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Name: 20220418_Mon_Alex
Air Date: April 18, 2022
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The text is a compilation of various segments from Alex Jones's InfoWars show. It discusses how China has been using social media to spread propaganda about the lockdown in Wuhan province and the rest of the country, with some commentators suggesting that this could be used as a blueprint for future lockdowns in the US. The show also addresses the financial situation of InfoWars, with Alex Jones announcing that the company is filing for Chapter 11 reorganization in federal court to deal with their creditors. He emphasizes that he does not have millions of dollars in secret bank accounts and that his fate is tied to the country's future as it faces trouble due to a worldwide depression, inflation, planetary starvation, massive wars, collapsing borders, open pedophilia promotion by major western media outlets, and God withdrawing protection from humanity. The narrator talks about a series of trials coming up in the near future involving Alex Jones and InfoWars, which he feels are attempts by powerful forces to silence him and his platform. He urges viewers to support InfoWars financially through purchases from their store or direct donations, as this is crucial in order for them to stay on air and continue their mission of spreading information that challenges the established power structures. Alex Jones addresses the power structures of the world in his show and how they are trying to control everything. He talks about how InfoWars is fighting against this, but needs support from its audience in order to continue doing so. He emphasizes the importance of going to InfowarsStore.com to purchase items at discounted prices as a way to provide financial support for InfoWars and its mission. InfoWars is having a huge sale on everything due to financial difficulties. Alex Jones talks about how info wars is more popular than ever, but running out of money because of increasing costs and having to pay for their own bandwidth and infrastructure. He mentions the DOJ spying on Trump and recent acquittals in political trials, saying that people are waking up to the truth about one world government. He also talks about

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I'm a fighter.
I don't want to give up.
And I'm asking you, don't let me give up.
Don't let me give out.
Please keep me in the fight.
Please support us today.
Please realize that if you're watching this and you've procrastinated, you haven't supported the broadcast, that you're missing out on history right now.
And you're really letting some very evil, wicked, sick people take control.
So this is do or die, folks.
I know the world's full of thousands of shows and entertainment.
It's a background noise and people just get used to it and think, you know, oh, yeah, all right.
But who has exposed the New World Order?
Who has exposed their operations?
Who has helped get leaders elected worldwide that have changed the world?
We have.
You and I together.
So now we're at that critical juncture in the coming months.
Word of I have the funds, I can continue on.
If I don't, I've got to make decisions that'll keep us on air six months to a year.
But then after that, there's no rebuilding something this big, this amazing, this historical.
So I need you to reach down deep inside yourself and just say, am I passive?
And am I going to lay down to this?
Or am I going to take this serious?
When all I'm doing is straight shooting you on my children, on my soul, God's witness.
Strike me down if I'm lying.
I don't have $16 million or $10 million or $5 million or $3 million of cash.
I got two and a half million or less, and that's nothing to run this operation.
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So I leave the choice to you.
Keep InfoWars on the air or let us fade away.
It's up to you.
God bless and good luck.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's News.
Social media from the CCP rarely ever makes its way into American pop culture.
But in early 2020, they went viral with radical videos of forced quarantines and sealing people into their own dwellings with welding torches.
Were Americans showing all this to make our own lockdowns seem less devastating?
And if so, what are we to make of the new social media blitz coming out of Shanghai?
People are being starved in their own homes.
Their pets are being killed.
And it's getting so hellish that suicide is seemingly an everyday part of life now in Shanghai.
Just because things are feeling a bit more liberating in America doesn't mean the lockdowns are over.
How in the hell are these Democrats going to win an election without another lockdown?
They're already setting up the narrative and have invested in new mobile testing machines.
If you think Trump is somehow The way I endorsed another person today, Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania.
in the last lockdown and proudly gave birth to the deadly vaccines.
He just sided with Dr. Oz.
The way I endorsed another person today, Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania.
Dr. Oz.
Great guy.
Good man.
Good man.
Harvard educated.
And Dr. Oz loves the CCP lockdown model.
And the Chinese numbers have dropped dramatically, which is fantastic news.
And it's also valuable for us to understand why they were able to do that.
If you look inside of Wuhan province, they had a catastrophe.
But outside the province, which of course they quarantined in the largest movement of its nature ever, 60 million people blocked in that space.
But the rest of the country was relatively spared.
They didn't have the big spikes, the huge crises that Wuhan experienced, and it took the country in a very different
We just have to copy what they did, take their blueprint and repeat it here in this country.
And we started that aggressively over the last week.
In trauma-based mind control, the abuser alternates between abuse and comfort, which forms a bond with the victim,
known in pop culture as Stockholm syndrome.
This might not work on you, but they are not doing it for you.
They want the majority on their side when they start arresting people like you for forced vaccination and, of course, gun confiscation.
China has a number of problems, two of which are that their complete lockdown, which was their approach, the strictest lockdown that you'd never be able to implement in the United States, although that prevents the spread of infection.
And remember, early on, they were saying, and I think accurately, that they were doing better than almost anybody else.
But lockdown has its consequences.
You use lockdowns to get people vaccinated.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reis.
[Intro Music]
Biological attack is imminent!
It's going to happen.
It's not a question of will it happen, but when it happens.
A bioweapon release could be the thing they'd release to bring in a world government to counter a global problem, and the UN has said that a global pandemic is the only thing that may save their world government.
This is a biological warfare agent that had leaked out of the Wuhan laboratory.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say I don't know what's
gonna happen at the end of this but you wanna fight.
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Every free nation on Earth, every free people, every individual trying to live their own life with decency and honor, Indignity is under attack.
So here we are on this Monday, April 18th edition of the Alex Jones Show in the year 2022, and we see worldwide depression, we see worldwide inflation, we see planetary starvation, we see massive wars, we see collapsing borders, we see open pedophilia promotion by every major Western media outlet of any size.
It is just an unspeakable moment in human history to know that we've been turned over to evil, that we've aborted billions of babies on a planetary scale, and that God is now withdrawing his protection from us, and evil and corruption is being allowed to absolutely run rampant.
All right, I'm going to say something here, and I'm not going to talk about it again today.
And it will be basically my statement on the subject and I'm going to move on.
But it's just this.
I am not declaring bankruptcy and InfoWars is not declaring bankruptcy.
It's a Chapter 11 reorganization in the federal courts so you can go and show them their books.
They can come in and look at your books and know that we don't have $16 million in a secret bank account or $5 million or $3 million and know that what has been claimed by the Texas courts that are very political and the Connecticut court is not correct.
It is not true.
And whether that's successful or not, in the long term, this will be an issue for the bankruptcy courts one way or another, and it's just time for that to happen.
And it's time for people to be able to see that I don't have $5 million.
I don't have $3 million.
We have less than $3 million cash, and we need that money to buy future product to be able to operate.
So I'm essentially making no money, which is fine.
The whole purpose of this place was not for Alex Jones to make a bunch of money, but it takes a bunch of money to run an independent, self-sufficient media operation with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 million people a day watching and listening just in bandwidth alone and this great crew.
And we are what the establishment fears, real independent media giving a system a run for its money.
And so, when you see all these headlines out there, did Alex Jones ever declare bankruptcy?
The answer is no.
The bankruptcy for my affiliate companies is designed to pay all of my creditors in full.
Alex Jones, yours truly, gave up all rights to his membership interest in the debtor's bankruptcy to a trust created to hold that interest and backstop payments and claims.
Number four, I'm confident the federal system has the tools and experience to fairly deal with the resolution of these claims.
Now, here's what's important.
Again, the corporate media and these individuals know that we don't have all this money.
The plan is to try to get judgments that are giant and large, that can't be paid, so they can close our doors here and try to keep me from being on the air elsewhere, which they're not going to be able to do.
In fact, if anything, it makes me work harder and value the First Amendment even more.
That said, my fate is tied to your fate.
And this country and this world is in a lot of trouble.
And so we're all going to share in this misery together, including those that are in the system and that are really destroying due process and every major pillar of our Bill of Rights and Constitution.
I mean, the Eighth Amendment, in my case, is completely thrown out the window.
And I'm not going to get into this today.
In any great detail, but this is a big story for anybody in the country, and I've talked to a lot of lawyers, including some of the biggest names out there, and they've seen these documents, and they cannot believe these.
But the judges given in the Texas case and the Connecticut case, whatever these lawyers want, same lawyers that bankrupted Remington into serious problems, Have filed for one of three trials they have coming up starting next month, actually late this month, that we not be able to talk at the trial.
So I'm already found guilty.
Do juries ever think that they would go and then someone's guilty, you're told, and now you decide how guilty?
That would be a judge usually, a jury would decide, then the judge would have some oversight on how guilty.
And it actually says in here, cannot mention the First Amendment.
Cannot defend yourself.
It actually says it in here.
This is a big story.
And I don't feel sorry for myself.
I feel sorry for the country.
I am shocked by the level of depravity that is just widespread in this country, in the bureaucracies, in government, and in the legal system.
And this country has cancer.
And so this is like learning you have cancer.
And it just is what it is.
But it's not just Alex Jones that has political cancer, spiritual cancer.
We all do.
The rot that is attacking us is endemic of what has happened in civilization.
And it just tears my guts out.
I can tell you this.
If we weren't so maxed out, These legal battles would be a lot easier.
And so the biggest thing you can do is spread the word about the broadcast knowing that powerful forces are doing everything they can and breaking all the rules, try to silence us because they need the main voices of resistance silenced ahead of the next big lockdowns and the devaluation of the currency and the universal basic income and the real tyranny that is being set up and rolled out now.
So I'm honored these powerful forces are obsessed with taking us down and silencing us.
I mean, I expect that to happen.
It's still amazing to actually be at the center of it.
And so there's that.
Please spread the word about the broadcast and realize it's so precious.
And every guest we have and every topic we cover, the information we go over is something that really scares the power structure because they know it's the truth.
Also, financially support InfoWars.
The individuals doing all this don't want to get money.
They want to get charging orders to just come and close the doors and shut down the warehouse and shut down the shopping cart and physically fire all these employees.
That's the stated, admitted goal.
Obviously, I'll be able to stay on air.
I'll be able to limitedly do what I've been doing, but all the Gregg Reese reports, and the Christy Lee reports, and the Darren McBrain reports, and all the things you've seen over the years, and those things that really are so hardcore and so special in the films and all of it, that will be further crippled, and that will be a big victory for the establishment.
So, I mean, I would tell you right now, ladies and gentlemen, that if you want us to be able to stay on air, And be able to move forward in the future.
I need you now to not wait and to go to infowarestore.com.
Especially those of you that have never bought a book, never bought a film, never bought a t-shirt, never got a supplement, never got an air filtration, water filtration, shortwave radio, thousands of great items, books, you name it, at infowarestore.com.
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It's back in stock.
Body's ultimate turmeric formula, lung cleanse.
They're all there at infowarestore.com.
And it's just that simple. There's also a button up on the top of the shopping cart that says support.
And it says become a sponsor. And you just click there and you can give a monthly donation or just
give a one-time donation. And then we actually get 95 percent of that money instead of just,
you know, 30 or 40 percent, 50 percent with the sale of the product. So this is do or die time.
If you want to keep us on air through these attacks of the system and the system pulling out all the stops to try to silence us, then this is the time.
They are trying to silence you.
They're trying to take down the leading voice of resistance.
So I simply need you to go to Infowarstore.com.
Or call toll-free, 888-253-3139.
And also, I'm going to add a little link so you can donate to InfoWars right under the live show feed today, or maybe even above it.
I'll say, donate to InfoWars to help us defend the First Amendment and stop the globalist program.
We're going to put a link directly to the shopping cart.
And I mean, I need, we're already totally maxed out and I am expending my backup capital.
And I am very honored to do that, except when I run out of that, that'll be it.
I'll have to start laying people off and cutting stuff.
And again, the other side knows that and they just want us silenced because they do not like the topics we cover, what we do and how we stand up to this takeover, this bullying that we're all witnessing.
So again, InfoWarsStore.com.
And for some reason, we hide the hell out of the link to donate.
So, you know, I'll add a banner at the top of InfoWarsStore.com right now.
So you can also go right to the donate button.
But we need your support now.
Ladies and gentlemen, InfoWarsStore.com or 888-253-3139.
There's a lot of treachery, a lot of evil out there, but there's also a lot of good.
So I thank you for your support.
We need your help.
InfoWars is not going down without a fight.
And the system knows that, and so they've pulled out all the stops.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
You know, we've just recently seen calls for Dianne Feinstein to step down because she's so senile and can barely talk.
But when you actually see her give a speech, she has more cognitive ability than Ruth Bader Ginsburg did before she died or Joe Biden.
So why do they want her gone?
That's an interesting question.
She is a Chinese double agent on record.
But this is just emblematic of the rotting establishment that we have that's in control.
But look at some of these headlines.
The Washington Post, with the sub-headline, Democracy Dies in Darkness, says it's time to give the elites a bigger say in choosing the president.
The elites!
But then when Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter for free speech, He's a danger to the world.
Here's another one.
Real clear policy.
Time to give elites a bigger say in choosing the president.
Washington Post.
To save democracy, we need a few good dictators.
That's out of Bloomberg!
We need to get rid of freedom.
To save democracy, we need a few good dictators.
We just showed a Financial Times of London headline.
It's almost the same.
Think about that.
And you've got Harari, Noah Harari, the spokesperson for the Davos Group, saying, the end of humans is here.
We're going to force the end of humans.
Humans are bad.
AI is taking you over.
We're colonizing our bodies with the vaccines right now with nanotech.
And then we point out he's saying that, and they go, oh, you're crazy.
It doesn't exist.
You need to be silenced.
You are discrediting the power structure.
Why would anyone, especially folks with children, Go along with this.
Why would anyone accept headlines everywhere?
I mean, the New York Times just had a bunch of headlines this year saying, it's time to stop telling the truth.
