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Name: 20220326_Sat_Alex
Air Date: March 26, 2022
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The speaker discusses various conspiracy theories such as the New World Order and controversies surrounding COVID-19 vaccines. He criticizes Larry Fink and accuses him of lying about globalization being dead. The speaker argues that many mainstream sources are lying about certain phenomena while those who have attended briefings on these topics have revealed the real intentions behind events like the planned economic collapse and population control. He also discusses spirituality, stating that individuals must spread their limbs towards God to achieve discernment and salvation, as opposed to Satanists who rape souls and psyches. Alex Jones interviews Tyler Bennett, owner of American Tax Solutions, a company that helps individuals and business owners resolve their tax problems by fighting to ensure clients pay the least amount of taxes possible. Jones criticizes large tax preparation companies for lacking proper tax education and argues for seeking true advocates who can provide deductions and navigate complex tax laws. The conversation also covers topics such as inflation, increased IRS agents, biometric data collection, cryptocurrency taxation, taxpayer rights, and how tax codes are designed to influence public policy. Jones recommends American Tax Solutions for assistance with tax preparation and advising, citing the company's expertise and affordability through flat rates instead of hourly fees.

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Tomorrow's News Today.
Because some human beings care about their children, VAERS was established in 1990 as an early warning system to
identify negative reactions and side effects of vaccination.
Which makes sense, but there are major problems.
It is managed by the FDA and the CDC, which explains why the VAERS database requires a class to learn how to find anything.
Taking the time to actually file a report is voluntary, and out of fear of losing their jobs or being considered an anti-vaxxer, nobody wants to speak ill of the all-holy vaccine, let alone make an official report.
It is estimated that only 1% of vaccine injuries ever get reported to VAERS.
So that means when VAERS reports over 44,000 adverse reactions and 90 deaths, one can expect it to be as much as 4.4 million adverse reactions and 9,000 deaths.
And these numbers are only from the age 5 to 17 group.
Conservative numbers put it at 10%, which is half a million children that have been wounded and killed from an unneeded, unwanted, experimental gene therapy shot that we relied to about every step of the way.
Thanks to the Open VAERS project, which is built upon the VAERS data, the public can easily search these reports and see for themselves.
People are reporting adverse reactions such as chronic pain, loss of hearing and taste, talking gibberish, and acting out aggressively.
And these are the mild cases.
There is a tsunami of major brain damage, heart disease, and fatalities.
Edward Dowd has analyzed the data and has reported an 84% increase in deaths among ages 25 through 40, which is the same amount of lives lost to the Vietnam War.
Toby Rogers estimates that Big Pharma kills twice as many people that died in World War II every single year.
The press ignores this because it's not enough.
They want your newborn babies as well.
Pfizer is pushing to have children as young as six months old, given a shot that we know is potentially fatal, even though children were never at risk and are still not at risk.
The United States has been force injecting infants and children with experimental vaccines for years, and now they want to add the infamous clot shot.
Thanks to virtue signaling mothers, some children have already been getting it in the womb.
Which is resulting in miscarriages, stillbirths, and deaths from breastfeeding on toxic, genetically modified mother's milk.
Pfizer is planning on submitting another application for emergency use authorization in early April.
That's about 18 million children under five who could be sacrificed to the altar of big pharma and political correctness.
If Pfizer can achieve permanent liability protection from the FDA, who they control, then they can add the mRNA gene therapy shot to the childhood vaccine schedule, where it will enjoy permanent liability protection under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.
These same crooks are putting a judge on the Supreme Court who openly defends leniency towards crimes that involve child rape.
They are coming for your children and they will not stop.
If you still care about the human race and are looking for something you can do right now, you can go to Toby Rogers at Substack and read his urgent call to action for more info.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
The reason I am lied about, the reason I am so demonized,
is because I am really identifying who the enemies of humanity are
and their project of a global scientific dictatorship.
And they believe that they can't change my behavior, but if they attack Alex Jones and lie about Alex Jones enough, it'll create such a taint and a fear no one will talk about or cover or look at the critical issues that I raise.
The good news is, these evil people have miscalculated, and their attempts to demonize us and shut us down have blown up in their face.
But that's now only caused them to double.
and triple down. And so my fate is bound to your fate. And I am in the process of being destroyed
at every level right now. But it's well worth it because I'll be able to stand in front of my
creator. And I'll be able to stand with my ancestors at the next level and know that I
passed the test. And I know that's why you're here as well.
You're aware of what's happening.
You're very upset and you care. And I salute and I thank you all. It's Saturday, March 26, 2022.
And I'm your host, Alex Jones. And I've committed to you to start doing at least three special live
broadcasts a week so that we can take calls and cover a lot of the news we can't get to
on the syndicated radio show that's simulcast on the internet as television as well.
And so we are more and more starting to fulfill that plan to get that done.
Though the enemy has been trying every device they can to keep me from being on air, we are here together despite their greatest attacks.
So I thank you for your prayers, your word of mouth, and of course your financial support at fullwarrestore.com.
But now is the most critical time in the world to support independent, truth-based media.
And so I thank you and I ask you to redouble your efforts now or So much of what we've built and fought for will be lost.
We're still going to win in the end, but InfoWars is a critical flagship or mothership in this fight that really needs to stay in the fight as long as possible, because everything we're doing right now is having the biggest victories ever.
But the greater our victories become, the more bloodied and damaged the operation becomes.
And that's to be expected the thick of the battle.
So I just intend to keep fighting and blasting truth out in all directions until the lights go out, ladies and gentlemen.
And that really is up to you if you know how dire the straits were, not just in the world, but in general.
But for Infowars and for yourself, I know that you would take even greater action.
And I salute your action that you have engaged in so far.
But everybody should really be counting the cost and knowing how critical the situation Okay, let me tell you what we're going to cover here today.
First off, coming up in the second hour, we're going to open the phones up commercial-free and take your phone calls.
So in about 45 minutes, I will give the number out and we'll get everybody lined up and we'll start taking your unscreened calls.
My unscreened.
You got a point you want to make, you got a clean line, and you're ready to talk to us.
You want to tell us where you're calling from, that's fine.
Or you can tell us you're calling from another planet.
I don't care as long as your phone line is clear and you've got points you want to make.
You agree, you disagree, you've got questions, you've got answers.
We want to hear from you.
The big no-no, the big verboten thing, the forbidden thing is people interfacing with each other unfiltered.
Well, this is the original Digital Soapbox Town Hall.
We are the resistance.
You are the resistance.
We have ultra-massive announcements by the real head of the New World Order.
There are a lot of big powerful families and people behind him, but he is the chairman of the Global Corporate Board that Howard Beale is led into in the famous movie Network in 1972 or 73.
In fact, maybe get the Howard Beale boardroom clip ready for me, guys.
I'm throwing that at you to play a little bit later.
In fact, if you can pull it up now, that'd be great.
If you can get it ready in the next five minutes, after we play clips, I'll get to it.
But you have meddled with the tidal forces of nature, Mr. Beale, and you will atone!
You think you've just disrupted a basic business deal, Mr. Beale?
And then he lays out how the New World Order works up until this phase.
And to understand what they're telling you in network is the kind of proletariat understanding of the New World Order and what its supposed goal was.
As I've been explaining, the goal is not to create harmony and stop war and a chicken in every pot and people all have stock in a financial system so we don't all kill each other.
That's the first few floors of the New World Order.
But when you get deeper into the basement, you find out what it's really all about.
And it's the opposite of order.
It is destruction and collapse and chaos.
And on the ashes of that, the transhumanist system.
So, we have huge, giant developments out of the mouth of the head of Blackrock, or the mouth of Soren, and that is Larry Fink.
Announcing the New World Order is dead!
The New World Order is just getting started.
And we told you this was coming.
Now all the collapses you're about to see that they're opening engineering.
That's because their system failed when the whole time they were planning and getting it ready for the organized collapse of civilization, the post-industrial world.
You will own nothing and you will like it.
That's coming up from our social engineer-in-chief, Larry Fink!
And then, of course, we have the massive COVID news coming up.
Scientists developed controversial, contagious vaccines that spread from vaccinated to unvaccinated.
That is going to be coming up and really massive, massive, massive news.
On the whole war front, Biden refuses to rule out first strike Use of nuclear weapons.
So, Biden refuses to rule out nuclear sneak attack on Russia.
If you were really trying to get somebody to get trigger happy and start World War III, that's the kind of stuff you'd put out.
Got a lot on Hunter Biden.
Confirmed at the main investment company with two plus billion dollars of investment that he was executive of.
Getting tens of millions of dollars a year for him and his poppy.
That they did build bioweapon labs in Ukraine.
On record, they have the documents, but oh, it's Russia disinfo, like the laptop belonging to him.
Wow, the Russians created thousands of child porn videos of Biden having sex with children and raping women and storing cocaine and smoking cocaine and having sex with his niece.
Of course, now they admit it's a real laptop, but so what?
You know, they just move on from there.
And they're now going after Clarence Thomas for January 6th.
Why, he and his wife have got to be removed, arrested.
He's got to be impeached.
Why, she sent a text message to the White House Chief of Staff saying, hey, look into those election fraud claims.
You're not even allowed to look into those!
What do you think this is, a free country?
And then you got all the sex offender defense.
Her letting out people that were getting child porn.
About the tens of thousands of images and seeking it out.
And she said, well, he's of the same age group.
He's 18 and the person he's trying to have sex with is eight.
So it's okay.
And there's other articles here.
Sex offender thanks Mrs. Jackson for three month prison sentence.
So we've got that as well.
There is so much To go through here today, all these articles in the Washington Post, New York Times, my wife is black, my son is biracial, but white supremacy lives inside me.
We've got all that as well today, ladies and gentlemen.
But first, let's get into the really big news story.
Now, we have an archivist, and hopefully they can find this needle in a haystack, but I know all of you have an archive yourselves called your memories.
And I don't bring this up to make it about InfoWars or myself.
I mean, you can see what they're doing, and it's as clear as the nose on my face or, you know, the ears on your head or the toe on your foot that this is happening.
And we knew where this was going because they always said they would do this, and we war-gamed out.
How were they going to get away with taking over the world's economy and then crashing it to consolidate power and control, destroy any middle classes, get rid of the Renaissance, and starve and kill at least 7 million people?
...in their official numbers.
Like, how the hell is the UN, and the Biological Diversity Assessment System, and the World Bank, and the IMF, and the International Bank of Settlements, and the Club of Rome, and the Demos Group, and the CFR...
The Trilateral Commission and all of them have the official policy of carrying out global government for depopulation.
How are they going to build a global system and then implement its policies that cause the collapse and then not go to prison or not get in trouble by the nation states and the populations when they figure out they're the ones that have done all this?
And it's simple.
They create a cascade of crises that they manage, and they control, and right as you figure out they're behind the last crises, they've already launched the next crises, and so on and so forth.
And so I'm gonna walk this here out for everybody, but there isn't anything other than your relationship with God and realizing you're an eternal being, there isn't anything we cover here more important than this.
So I'm just asking everybody to please listen to me very carefully.
It's like in Bird Box that came out a few years ago, where nobody knows why everybody's suddenly dying.
It's clear it's the cell phones and some frequency being sent out to make everybody kill each other.
But the point is, is that she tells the children, after they've been hiding out in the wilderness for a couple years, now they gotta move to a new place.
She says, listen to me very carefully, because if you don't listen to exactly what I say, you're going to die.
Now that's a movie.
I'm actually here telling you, guaranteed, that I'm dead, my children are dead, and you're gonna be dead very, very soon if you don't listen to me.
So we can sit here and play games all day and play patty cake, or we can get down to absolute brass tacks here.
There has been a decision made To cull the human population down to almost zero.
That we're trash, that we're mutants, that we're garbage.
And you're like, wow, where have I heard of that before?
In the first book of the Bible, the Hebrew Bible, going back more than 6,000 years, They've now found the writings on the hieroglyphs of other cultures that said the same thing happened in the Middle East, that a giant flood came and knocked out civilization.
Now, whether you think that's a fable or a composite of things, that's not the issue here.
There is a legend in African cultures and Mesoamerican cultures and ancient Chinese cultures
and ancient European cultures and Middle Eastern cultures.
Every culture has myths that God destroys the majority of humanity from time to time.
And that God destroys certain cities and civilizations and towers of Babel and...
Sodom and Gomorrah.
Plato wrote 2,200 plus years ago, the greatest philosopher ever,
and the father of history and economics and everything else, that there was a giant Atlantean base,
a continent in the Atlantic Ocean.
Where the Atlanteans came from.
You know, you open it out from the Mediterranean.
Out there's the Atlanteans.
And they've got a base.
And it's got flying ships and a pillar of white light that recharges them.
And that they had an engine that gave them unlimited power for these big machines.
And it describes automatons, robots.
And it blew up.
And the sky was dark and the world became frozen and the crops wouldn't live.
Where have we heard of something like that?
Nuclear war?
Whatever it was.
The point is, is that we know that there is this ethos.
We know that there is this myth.
We know this is going on in our minds.
And so, was it pre-programmed there so that we do it now?
Or did it really happen before?
Does that really matter?
Because now, whether you believe God destroyed almost all life, human life, with a flood, or whether you believe that Plato was telling the truth, and almost everything else he talked about, they've dug up and found!
They haven't found Atlantis yet.
So they find all over the shores, the nuclear glass, that only a giant asteroid or hydrogen bomb could create.
Washing up in the North Atlantic.
Into the Viking kingdoms.
And so, We are approaching that moment of the end of civilization as we know it and the cult that runs the planet that has the secret history and that says they actually know what happened in our past.
I'm not sure they actually know that.
They believe that they must become gods.
They must become the alpha predator and then they must remove us to prove they are worthy
to transcend into a new Homo sapien siliconus or the Homo sapien nuvo age.
Different names they have for it.
And so we're at that point, and I'm here trying to have a discussion about that.
with everybody so that we're on the level with the globalists, at least at debate level, while they don't even pay attention to us because we don't even study what they study.
We don't even know what they know.
We're not even involved in that.
And you can't even get a seat at the table unless you actually talk to them and cut through their games.
Their first game is, that doesn't exist.
There's no new world order.
There's no chemicals in the water.
We're reducing fertility.
Nothing bad's happening.
There's no world government.
Go back to sleep.
And most people go, well, I want to be on the trendy group.
So if CNN says it doesn't exist, it doesn't exist.
Everyone at CNN and MSNBC and everyone that goes along with that is cheating themselves.
Pretending this isn't going on and lying to yourself about that and pretending you're part of the establishment, you're cheating yourself and your children and everyone out of that.
You're not going to join the New World Order and go along with their plan and then get away with what they're planning.
We don't want to destroy civilization.
We want to go off world.
We want to go interdimensional.
We want to go next level.
We're almost there and it's damn clear we've almost gotten there before.
But the previous civilizations did not interface with the general human population and kept us separate and had their reservations.
of technology.
They're globalist city-states, I'll get to in a moment.
And then somebody decided to externalize that knowledge, planetary-wide, to all the groups of people.
Now, were those space bases of our ancestors that came here to colonize, decided we had it too good with the advanced technology, so let us go wild again and try to fix it?
That's what the top globalist models are.
We are the aliens, folks.
You figure that out yet?
So, that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
And you're going to have to decide whether you want to act like an adult and have a real debate about this or whether you want to be controlled by emotion and all these side stories and all this ridiculous garbage and playing along with the system to get power within this hierarchical New World Order that is a joke and a fraud and an artificial device.
It's a prosthesis.
That actually handicaps us and keeps us from becoming who we really are.
I liken the New World Order to a blow-up doll that you're married to and you have sex with.
It's a plastic blow-up doll.
It's not a real person.
It doesn't have ancestors.
It doesn't have a womb.
It doesn't have goals.
It doesn't have destinies.
It has nothing.
But you sit there and pretend that you've got a wife that's a blow-up doll.
That's being a president or a New World Order puppet and oppressing people.
Is you're pretending you're a human, you're pretending you're a leader, you're pretending you're an aristocrat, you're pretending you're empowering people.
When you're using the laws of nature and things you know to oppress people and keep them down, you have taken yourself down as well.
And that's called hell.
Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.
When we're in the heavens.
We're not going to heaven, we're in the heavens.
And the Bible explains it.
There's the second heaven and there's the third heaven.
And then there's God, the levels, the dimensions that we can't even understand until we experience this dimension in concrete and go to the next level.
Everything is about the degrees in the universe.
And so that's why they're desperate to shut us down.
That's why they're desperate to silence us, because we understand their program and their operations.
So, got a little bit of a sinus infection, excuse me.
Let me lay out the huge development that is so big.
And then we'll get into all the other big topics and open the phones up and take your phone calls.
Larry Fink does not run the New World Order.
He's not the final decision-maker.
He didn't create the system.
He's not one of the most powerful families, but he is the guy that runs the hotel.
He's like the concierge.
He's the manager.
Other people own the hotel.
Other people set it up the way they want.
But he's the manager.
He's like the maitre d' in a restaurant.
And Larry Fink with tens of trillions under management and pioneered fractional reserve system expanding into the derivatives and selling mortgages over and over again.
I mean, he makes Bernie Madoff look like an amateur.
Because in the 80s he was given the globalist authorization by the CIA and others, this is all on record, to create fraudulent transactions in the quadrillions.
So he's a criminal.
And he funds all the social engineering and the transgender and the Black Lives Matter and he says we want your credit card to control where you go and what you do and he's all on record saying this and he's pushing the war and It's happening right now in Europe and Ukraine, and he's pushing open borders.
I mean, you go out and look at him, he's at the Davos Group saying, we want to put chips in your brain and you shouldn't have any freedom.
