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Name: 20220408_Fri_Alex
Air Date: April 8, 2022
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The podcast covers various topics related to current events, including recent developments in the global situation, the importance of supporting businesses during difficult times, promoting products available at infowarstore.com, and discussing issues such as Project Veritas confronting Hillary Clinton over her ties to disgraceful D.C. operative, experiences of nurses working during COVID-19 pandemic, using masking tape and Sharpie markers to write messages on public spaces without defacing property, Hunter Biden's laptop and potential damaging information for the Bidens and Democrats, and Trump's priorities if reelected.

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You know where the CIA tunes in, right?
You know where the Russians tune in?
You know where everybody tunes in, right?
You know who Tucker Carlson tunes in to?
And Joe Rogan?
Elon Musk?
You know where they tune in, right?
They tune in right here!
Tomorrow's news.
Tomorrow's news today.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am back in the saddle in the ATX.
It is Friday, April 8th.
The year is 2022 and I thank the crew for doing a great job.
Well, I was in Connecticut for three days being deposed or their total four days, but being deposed two days.
Got back yesterday afternoon.
Our flight got in a little bit late, so I wasn't able to do the broadcast, but Harrison Smith did a really excellent job.
You know, I tend to get up here when I'm exhausted particularly and just start getting very loud and bombastic.
That's really a coping strategy I have for when I'm exhausted and I am Also very frustrated with everything that's happening and unfolding.
As they say, ignorance is bliss, and the beginning of knowledge comes with great sorrow.
One is the 20th century antidote, the other is out of the Holy Bible.
Ignorance is bliss, and the beginning of knowledge comes with great sorrow.
But also with great knowledge comes great compassion and decency and civilization, everything we need To move into the future.
And I can see God's hand and God's work in everything we face, in everything we see unfolding.
But the madness and the insanity of the satanic left is just unspeakably obvious now.
And their open attack on children's innocence and their very bodies with deadly injections and gender-bending drugs and brainwashing.
It's just the beginning of what they have planned for our little ones.
So those of us that stand up for the little ones are going to be attacked.
We're going to be demonized.
We're going to be shot.
We're going to be killed.
We're going to be in prison.
We're going to be tortured.
We're going to be a lot of things are going to happen to a lot of us.
But at the end of the day, ladies and gentlemen, God is watching, and God is in control, and those evil-doers carrying these wicked deeds out will pay.
In fact, the crew found one of the great knowledge comes great sorrow.
quotes there's four or five of the Bible but Ecclesiastes 118 is for in much
wisdom is much grief and he that increases knowledge increases sorrow or
you can boil that down to ignorance is bliss I have much knowledge and I have much sorrow.
Much sorrow for the hundreds of millions of innocent people starving to death right now while we go to our football games and watch our sitcoms.
And then people that are living in pockets still of Western freedom, Western wealth, just go about their business, playing golf and tennis and having fun and going to movies.
And as the water rises where those final islands of safety and security will finally be engulfed.
But ignorance is bliss, right?
And with much knowledge comes great sorrow, but also with the beginning of knowledge comes great sorrow.
Those are both Bible quotes.
But we are about to see the world we've known destroyed and on its ashes built
a system designed to destroy the human that's made in the image of God.
It's a very sad thing.
It's a very painful thing to see the spirit of evil spreading its black wings over the earth and sinking its long stinking fangs in our children's very souls.
But that is the price of consciousness and free will.
For good is not the only thing in the universe.
Evil dwells there as well.
And it is when those good spirits do not stand up and fight for innocence that innocence is destroyed.
And the blood of the children is on our hands.
We'll be right back.
At the end of the archetypal Star Wars Episode 3, before it was Disney-fied, Yoda says, Failed have I. And failed we have.
Now the real pain starts.
Now the new old order is going to kill billions of people, including a lot of us, and target our children for slow chemical biological annihilation.
These demons like to take their time with the children.
Failed have I. But the seeds have been planted.
Now we've gone through the first act, into the second act, we'll have great victory in the third act.
But when Jesus was at the Garden of Gethsemane, was omnipresent, but still in the body of a human, feeling all of it, tasting it all, smelling it all, seeing it all, He wept and said, please take this cup from me.
The cup was not taken away.
Because only by going in, through, and beyond do we find our true place in God's pantheon.
Only by this test.
And you will all be tested just as Christ was.
You are not Christ, but you are a sub-archetype, and that's why Satan hates you.
Your soul is so beautiful, and its potential so powerful.
These demons rage with envy at your glory and your might.
It's a spark of the Creator fell and kindled and created what you are in your mother's womb.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are live on this April 8th, 2022 transmission.
We're going to be here for the next four hours.
And I can tell you that, you know, we forecast things here and we talk about a lot of things here that come true and we wish they wouldn't.
We forecast them, hopefully, so people understand what's happening and see it before it happens so we can either completely stop it or mitigate it.
But the spirit of evil that is running rampant on this planet right now is going to burn, burn, burn like an out-of-control wildfire.
It already is.
So let me stop pontificating and actually get into the news we've got here.
Pretty amazing.
NBC News came out with a big report saying, yes, we lie to the public on purposes for your own good.
The Pentagon came out and said we lie to the public on purposes for their own good.
Here's the InfoWars article about it, but here's the actual NBC story.
And that's really the last phase of lying, isn't it?
Where they lie and try to cover it up, then deny it, then attack people that are pointing it out, then finally just go, yeah, we're lying to you for your own good.
And we're censoring you for your own good.
Yeah, it's all for our own good, isn't it?
Just a few decades ago, it was maybe one woman a year had her breasts removed because she thought she was a man mutilating herself.
Now it's hundreds of thousands of women a year have their breasts cut off.
Some as young as 12 years old.
After all, Angelina Jolie made it.
So cool.
And Megyn Kelly laughs about how her third grade son, they tried to turn him into a transgender.
But it's not a laughing matter.
It's not like it's some kooky side French thing.
This is the biological takeover of our civilization by the technocrats.
This isn't some weird thing that was hatched on university campuses by weirdos 30 years ago, 40 years ago.
It was developed and prepared for the moment we're at now.
There's that stack.
We have the big Russia stack breaking.
Russia suspended from UN Human Rights Council.
We're going to be getting to that.
We have this report out.
Western Journal has it as big polls.
17% of Biden voters would have abandoned him if they knew about the stories covered and censored by the media, like the Hunter Biden pedo laptop, which is him talking about The head of Chinese intelligence, the one that controls me and my dad.
He's worth 57 billion dollars and we have 3 billion or whatever it is, and it's missing and he's disappeared.
My handler at China's been arrested.
What am I gonna do?
I mean, that's where we are in a country.
Where they'll arrest people and try to give them 10 years in prison for when the cops wave them in, the majority of folks, into the Capitol.
And they're walking between velvet ropes.
They don't know an hour before people did break in, the police stood down.
They don't know.
But they still get to sit in solitary confinement for a year.
Finally, a judge acquitted on all charges a January 6th protester who was on the tail end of folks that went in and didn't know.
There's video of it all.
The government's still trying to suppress it, but he was able to get it via the trial.
The evidence was put on, he chose a judge instead of a jury, and the judge said, yeah, polite the whole time, never attacked anybody, didn't know he was waived in, didn't know he shouldn't have gone in.
But just remember that that's the type of stuff that's going on, and you can laugh at January 6th and say, oh my gosh, they overblow it, they make a big deal about it, can we just move on?
It's not about January 6th.
It was still a terrible fiasco and I wish it never would have happened.
It's about the fact that they're branding all Americans or populists or conservatives or nationalists as terrorists officially and have moved on to the PTA meetings and the school boards.
I mean, this is really, really happening.
And there's a stack of articles here today, New York Times, London Guardian, where it says the investigation has moved
on to Ali Alexander and Alex Jones.
It says we're the main focus of the investigation by the Janus 6 committee and by the Justice Department.
And of course, I told you that last week, didn't I?
And I'm not going to get into it now at this point, but it's just ridiculous.
We want to talk to you about, you know, were you involved in this?
Yeah, and I'm involved in going out and putting gasoline on myself and lighting myself on fire or putting a shotgun up to my foot and blowing my foot off.
No, I'm not involved in the fiasco.
of the idiots that went in there because they thought Q was commanding them to and there
were some provocateurs and they had half the cops there they were supposed to and they
blocked Trump's National Guard.
We were set up by the institutions.
We're supposed to be protecting that Capitol so they can let a few misguided morons led
by Q brainwashing break into the Capitol so that then the entire million people out there
protesting for a 10-day investigation in the Senate could be demonized and they could attempt
the outlaw of dissent in this country which they're now officially doing.
I saw on the news two weeks ago that all these prosecutors were stepping down or resigning, refusing to quote, do what they've been asked to do, to go after First Amendment activity.
But see, now they have the people that will do it.
Oh, yes, sir, Mr. Garland.
Yes, sir, Mr. Biden.
We will go after people for their First Amendment now.
You're not going to just get put in Twitter jail or get banned on YouTube now.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
You're going to be on the inside of a federal prison.
And people are like, well, we better back off and not criticize this.
Well, then you all end up in a prison.
Remember what they said in A Bug's Life, when the grasshoppers are making the ants gather all this food up for them because they're lazy?
And the other grasshoppers say to the head grasshopper, why'd you just attack and beat up that one little ant who didn't follow your orders?
You just ignored him.
And he goes, because if you let one ant stand up, they might all stand up.
And there goes our way of life.
Being able to do whatever these sick globalist demons want to be able to do to us.
Yeah, there's the scene right there.
In fact, try to cue it up next segment if we can.
So, here's the deal.
I've said this a hundred times, I'll say it again.
If this was just some boss hog government that wanted a big, popular, powerful country and they were skimming something off the top, I wouldn't be even fighting with these people.
I'd be like, that's not good, you shouldn't do that, but I'm not going to go up against boss hog when all he's doing is boss hogging.
But when people are cutting little girls' breasts off, and little boys' penises off, and it's all over the news, they should do it?
Man, we're in a frickin' cult!
And I want out of it!
And I'm not going along with it, because this is satanic!
If you don't oppose this, you might as well get on your knees to Satan, and sign your name in blood in the Book of Death!
Not me, I want mine written in the Book of Life!
We'll be right back.
If one person is allowed to stand up and rally the people, that triggers the power of populism and the programming God
put in us to build good, decent, powerful, beautiful civilizations
that will stretch to the cosmos and beyond.
It's just this level of creation.
That's why they fear you standing up and being a true individual.
There was that ant that stood up to me.
Yeah, but we can forget about him.
Yeah, it was just one ant.
One ant.
Yeah, you're right.
It's just one ant.
Yeah, boss.
They're puny.
Say, let's pretend this brain is a puny little ant.
Did that hurt?
Well, how about this one?
Are you kidding?
How about this?
You let one ant stand up to us, then they all might stand up.
Those puny little ants outnumber us a hundred to one.
And if they ever figure that out, there goes our way of life!
It's not about food.
It's about keeping those ants in line.
That's why we're going back!
Does anybody else want to stay?
He's quite the motivational speaker, isn't he?
Let's ride!
Now that's a children's movie.
(upbeat music)
This is the real world.
Not some Hollywood fantasy.
And of course, you see, Hollywood had some decent messages in it like that, because those are popular.
It's what people want.
But notice, over time, it's all been taken out.
You go see basically anything now.
It's just pure satanic garbage.
Let's talk about this right now, because this is a big, big deal.
Oh, and the UN will tell you this.
In fact, they've come out and said it.
They're the ones running it and doing it.
The entire planet Earth operates on a 90-day food supply.
And Jack Persaud put out an excellent link to a video laying that out.
About 15% of the world's calories.
Is that grain alone you see on screen?
In fact, maybe we should play this.
Let's go ahead and roll this now.
it is.
15% of the world's calories come from wheat.
About a third of that wheat comes from Russia, Ukraine.
Russia has banned export of wheat.
The wheat spring planting season is like now, this week.
And there's not a lot of planting going on.
So not only is the current wheat supply in Russia, Ukraine blocked up and cannot make
its way to countries in Africa and elsewhere, but the future planting season is now significantly
at risk.
And again, that's 15% of global calories.
And just to take a step back, the whole planet Earth operates on a 90-day food supply.
Once we stop making food, humans run out of food in 90 days.
And that's not just linearly across all nations.
What happens is the most vulnerable nations lose their food supply first, and the richer nations buy that food supply to secure their population's calories.
And so you very quickly see a bifurcation happen, where suddenly famine is a real risk.
And we already have About 800 million people on earth that are subsisting on below 1,200 calories a day.
So this very quickly tips the bucket in a significant way in a number of countries that's going to be really awful.
And that's just on the wheat supply and wheat planting problem.
Perfectly said.
So you see 800 million.
It's 270-something million, they estimate, the UN does, that are about to starve to death in the next year and a half, two years.
And it's very accurate because the UN runs the food distribution and the controls, even with the corporations, it creates a technocracy tracking system so they can control it and turn it off when they want.
Then they'll have a photo op with some models flying by helicopter and feed a few starving African kids like they're about to die, most of them do, get eaten by buzzards.
By vultures.
And then the supermodel gets back on the helicopter, flies back, gets on a jet and leaves.
And they put it on TV, give us money, they're starving, they're dying.
When the two-year lockdowns, because they did lockdowns in Africa for up to two years in many countries.
Because the IMF and World Bank ordered it.
Remember they had a Belarus show, the documents on air a year and a half ago, where they were going to give him billions of dollars if he just made everybody stay in, except big companies, big multinational companies.
They gave him a list that were in Belarus.
They would all stay open.
It was everybody else wouldn't.
And he said, why would I take two, $3 billion to steal hundreds of billions for my people?
But that's how this works, ladies and gentlemen.
Think the National Geographic photographer took that famous photo of the vulture about to eat the dead black baby?
Think they actually took that baby and actually gave him food and nursed him back to health?
The answer is no.
Use that baby to get you to think the U.N.
cares about you when the U.N.
is set up by the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds to establish planetary government, planetary control over every facet of your life.
And now we're here.
It ain't coming.
You get a front row seat to Davos Group and U.N.
meetings where their top people say, you don't have free will.
It's gone.
We're going to get rid of 90% of you.
In fact, there won't be any humans by 2045.
I'm showing you documents.
Hey, look, they say nine, 90% depopulation by 2030.
And you've got all the Democrats running around and leftist saying the world's all about to end in eight years.
They don't mean the world for them.
They mean for us folks, like this little black baby that starved to death.
People always say, why don't they just move where the food is?
It's always a war.
It's always some mining company kicking them off that causes that.
You're like, well, there are probably too many people.
You're gonna watch that vulture eat that baby?
The point is, ladies and gentlemen, this is the real world.
This right here.
This right there.
Look at it.
That's where humanity is, on its knees.
And you know that little boy is praying to God right there.
He may never have been told about God, but he knows in his heart he's already about to die, his spirit is about to go to God, and he's there on his knees in 100 degree heat with a vulture that's about to eat his guts!
And that's the New World Order.
That's the UN.
That's Madeleine Albright up there.
Who's burning in hell now.
Died two weeks ago.
The media worshipping, oh she's a woman.
Oh, first secretary of state, woman.
Oh, oh, it's like, oh, first black female member of the Supreme Court.
Oh, well, so what if she's a pedo booster and, you know, anti-gun and everything?
She's black.
And Madeleine Albright says, hey, what about 500,000 dead kids with your sanctions in Iraq?
Three times worse than George Herbert Walker bushes that were horrible.
