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Name: 20220403_Sun_Alex
Air Date: April 3, 2022
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The speaker discusses various topics such as morality, science, politics, evil, technology, motherhood, embryos, collectible coins related to liberty and freedom, news items like Disney's stock plunge after endorsing pedophilia, Pfizer's documents proving intentional cover-up of deadly effects of COVID-19 experimental gene therapies, Ukrainian President Zelensky's admission of Nazi battalions working for him, and promotes a 1776 Anti-Tyrant Coin. The speaker also highlights the globalist agenda and transhumanism, Disney promoting pedophilia, Pfizer's documents on COVID-19 vaccines, and the sale of t-shirts, ball caps, flags, and other items at cost on Infowarstore.com to generate funds for the radio show's operation. He urges listeners to pray, spread word of mouth, and provide financial support to InfoWars as they are under attack from powerful forces such as the Democratic Party and the Justice Department. Alex Jones discusses various topics including globalism, the decline of the US dollar, efforts to protect privacy through Volta Wireless, and promotes a collectible coin series at 1776coin.com, offering significant discounts on products at m4store.com due to financial challenges faced by Full Measure. Jones highlights Volta Wireless as a solution for secure communication and privacy protection, urging listeners to visit their website and use the promo code "Alex" for a discount. He criticizes mainstream media for not discussing these topics openly, while he himself gets sued for talking about them. Alex Jones discusses the topic of global fascism and the New World Order. He talks about how three layers of 256-bit encryption is what the NSA uses to communicate top secret materials, making it virtually impossible for any super computer to hack through. He believes that this is an example of the power and influence of technology in today's world. Jones also discusses the Globalism Rising event at Regent University where senators, governors, and other big leaders gathered to talk about the New World Order. Additionally, he mentions the World Government Summit 2022 where Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates were present. He emphasizes on the globalists' plans for a new world order, digital blockchain currency controlled by private central banks, and their push for universal basic income. The speaker discusses various topics including propaganda, power, the one world government, mark of the beast, chemicals in water to sterilize and emasculate the population, transgender rights advocacy, Disney's involvement in child abuse, Brain Force Ultra supplements, the liberty coin, fighting against the "new world order", and bipartisan sex parties. They criticize Medicaid and children's health insurance program coverage for 720,000 pregnant and postpartum people across the United States and promote InfoWars products to support their cause. The speaker concludes by discussing the ongoing information

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We're live on this Sunday, April 3rd transmission.
All the pieces of the puzzle are now falling into place.
If you are dumbfounded by the motivation to systemically seduce all children into thinking that they can change what sex they are, then it is because you are a more balanced human being.
And if you think tricking a child into believing they were born in accident is evil, then you are likely a person who believes in God, Spirit, or Love.
Whichever word you are more comfortable with.
When it comes to belief in God, people fall into three categories.
The faithful, the agnostic, and the atheist.
The faithful believe in God.
The atheist doesn't.
And the agnostic is open-minded either way.
Both the faithful and agnostic can be accepting of this unseen spirit realm, which allows them the ability to strive towards balance with nature.
But others are at war with it.
The atheist will argue that there is no proof of God, and therefore there is no God, which is nothing more than materialism, the doctrine that nothing exists except for physical matter.
Rudolf Steiner described two types of evil within the hearts of man, Luciferic and Aramonic.
Luciferic is the evil force that wants to be free of the laws of nature, and Aramonic wants to obsessively control the laws of nature.
We can also describe these energies as satanic and materialistic.
While the satanist believes in God and the materialist may not.
They both want to dismantle nature and control it.
And they are no longer hiding in the shadows.
Their radical war against nature is now out in the open for all to see.
But control of data...
Science is replacing
Evolution by natural selection with evolution by intelligent design.
Not the intelligent design of some god above the clouds, but our intelligent design.
The birth of a living human soul comes as a result of the sexual union between a man and a woman.
This sexual union is perhaps the most potent spiritual energy that humans can achieve.
It is sacred and divine, which is why the evil forces who seek to play God have been subverting it for decades with pornography, abortion, and the welfare system.
They seek to replace the mother and father and control this sexual power with technology, making woman their number one target.
California is introducing a bill that would allow mothers to kill their babies up to seven days after birth, completely demoralizing what it means to mother a child.
And if castrating a man can legally make him a woman, then can mutating a human legally make him non-human?
Many are discussing whether or not trans humans will qualify for human rights in the future.
And with the mother out of the way, who will teach them about love?
A child created and raised by the state will be subjected to the authority of the state from birth till death.
This is the ultimate goal, and it now seems to be within their grasp.
Embryos have been created in laboratories without human sperm or eggs.
China's Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology has created a system to raise human embryos with an artificial intelligence that monitors and adjusts the nutrition, carbon dioxide, and other levels within an artificial womb.
The system was originally created to bring the birth rate in China back on track after its disastrous one-child policy, but it's just another step towards dismantling nature and playing God.
And so it's good that you see this all as insane.
But it would really be great if we could all stop these psychopaths before they kill us all.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones.
It's Sunday, April 3rd, 2022.
You found it.
The embattled InfoWars.
The front lines of the fight for a human future.
There's the live show headline.
Sunday Live.
Disney stock plunges after company endorses pedophilia and grooming of children.
Meanwhile, newly released Pfizer docs under court order
Proved company purposely covered up deadly effects, they're not side effects, they're meant to happen, of COVID-19 experimental gene therapies and so much more.
Like the Ukrainian president, who's banned his political parties, who has shut down all of the TV stations and radio stations he didn't agree with.
The dictator was on Fox News.
Friday, and was asked about the video of the battalions, the Nazi battalions, they're wearing Ukrainian Nazi patches, executing and shooting Russian soldiers in the genitals and kneecaps and feet.
And of course they went and found big, large piles of their dead bodies when the Russians were able to take those areas.
And what did Zelensky do a week ago?
He didn't deny it.
He said, yeah, it's a war.
Well, now he said, yes, these units do work for me, and that's just what they are doing.
He said, quote, they are what they are.
Our corporate media, though, has been telling us there are no Nazis on his side, even though that's the majority of his main force, vestigial leftovers of World War II.
We're good.
Of leftist, well-known, big leftist accounts on Twitter saying, well, big deal, it's a war!
We gotta defeat Putin!
So there's the Democratic Party on the left, openly working with real Nazis committing war crimes, and Zelensky doesn't even deny it.
On Fox News, while he's being interviewed live, and the left is celebrating it.
It just shows they're completely amoral, and it's all about power and control to them, ladies and gentlemen.
Just like Jordan Soros is a Nazi collaborator.
So they call anyone that doesn't want open borders, anybody that doesn't want to bankrupt the country, anybody that doesn't want election fraud, anybody that doesn't want forced inoculations, a Nazi.
And then you can't swing a stick in the dark around leftists and globalists and not run into them supporting Nazi-like policies.
And how many real Nazis are still left alive?
Not many.
George Soros.
Worked for the Nazis from when he was 14, 15, and 16.
