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Air Date: March 11, 2022
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This news broadcast from Infowars discusses topics ranging from the discovery of bioweapon labs in Ukraine funded by the US under Obama to false flags and staged events throughout history. The speaker also mentions satanic cults, Hollywood royalty, and mind control, as well as encouraging listeners to prepare for uncertain times by stocking up on essentials at InfowarStore.com.


Ladies and gentlemen, it is Friday, March 11th, 2022.
Reuters, the Associated Press, the United Nations itself are all reporting what we already told you years ago and weeks ago.
The United States under Obama built dozens of Level 3 and Level 4 bioweapon labs studying race-specific bioweapons.
To kill Slavic people and others at the labs in Ukraine and other areas.
There's the original 2005 article with Obama massively increasing the funding with a bill he put through the Senate.
Tomorrow's news today, they are certainly trying to spin all this, but I've gotten sent by a lot of people articles and reports going, hey, look, they're creating a financial reset right now off of COVID.
I've been sent some of the quotes by Edward Dowd, who was on with us yesterday and did a great job breaking it down as well.
But I thought, and he did that in May of 2020, but I thought I'd tell you where the original analysis of this came from, and that's InfoWars and Greg Reese.
So here is that original report from two years ago in March.
In 1816, the gold standard, an economic unit of account based on a fixed quantity of gold, was officially adopted, and the world reserve currency became the British pound sterling.
In 1914, after World War I, nations attempted to revive the gold standard, but it collapsed during the Great Depression.
Also in 1914, the Federal Reserve Bank, a private company, was born.
After Britain was devastated by World War II, they were no longer a superpower, and so the global reserve currency needed to be reset.
In 1944, at the Bretton Woods Conference, the U.S.
dollar became the new global reserve currency.
This established America as the dominant power in the world economy, giving America the sole ability to print dollars.
The rest of the world would need to trade their own currency against the U.S.
dollar in order to balance exchange rates, keeping the international economy vibrant and fluid.
But by the 1960s, the United States had printed more USD than their gold reserves could cover.
And by 1970, a growing American trade deficit was undermining the value of the dollar.
On August 15th, 1971, President Richard Nixon brought an end to the gold standard.
Federal Reserve notes, a fiat currency backed by debt rather than gold, became the new standard.
This is basically no different than an IOU.
As one would expect, right after President Nixon gave his speech, inflation began to rise and America's biggest export became debt.
The creation of the petrodollar gave the U.S.
even more sway over world economies.
And today, the international debt has become untenable.
And many are saying, another global currency reset is needed.
Historically, the gold standard has been the most stable economy we have known.
But gold can be manipulated and disruptive as well.
Some are suggesting that cryptocurrency could be the solution.
Crypto is run by an algorithm and can be designed to meet specific needs.
The global currency needs to have fluid supply and the limited gold supply failed to keep up with economic growth.
A sovereign free algorithm based alternative could potentially be more stable.
China is almost ready to launch their own cryptocurrency, DCEP, short for Digital Currency Electronic Payments.
DCEP is government-controlled and fully centralized.
So far, it appears to be a digital version of fiat paper money.
The Federal Reserve Bank is developing their own crypto called Fedcoin.
The coronavirus pandemic seems to be the perfect storm for a global currency reset.
The amount of money printing involved in holding up failing economies as quarantines and shutdowns take place will be unprecedented.
And all this does is weaken the U.S.
dollar even more.
And when the U.S.
dollar falls, it will be replaced by something.
The question is, which way will it go?
This is Greg Reese for InfoWars.com.
Waging war on corruption.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
Live Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central at InfoWars.com.
We are the resistance.
World War III.
Emergency broadcast.
Put it back on screen.
World War III, ladies and gentlemen.
Emergency broadcast.
Globalists preparing to launch chemical, biological, radiological attacks in Ukraine as pretext to initiate Armageddon.
Watch live.
You don't believe in the Bible?
You don't believe in Revelation?
Okay, that's your right.
But even if you see it as an act of fiction,
A work of fiction.
Many times folks take works of fiction and use them as inspiration to actually do the real thing.
So either way you slice it, no matter what angle you look at it, the world is on the verge of mass death on scales never before seen.
And we have a delusional Joe Biden.
I have the video right here.
Saying they're going to win the midterms and that the Democrats have done an excellent job, which they have of destroying the country.
And then I've got this clip of Lindsey Graham saying, you can't admire Joe Biden as a person.
You've got a problem and you need to do some self-evaluation because what's not to like?
He's the nicest person I think I've ever met in politics.
He is as good a man as God ever created.
That is the delusional level of these creatures.
Now obviously we're going to get to the big news, and there's a lot of it, but the fact that the UN came out and said, yeah, we told, because we're the boss, we told Ukraine
to destroy their bioweapon labs before it fell on the hands of the Russians.
You need to get rid of the evidence of what you were creating.
And you see, I don't need to know if the UN told the truth there because we literally have covered on air the last few weeks hundreds of mainstream news articles from years ago and the legislation when they weren't hiding it that they built these bioweapon labs there inside of
Ukraine, just like the West funded the facility in Wuhan, mainly the United States.
So I already knew the Russians were telling the truth when they said all this two weeks ago, three weeks ago, and we got called Russian agents because we didn't lie to you.
I'm an agent of truth.
I try to tell the truth.
I get things wrong occasionally.
I wish I was wrong about the New World Order.
I'm not.
I wish I was wrong about the Great Reset.
I'm not.
I wish there wasn't this many evil people running around.
There are.
There's also a lot of ignorant people, but there's also a lot of good people.
But when you look at the type of news I've got today, it's just incredible, taken all together.
Hospitals around the world, public hospitals, are announcing that people with Ukrainian, Belarusian, or Russian-type Slavic names
We'll be run through databases, and if they find out that you are a Russian or a Belarusian, you will be denied medical care.
That is the global social credit score that they've got ready.
The UK already says, if we say you're a racist, you don't get healthcare.
That's socialist healthcare for you.
And it gets worse.
Facebook has come out, remember three years ago?
I wanted to get Paul on today about this, but he's moving, so he couldn't come on.
He's coming on Monday.
But Paul and I, along with Louis Farrakhan of all people, ten people were listed a couple years ago.
It was a big headline.
It was the same headline as this.
Facebook writes new rules allowing calls for violence against these individuals.
And they thought, well, the public accepts it for these ten people.
Paul Watson, Alex Jones, Louis Farrakhan, and seven others.
Gab McGinnis was another one.
If they allow this, then we can do anything we want.
So this is all beta testing to get what they want.
Well, look at this.
It's up on Infowars.com by Ben Warren.
Links right through to Facebook's new rules.
Facebook, Instagram to temporarily allow calls for violence against Russians.
Well, it is violence.
At major hospitals.
Public hospitals.
And private facilities as well, to have a database of what nationality somebody is and then deny them health care.
It's a violation of the Hippocratic Oath, so much more.
That's literally Nazi medicine.
So, of course, it's going on in Germany.
Old dogs don't learn new tricks, do they?
Leopards don't change their spots.
So, here it is.
Munich, major private clinic, does not want to treat Russians and Belarusians.
And now public hospitals are saying the same.
So, that's where you are, ladies and gentlemen, and it's incredibly dangerous.
Now, Russia's been complaining about these bio-weapon labs for about seven, eight years, since war broke out there.
But I found articles from 2005 and 2006 when they said, oh, we're building them there because the Russians haven't complained.
Of course, Americans complain about having Level 4 labs here.
It was a big scandal in 2015.
They were moved out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina and the University of Texas at Galveston and Baylor Medical Center.
All three had a big scandal because they were handling airborne weaponized bird flu mixed with coronavirus.
You may have heard of it lately.
It's called COVID-19, which is confirmed to be made in a lab.
In Chapel Hill and then shipped to Wuhan?
It's all out, it's all public now.
On record!
They just hope you just move on to the Russia war and forget about all that.
It's what they're hoping every waking second.
So this is a pretty big deal, isn't it?
Well, guess who we got coming on in the third hour.
It's a surprise guest.
And I'll tell you about it next segment, but it's a big deal when it comes to COVID and it's a big guest we haven't had on yet.
And so that's going to be happening.
So look for us to be laying all of that out for you.
And then I'm going to get to these clips as well of Saki and CNN and the incredible arrogance and Jesse Smollett.
Sentenced after he was found guilty yesterday.
He was found guilty a few weeks ago, but he was sentenced yesterday to 150 days in jail.
And of course he screamed, I am innocent.
Don't let them kill me in jail.
You know, I'm not going to commit suicide.
And now he gets to go spend 150 days in the Chicago jail.
Which he's not going to like because I don't think he's even gay.
He's a guy that just, everything about him is fake.
He says he's gay so that he can then, you know, be cool in Hollywood and the rest of it.
Everything about this man is fake because he is a, what, cousin of Kamala Harris?
The clueless one?
And so you got to kind of feel sorry for really stupid, empty people because they just take on
They're actors.
They take on the behavior of other people they've watched and things they've seen.
They're a mile wide and a half inch deep.
And we project our intelligence onto them at our grave, grave peril.
I mean, Kamala Harris is a buffoon as she represents the United States and Europe.
During this crisis in Ukraine.
And we're going to play some of that coming up.
I mean, it's such complete crazy level that you'd think that you were visiting a mental hospital.
And it's not just certain times.
You watch whole speeches and whole press conferences, and she is literally the most disingenuous person, the most... I mean, I wouldn't buy ice water from her in the Sahara Desert.
I wouldn't buy a coat from her if I was butt naked in the middle of the North Pole.
I mean,
And this is who they send.
What's going on here?
Well, it's the incompetence of a degenerating global elite.
There is a global control system, and these people have just inherited it, and they're all smoking their own dope, they're believing their own bull, and they're gonna blow the planet up if they don't get stopped.
Now the question is how to stop them, and not blow the planet up in the process.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Let me do this.
Let me tell you who's coming up.
Next hour for only 30 minutes because he's in India right now.
And then next week will be on for a full hour when he's back to the West.
Rainer Fulmich is a German slash American lawyer.
He knocked it out of the park with his big public hearings or grand jury hearings.
That were unofficial but had top scientists from around the world and experts and there was indictments of Bill Gates and the globalist Fauci, Peter Daszak, you name it.
And he'll be joining us with updates for the first 30 minutes of the next hour.
And then we have several other big guests as well and Jay Dyer coming up.
on this Friday broadcast.
Florida Senate approves bill banning critical race theory, gender identity classes, which is the whole thing to make kids hate each other, hate who they are, create racism, and convince children to be sterilized and have parental rights basically taken away.
That is a huge story.
We're going to be getting to that more because I got a whole stack of how the globals are going after the children.
Wait till you see the latest developments.
It's next level.
Got some more good news.
Tech giants hit with antitrust probes.
And then some bad news.
We told you this was coming.
This was already done in Central America and South America, causing super strains on record.
And of course, it was Bill Gates doing it as usual.
This is not a James Bond movie.
This is a real James Bond life.
And he's a real supervillain.
Scientists to release GMO mosquitoes funded by Gates Foundation in California and Florida.
Wait till you hear what they do.
So that's all coming up.
But I want to talk about delusion here.
Because it's not just that CNN and ABC News and Republican and Democrat leaders lie to us.
When they lie to us, they lie to themselves.
Because that puts out into the culture disinformation that causes a breakdown of society long-term.
But when you think about the haughty, arrogant, chutzpah, bravado-filled
Humorous domes that they live in.
They're little dome cities of denial and lies.
You realize how much danger the culture and society is because one big problem with communist Chinese society is nobody wants to tell their bosses that they're wrong and nobody wants to tell the underlings that they're wrong.
So there's no real accountability and so you get a lot of disasters and a lot of problems and a lot of corruption.
And America's never been perfect, but we have been about accountability and about promoting who actually does the best job, at least more than other countries.
That's why we were the place everybody wanted to move.
That's why we had more than half the world's wealth and why we had more than half the inventions and everything, because we got out of the way of successful people and let them be successful.
But now the bureaucracies that grew up around that don't want the general public to be able to climb the ladder anymore and supplant the old elites.
That's what you're supposed to do is bring in new innovating elites and get rid of the old elites.
But invariably in history you get corrupt decadent elites that decide to just wage war on the general public because they don't want to be replaced with the free will of the public.
And that's the whole globalist plan.
So, here is Lindsey Graham.
If you're a radio listener, you're lucky.
You don't have to look at him, but I mean, when you see the face of someone in ecstasy, on a complete power trip, being driven around in the back of a black SUV, just drunk on power, drunk that he's a neocon warmonger, drunk on the fact that he plays footsies with the Democrats,
And he's with ecstasy in his eyes talking about Joe Biden being the best person that God ever made.
And you look at that, and you look at this guy saying, assassinate Putin and let's have a nuclear war and all this, and you see the same weird power trip look in their eyes when they say things like this.
I mean, I'll just say it.
Lindsey Graham's obviously a pervert, like all of them.
We all know that.
But, but... I mean, these are a bunch of perverts, folks.
These are a bunch of insane people that shouldn't be running a hamburger stand or cleaning your house, much less running the planet.
And that's why we're in so much danger.
Here he is.
If you can't admire Joe Biden as a person, then it's probably you got a problem.
You need to do some self-evaluation, because what's not to like?
And he's the nicest person I think I've ever met in politics.
Is that right?
He is as good a man as God ever created.
He is as good a man as God ever created.
He can hardly talk!
He says, big deal, so what?
You don't mind paying more for gas?
It's gonna get higher!
All they give us is arrogance.
Saki is just insufferable.
But that's all they've got is their own delusion, their own cult that they're deep into.
And nobody's in a worse place than people at the top of a cult.
Because when it all comes down, they're the ones that are gonna go down.
Here's a couple other delusional clips.
Here's Saki.
Talking about, you know, the fault that all those commodities are up and the prices are up, not because of globalist devaluation or overprinting of money.
No, no, no, no.
Not QE2 and QE3, QE4, QE5.
No, no, no.
It's Putin.
And then here's CNN gaslighting, going, of course it's not Biden's fault.
Here it is.
And so to that point, inflation goes up today.
The President's statement blames the Putin price hike.
Are you guys just going to start blaming Putin for everything until the midterms?
Well, we've seen the price of gas go up at least 75 cents since President Putin lined up troops on the border of Ukraine.
And last month, the statement didn't mention the Putin price hike.
It mentioned inflation because of the pandemic.
Why is that?
Well, Peter, last year, last two years, there was a global pandemic.
Everyone who's global economists have all agreed that that has been the biggest contributor to date of inflation because of the impact on the supply chain.
That's right.
So, as you probably know, many politicians act as though it's President Biden who caused inflation and that he can fix this.
Can he do something about it?
Well, he can do things at the margins.
You know, he can release some of their strategic petroleum reserves, which he's already called for.
You know, he can probably try and get bipartisan agreement for more drilling.
That's something that's on the table.
Let's stop right there.
He killed all the permits and killed the Keystone Pipeline.
