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Name: 20220316_Wed_Alex
Air Date: March 16, 2022
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Alex Jones discusses topics such as Ukraine, globalism, health, and politics on his radio show while promoting products available at Infowarstore.com. He addresses concerns about the media, government actions, and global corruption, encouraging listeners to stay informed and take action. The broadcast covers finance, economics, and politics, with mentions of potential banking crises, supply chain disruptions due to COVID-19 cases affecting workers and food shortages, and junk bonds. The speaker advises investing in silver, learning about digital finance and cryptocurrency, and warns against trusting banks. They also share personal experiences benefiting from Infowars store products during marathon training.

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You know where the CIA tunes in, right?
You know where the Russians tune in?
You know where everybody tunes in, right?
You know who Tucker Carlson tunes into, and Joe Rogan, Elon Musk?
You know where they tune in, right?
They tune in right here!
Tomorrow's news, today.
Stage, but that's enough, too.
Look at the stage.
We've made a little change in the arrangement of who's on the stage because of the First Lady's husband contracting COVID, but
Look at this room and what you see.
That's right.
She's fine.
It's me.
That's not together.
Secondly, the first gentleman.
How about that?
Anyway, it's all fun and games, folks.
It's all a big joke.
As people are dying in Ukraine, our politicians are in on the gag.
It's all a big, sick joke.
Jen Psaki cutting it up yesterday with the establishment media, Democrat activists, during her press conference.
She's cutting it up, talking about the Russian sanctions.
Oh, it's all just a joke.
Ha ha ha.
Oh, Russia doesn't even know that it's Biden Jr., so I guess his dead father got sanctioned.
Ha ha ha.
And then the press laughs.
Ha ha ha.
Then you have Biden, who I guess tests positive for COVID.
I mean, he's not up there wearing a mask.
He's not quarantined.
He's addressing Congress.
Kamala Harris' husband apparently has COVID too.
I don't even care.
Somebody tests positive for COVID, wants to come to work, doesn't bother me one bit.
I'm not afraid.
And we've had enough real-world experience now, being around COVID, being around people with COVID, that it's okay.
It's okay.
But it's all a joke.
Uh, the first lady's husband has COVID.
That's you, Joe.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha, says the American media.
It's all just a joke.
And then Lindsey Graham, he's never seen a war, he didn't want you to die in, he's never seen a war, he didn't want someone else to die in.
Lindsey Graham gives a press conference today after the Zelensky press conference to Congress.
He's laughing it up.
He's cutting up jokes.
Oh, let's send drones.
Let's send missiles.
You know, pretty much anything to Ukraine except nuclear, except nuclear.
And the media laughs.
He's like, oh, what's a, what's a switchblade drone?
Sounds great.
Let's send those too.
Russia's losing!
Russia's losing!
Russia's losing!
And then you see Zelensky pretty much on his knees begging the U.S.
to save him and save Ukraine.
Oh, but Russia's losing!
Oh, ah, ah, yeah.
And they just think you're so stupid you're going to believe conflicting messages at the same time.
You know, here's what
The stance should be from the average American person, even if you're opinionated on this subject material, whatever your emotions towards Russia or Putin or Ukraine and Zelensky, here's what should be the common sense, universal approach to this from the American people, and that is, I'm sick of being lied to, I want nothing to do with this.
Okay, it's sad what's happening in Ukraine.
There's death on both sides.
There's innocent civilians getting slaughtered.
But I'm sick and tired of being lied to about what's going on in Ukraine, so why would I want to invest anything in that region?
Why would I want to invest anything in that conflict when I can't trust anything
As far as information goes coming out of Ukraine.
Why would I want anything to do with that?
We've been lied to constantly since day one of Russia going into Ukraine all the way up to whatever day we're on now probably around I guess three or more weeks.
And we've been lied to since day one.
Why would I trust any of the information coming out?
And why would I want to invest anything as far as financially, emotionally?
Physically, why would I want to do anything involving Ukraine when I'm being lied to about it 24-7?
No thank you!
That should be the common sense average American's response to this, but we got war hawks on both sides of the aisle from the Bidens to the Pelosi's to the Graham's to the Romney's.
Alex Jones with his response to all of this coming up next, but oh Russia's losing as Ukraine begs for help.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, you're listening to The Wednesday.
March 16th, 2022 edition of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
We have news of the utmost importance to break down right now dealing with the ongoing Ukraine conflict spiraling out of control.
This information cannot simply be lost in the sea of other factoids and developments.
This is paramount.
to ending the conflict in Ukraine.
And this is the reason that Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine.
The CIA today has declassified that they have been in a proxy war with U.S.
troops fighting the Russians since 2014.
And there have been casualties on both sides, thousands of them.
This has been suppressed.
This has been covered up.
The CIA has been directing a foreign legion of people as far away as Australia, people as close as Poland, Germany, France, the UK, leading the Ukrainians in an attempt to retake the eastern areas
That the Russians took over in 2014.
There is a giant article in Yahoo News today.
Exclusive secret CIA training program in Ukraine helped Kiev prepare for Russian invasion.
Now, I'm going to go over the article here, but here's the real takeaway.
This is why Putin came in, and this is what Putin was talking about, the heavy weapons, the training coming in, and NATO backing it, and basically how Zelensky was openly saying that they were becoming a NATO-slash-EU state when they had promised previously to be a neutral buffer zone.
So this wasn't just weapons being moved in, this was the US in a covert war with US troops directly
Commanding forces killing Russians and Russian separatists in the eastern areas.
Think about that.
Now, also, another large point here, and then I'll get to the main point.
You, of course, have heard this here exclusively on InfoWars for years.
And that's because I could go into the congressional funding and see the classified earmarks going in.
And then I talked to my extensive connections in the U.S.
military who would just go, yeah.
They're over there training people to fight the Russians, and then I made some other contacts, and of course it was revealed to me that it was a CIA operation.
But that would obviously be who would be in charge of it.
I don't even need people who've worked for and with and in the CIA to tell me that.
But I have that from at least five sources, including two of them that have been in the combat with the Russians.
And I've told you this dozens of times here on air.
And the reason that's important is I wasn't just
Surmising that we were in a proxy war over there and surmising that George Soros rags on CNN that he overthrew Ukraine in 2014 and put their puppet in on Fareed Zarkaria or he goes on C-SPAN and says he's the emperor of Russia and he's going to overthrow all those countries to precipitate the Russians to invade to defensively take back an area
being used by military forces against them.
It's called a counter offensive.
When a government next door to you, historically is basically your people, is overthrown, and then you have a separatist area that's been shelled and attacked for years, and the CIA is directing those attacks, what do you expect Russia to do?
I don't want Russia to invade.
I didn't want this to happen.
I want peace.
But I also
I don't know.
I don't know.
But this sits squarely at the Democrats and the Eastern Establishment's feet.
And so, here's the most important point.
Why is the CIA now speaking to Yahoo News and why is this being pushed everywhere?
Because they think you're stupid.
Previous to the Russians fully invading and responding to this offensive against them and their sovereignty and their security,
You would hear, oh, there's no Western people over there.
There's no support.
isn't doing anything.
The U.S.
We're not involved, even though all the money and training was obviously going in and the evidence was there.
But now that the world's firmly turned against Russia, now that Russia's clearly starting to lose, now they can brag and go, yes, we were there the whole time, training the people to fight these evil Russians, and then brand that offensive as a defensive operation.
So this is really, really disgusting.
And this is how they manage history.
It's how they control people.
And I just want to live in peace.
I don't want a bunch of wars.
I don't want $8 a gallon gas.
And I don't want U.S.
troops over there dying in an inter-Slavic civil war conflict.
And then the cherry on top is having the entire corporate establishment media that said we were all Russian agents because we wanted to secure the border and secure the dollar and secure our military and secure our children's futures.
We all get called Russian agents, while you've got the Clintons and the globalists up their eyeballs getting money from the Russians, who they've been double dealing with, as well as the Communist Chinese.
And all this does is push the world away from America, and push China and Russia together closer, and starts hurting the dollar long term.
So there's a larger global force that's manipulating all this, and now they're going to use this conflict to try to control money, to bring in the cashless society, social credit score grid, on the back of COVID.
They used to cover up what really happened with COVID, right, as that was starting to blow up in their face and really threaten their whole system.
And then it allows them to call Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, Tulsi Gabbard, all those other people, Russian agents and traitors.
Treasonous because we can find Ukraine on a map.
We know the history we understand that we don't support what Putin did but we understand the West was provocative and basically Pushed them into it and then the Russian intelligence agencies told Putin that he could win quickly, which was total disinformation I was saying that three plus weeks ago I said he's gonna go into a trap unless he successfully bought off all these groups and I knew the CIA had been in their training folks, so I
I believe they were going to put up major stiff resistance.
And so now you've seen that.
So that's the full spectrum analysis.
Owen Schroeder is about to take over.
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Yahoo News exclusive CIA training program in Ukraine helped Ukraine prepare for Russian invasion.
Folks, we've been reporting about these CIA groups for years at InfoWars, but specifically since this conflict started, we've been telling you that.
Oh, but it's Yahoo News exclusive.
InfoWars never covered it.
Again, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Shorter is about to take over here in about three minutes.
But I wanted to just recap and finish up what I was covering in that last critical segment.
The CIA and the State Department
Are now openly bragging in a Yahoo News article that we'll put on screen.
Exclusive secret CIA training program in Ukraine helped Kiev prepare for Russian invasion.
And in it, it says they went over there in 2014 and decided on whether or not they could launch a major operation to train them as a paramilitary with sabotage operations and major resistance operations as a stay behind.
Network and of course the US had already done this During the Cold War as well all over Eastern Europe setting up similar state-behind networks So most these men's fathers and grandfathers had already worked with the CIA and with NATO and the Pentagon many of them been trained Fort Benning, Georgia and many other areas School of America's and so These networks were then beefed up and then they gave the report back two years later in 2016 That indeed they were ready to fight
And so then you could have Soros and the media start the drum roll and start saying they were going to control Ukraine.
Ukraine was NATO and they were going to put missiles on Russia's border to antagonize Russia into invading.
And Russia has now rolled right in to a gigantic trap.
Exclusive secret CIA training program in Ukraine helped Kiev prepare for Russian invasion.
Ukrainian snipers had a problem.
Russian forces in eastern Ukraine were trying to blind them.
That's right.
Again, how they were battling the Russians in those Russian-held areas in the east that the Russians said they took because the Russian citizens that lived there for thousands of years with their families, family lines, were being attacked.
And it's all here in this article, spinning it and pushing it and admitting that they've done this.
So we've been at war with Russia, with U.S.
troops commanding forces in the field.
Since 2014, at least, the year that the U.S.
government with Soros overthrew their elected president.
So, there you have it, and now the world's on the edge of nuclear war, and the CIA's overthrown hundreds of governments in its history, and now it's basically overthrown the U.S.
government by stealing the election in 2020, and we all know it, because it's not a group that works for America.
It works for global corporations, and it sold our country out, and it's despicable.
So it's a big story.
A big story.
That the US overthrew that government and then started a paramilitary war with the Russians and then the Russians got punched in the nose enough to actually invade and are now in a giant bear trap.
In full wars.com tomorrow's news today.
I just wish we could all have peace and I just wish we could all get control of our governments again and not be run by these bureaucracies and these intelligence agencies.
But we are run by them and we know what their agenda is.
Break up our families, make us poor, dumb us down, give us $8 a gallon gas.
So this is these are not American groups.
They've got some of our best people our military working for them And it's just a very sad thing and they're having their CRT critical race theory divide-and-conquer program to call out the good people out of the military
And then the military will be fully an instrument of these globalists.
And then we're all in grave trouble.
And while the CIA is battling the Russians in Ukraine, our borders are wide open.
And Joe Biden has declared the American people who support Trump or support borders or question elections to be terrorists who are imminently about to stage terror attacks.
And that the CIA and military with the FBI will illegally, domestically come after all of us.
That's all official.
And that's where we are.
Again, back to Owen Schroeder.
We're back here in the InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas, and I'm going to start getting into the stacks of news.
Thank you, Alex.
I really want to take a lot of phone calls today, and we don't have any guests on the schedule.
Fourth hour host is going to be Kate Daly.
But I'd like to take phone calls today, get your response to the latest developments as far as the U.S.
getting involved in Ukraine are concerned.
After Zelensky's press conference today, begging Congress, begging the United States for help, but the media here tells us that Russia's losing, Ukraine is winning, and then Ukraine comes, Zelensky comes and grovels for help.
But hey, Ukraine's winning, we can trust the media, we're not being lied to about everything over there at all.
But, you know, we have an archivist, and you've seen a lot of the great work he does, it's really amazing.
And you see all the videos of Alex Jones from five years ago, ten years ago, a month ago, five months ago, whatever, just accurately foreseeing everything, the foresight, you know, tomorrow's news today, next year's news today, next year's news today, whatever you want to say.
And I mean, he can go back.
I pretty much remember everything I cover.
It's not a perfect memory, but it's pretty solid.
I know I've covered the CIA's involvement in Ukraine, training the proxy groups.
I'm sure Alex has covered it probably years ago.
So, I don't know if the archive has plans on releasing any of that information.
It's just, or those archives, it's just funny to sit here and it's like, oh, Yahoo News exclusive!
CIA training proxy groups in Ukraine.
No kidding!
No kidding!
And we've been saying that since day one.
That's part of Putin's beef.
And it just gets ignored by the Western press, because they are the CIA.
But, again, just to get back to my point, and when we come back, we'll cover the latest news, it shouldn't be a controversial opinion to say, because we've been lied to about everything in Ukraine, we should have no involvement.
And that's how the American people should feel.
But, that's more of a
Kind of a callous, remove-yourself-from-the-situation take on it, which I have no problem with.
But now, every time I tune in to a press conference, and the Republicans have had like five today,
Since the Zelensky address this morning, I'm sure Democrats have had some too, it's just every time I tune on the TV in breaks, or this morning after Zelensky begging for help even though he's winning, every time it's been Republicans, and every time I hear the same crap.
And again, what's with the t-shirt look?
He can't even put on a nice, not even a jacket to address Congress?
I mean, the whole thing is just, you know, he's playing a role, folks.
He's pretending he's a military man.
He's not.
I mean, can you imagine Stephen Colbert running the country?
He's a comedian.
Can you imagine, you know, Howard Stern or Jimmy Fallon or something running the country?
Well, that's Zelensky in Ukraine right now in these important times for Ukraine.
Yeah, how's that going for you?
