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Air Date: March 17, 2022
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In this episode of Infowars, Harrison Smith discusses a potential global crisis involving nuclear conflict and food shortages. He warns that an escalation of the war, whether by accident or design, threatens all of humanity. Russian nuclear forces have been raised to high alert, which is a concerning development. Additionally, tensions between Vietnam and the Philippines against China in the South China Sea could trigger a crisis. Smith also mentions the potential shortages of wheat due to countries like Russia and Ukraine banning exports, strategic moves made due to a global grain shortage. China has bought up grain supplies around the world over the last eight months and currently sits on 18 months of wheat, while the US does not have a strategic grain supply, leading to severe shortages and price inflation in grocery stores hitting the US in the second half of this year. Smith further discusses food rationing passports as a mark of the beast system to verify identity before buying food. He warns that stimulus money will be used to buy groceries, more people will be put on food stamps, and manipulation for international takeover, creating a global crisis, and imposing a police state. The speaker then discusses St. Patrick's Day, reminding listeners of the power of truth and God. However, he criticizes Pope Francis for not accurately representing Christianity in his recent statements about climate change and war. The speaker also discusses the situation in Ukraine, warning against allowing fear to influence decision-making and emphasizing the importance of sharing information and truth to combat propaganda and manipulation from those in power. The speaker discusses how fear is being used to control the masses, mentioning how half of the population has lined up for an experimental vaccine due to fear propaganda. They encourage listeners to prepare for what's coming by stocking up on essential supplies such as food, water filtration systems, survival gear, seeds, shortwave radios, and life-saving knowledge from InfoWars. The speaker then discusses Ukraine, mentioning that there may be a peaceable solution to the war but also points out that Western powers want to use the war for their own nefarious plans. They criticize the lack of concern for the actual condition of the Ukrainian people during Senate hearings about Ukraine, emphasizing that agendas and priorities of those in power are not aligned with the interests of the American or Ukrainian people. The speaker discusses a draft framework being worked on with Ukraine's president willing to change the country's constitution to drop hopes of NATO membership, a key component of Russia's demand. However, American authorities are not willing to let the situation end peacefully and see it as an opportunity for globalist control. In Canada, martial law has been declared in some areas, and other countries may follow suit. The speaker then discusses ancient civilizations like China, India, Egypt, and Turkey that have been subjected to blackmail by the US and draws parallels between how the American regime treats individuals and countries. The speaker criticizes how the US spends money on wars overseas while neglecting other important domestic issues. The episode ends with a discussion of potential nuclear war, financial collapse, globalist agendas, and other current events. Alex Jones encourages his audience to support his platform by purchasing products from his store in order to keep operations running.


Emergency Thursday broadcast.
Pope warns nuclear war imminent.
Potential end of the world at hand.
As Hollywood, the global corporate press, demand
Massive escalation of Western involvement in Ukraine.
But still, I don't support Putin and what he's done.
I just know all the facts about it, or a lot of the facts, so I'm the bad man.
Because you know, you don't want the public actually knowing the pieces to make their own decision.
And my decision is, let's end this war real quick.
The West helped start it with stay-behind networks.
Putin took the bait and came in.
It endangers the world.
Both sides have arguments.
Let's end this now.
Like the Pope said, we need peace, we need a deal, we need to stop this right now.
And I'm not usually agreeing with the Pope or even Biden saying we could have World War III.
It just, it needs to stop.
And instead of being on Ukraine's side, like all the left of the media is calling for World War II, or instead of being on the Russian side saying Putin's perfect and he deserves it all and he's right and let's get behind him and crush, Putin should start leveling cities, he'll show them what to do.
No, let's not do any of that.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Further escalation of the war, whether by accident or design, threatens all of humanity.
Raising the alert of Russian nuclear forces is a bone-chilling development.
The prospect of nuclear conflict, once unthinkable, is now back within the realm of possibility.
An intelligence agency, War Games and Defense Department War Games show will trigger nuclear war.
Number one is Pakistan and India.
Number two is the Ukrainian situation called the NATO-Ukraine-Russia war scenario that kills a billion people on the low end.
And then the third scenario is the South China Sea, Taiwan, Hong Kong crisis being kicked off there that could happen between Vietnam and the Philippines against China.
Anything could kick it off.
We already see skirmishes going on overall.
You need to take this guy out by any means possible.
Putin is trying to fake the trap so that we go in and that could be the beginning of World War III.
Putin, totally irresponsible, using weapons that are not allowed under the Geneva Convention.
Putin, who threatens chemical weapons, nuclear and the rest.
Myself, when I see that those tanks, those 40 miles of tanks,
I'd like to take out those tanks.
I mean, I think that having more planes might be useful.
But I'm not a military strategist.
And Russia now announcing they're likely to ban exports of wheat and oats and buckwheat and other grains all the way through June 30th.
And that's on top of, of course, Ukraine banning the exports of all those grains and Hungary banning exports of wheat.
Why is this happening?
These countries know that there's a global shortage and that they have to protect their domestic supply.
Now, China was very smart about this strategically.
They bought up grain supplies around the world over the last, let's say, eight months or so.
They're sitting on about 18 months of wheat right now.
But the United States does not have really a strategic grain supply.
The prices will get so high on not only grains, but then meat and dairy and eggs because all of those products come from animals that are fed the grains.
So most of the grains in the world are actually grown to feed animals, not to feed people.
So we're going to see huge increases in meat prices beyond what we've seen already.
So flash mobs are going to start looting grocery stores in huge numbers and stealing the meat primarily.
But just the food rationing, they will have to implement food rationing passports, which is a Mark of the Beast system, to verify your identity.
It might be a face scan, an iris scan, a thumbprint scan, or maybe just your mobile phone that's tied to your identity.
There's going to be more stimulus money handed out.
So they're going to say we're terrorists and we're Russian sympathizers.
Okay, so this is all a way to internationally take over, create a global crisis on the heels of the police state already set up under COVID-19, and now just roll that in to outlawing their opposition.
So this is banking, technocratic, fifth, sixth generational warfare, economic against the people.
It's called the Great Reset, Build Back Better.
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show, this wartime broadcast brought to you live from the InfoWars World Headquarters here in Austin, Texas.
I'm Harrison Smith, sitting in momentarily for Alex Jones.
He is in the building, he's taking care of some legal stuff right now, but he will be taking over just as soon as possible.
But for now, let me give you a little outlook as to how close we are to nuclear annihilation
How close to the precipice we are before taking that plunge off the cliff that will destroy all of humanity.
It's not looking good, folks.
Before I do that, let me tell you, happy St.
Patrick's Day, everybody.
Hope you're all doing well.
Hope you're wearing green.
If not, I hope you get pinched, okay?
Now's the time for celebrating the glorious work of one of the most powerful
We're good to go.
I think?
He went to the coast and found a ship waiting there, took him to England, where, again, his troubles were not over.
He was captured multiple times.
He eventually made it back to his family.
And now think about this.
Put yourself in the mindset of a freed slave who's escaped bondage in Ireland.
Has escaped the pagans, you've made it out, you live in a comfortable life with your family now.
What would compel somebody to give up that life, go back into the land where he was enslaved?
Not to extract retribution, not to enact some revenge fantasy on the people who abused him, but to gift those people with the truth.
To tell them the gospel, to convert them to Christianity, to perform miracles for them, and to better their life.
Patrick's was that man, and his writings have had unbelievable positive effects the world over.
Well, St.
And he almost single-handedly converted the entire country of Ireland to Christianity.
That's an info warrior, folks.
That's a single man with nothing but the words that he uses and the truth that he's expressing, changing the destiny of an entire nation and in a way the entire world.
It's a man who is freed from bondage and yet doesn't hate those who enslaved him, but did help to bring about the abolition of that entire
Institution in that country to change the way that they lived in a way that there were no slaves anymore.
He freed all of the slaves by doing that.
Of course, he drove out the snakes as well and a number of other legendary figures.
And of course, he's a known as sort of a Catholic saint because of the Catholic nature and attitude of Ireland.
But this was before the schism.
I mean, this was back when it was a single unified church.
And it's just an incredible story.
And it's not some time for you to
You know, put on a green top hat and go get blackout drunk at some party.
I mean, it is that too.
Nobody's saying don't have fun.
But there's a reason that we celebrate these certain holidays.
There's a reason that there are certain people in history that we extol and celebrate above others.
And again, it's not because they were funny little leprechauns.
It's because they went up against the grain.
They did something that
Seemed unbelievable, was certainly inadvisable, and yet they succeeded because they had the truth and God on their side, and the effects that they've had on the world have been unbelievably positive.
So happy St.
Patrick's Day to everybody, and hopefully we can take inspiration from that legendary figure as we engage in our own info war and try to free our own persecutors from the slavery that they themselves are trapped in and impose on others.
And somebody needs to point this stuff out.
Somebody needs to celebrate what the church is supposed to be teaching, because I'll tell you, somebody who's not doing that, a little man named Pope Francis.
The story can be found at InfoWars.com.
Pope Francis warns, final catastrophe could extinguish human race.
I suggest Pope Francis ask himself a question.
Is that what the Bible says?
That's not really what the Bible says, is it?
No, the Bible actually promises to avoid this type of fate.
But maybe he's not so worried about putting forward Christianity as he is about putting forward the Great Reset, New World Order control paradigm that he seems so eager to participate in.
Pope Francis warns that the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine could lead to a final catastrophe that would extinguish the human race.
Speaking during his weekly address, the Pope said humanity would have to start from scratch in the event of a thermonuclear war, saying, quote, our imagination appears increasingly concentrated on the representation of a final catastrophe that will extinguish us.
And whether it's climate change, or the death of democracy, or the conflict in Ukraine, everything in the mainstream media has to be portrayed as an existential crisis because it's not about presenting you with the facts and the truth of the situation so you can come to an informed decision to how you want your political representatives to behave and face the challenges that we're up against.
They have to force you into an emotional
Do or die.
This is it.
The walls are crumbling down.
Panic mode.
So you override your logic center and you're willing to do things and willing to allow things that you would never be willing to do or allow in a more stable state of mind.
So of course everything has to be a total catastrophe.
Of course climate change isn't something that's happening that we can take measures to mitigate while at the same time focusing on environmental
We're good.
Treating the climate and ecology in a reasonable way, but they don't want that.
No, they want you to have a tracker on your phone that determines how much carbon you're taking and how much carbon you're worth.
They want you not to be able to drive a car anymore and certainly not be able to fill your car up with gas.
See, they have their own agenda that they want to pursue, and you probably wouldn't be into that agenda unless, of course, they frame it as, well, you just want everybody to die if you go against us.
See, now it's an existential crisis.
Now we're panicking.
Now we're
Imposing this mental illness on children and young people by telling them it's your fault.
The world is dying and it's your fault.
And it's because you're alive.
It's all your fault.
It's because you exist.
It's because you have children.
You are killing the earth.
And you have to take any measures and go to any extremity to prevent what you have caused.
Forcing you into this mindset where you're willing to do things and allow things that you never would otherwise.
And so, of course, the latest with this is the war in Ukraine.
And it's another one of these distractions.
You could call it a distraction if you want.
That's a distraction in one way, but in the other way, you got to keep your eye on it.
And this is what we said before Russia invaded Ukraine.
We would be talking about the fact that Russia was lining people up on the border of Ukraine.
People would say, stop talking about that.
It's a distraction.
They're distracting us from COVID.
They're distracting us from
We're good to go.
But it's also a threat that you have to actually take seriously and pay attention to.
So that's what's happening here with Ukraine is, yes, there's a lot of very intense talk meant to force you into a state of fear.
Fear is the mind killer, right?
That's how they take advantage of you.
That's how they know, psychologically, this is all one big psy-op, right?
This is a psychological operation to force you into a mindset where they can take advantage of you.
And that is what they're doing with all this talk of nuclear war.
But at the same time,
The people in power, with their fingers on that big red button, are the ones saying this, so it's a distraction that could very, very rapidly become real and actually cause the devastation that they themselves seem so eager to bring about.
I mean, after all, what do they want?
They want America to no longer be the preeminent power in the world?
They want all of this stuff that would come about even more rapidly should we be involved in some major war.
And so once again, just like COVID-19, just like so many other seemingly random disasters, all of the outcomes, it's your classic problem-reaction-solution paradigm, they bring about these catastrophes, they bring about COVID, they inoculate you with the fear, then they bring about the vaccine passports and the digital ID and everything they wanted anyway.
They're doing the same thing with Ukraine, only this time,
We're in the danger of nukes flying.
All right, welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll get into that more.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Harrison Smith, sitting in momentarily for Alex Jones.
He is in the building and eager, I know, to tackle some of the amazing headlines from today.
So he will be replacing me very shortly.
No need to worry.
I'm as eager as you are to tune into the Alex Jones Show to see Alex Jones break down some of the bombshell information that's been revealed today.
So that will be happening very soon.
In the meantime, know that you can support everything we do here by going to Infowarsstore.com.
And of course, now more than ever, we are under massive attack with more and more coming down the pipe.
We need your help to stay afloat.
I've said it many times, I mean, this is like an army on the march.
The morale is high.
The legion is willing, but whether we have that supply chain backing us up, that is our limiting factor.
That's what determines how far we go.
If we're a car, then the engine is great, the wheels are at full pressure, the foot is on the gas pedal pressing it to the floor.
The only thing that determines how far we go is how much gas is in the tank.
I hope so.
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Now, let's get into Ukraine and what's going on there.
I've got good news and bad news about Ukraine.
The good news is it looks like there may be a peaceful solution on the horizon.
It looks like the peace talks are finding compromise and we may be able to see an end to this war without it spiraling into a worldwide global conflict.
The bad news is our country and the Western world is run by psychopaths
That's the good news.
Who are very eager to use the justification of war to bring about all sorts of nefarious plans that they wanted to do anyway.
That's the bad news.
Okay, good news, we might be coming to an end of this.
Bad news, we're run by psychopaths.
So, of course...
The news that came out yesterday that I know Alex dug quite a bit into was that the secret US CIA training program in Ukraine was exposed by an exclusive Yahoo News.
They helped Kiev prepare for Russian invasion, quietly admitting to the fact that we had been arming and training paramilitary groups in Ukraine for a little under a decade there.
