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Name: 20220318_Fri_Alex
Air Date: March 18, 2022
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In this episode, Alex Jones discusses the possibility of enforcing a no-fly zone over Ukraine and its potential conflict with Russia. The show explores biological warfare history and criticizes politicians for absurd statements and Nancy Pelosi's mental state. Infowars Life products are promoted, along with free speech in America. Alex Stein is interviewed about their company's financial situation and current events. Jones critiques mainstream media personalities, microchipping, and the globalist agenda. The show encourages listeners to shop at Infowarstore, stay informed through Infowars.com, and support the platform in legal battles. Topics discussed include taxation, deferring payments due to inflation, cancel culture, censorship, and the purge of police and fire departments in leftist cities. Greg Rees' report explores the history of biological weapons and their use during wars. The show also covers affirmative action hires in police departments, pedophilia, social engineering strategies, leftist fascism, globalist agendas, privacy protection, economic sanctions on Russia, food supply manipulation, benefits of a meat-based diet, supplementation for nutrient deficiencies, and the negative effects of chemicals in agriculture and seed oils on human health.

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I mean, I probably, without even trying to look for these, see about ten of these a day.
And it's Jared Nadler, and just all of them.
I mean, it is a freak show!
And what's even scarier is, they're in that DC bubble, and these people get driven around in limos and SUVs, private jets, their butts get wiped, literally in some cases, as Biden said, my butt's been wiped!
My butt's been wiped!
Because he will get mad and take a dump in his pants.
I've talked to the Secret Service and others that confirmed it.
It's not made up.
They had to carry multiple changes of clothes for him because he is incontinent.
And that happens.
We're not putting him down for that.
It's his crimes that matter.
But we have a president that shits all over himself.
My grandmother, the week she died at 92 here in Austin a few years ago, was talking like that.
But she died a couple days later.
We're like, oh gosh, grandma's gonna die.
She doesn't know who she is and it's gibbering.
And that's what it's like.
But instead, this is a person clearly with serious dementia on TV.
And Biden's almost as bad.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news, today.
The question for Mr. Austin.
The Ukrainian President Zelensky called again and again for a no-fly zone over Ukraine at the level of NATO.
There were discussions about that at the NATO level.
And if yes, what was the conclusion?
Well, from a U.S.
perspective, our President, President Biden, has been clear that we would not have U.S.
forces fighting in Ukraine.
Having said that, we'll do everything within our power to support Ukraine in their efforts to defend their territory.
We've also stated that enforcing a no-fly zone actually means that you're in combat, you're in a fight with Russia.
And that's one of the things that we have said that our president has said that we weren't going to do, get in a fight with Russia.
So what this really means is that in order to control the skies you have to shut down the air defenses that are on the ground.
And some of those air defense systems are in Russia.
And so, again, there's no easy or simple way to do this.
There's no such thing as a no-fly zone light.
A no-fly zone means that you're in a conflict with Russia.
So, from a U.S.
perspective, again, our position remains that we're not going to do that.
Now you have Ireland and Great Britain and, you know, the Republic standing together against a murderous dictator, a pure thug who is waging an immoral war against the people of Ukraine.
I just want to know what you suggest, because back then, when I was in your position, I was suggesting we bomb Belgrade.
I was suggesting that we send American pilots in and blow up all the bridges on the Drina.
I was suggesting we take out his oil supplies.
I was suggesting very specific action.
Isn't it interesting that we... Zack, this is Crystal Palace.
Norad has declared DEFCON 3.
Scramble all alert aircraft.
I repeat, scramble all alert aircraft.
The bomber spends all its time thinking about World War 3.
Target selection complete.
Time on target sequence complete.
22 Typhoon Class Submarines departing Petropavlovsk, turning south out of Nordkapp, bearing 095 degrees.
Radar reports two unknown tracks are penetrating the Alaskan Air Defense Zone.
From the front lines of the Information War... Flush the bombers, get the subs in launch mode.
We are at DEFCON 1.
Are you prepared to destroy the enemy?
You bet!
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
We'll keep control, but we'll keep it here at the top where it belongs.
3... 2... 1... Impact!
Shall we play a game?
How about global thermonuclear war?
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
All units confirm weapons targeted and ready.
Awaiting launch codes.
We are on a launch mode.
Do you really believe that the enemy would attack without provocation?
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We're in!
The Russians are still denying everything, sir.
We have a Soviet submarine launch detection.
I wish I didn't know about any of this.
I wish I was like anybody else.
The only winning goal is not to play.
Biological attack is imminent!
It's going to happen.
It's not a question of will it happen, but when it happens.
A bioweapon release could be the thing they'd release to bring in a world government to counter a global problem, and the UN has said that a global pandemic is the only thing that may save their world government.
This is a biological warfare agent that had leaked out of the Wuhan laboratory.
The first nation to successfully weaponize and mass produce deadly pathogens was Great Britain
during the start of World War II, soon followed by the United States, Germany, France, and Japan.
While many nations mass-produced them, Japan was notorious for deploying biological weapons.
Killing almost a half a million Chinese soldiers and civilians in several military campaigns, including the 1940 bombing of Ningbo, China, when Japan's secret bioweapons unit 731 dropped ceramic bombs full of living fleas carrying the bubonic plague.
German pharmaceutical company IG Farben-Bayer conducted fatal human experiments on prisoners and killed over a million people with its cyanide-based Zyklon B. The U.S.
established their own bioweapons program at Fort Detrick, Maryland, in 1942.
And by the end of the war, brand new facilities were completed for mass production of anthrax and other bioweapons.
After the war, the directors of IG Farben were punished at the Nuremberg trials, but the scientists were secretly absorbed into America's bioweapons program.
Japan was planning to attack the city of San Diego, California with weaponized plague, but they surrendered three weeks prior to the scheduled attack.
And while Japanese researchers arrested by Soviet forces were tried for war crimes, Those captured by the United States were secretly given immunity in exchange for working with the U.S.
bioweapons team.
Long after World War II, the U.S.
bioweapons program continued to expand with the help of Japanese and German war criminals.
And in 1969, the U.S.
government officially terminated their offensive biological weapons program, continuing on with a defensive biological weapons program.
Which was nothing more than a change of language ahead of the Biological Weapons Convention in 1972.
The U.S.
would continue to experiment with and produce deadly pathogens, but now under the guise of defense.
And mostly, defense against Russia.
Of all the nations involved in bioweapons research, Russia factors in very little.
The U.S.
government claims that the Soviet Union had the biggest bioweapons program in history, but this is based solely on a mysterious 1979 anthrax leak and the lone testimony of Soviet defector Ken Alabeck, who has also been absorbed into the U.S.
bioweapons program.
And who has helped the U.S.
surround Russia with dangerous bioweapons labs.
Russia is now releasing confiscated documents of the work that was being conducted in the NATO-backed biolabs they have secured in Ukraine.
These labs were allegedly developing genetically engineered bioweapons to target specific Slavic people, and experimenting with ways of spreading pathogens via bats, ticks, lice, and fleas, like the work Japan's Unit 731 was doing before being secretly brought into the U.S.
Meanwhile, Bill Gates is currently allowed to release hundreds of millions of genetically modified mosquitoes within the United States as some sort of disease control experiment.
You can say what you want about Vladimir Putin and Russia, but they aren't the ones waging war against the people of the West.
That would be the World Economic Forum, the big banks, and their lackeys of the Great Reset agenda.
After the U.S.
government sanctioned all the Russian people, Putin responded by only targeting a few known criminals of the Great Reset cabal, as if sending a message to the Americans that we share the same enemies.
Whereas the global elites are working towards destroying the nation-states, Russia is reinventing the nation-state.
Russia hopes to be the world's biggest producer of organic farming, while the globalists are pushing for genetically modified foods, bugs, and synthetic meat.
The globalists are actively destroying the family, down to the mother's womb.
While Russia seeks to build a society based on family and Christian values.
The Russian government provides fallout shelters for the civilian population to potentially survive a nuclear war.
And the U.S.
government has absolutely nothing for the people.
We are on our own.
But FEMA reminds us to remain socially distanced while our government robs us blind and starts a nuclear war.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Well, that report just went live minutes ago at Bandot Video.
It's enemies within.
And nowhere else is telling truth this powerful.
Nowhere else has incredible researchers like this entire team of great folks like Greg Reese.
It is you that literally keep us on air and make all of this possible.
Well, he trended number one on the internet yesterday with tens of millions of views on Twitter alone.
It's got to be 50 million views just from the links I saw on Instagram and YouTube.
It's flooding the zone, as they say.
Alex Stein is a Texas-based comedian, and he likes to go rap at city councils.
And I don't think this is even his best one.
It's excellent, by the way.
It's hilarious.
A little bit of mic problems, but...
His last one I think was the best, but he's joining us.
He's a big friend of the show.
He's never been on my show.
I play clips of him, but he's been on Owen's, and of course he's been on the American Journal.
And so Alex Stein's going to be joining us next segment.
Have a little bit of fun here during the absurdity, because folks, I'm not even playing these clips of Biden and Pelosi.
I mean, I guess I might play some, but talk about flooding the zone.
Every day, there's like two, three minute long times when nothing Pelosi says makes sense.
Anyone that's been around somebody with full-on Alzheimer's who's 90 years old?
My grandmother, the week she died at 92 here in Austin a few years ago, was talking like that.
But she died a couple days later.
We're like, oh gosh, grandma's gonna die.
She doesn't know who she is, and it's gibbering.
And that's what it's like.
But instead, this is a person clearly with serious dementia on TV.
And Biden's almost as bad.
I mean, we're a cursed country, folks.
And we have a psychotic Bill Gates, who in not just Florida and California, he tested him in Texas.
These GMO mosquitoes that they released in South America that cause a bunch of mutations and are linked to actually creating Zika.
And Gates separately says he's going to create vaccines that are delivered through food you eat, through the air, and of course through mosquitoes.
We're all being biologically and chemically tested on.
We're being tested on with nanotech.
What do you think COVID-19 is?
What do you think the spike protein is?
And it's just outrageous.
We're being assaulted.
So when that criminal group is telling us the Russians are bad and the Russians are evil and the Russians have to be destroyed...
You gotta take it with a grain of salt.
Doesn't mean you think the Russians are perfect, or agree with them invading their neighbor.
It just means you're like, okay, but the criminals want to start a larger war, and they were running biolabs there, and then lying doesn't say they aren't, even though it's in thousands of news articles previously, the U.S.
government bragging about the labs.
It'd be like saying the Dallas Cowboys never existed.
You're like, well I've got thousands of articles that they've existed since the 1940s or 50s or whenever they got started, and Roger Staubach and all those people and I went and saw Dallas Cowboys games?
And they're like, nope, they never existed.
Yeah, they got baby blue and silver uniforms with a navy blue star.
No, they don't.
Yeah, Tom Landry was their founding coach.
Well, my grandfather was almost best friends with them, probably best friends.
They prayed multiple times a week and went to college together with the Army Air Corps.
Nope, Tom Landry didn't exist either.
No one exists!
Nothing exists!
We tell you!
I mean, it's ridiculous!
It's freaking crazy town!
And men can be women and women can be men and...
And pedophilias all over the news is a good thing now.
I mean, these people are out of control and we are letting them do this.
Or did we really?
No, they stole that election.
Obviously they did.
We have all the evidence.
Big show today.
Stay with us.
These are not edited tapes.
These are real things that happened.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Pelosi, Biden, And many other members of Congress can hardly even form a sentence and make absolutely no sense, and then contradict themselves within the same speeches.
It would be embarrassing if these people were the spokespersons for a funeral home, though they'd be emblematic of death and decay and collapse.
It would be embarrassing if they were a spokesperson at the Rotary Club.
It would be embarrassing if they were the principal of a school and were having to give a commencement speech or talk about the commencements that were happening and unable to speak.
But no, they are in control of the most powerful country and most powerful monetary and most powerful weapons system in the world.
And they are actively declaring their political opposition to be terrorist.
They're actively destroying and demolishing every single bedrock system that made us great and made us successful and made us secure and made us free and empowered.
And of course, safe.
I mean, I probably, without even trying to look for these, see about 10 of these a day.
And it's Jared Nadler, and just all of them.
I mean, it is a freak show!
And what's even scarier is they're in that DC bubble, and these people get driven around in limos and SUVs, private jets, their butts get wiped, literally in some cases, as Biden said, my butt's been wiped!
My butt's been wiped!
Because he We'll get mad and take a dump in his pants.
I've talked to the Secret Service and others that confirmed it.
It's not made up.
They had to carry multiple changes of clothes for him because he is incontinent.
And that happens.
We're not putting him down for that.
It's his crimes that matter.
But we have a president that shits all over himself.
So here's Pelosi.
Who really should be auditioning for the Crypt Keeper, no makeup needed.
And here she is, not a word of what she says makes any sense.
I watched this twice last night, laying in bed on an iPad, and I could not make out what in the world she was talking about.
In fact, some of the words she was saying, I looked them up, they don't exist.
Because I like words.
I hear words all the time, I don't know, I go look them up.
Kind of a wordsmith guy.
I really like him.
I think you like him, too.
You all like him.
But I'm like, well, was that a word?
So I back it up and write it down and go look it up.
No, there's not a word.
He's now inventing words.
They don't just not make sense.
They're not just jumbled.
They're not just incoherent.
They're not even real words.
Here it is for yourself.
We're sending stuff over to the Senate.
Well, it's most of the product that we've done is Except now we may have added in the last day or so.
And some of what we added is Senate to the bill.
Like hearing.
Bernie doesn't like hearing.
Excuse me.
Bernie loves hearing.
Manchin doesn't want hearing in the bill and all that stuff.
So some is Senate oriented.
And then we had the family medical need.
We figured if they're putting things in, then we can put something in.
Even if Manchin doesn't like it.
So we are getting some Bird and privilege.
I think most of us are getting privilege scrub.
Because privilege scrub is deadliest to a bill.
Birdable, it's important, you have to take it out.
But privilege violation can take you out.
Seeing Biden say that Russia has attacked Russia, seeing Biden say that Iran attacked Ukraine, remember that?
That was in the State of the Union.
Both of those.
And it's just emblematic, and it's really frightening that these people are this out of their minds.
But again, they're not really running things.
There are powerful, corrupt bureaucracies behind them that are running things.
But then these puppets will get the blame, and that's why the Klaus Schwab's and the Bill Gates's of the world, who have even more powerful people behind them, are able To get away with all of this.
And we have so much news.
Biggest developments yet on the Russia situation.
Really what's going on and what we think is going to unfold from that.
We'll be getting to that after our special guest leaves us.
We also have a bunch of breaking pedophile news.
Disney employees among 108 arrested in Florida.
Human trafficking sting.
And that ties into Oregon, top children's hospital, teaches young boys to tuck their genitals and directs kids to toy shop at the porn shop and teaches children as young as five years of age how to do some really horrible stuff.
Polls, 66% of Democrats believe changing one's biological sex is possible.
They probably also believe in the tooth fairy.
So that is all coming up here today as well.
You can change someone's sex in utero with chemicals, but it doesn't create a classic male or female flip.
It creates a mutant and a lot of times creates a hermaphroditic individual who we do not hate and who is not bad.
But this is a process of mutating men and women and creating mutants.
And that's the New World Order plan.
And then the Young Turks make jokes and say, what's wrong with gay frogs?
What's wrong if they're all gay?
Well, they go extinct, dummy.
And also the Young Turks, it doesn't really matter.
I think I forgot to send this to the crew because I didn't see it on the list.
But I think I'm going to play it because it's so incredible.
They play an edited tape with like two and three second cuts.
With me saying I support Russia invading and I support Putin.
They'll probably take what I just said there and take that out of context.
I mean this is next level fraud.
But I guess they say the first casualty of war is the truth.
Everyone knows I'm against the war.
I've shown the Ukrainian side, the Russian side.
I pointed out why the Great Reset globalists like what's happening, so we can get full spectrum analysis.
But to watch this edited tape they play, and about a third of the folks on YouTube comments got it, and so this is edited, but the others were like, arrest him!
He's a Russian agent!
I mean...
This is beyond a deep fake, because you can see it's fake.
You can see it's jump cuts and edited together.
You know, like the magnet games with the refrigerator?
You can take the words and make whatever you want?
That's what they do.
I'll tell you, this guy is amazing.
He's been on with Owen Schroer on The War Room.
He's been on American Journal.
There's the Smith.
We've, of course, played clips of him here.
But he's a fellow Texan, and he's on air with us right now.
He's got the number one video, tens of millions of views all over the Internet.
Top story breaking yesterday, Alex Stein.
He's our prime-time guest.
We really appreciate him coming on.
He's on YouTube with Conspiracy Castle.
He's also on Twitter at AlexStein99, Instagram at AlexStein, and of course he's got a band.video account, The Conspiracy Castle, that is also extremely popular.