He's a monster.
And he came out in a letter to his shareholders on Friday.
And he told his shareholders, ladies and gentlemen, that globalization is dead.
Now, globalization is one thing.
Globalist are another.
And then being for a global system is completely different from that.
And people always get confused.
But I will define these and break these down.
But what does it mean in this letter right here to our shareholders, BlackRock.com?
What does this statement say?
And what does this statement mean for everybody?
And we're gonna lay that out right now.
Number one, it's another lie.
Globalization's not dead.
Globalism's not dead.
And people's desire to be international citizens and have peace is not dead.
Three separate things.
They masquerade globalist systems as a way to have peace and open free societies and a liberal world order, as Biden said a week ago, for a new world order.
But behind the scenes, they're financing all the major different groups fighting with each other.
They're financing the Nazis in Ukraine.
They're financing the radical Islamists.
They're financing all the different leftist groups.
They admit they're doing this and trying to overthrow countries and trying to overthrow elected governments they don't like.
So they're not involved in democratization.
They're involved in wars and overthrowing states while wrapping themselves in a rainbow flag.
And so when Larry Fink comes out, and I've got his quotes right here, and he says, oh, our system's dead.
It's all over because of extremists, and now things are going to collapse and be horrible.
Their own people, though, at Davos, where he's a top member, admit they're collapsing things to, quote, get us off carbon.
And depopulate and transition to the Agenda 2030 of a 90% depopulation.
But that's all in the sophisticated data out front.
Oh my gosh!
Globalism and the New World Order failed the mean Russians.
They're the reason oil prices are high and that food's high.
Not us printing all this money and not all the derivatives I, Larry Fink, created.
No, no, no!
The problem is that, and it's because people didn't follow globalism, that's why we're going to not give you electricity and that's why your gas is going to explode while they're behind all the policies to do it.
And it's not like I'm just saying this now to follow what's currently happening.
I made the film Endgame.
Fifteen years ago, I have done thousands of broadcasts, I've had hundreds of guests on, I've taken thousands of calls on this topic and shown you the articles and the videos and the books and the white papers and the CIA documents and the British Ministry of Defense documents and the Rockefeller documents and all of them ad nauseam, bragging how they would go at this stage.
Take over the Western nation states.
Tell people we're going to create an IMF and World Bank and a global peace force to empower Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East and reform the East, Russia.
And then they go in, start a bunch of wars, destabilize all the countries, create a bunch of derivatives, get all the different nations in debt, pay the third world countries to literally starve people and depopulate and create massive debt and poverty.
Create all these policies to get Russia to get into a war in Ukraine.
Break down borders.
Create fentanyl and all these drugs.
Ship them in.
Create the poison Hollywood culture.
Break down the family.
Do everything they can.
And they say, in all their documents, and it's in my film, Endgame, 15 years ago.
It's free online.
They take it down everywhere, but it's still all over the place.
Go watch it.
Two and a half hours long.
We show the quotes.
Where they go, we're going to use the nation states to go in and fund corporations to take over the third world.
Then we're going to collapse the third world and flood what's left of the first world with the third world and guilt Christians with the white Christian ethos to accept the third world populations who will control with welfare, who will then fully collapse the first world, then we'll depopulate everybody.
And they said then, once globalism and globalist systems collapse everything, We will blame it on nation-states, and we will blame it on populism, and we will blame it on the groups that didn't go along with it, because they know we'll figure this out and start fighting back.
And then what will be left with is 10 city-states that will be these big mega-cities, like Hunger Games, with all the high-tech and all the medicine and everything, that everybody else doesn't have electricity, everybody else are feudal serfs, everybody else is totally controlled, and that's who survived.
They don't want but about 10% left.
That's on the high end.
Other graphs are 5%.
So you have 5 to 10% left alive in this big cataclysm that all the leftists tell you.
Soon we'll all be dead 2030.
Everything's gonna collapse.
We'll be dead.
The climate change, the viruses will come out of the jungle.
No, they're making the viruses in the labs.
And Beto O'Rourke and the UN and AOC will all be dead by 2030!
I've been let in on the briefings, they said.
Again, Captain Kirk lands from his little space trip.
Not in the movies, but in the real world.
He says, I'm so sad the cataclysm's about to hit, and we'll all be dead.
We'll all be dead.
I just, it's for the Earth, though.
It's for the best.
They're like, sir, please.
Well, I just was led into the meeting.
I mean, we've got to kill everybody.
So, I've told you hundreds of times, and somebody's going to find the clip.
You know it's going to happen.
Hundreds of times that Then they're going to say, oh, the nation states and populism and racism, it held up globalism and the promise of universal basic income and the promise of a chicken in every pot and everything else.
And so.
Now we've got to stop the nationalists and the patriots, because the good globalists, the good W.
Economic Forum.
They have got a plan.
And it was just the nation states that caused it.
But thank God, certain cities were able to have their power.
Certain cities were able to stay up like the Texas Triangle.
Dallas to Houston to Austin.
And everybody else outside of that, sorry, you're on your own now.
So the collapse on our borders is just the beginning of this.
This is the organized, controlled collapse.
And they collapsed the blue cities first.
and let us control cities so they get rid of the police and everybody and then bring in their
controllers and then they're going to make those cities completely safe but you'll be scanned every
50 yards you walk and won't be allowed into most areas.
There'll be combat robots on every street corner. This is their admitted plan. They give speeches,
they write books, it's all planned out and now they've begun the world collapse. They're
accelerating the world collapse after two years of lockdown and control around the world. As the
infrastructure for the first world's cut off, they starve to death.
The average Lepnoss doesn't care.
They're still getting, you know, Uber Eats or whatever delivered to them.
And then now Larry thinks like, oh, globalism's dead.
Oh, the Nationalists and the Patriots and the right-wingers we couldn't censor.
They caused it to fail.
You're all going to starve to death now.
And I told you they would do exactly that.
And now they are because he thinks you're stupid.
But they plan to push their COVID power grab longer.
They planned to get a lot of things.
They're accelerating their program because they're in trouble.
They could be defeated.
And that's why they're scared about the show and so freaked out.
Because if this gets out, which it is getting out, it's over for them.
But this is an exact plan on record by them.
Here, let's hear from Larry Fink.
BlackRock's Larry Fink, who oversaw $10 trillion, who oversees $10 trillion, says Russia-Ukraine war is ending globalization.
From his letter.
The Russia invasion of Ukraine has put an end to globalization.
We have experienced over the last three decades the giant debt, the raping of the third world, all of it.
Think said in a letter to the shareholders.
It has left many communities and people feeling isolated looking inward.
Oh, because you did it.
You'll owe nothing and have nothing and be angry.
I believe this has exacerbated the polarization and extremist behavior we are seeing across society today.
We're going to have an angrier world and also that will be the collapse of the old system and the new system of Build Back Better.
You see, says Klaus Schwab, his second in command.
Go read the letter.
There's a lot more in there, and I'm going to get to that more later on the Sunday show tomorrow because I've got a lot to hit here.
But that's what they're doing, and they're creating an ethos of the end of the world, an ethos of most of us won't be here.
And they're telling Leonardo DiCaprio and William Shatner and all of them that this calamity is coming.
Imagine the paradox of us telling everybody the reverse engineered part, and then the William Shatner's and the Leonardo DiCaprio's.
They've not been let in on all of this.
They're only let in on part of it and be told, you'll be safe.
Once this all goes down, just go along with us.
But can you imagine then they hear this show and they go, oh my God, and they learn the rest of the story.
They start asking questions.
And do you have any idea how much that upsets the globalists?
That's why this show is so critical.
Because we have the big billionaires listening.
We have the movie stars listening.
You can say, well, I don't care about them.
Well, they have a lot of influence.
And if they think destroying our open, free society is going to make them safe, if they think doing this is going to secure them some future, like a Moonraker, Ian Fleming novel, think again.
I've done the numbers.
The globalists don't want the smartest and the best looking and the most powerful around in their alpha system.
They plan to set this trap and then take out the so-called elites as well.
And you'd best figure that out and use your head and understand that they believe they're about to merge the machines and there will only be one entity allowed to survive that becomes this new god and no one else will be allowed to and everyone else will be killed.
Have you seen 2001 Space Odyssey?
Have you read his book, 2001?
Do you understand that's their Bible?
Everybody else dies.
One man becomes the star child.
One man goes to the next level.
One man!
One person lives!
They're not gonna kill 80% or 90%.
they're gonna kill everybody.
So let's play some clips of this and some of these monsters and we'll go to break.
We'll go to break.
And we'll come back and get to the rest of the news that ties into this, but they have orchestrated the collapse, they have consolidated the power and the money, they have already destroyed the supply chain for the middle class and small businesses, they're already starving the third world to death, and now they're telling you, oh, we failed our New World Order of Peace!
Now everything's gonna fall apart!
It's all your fault!
It's all the racist white people!
Who is the only group of wealthy, quasi-wealthy, independent Westerners, middle class, they just call that white, even though it's a diverse group of people, because they're afraid that intelligentsia might wake up and go, whoa, we're about to throw out the real renaissance, real liberal order that created all the medicine and science and freedom that got taken over by eugenicists and proto-Nazis?
Whoa, we better stop this!
It's too fun to be a white liberal and be part of the liberal order and we're setting up world government and getting rid of masculinity to stop a nuclear war and we're all trendy and yeah we're the future and you just don't understand we go to art museums and oh oh and you're not even let in on the real white papers that are public but you're too lazy to read them.
State Department ran them 200 and others where they plan to kill you as soon as they can you dumbass.
You think these hyper-competitive, super-alpha male people respect you while you pansy around all day with your fake money and your fake bank account?
The first thing they're gonna do once they've gotten rid of due process in the system is take you out and shoot you in the back of the head.
They do not respect you one bit.
And I'm not saying this like I'm proud of myself or any of that.
I could snap my fingers and be at the top of the New World Order.
Right up there with the top.
I could snap my fingers.
Snap my fingers.
Because I know how it all works.
I reverse engineered it.
I see how ridiculous it is.
And I have disdain for the public going along with it.
But I don't get off on it and want to feed on the public like these globalists do.
And I cannot join them because of spiritual issues.
Because I know God doesn't like what's happening.
But there is not even a debate here about what's going on.
Do you understand that?
You let this eugenics, environmental death cult run your life, you will be destroyed.
And by the way, it's an environmental death cult at the next to the top level.
It's peaceniks that want world government to stop war down here.
And a coalition of perverts and weirdos.
Coalition of perverts, weirdos, dumbed-down people, well-meaning morons and schmucks, globalist death cult, environmentalist death cult, killer by the say of the earth, really alpha people that want to be in charge around everything and want more resources for themselves.
And at the very top, people trying to extract the incredible knowledge of the human species in a breakaway civilization to become a god-like creature in this huge expansionist program of the Satanists.
Or Luciferians.
And so, that is their operation.
That is their plan.
And you can watch Netflix, and you can sit around with your thumb up your rear end, or you can understand that understanding this will help you transcend what's happening.
Understanding this system, and that it's purely predatory and turning you into a domesticated animal.
In an exercise, in a ritual of power.
And that the ritual of you awakening to this, and the ritual of you reaching out to God like a tree's limbs towards the sun and saying, give me salvation, give me discernment, give me next level understanding.
God doesn't rape you like Satanist.
God doesn't rape your soul and psyche.
You have to open up to God.
You have to spread your limbs out to the world.
Or to use the analogy, because in the Bible, Christ is the man, we are the bride.
You gotta spread your legs.
God doesn't rape the soul and the mind.
You have to want it.
And that's the decision.
And that's what you're going to have to get through your head.
This is Congress with the next level.
This is infinity you're about to interface with.
This is beyond sexual.
But the greatest thing you can call it is that, because out of us will metamorphosis the next genesis and incredible empowerment.
You understand that?
You must spread your limbs to the sun, which is the archetype of God.
You must decide you want to be in Congress with God.
Interfacing with God.
And I know for a lot of you, that's shameful because it makes you look at things you've done and bad.
God made you.
God doesn't care.
What God wants is you to want to be good and try to go to the next level.
Obviously, Bill Gates and Larry Fink have not been doing that.
So, They're very ashamed of themselves, actually.
Trying to hurry up and get it done and get rid of everybody.
And I assure you, if there was Larry Fink and Bill Gates left in a room together, they would kill each other.
Because they only want one.
You understand?
This is not going to end until they killed everybody.
But that's how this evil system does is it gets us to kill ourselves because it metaphysically has to get us to do it.
It's not allowed to destroy us.
God won't let him.
It's got to get us through our free will to destroy ourselves.
And so now the next phase is here.
The global collapse is here.
The global depression's here.
And he's saying globalism's failed.
Because it was designed to collapse civilization.
It's not failed, it's done its job.
But now the opposition to it, it's going to say is the reason it's failing and going to say that its promise is milk and honey and all this happiness and security.
When everything it does is to destroy our security.
That make sense?
So this is very bone chilling.
I was already off air yesterday and I got home last night and I saw his letter, and I just... I mean, we knew it was coming, we said it was coming, and when they tell you, oh, the liberal order failed, oh, oh, the world's about to get so bad it's not our fault, that they're dropping the hammer.
So if you had any doubts, and if I had any doubts, that we're going over the edge of a cliff, here we are.
And we've got this learned helplessness.
We've had freedom and liberty so long that we cannot even believe that this is happening to us now because they've had to maneuver their people into position.
They've had to make us corrupt, dumbed down.
They've had to get us off the land.
They've had to domesticate us.
They've had to position us and confuse us to the point now that they think they can carry out this operation.
But they're not going to get away with it.
And they know that.
So now they're going ahead with the operation because it's all they can hope to stop us, and it's not going well.
And that's the news you need to know.
They are scared, they are freaked out, and they are badly damaged.
We have to press the attack as hard as we can.
Because if we are cowardly in this test, I assure you, ladies and gentlemen, that you will be cut off from The Creator.
And this is not a simulation, but it is not even one trillionth of what you're going to see at the next level.
This is real.
This is a third dimensional operation with real energy, real matter.
But it is a simulation in that it is out of the mind of God.
And then if we can handle this level, it just goes up from there.
And that's just a human term.
It's more intense, more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
And these globalists know that and they are not attracted to it and they're scared of it, but they want to try to get pieces of it and kind of build their own thing.
They're like, whoa, we don't want to like merge with this.
We don't want to be with this that made us.
We want to do our own thing, which is hurt our children, dumb us down, poison us, vandalize our species and other species and do horrible, ugly things.
These aren't good people.
They're not jacked into good stuff.
And you should be running away from them.
That's why Christ said, get behind me, Satan.
You don't fight with Satan.
You don't get in a debate with Satan.
You build new systems and race away from Satan towards God's plan.
You expand, you innovate, you create.
And it's just, yeah, yeah, what's good about that, Satan?
Because we're just creating the new universe.
We're creating, we're loving, we're building.
We have children, we love God.
We commune.
That's why he tries to take away every ritual we've got.
Men and women, and our children, and our dinner tables, and our goodness, and going outside, and exercising, and being friends.
Everything he finances is, don't work out, it's white supremacist.
Don't go out and see a sunset, it's white supremacist.
Mothers are bad, fathers are bad, white people are bad.
Because anything that could drag us out of the abyss, this guy doesn't like!
You gonna let him win?
You gonna let that predator, that monster, have you and your children's destiny?
So here's Laura Ingraham talking about it on Friday.
Pretty important clip.
And then we're gonna play some other clips back-to-back.
But here it is.
Could the war in Ukraine be the end of globalism?
No, it's the trigger point of the collapse that they're gonna blame their whole plan on so they can be the saviors and blame their opposition for what they've engineered.
Here it is.
I told you before about the great reset of capitalism that's being pushed by the elites at the World Economic Forum.
Now, among the most ardent resetters is BlackRock CEO Larry Fink.
But in his annual shareholder letter today, Fink issued a warning to his Davos buddies, saying the Russian invasion of Ukraine has put an end to the globalization we've experienced over the last three decades.
Companies and governments will also be looking more broadly at their dependencies on other nations.
Joining me now is Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Institution Senior Fellow.
Well, Victor, if there's a bright light and a devastating, tragic, ongoing nightmare in Ukraine, it might be that people are generally beginning to wake up to the idea that it's time to decouple from these despotic regimes.
Yeah, I think people understood from the League of Nations failure in the 30s that political globalism never worked.
I mean, the United Nations condemned Russia's invasion, didn't do any good.
The majority of the population in the world didn't sign on to sanctions.
That's why Joe Biden has changed his tune.
But what's fascinating, Laura, is this is economic globalization.
This was supposed to make us all live in utopia.
And here we have an architect of it, and he's saying, you know, two or three years ago, he would say, you know,
capital chases labor and production costs anywhere in the world where they're the cheapest. And
now he's saying we can't do that.
And I think he's saying that because the natural order of history is not calm. It's not peace.
It's not cooperation. Unfortunately and tragically, it's war, it's revolution, it's plague. And we
learned that with COVID and now Ukraine. And so now I think he's saying to Americans, he of all
people, the stuff of life is shelter, it's fuel, it's food, it's a military that's deterrent,
it's a border that's secure. And we don't have that now.
So, again, they don't even get it on there, but they will once they watch this.
You can go and find all their statements about how once they bring in the global collapse, once they bring in the organized collapse, After they roped us in for decades, like you said, the last 40 years, really, of New World Order, world government, you know, no masculinity, get rid of the family, open the borders up, interdependency was to make us dependent.
Interdependency was to make us dependent to him.
Now he's pulling the rug out from us with lockdowns and forced inoculations and global IDs, and they're blaming the Russians for the prices going up.
