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Name: 20220404_Mon_Alex
Air Date: April 4, 2022
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InfoWars, hosted by Alex Jones, criticizes mainstream media for not questioning allegations made by Ukrainian authorities regarding war crimes committed by Russian forces. He highlights inconsistencies in timelines and evidence presented by both sides and questions their validity. Additionally, the show promotes various products like privacy products and merchandise to raise funds for the organization."

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The propaganda would not be necessary if the situation was hopeless.
He won by more than 70% despite billions of foreign money used against him and every lie and every trick in the book.
And there was obviously some election fraud.
He probably won by even larger numbers.
So this is what they're scared of.
People waking up to the New World Order.
And taking our countries back.
And when he won, he said this is a victory against the globalists, this is a victory against the New World Order, this is a victory against George Soros, this is a victory against the anti-family transgender movement, this is a victory against their ungodly system that they want.
That is powerful, and that is true.
That is someone recognizing the enemy attack, recognizing what we're under, and then as soon as you recognize it, the public wakes up, you defeat it, and you have prosperity, and you have peace, and you have security.
Today's show is titled, Monday Live, Orban's Landslide Victory in Hungary Accelerates Collapse of Globalist New World Order System.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
We have the globalist statements, we have their white papers, and now we have them putting it into action.
100% the multinational megabanks headed up with BlackRock and Vanguard and the private Federal Reserve have set China up to replace the United States and to be an authoritarian model of technocracy and global cashless society.
China is the most populous country in the world and it has taken out its economy.
And in terms of its influence politically it belongs among the superpowers.
So it is accurately described as a key country of the international order.
We are 100% now being maneuvered into and we're now entering the official phase.
Of course!
We're good to go.
What underpins a world order is always the financial system.
We're about to abandon the traditional system of money and accounting and introduce a new one.
And the new one, the new accounting, is what we call blockchain.
It means digital.
It means having a almost perfect record of every single transaction that happens in the economy, which will give us far greater clarity over what's going on.
It also raises huge dangers in terms of
The balance of power between states and citizens.
In my opinion, we're going to need a digital constitution of human rights if we're going to have digital money.
But also, this new money will be sovereign in nature.
Most people think that digital money is crypto and private.
But what I see are superpowers introducing digital currency.
The Chinese were the first.
is on the brink, I think, of moving in the same direction.
The U.S.
The Europeans have committed to that as well.
Now, for folks that aren't into the economy and into economics and into currencies and into what that means, this country will look like Venezuela in just a couple years if this actually happens.
We will look like Zimbabwe or Weimar Republic Germany.
That's all we had left was a giant military and
The fact that we had the world reserve currency.
All of the major banks and the CIA and the entire federal government at the top is doing exactly what you do to burn down the US economy and shut us down and use economic warfare on us.
Like if you wanted to burn down, let's say, an old farmhouse that you didn't even want to pay to have a
You can wait till it's a rainy time, there's no burn ban, call the fire department out and burn that sucker down.
That family burned down their old farmhouse, that's cheaper than hauling it off.
So they've been pouring gasoline all over the country for a long time and now they threw the match in.
The match goes spinning through the air.
And in the last month, it actually hit, and now the house is engulfed in flame, and it's gonna burn to the ground.
And it's all been done by the Sun, it's being heralded from BBC to Al Jazeera to the Communist Chinese official daily.
If we admit that they shipped in tons of fentanyl, they deliberately bankrupted the cities, they deliberately annihilated the family, they deliberately destroyed the border, they are absolutely publicly killing the dollar right now.
And let's just get it out there.
The good old days are over.
We don't got no home.
That's why we're here.
There's nobody in Washington who works for their people in a different corner than I do.
I believe you.
I don't want to hear that.
I believe you.
So can we finish, though?
No, no, no.
Work with me.
No, no, no.
Work with me so we can house people.
That's what I'm doing.
That's what I do every day.
The money.
The money.
The money.
Do you think the average leftist is going to say, oh, I was wrong, and try to change their policies?
They're going to get more desperate, more insane, more feverish, demanding wealth redistribution by the government, administered by BlackRock and others, who are going to have the World Social Credit Score system, and the guaranteed universal basic income, and make everyone, quote, sign on their wealth into a new digital global pool with China.
So for this new global system to rise with China at the heart of it, America had to fall.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen,
We are now in the times foretold of world government, cashless societies, Margaret the Beast, nanotech, combat robots, massive starving third world populations, open pedophilia and Satanism promoted by major government and media institutions.
Ladies and gentlemen, to the New World Order.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to be live here for the next four hours.
Paul Joseph Watson is going to be coming in, Owen Schroyer and so much more.
I'm going to get on an airplane here in a few hours and travel to Connecticut.
And I'll be telling you a little bit about that coming up as well here, because it's very interesting to know the tactics of the establishment and its controllers.
But wow, what a time to be alive.
Very good news is happening.
We have Victor Orban, despite all the major leftist organizations throwing everything they had against him.
The State Department, the New World Order, George Soros.
Despite all of that being thrown at them, he won by over 70%.
Just as you've seen with the other anti-globalists in Brazil, just as you've watched here with President Trump, they stole the election.
This is happening all over the world.
In the case of Boris Johnson, he poses as a patriot, but then later stabs people in the back.
So you're going to have some people getting elected as pro-human, anti-globalists who will turn out to be globalists.
But most of them have turned out to be very, very good.
Bolsonaro, I say, is the best.
Then Victor Orban.
And then, of course, Trump.
And then it goes down the line from there.
But this is a major trend that signals the end of the New World Order.
The order that's being run by the globalist that seeks the technocracy in the post-human world.
People are really waking up too because they've just concluded a conference in Dubai headed up by the World Economic Forum titled World Government Summit with Klaus Schwab and Harari and others saying the end of humans is soon to be here.
Humans are no longer needed.
You have no free will.
These are quotes.
The old quotes are you'll have nothing and own nothing and like it and eat bugs and drink sewage.
Those are real quotes, exact quotes.
The new quotes, we've been playing them all last week, are
You have no free will.
The days of believing you do are over.
This is the new world order.
We will soon be in a post-human world.
Those of us that survive will be gods.
All the rest of you will die.
You are not needed.
So that's what the ultra-rich are meeting and talking about and doing, and saying that the global collapse is good for you to get you off of carbon.
And Booty Judge came out and said that as well over the weekend.
We've got that club for you.
They're rubbing our noses in it after decades of us warning you about the New World Order takeover plan.
Now they're openly saying world government and you're going to own nothing and have nothing.
It's incredible.
Why are they doing it?
Well, to rub our noses in it, because they've got their censorship systems in place, and they believe they can just gaslight everyone into just accepting this incredible dystopia, like convicted pedophiles running Drag Queen, Storytime, or Disney saying they want leftist groups to have access to your children at age four to teach them, quote, the homosexual lifestyle.
Those are mainline quotes, and it gets worse.
The Supreme Court nominee, Katonji Brown-Jackson, they've now released a bunch of transcripts on Friday.
The news has tried to suppress them, but finally it's in the New York Post and other areas.
We covered it over the weekend.
She chose leniency even in baby sex torture cases where grown men rape babies bloody.
And I don't mean to be so graphic here, but she sees it as a sexual preference to want to rape babies bloody.
This is a cult, ladies and gentlemen.
Now there's new footage and photos that have been released via lawsuits.
By major pro-life groups where they've gotten the videos and photos of the babies kept alive and the medical experiments done on them.
Other babies kept alive and then executed later, tortured to death.
And we've got other footage even more sickening that I'm not going to air here.
But you can imagine the type of folks that want to do that with babies are obviously doing other things to defile them and to be blasphemers and to torture God.
That is what all of this is.
And you want me to show you?
What they do to the babies, you know what?
I don't think we're going to show you.
But there's a lot of footage out and they have boxing matches with the dead babies.
They do rituals with the dead babies.
They have sex with the dead babies.
Different groups do different things.
And they make money off the babies after they're born.
And universities take the liver of babies while they're alive.
So I tell you about this stuff because you need to know the full horror of the enemy we're up against.
And of course, Joe Biden, who is a pedophile chieftain, wants to put a woman in there who said, well, if an 18 year old man has sex with an eight year old, they're in the same age group, so they shouldn't get in trouble.
And even said baby sex torture is something that people need leniency in.
The sadomasochistic torture of young kids, including infants and toddlers.
Infants and toddlers.
Isn't she nice?
But she's a black lady, so it's okay.
And she doesn't have an anglophile first name, so we've got to do whatever she wants.
Big stack on the Disney pedos right here we're going to be getting into today.
But the good news is the world is really starting to wake up to the New World Order.
And as soon as people know what it is, and know who they are, and know that they're behind basically all our problems, literally greasing the skids, creating them, setting up scams, running frauds, poisoning our minds, our souls, our bodies, as soon as the world gets this, then the pain can stop massively.
There'll still be corruption, there'll still be problems, there'll still be new cults and gangs and criminal groups to deal with, but
These people make James Bond villains look like Boy Scouts.
They are Satanist in their own admitted operating system.
You should go see Greg Reese's latest report about why they're targeting the union of men and women, which is a holy union that God created that is so powerful.
And that important video is at Man.Video in the Greg Reese section.
We're going to go to break though and come back and get into the globalist, the economy, the latest Russian news, the latest COVID news, new documents released on that front, even more damning than anyone knew.
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I want to thank all of you that have gotten the coin.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us today.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Now, before I hit all this horrible news that's very, very serious in the next few segments, I want to hit the positive news.
Victor Orban in Hungary is a great patriot, and the founding fathers would be proud to know him.
His policies, his leadership, his smashing corruption, his cutting taxes, his promoting the family, it's the kind of leaders we need.
And they've made the comments in the news, it's like Alex Jones is the president of Hungary.
Well, except he's more of a statesman.
And so, and I could tell you, obviously Orban is a listener, I'll just leave it at that, so is Bolsonaro, so are all of them.
And I've had these guys tell me and tell others that it was America's awakening to the new world order and globalism that helped them understand what was happening and what they were under, and the fact that the very same globalist forces had taken control of their countries, but have taken control of us.
Listeners of this show need to know that your investment of time and energy in this broadcast, and in other leaders that have exposed the New World Order over the decades, has built the worldwide opposition we now see.
And I don't say that so we all pat each other on the backs.
I say that so you understand that resistance is not futile, that, as we said a thousand times,
No one knows who first said it, but the propaganda would not be necessary if the situation was hopeless.
He won by more than 70% despite billions of foreign money used against him in every lie and every trick in the book.
And there was obviously some election fraud.
He probably won by even larger numbers.
So this is what they're scared of.
People waking up to the New World Order.
And taking our countries back.
And when he won, he said this is a victory against the globalists, this is a victory against the New World Order, this is a victory against George Soros, this is a victory against the anti-family transgender movement, this is a victory against their ungodly system that they want.
That is powerful, and that is true.
That is someone recognizing the enemy attack, recognizing what we're under, and then as soon as you recognize it, the public wakes up, you defeat it, and you have prosperity, and you have peace, and you have security.
So today's show is titled, Monday Live, Orban's Landslide Victory in Hungary Accelerates Collapse of Globalist New World Order System.
So, again, I know I harp on this, but the reason I harp on it is you are the vanguard that's the most awake.
It's true.
Listeners to the Alex Jones Show are the tip of the tip of the spear.
So I know you know this.
A lot of you knew it before I knew it.
The point is, is that we better get this out to everybody because this is how we beat them.
We can fight the heads of the Hydra all day long.
Hundreds of heads.
And it's important to expose the heads and what they are.
So people recognize the neck that goes back to the body and the heart and the guts and the whole system that is launching these attacks.
And so a lot of people have asked me, they've said, Alex, Glenn Beck attacked you.
Glenn Beck said terrible things about you.
Glenn Beck said you were a liar about all this 15 years ago, 10 years ago.
Why have you said Glenn Beck's a good guy?
Well, I was up there, went on the blaze.
They were nice to me, had me on their shows, didn't censor me.
He gave me a painting.
But that's not the reason.
He knows that I wasn't lying, and he is a very articulate, smart guy with millions of listeners, and he's now really helping fight the New World Order, and that's all that matters.
He's awake now.
We can't expect everybody who wasn't awake before to be perfect in hindsight.
What matters is what they do when the chips are down, and Glenn Beck's been doing a great job.
Here's two clips of Beck back-to-back, talking about the World Government Summit that just happened, and then the holy grail of their control
State-run, UN-run, digital programmable currency.
That's not Bitcoin and blockchain and decentralized.
That stuff's great.
It's the answer to the bad guy stuff.
But the central banks and their programmable tokens is the world social credit score.
It is the global carbon tax.
It is hell on earth.
Here's Glenn Beck.
We also need to pay attention to what is happening around us.
I told you a minute ago the World Government Summit
The what?
The World Government Summit happened yesterday in Dubai and it was the introduction session yesterday and I mean all the people that you know are the usual people were there.
Huge crowd, gigantic theater.
With very, I mean, all of the critical, important people.
And it was kicked off by, lo and behold, Klaus Schwab.
Here's what he said.
We do not yet know the full extent and the systemic and structural changes which will happen.
Now listen to this.
However, we do know that global energy systems, food systems, and supply chains will be deeply affected.
Got it?
We are changing things, and we don't know how that'll go.
But we do know the global energy system, the food system, and the supply chains will be deeply affected.
Well, but other than that, don't worry about it.
It's only food, energy, and how we get things.
But other than that, we're good.
This is the arrogance of the elites.