Now, I don't think this is his best rap.
I think it's world-class, it's broken the internet, it's super funny, because the mic was overdriven, it's not a 100% out-of-the-park grand slam like his previous rap that I think was the best I ever saw.
But, never fear, we're not having technical difficulties here today like they had in Plano.
My old stomping grounds outside Dallas, I literally grew up right by there.
No, ladies and gentlemen, we have him via Skype, he's gonna be in studio with us Sunday.
And so he's going to do the same rap or more improv here for us in just a moment.
But first, let's go to the incredible developments that have taken the internet by storm.
I'm the proof!
When I'm in the booth, spittin' on the mic!
Putin hates all of them blacks!
Putin is a bad racist!
Put him in the ground, white or brown!
And I'm in Plano Town!
And you know you just got found!
I'm a pimp, I own a blimp!
And Lassa's stacking shrimp!
Now you can't stop my shrimp!
And you know I brand and shine!
And you know I do it all the time!
One more time, I'm teaching class!
This is your whole class!
Zelensky is a VIP!
You crane and I go insane!
Put a bullet in Putin's brain!
You know that is the plan!
I'm a Zelensky stan!
I love you Vladimir Zelensky!
You are so smart!
What's that smell?
Is this somebody's fan?
No way!
What can you say?
Vaccinate me straight or gay!
I love you!
And I love to whine and grind all the time!
And you got that sanitizer!
And you know I got that Pfizer!
You know I stick it in my vein!
Put a bullet in Putin's brain!
Go in for the Ukraine!
Before I go insane!
Let me antibacterial my body!
You know the flow.
And I am a pimp.
Cause I am on a blimp.
Eating lots of steak and shrimp.
One more time, I'm 99.
And you know I grind and shine.
Gas prices way too high.
Vladimir Putin needs to die.
Gas prices way too high.
I'm a winner.
I'm gonna eat you for dinner.
You want to go to, I just want to say, I love you.
We need to take out Vladimir Putin, like Lindsey Graham said.
Thank you, Mary Mullins.
I appreciate the time.
God bless you all.
Primetime Stein on Instagram.
Thank you.
We got you down.
We got you down.
So that is clearly satire and total absurdity but very well done.
Alex Stein, you're the number one thing on the web right now, and you're exposing it, causing major debates about what's he talking about.
This is incredible.
Thank you so much for joining us.
What do you want to say for yourself?
Are you kidding, Alex?
Listen, I want to tell you something.
You are my personal hero.
I'm not just saying that.
I know a lot of people come on your show in knee pads to kiss your derriere, but I'm telling you, I mean, forget about Building 7, forget about, you know, the destabilization and the controlled demolition of America.
I would have never known about that.
I was a guy that listened to Howard Stern and kind of believed all the bullcrap.
And right around 2016, you woke me up realizing about Pizzagate, realizing that these people in power are sick, perverted Satanists.
And I'm just telling you, I mean this from the bottom of my heart, thank you, because I've always considered myself a comedian and entertainer, but when I realized that we're living in a world of lies, and you showed me those lies, it changed my life.
It gave me freedom, and I'm not being sarcastic, I know I joked around a little bit.
No brother, listen, and I take that as a huge compliment from a man that said that I'm a pimp, I own a blimp.
That is super hard.
Well, I mean, listen, I'm a comedian.
I like to joke around.
But Alex, you don't get enough credit.
You are one of the most talented entertainers out there.
I mean, people want to demonize you and say, oh, you're a conspiracy theorist.
But we know that was created by the CIA after the JFK assassination to demonize people looking to the official story.
So when I see that, they're using that same game plan on you because you're so effective, because you're not only smart, you're not only well-versed, but you're entertaining, you're funny, you and I grew up in the same place, Dallas, you're in Rockwall, you know, we, I, what I'm saying is we're kind of cut from similar cloths.
And that's why I look up to you so much because you're not afraid to go and blaze your own trail in this world that everybody wants to be a sheep.
Everybody wants to fit in.
You, sir, have been demonized and kicked off every single platform and you're still successful.
You're still grinding.
I think you're actually even more popular now, even though the numbers might not show it to the mainstream media.
But I'm telling you, I owe you a debt of gratitude.
Alex, thank you and back at you brother.
Let's talk about Conspiracy Castle because you don't just do these hilarious raps in front of different city councils.
You also go out and do stuff in public with people that's pretty amazing.
You also go and try to interview leftists.
They attack you and you're being totally, but the way you handle it is really cool.
Well, listen, the thing is, like, look at this world we're living in.
Leah Thomas is a NCAA champion, a person that was born a male that swam on the men's team.
And what he is doing is actually destabilizing women's rights.
I mean, it's the feminization of men and then the masculinization of women.
So we're literally, like you said, in the upside down world.
You predicted this, and I know I'm not going to stop kissing your derriere, but I'm saying this is, we're too far now.
We're almost too far gone where people can actually defend that because, in my mind, we're supposed to protect women.
I think we should actually put women on a pedestal.
Yet, when you let a man take puberty blockers or, excuse me, hormone blockers or estrogen, whatever the pill is, I'm not even quite sure what they took.
And gets to go smash women's dreams.
There's women that spend every weekend of their life, from high school to college, in a swimming pool.
They make it to the NCAA Championship, and then you get second place, and you lose to a person like Leah Thomas.
That's a disgrace.
That should be a crime.
But that's the world we live in, and people don't want to admit it to themselves.
We have a self-awareness problem in this country, and you are shining a light on that, and that's exactly what I'm trying to do.
I'm just trying to shine a light on it.
When I do these raps, I'm just putting a mirror to the mainstream media.
Because the mainstream media is so absurd.
Anything that comes out of Brian Seltzer's mouth, Don Lemon's mouth, if you just repeat that, you sound like a buffoon because they are such clowns.
And sadly, the world we live in, there's not enough people exposing it in my opinion, Alex.
I totally agree, and soon they're going to have to have a biological women's league only that bars biological men, even though they should be barred, because men are now dominating track and field, swimming, wrestling, weightlifting, MMA.
Biological men are in some cases killing women in the ring, and it's funny.
Alex, this is the thing.
They try to find dirt on me and all they can say is, oh you're transphobic.
I'm not transphobic.
If a person wants to transition their sex when they're an adult, go ahead.
They can wear tin dresses.
I don't care.
But the idea that you're doing this to children, you're letting three-year-olds pick their sexuality when they have never even had sex.
And you're coming to confuse them so you can claim that you're the shepherd leading them into this.
It's total grooming and they've even lost Bill Maher.
Bill Maher now says it's pedophilia.
Leave the freaking kids alone.
Keep your damn hands off of them.
Let them be innocent.
Yeah, 100%.
And this is the thing, you have guys like, I keep on bringing up Howard Stern, but he still does a bit where he has to use you for clout, Alex.
I don't know if you see this, I don't watch his show anymore.
It's pretty funny, yeah.
But I'm just, it's a funny bit, but that shows you how pathetic he is for content, because he's a loser, because anybody that listens to him, they've woken up by now to his garbage.
You know, he says, oh you should die if you're not boosted.
I mean, these people that are in power, they literally are giving us a bioweapon that is created by multinational corporations that don't care about America.
These corporations are globalists.
They care about having world dominance, so they want to destabilize America in order to gain power everywhere else.
That's the problem with this country is we're not run by people, we're run by stockholders of corporations that are able to give the money to the political action committees that make these politicians that I call puppets, make decisions that are not in our best interest.
Because think about it, it doesn't matter if you're on the right or the left.
There's so many rhinos, Dan Crenshaw, all those guys, they're all World Economic Forum.
They give us the, you know, the government likes to TT on us and tell us it's raining.
And sadly, it comes from both sides.
I totally agree.
Stay right there.
It's a corrupt, out-of-control, anti-American, globalist ruling class.
As we go to break, you're going to rap for us when we come back, but can you just say for us all as we go to break, I'm a pimp, I own a blimp.
I'm a pimp, I own a blimp.
Eat lots of steak and shrimp.
You know, I'm proud to own that and that.
I'm on the ground all the time.
Let's go.
I'm going to be in the studio.
I love it.
Stay there.
I'm a pimp, I own the blimp.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the front lines of the war for human liberty!
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And the amazing Alex Stein.
See how smart he is on air?
Looks like Tucker Carlson is as smart as Tucker Carlson, but he's also a great comedian.
So, I know Tucker Carlson, a lot of folks watching and listening, so you can probably say hi to him, Alex.
But everybody's saying hi to you.
In fact, I bet you're going to end up on Carlson tonight or so if I know him, because this is just a huge story and we love it.
We're about to go back to you in a moment.
He's told us he will grace us with a live rendition of one of his great political Satirical rap songs.
But first, you know, you talk about InfoWars being a 28-year survivor in the fight against the globals.
It's all because of the support and prayer.
But we are in the crucible right now, facing five trials in the next eight months, one that starts next month, with all of the rigged courts and kangaroo garbage and total fraud, where the Democrats sued us in key areas, where they knew that it was all controlled.
Literally, it's all come out.
And we're still going to battle through that and show it and appeal it and never stop fighting, but that will take millions of dollars to have five trials that they're telling them are going to last up to six weeks apiece with just constant demonization of Alex Jones for months on television.
As long as we can stay on air and fund our operation, this will make the broadcast bigger in a way, and it'll backfire on these New World Order anti-free speech people and anti-gun folks.
So, I need your support now.
We are maxed out.
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We need it now more than ever and we're a thorn in the globalist's side and we're under
major attack and they're coming after us because they want to get through us to get to you,
as President Trump would say.
So Alex Stein, please continue with other points you'd like to make, and just any time you feel like it, just bring us to that magic place you bring everybody.
Well, I want to say this, guys.
You need to support Alex.
You need to go to Infowarsstore.com because, listen, this guy is not pumped out by the mainstream legacy media.
And anything you hear from the mainstream, I call the lamestream media, is going to be fake news, like Trump said.
So this is one of the few places in the world where you can actually get the real truth.
So I want to say that support, it doesn't go to some Don Lemon boat party with a bunch of, you know, whatever they do on those boats.
It goes to a real man that's actually fighting the globalists personally and he's being ramrodded in court which is totally unfair and we know that he's an innocent man and that it's all BS but I just want to say I'm primetime 99 so we got to get high vibrational so for the people at home I'm a pimp, on a blimp, and you know I'm eatin' steak and shrimp!
I get it for my mom!
Then I play some Donkey Kong!
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Put a bullet in Putin's brain!
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Let's go!
Alex Jones!
My hero!
Pooch Zero!
You know it's all day long!
Vaccinate me in my phone!
I love you!
What more can I say?
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
I love you AJ, you're the man!
I appreciate that, I appreciate it, and you're the best, I love you too, and you're coming to be in studio Friday, but here's the deal.
I mean, in studio Sunday, but here's the deal.
Please, because the audio was messed up on your super number one video in the world, tens of millions of views in 24 hours, as you know, number one trending all over the place.
Can you please, or we can wait until next segment if you need to get your breath, because that was amazing.
Can you repeat, or was that just all right off the top of your head, what you sang about Fowchee and the New World Order and the one before, because we really... Now we got HD audio from you.
We want people to see the real magic here.
No, I'll bring both.
I'll have it prepared.
Like I said, I'm an improvisationalist.
I have a few bars, as they say in the rap game, but I like to go off the dome, Mr. Jones.
That's how I do it.
Going off the dome!
Off the dome!
And like Obama, I'll kill you with a drone!
I mean, come on!
Hey, Alex, let's talk about that seriously.
Why are we worried?
This is the one serious thing I want to say.
This is what makes me so mad.
It's Kamala Harris.
They're worried about the border between the Ukraine and Russia, yet we're in Texas.
One of my good friends died of a fentanyl drug overdose, yet they won't even look at our border.
I mean, I like to joke around and this and that, but it's actually like an open sore in our country, in our state.
And even our own governor, Greg Abbott, they're still not doing enough about it.
I love to joke around and this and that, and I will have fun all day long, but man, it's just really sad that we're about to go into World War III for two countries that don't even care about us, whether it doesn't matter which side you're on.
I mean, I'm not a Putin fan, but I'm also not a Zelensky fan of the Azov battalion, but I am a fan of Texans.
I am a fan of Mexicans.
I love Mexicans.
I love immigration, but the drugs created by the Chinese fentanyl that's coming through our border that's killing my friends and family, it makes me absolutely sick.
Just being able to actually talk to somebody that knows what's going on there, and that'll actually let you talk about this, because you could never bring that up in the mainstream media.
Oh, oh, we gotta worry about World War 3!
World War 3!
We have World War 3 already!
It's here at our border in Del Rio, and you've exposed that, and I hope that I can expose that more, and try to fix that problem some sort of way.
Beautifully said, my friend.
We got three minutes to break.
I'll do five more minutes with you before we have our other big news covered and a special guest and a big announcement as well that I'm going to make right after you leave us.
But what else is on your radar screen?
Well, listen, Alex, like I said, I mean, we talk about you have really it's the key point is the multinational corporations that are ruining our world.
And what they're doing is we are the human cattle.
And I just keep hearing.
I don't want to sound like I may just to repeat what you say.
But people need to wake up to what's going on.
I mean, it's an actual controlled demolition of America.
It's very, and this is what makes me so mad.
It's very similar to 9-11.
What they did is they brought down those towers and it made us go start a 20-year war in the Middle East and nobody cared.
We didn't care about killing a million Muslims.
We didn't even talk about the Baki boys that a lot of the Afghanistan guys, they had actual children sex slaves that our own military overlooked.
So if people think our military industrial complex has our back, They don't, and what's going on right now is this military-industrial complex is getting out of a 20-year war in Afghanistan, in the Middle East, and now they're jumping right into a new one.
So this doesn't benefit us.
We have drug issues, we have homeless issues, we have all kinds of issues here, and if we could just use some of that money to actually fix our problems here, not that money fixes all problems, money doesn't fix drug addiction, but it just makes you so mad because we're so incompetent and the people that are running our world Are literally satanic worshiping idiots.
And it comes out of the Bible.
Genesis chapter 11 verse 9.
That's the story of Nimrod wanting to build a tower to the kingdom of heaven to kill God.
And what God did, he made him speak all different languages.
So we couldn't communicate.
And what they're doing is they're trying to reverse engineer Nimrod's plan.
And they want us under one ruler, one currency, one system.
So that that system will be ruled by Satan here on earth.
So it sounds like a joke.
It sounds like I'm kidding.
I can joke around all day.
But that is literally what is happening, guys.
It is literally out of the Bible.
People that like to look at the Bible and they like to invert it.
You say, oh Alex, what are you talking about?
Just look at Jeffrey Epstein.
Just look at Bill Clinton.
They're hanging out with Marina Abramovich.
These people like to be edgy.
Well, it's not that edgy to do spirit cooking.
to rub blood and semen on walls and these are top officials that go to these
type of parties.
So I don't worship Satan and I know Alex doesn't worship Satan
and that's the problem is the people that are in power actually do worship
Satan. Let's be clear the stuff they're doing in public is the tip of the
filthy iceberg. Well it's nothing.
I mean, behind closed doors, guys, your mind would be... Some of the stuff that I've researched makes me sick.
It makes me emotional, because I'm an emotional person.
I wear my heart on my sleeve.
And it's hard.
I know the stress you go through knowing the information you know, because there's stuff that you can't even say, because you could probably get in trouble.
You could worry about actually having a guy jump out of a plane.
Well, it's just too over the top.
I mean, people aren't going to believe it.
Like Morpheus says to Neo, I can't tell you about the Matrix.
You've got to see it.
Some of this stuff is so over the top, it's documented.
I mean, if I read...
Interpol and FBI files about real snuff films and real videos that the public never sees, and I understand you can't show the public.
I mean, it is, the descriptions are so horrifying, it makes you physically ill.
And then you read about how the officers and agents literally have to go into therapy, and a lot of them have to end up going to another area of enforcement because it makes them so physically and spiritually sick to see it.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Got some big guests coming up today.
Tell you about who they are, next segment.
And about a huge interview we got coming up very soon, another big interview that I'm going to be involved in.
Because the word's out on it now, and it just started breaking last night, so I'm going to let you know about that coming up as well.
And we've got some really bad news, but the good news is by knowing the bad news we're going to be able to stop it.
I'll tell you about in about six minutes when we start the next segment.
But Alex Stein will be with us this Sunday, Lord willing.
Ever know a nuclear war might start?
or a big earthquake like Japan just had, who knows?
But hopefully he'll be here in studio with us in Austin, coming down from up in the DFW area this Sunday,
four to six p.m. central.
But to Alex, we can only salute you.
It's gotta feel good, 'cause I mean, I looked into you back whenever, six months ago,
a year ago, whatever it was, you had your first big viral videos.
You had a lot of other big videos as well before, and done a lot of really cool stuff,
and this going and freestyle rapping that's so popular, that's only a small part of what you do.
