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Name: 20220331_Thu_Alex
Air Date: March 31, 2022
2348 lines.

In a transcription of Alex Jones' Info War broadcast, he discusses various topics including California introducing a bill that allows mothers to kill their babies up to seven days after birth, robot dogs patrolling streets, Border Patrol warning of floodgates being overwhelmed by illegals, Samsung banning the word Z or letter Z, Hillary Clinton's FEC slap on the wrist for using discredited Trump dossier, mainstream news turning against Hunter Biden, Biden's plan to lower gas prices by shutting down refineries and pipelines, Soros controlling most cities through judges and district attorneys, and the Justice Department planning to upcharge January 6 detainees. The show also promotes InfoWarsLife products and discusses tax-related topics, investment strategies, and small business tips for tax deductions.

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And I'm getting the biggest chills I've ever gotten on air because when I'm over the target, the spirit tells you.
So listen to me very carefully.
Here's the good news.
I have a bunch of indicators here and government and corporate policy in just the last 48 hours that's getting almost no attention.
That there are some sane people inside the system that are trying to put the brakes on the collapse.
But you've got the environmental transhumanist terrorists that have their operatives that have penetrated the major cabinets as Klaus Schwab bragged, who are hell-bent on collapsing civilization.
And they've got underground fortresses and redoubts and huge compounds, and they really are James Bond villains.
Remember, James Bond villains are based on real people that Ian Fleming knew when he went to places like Bilderberg.
So when you see those movies, and it seems like it's the real world, it's because that's actually what's going on.
You've got governments, and then you've got Spectre.
You've got Hydra.
You call it whatever the hell you want, but it's real.
Joe, you know, Cobra Commander, he wears a mask, he's really a corporate leader.
He's got royalty working for him, out of the UK, British Empire, Destro.
The writers of all these shows are telling you what's really going on.
You understand that?
Well, I don't work for Cobra.
I work for humanity and America and freedom.
And it really comes down to that.
You work for the snake?
You know, from the Bible?
The devil?
Are you on Cobra's team?
Or are you on God's team?
You better decide right now.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say, "I don't know what's
going to happen at the end of this, but you ought to fight!"
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
We're gonna have a great night tonight and for you people in Florida, we're gonna have a gay night.
Hi there, Governor Kate Brown here.
In Oregon, we say gay.
Oregonians are welcoming of our LGBTQIA community members.
We want to make sure that Oregon is a safe, inclusive, and welcoming place for all.
We said yes!
You think we're sinful?
You fight against our rights.
You say we all need lives you can't respect.
We'll convert your children.
Someone's gotta teach them not to hate.
We're coming for them. We're coming for your children.
We're coming for them. We're coming for your children.
Your children will care about fairness and justice for others.
Your children will work to conquer.
They all were happy about it and excited and giving me hugs and everything.
They were all accepting, they all were happy about it and excited and giving me hugs and everything.
I started me on right.
Anyone can do bad. Everyone can do bad.
Peace. Be children. Peace. Be children.
♪ You don't have to worry, don't need to worry ♪ ♪ 'Cause there's nothing wrong with standing by ♪
Then we'll turn to you, giving all the fear inside.
It's screaming like you never knew.
Go and see San Francisco.
Go and turn up that disco.
You'll forget you were ever upset.
We'll convert your children And make an ally of you yet
We'll make an ally of you yet We'll make an ally of you yet
I'm pushing an overly Yes.
Do you want to touch my hair?
nervous? Yes. Do you want to touch my hair? No. And for the children and the people that
support it are going to realize that this is going to be the grooming of the next generation.
Biological attack is imminent!
It's going to happen.
It's not a question of will it happen, but when it happens.
A bioweapon release could be the thing they'd release to bring in a world government to counter a global problem, and the UN has said that a global pandemic is the only thing that may save their world government.
This is a biological warfare agent that had leaked out of the Wuhan laboratory.
It's Thursday, March 31st.
The year is 2022.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and I'm extremely honored and blessed to be here with you today.
All right, let me lay out exactly what's going on and unfolding and just let you hear some of these headlines.
This is mainstream news.
California introduces new bill that would allow mothers to kill their babies up to seven days after birth.
Remember, that's already been going on for a long time.
We told you about it over a decade ago.
Universities in the U.S.
are delivering live babies after they're born who are kept alive for sometimes months in medical experiments.
And I'm not going to tell you what some of the perverts that work at these do to the babies.
I think you've got a good idea.
That's right.
All right.
Continuing World Government Summit 2022.
It's called World Government Summit, run by the World Economic Forum, has made a lot of really criminal announcements about cutting off the world's energy supply and collapsing civilization.
I've got a bunch of clips from that that I reviewed.
It is incredible.
Including robot dogs with loudspeakers patrolling the streets and letting all humans know they are obsolete and are not allowed out of their homes.
Robot dogs with loudspeakers enforce Shanghai lockdown.
That's promoted by these guys.
Continuing, Border Patrol rep warns floodgates could totally bust open, they're already open, and we'll be overwhelmed by illegals, not just the two million coming across a month, But even more, you heard me right.
Meanwhile, Samsung has banned the word Z, or the letter Z, and I told you that was coming next.
Banning letters.
So that's now banned.
We've got so much to break down there.
We've got a tiny slap on the wrist for Hillary Clinton, FEC slaps Clinton campaign, DNC with fines over Discredited Trump dossier.
We also have an amazing moment with mainstream news going after Hunter Biden now and saying, oh, the laptop's real and he is a Chinese spy and he is a Russian spy.
They're getting ready to get rid of Biden with that information.
Biden has a plan to lower gas prices.
It is to shut down more refineries, more pipelines, and to continue to block any new oil drilling or gas drilling in over two-thirds of the United States.
Isn't that just special?
While Putin signs decree ordering gas exports to be halted, the buyers don't buy in rubles.
Already giant gas shortages and rationing in Europe, particularly Germany.
Biden responds by announcing an unprecedented in-size and duration release of the U.S.
oil reserves.
Yes, run out our strategic oil reserves instead of letting people drill for oil and pump oil and deliver oil, and he's still got a moratorium on banks giving loans to oil companies to drill.
That means only the big guys can drill, and the wildcatters are cut out of the industry.
This is total economic war against us at point-blank range.
Also, big articles out on how Soros controls most cities and even most small towns now with his judges and district and county attorneys that rule.
And believe me, I face these people.
They know they're criminals.
They know they're prosecuting a war against the American people.
And there is no due process for Christians, conservatives, gun owners, veterans, anyone that's basically not a pedophile, loving devil worshiper.
We've got that information.
For you as well.
There is so much to break down in this transmission today.
We also have a bunch of January 6th news.
The Justice Department has officially come out and said they're planning for a political stunt by May 20th to up charges on many of the January 6th people and a whole bunch of new charges.
Well, we already know that because they called us up last week, the Justice Department, not the Jan 6th committee, and said, we want to talk to you and if you don't, we just might up charges on Owen Schroer.
So just total mafia, total gangster.
Talk to them about what?
We've been totally truthful.
We didn't know that was going to happen that day.
Everybody knows that.
We tried to stop it.
We don't have a motive.
I wasn't talking to Trump.
Trump wasn't involved as much as I can tell either trying to get people to attack the Capitol.
A bunch of people took it upon themselves to try to break in and strut around the way Democrats have done to many other Capitals many other times.
They didn't burn down any cities.
They weren't mostly peaceful.
They didn't attack the federal courthouse.
Portland, Oregon, 100-plus nights straight, but some did break in and poop on the floor and drink Nancy Pelosi's beer, and they've been given long prison sentences, 700-plus people charged.
We've got that information here in the Twilight Zone for you today.
I mean, there is just so much going on, so much happening, and I can tell you that as the world economic system collapses, there's not long to turn this around.
If we expose the World Economic Forum as the main mouthpiece of the globalist forces and BlackRock of doing this, and explain how they're consolidating control and imploding things by design, we have all the graphs to show it, to consolidate money and power to themselves, and bring in a dystopia, We can expose this and stop it.
And every person listening to this show, 99.99999% of you are going to have a much worse life, and a much less safe life, and a much less fulfilled life, and are going to live in a very high-tech police state grid that is just going to be terrible if you don't say no to this and reject it now.
And with it comes all of these attacks on common sense and on logic and just the murder of that.
Biden's executive order on transgender rights unilaterally eviscerates women's sports.
And I have a whole stack on this and how it's tied to pedophilia and transhumanism coming up today.
We're going to be hitting it all.
We only have one guest on today, a great guest in the third hour.
Paul Watson takes over in the fourth hour, but I'm going to be as judicious as I can today to try to hit all of this news in front of me because it's that important, but also open the phones up some in the next hour.
Separately, I've got some really good news for listeners and viewers about the info war.
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Thank you again for joining us on this live Thursday March 31st worldwide broadcast.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
Before I hit all this news that I mentioned earlier in more detail and a lot more I didn't even mention, I want this to sink in for everybody and I'm not lecturing you.
I'm just reminding you and I'm reminding myself That if we don't understand this is an orchestrated global collapse, I'm getting chills right now, this is so serious, if we don't get this message out and if we don't start reversing what the globalists are doing and making them back off, it's not gonna just be the third world that's starving to death.
It's going to be every major country in the world and again the globalists have civil war planned not just here but in many other countries during the collapse.
And that needs to sink into the people that are involved in the different government agencies and corporations that have been helping carry this out who are compartmentalized.
You need to get decompartmentalized and you need to listen to me and listen good.
Because I have your best interest at heart, because we all have joint interest here for civilization to exist and to continue on.
So please listen to me.
And I'm getting the biggest chills I've ever gotten on air, because when I'm over the target, the spirit tells you.
So listen to me very carefully.
Here's the good news.
I have a bunch of indicators here on government and corporate policy In just the last 48 hours, it's getting almost no attention that there are some sane people inside the system that are trying to put the brakes on the collapse.
But you've got the environmental, transhumanist terrorists that have their operatives that have penetrated the major cabinets, as Klaus Schwab bragged, who are hell-bent on collapsing civilization.
And they've got underground fortresses and redoubts and huge compounds, and they really are James Bond villains.
Remember, James Bond villains are based on real people that Ian Fleming knew when he went to places like Bilderberg.
So when you see those movies, and it seems like it's the real world, it's because that's actually what's going on.
You've got governments, and then you've got Spectre.
You've got Hydra.
You call it whatever the hell you want, but it's real.
Joe, you know, Cobra Commander, he wears a mask, he's really a corporate leader.
He's got royalty working for him, out of the UK, British Empire, Destro.
The writers of all these shows are telling you what's really going on.
You understand that?
Well, I don't work for Cobra.
I work for humanity and America and freedom.
And it really comes down to that.
You work for the snake?
You know, from the Bible?
The devil?
Are you on Cobra's team?
Or are you on God's team?
You better decide right now.
Okay, let me give you the good news.
The United States, quietly, Remove fertilizer off the list of banned items and the European Union is willing to do the same.
Because if you don't do that, it will kill upwards of a billion people in the next two years and cause a chain reaction.
This is the supply chain.
The supply chain is always a year out with fertilizer.
Already it's going to kill probably a hundred million people what's happened.
And again, do you feel safe while this is going on deliberately?
While we're debating transgender sports, the border is completely wide open?
We're all in grave danger here.
And I've got a bunch of other indicators here that some sanity is kicking in.
But we need an emergency hearings in Congress.
We need the Keystone Pipeline turned on.
We need those 2,000 plus other ones turned on now!
Turn them on now!
But again, oh, we're in a transition away from fossil fuels.
No, we're in a transition away from civilization.
And I've got three stacks on this right here.
So, anybody that goes along with the energy shutoff is responsible for killing, starving to death, hundreds of millions of people.
And they actually know that, and the left likes it.
They want to exterminate people.
And they don't like Latin Americans, and they don't like Africans, and they don't like people in the Middle East, and they don't like poor people in Asia.
The left, of course, will say, yeah, there's too many people.
Well, then you know what?
You need to die!
Not all these other people that they also are starving and brainwashing and taking some that survive and throwing them at us as weapons to collapse us!
So we got to play chess instead of checkers.
Doesn't mean we're for open borders.
Doesn't mean the UN that cuts off the food and does the lockdowns and goes along with these policies, then says, oh, look, everybody's starving in Africa.
Give us billions of dollars.
And then none of it goes to the starving people.
They keep them poor.
They keep them uneducated to control them.
And now the same policies used to control third world populations are being brought here to be used against us.
Explain something again for new listeners.
When fertilizer prices triple on average, and the average person in the third world's living on $2 a day, some are living on $1 or less, when food prices go up even 10-15% they starve and start rioting.
They have graphs on this.
They've already gone up way more than that and they're set to double the food prices in the next year.
We're talking hell has already been released.
And if they continue to keep the fertilizer shut off and the petrochemicals, one billion dead within two years.
One billion people.
The greatest war crime using economic weaponry the world has ever seen.
Hey folks, are we really going to go along with this?
Now I'm going to tell you something else.
I want you to listen to me very, very carefully.
We got 222 days from the midterms.
The Deep State Democrats are running 100% on terror attacks that are going to be launched by Trump supporters.
Of course, Trump supporters are not really going to launch terror attacks.
Trump's going to be blamed.
Tucker Carlson's going to be blamed.
I'm going to be blamed.
Talk Radio, Joe Rogan is going to be blamed.
And I've already told all these people this is going to happen a year ago.
Now people are calling me going, oh, you're right.
Uh, yeah.
Washington Post, New York Times Today say that they want to arrest and have a plan to arrest Trump and his supporters and say we're all a terrorist group and that they've had a bunch of prosecutors quit in the Justice Department because they know there's no evidence.
So they're just replacing them with people that will indict.
yours truly and others. So when I tell you it's two minutes to midnight, ladies and gentlemen,
it is. People say, "Wow, you've got a lot of courage, Jones, not backing down." Folks,
we're all on the same sinking ship together, including any federal prosecutors that go along
with this. The country's gone. The whole world's collapsing.
What do you think's going on here?
This is a designed implosion of civilization.
All the selling out before might have gotten some people ahead.
Now the rug's being pulled out from everybody's feet and it's the post-industrial world.
It's the foresty population.
That's why AOC and all of them are back on the news saying the world ends in 2030.
Why are they all saying we'll all be dead by 2030?
Because they're implementing something, blaming it on global warming when it's all institutions turning off the infrastructure that's causing this.
So you can pretend you're with the establishment, you can pretend you're a judge with your black robes or going along with the system, you can pretend you're a leftist leader or a bureaucrat, but what you are is fools to sell out your birthright and destroy the social safety net and destroy the checks and balances and chivalry that have protected us all for hundreds of years.
The last vestiges of the Renaissance are being swept away as we sit here.
Brace yourselves for hell!
Coming to you live from deep in the heart of Texas, broadcasting worldwide, I am your host Alex Jones.
Okay, I've got the really sinister COVID-19 news that is just unbelievable.
I've got to hit this stack.
I'll do it in a moment.
I need to hit the Transgender transhumanist takeover stack, because that ties in with this other key piece of news.
And I'm going to do that at the start of the hour, next hour.
I want to hit the economic, Pentagon, police state, George Soros, Klaus Schwab news.
