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Name: 20220228_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 28, 2022
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In this episode of InfoWars, Alex Jones discusses the Russia-Ukraine conflict, propaganda from both sides, Putin's strategies, and potential escalation towards a larger war. He promotes his privacy protection and emergency preparation products available on his website. Participants in a discussion express concern over the conflict and question the role of the United States and media portrayal of the situation. Jones interviews Curtis Yarvin about different forms of government according to Aristotle, discussing monarchies, global order, X3 product benefits, deep state agenda, city life vs independence, the deep state's involvement in Libya, global politics and its effects on nations, taking action against potential wars, quality information, bank accounts being frozen, peace movement, and Alpha Power supplement for men.

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When we talk about the war in Ukraine and the war of NATO's expansion, that's now a Slavic civil war.
And when we look at the worldwide COVID lockdowns, the deadly injections and all the rest of it, it's all connected.
And right as the globalists are losing, right as there's a global awakening, right as people discover that it's not a vaccine but a poison shot, right as all these courts say you can't make people take the shots, right as the evidence comes out and it's totally proven that the masks don't work and actually give you bacterial pneumonia, right as all that breaks in a big, huge way, boom, this war starts.
And what does it do?
The war cuts off resources, the war makes people poorer, the big central banks loan more money, we go more into debt, more towards global bankruptcy, and the worldwide universal basic income that once we give up, and once we believe that the free market doesn't work anymore, the corporate fascists can fully take over with the cashless society, universal basic income.
Global Reset.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're still here.
Nuclear war is not yet broken out.
We say our prayers and thank our lucky stars and speak out against all this insanity.
We may make it through another chapter of humanity, but we have developed the tools and the systems to destroy all life on this earth.
The only question is, will we end up doing it?
Or will we transcend it through Christ?
It's Monday, February 28, 2022.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to be live here for the next four hours on the vaunted, censored, attacked, demonized transmission.
Obviously, we're going to lay out all the latest that's unfolding in Europe, on the border with Russia.
And the incredible propaganda that we're seeing on every front from different sides and some of the really amazing yellow journalism that is taking place, particularly by the Western media, but the Russian media is also putting out propaganda as well.
We've got a lot of amazing examples of that, but I really want to cut through all the fog of war to what this really means to the planet itself, just on the energy front for Supercharging inflation and turbocharging further destabilization.
So that's all coming up today.
But I do want to say one thing about the war propaganda.
There are a lot of leftists out there claiming that I am pro-Russia invasion, which I'm not.
I've always been anti-war.
I've always been against offensive invasions.
I've talked about why both sides' views are in the history.
And we've also heard claims that Trump is for this war, and that's not true.
And this didn't happen when Trump was in office for four years.
The first invasion by Putin in 2014 happened under Obama, and the second happened under the current 46th President of the United States.
And that's not about defending myself or defending Trump.
It's just about setting the record straight.
And that's what we're doing here.
Now there is an excellent little short 2 minute 18 second clip.
Full clips on Infowars.com.
It's 10 minutes long.
But on Twitter they only got 2 minute 18 second clips.
We're going to play this when we come back.
Colonel Douglas MacGregor's analysis on Ukraine-Russia is dead on.
Because the biggest piece of propaganda that we've been hearing is that the Russians are getting their ass kicked.
And the reason that's dangerous is that will encourage The Ukrainians to fight back harder, and then Putin is going to start killing them by the hundreds of thousands.
He's not rolled in the heavy weapons.
They've been doing very limited surgical strikes.
They've been trying to take over the TV stations and the universities and the government buildings and the institutions.
This is extremely surgical.
That's why he's holding back two-thirds of his forces, which, if they start to lose, they're going to start flattening whole cities.
That's what the U.S.
did in World War II going into Europe.
That's what we did to the Japanese.
That's what Putin did in Chechnya.
And so everybody, oh, look!
You know, two nights ago, Putin stopped outside Kiev.
Well, yeah, because the president of Ukraine had said they would meet and talk about a ceasefire, and talk about a deal.
Didn't do it.
And then the media said, oh, look!
The Russians have lost!
No, the Russians stopped their advance to give the Ukrainians a chance to surrender
and then we'll see if Putin's telling the truth that he just wants NATO out and they
can have a new election and they want a buffer zone.
That's what I hope he's actually doing, but these things tend to always expand and the
West will push and Russia will push and it'll lead us to a very, very, very horrible place,
especially with all the yipping and yapping leftists that couldn't load a rifle, that
couldn't hike up a hill, that couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag of their
lives dependent on it, demanding we use nuclear weapons against the Russians.
They're all over the news doing it.
Hey, you dumb leftists that can't even wipe your ass, can't even find your butts with two hands.
They have thousands of nuclear weapons and submarines off our coast, and hypersonic cruise missiles just like we do.
We can't hit them with nukes!
They'll nuke us back, and then we'll all be dead!
You dumb bastards!
You dumb sons of bitches!
So, a few months ago, both Republican and Democrat senators said that we might have to preemptively nuke Russia.
Of course, that's not just the plot from the 1964 Stanley Kubrick masterpiece, Dr. Strangelove.
That film is based on Curtis LeMay and General L.L.
Lemnitzer in 1961.
This has been declassified, came to Kennedy and said, we would like to preemptively nuke Russia.
It was even called Plan R. Now that wasn't declassified to the 80s, but Kubrick was let in on it and even got threatened by the CIA and FBI for making that movie that they waited a year to release because it was so shocking to the intelligence community that Stanley Kubrick was aware of the information.
And so I digress back to history to understand where we are currently.
When you have U.S.
Senators in both parties saying we may need to go ahead and nuke Russia first, and the Russians are aware that's almost happened before.
What do you think that makes the Russians do?
Well, it makes them go into war mode.
So I don't like them invading Ukraine.
I don't like him putting his nuclear forces on maximum alert.
Only one level above that on their DEFCON, just like our system, and that's fire the weapons.
And so now we have Democrats all over the news saying, let's just use nuclear weapons on Russia.
Think of their ignorance.
Russia has hundreds of submarines off our coast with sea-launched missiles that would vaporize our cities within five minutes on average of being launched.
Sea-launched cruise missiles that fly at Mach 5.
Land-launched systems they can also launch from ships that are at Mach 9 and cannot be shot down.
And yes, the United States has those too.
That's a Pentagon lie that Russia has developed systems that we don't have.
It's on record the U.S.
has those systems.
The point is it's called mutually assured destruction or MAD for a reason because anyone that would violate the MAD doctrine is insane.
So if you want to know why we're at this point, it's because the globalists have been encroaching on Russia's borders, and Russia has said there's a red line here, and if Ukraine doesn't stop attacking the Russian border, we're going to overthrow your government, and we're going to demilitarize you, and we're going to kill anybody who gets in our way.
And the United States wouldn't have waited eight years to do this, even with our wimpy leaders.
If somebody brought weapons up to our border, weapons, high-tech weapons, they would be killed.
They would be attacked.
Back to your TV viewer, here's Russia just a few weeks ago testing a sea-launched, hypersonic, hydrogen bomb-tipped missile that can go Mach 9.
And it goes up to a height and then comes right back down to 50 to 100 feet over the ground and cannot be shot down.
It's one out of a million to be able to hit it.
If you fire even high-tech missiles at it, or use phalanx-type guns on ships that are high-powered Gatling guns, it doesn't matter because it's a nuke, and it doesn't detonate right over its target.
It detonates out, away from it, and creates a giant shockwave.
So, that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen, and then we have Adam Schiff and the usual suspects.
Over the last few years, on TV saying, we gotta ship heavy arms, we gotta move nukes up to the border with Russia, in Poland and other areas, we gotta fight the Russians over there, instead of fighting the Russians over here.
So the Russians see the leader of the US Intelligence Committee, the leader of the Judiciary Committees, on television saying, we need to fight Russia's.
Troops, we need to fight Russia over there, so they can't fight us over here, and then they see Senators saying, we'll nuke you first!
It'd be like if I had a neighbor, and I say, you know, I'm gonna kill you someday, I'm gonna beat your ass someday, and then suddenly I'm on your front porch?
Well, I wouldn't be surprised if that neighbor didn't come out and break my jaw.
Or worse!
We're not even their neighbor.
We're in their business when they're 5,000, 6,000 miles away from the East Coast.
And every leftist scumbag, weirdo, from the high priestess of the left, Abramovich, to George Soros, are calling for war with Russia.
Well, you devil worshippers, if you're so into dying, I tell Soros and Abramovich and all of you, why don't you just pour gasoline all over yourselves and light yourselves on fire?
I mean, I'm not calling for you to kill yourself.
I don't wish any harm upon you.
God's going to deal with you.
But seriously, If you want to go jump into traffic or jump off a building
or slit your wrist, please just don't hurt anybody else in the process.
So let's go ahead and hear just a short clip from the head of the Judiciary Committee, Mr. Schiff, saying we're
at war with Russia and we've got to fight them over there.
And the Russians are watching this, here it is.
Critically, the military aid that we provide Ukraine helps to protect and advance American national security interests in the region and beyond.
America has an abiding interest in stemming Russian expansionism and resisting any nation's efforts to remake the map of Europe by dint of military force, even as we have tens of thousands of troops stationed there.
Moreover, as one witness put it during our impeachment inquiry, the United States aids Ukraine and her people So that we can fight Russia over there and we don't have to fight Russia here.
We can fight Russia!
So it'd be like if my 10-year-old, say, daughter was walking home from school and a group of, say, 16-year-old boys beat her up or raped her.
I would be mad at them for that and I would try to get them arrested and go to jail.
But what if one of their dads bragged, hey, I sent them there to rape her?
Well, you'd be even more pissed at him, wouldn't you?
And see, he's saying, hey, we're sending weapons, we're fighting, we are attacking you, Russia!
And that's the type of talk that ends up in a giant nuclear war.
And you know, I'm on the side of not having a nuclear war, especially when Russia's not starting a fight with us, and especially after we just heard for years that everything happening in this country is run by Russia, when that was all a giant lie.
The globalists are the outside evil force.
Here's Colonel Douglas MacGregor's analysis of Ukraine-Russia.
It's very on point and very accurate.
Here it is.
President Putin gave very strict orders to the forces going into Ukraine that they were to avoid as much as possible killing civilians, try to persuade Ukrainian forces that they faced to surrender.
Then the ones that did, they essentially said, put down your arms, you can go home.
And he doesn't want to damage much of the infrastructure because he doesn't want to have to rebuild everything.
So I think he has a different purpose in mind.
He's been very, very slow to move on Kiev for two reasons.
First of all, it's the cradle of Russian Orthodox Christianity and civilization.
He doesn't want to damage the city.
Secondly, he has tried to induce Zelensky to consider capitulation.
Arguing that if he keeps this up and continues to persuade more people to go out and fight, or tries to, that he'll have a bloodbath on his hands.
And so for 24 hours in Kiev, he stopped.
Remember, they reached the outskirts of Kiev in 7 hours and then sat.
So I think what's going to happen now is that these concentrations near Kharkiv and some of the other smaller cities down near Odessa as well as Kiev are going to be encircled.
They're going to be cut off and they're going to bring up heavy weapons like the rocket artillery that fires thermobaric warheads.
One platoon can destroy in one salvo an area the size of Central Park in New York.
And they will use those.
And there will not be much left.
And they will be annihilated.
Hopefully someone will step forward and agree to some sort of terms.
And if your enemy pulls into an urban area, remember the Ukrainians have almost no mobility, they have no air defenses, no air support, limited quantities of ammunition, so they're going to pull into some of these urban areas.
And you have a choice, you can wait, you can ask them to surrender, and if they don't, You have to annihilate them.
He's not going to cross the river and go west.
He would like to contain this in eastern Ukraine because, frankly, most of the people that live there really are Russian.
That's what they speak.
They were always Russian.
They were not part of Ukraine.
And I have very serious doubts about the claim about three million people doing anything.
I think you'll have some thousands.
But the majority of people are scared to death.
They will get in their cellars.
They will wait for this to be over.
And when it's over, the Ukrainians will be defeated.
I hope that not too many of them are killed.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, the entire COVID-19 global power grab has been faltering and sputtering and collapsing.
Praise be to God.
And I want to thank all the viewers and listeners of this show and Robert Kennedy Jr.
and Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson and everybody else that's exposed this lie.
Countless others, Dr. Yidan, I mean, there's Dr. Malone.
It's amazing.
And I want to, in the last segment of this hour, the longest segment, get into this really exciting positive developments that are just earth-shaking.
Pfizer and Moderna now admit COVID-19 is made in a lab.
Just quietly, they let that news out.
New Zealand's High Court or Supreme Court just overturned the Davos Group's dictator.
And said that her vaccine mandate is a gross violation of human rights and violates the Nuremberg Code and is punishable by life in prison.
Can't make that up.
Got it all right here, ladies and gentlemen.
That's what she'd be punished with if ever charged with it.
So we've got that coming up.
I have these two stacks.
All of these two stacks right here are just mega, massive news and information.
That's coming up in the last segment of this hour.
Now that said, I want to get back into Russia in a moment and into what's happening with the economy worldwide and where all this is going and why the globalists are so pleased right now, why this is such a bad thing that's happening.
But first I want to just talk about the issue of InfoWars.
And how much attack we're under because we're so effective at really analyzing the enemy's operations, but also their Achilles heels.
There is no organization or operation in the world anywhere as effective or hardcore or accurate as us.
That's just the way it is.
That's all God doing that.
I'm very humbled by that.
I'm very humbled by our audience.
And I'm very humbled by the brain God gave me.
And all the great guests that are as smart as I am are smarter that come on, and all the callers that are amazing as well.
That said, have you seen the crescendo of CNN and HBO and Netflix and everything else?
Everyone has seen what's going on, and it's because we are directly overreacting.
Over the target.
And that's why it's so important that everyone really think about sharing the articles, sharing the videos, and telling others to share the articles and videos, which I see you doing.
You're having a huge effect, and it's turning the tide.
The enemy knows we're the tip of the spear, and is doing everything they can around the clock to shut us down.
And there's a lot of examples of that.
And quite frankly, I don't even like getting into those examples.
Because it's a distraction from the big issues and the big stories that we need to be getting out.
They attack us to distract us into spending time defending ourselves.
But at a certain point, I also need the audience to know what's really going on and what's unfolding and what's happening so that you can understand where this country and the world is.
Because they truly want to get through me to get to you.
You are their main target.
That's absolutely true.
And long before Trump ever said that, historians pointed that out.
That when brutal regimes and corrupt systems are trying to shut down leaders that are standing up against them, it's because those leaders are standing in the way of the corrupt, oppressive regimes and the gangs and thugs.
And so, there's so much to get into with the attacks, and they're so numerous, that I have four stacks over here.
Just with the recent attacks on every front.
And so when I start the next hour, I'll spend a segment or two getting into some of this.
But there's also things I have to explain to the audience.
Because you don't know because you're not inside InfoWars.
So you understand exactly where we are and exactly why when I say certain things that you need to really let it sink in.
We've reached a point, and so have most other businesses around the world that actually sell real goods that are quality, where the supply chain's broken down so bad and inflation is so bad, with the COVID lockdowns and the rest of it, that it's six weeks, 12 weeks, 20 weeks, 30 weeks to be able to get any items or goods that you are selling.
And we sell goods and we sell items.
