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Air Date: March 27, 2022
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Alex Jones discusses various topics such as population growth, death panels, eating bugs to save the earth, euthanizing pets, and his opposition to inter-Slavic civil war in a video. He also talks about the conflict in Ukraine and its historical context, the role of globalist forces in manipulating events, mainstream media's endorsement of executing prisoners, concerns over pedophilia being promoted in public schools, climate change, and his sleep aid product, "Down and Out." Jones critiques Bill Gates' $43 million house being built at sea level while advocating for sustainability, the brutal treatment of Russians by Ukrainians, the decline of Biden's approval ratings, and the intentions of eugenicists. He promotes various products on his website and urges listeners to stay informed and prepared for possible future events.

We're back with another story, which will later be published next month.
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doubled on average in the next 30 years.
And now we have the biggest aged population in the world, same numbers for Japan and China
as well.
China is more than doubled its population to one point almost five billion.
India is the same.
And so there's been a decision by BlackRock on record in Bill Gates' given speeches
at TED Talks about this to just kill people at age 75.
Is spending a million dollars on that last three months of life for that patient, would
it be better not to lay off those 10 teachers and to make that trade-off and medical cost?
But that's called the death panel and you're not supposed to have that discussion.
The main author of Obamacare Ezekiel Emanuel, Ron Emanuel's brother, has written essays
and articles about how he hopes to die at 75.
By the way, he's passed 75 and hasn't died.
He means he wants you to die at 75.
They can't pay you your pension funds.
They've stolen the money and they don't want to go to jail like Bernie Madoff.
They want you to die.
I mean, it's trendy to eat bugs and all the rest of it.
You're not saving the earth.
You're letting the globalists train you to be a slave as they prepare to cut off the
resources, make you fight over the resources, and then phase you out and get rid of you.
And, you know, Joe will tell you, you know, he did know what he was doing back on the
fear factor, Joe Rogan.
That was all conditioning, too, to get people to dehumanize themselves.
It's a long-term, anti-human alien agenda.
And by alien, all of this is alien to the normal way of life.
All of this is anti-human, anti-life on this planet.
The globalists don't want to just get rid of humans.
They want the whole thing taken over, a silicon-based system.
This is an alien takeover.
This is the fight of our lives.
This is the enemy of our generation that we face.
And their new world order is a place that we don't even exist in.
And on the process to being destroyed and killed, we're going to go through hell.
And our children are, are we really going to lie down and take this?
Are we really going to see hundreds of articles in Bloomberg and in Reuters and in the New
York Times and in local magazines for kids in public schools for elementary kids?
Save the earth, eat maggots.
Save the earth, drink sewage.
Save the earth, euthanize your dog or cat.
Don't take care of them.
This is dystopia.
They're attacking you with poison, with garbage, with lies, with big pharma, with poison shots.
Or maybe I've just been wrong.
Maybe I should submit and maybe we should all go out today with hatchets and kill our
dogs in the backyards and our cats because it's to save the earth, right?
We're supposed to give up everything we've got because we're bad.
We're guilty because we have dogs and cats.
We're guilty because we have children.
We're evil.
But none of that's even true.
It's all a greedy group of monsters that want you to learn to hate yourself so you roll
over into the ditch of history so they can steal the future.
They're projecting their globalist hatred of themselves onto you and I.
All the beautiful, nice things they have and the science they have came from the commoners,
came from the people.
We built all this.
And now they've got their robots coming online and they say they don't need us anymore.
And we're supposed to just hate ourselves and go commit collective suicide.
Well, guess what?
It's not going to happen.
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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us on this live, global Sunday transmission.
And your host Alex Jones, look at that show headline, Sunday Live, World Shocked by Torture
and Execution of Russian Soldiers at Hands of Ukrainian Nazi Battalions.
They are the as-of at other Nazi battalions, they shot the video themselves, and I am really
considering airing this in full.
We have some of the excerpts that aren't as incredible where they use handguns to blow
their testicles and penises off, shoot them in the feet, shoot them in the legs, in an
industrial level with captured Russian soldiers, and we have the Daily Mail celebrating it,
saying Ukrainian doctor tells TV interview, he has ordered his staff, he runs the national
operation for the U.M. of the ambulances to castrate Russian soldiers.
Now, I saw that a couple days ago and played the clip, but I didn't think it was serious.
We have the footage of them blowing their testicles off, they either shoot, and you'll
see it.
They either shoot them in the testicles with a handgun, or they shoot them in the feet
or legs.
Yeah, let's show some of this.
Now, we're going to show you close-ups, we're going to show you close-ups of them shooting
them in the crotch coming up, okay?
And then they're begging while they kick them in the groin after they've blown their penises
and testicles off.
Now, my point is, can you imagine if there was footage of Russians doing this, I mean,
to be in the world?
I don't support Russian invading, I don't support this inter-Slavic civil war, I don't
support the sanctions on America or Russia or anybody or Europe.
You know I'm against this whole thing, I was anti-war for 28 years on air, I was against
all our major wars, and I've been against this one, but ladies and gentlemen, this is
the reality of what has been going on for eight years.
So ladies and gentlemen, you need to understand that long before this war in Ukraine started
28 years ago with the overthrow of the Ukrainian elected government, you need to understand
long before this happened, I was just a history buff, I mean, I wasn't on the Russian side,
I wasn't on the German side, I wasn't on the Ukrainian side, I was just studying Ukraine,
it was so interesting, all the wars that started there and how Russia was founded there.
And I knew that at the end of World War II, it took the Russians a year to kick all the
stay-behind networks of Nazis out that Hitler had put in there while he occupied it for
three years in Operation Barbarossa, these are all real things I'm telling you, Operation
Barbarossa, Nazi occupation of Ukraine, it's not debatable, it happened.
And you have to understand that even once the Russians partially took over, those were
still the Mafias and the groups that were basically in control.
And so it was then the State Department and George Soros and others, and by the way I'm
not just telling you that as Alex Jones, I have a stack of Newsweek, New York Times,
Washington Post, CNN, back when they were telling the truth, strangely, admitting that Ukraine
has a Nazi problem and that the main government's Nazi, and they go, oh, well, Zelensky, you
know, he's Jewish, so he's not a Nazi, no, it's a coalition of groups, and I'm not saying
Zelensky's a Nazi, what I'm saying is this is the reality that we have to look at and
we have to talk about, about what's happening there and how George Soros went on TV and
others have said, we have overthrown the government eight years ago, and we're going to force
Russians out of the country, and then they push the Russian population up to the east
on the border of Russia, and then Putin said, stop attacking them for eight years and warned
everybody and said, I'm going to invade if you don't stop, and they didn't stop.
Does that mean I grew up, Putin did?
Absolutely not.
What I'm saying is these are the facts, so when you see all this war propaganda from
our government that attacked all these countries and launched all these operations and acting
like Russia is the aggressor, historically, it's just not true, and then you've got how
this helps China and how this destroys the dollar and how we have this, this, this president
that's a puppet who's discrediting America, all of this is for the globalist, playing
the West and Russia off against each other, and all the analysts agree, Communist China
is the winner in this, so let's just pull out of the emotion and not be pro Russia or
pro America or pro Ukraine, and let's be pro information and actually know what's going
on, but I tell you, viewer discretion is advised, we're going to go to break, come back with
a bunch of news, and then at the bottom of the hour, 33 after we come back, I'm going
to show you unedited footage, the Ukrainians are putting out, I spent a long time looking
this up today, the Ukrainians are proud of this, they're on TV saying, we cut their
balls off, and then they shoot them in the testicles, and a lot of leftists are like,
this is great, we love it, you know, they love war crimes now, showing how, showing
how soulless they are, and there's a big 20 plus page live update page that just shows
a lot of stuff that I'm not going to show on air, it's too brutal, because there's footage
of the actual testicles blown off and all the rest of it, we're going to show you shooting
them in the crotch, and men that have been shot in the crotch, we're not going to show
the pornographic images of the, of the, of the destroyed groins, but if you want to see
it for yourself, it's an info wars.com live updates, shocking video, reportedly shows
Ukrainians shooting and torturing Russian POWs, and again, you can't even come up with
a headline bad enough, because I mean, if there was footage of Russians shooting people
in the testicles and shooting people on the feet who were bound, I would just be like,
my God, Lindsey Graham's right, Vladimir Putin needs to be executed, if he doesn't come out
against us, but there's no footage of that, this is not happening, folks.
This is the Ukrainian globalist funded Soros groups with the Azab Battalion Nazi Regalia
on literally with high tech weapons, killing a bunch of Russian farm boys that have been
sent into this.
And it's just an absolute disaster, ladies and gentlemen.
You can see the Russians aren't trained and the Russians aren't heavily equipped.
