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Name: 20220401_Fri_Alex
Air Date: April 1, 2022
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The passage discusses InfoWars' release of two coins as part of their founder series, with sales helping support the operation. It also covers Big Daddy Unlimited's approach to firearm retailing, focusing on affordability, accessibility, and customer service. The discussion includes Bertrand Russell's book "The Scientific Outlook," its alignment with contemporary globalist agendas, and criticism of Russell's ideas. The passage also touches upon concepts such as terraforming, weather control, and the potential rise of a technocratic world government.

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This is it.
In the year 2022, the forces of Satan openly announced world government and the accelerated collapse of all major world currencies and the announcement of a new one world government programmable currency that tracks, traces and controls everything you can do and what you're even allowed to spend on it.
That is where we are in the year 2022.
You have lived to see world government openly announced, and its aim of impoverishing you, and finally, slowly killing you.
Many will decide to serve it for short term gain, but in the end, discredit their family name, and separate themselves from God.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live on this Friday, April 1st transmission, and we see the April Fool, the puppet president, just blithering and bumbling around.
It is so sad.
There'll be no April Fools here.
Much too serious of a world.
Well, there is obviously a lot of huge news, but folks also tune in here.
To get tomorrow's news today, next month's news today, next year's news today.
And I don't like what I see in my crystal ball.
But it is better that we know what's coming, or what the enemy would like to do, so as we can make preparation for it.
But we knew this was coming.
Even the United Nations has come out today and warned that the world is on the verge of economic collapse due to food prices exploding, energy prices exploding, and that the Middle East is at a breaking point.
The last time this happened was the Arab Spring, eight and a half, nine years ago, caused by the last time food prices went just somewhere near
This price, energy prices, did not get this high.
And you're seeing that in Africa, you're seeing that in Latin America, you're seeing it all over the world.
Many countries are having to turn off their street lights at night.
And this is just the beginning of the Great Reset.
Meanwhile, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum is putting on an event over in the Middle East right now.
And they're there bragging
At their big event, their World Government Summit, that it is the end of the currencies as you know it.
There'll be a new global digital central bank currency that's programmable, that will track and control everything you do.
So we're going to be going over that ongoing World Government Summit.
It's taking place.
And we have the clips of them announcing the new global currency, announcing the new world order, announcing that they're going to transgender your child.
I mean, this is the end of the species as we know it, if they get these things in place.
I mean, this is biblical.
And of course, your mainline megachurch is not going to tell you about this.
They're going to help implant you with a new digital tattoo when it all rolls out.
Because after all, that's how they're going to get their donations.
And those of us that won't go along with it, well, we can starve in a re-education camp, ladies and gentlemen.
So... That's just some of what we're going to be
Laying out here, and I'm also, of course, going to be taking your phone calls today.
And we have some special guests in the studio as well in the third hour, but I will be giving the phone number out this hour.
We'll be going to your phone calls during this first hour.
So I'm going to be taking a lot of calls today.
Infowars.com is still up and running.
Showisman.video, reaching millions of people thanks to your support.
I suggest you use those links and videos to tell the truth.
Well, I remember reading books written by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski and Cecil Rhodes, of course, a hundred years before they wrote their books, planning this scientific worldwide dictatorship, planning this new world order.
And I remember thinking, man, I guess my job will be trying to stop this, because obviously this is a very oppressive, anti-human, predatory system.
And so,
I hope so.
I remember wondering what it would be like if they started imploding the world economy, if they set up their post-industrial world, what that process would be like.
Because when I was reading UN Biological Diversity Assessment Plans and some of the books and transcripts of UN meetings, like the Rio de Janeiro
Summit in 1992 when George Herbert Walker Bush signed us on to Agenda 21 Treaty.
It was never ratified, but the bureaucracy followed it.
And in reading about depopulation of at least 80% and using different ways of promoting new lifestyles to get rid of the family and atomizing the public, making us be totally alone.
And just reading this and thinking, man, what will this look like if they succeed?
And then seeing articles everywhere telling people that if anybody tells you they're a plan for a one-world government run by the UN and private corporations, and if anybody tells you they're going to have forced inoculations, and if anybody tells you they're going to cut off fossil fuels, and if anybody tells you they're going to take away air conditioning and people's cars, that person is an anti-Semite.
What's the deal with Jews?
But that's what they would do.
And you've all heard that and you've seen that.
But then you could go read the book or see the article or go to the library and find the official UN documents and Club of Rome documents that were saying all of this and then Bilderberg Group documents that insiders and others would leak out and that we would then expose.
But to learn this type of information, we used to have to
Hide out inside the hotel till they already got there, try to get any of their literature.
Insiders later would be so outraged by what they heard by insiders, people that worked in the hotels, a lot of times would contact us later and give us different documents and things they were able to abscond with.
But now, you know, you really don't need to
Climb over fences and hide in hotels to catch the world leaders pushing world government.
Now you just turn on the television or you go to Twitter at the top of it, they're promoting it like it's the best thing since mother's milk.
Here's some of the headlines.
Klaus Schwab tells global leaders to collaborate for world governance.
Top economists were about to abandon traditional system of money, replace it with digital blockchain, and we're going to program it and drill every asset in your life and every aspect of your life.
And then we've got more articles about different states trying to pass bills to keep babies alive and then kill them whenever the government wants to, or let parents kill their children after birth.
I mean, it's just all right here.
Just hell upon the planet.
The collapse and death of the country and then you've got the Washington Post and the New York Times articles that came out a couple days ago that we barely mentioned and I've since talked to some of the people that were actually subpoenaed there.
No one knows who was subpoenaed yet in full.
I do.
We have like a lot of huge big breaking news here and what they're doing and what they're saying and the feds are saying
That protesting and speech is now illegal.
With the job of outlawing the Republican Party sometime before the midterms in 221 days.
This is directly out of the Justice Department, the FBI, the people subpoenaed, all of it.
I barely got on air today because I've been on the phone for hours going over all this.
Because they want yours truly to get on an airplane and go into Mordor and march into the Justice Department and talk to them.
And why?
That's just icing on the cake for how screwed this country and the world is.
And these power-mad people are just going to destroy the country.
Because it's a mixture of incompetence and arrogance and decadence and living in their own weird little leftist bubbles and following bizarre orders that this country, I mean, can you imagine trying to make that dog hunt of outlawing the Republican Party, essentially?
That's why they've come out against Clarence Thomas' wife and are calling for her arrest in the news.
Because she said, is there anything true to watermarks on ballots?
Because if so, if this is proven to be fraud, this would overturn the election.
That's just her asking a question.
Of course, I'm in all those stories, because I said I didn't think the watermark story was true.
It's like, oh, the story's even too crazy for Jones.
And all she did, they have her text messages, was ask, is this true to Mark Meadows?
What's wrong with that?
She could have said, I want to overturn the election, that's our right.
The Democrats said, even when Trump wins, we will not abide by it, and we'll have a civil war if we need to, and we will
It's in the New York Times about conference meeting with Hillary and Obama and Biden and John Podesta.
And they're in the meeting.
I read the story over and over again right before the election.
And they said, we will have our own electors and we will have our own inauguration and the military will throw Trump out.
So they were talking about martial law.
They were talking about using the military.
They were talking about all this stuff they were going to do.
And that helped raise the temperature of the whole background noise that's going on.
Then they have the police stand down.
They refused the National Guard Trump wanted.
He could have overridden them, but his chairman of the Joint Chiefs threatened to quit if he did and said, we can't have the military in America.
And you saw what happened when a million people came to DC.
Trump thought about 50,000 would come.
He's been quoted by insiders.
And I was like, no, I think about a million are going to show up.
You better have a lot of security.
We want to show the power of the American people in a peaceful protest that was even bigger than what Martin Luther King did.
And of course, my prediction came true.
But the point is the Democrats ordered that stand down.
And that's what the Republicans say.
If they retake the House and Senate, they're going to have committee hearings on.
The Democratic Party does not intend to ever let the country get to that point where they are thrown out of office.
So I'm gonna be getting more into that today as well because while we're looking at Russia and while we're looking at collapse of the food and supply industry and exploding energy prices, that's all front and center, front burner, is number one important for the world and for America.
But the backdrop of the crazy leftist SJWs at the Justice Department who've pushed the FBI out of the way and are themselves running their January 6th obsession trying to make connections that don't exist,
To then have their big election event, their big surprise to make themselves look good against the food prices and energy prices and open borders and collapsing cities, that the Republicans plan to overthrow an election?
And that the Republicans plan to attack the Capitol when that wasn't the case?
How do you run on that?
Well, I'll tell you how you run on that.
Because they're getting ready to steal the next election and they want a big perp walk going to people that question the election so that it's outlawed in this country to question the Democratic Party by election fraud outlawing the Republican Party.
The Republican Party is over!
It became populist.
It became popular.
There was a landslide, a political realignment.
The Republican Party should split in two.
The Democratic Party is discredited and old.
It was discredited during the Civil War.
It never went away.
It's always been a cancer since the Civil War.
But it's not going away.
We're going away.
America's going away.
And the Republican Party is going to be broken and be a vestigial group and we'll be like Venezuela with the leftist
One party state forever.
The end of the republic is here.
Oh, they're going to stage terror attacks and blame us.
This is it.
In the year 2022, the forces of Satan openly announced world government and the accelerated collapse of all major world currencies and the announcement of a new one world government programmable currency that tracks, traces and controls everything you can do and what you're even allowed to spend on it.
That is where we are.
In the year 2022, you have lived to see world government openly announced and its aim of impoverishing you and finally, slowly killing you.
Many will decide to serve it for short term gain, but in the end, discredit their family name and separate themselves from God.
I want to hit some of that big world government news and get to some of the clips and get the number out and take a lot of phone calls today.
But first, we have to keep moving forward as if there's a chance to turn this around and at least have a softer crash landing.
And there is some good examples of that.
I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out who did it, but somebody in the Biden administration said, hey, you just cut off
A third of the world's fertilizer supply and about half of where we get our fertilizer, Russia, and these same petrochemicals that are mined out of these deposits, we're not going to be able to make explosives without it.
So the Pentagon, I know, is involved.
But they don't say exactly who in the government had this good idea to not cut the fertilizer off as much as it's been cut off.
So there are some little specks of sanity maybe somewhere going on.
And if we expose this, there's a very good chance we can turn it back.
So I don't want to just tell you this scary stuff and not let you know there's solutions out there in my view.
There's a lot of examples of this, but we were really harping on it two years ago, that the ongoing lockdowns would trigger a supply chain breakdown that would kill billions of people if the collapse became permanent or long-term and deep.
But if they cut it back or stopped it fast, it would only kill 50, 60, 100 million people.
We went and looked at the numbers, and the last numbers we got was only a year in.
They never gave new numbers, but 40 plus million died.
The UN then estimated 280-something million were on the verge of starvation.
Now they say 272 million, as of yesterday, in their actuaries, will starve to death on current trends in the next two years.
Now normally 15 million people starve to death a year.
That's the average in the last 50 years.
Look it up, folks.
I'm just putting numbers out here.
You can look all this up.
Lockdowns are brought back, or if the cutoff of the petrochemicals and the fertilizers continues, I think that's a very accurate number from the UN, of 270 plus million.
I think it said 272 or 273.
So that's not on the verge of starvation, like they said two years ago.
That's going to starve to death.
Going to starve to death, ladies and gentlemen.
There's different ways to look at it, too.
You can say 10 million die a year, 20 million die a year, because usually they end up dying of a cold or a flu because they're so malnourished.
There's different ways to split those numbers.
But if you really care about human life and you don't want to see a bunch of people die, you've got to be concerned about this, and you've got to be talking about this, and you've got to be aware of this.
The UN warns the Middle East at breaking point as food prices hit alarming highs.
A lot of people say, well, why do we care?
Well, I've been harping on this for two years.
Vladimir Putin's now come out and warns West food crisis will lead to new migrant crisis out of the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Asia, which is totally true.
And the worst off is Africa and the Middle East, and the Middle East borders Europe.
Western Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe.
And so that's absolutely true.
When the third world collapses, they flood into the first world.
Vladimir Putin has warned the West that Europe faces another influx of migrants caused by global food crisis that is now inevitable.
The Russian president made the comments at a meeting on air transport and aircraft manufacturing yesterday.
Putin's invasion of Ukraine prompted Western sanctions and an energy squeeze that has left the stability of the global food supply in a precarious state.
It was precarious before because of the lockdowns.
Now it's collapsing.
Soaring international food inflation led the United Nations to warn that the Middle East is near breaking point with food riots a real possibility.
We're not a possibility, they're already starting.
Meanwhile, he followed through on it today.
He cut gas supply to Europe because they were not buying it in rubles.
And what's Biden up to?
He's riding around in his Corvette acting cool with Jay Leno.
And the media goes, isn't he cool?
Look at his sunglasses, aviators.
They just, wow.
By the way, I like Jay Leno.
He's a good guy, but I mean, you know.
Here he is riding around with his sunglasses acting cool with Jay Leno in a classic gasoline driven car.
Let them eat cake, let them drive electric cars.
In fact, let's just play that short Jay Leno Biden clip for folks, for radio listeners here it is.
I've always loved to drive.
I shouldn't say it on camera.
I like speed.
You guys are pushing electric vehicles today.
This is a president who always talks about the power of our example.
Does he own an electric vehicle?
Presidents of the United States don't do a lot of driving.
He's posted videos where he's revving the engine of his Corvette in Wilmington.
He owns cars.
And he also has driven electric vehicles as president, to give a model to the rest of the country.
Unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen.
So, I'm going to play a few of these clips when we come back of world government being announced and Klaus Schwab licking his lips.
It's going to be so hard now.
There will be no more energy now, but it is okay.
A new future is being born.
Yeah, a future where we're totally poor if we're lucky, dead if we're not.
That's all coming up next segment.
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So find those massive sales at InfowarsStore.com as well.
So it may have been done, but I haven't found it yet.
Maybe we should do it here at Infowars, but I've probably watched.
I don't want to exaggerate.
More than a hundred clips the last three days of the World Government Summit, that's what it's called, sponsored by the Royal Family and the World Economic Forum, headed up by Klaus Schwab in Dubai.
And I mean, I've seen at least 30 clips of them announcing world government, cashless societies, new world order, end of the family, end of single family dwellings, taking your cars away.
All they all pull up in
$200,000 G wagons and stuff.
I mean, it's just in land and $60 million jets.
It's just totally insane.
And they have platinum toilets.
It's being reported because the attendees are so into money.
They like show pictures of them.
So they're so they're they're using the bathroom and platinum toilets and landing in 50, 60, $70 million jets.
And you can't.
Have a job.
You are going to own nothing and have nothing and like it.
So here's just a few of the clips that came out this morning of the World Government Summit.
You can see it there on screen.
They've got it in two foot tall letters.
World Government Summit.
Bigger than Dallas.
And the whole thing is about how they are going to take over the world with JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, and Vanguard, and how within four years they will own 95% of everything.
They already own 80%.
