then you take those mites off,
And you can spread it on birds, spread it on other animals.
No, you're right.
Imagine, I'm not saying do this, but imagine Fauci chained up with burrowing worms and flesh-eating worms.
And Fauci, instead of those beagles, imagine Fauci chained up in a room being eaten by flesh-eating worms.
He's worse than Hitler.
Hitler didn't totally devastate the genetic gene pool for a gazillion years.
No, you're right.
These people are Hitler 2.0.
Thanks for the call, Jack.
Alright, Jay and Doug, I'm gonna go to you right now.
And then we've got Wayne Allyn Root taking over.
Let's talk to Jay in Kentucky.
Jay, welcome.
Hello, Mr. Jones.
Pleasure to talk to you.
Pleasure to talk to you.
I made an order today.
I got two of the bulk shirts and some more Turbo Force and I got all your supplements and my favorite is to mix the Turbo Force with the magnesium and the
And I put something else in there too, and I shake it up and it's good.
And all the, ah shoot, I can't think, anyways.
Hey, take your time, because listen, it's you keeping us on air, brother.
So I thank you for your support, because all I want to do is stay on air.
Thanks for getting the products.
So you're taking the magnesium, you're taking the what else?
I put in it the Turbo Force, the magnesium, and I put one more thing in there, one more of your products.
Oh, tell me what the dry products that are.
I don't think there's any coincidence.
I was over in Pennsylvania, and I ran into a rabbi named Goldman, and he was friends with Dr. Zelenko, and he called me during all the high holidays and all.
And then the next thing I know, I'm back in the synagogue there.
And my name in Hebrew is Eliyahu, and it's not... Eliyahu Hanavi is supposedly the gentleman that's gonna let the people of the world know the Messiah is coming, and I don't have any inside information, but what I can do is go out and... Basically, I promote your channel because, uh...
I hope that nothing happens to your channel.
I hope you stay on the air.
Brother, we're trying.
Don't hang up.
I want to come back to this.
It's beautiful.
Love Dr. Salenko and all the great people in the world.
Every group has good people.
Every group has bad people.
And we just have such wonderful people and the Jewish people that God gave us.
And we need to preserve them.
Everybody, the Chinese, the Germans, everybody.
We have to come together and love God.
That's the answer.
So, Jay.
And then Doug, I want to finish up with you.
Then Wayne Allen Root has written a powerful report on how Joe Biden's the key to bringing down America.
And that's what they hate, ladies and gentlemen, because once we give up on America, all the other evil systems just come in and take over.
Doesn't mean America's perfect, but the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, humans made by God, not the state, that is so critical.
Jay in Kentucky, before I go to Doug in Connecticut to finish up, before Wayne Allyn Root takes over, the God connection, tell me about that.
Yeah, I was going to say it was the fusion.
The fusion, the magnesium, and the turbo force.
It's a good combination.
It is.
But the God connection, no such things as coincidence, because as I was sitting down during Shabbos Saturday, Shabbos Sabbath,
With the rabbi, we were talking about the AzzCross militia there over in the Ukraine, and he was all ears, and usually, you know, I listen to the rabbi, but this guy here, he was listening to me, and I actually, and you don't really discuss anything other than God and the holiday, but he was curious to know about this information, and I told him to go to band.video, you know?
You guys can't go nowhere, and I contribute every week.
And I buy something every week.
Well, you're beautiful, brother.
Yeah, the Azov battalion are Nazis.
They don't even deny that now.
And that just shows the left is constantly involved in racial division and evil.
Jay, thank you so much, and God bless you.
All right, Doug in Connecticut, last caller before Wayne Allen Root, who's like a stallion about to win the race.
He's in the gate.
He's kicking the door.
He's about to come out of the gate in a few minutes.
But before he comes out, Doug in Connecticut, go ahead.
Hey brother, how are ya?
I'm good, brother.
Listen, uh, I just wanted to let you know I'm not looking for a thing out of it, but I'm absolutely positive that some years ago I'm the one that started the, uh, Alex Jones was right slogan on the YouTube channel.
It was probably you, brother.
Tell us how you did it.
Well, I've been a retired cop for eight years.
My wife's a teacher, and she'd come home exhausted every day.
I'm a stay-at-home dad, and I'd be like, man, you wouldn't believe what Alex covered today, and blah, blah, blah.
She thought I was nuts until the election was stolen, and then it was like somebody gave her smelling salts.
Boom, she woke up.
So, I would tell her, I'm like, you know what?
This dude's got the hand of God on him for sure, and I was like, I'm gonna say, there needs to be a statue of him, minimum, at least in Texas, but probably all over the country, you know, the day that you do leave the planet, the statue needs to go there.
And all it has to say on the bottom is the date you were born, the date you left, and then slogan on the bottom, Alex Jones was right.
And in all the chat rooms you or I or your fans would watch, my name on YouTube is The Electric Eye with the Judas Priest album cover on there.
