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Name: 20220225_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 25, 2022
2422 lines.

In this episode of Alex Jones' show, Roy Swift emphasizes the need for American identity based on labor and work, decoupling from China, and local broadcasts as an alternative media source. The conversation includes speculation about Russia's actions regarding Baikonur Cosmodrome and encourages prayer and fasting in preparation for future challenges. Alex Jones promotes conservative candidates like Swift to promote freedom and resist tyranny. Health supplements are discussed, highlighting X3 at a 50% discount, as well as other products available on Infowarstore.com. Listeners are thanked and encouraged to visit the website for limited-time offers.

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Red alert.
Planet Earth on verge of massive nuclear war.
And you know, maybe we should just add to that headline.
Putin says any sanctions will be treated as an act of war and will be responded to with force.
And you ask, why would Putin do such a thing?
Because all the major Western leaders came out and said, if a red light, that's a quote of a US senator, if a red light goes out and we think it's Putin, we're going to war.
Sounds like a good plan.
That sounds really restrained.
That sounds really smart.
These crazy ass lawyers that run our country, like Senator Mark Warner, need to be put in rubber rooms.
You're the people that shipped billions of dollars of weapons into Ukraine.
You're the ones that kept poking Russia in the nose.
And now look what you've done.
Finally found somebody you couldn't push around.
Just like Napoleon, and just like Hitler.
You dumb asses.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're live on this Friday.
February 25th, 2022 broadcast.
And you are seeing the biggest unfolding war on the continent of Europe since World War II, 75 years ago.
Full-scale invasion.
Full-scale takeover of a country with 40 million people in it.
One of the largest countries geographically in Europe.
All hell has broken loose.
Now a lot of people have asked, how did I know in October, November, December this was coming?
And I told you how I knew that.
The ice melts at the end of February, and the tanks would bog down.
So if Russia was going to invade, they'd do it by the end of February.
And major financial individuals I've talked to at the highest levels said, get ready for war in February.
Not just Russia, but also China.
And I told you that so you could get ready.
A lot of people just marvel and say, how does he do it?
He must be a secret agent.
Or, or Jones must just make a lot of predictions and this one's stuck.
No, no, I said for the last four months, five months, that it would come at the end of February.
That's what I said.
And, and the reason I point that out is now I'm going to tell you what is also in the cards.
And I think you already know what's in the cards if you're informed and educated, but for leftists and others out there that don't seem to get it, or for the Rolling Stone or CNN attacking us, because they're jealous because they have to lie and we get to tell the truth.
But they don't have the skills to actually predict the future because they're so disconnected from reality, putting out lies, they're basically smoking their own dope.
The reason I point out that we've been so accurate on all these different issues is so people will listen to me on what I'm about to say today.
Now, right before we went live, I dictated the headline for the show.
It's not up yet, but it basically goes like this.
World War III alert or nuclear war alert is technically
The Communist Chinese and the Russians and the CIA and all these groups call this World War 4.
World War 3 already happened.
The last Cold War was called World War 3.
This is World War 4.
This is a different type of war.
And it has the aspects of sanctions.
It has the aspects of cyber attacks.
It has the aspects of intensive propaganda and soft kill bioweapon releases.
And generally,
The historians and the futurists and myself and others have projected that it would be opened up with a soft kill weapon to bog down civilization and society because it's not just two nations fighting with each other or two superpowers fighting with each other or two power blocks fighting with each other.
It is the larger globalist system of transhumanist that have their in-game goal of collapsing society, and they're playing all sides off against each other.
And the minute we realize that, the minute we can turn this around.
So we're going to go to break.
Some stations join us then.
For some stations, the next segment is the start of the show.
Some stations carry the first five.
But I'm going to drill directly into what we're facing.
It's very, very simple.
Wars almost always tend to escalate when you've got real powers fighting with each other.
Proxy wars tend to turn into theater wars.
Theater wars tend to turn into continental wars.
Continental wars tend to turn into world wars or larger planetary wars with multiple theater wars taking place.
And we're going to be laying it all out here today of how fast this could escalate and stay with us with cyber attacks and sanctions.
The threat is real.
You know, and I helped write that song with Dave Mustaine.
It's got to be 10 years ago now or eight years ago.
We were trying to envision what could start a new world war.
And we talked about Russia, China, the Middle East, and that's the song.
The threat is real.
What a crazy world, ladies and gentlemen.
Here we are on this Friday, February 25th, 2022 transmission.
I'm gonna open the phones up again today, around the end of this hour, and try to go to as many of them as I can, so I can get your take on the situation in the world.
But let me just pull back right now and put the full show headline up on screen for TV viewers, and I'll read it for radio listeners.
Because there's really not words strong enough to describe how much danger every man, woman, and child on this planet is in.
We are in a maximum alert, the threat of worldwide
Nuclear war, ladies and gentlemen.
And let me explain why.
Most big wars that get going start when two major powers or three major powers are using a proxy zone for their war.
World War I started that way.
World War II.
And you get different powers that start pushing their borders and annexing areas and you get this creeping testing of the other powers.
And then all of a sudden the major move happens
And the other side escalates back, then the other sides escalate, and then it gets into a full war.
So let's talk about what Sleepy Joe and the Globalist are up to, what Vladimir Putin is up to, what Zelensky in Ukraine is up to, what Xi Jinping in Communist China is up to.
Because all of this is interconnected.
We have the usual suspects.
Republican and Democratic Senators calling for more military aid to Ukraine.
That's what got this going in the first place with all the weapons being shipped in to the Russian border.
Talk about poking the bear.
It's like climbing in a grizzly bear den at the zoo and wondering why it eats you.
Or these crazy people that climb in with Bengal tigers or gorillas and wonder why they get their head ripped off.
That's what happened here.
Doesn't mean I back what Putin's doing.
Doesn't mean I like it.
It's terrible.
And whatever happens now, it's on Putin.
I mean, this is historic.
Make no mistake.
But back into a corner, you see what Russia did.
And the last straw was Biden pulling out of Afghanistan in such a shoddy, horrible, evil way.
That was blood in the water.
And now China obviously is moving more troops and more of its equipment into those areas they've built, the artificial islands they've constructed in and around Taiwan and the entire South China Sea.
So here is the big escalation, ladies and gentlemen.
Here's the big escalation.
We've got all the talking heads saying that if there's any type of cyber attack anywhere outside of Ukraine and a NATO member
And that if so much as a stoplight goes out and can be blamed on the Russians, Senator Warner and others actually said that, that if they can blame a stoplight going out and that U.S.
troops have a car wreck, that we have to invoke Article 5 and go to war with Russia and basically end the world as we know it.
So there's that issue.
Now, even if the U.S.
government doesn't launch a cyber attack against Poland or against Hungary or against the Czech Republic or against Germany, any NATO member, you know hacker groups and you know different globalist groups are going to try to stir this up and accelerate this.