But every time I tune in, I'm hearing the same talking points.
We need to be standing for Ukraine and freedom.
It's all about freedom and freedom and freedom.
Oh, where were you during the COVID lockdowns?
Where were you during the vaccine mandates?
Oh, but you want to talk about freedom in Ukraine, but not here in America?
How about screw you?
And then the other one is, oh, the devastation in Ukraine, the devastation in Ukrainian cities, it's so bad.
Have you looked at our cities lately?
Have you taken a walk down Main Street and First Street?
In our cities lately, in the US, you ever seen that devastation?
Oh, but freedom in Ukraine!
Devastation in Ukrainian cities!
But here in America, who cares about us?
It's all about Ukraine!
So here's the big fraud that is just an ideological fraud, a logical fraud, coming from our politicians and our media in the last 48 hours.
But it really goes back more than that.
But you'll understand.
Russia's losing!
Russia's losing!
Russia's losing!
And then Vladimir Zelensky gives his speech to Congress begging for help.
Does that sound like a country that's winning the war?
You know, I even wonder as the crew puts that story up about the CIA proxy groups being trained
In Ukraine to fight Russia.
I mean, we even probably have news headlines on that, video headlines on that from weeks ago, but I'll digress off the point.
Every American that can think at all should realize how much we're being lied to just from the last 48 hours.
Russia's winning, or excuse me, Freudian slip.
Russia's losing, but here's Ukraine, Zelensky, begging for help.
As if it's our duty to get involved in Ukraine.
What do you hear about Ukraine from our politicians and our media?
It's all about their freedom.
They have the rights to have a border and not be invaded.
And freedom!
And what's their stance on policy here?
We don't get borders.
We don't get freedom.
That's for Ukraine, you see.
Not that I was for it, but
They had to fight tooth and nail in Congress just to send out $600 stimulus checks to Americans.
$600 for an American.
They're in the process, I mean, when it's all said and done, it's going to be about $15 billion sent to Ukraine this year alone.
Where do you think that money's going?
But let's stop right there and cover these headlines and we'll get back to that question.
Zelensky calls out Biden and U.S.
during address to Congress.
Being the leader of the world means to be the leader of peace.
Biden, the leader of the world?
Biden, who doesn't even know who he is.
He doesn't even know who he is anymore.
He says, uh, Jill Biden's husband tested positive for COVID.
And then the media laughs.
He's like, oh, oh, that's me.
He just figured that one out.
He's Joe Biden!
He just figured it out.
He wakes up every day in the White House and says, where the hell am I?
That's just a direct quote from him.
If you trust him at his word.
But oh, Russia's losing the war, but Ukraine's begging us for help.
That makes sense.
Zelensky wants a no-fly zone, so he wants war with Russia.
He just wants everyone else to fight it now.
As he pretends to be a military man.
Says that the US and Congress needs to do more.
Invokes Martin Luther King, invokes 9-11.
Hey man, we got our own problems, okay?
We've done enough for you in Ukraine, we've done enough for NATO.
If you can't figure out how to help yourself, and help yourselves with all the help we've done for you, which probably didn't help at all, but... That shouldn't be our problem.
But, let's send more money over there.
Where do you think that's going?
Large Polish cities reaching capacity as UN says over 3 million refugees have fled Ukraine.
Ukraine's winning!
Ukraine's winning, guys!
3 million have fled the country.
Zelensky's begging for help from the US.
Ukraine is winning!
People don't even think anymore.
This is the most obvious... You're just being lied to.
You're being deceived.
You're being manipulated.
And who has been the voice in the wilderness being honest about all this?
Well, it's been InfoWars and it's been a few others out there.
All I do is tell it like it is.
And it's been pretty obvious when they keep saying Ukraine is winning that they're not winning at all.
But they just keep saying, Russia losing, Ukraine winning, and then it's, oh, millions have fled Ukraine, oh, Ukraine begging U.S.
for help.
But they're winning, though!
They are winning!
They need more of your money!
Because they're winning!
Here's a take from Pedro Gonzalez, journalist.
Americans need to know that Zelensky's acting in bad faith.
Over about two days, he said Ukraine must accept that it won't join NATO and that a US-led NATO must establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine.
Zelensky doesn't want peace negotiations, he wants America's blood and treasure.
Why wouldn't Zelensky come out months ago saying they won't join NATO?
Why wouldn't Zelensky have come out in a either joint statement with Putin or in his own statement saying, hey, we want to denazify and we want to demilitarize Ukraine as well.
Do you know why, folks?
See, it all goes back to the important clip of Joe Biden.
In fact, we should probably put this up, guys.
In fact, let's do that.
It'll be clip 2B.
Let's get the old Joe Biden clip at the Council on Foreign Relations, because this is very key today.
And our audience grows every day, and there might be people who have never seen this clip.
But when you understand this clip, you understand everything.
Joe Biden bragging in front of the Council on Foreign Relations that he basically blackmails and bribes Ukraine
With foreign aid to do his bidding.
So why wouldn't Zelensky have come out months ago and said in either a joint statement with Putin or on his own said we're not going to join NATO and we also want to denazify and demilitarize.
Why wouldn't Zelensky do that?
You go back to Biden's statement at the Council on Foreign Relations.
And you fast forward in time to today, the answer's obvious, folks.
Money, money, money, money!
Oh, Zelensky, you want that billion dollars in humanitarian aid?
Oh, you better not get rid of our CIA proxy groups.
You better not get rid of our biological weapons labs.
You better not get rid of all of NATO's forward operating bases.
Because if you do, we're not going to send you $14 billion.
So what does Zelensky say?
I guess I'll side with the Bidens and America and take the $14 billion and put my people at risk.
And where do you think that money's going, by the way?
Who's paying attention to where 14, 15, 16 billion dollars of our taxpayer dollars, who's monitoring that as it goes into Ukraine, one of the most corrupt countries on earth?
Where do you think that money's going?
And why do I have a sneaking suspicion some of that's going to end up right into a Biden bank account?
Guys, do we have that clip though, by the way?
Let's go back in time.
You want to know why Zelensky couldn't make a peace deal with Russia?
You want to know why Zelensky has been so bad for Ukraine?
Let's wind back the clock and listen to Joe Biden, I believe this was the year 2014 or 15, bragging about how he bribes and blackmails Ukraine with U.S.
foreign aid to their country.
I remember going over convincing our team or others to convincing us that we should be providing for loan guarantees.
And I went over, I guess, the 12th, 13th time to Keeve and I was supposed to announce that there was another billion dollar loan guarantee.
And I had gotten a commitment from Poroshenko and from Yatsenyuk that they would take action against the state prosecutor, and they didn't.
So they said they had, they were walking out to the press conference and said, no, I said, I'm not going to, we're not going to give you the billion dollars.
They said, you have no authority.
You're not the president.
The president said, I said, call him.
I said, I'm telling you, you're not getting a billion dollars.
I said, you're not getting a billion.
I'm going to be leaving here, and I think it was, what, six hours?
I looked, I said, I'm leaving in six hours.
If the prosecutor's not fired, you're not getting the money.
Oh, son of a bitch.
Got fired.
And they put in place someone who was solid.
Yeah, who would cover up Biden's criminal activities?
And so now it's the same thing, folks, except it's bigger money and it's bigger conflicts and it's a geopolitical matter, not just little petty corruption between American politicians and Ukraine.
It's potentially World War III.
I remember going over convincing our team or others to convincing us that we should be providing for loan guarantees.
I went over I guess the 12th, 13th time to Kiev and I was supposed to announce that there was another billion dollar loan guarantee.
And I had gotten a commitment from Poroshenko and from Yatsenyuk that they would take action against the state prosecutor and they didn't.
So they said, they were walking out to the press conference and said, no, we're not going to give you the billion dollars.
They said, you have no authority, you're not the president.
The president said, I said, call him.
I said, I'm telling you, you're not getting a billion dollars.
I said, you're not getting a billion.
I'm going to be leaving here.
I think it was, what, six hours?
I look, I said, I'm leaving in six hours.
If the prosecutor's not fired, you're not getting the money.
Oh, son of a bitch.
Got fired.
And they put in place someone who was solid.
That's gangster mafia level behavior right there from Joe Biden.
But I guess he runs his own
Criminal empire, the Biden crime family.
Just a little context for those that are unaware.
There was a prosecutor in Ukraine that was investigating the Biden's business dealings in Ukraine, like Hunter Biden making millions of dollars at a gas company with no experience sitting on a board of directors.
And all the other deals that Biden was making with his business partner, like Tony Bobulinski, who went public with all of it.
Media ignored it.
No, that's gangster-level mafia behavior from Joe Biden saying, I, as the Vice President, am not going to release foreign aid to your country unless you fire a prosecutor who's investigating my crimes.
I mean, The Godfather is a great movie, right?
That's real life right there.
I mean, that is real life mafia Don Joe Biden right there.
Now, why do I play this clip again?
Because it's so important if you understand that, you understand what's going on in Ukraine.
And you understand why Russia is sick of it.
And you understand why Zelensky has been such an incompetent, feckless leader in the last three weeks.
And you understand why we are now sending tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine.
Ukraine is now playing ball with the West.
They're in control of him.
He probably wishes Putin could save his ass like he saved Yovanovitch or the last Ukrainian president during the coup in 2014.
The Bidens, the Clintons, the Bushes, you name it.
All these corrupt political empires, all these criminal political empires in the West have been dirty dealing in Ukraine for years.
Including Pelosi.
And Putin knows that.
And the funny thing is, Putin would probably let these people steal their loot.
He just wants the gun off Russia's head.
He just wants the
The proverbial gun to the forehead of Russia, off, out, done.
Which is Ukraine with the NATO bases and the Western biological weapons labs.
And the media won't tell you any of this, and now Zelensky's caught up in this web, and who knows what's even going on, really.
But, you know, it is funny, if you go look, I mean, look, I'm not trying to be like the left here,
That's so deranged in their mental disorder we call liberalism.
Where Sarah Silverman sees spray paint on a sidewalk that just indicates that there's an electrical line underneath it because they're about to do some digging or some construction.
And she says, oh look, a Nazi swastika.
So I'm not trying to go full deranged mental leftist here, but
I mean, is Zelensky not wearing a Nazi iron cross on his t-shirt when he delivered his speech to Congress?
I mean, you tell me.
I mean, you look at the cross, you look at the Nazi cross on the uniform, I mean, it's kind of the same thing.
But hey, I'm not the one that freaks out over all this Nazi symbology like there's a Nazi around every corner like the left does.
I'm just saying, did you guys notice that?
Did you notice the Nazi Iron Cross he was wearing?
Or is that a joke?
And I guess you don't care about the only neo-Nazi faction that's left that I guess didn't get hired by the US government in the NASA program or what else.
I guess that the neo-Nazis in Ukraine don't exist and I guess that's not a Nazi Iron Cross that Zelensky is wearing.
Folks, it's pretty clear that Zelensky cut a deal, and it was probably his biggest mistake ever.
He cut a deal with the West, he's cutting deals with the corrupt political empires of America, and the Ukrainian people are suffering because of it.
That's what's going on, and it's disgusting that the American media is propping all of this up as a good thing.
Once again, running cover for the Biden crime family.
So that's why I play that clip of the foreign relations.
If you can understand that,
You can understand everything.
So let me continue with this news here.
African reporter calls out White House's strategy in Ukraine.
You guys are pushing these guys to commit suicide.
That's it!
That's what Zelensky's doing.
That's what the West is doing.
And ladies and gentlemen, it is despicable.
It is diabolical.
It is disgusting.
Russia's losing!
Russia's losing!
Russia's losing!
Tune in to Vladimir Zelensky's press conference begging the U.S.
for help!
And by the way, I had people sending me clips last night of old War Room broadcasts saying, hey look, you were right.
It has been Ukraine bombing Ukrainian civilians.
And then it got confirmed in other news reports, like how they shot that journalist that they lied about.
And then we had the guest on yesterday on The War Room from Ukraine.
And again, this is sick.
I really don't like this part of my...
Thank you.
But what do you expect?
They're handing out weapons and heavy artillery to citizens on the street, many of them gangsters, and then they go up, they end up going up shooting up apartment buildings, holding poor Ukrainians hostage, stealing their money.
It's like, oh, you gave guns to criminals?
No kidding!
But guys, it's a Yahoo News exclusive that the CIA
Has been training troops in Ukraine to fight Russia.
It's a Yahoo News exclusive.
Nobody had any idea that's been going on forever.
Nobody's ever been reporting on that for the entire time this conflict broke out.
Oh, just right here at InfoWars.
Next month's news today.
It's not even a secret, that's the thing.
They say, oh secret, oh exclusive.
Are you kidding me?
Secret, exclusive, anybody with two hands and access to a book or the internet or a library that can read could have figured that deal out.
But see, it all comes back to Joe Biden at the Council on Foreign Relations.
The Biden crime family.
It's Biden again!
I mean, it's literally Biden again!
Biden is, I mean, it's not Joe Biden, but essentially Joe Biden has Zelensky by the short hairs.
And it's very simple.
Just like at the Council on Foreign Relations, he says, do you want $15 billion in foreign aid?
And Zelensky says, I do.
And Biden says, then you're going to jump when I say jump.
You're going to bark when I say bark.
And you're going to sit when I say sit.
And Zelensky says, yes, sir.
And then they get $15 billion.
And where do you think that money is going to go?
Somehow I feel that money is going to end up into the Biden crime family coffers.
Where is $15 billion going to Ukraine?
And this just shows you how corrupt the U.S.
government is.
Again, they have to scratch and claw with something I don't agree with, but they have to scratch and claw to give the U.S.
people $600 in a stimulus check when they shut down the economy for a year.
Oh, that's how much, oh yeah, $600 will help.
Again, I don't support that form of communism, but...
600 bucks for the American people, they scratch and claw.
15 billion dollars for Ukraine?
Pass it overnight, baby.
Because they have stock in weapon manufacturers and defense contractors that they're making huge amounts of money on.
And they know how to wash that money and launder that money that goes into Ukraine and find ways to put it right back into their pocketbooks.
It's all a big, giant boondoggle, folks.
It's more corrupt American politicians running a money laundering, insider trading boondoggle as innocent people in Ukraine and civilians get slaughtered.
And seriously, where is the American left that has been against innocent people being slaughtered because of the financial interests of Western politicians?
It's funny how silent they are all of a sudden.
Alright, I'm going to finish up with some of these news stories.
Out of Ukraine, and I'm gonna come back and give out the phone number.