And they're just there declaring war on you, declaring you're going to have nothing, declaring you're going to own nothing.
And you'll have a new global digital currency that'll still look like American, look like UK, look like Chinese, look like South African, look like pesos in Mexico, but it's a global digital one platform.
It'll still have the logo of the country you're in, but it'll be programmable tokens that tell you what you're allowed to buy and what you're allowed to do.
So there's no escaping the total surveillance and abuse.
So here's Schwab.
Telling you about how you're not going to have any resources and how sad it is, but don't worry.
You'll love it.
And then here is one of the top World Bank economists.
We're about to abandon traditional system of money.
And there's another one of them talking about their new world order at the World Government Summit.
Here it is.
We do not yet know the full extent and the systemic and structural changes which will happen.
However, we do know that global energy systems, food systems and supply chains will be deeply affected.
What underpins a world order is always the financial system.
I was very privileged my father was an advisor to Nixon when they came off the gold standard in 71 and so I was brought up with a kind of inside view of how very important the financial structure is to absolutely everything else.
And what we're seeing in the world today I think is we're on the brink of a dramatic change where we are about to, and I'll say this boldly, we're about to abandon the traditional system of money and accounting and introduce a new one.
And the new one, the new accounting
The balance of power between states and citizens.
In my opinion, we're going to need a digital constitution of human rights if we're going to have digital money.
But also, this new money will be sovereign in nature.
Most people think that digital money is crypto and private.
But what I see are superpowers introducing digital currency.
The Chinese were the first.
The US is on the brink, I think, of moving in the same direction.
The Europeans have committed to that as well.
And the question is, will that new system of digital money and digital accounting accommodate the competing needs of the citizens of all these locations so that every human being has a chance to have a better life?
Because that's the only measure of whether a world order really serves.
And the title of this session
Are we ready for a new world order?
Oh, but you hear them.
You hear them saying, oh, but we need a Bill of Rights, a digital Bill of Rights, a global standardized system to make sure nobody abuses you.
But this system went out of the gates.
It's a social credit score designed by the globalists, rolled out in communist China, and now being rolled out against us with debanking and harassment and the left calling for basically anybody that doesn't submit to them to absolutely be dehumanized and destroyed.
So that's why I've said we should learn about these digital currencies and we should support independent ones and have hundreds of them.
Not big regional ones that are all basically in one database, controlled by one system.
That's the enemy.
And the whole future is going to be gold and silver and other types of cryptocurrencies and barter.
And that's why the Internet of Things, they're saying everything's going to be surveilled and controlled to make sure you're not outside of this AI economy.
Because they're going to promise that the AI will give you all prosperity and give you all your social credit score and give you all your guaranteed basic income.
But people not going along with the world system.
It's our fault things are collapsing.
It's our fault there's not enough food.
It's our fault there won't be enough water.
When the whole globalist system is about cutting off the resources to bring in the system to get full control of us and then use the dwindling resources that have been artificially created through artificial scarcity for absolute total social control.
So with one hand, they take everything away from you, and then say, submit to me more, put on more chains, give us more control, and it'll get better.
And what does the average, vapid, confused, shallow leftist do, who isn't really informed, who's very mentally lazy?
They go, yeah, it's the people that didn't go along with this, it's the Amish!
It's the it's the people and they've got all these white papers and books and programs and Plantopolis shows they show kids in the UK financed by the UN and the Rockefeller Foundation going back 12 years ago we played those clips here a lot where
Things would sure work better if there wasn't that ghetto of people that refuse to be in the digital system under the UN World Food Council with their smartphone telling them where they can go, what they can do.
And, oh, you don't get meat.
You only get meat once a year on your birthday.
And things would work better if it wasn't, you know, for my cousin, you know, that lives in the ghetto.
We need to go ahead and just outlaw people not taking their chip.
This is an exact nightmare plan.
And remember, simultaneously the Atlantic Monthly and the New York Times, the Financial Times, the London Guardian say there is no plan for a world government, there is no plan for a global social credit score, there is no plan for forced inoculation, there is no big banks running it, and anybody that says it needs to be arrested.
Chiefly Alex Jones.
There are headlines in the New York Times.
Alex Jones creates world government conspiracy theory from just five years ago.
Alex Jones, world government.
Look it up.
Click news.
Click New York Times.
You'll see articles and it says, Jones is insane.
It doesn't exist.
I'm going to give the number out next segment.
We're going to start going to your phone calls.
I've got a bunch of other clips and news to get to here, but that is gaslighting, where they do all this.
They set it all up.
We know what's coming next.
We warn you.
We show you where they're saying it in white papers, how they plan to go operational a certain date.
We warn you for decades.
It goes operational.
And they're still simultaneously demonizing and attacking and censoring anybody.
Man, Bob Marley's son really knows what he's talking about, doesn't he?
Kamala Harris came out two days ago and said, the Caribbean is falling apart because of COVID and that Jamaica is in horrible shape because of COVID.
No, it's because of two years of lockdown that destroyed the economies there.
It was your lockdown did it, not COVID, you lying monster.
And again, ladies and gentlemen, her ancestors were colonists that came and had black slaves in Jamaica.
And she's bragged about that.
She's not black.
She's a Brahmin Indian.
And those are great people, but they got their own caste system and own slaves and stuff around the world.
And that was wrong.
And I just, it just, it's disgusting that everything about her is a fraud, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean it's like that U.S.
Senator, what's her name, Pocahontas, saying she's Native American.
They did her blood test and she had zero.
What's the name of the U.S.
Elizabeth Warren, that's right.
Elizabeth Warren.
In fact, even geneticists said that it's almost unheard of to have anyone, unless their family just got off the boat here from Europe, to have zero Native American.
Like basically anybody whose family's been here for a couple hundred years is part Native American.
I've got it on multiple sides of the family, a little bit here, a little bit there.
But the point is, is that she had basically zero.
She's just a complete liar.
No Native American genetics.
But I'm digressing.
I mean, these people are just such incredible frauds that, hey, you can be transgender, can also be transracial.
How many of these Black Lives Matter leaders we later learned had blonde hair and blue eyes, dye their hair black, tan their skin brown, and then wear brown contacts?
It's called being a fraud.
It's called being a poser.
And I'm not knocking people that want to look a certain way or whatever.
I'm just saying, when you go out and then pretend you're that, it's a fraud.
But it's the left that does that and then says, if I wear a Native American outfit for Halloween, then I'm culturally stealing something from someone.
I'm digressing.
Boy, you talk about that.
I've got some clips here.
Maxine Waters told a confused group of homeless people to go home and they say, we're homeless.
We need government shelter.
And this is actually a people that recently, some of them got interviewed after been kicked out of their homes and lost their apartments.
So this was not your normal crackhead or
Fentanyl zombies that are out there running around all over California.
It's scary.
Hell, they're here in Austin, too.
But these are folks that actually want help.
And they're like, listen, we're homeless.
She's like, go home.
We don't have a home.
We need help.
She's got like, what, three houses in California alone worth like 10 million bucks.
Never had any other job outside of that, though.
Boy, she's got a lot of money.
Even though it's dozens of times what her congressional salary could pay.
Just like Nancy Pelosi.
I mean, I've just got stacks of articles like this.
There's so much here.
But I wanted to get to this clip because this is a non-binary teacher.
Looks like a woman that thinks she's a man.
This is a non-binary teacher.
Is responsible for two-year-olds at a daycare.
And it says that it makes it angry when people don't want to talk about gender and sexuality in classrooms.
And it's like this other guy was a school teacher for third grade students in Florida.
And he said, under this law, I can't tell them about my love life.
What are you doing telling people about your love life?
I mean, again, I'm gonna say this again.
If you were married,
And a lot of you are married and a lot of you have children.
Imagine if you came home at night, I was just thinking about this again this morning, and your wife's sitting on the couch with your five-year-old son or daughter, teaching them how to shove sex toys in their rear end.
You would say, have you had a stroke?
Are you mentally ill?
Stop that.
And you would get a divorce.
One time.
I mean, how does that even come into a parent's head?
So how is it perfect strangers?
Because all over the country, they're teaching third, fourth, and fifth graders about sex toys and how to shove things on their rear ends and how to masturbate.
And I'm sorry to talk like that on a show, but this is going on here, okay?
I mean, I didn't even get to it earlier in the week because it made me too mad.
The curriculum in California and in Texas, for that matter, and Austin, and in, uh,
It was in Colorado, and it was literally, have your International Queer Day, and teach them about different types of sex and transgenderism, have the come out of the closet party for them, and then have them paint their nails and hair, the boys and girls, and then come out, practice coming out as different groups, and how to use sex toys, and then when the parents or others get angry, how to use that to have the class come together and refuse to be oppressed.
Literal cult brainwashing.
It'd be bad enough if, say, the Mexican Mafia came to your school and tried to induct kids into the Mexican Mafia.
Or if the Aryan Nations came and said, we're going to induct you into a racial gang or something.
But at least that's not trying to have sex with them.
People would freak out.
But when a sex cult shows up with a bunch of freaks dressed like clowns, and they want to have a conversation with your five-year-old?
With your six-year-old?
And camps for 10 year old girls with biological males sleeping in the small cabins with them in California.
And when the parents complained, they're the bad ones.
I mean, they are screwing up tiny children as young as two.
It's beyond destroying your innocence.
I mean, imagine again, you're at a park.
Somebody just walks up, man or woman, and starts saying, I'd like to have a conversation with your seven-year-old about sex.
You start calling the police.
But when it's done in an institution, in a school, the institution stands up, and then you feel intimidated.
And that's how they took the Catholic Church over.
It's how they took over all these groups, and they're doing it right now.
They already destroyed the Boy Scouts, folks, and they're taking over everything.
We have to stand up and say no to this.
Here's a clip of this creature.
Literally, like, they go to the city council and say the same thing.
I need to have access to your children!
I need to teach them not to be hateful!
I need to teach them there are 57 genders!
Here it is.
It makes me very angry when people don't want to talk about gender and sexuality in classrooms, specifically for the reasons that students won't understand.
Because in my experience with teaching, that is never the case.
I'm a non-binary teacher and I use the title Mix.
And today I had 12 new students and I just go, Hi, my name is Mix for PQ.
I use Mix instead of Miss.
It's a little bit different, but I'm still a teacher just the same.
And they got it right away.
I got Mixed instead of Missed all day.
And it confuses me when people use that excuse that children won't understand because students are very intelligent and they're learning all day.
It's not hard for them to learn a different type of title.
This whacked out zombie teaches two to four year olds, it says on our own Instagram.
So there you go.
We're going to go to break.
The toll free number to join us is 877-789-2539, 877-789-Alex, 877-789-2539.
We're good
Ukraine launched a helicopter attack into Russia, blew up a huge oil depot.
That's all coming up next hour, 877-789-2539.
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We'll be right back.
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Your phone calls are coming up next segment on Special Guest in Studio.
So much news to break.
I'm also going to comment next segment on the big coverage of
We're good to go.
A decade ago on national television, saying the best vaccination is to get the infection yourself.
But for the last two years, if you said that, even if you're a medical doctor on big tech platforms, you'd be banned.
Talk about criminal.
And then that ties in with insurance companies prepared to deny life insurance claims to those killed by the vaccines.
There's a clip on that and another clip of the Prime Minister of New Zealand with her bizarre statements.
Here are these clips back to back.
But she's had the flu for 14 days.
Should she get a flu shot?
If she got the flu for 14 days, she's as protected as anybody can be, because the best vaccination is to get infected yourself.
Well, no.
And so she should not get it?
If she really has the flu, if she really has the flu, she definitely doesn't need a flu vaccine.
If she really has the flu.
She should not get it again.
She doesn't need it because it's the most potent vaccination is getting infected yourself.
So in France there was an elderly wealthy businessman who got out life insurance for millions of dollars.
He got the COVID vaccine and he died.
So the life insurance company is not paying out
Because they decided that the COVID vaccine is a medical experiment and death from a medical experiment is not a covered entity.
Even the judge says that the side effects from the vaccine are well known.
They've been made public.
There's absolutely no way that this gentleman could not have known the side effects.
He willingly chose to get the vaccine.
And he died as a result, and because it was a choice, they're calling it a suicide.
Um, can you repeat the part of the stuff where you said all about, uh, things?
And suicides, along with death from experimental drugs, are not covered in life insurance.
So I know what you're thinking.
Oh, that happened in France.
That would never happen in the U.S.
Well, I'm sorry to tell you, but the American Life Insurance Council has also said that life insurance policies may deny payment
If you die from the COVID-19 vaccine because they are experimental drugs.
There you go.
This is something we thought might happen.
We're seeing it happen.
You might want to check your policy.
The so-called leadership of this protest, do you think that emboldens the protesters and do you think it's a responsible thing to do?
No, I don't think it was a responsible thing to do for a party that purports to be the champion of law and order or indeed businesses to meet with those who are obstructing Wellingtonians from going about their everyday lives, bullying and harassing people who are trying to go to school or work.
I trusted the government and then I was forced to take this because I'm losing my job.
If we weren't coerced and brainwashed into getting these vaccines, he could still be alive.
If we weren't forced into making a choice between our jobs, incomes and livelihoods, he could still be alive.
Bullying and harassing people.
If you want summer, if you want to go to bars and restaurants, get vaccinated.
If you want to get a haircut, get vaccinated.
Bullying and harassing people.
If you want to go to a concert or a festival, get vaccinated.
If you want to go to a gym or a sports event, get vaccinated.
Obstructing Wellingtonians from going about their everyday lives.
If you are not vaccinated, there will be everyday things you will miss out on.
You know, I've thought about different podcast names for the show, and I really think Policy of Truth might be it.
Because we follow faithfully a policy of truth.
And we get persecuted and we get attacked.
But everything good in civilization came from people standing up for what was right when the chips were down.
Anytime I get upset, anytime I get a little scared, anytime I get angry and frustrated by the decisions I've made, put me in a bad position personally, I realize God is in control and I'm doing the right thing.
And then any doubts are overwhelmed a thousand fold and my resolve becomes even stronger.
Because of my faith in my Lord and Savior and my intercessor, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
I want to go to your phone calls right now.
We have a lot of news and important clips and information we're going to be getting to here today.
But I wanted to just briefly talk some about the situation in Ukraine.
During the evening of yesterday, last night, a bunch of helicopters went across the border
of Ukraine into Russia and blew up a large fuel depot.
So that's a first there.
Zelensky removes two top Ukrainian generals, says he does not have time to deal with all the traitors.
Who knows if any of it's true, because whether you're for Zelensky or against him or neutral like I am, the guy is a damn liar.
Today another decision was made regarding
Anti-heroes, is what he calls them.
He's the hero, because he's the gay porn star.
Now I do not have time to deal with all the traitors, but gradually they will all be punished, he said.
The generals, former chief of the main department of internal security of the Security Service of Ukraine, and the former head of the office of the Security Service of Ukraine, have been stripped of their ranks.
And he's doing it with his classic green screen thing that he does where he's outside in the courtyard and experts have looked at it and said it's green screen.
Oh, but don't question that.
