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Air Date: Feb. 27, 2022
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In this InfoWars transmission, Alex Jones discusses escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine, potential for a nuclear war, and the ongoing conflict's impact on global politics. He highlights evidence of advanced weapons systems and propaganda from both Russian and NATO sources. Jones promotes his products to improve focus and privacy while urging listeners to demand peaceful resolutions to geopolitical conflicts. The speaker discusses Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Biden's statement about a potential shooting war resulting from cyberattacks, and George Soros' involvement in Ukrainian politics. He expresses frustration with the direction of America, criticizing its stance on free speech and Western interference in Ukrainian affairs. Jones shares clips of Putin and Biden discussing the conflict while promoting various products available at his store. The speaker discusses the origins of COVID-19, criticizes politicians like Bill Gates and Barack Obama, and promotes brain boosting products for improved cognitive function. He emphasizes the importance of unity among all races, colors, and creeds to stand against evil control freaks. The speaker highlights ongoing battles between Russia and Ukraine, globalist plans, and the impact of Western values on other countries. He urges balance in life during turbulent times and promotes his products for privacy and well-being. The speaker discusses the World Economic Forum's announcement of a global social credit score through a vaccine app, Russian President Putin's threat of nuclear forces on high alert, and the expansion of the "shield process" to track healthy citizens. He encourages people to stay informed, maintain balance, and fight against tyrannical governments.

If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com Studios, it's Alex Jones.
Well, if you're a TV viewer, you can see a satellite HD shot of our little spaceship we call Earth here.
We've got amazing power that by 1943, the US government had produced the first atomic bombs.
They've been on the drawing board since the 1890s by Max Planck and others, but they were then a reality and you know the rest is history.
And of course, those weapons are quite weak compared to some of the other even more deadly weapons that have been developed by the United States.
And some evidence shows that Russia and China may also have them.
One class of them is the antimatter bomb.
Of course, there's space-based DU, Shabo meteor guns, and other very serious issues.
There are neutron bombs that destroy life but not infrastructure.
And then of course, there are X-ray laser arrays. Let's just say this, there is a lot of stuff in space and a lot of stuff on the ground and in the ocean that launches from the surface and goes up into space.
So when you're looking at a hydrogen bomb or an atomic bomb before that, you're kind of looking at the blunderbust compared to the Howitzer.
And then it just goes up in magnitudes from there.
But what you're seeing is a massive conventional World War II style invasion of Ukraine.
And I'm not lionizing the Russians or Putin, but if they wanted to clear out those areas, they would just drop heavy munitions on them and cluster bombs.
Because they don't want a high civilian casualty. They are facing massive casualties with their infantry going in to the areas because they have been ordered to attack people that have guns after they've got them in their sights or they're being fired upon.
And so that is why there is a large Russian death toll.
From what I've been seeing, I would imagine there's 20,000 dead Russian troops, not 5,000 like the Ukrainians are saying.
And I would imagine there are also tens of thousands of dead Ukrainians, but you're not going to ever be hearing about that.
The level of propaganda coming out from all different angles, both the Russians and NATO and all of it is just staggering levels of BS.
But I got to say, as usual, the West has clearly topped Russia in all of it, including hypocrisy with all the massive censorship going on over here.
And then you've got them demonizing Russia for their censorship, which I do not support either.
Let's be very clear. I think Putin's bit off more than he can chew. I said that before the invasion began.
And I said that the globalists are going to try to stage cyber attacks against themselves, and that once they've done that, they could really ratchet up things with the Russians that could lead to a regional tactical nuclear war
and then probably a full-scale nuclear war because of just the satanic evil running our world.
I mean, we're really close to that. And here it is, Biden. If U.S. has real shooting war, it could be the result of cyber attacks.
I've been telling you now for the last two years that the next move to bring down civilization by the globalists, because they want to depopulate everybody.
They don't care if you're Chinese, Russian, Mexican, they don't care.
American, you live in an African country. They want your ass dead.
And they've got their big bunker complexes, everything set up.
And they keep saying, when there's a cyber attack, by whoever, they're going to launch nukes on them.
I famously have Hillary saying that if you even launch a cyber attack, we'll nuke you.
Well, how do you even know they launch a cyber attack?
And now Putin has taken his nuclear forces to their highest level before launch.
So they're fueled, they're ready, they're on, they're hot, the keys are in, the codes are punched,
and the nuclear forces only have to get the order and press the button.
So thank you, NATO. Thank you, New World Order. Thank you, Jordan Soros. We'll be right back. Stay with us.
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There's our headline of your TV viewer, the radio simulcasters. Let me read it to you.
On the info wars, Sunday, February 27th, Worldwide Live Edition.
Sunday Live, Putin warns the world is on the brink of nuclear war as NATO ramps up arms, shipments, and sanctions against Russia.
Think about that, ladies and gentlemen, and we have the video of him saying it.
Unlike corporate establishment, globalist media, and their empire of lies, when I tell you something or I make a claim,
I show you the clip. Or sometimes I've already shown it 10 times in the last week, I'll say,
remember that clip and I'll show you an article, but you don't get that from the corporate media because they're such deceivers.
And how do I know other liars? Well, I've caught them in lies myself tens of thousands of times, so have you.
But I've also experienced the lies of the corporate media. CNN for weeks has been advertising every break,
breathlessly, and Alex Jones special tonight, 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central, that I was going to watch live and comment on here,
but my family's more important, and World War III is more important, and the crisis going on is more important,
and it's obscene for CNN to air something like that during a time like this.
And it's not because I'm scared of it, it'll make us get more viewers and have a small audience, but still, we'll take them.
And I already know it's regurgitated lies, they sent me questions and wanted me to respond to it, of course I didn't because it's all BS,
but I saw the questions, it was a bunch of made up malarkey, just ridiculous stuff.
It's the same regurgitated stuff out of the New York Times and John Ronson and NPR that I walk around the office,
somebody had a goldfish, nobody ever had a goldfish here, and I reach in and kill or eat their goldfish.
That's from Wolfville Wall Street, folks. They don't even hire people that could actually make something up original.
So I'm not worried about whatever is going to happen. I'm going to be hoping there's a peace deal between Ukraine and Russia that's going on right now
in the middle of the night, their time or early morning, so that I can stop worrying about my children's future and your children's future.
But that said, we've experienced incredible lies and it's very, very sad, but that's the way these people work.
I think the only way to do this properly is just read headlines and then actually go into these video clips themselves.
Putin and Western countries aren't only taking unfriendly economic actions against our country,
but leaders of major NATO countries are making aggressive statements about our country.
So I order to move Russia's deterrents, nuclear forces to a special regime of duty.
Now, that's their next to last death con.
And if they go up one other level, that's to launch, and it just depends on what is it tactical, is it regional, is it continental, is it global.
The submarines Russia has off our coast, the bombers in the air, the hypersonic cruise missiles.
This is the nuclear brink of a ship we've been led to, and here is Putin in Russian, but there's subtitles saying what I just said.
Dear colleagues, as you can see, Western countries are not only taking unfriendly actions against our country.
In the economic sphere, I mean the legal sanctions that everyone knows well,
but the higher-ranked persons of leading NATO countries are making aggressive statements about our country.
That's why I order the Minister of Defense and the head of the General Staff to move the Russian Army's deterrent to a special regime of duty.
And then he says to the generals in the full clip, are you going to follow that order and they say, yes, sir.
So that's Putin with the gun aimed at us, because the globalists have guns, our guns we've paid for, pointed at them,
and nuclear weapons rolled up to their borders as well.
He says, fine, we're taking the safety off.
They've taken the nuclear safeties off.
The keys are in, the codes are in, they're in launch mode.
They're not having to put the keys in.
One more death gone up, it's nuclear war.
So that's where we are.
And I'm sure our woke military is really going to scare them.
I'm sure, you know, all the female generals and male generals have never even seen combat or actually read a military textbook,
but pretend that they're these big heroes.
I'm sure that sends major shivers of fear down the spines of the Russians,
because let me tell you what Putin just showed the world, and I don't agree with what he did.
I think he bit off more than he could chew.
But see, when you've got a bunch of nuclear weapons and thousands of delivery systems, you combine off more than you can chew.
That's a little secret.
But see, the New World Order bit off more than it can chew.
It started the fight, it rolled the weapons in, it pushed Russia into a corner,
and so now we see people starting to act desperate, because Russia has in its ethos invasions by the Huns for hundreds and hundreds of years,
invasions by the Muslims for over a thousand years, and then Napoleon and Hitler,
and 20 million Russians died in World War II.
