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Name: 20220322_Tue_Alex
Air Date: March 22, 2022
2330 lines.

Alex Jones discusses various topics, including progressive cancel culture, free speech, transgender participation in sports, globalist agenda, eugenics, COVID-19 research, and economic collapse. He promotes his platform InfoWars and urges listeners to support it in order to spread awareness and fight against the darkness threatening humanity. Speakers discuss issues such as economic collapse, rising commodity prices, potential food shortages, an anticipated recession or depression in the third quarter, nuclear war threats, self-announced cyber virus pandemic, and a mutant virus in China. They also mention deterioration of rule of law and the majority population's normalcy bias. A speaker shares insider information about global elites, their fear of exposure, and potential collapse of society. They believe there is a way to stop this collapse but it requires mainstream media outlets to report on vaccine excess deaths and injuries, as well as professionals to speak up against what's happening. Some insurance companies are working behind the scenes to address the situation. The caller argues that the vaccine is causing excess deaths and injuries for years and that people will eventually realize this. They believe Trump was deceived about the vaccine but has since been informed of its flaws. Alex Jones interviews Edward Dowd, discussing potential civil war, chaos, and a "savior" emerging after the truth about the COVID-19 vaccine comes to light. They agree that economic collapse is closer than many think. A recent CDC leaked document shows expiry dates for certain lots of COVID vaccines with no mention of saline placebo, implying only deadly batches are being deployed. Red states in America have a higher number of vaccine deaths compared to blue states, leading to suspicions of foul play. It is believed that these states received twice as much of the lethal batches. The media focuses on Ukraine while the hidden agenda is tipping the scales in the democratic process by killing people who voted against the new world order's woke build back better great reset. This bioterror war on humanity is being orchestrated by the World Economic Forum, Bill Gates, and other elite leaders.

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As one of the top military people said to me in a secure meeting the other day, 60 million people died between 1900 and 1946.
And since then, we've established a liberal world order, and that hadn't happened in a long while.
A lot of people died, but nowhere near the chaos.
And now's the time when things are shifting.
There's going to be a new world order out there, and we've got to lead it.
We've got to unite the rest of the free world in doing it.
So anyway...
And then they're going to use the war and the sanctions and all of that for an electronic tracking system and now they're on the news.
Klaus Schwab is admitting, we will use this war to bring in the New World ID.
It is upon us now.
We are the lighthouse of the future.
China is the model.
Coronavirus and the case for one world government.
The week.
Financial Times of London and now for world government.
's warning, worst food crisis in history from the war.
The U.N.'
You mean the Great Reset.
warns, ominous warning over coming food crisis.
Recommends more sustainable diets.
Ukraine war threats to cause a global food crisis.
No, they caused it.
And now they're going to pose as the damn saviors.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news.
The progress of trans-cancel culture is gradually eliminating the biologically natural female sex.
You've undoubtedly been under the spotlight over the past few months.
How have you been dealing with that and reasoning with everything?
I try to ignore it as much as I can.
I try to focus on my swimming, what I need to do to get ready for my races, and just try to block out everything else.
Aside from us now having to accept any naturally born female that comes in second, or possibly third place, as the actual winner in women's sports, USA Today awarded Transgender Assistant, Human Health and Services Secretary, Dr. Rachel Levine, Woman of the Year.
My definition of courage would be to be true to yourself and to be true to who you are and then to pay that forward to work towards the common good.
2022 is becoming the year when transgenders fully inserted themselves into the status quo to achieve the Saul Alinsky judo move on equality.
May this appointment today be the first of many more to come as we create a diverse and more inclusive future.
Diversity makes us stronger.
Each person has a different perspective and different strengths that they bring to make the whole community stronger.
The time is now for our country to continue to move the bar forward for diversity.
And I am proud to wear this uniform and answer that call.
Regardless of the fact that Levine didn't even deserve it after evacuating Levine's mother from a nursing home facility while supporting the decision to allow COVID-positive patients to return back to those facilities, a decision that caused a massive outbreak and death.
To normalize the path to male and trans domination, last year Miss Nevada became the first transgender to compete for the Miss USA pageant, while Jeopardy!
welcomed its first trans contestant into the Tournament of Champions.
Of course, Drag Queen Story Hour has further eroded the moral compass foisted upon our children, and also paving the way were the Marxist radicals behind the BLM movement, who were openly calling for the end to the family.
A movement supported by a corporatocracy infiltrated by Marxist slogans and symbolism, the Marxists are daily using the techniques of Saul Alinsky to press ever forward to obliterate the American dream.
His name is Saul Alinsky, and there are still many to whom the name is meaningless.
But to millions now, he is looked on as a savior.
And these are the so-called have-nots, the culturally deprived, the abject poor.
They love him and they ask him in to organize their weakness into a strength and power that has become a frightening threat to the establishment.
I suppose, given a choice, I think I would pick hell.
The reason I'd pick hell is because that's where all the have-nots are.
He is disarmingly mild when you meet him.
But there is an implacable ferocity about him which is directed at many forces he considers to be at the root of human suffering and misery.
I'm all for it.
I think our Air Force and our Army should, after they finish in Vietnam, should come back and bomb the hell out of Mississippi, you know?
What would it be?
Southern Mississippi instead of Northern Mississippi.
So we can all get freedom and equality down there, too!
Amazon supports the protests, right?
Like, Amazon supports the protests.
Citibank's CEO.
The people with the most accumulated capital in America are also on the side of this protest.
Because in my view, they use identity politics and racial politics.
They want to split the country along those lines.
In particular, utilizing Alinsky's major tactic to maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition by using the constructive alternative, i.e.
transgenderism, as the price for a successful attack.
This isn't, and hasn't been, about equality.
When the corporations have auctioned off the natural rights and achievements of women in order to support the agenda of the Marxist political establishment, we are clearly at war from within with a foreign enemy.
John Bowne reporting.
It's Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022.
Quite a date for the old boys over at Skull and Bones and the Bohemian Grove and their satanic death cult, hell-bent on establishing their New World Order, destroying the Christian era and the Renaissance and establishing in its place an absolute scientific dictatorship over humanity.
Now, many a politician and leader, going back to World War II, has talked of a New World Order.
And H.G.
Wells, more than a hundred years ago, wrote the best-selling book titled A New World Order.
And it came out in the Nuremberg trials of the Nazis in World War II, at the end of World War II, that the head of German propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, wanted to kill H.G.
Wells because of his book, The New World Order.
That book was a different worldview of a world government than what the Nazis wanted, and they knew that H.G.
Wells, the non-fiction, also fiction writer, was the brain trust of the Anglo-American establishment.
That's the name of the British-U.S.
global government combine.
And the Nazis had their own New World Order, and Adolf Alois Hitler, you may have heard of him,
Had an order out to kill H.G.
This is mainline history.
So when you hear about the New World Order, you might pop your ears up a little bit and open your eyes up and focus.
So the politicians will say, oh, well, a New World Order just means a reshuffling of the power structure.
And it can certainly mean that.
But we're putting together a compilation, there's hundreds of these that I'll be airing later in the day, of prime ministers and presidents and world leaders defining their new world order as world government.
Autocratic, authoritarian, world government.
And Klaus Schwab has come out saying, we had the video, China is the model of world government.
So it's not just a world government,
It's a worldwide authoritarian government.
With forced abortion, infanticide, giant death camps.
You will own nothing, you will have nothing, and you will be happy or you'll go to a camp.
And Biden is out there saying, America will lead the new world order.
Klaus Schwab says no, China will lead the new world order.
But it's like Gollum
And some other minion of evil fighting over the ring of Mordor.
Because the goals and the agenda and where it's taking you is the same place a worldwide scientific dictatorship that's now out in the open.
So I was very tired yesterday and I was going to bed early about nine o'clock and my phone started blowing up by a lot of well-known talk show hosts and folks calling me and texting me saying, did you see Biden?
Did you see Biden call for a new world order?
Did you see Biden?
And I said, no, I'm going to see it now.
So I got up, got a glass of water, got in front of the big screen computer.
That's better for in the phones.
And I pulled it up and sure as hell there it was.
Now, simultaneously, we have the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN.
I have articles here today.
Specifically saying, I talk about a new world order, and that it's hateful and bad, and that it doesn't exist, and that I should be taken off the air.
Their latest article was, America has a free speech problem in the New York Times on Friday.
Because they don't want us discussing the future of the world.
Remember what I played yesterday?
Klaus Schwab says, we will decide the future of the humans, we will plan it, we will carry it out, and we will execute it.
Agenda 2030.
Which means forced depopulation within 8 years of 90%.
I don't know if they're going to reach that goal.
That's their goal.
I want to be here in 8 years with the media misrepresenting saying, Jones said we'd have an 80% world depopulation by 2030.
He didn't happen.
It's only 20% or whatever.
I'm trying to stop that.
I don't want
That prediction to come true.
We're on a train, the conductor tells us where it's going, I hope to stop that destination.
And I have a stack of articles along those lines here today.
More news articles saying murder your dog and cat for the environment.
We have the United Nations coming out and saying we're going to have the greatest famine that the world has ever seen.
We have so much, ladies and gentlemen, coming up today on these fronts.
But you can see them implementing the collapse of the world very, very quickly.
We also have an economist and researcher and stock picker who's been at the tip of the spear exposing the depopulation agenda, watching the markets.
And I have Mr. Dowd joining us in the third hour to talk about Daily Mail articles and others released by the government in the UK.
Hospitals bribed to put patients on path to death to kill people.
Cash incentives for NHS.
Trust that meets targets on Liverpool Care Pathway.
That's why they ordered massive amounts of a euthanasia drug given in lethal injection in the U.S.
to be given to hundreds of thousands of old people they killed.
If you give somebody a shot of it that has pneumonia, they always die.
In just a few hours.
And they just admit, yeah, we mass-murdered them.
It's for the Earth!
Gotta kill your dog, gotta kill your cat, gotta sterilize your son, got to kill the old people.
There's not enough resources.
You will own nothing, you will have nothing.
Starting to figure out where we're going, folks, here is the puppet Biden on his trip to Europe announcing the New World Order.
You know, we are at an inflection point, I believe, in the world economy.
Not just the world economy, in the world.
It occurs every three or four generations.
As one of the top military people said to me in a secure meeting the other day, 60 million people died between 1900 and 1946.
And since then we've established a liberal world order and that hadn't happened in a long while.
A lot of people dying, but nowhere near the chaos.
And now's the time when things are shifting.
There's going to be a new world order out there.
And we've got to lead it.
We've got to unite the rest of the free world in doing it.
So anyway.
New World Order's code for wars, collapse, civilizational crises.
We'll get to that next segment, the actual quotes.
But here I am, in 2003, from Access TV Studios, laying out what the New World Order really means.
Hello, I'm Alex Jones and I'm a syndicated radio and television host based in Austin, Texas.
And for many years I've been exposing the criminal activities of the global elite, also known as the New World Order.
I remember five years ago being on the radio and reading UN documents on the air that were public and having callers call in and say, there is no New World Order, the news said so, they said dangerous people, talk about it.
And I'd say, excuse me, there's a World Bank, there's a World Court, you don't have juries, you can't face your accusers.
This is run by a group of elite families.
They're the shareholders of XYZ Bank.
Well, people don't call my syndicated show anymore and disagree with that fact, because now in the news they admit, yes, there's a World Government, yes, there's a New World Order.
So let's look at the New World Order and what it has in store for you and your family.
And I assure you, my friends, it is nothing less than total enslavement.
We'll look at the type of cashless society control grid they're putting in, the destruction of the Bill of Rights and Constitution in America, the disarmament of the people, the end of national sovereignty, the militarization of police, and yes, the concentration camps that are a fact, not rumor, but fact.
The documentation begins, the rumors end, right here on this show today.
Well, there you go, and now you can see, 19 years later, you are here!
Do you want to be, in 8 years, in a cave?
Have you survived, starving to death, going, man, Alex was right?
The hunter-killer drones, the robots, it's all coming, the bio-weapons, they will kill you and your family, unless we have a global awakening and say no, and bring Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and the New World Order to justice.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Murder your dog!
Murder your cat!
It's for the Earth!
It's for Klaus Schwab!
It's for Michael Bloomberg!
Well, they live like kings.
When they say kill your dog, that's really kill yourself, kill your child.
And I've got articles where they're openly saying that as well.
Not a good group of people to be leading us, these inbred, insane, so-called elites.
All right, so here's the headlines.
The UN is warning that we are headed into the worst global food crisis since World War II, and they go deeper and say it's going to be worse than that, with hundreds of millions set to die.
Already 40-plus million died under global lockdowns, on top of who normally starves to death each year, 15 million on average.
Instead, we saw those numbers well above 30 plus million a year for the last two years, ladies and gentlemen.
So over 45 extra million people on top of the 30 million that would be starving to death.
You can do the math yourself.
And now they're talking about hundreds of millions dead, but it'll be back of the newspaper.
And then you'll just, you'll just
You know, give the UN a little money so they can fly around on private jets and give zero of the aid to the people, except for a few photo ops they might stage.
So that's the New World Order.
What does Biden mean when he announces the New World Order?
Well, you got China saying they lead the New World Order.
You've got Putin saying he's starting a New World Order.
And you've got Biden saying he's got a new world order.
And those are the three power blocks.
The Chi-Coms, the Anglo-American establishment, and the Russkies.
Then you've got Christendom that's all over the world of all groups and peoples.
The real plan through Christ to unify the world and not kill each other, whether you believe in Christ or not.
It's what mainline mass psychologists, who study mass psychology, will tell you could actually save the Earth.
And then you've got Islam, that all the permutations show will, the way it's being carried out, destroy the planet.
Then you've got transhumanism that's already decided to kill most of the people, and then have humans become a new species.
And then you have the Chai Koms that want their own China-centric, race-based fascism they call communism.
And you've got the Russians that just want to be left alone, and have their new order.
And that's where we are.
But China is competing for the transhumanist system as well, but they're not following the neoliberal model of feminizing boys, sterilizing boys and girls, and destroying basic human civilization.
The Chai Koms and the Russians have broken with that arm of the transhumanist system that seeks to fully end humanity, and they just believe they're going to merge and augment with the technology.
So that's the real debate going on around the table if you were at a table with billionaires and at the table with Bilderberg Group members.
And if you were having an adult discussion, that's what you'd be talking about.
Those are the type of discussions I've had with all sorts of groups.
Intelligence heads, Bilderberg Group members, people worth $50 billion, you know, science division heads, heads of HAARP, heads of major programs.
I'm not trying to brag here, folks.
I mean, I've been doing this 28 years, and I really study this all day, so I get to be at the table, even though most of the globalists don't like me.
And I sit here trying to explain to everybody that you're going to see everything I've told you come true.
Because I'm not just up here talking about this.
I think it's wrong to poison and dumb everybody down and kill the majority of the public.
Though I see the public lazy and stupid and falling apart and degenerating, the elites that want to kill everybody are even worse.
But if the public won't listen about what's being done to you, you deserve what happens to you.
As I said a thousand times, the children don't deserve it.
And that's why I'm doing this.
I could join the New World Order, just like that, and be immune from the laws, immune from the system, and protect myself for a short period of time.
From what's coming, and lie to myself and say, I could go along with the great culling, and this operation, and then my family will be safe.
You really think you'll be safe joining with this?
The few thousand of you that are actually in it, and the millions that serve it that think they're going to get a ticket?
To Valhalla?
To Elysium?
It's a fraud.
It's a lie.
The Life Extension's a lie.
All of it's a fraud.
We are in a countdown to destroying the planet.
Here's a short compilation of just a few world leaders talking about the New World Order and world government and what it means.
Here it is.
You know, we are an inflection point, I believe, in the world economy.
Not just the world economy, in the world.
It occurs every three or four generations.
As one of the top military people said to me in a secure meeting the other day, 60 million people died between 1900 and 1946.
And since then we've established a liberal world order and that hadn't happened in a long while.