And says it was the best time of his life on 60 Minutes.
And if you talk about it, the Young Turks call you the worst person in the world.
Talking about yours truly.
So let's just hit that first, and I'll tell you the other big news.
We're going to go through it all here today.
And again, nothing against the Iron Cross.
It's an ancient crusader symbol.
But when he wears it, the particular Iron Cross he wears is again a symbol of the neo-Nazis in that country.
And there is Zelensky.
They go, but he's Jewish.
Well, then it's OK.
It's like Soros.
Oh, Soros worked for Hitler.
Well, it's OK.
He's Jewish.
He told 60 Minutes, he said, it's like markets.
If I wouldn't have helped the Nazis, somebody else would have.
And so, see, I have no personal blame that I helped them because it's how I survive.
And see, that's the attitude of these soulless globalists.
No, you should have fought the Nazis, but see, you didn't.
And now you run our lives because the establishment went, here's a really evil person who helped round up his own people.
Let's put him in charge.
The patron saint of the left, George Soros, Nazi collaborator, and now here's the new patron saint.
They literally worship him.
Sexiest man alive, says people.
CNN, oh, he's Christ-like.
ABC News, oh, he's Winston Churchill 2.0.
And here he is saying, yeah, we got Nazis in our military, big deal.
Yeah, they commit atrocities, big deal.
At the end he says, well, some of them got in trouble, some of them, you know,
Had to resign, but they later had those resignations overturned.
Here it is.
I want to have you clear something up for us.
And this is these reports about the Azov battalion that is said to be Nazi affiliated organization operating as a militia in your country, said to be committing their own atrocities.
What should Americans know about that unit, about those reports?
So Azov was one of those many battalions.
They are what they are.
They were defending our country.
And later I want to explain to you.
Everything from all the components of those volunteer battalions later were incorporated into the military of Ukraine.
Those Azov fighters are no longer a self-established group.
They are a component of the Ukrainian military.
Back in 2014 there were situations when our volunteers were encircled.
And some of them did violate laws.
Laws of Ukraine.
And they actually were taken to court and got prison sentences.
So, law is above all.
And of course, that was then overturned.
The West ran a coup with Soros.
He bragged on Vareed Zarqaria's CNN in 2015 that he got $5 billion of taxpayer money to overthrow the elected government and start the civil war that has now led to the Russian invasion.
So that's just the reality, ladies and gentlemen.
And again, anywhere you get around the left, you get euthanasia, you get secret medical testing, you get what can only be described as eugenics.
And I'm going to move on from that now.
I'm going to move on to the economy.
I'm going to move on to the mass shooting in Sacramento.
I'm going to move on to Kamala Harris and all of her gaffes.
And then some good news.
All these top Republicans are coming out against the New World Order and against global government and saying, hey, China's a big threat.
Radical Islam's got a problem, but we're mainly worried about the globalists.
They're the main problem.
They're the enemy.
And as soon as you recognize that, and people start thinking about that as geopolitically, who's coming up against everybody worldwide, all over the world, then we can start fixing things.
And they're infiltrators.
It penetrates their cabinets.
We control half the cabinets of the earth.
I mean, they're announcing that they've penetrated our governments and control them, and all these world leaders spout the slogans of the World Economic Forum.
We identify that?
It is game over, as Klaus Schwab would say.
You're going to own nothing, you're going to have nothing.
Well, I say, Klaus Schwab, you're going to be in a Supermax prison, you're going to own nothing and have nothing, and you're going to hate it.
As long as we just get out of the daydream, out of the hoax, and realize we're in the real world, we can beat these people.
And so my main mission for 28 years on air has been to expose the globalists.
It's finally happening thanks to all of us together.
Big stack.
Senator Paul comes out at the Anti-Globalism Summit.
Senator Rand Paul at the Globalism Rising event at Regent University.
We've got that.
We've got all these other prominent top people coming out.
And we've got Dr. Malone coming out.
I mean, there's just, it's so
Refreshing to know who our enemy is.
You know as a listener, a lot of you have never heard of me.
But the general public still doesn't know why their gas prices are up.
They still don't know why we're at war with Russia.
They still don't know why transgenderism is being forced down on children everywhere.
Because it is a transhumanist operation and the whole trans movement is just the tip of that spear.
And then we've got unbelievable evidence of Disney promoting pedophilia and more as their stock plunges.
Just a huge stack there.
And as I mentioned, the massive damage on Pfizer.
Remember, six months ago, federal court ordered them, a great federal judge in Texas, ordered them to release the documents.
And they kept refusing, so he started sanctioning them.
So they released them blacked out.
Now, they ordered them released unblacked out, and it's them.
What do you think's in the blacked out areas?
Well, you know what's in there, right?
They knew it was causing major autoimmune disorders and major sicknesses and even death.
ADE is just one of the things.
So it's all coming up, ladies and gentlemen, on this live Sunday show.
Remember, the enemies of freedom work around the clock to keep you and your family and others from hearing the truth.
So when you share the links for Man.Video and BattlePlan.News and InfoWars.com, it's a revolutionary act.
Take action now.
Everybody you know, tune in.
We're good to go.
Coming up, ladies and gentlemen, in the next segment...
I'm going to break down some very positive good news as the world awakens to the real threat to globalists.
I wanted to hit now what they're actually doing to us on the economic front and then with the poison injections masquerading as vaccines.
And I know that's horrible news.
It's very frightening.
It's very disgusting.
You don't want to admit it to yourself, but they're counting on us all being naive and not facing up to this real evil.
As Christians or just as people that love justice, we can all unify together of every race, color, and creed and say no to this or civilization as we know it is over.
And I'll get to those headlines just in a moment.
Please remember that InfoWars is more important now than it's ever been.
Our most important work is being done right now, because everything we've talked about, unfortunately, is now here.
I thought we could expose it, really push against it, and stop it.
They're still going ahead with their operation, and now everything we've talked about is unfolding exactly as we said, because I'm going off their own statements, their own battle plans, and all the expert guests we've interviewed over the years.
So, our most important work ever is being done right now.
And two minutes to midnight, the world is awakening.
So, please understand that the Democratic Party, the corrupt establishment, the Justice Department they control, all of these powerful forces are attacking us and are on our ass right now, on our six, trying to take us down.
We need your prayers, we need your word of mouth, and we need your financial support.
I'm making it very easy.
We've done major accounting around here to try to find out ways to not downsize, to not lay people off, to pay for the massive bandwidth with up to 6, 7, 8 million, up to 10 million a day.
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Or the millions that tune in over AM and FM.
Thank God, we don't have to pay for that.
The stations pick it up.
The bandwidth cost, all of it is crazy.
And I need funds to fight this war.
So I thank you all for your support.
And I appreciate you and your prayers.
And I ask you to go to InfoWarsTore.com.
We did our own research.
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Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
I want to thank God for all my blessings.
I want to thank God for my family, this country, and this world, and the great crew I've got.
I want to thank God Almighty for all of you.
I mean it.
I am so blessed to be able to fight these people.
I'm so blessed to be here on air talking to all of you.