There's a big grouping of stories here that tie together.
But let me give you a prelude to this first, just so we can get an idea of what we're dealing with here.
It was over 20 years ago that I first received documents and had guests on who were part of Christian organizations who had been warned by nurses they knew in California and New York as well as Washington State and they discovered that they were keeping babies alive and telling the mothers that were Disabled or on drugs mentally disabled that oh your child died and that they were keeping them alive and then using them for medical experiments.
Now more than a decade ago lawsuits came out and documents were received by groups all over the country and we've discovered basically all 50 states are doing it.
The latest documents last year were out of a Cleveland And the big hospital system there.
And it was keeping babies alive indefinitely and then doing experiments on them.
So the left's all upset about lab rats and things and monkeys and I certainly don't want, you know, higher level primates being experimented on.
We need empathy and we do need some basic humanity here extended to animals.
But where are the people for children?
Where's the left?
Because it's the left pushing this.
In San Francisco, if you'll remember, five years ago, the pro-life group infiltrated these organizations and actually got them to admit on tape that they could deliver them live babies for harvesting.
And the federal judge out there fined the pro-life group tens of millions of dollars and shut them down.
And last time I heard was trying to put him in jail.
So that's what these corrupt judges, they're not all corrupt, but the Democratic Party ones are.
That's what they can do.
They can put you in prison for a misdemeanor.
They can give you $10 million fines because there's no Eighth Amendment anymore.
You see that being done to me right now.
That's the end game of these people, judicial tyranny.
But, you know, there's another judge that judges everything in all of creation.
And that's God.
So those people doing this will pay for what they've done.
But I want to just read you this article, and it links to the bill.
For folks that can't believe this, I'm sure you've heard around the country they've got bills to keep babies alive for two weeks, ten weeks, six weeks, and then kill them.
Well, here's another one in California.
California introduces a new bill that would allow mothers to kill their babies up to seven days after birth.
And that's Peter Singer and PETA and all of them have always pushed this, being able to kill babies up to three years of age is what actually Ezekiel Emanuel and all those guys push.
After assaulting basic human rights for two years, California Governor Gavin Newsom is working on a new infanticide bill that would legalize the murder of children Up to nine months of gestation and in the weeks after birth.
The bill has been proposed by Newsom's Future of Abortion Council, which makes recommendations and strengthens to expand abortions in the state of California.
And now they do not define it a baby until it has been outside the womb eight days.
So they've already been doing this for a while.
They got to do a rearguard action.
Because remember, it was San Francisco where the Christians, infiltrators, God bless them, got the video of all this.
So that's why in Virginia, they're trying to pass laws.
In New York, they did to keep babies alive and sell their organs.
They want to kill children one way or another, and if they've got to kill them once they're out of the womb, or poison their minds, or cut their genitals off, they'll take what they can get.
But death is their favorite, and that ties into the whole transgenderism and the rest of it.
And I saw this meme, it's on Infowars.com, down in the cartoon section, and it really illustrates it all.
It's Snow White leaning down, you know, the image of a 16 year old virgin but becoming a woman you know that powerful image and she's talking as a mentor to a eight-year-old girl and the eight-year-old girl is coming over and saying meeting you is a dream come true and Snow White doesn't say hey let's go out in the forest and sing and talk to the birds and squirrels she says let's explore your sexuality but instead it's a fat man in a wig
Telling the child, let's explore your sexuality.
I mean, if I came into the house and my wife was sitting on the couch with my four and a half year old daughter, telling her about sex toys and how to put them in her body, I would divorce my wife instantly.
And I would fight like the devil that she had lose custody.
Of course, she would never act like that or do that.
But that's the woman that grew that child in her and loves that child.
She would never do it.
But that, it'd be a deal breaker.
What husband out there?
What wife out there?
If you're a wife and you come home and your husband's on the couch, Or maybe, reading stories at 8 o'clock at night, you put your son or daughter to bed, your 4 or 5 year old son or daughter, that's how young they're doing this now, and you caught your husband talking to your daughter about explicit sex stuff, that even if your wife isn't in the mood, she gets mad if you bring stuff up like that.
And this is a child, you'd say, you're a pervert, you're grooming our daughter or our son, I'm divorcing you!
But when they do this everywhere, they act like it's completely normal and good.
It's disgusting.
And it all ties into this.
And look how far they've taken us with our tolerance.
Look how far.
And of course, they can even get a drag queen or one of these people that didn't look hideous, but they always get a big, fat, disgusting, scary as hell looking person.
To sit there and talk to the kids about the sex, posing as a woman.
Hey kids, a woman's a big, fat, scary-looking man with a beard, and a red Bozo the Clown outfit!
And it's, again ladies and gentlemen, total grooming, total brainwashing, and we all know it.
But the Supreme Court nominee, she doesn't know it.
She's like, oh, I let this person out of jail because they were 18 and the person they had sex with was, you know, in their age group.
Eight year old.
Eight year old.
And she's like, well, that's that's in their age group.
These people are pedophiles and pedophile enablers.
You don't get in the globalist club now if you don't at least help them rape children.
If you don't feed the children into this hideousness, you know, you don't find it the clown in Stephen King movies, you know, and down in water culverts during a storm.
No, no, they're all over the television, they're all over the media, and they're with your children.
Get it off the screen, please.
And so they show you this hideousness and this obvious grooming and how sick it is and want you to accept it and then it's all a globalist CIA program they experimented with in Germany.
Up to 30,000 children per state being delivered at age 3 to 7 to pedophiles to be raped into a same-sex relationship to then be groomed and prepared to service adults in mass pedophile orgies at age 7.
And they have medical treatment.
They get raped so viciously.
This is mainstream news.
This is the left.
This is who they are.
They will murder you.
They will kill you.
They will annihilate you.
They are Satanists.
They are Legion.
They are attacking.
They are creating animal-human clones.
They're doing it all.
They've got a breakaway civilization they've already built.
And they're about to feed 7 billion of us into extermination and death.
The final days of the Republic.
The final days of civilization as we've known it.
A countdown to 90% extermination of humanity.
It's all official.
I have stacks of mainstream news saying it.
It's incredible.
But simultaneously the Southern Poverty Law Center The ADL, liberal communist organizations, will come out and say it's insane, none of it's happening, it's not going on.
We're going to hit the world government news, the economic collapse news, and how we can have a softer crash landing here in a moment.
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And this is helping put in infrastructure and keep us on the air unless stormtroopers blow all the doors off and arrest everybody and there's nuclear war, which there's a very good chance of.
But we're going to just keep on the deck, in the fight.
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We're not going to abandon ships.
So we need the funds.
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Beautiful, designed silver coin by yours truly.
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So I want to thank you all for doing this, and if we're able to stay on air and able to get a reprieve and not have the total collapse of civilization right away, then we're going to launch some very special things for our founding members.
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But I gotta say, the last coin was powerful.
This one is even more powerful.
I mean, it's just once you have it, once you see it, it's really something special, and you'll know that you, in America, in the world's darkest hour, doubled down To keep us on the air.
We got a lot of stuff planned for people that are founding members.
If we're even here in three, four, five, six months.
And I got to say, the only gamble is not supporting the info war now.
Because even if we get shut down, I get killed or put in prison or whatever they're planning, what we've done is going to ring on throughout history and have a big effect.
And you'll have this coin and know that you helped.
They'll have trouble setting up this whole operation, but that's why they hit O and 2,
because they want to get us both. But we've got backup people and folks and Harrison Smith and
others are doing a great job. So we're gonna try to continue on. But again, the attack on us just
lets you know that we're two minutes to midnight and that they're gonna go after everybody.
Tucker Carlson, Trump, anybody that's a populist, anybody that they can't control, anybody that's going to stand up against their evil, even verbally, in the next phase, are going to get put in solitary confinement if we're lucky.
Probably most of us get stomped to death down in a dungeon.
But that's okay.
That won't last that long.
It's all right.
We're going to peacefully go forward and I'm going to be Christ-like.
I will not offensively go after any of these people.
And if they come, SWAT team want to kill me, I'm just going to get on my knees and tell Jesus I love them.
Because I'm not going to give them the fight they want.
Not because I'm a coward, it's the opposite.
They're going to have to strike me down and that's going to be the way it is.
But if they come and murder-suicide me and say, Jones killed himself and his wife or something, that's their favorite deal, that is a lie.
I did not commit suicide.
I did not kill my family.
That is a lie.
And you know they killed me and my family if they do that.
So that's what we're dealing with.
But it's okay, folks.
I chose this.
I want to fight these people, politically, culturally, spiritually.
I chose this path, and I'm right where I want to be.
You know, that's what they always say.
People get killed in the military, and they're all crying at the funeral.
And they'll have the general get up there and say, well, I, you know, talked to him just a few weeks ago, and he told me he was right where he wanted to be.
And that's exactly where I'm at.
I'm right where I want to be.
In opposition to the pedophiles.
In opposition to the devil worshippers.
In opposition to the New World Order.
In opposition to the transhumanists.
In opposition to the Uyghur death camps.
In opposition to all of that saying, I want to be with God.
I want to be good.
I want to be a good father.
I want to be a good citizen.
I want to be a wholesome person.
I want to tell the truth.
And that's what I've done.
They can lie about us and demonize us all day because they know we are the standard of resistance.
InfoWars is the best there's been in generations in the fight.
Doesn't mean I'm on a power trip, doesn't mean I'm great, doesn't mean I got all the answers, but we're the best there is!
We've done the best job.
That means you the listener and viewer.
Literally, I'm not kissing your ass when I say that.
You need to know what you've done with your word of mouth and your prayer and your support.
You need to know the fact that you're tuned in.
Out of the seven and a half billion people on this planet, the couple million of you tuned in right now are the vanguard, are the hope!
Of our children and our future and the innocents being tortured and raped, begging for God to save them in those dungeons with those pedophiles.
When they cry out to God, God sends out His Spirit to us to give us the answers and the motivation to stop these Satanists.
But if we don't take action, God is paralyzed.
Not because God couldn't override it, but because God needs us to be His instruments.
Vengeance belongs to God.
But God works through us.
And that is our job now.
Peacefully expose the enemy because they want a violent confrontation because they're spiritually losing.
They're spiritual losers.
They were always going to lose.
And they want to claw and take as many of us with them as they possibly can.
So I want to thank you for your support.
1776 coin will sell out.
Part 2 in at Liberty Tree.
We need the funds to stay on air and be strong.
Under these unprecedented attacks.
Okay, let me just catch my breath here, because I'm really freaked out right now.
I mean, I haven't scratched the surface on the news, and I've already covered more stuff than anybody could ever probably even cover in ten hours.
I mean, ladies and gentlemen, you understand, ten states, ten states, have introduced legislation, several have passed it to keep babies alive, for in some cases up to six weeks, others two weeks, or seven days.
Talk about mission creep.
You talk about the inchworm.
You talk about successful approximation.
You talk about the frog in the pot.
I'm going to hit this when we come back and start the next hour, this entire stack of the attack on our children, what it really means and how it all ties together.
And then I'm going to get into robot dogs with loudspeakers and force Shanghai lockdown.
Surprise and concern.
Poison control issues.
Nationwide toxic warning about COVID-19 rapid antigen test.
If you ate one, it would kill you.
It includes poisonous liquid substance used commonly in pest control.
It'll kill you.
HIV drugs may lower COVID risk.
Oh, funny.
COVID's like HIV.
It is.
COVID and flu co-infection raises risk of severe illness.
Oh, they want to put everybody on HIV medication now.
That was Fauci's specialty.
In the 80s and 90s, mainstream media vaxxed people should take HIV drugs to lower their risk.
Vaxxed people?
Oh, funny!
Vaxxed people need HIV medication now.
And now they're going to get sick for the rest of their lives.
What did I tell you?
HIV drugs may lower risk.
COVID and flu, co-infections.
Isn't that interesting?
Isn't that funny?
We've got some very, very interesting news, and I'm cutting the power off.
Here's another one.
FDA vaccine chief says all Americans will need fourth COVID-19 vaccine in the fall.
Of course you will.
They're already moving on to their sixth shot in Israel, fifth shot in Europe.
And I only laugh because if I didn't, I'd cry.
That's all coming up in the next hour.
You think the border was open before?
Biden is signing orders to completely liquidate the southern border.
But you, you've got to show up.
Vax Pass, if he had his way, to buy or sell.
We'll be right back in the second hour.
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Well, we're now entering the endgame.
And a lot of people are going to choose to serve evil because they think it will get them out of this.
I assure you if you study history or current developments or just have any discernment that serving evil is never a good idea and in the end you always get destroyed in this life and at the next level.
Some stations don't carry this segment so next segment I'm going to hit the pedophile coming out of the closet stack.
That starts with killing babies after they're born.
Mainstream news.
Bill introduced in California.
And you tell people this stuff and they just can't believe it.
By the way, the bill's sponsored by the governor.
He's brought the bill forward.
And why not?
I mean...
They're going to make these babies transgender.
They're going to go from living to dead.
Oh, your baby identifies as dead now.
That's actually what they say.
They go, we've made the decision not to resuscitate.
Of course, the baby's totally alive.
It's a technical bioethics term.
So we're going to be talking about that here in just a moment, but then we'll get into the economy.
And more and Oh, Roger Stone's gonna pop in.
He's got the whole Madison Cawthorn story inside scoop.
And I talked to Cawthorn someone get him on very, very soon.
But the issue here is that he's not back down on the orgies and cocaine that they're having.
Plus, it was in my stack yesterday, guys, and I forgot to pull it for today.
So whatever you printed me yesterday morning, I asked for.
The L.A.
Times thing about the gay orgies and the cocaine and the pedophilia in D.C.
And just all those articles you printed yesterday, print those for me again.
Or good luck finding them in that two-foot-tall stack.
I think I split them into a bunch of piles, but some of it's actually in this pile.
Look, you think I want to be up here all day talking about pedophilia?
But that's what goes on rampant.
By the way, that's another thing.
I've seen the left recycling CNN, The Washington Post, all of them with the headline, Alex Jones sends child porn to Sandy Hook families.
And they go, oh look, it's always these conservatives that are so against pedophilia that are involved in it.
Oh really?
Why am I not arrested?
It was unopened email that they requested sent by somebody attacking me and it was hidden links that they, their lawyers, knew to look for in a metascan and find and then put out headlines that I sent them child porn.
The judge demands any email with Sandy Hook or all these other terms, we send them It's 80-something thousand emails, almost all of them unopened.
They open it, they find this stuff, it's links to it, and then they say, I sent them that when they requested it and demanded it.
And then the media runs this against me.
I'm not the one that's attracted to children like you folks on the left, man, you damn devils.
You people are just beyond evil.
I mean, there's just no end to what they'll do.
And, uh, we got this judge up in Connecticut, if you can call it that.
This thing that has just cheated us every way, lied about us, said we didn't give them this, sanctioned us for not giving them the Sandy Hook marketing.
It's like saying, give me the unicorn.
Don't have one, lady.
I know you got a leprechaun.
And that was when she first started sanctioning us and defaulted us.
And now when you're defaulted, you're not supposed to get deposed.
But they've changed their depositions like eight times.
