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Name: 20220410_Sun_Alex
Air Date: April 10, 2022
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In this edition of The Alex Jones Show, Harrison Smith discusses his weekend activities and shares updates on InfoWars merchandise at Renaissance fairs. Alex Jones welcomes back listeners and opens up phone calls for the second hour. The show highlights a video by Greg Reese titled "The Dark Side of Disney," exploring the company's involvement in promoting radical transgender ideology and grooming children. Infowars has introduced a new sleep support product called "Down and Out" and a new immune support product called "Info Wars Life Immune Support." Disney has faced numerous scandals related to pedophilia involving its employees, leading to accusations of censorship when critics are silenced. The Canadian government passed a bill that could potentially sentence counselors who do not align with its views on heterosexuality and cisgender identity to five years in jail, prompting concerns about religious persecution and moral principles found in the Bible. The French election is mentioned as an example of the struggle between nationalism and globalism. Marine Le Pen's supporters are discussed, as well as the older generations being more resistant to surrendering national sovereignty to international coalitions. A caller mentions intentional depression caused by COVID-19 restrictions, mask mandates, lockdowns, and the effect of Dr. Group's supplements on regaining health. The conversation shifts towards discussing vaccine ineffectiveness and side effects as evidenced by VAERS reporting system data. InfoWars is currently offering historic coins at 1776coin.com, with the third coin in the series being released. Alex Jones discusses the sale of high-quality t-shirts at infowarstore.com, emphasizing their cost- effectiveness and the importance of supporting InfoWars in the fight against globalist takeover.

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Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
Harrison Smith sitting in for Alex Jones on this Sunday, April 10th edition of the Alex Jones Show.
Very excited to be with you.
Hope you're all having a good weekend.
I had a great weekend, actually.
I built a teepee out of bamboo.
That was pretty fun.
And then I went to the Renaissance Fair just outside of Austin.
I forget what it's called.
Sherwood Fair.
Sherwood something fair.
But it was very fun.
I just bring it up because it wasn't five minutes.
That I was at that fair, that I saw my first InfoWars shirt.
And I actually saw several that day.
Big shout out to all the InfoWarriors out there dressing up like knights with their beautiful girlfriends dressed up like fairies.
So it was fun.
It was a heck of a time.
And it's fun to see people representing InfoWars out there in the real world.
If you can call it the real world.
Really, I mean, obviously it's a fantasy world.
And there was one particular moment.
I was there with my whole family, my sister's family and all that.
And we're walking through this one area.
And then and it's all gnarled branches and like creepy skulls and people wearing horns and it's very like weird and strange and then you go through that and then they have like the Christian area and it's like the little it's a little garden that's the Saint Francis garden with all these statues of little animals and Saint Francis there in the middle of it and then there's a
It's like an open-air pavilion sort of thing, where they were actually conducting a wedding at the time.
There's this harp player playing beautiful music.
As soon as we got through, my sister was like, oh, civilization, we found it.
We made it out through the dark ages, through the pagan madness of terror, and gnarled branches, and shadowy figures, and into the Christian world, where it's all bright and sunny, and there's harp music playing.
It was very funny.
I don't know, sort of indicative of reality.
You know, people, detractors, atheists, these people, they want you to think of Christianity as this, you know, terrible man in the sky that's just prodding humanity with a stick and hates us or something.
But it's like, man, if you really go back in history, before Christianity came around, it was...
It was weird.
It was very weird out there, folks.
Very weird indeed.
And that's what we're getting back to.
I think that's what the Great Reset is all about, is undoing all of this progress and beauty and peace and tranquility that Christianity brings about.
Let's just dive right back into the witchcraft, pagan, child sacrifice days of old.
I think there's something very appealing about that to certain people.
It's very weird.
Another sort of strange
It's very strange.
Thing that I noticed, because I've always gone to these, the Texas Renaissance Fairs, like, it was one of the first, and it's the biggest one, and it was near Houston, so growing up I'd go every year.
And when I was little, and you would do a little carnival game, you'd smash the hammer thing, or you'd shoot a bow and arrow, whatever, they'd give you a little coupon for a free kiss!
You'd have a little card and say, one free kiss presents to the winch of your choosing or whatever.
And it was fun because as a little kid you'd go up to a sexy winch and give her this little card and she'd give you a kiss on the cheek.
And it was very fun and innocent and playful.
But they got rid of that.
We can't do that anymore.
Free kisses, my God.
With rape culture?
I mean, no way.
We can't have that.
Free innocent kisses from a lovely wench?
Not in my, not in my backyard.
No, no.
So instead, now people have badges that say their sexual proclivities.
It's very weird.
So it's like, I think this is sort of indicative or sort of just symbolic of
Like the weird off-the-rails changes that our society are making where it's like, uh, free free kisses at the Renaissance Faire?
No way!
That's rape culture!
But I will wear a pin that says I'm bisexual and I'm submissive in dominant-submissive relationships.
I'll wear that on my lapel.
Just like, this is weird.
This is creepy.
It used to be innocent and fun and joyful.
Now it's a little creepy and weird and sexualized.
And it's just like, yeah.
This is our society now.
This is where we are.
We're already going to break.
I thought we had long segments here.
Alright, we're going to break.
We'll be right back.
I'm going to come back with a Greg Reese report.
Stay tuned, folks.
I'll stop talking about the Renaissance Faire.
Alright, welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Harrison Smith here, sitting in for Alex Jones.
We have quite a bit to speak about today, and I'm going to go ahead and open up the phone calls for the second hour.
Also, I might indulge myself here, and hopefully you'll appreciate it this week.
Raw Egg Nationalist came out with the sixth edition of A Man's World, which is his magazine, and I was actually asked to write an article for it, and I delved in.
It's probably the first thing I've actually written since getting out of school.
It's so much easier just to sit up here and talk and just sort of go off the cuff.
As soon as I have to start writing something, I'm agonizing over every word, every sentence.
I rewrite like 10 times just to get it right and it just takes me forever and it's exhausting.
But what came out of it I am very proud of.
It's an article called Remember the Alamo.
So I may do a little reading from that and just talk about...
Some of the stuff I didn't actually get to include in the article, and encourage everybody out there to go download this and support Raw Egg Nationalists on Twitter at BabyGravy9, I think is the name of his Twitter account.
I don't know what that means, but BabyGravy9, there it is.
So we'll talk about that in just a little bit as well.
Oh man, of course on topic today, the collapse, the obvious oncoming collapse, government tyranny.
What else we got?
Just war.
War across the world and no sign of that slowing down.
We'll also be talking, of course, about transgenderism.
Of course, because we have to.
And in this particular case, about transgenderism by corporations.
Very strange stuff.
We're going to start with this video by Gregg Rees.
It's called The Dark Side of Disney.
Gregg Rees has gone down the rabbit hole of rabbit holes with Disney and come up with this.
Remember you can share this video at BandDotVideo and InfoWars.com.
Here is Gregg Rees with The Dark Side of Disney.
After Governor Ron DeSantis signed an anti-groomer bill into law that prevents school teachers from engaging five-year-olds about homosexual sex acts and radical transgender ideology, the groomers have come out of the woodwork.
And many people are waking up to the dark side of Disney.
Investigative journalist Christopher Ruffo has outlined a partial list of Disney employees who have been arrested for child sex crimes.
Robert Kingsolver was a service manager who oversaw ride repairs at the Magic Kingdom.
He was arrested in 2014 for soliciting sex from an agent posing as a 14-year-old girl.
Alan Treister, a concierge at Animal Kingdom Lodge, who used to work at Disney's popular Toy Story ride, advertised himself online as Big Teddy Bear for Younger Chaser and confessed to having sex with a 15-year-old boy he groomed online.
Animal Kingdom Lodge gift shop worker Paul Fazio was convicted of downloading child pornography videos showing sexual activity with adults and children.
Character actor Patrick Holgerson was arrested in 2014 after sending nude photos online while trying to meet up with a 13-year-old boy.
Justin Hazan, an operator on the Millennium Falcon Ride, and Arlandra Sims, a food runner at the Animal Kingdom Resort, were busted in 2020 for selling child pornography with victims as young as four years old.