Which really reminds you of nothing more than Afghanistan, right?
I was saying during American Journal, wouldn't it be just the most symbolic thing to have like a remake of Rambo?
Because obviously Hollywood is completely creatively bankrupt at this point, so they can't come up with their own news stories.
They've got to take advantage of name recognition from successful intellectual property of the past.
So maybe they'll remake Rambo.
This time it'll be a trans woman playing Rambo, obviously.
We gotta get that Oscar bid.
And maybe at the beginning, it'll have a nice little note saying, you know, this film is dedicated to the brave freedom fighters of the Azov Battalion.
Just like they had the Mujahideen.
In the early 1980s.
It's just we're reliving everything again.
All the media is regurgitating and all of our foreign policy is a regurgitation.
So can't you see now?
Best case scenario in Ukraine 10, 20 years from now, we have to go to war with the Nazi battalions that we have armed, that are trained and armed with our weapons by our deep state.
Can't you just see this becoming another Afghanistan in the same way that we funded the Mujahideen and Osama Bin Laden to defeat the Soviet incursion of Afghanistan way back in the day?
It's just, it's a groundhog day of terror.
So that was some of the latest news there, revealing that we have in fact been, you know, had our own little
We're good to go.
Peace deal under which Ukraine abandons its NATO aspirations in return for Russian withdrawal and Western security guarantees appears to inch closer on Wednesday even as Vladimir Putin's troops are accused of killing people queuing for bread in a northern Ukrainian city.
Lavrov says the negotiations are not easy for obvious reasons but nevertheless there is some hope of reaching a compromise.
Neutral status is now being seriously discussed, seriously, along of course with security guarantees.
Which would be nice.
Wouldn't this be nice?
And it's one of the striking things that you notice if you listen to the Senate hearing with Victoria Nuland or any other hearing or government meeting about Ukraine.
Never once does it even enter into conversation what the goals of America are here.
That peace could actually be an option on the table?
Like, it doesn't even enter into the conception of the people in power that expanding this out, that encouraging this war, that sending more weapons and more people and no-fly zones and airplanes, like, is that the best idea?
It's not even in their calculus.
It's not a component of the algorithm they're running.
They don't care.
They have their own agenda.
They have their own ideas about what can be gained from this conflict.
Never once is the
We're good to go.
Why are you undermining our attempt to install a puppet president in Venezuela by contacting them?
It's like, does anybody want to ask about the people of Ukraine?
Anybody want to say, hey, do we want peace or war here?
Like, can we actually talk about this?
Can we figure this out?
What our goal is?
Doesn't even enter into the conversation.
They have their own prerogatives and priorities, and they have nothing to do with the American people, the Ukrainian people, the Russian people, or anybody other than themselves.
And it's a very dangerous game they're playing, a dangerous game of chicken that we are currently involved in.
The possibility of nuclear exchange has not just been talked about, it's been brought into reality with Russia upping its nuclear readiness to the second highest level, just under the actual launching of nukes.
And according to Sergei Lavrov, the
Foreign spokesman, foreign minister of Russia.
He says, quote, if the West thinks Russia will step back, it does not understand Russia.
In other words, they will not be bullied out of this.
They will not submit to this just because Amazon and McDonald's and Coca-Cola decide to pull out of their country.
They have goals that they think are in line with their national interests and they will be pursuing them regardless of anything that
You know, some limp-wristed weirdo at the State Department has to say.
And again, the good news is, according to Slovenia's Prime Minister, who visited Zelensky in the Ukrainian capital on Tuesday evening, she told The Guardian that a draft framework was being worked on with Ukraine's President willing to change the country's constitution to drop hopes of NATO membership.
Now that's a key component of Russia's demand.
So again, this could be over.
War could be over if you want it.
There could be a peaceful solution.
And we could let the dust settle and focus on the people actually trying to enslave this world in a technocratic control system of absolute domination.
But the American authorities, they're not going to let that happen so easily.
I'll tell you about it on the other side.
Wow, what a brilliant quote to start with.
Welcome back, folks.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Harrison Smith, sitting in for Alex Jones, who will be joining us momentarily.
We'll be joining you.
I'll be with you, sitting and watching Alex Jones in just a few minutes.
No need to worry about that.
I've sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility over all forms of tyranny over the minds of man.
It's an appropriate quote for this info war, as we have tried to explain over and over.
Essentially, the people in power...
They want you to either allow them to do things or preferably they want your active participation in things that you would never choose to do normally.
If you had all the information, if you had the full knowledge of what brought the conditions about that you're now reacting to and what the results of the policies that they're proposing are, you would never go along with this sort of stuff.
So how do they get you to go along with it since we don't live in a
I'm good.
I don't know.
Expressing dissent to their demands is inconceivable, not possible, not able to happen, let alone be spread on big tech or mainstream media.
And so, of course, as they approach any catastrophe, whether it's natural, whether they brought it about, their concern is not how to rectify the situation, not how to best serve the people,
That they supposedly represent, but it's how to use these situations to their own ends to carry out their own agenda.
And that is becoming overwhelmingly obvious more and more so as we're introduced to yet another world-threatening catastrophe in Ukraine, once again brought on at least in some part by our own deep state military activities in foreign countries
Yet another example of foreign intervention along the same lines we've seen in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and a dozen other countries before, that inevitably results in the reduction of American power overseas, the bankruptcy and restriction of our rights here at home, and the enrichment of those who are pulling the strings.
So of course it looks like
We may be on the cusp of peace here.
We may be on the precipice of a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Ukraine.
As they say on both sides that they're inching closer and closer to a compromise and agreement that would put a stop to the Russian aggression and allow Ukraine to once again be a nation free from foreign influence either from Russia or from the West.
And the UN Security Council is set to vote
On this, on Friday, it's a Russia-proposed piece of UN legislation.
The UN Security Council is due to vote on Friday on a Russian-drafted call for aid, access, and civilian protection in Ukraine, but diplomats say the measure is set to fail because it does not push for an end to fighting or withdrawal of Russian troops.
Of course, the people in power aren't very interested in bringing this war to an end.
They're interested in profiting from it and continuing it as long as possible or as long as necessary to bring about a digital world ID.
I don't know.
It's even more striking that this kind of blackmail is used against such ancient civilizations as China, India, Egypt, and the demands were made on the same Turks.
Saying this is a fateful moment, an epical moment, an epochal moment, not sure how to pronounce that, but you get it, a moment of change.
A crucible in the history of humanity because it reflects the battle in the broadest sense of the word and how the world order will look.
He said in an interview with RBC TV channel.
And I said on American Journal, this really just reminds me of how the American regime treats individuals.
They treat countries in the same way.
The same way that if you aren't not just in line and accepting of their narrative and their ideology and their agenda, you have to actually actively participate in it.
And if you don't, then you're an enemy.
Then you're hurting them somehow.
How dare you be on the side of the enemy?
If you're not with us, you're with the terrorists.
I mean, we've been through this all before.
30 years ago?
20 years ago?
The Iraq War?
I mean, we've seen all of this.
I thought we would have woken up at this point.
And it's nice, isn't it?
Being on the right side of history, knowing that when those conflicts were going down, we here at InfoWars, Alex Jones, and those who listened to him, such as myself at the time, weren't taken in by the claims of patriotism by the people that got us into those endless war conflicts.
Isn't it nice to know that we were right about that, and that we're right about this as well?
As again, we warn against the foreign intervention and manipulation of other countries by our elites for their own benefit.
But hey, what the American people want is not really reflected in what the politicians do.
In fact, it took them months and months to send you a $600 check of your own money during the COVID pandemic.
They were incapable of scraping together a couple million dollars to build the wall at the southern border or boost our border defenses.
They just can't do it.
They're trying.
They can't come to a compromise.
You know, the negotiations are stalling.
It's all, you know, bureaucratic mumbo jumbo that sounds like it's, you know, they're just, they're really trying so hard to do these things.
They just can't.
But then when it comes to war,
Suddenly, it's super easy.
Suddenly, it's five minutes, in and out.
$800 million, done.
Blank check.
Write it.
Sign the American people's name to it, and send it off to whoever.
Who cares, right?
Islamic terrorists?
Like, it doesn't matter.
It's war.
It goes into the pockets of our warmongers, of those great American corporations, making weapons for all occasions.
So write the blank check.
No problem.
Easy as pie when it comes to spending your money on waging war overseas.
Let's go now to clip number three here.
This is Joe Biden announcing an additional $800 million in security aid to Ukraine.
And it's clearly helped Ukraine inflict dramatic losses on Russian forces.
On Saturday, my administration authorized another $200 million to keep a steady flow of weapons and ammunition moving to Ukraine.
Now I'm once again using my presidential authority to activate an additional security assistance to continue to help Ukraine fend off Russia's assault.
An additional $800 million in assistance.
That brings the total of new U.S.
security assistance to Ukraine to $1 billion just this week.
Uh, it's just unimaginable amounts of money just signed away.
The flick of a wrist.
Your money, by the way.
Did I mention that?
It's your money.
It's not theirs.
They don't have any money.
No, it's all your money.
It's your pockets they're going into to fund endless warfare overseas as they continue to do.
Without break, it seems.
All I know is I'm very proud to be a part of an organization that has always stalwartly and intelligently stood against the warmongering of this country, and we'll continue to do it.
We'll continue to probably be right about this sort of stuff.
And I hope that you can support us by going to infowarestore.com.
I'll tell ya.
I'm all in.
I host the American Journal in the mornings.
I hope you tune into that too.
I'm not going to join Fox News.
There's no other option for me.
Just like there's no other option for Alex Jones or Owen Schroer or anybody else that works in InfoWars.
We'll go down with this ship or we'll stay afloat and we'll take on the armadas of the globalists and we'll have victory after victory as long as we have you at our backs supporting us and carrying us through these trying times.
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Zack, this is Crystal Palace.
NORAD has declared DEFCON 3.
Scramble all alert aircraft.
I repeat, scramble all alert aircraft.
The bomber spends all its time thinking about World War 3.
Target selection complete.
Time on target sequence complete.
22 Typhoon-class submarines departing Petropavlovsk, turning south out of Nordkapp, bearing 095 degrees.
Radar reports two unknown tracks are penetrating
From the front lines of the Information War.
Flush the bombers, get the subs in launch mode.
We are at DEFCON 1.
Are you prepared to destroy the enemy?
You bet!
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
We'll keep control, but we'll keep it here at the top where it belongs.
3... 2... 1... Impact!
Shall we play a game?
How about...
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
All units confirm weapons targeted and ready.
Awaiting launch codes.
We are at a launch mode.
Do you really believe that the enemy would attack without provocation?
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We're in!
Russians are still denying everything, sir.
We have a Soviet submarine watch detection.
I wish I didn't know about any of this.
I wish I was like anybody else.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are playing the game right now.
We are caught in the jaws of what could easily become the end of civilization, perhaps all life on Earth as we know it.
Alex Jones here back in the cockpit today.
I want to thank the great host of American Journal, Harrison Smith, for sitting in while I was here in the office working on some things that had to be dealt with that were so important and so serious that I could not be on air during the first hour I was in the office just next door.
Let's just talk cold turkey here.
There is a worldwide financial collapse already
The Global Cashless Society is prepped and ready and already rolling out.
And the controllers want to start big wars and economic crises that they can blame on what's about to happen so they can pose as the savior bringing in the new system.
The World Cashless Society.
Social credit score.
Carbon tax.
Emergency Thursday broadcast.
Pope warns nuclear war imminent.
Again, emergency Thursday broadcast.
Pope warns nuclear war imminent.
Potential end of the world at hand as Hollywood global corporate press demand massive escalation of Western involvement in Ukraine.
We're going to go over it all today.
We have some big guests as well.
I was out in California for three days.
And it was the most over-the-top trip I've ever been on.
Before that, it was California, the Bohemian Grove, that I infiltrated and got the footage of with Mike Hanson 22 years ago.
That was the strangest thing I ever did.
This trip topped it all.
And a lot of it I'm not at liberty to get into or talk about.
Very interesting.
And then the rest of it, we will break very, very soon.
In fact, I might even just start breaking it today, because it's going to be breaking at any time.
A lot of big stuff.
A lot of big stuff happened.
It was wild.
And definitely Hotel California.
So that's going to be coming up.
I mean, I wish I could tell you all this stuff, folks.
I wish I could tell you everything, but I can't.
Just let me assure you that what we're talking about on this broadcast is the zeitgeist, and everybody's watching, and the left and the media can attack us and try to shut us down, and they have no idea that we, not just this broadcast, but all of you, have transcended their new world order, and that their whole system is already defeated.
The question is, can they take us with them into the abyss?
And that's really the big question.
Separately, we can't just give up on life and roll over because of all the censorship, the attacks, the threats of nuclear war, the proxy wars, all the rest of it.
Those of us that love God and love justice and love freedom have to know they want us to give up with the COVID lockdowns and give up being told we're not essential and give up on our children and our husbands and our wives and everybody else and basically go along with the system and just roll over and then let it give us the universal basic income produced and delivered by robots.
That's where this is all going.
That will be nothing but a living hell and death.
Everything we do must be becoming more human again, getting closer to nature again, but while simultaneously understanding and conquering technology as a shield and a sword against those using technology against us.
So it's a double-edged operation in my view.
And separately, I can tell you,
That it's a bittersweet thing with all these Democratic Party-funded lawsuits against us, and the deplatforming, and the attacks, and the blackballing, and the debanking, and all of it, that the people involved mid-level and low-level think they're going to get money, which doesn't exist in any large amounts, and the people on top think they're going to destroy and shut down Infowars, and that's not going to happen either.
But in the timetables and the things that are going on, we need to be focused on being on air and doing interviews and sitting for important interviews to change world opinion and not be distracted by the globalists.
And so, to just keep this place operating with our own bandwidth, our own infrastructure, our own satellite uplinks, our own crew, our own everything, our own software had to be built.
Everything was taken away.
We had to build infrastructure for tens of millions of dollars.
And then millions to update it and upkeep it every quarter just to be able to go out and do what you see here across the country and across the world.
So thank you for keeping us on air.
But I got to tell you, I'm sitting there looking at the tank on InfoWars almost empty.
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I need the fuel now.