A lot of people dying, but nowhere near the chaos.
And now's the time when things are shifting.
There's going to be a new world order out there.
And we've got to lead it.
We've got to unite the rest of the free world in doing it.
The affirmative task we have now is to actually create a new world order.
We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order.
A world for the rule of law.
Not the law of the jungle governs the conduct of nations.
When we are successful, and we will be, we have a real chance at this New World Order, an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the UN's founders.
There's a need for a New World Order, but it has different characteristics in different parts
Of the world.
A world in which there is the very real prospect of a new world order.
A new world is emerging.
It is a new world order with significantly different and radically new challenges.
I think his task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period, when really a new world order can be created.
It's a great opportunity.
It isn't just a crisis.
I think a new world order is emerging.
Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective.
A new world order can emerge.
2009 is also the first year of global governance with the establishment of the G20 in the middle of the financial crisis.
The climate conference in Copenhagen is another step towards the global management of our planet.
Are you optimistic a global system can happen, from what we've heard so far?
It could happen, and in fact it's in the works.
And they use that plan to create crises, to consolidate control, to bankrupt you, to make you poor in steps until you can be starved to death and killed.
You will own nothing.
You will have nothing.
You will like it because you will be dead.
The UN is warning of the greatest food shortages and crisis in the world.
The World Economic Forum that helped launch the worldwide shutdown that I've been warning you about.
Now, after it throws you into shark-infested waters, gives you a razor blade to slit your wrist, WEF issues ominous warning, overcoming food crisis, recommends more sustainable diets of, wait for it, fly larva, fly larva, fly larva.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
To the Alex Jones Show, a place that exists only because of your prayers and your word of mouth and your financial support.
And boy, isn't it a blessing that we're still here on air despite all the deplatforming, the debanking, the Democratic Party rigged courts and lawsuits, the dirty tricks, the crimes, really, that have been committed against us.
It's all been worth it.
And we've been vindicated, and all of you that have supported the broadcast have been vindicated as well.
I want to walk through the stacks I've got here in front of me before next segment when I actually go through these articles.
But you've got to understand the propaganda that goes into each piece of this.
Here's the Jerusalem Post, and I literally have seen over a hundred articles with similar headlines in the last 24 hours.
I know you've seen it.
I probably saw 200 without even trying to find them.
It's all, the order goes out, and the directors put forward, just like the CIA came out in the 70s and the 50s and 60s, went out and paid massive amounts of money for ugly architecture and ugly art and really dystopic things.
Show that people would start getting used to living in an ugly environment and would not reject things that were going to hurt them.
The selling of evil, basically.
And so, imagine if I said, you will own nothing and have nothing and like it, you'd say, well, you're not going to rob my future.
But if I do it because I've guilted you and trained you to submit to me, and by increment you've done what I've said, and you don't want to admit you've been lied to, well, under Stockholm Syndrome, under learned helplessness, you'd probably do it.
But see, they've been telling you for a decade, things are going to collapse, you're going to have to eat bugs.
And drink sewage water.
That's Bill Gates.
And Klaus Schwab.
And who died and made them God?
Well, they're a bunch of depopulationist, evil people.
But imagine if they came out and said, we're going to make you eat maggots.
We're going to ban beef, chicken, fish, everything for the Earth.
And by the way, none of it's bad for the Earth.
If you go over fish, that's about it.
It's part of the carbon cycle.
Imagine if they said, we're going to make you
Eat maggots.
You say, I'm not going to eat maggots.
But here's the Jerusalem Post.
Pumpkin seeds and fly larva, the meat of the future.
Well, you know what a fly's larva is, right?
It's a maggot.
Now that's a fact, just like atrazine, just a little bit of it in the water.
We'll flip in the glands and the brain of a male frog him to be homosexual, not heterosexual, and then the species will die.
That's a fact too, like maggots or fly larvae.
But they have articles everywhere saying, I'm a liar, the frogs are fine, and you're fine too, though you're not.
Sperm counts are down 96% on average in the West.
Every form of cancer is up multi-thousand percentage points.
We're being murdered.
We're all being killed.
And they know damn well what they're doing.
Show pumpkin seeds and fly larvae the meat of the future.
And it goes on from there.
How they pre-program it.
How they prepare you.
How they get you ready.
And that's just the beginning.
Kill your dog.
Kill your cat.
Don't have children.
Kill yourself.
And they get a bunch of demoralized, scared, rat-like people, and they'll do anything.
Let me tell you, when I go to a liberal area of Austin, or LA, or San Francisco, or Seattle, or New York, I don't drive by and look at the ghostly-looking people, the ghoulish eyes, how unalive they are, how stupid they are, how weak they are, how scared they are, and feel powerful myself.
It makes me feel weak to see my fellow humans in that condition.
But for the globalists, when they see the homeless shelters, and the needles, and the trendies offering their children up to pedophile story time...
They feel powerful, they've broken your life force and broken your will.
But by just opening up to God and saying, save me, help me, take me to the infinite, I want to be good and strong, I believe in goodness.
He will begin to elevate your spirit, literally electrochemically it will manifest, into a higher vibration.
That's not new age, that's not, that's science folks.
And all the chemicals and all the rest of it aren't going to get you to that place.
Only a true relationship with God.
So by debasing yourself and thinking it's trendy to eat bugs and all the rest of it, you're not saving the earth.
You're letting the globalists train you to be a slave as they prepare to cut off the resources, make you fight over the resources, and then
Thanks for watching.
And by alien, all of this is alien to the normal way of life.
All of this is anti-human, anti-life on this planet.
The globalists don't want to just get rid of humans.
They want the whole thing taken over.
A silicon-based system.
This is an alien takeover.
Ray Kurzweil says, I don't believe in God.
I'm going to become God.
I don't believe in God yet.
And they say, we're creating alien life forms.
COVID-19 is a manufactured, in a lab, totally synthetic, replicating nanotech that poisons your cardiovascular system.
Patented, prepared, rolled out, and then they give you a vaccine that actually implants you with it further.
All on record.
We're going to come back and get to all of this and hit so much today.
Savannah Hernandez is joining us.
She's got a huge story that got on Tucker Carlson, got censored off the web.
One of those swimmers that spoke out, she didn't like competing against a man two foot taller than her, who has a sports enhancement thing called testicles, testosterone pumps.
Couldn't inject testosterone, but he can have those huevos.
She got kicked off Twitter.
Banned for daring to speak up.
Savannah Hernandez interviewed her.
We got the banned interview.
She's gonna be popping in bottom of the next hour.
And then we have the financial researcher and stock picker and guy way ahead of his time, Edward Dowd, joining us to respond to this incredible report out of the UK.
Mainstream news.
Government admits it.
Yeah, we euthanized old people.
Yeah, we said don't give them care.
We gotta save money.
There's too many people.
You'll own nothing.
You'll have nothing.
You'll eat maggots.
You'll drink sewage water.
Kill your pets.
These aren't the good guys.
But they know that we manifest what we believe in, so they tell us, you own nothing, you have nothing, you're a failure, you're ugly, you're gonna eat bugs, and you get used to that, your mind starts becoming comfortable with it, instead of, I will not eat your bugs, and I will have children, and we will colonize space, and we will transcend your New World Order, and God is real, and you are not God, and we are not under your control, we're under God's control, and we choose liberty, and justice, and freedom!
We're going to go to break.
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Everybody tuned in to the Alex Jones Show right now on this Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022 transmission.
I want to ask you a question.
Will you eat fly larvae, as the Jerusalem Post is saying, to save the earth?
Why is that being introduced to you as what you're supposed to eat?
Why is Bill Gates telling you to drink sewage water?
Why are they having drag queen, convicted pedophile story time all over the world?
Why are they
Telling you that hundreds of millions are going to starve to death and that's good, but that they also want you to take a vaccine because they don't want you to die, but the very groups pushing it say there's too many people.
Look at this headline here out of the week.
Coronavirus and the case for one world government.
But then if you talk about one world government and who runs it and how it's authoritarian and designed to carry out depopulation that Prince Charles called a new global war.
For depopulation just a few months ago.
Then you get attacked by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ADL and the big banks and told it doesn't exist and you should just go away.
This is the fight of our lives.
This is the enemy of our generation that we face.
And their new world order is a place that we don't even exist in.
And in the process of being destroyed and killed, we're going to go through hell!
And our children are!
Are we really going to lie down and take this?
Are we really going to see hundreds of articles in Bloomberg, and in Reuters, and in the New York Times, and in local magazines for kids in public schools for elementary kids?
Save the Earth, eat maggots!
Save the Earth, drink sewage!
Save the Earth, euthanize your dog or cat!
Don't take care of them!
This is dystopia.
They're attacking you with poison, with garbage, with lies, with big pharma, with poison shots.
Or maybe I've just been wrong.
Maybe I should submit.
And maybe we should all go out today with hatchets and kill our dogs in the backyards and our cats.
Because it's to save the earth, right?
We're supposed to give up everything we've got because we're bad.
We're guilty because we have dogs and cats.
We're guilty because we have children.
We're evil.
But none of that's even true!
It's all a greedy group of monsters that want you to learn to hate yourself so you roll over into the ditch of history so they can steal the future.
They're projecting their globalist hatred of themselves onto you and I. All the beautiful, nice things they have and the science they have came from the commoners, came from the people.
We built all this.
And now they've got their robots coming online and they say they don't need us anymore and we're supposed to just hate ourselves and go commit collective suicide.
It's not going to happen.
Well, guess what?
Or maybe it should happen.
Maybe I'm wrong.
Maybe I am the bad guy, like the media says.
Maybe because I don't want to kill my new puppy, I'm the bad guy.
Maybe I should kill the puppy.
I want to apologize to the United Nations.
I want to apologize to Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum.
I want to apologize to Bloomberg, the owner, the billionaire owner of Bloomberg and the publication and the BBC and all the other groups that came out yesterday and said we should kill our dogs and cats to save the earth and to cut our carbon footprint and to stop Vladimir Putin.
They actually said that and I came out against that and was wrong.
Just like I was wrong about lockdowns.
I was wrong about the inoculations.
I was wrong about everything.
I want my body to belong to you guys.
And so, we had a French Bulldog for 12 years named Captain.
He died.
A lot of you were big fans of him.
He died a few years ago.
Very, very sad.
We waited a few years because we were so sad about getting a new dog, but we finally got a new dog named Fonzie.
And he's about 20 weeks old.
And he's a French Bulldog Spaniel mix.
And for the earth, I'm willing to sacrifice him.
And so we're taking him to be euthanized today.
And so I want to encourage everybody out there to be a good liberal.
For the earth, all carbon is bad.
And they eat meat and that's bad.
And also don't have children.
Children is bad for the environment.
That's all over the news.
So abort your children.
They're trying to pass laws, which I agree with, to kill kids up to 26 weeks after they're born.
That's good.
So should I just strangle him right now?
I mean, I mean, is that?
I really don't want to do this, but it's not a cult.
The left's not a cult.
We should stay locked in our houses.
We should let them put experimental shots in us.
We should let them have drag queen story time with convicted pedophiles.
We should sexualize our children.
Bill Maher is wrong.
And we should kill our animals.
So he was going to have a life.
He was going to give us a lot of love.
We've been with dogs for at least 26,000 years.
The archaeologists have proven.
But I really don't want to kill him.
But man, it's for the earth.
The earth's going to die if I don't let the government tell me to kill my dog and cat.
Carbon is so bad that the plants breathe carbon dioxide.
He's bad.
I mean, he's putting out carbon dioxide.
This tree breathes.
Fonzie, I'm gonna have to kill you for the earth, okay?
How should we do it?
Shoot him out of a cannon?
I'm selfish.
You know what?
All right, let's get rid of the nuclear reactors and the GMO and the GMO vaccines first.
And let's do some real studies about how carbon is part of the life cycle on Earth.
Sunshine, water, oxygen, carbon dioxide.
And let's study the Rothschilds and the big banks that are set to track and trace and surveil everything we do with carbon taxes, social credit score.
And let's not kill our dogs for this evil frickin' cult.
No, I'm not going to kill my dog.
I've got a better idea.
There's too many people, too many creatures on the earth, which there isn't.
How about Bill Gates?
And how about Klaus Schwab?
And how about the Pope that's calling for all this?
How about you guys, then, get off the planet, however you want?
InfoWars.com, tomorrow's news today, they're trying to silence us, and silence you so they can gaslight everybody, and so this cult can demand everything of us, our dogs, our cats, our children, our future, our very lives.
We're never going to surrender at InfoWars.
We need your support, so please spread everything we do to the four winds, because knowledge is power, and if you're watching this transmission, you are the resistance.
Anything of real quality, anything of lasting durability, anything that's really satisfying and empowering and fulfilling, is going to be hard to attain.
And when it comes to information, boy is that true today.
We see the entire global corrupt, anti-human, depopulation, Great Reset Combine trying to collapse our society to build on its ashes, their transhumanist nightmare vision.
Suppressing the voices of good people all around the world and of doctors and scientists and engineers.
All right, so there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
So we just calmly illustrated how insane it is.
I mean, can you imagine, I would never do this, if I strangled that puppy on TV, and I said, Klaus Schwab, you're right, so that you can have more food and more resources, even though that dog doesn't need to die for him to have more resources, it's a non-zero-sum game, I'm gonna kill this dog and just strangle it on TV.
Or maybe give it a lethal injection, so it's all scientific and official.
The internet would freak out and go completely insane.
There'd be calls for me to be arrested.
People would want me to put me in jail.
But then when Bloomberg and they call for euthanizing your pets in the articles to save the earth, they call for that.
It's liberal!
You see, we've been trained to hate ourselves and hate fellow humans and not care what euthanized old people or mentally retarded people.
Just don't say the word retarded, but you can kill them.
But we do still care about dogs and cats.
And I've got two cats.
I don't like a lot of cat breeds, but I definitely like ragdolls.
And experiencing my friends that have them and how great they are.
They go good in pairs.
We've got two ragdoll cats and the puppy.
And it's not hurting them.
It's not hurting the earth that they eat food.
And then put that carbon, that fertilizer back in the water, that then goes out to the Gulf of Mexico, down the Colorado River, and then the shrimp and all of them feed on it, and then the fish feed on the shrimp, and you know the cycle!
The Gulf of Mexico is full of life!
Because there's so much food for the fish coming out of our cities.
What's bad is the globalist deliberately putting chemicals into the food and water to poison us by design on record.
There's a way to stop this.
We can do it together.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, InfoWarsStore.com is offering the biggest sales in its over 20 year history.
And that is because the economy is breaking down.
Inflation is exploding.
The supply chains have broken down.
And InfoWars is having serious trouble making its payroll and paying for operations.
And I do not want to implode or downsize in the face of the globalists making their main move.
InfoWars, it's paradoxical, is more popular than ever.
It is reaching more people than ever, despite the censorship.
But, because of cost increasing and having to run our own infrastructure and pay for our own bandwidth and everything else, we are running out of money.
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The biggest sale in our history at InfoWorksTour.com.
Thank you for your support.
All right, here's what's going on, ladies and gentlemen.
Savannah Hernandez will be joining us at the bottom of the hour to break down some really huge news.
One of the swimmers that filed a complaint that she didn't like a man, literally a foot plus taller than the other women, being able to take over and win.
Well, she's been suspended off Twitter and Savannah got an interview.
Before that even happened, whether that got her, I guess, suspended, or speaking out got her suspended.
What a world, man!
Not only do men go into women's sports when they failed, but now, if you criticize it, you get banned.
And the globalists literally hide behind black people, and they hide behind minorities, and they hide behind women.
We've got all these videos coming up at the bottom of the hour of big men with wigs on trying to get in girls' showers.
At high school events and things.
Since always push the envelope.
Always push the envelope and get into college showers, all that.
Big old six foot two men.
Big old wigs on.
Big old fat dudes.
I'm coming into those women.
I'm a woman.
The women are like, you don't have a uterus, you don't have babies, you're crazy!