She said, yeah, it was a good price to pay.
To see that's her power.
She's so powerful.
But she's liberal.
If I question a mass shooting, then I'm the worst man on earth, or Jussie Smollett, or WMDs in Iraq.
But if you kill, Rosie Stahl's like, your sanctions that you ran killed 500,000 children.
She goes, that's right.
She goes, is that a good price to pay?
Yeah, it's a good price.
And they're like, oh, liberal!
Oh, they're chopping millions of little boys' penises off every year and hundreds of thousands of little girls' breasts.
Oh, liberal!
It's almost as liberal as a vulture eating a black baby.
And when the clock strikes midnight, which it's about to do, ladies and gentlemen, all the evil you've seen is going to be visited on us.
All right, I want to open the phones up today.
In the second and third hour, I've cleared the decks.
We have one guest popping in who got his leg really, really messed up or amputated after he took the shot.
It's been in the news.
We're going to have to take a lot of calls here on this Friday edition.
I'm very blessed and honored to be here.
Thank you for joining us.
I was talking about the UN keeping most of the money it collects to quote feed starving people while it actually puts the policies in with COVID but also previous operations to cause the mass starvation and control that the supermodels famously fly out take their photos of the dead and dying children then fly out.
But to clarify, I wasn't saying that the photographer in the famous photo itself actually didn't help the child.
I'm saying in the aggregate that this is a well-known phenomenon.
I think there's an article about it.
The famous photographer who took his own life after taking this one photo.
of the little boy about to die, about to be eaten by the buzzer.
So there you have that.
I wanted to hit a few more of these articles dealing with the economy and then the cutting
off of the food and how it's been the lockdowns that have caused the breakdown of society.
It's been the lockdowns, not the pandemic, that caused all the havoc.
There's a big Mises Institute article up on Infowars.com.
It's very important.
I suggest you read and share.
It lays that all out.
So, continuing.
What they're not telling you.
The fact that it's every product, and it's not going away, and it's from the devaluation of currency, it is, and the shutting down of infrastructure, it is, and supply chain, it is not from Russia.
And if it was Russia's fault, boy, that'd be great, that'd be easy to fix.
Drill more oil, set up more energy systems here, but that's being shut down simultaneously by the same people that devalued the currencies.
That's just a fact.
Big article on that actually in TheFederalist.com.
Biden admin prioritizes climate fantasies while famine threatens the world.
And it goes all through how, oh, Biden's a kook, he's a nut.
They're cutting down coal plants and shutting down gas plants and shutting down oil drilling and pipelines, which is killing and starving people and bankrupting people here.
But it's just because he's a kook, he's a nut, he's stupid.
Why does he do that?
Because it's a post-industrial world.
But it's okay, because look, you've got the one fake black lady up on screen with Biden, who's Indian, nothing against Indians, she's the first Indian vice president.
And then you've got the black lady, who is a pedo supporter and a total communist, but that's cool, because she's authoritarian.
You're supposed to just fall down and worship her.
But nobody's supposed to go help the baby being eaten by the vulture, or the baby black warwife.
Just in, U.S.
court reinstates Biden's COVID-19 vaccine mandates for all federal employees.
Told you that was coming.
They're going to bring it all back.
China's already done it.
Destroying America to save it.
Biden's nihilistic destruction of the energy industry.
Excellent article.
Again, I mentioned you should go read and see the facts for yourself.
How the Fed made itself into the world's biggest savings and loan.
And it just goes on from there.
Americans will need to spend $5,200 more this year to live the exact same life.
And that's just getting started.
The media is ignoring these two events which could cause economic collapse, particularly the dollar.
And that's the ruble going up and gold going up.
And being connected to those.
And of course, the world reserve currency they're pushing as well.
Now that will affect the special drawing rights banking system.
It's a big deal.
I've abbreviated that.
Just go read it for yourself.
All right.
I've got big news on the pedo front, because they just had their pedo out in the open situation.
That's next segment.
I've got all over the world, in the US, in blue cities, but also in Europe and other areas, people just have the book thrown at them that defend themselves.
Oh, you've been robbed four times?
Oh, they raped your wife?
Oh, they got a knife?
They're trying to stab you?
You defend yourself?
Even with your fist, you go to jail and get a longer sentence than they get.
Macron says he is opposed to self-defense, that's a close quote, after Farmer shoots one of four burglars who broke into his home.
You know, Tim Pool tweeted, gun rights are human rights.
That's true, but self-defense is one of the most basic human rights there is.
Any government or system telling you it's bad is the enemy.
So that's coming up as well in more detail.
And why don't the Democrats care?
There was a Town Hall article last Monday, this last Monday, five days ago, that I didn't get to when I was doing the show.
But the headlines were, it's like the Democrats are trying to implode themselves.
It's like they're trying to destroy themselves.
No, their mission is to destroy America and any free system.
They're the demolition operatives in this economic, cultural, spiritual, biological, chemical war.
So you look at them and you're like, why are they destroying their own country?
Why are they hurting their own interests?
If they rule everything, why are they trying to make it all horrible?
Because they want to get rid of people.
Because they like to kill people.
Because they're bad.
Well, that sounds really mean.
Well, look at all the other companies.
Look at all the other carnage you read about, you see in history, and you actually witness yourself now happening here and around the world.
That's what happens when good people do nothing and let bad people get in charge.
Speaking of that, there's a lot of disinfo articles and a lot of fake news out there saying that InfoWars is swimming in money, and it's not true.
Infowars is maxed out.
Infowars does not want to have layoffs.
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I personally have exhausted my funds, done almost nothing, which is fine.
I don't care.
I got a decent car, a decent place to live now.
I don't care about all that.
I'm really concerned about what's happening in the world, but we really need your support.
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We'll be right back.
Please stay with us.
Getting the theme of this, cutting your food off.
If I'm guilty, I will pay!
But I did not.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are back live.
So look at the news today, and all you see on corporate media is an obsession with putting experimental shots that don't protect you from a virus, but destroy your immune system and give you blood clots and all these other horrible things.
Obsessed, foaming at the mouth, drooling to get them in children.
And then drooling to talk to five and four year olds in public school and everywhere else about how they can be another gender and having the school market that this person has another gender so the state takes control of your child and screws them up and then has them later amputate their genitals.
I mean, that's what's going on.
And we have the new Supreme Court justice after Mitt Romney came in and supported her.
What a curse that man is.
And she literally, it's not like she just always gives below the minimum sentence, the worst judge in the federal government for defending pedophiles, but baby rapers?
I mean, it actually says child rape, torture.
And apologizing to people that are going to jail for, in some cases, a couple of months.
I mean, if you punched a cop in the face on January 6th, you're getting 20 years in jail.
If you walked in there, didn't do anything violent, you're getting, you know, a year in jail.
Except for this guy that just got acquitted because the cops waved him in.
But if you're sharing tens of thousands of images of children, real children, being tortured and raped, or you even are part of it, you're going to serve a couple years, sometimes a couple months.
And man, I was reading her opinions and reading the transcripts.
I mean, you're reading the stuff.
You're like, this can't be real.
This cannot be real.
And then you go check the links and it's all real.
I mean, this is just like, what world do we live in?
What parallel universe?
Well, I'll tell you, it's not a parallel universe of evil.
It's a parallel universe where good people haven't stood up.
So here's Jen Psaki.
Says gender affirming health care for transgender kids is the best practice for potentially life-saving care.
That's what they're all saying.
Oh, they might commit suicide if you don't chemically castrate them or cut their genitals off.
Think about that.
Transgenders have the highest level of suicide and lowest life expectancy of anybody in the world because they've been targeted by the globalists for extermination.
Not because people are mean to them.
Not because they're not celebrated enough.
That's the spider web of celebrating it to get people to do it.
And I'm not attacking some people that have decided to do it or people that are, you know, doing it in a healthy way.
That's what they want to do, and I'm putting health in quotes.
That's their free will.
Just stay away from the children.
Saki, gender-affirming healthcare for transgender kids is the best practice for potential life-saving.
The White House has determined that gender-affirming care includes social affirmation, worshipping it, puberty blockers, hormone therapy, gender-affirming surgery.
The genitals off.
Let me show you some genitals being cut off.
Here's a meme that says how women have changed over the years.
1970s, you know, yeah.
And in the 80s, they started trimming their pubic hair.
By the 90s, they were all gone.
And well, now in the year 2020, you know, it's not a female anymore.
Women have a penis.
No joke.
This is real.
Don't miss gender in California.
And here's two biological women who had their breasts removed.
And this poor lady even had her nipples removed.
They think they're men now.
Everyone has to celebrate it.
You cut your breast off!
Not because you had breast cancer, but because you're a man!
You ran off the edge of a cliff.
It's so beautiful.
It's so wonderful.
It's so magical.
It's so magical.
So dreamy creamy.
White House latest threats expose depravity.
That's a perfect way of saying it.
Depravity that cannot stand.
If you were in a coma for the last decade and suddenly woke up, there's likely nothing that could shock you more than how quickly radical transgender ideology has overtaken society.
Because it's not radical, it's establishment.
It's what the big banks, corporations want.
It's a depopulation plan.
It's for transgenderism.
It's getting ready for transhumanism.
Imagine hearing arguments in 2012 that children should only be able to choose their gender after the school tells them to and manipulates them, but they have a civil right to physically mutilate themselves in response.
Yet, that's exactly where we are.
Yeah, it used to be if you chopped your finger off, they'd put you in a mental institution.
Now you want your penis chopped off, it's good.
As Red States has reported recently, calls for gender-affirming care have moved on from the fringe to firmly into mainstream Democrat politics.
And Republican governors and others have been vetoing bills that would stop it.
Just the targeting of children.
Hell, the governor of Florida just said, hey, five to eight years old, don't talk to them about sex.
They're like, you want them to commit suicide, you hate gay people.
We're like, dude, if a mom or dad was talking to their child about this type of adult sex and things that children aren't doing, they'd be Bad people.
This is teachers?
This is the school?
I mean, think about the power grab here.
But see, no one would expect something this outrageous.
This over the top.
But that's who these people are.
Rogan on trans NCAA champ swimmer Leah Thomas.
An assault on women's rights.
Women's sports.
Of course it is.
You're a biological woman.
You have different chromosomes.
You are definitely a woman.
And because somebody else says they're a woman, you've got to accept them beating you at wrestling, or swimming, or sprinting, or pole vaulting, or shot putting.
And now in most sports, it's men dominating it.
So the men dominate the men's, and then the ones that can't win in men's, they go down and beat up the girls.
The classic bully bit.
Oh my gosh, he's a guy with long hair talking in a lisp.
Let's immediately Bow down to him right now.
President Macron says he is opposed to self-defense as farmers shoots one of the burglars that broke into his home.
I'm going to get more into this next hour.
I'm going to give the number out.
I'm going to take your calls.
We also have big pushes by Elon Musk, who I'm on the fence about.
He'll say five good things, then one horrible thing.
He's pushing robot takeover, universal basic income.
We'll get into that next hour, how that ties together.
And we're going to take your phone calls.
Today at six after next hour, we'll open the phones up.
We'll take your phone calls for the next hour and 54 minutes ahead of the next great guest host that takes over at 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
We have the latest on COVID lockdowns part three coming. Told you it was coming.
It's all my trip news now and a lot more.
But again, knowing it's half the battle. We also have Brian Stelter had a disinformation summit
where he declares all other media, but corporate media evil and horrible that must be banned.
And they just got annihilated by the college students that were like, hey,
you guys said the Hunter Biden laptop was a Russian disinfo.
No, you know, it was real.
Hey, you said that. Yeah. You say that there's not two genders.
There's like 57 of them currently.
I mean, it's a joke.
It's Humpty Dumpty with no viewers up there.
But he's going to tell you, he's going to run fact-checking groups for CNN and Microsoft and Google and Twitter that censor and control what everybody can see, everybody can hear.
It is despicable.
And folks, InfoWars is the tip of the spear.
We are what the enemy hates the most.
They know that we successfully, your help, us together, ignited the current resistance.
And that's why we're the most targeted.
So I need your prayer now, please.
And I need your word of mouth to share the articles and videos to override the censorship.
I need you to go to InfoWorksTour.com, like I said earlier, and all our t-shirts must go.
None of these designs will ever be made again.
Some of these designs we've been making 25 years.
Some we've been making a month.
All of it's going to go.
From XXXLarge down to Children's Small.
It's all there.
Liberty or death, don't tread on me so much.
RS Fauci, limited edition.
All of it.
I believe you're going to need it because they're going to try to lock down again.
Or 888-253-3139, and that will keep us on the air.
Love that, come and take it.
Shirt she's wearing right there, the great Christy Lee.
Infowarrestore.com or 888-253-3139.
And there's nothing the globalists hate more than us creating an economy, an ecosystem of patriots that are self-funding.
That pisses them off, because that's getting ahead of their mark of the beast, which will try to control what everybody does via this new system.
Got a John Bowne report coming up, and we're going to get to your phone call.
Stay with us.
John Bowne just dropped a new report.
Find it, watch it, share it at InfoWars.com.
Prola TV and radio viewers, we're about to air it right now.
They've got their new bioweapon ready, their new hysteria ready to roll out against humanity.
We now live in a world where the hidden 1,291 adverse effects according to a Pfizer document are popping up
I liken the vaccine and the injuries caused by it, basically it's like a weapon, right?
So the virus itself was a pretty bad bioweapon to begin with,
but what we need to realize is that the real weapon is the bullet inside the gun, right?
So you can deliver the bullet in different ways.
And the bullet is the spike protein.
The virus was a pretty good gun to shoot the spike protein into your body.
But the vaccine, the injections, are like a dirty bomb.
Yet we still won't face the truth.
Whilst you've been distracted by Russia, Ukraine, the UK government quietly published data Confirming the triple vaccinated are just weeks away from developing acquired immune deficiency syndrome.
We're not really certain how to treat this.
Kind of throwing the kitchen sink at it.
We're throwing antiretrovirals at it.
We're throwing interferon at it.
Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, antiparasitics that are in study right now.
We're trying to use everything that we can think of to boost up the CD4, CD8 counts.
Um, and reverse this collapse, this calamity, the kill shot, the money ball, whatever you want to call it.
Uh, it is just devastating.
To the immune system.
If you look at the Stanford study, the spike protein in the COVID-19 vaccines that everyone is talking about is called the lentivirus.
The lenti contains a combination of HIV types 1 through 3, SRV slash 1, which is AIDS, MERS, and SARS.
In the Stanford study, the best known lentivirus is the human immune deficiency pathogen, which causes AIDS.
This is why we are seeing autoimmune and neurodegenerative decline after COVID-19, especially the booster.
This is a condition known as prion.
And the mRNA from the lentivirus cocktail is inserted into the DNA of human cells.
Through an invasive procedure, injection, and permanently changes the genome of the cell.
As Gateway Pundit reported, Richard Jefferson Bustamante-Batista suffered a horrific adverse reaction reportedly due to the Pfizer vaccine.
Days after receiving his second dose, he developed Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a rare serious disorder of the skin and mucous membranes.
And as Substack points out, on the subject of excess deaths of youths, enter Edward Dowd.
He was a portfolio manager for the multinational investment firm BlackRock, saying the millennials about ages 25 to 40 experienced an 84% increase in excess mortality last fall, describing it as the worst ever excess mortality, I think, in history.
It was the highest increase in excess deaths of any age group.
Last year, seven times higher than the silent generation who are older than 85.