Now one of the topics their first session was, are we ready for a new world order?
Are they trolling us?
I think the reason why they're naming this is because, A, they really mean it.
It is a New World Order.
But they also see an advantage of calling it the New World Order instead of the Great Reset, which it absolutely is, the New World Order.
They call it that because that way when I say it to you and you're like, did you hear about the global government where their first session was, are we ready for the New World Order?
Everybody rolls their eyes.
That is not the solution.
The solution, if you want a digital currency, then use blockchain.
You want a digital currency, then you use Bitcoin.
And you leave the off-ramp people alone.
This is the final grab of total power globally.
You need to understand it, you need to brush up on it, and you need to stand against it.
You also need to prepare for a time when this does happen.
What are you going to do?
Most people will just go along with it because they'll say what people always say at times like these.
Well, it's not going to get any worse than this.
They'll never do that.
I urge you to watch last night's show, my TV Wednesday night special on Blaze TV.
It was really, really funny.
Classic chalkboard funny stuff.
However, I laid out on the chalkboard, in fact I want to play that clip later on in the program, I laid out on the chalkboard all the things that we all said could never happen.
I spent 15 minutes before the show just writing them down off the top of my head.
That's right, and I'm actually a member, I actually watched that even though I basically know all of that stuff.
The way he does it is very good, and if it was seen what Glenn does, if every person on earth saw it,
We did the New World Order overnight.
If you just see all the things they've already taken away, and now what they're going to take away, and how they admit they're the ones taking it away, I mean, why would anyone want these people in control?
They're a bunch of crazy criminals!
All right, folks.
We'll be right back on the other side.
InfoWars.com tomorrow, Tuesday.
There's so much we're going to be hitting.
The pedophile news is just unbelievable.
Stay with us.
The first kind of test case for big tech joining together to just delete somebody from the internet, to unperson them, was when all the platforms got together and banned Alex Jones.
And they counted on people saying, oh, I don't really like Alex Jones, he's kind of crazy.
Even if that's what you thought, you don't need to hear from Alex Jones, you have to think about the precedent, which was, now they have this power to do that to anyone, and it was so predictable they would start doing it to more and more people.
They did it to you, they do it to all kinds of people.
The same is true here.
We've had one crisis after the next.
Russiagate, January 6th, the COVID pandemic, now this war.
We're being conditioned to believe that it's in our best interest to allow the government to block us from accessing certain information in the name of national security, in the name of the public health.
And it's an extremely dangerous thing because if you let them do that because you don't want to hear Russian disinformation or whatever you've decided should be banned,
In the first instance, you have to think about the scheme, the system that you're empowering and how that's going to be used going forward.
Yeah, folks, if you want to find the rebel command base against tyranny, you found it right here.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and I, again, am very thankful to be here with you now today.
All right, let's hit the really serious news here up front.
Because for globalists, global government is just the beginning.
They want to carry out forced depopulation.
They've got to get us stunned and poisoned.
They've got to get us to submit and to degrade ourselves and let our basic human rights be violated.
We've got plenty of footage out of China and out of Singapore of robots policing people and of the public being made in long thousand-person lines to get on their knees
So that when they get scanned to see if they've got their COVID pass to be able to walk down the street or be able to get on a bus or a train that they've submitted and it makes it easier if you kneel and so you have to wait in a stress position kneeling in some cases for hours until they come to you.
Zero COVID disaster, China deploys army of parents and children separated in quarantine facilities.
Isn't that insane?
So all of it is giant exercises of power and control and the footage of thousands of vans rolling up to arrest everyone in giant tower apartment buildings.
And the same thing was done in Australia.
The same thing has been a giant beta test.
But now that massive, massive resistance formed in the West, oh, suddenly it's not a problem in Australia, and you don't need the vaccine passed by ourselves.
So that opposition doesn't keep forming, and so laws don't get passed against it, so they can bring it back later.
And if you read what the UN and Fauci and the Canadian ministers, all of them are saying, they're going to bring it back very, very soon.
In China, look at this dramatic footage in China.
Millions of people,
Sometimes lined up outside for days.
Being processed in and out of giant quarantine centers.
I saw some of the footage.
These things are bigger than NFL football stadiums.
Filled with people on tiny cots just a few feet away from others.
Children put in one area.
Men put in another.
Women in another.
Total dehumanization.
They didn't even have COVID!
Piles of garbage on the ground?
That's one of the quarantine centers, that's someone even bigger.
Imagine, this is the new world order, this is the global social credit score, this is their plan.
But let's talk about the other forms of mind control going on.
Here's a speech therapist, says her clinic has seen a 364% increase in patient referrals of babies and toddlers and every other major
Speech therapists are saying they're seeing the same thing.
Massive increases in suicide.
Massive increases in bankruptcies and homelessness.
As people were put into a two-year tyranny.
Here's a clip of her on 25 News.
Here it is.
Jacqueline Teague says during this pandemic, her speech therapy clinic has seen an enormous shift in the ages of their patients.
Before the pandemic, only 5% of patients were babies and toddlers.
Today, it has soared to 20%.
Many parents calling it COVID-delayed.
We've seen a 364% increase in patient referrals of babies and toddlers from pediatricians and parents.
And they are children that are having a difficult time speaking.
Speech delayed.
Babies start learning how to speak by reading lips as young as eight months.
So what happens when lips and faces are covered up by masks?
Well, therapists say for some kids, they can work around the mask and still learn to speak perfectly fine.
But for others, it can cause speech delays.
There's no research out there yet to say that this could be causing speech and language delays, but most definitely it's, I'm sure, a factor.
It's very important kids do see your face to learn, so they're watching your mouth.
That's orange.
Can you say orange?
That was a good try.
Brianna Gay is raising five children, but it's her youngest who needs therapy.
It definitely makes a difference when the world you're growing up in you can't interact with people in their face.
That's super important to babies.
We're seeing a lot of things that look just like autism.
They're not making any word attempts and not communicating at all with their family.
If you go back to the founding of Islam, 15, 1600 years ago, at the crossroads of Mecca and Medina, there were a bunch of warring tribes that would rob the caravans coming out of the east and then coming through what is Saudi Arabia today and then up into Syria and into Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire, now also under Islamic control, now known as Turkey and
It's capital, no longer Istanbul.
Constantinople previously, now Istanbul.
But the point is, is that you're tuned in and you say, Alex, what are you talking about?
Mohammed and children not being able to speak or talk and basically having their speech centers damaged.
Brain damage.
Causes brain damage.
What does that have to do with Mohammed?
Well, when they would kidnap women, they'd put hoods over their heads.
And then even after they got taken thousands of miles wherever they were being sold to, when they took the hood off their head, because they didn't want damage by sun and flies and all the rest of it, because they wanted to sell them on a slave block.
Then the women were also told so other men wouldn't see what other men owned to cover their faces again.
And if you go back to the ancient writings, many of the women had trouble speaking in the Middle East and other areas under Islamic control.
So see, all this mind control you see today is old mind control.
When you gag somebody, when you cover their face up, when you do this to children particularly, over long periods of time, you're screwing them up for life.
And the system knew damn well what it was doing when it was doing it.
We got to go to break, but I want to come back and get into these new Pfizer documents.
You know, they've been battling in the last year to not release any of the documents, but a few groups of documents have been released.
Now the biggest tranche or group has been released, tens of thousands of pages.
And this just happened on Thursday, and now folks have had a chance to read through them, and they consciously covered up massive blood plots, massive heart attacks, explosive levels of myocarditis, heart swelling, and ADE that killed a bunch of people, and it's exactly what we thought would be in the document.
The Moderna hurts and diseases and kills three times what Pfizer does.
It's the same shot, basically the same thing, but it's three times stronger.
And right there in the data, it's three times roughly the level.
I mean, it's right there, and they blacked it out the first time they released it, showing they know what it says, obviously.
It's their weapon, and then the judge ordered it unredacted, so now they released it unredacted, and there it is.
Open and shut, a weapon to destroy people's immune systems and cause massive illnesses and problems.
And remember, about 1% of adverse effects get reported, so this is in the millions of dead.
So the world's awakening to the New World Order technocrat plan, and their answer is, use a virus scare, which they said the Rockefeller Foundation documents, Operation Lockstep,
They would use a virus scare to bring in the casual society, to bring in the control, to bring in masks, to bring in checkpoints, to overthrow our open, free society.
Not to protect us or empower us, but to enslave us and then finally kill us.
Here's some of the headlines.
Mask wearing has led the generation of toddlers struggling with speech and social skills.
And it goes through the evidence and the information there.
Good news.
Judge strikes down New York City's mask mandate for toddlers.
Mayor vows to appeal.
They never want it to go away.
This is a cult, ladies and gentlemen.
The nanny state.
Here's the big article.
Came out over the weekend.
It's linked to all the documents.
Recently unredacted documents prove Pfizer and FDA new antibody-dependent enhancement occurred in the vaccinated.
But what else do the numbers show?
Let's go ahead and play this Naomi Wolf clip, clip four.
She talks about the documented deaths from Pfizer versus what's happening with Moderna.
That's the exact same shot, just three times stronger.
Here it is.
Thank you.
So, you know, you have the deck, you have the deck and the cons.
So just it's your baby.
You roll.
I will make good use of it because people really need to know and understand.
What these amazing volunteers and the lawyers are finding in these documents that again, to remind everyone, Pfizer and the FDA tried to conceal.
These are public documents they tried to keep from you.
So in just 2021, there were 1810 deaths from Pfizer vaccines or after Pfizer vaccines and 1832 from Moderna.
So now I'm going to highlight a big difference.
Of the total adverse events in 2021, Pfizer's first dose was, pay attention, 145,664 adverse events.
Bad things happened.
Moderna's first dose, pay attention,
A big difference.
All right, so let's drill down into that.
You see something pretty creepy.
Some of you are probably already remembering that a few weeks ago, here on this show, which as far as I know is the only platform where anyone is doing the kind of reporting that should be done about this
You remember we did a feature on how there were different dosages of the mRNA, the lipid nanoparticles between Pfizer and Moderna and the other brands.
Well, there's an 89,000 difference between Pfizer's bad outcomes and Moderna's bad outcomes, much worse for Moderna.
So I will now tell you that remember the Moderna micrograms were 100 micrograms per dose for adults and Pfizer's first dose was 30 micrograms.
Right there, people who got Moderna for a first dose, and I don't want to scare or upset anyone, but you know, the sooner we realize what has happened here, the better we can treat people and care for people, right?
Moderna was three times the amount of lipid nanoparticles, I keep going back to these, these tiny, hard, fatty casings, these industrial casings.
Now, scientists in Europe and scientists in Asia, simultaneously,
Have rolled out just like radio was invented in several different parts of the world at the same time because that's just how the technology had advanced.
They have now come out with nanotech graphene oxide programmable nanotech that they say they're going to put down your throat like something out of the matrix that will then be programmed to go where they want to find things in your body and take it out.
This is not a joke, ladies and gentlemen.
Well, what do you think they're doing?
They're already implanting you with graphene oxide.
They've got the patents to use that to turn you into the blockchain and track and trace everything you do.
Everywhere you go, this is the takeover.
of society, ladies and gentlemen.
So we've got more on that.
What they're doing is they're just rolling all the technologies that are developed just to overwhelm you.
So you accept all of it being used against you.
But this is a big deal.
Recently, unredacted documents prove Pfizer and FDA knew antibody dependent enhancement occurring in the vaccinated.
They knew it was happening.
And what did they do?
They covered the whole
So 18 to 64 in Europe, in the UK, in the US, they found the exact same number.
Not down to the fraction, but down to the number of 40%.
Of working age people increase in death, not from COVID, but just in general in 2021.
And now the number's even higher in children and in teens that took the shot.
That is out of the National Office of Statistics.
The government put that out.
And see how we just report on this like it's no big deal?
They're killing us, and they're doing it and testing to see if we wake up and say no to them.
Yeah, we got the media all focused on the Russia-Ukraine war, while the elephant in the room is the Pfizer clinical trials and documents.
Rand Paul says, once upon a time, Anthony Fauci could tell the truth about natural immunity.
We've played that video many times from over a decade ago where he says, oh, the best thing is natural immunity.
It's the gold standard.
It's just hundreds of times better than a vaccine, which is well known.
But now, remember, you couldn't talk about it.
LinkedIn blocked links to natural immunity data.
Even medical doctors were banned.
Instagram did it.
Facebook did it.
They won't even let you link to JAMA studies put out by the Journal of American Medicine.
Twitter did it.
There you go, folks.
And Fauci says, get ready.
More stuff's coming.
And good old Google has added new fact checkers to news and will push users to credible sources.
How else can you get away with mass murder like this?
By controlling the information.
Infowars right again.
World Health Organization admits COVID vaccine linked to hearing loss.
UK government now admits that COVID vaccines are gene therapy.
They got a bunch of other ones they want to make you take now.
Pretty big deal.
No wonder they want us off the air, because they're not going to get away with this if humanity
Is aware of what's happening.
Now, I want to hit the big economy news, the military news, and more than Paul Joseph Watson's going to join us, Owen's going to join us.
We've got so much that we're about to be breaking down here today.
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Welcome back, my friends, to the Tip of the Spear.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
All right, I'm just going to play a few of these clips.
This is just what I came across today of government leaders, corporate pitch people, the Prime Minister of Canada just saying outrageous lies about how good the vaccine is and how wonderful it works and how if you take it, you can't spread the virus and you can't get sick.
Statistics show it actually makes you sicker, destroys your immune system.