Don't you say that!
That's hate speech!
It's ma'am rubbing in that bathroom!
You know, I'm the type of guy, even when there's guys in the big bathroom, I kind of like, well, I'll just wait until I get home.
I don't like, you know, I mean... But no, no, no, not the left perverts, man.
They want in those bathrooms.
I never got over it in football or even, you know, at the gym.
You know, dudes would go in the steam rooms at the spa, at the gym, and just their Johnsons hanging out.
And I got a towel on, and I'm wearing, you know, swim trunks.
I mean, it's just, you know.
I mean, unless they're my wife, I don't want to be looking at it.
You know what I mean?
It's just weird.
And maybe I should get over that.
But the point is, I can't imagine being a woman with a dude a foot and a half taller than me with a big old pecker.
I mean, he's got a big ol' schlong, you can see it in his pants, and he's walking around adjusting it and everything, you know, man-spreading, and it's just a joke!
It's an absolute joke, some six-foot-four dude, with a horse cock, I'm sorry, you know, and like, you know, here's the deal, this is a family show, they're coming after our children!
They're coming after our children and it's all a scientific death cult that wants to brainwash us into submission.
It's not that I hate men that feel like they're women or men that want to live as a woman.
I don't hate anybody that doesn't hurt other people.
But this whole thing is a raping of our psyche.
Raping us, cutting off the food, raping us with power prices, energy prices, raping us with the deadly shots, raping us with the transgenderism, and conducting brainwashing of our children under peer pressure to rope them into this.
So the state can form a relationship with the children and claim, oh, parents' rights are nixed out.
Your five-year-old son thinks he's a girl.
And then they get celebrated by the school and by the clique, and at age seven, the balls are cut off.
So, it's what it's all about.
And the media's like, oh, Liz Thompson, isn't she bold and brave and stunning and amazing?
Aren't all these biological men winning all the women's sports?
Isn't it great?
You don't see women going up into men's sports because they can't.
Men have way more bone, way more blood, way more everything.
And even men that have had their testicles removed have a giant advantage.
But in so many of these sports, they don't do a medical exam, nothing.
Again, Lance Armstrong used testosterone and blood doping.
Extra blood that he kept and then grew more blood and took his own blood.
They were all basically doing it.
I'm not defending what he did, but the point is,
Is Lance Armstrong's a villain?
Because he enhanced himself.
Lance Armstrong's a villain.
But these dudes enhanced themselves with sports enhancing testicles and they get to win and we're told it's normal.
It is satanic.
We'll be right back with the big news straight ahead, InfoWars.com.
Well, Senator Ron Johnson has been a true champion of truth, dealing with the COVID vaccine and all the deaths and the cover-ups, and he pointed out what faults he's done and the fact that he's a miserable failure, but he's not really a failure.
He carried out the depopulation operation, as he's always done, and he created the virus and released it on us.
And then, Dr. Peter McCullough knocks it out of the park, explaining this was all deliberate and part of a larger plan.
Here they are back-to-back.
Well past time when he should have retired.
I don't see how anybody can take a look at our response to COVID.
965,000 Americans dead, over 6 million people worldwide, the human toll, the economic devastation from these widespread shutdowns that I advise against, what we've done to our children.
I mean, I want that sink in.
What we have done to our children over the last two years, I don't know what people's opinions are in terms of mask effectiveness, but I'll tell you, one group of people masks would never work on children.
Have you seen children wear masks?
And yet we have forced our children to wear masks
For over two years, delayed speech, obviously lost learning, couldn't see their teacher's face, the smiles on their classmates.
What we have done to our children, put them in a state of fear, is a travesty.
Anthony Fauci led this miserable failure of a response.
He should be held accountable.
I've written 35 oversight letters.
I haven't gotten squat in terms of response.
I'm running at 36 right now.
I fully intend to hold these federal health agencies and people like Anthony Fauci accountable.
Isis is reviewed?
Well, why not Lipitor and Zocor?
It's what I'm telling you is it was always about COVID.
There's something special about COVID.
There was a plan about COVID.
The plan was very clear.
Wear masks, stay in lockdown, be in fear, have as much fear, suffering, hospitalization and death, and wait for the vaccine.
And when it comes, you better take it.
It's a needle in every arm, even down to six months old, and it's not just once.
You better take it again, and you better take it every six months.
And no questions asked.
That is the plan, and it is a special plan for COVID, and everybody should be asking the questions, why?
I wouldn't have believed you in 2020.
We know what it does.
It erases your immune system and those that live, and begins slowly growing synthetic prion crystals very similar to what causes spongiform encephalopathy.
Coming up next hour, UK government releases documents, major universities confirm,
Hospitals bribed to put patients on pathway to death and deny care and to give them chemicals to make them stop breathing.
They then blamed it on COVID.
Same thing was done here in the United States of America.
Mainstream news, all over the British News, London Telegraph, Daily Mail, you name it.
Look at this headline from the physical paper.
Hospitals bribed to put patients on pathway to death.
But those are death panels, remember?
You're not supposed to talk about those," said Bill Gates, who's a champion of those.
And now Sajid Javid, the head of the Health Service of the UK, says, you need your fifth shot now.
Israel's already coming up on its sixth shot now.
Have you figured out yet, ladies and gentlemen, the globalists are self-appointed predators?
They believe they're saving the earth from us and they're going to call us.
First they're going to teach us how to be very, very poor and dumbed down and isolated and disarmed.
You understand that this is deathly real.
This is all out in the open.
The New World Order is out in the open.
We're going to have a special live InfoWars broadcast tonight.
From at least 7 to 9.
Commercial free to take phone calls.
On the Great Reset.
On the New World Order.
I don't know what you think we should do as callers to stop this.
It'll be InfoWars.com streams.
They'll be on Bandai Video and stations are welcome to pick it up if they would like to.
We've been doing the Saturday shows that are commercial free two to three hours almost every Saturday.
Of course, the Sunday show for a very long time for two hours, four to six.
We've expanded it four to eight because every day we're on air is very, very precious.
And we're on a lot of radio stations, so we're in a radio format, 14 minutes of ads an hour, that's the standard.
People really like the commercial-free podcast styles, and so I am doing everything I can to eat healthy and to exercise and to compartmentalize everything, still spend time with family, but to work a bare minimum of 15 hours a day.
You've got my commitment to do that seven days a week, and that's what I've been doing.
A lot of the issues are, though,
I study so much for hours and hours and hours and hours a day, and then when I get here, I've already read it and looked at it all, and it's exhausting.
It is, it is, it is scary, but I'll tell you what's worse.
Not knowing this, and then, or knowing it and doing nothing.
I mean, we are in a countdown to designed global collapse and forced depopulation, and
This is deathly serious.
And you're going to see the political, economic, cultural, spiritual, electromagnetic nature of the universe change so much so fast.
On an incremental path, but it accelerates logarithmically.
But you're not going to be able to recognize the world in two years.
I told you two years ago, I said, you'll look out at the end of the first round of this power grab that I predicted would last about two years.
It was in their own documents.
With the wars and the cyber attacks they're going to stage, that the globalists are going to blame on Russia and others, that you're going to look back on that as a cakewalk.
And with what's coming in the next year, you're going to look back on that in five years as a cakewalk.
You know, Prince Charles four months ago got up in front of world leaders at the big carbon tax summit and said, we need more money than in all the world to prosecute this war against anything hurting the climate that produces carbon.
He was declaring carbon's the enemy.
Trees are carbon.
Insects are carbon.
Humans are carbon.
Your baby's carbon.
A cat is carbon.
A dog is carbon.
What you put in your car is carbon.
The electricity for your electric car is generated by carbon.
We are carbon-based life forms, and we have a group of globalists telling us that they are going to
Transcend us and transcend being carbon-based.
I don't know if they made deals with aliens or what, but it's alien what they're doing.
And we know the Earth, again, was carbon starved millions of years ago, and plants grew three, four times faster, animals got much bigger, animals live longer, they know this.
Both reptiles, mammals, you name it.
And we are in a carbon starved state, and actually have only in the last 150 years or so, drawn a lot of that carbon back up out of the ground, and terraformed it to be warmer and better for plants.
Like it was all set up for us to go to the next level.
All prepared here.
The planet, perfect distance from the sun for the perfect weather.
The moon, perfect placement, perfect size to control the tides and shield us from solar storms and magnetic waves.
On and on and on.
All of it perfectly set up for us.
Stones across a creek that we can hop across.
We're going to find on Mars what we need.
And the obelisk that is there, the real one, on its moon.
And we're going to find, we're going to find what we need on Venus and its satellites.
And we're going to find oh so much on Jupiter and its 50 plus moons.
And then the Kuiper belt.
And beyond everything waiting for us.
But God knows you can't just give somebody everything.
You gotta give them free will.
See how they test out.
See if the egg hatches.
See if we go to the next level from larval phase to the next.
And then we've gotta work the riddle out.
It's a fortune hunt.
It's like Easter egg hunting.
We gotta go out.
And find it and do it.
But there are people running things that tell us we're ugly and bad and evil and need to roll over and die and hand it all to them.
And, oh, mammals aren't good.
You're not a good species.
We're going to make you become silicon, those of you that are lucky enough to live.
Doesn't sound too human to me.
Doesn't sound like the good guys.
So now the White House is coming out and telling us the next thing we told you a month ago they would do.
Russia is going to cyber attack the U.S.
and so any cyber attack carried out by the Demos group or the globalists of the CIA or Ukraine, anybody, it'll be routed through Russian computers, anybody can do that and frame somebody.
Well then now that's an act of war and we've got to have NATO start attacking the Russians.
So here's White House expert on Russia putting this BS out.
Private sector partners to take immediate action to shore up their defenses against potential cyber attacks.
We've previously warned about the potential for Russia to conduct cyber attacks against the United States, including as a response to the unprecedented economic costs that the U.S.
and allies and partners impose in response to Russia's further invasion of Ukraine.
Today, we are reiterating those warnings.
And we're doing so based on evolving threat intelligence that the Russian government is exploring options for potential cyber attacks on critical infrastructure in the United States.
You know, Nigel Farage came out many, many times when the West helped overthrow the Ukrainian government, and George Soros bragged about it eight years ago, and said it was going to lead to war with Russia.
And then, literally, I have here in the stack dozens of articles that we've reprinted from the New York Times, the Washington Post, Time Magazine, Newsweek, TV shows on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, about the main political party that helped overthrow the Russians being Nazis in Ukraine, and now you say that, they go, oh no, Zelensky's Jewish, when he wears an iron cross
On his shirt, and I'm not saying Iron Crosses are always Nazi.
They predate the Nazis, but the Nazis also used them.
It's just a German medal for valor.
But that is one of the symbols of one of the Nazi battalions there, the specific one he's wearing.
So this is a PSYOP, ladies and gentlemen.
Here's Nizel Farage when he was still in the European Union Parliament seven years ago.
Provocation of Vladimir Putin.
This EU empire, ever seeking to expand, stated its territorial claim on the Ukraine some years ago.
Just to make that worse, of course, some NATO members said they too would like the Ukraine to join NATO.
We directly encouraged the uprising in the Ukraine that led to the toppling of the President Yanukovych,
And that led, of course, in turn, to Vladimir Putin reacting.
And the moral of the story is, if you poke the Russian bear with a stick, don't be surprised when he reacts.
Now, just to continue with that, today we are rushing through an association agreement at undue speed with the Ukraine, and as we speak,
There are NATO soldiers engaged in military exercises in the Ukraine.
Have we taken leave of our senses?
Do we actually want to have a war with Putin?
Because if we do, we're certainly going about it the right way.
Perhaps we ought to recognize that the West now faces the biggest threat and crisis to our way of life that we have seen for over 70 years.
The recent beheadings of the British and American hostages graphically illustrates the problem.
And of course we have our own citizens from our own countries engaged in that struggle too.
In the war against Islamic extremism, Vladimir Putin, whatever we may think of him as a human being, is actually on our side.
I suggest we grow up.
I suggest we recognise the real threat facing all of our countries, communities and societies.
We stop playing war games in the Ukraine and we start to prepare a plan to help countries like Syria, like Iraq, like Kenya, like indeed Nigeria, to try and help them to deal with the real threat that faces us.
Let's not go on provoking Putin whether we like him or not.
Well, that's a real leader right there.
Tomorrow's news today.
And of course, let's not forget, Biden last night announced a new world order.
Global governance is what they're talking about.
Run by them will come out of this Russia conflict, and America is leading the new world order.
An inflection point, I believe, in the world economy.
Not just the world economy, in the world.
It occurs every three or four generations.
As one of the top military people said to me in a secure meeting the other day, 60 million people died between 1900 and 1946.
And since then, we've established a liberal world order, and that hasn't happened in a long while.
A lot of people died, but nowhere near the chaos.
And what is this New World Order?
You eat bugs, you drink sewage, you own nothing, you have nothing, you can't travel, if you're allowed to live, you live in a 200 square foot coffin apartment.
I mean, that's all what they're announcing.
Here in the headlines.
And I told you, they're going to use coronavirus for their global ID and control.
And then they're going to use the war and the sanctions and all of that for an electronic tracking system.
And now they're on the news.
Klaus Schwab is admitting, we will use this war to bring in the new world ID.
It is upon us now.
We are the lighthouse of the future.
China is the model.
Coronavirus and the case for one world government.
The week.
Financial Times of London and now for world government.
The U.N.'
's warning worst food crisis in history from the war.
You mean the Great Reset?
Ominous warning over coming food crisis.
Recommends more sustainable diets.
Ukraine war threats to cause a global food crisis.
No, they caused it.
And now they're going to pose as the damn saviors while they did it.
And they bring in their climate lockdowns.
Food rationing.
World needs the equivalent of pandemic lockdowns every two years to meet Paris carbon emissions.
Lockdown, size emission cuts.
It's every two years to combat climate change.
Then it'll be every month a lockdown.
Equivalent of COVID emissions drop every two years.
Singapore to benefit from carbon credit trading platform.
On and on and on.
Unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen, that they're just doing this.
And then here's the new article all over the news.
Jerusalem Post had this version.
Pumpkin seeds and maggots, the meat of the future.
There it is right there.
Pumpkin seeds and fly larva.
What a nice name.
The meat of the future.
Maggots, the new beef, the new white meat.
Murder your dog and cat.
MSM officially calls for extermination of your pets to save the earth.
They gotta get you ready for the collapse and that they're the good guys that told you it was coming.
To save the world, kill your dog and cat, and eat bugs, says the Jeffrey Epstein alumnus owner of the Atlantic.
Yeah, the lady that owns it.
She tells you pedophilia is not bad, but it also doesn't exist, and she's a favorite out at Epstein, Pito Island, Steve Jobs' wife.
Savannah Hernandez takes us into the Pito rabbit hole.
That's what all this transgenderism is about, targeting children, the sexualization of children, and so much more on the other side, ladies and gentlemen.
And one of our biggest problems is so-called conservative leaders that go along.
Well, if you're a championship
female swimmer or weightlifter or sprinter doesn't matter a man who can't win in men's sports can just say he's a woman and he can then come and he can win the gold medal and then if you file a complaint and say he has sports enhancing testicles
Well, then you get banned on Twitter and your videos get taken down.
Savannah Hernandez is here to give us the back side of the story.
It was on Tucker Carlson's show, and then I guess that upset them that her clip with this young lady, this swimmer, was there.
This lady filed a complaint.
She got a lot of heat.
And so Savannah's got the banned clip here as well.
So Savannah, you're the expert on the ground there, doing great work over there for Trump's Truth Social out there on the street.
Tell us the story and the details here, because as if this transgender, men taking over women's spaces, adult men and children, girl showers, as if all this isn't insane enough, now the women aren't allowed to complain by the big tech bullies, so they're caught in a big pincer attack.
Tell us about it.
Yeah, Alex.
So first off, when I went and covered the NCAA Championship, this was the first time that I've ever watched a women's swimming competition.