And they're the ones that put the sanctions on the Russian oil.
So he directly did all of the things, and the private Federal Reserve had the monetary policy that triggered all of this.
The globalists that run the U.S.
government are responsible for about 70% of the problem, the Chinese, the rest.
Everybody knows that.
Any real economists say that.
But they go, oh no, all the economists agree, it's all Vladimir Putin's fault.
Yeah, right.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Thank you so much for joining us.
I will tell listeners that you definitely do not want to miss any of next week's shows.
I'm going to leave it at that.
You know, this interview with President Trump, with the great folks over at Full Sin, I've been a fan of them for five, six years, got 5 million views in about five hours.
It was trending to get 100 million views.
And so they killed it on YouTube, an interview with the President.
And they did it because he said he's not for Russia invading Ukraine, and he threatened to nuke Russia if Putin did it, which is now on record.
So they don't want you hearing from him, but we have archived it as of last night, banned by YouTube, full interview by the Full Send podcast folks, right there.
And so,
I'm just going to tell you this.
We got some as big interviews as you can get next week.
And I don't like to jinx stuff before you get a fish in the boat, but it's going to be a big week next week.
And I got to go on the road to do it.
And so look for that stuff out Tuesday or Wednesday.
It's going to be taped.
I know a lot of other stuff I can't tell you.
Not just about interviews, but there are big movements taking place, a lot of stuff going on.
Let's just say that humanity goes to sleep and lets tyrants take over for a while, but then once humanity starts getting messed with, people that want to be left alone get involved, and then the New World Order's got a big problem on their hands.
The Just Leave Me Alone crowd is now coming out of their dog houses, and the New World Order had really better get ready for some problems.
Their incompetent asses have reached the end of the road.
And if they would just leave us alone and let us be productive, they could run around and keep their stolen wealth.
Because I understand it's very dangerous to actually punish these people.
They'll blow the world up to stop us from doing it.
So just like they let Napoleon go the first time and said, now you just go live on this island with a thousand of your soldiers and promise not to invade anybody again and we'll
We'll let you have your own island.
Then, of course, he came back again and took over the rest of Europe one more time.
So the next time, they basically locked his ass up and said, now you can have 20 soldiers or whatever it was.
And you can't leave this castle.
Used to you had the whole island.
Now you can't leave the castle.
And I just, these people just have to stop.
They just have to stop.
But they're so competitive, they don't want anybody else to even have a shot at competing, and they create stagnation, and they put a bunch of idiots in charge, so they're not worried about them trying to overthrow the globalists.
I say that's one of the problems with Putin, is he's really afraid of charismatic, really powerful people under him, right under him, because he thinks they might engage in a coup d'etat.
That's a very Stalinistic trait.
When you see that Stalinistic trait in Putin, you should really know that it's a lot more extreme in Western elites right now.
So everything we can see with the corruption and the disease of entropy in Russia, well, we've got a much nastier case of it over here.
Because we were way more powerful and way more arrogant.
And that leads me to this information.
Now, I don't want to just get up here and do a victory lap and say, see, we told you years ago about the bioweapon labs, and we told you months ago about the Ukraine labs, and we did special reports on it three weeks ago, and two weeks ago, and a week ago, and we specifically said, here's where they admittedly say they destroyed what's in the labs in the Ukrainian newspapers.
It's not like we're that smart.
I mean, the stuff's there.
It wasn't Russian propaganda.
The Ukrainians are.
Two weeks ago, we've destroyed the labs so the Russians don't get it.
And then we hear, oh, the Russians have blown the labs up.
They're going to release it.
And then we hear, oh, the Russians are going to release chemicals, biologicals and radiologicals.
And they've blown up one, no, two, three, four, five, six, seven nuclear reactors.
None of it was true.
And you look at everything Zelensky does.
He's trying to get an old fly zone.
He's trying to get aircraft and weapons in there from the West.
He's trying to suck us into a big fat war.
Got Victoria Nuland running around.
And so after Nuland knew that, okay, it's all over the foreign news, the UN is, you know, coming out admitting it.
And of course, there's news articles by the hundreds going back to 2005.
And before that, when Obama was a senator, he was getting money in to take over the old Russian bioweapon labs and expand them.
I mean, that's in the Wall Street Journal.
That's in the New York Times.
That's in the Washington Post.
And I showed you the articles last few weeks here on air.
So we know exactly what went on.
Because back then, they were hiding in plain view what they were doing.
And so, here's the larger issue.
What does it mean that for three weeks, we've been told that anybody saying there's biolabs in Ukraine is a liar.
I mean, the biolabs are there, just like nuclear reactors are there.
Just like seaports are there, just like electrical grids are there, just like people are there, and cars are there, and weapons are there, and food is there, and cows are there.
We're like, they are there!
I kind of know the Statue of Liberty's there.
I've been there and I've seen it.
Plus I've read about it on maps and you've seen it and I've seen it.
I mean, it's like talking about Times Square in New York exists.
They go, oh, that's disinformation.
Times Square doesn't exist.
Have you ever personally been there?
Well, no.
Some people haven't been there.
I've been there many times.
Okay, well then shut your mouth.
CNN says Times Square does not exist.
They're not literally saying that, but figuratively that's how big the gaslighting has gotten.
So this is much bigger than these bio labs.
Why would they come out in the last three weeks and say there are no labs, there are no Ukrainian labs, there are no US labs, there are no labs?
Why would you do that knowing you're going to get discredited, knowing you're going to
Be caught in it, and instead of just saying, oh yeah, we had some safety research labs, no big deal, the Russians are exaggerating.
But instead, no, those don't exist.
Alex Jones is a liar.
Peter Carlson's a traitor.
Blah, blah, blah.
Knowing the whole time it was in plain view.
And you ask, why would they do that?
And it's because the globalists are very lazy.
All their minions do now is deny
Everything we say.
Anything Alex Jones says, they say the opposite.
Anything Joe Rogan says, they say the opposite.
Anything Tucker Carlson says, they say the opposite.
And you look at who's running things.
Old, smart, evil elites took over America and Europe and have been in charge the last 100 years.
Okay, but they've all died, folks.
The David Rockefellers are gone.
That guy worked 18 hours a day, was super cunning and smart, and built this whole world government we're seeing.
It was handed to him by Cecil Rhodes, operatives, British intelligence.
I mean, when he was in high school, he was a OSS spy in, you know, traveling the world.
I mean, real secret agent.
David Rockefeller was very evil, but a badass.
Had like six, seven heart transplants, died at 100 years old.
Kamala Harris, if there's an evil smart point in the universe, Kamala Harris is the dumb evil part on the other side of it.
And Joe Biden, in all of them, Joe Biden, and these are just sycophants that do whatever they're told, and so Biden's always been weird and stupid, but a good BS-er.
And then now he gets another sycophant under him, and it just gets worse and worse.
Can you imagine the type of people that work for Kamala Harris?
But she said most of her crew quit over and over and over again because they say she's literally retarded.
She literally doesn't know anything.
She's a woman who gave blowjobs in the DA office to get to the head DA job and blackmail people.
She's a prostitute, and I'm not against prostitutes.
I'm not saying there aren't smart women that know how to give blowjobs, but that's it!
She knows how to do that.
And that's what she does.
She sells America out.
But she's not a whore anymore.
She's graduated onto a pimp.
And she's pimping all of us out.
And she's going to kill us all.
So, they're building this cashless society world government grid to monitor and track and control everything we do.
And for decades they've prepared this operation so we were able to tell you they were getting it ready.
It's not like we were imagining it and then we just guessed the right thing.
It was being built right there in front of us.
And now, now it's here.
The Economist, owned by the Rothschilds.
Literally, look it up.
Get ready for a world currency!
And it's in every newspaper and every major site.
It's the answer of what's about to happen because look, the money is burning.
The money is burning.
Because the central banks devalued it, and they're destroying your savings, destroying your future, but they'll offer you a new global digital currency that's programmable, that'll tell you what you can buy and what you can do.
That's from the Bank of England!
Also the Rothschild Bank.
And they spin it like, oh, we're sad about the poor, we're sad about the income,
Separation out there.
You know, just 10 years ago, the top 1% had half the wealth.
And now they've got 80%.
But it's not the top 1%.
It's the top 1-10th of 1-10th of a percent.
Who's waging war on the other 1% that actually has some wealth, but they don't want us to have it.
Two hundred and something thousand dollars a year?
You're in the 1%.
You make a quarter million a year?
You're in the 1%.
Are you like Bill Gates, who tax-free makes 50 million a year or whatever?
So again, that's how all this is working, and in 1815, the Rothschilds caused a run on the Bank of England, and a run on the Stock Exchange, saying that Napoleon had won the war.
Look it up, it's a historical fact.
When Napoleon had won the war,
They reported that Lord Wellington had been defeated and the giant British Austrian army destroyed.
And he sat there and watched everybody sell, sell, sell, because they put the news out once they knew that Napoleon had been defeated.
And they bought up the entire stock market for 99% off at least.
He took over the British Empire right at the moment the British Empire was global supreme and had just defeated Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of Waterloo.
And by disinfo, and by a scam, and by having carrier pigeons from the inland to the coast with the message that Lord Wellington, armies destroyed, Austrian armies destroyed, British armies destroyed,
Napoleon Victorious, it's put on a Corvette, fast ship, zips across the channel, right on time, comes in, in the opening bell in the morning, at the London Stock Exchange that my ancestor invented, an interesting fact, Gresham, and
Took over the British Empire, and we are still dealing with that today.
The British Empire is the New World Order.
The British Empire is the whole thing.
The tentacles, the whole deal.
It's not the British that do it, they paid for it, but it's that creature.
So when you watch a James Bond movie, you need to understand that James Bond doesn't even understand that Spectre is his boss and works for the Crown, and that he thinks he's battling
Specter, but he's not.
They're producing full spectrum dominance, where you control the opposition and you control the supposed response to it.
And Cecil Rhodes wrote books on that.
And he didn't invent this, they just codified it into a plan.
And now, it's not a British Empire that wants to spread Christianity and prosperity.
No, it's a British Empire that wants to spread world government, transhumanism, and depopulating humanity.
Now, there's Ian Fleming.
So look, I don't want to be on this ride.
I don't want to be under people's control.
You've got 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 generations of Rothschilds that have been the richest people in the world.
Completely insane.
Most photos they pose with are with demons and devils.
And they're behind all this different crap with the Rockefellers and the rest of them, and I'm just tired of them cooking up viruses and funding terror groups and all of it.
You're not going to get away with killing everybody.
Folks are going to know it's you, and they're going to know it's your Great Reset, and we know what you're up to, and you just better damn well stop it!
But when you get inbred trillionaires, folks, they just can't help it.
It excites them to watch us die.
And then have the headlines, oh, the Rothschilds.
Oh, they love us so much.
Yeah, there's Lord Rothschild with the high priestess of Aleister Crowleyism, Abranovich, in front of a painting.
What's the title?
Show the top of the painting.
I'm going for memory.
Lucifer Rising?
Or Lucifer Triumphant?
I forget.
What's the name?
You know, memories fail.
Well, there's old Lucifer there for you.
Looks like he's got a plan for some folks there.
And of course, that was painted before Hitler was even around, that famous painting.
You know what this is right here, right?
In the occult, where Lucifer's holding his hand up right here?
You ever notice Hitler when he was being hailed and worshipped, he was holding the power and the will of the people in a torch of victory.
So this is, that's elusive.
Everybody thinks like this is satanic.
No, this is an old Italian thing to ward off evil.
Rock and Rollers picture later tried to make the sound of evil, which is hilarious.
This wards off evil.
Let me show everybody.
And of course, the fake Christians out there that don't like me will take a shot and say, look, Jones is showing devil horns on TV.
He's with the devil.
No, this is a sign of warding off the evil eye.
This, this right here, that's Luciferian right there.
When an army is worshiping you and you do that, you are taking on their power and will and then taking control of that army.
Satan summoning his legions.
That's the name of that one.
Took two years to paint that.
Okay, my memory failed.
There's another one right along those lines, but... That's what that is, see?
So all of you that really want to know about Satanism and Luciferianism, I will tell you!
I've studied it, okay?
Instead of the pop culture BS.
We have this big lawyer coming on.
And then I'm going to get into the bioweapons and what it means.
And they're getting ready for a false flag.
I mean, I don't put a headline out like the one we put out today lightly.
That's what I really believe is going on.
And we've already seen them do false flags and say that the reactors have been attacked and the Russians are going to release bioweapons from labs that don't exist but do exist.
And, oh, they're going to launch a chemical attack and the NATO's got to go in.
Just like they try to do with Syria, we're hearing all the same BS and the same playbook.
And then you've got the incompetence of Biden.
And Kamala, that just adds to the danger of all of this, World War III emergency broadcast, globalists preparing to launch chemical, biological, radiological attacks in Ukraine as pretext to initiate Armageddon.
But let's go back to real satanic salutes here, okay?
And I'm not going to do the Roman salute, because they'll say I'm hailing Hitler, but the Romans were the ones that would hail their leaders with the outstretched arm, and Hitler picked that up for Mussolini, who was his role model.
They'll do it to you.
But when Hitler does this, or this, that's saying he is spiritually in command of that army, and that's a very Luciferian gesture.
All of this.
And so people need to know that.
Like, when Christians go to church, we do this to God.
See, you're giving your praise to God.
You're praising and connecting.
You're connecting.
This is a Christian motion.
And the ancients would also worship the sun the same way.
But when you're worshiping something, you do this.
You put your head down, you put your hands out, and you're giving it your power.
When you do this, you're taking the power.
You're holding the power.
In the chalice.
Those are real satanic symbols.
Not this.
We're going to go to break, ladies and gentlemen.
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Our folks are about to be behind.
Alright, some stations do not take the first five minutes, but a lot do.
When we come back, Rainer Fulmik is going to be here with us for 30 minutes, then hopefully the next few weeks we'll get him on for a full hour.
One of the 198 ways that the Pentagon puts out for non-violent resistance is public grand juries and public trials.
And so whereas it's not official, that's how many of the real trials end up taking place.
And you go back to 1776, there was a decade of trials taking place and committees of correspondence before the Declaration of Independence and before what ended up happening on July 4th, 1776.
He's done incredible work, got such an incredible consortium of people together that it's really hard to only have one or two segments.
You could talk for two segments just about who he had there and then what their findings were, just a who's who of scientific and bioethical and medical and legal minds.
So that's coming up here in a few minutes.
But I also want to talk about something briefly here that's happening.
We're breaking through the resistance
of being attacked and being lied about by the media, whereas used to people really didn't want to be attacked by the newspapers.
Makes you think of that famous song.
I don't
That it's their attacks that are actually blowing up the show.
And so, as academics and scientists and leaders begin to understand, wait, it doesn't matter if the New York Times attacks me?
It actually helps me when CNN attacks me?
Yeah, they'll try to take your bank account.
Yeah, we'll try to cancel you.
Now that being demonized doesn't work, now they're moving on to de-platforming.