And the increase coincided with the vaccine mandates and the approval of the booster shots.
Basically, millennials experienced a Vietnam War in the second half of 2021, Dowd said,
noting 58,000 people died in that conflict.
I love the smell of my plum in the morning.
And as the casualties and injuries continue to pile up for celebrities from the very real possibility of the mRNA vaccine, 67-year-old Bruce Willis' recent announcement of aphasia ending his career has doctors immediately ruling out the vaccine as causal.
Regardless of the many COVID vaccine recipients reporting brain fog, Alright folks, the report's a little bit longer.
It's on InfoWars.com right now.
It's life-saving.
VAERS data shows 3,057 cases where aphasia is a symptom.
All right, folks, the report's a little bit longer.
It's on Infowars.com right now.
It's life-saving.
Please get it out.
(electronic beeping)
We are living in incredible times where we're watching a depopulation operation happen
via COVID-19, created in the lab, and the vaccine that's actually more of the same weapon.
It's biblical, it's amazing, it's nightmarish, but we are here at least exposing it and fighting on to warn as many people as we possibly can.
That's why you sharing the articles, the videos, the live feeds is literally the heart of the battle.
If you don't do it, we're going to lose.
If you take action, we're going to win together.
So I wanted to get to this little clip here.
I've got quite a few actually, but this is a clip dealing with the whole vaccine situation and what's unfolding with that.
It's clip four.
Miscarriages, 50% in vaccinated women.
Miscarriage is 75% in vaccinated women in the first trimester.
And this is actually in the New England Medical Journal and a bunch of others.
You think, well, where are the ambulance-chasing lawyers?
They're not given the green light by the bar, by the Democratic Party to do that.
But here's a clip.
One of the wonderful doctors we have here is a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology.
He runs a fertility clinic and he showed that, and obviously people who come to fertility clinics have difficulty getting pregnant, so he says that his data correlates with the rest of the world, corresponds with the rest of the world, that about 13% of pregnant women have miscarriages.
That's sad, but that's the reality of people in fertility clinics.
He said, with vaccinated women, it goes up to 50%, and with vaccinated women in the first trimester, if they were vaccinated in the first trimester, 75% miscarriage.
These are facts that are just being ignored, and he's got to come up with a way now of getting them out into the public domain.
Alright, so now let's move, that's what's happening over in Australia, now let's move to a very, very important piece of information.
And that's Peter Doocy asking Psaki how they can say if Obama supposedly had COVID.
And everybody else has covered why they're hugging and kissing and how that's not close contact.
And again, it's all hyper fraud, close contact, hugging, all that actually early on,
while people just create antibodies and get over it. It's locking folks up in their houses that
causes all the big mutations and the rest of it. But the point is, they're telling you to keep
school kids locked down and toddlers with masks and all this. We see all the Hollywood parties
and the rest of it where the elites aren't wearing masks, but their servants and butlers and
Minions are!
I mean, this is a cult.
We're right out in front of your face.
Like, oh, that famous book by George Orwell, Animal Farm, where at first the pigs convince other farm animals to rebel against the humans.
That's the archetype of the sitting elite and aristocrats in government by saying four legs good, two legs bad.
But then once the pigs take over, they say, well, Two legs good, four legs good.
And then later, they say actually four legs bad, two legs good, because the pigs start walking upright.
And so, that's how this hypocrisy works.
They're like, you wear your mask, you do all this, but we don't!
Four legs bad, two legs good.
When it all started out with four legs good, two legs bad, here is that clip.
Yes, it will be an outside event and we'll be marking it in that way.
How can you guys say that President Biden was not in close contact with Speaker Pelosi
when there is video of the Speaker kissing him?
Well, Peter, the way that it is defined is by the Center for Disease Control, the CDC,
and their definition of it is 15 minutes of contact within a set period of time and within
six feet.
It did not meet that bar.
It does not mean that no one will get COVID around the world who does not have a close contact.
It just means we are defining for all of you whether the president and their interaction met the definition of the CDC of a close contact.
Half the cabinet was there on Tuesday, at least two additional cabinet members.
So let's back that up about 10 seconds.
I love the zombies hugging each other.
She's got her hands like, like the swamp thing, or the thing from the Black Lagoon.
She's like grabbing him.
And I mean, both of these mummies, this is who rules us.
A bunch of sycophantic scum that has hijacked the government, that now wants to declare any opposition as illegal.
We are in quite the pickle anyway you slice it.
All right, I want to give the number out for first-time callers.
We don't screen your calls.
All we ask for is a good, clean phone line so we can hear what you have to say.
We're going to go to you and move the next person so everybody gets on.
I love your calls.
Any subject you want to call in about, it's just got to have a clean phone line, and we're going to go to your calls.
The toll-free number is 877-789-2539.
877-789-2539. 877-789-Alex. 877-789-2539.
And we will get you up, ladies and gentlemen, on the air.
So please, I want to hear from you.
If you disagree, you agree.
All I ask for is you got a clean phone line.
We want to hear from you.
Again, toll free number to join us.
877-789-2539, 877-789.
877-789-2539, 877-789-Alex, and your calls are coming up.
Now I've covered, I'm doing okay today.
I've covered 30% of the news in the first hour and 12 minutes or so.
I'm gonna go to your calls first, but interspersed with the calls, we've got this very important question that's being asked by the corporate media everywhere that is so central.
Everyone, even New York Times, not just Town Hall, liberal and conservative, are asking this big question.
How on earth are Democrats When Biden on average has a 30 or lower percent poll, the lowest of any president ever, even in establishment polls that sample 10 to 15 to 20 points more for Democrats.
How on earth are they in the midterms going to retain anything when even major blue states are going Republican, hoping to just end this nightmare of gas prices and open borders and collapsing country and war and all the rest of it?
And the answer is election fraud.
And that's why they don't care.
That's why they're going to turn pipelines off.
That's why they're going to open borders up.
That's why they're going to teach drag queen pedophile time.
That's why they do it all, because they know in blue cities and states, in almost every case the fix is in.
It came out that Bill Barr, as Attorney General, blocked an investigation the FBI wanted to have of 200 plus thousand ballots from one state being driven into Pennsylvania, confirmed, and instead basically threatened to indict the postal worker that thought it was suspicious and looked in it.
Shipping in pre-printed ballots to steal the election.
And how do you get away with that?
Well, you get away with it by controlling the Justice Department and that's where all this insanity and all this arrogance and all this chutzpah and all of this bravado and Whatever you want to call it comes from but also the ineptitude of the globalists because they can just commit any damn crime they want.
You have Hunter Biden with tens of thousands of horrible crimes on his laptop and you know just things that are unspeakable and Chinese top spy generals running him and he's talking about it and payoffs to his father, hundreds of millions of dollars.
And the corporate media completely And totally shut that story down.
And that's why they hate talk radio, that's why they hate what's left of the free internet, is because that's a place where no matter what they do, it still comes out.
Because they might have successfully suppressed Hunter Biden's laptop in the last month of the election and national polls show that Trump would have won, even despite the fraud, by 17 extra points.
So they stole three points for him to win.
So that means 13 plus point victory for Trump in national polls if they had known about Hunter Biden and the crackhead stuff and the trophy photos with his naked niece and all the rest of it.
I'm glad to hear.
At least 70% of Democrats aren't pedophiles.
Or crackheads.
Or Chinese spies.
But, surprise, there's not more.
But that's a huge win for Trump.
But notice, they didn't get a chance to see it because it got suppressed as fake and Russian propaganda.
But it wasn't.
It was all real.
Infowars.com, tomorrow's news today.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live.
About to go to Joshua, Steve, James, Cobra, John, Sean, John, and many others on this Live Friday edition.
But first I wanted to hit this.
Again, they can try to censor, they can try to debank, they can try to block people, they can sue people, but you're not going to stop humanity from wanting the truth.
And our greatest achievement here at InfoWars is studying the Globalist White Papers, their operations, warning the public worldwide, and seeing all these populist leaders get elected that are aware of Soros and the WEF and the rest of it.
And to just see how many big talk show hosts now, the most popular in every country in the world, are telling the truth and get who the enemy is.
And that's why they're in full panic mode right now.
And want to set the precedent to destroy those that stand up to their tyranny.
So beautiful!
Student confronts fake news purveyor Brian Stelter from CNN at Disinfo Conference and it's glorious!
That's what the Gateway Pundit Jim Hoff had to say and it's also on InfoWars.com if you want to see it.
And this went on and on.
I watched a bunch of this this morning.
I mean, people just hit him and hit him and hit him on their fake news.
And how are they now posing as the who's going to censor who's going to control when they are the definition of fake news?
Here it is.
Hi, thank you for coming.
My name is Christopher Phillips.
I'm a first year at the college.
My question is for Mr. Seltzer.
You've all spoken extensively about Fox News being a purveyor of disinformation, but CNN is right up there with them.
They pushed the Russian collusion hoax, they pushed the Jussie Smollett hoax, they smeared Justice Kavanaugh as a rapist, and they also smeared Nick Sandman as a white supremacist, and yes, they dismissed the Hunter Biden laptop affair as pure Russian disinformation.
With mainstream corporate journalists becoming little more than apologists and cheerleaders for the regime, Is it time to finally declare that the canon of journalistic ethics is dead or no longer operative?
All the mistakes of the mainstream media and CNN in particular seem to magically all go in one direction.
Are we expected to believe that this is all just some sort of random coincidence or is there something else behind it?
It's too bad, it's time for lunch!
You have 30 seconds.
No, I mean, there's a clock that says 30 seconds.
But I think my honest answer to you, and I'll come over and talk in more detail after this, is that I think you're describing a different channel than the one that I watch.
But I understand that that is a popular right-wing narrative about CNN.
I think it's important, when we talk about shared reality and democracy, all these networks, all these outlets have to defend democracy.
And when they screw up, admit it.
But when Benjamin Hall, the Fox correspondent, was wounded in Ukraine, the news crews at CNN and the New York Times stopped what they were doing and they tried to help.
They tried to help him get out of the country.
They tried to find the dead crew members.
That's what news outlets do.
That's how they actually do work together to your question about sharing those kinds of connections and trust.
We don't talk about it enough, though.
We don't share that reality about how that happens.
And with regards to the regime, I think you mean the President Biden?
Last time I spoke with a Biden aide, we yelled at each other.
So that's the reality of the news business.
The people don't see, the people don't hear.
They imagine that it's a situation that simply is not.
But I think your question, it speaks to the failure of journalism to show our work and show the reality of how our profession operates.
We have a lot of work to do, I think.
Did you hear that?
Oh, those are Fox News talking points that they lied about the Hunter Biden laptop.
They lied about Jesse Smollett.
They lied about Peter Sandman.
That they on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on forever lying on purpose.
I mean, we've made a few mistakes here and they get pumped up and promoted and pushed like it's everything we do when we admit we make mistakes.
These people engage in deception on purpose.
You know, have you noticed with my show?
90% of the time when I'm talking about something, we show you the video or the audio.
We show you the article to go find more.
When you tune into CNN and they say, Alex Jones is a white supremacist, do they show me supporting Hitler?
That loser?
Do they show me hailing Hitler?
No, they don't.
They have New York Times articles saying we had a fish at the office and I reached in the fish bowl and ate it.
I've never had a fish at the office.
And I don't even really like fish that much.
I wouldn't eat a well-cooked fish most of the time.
I had beef instead.
But it doesn't matter.
It's just fancy lies so big that people go, well, it's got to be true.
I mean, the New York Times isn't going to say a poor employee had a little fish.
And Jones goes, why do you have a fish?
And grabs it and eats it.
And you're like, where have I heard that before?
Wolf of Wall Street.
And again, the only reason I tell that story is they are consciously lying.
I have never consciously lied.
Have I been sitting up here with heartburn or headache sometimes and gotten something wrong or I'm handed something, I think it's the one document, it's another, and I get something, all the time!
All the time!
I caught myself in the last hour, going, you know, these supermodels go out there to Africa to shoot videos in front of dying kids, and then, you know, the cameraman, everybody leave, and the kids die, and nobody takes care of them.
And my crew came in and said, hey, actually the guy that took this photo, which I knew that, I'd forgotten it, he died, he committed suicide after he saw the little baby die.
I'm like, I actually forgot about that.
I wasn't clear about that.
Let me fix that.
And that was in one segment, and four minutes later, next segment, I came out last hour and I corrected it right then.
Because I got a crew in there of six people, and they're not perfect, just like me, and they're watching.
They're watching.
And if they see something they think's wrong, or they think I got something wrong, and it happens every day, they come to me and say, hey, you got this wrong.
You need to get that right.
And do I go like a prima donna?
Get out of here!
Oh my gosh, I forgot!
It sounded like I was saying this photographer didn't care.
I was talking about all the other ones.
Oh yeah!
Because they literally go out to dead and starving people and like shoot a photo shoot and spin all the news and give them none of the money or support.
I mean, here's the deal.
The Salvation Army spends about 90% of the money they get on the people.
That's incredible to only spend 10%.
They're the model.
They're not perfect either.
They've gotten all woke and they're bad now.
But the point is, Bono has been running for 30 years his foundation that they admit was giving less than 1%.
Once people complained, he started giving 1.2%.
Imagine running telethons all over the world, everybody airs and you beg for money for starving children and you keep 99%?
That is a monster.
And that's why the globalists love him, it's why Klaus Schwab, and that's why Bill Gates vacationed with him, because he's just a fake dude with pink sunglasses who is a freaking monster.
And again, they were going like 0.9% before, now it's 0.12?
0.9% before now it's 0.12 or 1.2 how do you do that?
How do you sit there and beg for money for people to say it's for starving Africans and then you keep the damn money?
How could you come up with somebody like that?
We're not saying while he's raising money or going to Africa to help people he shouldn't be on a private jet or shouldn't pay for his expenses, but the point is is that he doesn't do any of that.
He keeps every freaking nickel and he doesn't even go to Africa.
This is a greedy, monstrous devil.
And he's gonna be made in hell to eat all those gold coins.
I mean that metaphysically.
All right, we're going to go on a break.
We're going to go right back to your calls.
Straight ahead, ladies and gentlemen.
Joshua, Steve, James, Cobra, Don, John, Sean, John, Elizabeth, Alex, and the order that received your calls live on air to millions straight ahead in defiance of tyranny, in defense of liberty.
Infowars.com lives.
All right, we're going to your phone calls.
I want to finish up on this First Amendment issue.
Which is a light to the world, which we're trying to destroy here, so that once it falls, it will fall across the planet.
So we saw the student confront fake news purveyor Brian Stelter, the self-appointed globalist of disinformation censorship.
Him being destroyed with the facts of certified, documented, proven hoax stories they ran.
Many of which they've paid Federal Elections Commission fines for.
And his answer is, that's a right-wing talking point that doesn't exist, even though we all know it exists.
And that ties into this.
NBC News.
putting out phony intel as part of info war with Russia.
And I really resent that they use the term info war.
The Pentagon calls it that as deception.
No, info war can be true.
It can be a lie or it can be a mix of the two.
That's why we call it Info Wars, is getting people aware of the fact that there's a what?
A war on for your mind.
But now more and more you hear the term Info War, Info War.
Again, I was sitting there in 1997, been on the air a few years.
Retired Air Force Intelligence Officer, Deputy Fire Chief, a good friend of mine, Vic Freeland, said, you need a website.
I'm over at his house drinking beer with him and his wife having dinner.
He's an older guy, got parrots, cockatoos, sitting around in South Austin.