Disney Cruise Line Youth Host Oliver Lovat was arrested in 2019 for molesting a 10-year-old boy aboard the Disney Magic Ship's Oceaneer Kids Lab after blindfolding the child and spinning him around several times as part of a game.
In 2012, an 11-year-old girl was groped and kissed in an elevator by 33-year-old Milton Braganza, a dining server on the Disney Dream.
A cruise line security officer was told by Disney officials to keep her mouth shut and do nothing.
Two days later, when the ship arrived in Nassau, Berganza admitted to the Bahamas police that he molested the girl, and was then taken to the airport, where Disney arranged for his flight back home to India.
Last year, Hollywood Studios custodians Jonathan McGrew and Savannah Lawrence were caught attempting to have a threesome with a 13-year-old.
McGrew said that the couple's fantasy was to play stepdad, stepdaughter, stepmother.
Animal Kingdom Lodge lifeguard Kenneth Aquino was arrested after trying to have sex with a 13-year-old showing up in his Disney work clothes.
Of course, child predators will naturally seek employment at Disney, but it's everywhere within the company.
Director of music publishing John Healy was charged with three felony counts of child sexual abuse in 2017.
Vice President Michael Laney was convicted of sexually abusing a seven-year-old girl in 2019.
Both actor-producer Brian Peck and director Victor Salva were rehired by Disney after they served time for raping children from the set.
The subliminal sexualization of children has demonstrably been a part of Disney's work for generations, embedded into their animations.
Several whistleblowers have claimed that Disney has been used since its very beginning as a form of mind control and MKUltra, most famously for their Project Monarch princess programming of little girls.
So it's really no surprise that Disney's corporate president admittedly wants to flood Disney stories with the so-called LGBTQIA agenda, which we now understand to be code for pedophilia.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
So again, you can find and share that video at band.video.
Remember to click the share button.
It gives you a disguised URL link so you can actually post it on big tech platforms.
If you just click the URL at the top and try to paste that, it will block you.
So you got to hit that share button.
These are little workarounds we have to figure out.
And I still, you know, I say this a lot, but I still get people DMing me and stuff going, Hey, I'm trying to post this and I can't.
So you got to hit the share button and that gives you that disguised link.
This is also sort of indicative of the change that's gone on in a lot of things, actually, but primarily with the sexualization of children and stuff.
I mean, I'm sure everybody remembers.
It was probably like the introduction to the idea of conspiracy theories or subliminal messages to a lot of people because it was real popular early on in the early internet days when it was sort of the Wild West.
You'd find these things like subliminal messages inside Disney movies.
And if you paused a movie at exactly the right time, you'd see some dirty image in the background, like from, um,
Was that one called The Rescuers Down Under?
Or maybe the first Rescuers movie.
I think it was.
There's like actually a pornographic image in one of the frames as they speed down this slide thing.
Or like The Little Mermaid.
They'd be like, see in this image, or if you pause it, the line came, if you pause it right here, it spells out the word sex in dust in the sky.
And it was like, oh my god, they're trying to brainwash us.
And now it's just open.
Now they're just like, yeah, we're trying to brainwash you all.
We're going to put in
Sexual brainwashing into our cartoons now.
On purpose, we're open about this.
We're spreading this around.
Like, it reminds me of...
of like the Bohemian Grove style Davos Bilderberg group where it's like back in the day you'd have to go to these websites where it's like here's the secret of the you know of the forces that rule the world they get together once a year to plan their year and it was like all hidden and disguised and now they're just like yeah we do this yeah we do this we are in charge we will dictate how the world will go and we get together once a year to plan out the next year's events like they're just completely open about it now it's a strange way of dealing with
Being exposed is just doubling down, just going all in on it.
It's very weird.
And it's not just the sexual stuff with Disney, it's the programming in general.
I used to talk about this more.
I haven't really experienced it in a while, but I experienced it all the time in high school because friends of mine had little sisters that would watch the Disney Channel all the time.
And it programmed them to be the worst people.
Like they're all bratty.
They were all kind of bitchy.
They were all just like...
Like, they were programmed, like, oh, all the cool kids in the Disney Channel, they just, like, they talk back to the parents, and, you know, as long as you have this kind of, like, bitchy attitude, it means you're right, and you're cool, and anybody who's against them is the stuffy, no-fun people.
And it was, like, it was a marked difference.
Like, you could tell.
You'd have friends, and their little sisters that were, like, elementary school age, you'd go, those girls watch
They watch the Disney Channel.
They watch way too much of the Disney Channel because they're just mean.
They're just vicious and kind of spiteful and they think they're right.
And I think it's what brought us to AOC.
I think it's to blame for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
Because it follows her around.
It's just this idea that, like, if you sound bitchy and can, like, have this attitude, then you must be right.
Screw what the facts are.
It's just the cool kids sound like jerks, so go with them.
It's all programming.
All right, welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We are talking about the Disney Company.
Boy, how far some things have fallen.
Again, the Gregg Reese report is the dark side of Disney, where he lays out so many examples of times that Disney has been embroiled in scandals having to do with pedophilia with their own employees.
But the Postmillennial has this story.
Jack Posobiec temporarily locked out of Twitter for calling it Disney groomers.
I think like so many of these stories, they just, if you really understand them, you can really dig into them and you really, you really get the full spectrum of what's going on here.
It's like they, they tell you exactly where this world is going.
They tell you exactly why some of these moves are being made and what the end game, for so much of what we see that seems bizarre or weird or inexplicable,
This is one of those stories.
So, Jack Posobiec was hit with a temporary Twitter lockout, the first since he reported on Hunter Biden's salacious laptop in 2020, for sharing links to buy t-shirts and stickers emblazoned with a Disney logo, reading, Boycott Groomers.
I think it's so interesting.
I've had guests on our show that had been kicked off of Twitter or YouTube
With the claim of bullying.
They were bullying.
Who were they bullying?
Well, they were bullying the deep state.
They were making fun of or calling out deep state actors from the CIA or the FBI.
You can't bully them.
You can't bully the spy masters.
You can't bully the, you know, unelected permanent deep state operatives in our government.
That's bullying.
That's unfair.
They're a protected class, I guess.
So this is why you don't give them these weapons.
This is why you don't hand over the censorship button to the establishment because this is the way they use it.
They'll lock you out even if you're a
Super famous, like one of the most popular people on Twitter.
I'd have to say Jack Posobiec.
I mean, he built his whole career off of Twitter and he has a powerful Twitter, as it were.
If he tweets something out, if he wants to get a hashtag going, he can.
He's got tons of followers.
So, like, forget you getting deleted, right?
If you have a couple hundred followers, you'll be kicked off in an instant.
They'll do this for even the most prominent of right-wing voices, and in some ways, some of the most moderate, like Jack Posobiec.
You give them this power, you give them this censorship tool, well, it's all about bullying and it's all about protecting unrepresented classes or whatever nonsense bullcrap they use to justify their censorship.
And then how does the censorship get used?
It gets used to silence people speaking up against the most powerful people in the world, whether corporations or governments.
You can't bully this multinational corporation.
How dare you?
You'll be deleted.
That's exactly what's happening, and Jack Prasovic himself says that he says, quote, Elon Musk recently commented that corporations dictate policy on Twitter through ad dollars, Prasovic told Post Millennial, quote, so it comes as no surprise that Twitter will censor you for criticizing one of the largest media companies in the world.
I'd say that's even an understatement.
What does Disney not own?
They own Fox.
They own, like, every channel you can think of.
Everything from Marvel movies to The Simpsons and everything in between.
But you can't criticize them.
You can't criticize them because everyone that works at Disney obviously is in favor of this.
But there you see the other little wrinkle in this, the other little shadowy corner that this illuminates is the idea that
These corporations, they can dictate to their employees what they're allowed to say and what they're not allowed to say.
Whether it's right or not, they can because they have the power to do that.
Now if you want to fire somebody because they're gay, you can't do that.
That's discrimination.
But if you want to fire somebody because they express a conservative point of view, that's still allowed because this is the way things always go.
So you've got a corporation that just, like a, like a
You know, 1950s sci-fi movie blob is just eating up every other form of entertainment in cooperation with so many.
I mean, now, you know, the National Geographic magazine has, like, a little Disney section on the front cover that's like, Disney, we're partnered with Disney.
It's awesome.
Does Disney own National Geographic now?