That it makes your sex life better, they're saying.
There's no evidence of that.
Another total lie.
And then Trudeau just saying it's so magic he took it and it was just so incredible it made him feel so good.
Let's play the head of the CDC.
And then let's play this little PR piece about how it makes your sex life better, and then at the end, we're gonna play Justin Trudeau, and maybe Luke Trudeau a couple times, because it's just so fake, so ridiculous, that if a used car salesman walked up acting like this, you'd run off the car lot.
I mean, he looks like the American Psycho Dude.
Here it is.
Our data from the CDC today suggests that vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don't get sick, and that it's not just in the clinical trials, but it's also in real-world data.
Get real.
Get real.
Get real.
Get real.
Get real.
Get real.
Get real about COVID-19 vaccines.
Child, I wish.
Personally speaking, not for me.
I'm so horny.
There's been no evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines are associated with impotence or affecting your sex drive negatively.
In fact, speaking to one gentleman recently, he told me that the vaccines actually has improved his sex drive and he actually wanted to take another shot, which I discouraged because that's not the purpose of the vaccine.
Everybody that I've spoken to said that they are having more sex than ever since they got the vaccine.
Listen, because I feel like since we took the vaccination, it's been on 10 or 20.
You know what?
Let's say 100.
The virus itself is what causes the impotence, meaning that males are unable to get it up.
If you have people struggling to rise to the occasion when they get the COVID-19 virus, but that has not been reported when it comes down to getting the vaccine.
Every day, all day, all the time.
I don't know about importance at all.
It's a lie.
Don't believe it.
Getting that shot really was an amazing feeling.
It hits you.
Getting that shot really was an amazing feeling.
It hits you.
Getting that shot really was an amazing feeling.
It hits you.
Getting that shot really was an amazing feeling.
It hits you.
Getting that shot really was an amazing feeling.
If you think he actually took the shot, I got a bridge.
I'm willing to sell you in Manhattan and I got some oceanfront property.
In Arizona and from my front porch, you can see the sea.
And then I've got stuff even more insane than this.
I mean, the Supreme Court nominee, Brown Jackson, they got the transcripts where she's like trying to let people out of jail that produced child porn of people raping toddlers.
Yeah, there it is.
She chose leniency in baby sex torture.
I mean, come on, man.
To quote Joe Biden.
But again, they've got all the leftists will do anything they're told.
They're in a cult, so they've gone over the edge of this idiocy cliff.
But this was always going to happen.
Our tolerance of evil has allowed this to manifest.
Our tolerance of corruption
Has allowed this to happen.
Thomas Jefferson was once asked, what is the level of tyranny to which evil men will put us under?
He said, the level to which you will accept.
We are the governors of this.
We have allowed this.
The censorship, the control, the devaluation of our currencies and all of it.
We're going to lay out the devaluation of currencies straight ahead on the other side.
And then we're going to hit the peat on us.
In 1978, I was four years old.
I'd just gone and watched the first Star Wars installment with my dad and was blown away.
And yes, we used to sit there and watch Saturday Night Live, Saturday evenings as a family.
So no doubt, as a four-year-old, I watched this Dan Aykroyd comedy piece, which predicted what we're now living under, where politicians and central banks are telling us, first that inflation wasn't happening, then, oh, inflation's not that bad, well, it's gonna get intense, but hey, it's gonna make what you have in the bank worth more.
Actually, it's not.
It just makes what you have in the bank worth less.
But here is a piece of comedy
From 44 years ago that doesn't make you laugh, it makes you cry.
Inflation is our friend.
For example, consider this.
In the year 2000, if current trends continue, the average blue-collar annual wage in this country will be $568,000.
Think what this inflated world of the future will mean.
Most Americans will be millionaires.
Everyone will feel like a big shot.
Wouldn't you like to own a $4,000 suit?
And smoke a $75 cigar?
I know I would.
Drive a $600,000 car?
But what about people on fixed incomes?
They have always been the true victims of inflation.
That's why I will present to Congress the Inflation Maintenance Program, whereby the U.S.
Treasury will make up any inflation-caused losses through direct tax rebates to the public in cash.
Now you may say, won't that cost a lot of money?
Won't that increase the deficit?
Sure it will!
But so what?
We'll just print more money.
We have the papers, we have the mints.
I can just call up the Bureau of Engraving and say, Hi, this is Jemma.
Roll off some of them twenties.
Print up a couple of thousand sheets of those century notes.
Sure, the glut of dollars will cause even more inflation, but who cares?
Everybody will be a million.
So that's Dan Aykroyd making fun of Jimmy Carter 44 years ago.
But we can blame Jimmy Carter, we can blame Joe Biden, but they're just puppets.
It's the Federal Reserve that's doing it.
And just like it was okay to make fun of Jimmy Carter back then, great.
Terrible guy, I don't like him.
An angel compared to people like Biden today.
But still, they're not actually running it.
So if you just blame them, the same globals continue to dominate and control.
Want to know who to blame?
People like JPMorgan's head.
And they're going to continue to do all this as long as they think they are getting away with it.
The minute they start getting the blame, like Disney is for all its pedophile promotion, they're going to start backing off.
That's why they want to use politicians as their foils, as their quislings, as their front man, as their shields, as their birdcage liner.
Now speaking of real world tyranny, here's Buttigieg, he said this a few months ago, he said it a few weeks ago, he said it again yesterday, he said, until we achieve a form of energy independence that is based on clean energy, no such thing, they blocked all the real stuff.
You will continue to see price hikes.
It's happening because of inflation and devaluation of the dollar and policies moving the world away from dollars.
That's the reason and blocking oil pipelines and blocking oil and gas exploration.
That's why it's happening, Buddha judge.
But people are like, hey, he's married to a dude.
So we got to do whatever he says.
It's like the new Supreme Court nominee.
Oh, she's a black woman.
So she's allowed to say it's okay to torture babies to death.
It's so cool!
It's so amazing!
Look, he's a little nerdly dude, but he's married to a guy, so it's okay!
As if I even care what he does in his life.
No wonder he's into dudes.
He can't get women.
The point is, is that that doesn't give him an excuse to rape me and my family, because he's a chicken-neck little nerd!
Let's hear from this buck-toothed monster.
The Grinch That Stole Christmas.
People losing their lives.
This is the guy that gets out of three armored SUVs and then gets on a bike to ride a hundred yards for a photo op.
He's a joke.
And he hides behind the fact that he likes Oscar Mayer winners.
What does that have to do with him and his policy?
You can't question him.
Oh, he has sex with dudes.
Oh my gosh!
It's like Tim Cook.
Well, Tim Cook runs the biggest death camps in the world, but he does wear black sweaters, turtlenecks, and he, you know, he is gay.
Oh, well!
It's like the Indian guy that owns the
He said, I don't care if there's death camps, kill all those Muslims.
Everybody went, well, I mean, he's got brown skin.
You know, it's like, well, if you've got brown skin and you're gay, you know, we've got Katanji Brown Jackson chooses leniency even in baby sex torture cases.
Well, I mean, you know, baby torture sex is okay if she's black, okay?
And Buddha Judge is gay, so, you know, I mean, we've got, and the Warriors guy's got brown skin, so.
It's like, hey, hey, death camps are alright as long as they're endorsed by somebody with brown skin.
Because as we know, only white, straight white people, I'm sorry, straight white people are bad.
Like Martin Luther King told us, only judge people on their skin color.
Do not judge people on the character of their life or their deeds.
Don't judge them on their job performance.
That's racist.
Judge people on their sexual orientation?
What color their skin is.
And you know, if you're a creepy-looking dude that says they're a woman, why not be a four-star admiral?
Hell, he may say he's Ali Baba.
He may say he's the genie of Aladdin's lamp.
And they may say that Dr. Rachel Levine is a whale or an Easter Bunny.
Hell, hell, hell!
Dr. Levine, ladies and gentlemen, isn't just a man posing as a woman, posing as an admiral.
He's Santa Claus.
He's going to wear that admiral outfit that's got an anchor on the hat.
These federal agencies.
I love how the left made fun of Space Force when the Air Force actually has a big space weapons platform and Trump wanted to expand it.
They said, oh, that's ridiculous.
Look, they're wearing Space Force uniforms.
That group doesn't exist, even though it's like the most important asset the U.S.
And then he's up there with a Navy admiral outfit.
Saying he really wants to save trans kids, and I've got the Jeopardy winner, the guy that won Jeopardy that poses as a woman, that dude is saying kids will die if they don't get these life-saving surgeries.
Like, if we don't cut seven-year-olds' genitals off, or give them puberty blockers, oh my God.
Oh my God.
If we don't do that, children will die, says the creepy weirdo that wants to talk about our children all day.
You know, used to, weird dudes wearing wigs that wanted to talk about children, they were in Alfred Hitchcock movies like Psycho.
They had their mother dead, mummified in the basement.
You know, but now, oh, ah, yes, look at that woman won Jeopardy.
Oh my God.
No woman had ever won Jeopardy.
Women are smart, but statistically with factoids, just like men can't have babies, no woman had ever beaten the male champion.
But you know what?
Finally a woman rose to the top.
And there she is.
And again, with the White House seal behind him.
Just like the Admiral outfits.
It's like, again, hey, I bet the kids would sit in his lap if she wore a Santa Claus outfit.
Have you guys thought, where do the kids sit?
Santa Claus's lap?
You want the kids to sit in your lap?
It really is unspeakable that the Supreme Court nominee, I don't care unless she's a black lady.
Man, in fact, I'd love it if she was a black lady and pro-gun, pro-family, pro-America.
Then we could, like, stop using race as a weapon in this country to control, but that's not gonna happen.
So they're trying to ram this individual through.
Meanwhile, we have just incredible new levels of censorship going on here in the United States.
But we've seen Elon Musk criticize in great detail the censorship and woke culture he's seen at Twitter.
So here's where I stand on this.
We have Bandot Video, we have InfoWars.com, I believe in building our own things.
Though the left has tried to shut those down.
But yes, Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and Google, all of those groups have Section 230 immunity because they operate as a utility that unless you break the law, they don't take you down.
And so we should go back to the free internet post-Alex Jones ban of four and a half years ago.
And Elon Musk has been saying that.
Now, he's gotten the largest share at 9.2%.
It's not a controlling share.
And I don't want to get back on Twitter just so I can reach more people just for me, though I would like to.
I would like to get back on it as a symbol of freedom and then have some real rules that are defined, like don't call for violence, nothing illegal, things like that.
So let's see.
Twitter stock surge.
It's on Infowars.com after Elon Musk buys 9% stake.
And he's been saying he wants to either reform Twitter or create his own Twitter.
So that would go a long way in his positive column.
He's come out against forced inoculation.
He says he doesn't like the vaccine.
That was a big positive thing.
He says he doesn't like the globalists.
He doesn't like woke culture.
That's a good move.
He's got
Implant that goes into his brain, really bad epilepsy from a motorcycle accident.
He doesn't just have the one that stimulates the vagus nerve.
He's got the more advanced one.
First he had that one, then he got another one that's more advanced that actually goes up into the brain.
And man, when he starts to have a seizure, which is a lot of the time, he'll be sitting there having dinner with him.
He'll be like, you know, I really had a good time the other day visiting your cousin.
He sounds like Sling Blade, but it's like computerized.
And then he never even knows it happened.
So when his brain starts having those brainwaves that show he's about to have a seizure, that thing kicks in.
So I'm not against technology if it's transparent, if you have free will, if you choose it.
But all the technology the globalists are selling us
And pushing on us is absolutely nightmarish.
But I gotta go visit my uncle sometime in East Texas.
I was just there a few months ago with him having dinner.
And it happened five or six times over a few hours.
And just put a camera on him so when it happens you can see it for yourself.
We were sitting there playing dominoes and he's talking, yeah and I tell you it's a great day, alright.
It's like, whoa, you can hear the digital, whatever it's doing to his brain.
It's crazy.
So we live in the 21st century.
We live in Buck Rogers' land.
This is where we are.
And it really is incredible.
To realize that we've got all these different systems that are godlike in their power, but we're still just the same humans that have been killing each other and living in squalor and barbarism since the beginning of time.
Well, cracks are starting to really show, and there's an article out of Town Hall pointing out that Biden, in most polls, has below a 30-point approval rating.
His better polls, mid-30s.
And they ask the question, it's like Democrats want to be crushed in November.
But no, no, no.
They have a job as blackmailed, compromised, controlled minions to bankrupt America to get control of us.
They're just front people for the big banks and the Great Reset that's on record doing this.
So people look at them and go, why are they going against their own interests?
Why are they going against their own children's interests?
Why are they destroying themselves?
It's because they're puppets.
They're minions.
They do what they're told.
Stop looking at Biden as if he runs something.
Yeah, I dislike him.
Yeah, get rid of him.
Yeah, politically expose him.
But realize, he's a minion.
If some organized crime gang kidnapped your wife or something, would you be mad at the guy that did the kidnapping?
But you'd want to know what group did it and who the head of that cartel was.
Because you'd want to put heat on them to give you your wife back.
It's the same thing.
But if a crime cartel could just commit crimes and not have it known that it exists, like the Italian Mafia had until the 50s as they were blackmailing J. Edgar Hoover, well, they could get away with anything.
But as soon as they were exposed, now their agency had to stop being on the payroll of the Italian Mafia.
There were other mafias, too, and had to start actually doing something, at least on the surface.
We're going to go to break, ladies and gentlemen, and come back with Paul Joseph Watson.
He is loaded for bear.