Tell folks about what you do at Conspiracy Castle.
Well, the Conspiracy Castle, that's where I like to do long-form interviews.
I like to talk to people of all sides of the aisle and just get people, you know, pick people's brain.
But I want to make this one point is because this social media lifestyle that they have is they literally want to plug us into the metaverse.
They want to make you feel guilty about climate change and they want to hook you up to a machine and they're going to say, oh, the digital sex you have in this machine is exactly exactly like real sex.
And sadly though, Alex, they're making the world hell on earth so people run to the metaverse.
So what I'm trying to say is guys, do not plug into the Matrix.
Stay unplugged.
Watch Alex Jones.
Watch my show.
Obviously, we try to give you a little bit of comedy, a little bit of sugar to help the
medicine go down.
But in all honesty, guys, if you follow my content, I'm going to give you the truth in
an entertaining way.
That's what I try to do, Alex.
That's my plan.
And I learned that from you.
So I really want to applaud you.
But isn't it crazy that we're now at the point where the microchipping, the world ID, the
medical tyranny, the social credit score, the metaverse forcing us into this thing and
saying we'll be forced into it, locking us down, making us telecommute.
I mean, we can see their plan for us.
They admit their plan for us.
Now it's a question of just saying no.
Yeah, but Alex, these people are going to run there.
They're going to run to the vanilla sky, because there, they could be trans, they could be whatever they want.
It's going to be like Ready Player One.
People are going to be in trailers, and they're going to hook on their headset to their head, and probably to their genitals.
And I know that sounds like a joke, but that's literally what it's going to be like.
No, no, no, I know some of the top, I mean, literally, I've been out to dinner with some of the top.
scientists in the world from MIT, you name it, SpaceX, you name it, I'm gonna leave it at that.
And they say the Holy Grail is plugging in and giving people endless orgasms
and sex spots that are better than human sex.
That's their main directive is take over the procreation of humans.
It's brave new world.
I mean, it's just open.
That's what they want.
They want free sex.
They want you on the antidepressants.
So guys, go to InfoWarsStore.
Please go support Alex.
Like, you'd be supporting me if you support Alex.
I don't make any money from it, but I just want to keep Alex on the air as long as possible because he's getting railroaded in a legal battle that is absurd for him.
His free speech has been totally violated.
Alex should be able to say whatever he said, just like the Constitution stated.
But unfortunately, these people have taken away our right to free speech.
I've been censored on YouTube.
I'm still on that platform.
And the only reason I stay there is because they don't want me there, Alex.
I want to be a thorn in their side.
So I do play by their rules.
I play their reindeer games, because that's the system that we have.
So we have to do it.
I have to play and color within their lines.
But at the same time, you can find this info At Band.Video, you can find, there are outlets where you
can find the truth.
So for me, like I said, I'm not trying to virtue signal. I'm not here to wake people up because
most people don't want to be awake. Most people want to be asleep. But for the people that are
out there that are suffering from depression or suffering from anxiety, I'm telling you,
once you realize the people that are causing that anxiety and depression, it can go away.
You can fix it. And I said this in the start, I'm not trying to virtue signal
one bit because that's what the left tries to do.
They say they're virtue signaling, yet they're destabilizing our country the way they do it.
So guys, come here, watch this content, and try to absorb it as best you can.
And that's why I use humor, Alex, because when you tell people facts, like they do on the news, People aren't emotionally invested.
No, I agree.
We should make it a mantra to cure ourselves from globalist depression.
I am the pimp.
I own the blimp.
Because seriously, what you're saying is people subconsciously are upset because they should be upset because they're not really living in the real world.
By getting out of the matrix and by facing it, that's what empowers us.
That is a very, very good point.
People can find all of the amazing stuff you do, Ben Stein, on YouTube at Conspiracy Castle, Twitter, Alex Stein 99, Instagram at Alex Stein.
Congratulations on your massive success, sir.
Oh man, Alex, forget about it.
I'm just getting started.
I'm gonna see you Sunday in studio man.
It's hard to believe that we're already into March 2020.
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One of the most important guests that you could have on your show to empower people is going to be joining us in the next segment in about 12 minutes from now, 14 minutes from now, after the break.
And I'll tell you who the guest is when they join us.
This is so important.
Haven't been he had been on like almost a year and I'm like, why haven't we gotten Gavin McGinnis on?
I love Gavin and Gavin's got so much to say he's on fire more than ever the great Gavin McGinnis
Will be joining us in the third hour today and the amazing Jay Dyer
Expert on the great reset the new world order how to stop him. What a historian what a mind what a professor
He'll be covering the transmission in the fourth hour today But a very special guest is coming up the next segment. I'll
introduce him when we go to him Okay, I
Was sitting here right before I went live and I was very frustrated and angry today
because sometimes I'm locked and loaded and ready to show and I'm in that zone and
Then something happens or I get distracted or something else breaks and then I walk in here
that's why I gotta start having a notepad at all times and I couldn't remember what it was. It made me so upset and
so I I said, hey, Gregory's reports and John Bell reports are more important than anything that I'm probably going to say.
We'll just air those because I got so angry.
It's a weird kind of little OCD thing, but it wasn't that I was angry that I'd forgotten what the top story was, literally out of hundreds here in front of me, was laying right in front of me here.
It was that subconsciously, my subconscious mind knew this was horrible, knew this was coming, and then was angry at me That I wasn't front and center to address the main threat.
So we put a full show headline out today that's pretty powerful, but it doesn't really capture it because I dropped the ball when I was writing the headline and could not remember it.
And the reason I tell this story is we're all like this.
We're all busy.
We all got things going on.
And we really got to ask ourselves, what is most important in our lives?
A relationship with God, being a good person, taking care of our family, enjoying ourselves is important, or all work and no play is going to make you kill yourself.
And building things, and being creative, and challenging yourself, and having courage, but first and foremost is God, and then family, and then country.
It really comes down to that.
And so, when I saw this last night, And I remembered all the other statements, all the things that happened.
I got very upset.
I had trouble sleeping last night over this.
That's why my subconscious mind got so upset when I got in here today and couldn't remember it.
And I got literally almost screaming angry.
Didn't start screaming, but had to go in my office and breathe deeply for about five minutes.
Because this is raping that's happening.
This is criminal.
This is going to kill billions of people total in starvation.
And we have the internal documents out of the EU, out of the UK, out of Australia, out of New Zealand, and out of, did I say Canada?
And now the US.
That they're going to bring the lockdowns back after the midterms here.
Because it's such a bad thing for Biden and others.
And also in the UK, Boris Johnson was about to be removed from office.
He had a two-thirds group in Parliament ready to remove him.
That's how the Parliament works.
The majority elects the Prime Minister and you can remove them as well with a vote.
And so faced with a big build-up of awakening, faced with backlashes around the world, everywhere announced they were going to phase out the controls.
And I told you then, I said, They will basically phase them out in some areas of the U.S., but not the airports, and not the schools, and not a lot of the colleges.
That's where the enemy's the strongest, where they control things.
So reservations of tyranny, their cancer systems that they metastasize from, their oppression And I said, in Austria, in Spain, in the UK, in Canada, in the US, in Australia, it's all going to just come back.
In fact, it's never gone away in Australia or New Zealand.
They don't care how unpopular it is or how many people commit suicide or how many businesses go out because it's designed to bankrupt and destroy.
So what am I upset about?
Well, Fauci came out.
I'll play the clipper in a moment.
Notice he's been missing.
The last few months.
But now, the leprechaun, the evil leprechaun, on St.
Paddy's Day, the evil garden gnome, the anti-St.
Patrick's, pops out of his rat hole to say, oh no!
Things just can't go back to normal.
The voice of doom.
Dr. Fauci warns U.S.
can face more COVID lockdowns as he admits Latest variant set to hit U.S.
is less serious than Omicron.
We can't just say we're done.
No, no, no.
We've got to perseverate.
And the inventor of the PCR test for COVID admits that it was so light, without the test, you would have never known you even had it.
But when it is deadly is when you're not given medical treatment if you do get a bad case.
You're not given the steroids, you're not given the intravenous, you're not given the ivermectin, you're not given the zinc, you're not given the vitamin D.
And so here it is.
Fauci warns America could face more COVID lockdowns as cases tick up.
And it's all based on a fraudulent PCR test.
And so you look at the head of the Canadian Health Ministry.
She said, what, two weeks ago?
We played the clip here.
She said, oh, it's coming back.
In late November, we're going to put the controls back in.
This is a biomedical tyranny.
They're going to release more viruses, not just these lower-level variants.
And these people must be brought to justice, or they're going to continue to launch their same attacks.
Pfizer, Moderna, Fauci, Gates, they got caught creating it, caught lying to Congress, caught in gain-of-function, caught covering up data that the vaccine hurt people and didn't protect them.
It wasn't a vaccine.
On and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.
But now we're supposed to move.
It's all over and move only to the war, which is the new reason for the global ID and the global sanctions.
And Congress passes a law to let Biden sanction anybody in the world for no reason, including U.S.
So it's all about that bio-digital tyranny that Trudeau just did, where he said, we can grab your bank account whenever we want, however we want, whenever we want, if you're these truckers.
And now they say it's for everybody.
And now it's a permanent emergency.
And I said, look for Biden to pull that here.
And now he's already done it.
This is the globalist model.
Here's what Fauci had to say.
Jake, it's not too soon if you observe the caveat that's associated with that.
And the caveat is we need to be flexible.
And if in fact we do see a turnaround and a resurgence, we have to be able to pivot And go back to any degree of mitigation that is commensurate with what the situation is.
So we can't just say we're done.
Now we're going to move on.
We've got to be able to be flexible because we're dealing with a dynamic situation.
Hopefully, the cases will continue to come down as the weather gets warmer, the risk of being indoor is less, and we'll do well, at least for the coming several months.
But the one thing that's important, that's a wild card in this, Is that there is waning immunity.
And we gotta make sure that those people who get vaccinated... Ah, that's enough.
Yeah, we gotta have more vaccines, more shots that actually destroy your immune system.
And after eight months with the Pfizer, even less with the Moderna, you are at a lower level of immunity before you have the shot that you had before.
It erases your immune system.
But the great founder and leader and owner of the UFC, who stood up first and said no mask, had the first big events, stood up to the fear, totally vindicated.
Here's what he had to say yesterday.
Where did COVID go?
Where is it?
Weeks ago, we all still had to be COVID tested.
There were fucking lines for people to do the drive-through COVID testing.
That thing was mutating and it was coming through.
Early on, there were these images coming from China.
People were dropping.
Yo, yo, yo, we talk about this all the time.
What happened?
Dropping like flies in the street.
We're like, whoa, COVID's crazy.
Guys come out with like hazmat suits on from outer space.
So there you go, folks.
We can't just let them hit us with this, push poisons on us, make hundreds of billions of dollars, create global IDs, and then halfway pull it back and hope we just aren't mad and go away and that our momentum of all the top scientists and leaders for justice goes away.
We push harder and harder.
Look at this footage for a TV viewer.
It is way scarier than anything you've ever seen in a zombie apocalypse movie, where the military is going in to stop the zombies, which has all been part of the conditioning.
It is hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of vans filling all these lanes of traffic.
It was like thousands going into all these mega cities that are cookie cutter.
These apartment rises, you know, 50-story, 100-story insane buildings, rounding up 37 million people to take them to COVID camps.
All a giant exercise in biomedical tyranny, disappearing whoever the Chinese want, and training them all for total submission like Jim Jones Kool-Aid drinking drills.
Our huge guest, straight ahead in studio, I'm Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a very special guest in studio with us, and no, it's not Mike Tyson.
Though that's going to be happening very, very soon.
Got a big, in-depth interview.
Amazing behind the scenes.
Hung out a lot with Mike Tyson.
I'm going to leave it at that.
It's going to be airing very, very soon.
And there's a lot more.
Not just that.
That was one of the things I did when I was out in L.A.
But that's one of the biggest.
It was amazing.
Great guy.
But, and he has a lot of interesting live experience and can really empower a lot of people.
Talk about a life coach, what he's been through, it's incredible.
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And so I wanted to get him in studio.
He's Tyler Bennett.
He's a tax professional.
They have a whole big giant crew, offices in LA, Vegas.
You know, we went and visited their offices just earlier this week.
He's a tax professional, the owner, operator of the tax firm American Tax Solutions.
Tax Solutions helps individuals and business owners resolve their tax problems fast.
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So, match made in heaven, 360WIN.
Who's partnered with Alex Jones to provide incredible savings at Jones,
one word, Jones Tax Relief, and you can put it on screen,
Yeah, just that lower third.
And you can see 833-900-4285, 833-900-4285.
Incredible people.
And they're answering the phones at 9, 10 at night.
This guy is as well.
And he is just absolutely slaying it with the team of people he's got
with decades and decades and decades together of experience as a lawyer, obviously as well.
Bookkeeping, business consulting, business entity selection,
estate and trust tax preparation, financial statements, IRS representation,
payroll services, retirement planning, sales and tax services, tax preparation and planning.
Tax levies and liens release.
Wage garnishment release.
End penalties and interest.
Tax negotiations and settlements.
Reduce IRS tax fee.
Resolve back taxes.
IRS audit defense.
Payroll tax negation.
And most of their products, you don't pay them any money.
They just go and save you money and they get part of the money they save.
So I'm telling you, this is the type of thing that gets me excited, because I only promote what I believe in.
Gods, guns, guts, family, red meat, hiking in the woods, standing up for what you believe in, free speech.
This is it.
And this guy's a listener and a great patriot, and so are the folks at the company.
It was amazing to go there and meet him.
Thank you so much for coming here with your girlfriend and your mom.
Thank you, Alex.
Great to be on the show again.
Great to be back in the great state of Texas.
I'm a native Texan, haven't been back in a long time.
Great to be here.
You're telling me you're from Dallas too?
I was born in Dallas Children's Hospital.
Me too.
Or I was born in Parkland, but yeah.
And now that I see how the guys out in Plano are, I'm going to have to come back with a tax wrap, clearly.
I tell you, these Texans are causing a lot of trouble.
So again, I can't hype you enough, because this is something so good, and I remember my dad, with a separate company like yours decades ago, with mainline tax lawyers being murdered, and as soon as he actually found a group similar to you, not even as good as you, but great, they fixed all his problems and he couldn't believe it, and now I've had friends and family that I went and looked up and recommended you guys years ago, did a great job, that's why I sought you out, and boom, you're a Lister, you're a Patriot, it's beautiful.
Absolutely Alex.
Because here's the thing, most tax firms out there, CPA firms, by their nature, follow the rules.
The IRS makes the rules and they follow the rules down to a T. Not the law.
Not the law, the rules.
What they perceive to be the rules.
The Internal Revenue Manual, which is Written by attorneys, but interpreted by clerks.
So that's who is making these decisions.
And so what you need is not somebody who's just going to listen what they blindly have to say.
You need an advocate who's gonna fight so that you pay the least amount of taxes.
Because even the Bible says, give to Caesar what is Caesar's, but don't give him a dime more.
Well that's right, explain that to people.
All the bigwigs basically pay zero or almost nothing because they wrote the tax code and the little guy's not supposed to know about that.
And it's just totally insane that the average CPA won't tell you about tax incentives, they won't tell you about all those special write-offs, they tell you don't take those, you might get audited.
But that's really just a straw...
Tiger, isn't it?
It sure is, Alex.
Since the 16th Amendment was passed in 1913, there's been two basic systems of taxation in this country.
One for the globalist, the elitist, the uber-wealthy, and one for the entire rest of the country.
And that's what we all pay.
And what we aim to do with my firm, and in conjunction with InfoWars, is provide the services typically reserved for the elitist, for the average person.
And again, this seems like magic.
It's not.
Most lawyers and CPAs want to milk you and won't tell you about this, because they never get problems, never have to defend what they've done and what they've signed off on, like you guys do, if they just give everything over to the system, even like blue-collar people paying 30-40% of their income.
It's total fraud.
But with you guys, you go with what the real law is, not just what BS they've made up.
Alex, so the Internal Revenue Code has been written in a way so it is basically impossible to understand by the layperson.
And they did that on purpose so that they can take their deductions, not pay anything in taxes, and still hit up the middle class with outrageous tax rates.
And so what we do is we're knowledgeable in the IRC, we know the regs, and we can use those same rules, the law actually, To make sure you're not paying a dime more than you have to.
I had the owner, a friend of mine, but the owner of one of the largest tax preparing groups in Texas tell me, he said, Alex, you're absolutely right.
The 1913 tax code is for social engineering.
Buy the rich to keep the poor poor.
They all know that.
I mean, it's it's it's that's actual history.
And here's the thing, too, is if you don't agree with what this administration is doing, you know, your tax dollars are going to fund a percentage is going to NATO, percentage is going to the Ukraine war effort.