Look it up, 22 million Germans died.
The Russians killed about 18 million of those.
So imagine, it's not just like, okay, we lose 600, 700,000 people in World War II,
or 67,000 in Vietnam, and everybody felt it and knows it.
That was a real war, but Russia lost 20 million people in World War II,
and so it is in the consciousness, and that's what Putin said.
He said, people always try to bully us, they always come up on our borders with weapons,
and for the first time ever, Russia is not going to wait till you attack,
and if you want to have a nuclear war, let's go ahead and have it.
He actually says that in a 27-minute address.
He also says you want to sexualize our children, you're a bunch of pedophiles, Hollywood's a bunch of devil worshipers,
you want to destroy men and women and the family, and we're done, you want a nuclear war, let's just have one.
I mean, it's unbelievable.
I don't know what we're supposed to say at this point,
but the Russians know that Hollywood on the left is not America, it is a disease, it is a cancer,
but nevertheless, that cancer hijacked and stole the election,
and that cancer has the nuclear weapons and all the space spacecraft, and the Russians aren't stupid.
They know they'll only get off a fraction of their nukes in a war,
it'll be enough to totally destroy North America.
And that's why all the billionaires, all the big insiders have already high-tailed it out of the United States,
they're all gone right now, almost all of them.
They're in New Zealand, they're in Australia, they're up near the Arctic Circle in different bases in Northern Canada,
private airfields, they're underground right now.
While we all sit out here and talk about what's going on with college basketball,
while we sit around and talk about how our gas prices are too high,
and the Russians are, you know, 6,000 miles away,
6,000 miles is five minutes away when a submarine's off your coast with a hypersonic missile.
So by the time that Putin decided to hit the United States,
I live 20 minutes from my house from my four-year-old daughter and my wife are right now.
I'm so old now, my other kids are moved out.
And by the time I got in my car and drove halfway home, there'd be a big flash in the sky and I'd be dead.
That's where we are right now.
So pray to God that people wake up and say no to this,
because this is a Slavic civil war going on,
and I've studied history, I'm addicted to it,
and the Slavs just like the Japanese, hate the Chinese and vice versa,
and then the Slavs are always killing each other,
and they're always doing this, and it's just gone for over a thousand years,
and it's a Slavic civil war.
Everybody should just stay the hell out of it, ladies and gentlemen.
You know when the Crips and Bloods are shooting each other in L.A.,
do we send the military in?
No, we need to stay out of it.
They want to all kill each other, knock yourselves out,
but make no mistake, it was George Soros and others,
I'll play the clips, we come back, that let this damn fuse,
and I hold Soros and the New World Order responsible,
besides the ones that released the virus.
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The globalists are bombarding us with propaganda and with spiritual warfare
and with poisons and chemicals added to the food, it's all come out.
And they're doing that not because we're weak,
but because we're made the image of God, the Creator, and we are powerful.
And the social engineers fear that so much.
So that's why I repeat that famous internet saying that nobody knows who first came up with the boy, is it true?
The propaganda would not be necessary if the situation was hopeless.
They need all their propaganda and all their lies and all their evil and all their cultural death
because they know we are strong.
And they know in the end they signed on the God of this world who is a loser.
And that's why it's so important that everybody keep info wars in the air now more than ever.
Because even if you don't believe in God,
what the globalists are manifesting and setting up is Satanic.
And we are opposing the one world government and the mark of the beast they just announced.
We drive the ambulances. We direct your call.
We are cooks and we are taxi drivers and we know everything about you.
We process your insurance claims and credit card charges.
We control every part of your life.
We are the middle children of history,
raised by television to believe that someday we'll be millionaires and movie stars.
But we won't.
And we're just learning this fact.
So don't fuck with us.
Support independent media at infowarstore.com.
Mike in California, thanks for calling.
I think we're barking up the wrong tree calling this gain of function research.
Now if you read the actual 2014 legislation,
the US government gain of function deliberative process and research funding
pause on selected gain of function research involving influenza, MERS and ZARS viruses.
There's nothing about ZARS-like viruses.
And it's a research funding pause. It's not a stop. It's not a prohibition.
It's when you come to a four-way intersection, there's the stops sign.
You stop. You look both ways and then you proceed.
And so it's also, it doesn't pause all gain of function, just selected gain of function.
But they'll argue that this is actually characterization and qualification research.
So, you know, Rand and others, you know, maybe Fauci was right.
They don't quite know what they're talking about calling it gain of function.
You know, that's why he didn't perjure himself.
That's why he hasn't been arrested.
Because they're literally creating new synthetic life forms that mimic what the viruses do.
But in the main definition, it's still a gain of function.
They're making something deadly that spreads more easily to hurt people.
Thank you, Mike. We love you.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Welcome back to this live February 27th, Sunday edition of the Alex Jones show.
Owen Schreuer is coming up at 6 to 8 p.m. with Sunday live right after me taking your calls.
Special guest is so much more.
Leo Zagami, who is a real expert on Russia and what's happening and a critic of Putin,
is going to be joining us in the last 30 minutes of this hour as we try to show all the different angles of what's going on here.
And I want to be very clear, because the left is trying to misrepresent things.
I do not support an invasion of Ukraine. I am not happy about this.
I have tried to show the Ukrainian concerns, those that are anti-Russian,
the Ukrainian concerns of those that are pro-Russian,
and the whole Slavic background in history, because it's all fascinating stuff.
I mean, Putin tried to give people a history lesson on that,
and a lot of folks said, just don't listen what he has to say.
That's the stuff of nuclear war and death, to not listen to people.
Even if they're your enemy, you should want to know who your adversary is, or your friend,
or someone that you could fix things with.
Knowledge is power. Knowledge is good in the hands of good people.
Anybody that doesn't want you to listen to something, or see something, or read something has got a problem.
Now, that's one of my criticisms of Putin in Russia.
I think they've got an authoritarian background going back to the Tsars, to the Soviets,
and they should more democratize that, but that's their issue.
The point is, we're going the way of Russia here with free speech.
In fact, in some ways, we've gotten much worse than Russia, so again, it's hypocritical.
When I criticize Putin, it doesn't mean that, oh, we're the good guys,
because we become just as bad of what we've allowed to rule over us.
So here's Biden's thing, if the U.S. has a real shooting war, it can be the result of a cyberattack.
Isn't that perfect? That's in Reuters. We have the video.
Isn't that perfect way to escalate a war and not have proof of where the attack came from?
And I'm not saying Russia might not do that, but with all the globalists and all of the Klaus Schwab's
and Bill Gates is saying the next thing is cyberattack and power outages to heal the earth
and to have the next level of the Great Reset, and they're the ones that cooked up the virus.
They're the ones that released it. They're the ones that use it for their power grab.
And now they're telling me Putin's about to do it.
I mean, if Putin was running around all day saying what's about to happen,
and if Putin stood to gain from it, I might actually look at Putin as the culprit.
But no, I'm not looking at Putin, who's like a mile away in the woods like a turtle,
and then you've got the fox in the henhouse telling me somebody's about to eat the hens
and telling me it's Putin the turtle, when Bill Gates and George Soros is literally the fox
with feathers hanging out of his mouth, he's already eaten a bunch of the hens.
I mean, it's ridiculous, ladies and gentlemen, but let me digress as I've got so much to hit.
I'm just overwhelmed here.
Let me show you why the Russians are angry and why the Russians are upset,
and then we'll get to Putin's nuclear war threat, which is wild and just everything that's unfolding.
I want to know what's really going on here.
Let's listen to George Soros seven and a half years ago after the overthrow of Ukraine.
He brags that he got five billion estate department money to overthrow the elected government,
where they did firebomb and shoot up the buildings and bomb the buildings and kill thousands of troops and all of it.
In fact, a lot of the footage you see of, quote, Russians being firebombed and killed now and APCs on fire,
that's actually from the government of Ukraine being overthrown by a NATO-backed color revolution eight years ago.
Here's Soros.
One of the things that many people recognized about you was that you, during the revolutions of 1989,
funded a lot of dissident activities, civil society groups in Eastern Europe and Poland, the Czech Republic.
Are you doing similar things in Ukraine?
Well, I set up a foundation in Ukraine before Ukraine became independent of Russia.
And the foundation has been functioning ever since and played an important part in events now.
Do you think Ukraine will be able to assert a kind of independence from Russia and an alignment with the West?
Not a specific alignment as a NATO, but a kind of orientation toward the West, or will the Russians always stop them?