Also, we're going to have the great Owen Schroyer in here.
Please remember, the only way we stay on air is your support.
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Paul Joseph Watson takes over.
Stay with us.
And I will be in studio and I've got, well, you could say maybe some big announcements coming up.
But you should be supporting InfoWars now more than ever.
I'll explain why coming up in the next hour.
But we have Paul Joseph Watson dialed in, ready to go.
He's been all over the Ukraine situation.
He's got great guests coming up today too.
He's going to be live hosting the next hour or so of the Alex Jones Show.
I'll be right here in studio as well.
Paul Joseph Watson, take it away.
Thanks, Owen.
Yeah, we got a guest coming up at the top of the hour.
Somebody who's tried to pass the propaganda on both sides and get to the truth of what is actually taking place in Ukraine with these alleged atrocities.
Who's responsible for them?
Are they actually happening?
Because, of course, we've got this massive new push for war over the past few days.
MSNBC, CBS all calling for both their guests and their hosts, by the way.
No fly zones, American boots on the ground, because of another alleged war crime.
They're also talking about mass graves, which of course we saw back in 2003, 2004, with the invasion of Iraq, that was justified partly by weapons of mass destruction claims, which turned out to be completely BS, phony baloney, and of course claims of mass graves containing, one report was 400,000 people,
Killed and put into mass graves by Saddam Hussein's regime turned out to be absolute crap, which is why we need an ounce of skepticism.
We don't just take reports, videos filmed by Ukrainian soldiers of quote war crimes, amplify them without any study whatsoever.
But of course that's what's happening across the entire
Pro-Ukraine Western media today.
I've got a guest, as I said, coming on at the top of the hour who has followed more intensely than anyone, I would say.
Saucers on the ground on both sides, both the Ukrainian side and the Russian side, to try to deduce the truth of what is happening.
Headline, Russia claims Bucha Massacre a false flag as US media calls for direct military involvement in conflict.
Remember, the biggest lobbyist for the escalation of this war, apart from defense contractors and ex-generals on Fox News and people like that, is left-wing, quote, progressive journalists themselves, and we saw that again on MSNBC and CBS Today.
Well, yesterday over the weekend, Russia has responded to claims that its forces committed war crimes by brutally murdering civilians in a town close to Kiev.
Calling the incident fake, or KIEV, sorry as we've got to call it now.
Suddenly everyone started calling it KIEV a few months ago.
I'm not going to do that.
Calling the incident fake and labelling its orchestration as a staged false flag provocation.
Of course they're going to do that, they're being accused of it.
But how do we know who's telling the truth?
Well, we don't.
So we don't just mindlessly amplify news stories as real because of videos handed to the Western pro-NATO media by Ukraine, by President Zelensky.
Obviously they have a motivation.
To try to push America and the NATO powers into helping them escalate this war.
Zelensky has called for a no-fly zone every step of the way.
It seemed that those calls were dying down, they were waning.
Well now, they're very much back, front and centre.
Article continues, the mayor of Bukha, this town, this region, shared footage and photographs of dead bodies strewn about the streets of Bukha, which is 23 miles northwest of Kiev.
Now what's interesting is that this same mayor, I believe it was two days before, announced with great fanfare, by the way, that Booker had been liberated.
And during his announcement, there was no mention of any war crimes, any atrocities committed by the Russians.
You think he'd be the first to use his platform to point the finger at the Russians for these supposed dead bodies that were strewn all over the area, tied up, executed, cold blank.
You think he'd be pushing that front and centre?
Well he didn't.
Two days beforehand, he announced that the town was liberated and made no mention of atrocities.
Then the highly heralded as of neo-Nazi group, who apparently are completely acceptable and fine now because they are neo-Nazis.
The media is now even calling them far-right.
They've stripped the neo-Nazi from them entirely.
They entered Buka the day after the mayor announced the town was liberated.
Then the day after that, the UK Ministry of Defence receives these videos from the Ukrainian government of alleged Russian atrocities.
Now are you a Kremlin stooge if you don't immediately swallow 100% of this narrative that they're trying to feed us?
Well, even the New York Times said it was, quote, unable to independently verify the assertions by Ukraine's defense ministry and other officials.
So the New York Times came out and said, we've just been given these videos, again, filmed by the Ukrainian authorities.
This is what they say happened.
They say it, so it must be true, right?
They have no motivation to lie about it.
And this is how the US legacy media responded in the hours after this story emerged.
Let's go to clip one.
CBS Margaret Brennan.
And note how she frames how she received, or how the network received, this alleged war crime atrocity footage.
CBS Margaret Brennan.
Here's the clip.
Mr. President, your team shared with us a video, images that your government has gathered of what has been left behind outside of Kiev that I do want to share with our viewers.
And I want to ask you about it.
Looking and listening to what Vladimir Putin has said, he's called Ukraine not a real country.
He said it's controlled by little Nazis.
He's called you a drug-addled thug.
Is he someone you can negotiate with?
Now note how she framed that at the start.
These videos, this footage that was shared with us by Ukraine officials, by President Zelensky.
Again, none of it's been independently investigated or corroborated.
They were just given the footage and they swallowed the narrative, amplified it, regurgitated it.
But MSNBC's Ali Velshi went even further, using this footage, these alleged atrocities, wholesale point-blank just claiming that they happened exactly as the Ukrainian official said they happened, not even having an ounce of nuance for understanding that they would have the motivation to escalate the war by saying this is what happened no matter what happened, he directly called for US military involvement.
This wasn't even a guess, this was the host of the show.
MSNBC Ali Veshy clip 2.
Here it is.
Past the point of sanctions and strongly worded condemnations and the seizing of oligarchs' megayachts, it's no longer sufficient as the evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity continue to grow.
Vladimir Putin has no regard for life or humanity or even the rules of war.
He's proven that time and time again, and he has also pursued the indiscriminate killing of civilians time and time again, twice before in Ukraine and in Chechnya.
The global world order and potentially democracy's survival hang in the balance.
If this isn't the kind of moment that the United Nations and NATO and the UN and the G20 and the Council of Europe and the G7 were made for, what is the point of these alliances if not to stop this?
The world cannot sit by as Vladimir Putin continues this reign of terror.
There you have it.
The global world order needs military escalation, which of course will almost inevitably lead to World War III.
But not to be outdone, John Spencer then went on the same show called not only for military escalation, but American boots on the ground.
Clip three.
Hey, look, I know what this means.
Here it is.
I know what I'm saying.
I served for 25 years.
I served to protect the innocent.
We are the leaders of the free world.
So yes, and my wife still serves.
I don't speak for her, but I'm ready to commit at this moment, unlike I was.
To stop Russia.
Call it peacekeeping.
Call it what you will.
We have to do more than provide weapons.
And by we, I mean the United States.
Yes, we're gonna do it as a coalition with lots of other people.
But we are the example.
So put boots on the ground.
Send weapons directly at Russia.
This is a massacre.
This is a special kind of evil.
So there you have it, immediately again swallowing, regurgitating the narrative.
But unlike CBS, unlike MSNBC, we're going to come back on the other side and ask a few basic pointed questions about what actually happened in this town of Booker, who is responsible, and how that is going to affect things going forward.
We'll be back on the other side.
Don't go away.
You know, dealing with the liberal left
Cultural decay would be kind of funny if it wasn't the total destruction of the future, if it wasn't the total annihilation of our prosperity.
It would be kind of funny because they do things like this.
I mean, this is just hilarious.
New York City announces a new digital billboard campaign in five Florida markets, denouncing the hateful Don't Say Gay law, which doesn't even exist, and inviting Floridians to move to New York.
Of course, the exact opposite is happening.
People are leaving New York and droves going to Florida, and they think that this billboard that says gay on it about a thousand times, just gay, gay, gay, gay, gay,
And it says, come to the city where you can say whatever you want.
Oh, Democrats are free speech again?
Democrats are pro-free speech again?
That's an interesting one.
So yeah, you know, Paul, it'd be funny to deal with these people if their cultural rot wasn't going to destroy the future for humanity.
It'd be kind of fun making fun of them with their little gay virtue signaling and Ukrainian virtue signaling, whatever else they do.
But following these people means the annihilation of humanity.
So we kind of struggle to laugh.
But Paul Joseph Watson here with us, taking back over now on the Alex Jones Show.
Gay, Paul!
Gay, gay, gay!
Gay, gay, gay, gay!
Yeah, it's like, thou doth protest too much, isn't it?
Interesting with those polls on that subject, where basically a fraction of boomers, a small percentage of Gen X, describe themselves as LGBT.
But now, 20% of Generation Z describe themselves as LGBT.
Now, their old argument used to be, oh, you're not, uh, you don't choose to be gay, you're born gay.
Okay, so why are huge increases in numbers of people announcing that they're gay based on later generations if it's all a natural process?
Of course, it's because of social engineering.
The algorithms of TikTok promote this LGBT crap, this agenda, over and over again.
We had them denying for decades that there even was an LGBT agenda, now they openly announce it on Disney with children's programming.
So again...
They're pushing this lifestyle via social engineering.
The fact is it's an incredibly unhealthy lifestyle.
We've seen the depression rates in gay people.
We've seen the suicide rates in transgenders becoming even worse after they have the dreaded op.
So again, it's an incredibly destructive and unhealthy lifestyle for the individuals who are suckered into adopting it to make themselves look unique and try to stand out and rebel.
The old way to rebel as a youngster was, you know, through music, through becoming a punk rocker or a grunge kid or an emo kid or whatever.
It was a phase.
Now the phase goes right the way through to chopping your members off, and that's a very permanent thing indeed.
So we continue to struggle with that.
As he said, it's become no laughing matter.
I'm going to get back into Ukraine now though, because...
Before the break we played those clips.
The immediate reaction from the US legacy media to this claim that 410 bodies, again hands tied behind their backs, shot execution style in this town in Ukraine provided
...to the Western media by Ukrainian troops.
Of course, Russia claims that all their forces left the town of Bukha on March 30.
Can you believe them?
They've got their own propaganda, but why then should we automatically believe the propaganda on the other side?
They claim they left on March 30.
What is a fact is that the mayor of Bukha, Anatoly Fedoruk, said in a video address on March 31st,
Two days before these videos were released of alleged war crimes atrocities in Boca.
He said in a video address that the town was liberated, the Russian soldiers had left, there were no Russian soldiers there at all.
He didn't mention any of these atrocities.
If these atrocities had occurred and were the responsibility of the Russian troops, who had left on March 30th, why on March 31st is he not mentioning these atrocities?
The timeline seems to make very little sense.
Then we have this report out of summit.news.
Ukrainian police said they conducted, quote, clearing operation in Bukha a day before the dead body videos emerged.
This was a Facebook post in which the Ukrainian police said, quote, today on 2nd of April, in the liberated city of Bukha, Kiev region, again, basically hours before these atrocity videos were released,
Special units of the Ukrainian National Police began clearing the area of saboteurs and accomplices of Russian troops.
Now what's interesting about that is that you get a battalion like the Azov Battalion.
They declare saboteurs and accomplices, collaborators, to be anyone who basically doesn't do what they say.
If you don't immediately join up with them and support the Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, you are a Russian collaborator, you are subject to whatever horrors that they're going to inflict on you.
So the Ukrainian National Police posted on Facebook that they were involved in liberating, clearing the area, and again, made no mention of these 410 dead bodies.
Why is the Mayor not talking about it?
The day before it happens, basically.
The day before the video's released, at least.
After Russian troops have left.
After they've, quote, liberated the town.
Why is he not talking about it?
And why is this Ukrainian National Police Force talking about clearing the area, and again, not mentioning these dead bodies, hogtied and shot execution style?
And again, these questions aren't being asked by MSNBC, CBS, they're just wholesale coming out and saying, this is it!
We've been waiting all along for the mass casualty war crime atrocity!
Oh no, how convenient, we found it!
Now maybe we can get that no-fly zone and that nuclear Armageddon that the world really needs!
For peace!
So we have that explained in that article.
Then we had a bizarre thing happen on Fox News a few nights ago.
Headline out of InformationLiberation.com.
They are what they are.
They were defending our country.
Zelensky brushes off reports of Azov Battalion committing atrocities.
He basically just says, well, they may have done some bad things in the past, but then we absorbed them into the Ukrainian military and it was absolutely fine.
Bear in mind these battalion fighters are responsible for those people being, again, tied up to lampposts in many Ukrainian cities.
These are Ukrainian civilians for allegedly being Russian collaborators.
They've been blamed for a number of other atrocities.
And now Zelensky is on Fox News saying, well, so what?
They're our guys.
They're the good Nazis.
When Fox News's Brett Baer asked President Zelensky on Friday about reports of Azov battalion committing atrocities,
Zelensky appeared to brush them off by saying they are what they are.
They were defending our country.
And in fact, we have that clip.
It is clip four.
Zelensky on Fox News.
Here it is.
I want to have you clear something up for us.
And this is these reports about the Azov battalion that is said to be Nazi affiliated organization operating as a militia in your country, said to be committing their own atrocities.
What should Americans know about that unit, about those reports?
So Azov was one of those many battalions.
They are what they are.
They were defending our country.
And later I want to explain to you.
Everything from all the components of those volunteer battalions later were incorporated into the military of Ukraine.
Those Azov fighters are no longer a self-established group.
They are a component of the Ukrainian military.
Back in 2014 there were situations when our volunteers were encircled.
And some of them did violate laws.
Laws of Ukraine.
And they actually were taken to court and got prison sentences.
So, law is above all.
