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Name: 20220307_Mon_Alex
Air Date: March 7, 2022
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In this episode, Alex Jones discusses the current state of affairs, warning that globalist plans aim to reduce the world population by 90% by 2030 due to resource scarcity. He also covers ongoing conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, censorship trends, and the energy situation being controlled by globalist forces for their New World Order agenda. Jones promotes his flagship product X3 for health benefits and encourages listeners to support InfoWars to counteract suppression of truthful information. He mentions various issues such as vaccine propaganda, election laws, and censorship while promoting other products for health benefits and discounts. Additionally, he addresses attacks on him and Roger Stone, and discusses the importance of supporting them financially. Jackson Lahmeyer shares his short-term goals if elected as a senator.

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Polish top diplomat, no-fly zone Ukraine, likely illegal, would trigger major war.
Oh, is that a Russian sympathizer?
No, the Poles really don't like Russians.
In fact, they hate each other because of thousands of years of fighting back and forth.
And they're saying, no, we're not giving them planes, and no, we don't want to go to war with Russia, and no, the head of the State Department is lying when he says we are.
Ukraine Ministry of Defense accuses Ukraine of planting nuclear false flag.
I mean, we know the media said that they blew up all those reactors, the two different nuclear reactors.
It was all lies, just like the ghost of Kiev, and Snake Island, and Golinski saying, I don't want to ride out of here, I want weapons.
That was all made up, they now admit, even the Washington Post.
It's just all lies, but it gets you emotionally to pick a side.
Because the average American who's asleep Still wants to go with their emotions.
Instead of getting mad that you got conned, you just still stay mad.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Hollywood, the establishment, the mainline churches, the major corporations, I mean, they are on another planet.
So are you arguing for throwing out the Constitution?
Should the Constitution be thrown out?
What do we do?
Is it a living document?
Or is it a sacred document?
It's certainly not sacred, alright?
Let's start there.
The Constitution is kind of trash.
I think listeners and viewers know things aren't going to get very nice in the next decade.
The globalists plan to have 90% of everybody dead by 2030.
What do you think is a viable figure that Gaia, that the planet, can sustain?
I would guess, living the way we do, not more than 1 billion, probably less.
Such is going to be the level of misery and panic across the world that there are bound to be the most cataclysmic conflicts, wars, struggles, simply for survival.
Well, again, whenever events like that come along, when there's huge floods, famines, there's a certain amount of struggling, but there's also an awful lot of good comes from it.
When confronted like that, ordinary people show extraordinary heroism and helpfulness towards others, as well as being looters and vandals and so on.
It's just a thoroughly disturbing thing, and it will happen.
They're going to end civilization as we know it, and when civilization breaks down, go watch a movie like The Road Warrior, and that's going to be like a vacation spot.
That hellish, dystopic, nightmare future.
I remember a time of chaos, ruined dreams, this wasted land.
I remember the road warrior.
The man we called Max.
To understand who he was, you have to go back to another time.
When the world was powered by the black fuel, and the desert sprouted great cities of pipe and steel.
For reasons long forgotten, two mighty warrior tribes went to war, and touched off a blaze which engulfed them all.
Without fuel they were nothing.
They built a house of straw.
A thundering machine sputtered and stopped.
Their world crumbled.
Cities exploded.
A whirlwind of looting.
A firestorm of fear.
Men began to feed on men.
On the roads, it was a white-line nightmare.
Only those mobile enough to scavenge, brutal enough to pillage, would survive.
The gangs took over the highways, ready to wage war for a tank of juice.
This diagram right here says it all.
And we are here.
We are right here with our children.
And at a certain level, if the public doesn't wake up and say no to this, it doesn't innovate, And does it create a clear vision for ourselves?
We kind of deserve what we're having done to us, don't we?
Except they're targeting children and they are trying to get children to give up their humanity and give up their free will and basically become sterilized, which is the same thing as killing them under the transgender mode.
and imprison them and take all their hopes and dreams away and lock them in these digital metaverse prisons
that Zuckerberg just said he believes that within 15 years, the majority of people
will live in the metaverse.
Well, 'cause you're gonna be locked in your house.
And if you don't submit and only watch the television or only watch the iPad or put the new Google
or Apple contacts in, if you don't spend 15 hours a day plugged into their system, you're not gonna get
Social Credit Score.
You're not going to get the food delivery from the food delivery robot.
Because they don't want to just kill you.
They want to enslave you and brainwash you and dumb you down and make you unnatural before they incinerate you.
The forces of transhumanism, the forces of evil, the forces of corporate global fascism using communism as their cloward and pivot operating system, Have fought like the devil to try to crush and silence this broadcast.
But because of us together, myself, this crew, our guests, our callers, you, the listeners, and the viewers, because of the community, the system that we have built, we are now stronger than we've ever been.
I knew if we could stay on air, At least in the initial phases of their operational attack, it would trigger a chain reaction.
We've been in beta for decades.
Now in the last two years, they've transitioned into launch phase.
And just like a ballistic missile or a Saturn rocket going to the moon, when it starts liftoff, it's going very slow.
And then it exponentially accelerates towards its target.
The target is transhumanism, the globalists becoming what they believe is godlike, immortality, and of course exterminating the majority of us on the path to that destiny.
The rocket has not even left the gantry.
It's moving very slow and now everybody sees it and understands what it's doing and we have to collectively expose it and resist it with our will and it will blow up on the launch pad.
There's already cracks.
It's already leaking fuel.
It's going to blow.
And yeah, we're going to get hit by pieces of it.
And it's not going to be pretty.
But it's going down.
You can just see the holes in it.
You can see the smoke coming out of it.
It's about to blow.
The question is, will it take all of us with it?
I already have primary ignition.
Liftoff has commenced.
You are two years into liftoff, and in the time and space of politics, it's the winking of an eye.
It's going to blow up.
The question is, will it get 1,000 feet, 10,000 feet in the air?
Or will it explode any minute now?
Target maximum firepower, the New World Order.
With the truth, we will bring them down with God's help.
Speaking of war, we're now 12 days into the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and Putin always said, once he stopped his deception, and it may be a new deception, but he's been following the current line of that deception, so we don't know if he's telling the truth or not.
First he said he wasn't going to invade, then he said he was only taking a security zone, now he says he's only taking over parts of the country to force the Puppet government, as he calls it, and the Nazi collaborators, which they are actually Nazis, the strongest stay-behind networks of Nazis anywhere in the world, set up by the Nazis at the end of World War II, picked up by the CIA after World War II, and it's known as Operation Gladio from there on out in the 1950s.
This is the flower of Operation Gladio.
But Putin has his share of Nazis working for him as well, like the head of his mercenary task force that's really Spitznet GRU commandos.
That's the Wagner Group.
Let's just be honest, Nazism is real sexy in the East.
I guess when the Nazis killed 20 million of you, there's a little bit of Stockholm Syndrome going on.
But that's what's happening.
So when Putin says these are Nazis, The main three brigades that have been overthrowing elected presidents and keeping martial law in place basically are those brigades.
And so as soon as those are destroyed, and as soon as they hold another election, Putin has said he's going to pull out.
We don't know if that's true.
But they have the former Russian-backed president, who was overthrown by NATO Soros forces.
Soros brags he overthrew him.
Quote, set up the Soros empire, close quote.
He just left Moscow and flew into eastern Ukraine to begin talks to be the intermediate president while they hold new elections.
That's all in the Russian and Ukrainian news.
You're not seeing it in the U.S.
news, but it's in my stack.
So let's hit the latest headlines on Ukraine and what it's doing to the economy.
Then we're going to come back and really cover The most naked assault on the people of the world I have ever seen.
If you think phase one of the launch phase, COVID-19 was bad, the artificial cutting off of the world energy supply is a death sentence to hundreds of millions, and it is a poverty sentence for another billion people or so, and that's in the numbers.
We'll cover that next segment.
But the spectacle of Biden publicly asking Saudi Arabia to increase output, publicly asking Venezuela to increase output, publicly asking Russia to increase output, and then blocking all new oil leases on public land and most of the other leases, and shutting down several thousand pipeline spurs, including the Keystone Pipeline, I mean, a foreign army couldn't shut our power off like this.
This is just absolutely out of control.
So that's coming up next segment.
Here's some of the big headlines right now.
We're going to drill through these.
These are just incredible.
One of these articles, we could do the whole four hours on, but we don't have the time, so I'm going to condense all this.
Polish top diplomat, no fly zone in Ukraine, likely illegal.
Would trigger major war.
Oh, is that a Russian sympathizer?
No, the Poles really don't like Russians.
In fact, they hate each other because of thousands of years of fighting back and forth.
And they're saying, no, we're not giving them planes.
And no, we don't want to go to war with Russia.
And no, the head of the State Department is lying when he says we are.
Ukraine Ministry of Defense accuses Ukraine of planting nuclear false flag.
Well, I mean, we know the media said that they blew up all those reactors, the two different nuclear reactors.
And it was all lies, just like the ghost of Kiev and Snake Island and Galinsky saying, I don't want to ride out of here, I want weapons.
That was all made up, they now admit.
Even the Washington Post.
Just all lies.
But it gets you emotionally to pick a side.
Because the average American who's asleep Still wants to go with their emotions.
Instead of getting mad that you got conned, you just still stay mad.
Russia accuses Ukraine of prepping nuclear false flags, says they seized nuclear facilities where dirty bombs were being prepared.
Russian Ministry of Defense accuses Ukraine of planting nuclear false flag.
We'll be covering that bottom of the hour.
Also, Trump jokes US should bomb the SH-T.
of Russia and blame China?
Isn't it funny?
We've gone from false flags, never happened in history.
Alex Jones is insane for popularizing the ancient term.
The term's at least a thousand years old.
That's where it comes from.
It was back in the Norse Wars, where you first see that in English used.
It's a thousand year old term, but others had it before it was called a false flag.
It just means flying a flag of your enemy to go commit an atrocity is the most common one.
You know, attacking people in disguise.
And Sean Hannity called for a false flag, said, have our planes pose as another country, and then bomb the convoy of Russians.
And of course, anybody with actual military training would tell you that they'd figure that out very quickly.
But see, they wanted Americans so in the dark, the deep state, that, oh, there's no such thing as a false flag.
Don't question Jesse Smollett, and, you know, don't question the Gulf of Tonkin, and don't question mass shootings.
No, no, no.
You never question.
That's the ultimate crime.
Let us just do whatever we want, manipulate whatever we want.
And now Trump is speaking to a group of donors and he says, hey, why don't we just stage a false flag as a joke to bomb the Russians saying it was the Chinese.
Well obviously they'd figure that out, plus it's immoral.
But he's being tongue-in-cheek.
Congress to explore Russian oil ban, which Putin says is an act of war, and $10 billion in aid for Ukraine.
That means $10 billion to all the members of Congress who have their own companies set up there, goes directly to them.
Trends forecaster and major insurance companies and banks all agree a 10% chance of total civilization-ending nuclear war within a year.
We'll be covering that bottom of the hour.
But first, the war we know is going on, the shutdown of Western energy, particularly targeting the United States of America.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Very honored that you have joined us today.
We have Some huge guests joining us in the third and fourth hour.
I'll tell you about those guests coming up at the start of the next segment, but I need to get into the energy situation.
So, as I told you two years ago, phase one is to release the virus, lock down society, destroy supply chains, introduce the idea of a global digital ID as a vaccine passport, so they can then have a war and cyber attacks, and then bring down the world currency and blame COVID and the war for it, but offer everyone a universal basic income to survive on the new digital currency as the other currencies fail.
And then with that new system, they'll track, trace, and control everything you do and apply carbon taxes and the social credit score.
This has all been announced by the Davos Group and the UN and Xi Jinping.
People are like freaking out everywhere going, they're announcing it on the news!
What Jones said years ago!
He's psychic!
He, or he's one of them!
No, it's all planned.
I have their documents here today.
I re-pulled.
It's like you get the enemy playbook in football or something and they tell you what plays they're going to play.
I mean, we have the damn playbook.
So all of this is rolling out, all of this is being done, and they admit they're, quote, creating a transition of the people of the world Into working from home, into having no money, into being obsolete, into being non-essential, and you're told, oh, it's about to be a utopia!
But you notice it's not a utopia.
The deeper we get into this, it starves the third world to death, impoverishes us on our road to starvation and death, finally.
But it's all done incrementally.
And so what's more obvious than cooking up a virus and releasing it, and then using it as a pretext to shut down society?
What is even more obvious?
Shutting down over 2,000 mini pipelines and spurs, hundreds of large pipelines, including the mega massive Keystone Pipeline, right as it was completed.
And then of course it gets a lot worse from that point out.
You then say no drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.
You then put in regulations over who is drilling in the U.S.
But then you let all these other countries like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia and Russia increase their output to the United States at much higher prices, and then the globalist middlemen get that money and you pay already double what you were 13, 14 months ago.
And it's set to double again at current rates in the next six months.
Yeah, you're going to be paying $6 a gallon.
They already are in areas of California.
Over $4 nationally.
And the environmental groups won't let any new refineries be built in the US.
You have been strangled.
And that's how they get you on your knees.
That's how they take full control.
And so imagine, we're supposedly at war with Russia through the proxy of Ukraine, but Biden is not cutting off Russian oil, which I don't think he should do.
It's an act of war.
But they're talking about increasing the oil while we can't have the oil, and Psaki and all of them say, oh, it's all because of Putin your gas prices went up, when that only added the cherry on top of it going up 30, 40 cents the last month, or last three weeks.
So let's go to clip eight first.
It'll take a little bit of the next segment to finish these clips.
Here's Adam Curry, the great inventor of podcasting, or the first guy to podcast here in Austin, Texas, on Glenn Beck.
Here it is.
We're hitting back with what?
Financial weapons.
Why are we using financial weapons?
I believe this is it, Glenn.
I believe this is never let a crisis go to waste.
This is the tipping point.
We need to price energy so high because that's the effect.
That's the effect.
Energy is going to be so high and some other...
We can talk about SWIFT in a minute.
When you change something in a system, in a network like that, I know enough from technology that one small change, that can screw up a lot of things.
Already wheat prices are now as high as Arab spring days, so there's going to be really, really, really hard times, and I think that the idea is to Shut down global production because of the cost of energy.
No one's going to want to produce.
Go back home.
Sit at home.
Don't worry.
We'll take care of you just like COVID.
We're going to send you money.
This time, though, not a check.
This time, it's your Federal Reserve digital dollar.
And then we're in deep trouble.
And I don't think that's stoppable.
I think that is unstoppable at this point.
But I'm a Doomer optimist, so I have ideas and solutions, you know, I have ideas.
I am an optimistic catastrophist.
I'm also a conspiracy therapist, so yes, I have a number of phrases, yeah.
That's Adam Curry, the war in Ukraine fast-tracks the Great Reset.
Now, let's go back, what, two, three years ago to President Trump.
And this is President Trump talking about how America's being set up, and so is Europe and others, to be vulnerable.
And the fact that, you know, Germany's basically laughing at us.
Here it is.