It's time to stop asking questions.
It's good to be lied to.
These are headlines.
Oh, don't ask too many questions.
Don't do your own research.
These are quotes.
And the only way they can gaslight you and tell you all this and tell you things that are demonstrably authoritarian and dangerous and not true is if there's no opposition anywhere.
That's why they're getting rid of the comments all over the internet.
That's why they're getting rid of any ways for you to communicate because they are bringing in a prison lockdown society and InfoWars is just a canary in that coal mine.
They are accelerating the demise of the currency all over the world to bring in the new global digital programmable token that the central banks will control worldwide and they will connect to your social credit score to monitor and track your behavior.
And a lot of people are going to be, well, I'll just comply, but they're always going to add more compliance to what you've got to do until You're as bad off as they are in communist China with years of lockdown, starvation, mass suicide and death for asymptomatic people not even dying of COVID.
It's all a raw exercise of power.
And I am just here fighting as hard as I can with everything I've got.
Try to stay on air as long as possible.
Until humanity finds its soul again and stands up peacefully and says no.
And that's starting to happen.
So they had two years of police state, they backed off a little because all the prominent people were waking up and speaking out.
And the attempts to silence people weren't working.
So they backed off some, but now they're setting up and preparing the next wave of fear, the next wave of control, the next group of lockdowns, the next group of censoring and systems to silence their opposition.
You can't avoid this corruption and just hide under a rock and hope it goes away.
It's not going to go away.
And I am very honored and blessed that we've been on the air 28 years and have learned a lot together and have made mistakes, but overall have changed the world for the better and have really gotten more accurate and more truthful and more insightful as time goes on.
And that is all the good brain and soul God gave me, and the great brain and soul God gave you, and all the listeners, and all the guests, and this family that is in full force.
But I got to tell you, folks, you're the only thing in our corner, and I'm in your corner.
It's not the courts, it's not the corrupt bureaucracies, it's not the systems, and it's three things that override the enemy.
And you know what they are?
It's prayer, It's word of mouth to make sure this broadcast gets through the censors, it gets to the right people, and it's money.
And I'm firing the bat signal here.
You know, we've been firing it for a while, but now I'm like, folks at the Alamo, send that letter out.
I'm not going to give up.
I'm not going to back down.
I'm sending a letter out saying, please send reinforcements, but we're going to stay here.
And I'm telling you, ladies and gentlemen, whatever has to happen is going to happen.
But I want to be strong and I want to continue to persevere.
And the biggest way you can do that right now, Is by going to InfoWareStore.com and getting things you already need.
I mean, look, I shouldn't even be selling all this stuff on sale because here's the predicament we're in.
I'm spending almost all the money that comes in on infrastructure and the crew and legal and bandwidth and all of it.
And then we have to buy product going forward and prices have gone up and supply chains have broken down.
Instead of six weeks, it's 25, 30 weeks for a product.
And we've got that money where now people used to let you do it for no money down and pay when it was ready or half the money down.
And then pay when you got the rest.
We don't get that with anybody anymore.
And so, I'm sitting here looking at the product we've got, the books, the films, the t-shirts, everything we've got in stock and thinking, I can run off this stock for six, seven months, no problem.
But then I'll have to basically implode and let go of most of the crew and do the show on a shoestring.
It'll still be to everywhere, it'll still be available, it'll still be huge but not as effective.
I don't want that to happen.
So it's really simple.
All of you that have been on the fence, all of you that have listened to the show over the years and never gone to InfoWarsTore.com, folks that have been doing that are the reason that the broadcast is still here and we've influenced so many powerful people and so many important people and so many influential people and so many great common people.
It's just immeasurable what this family of InfoWars has done.
And so we've already had a mighty effect.
That's why they hate us so much.
But I believe our most important work is still to come.
But I can't win this fight without your commission.
And your commission is praying for us, spreading the word, sharing the articles and videos and information, and going to infowarestore.com.
So I need to see.
I'm making some decisions right now.
I need to see.
From you, a sign that you want to support us.
I need to see that you really want me to take it to the next level.
If you're not in the fight, and you don't think it's important to keep us on air, I totally understand.
It's a free will universe, and I'm not even mad at you.
And that's God's will, because I'm pretty tired.
But I'm not going to give up.
I could just give out, as they say.
So go to infowarrestore.com right now.
Don't wait.
And get the new Alex Jones was right shirt.
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It's historic.
On the back, InfoWars.com.
And again, this could be the last time in the last few months you're going to get any of this stuff because I can tell you folks, I'm not playing around.
We are barely operating.
And we are back on this Live Monday edition.
Judge Andrew Napolitano.
is going to be joining us coming up in the third hour today.
Then host Gerald Salente is going to be live during the fourth hour.
We now know it's mainstream news, federal filings, that the DOJ was working with the CIA to spy on candidate and then President-elect and then President Trump, as we told you five years ago, and that they were planting and creating false information.
And we just saw a federal jury in Michigan find not guilty and then mistrial the others for the kidnapping plot for Governor Whitmer.
They had another big federal trial there a few years ago with the Hatari militia they had set up and provocateured.
They all were found not guilty.
So the good news is the American people are waking up and seeing through this more and more.
And when you've got all these Washington Post and New York Times and Financial Times and London articles about dictatorship's good, we need to get rid of the people actually running things.
Isn't that just amazing?
And then, oh, Alex Jones thinks there's a one world government that wants to cut off your resources and forcibly inoculate you and is going to use AI computers and cameras to track and trace everything you do.
They still write articles every day saying, I'm evil and none of us exist.
And look, if you say it, we're going to sue you and rig the courts and destroy you and silence you.
So that when people see world government being announced, and, oh, it's going to be post-human, and, oh, we're going to take over your body, people go, well, I better not criticize it.
I mean, I'll end up like Alex Jones.
Hell, you'll end up like people starving to death all over the world.
And I look at these globalist sacks of garbage, how they sit up there and just throw this in everybody's face, and they think it's so funny, and it's so cute, and they worship Madeline Albright.
Hey, was it good that you tripled the sanctions of Herbert Walker Bush under Clinton and that directly killed 500,000?
Is that a good price to pay?
She goes, yeah, it's a good price to pay.
Do it again.
It's like, oh, you're a woman!
Oh my God!
You're so wonderful!
We have to bow down to you because you look like a goblin!
Oh, and she bombs Serbia and blows up half their major cities with depleted uranium bombs.
It's like, oh, it's liberal!
And the Serbs even said at the time to her, they said, why are you doing this when you escaped with your father from Nazi Germany?
During World War II, we hid you and protected you.
And she responded by bombing them later.
Of course, it was on 60 Minutes.
People saw the paintings.
Her house is full of stolen paintings from Jews rounded up and killed by the Nazis.
Famous ones!
Because that's what her father did, like George Soros, when he was older, was he was a Jew that rounded up Jews and robbed them and told them he was going to get them out of the country and then... Dead.
These are some really, really, really, Really evil people, folks.
Wanna know who you're up against?
It's people just like her, now burning in hell.
So I'm gonna give the number out, and I'm gonna take your calls today on the war, on the new COVID lockdowns they're definitely trying to bring back, on what's happening in the economy, how you're dealing with inflation.
I really don't want to sit here and, you know, bore you with poor Alex Jones, what's happening to me.
But I mean, I can tell you, folks, I've gone out and talked to separate third party, big, famous law firms, and they don't believe the rulings and the things being done in Connecticut and Texas.
The proposal for the trial coming up in a week and a half, two weeks, jury selections next week in Texas for one of three lawsuits they've got against me here.
The first Sandy Hook one says we are not allowed to raise the First Amendment or any defenses or talk basically.
The jury's told I'm guilty.
We can't respond.
And then they sit there and tell him he's got $200 million.
And he made all his money off Sandy Hook.
I've been to the depositions.
Four of them.
By the way, this week, they wanted me for another deposition.
And so I said, OK.
So they had a third party group that wanted to depose me, who's a party because of insurance companies and GCN and things.
So it's the Connecticut Antigone Bloomberg Blumenthal lawyers at Blumenthal's son basically in there they run it and I come in the morning at 9 a.m.
for the deposition and they go and then one of the other lawyers is oh I had something come up then they're like oh fine we'll just reschedule in two weeks but I try to reschedule when I had vertigo Dr. Marble thought it might be a heart problem when it got checked out.
It was an infection.
I go, hey, let me just reschedule next week.
Oh my God, we'll arrest you!
You owe us all this money!
$25,000 the first day, $50,000 the next day, $100,000 the next day, up to one point, whatever million.
I'm just like... They treat me like I'm Daddy Warbucks.
Like I'm Howard Hughes.
They treat me like I just bathe in gold like Scrooge McDuck.
They treat me like I'm Lex Luthor and a child molester mixed together.
And it's all just completely insane!
And that's the model for everybody else.
And it's scary to see it happening and to watch it going on.
So I'm trying to get into federal court, probably won't even be able to, just to swear under federal court and they'll send a trustee to look at everything and know we're not lying about not having, because I mean, again.
They have HBO, they have Netflix, all of them coming to try to film this trial next week.
The judge is combing her hair and primping.
They admit it's all about media and all about being famous and all about making money off me, while claiming I made money off them, which isn't even true.
And then you know I'm going to get subpoenaed in order to sit there like a monkey.
But then I'm not allowed to talk?
I've got a whole list of things that I can't talk about.
The First Amendment, or how I didn't damage these people, or any of this stuff.
I mean, you read this, it's like a Monty Python joke.
It makes the trial in idiocracy look fair.
And again, this is your freedoms.
They're not going to just stop with censoring you off the web.
They're not going to just stop with taking your bank accounts.
They're going to take all your freedoms, folks, and throw you in a gulag.
And we're not approaching that.
We're here.
Hundreds of peaceful people that didn't even touch a cop on January 6th are still in prison, still in jail, in solitary confinement, and they aren't even getting trials.
The law about speedy trials is just being totally ignored because the IQs are dropping, the society is falling apart, things are breaking down.
And you know it's just going to get more intense and more insane.
From this point out, and we're under judgment, and you know, I'm not perfect either, but my God, I'm trying to get close to the God.
I mean, I'm trying to just say, hey, you know, I want to have a civilization, I want a safe place for my children, and I don't want a bunch of wars, and I don't want a bunch of death, and I don't want all this pedophilia, and I want due process, and the system is, you're going to get evil, and that's the end of it.
We're going to brainwash children, we're going to sterilize them, we're going to open the borders, we're going to child traffic, we're going to devalue your currency, Hollywood's going to wage war on you, and I just sit back and I watch this going into oblivion.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're going to be taking your phone calls coming up in the next segment.
I have some really good news I'm going to be getting to as well on the DeSantis front and a lot more.
Let me go ahead and just do this now.
I'm going to tape this live on air.
So we have a four minute ad that we can run during all the shows to hopefully get the support in to be able to operate into the future.
And that way I won't need to plug later in the hour.
We can just get to a lot of your calls and cover all this news.
So get the live show feed article ready for me guys.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have had quite a run here at InfoWars.
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But now because of supply chain breakdowns and now because of all the Democratic Party funded lawsuits and the slanted nature of those attacks, we are maxed out and pushed up against the wall, just like America's pushed up against the wall.
And we're being bullied.
We're being brutalized by the special interests that want to get through us.
To be able to get to you.
So if we put today's live show headline up on screen for TV viewers, and ask the question, did Alex Jones Infowars declare bankruptcy?
Tune in and learn the truth.
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Think about our border reports exposing the human smuggling that triggered congressional investigations.
Think about our anti-war reporting.
Think about our 9-11 in Bohemian Grove and our reporting on the globalist and the occult.
I mean, to try to list our exposure of fluoride in the water and atrazine and the attack on our children with the whole transgender cult.
Think about everything we've been through together and just imagine InfoWars not being there.
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I'm counting on you.
Stay with us.
It's Monday, April 18th.
The year is 2022.
And I'm your host, Alex Jones.
All right, let's go ahead and lay it out here.
I want to go to your phone calls for the rest of the hour.
Judge Andrew Napolitano is joining us with some huge deep state, permanent state breaking news.
But I got some positive news I want to hit right now.
DeSantis blasts pro-infanticide late-term abortions, and Florida and other states are now passing laws, or have passed laws, now more than 10 states, banning third trimester abortions.
That is a very, very good start.
We'll get to that in a moment.
Florida nixes dozens of math textbooks over critical race theory, common core standards that teach children that 2 plus 2 could equal 6.
That's USA Today is very upset that the brainwashing is not working.
But I wanted to go to a quick Jimmy Dore piece where he's playing a clip from a MSNBC advisor and expert panelist explaining what's really going on in Ukraine and boy, they almost have a heart attack.
They turn as white as a sheet when this guest is on The Morning Joe and Psycho Joe and Zbigniew Brzezinski, the war criminal's daughter, when the truth is laid out.
Jeffrey Sachs, chime in.
This is very different.
First of all, I'm like, who's Jeffrey Sachs?
I watch MSNBC all the time.
I almost never, I don't ever remember seeing this guy.
And I'm like, oh, so there's a new guy.
I'm like, I'm thinking that the CIA just pull a new guy out to push the war.
Who is this guy?
And listen to what he says.
And now you know why you're never going to see him on MSNBC.
Here it comes.
It's just a war between two countries.
This is as convoluted as it gets and could get out of control.
I don't think people might really conceptualize, maybe even not this president, how out of control this could escalate.
It's true, but I think we have to step back and not put this in partisan terms.
This is a U.S.
mistake that started seven years ago.
And I remembered the day on your show.
It's funny, right?
I'm like, you know, I'm just saying what he said.
This guy will never be.
This is a US thing.
What a treat to hear someone like this.
Yes, what a treat.
I can already tell it's like, you know, given to you straight, you know.
Here it comes.
When President Obama said Assad must go and I looked at you and Joe and I said, huh?