I already did three depositions on the other Sandy Hook stuff and all these other ones myself.
And so I go, hey, I'm not feeling well.
I need to move it.
We're gonna fine you $25,000 the first day, $50,000 the next, you know, it compounds every day to $1.6 million in the next week and a half if I don't appear in Connecticut where she can clap the irons on me.
So you know what?
I'm gonna go up there so they can clap their irons on me, whatever, because at least I'm a grown man, I know God.
I'm not like some kid in these leftist dungeons that are raping.
People got God to deal with.
That's all I can tell you.
Oh, I'm not saying this judge or any of these lawyers are pedophiles.
I'm just saying the news and the left promotes pedophilia while attacking the family and the Democratic Party itself just signed an executive order that will destroy women's sports.
That's what I said.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen, welcome to hour number two.
At the kickoff of hour number three, Roger Stone has exclusive information on Madison Cawthorn and his big exposure of what's now being called Orgygate.
And despite what the corporate media has told you, Madison Cawthorn has not recanted that he was invited to orgy and cocaine parties.
By the way, I've been invited to those.
By famous people.
And I've said no.
In fact, I've not just been invited to orgies in DC, which I have been years ago, and LA, which I declined.
I have been invited to be in the Hellfire Club at one of the two most famous universities in the United Kingdom.
You can figure out for yourself which one has the Hellfire Club under it.
It's actually in the history books.
But yeah, I've been invited to go and take part in a satanic orgy with a bunch of hot hookers.
So that's how real this is, folks.
I was invited by, well, multiple times by very famous people.
And then I even got my invitation a month in the mail later when they told me that.
I got invited to the major university to speak at their famous speaking thing.
That was before the real attack started.
This was about seven, eight years ago.
I refused to take the invitation.
They got really pissed.
And I guess they've got my M.O.
and they've got a, you know, database on me.
They know I'm the type of guy that, you know, if I wanted to, I'm not intimidated by this kind of stuff.
In my earlier years, I'm like a fish in water.
But, um, obviously I don't want to be compromised.
I don't want to be in the caves, in the satanic orgies.
But it's very, very real, ladies and gentlemen.
And the left always hears stuff like this and freaks out because they wish they could get in the elite groups themselves.
I don't want to be in those elite groups.
But you just look at everything we do.
It's at the cutting edge of everything.
And you know, over the years, I've had a chance to have meetings with three different Bilderberg group members off record and just had one a few weeks ago.
And I'm not going to talk about the details of it.
It was an off record meeting.
But this is the real world, ladies and gentlemen.
And so Mr. Cawthorn has a lot of courage doing what he did, because if you just refusing to go to the orgies, which are just like Eyes Wide Shut, and in houses that look just like that, I mean they probably use the same house, big palatial Victorian style, French style houses, or they've got
Famous caves in the UK where the Hellfire Club's been doing it.
I mean, Benjamin Franklin, he was part of it.
And he did a lot of good things and things, but he definitely was not a Christian.
He got pretty wild.
There's no evidence he ever killed any kids, but they did dig up a bunch of dead bodies of kids in his house.
Oh, you didn't know about that?
Oh, yeah.
He's probably not a good guy, actually.
But a lot of stuff going on, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh, you didn't know Benjamin Franklin had a bunch of dead bodies in his house, including children's?
You should know he died in London, right?
I mean, you know that, right?
You know he was famously part of the Hellfire Club that had orgies wearing the theater mask, just like you saw on Eyes Wide Shut.
I mean, you know that, right?
You know this is all very real, right, folks?
So, let's dive into where the rabbit hole goes.
California introduced this new bill that would allow mothers to kill their babies up to seven days after birth, and a bunch of other states have done it as well, and New York passed it a couple years ago.
Got that for you.
That's how these people operate.
And now Biden signs an executive order on transgender rights.
Unilaterally eviscerating women's sports, saying men can compete in any women's sport they want as long as they designate it and they can have full testosterone and testicles.
But if a woman gets caught shooting testosterone, she will be kicked out of any sport.
But men can compete with their testicles.
Then you got Beto, the creep master.
The most disingenuous person I've ever seen in my life out running around with is don't mess with trans kids.
You mean don't mess with children who they want to stunt and deform and destroy their future and destroy their naturally developed sexuality.
That's the depopulation.
Biden tears into political attacks on transgender children from bills across the nation.
It's not attacks on children, it's attacks on the pervert, pedophile creeps trying to screw up kids and trying to form not just a sexual relationship, but a bizarre biological relationship of deciding there's something else so they can put a note on that, have the state involved to take control of parental rights.
That child's sexual development, that is so damn satanic.
Joe Biden applauds transgenderism with launch of new ex-gender marker.
50,000 signed petition for Disney to rehire James Gunn after he threw pedophile-themed parties.
Andy Mack.
Actor Stoney Westmoreland fired by Disney Channel following arrest for planning liaison with 13-year-old.
Top Disney execs talk about They're not at all secret gay agenda for flooding shows with LGBTQAP characters and how they need to get access to those children.
How they need to quote be able to talk to them about their sexual relationships.
I mean imagine talking to a full grown adults like, welcome to Lady Grocery Store.
Hi, I'd like to talk about how you like to have sex, you know, or about what your gender is.
You're like, get away from me pervert.
That's private stuff.
Disney president, as mom of transgender and pansexual children, she wants diverse characters.
Yeah, so the kids can all learn about how I'm a bondage person.
Well, I'm somebody that's into amputating limbs.
Well, I'm someone that's into, you know, this and that.
I'm someone that likes to get gangbanged and get HIV.
Four Disney employees retired.
Judge among 108 arrested in human trafficking sting in Central Florida Polk County Sheriff.
Always got those judges in there, don't you?
DeSantis accuses Disney of sexualizing kindergartners.
Well, that's what they're doing.
They want access to five-year-olds.
He doesn't apologize.
Elon Musk is right.
He says, at its heart, wokeness is divisive, exclusionary, and hateful.
It basically gives mean people a reason.
It gives them a shield to be mean and cruel.
An armored and false virtue.
And that's what they do, going after the kids, particularly.
Teacher on MSNBC worries he can't discuss his love life with kindergartners.
It scares me that I am not going to be able to have these conversations with my children.
I don't want to have to hide that my partner and I went paddleboarding this weekend.
What the hell does that even mean?
This young lady, I forget her name.
We didn't play her clip yesterday.
Find that in the list, her name for me.
I want to play this lady when we get back.
She was so powerful.
Um, breaking all this down.
This, this, this lady right here.
Find that for me from yesterday, please.
I want to play that next segment.
In fact, find it.
Yeah, we'll play it next segment.
The Future is Gay!
New survey reports that 1 in 5 Gen Z adults identify as LGBTQ.
Because they're told it's cool to do so.
Yep, total recruiting.
It's a gang, folks.
They've had different parties throughout history.
Well, this is the sex cult.
The kinky sex cult that, by the way, likes children.
So the pedophile cult.
Public school indoctrination is real.
Fourth grade teacher in Austin told her peers 63% of her class came out as LGBTQIA.
Yeah, because she told them to.
Here's her actually saying it right here.
That won't get censored off of Instagram.
And it goes on and on and on and on.
But what's bad?
Oh, teaching a five-year-old how to get blowjobs is okay, but MSNBC piece claims health and fitness is the new gateway drug to far-right and white people and groups of males and females together having fun and being confident.
You're not supposed to do that.
You're supposed to look like one of the zombies that's gone under the whole LGBT thing.
Here's the actual article, MSNBC.
Pandemic fitness trends have gone extreme.
Yes, ridicule the warning about fascist fitness.
They don't want healthy, good, normal people that are confident.
They want to totally control you.
We're going to come back with that clip, though, that I was just talking about.
It's amazing.
I never got to this clip of Mark Dicer.
Stay tuned, we'll try it.
You know what?
We're not going to try.
We're gonna do that.
We got all the groomer party stuff in Austin.
Most hardcore stuff with Disney.
Caught running child sex rings and hiring directors that are convicted child molesters.
It's all coming up.
Stay with us.
Roger Stone used to run DC orgies.
That's on record by the way.
He's a big Christian now, and he really is converted.
We love him.
We don't judge him.
He was never into kids.
They weren't into kids.
But the wildest parties ever, reportedly, with adults.
And he's going to be joining us.
He's saying what Madison Cawthorn talks about is completely true.
And the Republicans are trying to cover this up right now.
I just say bring it all out, ladies and gentlemen.
You know, I don't tell the stories I've told on a routine basis.
It's so wild, I never took part in it, but I was invited to it as well.
I've been invited in New York, D.C., Los Angeles, and to the Hellfire Club at Oxford.
So there you go.
Let's go ahead.
I was like, wow, Thomas Jefferson went to him, too.
Yeah, but I almost did it, but I didn't, folks, because I don't want to get caught up in that stuff.
No way, because that's just the first level of it.
Thank God Roger never got deeper into it.
He's coming up right now.
Let me get to this clip.
This is a Morgan Zegers who just really, really, really knocks it out of the park when it comes to who the Democrats are and what they're up to.
What are they going to do when you say that the world's going to end in 10 years and the world is overpopulated so to solve the problem we can't be having as many kids?
Just seeing the way that they connect all these issues in their minds makes me really worried because in communist China they literally forced abortions onto anybody who had more than one child.
Then they forced sterilized all the women that dared to get pregnant.
So women were secretly having their kids and then keeping the kids in little tents and barns in the countryside.
This is not us, like, freaking out and creating some hypothesis of what could happen.
This is actually what leftist regimes do, especially when they start running out of resources.
We now have the Biden food shortage coming, and this is a classic step after leftist policies destroy a country.
After they had the famine in China, they had no resources, and it resulted in the one-child policy.
So this is disturbing.
Leftism is evil.
It's satanic.
And I'm not surprised at all that now they're saying don't have kids.
In fact, they don't have children.
They want your children.
They want to rape your children at the bottom of the pit, at the top of it.
It's just all sexy and fun and we're liberated and cool until you get an occult and then it gets a lot deeper and a lot more evil very, very quickly.
Let's go ahead now and hear from Mark Dice, who said word for word what the trans pedo people say at city councils around the U.S.
because we've played them.
From Baton Rouge in Tampa, Florida, New York, and in Austin, Texas.
We've played the clips here.
You've seen them.
Where they say, I'm here to recruit kids.
I'm gonna teach them about this.
I mean, it's crazy.
And you read this stuff.
They're teaching third graders how to shove sex toys in their rear ends.
I mean, it's like, folks, I'm not joking.
Remember Jocelyn Elders, the Surgeon General nominee under Clinton that famously said, reach down and masturbate to babies.
I mean that, it's like, who think, that's what they do in public.
Can you imagine who they really are?
Like I can't even tell you the rest of it that she said, even though she said it, I mean.
And people are like, this is a family show, Alex.
They're teaching children this.
I gotta talk about this stuff.
Let's go ahead and go to Mark Dice.
I love the green hair though.
He looks very Joker-esque with it.
Thank you.
I'm Professor Mark Dice.
I teach gender studies at California State University, and my colleagues and I across the country have been making tremendous progress in shattering the gender binary.
We've introduced, as you know, a growing list of over 57 different gender identities.
Many people don't know which gender they want to be.
It's an extremely creative process.
The reason I'm here is obviously the college students Young adults, their minds still fairly malleable.
But we've seen the Don't Say Gay Bill being passed in Florida.
And if we're going to truly succeed in the New World Order, we're going to have to reach the younger children.
And maybe on a local level we could start with Introducing ordinances to ban even identifying anyone as a gender at all.
And if we can stop referring to the children as just boys, girls, he's or she's, until they're old enough to decide, perhaps then we can complete the I mean, let's just be honest here.
The Marxist revolution, we can get to the point where a lot of us can shed the label of a Democrat and just openly admit that we are Marxists.
Repealing the First Amendment on a national level may be a little bit difficult, but we've seen surveys conducted on the Oceanside Pier that there are a lot of people that are willing to accept that.
So, we're just recommending the Bilderberg Group, Think Tank, some of our associates, World Economic Forum are recommending that on local levels we prevent the gendering of children at all.
As you know, children will believe virtually anything at a young age.
They believe that a man in a red suit flies around and brings presents to them every Christmas.
And if we can convince them that there is no such thing as gender, that boys can be girls, girls can be boys, that men can get pregnant, that If women can have external genitals, penises, then I think that we'll be able to really succeed in what it is that we're trying to do here.
We're going to have to start reaching the children on a younger level.
And again, by the time a lot of these students reach college, many of them are setting their ways.
Some of them are watching Tucker Carlson, other YouTubers.
Thank you very much, sir.
Thank you.
For more, subscribe to the Mark Dice YouTube channel.
That's it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
So, if you're doing it for a long time, but I've always told listeners, go to city councils, go to county commissions, go to school boards, because it just goes viral.
This is the place to go, and okay, maybe just the city council and 5,000 people watching local cable see it.
Huge victory.
But most of these end up going viral with millions of views, and I've got to put my money where my mouth is.
I am going to create a new character.
Called pedo pal or something.
And I guess I'm going to go down to the city council and I'll put a rainbow wig on or something.
And I'm going to repeat real quotes these people put out.
I'm going to say in the great words of Jocelyn Elders, we need to masturbate the babies.
We need to reach down and grab their genitals and do it ourselves.
Now, and it's hard to say that myself, but I'm going to be doing it as pedo Pete or whatever the character's going to be.
But these are going to be real quotes of these crepazoids.
It all goes back to Kinsey.
And these other psychologists and psychiatrists that literally were into pedophilia.
Sigmund Freud, I mean, Sigmund Freud's on record.
And just totally obsessed with children and sex and pooping his poop.
I mean, I hate to talk about these people, but when you actually read about these people, like Carl Jung was the universe and archetypes and beauty and all this truth and this awesome stuff.
And then all the rest of the liberal psychologists and psychiatrists are obsessed with having sex with their 10-year-old nieces and eating poop.
And that's who runs things, is a cult of psychotic, unhappy, out-of-control garbage that beat us over the head.
We've gotten rid of Christianity, so we don't need to get rid of our original sin now.
You get rid of your original sin by doing what the left says.
And, you know, banning the letter Z or banning the word boy and girl and making everybody submit and censoring.
That's the new loving liberal freedom is censorship and control and pedophilia and everything evil.
So we're here talking about it.
We've hammered this over the years.
A lot of people have been asking the last few months, Jones, you're not talking much about this.
Well, I get sick of looking at it and researching it because there's so much of it.
But now it's just exploded in its latest big push.
Which is not just men and women's sports, but adults of any age being able to come to your door and, hey, I want to ask your five-year-old out on a date.
They have emancipation, and you don't have any right, and your child isn't yours, it's mine.
Because if your children aren't yours, they're everybody else's.
These people have a drive.
They will never stop until they've raped every child on earth and then cut their heads off.
There's no longer any doubt that humans are heating up the oceans, land and sea by burning fossil fuels.
The world has to overcome not only the damage done to our economies and our societies by COVID-19,
it also has to confront the repercussions.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you're a radio listener, You're only picking up part of this.
my This is the WEF's latest release, called the New World Order.