And Fox News is like, oh, look at him, he finally gets it.
Isn't Larry Fink a sweetheart?
Here's the 1970s movie, Network, where they were selling this idea of, hey, you think you're altruistic standing up for America.
Oh, no, it's a give and take on a global system, and we all have a piece of stock in the New World Order.
No, we've become stock, and now they say humans are worthless, non-essential.
So we're being told we're garbage, less than valuable.
Comprehend that?
Here it is from Network.
You have meddled with the primal forces of nature, Mr. Beale, and I won't have it!
Is that clear?
You think you've merely stopped a business deal?
That is not the case!
The Arabs have taken billions of dollars out of this country, and now they must put it back!
It is ebb and flow, tidal gravity, it is ecological balance!
You are an old man who thinks in terms of nations and peoples.
There are no nations.
There are no peoples.
There are no Russians.
There are no Arabs.
There are no third worlds.
There is no West.
There is only one holistic system of systems.
One vast and humane, interwoven, interacting, multivariate, multinational dominion of dollars.
Petrodollars, Electrodollars, Multidollars, Reichmarks, Rings, Rubles, Pounds, and Shekels.
It is the international system of currency which determines the totality of life on this planet.
That is the natural order of things today.
That is the atomic And sub-atomic and galactic structure of things today!
And you have meddled with the primal forces of nature!
And you will atone!
Am I getting through to you, Mr. Beale?
You get up on Little 21-inch screen and howl about America and democracy.
There is no America.
There is no democracy.
There is only IBM and ITT and AT&T and DuPont, Dow, Union Carbide and Exxon.
Those are the nations of the world.
What do you think the Russians talk about in their Councils of State, Karl Marx?
They get out their linear programming charts, statistical decision theories, minimax solutions, and compute the price-cost probabilities of their transactions and investments, just like we do.
We no longer live in a world of nations and ideologies, Mr. Beale.
The world is a college of corporations, inexorably determined by the Immutable bylaws of business.
The world is a business, Mr. Beale.
It has been since man crawled out of the slime.
And our children will live, Mr. Beale, to see that perfect world In which there's no war or famine, oppression or brutality.
One vast and ecumenical holding country for whom all men will work to serve a common profit.
In which all men will hold a share of stock.
all necessities provided, all anxieties tranquilized, all boredom amused.
And I have chosen you, Mr. Beale, to preach this eventual.
Why me?
Because you're on television, dummy.
Sixty million people watch you every night of the week, Monday through Friday.
seen the face of God.
You just might be right, Mr. Beale.
That evening, Howard Beale went on the air to preach the corporate cosmology of Arthur
Now that is a direct basic translation of what people are taught at Plan 2 at the University
of Texas when they're in high school.
like my dad was already going to college when he was 15.
And they called him in after he got all the top scores and told him that.
And I could, don't just believe my dad, I go find it where they, the speeches they give them.
So that's a speech you get.
I've had those speeches.
I've been in boardrooms almost like that one.
Not quite that fancy, but almost.
And you get the same speech.
This is the real world, ladies and gentlemen.
And, you know, I'm really just trying to get people to understand that the lie since the end of World War II was if you give up your manhood and give up your nation-state and make everybody domesticated and let everybody just have fun and run around and party, that that's going to be the new world.
And a lot of people went, well, that sounds great.
I don't want to be in the Vietnam War.
I don't want to go to Korea.
I mean, I don't want to have any responsibility.
Then I want to join the new world order.
I'm gonna be part of all this peace and all the rest of this stuff.
And then there's a problem for the more brighter people.
They sign up, they think they're gonna go build all this peace and stuff, and then you find out that's not what you're going and doing.
No, no, no, no.
You're going out and poisoning people's minds and dumbing them down and bringing society down.
Oh, and guess what?
It wasn't about peace and people just playing video games all day.
Bill Joyce, Why the Future Doesn't Need Us, 1999, Wired Magazine, billionaire owner of Sun Microsystems.
He said he went to a big retreat with over 200 billionaires, the tech owners, and they had a consortium and basically an unofficial vote on whether they would just let people party like the show WALL-E that came out many years later and just run around on cruise ships, or whether they'd just go ahead and kill everybody.
And the decision was made to kill everyone!
Because the decision had already been made at a higher level with the globalists.
They were just getting...
The billionaires together, the little tech guys that the CIA, In-Q-Tel gave the ideas to and funded so they could have their little tech front people.
They were just being let in on, oh by the way, you got recruited when you were 15 or 20 to be part of this because you had the highest scores?
You thought you were building a big utopia where we all just sit around and give each other blowjobs all day?
Guess what?
That's not how this works.
We're gonna kill everybody now.
And we're going to tell them they're obsolete.
and we're going to tell them that they better just accept us salting their food with nanotech.
And so I've been here for 15 years specifically telling you that when they tell
you That globalism and the New World Order has failed is when they're going to overdrive and collapse everything so they don't get to blame.
And blame nationalists and populists.
And, oh, you didn't roll over?
Sorry, there's no electricity!
When they're the ones behind the policies and they have these kept lawyers and Interpol and the FBI and the Justice Department that don't even know what planet they're on and actually believe MSNBC propaganda and think they'll save the world if they could just arrest Trump and Roger Stone.
See, Trump was never read in on the New World Order.
He was his own billionaire with casinos and, you know, selling real estate.
They see him as cheap trash, you know, and his ties and his gold-plated toilets.
I saw Trump like that, too.
But the difference is, he wasn't like, why are we gonna throw it all away?
Why don't we let people play?
They're like, no, Mr. Trump, we're not gonna let them play.
We're gonna poison the hell out of them and then kill them.
You got that?
So go take a dump on your gold toilet.
So, that's his big crime.
He just doesn't want you starving in the streets.
He doesn't want to kill you.
He's like, why?
I like the guy, the bellhop.
I give him 200 bucks.
Why am I going to kill him?
What do you do?
Well, you're not a real leader, Mr. Trump.
You don't want to kill all these useless feeders?
I mean, what do they do, Mr. Trump?
I mean, they go to UFC matches and they raise kids and they... Exactly, Mr. Trump.
They're obsolete.
So stop being a wimp.
Let's kill him.
So, we've been live here for 59 minutes and you're getting the real scoop.
I want to go to break here soon and come back and take calls.
But, you know, I got to one article.
Every one of these is just as important.
They're all just all, you know, this represents, I don't know, since yesterday when I got off the air, about 10 hours of research right here.
But, you know, I just want you to understand what we're dealing with here.
Because let me tell you something.
Oh, look at Bill Gates right here.
The climate change alarmist has a beachfront property?
He's renovating the $43 million bachelor pad on the beach.
That's the size of a grocery store or shopping mall.
Look at it.
But you see, it's actually the size of three grocery stores.
Oh, but it's going to be flooded by 2017.
Oh, now it's 2025, it'll be flooded.
No, he intends to keep on going living.
The world's not ending for him.
It's just ending for you, you see.
Well, a little clip of this monkey.
Here's a monkey they've been testing drugs on, accelerating its aging with spike proteins.
Thought I'd show you some footage of what they do after they've given a monkey ten shots of the Pfizer shot.
What the accelerated aging does to a monkey that's only two years old.
The monkey's now the equivalent of a 200-year-old monkey in monkey years.
And that's you and that's me.
That's all the smart trendies and everybody.
That's what spike protein does when it cuts your D-bubble helix where you can't repair your DNA anymore and you can't show, you get rapid aging.
And now they want to give it to the children.
Of course they do.
It's a special little prize.
These are very nice people.
I think we should bind our will to them for eternity.
And we should join Larry Fink and Bill Gates.
So we can ride around in limos and act powerful.
The few of us that sell out, yeah.
so we can have children by the time they're 15 years old looking and acting like this.
Spike proteins destroyed everything.
It's brain, it's teeth, it's body.
But it still had that genetic youth.
It's body's still fighting back!
You'll never make it past the spike protein.
You see, it's not enough to just nuke us and kill us all.
They're gonna watch it slowly mutate and die.
So Libro.
Let's play a couple more clips here.
Here is...
Yuval Noah, the head futurist for Klaus Schwab, explaining total biometric control, clip 17.
And COVID is critical because this is what convinces people to accept, to legitimize total biometric surveillance.
If we want to stop this epidemic, we need not just to monitor people, we need to monitor what's happening under their skin.
What we have seen so far, it's corporations and governments collecting data about where we go, who we meet, what movies we watch.
The next phase is the surveillance going under our skin.
We now see mass surveillance systems established even in democratic countries, which previously rejected them.
And we also see a change in the nature of surveillance.
Previously, surveillance was mainly above the skin.
Now it's going under the skin.
Governments want to know not just where we go or who we meet.
Above all, they want to know what is happening under our skin.
What's our body temperature?
What's our blood pressure?
What is our medical condition?
Now humans are developing even bigger powers than ever before.
We are really acquiring divine powers of creation and destruction.
We are really upgrading humans into gods.
We are acquiring, for instance, the power to re-engineer life.
Humans are now hackable animals.
You know, the whole idea that humans have, you know, this, they have this soul or spirit and they have free will and nobody knows what's happening inside me, so whatever I choose, whether in the election or whether in the supermarket, this is my free will, that's over.
I mean, all this story about Jesus rising from the dead and being the Son of God, this is fake news.
I know that in recent years, we saw populist politicians undermining deliberately the trust that people have in important institutions, like universities, like respectable media outlets.
These populist politicians told people that, say, scientists are this small elite, this... So he just said, your free will's over, we're scientifically taking you over.
And now he's like, we must stop them and censor them!
They say we want to take over!
See who they are, folks?
The days of you controlling your own body is over.
Here's Trudeau talking about how the war is a great opportunity to cut the carbon off, even though they could put up 10 billion frickin' windmills that wouldn't get to power.
Takes more carbon to make a windmill than it ever gives you in power.
Look it up.
Electric cars get their power from carbon.
It's all a fraud.
It's an excuse to, hey, do this.
So we go along with the free will, then we slowly starve.
And they consolidate power and laugh while they do it, saying, the days of your free will are over.
And next, you can look him up.
We need to censor people claiming there's a scientific group to take control.
We only want to force inject you.
Your freedom is over.
But people that say the freedom is over are rats thin.
I am liberal and I am from Israel.
You are Nazi if you don't do what I say.
Klaus Schwab is good Nazi, good Nazi, good Nazi, Klaus Schwab.
Here's Trudeau.
These are conversations that we've had over the past couple of days here with leaders, but that we also had a couple of weeks ago when I was here.
The contrast between the need to ensure that Europe's dependence on Russian oil and gas ceases, that Russia is punished with crippling sanctions, where at the same time we're able to pivot more quickly towards renewables.
And in the medium term and in the long term, that is something Canada continues to be committed to.
But we recognize that replacing Russian oil and gas in the short term is going to be important.
Canada can play perhaps a modest role in that.
But our commitment to reaching net neutrality by 2050, to hitting our climate commitments by 2030, remains as firm as ever.
And indeed, The partnerships we're looking at building with the European Union on issues of hydrogen, on issues touching renewables, are very promising in terms of getting the world, not just off Russian oil and gas, but decarbonizing our energy economy entirely.
You know that he helped with Biden kill the Keystone Pipeline that was completed that would create millions of jobs for the U.S.
and Canada over the next decade and lower gas prices up to 30%.
That $15 million pipeline to build has now been shut down after it was completed.
Never used, never pumped one gallon of crude oil or gas or gasoline through it.
Totally shut down.
High-tech system that can send anything down that you want.
You can send down big groups of crude oil, gasoline, natural gas.
It's very sophisticated.
Just shut down.
But oh, they ship it by train to their west coast, to Vancouver, where it's shipped.
Where, where, where, where?
Oh, China and India are going to get all Russia's fertilizer.
They're going to get all of Russia's oil and gas now, right when all the pipelines to them are completed.
It all magically happened, and now this helps India, China, and Russia.
It hurts us.
I say I have a free-for-all and just have cheap energy, but that's the reality.
See, but, oh, I'm a weirdo, you know.
I actually look at what really goes on.
Oh, you're not for war with Russia?
You're a Russian agent.
Oh, now you're saying Russia stands to gain from this?
Well, what side are you on?
I'm on the side of reality, folks.
Not all these ridiculous terms and names and groups and the rest of it.
We have anti-freedom people working with dictators to consolidate power.
Global corporate leaders and world leaders and dictators screwing everybody over.
And what you see on the surface is not actually what's going on.
I got one more of these clips I want to play.
This is clip 13.
Pfizer's CEO admits that mRNA tech is new uncharted territory.
So wait, he goes, because they could never get mRNA approved.
It caused liver failure in almost everybody they did it.
With different mRNA treatments.
For 20 years, they couldn't get it approved.
That's why the inventor of it, Dr. Malone, is so dangerous.
And then now to cover his ass, he's like, why, yes, they came to me and said we have this plan, meaning Bill Gates and the NIH and the rest of them.
And I was very skeptical, but they said it worked, so I did it.
He has agreements with our governments, secret agreements that have come out, that they basically own the government, they're liability protected.
And that when they get in trouble for killing everybody, the government goes bankrupt and pays everything to them.
That's a legal agreement.
Well, your agreement isn't worth the ink it's written on.
You can't just codify fraud and murder in a contract, and just because our corrupt leader signed it, say it's legitimate.
But now, it's in the SPARS 2025-2028 document, that set 2020-2023 as a war game, that it comes out that it killed people, and the vaccine wasn't a vaccine to hurt people.
And that accelerates the collapse of society and the bankruptcy of the governments.
But the governments didn't pay everything into Big Pharma, which then has all the money and forms medical biosecurity states or smart grid cities with Google, Apple and others.
See how it works?
So now he's like, I did not know.
They just came to me and said, you will do this.
We had not tested it.
We did not know.
So we tested on you.
Meanwhile, he's trying to get it authorized into newborn babies right now.
So then he's like, I did not know that the government of them Trump told me to.
Trump, he told me to do it.
I know nothing about it.
And I told you that was coming.
The Spars War Game has tweets that they came out on the same days, just different years.
But you overlay 2025, 2028, with 2020, 2023, it's the same even the date.
And it's the same tweets.
Spars and COVID-19, they just flip the names.
And it's all acronyms.
It's all there.
And they have just a code decoder computer, and they go, they get their battle orders.
Battle orders, it's like, battle order.
It's all battle ordered and all then drilled in event 201, right before they launched it.
We have the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency and the former National Security Advisor who dealt with similar battle plans that our people have.
Like, oh, it's just a drill we did.
You know, code it, battle plan right there.
And the whole battle plan of how to lay out the tweets, and how to respond, and the names, and how to do it, and let her go, oh my God, the Trump did it, oh no, blah, blah, blah, come Dracula.
So, here he is, just getting you all ready for it, as we told you he would.
Thinks he's so much smarter than you.
Here he is.
mRNA was the technology, but we had less experience, only two years working on this.
And actually, mRNA was a technology, but never delivered a single product until that day.
Not vaccine, not any other medicine.
So it was very counterintuitive.
And I was surprised when they suggested to me that this is the way to go.
And I questioned it.
And I asked them to justify it.
How can you say something like that?
They came and they were very, very convinced that this is the right way to go.
They felt that the two years of work on mRNA since 2018, together with BioNTech, to develop a flu vaccine, made them believe that the technology is mature and we are at the cusp of delivering a product.
So they convinced me.
All right, we're gonna go to break.
We're gonna come back, I'm gonna give the number out, and I'm going to play you the Chief of Neuroethics at Georgetown, telling you what's really going on to his PhD students.
And this just came out.
And they love to thinly veil it and like tell you, because they need you to subconsciously know what's happening so you're a party to it, metaphysically, so then you're guilty as well.
It's all about free will and tricking you to use your free will to go along with us.
That's coming up.
But first, we're going to play a couple of these special reports back-to-back.
The Oligarchs, Dementia, Minions Will Destroy the World, and the Nazification of the West, back-to-back.
We're going to air a John Bowne, a great John Bowne, a great Gregory's Report.
And then I'm going to come back and take your calls.
And we have a special guest joining us.
The toll-free number is 877-789-2539.
And let me do this.
I did a free-for-all Friday.
Let's have first-time callers today.
Please, so people can get on.
Let me do this, I did a free for all Friday, let's have first time callers today, please,
so people can get on.
I really want to hear from all of you.
Thank you.
But I think commercial free is pretty, pretty strong.
We've been going here for an hour and 13 minutes.
Great job of the crew.
Kicked it off with a powerful Gregory's Report.
Here's a couple more.
And then we will be right back to give people free will.
Because the enemy wants to trick you, keep you in the dark.
I am literally here, ladies and gentlemen.
Jacked directly into the source.
Just so are you, by the way.
And I want you to get jacked in with me.
Let's just go.
It's unlimited.
Believe me.
It's unlimited.
You can do it all together, but you've got to stop these predators.
You've got to make it past these people first.
And then things get really wild.
Let's just say the universe is not boring at all.
Just... I want to see you there, but you've got to... You've got to wake up.
You've got to wake up.
You've got to wake other people up.
You've got to care.
You've got to put skin in the game.
Here's the reports.
We'll be right back.
And to this day, my husband, Paul, he was born and raised in San Francisco.
I was born and raised in Baltimore.
To this day, he likes to dine at 8 and I like to eat at 530.
at 5.30. Like a peasant. Like a peasant.
With their continuation of genocide with the Uyghurs in Shenzhen province there.
With their violation of the cultural, linguistic, religious priority of Tibet.
With their suppression of democracy in Hong Kong.
But we have to work together on climate.
Climate is an overriding issue.
