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Name: 20220314_Mon_Alex
Air Date: March 14, 2022
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, NATO's involvement, the need for a deal that includes Russia getting a small Eastern area as a buffer zone, and criticism of recent social movements like Black Lives Matter and Me Too. He also promotes his products on InfoWarsStore.com and preparewithalex.com, discusses attending a pro-trans kids event, Chinese involvement in Ukraine conflict, potential oil shortage due to lack of investment, and the future of food theft and security measures in stores.

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You know where the CIA tunes in, right?
You know where the Russians tune in?
You know where everybody tunes in, right?
You know who Tucker Carlson tunes in to?
And Joe Rogan?
Elon Musk?
You know where they tune in, right?
They tune in right here!
Tomorrow's news.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have an absolutely loaded broadcast for you on this Monday, March 14th.
We're going to be joined by Alex Jones on the road coming up in the next segment.
We also have Dr. Francis Boyle joining us, the one who first broke the Wuhan lab leak over two years ago, now to respond to the Ukrainian biolabs, and Mike Adams coming up.
But first, the latest report from John Bowne.
The horrible truth cannot be denied.
The Biden administration is directly responsible for the war in Ukraine, gas prices, food shortages, and inflation.
Who was your highest level contact with the U.S.
government in this period?
Questions of credibility are being raised after a private chat between two top U.S.
diplomats was leaked online.
I think Yats is the guy who's got the economic experience, the governing experience.
He's, he's the guy, you know, what he needs is Cleach and Tony Book on the outside.
I, I, I just think Cleach going in, he's gonna be at that level working for Yats' nuke.
It's just not gonna work.
Yeah, no, I think that's, I think that's right.
Would you want us to try to set up a call with him as the next step?
Sullivan's come back to me, VFR, saying, you need Biden.
And I said, probably tomorrow for an attaboy and to get the deets to stick.
So Biden's willing.
So you had this remarkable phone call where you have these two senior officials of the U.S.
government apparently talking about a coup or how they were planning to restructure the government of Ukraine.
We're on track right now.
I'm on track to be the first president in history to lower the deficit by over one trillion dollars in one year.
So I'm sick of this stuff.
We have to talk about it because the American people think the reason for inflation is government spending more money.
Simply not true.
Inflation is not created by COVID.
It's not created by Putin.
It's not created by greedy corporations gouging their customers.
There's one source of inflation.
The actual definition of inflation is an expansion of the money supply and it's the Federal Reserve
That's right.
And they're saying 7.9%, which is the worst inflation since 1982.
What they don't tell you is that we had a different CPI in 1982, and if we use the same CPI today that we used then, we would be over 15% inflation, which means 2021 or 2022, right now, this is the worst inflation in our lifetimes.
We're experiencing higher inflation now than anything during the 1970s.
And this decade is just getting started.
Inflation's got only one way to go, and that's up.
Irrefutably attributable to the corrupt sociopathic establishment that hides behind the senile blunderer-in-chief in plain sight.
Putin's tax, that's really Putin's gas hike.
That's his gas hike.
So much of this increase in the gas price started... Biden's economic wrecking ball was recently aided by the decimation of small businesses overwhelmed by the tycoons of the pandemic economy.
Who got the money from the Paytech Protection Program?
You know, this is our 800 billion dollars.
That's kind of a lot, okay, that we gave out.
Only about a quarter of the money spent by the program paid wages that would have otherwise been lost.
So, three quarters of it didn't do, of $800 billion, and then 72% of the relief money ended up in the hands of people with incomes, household incomes, in the top 20%.
All that money went up to people who are in the top 20%?
Driving a final stake into the heart of the middle class economy, as 7 in 10 Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, while over half of Americans don't have three months in emergency savings, as food producers continue to minimize their products
Airlines are scaling back on flights.
Truckers add more fuel surcharges.
Bidenflation destroys the recovery following the pandemic, as the war on fossil fuels continues to ripple through an engineered depression, with the endgame ushering in the Great Reset, where you will own nothing and be happy.
It's Monday, March 14th.
The year is 2022 and we've seen the biggest developments yet in the three-plus week war that's broken out in Ukraine.
First off, Vladimir Putin yesterday arrested the head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Services of the FSB.
That's combined in one group, the FSB,
Is their internal and external so they've arrested the equivalent of their CIA director and his deputy Claiming that they did not properly assess the situation Ukraine and that the resistance was much greater than they thought this is an admission that Putin basically walked directly into a trap which again I'm very very concerned right now because that would mean Putin is not very smart
I know multiple people who have been inside Ukraine the last eight years, training what they call stay-behind networks, so that when a foreign army invades, you have guerrilla forces ready to roll out and destroy them.
And that's why they didn't stop the Russians when they came across the border.
They waited until they walked directly into the mass
Groupings of ambushes that we've all seen with the columns of tanks being destroyed the helicopters being shot down jets being shot down The losses are way over 10,000 are now admitting about 8,000 dead Russians There's obviously tens of thousands of dead Ukrainians both sides are playing down the numbers of dead But I really at the end of the day blame NATO and its stay-behind networks overthrowing the president eight years ago and
George Soros going on television on CNN bragging that he did it and then going on television recently and saying that he quote will take over Russia and create the Soros Empire.
All of that is to manipulate Russia into going in.
Also you have Kamala Harris saying six months ago and again two days ago that Ukraine is part of NATO.
So, all of that was to manipulate an emotional response from Putin and his hardliners, who were threatening to overthrow him.
The word is, if he didn't move against Ukraine, then his foreign intelligence heads, who were tasked with infiltrating and buying off the opposition, got billions and billions and billions of the equivalent of dollars, and Putin just doesn't believe that they made the payoffs, which any part of a real invasion is you buy off most of the opposition before you come in.
That's what Hitler did with France, what the US did in both Iraq wars.
And so, that was not done.
And instead, they walked directly into a trap.
And the only way I can see that being true is that Putin believed his intelligence heads that the entire NATO stay-behind network that had been put in place there was removed.
And it's very important to understand that the main stay-behind networks were not just set up in the last decade or the last eight years.
That was an acceleration of the stay-behind networks.
The Stay Behind Network system was set up at the end of World War II because the Nazis actually set up, as the Eastern Front was collapsing after the failure of Operation Barbarossa in the past three years, tens of thousands of secret brigades all over Eastern Europe who were Nazis and who had large caches of weapons and stolen loot to then continue the attack even after Germany itself fell.
That's why it took over a year after the end of World War II until close to the end of 1946 for the Russians to even clean out what they thought was most of the Nazi networks.
So all NATO did...
I think?
And there's now been a simple tug of war going on for the last eight years.
And so that's why I said when Putin invaded three weeks ago that he has walked into a trap and that his quick police action is not going to be that and that they're going to force him to start going in and leveling cities because it is a fact that they're using the Islamic type tactics that we've seen around the world in Afghanistan and Iraq of hiding in churches
Hiding in hospitals, hiding in universities, and not in the government buildings.
And then you've got leftists posting on Reddit with geolocation.
Oh, here I am, you know, I came here from the U.S.
and I'm with, you know, these forces.
You'll have leftists right next to actual Nazis, who actually have Nazi symbols on their uniforms, and then they will attack the hospital even before people have been evacuated out of it.
So, Ukrainians are using incredibly dirty, nasty, dirty war, unrestricted warfare tactics
And the Russians have not done that yet, but they're starting to get in that posture.
Putin doesn't have a way out of this.
This escalates the possibility of nuclear war massively, and that takes us to the next big point.
How many more of the Russian leadership is Putin going to have to arrest as he begins to fear they may actually come after him with a long history in Russia?
In fact, particularly Russia, all countries and empires kill their leaders from time to time.
But Russia particularly does this if the leader embarrasses or looks like they're losing.
NATO has come out and said if any chemical weapons are used they're gonna say that it was Putin and that that's a red line and that NATO may actually become openly engaged when really right now NATO's backing a proxy war with all sorts of special operations troops and former special operation troops from Western countries including the United States that are inside Ukraine right now fighting Russian soldiers and so that's that that's where Joe Biden and that's where Kamala Harris
And that's where all these globalists like Soros have brought us.
And it is a very, very dangerous moment in time.
And I don't see a motive for Putin to use chemicals.
They're not going to be effective.
And all it's going to do is turn the world against Russia.
And so we have a motive there for the Russians not to use chemical weapons.
Of course, we were told the Russians use chemical weapons in Syria.
And then the jihadis couldn't control themselves and kept shooting footage to get bounties of them actually launching the chemicals.
Because they have the second largest nuclear arsenal in the world.
And yeah, our arsenal is bigger and somewhat better in some ways.
It doesn't matter.
It's called mutually assured destruction for a reason.
And so that is where our world is today.
And we need to give Putin a way out of this.
There needs to be a Western deal.
We're good to go.
I predict within 48 hours that's going to start happening and then NATO is going to get pushed even more into conflict.
There are a lot of hawks and a lot of crazy people, a lot of chicken hawks, like Lindsey Graham, that want to assassinate Putin.
They want all-out war.
And folks, this is how you get a nuclear war.
Bare minimum, this is how you get a massive war with hundreds of thousands of dead Western and Russian troops.
And so this is the very scenario, scenario number two, that most international
An intelligence agency, War Games and Defense Department War Games show will trigger nuclear war.
Number one is Pakistan and India.
Number two is the Ukrainian situation called the NATO-Ukraine-Russia war scenario that kills a billion people on the low end.
And then the third scenario is the South China Sea-Taiwan-Hong Kong crisis being kicked off there that could happen between Vietnam and the Philippines against China.
Anything could kick it off.
We already see skirmishes going on overall.
And I would just like for the U.S.
to remain out of all of it.
And we could if we wanted to, if we were an independent nation like we were designed to be, but not in the new global government, not in the new global marketplace.
So sadly, whatever goes down, even if we don't want to get involved, it's going to affect us anyway.
And I've got more of that news coming up.
Warnings of food shortages, the continuation of the record high inflation.
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This is the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer sitting in for Alex today.
He's on the road working.
We may be hearing from Alex throughout the transmission for the next couple days till he gets back in town.
Let me
Lay out the waterfront here of the news and just kind of reset the show.
Because we've got huge guests coming up today.
Mike Adams is going to be joining us in the next hour.
And then Dr. Francis Boyle is going to be joining us in the third hour.
And this is can't miss stuff.
It was Dr. Francis Boyle who came on the Alex Jones Show in January and February of 2020.
Breaking the news about the biological weapons lab, or the biological research lab, in Wuhan, China, and that that was likely the source of the outbreak, he was proven right, and now that's pretty much accepted as what happened.
But since time has passed, we just say, oh, well, we lied and said wet market, and we're just going to pretend that
That was the real story, and even though it did come out of the lab, we're not gonna punish China, we're not gonna punish Fauci, we're just gonna let that slide.
So that's what's coming up as far as the guests are concerned.
Now, I've got a ton of news coming out of Ukraine.
I've got a bunch of political news here that's going on right now in the U.S.
There is some COVID news still kind of lingering, some kind of just breadcrumbs of COVID stuff that's still lingering, but it's not really the top story anymore.
Though they may bring it back, and there's some signs that they are going to bring it back, because why wouldn't they?
Now that they've seized all this power, anytime they release a virus, well, why wouldn't you release a virus and then just seize power again?
Of course they're going to.
These are tyrants we're talking about here.
This is government.
An unnatural inorganic oppression of what would typically be free societies.
That's government.
And then we've got people responding to all the lies from the Biden administration about oil and gas.
And it's just, and the funny thing about it is the more you look into it, the more you realize it's not just that everything they're telling you about oil and gas is a lie.
It's like multiple threads of lies.
It's like, okay, Putin is to blame for the gas prices.
And then it's like, okay, there's a whole nother thread of lies over there.
And then it's like, oh, uh...
We're pumping more oil than ever before under the Biden administration.
And then there's just a whole other thread of lies over there.
And it's just a tree of lies that is growing from this Biden administration.
It's quite disgusting.
We don't even have competent criminals running our country anymore.
We now have fully incompetent criminals running our country.
That's what we have here.
And then I've got some video clips too.
But let me just do this, quickly, before we get into the news.
Now, there is a new Adidas ad, guys, and you can just roll the b-roll.
Because, here's the thing, all this other news is important, and probably more important, I would say.
What's going on in Ukraine, and the virus power that they seize.
That's more important news.
But see,
If we can't deal with stuff like this, then it doesn't even matter.
We'll never be able to have victory, whatever that means, in the Infowar in truth, or let's say for peace.
We'll never have any victories with any of this other stuff if we can't address the most obvious stuff that sits right in front of our face, like men are not women!
If we can't have a victory for truth that men are not women, then everything else is done.
Forget about it.
Forget about Ukraine, forget about Russia, forget about China, forget about everything, folks.
If we can't come together as people and say men are not women, we're done.
That's it.
Game over.
Forget about it.
So I was wondering,
Here's this new Adidas ad where they promote men playing women's sports.
What happened to the pro-women movement?
Well, now you realize it was never a pro-woman movement.
It was always just leftist propaganda, just like everything else.
Just like every other thing they virtue signal for, whether it's Black Lives Matter or Me Too or all this other stuff, it's all just a front.
It's all just marketing gimmicks.
They don't care about women.
If you were pro-women, why would you want men in women's sports?
That's ridiculous.
But that's what they're promoting now.