I see a future where the internet is available for free for everyone, and that means the location of power is going to shift.
Decentralization of power structures everywhere.
It may be the beginning of that shift in finance, in political power.
We have to uphold our responsibility, which we have towards the next generation.
Our responsibility.
So that's the World Government Summit calling for a New World Order global government in Dubai going on right now.
And I spent a good hour this morning, I got up at 4 a.m., got some coffee, started saw the InfoWars.com article about this, I've already been following it the last few days, but now it's in full swing.
And I sat there for over an hour watching clips of the conference and it is unbelievable.
It's on Twitter.
And it is.
We are going to cut off all the power and depopulate for the Earth.
We are going to bring in New World Order.
Anyone speaking about New World Order will be silenced.
Only those for New World Order.
And that's the mind control.
World government's real when you're for it, but the minute you don't want to live under it, well, you're a bad person, ladies and gentlemen.
And that ties us into the big headline for today's show.
Global financial collapse alert.
World Economic Forum forces are systematically destabilizing every facet of civilization to implement a controlled collapse.
And they're like, we need more world government to stop the starving.
We need more world government to stop the migrants.
We need global total digital control.
Everywhere you do, we need to control you to save civilization.
And then later, we must get rid of civilization.
They're the ones publicly doing the policies that collapse everything, and then they turn around as if they're the saviors.
It's all oxymoronic.
But they've got all these global leaders, government, corporate, ecclesiastical, academic, all up there yes-manning because they get paid off.
It is something to behold.
I tell you, they look scared, they look weaselly, they look pathetic when you watch them.
You're like, this is who rules us?
This is who's in control of us?
That's the real temptation is you're like man I could Take over a lot better than these people could if I wanted
to be dr. Evil But see, that's the Christ in us, though, doesn't let us do that.
I mean, the latest from Joe Biden, like he gets worse by the day, but the footage of him, maybe I should air that next.
Yeah, there's two clips I've got.
He's like, yeah, I'm here at this fake set.
I don't know why I'm here and why I'm taking a fourth shot.
But you know, we need to protect the trans kids.
I mean, total and complete cuckoo land.
And she's wearing the damn mask.
She's all vaccinated.
She's all safe.
Oh, but they now admit, oh, sorry.
The vaccines don't protect you.
World Government Summit 2022 asks, are we ready for the new world order?
Jamie White article's got all the links.
It's incredible at InfoWars.com.
I suggest you share that with people.
And they go over how they've got to cut off the carbon, which is what we live off of.
And they go, look!
Oh, ETA.gov.
Look how the U.S.
has cut coal by 60% since the year 2002.
And look at that.
And your power prices have doubled and tripled.
And now the other systems can't supply it.
Coal's totally clean the way we burn it.
But look at that.
Oh, but China and India have made Zero percent cuts.
We have made 60 plus percent cuts.
Think we're open for business?
You know what economic war is?
to cut our main power source, used to be 70% of our power, to cut it by 60% is devastating
and has nothing to do with the environment.
Oh, look at this symbol they all wear.
That's the Deimos Group rainbow swastika symbol.
That they all wear.
That's their cult, that's their group, that's their operation.
What a system.
What a time.
And look how sycophantic they are.
A lot of the tweets about it are like U.S.
A U.S.
bureaucrat sent this out.
Man, I really feel cool.
Look at who's at this event.
This is who I'm talking to.
Look at their license plates.
And it's the king, and then it's two sons.
So the license plates are number one, number two, and number three.
And so he's just, oh, look at the Mercedes G-Wagons.
Because let me tell you, they're not getting rid of their private jets or G-wagons, you're just going to starve to death.
We got Tedros of the World Health Organization saying new bio-weapons are coming and they told you of disease X, now the more deadly weapon coming, then you all die!
But let's play this clip.
This is an Australian Senator, Alex Antic, walks into Parliament and starts dropping absolute truth bombs about the world economic Forum, and then we'll show you some of bumbling, some of bumbling Biden, but here's clip two.
Founded in 1971 by Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum is steeped in authoritarianism and Marxist ideology.
It's an ideology which is creeping into governments across the world.
To quote Schwab himself when speaking about the Canadian Parliament, We penetrate the cabinets.
I know that half this cabinet, even more than half, are actually young global leaders of the World Economic Forum.
It's true in Argentina, it's true in France, now with the President, who is a young global leader.
The World Economic Forum promotes globalist issues such as climate change, so-called systemic racism and sexism, and creating an online digital identity.
However, closer inspection reveals the World Economic Forum is an anti-capitalist, anti-free market organisation that seeks to subvert Western
values and political processes.
And they are very organised and very well funded.
Their message is designed to appear harmless when in fact the ideology that underpins it
is revolutionary and destructive.
They train aspirational leaders in their ideology and help them make connections in spheres
including politics, business and the arts.
The World Economic Forum has consistently advocated for the harshest and most extreme COVID measures possible, including lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations, vaccine passports and mask mandates, despite these policies assaulting many of our basic liberties.
At the centre of the World Economic Forum's ideology is stakeholder capitalism.
Essentially this is a theory that traditional free market capitalism ignores the dangers
posed by climate change and so the government must enforce restrictive policies to save
the environment, even if that means less wealth.
Why then are the forum's criticisms of capitalism always directed at Western nations rather
than the great polluters such as China and India?
The Forum believes that your freedoms should be minimised to prevent the imminent climate catastrophe, the one that's been coming for 10 years and the last 50 years, by the way.
The central theme of the World Economic Forum's material is what they call the Great Reset, which is Klaus Schwab's term for the opportunity the pandemic has presented to reimagine and reinvent the economic policies of the West.
The term comes from Schwab directly himself with his 2020 book entitled The Great Reset.
In a now-deleted video titled Eight Predictions for the World in 2030, the World Economic Forum claimed that you'll own nothing and you'll be happy, a slogan that hits the same dystopian note as work makes you free and ignorance is strength.
You don't have to be a political philosopher to figure out that if you own nothing, the state owns everything.
There's a word for this.
It's called communism.
The World Economic Forum and its affiliates shamelessly promote the abolition of private property, a central facet of Karl Marx's demented utopian ideology which led to the deaths of tens of millions of people worldwide in the 20th century.
To quote Margaret Thatcher, Quote, Communism never sleeps, never changes its objectives, and nor should we.
No matter how sophisticated the World Economic Forum tries to make the abolition of private
property around the world sound, the fantasies of Karl Marx always lead to the crushing of
individuals' liberties and lives and the expansion of the state's tyranny and power.
It is imperative that we pay close attention to the World Economic Forum and do all that
we can to preserve liberty and reduce government intrusion in our lives.
If we fail to do so, the anti-democratic forces in the West will continue to march on and
we may wake up to an Australia that we no longer recognise.
Australians deserve to know the extent to which the World Economic Forum's influence
and infiltration of our country and how far it has gone and we're going to find out.
The current one is totally on the globalist payroll.
This is a corporate system shutting down all their competition to consolidate power of the world economy to then carry out mass depopulation.
The major corporations of the planet are run by scientific guilds.
And they want a monopoly over human life.
They don't want to just have all the major crops be GMO and designed by these corporations.
They want humans to be, and they're bragging, all of them.
We played you the clips just last few days from the Dabos group saying, "We're involved
in a genetic engineering revolution taking over the human bodies."
Just last year, the federal government said, "We have no jurisdiction over nanotech and
And so now nanotech is in the food and major universities have done studies in Europe and the US.
People are finding it in their blood and in their brain tissue.
And it's causing all sorts of problems.
And you've got these transhumanists bragging that, oh yeah, we're colonizing your bodies.
Right now.
So everything else was a beta test.
That's why the human-animal hybrids are out in the open.
And the pedophilia is out in the open.
And the transgenderism, pushing it on kids, is out in the open.
Because it's all meant to destabilize you, freak you out, get you scared, and get you to submit to every form of tyranny you can imagine, and then some.
And then it's crazy to see people Finally starting to figure this out, like this senator we played the clip from earlier, from Australia, Alex Antic, and to see the media attacking him when all he did was very intelligently quote actual quotes by the globalists.
And they're like, he's crazy, he's nuts, he's saying the Australian government is full speech.
Our alumni of this group that are carrying this out while they're saying they're alumni, while they're executing the orders of Klaus Schwab, who is the head of the Bilderberg Group.
Remember Alex Jones would expose the Bilderberg Group and the media would say it didn't exist and I made films showing it existed just 15 years ago?
And now you see why the Bilderberg Group is so important?
Because we got their documents.
We had the sources.
We worked with people that have been covering Bilderberg Group for 40, 50 years.
People that had received the brain trust of Westbrook Pegler, who was covering Bilderberg before he even knew the name in the late 50s.
And then Big Jim Tucker, who died like eight, nine years ago, a good friend of mine.
And of course, myself and others.
Daniel Estillan.
Gotta get him back on.
I mean this is the real global controlling force.
Absolutely incredible to be here and to know that they are carrying all this out against
That they're playing God, and that if we just got the public to realize that they're being attacked by this other group, and this other group doesn't have their best interest at heart, and this other group is out to get them, then it would be game over!
But because of the censorship and the corporate control, it's very hard to reach people.
And when someone talks about these real topics, they get attacked.
They get demonized because they're over the target.
But you want to be demonized.
You want to be attacked.
If you really care about humanity, if you don't want this calamity and this whole takeover to actually take place, then we all have a responsibility To get over the target and take the flak, no matter how rough it is.
Because as rough as this is, letting them take over and letting them depopulate 90% of the world is going to be a lot tougher and a lot harder, even if you want to join them and try to survive it.
You then lose your humanity.
And is that something you really want to be part of?
So by successive approximation, they train people through social media, through the culture, through political correctness, to submit to the godlessness, to submit to the mindlessness, to submit to the murder of logic, to submit to men can have babies and women can be men and robots are conscious and all these lies.
So that they know they've got someone that'll go against their own interest.
They know they've got somebody that'll help them trigger the total collapse of civilization.
So they can build this transhumanist world on our ashes.
So you can pretend all day you're part of the power structure, you can try to play along with it, you can lie to yourself, ladies and gentlemen, but at the end of the day, you've signed on to living death.
You know, I mentioned this Joe Biden clip where he is more confused, more out of his mind than ever.
And so since I mentioned it, we've got a couple of these clips.
Let's just play the clip with Biden where he's saying he doesn't know why he's there getting the shot.
And we'll play the robot dog clip and get to all of that.
How many times did I tell you you'll have robot dogs marching up and down the street telling you to stay in your houses during a bioweapon attack?
I told you that 10 years ago.
There's a video of it.
Specifically, exactly this, I told you.
Not hard to extrapolate this out.
And you know, I said yesterday I would do it.
And I didn't because to actually make myself see the next phase of this, He's so horrible and so multifaceted that I almost, this isn't how it works, but it's just crazy.
Everything we talk about comes true.
I almost don't want to speak this into existence, though I know it's not us doing it.
They're the ones doing it.
But I mean, folks, I mean, this is mass civilization collapse.
Robots taking everything over.
Um, nothing like this planet's ever seen.
Here is Biden again, not knowing what planet he's on, taking his fourth shot.
And I'm going to get my second booster shot.
Which is the fourth shot.
Which isn't a vaccine.
Not sure why I'm doing this, he said.
Not sure why I'm on this stage.
It's fake White House.
[camera shutter]
[camera shutter]
I'm reluctant to comment.
Can you comment on the declassified intelligence that he doesn't trust his military leadership since it is declassified?
Is the U.S.
willing to provide security guarantees to Ukraine as part of peace talks?
I don't agree.
Is the U.S.
willing to provide security guarantees?
If anyone ever wanted to know what the dystopia looks like, this is it.
I mean, all he's got is arrogance left.
He doesn't know who he is, what's going on.
Just shut it off.
Please shut it off.
Thank you.
Here's a robot dog.
They got these in New York everywhere now.
This is in Shanghai.
Robot dogs with loudspeakers enforce Shanghai lockdown.
No one's on the street.
Robots are running around saying, stay in your houses.
is here it is.
And of course, we're all supposed to then go, "Oh, well, they're doing it in Asia."
We've got to submit to it and go along with it right now.
I mean, we're just literally inducting ourselves into hell on earth.
All right, Roger Stone can tell you that orgies are real in D.C.
because he used to run them.
I mean, he's repented of it, and we're not judging him.
It was consenting assaults.
But he's really written a couple big articles that are viral right now that Madison Cawthorn, the congressman talking about this, is dead on.
And the congressman did not actually pull back on what he said.
That's more fake news, where he said, oh, he just said he was joking or it wasn't real.
Roger Stone joins us coming up.
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Roger Stone on OrgyGate joins us in T-minus six minutes.
But I wanted to go to a report John Bowne put together about former Infowars reporter Joe Biggs, who's being held in a Soviet-style gulag for crimes he didn't commit.
Here is that very important special report.
Staff Sergeant Joseph Biggs was born during the ominous year of 1984.
What he and hundreds of other patriots, now political prisoners, have experienced over the course of a year, due to the tyrannical Democratic Party for merely questioning a clearly rigged presidential election, utilizing their First Amendment rights backed by the unyielding intent of the Declaration of Independence, would make George Orwell's skin crawl.
Joe Biggs is an American hero.
He's a war hero.
He fought in two wars, both Iraq All right, so he served bravely, honorably, as a member of the U.S.
Army, and now he's a political prisoner.
He's rotting in a D.C.
jail because, I mean, if anything, this may be a misdemeanor.
He didn't vandalize property on January 6th.
He didn't hurt anybody.
He didn't threaten anybody.
He didn't have any frickin' weapons, and he certainly didn't try to overthrow the United States government.
And I think the most heartbreaking aspect of this whole situation is he hasn't seen his daughter in over a year.
And they're looking at putting Joe Biggs in prison for 20 plus years, okay?
And I can tell you, That his daughter means the world to him.
That's everything to him.
Now Joe Biggs is a tough guy.
He's a combat veteran.
But this is absolutely crushing him.
You cannot get that time back.
We kind of saw the metamorphosis of a guy who Was a big patriot, really believed in everything he was kind of told from the mainstream media perspective.
And then when this happened to a guy he knew, a guy he considered his friend, and the way he was being talked about in the media, he started having a shift like, oh wait, what we're seeing...
On the mainstream is not real life.
He got really woken up quick.
I think that really he kind of did a fast-forward approach because then I think it went back to things he saw Serving in two different theaters of war.
He's like, oh wait Maybe that's why we were doing these things and not we're not really we're not really there to help these people We're here to just spend money essentially Joe has been exposing this for years.
He sees the injustices going on with the election.
So people were pissed and they had a right to be pissed.
Now, did he hit a cop?
Did he attack anybody? No.
Didn't do anything. Didn't do any of that.
Yet he's still in jail to this day.
Recently, Biden spoke of liberty and the regime change of a dictator while in Ukraine.
But history and truth will ultimately separate fact from hypocrisy.
A dictator bent on rebuilding an empire will never erase a people's love for liberty.
Brutality will never grind down their will to be free.
Hey everybody, Pastor Kevin, the Patriot Pastor.
I'm here at the Seminole County Jail.
We are here with a few protesters.