They were given prison sentences but then they were later overturned and then absorbed into the Ukrainian military.
The interesting thing about that Fox News clip where he's basically brushing off the question of the Azov battalion committing atrocities is that that was taken from the live Fox News broadcast when Fox News
...uploaded this interview to both YouTube and FoxNews.com.
The question and the answer about atrocities being committed by Azov Battalion was cut out completely by Fox News.
Hmm, interesting that, isn't it?
Meanwhile, Breitbart reports satellite photos show mass grave in Ukraine.
Russia denies involvement.
Yet another claim of a war crime and atrocity.
Space imaging company Maxar Technologies published satellite images over the weekend that appear to show earthworks of a mass grave in the wake of the withdrawing Russian army at Bukha, Ukraine.
So not only do they have the atrocities, the dead bodies on the street, they have a mass grave too.
Reuters report on Sunday its journalists on the ground in Bukha had witnessed a mass grave at a church, but could not confirm it if it was the same site that Maxar Satellites pictured.
And again,
Nobody's denying that there were hundreds of bodies littering the streets of Booker.
I mean, some people throw up videos and say, oh, their arms were still moving or whatever.
Haven't seen that.
I'm not denying the fact that these atrocities happened.
The question is who is responsible?
The mainstream media has already made up its mind because it's perfect, convenient propaganda to heighten the tensions, to escalate the isolation of Russia and the war and get the no-fly zone.
We'll be back.
Don't go away.
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So we have the claims and counterclaims of atrocities in Bukha, reports of mass graves.
Of course, I flash back to this.
I talked about it at the start of the show.
We had exactly the same claims during and after the invasion of Iraq in 2003-2004.
Does that mean that there isn't a mass grave in Bukha?
Does that mean that the Russians didn't slaughter 400 people, execution style, leave them on the streets?
But it means you have to analyse claims which are clearly motivated by Ukraine's desire to see more military involvement by NATO powers, a no-fly zone and an escalation of the war.
You can't just let it slip by completely unchallenged.
We're supposed to have a media for a reason.
They're supposed to ask those questions.
Of course, as you've seen from Biden's press conferences, they do the exact opposite.
It was like during the COVID press briefings, both in the United States and in the United Kingdom, where they never questioned whether lockdown was the right method to take, despite the fact that we now, in the aftermath of it, all have huge studies
The John Hopkins study and others proving that it was the completely wrong decision to take, that they were on the wrong side of history.
It caused more harm than it did good, locking down healthy people and failing to go for herd immunity, as we now see in China, with that blowing up in their faces.
The journalists were supposed to be there to say, why are you locking down?
How can you justify this massive impingement on human freedoms in generations?
They did the exact opposite!
They said, why aren't you locking down harder?
Why don't you weld us inside our homes like they do in China?
And they're doing the exact same thing once again because there is no truly impartial media left anymore.
The fact-checkers as well.
The Ministry of Truth.
Only fact-check one side of the equation.
The innumerable hoaxes and staged events that have admittedly occurred during this war.
Snake Island.
The Ghost of Kiev.
The mobile crematoriums that weren't there.
The so-called attack on the Holocaust Memorial in Kiev that didn't happen.
Jewish-Israeli journalists literally went there the day after and said it was completely unscathed.
Zero fact-checks on any of that from any of the Ministry of Truth fact-checkers.
And again, there'll be zero inquiry into this.
But I flash back again to the Iraq War.
Again, not saying there isn't a mass grave, not saying that both sides aren't committing atrocities.
I'm saying you have to ask basic questions when there's such a devastatingly
Risky motive involved.
PM admits graves claim untrue.
This is a headline from The Observer from July 2004.
Downing Street, the British government, has admitted to The Observer that repeated claims by Tony Blair that 400,000 bodies have been found in Iraqi mass graves is untrue, and only about 5,000 corpses have been uncovered.
Same thing with the 45-minute warning that Blair came out with before the invasion, saying that Saddam Hussein could attack the United Kingdom with WMD within 45 minutes.
Again, completely made-up nonsense.
All that came out after, when the first casualty of war is truth, you have to ask basic questions.
Pedro Gonzalez tweets, Zelensky lied about Snake Island.
No one died.
Lied about terrorism at Chernobyl.
Lied about Babayar, which is the Holocaust memorial attack, confirmed by Israeli journalist on site.
His Booker comment should make us more sceptical of Ukraine's claims.
Now of course we flash back to the Ghouta chemical attack in Syria, alleged attack carried out by Bashar al-Assad back in August 2013.
Used again to increase the drumbeat for war.
Very nearly almost justified or greased the skids for US military boots on the ground in Syria.
Turns out it wasn't carried out by Bashar al-Assad's forces.
It was carried out by the Western-backed jihadist rebels.
A report by MIT found that it was impossible for Assad to have carried out that attack, but that report only emerged the year after.
So these claims have to be investigated.
Many times they turn out to be fake.
The narrative is entirely wrong.
Don't go away.
We'll be back.
We are back, and we're going to continue to talk about these alleged atrocities, because you will get no inquiry, scepticism, or nuance from the mainstream legacy media whatsoever.
They've simply seized upon them and said, finally, we have a justification for a no-fly zone, for an escalation, for, as one MSNBC guest called for, as we played the clip in the last segment, American boots on the ground in Ukraine, because that's gone so well before in the past 60 years, hasn't it?
So again, we're doing the job that the mainstream media refuses to do.
We're not saying that atrocities aren't happening.
We're not saying there isn't a mass grave in Bukka.
We're saying, basically, we need to get some independent verification and try to deduce exactly what happened and who is responsible.
And to do that, I'm going to be joined by my guest now, who is Michael de la Brock.
He has an excellent Telegram channel, which everyone needs to follow.
For in-depth, intense updates on the ground situation in Ukraine.
It is Wuhanka Watch.
You can search for that or you can just search for Michael de la Brock on Telegram and follow that channel for the very latest.
Michael, welcome to the show.
Hi, Paul.
Just check I'm coming for you, okay?
Yep, loud and clear.
Now I want to ask you about this
Alleged atrocity.
They say 410 dead bodies found, hands tied behind their backs, shot execution style.
There's been absolutely no challenge to this narrative from the mainstream media.
They said they were handed the videos by Zelensky's government.
There were reports that they were filmed by Ukrainian troops.
Again, we have reports that the mayor
In that town came out two days before these videos emerged and said the town was liberated, all the Russians have left, he made no mention of these atrocities.
Again, not to say that they didn't happen, but we have to analyze the timeline here.
Moscow has obviously come out and said that it was staged by the Ukrainians, they say that about everything.
From what you've seen, from the sources that you follow there on the ground, what's the best guess as to what actually happened there and who was responsible?
Yeah, so to sort of round off what appears to have happened in the Boca area and in the
Obviously, the allegation from the Western media propping up from the Ukrainian government sources is that the Russians have essentially engaged in a mass murder, a massacre of the local civilian population.
I am a bit sceptical of that on a number of grounds, because just looking at some of the footage that have emerged of the event, of the alleged events, is that it looks to be separate incidents.
Some of the bodies, from what I can see in some of the footage, seems to have been there for at least a couple of weeks.
Some of them appear to be fairly fresh, which is what is the main thing propping up the allegations that the Russians are alleged to have just killed everyone as they left the town.
And then there is this quote-unquote mass grave.
So the Bucha massacre, as such, it's packaged as a singular event, but it doesn't actually appear to have been that.
It seems to have been different incidents.
In terms of the timeline, I had a look through the various footage for people who aren't aware, who aren't in my Telegram group.
I share footage from the sources, from Ukrainian and Russian sources as it emerges onto the Telegram so people can follow it in real time.
And I had a look at the timeline from whenever
It appeared that the Russian army was starting to withdraw from the northeast of Kiev.
So, from what I could gather from looking back on it, it appears most Russian forces, if not all of them, had left around about the 30th of March.
There was then some civilian drone footage of Hostomel Airport, which is actually north of Boko.
The airport, for people who aren't aware, Hostomel Airport, that was the base area of Russian offensive operations in the northeast of Kiev.
So this drone footage that emerged, that appears to have been taken around about the 30th, potentially the 31st, it showed the airport was completely abandoned.
It was
Probably not the best turn of phrase but it was dead for lack of a better term.
So the Russians had vacated the area around that date.
Around the 1st there was some footage that emerged 30 miles north of some fighting in a town called Ivankov.
Which appears to have been the rear echelons of the Russian army leaving.
But then there appears to have been a bit of a lull.
It was around about the 2nd of April is whenever the first significant amounts of footage started to emerge of Ukrainian soldiers in the Bukha and in the Hostomel area.
And I did a sort of a deep dive through my telegram and through some of the sources and there was one instance where they reported on civilian casualties but they didn't make a strong claim one other way.
Given some of the footage that has emerged yesterday, because yesterday is whenever these claims, the massacre claims, emerged in large numbers, it would be strange, and it is puzzling to me, that Ukrainian soldiers didn't come across bodies lying in the street in some of the footage that they are purporting that
That illustrates or displays that this massacre had occurred.
So there appears to be around about a three, four day period between when the Russians had left the area, the area was and then officially Ukrainian troops had entered.
So in that short space of days, there doesn't appear to have been anyone actually
Any forces on either side officially within Hostomel or in the Buka area.
So there is a possibility that maybe some Ukrainian troops, maybe this false flag narrative, maybe that's where that could have emerged.
Because as I was elucidating a bit earlier on, the Buka massacre, quote unquote, is not a singular event.
It is separate events.
One thing that is puzzling to me is that some of the dead that have appeared in some of the videos are actually wearing a white ribbon on their arm, which would be very strange if the Russians had shot these people, because for people who aren't aware,
White ribbons on the arms of Russian soldiers, especially in the Northern Front, that is the identification mark for Russian troops.
So if there are civilians wearing white ribbons, that is curious.
Could these have potentially have been more pro-Russian civilians, quote-unquote collaborators, who might have been left behind by the Russian pullout?
Because the Russian pullout appeared to have been quite chaotic and quite sudden.
And then maybe some Ukrainian forces or national battalion moved into the area, came across these civilians and essentially dealt with them in the summer, just there and then.
That could be something that needs to be investigated.
But as you were saying earlier on in the show, is that all the footage that we are largely getting is footage that is approved by the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian army.
It is footage that is filmed and edited by Western media or it is supplied by the Ukrainian army and as we both know they aren't exactly the most unbiased sources.
That is not to say that Russian troops haven't engaged in potentially some criminality or horrific events.
I am minded to believe in some instances, particularly in some of these apparent executions in basements, that because of the age of the bodies, that those were more likely to potentially have been some incidents of Russians engaging in that.
But in terms of the most popularly popularized footage of the event, there is a number of questions that need to be asked.
The big thing to me that sort of raises a lot of questions is,
Discrepancy in time, what happened in those three or four days between the Russian pullout and Ukrainian forces officially went in in force?
And why are these civilians seemingly wearing white armbands, which is quite identifiable as an identification mark for the Russian army and potentially pro-Russian civilians?
Yeah, it's interesting you mentioned that this could have been a longer drawn out situation where you have obviously a lot of people killed due to the fighting in that area.
We did have the report about mass graves, so this was March 10th.
Alex Salvey on Twitter says the first signs of the excavation were seen on March 10th.
More recent coverage on March 31st shows a grave site with an approximately 45 foot long trench.
So they, if this is true, they had mass graves on March 10th.
So they already had a great volume of dead bodies to have to create mass graves on March 10th.
So then, presumably, there would be enough bodies killed by whichever side to then lay out on the street and claim that a new Srebrenica had occurred, a new massacre, to then blame it on the Russians.
It seems entirely possible, given what we've seen, you know, regarding all these other staged incidents in the past.
But we're going to come back on the other side and talk about it more with Michael de la Brock.
Go look him up.
He is on Telegram.
We'll be back on the other side.
We are live and we are talking with Michael de la Brocque-Bulhanka Watch on Telegram.
Go and follow his channel.
Following on the source material footage from both sides of the war, Ukraine and Russia, to try and get to the bottom of what is actually happening.
This is not a Daily Mail front page where it's basically just
100% propaganda all the time.
It's not RT, it's not Sputnik.
It's trying to ascertain the truth as gleaned from sources right there on the ground.
We're talking about the alleged massacre in Buka which the war party, the journalists are lobbying for a no-fly zone for American boots on the ground.
They're comparing it to the Srebrenica massacre of 1995.
And they're asking absolutely zero hard-hitting questions about it whatsoever!
They're just being handed footage by Ukrainian government and saying, here it is, this happened, this is horrific, we need war!
But it's interesting, Michael, that the Ukrainian National Police posted on Facebook on 2nd of April, hours before these videos emerged,
Quote, today on 2nd of April in the liberated city of Bulka, special units of the Ukrainian National Police began clearing the area of saboteurs and accomplices of Russian troops.
Were those saboteurs later the dead bodies that ended up on camera?
We also have claims by Russians with attitude on Twitter, which is obviously pro-Russian bias, but they say
The Azov Battalion was in that area.
I know you said to me before it doesn't operate in that area, but we had an alleged video from an Azov Battalion member saying, the boatsmen boys in Bukka, and he says at the six second mark you can clearly hear the dialogue, there are guys without blue armbands, can I shoot them?
F yeah!
And you mentioned that before where
Numbers of the victims were wearing white armbands, which would normally denote that they were either pro-Russian saboteurs, as the Ukrainians would call them, or Russian troops.
So, is there any evidence that Azov Battalion was involved in this massacre?