Putin will try to destabilize Ukraine, but the large majority of Ukrainians are determined to be independent of Russia.
It won't be easy because Putin has staked his regime on destabilizing Ukraine because it's a threat to his regime in Russia.
If you have freedom, free media and so on, and a flourishing economy, that would make his regime unsustainable.
Okay, and then a few years later, when he was outgoing out of the Biden administration, he went on C-SPAN at the Council on Foreign Relations,
that's British intelligence arm that took over part of our country, with Richard N. Haas and Biden, as the vice president says,
that he basically puppet controls the new regime there after they overthrew the elected government.
Here he is bragging of the world that they own Ukraine.
A concrete example, I was, not I, but it just happened to be that was the estimate I got. I got all the good ones.
So I got Ukraine, and I remember going over convincing our team, or others to convincing us that we should be providing for loan guarantees.
And I went over, I guess, the 12th, 13th time to Kiev, and I was supposed to announce that there was another billion dollar loan guarantee.
And I had gotten a commitment from Poroshenko and from Yatsenyuk that they would take action against a state prosecutor, and they didn't.
So they said they were walking out to the press conference, and I said, we're not going to give you the billion dollars.
They said, you have no authority. You're not the president. The president said, I said, call him.
I said, I'm telling you, you're not getting the billion dollars. I said, you're not getting the billion. I'm going to be leaving here.
And I think it was, what, six hours? I looked, I said, I'm leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor's not fired, you're not getting the money.
Oh, son of a bitch. Got fired. If the prosecutor's not fired.
So they make all these thug claims, act all tough, ship in $10 million of weapons, $5 million last year, attack all these Russian held areas, and the Russians are just like, OK, I guess we'll attack back.
Because they created a proxy government, had a guy that was a TV star, that was the president as the TV star host, and then they install him and do all this.
And Russia went crazy. Doesn't mean I agree with it. Doesn't mean I like it, but that's the left always doing whatever they want.
And now here's Biden just a couple of days ago, not knowing who he is. So then these foreign adversaries see this and this scares them even more that there's such incompetent leaders.
And they say, well, screw it. We got to show strength in the face of this. And Putin has said that. Here it is.
George Jackson, congratulations. And the podium is yours. Let me pull this out for you. Where is it? There you go.
You got it. OK. Say, the president can't do much. Thank you.
Thank you.
Doesn't know what planet he's on. We come back. I'm going to try to run through a ton of headlines and videos. But there's something else. I've got a bunch of clips that Democrats like Adam Schiff saying, we got to fight Russian Ukraine instead of over here.
Send them heavy weapons, crush and kill Russians. And the Russians are watching this while it happens. And they see our major leaders saying crush them, destroy them. What the hell do you think is going to happen here?
This is insane. And again, it's not like Russia is communist anymore. We are now.
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Freedom that so many people fought and died and bled and sweat for. And now we're just throwing it all away.
And I see the general public in a medically induced, scientifically induced, behavioral psychologically controlled trance.
And I know we're being fed into this global speaker under and it's so incredibly sad. But this is the process of birth and then growth and then falling apart and then degenerating and collapsing and then coming back to life again.
It's just the globalist are actively trying to steer and control this process of decimence and collapse to actually end the species as we know it.
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Gentlemen we are live broadcasting worldwide on this Sunday February 27th 2022 broadcast and we have powerful corporate global interest that think they're smart.
Everybody else think they can take the world over and they set up the communist Chinese and gave them one sided trade policies to transfer all our jobs and everything we've got over there.
And then anybody could tell you down the road the communist Chinese are going to double cross the globalist the CFR the people that said oh it's the Chinese century they're invincible they're perfect.
And as soon as the Chinese broke their deal with them six seven years ago they cut their GDP growth from 15% to 10% to 5% to 3% to teach them to behave themselves and of course the communists didn't care they wanted to be in charge themselves.
Like Hitler and Stalin in the early 1940s had a deal to divide Eastern Europe amongst themselves and of course Hitler then double cross Stalin that's what these criminals always do.
Well Putin doesn't have any deals with the West and all he sees is weapons and things being shipped in and prepared to attack them ladies and gentlemen.
And he sees the immorality of the West and he talks about it he talks about the clip on Friday nobody's aired it we're going to air it coming up start of the next hour or I'm walking out of here.
One way or another we'll air the whole damn speech if we have to.
I've tried to explain to people for a long long time how serious things are.
And I understand we've been raised in the country that's been so free and so open that we're domesticated don't get how much how much danger we're in but.
All of that saved up freedom and all that saved up Liberty and all that saved up security that we had in the bank ladies and gentlemen is almost gone now.
And at a certain point there's probably no reason to even talk about this anymore I'm going to go I'm going to go.
I'm not mad I just I'm going to go home be with my family folks you just enjoy yourselves and knock yourselves out I'm serious I'm going I'm out of here.
And it's not that I'm at the crew I'm at anybody I just can't do this anymore I can't pretend anymore I can't go along with it the globalists are going to destroy the whole planet they can't be stopped they're Satanist.
I just prepared too much for the show.
I prepared like eight hours just to have prepared like six seven hours a day I just can't do it anymore.
I'm not even complaining I just there's there's there's no way to go read all this and look at all this and know all this and then just sit around while the whole culture is totally asleep while the ship's sinking and on fire and it just becomes an absurdity.
Maybe God just can allow the planet to be destroyed and maybe that's the best thing.
I mean I'm not going to blame God if there's big nuclear flashes and we're all dead in a couple days or weeks.
I mean let's just get it over with seriously doesn't Hollywood need to be gone.
I mean don't New York you know and I know there's a lot of good people there but it's like the same time just blow us up God let's just get it over with seriously.
But you know the children don't deserve to die so so I.
I shouldn't even sit here and entertain on hypothetical.
I'm going to air a tape and I'm not sure if I'm going to come back when I give the crew ready from you know in case I go because seriously I just I need to be with my family.
I think I'm taking off this next week in the middle all this just all of this obscenity and just all of this insanity.
I'm just not going to be here because I think that's the right thing to actually do is not even talk about it not even to look at it.
It's like the CNN crap.
I don't even care.
They're stalking either liars but it's emblematic of how well the whole world burns down and goes down.
They're like trying to stop somebody who's trying to stop it and lying about them.
I've got all these clips and all this news.
I mean who even you don't even want to know this stuff to you.
Probably don't.
Yeah just play in the pw bureaucracy.
The scum bags that prey on America's children are multiplying.
They're so brazen that they hunt them on social media.
No I need your help now.
Does it look like we're trying to fight you?
You were masturbating to the 13 year old girl.
Got you.
Can you come and get me Danny?
On the video channel.
Help me Danny.
Danny will you come help him?
Sometimes they're even the developers of those platforms.
So when he told you he was 13 what was you thinking?
I didn't know exactly.
I thought maybe it was someone in trouble if they were reaching out.
Someone thought they knew me.
So I was like I'll continue this conversation.
You weren't even like whoa you're 13 don't talk to me?
Yes of course.
Okay because you're not once in this whole conversation expressed or he expressed that he was in any kind of trouble.
So he never told you that he was in any kind of trouble so I wouldn't say that for your defense.
We'll keep going.
He said better watch my language with you and he said why?
Because you're a young man you said.
A Vancouver teacher has been implicated in a child pornography ring.
Police in Australia have announced the arrest of 11 people.
Two are Canadians.
As Teresa LaLonde reports the ring allegedly operated through Facebook.
If we can stop it at that initial point then we can lessen the impact on the child and hopefully
you know lessen the distribution of their images and videos of them being tortured.
Facebook would deactivate the suspect's site but not contact police.
The suspects would simply set up a new account in a different name.
They are their teachers.
They are in top positions in law enforcement.
These two individuals the deputy in Livingston Parish and his teacher wife who was a middle school teacher
got caught by Adobe.
They were photoshopping things.
He turned them into authorities in Louisiana which launched an investigation.
Authorities for the Attorney General's office showed up at the couple's house.
They found this safe full of hard drives, computers, thumb drives, things like that.
All of it was encrypted with a software called Keep My Data Safe.
So essentially they had to come in and decode everything.
When they decoded everything they were alarmed at what they saw.
They saw child porn, they saw child rape.
They also saw what appeared to be this deputy who was ejaculating on sweets that were then being served to his wife's class.
They are in the tax-fueled bureaucracy that runs our lives.
The Defense Department releasing brand new details into an investigation involving child pornography
and dozens of its workers and contractors, some with top level security clearance.
