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Name: 20220303_Thu_Alex
Air Date: March 3, 2022
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The segment discussed concerns over numerous side effects from Pfizer shots, advising against taking them; a focus on diverse language usage within the British MoD; transgender acceptance in Ukraine amidst bombardment; a UK couple receiving backlash for painting their house in Ukrainian flag colors; and Infowars promoting high-quality food storage and Alpha Power supplements for energy restoration.

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We know the globalists are creating a cascade of events with the COVID and the lockdowns and the wars and the cyber attacks and the collapse in third world populations and the Black Lives Matter racial division worldwide to destabilize the planet.
To bring in the one world government cashless society.
Here's the most important thing I've said today.
And the whole point of the broadcast is this.
A. The world's in the greatest danger in its history of nuclear war.
Nobody denies that.
Hands down.
So people should know how serious this is and be involved and be informed.
I know this audience is and so I say God bless you and I salute you.
Number two.
By the Central Bank of Russia having its holdings in other private central banks grabbed
It is endangering the entire global banking reserve system and pushing U.S.
hegemony in dollar supremacy towards the edge of a cliff.
So a full understanding of the public of the Great Reset.
Mints have collapsed the world systems and on its ashes build their world government of transhumanism and depopulation, known as Build Back Better, which the Crypt Keeper talked about in the State of the Union two nights ago.
Build Back America Better.
When you hear that, that means losing your rights, massive crime, defunding police, having your guns taken, having deadly shots forced on you and your family.
They know we were waking up.
They know we were getting involved.
They know we were getting informed.
And so the system's backed off on the COVID, but only for a short period of time.
And Bill Gates has even said that.
We've got to continue to hammer and continue to expose them or all that we've gained.
We'll be for nothing, and the New World Order will simply take back control as soon as we go back to sleep.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
It's Thursday, March 3rd.
The year is 2022.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
And now it is extremely clear exactly what's going on.
The globalists have launched their Great Reset.
They've used the COVID-19 hysteria and fear to roll out the beginnings of their worldwide social credit score.
And now they need a pretext to sell the next level of absolute and total censorship, and it's everywhere.
They're not just taking RT off different cable and satellite systems around the world.
They're now going out and targeting Russians that work and live abroad who are prominent in the arts, like the major conductor
We're good to go.
Just a few days ago, right when Biden signed all these sanctions on to Russia, he at the same time expanded and extended the order for no new oil drilling or gas drilling in almost all of the United States and in the Gulf of Mexico.
And of course, he also signed another order.
There's just so much continuing to ban the Keystone Pipeline that is open and ready to operate and increase our
Oil refining in capacity upwards of 30% because the refineries are ready down in Houston and down in Shreveport and South Texas and Louisiana and other areas like Mississippi.
But they're not getting the raw oil they need.
Instead, that oil is being shipped by train to the west coast of Canada and shipped to China, Japan and others.
This is why America is falling apart.
That's why our energy systems are down.
And on top of it, we have Hillary Clinton running around calling for major central banks and governments to take over all the cryptocurrency markets because, quote, ooh, the Russians might use it.
It's the same argument.
Hey, ban all Americans' guns because somebody might illegally use a gun.
So you have to have your gun taken.
This is all a giant power grab, the next phase of the Great Reset.
And I didn't just start saying that this week, or last week, or last month, or last year.
I've been explaining for years before they launched this operation, 26 months ago, that the next push would be war, would be crackdowns on any type of alternative currency, and then the big cyber attack.
So here's Pete Buttigieg.
Who heads up transportation, saying, oh, we can't have short-term solutions to your oil prices more than doubling in the last year.
No, no, we've got to have long-term solutions, which means all the electric garbage that takes even more carbon than gasoline.
Again, the left never asked, where does the power that they get for their cars actually come from?
And now that governments are mandating electric cars in many parts of the world, they're going up as much as 100% in price.
So here's Pete Buttigieg saying, hey,
He's basically echoing what the head of the Department of Energy said.
Oh, we're in a transition right now.
You've just got to get used to it.
Here's the clip, and we'll be right back on the other side.
Costs will go down for American families across the board.
I hear you, sir, but those are long-term solutions for bigger issues.
And you know we live in a short-term world, so I just want to stay on gas.
For another moment, and you're absolutely right.
The President doesn't set the price of gas, but he can influence it.
And while releasing some strategic reserves matters, given how much has been released, it's really just a drop in the bucket.
Are there things like, and I realize it is controversial, it has huge environmental impacts, could the President possibly consider authorizing the Keystone Pipeline?
Working something out with Iran?
I mean, look, the President has said that all options are on the table, but we also need to make sure that we're not galloping after permanent solutions to immediate short-term problems where more strategic and tactical actions in the short term can make a difference, like what you have with the Strategic Reserve, which exists partly in order to respond to situations like this.
And of course the President's laid out policies that are going to help cushion the impacts of any volatility in energy markets for the future by building up more of a diversified and homegrown energy base for this country.
Look, we don't know what the next curveball is going to be affecting oil prices, affecting the global energy markets from a pandemic to a war.
Anything can happen any given day.
The President's been working to make sure
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Thursday, March 3rd, 2022.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Riding shotgun is Owen Schroyer from the studios in Austin, Texas.
It's important to pull back to 35,000 foot view and realize that everything you're witnessing
With the forced rollout of the deadly vaccines, to the war in Ukraine, to hyperinflation around the planet, to collapsing third world countries and giant refugee floods coming to the first world.
It's all chronicled and all laid out by the Carnegie Endowment, by the Rockefeller Endowment, by the Club of Rome, and by their spokesperson organization, their mouthpiece, Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum.
That's how
I always know what their options are and what they're going to do next.
It's because I read what the actual controllers of the world talk about and say.
And going back more than 25 years ago, I was reading books written by all these amazing individuals, a lot of them members of Congress, members of the House, the Senate, people like Barry Goldwater, people like Ron Paul.
I mean, just Gary Allen.
So many books.
That had documents and newspaper clippings and things in them in the 50s and 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s.
With prominent people in Congress having hearings about this and the secretive British intelligence roundtable groups and the corporate espionage groups and how they had a plan to take over all the nation states and devalue the currencies and bring in a digital currency and break up the family and promote homosexuality.
I mean all of this
Has been a blueprint.
A battle plan.
But we're not in the beta phase of the battle plan.
We're now in the operational phase of the battle plan.
And that's why.
I don't normally agree with a lot of the globalist analysts, all the former top generals and the rest of them from the UK, Europe and the US and Canada.
But now I do when they say that we are the closest to nuclear war the planet has ever been, even worse than during the Cuban Missile Crisis in the early 1960s.
And the weapons are much more high tech and much more dangerous today.
And that's why Putin moved into Ukraine was because Ukraine was talking about getting nuclear weapons from the West and the West had been moving nuclear weapons into the area.
I'm not defending what Putin did.
I don't want a war.
But I see what Kennedy did in the early 1960s during the Cuban Missile Crisis when Russia put intermediate range nukes in Cuba.
And we told them pull them out or we're going to invade Cuba.
And they pulled them out or
That's the real world we're in.
And all of this is being used to bring in this digital police state to go after crypto and to go after countries that don't do what the IMF and World Bank say.
And all of this is the exercise of power of globalism in the future with a cashless society, global social credit score, where if you don't do exactly what they say, when they say, how they want it, if you don't socially behave precisely,
Like they tell you to, you are cut off from the lights turning on, from being able to have a car, being able to travel, being able to get food, being able to have a job.
And then they just tell you, well, you have a right to live on the street.
And the whole social safety network that they've built up that encourages people to be homeless will then be removed.
And we're going to see the real collapse.
I'm good.
We're talking about the war crimes of Vladimir Putin.
Am I any yardstick?
You could argue invading a sovereign country that hasn't attacked you is that we've got to understand the globalists have already launched their new type of war, which is really a modern form of ancient war, total siege with their global lockdowns and have rolled out
A biological attack against the people of the world through the virus they created in Wuhan, now on record to be man-made and confirmed, and then through the vaccines that aren't vaccines that create the same deadly spike protein in the body at levels much higher than the natural infection.
And that's why when I saw the Russian news report that there were Western bio labs, level 4 bio labs in Ukraine, that indeed Russia was bombing those, I thought,
Well, that could be wartime propaganda.
All sides are putting out a lot of bull right now.
We've covered when both sides are lying.
We've also covered when different sides tell the truth.
But now it's coming out, we've got articles on Infowars.com, indeed confirming very dangerous level 4 bioweapon labs in Ukraine that the West was funding.
And then you start realizing that it is the UN, it is the globalists that were running the Wuhan lab, and the lab also in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, not just China.
And they are the ones that patented it.
And they are the ones that released it.
You have to then give people the benefit of the doubt when they say these type of labs were set up and were actually threatening Russia.
Because aren't these labs around the world, no matter where they are, threatening all of humanity, as Senator Rand Paul has said?
But then I add to that, the way to shut down a bioweapon lab is not to bomb it.
That's how you could actually release the virus.
If Russia thought these labs were doing this, they should have made a big deal about it.
They should have come out and called out the labs and called out what was happening around the world.
Because again, this is a global system of mad scientists who want total control over every aspect of life.
And they will use crises, they will exacerbate crises, they will create crises, they will create false flags as a pretext for their control.
Just remember a month ago,
The State Department CIA spokesman was up there saying, we know Putin's going to stage false flags in eastern Ukraine.
We know he's got 200,000 troops he's planning to invade.
And the reporter said, that's Alex Jones territory.
But I was honest once the war started to come out and say, well, looks like finally the Pentagon and the State Department and the CIA for once told the truth.
That indeed Putin was planning to invade.
It actually told the Chinese months before they would wait until the Olympics were over.
And several Russian politicians like Veronosky and others went on TV, it turns out, a month before the attack and said the attack would happen on February 22nd.
We're good to go.
Study all these facets and then ask, well, who would stand to gain from a false flag?
And if it is the pretext to invade Ukraine for whatever reason, whether Putin was right or wrong, it would be a false flag.
And then we saw a bunch of car bombings and truck bombings as the pretext for him to invade.
Now did Putin do that or did the Ukrainians actually detonate a bunch of truck bombs and car bombs hoping that Russia would invade?
I don't think they have the motive for that but I do know now some of the mayors and people in the eastern area of Ukraine that were pro-Russia have now been kidnapped and assassinated and the Ukrainian government
Zelensky is celebrating that.
So this is a very complex area, very complex issues.
And I'm simply trying to get people to learn who the players are and what the history is so that we can make our own decisions and not just be bombarded with propaganda and not be able to decipher it.
So yes, we are all in Alex Jones territory now.
You get into Alex Jones territory when you actually start studying the history, the different layers of things, the different power structures, and when you realize you're in Alex Jones territory, you realize you're in a territory with a ruthless global elite, with advanced technologies that think they're God, that are trying to bring in a world crisis as the pretext for their total domination and control of humanity forever.
That's Alex Jones, ladies and gentlemen, on the road.
Owen Troyer here back in studio.
We are going to be hearing from Alex again coming up in the next segment.
It's just so much breaking news.
Folks, shop at Infowarsstore.com to keep us on the air.
It's you and your support and your prayers and your spreading the link, spreading the live feed, that we're still on air.
And of course, your financial support at Infowarsstore.com is imperative.
And we are back here on the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer is about to take over the transmission.
But I just want to be completely clear with everybody.
In my view, the world is the most danger it has ever been.
In modern history, we are in the greatest danger posed by humans against humans that our world has ever seen.
And it's only going to intensify.
Look at some of the headlines on Drud's report.
Putin, I'm taking it all.
Planning martial law.
Flights to capture Europe's biggest nuclear power plant.
9,000 soldiers killed.
Kremlin advisor cannot comprehend invasion.
Exodus as refugees flood into Europe, at least a million Kiev shrines, memorials at risk.
You know, they first read a claim that Putin had targeted a Holocaust shrine in Kiev and it wasn't true.
Kiev shines, memorials at risk.
NATO pours weapons in.
Mood darkens in Moscow.
India and China abstain on U.N.
vote to condemn Venezuela slams sanctions as madness.
Enormous scale of financial pain worries some in the West.
First city falls.
Week 2.
Odessa braces.
Russian satellites hacked.
And it goes on and on from there.
Why did we have World War I?
Why do we have World War II?
Why do we have the Cold War?
Because there are different powerful blocks of governments and corporations that want full control of the planet.
But if we go back to the Cold War, even back to World War II and the Nazis, it was the most powerful, richest families in the United States
And the UK that we're working with the most powerful families in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire or what was left of it.
And even at the end of World War II, all of the major company owners that produce the planes, the tanks, the flamethrowers that use the slave labor at the death camps.
They all just faded off into the background and kept all of their major ownership.
And then they founded the Bilderberg Group in the early 1950s with British and U.S.
And that forms the New World Order that we're under today.
So remember, Putin's main job in the KGB, and he rose the head of the section in East Germany,
Was interfacing with Western intelligence and working with Western intelligence.
And I'm not saying that Putin is a double agent of the globalists.
I'm explaining at that high level, just like with World War I and World War II, behind the scenes, deals are being made and broken and then made again and broken again with these high level dealers, just like Stalin and Hitler made deals the first few years of World War II.
Again, we know the globalists are creating a cascade of events with the COVID and the lockdowns and the wars and the cyber attacks and the collapse in terminal populations and the Black Lives Matter racial division worldwide to destabilize the planet.
To bring in the one world government cashless society.
Here's the most important thing I've said today.
And the whole point of the broadcast is this.
A. The world's in the greatest danger in its history of nuclear war.
Nobody denies that.
Hands down.
So people should know how serious this is and be involved and be informed.
I know this audience is and so I say God bless you and I salute you.
Number two.
By the Central Bank of Russia having its holdings in other private central banks grabbed
It is endangering the entire global banking reserve system and pushing U.S.
hegemony in dollar supremacy towards the edge of a cliff and is incrementally making countries hold less and less dollars in their reserves and making them buy less and less U.S.
and EU bonds.
If you go back a few decades ago, 90 plus percent of the world bonds
We're being held in U.S.
currency now at 60%.
And that acceleration has mainly been in the last decade.
So you can pull these numbers up for yourself.
You can see this for yourself.
Why are the policymakers doing things that push everybody into the arms of Russia, China, and India?
And we have memos that were leaked out of the Chinese where they said, we'll act like we're neutral or we'll act like we don't want Russia to invade Ukraine.
But we're going to secretly back it because they're going to back us when we go into Taiwan.
And so for some of the people out there that don't like being called Russian agents by the left and are sick of it, that will then manipulate your psychology to then go and think, OK, well, Putin must be great.
When you've got to pull back and see the Chinese involvement and all the rest of it and just how complex this is.
And then once you look at it from a Bilderberg group or Davos group level through their eyes, then it all begins to make sense.
We need to bring to justice Fauci and Bill Gates and the people that launched this virus and lied to Congress about the virus and have been caught red handed creating the virus.
We need to do what Governor DeSantis is doing.
We'll play that clip.
Coming up here at the start of the next segment and tell the kids, take your damn mask off.
It's a symbol of mind control and brainwashing and slavery.
We need to be calling out the system or they're just going to bring out a new virus and have more lockdowns with their global ID.
We have to get on the offense right now, ladies and gentlemen, and realize that you can have an enemy like Russia.
You can have an enemy like China.
You can have an enemy like the globalists in D.C.
But at a certain level, they're just puppets to the larger international financial system at which BlackRock sits at the very, very top.
When you study what BlackRock's doing, BlackRock is involved in all of the Black Lives Matter, the SJW, the UN funding, the open borders, the chemicals in the water, the transgenderism, the devaluation of the currencies, and the push, of course, for all these different wars, while at the same time backing China 100% against America.