And watching Leah Thomas compete was absolutely insane.
He took off like a rocket.
None of the other females even stood a chance.
All of the parents in attendance behind me visibly upset.
People were not happy that Leah Thomas was swimming at all.
And of course, I heard from parents too that the NCAA athletes were told that they were not allowed to mention Leo Thomas' name to the media.
They weren't even allowed to mention his name in the locker room.
So it took a lot for me to find an athlete that was willing to speak out against him.
I finally found one.
Her name was Rose.
We're good to go.
Now the clip immediately went viral.
Tucker Carlson played it on his show and what ended up happening was Andy Ngo was sending me so many Twitter accounts that were Antifa Twitter accounts saying, oh this is Savannah Hernandez, this is a ban evasion account, she needs to be deleted because she's drumming up hate against Leah Thomas.
So this was a targeted attack to take down my footage exposing Leah Thomas for the man that he is taking away from female sports
And I also exposed the LGBTQ community that was across the street looking like absolute fools saying that women can get penises, that men can get periods.
It's so confusing that I can barely even keep up with it.
So I exposed the LGBTQ community.
We exposed Leah Thomas.
We made national news.
And what happened?
Twitter, of course, deleted and censored all of the footage because they are in charge of the narrative.
They are allowed to dictate our reality.
And that's exactly what they did by deleting this footage.
That's right.
So here is the censored footage.
Not only did they disqualify this woman, who would have been qualified if it wasn't for this man, now they have banned her and blocked her and have banned the video.
Here it is.
You're a Virginia Tech swimmer.
What did you think about Leah Thomas competing today as a swimmer in this competition?
What are you feeling?
What are other athletes feeling?
It's a common conception that we are all very disappointed and frustrated with someone who has capabilities more than us women have to be able to compete at this level.
And take opportunities away from other women like I have a teammate who did not make finals today because she was just bumped out of finals and it's heartbreaking to see someone who went through puberty as a male and has the body of a male be able to absolutely blow away the competition and you go into with a mindset that you are you don't have a chance if that makes sense like it's hard to compete against someone with
The aerobic capacity, the muscle development, the body of a man.
It's hard.
It's hard to think about it like that.
And staying positive, I bet, for other swimmers who are in that heat is probably overwhelming.
I can't speak for them.
I'm not sure.
But it's disappointing to see and frustrating, definitely.
And you said that one of your teammates was crying today because she didn't make the finals.
You said that she was 17th?
And there were 16 spots?
So Leah Thomas took one of those spots.
Talk to us about what your teammate was going through and that experience.
She was very emotional and it's hard to see because it's her last NCAAs and she really loves that race and it was just heartbreaking to see that she put all her effort into it today and when the best time that she's went in a morning session before and still not make it back.
It's hard to see someone who works every day, every night, still not be able to compete against someone like that.
Now what this is, is behavioral psychologists at the Kabosov Institute admit they're doing this, that if we'll accept men being women and women being men, and pedophiles having access to our children in the schools, we'll accept anything.
Do they want to suspend logic and common sense?
And so, not only the absurdity of this, but also the teachers and the professors and the parents and the swimmers told, keep your mouth shut, go along with this or you'll get in trouble.
Where's the First Amendment?
So, this is all a teaching tool for everybody that you're going to believe the absurd and you're not going to criticize it or you'll be punished in the real world and in cyberspace
This is the big corporate rollout plan, and more and more scientists, Savannah and others, are pointing out that this is the targeting of children to sexualize them, where they tell five and even three and four-year-olds, you're really a boy when you're a girl, or you're really a girl when you're a boy, and then the state says, oh, your child wants to be a girl or boy, a different sex, and forms a government
Relationship with your child outside of parental rights to screw your kid up.
So the pedophiles are running this movement to sexualize children and it's come out now and a lot of idiots are signed on to it thinking it's the new thing, you know, the new liberal thing to support when what it is is the destruction of our species.
Exactly, Alex.
And again, too, what I want to reiterate is I'm not mad about my Twitter account being silenced or censored.
I'm mad about the fact that it took a lot of courage for this NCAA athlete to even speak out against Leah Thomas because she was feeling pressure from not only the NCAA but coaches, teammates, from the entire organization.
So, on top of her just, you know, needing to be strong enough to actually get this message out and push back against the entire society that was trying to silence her,
Then Big Tech still comes in, doubles down, deletes the message, rewrites national news, rewrites history, and it's absolutely disgusting to see.
So like you said, Alex, this is a target of our children, and we see how these swimmers are being treated.
We see how anyone in the modern day is being treated.
If they say something as simple as, men can't get periods and men can't get pregnant, you get mobbed in the street for saying that.
You get told that you're the crazy one.
You get told that you are a bigot, you're a racist.
Pick a name in the book, you are that now, if you think in that
You know, actual biological science is a thing.
So it's absolutely insane to see what is going on in the modern day.
And it's disgusting to me that we had grown adults who were standing up for Leah Thomas and clapping and happy that this biological male came in and annihilated these women at their own competition.
Well, they've had MMA fighters that are males kill females.
Men are not supposed to be fighting women.
Men are supposed to be fighting men.
That's how it's designed.
That's what's programmed into us for a reason.
Now, when we come back, I've got a clip, but you were there seeing this, of big biological men dressed up in their clown outfits, their wigs, trying to get into the women's bathrooms where women and children were.
This clown show is going to the next level.
What else did you witness?
Honestly, the saddest thing for me to witness, Alex, was these athletes and their parents, if anything.
Really upset that Leah Thomas was swimming.
Upset that this gigantic, hulking man, again, I saw Leah Thomas with my own two eyes, next to the female competitors.
He's a big man.
He's humongous, okay?
Oh yeah, put some photos of him up here.
And look, they said Tucker Carlson photoshopped this.
I went and found the actual Getty
He's not even tucking his schlong here.
I mean, he's got a pretty big package there.
This is a joke.
Exactly, Alex.
And all of the LGBTQ people who were promoting Leah, I asked them, hey, have you seen Leah Thomas stand next to his competitors, stand next to actual females, and can you see a biological difference?
You know what their answer was, Alex?
They said, well, I haven't actually seen Leah Thomas stand next to a female.
So, the people who are advocating for this man don't even know what they're talking about, don't even know what he looks like in comparison to an actual biological female.
Well, you know what the answer is?
I want to talk about the answer when we come back, but I think the families, the alumni, everybody needs to just walk off and let these weirdo freaks, these perverts that want to piss all over everybody and take over women's spaces and brainwash us.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Here's some footage for TV viewers and radio listeners of the NCAA Women's Championship that was won by a man, that's San Hernandez, was just dead.
And now if you try to criticize it, put a video out, you get banned on cyberspace.
The college is saying, how dare anyone question this as we enter North Korean-type territory.
Here is a clip of Kelly J. Keene trying to block a Frankenstein-looking man with a wig on from entering, I guess, the women's locker rooms.
Here it is.
On the basis of the comfort and dignity of girls and women, I'm asking you, telling you, please do not use women's space.
It makes them feel uncomfortable.
My girls and the other women I am with are very comfortable with me in the bathroom.
Well, fortunately, I'm not your daughter and my daughter is also not your daughter.
Oh, that's right.
So she's the same.
She would feel very uncomfortable.
I'm not here for a debate.
Excuse me.
Beth, do you mind?
I would like to ask you to please call off your dog.
I beg your pardon.
I'm asking you as a mother.
I'm asking you as a mother.
Do not use female spaces.
And I'm very uncomfortable.
As a mother, I am very uncomfortable.
You've never birthed your children.
You are not a mother, Dawn.
She's like, our girls, we're going in your bathroom.
And when they're recruiting in the public schools, brainwashing mainly autistic and mentally retarded children, in my view, we know it's true, this is just pedophile grooming of children, the sexualization of children.
Bill Maher said it.
He said DeSantis is right.
There should be a law that you don't teach five-year-olds they're another sex.
You shouldn't be talking to kids about sex unless you're trying to basically groom them.
Savannah Hernandez?
You've got to go to the interview here in about five minutes.
Where else do you see all this going now?
Honestly, Alex, like you talked about, we really need to start to be a part of the solution.
If women truly do not want men in their spaces playing in their sports, they need to stand up against this.
They need to have their voices heard and they need to start participating in events that men are competing in.
Because that's the only way that we push back against this.
The only way for us to actually put this to an end and put this to a stop is to stop participating in this clown world nonsense.
You guys really did coin the term clown world and if you look around what's going on right now that's exactly what we're living through.
So it really was heartbreaking to see these biological males coming in and trying to not only erase women's sports
But erase women as a whole.
Try to say that men can have periods, men can give birth, and men understand what it means and what it feels like to be a woman.
They absolutely have no idea, and it's disgusting that, you know, women are being completely erased.
So, the real biological women, like you said, Alex, need to stand up against this and stop participating in this mental illness, because that's exactly what it is.
And again, Alex, thank you for being at the forefront of exposing this and being one of the first people to actually, you know, point this out and call it out for what it is, mental illness, insanity, and just clown world antics.
And with a scientific agenda behind it, speak more about, because I saw the news when you were there,
At this event, you were saying obviously the vast majority of people were totally incensed.
I saw the video where all the women and people ran up to celebrate really first place and second place.
This guy shouldn't even have been there, but second place and third place.
They actually were congratulating the women that actually got first, second, and third, totally ignoring this crepazoid.
Can you speak to that?
And then what type of mental patient
Is a six foot four dude, who is 400th and something in the men's league, now trying to be number one in the women's league.
I mean, what's wrong with him?
He has no shame.
What is his problem?
So first off, Alex, I'll speak to Leah Thomas as a whole.
So a very interesting thing that I noticed at this competition is as each swimmer was called out, there were such loud cheers from the crowds, from the coaches, from the team members, the athletes.
But then when Leah Thomas's name was called, crowd goes silent.
There was some polite clapping, but crowd was pretty much silent when Leah Thomas's name was called, when Leah Thomas took this first place.
And I actually watched this moment.
Okay, you guys just put up that picture of Leah Thomas on that first place podium, and then these three girls, the true first, second, and third place winners, grouped together.
I watched this moment with my own two eyes, and I, you know, just, I was happy that these girls at least did this, that they at least stood up together, first, second, and third, and said, you know what, Leah Thomas, we are not allowing you to take this away from us.
And the crowd was not clapping, they were not cheering when Leah Thomas was named number one.
Again, polite clapping if any, but the masses knew that this was wrong.
And to Leah Thomas swimming with these females, again Alex, normally with the competitors when they come out, you have to look at the board to figure out, you know, who's who, kind of figure out which lane which person is in.
When Leah Thomas walked out, I didn't need to look at the board for a name.
I knew it was Leah Thomas because it was a big,
Six foot tall man with broad shoulders that was about double the size of every other female there competing.
And again, it's just, it's straight up mental illness.
With a bulge in his pants.
With a bulge in his pants.
And the left again, newspapers accused Carlson of adding the generals.
I went and looked at the original photos.
He had a frickin' weenie bulging.
Yeah, it's disturbing, Alex.
It's so disturbing to see.
I'm glad we're calling it out, but until the masses decide to stand up and wake up and push back, just like with the face mask, this will continue to go on until we put an end to it.
I tell ya, I mean, I've got four daughters and they've competed in sports, and you see it now all over the place.
In a whole bunch of collegiate sports and high school sports, now it's men that are winning it all, and it just is a farce, but it shows
How much of this garbage we have put up with?
Savanna Hernandez, how do people find all the great work you're doing over there at Trump's Truth Social?
Yeah, you guys can follow me on Truth Social at Sav Says.
You can follow my website, SavSaysOfficial.com, for all of this banned footage.
Alex, I was even talking to Dew behind the scenes about starting a banned-out video channel since none of my content can live on these platforms.
So, hey, maybe you'll see my footage here and banned-out video here in a bit.
But go follow me on all of those platforms, continue to get the word out, because again, this isn't about me being silenced, it's about these American women who were trying to have their voice heard being silenced.
And also too, Alex, last thing I'll add, I interviewed another former NCAA athlete who ran against June Eastwood, who was a transgender track and field star.
She heard June's coach saying on the sidelines, hey, slow down, because June was in first place, because June was a biological man.
So that's what our girls are up against.
So they're even telling him to slow down, like when a boxer throws a fight.
They don't want him to throw it all the way.
Just, hey, make it look hard.
You know, give him a show, because it'd be like putting Mike Tyson in the ring, you know, with a high school boxer.
I mean, he would destroy them.
He'd be like, who's going to go watch that?
Folks, there is an evil globalist force behind all this, the Tavistock Institute of Behavioral Psychology.
There is a larger dehumanization that begins to accept cyborgs and human-animal clones that they're already rolling out, and that's what this transgender idiocy is, just getting us to accept it up front.
Savannah Hernandez, thank you so much.
Thank you so much, Alex.
Okay, listen, ladies and gentlemen.
It is in mainstream news that the British government, but so did our government, paid bounties to kill people that had COVID.
Now we could see this, we knew this.
The government of the UK is now admitting it.
And we have a special guest that's been exposing this for over a year, joining us, coming up in the next hour.
And as I said,
Tonight, 7 to 10 p.m., a special live broadcast only at InfoWars.com, Ford's live show and Bandai Video, where we'll take your calls and so much more on the state of the world.
I intend to take like 50 calls or more tonight.
It's going to be extremely powerful, so please join us this evening.
Owen Schroeder comes up at 3 p.m.
today, and we have so much more to get to in the next hour.
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We're six minutes out from our special guest and some of the biggest COVID news ever.
That's coming up.
But first, I wanted to get into this whole cashless society system with BlackRock and the Globalist on record.
Trying to make us poor so they can control our lives and announcing the biggest food shortages in modern history.
Hundreds of millions set to starve to death and die.
We've got all these articles telling us that we need to eat bugs and like it.
Eat maggots now is what the newspapers are running.
That's getting you ready for the dystopia.
Behavioral psychology, because they know most people are in a trance and are just receiving this knowledge instead of being conscious and so they can't navigate it.
It's our job to, hey,
Get out of your trance.
This is serious business.
And so, as these evil plans roll out, the credibility of those of us that have been exposing it will go to all-time highs, people will listen to us, and we can stop this before they carry out their 90% depopulation by the year 2030.
And people are saying, how is that going to happen?
Well, I mean, they told us how they were going to do it, and you can now see that they intend to do that while posing as the saviors from the crises they have created and exacerbated.
So here's a couple of clips.
The SEC, the Securities and Exchange Commission, is expected to introduce climate
Disclosure rules, which is the beginning of the whole UN, World Bank, IMF, carbon scores and the rest of it, and surveillance system to shut down all their competition.
And that ties in to a TikToker, and you can look this up, explains MasterCard and the UN joining forces for social credit systems.
We'll play both these back to back.
As you've heard, today the Commission is considering proposing rules to enhance and standardize climate disclosure.
These proposals would require public companies to provide, in their registration statements and annual reports, certain information on risks that climate poses to short, medium, and long-term financial performance.
And on steps the company plans to take to mitigate this risk, such as an internal carbon price if there is one, scenario analysis if the company does it, transition plans if the company has them, or targets if the company has set them.
Public companies would also disclose governance around climate issues.
Besides the disclosures on risk and on the company's response, the proposed rules would require disclosure on current financial impacts and on financial expenditures due to climate-related events and transition activities.
Finally, the rule would require disclosure about the carbon footprint through Scopes 1 and 2 GHG emissions and Scope 3 if Scope 3 emissions are material or used as part of a climate-related target or goal.
Don't say you weren't warned.
MasterCard and the United Nations are joining forces to monitor the carbon effect of your credit card purchases.
And then you'll hit your carbon max.
And it'll stop working.
A, of course, it's voluntary.
For now.
The new credit card is called Doconomy.
And on the back of the card, it's going to say, I am taking responsibility for every transaction I make to help protect the planet.
This is a social credit score.
And it's a proof of concept.