They decided to have a gathering to protest the release of Joe Biggs by sending him to the Washington D.C.
We're here to say you just can't do what you want to do.
You just can't steal an election and give away with it.
They're being held pre-trial for almost an entire year waiting in solitary confinement with half rations of food.
They're being starved.
We're still here.
We're still thinking about you.
We're still praying for you.
We're still fighting for you.
We got this, Joe.
Joe Biggs is in a 30-day administrative lockdown at the Alexandria Detention Center, and he has filed an appeal opposing the government's motion to delay the start of his trial date, which is May the 18th.
If you can, please visit GiveSendGo.com backslash Joe Biggs to add to his legal funds, which are desperately needed.
And please support InfoWars.com as we continue to be in the crosshairs of a January 6th committee hell-bent on silencing the voice of patriots.
Biggs, of course, represents hundreds of patriots and ultimately millions of Americans who will all be thrown in a feces and blood-drenched gulag and cut off from their God-given civil liberties due to a country half-asleep and America's first bona fide dictator inhabiting the Oval Office.
John Bowne reporting.
We are back live, ladies and gentlemen, now into our number three.
Roger Stone joins us.
We have seen Madison Cawthorn, the Republican congressman, come out and say that he was invited to orgies and cocaine parties.
Well, I mean, I've got stacks of articles, L.A.
Times, New York Times, about orgies and cocaine parties in D.C.
Roger Stone was one of the top lobbyists ever.
He was at, obviously, some of those parties.
He's reformed and, you know, obviously a Christian.
But he's been honest about all that.
He never really hid it.
None of this was underage people or anything, but he hasn't retracted his statements.
The media is spinning this, so Orgygate is what Roger Stone is calling it.
Alex, you're absolutely right.
The reason I wanted to come on today is to bear witness for Madison Cawthorn, who is being accused of telling the truth.
Look, I was in Washington, D.C.
I was part of the ruling elite.
I lived there for 41 years.
I had one of the most successful lobbying firms in American history.
And I had a front seat.
I would say that I spent 41 years in the corroded rectum of the two-party system.
And I saw this up close.
Anybody out there who thinks that the ruling elite in Washington, D.C.
or Malibu Or Manhattan or Hollywood do not engage in drug-fueled orgies is out of their mind.
And all of those in the media and in the Congress who are now attacking Madison Cawthorn, stop and ask yourself, why are they doing that?
Who are they covering for?
Or is it themselves?
I can tell you firsthand that these parties happen.
I can tell you that they continue to happen.
I can tell you that Madison Cawthorn told me yesterday that he had not retracted what he said.
Even though Kevin McCarthy seems to have popped up and is speaking now for the member of Congress, saying, oh, he admitted that he made... No, I don't think he's admitted anything of the kind.
I don't think he's admitted embellishing or retracted anything.
He said, Alex, he spoke the truth, which is why I wanted to come on with you today and say that.
Well, you know, Roger, there's just so many examples of this, and Barney Frank with underage cowboys at his D.C.
townhouse, and just all of it.
I mean, the idea that this isn't going on is just preposterous.
Well, look, you said it at the beginning and I won't run away from it.
I was a libertine in my days in Washington.
So I attended some of these parties.
No, it wasn't for me.
But today I have reaffirmed my faith in Jesus Christ.
That's why I feel the power and the strength to speak out and tell the truth.
It's why I'm unafraid to tell you the truth.
Now, I know that I'll be mocked for coming on and saying this.
I know I'll be attacked.
for the life that I abandoned when I was a high roller in Washington, D.C.,
and anything I wanted was available to me.
I'm a different person today.
I was saved.
I was saved from being in a blood and feces-infested gulag
called the federal penitentiary system.
I didn't die in a fetid Georgia prison like Robert Mueller and his thugs wanted to,
only through the healing power and the strength of Jesus Christ.
And that's why I'm able to say today, without fear of being attacked,
'cause we'll be trending on Twitter as soon as we go off this broadcast.
The instant that you move on, it'll be all over the place.
But I know firsthand that Madison Cawthorn is telling the truth, and he needs to be given the benefit of the doubt.
And I think you have to question why Kevin McCarthy is so anxious to cover this up.
Why is he so anxious to silence this junior member of Congress?
Why are all these rhinos jumping out of the woodwork attacking him?
What are they hiding?
What do they have to hide?
Were they at some of these parties?
That's my question for them.
Well, we also know, doesn't McCarthy live with another man?
They have like a model of the White House together and they like pose as the president in there?
Well, it is alleged that he lives with a pollster, a Republican pollster I don't think much of.
Who's got the worst toupee I've ever seen in my entire life.
Um, so yeah, that's, that's kind of weird.
And then the question is, is this poster on the payroll of the house Republican committees somewhere?
The house Republican campaign, uh, committee.
So, uh, but look, I'm not here to attack other people and their lifestyle choices, but I am here to defend Madison Cawthorn because I think he is telling the truth.
And now, like a ton of bricks, the political establishment is seeking to discredit him.
Why would we believe CNN when they say, oh, McCarthy said that he admitted making the whole thing up?
I want to hear from the congressman himself.
I don't want to hear Kevin McCarthy's version of what he says Madison Cawthorn said.
Or Steve Scalise, for that matter.
I want to hear what the Congressman said.
He texted me yesterday telling me he had not retracted or backed down in any way, and I choose to believe him.
I know firsthand that these parties happen, and I know who's attending them.
It's bipartisan, trust me.
And that's really how they control people, isn't it?
Yeah, man, this is what the Jeffrey Epstein scandal was all about.
It's about blackmail.
And that's why there is such a rush to denounce and discredit Cawthorn, because they're afraid of what he knows.
What if he does start saying who it was he saw, or who it was who invited him, or who it was that he knows attended these drug-fueled parties that he alleges?
He has truth on his side, and that makes him very, very dangerous to the political establishment.
Well, that's right.
And look, I mean, I can tell people, not that I'm Mr. Hollywood, but that's what goes on.
People that have already had everything, done everything, they want to push the envelope.
And I mean, that's pretty much par for the course.
Swinger clubs, orgies, drugs, that's going on all over.
So the fact they're trying to deny this, And all he said on the podcast is, hey, it's just like House of Cards.
I've been invited to it.
It's real.
I mean, that's a fact.
He had a super hot wife, too.
I mean, what do you think people are going to do?
I mean, this is ridiculous.
I've been invited to these things.
I haven't gone to them because I don't want to be, you know, whatever blackmailer I'm on into that.
I'm happy.
But I mean, I've been invited not just to those.
I've been invited to the really weird stuff, not with kids or anything, but with the whole occultic stuff.
So I can tell you, folks, the eyes wide shut things go on as well.
There's no question.
And therefore, the people watching Infowarriors need to realize that Madison Cawthorne is the guy telling the truth.
And all these rhinos who are moving to discredit him and smear him and belittle him and threatening to remove his committees, this is because they have something to hide.
It is so obvious.
It's so logical.
Don't listen to anything CNN says.
CNN wouldn't know the truth if they fell over.
Well, I mean, I agree with you, but...
Aren't they even dumber to attack him?
They should have just ignored this.
I totally agree with that.
I spoke to a reporter from the New York Post a little while ago, and she made exactly that point.
It's because they are so vulnerable, they're so hysterical, because if he starts to name names, it would go all the way to the top.
And that is exactly what they fear.
Roger Stone did nothing wrong.
Find everything on his great website.
He's got a lot of them.
Which website you want to plug, Roger?
And I got another question because I know you got to go.
I want you to come back tomorrow about January 6th.
That has really ripened now.
They're announcing new indictments, garbage, going after Trump.
They're saying on May 20th, they're even putting dates on it.
I want you to come back tomorrow and talk about that.
But just where do people find all things Roger Stone?
Best place to go is StoneColdTruth.com.
I've got a new piece there because the report of the January 6th Committee says that Peter Navarro, one of the President's White House aides, told Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to call Roger Stone in the days prior to January 6th.
The problem with that, Alex, is I've never talked to Mark Meadows in my life.
Never communicated with him in any way.
So they want to investigate something that never happened.
It is outrageous.
I'm still fighting for my life in six civil suits.
People can go to StoneDefenseFund.com.
God bless you.
If you do, we need the help.
But Alex, I will come back tomorrow to talk about the abomination that is the January 6th investigation.
I've told you privately what's going on, but now it's in the paper.
I mean, you know, they called us a couple weeks ago, the Justice Department, not the committee, and said, we want you to come talk to us or we might up charges on Owen.
That is criminal in my view.
We have nothing.
We've done nothing.
This is just a nightmare.
Owen Schroyer did nothing wrong.
I know that for a fact.
We need to get those t-shirts out and up on the website.
And now they're trying to use him as leverage to make people plead to crimes that they didn't commit or to admit something that they didn't do.
Oh, now they're investigating the perfectly legal rally on the eclipse.
Roger, we'll talk to you soon.
Come back tomorrow.
All right, I love 360 wins and I can't think of a better 361 out there than what we're about to talk about right now.
And I hope every listener marks this down.
I hope you listen, because we've got this guest back on.
And I pushed him back a little bit late because Roger Stone came on.
It's like I spent hours with this guy.
He had technical difficulties Saturday, so we had to go to a tape show we'd already done a week before.
But we're going to do a commercial-free podcast soon and really talk about some things that are common knowledge to good tax attorneys.
But it's like unknown magic to the general public.
And so, Tyler Bennett, good friend of mine, is here with us.
You can go to jonestaxrelief.com and you can see all the different services they have from bookkeeping, business consulting, business entity selection, estate and trust, and tax preparation, financial statements, IRS representation, payroll services, retirement planning, Sales and tax services, tax preparation and planning, tax levies, liens and release, that's what they're really good at saving you up to 90% on.
Wage garnishment release, getting your passport when the IRS is blocking you, end penalties and interest, you hear that?
Tax negotiation and settlement, reduce IRS tax fee, resolve, back taxes, IRS audit, defense, payroll, tax negotiation, and more, jonestaxrelief.com.
And again, They are a very respected company that's been doing a great job for a long time.
That's American Tax Solutions.
You just go to jonestaxrelief.com so you can also then support the sponsorship of the show so they know, support the broadcast, the sponsorship.
But this for me is just such a 360 win because it depends on the tax lawyers you get.
The CPAs, most of them will sell you out for no reason.
It's just how it works.
And then a lot of the lawyers just want to get you and milk a bunch of stuff out of you.
These guys cut right to the chase on how to save you money because they get part of that.
So jonestaxrelief.com or 833-900-4285.
Write that number down.
Write that number down, 833-900-4285.
I wanted to get him on because we had a lot of questions from listeners.
And so I've got some of these questions I want to go over with him.
I just got flooded by questions and I sent them over to him and he kind of put them into a bullet point.
But man, I'm getting nothing but good feedback from the listeners.
I think you've already saved them tens of millions of dollars.
I forget, I think it was $20 million last week or something.
So thank you for being here.
Thank you for coming on, Tyler Bennett.
I mean, where do we start?
There's so much to cover.
Well, thanks for having me on again, Alex.
Great to be here and help the InfoWars, both with the audience and the cause here.
And so, when I had these questions asked to me, it seemed to me that basically, just like you were saying, because we know that the IRS is run by the globalists and the elite, and so their set of rules, their set of laws, They don't want the average person to know.
So I thought I'd go through a few of this stuff that you probably haven't heard of, and it can open your eyes a little bit more to how the government is actually treating you here.
So, for example, the first thing is Biden has been trying, attempting to raise taxes since he got into office.
We all know about that.
But what you may not know is taxes have been effectively already raised this year because of inflation.
What I mean is every year there's an index for inflation that affects the standard deduction and affects the marginal tax brackets, right?
Because it goes up 3% a year per inflation.
However, this last year we've experienced 8% in inflation and that means the American taxpayer is paying 5% more in taxes, just due to the inflation,
not in the actuarial numbers that the IRS uses, not keeping up to the actual inflation
that Biden has injected into the economy.
And so what that comes out to is, a married couple last year that made $80,000
was taxed at 22% marginal.
Now they would be in the 24 marginal tax rate because not that taxes were raised, but because inflation outpaced the actuarial table at the IRS that says inflation is only supposed to be 3% a year.
And it's 8% right now.
And that's just question number one.
Sorry, continue.
That's just question number one, you're right.
I just wanted to finish up on that.
This is a sneaky way that the administration and the globalists can say, hey, we haven't actually raised taxes on you, but get more of your hard-earned money to fight the things that they want to fight for, not fighting the globalist wars, etc., etc.
And I also want to expand on this because people don't realize that they're not going to be told this by H&R Blocks, they're not going to be told this by the regular CPAs.
Why is that?
Why don't they tell people all the loopholes that are totally legal and lawful put in there by the establishment?
Because I guess they're not supposed to let you know about that.
What is the leverage that the corrupt government has over the average CPA firm to keep them from telling people how the law is really written?
Absolutely, Alex.
So we have two things going on here.
If we're talking about an average CPA firm, the average CPA is very risk adverse.
That's the type of people who become certified public accountants, which means if the IRS says something, they're going to follow it to the T. That's their job.
And there is a use for these people.
I have CPAs that work for me, but not to decide how much exactly who is qualified for what deduction.
To do the math, sure.
But we have to remember as a CPA is Not an advocate.
They're not their job isn't to find the loopholes and fight for you Their job is to fill out the tax return in a way that's you know gonna be the safest and least Risky according to them which for most people means they're gonna miss out on on obvious deductions that they could have taken And now the second part is when we talk about these big box Tax stores, you know, H&R Block, the like, TurboTax.
As I've said on your show before, it's absolutely true.
Look them up.
These are technology companies, okay?
They're much more closer to Microsoft than, let's say, a tax office, because the people who work there know one thing and one thing only, and it's not taxes.
They know how to operate that software.
And so they're not, they have no idea what the law is at all.
They just know what the computer prints out.
And believe me, that computer does not have your best interest at heart.
It wants to make sure they can charge you $450 and pad their coffers instead of yours.
Absolutely, that's something I learned talking to friends and family about when you go and get the average stockbroker.
You know, you should only make 2-3% a year because they're getting it on fees, but you go out and research it yourself, you're going to make 15-20%.
So how's the stock market up 20% but you didn't make anything?
Because they literally take all your fees.
I'm not going to get into details, but I have a family member that came into some money, they didn't listen to me, and I said, watch, you go ahead and put your money with that stockbroker at a well-known company, I bet you make 2% And they came to me a year later and they go, how did you guess that the stock market's up 20%?
This was a few years ago.
How'd you guess 2%?
I said, it's well known.
It's well known that that's what they do to you.
It's the same thing.
Just on that point, since we're talking about finance here, the index does 10% every year.
If you invest in that, you'll make money.
I have invested in managed brokerage accounts and they don't do as well as the index.
So just putting that out there.
Listen, when you let somebody else control your money and you put all of your faith into them, Well, now you're putting yourself to be taken advantage of and that's just what happens in this.
It's just what happens.
That's right.
We only got through question one and we got like 15 of them.
We'll be right back on the other side.
These are really good questions.
The listeners sent in and you kind of codified them and put them into perspective.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Hey, listen folks.
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I mean, on average, 90% tax cuts in these disputes and all the other services they've got, so you need to go there today.