I put up two lightning bolts and an eyeball and I'd type it in all caps, Alex Jones was right, and I would keep hammering it.
And sure enough, there it is, and that's freaking awesome.
And I'm glad I was able to help contribute to it.
Brother, I believe you.
That's the magic of it.
And I'm not just right.
The people are always right because we love God.
Where do you think this world's going, brother?
Man, I started reading the Bible this year.
I'm in the Lamentations of Jeremiah right now.
And I don't know if God's going to save us one more time, but I encourage everybody to read the Bible.
To me, that's our human history.
And it's just repetitive.
God gives you the great earth and the animals and this and that.
People go against him, worship false idols, do evil things, and then he slams you.
And he's gonna test you with Satan, just like Job.
Everybody should be reading the book of Job.
You're gonna get slaughtered.
I know I have.
I know you are.
We all are now.
We're being tested.
And you gotta keep your faith in God and keep going forward.
And if someday we witness the end of the earth, we go up, they go down.
You know, that's why I don't know.
It's 50-50 where we're gonna go.
Well, we're going to go out fighting, and Trump and DeSantis and you and I and everybody else that's fighting a good fight will be remembered as the heroes of today, and we'll have some bragging rights up in heaven as well.
You know?
Brother, beautifully said.
I love you, Doug.
Thanks for your support, and I believe that you coined the term, Alex Jones was right.
Thank you so much.
All right, that's it for my transmission.
Wayne Allyn Root takes over, and then Owen Schroyer in one hour.
Ladies and gentlemen, we need your support or we're not going to be able to stay on air.
You got all these fake news articles out there that I got $10 million, don't have that.
I got $20 million, don't have that.
I got $100 million, don't have that.
I don't have that, ladies and gentlemen.
We are maxed out to almost no reserves, trying to put out as many articles and videos and banned out video and millions a day watching that.
And we're just such an oasis of truth.
Thank you.
We're keeping us on air.
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Stay with us.
All right, Wade Alleyroot is with you.
Take it over for Alex.
Thank you, Alex Jones.
Great to be on with all of you.
The Root, the Root, the Root's on fire coming to you from the home that Root built here in Las Vegas, Nevada.
My national radio show, of course, every afternoon from 6 to 9 p.m.
East Coast time, 3 to 6, West Coast time.
I'm on the left coast here in Las Vegas, 5 to 8 Central Time, syndicated all over this country by USA Radio Network.
Lots of things to tell you about today.
It's going to be an action-packed hour.
Let's start with the Easter Bunny.
The Easter Bunny stopped Joe Biden on Easter Sunday from talking.
He ran in front of him and said, no, no, no, shut up Joe!
And pushed Joe, and Joe walked off into the distance mumbling to himself.
You know, I was in Florida last week.
That's why I wasn't on last Tuesday.
I've been guest hosting.
Every Tuesday from 12 noon to 1 p.m.
West Coast time, from 3 to 4 p.m.
East Coast time.
I wasn't with you last Tuesday because I was in Florida giving a speech with President Donald Trump.
And sometimes when people say that it means there's 30 people on stage and they're one of them.
No, it was just me and Trump.
It was a Wayne Root event in Palm Beach, Florida, Club 45, which is the biggest Donald Trump fan club in the world.
And they booked me months ago.
To be the speaker on April 11th, the April speaker on April 11th.
And Donald Trump found out about it and said to the organizers, Wayne Rooter speaking?
I want to attend!
And they said, well, attend?
You'll be watching?
No, I want to speak!
I want to be on the stage!
So, Wayne, and listen...
And so Trump joined me, and it was a Wayne Root, Donald Trump event.
I'm sure Donald would say it was a Donald Trump, Wayne Root event.
It was Trump Root or Root Trump, depending on your perspective.
But we were in front of thousands of people.
The event sold out 2,000 tickets in 20 minutes.
When they found out it was Root.
Ah, no, I'm kidding.
When they found out it was Trump and Root, it sold out in 20 minutes, all 2,000 tickets.
They probably could have sold 10 or 20,000 tickets.
But they only have room every month for 2,000 people at Club 45.
And so it was me and Trump with thousands and thousands attending.
And people say, well, what did you talk about, Wayne?
Well, I'm going to give you a blow-by-blow of what I talked about in just a second, because it was my nationally syndicated newspaper column that came out over the weekend, came out on Sunday.
And so I want to read it to you, and you'll hear what I said.
But most of it was about Biden, and what a total, complete loser, brain-dead, dementia-ladden, weak, feeble, sock puppet Biden is.
And here was that scene with the rabbit and Biden.
And I gotta tell you, Inside Info tells me Barack Obama was inside that rabbit.
It's Barack Obama dressed as the Easter Bunny stopping Joe Biden from talking.
It's so scary.
Everything I said about sock puppet Biden turns out to be exactly true.
They don't want to let him say a word about Afghanistan, Pakistan or anything else.
He was trying to answer a question about Afghanistan and Pakistan and they stopped him from talking.