I mean, Putin said that he said, we got a 1980s military and we're just, we got nuclear
weapons though, we're going to go ahead and attack if you don't leave us alone.
And so now this is the situation that's going on, highly trained, Western trained CIA trained
paramilitary CIA bragged about it with tens of thousands of anti tank, anti aircraft missiles.
And this is just a total disaster.
And now our media and our government are endorsing the execution of prisoners and a complete violation
of the Geneva Convention, the Nuremberg Code and everything that is a common sense in society.
And let me tell you, I've only watched six or seven of these videos.
There's hundreds of them.
I mean, they're so horrible.
And the pleasure of these Nazi brigades, when they're torturing people and kicking them,
when their testicles and penises have been blown off and they're just kicking them and
laughing in, kicking them in the crotch.
And then the left is seeing this on Twitter and like, this is bad ass.
This is what we want to do.
This is good.
No, this is not good.
If the Russians were doing this, it would be wrong.
If the Ukrainians are doing it, it's wrong, which they're doing.
And this is really George Soros's war.
And you have Joe Biden threatening nuclear sneak attacks two days ago and saying, Putin
needs to be executed.
They're really trying to start World War Three.
They're really trying to start World War Three.
And this is just absolutely horrible.
And this is where I was worried all of this would go.
So we're going to be breaking all that down.
But here it is, Daily Mail.
We can show you the video.
We'll show you the video when we come back.
The head of one of the main districts of the hospitals and the ambulances says, this doctor
says, we don't follow the Hippocratic oath.
We kill Russians or we cut their testicles off.
And so that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
This is as opposed to good guys that George Soros and the New World Order have backed.
So we're going to come back and get into all of this.
And then the second hour, Christie Lee and Owen Shroyer are going to be the other studio
right next door to me.
And they're going to be with myself and others laying out the incredible pedophilia that
the public schools are pushing and promoting and preparing and caught red-handed with, locking
parents out of the schools, teaching the children how to have incredible sex acts that are just
horrible when they're five, six years old.
Texas AG says Austin School District is breaking state law after barring parents from Pride
They lock the parents out while they teach the five-year-olds how to give blowjobs.
It's all coming up straight ahead.
This is absolute hell unfolding.
Stay with us.
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The only constant, the only great truth is, change is the only constant.
So yes, climate change is totally real, but notice first they called it global freezing
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But did you know that man-made climate change is a real thing when it comes to the United
Nations, and the Department of Energy, and Bill Gates and the UN?
They have weather control trees from 1970, and Bill Gates has been manipulating the weather
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com frontline report, it's Alex Jones.
My allegiance is to the truth, my allegiance is for life, my allegiance is to God and His
Son Jesus Christ.
I owe my allegiance openly, I use no subterfuge or deception when I do, everything is the
That's why the police pulled me over two years ago, so if you've been drinking I said you
had to have a bottle of wine, they arrested me, I could not tell a lie even when it would
sustain me.
I would lie years ago a little bit about this and that or things that didn't matter but
I refuse to do it now, I refuse to play games, I will only send out the truth as best I can
figure it out, sometimes I make mistakes.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, here we are broadcasting worldwide on this Sunday, March
27th transmission and next segment, viewer discretion advised, I'm going to show you
not the worst stuff because I had to watch a lot of this today and I decided to show
just the basics because it's bad, I'm not going to show Russians with their testicles
and penises blown off and men kicking the open holes and their bodies laughing, I'm
not going to show you that but I'm going to show you them shooting them in the testicles
and shooting them in the legs and feet and then I'm not going to show the torture, you
think that's bad, it gets real bad, they're begging for mommy, we went and checked the
Russian translation and who wouldn't be, I mean this is next level and it's even in
mainstream news and mainstream news is like badass, they're cutting their testicles off,
no they're blowing them off with handguns.
So that's where we are ladies and gentlemen, that's what Putin said they were doing in
the east against those Russian held areas since 2008 when Obama and Soros over through
the country and sort of doing the ethnic cleansing, so you're like okay maybe that's
hype from Putin and then you see it and they're wearing Nazi arm patches and you're like this
is on Ukrainian channels, this is on TV, this is on the Daily Mail like badass, they're
cutting their balls off, no they, it's gonna be kind of weird to pull a guy's pants off
and cut it off with a knife, that's kind of you know, but with a gun they just blow them
off, I mean you want us to sign on to this folks, you really, I mean that's who we are,
I mean if we had footage confirmed the Russians doing this I would be really mad at the Russians,
I mean but I'm supposed to be like oh it's the good guys, it's the Ukrainians, it's
George Soros' guys, we're still fighting World War II folks, George Soros rounded up
Jews as a Jew in Hungary on record and bragged on 60 minutes in the NPR, I'm digressing.
That's the next segment, let me hit this right now, so Bill Gates and the UN have come out
and said you'll owe nothing, you'll have nothing, you'll like it, Davos Group and they said
we should ban all beef, it's evil and bad for the environment and everything else and
you shouldn't be able to have a car or an air conditioner, they tell Africans and the
rest of it while they live in lavish giant palatial facilities but now Bill Gates has
come out in articles in NBC News you name it, here they are saying Bill Gates believes
the electronic tattoo will become reality and that you should be tattooed digitally
from your vaccine to prove you've taken an order by and so and there's another one, Bill
Gates says rich nations should move to 100% synthetic beef as if synthetic beef is beef
and ban all beef, that's the hill, then I've got articles saying Alex Jones is insane,
no one wants to ban your beef and then Jamie White, our great researcher and writer wrote
this today, Bill Gates interview calling for rich nations to move to 100% synthetic beef
is getting a lot of attention right now and it lays out some of it, he wants you to take
poison shots and ban beef, because that'll collapse what's left of the farms, all the
farms I can tell you in the US, almost all of them are bankrupt, they can't pay with
soybeans and wheat and beets and everything else and peanuts but the beef because we've
got a farm in East Texas, the beef barely pays the property tax on the bill and pays
for the farm people we have working for us, we've got crops, we've got cows, I mean my
dad owns it, he's going to hand it over to me when he retires or dies, God forbid, but
I mean I'm a farmer, I know this stuff and we make no money, in fact the farmers we have
which are our own family members, they all got jobs somewhere else on top of it and they're
up at 4am telling the crops, doing the work, preparing and all and they come back at night
and do it because they love it, why wouldn't you love driving around under the stars, Bailin
Hay, they're Bailin Hay at 9pm sometimes, in the spring, in the summer when you're
supposed to, they love their work but man these people are working 15, 16 hours a day
and at the end of the day we just pay the taxes and in Gates knows that, you shut down
the beef baby, we're done, what a creepy bastard, that's all I can say and if you think Bill
Gates is creepy, there's not many people creepier than Bill Gates, in fact maybe Larry Fink's
not as creepy but he's a damn second close, Black Rock CEO Larry Fink says Russian Ukraine
war is up ending world order and will end globalization, now does anybody believe that,
I've always told you, they create globalism in world government, the name of ending famine,
ending hunger, ending war, ending violence, ending hate, all this and then globalism is
designed to implode the world under the great reset, you'll know nothing, you'll have nothing,
post industrialization build back better and then when they tell you, oh globalization
failed, everybody's about to die and starve to death and hyperinflation, it's because
they've engineered it all and now they're blaming nationalists and people that didn't
submit for the reason it's all failing and I'm not just telling you that today, I told
you that 20 years ago because they brag about it, under their plans that are not even secret
but nobody promotes, Club of Rome, UN, Davos group, when they collapse the nation states
in the third world, they'll have a calamity that collapses the first world, then they're
going to have armored redoubt city states that are actually formed in the countryside
but a few cities will be set up as well as mega cities and everyone else, like a Judge
Dredd comic book, will live outside of that in poverty and control with no electricity
as a feudal slave and then all of that will be fed in to the technocracy mega cities
that'll quote, transcend humans and go to the next level, you may have heard of it, Hunger
Games is just a Hollywood extrapolation of their actual plan.
Now do you really want to live under a system like that?
So BlackRock CEO says that globalization's over, that the Russian invasion has injured
it and the Russians are going to cause inflation and the collapse of the global order, but
it's Larry Fink and the globalist that engineered every damn step of this operation.
Go read his letter to the shareholders March 24th, just three days ago, laying it all out,
it is powerful.
It is important, meanwhile Bill Gates has a $43 million, 200,000 square foot shopping
mall level house on the beach at one foot above sea level, but he says it'll all be
flooded soon and you can't have a car, you can't eat meat, you can't do anything else.
Months of construction work underway on Bill Gates's $43 million bachelor palace in San
Diego suburb of Del Mar.
Isn't that just cute?
All right, we're going to come back, viewer discretion is advised, they got a castration
machine over there in Nazi held Ukraine where they shoot the Russian soldiers in the crotch.