The Doconomy CO2 Credit Card website claims it is the largest initiative ever taken by a bank in educating its users on the impact of consumption.
They say themselves they want to set a global standard for carbon calculations.
That's the key.
That's right, and it's all being announced.
That's why Trudeau last year was saying,
We're going to follow all the UN directives.
He was giving all those acronyms out.
And if you look the ESGs and the rest of it up, that is the global governance system designed to starve everybody to death.
But of course, these institutions, they are all completely exempt.
You know, our next guest is a really smart economics researcher and stock picker.
We'll probably get his take on some of these announcements about the mass starvation, all the rest of it that are coming up.
But first, we're going to get into the big issue.
They're just calmly out in the news admitting, yeah, the government paid us to kill people with COVID and, you know, put them on drugs that made them not breathe.
Big deal!
We got to kill some people.
I mean, we'll save money.
That's right.
Hiding it all in plain view.
What a dystopia.
So, you go back two years ago when they would pay the same thing in Europe, same thing in the UK, same thing in Australia, same thing in Canada or the US.
$52,000 and change.
Some countries a little more, some a little less, if you intubated somebody.
You've got 30-something thousand for saying it's a COVID patient, you've got 13-something thousand for intubating them, and you've got 10,000 more if they die.
So now we're talking $60,000-plus bounty to murder somebody, and even USA Today fact-checked that a year and a half ago and said, yeah, it's true.
There's a $53,000 bounty.
They weren't counting the 10,000 if you died.
$52,700 or whatever it came out to.
And so the number crunchers started getting involved.
And there's been a lot of economists and a lot of people basically say the same thing.
Because you look at the numbers, now you've got German insurance companies and multinational and U.S.
ones saying, man, we got a massive increase in death of 18 to 64, the working age.
And headlines about a 40% increase and all the rest of it.
The biggest death numbers ever recorded in modern history.
That's in the last 100 plus years.
So Edward Dowd is a ex-Wall Street professional, worked at HSBC, Donaldson, Lufkin, and others, Blackrock.
But the key is, almost two years ago, he came out and started seeing these trends and predicting what was happening.
His tweets are very famous.
He's worked all over Wall Street, the sell side and buy side, expert in fixed income and equities capital markets.
He's currently trying to start a hedge fund.
And it goes on from there.
And he is Edward Dowd.
You'll find him on Twitter at D-O-W-D-E-D, Ward, and on Getter as well at Edward Dowd.
And so, Edward, a lot has happened since
You were last on with us.
I've seen you going viral in the war room and all these other great shows.
We just really appreciate the hard work and sticking your neck out there that you're doing.
But I guess we all realize we're going to lose it all if we don't stick our necks out.
But I want to show this Daily Mail article.
This is also in other British newspapers.
And I went and spent a few hours on it the last few days.
I've been trying to get you on.
I appreciate you coming on.
You can add more expertise to this.
But they're publicly announcing the NIH, what we already knew but now admitted,
We're good to go.
This is beyond Nuremberg-type level crimes admitted right here, and it's only the tip of the iceberg.
Holy... Toledo.
I mean, I don't know what you say, what you do, but this totally vindicates the numbers you've been putting out, and many others have been putting out, and as we learn more, it just gets more horrible by the minute, and then now they're there admitting it like it's no big deal?
What do you make of this shocking vindication of yourself and others?
Well, you know, I haven't read the article, but it seems like, you know, believe them when they say what they did.
So they just said it.
Let's, let's believe them.
In the U.S., let's go back to the U.S., you were talking about the incentives they put in place early on in the pandemic for hospitals and payments.
You know, it's come out over the course of the last two years, whistleblowers have come out, there's one in Hawaii, I forget his name, but he, you know, was in an assisted care living facility and he was told to change billing codes for people that died not of COVID to COVID so they could get the money.
So, when you put incentives in place that reward hospitals for putting people on intubators, for putting people and identifying them as COVID and then getting an award for death, you know, that's going to happen.
People are going to take the incentive and run with it.
The other thing I want to point out is the data after the last two years, we've had 1.1 million deaths in the US, excess deaths from the pandemic.
The first year was 500,000 approximately, and the second year was 500,000 approximately.
In the first year, they killed, well,
A lot of people died because of early prevention and intubation and the wrong treatment.
So the first kill shot from government policies was mostly old people in year one.
In year two, the deaths that have been occurring have had a mixed shift to younger people.
So we took care of the old people.
Now with the vaccines, we're seeing a shift to younger people.
So this is, and you know, I use the word democide.
Uh, you know, you could say there was a democide in year one with the prevention of early treatment and the incentives they gave.
Year two, the democide's occurring with the vaccine.
So, um, you know, it's democide.
And for those that don't know what democide is, that is also a university term developed about 30 years ago at the University of Hawaii and then picked up by the Chicago Business School.
And that's when the government kills its people.
Looking at this and seeing this, I've been following your work.
A lot more has come out just in the last few weeks since you were last on with us from other data points.
Can you walk the listeners through that?
So, we came out a couple weeks ago and we put up what we call the money chart.
This is a different chart, but the money chart we put up a while ago was all-cause mortality for millennials.
That got a lot of play.
We saw a spike into the fall.
So what we're doing now is breaking it down by state, just to prove our point again, that something happened in the fall.
So we're slicing the data a little different way.
And chart one is the lowest vaccinated states, lowest vaccinated states.
And you can see when people in the lowest vaccinated states in the country were forced
This is the millennial age group.
It's a percent over the 2019 average, so it's not actual raw numbers, but it's a percent increase in excess deaths.
In that chart, you see that spike.
You see the acceleration into the fall, that three-month time frame when the mandates hit.
Chart two shows the highly vaccinated states.
They still had a terrible spike, but not quite as pronounced as the spike from the unvaccinated states.
So I dropped these on Twitter and Getter last night.
And I did that because I wanted people to come in and argue and say, well, of course, that makes sense.
It was Delta because the unvaccinated states got hit with Delta.
OK, well.
That's not true, because then I dropped later this morning, charts 3 and 4, and chart 3 shows that the clear spike, so what you're seeing in this chart is the lowest state, lowest vaccinated states in the red, and then the pink is the vaccinated, highly vaccinated states.
You can see the spike up into the vaccination, and then a subsequent decline.
So it wasn't COVID, it was just a one-time temporal event when everybody went to get their jabs to keep their job.
And then the smoking gun chart is chart 4.
In the lowest VAC states, you can see that the rate of excess death in the 25 to 44 was, you know, 6 or 7 times higher than the older people.
So, it wasn't COVID because Delta didn't decide to kill that age group specifically.
So, again,
We're just slicing the data a different way, and it proves our point.
So we have the millennial cohort we dropped a couple weeks ago, and now we're breaking it out by state.
And you can see the whole pre-planned nature of this, like Dr. Mercola has been saying, and Ann Mercola, they're both been saying.
I mean, this is clearly a whole pre-programmed operation.
So it's either stupidity or a plan.
But in the first year of the pandemic, we prevented early treatment, and we put people on intubators, and lots of people died.
There's been estimates that 400,000 people didn't need to die in year one, if there was early prevention, and if you didn't intubate people.
So that's that's year one.
Year two, it's been a makeshift to the young folks who, you know, weren't at risk from COVID anyways.
So, we've had 1.1 million people die excessively in the United States over the last few years.
So, if you don't think we're at war with someone, you know, I don't know what to tell you.
Yeah, that's twice what we lost in World War II.
When we come back, I want to ask you what the numbers show and what they're trending towards, what we should expect in the future from the best data you've got.
We'll be right back.
Please stay with us.
And now we know the biggest famine in world history being caused by the lockdowns the last two years, that are still ongoing in some African and Latin American countries under IMF World Bank control, are leading to mass starvation.
And we know Bill Gates and others have said they won't depopulate, so we know it's by design.
But Edward Dowd is a really smart guy.
He's been laying all this out as a researcher and as an economist and as a Wall Street professional and stock picker.
And I could ask a lot of questions here.
You heard me before the break get into what do you think is coming next in this whole program.
But I'd like you to give your presentation in this segment and the next of where you want to go and what you want to say to the listeners.
Yeah, absolutely.
Thanks for the opportunity.
You know, let's just set the stage and the frame.
Uh, for what's going on.
Uh, you know, early on, we had frontline doctors who noticed that something was horribly wrong when they tried to come forward with a treatment from cheap, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals that are already available.
Uh, and use them for off-label purposes to fight this virus, which have been proven to work and not cause someone to die and actually bring them to health.
The frontline doctors are the real heroes here.
They were the brave ones.
They were maligned, censored, smeared, and deplatformed.
So I'm just building off their early work.
Unfortunately, you know, my 15 minutes of fame is because the bodies are piling up.
It's two years later, and you can't hide them anymore, and it's in publicly available databases now.
The numbers I just showed you are CDC numbers.
Now, what's really disturbing to my partner and I, my insurance expert who's helped me develop these charts, or he did most of the work and I'm the public face of them and we both analyze them together, but we were talking to each other and we said, why is it that two ex-Wall Street guys
One lives on the base of a dormant volcano in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and another guy that lives on the East Coast have to be the ones that bring this data forward.
I mean, it's really, we were just stunned at how ridiculous it is that no one in the government or regulatory agency or in Congress has figured this out.
It's right there.
People are dying at an alarming rate.
The good doctors have tried to get their message out, but they've been censored.
And here are two ex-Wall Street, you know, self-admitted geeks having to do this.
And I just, I just think that's the state of where we are, Alex.
I mean, it's frightening that, you know, I mean, I'm glad I'm here.
I asked to be of service, but when I pick my ego out of it, you know, why isn't someone in authority come forward?
Well, what's incredible is, you know, going back to May of two years ago, there you are saying this appears to be a controlled collapse, a way to depopulate, a way to not pay for all the baby boomers that are retiring.
Now, there it is.
He says, I have an idea for a dystopian movie.
The background begins in 2020.
This is almost two years ago.
A virus that mimics the flu sweeps across the globe.
Some believe it's a man-made bioweapon to provide cover for a global economic collapse from an unsustainable debt load and rising wealth inequity.
The majority.
And then you go through your next tweets and lay out what indeed was starting to happen and now what's happened.
No, it's, you know, I didn't want to believe what I wrote.
You know, I'm not people say I'm an Oracle and from the future.
I mean, I just I'm just an analyst and I wrote that I thought that might happen and I was horrified as it started to unfold and I know I'm just horrified at what's going on.
I can't believe we're here.
But you know, I have opinions of what's coming, you know, we're seeing signals in the financial markets that indicate
Um, economic collapse on the horizon or or at least a recession, if not a some some kind of small depression.
Um, in the third quarter, we're looking at a minimum of a recession.
Commodity prices are through the roof because of the, um, the overt actions by the Biden administration to limit
Domestic production of oil.
Now we have the war in Ukraine where grain prices are soaring because Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe.
And, you know, I'm of the opinion we're going to see food shortages soon, if not already appearing all over.
There's all sorts of anecdotes from farmers and people who are in that business seeing fertilizer prices going through the roof.
So they're coming.
And if I was to write another movie today, what do I think might happen if I was writing the script?
Well, we got the Ukraine war, so there's a potential threat of nuclear war.
There is a self-announced by Klaus Schwab cyber virus pandemic coming, which they trained for with a bunch of nations in the fall of last year.
And we also have a virus, mutant virus in China that Fauci's warning us about.
So, you know, it could be any one of those three or all three at the same time.
If I was writing a movie script, you know, Alex.
That's right.
And I think they're going to do all three at once.
And they've told us the collapse is coming.
Get ready.
You know, I can tell you, I've talked to some of the top people out there face to face, people that go to Bilderberg, things like that recently.
And they agreed that there's a pretty serious deterioration going on.
And they were asking me, you know, do you think we should all evacuate the Southern Hemisphere as a threat of nuclear war?
And we were all basically estimating it's about a 10% chance is what we were thinking.
But there's no doubt we've entered a very, very dystopian situation.
And if some of the more well-known billionaires out there are really concerned, we should all be really, really concerned.
I agree.
There's still a large majority of the population that is trying to live in a normalcy bias, thinking that, you know, things aren't what they may seem to be to them.
They're trying to pretend that we're going back to normal.
But I will tell you, the awakening is going fast.
I was contacted by someone locally on Maui who wanted me to join their church because they're preparing for what's coming, and they came to this conclusion independently of me.
You know, they hadn't even been listening to me.
People are becoming aware of the situation and the unraveling of global regimes.
You know, today I saw a tweet from Cernovich that he retweeted someone talking about the FBI's now no longer reporting crime statistics.
You know, that's real-time evidence of decay of the rule of law.
Oh yeah, I saw that a few days ago, didn't believe it.
Went to the FBI website and they now admit it.
So, we're having real-time, real-world evidence of a collapse.
That, in my mind, is the federal government collapsing when you start to hide crime statistics.
I mean, that's
What they do is gather data and report it.
That's right, Mr. Dowd, stay there.
You're absolutely right.
I'm talking about how we survive this, what you think we can do to protect ourselves.
Shut off the police, shut off crime reporting, shut off the power plant, shut off the pipelines, open up the border, launch wars, devalue currencies, release a deadly virus, inject people with deadly poison.
You know, I play suspenseful, scary music here because this is suspenseful, scary stuff.
I've been playing air raid sirens for three years at the start of the show because I told you war and all this was coming.
The globalists don't even really hide much of this.
They are lining it all up.
They all get ready.
I knew back in October that there'd be a major stock market correction in late February.
That's why I don't own stocks and things, because I would obsess over it all day, and I get a lot of insider stuff, and they would obviously put me in prison.
I mean, I'm not going to give examples of this, but I get a lot of them.
And so that's why I don't own any stocks or bonds or any of that, because, again, so I can know all this inside stuff and not be tempted and get caught up in it.
I'm not saying people are bad to do that.
Congress is bad, knowing all the inside stuff about bills and legislation, and that's completely criminal.
I mean, these are real people I'm talking to.
These are real people.
I don't mean people worth $2 billion or $10 billion.
I mean, you know, the big people.
And they're even freaked out.
And they're not trying to meet with me or talk to me so that they can buy me off.
They're actually asking what they should do.
And that doesn't make me get a big ego.
That actually makes me have nightmares.
That actually makes me get really scared for my family.
Because here's the paradox, and I want to ask Edward Dowd, he's a smart guy, I respect his view.
A lot of globalists want chaos and depopulation and wars and collapse, because they're really in an environmentalist cult and believe we're killing the planet.
But a lot of the other ones that have gone along with it just to not get picked off by the top dogs, even some of the people you'd think of as top dogs,
They're asking, how do you collapse everything and then own everything when there's nothing to buy with it?
So, obviously, going down the road of global, even controlled collapse, it doesn't stay controlled.
India and Pakistan go to war.
China goes into Taiwan.
Russia goes into Ukraine.
I mean, we could predict all this.
It's not like we're rocket scientists.
Holy hell, humans act the same over and over again.
Now we've just got godlike weapons.
So, Edward, you're talking about
I like to be an optimist.
There's things in motion that are beyond our control, obviously.
But my goal has been to stop this vaccination program dead in its tracks, bringing the people responsible for the malfeasance and fraud to justice.
And if we can do that, the House of Cards falls apart.
Because, you know, they're not going to be able to roll out digital ID passports.
So the medical tyranny is the linchpin.
That's right.
Please continue.
Yeah, so that's why I'm focusing on what I can prove.
What we're proving is the deaths are undeniable at this point.
The vaccination as a prime cause of the excess deaths in the smoking gun of the millennial cohort is there.
You know, my plea is for the mainstream media to stop this blockade of this information, to get it to other people so that discussion can begin.
You know, my goal has been to get this into the national consciousness.
I don't have to be the leader of it, I just want the discussion to go on and let the experts take over and battle from there and the litigation begin and the stock prices of Pfizer and Moderna to collapse.
So I just want to be a catalyst.