And I was wondering, too, about a month or two ago, the actress, South Korean actress, who's a model, that was in Squid Games, a popular Netflix show, won a bunch of awards for her role in Squid Games.
Now, I watched Squid Games, I saw her performance.
It was mediocre at best!
It was mediocre at best!
And I used to be a film critic.
I used to do movie reviews, had a media pass, everything.
I was writing for local papers.
So, she had a mediocre performance in Squid Games at best.
She wins a bunch of awards, and I'm thinking, how does she win these awards?
Oh, now I see.
She's in all of these different ads promoting transsexualism and promoting men competing with women.
So that's all it is now.
You don't have to be a good actor or actress to receive an award.
All you gotta do is promote whatever the latest liberal BS is.
Men is women?
You got it.
You got the award.
Mediocre performance in a mediocre TV show?
You promote men as women?
Doesn't matter.
We're gonna give you that award.
Same thing for the Nobel Peace Prize and all this other bullcrap.
But see, I go out yesterday, and I might have to come back to this because I'm running short on time here, but I go out yesterday and folks, the full HD videos at Bandot Video, other HD clips are going to be coming out, I also have a full video on my Getter Livestream, I go out to a pro-trans kids event in downtown Austin, Texas.
Now you might be saying, what is a trans kid?
Well exactly, what is a trans kid?
It doesn't exist!
There's no such thing as a trans kid.
That is until one of these leftist perverts, or in my opinion, pedophiles, gets their hands on them.
So I've got these things, they promote, I'm gonna come back to this later, they promote putting fake penises in toddlers'
And I'll read directly from the promotion of this product.
They promote underwear for little boys that they quote-unquote tuck their genitalia so they can pretend to be girls.
I mean, who even thinks about this crap?
I feel disgusting even talking about it.
But you know, we're really only one, or I would say, safely, comfortably, two generations away.
I mean, let me tell you something.
If my grandparents
My grandparents, who were in the military, if my grandparents walked up on the scene that they saw yesterday with a bunch of adults prancing around talking about how they want to chop little boys' genitals up, let me tell you something, people would have gotten their ass kicked.
And you know what?
I'm not saying everything from past generations is better than what we have now, and maybe that's not a good thing, but let me tell you.
There needs to be a certain level of intolerance with men and women showing up, talking about wanting to chop little boys and girls' genitals up!
That's the foreign policy of the Biden administration.
A cackling wench.
A jackal.
Someone who is so unprepared, over her head, overwhelmed, an embarrassment to the country.
Kamala Harris.
Sent to Europe because she just wanted a vacation to Europe.
Pretending to be a diplomat.
And cackling and jackling her way through press conferences with foreign leaders in Romania, in Poland, and across Europe.
I mean, we're talking very serious press conferences about war and famine, and she's cackling up there like a, like a pull-string dummy.
With a laugh track.
And then, I've got this video, we'll play it later, and you have these hysterical Democrats
They're ranting and raving about how high their gas prices are now.
They can't afford to live because of the Biden inflation.
And they're blaming Putin for all of it.
How do you... See, these people are the definition of insane.
How do you expect them... It's like, do you learn from your mistakes?
Do you learn from your failures?
Or do you keep repeating them over and over and just...
Consuming the latest realm of propaganda that justifies your false worldview, your false perspective, your false narrative.
So Kamala's over there cackling like a demon and the left thinks that this is a serious administration.
But here's some of the latest news when it comes to the situation in Ukraine.
Now this is the New York Times yesterday.
And I actually think they had other stories before that, but this was yesterday's headline.
Russia asked China for military and economic aid for Ukraine war, U.S.
officials say.
intelligence community that lies to us about everything says, oh look,
So the U.S.
Russia is asking China for military aid.
Now, what would be the goal of that?
Is that to be honest, that Russia and China are firming an alliance?
I don't know if they would want that news out there.
Or, is this to prop up their narrative that Russia is losing in Ukraine, and therefore they're going to China for help, which is just complete BS.
Now, I don't know if you could say Russia is winning or losing, but
They're certainly not losing.
And so maybe that's the U.S.
intelligence just propping up the false narrative of Russia's losing.
We're winning.
So they say, look, Russia needs China's help.
Russia could wipe Ukraine off the map if they wanted to.
That's not what they want to do.
There's all these video reports where just independent journalists in Ukraine are walking through the streets of Kiev and other cities where they're claiming
There's just skirmishes and fighting happening all day, all night, and it's just normal activity.
People going to the grocery store, people driving their cars around.
Now it's, I shouldn't say it's total normal activity, but the point is, we're just not getting any accurate information from our media or our intelligence agencies, so nothing new there.
But now China responds.
After the U.S.
intelligence agencies and their propaganda news outlets like the New York Times reporting that Russia is asking China for military aid and economic aid, China slams claims about Russia asking for military assistance in Ukraine as disinformation.
And you know it's a funny thing.
I'm not going to sit here and tell you the Russian government is good and doesn't lie to their people.
I'm not going to sit here and tell you the Chinese government is good and doesn't lie to their people, but it's this ironic thing where Russia and China are actually trying to tell us that our government and our media is lying to us.
So it's a weird thing, like, hey, I'm not saying I trust China or Russia, but they're right about that.
Why are they warning us about how we're being lied to by our intelligence agencies?
Why are they warning us about how we're being lied to about
Everything in Ukraine by our media.
And then there's the big lie that they got caught in the middle of, and this is such an incompetent administration that they couldn't even get their lies straight on the bioweapons labs in Ukraine.
China calls for verification of Russian claims of US bioweapons help to Ukraine.
Beijing says all parties should give a thorough response to the claims that America is supporting bio-military programs in Ukraine.
And you gotta understand, in China, where the US is working with the Chinese military on bio-weapons, like the labs in Wuhan, China at least knows what's going on in those labs, they have access to it, they're running the drills.
But in Ukraine, they have no idea, and that's why Russia is saying they're building bio-weapons on our front doorstep.
But here's the official narrative from the U.S.
government and the U.S.
First, it was the biolabs don't exist.
And then, so that was Jen Psaki, that was the Biden administration, they said the bioweapons labs, there are no labs in Ukraine, it's all fake news.
And then, I guess out of their incompetence and lack of communication, Marco Rubio and Victoria Nuland have a staged
Question and answers, totally fake, totally staged, all propaganda, where Rubio tees it up for Newland, and she says, yes, there are bio labs in Ukraine, and the Russians are going to use them as weapons against the Ukrainian people.
Okay, so bio labs, so first it was the labs don't exist, then on official congressional record, it was the bio labs do exist, and Russia's going to use them against Ukraine.
Then, the same day, hours later, again, they're getting their wires crossed, the State Department and Jen Psaki doubled down, saying there are no biolabs in Ukraine.
There aren't biolabs in Ukraine.
There are biolabs in Ukraine.
There aren't biolabs in Ukraine.
Well, now we're back to there are biolabs in Ukraine, but they're now called health labs, quote-unquote, but these health labs, quote-unquote, are going to be used as biological weapons by Russia.
So they're 0 for 5.
They're 0 for 6, 0 for 10, whatever you want to say.
They're batting 0 when it comes to the information they're putting out about these bio labs.
So they've been caught.
China knows it, Russia knows it, the world knows it.
The only people that haven't realized it yet are the brainwashed fools in this country that still believe the U.S.
intelligence agencies and the mainstream news.
Which is an odd thing, to say the least, but that's the case.
So China's in front of the UN saying, what's going on with these bioweapons?
Russia is saying, why do you have bioweapons on our front door?
And then the US media and intel agencies can't even get their story straight.
They do exist, they don't exist, they do exist, they don't exist.
Well, they're just health labs, but Russia's going to use them as a bioweapon.
None of it adds up.
None of it makes sense.
We're being lied to.
And I'm not telling you to trust Russia or China, but they're telling you you're being lied to.
But it's only going to get worse, folks.
Russia to suspend grain exports to Eurasian Economic Union until August 31st, and if they continue to advance into Ukraine, that situation is only going to get worse.
And it's wheat, it's barley, it's all these different things, that if Russia cuts it off, and we're not getting it from China, it's going to be big problems for the world.
It's going to be big problems.
Now, it's not going to hurt America as much as the rest of the world, but it's going to have serious problems.
Oligarch who founded, I shouldn't even say, I mean, okay, call him an oligarch, that's just US media attacking any Russian that has a billion dollars.
So it's Russian billionaire who founded Russia's largest fertilizer and coal companies, warns the world faces food crisis without an end to the conflict in Ukraine.
And again, he's just understanding.
Whether it's the fertilizer, whether it's all the stuff that comes out of Ukraine and Russia, if that stuff gets shut off, you're going to see starving in the third world, just like you saw with COVID.
Billionaire supermarket CEO warns of potential meat-egg shortage as Omicron disrupts US supply chain.
Well, it's actually now in China they're shutting down again because of a virus.
Which means they're probably going to do the same thing in the US after the midterms, folks.
Putin warns of possible oil shortage due to lack of investment.
No one is talking about the mass food shortage and grocery bill increases the US is barreling towards.
But hey, it's worth it to destroy our country because Ukraine... You know, one of the reasons the Biden administration is actually in support of what's going on in Ukraine is because it gives them a perfect scapegoat.
For all the devastation that we're seeing here in America with the economy, the inflation, the consumer price index, gas prices, energy prices, etc.
Perfect scapegoat.
Blame Putin.
Blame Russia.
Wipe our hands of the situation we caused.
And the liberal nutjobs fall for the whole thing.
In fact, guys, do we have clip 10 ready to go?
Here's a perfect example.
Trust me.
Don't doubt me on this.
The Biden administration is gleeful at what's going on in Ukraine because it gives them a scapegoat for everything they've caused and all their brainwashed minions sound like this today.
Look at the price of gas now!
It's $7.55 a gallon!
Hey Putin, we're sending you a bill!
Hey, Putin.
But see, again, leftist logic can never be applied universally.
That's why it's not logic.
It's illogic.
What about the Chinese biolab that released COVID onto the world and Fauci's involvement and Obama's involvement?
Are we going to send them the bill for all the COVID nonsense?
No, of course not, because you liberals just do whatever you're told.
You're brainwashed fools.
Like that individual.
$7 a gallon, oh, Putin.
Oh, Biden is loving that.
Let me tell you, the Biden administration loves you, sir.
They love idiots like you because you fall for anything and Biden can get away with destroying this country's economy and destroying the middle class and you're gonna blame Putin like a freak brainwashed zombie.
And so, the inflation will get worse, the consumer price index will go up, the middle class will shrink, the lower class will suffer, and all of these libtards will blame Putin because they don't have a clue how the world works or what's really going on.
You're gonna see $10 gasoline!
And you're going to see everyone blame Putin and the Biden administration and Jen Psaki are going to sit back like the energy secretary and they are going to laugh their asses all the way to the media to blame Putin and then they're going to keep laughing as you go scream at a sign at a gas station because you don't understand how you've been deceived.
More on this
Iran's foreign minister to visit Russia on Tuesday.
So you're starting to see the pieces of the puzzle starting to work their way out.
And you know this, who's even allying with the U.S.?
Is anyone really allying with the U.S.
on this Ukraine situation?
European countries?
Eh, not really.
Pretty much just Ukraine.
So when you understand that, you understand everything.
Why is the US so interested and invested in the situational outcome in Ukraine?
Because that's where all the major criminals in the West, in the US, have been laundering money, laundering political information, bribing, blackmailing.
It's all been in Ukraine.
That's why the US and Biden has been so invested in that situation, while also riding it as a scapegoat
For all the damage that they're doing in this country.
But we'll have more on that tomorrow with Sean Stone.
My point is, China, India, Mexico, Brazil, even Israel now, Iran, everyone is siding with Russia on this deal.
And European countries are pretty much remaining neutral, in case you haven't noticed.
Where's the NATO support?
Biden caught lying to Germany and Poland about the
Military aircraft that they were sending.
So I mean, even Europe is like, you know what?
I don't think we want to be siding with the US on this deal in Ukraine.
For Zelensky, a puppet president, a guy way in over his head, a guy who should have resigned a month ago?
Yeah, I don't think so.
It's just the US and their corrupt interests, which are protecting their
Criminal operations in Ukraine while also riding the situation out as the perfect scapegoat as the Biden administration destroys the U.S.
I love this one, though.
I love this little diddy from Salon today.
Three weeks ago or so, when Putin came out with the big speech basically saying what he's about to do in Ukraine.
And he said that they're gonna de-nazify Ukraine, and the liberal media and the Western media are like, oh, there's no Nazis, they don't exist.
They're finally admitting that that was the truth today in Ceylon.
Are there really neo-Nazis fighting for Ukraine?
Well, yes.
But it's a long story.
Not really.
Not really.
After World War II, these Nazi kind of leftover remains kind of just archetypal.
I mean, there are no German Nazis.
It's not like the real Nazis are still around.
It's just like this weird tribal archetypal Nazi belief system or group or symbology that has just remained in Ukraine on Russia's doorstep that they're sick of because millions of Russians died beating the Nazis.
I mean, millions died when they took Berlin alone.
In that week-long, weeks-long battle.
So, yeah, the Russians are a little upset that there's Nazis sitting on their doorstep, LARPing, and Putin says, but, you see, they're just backed by Western groups and armed by Western CIA groups as a proxy front in front of Russia, in front of NATO.
And so, yeah, Putin wasn't lying, and now even the liberals have to admit it.
They're always late to the party, though.
Are there really neo-Nazis fighting for Ukraine?