They're that crazy.
And there's private hacker groups that are totally insane as well.
Agents of chaos.
And so having
The Ukrainian leader, and the German leader, and the British leader, the UK leader, the Canadian leader, all say, and Biden has said, if there's any cyber attacks against the U.S.
or anybody else, that's an act of war.
And we're going to go to war with you.
Remember what Hillary said back when she was running for president five years ago, six years ago.
She said, if there's a cyber attack, I will attack Russia with nuclear weapons.
I've played the clips.
Hillary Clinton threatens nuclear war with Russia if there's a cyber attack.
You can type it in.
If you think it's easy to stage a false flag, and I do think for once the State Department and others are being accurate, I mean, car bombs going off right as the Russians invade as the pretext, I mean, that's what militaries do when they invade.
military doesn't do that, you're not living in the real world, okay?
If you don't think the U.S.
That's in military classified manuals.
Usually you don't want to kill people if you're the good guys.
You'll blow up a few tanks or blow up, you know, an embassy building or a barracks.
And then that's your pretext.
So it does look like some of those things did indeed happen.
And see, it's okay to talk about false flags.
It's okay to question false flags.
It's okay to know that's something real throughout history and something that happens currently that governments, corporations, universities, and individuals do.
Hell, I've seen at least 10 examples in the last couple of weeks of black people carrying out attacks against themselves to get attention and blame white people.
And there's been cases of white women, you know, blooding themselves up and saying black men raped them.
I mean, there are attention seekers all over the place that pull crap like that.
And if it's going on down at the low level, the individual level, you know what's going on at the grand scale even more.
So there's that.
So how did Putin respond to the announcements that if one cyber attack happens, if somebody hacks into a red light and makes people have a wreck,
We are going to invoke Article 5, which means we have to then have NATO go to war with Russia and Ukraine, or for whatever country is attacked.
To have that as the talking point for weeks, that Russia is now going to launch a cyber attack against the West is preposterous, because that would then bring in Russia's enemies and have what Russia doesn't want to have,
A war where it gets defeated with the West, a nuclear war.
This is being done to look strong, to go in, and to disarm Ukraine, because Russia for 20 years has let the West expand NATO five times.
That's very clear, and Putin said two weeks ago and a week ago, he said, I'm not going to invade, just say you're not going to invoke Article 5, and that you're not going to bring Ukraine into NATO.
And they said, nope!
The State Department tweeted images of large U.S.
transport aircraft delivering pallets of very destructive anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons.
So, the West went and started a fight.
It's got one now, but you've got to pull back and ask, who are the real forces here that are going to consolidate power and get more control?
And it is the globalists.
I've been making this point for months, but Zero Hedge is another excellent article.
It was picked up from one of the other great sites out there, AltMarket, where they explain the globalists come out the winners in this crisis.
And so I'm not on Russia's side.
I'm not, quote, on Ukraine's side.
I'm on America's side, common sense's side, in full spectrum analysis, understanding who the main players are.
So when we come back, Putin upped the ante when they said, OK, any cyber attacks, we're going to attack you.
Putin tells Biden imposing sanctions will be seen as an act of war.
So Putin says that any sanctions are an act of war.
That's coming up on the other side.
Stay with us.
All right, folks.
Thank you for joining us here on the Alex Jones Show on this Friday edition.
I'm going to cover the developments in Russia for this segment, the next, but then in the last segment of this hour, I really dropped the ball yesterday and did not cover the COVID news.
And this isn't just about this news.
It's just unbelievable.
And we already knew this and had almost all the pieces of it.
But now we have the last ones that Moderna created COVID-19.
And then they just reverse engineered it in the lab to have a cover story.
And they released it.
Of course, Moderna was created by Bill Gates and others just for this event.
But they're using this war and they're using the inflation and all the other problems to tell us, oh, the COVID restrictions are over.
And then we just forget about how we've just been soft killed for all the numbers and governments from Europe.
To the UK, to the US, to Canada, all announced last week, oh, we're going to make secret all the COVID numbers now because people are misusing it.
Yeah, it shows the massive death.
Just like Moderna and Pfizer and others went to courts and said, don't ever release any of our secret studies on this.
And now they were forced to release some and it's mass death.
But they know the public has a short attention span.
And so they want everyone to just now move on to Russia and what's happening there.
That's coming up last segment of this hour.
I mean, it's a huge stack, but COVID spike protein contained DNA sequences patented by Moderna three years before pandemic began, scientists discovered.
And it hit quite a bit of newspapers last two days, but got almost no coverage.
Fresh lab leak fears a study finds genetic code in COVID spike protein linked to Moderna patent.
And of course, Bill Gates and Fauci and the rest of them.
Major German insurance company finds what US insurance companies found at least a 40% increase in death in the vaccinated.
Unbelievable information.
And of course the Indians, 25 months ago, a major Indian university that has a gene scanner, a $2 billion machine, they scanned the damn thing and they said, this is 100% man-made, P-Shuttle gene attached, HIV spike protein put on it, we can see that this is synthetically made.
Coming up today.
They didn't just splice viruses, they freaking made it!
It's nanotech.
And we have the head of Moderna bragging about it.
We have the head of Pfizer bragging.
Just a few weeks ago, remember we played the clip?
Oh, it is quite good.
It's so wonderful.
We actually made a whole thing in lab.
We don't need to gain a function.
We have machine make whole thing.
We make COVID-19 to treat you.
It just so happened to match the one in the wild.
These dudes all have like weird Transylvania accents.
I mean, please save us!
My God.
Oh, you see, I said I'd get to it last segment of this hour, and now I started getting to it.
It's just, it's just ridiculous.
Let me just calm down.
Let me just start over.
We can now put the full show headline on screen.
But I sure hope everybody shares.
And that's Red Alert.
Planet Earth on verge of massive nuclear war.
Watch live.
And you know, maybe we should just add to that headline.
Putin says any sanctions will be treated as an act of war and will be responded to with force.
And you ask, why would Putin do such a thing?
Because all the major Western leaders came out and said, if a red light, that's a quote of a U.S.
Senator, if a red light goes out and we think it's Putin, we're going to war.
Sounds like a good plan.
That sounds really restrained.
That sounds really smart.
These crazy ass lawyers that run our country, like Senator Mark Warner, need to be put in rubber rooms.
You're the people that shipped billions of dollars of weapons into Ukraine.
You're the ones that kept poking Russia in the nose.
And now look what you've done.
Finally found somebody you couldn't push around.
Just like Napoleon and just like Hitler, you dumb asses.
And then you, Trump had a plan with the military.
And with private contractors for a fraction of the price, less than 10% of the trillion dollar cost every few years, over $150 billion a year, he had plans for $10 billion a year to stabilize Afghanistan and pull out of there, and instead they just evacuated the military first.