Now that astounds me.
It's a typical Democrat though.
Forget this genocide, forget that genocide, forget the loss of life over here.
It's all about climate change.
Yeah, well Pelosi is almost as incoherent as Biden, really.
Sir, deterrence didn't work.
What makes you think Vladimir Putin will alter course based on the action you've taken today?
Let's get something straight.
You remember, if you covered me from the very beginning, I did not say that, in fact, the sanctions would deter him.
Sanctions never deter.
You keep talking about that.
Sanctions never deter.
The maintenance of sanctions.
The maintenance of sanctions.
Sanctions don't deter?
Well listen to what was said multiple times by people who work for Biden Incorporated.
Sanctions are not an end to themselves.
They serve a higher purpose.
And that purpose is to deter and prevent.
They're meant to prevent and deter a large-scale invasion of Ukraine that could involve the seizure of major cities, including Kiev.
The purpose of the sanctions has always been and continues to be deterrence.
The president believes that sanctions are intended to deter.
And in order for them to work to deter, they have to be set up in a way where if Putin moves, Then the costs are imposed.
This is a person clearly with serious dementia on TV.
We're all being biologically and chemically tested on.
We're being tested on with nanotech.
What do you think COVID-19 is?
What do you think the spike protein is?
And it's just outrageous.
We're being assaulted.
So when that criminal group is telling us the Russians are bad and the Russians are evil and the Russians have to be destroyed, You gotta take it with a grain of salt. Doesn't mean you
think the Russians are perfect or agree with them invading their neighbor.
It just means you're like, "Okay, but the criminals want to start a larger war and they were running biolabs there."
And then lying doesn't say they aren't, even though it's in thousands of news articles previously, the U.S. government
bragging about the labs.
Does Ukraine have chemical or biological weapons?
Ukraine has biological research facilities, which in fact we are now quite concerned Russian troops, Russian forces
may be seeking to gain control of.
I mean, it's ridiculous!
It's freaking crazy town!
And men can be women and women can be men!
And pedophilias all over the news is a good thing now.
These people are out of control and we are letting them do this!
Let's turn to the child pornography defendant line here.
Ted Cruz said that he saw in Judge Jackson an activism and advocacy as it concerns sexual predators, sexual offenders.
Is he trying to argue that she is A pro-child porn defendant?
I don't know what that line of questioning was about specifically.
Would you pick up?
In every federal criminal case, the judge has to calculate the sentencing guidelines.
It's a big, thick book.
You have to run the numbers.
And then it tells you, here's the recommended sentencing range.
It's not mandatory, but the judge has to consult it.
However, reality is, across the country there is a broad consensus, Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, that those numbers, not unanimous, but that those numbers tend to be too high in possessory child pornography cases.
And if you look at the numbers, in nearly 59% of all cases, judges across the country sentence below that recommended range. And we saw how Judge
Jackson in some but not all cases did that.
And she, I think her answer was right on point. She said, my job in every case is to consider the factors that
Congress, you all have told me to consider, and then all the facts of
the case and to give a just sentence.
It would be embarrassing if they were the principal of a school and were having to give a commencement speech
or talk about the commencements that were happening and unable to speak.
But no, they are in control of the most powerful country, the most powerful
monetary and most powerful weapons system in the world.
Zelensky recently described Putin's denazification of Ukraine as laughable, and the brainwashed flock of the mainstream media certainly must agree.
They have been told that Nazis wave the American flag and vote Republican, and the brainwashed flock always believe what they are told.
But those of us still cleaving to our sanity remember that Nazis were members of Hitler's National Socialist Party from the 1930s and 40s.
And not only were there thousands of Nazis in Western Ukraine back then, it is still a big part of their national pride.
Nazi war criminal Stepan Bandera is a national hero, and there are actual Nazi organizations still thriving in Ukraine.
Including the Azov Regiment, which is now a part of Ukraine's armed forces.
The Nazification of Ukraine is well documented and easily verified.
As is the Nazification of America.
During the 1930s, there were many notable Americans who supported the Nazis, such as Prescott Bush, Henry Ford, and Fred Koch.
Banks such as J.P.
Morgan and Chase Manhattan.
Companies such as General Motors, Standard Oil, Shell, and IBM.
Major General Smedley Butler of the U.S.
Marines was asked by these powerful entities to help them install National Socialism in the United States.
I appeared before the Congressional Committee, the highest representation of the American people under its subpoena, to tell what I knew of activities which I believe might lead to an attempt to set up a fascist dictatorship.
I was supposed to lead an organization of 500,000 men.
And when that plan failed, war broke out in Europe with the support of the banks and these American corporate entities.
After World War II, only about a dozen were brought to justice at the Nuremberg Trials.
The Catholic Church and the Vatican helped thousands of Nazis evade capture via the rat lines, which brought them mostly to South America, where they built an entire town in Argentina.
In Operation Paperclip, the United States secretly absorbed thousands of Nazis into the U.S.
government, where they led the NASA space program and helped pioneer the military-industrial complex, as well as Big Pharma.
Many believe that being a Nazi is synonymous with being anti-Jewish, which may have been true in 1930s Germany, but it's complicated.
Many high-ranking Nazis themselves, including Adolf Hitler, were Ashkenazi Jews, who can be traced back to the notorious Khazars, who mysteriously mass-converted to Judaism about 1,300 years ago in the region now known as Ukraine.
Ashkenazi Jews ran the political Zionist movement in Germany.
And for several years, the Zionists were the only political party allowed to operate inside Germany by the Nazis.
Both the Zionists and the Nazis wanted their own ethnically pure state.
And for years before their final solution, the Nazis helped the Zionists in their efforts to establish the State of Israel within Palestine.
It was far more complicated than mere racial hatred.
Nazism can best be described as fascism.
And fascism is godlessness.
The word Nazi is a made-up slur, but the word fascist can be clearly defined.
It stems from the Latin word fascis, which is a bundle of sticks banded together to form a deadly weapon.
An old-school meme that represents the deadly power of an organized mob, a gang.
When men lack a personal relationship with God, they inevitably band together out of fear.
Submitting to the strongman for a small taste of dominance, they become just another beast in the jungle.
And today, we can clearly see this fascist mentality in all of these godless groups.
The woke, the Satanists, the transhumanists, and the genocidal mass murderers of the Great Reset are all merging together into one giant Foskys.
Godless men and women banded together out of fear.
Fascists serving the strongman.
Spiritually speaking, these are the weakest among us.
And so far, we are allowing them to destroy everything.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reis.
Find both their sections at BandOnVideo.com.
That's just some of the important work their support of the broadcast is doing.
I want to go to these loaded phone lines.
Charles, Johnny, Tom, Ryan, Gary, Cody, Valerie and others taking your calls in the order that they are received.
This monitor is so little, I can't read the timers on it.
How long they called in.
So maybe you guys tell me who to go to first in the order received.
Because I guess Harrison's got better eyes than I do.
You know, with a little big monitor, I can't barely read where they're calling from and their first name.
But we'll do that.
We always take your calls in the order they're received.
But I can... Anyway, side issue.
Let me talk about this briefly here before you go to your phone calls.
We have a special surprise guest coming up in about an hour.
I've always explained that without Lister's support, we're not going to be here.
And the last three, four years with deplatforming, it got really hard to raise money and the harassment of our sponsors and things, you know, running them off where I've been like, Hey, we're desperate.
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It starts eating your organs, it starts eating your muscle.
And so, when I tell you thank you for supporting us over the years, and when I ask you for support now, I start talking about how they're trying to shut us down and it also makes me mad because all that subconscious knowledge starts coming up here.
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Even though part of me Sometimes wants to be out of the fight.
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Now it's time for others, but to take action.
But we've had so many big effects and so many times what we break first would not have broken and gone mainstream and had a huge effect if we weren't here.
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I did it as an investment.
And it was absolutely fantastic that now I'm dumping that money in here and all these Democratic Party groups and all these other people think they're gonna like sue us and rig courts and get all this fat money.
It isn't gonna happen.
But they didn't even admit it.
We know you don't have money.
We want to shut you down!
Which again, ladies and gentlemen, is what this comes down to.
So I'm gonna stop bitching.
I'm gonna take a breath.
I'm gonna play this clip.
I'm gonna take your calls.
I'm gonna be a good boy.
I love the crew too.
Sorry I was bitching about the monitor.
It's just... I can't read it.
All I'm saying is, ladies and gentlemen, I appreciate you and I thank you for keeping us on air.
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But you can't have 7, 8 million viewers a day and no one's buying anything and then pay for that band with hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.
I mean, that's what this comes down to.
And so again, I'm not bitching.
We just need people to understand that look around you.
War, craziness, forced inoculations, lockdowns, world government, new world order being announced.
We're here.
We were born and made for this moment in time, ladies and gentlemen.
And this is the time that we're supposed to be here.
And our most important work is now.
So I salute everybody watching.
I thank you and I appreciate you.
And if you think it's important we stay on air, Well then, work like you've never worked before to spread the word, to share the articles, to share the videos, whatever you think is most important we're doing, and to financially support this operation because I will never give in, I will never sell out, I will never back down, but I sure as hell can give out.
A lot of horses will get running and working until they have a heart attack or fall over and die.
And I'm not going to stop.
But it is enraging to me to actually know how bad the world's in trouble and to see what's going on and to have people not get how serious it is, especially all the idiots that serve the system and think they're part of a winning team as they destroy their own birthright and their own safety net.
I mean, we are in an insane time and it's going to get a lot worse.
And going into a supply chain breakdown, going into societal collapse, I would like to have a larger war chest of a reserve.
But it's all God and that's what it's up to and maybe we're meant just to run right out to the end and then there's a nuclear war and we run off and then it's the last day we're on air and we all get nuked.
I mean, I don't know, man.
I'm just telling you, Biden's in the news saying, we'll nuke Russia.
I mean, we're living in a crazy town, people.
All these idiots that want to shut us down just so they get in the newspaper, when the newspaper means nothing.
I mean, it's all just insane.
All right, I'm ranting.
I'm ranting.
I know that.
I said I'd go to your calls.
That's what these live broadcasts are like.
There's no teleprompters here.
And then I'm going to come back and go to your callers.
Go to the calls, even though I can't read it.
So again, ladies and gentlemen, this is Dr. James Gerardo, Chief of Neuroethics Studies Program and Scholar-in-Residence in the Center for Clinical Bioethics at Georgetown University, speaking to the Getz and cadets and faculty about the achievements in neuroscience and neurotechnology with impact on the future of war.
And then when you hear about putting something in your body that takes over your body and create blood clots and kill you, all in just a tiny injection, they're talking about COVID-19 and the patented Moderna Bill Gates spike protein 2016 that they've rolled out against us.
us here it is.
One of the newest developments is that nanoparticulate matter can be stabilized for distribution.
If you're not aware of what nanoparticulate matter is, it's that matter which exists on a scale of one times ten to the minus ninth.
Very, very small.
Smaller than a cell.
And we can manufacture materials that have discrete properties that can be controlled by virtue of bioengineering and their physical chemistry.
To auto-aggregate, to be able to aggregate in particular areas based upon their biological and their chemical sensitivity.
But now we go one step further.
Most recently, just a few weeks ago, it was announced that you could then aerosolize nanomaterials.
And go one step further, I can create small robotic units, controllable robotic units at the nanoscale, and that these too can be aerosolized to create a nanoswarm of biopenetrable materials that you cannot see, that can penetrate all but the most robust biochemical filters, that are able to integrate themselves through a variety of membranes, mucous membranes, in wherever, mouth, nose, ears, eyes, can be then uptaken into the vascular system to create clumping, can affect the vascular system of the brain, or can directly diffuse into the brain space, and these can be weaponized.
And they can be done in such a level that their presence is almost impossible to detect, and as such, the attribution becomes exceedingly difficult to demonstrate.
How much of this material would I need?
Take a look.
This is the front of my pen.
This amount of nanomaterial, if be able to maintain and sustain with regard to its deliverability and aerosolization, could, in fact, affect all of you.
Or, based upon where I come from, New York City, all yous.
Look at this.
Look at this.
I'm carrying that material.
Would you see it?
Would I have to lug a giant weapon into the room?
No, I wouldn't.
And what if, in fact, I utilize some form of an unmanned aerial device or unmanned ground device as a delivery vehicle?
Something like a drone or a bug.
Could I do something with that?
Okay, so the decision has been made because we have God-like technology to go ahead and just kill everybody and only be safe for one entity to live on the planet.
And that's the decision that's been made because of all this.
And then you see them deploying whatever is horrible and evil, they deploy it first, try to then make sure nobody else deploys it.
Because they're the good guys.
You've got to fight evil with evil, fight fire with fire.
All right, we're going to go to...
Callers here on the orders they received in Ryan and Louisiana, then we're going to go to everybody else like Johnny and Tom and Mark and Charles and Valerie and Cody and Gary, everybody else.
I really appreciate you joining us here on this live.
Saturday broadcast, outside of Big Tech, outside of their networks, our own independent people's transmitting system.
Thanks to the engineers and the great crew here at this operation, this ragtag group.
So I, all the support goes to the listeners and the crew for keeping us here.
And we're taking your phone calls now, right now.
So, who've been home the longest?
That was Ryan in Louisiana.
Ryan, go ahead.
Hey Alex, can you hear me?
I sure can, Ryan.
What's on your mind today?
Well, earlier I was listening in on you, and you had a video playing with Trudeau, and he was talking about pivoting.
Well, pivoting is one of their slang terms, actually one of their main priorities that they like to use.
Yeah, it means they're launching a new phase of their attack.
Exactly, because pivoting is kind of like a seesaw.
When you put pressure on one side, because it's like the gas price is going up, it causes people to feel suppressed.
causes them to feel down because of it being too high for them to travel and so forth.
And then when it goes down, it makes them feel elevated because they're able to do
more and break free from those barriers that are restricting them.
Well, another term that's similar to pivoting is wedging.
Because when you wedge instead of pivot, the family that Douglas Coe organized, well, he continued
essentially, when they used the wedging, they used this in their documentary that they
showed on Netflix, talk about wedging.
It basically infiltrates the vessel.
It's like ingesting material into a person through words.
And things transition through their screen like TikTok or film or anything of that nature.
Yeah, if somebody's unconscious, you can basically program them.
And that's what this all is.
It's behavioral psychologists trying to brainwash the public for powerful big corporations, but it creates a feedback loop.
It even makes them more mentally ill and basically destroys them.
Yeah, exactly.
And I noticed when you were showing the nanoparticle stuff, I was listening to that.
And that's also a part of it as well, because they have all these things occurring at once.
And once a vessel has an awareness of these things happening, it causes another circuit within the system, like another pathway.
And it's hard to detect what is actually their primary goal, because they have so many secondary routes, if you get what I mean.
Yeah, I hear you.
I appreciate your call.
It's a Hegelian dialectic of creating the crisis, offering the solution.
And so their goal is dumbing people down, poisoning people, and bringing in world government and a world casual society to then micromanage all our behavior and make us submit to very destructive activities.
Depopulation is their goal.
Death is their goal, right?
Thank you for the call.
Let's go ahead and take another caller here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Charles in Georgia.
Charles, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, how you doing man?
I'm here live on Saturday despite the enemy's best plans.
Last hour we laid out their entire new battle plan where they said their world government's falling apart when they've actually just gone into overdrive.
Yeah, awesome.
For those of us that have been following you from the beginning, you know, this stuff isn't that surprising.
I mean, if there were a legitimate Pulitzer Prize award for the coverage on COVID, you should get it.
I mean, on the rare occasion I turn on faux news, if they even start talking about COVID, I change the channel.
I'm like, what's the point?
Anything you can tell me, I already heard from Alex a year and a half ago.
So, great job on that.
I think you probably saved a lot of people.
Well, we're all in this together.
It's you, the listeners, supporting that did it all, brother.
Again, without you, we're nothing.
But yeah, we had a lot of doctors on.
We told people about hydroxychloroquine, about ivermectin, about zinc, and we saved a lot of lives.
This is a very serious bio-weapon virus.
Very, very serious.
They tried to block treatments for people, and they're guilty of major Nuremberg Nazi-level crimes.
Well, the good news is, I called in with good news with something that, this is kind of big.
I've been trying to get through to like Mike Lindell and other people on social media and I can't get to them.
So I'm like, you know what?
I heard you say you're taking calls today.
I just cleared my schedule.
Give us the big news, Charles.
Give us the big news.
Well, you might remember I called you in February of 2021.
That's the last time I talked to you.
And I said that I had something that would be like a rear naked choke from Khabib Nurmagomedov.
And then I suggested we use the the recall election systems in 20 states to force the hand
of these politicians to do something about the uh about the uh stolen election. Well apparently nobody
you made a commercial out of it sort of video that played on your channel for a while
well nobody did it. I remember your call.
Yeah it was disappointing that nobody took up the reins it's like if you and Owen don't do it it
doesn't get done. So I've got something better today um there are these three amazing women
that have a channel on YouTube and you've got to see this video um it's it's the most amazing
thing I've seen and I'm a little embarrassed because I knew about this and forgot until
they reminded me.
The channel on YouTube is called Our Great Awakening, and the video is how one mom saved the entire school district.
What they did was, they were at one of these meetings about the masks, which don't work, never worked, you know, and masking up the kids.
They were at a school board meeting, and a guy walked in And he walked up to the table where the school board officials were and said, listen, you get rid of this mask mandate or I'm going to put a claim on your surety bond tomorrow.
Ten minutes later, they lifted the mask mandate and he rattled out of there.
All right.
I haven't seen the video, but we're going to play it when we got a break here in a little while.