Well, yes, but it's a long story.
Just admit you were wrong.
Just admit you were wrong about Putin.
Just admit you lied to us about the neo-Nazis.
Just admit it!
But they always have the, oh, it's a long story though.
Like PolitiFact, it's mostly true or it's mostly false.
Just such liars.
Such agents of propaganda.
It's just unbelievable.
But see, by the time they admit that they've been lied to, the useful operations of the lie has already run its course.
EU head.
If NATO gets involved in Russia-Ukraine conflict, it's World War III.
What does that mean?
The EU's not interested, folks.
The EU's not interested.
Tellin' ya.
The US is isolated on this deal in Ukraine.
We just haven't realized it yet.
And again, the Biden administration doesn't care because they can ride it out as a scapegoat for them destroying the U.S.
And maybe they're not so concerned about Putin exposing all their crimes there because the Ukrainian military has burned all the evidence, as we saw in videos.
But this biolab thing, that might be where the chickens come home to roost.
Zelensky thanks Zuckerberg for helping him win the propaganda war.
Ah, yes!
Just like Facebook does in the West!
Here in America, helping Democrats win the propaganda war.
See how that goes?
So all the corrupt Western enterprises like Big Tech are backing Zelensky.
No surprise there.
More so than even NATO or the EU, I would say.
There's a lot of jaw-jocking and lip-smacking, but who is really backing Ukraine?
Russia to shut down Facebook, Instagram over rule change, allowing calls for violence against Russians.
Yeah, Facebook, Instagram said you can threaten and kill Trump supporters and we'll allow that.
Now they're saying the same thing about Russians.
And then you have the mainstream media and liberals saying, oh my gosh, Putin's anti-free speech.
Oh, now you care about free speech.
Putin doesn't want Facebook operating in Russia because Facebook says it's okay to kill Russians.
Oh boy, Putin's the bad guy.
Senator Graham pledges support for no-fly zone over Ukraine if chemical weapons used.
Folks, that's the tail wagging the dog.
They wanted to stage a false flag chemical weapons attack in Ukraine and blame Russia, but I think they got caught.
I don't think they're going to be able to do it anymore.
I mean, that's a major celebration.
That's the type of victory in a situation like this, in a Cold War situation like this, that doesn't get reported, doesn't make headlines, nobody knows about.
Folks, I'm telling you.
I mean, you can call it a victory for Russia, call it a victory for the planet.
The fact that the West that planned on staging a false flag chemical attack to blame Russia and Ukraine got caught is a huge victory for the planet.
Huge victory.
China says no one and no force could stop it from taking Taiwan as 13 jets breached Taiwan airspace.
Is Lindsey Graham going to call for the assassination of Xi Jinping?
Does Lindsey Graham want us to invade and get involved in that situation in Taiwan and Hong Kong too?
Lindsey Graham never seen a skirmish he didn't want you to die in.
But I'm telling you folks, they got caught.
And I don't know who was going to run it.
I don't know who was running point on it.
Biden or whoever, or Milley, I don't know.
But they, or their proxy armies over there, the CIA, they planned on launching a chemical weapons attack, or faking one, and blaming Russia and Ukraine, and they got caught, folks.
That is huge victory for the whole planet!
Huge victory!
Folks, I gotta tell you, what InfoWars has been able to do,
And this is not meant to be demeaning of the crew.
I include myself in this.
With this ragtag crew of Wolverines that we have here, what we have been able to do, folks, InfoWars, which operates on tiny margins, lucky if we can even stay in the black for a month,
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And we are now joined by Mike Adams, the health ranger.
So much breaking news is there that you're not going to find anywhere else.
And I've got a lot of questions for Mike Adams today, whether it's the bio labs, the food shortages coming.
It looks like they're going to bring back all of the virus lockdowns and everything probably after the midterm elections.
We're already seeing it happening in China.
And so Mike Adams joins me now.
Mike, what's the big story on NaturalNews.com today?
Or what do you think the big story is, yourself personally, Mike Adams?
Well, Owen, it's always great to join you, by the way.
I'm really sorry you had to navigate a mob of perverts there in Austin.
Yeah, I mean, hell, if you want to talk about the perverted mob that invades Austin, Texas, you can do that, too.
No, I'd rather not.
We have more practical things to talk about.
You know, global starvation is being engineered and Russia now announcing they're likely to ban exports of wheat and oats and buckwheat and other grains all the way through June 30th.
And that's on top of, of course, Ukraine banning the exports of all those grains and Hungary banning exports of wheat.
Why is this happening?
Because these countries know that there's a global shortage and that they have to protect their domestic supply.
Now, China was very smart about this.
Strategically, they bought up grain supplies around the world over the last, let's say, eight months or so.
They're sitting on about 18 months of wheat right now in China.
They knew what was coming.
It's just like with COVID.
When they released the bioweapon and then they bought up all the PPE equipment around the world in advance and creating shortages for everybody else.
But the United States does not have really a strategic grain supply.
And so we're going to be facing, or at least not one that's large like what China has.
We're going to be facing severe shortages and price inflation in the grocery stores, hitting the U.S.
in the second half of this year, accelerating from about August all the way through the end of the year.
And we've done an analysis, myself and a couple of researchers, and if you don't mind Owen, I'd like to share that analysis with you of where we think that's going and how it leads to food rationing passports and the digital dollar control system.
Is it okay if I go into that or do you have other topics?
No, I'd love for you to go into that right now, because we're also seeing just people in Russia, billionaires in Russia that are being honest, saying, look, this is going to cause the food supply collapse.
I mean, people in Europe saying this is going to cause a food supply collapse.
And the problem, Mike, is, and you'll probably get into this, it's like, look,
We're not going to see the worst of it in America.
It's not going to affect the upper class.
It will hurt the middle class.
It will really hurt the lower class.
But it's third world countries that are going to get crushed.
And this is going to cause millions of people to die of starvation.
But they don't report that in the news.
Well, you're absolutely right about that.
And remember, protests have begun in the Middle East, which is the first region affected by exports out of Ukraine and Russia.
So, you know, Ukraine provides about a quarter of the world's wheat supply, but they provide 50 to 100 percent of the wheat for countries in the Middle East and even some in Europe, like Macedonia.
But Lebanon and Iraq are already seeing rationing and riots.
But I think what we're going to see in the United States is that
The prices will get so high on not only grains, but then meat and dairy and eggs, because all of those products come from animals that are fed the grains.
So most of the grains in the world are actually grown to feed animals, not to feed people.
So we're going to see huge increases in meat prices beyond what we've seen already.
So flash mobs are going to start looting grocery stores in huge numbers and stealing the meat, primarily.
The grocery stores are going to respond with increased security measures, checkpoints, and eventually, in some areas, armed guards at the grocery store doors here in America.
You're going to see that, I believe, before the end of this year.
In addition, the federal government always wants to make sure that a crisis doesn't go to waste.
So they are likely to jump in with food rationing, and then at some point, perhaps Venezuela-style
Food price fixing, price controls, which will create immediate shortages across the board.
You know, anybody who understands economics knows why that's the case.
But just the food rationing, they will have to implement food rationing passports, which is a mark of the beast system.
To verify your identity, it might be a face scan, an iris scan, a thumbprint scan, or maybe just your mobile phone that's tied to your identity.
But it'll be a mark of the beast system.
You won't be able to buy food unless you sign up for that system.
And then one more element to this, oh and we can explore this in more detail or wherever you want to go with it, is that there's going to be more stimulus money handed out.
And the money to buy groceries, there are going to be at least 10 million more Americans put on food stamps.
And as Joe Biden just announced, they're trying to push everybody into a central bank digital currency system while they're trying to crush the freedom cryptos with regulation.
They're going to try to force everybody into a digital dollar.
And eventually, although this won't happen in 2022, but eventually maybe in 23 or 24, they'll say that if you want to buy food,
Under the food rationing system, you must use the central bank digital dollar control system.
And that's how they're going to starve people into the Mark of the Beast Federal Reserve crypto system controlled by the government.
And even though I think they're way behind...
On the vaccine mandates where they'd like to be they're gonna try to bring that back I think with this system as well saying you can't even get your digital ID without taking the vaccine so that's how they'll try to reintroduce that when they've when they really I mean really that's another victory we've had is staving that off to this point I think they'll reintroduce that but you know you're you you bore more into
The economic details in this, but my forecasting is basically the same here.
I just look at, we've already seen this theme, this wave of mass retail theft.
We have groups of people running into stores right now, they're, you know, stealing Nike shoes or stealing wrist watches or whatever the case is.
Okay, that's fine, but like you said, as soon as they realize that, hey, wait,
Food is a commodity that we're running short of.
They're eventually going to make the connection and say, hmm, maybe we should be going and doing mass retail at grocery stores, getting bread, getting meat, getting produce, whatever.
I do believe I see that switch coming, and because they've been able to get away with it so much with the retail theft, they're going to switch over to food and produce and everything.
And then, like you said, there's going to be a response from these companies.
Like, if you try to go into certain stores like, say, a Walmart or a Target or a CVS or a Walgreens, there's certain aisles you go into and it's all under lock and key.
You can't go get a bottle of shampoo, you can't go get a facial cream, whatever.
It's under lock and key because there's so much theft of these products.
Then you're going to start seeing that on the food sector.
I mean, imagine that.
In America, because again, I agree, my foresight is the same here.
Like, I can't even imagine it, even though I'm foresighting it, walking into a grocery store and having the whole meat department under lock and key because that's how much the price has increased, that's how much the demand has increased, and that's how much the theft has increased.
But Owen, don't forget the COVID training was to get people prepared for a prison camp experience in retail stores.
So remember the little footsteps on the floor.
You have to stand six feet apart.
Some stores had only a certain number of people allowed in the store at one time.
So there were lines outside the store and essentially checkpoints at the entry to the stores.
This kind of indoctrination and prison camp training is only going to be vastly increased.
And we've seen some retailers like Walmart have installed one-way gate systems at their entrances, for example.
And there are more personnel now watching entrances at grocery stores in Texas.
I don't know if you've noticed that at H-E-B and other stores.
Well, those people are going to be upgraded, in our analysis, upgraded to uniform-wearing security guard personnel.
At some point as the food thefts get very serious.
And by the way, just to kind of reinforce this, I have also noticed in Texas, and I don't know if it's like this in other states,
They're trying to get rid of bag checkers and automate, pretty much, when you check out, it's all robots now.
And so I guess they look at it as, let's automate, let's have robotics do the checkout so that we can hire personnel for security.
I'm definitely seeing that.
Now, I haven't seen the full switch to let's hire personnel for security, but slowly but surely, every grocery store I go in, less bag checkers, more machines.
And the vaccine passport technology that they built and tried to roll out and tried to push on everybody but there was a lot of backlash, that technology is just being reformed and reintroduced as food rationing passports in the next 18 months.
Let's talk about that when we come back with Mike Adams because ladies and gentlemen there's another
Virus, quote-unquote, lockdown happening in China right now.
They're closing major facilities.
They're closing chip manufacturers, iPhone manufacturers.
So that just tells me they're going to bring it back in the U.S.
probably after the midterms.
We'll get Mike Adams' opinion on the other side.
We're back here on the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer sitting in for Alex.
Mike Adams, naturalnews.com, is my guest.
Ron DeSantis came out and said he expects the Democrats to reintroduce lockdowns after the midterms.
It's already happening in China.
And, you know, aside from all of that, Mike, we tend to, because there's victories, there's losses, I mean, there is a global operation right now for world government, the Great Reset as we know it, and they are having hiccups.
They are reaching obstacles.
It's not been a total victory for them, and so we kind of
We kind of forget that with the ebbs and flows of this Great Reset versus the Great Awakening, but their operation is still going right now.
So, yeah, they might see, hey, this is kind of unpopular, we can't get our corrupt Democrat candidates in there with these lockdowns and everything, so let's relinquish these, let's relief these, and then reintroduce them.
After the midterms and with what we're seeing in China right now, it appears that that agenda is certainly on the table.
So how do you think that's going to go?
How does this tie in to the supply chain shortages that we're already seeing?
I mean, with World War Three plus more virus lockdowns, I mean, this is total devastation for the world economy.
Yeah, I think you're exactly right that the virus lockdowns will be reimplemented after the midterm elections.
But I want to follow up on the economic question of something I didn't quite answer from the last segment, which is about the parallel alternative food ecosystem or food economy that's going to come out of all of this.
And I think this is critical for people to understand.
When the government cracks down with food rationing and with government centralized control over the food supplies, there will naturally and spontaneously, organically be created a parallel economy of barter,
And I think it's going to be really a combination of cryptocurrency, such as Monero, which is a privacy coin, as well as physical silver coins, and barter, including the barter of ammunition and seeds.
So seeds are going to become a kind of currency in this system, and it's not really a radical idea to think that the government may ban seeds, garden seeds, common seeds, in order to prevent people from growing food.
So you're going to have one system
By the way, just so people understand, they already tried to do that at the beginning of the pandemic.
Remember, they were shutting down seeds from being sold in stores.
You're exactly right, yeah.
See, the COVID pandemic was sort of the pilot run for everything that they want to do under different excuses.
But think about this.
You're going to have the first system, which is a digital dollar, Mark of the Beast system, where you can go into the grocery stores, you're going to get free money, universal basic income, and you're going to be able to buy processed junk foods, laced with GMOs and pesticides and heavy metals and all, and nutritionally deficient, okay?