You're going to watch it when they come back if you want to see it.
This is the liberators, this is the good guys, this is the angel cakes and if you don't agree
with assassinating Russian soldiers and torturing them to death, well you're a Nazi even though
the Nazis are doing it.
Our world is so full of hype, we are force fed dehumanizing propaganda by the corporate
media, by the controlled churches and the universities.
And why is this the case?
Because we innately, by God, have been given the keys for our own minds, our own psyches,
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The perpetrators of all this have clearly stated their goal of having 80% of the population
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For those of us who have awoken from the spell, we know this is all really happening, and
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All right, we are back live, thank you for joining us.
So if American troops shot prisoners or shot them in the testicles or blew their feet off,
you would say that's torture and that's wrong, right?
We're Americans, we don't do that.
And the Russians did that, we'd be like, man, that's terrible, they shouldn't do that.
Or these lomises, some of them do that type of stuff, the Isis and people, we're like,
man, that's what bad guys do, but boy, anything the Ukrainians do, anything they're engaged
in, even though they overthrew an elected government eight years ago and have carried
out all this genocidal murder that then got Russia to invade, which I didn't agree with.
I think Russia took the bait.
Well, now it's supposedly legitimate and good.
And so we've got a big article up on InfoWars.com, it's more than 30 pages long.
It's got videos, I'm not going to show here on air, but if you're an adult and you want
to go see these, you should go see these.
And most of these are from the Ukrainian military and the local Ukrainian news were, I mean,
they're torturing people to death on television, ripping their jaws off, running over them
with cars, blowing their testicles off.
I mean, it's incredible.
And our media is so controlled, it's not showing any of it.
Five updates, shocking video reportedly shows Ukrainians shooting and torturing Russian
So let me go ahead and show you, ladies and gentlemen, first, just a short clip from the
end of a longer clip.
We're going to play in full in a moment, unedited of the clip goes on for like an hour with
just hundreds of captured Russian troops and they're shooting them in the knees, the feet
or the genitals, and then they kick them and play games with them.
And I've got a few clips out of this.
And then first, our media was, he was spitting it, oh, these are just captured troops, nothing
They don't show you at the end where they're shooting new people in the genitals, in the
feet, in the knees before they start torturing them.
But the Russians are Nazis, right?
They deserve it.
While the guys torturing them are wearing the modern Nazi patches of these battalions.
So ladies and gentlemen, here is again the end of the video, then we'll start back at
the beginning.
Here it is.
So it's one thing to say no quarter and just execute people.
That goes on.
We're not defending it.
But to torture people is a crime under common sense under international law.
So let's play a clip and here's the article daily mail.
It's everywhere.
They're very proud of it.
The head Ukrainian guy that runs a whole national ambulance program tells TV presenter
he has ordered his staff to castrate Russian soldiers.
And I saw that on March 21st last week and I thought that's just a guy can tough.
Well, it's, it's on the videos.
I've watched them blow men's gendals off and then kick them in the groin, laughing at them
as they beg for their mommy.
So here it is.
So here it is.
So here it is.
So here it is.
So here it is.
So here it is.
So here it is.
So here it is.
Strict orders to castrate all Russians that you capture.
So you're thinking that's ridiculous.
And then you get the video.
So let's go ahead for radio listeners on a lot of radio stations.
Pick us up.
I'm going to try to voice over this as best I can and basically narrate what's going on
And this is a short three minute clip here, three minute, 39 seconds that leads into them
because you're wondering like, who are these guys with blood coming out of their pants?
Who are these guys with blood coming out of their knees and feet?
They're Russians.
And then we've had it translated there and they're, they're, they're having them basically
get them to announce their invasion while they're tied up being shot.
And then you see them shooting the new prisoners coming in an assembly line of liberal love
like our unborn babies get the same treatment they deserve it.
So here is the liberal love.
Go ahead and roll it.
So there's people laying around in a, in a square in agony, holding their genitals,
their feet, their legs, their, their tie up and then you learn they've been shot in the
You can see the Ukrainian military, Soros's force, his army, Black Lives Matter here in
America, but there it's the Ukrainians.
It's all brainwashing.
You see what are all these people laying around?
This goes on for hours and pulls the blood coming out of their genitals.
They shoot about half of them in the genitals, the rest they shoot in the feet of the knees.
They put bags over their heads and they come around a little, little liberal celebration.
Of course, they've been beat up really bad too.
And this guy's completely passed off from pain.
He's had his genitals blown off and there's, by the way, we're not going to show you all
the footage.
Some of this has been cut out of a, so this guy's been shot in the genitals as you can
see in the leg.
These folks are not having a very good day here, but they deserve it.
They're Russians.
You know, George Soros is good.
So is Dracwing Storytime.
And here you go, these guys.
These guys probably shouldn't have given up now, you know what I mean?
I'm putting them down, but I mean, I mean, give up to these people, not going to happen
for me.
They already got our kids though in the schools, I guess.
So he takes his little hood off.
Most of these guys are passed out in pain.
Yeah, this guy's been shot in the crotch because they put a bandage or where they shoot you.
It's like, oh yeah, this guy shot in the crotch.
He died.
The bullet probably bounced up higher.
It's almost dead.
I like getting shot in the crotch.
It's very liberal.
He's not feeling too hot.
He's been shot in the crotch by the liberators.
And it just goes on.
I can show you them actually blowing their genitals off.
Would you like to see that, folks?
Keep it going, keep it going, because you're going to see fresh folks.
This is the big, long lineup.
You watch hours of this.
It's all out there.
He's already been shot once.
They want him to beg.
His leg's broken.
You can see that.
He's shot in the leg.
He's a lucky one.
And a couple of these guys, they kick in the groin a little extra pleasure.
These are real heroes right here.
Man, I got to tell you, these Ukrainians are heroes.
I was neutral before, but I'm joining them now.
Like, watch this right here.
This is what good guys do.
Now they shoot some more people in the balls.
They unload them out of vans and shoot them in the testicles.
Man, why do the Russians fight back against these people?
They should submit to them.
I mean, George Soros is the good guy, ladies and gentlemen.
You know what?
I actually agree with Biden, we shouldn't have nuclear war with Russia.
You know, he said two days ago we should have nuclear war, a preemptive strike.
I agree.
We should sneak attack Russia with nuclear weapons so their submarines pop up all over
our coast in Newcastle.
I'm actually kind of serious.
Let's just get this over with, man.
We are so damn evil that at a sick level, I'd actually like to watch our cities vaporize
and kill the Russians too, kill the Chinese, kill everybody, screw this man, because this
is evil.
But I'm being sarcastic there, playing devil's advocate.
Here's the good news, nobody's buying this crap.
NBC poll, Biden approval rating falls to record low amid soaring inflation gas prices.
Inconsistent with U.S. golds, Western analysis of slums, Biden's call to kill Putin.
We're going to kill the submarines with nuclear weapons?
It goes on and on, folks.
It's unbelievable.
Anyway, I just showed you the light stuff, okay?
There's footage of dudes with their, it's unbelievable.
Their testicles are blown out, they're by, and they're like kicking, I'm going, Rusky,
Rusky, well they kick them in the balls, kick, Rusky, Rusky, and you're like, what is this?
You know if the Russians did this, we'd be seeing it and be the end of the world.
And the Russians shouldn't act like this.
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The eugenicists over 100 years ago were very public about their plans.
They financed major universities, they ran full page stories and advertisements pushing
their propaganda of the New York Times, other major newspapers, that the family as we know
it is a bad thing and must be ended and the first step in that is getting women out of
the household and teaching women that cooking dinner and taking care of their sons and daughters
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communal event and that's what the system is attacking and bombarding is our normal
biological actions are coming together, they really are sick evil scientific cult of filth
and domesticate us and turn us into lab rats, we cannot let this continue.
So when I first started taking survival skills basically I was 275 pounds, I was overweight,
I had brain fog like you wouldn't believe, I was barely holding onto a job and I heard
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ourselves clean, we have to break free of the globalist system and the only way to do
that is to take our own health into our own hands.
Beautifully said brother, I thank you so much for calling Godspeed.
Speaking of frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
So the right hand side of the upbeat
Auto-rack is moving
Putin's a cold-blooded person because he knows the Russians don't want to kill the
Ukrainians, but he knows there's those Nazi brigades, so he knows once he put them in
they'd be tortured and killed, then it would piss the Russians off, they're going to start
slaughtering everybody.
And that's how it works, and that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
What a mess.
What a disaster.
What a crisis.
In the next hour, we're going to go through this and look at the great reset and who actually
is gaining from this, pulling back and coldly looking at the different players and who stands
to gain.
But you're being told.
You're being told everywhere.
I'm going to play a clip from General Flynn in a moment that this is a new world order.