Reliance on a single foreign supplier can leave a nation vulnerable to extortion and intimidation.
That is why we congratulate European states such as Poland, We're leading the construction of a Baltic pipeline so that nations are not dependent on Russia to meet their energy needs.
Germany will become totally dependent on Russian energy if it does not immediately change course.
Here in the Western Hemisphere, we are committed to maintaining our independence from the encroachment Of expansionist foreign powers.
And the Germans laughed at him for that, if you're a radio listener and can't see that video.
Now, what?
Oh, I forgot.
What did Biden just do last month too?
He killed, I don't know how the US has this power, but we're the globalist empire now.
He killed the Israeli Arab backed Gas pipeline out of the Mediterranean out of the Middle East into Europe as well bypassing Russia.
So they're cutting off everything.
Except Venezuela.
Except Saudi Arabia.
Except Russia.
While telling us Russia is the big enemy and we've all got to go to war with them.
Think about that.
I got a couple more clips on the energy front.
When we come back, this is a big, big deal.
Buttigieg says buying oil from Iran is on the table.
They're increasing production out of Venezuela sent U.S.
diplomats down there.
But again, you can't have the Keystone Pipeline that's finished and ready to lower our prices to even lower levels than when Trump was in.
Trump gave that speech three years ago to the United Nations on globalism.
And how globalism was bad, and how the New World Order was evil.
He said that in that speech.
Incredible speech.
And he pointed out that the globalists want to make America energy dependent, when at that time we were the world's top exporter and producer of energy.
Now we can't even produce 80% of what we need, and they want to make it worse, and we have rolling blackouts.
We are being shut down so that we cannot be competitive with India and China and Mexico and 100 plus other third world countries that have no environmental standards and no rules and are building unlimited coal power plants.
This is how you destroy a nation.
This is how you bankrupt people.
This is how you bring us to heel.
This is how you cloward and pivot.
This is the Great Reset.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Very thankful that you tune in.
Very thankful that you care about our world.
Very thankful you realize that we, the people, have the power to stop the global transhumanist cult.
But we have to wake up to the full horror of it, admit we're in trouble, and then organize against it.
Then our job will be very, very easy.
And that's not hype.
I am attacked conservatively, hundreds of times a day in global corporate press, millions of times a day on different social media networks.
And they see me as the number two enemy of their globalist operations.
They see Trump as the number one enemy because he openly publicly opposed them.
Doesn't mean they have a perfect job.
Neither have I.
They see yours truly as enemy number two because I accurately analyze who they are
and effectively reach millions of people because of your word of mouth.
Then they see Tucker Carlson as number three, the biggest threat, and Joe Rogan, number four,
as the biggest threat. And believe me, I'm not up here wanting to be number one on the hit list.
I'm very excited to see so many people like Adam Curry and Glenn Beck waking up because they're
They're both smart men and that is a very good thing.
Because the minute we wake up that we're under corporate global 21st century siege and de-industrialization and post-industrial world in a controlled global collapse called the Great Reset and on its ashes build the Build Back Better technocracy.
Once people realize that things only get worse complying, things only get better resisting, then we start winning.
And we should be celebrating the devastating victories we've been having against the globalists when it comes to their whole COVID power grab.
They have been incredible.
That's why they're trying to get off the COVID narrative for now.
They're going to bring it back with new viruses.
They've said they are.
And move us into war in other areas.
But we've got to continue to hammer that in next hour.
I know Joe's going to do something on this because he sent it to me.
And I said, I said, man, this is incredible.
After I spent two hours Saturday reading what he sent me.
And I said, man, you got to do a show on this.
He says, Oh, I'm going to do one.
It's a little heads up.
He'll have his own version of this.
And this is a link he sent me and almost don't want to talk about the link on Twitter.
That's got millions of people reading it because they'll, the enemy will go delete it.
But you see this stack right here.
I've read this whole thing once.
And I've gone back over it partially this morning.
I'm going to spend the entire second hour on this baby right here.
Because they don't want us looking at this.
You know what this is?
You know what this is?
This is just the surface of what they did to us in the most evil psychological warfare biological attack in human history.
MKUltra on steroids.
This is the whole COVID power grab, the whole COVID hysteria, the whole COVID takeover.
And I had forgotten so much of the stuff they pulled, so much of the stuff they did.
And one individual on Twitter collated this.
So I asked the great Kellan McBreen yesterday, I called him and I said, will you write an article about this today on InfoWars.com?
And will you put some links to this so folks can find it and share it?
And I would suggest everybody go there and look at all these and create your own Twitter or Instagram or Facebook feeds or Gitter feeds or Gab feeds.
It's always good to attack the enemy on their main platforms with the truth but then build your backup system.
So they ban you over there.
But the reason I don't give a lot of attention to activists online is when we do give it attention, the enemy comes in and takes it down.
But this is too important.
The globalists want everyone to forget what was done in the name of COVID.
The greatest illegal psychological experiment of lethal proportions in human history.
So next hour, I'm spending a whole hour, and we're going to go through this.
And what's insane is, when this individual, Sir Thadwick Holton, posted his long breakdown, everybody else started adding to it, so now it's thousands of tweets long, and people dug up even worse stuff.
But listen to this.
Now that COVID's over, here is a thread of everything they want you to forget.
We're going to be doing that next hour.
Believe me, you don't want to miss this information.
And you got to share with everybody so people realize the trauma we've all been through.
Because here's the deal.
As successful people, as Folks that don't see adversity as something to give up to, but something to overcome.
We get hurt.
We get wounded.
They kill members of our family.
They demonize us.
They attack us.
They try to bankrupt us.
And we don't give up, we fight back.
And we tend to also compartmentalize and forget what was done to us.
It's very important to point out what these criminals did, and the criminal behavioral psychology operations they launched, and to point it out to everybody so they can't get away with it again, bare minimum, and so we can also bring them to justice, which is going to be happening.
And let me tell you what's coming up in the Third hour today.
Emerald Robinson, who's an amazing journalist and news anchor, is a whistleblower from Newsmax.
And of course, Newsmax was on the list of four-year documents released that The Blaze got last week of over a billion dollars paid to mainstream media, including Fox News and Newsmax, but ABC, NBC, all of them, CNN, over a billion dollars.
To not have any negative coverage of the deadly vaccines.
Literally paying them to help cover up the crimes.
Smoking gun of smoking gun of smoking gun of true criminal racketeering.
But they own the FBI and the Justice Department, so they'll probably give them Presidential Medals of Freedom for killing our children and our old people.
40% increase in deaths everywhere where the shots have been given in 18 to 64.
Insurance companies report it is the shot.
Funeral directors report record numbers of deaths, blood clots in people that have been injected.
They've actually run a bio attack as a beta test to see how we would respond.
Can you imagine when they dropped the real hammer on us?
That is coming up with Emerald Robinson.
And then Roger Stone has been hanging out a lot with Trump.
A lot.
And he's got all the big inside baseball.
I'm not going to give out any Trump secrets, but if you want to know 2022, 2024, a lot of big news, what the Globalists are planning, what the inside baseball Rodgers got, he'll be joining us in the fourth hour that I'm hosting today.
Okay, I need to come back next segment and finish up on energy, get into the latest with the false flag the Russians say that they caught the Ukrainians trying to engage in with a giant dirty bomb and so much more.
Let me just say now to listeners that I appreciate you all keeping us on air, but now more than ever I'm firing the bat signal and letting you know that we need money to stay on air and to defeat these Democratic Party lawsuits and to at least buy time and to Continue to fight on.
Same folks bankrupted Remington, you name it.
Same folks destroyed the NRA and crippled them.
Well, they haven't crippled us because of you.
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Stay with us.
Alright, welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the Alex Jones Show.
So, you are under economic attack, I am under economic attack.
Globalism, transhumanism is an anti-human movement that seeks to dominate the very human biological systems and make us a corporately owned creature.
Those of us that are even allowed to live.
In their synthetic universe.
So this is the opposite of free will.
This is bondage down to the cellular level.
This is rape squared to infinity.
And that is their plan, is to play God.
Is to make Microsoft and Google God and to kill everyone else.
I played Davos Group head scientist on TED Talk and at the Davos Group saying that two weeks ago on the show.
And that we're about to be in a post-human world by 2045, that the last humans will be alive.
That's not some kook out there saying that by themselves.
That's the plan.
And I guess their argument is, if you don't care and let them do it to you, and let them seduce you into the Matrix, You deserve to die.
Well, guess what?
I don't.
And my children don't.
And I choose to not let you take control of my evolution, as you say it.
And you've got a new type of war.
You've got a new type of cult.
You've got a new type of brainwashing.
But it just so happens we got a transmission thousands of years ago warning us that this thing, this fallen entity working through collaborator humans, was going to try this.
And it's going to fail.
But it's going to be a rough situation.
So I already played Trump pointing out three years ago that we were becoming energy independent and we're energy independent and that Europe was not.
We should stand up to Russia by being energy independent.
And now here we are all these years later, and we're now energy dependent.
And Biden won't let us turn any of our drilling on or our pipelines on, but he's increasing oil purchases from Saudi Arabia and from Venezuela and Russia.
So here is Buddha Judge says buying oil from Iran is on the table.
Could the President possibly consider authorizing the Keystone Pipeline?
Working something out with Iran?
I mean, look, the President has said that all options are on the table, but we also need to make sure that we're not galloping after permanent solutions to immediate short-term problems where more strategic and tactical actions in the short term can make a difference.
Tactical actions, that's right.
Windmills that don't work.
It's all designed to bankrupt you.
It's not designed to work.
They're suppressing all the real, clean technology.
That's on record.
Here's the Energy Secretary, Graham Holm, saying we're working through the energy transition.
And even AOC and Pelosi have admitted recently, oh, we could cut energy prices, but that wouldn't be good for the Earth.
This is a great reset.
Here is Graham Holm.
But the bottom line is that this president and this administration are looking at every single tool to shield American families from the impact of rising energy prices.
And we're working through an energy transition.
And we've got to start by adding energy.
And the reality is we have to take some time to get off of oil and gas.
We recognize this.
This is a transition.
Now let's have the little cherry on top here because I need to move on to the huge news in Ukraine and the economy and how it's all intertwined together.
Here is Psaki saying the reason gas prices are going up is because Putin invaded Iran.
That'd be like if I walked up with a giant axe and cut off one of your legs at the hip and blood was spraying everywhere.
And then I sliced your arm open too.
But most of the blood's coming out your leg.
You're about to die in a few seconds.
And then I kind of stab you in the arm, a little bit of blood comes out there, and then I go, oh, you're dying from the stab in your arm.
Yeah, 30, 40 cents of the increase has been what's happened in Ukraine, and that's true.
And so does...
Obama's minion, Biden, opened up the Strategic Reserve?
Does he open up the Keystone Pipeline?
Does he take all the restrictions off?
He put in executive orders on new drilling?
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
He doesn't do any of that.
And then they turn around and they blame Vladimir Putin.
Ladies and gentlemen, no.
It's the globalists turning off your power.
Russians pay about 60 cents a gallon in Russia.
That's right.
It's basically sold at cost to the public because they want the economy going.
Like Henry Ford said, I want to pay people five times what anybody else pays them because I want to have enough money to buy my car.
I want to have an economy.
The globalists don't want an economy like that.
They want one where you starve to death.
Where they can lord that above you.
It's called feudalism.
It's called serfdom.
It used to be the system of government worldwide for thousands of years until the Renaissance 500 years ago in Europe.
In Germany.
And in England!
And the Gutenberg Press!
Look into it!
And they know we're on the verge of the next wave of the Renaissance.
True enlightenment, true empowerment, and they're trying to suppress it all with their Great Reset that is an attempt to keep us in their Dark Ages.
This is the final grasp of the royalty and the old money that's been trying for 500 years to suppress humanity.
And they look at all the technology that we designed and built and tell us that they built it and they're gods, and now they're trying to twist the technology to enslave us instead of empowering us!
We're on the verge of the Infinity Renaissance.
Renaissance taken to no limits.
Here is Saki gaslighting you.
The reason why the price of gas is going up is not because of steps the President has taken.
They are because President Putin is invading Ukraine, and that is creating a great deal of instability in the global marketplace.
I mean, technically, yeah, some of the new Increases is that, but Biden policies are what has allowed that dependence to now cause this chain reaction.
Because if America was not just keeping us where we were, but increasing production for the world, to not just be the leader in energy production as we were a few years ago, we're now not.
We're an importer, not an exporter now, of net energy.
This could be a boom for America, what Russia's doing.
But no, no, no.
You don't get booms.
We don't want oil-filled workers making $70,000 a year, busting their ass.
They might put a kid through college.
They might save some money.
That actually gives American workers a job.
We don't want them.
We want them in there watching the metaverse.
We want their kids getting sterilized with the big tech-funded transsexualism.
I got an article on that today.
We want America under our foot.
Because we are the leftist rulers.
We are the masters.
We are the controllers.
All right.
Here's what I'm going to do.
It'll take me a good 45 minutes to go through what really happened with COVID and where we are and the fact that their whole system collapsed, their lives all collapsed, and now they just want us to forget about it and move on to the next scam.
Because it's all intertwined to the Great Reset.
Just like they're running the energy scam to collapse us by design, we've got to expose that.
And just like they ran the COVID scam to collapse us, and to destroy confidence, and to kill a bunch of people, we've got to expose that.
And every step of the way we fight, fight, fight, fight, fight.
Because when we don't submit, and when we're informed, and when we support independent good guys, Evil gets its ass handed to it every single time, but when Thomas Jefferson was asked during the Revolutionary War more than 250 years ago, the very start of the war, they said, what does it take to stop tyrants?
And he wrote in a letter famously, all that evil men and tyrants need to flourish is good men doing nothing.
All that evil men and tyrants need to flourish is that good men do nothing.
It's very simple.
All that evil men and tyrants need to flourish is that good men do nothing.
All that evil men and tyrants need to flourish is that good men do nothing.
And that counts for women as well, in our day and age.
And there were women fighting back then as well.
So, men and women better step up and decide what side they're on.
People better spend their time, their energy, and their money, or they're gonna lose it all.
We have the money, we have the smarts, we have the ingenuity to peacefully overthrow this thing, but everybody's gotta go all in now.
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All right, did a pretty good job I think last hour covering a lot of huge news and our underglobalist attack and now the war and energy clampdown is just part two of the pincer attack with the whole COVID global lockdowns and that's even in their own great reset UN corporatocracy battle plans.
And I'm going to get into the really big news of not just the latest breaking news on the COVID fraud and how huge that is.
That's next hour with a major whistleblower from inside Newsmax.
What has been done in the past and just chronicling some of what was done to the public in the last 25, 26 months is very important.
So that starts at the beginning of the next segment.
But just looking at the energy news to expand some on what this means.
Fertilizers getting cut back in production.
Oil, gas, everything that causes death in the third world.
Big time death.
Food crisis about to get worse.
China says winter wheat condition could be worst in history.
People say, well, there's too many people.
Let's turn off the resources.
It's going to happen to you, too, even if you believe there's too many people.
You understand what this means?
Third world collapsing, flooding the first world.