I'm gonna take your calls today, your response to the latest series of news and propaganda in regards to the Ukraine-Russia conflict, your response to my commentary on it, and your response to Zelensky's press conference this morning begging for help, even though the media tells us he's winning, he's a war hero now.
Incredible stuff.
We'll give out that phone number on the other side.
Here is a list of names, though.
Here's a list of names.
Since we haven't just read the list off, I'll read it to you now.
This is the list of names that have been sanctioned by Vladimir Putin.
Joe Biden, Anthony Blinken, Lloyd Austin, Mark Milley, Jacob Sullivan, William Burns,
Jen Psaki, Dalip Singh, Samantha Power, Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, Adewale Adeyemo, Reto Joe Lewis.
Some of those names you recognize, some you may not.
It's pretty much, it's the main players in Biden's cabinet, and then just throwing in some of the corrupt
People like Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton.
So, I'm not sure if this is just Putin trolling with these sanctions, having a good laugh, or if he's trying to send a serious message with this.
I don't really know.
Putin seems to be pretty unpredictable to me at this point.
The West and our politicians are extremely predictable.
They're bloodthirsty, money laundering criminals.
It's easy to predict their activities.
They run the same playbook over and over again.
I'm not really sure what Putin is thinking at this point in time.
Is he trolling America with these sanctions, or is this a serious thing?
But there's the list of names.
What do you think about those names, by the way?
Think there's any criminals?
Think there's any treasonous actors on that list?
Ukrainian border guard detains two Chinese nationals accused of smuggling babies.
Some nice child sex trafficking, human trafficking going on there at the border of Ukraine with Chinese nationals.
I wonder if Biden knows anything about that.
Remember his old friend, the old mayor of Moscow that was involved in human trafficking that he made million-dollar deals with?
Biden sending thousands of Marines to Australia in anticipation of conflict with China.
Look, I'm glad that we haven't gotten further involved in Ukraine as far as boots on the ground or our military involvement.
There's obviously a reason for this, and my guess is strategically, if they have made any decisions about sending U.S.
troops to a conflict,
In a different country.
They've decided that it's going to be in our best interest to do that in Taiwan.
I'm not saying that's going to happen.
They might not do that too.
But I am glad that our troops are not on the ground in Ukraine.
And I hope they won't be on the ground in Taiwan.
But it is sad that this is happening.
And it's going to hurt the West.
And it's sad for the civilians that live in those countries.
But we can't even figure our own stuff out.
We're supposed to go now take care of stuff in Taiwan and Ukraine when you go downtown Chicago, downtown New York, downtown St.
Louis, downtown San Francisco, downtown Baltimore, and it's just total degradation.
Violent crimes.
I mean, folks, New York City already has an uptick in almost 50% an uptick in crime from last year, which was a record-setting year in crime in New York City.
It's already up 50%.
We're not even through three months.
How do you think that's gonna go?
How do you think that's gonna go?
Biden to announce $1 billion in new military aid to Ukraine?
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's more money laundering, it's more war crimes, and it's once again the Biden crime family, Biden mafia Don of the Biden crime family, bribing, blackmailing Ukraine like he bragged about at the Council on Foreign Relations not even 10 years ago.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, they have given Biden a live microphone.
I am shocked at this.
They've actually given Biden a live microphone.
I wonder what they got him hopped up on to do this today.
So guys, do we have this queued up?
Can we go live now?
All right, let's go live now.
The Mafia criminal gangster Biden crime family head is live.
Starting in March of last year, we took the threat of Putin invading very seriously.
We sent Ukraine more security systems last year, $650 million in weapons, including anti-air and anti-armor equipment before the invasion.
More than we had ever provided before.
How'd that work out?
So when the invasion began, they already had in their hands the kinds of weapons they needed to counter Russian advances.
And once the war started, we immediately rushed $350 million in additional aid to further address their needs.
And how'd that work out?
Hundreds of anti-air systems.
Thousands of anti-tank weapons.
Transport helicopters.
Armed patrol boats.
And other high-mobility vehicles.
Radar systems.
So guys, just pull the audio down for a second.
I can't even take this, man.
So, in other words, they just made themselves filthy freaking rich with all their defense contractors and all their weapons manufacturers that they have stock in with their no-bid contracts.
By the way, how did all that support go for Ukraine?
How are they doing over there?
As Zelensky begs for help this morning, that's what Biden is responding to.
I know, folks, it's impossible for me to even not just... Let's just listen.
We activated additional security assistance to continue to help Ukraine fend off Russia's assault.
An additional $800 million in assistance.
That brings the total of new U.S.
security assistance to Ukraine to $1 billion just this week.
These are direct transfers of equipment from our Department of Defense to the Ukrainian military to help them as they fight against this invasion.
And I thank the Congress for appropriating these funds.
This new package, on its own, is going to provide unprecedented assistance to Ukraine.
It includes 800 anti-aircraft systems to make sure the Ukrainian military can continue to stop the planes and helicopters.
This is a joke, guys.
He's slurring his words, he can't even open his eyes.
He literally slurs his words because he can't even open his jaw, and he can't even open his eyes.
9,000 anti-armor systems.
These are portable, high-accuracy, shoulder-mounted missiles that Ukrainian forces have been using with great effect to destroy invading tanks and armored vehicles.
Great effect!
It'll include 7,000 small arms, machine guns, shotguns, grenade launchers.
You understand what's going on here, right?
I mean, forget about the globalists and all the geopolitical stuff.
This is Biden and Western politicians literally fighting to protect their money laundering country of Ukraine.
As they're laundering more money through that country than they ever have before.
And Biden's up there bragging about it.
This is unbelievable stuff, man.
Alright, go back.
We're ready to transfer.
Now, I want to be honest with you.
This could be a long and difficult battle, but the American people will be steadfast in our support of the people of Ukraine in the face of Putin's immoral, unethical attacks on civilian populations.
We are united in our abhorrence of Putin's depraved onslaught.
We're going to continue to have their backs as they fight for their freedom, their democracy, their very survival.
We're going to give Ukraine the arms to fight and defend themselves through all the difficulties.
There it is again.
Notice how you don't have Democrats talking about taking our guns anymore, so that's a nice pause on that deal.
But oh, here it is.
We need to arm Ukraine, but U.S.
people, you don't get guns.
Freedom in Ukraine, but you don't get freedom in America.
Democracy in Ukraine, but you don't get democracy in America.
This is unbelievable stuff that we are witnessing here, folks.
Joe Biden, up here in public, bragging about their money laundering operation in Ukraine.
Of course they want this war to go on as long as possible.
Why wouldn't they?
They get to send billions of our dollars over there, launder it through their political systems in Ukraine, and funnel it right back into their bank accounts.
You damn know it!
You damn well know it!
And they're double dipping!
Because they invest millions of dollars in these defense contractors, and weapons manufacturers companies, and their stock, and they make billions in that process too!
I mean, this is unbelievable!
And we're gonna sit here and take it?
As your gas hits $10 a gallon?
As your energy bills go up?
As your grocery store bills go up?
And Biden is out here with his criminals and the U.S.
government laundering billions and billions and billions of dollars through Ukraine and double-dipping with the weapon manufacturers and the defense contractors.
Holy smokes, man!
And they just assume that we're so stupid we'll have no idea what's going on.
And I guess that's what the Mockingbird Press is there for, isn't it?
Let's go back to Biden.
Okay, oh boy!
Guys, he went for a total of 10 minutes.
Oh, there's Mark Milley.
There's Anthony Blinken.
Y'all just got sanctioned by Putin.
The real criminals.
Milley, who wants to know that, who wants you to know that white people are racist and bigoted, and he's gonna find out about it.
So here's Biden laundering money in broad daylight.
Look at that.
Stroke of a pen and you just gave Ukraine billions of dollars.
I'm not going to comment on that right now.
I'm not going to comment on any of what I've told you.
So Biden gives a 10-minute response to Zelensky begging for help this morning.
Now he shuffles off.
It's nap time for sleepy Joe.
A 10-minute response, signs a bill giving Ukraine billions of dollars, and then goes to take a nap.
I mean, look, you kind of got to respect it, to be honest.
I mean, Biden has reached such a level of criminal mafia behavior, he can literally work for 15 minutes and launder billions of dollars.
I mean, that's actually impressive stuff.
Without even a shake, a stutter, nothing, Biden goes and in 15 minutes launders billions of dollars through Ukraine.
And he does it in broad daylight, right on camera, with the whole media there.
And then someone tries to ask a question, he says no questions, and they say, yes sir.
Holy smokes.
Let's take your response to all of this on the phone lines.
And guys, let's only do calls on this situation in Ukraine with Zelensky's press conference, Biden's press conference, my commentary.
I don't want calls on anything else.
So if somebody calls in and wants to talk about something else, we're just not going to take that call right now.
I want to stay focused on this subject material.
Maybe later when I get into some of this other news, like the vaccine killing people, Democrats getting caught with crimes, the war going on at the southern border that nobody's talking about except, I guess, InfoWars.
I told you about that yesterday.
It's now getting worse.
But we'll do that later.
I want to take calls on your response to the Zelensky press conference, the Biden press conference, my commentary, and just the ongoing situation in Ukraine.
I mean, is this not so obvious?
Is this not the most obvious thing ever?
He's... Biden and our criminal politicians are double-dipping
And doubling down their investments on the war in Ukraine, while pretending like they want to help Ukraine when they're only helping themselves, because they get to blame Putin for everything they're doing with the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, and they get to continue to launder weapons and money through Ukraine, something they've been doing for decades, which is why they want to protect it at all costs.
And they just do it in broad daylight, man.
I mean, they only need to work for 15 minutes a day, and they just... I mean, you remember like the Wolf of Wall Street?
When they would do like $25 million deals and $50 million deals and they'd go into the office and they'd jump up and down and pop champagne and they'd be like, $50 million in 10 hours!
Biden just laundered billions of dollars in 10 minutes!
So suck on that, Wolf of Wall Street Joe Biden!
The Wolf of Washington D.C.!
You know, I guess our problem here at InfoWars and this audience and myself personally is that we just care too much.
We just actually genuinely care.
And I guess that's our biggest flaw, isn't it?
Because, I mean, this stuff is just hilarious and ridiculous.
I mean, Joe Biden, the guy who craps himself when he's at the Vatican, and by the way, he was supposed to be traveling to Europe for a trip.
I'm pretty sure they're going to cancel that.
You can guess why.
Joe Biden, who yesterday talks about how he has COVID, but he calls himself Jill Biden's husband, and he doesn't even know where he is or who he is.
It's just, it's just, I mean really it's just so ridiculous, it's hilarious, but we understand how this is going to hurt the entire world and this country in the future, so we kind of take it personally and we don't like it.
But man, oh man, I mean if I didn't care, this is hilarious stuff!
You could just do coverage of this and just be like, wow, isn't this funny?
Wow, look at how dumb the American people are.
Wow, look at how big of liars and scum the American politicians are.
I mean, that's what I'm saying, like, it's Joe Biden and the Council on Foreign Relations bragging about how he uses bribery and blackmail.
I mean, this is a joke!
Biden apparently has COVID right now.
They say, oh, Biden's got COVID.
He's out there, no mask, walking around.
Good, fine, I'm not the one that lives in fear of COVID.
I'm not the one that cares about COVID.
It's him begging you to wear a mask and take a vaccine, but apparently he has COVID?
He's wandering around the White House?
We're just sending billions of dollars to Ukraine, sending all these weapons to Ukraine.
Is anybody monitoring this?
Is anybody going to be monitoring the money?
Is anybody going to be monitoring where the weapons go?
It's not like the U.S.
is known to armed terrorists and proxy groups in that region.
Oh, no!
It's not like the Bidens are known for bribery and blackmail and running their own scams in Ukraine.
No, no, no!
Unbelievable stuff.
We're going to take your phone calls here.
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All right.
Let's begin taking phone calls on all of this.
And we'll start with Dean in New York.
Dean, you're on the InfoWars.
Alex Jones transmission.
Oh, we lost Dean.
That's no problem.
We can go now to John in Texas.
John, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hi, Owen.
One thing that people are not asking about this whole situation is we could be going to war with a nuclear Russia.
Where's our civil defense system?
Where's our fallout shelters?
Where's the supplies?
We don't have anything.
Oh yeah, nothing on that.
They just tell you to wear a mask.
Literally, they tell you if you get hit with a nuke, wear a mask.
Russia has a major civil defense system.
So does China, I'm pretty sure it does.
We don't have anything, because they don't care.
They don't care about us.
If we die by the millions, they just don't care.
They don't give a rat's ear in.
All we're doing out there, both sides, Republicans and Democrats, are cheering, hey, we're going to war with Russia, yay!
No, I would even say I'm confident that if something happened and millions of Americans died, that Biden and Pelosi and probably Romney and Graham would actually probably be happy and celebrate it behind closed doors.
I think so, too.
And the people, that should be a big rallying cry if we make it to the midterm elections, is, hey, they don't care.
If we're going to go to war, why don't they care about us?
They give up all our shelters and all this stuff.
We don't have nothing.
Come on, John.
They told you if you get nuked, wear a mask.
And bend down, kiss your ear, and goodbye, because that's about the only thing we got, I guess.
Oh my gosh.
And by the way,
If China does go into Taiwan, how much money do you think we'll be sending over there, too?
Well, even if they don't hit us with nukes, they'll drive the price of gas up to $10 a gallon, the economy start crumbling, but they don't care.
And they'll blame Putin.
That's right.
He's the Paul guy right now.
It's just despicable stuff.
Our government hates us.
That they do, I think so.
I told my mother the other day, we don't have a government.
Yeah, we've got like a, like a kidnapper or like a, we're like held hostage by our government.
We're in an abusive relationship with our government.
Our government just abuses us, shakes us down whenever it wants, beats us up whenever it wants, silences us whenever it wants, forces us to fight for their corruption whenever it wants.
I'm done with it, man.
I'm done with it.
Anything else, John?
No, that's it.
Well, I thank you for the call.
Let's go to Stephen, calling in from Florida.
Stephen, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hey, good afternoon, Owen.
Alright, so, with this situation in Ukraine, I want to give a little bit of a different spin on this, and this is from a biblical standpoint.
Now, first of all, anybody that wants to get a good education on history, you need to watch Alex Jones' Terror Storm.
He really goes into detail about false flags.
And you'll really start seeing the pieces of the puzzle falling into place with that.
Now, okay, so, if you go back to what we've done, okay, we took out Mossadegh, you know, the CIA helped do that, and...
Iran back in the 50s.