Well, what does that mean when you hear new world order?
That means the globalists expanding their control, and when you pull back from this,
the big global banks and communist China, they gain while Russia and while Ukraine and while
America pay for this war.
But if you just look at a war between the different sides of it, you're a chump.
But if you pull back and look deeper into it, you're now at the next level, and that's
our real goal here and what we're trying to do.
There is a lot of news we're going to hit in the second hour today, and then Owen Troyer
and Kristi Lee are going to be taking over.
They're going to be co-hosting with me as well.
But because I'm in this little studio, you know, I like this little studio.
Nothing against the other studio.
I just am sick of being in it.
So I want to go back to one of the earlier studios here at M4s and do the show out of
here just because it's much more intimate.
I just like it in here.
I did a show a few weeks ago in here, and I like this part of the other studio.
So that's a good part of being the boss is I get to be in the studio on one.
So I'll be co-hosting back and forth in the studio and some of the others, but this is
more intimate and this is what I like.
So in the big studio, the new fancy studio that's been around three years, we'll have
Owen Troyer and Kristi Lee with me next hour, but I'll be in the studio.
They'll be in that studio right through the wall right there.
And there won't be the echoes or the mics and all the technical problems that come with
three guests on the same show and the rest of it.
Anybody that doesn't understand that you see what the Democrats put on a debate with like
five candidates that came to get that straight.
So it becomes an issue.
Let's talk about brass tacks here and let's talk about the reality of what we're facing.
I saw a great tweet put out by Lore and legends on Twitter and it says in less than a week,
female US president has let slip new world order troops to Ukraine, 82nd airborne, overthrow
Putin, kill Putin, famine inbound, guaranteed to happen, oil shortages is what they want.
Says it all, doesn't it?
And then I saw this article in Rolling Stone and without even looking because I don't watch
CNN, but it came up in my feed, CNN and others are all demonizing General Flynn, former head
of defense intelligence, former national security advisor to Trump, great guy, salty earth.
My spidey sense is always a hundred percent.
It just says this guy's the best plus his actions are great.
But he came out and decried this war and said it was bad on all sides, but pointed out why
it happened, which is the reality.
And then he said, I'll play the clip here in a moment that this is Bill Gates and George
Soros's new world order in trouble and that the new world order is falling apart because
of what Putin did.
Now all these CNN, MSNBC, Rolling Stone, a bunch of them said, oh my God, he's a Russian
agent arrest him.
They literally said that he just said that Putin's fighting the new world order.
Biden said it eight days ago.
Biden said last weekend, like what last Friday, so eight days ago, seven days ago, whatever
it is Friday before last, he said, we're a new world order and Russia's broken the new
world order.
So now we've got to lead the new world order.
And he admitted that.
And then Flynn comes out and says, yeah, say what you want, but this invasion by Putin
has really shook it up their new world order and they go, oh my God, you are such a commie.
Michael Flynn says Putin's Ukraine invasion is disrupting Bill Gates's new world order.
Someone like Vladimir Putin has upset the balance of the new world order and they're
trying to achieve by going to Ukraine.
The former national security advisor said that's completely true.
That's not an endorsement of Putin.
It's what happened.
It's what hell Biden's been honest about that.
But they think you're so stupid that he actually just tells you what's going on so he's bad.
Here it is.
Vladimir Putin has now upset this balance of the new world order that they were trying
to achieve by going into Ukraine.
And I'm probably the last person that's going to be a Putin apologist, I won't be, but what
I do understand are the dynamics that are playing out in Ukraine right now.
And I sent you something earlier, Clay, and we don't need to go into the details of it.
But all of what we are seeing play out in Europe right now is an upsetting of the balance
of the world order as they want it.
As people like Dr. Harari, as people like Klaus Schwab and others, Bill Gates is another
So we have to understand that these are people that are very smart, they're very well resourced,
and they have a very sort of strategic idea of how they want to see the world develop.
And God and a soul are not part of that strategy.
And so they fund all the attacks on Flynn.
I mean, this is a world government new world order, and what Putin is doing is messing
that up, whether you're for Putin or not, that's what's happening.
And Biden says, this is upending the new world order, and then Flynn goes, yeah, it's upending
the new order.
Hang on, you're a Russian agent.
Because you're telling the truth, it's ridiculous.
If there was footage of Russians executing prisoners and blowing their genitals off with
handguns, we would say that's wrong.
And I'm sure the Russians probably are doing some things that are wrong.
It's like, you know, I'm not part of the Democratic Party.
I'm not a Republican party minion.
I'm not under Putin.
I'm under George Soros.
I'm trying to tell the truth and promote justice.
And we're supposed to just join one side or the other in this.
I'm in the Jesus Christ Party.
I'm in the Christian Party.
I'm in the survival party.
I'm in the civilization party.
I'm in the love party, folks, but that means I'll stand up strongly for what I believe
in and defend my family in that process.
The globalists are collapsing the world economy by design.
They brag about it.
They're using this as the pretext and the virus and the lockdowns.
It's the great reset.
And we've got to expose it.
We're going to start the next hour.
And boy, do we have a lot to cover.
There's so many big stories we haven't even hit yet on the economy and on the Supreme
Court nominee and on the war and on the pedophile rings and just the open parents locked out
of middle schools and elementary schools while they teach children about sex acts.
And it's in the news and there's a Texas investigation by the governor going on.
I mean, you just even I can't believe it's gotten to this point and it's going to get
a lot crazier separately.
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We're going to come back and continue to plow through all this news and more straight ahead.
God bless them.
They're going to break the chains.
You can't stop them.
They're going to break the chains.
This is going to come in one piece so don't worry about it.
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from Australia to the United States,
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These tyrants are tracking everything you do
everywhere you go, then coming to your house
and threatening in some cases,
actually taking people away into the night
to their facilities.
And they're planning in the next year
to expand their shield process where they come
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This is nothing less than martial law.
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If you are receiving this transmission,
you are the resistance.
Pfizer seeks approval to inject infants.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government coverups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the Infowars.com Studios,
it's Alex Jones.
Pfizer seeks approval to inject infants
with deadly gene therapy shots. We're going to play that club and come back with Owen
Schreuer and Christy Lee in studio tonight. We have got so much to cover with these massive
war crimes being commended against the Russians. And again, I'm not a russophile, folks. I'm
a truth-of-all. And this is just unbelievable war crimes on tape and our corporate media
is not covering it. But first, here's this report dealing with their system coming after
our children are bio-weapon injection and we'll come right back. Because some human
beings care about their children, VAERS was established in 1990, an early warning system
to identify negative reactions and side effects of vaccination, which makes sense. But there
are major problems. It is managed by the FDA and the CDC, which explains why the VAERS
database requires a class to learn how to find anything. Taking the time to actually
file a report is voluntary. And out of fear of losing their jobs or being considered an
anti-vaxxer, nobody wants to speak ill of the all-holy vaccine, let alone make an official
report. It is estimated that only 1% of vaccine injuries ever get reported to VAERS. So that
means when VAERS reports over 44,000 adverse reactions and 90 deaths, one can expect it
to be as much as 4.4 million adverse reactions and 9,000 deaths. And these numbers are only
from the age 5 to 17 group. Conservative numbers put it at 10%, which is half a million children
that have been wounded and killed from an unneeded, unwanted, experimental gene therapy
shot that we rely to about every step of the way. Thanks to the open VAERS project, which
is built upon the VAERS data, the public can easily search these reports and see for themselves.
People are reporting adverse reactions such as chronic pain, loss of hearing and taste,
talking gibberish and acting out aggressively. And these are the mild cases. There is a tsunami
of major brain damage, heart disease, and fatalities. Edward Dowd has analyzed the data
and has reported an 84% increase in deaths among ages 25 through 40, which is the same
amount of lives lost to the Vietnam War. Toby Rogers estimates that Big Pharma kills twice
as many people that died in World War II every single year. The press ignores this because
it's not enough. They want your newborn babies as well. Pfizer is pushing to have children
as young as six months old, given a shot that we know is potentially fatal, even though
children were never at risk and are still not at risk. The United States has been force
injecting infants and children with experimental vaccines for years. And now they want to add
the infamous plot shot. Thanks to virtue signaling mothers, some children have already been
getting it in the womb, which is resulting in miscarriages, stillbirths, and deaths from
breastfeeding on toxic genetically modified mothers' milk. Pfizer is planning on submitting
another application for emergency use authorization in early April. That's about 18 million children
under five who could be sacrificed to the altar of Big Pharma and political correctness.