Not only are these very serious accusations but investigators say some of the people involved
were handling the nation's most sensitive secrets.
Take a look at this for instance, the National Security Agency,
the National Reconnaissance Office and the very secretive Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
Others also worked on actual military installations including Edwards Air Force Base in California
and also the California based Naval Air Warfare Center.
So they had access to military secrets in some cases and military hardware.
The Department of Defense computers are being misused to share, to spread, to access child pornography.
The Department of Defense does not have an adequate way of responding to this,
of tracking down and investigating who is an individual is misusing these computers,
who is sharing these pornographic images of children, who is sending them to whom.
This is the hill to die on.
The raid has gone on long enough, they can't have our children.
John Baum reporting.
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it's going to be hard to attain.
And when it comes to information, boy is that true today.
We see the entire global corrupt, anti-human depopulation, great reset combine
trying to collapse our society to build on its ashes, their transhumanist nightmare vision.
Suppressing the voices of good people all around the world
and of doctors and scientists and engineers that are exposing all their lies,
their COVID hysteria, their world's going to end in 2030,
carbon tax, global warming bull, all of it.
And none of it can succeed, none of it can actually be carried out
unless everybody is silenced and gas lit.
And that's why truth comes with hard work and with research and with diligence
and that's why it's hard to share in full wars links and ban video links.
That's why we've got to share them now more than ever.
The globalist social engineers always intended to push their COVID biomedical tyranny
lockdowns until the populations rebelled.
They would then use that as the pretext for permanent martial law
and banning and arresting anybody that speaks out against their lies.
But because of so many scientists and engineers and researchers and others
coming public and whistleblowers, now their whole project is falling apart
because the people are aware that it is a world government corporate takeover
and so it's pulling back the curtain now more than ever.
The problem is some globalist controlled areas are not going to give up on their takeover like Canada
that now declared a civil emergency in martial law in Ontario and other areas of the world
are following suit like Australia.
So pray for these folks big time.
It's a very serious situation and stay tuned into infowars.com
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Head on over to infowarslife.com and say goodbye to fatigue.
That's infowarslife.com
Listen, I want to apologize and I mean it from the bottom of my heart to the listeners and the crew
but I'm not somebody that sits here and acts like I'm not, you know that I'm something I'm not.
I really care, I'm really informed, I'm really involved
and I'm at the end of my rope with all the stuff going on in the world
and I know the globalists nine times out of ten are the ones lighting the fuse
that are endangering all of our lives and our children's lives
and it's like the Donald Barkley show.
I wasn't crazy because I didn't know enough, I knew too much.
I'm going to stop now, you have my word,
I've gotten good about not blowing up on air better than I was
and I'm going to start over and I'm going to plow through the news
but you have to understand something ladies and gentlemen, there's also a great frustration
just this stack right here is so horrible
and I refuse to rationalize what's going on and like not making a big deal in my brain
and go into Stockholm syndrome.
If there's one thing Alex Jones doesn't have, it's the Stockholm gene
where when I'm being abused I can make excuses for it and I can decide I don't like it
and you can just go along with it.
I can decide I don't like being awake.
I don't have the Stockholm gene
and instead when people are enslaving me and my family and enslaving you
I get extremely upset about it
and just this stack alone right here is unbelievable.
Do you know what happens?
They had three more universities with CRISPR gene editors scan the damn COVID-19
and it is 100% made in a lab
and it's 100% made by Moderna
and it's 100% made in 2016.
I had family and friends die.
They murdered people I know
and debilitated other people I care about.
And now they start a war with Russia.
I'm so sick of Bill Gates.
I'm so sick of Barack Obama.
I'm so sick of Hillary Clinton.
I can't even look at him anymore.
If Vladimir Putin had his fingerprints on a bio weapon
I'd say go to war with the Russians.
I've never been to Russia.
I don't have a dog in that fight
but I don't ever catch the Russians messing with me.
All I get is the criminals raping me and my family
and raping you telling me I'm a Russian.
And you know why they call me a Russian?
Because the Russians aren't bowing down to their crap either.
That's why they call us a Russian.
They call anybody that doesn't get down on their knees
and bow down to Hollywood
and let them screw our kids and eff us over the Russians.
See Russia is the new American
because they captured America.
You can't have a free open country
because everybody else might want that.
See what's happened is
people used to love these rants
but they're not good for me when I do them.
And I stopped doing the rants over the years.
You notice that I get pissed and got to walk off the show
because I don't want to start doing this.
I mean I'm not going to stand here
and watch George Soros and Barack Obama
blow the damn planet off
because they got some kind of satanic fetish with it.
See I told you I was going to focus the cover of the news.
I'm going to behead myself.
I'm going to take deep breaths
and we're going to go through all of it in the next hour.
And if I have to I'll push the grato and shroyer back
30 minutes so I can cover all this
because I got ready to cover all this
and I got prepared probably a little too much
any time I prepare 15 hours for a show.
It's the weekend but I don't ever stop working.
I apologize.
I have to learn I've got to just prepare for a couple of hours.
That's enough.
Instead of literally reading
three times more than what you see on my desk here I read.
At least three times.
Thousands of pages and thousands of videos
and hundreds of videos.
Oh my God.
But you don't need me to tell you how screwed your big screw.
Oh by the way I've got another video clip
we'll never have time to get to, my fault.
That people are like why don't you just play the clip.
You know what maybe I should just start the next hour
and just play clips and not talk
and just let it be self-explanatory to you.
Did you see Joe Biden?
He said oh the economy's great.
He fixed it
and you're mentally ill
because you don't like the inflation.
He actually said that
in that little chicken head,
chicken neck,
babbling BS.
It's like blood in the water to China and Russia.
We're cursed.
This is what God has put over us.
He's a corpse.
He's a reanimated piece of beef jerky.
Let me do this in a few minutes that are left here.
Just tell you what I got in the stack.
You know I called it
a month ago when
the CEO of Pfizer said
oh we actually make
whole viruses artificial in the lab.
We did make COVID-19.
People went what do you mean you made COVID-19?
He goes oh you know
off the other virus just to cover their ass.
Now the head of Moderna
went on Fox News
and admitted
the videos on infowords.com
that okay it's man made big deal
because they're caught red
handed with all the top universities.
They look at it and they go
you know a 57 Chevy when you see one.
Or you know a Dallas Cowboy
helmet when you see one.
Or you know what a Christmas tree is
or what Santa Claus looks like
or what George Washington looks like
or what Jesus looks like.
You know what the Hindenburg looked like.
And they look at it and they go
good God this is the most ridiculous
man made virus we've ever seen.
It's got all the codes
how it was cut together. It's synthetic.
None of it's real.
It's not even pieces of viruses.
The whole damn thing is synthetic.
And then they got
this little chicken neck weasel
up there like it's funny that they made it
and they killed all these people.
And then they shut the economy down.
And then they
murdered all those people
and ran around and pissed on us
and then they made hundreds of billions of dollars.
And now they're up there giggling
and snickering look look he's got like
a 50 million
dollar painting hanging on the wall behind him.
I got a stack of that.
I got stuff even worse than that.
How do you
like what world do we wake up?
Oh well he's not a soldier
so he's allowed to kill us with shots.
He's not a soldier.
He's allowed to create this
caught red-handed with the COVID
spike protein
program delivery system
2016 and we had the documents
two years ago that it was made in a lab
and the emails how they tried to release it
and set the Pentagon up and everything else.
But just this story alone
you can make 20 movies about
you can talk about it for a thousand years.
This is the crime of the century.
And that's just one giant
bombshell massive revelation.
Modernist CEO struggles
to answer why COVID-19 contains
patented gene sequence.
It's one out of
three trillion that you could find
And that's just in the wild much less a company
that makes those things
that was at the center of it
partially by Bill Gates having it
three four years before the virus
is released.
It's one thing to say one out of three trillion
this could occur naturally in nature
but then the very company that rolls
it out to try to make you take
it is the one years before that has
it. That's impossible.
And so because I tell the truth
the deep state goes around
and pays Judas Iscariots
off to lie about me
in HBO, CNN,
Netflix, you name it
specials and it doesn't hurt me
when they're lying about me. It hurts me
that people I never did
anything to
are literally whole cloth lying
about me
for 20 pieces of silver
when their own future
is hanging in the balance
they don't even have life force.
They don't have
and I mean look at this little CEO
look at this guy. He dumped
all his stock before they plunged it
in a criminal pump and dump. Don't hold your breath
for the Justice Department doing anything about him
because he's like Nancy Pelosi and all the members
of Congress.