Or the Democratic Party will sue you.
You're not supposed to question anything these people put out.
Fires two top generals, so we've got that news.
Lot of craziness taking place.
But for me the big news is that it's official by every major economic
Aggregation group, forecasting group that the economy from two years of lockdowns is already devastated.
When you add the energy prices increasing, because the hyperinflation that started to set in and then you add the war to it.
And more energy cutoffs.
The rationing has already begun in Europe.
And the prices are only spiraling out of control here.
And Joe Biden makes arrogant statements about, no, I'm not going to reopen one of the pipelines.
And I'm not going to take the moratorium I put on 14 months ago, 15 months ago, on no new drilling.
So it's just criminal.
And I'm going to explain something to go to your calls.
And I know the general listeners get this, but when you're talking to a leftist moron,
And so do we.
There's enough coal to go 10,000 years.
And it actually is ancient carbon bound up in the earth.
It actually makes the atmosphere richer in carbon dioxide and then in oxygen because the plants then put oxygen out.
And all the studies show that oxygen and carbon dioxide used to be way higher in our atmosphere than it is now.
I'm good.
If it's dirty coal, yes.
They've got large deposits in two places in the world.
Two large deposits.
There's smaller ones around the world.
There's giant ones in Russia and giant clean coal deposits in the western part of the U.S., mainly around Utah.
I mean, just a few hundred square mile areas has enough clean coal around the U.S.
at current rates over a hundred years.
But remember?
Bill Clinton shut that down and immediately Chinese coal company that secured deals with Russia for its clean coal, there's a little bit in China as well, doubled in price overnight.
That's how the globalists work is we got all this clean coal that burns and there's no mercury, nothing.
It's all clean.
Burns super clean.
And we don't get to use that.
And then China burns mainly dirty coal, so does India, so does Mexico.
The cheapest type, no scrubbers, nothing to contain it so you can then bury it in a mine shaft or whatever.
Because you're here in the US and in Europe, the coal power plants since the 80s, nothing comes out of them but water vapor and carbon dioxide.
So they list carbon dioxide as a pollutant so they can shut those down.
I mean, see the graphs.
Since the 1990s and the 2021 treaty that Bush Sr.
signed onto, they have cut coal burning by 64% in the United States.
Of course, coal was the vast majority of our energy.
So I obsess over things that most people are like, coal is super boring, Alex.
If you wonder why we can't make things in the U.S.
or why if I sell a t-shirt made in the U.S.
it cost me $10, one made in Mexico cost me $4, one made in China cost me $1.
Which I have not bought stuff from China, but that's the price.
You can get shirts made, printed for a couple bucks in China.
Made and printed in the U.S., $10, $12.
Made and printed in Mexico, $5.
It's because of the regulations and the energy cost.
Remember Trump said, I'd love to have my ties made in America, but they cost $300 to make your fine silk ties.
They cost me $30 in China, and I can sell them for $100 to you.
I can't pay hundreds of dollars to make them in the U.S.
and then sell you a tie for $1,000.
I gotta have markup.
I gotta pay for overhead.
It's true.
I mean, people say, well, why are you selling shortwave radios made in China?
Well, we used to sell Grundig radios made in Germany.
There isn't shortwave radios made in America, folks.
If there were, we'd be selling them.
But then when you sell the stuff made in America, a lot of folks don't buy it.
Because it cost 30, 40, 50, 100% more.
And I get it.
But that's the position we've been put in to be controlled.
And it makes me so angry now that the whole New World Order is about artificial scarcity.
The whole globalist system is about shutting everybody down.
And Klaus Schwab is now on TV at his World Government Summit going right now saying the old system is going down.
We're gonna be bankrupt, but don't worry, we got a new system.
And the new system is eating bugs, social credit scores, hell on earth.
I mean, this is a mapped out deal, folks.
So please don't be sitting here in five years when things are ten times worse and say, man, Jones was really right.
Of course, I'll be off the air far gone by then with the way this is going.
If this continues.
Let's stop this now, please, together, can we do this?
People in corporations, people in government,
Let's come together and be smart.
Okay, I promise I'm going right to your calls.
Bill, and John, and Evan, and Denise, and David, and Jack, and Bo, and Kevin, and Brian, and JB, everybody.
We're going to get to all of your calls on the other side, separately.
Listeners have really come through.
They're doing a lot of accounting, a lot of inventory around here.
And it found out that the big weak point was me.
I always love new t-shirts, always design new t-shirts, almost never promote them.
First t-shirt I promote, I get 10 different designs printed.
We're good to go.
Every day, every hour, every broadcast that we're still on air is very precious.
The globalists have to take us off air because as everything we talked about comes true, the power and influence of Infowars will only grow stronger no matter what influence they try to put upon us to discredit us.
The influence of our track record of truth is something that cannot be overwhelmed, that cannot be defeated.
It is the tyrant's weakness that forces them to kill you or put you in prison.
But if people aren't willing to take on the tyrants, at least in word and deed, then we have no hope.
Let's go to your phone calls here on the Alex Jones Show.
I want to thank you for holding.
Bill in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
You say you're a father.
Let's talk about young kids and the attack on their biology, their gender.
Go ahead.
Yeah, it's a father of five.
I mean, I don't feel it's right.
I mean, when I grew up,
I didn't need that.
There was no one there to teach me that.
I just don't understand why they think that it's something that they should do.
Well, I mean, they're not doing it because they're nice.
They're a part of a pervert pedophile guild that wants to destroy children's innocence that didn't put themselves on a moral high horse that they're the liberals.
What they are is a curse.
What they are is a dirty cult that wants to screw kids up so they can troll them for the rest of their lives because they know if they screw up their sexuality and confuse them, they'll have zombies they can dominate.
I mean, why are the schools letting them in?
They just don't care?
Is that part of their plan, that they have them in their pockets?
It's depopulation, sir.
If they can get enough people to take hormone blockers or have their genitals removed, that's less people on the earth.
That's why, at the end of the day, and it gets you used to everybody changing what they are to get you ready for the cyborg takeover.
This is all officially announced by the Deimos Group, by the Club of Rome, by the Bilderberg Group, by all of them.
You know, this country used to stand for something, and now that just, you know, we don't.
There's nothing there.
Well, that's the problem.
We were like, oh yeah, we don't care if, you know, Bruce Jenner says he's a woman.
Let's be nice.
And then the next thing is, give us your children.
Thank you for the call.
We're going to move quick to get to everybody here.
Evan in California.
Evan, thanks for calling.
It's an honor to talk to you.
You know, Alex, I want to blame what's going on in America on the church of Jesus Christ.
Uh, I'm here in California.
I've done everything I could with talking to pastors, telling them, hey, we need to put up a fight against the drag queen story time and all these different things.
And I would just be told that I was an intolerant guy.
I started a website called jesuschristworldwideministries.org, where I have videos up there explaining about the Prophet Muhammad.
I started websites like givesabortionmurder.com.
I did everything I could on a handyman's budget, and I see the effect I've had with people coming to Christ and different things like that, and I just want to challenge Christians
Are you?
Alex, you got guys that have hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars listening to you, and how come they're not giving half or 75% of their wealth to you?
How come people aren't realizing... I'll tell you why.
It's not because they're greedy.
They're afraid that the money will be discovered and then they'll be attacked for giving me money.
That's the reason.
Well, that's a darn good reason, and, you know, that people give.
But, you know... Well, here's the deal.
Living in fear means you lose everything.
So it's better to die on your feet than live on your knees as a slave.
I don't have time to sit here and grovel to these New World Order people anymore.
I'm just pissed that they're able to get away with all this crap and frustrated.
And my issue is not a fear issue.
It is a disgust issue.
And every time I start thinking about what they're doing, it makes me angry.
God bless you, Evan.
Good to hear from you.
We're gonna have to move quick to get to everybody here.
Justin in Texas, thank you for calling.
Hey Alex, how are you?
Uh, we're vindicated, but that doesn't make it good, because it's very sad to see it all coming true.
It all happened just like we said it would, which means the globalists have been very well-plot out and are going to really kill everybody.
I mean, so far they've been carrying their plan out exactly as they said.
Now the mass extermination begins according to their timetable, and you can already see the mass death beginning.
COVID, starvation, energy being cut off.
I mean, we're about to watch them kill
7 billion people.
Most of us will be dead.
I mean, it's incredible.
Like, they're really doing it.
Well, I'm a big fan of yours.
Me and my wife are founding members.
Thank you.
Got both coins.
Let me just tell you something about that right now.
Justin, we literally would have had to lay off like 15, 20 people if you guys hadn't got the last coin or getting this coin.
We are right there.
You have on my children.
I am exhausting and spending all my funds.
In fact, pull me the article yesterday.
They had an article saying Forbes is the data that I live in Dallas and have an
I'm worth $130 million.
None of that's true.
It's all put out so people don't support us.
I don't have a million dollars, ladies and gentlemen.
I am spending everything I've got.
I'm full in and I love it.
But I'm telling you, we need your support.
Sorry, go ahead.
Also, I'm an independent candidate for governor of Texas.
And of course, they make it super hard for us nobodies to jump in the race.
Uh, because I'm not in a party, I have to get 83,000 signatures, uh, between now and, um, the end of June.
So I could use a lot of help.
My website is TakeBackOurGOVT.com.
Uh, and I will be outside of the Eric Church concert tonight in Fort Worth getting signatures.
And, uh, yeah, I just want to say me and my wife and six kids, we've been longtime supporters, have bought, uh, the storable foods.
Super male vitality has got to be my favorite, you know.
But yeah, we're with you.
We're not mega millionaires or anything, but we're always trying to support you guys as much as we can.
Well, brother, it's people like you that have kept us on air.
And let me tell you, we have hit our stride.
InfoWars is having a bigger effect now than it's ever had with basically everybody.
And that's why they're so desperate to shut us down, because we have proven we're right.
You have helped keep us on air.
Our audience of supporters is the best.
God bless you, sir.
Let's go to John in California.
John, you're up next.
Hi, Alex.
Go ahead.
First time, long time.
And no big deal, Sean.
But getting this real fast, there is Drag Queen Storytime that's going to be three blocks from where I'm at at the Cellar Door Bookstore.
And the problem is we've got to preschool across the street from that very mall.
So, I've talked to the area commander that they claim they're going to have the child crimes unit take a look at these drag queens, but in California, if you want to entertain, like at the county fairground, you've got to do a background check.
I want to know if these drag queens have been background checked and vetted.
Well, it's like shooting fish in a barrel, and I'm sure other people thought of it the same time five years ago, but we said on air, go run their plates, and we did it and gave it to police, and it resulted in an arrest down in Houston.
I mean, these people literally a third of the time are convicted pedophiles.
I agree with you, Alex.
I've been following your coverage of that, and I want to encourage everyone, especially if you're former military, go to InfowarsStore.com, look up that green hexagon logo t-shirt.
That thing has come to be as a boot camp issue skivvy shirt.
You're going to love it.
You'll wear it outside, indoors, even under a polo shirt or something.
That's one of the best shirts I've ever bought for you, Alex, and I am looking at it right now on top of my laundry pile because I took it off yesterday, and I'm going to wash it and probably wear it again tomorrow when people show up to try to stop that Drag Queen Storytime event.
Well, we love you, brother.
Where is the pedophile story time being held in California?
They're going to be here in Riverside, California at the Cellar Door Bookstore at 5225 Canyon Crest Drive.
That's already three blocks from where I live.
I can't abide to have that in my neighborhood.
And again, how do we know they're not casing out the kinder care preschool across the street?
They can have their free association as long as it's not illegal, but people need to check out peacefully who it is and people need to
Witness for themselves the mothers, the zombie mothers that bring their children to like Moloch and set them down on their laps.
I mean, it is a sick ritual.
So God bless you and Godspeed, Sean.
We'll be right back in just a few minutes.
Thank you.
Stay with us.
Welcome to your life.
We're taking phone calls.
Let's talk to Jack.
In Wisconsin.
Jack, thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Happy April Fool's, Mr. Jones.
Seems like everybody wants to control the world, eh?
Yeah, absolutely.
I sure know I don't.
That's the problem, and you don't either.
All the normal people just want to be left alone, but yeah, all the evil people want to rule the world.
Yeah, can I make a plug for X3 real quick?
Sure, I'm a big fan of X3 iodine and iodine in general.
You've mentioned it before on previous shows about hippies taking it after tripping a lot and I took seven grams of mushrooms in Amsterdam and went to the Anne Frank Museum and also had other head trauma and that stuff definitely brings you back and I think it more so reconnects to your signal
Of your forever self pre-birth and post-death.
That's right.
Clean iodine is the most important thing for electrochemical activity.
Then there's a few other things in the body that are almost as important, but they all go together.
Yes, yes.
I wanted to see if you heard from Russian news and over there in the Balkans they had a video.
I know you're a fan of conspiracy theories slash alternative hypotheses.
And there was a video that I thought would interest you where Russian soldiers captured a false flagger using artillery on Ukrainian soldiers and on themselves.
And they took the false flagger out to the townspeople and made them confess in front of the townspeople in front of video cameras.
And I thought that was very interesting.
And this whole gas war is rather unfortunate where, you know, if, how you said, we listened to Nikola Tesla and were truly progressive, we wouldn't be having such wars over there.
Oh, absolutely.
I'm all about moving away from fossil fuels, but what they do, windmills and stuff, don't work.
It's all a fraud.
God bless you.
Thank you for the call.
Selenium and iodine, you have to have for all cellular activity, electrochemical activity.
And so the cells can't even communicate and operate if you don't have that, and good, clean iodine is so amazing.
Still a little bit of X3 left.
X2's been sold out for a long time, but X3 is amazing.
All right, let's go back to the calls.
Who's been holding longest now?
That would be Bo in the great state of Texas.
Bo, thanks for calling.
Hey Alex, it's Bo from Freedom Town, USA, Junction, Texas.
I'm a proud listener of your show and it's an honor to be speaking to you today.
Buddy, it's an honor to talk to you.
What's on your mind?
My question was regarding the Russia-Ukraine war.
What does it mean for the world order if the Russian ruble can completely recover from Western sanctions in five weeks?
I mean, does this mean that governments can resist the world economic takeover?
You know, is there some type of ground that our governments have against this type of control they're trying to force on us?
Oh, I totally agree that the globalists want to collapse little people but not themselves.
But they've already had to back off the fertilizer ban because that was going to collapse everything too fast.
And yeah, Russia, the ruble is now trending up and the dollar is trending down for the first time ever.
And so yes, the globalists are losing their fight.
Right now.
And again, I'm not saying I'm on Russia's side or anybody's side.
It's just that this whole thing is not even going good for the globalists that thought this war would help them collapse the whole system, but not themselves.
But it's collapsing them so fast, they're trying to pull back.
So good point.
I mean, do you think that there's nations out there?
I mean, you know, with China and Russia, if they just say we're not going along with this program, is there recourse for governments and is there safe havens?
I'm not saying China or Russia is a safe haven against this.
But you would say there is some type of pushback, at the very least, against the sanctions?