Hey, shout out to Alex Jones.
Alex Jones was right.
Doesn't mean Alex Jones was always right, but Alex Jones was right because that then lets the censors know the most attacked, the most demonized, the most lied about are the people that we need to celebrate.
Now, it was very hard for me to go after Trump.
Because I didn't want them to think their attacks on me made me attack Trump.
He's so attacked, I wanted to support him.
But when he supported the poison vaccine, I had to go after him.
You notice he's backed off it now.
I don't think he is consciously part of it.
But regardless, that's a bridge too far.
So that's where we are.
Tucker Carlson.
It's a longer interview I was part of this morning.
Here's a short clip.
Had the folks on from Black Rifle Coffee Company.
I've had this fellow on before.
He's an interesting guest.
A really informed guy.
Former Army Special Operations fellow.
They were talking about this phenomenon.
We'll come back with our guest.
Here it is.
Well, ten years ago, people like Alex Jones were talking about George Soros, and everyone was like, oh, man, you're crazy.
Now he just openly spent a million dollars on the California governor recall.
He spent 270 million over the last five years on, like, DA races and judge races and things like that.
Because he hates the West, and he wants to destroy it, obviously.
And you don't have to be Alex Jones to say that out loud.
It's not even a conspiracy theory.
It's what's so interesting though is Alex Jones, and I know we're not allowed to talk about Alex Jones because that's illegal now, but I sort of watched in bewilderment when they went after Alex Jones, who, whatever you think of him, is like hilarious, very talented entertainer, you know, in addition to other things.
But they treated him like he was a foreign threat.
And they just crushed the guy.
A lot of that same stuff is happening to you right now, isn't it?
Yeah, I mean... You know why?
It's the same thing that happens when a defense attorney goes after witnesses on the bench.
It's the same thing.
Like, I have to attack your credibility because I can't face what you're saying.
I work for a big company, thank heaven, and for a family that's committed to the freedom of speech, so I'm, you know, I feel like I'm in pretty good shape and hard to crush.
But if you're by yourself, like he is, or like you are, for example, running your own podcast, people are really vulnerable.
Dr. Rainer Volmick is our guest for the next 25 minutes.
He's going to be back with us for a full hour very soon.
He's on the road.
He's agreed to graciously pop in with us here.
I've been trying to get him on for over a month.
He put together very successful public hearings with the scientists, with the doctors, with the experts, and then had them come to their conclusions, which is what our government would recommend in the last 60, 70 years,
In a country with an authoritarian regime, have public hearings, have a public grand jury, have the findings put out, and that's one of the ways to non-violently bring down a corrupt system or stop crimes from being committed, and that's what he did.
It captured the imagination of the world, really got people informed, and it's one of the things that, along with Joe Rogan, broke the back of the big COVID power grab.
It's still going on, but by stealth, because they don't want to fight us now in the open with their takeover, and he just has one of the best minds
When it comes to laying it out, I'm not going to read his whole bio here, but you can find his website at CrimesAgainstHumanityTour.com, CrimesAgainstHumanityTour.com.
I won't go over his whole lengthy bio here, but he is a trial lawyer specializing in banking and stock exchange law, private international law, and medical law, and he is also very well accredited and respected.
So thank you for joining us, Doctor.
As you know, we've only got 20 minutes, so you've got the floor.
Well, thank you very much.
Thank you for having me, Alex.
So, where are we now since your amazing hearings that hundreds of millions watched?
Thank you.
Well, the thing is, the reason why my friend and colleague Viviana Fisher and myself started this Corona Investigative Committee on July 10th, 2020, is because we didn't feel that we were getting any answers to the questions that not just we, but we believed most people,
Wanted answers to from either the mainstream media or our politicians now in the meantime, of course We found out that our politicians are not our politicians, but they're all bought and paid for by the World Economic Forum Mostly by its global young leaders program, but the questions we wanted answers to is one how dangerous is this virus?
we're not denying that there's a virus out there and
Number two is, how reliable is the PCR test?
And number three, how much damage do the anti-corona measures do?
Well, in the meantime, we know of course that the
Virus itself is no more dangerous than the common flu.
It has a survival rate of 99.97 percent.
Children are at no risk whatsoever, statistically speaking.
And the PCR test, which is the basis for everything, the PCR test is a fake.
Not the real PCR test as it was invented by
Nobel Prize winner and very funny, witty, intelligent guy, Cary Mullis.
But the version that was invented by a German hoax, fraud, his name is Professor Dr. Drosten.
He's neither a real professor nor is he a real doctor.
He's a complete fake.
But he invented the PCR test that he claims tells us everything about infections.
Now that is impossible because the PCR test can't distinguish between dead and live matter.
So if you test positive, it's very likely that maybe you had a flu or the common cold four or five months ago.
Because both the flu and the common cold also contains a coronavirus.
What's more important, in order to be infected, you need a whole virus to enter your cells and then start replicating there.
That's when you have symptoms as well.
A whole virus is never found by this PCR test because whatever the swab is being put into a machine,
And it but it's just it's destroyed literally before it's put into the machine so you only detect fragments.
So per se, this test cannot tell you anything about infections.
That's what this guy invented.
And that is the basis for everything.
Because you know, in January of 2020, when the World Health Organization was put under pressure by some of its most potent donors to declare a public health emergency of international concern, there were no cases.
In order for a public health emergency of international concern to be declared, you need cases.
And cases are infections.
So they told Drustin to start work on his PCR test and he played along with it.
And a couple of weeks later he came up with this PCR test.
The two basic lies on which everything else is founded, they're both from him and they were then spread to the world by the World Health Organization.
One is they're asymptomatic infections.
What do you need that for?
It's necessary to make everyone be afraid of everyone, no matter how healthy they look.
In the meantime, we know, of course, that there are no asymptomatic infections, in particular, not with respiratory diseases.
Anyone who has a respiratory disease has symptoms.
Well, after all, what do you do if you want to go see a doctor because you feel kind of strange?
The first question your doctor is going to ask you is, what symptoms do you have?
What are you going to say?
I watch too much Fauci?
It's not a really good symptom.
So, without any symptoms, there is no infections.
But the PCR test, that's the second lie, that the PCR test can detect infections.
It cannot because, as I said, it cannot distinguish between dead and live matter and it cannot
It doesn't see whether or not there's a whole virus.
Based on these two lies, the World Health Organization then declared a public health emergency of international concern.
The first time they tried it, they failed because, you know, I think this is at the end of January of 2020, there were no cases, so they couldn't agree on declaring
A public health emergency of international concern.
The second time, two weeks later, it worked.
Because Dresden had supplied them with his PCR test.
And this test, as I said, per se, cannot tell you anything about infections.
But the way it was set, the way it was set up, it was bound, it was guaranteed to create cases.
False positive.
Well, that's right.
And Dr. Foleman, you've done a great job laying all that out.
Just briefly, you'll come back again next week, hopefully, when you get back to town, back to the West.
You've done really good bowl downs on the Great Reset and why they did it in the 35,000 foot view of why they would dare do something like this.
And then I want to get into the findings of this huge conference and this grand jury you put on.
I loved how USA Today and others, we'll talk about that next segment, tried to spin it.
Like you were trying to say this was an official grand jury, when citizen grand juries are a well-known part of free societies, even listed by the State Department as one of the main ways to expose corruption, or corrupt regimes, or corrupt corporations.
And the USA Today attacks what our own State Department says is a good thing to do.
Well, the reason why we decided on a grand jury investigation is it was at the suggestion of one of one of our international colleagues from New Mexico, Anna Garner.
She said, let's do it like a grand jury investigation, because that way we will not have a decision that needs to be enforced.
But rather, it ends with a jury declaring that they want to indict the putative defendants.
It lays out a historic roadmap for real prosecutors and real grand juries.
We have real attorneys, we have a real judge, we have real experts, and we have real witnesses explaining about the damages that they suffered, in particular the health damages that they suffered because of the so-called vaccines.
And we did this outside of the official court system because we realized that in most countries, it's different in the United States, it's different in India, but it's surely true in Europe, in particular in Germany, we would not get a fair hearing for such a proceeding.
That's why we did it outside of the actual court system, but this is only the first step.
There will be more such trials to follow, and we expect, and it's happening already, that in some cases,
People will set up their own new jurisdictions because this is what it's all about.
It's us, the people, who have the power to do such a thing.
In other cases, in particular in the United States, they're going to force their own judiciaries to do their job.
And the only thing they need to do is listen to the hearings that we held, and then they can invite the very same experts.
I don't think they're going to change their story.
That's right.
You've laid out an incredible blueprint and since you guys did this, you've been one of the main people out there organizing the experts.
It's all coming out confirming everything you guys said and what we see with Moderna and Pfizer and them hiding and the stock imploding.
We're going to come back and talk about where you see this going and what happens next with Dr. Rainer Fulmik.
You need to visit his site.
It's fulmik.com and crimesagainsthumanitytour.com as well.
All right, Dr. Reiner Fulmik is on the road.
He's a very famous biomedical lawyer and also deals with stock exchange law, private international law, and so much more.
And he's been the major chairman of the board of large companies.
I'm going to leave it right there, and also Democratic grassroots parties.
And he's here for only another eight, nine minutes.
I've got so many questions.
He's got to go.
Just briefly, what else do you want to get out to folks that's developed since your big Citizens Grand Jury?
But first, can you just tell us, I know I watched it, or parts of it, what the findings of the Citizens Grand Jury was?
Well, the net result is that this has never been about health.
This is just one gigantic hoax.
I keep telling people that had somebody told me this two years ago, I would have told them to go take their pills, see a doctor and everything will be fine.
But in the meantime, it looks like we're running out of conspiracy theories.
All of these formerly conspiracy theories turned out to be true.
So the most important result is it's not about health.
So the big question is what what is it about?
So we spoke with geopoliticians, historians, all kinds of scientists from all walks of science, and the short answer is this is about global world domination.
It's a probably relatively small group of very rich people who are trying to gain complete control over the rest of the world, which they have looted and plundered at least over the last
Three, four, five decades, probably much longer.
And it was only a question of time when we would come on to them and when we would understand what's really been going on.
The first time that at least I, as a former banker, should have woken up is during the Lehman crisis, which started out as a housing crisis, but it was really a banking crisis.
Because that's the first time that everyone should have known this is a gigantic fraud.
This is how they sell homes in the United States and in Germany defrauding people out of their money and selling these homes at two or three times its actual fair market value.
This is what happened in Germany and this is what happened in the United States.
But the only thing we got from our politicians who we then thought were our politicians is
This is never going to happen again.
We're going to hold everyone responsible.
Well, they didn't do anything.
No one went to jail.
The only thing they did is they kept printing money.
And this thing, of course, couldn't go.
It had to explode, and it was about to implode again.
The entire system was about to implode again, probably in September of 2019.
There was a meeting of central bankers at Jackson Hole in Wyoming, and we know that they were in a huge panic back then.
BlackRock, for example, suggested that something really bold needed to be done in order to
Uh, distract people from what was really going on.
So that is when they came up with the idea that this is right.
This is the right moment for Corona.
So, ultimately, this is what it's about.
They want complete control, because if we find out about them, they're not going to last much longer.
They want complete control.
They want a one-world government.
It's the globalists whom you mentioned.
A one-world government, and they want one-world currency, digital currency, so that they can dictate, much like the Chinese social credit system, they can dictate and control everything we do.
And when we found that out, we realized that the only way you can deal with this is not to fix the system.
Because I don't think this system can be fixed.
And none of the people who I spoke with... Well, this system is totally predatory, I agree.
It is designed to implode all of us, to maintain control, so they ride us down through a control collapse.
So the one way out is to create us, those who ask questions, who are creative, who are not used to following orders.
We have the power, and we have the right, and I think we have the duty, to set up our own system of healthcare, of economics, of education, and yes, judiciary.
This should be a perilous system.
It'll be so attractive that the other side, or many of those who are still on the other side, will jump off the fence on our side of the fence and will ultimately help us.
But for the time being, we have to do something to stop this.
It looks as though the corona narrative is about to implode.
It has imploded in many parts of the world.
That was my next question, and you're going to join us again soon for a full hour.
Now you're on the road, middle of the night.
Thank you.
But clearly it's imploding very fast.
A doctor.
And I predicted once it started imploding they'd launch a war.
Why do you think it's imploding so fast?
And I don't want us to be too confident.
What are you worried about?
Because you know they're gonna try something else.
Well, they are trying something else already.
The new way to put us in panic mode is through war.
There's war in Ukraine and the big question is what is it really that's going on there?
I think this is part of their agenda.
Just today we had another hearing of the Corona Committee in Berlin.
And we spoke with a group of people, one of them is an American, who really know everything about what's going on there, about the long-term historical backdrop of the geopolitical consequences of what's happening and what has been happening.
It looks as though it's not a stage where it's a real war, so we have to feel really sorry about the people who are suffering there, but it looks as though Ukraine is just another puppet of the Anglo-American financial mafia, as I call them.
That's the City of London, not London, but the City of London and its fifth column, Wall Street.
They're using them as pawns.
The Ukrainians and they're doing this in order to drive a wedge between just like World War One and World War Two between Russia and the West.
It's going to be NATO against Russia.
And I think that's what all the rhetoric is aimed at.
The rhetoric of our politicians, our politicians, just like in the United States, they're all talking as though we're at war with Russia, even though it's just Ukraine and Russia.
And I believe that if you take a closer look at how this war started, you'll come up with a completely different picture, including that Russia was humiliated for at least eight years by Ukrainians bombarding the
I don't know.
And that's what happened.
They provoked him so much that he just didn't have a choice.
Now, the big question is, will it get out of control or not?
If it does get out of control, we will have a real war in all of Europe and the major battlefield will be Germany.
Well, I noticed years ago, different globalists said, if you try to get rid of the EU,
There'll be a war in Europe.
And we're like, a war in Europe?
Why would that happen?
No, they were saying, we'll start one.
And they'll just cross Russian red lines and start a war.
And that's what, Biden even encouraged Putin to invade.
And that's when I'm like, hey, you need to not invade Putin, but we're here now.
Well, in.
All right.
The near future, Dr. Reiner Fulmik.
I hope you'll join us.
You're doing incredible work.
I know talking to crowds of thousands, tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands.
They obviously launched COVID as a power grab to try to make us forget about globalism.
I think it's bit him in the ass.
What do you think?
Globalism is, of course, the one thing that we don't want.
We want our own sovereignty.
We want our individual identities.
We want our individual cultures.
The reason we're traveling to Italy or to France is not despite the fact that they're different.
It's because they're different.
And we want them to be different.
We do not want globalists.
We have to disconnect from the globalists.
That's right.
Dr. Foleman, incredible job.
Talk to you soon.
All right, folks, tune in here for tomorrow's news today.
And so I'm going to tell you what I see happening, what's in the tea leaves, and what is a very, very good chance or probability of happening.
There's a few different scenarios.
I need to tie all this financial news into the war news, into the COVID news, and we'll do that here in just a moment.