So that's what that segment of the population is going to be able to get.
Then you're going to have this parallel economy, and you're going to have a massive number of people growing food all across America.
Growing food in gorilla gardens, or in hydroponics, or just small gardens on their balconies, in containers, or in their backyards.
And then you're going to have a thriving system of trade among food, and chicken eggs, and backyard chickens, and whatever else, even, you know, beef products and so on, venison.
And that system is actually going to be far healthier for people.
In other words, those people are going to see vast reductions in diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, and all the other chronic conditions.
So, not only do people have to make a decision about whether to reject the Mark of the Beast system, but if you accept the Mark of the Beast, you're also going to end up eating death-causing processed foods.
I mean, one more thing, I want to think about this.
McDonald's shut down all the restaurants in Russia.
Starbucks pulled out.
Coca-Cola shut down operations.
You know, immediately Russia became healthier.
And a similar kind of segmentation is going to happen in America through the systems I just described.
And it's such unintentional revelation, if you will, of the new world order system, like you said, because here's what it is.
This fast food has addictive additives in it.
So when you go and you eat this fast food that's not even wholesome or really healthy other than just sustaining your hunger, you become addicted to it.
So then they take it from you and it's like somebody that can't get their cocaine or can't get their crack or can't get their whatever, they freak out.
That's why we saw some of these people in Russia freaking out.
They can't go get their McDouble or whatever because they make the food addictive, KFC, all of it.
But that's the irony, it's like, this is the system that's killing you.
This is the eugenicist system that's killing you with the chemicals and the food and the water, making you desperate for it, so that when they take it away, like a drug dealer takes away crack to control you, or a pimp takes away crack to control a prostitute or whatever, that's what the globalists are trying to do to the people right now.
That's why separating yourself entirely from it is the only way.
Well, you're exactly right.
Maybe your producers can pull up that photo of that man's refrigerator in Russia, stocked with Big Macs and hamburgers and things from McDonald's, and this individual believes that that's a form of stockpiling.
Like, that's prepping, is to shove a hundred hamburgers into your refrigerator.
And of course, that's completely insane.
The real answer is to buy whole grains, wheat berries, which have really over a ten-year shelf life, and then to have a wheat grinder.
And then to make your own wheat flour when you need it in order to produce your own bread on demand and to have those basic skills.
And that's the answer.
And that's a very, very healthy way, by the way, to produce food.
So people who are informed about prepping are not out there buying processed food or even buying flour for that matter.
They're buying whole wheat berries or the raw materials that they need to make their own food.
So part of the silver lining in all of this, Owen, is that there's there's kind of a
A grand awakening, a learning that's taking place among people who are learning about how to actually eat healthier and how to be more self-reliant because of the food scarcity and the food rationing that's taking place.
So, you know, we're going to come out of this actually a stronger nation, at least for those who survive, which won't be everyone, but for those who do survive, they're going to know a lot more about growing food,
Prepping food and bartering and trading food and even how to use cryptocurrencies and alternative parallel economic systems to avoid government tyranny over you.
That's where it's all going.
Well, and you know, here's the thing too.
As authoritarian...
As the US government would like to get or might get, they can't control all the people.
It's gonna be impossible.
I mean, even in major metropolitan areas, there's gonna be pockets of resistance and pockets of barter or whatever to avoid this.
But, I mean, I see it as...
And who knows what major retailers end up doing, because they've occupied pretty much every U.S.
But it's like, if you're out in some of these more suburban areas, or you're out, you know, away from major metropolitan areas, I feel like, for at least some period of time, those are going to remain untouched by all of this.
And that's why people are trying to move out to the hills, or move out to the mountains, or move out to the woods, because it's like, where can I go to kind of just exist without any of this reaching my front doorstep as long as possible?
Well, you're absolutely right, and there will be food riots, but they will be in the cities primarily.
Now, eventually, depending on how bad this gets, if the cities really run out of food, then you're going to see migration out of the cities, into the suburbs, and eventually into the rural areas, looking for more food, and also potentially raiding farms.
But don't forget that the NDAA signed by Obama in 2012 also allows the federal government to seize all grains and fuel and livestock from farms across America.
So it may be the government knocking on your door asking for all of your stored food before the zombies get to you.
That's something to consider.
And now China and Bill Gates probably own more farmland than anybody else in the U.S.
combined, so there's the control factor of that too.
Mike Adams with us from NaturalNews.com.
We've got one more segment with Mike coming up.
We'll finish up our discussion on this and get into the other big news.
Final segment here with Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com.
We've been talking about
What we think is the next phase of the Great Reset, food rationing, more lockdowns, and then just increased tyranny over the food supply because of the supply-demand issue that is upon us.
And we're already seeing it, but it's going to get even worse when you combine a World War III situation or potential with another virus lockdown.
I mean, we're talking devastation to the food chain.
And yeah, you know, Mike,
The elites of the world won't be concerned about it.
Rich people, it won't hit too much.
The middle class will hurt a little bit.
It could crush the lower class, specifically the third world countries, but people don't seem to care about that.
But my, what else is the big news right now?
The bio labs, the, I mean, we're having victories, we don't really know about it.
Like, I think we had a major victory with the bio lab story.
They didn't want anybody to know those existed.
They got caught lying about it.
We may have stopped their plan to start World War III.
I mean, that's how serious this is.
They were going to stage, I think it's pretty obvious, they were going to stage a chemical attack, false flag, whether they actually released a biological weapon or chemical weapon or not.
They were going to stage it like they tried to in Syria multiple times.
They got caught before they could do it.
They failed in Syria the last two times they tried it.
I mean, that's like potentially stopping World War III scenario stuff right there.
Well, I agree with you, Owen.
That was key and of course your analysis and Alex's analysis nailed it.
They were setting up a narrative for a US-based false flag release of bioweapons to be blamed on Russia.
Now, but the problem though is they could still do it.
So, you know, a couple weeks down the road or a month down the road they could still do it.
They could still blame Russia.
All the mainstream media is going to parrot that narrative.
I do believe, in fact there's no question in my mind,
I think about the globalists as having a deck of cards, and each card is a horrible weapon against humanity.
It's like the Illuminati card game.
One after another.
That's exactly what it is, right.
So they've got the bioweapons card, not just the first one they played with COVID, but now one with a 60% mortality rate, for example.
They've got the cyber attack card to take down the financial infrastructure.
They've got the card that is the collapse of the fiat currencies around the world.
Collapse the dollar, force people into a digital dollar and thereby then control their food purchases like we talked about last segment.
They've also got...
Nuclear attacks, nuclear terrorism, dirty bomb radiological attacks, as well as chemical weapons and so on.
And there are more cards, as you know, in that deck.
And the conclusion that we've all come to, all of us who are pro-humanity, is these attacks on us will never stop until this globalist cabal is dismantled and taken out of power.
Otherwise, we're going to be fighting year after year after year with a new crisis every time and losing another billion people from time to time.
The vaccines are going to kill over a billion people over the next decade, right now, just based on what's been done.
The food scarcity could starve a billion people if it gets worse and we don't re-establish international trade for things like energy and fertilizer and minerals and so on.
So, each one of these cards could kill a billion people.
We don't have that many billion
You know, I mean, we have 8 billion now.
It could be 7 billion in two years.
It could be 4 billion if we lose synthetic fertilizers.
The planet can't support... I shouldn't say the planet.
It's not an ecological issue.
It's that the food infrastructure can't support 8 billion people if you lose natural gas-based fertilizers.
So, you could lose half the world population right there just because of economic sanctions.
And by the way, folks that think this is insane, maybe you haven't been listening to Infowars or Mike Adams for a long time, you gotta understand, Bill Gates goes and does public speeches where he says, and I don't know the exact quote, but I'm paraphrasing an exact quote from Bill Gates, we need to get the human population down to zero, and if we do a good job with vaccines, we can accomplish that goal.
What do you think he means by that?
And then he goes on TV when this virus outbreaks and he starts promoting vaccines right up until like a month or two ago where all of a sudden he seems to have disappeared.
What do you think Bill Gates means when he says we need to get the population down to zero if we do a good job with vaccines we can do that?
Because here's my dream.
It's like Martin Luther King had his I Have a Dream speech about people of all skin colors living together in peace and harmony, which we had in this country until the globalists, the modern-day liberal leftist factions started becoming more radicalized.
We really realized that dream.
I'd like to think I realized that dream.
I never saw racism in this country until recently when the leftist bigots started to show their true sides.
But it's like my dream is we get to live on a planet
Free of this globalist cabal or free of a secret shadow government operating on top of the world system in the shadows thinking that they own everything, they have the rights to determine who gets what resources and ration what resources.
I mean, that's like the next level of Martin Luther King's dream is getting these globalists
Off our back that think they own the planet and look at humans as useless eaters because they look at us as a virus.
That's like the next level of Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream speech, but for the planet.
Get the globalist cabal off our back and watch humanity truly take off.
I believe there'll be renaissance and prosperity, the likes of which this planet's never seen.
Oh, I'm with you.
We're going to unleash a new golden age after we dismantle this globalist crime cartel.
You know, there have been so many technologies that have been suppressed, such as free energy technology, for example, or water desalination technology, that could unleash incredible abundance and wealth across the planet.
No question about that.
But I just want to mention, just to augment what you said about Bill Gates, specifically he said that vaccines could reduce the population by 10 to 15 percent.
That's just attributed to vaccines, and this is why the globalists need multiple attack vectors.
So, you're correct that then they need starvation, they need food scarcity, they need to shut down the fossil fuel industry.
I'd like to ask your producers, see if you can bring up a chart of the history of the world population that shows the population of the planet around the year 1900.
Which is the pre-fossil fuel age, the pre-combustion engine age.
And you're going to find that the world population around that time, these are rough numbers, was only about a billion people.
You know, one-eighth, basically, of what we have today.
So without fossil fuels and combustion engines, you can't grow enough food to feed but perhaps one-eighth or one-fourth of the current population, you understand?
And then Joe Biden and the Democrats are saying, well, let's shut down all fossil fuels and all oil and stop all combustion engines, but they don't have a replacement for it yet.
And so what is it, just starve until we come up with new exotic technologies someday and then hope there's enough people alive to transition?
It's a suicide question.
Which given the current status of our education system, is never going to happen.
No, not at all!
So, just to summarize the numbers.
Without synthetic fertilizers, population of the world goes to 4 billion people, roughly.
Without fossil fuels and combustion engine technology, it goes to 1 billion to 2 billion people.
Mass starvation will dwarf anything they accomplish with the vaccines or with war.
It's really just sad that that's what the future looks like right now, and it shouldn't have to be that way.
But you're right, I mean, this is the next struggle for humanity.
Humanity's had to go through all kinds of struggles throughout the course of human history, and this is the next great struggle.
To get the purveyors of governments and corruption on this planet, they think they own this planet, they think they own the world's resources, they get to allocate them how they see fit, which means it's all for them, none for you.
And that's how they see it, Mike.
They look at humanity as a virus on this planet that they're gonna call, and they're gonna see themselves as the saviors, and they don't want the people to know that that's their ideology, because as soon as they wake up and realize that, it all falls apart.
Yeah, yeah, exactly.
Thing is, we don't have to live under scarcity.
All the scarcity that we are experiencing as human beings is, in fact, artificial scarcity.
So it's created by the globalists in order to be weaponized against us.
We could be living in a world where we have really abundant food, abundant energy, abundant technology.
We could be traveling to the stars.
Frankly, with the technology that's already been created by people here on this planet.
So, it's all about suppression and control and now extermination.
We will survive it, but we're gonna lose a lot, I think billions of fellow human beings in this war, but we'll ultimately prevail.
Ladies and gentlemen, that's Mike Adams.
You can follow his news at naturalnews.com.
Always breaking big stories.
Mike, thank you so much for joining us today.
Thank you, Owen.
And ladies and gentlemen, you see the serious nature of the topics we discuss here.
This is what we're fighting against.
And you notice how everything InfoWars has talked about for the last decades is slowly but surely coming true.
I don't want this to come true.
I don't want to see global starvation.
I want to see humanity thrive and prosper forever.
Ladies and gentlemen, we look at the collapse that is the Biden administration.
Kamala Harris, not knowing what planet she's on.
Joe Biden saying that Iran has attacked Ukraine and that Putin has attacked Russia.
And we think, these are losers.
We're going to be able to defeat these people very, very easily.
What are they going to do in 245 days with the midterms?
They're going to lose the Senate and the House.
What's going to happen?
Well, I can tell you what's going to happen.
Because when they were in office two days last year, they had a press conference with Homeland Security and Jen Psaki.
And they said, we are declaring anyone questioning lockdowns or anyone questioning the election as terrorist.
And then in June of last year, they put out the new national terrorism directive.
And cross the Rubicon saying they would use the CIA and the Defense Department with the FBI against the new number one threat, quote, white supremacist.
They then defined white supremacist as people questioning elections, people questioning open borders, and people questioning election fraud.
And then that even hit the news.
NBC News, Fox News put up the graphics saying it.
Now, there they are declaring that the number one terror threat is white people, to create division.
And then, what happened yesterday?
They release their new official Homeland Security paper, where they tell us we're guilty of being evil terrorists because we support national sovereignty and conservative Christian values, populist values, just common sense values.
And then they later put the reports out saying that imminent
Imminent terror attacks before the election are coming from Republicans who are quote white supremacist who are quote terrorist.
Here's the headline.