On purpose, folks, to fiasco all that, because globalists up top wanted to then lure China and lure Russia into these military actions.
What's it if you play 20 moves ahead, you can see where all this is going?
I mean, you've got the U.S.
sending 180 tons of weapons to Ukraine and more on the way.
And now you've seen the response of that.
I mean, can you imagine if the United States had Russian troops
On its border, and if the Russians were giving the Mexicans $5 billion in anti-aircraft missiles and anti-tank missiles, what do you think the U.S.
would do?
The U.S.
would, back when we had real presidents, within a week of it being discovered, the U.S.
would be hitting it with airstrikes and attacking, just like in the Cuban Missile Crisis.
And of course, the Russians wouldn't dare do something like that, because they know that would start a nuclear war.
But the United States does, because they got a bunch of lawyers, like Mark Warner running things, that are anti-free speech, anti-God, and anti-family, and who think, because they stole America and all of our incredible intelligence and science, that they are incredible, and they are exceptional.
And what they are is exceptionally evil, and stupid, and living in their own damn bubbles, and they're gonna get everybody killed, Warner!
Then there won't be the young pages to pull your seat out for you and kiss your ass all day while you run around starting fights with everybody.
All these men showing off to each other how tough they are because they're willing to start a war with our young men and women.
And you better believe there's U.S.
troops all over Ukraine right now.
And I've talked to a lot of smart people.
They think this will be over in the next day or two.
And that Ukraine will capitulate?
If they don't, then it becomes a real fiasco.
But the tit-for-tat is now accelerating.
Putin tells Biden imposing sanctions will be seen as an act of war as Biden prepares sanctions.
And I love the quote by Obama today, warning Biden that sanctions will cause a lot of pain and problems, but it's worth it, even though it's going to cost the average American thousands of dollars in energy price increases, says Obama, who has a $100 million Netflix deal last time I checked.
Says Obama that got a, what was it, a $10 million, $20 million book deal?
I mean, the guy's worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
He didn't earn any of it.
He's just given it because he's a former president.
He's got a giant mansion in Martha's Vineyard, a giant mansion in Hawaii on the beach.
But you can handle a couple thousand dollars extra.
Oh, no, you can't.
Oh, sorry.
Well, you'll just live on the side of the street.
See how easy that is?
These damn people are out of control and they are menaces!
We'll be right back.
I knew when I got on air 28 years ago that if we exposed the globalist plan decades before that when they actually launched their operation we would have a very good chance of beating them because enough people would be aware of the plan but also others would marvel at the fact that so many others had known what was coming.
Everything I foresaw has taken place, except one thing.
I never imagined that it would be me as one of the main leaders in the fight.
I believed that there were going to be smarter men, better men, that people cared, and that all these bankers and politicians and lawyers just didn't know most of them, and that if I did the right thing and spoke up and raised the alarm, better men than I
Would come to my aid and that we could defeat them.
And I guess that did happen.
It just took a long time.
And now you see a lot of amazing people standing up and fighting back and speaking out.
But it's been the audience of this broadcast.
I know you don't want the credit.
You want a future.
You want freedom.
You want a relationship with God.
I understand.
But you need to let it sink in.
That those of you that have been listening 26, 27 years, 20 years, 10 years, five years, six months, or even a day, you get all the credit because if it wasn't for you believing in InfoWars and supporting us and caring enough to tune in and then tell others about the broadcast, the world would be in a much, much worse position right now.
They were going to continue on with the COVID tyranny unabated.
And that's how we turn this around.
So yeah, we're in a world of hurt.
And things aren't going to be smooth here for a long time, but we can see the promised land off in the distance, ladies and gentlemen, and it's not a mirage.
And we got to get there.
It's like your boat sinks and you're two miles from land and you're not a very good swimmer.
Well, you better swim or you're going to die.
And on your way there, a jellyfish stings you.
Well, you better just ignore the pain and keep going.
Or you're going to gulp water and go to the bottom and die.
So yeah, we're two miles offshore in waves and jellyfish.
And guess what?
You just better point your ass at the shore and start going for the shore.
Because on our backs are our children and future generations.
So stop being a bunch of wimps and stop caring what people think about you on the other side and just execute the information out there and don't stop and we will win.
We do not have a choice.
The globalists never stop.
They never give up.
And they're really pissed at Russia for not being fully under their control.
And so they are pushing Russia into a fight.
And I understand that Russia was surrounded, weapons were on its border, and that the globalist system was setting Russia up for war and defeat.
I think Putin made a major mistake going into Ukraine, and long term, the globalists are going to try to trigger a larger war.
And I understand that it was one of the choices out of a list of bad choices, and maybe Putin will be borne out to have stabilized things with this, and that remains to be seen.
But I'm here to tell you, as I said a couple days ago when this was really kicking off,
The West has put all these sanctions on Russia.
Russia's putting sanctions on fertilizer and potash.
That's only going to hurt poor people, and it's going to hurt Russians that sell it.
And I think Putin should not put sanctions on the West when the West puts sanctions on them, because that's going to hurt Russians just as much as it hurts the outside.
And the globalists don't care, because they print all the money.
And the average person having sanctions put on them won't know that it was even tit for tat.
I think Putin's made his point going into Ukraine.
If Russia continues to match the West now with what the West does to Russia, we're going to get into a full-scale war here.
And maybe that's what we deserve.
Maybe we deserve to all die because we've killed so many unborn children and we've got devil worship all over TV.
But you know what?
I'm a selfish person and I like my children and I just don't want a nuclear war right now.
And everybody better get this through their head.
We've lived in relative peace in this country, while the rest of the world's been a hellhole in most areas, in war and starvation and famine.
For so long, we just think we're insulated.
Like, Americans are in a bubble.
Most Americans don't even have a passport, never left the country.
A third of the public's never left their state, on average.
And the people in D.C.
are in an even worse bubble of delusional B.S.
I mean, these people are arrogant scum.
They were picked and brought in there because they're arrogant scum.
And they've gotten defeat and war and death written all over them.
These people are losers!
We have cancer in our government.
And we don't have any business going around to war with Russia with this kind of crap going on.
But Biden says, oh my gosh, we're going to put sanctions on everything, on your energy and everything else.
And now Putin says, well, that's an act of war.
And then the UK bans a Russian airline.
So now Moscow bans UK aircraft, period, from Russian airspace in retaliation for Aeroflot sanctions.
That's how it starts.
Fertilizer one day, flights the next.
Isn't it funny?
What did COVID do?
The excuse of COVID, the lockdowns, it cut off the...
Growing a food.
It cut off the infrastructure.
It cut back the energy.
It annihilated the fertilizer.
It caused 40 plus million people to die.
Bigger than any war since World War II.
And that's just a blip.
That's not even discussed by the liberals and their mask and their lecturing and all of their controls.
The enemy is the globalist.