Emergency Thursday broadcast.
Pope warns nuclear war imminent.
Potential end of the world at hand.
As Hollywood, the global corporate press, demand
Massive escalation of Western involvement in Ukraine.
Alright, here we are.
The COVID news is completely off the chart, but then the World War III information is so big, and then you've got Biden completely disintegrating on air.
I mean, he was a joke three years ago as a candidate.
He was a joke, you know, 14 months ago with stealing the election.
He's up there talking about, well, every man or everybody knows somebody that's been caught in nude photos with children.
Anybody knows about somebody that has dementia?
Any of their dark secrets or weirdness is going to come to the surface.
And how the establishment can continue to stick him in front of cameras.
Not knowing what's about to come out.
I mean, if you thought corn pop and the blonde hair standing up and the black kids are like roaches, he said that, not me.
If you sit there and think that's crazy, well, you don't know people with dementia.
So he's somebody with dementia that they give methamphetamine to.
His pupils are just jacked out.
And he doesn't know what planet he's on.
And let me tell you what's screwing up society and civilization.
It really is drugs at the end of the day.
I was out in California for one of the biggest podcasts out there.
I was hanging around with a very interesting famous person.
I'm literally like an anthropologist.
I got asked in my custody battle hearings five years ago, how often do you smoke marijuana?
We hear you're a big drug addict.
I say about once a year, like a cultural thing, like a peace pipe.
But it's so strong I don't like it.
Soros is funded and other groups making it weaponized.
They laughed at that then.
They're not laughing now.
People aren't laughing now, they know how strong it is.
I smoked some pot when I was out in California, where it's legal, and I still feel it two days later.
Smoked it one time, at one sitting, with somebody whose initials start with
An M, and end with a, the point is, it's going to be huge when it comes out.
But I mean, I did it, went in Rome as the Romans, and I'm literally, feel like marijuana felt in 1990 when I'd occasionally smoke it.
You know, you take some cheerleader out on a date, she goes, let's smoke a joint before we go to the movie, and you're like, I guess so.
A few hits, kind of feel like this.
This is what marijuana in 1990 felt like, two days later after I smoked it.
I feel like I just took hits of 1990 marijuana right now.
But that's because I never take marijuana, so it hits me stronger.
But people that are on this stuff, you go to L.A., there is just plentiful weaponized marijuana, plentiful weaponized everything else everywhere, and fentanyl, and this is the chemical bio-attack to take down America and turn us into zombies.
And I'm not judging the people.
You know, you got to go in and be in amongst it all.
You know, you got to bond with them so I could then have a national discussion about this.
But if I smoked pot like that every day, I'd be like these people.
Hell, I feel like I'm ready to lie down on the side of the road and go to sleep for a couple of months right now.
I'm serious, folks.
I took five hits off California weed and I can barely get up.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
And I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We have some very big guests joining us coming up today, including in the next segment.
But we'll introduce that guest when he joins us.
Let me just read you a couple of these headlines here for you today.
Pope Francis warns a final catastrophe, close quote, quote, could extinguish human race.
I really should do the whole show on that because he's absolutely telling the truth.
Meanwhile, White House not interested in World War III.
But all their surrogates sure are.
Ukraine President Zelensky calls on Biden to be the leader of peace by igniting World War III.
And they ask Congress for more heavy weapons.
And guess what Biden does?
800 million, mainly in attack drones.
They call them drones.
They're cheap and expensive missiles.
That can loiter and then accelerate to 300 miles an hour and destroy large groups of people or machines.
We've got a report on that coming up.
They shipped in a bunch of the Switchblade drone.
Is there a peace deal Putin and Zelensky can accept?
And I agree with Rand Paul when he said, Putin miscalculated.
Yeah, why did he miscalculate?
Why did his Foreign Service FSB head, their CIA head, why did they tell them that everybody was going to surrender?
Because let me tell you, if I knew that there would stay behind networks there,
Those stay-behind networks hadn't been compromised or paid off, that the Russians would be in big trouble?
If I knew that, and I did, I told you, and the CIA's been over there training them since 2014, because I know folks that have been over there, but it's not even a secret, then you know Putin knew that, or you knew that the FSB knew.
So, I mean, maybe Putin didn't know.
He sure as hell has arrested the head of the FSB Foreign Intelligence Service and his deputies and a bunch of others.
How dangerous is that?
And then this breaks yesterday, Yahoo News.
Exclusive secret CIA training program in Ukraine helped Kiev prepare for Russian invasion.
Uh, yeah.
But it didn't start in 2015.
And the first war after World War II was not Korea.
It started in 1945.
It was 1945 in Ukraine.
That's actually in the mainline military history books.
But the Cold War started.
An iron curtain has descended down, as Churchill said, over Eastern Europe.
And so stay behind networks that the Nazis had.
The US came in, that's why they recruited Adolf Eichmann and Klaus Barbie and Joseph Mengele and all the rest of them, was so they could control those networks and try to hold off the Soviets' political coups and overthrows in Eastern Europe, and in some areas they were successful and most they weren't.
But then those stay-behind networks never went away.
And so the United States simply reactivated them.
And isn't it funny?
You can put seeds, almost any plant seed, in a drawer for hundreds of years, and they'll still be good when you plant them.
They've dug up papyrus seeds in 3,000-year-old Egyptian tombs that sprout perfectly later.
So you wonder why, when they put the miracle grow,
Of an overthrow and a civil war on Ukraine when Soros did that, that came up out of the dirt to Soros, beautiful comrades he fought with against the Russians in World War II.
Beautiful comrades came popping back up because they were just laying there dormant for 75 years under the soil, their children and grandchildren.
But still, I don't support Putin and what he's done.
I just know all the facts about it, or a lot of the facts, so I'm the bad man.
Because, you know, you don't want the public actually knowing the pieces to make their own decision.
And my decision is, let's end this war real quick.
The West helped start it with stay-behind networks.
Putin took the bait and came in.
It endangers the world.
Both sides have arguments.
Let's end this now.
Like the Pope said, we need peace, we need a deal, we need to stop this right now.
And I'm not usually agreeing with the Pope, or even Biden saying we could have World War III.
It just, it needs to stop.
And instead of being on Ukraine's side, like all the left of the media is calling for World War II, or instead of being on the Russian side saying Putin's perfect and he deserves it all and he's right and let's get behind him and crush, Putin should start leveling cities, he'll show them what to do.
No, let's not do any of that.
Yeah, if you had to blame somebody, it's Soros and the left and the globalists.
I mean, if you had to pick who started this and who drew first blood and who got this all going and who poked the bear over and over again so it would come down the path and step in the bear trap, yeah, it's the globalists, it's the New World Order, it's Barack Obama, it's George Soros.
And they want to suck us into a global crisis
That's the pretext for a global social credit score and a cashless society they now admit that is the cover for what two years of COVID tyranny did, destroying the economy.
So the war is bad for the people.
The war is bad for humans and prosperity and our basic liberties.
And so...
Knowledge is the answer.
If the people know what's happening, they will live in liberty.
If they don't know, they will live in tyranny.
And so the answer is seeing the whole thing from a globalist perspective, but being against their agenda.
Understanding what they're doing, but then saying, I'm not going to be part of this.
I'm going to find a solution out of this so we don't kill each other and stop with this war model that we can't engage in now because of nuclear weapons and other things.
Of course the biolabs are real!
Of course all this is insane!
The people running our country hate us!
They hate us more than the Russians!
One thing about being in L.A.
for three days, man... I get sick every time I'm there.
Allergies, like the toxic dust, the... Every time I go there, I get a huge headache, I just feel like hell.
What does it say?
I don't know why I'm going off on a tangent here, but man... Beautiful place, a lot of amazing stuff, but man...
You don't want to build a big giant city of 10 million people between an ocean and a mountain range that captures all the particulate, all there in one spot.
But don't worry, toxic cities is the least of our problems, with nuclear fallout obviously on its way if we don't turn around very, very, very quickly.
Let me get into some more of the headlines here.
Oh, how loving!
I mentioned this earlier, US sending suicide drones to Ukraine.
What they are is drones that are missile platforms that one person can carry four or five of them, but the average person carries two in a backpack.
They're about two feet long, and they can go out up to five miles, and they target the grid.
Somebody tells you where the enemy is.
You fly out to it.
You see where your target that someone's targeting usually, and then you fly into it.
And China's answer is they're sitting in.
Because the Russians are already fighting these.
By the time you hear about it, they were already fighting it.
So the Russians don't have as many drones as the Chinese, so word is the Chinese have been flying into Russia tens of thousands of their drones that they were planning to use, these are little drones, for the attack on Taiwan if needed.
They hover around, they watch, they land on top of a building, they get solar power, they charge back up, they come and attack.
There's a lot of different types of them.
Some have got rocket assist to take off, but didn't use solar.
And it's a big problem.
And so the robot war is here.
I remember 10 years ago telling there's going to be drone wars and all this.
Oh, you're crazy.
And now it's just happening.
And overnight, we're now sucked in to oblivion.
Enemy of the people.
Fake news media begged for war during White House press briefing.
We've got this slobbering event as a bunch of women call for war.
I thought women were anti-war!
Putin claims the U.S.
has a network of controversial bio-weapons labs in Ukraine.
I love how we're like back to square one.
They're there.
It's on record they're there.
The U.S.
government admits they're there.
They took over the Soviet labs and expanded them.
But because the media then denies it, while the Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland simultaneously admits it, we get caught up in a debate about whether it exists or not, as if we can't go out and find the fact that it does.
That's called gaslighting.
All right, we have the man that wrote the U.S.
Biological Chemical Weapons Law, former top U.N.
prosecutor, Osama Bin Laden, and others on the straightaway to break down what's really happening with the bio labs and more.
Dr. Francis Boyle, straight ahead.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
We've got really one of the best experts we could have on about this, Dr. Francis Boyle.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Again, the Deputy Secretary of State and the Ukraine expert, as they call her, and admits that the labs are there, but then the media simultaneously says they don't exist, we made them up, and then you're a Russian agent if you say they exist, and then, oh, but the Russians have seized two of them that don't exist.
USA Today and CNN say they're going to attack us with them, but they don't exist.
So it just seems like we've entered a land beyond the Tea Party and Alice in Wonderland.
I mean, this is just...
Seems to me not just propaganda, but a disconnected, incompetent State Department and White House.
I mean, you've got Biden not knowing who he is, you've got
The Vice President saying that Ukraine is NATO, will defend NATO, and then Biden saying that Iran has attacked Ukraine, and that Russia has attacked Russia.
I mean, this is really scary.
Maybe it's non-incompetence, maybe it's something else, but this is wild.
We have the CIA stay behind networks, the CIA now bragging in Yahoo News that they've been fighting the Russians.
Since 2014, which we knew and told you from our sources, but now that's admitted.
So it looks to me like Putin walked into a provocation and miscalculated and walked into a bear trap.
I'm not lionizing Putin, but I know why he did it.
So does Dr. Francis Boyle.
Give us a 35,000 view.
We'll get into all the details like you love to do next segment.
But just just as an American, as a law professor, you know, as a
Well, Alex, thank you very much for having me.
I have my best year viewing audience.
As I see it, we really have to start with the promises made by Secretary of State Jim Baker and many of the other NATO leaders that if Secretary General Gorbachev agreed to the unification of Germany, NATO would not move to the east.
But once Clinton got in there and they proceeded to expand NATO to the east, the promises that Baker and the other European leaders made to Gorbachev were binding under international law.
High-level officials who give solemn assurances
Acting within their scope of authority can bind their states under international law.
It's a basic principle of international law.
Even the Russian lawyers know it.
I've been over there lecturing to them and things of this nature.
So Ukraine was part of this project.
And what we saw in 2014 was Obama-Biden launch a coup d'etat.
Against a democratically elected government in Ukraine, the Yanukovych government.
And Newland, as you know, had a critical role to play.
Those tapes were released bragging that the United States had put at least five billion dollars into this clearly illegal coup d'etat.
And then we effectively established a neo-Nazi regime over there in Ukraine.
Right Sector, Azov Brigades, many others whose dissent goes back directly to collaboration with Hitler and the Nazis when they occupied Ukraine.
And then we proceeded to arm, equip, supply, train, finance, and direct these people until
You know, until today, Biden's now arming them.
To give you an example, then, the front lines at Donbass, where the Azov Brigade, these Nazis of the Azov Brigade, were besieging Donetsk and Lugansk, they're only 460 kilometers from Stalingrad.
I have visited Scotland, and I've toured Stalingrad, and the genocidal bestiality of the Nazi army at Stalingrad literally took my breath away.
Now, in December, as you know, the Russian government submitted two treaties to NATO and to the Biden administration.
I've read them.
I won't go through all of them here.
There was a wish list.
But the bottom line was Russia wanted assurances that Ukraine was not going to join NATO.
Yes, we are.
fruitlessly negotiated with the Biden administration over this.
And Biden refused, absolutely refused to make these assurances, which he should have given because they were required by the promises that Jim Baker had made for Bush senior.
Today, I'm in favor of stopping the war.
It could be stopped today if President Biden were to get up and announce and say publicly, yes, Ukraine will not be joining NATO and NATO will not be expanding to the east in Georgia, Moldova.
Or elsewhere, and the rest we're prepared to negotiate, certainly over removing US nuclear weapons for Europe, where they are there in five countries in violation of the 1968 Non-Proliferation Treaty.
And also we will negotiate over so-called ABMs,
I mean, everybody understands that if Russia moved troops into Mexico on the U.S.
border, we'd go to war with them in a matter of weeks, not a matter of years.
And so it is true that all these treaties expired.
did not want to negotiate and let them expire.
The U.S.
And so Putin saw this again as, wow, they've cut all their
Cold War era and post-Cold War nuclear agreements, they're going to war with us.
For people that aren't a diplomat like you, a top diplomat, former diplomat, that's a major provocation.
I want to get your take on that when we come back and talk about where this is all going.
But yeah, the U.S.
and Europe have gotten on a war footing with Russia, put troops on their border, committed war crimes in Russian ethnic areas, and the Russians doubled down and invaded, and now they're caught in a trap.
This is the stuff nuclear war is made of.
You grow up reading about ancient battles and wars and famines and catastrophes.