You can read the government document for yourself.
It's linked right there.
DHS releases new rules on extremism.
Target anyone who questions 2020 election or challenges COVID narrative.
Conspiracy theories about 2020 presidential election and government's COVID response will almost certainly spur domestic terrorism and extremists.
To try to engage in violence this year, DHS claims.
And then it goes through the entire report that you can again read at the article at Infowars.com.
So, everybody thinking that we're going to defeat the Democrats and that everything is okay.
This is all pre-scripted, this is all pre-planned.
And they are planning massive terror attacks, mass shootings, bombings of federal buildings right now to blame the Tea Party, to blame Trump supporters, to blame you.
And so we need to get out ahead of this now, like Tucker Carlson and others have done, exposing January 6th as a staged event, like our lives depend on it, because it does.
So they're going to say we're terrorists and we're Russian sympathizers.
So this is all a way to internationally take over, create a global crisis.
On the heels of the police state already set up under COVID-19 and now just roll that in to outline their opposition.
That's the same thing in England, the UK, same thing in Australia, New Zealand, same thing in Germany.
They're saying anyone protesting lockdowns and forced inoculations is a terrorist.
And a lot of people are like, well, they say COVID's over now.
You know, it's not over in places like Australia or Austria or Germany.
And they're going to bring it back here.
Leaked documents out of Canada and out of D.C.
show that they're planning right after the midterms to claim a new deadly variant of the virus is there and attempt lockdowns again.
So we got to get out ahead of this propaganda.
We got to get out ahead of the globalists that are not our government, that have hijacked it.
And who obviously stole the election.
And now they're trying to outlaw and saying you're a terrorist if you question it.
Even if they didn't steal the election.
Even if you really believe Biden.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And then Republicans took on some of that rhetoric during the contested election, but never actually implemented it.
And so they're trying to use what they actually said they would do, now claiming Republicans were planning it, to again set up an actual permanent martial law system like we have in Venezuela and other areas around the planet.
The world is going off the edge of an authoritarian cliff.
I mean, even the former Attorney General Barr came out on CNN and said the Democrats are now an authoritarian party.
And we've got senior Democrats, stories on Infowars.com, at the big DCCC meetings, this is even in the New York Times today, saying, Democrats, we are the problem.
We tried to take over people's lives.
We tried to take over people's children.
We tried to take over people's bodies.
Our own families hate us.
Everyone's turning against us.
Our most hardcore donors are quietly turning against us.
People don't want to live under this.
But see, the top technocrats...
The people running the Great Reset at the Davos Group and Bilderberg Group level, they are basically ordering Democrats to carry out policies and other governments they control around the world that are completely illegal and completely unpopular.
And so the Democrats are finally realizing they're being set up and used.
They're not going to be the kings and queens of this new tyranny.
They're going to be bringing in the tyranny and then they themselves will be flushed out.
And then a new managerial group will be put in control.
That's the standard procedure when you overthrow a country.
So this is banking, technocratic, 5th, 6th generational warfare, economic against the people.
It's called The Great Reset.
Build Back Better.
Tomorrow's news today.
Everybody needs to stand up and say, look, McCarthy went a little too far when he was the only real communist, but it's not right.
This is America.
This could be used on everybody.
Well, now they've done 10 times, 20 times what Joseph McCarthy ever did, and this time to red-blooded, hard-working Americans.
They're having a purge of the military, purge of law enforcement.
This is a classic takeover with critical race theory and the forced inoculations as a pretext for the purge.
We have to come together.
As all Americans realize we're being conquered by cold-blooded multinational corporations that want to get rid of our rule of law and system because it's an example of freedom of the rest of the world and America can't stand under this global corporate system.
That's why it's got to fall and be discredited.
And that's why we have to take our republic back peacefully in a revolution of ideas and not be drawn into conflict and violence here in the United States, which is the only option the globalists and the democratic minions have.
Let's not have this civil war.
That's Alex Jones.
We are now back here live in the InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas.
Owen Schroer filling in for Alex for a couple days this week as he is on the road, engaged in some business.
And you might be seeing some epic things coming from Alex in the near future if all things go according to plan.
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Now ladies and gentlemen, another big reason why you got to have Infowars on the air.
Our next guest, Dr. Francis Boyle, coming up in the next hour, is such a reliable source and was the individual that broke the Wuhan BioLabs story right here on this transmission.
I remember sitting right here in this studio over two years ago interviewing Dr. Francis Boyle before all that broke and everything he reported then turned out to be true.
He's joining us coming up in the next hour, in less than 10 minutes, to talk about the biolabs in Ukraine.
You're not going to hear this information anywhere else.
Dr. Francis Boyle is the expert on these matters, and he joins us in less than 10 minutes.
Now's the time to spread the links.
Now's the time to tell your friends and family to tune in.
Folks, we might be able to stop World War III if we can get this information out.
That's how paramount it is.
And I think we've already had major victories in the information war with what's going on in Ukraine.
Folks, I want to do something here that I'm just not seeing anywhere else, and it's a real shame.
And that's the role InfoWars has to play sometimes, even going into realms that you may think we don't belong in, but when I see a void, specifically in media, I'm gonna fill it.
Kyrie Irving is a professional basketball player, one of the best on the planet, who has been extremely
We're good to go.
In such a despicable, disgusting fashion.
I've never seen sports media so ugly in my life than the treatment that they've had towards Kyrie Irving.
You got a little taste of that with the Aaron Rodgers thing.
But Kyrie Irving has just been so mistreated by the American media, it's disgusting.
I've never been more ashamed of the sports media in my life with their disgusting rhetoric towards Kyrie Irving simply for wanting medical freedom.
Well, one of Kyrie Irving's teammates, Kevin Durant, also arguably maybe the best player in the NBA, is starting to raise his voice in this matter.
And now he's being attacked because he said this to media just last weekend in clip 5.
It's ridiculous.
I don't understand at all.
There's a few people in our arena that's un-vaxxed, right?
They lifted all of that in our arena, right?
So what's the... I don't get it.
It's a second mandate that says he can come in but can't play.
Yeah, I don't get it.
It just feels like at this point now, somebody's trying to make a statement or a point to flex their authority.
But, you know, everybody out here is looking for attention and that's when I feel like the...
The mayor wants right now some attention, you know.
But he'll figure it out soon.
He better.
But it just didn't make any sense.
Like, it's unvaxxed people in this building already.
We got a guy who can come into the building.
I guess, are they fearing our safety?
Like, I don't get it.
So, yeah, we're all confused.
Pretty much everybody in the world is confused at this point.
Early on in the season, you know, people didn't understand what was going on, but now it just looks stupid.
So hopefully, Eric, you got to figure this out.
Now that's him talking about the ridiculous standards and Eric Adams has just been a disaster.
By the way, crime in New York is already up 47% just this year alone.
So people thought Eric Adams, former police officer, might help New York City.
Been a complete disaster.
But see, Kevin Durant is just taking a neutral stance on all this, saying, hey, none of this makes sense.
It looks like a total power grab.
So then in the media, you have hardcore bigots like Michael Wilbon and Skip Bayless and all these other jerk offs in the media.
That have been hammering Aaron Rodgers, hammering Kyrie Irving, and now hammering Kevin Durant because they don't want the vaccine medical tyranny and they have legitimate questions to be asked about its execution in regards to players and fans and how it makes no sense at all.
So let me just say this because I'm not seeing it out there near enough.
I mean, maybe the Pat McAfee Show is the only place where you can go in sports media that has a really big audience that's actually standing up for medical freedom, and standing up for Kyrie Irving, and Kem Durant, and Aaron Rodgers, and Jonathan Isaac, and Brad Beal, and the other professional athletes that have said, hey, I don't want to take the vaccine, you can't make me do it, this is wrong what you're doing.
I've mostly completely lost interest in sports since leaving the sports media about almost a little less than 10 years ago now and switching to politics.
But let me tell you, when I see people like Aaron Rodgers standing against medical tyranny, that makes me want to root for him.
When I see people like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving standing up against medical tyranny, that makes me want to root for them.
And so I just want
I don't know if this message will get to them, but I want Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Jonathan Isaac, Brad Beal, and the other NBA players, NFL players that are standing up against this medical tyranny.
You're not alone.
You're on the right side of history.
And we support you just because the corrupt, disgusting, despicable American sports media is so evil towards you.
Do not let that stop you.
You're on the right side of history.
America is cheering you on.
And I don't know if I've ever cheered for a basketball team in years, but I'll cheer for Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving because of their stand.
And my guest joining me now is Dr. Francis Boyle.
A leading American expert in international law, he was responsible for drafting the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, the American implementing legislation for the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention.
He served on the board of the Directors of Amnesty International from 1988 to 1992 and represented Bosnia-Herzegovina at the World Court.
He served as a legal advisor to the Palestinian delegation to the Middle East peace negotiations from 91 to 93.
Folks, that is just barely a quarter of Dr. Francis Boyle's sterling resume.
And it was Dr. Boyle who came on to these airwaves more than two years ago now.
And to my knowledge, was the first to break the BioLab Wuhan story right here on the Alex Jones Show, and we're glad that he has taken the time to join us here today.
Dr. Francis Boyle, I think the question here is obvious.
What is going on with the Ukrainian biolabs?
What are they for?
What is the U.S.
involvement in them?
And why has the narrative been shifting over the last two weeks about them?
Where would you like to begin, Dr. Francis Boyle?
Well, Owen, thank you very much for having me on, and my best to all my friends there at InfoWars, and I do want to
Thank Alex and you and others at InfoWars for letting me speak about the pandemic right from the very beginning.
I have to establish my background here.
In 1985, I gave a congressional briefing on Capitol Hill.
Against the Reagan administration and its neoconservatives abusing DNA genetic engineering for the research, development, testing, and stockpiling and potential use of biological warfare weapons.
That's how long this has been going on, Owen.
And as a result, at the end of that briefing, I called for implementing legislation for the United States for the Biological Weapons Convention, and then for the next
I drafted it, and then I worked with my colleagues and friends, the Council for Responsible Genetics, headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., that had some of the top life scientists in the world affiliated with it, and some of the most ethical and principled life scientists in the world, to get it lobbied through Congress.
The Reaganites and their neocons fought us tooth and nail because they knew full well I was coming directly after them with the punishment of life in prison.
The Department of Justice wanted me to put the death penalty in there, but I'm a lifelong abolitionist, so I toughed it out and said no life imprisonment.
Finally, my legislation was approved by both houses of the United States Congress unanimously.
1989, the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989.
And I have been fighting against the U.S.
Biological Warfare Weapons Establishment, the British establishment, and others ever since then.
And based on my knowledge, judgment and experience and everything I have seen in the public record so far, yes, these are biological warfare weapons, offensive biological warfare weapons laboratories set up by the Pentagon.
Remember, the Pentagon does not do missionary work.
They kill people.
And that's why they are there.
And it is now coming out.
I've read, I've seen some of the documents produced by the Russian government.
Yes, it appears that's exactly what they were doing.
Indeed, there is a BSL-3 down there in Odessa
And if you look at websites for BSL-3s, which I have done repeatedly, you will see they research, develop, test, stockpile, prepare for use every type of hideous Nazi biological warfare weapon you can possibly imagine using DNA genetic engineering, gain of function,
And now synthetic biology, which, by the way, I also covered in my Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act.
Every U.S.
citizen and resident involved in these activities is subject to life imprisonment under my statute.
Now, the other day you saw Newland admit
That there were biowarfare labs there in Ukraine.
As you know, Newland is a neoconservative.
As I said, these neoconservatives have been pushing and involved in biological warfare research, development and testing, going all the way back to Reagan when they first came to power.
And in this regard, Owen,
As we know, Nuland also had a critical role to play in overthrowing the democratically elected government in Ukraine under Yanukovych and establishing a gang of neo-Nazis there in power in Kiev who are still in power.
But I did hear Owen want to refer more recently to the neoconservative manifesto.
And remember, Newland's a neoconservative, so she knows what she's talking about.
And this was the Project for a New American Century, PNAC, I'm sure you're familiar with.
If memory serves me correctly, I think John Bolton was the executive editor of that.
But in any event, here's what the neoconservative manifesto said September 2000, just before they came to power under Bush Jr., including Nuland.
And this is from page 55 of my book, Biowarfare and Terrorism.
I have it all in there.
And here, in their seminal report on building America's defenses,
The neoconservatives publicly recommended numerous policies for adoption by the United States government, in particular with respect to biological warfare, and I quote,
"...and advanced forms of biological warfare that can target specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool."
Now that's the Neocon Manifesto, the project for New American Century.
I can't recall if Newland signed it, but she's in cahoots with all these
Yes, ethnic-specific biological warfare weapons.
The Pentagon has been working on that for quite some time.
As we know, in the immediate past, American sources were over in Russia harvesting DNA.
And I did give interviews over in Russia at that time.
They asked me, well, why are they harvesting DNA?
And I said, because they are going to try to develop ethnic-specific biological weapons that would target ethnic Russians.
I think?
And so in our nuclear targeting, we should target them and destroy them.
And then the Soviet Union would collapse.
And I've already written on that saying that's genocidal too.
So this, the allegations that have come out
So far, and from what I've read in the public so far, are consistent with my opposition to biological weapons and the neoconservative support for biological weapons going back to about 1983.
That's my opinion.
And when was your book published, the Bioweapons and Terrorism book?
Uh, that was in, uh, 2005.