And I said, what's the name?
He goes, you know, you're involved in information warfare.
Let's see if InfoWars is available.
InfoWars wasn't available, InfoWars was.
We got it.
That's history.
But that's, just like I didn't come up with the answer in 1984, in 1776, a famous British economist that advised the main government, was the top economist in England.
I didn't know who he was when I met him.
He died like a year after I interviewed him in Bilderberg, 2006 in Canada.
He said, you know Alex, it's a mathematical equation, liberty versus tyranny.
The answer is 1984.
It's 1776.
I'm like, that's a great idea.
And I had dinner with him and drank some beer with him and Jim Tucker.
Back then you didn't even Google people's names, but he was like, I was once an economist, blah, blah, blah, blah.
And I looked the guy up later and he was like super famous.
But the point is, that cool saying came from them.
And that's what InfoWars is.
It's not about Alex Jones.
It's not about you.
It's not about your neighbor.
It's about all of us together, how we all come up with really cool stuff.
So yeah, that's our slogan.
The answer to 1984 is 1776, but it didn't come from me.
It came from you.
I did come up with InfoWars tomorrow's news today.
That's kind of a cool, cool little deal.
But the point is all of our victories together are victories for all of us.
So NBC News, U.S.
putting out phony intel as part of info war with Russia.
And then here's the actual, because I'm not just going to show you an Info Wars article.
Who knows?
Maybe we're lying.
I always say, trust me that I'm not trying to lie to you, but I get stuff wrong sometimes.
You should check.
Like Ronald Reagan said, trust but verify.
But here's the NBC article.
Go read it.
They say lying's good when it's for stopping bad guys.
In a break with the past, the U.S.
is using intel To fight an info war with Russia, even when the intel isn't rock solid.
That's a nice way of putting it.
Alright, let's go to your phone calls.
Joshua in Pennsylvania.
Thank you so much for holding.
Hey Alex, how's it going?
Quick plug for your product.
The Fish Oil Man is amazing.
Like, the highest quality stuff I've used.
I've used Nordic's Naturals from Vitamin Shop, but this stuff is way beyond it.
So, yeah.
And the Iodine is great, too.
I mean, it just awakens you mentally.
You just feel way more energized.
So, yeah, people need to get that stuff now.
No doubt.
So I found this quote that is pretty incredible from 1962, and just bear with me, I'm going to read it.
The image of the world as traced in my imagination.
The Cold War will be a thing of the past.
internal pressure of the constantly growing intelligentsia in Russia for more freedom
and the pressure of the masses for raising their living standards may lead to a gradual
democratization of the Soviet Union."
This was in 1962.
"On the other hand, the increasing influence of the workers and farmers and the rising
political importance of men of science may transform the United States into a welfare
state with a planned economy."
Essentially what's happening now.
"Western and Eastern Europe will become a federation of autonomous states having a socialist
and democratic regime with the exception of the USSR or Russia as the federated Eurasian
All other continents will become united in a world alliance at whose disposal will be
an international police force."
All armies will be abolished, and there will be no more wars.
In Jerusalem, the United Nations, a truly united nation, will build a shrine of the prophets to serve the Federated Union of all continents.
This will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind to settle all controversies Among the federated continents as prophesied by Isaiah.
Higher education will be the right of every person in the world.
A pill to prevent pregnancy will slow down the explosive natural increase in the world, particularly in China and India.
And by 1987, the average lifespan may reach 100 years.
This was the founder of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, then the first Prime Minister.
So, this guy obviously knew something.
How about it?
And most of what he said is actually Actually unfolded and come true, so yes.
That gets into State Department memorandum 7277, which was officially signed into U.S.
government policy by Kennedy in 62.
Have you ever seen 7277?
Wow, it's amazing.
And then they whacked him.
It's all there, brother.
It's all there.
It's incredible.
I'm really glad you brought that up.
How do people find that Ben-Gurion quote?
Uh, you gotta do some digging.
Um, it's from Look Magazine, January 16th, 1962.
All right, so, Midgarian Interview, Look Magazine, 62.
Thank you, brother.
All right, let's move to the next person here.
I'm going the order the calls are received.
Let's go to Cobra in Massachusetts.
Go ahead.
Great to finally get through to you, Alex.
First of all, I want to talk about, sometimes you say it's a two-way win for your products.
It's actually a two-for-one win for us.
We get great products that keep us healthy and alive, and great information.
And then, in return, you get funded.
So, it's actually, we get two things, and you get one.
So, it's a no-brainer.
Yep, it's a no-brainer.
What I want to talk about is, I've actually worked with pharmaceuticals For over 20 years.
They bring my company in when drugs come in the market.
And I've worked at many pharmaceuticals.
And only about 5% of all drugs that try to go to market make it.
So when I heard that there were no Phase 3 long-term trials, I literally pulled what you did on one of the shows where you said, impossible five straight times.
I mean, that is impossible.
And the reason I say that is because And I've worked a long time with this.
Whenever there's short-term side effects, especially death, they shut it down.
Because the long-term is exponentially worse.
So unfortunately, what you might see here is something really, really bad.
And it is not by accident.
This whole thing is intentional.
Completely intentional.
And if you knew what I knew, you'd be really scared for these people that got this shot.
Well, give us your research experience, knowledge, a few more minutes on why you're so concerned.
Just because, I mean, when a drug's coming to market, you have to learn everything about the drug.
So I see all the side effects and the short-term side effects.
They don't worry about because they know the amount of poison they put in these in a shot of vaccine.
So they know short-term is not a big deal because they know how much poison is going to kill somebody.
They don't know the long-term effect.
And they never did a phase study, a trial on long-term effects.
And now you're seeing short-term, so many short-term, we're still in short-term now.
So I'm not saying it's going to happen, but From my experience, from what I've seen and studied in a drug, I'm basically a doctor because they make you study everything about the drug and not many of them go to market because it's so hard to get approved.
and just to see that no one is harmed.
But on a much broader and deeper perspective, I think it really is going to shape the future of humanity and the future of life itself because the new technologies will soon give some corporations and governments the ability to hack human beings.
There is a lot of talk about hacking computers, smartphones, emails, bank accounts, but the really big thing is hacking human beings.
To hack human beings, you need a lot of biological knowledge, a lot of computing power, and especially a lot of data.
If you have enough data about me, and enough computing power and biological knowledge, you can hack my body, my brain, my life.
You can reach a point when you know me better than I know myself.
And once you reach that point, and we are very close to that point, then democracy, the free market, as we have, and actually all political systems, also authoritarian regimes, We have no idea what happens once you pass that point.
But he promotes an authoritarian system where they force you to do this because the days of your free will are over, but oh, he thinks he'll be programming it.
That's one of the Davos Group's top, quote, scientists.
And it's everything I'm warning you about, but I'm saying it's bad.
He's saying it's good.
But when I say it's bad, oh, I get attacked and lied about and sued.
When he says it's good, we should follow it all.
All right, let's go back to your phone calls here.
Let's go to James in West Virginia.
James, thank you for calling.
Thank you, Alex.
A couple of points I'd like to make real quick.
Number one is our Senator Joe Manchin, he's a Democrat, but oftentimes he's pretty good.
He hardly sidelines with most of the Democrats when it comes to doing what is actually right for the state and I'm usually
pretty impressed with him.
Sure, he's more of a populist.
Yeah, right. But this time when he voted for Katonji Jackson, I was very, very
upset with that. And I just was kind of shocked. I didn't think he was going to do it
just because of his previous stances on what's right and given her her history in the court.
I just was a little shocked to see that and I'm pretty mad about it.
Well, you saw some Republicans vote for her as well.
And again, I don't give a flying you-know-what that she's got dark skin.
If she was a page-reader, great.
Love a black woman on there.
It's that she is a horrible pedo protector.
But who do you think Joe Biden, the pedo granddaddy, is going to put in there?
Well, I mean, I should have been expected.
Yeah, I didn't expect less, but I was just shocked that he sidelined with him on that one, because often, like I say, he does not.
He was a real fight, you know, for Joe getting some stuff across the table.
You know, he's opposing, basically.
Well, sure.
I mean, the Democrats get mad when they don't support carbon taxes and things like that that would totally end the country.
You're absolutely right.
Thanks for the call, brother.
OK, let's go to Sean in Virginia.
Thanks for calling.
Go ahead, Sean.
Hi Alex, afternoon, how you doing?
I'm just living inside the new roll order now, bro.
It's gonna get crazier from here on out.
Well, you got that right.
Look, I'm a father, I'm a veteran, I'm a red-blooded American, and I'm pissed.
God bless you.
Alex, I've been listening.
I've been listening to you forever, man, and I love you.
And I can't believe I've had so much I've wanted to say and talk about, but I've had to take a break, man.
The past two, three weeks or so, I've had to turn everything off.
I was on a hair trigger.
I was pissed off at everybody, just getting mad, and I had to step back.
But what came to my mind first today is communication.
I learned to pick your brain.
What do we do?
I mean, we know they're going to turn the lights out.
We know they're going to turn the internet off.
So let's think about it now and prepare right now.
How do we act?
How do we, you know, stay in touch?
Do you expose the Deimos group next move after a...
Viral release is a war, an economic collapse, and then sporadic power outages to totally crater civilization.
And if people read that from Klaus Schwab and know ahead of time, then if they dare do it, the states will organize and others will realize what's happening.
But we won't even have the gas power plants or the pipelines during a shutdown to get the stuff in we need.
Most of America is somewhat self-sufficient other than areas of California and New York.
Yes, well, should we start buying printing presses?
And so that's why they're shutting our infrastructure off to make us dependent when they go for the jugular.
Because we know that they'll just leave their lines open, their media outlets, you know, what they want us to hear
and program.
Yeah, they're essential, we're non-essential.
Yes, should we start buying printing presses? I mean, that's where we're going back to.
Well, look, you...
If they shut down.
You are a smart guy, but you're thinking about what to do once they hit us with that.
And I agree, we should be doing some of that planning.
But how about stopping them now?
How about saying no to their plan now?
Because if there's enough heat on them that, look at COVID, we partially backed them off to at least take the pressure off because they saw our opposition exploding.
We were about to politically take over.
So they back off as soon as we're about to win, and then they bring it back later.
Do you see what I'm saying?
That I know that there's been a lull that they've let us go here for a little bit with the COVID scenarios.
Do you think that they've lost people's minds in that aspect when they try to turn it back on?
They're going to lose a big percentage of the people that they had captured?
I mean, as things get worse and worse, they're going to lose almost everybody.
But then the people will blame the government instead of the globals that control the government.
And obviously, the government's out of control.
I'm mad at the government.
But it's an extension of us losing control of it.
So Larry Fink and Bill Gates and all the usual suspects.
Klaus Schwab, obsess on governments are failing.
We need corporate rulership and we need digital currencies and we need social credit scores
and we need virtual basic incomes, which Elon Musk just announced and said,
"We need to play that next hour."
And so again, they create the crisis and offer the solution.
Yep, and I feel like if they do, or if and when they do shut things down,
if we do have those things in line like a printing press or something,
we'll have a chance to recapture people's minds because their machine will be on pause
for whatever reasons they're using port at that time.
But, just thoughts, man.
Hey, keep it up, Alex.
I love ya.
Sean, we love you too.
Thank you so much for calling.
All right, go to the next call.
The order received would be Steve in North Dakota.
Steve, welcome.
Go ahead.
Oh, thanks for taking my call, Alex.
Yes, sir.
Hey, have you ever heard of a guy called, goes by the name of Ice Age Farmer?
I have heard of that.
One of my producers told me about it, I'm supposed to get him on.
He's laying out... He warned they would use the caravans, right?
As a... As a pretext to bring in martial law, right?
They're going after this bird flu, and they're going around killing thousands, if not millions of turkeys and chickens.
So when Joe Biden says there's flu stories coming, there is.
Well, that's right.
There's major supply breakdowns everywhere.
It's the post-industrial world.
It's everything you see with Extinction Rebellion, but at the higher level.
Extinction Rebellion is the lower level minions, but Klaus Schwab is the high priest of that.
Bird flu cases, forced killing of 5.3 million chickens in Iowa alone.
I'm glad you mentioned that.
That was in my stack to mention.
Yeah, they're using the same PCR test they used for COVID to test all these chickens and turkeys for bird flu, and then they're wiping out the whole flock.
They did the same thing with spongiform encephalopathy.
Most of the cows and sheep didn't have it, but they used a false test.
Remember that?
What was that, 20 years ago?
And killed basically all the cows and sheep in Britain.
And they're also telling the railroad companies to stop delivering grain or feed to all the major cattle and dairy producers.
So they're going to have to call their herds because they can't feed them.
When they talk about food shortages, they are creating it.
Steve Preachett, you are dead on.
Everything you're saying, they're just pulling up.
It's mainstream news.
You can just see it at every level.
Cut off the pipelines.
Cut off the oil drilling.
Cut off the gas drilling.
Cut off the chickens.
Cut off the turkeys.
Cut off the grain.
Cut it off.
Cut it off.
Yeah, but one more thing.
You guys say it's clown world.
I prefer the term bizarro world.
I hear you, brother.
God bless.
We'll be right back next hour with all the great callers that are patiently holding like Don and John.
And Lang, and Elizabeth, and Alex, and so many others, straight ahead, hour number three, just a few minutes away.
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Stay with us.
Joe Biden's federal bunglers of injustice, the FBI and the federal prosecutors, once
again fumbled their First Amendment violating undercover operations after misleading a federal
court seeking unwarranted gag orders during a federal investigation of Project Veritas'
ties to the alleged theft of a diary belonging to President Joe Biden's daughter, Ashley
Politico claimed that the raids generated controversy in some circles because Project Veritas identifies itself as a news organization and the use of search warrants against journalists and news outlets is extremely rare due to Justice Department policies and a federal law passed in 1980 to limit such investigative steps.
After Project Veritas was raided Roger Stone style, U.S.
District Court Judge Annalisa Torres agreed to a request by Project Veritas to appoint a special master to review the info on their seized devices to ensure that prosecutors couldn't get access to their emails, their text messages, and other records that might be subject to attorney-client privileges.
Lo and behold, Project Veritas' attorneys have now learned that for nearly a year before the raids even occurred, prosecutors had already used gag orders within grand jury subpoenas and court-ordered seizures of all of the emails O'Keefe and several Project Veritas colleagues kept during a three-month span in 2020.
Project Veritas is just one example of the war being waged on those who wield their First Amendment rights in a bid to expose the truth.
Recently, the EU president tweeted that the state-owned Russia Today and Sputnik and their subsidiaries will no longer be able to spread lies to justify Putin's war and announced a ban on these outlets.
Say what you want about invasive Russian propaganda.
The censorship of RT and Sputnik cancels any dialogue from the opposing side.
Meanwhile, InfoWars faces down a Sandy Hook lawsuit engineered to set a precedent to cancel any news organization that questions the mainstream media narrative, leading to the inevitability that all dissent, even by individuals, will be outlawed.
They start out with demonizing me that I believe in a new world order and a global government.
And of course, just last week, the Davos Group met, announced world government planetary control.
And the title of this session, are we ready for a new world order?
And they're really thinking, with this lawsuit, they're going to outlaw questioning big events like WMDs in Iraq or Jesse Smollett or any of these things that have happened and that questioning these and looking at the evidence and information is a crime.
But here's the big takeaway, and I'll just admit it.
I could have done a better job on Sandy Hook.