The enemy is Hollywood.
The enemy is the left.
The enemy is the disease of their grandstanding and their moralizing when they're the worst people this planet has ever seen and are envious and hyper-competitive to the point, not in a dominant alpha way, but where they're competitive where they'd just burn your house down because they're jealous of it instead of realizing that nice house makes your house that isn't as nice better in value.
Because there's good competition that's about science, and technology, and working together, and having real competition.
Which the left wants to get rid of that type of competition, and then have group competition, because you're gay, or you're straight, or you're this, or you're that, and now you've got to invade, or destroy something, or vandalize it, because you're envious of it, because it's too beautiful, it's too powerful, it's too amazing.
Instead of adopting things that are better, and making yourself better,
The left are at war with themselves and have such self-loathing and such deep disgust for themselves, they don't love themselves, they don't know themselves, that they project that onto all of us.
See, I really like myself.
I've got problems, I don't like those, but I really like myself.
I really like my family.
I really like my family history.
I really like the stars and the trees and I really like people that have happy families and I don't envy people that have a gorgeous wife or dudes that are more handsome than me
Or any of that, because I understand that's all part of our shared wealth together.
But you get around the average leftist, they are hateful, demonic sacks of filth that will never stop pushing and never stop attacking until they get control of absolutely everything and run it into the damn ground.
And there are gonna be people around the world that ain't gonna put up with it.
And you're seeing that right now with Russia.
The left has successfully feminized America, broken our back, done all this crap.
Didn't happen in Russia.
Even after 85 years of New World Order leftist rulership.
And now we see the response of it, and it's a bad thing.
And so we're hurtling towards...
A new war, an expanded crisis.
I'm going to cover it more in the second hour, we've got so much breaking.
But I want to get into this huge cub of news that I mentioned earlier when we come back because it is, it is just absolute bio-weapon confirmed treason against America and the world.
It is just open and shut case.
All these executives should be immediately arrested along with Bill Gates right now.
I'm going to be taking your phone calls next hour and in the third hour as well.
And so let's go ahead and give the number out now.
So people can call in first time callers, longtime callers.
You agree.
You disagree.
We'll get you up and on the air.
The toll free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
And if you can get through from Europe, anywhere in the battle theater,
We'll put you to the head of the line, 877-789-2539.
Notice, as soon as the world woke up to COVID being made in a lab and that the vaccines aren't vaccines and don't protect you and make you sick, and as soon as there was demonstrations all over the world, suddenly they announced an end to all the restrictions.
Would be coming in a few months, but in most areas, they're actually not getting rid of the restrictions.
They're just telling you they're going away.
So you think you won the fight.
And then when you turn your back, they stick the knife in.
And that's why even I have dropped the ball.
How could you not drop the ball with this huge historical war taking place?
It's so sad and didn't cover the last two days of COVID news.
It is.
Again, I don't just say this to say, Oh, today's the biggest news.
It just keeps more and more coming out.
It's not like you're reading an action-adventure novel and you're getting down to the last chapters and it just gets, you know, more intense and all the threads come together.
Well, this isn't a novel.
This isn't a science fiction dystopic novel.
This is the real world!
And... I got it right here.
I mean, really, we should like have emergency broadcast for 24 hours over this.
I should be running around the streets, waving it around.
But instead it's just, oh, just something else on the show.
So I want everybody to really have that burn into your brains, including Alex Jones.
The point of myself, you need to make a bigger deal out of this, Jones.
You need to point this out.
What is your problem?
Because this is a lot more dead people that have died in Ukraine.
Or potentially could even die.
This is biological war carried out by global corporations and the UN to bring in a biomedical worldwide tyranny so they can collapse the world economy and have a digital noose around all our necks and control us for the rest of our miserable lives.
So a lot of you tuned in are going to say, I've already read these articles.
I've already heard this.
I've already seen this because the Indians, they get the credit, majored at their top university of biogenetics.
Got the virus, scanned six different samples of it, and said, this is completely man-made.
All the parts of it were made in a lab.
They're all cut together.
They're synthetic.
And they explained how it was synthetic.
It was no debate.
They're saying it's one out of three billion chances that just one part of COVID-19 could not be made in a lab.
When you put all the pieces together, it's basically impossible.
And that's why they're on TV suddenly going, oh yeah, I'm the CEO of Pfizer.
I'm the CEO of Moderna.
We just want to come on Bloomberg or come on CNBC and just tell you that we, we didn't ever need to gain a function of that lab in China.
We made it in the lab and they didn't just make it later to test it.
They did it in 2016, bigger than my hometown, Dallas.
That ought to piss you off.
I had friends die.
My dad almost died.
My mother says the sickest she's ever been.
After a flu shot almost killed her 30 years ago.
Watched mom taking flu shots because she was on the UT Masters swim team and they told her to.
It almost killed her.
Sure retired her out of competitive sports.
So, that's the world
We live in here, ladies and gentlemen.
These people have killed my friends!
They almost killed Rob Doo!
I'm pissed!
You know, I don't particularly like Vladimir Putin invading Ukraine, even though it's in their interest, because that brings me closer to nuclear war and my family dying.
But if I'm mad at Vladimir Putin,
I'm a thousand times more pissed at Fauci and Bill Gates because they on purpose started this, cooked it up, released it, and it came out a year and a half ago in the documents, in the emails, remember?
That in November and December of 2019, months before they announced the virus was out there, they go, okay,
Here's the sequences that we've isolated here of this virus that's COVID-19.
Get the vaccine makers ready and they sent back to the vaccine makers what they wanted them to make in their labs artificially.
With the code.
And then they can print out the viruses.
And they did it!
And so, the Indians get the virus a few months later and go, this is man-made, what the hell's this?
And we have the documents where Daszak approached the Pentagon in 2017 and said, we got a simulant of the spike protein virus, it's a CoV SARS virus that we can spray in the air in China.
And the Pentagon said, you're gonna start a war with China, you lunatic?
Oh no, no, it's to test it on bats!
It probably won't get any humans sick.
So they can then frame and leverage the Pentagon.
It's all about getting our governments to sign on to stuff.
Getting Trump to sign on.
Getting the military to sign on.
So once it's out there, now Big Pharma can truly hold the government hostage.
And you notice they didn't get that part of the plan done, but they did get over 100 governments.
Brazil refused.
Reason we have the documents.
We're good to go.
When Pfizer gets in trouble, they get the land and the military bases.
I mean, think of the megalomania.
We're not going to follow those agreements.
You're all going to go to prison.
You're all going to get punished.
Or we can let them continue to kill us and do all this and run us to the ringer.
So here's the articles.
COVID spike protein contains DNA sequences patented by Moderna three years before pandemic began.
Over three years.
Scientists discovered the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein contains a DNA sequence identical to a genetic code patented by pharmaceutical company Moderna three years before the COVID pandemic emerged, according to researchers.