So it feels good at a primitive level to point our finger at the Russians and say they're the big enemy now and, you know, let everything be focused on them when Russia is a very small piece of this.
What they're doing in Ukraine is a very small piece of the larger operation where we're all being hit by biological weapons.
By the globalists.
They cooked up that virus.
They made it in a lab.
They released it.
That's now confirmed.
But that's being eclipsed.
That's being hidden by the new hysteria that is the situation in Ukraine.
So, a full understanding of the public of the Great Reset.
Mint have collapsed the world systems and on its ashes build their world government of transhumanism and depopulation known as Build Back Better, which the Crypt Keeper talked about in the State of the Union two nights ago.
Build Back America Better.
When you hear that, that means losing your rights, massive crime, defunding police, having your guns taken, having deadly shots forced on you and your family.
They know we were waking up.
They know we were getting involved.
They know we were getting informed.
And so the system's backed off on the COVID, but only for a short period of time.
And Bill Gates has even said that.
We've got to continue to hammer and continue to expose them or all that we've gained.
We'll be for nothing.
And the new order will simply take back control as soon as we go back to sleep.
So again, pray for peace, pray for a global awakening.
And whatever you do, support independent media because they're using this whole Russia situation at an unprecedented level to crack down on speech everywhere.
And whatever you do.
Please keep InfoWars on the air by spreading the word and by buying the great products.
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We'll be right back.
You do not have to wear those masks.
I mean, please take them off.
Honestly, it's not doing anything and we've got to stop with this copious theater.
And we are back, ladies and gentlemen, on this live Thursday edition.
I'm about to hand the baton to Owen Schroyer.
I want to thank you all for tuning in to the broadcast.
I want to encourage you and remind you again to realize that if you don't spread the word and if you don't spread the articles and video, nobody will, and we're going to lose control of the globalist and be in even deeper trouble.
But because of you taking action, because of this audience being a literal tip of the spear,
We have a very, very good fighting chance, and in the end, God is going to take us over to the next level, and we're going to defeat the New World Order.
God is going to take us over all these obstacles that the globalists have put in front of us.
I wanted to play one more clip here, let me hand the baton to Owen, and that is...
Absolute clownery, like him on Ash Wednesday, you know, having ashes on his head saying he's a Catholic when he is absolutely pro-abortion.
So, it's virtue signaling to everyone, that's what it is, and you agree to the biomedical tyranny, you agree to the fear, you agree to the lie, you agree to future lockdowns, you agree to forced inoculations, you agree to this biomedical tyranny, you agree that
Fauci and everyone can be over you and control your life and control your speech and agree to all the censorship that's happened the last two years.
You've agreed to Big Pharma and Big Tech and the media all working together to censor people when you wear the damn mask, ladies and gentlemen, when you cover your face.
You are truly in a cult.
There's one other big piece of information I want to talk about and we'll go to the DeSantis clip.
And that, of course, is the Surgeon General, the same guy that got up on TV last year and said natural immunity doesn't exist.
Well, now he sent a letter to big tech saying, I want to know how many people saw disinformation, which, again, creates the idea that they can just say what disinformation is.
And I want to know how many people got hurt because they were told lies about COVID.
Well, now we have the Surgeon General
As stupid as that deputy head of Health and Human Services that's a man that thinks he's a woman in these little, again, Star Trek outfits or Admiral outfits, telling us that, ooh, he wants the big tech data where they spot on people to learn who's been naughty so that we can be censored and more controlled, I guess, the next time his handlers and bosses want to cook up a virus and release it.
So he can then suppress all the ivermectin and vitamin D and vitamin zinc news.
So they can suppress the ibuprofen news.
So you get a higher kill number, a higher kill ratio when they intubate people.
I mean this is sick.
You have big pharma controlling the CDC, the FDA, controlling this monster that was put in there.
Perched on top of us trying to keep us
From actually even learning what they're up to and what they're doing and then having the nerd after all their lies and all their fraud and all their insider trading and all their criminal activity telling us that we're the bad guys and that big tech is going to be reporting back to the Admiral about what we're up to.
So we're going to play a clip of DeSantis here and then Owen's going to take over the broadcast.
But man, it's just amazing to know that they intended to push these lockdowns longer.
They intended to push the masks longer.
They intended to keep us locked down forever, just like Australia, just like Germany and Austria and New Zealand.
But because of the massive pushback in places like the U.S.
and the U.K., they're having to turn it back.
Same thing in Canada, which just goes to show resistance is victory, submission is death.
And InfoWars is the very definition of victory and resistance because of all of you.
And we support life and we support liberty.
And I just want to thank the listeners, everybody, because we've come so far in courts in Europe and courts in New Zealand.
We're good.
And just pointing out to people that you can take the damn face diaper off.
You don't have to live in the mind control.
You don't have to live in the brainwashing anymore.
And then after we play the DeSantis clip, there's one more short clip that's got to go viral of Jimmy Dore explaining what's really happened as well, and then Owen Schroeder takes over.
Tomorrow's news today.
You do not have to wear those masks.
I mean, please take them off.
Honestly, it's not doing anything, and we've got to stop what this code is doing.
So if you want to wear it, fine, but this is ridiculous.
Alright, well, it's good to be at USF.
Remember what a conspiracy is.
A conspiracy is one person working with another person to do something.
I could think of lots of conspiracies that surround COVID.
People in power working together to promote propaganda or a lie about something.
That's what I'm talking about.
For instance, when I got injured by the vaccine, I was put into a trial and one of the drugs they gave me in that trial was ivermectin.
And I said to the doctor, I said, hey, isn't that horse poison?
And he said, no, that's propaganda.
And the reason why they're saying that is because if it turns out that ivermectin can treat COVID, they wouldn't be able to get emergency use authorization for those vaccines.
And I said, but so what?
Why wouldn't they just want ivermectin?
Couldn't they make money off ivermectin?
And he said, no, they can't because it's off patent.
I don't know.
Everything that I looked into, they were lying!
Of course, if you say that, people will call you a trumper, a right-winger, and a conspiracy theorist like this guy just did.
And I just want to let that guy know that a pothead comedian in his garage knows that there's a conspiracy around COVID.
You have to be a liar or someone who just had a stroke to not see that this is what's happening.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, Owen Schroer now here in the InfoWars World Headquarters.
In Austin, Texas, taking over here the transmissions for the next five hours plus, not to mention our fourth hour host, Paul Joseph Watson.
Now, again, I've got huge news desk today, tons of video clips, and really, I think it's a time of revelation.
I don't mean that in a biblical sense.
I know that you can say that as well, but I don't mean that in a biblical sense.
I mean, it's why the trend Alex Jones was right is one of the top trends on the internet right now, because all the things that InfoWars and Alex Jones have been talking about for decades is now being revealed.
Even some of the things that we've just been discussing in the shorter term, the last two or three years, is all being revealed.
So let me just tell you the waterfront here before the great guests come on today.
We've got Dr. Ben Marbles coming up from MyFreeDoctor.com.
We're going to get his response to the Pfizer documents that just came out.
And then I'm going to have in the next hour, the one o'clock hour central,
Dr. Brian Artist.
Artist, excuse me, the Dr. Artist Show.
We'll get his response to the side effects as well.
And then, by the way, I'll just mention it now since I'm doing it.
Coming up on the War Room, we'll have Jesse Lee Peterson, we'll have Alex Stein, we'll have Jim Hoft.
So, great guests coming up today on InfoWars Live Transmissions.
Now, here's where I'm going to be getting to, and the way I've just been doing this today is just approaching it like a six-hour news show day.
So some of this I'll get to on the Jones Show, some of this we'll wait, we'll get to on the War Room.
Stack over here of just all of the latest news since the Pfizer data dump, and the response from the government, the response from the media, and then sadly, it's just so bad.
When the athletes, college athletes are dying.
And then I've got this huge stack.
I mean, I've got so much of an update coming out of Ukraine.
I think that's what I'm going to do when we come back.
Cultural news.
Political news.
And by the way, we've got footage today.
Folks, look, I've been saying it for years and Savage has written books.
Liberalism is a mental disorder.
But folks, they're reaching a breaking point.
They're becoming psychotic now in their behavior.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have really about an hour and a half or two hours of Russia-Ukraine coverage here.
I'm going to try my best to get as much out in the next 15 minutes of this live transmission before Dr. Marbles joins me, but
At the end of this I'm probably gonna have to parse the segments together where I cover all of it to then put out in a larger segment on Band.video Because it's just gonna have to be kind of like okay We cover it and then we back off and then we cover it and so it's a little clunky for talk radio But we'll put it into a full video on Band.video so that it makes sense and it's a more fluid coverage So so let me just stop right there because that time is of the essence here Where to begin now
There are stories going around, and Russia has even made statements in regards to this, I just needed to get triple confirmation before I covered it, about U.S.
bioweapons labs in Ukraine.
Now we know about the Ukrainian corruption, we know about the Western influence where they use Ukraine as kind of just a political laundering grounds and money laundering grounds, and we know that
It was Obama and Biden and Soros that had an illegitimate overthrow of the Ukrainian government to install an anti-Russian government to provoke this.
Now, here's what the media doesn't tell you, and let me just put it into this statement before I come back to it later, after covering the biological lab information.
When you're only allowed to hear one side of the story, something is up.
When you're only allowed, or you only see one side of the story, something is up.
That's what's going on in Ukraine.
You're only allowed to hear one side of the story, and that's Ukraine the victims, Ukraine the greatest, Zelensky a hero.
Anything coming out of there is going to favor that narrative, and you're only hearing from Zelensky across the American media spectrum.
Now, Putin gave a speech today.
Did you hear that?
Did you hear about that?
Do you know about that?
Are you going to see that anywhere?
You should be very suspicious of that.
Why won't American media show you both sides of the story?
Doesn't mean they have to support it, but you'd think you'd want full-spectrum information there.
And here's what it equates to.
For years, Russia, whether it's at the UN or anywhere, has been begging for a seat at the table, begging for the world to listen to them about their concerns with NATO, and about their concerns with Western influence on Ukrainian elections,
And with their concerns about the world and culture.
They just get no seat at the table.
Nobody listens to them.
They're told, buzz off.
We're not listening.
You're the bad guys.
Screw you.
Well, Russia's sick of that.
Russia wants a seat at the table.
Russia wants its concerns to be heard.
And nobody listened.
They are, or wait, are they?
So Russia desperately decides, okay, fine, we'll invade Ukraine.
Will you listen to me now?
Can you hear me now?
But no!
Still not allowed to hear from Russia, still not allowed to hear what's going on, banning all Russian media, banning all Russian commentary, banning President Putin from even getting a message out.
But let's wind it back.
Why did the U.S.
Embassy official website just remove all evidence of Ukrainian bioweapons labs?
Stories at Infowars.com.
Now, we're working on trying to get Dr. Francis Boyle back on, but he's very busy, and he was unavailable today.
Snope says that, oh, it's not true, there's no biological labs in Ukraine, it's not going on.
Let me just read for you, because Dr. Boyle was kind enough to give me a quote, and he said I can quote him on this on the air.
Now again, this is Dr. Boyle, who came on this transmission.
In February, I think actually late January was the first time, late January 2020, and then again February 2020, saying it's a Wuhan lab, it's a biological lab leak, it's the research they've been doing, gain of function, SARS-CoV-2 viruses, all of that ended up coming true.
Dr. Francis Boyle.
And of course, what did they say?
They ran the fact checks at the time saying that's not true, that's not the case, now it's been totally 100% vindicated.
So that's the track record of Dr. Francis Boyle.
It's about as good as you can get.
This is a quote from him.
biowarfare laboratories are extremely dangerous.
The U.S.
They must be secured and safely decontaminated and then rendered permanently disabled by professionals.
Blowing them up is just too dangerous.
That would release
Biowarfare agents into the environment that could infect human beings.
So, in other words, the biological labs do exist in Ukraine, and just like with the Wuhan lab, there is Western interest and involvement in those labs.
And it was someone that called in yesterday, I think it was on the war room, saying, hey, are they going to blow up those labs?
I've heard they've blown up the labs.
And I said, well, I doubt Russia would blow up those labs, but I'm sure Russia would have an interest, a human interest, in stopping whatever it is they're doing in those labs.
Russia was even afraid that they were making genetic, genetically targeted or race-specific bioweapons in that lab to target Russians.
Which we already know they were doing in China.
That was already confirmed with Peter Daszak and Anthony Fauci involvement in the Wuhan lab and other labs in China making race-specific bioweapons.
Now look, think about it like this though.
Pretty much anything that you can conceive, somebody else is probably already doing.
You understand that concept?
It's been something that's been proven time and time again to me throughout my life.
If I can conceive it in my head and it's a practically applicable thing, then somebody else is probably already doing that.
So, do you think they can make a race-specific weapon, a race-specific bioweapon in the year 2022?
Do you think somebody maybe can do that?
Do you think about that?
They already are.
So anyway, I've just got this stack of news here where it's, oh, the labs don't exist.
No, there's no such thing.
And then there's the confirmation with official documents, official websites and doctors saying, no, they're definitely there.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
But it's the same practice.
It's the same operation.
That we saw in 2020 where they say, there is no Wuhan lab, there is no biological research, it's not going on, it didn't come from a lab, it's a wet market, it's a bat wing, you know.
Oh, and you're going to get censored and you're going to get fact checked if you don't believe in that.
And then, oops, that was all wrong and it turns out it was the lab.
So, that's an interesting angle that you're not going to hear anywhere else.
And again,
After what happened, see, this is what's so frustrating.
We don't live on a real planet.
We live in the clown world now.
After what happened with the biological research lab in Wuhan, China, you think every country, considering their drastic measures and emergency response to COVID-19, you think they'd want to shut stuff like this down?
You think there'd be a bigger initiative worldwide to say, hey, we don't want another COVID-19 pandemic.
So it just shows how the whole thing was fake.
That's really what it shows.
It shows the whole thing was fake.
The whole thing was theater.
They don't really care about COVID.
They don't really care about viruses.
They don't really care about stopping the next pandemic.
In fact, I think they want it.
If you could stop COVID-19 from ever happening, would you do it?
Well, guess what?
The origins of COVID-19 are now known as a biological research lab
And there's dozens if not hundreds of these still operating, doing similar things as the Wuhan lab.
Any given day, another virus could get out.
So maybe Russia's thinking, hmm, having these things on our border, with psychotic world criminals running them,
Is probably not a good idea.
And we can't have detente.
We can't have diplomacy.
We're not invited at the table to discuss these things so the world can hear our concerns.
So, I mean, maybe they'll hear our bombs dropping on Ukraine.
Good approach?
Bad approach?
I don't know.
You can decide.
That's the approach they're taking.
But see, the problem is the world's still not listening.
And so the assault and the aggression from Russia in Ukraine continues.
But there's a story that I think really kind of puts this all into perspective, and I'll have to get to this later today, but the Germans seizing the Russian oligarchs yacht, some say it's 800 million, 600 million, whatever, it's like one of the biggest yachts on the planet,
And so they're just stealing Russians' property now.
Folks, this is yet again another war of the rich over land and resources.
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Hold on a second.
Guys, let's just listen to that one more time.
Did you notice the little slip-up of Jen Psaki?
Folks, Jen Psaki just gave you the whole story.
She's not a bright gal.
She wouldn't have taken this job for the most corrupt administration in U.S.
history if she were.
Listen to this one more time, and listen to the little slip-up she says, where she's admitting that Biden is actually causing all this.
This is the Press Secretary admitting Biden is causing what's happening in Ukraine.
Listen again.
You know, I was at the State Department.
The President was the Vice President the last time Russia invaded Ukraine.
This is a pattern of horror from President Putin and from the cronies around him.
Yeah, you're right.