Biden looks around the world for oil while ignoring one major country supply, the USA.
Very important article from Town Hall.
He's literally calling for people to increase production, but won't let us have it.
I mean, it's just, it's crazy.
Biden advisers waste Saudi Arabia trip for more oil.
Booty Judge says buying oil from Iran, the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism, is on the table.
And it goes on and on and on, I already mentioned.
A lot of this, but folks are pointing it out.
Biden's letting Russia mediate a new Iran deal, while also not sanctioning oil from Russia, while negotiating with Maduro to import more oil from Venezuela.
The U.S.
didn't recognize Maduro, who also negotiated with Putin.
This is Joe Biden as president.
And look at what's happening to commodities in just the last year.
Heating oil up 90%.
That hurts the poorest folks around the world.
WTI crude, 80%.
Brent crude, 79%.
Coffee, 73%.
I told you you're about to have to go up on coffee price.
It's what we're like making no money when we sell it now, basically.
Gasoline, 70%.
Aluminum, 70%.
Natural gas, 69%.
Wheat, 59%.
Corn, 35%.
Cotton, 34%.
Lumber, 34%.
Soybeans, 18%.
Sugar, 15%.
Copper, 13%.
Gold, 12%.
GPI 7.5 silver they manipulated down And Elon Musk has been criticized by the left, even though he's the big electric car guy, for calling for Europe to restart nuke plants and for the U.S.
to boost oil and gas output immediately because he says the world economy is going to go into a depression, which is the plan of the Great Reset.
Arab Spring risk flourish as global food prices jump to record highs.
Record all-time highs.
Last time I got close to this, worldwide rebellion.
You hit the number where third world people spend more than half their money on food, riots immediately break out, borders collapse, the UN organizes the third world invasion.
Unbelievable information.
Now, when we come back, I would suggest everybody tell their friends, neighbors, family, perfect strangers, tune in to local stations, the internet, or however you want, because they don't want what is about to happen to happen.
There's a great article Kellan McBreen wrote about it, but I want to add the sub-headline, or a third headline, that humanity has experienced the largest Experiment in psychological and biological warfare the planet has ever seen.
It is called COVID-19.
Because that's what this is.
The article's on Infowars.com so you can follow along.
We'll be back in T-minus 60 seconds.
This is Beyond Critical Intel.
So once it's archived today from the live show, share it like your life depends on it,
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All right, we're definitely in very dark days, but that is triggering all of the incredible awakening that we're seeing across this planet.
And it's forcing everybody to choose which side they're going to be on.
Are you going to be free?
Were you born to be wild, given free will by God?
Or are you going to be a slave of the New World Order and big tech?
That is the question.
And I say we're born to be wild.
I know we're born to be wild.
But in that wildness then make the choice of free will to align ourselves with God.
We really should celebrate a little bit.
We haven't won the war but we've really won some big battles and we've really given the globalists A bloody nose and some broken ribs and a couple big stab wounds right in their guts.
The New World Order's stuffing its guts back in.
The holes we punched in them, they're in big trouble right now.
That's why the Bilderberg Group and Davos would say in the last decade, you try to shut down the Davos Group, you try to shut down the European Union, you try to end globalism, there'll be a war!
You can look those headlines up.
In Europe, and people say, well, how's that gonna happen?
Well, you saw how it happened.
Is Putin in on it?
I don't know.
But I'm telling you, we could predict there'd be war with Russia and now China coming up as soon as the COVID operation was pushed as far as they could get it.
As soon as it was getting more negatives than positives for them, as soon as it was waking people up and galvanizing resistance, and as soon as the public was waking up, they back off, hoping we don't have a memory, hoping we don't remember.
So we've been through hell.
I've lost friends.
I've lost family.
I know most of you have as well from the bioweapon that they cooked up at Wuhan and released, and it's all declassified now that Fauci and Gates had the patent for it with Moderna.
Pfizer was involved.
That all came out a few weeks ago.
Well, we already knew two years ago, but now confirmed.
What the Indian scientist and Australian scientist first said 25 months ago in February, actually late January.
That's more than 25 months.
And so I was sent, just telling you where I got it, a thread Saturday by my good friend.
You might have heard of him.
He's a popular podcaster.
And he said he's going to do something on it as well.
And I said, well, I am too.
Thanks for sending it.
And it's this link.
My Sir Fadwick of Hoddleton, which obviously is a gnome-to-plume joke name, and it's, now that COVID is over, here is a thread of everything they want you to forget, and boy, This individual posted over a hundred documents and stories that I've forgotten about, many of them, but they also had been thousands of people under it posting even more insane things that are on record that the globalists actually did.
In the biggest psychological warfare test the world's ever seen that was backed up by a real bioweapon and then an injection That was many times stronger than the actual virus that was man-made.
That they owned the patents to with the HIV spike protein, now causing vaccine autoimmune deficiency syndrome around the world.
And I have mainline scientists and others saying, in Israel, in the UK, in Canada, in the US, people have Fast acting HIV now, where you don't wait 3 or 4 years for it to eat your white blood cells.
This is people getting AIDS like stuff, cancers, you get the cold and just die.
Shriveling up and dying because the white blood cells are gone.
And people ask, well how are they going to get away with this?
Well it's the same way That I said they would, with a new war and economic collapse to distract you from what they've already done.
So let's play a clip from Dr. Zelenko, who warned of this two years ago, saying it will give you autoimmune deficiency disorder, because he could read what scientists were warning about.
Dr. Yidan, the former head of Pfizer Biomedical Division, and so much more.
and Dr. Zelenko said these shots have destroyed the immune system.
People that took two shots are worse than people that took three shots, even worse.
They've acquired an immune deficiency syndrome.
And he's now been vindicated in all of that.
So here's a clip of what he had to say that I'm gonna start drilling in
to what they want you to forget about.
So according to Israeli funeral directors and their own papers,
They're seeing a thousand percent increase in death.
If one person would die a day, ten are dying a day.
And the ages are much, much younger, and the causes of death are ridiculous.
A 20-year-old just didn't wake up two days after taking a shot.
Stuff like that.
I mean, that's the norm.
And Israel is the most immunized country in the world, especially from the perspective of multiple boosters.
Israel is the number one country with three and four, with people that got three or four shots.
And what is the official cause of death according to the government?
Now, let's analyze that.
Omicron is much more infectious than measles.
There is no way to stop the spread of Omicron.
Not even the Zelenko Protocol can help you there.
But the good part of Omicron is that it limits its damage to the upper airway, not the lower airway, which killed most people.
And so it causes a bad flu.
We can deal with that.
We can mitigate those symptoms.
We can even preventive strategies.
And by the way, to contradict the Israeli data, no one else is dying from Omicron, essentially.
Not on that scale.
Especially in South Africa where it came out, America for sure, and my practice directly, no one's dying from Omicron.
It's really easy to treat if you do it in the right timeframe.
So why are Israelis dying from Omicron?
And I'm not denying that they're dying from Omicron.
But there's another reason.
There are dozens of peer-reviewed papers that show that these shots have destroyed the innate immune system or damaged.
And it's dose relevant.
It's people that took two shots are worse than people that took one shot.
Three, even worse.
So it gets worse as you continually take the booster.
It's dose related apparently.
So, So what the majority of Israelis have, they've acquired something.
I'm using words very, very carefully here.
They've acquired an immune deficiency syndrome.
They have AIDS.
Oh, he didn't just say that this year or last year.
He said the year before, and so did Dr. Yidan, chief scientist from Pfizer.
He retired the year before, and a bunch of other top scientists, because they looked at the damn spike protein of HIV in COVID and said, this is man-made, and this is what this virus will do.
Bill Gates just injected millions of people with Fauci with the spike protein that causes the shutdown of the white blood cells.
And the normal virus they released does that as well.
It kills you slowly.
Now when we come back, we're going to chronicle.
We're going to go back in time.
And there's no place to even start.
Some's recent, some happened two years ago.
But it's insane, the abuse and the psychological warfare to try to pressure us into taking this injection that gives you VAIDs.
Vaccine-induced AIDS.
We'll be right back.
Hide what you got to hide.
And tell what you have to tell.
I want my problems to multiply.
I believe in the policy.
The policy of truth.
Because we're going to bring down the New World Order.
We're starting a fight with the system.
And our destruction will be a burning light to lead humanity out of the dark.
If that's God's choice.
If I make it out of this, get to live a long life after this, that's all gravy.
But I've made my decision, and I'm free of the New World Order now.
All right, let's get into it.
Here we go.
This is a feed, and a lot of people joined in on it, so I'm only covering the tip of the iceberg, but the tip of the iceberg is like Mount Everest.
The evidence is so incredible.
Now that COVID is over, here is a thread of everything they want you to forget.
I'm going to move quickly through these because there's hundreds of them, but just think back of what's gone on the last 26 months.
Black Lives Matter protests may have slowed the overall spread of coronavirus in Denver and other cities new study finds.
But anybody else going out in public is bad.
Only leftists can go out.
Women actually wore cones of shame around their neck.
To quote, stop the virus.
Little signs of how good they are.
All over the world, there's a shot from Israel.
Seats are reserved for vaccinated people only, even though it's not a vaccine.
Cornell vaccine mandate only applies to white students.
This is mainstream news.
This is not a joke.
Rescue dogs shot dead by NSW Council due to COVID-19 restrictions.
City Council killing people's dogs in Australia.
Greater Sydney residents have been warned of COVID-19 positive man who's on the run.
It's a dangerous community after he reneged on arrangements made with NSW police.
Now they want all Australians to be tracked in live time with apps on their phones.
From September 13th, NSW residents are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, will be given new freedoms.
This is not satire.
Residents of hotspots can leave home for an hour of recreation on top of their exercise hour, while people in other areas can meet five others outdoors.
They want you to forget what they got you to do.
Oh, that's just Australia.
Oh, and Canada.
Oh, and no.
It's the globalists worldwide.
They're coming for everybody.
The universities in the U.S.
are still under this.
That's the cult.
Australia's home quarantine app uses facial recognition technology to make sure you haven't left your house.
Lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world.
Yeah, and starving 40 million extra people to death.
World Economic Forum.
Israel Ministry of Health.
Recorded saying that the Minister of the Interior, there is no medical or epidemiological justification for COVID passports.
It's only intended to pressure the unvaccinated to vaccinate.
And of course, be the platform for total control.
Kids are cute, but they're not really eco-friendly.
And now in the age of COVID, don't have children.
There's a kid playing a saxophone through his mask.
All virtues signaling.
UK government confirms tonight that a person has been vaccinated in Africa or South America or countries including UAE, India, Turkey, Jordan, Thailand or Russia, you are considered unvaccinated and must follow unvaccinated rules for 10 plus day quarantine.
They didn't take the mRNA HIV injection.
New York governor refusing to budge on vaccine mandate for nurses.
You are replaceable.
Then it caused a massive breakdown in medical workers.
Both vaccinated.
Oregon health officials say you can kiss on dates again.
The cult says you're allowed to kiss.
Victoria police ban media choppers.
Don't want anybody seeing how big the crowds are.
Twelve-year-old gets COVID vaccine as birthday gift.
Military leaders saw pandemic as a unique opportunity to test propaganda on Canadians.
NSW police have also advised the cemetery that visiting the grave of a loved one in the cemetery is not considered a reasonable excuse to leave home.
Total prisoner training.
The vaccine situation is getting to the point where I will go door-to-door myself and force people to take the injections.
Of course, the mask being a giant environmental disaster and toxic and not Protecting you, ladies and gentlemen.
On Halloween, kids in Ontario are being encouraged not to sing or shout for treats.
And in California, they said don't sing in church.
Asked to elaborate on the CMOH, says kids can still say trick or treat, but not with a high volume so that the virus isn't aerosolized.
CDC recommends virtual Thanksgiving this year.
Children inside plastic boxes when they're three and four years old, wearing masks to brainwash them to be prisoners.
Bill's Cole Beasley, unvaccinated, forced to quarantine after testing negative for COVID because he came in contact with a fully vaccinated trainer who had the virus.
BBC, if you think you could have COVID even if the PCR test is coming back as negative, regard it as COVID and self-isolate.
UK Director of Public Health, turns out the PCR test didn't work, they were a fraud, they knew it from the beginning, but they did take your DNA worldwide and put it in a corporate UN database.
The Bill Gates controls.
And of course, big giant piles of the filthy mask everywhere, giving people bacterial pneumonia.
If you're fully vaccinated against COVID, the next step to improve your immunity may be to actually catch the virus, experts warn.
Oh, so the shot isn't really a vaccine, it's a gene therapy that erases your immunity.
But don't worry, getting the virus is actually what gives you immunity.
Laugh my ass off.
You guys are getting desperate.
Damn right, you leapers.
Silly, unvaxxed filth.
Second-class filth.
Fauci and all of his bizarre behavior being worshipped on TV as a god.
Baby not qualified to be exempted from using Leave Home Safe app barred from entering sports center because they haven't been vaccinated.
The image of images.
In Israel, also all over the world, VR goggles over the children to live in a false reality while they're given a vaccine that changes and cuts their double helix DNA, leading to blood clots and cancer.
Yep, talk about see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing.
Thanksgiving guidelines.
No more than three household presents.
No parties in longer than two hours.
Guests may stay outside.
Avoid singing, chatting, or shouting.
That's in the United States and California.
But the borders can be wide open.
Lost child to COVID-19.
Then you read later that they had died of something else.
They say, however, it is not revealed the coronavirus was the reason that the child died.
Turned out it was an automobile accident.
California county mandates mask in private homes.
Same thing all over the world.
Young man with clean bill of health left hours from death and hospitalized for catching COVID.
That shows the young man in excellent health who is also trying to get a job in the new Star Wars movie as Jabba the Hutt.
This National Chocolate Covering Anything Day, everything is up for grabs.
Just be sure you know that ingredients are in your chocolate first.
Oh my goodness.
That's just the tip of the iceberg.
Omicron and Delta may strike people at the same time and combine to create an even worse COVID variant in the coming weeks.
Moderna boss warns.
Now they admit it gives you cancer, doesn't protect you, and erases your immune system.
And that they created COVID-19 in a lab in 2016.
All admitted.
We've got even more straight ahead.
Stay with us.
We have all been experiencing a giant criminal experiment, a psychological warfare operation overlaid with a bioweapon, synthetic release, and then phase two, the deadly injection, so you would take it, then have Stockholm Syndrome, and cover up the fact that you were attacked because you can't face the full horror that you've been scammed, that you've been lied to, that you've been hurt.
And so many doctors and institutions and lawyers and hospitals and schools And media got on board with the lie of not letting people see their families in nursing homes and then killing.
20,000 in New York on record.
You can't see your parents, even though you're healthy, but ship sick people in to kill them and then innovate them to make all the money?
And the same thing in Spain and Australia and New Zealand.
Oh, you can't see your children if you don't take the shot.
And all over the world they catch governments from California to New South Wales giving children the injections without parental authorization.
It's all a giant fascist biomedical test to see what they can get away with.
And Connecticut did it again last year.