A study published in Frontiers of Virology by prestigious scientists, we'll click on that for folks to show it to TV viewers, on Monday by an international team of researchers found that SARS-CoV-2
Fervent cleavage, we reported on this two years ago, site.
FCS contains a tiny bit of genetic code identical to a part of gene patented by Moderna in 2016.
Did you hear what we just said?
It's not just man-made, we have the freaking patent!
And it's impossible for that to occur naturally.
And we have every angle of it.
February 4th, 2016.
And I'm sorry, I said billion from memory, I apologize.
The researchers claim that since there is a 1 in 3 trillion chance of Moderna's patented sequence randomly appearing through natural evolutions, that the China virus might have mutated during experiments on human cells in a lab.
Gee, think so?
And then we already have them months before it's announced it's out saying, OK, here's what we tell the vaccine makers.
This is what they make.
This spike protein, this thing they own the patent to.
They get money from that then grows in your body as a prion crystal.
So even though you don't have the whole virus, you now have the prion crystal from the vaccine or from the natural occurring.
And then it just keeps coming back forever.
Unless you do mitigating things that can get rid of it, we know, like glutathione, like lots of zinc, like lots of vitamin D3, ivermectin, not just when you're sick, but after.
I mean, let me tell you, after I had Delta, I ain't ever been the same.
My dad was like Frankenstein for three months.
I think?
Now more insurance companies are confirming highest death rate since they recorded from people taking the shot?
I mean, they murdered us.
They did it.
They hit us with a bioweapon.
And if you think they're stopped, if you think you're safe, you're not.
Until they all go to prison and this all comes out, nobody on earth is safe.
But instead, we're all talking about Putin and the Ukraine all day long.
We'll be back with hour number two.
Stay with us.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are now into hour number two.
And we got loaded phone lines.
I'm gonna start taking your phone calls.
Next segment.
We got so much to hit, but I'm going to air this now, the full compilation.
It's like seven minutes long.
It's up on Band.Video right now.
The video clip that's 27 seconds long has got millions of views on the internet right now all over the place.
There's just clips everywhere.
A million here, 600,000 there, 300,000 there.
Hundreds of copies.
It's everywhere.
I mean, it's incredible where I came out and said, look for war by early 2022, by the end of February.
What I'm saying is that my prediction is incredible.
It's incredible how viral this has gone.
So I figured why don't I just go ahead and play a little bit more of this in context.
This is what the archive has found just with a couple hours looking around in the last five months.
Here it is.
I think a big war is about to start.
Something big is about to go down.
They may even have Biden stand down and receive a first strike to our military bases from China.
My gut's never been wrong, and I keep having very intense nightmares the last month that the United States is going to be hit by nuclear weapons by China, and is going to stand down, and they're going to receive the attack.
And I've looked at all the evidence, too.
They're preparing us with, with, stay in your homes, uh, oh, your power's off.
If they turn the power off, I'll prove that coming up.
But they admit they did, by the way.
It's in the fine print.
And they're just getting us ready for the disaster.
They're not going to hit the main cities.
They're going to hit the military bases.
Very good chance that they're going to either blow the entire power grid with the MPs, which they've been conditioning us to get ready for, or they're going to hit us with a first strike.
And you're like, oh, that's crazy.
No, this is war, folks.
America's over.
It's gone.
Trump was removed.
Of course he won in a giant landslide.
They weren't going to allow that to happen.
And that's why when you look at the press secretary and all of Biden's people, they are scared.
And if I was them, I'd be scared too, because they're going to be removed as soon as the Chinese take over.
I gotta be honest with you folks.
It's all over.
It's all over.
We're about to be hit with nuclear weapons.
The military stood down.
Everything's gone.
So, I'm sorry.
It's over.
The country's gone.
First is biological, bacteriological virus.
It's all over.
Next is the cyber, which they tell us.
And the next is nuclear.
Lay that out.
Yes, the cyber warfare basically is already taking place with all these hackers that are working constantly.
And then, of course, we have the nuclear.
Now, the nuclear is already starting to be announced.
China has... China, here it is.
They threatened... China threatened to nuke Taiwan yesterday.
Here's the headline, Fox News.
Go ahead, keep going.
Official Chinese Daily.
They said, we will nuke Japan.
So as you can see that gradually these free phases of this period that we unfortunately going to be living and that will of course diminish the population of the earth.
The smart money is on a war with China.
And I don't want a war.
But we're looking at a giant war in February right now.
Currently, that's the projections with the top people on the Earth who claim they're not with the New World Order Combine.
Is war in February.
And this is the type of time, like right before World War I, right before World War II, when everything kicks off.
And I hope that doesn't happen.
But currently,
That is the trajectory we're on, and there is a consensus on that.
And a large consensus.
I don't mean a consensus with people that just live here in Austin, the new main power hub of the country.
I'm talking about
All over the world, we have contacts.
And General Flynn thinks war with China is imminent.
He was raised the alarm 10 years ago on that, and that's why they got mad at him.
And then we go on to also talk about Russia.
So all the smart people I talk to... Russia and China.
And of course, when Russia moves against Ukraine...
All right, we're going to go to your phone calls right now.
Carlos, and Ivan, and Chase, and Steve, and Armond, and Mark, and Bone Crusher, Jack, Elaine, Mankind, and others here in just a moment.
I don't know how I end the last hour.
Just don't come back to the same thing again in case new people join us, which I know they did.
Confirmed, mainstream news, major
University research facilities and major viral publications, medical publications, scientific publications, that COVID-19 was made in a lab and that the pieces of it were patented in 2016 by Moderna, which was set up and prepared and ready for several years ahead of it with the one mission to deliver the deadly
Injection masquerading as a vaccine.
Smoking gun of smoking guns.
And I only got to a few of the big articles in and around that after I take a bunch of calls.
I'm going to get into some more of the meat of that situation.
But I want to go to your phone calls.
I want to just recap some points about the situation unfolding in Ukraine and explain something.
I know the audience already knows this, but
My sources, the information I saw and everything going on said by February, late February, China starts moving and Russia starts moving.
That's not a hard call.
Because if they're going to move, they're going to move together.
And now China is making more and more of those type of statements.
But they've also said that they'd like Putin to obviously meet with the Ukrainian president and talk about an armistice and a demilitarization of the area.
But it got leaked a few days ago that the Chinese talking points to the media of censorship and control saying we're with Russia and we're with Russia's invasion but we want to act like
We're neutral so that we can move against our targets.
It's basically what they said.
In fact, that was in yesterday's stack.
Will you guys reprint me that?
The headline was Chinese government documents directing censorship to the media.
Chinese government talking points the media.
Directing Ukraine coverage leaked was something like that.
And it was a fascinating article.
We could spend a whole hour just reading that.
It was amazing.
And the Chinese admit that's a real document.