So this information has been readily available since 2005.
Dr. Francis Boyle is with us.
We gotta go to a break.
Folks, tell friends and family to tune into this.
This is the information the corrupt American media is trying to cover up right now.
Dr. Francis Boyle is my guest.
Incredible information in the last segment.
I want to provide a little framework to it here with the current news cycle and get him to respond to this.
We've had the Western media and intelligence agencies, within 48 hours last week, go from, the labs don't exist, and then they got their wires crossed, then Newland in front of Congress says, oh the labs do exist,
Then, okay, wait, they don't exist from the State Department and Psaki, and then, no, they do exist, but they're health labs, but Russia's going to use them for biological warfare.
So clearly the government's lying, clearly the American media is lying about this as well, and then the big news has to be that
Putin was right when he said that the Pentagon and Ukraine have biological weapons labs in Ukraine that have race-specific weapons research.
He was right about that, just like he was right about the neo-Nazis.
That's just a fact.
You can love Putin, hate Putin.
He's not the one lying about these situations.
And you also mentioned the BSL-3.
Now, correct me if I'm wrong here, but the lab in Wuhan, that was a BSL-4?
And is a BSL-3 the highest level they have in Ukraine?
And what is the significance of that, Dr. Francis Boyle?
Yeah, as I pointed out previously to Alex, the Wuhan is a BSL-4 like Fort Detrick.
Indeed, the Wuhan BSL-4 is China's Fort Detrick.
And the big difference between the BSL-3 and the BSL-4
is that the BSL-4 can work with the highest category of dangerous pathogens and, in addition, aerosolize them by means of nanotechnology, which the Wuhan BSL-4 has done.
So, at that Wuhan BSL-4, if you see the pictures of the Chinese Bat Queen there who helped develop COVID-19 with the University of North Carolina BSL-3, you will see she's wearing a moon suit.
With her own air supply.
And that you do at a BSL-4 in order to... The BSL-4 at Wuhan bragged on their webpage that they have applied nanotechnology to viruses, making it an infinitesimal size so that it can float on the air, in the air, under the air, whatever.
And so even we've had scientists
Studies saying that COVID-19 can travel anywhere from 20 to 30 feet in the air.
Whereas you don't really have that.
Yeah, you don't really have that at a BSL-3.
But you can do almost every other hideous type of biological warfare work you can possibly imagine at a BSL-3.
I mean, just read the web pages.
Uh, uh, for, uh, BSL, uh, threes.
So you had China addressing the UN, and you've had Putin and other Russian state affiliates saying, what's going on with these biolabs?
We know that there's at least 30 of them in Ukraine.
I guess the highest level was the one in Odessa, which is kind of, I believe, southeastern Ukraine.
So what is the significance of this?
How many biolabs are there in Ukraine, and what are they doing there, do you believe, Dr. Francis Boyle?
There has been a comprehensive policy for quite some time by the United States government and the Pentagon to surround Russia with biological warfare laboratories.
We also have them in Central Asia as well, and to pre-position biological warfare weapons to use against them.
It's very clear the pattern that has gone on here.
Yes, my opinion.
And so you have Victoria Nuland, who in my opinion has blood on her hands in Ukraine for now almost 10 years with the neocon war hawk policy in Ukraine, using Ukraine as just kind of an operating ground of Western interests and NATO as kind of the conduit for their money laundering and weapons laundering.
And Russia is just sick of it.
So we've now reached this point where the American media and our government
They got crossed, Dr. Francis Boyle.
They were not even on the same page with their lies.
They said they don't exist.
No, they do exist.
No, they don't exist.
Oh wait, they do exist, but they're quote-unquote health labs.
But somehow this health lab is going to be used by Russia as a biological weapons.
I mean, did they just not get their lies straight?
Or are they just totally flummoxed?
Are they that incompetent?
Why the mixed messaging on these labs, do you think?
I really don't know, Owen, because I've been fighting against this since 1983.
I've had a consistent message since 1983.
But, you know, the problem with these neoconservatives like Newland, you know, they're diehard Machiavellians and neo-Nazis.
I'm sure you've dealt with the neocons.
I have in the legal profession.
That's just the way they are.
They say whatever they're going to say for whatever purpose they're going to say.
So please don't ask me.
I mean, I understand their mentality because that's how long I've been up against them.
They're Nazis.
They have a Nazi mentality.
There's no question about it in my mind.
I've told this to Alex before.
I know the American people have a hard time accepting this, but any government, like our own,
You crafted the
Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989.
We've had Nuremberg trials.
We have other international laws that go against chemical warfare, biological warfare.
Why is the U.S.
or Ukraine or whoever is involved in these labs, why are they above the law?
Why do they get to operate these labs?
Well, they really don't.
I mean, we run them.
We put them in there.
They're under our control and domination.
Yeah, you can see from your picture there, they're all around Russia.
Oh, and that's, you know, these are our labs.
Yes, they're there.
They do what we tell them to do, but we control them.
And it's because of the geographical location.
Also notice the labs you have over there near China.
The same policy against China.
Yeah, you have it there on the write-off of China.
So, sure, it's no doubt.
Why are all these labs positioned around Russia and positioned around China?
They are to be used against Russia and China for sure.
Do you believe that Putin has a just cause to go shut those labs down?
Well, let me say this.
Oh, and these labs are extremely dangerous.
They have to be secured, first of all, but they simply cannot be blown up.
We found that in Gulf War One.
As you know, I discussed with Alex, the Center for Disease Control and the American Type Culture Collection
He sent 40 shipments of weapon-specific biological warfare weapons to Saddam Hussein in Iraq.
Dr. Francis Boyle, we've got to take a break here.
Let's hold that thought.
I'm going to ask you the same question on the other side of this break.
Dr. Francis Boyle with us here on the Alex Jones Show.
And Dr. Francis Boyle is with us here.
Not to be redundant,
Dr. Boyle, but we got cut off by the last break, so I'm just going to ask you the same question and give you the time to properly respond here.
Was Vladimir Putin justified in going into Ukraine to shut down these biological weapons labs, Dr. Francis Boyle?
Well, let me say this.
These labs are so dangerous, they must all be secure.
And decontaminated by Russian biological warfare experts.
You just can't blow them up.
We made that mistake in Gulf War One, where we gave the Center for Disease Control and the American Type Culture Collection
40 shipments of weapon-specific biological warfare agents to Saddam Hussein in the hope and expectation that he would weaponize them and use them against Iran, which he did.
When the war was over, however, we then ordered our own troops simply to blow these biological warfare weapons labs up.
And in the process, contaminated, infected our own troops having a role to play in the Gulf War sickness.
So these labs have to be handled very carefully.
Of course, they have to be rendered
Permanently inoperable for any purpose at all.
They serve no legitimate medical or scientific purpose, but I have to be careful.
Any type of contamination, not only of the Russian troops, but also the innocent Ukrainian people over here.
You know, they invited me to lecture over there in Ukraine.
I've been there.
I met many government officials, lawyers, peace leaders, and even had a tour of, asked for a tour of where Nestor wrote his chronicles, that monastery where Kievan Rus' civilization goes back for both the Russians and the Ukrainians.
So this has to be considered as well.
So in China, in the Wuhan lab,
They were doing the gain-of-function research, which is just ramping up man-made viruses to make them as contagious as possible.
What use that would have for humans on planet Earth is beyond me, but the story is now in Ukraine.
So they're saying, their official narrative now, Dr. Boyle, is what they're saying is they're
Health labs, quote-unquote, health labs.
But as you just said, there's no practical use for these labs other than a military application.
I mean, what reasoning would they even give to call these a health lab, or is that just an outright propaganda lie?
Well, it's Orwellian doublespeak, Owen.
Over the years, what the Pentagon and the CDC, Food and Drug Administration, this whole U.S.
offense and biological warfare industry we have now,
The justification they have come up with is this, oh, well, there's some exotic disease out there somewhere in the environment or that we can discover and think up of or derive ourselves with synthetic biology.
And therefore, we have to develop some type of vaccine against it.
But in order to do the vaccine, we first have to develop the biological weapon, you see.
It's sort of like three-card Monty or a shell game or something like that.
So there's, oh yes, we're there for health purposes, but really that's just a facade justification.
For developing offensive biological warfare weapons with gain of function, DNA, genetic engineering, synthetic biology.
But they've used this lie for as long as I've been opposing biological weapons, going back to the Reagan administration and their neocons.
And I have to point out
The Reagan administration and their Federalist Society lawyers and their neocons fought me and the Council for Responsible Genetics tooth and nail from 1985 until Bush Sr.
came in there in 1989 and dropped the opposition to my legislation because
The Reaganites and the neocons and the Federalist Society lawyers knew full well, even from my personal statements and testimony in Congress, I was going directly after them with life imprisonment and hitting them as hard as I could short of the death penalty because I'm against the death penalty.
Going back to the biological weapons that the West provided to Saddam Hussein, which we then ended up blowing up, causing all kinds of health problems for our troops and I'm sure others in that region of the planet, are you afraid at all that they, because to me that sounds like a cover-up operation, are you afraid at all that they might try to run a similar operation in Ukraine and just say, screw it, we're going to blow up these labs to cover up our operations?
Sure, Nuland has already said this.
This is what psychoanalysis calls projection.
We're projecting on the Russians what we very well might do ourselves.
So yes, there could be what you call a false flag attack.
By these U.S.
biolabs in Ukraine and blaming it on the Russians, right, to justify U.S.
military intervention, direct U.S.
military intervention into Ukraine.
And the, you know, the statement the other day by President Biden about use of chemical weapons was pretty ominous.
And here, Owen, technically
I want to point out there's a separate regime applicable to chemical weapons, the Chemical Weapons Convention.
But as a matter of fact, the only government in the entire world that has violated its obligations to disarm itself
From the chemical, of all chemical weapons, alright, is the United States of America.
We have to keep that in mind.
And under the influence of the neoconservatives who believe, like biological weapons, they can and should be used.
There was a date certain in the Chemical Weapons Convention to which we, our party, say all chemical weapons must be disarmed.
No later, I think it was April 2012 or something like that, with no excuses.
And yet, ever since then, we have come up with one excuse after another after another, patently bogus lies for why we have to keep our chemical weapons.
Indeed, when we demanded Syria give up their chemical weapons, we got that job done lickety-split.
And yet we've refused to do it because the United States government, the deep state, the neoconservatives want chemical weapons.
And so, sure, there could be a false flag chemical weapons attack there.
In Ukraine to get the United States directly involved in warfare against Russia, as implied just last week by President Biden.
We know that the chemical weapons attacks in Syria were not by the Syrian government.
I said that at the time, and also Professor Ted Postel at MIT, who specializes or specialized in
Weapons designs for the United States government said the same thing and the Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter Seymour Martin Hirsch did extensive exposés both first in the London Review of Books and then second in a German publication saying the Syrian government had nothing to do with those chemical weapons attacks.
So, it was all done by our jihadis over there in Syria, and we assisted them.
So, sure, this could happen again, Owen, either a false flag chemical weapons attack, which Newland basically suggested, or a biological warfare weapons chemical attack.
And that would be trumpeted
Final segment here with Dr. Francis Boyle, and I've got two questions left for him, and then if we have more time he can just make a final statement.
Dr. Francis Boyle,
What kind of backroom deals are made, or do you believe are made, by the West and countries like China and Ukraine?
Because it appears that these bioweapons labs are just really Western-operated, and then they somehow get these countries to agree to run them and house them, but it seems to be like it's Western-controlled and operated, specifically in Ukraine, maybe in China too.
What kind of backroom deals do you think go down as the expert in this?
I mean, is this, is it like, hey, we're going to give you billions of dollars in foreign aid to Ukraine, but you're going to house our biological weapons research?
Or how does this stuff go down?
Well, first, Owen, I think we have to understand that we have an international transnational cult.
Of Nazi biowarfare death scientists like Tony Fauci, who has been up to his eyeballs in this, for Reagan.
When I got involved in this around 1983 or 4, Reagan put Tony Fauci in charge of our offensive biological warfare weapons program, and that is how long he has been there.
And then he has trained, and Francis Collins, of course, the former head of NIH, he's involved in this too, as we know.
They funded the research that led to COVID-19, that offensive biological warfare weapon with gain-of-function property.
And then that just spread all over the world.
Yes, it's a cult of these people, including over there in China as well, that Wuhan Bat Queen.
She was trained at the Galveston BSL-4 down there in Texas, which is, again, part of the
Offensive U.S.
biological warfare industry.
The British are a part of this, the French, the Israelis.
So we have a network and a cult of Nazi biowarfare death scientists, which gets back to the point you raised about these athletes.
We have to resist this Nazi medical tyranny.
By these death scientists like Fauci and Walensky, and we can go through the whole list of these people.
Yes, the second motivation is just money.
They take patents on this technology beforehand, every step of the way.
And so they can benefit on both sides of the bargain, as it were.
They can benefit and make profits off of both the biological warfare weapon itself, and then on the alleged vaccine or therapeutic.
So they've got us coming and going, and they're making a killing off of us as they go to the bank.
So that is my interpretation of what's involved here, Owen.
Is it a well-known secret in D.C.
in the halls of the elite politicians and the neocon hawks and just the political establishment there, the swamp or the deep state as it's known, Anthony Fauci's role at the NIH or whatever else he's involved in, is that all just a front?
Is Anthony Fauci really the biological weapons chief for America?
Yes, since Reagan put him in power at Niaid, I think it was about 1984 or so.