Okay, then of course you had the Arab Spring Muslim Brotherhood, you know, you had Mubarak in Egypt, and then of course Saddam in Iraq, and we went into Afghanistan, and of course we wanted to go into Syria, you know, and go after Assad, and faking the gas attack when it was the ISIS that did that, which by the way, we propped up.
And so, you know, you've got these different dictators that, you know,
The Globalist Fund, and they prop up, and then the dictator's ego gets in the way, just like Hitler and Stalin, and they decide to stiff the Globalists, and so ultimately they get taken out.
Well, here's the thing.
Alice is right.
I believe Putin has walked into a trap.
This, you could call Ukraine the bear trap with, you know, Russia being the bear, okay?
So, here's what I believe is going to occur.
In Ezekiel 38 and 39, it talks about Gog and Magog, and these are ancient terms for what's now Russia and the Confederacy.
We've got to go to a break here.
It's an honor to be here with you, filling in for Alex.
He will be back this afternoon.
I might try to pop in on the war room upon his arrival, but he'll be back hosting tomorrow, and I'll be fulfilling my standard duties of hosting the war room.
We're taking your phone calls right now, responding to the latest news breaking out of Ukraine, Biden announcing tens of billions of dollars going to Ukraine, Zelensky's begging for the U.S.'
's help this morning, even though the media says he's winning.
He's winning so much he's begging for help.
It all makes sense.
We're getting a response to all of this and my commentary at the same time.
We'll stay in Texas here where Scott has dialed in.
Let's go.
Scott, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hey, always good to talk to you.
How's everything going?
It's all right.
Good deal.
Yeah, it's crazy.
I mean, it's no surprise, of course, that, of course, we just give money out.
That's what we do.
Yeah, it's like, where's the money coming from?
By the way, just yesterday Biden was bragging that he has decreased the deficit and it's going to be a trillion dollar decrease in the deficit.
You're decreasing the deficit as you're sending billions to Ukraine?
Anybody that believes that is an idiot.
As the clock, the debt trillionaire clock just constantly goes up.
Yeah, it's decreased at my butt.
Anything else, Scott?
Uh, you know, I just wanted to give in my, uh, three months.
I usually call in just spread the word about Grand Theft World.
Uh, it's just doing amazing stuff.
Uh, they do air your stuff quite a bit and they're doing an amazing job over there.
So we got to get the word out about how many
Podcasts and everything that's going on.
There's a lot of amazing shows going on.
So I just wanted to get my message out about GrandTheftWorld.com.
Alright, they share our stuff.
We appreciate that.
Yeah, there are all kinds of podcasts and talk radio shows and everything.
It's all popping up in a populist or right-wing fashion.
There's no leftist taking off in the media world, folks.
There's no leftist podcast that people even listen to.
There's no liberal commentator or intellectual or ideologue that has any following because they're not intellectual and their ideas are failed.
They've given millions of dollars to the Obama for podcasts.
Nobody listens.
Hillary Clinton podcast?
Nobody listens.
Nobody would even be listening to the hacks like Colbert or Kimmel if they weren't on cable news and force-fed to you on the big tech platforms.
There is no populist movement anywhere near the left-wing ideology or the liberal progressive movement in America.
It's just Hollywood soulless fops and the brainwashed minions that I guess just their soul is just gone at this point.
Let's go to Jay in Tennessee.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Jay, go ahead.
What's up, man?
Hey, Owen.
Man, I'm just frustrated about this Ukrainian situation.
Should have been avoidable.
I mean,
People don't understand their history on this situation.
Like, with NATO forming after World War II, you know, Russia was our ally, and they lost millions of people, but then they created the Warsaw Pact, and then that created conflict.
And when, in the early 1990s, when the Soviet Union collapsed, that was our opportunity to bring them in, you know, and spread freedom, but we just screwed it up.
Our foreign policy is just crap, man.
And I'm just concerned about our country going to World War III.
We're better than that, I feel like.
It's just a shame.
Yeah, and let's just expand on what you said at the beginning of the call, that all of this would have been avoidable.
You're absolutely correct.
Putin has been trying to speak with the UN and NATO and the West and they just have been ignored for years.
And so Russia felt its only path of being heard was this invasion of Ukraine.
All America or the West or Ukraine had to do
Was get rid of the biological weapons labs, get rid of the NATO defense systems in Ukraine, get rid of the CIA-backed Nazi groups in Ukraine, and Russia would have never gone in.
But they wouldn't do it, they didn't do it, and so Russia went in.
That's the facts of the situation.
You can decide who's good and who's bad, but those are the facts.
Don't be fooled.
Anything else, Jay?
Yeah, like we need to focus on our country, like our borders are collapsing, our economy's in the crap.
Oh, you mean our collapsing infrastructure, our collapsed border, our degrading, deteriorating inner cities, our crime wave skyrocketing, our consumer price index skyrocketing, the inflation and the loss of the power of the U.S.
You mean we should care about that?
Oh yeah, and we need to prosecute
No, it's bad.
It's bad.
And for all that talk of Trump draining the swamp, the swamp is swampier than ever before right now.
Yeah, and I had friends in Alabama that voted for Biden, and now they're complaining about the gas prices going up.
It's like, I told you so.
This is a socialism.
And like, we need to mind our own business.
We got too many problems.
Yeah, we got race war.
And it's all stemming from the American left.
I'm not saying the Republican Party is the solution to this stuff, but all these problems stem from the American left.
Thank you for the call, Jay.
And I've got more evidence of that, but you're seeing a lot of this now.
But let's get into what he talked about with the gas situation.
So Biden is now realizing what everybody else realized a week ago.
That the gas prices going up are not in line with the actual price of oil.
And so, somebody tweets this out from his presidential account on Twitter.
Oil prices are decreasing, gas prices should too.
Well, that's not fully true.
Oil prices are actually increasing, but they did take a little bit of a dip in the last seven days.
Last time oil was $96 a barrel, gas was $3.62 a gallon.
Now it's $4.31 on average.
Oil and gas companies shouldn't pad their profits at the expense of hardworking Americans.
But see, here's what he leaves out.
He's choked out the oil companies.
When he shut down the Keystone Pipeline and we shut down all these other pipelines and drilling projects, they invested billions of dollars in these projects that they assumed they would be able to go forward with, and now it's costing them billions of dollars.
They're taking a loss on that, so they've got to make it up somewhere.
Now look, I'm not sitting here standing up for the oil and gas industry.
They make plenty of money.
I don't think they're going to be hit too hard by $10 a gasoline like most other Americans are, but that's not the point.
The point is, Biden's policies have consequences and we live in a free market system.
So yeah, the price of gas is only going to go up because Biden has committed to destroying the oil industry.
And Biden has shut down our oil production, and now half the planet hates us because of Joe Biden, and they're not helping us out on oil.
And if this trend continues, we're going to lose all of our strategic oil reserves as we're about to potentially enter a larger world conflict?
How's that strategy going to go?
Well, who cares?
Biden's about to launder billions of dollars in Ukraine.
You think he gives a damn?
Germany's not laughing now.
Russia reverses gas flow of key pipelines serving Europe.
Remember when Trump addressed the UN?
And he said, Germany, you're going to be hurt by this policy in Russia and the NATO policy in Russia.
And they all laughed during that.
Oops, looks like Trump was right again.
Germany's not laughing now.
But Russia's losing, guys.
Russia is losing as other world powers are aligning with them, and European nations and American nations are suffering, and Zelensky's begging for help.
Apologies for getting back late here.
I'm just going to be honest.
I was in the break room and getting a fresh pot of InfoWars coffee from InfoWarsStore.com.
I hope you'll support the broadcast.
Get a bag of our coffee at InfoWarsStore.com.
We're taking your phone calls in response to the latest situations in Ukraine, the Biden funding of billions of dollars, the press conference, Zelensky begging for U.S.
help even though he's winning.
It's really amazing stuff.
I've never seen the side that's winning the war begging for help and then needing billions of dollars in additional funding.
We're just being lied to about that again.
Oh, that's right.
And so we go back to the phone lines now.
We have Ken on the line from Illinois.
Ken, you are on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Good day, Owen.
First time caller.
Never been so freaked out before in my life.
But with this Zielinski thing, people upset with him wearing a t-shirt.
Well, I don't know who would go to war wearing a suit and tie.
So, he's an actor.
So, he's wearing a t-shirt looking like he's embattled and everything.
Yeah, he's got the beard now, too.
And did you see Macron, who's now trying to do the same thing?
He's growing out the stubble.
He's wearing t-shirts and hoodies.
I mean, look, I'm not the fashion police here, okay?
But, I mean, certain occasions call for certain looks and appearances, and it's not that.
But the other thing, the Iron Cross predates
Nazis, even predates Germany.
It's from Russia, but that's not the big thing there.
With him begging for money, George Washington couldn't even get money from Congress, and yet now we're shelling it out over to a place that has zero interest for us, but definitely does for, he said, the crime syndicate.
The thing that really freaked me out was a couple years ago, I stumbled upon Oliver Stone's documentary.
Which should have been talked about years ago because it laid out the whole thing, how it wasn't Trump, it was everyone that was claiming Trump was colluding.
So yeah, them shelling money over there is just trying to clear up that whole mess and make sure it doesn't come out.
Yeah, and who's going to be monitoring where the money goes?
Who's going to be monitoring where the weapons go?
I mean, these are basic questions that nobody can even answer and we never get an explanation on.
It's just pathetic.
That's because we're living in a false reality.
This show, InfoWars, is the only way you're getting the reality and the truth.
So I'm shocked that they even have Biden coming out anymore.
I wouldn't be surprised if it gets to the point to where
He doesn't even show up because he doesn't need to.
Well, I mean, hey, he did ten minutes of a press conference today.
Ten minutes, Ken!
Ten whole minutes responding to Zelensky begging for help even though he's winning and then allocating more weaponry and more money to Ukraine.
Ten minutes is what was warranted for that.
And not a single question from the press either!
Well, I'm shocked that they haven't gotten so arrogant to just have them come out for one minute and say, hey, this is what we're doing.
I'm going back to doing nothing, living my life.
You can't complain all you want, but guess what?
You got no say.
It's madness.
It's nuts.
I'm not sure where we're going to go from here.
Well, I think it's going to get worse before it gets better, sadly, and we've been saying that for a while, but the whole world is waking up to this.
I mean, there's the Great Reset going on, and there's a Great Awakening going on, and look, I'm not going to sit here and praise President Xi Jinping.
I'm no fan of the Chinese Communists, but
Xi Jinping doesn't want Chinese men being gay.
Xi Jinping doesn't want to feminize Chinese men.
I mean, why do you think that is?
Nobody understands the sad thing because of the state of the media.
Nobody truly understands the dynamics of what we're dealing with in the current times because the American media treats them like cattle and like children.
And they don't want to know either.
They like the propaganda.
They like falling for whatever the latest propaganda is.
It makes them feel good.
Hi Owen, thanks a lot.
Long time listener, first time caller.
It's amazing to see you grow over the years.
Just amazing how you're just on it all the time.
I guess you won the Oscar Award because now you're going to face the beast in Washington.
So I pray for justice in your case.
But anyway, I wanted to ask you, do you think that this is going to bump up Biden's polls in any way?
Which is kind of a reverse trend.
Normally, historically speaking, at least in modern history, when U.S.
presidents get involved in wars or wars go on, usually that gives them a boost in the approval ratings.
It's kind of a patriotic thing, I guess, and wanting to support the U.S.
at times of war.
It's not working for Biden, and I'm not sure that's the intention, but no, he's not getting any boost at all from this.
Yeah, and the other thing I wanted to say is, I think that the Ukraine is the second biggest money laundering operation in the world, because I think the U.S.
is the number one.
It's like, it seems to be, at this point, the clearinghouse of all the corruption throughout the world.
It's like, if you're a kleptocrat, come to New York and buy your luxury, you know, penthouses, you know?
It's just like, it just seems like it's so disgusting that it's everywhere at this point.
It's so pervasive, I don't know how we come out of it without some type of complete collapse and rebuild.
Well, that's the agenda.
That's the corrupt Western politician's agenda.
That's the Great Reset, is to collapse everything, because they know it's inevitable that if the system collapses, they'll get blamed, and or their criminal activity will be exposed.
So they figure, just collapse it all to rubble, and then skirt all the responsibility and all the blame, and make off with their stolen loot.
Yeah, it seems so.
I really encourage parallel economies.
I mean, you know, I'm on the fence about crypto, you know, I'm involved in it, but I think that and the combination of just communities getting together and looking, you know, there's a price to everything and there's a value to everything.
How is a skyscraper in Manhattan more valuable than
We're good to go.
Well, and we're here entrenched in Austin, Texas, and believe me folks, there's the same instinct that you probably have out there that we have here.
Which is get out of major cities, get out of Democrat-run cities, get out of these liberal cities that are just going to hell in a handbasket.
But we're entrenched here, and there's kind of this feeling of defend Austin, because there is a big conservative move into Texas, and there's a lot of people, conservative in the tech and media industry, moving to Austin specifically.
So there's kind of a pushback here.
But believe me, we have the same instincts.
You're going to see homesteading become a mainstream feature soon, homeschooling, having little farms, little gardens.
I mean, that's the future.
Which is the past, but it's the future because all the promises we were made about the future with technology and expansion of humanity and everything, we were lied to.
That's been stolen from us, so now we've got to go back to save ourselves.
Yeah, and it has to be parallel, because, I mean, you know, you look at this, that, that, Harpy, you know, Avril Haines, she's, you know, the head of the director, she's the director of the National Intelligence, and it's just like, all of this, all of this was pre-orchestrated.
Like, even while Trump was in office, they set it up so that when they transitioned, the worldwide harm, or threat assessment, was about domestic terrorism.
They've telegraphed what they've wanted to do.
They want to focus on people like you and I who don't want to live under globalist tyranny.
And they want to focus on people who are willing to stand against it publicly, willing to stand against it as a voice in the media.
I mean, that's why they hate me so much, folks.
I mean, if you want to get down to it.
And Joseph, thank you for the call.
They hate me because I confronted Jerry Nadler.
They hate me because I confront politicians to their face.
They hate me because I go to their little pedophile events and call them out.
They hate me because I'm on the air every day calling out their crimes.
So yeah.
But they really just hate all of us.
They just want to make an example of Infowars like they did with the censorship.
They want to make an example of Alex Jones, Roger Stone, Owen Schroer.
Let's quickly take a look at some of the other news here happening.