So that is just such a huge deal as well.
But the big takeaway here is the West is saying, which is globalist run,
That we're going to put massive sanctions on you, and if you cyber attack us in any way, which is easy to frame Russia for that, that came out in the CIA documents in vault seven years ago, that we will then take that as an act of war and a violation of Article 5 in NATO.
If any NATO state has as much as a red light get hacked, we take that as an act of war.
That is such a big deal.
That is such a huge deal.
And then Putin responded back saying, well, any sanctions against us are an act of war.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has made it very clear to U.S.
President Joe Biden that imposing sanctions will be countered and considered an act of war.
It comes as President Joe Biden and his Ukrainian counterpart will speak by phone today amid growing fears of Russian military buildup.
That came out weeks ago, and that's another one of his statements now, reissuing those statements.
So it's a very, very serious situation.
I want to play you a couple of clips here.
Then we'll go to your phone calls.
This is Biden.
If you'll remember, once he first got in office, had a cyber drill with the usual suspects, same people that brought us COVID-19, and Russia was in on the cyber drill.
And Biden gave them 18 entities that if they're attacked, we will go to war with Russia.
Well, it's very easy to frame someone as being a hacker.
It's very easy to take over somebody's computer and then send messages from it and then claim that that's where the attack came from.
Spoofing is as old as telephones.
And Captain Crunch, all the things he did.
I'm talking about the serial folks for the only Captain Crunch as we've had him on the show.
He could whistle into phones and control them because they operate off tones.
And could like, you know, call the White House and get Nixon on the phone or all sorts of crazy stuff.
And that was in the 70s.
But I'm digressing.
This is just incredible.
Here is Biden.
Another area we spent a great deal of time on was cyber and cybersecurity.
I talked about the proposition that certain critical infrastructures should be off limits to attack, period.
By cyber or any other means.
I gave them a list.
If I'm not mistaken, I don't have it in front of me, 16 specific entities.
16 defined as critical infrastructure under U.S.
From the energy sector to our water systems.
Of course, the principle is one thing.
It has to be backed up by practice.
You know what's funny about everything Biden says?
Who's destroying dams across the U.S.?
Who shut off over 2,000 pipelines around the United States, including the Keystone Pipeline?
Who is going after gas-powered cars?
Who shut down two-thirds of the oil leases in this country and won't allow any new leases
More than half the nation, and has shut down drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.
When it's just going to be another country comes and does it, if we're not doing it.
Or another company.
It's not the Russians, it's not the Russians cutting off our pipelines, folks.
And then I'm sure they'll have a Rolling Stone article or a CNN report, look at Jones, shill for Putin.
No, this isn't about Putin.
This is about the globalists cutting off our damn power.
And it makes me mad.
And so,
That's where we are.
So they're the ones shutting off our infrastructure, they're the ones brainwashing our kids, they're the ones destroying our culture.
Here is Senator Mark Warner on television talking about how we could get into a nuclear war via Article 5 if the Russians do as so much as turn off a stoplight.
Which again, how the hell do you prove who does it?
Now any bad actor, any criminal group, or any globalist group, or any government
Can and will launch attacks that blame Russia?
You know, false flags, a thing you're not supposed to talk about?
Here it is.
is if Russia unleashes its full cyber power against Ukraine, once you put malware into the wild, in a sense, it knows no geographic boundaries.
So if the Russians decide they're going to try to turn off the power, turn off all the electricity all across Ukraine, very likely that may turn off the power in Eastern Poland and Eastern Romania.
That could affect our troops if suddenly hospitals are shut down, if those NATO troops, American troops,
Somehow have a car accident because the stoplights don't work.
We are suddenly in an area, hypothetically, an Article 5, where one NATO country is attacked.
We all have to come to each other's aid.
So Warner is certainly right.
That hypothetical that he outlined could happen.
Any cyber attack on Ukraine could well affect the infrastructure of the Eastern European countries.
That would be bad.
It would be a crime.
The civilized world would deplore it.
But Article 5 is not a mechanical mechanism.
Human beings have to decide to invoke it.
And the question is,
And that's what we're dealing with here, ladies and gentlemen, is that
If you look at all the pre-programming and all the brainwashing and all the rest of it, we've been told the lights are about to go out and there's about to be cyber attacks and right-wing groups are gonna do it and Putin's gonna do it.
But it fits into the Great Reset, the globalist program.
Klaus Schwab says they're gonna get their Great Reset now with a cyber attack that will save the Earth, but he's not gonna launch it.
They just launched the COVID attack, but they're not gonna launch this attack.
They just put the troops in Ukraine, triggering this attack.
They're triggering all of it to bring down civilization.
They are a crazy
Eugenics, transhumanist death cult masquerading as an environmentalist death cult when in truth they think they're God and are overriding everything and think that they're supposed to bring in some great cataclysm that springboards them into Godhood.
Sounds pretty damn satanic.
Your calls are straight ahead.
Well, there's a cartoon
That's up on Infowars.com that really says it all.
They say a picture tells a thousand words, and this one certainly does.
It's the image of the ocean, and a great white shark is blasting up out of it, and on its belly it's called Russia, and it's just eaten the person and destroyed the inner tube they were floating in.
But that's the country of Ukraine.
That's what's written on the smashed, punctured inner tube.
Eaten by the Great White Shark, Russia.
Well, there's Taiwan watching, floating around in the water, in their own little rubber inner tube, and right beneath the water is China, getting ready to make their move.
I know that can be a little annoying for TV viewers, you can see it, but remember we're on over 300 radio stations, and so we are first and foremost a radio show on TV, so I have to
Narrate this, even though I don't do the best job sometimes, believe me, I know that.
So continuing, and we'll go right to your calls, I'm going to hit the stats, we take a bunch of calls.
Very telling, amid Ukraine-Russia conflict, China's accidentally exposing its own plans for a Taiwan invasion.
And I want to be clear, my sources said Russia and China
By late February and I obsessed on China because I think of them as more powerful and more dangerous and they've infiltrated our government.
I kind of left Russia over on the sidelines and saw that as a side issue because I really found it hard to believe they were really going to do this.
But it's happened.
Full-scale war.
It's on.
There is now footage of ships being sunk and on fire in the Black Sea because they're not stopping when they're hailed by the Russian Navy.
So Russia is carrying out the cutoff of all material and energy into Ukraine until they surrender.
And so the people inside those major cities should say, we're going to kill the Russians, we're going to fight back, we're never going to surrender.
Remember, the majority of the population is at least part Russian or fully Russian.
The Russians are just going to turn off the supplies, including the power
Until they capitulate.
And so, what's the lesson here?
There's several huge lessons here.
But I saw a video on CNN that was actually quite helpful, that I'll also get to later in the hour, where the former president is in Kiev, the capital there, and he's saying, well, there's thousands of us who are ready to fight right here in this group, and we only have a few hundred Kalashnikovs and a couple machine guns and a few missiles.