Owen, that's how long I've been fighting against Fauci.
And about 95% of this Nazi biowarfare death science dirty work has been funded by Fauci, NIAID, and NIH since about 1984 when Reagan and the neocons got into it.
As I said, what spurred me into action was a very comprehensive report
On the abuse of DNA genetic engineering by the Reagan administration and his neocons to research, develop, test, stockpile, for use, biological weapons, every type of biological weapon that they could think up with.
And indeed now with synthetic biology that they can concoct.
Indeed the COVID-19, the Bat Queen took a synthetic biology
The FDA was involved in this too.
Now think about that.
The FDA that is approving
These Nazi frankenshots that are killing people and disabling people was involved in the development of COVID-19.
So they've got us on both sides here.
Likewise, Walensky, you know, who can't get her story straight either, right?
She can't.
She comes from the Harvard Medical School.
The Harvard Medical School was involved
In the development of the COVID-19 biological warfare weapon.
Indeed, Harvard was one of the sponsoring institutions of the Wuhan BSL-4, China's fourth teacher.
Now think about that for a minute.
And indeed, the chair of the Harvard chemical department, chemistry department, Lieber, he was over there too, with his own lab.
Specializing in nanotechnology.
And Lieber had also worked for the Pentagon, Fort Detrick, nanotechnologizing biowarfare weapons for them.
The Amerithrax attack,
There you had a trillion spores per gram on Amerithax.
I was the first one to blow the whistle on that coming out of the U.S.
Biowarfare Lab and Program on November 1, 2001 at our conference for the responsible genetics at Harvard Divinity School.
So this type of activity I had thought
That my biological weapons anti-terrorism act would put an end to this, but it didn't.
It made no difference.
There was too much money involved and too many completely unprincipled people like Tony Fauci with a Nazi mentality here.
And again, I don't really follow professional athletics,
But I think these guys have it right.
We have to resist Nazi medical tyranny.
There is no other word for what is going on in this country today.
And I commend these athletes for using their celebrity power to bring this out to a broader audience in the American people, certainly that I can as a mere law professor.
Well, I'll tell you what, it makes a lot more sense now, especially with Peter Daszak and others like, oh, Fauci, he's like the CIA guy.
He's like an army guy in these leaked documents and texts and conversations that we know about now.
It all makes more sense.
Dr. Fauci was never a doctor at the head of some health bureaucracy in America.
Dr. Fauci has been the biological weapons chief of the United States of America for almost 40 years now.
And boy, oh boy, you understand that.
It all starts to make a lot more sense.
And so here's the problem, and I'll close with this, and we've got about 90 seconds here.
We have to deal with this criminal rot gut in our country.
We, the American people, need to be the ones putting Fauci under a criminal investigation for war crimes and biological weapons crimes.
We have to do that, because if we don't, folks, that's when you start to get World War scenarios, when other people that you might think are bad, like Putin or Xi, are having to deal with the corruption here, because we won't deal with it.
Final 60 seconds, closing words, Dr. Francis Boyle.
Right, well I was on previously with Alex to explain exactly how to do that.
Namely, we have to convince every state and local prosecutor here in the United States to bring indictments against Fauci, Collins, Daszak, everyone involved in that UNC-BSL 3.
As well as the people involved at Moderna, Pfizer, BioNTech, Johnson & Johnson, the chief executive officer, scientific officer for murder and conspiracy to commit murder against the American people.
I went through this at great length with Alex on a previous show.
But that's what we can do.
The federal government is not going to help us because, as we know, the so-called Department of Injustice is in Biden's pocket.
And Biden is the one who appointed Walensky from the Harvard Medical School up to its eyeballs in COVID-19.
As the CDC director.
Dr. Francis Boyle, great stuff as always.
Thank you so much.
Ladies and gentlemen, I gotta say...
You know, we don't really ever get credit for the groundbreaking work that we do here.
We don't get awards or anything like that, and that's okay.
We don't care to take a victory lap.
We don't want to put a bunch of awards or prizes or whatever up on the wall here.
That's not what it's all about.
Our reward, our prize, is freedom and prosperity for humanity.
I mean, that's what we want.
That's what we hang on the wall if it was represented in any way.
I guess it's the American flag.
But it's like, if I was to sit here, because I have mainstream journalists, it's like, well, what have you ever done, Troyer?
It's like, really?
Do I have to sit here and, like, list off, like, a resume?
Like, I need to prove my pedigree to you?
I don't give a damn.
But, I mean, if there was some, like, bullet point, like, resume of the things Owen Troyer has done,
When I had Francis Boyle on over two years ago and broke the Wuhan lab story, to today having Francis Boyle on breaking the story about the truth in Ukraine, I mean, that's the type of groundbreaking work that we do here.
Now, I don't want an award, I'm not gonna get an award, I don't need a victory lap, but see, now the duty is upon you in the audience.
To take that interview, share it far and wide, take little clips of it if you want, 1-minute clips, 2-minute clips, 30-second clips, whatever, put them all over the internet, put them all over social media.
That's how we win, folks.
We're having victory right now.
They're contemplating at the highest levels of the U.S.
government right now whether they're going to still run their false flag operation in Ukraine to blame Russia, because they know if they do it, everybody in the world knows it's going to be them.
Everybody in the world knows it's Newland, knows it's Biden, knows it's the Pentagon, knows it's the State Department.
Now that doesn't mean they might not do it anyway.
That's how crazed these war criminals are.
That's how crazed these globalists are.
It's our job to have the victory on the front end saying, hey, if they do this, we know who to blame.
And that's not being a Russophile.
That's not supporting Putin.
That's just supporting the truth.
So we're going to upload that video to Bandot Video by the end of the day, probably within the hour.
And you can go there and you can download that link and you can chop up the clips, put them out on your own social media, write stories about it.
That's what we need you to do now.
That's why we built these platforms.
That's why you built these platforms.
So that's what we can do.
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You better learn how to fight.
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And most people won't.
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With the COVID war, they robbed us of our freedom right in front of your eyes.
I'm the little dictator!
I'm the little Andy Cuomo!
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, unite for peace, right?
Negotiate for peace.
We're gonna rest in peace.
That's something else.
That's about this war going on.
But you just saw what happened with the COVID war, how they robbed us of our rights, and how everybody marched off to the COVID war.
I'm going to get facts!
Hey, Obama!
Hey, Obama!
You fully boosted Obama, and you got the virus, and that fat, arrogant, murderous mouth!
Shooting off his Obama folks!
Hello, folks!
You know, he kept fokin' us and fokin' us for eight years.
He now keeps fokin' with... I'm glad I got the vaccination.
Well, well, I say everybody should get the vaccination.
I say you should go screw yourself!
Or maybe somebody else should.
For you!
All these people that got vaxxed up, getting sick.
You saw what they did to our freedom.
They're taking us to war.
They're taking us to war.
We have been set up just as the people marched off in the COVID war.
We're going to fight them Russians.
We're going to fight them Russians.
We're going to get them.
We're going to get them.
That's right.
And there's BS spewing out of their fat mouths.
All these generals and all of these security officials and intelligence operators.
Hey boys, because that's all you are.
You're little boys with cojones smaller than a mothball.
You haven't won a war since World War II.
Oh, those Russians, you know, they thought this was gonna be a blitzkrieg, and it was gonna be over quick.
Hey, fathead!
Hey, fathead!
Three weeks?
You're only in Afghanistan for 20 years?
Look at these freaks!
Oh, oh, hey Austin, you got the jab and you got the virus.
Oh, all you saw, oh yeah!
These, these arrogant, arrogant, arrogant, arrogant boys, these murderous boys, haven't won a war since World War II!
And you're shooting off your Mad Dog Madness mouth, telling me, shoving your crap out?
Oh, the Russians are going to lose!
And send more of our money to go kill more people, rather than giving up and negotiating for peace.
You haven't won a war since World War II.
I don't want to hear one word out of your mouth.
I'm a trend forecaster.
I forecast trends.
I write about them.
Been doing it since 1980.
Yeah, I got my track record.
Go buy my track record.
Do I get it right all the time?
Of course not.
I'm a human being.
But unlike you guys, you get it wrong all the time.
Go buy your track record!
You're murderous losers!
You have sacrificed the lives of our boys, our men, to fight illegal wars based on lies.
Oh, this Putin's a war criminal, the U.S.
Ambassador and Kamala Harris laughs out.
How about Bush being a war criminal?
How about Cheney?
How about all the people that supported the Afghan war and the Iraq war based on lies?
Oh, some have been lying.
There's weapons of mass destruction and ties to al-Qaeda.
Oh, we can lie.
Oh, oh, oh, and, and, and.
How about how they show all of these headlines of civilians being killed and a maternity hospital being blown up?
Which, by the way, the Russians say wasn't a maternity hospital.
How come the prostitute media didn't show Obama's wars, Clinton's wars, Bush's wars blowing up and killing civilians?
They never did that.
There were no photos of that.
How come?
Where were they?
Fallujah, huh?
How come they weren't showing all the dead Iraqis?
Only killed over a million of them?
Hey Obama, quote it, I'm really good at killing people.
I would say that's war crime.
I'm really good at killing people?
Oh, this is the Obama, his words, quote, Qaddafi has to go, folks.
Qaddafi has to go.
The guy that took Libya out of a dictatorship, maybe when he was a dictator, no more than anybody else, but they had more rights and benefits than most people in the world.
Oh, the Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama?
Much better than Putin.
Assad has to go.
Oh yeah, the guy that ran Syria only killed about 625,000 Syrians.
How come you're not showing America bombing the place all to pieces?
Oh no.
That's different.
Kill anybody that you want, anywhere, anyplace, anyhow.
But hey, other people do it.
They're terrible, they're murderers.
The Russians are not going to be defeated.
I'm a fighter.
I'm a close combat black belt, had my own school for many years.
Somebody comes in the door with a gun, I'm not going to be a hero.
Okay, man, what do you want?
How can we ease this out?
No, I want to fight!
Boom, you're dead, you got it?
You got it?
I'm going to tell you a story.
Why they should surrender for peace, negotiate for peace now, or rest in peace.
This is really serious.
And they're going to drag us into it.
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How dare you not believe a piece of low-life scum crap like Fauci?
How dare you not believe Andy
Yeah, the harassment guy.
Yeah, him.
A little Gavin Newsom.
You're blackballed.
Ooh, I can't say blackballed.
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And speaking about peace.
Mankind was put an end to war
Or war will put an end to mankind.
Those are the words of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
I believe because he was anti-war.
Oh, they had a thing called the Cuban Missile Crisis.
I'll never forget.
I was a kid.
I was in the 10th grade.
Should have been in the 11th, but I was left back.
Go into that story later on.
Cuban Missile Crisis.
I can't believe our history teacher didn't even hardly mention it when it was solved.
I remember as a kid feeling this.
The United States had missiles in Turkey aiming at Russia.
Russia said get the Soviet Union.
Get them out of there.
No, we're not going to get them out of there.
Okay, we'll put missiles in Cuba.
Okay, let's make a deal.
You pull the missiles out of Cuba.
We'll put them out of
Oh, wow.
Didn't ramp up the war like Biden is doing.
Like all these politicians are doing.
We're gonna beat them.
Send them more money.
Send them more armaments.
Send them more military.
Send them more tanks, more anti-missiles.
Send them more so they can keep killing.
Hey, why not say, listen,
Pull back and we'll pull back.
Wrote about it in the Trends Journal.
2014 had the United States overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine with Victoria Nuland heading the charge.
The quotes taken off her telephone.
One after another.
So going back, all they do is sell war.
They're not negotiating for peace.
You're not going to beat the Russians.
But the crap that they're spewing out... U.S.
Secretary of State Antony Blinken told BBC that he's convinced Ukraine could win its war with Russia.
Oh, he's convinced?
Hey, hey, boy, if you're so convinced, oh, well, Antony Blinken, the murderous guy that went over to Saudi Arabia when Saudi Arabia launched its war against Yemen, the worst humanitarian crisis on earth, that doesn't get the headlines when they launched it from Washington, D.C.
in 2015.
And he goes over there to give them intelligence.
You're going to you call this guy intelligence?
What intelligence?
Oh yeah, and the United States refueling these Saudi planes, the jets, so they can keep killing more Yemenis?
Oh, that Antony Blinken?
You're gonna believe the crap spewing out of his mouth?
You really gotta be stupid!
Or you gotta belong to a political party!
Who's your favorite political party?
The Dumbo Craps or the Repulsivekins?
Speaking of which,
How about Lindsey Graham?
Now there's a real man!
Did you come out of the closet yet, Lindsey?
Listen to the Lindsey crap!
Listen to the Lindsey Crapp.
Lindsey Crapp.
All you gotta do is tune into Fox.
You wanna hear Lindsey Crapp?
It keeps you in and out of Fox.
I used to be on Fox.
They used to send trucks up here back in the days with the sad things to pick up the satellite.
I'm doing interviews with taking.
I'm sorry, Mr. Slint, you are breaking away.
Senator Lindsey Graham.
Senator, you're talking to that clown?
That little guy that couldn't find his way out of a paper bag?
What does he have to say?
Let's see.
Senator Lindsey Graham said, quote, Well, it's not going to be World War III.
This is a bluff.
Putin knows that no one wins a nuclear exchange if he ordered a strike on the United States.
A general would shoot him in the head.
A general would shoot him in the head.