Because at the end of the day, all that matters is about our free will and the choices we make in this universe and not failing this test right now.
Okay, let me race through this news and break down what's unfolding and happening.
The first clip I want to get to is Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology.
Very successful, very wealthy guy with a bunch of patents.
Worked for many of the top companies in the world.
And he started warning them two years ago, this mRNA is not good for vaccines.
You've already done studies on animals.
It causes ADE and blood clots and death.
What are you doing?
And then a bunch of other top scientists, the former chief scientist at Pfizer, he just retired a year before all this, Dr. Michael Yidan, he came out and said, wrote emergency papers and filed lawsuits in the EU with Dr. Wolfgang Wudarg predicting everything that happened.
But then you got the document from the CDC in October of 2020 where they were predicting it all, remember?
Because this is known stuff.
This is known stuff.
And so as that process unfolded, you can see the full speech he gave that's 25 minutes long on InfoWars.com.
He then did the research on why are they doing this and found out it's a total depopulation takeover.
Let's put that back on screen.
Great job, the crew, putting that article up.
Please, everyone, care about yourself.
Care about your family.
I know you know what's going on, but do people in your neighborhood know?
You better warn them.
Give them a printout of the article from InfoWars and ask them to go visit it.
Just because it's banned in cyberspace doesn't mean you can't send her the URL.
Global fascism!
Dr. Malone breaks down the World Economic Forum's globalist agenda, and here's the good news.
Whether it is Joe Rogan, or whether it's his guest, or Tucker Carlson, or whether it is a lot of these other prominent scientists, or whether it's Senator Paul, or Josh, Senator Hawley, or Senator Cruz, they're all talking about globalists, the New World Order, and their plan, and how the transgenderism, and the world IDs, and the forced inoculations is them.
And I know as an audience, you're like, yeah, we know.
We've known before you were on air.
Most of you, a lot of you were, you know, before I was born knew this.
I know Barry Goldwater knew about this 60 years ago.
I know Ron Paul knew about it 50 years ago, before I was born.
I know that.
The public doesn't know.
But the fact is, the enemy's out in the open.
Last week, it ended Friday, they had a five-day conference in Dubai, put on by the World Economic Forum called World Government Conference, where they announced total takeover of the planet, and now they're gonna end humans as we know it.
I have the damn clamps!
Played them all week!
And so you know all about this, but your neighbor doesn't know!
Your pastor doesn't know!
The lady that cuts your hair, or the man that fixes your car, or the farmer down the street, THEY DON'T KNOW!
And if we don't get our leaders of every color and every race and every creed and religion to understand this transhuman thing is like an alien.
In fact, it calls itself alien.
It says it's taking over the human species.
So whether it's run by some gray alien flying around in a tinfoil saucer, or whether it's run by a demon, whatever it is, it's happening.
We started the show with a Gregory's Report at the Davos Group, up there on a big stage, 100-foot ceilings.
Hell, 200 foot ceilings looks like.
Saying the age of humans is over.
We're taking you over.
You have no more freedom.
You have no more mobility.
I mean, it's like worse than the Borg in the 1990s when they show up to Jean-Luc Picard and say, you will be assimilated.
We are the Borg.
You cannot resist.
Resistance is futile.
Here's the Davos group literally saying resistance is futile.
And by the way, we're not even going to let you be absorbed.
We're going to kill you.
There's too many people.
They say that!
And you're asking, why are they suddenly announcing it?
Well, that's the $64 trillion question.
They gotta act powerful in front of all their minions that sign on to the cult to believe, well, they must be about to win!
I mean, they're up there bragging about it on TV, and the general public's in a trance and doesn't know, maybe the public deserves to die!
You know, William Shatner was given the speech.
He talked about it.
So, here's Dr. Malone discussing globalism at a major conference, and in this particular speech, he was talking to 50,000 people.
Here it is.
So what comes out on the other side?
It really depends on whether or not people value freedom and autonomy, personal autonomy, not just medical autonomy, of course, globally.
And are they willing to step up to the bar and fight for it?
Or are they okay with becoming serfs in a techno-fascist situation where the global financial elite control everything you do, everything you can buy, everything you can think, everything you can eat?
Is that what you want?
Is that the world you want to live in?
Is that the world you want for your children?
That's what's at stake here.
And by the way, the crew does the best job ever.
I send them like hundreds of clips a day and stuff gets confused.
There's another clip of him giving a big speech a few days ago where he basically says the same thing.
So I sent them a bunch of links.
That's what they got.
I hadn't seen that.
That's something separate.
So there's just so much, so much going on.
But let me get back to world leaders and major scientists and speakers and Rand Paul talking about what's currently happening and who our enemies are in a moment.
But let's look at some of the things they're doing to us first.
Here's CNN.
Now, you heard me in the last two years say their plan is to start killing the dollar.
Here's a big story out of CNN this weekend.
Is the dollar in danger?
And it says, yes, it's in danger.
In fact, it was 90% just 20 years ago of World Reserve currency.
Now it's 60%.
And guess what?
Two years ago, it was 70% roughly.
So most of that loss from 90 to 60
Is accelerating.
You got your loss, going kind of slow here, and now it's going like that.
So, you've seen the graphs out there that in the first year of Biden's administration, the dollar lost 30% of its value.
That was just in the first eight months.
Now it's half its value.
So it already lost a bunch of its value.
But what it had left in the last year, it lost more than half.
Now, folks, I know everybody's kind of got short attention spans.
I know I do, too.
We're kind of in the moment and everything.
But I mean,
When I go to sleep at night, I'm worried about stuff.
Let me tell you something.
I'm worried about this.
The dollar goes belly up, which is happening.
It's dying slowly, though, like Grandma.
Grandma looks pretty sick.
In a month later, she's dead.
Yeah, she might die.
That's the dollar.
But here's the thing.
When Grandma dies, you just go bury her in the ground and feel sorry for her and go to her wake or whatever and eat some pie.
Remember how great she was.
When the dollar dies,
Your purchasing power dies and you become impoverished because we're not a multi-crop economy.
We're not thousands of industries like we used to be.
We're not resilient.
We're not farmers anymore.
And when we lose the dollar, when every bit of power we've got is based in that, and CNN admits it in an article.
It says the U.S.
may have the world's most powerful military, but the dollar is its greatest weapon.
Now, after nearly 80 years of dollar dominance, the U.S.
might be in danger of losing the World Reserve status.
But you don't tune in to see what CNN's saying.
You tune in to hear what our listeners and our guests and callers and myself have to say.
Why is it losing its World Reserve currency?
What caused that?
Who did that?
And then you see the policies.
If you had a checklist of 20 things to screw the dollar and destroy America, I mean, they're not just checking them off.
If there's little check boxes...
They are stabbing them with daggers.
They want to check them off so hard.
I mean, they're just like, ah, every... kill it, kill it, kill it!
I mean, that's what your government's doing, is everything it can to destroy your country.
Your dollar, your children, your borders, your future, your rights, your freedoms.
They're the enemy, they're not Americans!