You know, you're paying for that.
So you want to make sure that you're paying the least amount of possible, because guess what?
You're also paying for it at the pump.
Continue on talking about your company and what it does, because I just want people to understand, no client's too small, no client is too big, and people should always get different tax advice.
You guys cut right to the chase.
Absolutely, Alex.
No client is too small, no one is too big.
Listen, there's a multitude of tax issues you could have, but it kind of comes down to one of three categories, okay?
The past, the present, and the future.
If you already owe money, we can use Government programs and other things that exist that they don't tell you about but they have to tell me about because I'm a tax practitioner and we can use that to lower your liability, okay?
That's passed.
Let's come back with present and future.
Straight ahead with Tyler Bennett, jonestaxrelief.com, folks.
You need to get involved with these guys.
You need to look at their website.
You need to take action.
We'll be right back.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance with Tyler Bennett, the owner and head of tax professionals over at American Tax Solutions.
You go to jonestaxrelief.com so that when you go get great service,
we get the credit and they continue to be a big sponsor that keeps us on the air.
And again, I only bring you things that I believe in that are amazing.
And I can only tell you that this is the area of life that anybody,
whether you're a welder or whether you are an auto mechanic or whether you're a school teacher,
whether you're an FBI agent, whether you are a movie director, whether you own an auto parts store,
whether you're a farmer, a rancher, whether you're a millionaire, a billionaire, it doesn't matter.
Not knowing about these things is what's destroying you.
You can buy these self-help books people put out that are like the size of a phone book
that have every year whatever the new tricks are that are in the code.
But you gotta have an expert that knows how to just do it quick,
get it done, see what you're doing, sign off on it so that they're certifying it,
their names on it, so you're protected.
know they're going to stand behind it. That's the key to all of this and that's
why these other lazy groups and others don't actually let you know what's
happening. I'm gonna stop ranting though, Tyler. Go back to the three things. The
past, the present, and the future. This is so important.
Absolutely, Alex. So of the multitude of different problems you could have in the tax
arena, it really comes down to past, present, and future.
And as I was just saying, the past means you already owe money.
There's liens out against you.
The IRS and the state might be coming to your door, coming to your business, harassing your family.
We could put that to immediate stop and get those taxes reduced to something you can afford to pay back, okay?
And now we have the present, right?
The present is this year right now, and that means if you need to file, We can help you file.
Don't go to one of the big box tax shops to file because at the end of the day, what a lot of people don't know is those companies are not tax companies, they're technology companies.
And the clerk that's inputting your information has about as much tax education as the layperson, right?
So you want to go to a true advocate that's going to help you out and get you all the deductions.
And again, it's done like that by design because a clerk that doesn't know what they're doing is entering it, but also the average IRS agent is a clerk as well.
That's absolutely right, Alex.
So it's dumb and dumber.
Dumb and dumber, and they just cosign each other's BS, and that's how it works.
So what we do is we go in there and we say, hey, dumb and dumber, get out of the way, that's not what the law is, that's not what the rules are from the IRM, and we put it down right.
Okay, so that's the present.
And now, arguably, and I'd say definitely the most important, is the future.
This is for the person right now who says, Hey, Alex, I paid so much in taxes this year.
What can I do to make sure I don't pay that much next year?
And what that means is getting you in the proper corporate setup entity, depending on the type of work you're doing.
You can't run a business in America without proper tax planning.
And that's why 90% of new businesses fail, because they go get their taxes done at H&R Block.
And you know what?
When a business fails, the first thing they stop doing is paying their taxes, which is, just put a knife in the heart because now the state and the IRS will make sure you get taken out.
Continue please.
Okay, so something that, as I was saying before, the really important thing here is that, you know, the government wants to come after the things that make the populace powerful, right?
And we know they've been coming after your guns for years, okay?
They want to come after your money too, because if the middle class has too much wealth, then, you know, the globalists, the elite, you're not dependent on the government.
And the people get this now, because it's announced, we want to make you poor to control you, you will own nothing, have nothing, and they think we're too dumb to get around what they've done, because they always leave escape hatches for themselves.
So while they're at the top... By the way, we met for like four or five hours off and on in LA, so we've been talking each other's ear off about this.
We sure have.
And yeah, it's like we said, there's two systems in the world where they skate by at the top paying next to nothing or nothing while, you know, the middle class is stuck with the highest tax rates and, you know, it's ridiculous and it's not right.
Well, I just can't stress for people enough, they shouldn't feel intimidated like you're trying to be a fancy pants lawyer or some group.
You guys want to hear from everybody.
So, describe the services and some of the average things you can do.
But also, you tried again this last time, we didn't have time, some of the horror stories and examples of what they're gearing up to do now with Biden saying he's coming after the middle class.
They admit almost all these preparers and all these new groups they're having and all these new investigators, they're saying that they're going after the middle class and poor people.
Well, the thing is, they're going after the middle class with a trifecta, right?
So the inflation's making your dollar worth less, your purchasing power worth less.
At the same time, they have hired 60,000, if they want to, IRS agents.
Well, guess who's going to pay for that?
You and me!
And that's going to come out of our taxes.
And why does the IRS say they want to see everybody's bank accounts in live times, anything over $600 of transactions a year?
Well, that's all bank accounts.
So they're going to watch everything in live time.
They're already doing it, but why are they announcing it?
Well, do you know the reason why they're doing this, Alex, is because they could very easily close the tax gap.
The tax gap is the difference between how much the IRS says they're going to make and how much they actually do make by taxing the globalists properly.
But instead of doing that, they want to hit up the middle class for $600.
Please continue.
So, here's the thing, let's say I am on eBay and I sell an old pair of shoes or baby clothes
that my son doesn't wear anymore.
They know under the Great Reset, they want to eradicate the underground market.
Yes, they do.
And here's the thing, before Biden passed that bill, if you sold something on eBay, you're fine.
Until you start to have a pattern of 20 more transactions over $20,000, and they say, okay, prove to us it's not a business, prove to us it's not income.
Now if you make one transaction over $600, they're saying, prove to us it's not a gift, prove to us it's not income.
As they press us into a system where we'll only survive by barter.
Yeah, exactly.
So you're trading a bicycle for two pigs.
Well, now it's the Internet of Things.
That bicycle has a code on it.
They're going to know you transferred.
That's right.
They know everything.
That leads me to another thing.
They took some flack for this, but they're still doing it.
Under the radar is the biometric data.
The IRS started collecting biometric data for regular taxpayers just trying to access their online IRS account.
They got some serious backlash about it and said they were going to stop doing it, but they've already collected 73 million taxpayers' data.
And they haven't gotten rid of it yet.
So the thing is, you don't want to give information to the wrong people because they're only going to use it against you.
The IRS does not have your back.
Oh yeah, folks, you think like, oh, I'll give people all my info.
What do I have to hide?
No, they twist it against you.
I've learned that in these lawsuits, man.
They'll take the most innocuous thing and turn it into the most horrible thing.
Speaking of that, if there's people out there that have some kind of legal settlement, let me talk about a horror story.
This is fabulous, something that I had worked on.
One of my first clients, a great guy, was in a workers' comp oxygen, paralyzed from the neck down.
Okay, workers' comp is not taxable per the code, but guess what?
The revenue officer assigned to his case was taxing him on non-taxable income and they brought this paralyzed man, fully paralyzed, Down to the poverty level, and he had to go collect welfare, okay?
And when I got in... That's why so many people are homeless.
Yeah, absolutely.
Because, and he didn't know that his rights were being violated, right?
Because they don't tell you.
They don't tell you.
It's just like the police.
Hey, can I look in here, even though I don't have the right to?
And you say, yes, you're consenting to have your rights violated.
And the IRS uses the exact same logic.
And so you guys are experts, have a huge team, a giant, that's just one of your men, 14,000 square feet, that's amazing.
Yeah, we got a lot of people because, well, listen, got a lot of attorneys, a lot of CPAs, a lot of enrolled agents, and then all the people that work under them, of course, because we don't just deal with the IRS.
You're lucky in Texas here, there's no income tax.
Where I'm from in California, it's the highest in the nation and we deal with all 50 state taxes as well.
So that's why we need to have a varied amount of professionals.
You have experts for every area.
I was very impressed by it.
You guys are not playing games.
By the way, nobody's sitting around there playing online solitaire.
They're on the phones, man.
Hey man, I've been staying there till 9, 10 o'clock at night, you know, because these people want help and that's what gives me passion.
That's what I'm emotional about, Alex.
It makes me feel good.
Isn't it great that you're a lawyer that actually gets to help people and most of them screw people all day.
You're actually like giving them the secrets to how those insiders are screwing them.
You know, lawyers get a bad name because the ambulance chasers and all of them, and they're just trying to screw the hardworking people out of their money.
We're trying to put it back in your pocket.
And that's what we're going to do.
I'm telling you, I'm so excited about this relationship.
And I'm so glad that I recommended you guys.
People use it, so I called you, and I'm so glad that you got connected with us.
It's just meant to happen, folks.
JonesTaxRelief.com, 833-900-4285.
We'll be right back.
Give me back my bullets!
And that's what your money is, is your bullets that live your life the way you want.
That's right.
Take care of your family.
And I got to tell you, God is so good because we need to fund our operations and because of supply chain breakdowns, a lot of the products that have been best sellers are no longer available.
And so I've told listeners, hey, you were great.
We could fund ourselves a few years ago because the COVID cattywampus and everything.
We can't.
So I said, all right, I'll do like every other talk show host does.
We have our own network, though, our own infrastructures that cost more.
I'm going to go out and get sponsors.
But I could snap my fingers.
And gotten $10 million like Newsmax did and $100 million like Fox did to push the COVID garbage.
Yeah, that's come out now.
But I didn't.
So I've got to go out and get sponsors and make money in ways that I know are good.
Because God doesn't protect me if I'm not doing good.
I mean, I'm not going to steer somebody somewhere that I don't absolutely believe in.
Is there a perfect world?
It's the very best place, I think you can go, and the very best options to know your facts.
You don't even want to get into all this, but you've got a few more of these horror stories.
I want people to actually understand your services and what you do.
You go and negotiate on so many fronts with the IRS, other groups, whatever.
And then you simply explain, okay, here's what they're offering, and here's our fee to get that done, and it's all completely cut and dry, and people can see that immediately take effect.
That's right.
So unlike a lot of law firms that charge expensive retainers and hourly fees, we charge simple, flat rates.
Also, we take crypto.
We are one of the few tax firms in America that will help you with all your crypto.
Because, you know, even like Deloitte and Ernst & Young, they don't want to touch that stuff because it's too dicey.
We're not scared of it.
We're not scared of the IRS.
We will help you with your crypto.
Talk about more of the services you guys have over at jonestaxrelief.com.
That's the link to follow, folks.
So something that's really important, Alex, is protecting the taxpayer's right, right?
So the IRS actually has what's called the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights, and they never actually, you know, make sure they're following it.
But that's where we come in as advocates and make sure they are, because the IRS has become fond of taking people's passports when they owe money.
So they take away your constitutional right to travel because you owe money to the government.
And that's wrong.
And if that has happened to you, you need to give us a call right now because I can get that passport released right now.
I mean, there's so... and again, going to the future, everything is them using the code to jack with people.
Look at this.
House passes Russian sanctions bill, giving president authority to sanction virtually anyone, anywhere in the world, including Americans with no due process.
This is BS.
And you remember that first box last year when you filled out your taxes?
It says, do I have any digital assets?
That's so that Biden can put you as a part of that group of people who they have already said are criminals because of the type of action.
And they're asking you to opt into it.
Opt into it.
It's like what you say.
Submit with a smile, you know?
And that's what they want you to do.
And look, It's a catch-22, because what if you lied on your return?
Well then, Biden's definitely coming after you.
How do you get by that?
It tricks you to either perjure yourself or incriminate yourself when you've done nothing wrong.
So what you need to do is make sure that your crypto taxes are handled correctly, and we are experts in that and we can do that.
Because you don't want to lie to the government.
That's a felony.
Oh yeah, I don't want to do that.
But, again, it's your right as a taxpayer to not pay a penny more than you owe using all the deductions, all the loopholes in the code.
That they leave for themselves.
That they do.
That's the key, folks.
While you're all locked down or wearing masks on an airplane, they're all on private jets and they never did it.
Everything they do, they give themselves exemptions.
You find the exemption, have an expert show you how to do it right, do it for you, and then certify it.
Don't try it on your own, I'm telling you.
Right, and here's the thing, even with the self-help books, Alex, is they put... Oh, I know so many people that did great with those, but they made a mistake and went to jail.
Right, because... You've got to have a group that signs on to it.
The globalists change the tax laws every three to four years, so unless you spend all day studying it like we do, you're going to fall behind and the law changes.
And let me guess, even if you like suddenly retire but wanted to know it, you'd never know it all.
Because you're in there every day is why you know it.
It's like, I know politics, I'm in it all the time.
As soon as I retire, I won't know what it is anymore either.
Because they change it so fast.
But, I'll probably never retire.
I love working.
Well my point is, you're immersed in your works while you know.
It's my passion.
I love saving people money.
I love making sure the government doesn't take your hard-earned income because, you know, you work for that.
Well, the way I've had it described to me by other really good tax lawyers like yourself is, Alex, it takes rocket scientists to understand this.
No wonder the average tax preparer can't.
They don't understand it.
That's why at special firms these groups use, you guys and others have reverse engineered that.
We have.
And I'd go as far as to say rocket science is probably a lot easier than understanding the tax code.
They have lobbyists in billions of dollars that their sole purpose is to put loopholes in the tax code that nobody understands.
So only they can utilize it.
Because again, it's two systems.
They don't want you to take advantage of their loopholes because then you'll be part of their club.
And they have the club and you're not part of it.
So this is the ultimate Robin Hood operation?
Because right now, if you're in the middle class, if you're in the nouveau riche, if you're making money, but you're not a globalist, okay, guess what?
They're going to rob you.
They want you to be poor.
They want you to be broke.
They want you to be dependent on them so when they take over the world, you will have no property and you'll be happy about it.
So the name of the game here is keep the most amount of money in your pocket as possible.
It's been explained.
The money all comes from monetization of debt and just QE 500, QE 1 million.
They're just making it up.
The income tax is all about controlling people.
It is.
It is.
And the thing, there actually are provisions written into the Internal Revenue Code to control people.
It's how the United States, how the United States does public policy is they do it sneakily through the tax code.
So they want people to have children, they say, hey, you can get a deduction for having kids.
It's not about anything other than what they want.
And that's why the liberals want to get rid of that.
Yeah, exactly.
Because they know that that's promoting bigger families.
How much does that make the left mad that Xi Jinping said, we're not going to kill your second kid, we're going to pay you to have three?
That's really made them mad.
That's when George Soros said, destroy the Chinese.
And I'm not saying Xi Jinping's good, but he went from pure evil to like one click, like, you know, let's not kill our babies.
That's a big click, you know, back to good.
Let's be honest.
A step in the right direction.
A big step in the right direction.
So you had a couple more horror stories here you wanted to tell.
Yes, here's another one that comes up again and again.
And let me just preface this by saying this.
You know, when we talk about taxes and owing taxes, there's the IRS, but there's also the
state, right?
And the state, especially since this pandemic, has become so aggressive because they don't
have the ability to print off money like the Fed does.
They need money.
That's key.
The bankers get all the money they want at the top.
The state's desperate.
The state is desperate for money and they will come after you with the claws of a tiger, okay?
And so here's what I have seen happen.
Let's say I have a business in the state.
I've seen this happen multiple times.
Either the IRS or the state will come up and say, hey, because you haven't paid taxes, We're going to close your business down.
And the business owner will say to me, this is my only source of income.
So literally, even though debtor's prison was abolished a hundred years ago, it's the same thing.
Now they just put you on the street.
Don't go to jail.
They don't want to feed you.
Just kick you on the street.
You're not allowed to do business anymore.
Or make you go live with your family.
Anybody has told you that give us a call right now.
We can put that to a stop because they are violating your rights by doing that.
Yeah, well, you've been mentioning about taking passports away.
Yeah, you can knock that out because that's unconstitutional.
Yes, it is unconstitutional.
They will do it.
They don't care.
They will take your passport away.
But because it's unconstitutional, we can get ahold of the State Department, go over the IRS's head and get it back.
I've had clients that have called me in the ninth inning to go to a wedding in Europe.
He's the groom, but they took his passport and we were able to get it back.
And again, don't feel bad folks if you don't know all this.
Neither do I. I study it all the time and still don't know it all.
I know experts like this understand it, but I don't understand a lot of it.
It's just the point is, they're experts, they have the blueprints, the enemy has the blueprint.
They're not going to tell you how to get out of the maze.
This guy is.