Not that I have seen so far, but that's not to rule out the possibility of it.
Just to clarify,
I am aware, I've been made aware that there does appear to be a small unit of Azov battalion fighters operating in the Kiev area, but in general Azov, most of its fighters are deployed in Kharkov or they're currently in the process of being destroyed in Mariupol.
So that was where there was a bit of a contention with myself earlier on.
But there are nationalist battalions, sort of
Other battalions, National Guard-like battalions in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, like Azov, that have been operating extensively within the Kiev battle zone.
So the Adair battalion, I'm aware that they potentially more to the east of Kiev, but they have also been operating to the northwest in the Bukha, the Urpin battlefront as well over the past month.
So the problem is
You cannot really ascertain this stuff unless these people film it at this stage, until there is an independent forensic investigation of the bodies and of the scene.
Unless these people are idiotic enough, and in some cases the Azov Battalion in particular has been rather foolish enough to film themselves engaging in various atrocities and war crimes on their own, it is hard to properly ascertain who could have committed these offences.
If you will indulge me just for a second just as I go back to something you said just before the break.
You mentioned war cry, mass graves, and if I could just quickly touch on that because mass grave is obviously quite an emotive term that's being thrown around a lot but the one thing to sort of understand, although each of the bodies will have to be examined that comes out of that grave, is that whenever the Russians moved into the area at the start of the war it was a very chaotic and very
The fighting was very heavy in the area so that would assume that there was probably potentially a fair number of civilian casualties as well as Ukrainian casualties and Russian casualties themselves.
Obviously the Russians will be more minded to take their dead back home to via Belarus and to Russia but in terms of the local civilians who were killed in this fighting
Because of the very nature of a battlefield it is not the most hygienic thing to leave bodies just lying out in the open over weeks and potentially a month because that spreads disease amongst local troops.
So one explanation, I'm not saying it is the explanation, but one hypothesis behind this mass grave
The date, as you said, apparently appeared around the 10th of March.
That's whenever the Russians would have established themselves within the area.
Very well, a lot of those bodies could actually have turned out to have been civilians that were killed in the fighting within the area, and then the Russians themselves moved them for hygienic purposes into that mass grave.
Just also, just to quickly touch on it as it appeared on the screen, that unfortunate gentleman who's in that sewer grate, from my understanding this is one instance where it does actually appear very strongly that the Russians did potentially kill
That individual and his family, because from my understanding, from the footage I've seen, that man was the husband of the mayor of a small village to the east of Hostumal called Mushroom.
And the mayor and their, the female mayor and her family were reported to essentially being
Yeah, I think so.
But obviously it's not conclusive without a proper forensic investigation.
The wider scale of the death that's occurred in the area, I would struggle to make a conclusive decision one way or the other at the moment.
And I think without, again, an independent forensic investigation, I think it's very dangerous for Western press to just
Assume a certain narrative whenever a lot of the facts of that narrative are only coming from one side.
Okay, I just want to touch again on Azov Battalion because we have this headline out of CNN.
A far-right battalion has a key role in Ukraine's resistance.
Its neo-Nazi history has been exploited by Putin.
We see the New York Times removing the neo-Nazi label and simply calling them far-right now.
Of course, Zelensky himself admitted that
Much of the Azov battalion was absorbed into the Ukrainian military and his comments were cut out by Fox News.
Have you seen evidence from your sources that you're following there on the ground of Azov committing these kind of atrocities that are going unreported by the mainstream media in the West?
Yes, extensively, particularly in the Mariupol area.
There is, in bizarrely kind of a similar fashion, but in reverse of what's happened in Boca, is various Donetsk, the Donetsk People's Republic, is their army and there's the Chechens and the Russians have advanced into Mariupol.
There have been a fairly large number of instances where they have actually come across
Yeah, absolutely.
Sort of forward operating base that was in the bottom of in the cellar of a school or supermarket.
There is also cases of civilians that had their hands and their legs binded by cord and they had been essentially summarily executed and.
I don't know if you're looking to get into this in maybe another segment, but Azov appears to have been involved in some quite visceral and horrific footage of the torture and potential murder of Russian prisoners in the Kharkov area as well.
Yeah, we'll get into that on the other side, Michael.
Stay right there.
One more segment.
Don't go away.
We'll be back.
And we're live.
We're talking to Michael de la Brocque of the Bohanka Telegram channel.
Go and subscribe to that Telegram channel right now for
Live breaking footage and analysis from on-the-ground sources, both pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian, on the ground there in Ukraine.
We were talking before the break about atrocities, the Azov battalion, claims of people being taped to trees, Russian saboteurs, and you were just getting into it there, Michael, a couple of weeks ago now, I believe it was, we had these, and in fact last weekend it was, we had these horrific videos of
What appear to be Russian prisoners of war being unloaded from wagons by Ukrainians, shot in the leg, shot in the knee, abused, left to die in agony.
We also had the footage which was posted to Twitter of Ukrainian soldiers filming themselves calling up the mothers of dead Russian soldiers and mocking them.
That was very nice.
Were these culprits that apparently carried out this war crime atrocity against these prisoners of war ever captured?
I know there was a claim that they were captured by Russian special forces but then that subsequently turned out apparently to not be true.
What happened during that incident which barely got any mainstream media attention and is there any update as to whether the perpetrators have been caught?
Yeah, so just in preparation for this, I actually had a look back and tried to find some footage of some of the incidents and they appear to have been completely scrubbed from Telegram as far as I can tell, which is interesting to know.
But for people who haven't seen it, and if you are minded to go and look it out, I have to caution you, it is very graphic footage.
In the hours before the actual video itself dropped, there was footage of essentially
Russian soldiers had been stripped effectively naked or down to their boxers, their underwear, as they had surrendered to some of the patches that you could definitely see in some of this footage were Azov fighters and this was in the Kharkov area.
So at this time as well, this was a week ago, it was, you're talking about roundabout freezing temperature, that was disturbing in of itself and then
A day later, quite visceral footage emerged of Russian prisoners of war lying down on the ground in rows.
Obviously bleeding from their knees or from their arms.
And then the footage pans to a recently arrived van.
The troops are identifiably Ukrainian.
They're wearing Ukrainian marks.
They identify themselves as Ukrainian.
They look Ukrainian.
The prisoners look Russian.
And as free Russian prisoners get out of this van,
Uh, essentially Ukrainian soldier comes up to them, shoot, basically shoots the arm off of one of the Russian prisoners and then blows the kneecap off of the other two.
And then that was followed up with another short clip shortly after it where
The Russian soldier who had his arm effectively amputated, there was a Ukrainian effectively standing over him, filming him on his phone, and there was no evidence at all in any of the footage that any medical provision was provided to any of these soldiers.
I don't think I need to say that there are major arteries in the legs and in the arms, and if a tourniquet wasn't applied or proper medical provision was given to these prisoners, it is very likely that many of them probably perished as a result of it.
And then added on top of this, perhaps the most graphic footage that I've seen, is a
There was an alleged Russian prisoner.
The footage was within a stairwell where a Ukrainian soldier or Ukrainian territorial defense, because there is a difference between the Ukrainian army, the Azov battalion and territorial defense, but I think this particular individual was territorial defense.
The Russian soldier appears to have had one of his fingers physically cut off and then
The footage does show it, and the screaming is quite horrific, but this Ukrainian soldier then proceeds to murder this Russian prisoner by thrusting a knife into his eye.
And then that particular Russian soldier, there was then footage emerged later where effectively his body had been burned, but you could still identify from the facial features who it was.
So just to quickly address your comments about if these people were actually apprehended, I believe some Russian sources did claim that they did apprehend them, but it did turn out in hindsight that they did not.
Some of the alleged perpetrators who engaged in these acts actually ended up live streaming themselves and mocking the Russians from a live stream in the Kharkov area.
But as you touched on,
There are instances where Ukrainians have actually physically called the families back in Russia to mock Russian dead.
I'll not go too far into that because it gets very dark, some of the footage I've seen and some of the instances of it.
But some of the Ukrainian soldiers, again, largely Azov battalion from the examples that I have seen, they themselves have actually fallen into Russian captivity and the Russians knew and know who these people are.
If you don't want to be doxxed, essentially do not anger Russian Telegram users, because they seem to be absolute experts at being able to identify and geolocate people, and they've made it their personal mission to identify the Ukrainians who are engaged in this, and like I say, some of these people have since fallen into Russian captivity.
The Russians haven't executed them, and it does look like some of them might have
Yeah, and I mean the point is, you know,
People will say, oh they're just Russian invaders, they deserve everything they get.
Well no, we have like Geneva Convention for a reason, we have...
War crimes denunciations for a reason.
Even Zelensky himself came out, I think a couple of days after that video emerged, and said, please don't commit war crimes, by the way.
So if the Russians were doing that to Ukrainians, if they just unload them from trucks, shoot their arms off, shoot them in the knee, watch them bleed to death in agony, that would be a global outrage, that would be an atrocity, that would be a Putin-sponsored war crime, it would be sustained wall-to-wall media coverage 24-7.
This one, I didn't see any, maybe they came out after, but at the time I didn't see any mainstream media coverage of it whatsoever.
I didn't see the fact checkers trying to get involved.
I didn't see anything, but we got a couple of minutes left.
I just want to get into the overall wider perspective.
Of course, we were told in the West, though, Russia expected to mop up all these major cities in days.
They expected it to be over in a couple of weeks.
I never really believed that at the time, but did Russia really expect it to be a kind of blitzkrieg, or were they always, you know, prepared to dig in for a protracted war?
From what I've seen from the way the Russians conducted themselves, the way they initiated the advance,
The way they employed conscripts in the start, and the way the VDV, the Russian paratroopers, conducted and landed on Hostomel airfield.
Again, I'm not in the Kremlin, I'm not in Russian command bunkers, so I don't know what they themselves are saying, but I am minded to believe that the Russians did think if they could take Kiev,
Via hostimal and via Chernobyl from Belarus in the space of maybe about four or five days that could have potentially
Cause crippled the Ukrainian army, crippled the Ukrainian state, caused so much confusion that over the next two or three weeks as the Russian army advances across Ukraine it would deal piecemeal with scattered and confused Ukrainian resistance.
That is kind of where I personally am in thinking about the start of the invasion but obviously the war hasn't developed in that scale so I think it's probably more a failure of Russian
Thank you.
Okay, Michael, I'll tell you what.
I've just got one more question, then I want you to plug your Telegram channel.
So, we'll come back on the other side and do three or four more minutes with Michael de la Brock of Bahanka Watch, and then I'll get into some COVID news on the other side.
Don't go away.
We're live, and I'm not going to get a chance to go full into this Covid news, but basically, China has pursued an utterly disastrous zero Covid policy.
They've got zero herd immunity in their entire population.
They've had more Covid cases in Shanghai over the past two weeks, or four weeks, than the entire previous two years of the whole pandemic.
Now they've sent the army into Shanghai to separate parents from their children in quarantine facilities.
They're having to Covid test 26 million people in Shanghai.
Again, because they went for zero Covid and not herd immunity, which is why they're getting all these cases in comparison to relatively few in the previous two years.
An utter, utter warning
From China as to how to not deal with a pandemic and they're going to continue paying the price for many months or even years to come.
We also have mask wearing has left a generation of toddlers struggling with speech and social skills.
I talked about the speech therapist in America seeing quote.
A 364% increase in patient referrals of babies and toddlers who basically can't talk.
They're not learning speech skills, social skills.
And now this report finds that because adults have been wearing face masks on and off for the past two years,
Children are having struggles identifying speech patterns.
Their cognitive development is being completely stunted.
They can't put their own coats on, according to this report.
In some cases, toddlers are struggling with crawling, using the toilet independently and making friends.
All these symptoms are increasing and the speech struggles are increasing.
They can't learn to talk.
Partly because of lockdown restrictions which prevented them socialising with other kids and partly because adults have been virtue signalling with their face nappies for the past two years and it's stunted the cognitive development of children.
But keep professing how you're the good people on Twitter.
I'm sure you can continue to do so while living in complete arrogance or ignorance of the complete fact that you are responsible.
For these kids having all these problems which are only set to get worse.
Also the people who lobbied for school lockdowns are solely responsible for this and yet they continue.
To put the mask emoticon in their little Twitter bio alongside their Ukrainian flag and claim that they're the good guys and they were on the right side of history.
No, you weren't.
You were on the wrong side of history.
Now, I'm talking to Michael Delabroite.
We've got a few minutes left, Michael, before I hand back to Owen.
I want you to plug your Telegram channel at the end, but final question just in the last few minutes here.
What do you see as the most likely outcome of the war?
Of course we've got negotiations ongoing virtually every day at this point, don't seem to come to any conclusion.
Do you see some kind of halfway house peace deal, or do you see Russia eventually being forced to retreat entirely with their tails between their legs?
Where do you see it going?
And then finally tell people how they can find you on Telegram.
Yeah, not a problem.
It's hard to predict the future but in general I expect that this war in some form or another will result in a Russian military victory of sorts and that will then force Zelensky and the Ukrainian government to exceed to most if not all of the major Russian demands.
I just off the bat, and it's more of a guesstimate, but I'm expecting we're probably looking at a six to nine month war.
It's currently mud season in Ukraine.
That's going to slow down any offensive operations by the Russians.
The Russians have pulled out of the Kiev and Chernigov area.
I think this is part of a wider strategy to focus on the Donbass to advance up from the south of Kharkov and hollow out Ukraine to the east of the Dnieper.
And it's
I think so.