How's he gonna do that?
Where's the policy for that?
And we know they sent in the CIA to overthrow Assad.
The CIA and Saudi Arabia Together in covert operations tried to overthrow Assad.
It was a disaster.
Eventually it brought in both ISIS as a splinter group to the jihadists that went in.
It also brought in Russia.
deeper. What we should do now is get out and not continue to throw missiles, not have a
confrontation with Russia. Seven years has been a disaster under Obama, continuing under
Trump. This is what I would call the permanent state. This is the CIA. This is a Pentagon
wanting to...
So, other people...
Quiet everyone else.
Yeah, they're just like stoned. They don't know what to say.
No, they're like, oh shit, he's telling the truth about what's happening.
So he said, this is the permanent state, meaning it doesn't matter who's elected.
This is the CIA and the NSA.
This is the deep state.
Other people refer to it as the deep state, the intelligence community.
He calls it the permanent state, which I like that because it lets lets you know that this is the permanent war machine and it
doesn't matter who's the president or who's in power, these are the people in
power, the permanent state, the war machine. That's what he means and listen he
goes on.
No way to do that and so we have made a proxy war in Syria.
It's killed 500,000 people, displaced 10 million, and I'll say, predictably so, because I predicted it seven years ago, that there was no way to do this, and that it would make a complete chaos.
So what I would plead to President Trump This is unbelievable!
Like his instinct told him, by the way.
That was his instinct.
But then all the establishment, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Pentagon,
everybody said, "No, no, that's irresponsible."
But his instinct is right.
Get out.
We've done it.
This is unbelievable.
He's saying, "Everybody, New York Times, Washington Post, NL."
And you see the stunned look at like, oh my god, this guy, somebody forgot to pay this guy.
Somebody, is this guy not under contract?
Does he not know?
You just brought in someone off the street that they're going to tell you the truth.
What are you doing?
Look at them all just stunned, sitting there, like this is not how it's supposed to go.
Oh, here we go.
...damage seven years.
And now we really risk a confrontation with Russia that is extraordinarily dangerous.
Admiral Sevredis, President Trump had...
So there's a guy laying it down, Jeffrey Sachs, from Columbia University, and that's stunning.
That's stunning.
And it's funny that they all just don't go, wait a minute!
We started this war!
It was the CIA that went?
It wasn't a natural uprising?
You mean all the stuff that everybody, you mean we shouldn't be doing this?
This is actually us committing war crimes, and this is us breaking international laws?
We've got more on that coming up after I get to your calls, but we now have Democrat senators joining Republican senators calling for direct U.S.
invasion and a total war with Russia.
Biden's closest Senate allies suggest U.S.
troops be sent to Ukraine.
So that's the type of things that are unfolding, ladies and gentlemen, with Senator Chris Coons.
And it's getting worse and worse and worse by the minute.
I'm going to go to break, come back with your calls, but let's play part of the Santas blast pro-infanticide late-term abortions.
We're on the march, they're on the run, that's why they're panicking.
And when we start saving the children again, God is going to start blessing us again.
Here it is.
We are here today to protect life.
We are here today to defend those who can't defend themselves.
And in just a minute, I will be signing House Bill 5, which protects the rights of unborn children starting at 15 weeks.
This is a time where these babies have beating hearts.
They can move, they can taste, they can see, they can feel pain, they can suck their thumbs, and they have brain waves.
And so this will represent the most significant protections for life that have been enacted
in this state in a generation.
And if you look what's going on in certain segments of our society, particularly amongst
people who are affiliated with the far left of our political spectrum, of course that's
over-represented in places like Hollywood, in the media, and obviously in one of our
major political parties.
But they are now taking the position.
That babies can be aborted up to the ninth month.
Literally, you can go back for you parents, and those are some of the most significant experiences of my life, to hold your child for the very first time.
What they would say is, parent holding that child, if you just go back a day or two, then you would have been able to snuff the child out entirely?
That is just fundamentally wrong.
That is infanticide.
And that has no place.
And ladies and gentlemen, just 40 years ago, the majority of young people, 18 to 36 in studies, were pro-abortion.
Now the vast majority are anti-abortion.
We're winning the hearts and minds.
Around the world, the globalists are in trouble.
People are coming back to Christ.
People are coming back to country and family.
We're winning.
The Globalist's only tactic is to attack the leaders who will stand up and tell the truth.
And you know somebody's good by their fruits, what they stand for, and the fact they're under attack.
Nobody's under more attack than we are.
All I want to do is stay in the fight, but I can't do it without you.
So I'm asking for your support today at InfowarStore.com.
Get Rainforce Ultra.
Get an Alex Jones is Right t-shirt.
But whatever you do, support the broadcast today, because without you, we're going to be shut down very, very soon.
Can you imagine?
We'll be right back with your phone call straight ahead.
Tomorrow's news today.
You know why we're in so much trouble as a civilization and as a people?
Because we have been in the corruption for so long.
We have been having our rights taken for so long.
we become comfortable with it, and everybody just kind of has a lackadaisical,
patty cake idea about government corruption, corporate corruption, wars, open borders,
attacks on our children's rights.
And so even if people don't like what's happening, they still have a lackadaisical view about it.
And hey, that's great.
You got a happy, stress-free life until the electricity goes off,
and until society collapses.
because the New World Order believes they're filling a vacuum.
They see a bunch of dumbed-down, lackadaisical people, and they openly say, we need to go ahead and just exterminate these people.
They're useless eaters.
Because you're not challenging them, because you're not on the field politically, they believe that by that very act, you deserve to die.
And that's why the Davos Group and all of them say, there's too many people, we need to get rid of them.
Look at these headlines.
It's time to give the elites a bigger say in choosing the president, Washington Post.
And we've got Bloomberg.
To save democracy, we need a few good dictators.
We showed a bunch of other similar headlines earlier.
That's who these people are.
I'm gonna go to Bob and Bone Crusher and Lauren and others here in just a moment, but Here's a clip indicative of what we faced on Infowars.com.
Jill Biden instructs Confused Joe to wave to a crowd after delivering remarks.
See Joe Biden's new handlers, Jill Biden and the Easter Bunny.
And you can laugh at this, but this was done so that when they sell the country out and blow the currency, the elites don't get to blame, their puppet does.
Here's the video.
Welcome to the South Lawn.
Thank you and happy, happy Easter.
God bless you.
It's just, it's just, it's just this bizarre otherworldly image of this with all the wilting flowers and it's all of it is a complete sick joke.
And they do these close shots.
There's not a big crowd there to make it look like everybody wants to meet Joe Biden.
They're having an Easter egg roll event.
They call everybody out, too.
I mean, this is just unbelievable.
Let's go to your phone calls.
And again, if you're a new listener that just tuned in wanting to know about the war in Russia and Ukraine and the economy and China and all of this, you're like, why are you talking about yourself?
Well, we ourselves are big news right now.
I was sued over 50 times by the Democratic Party affiliate groups.
We beat them or settled almost all of them down to four.
Three Sandy Hook and one other one that deals with a photo of a wrong person we identified as a shooter that we corrected quickly before they ever never knew about it but they still sued us and in those cases we've been defaulted saying we didn't give them stuff we lied whatever we didn't give them discovery totally not true on my children and Double default now, saying in Texas, without calling double default, you can't call witnesses, you can't speak, you can't talk about the First Amendment.
That's in the filings right here.
And so yes, we've done limited Chapter 11 with some of our companies, and hell, we may just do them all, you know, because I need federal courts with federal trustees to come in and so they can see it all and know that we told the truth.
Because they're going to sit there while we can't talk and tell a jury that I've got hundreds of millions of dollars, which I don't have $10 million.
I don't have $3 million in cash.
And that's money we need to buy products in the future.
We got like $2.2 million.
I need like $4 million to be safe and be able to take care of any underages or problems and buy product out.
So I'm literally at the point of not even in the future, I'm not going to even buy our product, even be here.
I'm already there.
With the litigation, the supply chain breakdowns and all of it.
And they're saying, he's getting famous off us.
That's why we want to have a big TV show trial.
They do.
And he's got hundreds of millions of dollars.
Look, he's got a company with $16 million in it.
Yeah, that's called the holding company.
You do with supplements, that supplement company we set up for liability.
And yeah, that's the $16 million the last year buying the product.
And they know all that, but they play these games.
Oh, Jones caught with slush funds!
And Jones caught with all this secret money!
And they know good and damn well, because any accountant can look at it, they know it's not true.
But it's being done To get a big judgment that we can't get a bond on for appeal to come in here and shut this place down.
And you're like, well, that'll blow up in their face.
In fact, there's some cartoons on InfoWars.com we can show.
For Easter, and one of them is a couple of centurions, Roman soldiers, and there's Jesus up on the cross being crucified, and they say, that'll show these Christians, this will silence Jesus' followers.
And so, look, God works in mysterious ways.
I started out on AXS TV 28 years ago, local radio 27 years ago, syndicated 26 years ago, and I lost from 140 affiliates roughly, I went down to about 32 affiliates when I came out and said there were bombs in the buildings in 9-11, had an inside job element.
And I lost almost all my affiliates and went from having a million dollars in the bank and being one of the fastest growing syndicated talk show hosts as a young man to having nothing.
And I didn't even think about it because I was telling the truth.
So this doesn't affect me.
It's affecting you that the courts have become this out of control and are able to do stuff like this.
That's where we are and we need your support now more than ever because money is the big thing that can fix this and stand up to this and ensure other things are able to be done in the future no matter what.
But maxed out like I am?
I'm kind of like, God are you going to take me out of the game?
Is that what you want?
I've been in this 28 years?
Because if that's your will, if the listeners don't support me, Then that's what God wants, and then that's because God's always provided.
And so, if I'm so cursed in these courts, and I'm so cursed with the lawyers, and I'm so, you know, just absolutely demented, then that is God's plan.
Or, I'm supposed to stay on air, but I need a lot of money.
You know, Shannon, I'm reaching the point already with the accounting where I'm not going to be able to buy the DNA Force Plus and the Body's Ultimate Turmeric Formula and the X2 and the X3 and the coffee and all of it because I'll have to have that money to run.
And I could make that decision and stay on air six, eight months and then implode.
Or, but I can't have it both ways where there's even, you know, okay, put the money out, but
there's not enough and they're not enough to operate now.
I am in between a rock and a hard place.
I need money right now.
So it's simple.
InfoWars is treading water in frozen ocean.
We're going to sink and it's going to go down or you're going to throw a lifeline in.
And the majority of the listeners, we know less than 1% of people ever buy a product
Gosh, if just 3% of people listening right now would just go to InfoWarsTore.com, secure, high-tech, beautiful site, and buy some Brain Force Ultra.
Get a t-shirt, get a book, get a film.
Donate today, right there, support free speech.
$5, $100, whatever.
We can absolutely win and dominate.
But I'm not Trump who had $20 billion when he ran, and now he's got like $3 billion.
They almost destroyed him.
Yeah, he lost almost everything.
Good for Trump, you know, fighting hard.
I'm ten times more hardcore.
I don't have millions, much less billions of dollars.
I have you.
That's it.
So I'm firing the bat signal.
Go there now and support us.
I promise.
I'm coming out of break, coming in hot, going right to your calls.
So there were defining battles of World War II, like Stalingrad between the Nazis and the Russians, or Iwo Jima.
Guadalcanal in the Pacific with the U.S.
against the Japanese.
And right now is one of those defining moments.
The globalists have pulled out all the stops to shut down M4 wars.
They admit it's the model to shut down everybody else.
And so the big fight is here in a battle of wills.
And I don't have Soros or the media or the courts.
I have you.
And if you support us with your prayer and your word of mouth and your financial support, we're going to keep fighting.
If you don't, well, they win at least that round.
This is a critical battle.
We need to win it.
Thank you for the support.
Let's hear on the Alex Jones Show, start going to your calls.
Because the callers don't want to call in about Russia or China or the border or any of this.
They want to talk about InfoWars.
And I understand that and I appreciate that.
Because this is really the destruction of free speech.
This is all the censorship, the debunking, the lying, and just what they're doing.
Let's talk to Bob in Ohio.
Bob, welcome.
These InfoWars save the world.
Alex, I ran a TV station, an NBC affiliate, for the better part of a decade, not recently, but I know exactly what you're doing wrong, and I know exactly how to solve your problem.
You listen?
Yeah, I'm listening.
Okay, I believe what we need is resellers.
You were once a great tree of liberty.
You were a redwood of liberty.
But when they pulled your advertisers, they effectively cut off all your branches.
Now, uh, when they pulled your branches, they effectively cut you down from a tree of liberty down to a bush.
You are a shrubbery of liberty.
That's got to be very insulting.
Now, what we need to do to save InfoWars is we need to regrow your branches.
And the way we do that is what I believe is resellers.
We need tens of thousands of businesses to resell InfoWarsTore.com products in your local business.
I had a dream that I could go down to a local 7-Eleven to do TurboTore.
So what do you think of that?
Would that provide you with enough funding?
Of course it would.
I mean, do you think 7-Eleven is going to carry our stuff?
Well, maybe not 7-Eleven, but I mean like a local mom and pop business that the family owns.
Yeah, I would love to have a reseller program where we sell stuff like 10% over our cost to people.
And I would absolutely do that. It takes infrastructure. It takes money for me to
even buy the product out of the future to be able to do that. And that's my problem,
is I don't have all this capital. And I've spent so much capital battling and fighting all this
litigious lawfare Democrat attempts to shut me down. I appreciate your call, Bob. Great idea.
Try to implement it. Let's go ahead and talk to Lauren in North Dakota.
Hey, welcome.
Thank you for calling, Lauren.
How you doing?
You know, I've actually been in a fight a long time, and I realize that I'm better than a baby getting aborted.
I'm better than somebody dying in Ukraine.
I'm doing actually pretty good.