Thank you so much for joining us tonight.
Chrissy Lee is going to take over at 6pm this evening for two hours of powerful radio slash TV with verboten guests and information.
But I'm going to be here for the next hour and 13 minutes or so.
And I'm a little bit behind because I've been ranting and preaching tonight, but I've already hit maybe 5% of the news we have here.
Forgive me if I spent a lot of the last segment freaking out over CNN.
I have an extremely accurate article about the end of the dollar and what that means to you and your family.
Because it's bad.
Is the U.S.
dollar in danger?
Democrats panic over Biden ending Trump era border controls.
A frightening decision.
You think the border was broken?
It's totally broken now.
Millions pouring across every month.
As predicted, record illegal alien surge begins.
Border agents forced to use proper LGBTQI pronouns.
Tucker Carlson, who's profiting from Biden's energy crisis.
Of course.
Biden administration reverses Trump fuel efficiency rules.
New vehicles must average 49 miles per gallon.
All other vehicles banned from manufacture.
And just as he cuts off our energy, Gazprom, the Russian main energy company, halts gas shipments to Europe via critical pipeline after EU refuses to pay in rubles.
That's just some of what we've got here in that stack.
But let's get back to the globalists.
Let's get back to what they're doing to us.
And the fact is, if we identify that we're not low on energy, that we're not low on resources, but we have parasites that want to dumb us down and make us poor to control us so they can depopulate us, well then we are surging towards the future and cannot be defeated.
Here's some of the articles that I suggest all of you go check out and some of the videos.
What we have learned is the government has not been honest with us.
Senator Rand Paul at Globalism Rising event at Regent University.
And all these big leaders, governors, senators, you name it, are at a major university for days talking about the New World Order, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, the eugenics operation, all of it.
That is victory.
Can we just identify who's running all this?
And while we're meeting here in the U.S., they're meeting in Dubai.
World Government Summit 2022 asks, are we ready for the new world order, says Klaus Schwab.
Ex-WHO employee, that's UN, warns of world government power grab.
Very important article and video by Brian Wilson at InfoWars.com.
Again, we mentioned Dr. Malone, global fascism.
Dr. Malone breaks down the World Economic Forum's globalist agenda.
And in this clip, this was at the World Government Summit.
See it right behind her?
World Government Summit.
Top economists, we're about to abandon traditional systems of money and replace it with digital blockchain, but not run by the people, run by private central banks.
What is the Great Reset and what do the globalists actually want?
Very important article by Brandon Smith at alt-market.us.
Also posted at Infowars.com.
Big, thick article.
You need to go read that.
Here's some mainstream news articles out of Forbes.
I'm bragging about it all.
World Government Summit to host Forbes Under 30 Forum.
CNBC, New World Orders here.
World governments here.
Again, all this doesn't exist.
All this is crazy.
All this is bad to talk about, but here it is.
Here it is.
Global fascism.
Corporations running governments.
Dominating people.
The definition of fascism.
Then we move along to this.
I mentioned this earlier, but what an incredible article.
You've got to go read this.
First, they de-industrialize us.
They ship our jobs overseas.
They tell us we're a service economy.
They shut the service economy down with the COVID-19 fairmongering.
Now they want to put us on universal basic income to put us deeper into debt.
And they tell you, oh yeah, the dollar is dying.
Everybody's leaving it.
So people during the war leave the dollar.
to go.
Not inviting, not popular, so people jump from it, then get confused in other currencies.
But don't worry, the new super currency, the digital one, that's pre-programmable tokens, that controls what you can buy, what you can do, and surveils everything, that programmable token is now available.
It's all been announced.
Where are our senators?
Where's the Pentagon?
Where are our leaders?
Where is anybody saying this is a bad idea?
Because this is all going on at giant summits, all being announced, and then I talk about it, and the Democratic Party sues me and tries to shut our show down.
Because it's like the big adult tables over here at Thanksgiving, the little kids are over at this table.
And I'm trying to get folks from the little kid table, the people, to go, hey, we're adults too.
What's going on?
And come over to the big kid table, the big people table, and say, hey, we want to be involved in this.
We don't want to be obsolete.
We don't want to be transgender.
We don't want to be sterilized.
We don't want to have nothing and own nothing and like it.
So you really need to be discussing that and talking about that and asking yourselves,
Whether or not you like the future that these monsters right now are preparing for you and your family and me and everybody else.
Because we literally are all in this together.
You know, I've been on Howard Stern's show a few times and his show is a shadow of itself.
And I don't say that because Howard Stern is so establishment and so anti-free speech and such a bootlicker.
I say that because he's just mailing it in.
There are, there are almost no viewers, but it's still interesting and funny to watch it because what he says and does is like the mouth of the establishment or the rear end of it.
And he came out with a piece making fun of me a few days ago.
And he goes after us.
On a whole host of issues.
But the real reason he goes after us in the piece, I'll reveal in the next hour when we play it.
Because it's extremely illustrative of how these people think and how their brains work.
But the establishment is very, very scared.
It's very, very scared of renaissance.
It's very, very scared of new blood.
It's very, very scared of change.
And so it has inflicted the planet in its leftist brainwashing system that is nothing less than a disease.
Because they themselves have succumbed to a form of disease, mentally and spiritually.
And so that's why they do what they do.
So that's coming up.
But first...
Breaking recently unredacted documents prove Pfizer and FDA and a criminal conspiracy, new antibody dependent enhancement occurred in the vaccinated causing mass death.
And that ties into so many of these other big subjects we're going to be hitting next hour.
And then this giant stack right here that says everything right here.
Boy, doesn't that photo tell you everything?
Elementary students marching in with masks on, of course, into the LGBT cult about to be taught about their sexual future, their reproductive future, and to be mentally screwed up and told they should have sex with the same sex or be in bondage or anything so that they don't naturally follow their normal programmed biology.
State-sponsored, world government-sponsored perverts taking full control of civilization.
We're going to be covering what's really behind all this and more.
And now they've gotten documents as of Friday, nobody's covering this, of the new Supreme Court Justice.
She's about to be confirmed.
They hope she's the Supreme Court Justice.
The Supreme Court nominee, where she apologized to child rapists.
I'm not joking.
Men raping 13-year-old girls, 8-year-old boys, and she said you shouldn't go to jail for that.
We have the transcripts.
We have it all coming up next hour.
Stay with us.
All right, next segment.
We've got the Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina flamethrowing the pedos.
It is powerful.
We're going to hit why they're sexualizing our children, how we stop them.
Then we'll hit the COVID poison, that garbage, and then big inside knowledge on the midterms of 219 days.
Roger Stone, the last 30 minutes of tonight's show.
Then Christy Lee takes over with a huge Sunday live broadcast, 6 to 8 p.m.
Central Standard Time tonight.
That's all
Coming up, but first I wanted to hit a really important John Bowne report dealing with Disney-peddling Marxist broke-wokeness.
Because that sets it up for next segment, what we're about to hit.
Here it is.