Something drastically changes.
I do think we will probably eventually see a Russian victory of sorts.
And the longer it goes on for in the Russians field, they have had to pay more in blood and toil to achieve that victory.
I expect potentially the Russian demands of Ukraine might increase.
So obviously we don't have the time to really go in depth here, but the Russians do appear to have long-term ambitions in Kherson and Zaporozhye in the south of Ukraine.
Okay, and just finally tell people how they can find your channel on Telegram.
Yeah, no problem.
So if people, in fact, if you just Google my name, it might just come up.
But if you go on to Telegram, if you look up Michael Delabroque, that, yeah, it's kind of a French name, D-E-L-A-B-R-O-C.
It should be one of the top results, if not the only result that comes up there.
So it's Michael Delabroque, behind Kawatch, if people are interested.
Essentially what I do is I look through various Russian and Ukrainian sources,
On Telegram, because obviously Telegram is very popular in both countries.
Look at the footage that comes out, the various reports that come out.
I try to make an assessment of it, post it for people to look at themselves.
So you don't just have to follow me.
I direct you to the exact Russian and Ukrainian source that the footage comes from.
And every now and again, I'll try and give a bit of context and how it fits into the wider picture of what's actually happening in Ukraine, with who, with what, when, where and how.
Okay, it's a great resource, Michael.
Of course, as you know, I follow it.
We'll definitely have you back on the show.
We're going to leave it there with Michael, because Owen is now set to take over the rest of the show.
That's it for my segment.
Here is, back in the studio, Owen Schroyer.
Owen, take it away.
Thank you, Paul.
And I didn't coordinate with Paul, but what he was talking about early on in the segment goes along with what I wanted to leave my portion of the transmission with today, and we'll pick it back up.
And that's discussing the torment and the torture that the children have had to go through in the last couple years dealing with the COVID nonsense and protocols.
And this story was in the New Yorker Today headline, The Mystifying Rise of Child Suicide.
The Mystifying Rise of Child Suicide.
Well, it's really not a mystery, actually.
No, sadly, it's not a mystery at all.
And if you do a psychological evaluation of suicide, or suicide victims, we'll say...
What is the cause?
What is what drives people to suicide?
And it's a very common thread.
Sometimes it may have to do with a family issue, or a financial issue, or a personal issue.
But every time it's a future, it's a thing of a future, where they feel there is no future, the future is bleak for whatever reason.
So they just decide, I don't want to go into the future, I'm going to kill myself now.
So that brings us back.
The mystifying rise of child suicide.
Folks, it's not a mystery.
Sadly, children are seeing that the future is bleak.
And it's not a mystery where this is coming from.
And it's the cultural left, it's the political left, that's not up for debate.
And you can look at the numbers of suicide rates amongst transgender individuals and say, oh look, they're pushing them to be transgender, they're pushing them to suicide.
Oh, look how the left is destroying America's culture, destroying America's economy, just destroying the future for us, so people are killing themselves.
They see all the nonsense, they see all the madness, and they think, huh, there's no future here, I'm just gonna kill myself.
Very sad state of affairs, but let's be clear, there is no mystery.
I'm not doing, this isn't a partisan politics diatribe here, it's just the fact.
The left is destroying the future, culturally and politically, and it's causing a rise of suicide.
And when you look at it in children, who is it that is currently targeting the children for destruction with their sexual agenda and their COVID agenda?
It's the left.
So it's not a mystifying rise of suicide.
We know exactly what's causing this.
Just like what's causing most of the other problems.
Now, we'll come back to that tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen.
We're going to hand it over to Gerald Cilente.
I will be hosting tomorrow, but let me just say this.
I don't say this, oh, woe is me.
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We're in critical times.
You know, when the COVID war came out, anything you said that was contrary to, quote, the official word out there, you were blacklisted, or blackballed.
Oh, couldn't say that.
They'll call me racist.
You know, take it easy.
But seriously, you can see what's going on if you come out.
Anything that is against the narrative of the Warhawks and the hate Russia campaign, boop, you're censored.
And again, to make this 100% totally clear, I am totally opposed to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
I perfectly understand why it happened.
Again, we write the magazine, The Trends Journal, you go back to our 2014 issues, and we're writing all about the American overthrow of the democratically elected government of Viktor Yanukovych in 2014.
And how
Little Hunter Biden, got all that dough.
Yeah, sniffing and sucking his way in there to work for Burisma Energy.
Along with the other arrogant boy, his daddy-in-law or stepdaddy-in-law, stepdaddy, John Kerry.
Yeah, his stepson, Christopher Hines, all working for Burisma Energy.
So I know all the background.
I know about the Donbass region and how over 15,000 people were killed there.
Right about in detail how the deal made between Gorbachev and Bush Senior, beginning with Reagan before that, that NATO wouldn't move one inch further.
And it was 16 NATO countries, and that slimy, low-life piece of criminal crap, murderous, low-life scum, Bill Clinton, did away with it.
And from 16 NATO countries, and then through Bush and Obama expanded to
So I know about all that.
But the hypocrisy in the media, every day, every day, and now what went on in that place where the Russians said they didn't do it and the Ukrainians are blaming the Russian about killing 443 people?
You're not even close!
You're not even close to Bush's war against Iraq!
Was only about, what, 820,000?
You got a long way to go, you Russians.
Oh, and fat mouth Biden, big mouth Biden, draft Dodger Biden, another arrogant boy.
Oh, I'm a tough guy.
But I did everything I could to beat the Vietnam War draft.
Oh, there's little Georgie Bush, another little daddy's boy with a cojones the size of a mothball.
Operation, oh yeah, rock, yeah.
Mission accomplished.
Mission accomplished by killing over 800,000 people.
But that never made the front page of the Western media day after day after day after day after day.
Oh no.
Oh, you know what they had?
Embedded reporters.
That's right.
Little prostitutes in bed, in bed, taking it up to you-know-what by the military.
We'll tell you what to say, tell you what to write about.
This is America!
And that's why you have to support InfoWars, because freedom of the press is dead.
So, when the wars broke out, you're with the military.
You gotta write what we tell you to write.
Let me see what you wrote.
No, you can't do that.
Can't do this.
The prostitute media every day is selling Russian hate without selling the other side.
And the other side is coming quick.
We're not hearing about it.
You got to support InfoWars.
You're only getting one side of the story.
With InfoWars, you're getting all sides.
There are at least three sides to every story.
So we're going to take a break.
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Look, you know me, GC's, 3Gs, guns, gold, and a getaway plan.
Yep, back in 1933, all of a sudden, FDR, give me your gold!
You can't own gold anymore!
I tell the story of what happened with 9-11.
When I called up the bank to cash in my certificates of deposit, I didn't know if the planes, they said were going down the Hudson River, and I didn't know if they're going to hit Indian Point Power Plant, where I know exactly where it is on the Hudson.
Because if that's, if they say the planes are coming down the Hudson River, hit the World Trade Center, if they hit a nuclear power plant, we're going to have chaos like we've never seen.
So I tried to get my dough.
I had my, you know, guns gold in a getaway plan.
I couldn't get my money.
They said, Mr. Sellenti, certificates of deposit are traded on Wall Street and Wall Street's closed.
So I'm just telling you, all these products they have at InfoWars that you may need if the worst comes and the worst is on the horizon.
It's coming.
They have taken us to World War III.
It's already begun.
The first shots have been fired.
I was going back to what I was saying about Biden calling Putin a war criminal.
And join the war criminal club.
Join the Clinton wars.
Yeah, Clinton who got every time a little, I can't use the word.
Oh, it rhymes with Dick Cheney.
Well, I gotta be proper penis chaining, so I won't say dick chaining.
Oh, by the way, about the language stuff, you know, I looked up who the top songs were in the Grammys.
Eh, ain't my kind of tune, you know?
All the language coming from these women using the F word and the other word for crap that begins with an S. Oh, yeah, writing the lyrics.
Oh, they could say that.
Well, hey, Solynta, you're vulgar when you call out some little effing... You know what?
What hypocrisy?
What hypocrisy?
There he is, Penis Cheney.
Can't call him Dick Cheney.
A little warmonger.
So, hey, hey, Biden, hey, BS Biden, put him on the war criminal list.
These are the slime balls and low lives that sold us the Iraq War.
And my friend, Phil Giraldi, former top CIA guy, quit the CIA because he knew that the lies were coming in during that time before the war started.
He quit a top position.
Wonderful man.
And a lot of other guys, they knew it.
They were lies.
So if you're gonna call them war criminals, Ed Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Biden, there wasn't a war that that draft dodger didn't love.
Anybody that wants to go fight, put on your military drag and lead the charge.
I believe in a man named George Washington that these little boys couldn't bow down to.
In his farewell address saying no foreign entanglements.
We are losing it.
We're losing it big.
Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind.
That's right.
As I said, what Putin should have done is what Khrushchev did.
America put missiles in Turkey.
Boop, boop, boop.
Aiming at Russia?
Hey, I'm gonna put missiles in Cuba.
Aiming at the United States?
All right, all right.
We'll take them out of Cuba, uh, Turkey.
You take them out of Cuba.
Okay, you got a deal.
Is everybody happy?
That's all he had to do.
Put missiles in Cuba.
Because that's all America.
Now the words come out.
There's a report that was reportedly in the Wall Street Journal that
The president or the chancellor.
I love these words, chancellor, president, prime minister.
Hey, Frank.
Oh, no, no, don't call me Frank.
Don't call me.
I'm the chancellor.
Anyway, the chancellor.
I hate these words.
I can't call you by your first name.
There he is.
Little tough Biden.
So the Chancellor said to Zelensky, the comedian who became president, a comedian who played the comedian on TV that became the president of Ukraine, Zelensky would not agree to any of Russia's demands, which were very simple.
The Donbass region would be a separatist region, wouldn't break away, but separatist.
Here he is at the Grammys.
Isn't that great?
Yeah, Grammys and talking to Congress.
Isn't that wonderful?
Little clown of nothing.
Again, it's one show.
It's all it is.
It's a TV show.
Anyway, they report that he wouldn't go agree with any of the things that Russia wanted.
Not to join NATO, demilitarize.
And again, people talk about, well, Russia being in Crimea.
All right.
How about a place called Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba?
It's okay for Americans to be there?
Oh yeah, we're only torturing people there, illegally.
You know, just torture.
Isn't torture wonderful?
So it's okay for America to be in Guantanamo, but it's not okay for Russia to be in Crimea, which they've only been there since, I think, about 1735, when Catherine the Great took the joint office.
So maybe Mexicans should, they want Texas back, they want, let's see, how about Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.
Yeah, get California out of here.
They have the freak show over there with that gruesome Gavin over there, Newsome, little arrogant people.
It's a freak show.
So again, no one's talking about peace.
Just a bunch of murderous pieces of crap talking about war.
Again, reports of atrocities stir outrage.
Front page of the Wall Street Journal.
How about all the reports of atrocities of America's two Iraq wars, Afghan war,
I forgot the Vietnam War.
Oh, what about the Korean War?
Hey, how about another low-life piece of scum, garbage, moronic, imbecilic, you couldn't get more low-life than Little Truman?
The clown that played president after FDR died.
Bombs away over Hiroshima and Nagasaki just when Japan's ready to sign off at the end of the war.
Those atrocities are alright.
Hey, they're American atrocities.
I forgot Libya.
Oh yeah, the Nobel piece of crap prize winner, Barack Obama.
Oh, and only if women were in charge.
Yeah, Samantha Power, Susan Rice, and Hillary Clinton pushing for that war.
Oh, and then what's the name over there that just passed on?
Madeleine not all that bright?
When I come back, I'm going to tell you a story about when I did a gig with her.
Quoted on 60 Minutes, Leslie Stahl, that the price of 500,000 dead Iraqi children because of Bill Clinton's murderous bombings and mandates
She said, when Leslie Stahl asked her, is the price of 500,000 Iraqi children dead under the age of five because of the sanctions that Bill Clinton put on the country and the war efforts worth it?
She said, yes, it is.
May you rot in hell, Fatshah Brut, where you belong.
We'll be right back.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
No, 1776 coins.
As I was saying before about what happened on 9-11, when they closed down Wall Street, all of a sudden, what if we hear the Russians attacked our banking system?
We're locking down the banks to save your money.
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So, going back to what happened back then, when I couldn't get my money out, I think the same thing is going to happen now.
They're going to say something happened with the banking system and you don't get your money out.
As a matter of fact, there was a story out, where is it over here?
IMF says Russian sanctions threaten to reduce dominance of US dollar.
So, this is from the Financial Times, so it's not like a conspiracy theorist, although it comes from the IMF.
Is it the International Monetary Fund?
I keep getting it mixed up, because they're banksters, you know?
Mafia Federation?
The US-led
Western sanctions campaign against Russia threatened to chip away at the US dollar's dominance as the world's reserve currency, a top IMF official told the Financial Times.
Read all about it, of course, in your Trends Journal.
We've been saying this is going to go on.
So all I'm saying is that you might want to consider having enough food
And whatever you need to protect yourself, and money in your hands and not in the bank.
Because this thing could change like that.
Look what happened with the COVID war.
Who would have ever thought we'd lose our freedoms the way we did?
You can't make this crap up.
Little Witless Whitmere over in Michigan.
Gutless, arrogant Gavin Newsom.
Little boy Andy Cuomo in New York.
Oh, we're gonna give him an Emmy because he could BS so great and freak out the people.
Yeah, Hollywood.
Yeah, the Oscars proven how low the country's gone.