Oh, absolutely.
I mean, currently the ruble is up and the dollar's down, and the sanctions against Russia have backfired on Europe and the United States.
But again, there's a larger plan where Biden's cutting off our resources as well.
They just want to be able to blame Russia for the collapse they've already instituted.
But if the collapse gets too intense, it could bring them down, so now they're trying to
You know, basically mitigate the crisis they've already created.
God bless you, Bo.
Thank you for calling.
We're moving quick here.
A lot of great callers.
I could talk to you all for 10 hours.
We got to move faster and get to everybody.
Up next here is Brian in New Jersey, sharing InfoWars short videos, supporting the InfoWars, what he wants to talk about.
Go ahead, Brian, and thanks for calling.
Alex, God bless you.
Thank you for taking my call.
You woke me up 17 years ago, and then you and I actually met September 11, 2007.
Some of my footage ended up in Endgame.
I think that I have identified a huge
I don't know.
Well, it is.
It is you, the listeners.
All this is free to air.
None of it's trademark copyright.
Use everything.
Edit it.
Expand on it.
Make it shorter.
Make it longer.
Mix it.
Do whatever.
It's the listeners on Instagram and YouTube and Twitter and then on Rumble and then on, you know, Getter and all these things that are just doing incredible things.
With the show.
So it's you guys and gals, the real maestros, the real artists.
So please take everything and edit it and get it out there.
Bless you.
Thank you, Alex.
Have a great day.
You too, brother.
Appreciate you.
I love the listeners, but I want to hear your info.
Bless you.
I love you.
You love me.
Together we're in this fight, and I do salute you.
So thank you.
But it just gets a little
Not obscene, it's okay to have a love fest, but thank you for your appreciation.
It's just kind of, you're up here on TV and everybody's loving on you.
And I love right back on you, but let's get on the attack against the globalists.
Let's go ahead and take more calls here.
Who's been on the longest here?
That would be Kevin.
Kevin in Michigan.
Kevin, welcome and thank you for calling.
Hi Alex.
Been listening to you for a couple years now and honestly wish I would have
I don't know.
Sorry, I'm a little nervous.
First time caller, obviously.
Hey, we love you, brother.
But hey, aren't you glad now you see over the horizon?
Think about the general public doesn't know what's hitting them.
So it's scary to know what's hitting you, but imagine not knowing.
Isn't it better to know?
Well, it's just mind-blowing how elementary all of this manipulation on society is.
It's just bad.
It's elementary.
And it's so hard to get through to people.
When you try to, you know, show them your side of, well, have you heard these facts?
And have you read these articles?
Have you heard from these experts?
And it's like you challenging their viewpoint.
Is an automatic, like, they're on the attack instead of being opening and listening.
You know what?
Don't hang up, Kevin, because you're saying something really, really important here, and I want to come back and give you a few minutes, because I want to hear what you have to say, and then we'll go to everybody else that's patiently holding, like Rodney and Kevin and Denise and JR and Tom and Jaime and Tom and Mike and so many others.
We're going to get to everybody today.
So honored to take your calls.
We're going to move quick when we come back.
But what he's saying is absolutely true.
Once you're informed, it's like, how do people not see it?
They're having a world government conference, saying they're going to make us all poor and control us, and all this horrible world government stuff with cashless societies, and then the New York Times says it doesn't exist, and then the general public, when you try to warn them, goes, why are you showing off and telling me something?
It's not normal to warn me about something.
Why do you care about me?
That's kind of weird.
Now, if you wanted to have sex with my kid, it's totally normal, Drag Queen Storytime.
I mean, I am for pedophilia, I'm a liberal, but don't tell me about any corrupt elites.
It's just a spirit of delusion.
Lost, satanic people.
Wow, look at these headlines.
It's an old market story that links to all their quotes.
Really powerful.
You should read it and share it.
It's lengthy.
It's on InfoWars.com.
What is the Great Reset and what do the globalists actually want?
You might want to know what the captains of the ship, the hijackers, actually want.
Another big article by Don Salazar on InfoWars.com.
InfoWars right again.
World Health Organization admits COVID vaccine linked to hearing loss.
Yep, that's what blood clots do.
Unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen.
And they'll even let it come out that the vaccine wasn't a vaccine, it was poison later, because no one ever gets in trouble.
They just set the precedent to do what they want, when they want.
But going back to Kevin in Michigan, he was bringing up
The surrealness of it's out in the open and then you warn people and they think you're showing off.
It's because they're in a trance.
They're lazy.
They've already got what they want to do in their mind and they think, well, why are you talking to me?
That's weird.
And really, they're not activated people.
They've been put in a trance by the TV and the culture.
They're not connected to God.
They're lost.
And they think that you want something because they've given up on life.
So you just got to move on to people that still have the fire of life, still have the potential, and then get with them and try to help them so they can help you as well together make it through this.
That's why they target children because they have that spark of humanity and they're given the right leadership and are around the right people.
It can
It goes back to, you know, the CIA operations of MKUltra and, you know,
MKUltra is brought up a lot and even in, you know, movies and shows these days, Stranger Things, one of the most popular shows on Netflix, is about the main character is an MKUltra experimentee and she has telekinetic powers and how they're using it to, you know, woo the people of, oh, you know, maybe it's not so bad because
The TV you know everything on TV glorifies all this stuff and like they leak it it's all subliminal leaking and
And then we believe it, and because we're made in the image of God, and have enough technology now, we then manifest it.
So humans didn't have technology before, but envisioned all this stuff that was already pre-programmed in us.
Now that we have the technology, we can actually build and manifest what we imagine, so they program us to then manifest what they want us to.
So that is absolutely how it works, brother.
God bless you, and thank you for calling, Kevin.
All right, up next, ladies and gentlemen,
The order of these wonderful calls has been received.
Let's talk to Tony in New York.
Tony, thank you for calling.
Tom, I'm sorry, I can't read anymore.
Tom, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
General Jones, sir.
It's a pleasure and an honor.
I've been, I don't know, 20 years I've been following you.
I've bought everything that you've got for sale over there.
Well, then you built this son of a bitch, so we love you, brother.
Well, listen, here's just one more idea.
You know, I bought that Reset Wars, and I gotta tell you, brother, you hit it right out of the park there.
I've gone through that course twice now, and I'm still gleaning things out of it that I missed the first time around.
But listen, you know, you'd think that people would get upset when you started offering it for lesser price and this and that.
Alex, you gotta get that out there for free, but it's funded.
And I've thought of a way to do it.
Tell me.
Okay, you know, I've been watching you with your show notes for years and you got little scribbles and you do the parentheses around the headlines and this and that.
Alex, you've got a trove of money sitting right in front of you that if you sold the show notes to people...
You know, listeners have said that, and so have the crew, a little, like, I was just drawing this, like, Viking ship thing while you were talking, and you're right, I do scribble a lot of weird, crazy stuff.
I mean, you don't have to sign your name or nothing.
People would know exactly where that came from and who did it, because that is your signature, the show notes.
And you know, I'll tell you something, just a side topic real quick.
I feel like the church is missing its opportunity right now to speak out, and I think it's because everyone's waiting on this rapture, okay?
Well, you know what?
I don't care when the rapture happens, pre, post, or mid-year, or whatever.
Exactly, I'm not even going to have the debate with them.
You've got a job to stand up to evil, folks.
And so, okay, whenever it happens, the point is we need to do something now.
That's right, that's right.
It's caused great angst amongst my personal family, okay?
So, uh, but that's about it, Alex.
I just love you, man.
I was there near you, uh, you know, on a certain date at a certain place.
And just keep, keep, just stay healthy, buddy, okay?
Brother, we need you and we thank you.
I mean, look,
Big events are about to happen.
We're 221 days out from the election.
The Democrats have written their whole script that people that question elections are terrorists and are about to carry out terror attacks.
Homeland Security said a month ago, we believe Trump supporters are going to blow stuff up or shoot people soon.
Well, they're winding up the nuts to do it.
Into the election, oh look, the Republicans are about to win an election.
Blew things up so they wouldn't win the election.
So they're looking to provocateur or stage or whatever they can in an event and they're literally got all their indictments ready for Trump and Giuliani and a bunch of other people right now for that sometime before the election, probably in the middle of the summer.
So I mean, I should just be talking about this three, four hours a day because we can talk about Russia, talk about the economy, talk about the energy crisis.
They don't want us on air pointing out the globalists did this.
And so, if you think you've seen censorship, if you think you've seen problems, they're planning an authoritarian final takeover in the next 221 days on record!
And so, just...
Store the articles, record the show, save it on thumb drives, because I don't know how long we'll be here, folks.
I don't know how long you're going to be here.
I mean, it's that bad.
Folks, I'll only tell you what I think is really going down.
And I hope that other people will get awake, and there's good people in government, corporations, and in the media, and we say no, but we need to realize how much trouble we're in or it's going to happen.
The bad stuff is going to take over.
Okay, up next here is Mike in Texas.
Go ahead.
Mike, thank you for calling.
Good morning, Alex.
Or good day.
Yes, sir.
The other day, Sherry Tenpenny was saying something that caught my attention.
She claimed that treaties override the U.S.
That's rubbish.
That's not true.
I didn't hear you correct her at the time.
Well, I didn't, because there's an interpretation they do, but they really don't, and that's an issue.
Most of the treaties we implement never got ratified anyway, so it's all a fraud.
Yeah, this was a pernicious idea that the Dulles brothers concocted, how they could unravel the Constitution using treaties.
Hey, Mike, your phone was cutting out.
I didn't recognize you.
You've been calling 20 years.
This is Dr. Mike.
Yeah, you're still good, Alex.
Mike, can you believe we're living in the endgame, brother?
Can you believe after all these years it's going down?
I'm reading my Bible a lot more these days than ever before.
Trying to, trying to make sense of it, because these, whether we, whether we think these guys believe in Satan, in the God of the Bible, they're clearly, they're scripting their act to control.
Yeah, whether they believe in Satan themselves or not, their operating system is Satan.
Sorry, keep going.
Yeah, so it's important to understand that these people are accelerationists, apparently.
That term refers to
It can be Christians, it could be Muslims, it could be Jews, who see that there's chaos, regardless of which of the three Abrahamic faiths you believe in.
The End Times involves chaos, and so they try to create chaos in order to accelerate, bring about quickly, more quickly, the End Times.
That's a bizarre theory, bizarre way to live, but I think that's what these people are about.
Beautifully said, Mike.
Dr. Mike, don't hang up.
I'm going to come right back to you in the next segment to get more of what you have to say.
We've got Gee, we've got Rodney, we've got Seth, we've got some special guests coming in.
We're going to go to break.
Please remember, it's going to sell out the next week or sooner, and I want you to have a piece of history and it keeps us on air.
And yeah, there's a markup on it to fund the operation.
It's a founder coin.
Everybody that gets the coin, if you give us your email, we'll get some very special stuff in the future if we're still on air.
But it's building a lot of emergency backups, a lot of important things.
Believe me, you want to be a founding member, get your coin now at 1776coin.com or the front page of InfoWareStore.com has a link to it.
It's the Tree of Liberty coin.
It's historic, it's amazing, and it's going to sell out fast.
Get yours while you still can at InfoWareStore.com.
All right.
I want to go to Rodney in Missouri in a moment.
It said he attended the January 6th, his encounter with Ray Epps, the federal agent.
But first, Mike in Texas, who's a medical doctor.
That's coming up in a moment.
He's been calling for over 20 years.
Always has great points.
Mike, what else did you want to add, sir?
Mike, you still there from Texas?
I was interrupting you.
What is it you tried to call in about?
Last I heard, Dr. Pachinik had some kind of medical or family emergency.
Any effort to try to get him back on the show?
I know what's going on with Pachinik and it's private and it is medical and that's all I'm going to say.
Okay, I'd like to hear his input.
He legitimately thought that I guess they were going to have all that with the ballots and all the rest of it.
I don't think he's a bad guy.
Obviously, I've been trying to get him on for six months, and he has not been able to come on.
I've talked to his wife and other folks, and I'll leave it at that.
We should pray for Dr. Pchenik.
Okay, all right, we'll do.
Somebody sent me an article from Veterans Today.
Which was fascinating.
A little bit of history that had dropped down the memory hole about this land east of Europe, west of China, that it was referred to by the ancients in both areas of the world as the names dealers.
Business travelers would go through this area between the Black and Caspian Sea and
They'd be invited, and one of the locals treated royally, you know, come be wine and dine by us, tell us about yourself, give us your name, and they would be poisoned, killed, and one of the members of the tribe in this area would then continue on with this, whatever mission this guy was on, either heading off to China or in the opposite direction from China on to Western Europe.
Yeah, there were lots of those scams.
The Thuggee did that and the Khazars did that.
This was Khazaria, Scythia.
It was just north of Babylon.
And notice George Lucas calls the bad guys in that the Sith.
Yeah, exactly.
These are the people that came out of Babylon.
This is a Babylonian hybrid between what you could loosely call Judaism.
It's not true Judaism.
This is exactly what the Bible says and means when it talks about the synagogue of Satan.
This is a Luciferian religion.
It's not Judaism as practiced by a lot of people, obviously, in Israel.
It's a bastardized version that worships the dark side.
And that's why this group is bombing Israel with their sixth shot now to kill the Jews.
Yeah, it really is all biblical.
It's all starting to make sense.
It's just frustrating that there's so little one man can do about it.
And then of course Ukraine is part of that geographically.
Yeah, it's right in that part of the world.
A lot of wars have been going on.
Because that's the gateway of East versus West.
But it wasn't just that group stealing identities and doing all that.
That's been going on a long time.
But yeah, it definitely happens.
Muhammad was big on that.
He did that too.
Sure, and they've recruited a lot of like-minded people, as you say, over the centuries.
So now they've got rings around rings of people who basically do their bidding.
It makes it hard to identify who really... Well, there's no doubt that group set up Hitler, too, so you can see that.
Then they can destroy him, and then you see how that works.
Very sophisticated.
Once you're aware of it, though, you can see right through it.
God bless you, brother.
Yeah, that's the whole history type shows.
We should do more of those.
Good to hear from Dr. Mike.
All right.
I couldn't get to all the calls.
I tried.
I told John, take like 10.
He took like 20.
We got to 17.
So I apologize to the three callers, but I went the order they received.
But I hate not taking your calls.
That's why we're doing special shows and weeknights and also the Saturday shows.
But I'm not doing a Saturday show tomorrow.
I'm taking my four-year-old daughter out to have some fun.
I promised her last night.
She said, Daddy, I want to play with you.
I want you to stay with me.
I just said, yes, ma'am.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Introducing the newest product from InfoWarsLife.com.
We are so proud of InfoWarsLife Immune Support.
It is concentrated herbs that are known on record to supercharge our body's natural defenses.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is something that is essential and everyone should get.
And on top of it, it funds the Info War, so that's a 360 win.
Let me tell you what is in this amazing product.
Concentrated Elderberry, Concentrated Echinacea, Concentrated Astragalus Root, Angelica Root,
I'm good to go.