And you know this list of things I went over, I've got some more here, is just the tip of the iceberg.
Because in this list, and other people are adding to it, there's thousands of things being put up, What about the New Zealand leaders saying, don't look at the sunset?
Or the Australian leaders saying, don't talk to your neighbors?
What about beating up the women and children and men, and riding over people with horses, all over Europe, all over Canada, all over... Or arresting people that peacefully protested in Canada, and charging them with 10 years in prison, shackling them in their bond hearings, and not giving them bonds?
What about that?
You see, you start trying to think about all the stuff they've done to us, or how about all the dead people?
How about the 40% increase in death?
All over the world by insurance companies reporting that it's the healthy that took the shots that are dying.
You can't ignore this!
A tenfold increase in the background level of natural death.
No one's ever seen this in World War I, World War II, never.
Everybody knows what's going on.
They're killing us with the viral release and with the injection.
That then erases your immune system and gives you VAEDs.
Let's get back to this.
Omicron and Delta may strike people at the same time and combine to create an even worse COVID variant in the coming weeks, says the head of Moderna.
But weeks later, he dumps all his stock, disappears, deletes his Twitter.
Because Moderna was always set up to launch mRNA technology against the world as a weapon with Bill Gates.
And then I mentioned this, don't forget it.
COVID vaccine profits meant nine new pharma billionaires.
COVID-19 positive children very frightened and separated from parents at Sydney's West Mend Hospital.
They've been doing the same thing here in the U.S.
I've talked to lawyers that have been exposing it.
Daniel Andrews says watching the sunset is not in the spirit of Melbourne's COVID-19 lockdown.
That was in Australia as well.
Meet the 40 new billionaires who got rich fighting COVID-19.
And on average, big tech companies doubled their profits the last two years.
And so did Amazon, and so did all the big companies, Walmart, Target.
Because they're essential, but you're not.
Meet the 40 new billionaires.
Oh, and the other big billionaires increasing their wealth on the vertical integration of the Great Reset.
The head of Pfizer, Is the CNN Business CEO of the Year.
Boy, what a sick joke.
CDC director now says our data from the CDC today suggests that vaccinated people do not carry the virus.
Remember that lie?
Now she says, oh, it was all a mistake.
The vaccine doesn't even work.
Oh, it works.
It gives you negative immunity within eight months.
All three vaccines are 100% effective against death and hospitalization, Fauci says.
It was a 100% lie!
100% lie!
Notice you don't see him sticking his head up anymore.
Don has no hospitalizations and no deaths.
All three U.S.
vaccines highly effective, says Fauci.
People vaccinated for COVID-19 do not spread the disease to anyone else.
Biden says that vaccinated people can't spread COVID-19.
That's not what the CDC says.
Oh, they later changed it.
First, they gaslight you to get you to take it.
Later, they admit they lied to you.
German police's COVID tracking data to hunt down witnesses demands death by tracking restaurant customers' movements through the vaccine passports.
Ronald McDonald has to evict families with young children who are unvaccinated.
De Blasio defends going to the gym and outbreak.
I need to exercise to be able to stay healthy and make decisions, but nobody else can.
Like Pelosi.
Not wearing the mask, but you've got to.
The CDC is refusing to publish data it has collected on booster effectiveness of 33 million Americans, 18 to 49, over fears it might show the vaccines are ineffective or that the vaccines are killing people.
Three-year-old denied heart transplant by three countries as his parents were unvaccinated.
Stephen Nolan, BBC radio presenter, on the left calls one of the greatest tennis players of all time, Novak Djokovic, on the right, a threat to health services.
Trudeau gives banks power to freeze funds without court order in bid to choke off protest funding.
"Oh, but when Russia does it, it's the most evil thing on earth."
He says, "Individuals are trying to blockade our economy, our democracy, and our fellow citizens' daily lives."
It has to stop.
But that's what they did with the COVID blockade that they said was to shut us down.
But they don't want us discussing all these historic facts.
COVID data will not be published over concerns it's misrepresented by anti-vaxxers.
Oh, really?
What do the insurance companies say?
40% increase in death.
Young man with a clean bill of health left hours from death and hospitalization.
He wasn't healthy.
Allergic to milk, some dark chocolate labeled as dairy.
Milk may still contain milk.
That's a funny headline.
Oh my goodness, and it just goes on and on and on.
Remember all the food, all the milk dumped out, all the farm animals killed because nobody could tend to them?
They had to stay inside and you drive down the road and you see the Telephone company workers and the tech company workers all wearing masks, and the ditch diggers wearing masks, and the little kids wearing masks, but the school teachers aren't wearing masks.
It's a symbol of our submission in this damn evil cult, and it needs to stop.
Now I've got the latest COVID news I don't want you to know about when we come back, but we only scratched the surface there, and later this week, I haven't picked what night yet.
I'm coming up here to do two hours live, just like I did on Saturday at a two and a half, to just take calls on this subject of what was the greatest crimes and greatest over-the-top stories of deception in the COVID fraud and take your calls.
Because there's so many angles we didn't get to.
Hell, let's just pick a night.
Let's do Wednesday night.
Let's do Wednesday night.
I saw a lot of complaints when I was gone last week.
I was here on Monday.
A lot of complaints.
Like, where are you off slacking and partying, Jones?
What are you doing?
I'm not slacking and I wasn't partying.
I was working to keep this place on air behind the scenes.
I'm not going to spend time on all the attacks and things that are going on, but I am working around the clock to stay on air.
And I'm going to be out of town a few days next week doing that as well.
So I'm a busy beaver, folks, and I've got a lot of stuff going on that nobody knows about.
But believe me, you think we've been effective on air?
We've been just as effective behind the scenes.
God's given me a lot of gifts and a lot of opportunities, and the biggest thing was you as a supportive audience.
But believe me, you can't spend your money anywhere as important as InfoWarsTore.com.
We are the tip of the spear.
All right, here's what I'm going to do.
I'm going to hit the latest COVID news with our special guest and whistleblower Emerald Robinson coming up in the next hour.
And she worked at Newsmax and OAN.
She's not blowing the whistle on Newsmax.
or OAN in particular, she's just exposing what happened with big pharma and big
media and the payoffs.
But OAN didn't do anything.
It was Newsmax that reportedly took the money.
So you can call that whistleblowing, you can call it what you want.
The truth is she's just telling the truth.
So Emerald Robinson is going to be joining us coming up in the next hour.
This is a big, big deal.
It is so illegal to have the federal government take taxpayer money and secretly pay out over a billion dollars to corporate media, from CNN to Fox News, from Newsmax to the New York Times, To agree to not run any anti-vax news, and to agree to cover up what's happening, and to agree to put out talking points to the public, and then not tell the public you're doing it, while Big Tech, that's also invested in Big Pharma, censors all the opposition.
What a perfect storm of evil to have Big Tech, Big Dinosaur Legacy Media, With a corrupt out of control government and big pharma owned by the big central banks, Eugenicist and Bill Gates right at the center of it.
But as scary as all of this is, the good news is Melinda Gates has come out against her husband and Jeffrey Epstein.
The whole world's coming out against these deadly shots.
The truth is getting out there.
And so we need to just keep hammering and hammering and hammering and hammering.
And point out that the federal government was giving money to school districts to push all these lies and to force these masks.
And so this is going to be their Waterloo where we peacefully take back the city councils, take back the legislatures, take back the school boards, take back everything and say no to these monsters.
So that's coming up next hour.
I want to talk about Russia some and what's unfolding and some of the biggest threats That are faced there.
And I want to get into this first because it ties into so many, so many things.
Here's the headline out of Reuters.
Putin's nuclear comments lead to rush for iodine in Central Europe.
Google searches for iodine pills skyrockets.
Steel bunkers, iodine pills, and canned food.
Fear of the nuclear apocalypse is back.
And there's a lot of breakdowns into all that information.
But I don't take iodine, high-quality deep-earth crystal iodine, because I'm worried about nuclear war.
Though it does protect you from some isotopes in the thyroid, so that your thyroid doesn't absorb the radioactive iodine that's produced in a hydrogen bomb detonation.
And then basically your thyroid dies.
And then you die.
So it's important to have your thyroid full of good iodine because your thyroid produces a lot of the hormones or produces the precursors so your glands can produce hormones.
But it's not just radioactive iodine in a nuclear war, it's bromine, bromide, chlorine, fluoride that they bomb us with that attacks our fertility, that attacks our cells, that attacks our DNA, that attacks our brain cells, our development, everything.
And every time I just type in iodine deficiency into DuckDuckGo, or even Google still, still has accurate searches, though most of their searches have been corrupted, you can go read the Wikipedia iodine, or you can go read ClubMD, or the National Institutes of Health, and they all say the same thing, is it's settled science, not like settled science on global warming, or settled science on these vaccines work when they were lying to you, but if you don't have iodine, you get sick, you die.
And what's incredible is when you read even the Wikipedia page that links to the NIH, they admit, well, you don't need iodine anymore.
They're fortifying our food with bromide.
Well, your body will absorb bromide if it doesn't have iodine.
And it'll use fluoride too, but it will totally whack out your endocrine system and all your hormones if you're getting bromide, bromine, chloride, fluorine, fluoride.
That's a fact.
But they say here, oh no, don't worry, you don't need iodine additives anymore in your food like they used to do that boosted IQ 15 points when they started introducing it in the 20s.
They stopped it by the 60s.
You need fluoride, which on record, fries your body and ends up killing you.
These people are sick, ladies and gentlemen.
So let's go over this right here.
Iodine is an essential dietary mineral for neurodevelopment among children.
The thyroid hormones, thyroxine, and it goes on, contain iodine.
In areas that there is little iodine in the diet, typically remote, inland areas where no marine foods are eaten, iodine deficiency is common.
It is also common in mountainous regions of the world, that's why the famous thing about all the mentally retarded mountain people, where the food is grown in iodine-poor soil.
Prevention includes Adding small amounts of iodine to table salt, and it goes on from there.
In the U.S., the use of iodine was decreased over concerns of overdose since the mid-20th century, and the iodine antagonists bromide and fluoride have been more ubiquitous.
In particular, in the 1980s, the practice of using potassium iodate as dough conditioner in bread and baked goods was gradually replaced by the use of other conditioning agents such as bromide.
So they take the good halogen out, the one you need, and they give you the bad ones.
And it just goes on.
Congenital Iodine Deficiency Syndrome.
Goes into over 2 billion people, brain damage, lower IQs worldwide from it.
Two billion people, individuals of insufficient iodine intake.
A third being school-aged children.
It just goes on from there.
You need to go read this.
For yourself, ladies and gentlemen.
Ten signs and symptoms of iodine deficiency.
Obesity, lethargy, heart problems.
It just goes on and on.
And the average person has absolute deficiencies.
Because even the level the FDA says is too low, scientists say, because they keep lowering what they want you to have.
They want to kill you.
They want to dumb you down.
They want you to be morons.
They literally don't want you to know about this.
What are the signs of iodine deficiency?
Here's another article.
Brain development, growth, healing, energy yielding, metabolism.
Putting on weight.
Feeling weak.
Feeling tired.
Dry skin.
Losing hair.
Having a slow heart rate or fast heart rate.
Feeling cold.
Pregnancy complications.
Learning and memory problems.
Swollen neck.
Heavy irregular periods.
Goes on and on.
Go read it for yourself.
The point I'm making is the people perish for lack of knowledge.
So I don't sell iodine.
For radiological events, though it's important for your whole body.
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It's a match made in heaven.
Coming up, when a lot of stations join us, Emerald Robinson is going to be coming on to talk about some incredible breaking news that she was a witness to.
We're not just singling out Newsmax, but it's really quite the scandal that's coming up.
We've also got some good news.
Russia And Ukraine agreed to meet in Turkey about a real ceasefire deal.
That's coming up.
We'll be breaking that down as well.
But I really wanted to play this Greg Reese report that needs to get more than 400,000 views on Bandai Video.
It needs to get 20 million views.
Because it's confirmed that the U.S.
Fauci was involved, of course, built a bunch of bioweapon labs in Eastern Europe, including Ukraine.
That's not a fake story.
Here it is.
is running secret biological weapons labs around their borders.
And while Western media now claims this to be misinformation, back in 2013, they reported on it.
While the United States and Murder Incorporated have been waging illegal wars all across the world in the name of democracy, Russia has been quietly selling energy and minding their own business.
And according to National Geographic, this was the reason why the Pentagon was building these bioweapons labs in the first place.
Because Russia was entirely quiet on the subject, and the U.S.
wanted to get ahead of them.
The initial biolab in Kazakhstan was built by the US for a hundred million dollars to store high-risk diseases such as plague and anthrax, and was hoping to attract scientists who might otherwise create biological weapons of mass destruction for someone else.
In order to keep the world safe, The U.S.
has since built several labs in Kazakhstan.
Most recently, a biosafety level 4 lab to be completed in early 2022.
As early as 2004, the Pentagon's Defense Threat Reduction Agency, DTRA, began creating a network of biolabs for infectious diseases in Uzbekistan.
And within a few years after operations began, outbreaks of unknown diseases were reported in the same areas as the labs.
In Georgia, leaked documents show that the U.S.
Embassy has been transporting deadly pathogens and human blood as diplomatic cargo, in a scheme where private U.S.
contractors working for three different U.S.
biolabs have been given diplomatic immunity to do so.
Shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine, AtWarClandestine released a video with maps of U.S.
biolabs matching up with maps of the recent attack, suggesting that Russia was securing these top-secret biolabs.
Western media claims this is false, but fails to debunk it.
And once the video goes viral, the U.S.
Embassy in Ukraine is caught deleting evidence of these labs from their website.
But not before an independent journalist was able to copy documents showing 11 Ukrainian biolabs funded by the Pentagon.
The Russian Embassy to Bosnia has accused the U.S.
of filling Ukraine with biolabs, which were very possibly used to study methods for destroying the Russian people at the genetic level.
And we now know that these so-called mRNA vaccines are destroying people at the genetic level.
We now officially know that COVID-19 is a man-made bioweapon.
We know that it was funded by elements of the NIH and Peter Daszak's EcoHealth Alliance.
We know that it was made in Wuhan, China.
And so, what isn't threatening about the U.S.
encircling Russia with top-secret biolabs?
And who on earth thinks it's a coincidence that everyone involved in the United Nations' Great Reset are now the Ukraine's greatest allies of all time?
The mercenaries and war profiteers in America are getting excited about making short-term profits off the dead.
But the only ones who will benefit from this war are the crooks at the top who have been caught committing the most heinous crime against humanity in all of recorded history.
And the only righteous way out of this is to hold these crooks accountable.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Wow, ladies and gentlemen.
All right.
Emerald Robinson is our guest.
She hosts a popular show now with FrankSpeech.com.
We'll talk to her on the other side in 60 seconds.
Well, she's been an amazing White House correspondent for Newsmax and OAN.
I'm a big fan of both Newsmax and OAN.
OAN is more hardcore than Newsmax.
But I've known, you know, Chris Ruddy for 25 years.
Interviewed him 25 plus years ago back when he was exposing The Clintons.