He's above the law.
He's allowed to do whatever
he wants
and it just gets more insane.
This is all COVID
nightmare information
all of it confirmed, all of it horrible
but we're so tough
they use that against us.
Now that it's come out they did it
now that they've moved on to a new subject
though they're going to bring a lockdowns back later
we're all just supposed to forget about it
and rush ourselves off and all the people we
buried and just move forward
no we're not going to move forward
and if it's my dying breath
we're going to make sure you guys are prosecuted
by Senator Bill Gates
Peter Dazik
that little monster
garden known fouchy
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If you are receiving this transmission
you are the resistance
I got really upset earlier
and I'm not going to apologize anymore for it
I told you I apologize
I'm going to be calm now
and I blew up
that's what I wanted to do
and it's an acting out
But quite frankly, God made us this way to get upset when things are going on like this
so that everybody just doesn't take what's not as normal, because none of this is normal.
And put up with it is really not normal.
Am I the only one that sees how crazy this is?
No, obviously you care too, and I love you, of every race, color, and creed, whether you're
an American or Ukrainian or a Russian or a German or a Brazilian or a Mexican or a Nigerian
or a South African or a Libyan or an Egyptian or an Israeli or an Iraqi or an Iranian or
an somebody in India.
It doesn't matter.
We all just want to live our lives and be good people, and we're sick of evil control
freaks attacking the basic human programming of what it is to be our species.
We've been fighting over resources since the beginning.
That's part of life.
That's competitiveness, and it's a good thing to a certain level.
But we have unlimited resources now with our technologies, and the globalists are cutting
off all the major pipelines, not just the Russians.
You know, if we had greedy right-wing over-competitive capitalists that had America being the giant
big exporter, and we were opening new pipelines and stuff, and then we cut off Russia's, I'd
be against it, but I wouldn't be enraged, because then I think, well, there's an excuse
because they want to make more money off theirs.
No, it's just done to screw everybody, like all these idiots that hate Israel for no
I'm not saying Israel's perfect.
I'm saying people obsess that Israel runs everything.
Joe Biden a month ago killed Israel's pipeline.
They'd been building it for 10 years out of the Mediterranean, the Middle East, of
gas to Europe, and they killed the Russian pipeline last week, and they killed the pipeline
we have eight months ago.
You see a pattern here?
Does it matter if you're a Midwestern or a Texan?
It doesn't matter if you're an Israeli, does it matter if you're a Russian or a German
or a Pole?
It doesn't matter if you are anybody.
They're cutting your power off.
Got that?
Yeah, there goes your whole theory that Israel runs everything.
You mean criminal interest that control Israel or everything?
Oh yeah, of course, same ones that run us, same ones that run whatever.
That's why I get so mad about the Russians are evil, or the Ukrainians are evil, or
the black people are evil, or that this is evil, or that's evil.
There's good Jews, there's bad Jews, there's good Christians, there's bad Christians, there's
good Muslims, there's bad Muslims, there's good Buddhists, there's bad Buddhists, there's
good Hindus, there's bad Hindus.
But the point is, is that there is an evil global force manipulating us off against each
other, and we know what it is.
It's the godless globalists that think they're God, and want to be God over us, and are attacking
the family, and men, and women, and children, and our energy, and our future.
You attack our families, and you attack our energy sources, you are the enemy, period.
And everything the New World Order does is to attack that at every level.
So let me give you an equation.
If somebody's trying to jack your power, and trying to cut your power off, and they're
not starving to death, if somebody's starving they try to steal your stuff, you understand
why they did it.
They're not evil, they're starving.
But when you're the big giant, Rockefeller, Rothschild, New World Order, Bill Gates, and
you're doing everything you can to keep Africa with IMF and World Bank money locked down.
They tell them, you don't get your money, your IMF World Bank money.
If you don't just take people, stay in their houses, they're like, well, they're starving
to death.
Well, you're not getting the money.
So like five African presidents said no, they were all killed instantly.
You don't want to take your money and watch millions starve to death?
No, I don't.
Well, you're dead.
People are like, well, wait, we're getting flooded with African migrants, Jones, we got
to go ahead and kill them.
They shut down their economy to make them come up here.
I don't want to kill them just because I don't want them brought here to outvote me and be
controlled by the globalists.
It doesn't mean I'm going to freaking kill them.
And these guys think they're going to get away with this forever.
They're not getting away with it.
And no bunkers deep enough.
No hell holes long enough for them to escape God.
God will and is going to destroy these men.
You can guarantee that.
All right.
I'm ready.
I'm ready.
Hour two, baby.
Here's a man who can show you.
Triple eight to five three thirty one three nine triple eight to five three thirty one
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Beats out all the rest
Triple A to 5, 3, 3, 3, 1, 3, 9
That's info.com
Big Brother
Mainstream Media
Government Cover-ups
You want to stop tyranny?
Well so does he
Live from the Infowars.com Studios
It's Alex Jones
So ladies and gentlemen
Here we are
On the precipice
On the verge of thermal nuclear war
You know the last few months
So many of our headlines say
Emergency Broadcast
Thermal Nuclear War Threat
Because that's where we were going
But today I looked at the headline
I said, no let's just say Sunday Live
Because I don't need to tell everybody now
We're on the verge of thermal nuclear war
We got NATO talking about Nuke and Russia
We got Russia putting their nuclear forces
On the highest level of readiness
Before you launch
Where the keys are turned
The codes are in
Putting orders of generals on TV
Launch codes to the services
So they can launch the attack if they need to
You don't hand out the codes unless
You're ready to hit the button
And Putin's thinking, well they may try to kill me
They may think they can cut off command and control
I'm putting this in the hands
Of the nuclear forces
Folks that is horrible
It's horrible that we've come to this point
And I don't support this war
And I'm not glad this has happened
But you see the New World Order is getting
It's bluff called right now
It's historic
Putin must wheel his balls around
In a wheelbarrow
And that's basically the point we've gotten to
I'm going to do my best to show
All the news that's happening
From the Ukrainian side, the NATO side
And the Russian side
I've got a bunch of clips, a bunch of articles
And a bunch of things to get to
But let's just start
For TV viewers, if I stop
It'll take too long
So I'm just going to play it so it's on record
So people know he said it
Because I show you what I'm about to say
What I'm about to claim has happened
And then I will paraphrase what Putin said
I'll get some of this because it's...
He says they're using psychological warfare operations
To destroy our family, to erode us from within
So we collapse, they want to destroy our families
And we're aware of this, continue
Oh, he paused
Go back to it again, this is so important
He says, like they've done in the countries they control
I mean, they're bombing us
With fentanyl
And lgbtpqz
They're bombing us with transgender
I mean, that's how you destroy somebody
Now, Russians aren't dumb, they look at this and go
My God, this is the most evil thing we ever saw
And because they don't want to embrace this
They're the bad people
So, properly speaking
The attempts to use it in their own interests
Never ceased until quite recently
They sought to destroy our national values
Start it over
Directly leading to degradation
And degeneration
Degeneration and degradation
Because they are contrary to human nature
And I mean, they realize, like it's a Soviet
New world order, bored, corporate, transhumanist takeover
They're like, we don't want to give up our humanity
And they're like, well, we're going to attack your borders
You know, I said I was going to not talk over it
It started at the beginning, I'm going to shut up
But he goes on to say, this is not going to happen
You're not going to defeat humanity
You're going to fail
I mean, what do you say to that?
Because this is an alien takeover
I don't know if it's green men running it
I don't know what, you know, Satan, whatever
Whatever's going on, whatever's running most of the world
Is anti-human folks
And Russia and China are rejecting it
And that's why war is about to start
Go ahead, Roland
That's good, he goes on to talk about it, he won't make a deal
So, I'm not glad about what Putin did
But I understand the position Russia is in and what they're facing
Now, let's hear from former congresswoman
And army veteran, Tulsi Gabbards, about the fact that
Okay, we're going to say Russia isn't completely free
What about Ukraine?