But she's had the flu for 14 days, should she get a flu shot?
Well, no, if she got the flu for 14 days, she's as protected as anybody can be, because the best vaccination is to get infected yourself.
And she should not get it?
If she really has the flu, if she really has the flu, she definitely doesn't need a flu vaccine.
If she really has the flu.
She should not get it again?
No, she doesn't need it, because it's the most potent vaccination is getting infected yourself.
The young men and women who have volunteered to serve and protect their communities as members of the United States military have been under attack by their own government for over a century.
Experimented on like laboratory animals with mustard gas, plutonium, Agent Orange, and depleted uranium.
But what we are experiencing now is the final destruction of the entire U.S.
military from within.
Those with enough sense to refuse the gene therapy shots are being forced out of military service.
Navy SEALs who refused the jab have been denied deployment and even denied permission to travel for medical treatment.
But more than two-thirds of the entire U.S.
military have chosen to receive this life-altering vaccine, which has now proven to be catastrophic.
Attorney-at-law Todd Callender, who is representing the U.S.
Navy SEALs vs. President Joe Biden, has recently reported an 1100% increase in U.S.
military deaths as a result of these mRNA injections.
And based on their latest data, they expect this number to soon rise above 5000%.
Elite military database from the Department of Defense shows us that while the public was being told that it's a crisis of the unvaccinated, the Defense Secretary and upper command knew 71% of all new cases were among the fully vaccinated.
The Department of Defense knew what they were doing, and the proper charges are genocide.
If you look at all of the documentation, Pfizer's documentation, we did mass spectrometry on their vials.
What's in these things and in fact they even admit that they added an HIV protein into the shots for the purpose of disabling people's autoimmune.
They couldn't slip these lipid nanoparticles which are in fact little bombers that carry pathogenic proteins to effectuate gene modification in the individual, gene therapy as they call it.
In order to get those lipid nanoparticles past your cellular
Your body's defense.
They had to disarm your immune system.
And they did that.
It's in all the scientific papers.
What they didn't do is undo that.
And right now, they're coming to understand this.
People are showing up HIV positive.
People with three shots have no immune system left over whatsoever.
There is no other way to characterize this other than intentional homicide.
The unlawful taking of a human life except that it's in large numbers, which makes it a genocide.
A vaccine-delivered AIDS epidemic.
That's right.
That's correct.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
military deaths up 1,100% and exponentially rising.
And on video, Sheridan saved lives.
Now, folks, we're all under attack.
We're all together.
All right, two years ago, Roger Stone said, you've got to talk to the folks at Big Daddy Unlimited.
And I looked them up, and they were one of the biggest up-and-coming gun stores, down to the eighth biggest in the United States out of tens of thousands.
That's a big deal.
Then I saw their training videos and saw the big events they had for veterans.
I really loved it.
Then I saw the great deals they had on guns.
I wanted to get them here today.
To talk
They're filling that vacuum that even InfoWars can't afford to do, so it's very, very exciting.
So Tony McKnight's here with his lovely wife, Sherry McKnight.
They are the co-owners of Big Daddy Unlimited, and that is, of course, you go to InfoWarsGuns.com, because they are a sponsor with us, and we love them.
If you go to InfoWarsGuns.com, it's the whole site, their whole great
So Tony and Sherry, we've got the rest of the hour, so we've got about 50 minutes here, and we're going to break here in just a few, but I want to go through everything and some of the amazing things you guys are doing.
How did you guys just start in the last, you know, I don't know, six, seven years and then just explode to be one of the biggest gun companies in the U.S.? ?
Well, you know, things were going on in the country, and for the first time, I started paying attention, and what I noticed was the term gun control.
And when I heard the term gun control, it made me really nervous, because I said, no, I don't like control.
And when it pertained to the Second Amendment, even though I wasn't exercising my Second Amendment rights at that time, I knew that I had them.
And I knew that I possessed them.
And I did not want to hear that they were going to be taken away from me.
So right at that moment, I literally sprung up out of my chair, ran to the garage, because that's where our business was at the time.
It was a health products business.
And I said, Tony, these people are talking about taking our gun rights.
We have to go get a gun.
We have to go buy guns.
And I learned about your story a few years ago.
That's what's beautiful is you weren't gun nuts, you weren't obsessed with it, but you instinctively saw there was an attack.
And so a lot of other folks that are gun experts have tried to be successful and haven't been.
Why have novices been so successful and now having the eighth largest gun shop in the US?
Well first I want to say passion.
Tony and I do exactly what we believe in and we don't do stuff that we don't believe in.
Freedom is our essential most important thing in our life and so when we see something or something under attack we want to rise up immediately and do something about it.
Was it a group of things or was that final thing you saw what what made you just go hey we got to promote this?
Um, well, lots of, um, tragic events happen, and people want to immediately go to gun control.
And the only person that that works, you know, for in gun control is the bad guys.
And, uh... So you just instinctively got, why am I being penalized for what somebody else did?
I better go exercise this right.
So it was just them coming out in the last five, six years saying, we want to take the guns, was, you were finally like, whoa, this is real.
Basically what happened was we were not plugged in.
We really didn't pay attention to what was going on in the world, especially in America.
And then when this happened, we were just starting to wake up and get in touch with, you know, America's under attack from all different
And for us, the Second Amendment was a big thing that we never thought anything about, but once somebody said they were going to take it away, it became very important to us.
We never believed that people shouldn't have guns.
We believe we're constitutional conservatives.
The Constitution, I believe, we believe, is still a very valid document.
I don't think it's changed in the last 200 plus years.
But you don't know what you got until it's gone.
It was that final moment.
Exactly right.
And that really activated us.
And then what solidified it was once we got the gun bug and we got into the firearms business, we realized right away, it's politics.
And you're on one side or the other.
And we were all in for America.
And for us, it was a great way to exercise our God-given rights and also to create a fantastic business that lets us talk to a lot of people about those rights.
Well, that's what I've found with so many just common hard-working Americans that are apolitical.
They realize America's in trouble.
They're like a fish finally put in water.
Once you get in it, you're like, boom!
Yeah, we don't do anything halfway.
When we do something, we're all in.
Folks, you can go to InfoWarsGuns.com if they want to go there.
It just indexes the site so folks know it came from us.
But the main website that folks want to visit is Big Daddy.
And you guys have, I was looking, 8,000 guns and items?
We have over 120,000 different guns, gear, ammo, accessories, and more.
Oh yeah.
I was on there yesterday myself.
I guess I was only one subsection was 8,000 plus guns alone.
Yeah, that's about all there are.
So you guys got everything?
It was one of the most interesting things that I found when I got into the industry is that guns is actually the smallest part of the industry.
Let's talk about it with the owners of Big Daddy Unlimited, ladies and gentlemen.
Okay, so these folks are awesome.
They help so many great patriots in Florida and around the country, like Roger Stone, Tony McKnight and Sherry McKnight, Big Daddy Unlimited Firearms, MFullWorksGuns.com, takes you to their main site, but they know you're coming from us, so it supports everybody at 360WIN.
And you guys are like, hey, we want to get into politics, they're coming for our guns, and I'm like, hey, let's talk about the...
Now you guys, in such a short period of time, five, six years or whatever, have become the eighth biggest gun dealer or gun shop in the U.S.
out of over 10,000, I know there are.
That is a big deal.
And talk about some of the stuff that's at Infowarsguns.com and how people become a member, they get discounts, everything else.
Because we're not going to get to that if we don't.
You guys are doing a lot of exciting stuff and our listeners want to know about it.
So tell people from
From just plain chain guns at great prices to super fancy ones.
You guys have got the full spectrum, over 8,000 guns.
Then as you said, all the accessories.
Is there really anybody out there?
I was looking at your catalog of in-stock stuff.
Ammo, ready to ship.
Most folks are out of it.
You guys have, I guess, done a good job of stockpiling or hoarding or how do you guys have all these guns and ammo in stock?
Others don't.
Well, it's not stockpiling and hoarding.
I don't mean that as a bad word.
We have very good relationships with the manufacturers and the vendors in the industry.
And because of the nature of the industry, unfortunately, the big get bigger and the small get kind of pushed out.
But we did that because when we got into it,
Like we said, we don't do anything halfway, and at the end of the day, everything really is all about the members.
It's all about giving them value.
We wanted to put together a platform and a business for people to treat them the way we wanted to be treated when we got involved in the firearms industry.
We fell in love with firearms, we fell in love with the whole genre, and we wanted to give people products at prices that they could live with.
So tell people what's going to happen when they go to InfoWarsGuns.com, which again is just a link to Big Daddy Distributors.
Correct, but also we're doing a giveaway for InfoWars.
You've got a one-of-a-kind InfoWars gun.
It's free to sign up for it, and it is a one-of-a-kind, custom-built in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
It's made out of 7050 aluminum.
By the way, you brought it.
In fact, if it's in there, we can bring it out.
So lightweight, it's amazing.
It's a really high-end custom gun, 100%.
So it was made in North Texas?
As a gentleman told us the other day, we're sick and tired of being Texas's little brother.
No, it's a joke.
It used to be part of Texas, part of it.
So it's a joke, it's North Texas, but yeah.
We love Oklahoma.
Hell, we're Southern Oklahoma.
Anyway, sorry, go ahead.
I'm ranting here.
Oh, sorry.
You're great.
You're great.
So anyway, we put this all together to basically give people what they wanted and try to give them as much access as possible.
And then basically what we've been doing over the last year is trying to pack more value into the membership.
So tell us about the membership.
If you go to InfoWarsGuns.com and you can see the gun there to get in the raffle.
What do people do and then what's the benefit of signing up with you guys?
So the benefit is that you're going to get big discounts on pretty much everything that we have.
We are also running a special for InfoWars where you get a substantial discount to yearly membership.
Access to everything.
Access to our VIP customer service.
We have live customer service people.
Pretty much anything that you're looking for, one of the best ways to access our services is to actually call, email, live chat, and let us know what you're looking for and we'll get it for you.
And you guys also have some of the best gun insurance out there, right?
We have a 2A benefits package that we put together.
It gives you up to $100,000 of accidental death and firearms insurance, and we are expanding that benefit.
We're looking for partners to help us expand that benefit for our members.
And you've got a lot of fancy, cutting-edge stuff that's still legal, but who knows how long?
There's a lot of exclusive stuff for Big Daddy Unlimited members and we have just over the last year recently got into manufacturing.
So our big focuses are manufacturing members and retail store expansion.
Tell us more about it.
There's a lot of cool stuff here.
Well, the next big thing that we started doing was we started with one gun shop.
That's how we got into the industry.
We created Big Daddy Unlimited, which is our membership platform.
And over the last two years, we've launched four more stores, and we got 21 more coming this year, and then another 25 coming next year.
Well, that right there is an amazing success story, and you're right.
It takes scalability and getting big to be able to give people discounts.
Not only that, but it's also a way for us to have an impact on the industry and also put us in a position to have some influence in terms of the political aspects of the industry.
And I guess, how'd you guys get big so fast?
Just the passion and everything.
Yeah, I mean, obviously there's been a little bit of luck involved, but it really is all about there was an opportunity, we saw it, we really ran after it, and we're in 110%.
We're all in.
The two of us work together in the office pretty much 12-14 hours a day, six days a week.
We take a day off on the weekends, but then we're right back at it.
So folks go to InfoWarsGuns.com, they just sign up for the raffle, and they can then be part of getting this InfoWars exclusive gun.
Sherri, you've been chomping at the bit to get into how you got involved and just where we are.
Well, I think what is very unique about our story is that, like I said, we were in the health products business.
We weren't paying attention to what was going on.
And the minute that we did start paying attention, it was like, holy cow!
This place is going nuts!
With that, that immediately ignited my fire, so I started attending, you know, some meetings and getting involved in the local political scene, and learning more and more and more, meeting lots of great people.
Meanwhile, Tony and I were going to all the gun shows that we could possibly find within a couple of hour radius.
And we started just meeting people and just getting immersed, basically, into the Second Amendment community and just kind of falling in love with what we found.
You know, it was very patriotic people.
That was fitting in with what we were doing.
You know, originally we got involved in tea party meetings and, you know, just meeting people and learning the landscape of what was going on in our country.
And the more we learned, the more passionate that we got.
And eventually that led to... And when Tony says we do stuff all in,
We do!
So we work, work, work, and then we were passionately at night attending things that we thought were going to get us, you know, not only more involved but more educated so we could, you know, basically be more, do more, have more.
And what we really wanted more of was freedom.
So that is what we have done.
And so, you know, we've done a lot of things locally from
And that's what scares the system is normal people waking up and getting involved
That's why they're trying to shut everything down because so many normal folks are now getting involved and overriding their attempt to take over.
And that's what it's all about.
At our company, I have a lot of sayings and I share them with everybody, but one of them is, you gotta show up to go up.
And we show up for everything that we believe is important.
I don't
And that's why they did the global lockdowns and things they admitted was to shut down the populist movement.
We have top ministers in Canada saying, we had to shut things down because they're all against us.
They're talking, they're meeting, and it's the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the Tenth Amendment, all of it is so beautiful.
Go to Infowarsguns.com, sign up for the free raffle.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Tony and Sherry McKnight are here with us.
They're the founders and owners of Big Daddy Unlimited Firearms.
We've got a link that supports InfoWars.
Go there and become a member and get big discounts on thousands and thousands of items.
Very, very exciting.
But look, you guys are the experts on this.
I've got a hundred questions, but where should we go next here with Tony and with Sherry?
Pick a topic.
There's so many to get to.
Let's talk more about why people should go become members and how they do that at Big Daddy Unlimited.
I'll tell you why I think people should come and become members.
Our whole goal is to rationalize the entire firearms buying process.
We want to make it easier and more affordable for people to exercise their Second Amendment.
And so when we first started and we launched with the online e-commerce platform, that was great.
We got a lot of people who are supporting us and supporting what we're doing.
But at the end of the day, we wanted to be able to be front and center with the folks and teach them how they could access firearms.
Not only the firearms themselves, but training and education about how to use the firearm.
And so that was the whole idea behind the retail expansion.
And our goal is to take it one step farther than most of your traditional firearms retailers.
We want Big Daddy Guns, which is our retail chain, to be front and center.
Starbucks right next to it's a Big Daddy Guns.
Basically where people actually go to shop.
We want them to... And that's how we culturally win.
It's not making guns dirty like it's a porno shop.
It's exactly right.
Think the apple of guns.
That's us.
We didn't make it mainline like we're the dominant culture.
That's right.
Well, one of the reasons, you know, when we first got started and started going into the gun stores and stuff, what we found is they weren't very receptive.
Well, there's an elitism.
We're the real gun experts.
Who are you?
And we came in, you know, go figure, we came in actually looking for advice.
We wanted to know, you know, what was a good gun to buy.
We had questions and, you know, it's generally filled with people that, you know,
Aren't that helpful?
Because if you don't have all the right lingo or all the right knowledge, they don't consider you like a great customer.
There's an elitism to it, which really hurts the movement.