Tyler Bennett, let's get into more of these questions that people sent you.
Absolutely, Alex.
And just on the gambling thing, I want to say to the audience here, if you do enjoy to gamble, one thing that's very important is that You know, the casino at the end of the year is going to 1099 you.
So you have to make sure you get your player's card from the casino so that you can write off your losses against your winnings.
Because otherwise, the government's just going to say that you made that money.
Well, really, we know if you're gambling, maybe you made 10 grand one time, but you probably spent more than that over the course of the year.
That's right.
So you get people to think about, I love how you take anything I say and turn it back to good.
You can teach people at every angle they never thought about.
And here's the thing.
Gambling is one of those things actually where, you know what, some people can make a business out of it, such as, you know, Dan Blitzerian and people like that who are professional poker players, right?
And so gambling typically follows under the hobby rules, meaning that Most people do it for a hobby, so unless you can prove to the IRS that you can make a profit three out of five years or every other year, then you can actually write off all your expenses on Schedule C against that income because it's a legitimate business to you.
But most people who go play 21 or house games, they're not going to qualify for that, but they need to know that just because they hit a jackpot does not necessarily mean they're going to face a fat tax bill at the end of the year.
Because that, more likely than not, was not the only time they gambled that year, and we can write off all their losses.
Again, every angle.
You've got every angle.
Let's get into the next question.
We do.
IRS side hustle, $600 gets you to $1099.
side hustle $600 gets you to $1099. Explain that. This is a very important one.
I've gotten thousands of questions about this because this is actually a bill that Biden was able to pass back in the Build Back Better Act.
And what this says is all escrow services, intermediary banking services such as Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, even eBay and resellers such as that, Etsy, StockX, are now going to 1099 any sale that is over $600.
Now the old rules where you would have to sell at least 20 transactions or over $20,000
before the service would say, "Prove to us that you're not a business."
But now what this means is let's say you decide to have a garage sale and someone comes up to buy your old microwave that's worth less than what you bought it for.
And they don't have cash because it's 2022.
And they say, can I sell you the $50 for the thing?
Okay, fine.
So you take enough sales.
Now it's up to $600 and you didn't make any money because it's a garage sale from stuff that has just gone down in value.
Well, you have to prove that now.
And so you don't want to do that on your own.
Let me do that for you, because I know how to separate out what is gifts, what is income, and what is not, because it was simply a resale for a non-profitable transaction.
All right, let's move the next one.
We've got 15 to go through.
Just because, number three, your return says you are getting a refund, does not mean you will really get it.
Explain that to us.
Absolutely, Alex.
And this one is very important and happens to a lot of people.
I get a lot of clients, potential clients, they call me and they say, hey, you know, I did my taxes and it says that I should have gotten, you know, a thousand dollar refund or more, but instead I got a A letter that says tax code 151 on it and what that means is there is what's called a federal offset unit within the Treasury Department.
They're technically not the IRS because what they do is they collect debts for the states and the IRS from your refund.
So before your refund comes back to you if you owe any debt to any other government agency for any reason this includes stuff like child support arrears or Let's say unemployment.
They actually will take that money straight out of your refund.
And so if that's happening to you too, we can negotiate that on your behalf.
But this is the Federal Bureau of Fiscal Service.
They're a federal agency that literally exists only to subtract You've got simple tricks to deal with all that.
Let's go to number four.
New numbers for gift taxing.
What's happening there?
People are asking me about that.
So gift tax is one of the most misunderstood concepts in the code, okay?
With inflation now, it's $16,000 that you can gift to anybody without facing the gift tax, right?
And the gift tax is paid by the giftor, not the gifty.
And the reason is because the gift tax is put in place to try to prevent escaping the estate tax by giving gifts during your
Now, the thing is that the middle class needs to understand is
we can use these rules that were put in place to try to prevent
the uber wealthy from not paying their fair and check in taxes
by not, you know, using these rules to pay the least amount as possible. So what
$16,000 means is that's not your total amount that you can gift.
That's your total amount that you can gift to each individual person you send gifts to.
So let's say you send gifts to 10 different people for $16,000.
Well, that's $160,000 of gifts that you were able to give.
And I just want to mention that gift tax ties into your unified lifetime credit.
So unless you're worth more than $12 million, gifts and gift tax system to minimize your taxes.
That's why all the rich people have a bunch of trust funds for their kids and everybody.
So again, you're just teaching people the basic stuff, but easy and how to do it.
You don't rip them off to do it.
You just boom, get it done.
Because on my TikTok page and other places I answer questions and hear from the InfoWars people, people always saying, hey, I give a gift.
I received a gift.
How much taxes do I owe on it?
That's not how it works.
The gift or pays tax is a completely different system than the income tax system.
And just like the payroll tax system, we can use those tax systems against your income tax.
I'm gonna explain it again.
I know the listeners know this, but you have to listen to me, folks.
This is the total win-win.
I feel so good promoting this.
I feel 100% good promoting this.
I feel bad thinking about saving the operation and promoting gambling.
Not gonna do it.
Okay, I'm not going to sell Jack Daniels even though I occasionally drink it.
Hey, don't gamble with your taxes, okay?
That's what it's about.
What I'm saying is, this is something that is an absolute win-win for the show, for our sponsor, for you, for everybody.
And there's so many functions and so many angles, I could talk to...
him forever, Mr. Bennett, because there's so many things you wouldn't think of.
No matter what topic I raise, he can bring up a tax issue that I knew was true, but I've forgotten about, because he's the tax expert, and he's ready to help you.
Right now, very fast cookie cutter.
The reason The reason I love Tyler Bennett and American Tax Solutions,
you can go to jonestaxrelief.com, they're our great sponsor, and then we get support by you
visiting jonestaxrelief.com, you get their full services and VIP treatment by visiting jonestaxrelief.com,
or by calling toll free 833-900-4285, is that you noticed I brought up
gambling on a totally different subject and he brought up incredible information about tax
savings there.
Talking to this guy, I could talk to him like hours and hours and hours, and we have on the phone in person, because every angle of life, he knows the secrets of how the system protects itself, and nothing makes me happier than getting you involved in knowing that.
I want to be very clear.
I obviously, you know, am a Christian, and I love God, and if taxes actually went to poor people and to build stuff, I would do it.
Everything through the Federal Reserve is through monetizing debt since 1913, what, 109 years ago.
So before that, taxes went to run the country.
Since then, any economist will tell you, it's not my opinion, that it's all debt that's operating.
So all of the income tax since 1913, with the Federal Reserve Act, is about social engineering and controlling small
Just like during COVID lockdown, small businesses were not essential,
but all of the big businesses were staying open.
So you're not cheating on your taxes, you're not taking care of the poor by paying almost no taxes,
you're literally being given the same escape hatches that the globalists have
created and getting by their social engineering so you can hire
more people, so you can hire more contractors, so you can build a nicer house, have a nicer car, pay for more
medicine, give more to charity.
So I'm telling you, there's nothing more of a When and from a moral perspective as well than not paying as much of this evil income taxes you can because it's a damn fraud so spend a few minutes Tyler Bennett on that and I know you want to get into all these other topics you've got small business owners and what's happening with expenses and so much more but but how important is that because there's people don't get like the income taxes social engineering
100% true, Alex.
And as I've said before, since the income tax was created, it has been the vehicle that the government has put forth their policies that they want to happen.
In America, because we're supposed to be a free country, the government is They'll do this anyway, but instead of just directly telling you to do something, they put incentives and they put and they put decentives in the tax code so that you act a certain way.
So I just want to say this because we were talking about money.
Look, on any bill you pull up, right?
This is a $5 bill.
It says two things on it.
It says, in God we trust.
Yeah, I trust God, okay?
It also says Federal Reserve Note.
That means I trust the government in this fiat currency.
Well, I don't know about you, but I really don't trust the government.
So let's talk about some things that they are doing to make sure you miss out on your deductions.
Okay, so small businesses, small business owners, mom and pops, these people in the middle class are receiving the shaft the hardest because subsection C, subsection S, and the business sections of the Internal Revenue Code are the most complex and actually carry the most deductions,
but they're the hardest to find if you don't know what you're looking for.
Let me break down a few for you.
In 2017, President Trump passed a 20% pass-through deduction
if you have a sole prop, if you have an S-corp, if you have an LLC.
All you really have to do if you fit the income, guidelines, which is most people,
is check a box on your tax return.
And so most people don't even know that and that's something that is very easy to do and you'd have to know about it.
Another one is, you know, business vehicles, right?
Writing off a vehicle is a commonly talked about deduction, but you may not know the extent of which you could do it.
Let's say, you know, you only have a sole prop, you've got a C Corp, you've got an S Yes, but you have a vehicle that also you're using for personal use.
Does that mean that you no longer can take any deduction for the business use of that vehicle?
Absolutely not!
We can bifurcate everything, you know, and you might be surprised to learn that when we look at what's actually happening, more of that vehicle's use is in fact a business use than not.
Another one this is big back in the 80s and 90s they had this tax deduction called the three martini lunch basically what it meant is there's a hundred percent deduction if you as a business owner take a client or an employee or your partner out to eat and discuss business right Well, this actually has been brought back in 2021 and 2022 to support the businesses, the restaurants that took a major beating, you know, during the COVID.
So in order to the government in order to help them out has actually helped the small business owner out because now if you take your employees out to lunch, it's no longer a 50% deduction.
It's a hundred percent deduction and that's a big change.
Tyler, just interrupt.
I get so frustrated because the system writes this for themselves, they pay almost no tax, and then the general public goes to regular CPAs or tax lawyers and they don't tell them about it or they charge them tons of money to do it.
You guys are completely different.
Everybody needs to go to you and then they can just talk to you and your great crew of lawyers and CPAs and experts and then they can hear your story and then tailor it very quickly For what you need and people are going to be blown away by you guys handle it and it's so easy.
Right, Alex, and what I want to point out too is the difference between us and a lot of other firms that you may run into is we offer 100% free consultation.
You give us a call, we want to hear what your problem is, we want to tell you how we're going to help you, and then it's your decision if you want to use us.
We don't charge expensive retainers or anything like that.
If you want to use us to help lower your liability after we talk to you and tell you what we're going to do, then you're on our team and we'd love to have you.
Yeah, because I've hired other tax lawyers and stuff before and You know, even the decent ones will still do a big analysis, charge you a bunch of money, give you a few tricks.
You guys just look at the business, cut right to the chase.
You guys are... I don't want to put you down.
It's not a bad thing.
You're like the McDonald's of this because you're just cutting right to the chase.
Hey, here's the fee.
Here's the deal.
Here's what you're going to save.
It's just bam, bam, bam.
What I like is the fast delivery.
So, and you know what?
The name of the game is this is about helping people at the end of the day.
And the more people that we can help, I'm like you, Alex.
That's what makes me happy.
That's what my passion is.
So give me a call because I'm here for you.
Well, it really makes me mad at other CPAs and tax groups because they do this molasses thing to like Barely give people a few strategies to save them a bunch of money, but then they charge them like half of what that costs.
You guys are, on average, what, like 10% is what you're charging and what you're saving people.
It's just crazy.
Give people a few examples of some of the services you've got and how it works.
So the way that I like to group all of our services, because we provide hundreds of different services, is in the tax world, Alex, you pretty much have three separate zones, okay?
You have the present.
That is, you need to file this year's current taxes.
You want to take the most deductions as possible and pay the least amount, right?
So that's tax prep.
We have the past.
And what that means is you already owe the IRS or the state money for whatever reason.
Maybe we need to refile for you.
Maybe you do owe more than you can afford to pay back.
If you owe more than you can afford to pay back, we can negotiate with the government on your behalf.
There's multiple programs.
Instead of letting it grow and grow and grow and ignore it till they come arrest you.
Absolutely, because as long as you're not doing anything about it, it's penalties and interest, and it's 5% a month plus 3% interest plus non-filing.
It just compounds.
You'd double your tax debt in five years if you do nothing about it.
One thing I wanted to talk about as well when we're talking about businesses, small businesses, Let's say you want to start a small business, right?
But you haven't started it yet.
You may think, well, none of these costs that I have before I actually opened my business are deductible because they're not business expenses.
That is not true.
And this is another thing that, you know, the IRS isn't going to tell you.
You have to have someone in your pocket or in your corner telling you this, because the reality situation is you can write up up to $5,000 in pre-business expenses for your startup company.
Which is substantial for a startup company, doesn't have that much capital, doesn't need the additional tax bill when they are trying to make their first profits.
JonesTaxRelief.com, you're a great sponsor, you're helping us stay on air, and you're helping people.
You were telling me just like four or five days ago, how much money have you saved Lister so far?
Listeners on this show, I would say we've saved between $20 and $22 million in back taxes so far.
As for, we've set up plenty of complex instruments, corporations, trusts, etc.
to save money in the future, and that's honestly incalculable because, you know, future earnings is one of the things that- So in a month you've saved our listeners that much?
It's folks, this is everybody, needs to call, talk to these folks, it's amazing.
Final segment with Tyler Bennett with American Tax Solutions.
You can find all their great services and support the broadcast at jonestaxrelief.com.
That's the funnel site that goes to their main site so we get support when you support yourself and them or 833-900-4285, 833-900-4285, jonestaxrelief.com.
You've got to come back again soon.
You've got to come back again soon.
We only covered, I guess, a third or so of the questions.
But where were we now here?
We were at ordinary and necessary expenses to run your business?
Or were we, how does the little guy take advantage of the tax code like a big corporation?
Let's hit a few of these final ones here.
Let's hit them.
There are a few things that I wanted to bring up.
For example, many people, small business owners, are under the impression that if they form an LLC, that has some sort of tax benefit to them.
It does not.
It protects you from getting sued.
That's about it.
Now, if you convert to an S-Corporation, you can save half of your self-employment tax, which is 15.5%.
So simply creating an entity doesn't help you.
You have to know what the correct entity to be in.
And again, this is knowledge that is not handed out to the public for a reason.
Another example is, let's say you work for a company.
You have a 401k.
You're allowed to contribute $21,000 a year to it, right?
As a business owner, you can have a SEP IRA and the limits are much higher.
They're around $60,000.
So it's just one of those things where the odds are stacked against the employee.
And what I recommend everybody to do is start a side hustle.
Find a hobby that you like to do that you can make money on and do it because then you can, if you're making money over there, you can even write off the taxes that you're paying on your W2 income.
And that's one way the little guy takes advantage.
Another way Let's just talk macro for a second.
The fattest section of the Internal Revenue Code is subsection C. That is about C-corporations and C-corporations only.
There are so many loopholes that exist in C-corporations because we're talking about the lobbies that control Apple, Microsoft, all the Fortune 500 companies are C-corps.
And that same loopholes they use, we can lose as well.
A major one is loaning money to yourself.
If you own a corporation, and you make an arms length transaction, you can loan yourself money.
Remember, a loan is not income, so therefore it's not taxed.
It's paid back, which... And that's one of the big ones people don't know.
That's one of the big ones people don't know.
That's a big one that people don't know that when I was studying for my LLM in tax school that was pointed out to me as like this is one of the best loopholes in the entire code and it still exists.