Give him an Emmy.
Give him a clown like that an Emmy.
For robbing us of our freedom.
I'm going to tell you, man, the streets out here are dead.
They're dead.
Look at them.
It's a freak show.
Here we go.
Our secretarious, no, it's vice president.
So the other day, I went down to the city, taking a west side drive down.
Going into the city, get off of 57th Street.
That's where Westside Drive ends.
And I had to go up six blocks to 51st Street and go east.
Rush hour, 9.15, last Wednesday.
Rush hour in New York City.
The Westside Drive going north.
Remember, I'm coming in from the north.
I'm going south.
Everybody leaving after work.
Not one.
Everywhere you look, east side, west side, all around the town, for rent, for rent, for rent, for rent, for rent, for rent, for rent.
These stupid, moronic, ignorant sanctions put on by an arrogant guy that's been sucking off the public titters his whole life, never worked a day in it,
No, his name is Joe Biden.
Only been doing it since he's 30 years old.
And we know what his boy, who's done all those, got those great gigs because of daddy.
These guys don't work.
Politicians don't work.
They don't care.
They just get your money.
So what are they going to do?
Biden, moronic Biden, puts these sanctions on Russia.
Barley prices, wheat prices.
One after another.
Oh, oil's back up.
Yeah, it's just only about $107 a barrel now.
Oh, gold went up today.
Wonder why.
These sanctions, the IMF is telling you what it's going to do to the dollar.
It's right in front of your eyes.
When they're coming out with it, it's not a conspiracy theory.
Again, you don't have to believe me, even though we've been right most of the time.
JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, who made $30 million plus last year, says big risks loom for the U.S.
That's from CNBC Today.
The head of the nation's
Biggest Bank offered a largely upbeat view of the economy's health in his annual letter on Monday, but he went on to say that Mr. Diamond warned that the war in Ukraine could collide with rising inflation to slow the recovery and alter global alliances for decades to come.
No kidding!
Blow me away!
Never would have known it if he didn't say it!
Inflation was bad before the Ukraine war.
It's made a bad situation worse and clown Biden even admitted that the sanctions don't work.
Again, did they work against Cuba?
They work against Venezuela?
They work against Iran?
Only hurts the people and they're hurting us.
This is not going to be inflation or stagflation rather, where you have a stagnant economy
And rising inflation.
It's going to be dragflation.
The economy is going to be dragged down and inflation is going up.
I better be careful saying about dragflation because InfoWars had a story up there about the Transgender Assistant Secretary of Health, Rachel Levin.
So I got to be careful about dragflation.
A four-star admiral.
No, you got that wrong.
I think a rear admiral is more appropriate.
Can you imagine this clown dressed up like this, calling himself a health minister?
The guy got more chins than Chinatown in telling me about health.
That's how low it's gone.
You better prepare.
And InfoWars has a lot of the products that you need.
There it is.
L-O-L-A Lola.
They got a lot of the... Look, you can't believe this!
It's a cartoon show!
It's America!
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
You know, current events form future trends.
Tracking trends is the understanding of where we are, how we got here, to see where we're going.
This is from today's Wall Street Journal.
CEO pay increases, heads for a new record.
Isn't that great?
Isn't that great?
And what do we have over here?
One in five workers run out of money before payday, survey finds.
So, on one end, you got the CEOs getting richer and richer,
The big's getting bigger and bigger, and everybody else getting poorer and poorer.
And you could think what the people call the Republicans and the Democrats, that adults call a crime syndicate.
And that's all it is.
I mentioned JPMorgan Chase, right?
Let's go back to where they sought the head of the nation's biggest bank.
The peanut farmer.
The peanut farmer.
Probably with cojones smaller than a peanut.
Oh yeah, the guy that brought us to Mujahideen.
Jimmy Carter.
To fight the Russians in Afghanistan.
That became Al-Qaeda, that Mujahideen.
And who, allegedly, were the people on 9-11?
Oh, Saudis?
Oh, that Mujahideen that Carter created?
Yeah, he's the lowlife that did away with the banking system.
It was no such thing as when I was a young guy, up until the 70s.
Late 80s, late 70s.
There was no such thing as interstate banking.
Bank of America was out in California.
There were local banks everywhere.
Then they allowed interstate banking.
It was only intrastate banking.
They did away with the user rewards.
I used to talk about the gangs and the mafia.
They used to charge 10% interest.
Something's changed to what they allow now.
Carter, Carter, and all the other criminals.
So, there you got it.
The rich are getting richer.
And everybody else is getting poorer.
It's slavelandia.
That's what they've created.
And talking about the propaganda and how people swallow it, we'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.
That was under William J. Casey, the jerk
I can't say the word, but it's off someplace over there.
Casey, CIA director, said in 1981, We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.
Because the American public was stupid enough to believe Little Cojone, nothing of a daddy's boy, a clown of a clown, a, um,
Who's that guy in Mad Magazine?
That little freaky guy looks just like him.
Alfred E. Newman Bush.
We're going to get that guy, Saddam Hussein, dead or alive.
Over there in Afghanistan.
There he is in Afghanistan.
So we're going to go get him?
Oh, and I love this stuff about how the Russians are now going into their seventh week of fighting.
And they haven't won, blah, blah, blah, blah.
How many years was America in Afghanistan?
Oh, going on almost 20.
How many years in Iraq that you lost?
Hey, how about that Libyan war, huh?
Still going on.
One after another.
Oh, that only went from what?
Oh, I talked about JFK.
What happened after JFK?
Not long after he made the deal with Russia.
To pull missiles out of Turkey.
Was opposed to the Bay of Pigs, trying to overthrow Castro.
And BOP!
Cat's dead, man.
That's right.
Fought the military-industrial complex.
Eight months later, Lyndon Johnson takes us to war.
Oh, you're talking about the Russians losing the war?
So that was like 1963?
And how long did the Vietnam War go on to?
And you're talking about them being there just a couple of weeks?
About 73, 74?
And how terrible they're doing?
But the American media never covered the disasters of America's wars.
We are going into an economic crisis.
I wrote about this a long time ago.
People forget, in 2019, there was a country by the name of Germany, that's the richest one in Europe.
They were tens of a percentage point away from going into a recession officially.
There were protests and riots going on all over the world.
Yellow Vest Movement, protests in Ryan, Algeria, India, Lebanon, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, all over the world.
And then COVID came, and it stopped all the protests.
The people were protesting against a lack of basic living standards, government corruption, crime, and violence.
They artificially propped up the markets with all these low interest rates.
But going back to what I said, it's nothing more than a crime syndicate.
They steal our money and give it to the JP Morgans and the Goldman Sachs gang and the Merrill Lynch mob in the name of they're too big to fail.
Hey, you one out of 20% of the American people are living paycheck to paycheck.
You're just a piece of crap.
You're not too big to fail.
You could fail.
You could go to hell.
Hey, we got to take care of Jamie Dimon and the gang.
We got to make sure the bigs get bigger.
The Blackstones, the Black Rocks, and all the companies, by the way, all these companies buying up the housing market because people can't afford to live in them.
So you can rent them.
We'll rent them to you.
It's a crime syndicate.
It's not a government.
So that's where we're at here.
Guns, gold, and a getaway plan.
And those 1776 coins are something you might want to consider.
Again, for two reasons.
Number one, it can enrich you with dollars and cents.
And it also helps InfoWars to keep the truth out there.
Because they're robbing it from us.
Again, you go back to the data.
It's all there.
You know, by the way, they talk about the murderous people in Russia.
And again, I'm totally opposed to this war.
How about this for a quote?
It's quite fun to shoot them, you know?
It's a hell of a hoot.
It's fun to shoot some people.
Who said that?
Oh, Marine General James Mattis.
Mad Dog Mattis.
Actually, it's quite fun to fight them, you know?
It's a hell of a hoot.
It's fun to shoot some people.
I'll be right up there with you.
I like brawling.
Isn't that great?
Isn't that great?
Mad dog manners.
Oh, you're talking about the Russians?
How about the pot calling the kettle black?
Oh, can't say black.
Oh, no, that's not right.
How about the, uh, how about the pot calling the pan?
I know.
How about the pot calling the, or the rear admiral?
Rachel Levin.
Can you believe this crap?
I don't give a... I could care who you are, what you do, but save it, man.
You know, you got a head problem, it ain't mine.
So don't tell me I gotta buzz-swallow this... stuff.
One after another.
Here's another one from Mattis.
There are some assholes in the world that just need to be shot.
Why that's being disrespectful to assholes.
Assholes have a very positive function.
We're going to take a break and we'll be right back.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
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And again, the coins, it's money in the bank, as I see it.
I gotta be careful, by the way, with my language, but that was that was Mattis's, that word about the thing, you know, the A with a hole at the end of it.
So my apologies.
I was just quoting the man.
And again, it's disrespectful because they have a very positive function.
Anyway, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson told his cabinet
And he wants to provide Ukraine with, quote, more lethal military aid.
Isn't that nice?
Isn't that nice?
More lethal aid.
And the United States, of course, more of our money going to lethal aid.
As the roads, bridges, collapsing, degraded infrastructure, homeless all over the place, and our money going to the military-industrial complex.
Beijing reasserts closer relationship with Moscow.
I'm mentioning this because it's very important.
And China with about 1.4 billion people each.
What is that?
2.8 billion people.
Just those two countries.
Then you put Europe and America together.
What do you have?
That's 780 million.
780 million against 2.8 billion.
And the winner is... One of the things I do as a trend forecaster, I go all over the world and look at the news.
I want more sides than one.
So I go to Global Times every day.
As well as the Jerusalem Post.
Fars News Agency out of Iran, TASS out of Russia.
I go to all different sites when I get their story.
You read the Global Times, the Chinese news, and you see how
They are so opposed to what America and NATO is doing in fighting Russia with the sanctions.
And they also state the whys that Russia is doing it.
The unification between China and Russia is going to continue.
And now there's talk about how is the United States going to get involved when, not if, China takes over Taiwan.
By the way, when I was a kid, it was called Formosa.
And what happened was, when the Chinese Revolution finally overthrew the dictatorship over there, they went to Formosa, or Taiwan.
So China's going to take that back.
So now what's all the talk is how the United States
And NATO are going to stop China from doing this.
China's aligning itself with Russia.
And Russia's aligning itself with China and India.
Oh, and Pakistan.
We're only getting one side of the story.
When you read what the Chinese and the Indian governments are saying,
They understand why Russia did what it did.
Again, I'm totally opposed to war.
Things should have been worked out before this.
You could have done it in a number of ways, I believe.
And by the way, on the Gerald Salenti, C-E-L-E-N-T-E channel on YouTube, I did an interview on Friday with Scott Ritter, former Marine, a guy that was in the UN
You know, when he was doing about nuclear armaments and who had them and the disarmaments.
And knowing that Saddam Hussein didn't have weapons of mass destruction and ties to al-Qaeda and was blackballed.
Did an interview with him.
Please check it out.
It's one of the best I've ever done in my life.
And he's talking about how he was in Russia and what was his role in Russia and about the Russian people.
And again, how we're getting to hate them.
Just like in World War I, we hated the Germans.
And in World War II, we hated them too.
And in World War II, we hated the Japanese.
Oh, but we're doing business with all of them now, right?
I mean, how about Vietnam War, huh?
Oh God, when I grew up, oh, we hated those Vietnamese, those commies.
Falling dominoes.
Yeah, that guy James Buckley with his BS.
The dominoes are going to keep falling.
And before you know it, communism will be reaching the shores of California.
And now today we buy the number two exporter, or that we buy from, we import from, our clothing and shoes are from Vietnam.
So they're teaching us hatred.
And that's all the media's become.
And they're prostitutes.
They're media whores that get paid to put out by their corporate pimps.
You look at that arrogant boy, Stephanopoulos.
Oh, where did he come from?
Oh, he was with the Clinton administration, wasn't he?
Yeah, one after another, down the line.
And now the word is that Psaki is, you know, exit into MSNBC to join the other ones there.
Can you imagine?
A government insider giving you information that you're supposed to swallow?
And the Americans do.
So we're going to tell you a quick story about Madeleine Albright, or not all that bright.
I did a gig back in 2002 on the QE2.
And it was for the top marketing executives around the world.
And we leave New York Harbor, but before we leave, she gives her talk.
I swear to God, they introduced her, it must have taken about 15 minutes.
She went to school here, got her honors degree there, and her father did this, and her mother did that, and she became this, she became that, and she looked like the Queen of Tots, all dressed up in red, this chooch.
So the next day they introduced me, this is Gerald Salenti, the author of Trends 2000, Trend Tracking, this is what the Wall Street Journal says about him, New York Times, Time Magazine, The Economist, blah, blah, blah, blah.
And after the guy gave me the introduction, I said, thank you very much.
I said, but I feel shortchanged after hearing Madeleine Albright's introduction yesterday.
And the place broke out laughing.
And I said, what you also forgot to mention is that I graduated PS 76 of the Bronx without omelets.
I'm mentioning this because it's a freak show.
And that's all we have running and ruining our lives.
You like Mitch McConnell?
How about Chucky Schumer?
I like Fat Mouth Lindsey Graham.
Nah, Nancy Pelosi's for me.
We need a new way.
We need a new party.
We need someone that stands up for freedom, fights for peace,
And demands justice.
Now it's only just us.
You get a little Hunter Biden and all these other clowns, all the presidents I mentioned with their murderous records, and they get away with murder.
We break a letter of the law.
And it's more than a slap on the wrist.
See you next week and support InfoWallet!
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