They're at least partnered with them.
So you have these conglomerates that just own huge chunks of information, platforms or information
Like outlets.
And they get to try to dictate what states do, what governments do, what cities do.
And the people that work for them can't really question it, or they might be fired if they try to speak up against it.
They'll at least suffer pushback and discrimination in the workplace from their fellow workers.
So they get to dictate to their people below them
You know, what they get to believe, and then they get to wield their financial might against the states that try to pass laws through the actual process of passing laws through the, you know, by trying to exercise the will of the people through their representatives.
And of course, Jack Posobiec goes on to say, this is clear retaliation for me leaking the internal employee forums at Disney, showing many of their workers support the Florida anti-grooming bill.
So again, it's like they get to speak with the voice of all of these people, even though they're actually contradicting what these people believe, what their employees believe.
They get to supersede that.
They get to dictate what the reality is.
And you may get fired from your job if you speak out too much against it.
Again, this is just one of many topics having to do with transgenderism.
Here's another one from the Daily Mail.
It came out today, I believe.
Maybe it was yesterday, but here it is.
Women can be strip-searched by trans officers who were born male, says police.
Female suspects can be strip-searched by male police officers.
I'll just change the words around here just to do away with the confusion that they're trying to add here.
It's male police officers, okay?
And could be accused of a hate crime if they object.
Yeah, so this man with a beard and a dress is going to strip search you, ma'am.
And if you don't like that, you may get a hate crime charge.
And of course, we covered it on American Journal earlier this week with the new conversion therapy things that are going on.
See, this is happening in the UK.
Where they're trying to pass a... They may have already passed it.
I think they did pass it.
I think they took away the transgender aspect of it, but they passed an anti-grooming bill.
But it was an anti-conversion bill.
Basically, if you have a kid that says he's gay, and you try to tell him that that's a sin, and try to tell him that it's not moral, and try to convince him that, you know, for the sake of his soul, he shouldn't give in to...
The temptations of his body, like you'll, that's hate, that's a hate crime now.
But it never goes the other way, does it?
It's not, it's not the other way around.
So, right now we're trying to pass laws just to stop people from talking about sex with little children.
And it's all this pushback, oh how dare you.
But if you want to try to stop kids from being trans or being gay, then that's a crime.
So it's very convenient for our opponents, I guess you could say, to have this moral framework that serves every aspect of a religion, but because it's godless, and because it doesn't have a holy book, then they claim it's not a religion, and it's just basic morality that has to be enforced by the state.
It's just, it's a very convenient, it's always very convenient.
I mean, all of these stories, they all have this same sort of through line, right, where it's like,
You agree with what we want, then you're allowed to say it.
You're promoted for saying it.
You'll be celebrated for saying it.
But if you disagree with us, then anything you say about this is a hate crime.
It's hate speech.
And you will be destroyed for it.
So if you want to, and now this is happening in Canada, I'll get back to it on the other side, but if you want to,
Tell kids to be gay.
Tell kids to be trans.
Indoctrinate them into this religion.
That's allowed because it's not a religion in the classic sense.
But if you do want to convince kids of your moral framework, then you're trying to convert them.
You will be stopped.
It's a hate crime.
How dare you prepare to go to jail.
We'll cover what Canada is doing on this front on the other side.
Stay with us.
Harrison Smith sitting in for Alex Jones today.
We have a lot to talk about in the terms of economic, financial, food supply collapse, but let's keep talking about the moral collapse while we do as these things are happening simultaneously.
We're also going to talk about what's happening with the French presidential election, really unexpected moves by Marine Le Pen.
And yeah, just a lot still to talk about.
We'll be opening up your phone calls in the second hour of this program.
Here's what's happening in Canada from Fox News.
Thousands of churches raise alarm about scope of new Canadian quote conversion therapy ban.
Thousands of clergy in North America devoted their sermons on Sunday to affirming biblical sexual morality in response to a new Canadian law that some warn could effectively criminalize such teachings.
An initiative begun by Liberty Coalition Canada and promulgated in the United States by Pastor John McArthur of Los Angeles secured the support of more than 4,000 Christian pastors who publicly expressed their willingness to protest from the pulpit regarding Bill C-4.
Fox News Digital has confirmed the controversial legislation which went into effect January 8th after being fast-tracked through the Canadian Parliament in December without extensive debate describes as a myth the belief that heterosexuality and cisgender identity are preferable.
Counseling that does not align with such a worldview now carries a potential five-year jail sentence.
I'm not sure how secure the Canadian
They have a Charter of Rights, right?
The Canadian Charter, instead of a Bill of Rights, they have a Charter that was written somewhat recently.
I don't know what it says in particular about freedom of religion, but I'm pretty sure in America, the First Amendment is the only weapon you need to stop what's happening around the country.
In places like New Jersey, and places that are going the opposite direction of Florida,
Putting it into law that you have to teach this sort of stuff.
You have to understand that this is a religion.
You have to understand that this is not a question of facts.
It's a question of morality.
It's a question of religion.
I mean, it really is.
It's a question of the soul.
It's a question of sin.
It's a question of righteousness.
Like, it's a question of...
What is good and moral?
And so what they're saying is that your morality, since it's based on a book, since it has a Bible, and since it's based on, you know, religious revelation, that's a religion and you're not allowed to teach it.
But our morality, which completely and diametrically opposes your morality, it's just, we just came up with it.
So it's good, and that's why it's correct, and that's why it should be taught and must be taught.
At every level of society.
So I want you to understand that what they're pushing is, in all aspects, a religion.
From the conversion aspect, to the evangelicalism of the LGBT community.
Trying to spread your morality, trying to bring people into your side, to express and live by your morality.
It's a religion.
It's just a religion that has no God, because they worship themselves.
Critics claim the language of this Canadian bill is overly broad and could even encompass private conversations.
Several pastors, including some who've recently been imprisoned in Canada for keeping their churches open in defiance of government health orders, explained to Fox News that they believe the scope of the new law could open the door to religious persecution.
Leading the protest against the bill in the United States is Pastor John MacArthur, whose Grace Community Church in Los Angeles won an $800,000 settlement in September after tussling with state and county authorities for continuing to congregate in defiance of the government.
MacArthur told Fox News that he believes widespread sexual immorality is evidence of divine judgment on a culture and predicted increased efforts to silence those who speak out against it.
Saying, quote, ultimately, the dissenters, the ones who will not cave in, are going to be those who are faithful to the Bible, he says.
And that's what's already leading to laws made against doing what we are commanded to do in the scripture, which is to confront that sin.
It's just going to escalate.
Criminal conduct, they're calling it, if Canadian pastors...
Continue to actually promote the morality in their Bible.
It's contradicted by the state morality, so you can't preach on that anymore.
That's what they're trying to tell people.
And of course, this is already taking place in the UK.
As we pointed out, they've passed the conversion law, banning conversion therapy, but only in one direction, right?
Only if you're trying to get people to be moral in a biblical sense.
Not the other way around.
But also in Finland, I believe it was, there was somebody who was charged with hate crime, with hate speech.
And it also happened in Ireland where a diner, I think it was, had a piece of scripture on the wall, had like a piece of art with a proverb on it.
They were charged with hate speech and they were forced to take it down because quoting the Bible is hate speech now, apparently.
And that's what happened in Finland where I think somebody
I think it was like an MEP or an MP, a member of parliament in Finland quoted the Bible and they charged her with a hate crime for it.
So that's where we're going.
That's where we're headed.
So instead of being ruled by a religion with a morality based in biblical revelation, we'll be a theocracy run by people who are completely godless and come up with whatever, you know, moral framework allows them to do whatever they want and not suffer the consequences.
Pretty horrific stuff, but not unexpected.
Not exactly new as we move into this next stage.
But I think understanding it as a religion and using the First Amendment to prevent the religious indoctrination into this satanic cult is probably the best way to go.
You know, I had another note.
It was actually from
We can
Like all through my life, this next door neighbor had kids similar in age to us.
We were really good friends and hadn't seen him in a long time, but I saw him in my sister's baby shower and the mom goes, so what's happening in Ukraine?
It's all about pedophiles, right?
I'm like, oh, you get it.
People get it.
And it really is amazing seeing things that you'd only find on InfoWars.