So we're not taking Newsmax, I think, to the woodshed here, though I'm very concerned.
I'm not singling them out.
It's just that she worked there and she witnessed some of this and has written about it.
The Blaze broke it last week.
It's gotten almost no attention.
It's huge.
Some of the biggest news in the last 26 months of this whole COVID power grab.
Exclusive, the federal government paid hundreds of media companies to advertise the COVID-19 vaccines, while those same outlets provided positive coverage of the vaccines, and wouldn't allow their hosts to even question it, it turns out, and cover up the danger of the shots.
And then Emerald Robinson, who now, of course, is doing a great job over at frankspeech.com with her own show, where she's not being censored, she came out with a big article on her substack, Where she wrote about this, everybody should go read it, Fox News and Newsmax took Biden money to push deadly COVID vaccines to its viewers.
Find her on Substack at Emerald Robinson and of course on the very popular Frank Speech and all the great work that Mr. Lindell is helping get on the air reaching millions a day.
So while congratulations on exposing this, I'm staying true.
And wow, it's great to have you here.
Very, very scary story.
You give us a really an inside view into how this was going on, what happened.
And while we saw some of the hosts fired over at Newsmax, who would just mildly criticize both election fraud and the vaccines.
And so thank you so much for joining us.
Where should we start Emerald?
Thanks so much, Alex, for having me.
I really appreciate it.
As you said, this is a very scary story because this is the definition of propaganda.
The government giving corporate media and Small, let's not even say the big corporate media entities, but also small entities, money to push the company line that these vaccines were safe and effective.
That is propaganda.
And one of the biggest propaganda campaigns, I would say, of all time outside of some of the war effort.
Now, to catch up your viewers, if they didn't see the news last week, The Blaze was able to confirm really great reporting, investigative reporting on the part of Chris Tadolfo for The Blaze via a FOIA request, what I had been told by insiders at a couple of networks.
That these corporate media outlets, these media outlets, were getting money in order to provide positive coverage of the vaccines via COVID relief funds that were provided through the Health and Human Services Department.
Now, in this FOIA request, it listed several different outlets.
The ones you would normally expect, right?
And their audience would be okay with it, probably, by and large.
That'd be MSNBC, the Washington Post, the LA Times, the Daily Beast.
But there were two in particular that were most concerning, I think, for viewers of these audiences, and that was Fox and Newsmax were on the list.
Now, WaPo and the LA Times have suggested, oh, well, this one was just PSA, the government buying PSAs.
And while we know that's not true, as is evidence in the coverage of every outlet, including Fox and Newsmax, which were very complimentary of the vaccines.
They put out statements saying that their position was that they are safe and effective, despite all this evidence that had been coming out for months.
That contradicted that.
In fact, the networks unbooked medical professionals, legitimate medical professionals, doctors, immunologists that expressed concerns about the vaccine and were trying to promote more therapeutic public relations.
People were calling me from all over D.C.
and I know you know those people because they reached out and they try to get their guestbooks and they were just in shock that conservative entities We're treating them this way, despite legitimate concerns and facts and data about the vaccines.
And as you noted, we started to see anchors, television anchors.
I can think of one in particular, an evening news host, who was pulled off his own show once he tweeted that he would not comply with the mandate.
And then, of course, there's the great Lara Logan.
Who has not really, I don't think she's been on Fox again after voicing criticism for Dr. Tony Fauci, who if you will notice, now that the Pfizer documents have done with nine pages of side effects, isn't out there on the media all day like he has been for the last two years.
He's in hiding.
You know, that's a great point about Laura Logan.
She gets up there and says what everybody knew to be the truth about these vaccines aren't working, they're causing health problems, they're bullying people to take them, and this is violating the Nuremberg Code, and boom, she is off Fox and the word is basically was let go there.
But that's a badge of honor to be basically canned because you couldn't be bought.
Yeah, very much so.
And I think this is important to point out for the audience, Alex, is that these networks, these media outlets, were taking this money, providing this kind of coverage.
And if you go back with this lens now, and you look at some of the previous coverage, it makes more sense to you what you were seeing on TV or in print.
They took this money, but they didn't disclose it to their To their audience.
They had no idea that they were getting money from the government to promote these vaccines.
A lot of people thought they were watching unbiased news.
So that is a huge That is breaking the biggest rule in journalism.
It is propaganda.
And I'll also say that it wasn't just, you know, the audience that was in the dark about this money.
Most of the, I think of the networks, the different networks, the majority of on-air talent or producers were unaware of this deal from HHS as well.
So that's problematic.
And I know that, you know, Reporters, myself included, were asked to be careful about what we said about the vaccines, both on air and in our social media posts, suggesting it could be problematic.
And now we understand that.
We have the context of that a little better now.
Well, that's right.
That happened to Ivory Hecker at Fox in Texas.
She was talking to people that were getting sick, people that didn't like the shot, nurses and things, and doctors that were being pressured to be fired if they didn't take it.
And they said, listen, we got sponsors.
And she's like, well, who are these sponsors?
Well, we're not going to talk about it.
But now we know it wasn't just Big Pharma.
It was the government coming in and giving taxpayer money to that local popular station in Houston so that they would, again, control the narrative.
And not only did you have outlets doing that, but in the case of Fox, back in December, they even, I've seen the emails from former or current Fox employees, that they would pay their employees $500 if they would give proof of vaccination status.
So not only were they taking the money, doing some positive coverage, they were also paying their employees $500 if they would take the vaccine.
Yet we saw what they would say in their opinion-led shows, particularly about being critical of mandates or not giving people the choice.
And this is what they were doing behind the scenes.
You know, I've got so many questions for you, but reading your article on Substack, You talk about some of the things that you witnessed inside Newsmax.
How were they trying to control the narrative there?
Well, I would say it's the same as we saw at a lot of the other networks, in that there was a control of which guests came on.
If you'll look back at the coverage, you didn't see guests that were the medical experts that were more critical of the vaccine, thought perhaps the vaccines were terrible, shouldn't Highlighted the concerning data that we were seeing in Israel, particularly remember over the late summer months and early fall, it was becoming very clear in Israel that these two shot, then by then for Israel, three shot vaccines were not working.
In fact, it appeared to be increasing the spread of the virus and there was already reports of severe side effects.
There were lots of vaccine injured people in America who just didn't get to go on television and tell their story.
They were told that, you know, the networks weren't interested in it.
So we saw that basically across the board at every network.
But like I said, it's more concerning for, I think, conservative viewers of networks they feel that they can trust than maybe the MSNBC viewers who are probably fine with this, to be honest.
Emerald, I've got a hundred different questions for you.
We're about to go to break, but when we come back, what's front and center for you?
What are you going to hit when we come back?
Uh, we could talk more about what I think we're going to see.
I think we're going to learn more entities that probably got money for the vaccines.
I will tell you that there is more information that we should know.
For instance, that's exactly where I was going, because we know this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Stay right there, folks.
We'll be right back.
Coming up at the last few minutes of this hour before Roger Stone joins us, big developments in Russia with the Ukraine conflict.
They've agreed to meet in Turkey.
We also have...
Some really bizarre news with Britney Spears coming out about forced blood transfusions and things out in Hollywood.
We're going to be talking about some of that.
There's a lot of news up on InfoWars.com and also a MTG interview that we did that we haven't aired yet that just went live where she gets into the mask and so much more.
That's now at InfoWars.com.
Emerald Robinson is again a journalist.
She's been a White House correspondent for Newsmax and OAN.
She now does a show over at frankspeech.com where she's not being censored and of course she writes for Substack at Emerald Robinson.
You can find it right there and she has been Giving us an inside scoop on how the censorship and control was going on at one of the outlets, Newsmax, that was taking the money, not just ABC, not just CBS.
And during the break, I was saying, what's the big angle here?
And she was going to get into it right now, dealing with how deep the rabbit hole goes, what the other shoes are that are about to drop.
So again, thank you for joining us and lay that out for us, because clearly they don't want us to know how much money each one of these outlets was getting.
No, they don't.
And a source who was familiar with the FOIA request conducted by the Blaze at the document that contained said that the information about exactly the exact amount that each media outlet got was not contained in the documents it was redacted.
Now, the HHS cited a trade secret provision as the reason that they did that.
Now, I don't I think that makes a lot of sense because that's not giving away any kind of trade secrets as formulation or product ingredients or sequencing or anything like that.
It literally is just the amount of money in a propaganda campaign, a PR campaign for the vaccines that each network got.
I think it would, it behooves these audiences, the public, to get that information.
Because, yeah, even if it's just one dollar, Alex, and they took it and they did a positive coverage, that's still problematic.
But I think if we saw the monetary amount, it would probably be quite surprising to Americans and to audiences.
Also, what people didn't realize is how widespread this campaign went.
I was shocked when I learned certain small, tiny, tiny things that you don't even see as having much influence.
got some of this money and it was very disappointing to some of the people who worked with these
tiny things.
But I'll also say lots of important people, lots of public figures who have strong followings
and huge audience bases also got some of these funds, certain people, and that was not released
as part of this FOIA dump as well.
Well, that's what I got from the Blaze article and then when yours expanded under the document
says this is just a small amount of billion plus dollars.
This is government We know that Big Pharma put out billions and billions from basketball stars and movie stars right down to youtubers with just a few thousand followers getting thousands of dollars so there was massive amounts of money going out there to control the narrative and - Exactly, and if you look at how controlled
the narrative was, remember two years ago, I was called, I mean, I was called a conspiracy theorist
a lot, but once in particular, for talking about how the mRNA vaccines alter your DNA.
Well, we're learning even more about that in the last couple of weeks,
and that's just accepted now, right?
That that's how the technology works.
It's going to permanently, in a way, change your DNA.
Something they said, you were crazy if you talked about before.
Remember when we talked about the origins of COVID, you were crazy, you were pulled off Facebook.
My posts were censored and pulled off Facebook.
I still can't actually post on Facebook.
And as you know, I was banned on my Twitter account for tweets and a subset that I did that to this day has not been really proven false.
No one has proven me false.
Well, that was my next question for you.
In fact, I meant to ask that up front.
How does it feel to be totally vindicated because you were censored all over the place?
And attack for doing really good research and interviewing a lot of experts.
You've been vindicated.
They now admit it's not a vaccine.
It doesn't really protect you.
After eight months, you have less immune system than you had before.
So that's a negative effect.
I mean, they now want us to kind of forget about the last two years and move on to the Ukrainian war.
But what happens to all the people that were blacklisted like you for simply questioning it?
Nothing changes for them, just because I'm right.
In fact, it's actually in some ways more problematic for them, because they did de-platform me, because they have tried to do media smear campaigns about me, and so they'd rather try to continue to do that and keep me as a conspiracy theorist, even though on nearly any level I can think of, I've been vindicated to this point.
And I don't say that being vindicated makes me feel better, Alex, because So many people are still hurt by the misrepresentation of information, by false information.
I just wish I'd never been deplatformed or that I'd never been censored so that people could have gotten the information in real time because a lot of times, these medical experts that I've been talking to all along, they really tried to help people.
They were trying to get that information out there.
They lost their job.
Many of them were forced to resign.
They're not getting their jobs back just because they've been right now, based on what I've heard.
Well, again, I don't want to call you a hero, but you are a hero, and it was George Orwell that said, in a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act, and so many thousands of scientists and doctors and nurses and media people lost their jobs, got persecuted, got sued, got deplatformed, just because we wanted to tell the world the truth.
How does it feel To know that there are people working for the system now that are richer and who consciously now took part in this lie, even though it's now confirmed it was all a big lie.
And so instead of you being vindicated, they're now fully discredited.
I wonder how they feel, or I wonder if they have any conscience.
Well, I've been around these people for a long time now.
Now, Alex, I've covered the White House.
I covered the White House and DC politics for about five years.
And it was a busy five years, as you know, the Trump years, and then it extended into the Biden administration.
And based on being in national media and sitting with those people day in and day out, I can guarantee you a very small percentage, if any, will feel any level of remorse in what they did.
They just won't.
And they won't change.
It'll happen again in the future.
And that's why it's so important to have uncensored outlets like yours, like the one I'm now with, LyndaleTV and FrankSpeech.com, where we can give you the news uncensored.
We don't have to worry about where the money is coming from or who's this quote-unquote sponsor.
That is so important, and of course, it's exploded.
We're really excited to see that Lyndell TV and Frank Speech is doing so well.
That's why, he's a hero.
Just because he was so optimistic, and I warned him that they weren't going to overturn this criminal election quickly, being optimistic is not a crime, but the funding and the things he's done, boosting thousands of independent media voices and hundreds of prominent ones like you that have been censored, that's why the work he does is so important.
And he's the hardest worker I've ever met.
I thought that I stayed busy and worked hard.
That man gets, I'm not sure when he probably sleeps because he is going day in and day out around the country to try to highlight the truth, to try to fight for American freedoms.
And like you said, I am very thankful for him to give me this platform, my show, The Absolute Truth.
With Emerald Robinson, we'll start next week on FrankSpeech.com and LyndaleTV at 9 a.m.
And look, we're going to try to just grow this even more, where we bring you more news, more facts, more information that you just won't see out there on the media and I can tell you, and the corporate media, and I can tell you that this is just the beginning, especially for LyndaleTV.
Absolutely, stay there.
Emerald Robinson, I'm excited.
This is so exciting.
Well, investigative journalist, reporter, White House correspondent for Newsmax and OAN, now works at FrankSpeech.com.
Emerald Robinson's here.
She also has her own sub stack, writes amazing articles.
We link to a lot of them at InfoWars.com.
She was just confirming what came out in this big blaze report with a FOIA request that over a billion dollars in just one program was paid in the last year under the Biden administration to the media To then put out favorable stories for the vaccine.
That, ladies and gentlemen, is so dangerous and I think it's illegal.
It's not just unethical, but to take taxpayer money and then give it to the corporate media and have it be a secret.
And now how these companies claim trade secrets to protect what they're doing.
This needs to be stopped.
But, Emerald, where is Congress?
Where are the Republicans?
Because they had control.
For the first two years, when Trump was out of the House and Senate, they didn't stop the censorship.
They didn't stop the stay-behind networks that Obama put in to, quote, counter foreign disinformation, which the Democrats still controlled to use billions of dollars to launch censorship operations inside America by labeling us all Russian agents.
I mean, this has been a systematic tyranny we've been witnessing, and now we've got Reports here that, I'm going to cover this next hour on Roger Stone's on, that people are being held for weeks and weeks and weeks for months, for eight weeks, without even being charged in January 6 now, which is a federal crime violates habeas corpus.
I mean, the Democrats and these big corporations, it seems like, are just going for broke on every front and trampling every basic right we have.
Because they know they can, Alex, because you hit the nail on the head there.
Where are the Republicans?
We've been saying that Trump was a flashlight, and I say this often for institutions in every way, whether it was the DOJ, the FBI, the DOD, the NSC.
He exposed the corruption in nearly every institution that we had, academia, but he also exposed who Republicans really were, and besides a handful, Alex, they're largely the same as Democrats.