This is a pattern of horror from this President Biden.
Like I said, folks, you can think Putin is the worst guy on the planet if you want.
You can't ignore the facts!
Every time Democrats are in the White House, they weaken Ukraine and put them in a more compromised position with Russia, while also simultaneously flicking Russia in the ear, giving them a wet willy, poking the Russian bear like it's a game.
Like, oh, nuclear war is just a game to them.
Ha ha ha.
Let's mess with the nuclear power of Russia.
That should be fun.
We'll just bully them.
They'll never do anything.
But what is Biden doing?
Now, folks, this is, again, so Bill Clinton denuclearizes Ukraine and makes the Lisbon Agreement where Ukraine has to give the nuclear weapons over to Russia.
With the guarantee that, oh, America will protect you, NATO will protect you.
Well, I don't know how well that's working out for them right now.
Then, in the Obama administration, with Biden as the Vice President, Obama and Soros were running proxy groups, proxy wars, funding terrorists and Nazis in Ukraine.
Yes, folks, yes, this is the truth!
I'm sick and damn tired of the media not telling you the full story!
The Obama administration was funding proxy wars in eastern Ukraine with George Soros, including
Neo-Nazi militias!
And what happened?
Really, they failed, is what happened, and Putin took Crimea.
But see, they installed a puppet president, and they got an anti-Russian government in, to just make things worse, and so the situation escalated.
Then Trump got in, who tried to make deals, kept the peace of the area,
And wasn't blackmailed or compromised or predictable.
So Russia kind of just hit the pause button and said, all right, maybe we can have detente with Trump.
He's criticizing NATO.
Maybe he's fair.
Maybe he'll give us a seat at the table.
And then Trump did meet with Putin and Trump would have phone calls with Putin.
And even though they tried to impeach it on it and call him a Russian agent, really?
The president can't talk to another world powers leader?
That doesn't make sense.
Something sketchy about that, but no, it doesn't even stop there.
So now the Biden administration is in office.
Shuts down our pipelines, cuts off our oil production, gives control of the flow of oil in the West to Russia, is the exact opposite thing you would do if you were trying to hurt Putin or Russia or keep them from escalating a conflict in Ukraine.
And by the way,
You realize now that the U.S.
is funding both sides of this war again?
Billions of dollars to Ukraine to fight this war, and billions of dollars of Russia to fight this war.
It's a joke.
The U.S.
is funding both sides of the war in Ukraine.
Billions of dollars of Russia every week for oil, because Biden shut ours down, and then the backing that we're sending to Ukraine as well.
So the U.S.
is funding both sides of this war.
It's sick.
It's sick.
But did you know
Biden pauses new oil and gas leases amid legal battle over cost of climate change.
Do you know what day this was?
This was February 24th.
Do you know what happened on the day that Biden hurt the US's ability to produce energy and get energy?
Do you know what happened that day?
Russia went into Ukraine on the exact same day.
If anyone is a Russian agent, if anyone is working for Vladimir Putin, it is Joe Biden and the Democrat Party who are funding both sides of this war.
All right, we are switching topics now because both of these things are huge stories.
I mean, you can try to decide which one's bigger.
The situation in Ukraine that's getting worse.
Look, I hope it's mostly theater.
I don't want to see a nuclear war.
I don't want to see World War III.
Well, we're following and tracking that.
But we can't ignore the fact, because, look, there's different numbers of casualties that they're saying is happening in Ukraine.
I've heard anywhere from 500 to 1,000 to 20,000.
Who knows, folks?
Who knows?
But even if it is 20,000, the Pfizer vaccine, all the COVID vaccines have killed more
than the casualties so far in Ukraine.
And so we've got the latest Pfizer data, which is just so overwhelming to me and that's why I wanted to get the doctors on today.
And so Dr. Ben Marbles joins me now.
Ben Marbles' website is MyFreeDoctor.com.
He's been on top of this since day one.
Really, I mean, just totally vindicated with the latest news in the Pfizer data.
So Dr. Marbles, thank you for joining me.
I'm looking at the
I don't know.
I mean, are my eyes lying to me?
When you saw this and you saw the side effects, what are you thinking?
How do you interpret this data that Pfizer has finally released that they tried to hide for almost a hundred years?
Yeah, they tried to have their lawyers not release the data for 75 years.
It just confirms what we've known for a long time now, what we've been saying, and that
That these fake vaccine experimental gene editing poison is poison and people need to stop taking poison.
If you look at the numbers of that data, I think it was around 45,000 people were in that study and 42,000 reported adverse reactions.
The list of adverse reactions is many pages long other than instant death.
There's just a mountain of evidence that proves that these fake vaccines are poison.
We need to ban the damn poison as soon as possible is the bottom line.
But the bad news is we're going to pass 5 billion doses of this poison delivered in a few weeks.
Later this month we're at like 4.9 billion right now.
So the problem is we've had the greatest mass poisoning event in human history.
Because of that mass poisoning event, which is ongoing, we're going to see more people die in the year 2022 than any year in human history.
That's why I call it the mass die-off of 2022.
The prospects of that are very scary.
Certainly way more deaths from the fake vaccine poison than in Ukraine from the war.
So one has to wonder, the World Economic Forum, they're the puppet masters of all this.
Putin is in the World Economic Forum.
Is this all just a charade to distract from the
Mass die off of 2022.
And that's what I think it is.
They're just trying to smoke screen all these deaths that are going to occur this year.
We're starting to see the insurance data is coming in.
You know, all cause mortality is up like 40% for the insurance.
You know, when people die, they file their insurance claim.
So the insurance companies are blowing the whistle on this and all the data that's coming out.
Yeah, it's just irrefutable, the mountain of evidence that basically the only people who are, who ignore it at this point are the brainwashed COVID cult members who, you know, that they just keep lining up for the poison.
They'll just keep taking dose after dose.
It's, you know,
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
Well, by the time you're on your third or fourth booster, you should realize that it doesn't work.
And if you just want, you know, you want to keep taking poison, then you're basically insane.
But, you know, that's the definition of it.
So I just encourage everybody, please stop taking the poison.
Clearly, it does not stop infection.
I mean, the latest data on the children's shot, it only had 11% efficacy.
So children, it's all risk, no reward.
To meet the legal definition, if it doesn't prevent infection in at least 50% of people who get it, it's legally not a vaccine.
So all the proofs in, these fake vaccines are not real vaccine.
They're gene editing technology.
A study just came out the other day that showed the vaccine goes into liver cells and converts the DNA there.
So it's gene editing poison.
Which they of course denied all along they just it's just one great big lie after another And now all the evidence is coming out and we were proven right that this stuff is not safe and effective It's actually killing a lot of people and the you know We need to ban it as soon as possible because everything's just going to keep getting worse until after we ban this poison Because if you keep just poisoning everybody on the planet, you know, there's a quote it was a
I erroneously attributed it to the Nazi Klaus Schwab, but it was by another man, actually.
And their target goal, he researched World Economic Forum, their target goal population is 1 billion from the research this author did.
And so, you know, there's 8 billion people on the planet.
That basically means they want to mass murder around 7 billion people.
Well, they've already dosed about 5 billion people with the slow-acting poison.
There's the list.
It's just a mile long of all these different conditions known to be caused by the Pfizer vaccine.
So the fact that this is still on the market is just proof of how corrupt all of our alphabet government agencies are.
FDA is totally corrupt.
CDC is totally corrupt.
So at some point the people have to stand up against this and refuse to take the poison and also stand up and speak out against it.
Certainly the truckers are doing a good job with that.
Uh, but we have to do whatever it takes to get this poison ban.
Now, of course, we want nonviolent protests.
Uh, we want everybody to remain peaceful, but, uh, we have to get this poison ban.
That should be priority number one for everybody around the world.
Way more important than war and anything else that's going on because we're, we're witnessing the greatest mass poisoning in human history right now.
It's been going on since the start of this vaccine program, you know, in just a short 14 months.
The adverse events reported, they're right around 2 million now and are over 30,000 deaths.
That's reported to VAERS, which is just one database for one country.
And it's more than all the real vaccines combined, you know, tetanus vaccine, diphtheria, pertussis, all the other vaccines that you combine, the sum total of all the adverse events from those over the past four decades.
The adverse events from these fake vaccines is higher than all the other real vaccines combined in just a short 14 months.
So that's just completely, you know, how much evidence do people need to pull the poison off the market?
How many people have to die from this poison before we can get it banned and pulled off the market?
That's what remains to be seen because we know it's poison.
It's very clear.
It's poison and people need to stop taking the poison, you know.
Yeah, it's like if I was an evil person or Machiavellian, I'd say, OK, you know what?
Keep rolling out the poison shot.
We'll consider this a survival of the fittest type thing.
And yeah, millions of people might die.
But you know what?
Maybe it's a better thing we get those low IQ people off the planet.
But no, they're innocent.
They're being lied to.
They're being tricked.
So we can't take that stance.
I like the way you put that, though.
This is one way for people to kind of really perceive what's happening here.
We are mass-producing poison.
We are mass-producing poison and injecting it into people's veins.
Right into their bodies.
Now, there's a lot of this, when I look at the research and the data that's been released, there's a lot of this that I just have trouble interpreting and that's why I wanted to get you on here today.
First, let's just start and we'll go to the break and we'll continue with this.
What is it, I mean, how do they have like 30 pages of adverse side effects?
Has there ever been any medical product that has like a thousand side effects?
Like everything in an encyclopedia?
Have you ever seen anything like that?
No, sir.
Never before in history of medicine has this ever happened.
And you know, the FDA's own standard is if there's more than 50, if there's 50 deaths, they're supposed to pull the drug off the market.
Well, they passed 50 deaths the first month this was out.
They should have pulled it off the market by February.
So clearly they're ignoring all the rules.
And why is that?
Well, it's because the PC Commie COVID cult members, they run all the organizations and they're in collusion with the World Economic Forum.
To take down America, to destroy America, usher in their pandemic for the Great Reset and the One World Government.
And they're basically actively committing mass genocide in the process.
They know what they're doing.
The leaders know what's going on.
Now, you know, a lot of the people who just follow the leader may not be aware of the, you know, the level of evil that's going on here.
But we have to tell people and let people know what's really happening.
And that's how, you know, we we tell people the truth of what's really going on.
And truth will set you free.
You know, the truth comes out eventually.
And everybody knows everybody knows somebody with a vaccine injury, a family member or friend.
By now.
Oh everyone I know that took it.
I mean luckily none of them died.
Everyone I know that took it either got sick or or had some weird reaction to it.
Don't go anywhere.
We'll be right back.
Dr. Marble put it best.
We are mass producing poison.
I mean folks this is like, this is unbelievable man.
It's like I...
Like, we play the Mission Impossible theme and the James Bond themes and all these things, but it's like, really, we're like in a James Bond film, and evil villains are producing poison en masse for human consumption.
And here's the other part about this, as you were mentioning before we went to the break.
They're still promoting this, Dr. Marble!
They're still promoting it on television.
They're still promoting it in government.
They're still promoting it in the alphabet agencies.
They're even releasing new reports today
Saying, from the CDC, and the Surgeon General saying, we need to combat misinformation when it comes to vaccines, but all the stuff they want to combat, quote-unquote,
Has been accurate, has been proven to be true!
I mean, how is it that they're all in on this?
So, it's just stunning, but here's my problem is, and I'm curious, were you as overwhelmed as I was, even as a doctor with a better understanding of this, were you as overwhelmed as I was when you saw
The FISA data and the thousands of deaths and the tens of thousands of adverse reactions in a small three-month period and then 30 pages of different side effects?
I'm looking at this like, how can this even be real?
How is this even happening?
I know.
It's incredible.
It's unbelievable.
And that's the problem is that people that are brainwashed, they don't want to believe this level of evil exists.
And it does.
And this just confirms what we knew.
It's very real.
But man, the amount of evidence and the proof in that Pfizer document released this week is just
Just a ton of evidence.
It's irrefutable.
And the only people who don't believe at this point that the fake vaccines are poison are the people that are brainwashed that are basically victims of the mass formation psychosis because of all the fear porn.
They can't see it.
They're just sheep that probably won't wake up.
You know, you can't wake up everybody.
You can try to wake up... Let me ask you this, though.
What about the people that are waking up that took the vaccine and are now, you know, kind of scared that this thing was put in them?
I mean, what what can you say to them?
What can you say to people who got one of these vaccines and is maybe scared because of this information is coming out?
I mean, what is there good news for them?
Is there a way they can kind of, I don't know, like detoxify from this?
There are treatments that can help, and that's where we do want to give people the good news.
We've had some big news this week for MyFreeDoctor.com.
It's been two years.
I'll tell you our stats.
We're around 180,000 free doctor visits delivered.
We've had a total of six deaths, so that's about one death every 30,000 patients.
The six people that died, they wouldn't even take the medicine, but when people take it, we've got a 99.99% survival rate.
So the proof is early treatment works but now we finally have licenses covering all 50 states so we can also now deliver free doctor visits for non-COVID type problems like
Say a headache or an earache or a urinary tract infection or a yeast infection or one of the most common things that if it's appropriate for telemedicine, we can now handle it all.
It's a free doctor visit.
For example, medication refills, simple things like that.
Maybe men who have erectile dysfunction who are taken Viagra or Silas are out.
They need a refill.
We can do that for free.
Now we still ask for a donation.
But we now have the ability to treat non-COVID type health problems that are appropriate for telemedicine.
And if it's something that we can't handle, we can refer you to doctors that we actually trust, because that's the big problem right now.
What we have is we've had a cowardice...
We're building a list of referral network of doctors that
We're good.
Gateway into health care that you get to talk to health care for free and get a free opinion Get free prescriptions.
You can donate if you want, you know And thank God you are because we need doctors we can trust because there has been so much lost faith in the medical industry and Institutions and sadly in doctors, but there are good doctors out there.
You're sourcing them out with your website But but let's get back to the side effects here because this is one that I'm struggling to understand
And there were actually other studies that came out before the FISA data was released.
Basically, they're saying that, again, this is my layman interpretation of this, so correct me or put me on the right track if I'm off here, but...
It sounds to me where they did these in vitro studies of what it does to the liver.
So basically the vaccine, the mRNA gets in there, you have a spike protein machine in your body that's just constantly putting out the spike proteins, it's rewriting your immune system, and it's rewriting your DNA!
And it basically, now opening you up to any and every disease possible, like you've been reset as a human, and anything could be possible, or I guess maybe the synthetic DNA or whatever they're putting into the vaccine, let's say that that person, that the original DNA was inclined to get this cancer or that disease, now all of a sudden, you might be inclined to get that?
Am I interpreting this data right?
What did those studies represent?
No, you're interpreting it correctly.
You know, what people don't understand is the spike protein itself is the poison.
It's the self-spreading bioterror weapon.
So when you give the shot into your arm, your body starts producing the spike protein throughout your entire body.
And that may be for the rest of your life.
We don't know yet.
We don't know.
Maybe it's for six months.
Maybe it's for 20 years.
And only time will tell the answer to that.
We don't know.
But the spike protein itself causes all the symptoms of COVID and it causes you to have a positive COVID test result.
So this is what we see.
I've heard thousands of cases of this.
Oh, I was totally healthy.
I went and got the fake vaccine.
Two days later, suddenly I'm sick with all the symptoms of COVID.
Have a positive COVID test.
Now here's where they lie with statistics.
If you then get admitted to the hospital and you die less than 14 days after that shot, that's called a COVID death and not a vaccine death.
So they're just lying in every way imaginable to deceive the people into taking this poison.
So nobody should take poison, not old people, young people, pregnant people, nobody should take it.
You know, the reports are the pregnant women, the
Missed Carriage Rates in Pregnant Women.
Some reports are as high as 80%.