Absolutely right Alex is is they have set up this system to where the average lay person is if they even
Attempt to learn this stuff. They're gonna become more confused than when they started because that's how it's
written But they know the rule they know the actual rule book and
they have it out to get the middle class But we know the rules too and we will use the the actual
code against them and they come to Jesus quick They agree with you.
That's why it's done.
You make an agreement.
100%, Alex, because we have attorneys that make legal determinations to the IRS.
When the IRS makes their determination, it's not from an attorney, it's from a clerk, like we said.
And so, they have to bring that to legal, who then, of course, reads the actual law and realizes, of course, we're right, the rights were violated of the taxpayer, and they change their tune real quick.
JonesTaxRelief.com, folks.
You see what I'm talking about.
This guy's the best right here.
And I approach them, and they're big fans.
This is a match made in heaven.
It helps everybody.
Keeps the show on air.
Saves you money.
Keeps them in business.
It's beautiful.
Go to JonesTaxRelief.com or 833-900-4285.
Five more minutes with you, and then Gavin McGinnis is coming up.
And you're going to be on the War Room today, I'm told.
All right.
You got more to talk about on there.
Tomorrow's news today.
Gavin McGinnis, straight ahead.
Final segment with Tyler Bennett, who flew here from Los Angeles.
They've got offices across the country.
I visited them.
I mean, these people are the real deal.
They cut right to the chase.
They put their name on it.
They certify it.
And that means they are the ones that are vouching for you and liable for it.
That is key.
That's what the other lawyers and the other corrupt CPAs, there are a lot of good ones but a lot of bad ones, won't do.
These folks are great.
JonesTaxRelief.com takes you right to the great folks at American Tax Solutions.
In closing, Tyler Bennett, you say you've got a rant for folks.
You've got some key things to tell people.
I do, Alex.
See, there's two truisms about the IRS and taxes that everyone should know, okay?
The first one, and you might have heard this in Catch Me If You Can with Leonardo DiCaprio, okay?
The IRS only knows what you or somebody else tell them.
And typically that's your employer, or if you're an independent contractor, the person that's writing you off, right?
Now, that's why they want to go after, they are starting to go after eBay, Etsy, all these resellers, is so that they're telling them to, okay?
Because even though they can close the tax gap, By taxing the globalists their proper share, they want to get it out of the middle class because we already know they're out to take all your money.
And the second truism in Texas is that this is always true and keep in mind, and we will use this concept to your benefit, is deferral is always a win.
What does deferral mean?
That means paying your taxes as late as possible without incurring penalties and interest.
Why is that a win?
It's because the dollar is worth less and less every single day.
And that was true in the 90s, but it's even farther true now with inflation hitting... Oh, absolutely.
Yeah, with inflation, my goodness, you gotta push it off.
There's a year's like 20-30% inflation now.
Right, it's insane.
So what are you going to, you know, and so it's like look, the longer you can delay that,
obviously it means when you pay that five years from now instead of right now, you're
paying less in taxes.
And you guys will advise people that are more wealthy or whatever on real estate to parlay
it and beat inflation.
Listen, if you have money, there are a multitude of things, trust instruments, corporations,
Listen, even if you're a small business owner at all, you need to give me a call so we can get you in a corporate setup.
Since the 2017 Tax and Jobs Cut Act, TCJ, The best vehicle to be in and to pay the least amount of taxes is a C-corporation, okay?
And so, that's how we can save you lots of money, we can put you on payroll of your own business, you can take... And again, you cut the fake complexity out because you already know it.
These other lawyers will BS you and have meetings and tell you they gotta assess your business.
It's all lies, folks.
They're just milking you.
It really doesn't matter what your business is.
At the end of the day, there's only four types of entities, right?
You're a sole proprietor, you're an LLC, you're an S-Corp, you're a C-Corp, okay?
And they're all flow-throughs except one.
And there's only one that pays a flat tax rate.
And that's a C-Corp.
And it's over a lower percent.
Me and you, Alex, pay 37.
That's right.
Why the hell?
Yeah, absolutely.
And there are so many tips and tricks that you can use, loopholes, that you can use with C Corp.
Because in Section C of the Internal Revenue Code, that's also...
Apple is a C Corp, right?
Amazon's a C Corp.
So there is so much lobbies to keep those people there.
They've written it all for themselves.
So hey, this guy will tell you how to do what Apple did.
And you're not running slave camps in China.
You're morally not paying money for wars.
And remember, none of the money goes to run the country, folks.
So don't feel guilty that you're not paying.
It's all fraud.
Listen, it doesn't matter what they call a tax, the government can spend the money they get on whatever they want, which is apparently a war in Ukraine and entitlements, you know?
Well, I'm impressed, and I'm just glad I called you guys.
It's been a real blessing, too.
I've only called four or five people I thought would be great.
They all are turning into sponsors.
This is just the site, guys.
It's so beautiful.
Jonestaxrelief.com, 833-900-4285.
Tyler Bennett, thank you so much for all you do at American Tax Solutions.
Thanks, Alex.
Glad to be on the show.
And I want to meet your mom and I want to meet your girlfriend that came with you.
I saw them earlier going in there.
They're great sitting in there for hours.
We really appreciate them.
Gavin McGinnis takes over right now.
Thank you so much, brother.
I know you're helping.
Oh, we forgot to ask you.
How much have you already saved people that have just called in the last few weeks?
Okay, so in the last few weeks alone, we've saved over $5 million.
In the last few years, we've saved closer to $200 million for the taxpayer.
Beautiful, beautiful.
It's hard to believe that we're already into March 2022.
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More isn't going to come in for a long time.
So I took it back to full price.
And I was just thinking, you know what?
We need the funds in now to stay on air.
Plus, this is a great product everybody needs.
So to incentivize folks out there that have been on the fence to get X3 and experience it for yourself and support the broadcast, I'm going to keep it at 50% off until it sells out.
Get X3 right now exclusively at Infowarestore.com for 50% off.
We saw the announcement last week.
Facebook said that you're allowed to call for violence against Russians, period.
And then we saw the headlines that German hospitals were denying Russians healthcare.
Whether you love Vladimir Putin or hate Vladimir Putin or you're neutral like I am, do you want to deny Russians healthcare?
Do you want to make Top ballerinas and top pianists and top violinists and top conductors pledge that they hate Putin and want nuclear war, basically, or they're fired, because that's been happening.
This is what McCarthy only dreamed of.
And why do I raise that right now with the great Gab McGinnis joining us?
Because three years ago, four years ago, I was banned everywhere.
But a year later, they were banning him so hard that the headlines were, you're allowed to call for violence against Gavin McGinnis.
And then a week later, they put 10 more names on the list, myself, Paul Joseph Watson, Louis Farrakhan, and a few others.
So when we saw that, that was the headlines.
It was surreal.
But here we are, ladies and gentlemen, a few years later, English-born Canadian writer, actor, comedian, and sure entrepreneur, the founder of Vice, and so much more, Censored.TV, and he's got a bunch of other really, really exciting programs he does, like Get Off My Lawn.
He joins us now.
To discuss the waterfront and everything that's happening and this purge of the military and the police departments and the fire departments and what they're doing once they do the purge, the same model as the South African communist takeover, it's now quadruple crime and poverty in that country.
So Gavin, it's great to have you here my friend.
A true icon in this fight.
What should we tackle first?
The cancel culture?
The takeover of the police and fire departments in leftist cities?
The war in Ukraine?
I mean, there's so much to hit here.
All right, Gavin, it's so fun to do these live shows, because occasionally you're going to have issues.
So we're going to go back to Gavin in just a minute.
You know, this Gregg Reese report is just really, really incredibly important, ladies and gentlemen.
And I'm really, really proud of this report he's done.
So let's go ahead and air that Greg Rees report, and we'll be right back.
(upbeat music)
The first nation to successfully weaponize and mass produce deadly pathogens
was Great Britain during the start of World War II, soon followed by the United States,
Germany, France, and Japan.
While many nations mass-produced them, Japan was notorious for deploying biological weapons.
Killing almost a half a million Chinese soldiers and civilians in several military campaigns, including the 1940 bombing of Ningbo, China, when Japan's secret bioweapons unit 731 dropped ceramic bombs full of living fleas carrying the bubonic plague.
German pharmaceutical company IG Farben-Bayer conducted fatal human experiments on prisoners and killed over a million people with its cyanide-based Zyklon B. The U.S.
established their own bioweapons program at Fort Detrick, Maryland, in 1942.
And by the end of the war, brand new facilities were completed for mass production of anthrax and other bioweapons.
After the war, the directors of IG Farben were punished at the Nuremberg trials, but the scientists were secretly absorbed into America's bioweapons program.
Japan was planning to attack the city of San Diego, California with weaponized plague, but they surrendered three weeks prior to the scheduled attack.
And while Japanese researchers arrested by Soviet forces were tried for war crimes, Those captured by the United States were secretly given immunity in exchange for working with the U.S.
bioweapons team.
Long after World War II, the U.S.
bioweapons program continued to expand with the help of Japanese and German war criminals.
And in 1969, the U.S.
government officially terminated their offensive biological weapons program, continuing on with a defensive biological weapons program.
Which was nothing more than a change of language ahead of the Biological Weapons Convention in 1972.
The U.S.
would continue to experiment with and produce deadly pathogens, but now under the guise of defense.
And mostly, defense against Russia.
Of all the nations involved in bioweapons research, Russia factors in very little.
The U.S.
government claims that the Soviet Union had the biggest bioweapons program in history, but this is based solely on a mysterious 1979 anthrax leak and the lone testimony of Soviet defector Ken Alabeck, who has also been absorbed into the U.S.
bioweapons program.
And who has helped the U.S.
surround Russia with dangerous bioweapons labs.
Russia is now releasing confiscated documents of the work that was being conducted in the NATO-backed biolabs they have secured in Ukraine.
These labs were allegedly developing genetically engineered bioweapons to target specific Slavic people.
And experimenting with ways of spreading pathogens via bats, ticks, lice, and fleas.
Like the work Japan's Unit 731 was doing before being secretly brought into the U.S.
Meanwhile, Bill Gates is currently allowed to release hundreds of millions of genetically modified mosquitoes within the United States as some sort of disease control experiment.
You can say what you want about Vladimir Putin and Russia, but they aren't the ones waging war against the people of the West.
That would be the World Economic Forum, the big banks, and their lackeys of the Great Reset agenda.
After the U.S.
government sanctioned all the Russian people, Putin responded by only targeting a few known criminals of the Great Reset cabal, as if sending a message to the Americans that we share the same enemies.
Whereas the global elites are working towards destroying the nation-states, Russia is reinventing the nation-state.
Russia hopes to be the world's biggest producer of organic farming, while the globalists are pushing for genetically modified foods, bugs, and synthetic meat.
The globalists are actively destroying the family, down to the mother's womb.
While Russia seeks to build a society based on family and... Alright, see the amazing report at Bandot Video.
We have Gavin McGinnis for the next 46 minutes.
We got two minutes to break.
He is on fire.
Gavin, going back to you.
The technical problem is fixed.
Wow, what do you want to get into first when we come back, my friend?
What is front and center on your radar?
You know, a long time ago, Ezra Levant told me, he said, I like to go to Britain because it's a dystopian time machine and I can see where we're going to be in five years.
And Britain has had their police force totally castrated.
It's all affirmative action and rainbows and refugees are welcome.
Crime is rampant.
Muslims run that country.
And I'm seeing it here in America, not Muslims running the country, of course, but crime running rampant.
And at the NYPD, Is totally de-balled.
The new officers that are coming out today are completely useless affirmative action hires.
These weak women with the fattest asses you've ever seen in your life.
I don't know where they get their pants made.
I think they're gonna have to make NYPD sweatpants for these women and they're inept.
We're up to a murder a day here in New York.
We're getting back to Dinkins, New York and it's all because of this socialist affirmative action crap.
I totally agree.
And what is the end game?
Why are they doing it?
Gavin, I watch you all the time.
I'm so glad you come on.
It's been a while since you were on.
We're going to break in 30 seconds, but where do people find everything Gavin McInnes?
I'm also on Gab.
I'm on Telegram.
I'm on Getter.
And you're a beautiful American.
We'll be right back with Gavin McInnes on the other side of this quick break.
Tomorrow's news today.
Another Thought Criminal Channel.
The global fascists, using a model of communism, have a plan to take over all the major cities of the world and install their leftist minions.
And Gavin McInnes is the icon of researching this, censored.tv.
He was just getting into what's happening in the blue cities.
Similar programs have been done in Europe as the Betatets, and where he sees this going.
Gavin, break down these horrifying developments for us.
Well, what's happening is they are replacing all of the top brass at the NYPD with affirmative action hires.
And if you criticize this, you're racist.
They say, oh, you have a problem with blacks and women taking over the FDNY and the NYPD?
And you go, no, if it was albinos or Amish, I'd have the same problem.
You chose a random group and has said this group has to take over.
And they're not being hired for their expertise.
They're being hired for their race.
And the mayor is one of these guys.
He was a transit cop who was a member of, I think it's called 100 Black Officers or something like that.
He was constantly suing the city for racism.
And every time things didn't go his way, he sued and filed a complaint, and the next thing you know, he's the mayor of the city, hiring his brother now!
His brother's the head of the crime-fighting division that he chose for him.
By the way, he ran, I'll just interrupt you, on not hiring family members but gave a special dispensation for himself saying because of racism he needs his brother.
He can't trust the other police.
He's leading the police and can't trust white cops or Hispanic cops or black cops to protect him.
They're all the same as Juicy Smulee.
They have the same mentality.
Remember Jussie, when he got his sentence, he goes, that's racist.
We go, Jussie, you're being prosecuted for calling everything racist, you boob.
Okay, then that's racist.
And you go, no, I'm sick of this ending the conversation.
We need to check in.
The new officers again, I know these guys in the 52nd Precinct, right?
They're detectives and they're being stalked by this lunatic who has, I don't know where he got this, but he has a sheriff uniform with a drop holster and a gun and everything.
And he goes to the 52nd Precinct the other day and he goes, hey, is Detective Nelson and McGillen here?
And they go, no.
And he goes, oh, OK, well, I'll come back later.
And they go, OK, bye.
This guy's wearing a fake uniform with a gun that's not registered him to him.
But because he's polite and likely because he's black, the officers went, OK, bye.
So the detectives call and they go, where'd you let that?
Where'd he go?
And they go, we don't know.
We just said bye to him.
So the detectives have to come in and go arrest him because he was there to kill them.
Now that's just one little tiny anecdote, but it shows you the totally feckless police force we're dealing with now in
New York City.
Well, they hype up all the left and become mentally... I asked you like six years ago what's peak leftist.
You said, "Oh, I think it's going to get a lot worse."
It's create a bunch of mentally ill, crazy people that are taught to hate different groups because of what color they
And then you put in a bunch of Jordan Soros prosecutors and police chiefs that won't prosecute.
And then they just let these armies of zombies go around and destroy civilization.
And when it collapses, the big central banks come in and take over.
They are hiring racists too.
Like these dispatchers, these fat black dispatchers in the Bronx, they don't like cops.
They don't enjoy their job.
They go on Facebook, and I say to other cops, I go, this bitch was just on Facebook posting BLM stuff.
And they go, yeah, can't do anything about it.
She's an affirmative action hire.
We'll get fired if we complain.
So we just let her go.
They've all given up.
None of them want their kids to be cops.
And so what is the end effect?
Are the globalists winning?
What is the end effect?
Is it the current effect exploding crime?
We know that.
And then Biden tries to deny it.
The end game is South Africa.
But instead of race, it is political affiliation.
You know, that by using the word racist, they depersonalize.
And in Britain, they were talking about not giving racist health care.
And at first glance, You go, oh, okay, I don't care if Hitler can't get a triple bypass.
But then you go, wait a minute, what defines a racist?
And you realize it's just being right-wing, it's being a Trump supporter.
Well, yeah, Biden's new perspective put out of June of last year says questioning elections, questioning lockdowns, questioning open borders is terrorist, and it's white supremacist.
Yes, and what did Merrick say, the DA?
He said white supremacy is the number one threat to this country.
Now, I looked up the numbers.
There's about three deaths a year related to white supremacy.
Jihadists are responsible for about six deaths a year.
But the real threat to this country is this fascist dictatorship, where we're getting into like, shoot the ball!
Shoot to kill!
And soon we're going to have these Soros-appointed DAs, police, firemen, deciding who gets what services.
And the next thing you know, it's like South Africa, where there's these squatter camps.
Now they've decided white people are evil, so they're sent to squatter camps.
They're gonna decide you and I are evil.
I mean, we're at the forefront of this, by the way.
No, you're right.
So is anybody fighting back in these police departments being taken over by the globalist left?
Yes, there's Alex Jones over at Infowars.
There's Gavin McInnes at Censored.TV.
Laura Loomer, by the way, who was banned when you and I were banned, and Facebook said you can threaten their lives.