And then you read about World War I and World War II in Korea and Vietnam and all together millions and millions of dead people.
Millions dead at Stalingrad alone that Dr. Boyle was just talking about earlier.
And you just ask, could it happen again?
And the answer is, well, certainly.
We've gone longer now without a major war of World War II proportions for 75, almost 80 years.
People who have lived under relative freedom so long, like here in the United States, really have a normalcy bias because you've never experienced something like this.
Well, I've experienced this for the first time in my life, but Dr. Boyle is not a Russophile.
I mean, he ran the prosecution of Slobodan Milosevic and that whole situation, but he knows the Russians and he's written the U.S.
law on this and helped write the U.N.
And I wanted to ask him, too, about stay-behind networks and the CIA bragging, what we already knew,
This is
We're good to go.
Of course, Alex.
Indeed, at the time with the attack on Donetsk, I gave interviews in Lugansk saying this is ethnic cleansing, almost tantamount to genocide, what was being done here by these neo-Nazi formations over there in Ukraine that we put in power.
We have to understand that, you know, from the Russian perspective, certainly President Putin's perspective,
This is the Cuban missile crisis in reverse.
And JFK was fully prepared to invade Cuba to take out those Soviet missiles if a negotiated agreement had not been reached.
Fortunately, it was after 13 days.
Well, in this case, the Russian government tried to negotiate with the Biden administration for two months and got nowhere, nowhere at all on their main demand that Ukraine not join NATO and be neutral.
And indeed, even Foreign Minister Lavrov said, well, if the Americans agree to that, we can try to negotiate on everything else.
They refused.
Biden is still refusing today.
As I said,
Biden could have just come out publicly and said, yes, Ukraine will not join NATO and we're prepared to negotiate a neutrality status.
For Ukraine, that would block the roadblocks right there.
Instead, it seems to me Biden is using the Ukraine and the Ukrainians as cannon fodder.
To bring down the Putin government and destabilize Russia.
This is pursuant to the long-standing Brzezinski plan.
I went through the exact same PhD program at Harvard that produced Brzezinski before me.
And Brzezinski, it is well known, wanted to crack up Russia into its constituent units.
And that's pretty much what's going on here.
Brzezinski was the guru for the Democratic Party, going back to President Carter.
He was the mentor to Obama at Columbia.
He was in charge of foreign affairs, defense policies.
So this is really the ghost of Zbigniew Brzezinski?
I believe so, yes.
And you have to understand that Biden and all the Bidenites work for Brzezinski, sorry, work for Obama, and Brzezinski put them in power.
All his acolytes, protégés, etc., he put into the Obama administration for eight years, and now these same people are back, but they've all been promoted.
Let me ask you this question.
It's a simple one, but it's also super complex and probably hard to quantify down to a slogan, but is this incompetence?
Or is it incompetence running a previous plan to trick Russia into a new Cold War proxy war like Afghanistan?
But this isn't Afghanistan, this is Europe.
I mean, this is a disaster, obviously, for Russia and the rest of the world.
What would you call this that's gone on?
The West picking a fight with Russia?
These people know exactly what they're doing, Alex.
White House Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, was behind me at Harvard Law School.
Jake Sullivan went to Yale Law School.
The Secretary of State, Blinken, went to Columbia Law School, the three top law schools in the country.
They know exactly what they're doing, and they have triggered a plan.
And as I said, they're using Ukraine and the Ukrainians as a battery ram against the Putin government.
Well, I totally agree that this is premeditated, and so it makes the West the bad guys.
Even if Putin is trying not to commit atrocities, but he's going to have to, it looks like as this continues on.
But let me ask you this.
How do you see this gut level ending right now?
Putin can't save face unless he gets some type of deal.
Looks like deals aren't coming.
He's going to have to escalate somehow to try to defeat these embedded Nazi forces that are hiding behind women and children.
That's confirmed.
I mean, how does he thread that needle when all the Western propaganda is against him?
I really don't know, Alex.
There's this 15-point peace plan.
They say they're making progress on it.
But understand, these are negotiations between the Russian government and Zelensky government, and he's our puppet.
He does exactly what we tell him to do.
So the real decisions come out of Biden and the White House.
And right now I have seen no indication that Biden and the White House want to see this stopped.
That's what concerns me.
Well, I want to talk about the bioweapon labs.
You're really the expert on that, but a few minutes before break, what can we as a population do to try to deescalate this and stop this?
I see what the Pope is saying is positive, and other leaders saying we don't want World War III.
Tulsi Gabbard is being attacked for calling for peace, but I think we have to ignore the warmongers and, you know, stand up and protest.
I think we have to demand that Biden himself
Publicly proclaim that Ukraine will not join NATO, that they are prepared with Russia to negotiate a neutral status for Ukraine along the lines of Austria, Sweden or Switzerland.
That can be done tomorrow.
It can be done now, today.
But again, yesterday, Biden called for another billion dollars of high-tech weapons.
So that is the problem right there.
That it does not appear Biden and the Bidenites want to negotiate in good faith with the Russian government.
And is that not... I'm not trying to pile on the U.S.
government, because it's obviously, though, like an out-of-control, corrupt, anti-American force.
But isn't it a war crime to hand out
Eight hundred million dollars mainly of switchblade drones to civilians and just let them have the super high-tech plastic explosive tipped two-foot long rockets to fly around and kill whoever they want.
I mean that sounds like handing out plastic explosive or hand grenades to three-year-olds at their preschool.
I mean is that on a war crime to dump a high-tech weapon like that on a population?
It depends on where they're going to use those weapons.
If they use those weapons on civilian population centers, we're aiding and abetting war crimes, right?
And by the way, Biden is already doing this now down in Yemen against the Houthi population.
We are arming, equipping, supplying the dictators there in Saudi Arabia to inflict these atrocities on Yemenis.
So, you know, so much for Biden's concern for democracy.
All right, Dr. Boyle, stay there.
We'll come right back.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is breaking news.
National Ukrainian television, with major pundits yesterday, invoked Nazi leaders calling for killing every Russian, including their children, because, quote, if you wipe out the youth, they can never grow up to fight you again.
Ukrainian TV host calls for genocide of Russian children.
But it gets worse.
Arnold Schwarzenegger.
It's just gone live at InfoWars.com.
There's a video of it.
We're doing the German translation.
But he's speaking to them in German.
Because a lot of them speak German-type dialects.
Talking about how his father fought the Russians and how they're fighting today.
So they're not even thinly veiling this now.
I mean, this is just like Twilight Zone.
And his dad did fight at Stalingrad and did actually fight in these areas.
And was in the SS.
And highly decorated as well.
Dr. Francis Boyle, again, author of the U.S.
Biological Weapons Laws, Chemical Laws, former top U.N.
war crimes prosecutor.
This has reached twilight zone proportions now, with Schwarzenegger coming out and saying this.
I mean, this is really refighting World War II, it looks like.
Well, Alex, you're right.
As I said before, we did install a neo-Nazi regime in Kiev, direct descendants of the Ukrainians who collaborated with Hitler and the Nazis.
And you're free to correct me if I'm wrong.
Yes, the United States government in the past has covertly cooperated with Nazis going back to Operation Paperclip.
But again, to the best of my knowledge, this is really what's going on in Ukraine.
It is, 100%.
We have openly, overtly, and proudly armed, equipped, supplied, trained, financed, and directed Nazis in a Nazi regime.
You mentioned Leningrad.
Well, I toured the front lines
I've been touring the front lines at Moscow and the Nazis got right near the end of the trolley line into Moscow.
And then, of course, Stalingrad, where I was greatly honored to pay a tribute to the defenders and victims there in Stalingrad.
The savagery there, the Nazis just took my breath away.
So you can understand, you know, the Russians lost the Soviet Union, 25 million people to Nazis.
So, of course, they're not going to tolerate a Nazi regime right on their borders, armed, equipped, supplied, trained by the United States and NATO, and being used against them.
What do you make of Schwarzenegger crawling out from under his rock to talk about his father fighting Russians and he stands with Ukraine?
I mean, you literally have the son of an SS officer who did do what he said he did, literally out showboating right now.
This is bizarre.
Yeah, I mean, years ago, I think Schwarzenegger said something publicly.
Well, there were good things about Hitler and the Nazis.
They told Rolling Stone that I admire Hitler, yeah.
Right, and my youngest son at the time asked me about that, and I just said, son, the Nazi party here in America has publicly threatened to kill me, so don't forget that.
And that was my answer to my son.
There's definitely a weird Nazi call.
And let's be honest, Putin's Wagner group, which is a paramilitary, that's a bunch of stuff, the head of that's a Nazi.
And he's fighting the Ukrainians right now.
So obviously the biggest group of them is in Ukraine, but the Russians have got them too.
I mean, I don't get how you can have any Russians after 20 plus million got killed supporting Hitler.
There's Gustav Schwarzenegger with a Hitler mustache.
I mean, he was so pro-Hitler, he had a Hitler mustache.
I mean, I just can't make this up.
Well, Alex, we've discussed this before at the start of the COVID pandemic.
This is a Nazi mentality that is finally coming out a generation after World War II.
The Nazis have won.
That's what we're dealing with here.
All right, so the most important point you're here for, and I appreciate your time, I'm sorry I got here late today, I had emergency stuff to deal with.
The chemical situation, they're saying the Russians are going to launch a chemical attack, with no evidence of that, that looks like another Syrian red line to me.
I want your view on that.
And then the bio labs, just the long and short of that, because you're one of the top experts on that.
Right, Alex, this goes back, I know we have a short period of time.
If you can hold five minutes over, that's fine too, but go ahead.
Okay, good, because there's background here.
I mean, we just can't say, well, what's going on now today?
Back in 1985, at the request of the Council for Responsible Genetics, I gave a congressional briefing on the Hill.
Against the Reagan administration and its neocons abusing DNA genetic engineering for the purpose of research, development, testing, and stockpiling for use biological weapons.
And at that time I called for U.S.
domestic implementing legislation to make this a crime.
I then proceeded to draft that legislation, and with the Council, we lobbied it through Congress, and my legislation, the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, was passed unanimously by both houses, the United States Congress,
Signed into law by President George Bush Sr.
with the approval of the Department of Justice because I put life imprisonment in there.
And that's how long I've been working against U.S.
biological weapons and biological weapons by other governments around the world.
We've talked about the Wuhan BSL-4 being China's Fort Detrick, and I've been very candid about that.
So, yes, these reports coming out of Ukraine today are fully consistent with the United States government supporting biological warfare against Russia.
And if you take a look at the map, you'll see large numbers of biological warfare weapons surrounding China.
So yes, I've read the reports.
They certainly sound credible to me.
The Russian ambassador has said he's going to produce a detailed memorandum before the Security Council.
I've instructed my research assistant to keep an eye out for that, and I will read it.
But yes, there's the map.
Those are offensive biological warfare weapons facilities.
They've been bought and paid for by the Pentagon itself.
You know, the Pentagon does not engage in missionary activity.
They kill people.
And that's why those are there.
I have no doubt about that in my mind.
Indeed, earlier, I gave interviews to Russian news media about American sources over there harvesting the DNA of materials of Russians.
And they asked me why, and I said, simple, because they're going to try to create an ethnic-specific biological warfare weapon against Russians if they can figure it out.
Now, I'm not saying they have, but there's previous history of the U.S.
government doing this.
Well, yeah, I mean, Dick Cheney bragged in a major PNAC statement that the U.S.
should develop and had developed race-specific bioweapons.
This is the neocon agenda.
And Newland is a part of that that just spilled the beans here.
And you also went to the, you have a degree in this from the Chicago Business School, the same.
So you've got a double degree from the Chicago Business School and from Harvard, the special PhD.
There's only one a year where they read you into this.
Well, no, I did get into the University of Chicago Business School after two years in the college there, but I decided business was not for me.
I just knew that you got a bird's eye view like almost nobody else that didn't go along with him.
Well, I do have a J.D.
Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School, as well as an A.M.
and Ph.D.
But the bottom line is... But the bottom line is, correct me if I'm wrong, the Chicago Business School is extremely fascist.
That's correct.
And as I said, I got in there after two years in college there.
And basically the whole University of Chicago, where I graduated at the top of my class, they're all Straussian neocons.
And Leo Strauss' mentor and sponsor in Germany was Carl Schmitt.
Who was the leading Nazi law professor of his day, who justified every hideous atrocity Hitler and the Nazis inflicted on everyone, including the Jews.
And to explain this, the West
and England defeated Hitler.
The U.S.
There was a major strain of that here that had kind of really come from the U.K.
and the U.S.
that is now just constantly reinfecting.
There's a fascist model and the moral is fascism didn't come from Germany.
Hitler just adopted what Mussolini was doing and that got adopted here to a certain extent.
Well, I had a good friend who attended all of the Nuremberg prosecutions and edited the ten-volume series on Nuremberg judgments, who's an expert on this, no longer with us, and he said that, in his opinion, in order to defeat the Nazis, we had to become like the Nazis.
Stay there.
Back in two minutes.
I want to thank Dr. Francis Boyle for joining us today.
Everybody should check out his books and his information.
Just search Francis A. Boyle and find his great compendium of work, especially at Amazon.com.
And I want to get him back up soon.
Whenever he can do it.
I've been trying to get him on for a month, and that's why I'm really blessed to have him now.
To talk about the vaccine situation and the deaths and the problems and everything he predicted.
I mean, I'm not tooting his horn, it's just true.
He predicted more stuff accurately, all of it was accurate by the way, but more than anybody else in January.
February, March, April, May of 2020.
And so it's great to see Dr. Malone out there and Dr. Yidan.
They're all great.
And Yidan was coming out in, you know, November and December of 2020 saying this was going to happen.
But it was Dr. Boyle who literally laid all of it out.
And now here we are in this mess.
So in the four minutes we have left or so, I want to invite you back as soon as you can about that whole situation.
It's just crazy.
And they want us to forget about those crimes and think about the new crises.
But what else do you want to get across to folks about the bio labs and this war and where you see it all going?
Boy, that's a tall agenda.
I know.
And give us the time.
You can come on.
Or we can do a commercial free deal whenever you want.
On Saturday or something.
Well, first of all, we have to stop this war by demanding that Biden publicly state Ukraine will not join NATO.