Some of the anomalies that we reported on were not accurate, and I admitted it years before I was sued.
But the issue is, this is all about them being holier than thou, and they're the arbiters of truth, and they're the Democrats, and they're the ones that love you, and Alex Jones is the devil.
To distract from how the corporate media has been caught lying to people consciously about WMDs, the list, literally.
Goes on and on and what's crazy is the public's basically totally woken up not just here, but around the world and Nothing they're doing is reversing that but they picked these weird neurotic subjects like January 6th where Alex Jones and Sandy Hook and they just obsessed like a religion on that and Meanwhile, I'm here in Connecticut Everywhere I go, I'm just shaking hands.
Black, white, old, young, oh, Alex Jones.
But a lot of them are mad at me.
They go, hey, we questioned Sandy Hook.
Why are you backing off?
And these folks don't even get up on their big ivory tower law firms that the world has moved on from their BS.
And yeah, do I make mistakes?
But I don't lie on purpose like the corporate media does on record.
And so I had the impression watching the attack on Mr. Jones that this trial will be about something far greater than what happened at Sandy Hook.
The trial is going to be about ordinary people's ability to say, I'm not buying it.
I want to raise questions.
I want to draw my own conclusions.
I mean, for those of us who miss the McCarthy era, I guess this president is intent on bringing it to us, but with new force and new power and new urgency, unlike anything we've ever seen.
The federal government, aided by tech overlords and a deeply propagandized media, is yet again flagrantly violating and abusing First Amendment rights in order to satisfy the dictatorial demands of the creeping agenda of the New World Order.
John Bowne reporting.
We'll be back with your calls.
So Dr. Robert Malone is on target when he gives these big conferences all over the U.S.
and the world to millions pointing out it's a new world order.
It's a global government.
It's the World Economic Forum.
They're the enemy.
They've got to be driven from power.
They're the ones penetrating our governments, putting their cult members in control.
Here it is.
They are coming from a belief system that says that nation-state is an obsolete idea and we have to have a one-world government that is basically a fusion of the interests of corporations and politics, global politics.
And we've got to start by finding out who they are, voting them out of office, making sure they are not part of our governments.
Two notable characters here in the United States are Governors Inslee and Newsom.
We've got to out these people.
We've got to force them to account for whether or not they're Americans or are they globalists.
And if they're globalists, they've got to get out.
We've got to get rid of them.
We've got to take back ownership of our country.
If you believe in the Constitution, if you believe in the principles of free speech and personal autonomy, Medical autonomy and autonomy at every level, other level.
It's time to fight.
You know, or your children are going to live in basically a techno-fascism for the rest of their natural lives as serfs.
Yeah, they're lucky enough to even be alive.
Let's go to your calls quickly now that I've got a Hillary Clinton clip coming up at the bottom of the hour.
She's been confronted.
Let's talk to John in Pennsylvania.
John, welcome.
Good afternoon, Alex.
It's actually an honor to talk with you.
Honor to talk to you, brother.
What's on your mind?
I've been listening to you since Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory was on back in 2008.
Yes, sir.
Now, there's a video clip.
Actually, you're the one who gave Jesse Ventura all his leads to most of his stories.
And I wanted to ask if you're still in touch with him.
No, I mean I didn't give him most of his leads, but some of the first season's episodes I gave him leads, some of the second season.
It got all UFOs and chupacabras by the last season, so I didn't want to be involved in it.
And Jesse used to be, you know, concerned about vaccines, used to be aware of things.
Over the years, especially Trump made him You know, really flip out and just really join the Democrats.
So nothing against Ventura.
It's just he came out recently and said, you need to take the shot.
We need to make everybody take the shot.
And I just don't think his elevator goes all the way up now.
I understand.
I just wondered though if you might reach out to him because, you know, he was working with RT and that's what turned me off about him also.
I mean, he's the one who broke that episode with Dr. Rima Lebo that you really gave him the lead to.
And she flew him from Mexico, I remember.
Well, I did quarterback that episode and a couple others.
I basically wrote most of it.
The one on FEMA cams was 80% me.
And it was great.
Reached a lot of people.
So, you know, a lot of work we've done and now that stuff is evergreen, John.
Well, I just wondered, though, I mean, you know, if you may have a personal talk with him sometime and ask what really changed his mind about, you know, the vaccines when he should already know that, you know, ahead that they were dangerous.
This was actually what Rima Labo talked about in that one episode.
And now all of a sudden he just was a sellout.
But I just wondered if you might reach out to him and just just see what, you know, may have changed his mind about the vaccines.
And, you know, I almost thought about a month ago or so or two months ago when I saw that clip of him.
Guys, see if you can pull it up.
It was like, Jesse Ventura says forced injections are good, or you're dumb if you don't take it.
It was something like that.
I don't want to misconstrue what my memory remembers, but it's pretty crazy.
Thank you so much, John.
Good point.
All right.
Up next here is Alex.
Alex in California.
Go ahead.
I've been a fan of yours for a long time.
This is my first time actually getting through to you, but I have a couple of points that I want to make that are bothering me beyond belief, and then it's going to lead to a question I have for you.
But first, I'm going to mention your products.
Ever since I was young, exactly your age, ever since I was young, I did all the Well, we could put crap fillers out or use stuff that certifies this or that but isn't really concentrated.
after a while because most of it didn't work.
But I think back when you had Dr. Wallach on, I think the first thing I ever got was the Alex pack
or something and ever since then I've been getting all of your products and I really appreciate them
because it's the best prices out there and the highest quality products
and pretty much everything I take, I can feel the difference with.
Well we can put crap fillers out or use stuff that certifies this or that
but isn't really concentrated.
Everything we sell is the very best we can find.
Well and it absolutely works.
So anybody interested in excellent health, they should absolutely be on your website buying stuff.
So anyway, the first thing that I want to mention is the 2020 elections.
I mean, every single day I hear people mention President Joe Biden, and it just makes me sick because, I mean, We basically watched the Democrats tell us straight off that no matter what the results were, that they were going to basically kick him out, and that's exactly what they did.
And I just can't believe that they actually walked out there and got him out of the White House and stuck Joe Biden in there, and we're all just standing around calling him President Joe Biden.
That part, I can't get past.
And I think until we fix that, I mean, I don't know how we fix the country or how we do anything until we deal with that part.
And that leads to my second thing, which is the whole January 6th situation.
I mean, we had all these beautiful Americans come together, doing exactly what we're supposed to do, and stand up for our rights and our country, and we basically got hijacked.
And the whole thing, I mean, we've got these Americans in a gulag, basically, and we have President Trump, we have We have all these great patriots, and nobody can do anything to get justice or due process for these people.
And now they've announced all over the news, I've got a stack of articles right here that just came out today, that they want to start grabbing more people.
And the people that organized the peaceful Ellipse rally, the Democrats want them arrested.
Here's some of the articles.
Justice Department investigation of January 6th confronts sprawling cast of characters Of course, I'm in there.
And it goes on, Capitol attack investigators zero in on far-right oath keepers and Proud Boys and says it's now focusing on my communications with them.
What, like having them on the air a couple times?
And it just goes on from there.
to all of us, you know, basically they're demoralizing us and letting us know that,
you know, we're coming for you. And with all the documentation that you see coming out
of the White House, you know, declaring your everyday American as, you know, enemy of the
state basically. I mean, I mean, that freaks me out beyond, I mean, I literally do get
the chills up my spine and my hair stands up. I'm thinking, what the hell is looking
over my shoulder saying what's going on here? I can't even, and being in California, it's
easy to be demoralized, obviously, because every corner you turn, you've got corners
of neighborhoods being taken over by homeless people all this stuff
I mean, they're taxing us beyond belief, and the roads are busted.
We're like 1950s technology here.
You know, you go anywhere, you know, San Francisco, LA, anywhere in between, And basically, you know, you pay all the bills, you know, as a middle-class person, you have no rights, but all these people can sit in front of your house, they can go to the bathroom on the street, and I can't tell you how many times I've been out with my girlfriend places, and I've seen people literally, you know, drop a deuce.
That is total dehumanization on record, their admitted plan, it's all declassified, and we're just sitting here watching them do it to us.
Thank you so much, Alex.
All right, we're gonna come back.
And go right back to your phone calls and the order that they have been received.
Up next is Don and then Lang and others.
And then we have a special guest joining us who got damaged by the so-called COVID vaccine that is really a deadly gene therapy.
So that guest is gonna be joining us coming up at the bottom of the hour.
But your call straight ahead on the other side of this break.
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It's the Alex Jones Show and I really appreciate you all being part of it.
Don in Minnesota, you're on the air, welcome.
Don, welcome sir, go ahead.
Don, you hear me?
Oh, hold on.
Hey Don, you still there?
Alright, go ahead and let Don... Yeah, can you hear me now?
Yeah, I sure can, Don.
Oh, perfect, sorry.
Yeah, I've been listening to you for quite a while.
One of your previous callers mentioned the last governor of Minnesota here, where I'm located, Jesse Ventura.
That's around the time I started listening to you, too, and the Obama deception.
Fantastic film there.
I've been taking your iodine for many months now.
I didn't realize how depleted I was until after about a few weeks that really kicked in.
I was like, whoa, should have been taking this a while ago.
Oh yeah.
I just recently started taking the BrainForce Ultra.
My problem with that is I've developed a strong liking for the taste and I am pretty much drinking it from the bottle now.
Probably not a good idea.
I really love BrainForce Ultra.
It works good.
Yeah, and it tastes good, too.
Kind of strange.
Yeah, big, big fan of yours.
The Putin thing.
You know, Putin, he's... Everybody's talking about how he's losing and, you know, it's not going very well for him.
That's not part of his plan.
If he's been planning this for years and years, 15 plus years, He's not just gonna go in there.
He doesn't play a regular chess set.
He's on a much grander chess set.
He's not a... He might be a madman, maybe, but he's not a moron.
He's, look at the equipment they're throwing in there.
Those tanks and all the armor, it's just old.
Old and rusty, barely even running.
Yeah, that's to get all the Western weapons that are cash to shoot those up so the more high-tech stuff doesn't get destroyed.
Yeah, that's a fact.
I've been saying that since day one.
He wants to drive up the ruble and force folks away from the dollar, which is happening.
But I would say the Ukrainians have been putting up a pretty big fight.
The whole thing's bad news for America.
I wish it would end.
Well, here's the thing, Alex.
He doesn't care about these conscripts or that old equipment.
He's using Ukraine as a training ground.
The ones that come back, the soldiers, are now soldiers of war for a potentially much larger In the near future war.
Well there's no doubt that the U.S.
called Vietnam a war game, a Korea war game.
And the Pentagon does these little wars to test their weapons.
So you're right.
Russia has used Syria as a war game.
Now they've gone to a much bigger theater, Ukraine.
So definitely that is what Putin is doing.
Many nations, including the U.S., have always done that through war.
It's to keep the military trained.
Trained for other conflicts in the future.
Because if a military goes without being in any conflict for years, decades, whatever, none of them have any experience.
No, that's right, Don.
You're dead on.
Thank you so much for the call.
Lang in Alabama.
Lang, you're on the air.
This is my first time caller.
And I've been listening to you since the mid to late 90s.
Wow, good to have you on board.
You've been listening 25 years.
And I'm a little older than you are.
Good to have you on board, brother.
God bless you.
Well, let me tell you what I was looking at.
And somebody needs to get it out because nobody looks at these things.
But I was looking at Fitton's latest release of information in regard to the different Things that came out of the resettlement of refugees and everything, and looking at the clinical notes, and in the clinical notes, I noticed this ORR Core, or ORR Care.
Now, I'm going to give you a website that you really need to go to.
It's acf.hhs.gov, and it will tell you How all of these people, and it even has a United States map on it you can click on, and it will tell you which NGO that these immigrants, which essentially they're calling refugees, illegal immigrants, is that.
And how they can access, state by state, and find all the NGOs that will help them and give them money.
Oh, that's right.
The UN's bringing all these people in and hooking them up with NGOs inside the country.
Oh, yes.
I mean, it's all being done by that.
But my main thing was while I was doing this, because I'm in the middle of writing a book, and I ran up on some national security memos.
There's a memorandum on revitalizing Americans foreign policy and national security workforce institutions and partnerships.
This was released back in February the 4th of 2021 along with three other memorandums.
Now in this memorandum it's essentially to revitalize national security and foreign policy institutions And values accelerating, you're going to love this, domestic renewal.
Now, why would you be doing something with national security on policy, institution, foreign policy, institution, and values to renew the domestic?
Essentially, it's implementing foreign policy for the middle class in America, and it says it in the damn memorandum.
Which the U.N.
calls munialization.
Remember like 10 years ago they couldn't get the carbon tax passed so Schwarzenegger became the head U.N.
delegate to go to the cities and get the cities and counties to implement the U.N.
treaties outside of the states or federal government.
So that's exactly what you're talking about.
The committee is made up of the following departments.
The Department of State, Department of Transportation, Department of Defense, Department of Justice, Department of Commerce, Department of Energy, Department of Human Services, Department of Homeland Security, Director of National Intelligence, CIA, and the VA.
And the policy on engagement and partnerships Says that national security and foreign policy goals is to implement foreign policy on domestic America and partner with state and local governments.
That's right, they're leveraging their outside, like Obama's side of the executive order, while he was still president, when Trump was president-elect, with billions of dollars to quote counter disinformation and then put his operatives using international money to actually target Americans.
...with using state, local governments, academic research institutions, the private sector, NGOs, and civil society.
Essentially, it's foreign policy for the American middle class's destruction and control.
And Alex...
Americans, especially the middle class, is being attacked from all directions.
Well that's why they're, God bless you, that's why they're turning all the power plants off, opening the borders, attacking our children, and you said it, it's all the big U.N.
world government takeover plan.
God bless you.
First they seize the federal government, and even though they don't have control of the Congress, the executive branch links up with the states and cities they control to get their agenda through.
Alright, we're going to go on a break.
We're going to calls in the order they received.
Elizabeth is up next.
And Lorenzo and John.
I'll get to you all, but I got a special guest popping in for like a segment and a half.
I'll go back to your phone calls.
This is an article he posted a few days ago.
Vaccine horror.
Man describes losing leg after an AstraZeneca jab.
Alex Mitchell is going to be joining us on the other side of this quick break to talk about this, because we could talk about the statistics all day and the facts, but to hear from an individual on what happened is very, very important.
I know a lot of people personally that didn't listen and took the shot and got very serious blood clots and some that died.
We'll be talking to him on the other side.
Please remember, we don't just have Infowars.com.
We have Band.Video.
band.video and newswars.com.
We'll be right back.
We've got some very exciting, positive news breaking next segment, but we're just now getting it in.
I need to be able to scan it next segment before I cover it all.
This is some very positive news.
We're about to have a special guest pop in, but I wanted to play a short clip of this Keller McBreen article about Project Veritas that's live on the vaunted infowars.com.
Only way this dog hunts is you let it out of the cage to release the kraken.
Project Veritas confronts Hillary Clinton over ties to disgrace dim operative.
Here it is.
I just wanted to say thank you for elevating black voices before it was full.
I just wanted to ask, Shirley Teeter, she was recently ordered to pay Project Veritas' legal expenses.
I don't understand that.
I don't understand that.
Yeah, she was linked to Democracy Partners, your good friend Bob Kramer.
Hillary is aware of all the work that you guys do.
The campaign is full of interests.
And then they tell Hillary what's going on.
Well, I mean, Hillary knows she's a chicken in your hand.