Graham stated, I'm calling for the crushing of the Russian economy.
Oh, you're calling for it?
Oh, hey, hey, if you're calling for it, I'm all ears.
Oh, you mean you're going to hurt the people, huh?
How about nobody calling for the crushing of the American economy when murderer George W. Bush, a little daddy's boy, with cojones smaller than a mothball, launched a criminal war against Iraq.
Oh, remember Scott Ritter?
No, they blackballed him, like they blackballed me for coming out with the truth about the Afghan war.
Lindsey, how come they're not calling for
The assassination of George W. Bush!
What would they say if Russia said that?
But it's okay for you to call for the assassination of Vladimir Putin?
Everybody, get it in your head!
You got a crime syndicate running the government, and if you're too damn stupid to think along the lines of Republicans and Democrats, I'm like, no, I'm not even talking to you because you wouldn't be on InfoWars.
Lindsey Graham.
Look at this little boy of nothing.
Little Georgie Bush.
A daddy's boy.
A daddy's boy.
Born on Third Base and thought he had a home run.
Like little Andy Cuomo.
Or that little... How about Justin Trudeau?
The little actor.
Justin Trudeau.
Another daddy's boy.
If daddy was it... Pierre.
George Carlin, the great comedian.
Used to say, it's one big club and you ain't in it.
That's what it is.
One big club of psychopaths, sociopaths, pathological liars that are destroying our lives in front of us.
This is serious.
Hey, the market was way up before I went on the air.
Almost 400 points.
Last time I looked, it was down and now going up a little bit.
What's next?
What to do?
Stay tuned.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And again, we thought things were bad during the COVID war.
Who would have ever thought they would have degraded into this?
And again, in the Trans Journal Magazine, I said the COVID war would begin to wind down the end of March, mid-April, and it's winding down for a while.
But now we see what's going on with China, you know, with the COVID cases.
They're like, you know,
1,500 COVID cases, something like that, in a country of, let's see, 1.4 billion.
And now they're closing down major cities.
Oh, the average in America right now, cases, is about 34,000 a day.
And they're closing down the joint because of like 1.5, 1,000
300 or 500 cases?
No debts!
We followed China.
Look what happened.
Lunar New Year 2020.
Chinese Lunar New Year.
The Year of the Rat.
Remember what happened in Yuwan City, Yuwan?
Oh, the guy falling down and dying.
They locked down who?
Wow, look at those Chinese locking down cities.
Could you imagine that ever happening here?
And then Italy did it.
The rest of the world followed.
Masks used to make fun of people in China wearing masks all the time.
They wore them for the pollution, by the way.
And now we're all masked up.
But now they're loosening them up.
Anyway, to go back, this is very important.
They should
Negotiate for peace, or they're going to rest in peace, as we say at the cover of the Trends Journal.
I own three buildings on the most historic four corners in America.
You could Google it up.
Kingston, New York, most historic four corners.
I have a 1774 Academy, which is one of the first public schools in America.
I have the 17
63, Dr. Jensen House.
I have the 1750 Franz Rogen House.
The reason I bought these is we were opening the Trends Journal magazine in Germany, and this was in 2012.
I was looking to leave the country.
Back in 2010, I was down in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, I've been around.
You know, I had it with Obama and what this country was descending into.
And I'd never been to Berlin before.
And I landed there about 8.30 in the morning.
They put me in a hotel, picked me up at about 11 o'clock in the morning.
Then drove me all around.
Here's where East Berlin was, and driving me everywhere.
And into the suburbs, into the cities.
And I'm thinking what a beautiful place this is.
No buildings were like over 16 stories tall.
And parks everywhere.
Beautiful, beautiful city.
And then about two o'clock in the afternoon, was sitting down having a beer sitting on a sidewalk in the main section of Berlin.
The sidewalks are wide enough, the cafe tables,
Four and five deep, a place to walk and a place to bicycle.
And I'm looking across the street and I see this beautiful, beautiful German building, maybe in 1880s.
And it's the same height, all new construction.
And I realized everywhere they took me, I see these beautiful houses in the suburbs and all new construction.
And I'm thinking to myself, Berlin was grander than Paris before it got bombed out.
And I spent a good amount of time in Paris.
I was very lucky to go out with Marie-Pierre.
Marie-Pierre's brother, Francois, by the way, was the left shoulder of Jacques Chirac in Mitterrand.
And my close combat teacher, John Perkins, who learned from Bradley Steiner, used to go work out with the guys at the Palace Lycee.
Berlin was grander than Paris before it was bombed out.
And I'm thinking, you know, back in the 1930s, Germany was at the height of Western civilization in a number of ways.
Scientifically, poof, had everybody beat.
Remember the Atterbomb?
Oh, yeah, the guy, what was his name?
Einstein, all those guys?
Yeah, they brought him over here.
Culturally, the music, the style was great stuff.
Philosophically, oh yeah, a whole bunch of them.
And I'm thinking to myself, why didn't the people take to the streets and stop the war?
You're losing.
You're losing.
Stop it before everything is destroyed.
And as an Italian-American, I'm thinking same thing with Mussolini.
How could they look up to a Mussolini like they looked up to a Hitler?
I guess the same way you look up to the presidents of the United States.
Many of them.
I respected Kennedy and Eisenhower.
Wasn't a fan of FDR.
Didn't like Woodrow Wilson.
Liked Thomas Jefferson.
But look at the freaks running the show right now in front of your eyes.
What a crap show.
A bunch of crap heads.
Where were the people to stop the final destruction of Germany?
Hey, oh, talking about war crimes?
Didn't the UK do a wonderful job in Dresden?
Bombing it to nothing and all the people that they killed.
Going back, where were the people?
Why didn't they take to the streets and say, we're losing.
Let's stop this before everything is destroyed and will never be rebuilt.
It's gone.
And so is the vibe.
Same thing is going on right at this moment in Ukraine.
Rather than negotiating for peace, we're going to send them more weapons.
We're gonna beat him!
They had this clown on Fox, another jerk.
Whatever it is, this paper.
Senator... Senator Jim Risch, a Republican of Idaho.
Again, it's not Republican, it's repulsivekinsanddemocrats.
Said during Fox News Sunday,
Asked if World War Three with Russia after Putin forces displayed impressive.
He goes that the U.S.
shouldn't fear World War Two with Russia after Russian President Vladimir Putin's forces displayed an impressive level of ineptness in Ukraine.
According to some U.S.
That's the quote from Fox.
I wouldn't call it World War III, Senator Jim Risch said.
I think it would end pretty quickly because with the conventional forces that he's had there, meaning Putin, you know, we haven't seen this kind of ineptness in a long, long time.
So I'm not so concerned.
Oh, I guess you're blind.
Deaf, deaf, dumb and blind.
You can't see this ineptness?
Hey, how about the Afghan War?
Forgot the Iraq War?
What about the Libyan War?
Hey, how about the Syrian War?
Oh, oh, and I think you're old enough to remember the Vietnam War.
You call murder ineptness?
When you don't murder enough and win?
These are the sick people we got in charge.
We have to unite for peace or we're going to die for war.
And do what you can to support InfoWars.
They have great products.
Not only does it help you, it helps keeping the truth alive.
And the truth is being buried.
As innocent people are fighting a needless war.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
As I said, you know, we are in this.
We're in the fight for our lives.
The fight for freedom.
Not a peep about freedom.
And peace.
No one is talking about peace.
The Pope is going after Russia.
He didn't go after the United States when you started all those illegal wars.
Oh, and by the way, I'm not just shooting off my mouth, Pope and the rest of you.
I launched Occupy Peace.
That's right.
And rallies up here with Ralph Nader, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Gary Null.
Cindy Sheehan, whose son was killed in Iraq.
I hold them all the time.
So I'm a man of peace.
So, unlike you guys, no one's talking about peace.
And if you wanna, by the way, donate to peace, you can go to OccupyPeace.com, because no one is speaking about it.
We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes
It's false.
William J. Casey, CIA Director, 1981.
May you rot in hell.
You lowlife piece of scum.
Lie to the people so you can fill your military agenda and your sick head.
You got it?
It's right there.
We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.
Don't forget to get your jab.
I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy.
Yankee Doodle do or die.
Support InfoWars because you're going to steal the truth away from you.
One of my favorite products is Supermeal Vitality.
But I have a little problem.
I know they came up with a few.
We need a super transgender vitality.
I mean, you know, we should cross the spectrum.
Oh, yeah.
America, that guy.
Rice over there.
What's his name?
Rich guy, Rice, over there in Iowa.
Idaho, Iowa, Greenberg, Iceberg.
What's the difference anyway?
I wouldn't call it World War III.
I think it would end pretty quickly because with the conventional forces that he's had there, you know, we haven't seen this kind of ineptness in a long, long time.
So I'm not concerned about that.
Yeah, the Transgender Army is going to defeat the Russians anytime now, right?
Maybe you should join them.
Anybody that supports war, Harris, all the rest of them, dress up, go lead the charge, or shut your mouth!
Speaking of which, what else do we got here?
Putin's idea of Blitzkrieg has failed since former Ukraine president.
They're quoting Petro Poroshenko, the guy that they were bringing up on crime charges over there in Ukraine, for what he's done.
And he's saying, and this guy, the comedian, the comedian, Zelensky, who played a comedian on TV and became the comedian president,
Beat him.
Yeah, there's Rice, yeah.
Oh, this guy, you should hear this guy talk.
Talks like a little boy.
No, there's no man in his mouth!
There's no man in his mouth!
Only crap he's shooting out of his mouth!
You got it, Jack!
Oh, oh, by the way, this guy's in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
Yeah, there's the guy that played President of Ukraine as a comedian that's now President of Ukraine.
You got it!
It's a freak show.
Oh, there's the guy, by the way, that played the piano in one of his clips with his penis.
Look at him.
Look at this.
Look at this.
That's who's running the world.
Get it in your head.
Get it in your head.
You got freaks in charge.
Freaks in charge in a country near you.
And then we got this other guy that they're quoting all over the place.
Russia facing outright defeat and sudden collapse in Ukraine.
Author says, author and political scientist, Francis Bakuyuma, said Russia's military is now facing the possibility of outright defeat in Ukraine.
Quote, the collapse of this position could be sudden and catastrophic rather than happening slowly through a war of attrition.
The army in the field will reach a point where it can neither be supplied nor withdrawn, and morale will be vaporized.
Russian soldiers were evidently carrying dress uniforms for their victory parade in Kiev, rather than an extra ammo and rations.
Can you believe this stuff?
Oh, I should be more proper.
I forgot.
I didn't know this.
He holds several positions at Stanford, including the Oliveri Nomolini Senior Fellow and the University Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies.
Quote, Putin will not survive the defeat of his army.
He gets support because he is perceived to be a strong man.
Oh, perceived to be, huh?
Oh, unlike Bush or Biden or Trump.
They're real strong men.
Oh, they'll fight.
Go out.
Oh, by the way, Trump, he beat the draft, the Vietnam War draft.
He had a bone spur.
All right.
He gets the support because he's a strong man.
And what does he have to offer once he demonstrates incompetence and is stripped of his
Coercive power?
This guy's teaching?
You should be teaching kindergarten or the third grade.
This is propaganda you're spewing out.
And coercive power?
Oh, oh, hey, hey, Fukushima.
Or Yuma, whatever your name is.
The Afghan War, Syrian War, Yemen War, Libyan War, and oh, I forgot the Vietnam War.
Oh, what about the Korean War?
All they're doing is calling for hate.
And power, and look at the more money we've given the military-industrial complex.
Hey, all you generals out there that haven't won a war and love to keep fighting them, and all you ex-generals that are giving us the military advice on the Cartoon News Network and all the other stupid media shows.
Once upon a time, there was a man by the name of Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Five-star general.
Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in World War II, warning the American people in his farewell address in January 1961, that the military-industrial complex was robbing the nation of the genius of the scientists, the sweat of the laborers, and the future of the children.
And here we are.
The murderers and thieves in Washington are passing even a bigger military budget.
That's right.
For all of the great victories that you've accomplished and the peace that you've brought around the world.
The roads are rotten, stinking, everywhere I drive there are potholes taking out my front end.
Oh yeah, there's Eisenhower, Mad Dog, Austin, all you tough generals, Wesley Clark.
Oh yeah, yeah, Wesley Clark, you loved that Yugoslav War, didn't you?
Nah, the Kosovo War.
This is a real man who hated war because he saw it.
If we don't unite for peace, we're going to die in war.
I want to touch the markets quickly.
They were way up today, now they're up a little bit.
They were down.
Here we go, that's who's running the world.
A psycho and a psychopath and a pathological liar near you.
Anyway, gold is way down, about down 30 bucks.
Oil prices are down.
What does it mean?
A lot of volatility ahead.
A lot of volatility ahead.
You better prepare, prevail, to prosper.
And you might want to consider subscribing to the Trends Journal because that's what we're telling you what to do and how to do it.
We are in critical times.
We must unite for peace or die in war.
Consider donating to Occupy Peace if you want peace.
I put my money in my heart where my mouth is.
And support InfoWards.
They have a great staff.
People give it everything they have to give the best they have.
So you give the best that you can do.
Thank you and we'll see you next week.
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Oh, no, no, no, I don't even know what this is!
How did he get here?
I just caught you, American!
You visited Bandar Video!
Oh, Mark Zuckerberg and others angry at you!
Do what CNN says and do not visit Bandar Video, or I have to hurt you!
It comes from China.