Tell me the name of it again.
It's Our Great Awakening.
What's the YouTube channel so I can find it?
Our Great Awakening is the channel and the video is How one mom saved our entire school district.
How one mom saved, you know one thing I hate to plug, people ask why I want him to play videos and don't give
credit or Twitter stuff.
Because if I plug them and get my attention the enemy goes and bans them.
But it's a catch 20.
I was just going to say that.
Everybody should download the video and save it because they probably will get banned.
But, uh.
Yeah, because I want listeners to know, great activists out there, I am so into you.
I want to promote you so much, but I almost feel guilty because, you know,
If we really hype somebody, then it gets them in trouble.
But that's just the way it is.
God, think of the level of censorship, it's so sick.
But you're absolutely right.
Yeah, there's the video.
It's these moms out there that are, like, taking the country back and the world back.
And the great part is, the enemy knows they're weak.
And that's why they're so panicked right now.
That's why they backed off COVID, at least in word, not in action, so that we'll go to
sleep and think we won the war.
No, we've won the battle.
We've not won the war.
We've got to continue to expose COVID as a bioweapon, and they're going to bring all
their controls back very soon if we don't get on the offense now.
Well, that's why I called, because this is so powerful.
People don't realize that every single one of these politicians, as an example, this
Bernovich guy out there in Arizona.
He's had the evidence for seven months.
No, it's very simple.
The globalists threaten these politicians.
Most of them actually don't even like what's happening.
They're just scared, or they got blackmail.
If you threaten to sue them, or do sue them, or come after them in legal and lawful ways, that's higher pressure than the globalists are putting on them.
A lot of times they're just scared of the New York Times.
The New York Times has no power, but they have power in their minds.
They think it is.
And so that's why a protest, a demonstration, a phone call, some rallies literally backed them off.
That's why we've got to do it.
But these surety bond claims are way bigger than that, Alex.
If you go after their bond and put a claim, and the process is on there, their website is bondsforthewin.com.
They tell you how to do it.
They teach you.
Got to get these ladies on your channel.
We got to get Mike Lindell to do this, and Donald Trump to do it, and we can all do it.
You don't even need an attorney.
You just lay out the laws that are not applicable.
Listen, listen, I'm going to look at their video and I'm going to play it.
I'm going to tell you this.
There's a lot of real stuff about one of people's bonds.
There's a lot of real stuff about suing people, period, getting their attention.
But a lot of this paper, you know, stuff where it's magic and there's the Federal Reserve
and they've got bonds on us and all that, it gets their attention when they get sued.
That's what's getting their attention.
But you need the suit to be extremely real or you yourself can get in a lot of trouble.
And so I'm not poo-pooing that.
I'm just saying, I'm not going to just randomly tell folks, go do this legally, go do this lawfully, but I will watch their video.
I will look into what they're doing and I will say that mothers and others going to city councils and saying no is beautiful.
And absolutely, they have to have the liability of the bacterial pneumonia you can get.
They've got to have the liability of the psychological damage these children and say you're abusing these children, what you're doing is wrong.
And then if you sue that school district, if you've got a child there, that definitely backs them off quickly.
And you're right, if you put something on their bond as a public official, that scares them and they go away.
I'm just saying this stuff is very serious for you if you violate their rights.
So I'm just saying that the law and courts is violence by another means.
And so I'm just saying that I have studied the law quite a bit and how all this stuff works.
And it's hard for me to make cogent decisions on it.
And so I just don't like have guests on that just, you know, I'm not saying the caller did this, but just, oh, there's this and there's magic and we did this.
The women started suing them.
That's what got them to go away.
Is there a magic to these bonds and the rest of it?
I've been on there 28 years.
I've been politically involved for over 30 years, and I've heard a lot of talk about a lot of bonds and, you know, this and that, and go after an officer's this, go after that.
And what gets their attention is you're coming after them.
Does that mean everybody on the internet that claims that they've got the secret silver bullet to go after the system is on target?
They just ignore it, or they change the regulations.
And I'm not saying people that claim all this stuff's wrong.
I haven't investigated this yet.
What I'm saying is that they sue somebody or they file something and instantly they back off.
And you go, my God, this must be a real legal theory.
No, no one's ever challenged them.
No one's ever stood up to them.
No one's ever said no to them.
So yes, standing up, even though you're not perfect and they're not perfect, is real.
I'm just saying there's no magic to it.
Believe me, I've experienced the corruption in the legal system.
Most of the time, it's like a big meat grinder, but if they want to get you, they will.
But they're already getting everybody, aren't they?
They're already screwing the whole system.
The system's coming down.
All right, Charles, thanks for the call.
All right, let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's talk to Johnny in Florida.
I'm going to the order they received.
Johnny comes marching home again.
You're on the air, Johnny.
Pleasure to talk to my social studies teacher, brother.
Love you, brother.
What's on your mind?
Well, for the last call, I'm going to show you how it's really done.
This morning, I woke up.
I didn't talk.
I called Mike Lindell.
I called this company.
I woke up.
I called Mar-a-Lago.
I called Eric Trump.
You're talking to Johnny X. I love you to death.
One of the most powerful drummers in America.
I got answers, and I got solutions.
I got no excuses.
I own a huge multi-million dollar rig, custom-made King Willa.
Let's put Reset Wars on the side of it.
It has a super stage up on top.
I play all the Info Wars songs right now.
I'm sure you've seen my videos.
I have, brother.
Beautiful, Johnny.
Ain't nobody touching me, kid.
I got no excuses.
Let's do this.
I don't want to take up any more of your time.
No, you're not.
Stay there, Johnny, because not about me, but I was talking to a journalist today who has been flying around the country doing reports.
They've been wearing an Alex Jones was right shirt.
They've gotten almost nothing but positive feedback.
Again, that's just an example of how Liberty is so popular.
Johnny, tell us about where we find what you're doing.
Well, it's on Facebook, even though, dude, they just banned me yesterday for saying, uh, Alex Jones.
I made this video for you and your family for Christmas, and they banned me again for another 30 days.
I don't care, dude.
I'm all set, dude.
I'm ready to take my rig, put Reset Wars on the side of it.
I'll take the red Lamborghini Countach you saw with Info Wars on it.
I'll put it on top.
I'll go on top of my rig with a double bass drum set.
I'll do every friggin' song from the show.
I love it.
Do it, Johnny.
What I love is how awake Florida is getting.
Man, Florida is such an example of freedom.
Why is Florida so alive?
Why is Florida so awake?
The scent is, bro.
Imagine if he wasn't in.
Imagine if that other idiot had gotten in.
The nightmare we would have been in down here.
All these idiots up there ruining it up there.
And then they come down here to party.
Like, what's her name?
With, uh, Let's Tax the Ricks.
I won't say their name.
They're animals to me.
You know what I mean?
Oh, she's not wearing masks.
She's partying in there.
Oh, you gotta wear it if you're not AOC.
Great points, Johnny.
Love you.
Appreciate your call.
Let's go ahead and take more calls here.
I've got such a great audience tuning in.
Sorry I blew up earlier about the monitor.
It's real though, folks.
I'm really emotional about all this.
Let's go to Tom in Nashville.
Beautiful state, beautiful city.
Tom, I might move to Nashville.
We might actually move in forward to Nashville.
Everybody needs to get that message now.
We're thinking about it, getting out of here.
I love Texas, but man, we've got to evacuate at a certain point.
Tom, what's your view?
I hear you.
Technology city here, too, with Oracle and everything else.
Great call.
A couple calls ago talking about the legal.
I'm a lawyer and a junior lead technologist.
We've got a company here that's formed by veterans.
We're working out solutions to using participatory technology.
But what I realized in InfoWars is that you guys are using a network theory called Reed's Law, where you form a distributed network.
You serve the people who have one common goal.
By delivering communications and coordination.
And it turns into a very large, powerful network.
So hats off.
There's so much that can be done with that.
And what I'm working on, on the side, not with my company, but on the side myself, is something I'm calling Hashtag Locust.
Because we need to turn around, look over our shoulder and build local.
When we do that, we can find local solutions.
Like a guy you had on yesterday named... I think he's named Alex also.
He's a farmer down Florida maybe?
So he's all about food.
Helping the farmers and working with the food production and food selling and all of that.
That's a local solution.
I read something about... How about Alfie Oaks?
Well, Alfie's another one.
Now this is the guy, a young man who just called in, but Alfie Oaks Oh, one trillion percent.
Everything in the future is going to be about local because the globalists are using their system to shut things down.
And so, absolutely, everything is local.
Survival is local.
And I cannot stress that enough.
I mean, this is sick.
We're forming a national advisory group.
We're not starting another organization for raising money, but if we have national advisors that each Each handle a particular segment.
We have an advisory group on education and so they'll help advise and give tips and help organize Moms for Liberty everywhere because there's nothing worse than a mama bear that could mess with their kids.
So education is one theme within the hashtag locust thing.
Food, of course, is production and innovation, business innovation.
Globalism is about killing innovation, killing local control, creating monopolies, while claiming the opposite.
Thank you so much, sir.
Thank you, Tom, for the beautiful city of Nashville.
And look, I love Austin.
People ask, why do I live here?
Well, I'm from here.
My mom's from here.
here, my family's from here, since it was a Mexican colony.
And it's LA. And for business and for media, Nashville's the place.
And if we can't afford to run this place here, and I love the crew, they all live here, I'm going to try to, you know, Nashville, we're looking at Nashville, maybe some areas, northeast Texas, small towns, they've got infrastructure, but we just can't continue to operate in Austin.
I mean, the judges here, you could sue me for anything, it's all rigged.
I mean, it's literally, this is where they arrested Rick Perry when the county attorney attacked police and was spitting on him and hitting him.
And then she ran this Texas ethics committee that was given $25 million a year by the state legislature.
And then he vetoed the bill because they wouldn't fire and they indicted him.
And he spent two years and $2 million fighting it.
And then appeals court overturned his criminal conviction.
They will indict a governor where I live.
For vetoing a bill under law.
I just, I love the infrastructure.
I love our operation, but it's days are numbered.
I mean, I can't, people are like, why'd you build it there?
Cause I mean, I mean, I've been here since I was 16 years, 15 years old.
I mean, my mother's from here.
My ancestors fricking had a war with Santa Ana for it.
I mean, I mean, literally.
So, I mean, I'm here, but I, I don't know what to do.
We're looking at towns in North Texas.
We're looking at, Look at Nashville, because we just can't hold out here with these people.
It's gone.
Austin's gone.
And again, I live in a jurisdiction where being an American, supporting freedom, supporting free speech is illegal.
I live in the Soviet Union.
I live in Nazi Germany.
I live in Communist China.
I live in North Korea.
They cut the police funding by half, folks.
Murder and crimes exploding everywhere.
There's homeless camps everywhere.
The city was clean, beautiful and safe five years ago.
It's gone.
I live inside the New World Order rape chamber.
I mean, it's just, it's just, and it's their plan.
They know what they're doing and they are, they are just raping Texas.
They almost turned it blue two years ago.
They're fraud and nobody holds them accountable.
So they're going to take over.
So sad.
I'm sorry.
The death of Texas is very, very sad.
But it's like California.
We're Texas!
It'll never happen to us.
Fifty years ago, California was more conservative than Texas.
And now look at us.
Forty years ago it was.
Let's go to Ohio.
Let's talk to Cody in Ohio.
Cody, thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex, I just want to say one thing right now, or right now in my entire life, the Holy Spirit is invigorating me more than ever.
I've never felt like this before.
This has to be on every influencer network.
There's a solution to the dependency on government, corporations, and very tyrannical banks.
Uh, basically keeping everybody in a trance right now.
Uh, holding everybody back from even helping this, this, you know, the infrastructure of this show out.
Uh, so I really want to... Yeah, because we're about to go interplanetary, interstellar.
I mean, we're, we're exploding right now.
We're about to go next level.
They're so pissed.
Yeah, yeah, but the problem is right now, uh, everyone thinks people are stupid.
Everyone thinks there's so much idiocy.
No, they're not.
They're asleep.
They're in a trance.
Yeah, yes.
I want to help people.
God wants to help these people and he's really trying to, he's telling me to help people.
So I want to share my solution, but... Tell me, tell me the solution.
No, I really feel like it's bad because if I share it, it might prevent any change from happening because it's such a big solution.
I know it sounds crazy.
I know it sounds ridiculous, but this could help fund the Operation Temple.
And that's why I want to talk off air about it and maybe have you talk about it.
I can't do that.
I hear you and I appreciate your call, brother.
I just, you know, I can't.
Actually paying for buildings, paying for electricity, doing all this stuff.
Everybody always got a hypothetical.
Everybody's got a plan that's so good, but we can't release it right now.
And you know, I just don't have time for those plans.
And I'm sure they're great.
Go out.
Your plan's so good.
It's going to be beautiful.
We love you, brother.
And we see your plan.
I think it's great.
We're going to support it, all right?
Thank you so much.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's talk to Gary in Illinois.
Gary, thanks for calling.
Hey, Alex.
Thank you, sir.
Hey, been listening to you since Waco days.
Wow, you've been listening 25 years.
Yes, sir.
I used to live in San Antonio down there and I lived through Waco and all that during that time period.
Well, good to have you here with us, brother.
What's on your mind?
Hey, brother, I am an inventor and I have been, like I said, listening to you for years and I've been working on a space program since I was 16 years old and I'm in my 50s.
All right.
That's exciting.
Tell me about it.
My dad was trying to get involved in the space program, too, when he was 15.
Yeah, I've dedicated my life to it, so it's something I don't take lightly.
So tell me about your views on this.
On the space programs?
Well, just whatever you're, you don't want to get into a nuclear war.
Do you want to get into a nuclear war?
No, I don't see a nuclear war happening.
It's, uh, shadow rattling, you know what I mean?
You're, you know, rattling your swords, you know, type of thing.
No, I hear you.
I guess you just told the person that took your call, doesn't think nuclear war will occur, so I want your view on nuclear war.
You know, nuclear war, like I said, I don't see it happening.
On that.
I hope you're right. I mean, and I think you're right.
Yeah. My thing was, uh, uh, part of the, you know, space program and whatnot goes,
you have been talking to us on a spiritual level, right?
Yes, sir.
Of what's going on.
All right. Um, like I said, I've dedicated my life to this, which is over 30 years of
research on my end. Or the, uh, that goes, what we're fighting here is, uh, what you
would consider a demon and it's how they control us.
It is all.
It is all through frequencies and whatnot, and I respect you, so don't take what I'm saying as an insult.
I don't.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Tell us.
All right.
This is for everybody out there listening.
This is what I know.
The way this thing works is they control us through our nervous system, and they draw on a negative energy.
So as a large group of people get, you know, like a city, and if you're depressed, you put out a negative energy, and that's the energy they draw on.
Like I said, they control us through our nervous system.
And that's... You understand what I'm saying there, right, Alex?
Oh, I definitely agree with you.
There's an evil force that likes pain and injustice and gets off on it.
And like I said, it's through our nervous system because the human body is electrical.
We put out signals and we receive signals.
That's right.
We're electrochemical transceivers.
That is right.
And like I said, I've figured this out through my space program.
I can, you know, I understand zero gravity, free energy and all that.
Well, brother, I appreciate your call.
That's really interesting information.
I agree.
This is a spiritual battle we're in.
Gary, thank you so much for calling.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's take a call from Valerie in Canada.
Valerie, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Yeah, I'm going to try and be really fast here.
I ran for the Libertarian Party of Canada leadership because of you, actually.
You called for That's awesome.
Tell us your name and we'll pull it up and put it on screen, Valerie.
Valerie Keith.
K-E-E-F-E, like Carly O'Keefe or James O'Keefe.
All right.
Valerie Keith in Canada, Libertarian candidate.
We'll pull that up.
Go ahead.
And yeah, what I wanted to say is there's a piece of the puzzle that you haven't had, but I understand why.
The anti-human agenda eugenicists have always wanted humans to be as fungible as possible.
They don't like sexual diversity.
That's why they manipulate sexual minorities.
If you look at what the Nazis did in 1934, they burned the papers of the Hirschfeld Institute.
They didn't just close it down.
They didn't just say, you can't provide transition medicine anymore.
They burned the papers so people wouldn't know what works, what doesn't.
And then if you look at the end of the Carter era, the early Reagan era, you have Gloria Steinem, CIA asset.
And Janice Raymond, who's mentioned in the Podesta emails, and helped Stephen Harper, Bilderberg attendee, criminalize sex work, what they did was they cartelized insurers against the provision of transition medicine.
So, what you had were trans people would, instead of getting a chemical their own body makes, like vitamin D3 within your winter sun, and it's great that winter sun has K2 because K2 is something we're really deficient in in the West, causes a lot of heart attacks, causes a lot of osteoporosis that we don't get that, but They hold back the chemical that your own body makes that lowers depression, and they want to coerce those patients when they're in a state of real desperation into genital reconstruction, which is a sterilizing medical procedure that actually is associated with increased risk of death.
Does that not kind of sound like the beta test for the clock shot?
Yeah, well there's no doubt that the main thing is they're chemicalizing, manipulating.
And you're right, in Brave New World we're talking about an asexual, non-sexual creature is what they want.
They don't want us to be sexual at all.
And that's why I see them trying to confuse things up front.
I don't hate anybody that is as a proclivity one way or the other.
The point is that they're definitely obsessed with our reproduction and obsessed with manipulating our lives.
I completely agree.
I mean, you know, when you talk about the nightmare future of children having their sexuality policed and manipulated, I'm like, yeah, that kind of sounds like what I went through.