And stores are often, you know, sort of dark, dingy, you know, I call them dark, dingy, musty, dusty.
They're like man caves.
And so I could feel that right when I went in because I had not been shopping in gun stores.
So right away when we, when he looked over at me and said, do you want to start a gun business?
Apple's the model, all white and glistening.
That's exactly what we're doing.
Although we do have a lot of orange.
Yeah, well, we have a lot of orange pop water.
I like orange, yeah.
Orange, white, and gray.
So, we wanted our shops to be like that.
Bright and cheery and chipper.
Customer service is king for us.
The opposite of my office is like a black hole.
Yes, it's very dark in here, but it's also great.
Well, the light shines though, yeah.
And this set's amazing.
But yeah, we wanted to do something different with the industry.
We wanted to make it a friendly place that you would go into, and we want our staff to receive everybody, you know, as not only just someone that's there to buy a gun, but we have an opportunity with so many of the new gun owners over the last year that are coming in that don't know what to do, just like I didn't know a few years ago.
But we want to, you know,
I agree.
It should be like when there's a hurricane and people are going to the Red Cross, you give them the blanket and the care package.
It's like, oh, you're going to defend yourself now.
It's a little loving.
Yeah, so that's one of your secret is scaling up great product, great service, great quality and making it where it's not intimidating.
And making it mainstream.
That's Tony's main goal is making it very mainstream.
So it's like, all right, if you're going to go to Home Depot and maybe I'm stepping over at Big Daddy Guns as well.
You know, we're right there.
You don't have to go, you know, to some random area of town.
And imagine if Big Daddy was on every corner, we wouldn't have all this crime.
Well, if you look at the maps, places with guns, no crime.
Everywhere else, hell on earth.
I mean, my goodness.
Because gun control is a very dangerous.
I bet the defunding of the police has got you guys a lot of business.
Good Lord, it's dangerous.
Well, that's where I think that, you know, the Second Amendment really came into everyone's awareness is like, you know, businesses were being burned down, stores were being robbed.
It was a very dangerous place in the early part of the pandemic, and it scared a lot of people.
And then you realize, geez, how am I going to defend myself?
Yeah, I know a lot of people have been mugged and robbed in Austin, so it's not hype.
The crime is out of control.
Crime is out of control.
I'm trying to move out of the city because of it.
If you don't have a way to defend yourself, what are you going to do?
Just be a target and be okay with that?
I'm not okay with that.
And again, we're not out wanting to kill anybody.
No one wants the trouble, but we want to defend ourselves.
And I like how you guys are doing shooting events, videos.
You guys are like a one-stop shop.
Yes, we have a great marketing department.
We love putting on events.
We love working with great influencers and just doing whatever we can to get the message out.
So, what do people do, Tony, when they go to InfoWarsGuns.com?
Because you've got great prices, you've got stuff in stock, you've got great service.
It's a 360 way, I guess you can ship guns.
Once you do the background thing with the gun shop there, or the check there, tell me about all the services you guys have.
Well, the first thing they need to do when they go to InfoWarsGuns.com is sign up to win that free, cool InfoWars exclusive rifle that we've built for it.
It says the answer in 1984, 1776.
That InfoWars handout video on it, that's awesome.
Yep, and once they do that, sign up, then become a member, and then what we'll start doing is we'll walk you through the process of what's available.
But like I said, the biggest thing you can do is call the toll-free number, talk to some of our knowledgeable customer service people.
One of the things that we did that was very different than everybody else is there's no scripts.
One of the first things we told our staff was, look, we don't need BS.
Treat our members the way you would want to be treated.
Don't give them some corporate line about the excuse of why something went wrong or why something went right.
Just tell them, hey, if we screwed up, we screwed up.
Own it.
You know?
And that's really what's given us such a core, impassioned group of members.
There's a lot of gun places, if it's jamming, well, this gun doesn't normally do that.
Yeah, true.
They're like, okay, it's jamming, I want you to... Yeah, we have a lot of... Use the wrong ammo, like... Right, right.
Instead of like, let's see.
Exactly, and talk to your members and our customers the way you would want to be talked to.
Hey, if you have a problem, let me try to walk you through it, or let me try to figure out what's really going wrong, and can I solve that for you?
I mean, one of the first things we did in our stores, the whole idea was, hey, if we don't have it, we'll get it for you.
Let me know what you're looking for, not let me try to sell you this thing that you might not really want.
I'm sold on that, yeah.
One of the things that we came up with that when I first started working in our customer service department, because I love customer service and I love our members, is I want to get the pulse of what are the members thinking.
But I came up with a couple of key principles that we run the business on.
And the first one is members first, because members is what our business is all about.
So every decision that we make needs to run through the funnel of members first.
Is it going to be good for the members?
How can we make it good for the members?
So, um, yeah, we don't do scripts and things like that.
We really, we're real people helping real people.
And then we work with teamwork.
You know, teamwork makes the dream work.
Customer's always right.
Well, yes.
We know that from a business perspective.
You have to find a way to help that member get what they want.
That's what they are there to do.
And that's what capitalism is, is all these choices.
We figure out what the best thing is.
That's exactly right.
And so teamwork is stressed at our company as well as something that I call the spirit of excellence.
And we actually even have a spirit of excellence award that we give out quarterly.
We've just actually given out our first one along with this year creating the employee of the month as well.
So of course we've had three of those.
But these are the things that we really love about Big Daddy Unlimited is our amazing team and just
Creating a family environment, our culture, is really what sets us apart.
And what you're doing is what they fear.
You're helping talk show hosts, you're energizing the community, you're sponsoring all over the country, you've become the eighth largest gun seller in the U.S.
gun shop.
And that is such, and then a lot of the establishment people that have been around a hundred years are like, well who are these people?
That's what America is, is innovation.
That's right, that's right, and that's what the establishment fears.
Oh, I mean, I'm not trying to brag myself, but, like, three years into being on air, I was, like, already going up against Limbaugh, and, like, people were like, who is this dude?
He's, like, 25 and about to take over.
He's not supposed to do that.
Well, that's what innovation's about.
Man, I don't know where the crew's finding this, but it sounds crazy.
From 1942?
What is this called you guys are playing?
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.
This sounds even older than Hank Williams.
Yep, sounds like 50s maybe.
I think like 30s, right when they got recording going.
You'd have this like on a xylophone.
All right, Tony McKnight and of course your great wife, Sherry McKnight, InfoWarsGuns.com.
They can go to InfoWarsGuns.com and sign up to get this great AR-15 M4 platform rifle.
It's free.
Somebody that signs up is going to get that, but when they sign up to be a member, though, they pay a small fee and then they get huge discounts on all the products.
Again, I want you guys to pitch yourselves because you're sponsors.
I get a lot of great reviews and we want to
Well, like you said, the first thing, sign up to get in the raffle.
And if you become a member right now, we're doing a promotion for InfoWars listeners.
It's $77 a year instead of $99 a year, and that gives you complete access to over 120,000 items, guns, gear, ammo and more.
Gives you access to the 2A benefits, our Big Daddy Rewards program where basically everything you buy you get points that you can cash in for buying more stuff.
Gives you VIP customer service access.
Definitely take advantage of that because you definitely want to talk to somebody and have them find what you're looking for.
And we also have exclusive content that we promote, not only educational content having to do with firearms, but all kinds of other stuff.
How are you to interrupt?
Because I was checking, you know, weeks ago before you guys came to town.
Because Roger's like, you gotta get them.
They're the best.
I love them.
I wouldn't be on air without them.
Oh, they're wonderful.
And I'm like, okay, let's do a deal.
Everybody loves them.
I'm looking at them.
But how do you get ammo?
Because you have so many calibers nobody's even got in stock.
Sometimes stuff's sold out, but compared to other people, even during the ammo shortage, you guys had ammo.
How'd you do that?
Honestly, hard work and we basically fought our way into the top tiers of the firearms industry and we've got access.
And we've also got a really good group of people who are always looking for more.
We want to always be the place for our members.
We want our members to get the best and get it at a price that they can live with no matter what.
Even throughout COVID, the COVID crisis,
When ammo prices were going through the roof, we didn't raise our prices.
Prices stayed the same.
People couldn't believe it.
They're like, why wouldn't you raise the prices and take advantage?
Well, that's not the point of what we're doing.
Do we want to make an extra dollar now and piss the people off and they leave us later?
You'd rather be with 20 years with them.
Treat them like you want to be treated.
It's a chicken or egg thing, but it's like, it's just treat people like you want to be treated.
Right, and like we did a thing, our four year anniversary was two weeks ago, and what we did was we invited all the members, hey come on by, come tour, come hang out, come see what's going on, come meet all the people, because at the end of the day, exactly what you said, we want them to be considered friends for years to come.
Let's just say it, in the gun industry, on average there's a very stuffy elitism about it, and I don't even know why that's there, like you said, we need to make
Firearms as ubiquitous as Walmart.
That's true.
And that is our goal and our mission.
They want to make it dirty, they want to make it weird, they want to make it like back of the road, like all, no it needs to be training and open and then it ends the crime.
Front and center.
Front and center.
We want it to be as accessible as it is for people to be exposed to firearms, both through movie, TVs, video games.
We want them to have the ability to walk in to get their cup of coffee or get their tools at Home Depot and also walk into a Big Daddy Guns.
And again, I could go buy a Ford F-150 and go run over 100 people tonight.
It's not Ford's fault.
It's not the dealership's fault.
And the idea that gun owners are to blame for what crazy people do.
No, the answer to crazy people is more good people with guns.
And the statistics show like 20 plus times for every time a gun is used for a crime, it's used to suppress crime.
That's true.
That's right.
I can't imagine, you know, when we are in Florida, you know, we have the, you know, our concealed carry permits and stuff.
And when you travel and you go into certain cities, D.C.
or Chicago, like we have done, especially D.C.
many times, you realize that very weird feeling of not, yeah, you feel naked, like, what am I missing?
Because you don't have the way to protect yourself.
You don't know where you are, where you're going, what street you're walking down, and you just realize that should something happen, you have no way to protect and defend yourself.
I don't know how people feel comfortable with that.
I mean... And in those cities and areas, you see the criminals are much more arrogant and cocky.
Yes, because they can be, because if you cannot protect yourself, you are a target.
Gun-free zone.
Worst place to be.
Go there, sign up for the free raffle for the firearm, or sign up to be a member of Big Daddy Unlimited.
In the time we have left, you're going to go in the war room today.
What else do you guys want to impart to the viewers and listeners?
Well, I think what really sets us apart is our sales and service teams.
We are there to really help our members.
We actually answer the phones, email, live chat.
We do focus on our members.
We're a very
I think we're a very fun bunch of people.
I mean, just imagine what it's like.
Many people have had all kinds of constraints put on them during this last two years.
But when you come to visit us or, you know, lots of people come to visit us, it's just such a free place to be.
You know, we really exercise our right to be Americans there.
And we did that all through the pandemic.
So where's the mothership?
It's in Florida.
Yes, it's in Gainesville, Florida.
In Berkeley East.
Yeah, we call it Berkeley East.
You know, we're in the blue dot in the sea of red.
And we've built this pretty big gun business right there.
And we're very excited about it.
And we love to invite people down to come and check us out and really see the people that you're speaking to every day.
Well, people ask me, why do you live in Austin?
Well, my family's from here.
I live here.
But I'm literally living in San Francisco, Texas.
But it's got to be exciting.
I heard that.
Florida's getting more red, isn't it?
It's the only state getting more red, not more blue.
I actually have more Republican registrations right now than Democrat.
We have a great governor.
Florida is the model.
We have a great governor.
He is, man.
He gets better and better.
Doubling down, not caring what they say, saying screw Hollywood.
That's what we need to hear more of.
Yeah, he's tough.
Because we've already won the culture war.
Let's act like it instead of cowering in fear to the left all day long.
Yes, absolutely.
And I love how he's really taking a stand and just really
He's really grown into the role.
He's not afraid.
He's not shy.
He's doing what he needs to do.
He's actually doing what he said he would do.
And he's not fake about it.
And the more they attack him, the stronger he gets.
He gets better and better.
Well, we got an opportunity to beat him a little bit.
Honestly, what you see is what you get.
Same dude.
He's just gotten better at being the governor part.
Because he loves his children.
He does.
I mean, he loves America.
And if you love your children, you better love the country you live in.
People say, oh, you're a dumb patriot.
Well, this is my country, and we're going to run it for our children.
If you just say, oh, you don't care, then Klaus Schwab comes in and takes over.
He wants to tell us how we're going to run, and that actually humans, we're not even actually going to be important for very much longer.
So that's kind of bad news for us.
Well, how about Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates ain't going to be very important much longer?
How about they're obsolete?
How about they're non-essential?
We need more people going out there and supporting capitalism because the one thing that we've learned is in order to affect change, it kind of costs money.
Well that's another thing is, again, any industry's got to have money and needs scalability.
And exactly, we need major gun chains that are not cowardly like Dick's Sporting Goods.
We need, I mean, we need to go to a chain that's got the best prices, the best everything, support mom and pop, that's great, but we need to be big with lobbyists.
Well, and we need to do more stuff like this, more collaborative efforts with people who are interested in protecting America.
But it's what you said when you first started.
I don't know if it was on or off.
You said, in the gun industry, big fish eat little fish.
Well, the big get bigger and the small get squeezed out.
It's an unfortunate... And we're not against a little gun shop in a small town.
I go to those.
The point is, we need big organizations to fight these people.
That's true.
That is absolutely true.
And we want to partner with people, you know?
We're not just like all, you know, that's one thing that's also different about Tony and I is we're not just the me-me-me crowd and we don't fear competition and all that.
We're about the message and the mission.
And we put that first.
That's always in front of us.
I'm all about mom and pop, but I love the fact that you guys are helping everybody and getting big and it's so exciting.
No, I agree.
Infowarsguns.com, sign up for the free rifle and the raffle or become a member, get huge discounts.
Total, how many products do you have?
At your Big Daddy Unlimited website.
Over 120,000.
And that's the key.
It's real inventory, ready to ship.
Infoworksguns.com is your portal and your window in there.
And I want to say one last thing.
Our whole goal in this is to grow the entire industry.
The industry's been stagnant forever.
The reason we want to make it accessible is we want not only more gun owners, we want more gun retailers.
We want people to be able to access this.
Beautifully said, absolutely.
So you're bringing a lot of innovation to things.
And we're bringing a lot of people along with us, because in order to get big, you've got to have a lot of partners.
That's right.
Big Daddy Unlimited.
Thank you both.
We love you, McNights.
Thank you.
Pleasure to be here.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis, and we want to return today to the Global Elite Book Series.
It's been a while since I picked up an old text that I lectured on about five years ago, and wow, is it really important now.
I mean, it just like the news headlines of the last week make this book come alive and really demonstrate the thesis, you know, that we have here that
That Alex has talked about for so long 20 plus years and the book is called the scientific outlook by Bertrand Russell one of the most famous philosophers and logicians of the last say 200 300 years actually and Russell begins this book and note remember this is written in 1931 so this is not a treatise that was written 20 years ago 30 years ago almost a hundred years ago and
And we're going to see that Bertrand Russell's outline for what the future scientific dictatorship will look like is the nightmare dystopia that they're trying to bring in now.