Before we go back to your phone calls, Congressional Republicans file lawsuit against CDC to end mask mandate for air travel.
You can thank Rand Paul for that.
It did win in the Senate.
I believe it won in the Senate.
I'm not sure that it's officially been passed yet.
I forget the exact numbers, but there's finally a push from our government to stop this insanity of the masks on the airplanes, including from Ted Cruz.
In fact, we've got a clip from Ted Cruz on that right now for you in clip 10.
By the way, according to the virtue signal, if one mask is good, two is better.
And even better than that is three.
If you want to wear three masks, from now until the end of time, you can.
Well, you know what?
Nobody's stopping you.
You have every freedom to mask up as long as you want.
But stop using arbitrary government power to force the American people to play in COVID theater.
Now, Mitt Romney was one of the only Republicans to vote against ending the mask mandate.
The Senate backed Rand Paul's efforts to scrap mask mandates on public transport by voting Tuesday 57 to 40 in favor of ending the restrictions on planes and trains.
The only Republican to vote against it was Mitt Romney.
What a sad sack he is.
So, that's in response to the White House expanding the public transit mask mandate, the federal mask mandate, until April 18th.
They're never going to stop with the mask insanity.
And it's just ridiculous considering you just had this State of the Union with all the Democrats and nobody wearing masks and you have Biden who's apparently COVID positive walking around the White House not wearing a mask.
And again, I don't care.
I don't care if the whole crew has COVID and comes into work and I sit in a room with them or go have dinner with them or we work together.
Doesn't bother me a bit.
I don't live in fear.
I don't care.
I'm not playing the game anymore.
I'm over it.
But Biden, apparently, who doesn't even know who he is, refers to himself as the husband of Jill Biden, not even realizing that that's him.
Apparently, he's walking around with COVID, not wearing a mask, and it's no big deal.
But, oh, the mask mandate for you still stands.
It's like Obama tests positive for COVID and says, this is, I've been vaccinated, and I have COVID, and that shows you that the vaccine works.
He says, I have COVID.
I mean, it's such a joke.
He goes, I have COVID and I'm feeling great, just a little scratchy throat.
The vaccine works.
And it's like, oh, you mean, what about all the people that tested positive for COVID, which may have been a false positive, tested positive for COVID and didn't have any symptoms?
You know, and that's why I think, you know, these professional sports leagues are obviously dropping a lot of their COVID nonsense because
They realize how ridiculous it is, but you have a lot of these athletes now, like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, who I don't really watch much sports anymore, let alone the NBA, like never.
But I'll cheer for Kevin Durant, I'll cheer for Kyrie Irving, I'll cheer for Brad Beal, I'll cheer for Jonathan Isaac for standing against medical tyranny, absolutely, for calling out the madness of it all.
I mean, hell, even LeBron James has done that!
See, and so the athletes now realize how dumb it all is, and they're starting to look into it and ask questions.
And I think that that trend is only going to continue as time goes on here.
Fauci is in fear, folks.
Fauci is, he's not having a good time right now.
He says he's afraid that if Republicans win back the House,
And have a congressional advantage over Democrats.
There's going to be Benghazi-type hearings against him.
Yeah, that's right, Fauci.
Hillary Clinton bragged about how they murdered Gaddafi.
Hillary Clinton and others were involved in the cover-up and the death of the Americans in Benghazi, and you have been responsible for the cover-up of the deaths from the vaccines and the deaths from the virus that you created.
So yeah, there's gonna be hearings on you.
We're now into the third hour of the Alex Jones Show.
Glad to be here with you.
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We're still taking your phone calls in response to the situation in Ukraine and Biden shelling out more money, more weapons, the media saying Russia is losing but all signs say the opposite.
Zelensky's address this morning and Biden's 10-minute press address afterwards.
All of that and we've got still loaded lines here.
We go to Steve in Ohio.
Steve, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hey, Owen, what's up, man?
Big fan.
Howdy, thank you.
Hey, okay, so, um, I was listening to the Trump podcast where he did with those young guys.
Full Send, I believe?
Yeah, yeah.
Actually, I was a little concerned about it, because he was talking about how, like, Russians were doing genocide and, like, thousands and thousands of civilians were being killed by the Russians.
It was just like, he had a chance to kind of
Calm tensions and a lot of people are listening to him because there's no real voice other than maybe like Tucker in the mainstream who's just kind of like having a clear mind.
But it just seemed like Trump was just trying to score political points and it's just really frustrating because like I don't care who's in office at this point.
I just want like the truth to be told, you know?
Yeah, I hear you, and I'm sure that, you know, quote-unquote, intel agencies or individuals in the intelligence agencies are feeding Trump this information, and maybe it's good information, maybe it's not.
He's probably just repeating what he's told.
But he also said on the, I believe it was that podcast, it could have been a different interview, but he also said how he had a good relationship with Putin and that he liked Putin.
He was confused at his recent activities and he thought that maybe something had changed in Putin.
I don't think it's that.
I think it's our leadership change and Putin just saw strategically it's time to further go into Ukraine.
But what's really disgusting is Trump going on Hannity.
Last week, and Hannity trying to set him up, set Trump up that is, making him call Vladimir Putin a war criminal, making him say all these, I mean just pressing him saying, yeah but Putin's bad, Putin's a war criminal, Putin's a murderer, Putin's committing, just forcing Trump to say that, and Trump still remained neutral despite the pressure from neocon hack Sean Hannity.
I wonder what investments he has in defense contractors or weapons manufacturers, contractors to, you know, support every war that someone else will die in.
He's not going to send his kids.
But yeah, look, Trump, I think Trump kind of likes to remain a little unpredictable and kind of unhinged as well.
I think that's kind of a geopolitical persona that he likes to have.
He looks at that as a strength.
But I understand your concerns seeing Trump kind of jump on the Russia phobia bandwagon that the media loves to abuse.
All right, Steve, thank you for the call.
Let's go to Patrick in Massachusetts.
Patrick, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey, how's it going, Owen?
Good, thanks for calling.
I just wanted to kind of touch real quick just on the history.
Just in general, people don't understand.
I mean, obviously, you had Sean Stone on yesterday, I believe, and those three films he made with his father, the Putin interviews, Ukraine on fire, revealing Ukraine, kind of go into it.
But I mean, all this is business as usual when you look at the Biden family after the installation of Petro Poroshenko and the corrupt energy deals that were done to essentially rob the entire Ukrainian people.
I mean, we're just we're just getting back to business is what it seems like.
Yeah, definitely.
And, you know, it's really interesting, too, because, you know, there was this speculation about some sort of
High quality propaganda video.
I don't know if you remember this.
I think it was the beginning of February.
The New York Times put it out.
You know, they said Russia was going to, you know, fake attacks or something like that to give them the justification for war, the pretext for war.
But then when you actually look at the fake video, it seems to all be pro-Ukrainian.
That's the fake video we're seeing.
Yeah, I mean, that's what's so insane about all of this.
I'm not going to go back and recover it all, but it's like, we found stories from 2005 and up to 2014, multiple stories, mainstream news stories, all talking about Barack Obama being involved in bio labs in Ukraine and transferring biological material to a lab in Wuhan, China.
It was all public information, it was all official government documents, it was all well covered at the time.
And now that it's all backfiring on them and it's, once again, Western politicians are the bad guys, the media just acts like it doesn't exist, it never happened, and then they can't even get their story straight between Newland and Psaki and the media and everybody.
Oh, the labs don't exist.
Well, they do exist.
Well, they don't exist.
Well, they're just health labs.
I mean, again, that's what I'm saying.
It's like, whatever you think, I'm done being lied to, man.
I'm done being lied to.
I'm not going to hop myself into an alligator pit because a bunch of liars that have lied to me about everything else say, hey, go hop into that alligator pit.
No, thank you.
Right, and these people that continue to lie, I mean, it's one of two things.
They either don't know what's going on themselves and are in fact incompetent, or they just treat us like we're idiots so we can't handle the information.
The sad fact is that, you know, the end result of this is our, you know,
Our reputation on the world stage is tainted forever now because I do believe this truth is going to come out.
I believe the Chechens are involved because we decided to spray unknown substances over their fields in 2017.
It's all there for people to find.
And it's so funny because you have the media coming out saying,
Putin is using Chechen terrorists as a military operation.
He's got thousands of these Chechen soldiers going into Ukraine.
Oh, the same Chechen soldiers that were trained and armed by the CIA?
It's like, again, they expect us not to remember this stuff.
Apparently like 40,000 Syrian troops, too.
But it's like, oh, Barack Obama says,
We're going to arm moderate rebels in Syria.
This is what he calls ISIL at the time.
It's the same terrorist proxy group that the CIA has been running for years.
And now I guess they're deciding they're going to fight with Russia or Putin.
And now the West says, oh, it's bad.
They're terrorists.
They're the bad guy.
The very people they've been arming and training for decades.
It's just Saddam Hussein all over again.
I mean, we gave Saddam Hussein weapons, we gave Saddam Hussein funding, and then on the flick of a switch, we decided he's the bad guy, we're going to war with him now.
And by the way, this should be mainstream news, and I'll mention it when we come back.
You realize that they're trying a terrorist on 9-11 saying that this other individual was the plotter?
So now they're just saying bin Laden didn't even do it!
And they don't even tell us, it's just, oh, this was the guy that did it, not bin Laden.
Ah, yes, this is the official
Anthem of the modern-day liberal progressive.
I don't know a damn thing!
Oh, man.
All right.
Let me just mention this story I went to the break with real quick, and we'll go back to your phone calls.
It's amazing how this isn't a bigger story.
It's just, we just don't even care.
That's the problem with Americans.
We're so fat and happy and lazy and stupid.
That we just don't even care when the government lies to us.
Osama Bin Laden did 9-11 is what we were told.
I don't know how many people still believe that.
Especially with all the latest lies we've seen from our media.
That now America's paying attention really since Trump.
But okay, Osama Bin Laden did 9-11, and we went to war over it, and we spent billions of dollars overseas, and it was a war on Islamic terrorism and all this other stuff.
Well, today, and I'm quoting from justthenews.com, John Solomon's site, but you can find the story anywhere, government prosecutors for 9-11 attacks are in plea talks that could avert death penalty for the accused.
Tell me if you hear anything here that is a little odd.
Prosecutors have begun talks with the attorneys for Khalid Sikh Mohammed, the man accused of plotting September 11, 2001 attacks, and his four co-defendants to negotiate a plea deal that would eliminate the possibility of execution.
The man accused of plotting September 11?
So silently our government is saying it wasn't Osama Bin Laden?
We're now saying it was Khalid Mohammed?
What is going on here?
Did Osama Bin Laden ever have anything to do with 9-11?
Was it Saudi Arabia?
Was it our own politicians?
Was it all of them?
What the hell is going on?
I'm just asking legitimately reasonable questions here.
Federal prosecutors are now going off the man accused of plotting September 11th, and his name is not Osama Bin Laden, it's Khalid Mohammed.
I mean, what is going on here?
Well, let me just put it simply for you.
You were lied to about 9-11.
And you should be pissed off about it.
Now let's go back out to the phone lines.
We've got McQueen called in from Georgia.
McQueen, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hey, how you doing today?
I'm good, thank you.
Alright, really quick, I just want to touch on a couple things.
I'm a flatbed hauler, so I go down from the Chicago market to the Atlanta market almost every week.
Couple weeks ago, the rate from Atlanta back up to Chicago is anywhere from $21 to $28, if you're lucky.
And are you talking about when you say rate, are you talking about when you have to stop at weigh stations?
No, the rate, as in like the rate of pay that they give us for the load.
Oh, your pay rate.
Oh, okay.
Because we negotiate with the brokers who have the customer, and they say, hey, we'll give you this much to haul the load.
So we say yes or no.
And typically it's around $25, $26, maybe $28 if you're lucky.
Last week I got paid $45 for lumber, and this week it's $48.
And also, going from the Chicago market out to Idaho, that used to pay about $4,300 last year.
Now it's paying $8,000.
And those are real rates that I get.
And so it's just a call saying, hey, you know, rates are going up a lot.
So we already know inflation's coming, but it's really coming.
And the other thing was the whole CIA thing about Yahoo said, oh, the CIA's been training this and that, whatever.
I think that's just a failed attempt to boost morale, trying to make us feel special or something.
Oh yeah, like, oh, we're so great, we've been training neo-Nazis in Ukraine, ha ha, look at how great we are.
Yeah, yeah.
Because, I mean, you think about it, they're only gonna see, oh, we've been over there, the CIA, great, you know, so it makes us feel like, oh, we're untouchable, we're great, we've been there a long time, you know?
But, when in reality, we're being lied to anyway, and so it's a whole bunch of cracker crap.
Yeah, you do have to wonder why they decide to make this a mainstream news story all of a sudden, when we've known it's been going on for years.
It's always a Yahoo exclusive, like, oh, nobody knew it was a big secret!
Yeah, okay.
They probably watch you guys and then just come out with it a month later and say, oh, it's an exclusive.
You know, because they think nobody watches you.
But that's the rude awakening.
I'm a trucker and I go to like Love's Truck Stops, TA's and all that.
And I am telling you, in the last three weeks, I have seen nothing but FJB.
Uh, Trump stickers.
I've seen, um, InfoWars stickers in the bathrooms, like, in the stall.
They hide them up in, like, the toilet paper thing, so you can only see it.
If you're cleaning, you ain't gonna see it, but if you're sitting there using it, you're gonna see it.
It's just crazy, man.
And, uh, yeah, I don't know.
It's just, uh, it's like a small, small, uh, four-leaf clover in the middle of maker land, uh, of good news.
But yeah.
McQueen, thank you so much for the call, and I was saying the same thing yesterday.
Every time I go to fill up my gas tank now, there is the, I did that, FJB sticker on the pump.
I mean, every time.
Or, you can see that the sticker's been ripped off.
Literally, I mean, it's gotta be 80-90% of pumps in Austin, Texas are either hit with the sticker and it's on there, or it's been hit and scratched off.
81 million votes, though.
Let's go to Presley in North Carolina.
Presley, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon.
I feel like we were all kind of born into Plato's Cave and we're just trying to fire away out into the sunlight at this point.
And, you know, what's Russia thinking cutting off the fertilizer and grain supply to America when we're like the number one exporter of pornography?
You know?
Like, they're really going to mess with the male physiology.
We're not going to be able to produce as much of that stuff, you know?
Look, I'm not sitting here telling you that if you eat fast food, you're a bad person, but the irony of all these fast food restaurants that are horrible food for you, addictive food, pulling out of Russia, the Cokes and everything pulling out of Russia.