I don't need to be the guy because, you know, quite frankly, you know, I'm just a dude.
I'm just a dude on an island in the middle of the Pacific.
And I'm just giving this information for free.
I'm doing this for free with my partner.
And, you know, this should be raising questions all over the insurance industry, all over the Wall Street should be all over this.
And if we can get to a critical mass, you know, then I think we can avoid, I mean, there'll still be an economic collapse, but we'll be at least stopping this, this, this
Tragedy that's going on with the vaccines.
And you know, Alex, there's the acute deaths, right?
You know, that's that's what we're showing here in the CDC, all cause mortality, excess deaths.
You know, we haven't even begun to talk about the injured and the amount of life that's been decreased for someone, you know, so, you know, we may have cut 10 years off the average person's life who's been vaccinated due to this.
The implications of that are staggering.
Um, you know, we're working on behind the scenes a number that's going to, you know, blow people's minds if we can actually get some proof around it of the number of vaccine injured who are going to be disabled and can't go to work.
And it's not, it's not an insignificant number.
And that itself is designed to collapse society and then make us accept euthanasia and things to, quote, you know, take the load off.
I mean, I can really see the seduction here.
And I totally agree with you.
It's getting media and more doctors and scientists and financial experts and academics and clergy and auto mechanics and everybody to speak up and say no and expose what's happening.
And we've already gotten a lot of the way there.
Look how they're pulling back their whole COVID power grab right now.
No, I agree.
I mean, look.
I believe that myself and others have had an impact in that, under the surface, the people who are, you know, involved in this are getting nervous.
I mean, Fauci's floated his retirement.
Rochelle Walensky is starting to, you know... And by the way, physical fear is easy to see.
He was always very arrogant.
He looks like he's scared to death.
That's a good thing, isn't it?
Oh, absolutely.
It's something we should be proud of, but I want to see these vaccination programs halted.
I mean, they're still going on.
We're still jabbing people.
We're still mandating college students get these things.
We're still mandating first responders, hospital workers.
Some corporations are still demanding boosters.
This needs to stop.
But, you know, Rochelle Walensky,
She came out this weekend, uh, saying that, you know, she got her information from, or two weekends ago, saying she got her information from CNN.
I mean, are you kidding me?
And then now she's claiming, you know, they changed the data and removed some COVID deaths and they're saying, oh, it was a coding logic program error.
And let's not forget that the CDC head now is denying any guilt or culpability saying she got her news from CNN.
Now, before CNN said you're not allowed to question the CDC.
So now the snake's eating itself saying, oh, I got it from CNN.
I mean, I mean, for folks that don't know, at a regulatory level, this is complete collapse.
Oh, absolutely.
I didn't mean to interrupt.
Go back to her.
No, no, I agree 100 percent, Alex.
I mean, it's it's it's circular logic.
CNN says CDC is the authority and CDC head says CNN's the authority.
I mean, what kind of kabuki theater is this?
But, you know, to go back to what you did recently, Naomi Wolf pointed out that, you know, she
You're really good at predicting what comes next with their hysterical
Collapse and them running around like chickens with their heads cut off.
What do you expect to happen next with them?
Well, this is this is so bad.
And, you know, we're working behind the scenes to get the insurance companies on board and aware of what's going on.
I suspect some of them are.
You know, you got to understand something about the insurance industry.
It's a slow moving industry and they all got the jabs because they thought, you know, they bought into this as well.
They were fooled and defrauded.
So we're trying to work as fast as we can behind the scenes, but it's going to take some time to change some minds.
But all we need is a couple of brave CEOs and some insurance companies to go, hey, wait a minute, we're the bag holders on this catastrophe known as the vaccine.
And, you know, once they wake up to the fact that there's going to be excess death for years to come, and injuries and disabilities, I don't think they're going to put up with it for too much longer.
And they want to be seen as getting ahead of this when this all comes out.
Well, that's right.
I can tell you a lot of people have talked to Trump.
He was believing this.
He meant well.
He got lied to.
He wanted to open the economy.
Now he's heard from his constituents.
Notice he didn't open his mouth for about a month about the vaccine.
So Trump now is starting to get it.
So that's another piece of good news.
Edward Dowd, final segment straight ahead.
Incredible work he's doing.
Everybody should follow him on Twitter and on Getter, and we just need more people like him to bring the numbers together and get them out to the public.
He's been totally vindicated by all of it.
We'll be right back in full wars.com.
Again, just as Edward Dowd was just saying here on the Alex Jones Show, thanks for joining us, that this isn't about him, it's not about me, it's about survival.
That's what we need.
The attitude we need is it's not about personality, it's not about liberal, conservative, black, white, old, young, Christian, Muslim, any of that.
This is about corporate tyranny, mega banks that have Ponzi schemes that have been going for decades, that are coming to an end, they don't have a way to pump the bubble up anymore, and they want a global crisis to smoke screen a new monetary system.
And they want to get rid of a lot of old people.
And Bill Gates has said that.
He wants death panels to kill old people.
He says that's the solution.
You build a more complex society, you take care of the old folks.
It's ridiculous.
It's a non-zero-sum game.
That's what real economics is.
But they have this twisted McKinsey in view.
And so as a guy that's been successful in the economy, as a Wall Street professional and a stock picker, from BlackRock, HSBC, you name it, Edward Dowd, what is wrong with this globalist BlackRock end of days, end of game
I think?
Many people, from Tucker Carlson, to Joe Rogan, to you, to Steve Bannon, to Roger Stone, to Alex Jones, to a million others, and a billion other people taking action, have exposed him.
So, they're trying to commit the rest of this crime in the bright lights of publicity.
They're not going to get away with it.
I mean, anybody knows that now.
So, we've got to give him a path, like giving Putin a path to leave Ukraine, or to declare victory and go,
How do we give them a path to extricate themselves?
Because if they want to be like Napoleon and want to go live on an island with a hundred of their troops, I would say, hey, keep some of your stolen money to stop killing us.
Because I know if we corner them and keep pushing, they're going to pull more dirty tricks.
But instead, they just seem to not have a care in the world, at least the controllers, their minions do, like Fauci, and seem to be steaming forward.
You know, someone who's involved in this fraud
Needs to come forward and needs to start naming names because, like you said, the chaos that's going to ensue is going to be uncontrolled, right?
And when the rule of law breaks down and you're, you know, you think your security guards are going to be there and
Your staff is going to be there when they're worried about their own families.
Well, you might want to check on that.
Secondly, you know, I'm not, what I'm about to say, I haven't thought, I'm not involved in, I'm not going to be a part of, but I can see as time rolls on and the truth comes out to more and more people, I can see the people who bought into this the heaviest, the covidians and the people promoting the job that weren't part of the inner circle.
Uh, of this fraud, uh, will be angry.
And, uh, they might, you know, have star chambers where, uh, you know, hit squads come after some of these people.
So it's not us that they have to worry about.
It's the ones that they actually deceive to wake up who are mad as hell.
And the chaos will be uncontrollable.
And I'm not going to be involved in any of that.
I'm not planning that.
I'm not, not my thing.
But as a predictor of the future, you can't control
What other people do, and there will be people that probably want to do that.
So come forward now that you can be protected and go through the justice system.
Edward Dowd, that is perfectly said.
That's exactly where I am.
There's no military solution in this because it's cultural, it's economic.
The solution is being aware of the scam and not supporting it.
So, I mean, I saw articles everywhere, I haven't even responded to today, saying Alex Jones, Secret Service says Alex Jones tried to go kidnap Pence.
Secret Service didn't say that.
It's not true.
It's totally made up.
But the system's so desperate now, they're giving orders to major publications to do stuff that I'd easily win a defamation suit.
It'd take a million bucks to do it, take years to get it done, but they are so desperate now that instead of backing off of lies, they're escalating.
They're trying to frame me as a violent revolutionary leader.
They're saying, what, 231 days out, Homeland Security?
They believe that a patriot movement will launch terror attacks.
Well, that's their excuse to suspend the election.
And so I can see what's happening.
That's why I'm not getting involved in anything military.
I'm not going to shoot or kill anybody.
I don't have any plans.
I'm not commanding troops in the field.
I'm not a military person.
And I don't say that as a coward.
I'm not going to go perform a brain surgery when somebody's been in a car wreck because I don't know the first thing about it.
Plus, I don't believe in military solutions.
The answer, it's a spiritual, cultural, economic solution.
But definitely, you're a trends forecaster.
You can see them.
Setting the table for a civil war in this country, which I will not participate in.
I agree.
I'm with you.
And, you know, I'm just I'm just looking into the future.
If there is the chaos we predict, again, it won't be
It won't be people who are aware of what's going on.
We're going to be unvaccinated, taking care of our families and, you know, just trying to get by.
You know, I don't have any grand plan to do anything, but the people who are going to have mental breakdowns and snap, those are the ones they have to worry about.
And I'd like to add an addition to my movie script about what might happen.
I think we're going to win.
I think these people will be brought to justice that have committed these crimes, but
You know, what if that, let's pretend that's the plan.
They think they're the ones that are going to inherit the keys to the global kingdom.
But what if there's people behind them who have propped them up as these clownish evil puppets?
I mean, Klaus Schwab is a Bond villain.
You know, these people are almost clownishly evil.
What if in my movie script,
In the midst of the chaos, we think we win and we get these people into justice, but then some very handsome guys and gals come out of somewhere else with a solution and a new way to get our way out of this chaos and economic collapse.
And they told us it's eat bugs and drink sewage and live in communes.
I went to the UN eight months ago to cover some stuff in New York, and they had giant signs up saying, soon you'll own nothing and live in communes.
And it showed like bomb shelters in Israel.
And I was like, what the, what do you think this, telling us you'll eat bugs, you'll have nothing, you'll love the Great Reset.
If I was going to sell something, I mean, I'd sell something good, or if I was evil, I'd lie about it.
Why are they like, you'll have nothing, and it's going to be, you'll eat bugs and drink sewage.
What the hell?
Well, it's, it's, Alex, it's so absurd.
That when someone more reasonable and good-looking like a Damien Thorne from The Omen comes forth with a better, reasonable-sounding solution, well, you know, that's the one we have to worry about.
The one that sounds reasonable from very, very convincing people.
Oh, I get it.
They're giving us, they're telling us they're the villains so the Savior can enter from the other side of the stage.
That's correct.
I'm just saying that's a potential movie script.
No, no, no.
You are... I should have been saying, that's it, that's the final piece.
They're setting us up for the Savior who'll be... Oh my God.
So who do you think that might be or how do you see that happening?
I have no idea, but let's say my movie script plays out and there's chaos and we bring these people to justice.
I'll be looking for the very reasonable men and women who have a solution already on hand.
All right.
You always impress, Edward.
And there's so many great people like you that aren't the shadows.
You're just buying your own business that are starting to come forward.
I think that's going to be the solution, is the professionals in every walk of life that say enough is enough.
I agree.
And I need more people from Wall Street and the professional class to join me.
I mean, you're silent because you're scared about your job.
Well, I got news for you.
The global collapse comes, you know, your job's not gonna, I mean, it's not gonna be there.
I agree we can't stop the crash, we get the landing gear down and maybe not kill ourselves.
How long do you have, do you think, until things are gonna be really, really, really bad, if more people don't come forward and blow the whistle?
How long do these folks have, do you think?
Well, you know, timing is always a problem in these situations, especially when, you know, when you're trying to make money or trade.
So that's why I'm not giving investment advice as to the timing of this.
But it seems to me, if I look at the Federal Reserve and what they just did on Wednesday, they raised 25 basis points.
They were supposed to raise 50 or people wanted them to raise 50 to help fight inflation.
I've seen an analysis that shows that the Fed rate hike cycle is basically over before it began because the system is at the end days and there's so much leverage in the system it can't handle even tiny upticks in interest rates.
The timing is a lot closer than I would have thought, so I'll say anywhere between the next six to 24 months.
I totally agree.
I've talked to a spectrum of very important smart folks, and they said six months to a year and a half maximum until there's no turning it back.
That's my belief and I hope I'm wrong.
I mean, this is a call I'd like to be absolutely dead wrong on because it's not going to be, I mean, no one's going to be able to hide.
Yeah, who wants this?
All right, Edward Dowd.
Thank you so much.
Very impressive.
Edward Dowd on Getter.
We'll talk to you soon, sir.
Thank you so much.
Take care, Alex.
Thank you for your service.
Thank you, brother.
We're all in this together.
We're all on the spaceship Earth going through space here, and all hell is breaking loose.
You know, Dr. Ben Marble is a good friend of mine, and he's here doing great work in Austin, Texas, and he's going to be hosting the fourth hour.
But I got some other things to talk about when we come back in T-minus two minutes as we kick off hour number four.
Stay with us.
All right.
He's a firebrand.
Dr. Marble is going to be taking over
In the next segment for the rest of the hour.
But I wanted to talk about something here, just like I did in this segment yesterday, that's very, very important.
And I want you to know, just in a few minutes here, some of the history, so you can understand what we're up against.
I've been syndicated by GCN for 25 years.
And I've been in the time slot we're in for 23 years, the Rush Limbaugh slot.
They wanted me to go up against Limbaugh, I didn't want to, but Ted said, you got the job, I'll pay you the money and I'll put you on all these stations if you do it.
And we exploded from day one.
And over the years, Talk Radio's gotten in trouble and collapsed and gotten small.
What the audience has per capita, but still together, it's huge.
We have 300 plus affiliates, we reach millions of people a day through them.
And Ted owns a few other companies and he went from GCN being very, very popular and very, very profitable to still being extremely popular with 750 plus affiliates and over 60 shows they syndicate.
Gardening shows, liberal shows, conservative shows.
And he's just been putting his own money in the last three years into it and breaking even.
But the Democrat Party
Anti-gun group.
We never say their name because they live off us.
We don't live off them.
They sued him over the years.
He spent something like a half million dollars fighting him the last four years.
And finally they came to him a few months ago and they said, just give us that network, take Alex Jones off the air, and we'll forgive you.
But if you don't, we're going to destroy you.
And they sent his insurance company a threat of $500 million.
This is just ridiculous and preposterous, you know, for our free speech if he didn't turn things over.
They want me off the air.
Which is ridiculous because we're already syndicated ourselves years ago.
But Ted's still there and we got over 80 affiliates with him.
And so I told Ted, I said, what do you need to go through the trial of these people coming up this summer?
And he said, well, they tell me about $300,000.
If you'll just get me half of that, because Ted's, you know, getting a super rich guy, he's blown through a lot of his money over the years, keeping us on air.
He said, I will, I will, I will not basically just close this place.
But he said, that's what they're saying.
And so we put out the address at GiveSendGo of SaveGCN.com.
And Lister's raised about $25,000 and that's great.
I appreciate that.
But we need to raise him over $100,000 and he'll match the money to fight these people over the next year or so and not just give in to what they want.
And again, the world will be a whole other place in a year.
We need to stay on air now.
We're not worried about the money, our networks, any of this.
We're just simply trying to fight hard until the end with this whole
With this whole situation.
And so, it all goes to keep us on the air and to stand up for Ted, to stand up for freedom, so long.
And to fight this legal battle, save GCN.com.
Save GCN.com.
And they need to raise $80,000 at least.
Or I told him, I said, I'll pay for it.
I don't have that extra money right now.
But I'll get it one way or another.
I sold my house.
I've been putting all the money in to keep this place going the last three months.
But I mean, we're down to the wire.
That's fine.
Just like you see in the news with war and COVID and all of it.
This is the beginning of very serious times.
So we need to stay on air.
And God's working through you to keep us on air, so I want you to go to SaveGCN, SaveGCN.com, SaveGCN.com, great folks at GiveSendGo, the folks that help the truckers out, and you know, NotBackDown, and all that, and donate to get Ted the money he needs to continue that fight.
SaveGCN.com, at GiveSendGo, because they're literally trying to shut down the radio network we're on, one way or another to get us.
And that would be like,
You think?