But they're taking Americans' free speech.
They've weaponized the courts, and our country's in a lot of trouble.
Yeah, I would agree with you.
I would say, you know, shame on anyone who listens and doesn't support or help.
Especially people who have the money to do it, because I know it's a lot of people who are pretty poor themselves and giving every dime they can to try to help as much as they can because they don't have the resources.
Well, I mean, I know, I know billionaires and they say, how can I help you?
And I say, give me some money and they never do it.
Uh, I guess that's why they're billionaires, but you know, the whole country collapses.
They guess they can have their billions.
Uh, but yeah, so many wealthy people sit on the sidelines while the common folks, you know, do all the work, but that's okay.
It's all right.
I just appreciate your support.
Well, what's on my mind here lately for a handful of weeks has been, You know how they have their Davos meetings and they strategize.
They've been strategizing for years.
And I don't actually see that happening in this country amongst the people who are fighting the hardest to protect it.
You see a whole lot of people doing all their own individual things.
And their reach is decent, but I don't understand why there hasn't been any kind of bigger gathering of people to do the same thing the Davos group does.
And get together and strategize and figure out how to... Well, that's right.
They're the Legion of Doom.
Where's the Legion of Liberty?
You know, it's been on my mind non-stop.
It was pretty amazing to see every media outlet on the right side of this.
Almost relieved to see Elon Musk make a move on Twitter.
And there's tons of venture capitalists out there tweeting back and forth, but where is, like, movement?
He's engaged in leadership.
People should support him.
Thank you so much, Lauren, for your support.
God bless you.
By the way, people ask, where are leaders?
Well, you saw what happened to Trump.
You see what's happening to Sanders.
You see what's happening to Infowars.
You see what they're trying to do to Joe Rogan or Tucker Carlson.
They stabbed Bolsonaro with an 8-inch butcher knife.
He barely survived.
Pierced several organs.
They spent billions trying to overthrow Orban.
That failed.
They bought off Boris Johnson.
And now Marie Le Pen, in the polls, as the election starts, is ahead of Macron.
And so what's their response?
EU exhumes 18-year-old embezzlement charge, so they dug it up.
EU digs up 18-year-old embezzlement charge to derail Le Pen presidential bid, claimed that she bought dinners and paid for her transportation when she was a member of parliament 18 years ago, and now they want to criminally charge her.
I mean, give me a break.
They've opened criminal investigations of Elon Musk and his companies within six hours of him announcing a hostile takeover of Twitter.
So people say, where's the leadership?
Well, they come after us, folks.
And it's starting to backfire.
People are starting to get it.
But we are the black sheep.
We are the rebels.
We are the patriots.
We are The Outlaws.
And we need your support.
And I know the general audience gets that, but I'm just telling you.
Of all the black sheep folks, of all the people the Globalist hate, it's Infowars the most.
Because we really have done the research.
We got their number.
And people in the establishment who aren't pure evil, they listen to us.
World leaders listen.
That's why we're so important.
That's why you're so important.
Let's go ahead and Take another call.
Carlos in Canada.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Thank you.
There's so many subjects that are so paramount and important.
I've been trying to rank order them and I just can't figure out which one is most important.
But I've narrowed it down to the real one that's important coming up in November.
And that is that the vast majority of Americans today, in my personal opinion, are not elected I'm not able to elect people because they're not properly informed.
An informed electorate is essentially in a democracy.
It's not just the vote that's important.
It's important that the people have information about what they're voting for and who they're voting for and why they're voting for those people.
That's right, the people perish for lack of knowledge.
Exactly, and it's been a deliberate dumbing down of the entire American population so
that they don't understand the dynamics of government themselves.
I happen to have been an observant of this a long time, and I can tell you the most important
thing in America today is that you don't understand your own American voting system.
For example, the Republicans and the Democrats have had a concerted effort to keep out any
one third party from coming into office.
This is an agreement that they seem to have tacitly at the very top level.
President Trump, when he ran, he was opposed right from the inside of the Republican Party.
The way that these parties work, a two-system in Canada as well, okay, is that when one party gets in trouble, the other party simply drops the ball, doesn't do, follows along, finds some sort of becoming a loyal opposition as opposed to a real opposition.
They become a disloyal opposition.
And then they drop the ball.
Now, come in November, you think the Democrats are going to get beaten?
You bet not.
You're going to have the pollsters saying that neck to neck.
You're going to have the Republicans drop the ball.
And they're going to have some sort of agreement that, you know, well, you can't allow the
Democrat Party to be destroyed because then that opens the party to a third party and
we can't have that happen, blah, blah.
And so you find the most incredible voting practices among Republicans that are shocking.
And you say, how is it possible that Republicans can be voting this way?
And it's because there's insider deals at the committee chairman level, and that's how they control things, is by the leadership.
Thank you so much.
Great point.
But more and more people see through it.
All right.
Bone Crusher, Kevin, Jefferson, Peter, Paul, Josh, John, Alex, your calls are all coming up in the order they were received straight ahead.
Thank you so much for calling.
Thank you so much for caring.
We're here, folks.
We're going to have to fight through this.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide on this Live Monday broadcast.
Let's go ahead and go back to your phone calls.
Who's been holding the longest here?
Oh, I guess that would be Bone Crusher in FEMA Region 10.
Bone Crusher, welcome.
Alex, great to see you.
You're still hanging in there after all the crap that's going on right now?
Well, thank you, brother.
We're all in this together.
I know.
Um, so I just want to say that I just ordered some stuff from the store and I was looking back at my history and I made an order.
There was another one around about a year ago and there's been 600,000 orders that the whole entire website has done in about a year.
That's ridiculous.
There is so many people watching this stuff, and for 600,000 orders to only come out of your guys' store within a year for how many people are watching this and stuff, is absurd.
I know we got that many orders.
I don't know where you got that number, but look, it's fine.
Listen, I've run my course, and nobody takes this stuff serious, so we'll just go off the air.
I mean, I'm not mad.
I mean, if people don't want to support us, don't want to buy the products, don't want to keep us on air, that's fine.
You're going to lose everything anyways.
Uh, so I'm not bitching anybody.
I'm tired of asking for support, and I'm tired of the other sides lying and saying I got all these hundreds of millions of dollars, and just all of it.
Everybody's going to get what they want real soon.
Stuff is going down.
Things are falling apart now.
The borders are open.
Pedophilia is all over the news.
We're just in the middle of the beginning of the end here, and I guess it's just what we deserve.
I mean, yeah, as a whole that's what we deserve, but I'm mad about it.
I think it's ridiculous.
People don't realize that...
Go watch the Nightly News.
You guys have ran it before.
You guys have a montage of it.
I've seen it a million times, where it's showing the sponsors for the Nightly News.
It's Big Pharma, Pfizer, it's Nestle, it's Coca-Cola, everybody who's pumping junk into you.
While everybody wants to sit here, all your naysayers want to go, oh, Alex Jones is selling, Alex Jones is selling snake oil.
No, Alex Jones is selling good products and trying to keep himself afloat because he doesn't have corporate sponsors.
That's why.
That's right, brother.
I appreciate your call.
But look, I'm not bitching at people.
People want to keep us on air.
They are.
If they don't want to, that's fine.
I've done my job.
I've tried my best.
And a lot of folks are supporting us right now.
If we got the kind of support we're getting today, every day we'd expand, actually.
And so I'm not bitching at anybody.
You want to support us, support us.
We've got great products that will enrich your life.
Okay, let's go ahead now and let's take another call.
Oh, by the way, I'm not mad, but there's an article right here on Infowars.com that says
global recession looming as China shuts down supply lanes.
Look, we're not in a recession, we're in a global depression.
They're shutting down the economy, hundreds of billions are starving to death.
So, a lot of this is, we have become very comfortable with our own destruction.
Well, I'm not comfortable with it.
And so, A lot of people think they're going to do some metamorphosis of corruption, and, oh, this great, wonderful thing's going to come out on the other side.
That's what the left thinks.
No, what's going to come out on the other side is mass death and nuclear war.
So I've already made friends with this.
I'm already way past it, and I don't want to take calls.
I don't want to take calls about Infowars anymore.
I want to talk about Russia.
I want to talk about China, the borders, the new world order, any subject but us.
Because it's whining.
It's whining.
If America doesn't believe in free speech, and America believes in killing babies, and America believes in drag queen story time, and America believes in open borders, and tuberculosis, and Bioweapons being released and forced inoculations, then America's done!
And my job was to be here, to expose what was happening, and to try to get people to make a mental, psychic, spiritual choice, and I've done that.
But I sure as hell am not going to bitch.
I'm just saying, you want to aid us in the fight against the New World Order, we need your support.
But I don't want to turn it into bitching at people, or turn it into complaining, okay?
Okay, 'cause it's just, people are gonna do what they're gonna do.
Let's go to Paul in Colorado on the midterm election fraud and moving forward.
Yeah, how are we going to stop massive fraud by these crooks?
They've already gotten away with it.
They're trying to outlaw questioning election fraud.
What do you think is going to happen, Paul?
How do we move forward?
Alex, this is, I've been wanting to make this call for 10 years, and Judge Napolitano and Gerald Sorrento are two of my heroes, so what a good Monday and what a good day to call.
There's something that's important about elections that we can't forget about, and I'm going to go back to 2012.
And if anybody hasn't seen it, look up the Ron Paul media blackout in 2012, okay?
And this kind of goes to what one of the previous callers said about selecting our new leaders, and what we've been doing in the past is allowing the media to feed us, our leaders, by falsely reporting poll numbers, right?
And so that same thing that blacked out Ron Paul in 2012 is the same media deception that swept Bernie under the rug.
It's the same media deception that fed us Donald Trump in 2016.
Whether they meant to or not.
That's right.
Even though he meant well, he energized the left to commit a bunch of crimes and censor to bring in the new world order.
So Trump was, I agree with the head of Barstool Sports.
Is that he's not against Trump personally, but Trump energized the left.
So here's my point, though, is when you when you give somebody 400 mentions to one mention for every other candidate, you delivered that candidate to the general.
Well, we know the emails came out.
Hillary ordered the media that she controlled to give Trump all the attention early on because she thought she could beat him easier than it backfired.
So, I agree totally.
So here is my point, and this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I'm willing to bet that Judge Napolitano and Gerald would agree with me, is that in 2016, every vote that went to Donald Trump should have gone to Rand Paul.
And we have to ask ourselves, if Rand Paul would have been our president in 2016, would we really be in the situations we're in today?
No, I agree.
Rand Paul is a lot better than Trump in many ways, but Rand Paul supported the damn vaccine up front, just like Trump.
We gotta think, though.
You use the term tip of the spear often, and in Washington, D.C., Rand Paul is the tip of the spear.
No, I hear you.
He does a great job.
Thank you, Paul.
Jamming in all these great callers.
All right, up next here, let's talk to Josh in Minnesota.
Josh, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hi Alex.
First off, I just wanted to apologize to you.
In 2021, you're talking about 2022 is the year of the big fight.
We need to do it.
And then in January, you walked off the air twice.
And I don't want to say I took it personally, but like, you know what I mean?
And then you came back.
And that's why I want to say I'm sorry, because you really are out there fighting for us and fighting for what is right.
Well, brother, I'm sorry that I have problems.
I'm definitely for real, though.
I'm definitely who I say I am.
I definitely don't lie to you folks.
I mean, I had cops pull me over a year and a half ago and they go, you been drinking?
I said, yeah, they took me to jail.
I couldn't even lie to them.
I understand that Alex, you're an awesome man, and I really appreciate that about you.
officer I just couldn't even lie of course I blew under I told him I had two
glasses of wine but which is supposedly legal for somebody that weighs 260
pounds but the point I got dropped but the point is I'm not lying to you I'm
telling you the truth here and people need to know that. I understand that Alex
you're an awesome man and I really appreciate that about you that's why I
watch you every day. I appreciate you putting up with me brother what's on your mind?
I just wanted to say I don't know what's gonna happen with the COVID stuff
I know you had Doug Stanhope on your show a few years ago, and you guys were like, kind of going back and forth with whatever.
Oh, they're bringing the lockdowns back.
You can bet your bottom dollar on that.
Yeah, exactly.
But like, when it comes to like, whether or not you need food or not, you better bet on you're going to need it or not need it.
So you should buy Ready Hour or Patriot Pantry, whichever one it is.
No, I agree.
Everybody should be getting ready for full collapse.
Because it's not just a possibility now, it is a real probability.
I mean, the question is, how bad is a collapse going to be?
There's no stopping it now.
Like, you can keep it in your truck.
You can give it to homeless people.
You can do whatever you want with it.
So, I would really recommend people to buy it.
And at least, worst case scenario, you can be a good person.
Or if you really need it, you need it.
That's all I got.
Thank you so much.
That'd be preparewithalex.com, but they're like three months behind their orders, unlike other places that would lie and say, oh, we got plenty of food.
When they don't, when they get behind, they tell you they're like three months behind.
The supply chains are breaking down, but yeah, preparewithalex.com.
And I'm just sick of sitting up here asking for support.
We sell great products.
We sell great things.
We have a huge audience.
If a small percentage bought the products, we wouldn't be in this situation.
And I'm not bitching, but.
We have great products at InfowarsTour.com, and if you buy them, we stay on air.
If you don't, we don't.
And I just am maxed out with all these lawsuits and attacks, and I can't keep going.
I'm not lying to the public.
I'm my syndicator.
I run my own show.
I pay for the bandwidth.
I pay the crew.
I pay the infrastructure.
We do it all.
We're not complaining.
Hey, if you don't believe this is an important operation, and you don't believe what you say on air, fine.
I'm sick of doing this.
I'll sit back and watch society burn down to the ground, quite frankly.
You know, I was thinking five years ago, I wanted to like phase out within five years, because it's so hard to do this every day.
And now because of the attacks, I fight even harder.