The left's Marxist revolution to normalize pedophilia has in recent years launched a full-scale invasion from its decades-old Frankfurt school origins, infiltrating American schools, culture, and government.
I've received several emails confirming that these kinds of things are happening in schools.
Hi Vicki, I have grandchildren in the Wanakee School District.
They have been instructed not to take pictures of, make fun of, stare at, or in any way call out the behavior of their classmates who are furries.
The furries can choose whether they want to speak or not.
The furries are allowed to dress in their choice of furry costumes.
The furries can choose not to run in gym class, but instead sit at the feet of their teacher and lick their paws.
Barking, hissing, and other similar animal noises are commonplace in the hallways at school.
The children have been told that the furries are an identity, and they must treat these children normally, and the school administration and teachers have normalized the behavior of the furries in their school.
I am appalled.
These progressives, democratic socialists, community activists, as they like to be called, are merely wielding the imagined social injustice of dominant capitalist culture against itself.
The right has declared war on Disney.
Just since yesterday morning, Fox News mentioned the company more than 250 times.
Their crusade is based on that new law, signed by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, prohibiting instruction about sexual orientation and gender identity in early elementary school classrooms.
Under the guise of protecting children from being sexualized, the law essentially bans the discussion of gayness.
Now that really sent everyone on the right side into the stratosphere.
The most unhinged faction of the right, which as you heard on Fox News, is now vilifying Disney as some sort of like creepy QAnon adjacent nefarious group of sexual deviants.
But all that is here is what I think is really going on here.
We're seeing, and I've really, really gathered steam over the last month or so, a seismic change in our politics with the conservative movement restarting its war against gay people.
No matter how many times the text of the bill is explained, the mass formation psychosis can't be broken.
While the progenitors of pedophilia take their stand behind the lie... Don't say gay.
Don't say the first two words in a sentence spoken by a political leader of a state.
I'm here as a mother of two queer children, actually, one transgender child.
Um, and one pansexual child, um, and, and also as a leader.
We have many, many, many LGBTQIA characters in our stories, and, and, and yet we don't have enough leads, um, and narratives in which gay characters just, just get to be characters.
What is Goofy's sexual preference?
Is Minnie a pansexual?
Is Snow White secretly into BDSM?
The answer is, of course, no.
Their sexuality has never mattered to anyone, except for the creeps at Disney and the perverts coming for our children.
Until recently, Disney had cornered the market on celebrating Innocence, a brand built on trust.
But this is the hill that that brand will die on.
A lot of these issues are not necessarily political.
It's about right and wrong.
So I happen to feel, and I tweeted an opinion about the Don't Say Gay Bill in Florida.
To me it wasn't politics, it was what is right and what is wrong.
And that just seemed wrong.
It seemed potentially harmful to kids.
When you're dealing with right and wrong, or when you're dealing with something that does have a profound impact on your business, then I just think you'd have to do what is right and not worry about the potential backlash to it.
There's no small development that the once happiest place on earth for boys and girls has become the wokest place on earth for the future indoctrination of Marxism.
Or we can all... You thought the leaden winter would bring you down forever, but you rode upon a steamer to the violence of the sun.
Broadcasting live from the UN Stronghold, Austin, Texas, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
So the world is waking up to the fact that there's a plan to manipulate the biological future of our children.
And connect that to the corporate Disney New World Order UN combine.
And now it's out in the open.
They didn't want us to warn people about it while they were building it.
But because we exposed it, because you exposed it, because so many people exposed it, they are now launching it full power out of desperation.
Tavistock Institute, CIA, you name it.
For TV viewers, you're going to have to look at this.
For radio listeners, you're going to have to listen to it.
But this is the facts of what's happening.
Here's a photo of a school with elementary students being marched in to the sexual brainwashing that is taking place inside the facility.
It's not about love, it's not about tolerance, it's not about, it's about creating a sexual relationship.
It's about creating a definitional moment with these children.
Imagine if we saw like five, six kids marching in to their parents' house when they're little to talk about sex.
You'd go, that's a weird place.
But when it's them, oh, with the rainbow flag hanging above and a ritual so you know what you're going into, this is truly satanic.
To protect our children, we really do need to fire these teachers that are following this cult programming.
This is a gang.
This is a cult.
That's what it is.
And along with it, we see the signs up all over the country.
Stop having children.
If you can't kill a kid before it's born, well, just make it sterilize itself as transgender or be with the same sex.
That's really the plan.
This is the West one-child policy through social engineering.
Hollywood Town.
And how many times did I tell you this?
Well, under the social credit score, if you're gay or don't have children, you get thousands of dollars a month from BlackRock.
And now for the city of West Hollywood.
And all their subliminal images that are on screen right now.
We'll get to that in a moment.
You get thousands of dollars a month for free if you go sign up and identify what type of sex you have.
I mean, the government now knows what type of sex you have.
This is so fascistic.
This is so evil.
This is so sick.
But they know Americans want to be open and free, so they push their whole revolution of coming after our children to screw them up and label them and lead their lives out of this.
West Hollywood to get people
Basic income for free if they don't have children, if they're quoque.
Clown world!
UK hospitals are now being encouraged to ask all men under 60 if they're pregnant before getting medical procedures.
And the good news is, the Disney stock is going straight down, ladies and gentlemen, as the world realizes that it's in their portfolio.
MTG was getting criticized.
We found a few thousand dollars of Disney stock in her portfolio.
She said, well great, I'm taking it out of there.
I know it was there.
Let us know.
Let us think about what's in the portfolio.
Let us get it out of there.
We don't want to be part of Walt Pedo Co.
Pedo Co.
No longer Walt Disney Co.
It's now Walt Rape Your Children Company.
How many of their executives have been arrested raping children?
How many of their workers?
Hell, hundreds in the last month.
And look at this.
This is a real Disney image.
They're famous for the Subliminals, where Mickey and Minnie are having a dance, and Minnie's lower body is, of course, something else.
100% a penis.
That's real, certified Disney, ladies and gentlemen.
Assaulting your children.
There's another transgender man who gave birth to his son, criticizes medical staff for calling him mother, and claims it's important to stop automatically linking pregnancy with being a woman.
So you got some crazy woman with a beard that has a baby, and then it's...
A woman.
I mean, it's all them training you.
Oh, look at this mother just had a baby.
They had a surrogate have a baby.
But they say, oh, this man just gave birth.
And the subtitle as well.
Actually, a woman did.
So you've got the genders over here.
You got female and male.
And then you've got all the mental illnesses over here.
That this alien force is bringing down upon us.
We'll get to the autism and children and more in a moment.
But first,
Let's play a woman who's gone viral on Instagram and Twitter for letting her husband's father know, oh, this baby boy, she holds it like a trophy, he's gonna be gay.
He ain't gonna like girls.
He'll probably have his testicles cut off by the time he's 10.
She just holds him up.
Look, I'm with the establishment!
He's gay!
He's gay!
He's gay!
Here it is!
Baby is gay.
Yeah, this is him.
I'm gay.
He's gay.
I called up my dad and I said... Start it over.
Back it up.