Ideas, revelations that you'd only ever find on
Shows like the Alex Jones Show, or websites like InfoWars, it's proliferated.
And people just know this now.
Even if they don't know the details, there's like, yeah, Ukraine.
It's like where the pedophiles get their human slaves from, right?
Like they're trying to protect the pedophiles like Hunter Biden from taking women from Ukraine.
It's like, you know, without getting into the details, yes.
Yeah, basically, yes.
Basically, it's the pedophiles using Ukraine as a shield.
Using the Ukrainian people as cannon fodder to prevent the attack against themselves.
So man, as much as, you know, we read the news every single day, I mean, it's just infinite disasters, infinite horror, infinite terror coming from the New World Order and their globalist compatriots.
You have to understand that what we have done at InfoWars has changed the entire world.
And I was even thinking about this because one thing I like to do is just I'll go down a YouTube rabbit hole and I'll be watching like late night shows from the early 90s.
I don't know why I'm watching Norm Macdonald clips and suddenly I'm watching, you know, the late night show from like 1992.
And it's kind of funny because, you know, it's all about popular culture.
It's all about celebrity.
And they're saying names that I've never heard.
Never in my life.
I mean, this is within my lifetime, right?
I was born in 89, so... 1992, I was a three-year-old kid, but... It's like, I don't recognize a single name.
And you realize that all these people that are starring in movies, and you hear their names over and over again, you know exactly who they are, and what they look like, and what they do.
Like, they're dust in the wind, man.
Five years from now, nobody's gonna even know who they are.
You can watch episodes of 30 Rock.
Remember 30 Rock?
Remember how long ago 30 Rock was?
Not that long ago, but go watch an episode of 30 Rock.
And every single joke is outdated.
The reason I'm saying this is because then you take a look at somebody like Alex Jones.
People will be saying 9-11 was an inside job long, long after Alex Jones is gone.
People will be spreading the ideas that Alex Jones has ignited for decades, if not centuries, if we even make it that far.
So InfoWars has changed the world.
InfoWars has exposed the dark side when they thought they could get away with it without ever being shown by the light of day.
InfoWars has changed the entire world, and that's thanks to you, the InfoWarriors.
So go to InfoWarsStore.com right now and help us out.
Alright, welcome back folks.
I'm going to go ahead and open up the phone lines right now.
I'll be taking your calls throughout the second hour.
The number to dial is 1-877-789-2539.
That's 1-877-789-2539.
You know, when you look back at 2016 and you realize that that's when a lot of this stuff went off the rails, right?
Prior to 2016, a lot of people thought things were kind of normal.
And then 2016 came around and everything just went
It just exploded.
And it was insane.
And the reason for that is pretty simple, I think.
The reason is because for the first time in a very long time, there was a clear distinction between nationalism and globalism.
Because it wasn't just Trump that brought about all of this change.
It was Brexit as well.
And it was a number of other movements inspired by Brexit to essentially free themselves from the oversight of the European Union.
Can you really get down to what inspired the New World Order globalists to really hit the pedal to the metal on 2016?
Because they had an option.
They could have backed off a little bit.
They could have tempered their behavior slightly to try to sort of recede in the shadows and go, no, no, we're not trying to do globalism, global government.
That's crazy.
No, no way.
Yeah, have your little nationalist fun.
We're going to work behind the scenes.
They could have backed off a little bit, but they didn't.
They could have done that.
They doubled down.
They saw it as a threat and they said, okay, we have to slam the cage shut now or it's all over.
And the way I always phrase it is like, you know, humanity is this tiger that they're trying to catch in a cage.
And they'd much rather just have the tiger wander into the cage and they can slam the door down.
And if you look at the Rockefeller document, right, the lockstep document, that was their preferred outcome.
That was their preferred situation.
They called it Clever Together.
The idea was that willingly, people would be led into the cage of globalism and they could lock it without people even knowing they were being trapped.
And so what happened here is the tiger, he's almost in the cage, they're almost there, he's sticking his head in and then he looks around and realizes it's a cage.
And goes, oh, I don't want to go in there.
And the hunters, the globalists, instead of going, oh, OK, we'll get him next time, right?
We don't want to spook him.
We don't want to scare him.
Instead, they just reached out and tried to grab the tiger and just yank it into the cage.
That's what's happened since 2016, is they're just like, oh, you don't want to come willingly?
Then we're going to make you, and we're going to silence you if you disagree.
And so that was the tactic they went with, and it doesn't look like it's going so well.
They've had some victories.
I mean, they have control of every mainstream media outlet.
They have control of big tech, and they have control of the government, and the deep state, and the military-industrial complex.
You'd expect it to be pretty easy for them.
Unfortunately, as much as they like to think of themselves as gods, they're not gods.
They're human beings, and they have to contend with human will around the world.
And it looks like we're seeing another expression of this in France.
InfoWars has the story.
French head to polls as Macron on shaky ground, but reports of lower than expected turnout.
Today, Sunday, French citizens flooded the polling stations, albeit what's so far looking like lower-than-expected numbers, for first-round voting in what's shaping up to be possibly the country's most consequential and impactful election, determining its future trajectory in decades, given it pits Davos crowd pet and former Rothschilds banker Emmanuel Macron against outspoken nationalist Marine Le Pen.
And again, this is just a
Choice between nationalism and globalism.
That's what it represents.
And you can see how furious they are to not allow the French to express their nationalist tendencies.
48 million eligible voters can choose between 12 candidates with favorite incumbent Macron no longer considered a shoe-in, but looking increasingly on shaking ground as he seeks a second five-year turn.
The turnout's a little bit low, but one of the interesting things about Marine Le Pen is that it's young people that are flocking to her.
Typically, like in America, the globalist politicians that are able to present themselves very well and they have the fawning love of the mainstream media, typically older people who still have faith in the institutions that go along with those people while
You know, the younger people with the minds completely warped by the Daily Show and all these other pseudo news stations, they tend to go along with the globalist agenda.
France is the other way around.
I think I might have messed up how I said that.
But I think you get what I'm saying.
That typically in America, the younger you go, the more globalist they are, the more communistic they are, the more willing to surrender national sovereignty to international coalitions.
But it's the opposite in France, and it's a very interesting thing.
And again, you can see the panic in the words of the globalists.
Here's how Politico chose to report this.
The White House is freaked out that Putin's next big win could be in Paris.
Voting for national sovereignty is really voting for Putin!
That's right.
Far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, they say, voting for her is essentially voting for Vladimir Putin.
They say a possible victory by Le Pen, a Putin sympathizer, could destabilize the Western coalition against Moscow, upending France's role as a leading European power and potentially giving other NATO leaders cold feet about staying in the alliance.
That's right.
If we don't go to World War III in Ukraine, it's the death of democracy.
Or if, you know, Viktor Orban gets duly elected by the citizens of Hungary, that's the death of democracy.
Or if you vote for Marine Le Pen, that's also the death of democracy worldwide.
Folks, are you panicked yet?
We have to live in the world of these people's delusions.
We have to act like their own
Paranoid, schizophrenic imaginings are reality and treat them as such.
We refuse to.
Aaron Infowars.
Here's how AP News reported it.
French polls.
Macron, far-left rival Marine Le Pen face runoff.
French President Emmanuel Macron and far-right nationalist Marine Le Pen are heading for another winner-takes-all runoff in the country's presidential election.
Polling agencies projected Sunday as the fierce political rivals with sharply opposing visions for France pulled clear of 10 other candidates in the first round of voting.
If confirmed by official vote counts later Sunday, the initial projections mean France is teeing up for a repeat of the 2017 head-to-head contest that turned the centrist Macron into France's youngest president.
But there's no guarantee that this time the outcome will be
The same.
They say Macron, for months, has looked like a shoo-in to become France's first president in 20 years to win a second term.
But national rally leader Le Pen, in a late surge, tapped into the foremost issue on many French voters' mind, the soaring cost of food, gas and heating, due to rising inflation and the repercussions of Western sanctions on Russia.
Translation, Marine Le Pen is actually pulling ahead in the French election
By reflecting and showing that she cares about the cares of the French people.
And this is unacceptable to the globalists.
No, the French people, the European people, the American people are simply pawns to be abused and exploited for their own, you know, international schemes.
Now, it looks like they're on more and more or less dead heat head to head.