You are correct, Alex, that this is moving towards direct hostilities between the United States and Russia.
Indeed, from what I'm seeing here, I am concerned that what we are seeing in operation
Is a pre-existing war plan that will lead to war between the United States and Russia.
All the pieces are clicking in a row one after another.
This is very similar to Bush Senior's Gulf War against Iraq.
That was a war plan.
Bush Junior's war against Iraq.
That was a war plan.
And the war against Afghanistan, that was the war plan too.
So I'm afraid, you know, we have to stop this now, we Americans.
And the best way to do that is, you know, I'm not supporting anything Putin's doing over there in Ukraine.
The best way, the most effective way is our own government and to stop Biden and his people here who are driving this.
Indeed, as we saw yesterday, close to $1 billion more
Of weapons, high-tech weapons, that's going to throw gasoline on the fire.
That's the direction we're moving.
And you're absolutely right.
And exactly.
We're not going to stop Putin who got, we get lured into this and has his own issues.
But regardless, the West is the aggressor.
We're the people that are in danger.
And we need to stand up and tell our elected representatives to knock it off.
That's correct.
And that's what we have to do.
What do you make in closing of the beating over the head of Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard for just going, oh, look, Victoria Nuland says the bio labs are real and boy, we might want to have a peace deal.
In my opinion.
Now they're saying, if you want peace, you're a Russian agent.
I'm not a Russian agent.
You put Slobodan Milosevic in prison.
You're not either.
But we're sure as hell not wanting World War Three.
I don't want World War Three.
As for Carlson, I'm very sorry.
Carlson comes on when I eat dinner with my wife, so I can't say really.
As for Tulsi Gabbard, you know, Mitt Romney and I were in law school together at Harvard.
We took all our
First year courses together and the one thing about Romney you have to remember he was elected in Massachusetts as a rhino the only way he could be elected and then he immediately veered to the extreme right
And in order to lick the boots of the extreme right of the Republican Party, I'm not saying the whole Republican Party, I'm a political independent, but the extreme right, and Romney tried to restore the death penalty
In Massachusetts.
Now we had studied the death penalty, the Sacco-Vanzetti case in Massachusetts there in law school together and knew what a travesty the whole thing was, leading Massachusetts to abolish it.
We're out of time.
At bottom line, are you saying he's a sociopath?
Close to it, yeah.
I mean, you have to be sick and demented
To spend full time like Romney did to restore the death penalty in Massachusetts simply in order to lick the boots of the extreme right of the Republican Party.
Dr. Boyle, thank you so much.
Amazing interview.
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Got a big guest coming up, but first Biden talks about who the real war criminal is and about perversion and about killer drones.
So we established a new civil rights cause of action for those whose intimate images were shared on public screen.
How many times have you heard, not that everybody knows somebody somewhere along the line, that in an intimate relationship what happened was the guy takes a revealing picture of his naked friend or whatever in a compromising position and then literally in a sense blackmails or mortifies that person.
Send it out, put it online.
Mr. President, after everything we've seen, are you ready to call Putin a war criminal?
Thank you so much for everything that you do.
I think he is a worker.
Amid the quiet beauty of the Utah desert, a deadly new kind of weapon on display.
NBC News got an exclusive look at a so-called killer drone.
It doesn't fire a missile.
It is the missile.
This is about the size of a toy drone I bought my 12-year-old a few years ago.
The Switchblade can be carried into battle in a backpack and launch miles away from a threat.
Once a target is identified, the Switchblade can find it and kill it in minutes.
Aerovironment, the drone's manufacturer, showed us how an operator can put a switchblade through the window of a truck.
Onboard cameras capture the moment before impact.
How far away was the switchblade when it took that picture?
About 3 meters from the target.
At about $6,000 each, the switchblade cost a fraction of the $150,000 Hellfire missiles fired from larger military drones.
The Pentagon has made deadly mistakes using drones, including in August, when the U.S.
military fired at what it thought was an ISIS target, but instead killed ten civilians, including seven children.
Officials told NBC News analysts saw a child in the target area, but the missile had already been launched.
The Afghan-born CEO of Aerovironment says their weapon can cancel an attack up to two seconds before impact.
You can make decisions while you're flying the missile in the air as to what to do during your mission.
But the development of smaller, cheaper drones, already being used on the battlefield, pose new dangers for the U.S.
Paul Scharr, a retired U.S.
Army Ranger, says weapons like these change the game.
It levels the playing field between the U.S.
and terrorist groups or rebel groups in a way that's certainly not good for the United States.
Iranian-backed militias have used similar drones to attack American bases in Iraq and to target the Iraqi Prime Minister.
The U.S.
is definitely vulnerable to drone attack today.
We need better defenses and we need them urgently for U.S.
troops overseas.
A new kind of weapon, presenting a new kind of risk, both abroad and at home.
Ken Delaney in NBC News, Dugway Proving Ground, Utah.
Ladies and gentlemen...
The criminal forces that run our country are planning to use Ukraine as the pretext and trigger to collapse the world economy, to consolidate control, to bring in a world cashless society, control I.D.
for the carbon tax and social credit score, and to accelerate an open war with Russia, including survivable nuclear war, they believe.
That's how advanced the hidden weapons are in the arsenal of the globalists.
They believe they can win that.
We have a special guest joining us coming up here in a few minutes.
Obviously, things are so crazy that I'm going to be doing some special emergency broadcasts, not just this Saturday, but also starting, as I've been doing some during the weeknights, so we can take three hours of calls and have special guests on and not be interrupted.
We love our AM and FM affiliates.
There's over 300 of them right now.
We've gotten bigger than we've ever been on talk radio, so we're going to keep doing these shows because we've reached millions there.
But people want the commercial-free podcast and the calls and the guests, and so we're going to turn the heat up.
As much as possible.
Next segment we have a very special guest that I'll tell you about when they join us because I want to introduce them then and I've got all this other news that I want to get to but I gotta tell you when I saw this headline earlier I thought it can't be real then we went and watched it and checked it in the German and the American
And how the Ukrainians would then translate it.
And it's just crazy what Schwarzenegger said.
Hitler admirer Arnold Schwarzenegger invokes Nazi father in defense of Ukrainian Nazis.
The Twilight Zone situation that we've hit.
I want to play some of that bottom of the hour.
It's on Infowars.com.
That's coming up.
It's just insane.
So I want to talk to listeners about this broadcast here briefly.
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Well, she's one of the most insightful commentators out there.
She's also a very wonderful lady.
And she's a business owner and a mother and so much more.
Melissa Tate, RealMelissaTate.com.
I got a chance to finally meet her six, eight months ago down in a big, huge crowd.
5,000 people listened to her speak in San Antonio and I came to hear her speak.
Just amazing.
Even more amazing in person.
And I've been wanting to get her on for a couple of weeks.
And we were talking to her before she went live, and I said, what do you want to hit first?
It was my first question for her, was what she wanted to hit first.
Because she had the experience growing up in Zimbabwe, beautiful country in Africa, and watching it go from being as nice as the nicest places in the US, she described it basically like Florida.
To being a hellhole, and it happened very quickly over a few years.
Well, now that's happening here.
So she was on, not with us but others, five years ago warning, then on with us the last few years warning, and now her warnings have come true.
The beginnings of hyperinflation and the fuel and everything else we're witnessing.
So, thank you so much for joining us.
It's really great to see you there, and for all the radio listeners to get to hear you.
Where do you want to start?
I know you wanted to start with why we wanted to get you on.
Well, thank you so much for having me, Alex.
Yeah, I wanted to come on because, you know, everything that's happening right now in the United States
Is like deja vu to me.
I'm just starting to see all the things that I saw happening leading up to the collapse of our currency and everything is actually the groundwork is being laid right now and I'm watching it in real time and it's really frightening to watch.
And I've been going back now and actually studying what was going on in Zimbabwe at the time, because I was a little bit younger.
So at the time, I really didn't understand the geopolitics and the economics of what was happening.
So now, in retrospect, I can draw on my experience of what was going on when I was there as a teenager.
Tell folks what it's like.
People are now going through that same process here.
Exactly what you warned about years ago.
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, it just starts out with what we're seeing right now.
You just go to the grocery store and you see all of a sudden, bacon is almost $10.
I saw bacon at like $8.
And you just start to see little things.
You start to see prices go up.
This is going up.
And it starts out where it's, you know, it's nominal to where you can kind of adjust to it.
And then all of a sudden, the bottom just falls out.
And then now you're literally in the supermarket and the prices are changing.
And I was actually reading up on it.
The prices were changing three times a day.
In the grocery store and I actually remember an experience when I was in the grocery store with my mom and we were putting things in the cart at one price and when we got to the checkout the price had gone up and that's how quickly the currency was devaluing so it's it's incredible to watch what's happening right now.
You're also an author I should add that we'll talk about the book next segment so
Is there a way to reverse this?
From all the lessons you've learned, and immigrating to America, and becoming a great American, and adding to society, and I'm not going to get into all your business acumen, but obviously this has got to be like a bad déjà vu for you.
Is there a way for us to get out of this?
Well, the way for us to get out is to see how we're getting here and what the globalists are doing.
Because basically what we're seeing happen here in the United States is what the globalists and socialism and communism has been doing all over the world.
So now they've just turned the guns in on America.
So now they're destroying America.
They've used America for capitalism and imperialism, basically taking over the world and countries.
But now they're starting to use the same type of policies and implementation they were doing in Africa and other countries.
They're now doing that here.
So I was able to pin down the things that they were doing in Zimbabwe and actually wrote them down so that I wouldn't forget.
And one of the things was that started out was just implementing socialist policies.
And we're seeing that happen here.
So things like minimum wage.
I remember in Zimbabwe, they started talking about minimum wage and price controls.
And then obviously the critical race theory fueled affirmative action, which ended up being wealth distribution from the white farmers to whoever the government saw fit to take the farms.
And the businesses, certain businesses that were owned by white people, they now came out with a law saying that the indigenization law would say that a black person has to own a part in that.
In that company.
So this is somebody who never built the business, but now all of a sudden they have to own a part of it.
And now the Democratic Party itself, not just whacked out professors, are saying part of reparations is that you can't own a business because you're white.
And big corporations through the whole Great Reset system have these ESGs and other programs where they say you've got to do that.
Has nothing to do with empowering people.
It's mega corporations using black people as the cover to loot the economy.
It has nothing to do with empowering people because actually what happened was all those farms didn't really go to the average person.
Yeah, you're right.
It went to, you know, the politicians and their friends and their families.
And really, it created destruction of the economy, which was created through agriculture.
So all those farms were now given to people who don't even know how to farm, who don't know how to produce anything, and production went way down.
So it created, it removed all the jobs, all the people that were employed through the farming sector were now all of a sudden unemployed, and all the businesses that were built around the farming sector started to fall apart.
So it ended up affecting everybody, and it created poverty and hunger, you know.
So at that point, when they're starting to give away all these commercial farms,
You know, 70% of the population was now dependent on food aid.
So now you're getting welfare from the United Nations when you are a self-sustaining country that was known as the breadbasket of Africa.
So that's just one step.
That was the socialism that was put in place.
The next thing, government corruption.
We see that here.
We're seeing government corruption, misuse of funds.
The other thing was also the IMF loans, which is something that, you know, I've had to come back and actually study and look and see how that really affected the Zimbabwean economy.
So we've got these internal things that are happening within the country.
And then now you've got these external factors from the IMF, which, you know, is pretty much an imperial force that comes in and offers poor countries a solution.
Well, you can get this debt, but in exchange for this debt,
You're going to have to put in place these reforms and they're called structural adjustment programs.
And those programs tell you to devalue your currency.
They tell you to open up your country to multinational corporations and basically shut down... And now they tell you to take experimental vaccines.
Now they tell you to run lockdowns.
It's the global social credit score.
And what you're saying is all on record.
It's all admitted.
We're going to come right back.
Can't wait for you to keep laying this out.
You are on fire.
Always amazing.
And we'll tell folks about our books.
Get your pens and paper ready because our book is amazing.
I've read it.
We'll be right back.
And don't forget about InfoWars.
We're only on air because of you and your word of mouth and your prayers.
And now we're more important than ever in the state of the world.
But we need you to get the articles and videos out and to override the censors.
InfoWars is only as powerful as you make us.
Choice privilege with the white X-Town.
What's race got to do with it is her amazing book, An Intellectual, Biblical, and Experimental Rebuttal to Critical Race Theory.
Melissa Tate joins us.
You are just really landed out for me here.
With the programs that control how these big mega banks cover up their tyranny by claiming they're woke, but really they're enslaving everybody.
And again, from folks who just joined us, you grew up in Zimbabwe, you saw the devaluation of your currency, where your money was on par with us and suddenly you needed a billion dollars to get a ham sandwich or whatever.
And then parallels with us today and where you think this is all going.
Yeah, absolutely.
So I was talking about the five things I was able to pin down, which is basically the blueprint for how they're doing it over here.
So I started with the implementation of the socialist policies, the government corruption, the IMF, which basically introduced globalism into the Zimbabwean society.
So basically kind of shutting down the industries and the factories in Zimbabwe and encouraging the import of goods.
Rather than just creating an economy within Zimbabwe.
We see that that has happened here in the United States.
And then you move on to the money printing.
So now it starts to create all these economic problems.
And then the government just starts to try to print their way out of all these problems.
So we saw excessive money printing and spending by the government, and we're seeing exactly that same thing happen here in the United States.
And then the last thing was war, because Zimbabwe actually started funding a war in the Congo, which is a neighboring country in Africa.
So you're seeing the same components take place here in the United States.
It's like the blueprint to completely destroy a country.
Absolutely it's deliberate.
Then you read what the globalists are saying, you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing.
You see during the lockdowns they double, triple their profits.
This is a very cold-blooded operation going on.
Yeah, absolutely.
And the reason why I wanted to come and talk to the audience was to kind of draw the parallels with what's going on here and what's basically been going on in Africa for the longest time as far as energy goes, because right now the energy is... That's right, that's why you wanted to come on.
Let's talk energy.
This segment, the next, you lay it out, because that's a bigger or more clear example of what inflation really is.
Right, yeah, so with the energy, basically, I mean, Africa is one of the most richest continents on the planet.