And that's why Democrats are able to do what they want to do, particularly
with the January 6th defendants, because Republicans are too afraid
to go and say anything about it.
They don't want to be aligned with these people that they see as conspiracy theorists.
And in many ways, remember when they did have the majority, Senate
majority leader Mitch McConnell was active in blocking so many
Trump initiatives himself.
The Democrats didn't have to do anything.
He kept it under control for them.
Also, when you go back to Republicans and why they haven't talked or really done anything about censorship, it's another one of those instances where you need to follow the money because so many of them have big tech donating to their campaigns.
So many lawmakers have ties with, you know, kids getting jobs, that's another issue where again you
follow the money which it often is in DC.
And it's not really about doing the best and following the best interest for the American people and that's both sides.
There are some good ones. There are some, but it's a very small percentage.
Are you still having to be inside the belly of the beast DC or have you gone out to the Frank's Beach headquarters now?
I have escaped to an undisclosed location.
I am in the countryside somewhere in the United States.
I'm in Virginia, but I love Virginia.
I love the countryside, and I am thrilled to death to be outside of D.C.
It is not a good-feeling place.
Yeah, Belly of the Beast is right.
Oh, wow.
I mean, the creepiness, and now they want vaccine passports to go into restaurants, and you've got to go to a side window if you don't?
It's like we're turning everybody to segregation here.
It's apartheid for people that don't take an experimental shot in their body that completely violates the Nuremberg Code, you know, just as many other journalists have pointed out.
And speaking of segregation, particularly when you look in the district, it's not the white liberals who live in the district who are concerned about the vaccine mandates.
You know, they're getting the vaccine and they're showing their passport.
It's by and large the black population there who are concerned.
In fact, I would often frequent a couple restaurants Who did not toe that line in D.C.
over the last few years, kept their doors open, kept their staff on, didn't care if you had a mask on or not, would serve you and treat you like a human being anyway, so we really tried to support those restaurants, and I would go in there.
Then, you know, there were lots of members of the Black community there, and they expressed concerns about the vaccine.
They didn't want to take it.
And so they're, by and large, probably the group getting the most discriminated against in this vaccine policy in the District of Columbia.
There really is segregation.
And they're setting the precedent to do things.
That we only read about in the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany or North Korea, but on a grand scale, and I don't see, Emerald, how big pharma and its incestuous relationship with big tech and dinosaur media and government gets away with what they've done.
They're hoping everybody just forgets what they did for the last two years, but I don't see that anger going away.
I think they've really awakened the sleeping giant and given it a terrible purpose to quote Admiral Yamamoto.
They did, and particularly they awakened Mama Bear, right?
Even those who had historically, the suburban moms, a lot of them who had historically supported the, or more liberal, supported the Democratic Party.
You always see the Republicans trying to court them, but this ignited them in a way.
I have had so many women in the suburban, you know, DMV region, Virginia, Maryland area, This has completely flipped their politics.
They ended up campaigning in Virginia for Glenn Youngkin when they'd always been a Democrat voter, but they were so appalled with how these policies affected their children.
Their children were becoming suicidal, they were becoming depressed, they couldn't learn, they were falling behind in education, and they really stoked that bear.
They're not putting that back in the box.
These moms have not forgotten, although the media is currently and the Biden administration is currently conducting the, what I call this, look, a squirrel tactic, right?
With Russia and Ukraine, it's all day, every day on every single network.
It's look over there and don't pay attention to what's coming out about the vaccine.
So we're not going to pretend like this didn't happen.
But given the chance again, if they can keep the majority in the midterms, look, they're not going to let go of this power grab.
And I think people truly understand that now.
If they're still in the majority after the November elections this year, I think we could expect to see mask mandates and all these mandates back again and lockdowns.
Well, that's my concern is you're not supposed to, Biden says it's an act of terror since last June, the official U.S.
government policy to question elections, to question lockdowns, to question these vaccines.
They're saying that's terrorism.
And there's no doubt.
I really worry they're going to steal the midterms.
I'm very concerned about that.
I don't see anything, and you know, I travel a lot now, particularly across the nation that I'm not on the White House beat anymore, looking at the efforts being made to change.
It should not let what happened in 2020 happen in regards to, you know, breaking the laws on voting, these massive ballot harvesting, ballot boxes.
And though some states have called it back a little bit, It's still more than existed in those kind of measures, voting measures, ahead of 2020.
And I don't see anything, Alex, that makes me very confident that we'll see a better election process, as of right now, ahead of 2020.
Now, there's still time.
What I do find, though, what I will say as I travel across the country, and I do think it's very encouraging, is that just your, you know, just your average American citizen, mom and dad going to work to feed their kids, You know, put them in school, make sure they grow up, get some sports in, get to go to college, and become productive citizens.
Now understand that they can't just sit and let somebody else do it anymore because they saw who were doing it and what they were doing.
So, more Americans are familiar with the process, they understand what happened, they know what needs to be done, and they're getting more active in their local communities, at their homes.
Trying to fix things on the ground level.
Now, they still have some problems even with Republican legislatures in some states.
It's not just Democrat legislatures, it's the Republicans as well.
And that's been an obstacle, but I do think it's very encouraging how real Americans who really care about the country and our freedoms and our future are getting out there and getting involved in the process.
I totally agree, that's what I'm seeing, and that's why the Democrats are so panicked.
They're going to pull a lot of tricks on us, but we're aware of it now, and so we're definitely living in the second great renaissance.
Emerald Robinson, you're going to be launching next Monday, FrankSpeech.com at 9am.
Is that central or eastern?
Eastern time.
All right, well I look forward to seeing it, and I really appreciate you joining us.
Hope you'll join us again soon.
Thank you so much.
And we are back, ladies and gentlemen.
We have huge breaking Russia news Vladimir Putin and their Foreign Minister Lavrov are warning of a global collapse in the world economy basically described as the Great Reset if this war continues now we have Russia Ukraine agreed a Turkey meeting will give you details of all this the Pakistani Prime Minister comes out and says are we your slaves When Europe and the U.S.
orders them to basically declare their enemies with Russia.
Russia seizes control of another of the big nuclear power plants.
Russia says that they've caught the gloveless back Ukrainian forces trying to stage terror attacks with dirty bombs to blame on the Russians.
We'll break it all down here in just a moment.
And then something that really is a bird's eye view into the evil and what we know goes on in Hollywood and other places Britney Spears is saying she was forced to work like a slave and forced drug and forced to take blood transfusions weekly.
Now, everything she said so far has turned out to be true.
And we know that that's the type of thing that the elites do themselves.
So it's just out of control, that story.
It's up on Infowars.com by Jamie White.
You definitely want to go read that just to get a bird's eye view of these people.
I have a Marjorie Taylor Greene clip that I want to play.
It's just a short little clip.
And when we were out at dinner when she was here a few weeks ago, I convinced her that she really needs to do it.
And I'm excited.
And I put her in contact with folks that know how to do it for her very easily.
And so I'm not bragging.
I'm just saying it's that spurring people.
For her to start doing her own daily podcast, whether it's 10 minutes long or an hour long, that will go super viral and exciting.
So she's here to basically in this tape to announce that she's going to be launching a podcast very, very soon.
And I think that's the answer is everybody creating their own operation.
That's why I'm promoting Frank's speech and Lyndell Tint TV.
I promote Glenn Beck now that he's woken up and isn't being a jerk and, you know, lying about me and stuff.
People said, what are you doing being nice to Beck?
He stole your stick and lied about you and attacked you.
Well, now he's not doing that.
And now he sounds just like me because the truth is here.
I want to stop nuclear war and the Great Reset, the New World Order.
I don't care if Glenn Beck had chopped my arm off and now he's fighting the New World Order.
Then I'm going to forgive him, because we've got to come together and beat these people.
And I'll be honest with you, if we turn the tide against the New World Order, and it looks like we're winning for a while, I've got a great crew, I love them to death, but I'm killing myself doing this.
I mean, I eat, drink, sleep this.
I've been doing this 28 years.
I'll keep InfoWars going if we turn the tide, but I'm not going to be working as hard as I am.
But instead, I'm going to double down, because I know we are neck and neck with these people.
And so we need more people on air and more people speaking on it.
I can't fund myself without your support.
I'm just like Mike Lindell, where he goes and sells pillows and sheets and beds and all these great products, and he's financing, I know, thousands of little hosts, hundreds of big hosts, and more than 10 huge hosts, and bringing people on board, like the last lady we had on, who's been censored.
And she's going to do a great job and be popular.
And that's the answer to globalist censorship, is more people standing up and speaking out.
Now, I'm quietly over the years helped finance quite a few little things behind the scenes and done a lot of that.
And we've been so under attack the last few years, we've had to cut that back to almost nothing.
We had to cut back our reporters traveling around the country as much because, you know, we've been under censorship and attack and supply chain breakdowns and all of it.
But more than ever, InfoWars has been proven to be accurate and the saying Alex Jones was right.
Has become a maxim of we know you're lying corporate media.
We know you're a fraud.
We know you're out to get us and we're going to take the person that has been demonized and lied about and attacked and punished and hold him up as a symbol of our victory over your lies.
I want to thank the listeners for that because there's nothing I want more than to beat the globalist and if they can shut us down so I can't speak so they can fully steal my identity and lie about me where I can't speak.
And stand up for myself.
They believe they can also silence you and then lie about who you are.
So we're all in this together and I thank you and I salute you for your prayers and your support.
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Here's some of what MTG had to say out at dinner a few weeks ago.
We're now breaking this information.
Marjorie, you were telling me about what it's like to be forced to wear a gag in
Congress, the fines you pay.
Yeah, so I don't wear a mask when I'm in Congress, and Nancy Pelosi fines me $2,500 every day that I don't wear a mask on the House floor.
And so I have over $100,000 in mask fines for refusing to wear the piece of cloth over my face that does nothing.
How do they do that?
When she's out in public, she gets caught not wearing it.
Oh, but it doesn't matter because she's Nancy Pelosi, obviously.
She's a hypocrite, and that's why I call her the queen in the House of Hypocrites.
Of course, there's a famous video a year and a half old of her getting her hair done with no mask.
Has that been brought up to her?
The science that says you must test, trace, treat, you must wear your mask, you must have sanitation, you must wear your mask, you must wear your mask.
Oh, yeah, but she ignores it, so.
That's why I'm suing her in court, because she also doesn't wear a mask at times on the House floor, and she doesn't get fined.
She doesn't pay the fines, but yet they take the money straight out of my check.
So I work for free in Congress because they take all my money away.
Wow, but you're standing up for what's right.
So they make children wear them at school still, but the teachers themselves are now exempt in many areas.
This is sick.
Yeah, that's right.
So the communist teachers in the teacher union that force children to wear masks and affect their education, their ability to have speech, to learn from their teacher, to be able to see others' faces, to share joy with one another on the playground and in the classroom.
Yeah, those people want to mask your children, but they don't want to wear them.
I hear you're launching a podcast soon.
I am launching a podcast so I can tell all what goes on in Washington.
Oh, they won't like that free speech.
They hate free speech.
That's why they want to cancel us, but I think we'll make sure that it gets out.
You're a very bad American.
We love you.
I like her, boy.
I like her a lot.
All right, we're going to go to break.
I'll do five minutes on Russia and then Roger Stone joins us with a lot of the, he's been spending a lot of time with Trump and he's got some good news, some bad news.
And then we're also going to respond to just some of the insanity.
I mean, four-page articles, full-page articles, The Washington Post calling for his arrest.
New York Times article says, you know, I need to be arrested, too.
I mean, they are just foaming at the mouth to put us in jail, claiming we wanted to overthrow the government on January 6th.
No, we wanted to protest the fraudulent election and get a 10-day legal investigation in the Senate.
The Democrats said they weren't going to accept The election, we're going to frog march Trump out with troops, even if he won.
And that they were quote Pelosi and all of them said this, uh, not going to accept even to be one to have their own inauguration of Biden somewhere else.
And they told us there'd be a red mirage, but the mail-in ballots would save the day.
I mean, this is a group of criminals that want to outlaw us questioning the fact that they stole the election.
Well, guess what?
We're not gonna shut up, you dirty globalist criminals that have shut down our energy and are buying Russian oil while we go bankrupt.
You globalist trash!
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So your X3 right now at 50% off at infowarestore.com.
We're going to cover the waterfront in the next hour with Roger Stone.
I'll talk to him for the first 30 minutes, then I'm going to hand the baton to him to finish up the last two segments ahead of Owen Schroyer and The War Room at 3 p.m.
Central today in T-minus 59 minutes, 40 seconds from now.
Here's some of the other huge news you're not really seeing in the United States.
Russia says West arming Ukraine will cause global collapse.
In chilling warning, Vladimir Putin demanded Ukraine must distance itself from NATO, lay down its arms, and recognize Russia's claims to Crimea, and to acknowledge that Donetsk and other areas are independent states before war can end.
He says it is a catastrophic development and world economic collapse could be triggered.
Russia-Ukraine agree on Turkey meeting.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his Ukrainian counterpart have agreed to meet
at a forum in southern Turkey on Thursday, the first potential talks between the top
diplomats since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine.
Turkey's Foreign Minister made the announcement in a brief remarks media on Monday.
And of course the Russians want them to have Zelensky step down.
They've had the Russian-backed president who was elected and overthrown by Soros.
Soros says he overthrew him eight years ago.
And that's what the Russians want.
And instead the West is pumping more weapons in and more former US troops are going in for the big fight.
It is just a mess.
We are not your slaves.
Or you ask the question, are we your slaves?
Pakistan's Prime Minister rebukes pressure to condemn Russia saying when they asked UN member countries to rebuke India taking Kashmir that nothing was done.
Yeah, it's the same story with Kashmir.
It was Indian for thousands of years, and the Pakistanis started taking it over in the last couple hundred, and the Muslims started pushing the Hindus out, and the Hindus and Buddhists got pissed and took it over.
I'm not getting between the Muslims and the Indians here.
The point is, is that, or the Muslims, the Hindus, the Buddhists, who happen to be Indian, but that's what's going on.
It's a good point, Pakistan makes.
Russia seized control of Europe's largest nuclear power plant.
Now that's admitted to have happened.
They did not attack the plant.
They did not stage that event, like everybody was told.
It was the Ukrainians basically just making it up.
They did attack some of the tanks, though, and troops that were outside of the base.
And I'm not defending the Russians in any of this.
I'm just reporting the truth.
There was no ghost of Kiev.
There wasn't a guy that blew himself up on a bridge.
There was no Snake Island.
There was no attack on the reactor core.
It was not releasing radiation.
And now we know That the Ukrainians are very capable of making stuff up, trying to draw us into the conflict.
We know the Secretary of State Blinken, Anthony Blinken, came out yesterday and said, I played the clip, He came out yesterday, and he said to the world, he said that, oh, we're sending planes via Poland there, and yeah, we're going to have to give them jets.
And then Poland said, that's not true, and that's an act of war.
And so we've got that situation.
Polish top diplomat, no-fly zone in Ukraine, likely illegal, would trigger a major war.
They went on to say, we are not transferring fighter jets to Ukraine.
So another lie from the Western media.