Go to SaveGCN.com and make a donation.
I appreciate you.
Hey, I'm not pressuring you if you don't, but if you think what we've done is important and you want to invest in freedom and free speech and put your finger in the eye of George Soros, this is the place to donate.
You know, it's a fact, and I'm not bragging when I say it, it's just true, that Infowars is seen by the globalists as the standard of human liberty, as the logo of human populist resistance against their transhumanist, anti-human program.
And man, our work is really right now hitting the most important aspects of what we've ever done.
So I'm asking listeners now to realize we've got great products, thousands of them, at InfoWarsTour.com.
And we are funded by listeners and viewers like you.
And so now we need the support more than ever because this fight has intensified.
Don't need me to tell you that.
Thank you.
Ex-Head of Respiratory Research at Pfizer, Mike Yeadon, and researchers, including Craig Pardecouper, have sourced VAERS data on vaccine death and injury in the U.S., a database of over 700,000 adverse reactions caused by the Moderna, Pfizer, and Janssen vaccines.
These vaccines have been deployed in different batches, officially referred to as lots.
This has allowed Yeadon's team to back-engineer Big Pharma's COVID-19 vaccine deployment agenda in the U.S.
All their information is published at howbadismybatch.com and howbad.info.
And what we learn is quite telling.
About 0.5% of all the different batches are highly toxic, resulting in hospitalization, disability, and death within days or weeks of injection.
Other batches cause minimal adverse reactions and most appear to be harmless placebos.
When plotting on a timeline, we can see that these three companies have been working together to quietly monitor the lethal effectiveness of specific deadly batches.
While one company is deploying a lethal batch, the other two deploy harmless ones, creating the scientific environment to perform dose range finding, or the maximum tolerated dose for each specific batch.
The timeline shows that each lethal batch deployment is preceded and followed by a quiet period, allowing them time to establish their baseline before the next deadly batch is deployed.
Private leaked documents from the CDC show a list of expiry dates and only certain lots are included.
The very same lots found to be highly toxic in part of Cooper's database.
Which makes sense.
There would be no reason to list expiration dates for saline placebo.
Only the deadly ones.
This mode of deployment allows governments the ability to direct deadly batches into specific populations, such as red states.
Analysis of the number of dying per 100,000 vaccinated in 50 states shows us that the overwhelming majority of vaccine deaths are happening in red states.
Some red states are experiencing 11 times more vaccine deaths than other states.
On average, red states are experiencing twice the amount of vaccine death and injuries than blue states.
After ruling out other possibilities, Parda-Cooper concluded that this can only be due to the fact that red states received at least twice as much of the lethal batches than blue states did.
Among several other crimes, they are tipping the scales of the democratic process by killing people who voted against the New World Order's woke, Build Back Better, Great Reset.
While at the same time, endlessly flooding the borders with unvaccinated foreigners.
And it's happening right now.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
All right, welcome to the show.
I'm Ben Marl MD, a guest host today here at InfoWars.
I'm the founder of MyFreeDoctor.com.
It's a beautiful day here in Austin, Texas.
Boy, we had some bad weather last night with the tornadoes and everything coming through, but luckily today the weather's much improved and nice blue skies outside today.
So Alex decided, you know, to
Asked me if I wanted to be a guest host, so I said, sure, why not?
So we'll discuss some of the things, some of the topics that are important.
So I wanted to go to this meme here.
Guys, can you show this overhead?
I have a series of memes that I printed out to kind of help guide me through this.
So, you know, this first one,
I wanted to talk about is actually a quote from 1984 from George Orwell book.
And it's an important quote, sort of relevant to today.
The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears.
It was their final, most essential command.
And does that sound familiar?
When you look at this.
Settled science.
Genetically, XY is male, XX is female.
Anything else is a genetic abnormality.
No human can ever change their sex.
This is settled science, okay?
The PC COVID cult, they follow fake Fauci science, okay?
They want you to believe men can get pregnant, people can change their sex.
They want you also to believe that poison is a vaccine.
Poison is not a vaccine.
mRNA gene therapy is poison, and it's killing people all over the globe, as Alex just discussed with Mr. Dowd.
The evidence is in.
There's just a mountain amount of evidence.
It's overwhelming.
Certainly, if anyone were to look at OpenVers.com, you can see the data there for yourself.
What we've witnessed here over the past two years is a bioterror war on the public of the world, the entire world.
This is a great conspiracy planned by the World Economic Forum leaders like Nazi Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates of Hell, George Soros, Marxist Mark Kuckerberg, on and on.
Those people, their agenda is an evil
Anti-God, Atheist Agenda, they're a transhumanist, they believe in editing the human genome because they think they're smarter than God.
I have bad news for them, they're wrong.
So, they want to try to force this gene-editing poison onto the masses and they've already done so, and 5 billion people have already taken this poison.
We're left in this weird predicament of now that all the lies have been exposed by the doctors pretty effectively in 2021.
A lot of, you know, early on a lot of us in 2020 spoke up, but even as recently as, you know, 2021 going into 2022, all the various doctors like Dr. McCullough, Dr. Malone, Joe Rogan Show,
I don't
Zelensky is some sort of hero and he claims he's, you know, promoting democracy in Ukraine, which is kind of ironic.
He's a totalitarian.
He's banned all these political parties.
He's working with the World Economic Forum.
So he is our enemy, basically.
So all these people are claiming that we should back Ukraine and try to get into war with Russia.
Or trying to promote world war.
People need to realize that is part of the Great Reset Plan.
Their whole plan is to instigate world war.
They want a nuclear war because they want to kill as many people as they can.
And we can prove that if you look at the Georgia Guidestones image I printed out.
If anybody knows about the Georgia Guidestones, I'm sure a lot of the listeners do.
The Georgia Guidestones
Their target population goal is, here it is, they want half a billion people as their target population.
Now, I read another book.
That said their population goal was 1 billion.
So what their goal is is debatable.
What their in-population goal is debatable.
But what's not debatable is that they intend on killing a whole lot of people to get there.
And so if there's somewhere between 7-8 billion people right now, and they want to get to even if it's just 1 billion, that means they plan on murdering 6 or 7 billion people.
And so they've already given out 5 billion doses of this C19 fake vaccine gene editing poison.
The first thing, the most important thing, and it's what I try to focus on every time I talk with the media, is the idea that we need to ban the poison because everything keeps getting worse.
We keep descending into chaos until the poison is banned.
Nothing will get better.
We keep giving out poison to the public.
Pretending it's a safe and effective vaccine, well it's easy to predict that all that's going to happen is more and more people are going to die.
The evidence is overwhelming.
Now there's so much evidence of all the excess mortality, excess overall deaths, that
The science is settled.
The case is closed.
The COVID-19 vaccines are not real vaccines at all.
They are gene-editing poison.
And I'm going to keep repeating the same talking point over and over again, because there are so many victims out there, and I hear from them every day.
They come to MyFreeDoctor.com, and they want to help with their symptoms that they're having that they developed after their dose of poison.
So we try to do the best we can to deliver the treatment to them.
And so we will continue to do that at MyFreeDoctor.com.
And I would encourage everybody, whether you're vaccinated or any of your healthcare needs, to go to MyFreeDoctor.com and we'll try to do our best to help you and get you prescriptions to get you treated.
Welcome back to the show.
All right.
Great day to be alive here at InfoWars Studio.
I'm Dr. Ben Marble, guest host today for the fourth hour.
I wanted to read a little something I wrote here.
With respect to Judge Jackson, who's
Supreme Court nominee being grilled by Congress this week.
I'm sorry, Ms.
Jackson, but I am for real.
So here is the 800-pound gorilla question nobody in Congress has the balls to ask.
It's alleged that the Hunter Biden laptop from hell showed Hunter Biden raping his niece, who was a minor at the time.
You've had a history of being soft on pedophilia and child porn.
So if this is true about Hunter Biden raping his niece, would you set Hunter Biden free or send him to prison?
I wish somebody in Congress would ask her that question.
Because it's an important question that needs to be asked.
So I'm going to go to this meme here I wrote up.
I'm going to talk about the COVID-19 vaccine again.
If you want to be a genetically modified organism, that's fine.
You can be a genetically modified organism if you want.
But if you think forcing other people to become a genetically modified organism is a good idea, then you're just evil.
What part of COVID-19 vaccines turn you into a genetically modified organism don't you get?
And here's the proof.
Fair Executive, mRNA shots are gene therapy marketed as vaccines to gain public trust.
We probably would have had a 95% refusal rate for these shots two years ago, but the pandemic and marketing of the injections as vaccines has made them popular with the public, said Stefan Ulrich.
Okay, so they lied, they renamed it, they do with the
The Newspeak, 1984 George Orwell Newspeak, they constantly redefine words.
So they redefine gene therapy, they redefine it as a vaccine.
And people believe the lie, okay?
Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, somebody who should be in prison, had an hour-long interview recently with Frederick Kemp of the Atlantic Council, in which he calls mRNA shots gene editing, which is an omission that mRNA jabs are not vaccines.
Bourla also claims that scientists can repair the mistakes in DNA, or in other words, they can play God.
All right, so here is what was supposed to happen with the COVID-19 vaccines versus what actually happened.
One plus one equals two.
The COVID-19 vaccine plus time equals more COVID-19.
What was supposed to happen as you vaccinated more, as more people were vaccinated, you were supposed to see less COVID.
But what we are actually seeing is more vaccination, way more COVID.
This is occurring in every country in the world.
Okay, so it's clear proof the COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous poison.
We need to ban them as soon as possible.
Here's how crazy the PC-COMIC COVID cult is, how their global mass psychosis, the mass formation psychosis, how badly it affects them.
Even WebMD, if you had an allergic reaction to the first dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines,
It's safe to get the second dose.
So they're claiming if you're allergic to something, it's okay for you to take it again.
That's complete insanity.
As a physician in medicine, when you're allergic to something, you never take it again.
You don't take it.
You list it as an allergy because you know you're allergic to it, so you never take it again.
So the fact that they're lying, telling people to continue taking something that they're allergic to, should tell you all you need to know.
Now, back in November...
In March 18th of 2020, I was the first American physician to advocate for Zithromax, hydroxychloroquine, and over-the-counter zinc.
And I said at that time, we haven't stopped flu pandemics in 100 years, we won't stop COVID-19, but we can stop this idiotic exercise in futility, right?
So, as the timeline went on back in November, when they were about to release the COVID vaccines, I had done plenty of research on it, read up on it, that's all I do every day is read about these things.
November 18, 2020.
I'll let everybody know.
During medical school and residency training, we were told never take a new drug until it has been out for five years.
Let the public be the guinea pigs.
Do you really want to be the guinea pig for a rushed into production vaccine for a disease with a 99.99% survival rate?
COVID vaccine, hell no, my body, my choice.
So I told all of our patients this, do not take the poison.
It's not going to be safe.
Boy, am I glad I did that because now I'm actually able to be honest about it because the doctors who who recommended it for the patients, they're now stuck in a legal trap.
They can't tell the truth.
I also wanted to inform people, if you're unfortunate enough that you wind up in a hospital like these hospitals that are bribed to put patients on the pathway to death, this is true.
This is fact.
This is easily verified fact.
Hospitals are bribed and incentivized to maximize the death of the COVID patients.
So, what I tell people, if you're unlucky enough to wind up in a hospital, how do you survive?
Well, avoiding euthanasia protocols 101.
Anyone who has the misfortune of winding up hospitalized with COVID should do two things the first day you're there.
One, you sign a do not intubate order.
That's a legal order where they cannot intubate you.
Two, you sign an order stating that you do not, the order needs to state, do not give me remdesivir under any circumstances.
Write these exact words, sign it in front of witnesses, and get a video of it if you can, because we've seen cases, I've heard of multiple cases of people were left isolated and alone.
They had written that they were DNR on the chart, and when the family came back, the patient had been intubated against their will.
So that does happen, and that's one way that they maximize the death.
So what you have to think about is, you know, political correctness is the greatest brainwashing communist propaganda tool of all time.
It's the most successful propaganda in human history.
And if you realize that everything the PC comedy COVID cult favors is to maximize death.
This is why they want 10-year-olds to transition to the opposite sex and take sex hormones, because it makes them sterile.
This is why they favor all the homosexual, the alphabet, LGBTQ agenda, is all about reducing population.
So they favor assisted suicide at the end of life, they favor abortion, they favor sterilizing children, and certainly convincing people to sterilize themselves.
What's better than that?
Now, I read an ironic story recently about the Louisville Health Department leader, and she was the head of spearheading the COVID-19 vaccination of the public.
Lo and behold, justice was served as she died after taking the COVID vaccine.
Now, and this is the scary number, this is as of March 21st of 2022.
We have 5,042,611,638 people who have taken the poison already.
So, over half the planet
Has taken poison.
We're witnessing the greatest mass poison in human history.
And that means the people who haven't taken the poison, you're now a new minority.
You're the unvaccinated, some people call them the pure blood, some people say I'm organic.
I'm organic.
I'm not a genetically modified organism.
I'm not a mutant like the people who took the poison.
Some other news, Daniel Horwitz, some disturbing news.
He reports more vaccine deaths in the military than COVID deaths.
The cure is worse than the disease.
We have to ban the poison.
How much evidence does it take?
How many hundreds of thousands or millions of people have to die before we can get poison banned?
This is just a great mystery question we need the answer to.
I have another chart here from the UK.
I can just go on and on and on about this all day long.
COVID deaths, it is dose dependent.
The more doses of the poison you take, the worse you're going to do.
68% of deaths were people who had three doses.
18% of deaths were people who had two doses and only 2% of deaths had one and then the unvaccinated.
So 90% of deaths in the UK are in the vaccinated is the point of that.
All more proof that it's poison.
Alright, welcome back to the show.
I've been marbled today.
I'm guest hosting the show.
I want to say, you know, fear has no place here in the land of the free and the home of the brave.
Do not live in fear.
That's what the evildoers at the World Economic Forum want.
They want you to live in fear and hide in a hole and hide in your house and lock down and wear your mask and all that.
Don't live in fear.
I really would recommend that instead turn to God and pray because that really helps with the fear.
Anyway, I want to go back to the subject of
The poison, the fake COVID-19 fake vaccines.
They're not vaccines.
You know, some people say free speech is dead, so I intend to exercise my free speech today.
Silence is complicity.
Everybody's heard that phrase over and over.
Cowardly doctors who will not admit poison is poison, you're complicit with mass murder.
You need to speak out.
I know you're afraid you're going to get sued because you've been recommending poison for your patients, but grow a pair of balls and speak up, because what's going to happen?
Everybody's going to die, and then you're going to feel bad and have a lot of regret about it, and we're going to see the suicide rate of physicians, of all these falsy doctors, is going to go through the roof soon.
Because they know what's going on.
For example, here at Morris Sussex Family Practice in New Jersey, student-athletes, sports physicals are done primarily to make sure you are not at high risk for sudden cardiac death on the playing field.
COVID vaccines affect your risk.
Yeah, boy, do they ever.
They kill you.
They cause myocarditis.
Myocarditis is never normal in children.
In response to worldwide experience in vaccine adverse event monitoring, we are adopting a more precautionary sports physical sign-off policy.
If you receive doses of any COVID vaccine, we will not be able to clear you to compete in sports without performing lab work and possibly an echocardiogram to rule out potential heart damage.
Actually, you probably should order a
Back at MRI of the heart is better at finding heart damage from the COVID vaccines.
But it's interesting, that's probably what happened to Rafael Nadal, the tennis player, had to have intestinal pain and shortness of breath and stuff when he was playing the other day.
Of course, he took the poison, so no surprise he's going to have bad outcome for that.
What are we seeing here?
80% increase in all-cause mortality in the age group 25 to 44.
Happens to just coincide with when the poison started being given to everybody.
So the evidence is just overwhelming.
Poison is poison.
No human should take poison.
Pregnant women shouldn't take poison.
Old people shouldn't take poison.