And it looks like the number is even, like the difference between them is getting smaller as they continue to count votes.
And you can see again how panicked the establishment is with paragraphs like this.
Some of her defeated rivals, Marine Le Pen's, were so alarmed by the possibility of Le Pen beating Macron in the presidential runoff that they urged their supporters Sunday to shift their second round votes to the incumbent Mélenchon.
Or to the incumbent, Macron.
Melenchon, who's another one of these potential presidential candidates, addressing supporters who sometimes shed tears, repeated three times that Le Pen shouldn't get one single vote, and describing herself as profoundly worried, defeated conservative candidate Valerie Pecres, warned of, quote, the chaos that would ensue if Le Pen was elected, saying the far-right leader has never been so close to power.
Pecres said she would vote for Macron in the runoff.
Again, they don't talk about her ideas.
They don't say, here's why she's wrong about this.
Here's why this is what's best for the French people.
It's all paranoid fanaticism.
It's all just imagined
I don't know what the word is, just like, to terror!
They're just all so scared!
It's not like, well, look, you know, you got two opposing options here, and actually what's best for the French people is to go with this.
It's just like, they're just crying, and they're just like, I'm so scared!
We're so scared of Marine Le Pen getting power!
Like, why?
She's a nationalist.
You're a French person.
She wants what's best for the French people.
They're just like, you don't understand!
She is Putin!
She is Putin, and if she wins, democracy is dead.
It's all just,
Just paranoid fervor and godspeed to Marine LePen.
And you can even see in the videos of Marine LePen and her supporters how young her audience leans.
Let's go down to clip number five.
Here's Marine LePen being mobbed by her youthful supporters.
I believe this was yesterday.
Let's watch.
Yeah, if this woman wins, it's the death of democracy, folks.
You can't have a leader that's beloved by their people and represents their interests.
They have to go around in armored cars from, you know, barbed wire-enclosed state houses to, you know, wall-protected mansions.
And they have to be Rothschild bankers and globalist scumbags.
No, Marine Le Pen's gonna win.
We're gonna be nationalists again.
It's gonna be amazing.
Welcome back folks.
Harrison Smith sitting in for Alex Jones today.
I am of course the host of the American Journal each and every weekday morning on InfoWars 8 to 11 a.m.
It's the big call-in show.
We take a lot of calls and
I love taking calls because we learn so much from our callers that we wouldn't know otherwise to make us aware of events and rallies and things that just slip by somehow.
I mean, I'm glued to the news all day every day and yet we miss stuff.
Sometimes I miss big things and so it's always fantastic to have callers call in and let us know what's on their mind.
That's what we'll do.
In this hour, we'll be going to your calls.
Flex in Washington.
We got Derek in FEMA Region 10.
Let's go to Flex now.
Flex, thank you for calling in from Washington State.
You're on the air.
Gray Harrison, hey man.
I've talked to a lot of the staff crew.
Never had the pleasure to talk to you.
What is good, my man?
How are you, Flex?
Good to hear from you.
I'm good.
Carlos of Canada.
Shout out to him.
He's been on my heart, my mind, and my prayers, man.
Always a cool cat to listen to also.
Yeah, dude.
You had mentioned a while back how the mask, how sophisticated this entire thing is.
I'm homeschooling my girls now.
I heard a report a couple days ago
With the mask and not being able to speak.
And so many kids can't even have eye contact.
It is amazing how sophisticated it is.
And there is intentional depression there.
Aside from globally, there's intentional depression.
I mean, so many people are slouching.
I still have to tell my neighbors, what are you doing?
Well, I'm halfway deaf, you know.
Flying in helicopters, good old times in Iraq.
Deaf, I can't see, you know, and I can't hear unless I'm looking at your mouth.
Yeah, it's far out.
Yeah, I mean, the stories are undeniable now.
I mean, there's this story after story after story of the damage this has done to kids.
And of course, I mean, obviously, this is going to be the case.
Obviously, this is the point.
And remember, when they talk about the measures that they took, it wasn't
The medical reality didn't determine what they endorsed or what they put on you.
It was what you were willing to accept, right?
They chose that six foot distance because to them it was far enough away that it would separate people from each other, but it wasn't so far that people would just go, I'm not going to do that, right?
They sort of like focus tested this.
They go, okay, we tell people 12 feet, that's kind of impossible.
They just can't do it.
We can do 12 feet, 10 feet, even that's kind of pushing.
We'll go with 6 feet because we think 6 feet is the longest we can go without people like pushing back against us.
Same thing with the lockdowns and everything.
It wasn't, you know, here's what's best for you medically.
It was psychologically, how far can we push people before they snap?
I mean, it's all very dialed in to exactly how far they can push us before we push back.
And they're very good at it, Flex.
Super good at it.
Hey, you're smarter than me.
And we're what, potentially eight people removed from anyone famous.
So eight, double it, let's just call it 16 from everyone worldwide.
So we're essentially, you know, and what you exhale, what 16 feet in front of you, there's no way that any of us are not going to catch everything that's out there.
Everyone gets sick.
I get sick.
Everyone gets sick.
And see, this is another thing.
I think that that, you know, what I mentioned, intentional depression is, is how it makes, uh, I see so many people slouching and it just makes me think of exercise.
Of course, I was wanting to talk about exercise.
I'm a meathead, but you can exercise while watching TV.
You should be because there's, there's a, you know, the, uh,
Uh, what was it you had said?
Uh, some, uh, mass paranoid psychosis where you're scared of someone right next to you.
Oh, come on, come over here.
Let me put you in a headlock, buddy.
Oh, come on.
No, it's true.
I mean, it's just like, it's just cult programming on the most basic level.
It works on an individual, also works on society.
And if you look at a cult or you even look at just an abusive relationship, the first thing they do is they separate you from your family, separate you from your friends, separate you from anything that makes you strong and upstanding, so you're weak and pathetic and can be manipulated.
All right, welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Here's Smith sitting in for Alex Jones on this, the 10th of April, 2022.
We'll go out to your phone calls in just a second.
But of course, COVID is sort of making a comeback.
There was like a couple week period where you didn't see a lot of headlines about COVID but that is over I guess as they start a new push.
I mean I'm even a little bit suspicious of this push in and of itself.
Nancy Pelosi, Merrick Garland all coming down with COVID at the same time.
You know it kind of reminds me of
Justin Trudeau coming down with COVID, the incident that the trucker protest came about.
Oh, I've got COVID.
Sorry, I can't be near the protest.
I have to sequester myself away in a secret hideout.
So it's like, what's really happening here?
All these deep state actors all of a sudden came down with COVID and have to go off the grid for five days.
Is something about to be unleashed that they know about and are prepared for and we're not?
I don't know, but I do know that the information
About the vaccine and its ineffectiveness is becoming really too much for people to ignore.
And I want to get into just some of that.
There's a pretty amazing video by Dr. Peter McCullough, a speech he gave at Optimist in Bahamas.
It's a group, a gathering called Optimist, about the VAERS reporting system and what it's showing.
Of course, it was at the beginning of January that all of this sort of started to fall apart.
That the vaccinated variant, Omicron, came about.
Where it turned out you were actually more likely to get it if you were vaccinated.
And it looks like it was first detected in a vaccinated person.
And now we're just seeing more and more evidence of this.
As well as, of course, the massive side effects and deaths that we're experiencing.
40% growth according to some
Insurance companies, although I'm sure that number is higher by now, but I want to take you through this little chart that somebody posted on Twitter that shows the Pfizer trial as it took place.
So it's the six-month safety and efficacy of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.
And it breaks up, you know, these
Everybody knows how you do a scientific study like this, right?
You have the placebo group and the group that actually gets the medicine, and they're not supposed to know whether they're getting the placebo or not.
And so you've got 45,000-plus screened, 44,000-plus randomized figures.
About half of them go into the Pfizer, where they actually get the medicine.
The other half goes into the placebo, where they're told you might have the medicine, you might not, but really they're just injected with saline solution or something like that.
So you've got 22,000 going into Pfizer, 22,000 going into placebo.
You have about 55 of those withdrawing after the first round from the Pfizer cohort, and about 50 withdrawing from the placebo cohort.
So then you have 22,030 getting dose one, out of which 46 caught COVID.
After dose one of the placebo, you have about 110 of those people catching COVID.