And it was either Hillary or Obama inside the Easter Bunny stopping him from talking or someone whose job is to be his
His body man, as they used to say with Donald Trump, his body man.
But here's a report out today.
Joe Biden reportedly told Barack Obama days ago that he, Joe Biden, will run again in 2024 to defeat Donald Trump.
Can you believe this?
Please, God!
Please, God!
Let it be true!
Joe Biden actually is going to run again?
He doesn't know.
He could smell cat if I spotted him in the C and the A. He doesn't know where he is.
He doesn't know if Jill is his mother, his sister, his wife.
The guy hides in the basement with a mask and a diaper, being fed baby food.
And he actually thinks three years from now, he's going to be the candidate of the Democrat Party.
Please, God!
Please, God!
Please, God!
Let it be true!
I believe the Democrats want to throw Joe under the bus, or as what was that famous Sly Stallone movie called, throw grandpa from the train.
I think they want to throw grandpa from the plane.
The next time Air Force One takes off, throw grandpa from the plane.
And so they're ready to get rid of Joe and bury him with Hunter Biden's crimes.
And it's very clear now based on what's come out on a laptop, which I said in October of 2020.
That Joe Biden is the most corrupt man in the history of the presidency.
And so now we know that.
We know the laptop is real.
The New York Times, the Washington Post.
Who told us?
I knew it was real in October of 2020.
Actually, I had good friends who were reading the laptop, who literally had it in their hand, or at least what was on the laptop in their hand, reviewed it, and told me how bad it was.
That's all they told me.
They said, I can't tell you what's on it.
I can tell you how bad it is.
It's as bad as anything you've ever guessed.
about Joe Biden or any other corrupt politician.
It's horrible and it's as bad as anything you've ever guessed from what appears to be underage girls with Hunter Biden, Joe Sutt.
So again, they couldn't tell me what they saw, but they said it's as bad as anything you ever guessed or imagined on those two issues.
So I knew how bad it was.
So Democrats know and the media knows that Joe Biden is finished and they're trying to finish him off quickly.
They don't want him to run in 2024 because he's unelectable.
If you've seen the recent polls, they're amazing for the Republican Party and for Donald Trump.
A lot of people like Ron DeSantis.
When you see the polls, Ron DeSantis is fantastic.
His time will come in 2028.
But in 2024, assuming he's healthy, that's the only caveat I ever give, Trump will be 78 years old.
Assuming he looks great right now.
I was just with him on stage.
He looked fantastic.
He looked younger than he looked as president.
He looked healthy.
He looked tan.
He looked handsome.
He looked, he looked and seemed high energy.
If he's as healthy as that three years from now, he will be the Republican nominee and he will be the next president of the United States.
Ron DeSantis will not even enter the race against Donald Trump.
But DeSantis' time will come in 2028.
He should be the president for eight years after Trump.
But the issue is they're opening the borders so fast and letting in so many millions of people that will we have a chance to win in 2024 or certainly 2028 and beyond?
The Democrat Party may realize that in 2024, maybe it'll be Trump.
But in 2028, that's six years from now.
Six, go down seven years from now.
And in 2028, and if you're elected 2029.
There's going to be so many illegals in this country that our population will have grown by tens of millions and they'll all be registered to vote Democrat and voting against us.
So that's the Democrat plan, clearly.
Other big news I wanted to get out right at the top of the news, of course, was that yesterday a federal judge appointed by Donald J. Trump
Decided that we don't have to wear masks on airplanes, trains and buses anymore.
No more masks on public transportation.
And at first it sounded like they would appeal and some airlines would keep it until the government appealed.
And then all of a sudden it collapsed and Joe Biden's administration announced.
There's the wonderful judge.
Joe Biden's administration announced.
Give her a hand.
She's fabulous.
Let me, uh.
Let me see if I've got her name here.
She is wonderful.
She is a Trump-appointed judge, Catherine Mizell.
Catherine Mizell, you are fantastic.
I love you.
I just got married.
I love Sydney Parker, but if I wasn't already married, I'd marry you.
Judge Mizell, she's great.
She just saved the whole nation.
I just took two trips across the country.
First for my honeymoon to Mar-a-Lago, and then a week later, back to Palm Beach to give this speech at the Club 45 event with President Trump.
So two ways back and forth.
Two trips back and forth, four times.
There and back, there and back.
Across the entire country wearing a mask.
And she could have saved me if only she had rolled three weeks earlier.
Wouldn't that have been great?
I hate masks.
I can't stand them.
You know, my mom and dad died of cancer 28 days apart in 1992.
I was a young man, lost both my parents.
There's Judge Mazel, Catherine Mazel.
And I lost my parents to cancer 28 days apart.
And all I think of when I see people with masks is people dying of cancer.
It looks like a cancer ward when you walk in a room and everyone's got masks on.
It's disgusting.
It's unsightly.
I want to see people's smiles.
I want to see their facial expressions.