But like, hey, what if I just let them have what they want?
I guarantee you this, man.
We'll be right back.
We'll be right back with the next hour.
Stay with us.
Here we are in the year 2022.
What an incredible time to be alive.
What an amazing world.
I am just so honored to know all of you.
You're just, you're amazing people, folks.
Out of the whole world, you're the people that care about the New World Order.
You're the people that, way ahead of time, knew what was happening and were actually supporting a resistance.
So, I want to salute you.
It's an insult to even sit up here and ask for your support, quite frankly.
You have the wisdom.
You have the knowledge.
You'll decide what to do.
It's all in God's hands.
I actually am not even worried about it.
Let's go to a caller in North Carolina.
Let's talk to Alex.
Alex says he wants to talk about what's coming next.
Boy, isn't that the big question?
Alex, what's coming next?
Yes, sir.
How you doing?
How's your health?
You know, I'm actually doing pretty good.
I've been hiking, lifting weights, lost like 15 pounds the last two weeks, and I've decided to really start going crazy.
The one thing I can control is my weight and what I'm doing.
So, I did some fasting a few weeks ago for two days, really felt good, and I'm going to do some more fasting, so I'm feeling pretty good, brother.
Oh, that's great, man.
Glad to hear that.
You know, really quick, I just wanted to let you know that, you know, five years ago, I was at the Route 91 shooting and the story that the media was telling us did not add up in our minds.
So I did a lot of research, did a lot of digging, and that eventually led me to you guys and InfoWars, and I've been a notorious listener ever since.
Um, and, uh, you know, once I, I found out, you know, most of what the truth was of what happened out there, um, my reality was, um, essentially shattered and I started doing ding on all sorts of topics, um, watching so many of your guys' videos.
And, um, you know, I, I, I just couldn't believe that how, you know, malicious and evil the world actually is.
It's not all sunshine and rainbow rainbows as I originally thought it was.
Um, so.
You know, this leads me to my next question.
You know, what is next?
Because, you know, I've been, ever since that moment, I've been sharing a lot of your guys' videos and articles, you know, once on Blue Moon.
But the last year has changed.
You know, I've been, you know, pumping it out as much as I could, buying your guys' products.
And I've had a lot of friends and family, you know, start to call me, you know, crazy for believing all this stuff.
You know, I don't know, you know, what else I could do on my end here to kind of like
lead people to...
Brother, you're doing it all.
It's not people like you that we're asking to step up.
It's those that haven't really done anything or rarely support.
And but don't you feel vindicated when you have the head of the Deimos Group calling
for the end of humanity and world government being announced and all these articles calling
for dictatorship in the New York Times and Washington Post?
I mean, what is your family?
Are they hiding under a rock?
they see what's happening?
You know, I really wish I really wish they did.
You know, I've talked to them about the vaccine.
You know, I'm the only one out of my family of five that has not gotten the vaccine, the shots, the boosters.
You know, I'm a family of five.
I'm a middle child.
I'm 30 years old now.
And yeah, they're they're just not buying it.
They're they're buying everything the media is telling them.
And, you know, I think the general consensus from what I've come across is people have lost their ability to think and just think critically in general.
Well that's right, they don't know the social contract's been broken, they don't get the system's predatory, and that yeah, the person at the vaccine center isn't bad, they're dumb like they are, or ignorant.
And so they just don't get what they've been hit by, and that's what the globalists are counting on, is the learned helplessness, the Stockholm Syndrome, the staying in a good mood even while they die, and never wanting to blame anybody, never wanting to find out who did it, you understand?
Well, thank you for the call and God bless you, Alex.
All right, Jefferson, Peter, John, we'll get to you.
But Judge Andrew Napolitano is about to join us on a host of big issues on the other side of this break.
I know that the phones are loaded up.
We're getting thousands of calls to the operation.
Is InfoWars going to stay on air?
Did you declare bankruptcy?
What's really happening?
And the answer is, I did not declare personal bankruptcy.
Free speech systems didn't.
But some of the companies did so we can have a federal magistrate come in and look at everything so that in court people know we don't have a hundred million dollars hidden in a bank account.
Because the left and these judges at the state level are doing that.
It's just not true.
So that's why I've done this.
All right, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, Judge Andrew Napolitano, author, researcher,
judge, good friend of mine, really smart person is here with us for
the rest of the hour, the next 55 minutes, and I really appreciate that.
He wants to get into the ongoing Durham investigation and what came out about the FBI and CIA and the spying on Trump.
We're all vindicated.
He wants to get into some of the things happening with Elon Musk and what's going on with Twitter And also, aborted babies discovered in DC may indicate infanticide after attempted abortions.
He's a real expert when it comes to this, to lay it all out.
But I first wanted to raise this because I remember him...
Ten years ago on Fox, and five years ago on Fox, and a couple years ago on Fox, talking about how most of these terror plots, whether it's militias or Muslims, were hatched by the FBI and showing federal cases.
And since then, another jury found a few people not guilty.
And also had a mistrial in the whole Whitmer situation and what's happening there.
We know the same people that ran that situation in Michigan were involved in January 6th.
So a lot to unpack there.
Judge Napolitano, thanks for coming on with us today.
Let's try to tackle that first and your view on it.
Well, Alex, it's always a pleasure to be with you.
Thank you very much for having me on your show.
The defeat for the government in a federal courtroom in Grand Rapids, Michigan last week was one of the greatest setbacks that the DOJ has endured in the past 10 or 15 years that was not on the top of the fold.
It was not on the top of the fold because the New York Times and the Washington Post and their colleagues and the rest of the mainstream media We're ardently hoping that these defendants would be convicted.
I mean, the Times hates people like this.
These are people who join a militia, a perfectly legal organization.
They train with weapons, perfectly legal training, and they are there to protect lives and property when and if the government fails to do so, or when and if the government becomes the aggressor.
Their group was infiltrated by FBI agents.
There were more FBI agents in the group than there were people that were ultimately defendants in the case.
The FBI planned and plotted, came up with the idea and paid for the training for the so-called plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer of Michigan.
Now, whatever you think of her, she's one of the worst.
She's a human being.
She has the right to live.
And she has the right to be free from being kidnapped.
The FBI knows this, but the FBI planted the seed of the crime in the heads of these defendants, scared the daylights out of two of the defendants.
Two pleaded guilty and testified against the remaining four.
The jury did not buy the testimony.
The jury did not buy the testimony of the undercover FBI agents.
Of the four who were tried, two were outright found not guilty.
They can't be tried again.
Two were mistrials.
I doubt the government will try them again because the government has spent millions on this case.
We don't know the exact number, Alex.
And the government has been utterly humiliated.
These people will lose their jobs if they suffer another not guilty plea.
A not guilty finding verdict by the jury.
But you put your finger on it when you introduced this segment.
How does the FBI decide who to target?
What was the FBI doing on January 6?
What did they know and when did they know it?
All of this information has not fully come out, even though this was a very happy ending for two people in this case, and sort of happy in that they weren't convicted for two others.
The judge made many rulings against them and barred a lot of testimony that the defendants tried to obtain from how the FBI targeted them and And what the FBI conversations were in Grand Rapids and where in Washington.
They had a judge who ruled against them on everything.
Thank God we still have the jury system in this country.
Judge ruled that it was not entrapment.
The defendant can always make that argument to a jury.
The jury accepted it.
The jury has the final word.
When will this happen again?
We don't know.
Who will the government target next?
We don't know.
What was the extent of government involvement in January 6th?
We don't know.
We probably won't find out until Stuart Rhodes is tried.
He won't plead to anything, no matter what the government threatens or what the government offers, because he's a true believer who wants to expose what the government did on that day to try to humiliate President Trump.
Well, I know Stuart Rhodes, and I knew some people involved, and they did not tell me any of that if they actually did it.
So I don't know if anything in those federal filings is real.
I know this.
The same feds that charged Rhodes were involved in Owen Schroyer's case, my co-host.
the House of the War Room, they said Owen doesn't work here in the federal filing
judge Napolitano and they said that he entered the Capitol in a filing. He does
work here, he was with us, he tried to stop people entering, he didn't go in. So
I can't believe anything the Feds say when I know they're lying about Owen.
Well you know the Feds are allowed to lie under oath, but this is a crazy, crazy law that the FBI can lie to you but
you can't lie to The famous case is the Martha Stewart case.
In the same conversation, which she lied to the FBI about what, uh, stock holdings she sold or bought that day.
They lied to her about whether or not she was a target.
She was convicted of lying to the FBI and the FBI agent and the conversation was given a promotion.
That's terribly, terribly wrong law.
It is the law of the land and the FBI loves to charge people with it.
They start out all their conversations by saying, we're the FBI.
If you lie to us, you're going to go to jail.
And it is true.
Judges do send people to jail for lying to the FBI, even Uh, if it's something that's not material.
So it's the concept of lying by the federal government, particularly the Department of Justice, is not alien to the government.
It's something they're accustomed to doing.
Where they got this stuff about your colleague, God only knows.
Why they said it, God only knows.
I'd like to see the documents because my guess is those documents were submitted under oath.
It's one thing for the FBI to lie in a conversation with a defendant or a potential defendant.
It's quite another thing for the FBI to lie under oath to a judge.
Well, doesn't the FBI know they're destroying their credibility?
I mean, I guess they just don't care they're going for broke.
I guess they don't care.
And in fairness, It's not all the FBI.
There are FBI agents.
Look at Mike German.
We both know Mike German.
Now he's retired.
A serious libertarian FBI agent who spent his career in the FBI defending the Constitution.
There are many FBI agents like that.
Not most, but many.
There are other FBI agents who do whatever their bosses in the DOJ tell them to do.
And in fairness to the FBI, imagine a DOJ Run by the Trump administration.
Now imagine the same FBI and the same DOJ run by the Biden administration.
You have entirely different bosses, an entirely different culture, entirely different instructions, and they have to do what they're told.
So sometimes they don't have a choice.
They always have a choice when it comes to lying or breaking the law, but they often don't have a choice.
As to who they're going to target in criminal cases.
All right.
Judge Andrew Napolitano is with us for the rest of the hour.
His great website is JudgeNap.com.
Podcast, Judging Freedom, available on YouTube and everywhere else, really getting popular.
Find his censored information at JudgeNap.com, or again, Judging Freedom, available on YouTube and other platforms.
When we come back, we're going to get into the topics he wanted to hit.
DOJ says CIA data that came from Clinton Lawyer is not technically plausible.
Elon Musk, we're going to get into so much more with him.
The abortion laws, trying to kill babies after they're born.
All of this and more is coming up with Judge Knapp today.
Please don't forget.
Yes, we've declared limited bankruptcy because I can't pay for these trials, I can't pay for all these lawsuits, and the Democrats suing me keep claiming I've got hundreds of millions of dollars.
I don't have three million dollars in extra cash.
And so I want a federal court and magistrates to come in.
To set the amount so it's known.
That's why I did this.
Because the Democrats are absolutely trying to shut down our free speech.
And they're absolutely trying to lie to juries and tell them that I'm Daddy Warbucks.
It'd be fine if I was.
I wish I was.
But it's just not true.
We'll be right back on the other side.
Tomorrow's news today.
It's a revolutionary act against tyranny.
To share that link.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
The Vaunted Info Wars is live despite everything Big Tech and the Democratic Party and the establishment has done.
You, the listeners, have like held us in the sky like God holds the sun in the sky.
Your gravity, your will has done it.
I salute you and I thank you because you are everything we've got.
And again, I just want to stay in this fight.
Judge Andrew Napolitano valiantly has come out and exposed the illegal spying.
He's exposed the election fraud.
He has exposed so many things that scared the power structure.
And he's here with us today saying things that the system doesn't want you to hear.
So let's get into this ongoing Durham investigation and the DOJ and saying the CIA has data from a Clinton lawyer that's not technically plausible.
Explain how big this is, because I read Zero Hedge and others saying this shows the CIA was spying.
Not just the DOJ was lying.
What's really going on from an expert eye like yours?
All right, I just want to give you some breaking news that just came down, Alex, and it's very happy news.
A federal judge in Florida has just invalidated the CDC mask mandate.
Throughout the entire country, on buses, trains and planes.
That mandate is gone as of an hour ago.
Now the Feds will probably appeal it and who knows where that will go.
But for the time being, she's written a 60-page opinion, which I did my best to read during the break.
Basically saying Congress never gave the CDC this power.
Well, I'll tell you what, Judge.
Let's start over.
Let's get into the FBI, CIA, Trump spying in a moment.
Let's get, because yeah, there's USA Today.
Put that headline back up.
Judge overturns, federal judge, Florida judge, overturns CDC mass mandate for public transit and planes.
This is a big deal.
Tell us about this, Judge.
Well, this is a huge deal.
So this judge, first of all, found that the Congress never gave the CDC the authority To regulate things like relations between landlords and tenants.
We know that.
And to tell you what to wear on your face.
The CDC has authority to kill diseased animals.
And to suggest what what medications people should take.
But it doesn't have the authority to tell you what to wear on your face.
It doesn't have the authority to interfere in the relationship between the customer, the passenger, and the owner of the means of passage, whether it's Amtrak, which is owned by the federal government, or whether it's an airline, which is owned by the owned by the shareholders.
So the CDC, A, failed to give reasons.
B, We failed to give notice to the Congress that it was going to do this, to give Congress the opportunity to invalidate it.
Those are the technical violations.
But the constitutional violation is, Congress never gave the CDC the authority to compel us to wear masks.
And once and for all, a federal judge has just determined that.
So if you take an airline flight today, this afternoon, Monday, April 18, 2022, 3 o'clock Eastern today.
2022, 3 o'clock Eastern today, you don't have to wear that mask.
Well, that is certainly great news because when it elapsed, as you know, a
few weeks ago, Biden put it back in for 15 days and had a spokesperson say, just
It's never going to end.