I mean, the West, eight years ago
George Soros, who played it last hour, admitted
They overthrew the government there
And have installed now a string of puppets
And here's Tulsi Gabbards talking about what really happened
Here's something you are not going to hear
On the mainstream media
What you do here is warmongers arguing
That we must protect Ukraine
Because it is a quote unquote democracy
But they're lying
Ukraine isn't actually a democracy
For example, to hold on to power
Ukraine's president shut down
The three TV stations
That were openly criticizing him and his policies
Imprisoned the head of the opposition political party
That had come in second place in their elections
And went and arrested and jailed that party's leaders
This is exactly what Putin has been accused of doing
But Ukraine did this all with the support
Of the United States
All right, so there you are
And it's not saying Putin's good
It's just that the West is starting this fight
And think about Iraq and all the other wars
And Libya and Syria
And everything these special interests have done in our name
Think about Serbia in the 1990s twice
The West sometimes month-long bombing campaigns
Dropping depleted uranium
On to civilian targets in Serbia
So the Muslims could take over
And I'm not even against all the Muslims
My point is that Serbia's been holding the line
For over a thousand years against the Muslim takeover
Of Europe and Albania
And now they've given a third of Serbia to the Muslims
Russia said please don't do this
Russia said stop
And going back to when that happened
Russia sent in thousands of troops
To Pristina to the airport
To stop the total takeover of Serbia
They were going to give the whole thing to the Muslims
And let them ethnically cleanse every single Christian
Slavic Orthodox Christian person there
And since then it happened anyways
And Serbia is a shadow of its former self
But she asked the average American
Who would take the Serbs?
Oh they're Nazis
Oh they, you know, Madeleine Albright
Secretary of State under Clinton said they were Nazis
Madeleine Albright was saved
And her father and mother saved from the Nazis
By the Serbs in World War II
They fled from Germany there
The Serbs didn't know they'd been working for Hitler
They were double-edged with Hitler
They'd stolen a bunch of Jews' art and stuff they killed
But of course that's Madeleine Albright, George Soros, you know
These are the rulers that feed on the Jews
When they come to them and then rob them
And kill them like thuggy in the night
That's why Madeleine Albright's so powerful
Her father helped round up and sell out Jews
And then ran off with all the stolen money
To Serbia
And then 50-plus years later
Bombed their country with depleted uranium
For them saving her and her father
Because that's what Madeleine Albright does
She grew up with her father
When Jews would come and ask to pay money to the Nazis
To get out of Germany and get out of Eastern Europe
He'd take their money
He'd pick the telephone up and call the SS
Just like George Soros did
They'd come take those Jews with their death
Madeleine Albright with a train full of gold and stolen art
Just come out in the news
Took that into Serbia
Big, fat, bloody, murderous tick
That had just had her way
With the tens of thousands of Jews her father sold out to add off, Hitler
What we're talking about here, we're talking about scum, ladies and gentlemen
And then that scum tells you when you want American values, you're Hitler
No George Soros, no Madeleine Albright
You work for Hitler, you, you!
Let's cover our diseased criminal faces from the light of the sun
It is the symbol of our complete and total absolute surrender to evil
Ladies and gentlemen, we are crossing the Rubicon now
The entire future destiny of humanity is upon us
Klaus Schwab and the UN admit they're coming out with implantable microchips
As part of the World ID and Carbon Taxes
They only get worse from here if we submit, they only get better if we resist and say no
Non-compliance, non-compliance, non-compliance
UN-run contact tracers aren't coming, they're here
All over the world from Australia to the United States from Canada to Germany
These tyrants are tracking everything you do everywhere you go
And then coming to your house and threatening in some cases actually
Taking people away into the night to their facilities
And they're planning in the next year to expand their shield process
Where they come and take, quote, healthy people away and put them in facilities for their safety
This is nothing less than martial law
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I will be here live tomorrow with a Monday show, but I have decided, even this major war is going on,
that I'm going to take all a few days because I've got to really think about what's happening and just somehow disconnect
because here's the problem. Just like I know this is happening to you probably.
I'm thinking about this all the time. I'm dreaming about this. This is all I'm doing.
But I'm becoming very unbalanced and that's the globalist plan.
Sometimes you've got to go to the desert. You've got to clear your brain out. You've got to get close to God.
And sometimes only unplugging from the matrix can get you to that point.
Owen Schreuer is coming up in T-minus 40 minutes with Sunday Live and he is loaded with key information and intel.
Let me just do this. Let's move the whole Russia World War III stack, or stacks, excuse me.
It's like hundreds of articles and videos. Let's move those aside and let's move this stack over here.
This is the World Economic Forum with the Chinese Communist and the UN last week announcing their global social credit score
through the vaccine app by law that tax and traces everything you do and that Bragg will be a great example to shut Russia down.
So you want to be on a dog leash with them watching everything you buy, what you do, programming the blockchain tokens
to where you can only buy goods they say you can.
There's video across Schwab saying all that.
And then this, Belarus's Lukashenko, who they're always calling an idiot and a moron and saying he doesn't know anything.
So I decided to actually go research Lukashenko and I've been doing it for months.
And you want to watch his speeches or like an hour long, it's the Alex Jones show.
And I'm not endorsing everything he does or what he's up to there in white Russia. That's what Belarus means.
Because you know, in the old days you go further east, people are more brown, old white Russia's, you know what they called, towards the west.
And he comes right out and lays out everything that's really going on in the world, insane.
That's a whole speech.
But you know, maybe you don't like Lukashenko. He's a bad guy. Well, I got a good guy for you.
That's right. We've got the head futurist at the World Economic Forum and we have a clip of him saying that God doesn't exist,
but he will be a God with Bill Gates and Microsoft. I'm not kidding.
I'm going to play you, Lukashenko's statement when we come back.
And then I'm going to play you the World Economic Forum official head futurist saying he is a God with Bill Gates over you.
And then it gets worse.
Forbes is announcing that all over red states, they're rolling out the vaccine passports.
And there's no debate and Republican governors are doing nothing.
That's a small stack.
Look at all these right here.
Now, let me get back to the Russian situation. I'm going to hit these clips when we come back next segment. Let me just get back to this.
Look at this right here. Let's just go through these headlines.
Putin's speech. Russia has no other option but to launch Ukraine invasion because West deceived us about NATO expansion.
Putin threatens nuclear forces now on launch level.
That's all just horrible. Putin puts nuclear forces on high alert escalating tensions.
Red alert. Putin puts nuclear combat on ready.
Bank runs underway in Russia as US EU agree to cut off country from Swift system.
You mean the globalist bankers are beta testing what they just did to the Canadian truckers in Ottawa to do to Russia and you and everybody else.
That's what's really going on here.
But don't worry when Russia sees this, the new Joint Chiefs of Staff, if you can call these women, I wouldn't be against some of the women I know being there,
but if they actually had the background and the work and the dedication, but no, these are the women that are going to take on the Russians and win everything.
What a joke.
Dr. Mommy's proud. Turns out Snake Island border guards who told Russia worship to go after yourself may still be alive.
Why even Reuters and AP reporting that it looks like it's a fake story.
Gee, if it's too good to be true, it usually is. But if I would have questioned it earlier, I would have been bad.
But just when you think things can't get even more insane, remember amid Putin's invasion of Ukraine and terror,
tens of thousands dead, Joy Bayard complains it's ruined her trip to Italy.
She's so tone deaf, she doesn't even know what she said or what she did.
But when you think it can't get any worse than that, it gets way, way worse.
With George W. Kochhead Bush, who's now a vegetable, reportedly can't even wipe his ass.
This guy, Mr. Warmonger, Mr. Antigone, Mr. Leftist slams Putin for illegal invasion and boy did Twitter react.
Because you can say whatever you want about Putin. I don't like the war he launched, but I get why he did it.
This guy lied about WMDs and invaded Iraq and just slaughtered tens of thousands of millions of data starvation.
And now he's going to tell you, don't invade a country when Iraq was 6,000 miles from New York City.
And was it involved in 9-11? Saudi Arabia was, his partners.
And then Ukraine is on the Russian border with NATO weapons attacking, and the left is just loving him now.
Oh, W, we love you.
Meanwhile, Biden administration freezes new oil and gas drilling leases despite recent court-ordered injunction.
The courts say, don't turn off Keystone, don't turn off all our things, don't turn off the Gulf of Mexico.
And Biden says, screw you, I cut off the Russian pipeline, I cut off the Israeli pipeline, I cut off the American pipeline,
because I want to hurt little people, because all those Soros and Bill Gates and Warren Buffett-owned pipelines are just making so much money right now.
Total exploitation, anti-free market, anti-prosperity model.
And it just goes on and on and on and on. But don't worry, he's getting ready to have a State of the Union.
We're old socky, old scratch.
He's going to tell you everything's wonderful. You talk about delusional, this is the definition of it.
Meanwhile, the real footage coming out of Ukraine shows Russian and Ukrainian troops guarding Chernobyl together.
This is going to be a mix of things that happen with the troops, but it is a mess.