Kids need to see their mouths moving so that that's how they learn how to speak by watching other people speak.
It's disgraceful, it's disgusting, it's wrong, and it does nothing.
In late April, early May, no actually I think it was early May of 2020, there was an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, the most distinguished
credible medical journal in the world today.
And the New England Journal of Medicine had an article by three virologists who do a lifelong study of virus.
And all three said, nobody needs a mask outside of a hospital setting.
And here we are two years later, we disregarded what those experts had to say.
The germs of the virus are smaller than the openings in the mask.
No one ever needed a mask.
They don't work.
We'll be right back.
The Alex Jones Show.
I'm Wayne Allyn Root.
All right, Wayne Allyn Root, welcome back.
You see up on the screen my latest book, The Great Patriot Protest and Boycott Book.
Here it is again, The Great Patriot Protest and Boycott Book.
You can get it at Amazon.
You get it at Barnes & Noble.
You check it out at my website, RootForAmerica.com.
It's so important because I say every day on my radio show, we've got to boycott Disney.
There are a hundred and sixteen companies that we need to boycott in this book.
And I give you their CEO's name, their chairman of the board's name, the phone numbers, the emails, the snail mail, physical mail ads, and social media and everything else.
You need to go after them and send them a letter and say, we're coming after you and we're not buying your products anymore.
We're going to put you out of business.
So you stop this liberal crap.
And it works.
In other words, yesterday in the middle of my show,
We announced that the mask mandate was gone on public transport, including planes.
And we announced that Alaska Airlines said, no more masks!
And at that moment, it came across the newswire that United Airlines said, no, we're going to keep masks in place for the moment.
We're keeping masks in place.
And I announced that on the air.
And minutes later, minutes later, about an hour later,
United announced no more masks.
I believe they got thousands of phone calls in that hour from people saying, I will not fly with you anymore.
I will ask for my money back.
I will not fly with the tickets I bought.
I will not buy any new tickets.
It makes a huge difference when we go after
These companies makes a huge difference and so I give you all the information in my book how to go after the 116 most wool companies in America and I wrote the book I don't know nine months ago and I knew that Disney would be right at the top of the list and all the information for Disney's in there I think we need to go after all of us one company Disney one
And that way we'll set an example.
After we bring Disney to their knees and destroy their business, which is easy to see, they can't make it up, because they're a publicly traded company.
And they have to issue reports every quarter.
So if their business is off by 30%, 40%, they will know it, we will know it, whole world will know it, Wall Street will know it, their stock will plummet.
We can drive Disney into bankruptcy, literally, make them beg on their knees to get out of politics and apologize to us.
Great Patriot protest to boycott book.
Now back to the mask.
I want to bring up the mask again.
The CDC announced no more masks.
And the reason this issue is important to me is I just got back from my speech with President Trump on Wednesday of last week.
That's why I missed Tuesday's show.
Wednesday of last week.
And on the way there, I flew through three airports.
I left from Las Vegas, where I live, flew to Atlanta, changed planes, flew through Palm Beach.
On the way back, I went from Palm Beach to Atlanta to Vegas.
Six different airports, all of them packed.
And I passed thousands and thousands of fellow travelers.
And out of those thousands, I probably, you know, just a guess, maybe like 5,000 people at three airports I passed by.
I was at one airport, Atlanta, for a four-hour layover, so I really saw thousands and thousands of people.
Out of those thousands and thousands of people, only one person was not wearing a mask.
I don't understand.
I assume many of those people, probably far more than half,
We're conservative Republicans who voted for Trump and plan to vote for Trump again in 2024 and who probably plan to vote for the GOP in 2022.
But they're all like obedient sheep or they're like my golden doodle Bubba.
Bubba's obedient.
Well, sometimes even Bubba's not that obedient.
Sometimes he's obedient.
Sometimes he doesn't listen.
Why are people being such sheep?
I walked through all those airports.
The minute I get through security, I rip my mask off.
The minute I get off the plane, I rip my mask off.
And I walked through entire airports without a mask.
The first point, not one person said a word to me.
I passed security guards.
I passed airport security.
I passed police.
I passed airport personnel.
I passed flight attendants.
I went through restaurants in the airport.
I went through stores where they sell newspapers in the airport.
Not one person said a word to me.
All the rest of you could have walked around without masks.
If we all ripped our masks off, then there'd be no masks anymore.
They could not
Police it if everyone took their mask off and said screw you!
I took mine off thinking that it would incite, encourage,
All the people that saw me, to take it off.
Of course you had to put it on at that point.
On the airplane, they wouldn't let you board the airplane without it.
And if you take it off in the middle of the flight and refuse to put it on when the stewardess asks you, when the flight attendant asks you, I know they don't like to be called stewardess anymore, when the flight attendant asks you, if you refuse to put it on, you are banned for life from that airline and sometimes they share that information.
You can be banned from airlines for life.
And someone like me has to fly for a living.
I do lots of business in lots of different cities.