But I wanted to spend just a few minutes with the listeners who are the best people on earth.
You know, Lindsey Graham says that Joe Biden's the best guy on earth.
Well, no, I don't think that's true.
I think the listeners and viewers of this broadcast objectively have supported and have amplified and who have prayed for this broadcast.
That you are the most effective best people in the world.
What did Lindsey Graham said?
He said, if you can't admire, get that clip ready guys.
If you can't admire Joe Biden as a person, you've got a problem and you need to do some self-evaluation.
Because what's not to like?
He's the nicest person I think I've ever met in politics.
He is as good a man as God ever created.
Liquidating our borders, devaluing our currency, cutting off our pipelines, teaching critical race theory with federal funds in schools.
The list just goes on and on, and Lindsey Graham, a supposed Christian conservative, is telling us he's the best thing since sliced bread.
Here's a clip.
If you can't admire Joe Biden as a person, then it's probably you got a problem.
You need to do some self-evaluation, because what's not to like?
And he's the nicest person I think I've ever met in politics.
Is that right?
He is as good a man as God ever created.
If you can't admire Joe Biden... You know, I know a very well-known person, I won't say his name, but he was at Mar-a-Lago last week.
And Lindsey Graham was standing facing the pool with his back to him, and he said he almost pushed him in.
And I told this fella, I said, I wish.
I'm not going to give you his initials.
Doesn't start with an R, doesn't end with an S. I wish he would have just pushed his ass in.
But you know, that would give him too much attention and make him a victim.
So don't do that.
But what the hell is Trump thinking that he has this snake?
It's good to go.
More important work than we have ever done on air at this point.
And the world is listening, and the world is watching, and we're taking on the corrupt power structure, and we're in their face.
So when I say I admire this audience of activists, when I say you're the best people, it's not some fake globalists worshipping each other.
Because all that's just talk.
With you and I, I really mean it.
You folks are awesome, and I appreciate your support, because you're supporting yourself while you do that, and I just want to stay in this fight.
And the fact that you keep me in this fight, I love you only second to God and my children.
It's like God's right here, my children are right there, family, but you're, that's when you walk up and thank me in the street, I just go, okay, stop, stop, because we're,
You're right there.
It's like me looking in the mirror thinking to myself, we are in this together.
So I want to encourage all the viewers, all the listeners to be part of history and to get t-shirts and books and films and amazing supplements and products at InfoWarStore.com because that's where you get great products that edify you, make your life better and healthier, and that's where you fund the Info War, a 360 win.
Infowarsstore.com or 888-253-3139.
We're entering the thick of the battle right now, and things are so intense.
But as bad as the attacks are, the successes are even way bigger.
So I understand that's how this alchemy works.
And I understand no pain, no gain.
But I'm willing to go through the pain.
I just need you to carry us to the next level.
So thank you for your financial support while you get great products at Infowarsstore.com.
Okay, let's hit this right now.
Let's cover this this segment the next and let's talk about it.
What does it say about the establishment and the corporate media that they would know that the U.S.
built bioweapons labs going back to 2004 and 5 under Obama
2005, in that country, and it was all over the news, and congressional funding, and bills, and C-SPAN debates.
That's like saying that Pat Brady never played for the New England Patriots.
But you know when you hear that, Pat Brady never played for the New England Patriots, never won a Super Bowl.
Right away you go, that's a lie.
So someone asks you a question.
Why would the bureaucrats and the media and CNN and AP and Reuters and all of them tell you there were no bio labs in Ukraine?
There were no deadly pathogens?
That's all a lie!
Why would USA Today and all of them say that knowing it's gonna come out and knowing they're gonna get exposed as liars?
And the answer is, they've got such 3rd and 4th and 5th and 6th and 7th and 8th and 9th level stringers, backbenchers, that they don't even know all these topics.
They don't even know all these facts.
They can't even come up with plausible lies.
We're fighting, like when the Russians went into Berlin in 1945, 12 year olds, all the other men are dead.
And they're dangerous, but they don't know what they're doing.
They blow themselves up as often as they blow you up.
So they're dangerous, you gotta respect it, but we're fighting the dregs.
We're fighting the fumes.
And I don't say that from a place of strength.
Because the fumes, the zombies, are in control of everything.
And the competence is disappearing.
And the work ethic is disappearing.
And we could barely run civilization when we had hard-working, really smart men and women busting their asses to make it work.
Working around the clock, just wanting to innovate.
You start not wanting to work, you start not wanting to know how stuff works, you start wanting to be lazy and dumb, you get, I mean, civilization will collapse back into the jungle from which it came, just like that.
And some folks will say, well good, civilization's out of control.
Well, there's thousands of nuclear reactors, 468 of them that are large, that we know of, a bunch of other small ones, and civilization breaks down, those all go Chernobyl.
And then there's all the rest of it.
So it's such a big deal to me, before we come back and break all this down, to first realize they just deny whatever we say.
Doesn't matter we had all the articles.
Doesn't matter we had the bills.
Doesn't matter we had the documents.
Doesn't matter we had it all.
Doesn't matter it was big controversies.
Thought we just all remembered it because we have a thing called a memory because we're not goldfish.
But you got to understand the people putting out the BS are lazy and just regurgitate what they're told and don't even think.
Biden didn't come out and say, I'm sorry, it's hard on you, but it's the best thing for the people of Ukraine.
We're going to try to fix it.
He didn't even give them false hope.
He said, yeah, it's going to go up a lot more.
Started laughing, just like the head of the Department of Energy, just like the head of the Department of Transportation, just like the White House press secretary, just like Nancy Pelosi, laughing at you because they get off on that.
They get off.
You're their enemy.
They were brought into power to destroy America and they're laughing at you while they do it and destroying themselves because they're incompetent, inbred, degenerate drug addicts.
That's the good ones.
The bad ones are child raping pedophiles.
The most selfish, monstrous, sycophantic weirdos the world has ever seen.
Doom is written all over them.
Failure is inscribed on them.
They stink from a mile away, socially, culturally, spiritually.
The globalists are mad scientists.
They've got bioweapon labs with stuff that's far worse than COVID-19 ready to release on us.
They spread it all across the world so when they do release it, they have one thing, plausible deniability.
So that they won't be held accountable.
But thanks to good scientists in private sector and in government and the U.S.
military, all the information about what Fauci and Gates and others did with the creation of COVID-19 and its release has come out.
Our enemy is not the government.
Our enemy is not the corporations.
Our enemy is not the
Black people down the street or the white people down the street or Hispanic folks or the Asians.
Our enemy is evil people playing God and playing us off against each other.
And we have to stand up and we have to get informed.
Just like you're informed about football and you're informed about, you know, how to fix your car or whatever you want to get informed about, you're going to get informed about.
You're not stupid.
You're ignorant.
And when I point my finger at you, I got three more back at me.
You're not stupid.
You're not stupid.
You're ignorant.
And what you are is lazy.
Because these people plan to kill us if we don't wake up and figure their plan out and stop it.
But we are starting to figure it out real fast, aren't we?
And we're starting to feel our human instincts are built for this.
We're not rolling over.
We're part of a plan.
We're one of the stars.
We've just begun.
We're not about to end.
It's not the post-human world.
It's the beginning of the human universe.
This whole thing's laid out for us.
We are an embryonic form right now, about to be born.
But first, we got to learn to love each other.
Because we're going to have challenges in the future with all this power we're going to have.
Now, let's talk about it.
To understand what's currently happening, we have to understand two years ago, and I walked into Greg Reese's office two years ago, and I said, what are you working on?
He said, I'm working on the virus and what they're planning to do with it.
And I said, have you thought about a financial reset?
He said, yeah, because he reads recidivously.
Yeah, I've been thinking that.
Like, how do you do this?
I said, why don't you look into that?
So he put out this report.
It's only got 136,000 views.
His bigger report's at 3 or 4 million.
It needs 10 million.
The perfect storm for global currency reset.
And this is in March 15th, the Ides of March, two years ago.
Just a few days shy of that.
Four days shy of that.
Now, why is that so important?
Well, I got sent this this morning.
It's been big for months, and we've had him on.
He's definitely a smart guy, and it is who he says he is.
And I'm not stealing thunder from him.
I just wanted to let you know there's background to this.
This is Edward Dowd, the stock picker.
He says, I have an idea for a dystopian movie.
The background begins in 2020, a virus that mimics the flu sweeps across the globe.
Some believe it's a man-made bioweapon to provide cover for a global economic collapse, for an unsustainable debt load and rising wealth inequality.
And that is a very viral tweet that a lot of people ask me questions about.
I had a big national talk show host sent to me this morning and said, what do you think of this?
And I've got busy and haven't sent it back to him yet, but I'm going to send this back during the next break.
I'm going to say, this is what I think of it.
Gregory did three reports on this starting in March, two years ago.
And then we had articles about it.
Davos Group announces world government to force Great Reset.
June 2020.
Now is the time for the Great Reset.
Got it all right there for you.
A global financial Great Reset is coming.
A deal is being made between all the central banks.
We first reported it in March.
Here it is in April in Mainstream News.
My point is, folks, I'm not playing games here.
And you can figure all this out very quickly.
Here's our March 15 article that went with it.
A perfect storm for a global currency recent.
A global currency rate recent amidst the coronavirus pandemic.
A real possibility.
On the odds of March.
You know what the odds of March are?
When Julius Caesar got stabbed to death in a Roman forum.
Seen as unlucky for elites.
So, there is it, and I'm having that article posted, the video posted, the live show feed today, so you can share it.
The perfect storm for a global currency reset.
InfoWars predicted financial reset two years before it began, because now it's all over the news.
They're doing it, and they're going to use it for that.
And the reason I show you this is, it's planned.
And all we do is study what they're doing,
And instead of folks going, hey, we want to learn how you know this, I'm like, I want to show you how I know.
I want to show you how I know so you all know.
It's like, oh, Alex.
Oh, Alex.
Jones is magical.
You know what?
I don't want to be magical, folks.
I want everybody to learn this and other talk show hosts to get it.
It's game over for the New World Order.
Just like Reimer Fulmix said earlier, as we all get educated on how the scam works, it's over.
But if everybody just thinks it's some magic, psychic, Nostradamus thing that I know all this and it's only Alex Jones, that makes my life very dangerous and makes them want to kill me or put me in prison, which I'm not looking for.
And it makes us lose because no one learns how stuff works.
It's all admitted!
It's all admitted!
It's all admitted!
It's all admitted!
Let me give you another example of this.
It pisses me off, man.
Let me tell you, I don't hate the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN people.
I mean, I really don't.
It's like my dog takes a dump in the backyard.
I got to go pick it up.
Do I hate the stuff?
I just got to clean it up.
Not throw it, you know, in the vegetable garden.
No, I don't want to hurt any of you people.
Just stop trying to hurt me.
I'm talking to the globals right now.
I mean, God, you people are sick.
Look at this right here.
Look at these.
We have MTG on a few days ago.
Talk about her bill that members of the House should have to have on record how they voted.
Oh, what an evil woman.
We don't want to know how you vote, the left says.
And they go apoplectic.
She's backing Alex Jones up in his delusion that there's a plan to reduce the world population by 90%.
This story is just like the bioweapon story.
Hundreds of articles going back to 2005, admitting all of it with our media saying it's good.
Then it gets pointed out and they go, oh no, that doesn't exist.
That's the same thing here.
Marjorie Tanner Green helps Alex Jones promote conspiracy theory claiming 90% population reduction by 2030.
She helped me promote the lie.
Oh my gosh.
And then I can show you thousands of articles, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, looking forward to the end of humanity, the post-human world.
This is the Wall Street Journal.
Hitting the reset button on humanity right there.
Oh, looking forward to the end.
Oh, kill the humans.
Everything's perfect.
Bleep, bleep, bleep.
The head futurist at the World Economic Forum says, the end of humanity is here.
The last humans are alive now.
We must get rid of the humans.
No more humans!
And it goes on and on.
Klaus Schwab's WEF.
Humans are now hackable animals and will soon be re-engineered.
Coronavirus is the moment it was achieved.
Yeah, they got into us with the GMO.
And then the head of Bayer brags, oh, we got the public to accept gene therapy by scaring them with coronavirus.
I mean, they're bragging that they're raping us.
They're taking us over, making us commodities.
And then the left sits there with podcasts and radio shows and TV shows and newspapers lying about us saying we're the threat.
We're the bad people.
We're mean because we questioned a Jesse Smollett event.
Or a mass shooting.
And you're not supposed to do that.
We're the bad guys.
NBC News, cyborgs replace humans and remake the world.
By 2045, no more humans.
The end of humanity is here.
The last humans are now alive on Earth.
The cyber attacks are coming.
The Georgia Guidestones, the UN.
All of them saying, get rid of 89% of the public, and it's carved in stone there, and all we're trying to do is to get people to think about it, and talk about it, and Prince Charles talks about it, and his dad says, I want to come up with a virus to kill 80% of people, and they've got this weird rainbow swastika thing they wear, that's their symbol, and I mean, this is all happening, and they've got bio labs everywhere with race-specific weapons, and we're not supposed to talk about that, and what makes me frustrated is the idiots that go along with this.
And help promote their own destruction, you almost go like, man, Prince Charles, maybe you're right.
Bill Gates, maybe you're right.
Maybe I should have joined you.
Except then, you're such slime and so evil and so nasty and so hateful.
You're like, no, that's not a good group either.
No, we got to, we got to help everybody.
We got to go to the stars.
We've got to uplift humanity, not kill humanity.
God will not accept us into the next level unless we do it.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Tomorrow's news.
In 1816, the gold standard, an economic unit of account based on a fixed quantity of gold, was officially adopted, and the world reserve currency became the British pound sterling.
In 1914, after World War I, nations attempted to revive the gold standard, but it collapsed during the Great Depression.
Also in 1914, the Federal Reserve Bank, a private company, was born.
After Britain was devastated by World War II, they were no longer a superpower, and so the global reserve currency needed to be reset.
In 1944, at the Bretton Woods Conference, the U.S.
dollar became the new global reserve currency.
This established America as the dominant power in the world economy, giving America the sole ability to print dollars.
The rest of the world would need to trade their own currency against the U.S.
dollar in order to balance exchange rates, keeping the international economy vibrant and fluid.
But by the 1960s, the United States had printed more USD than their gold reserves could cover.
And by 1970, a growing American trade deficit was undermining the value of the dollar.
On August 15th, 1971, President Richard Nixon brought an end to the gold standard.
Federal Reserve notes, a fiat currency backed by debt rather than gold, became the new standard.
This is basically no different than an IOU.
As one would expect, right after President Nixon gave his speech, inflation began to rise and America's biggest export became debt.
The creation of the petrodollar gave the U.S.
even more sway over world economies.
And today, the international debt has become untenable.
And many are saying another global currency reset is needed.
Historically, the gold standard has been the most stable economy we have known.
But gold can be manipulated and disruptive as well.
Some are suggesting that cryptocurrency could be the solution.