She's kicking ass now.
She's got a real shot at Congress over by Orlando, that district that she's running in.
James O'Keefe is kicking ass.
He's on fire these days.
And we're getting a lot of guys from the left.
Because the left has gone so woke, and they see this, and if they're logical and honest with themselves, they go, what's going on here?
Trevor Noah, of all people?
Yeah, what do you make of him?
In fact, get that clip from last week I replayed, where he comes out and endorses Trump as a better president against Putin.
He endorsed Trump and he recently was talking about the Vax and he brought up the logical point which is how can a basketball player not be allowed on the court as a player yet he can buy tickets, watch the game and then go hug his teammates at the end of the game?
That doesn't seem logical to me.
Well that's a thought crime!
He's engaging in logic!
Yeah, well this is the problem with the left.
When they dare go near curiosity, they start drinking that juice and they get that red pill down their gullet, and next thing you know, they're un-woke.
They're awake.
And it's inevitable.
Look at, what's his name, Russell Brand.
He said, wait a minute, why is everyone calling people they don't like right-wing?
It's becoming a moniker that means, don't listen to that geezer.
And now the Guardian is trying to cancel him for daring to notice that.
Well, that's right.
And he's a classical liberal.
I mean, he's just promoting freedom.
And look how far Joe Rogan's come.
Yeah, Joe Rogan is.
And he's still, like, everyone talks about Joe Rogan going right.
No, Joe Rogan stayed pretty straight and narrow.
It's the background that changed.
Like, Bill Maher was talking about this on Ben Shapiro's show, of all places.
He was saying, I didn't change.
And I would argue that you and I haven't changed either.
I don't even see myself as particularly right-wing.
I'm a libertarian.
I would call you ultra-right-wing.
I would call you a classical liberal.
They call me neo-fascist, whatever the hell that means.
But I just am a libertarian for closed borders.
I'm socially liberal until you start getting kids and sex together.
And then I start going, wait, what are you doing?
Why are you telling my three-year-old what polyamorous means?
But I think what's happening right now, culturally, is the left is going full bore, communist, lunatic, affirmative action, South African nut bar.
And the rest of us, what they're doing is they're ostracizing the normies.
Like this new Supreme Court chick, this black woman, I forget her name, Jackson.
We just discovered yesterday that she's been incredibly lenient when it comes to pedophiles.
And usually giving them the minimum sentence for kiddie porn, for rape, for molesting children.
Hold on, Gavin McGinnis, stay there.
On fire.
We're going to talk about this.
That was in my stack straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Live from one of the final outposts of freedom, it's Trevor Noah!
Saudi Arabia isn't playing ball with Joe Biden.
And you know what?
You can say what you want, but this would have never happened to Donald Trump.
No one was ever ignoring Donald Trump's calls.
Yeah, because if you ignored Donald Trump's calls, you didn't know how he would respond.
Maybe he'd send an angry tweet, or maybe he'd just, like, ban your country from everything.
You don't know!
That's why I bet in these situations, Biden actually wishes that he could hire Trump to step in as President Wildcard.
You know, just keep everyone on their toes.
Because if Trump was calling, you best believe the UAE, they'd be racing to pick up the phone.
Mr. Trump!
Mr. Trump!
We're here!
We're here!
Too late, Ahmed!
You made me wait two rings.
We're bombing the UAE and the UFC, just in case.
There is no denying that...
Well, so finally, because I mean, Trevor Noah used to be funny until he became political.
Finally, he's being funny.
He got censored for saying, why do we got to take vaccines if they don't work?
Seems like he's maybe finding his soul.
So is Bill Maher.
What is happening here, Gavin?
And let's get back into what you were talking about, this pedo news with the new Supreme Court justice nominee.
Well, the Supreme Court, what's happening in the Supreme Court is exactly what's happening in America.
And it links to that Trevor Noah thing.
The left has gone so far woke that they're ostracizing their own.
And they're losing liberals like Russell Brand, like Bill Maher, like Trevor Noah to their radical leftist politics.
And this is happening in the Supreme Court.
Before, when you had Breyer on the Supreme Court, the guy that retired, He was a moderate and he would pull in Roberts and Kavanaugh and they would get work done and pass laws that were relatively leftist because he was normal.
This bitch is a Trotskyite pedophile lunatic!
And she's not pulling Roberts and Kavanaugh remotely near her.
So just like the left is ostracizing their liberal comedians, this bitch is going to ostracize all of the moderates on the Supreme Court.
She, 100% of the time, is lenient on sexual predators who prey on children.
If it's looking like they're going to get 10 years, she'll give them 60 months.
She always gives the minimum.
I think she's a pedophile herself.
Well, I know this.
I mean, even Mainline News admits they've never seen a federal judge this easy on pedos.
What do you think's going on there?
A competence.
Like, I don't want to think that Joe Biden is knowingly appointing a pedophile, but I'm not going to rule that out.
But I think Mr. Magoo over there in the White House just said, we got to get a black woman.
Who's a smart black woman?
Oh, this lady's been a lawyer for a long time.
Let's make her a Supreme Court judge.
And again, I've got the article right here.
Even the New York Times admits she's given under The minimum every time.
So she even violates the law every time and violates her position.
That enough is insane.
Why would you always go easy on pedos?
It's her trademark, too.
It's not like she's also known for being lenient on guns or hard on guns.
No, anyone who's in the industry who knows this woman goes, oh yeah, that's Katonji Jackson.
She's the chick who's really easy on pedophiles.
If you molest a kid, you want her as your judge, boy.
You're gonna come out smelling like roses.
I know Mr. Magoo's an imbecile, but doesn't he have people who have access to Google?
Everyone knows this about her, and now it's becoming mainstream news.
Are they knowingly sabotaging the country, or are we just seeing extreme incompetence?
Very well said.
Let me show you a few articles since you mentioned this.
This is the New York Post.
Disney employees among 108 arrested in Florida.
Human trafficking sting.
Trafficking children, you name it.
They just busted a big state-run orphanage just outside Austin, run by a liberal group that was raping children en masse, as young as seven, producing child porn.
Oregon's top children's hospital teaches young boys to tuck their genitals and directs kids to sex toy porn shops as young as 7 years old how to buy a dildo.
I don't want to talk about this on air folks, that's what's going on with our children.
Medical kidnapping, breast milk dependent infant taken away because they're breastfeeding.
We've just got all of this and then you've got...
This whole backdrop of Jeffrey Epstein and then now you've got the New York Post and others confirming the FBI goes, okay, it is his laptop as if we didn't know that 15 months ago in the middle of the election.
So you've got all of that with Biden making weird comments about it.
I mean, what is going on here, Gavin?
Here's what's really happening.
The left, when they're radicalizing the country, they put up a curtain.
And the curtain says, don't be racist, don't be homophobic.
And I think a lot of the people who put up that curtain are good people.
And they genuinely think, I'm worried about some gay five-year-old getting beat up, so I don't want that.
So they put up this force field.
Now, predators, perverts, and weirdos use that force field to do bad things.
So, under the premise, under the guise of Let's Not Hurt People, we have Drag Queen Story Hour, where the guys are showing up with no underwear, flashing their genitals to kids, and twerking for kids, and we've got Desmond the Entertainer, whatever the hell his name is, Desmond is amazing, getting money put into his underpants at gay bars in New York at three in the morning, and we have teachers saying, I tell my kiddos that I'm polyamorous, and they can use these pronouns, and look at all the rainbow flags, and the next thing you know, You've made a space for groomers.
Like, I bet when the Boy Scouts said... Oh, exactly!
No, no, start over.
I'm interrupting, but that's what it is.
It's literal grooming of children.
Even Bill Maher said, leave him alone.
It's obvious sexualization and grooming of children when they're not sexual.
But the perverts, whether they're heterosexual or homosexual, whether they want little girls, little boys, same sex or not, it's all just as bad.
They want to get at innocent children because they can't form adult relationships because most of them were abused.
Gay is a type of sex.
Now, kids don't like hearing about relationships.
I have kids.
If they're watching a TV and the straight couple kisses on TV, they go, eh, they don't like it.
And it's a genetic thing that's in them so they don't get molested.
It's good.
Thank God it exists.
Children don't like even mild sexual stuff like kissing.
They go, eh, watch something else, because that's not what they're supposed to be doing.
There's a cartoon out, The Croods, or The Droods, or something, and I was watching it with my nine-year-old, and the beginning of the movie, this teenage girl is obsessed with this guy, and every time he's near, she swoons, and little hearts come out of her head.
He was watching it like this.
It's not sexual, but there's love there, and he couldn't bear to look at it.
It was so gross to him.
Why are you telling children how you fornicate?
Say I only had anal sex.
That was my thing.
Never in the normal hole.
I'm straight, but I only did it anally.
Can you imagine me telling my kindergarten class, hey guys, I thought you should know this.
I don't do the normal hole.
I only do the butthole.
That's kinda me.
That's my thing.
You don't want heterosexual, homosexual, any talk.
And I interrupted you earlier, but you're making the point.
This is grooming spaces, and that keeps happening.
Drag Queen Storytime, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, is basically bankrupt because of it.
They have opened them up as free spaces for pedophiles under, you know, not being anti, you know, whatever, to come in and do this.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
And I bet you when the Boy Scouts said, we should let gay leaders in, they didn't intend to groom.
But groomers see this window, this opportunity, and they go, I'm going to go be a Boy Scout.
And I can go rape kids!
And this is what we're doing with the NYPD, with FDMY, not grooming kids, but under the guise of fighting racism, we're letting incompetent boobs and parasites.
Eric Adams is a parasite.
The mayor of New York is a scam artist.
He has no intention of fixing this city.
He's like Ratzo Rizzo from Midnight Cowboy.
Is he worse than de Blasio perhaps because he's a little bit more well-spoken and he's black so he can't be attacked?
They're the same thing.
De Blasio wasn't De Blasio.
De Blasio is pussy-whipped.
He's his black wife.
She runs the show.
And she makes sure she gets $800 million to thrive.
Whatever the hell that means.
So, they're all the same.
Socialists who take advantage of people's good nature.
And we all hear something like, hey, I'm gonna be fighting racism.
And you go, that sounds good.
I don't like Nazis.
And the next thing you know, they're depersonning people, banning people, putting Nick Fuentes on a no-fly list, telling Laura Loomer she can't use Uber, tying you up in legal BS for years at a time to the tune of millions of dollars, all under the guise of equality and justice.
It's Orwellian.
It's a lie.
I totally agree.
We've got one more segment with a legend.
He is a legend, Gavin McInnes of censored.tv.
Go there, check it out.
Be part of the resistance.
We're going to come right back.
We've got a lot more to say, and we're going to see where Gavin's going to go next.
Please stay with us.
We are back live.
Ladies and gentlemen, with Gavin McGinnis, one of the people I really respect, there's not many people out there more demonized and more punished than me.
And I gotta say, he's about as punished and attacked as I've been.
Maybe Laura Loomer, maybe President Trump.
And we're not like victims, we're not trying to be punished here.
We want to persevere and win the fight.
We only win the fight thanks to your prayers, your support, and your word of mouth.
But I was about to ask Gavin, what are the solutions?
I was talking to him about coming next week and maybe coming in for part of the show or something because I just miss him so much.
He was here a few years ago.
We had a great time.
Met him years before that, of course.
And he said, listen, that's great, Alex.
I'll come next week.
But can we talk about solutions?
That's exactly where I wanted to go.
So the 10 minutes we have left.
What do we do about this, Gavin?
If they shoot at your feet, don't dance.
Don't apologize.
Don't make excuses.
And I've made this mistake a hundred times.
I'm not racist.
I'm anti-semitic.
No, no.
That's not what I meant.
Don't say that.
Go, yeah, whatever.
What are you going to do about it?
Because they're not looking for the truth.
They want a villain.
So go, yeah, I'm your bad guy.
F you.
I hate you.
You know?
Like, I had someone accuse me of being at January 6th recently.
And my first instinct is to go, no, no, no, I wasn't there.
You're thinking of this guy who lives in Arizona.
He has my same glasses and mustache.
He's actually in jail now.
And then I thought, so what if I was at January 6th?
Screw you!
You know?
I'm not ashamed of the people who were there.
I think they're patriots.
I think they're being framed by the government.
Yeah, you know what?
I was there.
How about that?
You know?
Oh, you're racist?
Yeah, yeah, I'm racist.
Whatever, you got me.
Don't apologize.
Plow through it.
If people are genuinely curious, and they say, hey man, I read that you Zeke Hylde or something, you go, and it's a friend and they're coming at you in a genuinely curious way, you go, no, no, no, I was waving goodbye or whatever.
You can explain it to them.
Yeah, but even John Cleese made jokes about Hitler and Charlie Chaplin.
Why aren't we allowed?
Like, I'm good friends with Jesse James, great guy, you know, totally pro-Israel, but it'd be okay if he wasn't.
He did a joke once when somebody gave him a Nazi hat of a seagull and they tried to de-platform him for that.
It's BS, man!
Why can Arnold Schwarzenegger say he loves Hitler?
In Rolling Stone, which is his free speech, his dad's an SS officer, but then we can't make Hitler jokes.
Why can't Count Dankula have his pug do Heil Hitler?
That's funny!
We can, is the answer to that.
We can make any jokes we want.
Because as soon as you appease them, they don't stop.
Like, right now, they're going back through history and erasing any joke that had blackface.
They're not racist jokes.
They're just jokes where there was blackface in it.
Sarah Silverman program, David Cross was wearing blackface when he portrayed an idiot racist on a Mr. Show.
Little Britain had a character that was a black woman played by a guy that It had nothing to do with race, but yes, he was wearing coloring to play the character.
Remember on SNL, Fred Armisen would play Obama without any makeup, so he'd look like a pale, like he looked like Obama had food poisoning or something and was about to throw up.
Well, what are you doing?
But think about what mind control this is, that you can't make fun of a Nazi in a Nazi uniform, that means you're a Nazi.
This is just meant to murder common sense.
You know, I remember years ago, maybe 20 years ago, we knew these guys and they were making anti-Nazi stickers, it was a swastika with a line through it, and they were arrested because it's illegal to make a swastika.
Gavin, that New York Times article here is good.
No, no, but I'm against it!
I told, exactly, say that again because I interrupted you.
This is important that you just said.
Yeah, yeah, he was making stickers that had a swastika with a line through it, and he was arrested for it because there's a swastika there.
But he's like, no, no, no, I'm getting it.
And they go, it doesn't matter.
Any kind of swastika is verboten.
And that's in Germany.
So let's expand on that.
Once you take the Nazis' rights, you take everybody's rights.
I had a fake New York Times article written about me where an employee said they saw shoes with swastikas on them.
And yes, a Japanese lady Mailed us little leather hand-done things with Pelosi and a swastika over her with a cross through it.
Same deal.
Now I'm a Nazi that wears Nazi shoes because someone mailed me something saying Pelosi's a Nazi.
Don't apologize.
Don't explain yourself.
Say, yes, I wear Nazi shoes.
You got me.
Giving them any kind of explanation, it's like giving a vampire just a little shot of your own blood and saying, there, will you leave me alone now?
Yeah, but this is something I don't understand.
You understand it.
You warned me years ago.
I admit they're like, hey, you've hurt people's feelings with this, even if you're right, just say you're sorry.
And as soon as you say you're sorry, they go, we got you, you lied on purpose, it's all over.
Why are they obsessed with having us say we're sorry?
Because it makes them morally superior or what?
Yes, it's power.
It's power.
It's shooting at their feet and making us dance.
That's what they're doing.
So the more you dance, the more they shoot at your feet.
Don't give them the power.
Remember that dude, Brett, uh, Reichman, Reisner, what the hell was his name?
The producer who directed, uh, High Tower with Eddie Murphy.
They said to him, uh, hey, does Eddie Murphy rehearse?
And he says, excuse my language, he goes, ah, rehearsals are for fags.
They made him apologize for that.
He was cancelled from the Golden Globes.
He was supposed to be directing that.
And then, after his apology, they said, that's not good enough.
They made him go on an apology tour around the country to various LGBT institutions.
He did like an entire bus tour of apologizing.
It became their currency!
They will never be satisfied!
It's like a crazy jealous girlfriend who thinks you're cheating on her.
Do you think wearing a GPS tag is going to satiate her and she'll stop freaking out about everyone who calls you?
She's insatiable!
Give up!
Yeah, but getting back to solutions, because I mean, you really are a smart guy.
Really, the audience values your opinion.
You're a trailblazer.
People that don't know you are the minority out there.
How do you see this ending?
Because you told me six years ago, I go, I think I see it peaking.
This is too ridiculous.
You said it'll get a lot worse.
They'll take over the institutions.
They'll persecute us.
Alex is going to get a lot worse.
Okay, tell me then, how bad does it get?
And where is the light at the end of the tunnel?
The light at the end of the tunnel is Trump.