Why do you think when we know it's prophylactic, when we know it doesn't long term do anything, even the better masks don't fully protect you, the regular ones do nothing.
In fact, if you have them on too long, they create bacterial pneumonia.
Why on earth are they obsessed with these?
Is it because it's a symbol of fear and their power?
Yes, because the government likes to give the impression, and we talked about this earlier, when the government creates artificial crimes.
And then solves these crimes.
The government likes to give the impression it's a hero.
When they arrested those people in Michigan that they claimed were going to kidnap the governor, the FBI was patting itself on the back for days and weeks.
So the government does the same thing in different formats and different lanes.
One is create crime, solve the crime, take credit for a crime that never existed.
Another is make it look like we're doing something.
Make it look like we're keeping you healthy.
Make it look like we're keeping you safe and scare the daylights out of you while we're doing it so that you will do it voluntarily.
We all know that these masks are more harmful than they are good.
We also know that if somebody wants to wear a mask, they can wear the
mask. The issue is not wearing the mask.
The issue is the government has no power to compel you to wear the mask. So when they make up a rule
and claim they can compel you to wear the mask, it looks like they're doing something and people
will praise the government for doing something, doing anything, whereas in reality, it's exceeding
the Constitution, it's violating the law, and it's causing you harm. Well, for me,
it is claustrophobic to fly on a five, six hour flight with a damn mask and you're trying
to drink a drink, they're bitching at you about it.
And my question is, if the mask protects you, then you're wearing it, you're protected.
Let me do what I want.
Same thing.
Oh, you're not taking an injection and inoculation, so you're going to make me sick.
Wait a minute.
I thought this shot protects you.
Then why don't you let me be an idiot and not take it?
It's just the logic is out the window, Judge.
Because the government doesn't believe in giving us choices.
The left doesn't believe in choices.
There are even people on the right that don't believe in choices.
The government wants to tell us how to live because it thinks it knows what's better for us than we know for ourselves.
That's why I said, if you want to wear a mask on a plane, go ahead and wear it.
But the government has no authority to compel you.
So the government's rule says you can take the mask off when you're eating and when you're drinking.
As if the virus knows not to come out of your mouth when you're eating and drinking, but you can't take the mask off when you're talking, when you're reading, or when you're sleeping.
So because of that absurd inconsistency, The court found there was no rational basis for the rule.
Everything the government does, theoretically and under the Constitution, has to have a rational basis.
If the government has no basis, or if the government's basis is irrational, or if the government's basis exceeds the authority given to it by the Constitution, then the government's behavior is unconstitutional and should be enjoined.
God bless this judge.
A lot of judges would have said, I'm going to enjoin you, but I'm going to stay my own ruling until an appellate court can rule.
She didn't do that.
She enjoined the feds immediately.
So now it's up to the airlines, but the airlines don't want the masks.
The airlines spent two hours in the Oval Office begging old Joe not to extend the mask rule last week, and they didn't succeed.
But these private litigants succeeded in a federal courtroom in Miami just a few hours ago.
Well, I'm so glad, Judge Andrew Napolitano, you were here while this broke today.
You've got a bunch of big subjects you want to raise, but here in my stack, I want to ask you about this in the last segment.
Next time, we'll get into the Durham investigation and the huge developments there that are so big with the permanent deep state.
But then later, I'm sure you've seen the Washington Post, the New York Times, Bloomberg, Financial Times, all calling for dictatorship now, saying dictatorships are good and that that is what we need.
So we're going to be Looking at some of that with Judge Knapp on the other side of this quick break as well.
Again, ladies and gentlemen, there's so much censorship of populist and conservative libertarian news.
We have millions listening right now, but if the millions listening tell friends, neighbors, family, strangers about the show and tell them to tell folks, it causes the chain reaction.
So remember, we're in a revolution.
It's not a spectator sport.
We need your help now to spread the word.
But right back with Judge Knapp.
So I remember watching Judge Andrew Napolitano 15, 16, 17 years ago on Fox News and also listened to him on the radio warn about if we erode American freedoms and due process, we're all going to lose.
And then now here we are in the year 2022 and I have videos we played last week of Klaus Schwab and his main spokesperson, Noah Harari.
and others saying your free will's gone, robots will control everything you do, and humanity's
a horrible species. And then now Dallas, Texas at Love Field has seven-foot robots that bark orders
and scream at you if you're not wearing a mask. I mean, that's way crazier than stuff I said 10
years ago. And believe me, I'm not glad I've been vindicated.
Well, then I look at this.
Suddenly, all over the Twitter and the Instagram, without even looking, I've got stuff like this.
Financial Times of London.
That is the voice of the establishment.
Democracy works better when there is less of it.
Autocracy is what we need.
To save democracy, we need a few good dictators.
Washington Post.
It's time to give the elites a bigger say in choosing the president.
There's more of these.
I mean, we are in this situation because of having these establishment people who are out of control.
Judge, I want to get into the other big issues with you, but just as a judge, as a talk show host, as an American, what is it like to just see them go from denying they want tyranny or denying they want to take our guns to, hell yes, we're going to take your guns, and hell yes, we're going to make you take a shot, and hell yes, we're going to have robots control your life.
It's like...
But paradoxically, those of us that say it's bad, the media says we're crazy, it doesn't exist.
What do you call that, Judge?
I call it terrifying, Alex, and I call you prescient for having warned against these things.
You know, some of us suffered dearly when we warned against what big government was doing, whether it was a foreign government doing its bidding at the American government's request so the American government could have plausible deniability.
Or whether it's the elites finally admitting that because they are better, brighter, stronger, richer, smarter, in their own view, that they should run the world.
In a dictatorship, there is no choice.
The elections are controlled.
The police are the military.
Fear equals control.
Speech is suppressed.
The economy is looted.
The people are slaves.
That's you.
That's you 10 years ago.
When people laughed at you for saying that.
Today, as you just pointed out by showing everybody, including me, the headlines from the newspapers in the past 48 hours over the Easter weekend, it's practically acknowledged that this is what they're trying to do.
I mean, the left is trying to get babies.
Five-year-old kids to change their genders.
And I want to talk to that.
That's in your stack.
Let's get into that now.
Let's hit that now and then we'll get into the DOJ stuff.
You sent me these incredible articles.
I don't even know about these latest ones.
Aborted babies discovered in DC may indicate infanticide.
You've got some other articles about that.
What's your view on this?
Well, I believe abortion is homicide.
But the law in DC says if the baby comes out alive, This is disgusting what I'm about to tell you.
The doctor can let the baby starve to death.
But if the baby comes out alive and the doctor personally kills the baby, that's homicide.
So somebody took five photographs.
These things are very difficult to look at Alex.
I'm glad your guys are blurring them a little bit.
Somebody took five photographs of babies in a trash can in Washington, D.C.
that belonged to an abortion facility.
The police took the babies to have autopsies performed to see if they were murdered after they came out of the mother's womb.
And by the way, for those who are watching, viewer discretion is advised.
I think on the record, I'm giving people a warning.
I'm going to show the photos because this is what happened.
Keep going, Judge.
I mean, the photos show It appears that these babies were squalded to death with acid, but we don't know exactly what happened.
We don't know if they were still living and still feeling pain.
You know, the reaction on the part of the left to the fear that the Supreme Court will invalidate Roe v. Wade, I think it's a legitimate fear, I think the court will invalidate it, has been in Washington, D.C., in California, and sadly where I am now, my home state of New Jersey, To make abortion lawful up to the moment of birth.
And in all three places, if you can't afford it, the government will pay for it for you.
But what was discovered over the weekend may have been abortions committed after birth.
After the baby came out alive and intact, the homicide was committed.
To me, all abortion is homicide.
The government's most profound obligation is to preserve, protect, and defend human life.
You're right, but this is totally cut and dry.
These are viable babies outside the womb for adoption, and as we know, they either drowned them or put them in a bed of acid, which again violates the law of killing the baby.
It's just incredible.
How do any of us feel safe if we have no empathy?
Because I'm for animal rights too, some basic ones.
But what about human rights here?
What about rights of babies?
You're 100% correct.
As lab rats, the left all got mad that Fauci had beagles strapped into these cages with
flesh-eating bugs. I'm totally against that, but how about we don't do it to babies either, Judge?
Correct, correct. You're 100% correct. But the same crowd that will defend the rights of animals...
And I'm an animal lover too.
My Chris is all over the place.
He loves to, my beagle German shepherd mix, he loves to get on camera.
The same crowd that will defend the right of animals will have nothing to do with the right of babies in the womb.
Because their goal is to destroy the family.
Because the family It's the basis, the structure for freedom in Western civilization.
And the left, which wants one world government, wants the government to control everything, is beginning at the bottom by destroying the family.
That's why also here in New Jersey, again it's sickening and sad to say, the Department of Education issued regulations to every second grade teacher in the state Those kids are six and seven years old that tell them that they can change their gender and they can change their sexual identity because quote, now I'm going to use a quote.
It's a little off putting, but it's a quote.
You don't have to have a penis to be a boy.
Now the reaction to that was so extreme, even on the part of blue collar, mainly Catholic Democrats.
That the governor himself, who's a hard lefty authoritarian who wants to succeed Joe Biden in the White House, Phil Murphy, first claimed he didn't know anything about it.
Then he claimed he had nothing to do with it.
Now he's asked the education department to revisit it.
But until three or four days ago, all these second grade teachers were told, starting in September, this is what you must tell these kids.
And they literally teach children self-harm, cut your genitals off.
This is like a satanic hallucination.
It doesn't even make sense.
It has nothing to do with gay rights or any of that stuff.
This is literally the state in a weird medical cult wanting to form a relationship with little children, not just to have sex with them, that'd be bad enough, but to teach them they're another gender and then line them up to be sterilized.
I mean, that's abominable!
This is child abuse, and it violates a terrific opinion by the Supreme Court, which basically says the relationship between the parent and the child is the highest, most protected relationship, protected from the government, that we have in the country.
And the government.
Remember, I don't call them public schools, they're government schools.
The government has no business intruding itself in that relationship.
It's up to the parents to decide when those kids should learn and what they should learn about sexuality.
To which Governor Murphy said, well, Uh, the parent can get the kid excluded from class if he wants.
That's not good enough.
Those kids will be ridiculed by their... Unbelievable.
I mean, children are very impressionable.
I know when I was in elementary, I did whatever the teacher said, wanted to do a good job, and the teacher's not teaching you how to do math or art or literature, uh, or, or, or, or P.E.
You're learning about weird sex stuff I didn't learn about until I was a teenager.
This is insane.
Final segment with Judge Andrew Napolitano, who by the way has great Skype.
He looks like he's in studio with us.
Looks great there.
I love it.
So good to have him here with us.
Looks better than Fox News right there.
We'll come back with him on other DOJ news with the CIA spying on Trump and more.
Total vindication for Judge Nap.
Stay with us.
Well, Judge Andrew Napolitano or Judge Knapp always did a great job on Fox, but man, him unedited, uncensored, able to go for 10 minutes at a time is amazing.
I can always count on him to give us a straight answer and it always turns out to be accurate.
Looking at Durham and his special probe and the statute of limitations you were on a few months ago and everything else.
And as you said, there's new crimes covering up old crimes and extends it.
Is he good?
Is he bad?
What's really going to come out of this?
Because his filings show a lot of what the deep state was doing.
So why don't you, as an expert, fill folks in on why this is important and what you really think is going on and where you think this is going.
Alex, and thank you very much for your kind words about me.
It's always a pleasure to be with you.
The government rarely investigates itself and the government hates investigating itself.
And I originally was not in favor of this.
A special prosecutor, not answerable to anybody, sort of a rogue person in the DOJ, much like Bob Mueller was in the Trump DOJ.
But John Durham, just on the snippets of information, I must assume there's more.
That he's revealed to a federal judge in DC involving this lawyer for Hillary Clinton, who went in to speak to the general counsel of the FBI in order to dupe the FBI.
John Durham has shown his cards and has shown that some really bad things were going on.
Here's what he has shown.
And again, he's going to have to prove this.
To a jury, but he has made a prima facie case.
He's laid out a case strong enough to know, so that we know there's something there.
Hillary Clinton's people attempted to put the FBI onto Donald Trump by duping the FBI into believing that there was a real Trump-Russia connection.
This was not something done just by one lawyer.
Who decided it was time for Trump to have a bad day.
This was planned and plotted and orchestrated at the highest levels of the campaign.
There's no evidence of Hillary's fingerprints on it, but knowing her personality, knowing her being a control type person, it's hard to believe that she did not know about this.
The CIA was apparently monitoring the Trump campaign.
Now that's good and bad.
It's good because the CIA is saying, we saw this stuff and we knew it was garbage.
It's bad because they should have told the FBI that it was garbage.
They should have spared Trump what he went through for the first two, two and a half years of his presidency.
They're all part of the deep state.
There are some good FBI agents.
We talked about that about 45 minutes ago.
There are some good CIA agents.
Guess what they do?
They usually quit.
Like Phil Giraldi when they realize what the CIA is up to.
But if the CIA knew that what Hillary Clinton's people gave to the FBI was garbage and did nothing about it, that's because of the old boy rivalry between the CIA and the FBI and it's bad.
And the President of the United States suffered because of it and the American people suffered because of it.
I think a lot of this will come out unless this fellow Sussman The lawyer for Hillary, who's been indicted for lying to the FBI.
Unless this fellow Sussman accepts a guilty plea, if there is a trial.
And right now the trial is scheduled for next month.
It's scheduled, I think, for the second week in May.
And again, Judge, for people that aren't a lawyer or a judge, like you explained, this is an ongoing criminal investigation.
You have this lawyer for Hillary caught making up dossiers.
Now the other dossiers, they're saying the Justice Department matched that it was made basically on the same computer or user-generated, knowing that they have codes that show when and where it was made.