That are quality items we want you to get and enjoy and be empowered by, so you're happy with us and come back.
They took our sponsors away many, many years ago.
That made us stronger.
We just went out and got great products and sold them ourselves.
And you stood with us.
But you need to understand that I've reached a Rubicon point where if I sell out of all the supplements and products I have in the warehouse, I can operate this place For another nine to ten months, no problem.
But there's a catch to that.
People only buy the products when I discount them massively.
That's 80% of sales.
You're smart shoppers.
And then I won't have the money.
To buy the product out in the future because the costs are going up, we've not raised prices, and the supply chain's broken down, and we have the Democratic Party lawsuits and all the attacks going on.
Which is kind of a fun thing at the end of the day, because they've hurt us so bad and come after us so much that there's really no extra money if they're ever able to actually get their fraudulent judgments.
So that's how God works in mysterious ways.
So the leaning of the operation over the years has They've been very informative and really taught me a lot about how business works and how industry works and how banking works and how all the things they've done to shut us down have really made us stronger and they complain about that on ABC News and CNN and say, my gosh, he's more influential than ever.
Well, that's because the audience has stood with us and because what we talked about has come true.
So I need to cut like a four minute ad or a piece that kind of lays out the numbers so people understand that I've reached the point where I have to sell out everything we've got or we will implode in about a year for sure.
But I've got to sell it at no more than a 25% discount, or we won't get the money we need to be able to buy the product.
So, I have to decide.
Just sell it all out at 40-50% off, because you buy it and you get it, and then we have money to operate, but then we have to start shutting down?
Or, will you come to the store, will you buy stuff at no bigger a discount than 25% off?
Right now, we've got 50% off on a bunch of the best-selling items, and it's a catch-22, where I need the money to keep operating, again, And everybody's habituated to buy it at a big discount.
So I really got to think about it and see what we're going to do.
Or I got to figure out ways to bring in money to supplement our underages.
I want to thank you all for your support.
I want to encourage you.
Get your vitamin D3 winter sun.
Get your great empowering nootropics and more.
Like Rainforce Ultra at Infowarsstore.com.
So that we can fight Russia over there and we don't have to fight Russia here.
The United States aids Ukraine and her people so that we can fight Russia over there and
we don't have to fight Russia here.
The United States aids Ukraine and her people so that we can fight Russia over there and we don't have to fight Russia here.
There you go, folks.
That's the garbage being spewed, the garbage being engaged in.
Let's just go over some of these headlines here.
White House responds to Russia's decision To put deterrence forces on high alert with Jen Psaki raggedy Ann up there saying it's more threats.
Well, yeah, because the West has been threatening Russia.
FEMA, though, don't worry, says in case of nuclear explosion, maintain social distancing and wear a mask.
The federal agencies can't even get their BS together because even Biden's saying don't do that now.
Because it's hurting them in the poll numbers and the Congress just got rid of the mask rules for the State of the Union.
Isn't that interesting?
And there's lots of insane war propaganda.
You know, the President of Ukraine has been in a bunch of movies and a bunch of TV shows, done a lot of photo shoots.
So Reuters and others show images of him from years ago and earlier this year dressed up in military outfits and say he's on the front lines battling.
None of it's true.
Isn't that interesting?
There's Reuters being totally deceptive with the public.
Meanwhile, Ukrainian, truth in plain sight in her own words, we fight not only for Ukraine, but for the New World Order.
This is for everyone that's been sucked in.
And that ties into this very, very important group of articles right here.
UN head says Ukraine belongs to us.
There's video of it.
It's in this article.
Remember, everything we tell you we've got proof of.
EU head says Ukraine belongs to us as she announces total ban on Russia Today and Sputnik News broadcast.
And now they say they're going to ban anyone that promotes it or links to it.
Wow, well I link to stuff Joe Biden says doesn't mean I agree with it.
I link to stuff Xi Jinping says I don't agree with it.
I had a Chinese general up on the site, we didn't get to the clip yesterday, the head of the Navy saying we're about to attack Taiwan, stay out of it.
Does that mean I'm for the Communist Chinese Navy taking over Taiwan?
No, I'm not!
But I have a right to have an independent news organization that frickin' links to it!
And she says no.
The EU is working with Facebook and others in censorship to shut down anybody that magnifies the disinformation all over Twitter and Instagram without me even looking.
I was trending number one on one of them yesterday.
Millions of tweets.
And people are sending them to me.
Prominent people saying, arrest Alex Jones.
He's a Russian propagandist.
Expel all Russians.
Take Russian citizens that are citizens of the U.S.
property away.
Just same stuff happened to the Japanese in World War II here.
Total insanity.
And this woman, of course, is Davos Group, New World Order.
Absolutely insane.
Head of EU says Ukraine belongs to us.
She announces total ban on RT and Sputnik news broadcasts and promises to crack down on anyone magnifying it.
Here's another one though.
It gets even better.
Member Rolling Stone attacked me last week as I said Soros on the left want to colonize Ukraine and do all their anti-family, feminization of males, transgender training.
Which is designed to depopulate countries.
And they said he's insane.
He claims Soros wants to come in to Ukraine so he can cut their balls off.
I just said that to get people's attention, but that's literally where they're going.
Well, here it is.
MI6 chief faces backlash for saying Ukraine war is about LGBT rights.
In fact, guys, last night we played a clip of Putin from a Friday speech that nobody picked up in the West, where he talks about that, and he says, you want to bring your anti-family values here to depopulate us.
We're aware of that, and we're not going along with it.
See if we can cue that up from the 27-minute speech.
But here it is.
The head of MI6 includes his preferred pronouns in his Twitter bio, faced backlash for suggesting A large part of the war in Ukraine was about LGBT rights.
And it is.
Richard Moore.
If you didn't know, folks, MI6 is basically run by pedophiles.
I don't know if he's a pedophile, but they wrote the book on using pedophilia, going back with Ghislaine Maxwell's dad, setting up the government with pedophilia.
So that's how they do it.
And then here's another one.
Dim representatives suggest kicking out every Russian student in the U.S.
Then they go further and say, no, no, just kick Russians out.
Even their citizens.
We got a lot of news on that front.
And of course the Russians are taking the bait, frothing and calling for nuclear war all over their TV programs.
It's bad.
And the Americans need to stop talking like that.
And the Russians need to stop talking like that.
And the Europeans and everybody else needs to stop it.
Here's another one.
MSNBC still claiming Trump has installed to help Russia via NATO.
And I'm being attacked everywhere because I don't want war.
And again, this woman saying all this could not find her ass with both hands.
She couldn't fight her way out of a wet paper bag.
Here's a short clip.
of Putin in a long 27-minute speech that's posted at Infowars.com that is absolutely amazing, where he explains that you are not going to come here and end our families and end the male and female society of humans.
You're trying to conquer us with this science of behavioral psychology that literally turns us into balkanized idiots.
I'm not going to play the whole thing.
It's in Russian, but there is subtitles.
Here it is.
Until recently, attempts to use us in their own interests have not ceased.
To destroy our traditional values and impose on us our own pseudo-values that would devour us, our people, from the inside.
Those institutions that they are already aggressively implanting in their countries.
And which directly lead to degradation and enmity, because they contradict the very nature of man.
By the way, George Lucas' first movie with Robert Duvall is about an all-powerful biomedical world government
that seeks to end the male-female relationship and turn us into drugged-out, shaved-head slaves.
Where do you think George Lucas got that plan for his student film in the '60s and his first movie in the early '70s?
Well, Lucas has talked about it before.
Those were plans being floated around since the 30s at major US and European British universities.
Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World in 1931.
When he died in 1962, he gave a speech A few months before he died at Berkeley, when he was terminal, and said that the book was actually a world government plan developed by his family with the British royal family.
So, people keep asking how I know what's coming next.
Are you kidding me?
THX 1138 is the actual plan. Everyone will wear white.
Everyone will have shaved heads.
Everyone will be controlled by robots.
You'll be forcibly drugged.
And you will worship an antichrist robot.
The biomedical governance of global government has decided these humanoids are to be Terminated.
But first, the Biomedical Division has demands on their parts.
You want to live like that?
That's where this all goes.
It doesn't go where you're trendy and fun and you're in the metaverse.
It ends with you as a slave of robots.
It's on record.
You might want to say no to it.
Where do you think Metropolis comes from?
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
I just knew too much.
We are back live broadcasting worldwide.
Waging war on corruption.
Crashing to the lies and disinformation.
All right, let me hit some really horrifying news.
But overall, it's very, very good news.
There's a lot of it here on the COVID front.
I'll go a little bit the next hour on this and then get into the attacks on InfoWars that are attacks on you.
Understanding those attacks is key to winning the war of information against our enemies.
But before I hit that good news, I want to connect all the dots together here.
When we talk about the war in Ukraine and the war of NATO's expansion, that's now a Slavic civil war.
And when we look at the worldwide COVID lockdowns, the deadly injections and all the rest of it, it's all connected.
And right as the globalists are losing, right as there's a global awakening, right as people discover that it's not a vaccine but a poison shot, right as all these courts say you can't make people take the shots, right as the evidence comes out and it's totally proven that the masks don't work and actually give you bacterial pneumonia, right as all that breaks in a big, huge way, boom, this war starts.
And what does it do?
The war cuts off resources, the war makes people poor, the big central banks loan more money, we go more into debt, more towards global bankruptcy, and the worldwide universal basic income that once we give up, and once we believe that the free market doesn't work anymore, the corporate fascist can fully take over with the cashless society, universal basic income, global reset.
So, one of the top futurists in the world who is on the board of the Deimos group, he's
their futurist, came out, Yuval Noah Harari, and gave a whole slew of speeches where he
He said the end of humans is here.
And they're creating the end of humans, and that they're going to be gods, that Microsoft is going to be god, that Google's going to be god, and that those that are in control of it will be god.
And he's a high priest of this, just like Klaus Schwab telling you that we are the Borg, we are invincible, you will be assimilated, you must just accept this.
Talk about delusions of grandeur.
Just like Ray Kurzweil said, I don't believe in God yet, I'm gonna become a God.
It's delusion, it's lies.
So when you see the headlines like, MI6 Chief Faces Backlash For Saying Ukraine Wars About LGBT Rights And Helping The Children Learn How To Be LGBT.
Yeah, sex and children.
MI6's main business.
And people are starting to look at all the Great Reset members, look at this Wall Street Journal article, looking forward to the Great Reset where there's a button where you reset humanity by ending humanity because humanity's broken and bad and evil and needs to be removed.
That's their cult.
That's their religion.
And if you don't know who these people are, the Russians are going to think they're fighting the Americans.
The Americans are going to think they're fighting the Russians.
The Ukrainians are going to think they're fighting the Russians.
The Poles are going to think they're fighting the Russians.
When it's globalist agents in all these governments and all these systems that are agents of Satan, that are agents of transhumanism, that are agents of this takeover plan, that is mainline knowledge and even all over the news now, that says, we are going to change your body.
We're going to take your body over.
This is our revolution.
They give speeches and they did it with a GMO gene therapy shot.
And humanity woke up and rallied and started to back them off, but they've got to go to prison for this plan.
This is a scientific, biomedical dictatorship they're establishing, where very few people are left alive and operate as programmable machines controlled by robots.
That's their vision.
That's their 200-year plan that we're now 150 years into.
So, discover their plan.
Discover who they are.
Discover how horrific it is.
You know, I could describe what Yuval Noah Harari said, and I've watched hours of his speeches.
This is just a small sampling of a man saying, I own you, we're taking over, and then you know why when they took the no swabs of everybody, it was put in a DNA database at the UN.
I told you that a year and a half ago, mainstream news, two weeks ago.
Government just quietly said, yep, all over the world, we took your swabs and sent them in for a DNA database.
Just like the head of Pfizer and the head of Moderna both went on TV the last two weeks and said, yeah, we made these viruses in labs, big deal.
Okay, came out of the lab, big deal.
And then they just move on to the next thing when they should all go to prison for what they've done.
So here's this psychopath who's par for the course.
This is their religion.
You don't get in the Club of Rome.
You don't get in the Bilderberg Group.
You don't get into these facilities.
You don't get Into the Davos Group, unless you believe this.
Here's an example.
At all the hotels where they hold Bilderberg, before they hold it, the hotel will install images of machines absorbing and eating humans as like something out of the thing.
At the hotels.
In fact, type in Bilderberg Transhumanist Art and you'll see it at the hotels in France and England and the US.
Even the art, I'm taking photos of it, it's online.
Just type in Bilderberg Group Meeting England 2010 and they put in this big gold sculpture of machine nanotech eating a human.
It's a bronze statue.
Yeah, there it is.
And you go around the back side.
Good job finding it, crew.
It's eating him.
And this new creature is climbing out of the primordial ooze.
Then they have paintings inside of child molestation.
Children with big black circles around their eyes, with adults holding them, looking all ghoulish.
These are sickos, folks.
Satanic hotels.
Can't make it up.
Here from one of their high priests.
Yuval Noah Harari, here he is.
We are probably one of the last generations of homo sapiens.
Because in the coming generations, we will learn how to engineer bodies and brains and minds.
Now how exactly will the future masters of the planet look like?
This will be decided by the people who own the data.
Now why is data so important?
It's important because we've reached the point when we can hack not just computers, we can hack human beings and other organisms.
Now what do you need in order to hack a human being?
You need two things.
You need a lot of computing power and you need a lot of data, especially biometric data.
But control of data might enable human elites to do something even more radical than just build digital dictatorships.
By hacking organisms, elites may gain the power to re-engineer the future of life itself.
Because once you can hack something, you can usually also engineer it.
All of life, for 4 billion years, dinosaurs, amoebas, tomatoes, humans, all of life was subject to the laws of natural selection and to the laws of organic biochemistry.
But this is now about to change.
Science is replacing evolution by natural selection with evolution by intelligent design.
Not the intelligent design of some god above the clouds, but our intelligent design.
And the intelligent design of our clouds.
The IBM cloud, the Microsoft cloud.
These are the new driving forces of evolution.
And at the same time, science may enable life, after being confined for four billion years to the limited realm of organic compounds, science may enable life to break out into the inorganic realm.
You know this isn't going to go well.
It's the end of our species as we know it, and everything they're doing is forced.
And billions of people took into their body the experimental GMO.
The first gift they gave us was a poison spike protein that cuts the double helix and begins the process of killing us.
I'll explain why when we return.
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All right, coming up, the really incredible COVID news that's coming out.
Very good news, but it's also horrifying to confirm our worst analysis.
But I wanted to finish up just briefly on this.
Here's the head of the EU, the unelected head of the bureaucracy, saying, quote, Ukraine belongs to us.
We're going to ban anybody promoting anything that Russia says, including people in our own countries.
You have the MI6 head saying it's about teaching children about LGBT, so sexualizing children.
And it's really about the end of humanity.
They're really pushing.
And now Forbes has come out, along with all the other corporate media, and said why professors have the right to question laws against pedophilia, and they go on to say, hey, what's wrong with pedophilia?
It's time to have a discussion about it.
It's all about destroying our future.
All about destroying our children.
And when you support us, you support fighting back against these monsters.
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And I've done a lot of accounting, And a lot of planning, because in their attempts to shut us down, I have actually started to actually do more financial research and more future planning.
I've always flown by the seat of my pants, but as they attacked us over the years and made us more lean, it's forced us into that.