Trump is coming back.
He's going to get reelected.
He's going to be president.
And this time around...
We've experienced life without Trump.
We've experienced the Mr. Magoo presidency.
We've seen a nuclear war almost break out, possibly break out, in Eastern Europe.
We've seen gas go to prices so high that it's the same as the movie I Am Legend when Will Smith is pumping gas at the abandoned gas station with vines all over it.
The movies that have apocalypses are here now, live!
So when Trump comes back and says, you see what it was like without me?
We're going to go, yes, yes, we're sorry.
I can't believe I said that about you.
Can you fix this mess?
He's now coming back with after the spoiled brats, after the lunatics have run the asylum and they want him back, too.
I'm telling you, the left wants Trump back.
The left wants gas prices low.
The left wants people employed.
The left sees Eric Davis destroy the FDNY and destroy New York City.
We all want jobs and safety.
So he's going to come back and clean house and it's not going to be hard because the left has become so deranged and woke that even the left hates them.
It's a new liberal fetish to like Trump, which Trump's not perfect.
I was mad about his vaccine stuff.
I know he means well.
But here's the deal, though.
They've got all these Clinton lawyers and Obama lawyers running around trying to outlaw Trump rerunning.
It's been failing in court, but they're trying to ban members of Congress running again.
I mean, it's very fascist.
Talk about trying to block elections.
What do you see them doing with 235 days out from the midterms?
Because they are branding everywhere, questioning elections as terror.
And the Proud Boys, which you founded, which were peaceful, which you haven't been part of for years, which are setting up, they're claiming they are going to do stuff, all obviously completely made up, but we really see them building towards a crescendo.
And what happens with that?
Revolution happens.
This is unsustainable.
And I think the left secretly wants us to rise up.
They're saying, can you go take care of this?
Can you go fix it?
You're the tough guy.
Go fight them.
Go candle this complete lunatic.
Like, where does AOC and Pelosi go on vacation?
They go to Florida.
They want to be under DeSantis.
They want the freedom.
It's like all the left is running to Texas.
and all of America wants the freedom that Trump provides.
It's like all the left is running to Texas. Why do they do that?
Because Texas is the freest state in the Union.
We're all, everyone's moving south.
The left is moving south.
And the south is saying, we don't want you here.
You're just going to turn this into the massive debate of the north.
Let me ask you, let's do five minutes.
I know you've got to go to five minutes on the other side, yeah, but I want to ask you the question now, with a minute left.
It's true, geographically, with their money and with their actions, the left wants to be populist right wing, which is smart.
But with all their rhetoric, they're the opposite.
In 45 seconds, why is that?
Because of white guilt.
Whites genetically have something in them that no other race has, and it's self-hatred and ethnomasticism.
I don't know why it's been programmed into us, but we want to self-destruct when we reach a certain level of success.
It's a bizarre trait that no Japanese, Mexicans, blacks, no one else has this trait.
It's weird.
No, you're right.
All the old white people, I don't include my own family, just are like guilty and hate themselves and want to just... I don't even know what the hell's going on here.
Well, I don't have that gene.
Gavin, stay there.
Five more minutes with you and you're going to be in studio next week.
And coming up, ladies and gentlemen, we have Jay Dyer as well.
Tomorrow's news today, today, today.
Gavin McGinnis in his final segment.
He's agreed to come to Austin next week and co-host with us a couple days.
Myself, Owen Schroeder, and others are really looking forward to that.
Gavin, we've got to win.
We've got to beat this fascism, this race-based mind control, the opposite of what they claim they are.
What other hopes do you have for humanity?
What other angles do you think people should be made aware of in this incredible day and age we're in?
I'm really excited about the Zoomers.
I want to clarify something.
Earlier I said give up and it had a lot of enunciation to it.
I meant give up trying to appease the left.
They don't really want you to appease.
But never give up.
At the end of my show I say get fired, get in trouble, be brave and never stop fighting.
You can never ever stop fighting.
You always got to get up Yeah, is that why they're always accusing us of being on cocaine like Don Jr.
and me?
I mean, I'm not on cocaine.
I had to take alcohol to get myself down.
Yeah, they're always accusing us of being on cocaine like Don Jr. and me.
I mean, I'm not on cocaine.
I had to take alcohol to get myself down.
I have too much energy.
Yeah, I think they're surprised how long it is.
Like, look at someone like Michelle Malkin.
Go read her college newspaper articles from 1992.
She's been fighting the good fight for almost half a century.
Like, 30 years she's been going non-stop.
You can see you on Public Access as a little kid almost.
Like, we're in it for the long haul, and you think of these nightmares, these people that torment us.
They have these little blips, and then they die out, because their heart isn't in it.
They have no character, and they have no true love of family and this country.
It's just fashion for them, and fashion fades fast.
Exactly, you're saying we win in the end because we have heart and perseverance.
And we have families and we love them.
And we want there to be a future.
And we also want our kids to say, my dad was a handshake guy.
And if he said something, his word mattered.
And when they tried to cancel him, he told them all to screw off.
He fought every day of his life and he never let it get him down.
And he never apologized.
And that's something you want to last after you die.
The left, they don't even have kids.
They don't care about any of this.
It's meaningless to them.
I've noticed, too, when I bring it up with them, I'll be like, hey, that article you wrote three years ago where you said blah, blah, blah.
They'll go, what?
I don't know what you're talking about.
They don't remember what they said because they don't mean what they say.
They have no responsibility because they think that's weakness.
Responsibility is strength.
Yeah, they want to travel.
What's so fun about sunbathing?
How many women, I love traveling too, but how many women say, oh my profession is traveling, or my hobby is traveling?
No, a hobby is woodwork, or rock climbing, or helping disabled children, or helping people at a nursing home.
It's not traveling.
Yeah, traveling is just trying different foods.
Now, you see what's happening with these women.
They're becoming obsessed with their dogs.
They're getting photo shoots with their dogs.
They call themselves fur mommies.
Their maternal instinct has been shifted to this thing that we bred to love them.
It might as well be a stuffed animal.
It's pathetic.
And I think younger people, Zoomers, Zoomers like Nick Fuentes.
I got to say, I was at AFPAC and there was tons of black people there.
And it was a room of people, a thousand people, who were over racism.
They didn't care what he called it.
That's right.
Nick Fuentes is not a racist.
He's made a few jokes about it.
And again, they say, why are you defending Fuentes?
Because if I thought he was really somebody that hated Hispanics and blacks, whatever, I would not like him.
But he's made a few jokes.
And he's also not apologizing for being white.
Like you said, stop apologizing.
I've done nothing wrong.
Yeah, I hung out with these kids after the show.
They had rented a big party house and these kids were smart, brave, articulate.
You know what they were doing at their party house?
A guy upstairs was doing a tax seminar and talking about how to save money and how to invest and they were doing Bitcoin workshops.
and getting wasted and wearing Hawaiian shirts and jumping in the pool.
These Zoomers are, I'm not even going to call them right wing,
they're just done with identity politics.
They have transcended the system.
It all falls, all these racist and bigot and anti-Semite, it goes like water off a duck's back to them.
They couldn't care less.
And it's pretty inspiring.
It's like Martin Luther King said, you judge somebody about what they do and what they stand for, not what color they are or even what gender they are.
Gavin, you're coming to town next week.
We're getting it set up, right?
Yes, sir-ee.
I'm excited.
All right.
We'll be right back.
Thank you, Gavin.
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And of course I'm coming into the zone.
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That's good.
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Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis, author, researcher, takes over right now.
Hey man.
Come on, man.
I bet everybody knows somebody that's in an intimate relationship.
What happened was this guy takes a picture of a naked friend or whatever in a compromising position.
Black males.
Next thing you know, you're swimming in a swimming pool full of Kool-Aid with corn pop.
Next thing you know, you're on a spaceship.
With a bunch of toddlers and drinking jars of beer with with your best friend and Bill, come on, man, everybody knows something like this.
It's happened to all of us.
I mean, I was thinking it's like dementia spoken word.
It's like it's like it's like a stream of consciousness.
Dementia spoken word.
My buddy.
Tristan from Primal Edge Health joins me today and I thought I would give him a little bit of a improv, off-the-cuff, spoken word dementia poetry to inspire him as he joins us from the beautiful studios down in somewhere in some drug lord run place down in the lower south countries down there wherever they are.
I don't know none of that stuff but He is one of our favorite Panamanian drug lord co-hosts down there in his country.
Is he there?
Tristan, are you there?
Yeah, yeah.
Thank you, Jay.
Speaking of, what did you call it?
Dementia poetry.
Yeah, I figured this would Dementia Slam poetry session.
Dementia Stream of Consciousness spoken word.
Yeah, that's funny.
Joe Biden, he's literally like, if he was a Marvel character in the Marvel Universe that is our media sphere today, you'd have to call him like Dr. Dementio or something, you know.
He'd wear like a fractured, shattered mirror suit because that's to represent his fractured, shattered mind.
Well, that's what I want to get you on today, because, you know, we both did some streams that kind of overlap this last couple of weeks, live streams.
I want to call today's show the Soy Metafunkopocalypse Marvel Universe.
How's that?
Yeah, I like it.
A little bit like...
LGBTQIA+, MAPS, BIPOC, BIPOP, Funkle Pop, Dimension Bonanza in the Marvel Universe.
And I'll play Zelensky, right?
I want to be the new hero.
The new hero in the Marvel Universe is Volodimir Zelensky.
And you like how they don't spell it Vladimir.
It's Volodimir because, you know, Vladimir is the evil Vlad the Impaler in the Marvel Universe now.
So I'll speak in the Batman voice.
According to the mainstream mind, we live in a Marvel universe and they actually tailor the Marvel propaganda so that the Redditors, the Reddit Brigade, all these weirdos think that they're participating in this grand sort of, you know, Avengers quest to, you know, destroy the bad guys or whatever.
And it's just so inane.
As we both said this week, satire is now reality.
You can't even do satire anymore.
Everything satire is real.
And so let's get into that.
Let's talk first about the, we'll get into what the Funko-pocalypse is a little bit, but, well, actually, we're going to go to a break here in a second.
But before we go to that, let's remember that this is like the ultimate period of psychological warfare.
I mean, what we see is unparalleled.
I mean, the stories, for example, the last few weeks about Kiev, it's almost like you can't even figure out what's real.
You're sort of, You're loose and, you know, you don't have any bearing.
And I think that part of the job of the mainstream media now is to actually just gaslight us so that we don't have any bearings at all.
We can't get a fixed, you know, place to analyze anything.
And this just puts everybody into a catatonic state.
Again, it's the mass media is mind control.
So we're going to go to a break here in a second.
I want to remind you guys to check out the InfoWars store.
Go ahead and support Alex by going there, getting those products.
This is the tip of the sphere when it comes to finding the global elite.
And you can also go to my website, jaysanalysis.com, and you can support me there by subscribing and getting the books.
Welcome back to the MarbleSoy Metafunk Apocalypse Universe.
I am your in-resident villain, Jay Dyer, Jay's Analysis.
I'm speaking to the beautiful, transitioned Tristana.
of primaledgehealth.com, another fellow e-celebrity diva like myself.
His nails are on fleek today, y'all, and let's give him a shout-out to our beautiful, beautiful Transition friend Tristana.
Let's talk about the villains of the Marvel-Soy-Metaphonic-Apocalypse universe.
We were talking about some of those this week.
Who are the top villains this week that you noticed, according to the mainstream media?
Well, I mean, clearly, as usual, it's the average American consumer must be lambasted and whipped into place, right?
If we just will simply pay $10 extra for gasoline, you know, if we would simply, you know, bite down On our mouthpiece, and take some more punches to the face economically, right?
Give up all these things that the, you know, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Great Reset crew has been telling us we need to give up, like meat, you know, things like toxic masculinity, testosterone, having families, driving vehicles, private property.
If we'll just give up some of these, you know, luxuries, then we can stop the evil villain Vladimir Putin, right?
If we would just capitulate and all put on a Ukraine shirt, I don't need a ride.
with Ukraine shirt and back Zelensky who's basically like he's like Batman
right he's sitting in his cave he's got his he's got his UN NATO weapons over
there and they're they're calling him up and they're saying Zelensky, Zelensky we
need you to act he says you know what I don't need a ride I need more ammunition
you know it's completely cartoonish the the reality that we're given right
But what's not cartoonish are the results of this.
What are the results of sanctions on Russia?
Well, it's increased fuel prices, right?
It's a lack of grain and wheat, which this lack of grain and wheat and fertilizer For growing the foods that much of the population is relying on, this is nothing new.
As you and I have talked about many times over the last six months, a fertilizer shortage, a food shortage has been in the works, has been engineered over the last couple years.
Shoot, the engineering of this goes back to the 1970s and before with the Rockefeller Foundation essentially consolidating the food supply through massive influx of money.
That's the Kissinger model, the Brzezinski model of attacking the food supply.
It's an ancient warfare technique.
I remember in the 200 model for Kissinger saying, "We have to depopulate the third world,
"give them less and less food, cut off their food, "give them genetically modified grains."
That's the Kissinger model, the Brzezinski model of attacking the food supply.
It's an ancient warfare technique.
It's mentioned all the way back to the art of war.
It's mentioned in Art of War by Machiavelli.
He has his own Art of War.
He talks about all the strategies of attacking the food.
We know Charles Galton, Darwin, we know Bertrand Russell, all these guys, attack the food, attack the food.
That's one area that you are really good at.
You actually woke me up to a lot of diet issues.
Let's get into that a little bit because that's what you're so good at,
as well as doing nails and hair.
You are on fleek, I have to say, but when it comes to diet, your diet is on fleek.
OK, so what is it about the Malthusian policy that the Deep State allied with or basically bought off by, you know, Big Pharma, Big Ag?
What is it that's their modus operandi that they need to use?
Why do they need to use food as a weapon?
Yeah, well, I mean, obviously there are a lot of reasons why food is an effective weapon.
I mean, we all require fuel, right?
As we see with this fuel price crisis, we all require fuel to run vehicles.
We all require fuel to run our bodies, right?
There are certain minerals and certain nutrients where if we are deficient in them, our body is not going to function correctly and our brains do not function correctly if they lack nutrients as well.
There are certain things like iodine, right?
Zinc, copper, selenium.
These are found primarily in animal foods, right?
These fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin K2.
These are fat-soluble vitamins that are found strictly in animal foods in their bioavailable forms.
Like vitamin A, you know, a lot of the plant-based diet proponents will say, well, you can get vitamin A
from beta carotene.
Well, beta carotene is a plant form of vitamin A, not the retinal form of vitamin A,
which your body actually needs for the development of your central nervous system.
So, when you're eating carrots, yes, you're getting vitamin A on paper, but it's not the fat-soluble form that you're going to get when you eat a food like liver.
When you eat a food like beef, when you have fatty animal foods, you are getting nutrients that you're not getting anywhere else.
Coincidentally, These are also the foods that you can produce locally, on your own land, in your own neighborhood, right?
And without the need for heavy agrochemical inputs, IMF loans, heavy machinery and tilling.
And these are also the foods that you can produce in a way that will improve soil quality, right?
And improve the carbon deposits in the soil.
Now, I'm not saying that, you know, we need to reduce carbon in the atmosphere, but if you want to build healthy soil, that includes, you know, putting more carbon into the soil.
Ruminant animals do this like nothing else in the world.
You cannot replace animals with technology.
They want to replace our foodstuffs, our food, our animal foods, with technological products.
They want to replace ourselves, our own labor, with technological replacements, right?
And you're seeing this with the rollout of the Great Reset.
You're seeing a great replacement Not just of our food supply and the animals and the livestock that build our soil, that help us to build our communities, and that help us to build our health and our bodies up, but that's also an attack on our very humanity.
They want to replace us and turn us into robots as well.
No, no, not true, no.
You have to go into your soul and fight your father's demon.
No, I joke about Jordan Peterson, but actually I have to give a shout out to both Jordan Peterson and Michaela Peterson and the fact that you had Michaela on and y'all did a couple interviews where you discussed diet and I noticed, you know, she had some of the same diet issues that I had and then I heard, you know, Jordan Peterson and Michaela on with Joe Rogan and Those interviews actually changed my life because I couldn't find any solutions to my issues, and what that ended up being was what I'd already heard you promoting for a couple of years before that, which was the meat-based diet.
Not saying it's not a cult, it doesn't mean everybody has to only eat meat, but for people that have certain issues that result, I think, from glyphosate that's used to be a weed killer for GMO, this kind of stuff has damaged our guts and this kind of stuff.
Um, you know, you really sort of got me looking into that.
So real briefly, like what is, what's the benefit of, and that doesn't mean you can't use supplementation either guys.
So remember, go, uh, you know, a lot of what Tristan recommended is over in the input war story.
You can go over there and find a lot of those, um, excellent supplements that will, uh, you know, you, you can add to your diet because we're so nutrient and mineral deficient.