I think it might be, as far as natural resources, but when you think of Africa... It's the richest continent on Earth.
Russia as a country is a close second, you can debate it, but Africa has the most oil, diamonds, timber, best soil, volcanic soil, Africa has everything.
Why is it the poorest continent on Earth, but it's the richest?
Well, because they create artificial scarcity of energy.
That's one of the reasons.
So what we're seeing here in the United States is the same blueprint they've been using in Africa to remove energy, I mean, to make energy artificially scarce and therefore expensive, is now the same blueprint they're trying to use in the United States.
Because there's a simple formula.
Cheap energy equals prosperity.
Expensive energy equals poverty.
And that's the exact blueprint they're now using, they've been using in Africa for the longest time.
And remember Obama before he left, seven years ago, six years ago, he went to Africa and said, you can't have air conditioning or cars.
That is the most racist thing I've ever heard.
Oh, because you're African, you don't get cars or air conditioning.
Yeah, and it's all done in the name of saving the planet.
But we all know that that's not true because Joe Biden, the first thing he did, this was day one of his administration, he shuts down the Keystone Pipeline, which was going to bring gas into the United States from Canada.
But at the same time that he's shutting off our pipeline in the name of climate change, he's approving the Nord Stream Pipeline in Germany.
So we know it's not about
It's not about the climate.
It's obviously about a bigger agenda to basically impoverish humanity.
And they've been doing that to Africa for the longest time.
Now they're just moving it to the West.
They're starting to do it in Europe, and now they're doing it to the United States.
So when energy starts to become scarce, what happens is
The country becomes de-industrialized.
Gas prices were like $9 a gallon in Zimbabwe, and that's just normal.
So for you to just drive from one place to another, you really have to think twice, especially with the kind of wages that we have in Zimbabwe.
But here in the United States, I mean, obviously, even under Trump, you just get in your car and you don't think twice about it.
But I was just thinking back when I was growing up in Zimbabwe, you know, we would invite family over for a barbecue and they live across town.
And I remember actually my aunt saying,
Well, you know, we don't really have money for gas to come over.
And now when I look back at that, and that was normal to me, because, you know, people always had to think about, OK, well, if I have to drive to this place, this is how much it's going to cost, because it's a big part, a big chunk of their income.
So now looking back at it, I look back at it and it seems weird to me now because I've lived here for so long.
I never think about gas.
I don't ever hear anyone saying, well, I can't come visit you because I don't want to pay the gas.
But it seems like that's where the country is going.
So they're basically going to turn America into a third world country.
Unless we're able to stop it because that's the path that we're being put on with this expensive energy.
70% of the people in Zimbabwe don't even have access to electricity because it's so expensive.
And it's also rationed.
So, you know, just the simple thing, the simple fact that I can
You know, flick a switch in America, and I know it's going to come on.
I don't even think twice.
Well, that's like North Korea.
They have all the power they need.
He admits they keep them without electricity.
The electricity goes off even if you have it at six o'clock at night.
That's power.
That's control.
And again, now to get energy, they make you jump through hoops.
Take this shot.
Brainwash your children this way.
Money is
Money is a symbol of freedom and that's why the globalists want to create this artificial poverty and they're doing it right now on a mass scale while they pose as people trying to empower us.
Yeah, yeah, absolutely right.
And it's funny because now when I go back to Africa, having lived here in the United States, I see the problem there from a different perspective.
And I go with my husband, who's an American, so I get to see Zimbabwe through his eyes and how he's just in shock at how, you know, the way things work there.
And he said something to me that made sense.
He's like, I feel like when I'm in Zimbabwe, we're constantly chasing energy.
And it's so true.
You know, the lights are always going out.
You know, the gas is so expensive.
You're waiting in a gas line because sometimes the gas is not available.
But the protective government and corporate districts at night, they're still shining bright.
That's how the power grid is laid out now.
Yeah, so you're just constantly spending so much of your time and energy just trying to get energy.
So you can imagine what that does to businesses and production and all these things.
So these countries are never going to become developed.
Unless there is an abundance of energy and people are not having to chase down energy.
I totally agree.
And then the argument is, well, we don't have the energy.
No, the oil wells replenish themselves, we now know.
There's just massive more amounts than they said.
Plus, the globalists are suppressing all these other real energy sources that aren't wind or turbine or solar that won't supply us.
There's all sorts of advanced technologies that are being suppressed.
Yeah, absolutely.
Because, I mean, if you have, you know, all these advanced technologies that, you know, Tesla talked about that would be free, it would empower all of humanity, but then, you know, there won't be any profits to be made for a lot of these corporations.
So, you know, it's just, it's just a big,
Conspiracy is what I would call it and I know people don't like that word like conspiracy theorist or whatever, but people have to come to terms that there is a conspiracy and we've just lived during this time of Western civilization where we've had freedom and liberty and democracy and all these things that the notion of conspiracy may seem like it's such a foreign thing, but it's not because when you look at the entire human history in the grand scheme of it,
It's been there.
You know, conspiracy has always existed.
That's right, and denying it is handicapping yourself so predators can attack you.
A conspiracy is like a deer admitting wolves exist, or gazelles admitting lions exist.
Denying it exists just gets you killed.
Melissa Tate's our guest.
One more segment, then a big fourth-hour host.
We'll be right back.
Well, well, well, well.
15 months ago, the New York Times told us that the Hunter Biden laptop was fake and Russian.
Now they admit it's all real.
But see, doesn't matter now, does it?
That's some of the articles up on InfoWars.com.
After she leaves us, I'm going to hit some other major breaking news ahead of Paul Joseph Watson, always does a great job hosting the 4th Hour.
He's coming up today on this Thursday, March 17th transmission ahead of Owen Schroyer in about an hour and 15 minutes with The War Room at InfoWars.com forward slash show and banned out video.
So Melissa Tate,
Author, researcher, business owner, well-known, very popular, nationalist, conservative, commentator, realmelissatay.com.
You are continuing on with the parallels of Zimbabwe, but also the IMF and World Bank and what the globalists do in other countries, making energy scarce and what you're now seeing here.
Yeah, absolutely.
So what we're seeing here is just basically the same blueprint that has been going on around the globe.
But really, I mean, I don't want to just keep talking about the problems.
I just want people to also feel empowered that there is something that we can do about it.
And I think really right now, everybody just needs to get off the couch and, you know, just stop being a participator and watching shows and
Alex, I know a lot of them are activists, but we have to become super activists.
We have to dedicate a large part of our time to fighting this.
And we can do this on a local level, which is a huge.
Thing that I think a lot of us conservatives have been neglecting for a long time.
But for example, right now we have Joe Biden, you know, they've just, they're talking about this digital currency that's coming in and you just see the setup for, you know, they're trying to collapse the dollar so that they can bring in this digital currency.
But one of the things about this digital currency is that it's going to be programmable.
So this is something that they're going to be able to program within this digital currency on what you can use it based on the social credit
Yes, absolutely.
So we have to start going state by state and having these things put in the laws.
And COVID is a perfect example of how this worked, you know, this local way of doing things work to stop the globalist encroachment on our rights.
You look at Florida, I just moved to Florida and Florida is such a free state.
You know, life has been very normal over here, even though it's been very oppressive in other states here within the United States.
And then you look at countries like Australia and Canada and it's just crazy.
But the beauty of the American founding, I mean, the beauty of what the founding fathers set up in this country is that their power is so diffuse.
It's so spread out that, you know, each state has its sovereign power.
To stop these forces so we can use that to our advantage and start being activists on a local level and start having be preemptive.
We know it's coming.
We know that these digital currency and social credit score is in the cards for these people.
So we have to start.
Lobbying our local representatives to start recognizing this and start putting preemptive laws that we're not going to allow a digital currency that has programming that discriminates based on politics, based on the things that you've done, basically a social credit score.
And that's just one example.
So that's something that we need to start focusing on is getting involved, particularly on a local level.
Absolutely, and you're such a fount of experience, wisdom, not just in Zimbabwe, but once you got here to the U.S.
and built all your great businesses and then your great order and all the work you've done.
What else do you want to get across to people about what we're facing?
Because I've read the IMF World Bank documents.
I know what you're saying is true.
I've read Klaus Schwab's books.
I know it's true.
I've experienced it.
I've had them try to buy me off.
You know, so I know how real it is and I want listeners to get, this is as real as a heart attack.
And they plan to make us poor because they want power over our lives.
These people are jerks.
Yes, it's so true because, you know, people think that, okay, well, Zimbabwe maybe was just some poor destitute country anyway, and then things got worse.
But no, when I was growing up in Zimbabwe, it actually had the highest GDP in Africa.
So it was a very wealthy country and people actually migrated to Zimbabwe, not only from African countries, but even from European countries.
So when I went to
School I went to a school that was very popular with expats of people from all over the world Sweden Denmark Australia all over the world people came to live in Zimbabwe because it was such a safe place
Beautiful country, it was wealthy, we still have great weather, but it was just a great place to live in.
When I was growing up in Zimbabwe, I never would have asked to grow up anywhere else.
I mean, life was just as good as it is here in the United States, in its glory.
The country, you know, completely fell from that.
So I want people to understand that this is something that can happen to the United States.
And I know there's other examples like Argentina that also fell through the same process.
And Argentina was actually richer than the United States at one point.
And I've actually been to Argentina, so I have seen the remnants of what has happened after.
And when you go there, you go to Buenos Aires, you see the opulence of the buildings, and they're just beautiful and gorgeous.
And you can tell that this was such a rich and opulent country.
But then now you see all the graffiti on the walls, and you see the poverty, and you just feel the depression.
It's just like the footage from Zimbabwe before.
Beautiful, clean, amazing, everybody living in peace, and now hell on earth.
It's this process.
And now we've seen it accelerated in U.S.
Yeah, absolutely.
So we really have to take this seriously.
And one of the things, I mean, right now, I mean, what we're going through, I think is going to be unprecedented in the sense that I feel like the dollar collapse, you know, because it's the global reserve currency, there's really no telling what's going to happen.
This is uncharted.
Yeah, I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
And one of the things she says is she wishes she had bought more real estate and real tangible things.
Because, you know, she had all the 401ks, the life insurance plans, all these things that are not really tangible.
She had all of that.
She wishes she was like Bill Gates, buying up all the farmland he can get.
Dumping all his stocks to get farmland.
What does he know is coming?
Right, so tangible assets is really something that I really recommend people need to get into now because the dollar is going to continue to go down and I think it's, well obviously it is deliberate in my opinion, but just looking at what was going on in Zimbabwe, now when I go back there, you know, people that when I was growing up had money, you know, people who were doctors, people who were opticians,
You know, who had homes with tennis courts and swimming pools and whatnot.
You go back now and these are people who don't have any money anymore.
You know, they may still live in that house, you know, that big house that they owned, but now they don't have income to maintain it.
So you see the paint is peeling off.
The pool is no longer nice and crystal blue.
It's now just a green pool.
But who makes the money?
The central private bankers up front.
When they start devaluing, they get first use and buy up everything and they pass us the toxicity of inflation.
It's unbelievable.
But because the public is ignorant about basic economic policy, they're wide open for it.
But I think the people of Europe, the U.S., and the rest of the world are about to get the education Germans got in Weimar Republic and you got in Zimbabwe.
Yeah, you're absolutely right.
And one of the things that I think Americans maybe don't really know about or didn't really have to know about is the benefit of the fact that the U.S.
dollar is the global reserve currency.
You know, that is what has afforded America to be able to live off this debt and have this prosperity.
That's right.
Enforcing Russia into China's arms is not hurting the dollar.
Melissa Tate knows her stuff.
Please join us again anytime you can.
Your book is amazing.
As well, find it all at realmelissatate.com.
Godspeed, and thank you for such an informative hour.
Thank you so much for having me.
Have a great day.
Well, if Americans, on average, knew half of what she knows, we'd be in great shape.
Thank you.
But they don't.
You tell people about dollar dominancy, they think you're crazy.
You tell them about Klaus Schwab, they think you're nuts.
You tell them about hyperinflation, they think you're lying to them because they don't want to face the facts.
They've had it good so long.
Well, I want to keep things good, but that's not where this is going.
I got a few final news articles I'm going to hit right now.
They're bringing me my stack in of new stuff right now.
And then, Paul Joseph Watson, no longer in London, now in the countryside from a remote, hidden location.
The UK will be joining us in the fourth hour.
Stay with us.
Well, here's Arnold Schwarzenegger weighing in on a war that his father fought in 75 plus years ago about the Russians and the Ukrainians and demonizing the January Sixers as if we're the Nazis.
So he's a son of a Nazi, told Rolling Stone he loves Hitler, supports the Ukrainians that are backed by Nazi groups, but I'm a Nazi, folks, not him.
Here it is.
No, the reason why I'm telling you all of those things is that ever since I was 14 years old, I've had nothing but affections and respect for the people of Russia.
The strength and the heart of the Russian people have always inspired me.
That is why I hope that you will let me tell you the truth about the war in Ukraine and what is happening there.
No one likes to hear something critical of the government.
I understand that.
But, as a long-time friend of the Russian people, I hope that you will hear what I have to say.
May I remind you that I speak with the same heartfelt concern as I spoke to the American people when there was an attempted insurrection on January 6th last year, when a wild crowd was storming the U.S.
Capitol trying to overthrow our government.
See, there are moments like this that are so wrong, and then we have to speak up.
This is exactly the same with you, Governor.
Alright, pause him right there.
I mean, pause him right there.
Ladies and gentlemen, January 6th is like Hitler from Hitler's Baby.
No, you guys stole the election, people showed up peacefully to protest, you guys helped hijack it, and you don't demonize those folks.
It's Arnold Schwarzenegger that says, quote, screw your freedom, he wants endless lockdowns, he lives on giant palaces.
It's just disgusting, man.
This guy does whatever the establishment tells him because he was a homosexual escort, I'm not bashing him because he was, for the Gettys and all of them, and has been compromised since day one.
He's in gay porno movies, everything.
It's on record.
I don't want to hear anymore from him.
Let's just go to Pelosi here.
Let's go to Pelosi.
Talking about poetry from Bono, who it turns out used to keep 99.5% of the money from his Africa Feed the Starving People.
Imagine, 99 plus percent.
So now, once it came out, he gives 1%.