And you know, it's been said that necessity is the mother of invention.
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The great Jimi Hendrix bringing us in.
The date is Monday, February 28th, 2022.
And I'm very honored to be here with you today.
We have a special guest I'll tell you about coming up in studio.
In the third hour today, let's talk about some of the really positive news coming out that on the surface, a lot of it's very horrifying.
A lot of it's very good on the surface as well.
And let's break some of that down right now on their entire COVID global biomedical UN corporate power grab.
Graduate of the Davos Group, graduate of Klaus Schwab's Bilderberg World Government Summit, New Zealand High Court ends Jacinda Ardern's vaccine mandate, saying it's a gross violation of human rights.
Isn't that interesting?
Almost no coverage of that in the global press though.
And many other courts have done the same thing around the world.
But that's okay, because Charlie Munger, the same guy that says he likes the Chinese dictatorship, would like to be able to arrest American entrepreneurs that compete with him.
I can play the clip if you'd like, or just type it in.
Charlie Munger defends arrest of Jack Ma.
Says he wishes he could arrest his competition here in America.
I mean, this guy is the top advisor to Bill Gates, a major eugenicist scumbag.
And there he is saying you should be made to take injections.
The headline's not even strong enough.
It's Charlie Munger discusses vaccination hesitancy amid COVID-19 pandemic.
In the clip, he says you should be made to take it.
Here's another one.
Pfizer's CEO thinks that edible biochips the way to go to, quote, make you take your vaccine.
And the head of the UN says galvanizing momentum for universal vaccination, including forced injection.
Meanwhile, yet another major study Confirms viral persistence in so-called COVID-19-recovered patients, both from those that have had the vaccine and not had the vaccine, but it's worse in those that have had it, this time in breast and appendix tissue of two patients with long COVID, because it's a spike protein that replicates.
It's not even a virus, it's nanotech, and it's patented, and I'll show you that in a moment.
But oh, look at the Screen Actors Guild Award Ceremony.
The most uncool place to be on Earth is Hollywood.
Celebrities party maskless around face-covered crew and butlers.
I mean, this is truly the ruling class.
Imagine if he said in the year 2022, the public's muzzled around the rich people.
It's just unbelievable.
There's a great video clip I'll get to later if we have time, but it's up on InfoWars.com.
Joe Rogan questions whether Bill Gates should be a spokesperson for health, just pointing out that he looks super healthy and is skinny fat.
The rest of it's a pretty great clip.
We'll actually play it at the bottom of the hour.
Remind me guys, okay, thanks.
And then continuing here, here's the really big news, the good news.
We've now in the last three weeks seen the CEO of Pfizer and the CEO of Moderna, set up by Bill Gates, come out and say, yeah, we do make viruses at the lab.
We get sent genetic scans and then we just build them here.
And that's just the way it is.
And with 100 billion Moderna's made, or the 100 billion Pfizer's made, excuse me, they're running around buying up all their competition.
So, the head of Moderna was on Fox News, and the CEO struggled to answer why COVID-19 contains patented gene sequence, and he goes, yeah, looks like it might have been made in a lab.
We're investigating that.
Well, the Indians, two years ago, now more than two years ago, my goodness, In late January of 2020, 25 months ago, came out and said exactly what now the other big prestigious universities and scientific firms have said.
It's man-made, period.
How big a deal is that?
Well, instead, it's just let out on Fox Business like a fart in church.
And then just nobody knows who did it.
It's just sick.
I don't mean to use a gross analogy, but This is like pissing in the pool and not telling people you're doing it.
I mean, he's just sitting there doing it, and the rest of the media is so cowardly, except they're not peeing on us here.
They are murdering us and poisoning us with a prion crystal that grows in our body.
And by the way, it's not just the insertion of the HIV virus spike protein that, quote, Moderna owns the patent to and that Moderna created in 2016 with Bill Gates and Fauci and Daszak.
This all came out in the last two years, piece by piece, because good people inside the system leaked their emails and the documents came out.
People are horrified by this.
But see, they control Interpol, they control MI5, they control the Justice Department, so they have a green light to murder and kill and maim whoever they want.
And instead, they're ordering the Justice Department and FBI to find a way to put me in prison on record.
And all the TV shows and movies saying I'm a criminal, arrest me.
Because they think if they could just shut Alex Jones up, they could go on about their business murdering everyone.
Except, you fools!
All the major talk show hosts now are aware of what you did.
And they don't need me to tell them what went on anymore, because they're just as smart as I am.
Once they face the horror, you don't think Tucker Carlson needs me to tell him how to think.
You don't think Joe Rogan or countless others need me to tell them how to think anymore, do you?
No, I just pointed out what's going on.
I've already done my damage to you murdering criminals.
And I continue to go on doing my damage, but I...
Willfully went up against you murderers and I'm fully aware of what you're capable of and fully aware of who you are.
So don't you take my victory if you have your thugs gun me down at a four-way stop or claim I resisted the police and kill me or some garbage or claim I double suicided somebody.
Don't you ever take my victory away.
I decided with free will to take you on head-on as an example to others to have courage and as example how you're gonna burn for what you've done.
Excuse me, let's get back to what's going on here.
But these are those moments of satisfaction.
Because the pain has been substantive and has not been enjoyable, except it's so enjoyable, the taste of victory.
There's nothing so sweet as self-inflicted pain done to help others.
I hate pain, except I love this kind.
Let's continue.
COVID spike protein contains DNA sequence patented by Moderna three years before pandemic begins, scientists discover.
That's us a week ago.
And here it is today!
Them admitting it.
By the way, this isn't fake news.
I put the Hitler mustache on him.
It's a little doodle.
I can't help myself.
So, continuing here.
Fresh lab leak fears the study finds genetic code in COVID spike protein linked to Moderna patent.
That's Daily Mail.
Oh, and big, again, big insurance companies in Italy and Germany and everywhere finding the same number, 40 plus percent increase in death after you take the shots.
German health insurer reveals it.
And it just goes on and on.
But that's OK.
People become the plague.
Bill Gates developing needleless vaccine that spreads like a virus.
To the unvaccinated.
Isn't that just cute?
Where you just can't help, what do you think the vaccine-less vaccine is?
You see, because if you know this, you know everything.
Remember the first article I showed you?
About, oh, people that took the shot, people that didn't take the shot, they've just got these crystals growing in them and they, gee, they don't know, they don't know why that's happening.
Well, we knew two years ago from scientists we had on.
It's a prion crystal.
They discovered the HIV delivery system is like a prion crystal.
And so they patented it, they cut it off, they put it in there, and it's not just the virus that replicates, it's the crystal that's highly toxic and poisonous, destroys your sperm, destroys your ovaries, destroys your arteries, your veins, your heart, your brain cells, everything!
The organs, it just keeps growing and lovingly killing you slowly.
It colonizes you.
And what does Bill Gates have?
Nanotech that they spray in the air that delivers vaccine that then replicates in your body and replicates to others.
He's going to spray us with nanotech.
See, just like they told the Pentagon in 2017, we want to spray the Chinese with this nanotech.
And they said, that'll be war.
Well, when you're over the target, you're getting the flack.
And I want people to understand what the future world's going to be like under the leftist Him pecking harassment technocracy, if we do not expose these people and stop submitting to their oppression and just basically ostracize these criminals.
You know, Friday, I get up in the morning, and this was Thursday, and I see, oh, Joe Rogan has been drawn into Sandy Hook.
And the families want to know his communications with Alex Jones.
No, the Democratic Party and Senator Blumenthal that runs the law firm, on record, that destroyed Remink and everybody else, wants to be able to shut down and silence anybody.
Joe Rogan's never talked about Sandy Hook.
I've never talked about Sandy Hook to Joe Rogan.
I don't live, breathe Sandy Hook like they do.
Ten years later.
It's just the standard harassment that you get with subpoenas demanding things that don't exist.
Which again, I'm defaulted because I never gave them anything.
Because again, the stuff they asked for doesn't exist.
See how that works?
That's the new courts in America run by the left.
And so here's the latest stuff where they're attacking us.
I wake up this morning and this is all over the news.
Jan 6th Select Committee zeroes in on another Alex Jones associate.
Oh, who?
A woman I've never talked to?
A woman I don't know?
But I do like her son.
I admire her son.
Owen Schroyer's mommy in Missouri gets a subpoena for her phone records.
So they want Joe Rogan's phone records, the Sandy Hook Democrat folks that use the kids like human shields to go after the First Amendment and Second Amendment.
That's what the lawyers do.
And then now, January 6th, when he wants to harass Owen Troyer's mommy.
Now, by the way, I have stacks of stuff like this.
I won't talk about myself the whole time, but it's just insane.
I'm starting with some of the lesser stuff here, okay?
And they have breathless articles like, they'll find out how Jones planned the attack once they get her phone records.
How about you just randomly subpoena A doctor in Albuquerque, New Mexico or something, or Pluto for that matter.
I mean, it's all just a way to... Oh, his mom now!
Yeah, watch out, they'll come after your mom!
It's like the Leper Space Aliens or something, man.
They're so weird, the weird, crazy, schizophrenic stuff they come up with.
Now here's something really sad.
Jan Six Defendant takes his own life, died of broken heart, family says.
Matthew L. Herna, Did not attack anybody, did not steal anything, but they told him they were going to charge him with terrorism, so he killed himself.
I'm not kidding.
You've got to go read the article for yourself.
And they said, we're going to charge you with terrorism.
That's the new next phase.
So he just killed himself.
The left is in a celebration right now.
And they say in these articles, by the way, the one about Owen's mom, that Owen has been indicted for helping lead the attack on the Capitol and encouraging the break-in.
Total defamation.
But you know, federal prosecutors put it...
In his arrest document, and they move forward with that.
They say he does not work here to federal judges, and the federal judge agrees and says he does not work at Infowars.
We go, this is a lie.
And they say, we don't care.
We are the feds.
We are the gods.
And Moderna can cook up a virus and release it on you with Pfizer, and they're not going to get in trouble.
And we're going to kill you because we're the liberals.
We're lawyers.
We run everything.
And by the way, all the mainstream news, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Salon, Vice, Forbes, say pedophilia is good.
And the EU says, and MI6 says, we're taking over Ukraine to get those children to teach them LGBTQ.
Covered that earlier.
This is a damn cult, folks.
Let's move on to this.
This is really funny, if it wasn't so tragic, how a very small, twisted, mentally ill group of leftists think CNN's powerful.
CNN, on average, has 87,000 viewers in the United States, maybe a million worldwide watching different variants of it.
I mean, that's nothing.
This show has millions an hour.
Joe Rogan has his smallest shows, 11 million every show.
The bottom is 11 million.
I've done shows with him that have 80 million views and listens.
I do podcasts all the time that have millions of listeners.
As many as I want to do, I can do.
I can do five of them today and reach 15 million people.
But to the left of their mental illness...
Alex Jones trended number one on Twitter the last two days, and it was breathlessly 100,000 tweets here on one account.
20,000 there, 50,000 here, just millions of tweets total.
No, don't let him get on CNN!
Oh God, CNN's so big!
CNN's so important!
Oh my God, he's gonna harass the children on there!
I actually have the tweets here.
Look at the dead children.
They don't get to have a life because of Alex Jones.
The guy that started the whole thing on Twitter says that.
Totally insane.
I've told CNN I'm going to sue them for this.
I've told CNN, because they sent me the questions for it, I know what they're putting in it, totally made up insane lies.
From people that say I wear swastika shoes and walk up and grab a goldfish out of a fish tank of one of the crew and eat it in front of them.
There's never been a damn fish in this building.
A goldfish or any other living... in a fish tank.
Just... but the lies have to be insane so they sound so ridiculous.
Like, come on, they're not making it up that he killed the fish.
And you know, and just more and more lies.
And that I beat up all these nerds and they kidnapped me and tied me up, knocked my teeth out, totally made up, 100% fiction, you know, Stephen King stuff.
And so, that's the type of garbage that they first put in the New York Times, then they put on NPR, now they put on CNN.
So I'm saying I don't want this to air, because it's a lie.
It doesn't matter that it might have had 100,000 viewers.
Still, a lie told to one person is a big deal, much less 100,000, but I'm not obsessed with it.
And so they make this huge deal about, oh, we got to stop Alex Jones.
Oh, we got to silence him.
And then, of course, I'm sitting there last Friday, and I said this on Sunday before they didn't air it.
I said, I don't think they'll air it because of the war, but they're still running promos almost every break.
Alex Jones, oh, he's evil.
Oh, he's bad.
Oh, he lies.
Oh, find out the truth about him tonight.
And I got home and I went to bed at 8.30 because I'd already worked 14 hours on Sunday.
I was up here all day long.
I worked 14 hours.
And I went home, had dinner with my wife, my four-year-old, and I went and got in the bed with a glass of ice water, took a drink, turned the lights out, and said to myself, that's not going to air.
Because of the war.
But they were too dumb to even think of that.
But then the left, that's only into cancelling and controlling things, because they have no power, went into orgasm mode with millions of new tweets.
We beat him!
Oh my gosh!
He was defeated!
We silenced him!
He's not on CNN!
That's the tail eating itself.
That's the snake eating its tail.
That's who these people are.
Since I mentioned it, I'll show you some of this when we come back, but man.
Oh, and then somebody, anybody can upload InfoWars podcasts to Spotify.
Just like Roku could link to anything they wanted.
It's not uploaded there, it's just linked to a podcast.
That's all most of Spotify is, is an index.
So that's big national stories, Forbes, AP, Yahoo, Top Story, thousands of articles, thousands.
Ban him!
Ban him!
He's back on Spotify!
Get him out!
So, whoever uploaded it, some teenager or something, I'm sure, They just banned it and made even more people come to us hearing that!
And then they just celebrate!
We took him off!
We're censors!
We're anti-American!
We stopped Jones!
Headed on the highway, looking for adventure, and whatever comes our way.
There's an 18-mile convoy of Russian combat troops and heavy missile launchers pointed
right at Kiev, and it's just 20 miles outside.
And they're getting ready for the main assault, which is going to kill a lot of civilians and a lot of innocent people if they don't surrender.
And we could wake up in the middle of a nuclear war at any time, but I'm more worried about this triggering an economic collapse as I've been saying because I've spent some time studying the macro and other levels of the world financial system and the way this tit-for-tat works.
So as much as I'd like to get into the hilarious people trying to keep me off CNN when I don't even want to be on CNN, and how ridiculous they are, I'm just, I just can't spend time on this.
It just doesn't, it's just not important.
I just can't do it.
I already spent too much time on that and I apologize.
It's hilarious though, and I need something fun to happen.
We beat Alex Jones!
He's not on CNN!
They did an air documentary.
I'm going to sue their ass probably there, because I know it's a bunch of damn lies.
And at some point I've got to sue the people that are in it that keep lying about me, because the lies get bigger.
I said to one of them four years ago when it started, I said, you know this is going to be your career now.
You know no one's ever going to hire you again, not because you work here, but because you're a known liar.
And then you'll just be a creature of the New York Times and CNN, and they'll only have you on when you up the lies, which will end in me suing you.
And they can't stop.
It's all they've got.
They're like ringwraiths that have been turned into these creatures by this thing.
I just need to forgive them.
It's so pathetic.
No one believes them anyways.
It's so sad.
And I don't just say it's so sad to act like I'm bigger than they are.