And what this demonstrates is that somebody at his level who was a worldly famous philosopher, right, who basically sat at the front of this fake liberal organization, the Fabian Socialist Society, for a while.
It's true that he did leave the Fabian Socialist Society.
But he never changed his views about radical, worldly depopulation, right?
So the whole world needs to radically be depopulated.
And even though he left the Fabian Society and kept his liberal front, this was always at the core of his so-called liberalism.
Now he begins his book by, I should mention the introduction written by a thinker,
Thank you.
Essentially bring in a completely controlled technocratic society ruled by so-called experts.
And as you know, in the middle of Quigley's book, we found that amazing chapter in Tragedy and Hope about how the future would be absolutely run by a technocratic managerial society.
And what this does is quantify everything.
And this is because Russell was a famous atheist materialist.
He thought that everything could be reduced to atoms in motion.
And so you could see that quantification, making everything into basically mathematical domination, ruled by numbers, quantification, and that's the rejection of the notion of free will, was fundamental to Russell's thesis.
And if you remember, this week we saw a transhumanist like Noah Yuval Harari, the disciple of Klaus Schwab, what did he say this week in that clip that went viral?
Right, there's, men don't have free will, you don't have a soul, you have no, there is no spirit in you.
Well, that's actually just echoing the philosophy of the real masters and engineers of this technocracy from a hundred years ago, Lord Bertrand Russell.
Now Russell goes on to say that fundamental to his philosophy is that there's no free will and that there is no soul in man.
Now remember, Russell also says interesting contradictory things like we must stamp out the spirit and soul of man in terms of the technocracy.
So does he really believe that or is he deceiving himself?
And thus attempting to enact the thing that is ultimately, as we say, a rebellion against God and any notions of the transcendent.
I think it's the latter, but let's see what Russell says in his book.
He goes on to talk about, early on, that the guy that wrote the introduction, Papineau, he says that if you look to other people like J.B.S.
Haldane and other figures in the Royal Society circles, they were all intent on bringing in this World Federation, World Government, eugenics-based society.
And the notion of Brave New World also comes from these same people, the same circles, the Huxleys, right?
Remember we've covered Julian Huxley's philosophy of the United Nations Education and Cultural Organization, UNESCO.
So Julian wrote the philosophy of UNESCO and basically what he did in that book was just cloak all of the depopulation and eugenics philosophy into something new called transhumanism and bioethics and biometrics.
That's the new cloak and the new cover
That is the ethos.
That is the essence of everything that they're bringing in right now.
The whole Great Reset is this.
It is based on this.
I'm sure you've seen this week the article going around about how Klaus Schwab was essentially recruited by the CIA out of this Harvard program, essentially established by none other than Henry Kissinger himself.
And here we are, right?
But yet this week, I've had people telling me, this doesn't exist.
So let's get, when we come back, we're going to look at Bertrand Russell's scientific outlook in depth and see that it absolutely is real.
It's not real.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
We're talking about the famous, yet not very well known book by Bertrand Russell, The Scientific Outlook.
And we're working through this text that he wrote back in 1931 about how the future would see the rise of this technocratic world government.
That would basically be modeled on Plato's Republic and accept a radical depopulation agenda in order to bring this in.
And of course, this would be the only way to save the human race.
That's literally Russell's philosophy.
And keep in mind, a lot of people are duped when they first start looking at this with their naivety by thinking that.
But he was a liberal.
In another book, he says at the beginning that he hopes that it doesn't turn into something bad.
Yeah, and then he contradicts himself and says, but we need to do it, right?
Impact of science on society, for example, another one of his texts that he wrote later on, he said, well, you know, war can bring about depopulation, but actually it doesn't do that good.
What we really need is something like a mass bio release or a black plague that could help to radically reduce population.
So he says that towards the end of impact of science on society.
That was written later in 1953, so Russell never did eschew these positions that he had all along.
In fact, you can't be in the Royal Society or amongst the Fabian Society elites if you do not adopt a radical depopulation agenda that is fundamental, that is 101 to every one of the global elites that we've looked at, every one of the books that we've lectured through.
We've done almost 60 of these writings of the elite, and there's not one of them, not a single one of them.
That promotes the idea that humans are good or that we should not depopulate.
Every one of them, to a T, must accept depopulation on a radical scale.
Every one of them accepts Darwinism.
Every one of them accepts atheistic materialism or Luciferianism or Satanism.
Every one of them accepts
A world government, a world currency, digital cashless society.
That is the ethos.
That is the cult.
If you do not accept the dogmas of the scientism cult of the New World Order, you are not let into the occult.
Fundamental 101.
Now Russell goes on to, excuse me, the introductory guy goes on to say that Russell is a scientific technocrat.
You could say that Russell's whole philosophy is scientism.
And really, the religion of the future, he says, is essentially something scientific.
And just like all of his other comrades in these circles, H.G.
Wells, right, all the characters that we've looked at in the last few weeks, or the 4th Hour of Alex Jones Show, the months that we've done this, they all talk about a new world religion that's a cloak, or their inner core religion, that is scientism.
And he says that we should look to
The figures of the ancient world who really combated any notion of the divine, any notion of transcendence.
And so he begins his book with this sort of propaganda essay on the whole of science, right?
The saints of science is essentially what he does.
And he says that they gave us the scientific method, the great scientists of the past.
And I want to be clear, I don't hate science.
I don't disagree with science at all.
I mean, I believe science comes out of the whole Western Christian ethos.
And even the Byzantine ethos, right?
Science itself comes out, universities come out of Byzantium and medieval Christianity.
So I don't have a problem with science, but most people think of science as whatever a bunch of experts just say.
And that's actually a social engineering tool, not actually science at all.
In fact, what have we seen the buzzword of the last two years?
Trust the science, bro!
Trust the science!
Well, my wife just did a podcast over on her channel, Jamie Henshaw, and she covered the top 10 mad scientist experiments of the last hundred years.
Just insane stuff.
Everything to Kinsey, basically molesting children for science, for science, for science, all for science, brah!
Do you doubt the science?
Trust the science?
Well, that sounds like a religion, doesn't it?
Well, exactly.
And in fact, amazingly, Bertrand Russell himself in the first few chapters admits
The fundamental beliefs of science and the scientific method cannot be demonstrated.
I kid you not, he says that, and this is actually a famous problem in philosophy.
I just did a lecture on this yesterday on my YouTube channel.
Now, does that mean that there is no science or that we can't know?
No, it just means that the presuppositions of science, the scientific method, the existence of the external world, the regularity of nature, what David Hume called induction, right, the regularity of
The methods and the logic behind science itself can't be scientifically demonstrated.
It has to be assumed.
So science itself is actually, ironically, faith-based.
I'm not saying that it doesn't produce results, but the methods and the principles themselves, the scientific method as a thing itself, cannot be demonstrated through the scientific method.
It's an assumption.
And Bertrand Russell says, hey, we can't prove that, we don't know if it's true, we're just going to have to assume that it is the case.
So science, ironically, the scientific method itself, is a faith-based operation.
He goes on to say, Russell himself now, that the modern world cannot be understood apart from understanding the important place of the Royal Society.
And the Royal Society is really the origin point from where we get the modern scientism religion of today.
He goes on of course to admit that Darwin for him is basically a saint figure and the atomistic materialist universe that Darwin supposedly proved is what really gets rid of all the things that held us back.
From enacting a true world government, a true technocratic, ordered society.
Because what it does is that it allows us to figure out who are the useless eaters that use up the world's resources.
And now we know that there's no morality holding us back from getting rid of them.
This is the logic that he uses here, you see.
He says that there's no such thing anymore as meaning, as form.
Those are just human constructs, right?
He does think math is a real thing, although he did have several debates with other famous philosophers like Kurt Gödel, the mathematician, and even though Russell lost that debate concerning how to justify mathematical axioms, he's still charged forward with, it doesn't matter because, for example, J.B.
Watson has proven that man has no soul.
Well, of course, Watson didn't prove that.
As a psychologist, he didn't prove that.
But the argument is that, well, under the microscope, I don't see a soul, so there must not be a soul.
Okay, but under the microscope you don't see numbers, you don't see math, you don't see logic, and yet the scientific method is using math, numbers, and logic to do its very process.
So it becomes a self-refuting silly exercise to act like, well, because I don't see it under the microscope, it does not exist, right?
Can you observe the past under a microscope?
Can you observe your thoughts under a microscope?
Well, how absurd would it be to say that those things don't exist?
Do you observe a self under a microscope?
Of course not.
And yet, who is having the experience of looking in the microscope?
Who is doing the science?
Well, obviously some being that has consciousness or a self.
You see, the foolishness, the self-refuting absurdity of this worldview and this position, but they don't care.
And in fact, Russell says, we have gotten rid of purpose in the world.
There is no such thing as purpose in the world.
There is no telos at all.
He says, there's a disteliological world on page 36.
He says, now the scientific priest class can step up to the plate and we can commandeer and control evolution.
We will steer it.
And that gives us a divine mandate, even though there is no divine, they mean themselves, to mutate man through experimentation, through mass depopulation.
And you're going to be really surprised, probably blown away with this so-called Western freedom addict advocate,
This man is a champion of liberal democracy and Western democracy.
Well, you're going to be really surprised at who he holds up as preeminent examples of Western democracy and technocratic scientific government.
Anytime you hear the term scientific governance, run for the hills, because that is a mad science experiment
That was going to result, and always has resulted in the last 100 years, Democide.
Mass death.
Russell goes on to say, well, there are some experiments that are going on right now in the world.
And he says these are experiments on a large scale.
One of those experiments, he says, is the Soviet government.
He says he is impressed.
With the Soviet government, and in fact, when he looks at the world's scientific dictatorships, and he looks at Pavlovian conditioning, and how the Soviet government utilized these techniques and principles to enforce this, both with the Bolsheviks and with Stalin, okay?
Bertrand Russell doesn't really have a big problem with either one of them.
At least at this stage when he wrote this, right, in the 30s.
He says, I am very happy, I'm very pleased with the social experiment going on in Russia with the Bolsheviks and the Stalinists and their scientific government.
Do you understand that scientific government doesn't work?
It will produce mass death.
It always does.
This is what they are trying to sell the world on right now.
If you just accept scientific government, we will create your cum pod dystopia
And you can lay in your pod and just coom all day.
That's what they're literally saying.
They just put out an article now saying that there's coom pods now.
You can have these.
Don't go anywhere.
It's going to get even crazier when you come back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jay Dyer.
So as Russell works his way through the famous text that at the same time is strangely little known, the 1931 book, Scientific Outlook, he says,
The basic principles of science, such as the notion of unity, the external world, purpose, etc.
These are all illusory.
We don't have any knowledge of that.
It really doesn't exist.
He says we're going to act like it does, though.
So science doesn't actually tell us truth.
It just tells us how things work, supposedly.
So essentially, Russell is giving up the notion of truth claims, giving up the notion of there being objective truth.
But he's at the same time saying science is truth.
The scientific method is true.
You see that this is a bait and switch.
This is called philosophy of contradiction.
Both of those things can't be true at the same time.
Now, as Russell moves on to describe again how the notion of free will is itself a metaphysical illusion.
It's something like fairy tales.
It's like the existence of God, right?
It's a made-up idea.
He at the same time believes that he writes his books, that he was the one that earned the, you know, Nobel Prize and was the order of, you know, whatever as Lord Bertrand Russell.
So he thinks that he freely earned these titles and wrote these books and he should get paid and he gets royalties or whatever.
I mean, he's not alive now, but at the same time, he's turning around and saying, there is no free will.
Nobody has agency and responsibility.
Do you see that there's a radical disconnect, right, between the thing that he's saying and preaching and the way that he actually lives and acts in his life?
And I only point that out because most of the time the radical atheistic materialists, these kinds of people, they don't actually live the thing that they say is the case.
Because you can't really.
Nobody really lives consistent with those positions unless you're really, really, really, really, really, really evil.
Maybe Bertrand Russell is one of the great contenders for wickedest man of the 20th century or 19th century.
Who knows?
But he goes on to say, ultimately we don't even know that there is an external world.
So here we have this curious early precedent for what's called solipsism, the idea that there is no world, everything is just a projection of my mind.
Carl Jung spoke this way, right?
So this is not unheard of, but it's bizarre in the realm of science for Bertrand Russell to admit this as a man radically committed to materialism and what we call scientism, the religion of scientism, to admit that we can't prove the external world.
Yet, that's the very thing that science is focused on, right?
Engineering, understanding, mastering the external world.
He goes on to say that there is no God because there is no truth.
There is no metaphysical truth.
All those things are concoctions.
And yet, at the same time, he doesn't seem to understand that to say that his materialistic worldview is true denies that very position, denies that very presupposition, that point.
He goes on to make many, many metaphysical claims while at the same time denying there are no metaphysics.
And he says that the only hope for man at this point is to set up a world government, get this, because humans have created nuclear bombs.
So the argument is that humans in general, you're all collectively guilty because you invented technology and invented warfare technology like bombs.
And so we are going to have to kill you all.
And at the same time, Russell turns around and says, the elite are the geniuses who have created and invented atomic bombs.
Only the elite geniuses could have done this, but he's collectively blaming the world for the thing that he takes credit for as a member of this elite.
I'm not saying he takes credit for himself making a bomb, but he's saying that we are elite class or the one who gave you this, right?
And you are at fault.
And he says genetic modification, for example, genetic modification will save the world because genetic modification will allow us to feed the world.
Do you see how even a hundred years ago these frauds were cloaking their actual agenda of mass depopulation in humanitarian garb?
This is what the NGOs and the think tanks all do right now, right?
They go into these other countries, we're here to promote freedom and democracy, which just means abortions, vaccines, right?
All of these sexual degeneracy things.
That's all it is.
And it's social moral warfare.
Morals can be a form of warfare.
Soft power.
It's a form of exerting soft power through things like color revolution, things like toxic pop culture.
And I'm just saying that it's not anything new, ultimately, with the elite class, because if we go back a hundred years, Bertrand Russell's talking about it here.
He's talking about genetic modification, being able to feed the planet.
But ultimately, he says, it's not really going to feed the planet, because what we're going to do is feed the planet with fake food.
A hundred years ago, he promoted fake food.
A hundred years later,
Big Agra, Big Pharma, Big Food are all promoting fake food every day, right now.
And he wrote this a hundred years ago.
And he doesn't say, I wonder if it'll be this way.
He says, we will do this.
It's a plan.
It's not speculation.
It's a plan.
Genetic modification will allow for the elite.
He says this.
I shared it on my Twitter.
It got, I don't know, thousands of views and whatever.
It went viral.
So I'm not making this up.
You can go find it.
He says the synthetic food will be given to the masses, but the elite will continue to eat their steaks.
Well, that's interesting.