You remember Democracy Partners?
I don't know Bob Kramer.
I just wanted to ask, will you pay her legal bills?
She's an old woman.
She's been ordered to pay legal bills.
You know what?
I don't know Bob Kramer.
You don't know Bob Kramer?
The future president of the United States who wanted ducks on the ground.
If I got it, we would give ducks on the ground.
Don't repeat that statement.
I don't know Shirley Teeter.
Mrs. Clinton, James O'Neill, Project Veritas.
Are you going to take Shirley Teeter's legal bills?
It was unbelievable what we had, Clinton.
We had everything.
And we are back ladies and gentlemen, taking your phone calls.
We lined that guest up.
Let's go ahead and talk to Elizabeth in Ohio.
Thank you so much.
Be close everybody.
And we are back ladies and gentlemen taking your phone calls.
We lined that guest up.
Let's go ahead and talk to Elizabeth in Ohio.
Elizabeth you're on the air.
Alex, I just wanted to thank you for taking my call and I wanted to thank you so much
for everything that you do.
I'm a born-again Christian, and I pray for you and your family every day.
And I am, you know, totally awake to what's going on.
I'm a registered nurse.
I got out of the hospital.
I worked with the critical care nursing with the COVID patients.
It was one step before the ICU.
And I saw how awful everything, it was just, it was like a battlefield.
Like four people a day were dying on my shift.
You know, I saw how the doctors were doing nothing for these people.
So I, um, I ultimately do want to get out of healthcare because it's completely falling apart, but I work on night shifts at different nursing homes and I'm constantly just like listening to all these different podcasts because there's so much downtime.
And, um, You know, I talked to my fellow co-workers about what's going on, and they're, like, taking notes, like, writing down Klaus Schwab's name, saying they're going to look into this.
And, like, you know, totally everybody's waking up, and, you know, I have different ranges of emotions all the time, like angry, sad, you know, whatever, about what's going on.
It's just so intense.
But, you know, I just want to say a few hopeful things about You know, people are waking up and, you know, Joe Biden brought up the other day about the 4th turning.
Am I on the air?
No, I'm listening to you.
You said Joe Biden brought up the 4th.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I came out with so many words at once.
I just wanted to make sure you were there.
I'm sorry, I'm a first time, I've never talked to anybody on a radio show.
Hey, I love the fact you're there waking people up at the hospital where you work and people are so ready for the truth right now.
What you're saying is so true.
People think of like these big complex things we've got to do to beat the globalists.
All we've got to do is word of mouth expose their program and who they are and it's game over.
And you're doing it!
Yeah, I decided that was the only thing that I could do presently to help the situation was to wake people up and people really are waking up.
And Joe Biden brought up the other day, the fourth turning, which I had looked into that about four years ago.
But I just wanted to say, so the book, The Fourth Turning by Howe and Strauss, they went back like 500 years and there's a cycle every 100 years.
Well, the current cycle, if it follows what's happened in the previous 500 years, it's the millennials are going to They're going to tear down everything the baby boomers have done and rebuild society.
And that's the pattern that's happened for the last 500 years.
And the globalists know that's coming, so they've hijacked it to create an artificial revolution of post-human eugenics out of it, instead of us having our revolution and restoring humanity to the right path.
Yeah, but I just started to have hope, and I know they're aware of it, but, you know, it's not up to the baby boomers for this New World Order.
It's up to us Millennials, and if you go and you look, I looked it up the other day, it said Millennials are, on average, are more conservative at the, because, you know, you become more conservative as you get older.
It said Millennials are more conservative at the current age stand compared to Generation X And the baby boomers.
Absolutely, Elizabeth.
Thank you so much for the call.
Thank you so much.
Let's talk to Lorenzo in Chicago.
Welcome, Lorenzo.
Hi, Alex.
How's everybody doing?
Man, I'm tired.
It's crazy.
Stuff's wild.
It's just incredible to have it all out in the open now.
It's really crazy.
I hear you.
Alex, I'm going to be as fast as I can.
I have a few comments and just a few questions.
Hit us, brother!
Okay, really quick.
Ten years ago, I was on business in Hunt County, Greenville, Texas.
I saw a guy with an InfoWars bumper sticker, asked about it.
The rest is history.
I've been on fire ever since.
Since then, I've discovered your supplements.
Your guests, like Mike Adams, I wish you'd have him on a little bit more often.
We'd have him on as much as he wants to come on.
He's awesome.
All you guys are awesome, especially your crew.
Really quick, I want to share with you what I do to get the word out, Alex.
In my vehicle, I keep a roll of masking tape with a Sharpie marker.
When I'm at the gas station, I write a different message every time.
Basically, I'll write, Plandemic Depopulation Killshot, Infowars.com, then that video.
I put it on the gas pump stop signs.
Maybe something, you know, your listeners can do Because our resources are limited, and masking tape is cheap, and I'm not defacing property.
It's easy to tear off, you know what I mean?
Hey, brother, they're killing babies and mass chopping children's genitals off.
You know, we're involved in civil disobedience now.
As long as we don't hurt somebody, just get out there and get it done.
It's not graffiti.
We're not defacing property.
No, I agree.
I totally agree with what you're saying.
A few questions regarding Hunter Biden's laptop, okay?
Alex, what info is going to do the most damage to the Bidens and the Democrats?
Will it be the Chinese collusion?
Well, I mean, the public is punch-dumbed all the pedophilia, which is definitely in there, and that's important to hit on.
But him saying, I'm under the command of the top Chinese communist, and now he's been disappeared, and they're coming after me, and I'm so scared the FBI is coming to my house.
You know, I work for my dad.
I mean, I'm sure you've heard that audio, right?
I have.
We should probably play it more.
I mean, here's the deal.
I would not look at the laptop because I've never seen child porn.
I've only seen by accident, you know, a woman getting attacked by, you know, sex with a horse.
And I've seen by accident, somebody goes, look at this!
And it was like women eating poo and I can never get out of my head.
And I've got a goal in life to never see child porn.
And so I've never seen it, so I would not go on there and look at it.
As a journalist, you can go look at it if it's on the laptop, but I still would not do it.
Major journalist groups have done it, it's come out, and it's just...
He had child porn, child porn he shot himself, torturing women, sex with family members.
But that's just one part of it.
Then there's all the cocaine and the crack and all of it.
And then there's all the money laundering for his dad and the Chinese communists running him.
That's why I was asking you, which one is going to do the most damage?
Hopefully all of it.
I have one more question, Alex, regarding Trump.
Okay, I've seen the footage of him shaking hands with Paula Schwab.
I've seen the footage of him on stage with Bill O'Reilly openly bragging, taking responsibility for the mRNA gene therapy, how it's so good that he's been jabbed, that he's been boosted.
Then I've seen the crowd, the crowd, how they booed him and he kind of mocked them saying, oh, that's just a small minority.
Now, here's my question, Alex.
If Trump is reelected, What are his main priorities going to be?
And let me just ask you straight out, can we trust him?
Or is Trump a globalist?
I want to know.
You know, we should do a whole call-in show.
And I said I'd start doing these a few weeks ago, but I haven't.
I've been so busy.
We'll start doing a few weeknight shows and more like three-hour commercial-free calls.
That'd be a topic.
Well, we got some big news breaking before we take a few final calls here.
Hand the baton to the next guest host here on the Alex Jones Show.
This is out of the major channel 4 news out of Detroit, Michigan.
This just happened the last 15 minutes.
Two acquitted.
Mistrial declared for two others in Whitmer kidnapping plot where a whole group of FBI agents and FBI informers and assets led these individuals in what they believed was an attack on her house and to kidnap her and kill her.
But it turns out in the audio recordings, That the FBI is basically ordering them to attack.
They're like, I don't want to.
I don't want to do it.
I don't want to go there.
And who was the FBI agent?
The Governor Whitmer kidnap plot?
Who was running it?
A guy that then got arrested beating up his wife to a bloody pulp after, I guess, something bad happened at a swinger club.
So that's the type of folks they got hired.
And this was a beta test.
So the FBI agents that ran that whole fake synthetic plot, they then all moved on over To January 6, a few months later.
And that's why that's such a nightmare situation.
Doesn't mean there weren't real people that went in.
Doesn't mean some people didn't attack police, which is wrong.
A lot of folks believe that Q was ordering them to do it and other groups.
I had no idea that Oath Keepers and Proud Boys and some of those groups supposedly worked together to breach the Capitol.
That's in the indictments, but they lie so much.
I don't know if that's true.
I mean, did the Oath Keepers beat anybody up?
Did they kidnap anybody?
How many times do Democrats break into capitals or force their ways in?
And again, I'm not defending any of it.
I'm just saying we got to really, really, really, really, really be skeptical of all of this.
A jury in the trial against four men charged, who plotted to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer, have returned a mixed verdict.
The judge found Daniel Harris and Brandon Caserta not guilty of all charges.
And we're unable to reach a verdict in the charges against Adam Fox and Barry Croft, resulting in a mistrial.
The verdict was read in federal court in Grand Rapids on Friday afternoon.
The jury started deliberations on Monday.
You know, the feds used to have a 96% conviction rate.
They don't on January 6th and related stuff like this.
It's more like 75% from what I've seen.
Because, you know, if somebody's guilty and you gotta open and shut, then charge them and put them in prison.
They went out and created the group.
Just like they did with Hatari militia a decade before.
So, there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
There's a lot, just like you can get Hispanic youth, black youth, white youth, mixed youth, Asian youth, who don't have fathers.
You can get them when they're 10, 11, 12.
Make them feel important.
Do a little errands and stuff, and then next they're dealing drugs, next they're killing people by the time they're 14.
And you got a lot of these fatherless men, want to be in a militia, want to feel like they're part of something special, and then they get recruited by FBI agents that know how to manipulate them, and this was their leader, this FBI agent, who in his off time reportedly beats his wife half to death.
Hey dude, if you're taking your wife to swinger clubs and get mad that she's liking it, that's your problem.
So I guess he didn't like the cucking or whatever, but no excuse to beat up a woman.
So that's the type of weirdness we're dealing with.
And the FBI is destroying itself with this type of behavior.
I believe we need a federal investigative body in this country, but it doesn't need to be run by people like this with a new world order agenda.
And it's just killing our country.
All right, I'm going to jam in John in California.
We're going to go to break and come back and kick off the fourth hour with the amazing Jay Dyer.
And by the way, Jay Dyer is a great historian and researcher and best-selling author.
But man, did he knock it out of the park last week.
I did some work in my office and ate lunch and watched him in the fourth hour.
And it was just, actually that was the week before I watched him in my office.
I was actually at night on the road somewhere and I watched.
The point was I watched his elite plan to kill everyone.
Title our and it was just bam bam bam with just quote quote.
Here's the book. Here's what they said. Here's the white paper
Here's where to find it You're just sitting there and he digs up stuff
I didn't even know about which I know about a lot of stuff and you watch Jay Dyer you learn about a lot of stuff
That I didn't know and probably you didn't know either. So it's definitely a very important lesson that is coming up
At the start of the next hour with Jay Dyer right now. Let's go to John in California John you're on the air
You Talk to you. Yes, sir. Um, um
Um, uh You know, as a man of God and a man of faith, I'm inspired by you and all the other people, all the other info warriors who are out there just speaking the word, speaking the truth of God.
And then by doing that, it dispels all their lies.
And it's just, it's so amazing how it works.
It's just like, it's like God is on our side.
There is no defeating us.
We shall be victorious.
It's truly amazing, and it's just a blessing to be able to talk to you and to know that there's other warriors of peace out there.
Well, it's good to talk to you, John.
What else is on your mind?
Oh, I'm just, you know, I get a little discouraged when I hear about all the stuff going on, but then, you know, I'm just lifted up, lifted up by God to just go out there and to help others who are Like, lost in the fog?
They're lost in the fog of deceit and they don't know where they are, you know?
And as we reveal that truth to them, we can, like, give them that compass, that compass of faith that help them and guide them through all this madness, you know?
Absolutely, brother, and that's why they want to stamp out God.
They want people to stamp out having any faith.
They don't want you to know that there's more power out there than just us, that we believe there's a government and corporations and corrupt groups and that we're all alone, but we're not.
We have God, brother.
Preach it.
Anything else?
Alex, I was trying to get another founding member coin, and if you could put me on hold so I could talk to one of your crew and help me out getting that, I would appreciate it.
I bought your first one and all your other products, but I can't get a hold of the second one.
So when you go to 1776coin.com, it's not letting you process the order?
No, it's not.
Or on your site either.
And I've been kind of dumbfounded by it.
I can't get through.
What happens when you go to try to buy it?
It just goes, it says site not available.
It's not going to the site.
Hey guys, pull up 1776coin.com on screen.
Just type it in yourself.
Just type it in yourself.
So that's 1176 or 1776.
And you're saying you can't, you can't see that?
No, it's a site unavailable.
It's been saying that for days and I've been just like trying to get the second coin.
Well, PatriotCollectibles.com, does that get you there?
That doesn't go through either.
Crazy, man.
All right, let's put John on hold and give me his name and number and I'll hand it over to the customer service folks so they can get him on the line and get it.
And yeah, folks, there's a substantive markup on the coin.
I mean, this coin costs us 40-something bucks to do each one, and then it's got the markup there, because we don't have the funds we're going to shut down.
And believe me, I'm not trying to impress you, not trying to scare you.
We're on empty.
We're on fumes.
I'm just trusting God's gonna come through.
With everything we're up against and all the attacks and legal fees,
I do not wanna start downsizing 'cause everybody we've got here, we need.
So I need you to go to 1776coin.com and get the final coins.
I need you to go get things you need, like DNA Force Plus at infoworkstore.com
and things like our new concentrated immune support with all the key herbs and compounds
for your immune system now in stock.
And all of it.
It's at infowarestore.com or by calling toll-free, 888-253-3139.
I hate to sit here and lean on the listeners and stuff, but we're not funded by George Soros, the globalist, and we're paying for massive bandwidth because we're reaching so many people.
Everybody else has basically been taken off because nobody has their own servers, their own systems.
We're here.
Up to 10 million people a day still able to get our videos and websites and information off our site.
We see where it's magnified and we're estimating it's about 10 million a day right now, despite all the bans, all the demonization.
And people are more ready and more hungry for the truth than they've ever been.
All right, great job to the crew.
I'll be back Sunday, Lord willing, 4 to 6 p.m., and then there'll be the Sunday live, 6 to 8 p.m., and then back Monday.
You got the War Room today, 3 p.m.
That's coming up in an hour and four minutes from now.
I believe Christy Lee's hosting today.
So look for the War Room.
She does a great job, by the way.
Never really did live radio or TV, but she's just like a fish to water.
And so she's really kicking butt there.
Owen is on a well-deserved visit to family up in St.
Louis, Missouri, where he's from.
I haven't seen him in a year.
Because he's not allowed to travel.
He has to get special permission from a probation officer while he's under indictment for being outside the Capitol peacefully.
He's a very... It's Harrison today.
I saw her earlier this week.
Harrison does another stupendous job.
How about burning the candle at both ends?
Didn't he host the morning show as well?
Which he hosts is American Journal.
So these are real, original Americana transmissions served out worldwide.
People are hungry for this.
So I want to thank you all for your support.
I want to encourage you to understand.
Finally, that we are selling out of the 200-plus designs of T-shirts we had, many of which I ordered, never promoted, that just sat there.
A lot of them are great designs.
Some are okay designs.
The point is, it funds the operation.
They're historic.
