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Name: 20220405_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: April 5, 2022
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Alex Jones here on April 5th, 2022.
I flew into Connecticut yesterday afternoon, and I sat for 10 hours with Chris Maddy, the former federal prosecutor here in Connecticut from Costco.
And it was just next level, like a hallucination or something.
They start out with demonizing me that I believe in a new world order and a global government.
And of course, just last week, the Davos Group met, announced world government, planetary control.
Just absolute tyranny.
of this session. Are we ready for a new world order?
Just absolute tyranny. And I'm sitting there watching this unfold. And I'm just realizing
they're like 20 years ago, when 60 Minutes and the rest of them were saying there's no
new world order. There's no global government. There's no transhumanism. There's no plans
for any of this. And they're really thinking with this lawsuit, they're going to outlaw
questioning big events like WMDs in Iraq or...
Jesse Smollett or any of these things that have happened, and that questioning these and looking at the evidence and information is a crime.
But here's the big takeaway, and I'll just admit it.
I could have done a better job on Sandy Hook.
Some of the anomalies that we reported on were not accurate, and I admitted it years before I was sued.
But the issue is, this is all about them being holier than thou, and they're the arbiters of truth, and they're the Democrats, and they're the ones that love you, and Alex Jones is the devil.
To distract from how the corporate media has been caught lying to people consciously about WMDs, the list, literally.
Goes on and on.
And what's crazy is the public's basically totally woken up, not just here, but around the world.
And nothing they're doing is reversing that.
But they pick these weird neurotic subjects like January 6th, where Alex Jones and Sandy Hook, and they just obsess like a religion on that.
And meanwhile, I'm here in Connecticut.
Everywhere I go, I'm just shaking hands.
Black, white, old, young, oh, Alex Jones.
But a lot of them are mad at me.
They go, hey, we questioned Sandy Hook.
Why are you backing off?
And these folks don't even get up in their big ivory tower law firms that the world has moved on from their BS.
And yeah, do I make mistakes?
But I don't lie on purpose like the corporate media does on record.
And so yes, I am the populist champion to many.
And yes, I'm not perfect.
And it's because I'm not perfect.
But meanwhile, people love me.
And because I admit I'm wrong sometimes, people love me.
But I am not trying to lie to people on purpose.
And when I'm wrong, I will admit it.
These people will never admit when they're wrong.
Now, I've got my great First Amendment constitutional lawyer.
He's also a famous criminal lawyer, Norm Pattis, here.
And we're going to break down and talk about some of what happened today because people really want to know about this.
They want to be aware of this.
But to show how crazy the corporate media is, I got up at 6 a.m., had breakfast, and then went and shot a few segments for my show.
There were articles out there saying I dodged my deposition again because they don't get it was taped in a hotel room.
That's how crazy and out of control the corporate media is.
So yes, have I been a little reckless sometimes?
I admit it.
I've tried to get better over the years before I was even sued.
These people are completely divorced from the truth.
The Associated Press reported that I wrote a book called, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, and that I'd lost a defamation suit three years ago.
Didn't write the book?
Not in the book?
Totally insane.
When you're bringing up these lawyers, they laugh at you.
Oh, well AP can lie about you on purpose all day long, so what?
They're part of the establishment, and that's what these people are.
Connecticut is a beautiful state, but it's a bedroom community of the richest people.
We land at the airport here, I've never seen so many private jets.
Hundreds of them!
That's their commuter cars from New York coming here, and the big Wall Street bankers that have screwed this country over and sold us out and built up China want a reason to point their finger at the American people and the populace, the Midwest they hate, and the South, and say, you're the enemy.
And I've been chosen as that archetype because they see me as the common man.
And I am the common man.
I'm not these people.
So I'll talk more about it on the show tomorrow, because I'll tape some stuff in the morning before I go into this deposition.
But it's just crazy.
I sat for three depositions.
I gave them every damn document they asked for and they looked me right in the face and
they go, you've been defaulted for giving fraudulent documents to the Sandy Hook, blah,
blah, blah.
And then they use those very documents and ask me questions about them.
And of course we didn't give them fraudulent documents.
It's just totally insane to sit there and watch this happen and, and to watch them lick
their lips and lick their chops and think we're going to finally shut Alex Jones down
after the de-platforming and the lies, the debanking and the attacks and we're still
there because of you keeping us on the air.
And they want to bully all of us.
They want to control all of us.
As we warned you first, it's Alex Jones.
Then it's everybody else.
Well, now they're going to move on from just the censorship.
To the outright de-banking and de-platforming everyone.
These people want to put us in prison for our speech.
And they want to be holier-than-thou, using our emotion that we actually care and want to be truthful, to manipulate and control us when they're total sociopaths and could care less about Madeleine Albright, who they worship, who bragged, yeah, I killed a half a million kids with my sanctions, and I racked big deals.
It's well worth it.
They're like, let's not talk about that.
Their own corporate sanctimoniousness that none of them will discuss.
In fact, they worship her.
But me, I've killed no children and I'm the devil.