Look it up.
Bono now gives 1.2% instead of a half a percent.
Isn't he nice to the Africans he raises billions off of?
Bono is the most evil parasite I've ever heard of.
Here it is.
Before I introduce them, I got this message this morning from Bono.
Most of us, whether we're in Ireland or here, whatever it is, Bono has been a very Irish part of our lives.
And he said this.
He said,
Patrick, he drove out the snakes with his prayers, but that's not all it takes.
Oh, St.
But the smoke symbolizes an evil that arises and hides in your heart as it breaks.
And the evil risen from friends, from the darkness that lives in some men, but in sorrow and fear, that's when saints can appear to drive out those old snakes once again.
Okay, I can't listen to any of this.
If you're watching later, it's an archive.
We'll put the whole thing up there so you can see it.
But the snake is Bono.
You know, his charity's called One because he gives 1% of the people that he steals the money from.
So he'll probably raise a bunch of money and cause World War III.
Bono, Pelosi, all of them, all deserve their time in the lake of fire.
Now, there it is.
I even found the article.
1% of the money.
And he lies and says he gives it all.
Man, he loves black people.
He loves robbing them, and he's the big guru to all the left.
He goes like, look, make yourselves black, make all your corporations black, make Planned Parenthood black, make it all.
And then while we kill the black people, you get their money and everybody's money.
You say, oh, white people, you're evil.
Give money to black people.
It all goes to Bono, who's raised like $5 billion he stole from black people.
But it's OK, because he's liberal and wears pink sunglasses.
Paul Watson takes over.
Two of our best selling products are back in stock at InfoWarsStore.com and they will sell out in the next 3-4 months before I get more of the product in if I sell it at full price.
But I want those of you that have been on the fence about getting Winter Sun or getting X3 to try the products and see how amazing they are and I believe you will then get hooked on them like myself and my family.
And the crew are.
I need funds to run the operation.
You need to be healthy.
We need to stay on air.
It's a match made in heaven.
We are live on this March 17th edition of the Summit News Hour.
Later on in the show, I'm going to get into the media, which basically says anyone who retains a functioning brain or critical thinking skills, not just questioning the narrative of the war, just accepting the fact that there is propaganda, there is disinformation on
Both sides now being revealed that yes as we knew all along the Hunter Biden laptop scandal story was 100% genuine.
It was not Russian disinformation as the legacy media claimed.
The same legacy media by the way that claims
Every single thing that runs counter even slightly to their narrative as to what's happening in Ukraine is quote Russian disinformation.
They've got previous, they've got history on using this weaponized term to shut down debate, to ostracize people from society, to de-platform them from online social media platforms.
And of course to ruin their lives to get their bank accounts cancelled.
Proven once again to be complete BS.
Why should we trust the same entities ever again with anything?
We've also got the worldwide wave of Russophobia that continues to spread like a virus.
Headline up on summit.news.
World number one tennis player to be banned from Wimbledon unless he denounces Putin.
The cancel culture
The level of absurdity that cancel culture has reached has gone from not just doing some spicy tweets 10 years ago when you were an 18 year old kid and getting cancelled for that, not expressing the wrong opinion or a politically incorrect opinion on social media and being cancelled for that.
Now you have to ideologically prostrate yourself, join the bandwagon of moral exhibitionism,
Display your ideological conformity before you're even having a career or being part of society in general.
That's the way it's heading now with sportsmen, world number one tennis players, being told, unless you take a knee to support Ukraine, your career is basically finished.
We saw it with Novak Djokovic.
Basically, not even saying whether he had the vaccine or not, just saying it was his choice to get it.
He shouldn't be punished.
He shouldn't be detained in refugee asylum centres in Australia in horrible conditions for not getting the vaccine.
Made an example out of and booted from the country unceremoniously.
It's not even about the vaccine now.
Now it's about not performing your ideological conformity.
We saw it a few weeks ago.
In Munich, with the conductor of the Munich Philharmonica being given a time limit, a deadline, by the far-left mayor of Munich, who, by the way, tried to get the Allianz Arena in Munich lit up with LGBT colours, because Germany had a match with Hungary, and Hungary passed a law saying children shouldn't be exposed to gay sex, basically.
No, they have to be exposed to gay sex.
That's liberal now.
That guy, the mayor, left-wing mayor of Munich, forcing the conductor of the Munich Philharmonic to respond to a deadline to performatively display his ideological submission to supporting the current thing.
Now in that case he failed to do it and he was unceremoniously cancelled.
All his events were cancelled, his career's basically finished.
But now it's gone a level beyond that.
We're now getting celebrities and sportsmen who have openly condemned Putin, but not strongly enough.
They've just come out and basically said, this is horrible, we want peace.
No, that's not enough.
World number one tennis player to be banned from Wimbledon unless he denounces Putin.
You will follow in the hallowed footsteps of Siberian cats, who a couple of weeks ago were banned from all international competitions.
Again, presumably because they're in league with the Kremlin.
The world's number one tennis player, Daniel Medvedev, faces a ban from competing at the Wimbledon tournament in London, unless he publicly denounces Vladimir Putin.
British Minister for Sport, who obviously has a little bit too much time on his hands, Nigel Huddleston, stated Wednesday at a Select Committee in Parliament,
This is in Parliament committees, them saying anyone who wants to compete in Wimbledon needs to profess their ideological conformity to our narrative.
That's how far cancel culture, which the left says doesn't exist, has come.
You said Russian and Belarusian players will have to go before cameras and tell the world they're opposed to the actions of their countries in Ukraine in order to compete.
Huddleston added that just avoiding flying the flag or wearing the colours of their countries wouldn't be enough.
Of course, the Formula One driver, uh, I forget his name, but he's the Russian who, uh, drives for the Haas team, he was fired for being Russian a few days ago.
Well, now it's Medvedev's turn.
Many countries have agreed that they will not allow representatives from Russia to compete, the minister said, adding there are also visa issues.
Absolutely nobody flying the flag for Russia should be allowed or enabled.
He also said we need some potential assurance that they are not supporters of Putin.
Even though this player Medvedev has already publicly denounced the war, he said, quote, my message is always the same, I want peace in all of the world.
So he's not supporting Vladimir Putin.
If supporting Putin is supporting the attack on Ukraine, he's already done the opposite and said he wants peace.
That's not enough.
The World Tennis Association has announced that it does not agree with the potential ban on Russian players with WTA head Steve Simon noting, I can tell you that we have never banned athletes from participating on our tour as a result of political positions their leadership may take.
That is the level now.
You will not be able to become a public figure or to maintain a career unless you take the knee.
We had players during the Black Lives Matter riots who didn't profess their undying support for Black Lives Matter.
They were ostracized, they were subject to some elements of cancel culture, but they weren't prevented from entering into tournaments.
Meanwhile, Ukrainian tennis ace wants total ban on Russians.
You're Russian, get out!
Ukrainian former tennis star Alexander Dolgopolov has accused sports chiefs of being too passive, calling on them to ban Russian players from participating in international competitions.
They banned the Russian Paralympic team.
They literally banned disabled people who have trained their entire lives, gone through absolute struggle and hardship to become proficient, skilled at one particular sport, despite their massive struggles with their disability.
No, you're Russian, get out!
Absolutely disgraceful.
And this is also percolating down to the school level.
We had this headline yesterday.
Save the children.
Russian kids being bullied and abused over their nationality.
Human rights organization Save the Children reports that Russian children in Danish schools are being bullied and abused because of their nationality.
So basically they've been approached by numerous parents who are saying that they're being abused, bullied, physically intimidated in some cases and that prompted Save the Children to come out and approach governments and approach institutions
Attacks on Russian embassies.
We have shops in Germany being smashed up, vandalised.
We have Molotov attacks in Paris targeting Russian cultural institutions.
So this is really spreading, and is it any surprise given this headline?
Ukrainian TV host calls for genocide of Russian children.
He actually got up on television, and I'm going to get into this more on the other side.
Quoted Nazi Adolf Eichmann and said, yeah, we should just wipe out Russian kids wholesale.
That's allowed on YouTube.
What's not allowed on YouTube is a clip of Tulsi Gabbard in a Fox News interview criticizing the military-industrial complex.
That's offensive content, but if you're Ukrainian, you're a TV host in Ukraine, you can get up on YouTube and literally call for the genocide of children and nothing happens because it's in support of the current thing.
We'll be back.
Summit.News, everyone.
We are back, and before the break I was talking about the cancellation
Of the world's number one tennis star.
Of course, that's no longer Jovac Jokovic, because he was a naughty boy with the old jib-jab situation, wasn't he?
Now it's Medvedev.
He's set to participate in Wimbledon, but the sports minister, British sports minister, has come out and said, you can't compete in the world's premier tennis tournament, despite being the world's number one.
Unless you publicly agree with our political ideology.
There's another example of that in Canada.
Of course, as I spoke about, we have the cancellation of the conductor of the Munich Philharmonic in Germany.
In Canada, Canadian orchestra cancels Russian pianist despite him publicly opposing Putin.
Again, these people don't even support it!
They've just not prostrated themselves enough, apologised enough.
Let's face it, nothing is enough.
If you're Russian, you might as well live under a rock for the next God knows how long this war's gonna take.
Because you are out, and you're not coming back.
The Montreal Symphony Orchestra has banned a young Russian prodigy, pianist, from taking part in its events this week, despite the musician publicly opposing the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Not enough!
Alexander Malafeev was dropped from multiple performances by the OSM after several Ukrainians demanded he not be allowed to play a move that will presumably stop Putin's war machine dead in its tracks.
So basically because a few Ukrainians said they were offended at the sight of a Russian person being up on stage, he's not allowed to play!
The OSM feels that it would be inappropriate to receive Mr. Malafide this week, the organisation told Canadian broadcaster CTV.
Malafide's thoughtcrime appears to be his plea that Russians and Russian culture not be targeted due to the actions of the country's current military and government.
Oh right!
So because he doesn't want Russian kids in schools in Denmark to be violently abused, because he doesn't want
Siberian cats to be cancelled from international cat competitions because that's friggin' ridiculous!
Because he doesn't want ordinary Russians to be collectively punished for the actions of their government, whether they support it or not.
He's bad!
He has to go!
He said, quote, Russian culture and music specifically should not be tarnished by the ongoing tragedy, though it's impossible to stay aside now.
That's what he said.
Now he is cancelled.
If you don't support the brigading, the abuse, the bullying of Russians just for being Russian, that's now cause for you to be cancelled too.
You have to support it.
Like you had to support the Black Lives Matter riots, or you were racist.
And as I said before the break, it's translating into actual bullying and abuse in schools now, with Save the Children desperately approaching governments and institutions in Denmark, with these stories of Russian kids in Danish schools being bullied.
No surprise they're being bullied, given what Ukrainian TV hosts are calling for on national television and YouTube, by the way.
Ukrainian TV host calls for genocide of Russian children,
Faroodin Sharafmal took to the airwaves to demand the genocide of Russian children, quoting top Nazi Adolf Eichmann as he called for, quote, killing children.
And last time I checked, that was on YouTube with 500,000 views.
Not deplatformed, not even hidden behind one of those ridiculous walls which says this is offensive content.
He uttered the vile comments during a segment on the Channel 24 news station, national news station in Ukraine.
He said, I know that as a journalist, I have to be objective, I have to be balanced in order to report information to you with a cold heart.
But to tell you the truth, it's very hard to hold on now, especially at a time like this.
Since we're called Nazis, fascists and so on in Russia, I will allow myself to quote Adolf Eichmann, who said that in order to destroy a nation, you must destroy, first of all, children.
Because if you kill their parents, the children will grow up and take revenge.
By killing children, they will never grow up and the nation will disappear, he said.
Now, he didn't just quote Adolf Eichmann.
He went on to double down and assert that he would personally kill Russian children.
This apparently is acceptable content for YouTube and Ukrainian national television.
Hans, are we the baddies?
The armed forces of Ukraine cannot kill Russian children because it's forbidden by the rules of war.
And it's prohibited by various conventions, including the Geneva Convention.
This is literally what he said.
This is what he said.
I am not from the armed forces of Ukraine and when I get the chance to take out the Russians, I'll definitely do it.
It gets worse.
Since you call me a Nazi, I'll adhere to the doctrine of Adolf Eichmann and I will do everything in my power to ensure that you and your children never live on this earth.
This is reasoned liberal conversation now.
If you're left in any doubt as to his intentions, he again made clear that he wanted to, quote, slaughter Russian families for victory.
The channel is controlled by the wife of the mayor of, uh, Lviv in Ukraine, according to Wikipedia.
It was also uploaded to YouTube, again, without any problems.
Meanwhile on YouTube, YouTube flags Tulsi Gabbard's criticism of War Machine as offensive content.
What did she say?
Well, she was asked.
By host Laura Ingram, why people were still demanding no fly zones, despite the fact that that would likely cause World War 3.
When President Zelensky was himself, quote, stepping back from his earlier NATO wishes and even demands, Gabbard responded by pointing out that Zelensky said he's willing to negotiate with Putin and set the NATO membership thing aside.
She went on to suggest, quote, and listen to this thought crime.
This is really, really bad.
Bear in mind the guy just called for killing Russian children.
You know, that was bad, but listen to this.
She said, quote, It's good for the military-industrial complex to prolong the war in Ukraine.
Oh my God!
She also said that the war machine, the power elite in Washington, wanted to turn Ukraine into another Afghanistan, killing fields where a long-term insurgency is supported.
So she expressed the hope that Ukraine isn't turned into the killing fields of Afghanistan.
No, you can't say that on YouTube.
You can't criticize the war machine or Hillary Clinton.
Oh, God forbid the military-industrial complex.
The video was hidden.
Behind a content warning which said this has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.
That same warning wasn't placed as an interstitial on a video by Ukrainian TV host literally calling for the genocide of children.
Meanwhile Pope Francis warns final catastrophe could extinguish human race
This was during his weekly address at the Vatican, where he said humanity would have to, quote, start from scratch in the event of a thermonuclear war.
Maybe the Pope is a Russian agent.
Maybe he's a Kremlin propagandist.
Seems the Pope doesn't want a no-fly zone.
Maybe he's in with Vladimir Putin.
Maybe he should be investigated by the Justice Department.