Are we surprised?
And that's what I hate about this.
The Russians aren't perfect.
Putin's got some problems.
China's completely evil.
This has given them cover to invade Taiwan.
I don't like what's going on.
But by having such criminals that are anti-American running us, and by all the lies they tell, we have no credibility because our leaders are a pack of out-of-control scum.
But the big articles on Infowars.com You should go read this right now as we won't get into it in the shower.
I may pop on during the war room to cover it more, but Russian Ministry of Defense accuses Ukraine of planting nuclear false flag.
Steve Watson article at InfoWars.com.
And if you don't share these articles, they don't get out there.
And used to, folks didn't want to share InfoWars.
We first got deplatformed, but now people love it because they know it's avant-garde.
It's cutting edge.
It's truly outlaw.
Because in the world of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
And so, when we have tyrants in charge, all patriots are outlaws.
And Infowars is as rebel as it gets.
And you are the rebel audience.
You are the light in the dark of the night.
You are the answer.
You are the victory.
You are the solution.
Resistance is life.
Submission to tyranny is death.
So share the articles and the videos like never before from Band.Video and BattlePlan.News.
You know, a lot of people that Haven't been famous, think it's fun to be famous.
And I can assure you, it's not.
And especially when you're infamous.
So yeah, when I walk down the street in any city in the U.S.
or small towns, people honk horns, they wave.
I shake 200, 300 hands before I get an F you Russian spy, I hope you die, I hope you go to prison.
You murdered the kids at Sandy Hook.
Statements like that.
Just total brainwashed bull out of these people.
And so then there's big New York Times articles out attacking yours truly today.
And there's a lot of other really crazy stuff going on.
But I wanted to show you this because they don't do this by accident.
Since the JFK assassination, there's not been a four full page article, not even when Obama got elected, in the main section of the Washington Post.
But here it is, how Roger Stone's a terrorist, how Roger Stone tried to attack the Capitol,
how Roger Stone needs to go to jail.
Ladies and gentlemen, what are they doing?
What are they pushing?
Alex Jones and Donald Trump, a fateful alliance, draws scrutiny.
It says in here, I led the attack on the Capitol.
They even have a caption here where I'm trying to stop people going in and they say, there's Jones leading the attack.
So this is beyond yellow journalism, beyond the type of stuff you see before they launch a war.
Why are they doing this?
What are they planning?
What's going on?
Well, they're running in 246 days on the midterms on January 6th.
They're saying, hey, Americans aren't allowed to produce oil.
We're going to buy it from Russia and Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.
And we're going to shut down more pipelines.
And we're going to keep the borders wide open, and we're going to do all this, and we're going to teach you critical race theory.
But Alex Jones and Roger Stone are criminals who ran a plan with Trump to attack the Capitol.
Yeah, and totally make ourselves look like idiots and go to jail and screw up the 10-day peaceful investigation we wanted.
I mean, it's like Jones and Stone are so smart, they blew their feet off with shotguns.
So, Roger, this is a big, big deal.
We're not just talking about ourselves here.
This is big because it's a window into where we're going.
So much to talk about here today, and the so-called Roger Stone tapes, which you're going to exclusively lay out.
I mean, I know you didn't support Trump's impeachment.
I know.
I've seen the weird video.
It's coming up next segment.
where you can't see your lips moving and you supposedly say these things and you're saying
you believe this is a deep fake or some deceptive edit. So, Roger Stone, thank you so much for
joining us. Well, Alex, it's unfortunate that I have to pull my Roger Stone still did nothing
wrong t-shirt out of mothballs and put it back on. But never underestimate the Democrat fake
news media cabal's ability to recycle the same crap over and over again and call it news.
And then have the maggots on Twitter repeat it ad nauseum until it becomes a fact.
I lived through this before.
We all know Roger Stone was the conduit between WikiLeaks, Russian intelligence, and the Trump campaign.
And he lied to Congress about it to protect Donald Trump, except for none of that is true.
I know evidence of that ever emerged.
So this extraordinary assault on me by the Washington Post, normally I would be complimented.
Four entire pages of recycled guilt by association, innuendo, half-truths, falsehoods, and then the high-tech piece which has to be determined as admirable, a fake, a deep fake Video where you never see my mouth moving, but where the soundtrack would lead you to believe that I am attacking the president who I was ready to go to prison for seven to nine years for rather than betray him through, you know, through false testimony.
It's a fraud.
It's a complete fraud.
And I know how this works.
Those on the left, Alex, are extraordinarily butthurt by a Reuters story several months ago which correctly reported that an FBI investigation never turned up any evidence whatsoever that either you or I were involved in any way in the illegal acts of January 6th.
It seems unfortunate that I have to say this, but any claim or assertion or even implication to the contrary is categorically false, and if anybody in the media wants to say it as a flat statement, well, I'll sue them for defamation.
Even Roger Stone can be sued.
So what happens here is they write this in an effort to re-interest investigators and con them into believing they somehow missed the proof of this false assertion.
The other goal here, I think, is to take, we do this constantly, perfectly legal, constitutionally protected political activities, such as protesting the results of the 2020 election, and saying that you and I and many others, perhaps millions of Americans, believe they're fraudulent.
That's not seditious.
It's not treasonous.
It's not illegal.
It's constitutionally protected free speech.
Plus, Roger, what, 80 plus percent now, what, 70 percent of American conservatives believe the election was stolen, and over 40 percent of Democrats in many national polls.
So, I mean, people really know this is going on.
Even if we're wrong, we have a right to challenge it.
Pelosi and others said they were going to challenge the election no matter what.
They said, we're not going to accept the election of Trump.
We're going to have delegates.
We're going to refuse it.
We're going to block it.
They said that.
And then when we try to have a peaceful 10-day investigation, we all need to go to jail.
Yeah, no, the Washington Post tries to downplay this.
They say a few members of Congress, Democratic members of Congress, wanted to contest the 2016 election.
John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, was demanding that he be allowed to make a presentation to the Electoral College to stop the certification of the election of Donald Trump.
Did anybody else sedition, treason, arrest him?
No, of course not.
So just another example of the Washington Post disingenuousness.
The other point here, of course, is perhaps it's because I've been in
politics for so long, but I foresaw the fact that after the fact, the
Democrats would try to criminalize the fact that people like Ted Cruz and
Senator Josh Hawley and Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan and Alex Jones and Bernie
Kerik and Roger Stone exercised our First Amendment right to question the
elections, but they would somehow deem that to be criminal.
So yes, I did suggest that all those people and others be pardoned.
No, I never took a dime from anyone to help them secure a pardon.
No, I did not help Joel Greenberg, the tax collector in Seminole County who is a major accuser of Matt Gaetz.
I did not assist him in getting a pardon.
Never took a penny from anyone.
But what do they leave out?
Yes, I did go to bat for Big Meech, for Demetrius Flournoy, who's an African-American, accused and convicted for 30 years, has served 15 years for financial crimes out of Detroit.
All the other co-conspirators in his case Uh, have been released, but he's in poor health and he continues to serve.
Every time he comes up for parole, the government falsely says he was convicted of a violent crime.
That is false.
So when his mother reached out to me, uh, and asked me to, to read the file, I did, and I was moved by that.
So I did seek a pardon for him or clemency for him or just a commutation of sentence for him.
Sadly, I also, by the way, advocated a pardon for every single person currently incarcerated for the first time non-violent of possession of a small amount of drugs for personal use.
And by the way, Roger, it's our right to petition the government for a redress of grievance.
They're trying to act like questioning elections is criminal.
They're trying to act like wanting pardons is criminal.
They want to outlaw the Republican Party and populist movement.
They've said we have to reprogram, we have to attack, we have to imprison Trump supporters, which means Americans.
We're going to go to break.
And again, there's several clips and you look at him, you can't even see Roger's lips moving, where he's walking around saying things like, well, man, Trump's the worst possible president.
We could have ever had the worst election ever.
He should have been impeached.
That's not the type of stuff that Roger Stone says.
When you look at the videos, it's weird.
You don't even see his mouth moving in the same sync.
So I don't know what's going on.
This is bizarre.
This is next level.
And then Roger is going to be hosting the last 30 minutes of the transmission today.
Please don't forget.
Everybody's into iodine right now.
We've got the cleanest, best that's out there.
It's X3 Tri-Iodine.
Infowarstore.com or 888-253-3139.
X3, 50% off.
Selling out.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
And the last thing we want to see is blood on the street.
We want to see freedom.
We want to see our Republic taken back.
But the Deep State knows they're losing, and so they want violence.
Roger Stone is riding shotgun with us here.
I want to play a clip that the Washington Post put out in their four-page article, four large print pages, unprecedented, where, again, the article's how he planned January 6th and how he's a bad guy with no proof.
Then they have an exculpatory clip where he's talking about it's a bad thing that happened at the Capitol, bad for Trump, bad for America.
Yeah, no kidding.
Wish we got the 10,000 troops like Trump asked for, so out of a million people, a few hundred went and caused a problem.
So in the article, they have the video, that's exculpatory, but then they go, look, all over the news, it's the proof that he was running the attack from the hotel.
Here it is.
No, I think it's really bad for the movement.
It's really, this hurts, it doesn't help.
I'm not sure what they thought they were going to achieve.
Let's play the next clip of him in the car, though, where he's got the thing up over his face.
It looks chopped.
It looks edited to me.
And if you're going to do a deep fake, you do it with a shot where the mouth isn't completely clear.
Here it is.
I'm going to go public supporting impeachment.
I have no choice.
He has to go.
He has to go.
Run again!
You'll get your fucking brains beat in.
All right, so Roger, you know, the point is, is that I've seen a lot of attacks on me, just a lot of flat-out news saying I said things I never said, but you've been one of the biggest supporters of the President out there.
You know, I've heard you frustrated before that he wouldn't fire people earlier like McMasters and stuff, but you've never, never said you want him impeached.
You fought against both illegal impeachments, fraudulent impeachments against the President.
And I've said repeatedly that he's the only candidate who can win again in 2024, and I pledge my support to him.
This is what is known, Alex, as a deepfake.
Here's the background.
These Danish filmmakers approached me with financing from the Danish government, seeking to do a documentary on my trial.
Little did I know that they were spying on me, that they were taking screenshots of my phone, screenshots of my computer, screenshots of the computers of folks who worked for me.
Their goal is very simple.
I think the idea of my teaming up with Trump again in 2024, after they kept me off the battlefield in 2020, scares the bejesus out of the left and the Democrats.
That is what is known as a deep fake.
I never said those things.
Why would I?
I love Donald Trump.
I tried to get him to run since 1988.
I was prepared to do seven to nine years in prison rather than bear false witness against him.
So the allegation against me is entirely illogical.
It is meant to drive a wedge between the president and me.
This is, of course, going to be met with legal action.
This documentary, for which I have never signed a release, will never be seen in the United States.
That's why these butthurt Danish socialists went running to the Washington Post, who now wrap this up one more time in an effort, A, to take perfectly legal political activities and try to Portray them in a sinister way to try to get investigators interested.
And secondly, to try to drive a wedge between me and the president I love.
It's a fraud.
Anybody who will look at it can see that it is a fraud.
The other clip that you refer to is absolutely true.
We went to Washington to try to get a 10 day delay in the certification of the election
of Joe Biden so that the anomalies and the irregularities in Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin,
Nevada, and Pennsylvania, and other states could be more carefully examined.
Those poor souls, those misguided souls who stormed the Capitol destroyed what was a perfectly
legal political strategy.
And by the way, we did find the clip.
There's 25 minutes of these, and so it's not the crew's fault.
I forgot before you came on to give them the clips I wanted, so I've been frantically running around since you were on getting these clips.
Here's one of the clips that they put out, but then say that you were secretly behind the attack with Steve Bannon, who you hate.
So again, none of this matches up with reality, but they don't care.
Here's the clip.
All right, we're gonna start pulling our stuff together.
I think it's really bad for the movement.
This hurts, it doesn't help.
to get all of the folks, can we take them as soon as possible?
They want to get out of town.
How are we going to get them?
You're going to come pick us up.
No, I think it's really bad for the movement.
It's really this hurts.
It doesn't help.
I don't I don't know.
I'm not sure what they thought they were going to achieve.
Well, I just wanted to get your so there's the evil mastermind right there, Roger.
And I remember I talked to you and I said on record he was passed off that you got your speaking slot taken away when
when I asked you to come.
Same with me.
We didn't care about that.
We came to try to fight election fraud and now they want to put us in jail.
And Roger, isn't that what this means here with the Roger Stone tapes all over the news?
There's a major war going on.
And CNN's running promo pieces against me, saying I'm the devil.
There's full-page, four-page things against you.
Why are they so obsessed with us?
Because to understand the enemy's mind, we need to understand this.
Well, they hate me because I beat them in so many elections, and if I'm involved in 2024, we will beat them again and take back the country.
They hate you because InfoWars is a beacon of truth in a sea of lies.
They would like nothing better than to shut InfoWars down.
Look, I'm not ready to give up fighting.
I'll never give up fighting.
And this latest assault, it proves my whole point, which is I was shocked by what happened at the Capitol.
I don't think that excuses the abuse of the current January 6th detainees.
I don't think that you should be in solitary confinement 23 hours a day for trespassing.
I don't think your food should be cold and laced with feces.
I don't think you should be subjected to random beatings just because they feel like it.
I don't think you should be denied medical attention if you need it.
I don't think you should be allowed due process in your attempts to defend yourself.
Those who have chosen to defend themselves aren't given access to a law library or a... Well, that's right.
If you don't plead guilty, you're kept in solitary confinement now for over a year.
A man was arrested in Texas last year.
He's been held over 80 days with no indictment, no judge, no nothing.
So literally throwing people in dungeons like North Korea.
That is a felony.
Every day they do that, past two weeks.
This is the criminal federal government right here.
That says it all.
That poor S.O.B.
who killed himself last week, my heart goes out to him and his family.
This is horrific.
But he was driven to take his own life because of the actions of the U.S.
This is a violation of the Geneva Conventions.
We treat terrorists and illegals better than we are treating our own citizens.
And where is Mitch McConnell?
Hey Roger, we've got to go to break.
You're going to come back and host the next two segments.
Incredible job.
You're going to get out and even meet with Trump a lot.
You've got a lot of election news, a lot of Russia news, so much more.
We're going to break in 20 seconds.
What is Roger Stone going to cover when we come back?
We're going to talk about the epic struggle for America and the fact that winning the
next election by Republicans is not going to solve the problem if we don't replace the
I'm going to lay out a plan to save this country.
It's coming right up.
All right.
Thank you.
Great job, crew.
We'll be right back.
This is Roger Stone and this is the Alex Jones Show.
Feels great to be back in the saddle, if you want to know the truth.
And I'm grateful to Alex Jones for giving me the opportunity to clear the air because, needless to say, after this attack by the Washington Post, using a deep, fake video, which incorrectly shows me criticizing the president I love, Rolling Stone, the Business Insider, all of the same phony, non-news outlets, People who pose as journalists, but who really are distortionists and propagandists, jump on this story.
What is their goal?