I'm gay.
I'm gay.
And notice she's getting all thrilled like it excites her that she's sexualizing a child that is even two years old.
But she sat there like it's a parrot and told it, you're gay.
It doesn't even know what that means, but it knows it's mommy told it that's what it's gonna do.
It's like I saw this lady aired on Friday.
She goes, I've got two-year-olds and three-year-olds I take care of.
They all want to be gay.
No, their teacher's like, you are gay!
They go, we are gay!
I mean, literally...
The mother, well I guess we have a mother right here, is telling her child this, they're sexualizing and they're mentally ill.
But oh, when it's the school, it's like, oh it's so cute.
I mean, these people are just demonic.
Start over, it's hard to watch, here it is.
Baby is gay.
Yeah, this is him.
He's gay.
I called up my dad and I said, hey, guess what?
Your grandson?
My dad says, you can't just say that your baby is gay before he gets a chance to tell us he's gay.
And I go, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Straight people do it all the time.
Little baby boy is born.
Oh, he's going to be a heartbreaker.
Little baby girl is born.
Oh, you better lock her up when she turns 16.
Clearly, people want their children to be straight.
Well, my son is gay.
Very gay.
Yeah, they, like, whales are straight, and horses are, and butterflies.
It's all biology.
These people are in a cult, ladies and gentlemen.
But talk about clown world.
Here is the transgender, the creepiest looking dude ever.
Undersecretary of Health declared a role model for trans kids.
This is Rachel Levine, a dude with a penis.
Now in what looks like an admiral outfit, he got in a costume shop talking about how he's an admiral.
So he's not just a woman, he's an admiral now.
How about a genie?
How about a...
Empire State's building.
I mean, you're everything.
This is mass mental illness they're teaching the public.
Here it is.
How much do you see yourself, in some ways, Admiral Levine, as a role model for trans kids, given that you are such a high-ranking official in the government?
Well, thank you so much.
It is such an honor to serve in this position.
It's an honor to have been nominated and then confirmed as the Assistant Secretary for Health, and then truly an honor to have taken the uniform
The United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps as a four-star admiral.
So I am truly privileged.
And I am honored to serve as a role model for transgender individuals.
But what I want to do is give back.
And the two ways that I can give back is one, to be very vocal and advocate for the LGBTQI plus community, specifically transgender individuals, and to work on specific policies
So, it wants a relationship with your children, it rubs the lotion on the skin.
A creepy, scary looking dude.
I mean, again, if you want to make a horror movie of somebody that kidnaps kids, keeps them in basements, you are casting Admiral.
And you heard Admiral.
I am a four-star Admiral, commanding
Marines, sailors in the field.
It's an admiral.
It's all about delusion.
All about making you give up on being hardworking, give up on being a good person and saying the whole world's insane, I give up.
And then these people take over.
You can't let them do it.
This is a freak show.
It's behavioral psychology.
We're going to beat them.
God's on our side.
Day after day, alone.
The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still.
But nobody wants to hear him.
Nobody wants to know him.
They can see that he's just a fool.
And he never gives an answer.
But the fool on the hill sees the sun going down.
And the eyes in his head see the world spinning round.
So I'm going to lay some heavy knowledge on you.
You're all going to know it internally once you heard it.
You tune in here not because you want to hear what you want to hear, but because you hear what you already know is true.
You know why they dress up women like Hit the Clown and men like Hit the Clown and dress up women like men and men like women and try to target children?
Because children epigenetically, in their instincts, know what's good and knows what's bad.
And they've never seen something in their entire genetic history that this life, this body is only one manifestation of.
They've never seen anything like that.
And that's why they have a man that says he's a woman.
Who says he's an admiral.
Dressed up on TV saying, I want a relationship with your children.
Because in all your children's genetic history, they've never run into a man saying they're a woman in a clown outfit saying they're an admiral.
That's why at Drag Queen Storytime, it's weird-ass, crazy outfits and purple hair and clown makeup.
And they'll say in the parking lot, I'm here to groom the children!
I need them!
Because it's a cult!
They took over the Boy Scouts, and they took over Penn State, and they took over the Catholic Church, and they took over everything.
So you go, why are they so brazen?
Why are they... Like, you send your, you know, nine-year-old daughter to a summer camp, and then there's men saying they're women, full-grown men sleeping in the room with them.
It's about power!
It's about control of men's spaces and women's spaces and children's spaces, and it's their entire agenda.
And I got more of these clips, but I just played you a clip earlier of a mother.
Saying, oh, this baby's grandfather says you can't tell a one-year-old it's gay.
I am.
Do you understand, folks?
They're telling a child it's identity is that it's going to have sex with the same sex.
You wouldn't tell a one-year-old you're going to have sex with women.
And look at the demonic look on her face.
She thinks she's cool.
She thinks she's part of the club.
She thinks she's open.
She thinks it's great.
But what it does is bring in the transhumanism.
The child is nothing but a captured sacrifice for her to show it off.
Like she's captured the flag or the standard.
Oh, really?
All you wanted was gay marriage?
Well, it didn't turn out that, huh?
All you wanted was our children.
This isn't about gay or any of that.
It's about not having children.
If you do have children, sterilizing them and screwing them up and using them as some trendy virtue signal you destroy.
So here's clip 14.
This is a transgender army soldier being celebrated as a hero.
And then let's go to the next clip.
Clip 20 is Saki saying pregnant people, not women.
And then 23 is the real agenda behind transhumanism.
I'm going to air all these.
I don't have time for the full clip of the real agenda behind transhumanism, but go ahead and play those first two clips.
You are an inspiration to many, right?
You are breaking barriers and it's important though for us, I think, for everyone to understand kind of what motivates you, right?
What keeps you, what inspires you, what keeps you motivated?
You know, what really keeps me motivated is the people that are going to come after us.
Some people have called me a trailblazer in some of the things that I do and that's something I really embrace because what that means is that it's not about me.
It's about the fact that the road behind me is now paved.
And the generation coming after us has an easier chance to make it to where I've made it, to make it where so many others have made it, but then they've got the time and the energy to go further.
So if we can set the conditions where the folks after us get to do even greater things, I'm thrilled.
Beginning today, as many as 720,000 pregnant and postpartum people across the United States could be guaranteed Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program coverage.
Beginning today, as many as 720,000 pregnant and postpartum people across the United States could be guaranteed Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program coverage.
Now if you go back to that last dude, I can tell you looking at it, he's a PSYOP officer, globalist, running serious ops.
Because they know they're depopulating us, and they know they put chemicals in the water that are sterilizing almost everybody and also emasculating people.
So they're going to tell men, hey, just because you got emasculated, don't get gene therapies, don't take hormones, you're really a woman.
That's just a psy-op.
That guy's an officer in psy-ops.
You know, the Space Force.
I mean, this is 100% clear.
This is meant, again, to demoralize the human force.
Bring in the robots, because they won't play all these games.
I mean, attacking our biology, men and women, is the very core of taking us down.
Let me show you some more of these.