I give speeches in different cities.
I go on book tour in different cities.
I do business meetings in different cities.
So I don't want to be banned for life.
So I wear my mask onto the airplane, although I take it down as often as I can.
I keep water or food in my hand for the whole trip, and I try to keep it off as much as I can.
But sometimes stewardesses come up and go, excuse me, you've got to put it on now.
And I go, okay.
Because I'm not going to be banned for life, but the minute I get off the plane, there's the dirty little secret is there's nobody at the airport to stop you from taking your mask off.
You can walk around all you want at the airport without a mask and it doesn't matter.
And I tried to inspire all the people around me to get the hint and nobody took their mask off in three airports on the way there and three airports on the way back.
They're sheep.
We are a nation of sheep.
Do you realize we're in the fight of our lives?
There's a civil war, whether you realize it or not.
We're in a second American civil war.
We're in a second American revolution.
And I'm losing faith that anybody's going to ever fight back if something as little as a mask and you don't, you don't even.
No civil disobedience.
No, just little attempt to needle the government, give them the finger.
I won't do it on TV, but just to give them the finger and tell them screw you over something as minor as a mask.
If you won't fight back over that, I've lost faith you're going to fight back anything further than that.
And we're going to need you to fight back further than that with massive civil disobedience.
I'm not going to propose violence.
I'm not playing that game and getting in trouble.
I'm going to tell you we need massive civil disobedience.
Like Dr. Martin Luther King.
Now, when I get back, I'm going to read you in the next segment, my column that came out this weekend.
The plan to destroy America was built around electing a braindead sock puppet hiding in the basement with a mask and diapers.
And now everybody knows it.
The cat's out of the bag.
And I wrote this last Thursday before I ever knew that Joe Biden was being ordered around by the Easter Bunny.
Do you see the look on his face?
I don't know if I could replicate it on TV.
It was like, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Here's what I have to say.
Oh, oh, oh, the Easter Bunny came up.
Oh, oh, oh.
And then his mouth was open like an old man with dementia.
And then he.
He just walked away like an old man with dementia with a blank look on his face.
It's so scary.
Look at him.
Look at him.
He looks like a 98-year-old man about to cry.
Look at him.
He's a confused old man who has no idea where he is.
He didn't know which way to go until Easter Bunny sent him the other direction.
It's the most scary thing I've ever seen.
So I'll read you that when we get back.
I think you'll enjoy it.
But now no more masks on airplanes.
Isn't that great?
Glory, hallelujah.
And we got another win yesterday in Wisconsin.
The Wisconsin Supreme Court knocked the redistricting map out of the governor, liberal Democrat governor, i.e.
communist, Tony Evers.
His redistricting made the entire state a Democrat state.
Now there's no time to make any changes, compromise or negotiation before the election.
So the Republican Senate's map is good.
And that one is in favor of Republicans.
So we're going to have such a great midterm, assuming it's not rigged.
Assuming Democrats don't stop the election with World War III or a nuclear EMP attack, assuming they don't rig the election with 100% mail-in ballots because COVID's back, I think we're going to have the greatest midterms in history.
Even with some rigging, I think the win will be that big.
Wade Alleyroop.
I'll be right back.
All right, Wayne Alleyrood, welcome back.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm guest hosting, as I do on most Tuesdays from 12 to 1 o'clock.
Here on the West Coast, I'm in Las Vegas.
On the East Coast, that's 3 to 4 p.m.
Central time, that is, what is that?
4 p.m., 3 p.m., 2 p.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central time.
Took me a second to get the math going, to get the years going.
It's still early in Las Vegas.
I'm out pretty late every night in Las Vegas.
Business and pleasure.
I love Las Vegas.
Greatest town in the world.
Still, to this day, keep in mind, no taxes.
The sun's always out.
Legal sports betting.
Best town in the world.
Love it.
Great town.
Wayne Allyn Root.
My website's rootforamerica.com.
And you can always reach me, wayneroot at gmail.com.
That is my direct personal email, wayneroot at gmail.com.
My website, rootforamerica.com.
And my latest book, The Great Patriot Protest and Boycott Book.
And the new one will be coming out by probably July, possibly August, but probably July.
It'll be called The Great Patriot Boycott Book.
This gives you the 116 companies to stop buying from and to let them know you're boycotting as a conservative until they stop their liberal woke nonsense.
But the next book, The Great Patriot Boycott Book, will tell you the best 100 companies to buy from if you're a conservative and make them money, help them make money.
Now I told you I'd read you my column and I'm gonna.
It came out Sunday, syndicated nationally by Creators Syndicate.
My syndication company for all my newspaper columns.
Our latest poll is out.
Republicans see Biden as being more harmful than Putin.
How do you like that?
I was right.
Republicans get it.
Biden is more harmful to America than Putin by a mile.
As a matter of fact, last I checked, I'm not making excuses for Putin.
I'm not defending Putin.
I'm not a Putin defender.