I mean, I'm genuinely not freaked out by CNN being evil, but freaked out by people I've known and done nothing but been nice to literally whole cloth making up lies.
Just, I mean, and what's crazy is, I don't know if they were trying to set me up.
Man, they're lucky I don't talk about this.
I got witnesses.
But if I would have known what they were doing right before they left here, I would have exposed them then.
But, it's just shocking.
Absolutely shocking.
Absolutely incredible.
That they would do things like that.
They probably worked for the system a lot before they even left.
I mean, they would try to get employees to say the N-word with them and stuff like that in the car.
People were like, what are you doing?
I don't dislike black people.
They would like N-word, N-word, N-word, N-word.
And they didn't tell me until after they were gone.
It's like, man, who are these people, man?
Who comes up with this level of deception and evil?
But that's who they are.
The world's just full of cheats who think lying is powerful and that it gets you ahead.
No, it gets you isolated and alone.
CNN has no viewers because they lie.
If you told the truth, you'd live in a free world and be successful.
But because they're not successful, because they're known liars, they spend all their time trying to silence us.
It's important to point this stuff out.
I'll hit the giant Russian news next segment because I got distracted with this.
Let me just go back to this.
So let's go back to the humor part.
CNN slammed for airing Alex Jones special on Don't Support Hate.
This was on the front page of Yahoo yesterday.
It had millions of reads.
Oh no, it's terrible!
They're talking about, don't listen to Alex Jones.
The Yahoo article got more viewers than CNN has.
And there's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of these articles, all sending us giant amounts of listeners.
And they're so dumb, they don't even know how this works.
They think I care about CNN.
It's better that they cancelled it.
But again, they don't think multi-dimensional.
It gets better.
Then they had a big poll.
James Lindsay, best-selling author, had a poll on Twitter that 13,000 people were on at the time I saw it this morning.
Which of these is more likely to provide you with true and accurate information about what's happening in Ukraine?
6.9% CNN, that is higher rating than McClellan Harris has though at least, and Alex Jones with 93.1.
with 93.1.
Ha ha ha ha!
That's funny!
And it goes on and on.
I've got this Joe Roden clip I want to play coming up.
Alex Jones, CNN cancels much trailed, whatever that means, documentary after outrage from viewers.
I guess that means trailered.
So that's from London Independent.
It's got a bunch of defamation lies in it about that as well.
CNN slams for airing the special report.
There's a whole bunch of these articles out there with them freaking out about it.
It's just everywhere.
And this guy, Brady Hayes, says, hey, am I a troll?
It's a legitimate question.
Do you genuinely believe that this man's suicide falls on Alex Jones?
His experience, a life-threatening tragedy, Jones conspiracy theories were the latest on his worries.
There was a tweet with tens of thousands of tweets by one of these writers, one of these so-called journalists.
Saying that the kids at Sandy Hook are basically dead.
I killed them.
They don't say it, but they go, these children won't be able to see the CNN piece because they're dead.
What does that even mean?
And of course the CNN piece we know had Sandy Hook in it, so that's CNN bringing all this stuff up, not me!
But then I need to be silenced in their hit piece because of children that I didn't kill.
I mean, none of it even makes sense.
And, like, people are saying that.
Even liberals are like, well, wait, he didn't kill the kids.
Why are you posting kids?
Here it is.
It's this Don Winslow character.
The Sandy Hook victims below won't be able to watch your Alex Jones documentary.
But this will make the lives of all the parents, families, and friends hell by publicizing the man who harassed them and said their deaths were a hoax.
The lawyers for these families are constantly in the news misrepresenting what I've said and done to bring up this and to remind people of mass shootings for their anti-free speech, anti-gun movement, and they bankrupted Remington.
So again, I'm not talking about it except when I have to every once in a while, like now.
My listeners can't stand hearing about it.
It's like literally ten years ago.
And they're up there going, oh, we gotta CNN!
You can't show your hit piece designed to destroy Alex Jones!
Because you're God!
You're so powerful!
He'll get big if he's on your show with no viewers!
And the kids, they're dead!
I mean, he...
I have people now, at least once a month, walk up to me in parking lots, or in grocery stores, or in gas stations, and say, you murdered those children, I oughta beat your ass.
It's happened in front of my family.
I go, what children?
You know, you know, you know!
And I go, did I kill them?
Well, well, you supported it!
I mean, imagine how dumb... But this guy's not dumb.
Don Winslow.
He knows.
He goes, look!
Look, the kids are dead!
Then he shows the dad that committed suicide.
Nothing to do with me.
He goes, look!
Jones killed him, too!
Silence him!
Silence him!
Look, children!
I represent them!
Dear CNN, how much more do these families have to endure?
What are you going to do if your Alex Jones documentary triggers another suicide or breakdown of one of these family victims?
Well, you're the one talking about Sandy Hook all day yourself, buddy!
So you're now guilty of what you say!
And it goes on and on and on.
There's one independent article claiming I attacked the Capitol.
I mean, just insane.
But then he had a celebration tweet with 120,000 likes.
I am happy to let you know all that after running 20 commercials for it, just yesterday, CNN made the decision not to air Alex Jones documentary tonight.
Power to the people.
No, there's a major assault on Kiev happening and somebody said, why the hell is that scheduled in our normal documentary slot?
Preempt it.
But oh no, it's you, Don Winslow.
You got everyone to censor.
Aren't you a good little apparatchik?
And this goes on, and on, and on, and on.
And then you got people saying, you know, we need to arrest Alex Jones.
But again, this is what these people do while World War III is starting.
They sit there and spew all this crap.
I'm done talking about this.
Here is Spotify removes Alex Jones Show podcast where they recently uploaded to his services.
It's just all just hunting around with media matters, tattletailing, saying Jones must be shut up.
See, the enemies of freedom want me silenced so they can misrepresent what I've said and done and use what we've done as a weapon against you.
Don't let them silence us.
Share the live feed.
Share the video.
Share the articles now.
Putin is not going to back down.
And Putin is not losing.
The war after four days, he's been holding back to give them a chance to negotiate before he begins leveling Kiev and other major cities.
And if he begins to smash those cities, because he can't handle the losses of sending his troops in, the pinpoint strikes anymore, then he'll have nothing to lose.
NATO will expand.
And to several other countries, and Russia has said it will expand into former Eastern Bloc nations that have been making deals with NATO to bring weapons into their countries.
Russian military offers safe passage for evacuations from Kiev.
Russian forces advance on Kiev, fighting on fourth day of invasion.
And it just goes on from there.
Massive convoy of hundreds of Russian military vehicles stretching for miles spotted heading into Kiev.
Russia extremely likely to default on debt if Ukraine crisis worsens, says the IIF.
And then this big piece of news, Finland, Sweden rush off Moscow's warning of joining NATO.
Let's start with that first.
And then let's get into the really biggest news here.
And that is the default.
Now, you knew that was coming.
And we've talked a lot about that the last few weeks, but they're going to force Russia into a default.
Once you have sanctions to that level, it forces you into a default.
And once that's happened, that will suck down the rest of the major Stock markets and currencies around the world, which is exactly what Klaus Schwab and the UN and the globalists want, because the IMF and the World Bank are the front groups of private banking families that own the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England and the Bank of International Settlements.
And they're going to call for a global Marshall Plan with a new global digital currency that's on all your phones, just like the vaccine pass.
But you can only spend the money certain places with certain companies and the money are programmable Tokens that they can then track and trace and control what you're allowed to buy with it.
And that's been their plan.
And I told you two years ago, I said, after the virus, they're going to run this for a couple years, and then they're going to start a war, a cyber attack, a financial collapse, and then bring a more deadly virus back.
And now that's exactly what Bill Gates is talking about.
And you ask how I know all this, it would take a long time to explain it, and we do explain it here on air, but it's reading their own documents, their white papers, watching how they're pre-programming, watching what they signal to their minions, and understanding history.
They might launch the big cyber attack first, or the financial collapse first, or a major war first, which they're already doing.
I mean, there's a lot of angles to this.
There's a lot of angles to this.
Finland, Sweden brush off Moscow's warning on joining NATO.
Finland and Sweden have brushed off warnings from neighbors, Russia, that their possible joining of NATO would trigger serious military political consequences from Moscow for the two countries.
A statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry Friday voiced concern of what is described as efforts by the United States and some of its allies to drag Finland and Sweden into NATO and warned that Moscow would be forced to take
retaliatory measures if they join the alliance.
Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Havisto said Saturday, "We've heard this before," and they went on to say, "We don't
think it calls for military threat."
And they went on to say they're not worried about it.
All right, let's continue.
Russia extremely likely to default on debts if Ukraine crisis worsens.
London, Reuters, Russia is extremely likely to default on its external debts and its economy will suffer a double-digit contraction this year after the West launched sanctions unprecedented in their scale and coordination.
The Institute of International Finance said on Monday, The IIF estimates that half of the foreign reserves of the Central Bank, which on Monday hiked interest rates and introduced some capital controls, are held in countries which have imposed asset freezes, severely shrinking the firepower policymakers have to support the Russian economy.
The Central Bank would prioritize the protection of domestic savers, with foreign investors one of the last on the list.
And it goes on there.
That will send ripples throughout the whole financial system worldwide, but that's okay because the big globalist banks have unlimited currency.
They're ready to loan out to everybody to again get you in a position of total bankruptcy down the road in debt to
them Now I played a clip earlier from a
former army colonel was on Fox News explaining that [BLANK_AUDIO]
Putin, whether you love him or hate him or neutral, has lost a lot of troops because they've been doing pinpoint strikes ahead of the real bear trap closing on the Ukrainians.
And when they start using denial of area weapons, Cluster bombs, barometric bombs, high-powered artillery, and they're going to start leveling every sector that their spy aircraft see fire coming from.
And in a matter of hours, you can level thousands of buildings.
I'm talking level.
So they don't want to flatten Kiev.
But it got flattened in World War II, and at the end of the World War II, when the Russians came in and kicked out the dug-in Nazi sympathizers.
And I get the Russians in atrocities, too.
I was telling you the history of this, okay?
So when Putin actually says he's fighting Nazis, the majority of the Ukrainian resistance really liked Hitler.
Now, let's be completely honest about this.
It's like Stockholm Syndrome.
The Germans came in to Eastern Europe, and a lot of folks saw them as the saviors at first.
And they started killing everybody, men, women, and children, so people started fighting back.
But it's like Stockholm Syndrome.
Who's abused you, you end up liking.
Much of the Russian high command And a lot of their special forces, including the head of the Wagner Group.
Pull up the head of the Wagner Group, guys.
Just type in his name.
It'll show it.
Has SS tattoos all over it.
And they also, they have a whole Viking motif, because the Russians were actually founded by the Vikings.
So there's a major neo-Nazi thing all over Eastern Europe.
And so it's really bad in Ukraine, and then it's bad in Russia as well.
But the whole... Yeah, that's Ukrainian Nazis.
But the whole point is, is that this is very serious.
People always fight to last war over again.
So, it may seem like a long time ago, 75 years, but if your granddaddy or your great granddaddy and great grandma and all of them died on either side, these are the old wounds that Zbigniew Brzezinski and Klaus Schwab and George Soros and Fareed Zakaria went in eight years ago and financed with billions of dollars.
It was 5 billion then.
It's 10 billion cents.
To open those wounds up.
So, I mean, the Civil War between the North and South killed a million and a half people.
And a hundred years after the Civil War, there was still major fissures between the North and South.
Now we've gotten over almost all of it.
And now the South will elect a New Yorker, you know, and love him because he's pro-America.
Now you see more American flags in the South than you see rebel flags.
But the point is, I'm not saying rebel flags are bad.
It's part of the culture.
It's not racist.
It's a sign of resistance and strength and all the rest of it.
That's what it actually stands for.
It doesn't stand for slavery.
But imagine 75 years after a civil war that killed 20 million Russians And probably 3-4 million Ukrainians and millions of Poles, at least 6 million Poles died in World War II.
You think the people are a little pissed about that?
You think people are a little angry?
You think the Russians were in a good mood after World War II when 20 million of them died?
And then they went into Berlin and fought Hitler toe-to-toe?
Lost millions just taking Berlin.
That's to make 2 million Russians die taking Berlin.
That's to make over 2 million German soldiers die and millions of civilians.
About 3-4 million Germans died just in Berlin, folks.
In the taking of Berlin.
Look it up.
Men, women, and children.
And so you can imagine, Russia still has a hangover and a major... It's pissing blood, basically, from the fight they just had.
A third of the Germans died in World War II.
A third of them.
20-plus percent of the Russians died.
Imagine a war where 20% of the people You go knock on ten apartment doors and two people are dead.
Think of those numbers.
So, and that's what Putin says in these speeches.
He says, listen, you want a war?
You want a nuclear war?
Let's just do it right now.
We're not rolling over this time.
We're not going to wait till you invade us.
If you want to fight, you got it.
And you got a bunch of weird leftists that don't even know that they're child molesters all over U.S.
television saying, we want your kids.
We're going to get your kids.
I mean, it's the last thing they should be saying.
You got a Bravadovich, the high priest witch all over TV saying, I mean, this is not good, folks.
We'll be right back.
I've been on air more than 25 years.
And long before I started selling high quality vitamin D3, 8 years ago, I've been promoting people taking vitamin D3.
Because it is essential.
And if you're not getting sunshine...
shine every single day, whether you're black or white or Hispanic, it doesn't matter.
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This is the best quality out there and it funds the info war 50% off.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the InfoWars and say, "I don't know what's
going to happen at the end of this, but you ought to fight!"
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Alex Jones is the greatest.
Dude, he's such a kind man.
He has been so cancelled.
Alex is right about far more than he's wrong.
How much heat have you gotten for being friends with him and having him on the show?
A lot, but I don't pay attention.
I just, I can justify it.
I'll tell you, that fucking guy is right about a lot of shit.
He's a wild entertainer and a brilliant man.
Isn't he fantastic?
And no one is perfect.
I've known Alex for like more than 20 years.
I've hung out with that guy, we've been hammered together so many times, it's like it's...
That is the most misunderstood guy on the planet.
Alex has been right on for over a decade.
Shout out to Alex Jones.
We love you.
Alex Jones is a journalist and member of the media.
End of story.
Recently, many of the biggest tech companies joined in a coordinated effort to censor content from broadcaster Alex Jones.
There's a reason why the mainstream media calls a guy like him a bomb thrower or a conspiracy theorist, because they're in fear of the truth that he does actually bring out.
Why are the most powerful companies in the world suddenly so threatened by an independent radio show host in Texas that they're willing to lose business in order to make him shut up?
He runs a media organization.
And so when the January 6th Committee subpoenas him, they're basically violating our First Amendment protections.
The Department of Justice says not only is it investigating what happened inside the Capitol, but the conspirators and instigators who may have started this whole thing.
Now the committees decided to shut down one of the most popular journalists on the right, Alex Jones.
Yes, journalist.
The House Committee investigating the deadly assault on the U.S.
Capitol is subpoenaing Trump allies Roger Stone and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
The committee says he helped organize the rally ahead of the riots.
Alex Jones isn't simply innocent of inciting crime on January 6th.
Alex Jones actively worked to prevent crimes from taking place on January 6th.
Let's start marching!
We're not running interference for Alex Jones, and we're not guessing about it.
We're here to take our rightful country back peacefully.
We're not running interference for Alex Jones, and we're not guessing about it.