Again, you have Clown World, Transgender, Undersecretary of Health declares a role model for trans kids.
The main mission is get to your children.
That is a pervert missile, a grooming missile, going right at them.
I'm sick of all the jokes.
I've worked my balls off to become a woman of the year.
Look at this headline, not a joke.
Mother and son are becoming father and daughter.
The mom is becoming a man.
The girl's becoming... The mother's becoming... Mother and son are becoming father and mother.
The mother's becoming the father.
The son's becoming the daughter.
Because they're doing what's trendy.
What's cool.
And who taught the daughter how to do it.
Oh, look!
It's Tony Blair with the guy that runs sex dungeons and murdered children and satanic rituals on record.
Jimmy Savelle.
What a nice group of people that came up with all of this.
50,000 signed petitions for Disney to rehire James Gunn for Guardians of the Galaxy Part 3, every three pedophile parties.
Here's the Disney pedo stack.
We already showed you some liminal images earlier, but
For adults, you can go look this up for yourself.
This is what Disney has been up to for a long, long time.
The truth about the hidden sexual messages in Disney's movies.
That's mainstream Australian news.
And the reason they do it is that's stealing the future of someone.
If you can do that, you've got a lot of power.
Weinstein scandal exposes Disney for giving convicted pedophile access to kids as film director, who'd rape little boys.
That's who they are.
Four Disney employees, retired judge among 108 arrested in human trafficking sting in Central Florida, including filming footage of young children being raped.
Disney hire convicted child molester.
Disney's employees, again, it just goes on and on and on and on and on.
Candace Owens, God bless her, calls for boycott of pedophile Disney.
Yeah, we're in a war against a pervert cult that took over the Catholic Church and everything else.
Are we going to let them take us over?
The answer is no!
Our children are too much with your poison shots and all of your crap.
We know who you are and we say no to you.
Roger Stone's about to take over.
Stay with us.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
I don't think so.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us again on this live Sunday edition.
I really appreciate Roger Stone, former top advisor to President Trump, joining us to get into so many issues.
You know, he was on about Madison Cawthorn and the Republican Party denying that there are bipartisan sex parties and things go on that are all about control.
And then now we've got all the January 6th information.
We've got
The laptop coming out, where now even CNN has turned against Hunter Biden and is saying he's a Chinese spy.
That to me signals they're getting ready to try to remove Biden.
How would that unfold?
How would that work out?
Roger, thanks for joining us tonight.
Those are the three big topics I've got for you.
What else is front and center for you and what do you want to hit first?
Well, let's take them right off.
Let's take it right off the top.
I mean, yes, I did come forward because I was myself.
I think so.
And because I am redeemed in Christ, I can look back at my sins and admit to them.
And therefore, yes, I should have credibility on this issue.
Now, of course, some online say certified cocaine and orgy expert Roger Stone backs up Madison Cawthorn's claims.
No, folks, I'm able to tell the truth.
I have truth to power in this case.
Because I accepted Christ in my life, and I'm a different person than the person who partied hard in Washington, D.C.
And what's amazing to me, Alex, is the speed in which the members have moved to silence him, lest he blurt out a name.
Now, those who say he should name names, no, I actually think he's being discreet.
But I think he could name names.
I think some of the names would be rather shocking.
So, I don't know why the senior Republicans didn't just kind of let this ride, not comment on it, let the phenomena burn out, but the vehemence with which Kevin McCarthy not only attacked
And I think mischaracterized a private meeting with him, which McCarthy said that the young congressman from North Carolina had retracted or admitted making up his charges.
That is not what Cawthorn told me.
That is McCarthy trying to put words in Cawthorn's mouth.
Cawthorn has not backed down, and he should not, because he's telling the truth, Alex.
Well, that's right, Roger.
And let's be 100% clear.
You and I were both
Very, very specific.
We said, here's some news articles, it's well known, people know that these orgies happen, they're bipartisan.
Then they go, why is Stone and Jones saying Republicans are in orgies with cocaine and why are they on cocaine with him?
They totally twisted what we were saying.
We were just backing him up saying, you don't think elites in California and New York and D.C.
I mean, all Cawthorn said is it's just like House of Cards.
I've been invited to that.
Well, of course that's going on.
You've been at those things.
He was invited.
It's preposterous to say that this isn't happening.
Let's remember that the American people have paid out millions and millions and millions of dollars in settlements, secret settlements,
I don't know.
No, there's no question.
There's murder in there.
I think the whole thing is a joke, but I noticed that the two senators from North Carolina now trying to bump off Cawthorn in the upcoming Republican primary.
Very late entry for that, in my opinion, but it appears that they're going to try it.
And again, he obviously didn't do it for political power.
He's in some podcast.
He talks about, yeah, this has gone on.
So they keep asking, why did he do it?
He's just talking like a normal person.
Or what's our angle saying?
He's telling the truth.
We're just, we're just commentating.
There's not some big political mastermind thing going on.
They're like, why is Roger Stone backing him up?
What's really going on?
Because everybody knows they got sex parties in DC, folks.
Well, I mean, look, I knew what I was getting into when I started talking about this, but I still think he's right.
Let's move on to your next question.
I agree.
Let's move on.
Well, I mean, I throw out a lot.
What do you make of the laptop?
Seems like the wheels have completely come off.
Mainstream news all turning on Biden and his idiot crackhead son, the Chinese spy.
They cover it up in the campaign.
They censor everybody.
And now the floodgates are open.
What does that signify?
It's what it signifies.
It signifies that the powers that are really running the country have finally determined that good old Joe from Scranton is dead weight.
The son's situation is only going to get bad.
The old man barely can get gibberish out of his mouth.
He can't stay on a script.
He shoots from the hip and causes international incidents.
He craps his pants when he goes to the Vatican.
So at a certain point, the baggage becomes too heavy.
Alex, if you look at the Stone Plan, it entails the Democrats themselves removing Biden.
So the people who run the country,
Uh, the ruling elites have decided Biden is now dispensable.
He always served them anyway.
So Hunter is the pretext to not get into all the things Joe's done.
Cause, you know, the White House said they may even pardon Hunter.
Looks like Joe may fight.
So, so how would that look them trying to remove their puppet if he fights on the way out?
Well, he's very, very stubborn.
That's part of the problem.
Uh, he also thinks he knows everything when he knows nothing, but he's also,
I totally agree.
So how are they going to pull this off?
This is going to be very nasty.
Well, here's what you don't know, and that is whether he goes along or whether he fights.
I mean, what they'll try to say is, good old Joe Biden, what a great guy.
It's a shame that his health failed and he just couldn't finish the job.
But he set us on the right course, the Build Back Better program.
And now President Kamala Harris will carry out the rest of it.
Now, if you Republicans have won the Senate,
And she nominates somebody for Vice President.
I would suggest the Republicans simply refuse to confirm that nominee until an impeachment, an immediate impeachment effort, which would have to begin in the House, which is like an indictment.
The House passes an article of impeachment, which the House Republicans would do, and then the Senate would have to hold a trial.
So, the real question is, can you get to the House?