Then following that, you have 271 people withdrawing themselves from the Pfizer cohort, including two deaths of the people in the Pfizer cohort.
And you have 380 people withdrawing from the placebo cohort, including two deaths.
So we're on even ground now.
Two deaths from the vaccine cohort, two deaths from the placebo cohort.
You're down to 21,759 for dose 2 versus 21,650 for the placebo dose 2.
85 of the Pfizer cohort caught COVID.
924 caught COVID from the placebo group.
And these numbers would make you think
That it works, right?
And these are some of the numbers that they used.
And yeah, all of this study comes from MEDR-IX or whatever it's called.
So these are, I mean, these are the official numbers.
But following that, you had open labels.
So now the participants are no longer, it's no longer hidden from them.
And it's no longer hidden from the study takers, whether they're placebo or not.
So then you have a little over 20,000 open label Pfizer receivers.
A little over 20,000 open label placebo receivers.
Now following the opening up of these, you had three more deaths in the Pfizer cohort.
No extra deaths in the placebo cohort.
And then you had a former placebo cohort who then chose to actually get the Pfizer shot.
You had a couple of those people doing it.
And during that, you had two more deaths in the Pfizer cohort.
So at the end of the day, the death summary
Is those who got the vaccine had 21 deaths and those who did not get the vaccine only had 15 deaths.
Now with the with the.
Vaccinated people, you only had one death caused by COVID while you had two deaths caused by COVID in the placebo group.
You had one HIV infected person in the.
Vaccinated group and one.
In the non vaccinated group, but you had four cardiac arrests in the.
Vaccine group and only one cardiac arrest in the placebo group.
So at the end of the day...
Apparently, you were more likely to die if you received the vaccine than not.
And that's from the internal studies that were actually used to justify the release of this vaccine.
Shows you just how dishonest they are.
And we've got a couple other articles we'll get to on the other side, including this from Daily Skeptic.
Vaccinated have up to six times the infection rate of the unvaccinated, according to New Zealand government data.
I believe the Supreme Court of New Zealand has now
We're good to go.
Devastation being wrought across the world population by these COVID shots and their deadly side effects.
Before we do that, let's go out to the phone calls.
We have Derek in FEMA Region 10, that is Canada.
Thanks for calling in, Derek.
You're on the air.
Hey, Harrison.
Can you hear me?
I hear you.
Thanks for calling in.
Yeah, so I'm actually calling here from Canada, but you know, I'm near, just close to Washington State here, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
Just wanted to give you guys an update.
Um, there, um, there was a, there's a reporter for Rebel News named Jeremy Lafredo, and he did an interview with Dr. Robert Malone recently that was really good, um, tying in COVID vaccine trucker convoys in the World Economic Forum, and it's on their website.
Um, um, there's, you know, they still have the website up, ConvoyReports.com, um, at Rebel News, but, um, yeah, he,
He did, and Jeremy Lafredo, he was the only, one of the only Canadian independent journalists that was embedded in the U.S.
truckers convoy from day one when it started on the, in San Francisco there, or wherever, and then all the way to Washington.
So I, you know, I think that's pretty cool.
I mean, you know, but yeah, I just want to just quickly rattle off some headlines here.
So we got RCMP admits to targeting 18 individuals, 39 vehicles with Emergency Powers Act.
He's loved by, he's an old, older guy.
I mean, you know, he's an older guy.
Randy Hillier, have you heard of him?
I've heard the name, but tell us what happened to him.
Well, he's, you know, been a long time, you know, well-known politician.
You know, I remember my dad watching him and like, anyway, they arrested him like twice, like two times.
They just made this big spectacle.
It's just ridiculous.
It's out of control, man.
The political posturing here by our government and the people are totally
You know, it's like, you know, the people are, I would say there's a large majority now that's woken up here in Canada recently.
So it's a good thing.
I mean, I'm happy about that.
But on the other hand, I just see them.
My government here in Canada is just doubling down and it's just like, wow!
They're beta testing.
Yeah, they're seeing how far they can push it.
And it's crazy because I'm a Christian, I try to stay positive and all that, and we are still having our rallies here, but the truckers, they're having a hard time.
They're playing games like they were going to have a big rally on the island here.
I'm in the province of British Columbia and so they they were but they they had to put it postpone it for a year sorry a week they postponed it for a week possibly two weeks they're doing everything they can to shut down any uprising against them and yeah they're beta testing how far they can go Canada's the experiment all right welcome back ladies and gentlemen we are living through
What could very well be the greatest crime against humanity the world has ever seen with the COVID vaccine rollout.
I mean on top of the lockdowns, on top of the masks, which themselves have had inexpressibly devastating impacts on the world economy and people's mental health.
I mean to really compile all of
The damage done in reaction to this virus that was created in a lab that was, in my opinion, released on purpose, strategically, at exactly the right time for it to perfectly interfere with the 2020 election cycle and justify their criminal desire for mail-in ballots.
It's like even if...
What would be worth it?
If it was the plague, if 50% of the people that got it died, if it was Ebola or something, maybe then you could potentially make the argument.
But this is the cold, right?
This is a particularly vicious cold.
That's all that COVID is.
And we have just committed global suicide as a result of it.
It's unbelievable.
And again, that's not even getting into the vaccine.
Once you have the vaccine on top of it, I mean, this is just,
Well, as Dr. Peter McCullough puts it, COVID jab death count is worse than a war.
It's worse than a world war.
It's worse than potentially every war we've fought in a century combined.
The amount of deaths that are expected as a consequence of this stuff.
It's just impossible to say.
Let's get back to this Daily Skeptic article.
Vaccinated have up to six times the infection rate of the unvaccinated, New Zealand government data shows.
It's really pretty unbelievable, but this chart tells you more or less all things you need to know.
You see a chart of COVID cases since late February 2022 per 100,000 population per day.
You've got
Four colored lines.
The very bottom of which, the green one, is the unvaccinated.
As the least COVID-infected are the unvaccinated.
And interestingly, if you get one dose, that's the yellow line here.
Pretty, pretty massive.
But if you get two doses, that's the blue line here.
Just huge, huge spike.
And then boosted is down here towards the bottom.
It's just wild.
It would be inexplicable if they hadn't changed the name of vaccines, right?
They didn't change the meaning of the word vaccine.
This would be just baffling and shocking and confusing because vaccine used to mean that you would not get the virus.
That's what it used to mean.
Actually tweeted out yesterday.
It's going minorly viral, weirdly.
Where I just said, uh, you know, if your first reaction of getting a disease is, thank God I'm vaccinated against this disease, you're a mind-controlled slave.
Like, it makes no sense.
It just makes no sense at all.
Oh, thank God I'm vaccinated against this disease that I just got.
This makes no sense, except that they changed the meaning of vaccinated to mean you're protected against the most severe consequences, which isn't even true, obviously.
Let's take a look at some of these numbers.
They say, firstly, the obvious thing is that during the most recent COVID wave, there's been a much lower infection rate in the unvaccinated compared with those that have been given one, two, or three doses.
What's more, this is not a small effect.
Over the period shown, approximately 10% of the triple vaccinated in New Zealand were affected, 14% of the single vaccinated were infected, and astounding 18% of the double vaccinated were infected, while only 3% of the unvaccinated appear to be infected.
The order of effect is also seen in UK.
For some time in the UK, the highest case rates have been found in the triple vaccinated.
And you can see here.
They just went ahead and charted it out.
The infectious data from New Zealand allows us to estimate the vaccine's effectiveness for the COVID vaccines in the absence of natural immunity.
So for one dose, your vaccine effectiveness is negative 430%.
With two doses, the effectiveness is negative 540%.
And with three doses, the vaccine effectiveness is negative 310%.
This alone, this alone is shocking!
For anybody that wasn't aware this was the case since the very beginning, but it's got to be shocking for most people out there.
So even if the vaccine was just saline solution, it would be more effective than the vaccine that we have now, and that's not even starting to count the massive, massive rise in heart attacks, in young people, cardiac arrest, myocarditis, and a number of other incredibly dangerous side effects.
Let's go now to this video.
You can find it at InfoWars.com.
Dr. Peter McCullough, the COVID jab death count is worse than war.
Here it is.