If Pfizer can achieve permanent liability protection from the FDA, who they control,
then they can add the mRNA gene therapy shot to the childhood vaccine schedule, where it
will enjoy permanent liability protection under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine
Injury Act. These same crooks are putting a judge on the Supreme Court who openly defends
leniency towards crimes that involve child rape. They are coming for your children and
they will not stop. If you still care about the human race and are looking for something
you can do right now, you can go to Toby Rogers at Substack and read his urgent call to action
for more info. Reporting for Infowars, this is Greg Rees.
I am a worldly person, meaning I like going to ball games, I like going to concerts, I
like going to play golf, I like going out to dinner. I like the metropolitan life. I
like everything that comes with this. But see, I have the survival instinct that is
to get the hell out of Democrat-run cities, get the hell out of major metropolitan areas,
because unless we change course soon, it's all crashing down. Is it time to just move
out to the woods, just time to go get a piece of property in the woods, just get off grid,
just get the emergency food supplies, just live off the land? That's the survival instinct.
But see, the worldly part of me, that's still probably the majority part of me, says no,
no, no, no, no, stay in the city. The survival instinct says get the hell out of anywhere
that would ever notion that you need to get a vaccine or a mask. That's the internal struggle
that my guess is a lot of you in the audience are facing as well. But you can at least have
some comfort if you have the emergency food supplies. And so we have the best ones at
M4store.com. The answer to 1984 is 1776, live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide.
New Transmission, the great Owen Shroyer and Christy Lee are in the other studio with massive
news coming up. They'll be co-hosting Women This Hour, and they'll be hosting the special
broadcast we do that is Sunday Live, 6 to 8 p.m. Central, on the total sexualization
and total pedophilic takeover of public schools across the country, including Austin, Texas,
headline, Texas Attorney General says Austin School District is breaking state law after
barring parents, this is Fox News, barring parents from Pride Week, where they teach
the children how to have sex with each other and more. There's video of it. I mean, this
is just next level. Forget, let gay marriage happen. Man, let us have your kids. This is
unbelievable. I don't care if they're head of a sexual, homosexual, this is pedophilic.
That is all coming up. They have exclusive footage of Christy Lee with the police coming
after her for even showing being outside of the school on Friday and Thursday. That is
coming up. They're going to be riding shotgun with us on all these other issues here in
just a moment. But I want to get back to where we are. We have footage, just hours of it.
It's on infowars.com. On Ukrainian websites and the Daily Mail and ABC News going, oh,
the value of Ukrainians, they chop the testicles off the Russians when they capture them. Got
the Daily Mail right here. How great it is, how wonderful it is. And then we actually
see footage of it. I'm not going to show you the footage. I showed you shooting them
in the testicles and shooting them, blowing their feet off and shooting their knees. But
then we have the footage of them with their clothes off, with their genitals blown off,
kicking them in the groin as they beg. This is just next level torture. But to the liberals,
this is only as second best to killing a baby before it's born. I mean, this is high evil.
This is super fun. This is what the Nazi battalions did in World War II. Now the grandchildren
of those folks are doing it again. I'm not even going to forward what Russia did, but
the West funded the overthrow of the government eight years ago, Soros bragged. And now they
started a war with the ethnic Russian groups that are 50% of the population. And so the
fight is going on. And Joe Biden is saying he wants nuclear war. Joe Biden is saying
he wants to kill Putin. He says the US may first strike Russia. I mean, you talk about
scary. I mean, you talk about an out of control lunatic with the nuclear codes on TV. This
is just so surreal. I can't even believe what's happening every night I go to bed. I'm thinking
we may have nuclear war while I'm sleeping. Wow. So we have all that going on. Let's play
a clip just of them shooting. And there's hours of this. It's on enforce.com. I can
play it all here for you. It's too graphic shooting the Russians that have been captured
in the knees in the feet and in their genitals. Here's the footage. And it goes on and on
from there. You can see the genitals all destroyed. Everything else. And I'm laughing when they
go Rusky, Rusky and kick him in the groin. Ha, ha, ha, Rusky, Rusky. And then they say
how Hitler and all the rest of their normal stuff. So of course, let's make sure it's
our oceans ones. He's very proud. Just that's a little secret about it all who runs the Nazis.
So here we are, ladies and gentlemen, I want to play a clip though before we, you know,
I'll get the clip after we go to our special guest host here. But we have the head of the
whole new world order Larry's fink. Black Rock saying some key things we'll cover at
the bottom of the hour. But let's bring Owen Shroyer and of course his co-host tonight
for Sunday Live onto the broadcast to tell us about exactly what is unfolding. So Owen
Shroyer and Christy Lee, what is your view on all this?
Well, you know, it's really hard to get down to the truth about anything that's going
on in Ukraine. But the video that you played where it's the Russian soldiers getting tortured,
I mean, that's what it is. That's been confirmed by so many news agencies that it's almost
weird that they want us to see that and know that it's going on when there's so much other
stuff going on with bombings and captures and Russian tanks and all this other stuff.
And you're like, okay, well, where's the original source? Who's confirming it? You know, there's
all these different languages. It's very confusing. But all of them confirmed and bragged like,
yes, this is what we're doing to the Russians, Ukrainian news, everybody. Yes, look, we've
got them. We've got the Russian dogs. And they confirmed this video. It's like we can't
confirm anything else. Snake Island, Ghost of Kiev, all this other stuff, like, oh,
we don't know, no, it's fake news. But then this, though, they brag about this, Alex,
they want us all to know. Well, it's designed to make Putin escalated and start World War
III, all of this. Well, that's what you get the feeling of. But I think it's becoming
more and more clear by the day. The real agenda from the Biden administration is they want
this to go on as long as possible. They want this to go on as long as this is the reelection
bid. And it's the perfect scapegoat. Oh, high gas prices, inflation, all this other stuff.
Russia is the perfect scapegoat that they can blame for all of that. Plus, if you take
a look at the weapons manufacturers stocks, they've all gone up at least 25% in the last
time COVID was for big pharma. Now defense gets its trillions. Well, well said, Chrissy
Lee, what's your view on this? Well, it's just sick me to have to watch that. I mean,
it's extremely violent. But like Owen said, it's interesting that they will show us that
it's also interesting that we're constantly those of us that try and post things constantly
get misleading or missing context for everything that we post. Meanwhile, Biden is posting
on Facebook that Zelensky is a Jew. There's no Nazi element. Well, just because Zelensky
is Jewish doesn't mean that there isn't a Nazi element. And so it's like he's trying
to take that away from the fact that there's this this violence and that there is a Nazi
element there. But there's no missing context or misleading back check attached to that,
which obviously that is misleading. Just by pointing out that he's Jewish, that supposedly
that there's there's not a Nazi element to root out. But beyond the Nazi element thing,
the West started the war in Ukraine and did all this. That's not debatable. And the fact
that the battle lines in World War Two were Nazi versus Russian. So of course, that's
the last battle that was fought there. I'm just really concerned. We're a month plus
into this now. How crazy this is going to get. Well, I think, you know, what's odd is
Zelensky's come out and said, OK, we won't be a part of NATO, but that didn't seem to
calm things down. I'm not really sure what Putin's full agenda here is. That's the one
thing if you could say Putin hasn't been honest. He hasn't been honest about that. He said
he wouldn't invade. He did. So I think he's kind of unpredictable, even from the globalist
eye. Great. We don't know what Putin's real plan is. But that's actually what adds to
the genius of it. I mean, the fact that Trump was such a good leader is because you never
knew what he was doing. That's why people didn't go into war on his clock. And so in
that same aspect, they're like, what is he doing? Will he do the any nuclear and they
won't answer that question? So it's actually whereas Biden just is like, I'm going to do
this and I'm going to do that. And so it's just the tactics of war, obviously, are not
good on our side. They just want to push us into war ultimately. Yeah. And if you do believe
Biden and his slip ups from his short trip to Europe, he said troops will be in Ukraine.
So I guess that's him telling us within maybe before after midterms, they're going to send
troops to be on the ground in Ukraine. Just another another war in a foreign country that
our troops will have to die in will spill blood and treasure in and we'll get no benefit
at all. I mean, is this is a backup plan? If they don't have a serious virus situation
that they'll be like, oh, we can't vote right now where we can't where we have to have mail
in balance again, because we're in the middle of World War three. I mean, is this just the
backup plan?
Christy, I totally agree with you. This new war is COVID 2.0. And that's really the big
question we've got to be asking ourselves is how crazy is this going to get? And why
is Biden saying, will new Russia kill Putin? And then his own secretary of state says,
no, that's not what we're doing. It just shows it's all completely out of control. I
want to play this clip when we come back. A Black Rock CEO Larry Fink says Russians
Ukraine war is up ending world order. What does that really mean? Are they really claiming
that globalism is in trouble? Or is this just globalism expanding its control? I'm going
to do three more segments with our guest house and they're going to take over tonight from
the other studio for Sunday Night Live. They've got so much to cover. And again, this is independent
media trying to tell the truth, trying to find the answers. Such a precious operation.