Crypto is run by an algorithm and can be designed to meet specific needs.
The global currency needs to have fluid supply, and the limited gold supply failed to keep up with economic growth.
A sovereign-free, algorithm-based alternative could potentially be more stable.
China is almost ready to launch their own cryptocurrency, DCEP, short for Digital Currency Electronic Payments.
DCEP is government-controlled and fully centralized.
So far, it appears to be a digital version of fiat paper money.
The Federal Reserve Bank is developing their own crypto called FedCoin.
The coronavirus pandemic seems to be the perfect storm for a global currency reset.
The amount of money printing involved in holding up failing economies as quarantines and shutdowns take place will be unprecedented.
And all this does is weaken the U.S.
dollar even more.
And when the U.S.
dollar falls, it will be replaced by something.
The question is, which way will it go?
This is Greg Reese for InfoWars.com.
The globalists are bombarding us with propaganda and with spiritual warfare and with poisons and chemicals added to the foods.
It's all come out.
And they're doing that not because we're weak, but because we're made in the image of God, the Creator, and we are powerful.
And the social engineers fear that so much.
So that's why I repeat that famous Internet saying that nobody knows who first came up with it, but boy, is it true.
The propaganda would not be necessary if the situation was hopeless.
They need all their propaganda and all their lies and all their evil and all their cultural death because they know we are strong and they know in the end they signed on to the god of this world who is a loser.
And that's why it's so important that everybody keep info wars in the air now more than ever.
Because even if you don't believe in God, what the globalists are manifesting and setting up is satanic.
And we are opposing the one world government and the mark of the beast they just announced.
Well, Forever Tactical or Evotech is with us.
I've been big fans of them for a long time and I've told listeners
With supply chain breakdowns in the economy, you've seen like half the supplements that we've been selling for up to 10 years are just out of stock, aren't available for a year, and say discontinued on the site because we won't lower the quality.
They're gone.
So I've been sitting around going, well, I haven't had sponsors in years because they harass and attack our old sponsors and threaten them.
But let me find folks that aren't scared.
And I bought stuff from these folks.
Everybody I know loves them.
They've got high-end quality products that are 10, 20% the cost of what major competitors are.
I mean, you try to buy a good double-edged dagger, they're $100, $200.
This is same quality, amazing, and it's a fraction of the price.
They've got it all.
And they've got so much tactical gear.
All of it is so well made.
And so I'm just excited to have Drew Scholl on with us.
He's in
Brisbane, Australia, on three acres with his dog and four chickens.
He started his company in 2016 from his home office.
He now has a team in Denver, Colorado, and Florida.
Future products from his great company, the plan to release more high-end knives with S35VN steel, which is very high-end steel.
Later this year, they plan to launch a holographic firearm site, and other future products include fitness clothing, which is already under production.
I just love
Now you can go to EVATAC.com and find their full line of stuff.
EVATACPLUS.com is where you go to find the full line, same website, but then we get sponsorship support when you do that.
They're great patriots and we love having them, but I got to tell you,
The bags, the knives, all the products are really incredible.
And I am just so glad we reached out to them.
Because again, I was like saying to the crew, hey, we got to fund the operation.
We got to bring sponsorship back since the supplements aren't coming in anymore.
I thought I solved my problem 10 years ago just having high quality supplements.
That's Whole Foods biggest thing is supplements.
I mean, people love them, they work.
But because of the breakdowns, I'm like, well, we better get a tactical gear outfit.
I love these folks.
I own one of their knives.
People I know love them.
They're patriots.
Let's get them.
We called them.
They're on board.
They're great people.
They're listeners.
So, Forever Tactical, folks.
Drew, thank you so much for joining us.
Tell us about your great company and what you're doing.
How are you?
Yeah, good day, Alex.
Man, I'm good.
I want to talk about Australia and what's been happening over there, but that's another show.
We'll have you on for that.
But wow, great company.
Yeah, yeah, for sure.
So we started selling the products back in 2016.
We started with the combat bag, which is this one, this one here.
And that sold really well.
So then we've just expanded into knives and the dagger there that you showed earlier.
And then we started heading over into firearm products.
And that's gone really well as well.
And in Australia, so we can't sell in Australia, we can't sell much of the firearm stuff or the spring assisted knives either.
So in Australia, we're sort of moving more towards the sort of fitness technical stuff.
However, in the States, we're going to push further down the line of the knives and the firearm equipment.
So yeah, towards the end of this year we've got a new holographic sight coming out, and we've got some really nice S35VN knives coming out as well, and that's a really good steel.
So that's really corrosion resistant, and it doesn't dull very easily either, so they're a really, really high quality knife.
Well, how do you, how do you put out such high quality for such low prices?
Because I've bought, because I like them, I've got five or six, you know, I got a Vietnam arrow and I paid like 800 bucks for it.
It was from Vietnam and certified.
I bought some others like 200 bucks that are modern special forces knives.
I mean, obviously, for defending yourself, this is the way to go, in my opinion.
How can you guys sell these for such a low price, you know, below $30, $40, when I know good and well that these are as good as $200 knives on the market?
Yeah, we buy in massive, massive quantities.
We've got a warehouse in Denver, Colorado.
We're buying knives in volumes of 100,000-200,000 knives at a time, which obviously makes our buy price ridiculously low.
And then we are able to sea freight them to Denver, Colorado, and then ship them directly to customers from there.
So we're not drop shipping or anything like that.
It's coming straight from Denver.
And our shipping time is really good as well.
So generally it's about five days shipping time.
There's been slightly bigger delays because of coronavirus, but yeah, it's actually pretty decent shipping times as well.
Yeah, because before we approached you as a sponsor, I already had some of the products.
I ordered some stuff and got it in like a week.
Everything else is broken down or falling apart.
Just the logistical stuff you guys have done is amazing.
And again, you've been around six, seven years.
Your footprint is exploding.
So I'm just glad when I contacted you guys that you stepped up and became sponsors.
I want to thank you because if you had decent stuff, people should support you.
This is badass stuff at low prices.
People need to go there.
Yeah, yeah, absolutely.
We put a lot of effort into it, a lot of back and forth with factories to make sure the quality was there as well.
A lot of quality checks throughout the production process as well.
Tell us about some of the products people are going to find at evatechplus.com.
Well, that's the extended version of Evertac.co.
So EvertacPlus.com, that's got lots of other survival gear as well.
So we've obviously got all the bags and knives and that sort of thing, but there's lots of preparedness gear as well.
We're good to go.
Well, I know for a fact that I paid $200 at a major sporting goods store about a year ago for this same knife.
And I went and looked at them side by side.
I think you have the same manufacturer.
So I can get this for less than $40 from you, the same knife, or I can pay $200 at Cabela's.
Yeah, absolutely.
That's pretty crazy, isn't it?
And I get it, they got overhead, they got to pay for a giant building, but how much are you making on something like this?
You can't be making much.
I mean, that's a badass dagger.
No, we're not making too much at all.
It's all about volume for us.
So basically, we want to give out really good prices, and we're going to turn over more volume that way.
And on top of our already good prices, we've set up a coupon code as well, and that's ALEX20.
Which, when you enter that at checkout, there's another 20% off every listed price on Evatec+.
Okay, I didn't know that.
So I'm blown away by that.
So if you go to evatecplus.com, E-V-A-T-A-C-plus.com, and you enter, what's the promo code?
We'll put it on screen.
Oh, there it is.
I see it.
Alex20 for 20% off on top of it.
Yeah, correct.
Well, I tell you, brother, it's exciting.
That expires, that coupon code does expire on Sunday, so yeah, make sure you grab that because it's going to expire and we're not going to run that one again either.
I bet you aren't because I know for a damn fact this is a $200 dagger with markup in it.
Man, I tell you, I mean, I don't want to obsess over the daggers, but this is just, I got a lot of daggers, I like daggers, and this is just a really classic dagger right here.
Yeah, it's a good shape.
It's got the double guard as well.
It's got two big guards because you don't want to slip over the top of that thing obviously.
And the palm swell handle is really comfortable to hold as well.
Well yeah, have I got to defend my family?
I mean, this is going to be it right here.
All right, we're going to come back and talk about, if you don't mind, Australia, or whatever you want to get into, or what's happening inside the world and all the things you guys are doing.
There is just so much.
Folks, there's a lot of preparedness gear out there, and just getting prepared is great, but I'm telling you.
I sought these folks out because I've been pointing my finger to the listeners.
I've said, we haven't had sponsors really for 10 years.
Had a few here, a few there.
We can't even supply ourselves with the products that keep us on the air.
So I said, I'm going to go out and find people I use.
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So thank God for the support of great people over at evattackplus.com.
Stay with us.
And with the promo code, Alex20, you get additional 20% off and it funds the InfoWar.
I know, right now this hour, we have over 300 radio affiliates, over 100 cable and TV affiliates.
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So, I would go to evatacplus.com.
E-V-A-T-A-C plus dot com.
And get one of these knives.
Now, I'm obsessing over the daggers.
But let's spend some time here with the founder and the owner of the company who's in Australia.
But I love the power of the internet.
He's got his operations and factories and people here in Denver, Colorado and other states.
Here in the United States, it's just amazing.
Colorado, Florida, you name it.
Talk about some of the other products, because, I mean, again, I bought knives that are $100 all day long that are not even this good of the same design.
I mean, I guess you're cutting out the big box store prices.
Tell people more about some of the products they're going to find at evatacplus.com.
Yeah, for sure.
So we do have, like I said earlier, some camping and hiking gear.
I'll just quickly bring up the website myself because there's actually... The funny thing is it all looks so good and it's so nice.
Because I'll tell you what happened about a year ago...
One of my IT guys had one of the bags.
And I said, that looks badass!
I haven't seen a bag that cool.
That looks even better than the military.
He said, here, you can have it.
I'll order another one so I use it.
And then I started visiting your site.
I ordered some stuff.
And like I said, I was sitting there a month ago saying, hey, we've got to get some sponsors.
So I rattled off who I was already using.
And thank God you're our second sponsor to come online after the American tax relief.
It's just great.
So sorry, I forgot my question.
What was my question?
It was, what are some of the other products you've got?
Yeah, yeah.
What are some of the other products on the store?
So we have like about 150 SKUs there.
So there's lots of different products.
We've got tactical glasses.
We've got a wall clock that is a hidden safe.
We've got a hidden safe dictionary.
We've got solar chargers.
I'm just sort of scrolling through the page now.
Oh yeah, solar chargers are the great ones.
And here's the thing.
What I love is I've been using your products for a year.
We call you up and a month later, you're our sponsor.
That's what I love, is that you're not a push.
Yeah, yeah.
We, um, yes, take action wherever possible.
Keep telling us about the products.
Yeah, yeah.
There's MOLLE add-ons packs to your backpacks, so you can add additional packs to the side of the backpacks there.
There's survival saws, there's personal SOS alarms, which are pretty popular as well.
So for the elderly, basically you press a button or pull a pin and an alarm goes off, so a distress alarm.
They're quite popular.
There's ankle gun holsters.
Gee, there's a whole lot of stuff.
There's emergency car starters.
They're quite popular as well.
So the car starters are interesting.
They're the size of a phone, but they can jumpstart a small vehicle, which is really handy.
Yeah, lots of different types of knives there.
There's first aid kits, hammocks, glass breakers.
Geez, there's even some fishing gear in here as well.
There's even spare lithium batteries.
18650 lithium batteries.
A lot of tactical flashlights use 18650 batteries.
So we've got them in stock.
We sell them in pairs.
A whole lot of gear here.
Well it's awesome and I just love how you started this company seven, eight years ago and now it's really successful and there's a big buzz and you've got factories all over and you know offices in Florida and Colorado and you're sponsoring our show.
That is just beautiful because you know so many of the technical sites have some good products but a lot of crap.
What I've noticed is everything you've got is really kick-ass.
I think it's taken a bit of time to get there as well.
I mean
You don't just go and get all this stock and every single one of them is a winner.
So if anything comes through that is not high enough quality, basically we just delist that and look for an alternative product.
So I basically found you guys in the last year as you were really kind of getting your bearings and really hitting that sweet spot then.
Yeah, yeah, you did, yeah.
Well, that's exciting, brother.
I hope everybody visits evatacplus.com.
Hope they use the promo code ALEX20.
In the 3-4 minutes we've got left, what else do you want to tell the listeners about?
We're just glad you're funding the InfoWar and giving people badass preparedness goods.
Yeah, absolutely.
So make sure you use the Alex20 coupon code.
That will expire on Sunday.
So make sure you go ahead.
So add whatever you want to the cart.
You'll see some discounted products already on the website.
But when you add the Alex20 discount, it'll discount that even further by 20%.
Make sure you head over at the top of the website there, you'll see Alex Jones.
So you can see the Alex Jones Special.
That's all of the Alex Jones chosen products and also the bundles there as well.
Make sure you check them out because we've put together family packs and discounted them quite a lot as well.
So you can actually go click on bundles.
We've already given that a massive discount as you can see there but then add another 20% off when you add that Alex 20 coupon code and again that expires on Sunday.
Now what are those cool looking water bottles?
Those look way cooler than the stuff they supposedly make here in Austin that's made in China.
Those are awesome.
What are those?
I love this water bottle.
I use it every day.
So what I actually like about it, it might seem gimmicky, but it's actually not.
So if you're driving or whatever and you want to have a drink of water, you can open it up with one hand.
And it just pops open like that and it locks open as well, which is really handy.
No, it's super annoying other water bottles when you're driving.
You got to hit the button and pop it open.
I hate that.
Yeah, yeah.
And even the way you don't have to screw the top off or anything either.
So it's really handy.
You can just put your finger in there, open it up.
I love the design too.
It looks like it's like a bomb or something.
It's cool.
I beg your pardon?
It looks like it's like a bomb or something.
It's a cool looking water bottle.
Yeah, it does, doesn't it?
You like a Terminator?
They go, and they throw it under the tank wheels.
It looks like that.
I like that.
Yeah, it does look like that.
No, it's great quality.
It's 316 steel as well.
So it's marine grade steel.
And yeah, it's top quality.
Well, Drew Scholl, we really appreciate you.
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Drew, thank you so much for spending time with us, brother.
No, don't worry.
Thanks, Alex.
Yeah, the globalists think they're shutting us down.
Thank you.
We've only begun to peacefully fight with information.
And remember, all these products you get, you use responsibly and follow all laws.
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Promo code, Alex20, EvotechPlus.com.
I'm not going to apologize anymore because it really gets to me.
I'm not a beggar and I appreciate the listeners.
I understand you get that, but if we had way extra money, I guess it wouldn't make me as hungry as I am.
That's why God always keeps me with just enough money to operate so that I'm always hungry.
But I'm not apologizing for delivering victory against the New World Order, because you delivered victory supporting us.
I'm not apologizing for everything we've done.
And, you know, the bandwidth here is $200,000 a month just for BandOn video.
That's just the archive videos.
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But you know, that's one of the bills I sign.