That sounds like what Plato said a long time ago, that the elite would continue to eat meat so that they could be virile, that they would have the nutrients that they needed.
The masses will eat a bunch of kibble and plant food.
And Russell makes no bones about that being a genetic modification, basically a gigantic world experiment.
Then he goes on to say that, get this, a hundred years ago, peak oil.
He talked about peak oil, which is a scam, a hundred years ago.
And in fact, it's some of the biggest oil companies that promote the notion of peak oil.
Because all that is, is a way to squeeze out competition and control the market.
That's it.
And it's not a fossil fuel, by the way.
Oil is not dinosaur juice.
I don't know what oil is, but I know that it's not crushed up dinosaur juice.
And yet all of the so-called smart people, the public academics and intellectuals, they always call it fossil fuels.
They always talk about it being a scarce resource that we don't have enough of.
That's all intentional starving and resource cutting off.
It's austerity that's done on purpose.
That's why they shut down the pipelines on purpose.
That's what Biden has done.
That's what they do.
And they do it on purpose to give the impression that we don't have enough of this.
It's all a scam.
It's what the Bolsheviks did.
It's a form of terror, right?
Trotskyites did this.
Stalin did this, right?
You intentionally create famine, scarcity, blame it on your enemies.
It's a form of economic resource false flag.
It's very simple.
I mean, Bertrand Russell 100 years ago said that peak oil could be a tool, could be the way that they could say humans are using up too many resources.
Blame the masses, blame the people, the useless eaters, and then you can turn a gigantic portion of the population on itself.
And then the mob zombie mass
That's just silly putty in the hands of the elite thinks that the other half of the masses, the conservatives or whoever, are at fault.
They're the ones that need to be killed because you're causing all of this.
Russia's causing all of this.
You're doing this.
The stupidest, most low IQ take imaginable.
Russell goes on to say that not only will we stop there, he says we'll move on to the entire biosphere.
Exactly what Klaus Schwab says in the last third of his book, Fourth Industrial Revolution.
He says we will master the weather and we'll be able to control and cause storms, rains, droughts, climate change.
Russell said a hundred years ago they would do that.
Don't go anywhere when we come back.
I'm going to show you even crazier things in Bertrand Russell's Scientific Outlook.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
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Now, let's get into the notion of terraforming and weather control, which Bertrand Russell says would be the future.
So, a hundred years ago, he's saying geoengineering will really be what we're going to do.
No, he even calls it a great work.
He says that this mechanistic attitude of the scientific technocratic elite will be such that they will be able to have a monopoly over all of the production of the world, all of the capital in the world.
And he says that capitalism
Monopoly capitalism, not capitalism itself, will lead to, ironically, a kind of socialized technocratic world government.
So, just like H.G.
Wells, and remember, Russell was part of that Fabian Socialist Society, he and H.G.
Wells didn't really see monopolistic capitalism as any problem or any bump on the road to their end goal of world socialist government.
In fact, they say it is the necessary means to an end.
Only monopolistic capitalism, they say,
is sufficient to erect the superstructure of the global government and the technocracy and then it will flip into a top-down fascist technocracy.
So you're not going to have free enterprise, you're going to have a business.
All of that will be bought up, centralized, and then everything will be crushed, he says.
Now what did we just see this week announced?
BlackRock, all of this, everything will be bought up, you will be made poor, and you will be crushed.
He said it a hundred years ago, the exact same thing that the same elite are saying now.
Now, is it a coincidence that the elites of a hundred years ago say the exact same thing to a T a hundred years later?
Or are you caught in cognitive dissonance and lying to yourself?
Maybe you spent too much time watching sports ball games and not reading what these people say.
Next he goes on to say that fertilizers are a key thing to controlling world order food production and government.
Yes, fertilizers.
And he says that fertilizers are important because they're necessary for feeding the masses.
And so they were aware, again, a hundred years ago, that you could target different supply chain areas, different nodes, to shut down different sections, right?
It's a form of advanced technical warfare that uses food, diet, and food chains.
He says that what we're going to have to do, though, is master biowarfare.
And when we master both biowarfare and breeding science, then we have the means by which we can engineer and set into place the final revolution of world government and technocracy.
Now Bertrand Russell again always couches his technocracy in liberal loving terms.
There's going to be freedom and it's going to be because only the scientific elite will be allowed to live.
So you understand when they talk about freedom they're saying for us, for the science crowd, for the people that wear lab coats.
We alone with our magical lab coats will go into the future with our hallowed godlike beakers and
Bottles of science juice that bubble behind us.
We're so beautiful.
We are the beautiful ones, right?
That's what he says, right?
This is his view.
And he says that when we master breeding science, not only will we engineer the elite to be ubermensch godmen, we can engineer it to where the other classes and the other people who are not amongst the so-called scientific elite to become more
Uh, Eloy and Morlock, to become Morlocks, right, from H.G.
Wells' novel, and turn them into basically goblins.
It seems like the public is already half-goblin, right?
They're being turned into goblins.
They have been hit with a retardation ray.
They are becoming goblins.
I'm not being mean, but that's true.
And it's not their fault, it's the engineered plan of these people.
Turn the public into goblins, is the plan.
The goblin secret plan.
Then he goes on to say that entities like giant biotech companies or food companies or big pharma companies will be able to tweak and change DNA and impose new means of birth control such that the races of the world will be able to be brought down in their numbers so significantly that we can finally achieve this
sustainable level of population.
What do the Georgia Guidestones say?
The exact same thing Bertrand Russell says.
World population must be brought down.
And in fact, the most shocking section, which we just saw rolled out in the last two years, page 126 of my copy, is where he talks about children and infants can be the lab rats
Four mass stabby types of programs.
The very thing that Jonah Salk says in his book, Survival of the Wisest.
And he basically says, like an Island of Dr. Moreau type of scenario, right?
If you want to see a really terrible movie, go watch the Val Kilmer, Marlon Brando movie, Island of Dr. Moreau.
It's so bad.
It's actually funny.
But that's what we're talking about here.
It's that, right?
And that movie is so bad, it's actually funny to watch.
But if you go read the H.G.
Wells novel, which I have read,
It's really saying this.
It's saying the exact same thing that Bertrand Russell's talking about on page 126.
And notice that they always write these real plans into the science fiction.
Wells, the father of modern science fiction.
Island of Dr. Moreau basically describes a mad scientist on an island who thinks he's God.
The Marlon Brando character who's all looks like a powdered donut.
And he's over there injecting different genetics into other species.
Or a different DNA into other species to create these aberrations and the mutations, these chimeras.
Because he thinks that he can breed out of individuals, out of humans, the desire to eat meat and to be a predator.
I'm not joking.
So part of the reason that they want to breed out the notion of eating meat, being virile, being strong and masculine, is because they think that, number one, it's a warfare against their competition.
They're scared of anyone that's an alpha male that's not going to submit to whatever their dictates are.
But on another level, they think that it's necessary to produce and to study the mutations that will lead to
The more advanced, more evolved version of the species.
How do we evolve into the God-Man?
Oh, well, why don't we just experiment on the world, turn them all into goblins, and see what has a negative effect and see what has a positive effect.
That's basically the attitude here.
So the island of Dr. Moreau is an allegory for the world.
It's the world that is the island
Of these people.
These people are Dr. Moreau.
That's not my interpretation.
And I'm not joking.
That's what H.G.
Wells is talking about.
They're basically saying, we're God.
We are the ones that have the scientific knowledge.
Our religion is this death cult.
Now, they wouldn't say it's a death cult.
They would say, well, we're just working with the principle of death that's in nature.
And so, our job is to just master that.
And sometimes, I'm sorry, we do have to use death as a tool.
But we're God, so don't worry about it.
But also, by the way, you're a pawn scum.
But also, you can become a god in their religion.
So, they have this new-agey, occult, satanic religion that tells you you can become a god, while at the same time it tells you that man is meaningless, worthless,
He has no significance floating on a rock through space in a gigantic, vast, meaningless, empty universe.
Oh, but also, by the way, you could become a god, bro.
The religion of now, the religion of the new age that they promote tells you that you're a god, but also that you're meaningless.
That's called double think, double mind.
So notice that everything that Bertrand Russell puts out is a contradiction.
And there were some really low IQ atheists and pagans that were coming at me on Twitter this last week because they picked up Bertrand Russell's impact of science on society.
They read the first chapter and they said, he's not a, he ain't for this.
He, he, he says it's a bad thing.
Do you know that he's part of the society that Orwell is writing about?
Who believes in putting out contradictions in their own writings to gaslight you.
Double think.
Orwell was talking about what these people do and that that's their plan and it's actually a psychological warfare strategy to on the one hand say,
Of course, I don't support a world government that's going to tyrannically kill everyone, but I do support a world government that will tyrannically kill everyone in a nice way.
That's what they do.
They're liars.
And you have to see that.
And they were lying a hundred years ago the way they lie now.
It's called gaslighting.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
This is your guest host, Jay Dyer, Jason Ellis.
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And if they like to read, if they like movies, you can kind of get them into this
Type of material in a backdoor kind of way now we were talking about the notion of a technocratic world government and depopulation that Bertrand Russell described Throughout many of his texts and especially in the book impact of science on society and the scientific outlook now I want to briefly skip over to the the text the impact of science on society that he wrote about 20 years later and
And he didn't change his views at all.
Now, he had, again, still a lot of usage for this liberal cover.
And so if you go to Impact of Science on Society, Russell kind of writes the first several chapters with this thin veneer of there could be a global government, there could be a tyrannical, you know, stomping on liberties and changing people through the food into the diet.
And then people read a few chapters, oh, well, I guess he's against it because he doesn't say it's good.
But they didn't read the rest of the book where he goes on to say, there's just a nicer way to do it.
But is it really nicer?
Well, let's see what he says.
Later on, on page 104, Russell goes on to say, these considerations prove that a scientific world society cannot be stable unless there is a world government.
Clearly, he's advocating this.
Then he goes on to say in the next page regarding the notion of population, he says that the world will have achieved in the future a new stability, but at the cost of everything that gives value to human life, are mere numbers that important?
And he goes on to say that we're going to have to bring the numbers of the population down.
I do not pretend that birth control is the only way which population can be kept from increasing.
There are others, which, one must suppose, opponents of birth control would prefer.
War, as I've said a moment ago, has hitherto been disappointing in this respect, in terms of bringing human population down.
So, in other words, he wishes that war would kill more people, but it doesn't really work.
Well, Dr. Lord Russell, tell us, what is the best way to do this?
Perhaps bacteriological war would prove more effective.
If a black death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full.
So, who actually believes that that's him being a soft-hearted liberal who doesn't want to do this?
I mean, how naive are you?
How stupid are you to think that
This man who wrote other essays about how to bring the world population down, there's one called War and Population that he wrote, where he says, here's how to bring population down.
It's called Population, Pressure, and War.
It's a 1957 essay that Bertrand Russell wrote after this book, by the way, which was in 1953.
I shared that on my Twitter right now.
You can go read the essay, Population, Pressure, and War.
Now clearly Bertrand Russell thought that war wasn't good enough because it doesn't kill enough people.
No, he goes on to say that if we could
I'm good to go.
But he says that really the way to do this is through physical control of the mind in the sense of Watson and behaviorism.
So he's a huge proponent of operant condition and behaviorism, what would become operant conditioning.
Again, these are the people way ahead of the people two or three decades later who pioneer so-called these sciences.
And yet at the same time they are hailed as the heroes and the saviors of humanity because, as Dr. Jose Delgado wrote the book, Physical Control of the Mind, the famous MKUltra doctor operating on the physical materialist worldview paradigm that Bertrand Russell has, part of the MKUltra project, which is connected to Bertrand Russell through Tavistock.
Russell had a connection to Tavistock.
Dr. Jose Delgado,
Wanted to achieve for the CIA total physical control of the mind In the next chapter technique in society Russell goes on to say that what's the real ethos of this?
He says go back to Malthus to Darwin Adam Smith and David Ricardo and you will notice that what they did was not just give us an economic theory, but they put economics in
Ultimately, as it would evolve in the British Empire, in line with Darwinism.
This is called social Darwinism, right?
Applying Darwin's theories to society, which gives the technocratic elite, in their view, the mandate to dominate everyone else and to put them out of existence.
Russell goes on to say that the
The coming technocracy that they're going to bring in, in pages 140, 141, 142, 143, is going to have to use a kind of soft measure, soft power, to incrementally bring this in.
Now, they might have gotten this idea from being in the Fabian Socialist Society, because their whole ethos was the turtle bringing this in slowly.
Their original logo was a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Russell says that toxic culture will produce uniformity.
The press, the movies, education, mass media will produce the kind of society where everyone is a brainwashed zombie.
He says Hollywood, at this time he's writing in the 30s, he says Hollywood is rising as a wonderful example of this.
He says, Hollywood is the new high priest of the Hollywood religion.
You've heard me saying that for 10 years.
I got it from this.
Russell says, it is time to abandon two barbaric ideas, the nation state and the gold standard or a hard standard of money.
And he says that these are going to have to go away so that we can end all borders
And the bordered nation state firewall can give way to the technocratic world government, the world society.
The culture war or the toxic culture of Hollywood and mass media and pop culture and pop music, he said in the 30s, would bring about the liberal, the liberalization and revolutionary ethos to the whole world.
It's a global culture war that will create a mono culture, a mono society,
For the masses, they will be initiated into, brought into, processed into a global government without their even knowing it.
You don't even have to be conscious of this, because you are being seeded the messages in the pop culture for decades and decades and decades.
I wrote two books on it.
I wrote a master's thesis on it.
It didn't end up being a master's thesis, but that's what I was writing on.
It did get peer-reviewed published, however, on this topic.
So I do know this topic, and it's intentional.
And it moves from just getting you to agree to a monoculture, he says, to planned transhumanism.
In other words, the pop culture will eventually seed and teach people the religion of transhumanism, and they don't even know it.
He says that the state cult
We'll initiate people into this religion.
It's a fake religion.
He says it's not a real religion, but he says that it will be the cloak for the inner scientific elite and control mechanism that is using the religion as an outer portico, a profane outer portico for the masses while in the inner core, it's a scientific elite that is using all the techniques of mind control, collectivism, socialization, etc, etc, etc, that they've learned in the last century.
Through the theaters of war, did you know that wartime is a gigantic test tube R&D experiment?
I've covered that for many years now.
Many books written on that.
Vietnam was a gigantic experiment, social experiment, tech experiment.
Some of the first drones and AI and biowarfare methods were rolled out and tested in Vietnam.
All the elite and these oligarchs have done is take all of that research and combine it into one big ball
of goblin crap.
Then he goes on to say, the Soviets, for example, were an earlier attempt at a perfect scientific government.
Bolshevism, Stalinism, the Soviet society was an experiment to see, could we have a new world order?
Now he says that this system didn't really work, or it may not work, it may fall away, but it's an experiment to bring about
The World Soviet Socialist Republic of the Technocracy.
That's what Bertrand Russell says.
Scientific Outlook.
If you want to get more of this, I did a whole lecture on multiple Bertrand Russell books.
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