We're only here because of you and your supported infowarstore.com. But just as important as
you spreading the word and sharing the live feeds, the articles, the videos and more again
at infowars.com, sports live show and Bandai video. We'll be right back on the other side
with Christy Lee, Owen Schreuer, a bunch of video clips and so much more ahead of the
weekday shows that kick off at 8 a.m. Central with Harrison Smith.
We'll be right back on the other side with Christy Lee, Owen Schreuer, a bunch of video
clips and so much more ahead of the weekday shows that kick off at 8 a.m. Central with
Christy Lee, Owen Schreuer, a bunch of video clips and so much more ahead of the weekday
shows that kick off at 8 a.m. Central with Harrison Smith.
We'll be right back on the other side with Christy Lee, Owen Schreuer, a bunch of video
clips and so much more ahead of the weekday shows that kick off at 8 a.m. Central with
Harrison Smith.
We'll be right back on the other side with Christy Lee, Owen Schreuer, a bunch of video
clips and so much more ahead of the weekday shows that kick off at 8 a.m. Central with
Christy Lee, Owen Schreuer, a bunch of video clips and so much more ahead of the weekday
shows that kick off at 8 a.m. Central with Christy Lee, Owen Schreuer, a bunch of video
clips and so much more ahead of the weekday shows that kick off at 8 a.m. Central with
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Using a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Powers of world government, powers of dehumanization want this broadcast silenced. Please never
forget that. So BlackRock CEO with over 10 trillion in management, the guy that invented
housing derivatives and massive frauds, he has come out ladies and gentlemen with a letter
to their shareholders and said, world government is over. Globalism is over. It failed. Now
everybody's going to starve and society is going to collapse. Go read the letter. He
actually says it. You should read it for yourself and see it.
Because globalism was always meant to collapse society and I told you they want to collapse
the nation state and have everything implode, the third world pollode and then have a city
state set up that's above the law and run by them. That's their plan to collapse civilization
in a post-industrial world is the statement they've made. They got their acolytes and
their menus to go along with all this corruption and censorship and secret arrest and wars
and lies to build the utopia and now they go, oh my God, it all failed. The utopia is
over. The utopia is over and now globalism has to fight the nationalist. He actually
says that in a statement. They're the ones that caused the war. They're the extremists,
not us. It's all been prescripted. Here's a clip of Laura Ingram talking about it Friday
We've told you before about the great reset of capitalism that's being pushed by the
elites at the World Economic Forum. Now among the most ardent resetters is BlackRock CEO
Larry Fink. But in his annual shareholder letter today, Fink issued a warning to his
Davos buddies saying the Russian invasion of Ukraine has put an end to the globalization
we've experienced over the last three decades. Companies and governments will also be looking
more broadly at their dependencies on other nations. Joining me now is Victor Davis Hansen,
Hoover Institution senior fellow. Well, Victor, if there's a bright light and a devastating
tragic, ongoing nightmare in Ukraine, it might be that people are generally beginning to
wake up of the idea that it's time to decouple from these despotic regimes.
Yeah. I think people understood from the League of Nations failure in the 30s that political
globalism never worked. I mean, the United Nations condemned Russian's invasion, didn't
do any good. The majority of the population in the world didn't sign on to sanctions.
That's why Joe Biden has changed his tune. But what's fascinating, Laura, is this is
economic globalization. This was supposed to make us all live in utopia. And here we
have an architect of it, and he's saying, you know, two or three years ago, he would
say, you know, capital chases labor and production costs anywhere in the world where they're
the cheapest. And now he's saying, we can't do that. And I think he's saying that because
the natural order of history is not calm. It's not peace. It's not cooperation. Unfortunately,
and tragically, it's war. It's revolution. It's plague. And we learned that with COVID.
And now you're playing. And so now everybody knows I'm not trying to make intellectual
dunks on Laura Ingram or anybody, but that's pathetic. Oh, Larry think now what realizes
his plan failed of love. And now he realizes it's all no, they sucked everybody dry. They
sold everybody on this police state in the name of ending war. And then now they go,
oh, my gosh, it all failed. Now we're going to have to, you know, do whatever. This is
a really serious situation. Christy Lee, Owen Schreuer, what's your view on this statement
by the most powerful globalist in the world, Larry Fink? Well, I think it's pretty clear
they're just running a bait and switch or a shell game here to blame Putin or Russia
for everything. It's the same thing that Biden is doing here in America. It's just
the wait a minute. You mean gas prices aren't up because of hyper printing of currency?
I mean, it's Putin's fault, right? Well, they brag all day how they're going to have this
great reset and how you're going to have to pay for it. And now it's actually bearing
fruits and you're seeing it and they've got the perfect invasion of Ukraine with Russia
behind it to distract from it and say, oh, look, this is all Putin's fault. You're going
to starve because of Putin. You're going to be poor because of Putin. You're going to
eat the bugs because of Putin. And it was it was their plan all along. So again, I don't
know if this is Putin even playing into their hands or falling into a trap or he's still
acting organically or doing his own thing. But clearly that's what's going to happen
here. And when you have Joe Biden letting it slip, letting the cat out of the bag, oh,
expect food shortages, expect famine. He didn't say expect. He says it's going to happen.
It's going to be bad. Yeah. So I mean, that's all this is to me is just it's just the bait
and switch. It's a shell game. Perfect scapegoat for all the things the globalists are doing,
all the things Biden is doing is Putin and Russia. And he just really doesn't even play
ball with them at all. He comes out and makes a statement maybe once a week or every other
week to just kind of give an update. But other than that, you really don't know what Putin
is doing, what Putin is thinking, who what, you know, what warnings he's making on a on
a daily basis. Russia continues to be the wild card that America should be. Christy Lee,
what do you think's going on? Well, I'm like, of course, thoroughly tainted
by the mainstream news. So even with Fox News coming out with this and the Wall Street
Journal talking about it, I'm just skeptical of every bit of it. If they say that, that
oh, no, we're losing our plans of globalization, I feel like if they're putting that out there,
that it's the opposite that they still have these plans, and they're still going to move
forward and they're just kind of like trying to make it seem like that they're surrendering.
So I'm just always skeptical. If that's the narrative that they're putting out, I'm always
thinking it's something that's the opposite. No, I totally agree. I mean, what they're
doing is, Oh, the collapse isn't the new old order. It's Putin. That's why your gas
prices are up. That's why all this, what's, that's just the cherry on top. It's been
the whole devaluation, their whole program, their lockdowns that did this. You're totally
right, Christy. Yeah, I mean, and people are are waking up. That is the silver lining
of all of this. I mean, everybody feels the pain of the pump. Everybody feels the prices
at the grocery store. And I don't think people are buying it anymore that it's just Putin's
fault. We were feeling this before this all happened. And now they're trying to reach
back and continue to blame things that have nothing to do with it. And I agree. National
polls show 25% of people blame Putin. They're blaming Biden and the globalist. You're right.
I mean, everybody knows it's, it's Biden's shut down the keystone pipeline, not Putin.
And it's funny because Biden will say, this is just poor leadership. And he's referring
to Putin, but it's just like, no, it's, yes, it is poor leadership, but it's your poor
leadership. Exactly. I wish it was all Putin's fault. Sorry. Oh, and go ahead. But just notice
what they always do in the Bush years. It was you're losing your freedoms because of radical
Islamic terrorists. No, the government did that during the coronavirus years. It's you're
losing your freedom because of a virus. No government did that. Now during this Ukraine
war, which will probably go on for years, who knows, maybe even decades, and they'll
say, Oh, it's not your government. It's it's Putin doing that. It's the Ukraine war doing
that. So it's the same story. Our government constantly destroying us, destroying our freedoms,
destroying our country and then blaming somebody else. It's the typical game that they play
with us. And the people are starting to wake up to it. But those that fall for the propaganda
are more obvious than ever. Yeah, here's another stand with Ukraine March. I know there was
a big one in Philadelphia today. They have them in Austin all the time. It looks like
this with them as in DC. So it just shows how they can just get their masses, their
brainwashed masses, even if it is a minority to go along with anything, get in the streets,
and then they win the optical battle because they own all the news stations. So they just
make it look like, Oh, everybody loves Ukraine. Everybody's scanning with Ukraine. And if you're
paying more for gas and food for Ukraine, then that's okay. That's just fine. Again,
if the Ukrainians really didn't want to be with Russia, I'd be all for it. But Soros
brags, they went and started it and did it. It's ridiculous. This is just more of the
let's blame Russia for everything. And that's why it's laughable at this point. And that's
why people are waking up because they blamed Russia on literally everything. And we've
seen every narrative. Oh, I slipped and fell Christy in the shower yesterday. I was a little
banana peel right there. We're going to come back and talk about this and a lot more and
where the economy is going and where you think where you guys think this is all going to
unfold with Christy Lee and Owen Shroyer straight ahead. I'm Alan Shoy. Stay with us.