300 plus thousand dollars a month for bandwidth just on videos.
With enjoyment.
Because I can look at those graphs of just millions and millions and millions of people a day, baby.
That is just... That is just Godzilla vaporizing cities with that electric fire.
I mean, you did that, folks.
So, we are Godzilla.
We are just...
And you know, whatever happens to me, I've already run my course.
I've already had so much victory.
They could blow my head off tomorrow and I would know I'd still won.
But I got a little bit of a feeling here, we just got started, don't you?
Yeah, I think so, yeah.
Yeah, I think we just got started, didn't we?
All I need's fuel, and I assure you, I will attack the enemy!
Ha ha ha!
Oh man, the stuff they've been doing to me lately behind the scenes has been so damn criminal and so nasty I'm not ready to reveal yet, that all it did was light a big-ass giant fire under my ass.
You've got my infinity commitment to you and your family that I will never sell out.
I will never back down.
I will never falter or waver or give in to these people.
In fact, I love my job.
They have definitely driven me completely off the cliff.
But isn't that the way this always works?
You only get pushed so far in this world till you start pushing back.
And I know you feel just like I do.
I can sense everything in you.
I know you because I know myself.
And I just want to commit to you, and I want to promise to you that we will beat these people.
And they will be broken, and they will fail, and they will be ground into dust.
But we don't do this because we hate them.
We do this because we love the children.
It's like those Ricardo Bossy clips, and he's the real soldier of all the world, former head of the Australian Special Forces.
And he's on television telling you we do not fight back against these people because we hate them.
We do it because we love our children.
We don't attack the enemy because we hate them, though we hate them.
We do it because of those behind us and the strength of looking at your children and realizing that if you don't stand up for them, nobody will.
He is powerful!
And it's what God wants us to do!
And it's what we will do!
And we will win!
And we will not stop!
And it will be Bill Gates!
And it will be Lord Rothschild!
And it will be Prince Philip!
And Prince Charles!
And the Whore Queen of the New World Order!
That will be broken!
They will fail!
They will fall!
They will be destroyed!
Not us!
Oh, some of us physically will be destroyed.
Some of us will be tortured and killed because we are the answer to the evil.
We are the rescue team.
We are the cavalry, my friends.
God sent the cavalry and it is us and we will do it.
And then we will experience the next level, what Paul called the third heaven.
And nothing will keep us from that communion.
Nothing will keep us from that
Event and where we're going and what we are part of together.
Ignite the beacon.
Ignite the will.
Ignite the decision to fight evil and to become sanctified and purified.
Send the transmission and God will respond.
And God will send angels to guide us in our work.
Because we are yet children who need a shepherd.
But we are children who will inherit the heavens.
We are children that hold the light of God in our hearts and souls, but we don't keep that light for ourselves.
We give that light back to God in glory and in praise, and we are resurrected.
You can feel how close God is now.
As nuclear war approaches.
Will nuclear war happen?
That's up to God and us.
Because God can only move when we decide to move.
I mean, God can move, but God would then destroy our free will.
God could create endless planets and endless galaxies and endless universes of robots and servants to bow and fetch
We're good to go.
New beings, new consciousness, new art, new ideas, new creatures that have incredible potential that God can then watch and see.
God is lonely.
And we shouldn't let God down in this great quest.
We should thank God for the gift of consciousness and thank God for being the opposite of Satan.
Do you think Satan would create independent, sentient beings with a potential universe in them?
Satan couldn't do that, number one.
And Satan wouldn't do that, number two.
Satan wants slaves, lost fools.
Satan is a loser, a cosmic con artist, a fraud.
God is real.
And that great animator of all matter and all time and all dimensions is with us now.
And this test is a test for which God has tears of pain flowing down his cheeks, but also tears of joy for those that will pass the test and move to the next level.
This is a big deal.
You're on a planet, look around you, all the beauty, all of it's spectacular.
It's all made by our Father.
All made for us now to make the right decision to join him in eternity.
God is the groom.
We are the bride.
And together we will come together and build the future.
Build the universe.
Build the new worlds.
That Congress is the future of life as it expands ever through the consciousness of reality.
But there is a war on the other side.
This war we are in now is only the beginning.
Soon, we will see the true war.
All right, folks, Alex Jones here, about to conclude this transmission.
The great J. Dyer, true expert on the Great Reset and the New World Order, a real philosopher when it comes to it.
We'll be hosting the fourth hour today ahead of Owen Schroyer and the War Room.
And then I won't be doing a Saturday emergency transmission unless another war breaks out or something, because I've got to get ready to go get on an airplane and get to where I'm about to have two big interviews next week.
Really giant interviews.
Believe me when I tell you that these are as big as they get.
And so look for that.
I would not be flying around in the middle of a war if the interviews were not extremely important.
So Owen will be co-hosting Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
I'm back Wednesday afternoon and I'll be calling into the show and we'll be airing some of the big interviews.
You can see Trump's latest censored interview with Full Send that had 5 million views in just a few hours.
They took it down because they're not just censoring Oliver Stone now.
This is a documentary from seven years ago about Ukraine.
They're now censoring, of course, podcasters that interview Trump.
It had five million views in a few hours.
It took it down off YouTube, but banned by YouTube.
Watch Full Send Trump Podcast here or see the Trump interview banned from YouTube.
It's right there.
And it's powerful.
I mean, I probably should have just come on today and played clips of that because he really explains a lot of things.
And I know Trump's a good guy.
I don't like his endorsement of the vaccine, but he's finally started to back off of that.
I like Trump overall.
So that's very, very exciting.
Let's look at some of this other news.
Teens driving to Mexico for cheaper gas.
That's right, it's $1.19 less on average in Mexico because Mexico isn't turning their refineries or oil production off.
Trendy, idiotic-looking girlfriend.
I gotta say, one of the things I didn't like about Musk was his moron girlfriend and her comments about how communism is wonderful and stuff.
I mean, some other rich idiot promoting communism.
But, uh, here it is!
She's dating... Chelsea Manning.
What was his name?
Bradley Manning.
Before he changed his name?
Bradley Manning.
So, here's the deal.
Bradley Manning has showed up at events that we've put on around the country.
9-11 events, you name it, and just like, oh Alex Jones is transphobic, blah blah blah.
No, I don't care if a man says they want to be a woman.
I don't hate that.
But I'm not supposed to bow down to you like, oh my gosh, you take hormone blockers and you say you're a woman, you can have a baby!
No, I'm not like, oh my God, you're the coolest kid in school!
Let me bow down to you right now!
And so, man, did Elon Musk make the right decision or what?
Because that Adam's apple there, that is amazing.
Grimes dating whistleblower Chelsea Manning after splitting with Elon Musk for a second time and welcoming secret baby.
Oh, are two women?
Gonna have a baby, like in the California prisons?
Where it says two women had a baby, exactly.
Did the woman, oh my God, it's immaculate conception.
Did Chelsea Manning get... Did she... No, I know it's Elon's kid, it's a joke.
Did Chelsea Manning get Grimes pregnant?
Is that the Martian Ambassadors baby?
Elon Musk, who isn't actually a Martian?
Or, it's a joke folks, or is it Grimes' baby?
With, uh, the other woman.
The, uh, Adam's apple person.
I mean the man that's a woman, but...
So there you go.
But hey, let's just not worry about all that.
Oh yeah, can you guys cue this up?
They almost took, they gave him a strike.
Guys, cue this up.
Pull it in then.
Pull it in.
You know, I actually forgot to call Crowder back last night and this morning.
They wanted me to do a Batman parody.
I got busy and I just remembered that I missed it.
They are such great comics.
And how fast they turn this out is just incredible.
So, I'm not name-dropping here.
I'm just apologizing to Steven Crowder that I didn't get back with you about the Batman parody.
It needs to happen as soon as possible, ladies and gentlemen.
But seriously, look at these other headlines here.
Who doesn't want a Bill Gates GMO?
Insect to bite you.
I mean, come on.
Who doesn't want Bill Gates to have a programmed insect land on your arm or land on your back or land on your leg and put a proboscis into your body and inject DNA into you?
I mean, hell, next you're going to be against the Pfizer shot or the Moderna shot.
Well that's what they've got going on.
Scientists to release GMO mosquitoes funded by Gates Foundation in California and Florida.
Millions of GMO mosquitoes funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are released in California and Florida according to reports.
Let's hear about this.
So if he can't physically rape you, he'll send out mosquitoes to do it.
The EPA greenlit the release of GMO mosquitoes as part of a pilot program to crowd out natural mosquitoes in selected areas of two states.
Of course, they did this in Brazil and it caused a mutated mosquito that had an even more toxic thing it passed on, but that's okay.
Tim Cook's gay.
The mosquitoes were made by a UK-based biotechnology firm
Oxitec, which is funded by Bill and Melinda Gates, in an effort to combat insect-borne diseases such as dengue fever, yellow fever, and Zika virus, reported the Epoch Times, according to their company.
It's sustainable and targeted biological pest control.
Technology does not harm beneficial insects like bees.
Butterflies has proven to control the disease transmitting mosquito.
So there you go.
That's what matters.
Bill Gates doesn't want to rape you with his stainless steel proboscis.
He wants to do it with a very friendly creature that's been programmed and prepared and readied for that since the day it was born in a big tank of water.
But again, here is the censored clip that deals with all of this from the Crowder Show.
Here it is.
Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which will be to all people, for there is born to you a baby in this cell.
And this shall be a sign unto you of... A virgin birth?
A miracle?
Ha, no.
Your cellmate, that guy dressed as a woman?
He's going to rape you.
I'm a girl.
I'm a girl.
I almost forgot my stack of news.
Because there's a lot of stacks of news here.
And actually, once I've already read it, it's very painful to look at it again, but let me just do that.
See this stack?
This is the attack on children currently happening.
Just the small amounts of information we got.
So let's look at it.
We got some good news.
Florida bill approves.
Bill Boehning critical race theory generated in classes.
That's some good news.
Good job.
Instead of getting a Hitler mustache, it's a Luigi.
Good guys get that, bad guys get the... Alright, let's move on to the next one.
Here it is.
You gotta watch the video.
I could have done the whole show on this.
Probably should have.
Most talk shows are like, here's the topic, look at the video, let's talk for three hours about it.
California raids preschool.
But it's big.
Not because they had missile launchers or heroin or not because they were doing drag queen story time.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
California raids preschool for not forcing two-year-olds to wear masks and interviews toddlers without parental consent.
There you go.
That is tyranny right there.
CNN commentator says every child should receive experimental mRNA vaccine.
He is extremely upset about all the news coming out and even the government saying don't do it.
He doesn't know what to do, but he's trying to keep gaslighting to get that paycheck.
You got all these doctors and scientists coming out saying they were wrong.
The shots are deadly.
Insurance companies admitting the vaccines are killing people.
They just hope we all forget the big war with Russia.
But we're not gonna forget!
Alright, that's it for this edition of the Alex Jones Show.
I'll shoot some special reports.
I got a lot coming up, but I'm going to be as busy as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest next week.
We got some big broadcast for you.
So please pray for us because we are doing very important things.
Tomorrow's news today.
Jay Dyer goes live in T-minus two minutes.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer, jaysanalysis.com.
And today I thought what we would talk about would be the synthetic overlay of our reality that is given to us by the establishment, by Hollywood, by mass media.
So I want to kind of go back to early days of Hollywood, early days of the counterculture movie and music scene in the 50s, 60s, 70s, take a look at a lot of surprising details that I'm sure you're probably not aware of.
And then move up into where we are now and see how we've been given basically a completely false overlay of how to interpret and read the world.
A false paradigm.
So if we can see through this, we'll actually have a clear way to understand the world.
We won't be duped by all these tricks, these tactics.
So let's go back to some of the fascinating aspects of Hollywood that you're probably not aware of.
Did you know that one of the most innovative and ahead-of-its-time military studios was actually the cutting-edge studio back in the 50s and 60s?
It was called the Laurel Canyon.
It was, excuse me, it was an Air Force studio in Laurel Canyon.
And this studio was known for, for example, filming the atomic bomb footage.
Now, this was a secret, highly classified access only by people like Walt Disney, by the top directors and producers of that time.
And we don't even know all of the propaganda footage that the Laurel Canyon Studios put out.
But what's interesting is that even back in this time period, in the 1950s, there's an intimate connection between
The military industrial complex and the entertainment megaplexes of that time.
So Disney, for example, Walt had access to this studio.
Famous actors of that time, Jimmy Stewart, Marilyn Monroe, they all went to the Laurel Canyon Studios and they would film, again, we don't even know what was filmed there.
In some instances we know they would film, as I said, the atomic bomb footage.
But they filmed all kinds of propaganda footage there as well.
There's movies that Jimmy Stewart did just for the Laurel Canyon Air Force Studios.
Now, that was all under the guise of wartime, right?
Under World War II and then in the Cold War.
And the point is that there's always been this intimate connection between the deep state, military-industrial conflicts, the security state, the shadow government, and Hollywood and pop culture.
And as we walk through some of these facts, you're going to see that it's actually a really intimate connection.
It's actually like the flip side of the two, right?
Alex mentioned early on, I think in the first hour, Ian Fleming, James Bond.
I've covered that, you know, for many, many years.
It's in both of my books.
I cover the whole history of Ian Fleming and James Bond and all of his wartime activities and how he wrote into his stories real operations, real black ops, real false flags.
Many of the James Bond novels and films deal with false flags, which we see all the time in our world in reality, although still people don't really know what that is.
Although now it's mainstream.
There's no such thing as false flags, but now there are false flags because the Russians might do it, right?
That's what we were told, what, a month or so ago.
And so we're going to look here a little bit at an article that was written a few years ago dealing with 42 admitted false flags.
So I'm going to pull that up here in a minute.
We'll look at that.
Going back to the history of Hollywood and wartime intelligence, remember that Walt Disney was involved in, on his own, filming all kinds of propaganda videos for the Deep State, for the Miltrindos, for Complex.
They filmed, you can find videos of I guess Daffy Duck or somebody telling you to pay your taxes, right?
How important it is to Uncle Sam to pay your taxes to the IRS.
And so that's because there's always this deep connection between Disney, for example, and the military-industrial complex, such that the CIA actually helped Disney get the land to set up Disney World in Florida.
A lot of people don't know that either, but let's go back again even further.
Did you know that Houdini was actually a spy?
Yes, actually, Houdini did intelligence work, spying work, secret service work,
At the same time as he did his magic act, and so at times his magic act actually functioned as a cover for his espionage activities.
We'll find this as we get into this in the next segment.
Many people in Hollywood, many famous actors actually had a side gig of doing espionage work and spying.
You might have heard of Julia Child, right?
Julia Child, the famous TV cook.
She worked for the OSS.
And so we're going to learn that the intelligence agencies have an intense interest in culture and culture creation.
And we're going to see that when we look at the Laurel Canyon scene in the next segment.
Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer.
I'm Jay's analysis.