Well, they kept me off the battlefield in 2020.
I think it's one of the reasons, I must say, that the President lost.
And they'd like to keep me from helping him again in 2024.
So they'd like to drive a wedge between the President and I. Now, it's certainly true that I've been critical of some of the President's decisions.
I think he should have pardoned Julian Assange.
I think he should have pardoned Edward Snowden.
The only crimes of those men was exposing the corruption of the Deep State.
I would not have appointed Mike Pompeo, who, despite the President's affection for him, is the man who laid the underpinnings for the Russian collusion hoax when he said Julian Assange was a foreign state actor.
No, Mr. Secretary, he's not, but you're responsible for the Russian collusion hoax.
In any event, what I want to focus on in the last time we have left is the epic struggle for America.
Because unfortunately, many Americans believe that if the Republicans are successful in winning control of the U.S.
House and the U.S.
Senate, that things will change.
Unfortunately, I don't believe that.
You see, I don't think our problem today are the wacky, screwball, radical, No.
I think the problem today are gutless, feckless, weak-kneed, self-interested Lily-livered, white-wine-swelling, country-club-belonging establishment Republicans.
People who are really only in politics to line their pockets and the pockets of their friends.
You see, Trump's nomination in 2016 was essentially the hostile takeover Of the Republican Party, taking it away from the country club Republicans epitomized by the epically corrupt Bush family.
And now the real fight is within the Republican Party.
The real fight is going to be not in the general election, but in the primaries.
You see, the stage is set for a great Republican revival.
The stage is set to retake the House and the Senate, but it depends on what kind of men and women we elect in the primaries, I should say, select in the primaries for the general election.
I was approached some time ago by a man named Jackson Laumeyer, a pastor from Oklahoma, told me he was running for the Senate and he was running against James Lankford, who's been in Washington for 10 years.
My general impression of Lankford was that he was a solid conservative.
I actually thought he was a good guy, but that means I hadn't studied his record very carefully.
Here's what I found out.
On the morning of January 6th, James Lankford was prepared to object to the certification of the election of Joe Biden on the basis of fraud.
But by the afternoon, it was James Lankford who moved for the certification of Joe Biden's election.
Then, Senator Lankford apologized to Black Lives Matter and the black community in Tulsa, saying that his initial questions about the election outcome were racist.
This, by the way, is the same James Lankford who said at the time that he was open to a third impeachment of Donald Trump.
Now, I then took a closer look and realized that as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee for four years, James Lankford never once stood up in the defense of Donald Trump and called out the Russian collusion hoax.
As a member of the committee, he surely knew that the Steele dossier was a fraud.
He surely knew that the so-called CrowdStrikes report had no proof whatsoever that the Russians had hacked the DNC and given the information to WikiLeaks, which then published it.
Those are two of the central pillars of the Russian collusion hoax.
But where was James Lankford?
Oh, I'll tell you where he was.
He was busy trying to take Andrew Jackson off the $20 bill.
He was busy trying to cancel Columbus Day as a federal holiday, which I, as an Italian-American, find extraordinarily offensive.
But he wants to replace it with Juneteenth.
Yes, this is the same James Lankford, the junior senator from Oklahoma, who actually supports open borders, who worked with Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham and others to open and give amnesty to those who came here illegally and then give them citizenship.
So if you have the impression that James Lankford is some kind of reliable conservative, you're wrong.
He's a man who said Donald Trump was a poor role model for our children.
No, I think Donald Trump is the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.
And the reason they have attacked me so viciously, particularly in this new round of attacks, is because they fear what we could do in 2024 together.
See, I'm not going to give up.
Despite the fact that I came this close to a death sentence in a completely fabricated trial, I have no intention of packing it in.
It's so funny, the Washington Post spent four whole pages attacking me on Sunday, but they've never reported the fact that Mueller's entire report that was only released at court order actually included the admission by Mueller that he'd found no evidence whatsoever of my involvement in Russian collusion, WikiLeaks collaboration, Or the theft and publication of John Podesta's emails.
The reason that this comes to no public note in the Washington Post is because it proves that there was nothing for me to lie about to Congress.
The judge in my case specifically said, you lied to cover up for Donald Trump.
What was I covering up for?
There was nothing to cover up for.
She said, you lied about a matter of international importance.
But Mueller admits in his report that he had quote, no factual evidence that I had lied about anything pertaining to Russian collusion or improper foreign interference in the election.
That didn't stop the prosecutors in my case when we came to the sentencing portion to say specifically that I had been involved in foreign interference in our election.
That's why they were trying to give me seven to nine years, essentially giving me extra prison time for crimes that I had never even been charged with or convicted of.
I think that it's time to have a house cleaning in the Republican Party.
Now what's going on in Oklahoma to set the table is particularly interesting.
Not only is there a primary for the seat of Senator James Lankford, there is also a primary and an election for the Senate seat of Senator James Inhofe.
James Inhofe, the senior senator from Oklahoma, made his resignation clear weeks ago, and his resignation will be effective upon the selection of a successor.
That means both Senate seats in Oklahoma will be on the ballot June 28th.
And in Oklahoma, if no candidate has 50%, well then the top two vote-getters go to a runoff.
The good news is Jackson Lawmire, political outsider, pastor, businessman, and America's first Republican, now has a clear shot at James Lankford as the third candidate in that race.
Senator Nathan Dahm, a solid conservative endorsed by Senator Rand Paul, has switched to the Inhofe race.
This sets the stage for one of the greatest political upsets in American history.
So on the other side, we're going to have an interview with Jackson Lawmire, the man I believe is on the cusp of pulling off one of the greatest political upsets in American history.
In the meantime, let me remind you that we need your support here at InfoWars.
So if you haven't gone to the InfoWars store today, well now would be a great time to do so.
You see, InfoWars is a beacon of freedom, and I would have no place to go today to tell you that the Washington Post has you to insinuations, half-truths, lies, and a deep fake video in an attempt to destroy me today.
Were there no InfoWars today, there's no place else I can tell you the truth, folks.
On the other side, one of the most dynamic young conservatives in America, a man I think who's going to pull off the greatest upset in American political history.
It is going to begin the downfall of the RINOs, Jackson Lawmire.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back.
I'm Roger Stone, and this is the Alex Jones Show.
Today, we're going rhino hunting.
I laid out for you why the upcoming primaries are crucial in terms of the future of America.
Now I want to introduce to you one of the leading America First candidates in the country, a man who I believe has an exceptional shot at the U.S.
Senate, who's endorsed by General Michael Flynn.
I've endorsed him myself in full disclosure.
But joining us from Tulsa, Oklahoma, is Jackson Lawmire.
Jackson, welcome to the Alex Jones Show!
Hey, Mr. Stone, thank you so much for having me on and we love the Alex Jones Show.
It's a real honor to be on today.
I'm glad to have you with us.
Why don't you tell us the circumstances under which you decided to take this uphill race for the U.S.
Senate on?
Yeah, you know, I've never been into politics in the sense of never ran for office.
I pastor a church in Tulsa.
I own a business in Owasso.
But last year, I was so frustrated with what was happening in our country, especially on January the 6th, when I saw James Langford cave like an absolute coward on national television.
I was griping to my wife about the state of the country, and she kept pushing.
You know, she said, you need to run.
You need to run against Langford.
I wasn't a big fan of it because I didn't really know what it would look like to run a statewide race, but then all of a sudden everything changed.
When I was doing an interview kind of like this with Ann Vander still, General Michael Flynn saw that interview and he liked what he saw and he gave me a call and he said, you're going to run and you're going to win.
And I said, uh, yes, sir.
And so that got me into the race and we have just been doing exceedingly well.
Ever since.
I mean, you've seen some of our rallies.
We have huge rallies all throughout the state of Oklahoma.
People just show up in droves.
We've had nearly 7,000 individuals donate to the campaign.
And the reason this movement is having such success is because it's a That's the biggest problem we have is, like you mentioned, it's not the crazy Democrats who are honest with us.
It's the weak, corrupt, spineless Republicans who never put America first.
And I believe that if we will sweep the board in 2022 with America first patriots in the House and the Senate, we can change some things.
But if we just elect same old, same old Republicans, nothing's going to change.
So let's say that you were in the United States Senate.
Give us some idea of the agenda that you would pursue.
What do you think the most important issues are in the country and what would you do about them?
Yeah, so I have three short-term goals that mediate upon being sworn in.
Day one, I will be releasing legislation, this will be Bill 1, to cut off all federal funding to any school district in America that teaches critical race theory.
We cannot have this in our country.
This is the United States of America.
We do not want to teach racism and indoctrinate kids with racism.
We cannot have CRT being taught.
That's Day 1, Bill 1.
Day 1 Bill 2, I will also be releasing legislation that will ban Chinese nationalists from being able to purchase American farmland.
Mr. Stone, this is a major problem in the state of Oklahoma alone, not the United States, just the state of Oklahoma.
Over 300,000 acres of Oklahoma farmland has been purchased not by Asian Americans, but by Red Communist Chinese Nationalists.
American farmland belongs to Americans.
We cannot have that.
So that's Day 1, Bill 2.
And then on Day 1, I will join forces with Rand Paul in the Senate to bring about justice to Anthony Fauci.
Anthony Fauci is a mass murderer.
And Anthony Fauci needs to be fired, arrested, and convicted of crimes against humanity.
And it's very sad that Senator Rand Paul is nearly the only one on the Republican side in the Senate That is going after Anthony Fauci.
And so I have pledged to go after him.
And then obviously, you know, I've been open and honest about this in the United States Senate.
I will support a bag of chips before I support Mitch McConnell to be the leader of the Republicans in the Senate.
We've got to have an America first leader and Mitch McConnell is not America first.
I think that's exactly right.
Now, you first came to my attention when I read about your efforts to keep your church open in the face of a massive mask mandate and shutdown ordered by the city of Tulsa.
Tell us about that.
You know, it was early on in March when things, nobody knew what was going on.
We had the models that said 2.2 million Americans were going to die, and the PCR test that had highly inflated the rate of what people actually had COVID, and everyone was panicking, so we decided to make an adjustment.
We were going to do drive-in church services.
I would preach from the roof of the church, and we'd do drive-in church services.
Well, the mayor of Tulsa, he was not a big fan of that, so he signed an executive order.
On Friday, before our first drive-in church service, banning all public gatherings of more than five people.
And so the Tulsa police called me.
They said, hey, you can't do drive-in church on Sunday.
The mayor is not happy.
If you do it, you could be arrested.
And I gathered my church staff and I just said, hey, we weren't doing this to be rebels.
We were doing this to make an adjustment for our church.
But if they want to arrest me, they'll have to come to the roof of this church in order to do it.
So we had drive-in church.
Nothing happened.
The mask mandate came.
They tried to force that upon us.
We had a policy at the church called common sense.
If you want to wear the mask, you could.
If you didn't, you didn't have to.
I threatened to sue the city, and they backed off very quickly.
So we fought.
As a church, we fought.
And then since then, Yeah, the vaccine mandates that have come through.
I have personally signed over 55,000 COVID-19 religious exemption forms for people all across the country.
And if somebody is watching right now, and they're in a situation where their employer is requiring them to be vaccinated, and for whatever reason they do not want to be, they can go to my website, JacksonLallmyer.com, and they can download the free COVID-19 religious exemption form.
It's helped thousands of people across the country.
Now, because I'm a political junkie and I follow this, I saw that one of the congressmen, Mark Wayne Mullen, announced that he was going to be seeking the U.S.
Senate seat.
That seems to me that it opens up the second district seat in Eastern Oklahoma.
And then I was very pleased to learn that the current Republican state chairman, John Bennett, who's endorsed your campaign most courageously, courageously for the US Senate has announced his candidacy
for the house.
Tell us a little bit about John Bennett, if you can.
Well, you know, John Bennett is a total warrior.
He did something that has never happened in the state of Oklahoma before.
John Bennett was elected the chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party back in April of last year.
And John promised that he was going to cleanse the house of the biggest problem in the Republican Party, which is rhinos.
And so John began fighting.
And John did something, like I said, it's never been done before.
He endorsed me in the primary.
It's never happened before that a party chairman in the state of Oklahoma for the Republican Party endorses a candidate in a primary.
But John had the courage, he had the integrity to do the right thing.
Now he took tremendous hell for doing it.
I mean, they put him through hell for doing that.
But he withstood it.
He came out stronger because of it.
And now he's running for the United States Congress.
And I can tell you, Mr. Stone, you know this probably better than anybody.
They do not want a Lawmire and Bennett in Washington, D.C.
One in the Senate, one in the House.
I'm telling you, they don't want it.
All the reason more, we got to get there.
Well, the thing that impressed me most about John Bennett was he was the first state legislature, I think among a handful of state legislatures, to endorse Donald Trump for president as early as 2015.
This is an enormous act of courage where the Republican establishment was voting for Bush Republican Ted Cruz, who, by the way, endorsed backstabbing rhino, the most, I would say, anti-Trump Republican in the caucus, James Lankford, several days ago.
I must say, I've seen firsthand the grassroots campaign that you are building.
I've never seen thousands of people show up for rallies.
I've never seen a campaign where 6,000 people have contributed to your campaign, 95% of them from the state of Oklahoma.
So in the very little time we have left, tell people how they can support your campaign.
Where can they go?
Yeah, so they can go to my website, JacksonLawMeyer.com.
Now, Mr. Stone, you know this, my last name's a little tricky.
It took you a while to know how to say it.
Some say Lay-Meyer, La-Mere.
It's Law-Meyer, but if you can't remember how to spell Law-Meyer, that's okay.
You can go to Jack Law, J-A-C-K L-A-W, JackLaw.US, for U.S.
It'll redirect you to JacksonLawMeyer.com.
You can see all the great things that are happening within our campaign, what we're all about, and you can also join the movement by financially supporting what we're doing.
You may not be able to be on the ground in Oklahoma to fight, but you can help fund the fight by going to JackLaw.us.
All right, very good.
Thank you very much, Jackson Lawmire.
Thanks once again to Alex Jones for letting us sit in on the final segment of the Alex Jones Show.
Let me also remind you that you can go to stonedefensefund.com, stonedefensefund.com,
and help me in my never-ending struggle against the deep state and against those
cretins at the Washington Post.
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Of course, that's all I was saying.
They make it sound like this is some kind of hucksterism or that I'm somehow compensated to push these products.
No, I said it because I'd just gotten over the Chinese virus and I was at the point where all I had left was this nagging cough.
Thanks to ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, I had a quick recovery.
That'll ensure that we're banned everywhere, just that I mentioned those.
And I talked about the quality of the product.
It's a joke.
Rarely are people confronted or presented with a real 360 win or a non-zero sum game.
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We are in a total inflationary environment for the next 5-10 years in my view.
The globalists are devaluing all the major world currencies.
Well, how do you get ahead of that?
Well, you can buy real estate, but still you got to pay property taxes on that.
There's a lot of problems.
not easy to offload. But with things like high quality, affordable food that's packaged
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A true 360 win.
On the preparedness checklist, having high quality, storable food is right up there at the top with self-defense, water, and transportation.
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