The miscarriages are going through the roof.
The cancers are going through the roof.
We're seeing vaccine-induced AIDS, basically, where it impairs immunity long-term.
You know, I've probably told you this before, but Dr. Luke Mantegna, he recently passed away.
He was Nobel Prize winner and he said that he believed
One shot of this poison would be dead in three years, and I tend to agree with him based on everything I've read, but I hope and pray that I'm wrong because many of my family members and friends have taken it, you know, against my recommendations, but so hopefully we're wrong, but certainly there are some treatments.
Chlorine dioxide, some people are suggesting that.
That's not one I've personally tried, but I know some doctors like that one.
Ivermectin is another one that we've
A lot of patients that has helped them after vaccine injury.
And there's several other medicines we can try.
So certainly anybody who has vaccine injury or side effects, go to MyFreeDoctor.com.
We'll hook you up with one of our doctors and try to do the best we can to help you through this.
Ultimately, long term, we have to get this poison banned.
We've got to do whatever it takes to get it banned.
So, you know, the World Economic Forum leaders, they're the orchestrators of all this.
Ideally, they all need to be arrested.
But how do you arrest them when they own all the court system?
Yeah, and Big Pharma owns the media, so they're not going to stab them in the back, because they're all working together.
And we're going to come back one more segment with Dr. Marble here, and I want to ask him, because again, folks, if there's two deaths in a baby formula, they pull that baby formula off the shelves.
I mean, by that standard alone, these vaccines should never be injected again.
And we got another segment here with the good doctor, Dr. Ben Marble, MyFreeDoctor.com, and
Finishing up here in the last segment we have with him again.
How is it I?
Guess we know how it is.
It's all the corruption But I mean how is there not more of an outrage a baby formula this just happened this week a baby formula
Uh, has two casualties because of a baby formula.
They pull it off the shelves, they're not selling it anymore, there'll probably be lawsuits.
But the vaccine, the COVID vaccine, tens of thousands of deaths, hundreds of thousands of adverse reactions, we don't even know the long-term numbers yet, and they're still promoting it, they're still telling you it's safe and effective, and now the scariest thing to me...
Which is the Surgeon General and these other corrupt alphabet agencies are basically, I think that they're going to reach a point here, Doctor, where anybody who says anything negative about the vaccine or talks about a Wuhan lab or a doctor that does it, they're going to pull your medical license, they're going to censor you off the internet, they may even come try to arrest you with this stuff.
I mean, this is just out of control.
So, I mean, as a doctor,
Seeing how they refuse to pull this off the shelves despite the side effects and the deaths, and then seeing the attacks of the CDC, the FDA, the Surgeon General, saying you're not allowed to question the vaccine, you're not allowed to question the authorities.
I mean, how dangerous is this?
I mean, this is... I'm just stunned that we're living through this.
This is the most evil maybe even... Definitely in my life, this is probably the most evil thing that I've ever witnessed.
I blame it on political correctness, and this guy right here, Dr. Death Nazi Fauci.
Political correctness is the most successful brainwashing tool of all time, and that's what people need to realize.
You know, when, you know, people used to think PC was just good manners, but what we now find out is it's getting thousands, if not billions, of people killed because of political correctness.
So, the problem is, is we're living in occupied territory now.
We have a PC commie COVID cult member in the White House,
All nine U.S.
Supreme Court members are PC Commie COVID cult members as proven by the fact that all nine took the poison, allegedly.
Whether they took the real one or not is debatable.
And the majority of the members of Congress have all taken the poison.
So basically we're living under PC Commie COVID cult rule in America right now.
So we need to take our freedom back from these losers.
We need to round them all up and throw them in prison.
Now that's the problem.
How do you throw them in prison and have them arrested when all the
All the courts and all are corrupt and in the back pocket of the World Economic Forum, which is why what I do is I pray for God to hurry up and return it and let God sort it out and let God take care of these people, take them to an early grave or whatever God decides is appropriate.
I just pray for that to happen sooner rather than later because, you know, what we can do is nonviolent, peaceful protest, but we can also pray that we see an end to this.
And the more people that pray for that, then hopefully we, you know, God will intercede and get this poison ban.
We need to do whatever it takes to get this poison ban and hold these evildoers accountable.
And they can't get away with this World Economic Forum, you know, Nancy Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates to hell, Dr. Death Fauci, Dementia Joe.
I've got a Dementia Joe doll too.
And, you know, I come up with these names because part of the way you break the brainwashing is you make fun of them and you mock them.
I minored in psychology and that's, you can't break through brainwashing by being nice to people.
You break through brainwashing by ridiculing them, making a joke out of their position.
You know, if you're wearing a mask,
You see people wearing a mask?
Make fun of them!
The masks do nothing.
They don't stop COVID.
All they do is virtue signal.
The masks are the new swastika.
You know, a swastika didn't do anything, but it let other people know, hey, you or not, didn't you were a member of the party?
Well, we're getting the same thing with the mask.
All they do is a virtue signal to tell people you're a compliant brainwashed sheep, that you're a member of the PC Commie
We're good to go.
President Donald Trump is to blame.
And if he won't come out and openly call for the poison to be banned, then his political career is over as far as I'm concerned.
I'm the biggest Trump supporter you'll meet.
I mean, I run the President Donald Trump page on Facebook.
I made that in 2015, a year before he was elected president.
Been a huge Trump supporter.
But his by far his biggest mistake in his presidency was delivering this poison onto the masses into the world.
And if he won't come out against it, then I'm not going to support him.
No, I completely agree.
There needs to be a reconciliation thing here from Trump.
And I'm willing to say, hey look, people make mistakes, and sometimes they double and triple down on those mistakes, but this point it's not a mistake.
At this point there's no excuse.
And you know what?
We will forgive and forget, and we can have a reconciliation period, but it definitely needs to be addressed.
Because I know that there's people where it stands right now, they're just simply not going to vote for Trump on this one issue alone.
And yourself and me, who have been avid Trump supporters, I'll definitely be looking elsewhere as well if he doesn't stop promoting this vaccine as safe and effective and pounding his chest like it was a victory for him.
Because, you know, it's clearly poisonous and harming a lot of people, killing a lot of people, ruining a lot of people's lives.
And so he needs to own it and accept responsibility for it, apologize, and America would forgive him.
If he doesn't do that,
I won't forgive him.
If you can't admit you were wrong and say you were wrong and apologize and call for the poison.
He could call for the poison to be banned tomorrow and that would do a tremendous amount to get this poison banned.
Because we all know it's poison.
All the doctors know it's poison.
Anybody who's paying attention knows it's poison.
He has to know it's poison by now.
There's no way he can pretend he doesn't know it by now.
How about that?
How about now that we have the Pfizer data that they tried to keep secret for an entire century.
What about doctors that were maybe on the fence or maybe even promoting the vaccine?
I mean, what about them?
Are they not realizing what's going on?
Are they still doubling down on the lies?
I mean, how do you, how do you, how do you understand that?
I will say this, you know I'm one of the only doctors you'll probably talk to that's never recommended a single dose of the poison for a single patient.
That's because I was trained in my residency you should never recommend a new drug until it's been on the market for three years because that's when you find out if it's actually dangerous or not.
And the fact that they put it out in nine months when prior to that the fastest the vaccine had been made was four years and you know fast science is always bad science.
So it was a pretty easy call for me to say no
I sent out a message to all of our patients, do not take this.
It's probably bad and unhealthy.
We'll reassess the data in six months.
And if it looks like I was wrong with it, I'll say, go ahead and take it.
But six months later, of course, I wasn't wrong.
It's killing thousands of people.
So we just need to ban the poison.
But you know, Trump has to do something to speak out against this.
He's not, he's trying to wiggle around it, but there's no way to wiggle around this.
It's clearly poisonous.
He needs to call for it to be banned immediately.
And people would really rally behind him if he would do that.
Um, you know, uh, so I would say the same about Ron DeSantis.
He needs to come out against the poison as well.
Um, you know, a lot of, you know, politicians are politicians and they don't want to ruffle feathers and make people angry.
But when, when the poisoning is ongoing every day,
Uh, yeah, great.
It's great to stop mandates and it's great to stop mask wearing, but if you ban the mandate and people are still being poisoned, you're not stopping the poisoning, the mass genocide.
And it's so obvious now.
I mean, they had us completely panicked, shutting everything down over a virus that has a less than 1% chance of catching it or it being fatal.
It is so obvious now.
We now know, with the data, the vaccine has a higher fatality rate than the virus itself.
That is now a scientific fact, according to the vaccine manufacturer's own data.
And it's ironic that Trump himself was quoted multiple times as saying, oh, the cure can't be worse than the disease.
Well, lo and behold, the cure that Trump gave us is far worse than disease.
So Trump needs to apologize to America.
I would really appeal to him to do that.
I know I would forgive him and I think most people would forgive him.
I would be more than happy to meet with him in person and talk to him about this.
Uh, to try and convince them, because I think it would do wonders to getting the poison banned sooner rather than later.
Because that's, it's not a question of if, it's a question of when.
If it's going to be banned, it's inevitable that the poison will be banned.
It's just how many people have to die before it's banned is the question.
Now, I would like to say one other thing, you know, MyFreeDoctor.com, we are a faith-based organization, non-profit, so we do accept donations.
If people want to go to MyFreeDoctor.com and donate to our cause, that'll help us to save more lives.
You can find the link to our donation button on the website.
Uh, and that'll allow us to hire more patient support staff and more doctors to the cause.
You know, we're treating maybe a thousand patients a day now, but we would like to be treating a hundred thousand patients a day.
Well, God bless you and Godspeed, Dr. Ben Marble.
Again, MyFreeDoctor.com.
Thank you so much for joining us and thank you for your bravery and just, just let's hope we can win this.
And we are back, ladies and gentlemen, on this Emergency Thursday transmission.
The world is on the verge of nuclear war.
Look at some of these headlines out of the Russian news.
That you are not seeing in the Western news.
And that is what is so dangerous.
Whether you love Putin or hate Putin, whether you're for this war or against this war, like I am, you need to hear what the other side is saying.
Even in World War II, in the US, they played newsreels of what Hitler was saying because we're not in a dictatorship, but now we are in the big tech dictatorship.
It's in a fight with another authoritarian system.
It's extremely dangerous.
Look at this headline.
Russia declares hot war with West to settle post-Soviet space.
These are quotes.
Once and for all, Zelensky urges direct Putin meeting.
These articles are directly on Infowars.com.
Incredible videos coming up in a few minutes.
We're going to be playing for you another video.
Where you have dump trucks and other things citizens have put up on the roads to block the Russians coming in to their main capital city of Kiev being hit with artillery and destroyed, which confirms the Russians' threat to start shelling the blockades as this escalates.
And then Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov says Russia will continue Ukraine war till the end, even if there is a nuclear war.
Owen Schroer again is doing a fabulous job covering all this latest information and tying it together how this Russia-Ukraine conflict is going to help the globalists censor, control, and also crash the dollar in the long run and bring in a new global digital currency.
And all of this Russia garbage is smoke screening from the documents coming out that Moderna and Pfizer knew
That COVID was made in a lab, that Moderna owned the COVID-19 gene sequencing, and that they released it on purpose and blocked treatments to cause mass death, and that we are under a biological attack by a global corporate crime syndicate, which is now using the Russia conflict in Ukraine as a pretext to smoke screen the next phase of their operation.
Back live to Owen Schroer and his special guest,
Believe me, ladies and gentlemen, information is key to stopping this.
Information is key to breaking the globalists and stopping these wars.
All right, I want to go now.
Putin delivered a speech not too long ago.
Of course, you won't hear about that.
If Zelensky farts, they'll make sure that you know about that news, and they'll make a big thing out of it.
Oh, his flatulation was so heroic, but you're not allowed to hear anything Putin is saying to try to understand what's going on.
So guys, let's just play these back to back to back.
We've got four Putin clips from the speech here with the translation.
And so guys, let's just roll all four of them back to back to back.
Here are just some of the clips from Vladimir Putin's address just a few hours ago.
Dear comrades, I would like to say that the special military operation is unfolding according to schedule, according to the plan.
All the goals set by us has been achieved.
The Defense Ministry is going to give a more detailed report about that.
Mr. Shoigu, please.
And I will never renounce my statement that Russian and Ukrainian are the same people, even though the people from Ukraine were intimidated or brainwashed by the Nazi propaganda.
And some of them even decided to follow the Bandera ideals or other Nazi collaborators who fought on the Hitler's side during the Great Patriotic War.
And the fact that we are fighting against new Nazis is proved by how the hostilities are going.
Nationally, the neo-Nazi units that are using foreign mercenaries from the Middle East also, they use civilians as human shields, hiding behind their bags.
And we have facts, we have pictures of how they deploy heavy weapons in the residential areas of their cities.
more than one day
More than 3,000 Indian citizens at the train station in Kharkov, and they continue keeping them there, including 576 people in the city of Sumy.
New NASA's opened fire on Chinese students who wanted to leave Kharkov.
Two of them were wounded, once again.
I think?
Now, in the Ukrainian land, our soldiers and officers are fighting for Russia, for a peaceful life, for the people of Donbass, to denuctify and demilitarize Ukraine so that no anti-Russia that has been created by the West next to our borders didn't threaten us.
With nuclear weapons as well, as it was happening recently, our people is proud of our armed forces.
We will always remember our fallen
Brothers, comrades, we will do everything to support their families, their children, to educate them, to support their close ones and loved ones.
So let's honor the memory of our soldiers who died during this special military service with a minute of silence.
And to all those who are dying because of this, you know, we shouldn't be dealing with this on the planet anymore.
It's the
21st century I really feel that There's gonna be a new age after this I think it's gonna be a an age of peace But it's gonna be
A serious struggle to get to that point.
Because here's the deal.
I don't think the Russian troops want to be involved in this war.
I don't think the Ukrainian people want to be involved in this war.
There's gaslighting going on.
There's encouraging of the violence going on.
There's a lack of understanding of the situation.
But that's why you see Ukrainians and Russians, you know, that are in military gear out in the streets just kind of talking, laughing it up.
This is a war of the elites.
This is a war of the rich and powerful.
Fought for by the poor.
Overland and resources and Putin is just making his case of why he's engaged in this and what's what's what's the what's the Ukrainian or the Western back defense is oh just Putin's a madman he's bad we need to get Putin well
You can believe whether Putin is being honest, if the thing is on schedule, if everything is going according to plan.
I mean, one side says Russia's winning, the other side says Ukraine is winning.
Really, nobody's winning.
But see, when you start seeing Russian oligarchs' yachts getting seized in Germany, that should really tell you what's going on, folks.
This is the petty elites.
Oh, we're going to take your boat!
I mean, how is that even legal?
So it's just, and here's what it is, too.
They all know about the corruption.
Biden knows about Russian corruption and oligarchs.
Russian oligarchs know about Biden's family corruption, the Clintons, all of it.
I mean, they all know.
They're all on the rich, elite political level.
They all know about all the corruption.
And so that's why they're like, oh, we know this guy.
He's got his yacht in Germany.
Let's go seize that yacht.
Let's send a message.
It's the rich elite that want to conquer the world, fighting for land and resources and oil, just as it seems to always be.
And the people of the planet that want nothing to do with it suffer.
And by the way, that is a tactic
That CIA front proxy groups and Western backed proxy groups engage in.
They do it in Syria, they do it in Afghanistan, they did it in Iraq.
And they just say, oh, it's moderate rebels and we give them arms and we give them weapons and it's moderate rebels and then the next day it's ISIS.
Go figure.
They're just playing the West off like a fool.
But no, what they do is, they take their weapons, they hide them in school buildings, they take their troops, they hide them and station them in school buildings, and then they say, no, you're not going to stop going to school here, you're going to come to school here, we're just basically going to hold you hostage.