I was going into that deep history of the shadow government, the military industrial complex, the intelligence deep state, and their longtime connection with Hollywood, with the music industry, and with even organized crime.
And with pop culture and how they create culture, because that's an important aspect for steering the culture.
So the intelligence agencies aren't just interested in these foreign operations with stagecraft and whatnot and with spycraft.
They are, but they're also interested in culture creation.
So, for example, in the Cold War, we know that the CIA, to combat
The Soviet Empire, they actually adopted a lot of postmodern styles of art.
They adopted the idea of creating degenerate art.
This is well known now.
It's declassified.
Lots of mainstream articles in the London Telegraph and so forth on this fact that the CIA, for example, studied and understood that postmodern and deconstructionist types of literature and artwork had the effect of deracinating and basically
Thank you.
And while there's a sense in which that's true, yeah, we believe in freedom.
Freedom has to have a context, has to have a worldview to give it meaning.
You can't just, it's not like freedom is just this self-evident concept that doesn't come along with another, you know, with a worldview.
And so the CIA was able to understand and they actually brought over people from the Frankfurt School, the Marxists.
The OSS was instrumental in bringing over Frankfurt School Marxists at the request of Birch and Russell.
To help learn to weaponize the arts.
This is on record.
This is a well-documented thing.
You can even find high-level publications, I think, Foreign Affairs, on how the OSS brought the Frankfurt School Marxists over to teach the CIA, the OSS, the nascent CIA at the time, how to weaponize the arts to destroy cultures.
You understand that the arts are not just
Uh, you know, people being inspired to, you know, flop around on the stage and to hump the microphone like Jim Morrison or something like that, right?
Like, that's something that is intentionally designed as a way to degrade culture.
I'm not saying that they put Jim Morrison up there, although they could have, because actually Jim Morrison's dad was Admiral Morrison who was behind the Gulf of Tonkin false flag attack.
That's actually the truth.
It's on record.
He was the Admiral in that very event, the Gulf of Tonkin.
And that's one of the points I was going to make about, wait a minute, the Laurel Canyon music scene, which was actually the birth of the counterculture music scene.
It's actually a bunch of people who had these curious connections to high-level military intelligence, especially the families of the artists, right?
Having high-level military intelligence connections.
Jim Morrison being one of those classic examples.
Now, I'm not saying that Jim Morrison was like a mind-controlled operative and that he didn't... I think he was doing what he did of his own free will and volition.
But the point is that he was not this counterculture figure.
He was originally, you can find pictures of him a few years before the doors got started, just this like really clean-cut, nerdy, waspy dude, right?
And he was probably, I think he was studying something innocuous like economics or something, I don't know.
And then suddenly he becomes this, you know, free-floating, vagabond, bohemian, sort of hippie dude that just sort of wandered around California, like, writing his poetry.
Now, it's curious because, again, his dad was a very high-level military establishment person involved in Gulf of Tonkin false flag operations.
And if it was only one instance, that might be one thing.
But what we find is that so many families, so many
Famous Hollywood people, Hollywood royalty, come from really high-level military and deep state intelligence families.
And I'm not trying to read too much into that.
It's just a kind of an analysis.
It's a pattern recognition that's there that we have to admit.
For example, Frank Zappa.
Frank Zappa came from a family that was, his father was famously involved in the production of chemical and biological warfare pathogens at the Edgewood Arsenal.
So what this tells us is that Zappa's father was clearly involved in these high-level deep state projects and perhaps even something relating to MKUltra because MKUltra was very closely connected to the development of hallucinogens, really strong drugs for Big Pharma to basically sell the populace on.
That's why everybody's on these Prozac and all these kinds of things.
This was at the behest of Big Pharma.
And Big Pharma was intimately connected to, through Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, the emergence of LSD.
And in fact, LSD was given out at the behest of the CIA in the counterculture like crazy, right?
This was not something that was done accidentally.
That was actually promoted.
And there's many, many instances of this of people who were known to be working with the CIA.
Who were given permission to hand this stuff out, most famously, right, Ken Kesey, most famously Tim Leary.
And Leary himself says, he's on record, you can find the clip on YouTube, where he says, if you want to thank anybody for the 1960s countercultural revolution, you need only thank the CIA.
And he said, all I had to do to convince everybody to get into these drugs was to tell them that the government was keeping you from what's your right.
So he says, I sold it as your right, and thus,
Everybody bought into it as an act of revolution.
Now, as we progress through these counterculture figures, we find this again as a really amazing, actually, recurring phenomenon.
If we look at, for example, Papa John Phillips, right?
The mamas and the papas.
He spent time in Cuba fighting for Castro.
And then Stills comes from, Crosby, Stills and Ash, comes from a military family
Where he went and fought with the CIA Special Forces operation.
So here you have these countercultural figures who are also working with both Castro in the case of Phillips and with CIA Special Forces in the case of Stills.
That's just curious to me that these figures who are these counterculture figures.
Oh, well, they just happen to have, right, Vietnam high-level, you know, operations training and history.
We saw this with serial killers, too.
Remember in the case of many of the serial killers, they were stationed at various places, like in Germany and Vietnam, and we saw that Son of Sam, right, he had this Vietnam, and he was actually, by his lawyers, they argued that he was part of the M-Culture experiments, and that after his
Uh, experimentation with LSD, he changed.
We saw that with Dahmer, right?
When I covered this, if you go over to my channel, I have many lectures where I cover the history of serial killers and many of them being involved in these types of projects and perhaps even being trained as trained killers in what's called the Phoenix Program.
Now, other examples would, we could look, as I said, to the case of Julia Childs.
She's the first sort of TV celebrity chef, and she just happens to be from, have worked in the OSS, right?
And you could say, well, but these people just learned a lot of skills when they were spies, right?
I think it's more than that.
I think that the intelligence agencies clearly have a desire and a role in culture creation.
So they didn't just want to
You know, send famous people over to spy on people.
That's probably well known, right?
We all know about what the famous catcher, is it Moe Berg?
He was a spy for the OSS.
There's the famous case, I think Jimmy Stewart did some spying espionage work for the FBI on the side.
People think that Cary Grant spied for the OSS at times.
I think that's speculated.
I think he even tattled on Errol Flynn because Errol Flynn was thought to have been a fascist, a Nazi spy.
There's many, many cases of this.
Olga, I think her name is Olga Chekhova, right?
She was the most famous actress in Germany, and she's rumored to have been a Stalinist spy.
People believe that Coco Chanel, right?
Wasn't she rumored to be a spy for the Nazis as well?
This is a very well-known thing, actually, in the history of Hollywood and acting, going all the way back, I think, to the Elizabethan period.
There were famous Elizabethan actors and actresses who basically were court spies.
And if you think about it, it makes perfect sense.
Why would this be the case?
Well, it's because these people have access to places that other people don't.
They're invited to all over the world and perhaps they might even be used in a honey trap operation.
Maybe they're used to go sleep with somebody to get information on somebody.
We know this in the case of the History of Time Life Magazine with Claire Booth Luce and Henry Luce.
Claire Booth Luce was a spy and she slept with a whole bunch of people in upper echelons of society and she was doing that for espionage reasons.
And they even make movies about this, right?
I mean, we know about this if you saw the movie Red Sparrow, which was actually a bunch of anti-Russian propaganda.
But the movie Red Sparrow places Jennifer Lawrence in this role as a honey trap to go and sleep with prominent people to get information on them.
Hey, Epstein, right?
We've all seen this with Epstein.
Is this not the same type of thing where you have sex operatives doing things for high-level blackmail purposes?
So this is real-world stuff.
This really goes on, and it connects to the world of Hollywood big time.
So when we come back, we're going to look at some more people, some more prominent counterculture figures who just happen to have really high level establishment connections and backing.
When we come back, don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jay Dyer.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
We were touching on the intimate, deep connection between the intelligence apparatus, the military industrial complex, and the pop culture entertainment mind control complex.
And this partly, by the way, explains why so many of these pop stars do seem to, you know, elicit mind control type of behavior.
They act like they've been brainwashed.
Not all the time.
Sometimes it's, you know, just drugs or whatever.
But I think in a lot of cases, these people do have a kind of role that they were raised to be these kind of controlled consumer products that are put out there to toxify the culture.
For example, we've seen a lot of the pop stars that sort of go through this ritual process of being the good girl when they're young, and then they turn into these, it's the sort of Madonna whore complex, right?
Where they become these Babylon bitches, basically, by the time they grow up.
There seems to be patterns like this.
There seems to be this process that the establishment engages in when they create these pop culture figures.
And a lot of these are creations.
Now, I'm not saying that the people don't have talent.
But I think in many cases, they may not have talent, but they may be put into these positions because of the money, the power, the mind control operations behind them.
And again, this has been studied to, you know, the nth degree in terms of social engineering, in terms of scientism and the mad scientists and the social engineers that run our culture, right?
They know how to do this stuff from a scientific perspective.
As we were progressing through that counterculture period, we were looking at people like
Zappa, we were looking at Jim Morrison and the Doors and Crosby, Stills and Nash, the Mamas and the Papas.
And there's other examples too.
There's a curious figure that many people may not be aware of who was kind of the pre-Manson Manson.
His name is Vito Paulicas.
And the reason that Vito is interesting is that he kind of becomes a model for a lot of the pop stars that developed their own cultists.
And if you think about Charles Manson, he kind of was a cult leader who also developed a pop following, right?
And that's precisely because, as recent authors have kind of shown and demonstrated, which a lot of people have known for a long time, myself included, that Manson was really a MKUltra CIA project as well.
I think he kind of went nuts, obviously, from all of this.
But prior to Manson, there was this idea of the bohemian sort of wandering figure, Vito Paulikas, who was out there and he was involved in pedo operations and this kind of stuff as well.
And again, he's sort of the model for Manson, and this becomes kind of a thing that was repeated, right?
You get more of these figures like Manson, like these cult leaders, that spring from the 60s counter-cultural revolution, and it spills over into the serial killer realm.
I know that sounds kind of wild and out there, but if you think about the Phoenix Program, which right now I'm reading a gigantic book on that, I'll be covering that soon, from Douglas Valentine, called the Phoenix Program, who was in Vietnam and wrote that book,
You can see how, no, actually there would be a motivation to cultivate, create, and control and steer serial killers.
And many of the serial killers have the same model of a Manson, right?
They have that, let me create a cult, let me create a following, I'm going to do these in a ritualistic way.
Yeah, there's Vito acting nuts, right?
And Vito's interesting because he gathered a following and he would just sort of wander around and he was, many people think, paid to attend the Doors concerts, right?
To actually give them the appearance of an audience.
I'm not saying the Doors weren't good musicians, but early on the Doors were not very good and they couldn't really get an audience.
And so there were a lot of establishment connections behind the venues that were first premiering the Doors.
Another example of this is the record companies at the time,
There were record companies that jumped, I think it was Columbia was the first to really jump on these 60s counterculture bands and just like the drug and mushroom phenomenon and the LSD phenomenon of the late 50s early 60s, Time Magazine was really the first to give on its cover promotion of the drug hallucinogen counterculture.
They would they would premiere and give promotion for that to to basically, oh, you know, fascinate people with this.
Columbia Records starts to promote.
I forget the name.
There was a Turkish guy who was the owner of it at that time, and he basically signed all these countercultural bands at the time and gave them.
Uh, basically a universal hearing, right?
Nobody would have heard of these bands until they were signed, given Time Magazine attention.
The counterculture was given Time Magazine attention.
And why would that be?
Again, if there was not an intentional motivation on the part of the CIA, on the part of these social engineers to push the counterculture.
And again, even mainline books.
There's a book by a guy named Jay Stevens, right?
He kind of touches on that.
It's called Storming Heaven, where he wrote a mainline history of the counterculture.
And he kind of realized, oh, actually, they're kind of like promoting this on purpose.
He said, well, that was just to make money.
The record company just wanted to make money.
It wasn't just about making money.
It was more than that.
It was culture creation.
And the writers later on, historians like Frances Stoner Saunders, who wrote her big famous book,
The CIA and the Cold War, culture creation, right?
About culture creation, the Cold War.
I mean, she reflected on this and went and documented how the CIA was actually funding all of these countercultural projects.
Jackson Pollock, right?
Andy Warhol.
All of these people were getting CIA money or money from CIA cutouts.
And this was always under the Cold War to promote freedom, right?
And again, I want to be nuanced here, because I'm not saying that all of the bands are consciously participating in some sort of mind control project, or they're all secretly working with the CIA.
A lot of the people don't even know this, right?
They're being co-opted into some given promotion, being bought off, being given that next level, A-level status.
By people smarter than them and by their handlers, right?
A lot of the actual musicians and artists, I mean, they're just kind of, you know, handled by other people, their managers or whatever, and given drugs.
But they're just drugged out and controlled by their handlers.
They're not intentionally signing on to all these projects, right?
They're just more or less mind controlled.
And if we go back again to the 60s, there's other people that clearly have pretty astounding high-level connections.
Bruce Dern, for example, the famous actor,
In Hollywood royalty family, his godparents included Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt.
His grandfather was George Dern, who was the Secretary of War.
So here you have this seemingly counterculture figure who comes from the most establishment counterculture family.
I think one of his family members too was a high-level skull and bones person.
It may have been George Dern, the Secretary of War.
You have the
Certain, but there's rumors, there's circumstantial evidence that Dennis Hopper was very interested in the occult, very interested in Crowleyanism, and might have even been involved in some of the Crowleyan O.T.O.
We know that David Carradine's father, for example, was actually a member of Crowley's O.T.O., which is a, you know, more or less a satanic cult.
We know that the Sinatrus, Frank Sinatra, not only was he intimately connected to organized crime, but the Sinatrus had a deep connection to both the FBI as an informant and to organized crime.
If you think about Alfred Wohlstetter, who's the famous RAND Corporation luminary, for some reason he would have these meetings in the Laurel Canyon scene.
Now, why would one of the top people from the RAND Corporation, this huge technocratic thing, be having these regular meetings during the counterculture in Laurel Canyon with various people from that scene?
Well, my suspicion is that, no, this is actually a promoted countercultural revolution, right?
So, when we come back, we'll look at some more examples of connections between the deep state and pop culture.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
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I was talking about before we left for that break that I just got my Coral Calcium Toothpaste in, and I did, and I love it.
And so, my teeth are beautiful now.
Previously, they were not.
Now, they are beautiful.
And I was talking about Dennis Hopper.
I was talking about all those Laurel Canyon scene figures.
And I forgot to mention, Dennis Hopper, interestingly, had a role in a lot of those Kenneth Anger films.
If you don't know who Kenneth Anger is, he was one of these Krolian avant-garde figures who also had a key role in the counterculture, making those weird documentary or those weird films like Lucifer Rising with members of the Rolling Stones, right, playing in these dark, sort of occultic, satanic films.
And as we said, there's always been this kind of weird, um, Crowley and ethos to a lot of these, uh, Hollywood royalty people, not all of them, but many of them, a lot of the Hollywood royalty families seem to have a very fascinating history with, uh, being connected to or interested in Crowleyanism.