I keep seeing mixed reports about pornography being pulled or banned out of Russia.
It's like all the toxic bad stuff that we consume here in America is getting pulled out of Russia.
Like, you think that's a bad thing?
Like, I wish they would leave us.
If we get that lucky, gosh, it would be wonderful if we could get that lucky over here.
Yeah, it's like Russians are about to be more healthy mentally and physically than ever before, not looking at all the porn and eating all the junk food.
While all of our country is turning gay.
Well, I'm not going to be gay because I love me some Patriot crack and all the supplements, man.
And I'm just going to tell everybody out there, if you buy the supplements that you like in bulk,
Oh boy!
Watch out, the New York Attorney General might come try to shut you down.
You're not allowed to talk about colloidal silver here.
They come shut that down.
Thank you so much for the call.
More calls on the other side.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
You know, I want to mention here that there is a trucker convoy in D.C.
and apparently today they are being discriminated against by the D.C.
police when they see a truck or a car with an American flag.
They're pulling them over and harassing them.
Which, I'm sad to say this, and I'm not trying to be cold here, but it's probably the best thing that's happened to that convoy that's getting no press coverage and really has barely even made a ripple.
I'm not trying to be rude or slight those individuals.
I say, Godspeed, keep the trucker convoy going.
We love you Americans.
You're freedom-loving Americans fighting for us.
uh... but apparently today the cops and the government are getting really active in trying to shut it down so it might finally be making some headlines today you might finally start to see some video clips of this today and uh... we'll see if this hardens the resolve of that convoy that is uh... still occupying dc in some way shape or form the problem is nobody goes in dc anymore dc's a dead town
So I get the idea, hey, let's go to D.C., the nation's capital, where the biggest American criminals hang out.
But D.C.'
's dead, folks.
The Democrats have killed Washington, D.C.
Nobody goes out to eat.
The streets are always empty.
There's violent crime every night.
has been killed by the Democrats.
And it was amazing because D.C.
was once a really bad area.
And then it kind of had a bit of a revival, and once again had a nightlife, and a daily life, and it was busy, and it was an attraction, and it was kind of starting to boom again, and then the Democrats got back into power with all their COVID crap, and D.C.
is just dead again.
So I'm not sure if it'll ever come back anymore, the disgusting district of criminals.
But the trucker convoy is still there and apparently now being harassed by law enforcement.
Just more political persecution, just more political bigotry from the DC police.
You hate to see it.
We go back to the phone lines now.
Mike calling in from Missouri.
Mike, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
How's it going?
Yeah, it's good.
Thanks for calling.
First, I wanted to say about the sanctions that Putin put on Biden.
I mean, on one hand, I think it kind of
It was a bad press, you know, look, because it just encouraged all these, you know, NPCs in America to be like, you know, to just forward the Ukraine movement.
You know, look at Putin.
He's being, you know, he's being a dick.
He's a jerk, you know, because nobody looks at what we do in America.
They just look at what other people do to us.
So first I'm like, and that's kind of an odd play to say you can't come into our country.
But then I heard that Ukraine isn't really
I don't know.
It's going to be an interesting juxtaposition if and when that goes down in Taiwan, and yeah, that's going to be an interesting juxtaposition with what's been happening in Ukraine and everything.
And as a Gen X kid, I grew up in the Cold War, so war never really surprises me or makes me feel kind of cautious, because for example, Putin just threatened anyone who interfered.
I don't know.
And now you combine that with this new aspect of virtue signaling as hard as you can, and so that creates a bias, that taints the representation in the media as well.
Oh, I'm going to virtue signal so hard for Ukraine, I don't even care if it's inaccurate.
Oh, the ghost of Kiev.
Oh, Snake Island.
Oh, the Russian killing the journalist.
Oh, and it's just, it's all inaccurate, but they, but their virtue signaling so hard, like that's reporting now is just virtue signaling.
And like when this COVID thing hit, you know, everybody was getting laid off mostly.
Well, my job, I was getting more overtime and I'm just getting pounded with it.
They weren't putting masks on us.
They weren't vaccinating.
They weren't doing anything because we had to keep working.
And what part of Missouri are you in?
I'm in the Kansas City area.
Okay, so you're in the western area?
Yeah, and I kept thinking, like, this can't be real.
Like, how could this possibly be real?
Because all these people on TV are freaking out, and I'm over here like, I just worked 14 hours, and now I gotta go in on my day off.
You know, and I'm like, this isn't real.
This is all a TV.
Because, like I said, when we grew up,
We're good to go.
Before you find out the real story.
You know, like you were just saying about Osama Bin Laden.
It's like it always takes them forever to come out with some of the CIA story.
Because they just BS you all the way through and repeat it, repeat it, repeat it.
No, no, no.
And that's been my biggest, you know, that's why I came on air saying this today.
This shouldn't even be a controversial stance.
This shouldn't be something Americans have to debate or sort out.
We have been lied to about so much.
I mean, even beyond, obviously, the Ukraine situation.
But, it's like, we've just been lied to so much about the situation in Ukraine now.
Why would we invest anything over there?
Why would we get involved at all?
Why should we continue to throw all this emotion, or money, or weapons, or all this other stuff at the Ukraine situation, when everything we've been told about it is a lie?
I mean, that's just... I mean, it's just, it's low IQ, zero intellect, it's completely idiotic, moronic behavior is what it is.
But that's what we deal with in this country.
Mike, thank you so much for the call.
Let's go to Steve in Wisconsin.
Steve, you're on the Alex Jones Show, go ahead.
Hey, Owen.
So, I have to be honest, I think this is what we really need and are wanting.
We really want the Demoncrats, and I call them Demoncrats, to de-cloak, just like Klingons from Star Trek.
It's what we need them to do.
And then, the emblem of Ukrainian ground forces that was on Zelensky's T-shirt, I just don't want to jump to conclusions that there's Nazis hiding all over the place.
Yes, Ukraine has a history of Nazism.
Yes, it was a bastion of it.
Yes, after World War II, that's where all the Nazis went and hid, however come the next paragraph.
Hold on, that's the Nazis that the U.S.
government didn't hire to run all of our programs, you mean?
100%, 100%.
But I don't want to jump to that conclusion.
And Ukraine already has its own problems.
I'm a political atheist with all this stuff.
Right now you have Ukrainian men flooding into the Polish border.
The Ukrainian and Polish border guards are pushing them back, because on books, we've been pouring money into Ukraine since 2015, with training and equipment, and we're getting nothing out of it.
So it's a money pit.
I think we need to completely step out.
Federal debt.
September 2020, it ended at $26.9 trill.
Up 4.2 trillion from 2019.
No, no!
Steve Biden said he's reducing the debt and reducing the deficit.
It's Biden, he never lies!
Of course, but these are all numbers that people need to know.
Right now we're sitting at $30.29 trillion and that's on U.S.
government websites.
Good God!
And all the 9-11 plotters including Tim
The CIA has said everyone calls Ben Laden.
They're all going to get Epstein.
They're all going to get killed and then hidden somewhere.
And when I say killed, I mean put into witness protection.
Alright Steve, thank you so much for the call.
Just amazing stuff.
A lot of great callers today.
I want to thank all the great callers.
When we come back, though, I'm going to cover the rest of this news on my desk, ahead of Kate Dally taking over the fourth hour.
It's the Alex Jones Show, and it's your support at Infowarsstore.com that keeps this transmission on the air.
Sanctions were imposed today by Russia against yourself, President Biden, other top U.S.
Do you have a response to that?
And how will it impact any of you, if at all?
Thank you.
It's all a big joke.
Biden sanctioned me.
It's just funny.
Nobody here's going to Russia anytime soon.
Are you going to Ukraine?
You gonna be going to Ukraine though?
No, you're not going to Ukraine either, but you seem to love Virtue Signaling for that.
Oh, what a joke.
By the way, wasn't it Psaki that did go to Russia and put on the communist hammer and sickle hat?
Yeah, that's right.
Worst press secretary ever.
Biggest liar in the history of U.S.
press secretaries, but that just follows suit with the standard the president is setting.
It's all fun and games, folks.
Here's Joe Biden forgetting who he himself is in clip one.
...stage, but that's enough, too.
Look at the stage.
But there's been a little change in the arrangement of who's on the stage because of the first lady's husband contracting COVID.
Look at this room and what you see.
That's you, Joe.
That's right.
She's fine.
It's me.
That's not together.
Secondly, the first gentleman.
How about that?
How about that?
It's all fun and games.
We're laughing.
We're all laughing.
We're all having fun.
America's suffering.
The world is burning.
The U.S.
is getting crushed.
But we're having a grand old time here in D.C.
with Biden and Psaki.
It's just a blast.
It's just so much fun.
And then the media and the Democrats get confused at why we don't hate Putin like they want us to.
Because you suck!
And we're a little preoccupied dealing with you.
And you know what?
I'm glad Putin sanctioned you.
The U.S.
people should have sanctioned you a long time ago.
Whatever that means.
Ladies and gentlemen, Infowarsstore.com if you appreciate everything we do here.
By the way, you notice
You'll see very soon.
Alex was on a couple podcasts doing some big work here this week.
That's why I'm filling in.
He'll be back later this afternoon.
He may or may not be popping in.
But he's been doing some big work on some other projects.
You'll see the fruits of some of that labor soon.
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All right, let's take a look at something here.
Guys, you can give me a dot-cam or you can put these memes on the screen that I sent.
But see, I'm so sick of this notion that we're supposed to buy into that, oh, the poor gays, oh, the poor homosexuals, they're so discriminated against, it's so oppressive.
The entire system props you up.
You come out as gay overnight, you're a hero.
You have Pride Months, you have all these different Fortune 500 mainstream companies, they all make their logos gay.
Don't tell me that being gay in America is an oppressive thing.
Don't tell me that if you're gay, you're somehow discriminated against.
No, you're praised, you're lifted up, even if you've done nothing, and all of corporate America supports you.
So shut the hell up, you're not victims.
I'm sick and damn tired of it.
And guess what?
So are gay people!
Because it's all just more liberal BS.
And I think that this meme pretty much sums it up, quite frankly.
And it's a person with a tuba, and it's the gay pride flag with the LGBT propaganda as the French horn, and they're just blowing it in our face.
And it's me, trying to live my life, mind my own business, but it's just the LGBT, gay, globo-homo propaganda just blowing us up non-stop.
And I'm sick and tired of it.
And guess what?
So is Putin.
And so is Xi Jinping.
And so is Saudi Arabia.
And Egypt.
And the UAE.
And Syria.
And Brazil.
And Mexico.
And the American media is not telling you anything about it because they hate you.
And they're in on the joke.
And they just love bringing it to kids.
And they lie and they say, oh, there's a don't say gay bill in Florida, doesn't even exist.
And so then the gay mafia goes on to TikTok and does this video just bragging about how they indoctrinate your kids and sexualize your kids in clip two.
Showing up to teach fourth grade the day after the don't say gay bill passes through the Florida house.
And, uh, it's this teacher, just, everything he has is just gay, gay, gay, gay, gay.
His shirt, his shoes, his laptop, his socks, his water bottle, his flags, his computer, just everything is just gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay.
So there you go, so that's what you get.
Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay,
Gay people are oppressed, really?
Entire corporate America is against you.
You're gay and you run for office?
That's the whole reason you're running, is you're gay.
And you win.
Pete Buttigieg, I'm gay!
You're gonna be my new transportation secretary!
You said you're gay, right?
Sure did!
Right on, man!
You don't know a damn thing about transportation or infrastructure or anything, but you're gay, right?
Sure am!
Well, you got the job!
Oh, now you've got the job as the, uh...
Transportation Secretary, and now you're going to tell people how oppressed you are because you're gay.
It's all about sexualizing the kids, folks.
And here's the thing.
This isn't about gay people.
This isn't about trans people.
It's about one thing and one thing only.
Pedophiles that want access to your kids.
That virtue signal about gayness or transgenderism as the access point, as the conduit to getting their hands on your children.
In the classrooms, in the doctor's offices, in the libraries, anywhere they can do it.
They're damn pedophiles.
They're damn deviants.
Even if they're not pedophiles,
In the definition of the term, being attracted to minors, and they say now it's a minor-protected, it's a minor-attracted person that is in its own protected class now.
Even if it's not the actual orientation of being a pedophile, it's about this demonic deviousness to just conquer your children.
Alright, let's take a look here at some of the other news before we hand it over to Kate Daly.
Biden administration blocks July 4th fireworks at Mount Rushmore for second year.
Yeah, they hate America.
Oh, Putin's bad.
Putin's oppressive.
But the Democrat Party just raided Project Veritas' James O'Keefe house.
Yeah, tell me about Putin and silencing and censoring free speech again.
No, that's the Democrats.
YouTube flags Tulsi Gabbard's criticism of War Machine as offensive content.
Oh, Tulsi Gabbard getting banned on YouTube now for being anti-war.
Well, that says a lot about YouTube.
I'm going to be honest.
I have a lot of people that listen to my show that have made a lot of money because I've just been simply saying, invest in... I'm not giving stock advice.
I'm not doing this myself.
But I've been saying, defense contractor stocks, weapon manufacturer stocks are about to go gangbusters.
I don't own any stocks.
And I have people kind of jokingly saying, hey thanks Owen, I made a bunch of money on the stock market because of that.
Defense stocks outperform after Russian invasion of Ukraine.
That's it folks, that's everything.
You want to know why mainstream media people push these wars?
They own stock in the companies.
You want to know why politicians push these wars?
They own stock in the companies.
And now they double dip with their stocks and their investments, plus they just laundered this money out of Ukraine now too.
It's just total criminal activity.
It's our government, it's our politicians, it's our members of the media, and it makes me sick.
Here's some of the hardcore bigotry now.
Denil Medvedev told he will be banned from Wimbledon unless he denounces Vladimir Putin.
So you can't even be a Russian tennis player and compete anymore unless you say how bad Putin is.
Plus, take all your vaccines.
Save the children.
Russian kids being bullied and abused over their nationality.
Yeah, that's the hard bigotry of the left.
They've never changed.
Ukrainian TV host calls for genocide of Russian children.
That's just going full Nazi.
That's good.
Uh, here's some vaccine deaths for you.
Twelve-year-old girl in Brazil dies reportedly due to heart attack while in her sleep.
Was vaccinated.
Eight-year-old boy in Peru develops Steven Johnson syndrome following second dose of Pfizer COVID vaccine.
Fifty-two-year-old Australian cricket legend dies from massive heart attack.