Because remember that we were still teaching oversimplifications of human sexuality in Taylorist schools that were effectively run on the Rockefeller's model going back to the progressive era in the turn of the last century.
Well, what do you make of how they're targeting autistic children and then telling them they're trans?
That just looks like a way to sterilize people to me.
I think they're disproportionately targeting female assigned people and that goes back to Gloria Steinem because you have to remember what the elite loved was they loved an ideology that said there's no difference between men and women.
There's no neurological difference and if you look at what what legacy feminists or cis-feminists say, they say that
it's literally just the social class that you're forced into that causes all of these differences.
That there's nothing inherent in the way that we speak, in the way we think, in the way
we feel, in the way we relate to one another. And that's obviously preposterous to say that men
and women are not different.
Yeah, they're definitely different. And it's just that what they want is they want an
oversimplification. They don't want us to start understanding how mysterious humans are and how
many different ways that we connect and how many different ways that we create and how,
you know, loving a child...
Yeah, well, that's free will, but going in and telling children they're a different sex is the opposite of that.
But I really appreciate your call.
It was big points.
Thank you so much, Valerie, for calling.
I'm going to go to Micah and Mark.
We're gonna go to break and bring our special guest on.
But let me let me mention this since they just brought it up or since she just brought this up.
Why is it the same people who have been lecturing me for two years about the science can't tell me what a woman is?
So we're not against people's free will or saying anybody's bad.
We're saying it's an attack on women to say we don't know what a woman is because they're bringing this transhumanism where they want to get rid of humanity, period.
Utah lawmakers override governor's veto, pass bill banning men from competing in women's sports.
Yeah, especially men that still have their genitals in women's sports.
That's preposterous.
We're uncomfortable in our locker room.
Leah Thomas, UPenn teammate, tells how the trans swimmer doesn't always cover up her male genitals.
She doesn't cover up her male genitals when changing and concerns go ignored by the coach.
Seriously, watch this.
You gotta go see that video.
And then you've got all of this.
So yeah, here's the deal.
Telling six-year-olds in Austin, Texas, in the local elementary, it's in the news, that... Just lost my clip here.
My video title's fell off.
I guess I just lost that other one.
So I just had the next videos we're about to play in my stack, and I thought they fell back, but they didn't.
Yeah, we're going to air those next two reports you guys just gave me, and we're going to air those in the order that you just gave them to me.
Very, very important.
Children aren't sexual, the way the left says.
And so boys like boys, girls like girls, girls like boys, boys like girls, because they like to have fun and play and they're attracted to other children to have games and have fun and talk to them because they have open minds.
It's not, oh, do you like boys or do you like girls sexually?
A child doesn't know what that means when they're six years old.
They go, oh, you like boys.
Well, you're gay.
And now the state is creating a node, an attachment, A point to talk to you about that.
And now the state is there guiding a child into its development, which is something that's even a very touchy point for parents.
So you have this video of the local elementary school with them wearing their mask, and they're all going around learning how to use, you know, sex toys on themselves.
It's pure pedophilia.
It's pure testing the children, getting them ready, and it's mind control.
It's MKUltra openly being practiced in the public.
And it's wrong.
So those latest two reports you gave me that just disappeared out of my list guys, not your fault, my fault, all these pages.
People ask me why I have so many pages and I was on talk radio by 1996 and internet was very slow and printing articles was very slow.
So you might go to an article and wait a minute for it to load and then to print would take another minute and then you couldn't get to articles on air when you wanted to get there so you would print everything you wanted.
So that you'd have it.
And now since they change stories all the time, I like to print them and have a copy, but then it creates the problem sometimes.
Sorry, what'd you say?
And so then you get so many pages and so many documents and so many things, it becomes confusing.
So it's kind of the snake eating its tail, but we're going to get to Hunter Biden's laptop is the key to the new world order.
And then we are ruled over by demons.
Two John Bowne reports back to back.
Then we're going to go to our special guest.
And then we'll get to a few more calls as well today.
Big broadcast.
I want to thank you all for tuning in.
And I want to thank the crew for coming in here and everything they're doing.
Without this crew, we couldn't do any of it.
And I'm not kissing their ass.
They just put up with me and they understand that This is the real deal.
I mean, this is not a joke.
This is not a game.
This is a real defense of humanity.
This is the real best knowledge we've got about the universe and about God.
And it's a pretty heavy thing to know that we're the best there is.
And that doesn't mean we're on a power trip.
It's the opposite.
I'm like, whoa, this is really, really scary.
But we're the best there is.
And that means you out there are the best there is.
What you're doing here I mean, you don't need me to tell you how important you are, right?
You don't need me to tell you that we are literally, us together, you and I, the last ditch line of defense against this new world order takeover that's happening.
And I was talking to one of the crew members earlier.
I was saying, it's all going down.
It's all happening.
During the last break, I was going to go take a whiz and I was like, man, it's getting crazy.
My friend, Mike looks at me and he goes, yeah.
And next they're going to blame the people.
And that's exactly what the process is of the globalists now.
They've been running it in the ground and doing all this and making us all fight with each other.
And now they're like, hey, now we're going to blame you.
You didn't do a good enough job for us.
You didn't bow down.
You didn't kiss our ass good enough.
Now it's your fault all this is going to happen.
No Klaus Schwab.
No Bill Gates.
No Barack Obama.
No Tony Blair.
All of you.
All of you.
You did this.
You're bad.
You're bad!
And I'm not a bloodthirsty person.
And I'm not going to physically attack these people and make them victims myself.
But we're going to destroy you politically and culturally and spiritually.
We're going to light your ass up with the truth.
And we're going to get you off the backs of the children and the innocent people you starve to death and kill because you're pretending you're God.
And you're going to know at the end of the day that you've been broken.
My mission is to break you.
And it's not some power trip, or I'm the big swinging Johnson around here.
I'm just letting you know something.
I'm gonna get you.
In fact, we've already... I'm gonna say this, we're gonna go to break.
We've already hurt the New World Order really bad here, and they know it.
Thanks to God, but we're gonna hurt them a lot worse.
Understand that?
Last thing we do, these people are gonna pay for what they've done.
Because as adults, that's our job to do this.
Doesn't mean we're gonna be perfect.
Doesn't mean we got all the answers.
Doesn't mean when Satan accuses us of all not being perfect.
We're not saying we're perfect, but we choose God and we stand against these people right here.
We stand against Soros.
And Kissinger, and Rockefeller, and all of these people, we are against you.
And we know you hate us.
We know you're attacking us.
We know you started the fight.
But just get this, every one of those men is gonna burn in hell.
Daniel Rockefeller is already there.
Henry Kissinger, George Soros, they are gonna be separated from God for eternity, and they know it.
And they're scared.
And they think if they can claw enough of us with them, That somehow they're going to have their own little universe.
And all they're going to have is being separated from God.
We're going to go to break.
Great job of the crew on the Saturday transmission.
All the listeners are spreading the word.
And we'll come right back on the other side.
These statements have not aged well.
The FBI is now investigating whether those alleged Hunter Biden emails are actually connected to a larger foreign intelligence operation.
They may be related to a foreign intelligence operation.
Foreign intelligence operation.
Foreign intelligence.
Foreign intelligence.
Foreign intelligence operation.
For all we know, these emails are made up.
And finally, after a year, the New York Times has verified the left's worst nightmare.
Yes, Hunter Biden's laptop is very real.
As the New York Post reports, it's not until the 24th paragraph in the New York Times story that mentions emails involving Hunter Biden and his associates in those deals, followed by these two sentences.
Those emails were obtained by the New York Times from a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop.
The email and others in the cache were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation.
It took the Grey Lady nearly 17 months to grudgingly concede even a fraction of what the New York Post readers learned in October of 2020.
And what voters would have learned had it not been covered up by the complete control of the lamestream, mainstream, mockingbird media.
The information found on the laptop may be part of a Russian disinformation campaign.
Part of a Russian disinformation effort.
Described by many intelligence experts as having hallmarks.
All the hallmarks.
Hallmarks, rather.
All the hallmarks of a Russian.
Russian disinformation.
Russian disinformation.
Disinformation campaign.
This is a classic example of the right-wing media machine.
What is even odder than that is that Joe Biden made this bizarre declaration in the middle of skyrocketing inflation and crime and the possibility of World War III.
So we established a new civil rights, a new civil rights cause of action for those whose intimate images were shared on the public screen.
How many times have you heard, I bet everybody knows somebody somewhere along the line, That in an intimate relationship, what happened was, the guy takes a revealing picture of his naked friend, or whatever, in a compromising position.
And then, literally, in a sense, blackmails or mortifies that person.
Send it out.
Put it online.
Why would Biden do this?
Because it is a greasy, slippery slope to Biden's involvement in massive pay-to-play corruption and quite possibly further impending, incriminating, compromising blackmail of crusty old Joe himself.
Beyond Joe Biden's perverse leanings, how far does the Biden grift go into the depths of engineered global pandemics, or worse?
The U.S.
company Metabiota Inc.
was awarded $18.4 million in federal contracts under the Pentagon's Defense Threat Reduction Agency program, run in Georgia and Ukraine for scientific and technical consulting services.
MetaBiota researches global field-based biological threat research, pathogen discovery, outbreak response, and clinical trials.
MetaBiota had been awarded $3.1 million for their work in the Sierra Leone, one of the countries at the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak.
And according to the Gateway Pundit, Hunter Biden's investment company, Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners, funded San Francisco-based MetaBiota as early as 2014.
Rosemont Seneca's website also showed MetaBiota as one of the companies it has invested in.
MetaBiota then partnered with Black & Veatch, a company with ties to the Department of Defense, to set up labs in the Ukraine.
The cover-up of Hunter Biden's laptop is far more than his twisted crackhead lifestyle.
The emails on that laptop are crucial to stopping Joe Biden's lust for a New World Order, no matter what the price.
Biden titled these pleas to the Senate flying in the face of American sovereignty, the threshold
of the new world order, the Wilsonian vision and American foreign policy in the 1990s and
An excerpt from the first speech reads, I shall urge that we revive the concept of a
new world order, rescue the phrase from cynicism and invest in it a vision that should become
the organizing principle of American foreign policy in the 1990s and into the next century.
The moment is upon us to define a compelling concept of a new world order, to commit ourselves
to it and to lead the world in its realization.
And now's the time when things are shifting.
There's going to be a new world order out there, and we've got to lead it.
We've got to unite the rest of the free world in doing it.
John Bowne reporting.
The elite's minions within the inept court system are bungling the best laid plans of the perverse and crooked establishment.
And so it goes amongst the New York elite who are now in yet another panic after a list of alleged clients of the student prostitute in the Sarah Lawrence sex cult case was inadvertently published online.
We're back covering the shocking allegations against Lawrence Ray, a 60-year-old dad accused of starting a sex cult with his daughter's college classmates after getting out of prison.
He's now facing claims that he subjected his alleged victims to sexual and psychological manipulation and physical abuse.
But long before these sex cult accusations came to light, Lawrence was a well-connected road traveler whose friends included former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerrick, who joins us now.
And to give you an idea, Doc, of the spectrum of people that he was around, he called me up from an airplane one time.
And he said, pick me up at JFK.
I'm coming into JFK.
I've got some friends.
And as he got off the plane and he was walking toward my car, I'm looking out the window and I said, wow, I said, this guy that he's walking with, he really looks like President Mikhail Gorbachev of the Soviet Union.
And he puts Mikhail Gorbachev in the backseat of my car.
Another time he picks up the phone in my car he calls the commandant of the United States Marine Corps, General James Jones.
Another time he invites me to a private dinner and I walk in and it's him, Governor Mario Cuomo.
Just as quickly as the list was under seal, it was released.
A mad attempt to undo the damage was ongoing, but unfortunately for them, the Daily Mail acquired a copy of the 121 names that only scraped the surface.
According to the Daily Mail, the now-released document is an exhibit admitted in the federal case against 62-year-old Larry Ray, who was charged with operating a sex cult out of his daughter's dorm room at Sarah Lawrence College.
After years of allegations about unspeakable abuse against young people he met as college students, 60-year-old Lawrence Ray was arrested at this New Jersey home on Tuesday.
One of his daughter's roommates and one of the female victims in the indictment were in the residence at the time.
According to the indictment, Ray held so-called therapy sessions in his daughter's dorm, alienating several of the victims from their parents after earning their trust.
The document says he controlled them by using verbal and physical abuse, which escalated after he and some of the victims later moved to New York City.
The indictment also charges Ray with depriving his victims of food and sleep, and taking explicit pictures of some of them.
Prosecutors say he accused them of lying and stealing, and in response they say he asked for money, eventually extorting nearly a million dollars.
Ray directed his victims to obtain money for him by other means, by draining their parents' savings, and worse, forced labor and prostitution.
Ray is also accused of demanding taped confessions from his victims for supposed crimes they committed.
Are you making this by your own free will?
In this video uploaded in 2017, an apparently disoriented young woman says she tried to poison Ray, an unsubstantiated allegation.
Did you in fact poison me?
Among the Johns on the list are a top executive at the Gap clothing firm and her husband.
They were one of two married couples that were included.
A former New York state Supreme Court judge is also named.
Another alleged client is a painter who has studios in Manhattan's East Village and in
A third, an architect famous for designing colleges and university buildings.
An investment executive who was also a pedophile in Jeffrey Epstein's infamous little black
book of contacts.
Other names include a hedge fund manager who has his name on a museum on a building in New York, a Washington D.C.
lobbyist, and an international diamond dealer.
Also included is an executive at the Metropolitan Transit Authority, an account executive at Amazon, and a veteran travel writer.
Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, Peter Nygaard, and now Larry Ray.
They will all merely be replaced to supply the debauched elite with the flesh for their fantasy lifestyle.
Meanwhile, they continue to pervert our own children with their demonic policies.
John Bowne reporting.
I'm Christy Lee here. I'm outside of John Bowne Elementary in Austin ISD School.
We have just been ticketed for being on the property and told not to come back for an entire year or we will be arrested.
All of this for wanting viewers to know what they're indoctrinating the children with here at Dawes Elementary.
Now Dawes Elementary has been mighty proud of what they have going on this week.
They're Pride Week.
They have had videos and pictures of the students celebrating a whole week dedicated to teaching children as young as four about gender ideology and, you know, acceptance, but, you know, they need to know about binary, non-binary, You can be a boy, girl, or creature, you know, anything, when it comes to Pride Week here at Doss Elementary.
Now, they did get some backlash for this, especially because documents obtained show that the teacher's instructions were to tell the kids what is said in this classroom stays in this classroom, and remember that it is shared, and the Pride Circle is confidential.
Well, obviously, some parents had issue with this, and brought the attention of the matter.
And because of that, they did update the documents to say, teachers, make sure that you remind the children that they're allowed to share this information with the parents.
How good of them, right?
To be allowed to share with the parents.
But if you want to see the whole report, what went down when the officers showed up, five cop cars to show up with us talking about this issue.
With confronting the assistant principal, make sure you click the link in the description.
But for now, I'm reporting live outside, far away, just for your information, Austin ISD,
far away from the school, Doss Elementary, here in Austin.
The first nation to successfully weaponize and mass-produce deadly pathogens was Great Britain
during the start of World War II, soon followed by the United States, Germany, France, and Japan.
While many nations mass-produced them, Japan was notorious for deploying biological weapons.
Killing almost a half a million Chinese soldiers and civilians in several military campaigns, including the 1940 bombing of Ningbo, China, when Japan's secret bioweapons unit 731 dropped ceramic bombs full of living fleas carrying the bubonic plague.
German pharmaceutical company IG Farben-Bayer conducted fatal human experiments on prisoners and killed over a million people with its cyanide-based Zyklon B.
The U.S.
established their own bioweapons program at Fort Detrick, Maryland, in 1942.
And by the end of the war, brand new facilities were completed for mass production of anthrax and other bioweapons.
After the war, the directors of IG Farben were punished at the Nuremberg trials, but the scientists were secretly absorbed into America's bioweapons program.
Japan was planning to attack the city of San Diego, California with weaponized plague, but they surrendered three weeks prior to the scheduled attack.
And while Japanese researchers arrested by Soviet forces were tried for war crimes, those captured by the United States were secretly given immunity in exchange for working with the U.S.
bioweapons team.
Long after World War II, the U.S.
bioweapons program continued to expand with the help of Japanese and German war criminals.
And in 1969, the U.S.
government officially terminated their offensive biological weapons program, continuing on with a defensive biological weapons program.
Which was nothing more than a change of language ahead of the Biological Weapons Convention in 1972.
The U.S.
would continue to experiment with and produce deadly pathogens, but now under the guise of defense.
And mostly, defense against Russia.
Of all the nations involved in bioweapons research, Russia factors in very little.
The U.S.
government claims that the Soviet Union had the biggest bioweapons program in history, but this is based solely on a mysterious 1979 anthrax leak and the lone testimony of Soviet defector Ken Alabeck, who has also been absorbed into the U.S.
bioweapons program.
And who has helped the U.S.
surround Russia with dangerous bioweapons labs.
Russia is now releasing confiscated documents of the work that was being conducted in the NATO-backed biolabs they have secured in Ukraine.
These labs were allegedly developing genetically engineered bioweapons to target specific Slavic people, and experimenting with ways of spreading pathogens via bats, ticks, lice, and fleas, like the work Japan's Unit 731 was doing before being secretly brought into the U.S.
Meanwhile, Bill Gates is currently allowed to release hundreds of millions of genetically modified mosquitoes within the United States as some sort of disease control experiment.
You can say what you want about Vladimir Putin and Russia, but they aren't the ones waging war against the people of the West.
That would be the World Economic Forum, the big banks, and their lackeys of the Great Reset agenda.