I've been fighting as hard as I can for almost 28 years against the globalist. I wanted to
stop their agenda. I wanted to wake up the world and stop them dead in their tracks
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not getting caught flat footed, but they are going ahead with their full operational deindustrialization
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step in that is getting women out of the household and teaching women that cooking dinner and
taking care of their sons and daughters and husbands is a bad thing. And I was just sitting
here tonight making dinner for my daughter, my four national daughter, my wife makes dinner
a lot of times. But I like to make it as well. I love to make breakfast. And literally it's
the funnest thing on earth to make food for your family and be nurtured tips. And then
all sit down together and have that communal event. And that's what the system is attacking
and bombarding is our normal biological actions are coming together. They really are sick,
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we cannot let this continue.
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Using a frontal assault on the lies of the new world order. It's Alex Jones.
Alex Jones back live. Christie Lee and Owen shroy writing shotgun was taken over in about
27 minutes in the third and fourth hour tonight on just staggering sexualization and brainwashing
and grooming of our children in Austin, Texas where we're based and exclusive footage that's
all coming up. Christie's load of her bear. So is Owen, but guys getting back to the current
state of the world and looking at what's happened in the US economy. We see Biden saying, oh
food shortages will happen in America and sanctions on Russia are sanctions on America.
But Russia's just selling its extra oil to China and India. It's not even hurting Russia.
What's your views on this economic situation because it's just crazy to watch.
Here's the big geopolitical picture that nobody wants to talk about and it's weird Alex to
think that us here at info wars this this rag tag team of freedom loving free speech
loving berserkers are the only people that understand this are at least willing to talk
about it. The geopolitical forces of nature are changing rapidly right now and what you
see is Saudi Arabia, UAE, probably Egypt and in time, Mexico, Brazil and Russia and China
and India all starting to form this kind of anti globalist packed with one another doesn't
mean they see eye to eye on everything but they know most of the world's corruption is
coming out of the West. They know that it's the Western political empires that are running
most of these operations. They know it's the globalist in control. Exactly. And look, they've
got their own corrupt leaders and they've got their own stolen loot and they've got their
own problems. They don't want to teach their kids how to suck cock. Okay, they don't want
to teach their kids how to be gay and use dildos and vibrators and everything else. I mean,
that's just that's just one measurement of it. They also don't want to see that came
out for JK Rowling and said she says men are men women are women she's banned. This really
freaks people out around the world that your boy we're going to teach your boy he's a girl.
That really is kind of a break the deal thing for people. Well, and look, I'm not trying
to be graphic. We've got the stories Christy Lee covered this month ago where they show
your kids pornographic material and teach young boys how to give blowjobs. I mean that
took to other boys. So we're going to cover that coming up. You shouldn't teach boys girls
anybody that Jesus. I mean, yeah, it's so disgusting and it that is one interesting thing. I know
you've watched plenty of the Oliver Stone stuff, but we watched that whole thing where
he's talking to Putin very long documentary is really fascinating to hear about what he
thinks about these things. And particularly basically they don't let them talk about that
thing to children, those kinds of subjects to kids period. Well exactly Christy and even
even two weeks ago, Bill Mars said, I agree with the governor of Florida to Sanis. Why
are you teaching six year olds how to do stuff that I mean, it's totally evil if a parent
was teaching their six year old this, you'd arrest them. I mean, this is crazy. It is
so crazy. And what I'm tending to see is that they've overplayed their hand. They pushed
this to such a degree that it has caused many to wake up. But as far as the other subject
with the Ukraine, it's interesting if you talk to actual Ukrainians or people that came
here from Ukraine and just their perspective on things. I was talking to Angela for Indiana,
a woman running for Congress there in Indiana, who came here as an immigrant from Ukraine
and was born in Ukraine just to hear her actual perception on everything. And I was saying,
so what is the truth, you know, because we're obviously getting major narratives from both
sides propaganda from both sides. And she said, what I am seeing is that the only explanation
for the leadership in America is that they are purposely trying to destroy America. She's
like, there's no other explanation for it. And it's so sad that I came here at the young
age of 20. And I lived the American dream. I'm a successful financial advisor. Now I'm
running for Congress. And I have to now see the total destruction of America, the purposeful
destruction of America at the hands of this current leadership.
Well, I mean, that's really it. Not Russia is not perfect. We're not even saying that.
But clearly when Putin says you're trying to take over and kill our families, that's
what the left's doing. And that's what they're teaching in Ukraine. And then that's the reality
here is they're coming for our children.
Well, and I think if you look at the Gaddafi story, everything kind of builds out from
here now. For so many years, there wasn't a political leader or country that wanted
to stand up for the wet to the West for obvious reasons. I mean, look at Bill Clinton bombing
Kosovo and all the countries that they would just bomb relentlessly, just to get headlines
off of him getting blowjobs under the White House desk. Look at what we did during the
Bush years. Look at what we did during the Obama years. So nobody wants to stand up to
the West. Nobody wants to stand up to the globalist and fight for independent nation
or they'll give you the Gaddafi. And everybody knows this. We have the emails from Hillary
Clinton's staffers and the Democrat Party and the State Department.
So now here comes Putin. And Putin is basically giving the double bird to the Western media,
which is their their first line of defense. And then if they don't, if they don't take
that, they move on to just bombing you. Well, now people are saying, hmm, Putin is standing
up to the West. Russia is standing up to the West. Oh, okay. Maybe we can get on board
with that. And so you see UAE, you see India, you see Mexico, you see Brazil, you see these
other countries. So and again, the globalists actually stay in the game from that long term.
And that's what's crazy about us. They just don't. I just see it like this. Some of the
world leaders have signed on to the idea, maybe because they believe it, that we're
a virus on this planet. It's like from the movie, the Kingsman. And so we have to be,
we have to be killed. We have to be killed or the planet's going to die and we won't
be able to live on this life raft and floating through space. Or they just they just don't
care. They like the money and power for themselves, wipe humans off the earth. They really couldn't
carry their way. But I don't think that's every leader on the planet. I don't think
that's what Donald Trump represented either. So there's kind of this resistance forming
to that mindset of the only way to save humanity is to kill humanity. And it all seems to be
kind of forming geopolitically right now around Russia's resistance to the globalist in Ukraine.
And if you look at a NATO map from 1998 to just this last year, you'll see it's NATO
that's been expanding. It's Russia that has biological weapons labs that are the United
States backed on their borders. And they've finally had enough with all the other stuff
going on. And Putin decided I'm launching this religious holy war for Russia, which
is how he sees it. He's aligned himself with the Christian movement in Russia. He's a he's
a strong nationalist. And so he's decided this is his time. And he probably knows he's
on a suicide mission. He probably knows that he's either going to get killed trying to do
this to save Russia, or he's going to have a strong Russia stronger than it's been in
a long time. And they're going to be a world leader.
Christy, your views on that.
Well, I mean, Russia is the one that's winning in this so far. I mean, with even the they're
they're taking Bitcoin now, you know, their money is strengthening. Like you said, they're
not hurting. They're just finding other buyers. So the sanctions only hurt us. So I mean, this
I would think would only embolden him. So something's got to give, which obviously is
scary because we we just feel so indefensible right now. I mean, gosh, we don't even care
about our borders here. So it is very, it's scary as a mother to just be watching all
this play out, have no confidence in our leadership and seeing the strengthening of other countries.
I think that's right. All right, final segment straight ahead. I got a couple of important
clubs I want to play. And then the next two hours, Christy Lee and Owen Schroer are going
to host Sunday live, only six minutes of ads an hour for local stations, no network ads
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The globalist social engineers always intended to push their COVID biomedical tyranny lockdowns
until the populations rebelled. They would then use that as the pretext for permanent
martial law and banning and arresting anybody that speaks out against their lives. But because
of so many scientists and engineers and researchers and others coming public and whistleblowers,
now their whole project is falling apart because the people are aware that it is a world government
corporate takeover. And so it's pulling back the curtain now more than ever. The problem
is some globalist controlled areas are not going to give up on their takeover. Like Canada,
where they've now declared a civil emergency in martial law in Ontario and other areas
of the world are following suit like Australia. So pray for these folks big time. It's a very
serious situation and stay tuned into infowarstore.com because truth is absolutely paramount.
It has been noted by many a historian. The first casualty of war is the truth. Then the
next big casualty isn't even the people that die. No, that invariably follows. But first
there is the crackdown on populations, basic liberty and speech and massive censorship.