We happen to know this for a fact.
We need to not have a confrontation with the police.
We're going to make that the story.
Alex Jones is a journalist the same as Brian Stelter and Jake Tapper and Don Lemon are.
I was about to say the same thing.
Don't insult Alex that way.
Well, yeah, yeah, Alex Jones never lied us into a war.
Right, right, right.
Alex Jones never bought the Russia hoax, not for a second.
And if Jones sat down with Tony Fauci, he would ask him real questions, just as journalists are supposed to do.
He wouldn't just slobber all over him.
Epstein, he was way ahead with that.
He told me about Epstein a decade ago.
Alex detailed all of that.
Alex Jones, Info Wars.
The media has tarnished him with all sorts of name-calling, conspiracy theorists, bomb thrower.
The one thing that I know about this gentleman, Alex Jones, is that he loves this country.
He is as smart as a whip.
He absolutely believes in what he believes in, and he also does his research and his homework.
He's incredibly detailed in his research.
He loves this country.
Alex Jones's views on COVID and ask yourself, who's saner?
It's not even close.
He's incredibly detailed in his research. He loves this country. He is a patriot and
he's somebody who we better listen to or others in this country better listen to.
Is it a stretch to say that Tucker Carlson is the new Alex Jones?
There are no vaccine passports!
That's insane!
It's Alex Jones stuff!
And by the way, just so you know, as proof, if you want to get a job, you'll need your vaccine papers.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live broadcasting worldwide and Curtis Yarvin is in studio with us.
Mencius Mole Bug.
I've heard a lot about his work, read a lot of his writings over the years.
He's a very interesting person.
He's here visiting in Austin.
And I'm not going to go over the software he's written or the books or articles or all the things he's done.
You've worn a lot of hats here, and it's good to have you.
People can find you at greymirror.substack.com.
That's Grey Mirror, and that's Curtis Yarvin.
All right, good to have you here.
And you're also known as an absolute monarchist, huh?
I am an absolute monarchist.
I'm absolutely an absolute monarchist.
And I will defend that standpoint.
I'm America's leading monarchist blogger.
Wow, and you were telling me you had family in the Foreign Service, you know about the deep state, this whole Russia thing, we should probably go there first.
Let's go there first.
Give me your view on this escalating situation.
Who do you think the bad guys are?
Why do you think both sides are doing it?
What do you think of the massing Russian troops?
Obviously, they want them to capitulate.
They're going to launch a much larger, devastating attack.
The media is saying the Russians are losing.
I'm sorry, they're not losing.
They have been doing pinpoint strikes to try to get the regime to stand down.
Instead, our media is saying, peasants, go out and fight the Russian military.
You're going to beat them when all that's going to happen is one of the biggest bloodbaths since World War II.
What's your view?
Uh, my view is more or less exactly that.
Uh, my view is, um, like this is a war between two countries that are a very great distance from us.
Um, I don't have the feeling of having a dog in the fight.
I don't think this country has a dog in the fight.
Um, but this government has a dog in the fight.
The USG, the US government definitely has a dog in the fight.
That dog is Ukraine.
You know, you probably heard the Victoria Nuland call.
I have.
It says screw the EU, screw Russia.
Yeah, and she's like, basically picking the members of the next Ukrainian government.
And you know, sort of growing up as a Foreign Service brat, my dad was in the Foreign Service, which in case you don't know, is the, it's the State Department, it's the sort of U.S.
agency that goes around... Everybody talks about the CIA, the CIA's like the janitor.
The State Department actually runs things.
Yeah, it's the State Department is really the center of things and you know it's like, you remember Julian Assange came out and kind of one of his first things he's like takes on the DoD with this like you know targeting video and everyone's all the journalists are approved they all clap right and I'm like oh man you know anyone can take on the DoD and then he comes out with these cables and he takes on the State Department.
We knew it was it for him then.
I'm just like this Australian has no idea who he's fucking with.
Right, and you know, part of my first sort of exposure to the reality of the situation is I'm growing up, I'm a Foreign Service brat, and my dad was stationed in Portugal, and he used to use me to proofread his unclassified cables.
And I'm reading these cables and I'm like, you know, the relationship between these governments is not a relationship of equals.
I'm like, we have a treaty with Portugal that basically says if Portugal is attacked, America will defend it, but if America is attacked, the Portuguese We'll defend us.
And I'm like, no, that's not really like, you know, like, do we need Portugal?
Do we?
And so you sort of realize that the purpose of the U.S.
Embassy in Portugal is not to relate as a peer-to-peer thing with the Portuguese government.
It's actually to supervise the Portuguese government.
And this is basically a satellite state relationship.
This is an empire, like so many empires in the past, basically kind of masquerading as an alliance.
When did America become the new global British Empire.
Well, after World War I. Well, World War... Sort of phasing in from World War I to World War II.
Phasing in from World War I to World War II.
So, you know, in World War I, of course, kind of we come in late, and then we're like, we don't want to be part of this League of Nations thing, but sort of American kind of diplomats and elites had already gotten this taste of kind of world power.
After World War I, the financial balance of power shifts from the U.K.
to the U.S., and so you basically have, you know, the U.S.
becomes the world's biggest creditor nation and can kind of jerk people around financially, which is, of course, what we're doing in Russia right now.
And I have serious concerns about, like, you know, If you say, okay, you have these foreign reserves, you have $600 billion in reserves, except guess what?
They're on our banks and we'll just close your account.
We'll freeze your account like you're a Canadian trucker or something.
How do you expect people to think about reserves after doing something like that?
You're just like, this is an IOU that we can just cancel?
So the big central banks are discrediting themselves with all of this micromanaging social credit score.
Unless you're a pure dictatorship like China, it's not going to work.
And you're basically saying, you're saying you're sort of doing two things at the same time, because we in the U.S.
basically eat off of our dollar hegemony.
You know, this is a country that runs like a trillion dollar trade deficit, which means a trillion dollars of red ink every year.
That's basically going to buy things that are made in China that we can't make anymore.
And, you know, where where's that money coming from?
And there's an understanding of that globally and a lot of moves away from it.
What do you think is going to happen?
Who are the main power players?
And what do you think this situation in Russia is going to trigger?
Well, you know, Imagine if you're Russia, and especially China, looking at this.
And both Russia and China run trade surpluses.
Which basically, running a trade surplus as a country, that's like a company turning a profit.
Running a trade deficit is like a country making a loss.
And so you have this country that's basically losing, you know, a ton of money every year that doesn't make anything anymore.
And you're dealing with these autocratic powers, Russia and China, that are sort of rising exporting nations.
You know, Russia, of course, exports mainly natural resources.
You know, they keep all of Western... So folks are aware that the U.S.
is trying to boss everybody around, while it has this giant deficit and they don't.
Right, and it's like you're trying to do too many things at the same time.
It's like you can run this deficit and you can sort of eat for free off of dollar hegemony.
And then you're just like, we're going to like boss everyone around using our dollar hegemony.
And it's like it's... And my concern is trying to force Russia to leave the International Bretton Woods Agreement and monetize their debt.
Like we've been doing.
Is it going to hurt Russia?
It's going to hurt us.
And they're talking about defaulting on their sovereign debt right now.
And, you know, there's sort of all kinds of sort of countermeasures that, you know, Russia can play where they're like, OK, Germany, you want gas?
Send us gold.
You know, we're not saying you're a smart guy.
You think about this.
How do you think?
What are your main concerns?
What do you think's about to happen?
Because I don't like war, but I get NATO is moving weapons up against Russia.
They told him for eight years, stop it.
And now Putin's getting ready to literally, you want to call it war crimes, he's gonna get ready to flatten cities if they don't surrender.
So as much as I don't want war with Russia, this is gonna take the world very close to that.
Yeah, you know, I think that it's sort of hard to understand.
I mean, like, One of the things you got to understand about the way that the State Department and the kind of U.S.
oligarchy works is there's no sort of central actor.
There's no kind of central brain.
There's no one.
They come up with consensus.
There's no one in charge.
There's basically no one in charge.
There's a bunch of kind of independent actors who are thinking in this kind of independent way about their own careers.
That's how the CIA works, too.
Yeah, that's how it all works.
There's no center, there's no little man behind the curtain, and so there's basically Ukraine policy is being driven by a bunch of people in the State Department who want to feel important, who want to advance their careers just like anyone else, and they sort of can't really step back.
No one ever fires themselves.
No one is ever like, And may I suggest they advance their career by not getting a nuclear war?
Yeah, yeah.
But, you know, the thing is, remember the Arab Spring?
You know, remember- That was all their idea.
That was all their idea.
And remember what a shitshow that was.
Nobody involved in that.
Nobody who's like, oh, let's start a civil war in Syria and Libya.
No one's career has suffered.
Because they mattered.
Anderson Cooper was in Baghdad.
Look how wonderful this is!
They're burning everything now!
No, I honestly, I have to confess, Alex, I believed in the Iraq War.
It was that long ago.
I was for it.
I was a neocon.
And, you know, I was like, we can civilize them.
We can turn them into West Germany.
Well, you don't look that old.
Hell, I was pretty young in 2003, but I was against it.
So it's, youth can be, we can ignore that mistake.
How old were you in 2003?
How old was I in 2003?
I was three.
So, yeah, this hair makes me look younger than I am.
Well, that's good.
I can take some of your hair as a transplant, all mine.
My hair is giving up the ghost.
All right, stay there, Curtis Garvin.
We're going to get into, you're an absolute monarchist, you know, Paul Joseph Watson.
It is a guest of the show, and he still does some work with us.
He's a monarchist now.
That's awesome.
He gets invited over there and hangs out with them.
I'm not kidding.
He actually eats, like, steaks with the Queen and stuff.
I'm giving Paul's secrets out.
I didn't talk about it.
I'm not a monarchist, so... No, you're a Democrat.
You're a believer in... No, I don't believe in the mob either.
I believe in a republic.
Be right back.
We'll have a fascinating talk during the breaks with Curtis Yarvin about his view on absolute monarchy or monarchism and so many other great terms like the dark enlightenment and so much more.
He's, you know, quite the All right, yeah.
So, you know, if you go back to Aristotle, who basically invented political science as we know it, Aristotle tells you that there's three forms of government.
your monarchist views and some of your ideas. You were saying some wild stuff during the break.
All right, yeah. So, you know, if you go back to Aristotle, who basically invented political science as we know it,
Aristotle tells you that there's three forms of government.
There's monarchy, which is the rule of one.
A lot of people, when they, you know, think about monarchy, sort of make two kinds of essential mistakes.
First of all, they look at the monarchies we have today, like Elizabeth II, which is basically, you know, she's not exactly, she's not actually in charge of the government of England.
She's a vestigial thing.
Yeah, she's a vestigial thing.
She's a crown Kardashian, basically.
She's a celebrity.
And, you know, it's a beautiful, beautiful thing.
But if you compare Elizabeth II to Elizabeth I, You're talking about a whole different thing, and it's like if you try to imagine the UK without Elizabeth II, without a monarchy, you know, same thing, same country, life goes on.
Try to imagine Elizabethan England without Elizabeth I, you're like, I don't know what it is, but it's not Elizabethan England, right?
And so, you know, and monarchy is basically the system of government that Has ruled the whole human race for 98% of human history.
It's kind of the default.
And you know, another way to think about the question is to sort of notice that basically anything that works, any functioning institution, it's a restaurant, it's a car company, it's a monarchy.
You drive a car, that car was made by an organization governed by a single person, a CEO, that's a monarchy.
You go to a restaurant, it's run by a chef.
You watch a movie, it's directed by a director.
You know, you see, you know, you send a package in UPS, that's a monarchy.
You send a package in USPS, that's an oligarchy.
Um, and so you sort of noticing the kind of difference between like if you try to run and I, you know, I've been a CEO and if you try to run any organization by committee, you know, management by committee, that's kind of a, you know, a watchword for like, this is going to fail.
Like imagine, you know, you're running a company, you're running InfoWars, you try to run InfoWars with like a Congress and a Supreme Court or something.
I mean, it would be a disaster.
Well, you spend all your time just having those meetings.
You spend all your time just having those meetings, right?
But what about the North Korea argument?
Because that's a third-generation communist monarchy, and it's not doing too well.
Oh, it's absolutely not doing too well.
And the thing you've got to remember about basically History for the last 200 years, ever since basically the Congress of Vienna, is that we have lived in a unipolar, Anglo-American world for 200 years.
And so any state, any regime that has basically positioned itself against that world and its sort of tendency to subvert and kind of destroy all of our competing forces, whether it's You're right.
People don't know about the Conference of Vienna.
whatever, or Kim Jong-un, is that they're basically at war against...
By the way, we'll have to go on the next hour. We can do a 10-hour podcast, because you're
a smart guy. I'm not saying I agree with monarchy or whatever, but you're right. People don't
know about the Conference of Vienna. They don't know about when the British Empire became
hyper-dominant and merged with the U.S., and that has created a type of entropy or stagnation
I want America to be powerful, but the entropy of that has actually dominated us as well.
People inside the empire are as enslaved as people outside the empire.
So elaborate on the Conference of Vienna, and then move forward with what you're saying.
So basically, if you're resisting that Anglo-American force, like the last kind of peer competitor was Napoleon.
Napoleon is a monarch, right?
Napoleon loses.
Lord Wellington.
Yeah, yeah, and ever since then, basically, it's like, so you're talking about Kim Jong-un, you're like, this is a rebel against the global order, and he's running this rebellion out of North Korea, and that's gonna be, like, you're rebelling against the whole world, that's gonna be really ugly.
So if you compare, like, Kim Jong-un to, like, Louis XIV, or Frederick the Great, or something, there you're sort of seeing, you know, kind of glorious monarchies from the old days, and it's like, living in Louis XIV's France wasn't like living in North Korea.
A monarch can't be powerful unless they're expansionist in bringing wealth into the empire.
Well, they have to be sovereign, they have to be independent, and Kim Jong-un lives in a world governed by hostile powers.
He's a viceroy of the Chinese.
Yes, yes.
But even the Chinese are basically sort of on the back foot.
They live in... They're viceroys of Goldman Sachs and BlackRock.
They live in an American-dominated world, and they know it, and they're basically a product of the 20th century, and they're like, how do we become independent?
And even China finds it really, really hard to be independent of the deep state.
And what you're seeing right now with these sanctions on Russia, China and Russia are, of course, natural allies, but the Chinese are like, hey, maybe we can't do business with Russia because America will sanction us.
That's basically the power dynamic there.
You know, it's really... I want to get to that, but back to the absolute monarchy.
So what would that look like?
Because if you're going to follow an absolute monarchy, is that for certain areas of the world, or is there one global monarchy you should take over?
I think one global super state is a really bad idea, and that's one thing I hate about, basically, the American empire, is the sort of super state model.
Because we need firewalls.
Yeah, you need firewalls.
You can't have the whole planet putting all of its eggs in one basket, because anything can go wrong, anything can go bad.
But isn't a country putting its eggs in one basket with a monarchy?
Yeah, but a country is one basket by definition, right?
And so, yeah, putting your, you have to basically put your egg, you know, Mark Twain had this great line, put your eggs in one basket and watch that basket.
Right now we have all of our eggs in one basket, which is kind of this sort of deep state, what I call the cathedral, kind of the kind of media university complex.
And it's like when people look at this media university complex, they're like, oh we have all these different newspapers, we got the Post, we got the Times, but they're all speaking with the same voice.