But we're going to fight.
Well, why don't you have all that stuff?
Because you don't have a Second Amendment.
And because your military had been looted by the oligarchs working for the West and not actually spending the money to have a defense because you are a vassal state.
And so that's what's going on here.
We don't want to be like that.
We want to have our own food, our own water, and our guns and know how to use them.
Not because we're looking for trouble.
But what did Admiral Yamamoto, the Supreme Commander of the Japanese military, say when he got ordered by the Emperor to attack Pearl Harbor?
He took the order, didn't question, but went back and told his high command, and they put it down, wrote it down on rice paper, that he said, I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant.
He said, from our intelligence,
There is a rifle behind every blade of grass.
Because they finally had a plan to invade.
He knew that wasn't going to work, but they had a plan.
Talk about politicians giving orders to the military, the military can't fulfill.
The full quote is, I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.
He went on to say,
You cannot invade the mainland America.
There will be a rival behind every blade of grass.
Guess there was another admiral who said it.
I conflated the two.
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's the difference between a free society and societies that aren't free.
And when governments, whether it's an outside power like Russia or whether it's the corrupt Australian or New Zealand governments, when the public is disarmed, they are castrated.
Going back to medieval times, whether you were in Japan or ancient France, or ancient England, or ancient Ukraine, only noblemen could have a sword or a knife past a certain length.
Commoners weren't allowed to have long swords.
Commoners weren't allowed to have armor.
Commoners weren't allowed to have chain mail.
Commoners weren't allowed to have axes that had certain size blades that were for battle.
Dogs, if you own dogs in medieval Europe, they would cut off several of the digits of the foot so that your dog couldn't chase the nobles' rabbits and deer.
You had to feed the dog with whatever meager amount of food you had.
Now, noble dogs, they didn't have part of their feet cut off.
I'm going to go to your calls right now.
I appreciate you holding Elaine in Maine.
Thank you so much for joining us.
What is your take and view on all of this?
Thank you.
Thank you, Alex, for having me on.
My take on it is actually, I agree so much with you.
Everything is spot on.
I don't think I could have said any of it better than you.
I believe you're right on everything.
I think
The Ukraine invasion was a theater.
I think it was planned.
I mean, Putin basically walked through Ukraine and took it.
There was no opposition to speak of, very little.
The UN didn't have overhead planes bombing them, and the US didn't go after them.
I mean, the UN sent more.
I think so.
They sent more over there than they did with Ukraine.
Well that's right.
Let's talk about what's happened in Ukraine.
Clearly the military leadership was bought off before the invasion.
And so ragtag pilots, ragtag tank groups, ragtag militias are fighting and dying valiantly in the face of the Russians and actually holding them off in some areas.
And you know the border guards, they didn't get the memo to, you know,
We're good to go.
I wouldn't doubt it.
You know, I think the fact that Zelensky was
Giving an interview with Sean Penn during the invasion, I think that tells a lot.
Well, it sure does.
And the name I was looking for was Sean Penn.
I know Sean Penn.
And when he plays the character of the stoned idiot in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, that's who he is.
He probably has a 70 IQ.
Thank you for the call, Elaine.
We really appreciate you.
More calls just a few minutes away.
I'm going to write your calls.
Bang, bang, bang, straight ahead.
And so much breaking news.
We will reconstruct Atlantis.
We have reconstructed Atlantis.
And now the war for the future is here.
The power of our source.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us.
I'm going right to your calls after this very short little compilation of Klaus Schwab explaining the next phase of their takeover is the cyber attack so that his disciples know he's in command with the globalists so that they're read into how to respond when the cyber attack comes that's then blamed on foreign enemies to trigger wider war and accelerated collapse of civilization where they completely take over and then carry out the forced depopulation.
Here it is.
The young generation, like Prime Minister Trudeau, half of this cabinet, are actually young noble leaders of the world.
So if we penetrate the cabinets, the change is not just happening.
The change can be shaped by us.
We have to prepare for a more angry world.
How to prepare?
To take the necessary action to create a fairer world.
I see the need for a great reset.
So people assume we are just going back to the good old world which we had and everything will be normal again.
This is, let's say, fiction.
It will not happen.
There is only one way this pandemic is going to go.
It's going to get worse and worse and worse.
Pay insufficient attention.
To the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack which would bring to a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole.
The COVID-19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyber attack.
They're getting you ready, ladies and gentlemen.
They're getting us all ready.
And if we don't put enough heat on them, legally and lawfully, they're going to pull the next phase.
And I know you want to go watch a movie.
You want to go play pool.
You want to go eat some enchiladas or a steak.
You want to go for a hike.
You want to swim around in the local pool.
You're like me.
You're just a normal person who wants to have a life.
You're not Klaus Schwab.
He wants to kill you.
He sees you as scum, he sees you living on his land, they stole the world through fraud, and they want us dead.
And if we let them kill us, we deserve it.
In his view.
And I think I kind of agree with him, it's survival of the fittest.
I don't think he's the fittest.
I don't think our species should act like this.
I think he's the disease, not us.
What do you think?
You want us to die, buddy boy?
Well, in the words of Emperor Palpatine, no, no, no, no, you will die!
But I don't mean that in an evil way like Palpatine.
I mean, politically, we're going to defeat and kill your ideas, but not harm a little hair on that head.
Wouldn't want that to happen, you sack of murdering filth.
All right, let's go ahead and go to your phone calls.
I really appreciate everybody holding so patiently here, putting up with me.
I'm gonna move quick here so we get to everybody, okay?
Let's go to Ivan in Illinois.
You're on the air, sir.
Hey Alex, how's it going?
It's an honor to speak to you again.
Honor to talk to you.
Alright, so I just have a two-part question and commentary.
You've been so spot-on with your predictions and everything.
I mean, I remember back in October and November, you were talking about this attack that was coming in Ukraine, and lo and behold, it happened.
So, my thing is, the United States, you know, didn't get involved into World War I until 1917, and they didn't get involved into World War II until 1941.
Do you think that this has the potential to escalate into a third world war?
What's your gut feeling?
I mean, I don't think it has the potential.
I think it has a 50-50 chance of doing just that.
I'm literally not a scaredy-cat person.
When I look at my children, especially my four-year-old daughter, I just shake with concern that we've got to stop these people.
Yes, we're on a path.
The best prediction of future behavior is past behavior.
What have we done in the past?
We've acted like a bunch of idiots, and it's happening again.
Right, right, right.
So, I mean, that's what my concern is.
I mean, all the indicators are kind of there, and it looks like it's pointed there.
I mean, you even got Putin, you know, threatening, you know, to launch nuclear strikes against the U.S., and then you got Biden on the other side saying that, you know,
If any of the NATO allies are threatened, then they're going to respond.