They're limited edition, and we're never going to print them again.
Infowarsstore.com, selling out of the T-shirts at cost.
Another critical thing you can do to keep us on air.
I want to thank you all, and the crew thanks you as well, because they want to stay in the fight.
My crew's great.
They can get jobs elsewhere and put up with less, but let me tell you, they love staying in the fight, and we love them for doing that.
That's it for my part of the transmission.
Jay Dyer takes over in T-minus 120 seconds.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of jaysanalysis.com.
You know, last week we had a really in-depth talk about Bertrand Russell's book, The Scientific Outlook.
And I mentioned a couple times in that talk another pretty wild text that he wrote a few decades later called The Impact of Science on Society.
And since we haven't lectured through that entire book, I thought we would just go ahead and Point out that his views didn't change over the next 20 years.
And in fact, he took an even more radical stance, if you can believe it.
I mean, I know he on the last that it was it was pretty wild.
It's pretty crazy.
But where did he end up years later after World War Two?
What did he think would be the, quote, impact of science on society be?
What would it be?
Well, Remember that we saw last week that Russell is a proponent of scientism.
Scientism is a faith-based worldview where we have no real proof of the external world, the scientific method, of all these philosophy principles that underlie science.
But we're going to ignore all that and just do science for the sake of science in the sense of will to power.
Now this is odd because Russell presented himself as an advocate of liberalism, as an advocate of democracy.
But if you don't know, the Royal Society had, as we said last week, a front, a kind of cover group, that was the Fabian Socialists, who presented a liberal democratic face to the people.
Meanwhile, in the background, they were also part of the other side of the circle, the Society of the Elect, the inner party, that did not believe in anything remotely close to liberal values, democracy, or any of these catchphrases and slogans that they used.
Russell is a proponent, as you said, of a radical depopulation agenda, and this book is very important because he explains how that will come about, potentially.
So, the book begins by discussing the notion that what happened in the Enlightenment and in the Darwinian Revolution is that the world was divested of meaning and purpose.
There's nothing inherently in the world that has purpose.
Purpose is something that humans construct as a kind of social construct.
As a made-up, subjective thing.
It's not something that's discovered.
Things don't have purpose, they just do what they do.
So an acorn becoming a tree is just what it is.
There's not a purpose that the acorn has within it.
So the rejection of all ancient and medieval and metaphysical ideas is something that Bertrand Russell says was crucial to the modern world.
And clearly that would also mean the rejection of the notion of any kind of God.
So, what's the new religion?
Who are the patron saints of the new religion?
Well, it's the so-called scientists.
Which is interesting, though, because he comes up with a sort of a hall of scientists series of saints, as we said last time.
People like Galileo, Kepler, Darwin, right?
Which is weird, because many of those people had theistic views as well, so they don't exactly fit this narrative of atheistic materialism that Russell believes in.
But we'll set that aside, because He says that really science is grounded in the observation of the world and come to conclusions on the basis of those observations and it doesn't have any values.
So wait a minute, so science doesn't contain any notion of values, any notion of right and wrong.
It just describes what is the case and it's you figuring out how things work.
But if science doesn't have any values and can't give us values, how are we going to have values in this world?
Well, according to Russell, it's going to be the scientific elite that will also tell you the values.
And so we come to ideas that come out of the same British Royal Society elites like Bentham of utilitarianism.
Utilitarianism usually goes along with these kinds of atheistic materialist philosophies because the idea is, well, I guess the best we could come up with is just maximalize everyone's pleasures.
There's no real reason.
There's no way that we know exactly what that means.
How do we quantify pleasure?
What are the pleasure points, right?
Do you get 50 pleasure points and I get 20 pleasure points?
And there were actually utilitarians who thought they could come up with a moral calculus.
And so eventually it became evident, and by the way, Bentham is the same guy who was a PEDO, and he came up with the idea of the Panopticon.
So the centralized surveillance system inside of a prison, which would be the model for total information awareness nowadays.
And that's all going, it's all concomitant.
All these things go together in terms of this ideology.
So, if we can't be managed and engineered in terms of self-surveillance, which is the purpose of the Panopticon, how are we going to be managed?
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show!
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jason Atlas.
We were covering Bertrand Russell's book, The Impact of Science on Society, and his explanation of what the scientism worldview and religion is.
And he immediately moves the beginning, as we were saying, to this notion of how do we get values?
What are we going to do for the future?
He says, well, first and foremost, you need to understand Malthus.
He says Thomas Malthus is the guy who essentially gives us the quantification approach to the world and taking his economic theories and applying them to resource wars and population.
What does that mean?
Well, if there's limited resources, then we're all going to be fighting over the resources, right?
That's the way this theory goes.
And so if there's too many people, then we got to cut down on the people, right?
You've heard Satguru, this guru going around on all the TV, the TV shows and talk shows and podcasts.
And he says, there are too many people to reduce the carbon footprints.
We must reduce the feats.
Get rid of the feats, the people.
So even the mainline gurus nowadays promote this exact same Malthusian worldview, which again was originally kind of an economic theory, but evolves into a theory connected to social Darwinism, of whom Bertrand Russell is one of the most famous proponents.
It's funny, too, because Russell says early on in the first chapter that, really, we don't believe in egalitarianism.
Darwinism disproves egalitarianism.
And remember that he has a fiercely racial view as a rabid eugenicist.
So Russell, again, is not any kind of egalitarian.
He even admits that in the first chapter, but he plays the part of a liberal humanitarian democracy proponent.
And I can't, for the life of me, figure out why people don't understand this or can't figure it out.
You know, it's the people in his circles, the same, the Duke of Kent.
Remember him going on all the TV interviews?
And he says, I want to come back as a virus and kill everybody in the interviews.
And the woman interviewing him is like, what exactly do you mean?
What do you mean, come back as a virus and kill everybody?
And he says, well, can't you guess?
Can't you guess what I mean?
I mean, kill everybody, come back as a virus and kill everybody.
What exactly do you mean?
What does that mean?
You mean, what does it mean?
He says what it means.
All of these people say what they mean.
Every one of them writes books saying what they mean.
Now, what dupes everybody right away is the liberal cover.
Well, he was part of the democratic society.
He believed in democracy.
He believed in liberalism.
That's not a thing.
It's not a real thing.
Have you not figured this out?
That's a cloak.
And the same people who run the world now use the same cloak.
Somebody was just showing me a photo.
It was so bizarre I don't even know how to interpret it.
The elites at Davos go through a ritual sort of hazing process where they pretend to be refugees and they crawl around on the ground and they have soldiers barking at them so that they get the experience of a refugee.
I mean, it's probably just a photo op, right, to make it look like, oh, they care about the refugees, they care about the people.
Meanwhile, they say, well, let's kill everybody.
How can we more effectively kill everybody?
No, they care about the people.
So Bertrand Russell begins his book with liberal order, we're liberal democratic denizens of scientism, of scientism.
But then he says in the very first chapter that if Darwinism is true, then there's no egalitarianism.
Some people are more evolved than other people.
I mean, what's the title of Charles Darwin's book, right?
The Origin of Species, the Favored Races of Man.
Okay, so the whole, the very title of the book presupposes the idea that some people are not evolved and others are.
He goes on in the next chapter and says, well, how are we going to erect a fair, loving, global government?
Because he says that the scientific process and scientific technique are going to have the potentiality to erect a technocratic order that will become a nightmare dystopia.
So he says it's scary what they can do.
They're going to do all these crazy things and he's going to list them.
And who do you think he picks as the guy that is the bad version of this?
Of course, right?
So Hitler's the bad guy, which he is, but he says it's not the modus operandi of what Hitler had going.
He just did it all wrong.
He just should have put on a pink sweater.
He should have put on rainbows, right?
He should have done obeisance to liberal cover.
And there would have been no problem with his views, right?
Aside from choosing the Teutonic, Germanic idea as somehow like the ultimate, most evolved form of the race or the species, right?
Well, the only difference is that Russell says, no, it's actually the Anglo-Saxon English citizen, the Lord and Ladies of London.
They're the most evolved.
It's literally the exact same philosophy, just a different group.
But he says, what we're going to do is tweak this, where we don't pick one race.
Who cares about races?
We're just going to pick amongst the different people groups, the most elite, the most wicked, the highest IQ, the most scientifically advanced amongst all the people groups.
And we don't really care about the so-called races.
And we'll make them kind of the future class that goes into the future.
And everybody else will have to come to us, the scientific elite, and you'll have to prove why we should let you live.
He, George Bernard Shaw, says the exact same thing, part of the same Fabian Socialist Society.
And so he says, what we're gonna have to do is stoke fears.
How can we scare everybody into accepting our plan for global government and a liberal technocracy, a liberal world order?
He says, first thing we gotta do is come up with threats to the entire planet.
Planetary global threats.
What did Noah, Yuval, Harari, What did he just say the other day?
It's a global threat, climate.
We're going to have to kill everyone.
You don't have free will.
He's saying literally what Bertrand Russell said 100 years ago.
There's no free will, but by the way, we have to stamp out free will.
Well, how you stamp something out doesn't exist.
And by the way, in other interviews, just like Bertrand Russell, Harari contradicts himself as well.
In the future, there will be choices that are made at the top by the scientific elite, and then it will filter down, and then you will be ruled by the AI.
There will still be a human equation here at the very top.
They will make choices for you, and then you will be governed by the AI.
And then he says, there is no free will.
No one will make choices.
You don't have that.
That's gone.
That's old.
This is gaslighting, right?
This is just lying in your face, outright contradicting.
I mean, In one video, he says, there is free will among the elite who will make the decisions for you.
And then there is no free will, no one has free will, that's an illusion.
Okay, so again, basic fundamental contradiction at a very obvious prima facie level.
Russell says that first thing we got to do, and this is his writing in the 50s, is he says, we got to figure out ways to destroy Russia.
Yes, he says, because the Russian nation, he says, has the ability to, if they grew in population, and if they were able to maximize their resources, because it's such a resource-dense country, and so vast, they could potentially be a challenger or dominate the Anglo-UK degenerate empire, Profitius Albion.
So he says, we have to stop them at all costs.
And he says, that's why I really like the way Bolshevism and Stalinism have had such a disastrous effect on the Russian people.
Now, he eventually doesn't like what Stalin does during the Cold War.
And, you know, when Stalin rejects Marshall Plan A, this kicks off the Cold War.
So I'm not trying to say it's over oversimplified this as a Bertrand Russell was always a proponent or a fan of Stalin and his actions.
But originally, as we saw in last week's book, Scientific Outlook, at that time, writing in the 20s or 30s, he liked it.
He's like, oh, I actually like the Bolsheviks.
I like what they're doing because they're destroying and putting Russia under a scientific government.
It's a scientific experiment.
And he says, really, all this means is just get the population.
That's it.
That's all.
That's the only thing that we're concerned with.
Do whatever is possible to get Russia's population down.
And he says in this book, why?
Because we don't want a competitor to the enlightened, evolved Anglo-Saxon man.
Now, I'm not trying to make this a racial thing.
Ultimately, it's not.
It's a spiritual problem.
It's a problem of evil.
Uh, but that's the attitude that Bertrand Russell has as a rabid eugenicist at this time.
And remember, although he, in practice, disagrees with Hitler's philosophy, he just has another version of a Hitlerian philosophy, which says, kill everybody.
And I'm going to show you in the book where he says this, at the end of the book, in a kind of shocking way, actually, what he said.
It's just the exact same thing the Duke of Kent says, right?
He says it in a more, a more pressing, more fundamental way.
Not talking about being reincarnated as a tiny British virus, but as a black death, as we'll see.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Don't go anywhere.
I'm Jay Dyer, your guest host.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We're talking about Bertrand Russell's explanation of how the technocratic government will be put in in a sneaky little stealthy way so that you won't fall for it and you will think it's liberal.
So he's really one of the pioneers of this idea that you hear Alex always joking about, right?
Of putting on a pink sweater and knitting around, and then that will actually convince people that, oh, it's not threatening.
It's not scary because it's not stormtroopers coming at me with jackboots.
It's tech guys bouncing around and giggling in pink sweaters and hoodies, right?
And Trendy Socks.
Alex is always making this joke.
Well, that's accurate.
Bertrand Russell is one of the first guys to really come up with this idea.
It seems to me to say, well, all you have to do is dress your death order up in a bunch of liberal garb and people buy into it.
Now, the whole world is basically duped by a liberal face, liberal front to a death cult.
So it's like there's an inner death cult core And then there's like a pink outer portico of soft, sensitive softies, right?
So, you can be in the profane pink outer core or you can be in the inner death core of just pure Satanism.
Now, the global government, he says, that could be erected, now get this, this is his little tricky bait and switch he does, he says, there could be a terrible world government that is erected.
That's a scientific dictatorship.
That's his, the way he describes it.
And he says what they'll probably do is attack the food supply through genetic modification, through tainting everything with toxins, making everything basically poisonous, deadly.
He says they will use inoculations, vaccines, diet, Well, he's saying this before Jonas Salk in his book said, let's use vaccines to experiment on people on a wide scale.
He says that.
And we'll do this, he says.
He's saying, I don't advocate this, but they might do this.
But by the way, later on, I will advocate this.
This is what he does.
So keep in mind that he's playing right now like he doesn't believe in this.
But he says this scientific dictatorship will do all this in a backdoor stealthy way.
But what they'll do is convince everybody that it's good, liberal and healthy by using pop culture.
So Bertrand Russell was one of the early pioneers of pop culture.
Again, makes sense because he's in the same circles with H.G.
Wells and the Fabian Social Society, who pioneered using popular culture to promote his scientism, global order, depopulation agenda.
All of the H.G.
Wells science fiction is just a fiction version That will reach the masses of his more boring technical stuff about world government that nobody reads.
But everybody's going to read War of the Worlds, everybody's going to read Alan and Dr. Moreau, Time Machine, all these books that promote his version of scientism.
Russell says, do not use logic on the masses.
They will not be convinced by your reasoning and your logic and your objective argumentation and facts.
He says, use music, pomp, Smoke and mirrors.
He says that will get everybody convinced.
Look at all the pop stars.
This is the whole pop culture is getting you to accept the culture of death.
That's it.
And he even says that they will become so sophisticated at this technique of using the pop culture to brainwash that you will be able to convince people in this technocracy that snow is black.
They'll be so brainwashed that if I tell you to say that the snow is black, you won't just say it is because you think I want you to say that, you will actually believe it.
And that is what Orwell is writing about in 1984, is what's in these texts of Russell.
Orwell was describing what the people that he was around wanted to do.
Who do you think he's talking about?
He's talking about this!
No, Russell goes on to say, well, look, uh, globalism is inevitable.
And what I just told you sounds like a nightmare, right?
He says that the nation state is an old defunct idea and that's dead and gone because now we live in the world of power blocks and the world wars enabled us to transition into power blocks.
And so now we have a basis to get rid of international law.
He says that the nuke crisis and the nuclear war, nuclear proliferation and all of this stuff, really that's just the means by which there would be an international policing governing unit coming out of the United Nations, coming out of the Baruch Plan.
And that was kind of what helped us move away from the notion of international law into a power block world where there is no such thing as international law anymore.
And then he goes on to say that there will be a fake left.
So, the very chapter after that, Chapter 3, he describes the technocracy, he calls it a scientific oligarchy.
He says they'll have a left cover.
I wonder how he knew that.
Well, maybe because he is the left cover for this.
And I'm going to show you how that's the case.