Like Harvard and Yale.
No, exactly, it's like they're all...
They're synoptic, as they say in the Gospels, right?
You know, and so you're like, hey, wait a second, you know, this is one institution, it doesn't have one center, but it has one set of ideas.
And it's like, if you believe that this institution kind of naturally converges on the truth, and it's always as close to the truth as it can get, that's one thing.
But when you start to see it, like, make really huge, silly mistakes, It's like a franchise.
It's like McDonald's is everywhere, but it's the same.
Yeah, exactly, exactly, exactly.
And so, you know, the thing is, basically, when you think about monarchy, you're like, okay, well, you're putting your eggs in one basket, but we are putting our eggs in one basket right now.
It's just the Harvard... Well, the thing that successful monarchies do is like letter of mark and stuff.
They elevate people that have success.
And then that's what they do.
But you can say, oh, that's mean.
Well, no, that lifts everything up.
Napoleon had this line, you know, every government is safe in which the best people are in power.
And, you know, that was true in the early days of the American kind of post-war global order.
The people who are running it were just amazing.
You know, they were, and it was really, it made a lot of sense for other countries to look to America and say, how should we do things, right?
And today it's like that.
But now we have the great-grandchildren, the small brats of those people running things.
That's right, that's right.
And so Afghanistan is like, hey America, how should we do things?
And America is like, um... Cut your son's balls off.
Cut your son's balls off, right, you know?
And it's like, well... As if they didn't know they'd rebel against that.
Yeah, and it's like I feel really bad for the Ukrainians because basically you have all these really good, dear, sweet people in Ukraine that are basically like, I want to do things the American way.
America will protect us.
The American way works well.
And it's like, no.
We don't want to kill any of the women.
Like, we can't do that anymore.
Like, we can't, you know, we can't provide those people with protection.
And so they're just like, it's really sad.
And they got goaded.
I'm sure you've seen the shift clip where it's like, we got to fight the Russians in Ukraine now!
And they wonder why the Russians attack.
Yeah, exactly.
They got, they got, you know, like, they got goaded into this.
Let's talk about it when we come back.
This is big news.
Well, Curtis Yarvin is definitely an interesting person.
I'm glad he's in studio with us today in Austin, Texas.
And I can ask a lot of questions here.
He was getting into Russia during the break, but just in general, what are other things you're thinking about and working on right now?
Well, you know, we have this oligarchical kind of institutional system here in America, and I'm very radical with my perspective on it, because I kind of grew up inside it.
I grew up in the Foreign Service.
I went to an Ivy League school.
I think there's a lot of people who believe these institutions can be saved.
I mean, the thing is, the power of all governments is the same.
All governments have ultimately absolute power.
If they sort of give you rights, that's their choice, eventually.
And what we have today is a sort of distributed network of, like, prestige.
And what matters is, like, when you're a journalist for the New York Times, you're someone whose opinion matters.
When you're a professor at Harvard, your opinion counts.
You have prestige.
You're respected.
And in the past, like, what's been happening sort of ever since this kind of, we're still living, I mean, the global American empire is basically the New Deal.
And so you're living in this empire created by our grandfathers, and those people were very, very capable and very, very competent, and they knew what they were doing.
You don't have to like it.
Maybe you like it, maybe you don't.
But, you know, sort of prestige and competence have been drifting away from each other.
And the idea that you're going to get that to drift back...
Is really, really, really, like, it's hard for me to fathom how that could even possibly work.
Well the establishment works with Common Core instead to literally destroy knowledge.
What elite would want to make their minions dumb?
That ends up making them weak.
It's horrible.
Yeah, and so the question is, you know, what's the cure?
How do you basically solve this elite?
And I think most, you know, Americans, probably most InfoWars watchers, basically believe in a kind of ultimately democratic solution to this.
Sort of the people rising up and taking back their government.
I'm very pessimistic about that.
I don't believe the American people are really strong enough to do that.
I think that basically reconstructing, this is kind of why I'm a modern monarchist, is that basically if you look at what it takes to clean up a system like this, it's a monarchy.
And so you basically have to shut down these institutions, Alex.
There's no other way.
You can't basically change the way this country is governed and have Harvard and the New York Times exist as they exist today.
Well, you bring up two really big areas that I want to get your view on.
Definitely, the left worships itself and the establishment and the right-wing neocons because you're on CNN, because you're on the New York Times.
Even though their readership's way down and their prestige is gone, they're a joke, their minions still celebrate it and act like it's God, and so they're in their own crazy bubble, carrying out policies that actually accelerate their demise.
So I agree that they're an incompetent Right, they're incompetent, but they're completely in charge.
It doesn't take people reading the New York Times, it doesn't take mass readership of the New York Times for the New York Times to matter, because it matters to the people.
Because the ruling class takes it as the Bible.
It is the Bible.
It's the cult screed, like out of Jim Jones' mouth.
Sure, there's only a thousand Jim Jones followers about to drink cherry Kool-Aid with cyanide, but the ruling class is in a cult, and when they order it, they drink it.
If they order nukes to be launched, it'll happen.
I'll tell you a story from inside the deep state.
So my stepfather actually worked for Biden for some time and he studied political science at Harvard in the 60s.
And one day he was taking a seminar from one of the great old wise men of US foreign policy, McGeorge Bundy.
And Bundy walks in the room in the seminar and there's a newspaper strike at the time, like the newsboys are on strike, this used to happen all the time.
Bundy comes in the seminar and he's like, well, you know, Washington can't function right now because our inter-office memo service is down.
By which he means the New York Times, right?
And so you have this agency, it's really a government agency.
If you think of the New York Times as a government agency, it kind of all makes sense.
No, it's true.
It only communicates to the cult.
Yeah, right.
And its importance is sort of that internal communication.
So if you're basically like thinking about how do you win?
How do you beat these people?
It's like, you know, how do you beat Saddam Hussein?
You have a decapitation strike.
But how do you decapitate an oligarchy?
You're trying to... A bunch of mentally ill, dumbed down people that can't even wipe their own ass, but they're still in charge.
And that's what's happening is they're like, Oh, he's going to be on CNN.
Stop it.
Stop it.
It's like a hundred thousand viewers.
I don't even care.
But they're flipping out because it's their memo.
It's their system.
And so they don't even get the whole world's moved on from them.
And they're still back over here fighting over it.
They're still in charge.
They're still in charge.
And they'll be in charge until someone takes that power away from them.
Where do you see it going?
I mean, pessimistically being run by these people sounds like nuclear war.
I think it lasts.
I don't think the world has the energy for nuclear war right now.
It's like I was having this...
argument at a symposium with, do you know Mike Anton, the Flight 93 election guy?
So I'm having this debate with Mike Anton on stage at the symposium and he's like,
"It's all going to collapse, it's all going to fail, it's all going to fall apart tomorrow."
And I'm like, "Mike, you are such an optimist."
Like, that's such optimism.
Yeah, the entropy will just keep deteriorating.
You know, I'm like, what does the future look like if we stay on the course we are on today?
It looks like the third world.
It looks like Mexico.
It looks like Chile.
It looks like, ultimately, Venezuela.
Idiocracy and just like decay and you know what you know who's always going to do fine is the rich are always going
to do fine.
The rich in Venezuela and Mexico they live in beautiful great ways.
They're absolutely fine with a third of the country being run by drug cartels and you know they're insulated from
But ordinary people are not going to be insulated from that.
Ordinary people, if this, like, insane thing of, like, overusing our dollar hegemony sort of backfires on us.
I mean, the U.S.
has no manufacturing.
Well, couldn't this Russia thing backfire?
Yeah, this Russia thing could backfire because basically, you know, as soon as China and Russia sort of realized that, you know, Hey, our like foreign reserves are just an IOU from the Fed that can just be canceled basically at any point like we're doing to Russia right now.
It's sort of only a matter of time before they're like, okay, wait a second.
What do we need the West for?
And well, it's like it's like NFTs.
It's what you believe.
It's like bottle caps for trading.
I mean, or the dollar or cryptocurrency.
Cryptocurrency and NFTs at least have something compared to the dying dollar.
Yeah, I mean the dollar is like, you know, the dollar established this hegemony when the U.S.
was the world's leading creditor nation, when the world's leading manufacturing nation.
Let me tell you a story, which is, if you drive down I-95 on the East Coast and you cross the Susquehanna at Trenton, there's a big sign on the bridge that says, Trenton makes, the world takes.
This was actually a slogan coined by my own great-great-grandfather.
In a contest.
And you look at the slogan and it makes no sense at all because what the hell does Trenton make?
It doesn't make anything.
But when that slogan was coined, New Jersey was the China of its day.
They made everything there.
You know, there was the center of world manufacturing.
And I look at this now and I'm like, what should that sign say?
And I, you know, it should say...
Well, let me talk about the ruling Western Anglo-American establishment's biggest weakness when we come back.
to be able to keep that up. And the thing is, if you basically lose that financial hegemony,
the U.S. is Argentina. What do we export? Crops.
Well, let me talk about the ruling Western Anglo-American establishment's biggest weakness
when we come back. I want to get your take on it. They're at war against independence.
They want everyone to operate under their mental control.
They've got a very pedophilic, pervert, anti-family stripe down their back.
And so they're busy attacking the Midwest and the South and other rural areas that are the most productive.
So they're busy trying to tell the world what to do while they attack their own people and look for a civil war to secure their political power.
But if they wouldn't have started all these fights, they wouldn't be in so much trouble.
Curtis Yarvin's our guest.
We'll come back.
And talk to him.
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Stay with us.
We've got a battle plan.
Curtis Yarvin is our guest here on the Alex Jones Show.
We'll host a little bit in the next hour and hand the baton to the great Gerald Salente here on this Live Monday edition.
We really are praying for peace with this conflict, this inter-Slavic civil war going on because Russia is jealous of NATO's attempt to take over its consort.
We'll continue to break all that down.
So, Curtis Yarbrough, who do you see as the new monarchs of our age?
Can't have one globally, so I guess Putin does kind of want to be the new czar.
He's kind of setting up a monarchy.
He is, he is.
I mean, you know, Putin is in some ways, you know, there's this famous old saying about Russia, Russia is never as strong as she looks, Russia is never as weak as she looks.
And like Putin, you know, that sort of fits Putin to a T because he's not, He's not really as strong as a czar.
He's got a lot of internal constituencies he's got to follow and of course the deep state is very aware of that and kind of trying to break him down with those things and you know the the extent to which if you're Putin you feel like you're on the defensive is like really you can't understate that like he feels that he's defending himself against the world.
I think that makes him stronger.
Yeah, I mean, that's where he's cornered, right?
You know, and sort of all of these, any regime that sort of doesn't
kind of feel the pleasure of Washington, that's like, you know, Washington,
you know, it's like, you know, Qaddafi made this sort of tremendous mistake
where he's like, after 9/11, Qaddafi's like, holy shit, these guys are serious.
So I have this nuclear program.
I'm going to like put it in a box.
He groveled, gave them everything they wanted.
They literally raped him to death with a bayonet.
That is correct.
I'm, I'm, I'm...
Or some other sharp object.
It wasn't pretty.
You know, and yeah, and that's exactly right.
He basically, he sort of opened himself to them, and it was like dealing with a predator.
You know, the frog and the scorpion, right?
You know, basically, Gaddafi was the frog.
Tell the story, the scorpion says, give me a ride.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You know, the frog is swimming across the water.
There's sort of so much of the U.S.
deep state in this story.
The frog is like, oh, I'm going to cross the river.
The scorpion's like, give me a ride.
Halfway across, the scorpion stings the frog, right?
And the frog is like, if I die, you die.
And the scorpion is like, I can't help it.
It's my nature.
I'm a scorpion.
And so, Qaddafi sort of opens himself up and he's like, okay.
He is the frog.
He is the frog.
And he's basically like, why would they sting me?
What are they going to get by doing it?
That's the key.
There's not logic to it.
There's not logic to it because there's no single, basically, actor there.
And so as soon as what happens is, here's what happens, Qaddafi opens up.
He's like, okay, I'm going to be part of the world economy.
I'll invest all the money where you say.
He didn't just give up the WMDs, he bent over.
He bent over, right.
And the net result is, here's what happens in Libya when Qaddafi bends over.
Before, you know, there's an American embassy operating in Tripoli.
If you want a matter in Libya, you got a matter to the Qaddafi family.
Qaddafi's a monarchy.
Qaddafi's a monarch.
You gotta go and like, you know, curtsy before him.
Suddenly, when there's an American embassy in Tripoli, there's two power centers in Libya, right?
And so, you're looking at a situation where if you want to matter in Libya, maybe you're like, oh, you know, I want to like cozy up to the U.S.
And the U.S.
Embassy sort of does that for a living.
They're like, oh, okay, you know, we're in touch with all the Libyan dissidents.
And then the Libyan dissidents are like, okay, maybe we're Islamists, but we're moderate So they bring Al-Qaeda back in to police the US.
Yeah, yeah, and they're, and you know, and then they're like, oh, we're going to have
a little rebellion.
How about some air support?
And Qaddafi is like, wait a second, like, why do you want to start a civil war in Libya?
And the Scorpion is like, because I can.
Because it's my nature.
They wanted to push blacks out.
Yeah, I mean... And then he said, no, we're not going to blow the black people up.
Yeah, I mean, crazy, crazy stuff is going on in that country now.
Like, they have slave markets, they have a, you know, permanent civil war.
And literally, Hillary Clinton did that.
Yeah, remember, I came... I saw he died.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it was really like... And it was like that, you know, that specific moment was just so...
And Russia, Putin quotes that.
He said, the last straw for me was Libya.
You're not doing this with us.
And basically... I'm not even defending Putin, but I get what's happening.
That's right.
And that's, I think that's the right approach to this conflict.
It's like, you know, I don't feel... He's watching them blow up all these countries and get away with it.
I don't feel I have a dog in the fight.
I'm not rooting for Putin, you know, but at the same time, I like understand where he's coming from.
And he's basically like, if we let the U.S.
set up this kind of anti-Russia, In Ukraine, which is what they're trying to do, then basically, like, everything is sort of going to fall to shit in our country.
Well, that's the thing.
They're always comparing Putin to Hitler.
It's the Russians that lost 90% of the troops beating Hitler.
The U.S.
was involved.
They're not poo-pooing it.
Both my grandfathers were involved, but we were a very small role, less than 10% compared to the Russians.
The Russians fought the lion's share of the war.
They lost 20 million people.
And so they're saying, oh, he's Hitler.
But Hitler was expanding borders and grabbing countries.
Putin's not been doing that.
They've been losing land.
And he's saying, don't push anymore.
So for the Russians, this is a repeat of World War II.
And they're saying, we're not going to wait till you're 50 miles from Moscow this time.
Well, yeah.
I mean, you know, both in World War I and World War II, basically, sort of the attack on Russia involved creating this sort of independent state out of Ukraine, which is a little bit of an, you know, sort of an exaggeration, but... No, you're right.
That's the corridor of the attack.
Yeah, and it's like basically turning Texas into an independent country.
Okay, Texas was an independent country.
People in Texas, they speak a little funny.
They say, y'all... It's the same argument.
Well, Texas used to be somebody else.
Yeah, right, right.