And they go, oh, Russia's doing a horrible job invading. What do you think a real ground invasion looks like?
It looks like a disaster zone, which it is. So much more coming up ahead of the war room tonight.
I got a bunch of footage I want to get to of what's happening in the Ukraine.
Pray for peace, prepare for war.
The globalists are bombarding us with propaganda and with spiritual warfare and with poisons and chemicals added to the food.
All come out. And they're doing that not because we're weak, but because we're made the image of God, the Creator, and we are powerful.
And the social engineers fear that so much. So that's why I repeat that famous Internet saying that nobody knows who first came up with the boy.
Is it true?
The propaganda would not be necessary if the situation was hopeless.
All their propaganda and all their lies and all their evil and all their cultural death, because they know we are strong.
And they know in the end they signed on to God of this world who is a loser.
And that's why it's so important that everybody keep them full wars in the air now more than ever.
Because even if you don't believe in God, what the globalists are manifesting and setting up is safety.
And we are opposing the one world government and the mark of the beast they just announced.
UN-run contact tracers aren't coming. They're here all over the world from Australia to the United States, from Canada to Germany.
These tyrants are tracking everything you do, everywhere you go, then coming to your house and threatening in some cases actually taking people away into the night to their facilities.
And they're planning in the next year to expand their shield process where they come and take, quote, healthy people away and put them in facilities for their safety.
This is nothing less than martial law. And one big thing you can do to fight back is to get high quality Faraday cages.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance. You're listening to Alex Jones.
All right folks, Leo Zagami is a best-selling author, researcher, Vatican expert, and also an expert on what's been happening in Russia.
Leo Zagami.com, and I thought I would get him on, man, during the breaks I'm reviewing footage, a lot of which I don't want to put on air, of Ukrainians getting killed, Russians getting killed,
of people, men, women and children trying to get on trains to Poland, and they're trying to keep men from getting on, they're putting women and children on,
and so some Africans and some Indians are trying to push to the head of the line, it's being called racist, but I wouldn't review the footage, they're not letting men on as well.
Just all sorts of insane stuff happening, and it's just a nightmare.
And then I look at all of the other things that are unfolding where they're pulling people over and asking where they live and who they are,
and if they're Russian, which half of Ukraine is ethnically Russian, they're just gunning them down the streets.
I've got some of that footage coming up next segment, so this is a real war, it's a big war, and it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.
The President of Ukraine and Putin's people are meeting on the border with Belarus and Ukraine right now, we'll see what happens with that,
but Leo Zagami, I really appreciate you coming on, you've been saying this war was coming, you've been really accurate, what's really going on in your view?
Well, thank you for having me on, and yes, for years I knew that this war was coming to Europe, since I was told back in 2002 by members of Vladimir Putin's administration
that Europe was inevitably going to have a crisis at one point or the other, and that will be the moment in which they will not liberate Europe like they tried to do in the First World War,
ending up with really heavy consequences that after led also to the revolution, but also, of course, we have another important problem here, because you are talking about a country Russia that has certain values
and that after the fall of the Soviet Union doesn't really want to fully be forced into this oppressive embracing of the values we have here in the West,
so the actual situation at the moment is confusing, because we don't really understand the Russian culture.
And in that meeting I had in 2002, it was at the Bolshoi where I was actually doing an event for the victims, children, victims of terrorism,
there were various diplomats, and I could see already back then that India and China's ambassadors were very close to Russia,
and at the same time, like I said, they said if we will be forced to go further with the war to Europe, at that point we will invade Europe and we will stay in Europe,
because even in the Second World War they told me, Leo, we had heavy consequences, we helped liberate Berlin and look at what we got in return.
I mean, so for them, it's like looking at the past and wanting to repeat the same mistakes.
Now, we had some treaties that were signed in the early stages immediately after the fall of the Soviet Union,
and those treaties had a meaning because they were built to maintain an equilibrium.
Unfortunately, Boris Yeltsin, who was the first president of the Russian Federation, was a drunken fool.
He was actually from the mid-90s, he had a really serious alcoholic problem.
He basically turned the other side, Winbill Clinton, and the others suddenly got the Baltic states involved with NATO.
And there was a really heavy crisis, economically speaking, in Russia at that time, especially in 1998, just a year prior to Vladimir Putin coming to power.
I started going into Russia because I was working as an artist, as a record producer, but also in the cultural field.
And I was involved also in a meeting Vladimir Putin, both in Moscow in 2002, briefly,
and in the early stages when he was still a mayor in St. Petersburg, I remember.
And he really changed Russian politics.
You have to understand that in the middle of the 90s, Russia was basically like the Wild Wild West.
People were literally shooting themselves in the street because after the fall of the Soviet Union,
most of the KGB agents ended up becoming the Russian mafia.
One person who didn't follow that kind of path and went instead into politics was of course Vladimir Putin,
who was a cultural attaché for a long time in East Germany,
but in reality he was the head of the whole intelligent system apparatus that also had under him
not only the KGB, but also the Stasi officers.
I've been told that off record by some pretty famous CIA people
that Putin was actually a secret liaison during the Cold War in Germany.
That's why they know him.
Yeah, he officially was a cultural attaché, but in reality he controlled,
not only he had to make sure that everything was in check,
but he had one million soldiers, Russian soldiers in Eastern Germany at that time.
So imagine the responsibility of this man.
So he had a responsibility the whole time long before he came in and was vice president.
Why did he invade? What do you think is about to happen, Leo?
Because obviously he's put the nuclear forces on the next to highest alert,
the next alerts launching the missiles. What's going on?
Well, first of all, there is different levels to the pyramids.
If you go on top of the pyramid, there is definitely a Klaus Schwab
who is very happy about all these sanctions because they're going to cripple the world economy
and we're all going to end up earning basically only nothing and being happy.
At least that's what he says.
So we have to understand that Vladimir Putin was a young member
of the World Economic Forum, a leader just like Angela Merkel,
who used to be also by the way a Stasi agent, just like Schultz, by the way.
So these people have a little bit more behind the scenes
that they are not really admitting, more connections that they are really admitting.
But the truth is that the future is basically about recovering the whole Soviet Union
in time for the centenary.
This year is the centenary of the Soviet Union that went on from 1922 to 1991.
Now, in 1991, when they did a poll in Ukraine about how many,
because they did a poll in the whole Soviet Union,
a poll to see how many people from each republic wanted to maintain
their presence in the Soviet Republic, in the Soviet Union.
Now, that poll didn't really end up having any relevance
because after there was a coup and the Soviet Union came to an end.
But in Ukraine, for example, over 70% of the population wanted to be with the Soviet Union.
So you see, then there was, in 1994, another poll conducted in Ukraine,
in which in Luansk, the people there were rather happy to have an independent Ukraine,
as long as they recognized the Russian language and the Russian culture.
Unfortunately, in 1990, just a year prior to the fall of the Soviet Union,
George Soros had, of course, opened his own foundation in Ukraine.
And from that moment onwards, he has become really in charge of the whole politics there.
And so is there any doubt that NATO shipping weapons in and Soros being involved
is antagonized, Russia to come in?
They have been antagonized for years.
In 2007, already at the Munich Security Council,
there was a Vladimir Putin warning the West that they were basically forcing Russia
into a new Cold War, not respecting these treaties.
I mean, for us here now, in the year 2022, mostly for all those Leptards
who go to Leptard universities, they don't realize that treaties have a very important meaning.
And when you don't respect those treaties over and over again,
and Russia also asked from 2015 onwards...
Leo Zagami, stay right there. We'll come right back to you.
Old, young, black, white, it doesn't matter. You need what's in when you're son and then.
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you really need to because they are amazing.
Thank you all for watching.
We'll see you in the next video.
Get ready at infowarstore.com.
Brother, I'm so glad you called elaborate on this.
Yes, now is the time in your small town or your big city to write something on the bathroom wall
or to put a sticker on your car or banner hangs over highways
and it will be a chain reaction.
What do you recommend people say on these banner hangs?
I have a few ideas.
First of all, health care is really important.
It's not a farm.
A rest house.
A rest house.
A vaccine is poison.
There's tons of things.
I said, just keep it short.
Keep it concise.
I agree. A rest fountain.
A rest bill gates.
The COVID-19 vaccine is poison.
It's ways that we could all be involved if we could all be affected.
So that's what I'm calling about.
God bless you, Chris.
In Atlanta, I really, really appreciate you calling us today.
Thank you so much.
From the words of Chuck Paulinik's Fight Club,
dear globalist leaders of the great reset,
the people you're trying to step on,
we're everyone you depend on.