So it's another fake document is what they're saying.
It's another fake document.
Now, when did the CIA know this was fake?
Why didn't the FBI know this was fake?
How could the whole Mueller investigation and tormenting of Donald Trump have been based on fake documents and no experts along the line knew it?
When did the CIA tell John Durham that these documents were fake?
Back when Durham was appointed?
When Trump was still in the White House?
Or just recently?
So the CIA's hands might not be clean on this.
I am suspect of anything coming from the CIA.
But we now know that half the government said this is garbage, and half the government was willing to use it.
All this will come out if this fellow's assessment goes to trial.
But obviously Trump wasn't a Russian agent.
All of us got called Russian agents that weren't for what the Democrats were doing, and it was a great plan of Hillary because they were sold out to the Chinese, the Russians, you name it.
Hillary's like a NASCAR.
She's got all the different sponsors on her, and we don't have any sponsors, which is fine with me.
I couldn't imagine taking foreign money, but the idea that patriots like Trump or I or others are taking money is just preposterous.
It's just crazy.
Well, you're right.
But what upsets me is what did the government know and when did it know it?
It's the same question that I ask about January 6.
Same question that I ask about the Michigan Wolverines.
That's the militia that was two of whose members were acquitted in the so-called government plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer.
The government shouldn't be doing this stuff.
The government shouldn't be creating crimes.
The government shouldn't be entrapping people.
The government shouldn't be using bad data to investigate presidents.
Aren't there enough crimes?
All the human smuggling, open borders, drug cartels.
I mean, people are being, everybody I know has been robbed last year in Austin.
I mean, don't they have real stuff to deal with?
Meanwhile, the Democrats want to defund the police.
All right.
You would think that they do.
But again, we talked about this earlier.
The government loves to create a crime and swoop in and solve the crime and take credit for keeping the public safe.
At least a half dozen of the so-called plots during the Bush war on terror after 9-11 to bomb the New York City subways.
The whole thing was created by the FBI.
There was no explosive material.
They found some lone wolf who was disillusioned and talked him into how he could become a hero, led him to believe he was about to pull the trigger, and five minutes before he pulled the trigger, they all swooped in to arrest him, and we're supposed to believe that we were safe.
Why don't we tell the FBI to be heroes and stop fentanyl, Judge?
Wouldn't it be great if they stopped fentanyl?
Yes, it would be.
It would be.
They would rather create a crime, make up a crime, and claim the credit for solving it, and you have innocent people in jail as a result of it.
People who caused no harm, serving 20 year sentences in jail.
Well, what about January 6th?
I mean, sure, you beat a cop up a couple of years in prison.
Crap on Pelosi's desk, I give you a medal.
No, no, shouldn't do that.
A month in prison.
What do you make in the closing of the January 6th persecutions?
I've seen you speak to it on your own show.
I mean, this is a dangerous precedent.
Well, what they're doing to these people who have been arrested is an American gulag.
They are held in horrible conditions without bail for crimes for which the maximum in many cases doesn't exceed a year, in most cases doesn't exceed three years.
These people are not dangerous.
They're not a danger to society.
And they're not a danger of absconding.
But they're being treated as if they are in Guantanamo Bay.
In fact, I hate to say this, but it might be true.
The people in Guantanamo Bay have better living conditions in their jail confinement than these people do.
And these people have not been convicted.
Some of them haven't even been charged.
And the DOJ is arguing that they're not entitled to bail.
I'm going to have to write a piece called Merrick Garland and the Constitution because his DOJ is beating the crap out of the Constitution in the manner in which it is treating these people who were arrested.
Judge, let me ask you that in the one and a half minutes we have left.
It seems like Democrats with 204 days out from midterms are betting everything on January 6th, claiming big terror attacks are coming and all this hysteria.
What do you make of this?
Are they planning something?
Voters aren't buying it.
What do you think of that?
Betting their whole reelection campaign on January 6th.
I know they're, well, they have nothing else to base it on.
Biden's popularity ratings are down at 33%.
He could never be reelected with that.
They're planning on hearings.
They're trying to pick their best, most sympathetic witnesses, and they're hoping that everybody will watch it.
Can I put in a little plug for Judging Freedom, Alex?
Please, I love your show.
I watch it every week.
Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 19th, At 1245 in the afternoon, Eastern.
Now I know that competes with you Alex.
I don't care, we love you.
What's going on?
Ron Paul.
Ron Paul on Judging Freedom, unlimited for an hour, just he and me.
The Thomas Jefferson of our era.
I can't wait.
Look out, I'll probably just dial in and take the feed myself.
And tell Ron Paul I said hi.
Alright, tomorrow, where do people find that?
It's JudgeNab.com?
Judging Freedom on YouTube.
The last time I did something like this, you brought me thousands of subscribers in one afternoon, Alex.
I can't thank you enough.
Judge Knapp, I'll come back.
We love you.
Thank you so much.
Say hi to Ron Paul for me.
All the best.
Thanks for having me, Alex.
Thank you.
Your HD video's amazing.
We'll be right back.
Got some final news to cover, then a guest host.
Stay with us.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live Monday, April 18th transmission.
Joe Salente is always extremely informative.
He's about to take over here in just a moment.
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All these holidays and nobody talks about peace.
I, you know, I was just listening to Alex and what's going on.
And he's so right.
People better start, you know, I got to tell you, I'm getting really tired of it.
We put out a magazine, $2 a week.
We give it 185 pages.
No magazine in the world comes close to it.
We should have, you know, at least a couple of million subscribers and far beyond a low-life piece of scum crap like the New York Times, the paper of record.
They call themselves the paper record.
It's a turlet paper record.
It's only good to wipe a lot of crap out.
That comes out of their mouths.
So don't tune into Info Wars.
Watch the Cartoon News Network.
Yeah, watch, uh, what's his name?
Anderson Cooper, Little Daddy's Girl.
Oh, no, I forgot, Mommy's Girl.
Gloria Vanderbilt's baby.
There's gotta be anywhere if Mommy wasn't Gloria Vanderbilt.
He had fat mouth Cuomo?
You think he would have been anywhere if daddy was at Mario Cuomo?
What the people at Infowars are doing is, you know what they're doing, they're fighting for everything that they have to do the best they can to expose this crap.
This crap that they're shoving down our throats and expect us to swallow.
And banning everybody that won't swallow the garbage?
Puke it out of that Fauci's mouth?
Oh, how dare you, Celente!
He's one of the most highest-paid public officials, pieces of scum in the United States!
And if you say anything bad about him, I'm that little peach-eyed guy over in Google!
And I'll shut you down!
I got a pair of cojones much smaller than a markball!
I'm, I'm, no, who am I?
Oh, I'm Cook!
I'm Cook!
Oh, yeah, I'm a cook to death, man!
Cooked out!
Cooked to nothing!
Telling us what we can do?
One after another, you're censored!
Google, Facebook, Zuckerberg?
You look at that little freak!
Oh, I'll tell you what to say, Celenti!
Don't you know who I am?
I went to Harvard.
Look at this guy, Little Gatson.
Look at the arrogant Little Gatson telling us what to do.
You better get empty your damn pockets.
We're in the fight for death.
Do what you can to support Infowars.
If they're going through this crap like this, it's total nonsense!
Oh, you don't like what Alex Jones said?
How about bringing George Bush to trial for lying us into the Iraq War?
You think that's a little worse than the lawsuit that Alex is going through?
He only murdered about 850 And how come those damn Russians weren't sending weapons to Iraq?
Look at that little clown.
Another daddy's boy.
A little coward of a freak.
Would be nobody if daddy wasn't Georgie Senior.
And grandpa wasn't Prescott.
How come he's not brought up on charges?
I think the war crimes are a lot worse than what Alex pulled off.
Lying us into war?
Hey, we were those Chinese!
How come you weren't sending weapons to Iraq, like America's sending weapons to, uh, Ukraine?
Oh, it's okay for America to send weapons to Ukraine, that a country that Russia is fighting, but it would never be okay for Russia to send weapons to a country America's fighting.
Oh, those dirty Russians!
What you're getting on InfoWars, you're not getting on any other media stream.
Nothing comes close to it.
Send what you can, and don't be so damn cheap!
Unless you want to go to hell, because that's where we're leading us.
If we don't unite and fight for peace.
Little pieces of crap telling us what to do.
Nobody talking about peace.
Nobody bringing out the information that you're getting on InfoWars, or we give you with the magazine, the Trends Journal.
I'm tired of this crap, man.
A bunch of gutless little people.
And how low this country's gone, man.
The way people dress.
Oh, their blue jeans, all ripped with all over.
Doesn't that look great?
All ripped.
They're dungarees!
They're shitty dungarees!
That Levi Strauss used to make when they were doing all the gold mining in California in the 1850s.
Oh, now it's become the style.
They say that pigs can't fly.
You been to the airport?
It's a pig show!
This country's going down!
It's a garbage can!
I went to the city yesterday to go visit my sister at a nursing home.
Every road I took, Potholes everywhere!
Oh, you go to Riverdale, one of the richest places in New York City, the whole area.
Potholes, bumps like you would not believe.
Oh, but we're going to send 20 trillion, billion dollars more to Ukraine.
Look at it, that's New York.
Look at a garbage can!
A garbage can!
This country's going down so hard, so fast, and you got a bunch of gutless people!
But not the people watching InfoWars.
So put your money where your heart is.
Where's the Elon Musks?
Where are all these multi-multi-millionaires?
How come they're not putting up the big money?
Where are they?
Again, we're giving you everything.
Look at that cover by Anthony Frieda.
All right?
China started COVID war.
We've been Shanghai'd.
Trendsjournal.com, it's the only magazine where you're going to go.
What in the world is going on?
What's next?
What it means?
What to do?
Nah, you don't want to know about this.
No, no, pay, pay three dollars to read the toilet paper record or how about the Washington Post, huh?
Oh, isn't that a nice bunch of Bezos?
No peep for peace coming out of their fat mouths!
You want a job at Amazon?
Yeah, why don't you go to the jungle?
That's all it is!
A jungle!
Let loose what you do!
Stop the crap!
Let's get this thing back on the road and get this energy going!
And bail him out!
We're talking chump change, all the people at Lizard Info Wars!
Yeah, there he is.
Now there's a man for you, huh?
What planet?
What planet is this guy from?
I've had it, man.
I'm in it for the fight.
And I give it everything I have to do it.
I'm not a young cat, you know?
Where are all you men out there and women?
Look, these guys are going through over there for what?
For what?
Hey, how about Obama's war?
The Nobel Peace of Crap Prize winner.
That guy Assad has to go.
Oh, that was Syria.
That was Gaddafi in Libya.
Oh, yeah.
That's a criminal.
That's the charges that should be put out.
They're only worth about probably about $20 billion now.
Nobel Peace of Crap Prize winner.
In a country near you.
It's a freak show.
You better be who you are before you die, or go to hell!
You better be who you are before you die, or go to hell!
Hey everyone, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
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Do what you can to support them.
Because if we lose InfoWars, we're losing a lot out of life.
And they're just gonna keep stealing it from us.
Could you believe it?
You can't say anything if it's not by the dictates of the banksters, the drug dealers, the war machine, or big tech.
Well, this, you know, I'm a trend forecaster.
I've been at this 42 years.
I'll put my track record up against anybody in the world.
Show me a book, show me a magazine, show me a trend forecast.
Do I get it right all the time?
Of course not.
I'm a human being, unlike the pictures of some of these guys like the Zuckerbergs and the Bezos that looks like they're from another planet.
But you show me a track record, then we can begin to talk about seeing how the future is playing out.
World War III has begun.
Could you imagine, could you imagine, you know, every time like I read about a forest fires, you know, in, in California, there's ones in, in New Mexico, my heart breaks.
My God, these people lost everything that they had.
Could you imagine having to vacate your house if all of a sudden missiles started flying in from, from another country where we're at and you have to flee to another country?
Can you imagine what that would feel like?
Leaving all your life's possessions behind?
That's going to happen if we don't unite for peace.
They asked Albert Einstein, a guy that knew a thing or two about wars and how the weapons of mass destruction to be used, one of the inventors of the atom bomb.
They asked him, what kind of weapons will be used to fight the third world war?
He said, I don't know, but they'll be using sticks and stones to fight the fourth.
We are on the precipice of World War III.
It's already begun.
As I said, could you imagine if the Chinese were arming and the Russians were arming and sending missiles and tanks and anti-aircraft weapons and all of this other kind of missiles to Syria or to Libya, to Iraq?
To Afghanistan?
Could you imagine if the Chinese were sending more and more and more weapons and all the other countries that hated America into Iraq and Afghanistan as American troops go in there to kill innocent people on a war based on lies?
Oh, they would hate the Chinese for that.
Our brave soldiers are going over there and doing their duty.
They're young guys to swallow the crap.
You don't know when you're a kid.
You believe the propaganda.
I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy.
A Yankee Doodle do or die.
Going to fight World War I for what?
Another war based on lies.
No, this, we're in the crisis of our lives.
And if we don't unite under one umbrella, it's finished, man.
Oh, and women.
And Lola.
Federal judge in Florida on Monday vacated the Biden administration's national mask mandate.
Again, it's really stupid crap.
Oh, we're going to keep it till May 3rd.
Why do I say May 4th?
Well, I'm Fauci.
I say May 5th.
I'm another piece of garbage scum crap.
Um, we're going to, uh, we're going to make it, uh... The 8th.
May 8th.
That's all it is.
It's crap.
They're making this stuff up.
You could eat in an airplane.
And you could drink in an airplane.
Oh, yeah, the billionaire over there.
Look at these guys.
Our money.
Our money going to a clown show.
An arrogant little boy.
So they make this stuff up.
You can eat and drink without a mask on in an airplane, but then you got to put it up after you eat and drink because the virus knows when you're not eating and drinking.