And so, you know, then you're like, okay, Russia is going to, like, arm the moderate Texans and, like, you know, give Texas, like, you know, air support and cover and, you know, create an anti-American ideology in Texas.
And he's just like, why are you doing this?
What possible need does an ordinary American who funds this operation, who pays their taxes every year, why do we need a goddamn satellite state in the middle of Central Europe?
And the answer is, there's no possible answer to that.
Well that's it.
NATO and the US and all these global forces are setting up a satellite state and saying, we want to teach the kids LGBT.
Did you see that?
Yeah, sure.
Which is exactly what Putin's saying.
Yeah, I mean it's like, it's just like there's no When you, as an American taxpayer, are basically funding this empire, okay, maybe a long time ago there was kind of this justification, okay, well, we're going to export more cars to these countries or something, we're going to conquer them for a reason, but now it's just the scorpion doing its scorpion thing.
Well, the scorpion says, we're interested in your children.
And people are like, okay, that's it.
Yeah, it's like, what?
Because Putin's saying, they want our kids!
And the MI6 goes, we want your kids!
Because what the Scorpion is made of, Alex, is the Scorpion is made of ordinary, smart people, good people, wonderful people who have careers.
And they want to get ahead in their careers.
And the way you get ahead in your career in DC is by making an impact.
That's right, so even if they lie once, well, I got bills, I'm gonna lie, or I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna push, I'm gonna put out fake intelligence and I'll get promoted.
Yeah, I'm gonna like, you know, I'm gonna matter.
I'm gonna make an impact.
And so, you know, it's like we were saying earlier, the people in DC who made the Arab Spring happen, who were like, we're gonna start a civil war in Syria, we're gonna start a civil war in Libya, we're gonna try to start a civil war in Egypt and fail at that.
You know, I mean, this has killed half a million, a million people, right?
And it's like there's sort of no There's no consequences from that.
There's no sense of like, oh wow, you did the wrong thing, you harmed people, and it's like, at least the scorpion drowns.
Yeah, they never get in trouble for what they've done.
So Curtis Garvin, let me ask you this.
What comes next in your view?
In the short term or the long term?
All of it, just real quick.
In the short term, I think Putin wins his war.
I think that the, like, and I think that that's giving a sort of bloody nose to the deep state is like, much as I hate to see that happen and much as I like, hate to see... Oh, that's going to stir them up.
That's gonna, yeah, but it's also like, nobody likes to lose, and it's like, you know, losing in Afghanistan, you know, that was sort of a big thing, because it was like, here's a spot on the map that the U.S.
does not control and will never control.
I don't have any really more sympathy for the Taliban than I have for Putin, but it's like, this is a foreign country, you know, Ukraine is a foreign country, Russia is a foreign country, and so... So what does the Deep State do when they get a bloody house?
They sit and take it and like for them to like It's really hard to sort of, like, when you, like, nobody's seen a global empire before ever.
The closest thing in some ways is the Roman Empire.
And so, you know, the Russians are kind of like the Parthians or the Persians next to our Roman Empire.
They're this sort of foreign power that's kind of lesser than us in some ways, but very definitely foreign and sort of For the U.S.
to accept that there's sort of limits to our universal ambition is going to be very, very hard for these people in Washington.
But I feel like if Xi and Putin kind of stick together, they can create the situation where it's like the U.S.
has sort of no chance but to accept that kind of something has changed in the world.
I don't know if they're... Well, that's it.
Only five more minutes, then you've got to go, and I've got another guest who's about to take over here, Gerald Celente.
The Afghans told us, the ones that were pro-US, they said, listen, trying to teach us that boys are girls and girls are boys, and trying to do that, that's why everybody turned against you in the villages.
And it's the same thing.
If the West was promoting Levi's and Coca-Cola, that made the Soviet Union fall, we would win.
But it's not America.
It's weird, pervert, Hollywood, pedophile stuff.
It's the scorpion and the frog.
It's like basically... Hold on, stay there.
Curtis Yarvin, stay with us.
into Putin's arms. So I've got to ask, is this being done on purpose or are all the
weird pedophiles around the State Department really, really into this?
It's the scorpion and the frog. It's like basically...
Hold on, stay there. Curtis Yarvin, stay with us. Curtis Yarvin versus the Deep State. Can
we avert disaster?
Can we stop the globalist attempt to trigger a new world war?
We're laying all of that out here today.
All right, we were getting into the whole leftist anti-human system to make humans label themselves differently, but with labels the globalists give people.
You were talking about, I don't know if it's off record, but some of your own family, just the level of targeting of children.
That's what Eastern Europe and the world, and even China, Xi Jinping is turning against it.
They see that as anti-human and are fundamentally turning against it.
That's the main thing, turning the world against the Western Empire.
But the more that the world struggles against this pedophilic beyond that rape of children's innocence, stealing of their
identity, the more the Western State Department or the PDO Department
tries to jam it down their throat.
Well, you have, you know, this is the way our sort of ruling class thinks,
and it's like when you're inside that ruling class, it can kind of make perfect sense to you almost,
and sort of as a normal American, you don't really think of America
as like Harvard and a small set of kind of...
Rich people in the kind of, you know, mid-Atlantic corridor.
But in some ways, that's kind of the real America.
That ruling class is sort of the oldest, deepest tradition in America.
It's true that it's sort of beliefs are getting increasingly strange and increasingly... But, you know, when you pay your taxes, those taxes are going to this ruling oligarchy.
That's just how it works.
And the sort of Cultural and social incentives on that oligarchy are basically to be as different from middle Americans as possible.
And there's one thing, you can't overestimate how much these people hate the Kulaks, the middle Americans, the truckers.
Oh, they really hate blue-collar.
Hispanic, black, white, they don't care.
I love common people.
They're so good.
They feel strong and confident and real and not neurotic and competent.
How do you hate the blood of the country?
Yeah, that's a really hard question, and I sort of grew up struggling with that question in a lot of ways.
Because even royalty, as you said, always celebrates a common good.
Yeah, yeah, but the thing is, that's a huge difference between basically a kind of monarchical, you know, an ideal monarchy basically represents all the people in the country.
It represents the ruling class, it represents the working class, it represents the middle class.
It feels a sort of sense of ownership.
And when you have a country that's an oligarchy that's... You're saying it ends the infighting?
Yeah, it ends the infighting.
It ends, like, the red versus blue conflict.
And when you have, basically, a ruling class, you know, the way the ruling class feels in this country, they feel persecuted.
They literally feel persecuted.
And they feel they're outnumbered.
They're like, you know, we're 5-10% of the population, and all these guys out there with the gods and their guns, and they're gonna come and kill us.
And instead of seducing the public into being their friends, they wage war on them.
Yeah, well, they do both.
Yeah, you're right.
They do both.
But yeah, like, it's ultimately this, like, and it's like, I tend to kind of speak to people of my own kind of ruling class background, and I'm just like, look, you can't live this way.
You can't be at war with the whole country and the whole world and kind of everyone who lives in this sort of traditional way.
And like, the fact that you're trying to destroy them is why they're trying to destroy you.
Well, that's right, and they don't get traditionalism is the real strength.
Yeah, no, they don't, like, they don't sort of understand how to bond.
It's like growing up in the State Department, you know, and maybe this is one of the last things I'll say, growing up in the State Department, you're sort of part of this ruling global elite.
But the thing is, when you're at an embassy in a foreign, you know, country, there's two kinds of Americans there.
There's the State Department, you know, officers who all went to Ivy League schools, et cetera, et cetera, and there's the Marines.
And you're like, one of my first kind of realizations of like being kind of a traitor to my class in a way is like, you know, I'm supposed to be hanging out with these globalized elites from, you know, the way my dad does.
But you know what?
Like the kids at the Marines, they know how to throw a football.
And on how to throw a football.
And nobody in Portugal knows how to throw a goddamn football.
You know, and so that sense of, like, commonality and sort of connection to, like, ordinary Americans is, like, something that I really wish our ruling class would just learn to do.
They need to or they'll be destroyed.
Curtis Yarbrough, thank you so much.
Thank you so much.
Really great talking to you.
And people can find you at Grey Mirror on Substack.
Yes, that's right.
All right.
Gero Salente takes over InfoWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
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Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And as Alex said, do everything you can, you know, support Infowars.
We are in a critical time.
World War III has begun.
You just saw the cover of the Trends Journal.
That went out before Russia invaded Ukraine.
COVID war to Ukraine war to world war.
What's going on now is unprecedented.
The COVID war set them up to take full control of our lives.
I'm your dictator.
I'll tell you what to do.
I'm the little arrogant boy up here, Andy Cuomo.
I'm the little gruesome Newsome.
I'm Witless Whitmer.
I'm little one piece of garbage, crap, scum politician around the world that'll tell you what to do.
I'm going to tell you what you're going to do.
We're going to flatten the curve.
We're going to flatten the curve.
We're going to put all the businesses out of business and only make the bigs get bigger.
The COVID war.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Put on that mask.
Bend over, get that vax.
They have taken full control of our lives.
And now you're seeing it again.
The people are ready to march off.
We're marching off to war.
I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy.
Get it in your head.
World War III has begun.
You know how they do it?
Look at it.
Little old freaks telling us what to do.
How could anybody, how could anybody with a brain take orders from these crap heads?
Where's little Mitch McConnell?
And Lindsey, did you come out of the closet?
And Graham?
Look at the little freaks that are telling us what to do.
And all you people that want to go to war, all you politicians that are voting for this, put on your military drag.
And go out, pick up and go lead the charge.
Not one of you clowns could fight your way out of a paper bag.
Send your wife, send your kids, send yourself.
You want to go fight a war?
Lead the charge.
Hey, George Washington.
Yeah, George Washington.
Crossing the Delaware?
Can you imagine Obama in a fight?
Biden, you guys have dead.
Hey, Kamala Harris, put on that uniform.
Let's go.
Let's go, everybody.
And I want to see a draft.
I want the draft to come back.
Men and women, go, go.
Then you'll see resistance when they have the draft because I'm a Vietnam War era age.
I was at the height of it.
Yeah, could you imagine?
Go lead the charge, Obama!
Go on!
Oh, I want that guy Qaddafi out of there!
Oh, America could slaughter people all over the world!
I want that guy Assad out of there!
Great job in Syria!
Oh, you think he would have gone to Iraq, Syria, and Libya if their major export was broccoli?
Not oil?
Let's go back, again, World War I. Yeah, look at these little, look at this, go fight, go on, go on, go fight, go fight!
You want to go to war?
Leave the charge and send your kids.
World War I, they spewed the crap out when we were kids.
World War I began when they assassinated the Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo.
Yeah, what's an Archduke Ferdinand and what's a Sarajevo?
World War II began when they bombed Pearl Harbor.
Hey, crap heads, it began before then.
Events lead up to it.
This is a current event forming a future trend.
They asked Albert Einstein, a guy that knew a thing or two about atom bombs, what kind of weapons will be used to fight the Third World War?
He said, I don't know.
But they'll be using sticks and stones to fight the fourth.
If we don't stop this third world war, we are going to be living hell on earth or no earth at all.
This is it is.
Yeah, there it is.
Archduke Ferdinand.
Who don't who don't give a god who cares that an Archduke was killed?
An Archduke.
And they tried killing him twice that day before they got him once or twice.
That's a reason to go to war.
Oh, and that little scum that should rot in hell, Woodrow Wilson.
Yep, the guy that gave us the Federal Reserve.
He also gave us World War One.
I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy, and people swallow the crap just like they're swallowing this.
Sanctions are only alternative, the third war, Biden says.
President Joe Biden said that he faced two options following Russia's offensive in Ukraine.
Start a third world war or hit Russia with economic sanctions.
Look, you have two options.
Start a third world war, go to war with Russia physically, or two.
Make sure that a country that acts so contrary to international law pays the price for having done it.
How about talking about peace?
Oh, and you want to talk about a country that acts so contrary to international law that pays a price for having done it?
How about, how about the Vietnam War?
Oh, yeah, you only kill over 3 million Vietnamese, only 58, 60,000 American boys.
I have friends that died in it.
Only destroyed, you know, physically about 300,000 and mentally probably hundreds of thousands.
Lying about the Gulf of Tonkin incident that never happened.
I wrote about it in detail in my book, Trends 2000.
It never happened.
Just like Saddam Hussein didn't have weapons of mass destruction at Taiz Talqaeda, there's going to be another false flag that gets us into this war.
They ruined the lives.
Oh, so Biden's talking about international law and paying a price?
The Afghan war?
Oh, Operation Enduring Freedom?
We're gonna get that guy, Osama Bin Laden, get him alive!
I'm little Georgie Bush!
I spew out a stupid line like that and the people are so damn stupid they believe me!
We are on the verge of World War III.
I'm gonna tell you the story of what happened in 9-11 when I come back.
I suggest you care.
Look at this little clown.
Could you imagine this little clown, this little arrogant nothing of a boy, a little daddy's boy, born on third base and thought he had a home run, a nobody, like little, just up there, true dope.
Another little nobody if daddy wasn't Pierre.
We got a bunch of freaks running and ruining our lives.
Got it?
Oh, Joe Biden only been sucking off the public tit since he's 30 years old.
Operation, yeah, mission accomplished.
Oh, they fly him onto the aircraft carrier.
Mission accomplished in Iraq.
He only killed over a million people.
Based on a war on lies.
And Biden's BS-ing about, let's be equal about this.
I am totally against what Russia is doing.
Totally, 100% against it.
Yes, if they went in there and they occupied the Donbass area where the Western Ukrainians were bombing, totally for it.
We're totally against this war.
Let's be equal here.
No one's talking about peace.
All they're talking about is ramping up war.
Again, when I come back, I'm going to tell you what happened after 9-11 and what you should consider doing now.
And the thing to listen to, all those people up there that donated, so many of them donated to the Freedom Convoy.
Your bank accounts are closed, your retirement accounts, all your money, the government's taking it over.
It happened before, it will happen again, and it's on the way.
You better prepare, prevail, and prosper.
And we're going to give you some suggestions on what you may consider when we come back in just a few minutes.
And in the meantime, support InfoWars.
Hey, great being back on the Alex Jones Show.
And again, everybody, hear me out.
The COVID war.
The Ukraine war.
World War Three.
Talk about peace is forbidden.
So we have to unite for peace.
United we stand, divided we will die.
No one is talking about peace.
Guys, pick this up.
This is one of the posters.
Unite for Peace and Restore Freedom.
Fourth of July Rally.
Crown Garden on the Four Corners of Freedom, Crown and John Street, Kingston, New York.
Live music and speakers, including Gerald Cilenti and Judge Andrew Napolitano.
Occupy Peace.
That was last year.
I'm fighting for peace, so I put my money where my heart and mouth is.
You better consider doing the same thing.
The people are lining up for this war.
There's not a mention in the media about what we did to Afghanistan.
What we did to Iraq.
What we did to Syria.
What we did to Yemen.
Oh Yemen?
What's a Yemen?
Yemen's out of the news.
You mean the worst humanitarian crisis on earth?
Where about 11 million people are starving?
That Yemen?
Brought to you by the Nobel Peace of Crap Prize, Barack Obama.
And that lowlife scum that we got playing Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken.
Yeah, the Anthony Blinken that went to Saudi Arabia to give intelligence to the Saudis and started that war.
By the way, the Saudis were invented in 1934.
This is a new gang.
And as soon as they got invented, One of the first things they did was to attack Yemen, which the Houthis were in control of in the northern area.