I'm Satan for questioning their narrative.
But I'm not the only one questioning it now.
The State Department five weeks ago on the eve of the Russian invasion said, we know Putin's planning an invasion.
He's lying and he's planning false flags.
Think about this.
Think about this.
And they said, you are Alex Jones for saying Russia may stage something.
Of course governments stage stuff, not just our government.
It happens throughout history.
False flags in the history books.
But, oh, you're Alex Jones at the State Department when you question something.
Oh, now even our own government can't say somebody might stage something because Alex Jones once said it.
And then, of course, the U.S.
government in that case was right.
Putin invented it, like, six days later.
Alex Jones was right again.
And of course, I said Russia was getting ready to invade.
And that's why they're so pissed and so freaked out, is because we get it right 95, 96, 97% of the time.
When we get it wrong, we hate that.
We want to be tomorrow's news today.
So they just don't know what to do.
Now, Norm, before you eat dinner, is going to spend about 5-10 minutes giving you his take.
Take your time on everything that happened today and where this is all going.
Norm Pattis.
It was a long and difficult day.
We appeared for the deposition at 9.30 this morning, agreed to sit until 6.
Under court order, we have to give two complete days.
We took a brief lunch break and two brief breaks in the afternoon.
One in the morning, one in the afternoon.
Alex was asked a series of questions, not as many of them about Sandy Hook as I would have expected.
There were questions about events unrelated to Sandy Hook, and it struck me as a broad, wholesale attack on Mr. Jones and InfoWars' questioning of narratives.
It struck me that the attack here was not on behalf of the parents of Sandy Hook, but on behalf of people far, far different.
People not sued in the case.
I heard questions about people, a reporter, Dan Badonde, a former reporter, who asked questions of public officials and Mr. Jones was asked repeatedly whether it was appropriate for him to ask those questions.
Those officials never sued.
They're not seeking damages in this case.
And so I had the impression watching the attack on Mr. Jones that this trial will be about something far greater than what happened at Sandy Hook.
The trial is going to be about ordinary people's ability to say, I'm not buying it.
I want to raise questions.
I want to draw my own conclusions.
Alex wasn't perfect today, but he did a good job.
He showed far more patience than I would have or perhaps could have.
And from time to time, tempers flared in the room.
But in general, I thought Alex was patient, was as direct as could be in the face of repetitive and sometimes sneering and mocking questions.
We have another full day ahead tomorrow and you know we're both going to need a good night rest and hopefully we can wrap this deposition up.
Trial is set to take place this summer and it's looking to me and I don't want to be I don't want to be called the lawyer conspiracy theorist but it's looking to me like this might be the trial of the century as to As to the right of ordinary people to raise questions and draw unpopular conclusions.
It appears to me that the Sandy Hook families have decided, together with the New York Times and Elizabeth Williamson, formerly the Times editorial board, that this is a trial not about damage to Sandy Hook, but what they perceive to be damage to the American Republic.
And they view Mr. Jones and Infowars as something akin to a cancer.
A cancer eating away at the truth.
What they're missing is that we've lost a common conception of truth, and that's what makes Alex Jones and Infowars popular.
So stay tuned.
There'll be plenty of fireworks to come.
I don't expect any of them to take place at the deposition tomorrow.
I'm hoping Mr. Jones gets a good night's sleep tomorrow and approaches the deposition tomorrow with the same spirit of deliberate calm that he showed today.
I was very proud of his performance.
Well, thank you, Norm.
And I'll just say in closing, again, this is about putting asking questions on trial.
Doesn't mean you're always right asking questions.
Doesn't mean your concerns are always accurate.
But most of the time, we're right about stuff.
I almost didn't come out and say that I thought Jussie Smollett staged things.
But the day after he did it, it didn't sound right.
The whole story sounded fraudulent, and I was right that time.
Just like I was right about WMDs in Iraq being made up.
Now, if I was wrong about WMDs and they found them, I would have said it.
But that's the difference.
I'm not Madeline Albright saying, hey, you killed 500,000 kids with sanctions you ordered.
Is that a good price to pay?
Yeah, it's good.
We have heard that half a million children have died.
I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima.
And, you know, is the price worth it?
I think this is a very hard choice, but the price, we think the price is worth it.
But see they worship her while looking at me shaking.
Chris Manning just, just, just, oh, oh, and Senator Blumenthal's son sat there mute the
And I just finally said, yeah, stuff's fake.
Your dad says he was in combat in Vietnam.
He was never there.
He ran a Toys for Tot program and a special Senate pet deal they had.
And I mean, it's just it's just insane to sit there I mean, his dad's like Brian Williams, saying he got shot out of the helicopter.
I'm with Brian Williams' son.
I'm with Senator Blumenthal's son.
And it's like the sanctimoniousness of these people is insane.
So, again, we've got nine lives thanks to your prayers and support.
And thanks to you supporting InfoWarsTore.com.
This fight is your fight.
This fight is my fight.
We're together.
God bless, and we'll have more reports for you tomorrow.
good luck.
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