And that's what they're doing.
And that's what Putin was saying.
That's going on.
But you're not allowed to hear about that in the Western media, you're not allowed to hear about any of that.
But that's the truth.
So, I mean, I guess Russia could just let NATO continue to expand and put a gun to Russia's head and choke Russia out of the world economy.
I guess that would be Russia's other option.
Let me just put this one simply.
Joe Biden is a bigger threat to the United States than Vladimir Putin.
The World Economic Forum
The Great Reset is a bigger threat to the United States than Vladimir Putin.
Now, corrupt Western elites trying to start a nuclear war with Russia could become an issue when then Putin becomes a larger problem, but that would simply be because of the actions of our elite.
Picking a fight with Vladimir Putin that you don't want, that I don't want,
But I guess they've brainwashed some Americans into wanting a nuclear war with Russia, just like they brainwashed them into taking a deadly vaccine.
It's all the same group, it's all the same propaganda.
But America is starting to see the light here.
And I gotta be honest, I'm glad that this is happening in a quicker cycle now, where it really took about two years for people to kind of figure out and accept the truth about COVID and the vaccines.
But there, and even you saw some of the same people that understood the fake news during the Trump years and everything falling for all the propaganda.
Folks, they're starting to back off, take a breath and realize, wait a second, we've been duped again here.
And so I believe we have the clip ready of Saki today, right guys?
Folks, you have to understand.
Biden gave Putin the leverage he needed to start this war.
Every time, the last three Democrat administrations, they've put Ukraine in a more compromised position, uh, in regards to Russia.
And that's the Clintons, that's the Obamas, and Biden, and now Biden again.
And we are funding both sides of this war.
We're sending billions of dollars every day for Russian oil because Biden shut our oil down.
Literally the day of Putin's invasion, Biden pauses new oil and gas leases amid legal battle over cost of climate change.
I mean, if anybody's a Russian agent, it's Biden.
So the media is starting to figure this out.
Jen Psaki is being forced to answer these questions.
And boy, she's nowhere near up to the task.
But here it was during the press conference today with Jen Psaki.
You just said that, you know, less supply raises prices.
It's not in our strategic interest to reduce the supply.
We also know, you know, the President as recently as yesterday talked about increasing domestic manufacturing to bring down prices on inflated items like goods.
So why not apply the same logic to energy and increase domestic production here?
Well, there are 9,000 approved oil leases that the oil companies are not tapping into currently.
So I would ask them that question.
Is there nothing that the administration can do to get those providers back to pre-pandemic levels?
Do you think the oil companies don't have enough money to drill on the places that have been praised?
Oh, there it is.
Blame the oil companies.
I would point that question to them, and we can talk about it more tomorrow when you learn more.
Do you think that opening the keystone... I mean, that is unbelievable!
I'm just fuming.
This is the Presidential Press Secretary Press Conference!
You're supposed to answer these questions!
She's balking!
I-I am so- Just play.
I'm just- Just play the clip.
It's a lie.
That is just a bold-faced lie.
Well, again, Jackie, I think you're familiar with a number of steps we've taken.
A historic release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
They did that again, by the way.
They just released more of our reserve.
That'll be great if we go to war.
Is our need to reduce our reliance on oil.
The Europeans need to do that.
We need to do that.
If we do more to invest in clean energy... Oh my God, we're doomed, man.
We're doomed.
That's exactly what we can do to prevent this from happening in the future.
We welcome any Republicans from joining us in that effort.
Pause it again.
I'm going to have to come back to this.
Pause it.
Imagine, she says green energy is the solution, but oil isn't, when we have no proof that green energy will do a damn thing!
And we have all the proof that the oil will.
I mean, folks, that's what, but see, here's the media like, oh, like opening their eyes.
Like, oh, like growing up, like, wait a second, we're funding both sides of the war.
Wait a second, we're buying Russian oil.
Wait a second, you shut down our energy.
Why aren't you turning it back on?
This doesn't make any sense.
And Psaki just sits up there and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies.
This is on, we have the most corrupt administration in the history of this country.
It's not even close.
I've been on
I don't
I think so.
And now I'm glad to be joined by Dr. Brian Artis, who is traveling right now, but still doing us the honor of joining us on the air here on the Alex Jones Show, because I just said, look, I got to get all these doctors that pretty much predicted all the vaccine stuff back on the air to respond to the Pfizer data dump.
And Dr. Brian Artis has been one of the most on point when it comes to all of this.
And so glad he can join us today from the airport.
So if you do hear some background noise, folks, just understand he's in the middle of traveling, but still joining us today.
Dr. Artis, I got, just like you I'm sure, saw the Pfizer document released that they tried to cover up for a century.
Thank God a judge made them release it.
And I don't have the medical background or understand medical literature as well as you do, but even I looked at this and said, wow, this is really, really bad.
Even worse than we thought, whether it's 30 pages of side effects, or whether it's
It's admitting that it rewrites your immune system, basically rewrites your DNA.
So, Dr. Artis, your first response to the Pfizer data dump when it comes to the COVID vaccines, and just how do you translate all this information to a layman like myself?
Well, Owen, it's great to see you, and I hope your audience is excited about life at the moment.
Let's talk about this dump.
I thought the FDA, I thought the FDA was completely showing its hand.
October 22nd, 2020, put out a live scene of the 25-page presentation and all the side effects expected to be reported to the government.
There was a list of 22 bullet points that represented about 110 diseases.
Well now, we released just this week, there's over 30 pages of like
Font, size 3 or 4.
I couldn't believe the amount of published known side effects from the Pfizer shots.
I had no idea it would be that many.
We know it's going to be astronomical.
These are extremely dangerous.
We've been trying to warn people from the beginning.
Now we know why it was they wanted to put this off for decades to release the evidence that they actually are now publishing.
And thank God that there was a judge that actually had the fortitude to push this out to give us the informed consent we needed to make a decision around these shots.
It's very disturbing.
I mean, I just like to make analogies, or sports analogies, because I have a sports background.
I think people understand it.
I mean, this would be like saying, hey, give me a list of your favorite NFL football players, and then you gave them a list of every football player that's ever played in the NFL.
That's what, I mean, is there a disease that's not on the side effect list?
I mean, I feel like it would be easier to list the diseases that aren't a side effect.
Now, I used to talk about this early on, it's October of 2020, that when they put one bullet point on their FDA documentation, before the shots came out, that autoimmune diseases was listed as a category.
I actually would tell people, you know, that one bullet point represents 80 different diagnosable autoimmune diseases.
I thought that was a lot.
But when you see 30 pages of
I don't even count them.
It's a ridiculous amount of side effects.
Nobody should be entrusting these shots to go to anybody.
I do want to say this, Owen, on the show today.
Did you see yesterday?
After this has been published by Pfizer, did you see the panel that was put together by the White House just yesterday to talk about COVID and what the new COVID pandemic guidelines, steps they're going to be taking?
Did you see this?
The COVID response person for the White House actually said yesterday that they are now putting in place measures.
His name is Zint.
He says, finally, we're touching upon vaccinating, quote, vaccinating the whole world.
Saying that the U.S.
would not only be providing more vaccines to other countries, but also vaccinators to that field.
And then Fauci went on to say that they are now developing a procedure that will allow them to create new COVID-19 vaccines for any future variants in less than 100 days per vaccine.
This is extremely
Terrifying actually that they are recognizing and have published now Pfizer's documentation that there are hundreds if not thousands of side effects and diseases being caused by this these Pfizer mRNA technology shots and now just a few days later Fauci is going to come out and say we're now going to be approving and putting into in place measures that allow us to create new novel vaccines for all future variants in less than 100 days.
This is the result of the Pfizer shots like you see on the screen that came from a result of creating vaccines over nine and ten months with Operation Warp Speed.
You can see the horrific side effects.
Look at this.
It's insane what is occurring to young athletes around the world on football fields at record numbers.
People dying as you're seeing on the stage here and as you're seeing on the media.
And then you have Anthony Fauci coming out and saying, we're going to actually speed it up.
We actually now have the ability to create vaccines for future variants that we don't even know are coming.
But they said they have produced a COVID-19 variant playbook quote from yesterday.
They have a playbook of variants that they're actually projecting to come out.
And now they're going to come up with shots every hundred days they can come out with a new shot.
So I would not be trusting any of these shots.
I would be extremely disturbed.
And when just when you think there might be this lull with the Omicron variant, supposedly, you're not hearing as much of hospitalizations and deaths right now.
You would not expect, at least I wouldn't, to see Anthony Fauci come out just yesterday saying we're now going to authorize and set up protocols and the ability to create new COVID-19 novel shots within a hundred days of every variant.
This is very scary, very unwarranted.
And then Walensky from the CDC, I just want to touch on this.
If you didn't see this, one of the measures they now said they're going to take, they've now increased their water surveillance program for COVID-19 from 400 sites.
To over 647.
And they say they're doing this to be able to alert the public that there is in the water as we shed SARS-CoV-2 in communities.
They're actually PCR testing your wastewater in your cities.
And they say they're looking for SARS-CoV-2.
And when they find it, they say the amount of SARS-CoV-2 being shed in the feces as they're PCR testing our wastewater in our cities, they can then determine
That within four to five days when they see elevations of SARS-CoV-2 in our wastewater, they can now predict there's going to be an outcome or outbreak in your community.
The only problem with that, if you're shedding out the virus in your feces, that's because it already went through the person's body and was shed.
These people are going to be getting sick after the fact.
I would be very leery of what the CDC is doing.
We already know the history of adding fluoride in water, which we know is toxic and can cause cancer.
Why in the world would we be okay knowing that they're adding additional surveillance sites around this country targeting 37 specific cities?
I would be looking into that.
And if you ever wonder if this is accurate info, go to CDC.gov's COVID Data Tracker.
On the left-hand side, you'll see a little tab that says Water Surveillance Systems.
And then ask yourself, why is the CDC testing our water?
Why are they telling us that when they find high levels of SARS-CoV-2, supposedly from a faulty PCR test,
Sampling your poop water.
Why would they be telling you?
They expect after finding it in your wastewater to be able to alert the public that there's a coming outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 or some other variant.
I wouldn't trust it.
I don't trust any of it.
I don't trust the CDC, the NIH, or the FDA.
None of it.
And all of them on that panel together are just showing more and more obvious their hand that they are not going to let this COVID pandemic go.
And they're going to come up with ways to continue to push this narrative and try to put fear, coercion, and bullying
Just to get them to their agenda, which is to mass vaccinate the whole world.
And the COVID White House correspondent for COVID relief just said last night, their goal is to vaccinate the entire world.
And the United States is set and primed to vaccinate and create the vaccines and then supply the vaccinators to the whole world.
Like, they're going to send our people with new shots they're creating within 100 days and injecting people around the world.
Because the endgame is to vaccinate them all.
And then your question's gotta be, what's the intent?
After two years, or a year and a half now, you know the vaccines aren't proven safe and effective.
Look at Pfizer's document that just came out.
Well, and this is full spectrum.
So not only do they get to cling to the pandemic forever, they get to push vaccines into your veins forever.
They get to have their cake and eat it too.
Look, I don't want to get too conspiratorial here, but I mean, folks, this is like an alien takeover, and this is just a joke.
This is so anti-human.
Look, I'm not some... I don't talk about paranormal or aliens or anything like that.
I mean, you know, I'll talk about, like, demonic possession every once in a while, but seriously, I mean, we're reaching, like, they-live-under-the-skin levels.
Like, this is so anti-human.
How can anybody... How can any...
The vaccine, according to their own data, is more deadly than the virus!
How can we continue this unless the goal is to kill people?
I can't make sense of it any other way, Dr. Artis!
No, this is a mass genocide.
I don't know if you guys have been following or been making sure your audience is aware of Dr. Raniere Fulmick's grand jury that he's put together.
He's got a five-day series of experts that have come together.
Okay, yeah, this is big.
Let's pause right there because we got to take a break.
Let's come back with that grand jury.
Folks, I'm telling you, look, I'm not saying it's aliens or demons, but how do you make sense of this?
How do you make sense of this anti-human behavior?
You gotta understand, I have an extremely, highly respectable guest on with me now, Dr. Brian Artist.
We have extremely, just highly respected, I mean, world-renowned people that tune in every day.
And so, I don't mean to demean this broadcast.
I really don't.
I mean, we have a high level of respect here.
And with all the guests and everything, and the crew, so this is not an attempt to demean things here, but I mean, I'm serious, man, like, this is like an alien takeover.
I just don't know how else to make sense of this.
How can they... We have all the science, I mean, it's undeniable.
How can they push for this vaccine that is more deadly than the virus?
It's not an argument.
That's the data.
I mean, what is going on here?
That's the science.
Again, so I'm not trying to demean the audience.
I'm not trying to demean the transmissions here.
I'm not trying to demean everything that InfoWars has done over the years.
I don't talk about aliens.
I don't talk about paranormal.
That's not our thing here.
I'm just at a loss at this point.
This is so ridiculous.
This is so overwhelming.
I mean, you can watch alien movies all day long and our world now is like more insane and unbelievable than it.
I'm not here to talk about paranormal or alien invasion.
I'm just saying, this is alien.
This is anti-human.
This is not natural.
Something else is going on here, folks, and it just doesn't make sense.
So, I don't get it.
I mean, are these humans that just want us all dead?
You don't get it.
Are these humans that just hate life and hate humanity?
Are they really just full-blown eugenicists?
Do they really believe that population control is the answer, so they're just lying to you about everything until we're all dead?
So again, I'm not trying to demean anything that we've created here or the great guests.
I'm just overwhelmed by it all.
But let's get back into the grand jury that you brought up, Dr. Artis, and the significance of this.
Because look, the pushback against these deadly vaccines, it has to start somewhere.
It has to get teeth.
It needs to get into the courts.
And this is one way to do so.
That's right.
So Dr. Renier Fulmik, out of Germany, is the lead attorney.
He's put together a group of a thousand international lawyers, 10,000 international scientists, medical professionals.
And this is his opening arguments for a five-day grand jury, just completed, putting together.
And he's going after a whole lot of people.
He brings it to light that the individuals like Bill Gates, that you've already mentioned here, shown on the show, Klaus Schwab and others, Davos, the organization.
This is his opening statements to the grand jury.
Let me just read this to you.
You talk about an alien takeover.
Let me tell you what Dr. Ranier Fulmix opening statements for day one of his five day grand jury.
Ladies and gentlemen, this case is about a long planned agenda of a group of ultra rich and their financial mafia based in the city of London and on Wall Street.
To use a pseudo-pandemic as a guise behind which, while our attention is on the pandemic, they want to complete their decades-long efforts to gain full and complete control over all of us.
When you speak of an alien takeover, this is what Dr. Rainier Fulmick has laid out perfectly with experts like Dr. David Martin, who was able to show that since 2002, our federal government has actually applied for and owns the patents for every single one of these SARS-CoV-2 viruses that they have been creating this entire pandemic as a plan.
It started out with the plan,
The World Economic Forum, their agenda 201, that was days one and two.
Day three of the grand jury got into medical malpractice, the falsified and fraudulent PCR tests, and the scientists and experts behind this technology that absolutely did testify and showed all the documentation that PCR tests never have been able to identify, isolate, or diagnose viral infections of any kind.
I was asked on the
We're good.
Anthony Fauci of the NIH, when he put in this one and only drug to be the solution for COVID-19 hospitalized Americans, absolutely knew, and I showed all the documentations on day three of this Grand Jury, that Anthony Fauci was aware that remdesivir from a trial used against the Ebola virus in Africa was proven to be the least safe and the most deadly of the four experimental drugs.
Which was absolutely the opposite of what he professed and put in writing to our federal government.