People who do your laundry and cook your food
and serve your dinner.
We make your bed.
We guard you while you're asleep.
We drive the ambulances.
We direct your call.
We are cooks and we are taxi drivers
and we know everything about you.
We process your insurance claims
and credit card charges.
We control every part of your life.
We are the middle children of history
raised by television to believe
that someday we'll be millionaires
and movie stars.
But we won't.
And we're just learning this fact.
So don't fuck with us.
Support independent media at infowarstore.com.
Leading a frontal assault
on the lies of the New World Order,
it's Alex Jones.
You know, I got to get Leo Zagami on this week
for a full hour on the weekday show.
There is 11 a.m. at 3 p.m. Central.
The Sunday show, obviously, is very important.
A lot of folks are tuning in right now.
We've got triple the audience we normally do.
We can see it.
People are tuned in concerned.
And I've tried to do the best job I can,
but I'm just so frustrated by this.
Because I'm not even taking sides.
I mean, I see the globalist starting a war with Russia
than putting the Ukrainians in the middle of it.
So Leo is an expert on this stuff.
He's explained to you that,
not just as a journalist, but he's somebody
that's been in the actual secret societies over in Italy,
that Klaus Schwab and the globalists on the top
are getting power and control out of this.
But on the ground, we're all going to pay more,
whether we're Russian or Ukrainian or German or American.
It doesn't matter.
And it's a terrible thing.
So what's your intel on how this is actually going for Russia,
going for Ukraine?
Do you think a peace deal will be made?
What's your intel on what's really happening?
And where do you expect this to go?
And what will some of the globalists think now
that Putin's done this?
Because he obviously wants their respect to know
he's drawn a red line.
First of all, I want to straighten up this propaganda
that is coming out of Russia with thousands of people
getting arrested.
I mean, Russia has a population of 144 million people
who back President Vladimir Putin.
If 3,000 people get arrested,
and those 3,000 people, I know for sure,
belong to organizations,
Western organizations financed by the West.
They, of course, get money also by George Soros.
It's not relevant for real Russian of the working class.
Those real Russians who actually,
great-grandfathers participated to the Russian Revolution,
those people are not the people who are marching today in Russia.
Those are basically...
I don't mean to interrupt you, Leo,
but you're usually somewhat critical of Putin.
That's why I wanted to get you on.
But you seem right now to be explaining
the whole Russian perspective.
I want to be objective with what I know about what's happening.
I mean, I have greater respect for the resistance in Ukraine
that is giving their life...
Sir, I'm not asking you to go over there.
I want your real views. Continue, please.
No, but I want to say that the Ukrainians are getting fooled
by a comedian who, for five years,
pretended to be a president on TV,
is a comedian, is an actor who was financed,
by the way, by a corrupt oligarch who is a friend of George Soros.
So the Ukrainian people have been fooled over and over again
by the people who ruled them,
corrupt individuals who have taken all their money
and brought it abroad.
And these people are now fighting, of course, for their country,
mostly because the nature of the Ukrainians,
their peasants, and they want to defend the land at all costs.
But the Russians have reasoning in what they're doing
because of their culture and because of how they've been cornered
by this New World Order to comply with the whole thing.
Now, from today to Tuesday, we have already China
moving with the South Sea...
That was my next point.
Well, we're talking about Russia. What about Taiwan?
Yeah, well, they are working together to shift,
like I said, for years, and like I say, in my new book,
I anticipated what is happening today in my new book.
We are shifting from an American-centric New World Order,
1945, 2022, to a Sino-Russian New World Order
that is probably going to last a long time
because that is what they have been planning behind the scenes.
If you are now doing sanctions,
the only people to pay for these sanctions are us
because Russia is simply going to look on the other side
and work with China.
So, I mean, Chinese...
And that's why Schwab is on record so happy.
It'll push Russia out of our arms into China's.
Of course, we have a Schwab who is also pushing the digital ID,
and we know that now the vaccine passports will be digitalized
in the meantime, even here in the U.S.
So, Russia is being the vanguard for China and the deep state
and Klaus Schwab to distract Europe and the world
while China takes over.
And also, there is an ideology here.
Luansk and the two republics, the People's Republic.
People's Republic is clearly a Marxist-Leninist concept.
So, it's obvious here that this centenary Putin
wants to return to the Soviet Union,
but he wants to do it with a form of communism
that is respectful to the Orthodox Church.
So, he wants to inaugurate a new kind of Soviet Union
in which the Orthodox...
A nationalist with a mantle of Christianity in New Soviet.
Yes, yes, yes.
And of course, like I said, People's Republic.
Really, that is nobody...
No journalist here is talking about the fact
he has called it People's Republic,
but People's Republic is the People's Republic of China also.
I mean, it's communism that is manifesting.
So, we are here in front of a global change of a long war
where America continues to have some incompetent people
in the White House, in Langley, at the NSA.
We were basically...
I was about to say, I mean, we know that Trump threatened
to nuke China and Russia face-to-face.
They did that. They didn't.
They under Obama, Putin invaded Ukraine.
And then they stopped for four years under Trump.
They invaded one year later under Biden.
I mean, there's no doubt. They're trying to blame Trump.
I'm not even defending Trump. It's just not fair to blame Trump.
They didn't invade under Trump.
Why did they invade under Biden?
Because of what he did in Afghanistan and the bumbling?
The weakness of Biden really made it even more...
Increased the possibility that America will not react in the proper way.
I mean, let's remember one thing.
What is happening today was planned for a very, very long time.
He came into power in 1999
and in 2001 he said he will never do anything against America
because it was unconceivable.
But then things changed.
Then gradually they have cornered Putin
and wanting him to comply to what is being decided,
of course, here in the United States and in other countries,
like in Europe, and he doesn't want to agree with that compliance.
He wants to join instead China in a different alliance
So Leo Zagami, and I want to get you back on.
I know your new book is out of it ready yet.
I want to carry it at infowarstore.com.
So I want to invite you back on the show, maybe tomorrow or the next day.
We'll talk about the book here in just a moment.
But you've been really great at predicting things.
What do you think is going to come out of this major war happening on the continent of Europe?
First of all, we have the end of the European Union.
They are basically shooting themselves in the foot.
The sanctions are going to eventually push Russia to close those pipelines
and that oil that is arriving always into Europe and it's creating the economy.
So once you are renouncing to...
We hardly have any resources here because of course with Joe Biden,
we lost the energy self-sufficiency.
And again, that shows how the globalists are above it.
They are doing a deal that will drive Russia away with its energy
while they cut off the Israeli pipeline to Europe, while they cut down our pipelines.
You can see the globalists are shutting the power off of the West right now
and they are going to send all the power to China just like when they killed the Keystone.
They are now shipping by train to the West Coast to again go to China.
I think that the moment in which China invades Taiwan,
then things are going to really change also in the attitude of the United States.
They are going to have to shut up and go back to those respectful ways
that Ronald Reagan had when he was doing the meetings with his Russian counterpart.
I mean, to call Vladimir Putin now a criminal, an insane individual,
a guy who has nuclear rockets pointed at us is completely insane.
The Biden administration is behaving in a reckless way, is endangering yourself.
But even those generals who are supposed to be conservative and go on Fox
and say, we're going to have to wipe out Russia from the face of the earth.
Are you realizing that Russia has a new nuclear device called Satan II
with 10 nuclear bombs that can basically destroy nearly the whole of Texas in one go?
Do you realize that?
So just shut up. That's the thing.
These people don't realize that we are in front of another kind of war.
And that war, when it becomes nuclear, the only option is diplomacy,
but not diplomacy made by a bunch of fools who were actually laughing at Donald J. Trump
when he said that they were depending too much on Russia.
For example, when he made that speech at the United Nations
and this bunch of Germans were laughing.
Well, there's nothing to laugh now.
I'm sure they're not laughing and nobody in Europe is laughing any longer
because already the military is moving to defend their territory
because the plan is this, the centenary of the Soviet Union.
So after Ukraine, he's going to have to get Moldavia.
He's going to go into the Baltic countries
and at that point, all hell is going to break loose.
And so basically Europe, I don't think is heading for peace,
but is rather heading for a period of uncertainty, chaos and war.
And so if you are...
Leo Zagami, we got to get you on this week about your book
and all of this amazing things so much.
God bless everybody.
Let's pray for peace and pray for an awakening.
Oh, and Shroy is about to take over on our feeds.
I'll be back tomorrow at 11 a.m. Central.
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