After the U.S.
government sanctioned all the Russian people, Putin responded by only targeting a few known criminals of the Great Reset cabal, as if sending a message to the Americans that we share the same enemies.
Whereas the global elites are working towards destroying the nation-states, Russia is reinventing the nation-state.
Russia hopes to be the world's biggest producer of organic farming, while the globalists are pushing for genetically modified foods, bugs, and synthetic meat.
The globalists are actively destroying the family, down to the mother's womb.
While Russia seeks to build a society based on family and Christian values.
The Russian government provides fallout shelters for the civilian population to potentially survive a nuclear war.
And the U.S.
government has absolutely nothing for the people.
We are on our own.
But FEMA reminds us to remain socially distanced while our government robs us blind and starts a nuclear war.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
It's called the Great Reset.
[outro music]
It's called the big banks wanting to squeeze the economy and make people poor so they can loan us fiat money to take control of our lives, the social credit score, and the universal basic income.
That's everything.
That's the whole future of our lives.
The whole world's gonna be about surveillance and control and them manipulating and tracking everything you do.
It's all being officially announced.
I've got articles everywhere.
There are press releases saying it!
And then the crew asked me during the break, they go, Are you alright?
You really seem upset here.
Are you feeling okay?
Atlanta's about to have to do their war.
I mean, they're gonna starve a couple hundred million people to death.
Yeah, I'm pretty freaked out, yeah.
This is real.
This is not... This is not a freaking game to me, man.
You understand, like, I like living, right?
I like my children not dying.
People are already starving to death by the hundreds of millions right now.
You'll never see it on the news.
They're dying right now.
They're in their freaking houses, starving to death, begging for God to help them, and no one's coming because God tells us to get up and take action, and then we don't do anything!
And that paralyzes God!
Yeah, God can do it.
But God needs us to do it, because God's not real.
Once again, not for the first time, what has seemed like a nutty conspiracy theory has turned out to be the truth.
Yeah, I'm upset.
I'm really... I told you last time I watched it.
What's wrong with you?
You look really freaked out.
Oh my God, I'm really freaked out!
I'm really freaked out!
I'm really freaked out!
You see, because this is real!
The supply chain being cut off, the energy grid being cut off is real!
And we're going into a time now where we're not going to be on the air.
I mean, if we don't back this off, if we don't get sane people to stop the vautelists, I mean, we won't be here in six months.
You won't be here at Six Flags.
Who is the most banned news network in the world?
Who is the most banned news network in the world?
InfoWars comes to mind.
You watch InfoWars?
It's a radio show hosted by Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Nice guy.
You must be a threat if they call you out by name.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones is the greatest.
He knows who it all is.
I'm playing this joke over here.
That's why the platformer didn't work.
Alex has been right on for over a decade.
You need to listen to Alex Jones.
Of the multitude of different problems you could have in the tax arena, it really comes down to past, present, and future.
And as I was just saying, the past means you already owe money.
There's liens out against you.
The IRS and the state might be coming to your door, coming to your business, harassing your family.
We could put that to immediate stop and get those taxes reduced to something you can afford to pay back, okay?
And now we have the present, right?
The present is this year right now, and that means if you need to file, We can help you file.
Don't go to one of the big box tax shops to file because at the end of the day, what a lot of people don't know is those companies are not tax companies, they're technology companies.
And the clerk that's inputting your information has about as much tax education as the layperson, right?
So you want to go to a true advocate that's going to help you out and get you all the deductions.
And it's done like that by design because a clerk that doesn't know what they're doing is entering it, but also the average IRS agent is a clerk as well.
That's absolutely right Alex.
So it's dumb and dumber.
Dumb and dumber and they just co-sign each other's BS and that's how it works.
So what we do is we go in there and we say hey dumb and dumber get out of the way that's not what the law is that's not what the rules are from the IRM and we put it down right.
Okay so that's the present and now arguably and I'd say definitely the most important is the future.
This is for the person right now who says, Hey, Alex, I paid so much in taxes this year.
What can I do to make sure I don't pay that much next year?
And what that means is getting you in the proper corporate setup entity, depending on the type of work you're doing.
You can't run a business in America without proper tax planning.
And that's why 90% of new businesses fail because they go get their taxes done in H&R Block.
And you know what?
When a business fails, the first thing they stop doing is paying their taxes, which is,
which is a just not put a knife in the heart because now the state
and the IRS will make sure you get taken out.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a very special guest in studio with us and
And no, it's not Mike Tyson.
So that's going to be happening very, very soon.
Got a big, in-depth interview.
Amazing behind the scenes.
Hung out a lot with Mike Tyson.
I'm going to leave it at that.
It's going to be airing very, very soon.
And there's a lot more.
Not just that.
That was one of the things I did when I was out in L.A.
But that's one of the biggest.
It was amazing.
Great guy.
But, and he has a lot of interesting live experience and can really empower a lot of people.
Talk about a life coach.
What he's been through.
It's incredible.
The reason I say this is about as important as it gets, as you can get, is because I have friends and family that have used these guys, and I sought them out.
And so it's a total 360 win.
They can save you up to 90% on taxes, back taxes, real tricks, not like other tax lawyers that tie you up, get a bunch of money, play games, suck you dry.
They just give you the secrets.
It's like magicians that just give you the loopholes, give you the secrets on dozens and dozens of different products that they've got and when they save you money, up
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them as a sponsor. They were on a few weeks ago, blew everybody away. They got thousands of calls.
This is a product people really need and it funds the operation and he exposes the corruption of
the IRS and what's really going And so I wanted to get him in studio.
He's Tyler Bennett.
He's a tax professional.
They have a whole big giant crew, offices in LA, Vegas, you name it.
We went and visited their offices just earlier this week.
He's a tax professional, the owner, operator of the tax firm American Tax Solutions.
Tax Solutions helps individuals and business owners resolve their tax problems fast.
Owing money to the IRS can be intimidating and stressful.
They've helped thousands of people lower liability and get their lives back. Standing by your side
every step of the way. Tyler has partnered with Alex Jones to provide incredible savings
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sponsor by the number of customers they get. And it's great because we are battling just to
stay where we're at folks. If enough people use their services and save a bunch of money, we
could end up actually expanding So, match made in heaven, 360Win.
Who's partnered with Alex Jones to provide incredible savings at Jones, one word,
Jones Tax Relief, and you can put it on screen, jonestaxrelief.com.
Yeah, just that lower third.
Jonestaxrelief.com, and you can see 833-900-4285, 833-900-4285, incredible people.
And they're answering the phones at 9, 10 at night.
This guy is as well, and he is just absolutely slaying it with a team of people he's got with decades and decades
and decades together of experience.
He's a lawyer, obviously, as well, bookkeeping, business consulting, business entity selection,
estate and trust tax preparation, financial statements, IRS representation, payroll services, retirement planning,
sales and tax services, tax preparation and planning.
Tax levies and liens release.
Wage garnishment release.
End penalties and interest.
Tax negotiations and settlements.
Reduce IRS tax fee.
Resolve back taxes.
IRS audit defense.
Payroll tax negation.
And most of their products, you don't pay them any money.
They just go and save you money and they get part of the money they save.
So I'm telling you, this is the type of thing that gets me excited because I only promote what I believe in.
Gods, guns, guts, family, red meat.
Hiking in the woods, standing up for what you believe in, free speech.
This is it.
And this guy's a listener and a great patriot, and so are the folks at the company.
It was amazing to go there and meet him.
Thank you so much for coming here with your girlfriend and your mom.
Thank you, Alex.
Great to be on the show again.
Great to be back in the great state of Texas.
I'm a native Texan, haven't been back in a long time.
Great to be here.
You're telling me you're from Dallas too?
I was born in Dallas Children's Hospital.
Me too.
Or I was born in Parkland, but yeah.
And, uh, now that I see, uh, how, uh, the guys out in Plano are, I'm gonna have to come back with a tax wrap, clearly.
I tell you, these Texans are causing a lot of trouble.
So again, I can't hype you enough because this is something so good.
And I remember my dad with a separate company like yours decades ago with mainline tax lawyers being murdered.
And as soon as he actually found a group similar to you, not even as good as you, but great, they fixed all his problems.
He couldn't believe it.
And now I've had friends and family that I went and looked up and recommended you guys years ago.
Did a great job.
That's why I sought you out.
And boom, you're a Lister and you're a Patriot.
It's beautiful.
Absolutely Alex.
Because here's the thing is most tax firms out there, CPA firms by their nature follow the rules.
The IRS makes the rules and they follow the rules down to a tee.
Not the law.
Not the law, the rules.
What they perceive to be the rules.
The Internal Revenue Manual which is Written by attorneys, but interpreted by clerks.
So that's who is making these decisions.
And so what you need is not somebody who's just going to listen to what they blindly have to say.
You need an advocate who's gonna fight so that you pay the least amount of taxes.
Because even the Bible says, give to Caesar what is Caesar's, but don't give him a dime more.
Well, that's right.
Explain that to people.
All the bigwigs basically pay zero or almost nothing because they wrote the tax code and the little guy's not supposed to know about that.
And it's just totally insane that the average CPA won't tell you about tax incentives, they won't tell you about all those special write-offs, they tell you don't take those, you might get audited.
But that's really just a straw...
Tiger, isn't it?
It sure is, Alex.
Since the 16th Amendment was passed in 1913, there's been two basic systems of taxation in this country.
One for the globalist, the elitist, the uber-wealthy, and one for the entire rest of the country.
And that's what we all pay.
And what we aim to do with my firm, and in conjunction with InfoWars, is provide the services typically reserved for the elitist, for the average person.
And again, it seems like magic.
It's not.
Most lawyers and CPAs want to milk you and won't tell you about this.
And because they never get problems, never have to defend what they've done and what they've signed off on like you guys do.
If they just give everything over to the system, even like blue collar people paying 30-40% of their income, it's total fraud.
But with you guys, you go with what the real law is, not just what BS they've made up.
Alex, so the Internal Revenue Code has been written in a way so it is basically impossible to understand by the layperson.
And they did that on purpose so that they can take their deductions, not pay anything in taxes, and still hit up the middle class with outrageous tax rates.
And so what we do is we're knowledgeable in the IRC, we know the regs, and we can use those same rules, the law actually, Make sure you're not paying a dime more than you have to.
I had the owner, a friend of mine, but the owner of one of the largest tax preparing groups in Texas tell me, he said, Alex, you're absolutely right.
The 1913 tax code is for social engineering.
Buy the rich to keep the poor, poor.
They all know that.
I mean, it's, it's, it's, that's actual history.
And, and here's the thing too, is if you don't agree with what this administration is doing, you know, your tax dollars are going to fund it.
Percentage is going to NATO, percentage is going to the Ukraine war effort.
You know, you're, you're paying for that.
So you want to make sure that you're paying the least amount of possible.
Cause guess what?
You're also paying for it at the pump.
Continue on talking about your company and what it does, because I just want people to understand, no client's too small, no client is too big, and people should always get different tax advice.
You guys cut right to the chase.
Absolutely, Alex.
No client is too small and no one is too big.
Listen, there are there's a multitude of tax issues you could have but it kind of comes down into one of three categories, okay?
The past, the present, and the future.
If you already owe money, we can use government programs and other things that exist that they don't tell you about but they have to tell me about because I'm a taxpayer.
practitioner and we can use that to lower your liability.
Okay, that's past.
Let's come back with present and future.
That's right ahead with Tyler Bennett Jones tax relief.com folks.
You need to get involved with these guys.
You look at their website.
You need to take action.
We'll be right back.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center and the heart of the resistance
with Tyler Bennett, the owner and head of tax professionals over at American tax solutions.
You go to Jones tax relief.com so that when you go get great service, we get the credit
and they continue to be a big sponsor that keeps us on the air.
And again, I only bring you things that I believe in that are amazing.
And I can only tell you that this is the area of life that anybody, whether you're a welder
or whether you are an auto mechanic, or whether you're a school teacher, whether you're an
FBI agent, whether you are a movie director, whether you own an auto parts store, whether
you're a farmer, a rancher, whether you're a millionaire, a billionaire, it doesn't matter.
Not knowing about these things is what's destroying you. You can buy these self-help books
people put out that are like the size of a phone book that have every year
whatever the new tricks are that are in the code. But you gotta have an expert that knows how to
just do it quick, get it done, see what you're doing, sign off on it so that they're certifying
it, their names on it, so you're protected. But they know they're going to stand behind it.
That's the key to all of this, and that's why these other lazy groups and others don't actually let you know what's happening.
I'm going to stop ranting, though, Tyler.
Go back to the three things.
The past, the present, and the future.
This is so important.
Absolutely, Alex.
So of the multitude of different problems you could have in the tax arena, it really
comes down to past, present, and future.
And as I was just saying, the past means you already owe money.
There's liens out against you.
The IRS and the state might be coming to your door, coming to your business, harassing your
We could put that to immediate stop and get those taxes reduced to something you can afford
to pay back, okay?
And now we have the present, right?
The present is this year right now.
And that means if you need to file, we can help you file.
Don't go to one of the big box tax shops to file because at the end of the day, what a lot of people don't know is those companies are not tax companies, they're technology companies.
And the clerk that's inputting your information has about as much tax education as the layperson, right?
So you want to go to a true advocate that's going to help you out and get you all the deductions.
And it's done like that by design because a clerk that doesn't know what they're doing is entering it, but also the average IRS agent is a clerk as well.
That's absolutely right, Alex.
So it's dumb and dumber.
Dumb and dumber, and they just co-sign each other's BS, and that's how it works.
So what we do is we go in there and we say, hey, dumb and dumber, get out of the way, that's not what the law is, that's not what the rules are from the IRM, and we put it down right.
Okay, so that's the present.
And now, arguably, and I'd say definitely the most important, is the future.
This is for the person right now who says, Hey, Alex, I paid so much in taxes this year.
What can I do to make sure I don't pay that much next year?
And what that means is getting you in the proper corporate setup entity, depending on the type of work you're doing.
You can't run a business in America without proper tax planning.
And that's why 90% of new businesses fail because they go get their taxes done in H&R Block.
Absolutely, and you know what?
When a business fails, the first thing they stop doing is paying their taxes, which is, just put a knife in the heart because now the state and the IRS will make sure you get taken out.
Continue please.
Okay, so, something that, as I was saying before, Really important thing here is that, you know, the government wants to come after the things that make the populace powerful, right?
And we know they've been coming after your guns for years, okay?
But they want to come after your money too, because if the middle class has too much wealth, then, you know, the globalists, the elite, you're not dependent on the government.
And the people get this now, because it's announced, we want to make you poor to control you, you will own nothing, have nothing, and they think we're too dumb to get around what they've done, because they always leave escape hatches for themselves.
So while they're at the top... Oh, we met for like four or five hours off and on in LA, so we've been talking each other's ear off about this.
We sure have.
And yeah, it's like we said, there's two systems in the world where they skate by at the top paying next to nothing or nothing while, you know, the middle class is stuck with the highest tax rates.
And, you know, it's ridiculous and it's not right.
Well, I just can't stress for people enough, they shouldn't feel intimidated like you're trying to be a fancy pants lawyer or some group.
You guys want to hear from everybody.
So describe the services and some of the average things you can do.
But also, you tried to get in this last time, we didn't have time.
Some of the horror stories and examples of what they're gearing up to do now with Biden saying he's coming after the middle class.
They admit almost all these preparers and all these new groups they're having and all these new investigators, they're saying that they're going after the middle class and poor people.
Well, the thing is they're going after the middle class with a trifecta, right?
So the inflation's making your dollar worth less, your purchasing power worth less.
At the same time, they have hired 60,000, or they want to, IRS agents.
Well, guess who's going to pay for that?
You and me.
And that's going to come out of our taxes.
And why does the IRS say they want to see everybody's bank accounts in live times?
Anything over $600 of transactions a year.
Well, that's all bank accounts.
So they're going to watch everything in live time.
They're already doing it, but why are they announcing it?
Well, do you know the reason why they're doing this, Alex?
It's because they could very easily close the tax gap.
The tax gap is the difference between how much the IRS says they're going to make and how much they actually do make by taxing the globalists properly.
But instead of doing that, they want to hit up the middle class for $600.
Please continue.
So, here's the thing.
It's like, let's say I am on eBay and I sell an old pair of shoes or baby clothes that my son doesn't wear anymore.
They know under the Great Reset, they want to eradicate the underground market.
Yes, they do.
And here's the thing.
Before Biden passed that bill, if you sold something on eBay, you're fine.
Until you start to have a pattern of 20 more transactions over $20,000 and they say, okay, prove to us it's not a business.
Prove to us it's not income.
Now if you make one transaction over $600, they're saying prove to us it's not a gift.
Prove to us it's not income.
As they press us into a system where we'll only survive by barter.
Exactly so.
You're trading a bicycle for two pigs.
Well now it's the Internet of Things.
That bicycle has a code on it.
They're going to know you transferred it.
That's right.
They know everything.
And that's the thing.
So that leads me to another thing.
And so they took some flack for this, but they're still doing it.
Under the radar is the biometric data, right?
So the IRS started collecting biometric data for regular taxpayers just trying to access their online IRS account.
And, you know, they got some serious backlash about it and said they were going to stop doing it.
But they've already collected 73 million taxpayers' data.
And they haven't gotten rid of it yet.
So the thing is, you don't want to give information to the wrong people because they're only going to use it against you.
The IRS does not have your background.
Oh yeah, folks, you think like, oh I'll give people all my info, what do I have to hide?
No, they twist it against you.
I learned that in these lawsuits, man.
They'll take the most innocuous thing and turn it into the most horrible thing.