It's amazing.
That's one.
The other thing is people are scared of double taxation because of C-Corps.
That's relatively easy problem to eliminate through payroll and retaining profits in the corporation, which you cannot do with a flow-through because you have to pay individual taxes.
This is how the large corporations, I mean, we could talk about, we could spend a whole hour on international taxation, tax treaties.
Absolutely, we'll come back on about all that, because we should have you back about each subject, actually, because we could do a whole hour on each one of these when we scratch the surface.
But exactly, the average CPA or even lawyer doesn't even tell you about the right type of corporation.
Why would they do that to people?
Well, honestly, Alex, it's because the corporate laws and the laws surrounding entities, they change relatively often.
And many, if you, if you think of a CPA right now, I'm sure you're thinking... So it's laziness.
It's total, complete laziness.
Yes, they're not up to date on what the current hottest entities to be in are.
And so they'll tell you, oh, LLC.
Because that was hot in the 90s.
Or they'll tell you S-Corp.
Because that was hot even before that.
So there are purposes for each type of entity.
But since 2017, since the Republican tax overhaul, the C-Corp has been the most beneficial to be in if you're making money.
Tyler Bennett, thank you so much.
People need to visit jonestaxrelief.com.
It is, again, a link to the amazing company and all the work you are doing.
American Tax Solutions, our great patrons, find all their services and more.
Absolutely and I just want to mention we'll handle your crypto too.
9-0-0-4-2-8-5 and they're nice. They're not intimidating.
You call them, just like we're having a conversation with Tyler,
they will talk to you and figure out what's going on and they've got amazing solutions.
This is something everybody should be talking to these guys all the time because it's so important. Tyler, thank you so
Absolutely, and I just want to mention we'll handle your crypto too. Absolutely, beautiful.
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So get your new Tree of Liberty coin while you still can at 1776coin.com.
We are live it is the summit news hour for this March 31st 2022 April the first
Tomorrow, look out for those actual fake news headlines.
Now, in this show, we're gonna get on to later on.
The astounding abuse of the refugee system as it pertains to the hundreds of thousands and indeed now millions of Ukrainian refugees flooding into European countries, the same people smugglers that abused the system from 2014 to 2016 specifically, with that huge wave of migrants flooding into Germany, economic migrants that is, not genuine asylum seekers, are up to their old dirty tricks once again.
Gonna get into that later though.
I think I'll start off with this headline, because this actually came out at the end of last week, but I didn't get the chance to cover it on the show last week.
Headline is, Poll!
Majority of Democrats would flee the United States if it was invaded like Ukraine!
You're telling me that the same people who are so vehement, so gleeful, so enthusiastic to support the current thing, if the current thing happened in America as it's happened in Ukraine, The same people that endlessly profess their support for the current thing with the Ukrainian flags in their Twitter bios.
Primarily, that's their main method of hashtag activism.
If it happened in the United States, the majority of Americans would flee the country.
If China was dropping PLA troops in the major cities in America, they would hightail it in a second.
Despite their enthusiasm to support Ukraine, The new poll finds that the majority of Democrats... Did I say Americans before?
No, I meant Democrats, obviously.
The majority of Republicans actually would stay and fight.
The majority of Democrats would flee the United States if it was invaded in a similar fashion.
Say it ain't so.
This is a Quinnipiac University poll.
They surveyed 1,300 US adults nationwide.
Margin of error 2.6 percentage points.
They were asked, quote, If you were in the same position as the Ukrainians are now, do you think that you would stay and fight or leave the country?
Now we know that a certain segment of the population, including Americans, many Europeans, have gone to fight in Ukraine.
They've had some unfortunate circumstances, to say the least, including medics, as I talked about last week.
Who go to Ukraine to support the war-wounded, ended up getting their passports ripped up in front of their faces by the good guys, the Ukrainian authorities, and told they would have to go to the front lines, fight the war, and under martial law in Ukraine they couldn't return home to America until the war ended, which could be months, it could be years, Well now, the same position, if Democrats were in the same position in America, they wouldn't even need to travel to another country to exhibit their esteemed morality, to signal their virtue.
The majority would flee.
52% of Democrats said they would flee the country, while 68% of Republicans say they would stay and fight.
They broke it down by demographics and found that 57% of whites said they would stay and fight, Along with an even greater number, 61% of Hispanics.
However, only 38% of black people would stay and fight, while 59% would leave the country.
So again, the majority of Democrats, which of course are prone to profess their virtue, their enthusiasm, their glee, their zeal, to support Ukraine, if it happened to America, they would not even support their own country.
They would flee with their tail between their legs.
And as I write in the article, the poll results emphasize how well many leftists are keen to display their support for Ukrainians under Russian bombardment by acts of moral exhibitionism, primarily by changing the Twitter bio, because that's really going to help them, and by lobbying for the banning, deplatforming, public shaming, public humiliation of anyone who engages in critical thinking or thinks there's any nuance in this issue whatsoever, or thinks that maybe supporting a no-fly zone that would lead to nuclear Armageddon maybe isn't a good idea, Those people who will vilify you for doing that are more likely to flee the country if it happened in America.
Obviously we had the poll last week as well which showed that there was a direct correlation in terms of people in Canada between vehemently supporting the lockdown measures, the mask mandates and the mandatory vaccines.
The same set of people, generally speaking, support military escalation in Ukraine.
So of course you have the dichotomy Between people being deathly afraid of a virus with a 99% plus survival rate for most age groups, completely living in fear, still living in fear to this day by the way, even in England where we've had the abolition of the mask mandates for over two months now, and you still get people in supermarkets, in hardware stores where I go,
Literally cowering in fear if you go near them.
They've still got their two masks on.
They're fully jabbed like Hillary Clinton was and she got COVID anyway.
And yet if you go anywhere near them, they still flee in terror!
And I'm going to talk more about COVID later on in the show.
We have another headline here.
Of course, skyrocketing energy prices both in the United States and in virtually every European country because of this war in Ukraine.
Germany is dependent on its energy to the tune of 70% in some aspects on Russian oil.
Well, now the government minister in Germany has told Germans that they should cope with soaring energy costs by simply wearing warmer sweaters.
This is the government minister of Agriculture and Consumer Protection, Peter Hawke, He made the comments as he called for a complete ban on German imports of Russian gas and oil as a result of the war in Ukraine.
Who's gonna pay for that?
Well, Germans are gonna pay for it with skyrocketing energy prices, but if they can't pay for it, well, they're just gonna have to wrap up.
Before the war began, Germany imported 55% of its gas from Russia, along with a third of its oil and 45% of its coal.
But with Germans already struggling to heat their homes, Hawke glibly told them to wear more clothing instead.
And, of course, in America we have people being told to eat lentils and not give veterinary treatment to their pets.
Maybe they should eat their pets because they're being told that they can't eat meat anymore.
The German minister says, quote, you can withstand 15 degrees Celsius in winter in a sweater.
No one dies of it, but people are dying elsewhere.
So he's basically saying old people, the elderly, who are already struggling with Heating, electricity, gas bills, they should simply wrap up warmer.
Well of course we know for older people they're infinitely more at risk from hypothermia and all these other illnesses if the temperature drops even to that level.
So this is a proposal that would literally lead to the deaths of the elderly, the people who we were supposed to lock down society for and protect for the past two years.
We were supposed to Completely sacrifice our rights to mobility.
For their sake!
But when it comes to this Russian oil situation, this energy dependence, they simply have to wear more sweaters, even though in that instance it would lead to scores, to hundreds, hundreds of thousands even, of old people dying.
Eat your lentils, wear your sweaters, and shut the hell up!
German Tenants Association responded strongly to the comments.
Asserting that elderly people are at risk of death if they don't keep their homes sufficiently warm.
But again, supporting the current thing is a little bit more important than the risk of catching hypothermia and dying.
I mean, come on, just take the risk!
Because we're a society all about taking risks, right?
That's what's been proven for the past two years, surely.
The technocrats really were happy, were comfortable with us taking the risk.
...of catching a virus with a 99.7% survival rate for people, for example, in my age group.
There were no risks taken then, but elderly people need to take the risk that they get hypothermia and die, because... Putin bad!
German Tenants Association said, quote, "...with a ministerial salary or a presidential pension, you can afford exploding energy costs and do not need to freeze yourself."
Again, Same equation when they push mass immigration in European countries like Sweden and Germany.
You find the most aggressive lobbyists for mass immigration all live in the areas of the city, whether it be Berlin or Munich or wherever, where there is the least immigration from North Africa from the Middle East.
They want to propose these policies while not being subject to them themselves to any degree whatsoever.
Summit.News, we'll be back.
Don't go away.
Now there was an astounding video which I'm going to play.
I made a video about it myself with the bulk of the relevant content in the video.
It was an Irish citizen journalist who went to Dublin airport and he's keeping track of the Ukrainian refugees in comments that are entering Ireland over the course of the past few weeks.
Of course we had reports out of France a couple of weeks ago.
The full third of quote Ukrainian refugees entering the country were actually from countries like Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, these other North African countries predominantly.
Well now this citizen journalist visited Dublin Airport and he found that the Ukrainian refugees he expected, the kind of Slavic looking individuals who you might expect to turn up As they're fleeing from Ukraine weren't quite as expected.
And I'm going to talk about another report after this video which pertains to the situation which apparently is only getting worse.
But here is the clip.
This is Houston.
We have a problem.
Here it is.
Well, remember I told you about how one third of the Ukrainian refugees arriving in France aren't even Ukrainian?
And that the system is being completely abused by economic migrants from countries like Algeria, Pakistan and India?
Yeah, well, I wasn't making it up.
This is what citizen journalist Philip Dwyer encountered outside Dublin Airport.
Can I ask you a few questions?
You're over... You've arrived... I see you've arrived here at the refugee centre here.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Are you Ukrainians?
Yes, sir.
We're Ukrainians.
And you flew in from?
From Ukraine.
From Ukraine.
Yes, from Donetsk.
City Donetsk.
If you don't mind me saying so, you don't look like you're from Ukraine?
We're just nationals of Ukraine.
You're just nationals of Ukraine?
Okay, so you're a Ukrainian citizen?
By origin, we are from Sir Jamukashmir.
From Kashmir?
Okay, Indian, okay.
Yeah, so I'm just an Irish journalist here, citizen journalist.
So I'm just asking, we're concerned here in Ireland that they're taking in 200,000 people.
And we were being told that it's women and children.
I've been taken in.
So, you're claiming refugee status here now?
So, we just heard reports that people coming from Middle East, Africa or whatever, who aren't Ukrainians, who are coming in through this refugee centre and we were told as Irish citizens that it's women and children, you know.
How do you feel about that?
So these Ukrainian citizens, who are from Kashmir, were apparently able to escape Donetsk, a region controlled by Russia.
Slip into Ukraine and then on to Western Europe as part of the refugee wave.
Then into Ireland, where no doubt they'll get immediate access to accommodation and welfare reserved for actual Ukrainian refugees.
But wait, Ukraine has banned all males aged 18 to 60 from leaving Ukraine.
Ah, but these guys And you're a Ukrainian citizen, and you're not asked to stay and fight for Ukraine?
No, just we are 60 years old.
You're 60 years old?
Yeah, we are old.
Oh, you're 60, yeah, yeah.
And you're 60 as well.
And this man, yeah, how are you?
Nice to meet you.
And this man here is 60 as well.
Are you from the Kashmir as well?
No, no, no, he's from... He's from...
Are you OK?
You're from Ukraine, yeah?
Thank you.
And what's your name, sorry?
Look, these gentlemen now, guys, are talking over here.
They're Ukrainian citizens.
They're here going through the refugee process.
There's plenty of women and children.
There's a fight, obviously, after arriving here.
Plenty of women, which is, you know, which is good to see.
But, you know, as an Irish citizen, We were being told that it's women and children first coming from the war zone.
I don't know how you feel about that.
Are you OK with that?
Coming to Ireland, yeah?
And you're saying you're 60?
Years of age.
Yeah, yeah.
You're very young looking for your age.
This man here looks very young as well for 60.
The Irish government has vowed to accept 200,000 Ukrainian refugees.
Their entire country's population is only 5 million people.
That's the equivalent of America accepting over 13 million new people.
Given the scale of the operation, you'd think the vetting process would be a bit tighter, wouldn't you?
Well there you have it and there's an update on this in terms of how this refugee wave from Ukraine is being abused both by people smugglers and economic migrants.
Headline today from Summit News Report.
Quote, someone is making a fortune out of giving non-Ukrainian migrants fake Ukrainian passports.
Now, of course, we remember the Paris Massacre, we remember the other atrocities that beset Europe over the course of several years.
At the end of the last decade, mainly premised on, mainly driven by fake terrorists or fake refugees, who are actually terrorist jihadists, slipping into Europe on fake Syrian passports, Well now, economic migrants are slipping into Europe on fake Ukrainian passports.
Of course, most of them aren't going to go on and become terrorists, they're just going to leech off the welfare system of these numerous European countries.
Some of whom are going to go on to be terrorists, as we've learned to our cost over the past five, six years.
But in this article, there's actually an interesting photograph which was posted by A Twitter account called RoscommonGAA, and it's about halfway down the article, this tweet is embedded, they posted an image of the, quote, Ukrainian refugees that they invited to a Gaelic football match a few days ago in Ireland.
Now, if you look closely, about half or almost half of these Ukrainian refugees Don't appear to be very Ukrainian.
Bear in mind, Ukraine, unlike other Western European countries, isn't very diverse.
Basically, they've got a population of 99.9% white people.
So if you're presenting this as an image of Ukrainian refugees who have entered Ireland, got accommodation, got free money, welfare, and in the
future the Irish government has announced, as they also announced they're going to let in
200,000, they're going to build 35,000 homes for Ukrainian refugees. They're not Ukrainian
This is going to take away welfare, take away accommodation, take away housing, not only from Irish people who are struggling in that aspect already, but from genuine Ukrainian refugees who are genuinely fleeing war, not people who are fleeing Pakistan so they can get a free house in Ireland.
That's not a Ukrainian refugee.
But again, I guess it doesn't matter.
As long as you say they're Ukrainian refugees, you get to feel good about yourself, you get some social media dopamine, and it doesn't matter.
Even if literally in the act of that moral exhibitionism, you're depriving a genuine Ukrainian refugee of welfare, of refuge, and of a home.
And they've got more problems in Germany, which of course they accepted over a million migrants back in 2015-16, many of whom weren't Syrian refugees by the way, According to a report by German newspaper Bild, quote, someone is making a fortune out of giving non-Ukrainian economic migrants fake Ukrainian passports so they can slip into Western Europe and get free welfare.
There was basically a massive riot, which is commonplace in an asylum center in Munich.
Bild cited a police source who said the overwhelming majority of the, quote, refugees were from the Sinti and Roma ethnic groups, Gypsies.
Quote, only a fraction are really Ukrainian citizens, refugees, sorry.
He said, quote, they have brand new Ukrainian passports which are also real.
Someone is making a fortune right now.
The people smugglers, the criminals, are abusing the system once again to the detriment of the German people and genuine Ukrainian refugees.
News will be back.