Or to Putin, excuse maker, I don't know what he's doing in Ukraine.
It's none of my business what he's doing in Ukraine.
But he is causing a lot of problems for the world.
He is hurting our supply chain.
He is killing our gas prices to some extent.
It was mostly Biden's problem in the first place.
But some problems are coming from what's happening in Ukraine.
And he's disturbing the world order.
I get that.
I don't like what Putin is doing.
I'm not on his side.
But guess what?
He hasn't done anything to me or America.
So, I think it's kind of interesting that we're willing to go after the oligarchs who are the Russian billionaires.
Think about American oligarchs.
In America, who are the richest guys?
Bill Gates?
I think you could actually make an argument that, you know, Charles Schwab and not, you know, Charles Schwab isn't Charles Schwab, the stock Wall Street guy.
Who are the biggest millionaires in America?
Bloomberg, Elon Musk.
There's a list of a ton of the richest guys in America.
And all of them.
Can you imagine if we started a war like we did in Iraq or Afghanistan?
And the world took away their property, without a trial.
It's not them attacking- Elon Musk isn't attacking Iraq.
George W. Bush was attacking Iraq.
And he believed he had a good reason to do it.
Elon Musk wasn't responsible.
Bloomberg wasn't responsible.
Warren Buffett wasn't responsible.
Bill Gates wasn't responsible.
Those are the richest men in the United States.
They're not responsible.
Yet, if the world ruled at the Hague,
That these were war crimes by America, and the richest men in America were responsible, and they tried to take the yachts, the mansions, and the assets and the bank accounts all over the world from the richest men and women in America.
Would that be fair?
Why is America taking the yachts, the mansions, and the bank accounts and any assets they can find from the richest billionaires in Russia?
They've got nothing to do with the war!
So, my takeaway from all this is, if it's that easy to go after the assets without a trial, without even proving why you're doing it for the United States, then the United States of America and the DOJ should be going after George Soros.
That's who you want to take the assets from.
The biggest traitor, and again, this is an opinion show, and it's my opinion.
He's a very public figure, and I have an opinion.
George Soros is the biggest rat, fink, Benedict Arnold traitor in the history of America.
He's dirty, in my opinion.
He's an enemy of America, in my opinion.
He's responsible, there's George Soros, responsible
For all the bad things happening in America, he's given the orders, in my opinion, to Obama, who's the real president, not Joe Biden.
He's given the orders, George Soros, and he's ordering the destruction of the United States of America and the destruction of capitalism.
He's been trying to do it for years, and it's finally working out because he has a brain-dead sock puppet that's willing to take the orders and sign any order he gives.
And so that's where we're at.
Why not take
A traitor like George Soros, who's opened the open borders all because of his organizations, in my opinion.
He's funding all the groups that are pushing people to the border and giving them tons of money once they're in the United States.
Let's grab his, let's grab his stuff.
All right, here's my column.
The plan to destroy America was built around electing a brain-dead sock puppet, hiding in the basement with masks and diapers, and now everyone knows it.
I'm just back from Florida where I had the great honor of speaking at Club 45, an event with two speakers, myself and President Donald J. Trump.
Thousands of tickets sold out in 20 minutes.
We had a wild, raucous, standing-room-only crowd inside the ballroom of the Palm Beach Airport Hilton.
And the main theme of the back-to-back speeches of President Trump and yours truly, Wayne Allyn Root, was A, the rigged, stolen 2020 election, and B, the purposeful destruction of America that's being carried out by Joe Biden, the illegitimate President of the United States, and his radical, communist, anti-American handlers.
I pulled no punches.
I described Joe Biden, here's my quote to the crowd, as an old, weak, feeble, brain-dead sock puppet with dementia, hiding in the basement with a mask and diapers.
And as a bonus, he's also the most corrupt politician in the history of America and owned lock, stock and barrel by China and the Chinese Communist Party.
I described the Democrat Party as, quote,
A party of evil, radical, fascist, racist, godless, America haters, who can't figure out which bathroom to use, and who believe people are like frogs who can change their sex from male to female on an hourly basis.
I told the crowd, and here's a quote, we are in a war between good and evil.
This is a battle of normal, all-American patriots who love our country,
Versus confused, bizarre, mentally ill weirdos who are drunk with power and want to enslave us, ban us, censor us, brainwash us, ruin our careers, and destroy our country.
I also identified who's really running our country.
This is the third term of Barack Obama.
Obama is the ventriloquist with his hand up Biden's
And making Biden's mouth move, Obama is carrying out the plan to destroy America with record speed.
But Obama is just an order taker.
The order givers are evil billionaire communists and globalists, George Soros and Klaus Schwab, combined with the Chinese Communist Party.
That's who I believe is in charge of America now, in charge of the White House, in charge of Biden.
That's who really runs America right now.
And every day, with every new action, they make America weaker and China stronger.
I identified the actual plan they're carrying out to destroy America.
It's called Cloward-Piven.
I learned it as a student at Columbia University, class of 1983.