Now, can you get to 67 votes in the trial?
The trial could be pretty ugly.
These people are guilty of crimes against humanity.
Well said.
Look, I've got a lot of questions.
Final segment with you, Roger, but wow.
What do you make of the January 6th hysteria and how they're running their whole campaign on that with no evidence?
And then I also want to ask you about the midterms just in general and what you expect to happen because if the Democrats don't pull a rabbit out of the hat, they're done.
Roger Stone's our guest, Stone Cold Truth.
And Roger, what is the best website as we go to break?
You've got so many great websites.
What's the best website for people to find everything Roger Stone?
I really... StoneCombTruth.com has got it all.
Check it out.
You can also, of course, go to Stone Defense Fund if you want to help me in my ongoing... Alright, stay right there.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back.
You know, I've talked to some former high-level people in the Trump administration today.
And they agreed that the Democrats are 100% running on January 6th.
And the Republicans are laughing at them because we weren't part of a conspiracy.
Nothing went on.
But they're really intending something in 219 days to try to just outlaw the Republican Party and outlaw questioning election fraud.
Roger Stone has obviously been implicated and demonized, just as I have.
This is really important.
I know the listeners are sick of hearing about it.
I am too.
It's very real, it's very front and center.
What do you make of this week's big developments, Roger?
Well, look, the Democrats have nothing else to run it.
So, first of all, January 6th is a distraction.
Also happens to be the only card they have left to play.
Gas prices are off the charts.
Inflation is ravaging families.
We have really substantial food shortages.
I went to buy chicken breasts tonight to chop up to make a chicken cacciatore with San Marzano tomatoes, a little garlic and so on.
And there are no chicken breasts, I swear to you, in the most prosperous country in the face of the earth.
So the Democrats, what they seek to do though is take everything surrounding January 5th and 6th and make all constitutionally protected political activities such as free association, free expression, free speech regarding the results.
You have the constitutional right to question the authority of an election.
The FBI reported, as you know, back to Reuters months ago that no evidence that either you or I was involved in any conspiracy.
There is another group who have been charged with conspiracy.
They are innocent until proven guilty.
We haven't seen the government's case against them yet.
But those who broke the law should be prosecuted.
On the other hand, the people who are charged
They deserve due process.
They deserve adequate representation.
They deserve sanitary incarceration.
I mean, these people are living in a feces and blood-infested hellhole in the D.C.
And in many cases, their attorneys do not have discovery from the government.
The government's holding back discovery, including potentially
And make no mistake, this is a beta test for all of us, what they're doing.
Well, we've already had the tragic assassination of, pardon me, the tragic suicide of one of the men in there.
I was contacted recently by Jeff Brown, if you know him.
He's spoken here on InfoWars.
They confiscated the, I guess I should say, the contraband cell phone he was talking InfoWars on, and he wanted to get reconnected with you, Alex.
So, look, we actually have a guy inside the Gulag
Who can speak and the things he tells you are just horrific in terms of the 23 hours in solitary confinement.
Men or women who are not, men who are not vaccinated are not permitted to shave or to brush their teeth and they're rarely allowed to shower.
This is a violation of the Geneva Conventions.
We treat terrorists better than we are treating these Americans.
Oh yeah, they've got documentaries.
Gitmo's like a summer camp compared to this.
And the head of the D.C.
jails is like this crazy leftist woman?
Yeah, it's really quite extraordinary.
Ultimately, of course, all of it will be known to the American people and they will be outraged.
Well, Roger, exactly.
That's my big 35,000 foot view for you.
You're a great, well-known political analyst with a really good crystal ball.
What's happening to the Democrats?
I see a full political realignment against them.
I think it's entirely possible.
Now I'm going to stress that I say possible.
For the knuckleheads at Media Matters and America, I said possible.
We have a second pandemic in late fall, in which case all voting has to be by mail-in ballot, and we know where that goes, don't we?
That's right.
All the leftists are already, their top people are leaking.
There'll be a new pandemic in a few months to shut down the election.
They're actually saying that.
Yeah, no, Gates has already said there'll be another pandemic.
Tony Fauci's there all saying it because it's in the plan.
How readily people accept their BS this time and their masks and their regimentation remains to be seen.
How did the last one work out?
Oh, the vaccination doesn't prevent your being infected with the virus.
And oh, by the way, you get spike proteins that could kill you.
So that hasn't worked out too well.
And you need a booster shot.
No, now you need four booster shots.
So the first shot did what other than poison you?
What else do you see in the crystal ball, Roger?
There's so much happening.
Well, I really think that what you see is that House Democrats are hysterical.
They want to make sure Donald Trump cannot run again.
They're so petrified.
Their memories of him in 2012 and 2016 and 2020 and their political judgment gets clouded by their absolute hatred for anything.
I was about to say, they're in the New York Times and Washington Post saying Biden is ordering Merrick Garland to arrest his political opposition.
If you're going to try that, you don't announce it.
It's crazy.
Well, Biden has obviously used weasel words, but the House Democrats released their report.
In their report, they said that White House aide Peter Navarro suggested to Mark Meadows, the Chief of Staff, that he call Roger Stone the days before January 6th, and they wish to question Mr. Navarro about this, as well as Mr. Stone.
Since I haven't talked to Peter Navarro in three years, since I've never spoken to Mark Meadows in my life, he gives you a perfect example of the dead end.
Then they use this kind of guilt by association.
I mean, yes, I was guarded by members of the Oath Keepers.
That's because when I tried to hire the off-duty D.C.
police officers that I normally used for security, they were unavailable.
The Oath Keepers provided their services for free to a number of the speakers.
They were polite and brief.
Sir Roger, let me ask you this in closing.
Trump is more popular than ever, obviously, with how bad Biden's doing.
Because, I mean, like you said a long time ago, Trump wasn't going to run again.
What are they going to do?
Now he says he is.
Clearly he is.
What is the establishment going to do as Trump's popularity goes up because their policies are destroying the country?
What are they going to do?
They want to indict Donald Trump.
This could not be clearer.
They want to charge him.
This isn't about Roger Stone or Alex Jones or
The Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys or Mark Meadows or Katrina Pierson or any of these people, this is about targeting and taking down Trump so that it would disqualify him.
I don't
To this process you and I have talked about before.
Anytime an idea, no matter how ridiculous, absurd, or incorrect, reaches critical mass on Twitter, the intelligentsia at the New York Times and the Washington Post begin, pardon me, the Washington Post and the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal start returning this BS and that makes it a factoid.
Now people who are in government
Who are prosecutors?
No, they read this, and they read it enough times, they begin to believe that it is a fact.
So, Mueller's gang of thugs actually thought I was consorting with the guys at WikiLeaks, and Julian Assange.
And as you know, Alex, I wasn't.
Well, Roger, thank you so much for the time.
Thank you so much.
Look forward to speaking to you again, my friend.
We'll talk soon.
It is, Alex.
You too, sir.
Have a great Sunday evening.
All right.
Christy Lee is loaded for bears.
Special guest in studio.
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