What he said to every hospital in our nation and every doctor.
It was never proven safe and effective.
It was the only drug proven to kill over 50% of everyone they gave that drug to in Africa.
And yes, this was another research study, and I'm going to say it right now, it was a eugenics experiment to actually mass murder more people in Africa using four experimental drugs.
And then he took that drug and was going to, when he found out it was the most deadly in that trial, he then made it the only drug in America to be used throughout every hospitalized patient in ICU for the entire year of 2020.
And to this day, Owen, I brought this up in the grand jury and they didn't even know.
Your audience probably doesn't know unless they watched it.
I said, thank you for having me on as an expert witness inside of this third day of the grand jury.
Did you know Rainier Fulming?
That remdesivir not only was known before Anthony Fauci selected it in 2020, he not only knew it was deadly, he knew it actually caused in 31% of all people they give that drug to for 5 to 10 days, he knew it caused acute kidney failure, liver failure, and heart failure.
That's what they published and knew from their studies.
And then I looked at him, I said, can you imagine two years later?
We're now into February.
The actual FDA of the United States just authorized January 21st, 2022.
That the only authorized drug to be used in all newborns and pediatric age patients in America, in hospitals or outside of hospitals, who PCR test positive for COVID, the only drug they're allowed to pump into the veins of these newborns and children in America is remdesivir.
And they were shocked.
They could not believe it.
When the judge asked me at the end of all of my testimony for an hour and a half,
He goes, Dr. Artis, all of the information, research and documents you've provided, are you convinced in your opinion and in your expert testimony, is this a outright attempt to cause harm and death of innocent individuals around the world, these COVID hospital protocols?
And I said, Your Honor, this is textbook eugenics.
And Owen, I need to let you know right now, one of the things that's made me even more angry since I did the grand jury and presented all this info, I can't believe they're targeting children across this entire nation.
Babies with remdesivir.
There's no threat to them of dying from COVID.
Why would you ever inject them with a drug known to be deadly and toxic to the human body?
And we gave all the documentation there.
But what is really upsetting me now, when I say this is a eugenics program, the CDC, the FDA, and the NIH right now are all lying to the American public to different races, including Hispanics, non-whites, which would be blacks, African-Americans.
They are targeting these individuals.
They are actually putting propaganda together in medical journals, trying to convince blacks and Hispanics in this country
That they are the most likely to end up in hospitals and to die from COVID.
That is not true.
They are also telling you that black males younger than 12 are the children most likely to develop MIS-C, which is a side effect of the Pfizer shot listed on one of those 30 pages of side effects.
It was also known by the FDA before the shots ever came out.
Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children.
Multiple organs in the body becoming inflamed from the shots that has a complication of death in children.
And by the way, because we're about to go to a break here, so just hold that thought because we've got to go to this break.
By the way, folks, just so you understand, Dr. Artis has actually laid this out for me two times on the air, on the Jones Show once when I was guest hosting and on the War Room runs.
He has all the receipts.
Like, he literally has all the documents, all the data, backing up everything that he's just told you.
Alright, Dr. Brian Artis is with us.
He's about to have to board a plane, so we've just got a couple more moments with him.
I want him to finish up on the grand jury, and then, uh, what's next?
So what happens next, Dr. Artis?
All right, so they wrapped up their five-day grand jury, and now this is going to be a model that every country around the world can use, now knowing the expert witnesses, the documentation, to now hold all of these individuals accountable.
And we need to do it here also.
As a result of the things we've been able to do, you've noticed, Owen, and your audiences have noticed, there's about 12 countries in Europe in the last three weeks who have dropped all of their mandates.
I am signed on a lot of lawsuits targeting the UK Parliament, Boris Johnson, MHRA in the UK.
I mean, there's tons of us out there trying to get traction to get this done.
Unfortunately, America is going to be the last to admit that they were wrong, that they have actually put in regulations, lockdowns, mandates that were actually criminal.
We're going to be the last ones, unfortunately.
I need everybody to know that it's not now the time to be docile.
We have to continue to
Stand up and say no to any of these mandates.
And then number two, I want everybody to know that we are going around the country meeting in state capitol buildings.
We'll be doing it here in Pennsylvania.
Actually, tomorrow morning.
Meeting with Senators and Legislators, me, Peter McCullough, Steve Kirsch, Attorney Thomas Renz.
Oh, thank God!
Praise God!
Praise God for you and these doctors standing up.
That's where we're headed.
Penn State tonight, state capitol building in the morning.
And we're very excited.
Alright, I know you gotta catch a flight.
Thank you so much for joining us today from the airport.
Godspeed and God bless and we'll catch up again soon and we'll keep track on these grand jury situations.
You're doing a great job, Owen.
Alright, thank you.
I'm proud of you.
Alright, there goes Dr. Brian Artis.
Alright, I need to take a deep breath here because the engines are revving, the heartbeat is up, and quite frankly I'm just a little
Ticked off that there's a group of people that want to kill us all.
Certain ancient instincts starting to come to the fore.
But I'm just going to stop right there.
And you know, here's what it is.
And I was having a discussion with a friend of mine last night about this.
We're both about the same age.
And, you know, we have just had it so good in this country, we don't even realize it.
And for all the things that we have to put up with, and the BS, and the government, and everything, and yeah, there's fair complaints, and there's problems, I mean, but we have had it so good in this country that it's... Here's the analogy that I made last night, and I think makes sense.
We're like the dodo bird now on this planet.
We have not had a predator that threatens us, and so we're just walking around like the dodo birds, thinking nothing can touch us, nothing can harm us, we're the dominant species, we're all good.
Well, you know what?
There's something else out there, folks.
There's a predator.
There's a predator.
And if we don't identify and nullify the human predator,
That we're the prey to?
Or the prey of?
It's going to not be a good future for humanity.
And I just pray we can have a victory here and we can get humanity back on the right track.
But we cannot turn into the dodo bird
Thinking that there are no predators against humanity out there.
Folks, they are everywhere.
Whether you think it's like an alien invasion or a demonic possession or these are just humans that just want you dead, for whatever reason, it's on right now.
And it's funny because the whole reason we sparked this conversation is
There were a couple of young punks running around the gym last night, just acting like absolute jackasses.
And we were just looking at each other like, what is wrong with the youth?
Like, what is going on?
How can people behave like this?
And it just led to the conversation.
It's like, you know, people just have no idea how good they got it.
They really have no idea.
And I was listening to
It's like a pro men's health podcast the other day and the host was saying how we're probably at a point in time maybe never before seen in maybe even human history and you can boil it down to America or maybe say worldwide but I mean what percentage of men, what percentage of males right now
Are so ill-prepared for this world and what comes next, let's say for war, what percentage of males tomorrow, if they had to defend their lives or their family or their house, what percentage of males would be mentally and physically prepared to defend themselves, defend their country, defend their planet, defend their family, defend their home, or go to war?
What percentage of males?
It's pretty bad.
And it's all by design.
So that a predator can come in and prey on us and suck our life force and conquer us and make us slaves in a new world system.
So whether you think it's humans doing this consciously for whatever reason or aliens or demonic possession folks, it is on right now.
And that's what I'm saying is like,
It's like these couple, these punk high schoolers are running around like trying to start crap at a gym.
And, I mean, I don't even bother, but it's like, listen dude, you don't even know the planet you live on.
And, you know, like, I'm dealing with a worldwide corporate mafia that's coming after me and my family.
So, why don't you just grow up?
It's like, let's never know.
They'll never get it.
They've had such a life of leisure and laziness and lethargy and just being spoiled and everything and they just have no idea what life is really like on this planet.
But that's just a microcosm of really what the elite like Nancy Pelosi are like.
I mean, you can say Nancy Pelosi's a blood-sucking demon, you know, but, I mean, she is so detached from reality, she sits up there and rubs her hands together when the President is talking about smoke pits burning American soldiers to death.
And she's, like, up there grinning and rubbing her fists together, like, that's a good thing, that makes her happy, that gets her off.
She's gone, folks.
Nancy Pelosi is gone.
She's not on this planet.
She's not on this plane of existence.
So again, call it demonic possession, call it alien, call it whatever you want, that's what we're dealing with.
And so they think, oh, we know where all the rich, we know where all the rich, corrupted Russian oligarchs keep their money and keep their boats, so we're gonna go steal it.
So now what?
We're going to have some petty war of the world's elites with the poor people on this planet's blood drenching the dirt so that they can have control over this planet with the resources and the land?
And it's totally detached from reality?
Demons like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton running the whole show?
All right.
When we come back, I'm going to get more into the situation in Ukraine.
But folks, you see the great guests we got to come on today.
I've got more great guests coming up later.
I've got more people.
I've got a Pfizer whistleblower coming on the Alex Jones Show tomorrow, by the way.
This is what we do here at InfoWars.
There's a reason why we're the most attacked, there's a reason why we're the most demonized, and there's a reason why any day you could try to tune in and this whole thing might just be gone.
Because this is the front lines, this is the tip of the spear against this alien, demonic New World Order takeover that I will not stand for.
I love this planet, I love life, I love consciousness, I love God, I love you, I love freedom, I love being in control of my own destiny.
And so do you!
But folks, we need your support.
We don't want to go anywhere.
We want to continue to do this.
But we need your financial support at InfoWarsTore.com so that we can still be here every day, on the air, fighting the lawsuits, keeping the streams up, getting the crew employed, hiring more people.
InfoWarsTore.com, folks.
We've got the best supplements on the market.
I mean, you won't find anything like Supermail Vitality anywhere else on the market.
Supermail Vitality, Down and Out Sleep Support, it's all at InfoWarsTore.com.
I mean, just look at the freak shows that occupy our government.
I mean, they look like damn demons.
They look like frickin' alien species.
I mean, what the hell is that?
What the hell is that?
What is that?
My God.
I mean, seriously, folks, we're getting taken over by demonic aliens.
You look at Nancy, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Rachel Levine, Lori Lightfoot, Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters.
These are freak shows!
Freak shows!
These are not human!
What are you?
What the hell are you?
But you know what?
I don't take joy
No pun intended.
Let me say, I don't take pleasure out of Joy Behar falling over face-planting on The View today.
I don't celebrate that.
But you know what?
It is, it is a metaphor.
The crew is not jumping up and down right now behind the glass, I promise.
It's not happening.
But you know what it is?
It's sad, folks.
I don't take pleasure out of this.
It's sad, but it's a manifestation.
Because this is God's creation, that's the thing.
He's in charge here.
Not Joy Behar.
Not Joe Biden.
Not Bill Gates.
Not Klaus Schwab.
They wish.
They wish they had the power of God.
No, this is God giving them a final warning and striking them down in a very passive, subtle way.
Like, with all the people that take the vaccine and then go on television promoting it, and then they fall over.
That's God just passively saying, you're going to fall.
You're going to fail.
You're going down.
So, I don't take pleasure out of that, because I'm stuck on this
Space ship, planet, we call Earth with them.
And that's going to blow back on me.
But when you see Joy Behar face-planting, falling over, walking onto the set of The View today, I'm sorry folks, but that's just a sign from God.
You are falling.
You're done.
You will fail.
You will fall.
You will be struck down.
Because God made this planet for us
God made this experience, this consciousness, for us.
Not for you!
Not for you blood-sucking, vampiric, demonic, genocidal eugenicists!
You demons!
But this isn't... Hey, you know what?
I'm not the one in charge here.
I'm not the one that's going to be judging you.
I'm not the one that you're going to have to deal with.
I'm just praying to God.
I'm just looking for God's wisdom and guidance.
Humbling myself.
You are the fools!
You are the fools that thought you could control the fate of this planet.
You are the fools that rebuked the Creator, God.
And He's warning you.
He's warning you.
And quite frankly,
Folks, look, it's just going to be bad, man.
We're going to go under judgment, and whatever God is going to do to these damn demons, we're going to have to deal with.
We're going to have to experience.
And I just hope we make it on the other side to
At least get back to living on this planet and being humans in some way, shape, or form that we're meant to be, because this is not it.
I mean, folks, I've got footage coming up.
We've got guests coming up later.
I've got footage coming up, and they're coming through Texas.
There's this group coming through Texas.
They go have pro-trans kid human rights rallies, and they walk out these five, six, seven-year-olds, put them in drag, put them in makeup, have them doing strip lap dances.
You don't think you're going to hell?
You don't think the creator of this universe is going to strike you down?
You don't think you're going to be banned from this existence ever again?
You think you're ever going to get access to all of this beauty and all of this potential?
You think you're going to ever get access to this again, let alone at the next level?
You're going to hell!
But see, you're trying to create hell on this planet first, so that we have to get tortured with ya.
Not gonna happen!
So again, I don't take pleasure out of all these nurses and all these doctors that promote the vaccine and then fall over dead right there on TV.
I don't take pleasure in Joy Behar not even being able to walk on the set, she falls over and smashes her face into the ground.
That doesn't make me feel good because I know that's God warning you what's going to happen to you if you keep doing this!
And see that's the thing, it's like, oh Putin, Putin, Putin, Russia, Russia, Russia, oh God, really?
Is Vladimir Putin trying to chop the genitals off?
Of children?
Is Vladimir Putin promoting sexual perversion?
Is Vladimir Putin censoring my free speech?
Is Vladimir Putin making me suffocate under a face mask?
Is Vladimir Putin making me take a deadly vaccine that's got a bigger fatality rate than the virus itself?
Is Vladimir Putin opening up my southern border for an invasion?
Is Vladimir Putin putting Americans that are political dissidents behind bars?
So I'm sick and damn tired about hearing about how evil Putin is when I've got just as bad leaders here that are actually probably ten times worse.
How's that for a rant?
But I mean, seriously, you look at these occupiers of our government, specifically in the Democrat Party, I mean, they just look like frickin' aliens, man!
They look and act and talk like frickin' demons!
Oh, I just thank God I'm not part of them.
Oh my God, oh, please forgive us.
I ended up going on a rant here.
Unintentionally, Paul Joseph Watson is going to be hosting the fourth hour today.
But I've got big guests coming up on the war room and I've still got all this news in front of me.
And it's like I said yesterday, if you were tuned to the war room, I'm not trying to be pessimistic here.
I'm not trying to put you in a bad mood.
We're going to win.
God is going to win, freedom is going to win, humanity is going to win, 100% absolutely guaranteed.
It's just a matter of what we're going to have to go through to get to that point and how bad it's going to be.
And that's why we're here on air, peacefully and politically, trying to awaken hearts and minds as a buffer so that whenever God's vengeance will be on these damn demons,
It's like at least a buffer where a lot of us are going to know what's going on and say, okay, we know what's going on.
Let's kind of, we'll back off.
We know it's going to be tough.
We know it's going to be rough and tumble, but this is, this is God's will.
This is God reclaiming the planet from Satan.
So, uh, that's what's going on here.
But, I mean, folks, they just busted a massive child sex trafficking network in New Zealand.
Hundreds held after New Zealand led investigation into images of child abuse.
It's child rape, it's child porn, it's child kidnapping, and they just caught hundreds of them.
And by the way, just not getting seen anywhere, that damn demon, Arden,
In New Zealand is still enforcing all the COVID stuff and forcing the vaccines.
There is huge protests going on in New Zealand that are actually getting really violent.
Where protesters are like lining up their cars to ram through police lines.
I mean it's getting serious and nobody's playing it anywhere.
And I understand why we're distracted by Ukraine and we got our own problems to deal with.
But I mean that's going on folks.
And there's at least a 70-mile convoy now.
It might be closer to 100.
We don't have the latest numbers.
In fact, do I have my guest on today who's joining us covering the Freedom Convoy?
It's all right.
I'm going to come back.
I'm going to take the first five minutes here and give you an update on everything that's going on.
It's just crazy, man.
It's just crazy.