So the Saudis had it out for the Houthis since that gang took over.
We don't talk about that, though.
No, no, no, no.
We only have to talk about what's going on in Ukraine and how people all over the world, we have to... Not knowing a thing.
Again, the details...
In your Trends Journal, we did a whole special report, and this is a Trends Journal from 2014, that Dr. Paul Craig Roberts did a huge article in here as well about the coup designed by the United States to overthrow the democratically elected government of Yanukovych in Ukraine.
And we have the quotes here by Victoria Nuland, Whose husband, Robert Kagan, is the head of that big neoconservative group that loves war?
Yep, in early February, this is in the Trends Journal, 2014, a recording was leaked of Assistant Secretary of State of European Affairs, Victoria Nuland, telling Geoffrey Pyatt, the U.S.
Ambassador to Ukraine, that the U.N.
was on board to help glue, quote, help glue, end quote, the plan to replace Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych with Oreksty Yatsenyuk.
Quote, Yats is the guy, Nuland informed Pyatt, who urged her to move quickly because, quote, the Russians will be working behind the scenes to torpedo the deal.
F-U, the E-U, Nuland told Pyatt.
Exactly, he responded.
Shortly thereafter, Yanukovych was overthrown and Yats became president.
And again, they don't talk, we talk about what happened, the deal that the Ukraine was going broke, they're going to make a deal with the EU and the IMF to borrow money, and Putin gave them a better deal.
And that was the end of it.
What's also not being talked about in the media is NATO's expansion beyond the agreements made at the breakup of the Soviet Union.
And What they're not talking about are the military activities that the United States and NATO have been doing around Russia for the past several months.
Again, I am totally opposed to what's going on with this war.
Just to make it clear, I want to see it come to an agreement in a very different way.
This is terrible what we're seeing.
The lives of people are being destroyed.
I'm totally opposed to this.
We need peace.
We need peace.
I'm a warrior for the Prince of Peace.
Again, Trends Journal this week, the one you just saw the cover, long forgotten and not mentioned by Western media or its politicians, was the U.S.
and NATO's pledge not to expand into Eastern Europe following a deal made during the 1990 negotiations between the Western Soviet Union over German unification.
As detailed in the Los Angeles Times back in May of 2016, while the US and NATO deny that no such agreement was struck, quote, hundreds of memos, meeting minutes, and transcripts from the US archives indicate otherwise.
The article states, according to transcripts meetings in Moscow on February 9th, 1990, then Secretary of State James Baker suggested that in exchange for cooperation on Germany, U.S.
could make, quote, ironclad guarantees that NATO would not expand one inch eastward.
Also, as we note in the National Security Archives, quote, Not once, but three times, Baker tried out the not one inch eastward formula with Gorbachev in the February 9, 1990 meeting.
He agreed with Gorbachev's statement in response to the assurances that, quote, NATO expansion is unacceptable.
OK, I could go on and on and on.
You've got 186 pages in The Trends Journal detailing the facts.
Now, going back, what to do?
What to consider?
Again, I just read to you what's going on or mentioned to you what's going on back in what used to be called a democracy called Canada, where they've locked up the people's funds, an estimated $7.8 million who donated to the Freedom Convoy.
If something happened, A false flag attack or real.
You better watch out.
Just what they did in Canada, they will do in America many, many times over.
What will they do?
How will they do it?
We're going to talk about it.
And I'm going to give you suggestions.
The motto of the Trends Journal is think for yourself.
How you can prepare, prevail, and prosper.
Because the worst is ahead.
You look what's going on in the equity markets.
Look what's going on in gold.
Hey, even crypto's bouncing back.
Hey, how about those oil prices, huh?
Oh, you love going paying at the pump.
Oh yeah, keep this war heated up.
High oil prices?
Panic of 08?
Oil prices started going up way above $100 a barrel and BAM!
The economy crashed.
Get ready.
The worst is yet to come if we don't have peace and we'll be right back.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show and Infowars, a great crew of people.
They're dedicated to bringing freedom and peace and justice.
And they say it like it is, not the way people want to hear it.
Only the facts, you know, the facts are gone.
You saw what just happened in the EU.
A blacklisted RT, Russia Today and Sputnik News.
So you're not allowed to get another, even if you could agree or disagree, how about think for yourself?
Oh, there's no propaganda that ever came out of the United States.
Oh, how about the New York Times with the lies of, you know, that Saddam Hussein, he got the aluminum tubes.
Yeah, we got proof that he's making those weapons of mass destruction.
So only believe the propaganda coming out of America and the West.
Don't believe the propaganda coming out of other countries.
You're not allowed to think for yourself.
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So going back to what I was talking about before.
During the Senate question period on Friday, Senator David Wells, this is up in Canada.
Asked the government representative if accounts had been unfrozen.
The representative said he couldn't answer definitely that they have all been on frozen and it was possibly not the case.
They didn't.
This is the Toronto Sun, by the way.
So this isn't, you know, black, you know, it's a conspiracy theory.
They did not explain why the accounts were still frozen.
They go on to say that in according to the Department of Finance, 210 accounts holding 7.8 million were frozen.
7.8 million were frozen.
Again, you look at what's going on.
You look at what's going on.
The guy that's playing President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, played a comedian in a television show, The Servant of the People.
He played a fictional Ukraine president in a comedy show before he became president.
You can't make this up.
A comedian that played the president of Ukraine is now the president.
It's like when the COVID war began, the first thing the crap heads did was go out and buy toilet paper.
Fighting each other over toilet paper.
This is the guy, a comedian in charge.
And that's what the media has become.
It's comedians.
I could care what Kimmel said or what any jerk said that's a comedian.
A comedian!
A comedian!
You got it?
Now he's president.
This is from Adrian Prokop, Senior Associate at the Williams Center, writing about what happened in Ukraine before this happened.
Remember, Putin, again we detail all this in the Trends Journal, when he had the last meeting with the comedian Zelensky, he said, you may like it, you may not like it, but deal with it, my gorgeous, Putin said, To Zelensky regarding the Minsk agreement.
Quote, now this is Prokip from the Wilson Center.
The Minsk agreements stipulate establishing a ceasefire and separating the opposing military forces, providing a special constitutional regime for the Donbass.
That's the region where the Eastern Europeans are, the Eastern Russians.
With requisites amending of Ukraine's constitution and the holding of elections in a non-controlled territories with Kiev thereafter to have control over Russia-Ukraine border in the Donbas.
all right?
And then you read from Sputnik.
By December 2021, the Kiev government had amassed up to 125,000 troops along the contact line with the Donbass Republic.
At the same time, OSCE reported more frequent use of heavy weapons prohibited under the Minsk Agreement by the Ukrainian Armed Forces against the breakaway regions.
But of course, we're not allowed to believe anything coming from Sputnik.
We only can believe it from one end, like the New York Times.
Over the past several weeks, the Ukrainian military has intensified bombardments on the Donbass region, prompting the leadership of the DPR and LPR to launch an evacuation of children and elderly people to Russia.
So there you got it.
None of this is talked about.
So going back, what to do?
GC's, 3G's.
Guns, gold, and a getaway plan.
If there is a false flag, or a real flag, let's say all of a sudden, BAM!
You know, the New World Trade Center is hit.
They will close down this country.
You think they took draconian measures when the COVID war happened?
You haven't seen anything.
And people will get used to it like that.
Like that.
They'll close down the bank accounts, the Russians hacked the banks, or whatever they want to make up.
Whatever may happen, we're sorry you can't get your money out.
Yep, there he is, a former CIA guy, that's now the spokesperson for the Secretary.
Of defense.
Secretary of State, excuse me.
One of those two.
A former head of the CIA.
Look at that arrogance of that guy.
They will lock down your bank accounts just like they did in Canada.
And when we get back, I'm going to tell you what happened on 9-11.
And how I couldn't get my money.
When I had my guns, gold, and a getaway plan.
And again, the motto of the Trends Journal is think for yourself.
You saw what they did with the COVID war.
They will lock us down, take our lives, money.
They don't care.
When we get back, we'll tell you more.
Support InfoWars.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
Yeah, and just listen to what Alex just said about the winter sun, boy.
And this is the time to do it.
You know, keep building up your immune system.
Get strong.
We're in the fight for our lives.
Again, what Biden says, you know, sanctions are the only alternative to third world war.
That's the only alternative.
There are no other alternatives.
I'm the president.
I'll tell you what the alternatives are.
How about go screw yourself?
How about a peace movement?
And by the way, the Russians are also locking down the people that are taking to the streets for peace.
And this is even reported on RT, Russia Today.
So peace isn't allowed.
It's not allowed here, it's not allowed there.
The only thing, oh, we're supporting you.
Look, it's, yeah.
There was a guy by the name of George Washington.
No foreign entanglements.
And Washington warned the most about becoming involved in European affairs.
This is a fact.
This is a man that actually fought.
So, what's going on in there, I'm sorry it's going on, but it's not my business.
Oh, we're going to fix it, huh?
Yeah, just like you fixed Iraq?
No, like we fixed Afghanistan.
Hey, how about what you did down there in Nicaragua?
No, I like what we did back down there in Chile better.
How about Guatemala, overthrowing NATO?
No, no, no.
Let's go to Panama.
All right?
War's a racket.
As General Smedley Butler said.
Right here.
Most decorated Marine at the time in the history of the country.
War is a racket.
It always has been.
It's possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious.
It is the only one international in scope.
It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.
I spent 33 years and four months in active military service.
And during that period, I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for big business, for Wall Street and the banks.
In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster.
I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil.
I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for National City Bank boys to collect revenues in.
I helped the raping of a half-dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street.
It goes on and on.
Got it?
So, GCs, 3Gs, guns, gold, and a getaway plan.
Number one, I'm doing all I can for a strong peace movement.
I showed you the posters, the rallies I have for peace.
So if you want to support it, OccupyPeace.com, OccupyPeace.com.
We need to unite for peace.
These people are talking about, we've got to support Ukraine.
Oh yeah, Germany, what did they just send in?
How much, how many billions of dollars worth of military equipment?
The United States, one country after another.
Yeah, there it is.
That's Occupy Peace.
So, I want to tell you a story about what happened to 9-11.
USA Today used to run my top trends every year.
They come out in December for the, for January, for the year ahead.
On a December, I forget the exact date, I think the 12th or something.
They ran the headline, 2001 won't be our year, Trent Sears says.
I warned that a wave of anti-Americanism was sweeping the globe and Americans would be safe at home or abroad.
People forget Bill Clinton's murderous acts.
Madeleine Albright, then the UN Secretary under Clinton, on Lesley Stahl and Lesley Stahl asking All bright or not all that bright is the death of 500,000 Iraqi children under the age of five because of Bill Clinton's actions.
Worth it.
And she said, yes, they are.
All right.
And I could keep going on about the Yugoslav war, the Kosovo war, on and on.
So 9-11 happened.
I'm watching TV, CNBC.
And this guy forgot his name.
He's an arrogant guy.
And I used to be on CNBC a lot.
He said, well, we just got a report that a plane hit the World Trade Center.
And I'll never forget it was a bright, sunny September day.
And I used to do a lot of hot air ballooning and flying in private plane.
So I knew, I said, nothing hit this thing by mistake.
And he's saying, don't get excited about it.
It's really nothing.
And they flash over to the World Trade Center.
And a woman's talking and all of a sudden, boom, that explosion.
The first thing I did, I had a wonderful, wonderful girlfriend at the time, Marie-Pierre.
His brother, Francois, was the left shoulder of Jacques Chirac and Mitterrand.
And my close combat teacher, John Perkins, used to go to Palais Lusée and work out with these guys.
So the first thing I called, Marie-Pierre was living up in Tivoli, near Rhinebeck, where I live.
I said, Marie Pierre, go to the bank and get your money out.
They said the planes were coming down the Hudson River, and I know this area inside out.
When I was a little kid, I used to go water skiing where they were building Indian Point in the Hudson River.
And Indian Point is about 40 miles north of New York City.
And I'm thinking, if these planes go down the Hudson and they hit that nuclear power plant, this will be chaos like you've never seen.
So I said to Marie Pierre, they just knocked down the World Trade Center, go to the bank, get your money out.
Oh, Gerald, you're kidding.
I said, get your money out of the bank.
I had CDs, certificates of deposit.
Back then, you used to get money on interest rates.
I called them up.
I said, I want my money out of CDs and brought over to the Rhinebeck Bank.
Remember, GC's, three G's, guns, gold and a getaway plan.
Again, if they hit nuclear power plant on the Hudson River, it would be chaos like we've never seen.
Sorry, Mr. Sellenti, certificates of deposit have traded on Wall Street.
Wall Street's closed.
Can't get your money.
Got it?
Got it?
See what they did in Canada?
Got it?
If something happens again, they will close down the banks.
You won't get your money, I believe.
And again, think for yourself.
The next thing I did, I got my gold.
I got my guns.
And in those days, you had maps.
I got all the maps out and had back roads to Canada.
I'm about four and a half hours from Canada.
And I knew they closed down the throughways and major arteries.
So I was going to take back roads, because if I figure if they hit this nuclear power plant, I'm getting out of here.
And I'm going across the border.
And from Canada, I could get out anywhere, because they may lock down the border.
I bought five gallons, these five gallon jerry jugs.
Filled them up with gasoline, put it in my car.
Guns, gold, and a getaway plan.
It didn't hit the nuclear power plant.
Things calmed down.
But I was prepared for the worst.
If the worst happened, I was prepared.
The worst didn't happen.
I didn't lose anything.
But if I wasn't prepared, I would have lost everything.
Possibly, including my life, if they hit that nuclear power plant.
So all I'm suggesting to everyone is prepare for the worst.
Guns, gold, and a getaway plan.
GCs, 3Gs.
Gold right now is up 21 bucks, hanging around $1,908 an ounce.
You think about what happened in World War II as a kid.
I hear all the stories.
How'd you get over the border?
I gave him a gold coin.
Money talks.
BS walks.
Oh, and you won't be able to do it digitally either, just to make it clear.
Anyway, although I'm still a supporter of cryptos for a variety of reasons.
And again, we write about it.
So, prepare the best you can.
You have these great products at InfoWars.
That'll help you.
This is a time for preparedness.
Prepare for the worst.
It's at our doorstep.
And if you want to know history before it happens, again, you look at that cover of the Trends Journal.
This is before the invasion.
And unfortunately, I see the worst ahead if we don't unite for peace.
Unite for peace or die for war.
It's going to be our choice.
Sanctions And military build-ups on either side are only going to inflame more war and more hatred.
And again, I'm an American.
I believe in Eisenhower and I believe in George Washington.
No foreign entanglements.
Very sorry what's going on over there in Ukraine.
But hey, you can't even fix the borders in America.
We've got poverty and our own problems.
Again, support InfoWars.
I'll see you next week.
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I got to interrupt you.
I have plenty of time next hour, but it's funny you raise this.
Last time you just brought up off-air how much you liked one of the products and the iodine.
And then I said, well, you ought to say that on air.
So we came back, you said it.
They made a huge, like it was a scandal.
You promoted the iodine product.
They tried to say that I'm somehow selling quackery.
Iodine is indisputably extremely value in terms of boosting natural immunity.
There's no dispute about that.
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That's all I was saying.
They make it sound like this is some kind of hucksterism or that I'm somehow compensated to push these products.
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