And then we've seen this with the pop stars as well, right?
We've seen Jay-Z, Beyonce, these different, these different figures, uh, wearing Crowley t-shirts, giving nods to Aleister Crowley.
And so,
Yeah, there is that satanic element for sure, but I also want to highlight that Crowley, if you remember, he was an asset for British intelligence.
He did asset work for the people above Ian Fleming.
And that's actually detailed in multiple mainline history books.
Ian Fleming was involved in, he didn't meet Crowley, but he was involved in planning some of those operations that used Crowley to dupe the Nazis and so forth.
Crowley did asset work at the time of World War I as well.
So this is a key point to remember that the intelligence apparatus and the Hollywood pup scene
And pop culture is intimately tied into satanic cults, mind control cults, and these always overlap.
That's the fascinating element here.
And why would we see this overlap?
Well, I think it has to do, again, yes, you can look deeper into the spiritual components and how there's a higher level satanic element.
Yeah, and I've covered that many, many times.
But I'm looking at it right now from the angle of social engineering.
Right, cults and mind control.
Why would the CIA, why would social engineers be interested in studying mind control?
Well, to control the population, obviously.
So a lot of these cults, which we've seen coming out of that counterculture, coming out of the 60s and 70s, Jim Jones, Scientology, they have
Intimate CIA and Deep State connections precisely because they are experiments in many cases.
They are being studied.
There was research going into how to mind control people.
They're connected to MKUltra operations, you see.
Now let's take another example of a bizarre connection between the counterculture that comes out of Laurel Canyon and serial killers.
There's the case of
Leonard Lake and Charles Ng, the famous serial killer duo.
I think he was at one time originally he's called the Unicorn Killer because the only picture they had of him was of him with a unicorn.
But he was connected to and really close to a group of people who started the Renaissance Fear Movement.
And that was started by a guy named Ron Patterson from the Laurel Canyon scene who was convicted pedophile.
And he's from the Laurel Canyon.
This is like this hotbed, right, of the counterculture is Laurel Canyon.
It's not actually Haight-Ashbury.
Haight-Ashbury had its connection with the Grateful Dead, who did have CIA connections, as we'll see here in a minute.
The way that we make that connection is through this figure called Stanley Owsley.
Now Owsley was a formerly an Air Force intelligence operative who dealt with a lot of radio research, RF research at that time.
But he was given four million, excuse me, he was given permission to give out four million LSD tabs during the 60s.
So at this time, Owsley teamed up with the Grateful Dead to distribute these four million tabs.
And this is what helped really kick off that CIA.
And again, that was in concert with Leary as well, right?
So he's basically the one sort of promoting and creating all these.
He's known as the guy who basically gave everybody the LSD.
And then Leary goes out and sort of promotes it on a nationwide TV circuit and whatnot.
Giving it out at the Altamont Music Festival in these different places where you have people tripping and losing their mind, going crazy.
Everybody knows about the Rolling Stones, Altamont Festival and the Hells Angels and people getting killed and whatnot.
And there's some really weird stuff with that as well, right?
Was that also some sort of a mind control experiment operation to have a ritual where people get killed at a mass concert as a mass ritual?
Again, think about Astroworld that we just covered a few months ago.
There's a long history of this, people getting trampled and killed at concerts.
Now, the reason we want to look at Stanley Owsley was that he was also known for unleashing the drug called STP, which was a bio-warfare agent created where?
The Edgewood Arsenal.
So Edgewood Arsenal seems to figure, you know, continually in this Laurel Canyon scene stuff, especially as we said with Frank Zappa's dad.
And so this bizarre invention by Dow Chemicals gets unleashed and then you have a bunch of chaos and havoc with that drug.
Apparently also he had some connection and he worked with the JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which was where none other than Jack Parsons worked.
And Jack Parsons was famously the inventor of the jet propulsion engine and a famous Krolian.
He was a member of Kroli's OTO cult.
Uh, he was a member of the O.T.O., and then Crowley went on to create his own, the Lima Cult, but for a while they were both in the same cult, and they were there together with L. Ron Hubbard.
And there's the dispute over Marjorie Cameron, right, between who would end up dating the Scarlet Woman, Marjorie Cameron, either L. Ron Hubbard or Jack Parsons.
So in other words, the whole sort of
The 1950s and 60s, Rockets, counterculture, all of that has this Krolian ethos behind it.
Rock and Roll has this Krolian ethos behind it, which is, again, something that you don't usually hear about in the mainstream.
So we were talking about other figures that come up.
Mark David Chapman, right?
The assassin in regard to John Lennon.
A lot of people don't know that Mark David Chapman went and gave a gift of bullets to Kenneth Anger.
And I think this is significant because what does this suggest in terms of the counterculture in terms of
Serial killers and Satanism coming out of the 1960s.
Why would someone who is presumably, I think, involved in some kind of mind control assassin type of situation, Mark David Chapman, he goes and gifts Kenneth Anger, this avant-garde satanic filmmaker, bullets?
As if to say, I did this as a ritual, you know, and I'm paying homage to you.
I'm not saying Kenneth Anger necessarily told
Mark David Chapman to go kill John Lennon.
I'm just saying that there's something, I think, significant there.
This is a famous fact in history.
A lot of the figures who, for example, would start a pro-Americanist evangelical church known as the Calvary Chapel, they also had curious Laurel Canyon CIA connections, and this would be people from the band Buffalo Springfield.
I forget that guy's name, but one of the founding members of the band, Buffalo Springfield, would go on to found Calvary Chapel.
This would also be connected to the Jesus People movement of the 60s, which I'm not doubting that there weren't sincere people in the Jesus People movement.
But I think, again, in a lot of these types of things, these sort of quasi-cult-like movements, you will find the intelligence apparatus there kind of in the background controlling things.
Famously, John Barrymore, I think he's the grandfather of Drew Barrymore, he was known to be a pretty nasty figure involved in various forms of perversion.
He had some bizarre connections and he actually played Spengali, right, the weird mind control guy.
The Spahn Ranch where Manson was hanging out used to be a movie studio and it's curious to me that
Reportedly, although nobody can prove this, but there's long been rumors in Hollywood that what was actually being filmed at the Spahn Ranch was snuff films.
Although, again, nobody knows for sure if that's the case, but there's also claims that very high-level people, perhaps even Marilyn Monroe, were actually involved in
Uh, you know, pretty intense pornographic material that was being filmed at these different locations and that that might actually also figure into, uh, the Manson killings.
Think about George Hodel, if you're familiar with this, uh, BFF with John Huston, the famous director, and how they were for a long time suspected, uh, and, and maybe many people today think that they were the key suspects in the Black Dahlia ritual murder.
And those are absolutely ritual murders, especially if you look at
The figure Man Ray, the famous surrealist artist.
Much of his surrealist art literally looks just like the way Elizabeth Short's body was ritually murdered.
So there's always been, again, this deep connection between the satanic in Hollywood, between mind control, between intelligence agencies.
And again, Time Magazine, what does Time Magazine do at this time?
Puts all of this on the front cover.
Promoting mushrooms.
Time Magazine telling you, go check out these mushrooms.
It's really cool.
It's fun.
When we come back, we'll look at the final segment of some more connections between the Deep State and Hollywood.
This is Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
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Now, the toothpaste, by the way.
We were talking about Occult Hollywood, we were talking about the Black Dahlia case, and we were talking about how so many of these pop stars, some of these elites in these circles seem to drift into really weird cults.
They drift into these mind control cults, they drift into satanic cults, even the more poppy versions of the satanic stuff like Anton LaVey, right?
We've seen many, many people.
Sammy Davis Jr.
famously was a member of the Church of Satan.
We've seen
You know, many prominent people in the music scene being really into Aleister Crowley.
We see the Led Zeppelin, right?
Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, right?
We see them having a fascination with Crowleyanism, even buying Crowley's mansion or estate on the Lake Nessie or whatever it is.
I forget the name of the... Bulliskein is the estate, but they're out there trying to find Nessie, I guess.
But it doesn't stop there.
I mean, we've seen the occult, the satanic, the kabbalism promoted by countless pop stars.
And I don't think this is by example.
You think of David Bowie, right?
Bowie's involved in the Golden Dawn for a period as a fascination with that.
We think of Ozzy Osbourne and he's into Crowley, right?
And yes, I understand that a lot of these people are not that sophisticated.
They may not even take it that seriously, but there's something that's a pattern here where I think it's being promoted.
You know, we have even more recently people like Ariana Grande, right, talking about, oh, I'm into the esoteric, I'm into Kabbalah, Madonna being into this stuff, right?
The pop stars, they go and they do their rituals up there at the VMAs, at the Super Bowl halftime show, where they're doing these mass rituals.
And again, the point is really just to stress that this is not by accident.
I think beyond just the satanic side of it, that's that higher level, you know, looking at it.
There's also the element of social engineering, where from the vantage point of the social engineers, they see the promotion of these things as a way to break down the society and the culture.
So it actually fits in with
The cultural warfare in terms of depopulation, right?
So, it's just another way to atomize and destroy society.
For example, porn has been beamed into various countries as a form of warfare, just like economics is a form of warfare, right?
We talked in the past about soft power.
This is the way to exert influence in other countries through non-military means, through money, aid money, through NGOs, through culture, Hollywood.
I was mentioning other examples of connections in the music industry to the CIA.
Remember Miles Copeland, right?
He's the relative of who?
Stuart Copeland, the police.
It just so happens that Stuart Copeland is, you know, the relative of Miles Copeland, the famous CIA operative who wrote all of these books about depopulation and how the CIA was duping all these countries.
I've done lectures on all these books.
So you can go watch all my lectures with Miles Copeland going into great detail.
He talks about how they go into, in the book Game of Nations, it's about Syria.
He says, we went into Syria and we totally changed the country, industrialized it and so forth.
Isn't that good?
Well, they're being nice.
They're industrializing.
No, he says at the end of the book that the purpose of the industrialization and modernizing of Syria was so that in the long term they could depopulate it.
He says if you want to understand the CIA operations in the Middle East, guess who he says to go read at the back of the book?
Bertrand Russell.
Go read Bertrand Russell if you want to understand the long-term CIA operations.
And you know what else he says in the book?
He says one of the key ways that we had an impact in Hollywoodizing Syrian culture?
James Bond.
Yes, he says we imported James Bond movies, and then they went, oh, I want to be like James Bond.
I want to be like the Hollywood guy.
It's cultural warfare.
It's the manipulation of symbols and archetypes to change existing cultures, to toxify them.
So that you don't have offspring.
It's very simple.
That's it.
That's the main purpose.
And that's what Miles Copeland says at the end of his book.
And so all these cults have the effect of not just being, you know, studied for mind control, you know, operations or whatever, but they have the effect of creating templates and ways for the establishment to use that information that they've studied with Jim Jones, with Scientology, with Manson or whoever, to further perfect the technique of social control.
That's it.
So the principle behind why anyone would worship a cult leader is the exact same principle behind why anyone would follow a pop star.
It's the exact same modus operandi.
And it's studied on purpose to control society.
So all of these things are really just means and methods of control, controlling the masses.
And it's just part of that process, I think, to gaslight by through ritual performances showing you this.
In plain sight.
Hidden in plain sight, everyone's eyes are wide shut.
That's why they all go up and do rituals.
Pink, Britney, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga.
Why do they all do the same thing?
How come nobody's doing something different?
Why isn't somebody doing wholesome songs?
Why isn't somebody doing, I don't know, their own artistic idea?
They all have to do these quasi-Masonic satanic type of rituals.
Because there's a process, there's a plan, and they all are part of the same structure.
And that same structure is the same structure that wants to impose the austerity, the depopulation, the destruction of the society.
Remember when we were covering the astral world stuff?
Remember there was a
Uh, we mentioned the Madonna song.
Yeah, there you go, the suicide cult.
We're all Jim Jones now.
We're all in his Kool-Aid cult, right?
And the Kool-Aid man is not gonna bust through the wall and save anybody.
The Kool-Aid man's busting through the wall and it's actually Jim Jones.
And like, he's giving everybody, you know, 40s full of Purple Source Rex.
And we're all dying.
There's the woman riding the beast, right?
They love that apocalyptic imagery.
Now, why was I saying all of that to get to... I wanted to go to something that seems a little bit different, but actually it's connected.
False flags.
I want to read through a list of some of the admitted false flags because false flags are stagecraft applied to the warfare domain to dupe everybody into thinking, oh, they're the bad guys, right?
To get in on a war.
Remember, Jim Morrison's dad, Admiral Morrison, was who was manning the ship when they had the false flag Gulf of Tonkin incident.
That's a false flag, on record.
And there's many, many of these.
There's a great article.
This is from, I think, Washington's blog.
Governments around the world admit to staging false flags.
The first one here, it says, Japanese troops set off a small explosion on a train in 1951 and falsely blamed it on China in order to justify the invasion of Manchuria.
So that was, again, one of the famous false flags.
A major in the Nazi SS admitted at Nuremberg trials that under oath they engaged in multiple instances of false flags in regard to justifying the invasion of Poland.
So it's not something that one person does or one government does.
It's done by many, many governments.
I don't know if I'll be able to get through all of these in the last of this segment, but Franz Halder, under Nuremberg Trials, testified that leader Hermann Göring admitted to setting fire to the German parliament in 1933.
I can barely read that.
To blame it on the communists and everybody knows about the Reichstag.
Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev admitted to the Soviet Union's Red Army shelled a Russian village in Manila in 1959 and blamed it on Finland.
Russian Parliament, Russian President Putin, this one mentions the Soviet leader Gorbachev admitted that Stalin ordered his secret police
to execute 22,000 Polish Army officers and falsely blamed it on Nazis.
The British government admits that between 1946 and 1948 it bombed five ships carrying Jews attempting to flee during World War II to find safety at Palestine and they blamed it on defenders of Arab Palestine.
So that was actually the British Empire doing that.
Israel admits that in 1954 Israeli terrorists
Operating in Egypt, planted bombs in order to blame it on Egyptians.
The CIA admits in 1950 that they posed as communists and staged bombings under a democratically elected Prime Minister in Iran.
Oh yeah, everybody knows about that.
Mosaddegh thing.
Turkish Prime Minister admitted that the Turkish government carried out false flags in 1955.
In terms of their battle with Greece, British Prime Minister admitted that there was false flags in 1957.
I'm just going through these really quick here to get to it.
So anyway, there's many, many of the dozens and dozens.
This is not a comprehensive list.
There's many more.
I don't even think this list does even mention 9-11, right?
But the point is that when you go through this list, dozens of them, you'll notice that this is really
Stagecraft applied to warfare, and I'm not saying that there's not real bombings that people don't get killed.
In many cases they do.
Sometimes it's totally fake, but in some cases it's a staged bombing in the sense of it's a bombing that was really done and blamed on our enemy.
And if this is just mainstream history, what I learned in my college class is why are we surprised that we're often duped by a false synthetic overlay which we were programmed for through Hollywood.
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