Cloward and Piven were a husband and wife professor team at Columbia University.
And my classmates back then all bragged about being Marxists, Communists, Socialists, and Globalists.
See how nothing ever changes?
They all had an intense hatred for America, American exceptionalism, capitalism, white people, and most of all, conservatives.
And let me throw in Judeo-Christian values.
They had a hatred for people who went to church or synagogue.
They bragged about their goal to destroy America with cloward pivot by overwhelming the system with welfare, debt, thereby causing a collapse of the U.S.
And my most prominent classmate back then was Barack Hussein Obama.
That's right.
I attended college.
Same class.
Barack Hussein Obama, class of 83, Columbia University.
Now, we're going out to a quick break.
When I get back, I'm going to finish this column and then I'm going to spend the rest of the show, something I promised like six weeks ago when I was guest hosting the Alex Jones Show.
I'm going to spend the rest of the show talking about Cloward Piven and how it's been updated for today.
I'll finish first the column, nationally syndicated, that I wrote that is called
The plan to destroy America was built around electing a braindead sock puppet hiding in the basement with masks and diapers, and now everyone knows it.
And then I'll go into my vision of what's happening, exactly how they've updated it for today.
I'm Wayne Allyn Root, my website, RootForAmerica.com.
You can email me anytime, WayneRoot at gmail.com.
My book, The Great Patriot Protest and Boycott Book.
We'll be right back.
All right, Wayne Allyn Root.
See, when I give you my email, wayneroot at gmail.com, some people take advantage of it right away.
I've got about 30 emails waiting for me.
I happen to click on one of them at random.
I don't know why, but it turned out to be a very famous guy, a guy named Carl.
I will not give last names.
I don't want to ever get anybody in trouble.
I know how bad the globalists are and the communists are, and they could ruin your career, ruin your job.
But Carl says, Wayne, forgive
My cold email, but I just had to say thanks for all your hard work in bringing people awareness to the tyranny every country in the world is under at this moment.
I'm just watching on Alex Jones.
Thought it would probably be my only chance to ever convey my appreciation as a citizen of the United Kingdom that you probably don't realize how far reaching your broadcasts are and are also very well received in countries all over the world.
If there is ever anything I could do to help your cause by way of music,
I'm a well-known writer and producer in the UK with numerous number one albums and singles and we would be more than willing to add some music for your podcasts or videos.
I'm off to watch the rest of your show on Alex Jones.
Thanks again, Carl.
Thank you, Carl.
What a nice email to get.
A surprise from a total stranger.
That shows you the reach, not of Wayne Root's voice, but of
The Alex Jones platform.
Thank you, Alex Jones, for giving me the shot to be on such a wonderfully large platform that reaches people all over the world.
Thank you, Carl, for writing in.
Now, I listened to my board op and producer in this ear.
See this earpiece I've got right here?
I'm listening in that ear.
But the earpiece is starting to break.
It's 15 years old.
So I went to a hearing aid center to get a new earpiece.
And I just want to let you know what the woman
Who runs the Hearing Aid Center, who's an expert on hearing.
I guess you'd call her audiologist, I believe is the term you use.
She's an expert.
That's all she does, hearing all day long.
She's like an ophthalmologist for the eyes.
She's an audiologist.
You're not quite an MD, but you are an expert on hearing in the ear.
She said that literally she is seeing dozens of people a week who got injected by the COVID vaccine and then went deaf.
Either they're completely deaf or 90% deaf.
They're down to the last 5 or 10% of their hearing.
I'm someone who's told the world about how bad and dangerous and deadly the COVID vaccines are when it comes to heart attacks and strokes and blood clots and massive increase in cancer all over the United States, all over the world.
And how about the biggest one, autoimmune disease and shingles and herpes and just death?
These vaccines are killers!
But I didn't know there were many other side effects, including losing your hearing after getting vaccinated.
Remember when Rush Limbaugh lost his hearing?
Can you imagine?
How do you host a radio show if you've lost your hearing?
You can't hear yourself.
You can't hear callers.
You can't hear your board up.
Your entire career is threatened.
You wouldn't have a way to earn a living anymore.
Thank God I never got the vaccine.
Remember Charlton Heston?
You will give me my vaccine over my cold, dead hands.
My family and I will never be vaccinated.
That's why I laugh that there's a new COVID summit and Biden's trying to figure out ways to get everyone vaccinated all over the country and all over the world.
Folks, anyone who is unvaccinated at this moment will never be vaccinated.
We've made the decision that the vaccine is dangerous and deadly.
We're awake.
We swallowed the red pill and we will never, ever, ever get the vaccine.
Hey, Joe Biden, we will never get the vaccine.
Over our cold, dead hands, you'll give us the vaccine.
Got it?
I'm going to finish my column that was syndicated this weekend.
The plan to destroy America was built around electing a braindead sock puppet, hiding in the basement with mask and diapers, and now everyone knows it.