Speaking of that, if there's people out there that have some kind of legal settlement, let me talk about a horror story.
This is fabulous, something that I had worked on.
One of my first clients, a great guy, was in a workers' comp oxygen, paralyzed from the neck down.
Okay, workers' comp is not taxable per the code, but guess what?
The revenue officer assigned to his case was taxing him on non-taxable income, and they brought this paralyzed man, fully paralyzed, Down to the poverty level, and he had to go collect welfare, okay?
And when I got in... That's why so many people are homeless.
Yeah, absolutely.
Because, and he didn't know that his rights were being violated, right?
Because they don't tell you.
They don't tell you.
It's just like the police.
Hey, can I look in here, even though I don't have the right to?
And you say, yes, you're consenting to have your rights violated.
And the IRS uses the exact same logic.
So you guys are experts, have a huge team, a giant, that's just one of your men, 14,000 square feet, that's amazing.
Yeah, we got a lot of people because, well, listen, got a lot of attorneys, a lot of CPAs, a lot of enrolled agents, and then all the people that work under them, of course, because we don't just deal with the IRS, we deal, now you're lucky in Texas here, there's no income tax, where I'm from, in California, It's the highest in the nation, and we deal with all 50 state taxes as well.
So that's why we need to have a varied amount of professionals.
We have experts for every area.
I was very impressed by it.
You guys are not playing games.
By the way, nobody's sitting around there playing online solitaire.
They're on the phones, man.
Hey man, I've been staying there till 9, 10 o'clock at night, you know, because these people want help and that's what gives me passion.
That's what I'm emotional about, Alex.
It makes me feel good.
Integrate that you're a lawyer that actually gets to help people and most of them screw people all day.
You're actually like giving them the secrets to how the insiders are screwing them.
You know, lawyers get a bad name because the ambulance chasers and all of them and they're just trying to screw the hardworking people out of their money.
We're trying to put it back in your pocket.
And that's what we're going to do.
I'm telling you, I'm so excited about this relationship.
And I'm so glad that I recommended you guys.
People use it, so I called you, and I'm so glad that you got connected with us.
It's just meant to happen, folks.
Jonestaxrelief.com, 833-900-4285.
We'll be right back.
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That's right.
Take care of your family.
And I got to tell you, God is so good because we need to fund our operations.
And because of supply chain breakdowns, a lot of the products that have been best sellers are no longer available.
So I've told listeners, hey, you were great.
We can fund ourselves a few years ago because the COVID cattywampus and everything.
We can't.
So I said, all right, I'll do like every other talk show host does.
We have our own network, though, our own infrastructures that cost more.
I'm going to go out and get sponsors.
But I could snap my fingers and gotten $10 million like Newsmax did and $100 million like Fox did to push the COVID garbage.
Yeah, that's come out now.
But I didn't.
So I've got to go out and get sponsors and make money in ways that I know are good.
Because God doesn't protect me if I'm not doing good.
I mean, I'm not going to steer somebody somewhere that I don't absolutely believe in.
Is there a perfect world?
It's the very best place, I think you can go, the very best options to know your facts.
You don't even want to get into all this, but you've got a few more of these horror stories.
But I want people to actually understand your services and what you do.
You go and negotiate on so many fronts with the IRS, other groups, whatever, and then you simply explain, okay, here's what they're offering and here's our fee to get that done, and it's all completely cut and dry, and people can see that immediately take effect.
That's right.
So unlike a lot of law firms that charge expensive retainers and hourly fees, we charge simple flat rates.
Also, we take crypto.
We are one of the few tax firms in America that will help you with all your crypto because, you know, even like Deloitte and Ernst & Young, they don't want to touch that stuff because it's too dicey.
We're not scared of it.
We're not scared of the IRS.
We will help you with your crypto.
Talk about more of the services you guys have over at jonestaxrelief.com.
That's the link to follow, folks.
So something that's really important, Alex, is protecting the taxpayer's right, right?
So the IRS actually has what's called the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights, and they never actually, you know, make sure they're following it.
But that's where we come in as advocates and make sure they are.
Because the IRS has become fond of taking people's passports when they owe money.
So they take away your constitutional right to travel because you owe money to the government.
And that's wrong, and if that has happened to you, you need to give us a call right now because I can get that passport released right now.
I mean, there's so... and again, going into the future, everything is them using the code to jack with people.
Look at this.
House passes Russian sanctions bill, giving President authority to sanction virtually anyone, anywhere in the world, including Americans with no due process.
This is BS.
And you remember that first box last year when you filled out your taxes?
It says, do I have any digital assets?
That's so that Biden can put you as a part of that group of people who they have already said are criminals because of the type of assets.
And they're asking you to opt into it.
Opt into it.
It's like what you say, submit with a smile, you know?
And that's what they want you to do.
And look, It's a catch-22 because what if you lied on your return?
Well then, Biden's definitely coming after you.
How do you get by that?
It tricks you to either perjure yourself or incriminate yourself when you've done nothing wrong.
So what you need to do is make sure that your crypto taxes are handled correctly and we are experts in that and we can do that because you don't want to lie to the government.
That's a felony.
Oh yeah, I don't want to do that.
But, again, it's your right as a taxpayer to not pay a penny more than you owe using all the deductions, all the loopholes in the code.
That they leave for themselves.
That they do.
That's the key, folks.
While you're all locked down or wearing masks on an airplane, they're all on private jets and they never did it.
Everything they do, they give themselves exemptions.
You find the exemption, have an expert show you how to do it right, do it for you, and then certify it.
Don't try it on your own, I'm telling you.
Right, and here's the thing, even with the self-help books, Alex, is they put it... Oh, I know so many people that did great with those, but they made a mistake and went to jail.
Right, because... You've got to have a group that signs on to it.
The globalists change the tax laws every three to four years, so that unless you spend all day studying it like we do, you're going to fall behind and the law changes.
And let me guess, even if you like suddenly retire but wanted to know it, you'd never know it all because you're in there every day is why you know it.
It's like, I know politics and I'm in it all the time.
As soon as I retire, I won't know what it is anymore either because they change it so fast.
But I'll probably never retire.
I love working.
And my point is you're immersed in your works while you know.
It's my passion.
I love saving people money.
I love making sure the government doesn't take your hard-earned income.
Because, you know, you work for that.
Well, the way I've had it described to me by other really good tax lawyers like yourself is, Alex, it takes rocket scientists to understand this.
No wonder the average tax preparer can't.
They don't understand it.
That's why at special firms these groups use, you guys and others have reverse engineered that.
We have.
And I'd go as far as to say rocket science is probably a lot easier than understanding the tax code.
They have lobbyists in billions of dollars that their sole purpose is to put loopholes in the tax code that nobody understands.
So only they can utilize it.
Because again, it's two systems.
They don't want you to take advantage of their loopholes because then you'll be part of their club.
And they have the club and you're not part of it.
So this is the ultimate robin hood operation?
Because right now, if you're in the middle class, if you're in the nouveau riche, if you're making money, but you're not a globalist, okay, guess what?
They're going to rob you.
They want you to be poor.
They want you to be broke.
They want you to be dependent on them so when they take over the world, you will have no property and you'll be happy about it.
So the name of the game here is keep the most amount of money in your pocket as possible.
It's been explained.
The money all comes from monetization of debt and just QE500, QE1 million.
They're just making it up.
The income tax is all about controlling people.
It is.
It is.
And the thing, there actually are provisions written into the Internal Revenue Code to control people.
It's how the United States, how the United States does public policy is they do it sneakily through the tax code.
So they want people to have children, they say, hey, you can get a deduction for having kids.
It's not about anything other than what they want.
And that's why the liberals want to get rid of that.
Yeah, exactly.
Because they know that that's promoting bigger families.
How much does that make the left mad that Xi Jinping said, we're not going to kill your second kid,
we're going to pay you to have three?
That's really made them mad.
That's when George Soros said, destroy the Chinese.
And I'm not saying Xi Jinping is good, but he went from pure evil to like one click, like, you know, let's not kill our babies.
That's a big click, you know, back to good.
I mean, let's be honest.
Step in the right direction.
Big step in the right direction.
So you had another couple more horror stories here you wanted to tell.
Yes, here's another one that comes up again and again, and let me just preface this by saying this.
You know, when we talk about taxes and owing taxes, there's the IRS, but there's also the state, right?
And the state, especially since this pandemic, has become so aggressive.
because they don't have the ability to print off money like the Fed does.
They need money. That's key. The bankers get all the money they want at the top.
Right. The state's desperate. The state is desperate for money and they will come
after you with the claws of a tiger, okay? And so here's what I have seen happen is
let's say I have a business in the state. I've seen this happen multiple times.
Either the IRS or the state will come up and say, "Hey, because you haven't paid
taxes we're gonna close your business down.
And the business owner will say to me, this is my only source of income.
So, so literally, even though debtors prison was abolished, you know, a hundred years ago, it's the same thing.
Now they just put you on the street.
Don't go to jail.
We don't want to, they don't want to feed you.
Just put, kick you on the street.
You're not allowed to do business anymore.
Or make you go live with your family and that breaks down.
If anybody has told you that, give us a call right now.
We can put that to a stop because they are violating your rights by doing that.
Yeah, well you've been mentioning about taking passports away.
So you can knock that out because that's unconstitutional.
Yes, it is unconstitutional.
They will do it.
They don't care.
They will take your passport away, but because it's unconstitutional, we can get ahold of the State Department, go over the IRS's head and get it back.
I've had clients that have called me in the ninth inning to go to a wedding in Europe.
He's the groom, but they took his passport and we were able to get it back.
And again, don't feel bad, folks, if you don't know all this.
Neither do I. I study it all the time and still don't know it all.
I know experts like this understand it, but I don't understand a lot of it.
It's just the point is, they're experts.
They have the blueprints.
The enemy has the blueprint.
They're not going to tell you how to get out of the maze.
This guy is.
Absolutely right Alex is is they have set up the system to where the average lay person is if they even
Attempt to learn this stuff. They're gonna become more confused than when they started because that's how it's
written But they know the rule they know the actual rule book and
they have it out to get the middle class But we know the rules too, and we will use the actual code
against them and they come to Jesus quick They agree with you.
That's why it's done.
You make an agreement.
100%, Alex, because we have attorneys that make legal determinations to the IRS.
When the IRS makes their determination, it's not from an attorney.
It's from a clerk, like we said.
And so they have to bring that to legal, who then, of course, reads the actual law and realizes, of course, we're right.
The rights were violated of the taxpayer, and they changed their tune real quick.
JonesTaxRelief.com, folks.
You see what I'm talking about.
This guy's the best right here.
And I approach them and they're big fans.
This is a match made in heaven.
It helps everybody, keeps the show on air, saves you money, keeps them in business.
It's beautiful.
Go to JonesTaxRelief.com or 833-900-4285.
Five more minutes with you and the Gavin McGinnis is coming up and you're going to be on the war room today, I'm told.
All right.
You got more to talk about on there.
Tomorrow's news today.
Gavin McGinnis, straight ahead.
Final segment with Tyler Bennett, who flew here from Los Angeles.
They've got offices across the country.
Incredible, I visited them.
Amazing, I mean, these people are the real deal.
They cut right to the chase.
They put their name on it, they certify it.
And that means they are the ones that are vouching for you and liable for it.
That means they are the ones that are vouching for you and liable for it.
That is key.
That is key.
As for the other lawyers and the other corrupt CPAs, there are a lot of good ones, but a lot of bad ones won't
As for the other lawyers and the other corrupt CPAs, there are a lot of good ones, but a
lot of bad ones won't do.
These folks are great.
These folks are great.
JonesTaxRelief.com takes you right to the great folks at American Tax Solutions.
Jonestaxrelief.com takes you right to the great folks at American Tax Solutions.
In closing, Tyler Bennett, you say you've got a rant for folks.
In closing, Tyler Bennett, you say you've got a rant for folks.
You've got some key things to tell people.
You've got some key things to tell people.
I do, Alex.
I do, Alex.
See, there's two truisms about the IRS and taxes that everyone should know.
See, there's two truisms about the IRS and taxes that everyone should know.
The first one, and you might have heard this in Catch Me If You Can with Leonardo DiCaprio,
the IRS only knows what you or somebody else tell them.
And typically that's your employer or if you're an independent contractor, the person that's
writing you off.
Now, that's why they want to go after, they are starting to go after eBay, Etsy, all these
resellers is so that they're telling them too.
Because even though they can close the tax gap by taxing the globalists their proper
share, they want to get it out of the middle class because we already know they're out
to take all your money.
And the second truism in taxes, this is always true, and keep in mind, and we will use this
concept to your benefit, is deferral is always a win.
What does deferral mean?
That means paying your taxes as late as possible without incurring penalties and interest.
Why is that a win?
It's because the dollar is worth less and less every single day.
And that was true in the 90s, but it's even farther true now with inflation hitting.
Yeah, with inflation, my goodness, you got to push it off.
Because a year is like 20-30% inflation now.
It's insane.
So what are you going to, you know, and so it's like, look, the longer you can delay that, obviously it means when you pay that five years from now, instead of right now, you're paying less in taxes.
And you guys will advise people that are more wealthy or whatever on real estate to parlay it and beat inflation.
Listen, if you're, if you have money, There are a multitude of things, trust instruments, corporations.
Listen, even if you're a small business owner at all, you need to give me a call so we can get you in a corporate setup.
Since the 2017 Tax and Jobs Cut Act, TCJ, the best vehicle to be in and to pay the least amount of taxes is a C-corporation, okay?
That's how we can save you lots of money.
We can put you on payroll of your own business.
You can take... And again, you cut the fake complexity, as you already know it.
These other lawyers will BS you and have meetings and tell you they gotta assess your business.
It's all lies, folks.
They're just milking you.
It really doesn't matter what your business is.
At the end of the day, there's only four types of entities, right?
You're a sole proprietor, you're an LLC, you're an S-Corp, you're a C-Corp, okay?
And they're all flow-throughs except one.
And there's only one that pays a flat tax rate.
And that's a C-Corp.
And it's over a lower percent.
Me and you, Alex, pay 37%.
That's right.
Why the hell?
And there are so many tips and tricks that you can use, loopholes, that you can use with C-Corp.
Because in Section C of the Internal Revenue Code, that's also...
Apple is a C Corp, right?
Amazon's a C Corp.
So there is so much lobbies to keep those people.
They've written it all for themselves.
So hey, this guy will tell you how to do what Apple did.
And you're not running slave camps in China.
You're morally not paying money for wars.
And remember, none of the money goes to run the country, folks.
So don't feel guilty that you're not paying it.
It's all fraud.
Listen, it doesn't matter what they call a tax, the government can spend the money they get on whatever they want, which is apparently a war in Ukraine and entitlements, you know?
Well, I'm impressed, and I'm just glad I called you guys.
It's been a real blessing, too.
I've only called four or five people I thought would be great.
They all are turning into sponsors.
This is just the site, guys.
It's so beautiful.
Jonestaxrelief.com, 833-900-4285.
Tyler Bennett, thank you so much for all you do at American Tax Solutions.
Thanks, Alex.
Glad to be on the show.
And I want to meet your mom and I want to meet your girlfriend that came with you.
I saw them earlier going in there.
They're great sitting in there for hours.
We really appreciate it.
Gavin McGinnis takes over right now.
Thank you so much, brother.
I know you're helping.
Oh, we forgot to ask you.
How much have you already saved people that have just called in the last few weeks?
Okay, so in the last few weeks alone, we've saved over $5 million.
In the last few years, we've saved closer to $200 million for the taxpayer.
Beautiful, beautiful.
Every product and service that I bring listeners is a product and service that I use,
that I believe in, that has great customer service and great results because I am not fly by night.
I'm not a globalist that wants to rip you off and then launch a new scam and rip you off again.
And so over the years, we had a lot of great sponsors, but they got threatened, they got harassed,
they got bullied, and so they went away.
So in the last decade, I went to selling products directly to the listeners that we can buy and produce
and make and certify and know are great.
But, because of supply chain breakdowns, and because of the increased cost of materials, everything else, that model now has been failing, and InfoWars hasn't had the funds to operate.
And we've gotten into the Red Summit, and that's been a crisis.
But then about a month ago, I locked myself in my office for eight hours.
And I didn't distract myself.
I turned off the computers.
I turned off the phone.
I wouldn't let myself have anything but my coffee maker and some bottled water.
And I just wrote down notes of what do I use?
What is a great product that will be a sponsor?
And is it a free?
And I came up with just a few ideas and they were all great ideas, but just a few ideas.
But the number one idea Well, something I've experienced, my family's experienced, my listeners have experienced, we've had some of these sponsors in the past, of the groups out there that help people do tax preparation, groups that help give people tax advice, people that actually let the public know about the loopholes that the establishment and the elite use, but that the IRS bureaucrats don't want the people to know.
So I thought, who was that group that was highly rated that I used years ago, and that some of my family used, and that was actually a sponsor many years ago on some of the radio stations I was on?
And I was like, it's American Tax Solution.
So I went and looked them up, and I'm like, wow!
Highest rating, Better Business Bureau.
I've used them, families used them before.
Why didn't I think of this?
They've got all these dozens of great services at very, very low prices.
I mean, in fact, when they come in and help you with the IRS, negotiate on average $10,000 down to $1,000, $100,000 down to $10,000.
They just get part of that savings for themselves, and that's how they fund themselves.
So you're not out any money.
You're just getting the savings.
And so I reached out to him, and immediately they said, Alex Jones, let me call My manager.
The next day, the owner calls.
Huge listeners.
Huge patriot, populist, Republican donors.