Kids shouldn't take poison.
Nobody should take poison.
Because the more shots of poison you take, the sooner you die.
Here's a little FYI some people don't know.
The Hacks super-shedders are the real super-spreaders.
Because when you take the poison, it makes your body produce the spike protein all over, and you shed it everywhere you go.
And we've had cases of pregnant women hanging out with people who were recently vaccinated, and lo and behold, they had miscarriages.
And the only risk factor was that they hung out with somebody who was vaccinated.
Another FYI, just in case you didn't know, gain-of-function research is also called biological weapon development.
This is proof that Dr. Death Fauci is a mass murderer and he needs to be arrested and held accountable as soon as possible in Nuremberg 2.0.
I'm going to keep saying that until it happens.
I would also like to remind everybody
What I do, I'm a doctor.
We deliver free doctor visits to America at MyFreeDoctor.com.
Of course, the main thing we treat is COVID-related.
We treat patients with acute COVID.
We treat people who've been exposed to COVID.
We treat people, if they're worried they might get COVID and if they want meds on hand just in case they do get COVID, that's actually the best route.
We treat patients with long COVID as well as people with vaccine injuries.
But now we have enough doctors on board.
We can actually, we've been able to start treating non-COVID related problems.
Like, you know, say you have a rash or urinary tract infection or yeast infection, athlete's foot, headache, ear infection, strep throat, things like that.
Anything that's appropriate for telemedicine, we can also treat now at MyFreeDoctor.com.
All of our doctors, we deliver medical advice and prescriptions for free.
You do, when you get to the pharmacy, you do have to pay for the medicine.
We can't pay for it for you, but I wish we could.
It would be great if we could do that.
But just some people think, oh, that means the medicines are going to be free.
Well, we send the prescriptions for free.
We give you advice for free.
Most of the medications we prescribe are generic and should be relatively low cost, although there have been shenanigans going on with ivermectin with price gouging on that.
So we do provide the prescriptions and the medical device for free.
And at the very end we ask for a donation.
And if people can donate, great.
It's basically a pay it forward system.
We're trying to help as many people as we can.
We're basically trying to build a parallel system that has nothing to do with the corrupt fake Fauci system that tries to give everybody poison and refuses early treatment to the patients.
That's what we're doing, and we're building this concept, adding more doctors to the team.
If you're a doctor that's interested in working with us, please send me your email.
Email me your CV and your National Practitioner Data Bank Report.
Email it to BenMarbleMD at MyFreeDoctor.com.
And we'll see if we can get you added to the prescribers team.
Because that's how we go from treating around 1,000 patients.
We're doing around 1,000 patients a day now.
Ideally, I think we should be doing 100,000 patients a day.
And the way we do that is by adding more doctors and more patient support staff.
Our patient support staff, generally we hire
You know, people that are tech savvy, that have good communication skills and good computer skills.
And if you're not in favor of giving people poison and you're in favor of giving early treatment and you want to see about a patient support staff job, then send an email to admin at MyFreeDoctor.com and we can see if we can get you added to the team.
So that's sort of what we do and how we grow this is by adding more employees.
So, I would encourage everybody to go to MyFreeDoctor.com and we'll do our best we can to help you.
If it's something that we can't handle or treat, then we can give you advice and refer you to the appropriate, you know, if you need a heart transplant, we can't do that via telemedicine, but we can give you a referral to the doctors that we actually trust and get you
We're good to go.
Single-handedly, he has destroyed everything.
The general public does not trust the CDC or the FDA or the NIH because they shouldn't.
They're all a bunch of liars.
They're lying about everything.
This is a big plandemic, scandemic, whatever you want to call it, the Great Reset.
It's an orchestrated...
Conspiracy to destroy America, take down America, bring in, usher in their one world government, their global tracking system of all humans.
Now, if that doesn't sound like the Bible in times prophecy, I don't know what does because it's pretty scary and that is what they're doing.
They've announced their Vax Pass in Ukraine just recently.
I mean, Ukraine's in the middle of a war and they're worried about vaccine passes?
How crazy is that?
That's just proof of the level of insanity of these people.
They're all insane.
If you think political correctness is good, you're insane.
Political correctness is evil.
Political correctness is just like Nazism, basically.
So, you know, after World War II, 1946, it was illegal to be a Nazi.
So what we need is some politicians to step up.
We need to ban political correctness in America.
It has no place.
It's the exact opposite of free speech.
It's against the First Amendment.
Free speech is the First Amendment.
Political correctness is, oh, don't say that because you might hurt somebody's feelings.
Well, what we found out, you know, PC just seemed to be good manners 20 years ago.
That's what everybody thought.
Well, now we all know political correctness literally can get you killed, and is actively killing people, and that their plan is to actually kill as many people as they can.
So, you know, we try to have hope and want to, you know, we know we're going to win this war in the end, because we are at war.
It's biological war.
And of course, there's the bombs in Ukraine and all that, which is the literal war.
But we will win in the end.
We have to win in the end.
We have no option.
Losing is not an option, because if we lose, that just means we all wind up dead.
So we have to fight back against, part of fighting back is knowing who you're fighting against.
So what the whole strain has been about, has been about distracting us and convincing us that Russia's the enemy or Putin's the enemy, when in reality, World Economic Forum and all their puppets are the enemy, which one of the puppets is Zelensky.
He's a World Economic Forum puppet and many others in the World Economic Forum.
Alright, welcome back to the show.
I'm Dr. Ben Marble, guest host today.
I happen to live in Florida.
I live in a city called Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.
It's a great state.
I love Florida.
The freedom there is...
Not like most other states.
We have a great governor, Governor Ron DeSantis.
Probably the best governor in America, I would say.
But I would like to appeal to Governor DeSantis.
I have an idea.
Well, it wasn't my idea.
I actually read Substack.
I was reading some info on Steve Kirsch's Substack today.
I thought, you know, this is a good idea, so I figured I would repeat it.
Why can't we have autopsies in everybody who dies within two months of COVID vaccination, or within two months of taking the fake COVID vaccine?
The reason thus far, you know, Dr. Death Fauci said, ooh, we don't want autopsies.
And that's why we want them.
Because autopsies are how we prove, you know, we've already had many autopsies around the world that have clearly proven that the fake COVID-19 vaccines are poison.
But Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, he could make an executive order as the governor to order autopsies on anybody who dies within two months after receiving these fake vaccines.
And that would probably pretty quickly put an end to this insanity of giving people poison en masse.
Please, Governor DeSantis, consider this idea.
What's it going to harm?
Doing autopsies on dead people.
How's that going to harm anything?
They're already dead, so why can't we...
Do a little digging and investigate and find out what killed them.
Wink wink, it's the fake vaccine poison, is the answer.
We know that's what's causing it.
And of course, you know, we have all these mandates all around the country.
I was asked to mention this.
If you're trying to get, if you have a college student that's trying to get out of college mandates, go to NoCollegeMandates.com.
That's a good website that's working to help students get out of having to
You know, to get the vaccine so that they can attend college.
Certainly, that is something we do.
I don't really advertise it a whole lot, but we do do exemptions.
Now, I will say, we deliver advice and prescriptions for free, but the one thing we don't do is if it requires paperwork, we do charge a fee.
So, for like exemptions, any kind of return to work paperwork, stuff like that, we generally will charge a fee for that because
We have to pay to do it, so we have to pass that cost on.
But we do do the prescriptions and the advice for free.
So I want people to be aware that we do offer masks and vaccine exemptions for people who need those.
I thought I would also talk a little bit about some of the outpatient early treatment protocols.
We're going to pass 200,000 free doctor visits later this month that we've delivered all 50 states and America.
We primarily prescribe the McCulloch Protocol, which is a combination of, you know, Dr. Peter McCulloch was the one who spearheaded this early on, so I wanted to give him credit where it was due and make sure we named the protocol after him.
But a lot of doctors were involved in putting this protocol together.
It was first published in late 2020, the Early Treatment Protocol.
Of course, it includes Ivermectin.
The media has vilified that as horse medicine.
Well, they're a bunch of liars.
Ivermectin has won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2015 as being one of the top ten most important medicines ever invented.
We know it's safe.
It's been around for many, many decades.
It's very safe and it's actually effective, unlike the fake vaccines.
Another medicine we use, hydroxychloroquine.
Also vilified, President Trump had mentioned hydroxychloroquine back in early 2020.
Of course, the media and Dr. Death Fauci and the COVID cult, they had to destroy that narrative.
And why?
Because Big Pharma, they're on Big Pharma's back pocket.
Dr. Death Fauci is Big Pharma's best salesperson.
All the medical alphabet organizations, AMA, FDA, CDC, they're all in the back pocket of big pharma and the billionaires.
They do not look out for the best interests of the people.
So they had to vilify these good, safe drugs.
Hydroxychloroquine, for example, has been around for 60-something years.
It's so safe, pregnant women can take it.
Basically, these two drugs, ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, are literally safer than Tylenol.
So for them to vilify them and claim they cause all these bad health problems is just a great big lie.
And people who don't understand medicine don't know that.
But these drugs are excellent drugs, they're generic, they've been around for a long time, and they do help.
The other drugs we use, of course,
Prednisone, it's a steroid.
You know, when you think of how you treat COVID, there's basically three problems with a COVID-19 infection.
And this is where some people will claim that, oh, they never isolated the virus.
COVID-19 doesn't really exist.
Well, you're just wrong.
That's not true.
COVID-19 is real, but it's man-made.
It was man-made by Dr. Death Fauci and the crew at the Wuhan lab.
They put it together.
It's a real virus.
It has been isolated.
It exists.
So stop with the nonsense.
It does exist.
But we've used these drugs to help treat it.
So prednisone, back to what I was saying, you treat viral load, you want to give medicines to help reduce the viral load.
Two, COVID causes inflammation, so you want to use anti-inflammatories.
And then probably the biggest problem is COVID causes clots, it causes clotting all throughout your body, micro-clotting.
And so we use anti-clotting drugs for that.
So, one of the other drugs, probably, you know, I already mentioned Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine.
We use Prednisone.
Prednisone's a safe oral steroid, low cost, been around for forever.
Everybody knows it's a decent drug.
It helps with the inflammation.
It's an anti-inflammatory.
Steroids are anti-inflammatories.
We also use inhaled Budezonide.
Now this is where I would put out an appeal to the pharmaceutical industry, of course,
They think they couldn't make money off of this.
There is no meter dose inhaler for Budesonide.
When we prescribe it, we have to prescribe the nebulizer version only.
If somebody, like maybe Mark Cuban and his new pharmaceutical company, Cost Rx Drugs, I can't recall the name of it, but it's Mark Cuban's new drug company, they're trying to get costs down.
If they could force one of the manufacturers to make a meter dose inhaler of Budesonide, you could probably make it for
10, 20 bucks or sell it for that.
But we would prescribe them all day long.
But instead, since it's not available because Big Pharma thought, oh, we can't make enough money off that because it's generic, they quit making it.
So what they do is you have to get it via the nebulizer, which is a lot more expensive for the patient.
So we try to, you know, we want to minimize our costs for our patients.
Other drugs we use.
Phenofibrate has shown to help as well as Fluvoxamine also helps and another drug Dutasteride, Montelocast is another one and these all help.
Now those are the prescription drugs.
Now the over-the-counter drugs that have shown to be of some benefit, of course, Vitamin C, Vitamin D,
Zinc is probably the most important of the over-the-counters.
Some people recommend, of course, quercetin or ECG.
ECGC is another one.
Nigella, sativa, and acetylcysteine.
There's a lot of different over-the-counters that help with acute COVID.
There's some that help with spike injury, spike protein injury from taking the fake vaccine.
So, since I mentioned that, we have a video.
Why don't we go ahead and go to the video of the vaccine injuries.
And taking advantage of this, what we said very early in the morning, that there are almost no people.
So, even if they don't have shifts, they will be able to be served quickly.
Carlos, any news, we'll be back in a little while.
Excuse me, Claudio.
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Excuse me, Claudio.
The military police was called to the rural area of Ribeirão Vermelho.
Do you know why?
Every child
I don't care if you're Donald Trump.
I don't care if you're Bill Gates.
I don't care who you are.
You come at children with experimental Nuremberg Code violating vaccines that you broke the law to ram through.
You are terrorists in league with Joseph Mengele 2.0.
We have a player down on the court.
We'll try to get more information.
Johnson taken out on a stretcher and rushed to local Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.
Leading cardiologist says cluster of collapses in footballers likely to be just a coincidence.
All right.
A terrible coincidence at that.
But just a coincidence.
Yes, just a coincidence.
Well, the non-fake Fauci science is settled.
Soylent Green is people.
COVID vaccines are poison.
Stop taking poison.
We need to ban the poison.
I will not rest until the poison is banned.
We have to ban the poison.
Ban the poison.
Ban the poison.
Everybody needs to stand up and demand that we ban the poison as soon as possible.
Here's what's going on.
I got sued more than 50 times by the Democrats after Trump won, and we knocked out and defeated 46 of them.
And we're down to four of the major lawsuits where Democrats sued us in completely rigged jurisdictions and with rigged courts.
Just unbelievable over the top.
In Connecticut, in New Haven, and in Austin, Texas.
Now, I can sit there and keep battling them with the three Austin trials and one Connecticut trial through October.
of this year.
That's four trials.
They're doing four different lawsuits with the Sandy Hook people, two different law firms, all coordinated, to bankrupt us.
And they know now, because the court's ordering all this stuff that's unconstitutional, our finances, they know there's not extra money there.
And they've told us, we don't care.
We want you to be shut down.
Or you can come out against the Second Amendment.
They've actually told us that.
And I'm not going to do that.
It's very simple.
So, I can go through the kangaroo trials with them, and do all that, and then appeal it, and hold them off another year or two, because their goal is to just come padlock and shut this place down.
Or, we can just boycott their trials, and then they get their $500 million judgments.
That's what they asked for.
They asked the insurance company that Genesis has.
I don't have liability insurance for speech.
They said, we want $590 million.
Excuse me, it's $590 million.
Chad doesn't have $2 million.
Okay, that's how out of control these people are because when you're in a rigged game and know it's all rigged and known that, you know, it's all set up from the beginning with judicial tyranny, you can do stuff like that.
They're not going to shut me up.
I'm not going to be shut down.
They can try to, you know, hurt this operation in this facility, but oh, let me tell you, they're not, they're not going to silence anything.
The point is, is that this crew and this infrastructure and all the reporters
And all the things that we do here that's so important needs to continue on.
So I've decided to go ahead and battle it.
And I've decided to go ahead and fight them.
I've decided to let them have their show trials and all the rest of it.
And, you know, a judge that says we can't put on evidence because we're already guilty in a default, but we're going to have a jury trial about how guilty I am.
So you're guilty, they just decide how guilty.
We'll let them do it.
That's all fine.
Every weapon formed against us will not prosper.
Whatever the devil means for evil, God turns to good.
I've seen this so many times, but we need the funds to go through these four trials.
They want six to eight weeks in Connecticut for their extravaganza.
In Austin, they have BBC and
HBO and the lawyers primping and the judge primping and coming in all excited.
It's disgusting.
They claim I live off Sandy Hook.
They claim I made money off Sandy Hook.
You know, this Elizabeth Williams writes a book about it.
It's all over the news.
Selling her book saying I made money off Sandy Hook.
Never made money off that.
Barely ever talked about it.
These are a disgusting lot of leeches.
Okay, these media people, these lawyers.
But that's fine.
Everybody sees them for what they are.
Everybody gets what's happening.
It's all turning to crap in their hands.
But I need funds to fight this war, this information war.
So, it's very simple.
All of our work's coming to a head right now.
Every day we're having major breakthroughs and just doing incredible things.
Thanks for your support.
I think?
Massive clearance sale to fund this legal defense of this battle, and we're never gonna give up.
We're never gonna get it in, but we could give out.
So we need your financial support now at InfoWarsTore.com.
Don't wait, and I salute you and thank you all.
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