But they made you get that vaccine, told you you had to do it, but now they're realizing it's killing people and they're backing off.
JP Morgan lifts ban on hiring unvaccinated workers, but they forced you to get that deadly vaccine and think about all the lives it cost.
All right, Kate Daly is about to take over here.
I just wanted to finish up here with some of my final stories, including this happening last night at a New York Rangers NHL hockey game.
The never-received-a-single-vote governor of New York who looks like a damned demon, Kathy Hochul, was introduced to the crowd, and here was the welcome she received.
Tonight, we'd like to salute Governor Kathy Hochul, the first female governor of New York State.
Governor Hochul began her career in public service in the greater Buffalo area, served in Congress, and was twice elected lieutenant governor.
Here to drop tonight's ceremonial first puck, a champion of women's rights and leader of the great state of New York, please welcome Governor Kathy Hochul.
Joining Governor Hochul at center ice ducks alternate captain Adam Henrique... Boy, I'll tell you what... ...and Richard's alternate captain Jacob Truba.
She's getting massively booed, and you saw that demonic smile wiped right off of her face as she walked out there.
The first female governor of New York didn't receive a single vote.
Listen to those boos.
Crank it up!
Thank you, Governor Hochul, and thank you, Adam and Jacob.
Even the hockey players don't want to wave or look at her.
You know, it's funny, all of these politicians, Republicans included, seems to be worse for Democrats.
Boy oh boy, they show their face in public and it's the same story.
Booed, heckled, jeered, told they're criminals, told to get out of their town.
Been a long time coming.
Boy, you know, I'm glad I'm not a lying part of the U.S.
I'm glad I'm not a criminal in the U.S.
It feels really good.
You know the people that boo and heckle and attack me?
Perverts and pedophiles.
Feels pretty good.
It's like, oh, oh, and you go out in public and get booed?
Yeah, by who?
People that want to chop little boys' balls off?
I'll take that, thank you.
Other headlines here.
consulate in Mexico just shot up by cartels.
Yeah, there's an ongoing war, a cartel war at the southern border.
Border patrol agents are getting shot at.
Millions of people crossing illegally.
Little girls getting raped in sex traffic.
But hey, you know, Ukraine, man!
Come on!
Smuggler rams a tanker truck loaded with illegals into patrol vehicles.
62 illegal aliens arrested after high-stakes chase.
Yeah, people are dying in these car chases, too.
It's totally out of control.
Hey, here's a look at the New York City subway.
Maybe this is why they're booing HOKL.
It's a trash pit.
It's a damn trash pit.
And it's Michael Rappaport who's, this guy's had a weird, strange awakening here in the last couple months.
Getting hit by snowballs when he tries to do a live stream.
Having his right aid robbed right in front of his face and then being shut down because of the robbery.
Crimes happening right outside of his door.
Now he apparently tries to go on the New York subway and it's just littered with trash.
It's called Democrat Party Rule.
And then you have stories like this.
Ross employee shot after helping his colleague who was being harassed by a group of teens.
Yes, teens.
Roderick Joseph was the hero.
An elderly lady was being harassed by this group of teens.
And he stepped in and said, hey, leave this woman alone.
At a Ross.
Then he saw them plotting something and he said, you guys need to leave now.
They pulled out a gun and shot him.
A group of teens.
A group of teens.
BLM leader and Boston's Woman of the Year is arrested and indicted on federal charges for squandering $1 million of donations on hotels and a new house and Bubba Gump shrimp.
Okay, well that's just hilarious.
Yes, the BLM massive theft of cash.
Just like their leader Joe Biden who says you're only black if you vote for him.
I forgive my son for working with the FBI to convict me.
Exclusive interview with convicted January 6th political prisoner Guy Reffet from D.C.
That's from Cara Casanova.
She's going to be joining me on The War Room later this week, breaking all that down.
By the way, all of these protesters you see in Russia, including the one that went on TV, yeah, they're getting arrested.
Folks, they're getting released within an hour in Russia.
January 6th prisoners are treated worse here than people in Russia.
So quit talking about Putin as an oppressor.
Hi, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com.
Good to see you.
Good to be with you today.
I've got a great guest for you.
You're going to want to hang out and listen to this.
Are you worried about housing?
The housing market?
I'm sure we all are.
Not sure what to do?
Not sure what move to make next?
My guest has some very interesting insights and a really keen way at looking at all the moving parts.
That means taking a look at history, taking a look at how the deep state operates.
I've been interviewing him.
This is probably my third or fourth interview with him over the years, and he always has something very, very intriguing to say.
So I think you're really going to love this.
And we never know what we're going to say on this, right?
So it's always a crapshoot.
So welcome, Dr. Jim Willey to the show, financial expert, editor of the Hat Trick Letter, also known as the Golden Jackass.
Yes, I know that.
Hey, that's his name.
So don't censor me.
But he is insightful, forward thinking writer, analyst of today's events, the economy, the markets.
And in 2004, he launched a very popular website called golden-jackass.com in which he offers articles as well as content.
He's really great at history and understanding things that I think a lot of people I've listened to on crypto and money don't understand.
Welcome to the show, Dr. Jim Willey, how are you?
I'm doing very well, thank you.
A little bit strange, but everything is strange these days.
Every bit strange.
It can't get any weirder.
And I think we're feeling like we're being hit from every side and every angle.
And I get it.
And I think a lot of people just feel fatigued.
But we're always worried about money.
We're always, because it affects all of us, right?
And so we're always worried about housing, crypto, all of these things.
So let's talk just a little bit about crypto and about what, you know, the other shoe dropping.
What do you, well we could probably do a little lesson in history.
Talk about China and Russia and then talk about those moving parts and how they affect us monetarily.
You want me to start with 1998 and China and the reunification?
Back in 1998, Hong Kong reverted back to Chinese control.
And it was a complicated deal and a lot of secret elements to that deal.
What was known to most people in the public was that Hong Kong would go back to Chinese rule and they would allow it to remain independent.
They had their regional governor, commissioner, whatever they call it, and nothing would change and Hong Kong would remain an interesting experiment where China would observe what's going on.
But there were some hidden elements to that.
One big hidden element was that the Chinese would lend
I don't know exactly how much.
I'm thinking it might have been something like three or five thousand tons of gold.
And there was a significant amount of silver that was also lent.
So we had a big lease of gold and silver.
The Chinese, being greatly distrustful of the British, think about a hundred years ago, the Opium Wars, Boxer Rebellion, all that.
They decided, well, the only way we're going to lease gold to you is if you promise some things.
So the United States and Britain and the West promised a significant amount of foreign direct investment.
And my understanding is that it was about $23 billion in 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003.
Okay, the Chinese did not accept just that.
They decided we need some collateral.
We need something.
Because you tend not to return
Your gold and silver that is leased to you.
So true to form, the United States did not return the gold and silver.
But what they did get in return was a what I call an internal revenue service secure stream bond.
Think of it as a macro version of a mortgage bond, a national version.
And because of the deep recession that occurred in 2003, four and five that we never admitted to,
We defaulted on that bond to China.
And China, with their agent at hand, a Chinese conglomerate property firm, seized control of the JP Morgan headquarters property.
And according to the reports, it was something like a $350 million payment that locked in their seizure of the property
And it included a tower, a conference center, and a nuclear-proof gold vault that connected to the Federal Reserve.
Okay, so they got a bargain basement price for the JPMorgan headquarters.
Okay, fine.
But something else happened, Kate, that's really, really ugly, and that is something that they don't talk about.
And it is that JP Morgan became an agent for the Chinese government in locating and securing silver and gold, in particular silver, because that was used for their industrial development, which took off, as we know, last decade, two decades ago.
It's amazing to think we're at 2022.
Golly, this is, these are dates that we had in science fiction, futuristic movies.
But, um,
JP Morgan is an agent for securing silver to replenish the Chinese stockpile.
It's a lot.
And you talk a lot about the Chinese buying up the Fannie Mae mortgage bonds and helping to create the 2008 crisis too.
There was a lot going on since 1998 with the Chinese in our country.
Let me give that quick story.
Okay, when China developed their industrial power, it was foundries, factories, car plants, motorcycle plants, car parts, pharmaceuticals, a lot of different things.
They quickly acquired an enormous trade surplus.
And just like with the Arab partners, we required on the back end that China remain in the dollar and not cash out
Of those dollar surplus funds.
So what they did was they bought treasury bonds.
They bought Fannie Mae bonds.
They made deposits in Wells Fargo, California Bank.
They went shopping for commercial buildings in the United States.
I heard it that by late, by the end of the 2000 decade,
China owned one third of commercial properties in the United States.
And what they did was they used collateral of treasury bonds and borrowed ten times that amount.
Who could object in the banking industry to treasury bonds as collateral for a loan?
Ten to one loan.
Okay, but they accumulated a lot of mortgage bonds.
Fannie Mae mortgage bonds.
And when we reneged on the gold and silver lease,
And didn't pay back by 2005, which I believe was the deadline date.
Hard to get information like this out of Wall Street, because they prefer their corrupt ways.
China started selling the Fannie Mae bonds.
That was 2005.
So they began a process that gained tremendous momentum and resulted in the Lehman Brothers incident.
And few people realized that JPMorgan
And Goldman Sachs owned a lot more mortgage bonds than Lehman Brothers did.
But as I mentioned before, Lehman Brothers was the odd man out in Wall Street, just like Bear Stearns was the odd man out in 2003.
Bear Stearns was long gold and short the dollar.
That's not how you get along among the brethren.
Yeah, those are very pretty gold bars.
They were sacrificed, right?
So, on the chopping block.
Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers were murdered as companies.
Lehman Brothers was suffocated to death because they sold a bunch of mortgage bonds and were never paid by JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs.
Those are the two top criminal banking enterprises in the United States.
Along with maybe BlackRock.
We're going to go to a break soon, but I did want to mention, as Jim and I were talking off air as well, they, of course, we all know that they acquired the Alaskan oil rights, right?
That was two years ago.
So we'll get into that when we come back.
And also, are we making big payments to China right now?
And how are we doing that?
Also, when we come back, we want to talk a little just a little bit about crypto.
Is there something good we should be talking about that's going to explode?
Also, the housing market.
Is this a good time to get into a house?
Those are the questions I know all of us have.
So let's just get right to those answers.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com.
We'll be right back more with Dr. Jim Willey.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host.
My guest is Dr. Jim Willey in this hour, who writes the Hat Trick Letter newsletter.
You must check this out.
You must subscribe.
He's got insights I've never heard anywhere else.
I love, Jim, how you bring history into this picture.
You started noticing things in 2019 that play into this financial picture right now, and as a cautionary tale for what's maybe about to happen, too.
A precursor to, of course, Blovid that came in in 2020, and King Fraudelot who came into power.
So what did you notice in 2019?
It was the explosion of the repo market, the U.S.
Treasury repurchase market.
It's an overnight window where a big bank like in Wall Street can say, take a billion dollars worth of Treasury bonds or bills and get cash.
So it's the other way around.
They're not buying a bond.
They're trading in a bond for some cash.
I hope you didn't lose me.
My screen froze.
So this is a very important window.
The repo market is where banks reveal their insolvency.
They are essentially saying, we're in trouble.
We don't have cash to maintain our operations, make payroll, handle all the different redemptions.
And we need to hand over some treasuries and get some cash.
Okay, back in August, September, October of 2019, the repo market exploded.
And I made a forecast early in that period that we're going to get to a trillion dollars a night.
And a lot of people thought that's crazy.
Well, yeah, it's crazy.
Everything's crazy in the US dollar financial sector.
We got over a trillion.
It was somewhere around 1.3 or 1.4 trillion.
And I thought in October, oh, here we go.
This could be the end of the dollar system.
This could be a magnificent banking crisis that would eclipse 2008 with the mortgage bond situation, often called Lehman crisis.
And instead of getting a major financial crisis, what we got was a jump shift.
We moved from the financial highway of control to the medical highway of control.
And we got the fake pandemic.
I don't want to get into a lot of the different aspects of, say, Wuhan and, you know, false medical data diagnoses.
I have I got tipped off very early.
I had a very good friend.
His father died of a stroke and they called it COVID.
A different friend had a father who died of a heart attack.
They called that COVID.
Everything's COVID.
They got to make the numbers.
And then I noticed I produced a chart for May of 2020.
It was the disappearance of influenza because they're calling it COVID.
So four years in a row, the data was very, very steady.
And then 2020, whoops, got a 60, 80% drop in the
The influenza cases.
I have screenshots from this.
I have actual screenshots as I was tracking all of this.
Isn't that crazy?
I just totally dipped down.
And so King Fraudalot gets into power and little Hormala.
And so what happens then?
Was that the death of the dollar?
We just didn't know it.
Was it being propped up at that point?
That was the death of the dollar because they delayed information on how much the big banks were given relief
I call it Big Bank Welfare.
They called us COVID Stimulus Relief Fund.
And information came out just a few weeks ago that $5 trillion was granted to the big Wall Street banks in late 2019, exactly at that point.
And the repo market had another aspect, Kate.
It was really quite interesting.
They expanded it from just the Wall Street banks and they included
The hedge funds.
Because they're run by Wall Street.
They buy treasury bonds and they do arbitrage trade.
They buy treasuries and sell interest rate swap derivatives, capture 30 basis points in profit, and amplify it 100-fold with leverage.
It's just a big game.
So, they had to include the hedge funds.
Okay, we started seeing the money go up in trillions, right?
Go ahead.
The stimulus relief plans, funds and acts, the bills with Congress, they were in the trillions.
And we suddenly saw a move from 22 to 24, 25 trillion as US government debt.
And I thought, this is a Ponzi peak blow off.
But we did not see the banking crisis because of all the different stimulus funds.
And then we got the
Household Personal Protection Program.
You know, the PPPs, I might not have gotten the acronym correct, but the PPP, I got denied that at my bank.
They said, oh no, we ran, we hit our limit.
And I said, I'd like my $2,000 or $3,000, what the hell?
And they said, maybe next time.
And I said, well, you know, maybe next time.
So, you know, we saw- Payments are going down.
Everything turned crazy, everything turned,
You know, gosh.
Then you had the supply chain interrupted with COVID cases for workers.
And then you got the Biden unemployment offer.
If you're worried about your work and you're worried about the crisis, you can get unemployment.
And that was a backdoor way of undermining the supply chain.
All these different measures.
We're under attack from five sides, Kate.
We're not going to get out of this without a food crisis and riots.
We'll definitely talk about that because food shortages are definitely coming.