Now I mentioned earlier about that poll out of Canada which showed that there was a direct
correlation, a direct crossover between the same crazed lunatics who supported the most
egregious lockdown measures and basically never wanted the mask mandates to end, wanted
mandatory vaccination for everyone.
They're still on that jag to this day.
No matter what laws are rescinded, what restrictions are lifted in what country, They're still desperate to follow that mindset down whatever rabbit hole it goes.
Of course, we've seen where it goes in China with their disastrous zero COVID policy, which I'm going to talk about later.
But for the time being, we're going to stick with Ukraine.
We're going to go to this video.
It gets into the refugee situation.
And some other aspects of this seemingly overnight transfer between the same people mindlessly supporting Covid lockdowns, mass vaccination programmes and supporting the new current thing which is displaying their moral exhibitionism in favour of Ukraine.
But not just Ukraine, in favour of escalating this war to dangerous levels.
This is called I Support Ukraine.
We're gonna play about half of this video and here it is.
Let's check in on the current thing.
Nowhere have people been more vehement to support the current thing than when it comes to Ukrainian refugees.
This has led directly to economic migrants and students who definitely aren't Ukrainian or refugees.
Wantonly abusing the system at the expense of genuine needy Ukrainian refugees.
We were delighted to have the opportunity to welcome a group of brave resilient people to Dr. Hyde Park today.
They have traveled to Roscommon to find refuge from the horrors of the war in Ukraine.
Who wants to tell them?
If the current thing is doing everything we can to support Ukrainian refugees, does it matter that significant numbers of them appear to not be Ukrainian or refugees?
Look at me short.
Look at me short.
I'm Ukrainian.
Here's more diverse Ukrainian refugees arriving in Bordeaux in France where a full third of Ukrainian refugees were discovered to be economic migrants mainly coming from Africa.
Apparently those Russian missiles were so powerful they moved Ukraine to a different continent.
The Irish government is so keen to support the current thing the per capita equivalent of America accepting over 13 million They vowed to take in 200,000 Ukrainian refugees, including these good old Slavic 60-year-olds who landed at Dublin Airport last week.
They're just nationals of Ukrainian passport.
Okay, so you're a Ukrainian citizen?
Ireland says they'll build 35,000 new homes for Ukrainian refugees, even while Irish people themselves are struggling to find homes.
To accommodate the newcomers.
Presumably forgetting that refugees are only supposed to be refugees while there's a war on.
Then they're supposed to go home and help their country rebuild.
200,000 is nothing!
I'm gonna pump those numbers up.
Those are rookie numbers in this racket.
The German Green Party is demanding Germany accept 8 to 10 million Ukrainian refugees.
The entire Ukrainian population is only 41 million.
Seems there just aren't enough Ukrainian refugees to go around.
Kensington Council, hello?
Where's my Ukrainian?
Yes, I requested one two weeks ago now.
Still no sign.
Well, I'm keen to get one before the neighbours get theirs.
Yes, they beat us to it with the Tesla and the Cockapoo.
Yes, that's my request!
Quiet woman, perfect English, experienced cleaner, needs to find her own accommodation.
Actual Ukrainian refugees seem to be a finite resource, which is why the Current Thing crowd are seemingly happy to import them from third world countries that have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Ukraine.
Also note how Current Thing King, President Zelensky, is very keen on piggybacking regime narratives onto existing popular support for the Current Thing.
Russian aggression against Ukraine and against everything that is built on life in Europe
is an argument to accelerate the green transformation on the continent.
Of course, green energy is completely shite, totally inadequate to meet demand,
and has already almost bankrupted western economies like Spain.
It only leads to soaring energy costs that poor people can't afford to pay.
But hey, if it's a key part of the current thing, maybe we all need to get behind it.
What's next?
Zelensky urging us to embrace drag queen story time or transgender representation in female sports as a crucial part of the war effort.
Hey guys, I'm in the women's restroom.
Current thing!
Selective outrage.
Socially engineered outrage.
The regime is so easily able to redirect people's cognitive impulses virtually overnight.
It's both depressing and quite frightening.
The difference between a bog-standard dictatorship and a ruthless totalitarian state.
Is that a ruthless totalitarian state requires the aid of vast numbers of its own population to ideologically enforce it.
And we're now well on the road to that society in the once free West.
A poll in Canada found that vaccinated people are far more likely to risk World War 3 over
Ukraine by supporting aggressive measures against Russia, while unvaccinated people
are more likely to support diplomatic measures.
NPCs seamlessly transferred from being deathly afraid of a virus which didn't kill 99%+
depending on age group of people who caught it, to mindlessly lobbying for no-fly zones
and military escalation that could very well cause nuclear Armageddon.
Another poll found huge support for the current thing, support Ukraine.
But when asked what they'd do if they were invaded like Ukraine, the majority of Democrats said they'd flee the country.
It seems that mass support for whatever current thing the political class and the culture demands has become a form of cognitive addiction.
Having been completely atomised from their communities, their families and their own culture, Humanity is seemingly dependent on defining itself on lurching from one current thing crisis to another, then weaponizing it to ostracize, publicly shame and de-platform dissidents who dare suggest that all may not be as it seems.
Support for the current thing is dependent on the vitriolic denunciation of those who don't support the current thing.
Much like anyone who merely questioned the efficacy of lockdown measures or mask mandates, was brutally smeared as a dangerous anti-vaxxer, You're either with the current thing, or you're against it.
There's no room for nuance or critical thinking.
Only total ideological compliance.
And now it will be government enforced.
Authorities are threatening giant fines and prison time for anyone displaying symbols.
That contradict the current thing.
Public figures are being ordered to profess their unquestioning subservience to the current thing or face career ruination.
Big tech giants openly welcome and facilitate threats of violence against those who don't support the current thing.
Seems support for the current thing is always reliant upon state oppression, public humiliation and establishment coerced consent.
Meted out against anyone.
Who doesn't support the current thing?
Which is why the counter-meme to the I support the current thing meme makes absolutely no sense.
I support the opposite of the current thing.
Cool story, bro, but those two things clearly aren't the same.
There's absolutely no negative consequences for supporting the current thing.
Social media dopamine.
High status symbol signaling.
Establishment endorsement.
Whereas the consequences for opposing the current thing can be life-deforming, de-platforming, being fired from your job, being ostracized by your friends and family, being made an example of by the establishment, prison sentences and punitive fines.
There's an entire cancel culture, legacy media, fact checker, industrial complex.
That bludgeons people into accepting the received wisdom, the current thing, on pain of their lives being eviscerated and wrecked if they don't.
I also think that a lot of the feckless zeal to support this new current thing is the lingering doubt that they were on the wrong side of history in relation to the previous current thing.
Oh, and CVS gave us eight free COVID tests for getting boosted!
A vaccine so good, you get given eight free COVID tests after taking a fourth dose of it.
If only they get it right this time, maybe everyone will forget about the previous current thing.
That is.
I support the current thing.
You can go and watch the rest of that at summit.news.
Meanwhile, on the subject of the vaccine, quickly before we go into the next segment, Health Minister fears wave of unvaccinated Ukrainian refugees entering Germany.
They're not afraid of the fact that there's no proper vetting system in place whatsoever, which is why a lot of them arriving are from North Africa.
They're more concerned about them not being fully vaccinated.
We'll get into more on lockdown on the other side.
Summit.news, don't go away.
Now we're going to explain to you how the letter Z, as I would say it, but as you say it in America, Z, has been cancelled completely.
First though, I want to get to the latest on the Covid lockdown situation, because of course we've got Fauci, we've got others suggesting that that nasty little smell that lurks in the background may indeed come back into prominence.
We have Biden getting a fake Fake set, at least, in front of a fake set, getting his fourth booster shot.
We have Kathy Griffin literally celebrating the fact that she got a fourth booster shot and immediately afterwards was given by CVS eight free COVID tests!
Because that really speaks to the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine, doesn't it?
The fact that after you get a fourth dose of it, you get given eight further free COVID tests for when you next catch COVID.
Of course, Hillary Clinton, triple-jabbed, catch Covid.
Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary, triple-jabbed, got Covid twice.
Many others.
And that weird thing, when they get it, they publicly release the fact that they've got Covid despite being triple-jabbed, and then they thank the vaccine.
Because the vaccine's safe and effective.
It's so effective that you can still catch Covid after taking three or four doses of it!
Fact-checkers say that isn't happening though.
Biden bumbles around fake White House set, admits not sure why as he gets another Covid shot.
They put him in front of another fake set, injected him on camera, and he basically bumbled around saying, quote, I'm not sure why I'm doing it on stage.
He said, I've always thought that it discourages people getting the vaccination when they watch people get a needle in their arm, so I apologize for discouraging.
When he's actually allowed to go, you know, teleprompter free, and he has a good day in terms of his cognitive decline, you will get a few words of truth that slip out of Biden's bumbling, dementia-ridden mouth.
Video Rampall warns Biden is a national security risk because he's in cognitive decline.
100% fully vaccinated cruise ship suffers COVID outbreak.
This was the Princess Cruise.
That's the company.
It's the Ruby Princess.
That's the name of the ship.
On their website, it says they have a fully vaccinated only policy.
Staff or passengers, you're not getting on without triple jabbed or a negative COVID test.
Well, as they docked in San Francisco on the weekend, this 100% fully vaccinated cruise ship had, you guessed it, a COVID outbreak.
Meanwhile, more than 20% of post-lockdown Americans are not too happy for the first time ever.
This is the General Social Survey, which began in 1972, but for the first time since that date, more than 20% of post-lockdown Americans describe themselves as not too happy for the first time.
And the writer Noah Cole, who I sourced in this article, Explains that it's likely not due to deaths from COVID.
It's due to the actual lockdown policies themselves.
You can read more about that in the article.
Meanwhile in China, which has pursued a zero COVID policy for this entire time, currently has record COVID outbreaks.
Well, what do you know?
One of the most vaccinated countries on the planet.
Of course, one of the most brutalist draconian when it comes to lockdown on the planet.
They were literally welding people inside their own homes, preventing crucial pharmaceutical deliveries, drugs, preventing even food deliveries to some people.
Well, now authorities in Shanghai are relying on robot dogs with loudspeakers strapped to their backs to enforce the latest round of Covid lockdowns.
...has suffered over the past four weeks more COVID cases than the entire two-year pandemic period.
Yes, their zero-COVID policy, their fully vaccinated population policy, has been so successful that they've had more COVID cases in the past four weeks than they've had in the previous two years of the entire pandemic.
Once again because they didn't go for, can't say it, whisper it under your breath, herd immunity.
They've got no cure herd immunity whatsoever in Shanghai.
They dosed people with completely safe and effective vaccines that aren't effective.
Now they've got their biggest Covid outbreak ever!
And they've got robot dogs barking orders to them to stay in their homes and wear masks, even though they're doing that anyway.
Now, as promised, let's talk about how the letter Z has been cancelled.
I'm going to come back and talk about more examples of this.
But yes, indeed, at the behest of Ukrainian authorities, the letter Z has been cancelled.
Here's the clip.
Say goodbye to the letter Z because it's been cancelled.
That's Z for Americans, but I'm not going to say Z. It's Zed.
Ukrainian Minister for Foreign Affairs Dmitry Kuleba has demanded that the entire world ban the letter Z because it apparently represents Russia's assault on the country.
Demanding that the use of the letter be forbidden, Kuleba wrote on Twitter, quote, I call on all states to Criminalize the use of the Z symbol as a way to publicly support Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine.
Now lawmakers in Lithuania are trying to pass a law that would fine individuals and businesses 500 euros a time for using the letter.
Better check if it's still open if you are planning a trip to the zoo this weekend.
Yesterday Zurich Insurance Group announced that they had dropped the letter Z from their main logo because Putin bad.
Reports suggest that zebras, zombies and the metal zinc are all now seriously considering rebranding themselves.
German newspaper Bild reports that the use of the letter as a way of denoting support for Russia has been banned in numerous areas of the country.
The letter Z becomes the latest casualty of Russophobia, with Siberian cats and Russian trees having also been cancelled.
World number one tennis star Daniel Medvedev also faces a ban from competing at Wimbledon in London.
Unless he publicly denounces Putin.
Despite the fact they already made a public statement calling for peace because demanding universal ideological compliance to political narratives under the threat of total career and personal ruination is something that definitely only happens under totalitarian regimes like Russia.
It's okay when we do it!
Now again, in one of the previous videos I talked about the seamless transfer virtually overnight between people again swallowing whole this entire Covid lockdown narrative and now the support Ukraine current thing narrative.
You saw it again with the tennis stars.
Of course, Novak Djokovic deported unceremoniously from Australia, which that was planned all along, for simply not even announcing whether he had the vaccine or not.
They seamlessly switched that over too.
Once Djokovic lost his world ATP number one tennis ranking because he was unable to compete in the Australian Open, this other guy, a Russian, Daniel Medvedev, took the number one ranking, but then because he won't publicly prostrate himself and commit an act of ideological submission, despite the fact he's already called for peace in Ukraine, now he's gonna get banned from Wimbledon too!
Absolutely incredible.
A seamless transfer, not only in the mass culpability of the public in terms of ideological compliance, but in the way it's metered out to public figures who don't completely toe the line for the current thing.
An update on that cancellation of the letter Z, by the way.
Samsung changes name of Z smartphones to support Ukraine.
They've banned branding of Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip phones.
In certain Eastern European countries again, because Vladimir Putin bad.
This is after the German Embassy tweeted that security forces are, quote, keeping an eye on the use of the symbol.
Absolute clown world behaviour.
And it was after Zurich Insurance Group dropped the letter Z from their branding, again, to support Ukraine.
We also have this headline out of Summit News.
Ukraine demands removal of Slovenian flag because it looks a bit Russian.
Yes, the brave authorities and National Guard in Ukraine, who are facing down a Russian war machine, are apparently too precious to tolerate colours that look a bit Russian.
This is an actual news story.
It isn't out the Babylon Bee.
Russophobia has spread to colours.
Anything that looks a bit Russian is now prone to cancellation.
Bear in mind, Slovenia is a country that has supported Ukraine at every step of the way.
Their Prime Minister visited the country.
Their Prime Minister has lobbied for Ukraine to be able to join the EU.
No, that's not enough.
You've got a flag that has red, white and blue in it.
Get cancelled.
Quote, when we arrived in Kiev it was quite windy and when we proudly raised the Slovenian and European flags back they fluttered in the wind, said the charge d'affaires Bostjan Lesiak in an interview with TV Slovenia.
However, a couple of days later after the wind died down, the Slovenian flag slumped on the flagpole and it looked a bit too Russian for the precious members of the Ukrainian National Guard.
They asked if the embassy could, quote, temporarily remove the Slovenian flag, because it's too similar to the Russian one.
And no, they weren't laughed at.
They were adhered to, and the flag was removed.
Absolutely incredible.
Meanwhile, Ukrainian soldiers filmed themselves calling up mothers of Russian soldiers killed in action.
And mock their mothers!
This was footage posted to Twitter a few days ago, and once again, the good guys are having a laugh at the expense of Russian mothers who have lost their sons in this tragic war.
Again, that is the good guys who we should all support, without question.
That's going to wrap it up.
Summit.News, War Room is coming up next.
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