I can tell you, looking at this VAERS report, with 12,000 Americans who have died voluntarily after taking an injection, the COVID-19 vaccine
It's worse than a war.
It's worse than most wars.
Now for VAERS, Vaccine Reverse Event Reporting System, 86% of the time the report is made by a doctor, a nurse, or a healthcare professional who thinks the vaccine caused the problem.
14% of the time it's by the patient themselves.
Or someone else in their behalf.
The forms are filled out under the threat of imprisonment or federal fines if they're falsified.
So everything up on this red board is airtight.
The reports get a preliminary VAERS number and then the CDC verifies every single one of them.
Everything in the Red Box Report is verified.
So when I report a case of myocarditis or death, the CDC calls and they check.
I've done it so I know.
So these are real people who have lost their lives.
Now the estimates are
That this is underreported.
You can imagine so many people die.
Nobody knows if they took the vaccine.
And unless you have the vaccine card and you enter the lot number correctly.
And the lot numbers, by the way, are handwritten on cards.
So if we enter in the wrong lot number incorrectly or don't have the vaccine card, there's no report.
So the estimates are this is underreported.
We know from other sources of data that this is underreported by a factor of five or potentially a factor of 20.
These are very, very large numbers.
And there are papers now, many papers describing how the vaccine actually injures these organs.
This one by Almas and colleagues describe in the peer-reviewed published literature this new set of diseases, many of them cardiovascular.
This paper by Pantazakos and Seligman is particularly concerning.
They used U.S.
Census data
As well as vaccine administration data and looked at death from 0 to 20 weeks and they concluded that the upper bound of a confidence interval for death could be as high as 187,000 Americans losing their life.
That was just a very small portion of a very long and thorough talk given by Dr. Peter McCullough.
You can find the full video now at infowars.com.
The truth is coming out whether they like it or not, folks.
But they're doing everything they can to silence those who tell the truth.
And you know that because InfoWars is under greater attack than we ever have been before.
And so we beg and beseech you.
Go to InfoWarsStore.com right now.
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Welcome back, folks.
Harrison Smith sitting in for Alex Jones today on this live broadcast from the InfoWars headquarters.
We're going to go to your phone calls momentarily.
Still to come in today's program, I want to show you a video from a trans, non-binary teacher saying that three-year-olds should not be taught about sex.
What a concept.
Just because you're LGBT doesn't mean you want to indoctrinate children.
What a bizarre concept that is.
Politicians went to where they all got COVID, I guess.
Here's some lessons we can learn from that.
Number one, the vaccine passports do not work.
Mandates and passports became ethically bankrupt when breakthrough cases became inevitable.
They became ethically bankrupt before they were even acknowledged.
I would disagree with that.
We knew this was coming and it was never right to do, and yet it was justified by pretending like the vaccine actually worked and that, you know, tests could prevent people from spreading it.
I mean, masks, lockdown, literally none of it works.
So it was never moral, it was never ethical, it was always bankrupt of these things.
But that's one lesson we can learn, because they had vaccine passports, they tested people before going to this event, and it still was a super spreader event, as it were.
Good point, Vinay.
Number three, everyone will get COVID-19, even the rich and powerful.
Boosting in perpetuity has a transient effect, but needs better data to know if young people have further gains in severe disease reduction.
No, it doesn't.
It's just not happening.
Halting infection is not a tenable goal.
Yeah, we know.
It's just like, isn't it fun, folks?
Isn't it fun just watching everybody catch up to InfoWars two years ago?
It's like, well, maybe we shouldn't have locked everyone down.
Maybe it's not feasible to say we're going to stop, we're going to shut down the economy until the common cold is dealt with.
It's like, yeah, no, this was never feasible.
This was never ethical.
This was never moral.
This was always a power grab.
Please stop softening your claims.
We're always like, oh well, we just need more information.
No, we don't.
No, it's all wrong.
This is all wrong.
It's all stupid.
It's all pointless and all has negative efficacy.
So just stop, okay?
But going on, he says, hypocrisy is rampant.
Some people who pushed for school closure, lockdown and interventions that harmed the poor are happy to party.
They should drop all remaining restrictions like airplane and toddler masking and vow not to reinstitute it without the data to back it up.
Again, nothing new.
This has been going on since the very first lockdowns and politicians being caught saying, well, it's important that my hair look good.
So these laws aren't for me.
And this was all baked in.
This is all on purpose.
The COVID laws were designed to be to apply only to people without political or corporate support.
The same time that the island of New Zealand was a prison, you couldn't go in or out unless you're the CEO of Google, right?
They built it into the UK law, saying you have to go through this quarantine, two-week isolation period, and they say, unless you're a part of a big corporation, then you can ignore this.
So it's only for plebeians, it's only for us, it's only for the underclass to have to do this.
Everybody else can ignore it.
If you have a private plane, you don't have to wear a mask on it, obviously.
Asymptomatic testing is a fool's errand, he says.
Living with other people means getting sick.
Pretty normal, unless you're, you know, just a healthy person.
He says there's hundreds of gridiron events in America daily.
We only know about this one in minutia because it involves famous people.
The how could it have been done better columns miss the broader perspective of reality.
They're not missing anything.
I hate to say they are purposefully ignoring or concealing the reality to continue to push their tyrannical takeover measures and force us all into medically justified slavery.
That's all it is.
So I'm glad some people are starting to wake up.
Sure could have used your help two years ago, but we're happy to have you on the team now.
Welcome to InfoWars.
Let's go back out to your calls.
We've got... I want to go to Nathan.
He's talking about Bertrand Russell, because so much of this has to do with the manipulation of language and of manufacturing of consent for this stuff.
It's all completely arbitrary and baseless, everything that they're pushing, but they get everybody behind it through their control of the media, as laid out by Bertrand Russell at the beginning of last century.
Thanks for calling in, Nathan.
You're on the air.
Thanks so much, Harrison.
Always a pleasure.
Hey, just a shout-out to the previous caller from Victoria.
Hey, I'm just up the road in the Comox Valley.
Bunch of Canadians calling in today.
We love it.
Yeah, I know.
From Vancouver Island, I know.
And a shout-out to Dennis from Kentucky.
Have you tried the new mouthwash?
Look, Jordan Peterson compared Solzhenitsyn and Tolstoy to Shakespeare.
Okay, that's his words, not mine.
And Jay Dyer on Friday's show
We talked specifically about Bertrand Russell and the quote, diet, injections, and injunctions.
And let's break that down, please.
Diet, that's poison food.
Injections, tainted vaccines.
And injunctions, that's globalist EU policy, World WHO policy.
Through diet, injections, and injunctions,
Again, this is Bertrand Russell's quote.
We want to, quote, make children believe snow is black.
End quote.
So, let's go back to Solzhenitsyn.
Now, InfoWars is tomorrow.
Next week's news today.
Solzhenitsyn's work will be pulled from the shelves.
Because Solzhenitsyn ripped Bertrand Russell a new one on page 59 of Volume 2, Gulag Archipelago.
Quote, and is this another book you have not read, Sir Bertrand Russell?
Referring to, quote, An Island Hell, 1926, regarding the Solovetsky Islands.
And so my prediction here, tomorrow's news today, is Solzhenitsyn's work, it's going to be pulled from the shelves, because that's what communists do.
They destroy evidence.
You know, this actually goes right along with what I started the show with, which was my piece about the Alamo, because my argument in that piece is that they want to destroy the lessons of the Alamo, because the Alamo, it's not about race, they're not talking about race in it.
The Alamo, and so many stories like it, tell you how to resist tyranny, and that's exactly what Solzhenitsyn does.
In the Gulag Archipelago, he tells you in no uncertain terms, here's how you resist this tyranny.
And he says, you know, we fell into the Gulag system because we didn't love liberty enough.
He says we didn't love freedom enough and we allowed it to be taken from us piece by piece.
So yeah, of course.
They're not going to give you the key to breaking the tyranny that they're trying to saddle on your shoulders, right?
They're not going to give you the stories in history that tells you when you're confronted with tyranny, here's how you act, here's how you confront it, here's how you defeat it.
Because the history is replete with these examples.
And it doesn't take overwhelming force.
It doesn't take nuclear bombs.
It takes small groups of people willing to die for freedom and centered and coalesced around a singular voice for freedom.
You can take down tyranny.