I got to tell you, man, you know, I know there's busy places around.
It's dead up here.
It's dead zone everywhere I go in the whole area up here in northern New York.
Yep, there we go.
Let's be stupid.
Hey, remember they used to make those little kids in school?
They would go in little tents, like plastic tents, to play their instruments?
You remember that?
Oh, you remember you had to put plastic shields up because the virus doesn't go around the shield.
It has to be right there.
Going back to what I was saying before, World War... There it is.
These are stupid people leading us.
Ignorant jerks.
Arrogant, ignorant jerks leading us.
Telling us what to do.
Who's your favorite jerk?
Look at, look at the clown show.
Oh, I hate Biden.
Oh, but I love McConnell.
Then see Graham's my kind of whatever.
No, no, no.
Ted Cruz.
How about take me on a sea cruise, man?
Look at this guy.
Look at this guy.
Look at him.
One clown show after another telling us what to do.
How could people take orders from these clowns?
Speaking of which, there's another clown out there.
Senator Chris Coons signals he favors sending troops to Ukraine.
Senator Chris Croons.
What Croons?
Who the hell is this guy?
He signaled that he wants The U.S.
to send troops to Ukraine to fight.
Hey, tough boy!
Put on your uniform and go lead the charge!
That's right!
You wanna go fight, go fight!
Look at this little guy!
Look at this little gutless little clown!
You little gutless clown!
You arrogant little warmonger!
You're not an American!
You're a sellout!
Look at this show!
Look at these freaks!
Kuhn was asked on CBS News' Chase the Nation, he made last week, an address to the University of Michigan.
Kuhn said the Biden administration and Congress would, quote, come to a common position about when we are willing to go to the next step.
And not just send arms, but troops!
In the defense of Ukraine!
Hey, Cooney!
Go fight!
Go fight!
Guess what?
Look at him!
Look at the little- Look at the little- Look at that little katson!
Look at that little katson!
With two others!
Arrogant- Arrogant clown show in front of your eyes!
This jerk deciding for us what to do?
The American people cannot turn away from this tragedy in Ukraine.
Oh, they can't?
I can.
I'm an American.
Ain't my business.
Ain't my business.
I'm an American.
Believe in people like George Washington, that lowlife pieces of garbage like you never would.
And I can't say the other word because I don't want to get censored.
So listen, support InfoWars.
We'll be right back.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And again, do what you can to support InfoWars.
Go to InfoWarsStore.com and they have great products that you can use.
And not only to use for yourself, to help yourself, but really to help InfoWars.
So we're at a critical time.
Again, they're taking us to war.
It's already started.
I started telling you about that little jerky looking clown, Coons, saying it's our duty to get involved in Ukraine.
The American people cannot turn away from this tragedy.
Who are you to tell me that?
I think the history of the 21st century turns on how fiercely we defend freedom in Ukraine.
And that Putin will only stop when we stop them.
When we?
What you mean when we, Kimo Sabe?
What do you mean we?
Who are the we?
Clown boy Coons.
Who are the we?
Not you.
You're no fighter.
You're one of these little sick-minded freaks who have turned our Constitution and Bill of Rights into blasphemy.
No foreign entanglements.
A man, George Washington, a real man that was president, not like these boys, like Draft Dodger Biden, who talks so tough, but wouldn't go fight, or Trump.
Talks tough but wouldn't go fight.
Or Obama.
But he talks so proper, folks.
But wouldn't go fight but loved to kill.
Like Clinton.
Loved to kill but didn't fight.
Like Johnson, who loved to kill and didn't fight.
Like Nixon, who loved to kill but didn't fight.
Or Kennedy.
Oh, he knew what it was to fight and didn't want to kill.
But they killed him.
Yep, Cuban Missile Crisis.
Yeah, let's make a deal over here.
We'll pull the missiles out of Turkey.
Russia, you pull them out of Cuba.
Okay, we got a deal.
Jack, you're dead.
Eight months after they killed him, Lyndon Johnson took us to the Vietnam War.
He was against that too.
No foreign entanglements.
Ukraine is in our business.
It's been going on back and forth with Russia forever.
Our country's rotted to nothing.
It's going down big and hard.
Again, look at what this country looks like.
You know, by the way, I have a photograph.
When I come back, I'll show it.
Me and John Connolly, the guy that took the bullet in the back, sitting in front of Kennedy.
He wanted to meet me back in 1992.
I have a picture of me, him and his wife in front of the Book Depository.
Anyway, we're walking back into the Book Depository, walking back into the Anatole Hotel.
In the lobby, he looked at me, he said, you know, I read your book, Trend Tracking, fine piece of work.
And I know your heart's in the right place, but you don't have a clue what's going on.
And neither do the American people.
Because if they did, there'd be a revolution in this country.
This is the guy that was a Democratic governor that took the bullet in the back, sitting in front of Kennedy.
And he was also the Treasury Secretary under Richard Nixon, Republican, that took us off the gold standard.
We're in the fight for our lives.
I was reading that Coon Goon article.
Over the weekend, the Times reported that British Special Air Forces Soldiers have been deployed to Ukraine to train Ukrainian forces on anti-tank weapons provided by London.
Oh yeah, they're just going there to train.
They're not going there to fight.
Could you imagine if Russia sent troops into Iraq and into Libya and into Afghanistan and China to fight the Americans?
For illegally invading these foreign countries.
And now these officials, official pieces of garbage, are telling us what to do and how to do it?
When you haven't won a war since?
Missile strikes hit Ukraine's key western city of Lviv, roughly 40 miles from Polish border.
The besieged eastern city of Mariupol Fight to the end?
What's the end?
fighting between Russian and Ukraine forces, despite heavy human toll, Maripol has refused
Russia's demand to surrender, with Ukrainian forces vowing, quote, "to fight till the end."
Fight to the end?
What's the end?
Is the end death?
Is it willing to fight to the end or negotiate for peace?
To me, hey, I'd rather negotiate for peace than fight to the end.
The end.
The end.
Fight to the end.
or negotiate for peace.
And they brag about this, how tough they are.
All right, so here's the bet.
Bet the trends, bet the trends.
Russia versus Ukraine.
The winner is, again, I'm totally opposed to Russia's invasion.
Want to make that 1000% clear.
But I also know the whys and what brought it about.
So now I'm just putting the bet out there, you know.
It's going into a casino.
Place your bet.
Place your bet.
Who's gonna win?
The Russia that Napoleon tried to invade Moscow in 1812 with 420,000 soldiers came back with 10,000.
Or the Operation Barbarossa launched by Hitler to kill what?
Between 23 and 27 million Russians and they were the first to defeat the Germans.
So place your bet.
There's going to be an end to this.
How about negotiating for peace when you have more of a strengthening position than to keep going for war and then lose and have nothing?
Remember we were taught to hate those Japanese, right?
Bombs away, Nagasaki, Hiroshima.
Atom bomb, murder of Truman after the war was almost over.
What would you rather do?
You'd rather negotiate before or after.
And how we were hating those Germans.
But now they're our allies.
Oh, those terrible Vietnamese, yeah, but now we're importing, they're our biggest second importer of clothing and shoes.
Because they gave all our jobs away because of the moronic Legislation that's hampered businesses.
And the dirty deals politicians made to bring criminal countries into the system.
And I'm not talking about Vietnam.
They did nothing wrong.
So we're in a critical stage here.
The war talk keeps ramping up.
So what would you do?
Would you fight to the end?
Or would you negotiate for peace?
Whatever religion you believe in, whatever God you believe in, if your God is a God of peace, then stand up for it, or succumb to Satan, because that's what it's going to turn into.
No one's talking about ending this war.
We'll fight to the end?
If somebody came in here with a gun right now and said, Salenti, get down on the floor, give me your money.
Okay, man, yeah.
What do you want?
I'm not going to fight.
I'm not going to fight a losing fight.
I fight for my life.
I have to.
I've been in situations.
The thing is, winners and losers.
And no one's talking about peace.
It's a dirty word.
You're not, you're censored if you put out anything that they don't want to hear about.
Which goes again back to InfoWars and InfoWars Store.
We better unite for peace or we're going to die for war.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show and remember do everything you can to support InfoWars.
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You're getting a lot back for it.
You know, you're getting great products and you're getting information that you can't get anywhere.
Twitch issues bans to fight pro-Moscow propaganda.
This is from the Financial Times.
Amazon-owned Twitch has moved to ban several accounts On the live streaming platforms after research detailed how pro-Kremlin propaganda had spread on the network.
I'm mentioning this because pro-research, pro-Kremlin propaganda after research detailed.
Oh, research detailed.
Oh, Mr. Research.
Oh no, Mrs. Research.
No, transgender research detailed.
Who's this research that detailed this?
You're not allowed to say what they don't want you to say on Amazon.
You're not allowed to say what they won't allow you to say on Facebook.
You're not allowed to say, hey, this is research!
Detailed research!
I'm Peach Eye, this is Google Research!
What do you know?
We know!
We'll tell you, that's why you gotta support InfoWars, alright?
Same thing with our magazine, The Trends Journal.
You're not getting anything like this anyway.
Again, I was just looking at this issue.
You know, war or peace.
We the people should decide.
Taking us to the Ukraine war back in 2014.
Right there.
How they overthrew the government of Yanukovych.
On and on and on.
All the details.
Because he wouldn't make a deal with the International Mafia Monetary Fund.
I'd rather do a deal with Russia.
So, going back to the... Before I go back into the war, I want to talk about the economy.
We're going to go into the worst financial crisis in human history.
The trillions of dollars that they pumped in to artificially boost the markets when they called the COVID war, they destroyed businesses beyond the belief.
Beyond the belief.
They're not coming back.
They're gone.
A third of the dry cleaners went out of business.
The office occupancy rate in New York City is 67% below what it used to be.
All right.
So let's say it came back to 50%.
Big deal.
This is what the damage it's done is unprecedented.
And all the cheap money they did to artificially pump it up.
So what's going on?
There's a thing called the Plunge Protection Team, and it's a rigged game.
It's the banksters rigging the markets.
Every time they go down, they try to boost them back up.
That'll work for a bit, but it's much bigger than that, right?
It's one after another.
We put all the data in the magazine, but today one just came out where the price of corn hits nine-year high.
As surge in commodities continues.
One commodity after another.
That's that guy Powell, the clown, playing the Fed head, who lied to us, what was stupid, over a year ago when we said, no, this inflation thing is really going to take off.
Gold, by the way, today was up over $2,000 an ounce, backed off a bit.
It was in the high 1980s when I got back online and started the show here.
Even though they're going to raise interest rates, inflation is skyrocketing.
And that guy, Powell, what did he tell us?
It was temporary.
No, it's not.
It's transitory.
No, no, no, Salenti, it's transgendatory.
That's what we have here.
All right.
That's what happened with inflation.
It's real.
It's big.
And it's getting worse.
Oil prices today will back up to like $114 a barrel for Brent crude.
The prices are going to keep going up.
Again, our data is all in the magazine.
Your wages are going up.
They're not even close to inflation.
And when you look at the real inflation numbers, it's double what they're showing us.
Go to John Williams' shadow stats.
This is very serious what's happening.
And it's only going to get more serious.
You know, I was yelling and screaming before when I got on the air after hearing Alex Jones's passionate plea for people to stand up and help.
Because I know how bad this thing is going to go.
And just as I read to you where they're blocking out that Amazon, it's one after another.
Censorship is the new word.
We've been writing about this for years.
I used to be on everybody.
The Today Show, Good Morning America.
Fox and Friends.
But black, blackballed.
Oh, and how many people hate me for going on with Alex Jones?
Are you kidding?
How can you go on there?
What are you talking about?
I say what I say.
It's free speech.
Does Alex agree with everything that I say?
Do I agree with everything?
It's putting out information, and the bottom line is think for yourself.
I'll do everything I can to support InfoWars and the InfoWars staff.
I see what they're doing.
Every day I go on to the news.
I go from the Global Times in China, to Fars News Agency in Iran, to Jerusalem Post in Israel, to InfoWars, to Bloomberg, to CNBC.
InfoWars is right in there.
Telling you a lot of great stories.
About information that could really help you.
So do what you can.
And again, we're doing all we can with the magazine The Trends Journal giving you, there's nothing like it.
But anyway, I want to go back to this war.
causes humanitarian disasters around the globe, killing innocent civilians and creating millions of refugees.
Who said this?
Global Times last Friday.
Then they have these stories.
Ukraine crisis instigator.
U.S.-led NATO reneges on not one inch eastward promise to compress Russia's space to the extreme.
Number two, instability brewer.
Behind every war with turmoil in the world is the shadow of the star-spangled banner.
Vampires in the war.
war mongers feeding on the bloody turbulence of other countries.
This is from the Financial Times.
So, bet the trends.
I said Ukraine versus Russia.
The winner is Russia.
Remember, I just read you came from the Global Times of China.
China and Russia versus U.S.
and NATO.
The winner is?
Who's gonna win?
Who you place your bet on?
Well, speaking for myself, let's see, India has 1.4 billion people, then you throw in Russia, you almost want it.
16, I don't know how many million I got.
But even at, you know, 1.6 million, let's say.
1.6 billion.
You got 770,000 U.S.
and NATO combined.
You think you're going to beat them?
America hasn't won a war since World War II.
Couldn't, couldn't... Hey, wasn't that a great exit that Biden did with Afghanistan?
Oh, he's a brilliant, brilliant guy.
And he's just as smart what he's doing now with Ukraine.
Winner there and a winner here.
How could people keep betting on these losers?
What if I had a magazine out, and every piece of information I gave you is wrong?
But here, every piece of work that they've done in war has been wrong, and yet they're telling us how to win one?
Look at this tragedy of Afghanistan, and now he's leading us to war?
Against Russia?
Okay, we're gonna see you next week, and remember, support InfoWars.
Keep truth alive.
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