But you know what?
Hey, you know, I'm not the biggest thrill seeker out there.
I don't know if I'll ever jump out of an airplane or whatever, but you know, I kind of like a thrill.
Sure are thrilling times to be alive, huh?
Sure are thrilling times to fight evil.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, let me just tell you what's coming up here.
Paul Joseph Watson is going to be hosting this fourth hour and he's going to have his latest take on everything developing in Ukraine and other breaking news.
And then I'm going to be back hosting the War Room, where I'm going to get into all of this massive stack of news with the latest in the Ukraine situation.
I've also got great guests coming up.
We're going to be joined by an individual who's in the Freedom Convoy right now.
I believe they departed out of Indiana earlier today.
They're heading to D.C.
We'll get an update on that.
I've also got more COVID-19 and vaccine news.
And then we've got Jim Hoft joining us with some of his breaking news that's happening right now at the Gateway Pundit.
And then we're going to have Jesse Lee Peterson and Alex Stein on the third and final hour of the War Room to discuss this pro-trans kid movement that is moving through Texas right now.
And they go have these public events and they actually get hundreds of people to show up
And promote genital mutilization of children.
This is unseen, unheard of crap, man.
I mean, you can talk about the fall of Rome, and you can talk about other civilizations throughout time and societies, and they got decadent, and they got perverted, and they did all, I mean, but promoting
Promoting pedophilia and genital mutilization of children?
That's a new low for humanity.
And who is it?
It's the left!
It's the Democrats!
It's the liberals!
They want to chop your kids' balls off!
You freaks!
But they just proudly do it, and they go have these big events.
And so we've got really disturbing footage from that, but we'll be airing all of that.
That's all going to be coming up.
It's just, folks, it's unbelievable.
And by the way, did you know in New York City yesterday, they had a pro mask rally?
A pro mask rally.
These libs are never going to take their mask off.
It is the mark of the demon.
It is the mark that they have been conquered.
It is the mark of total submission.
It is the mark of total brainwashing.
And really, it breaks my heart.
Because this was never supposed to be their destiny.
This was never supposed to be where they ended up.
But, there they are.
See, I have to, I have to understand that maybe it's a benefit of the doubt type thing, but you know,
If a soldier goes to war and he gets his legs blown off by a grenade, and he comes home in a wheelchair, he's got prosthetic legs or whatever, you don't make fun of the soldier and say, oh, ha ha, you can't walk, you can't run, look at you, you're so weak.
No, you understand that, oh, that guy fought in a war, he got his legs blown off.
So it's kind of the same thing with these brainwashed
zombified leftists.
It's like, you've been hit with a psychological weapon.
You've been hit with brainwashing propaganda.
And so, it's like, I wouldn't make fun of a guy who got his legs blown off in war.
Do you make fun of these individuals who have had their minds blown apart, blown to bits by the propaganda media?
Because that's what it is.
I mean, they've had their minds, I mean, they've had
Essentially a psychological lobotomy.
They've had a brainwashing bomb put into their head and their brain has been blown to bits.
Their brain doesn't work.
They're gone.
Promoting trans sex for kids?
I mean, folks, that's pedophilia.
Stop pretending it's not.
Promoting wearing a mask all day?
Are you kidding me?
You don't even want to breathe air?
You don't even want to breathe air!
By the way, Joe Biden told a massive whopper of a lie today, giving a speech.
He said that five police officers died on January 6th.
Not a single police officer died on January 6th.
But he's out there promoting the big lie, because that's all these damn demons do.
Paul Joseph Watson takes over.
I'll be back in an hour.
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I think so.
We are live on this Thursday 3rd of March edition of the Summit News Hour, one week since the war in Ukraine started.
But have you heard the news?
Have you heard the rumours?
Apparently Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, is right now organising, agreeing to a ceasefire.
Vladimir Putin himself is about to sign the terms of the Kremlin's surrender.
The tanks are turning back to Moscow, and Kiev may just be saved.
Because Siberian cats have been banned from competing in international cat competitions.
Oh my God!
I didn't think it could get any worse.
It always gets worse, doesn't it?
Headline, International Cat Federation bans Russian cats from all competitions.
Yes, the Russian Blue, the Peterball, the Siberian Cat have all been righteously, rightfully punished for being born in Russia.
The pussycats have faced punitive damages, and rightly so.
I mean, if they're not speaking out against Putin, then they're basically with Putin, right?
Putler, Hitler, Putin.
Putin bad.
Russian cats bad.
Deplatform Russian cats.
Cancel Siberian cats.
It's been done.
All those Ukrainian flags in your Twitter bios have worked.
The cats have been cancelled.
This is not the Babylon Bee, by the way.
This is a real story.
An international cat federation has banned all Russian-owned and bred cats from competing in international competitions in a move that's sure to stop Putin's war machine.
The Federation International Feline, FIFE, issued a statement saying it, quote, cannot just witness these atrocities and do nothing.
The cats are gone.
The, uh, war crimes apparently being carried out against Ukrainians, have they finally got justice for that?
The cats are cancelled.
The Federation has decided that, quote, No cat bred in Russia may be imported and registered in any Fife pedigree book outside of Russia.
No cat belonging to exhibitors living in Russia may be entered at any Fife show outside Russia.
The cats have been deplatformed, and rightly so.
Maybe Putin's dogs are next?
This is not... I remember stories, I remember reading stories last week about, I think it was, dashing dogs in the United Kingdom being kicked in the street during World War Two.
That's where we're heading.
The ban will apply until at least the end of May.
And will punish popular breeds such as the Russian Blue, Peterbald and the Siberian Cat, which can cost up to $4,000.
Again, if you own the same dogs that Vladimir Putin owns, maybe your business deserves to be shut down as well.
The story attracted condemnation from Chinese users of Weibo, with one asserting animals should not have nationalities.
As any rational person would surely understand, this is virtually guaranteed to send battle tanks scurrying back to Moscow.
And again,
This is the humorous end of the hysteria.
There's actually a lot more serious end to the point where we have Congressman Eric Swalwell in America calling to expel all Russian students from university.
But here in the UK, we have a UK Conservative MP, Tom Tugendhat, calling for all Russian citizens to be booted out of the UK.
Deported all of them!
Now when 15 out of 19 Saudi Arabian hijackers fly planes into the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, what happens to ordinary Saudi citizens?
Nothing whatsoever, as it shouldn't.
What happens when the government, the military of Saudi Arabia indiscriminately bombs Yemen and kills hundreds of thousands of civilians?
With weapons provided to them by the United Kingdom, by the USA, by NATO powers, what sanctions do ordinary Saudi citizens face?
None whatsoever, and we don't even friggin' talk about it!
Yet what are they doing to Russians?
This is a headline out of WantedInMilan.com.
Italian University backtracks after cancelling Dostoyevsky course.
Fedor Dostoevsky has become the unlikely source of a controversy at Milan University over its decision to drop a course on the 19th century Russian novelist.
Some Russian dude who wrote books 200 years ago.
Get him cancelled.
Putler's about Putin bad, Russia bad.
Get him in the bin.
The University of Milano Biocca informed the Italian writer Paolo Norian Tuesday night
His course on the author of Crime and Punishment had been cancelled!
To avoid any controversy in a moment of high tension.
Well, now you've got controversy, haven't you?
Because you're acting like utter idiotic prats!
Cancelling a 200-year-old Russian novelist because Vladimir Putin bad.
This is the level of the utter hysteria that we've devolved to in the space of one single week.
They're trying to cancel 200, 300-year-old Russian authors.
Russian conductor of Munich Philharmonic Orchestra fired after failing to submit to mayor's demand he denounce Putin.
Again, he engaged in wrong-think by just not responding to this demand by the mayor of Munich, Dieter Reiter.
Who previously, by the way, demanded that the Allianz Arena in Munich be lit up with LGBT rainbow colours during Euro 2000, because Hungary dared to pass a law that protected children from transgender propaganda.
Oh my God, how dare they?
That failed.
This didn't!
He literally said to this music maestro, this world-famous Russian-born conductor of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra,
You must get out, genuflect, display total ideological subservience, submit to what we want you to say.
Say the words that we put in your mouth about Vladimir Putin, Russia bad, putla, ban all the cats, cancel the cats, cancel 200 year old Russian authors,
Well now this guy, his personal life and career has been cancelled because he refused to bow to the ideological conformity cult.
Doesn't even matter what you think about the invasion of Ukraine, what you think about Vladimir Putin.
Political authorities in supposedly free Western countries shouldn't have the power to demand ideological conformity from public figures
...before allowing them to keep their jobs.
That's tyranny!
Something similar happened, I remember, in Germany in the 1930s, where a certain minority of people were told to conform, were told to obey, and weren't treated very well for not fitting in.
Let's just put it that way.
Music Maestro Valery Gergiev... ...was sacked.
Three years before his contract was due to end because he refused to submit to Dita's call for him to denounce Putin's... ...Putler's... ...brutal war of aggression.
They also cancelled Anna Netrebko, a Russian diva who is one of the opera's biggest international stars.
She's Russian, get her in the bin.
Because we're the group of caring and kindness and we're against xenophobia and fascism.
But if you're Russian, get out!
Reiter had given Gergiev until Monday to respond to a demand that he express his ideological conformity, but it wasn't forthcoming.
So he didn't even come out and say,
No, Putin has reasons for invading Ukraine, or there's a different side to the story.
He didn't even come out and say that.
He didn't say anything.
He was given a deadline by this far-leftist mayor to proffer himself, to display his ideological subservience, and he didn't.
And this is what the mayor said, quote, I would have expected him to reconsider and revise his very positive assessment of Russia's leader.
He didn't.
So now, not only has he lost his job with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, he's lost numerous other positions, and basically his life has been ruined.
But there's backlash over Munich Orchestra conductor being fired for failure to denounce Putin, where thankfully some prominent people in German politics and German society
...are coming out and saying that this attitude test is completely arbitrary, completely stupid, and it's going to lead to more and more censorship and tyranny.
Summit.News, we'll be back, don't go away.
So, Russian cats have been cancelled, just like disabled Russian athletes banned from the Paralympics.
Siberian cats have been banned from competing in international competitions because Putin bad.
300, 200-year-old Russian authors like Dostoyevsky have been banned in terms of a university in Milan banning a course on Dostoyevsky.
They later had to reverse it, but again it illustrates the utter hysteria.
But then the star conductor of the Munich Orchestra
A guy called Valery Gergiev.
He has actually been cancelled.
This isn't a joke.
His life is basically over in Germany.
His career's finished because he's Russian and he refuses to denounce Vladimir Putin after a demand, a public demand by the mayor of Munich that he come out and publicly denounce Putin.
Again, an ideological purity test to display his moral exhibitionism.
What's going to happen next?
Are people going to have to come out and say that, you know, trans children should be encouraged, that the age of consent should be lowered in Germany and things like that?
Are they going to have to come out and proffer their complete genuflection and subservience to the LGBT movement?
What is next?
Thankfully, there's a slight backlash to this.
Headline, backlash over Munich orchestra conductor being fired for failure to denounce Putin.
The former Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Christina Schroeder, tweeted that she thought, quote, such attitude tests were silly and counterproductive.
Numerous people also pointed out that former German Chancellor, Gerhard Schroeder, had close ties to Russia, with screenwriter Thomas Hügel asking, quote, is it known whether Munich Mayor Reiter has already initiated expulsion proceedings against his fellow party member, Gerhard Schroeder?
And an AFD Member of Parliament, Stephen Brander, also asked a similar question.
By the way, this Russian conductor has also been banned from the Vienna and Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestras, so his career is basically done simply because he's Russian.
Many more examples of that, which I'm going to get to, but we're going to go to this video first, which I've put out just a few hours ago.
About more examples of this utter hysteria that is seeing Russians being cancelled and deplatformed.
Ordinary Russians, not just the oligarchs, not just the Putin sympathisers from all levels of society.
This is called Russophobia.
Here's the video.
Rumors are swirling that Russian troops are surrendering en masse.
The tanks are turning round as Putin's war machine is vanquished.
Because Milan University cancelled the course on Dostoyevsky.
They said they did it to, quote, avoid controversy.
Utter, mindless stupidity.
We all know that the real way to stop Putin's war machine is to prevent Russian kids from playing FIFA, or at least to digitally remove NPC computer code from EA Sports games, or to rename the Moscow Mule, or to ban Russian vodka entirely, despite the fact that virtually all of it is made in Western Europe way.
Just hearing that Lavrov has declared a ceasefire because some trendy hipster bar in East London started calling it a Kiev Donkey.
Now I've got it.
Let's stop Russians from being able to buy cheap, itchy, shy H&M clothes made by wage slaves in the Far East.
That'll definitely halt the assault on Odessa.
But not as swiftly as demoralizing Russian soldiers by informing them that this divvy middle-class couple in Cambridge painted their house blue and yellow.
No, no, no, no.
The actual way to stop Putin is to fire the chief conductor of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra because he engaged in wrong think.
Because Valery Gergiev didn't respond to the mayor's demand that he kiss the ring of ideological conformity in time, he was summarily cancelled.
And now our repugnantly idiotic culture secretary, Nadine Doris, the same woman who once decried cancel culture,
He's celebrating the removal of a cultural exhibit about the Trans-Siberian Railway by a British museum.
A Secretary of Culture who is helping to destroy culture.
F***ing bravo!
Because preventing people from learning about the construction of a railway that was built over a hundred years ago is definitely gonna stop this war.
What's next?
They were all Russians!
Why not burn the books?
Domain service name cheap.
All the books.
Banning Russians from using their service and then bragging about it.
Hillary Clinton calling for all Russians to have their cryptocurrencies seized.
Remember when Saudi hijackers carried out 9-11?
And then how he imposed crippling economic constraints on ordinary Saudi citizens.
No, me neither.
Remember when Saudis were cut off from using Apple Pay and Google Pay after their country killed hundreds of thousands of civilians in Yemen?
No, I don't seem to recall that either.
Oh no, I forgot.
The righteous moral Western countries are all arming Saudi Arabia and turning a blind eye to the horrors they're inflicting on Yemen.
We don't talk about that war.
So while Congressman Eric Swalwell wants Russian students expelled from the US entirely, the Saudi students will continue to pour in.
Whenever there's an Islamic terror attack, the left's first reaction is to fret and wet the bed about Islamophobia.
Not only are individual Muslims not punished for the actions of others, which of course they shouldn't be, but an entire apologia cottage industry kicks in to shield any of those groups from any scrutiny whatsoever.
Not with Russians though, despite the fact that the vast, vast majority have absolutely nothing to do with Putin or this war.
Wonder why that is?
Let me know in the comments.
This isn't just stigmatisation, it's vile demonisation on a scale not witnessed in generations.
Russians are like the new anti-vaxxers.
Most of the people on the receiving end of this vitriol aren't Kremlin stooges, they're not rich oligarchs.
They're just Russians!
It's xenophobic, immoral, and utterly, utterly pointless, self-defeating, and stupid.
Again, remember the outcry when Trump tried to ban immigration from certain countries which weren't even the most populous Muslim countries, by the way?
Absolute meltdown!
I have Democratic congressmen calling for Russians to be expelled.
We have British MPs calling for all Russians, period, to be kicked out of the country just because they were born on a piece of land called Russia.
Where's the cries of xenophobia now?
But as I mentioned there in the video, people in the Ukraine, prominent Ukrainian activists, are actually demanding that EA Sports ban Russian kids from playing FIFA.
That's going to stop the tanks.
But they've banned Russian teams from video games.
That's the headline out of Summit News.
EA Sports bans Russian teams from video games.
They've banned computer code graphics.
Of Russian football players in FIFA.
That will stop the war machine.
Kiev is saved.
Forget the peace talks.
Doesn't matter.