Our imagination appears increasingly concentrated
On the representation of a final catastrophe that will extinguish us, said Pope Francis.
What happens with an eventual nuclear war, he asked again.
Pope Francis calling for peace, calling for de-escalation, calling for the survival of the human race?
How dare he!
Get him on a Russian collaborators list!
More than a third of Americans are willing to risk nuclear war over Ukraine.
It's a virtue signal about the current thing.
We'll talk about that on the other side.
Don't go away.
Well, the Pope has come out and said that the world risks nuclear annihilation, the end of human existence, basically, that we'd need to start from scratch.
Apparently he's not too keen on embroiling himself with this new trend of moral exhibitionism, this tough guy attitude over, we need to take on Putin, we need to impose a no-fly zone, without any consideration whatsoever for what that will entail.
World War III, namely.
But more than two-thirds of Americans, according to this Pew Research poll published on Tuesday, are willing to risk nuclear war over Ukraine.
Literally, it's devolved from wearing flag pins and doing spicy tweets about the need to face up to Putin, to them literally saying, I'm willing to risk nuclear apocalypse to prove my virtue.
According to the poll, 62% of Americans said that they would oppose taking military action, even if it risks a nuclear conflict with Russia.
However, 35% said they'd still support military action, despite the fact that every other US intervention globally for the past, what, 70 years has been a complete disaster.
Said they'd support military action in Ukraine.
Now, do they know what that entails?
That's Americans firing on Russians.
That's World War III.
Results were almost equal on either side of the partisan divide, with 36% of Republicans and 35% of Democrats willing to risk atomic war with the nation with the world's largest stockpile of nuclear warheads.
But, you know, if it gets you dopamine on Twitter, if it gets you 20,000 retweets, why not?
Now there are people going over to Ukraine.
There are people going to the Foreign Legion in Britain.
Signing up to be sent to Ukraine to fight in the war.
Now these people haven't seen any combat in a great majority of the cases from what I've seen.
There are some ex-military people going over.
But many of them, the extent of their combat training is playing Call of Friggin Duty!
The absolute state of some of these specimens that I've seen turning up at the Foreign Legion in Britain, the typical soy jack, pudgy belly type, who again have no combat experience, playing video games isn't combat experience, literally signing up to be sent to the front lines of the Ukraine war.
And many of them are now actually being killed, that's what the media's not reporting.
This is out of post-millennial.
And there's a video on this which I'm going to play as well from somebody who actually went there and escaped and said what it was really like.
Post-millennial reports, Ukraine's foreign volunteers are being told they won't be able to leave.
It's a death warrant!
Foreign nationals traveling to aid Ukraine's war effort are reportedly being duped.
Into signing indefinite service contracts.
They're apparently ripping up their passports when they get to Ukraine, being shoved on the front lines, and in some cases massacred by the Russians.
Again, all to show their moral exhibitionism, all to virtue signal about how they support the current thing.
This is absolutely incredible.
These Reddit keyboard warriors have gone from spouting crap online about volunteering for Ukraine, which of course Zelensky called for, and he said about 16,000, that's now about 20,000 had already volunteered.
So you get these Reddit bros, you get these people on TikTok, who've been duped by these influencers on TikTok, I'm gonna get into that in a second, because they met with the White House!
And these TikTok influencers were told, you have to promote our narratives, we'll promote you, it's a win-win.
So you've got vulnerable, gullible idiots on TikTok who spend most of their time watching dance routine videos on a loop with the algorithm, now seeing their favourite influencers tell them about how Putin's to blame for the oil price rise, for the gas price rise.
About how, you know, this is a bold and valiant mission on behalf of Zelensky.
About how this is black and white, good versus evil.
And some of these people are actually trying to travel to Ukraine.
Their passports are getting torn up, in some cases they're getting beaten by the Ukrainian army, shoved on the front lines, massacred by the Russians.
Ukraine's foreign volunteers are being told they won't be able to leave.
It's a death warrant.
As the nation's war with Russia broke out, the International Legion for the Defense of Ukraine was formed.
People from around the globe welcomed and encouraged to join the fight.
Some of the volunteers are former military personnel, while others have joined with little to no combat experience.
But despite wanting to join the Ukrainian army, recruits from across the West are being turned away upon their arrival at the Polish border,
With many claiming they've been unable to see contracts until they arrive in Ukraine.
And they give them a contract, and it's, you are stuck in this war until it ends!
You can't go to the Ukrainian border, take a few selfies, get your dopamine on Insta and Twitter, say, I was on the front lines of the Ukraine war, I supported the current thing, then sneak back into the United Kingdom, or sneak back into the United States, no.
They get into the border,
The passports have been confiscated and destroyed.
They've been shoved on the front lines.
No selfies for you!
Get in the war.
Stay in the war until it's over.
Be careful out there.
Training facility was bombed today.
You see it there on Reddit.
Contracts with the Ukrainian government allegedly state those joining will be under the same obligations as Ukrainian men.
Under Marshall, all the people who signed this contract will have to, quote, remain in the Ukrainian Foreign Legion for the duration of the war.
Absolutely incredible.
Let's go to this clip, which is one of the individuals, an American guy who volunteered and went over there.
This is what he witnessed.
Let's go to that clip right now.
So for any of you who are wondering what is going on, alright?
We were part of the Georgian National Legion 102nd Ukrainian Territorial Defense.
Our base got f***ed up.
The base right next to us got f***ed up.
Americans, British, tons of British dead.
They're not saying nothing.
They're counting our dead as their dead.
They're trying to send us to Kiev with no f***ing weapons, no kit, no f***ing plates.
The people who are lucky enough to get weapons are only getting magazines with like 10 f***ing rounds, okay?
When they wanted to send us to Kiev, we said no.
Our whole group, a bunch of Americans, Canadians, British.
So they told us we had to get the f*** out or they were gonna shoot us in the back.
So me, this British guy, and another American, we f***ing hid in the back of an ambulance to get out.
We got to the border and it was a whole other mess.
When you get to the border,
Anyone who has kit anyone who has any military?
They're pulling you out of the line and they're sending you back to the front This human we got dropped off about five clicks from the from the border and we walked
And we get to the border and this humanitarian group with a bunch of ex-SF veterans from England pull us to the side and say, you need to get, like, pull this out and f***ing, like, hit us.
And they were like, you need to dump all your kit.
They're pulling people out, cutting up passports, sending them back.
So we dumped our shit.
We got, like, in all of our f***ing, we got in, like, Red Cross vests and they had, like, f***ing humanitarian passes to get us through the Ukrainian border.
People need to stop coming here.
It's a trap, and they're not letting you f***ing leave.
The best way to leave is like in a Vic or a car or something.
People who get out by vehicle have a better chance of hiding their f***ing kit in the back, doing whatever the f*** they can, but do not try to leave Ukraine off foot if you're a volunteer.
It's a mess, and it's a trap, and I have multiple people who can confirm this story for me.
I'm getting
So there you have it, and when we come back after the break I'm going to talk about why, in what aspect, people are being encouraged to volunteer and to go to Ukraine with absolutely no idea of what they're entering into, which as he said is a trap, because of influences on TikTok spouting White House propaganda.
We'll be back.
So, as I was talking about, we have these Reddit bros thinking that they're big tough guys when they're actually Call of Duty playing Keyboard Warriors, going over to Ukraine, thinking they can get a virtue signal, moral exhibitionism selfie, put it on Instagram, Twitter for the dopamine, then slip back home, not quite turning out as they had expected, their passports are getting ripped up, they're getting beat around the head by the Ukrainian army, abused, taunted, shoved onto the front lines,
And in some cases killed.
Russian defence officials have further backed the claim with the announcement that they have killed 180 foreign fighters in Ukraine.
What are we hearing about that in the legacy media in the West?
Absolutely nothing.
They said this destruction would continue.
While Ukraine actively recruits foreign fighters, Russians continue to warn foreigners of intense repercussions.
So 20,000 foreigners have gone over there
They've already killed hundreds of them, God knows how many more, and we're hearing absolutely nothing about it.
Because TikTok influencers are now promoting the White House's narrative on Ukraine.
This is actually going to incite more idiots on social media to try to go over there.
Since the onset of the conflict in Ukraine, social media has been bombarded with one-sided hero worship.
Well, there's a fictitious tale of the Ukrainian Snake Island border guards because we had that story.
Of course, the ghost of Kiev and all that other good stuff.
Again, the fact checkers strangely noticeable by their absence, aren't they?
But now Washington is asking top TikTok influencers.
To brief their fans on what's going on in Ukraine.
This is how the social media networks are intricately tied in with the deep state, with the military-industrial complex.
They have 18-year-old fashion influencers on TikTok spouting, regurgitating, amplifying Pentagon propaganda.
Again, this social media networks are an intricate part of the deep state, of the regime.
So they've gone out there, they're telling their impressionable teenage fans that the rising gas prices have nothing to do with Biden's failure to secure North American energy independence via the Keystone Pipeline, nothing to do with environmental controls which have made it impossible to build coal-fired plants in America, all the other environmental restrictions, same thing in the United Kingdom when they banned fracking,
Again, making Europe more dependent on Russian gas.
No, it has nothing whatsoever to do with that.
It's all Vladimir Putin's fault.
They have influencers telling their fans, this is the true narrative of what's going on in Ukraine.
It's not enough for them to control the entire media.
It's not enough for them to blanket ban all other forms of media.
Under the absolutely retarded delusion that only Russia engages in propaganda.
It's not enough to de-platform, cancel, ban anyone with any prominence on social media who dares challenge the narrative, no.
Now they have to go to 18-year-old fashion TikTok influencers to amplify literal deep state Pentagon propaganda.
That's how intense, that's how ingrained this is.
Again, to combat Russian disinformation, these are the same people who before the election openly, brazenly lied in claiming the Hunter Biden laptop scandal was Russian disinformation.
Those are the same people now telling you that anything that runs counter to their Snake Island, Ghost of Kiev, Fake Attack on a Holocaust Memorial That Didn't Happen narrative is engaging in Russian disinformation.
They've used that weaponized term before to cover up verifiable, manifestly provable truths.
In one instance, one which probably swung the presidential election.
And we're supposed to trust them now.
Zero Hedge reports New York Times admits Biden laptop falsely called Russian disinformation is authentic.
Let's go to this final video now though because of course there's a massive new refugee crisis thanks to the deep state wanting to prolong this war.
Millions of Ukrainians have left the country.
Many of them are heading over to immediate nations such as Poland, Moldova,
And other surrounding nations, Romania included.
Some of them are heading to the UK.
We now have a new refugee crisis.
But some of these refugees might not look how you would expect.
This is the video, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Here's the clip.
Congress literally roars with feverish approval in response to Zelensky's demand for a no-fly zone, something which would almost certainly guarantee nuclear World War III, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees continue to flee the country, including this Ukrainian refugee family that arrived in Ireland, well...
As the U.S.
This is awkward.
No, that's not a joke.
Here's the news article.
Yeah, I think we might have a problem here.
Le Figaro reports that almost a third of supposed Ukrainian refugees arriving in France are actually from other countries.
Mainly from North African and Middle Eastern countries like Algeria, Morocco and Afghanistan.
What could...
Possibly go wrong!
Woman 18 allegedly raped while living in Ukrainian refugee housing in Germany.
She was allegedly attacked by two Ukraine citizens, 37 and 26, from Iraq and Nigeria.
Because nothing screams Ukrainian refugee louder...
...than being from Iraq or Nigeria.
Surely they wouldn't cynically exploit the genuine suffering of people fleeing from a real war to secure blanket asylum status along with all the generous freebies that that entails.
Would they?
Uh, yeah, they would.
Where have you been for the last seven years?
Benedict Cumberbatch says he wants to go further than wearing a little Ukraine pin at awards ceremonies for Virtue Signal.
About supporting the current thing.
I think already today the news has broken that there's been a record number of people volunteering to take people into their homes.
And I hope to be part of that myself, the celebrity said.
That's odd, I seem to recall Cumberbatch saying something similar before.
Oh yeah, now I remember.
Back in 2015 when he promised to take in a Syrian refugee,
And ended up doing f**k all!
Oh, but don't worry.
He looked into it.
Still did f**k all though!
Apparently he just didn't have space in his ten million dollar L.A.
But I'm sure you can trust him to live up to his word this time around.
Thinking about offering a room to a Ukrainian refugee?
Let me help!
Step 1.
Immediately tell the media so you can make yourself the centre of attention.
I mean, it's not like the very integral point of charity is to be private about it, is it?
No, gimme dat dopamine.
Populist party Sweden Democrats want all refugees except Ukrainians banned from entering the Scandinavian country in order to prioritise those who need urgent help.
Yeah, good luck with that.
Do the 20% of Brits who say they'll gladly accept a Ukrainian refugee into their home
Actually mean it!
Or are the vast majority engaging in another round of performative moral exhibitionism?
Gee, I wonder... Let's hit a couple of final news stories here in the last two minutes of the show.
Italian newspaper denies disinformation despite publishing completely misleading front page photo.
This is La Stampera in Italy who published a front page headline which read, The Carnage!
Alongside texts which talked about traumatized children in Lviv and Kiev preparing for the final assault by Russian troops, they illustrated this headline with an image of a man holding his face in grief, surrounded by dead bodies.
Problem with that photograph is that it was representative of the Ukrainian ballistic missile attack on Donetsk, the capital of the pro-Russian Breakaway Republic in Eastern Ukraine.
So it was actually an attack by Ukrainian forces.
And they presented it as a carnage carried out by Russians.
But they come out, the editor-in-chief has come out and said, no, we haven't engaged in disinformation whatsoever.
And now the government of Ukraine is literally posting this image saying, quote, you may not understand the language, but the grief on the faces of these people is clear to everyone.
Donetsk with a picture of dead bodies.
It was a Ukrainian attack.
Meanwhile, the most famous man in America was briefly banned by Instagram.
Kanye suspended by Instagram after angry rant.
What most people don't realise is that this rant against both Trevor Noah and the utter degenerate Pete Davidson was prompted by Kanye's fury at allowing his wife and her new boyfriend, the utter degenerate Pete Davidson, allowing his daughter to perform an LGBT TikTok routine where she sang the 8-year-old
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