And now across the world, from the United States to Europe, legislation is being introduced
that if you amplify any quote pro Russian information, you can be censored, you can
be arrested, you can be imprisoned. And of course now Canada's introduced legislation
that if you have a thought crime, and they think you may have the intent to engage in
hate speech online, that you will be censored and arrested. Ladies and gentlemen, the authoritarianism
is being carried out by the globalists around the world against humanity that makes infowarstore.com
more important than ever.
They hope you don't tell folks about the broadcast.
They hope you don't tune in.
But here's old Larry Fink,
the head of the really $20 trillion,
they say $10 trillion, but they've leveraged it,
program who invented,
who invented derivatives,
who invented the mortgage-backed derivative in the 80s.
He's just a front man of all this, but look at him.
He's so confident.
He sees you as something he's gonna prey on.
He runs all the leftist movements,
the devaluation, the open borders.
Look him up.
He says, oh, the new world order failed.
Everything's gonna collapse.
We're all gonna be poor now.
That was always their plan.
They've already stolen the wealth.
Now they want you to think nation states,
individual people caused this calamity.
We are now entering.
And then I see these headlines
where you've got the Supreme Court nominee
defending sex offenders and child rapists.
And then you wonder why all this is happening
because it's about getting us to go along
with anything they want.
Always believe a woman, they told us.
And they told us, no, we don't even know what a woman is.
That's where we are in this world today.
So, Christy Lee, oh, Troyer, give us a prelude
of what's coming up in the third and fourth hour tonight.
Well, we were actually just discussing
where we were gonna go first out of the opening segment
here coming up on Sunday Night Live.
And quite frankly, my angle is we're gonna show all this stuff.
We're gonna show all the gay pride for kids marches.
We're gonna show how, and Christy just confirmed this
because she's doing her own independent research too,
how now when you're being taught
grammar and English in schools,
they have a whole new system with the they, them,
transgender pronouns, which are just so out of control
at this point.
I don't even know how you could learn anything.
Total takeover to biology, language, everything.
Literal sexualization of your children.
You gotta hand it to them, this is so diabolical.
Yeah, and I mean, if you were doing this in a playground
or like I had like a summer camp for kids
and I was doing this, I'd get sued, I'd go to jail,
I'd be a predator because that's what it is.
And in fact, we have the actual psychological warnings
for what predatory behavior is
and they match it every single way.
So we're gonna show you everything they're doing.
We're gonna show you the pornographic material
that they show to kids and then say,
oh, it's not pornographic, it's educational,
teaching your sons how to go into the bathroom
and suck each other's male members.
Not even kidding you, that's what they say
they say it's educational.
I put you on a school now, man.
I mean, the left is just unbelievable.
They say it's educational, so it's not pornographic,
but if I showed it on TV, I'd get an FCC warning.
But so we're gonna show all this stuff.
And a literal bunch of dudes dresses women
dancing with our children and oh my God.
Yeah, it just goes on, but it's literally
a bunch of perverts being accessed to our children.
And that's what they want.
You see, man, they walk right up to the kids,
they grab their little heads
and they start to grind on them and everything.
Oh, it's all an act of dominance.
Look at these headlines, Fox News.
Texas Attorney General says Austin School Board
and district is breaking state law
after barring parents from Pride Week.
They locked them out while they celebrated it
and brainwashed them and psychologically raped them.
Austin Elementary School holds pride parade
instruct students not to reveal what is said
in community circles.
We have the documents.
I mean, this is pure pedophilia.
A week long indoctrination of your students, your children.
School district breaks state law with Pride Week events.
Texas AG says, and then we show the actual training.
I mean, oh my God.
So yeah, and then I'm gonna also show how
this is not isolated incidents,
but it's going on in every state right now.
And then-
Oh yeah, it's just like Bradley Storytime is in Germany.
It's in the UK, it's in Canada, it's in the US.
It's all funded by BlackRock and other big banks.
Christy Lee, what's coming up?
Well, I'm gonna go on record and say
I'm kind of sick, honestly, of Ken Paxton's lip service
and Abbott, like they have always said a lot of good things
but they need to do more.
It's pretty sad when I feel like I'm a one woman show
trying to fight against my own school district
just outside of Austin ISD
and then showing up to Austin ISD.
And I'm the one that's kicked off.
I'm the one that's pushed away.
I spent, you guys all saw a whole day trying to show
what they're teaching in school.
I had the books, some of the offices I was showing them to
were horrified, but then when push came to shove
and it went up the chain, went up the chain,
the officers like, yeah, I still can't take your police report
because I talked to the district attorney of Texas
or I went up the chain and he said,
we can't do anything about it
because it's an education setting.
So I'm like, so pornography is okay
as long as it's in the schools.
Okay, that makes sense.
So I mean, I need more help.
I need more parents to get involved.
I need more of you all to pay attention
to what's happening in school.
That's right, in this latest footage of you last week
being kicked off just the sidewalk out there by police.
How dare you expose that they're locking children in.
And the fact of the matter is, as I was reflecting,
you know, always thinking,
what could I've done differently?
What could I've done better?
You know, I realized in reflection,
they didn't ever even tell me to go away
or to get off the school administrators.
None of them.
Their resort was to call police.
They never asked me to leave.
They just straight up went and called the police
and they sure enough roll up in five cop cars
for one journalist.
And again, this is going on all over the country
with a particular elementary school you went to.
Give people that headline in the name of the school.
DOS Elementary is an Austin ISD school
and I was there very far away from the kids
just talking about what they're teaching
and they just right away call the cops
and try and make, it's all about intimidation.
They locked the parents out.
Packs to the attorney general states
that students must obtain written consent
from their parents before the school delivers
human sexuality instruction according to state law.
I mean, this is pure pedophilia.
The pedophiles have figured out a bureaucratic way to do it.
This is happening literal miles from our studio right now.
Here's a clip of Christy Lee just a few days ago in Austin.
Christy Lee here.
I'm outside of DOS Elementary in Austin ISD school.
We have just been ticketed for being on the property
and told not to come back for an entire year
or we will be arrested.
All of this for wanting viewers to know
what they're indoctrinating the children with
here at DOS Elementary.
Now DOS Elementary's been mighty proud
of what they have going on this week.
They're Pride Week.
They have had videos and pictures of the students
celebrating a whole week dedicated
to teaching children as young as four
about gender ideology and, you know, acceptance.
But, you know, they need to know about binary,
non-binary, you can be a boy, girl or creature,
you know, anything when it comes to Pride Week
here at DOS Elementary.
Now they did get some backlash for this.
Especially because documents obtained
and showed that the teacher's instructions
were to tell the kids what is said in this classroom
stays in this classroom.
And remember that what is shared in the Pride circle
is confidential.
Well, obviously some parents had issue with this
and brought the attention of the matter.
And because of that, they did update the documents
to say, teachers, make sure that you remind the children
that they're allowed to share this information
with the parents.
How good of them, right?
To be allowed to share with the parents.
But if you want to see the whole report.
All right, guys, we're going to stop right there.
And, you know, we're a live show.
It's just part of the course.
You know, I asked people days ago when I came here,
I said, can we have the Christie League clip
where they, we're gonna come back to you, Chris, okay?
Just we're gonna come back next hour.
Just everything's okay.
I asked for the clip where the police throw you off, okay?
That's the clip I want.
And so I'm gonna host the next hour.
I'm gonna come back, but I wanna hold, we're doing it, okay?
Everybody gets me longer now.
Because, you know, that's just the way this is.
Man, I've financed this.
You guys have financed this.
And it's just like, it's just insane to me how screwed this is
and what everything is done here, you know?
Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm.
We're gonna run rebroadcast, we get that clip,
we're gonna start the next hour,
and we're gonna get this out to people.
We're gonna show the police.
Hell, I can pull it up.
Jesus, it's on my phone.
I mean, we're gonna get it, we're gonna do it, okay?
It was the last thing I do on Earth.
We're gonna get the right clip on the thing.
Hell, I'll show you the clip.
I mean, it's on her channel.
I mean, you know, it's at Band-Aid video.
So, we're gonna go to break.
We're gonna start the next hour,
I'll introduce the guest, we'll get the clip.
And this is important information that these terrorists,
these globalists, these perverts, these pedophiles,
do not want you to see, ladies and gentlemen,
they do not want you to see this information,
but we're going to air this information straight ahead,
or I'm gonna shut Info Wars down.
In fact, maybe it's just time, you know, seriously,
like, everybody just wants this.
Everybody just needs this.
They just, it's just an absolute imperative
that this type of thing go on.
So, we're gonna start Info Wars coming up.
We're gonna start Sunday Live with Christie Lee,
and I'll destroy her for you straight ahead,
because the whole point of them doing these next two hours
was this, you know?
Man, I tell you, unbelievable.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen,
infowars.com, tomorrow's next day.
You know, it's a fact, and I'm not bragging when I say it,
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