Now, he goes on and says that when this really comes into fruition, when they really set up this 1984 scenario, he says it's going to be the worst thing you could imagine.
He says, because there's going to be spying and surveillance of everyone at all times.
There will be child spies, right?
Your children will be incentivized to rat on you, parents, authorities, etc.
And so it will be intentionally inverted.
He says there will be such things as geoengineering, cloud seeding, They will use, as we said, vaccines, diet.
They might even promote the most heinous things like cannibalism for the masses.
He says because anything that works to sterilize, stunt, deform, and basically stultify and make you unable to have offspring to go into the future.
He says that's the goal.
And then he says, the model for this is Plato's Republic.
He says it on page 51 right there.
Plato's Republic.
Plato's Republic.
See that right there?
There he says it.
Plato's Republic.
So if Plato's Republic is the model, maybe we should be aware of what Plato talked about.
Maybe we should be aware of the fact that Plato said that we need to practice infanticide.
We need to kill large portions of the population so that they don't get out of balance with Mother Earth.
That was Plato's view.
He says that in this global government there won't, in the technocracy, that's his word, there will not be rights, there will not be anything like that.
He says that it will all be top-down control by a scientific elite.
And he says it will all be under the cover of democracy.
Now he says, and he uses these kind of platitudes, oh it's just, it's not really fair and it's not really what we would like to do and maybe this isn't the best idea.
Uh, and he says, I don't like all of that sound.
That stuff sounds bad.
So he says, here's the better way to do it.
So now he's just going to take all that horrible stuff.
He's going to say, let's just do it in a nice way.
I'm not kidding.
That's what he says in the book.
He says, there's better, nicer ways to do it, easier ways to do it.
And so he says that we're going to have to lie to everybody.
There's going to have to be a large.
Scale deception to get this across, but he says really keep in mind that the public never knows what's going on.
Anyway, they're always duped.
Anyway, the public is stupid.
So just keep lying to them and telling them that this is the best for them and keep selling it as freedom.
And he says look at the models of the eye linen.
He says linen was a model of this.
Democratic socialism.
He says sell the people on collectivism and democratic socialism.
For their own good.
It's all a lie.
But who cares?
That's what's... I mean, they deserve it.
Because they're stupid anyway and they need to die.
So he's telling you, people that believe this, that you're dumb.
If you believe this.
And then he's the same guy that brings the Frankfurt School Marxist over to the West to help destroy Western civilization.
By his own design.
To bring in the technocracy.
Don't go anywhere, we'll be right back.
As we look at Bertrand Russell's evil texts.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We were talking about the technocratic world government that Bertrand Russell predicted to come in and the liberal cover that he puts on it.
And then later on in the book, he's going to tell us what he really wants.
What does he really want?
Well, as we're moving through, we saw the Republic of Plato as the model.
He says that the New World Order really is about death.
He says that the world order that's coming will utilize the power and principle of death To steer the species to its proper end goal, in his mind, in the sense of steering and commandeering evolution.
Since death is part of the natural process, he argues, then death should just be accepted and the scientific elite need to utilize death.
He says that really what this leads to is the need, the necessity for an international global authority that trumps every local nation state and law.
Now wait a minute, I thought he said a few minutes ago that he doesn't want to see a tyrannical world government.
Oh, this is the nice world government.
See, this is the nice one.
Oh, OK.
So, yeah, this is the liberal one, not the tyrannical one.
And the nice one is going to give you the vaccines, give you the GMO foods, give you the sterilization, give you the toxic culture in a friendly coon pod way.
So you're going to enjoy it.
You see, it won't be hard.
They're going to put you in a camp and and murder you.
They're going to murder you in a slow kill way.
And that was the whole ethos of the Fabian socialist slow kill model.
You see, so he was part of that group again with H.G.
Wells, George Bernard Shaw, the Fabian Socialist, who had as their model both a wolf in sheep's clothing as their symbol and a turtle because it's a slow version of this.
It doesn't work very good to stomp down the streets, you know, in stormtrooper outfits.
That scares people.
Just dress it all up in propaganda and liberalism and health and consumerism, basically.
Death, he says, is actually the real deity.
I'm not joking.
He says that.
If you really want to understand who God is or what God is, what people call God is really just a symbol of their fear of death.
And he says on page 78 that really, death is the real God.
And if he says, if you want to understand our worldview, we have accepted death, not just as a reality, but as the real motivating power in the universe in evolution to propel the species.
So it's a death cult.
Yeah, we worship a death cult.
Do you remember in Planet of the Apes, a really silly series, Cheeseball, but in I think the second installment, there's a cult in the post-apocalyptic monkey world that worships the bomb, the bomb almighty.
They have a religious service where they worship this bomb.
And although that's a goofy B-movie, that actually is a great image of the attitude of Bertrand Russell.
They have like a liturgical service and like a choir, and there's like a cult of really pale, mutated people who worship the Balm Almighty as the symbol of mass death.
Yeah, there you go.
That's it.
It's a whole church service they have.
You want to go to Church of Bertrand Russell?
There you go.
That's his church.
So, don't go there.
I'm not joining that church.
He says that the reason we believe this is just scientific pragmatism.
We don't care about truth.
We don't care about anything.
It's all about will to power and force.
Now, wait a minute.
That doesn't sound very liberal.
I thought you were a liberal fan of freedom and democracy.
Now you're telling me that Might makes right?
That social Darwinism leads to a Nietzschean will to power?
That sounds like Hitler again.
I thought you were against Hitler.
No, I'm not against Hitler in terms of his philosophy, Russell's saying.
I'm against the approach he took.
He did it in all the wrong way.
He should have just done a music video, right?
If he had done an MTV video and dressed it all up in Skittles and candy, Right, then it would have been fine.
And he would have gotten a lot more done.
And in a sense, I guess you could say Russell is right about appealing to the weaknesses in human nature that from a pragmatic standpoint, if they had if the people seeking global government had utilized the latest research in terms of Bernays, right?
Walter Lippmann, admin type stuff, admin type stuff, they could have been able to sell it a lot better.
And guess what?
Oh, that's now, you see.
That's where we live.
We live now in the world where all of those techniques of advertising, psychological warfare, lying, gaslighting, selling it as a right.
This is crucial.
This is what rustled decades before Tim Leary.
Tim Leary said that, I couldn't get people to do acid on a mass scale until I told them that it was their right.
And that they were being denied their rights to do LSD on a mass scale.
He said, once I promoted it and sold it as your right that's being taken from you and trampled, he said, I learned a powerful message in terms of human social engineering.
And guess who was way before him in terms of that?
Decades ahead, Bertrand Russell.
By the way, did you know Bertrand Russell actually had free love views way before anybody else?
The 60s counterculture ethos of free love, all of that.
Russell had that view decades earlier in the 20s and 30s.
He believed that back then.
He was actually open about it, and a lot of his exes and mistresses and various people, you know, fussed about it, made a big deal about it.
And Russell saw the effects of that, and he said, why don't we just apply these techniques en masse, you see?
That's the weaponization of human biology and sexuality.
And so, you hear Alex all the time, he talks about siege, right?
These are the people that know how to conduct siege, not just in classical warfare, but in terms of mental warfare, info war, psycho warfare, you say.
And they had learned this and figured this out a long time ago.
So when it comes to big things like CUFID and getting everybody to take stabbies, what do we see the Canadian government admit?
Oh yes, we use psychological warfare techniques that NATO developed to deceive the public, to scare the crap out of them, to get them to do this.
That it was all admitted.
What do we see come out, what, yesterday?
Oh yeah, a lot of the news stories about the Ukraine are lies and they're fake intelligence, but it's for the good of everybody else.
We have to do that, you said.
So Russell goes on to say, it's true that socialism has succeeded in its fanatical creed in terms of killing millions of people.
But he says, but why is that really bad?
So he's like, yeah, socialism does work to kill lots of people.
But so what?
Like, why is that a problem?
He says, really, the problem is that it doesn't kill enough.
And then he talks about the cult of the bomb.
He actually has a chapter on the cult of the bomb.
Literally what's in Planet of the Apes 2.
Not making that up.
If you have read this book, you would know if you've seen that.
Maybe you would think, well, this is just like Planet of the Apes 2.
What's going on here?
This is crazy.
And Russell goes on to say, well, the reason I like the bomb is that it is the potential salvation in terms of depopulation.
He says that, right?
He says it might not be the best way to do it because we can't necessarily ensure that the elite will survive too, right?
Like if we bomb it, blow the planet up, right?
That's not going to be the best for us.
So what can we do in terms of warfare or strategies to get the population down?
Because then he gets to the key chapter, chapters 6 and 7, where he says, We're going to have to have a world state.
We need an international authority.
We got to sell it and dress it up in rainbow liberal garb.
But how are we going to do that to be effective in terms of radically reducing population?
This is where it gets really important and juicy in his book.
Because one thing that we got to do is right now begin the re-education process.
That's what he says.
Re-education process.
To process and socialize people into accepting this system through education.
He says that I don't see this as a future that will be either capitalists or communists.
He says, back then, I envisioned some kind of third way system that utilizes elements of both to have this global control structure.
But the number one problem, he says, is population.
So we're going to engage in a series of techniques to convince everybody that the world must be radically depopulated.
He says it's going to take a long time.
It's going to take decades to get people into this attitude.
We're living now in the time that he was talking about 100 years ago.
That's what I'm trying to tell you.
We get back, we're going to look at his techniques, how everybody will be killed.
Merchant Russell told us 100 years ago how we're going to kill everybody, he says.
Let's find out when we come back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show!
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
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And we're talking about Bertrand Russell, his view of the sneaky, sneaky, sneaky stealth way to get in this scientific dictatorship.
How can we sneak this in the back door?
Well, he says we're going to have to think about subtle things like food.
Now, we had mentioned earlier GMOs, but he says feeding the planet is something that we can immediately go to and perhaps if we cause a resource war or an intentional shortage, we can give the impression that there's too many people and there's not enough food to go around.
If we can hype this up and scare people more and more and more through zillions of dollars of propaganda, through other staged fake resource crises like peak oil.
He was talking about peak oil as well as HG Wells back in the 30s, 40s, 50s.
They said we can convince people that they're using up too much of the dinosaur juice and there's not enough dinosaur juice to go around, aka oil, so-called fossil fuels.
And he says all we have to do is inculcate guilt Make people feel guilty for eating and breathing.
That's what he says.
This is the whole chapter.
Convince the masses that they're guilty of breathing air and using oil and eating food because there's not enough.
How dare you?
He says that really this is Malthusianism applied to global logistics and global supply chains.
He says, if you can do this successfully enough to where you can keep causing these shocks to the system, and what did we just hear about shutting things down?
Pipelines, food supply lines, food shortages.
Biden just talked about it.
Yeah, there's going to be shortages, man.
Come on, man.
There's going to be food shortages.
Come on, man.
Well, that's a strategy, right?
It's not a real problem.
It's a Fortune 100 corporate engineer plan.
To intentionally cause and make there be shortages, sort of a holodomor type of thing, starve them out.
Give it the impression that it was caused by evil right-wingers and people who have farms and people that eat meat.
They're eating too many resources up and there's not enough to go around.
It's an intentional shortage.
It's fake.
It's a made-up crisis.
It's an engineered crisis.
It's a fundamental element of warfare.
It's called siege.
You hear Alex talk about it.
And all this is a siege with a bunch of lies on top of it that people are using up too many resources.
It's not true.
It's a lie.
And Bertrand Russell says, we will use these techniques on purpose to blame people.
And when people believe that it's everybody else, the people will turn on each other.
It's a really simple thing.
So all this system does is cause what you see on the screen there.
They cause that on purpose through two years of pandemic and then supply chain shortages that are done on purpose by corporate vipers.
And then they say, you are having shortages because people wouldn't get vaccines.
You are having shortages because people are eating too much meat and using too many resources.
It's all lies.
And all that does is split the population down the middle to get the zombie horde mad at the other half of the population that is halfway awake.
To get them to turn on each other, rip each other apart, and then it moves into the next phase of the lockdown and the collapse.
It's a basic warfare strategy.
It's not even hard to figure out.
And so Russell goes on to say that What can we do to get this through?
Now, I've already told you that I don't like the jackboot top-down model.
We need a nicer model or a stealth model.
He says, quote, this is page 102, the inevitable result of the increase of the population is if it is not checked, then we're going to have to resort to Malthusian laws.
I do not pretend that birth- this is what page 121 moves on to say- I don't pretend that birth control is the only way to get this done to keep it from increasing.
There are other methods which, one must suppose, opponents of birth control would prefer.
Remember he had talked about the bomb almighty and almighty and war.
He says that, you know, war has hitherto been disappointing for bringing down population.
But perhaps bacteriological warfare could prove more effective.
If a black death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full.
If a black death could be spread throughout the world in every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full.
Did you hear me?
Do you hear that?
Page 102.
Excuse me, 103.
If a black death could be spread throughout the world, In every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full.
It's a death call.
He's telling you that right there.
That's not out of context.
He goes on to say that a lot of people can handle that, but if you're high-minded, you can handle that, he says.
He says high-minded people could handle this.
Then he goes on to say that why does anybody have a problem with this?
Infanticide was essential to Plato's Republic, and the Soviet Union was based on Plato's Republic, and they had infanticide.
Why does anybody have a problem with abortion and infanticide?
He says that if you believe in evolution, you must believe in world government, because clearly we're evolving to a world government.
I mean, I don't know how, I thought there's no purpose, there's no telos, but somehow there is a purpose in evolution to guide us to world government, which it doesn't make any sense.
But yeah, this whole chapter is about that, right?
It's about the end goal, and then there's a final kind of conclusion section about, guess what?
He says that industrialization has this effect, which is good, which he says to bring down population.
He says non-industrialized populations, families, for example, that depend upon having a lot of kids to run their farm or whatever, right?
So it's kind of necessary because one of the positive effects of a scientific technocratic society is that when you get automation, you don't need people, you don't need kids.
So the more technocracy we have, the more we have a industrialized population that will be necessarily the case that not only will we not need people, we will have to have less and less people.
So he ends the whole thing by saying that the key to a technocratic future is to massively depopulate the world by any of the stealth means, the backdoor means, the slow kill Fabian socialist slow model approach.
So that's why the world has been under this gradualism ever since, for example, the fall of the Soviet Union, which remember Bertrand Russell said the Soviet Union was a fantastic experiment.
David Rockefeller, Mao's government was a fantastic experiment.
So from their vantage point, the technocrats, the scientific elite, so-called, these revolutions are mass experiments.
What happens if we do a scientific government in Russia?
What happens if we force a Maoist revolution in China, which was funded and forced upon the Chinese by the OSS?
Did you know that the OSS trained Mao's guerrillas?
Did you know that Mao was a yali, Yale in China?
Mao was helped into position by Skull and Bones, on record, public.
Yale Magazine, they have public things bragging about this.
We helped put Mao in power.
We helped change China forever through the cultural revolution that the OSS supported.
Now you understand why David Rockefeller says, oh, Maoism is great.
There's nothing wrong with that.
One of the most wealthy capitalists in the world is a massive proponent of communism.
Bertrand Russell, the face of liberal democracy, loves socialism, Fabianism, communism, Stalinism, Maoism.
Why wouldn't he love those things?
Because they get the job done in terms of killing everybody.
And he says it's a death cult and we're going to kill everybody.
And these are the means that we're going to use.
And if you can't hear that, if you can't wake up to that, you will be susceptible to it.
That's what Burson Russell tells you.
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