There's no question.
And so there there might have been some subterranean payments being made through the use of crypto.
OK, right.
As you moved, you switched lanes fast there.
I've got it on good authority from a Pacific Rim source, a Pacific Rim source.
And he told me there is some intergenerational
Restitution going on.
And they wanted to do it.
It's trillions.
It's hundreds of billions and trillions.
And I said, what is this for?
This is a conversation just after Christmas.
A client of mine and he's a fund manager.
He manages big funds in the Pacific Rim.
He didn't want me to reveal much in the way of details regarding that.
But he said, I'll give you one example.
In the 19th century, there was a lot of construction of railroads in the West, our West, California, et cetera, the Western states.
And we used Chinese slave labor.
And we put them in housing.
We gave them a minimum amount of food to eat, water.
We didn't treat them very well.
And I don't have a lot of detail.
I'm not an expert in that part of history, except I do know that we had a lot of Chinese workers and some of them were slaves.
And we never properly paid for that.
Well, apparently there's been some decisions that the next couple of decades are going to see restitution and tremendous shift of wealth from our part in the West to their part in the East.
And a lot of these funds are being moved subterraneanly, subterraneously by means of crypto, Bitcoin, and not just Bitcoin, not just Bitcoin.
But that's one reason Bitcoin went up a lot in value.
And they do this because they don't want the Wall Street hands at the table.
I call them the ferrymen.
They don't want the ferrymen.
Jim, we're going to come right back.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host.
We'll be right back with Dr. Jim Willey.
You're not going to want to miss this.
We'll talk crypto, too.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host.
My guest is Dr. Jim Willey.
Golden-Jackass.com, the hat trick newsletter.
You must get a copy of this.
Dr. Jim Willie, you were talking a little bit about ferrymen, we were talking about China.
I know that they had a dam break, and they talked about it in the news just a little, but it created some problems, maybe some shortages, and some things that fed a lot of people.
It was a very, very big dam.
And then also we have this food shortage coming.
So I want you to comment on so many things plus crypto.
So how you're going to wrap all that in?
I don't know.
But I you were just talking about the ferryman.
We had to go to break.
So if you want to pick it up from there, that'd be great.
A lot of money.
I'm talking about hundreds of billions and trillions, low trillions have been transferred from our part of the world in the West to the Pacific Rim.
To China and to Asia.
And they're using Bitcoin.
And they're not just using Bitcoin.
But they wanted to avoid the Security and Exchange Commission and the Wall Street bankers.
They want to avoid the Wall Street hands.
I call them the ferrymen.
The ferrymen want to see and control the movement.
And they say, we want to assure the security.
But they usually want 5, 10, 15, 20 percent of the funds in movement.
So the Asians and the Westerners agreed to move it by means of Bitcoin and not just Bitcoin.
They're actually moving many, many billions of dollars in tiny crypto tokens.
Just imagine a crypto token that's valued at 100 to the penny.
Well, that could rise a hundredfold and it'd still be a penny and not be on the SEC radar, Security and Exchange Commission.
Okay, there's something big going on at the Three Gorges Dam.
China is threatening our country with nuclear missiles of small types off the West Coast in container vessels.
It's not in the news.
Not much news is on the news.
And we're threatening the Three Gorges Dam.
Pardon me?
That's why you're here, Jim.
Yeah, not much news on the news.
If the news had value, they would charge for it.
But it's free, so it's propaganda.
I learned that a long time ago.
Anyway, the Three Gorges Gam... I have a tickly nose.
I apologize.
I've always had a tickly nose, even though I cut my nose here.
Okay, so Three Gorges Gam is in China.
And there are 300 million people living downstream.
And there are many, many farms and agricultural corporate businesses downstream.
Also, the Three Gorges Dam has something like a dozen or 15 different power plants that are operated by the hydroelectric source of energy.
They use some of that to do Bitcoin mining.
They also have a gigantic center that I don't want to talk about much at all, but it's for child trafficking.
Okay, let's just leave that alone.
The point is that the Three Gorges Dam is a target.
It's a strategic target.
And the United States, whatever you want to call them, the Space Force, the military, the White Hats, the White Alliance, they're targeting the Three Gorges Dam, and I think they're doing it with a
Water frequency harp type weapon.
It agitates the water to such a point that it breaks and causes cracks in the dam.
Now we all know about the hurricane harp, we know about the earthquake harp, but most people don't know about the water agitation harp.
It stirs up water and breaks dams.
I do not believe the Sri Gorges Dam is broken.
I believe it is damaged.
And it's a warning.
It's a warning.
Back off on control to bribery and threat, nuclear threat to the United States or else we will break your dam and you could have a hundred million casualties downstream and destroy your entire national food production system.
So there's a lot going on with the Three Gorges Dam.
I have a picture of it.
I think it was about November or December, Hattrick Letter, the report, my monthly report.
And it's a gigantic dam.
It's like three quarters of a mile wide.
So how does Ukraine and Russia work into this right now, today?
What's going on there in your analysis, real quick, that works into this?
Ukraine is the last stand for the cabal.
Ukraine is where they've got their multiple criminal activity enterprises operating.
It's a failed state and that's perfect for the cabal to run their narcotics trafficking, child trafficking, white woman trafficking with the aid of the United Nations, by the way.
That was the subject of a Rachel Weisz movie about
18-20 years ago that I saw.
Human organ trafficking.
This is all activity in Ukraine.
All in Ukraine, not on the news.
Not on the news.
This is what's being halted by the Russian military.
Adrenochrome harvesting centers.
Testing locations.
Public testing locations for virus propagation.
Like a mid-sized town away from the capital, and they spread a virus to see how quickly people die.
Okay, and the biolabs, of course.
You can't leave out the biolab development for, you know, gain-of-function development, ethnic targeting for viruses.
And they're mostly funded by the U.S.
Department of Defense, Kay.
So Russia and China, once this is gone, once Russia absorbs Ukraine, and they probably will, what happens with, what's the goal of Russia and China together?
Or is there?
In the United Nations, the Ukrainian official borders are the same as the old Soviet Union.
So from a United Nations perspective,
Russia has not invaded Ukraine.
This is almost funny.
Russia and China are big trade partners.
Remember it was about five years ago they announced the Holy Grail energy deal.
It was about a 10, 12 year contract for $230 billion worth.
Okay, that formalized the Yuan oil gold triangle
For Shanghai futures contracts.
Because Russia was selling oil to China and with respect to Shanghai, they could take the oil sales and convert it to gold.
Shanghai was a conversion location for Russian oil sold to China, converted to gold.
Okay, that's very important.
Now Russia and China are expanding their trade.
They've been expanding it all these years.
But they're also expanding their methods of payment and they've announced they're not going to use the dollar anymore.
They're going to use the cross-border interbank payment system, the CIPS.
It's going to be competing with SWIFT.
Okay, here's a big, big takeaway, Kate.
The United States, by pretending to be
In control and being bullies on the international stage.
We're trying to declare that country, that country, that country, you're not going to use the dollar anymore.
And what we're essentially doing is creating a critical mass of non-dollar using trade partners, like what I call the Eurasian trade zone.
The Eurasian trade zone will come into public eye when they capture Western Europe.
By that I mean when they begin to make trade deals with Western Europe.
That's going to be an economic capture.
And here's how it's going to happen.
Russia will say to Germany and France and Italy, you want Russian gas?
You need to put aside the United States
Players and agents in the room, and we're going to demand your gold as payment for the oil and gas.
We're going to come right back on that note more with Dr. Jim Willey.
Don't go anywhere.
We're going to talk housing.
We're going to talk crypto.
Is there something you should invest in right now?
We'll be right back.
I'm Kate Delly, your guest host.
Don't go anywhere.
This is good.
Welcome back.
A big thank you to Alex Jones for letting me host today.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com.
We don't have a lot of time and we need to cover a lot of ground.
My guest is Dr. Jim Willie from golden-jackass.com.
You can check out his newsletter and subscribe.
Thank you so much.
You were saying on a previous show, you know, the banks were not ready yet.
And so maybe this is why we have this little reprieve right now.
But there's so much to talk about, Jim.
What do you tell somebody?
What kind of advice do you give somebody?
Not financial advice, just advice in general, because people don't know what to do right now with all of this.
Be very careful.
Don't trust your bank.
Realize that bail-ins are a possibility.
That the big banks are going bankrupt because their narcotics, money laundering profits are being interdicted away.
I like silver.
I've always liked silver.
I like it even more now than I did when I started the newsletter.
But there's a transformation going on where people had better get in line and learn about digital finance, aka cryptocurrency.
They better get in line and learn because they don't want to be left behind.
I have kind of a saying, a maxim, that if you're stuck and you remain in the dollar and in money market and in the stock market and in the bond market, you're probably going to lose 30% during a conversion that's forced upon you.
If you move ahead of the crowd or with a growing part of the crowd into the crypto digital finance world, you're probably going to realize some rather significant profit.
And I like XRP because they've enlisted the support of the Wall Street banks.
And the Wall Street banks are deceiving themselves into thinking they're going to remain in control
In order to continue their fraudulent games, but they're going to have to operate within decentralized rules and transparency rules and operate on that firm blockchain road.
So XRP has enlisted the support of Wall Street, and I believe XRP is going to be the bridge to the future financial system from the dollar, which is on which it must
The dollar must move toward the off-ramp.
Look at the debt.
Wow, hard to think about.
$30 trillion in debt.
We got a $4 trillion budget, $5 trillion budget.
Half of it is in deficit.
We've got giveaways.
And look at the sabotage.
We have the Strategic Oil Reserve that was directed to China.
We had the Colonial Gas Pipeline that was turned off.
They claimed it was a crypto event, a hacking.
No, that's to implicate and to tarnish crypto.
Now we've got more oil giveaway to France.
I believe that the Strategic Petroleum Reserve has been captured by the White Hats.
Okay, all of this indicates
That the dollar system and the Wall Street banks, they're insolvent.
They had to get five trillion dollars in late 2019 to stay afloat.
The system is coming apart at the seams.
I call it the Weimar dollar.
I call it the Weimar banking system.
I call it Weimar stimulus.
We're in Weimar and a lot of people are deceived into thinking, well, it's not really Weimar because it's global.
And I say it is Weimar because of its characteristics and the fact that it's global means we have a global crisis on our hands.
Would you keep cash on hand right now?
I would keep cash on hand.
I would keep silver rounds, silver coins, not collector items like, you know, an old Morgan silver dollar, like bullion coins.
The definition of a bullion coin is under 10 years of age.
Keep silver coins available.
I mean, gold coins are going to be wonderful too, but you don't go to the grocery store with a gold coin.
You go to a grocery store for food with a silver coin, but we don't know whether the grocery store is going to have any food in it.
I'm thinking we're going to see a third to half the shelves empty in a matter of several weeks or a couple months.
We have a very difficult planting season coming up.
For instance, the NATO forces sank a ship in the Black Sea off Crimea, Ukraine.
They sank a fertilizer ship.
This is a... Yeah, and it's very scarce.
It's a food war.
There's going to be a lot of... I got some technical information recently.
Corn requires a lot more fertilizer, so farmers are moving to soybean.
So we're likely to see a shortage of corn.
You want to do a wild bet?
Get some September corn futures.
You'll probably see a double price and you could see a 15-fold increase in your bet.
So buy food, right?
So buy food, buy silver, maybe have some cash on hand because there still will be merchants and businesses that will take cash that will rebel against this.
And then if you're wanting to buy a house right now, do you think this is a good time to get into a house?
Because a lot of people fear it going up.
So they want to get it right now before interest keeps up.
The Fed is in a horrible position, the Federal Reserve, I call it U.S.
Fed because they're on our ground.
They're in a terrible spot.
They must raise the interest rates, but they cannot.
We cannot have the dollar and the treasury bonds operating where they are at current level in the forex and current bond yield.
We cannot have it operate where it is for long because we've got a differential of like 18 to 20% inflation and a 1 or 2% bond yield.
You can't have that kind of differential.
That is like a hyper fire hose of Weimar funding.
You can't do that.
You're discouraging the savers.
I've got some clients in South Florida and they don't know what to do.
Where do I get any yield in order to have income to live on?
Well, you can't get it from a bond.
You can't get it from the treasury bond.
And what they're doing is they're getting tempted into junk bonds.
But the junk bonds, even though they're paying a bigger interest rate, they can go down remarkably in value, in principal value, if the situation gets worse.
And then you have a risk of default on the junk bond.
We've got a spread right now between, let me see if I can get it right in front of the camera here, the spread between the Treasury bond long-term yield and the junk bond yield.
It's getting big.
It's getting big.
And it's usually a big, loud alarm signal.
So we've got the alarm signal and we're just getting multiple alarm signals.
We had alarm signals back in 2019, remember, with the repo bond window, repurchase of treasury.
We're going from one alarm to the next, to the next.
Now they're all sounding together because the repo market is back.
Repo market problem is back.
I've got one client who told me of a friend who had a $38,000 certified check with Bank of America.
He deposited it.
They put it in the bank and they did not put it in his account.
Oh, no.
It's not looking good.
And I know a lot of people are panicking, but I don't know if this is a good time to keep your money in the stock market.
It's not looking good.
I know we only have about a minute, 45 seconds.
What would you tell people to do other than what we've talked about?
Anything else?
Get food.
Legitimate silver exchange traded fund.
I like silver.
Silver is going to survive.
What happened to nickel?
I think it went up.
I'm not sure.
I think it tripled or quadrupled in price.
What happened to nickel is going to happen to silver.
You have to take signals as real.
It's a signal of something that's going to happen to its related financial types.
Okay, I noticed that three years ago, the AAA General Electric Corporate Bond lost its AAA.
That was a signal.
You've got to pay attention to signals.
If you don't, you're going to miss the main event.
You're going to get run over.
Okay, these banks are in trouble.
I think mortgages are going to be in trouble because interest rates might move higher because of Treasury bond earthquake events.
Ooh, interesting.
I wish we were out of time.
And also, job loss because of the shortages, because of what's happening too.
Will people be able to pay their mortgages?
Dr. Jim Willey, thank you so much.
I'm Kate Daly, your guest host.
It's been a pleasure being with you, Jim.
I will send you my logo.
I tried during the show, but I couldn't get the email to work.
Not a problem.
Everybody have a great day.
Take this information.
Run with this information.
Thank you, Jim.
And I'm glad, Alex, that we've been able to keep Survival Shield in stock because I know we've had problems even accessing these deep earth minerals at times because it's such a rare and unique formula that we have at InfoWars store.
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