So my classmates at Columbia University all bragged about being Marxist, communist, socialist, and globalist.
They all had an intense hatred for America, American exceptionalism, capitalism, white people, Judeo-Christian values, and perhaps most of all, conservatives.
They hated conservatives.
They bragged about their goal to destroy America with Cloward-Piven.
That's a husband-wife professor team at Columbia University.
By overwhelming the system, this was the Cloward-Piven plan.
Talk to me at Columbia.
You overwhelm the system with welfare and debt, thereby causing a collapse of the U.S.
And my most prominent classmate back then was Barack Hussein Obama.
My classmate, class of 83, Columbia, Barack Obama.
Cloward Piven is the plan being carried out today.
But to do it, these radical communist traitors needed to update the plan.
They needed to, A, have a frontman who would not scare the American voting public, a friendly, smiling old white man from the DC establishment, and they found him, Joe Biden.
B, it would be even better if that friendly, smiling white man
Was suffering from dementia because they could easily manipulate this pathetic old man into signing and doing anything they put in front of him.
C. Then they needed to open the borders like never before, encouraging millions of criminals and welfare addicts to illegally come across the border to overwhelm the system with crime, welfare, and debt.
D. As a bonus,
They could count on all of these foreigners to overwhelm the voting system too, thereby outvoting American-born citizens.
And E, throw in a few bonuses, throw in COVID lockdowns.
Which bankrupt the middle class and bankrupt small business owners.
But of course, they never closed any of the big box retailers like Wal-Mart and Costco.
They all got to stay open, but the germ went into small businesses only.
That's the kind of lie, the kind of bull spit they tried to teach us and brainwash you with.
You can't walk in a store run by Wayne Root with five employees!
But you could go to Costco with 100 employees and 3,000 customers because the germ doesn't go into Costco.
It's just like when you walk to the bathroom when masks were essential, right?
When masks were supposedly mandatory and essential, you'd get up from your table and you'd walk to the bathroom in a restaurant.
And all the people seating down here, their heads are right here as you walk into the bathroom.
They're eating at the table with no mask on.
Your head is up here.
And you've got a mask on as if the germ is here, it's not there!
It's the stupidest crap I ever heard in my entire life, but I digress.
So they threw in...
COVID lockdowns, vaccine mandates, massive inflation, and communist, racist, transgender brainwashing of our young people with critical race theory and transgender theories.
What a toxic mix.
It's all happening in America today under dementia sock puppet Biden.
But today, the plan has been rebranded from Cloward Pivot.
It's now known as the Great Reset.
That's the new name, according to Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and George Soros and other assorted communist trader scumbags.
Have you seen the latest video of Joe Biden trying to shake hands with an invisible person that only he sees and then turning and walking?
Nowhere in particular, wandering and mumbling to himself while shuffling like an ancient 100-year-old who needs a nurse to stand upright.
Now everyone understands what I've been saying for two years.
They used a non-threatening, white-haired, white man named Joe Biden to convince naive, welfare-addicted, low-information voters to vote for a harmless grandfather without realizing they were really voting
For the destruction of America and the end of capitalism.
And then to make sure they won, Democrats rigged the election in six key battleground states with fake mail-in ballots together with no voter ID required and no signature match.
They threw in fraudulent ballot harvesting, unguarded ballot drop boxes, and they made sure to remove Republican witnesses from the ballot counting rooms.
The American people are waking up
Everyone sees Biden for the dementia puppet that he is.
Even CNN admitted last week that Biden's poll numbers are the lowest of any president in history.
Biden, the puppet, propped up as the fraudulent front man, opened the door for the destruction of America.
And now we have Cloward Piven, a.k.a.
the Great Reset.
That is what's going on in America today.
And the latest poll, I repeat, shows Republicans see Biden as being more harmful than Putin.
It's like there's mass psychosis, mass brainwashing.
And the average American believes what they say about the Ukraine-Russia war.
All lies.
Believes what they say about vaccines and vaccine mandates.
All lies.
What they say about masks, all lies.
What they say about open border and our responsibility to let the whole world into our country, all lies.
And they believe the average person that Joe Biden is an okay president.
Maybe he's not great, but he's not completely brain dead.
But Republicans know he's more dangerous than Vladimir Putin.
Biden is more dangerous than Vladimir Putin.
Republicans know in the latest pool because we are not brain dead.
We are not brainwashed.
We are not indoctrinated.
We have not drank the Kool-Aid.
30 seconds to go.
My hour is up.
I can't believe it went this fast.
Next Tuesday, I'll be back with the actual list updated of Cloward Piven and what they're doing to us.
Right now, I've got a long list to go over how they've updated Cloward Piven to create the Great Reset.
I'm Wayne Allyn Root.
My website, RootForAmerica.com, and my email, WayneRootAtGmail.com.
Love to hear from you.
My book, The Great Patriot Protest and Boycott Book.
I'm Wayne Allyn Root.
See you next week.
Thank you, Alex Jones.
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