It's all over.
The war is over.
Because EA Sports has banned a computer code of a graphic of Russian football players.
Absolutely mental!
Video game company EA Sports has announced it will remove all Russian teams from its games in solidarity with the Ukrainian people.
Yeah, because I'm sure when my house has been shelled and I'm cowering in a bunker with my kids with the sound of explosions all around me, the one thing that gives me comfort, the one thing that gives me
A sense of belonging, a sense of safety, in that hellish moment is the thought that EA Sports has banned some computer code, some graphics in a friggin' video game.
That's gonna give me a lot of comfort.
While the bombs are raining down, that thought that Russian, that graphics of Russian football players won't appear in FIFA 22, well that just, you might as well just end the war now.
No point in peace talks.
No point in ceasefire.
That has ended this war.
It's over.
Summit.News will be back.
No, go away.
So we joke about the Siberian Cats being cancelled.
We joke about the Dostoyevsky course being cancelled at Milan University.
We don't joke about the conductor of the Munich Philharmonic having his life basically cancelled, his career ruined over the fact that he's Russian.
Russians now in the metro subway, by the way, headline Apple and Google payment systems block Russians causing chaos in Moscow metro system.
This is what they want.
They want us all off the cash.
They want cashless society.
They want life to be lived and for us to engage in commerce purely via the QR code, which I'm guilty of doing, paying for stuff via a QR code.
You know that now when social media networks ban you, by the way, such as TikTok,
They don't just ban your account, they ban your device!
You can no longer use that phone to start a new account when your old one gets banned.
When that system is completely normalised with the QR code, your device gets banned.
Your device is unable to scan the QR code.
The QR code is mandatory to purchase everything.
But your device has been banned because you posted a spicy tweet about, I don't know, AOC or whatever.
You've said a naughty word on Facebook, you get a seven day suspension, no purchases for seven days.
You go really far and you say something like diversity isn't a strength, you get banned for good.
Basically you're homeless, you can't get a mortgage, you can't get a job, forget about it.
This is our collective social credit score future, and ordinary Russians travelling in the Moscow Metro, not rich oligarchs, not Putin, Kremlin stooges, ordinary Russians are now bearing the brunt of this collectivised tyranny, this punishment.
Russians attempting to use Apple Pay and Google Pay found their access had been blocked, causing chaos in the Moscow Metro system.
Thankfully, unlike in the West,
Apple Pay and Google Pay are relatively rare, but it still caused massive queues.
People had to fumble around for cash, because a certain percentage of people in Russia do use those payment systems on their phone to access public transport.
And again, this is because bank cards
Banks in Russia have been completely de-platformed under this SWIFT ban.
So now ordinary Russians with ordinary current accounts, hard-working, working-class Russians, they live in what you could call a dictatorship.
They don't support it.
They just live in it.
They suffer under it.
They have to get along with their lives.
But no, we're punishing them now because they have bank accounts with these Russian banks that have been banned.
So now Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay said no, we're severing all connection with any Russian banks.
So now your ordinary hard-working individual in Moscow struggles to get on a public transport.
This is where it's going.
But again, didn't happen to Saudi Arabians, did it?
Their government has been bombarding Yemen with NATO, US and UK weapons.
For years, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians.
What impact did that have on Saudi citizens?
None whatsoever.
And yet now we're seeing tweets from professors.
I saw Mike Cernovich was highlighting it on his Twitter earlier, where professors in the United States are saying, it doesn't matter.
You have to openly denounce Putin and basically become an activist for Globo, Homo, Ukraine movement.
You have to change your Twitter bio to put a Ukraine flag in it.
If you don't do all that, if you don't prostrate yourself, if you don't ideologically conform, you are Putin's bitch.
You are on the side of the Kremlin.
And they're saying those people should be deported, should be put in gulags.
Again, as I said in the video.
Russians are basically the new January 6th enemy combatants.
They're the new anti-vaxxers.
They're the new unvaccinated.
Any excuse to discriminate against people en masse, to engage in open xenophobia, because they don't agree with us on certain political issues.
Again, this is the be kinder crowd in action once again.
Saying that people should be expelled from countries.
Saying that people should be stripped of their assets.
Have their assets frozen, as we saw with the truckers in Canada, simply because of their beliefs.
Not just because of their beliefs, because they refrain from expressing vehemently the belief that they demand you express.
You can't even remain silent anymore.
You have to submit and show that you're submitting, otherwise you are subject to cancellation.
Let's go to this other video now.
Because I've got another massive example of it.
I put this out on YouTube a couple of days ago, but again, I'm going to come back and give you another example of this.
The video is First Casualty of War is Truth.
Going through just a few of the examples, flagrant, giant, fabricated news stories, and yet the esteemed fact-checkers are strangely able.
First Casualty of War is Truth.
Here's the clip.
First casualty of war is truth.
And boy has that old adage proven correct in the past few days.
Russia deploys mobile crematoriums to hide evidence of battlefield casualties.
Stench of death!
Chilling pics reveal Russia's mobile crematoriums used to incinerate dead soldiers and hide true scale of Ukraine war.
Turns out the pictures are from a 2013 YouTube video posted by a Russian incinerator construction company.
And they're incinerating a trash bag.
Ukrainian soldier on Snake Island tells Russian officer to go expletive yourself before being killed.
Russian warship, go fuck yourself!
These guards on a Ukrainian island refused to surrender before being killed by Putin troops!
Ukrainian soldiers told Russian officer, go fuck yourself, before they died on island.
Uh... They weren't killed!
And here's a video of them peacefully surrendering.
Ukrainian island defenders who told Russian navy, go fuck yourself, may still be alive!
Ukraine president fighting on the front lines, 24th of February, 2022.
Ukraine president inspecting border, 9th of April, 2021.
The ghost of Kiev has a name and he has absolutely owned the Russian Air Force.
Godspeed and more kills, Samuel.
Who wants to tell him?
That's a meme featuring the comedian Sam Hyde.
Same guy who bills himself as a slayer of conspiracy theories, posting more old images as if they're new.
Russian tanks running over innocent drivers.
Turns out the tank is Ukrainian.
You'd think the fact-checkers would be in their element.
The past week should have been an absolute bonanza for them.
And yet they're strangely AWOL.
Yeah, funny that, isn't it?
Almost like fact-checkers are just a vanguard of biased partisan political interests.
Surely not!
When the fog of war becomes a regional sandstorm.
You don't have to be a Russian stooge or a conspiracy theorist to see the blindingly obvious.
Why should we trust a legacy media and a political class that has lied about the circumstances behind every conflict in modern history?
Almost certainly lied about the origin of the pandemic and has just spent the last two years dangerously misleading the public about lockdowns and silencing anyone who challenged their narrative.
Oh, don't worry, they may have done all that, but when it comes to this, you can trust them.
Honest, really.
I don't trust anyone.
I don't trust the Russians, and I don't trust them.
Retaining a sense of nuance, a shred of incredulity, and an ounce of critical thinking doesn't make you a Russian stooge or a Kremlin asset.
It makes you a normal human being.
So again, we have this narrative in the West
Where RT and all these other Russian networks are literally being just shut off entirely.
The Russian RT YouTube channel is blocked for people in Europe.
I don't know what it is in America, but I can't even access it without a VPN.
They wiped RT off British television.
And they're saying, oh, it's because
We need independent impartial information and they engage in propaganda.
Like the NATO powers aren't engaging in propaganda.
Give me a break.
Numerous examples in one week alone.
Massive, contrived, fabricated, fake news stories, breathlessly hysterically amplified by the mainstream media, all of which turned out to be complete BS.
And they're saying that RT needs to be shut off because they engage in propaganda.
So what are the consequences for you engaging in propaganda flagrantly with no corrections?
Five, six, seven major fabricated stories in the space of one week alone.
What's going to happen to BBC, CNN?
Nothing, absolutely nothing.
They can lie and say they're not engaging in propaganda.
So it's quite ironic that RT and Sputnik and all these other Russian networks have been banned in the UK.
They've literally wiped them off UK television.
RT has been on UK television for about 15 years, 12-15 years.
It's completely wiped off.
You can't even access their YouTube channel without a VPN.
And going on their website, it's not even like it's vehement pro-Putin propaganda from what I've seen.
On the flip side, however, you literally have about eight massive, fake, contrived, fabricated news stories.
The ghost of Kiev.
The idea that the Ukrainian president was in his battle gear on the front lines.
They used old pictures from a year ago.
The mobile Russian incinerators used to hide evidence of war crimes.
All absolute, complete BS.
And yet what the consequences for CNN, for Fox News, for BBC, who all reported those stories breathlessly, with no correction whatsoever, confirmed beyond doubt to be absolute fake news, this idea that a Russian warship destroyed an island and massacred a bunch of Ukrainian soldiers.
They all surrendered and there's video of it!
Who's engaging in propaganda?
The answer is both sides!
So when is the BBC going to get de-platformed from YouTube?
When is CNN going to get de-platformed, blocked on YouTube?
Answer is never.
Because, you know, they're the good guys.
They're the good guys.
We have another example of that today.
Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial unscathed according to Israeli journalists.
But I was told it had been destroyed by the anti-Semitic Russian forces.
I was told that Putin's claim that they were fighting Nazis was completely debunked by the fact that they just destroyed a Holocaust memorial.
Turns out it never friggin' happened!
Imagine my shock!
After Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky claimed that Russia had attacked the Babi Yar Holocaust memorial on Kiev in an attempt to quote,
He literally said that they killed Jews twice.
Oh no, it's only RT doing propaganda.
No, you can trust us.
An Israeli journalist visited the site to discover that it was in fact, quote, unscathed.
They went to the site, took a bunch of photographs.
It turns out that the Russians had attacked a nearby television tower network.
The bombs hadn't dropped on the memorial.
It was completely untouched.
Oh, but we need to ban RT because they engage in propaganda.
Legacy media outlets breathlessly reported on Monday that the memorial had been deliberately attacked by an airstrike, amplifying Zelensky's claim that the destruction was, quote, beyond humanity.
Nothing happened there.
No one was killed.
It hasn't got a dent in it.
Quote, this is what he said.
The Russians have orders to erase our history, our country and all of us.
Zelensky said, you killed Holocaust victims for the second time.
Yeah, he actually said that.
The monument is completely untouched.
And again, if Russia is trying to erase Ukrainian history, they could do it pretty easily.
Why are they claiming that this is Russia erasing Ukrainian history when it didn't happen?
I mean, you're not really building up much credibility for your own side when you're outright lying about attacks that never happened.
Ynet Israeli journalist went and visited it.
This is not an RT Sputnik journalist that went and visited it and said, no, it hasn't been attacked.
This is a Jewish Israeli journalist.
Quote, the memorial was not harmed.
No bomb, missile or artillery shell hit the site itself, Ynet News reported.
The damage was caused to nearby Kiev's communications and television tower, 984 feet away from the new memorial, and a kilometre, 3,280 feet, from the old one.
That's Israeli journalist Ron Ben-Yishai, not RT, not Sputnik, visited the site on Wednesday to take photographs, discovering the memorial was in fact unscathed.
But then you go through the hysterical reporting from the media from two days ago,
Zelensky condemns Russian missile attack on Holocaust Memorial beyond humanity.
Damn them.
Fox News.
USA Today.
Russian airstrike hits well-known Holocaust Memorial in Ukraine, killing at least five.
Didn't hit the Holocaust Memorial.
Not a dent in it.
Oh, RT needs to be banned for propaganda.
Kiev hit with rockets targeting Holocaust Memorial.
Didn't happen.
USA Today.
Again, Jake Tapper tweeted, what better way for Putin to prove his ridiculous claims of denazification than by attacking a country with a popularly elected Jewish president, followed by bombing a Holocaust memorial?
Didn't happen!
No retraction from Jake Tapper.
Warren's tribe, a Russian missile hit the Babi Yar Holocaust memorial site in Kiev today.
No, it friggin' didn't!
Didn't happen.
So again, they've been caught lying.
Numerous times about these massive, fabricated, emotional, fake news stories.
What's the consequence?
None whatsoever.
Let's go to this final video now.
Because the head of MI6, the head of the British spies, James Bond, responded to the Russian attack on Ukraine last week by coming out and saying that the main issue was to continue to defend LGBT rights.
Here's the clip.
While ballistic missiles rained down on Ukraine, while soldiers and tanks began to pour across the border, while Vladimir Putin's forces advanced on Kiev, what was the British Ministry of Defence doing?
Virtue signalling on Twitter about a gay coffee morning?
No, I'm not exaggerating.
This is the tweet they later deleted.
Today, for LGBT History Month, we hosted a coffee morning in Main Building, which had a great turnout.
In the afternoon, we hosted a book club webinar.
Where we discussed our favourite LGBT plus books.
What is your favourite book and why?
Then the definitions of asexual and pansexual.
Kiev is saved!
Putin's turned back the tanks!
Bear in mind, this is the Ministry of Defence, the headquarters of the British Armed Forces.
But it gets worse.
It always gets worse.
The Times reports, British spies have been encouraged to consider their white privilege and avoid gendered terms such as manpower in a guide to improving diversity and inclusion in the security services.
The leaked document also advises MI5 and MI6 officers not to use words such as strong and grip because they can quote, reinforce dominant cultural patterns.
The advice, titled Mission Critical, was thought to have been written by Sir Stephen Lovegrove, the National Security Advisor, in October, and to have raised concern in other areas of government.
Critics have argued that security officials should have been less focused on inclusion and more alert to events in Afghanistan and Ukraine.
Oh really, do you think?
And there I was, hoping the Kremlin would have abandoned their onslaught.
Terrified at the mere prospect of James Bond turning up and catching them in the act of using misogynistic rhetoric.
Meanwhile, the British government responded to the bombardment of Ukraine by lighting up Downing Street in yellow and baby blue.
Added to Ukrainian flags in our Twitter bios, this will definitely stop Putin's war machine.
Have we settled on a hashtag yet?
We're in big trouble.
Big trouble.
So, following the head of MI6's assertion that LGBT rights in Ukraine is probably the most important issue in this entire war, we have this headline, CBS Highlights Problem of Transgender Acceptance in Ukraine.
CBS News responded to the Russian bombardment of Ukraine by highlighting little discussed but hugely important issue, how transgender acceptance isn't widespread in the country.
Maybe it deserves to be bombed then if it's that bigoted.
According to the report, transgenders are fighting a war within a war.
The report featured an interview with a transgender individual in which he, she, jay said the threat of being bombed is compounded by Ukraine not being a very rainbow-friendly place.
And isn't that the most important thing?
Meanwhile, GB News reports UK couple paint their house in colours of Ukraine flag.
That's it, stick a fork in it, it's done!
Putin surrendered, the tank's heading back to Moscow, because this couple, this middle-class ditzy couple in Cambridge, England, wanted to show their support for friends in Ukraine and for the Ukrainian people in this crisis.
Now they could have donated the money that they spend on painting their entire house blue and yellow,
To a Ukrainian charity to feed refugees and people under bombardment.
But no.
That wouldn't have been important enough for them to get their faces in a news story, would it?
And to engage in moral exhibitionism.
So instead, Wren Plattings and her husband Michael used two 5-litre tubs of paint, one yellow and one blue, costing £76 in total.
That's about $100.
To decorate the house of their home in Cambridge on Sunday, and they made sure everybody knew about it.
Mrs. Plating said it was my husband's idea.
He just assumed other people would have done it anyway.
I'm sure everyone's rushing to paint their houses yellow and blue.
That's really going to increase their value, isn't it?
So they decided to do this.
They could have given the money to a Ukrainian charity to feed kids under bombardment, but no, that wouldn't have got there.
Virtue signalling moral exhibitionist faces in the news.
War Room is next.
Don't go away.
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