What is it about a largely meat-based diet that would move Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, these people to really look at that as a viable alternative?
Yeah, yeah.
And I like the way that you call it a meat-based diet.
I mean, for a while there, the keyword was kind of a carnivore diet.
And it would lead some people to think that you're only able to eat animal foods.
Now, this is something that's been explored by a lot of doctors as well, like Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride and her GAPS, the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet that she used to treat autistic children.
This works For many reasons.
One of those reasons is our guts are thrashed, right?
I mean, the chemicals that are used in agriculture, you mentioned glyphosate.
Glyphosate is patented as an antibiotic.
It was first developed as a pipe cleaner, as an industrial pipe cleaner for cleaning out corroded and gunked up pipes.
It is patented as an antibiotic because what it does is it kills the soil microbes And that actually allow the production of things like manganese and the uptake of manganese into the plants.
I want to get deeper into this, Tristan.
We're going to have to go to a break.
And this is one of the best parts.
It's making me do my soy face, right?
Already I'm doing soy face.
So don't go anywhere.
Stay right there.
We'll come back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of jaysandalsons.com.
My guest host is the most bathed, most beautiful transitioned person on the internet.
He is a big fan of Funko Pops.
He has the whole collection, basically.
His nails are on fleek and his name is Tristan Haggard of Primal Edge Health.
And he was just getting into the benefits of a meat-based diet.
I know he's going to get into some interesting people that are worth reading.
What's that classic book that everybody recommends, the guy who went and studied all the tribes?
I always forget the guy's book.
What is that book?
Weston A. Price, right?
Yeah, yeah.
Weston A. Price and his work on Healthy populations, and it wasn't just indigenous tribes.
I mean, he visited the Hebrides Islands off of Scotland.
He visited the Lausanne Valley of the Swiss, and he noticed there are certain commonalities among all these healthy cultures where there weren't people dying from tuberculosis, from cancer, and these were what he called the diseases of civilization.
Essentially, What caused this, he found, was the introduction of processed foods.
All of these cultures, what Weston A. Price found in his book, which is a really important work on history, anthropology, and diet.
His book is called Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.
I think that's a great read for people who are looking at what a healthy human diet looks like.
And what was common across the board from the South Pacific Islanders healthy Swiss populations, American Indian populations,
South American populations, who didn't have the dental caries, the dental disease, the soy
boy sucked in chin that was so prominent now in the West, they all focused heavily on
animal foods.
So we were talking a little bit at the end there about glyphosate, how it's a patented
And a lot of these agrochemicals that Alex so famously exposed, the atrazine, right?
All of these destroy the gut.
They destroy our circulatory system.
They destroy our fertility and our hormones.
And they do this through doing damage to the gut, entering in through The most sensitive area in the body is actually the gut.
You have more nerves and more highly sensitive nerve endings within the intestines and in the gut than you do in the tip of your fingers.
That's why people get a gut feeling, right?
Hormones get produced in the gut.
You destroy the gut microbiome and you destroy an organism's health.
You destroy its ability to reproduce and you destroy its vitality.
So, a lot of us are wrecked by the glyphosate, by the heavy antibiotics.
by chemical fertilizers, by chemicals in our atmosphere, right? Whether it be in our water,
in the fluoride, the chlorine that gets put in the water, or the things that are even
sprayed in our environment. A lot of people have been calling attention to seed oils too,
and this is something that gets overlooked because we think, "Oh, well I'll just avoid
GMO stuff and I'll just focus on vegetables," or something like that.
But actually, it's not just the glyphosate that's used, it's also things like the seed oils that restaurants cook the food in.
I don't even, I mean, I consider myself fairly health, you know, I didn't even realize that seed oils are like that bad, right?
A lot of people are calling attention to this.
I know you've been calling attention to it for a long time.
And this is, again, just basically like, you know, corporate sludge that they sell, just like the hydrofluorosilic acid that they dump into the water supply.
It's just corporations basically saying, oh, this is now, quote, healthy.
So cities, you need to buy this from us and dump it in your water supply.
Yeah, the seed oils are a huge one.
I mean, this is a new invention.
The seed oils are all polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are highly easily oxidized, right?
Any oil that is liquid at room temperature, right, that comes from a plant other than olive oil, right?
Olive oil has a lot of monounsaturated fatty acids in it.
Very low PUFA in olive oil.
The PUFA is the polyunsaturated fat, and that is basically chemical sludge.
Crisco was a criminal invention that was marketed to people instead of butter, instead of tallow,
instead of lard.
Butter, tallow, lard, these are animal fats, these are saturated fats that are stable
at room temperature, that at high temperatures do not oxidize.
These are the fats that we should be focused on.
Well, Tristan, I thought, hold on, Tristan, I thought fats were bad for us,
and according to Jimmy Carter's food pyramid, don't I need like 15 servings of grain
as the basis of my food pyramid?
Yeah, exactly.
This is the mistake that we've made.
As a culture, we've been duped by industrial kibble suppliers, right?
They want to sell you basically the equivalent of human pet food because that's what they want you to be, human pets who are easily managed from the biological level on up.
And this is why a more meat-based diet, a carnivorous diet, and a diet based on quality locally produced animal foods is going to result in better health.
First of all, because these are the most easily digested foods, they lack the toxic compounds that we find in so many of the mass-produced plant foods.
Not that plant foods are bad, but many of us have damaged guts and are unable to handle a lot of legumes, even a lot of nightshades.
Many people do not handle and digest these foods well.
So, when you remove the possible irritants from the diet and focus on the most easily digested foods, which are animal foods, You're not only getting everything your body needs, but you're not giving it all the crap that it doesn't need and that it rejects.
These seed oils that people are eating, those actually get integrated into our mitochondria, they get integrated into our cell membranes, and they make our cell membranes more prone to oxidation, to destruction, right?
And then that leads to inflammatory processes going wild throughout the body, autoimmune conditions, and just general obesity, diabetes, cancers.
These seed oils can greatly increase your risk of cancer.
The mechanisms are well known.
This has been studied.
But of course, these are profitable foods, right?
Guess what?
The biggest exporter of sunflower seed oil in the world is President Batman Zelensky's Ukraine, right?
I don't need any beef.
Give me the Beyond Meat.
Give me the Soy Burger.
I don't need a... Well, you know, it's funny that you said that because this week I've seen multiple articles coming out about, not just in regard to the bio labs, but how there is evidence of, or at least the Russian government is claiming evidence of, experimentation Done by these bio labs and my assumption would be if this is quote the breadbasket of the world right Ukraine is the breadbasket then I'm assuming that they're also doing genetic modification experimentation there as well and that would make sense with all these you know Pentagon funded bio bio labs there I'm sure they're doing GMO experimentation too and you know people are always asking you know why are you always wiping your eyes or snorting it's because I've got mega allergies dude you think it's my fault you think I wanted to have
Spurgatron level allergies, Spurgatron 5000.
No, Bill Gates was basically standing over my crib when I was born and he pretty much said, I'll give him a bunch of vaccines, I want him to get all the vaccines, give him all the vaccines, get his numbers down.
So I've been, you know, vaccinated by Bill.
That's how I look at it.
And so that's why I have allergies.
That's why in order to treat allergies, I resorted to the kind of diet that you're talking about, because there is a connection between the gut biome and allergies.
And so Again, all of these things go together, is the point, right?
The foods that we're getting, the water that we drink, it's a binary weapon.
That's where you have two different compounds that come together to actually create the toxic effect.
A lot of people don't know about that, but a lot of the Global Elite books talk about binary weapons, and you and I are going to get into, when we come back, this book that I've not yet covered. So actually Tristan
stumbled upon a really relevant Global Elite books. As you guys know, we did the Global Elite book
series where I lecture through 50 to 60 of the writings of the elite themselves. And one of
those books he found from a Rockefeller funded study/researcher, Lily Kay, is about the molecular
vision of life.
And so we're going to look at that here in a minute.
But once you finish up, Tristan, with what you want to say about big, big ag, big food and how it's not food, right?
I mean, these are biotech products and this does tie into the Rockefeller Foundation and what they call the new science of man, right?
Which is essentially eugenics, right?
So they've degraded our immune systems.
You know, nobody who had freaking allergies to every type of grass.
Like, you know, I mean, I grew up with allergies as well.
That's why you're going to, you frequently see like white powder all over Jay and my nose.
And that's, that's from, we were having a sniff and we have white powder all over our nose and our mustache is because of allergies for sure.
Well, the cocaine is the only thing that helps me breathe clearly, right?
You're basically down there in Panama or one of those countries where you're a drug lord, so it's easy for you to get it, but yeah.
So the foods we eat are important, right?
And a big shout out to my wife who has the Carnivore Cookbook.
You can get that at the website primaledgehealth.com.
A lot of people, when they go meat-based, they find that all of these little autoimmune things improve.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
You know, I did a live stream last week over my YouTube channel where I ranted about Funko Pops for like three hours.
I don't know if it was that long, but it seemed to be a hit amongst the audiences, except for the Soy Boys.
They really got mad about that.
But the reason I did that was that I was at a bookstore and I noticed a bunch of soldiers came into the bookstore.
And of course, as you know, bookstores now aren't really bookstores, they're basically toy stores, because people don't read books, they go and they play with toys.
And so I thought, well, these soldiers, they must be heading to the Von Clausewitz section to go study warfare techniques.
They must be going to read Sun Tzu's Art of War.
No, no.
They went to the Funko Pop section to buy toys.
So, you know, if this is a foreign operation to weaken our troops, to basically make them play with toys, I mean, now would be the time for the enemy armies to invade, right?
I'm not calling for that.
I'm just making a joke.
One of the reasons that we've gotten to this just totally emasculated, soyified culture, right, where people are literally obsessed with it.
I mean, when I was a kid, it was like girls bought Cabbage Patch Kid.
Okay, dudes didn't do this.
Now, middle-aged men buy Funko Pops, and they all smell like But, I'm not joking, like you go into a bookstore and it's like you're at a gaming convention.
Like, everybody smells like sweat and butt.
It's disgusting.
And I'm not joking.
People think that's an exaggeration.
Go to a bookstore, it's all toys now.
It's like a Toys R Us.
It was replaced books.
So, yeah, there you go.
All of those dudes, that's who is in the bookstores now.
That's the troops, by the way.
That's probably footage of the troops that were there collecting their Funko Pops.
And this was actually done as a scientific social engineering strategy.
I think that's what's really hard for most people to grasp, to comprehend.
And one of the ways that we can help to understand that methodology is through understanding the Global League books.
And so I want to get to that book that Tristan came across, which was an excellent find, and it's the Molecular Vision of Life.
Can you tell us about this Rockefeller research project and why this is such an
insightful text into the global elite mindset?
Yeah, yeah, Jay.
So, this is actually a book by Dr. Lily E. Kay.
She's an MIT researcher.
She, as far as I know, was not funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, but in fact was investigating the history of the Rockefeller Foundation and the formation of these kind of interdisciplinary studies type projects that led to essentially the entire field of molecular biology.
So wait a minute, is she one of their people or is she writing an expose?
No, no, no.
She wrote this as more of an academic report, right?
She didn't mean this to be some sort of, this isn't like a conspiracy theorist or anything.
She worked for MIT and was studying the history of the rise of the new science of man and molecular biology.
It actually ended up inadvertently being a massive expose on the worldview, the eugenics roots, and the funding mechanisms for social control and social engineering.
So she came at this academically.
She published this in 1993, and this book, it's called The Molecular Vision of Life, Caltech, The Rockefeller Foundation, and the Rise of the New Biology.
It's a fascinating look at the history of the rise of what the Rockefeller Foundation called the new science of man.
And they wanted to engineer a new man by breaking man down to his smallest components, essentially down to the molecular level.
And what's fascinating is, it talks about here on, what is it, like page, Page 273, how the messenger RNA technology was the result of massive funding programs to coordinate universities, the military, right, and the post-World War II economy in order to fight communism and destroy the communes was the excuse, but they needed international participation and the new buzzword these days is public-private partnerships.
The Rockefeller Foundation championed this.
They spearheaded this style of corporate and government projects working with universities and academia in order to engineer a new man.
Now she talks about here on page 273, the development of this huge breakthrough in what
they call the chemical feat of synthesizing a heterogeneous messenger RNA.
By 1965, the representation of hetero catalysis in terms of a genetic code had been completed.
The transcriptional specifications for all the amino acids were on paper and in theory,
their biology had the cognitive apparatus for direct genetic intervention and for designing
artificial life.
So remember when Elon Musk said you can basically turn a human into a butterfly using mRNA.
Then of course, you know, Operation Warp Speed brought to us by Pfizer and the United States
government, the public private partnership in the war effort against the virus, right?
The war effort against the coup.
This is all the same modus operandi that was used by the Rockefeller Foundation to bring about new GMO food technologies, to bring about new social sciences, right?
In university, the psychology, psychiatry, and the marriage between government pharmaceutical companies and the public and private sector, it's the same exact modus
And she wrote in this book in 1993 about the breakthroughs that happened in 1964.
Right. They have been postulating that we can use mRNA and injections and modification at the
cellular level in order to transform man and mutate him to create whatever we want out of him.
Exactly. That was something that surprised me when I came across, you know, certain alternate
media people who had been claiming that.
I heard that first about 10 years ago, and I went and found the actual papers.
You can look up Dr. Holger Heiden's papers that he presented at the 1969 CA Mind Control Conference.
Yes, that's real.
I'm not making that up.
That's an actual conference they had out in, I think, San Francisco.
A bunch of doctors came, a bunch of medical professionals, a bunch of psychologists, psyops
people went and gave these lectures on controlling the mind.
And it shouldn't be surprising given the fact that Dr. Jose Delgado, the famous MKUltra
doctor actually wrote "Physical Control of the Mind," right?
The guy who famously put the electrodes in the brains of the bulls and whatnot.
Yeah, exactly.
And by the way, same publisher of all the Jonas Salk books, right?
So if you're looking for the writings of the elite, just look up the publisher of those books there.
They publish all of them.
But I say that to point out that in the Holger Heiden papers back from the late 1960s, he was talking about how reversing the genetics to make the men more feminine and the women more masculine.
So in the late 60s, they already had that as a plan, and it wasn't to create the ubermensch.
They're not doing it to make you into a superhero, right?
You, the Marvel soy man, are not being made into a hero.
They don't like you.
You're not the star of this show here.
you are slated to destruction in the same way that Thanos snapped his fingers and depopulated
the universe.
If you did happen to see the Marvel Avengers last few installments, right, Thanos depopulates.
He has this eugenics mindset, which is odd that they put that in the film, but he gets
rid of half the beings in the universe because he believes, you know, something like depopulation.
Anyway, the point is that in the 1960s, the Holger Heiden papers, which are cited by Arthur
Kessler in Ghost in the Machine, he says these are binary weapons where we will flip everybody's
basically genetic code so that when the women become more masculine and the men become more
feminine, the whole point of this is just to depopulate so that they don't have offsprings.
So it's an attack on the pee-pee, basically, and the ovaries.
Well said, man.
It's an attack on biology from the fundamental level.
And again, these are reductionist materialists, at least at the lower levels at the universities, the people who are studying this stuff.
So when you read somebody like Dr. Jose Delgado, the book Physical Control of the Mind that Jay was just talking about, which I'm, I don't know, maybe like a third through this book.
I'm making my way through it slowly.
It is a fascinating look into the mind of absolute psychopaths, right?
This guy basically said there is no reason to believe in human beings having an internal state at all.
All we care about is the physical manifestation in the external world.
All we care about is reducing... They're all rank materialists, yes, and that's a great point.
So the Presupposition that's running through the Rockefeller Foundation in terms of the molecular vision of life.
The attitude of Big Pharma is that human beings are just a collection of chemicals anyway, so we can alter them to be what we want them to be in a domesticated way by just throwing chemicals at them.
So, mind control, because the mind is the brain.
I mean, that's the presupposition of Jose Delgado and even all the behaviors.
Watson, J.B.
Watson, Pavlov, all of those people had the assumption that Skinner, the Skinner box, I mean, you want to talk about, if he puts his daughter in a box to, like, opera in condition, mind control her through trauma, literally trauma-based mind control, look up the Skinner box.
All funded by the Rockefellers, by the way, because they view us as merely biologic meat sacks.
We're just meat sacks that can be programmed or deprogrammed as we need.
So Tristan, tell us your website.
Where can everybody find you and follow you real quick?
Thanks, Jay.
It's an honor coming on.
You can find more over at PrimalEdgeHealth.com.
You can find me over on Rockfin as well.
Tristan Haggard over on Rockfin.
So yeah, really appreciate it.
And your nails are on fleek.
You're one of the most beautiful e-celebrities out there.
Shout out to you.
Also, follow me over at Jason Alsos and on all the social media platforms.
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