It doesn't matter how strong the tyranny is.
It doesn't matter if it's the USSR or Santa Ana.
Standing up against it is the only way that it goes away.
Coming together and even
Until death, resisting it is the only way that tyranny breaks.
So I think you're exactly right.
They're going to get rid of Solzhenitsyn.
They might not just ban it outright.
They might do that if they have enough power, if they're cocky enough to do so.
But they're more likely to take the tack that they took with the Alamo, which is to put out a ton of information saying, oh, actually, Solzhenitsyn's racist.
Actually, he's a racist, so, you know, out of respect for
Care for racism.
We're going to have to not have them anymore.
And they'll put out biographies talking about how Solzhenitsyn was a reactionary propagandist.
They'll destroy his reputation.
They may give him the Infowars treatment, right?
They may destroy his reputation first and then take the books out after.
But I think you're exactly right.
They're going to destroy all the things that make us aware of the way that you defeat tyranny.
Bertrand Russell.
May also be on that list.
Hell, they may, they may, you know, censor the stuff that tells how they do it, because that's the key to how to undo it.
All right, welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the final segment of the Alex Jones Show, and there's still so much to talk about.
So let's, let's, let's pack it all in here, shall we?
First of all, let me start with a pretty interesting comment by MartyrMade on Twitter.
Today is Palm Sunday, and MartyrMade says this.
He says,
No, the crowd on Palm Sunday was the same crowd that banged for his blood five days later at the urging of the priests.
The fickleness of the crowd, its vulnerability to mimetic contagion, is reflected in the story of Peter's three denials of Christ.
For even Peter, the rock, ready to fight with swords to protect Jesus, could not withstand the mimetic pressure of his peers.
That's pretty brilliant.
Pretty terrifying, also, if you think about it.
Then, of course, from the Bible, Jesus knows what is in man.
It's a bummer, isn't it?
How easily people can be swayed by pressure from outside.
One thing you need to know is that will never be a factor for us here at InfoWars.
We have the whole world against us, it seems, at times, but we know you have our back and that alone makes this job easy, to be honest with you.
To see the number of people I see out on a daily basis who are awake and know InfoWars and love InfoWars and recognizes that what we do here is not easy, it's not
It's not something that's going to make us rich.
It's not something that's going to make us beloved by the masses, unfortunately, because of the control of the mainstream media.
But we still have such a sizable contingent of Americans that can see through the lies and see exactly what we're all about and that we have told the truth since the very beginning and have been fearless in doing so, regardless of what they threaten us with or how they try to sway us.
If we have the truth, we're going to tell it to you.
And that's just the way we operate.
Will not, we would not be here and we will not be here without your support.
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Will he be convicted?
Will he be pardoned, acquitted, or will nothing happen at all?
Go there, give us your answer.
There's already something like 55,000 answers, but we want to really take the temperature of America and
No, whether you think that something's going to happen or whether you're right and then nothing will happen.
All right, I don't want to sway the poll.
I just have a feeling, knowing how these things tend to go, these people never get punished.
These people never get punished.
Sure, your laptop can be chock full of the most horrific things.
Man has ever devised and can show black and white, pure and simple corruption at the highest levels of our government.
That's sort of the rub, isn't it?
It's at the highest level of our government, and it didn't get that way overnight.
Joe Biden is not a standout corrupt individual.
They all are like this.
You think Nancy Pelosi's son's laptop doesn't have just as much incriminating information?
Of course it does.
But anyway, tell us what you think.
Go to InfoWars.com right now, take advantage of, or take a part of our, take a part in our poll, and also share the links.
There's tons of amazing videos there right now on the, on the scroller.
Of course, the Peter McCullough speech that I showed you earlier.
I'm gonna go out to phone calls in just a second, but first I do want to show you one of the videos that you can find at InfoWars.com, and that is a video of a trans, non-binary teacher talking about teaching three-year-olds about sex.
Now from that setup, you may think it goes one way.
Take a look at the video.
See what you think after this.
Let's watch.
I'm a queer teacher and I 1000% do not support this bill.
And yes, I do know what's in it.
The bill in itself is just another way to stigmatize the LGBTQ plus community.
Kids as young as 3 and 4 are actually aware of their gender identity, even if they don't have the language for it.
They're still very aware of who they like and who they don't like.
Heterosexuality is pushed on our kids on a daily basis at a very young age.
Media, through books.
The first Disney movie that you saw.
To say that pre-k through third grade are not ready for such topics is actually internalized homophobia and transphobia.
They're very much ready for these topics and are way more accepting than adults when it comes to discussing these topics.
You can talk about gender, gender assumptions, pronouns, all the things.
And it is child development appropriate and age appropriate.
It was literally created as just another means to other queer people.
Basically say that us existing is not normal.
I'm very confused.
I'm not as confused as that person, but I mean that person's confusion I think is rubbed off on me.
I 1000% do not support this bill.
Okay, so you don't support it.
Doesn't support it.
He, she, whatever.
I was confused.
Should not be taught about sex.
She's like, they don't need to be taught about sex, because they already know it all.
Because we're already getting to them.
Oh, God.
I don't... I feel sorry.
I feel sorry for normal gay people, honestly.
I feel sorry for normal trans people.
They're just like, because the conversation is just pretty simple.
It's like, I don't think you should be teaching my little baby child about sex in school.
That's weird.
And they're just like, oh, you hate gay people then?
I'm just imagining April's like, whoa, don't bring me into this.
I'm not indoctrinating kids.
That's creepy and weird.
But you know, this is this is the usefulness of identity politics, I guess.
They can just
Convince you that to be in support of LGBTQ material means that you have to support indoctrinating children into your belief system at a very young age in public schools.
Not the case, folks.
Not the case.
That's not true.
Everybody should be against this.
Unless you're a groomer.
Unless you're a pedophile.
That's why this word groomer is so powerful.
And that's why they're trying to prevent people from saying it on Twitter.
Now with that, let's go out to a few more phone calls here.
Let's go to...
Dennis in Kentucky.
Thanks for calling in.
Dennis, you're on the air.
Harrison, you're doing a brilliant job, son.
I love it.
Alex, please keep your head up on.
I'm going to always pray for you.
Keep doing it.
Keep doing it.
I love the product.
Mainly, people, please go get a water filter.
Please get a water filter.
You cook with water.
You make ice cubes.
Do the right thing.
Air and water filters and home filters for your showering.
Just do it.
And buy it as a present for your friend that hates Infowars because they'll love the product and you don't have to tell them where you got it.
You don't have to tell them that you're supporting Alex Jones by buying these water filters.
Just get them a water filter.
They'll love it.
Maybe you can introduce some dimple wars down the road, but thank you so much, Dennis.
But you called in about Barack Obama, and I think your idea, I've heard a lot of people, and I think a lot of people agree with what you think.
So tell us what you think the plan is with Build Back Better.
Seriously, I mean, in 2012, November 7, 2012, Kamal Darvish,
So, what it is, is that since he had already destroyed a lot of what he did,
What you call build back better in actuality was bring back Barack.
All the policies you're seeing right now, you are witnessing Barack Obama's third term as president.
That's all this is.
I mean, who killed Jeffrey Epstein?
I mean, I got a wife that's a transgender.
She can go in there and change and kill this dude and come on out.
Well, you might get sentenced to community service for like 15 hours or whatever their jail guards were sentenced to.
But you know, I've heard that a lot and I think there's something to that.
I mean, I think the idea that Obama is pulling strings behind the scenes is pretty undeniable at this point.
Seeing the way he was received at the White House as people ignored Joe Biden, seeing
Things happen sort of without explanation.
Who's really making decisions here?
Hearing Obama when he was still president saying, well, I'd like to have a third term as long as I could just pull the strings from the shadows and didn't have to be actually involved.
Like he basically admitted it himself.
But also there's a, there's a lot of people behind the scenes that think that some of the machinations going on are actually attempting to legitimately put Barack Obama back into the president's seat and set him up for a third term, if not, you know,
Permanent presidency a la Xi Jinping.
So yeah, keep an eye on Obama.
He hasn't gone anywhere.
And he's actually gotten more powerful since he left office.
All right, folks, that's going to do it for us.
It's been the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Harrison Smith.
Tune in tomorrow morning to American Journal.
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