You know, so that's that's what we're just trying to figure out.
That's right.
And Putin's doctrine is the West way outnumbers him.
So he's going to use nuclear weapons immediately, tactical nuclear weapons at U.S.
military bases in Europe.
And the U.S.
will start nuking Russia.
And then literally in 45 minutes, most of us are dead.
Or you're going to be wishing you're dead.
I mean, people like the shows like Walking Dead where there's zombies.
After 10 days, the general public behaves like zombies.
When there's no power, no water, no food, God help you.
You better be in the woods away from everybody with like 30 people you know with heavy weapons.
And by heavy weapons, I mean, you know, heavy for civilian weapons.
I mean, because you're going to have literally like the road with Viggo Mortensen, hordes of people running around within a month, like Road Warrior, raping, robbing and killing and eating people.
That's what all the Pentagon projections show.
Within 30 days, road warrior cannibalism.
So, and then the last thing I just wanted to mention, man, you know, this past November and in October, my in-laws and I, we got COVID, you know, the virus.
And, you know, unfortunately, my father-in-law, his name is Augustine,
He passed away from it and none of us were vaccinated because of course we know what's all what's in it and what it does to us.
And the virus got him instead.
And when I the symptoms I got, they're not like anything I've felt from any other sickness I've ever had.
So let me ask you, knowing they did this to you, it's all completely confirmed.
Major prestigious scientific papers.
What we already knew two years ago that Moderna made the damn thing with Fauci and Gates.
They made COVID-19.
They had it in 2016.
I mean, I mean, wow.
And of course, nothing's going to be done to them.
And it's like, you know, there's no accountability and all, and it's like, we're just supposed to sit back and take this and not do a damn thing about it.
And that angers me.
Well, we need to expose Fauci and all of them because it's a cult of killers.
And so if somebody did something to Fauci and turned him into a victim or Gates, we don't, we want to destroy their name, let everybody know they're murdering killers and expose their whole project and bring it down.
And then after that they go to prison or they get sentenced to death by a jury.
That's just gravy.
We want to stop the project, stop the next release.
That's our goal.
I understand we get focused on wanting to see him hanging, but that can't come until after all the evidence is brought out.
You understand that, right?
Exactly, because someone needs to be held accountable for his death because he did not need to die at 70 years old.
He would have lived another 20 years of happiness and they murdered him.
I'm sorry they murdered your family.
I understand they murdered my family too and I'm pissed.
This is a long, hard fight.
If it ends in a nuclear war next month or a bioweapon release next year, I don't know, but I'm going to keep fighting to the end.
That means I've got to sell products because we fund ourselves.
90% of our funding is funded by you.
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It's a flash sale.
So, Infowarsstore.com.
Hey Alex, so to kind of parlay on what Leo Kagame has said last year,
There's a really great article on Unlimited Hangout.
It's called, From Event 201 to Cyber Polygon, the WEF Stimulation of the Coming Cyber Pandemic.
And essentially, the World Economic Forum teamed up with Russia for the last three years to do their, you know, their cyber attack.
By the way, let me just back you up.
I've actually got the article right here.
I was going to get to that.
I want listeners to know you're not making this up.
Please keep going.
So, but I, my theory is that the MSN is locked up defending Ukraine.
I think it's all theater.
And, and I agree with what Leo Zagami said, you know, he was talking about cyber Satan and all of that.
Oh, by the way, everybody gives me credit for knowing tomorrow's news today.
Leo Zagami is way underrated.
That dude is the real deal.
I'll leave it at that.
But he was actually in the real Illuminati, the real Italian one.
I mean, I, he, when I was with Rome with him, he took me in.
So, I mean, this article is really, I mean, it gets into the details of it.
It talks about, you know, Russia's cybernetic and bi-zone
I totally agree with you.
I think behind the scenes, like Stalin did a deal with Hitler at the first World War II until they broke the
Agreement with splitting up Poland.
That's what the smart money is on, is that Putin's made some secret deal with certain arms of the globalists.
I totally agree with you.
By the way, let's get Zogami on.
I'm writing a book tomorrow on the Great Reset, and I was not going to do a show tomorrow, but you know what?
We'll do a one-hour emergency special with Leo Zogami that we'll tape at noon.
If we can then maybe air it at three.
We'll do one hour with Zogami, guys, because the crew's already coming in.
We're all going to be up here tomorrow working, but we're going to work on the book.
But if we can do it, see if we can get Zogami for tomorrow at noon to tape.
If we can't do it, fine, but I want him on Sunday then.
You know what?
I got to write the book.
I got to work on the book.
That's a secret project I just announced.
We'll have Zogami on Sunday night, because I'm doing a special.
I'm doing like six hours Sunday nights.
We'll do it then.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry to interrupt you, Jack.
You're just bringing up so much gold here.
Please continue.
It's really spurring my mind.
So, so yes, the, so think about it like you were saying, you know, and another great article from our friend Lou Rockwell, and he talks about how the title of it is called the West's desperate effort to switch the enemy from Covid to Putin.
And the funny thing about that is, this is the perfect dialectic.
The U.S.
needs another boogeyman to make us forget about COVID.
And, you know, how I rebut all of this is just, you know, my neighbor was talking about, oh, Russia this and Russia that, and I said, well, do you support the
There's a 2014 coup with Soros, Victoria Nuland, and Obama where they put Nazis in charge in Ukraine.
And so people don't think of it in terms like that because they've already forgot the history of eight years ago.
There's one other really good article I want to put out there.
I don't know if you've seen this before.
It's from the Idaho Observer.
It's called Deathbed Confessions Photo Support Claims that George H. Scherff Jr.
is actually Bush 41.
And in this article there are pictures of George Bush 41 with Bormann, which was Hitler's second in command, but also with Joseph Mengele.
Well, I know he was high-level CIA and his father was the head banker for the Nazis in the U.S.
and was part of the rat line, actually ran it.
And I know people that knew the Bushes in Houston, I'm going to leave it at that, who would go to a Nazi church with them.
A secret Nazi church was baby blue with a white swastika.
And so, yes, the Bushes are Nazis.
There's no doubt about that.
And I was told if I talk about it anymore, they're going to kill me.
But since you bring it up, I might as well just go ahead and get that out.
So I don't know if he's secretly somebody else, but I know this.
He was the youngest CIA director ever.
He was the first U.S.
ambassador to China under the communists.
George W. Bush's father was the super granddaddy pimp.
You know, when it came to this, he ran the operation to kill Kennedy in Dallas.
I appreciate your call.
You just cannot make this stuff up.
You cannot make this stuff up.
And so yes, there is an inordinate amount of grandchildren and children of Nazis running things.
But again, it's not a Nazi conspiracy.
The Nazis were an offshoot, a covert group used to attack.
Like the Club of Rome, like the Bilderberg Group, like the Debo's Group, it's all the same people.
It's like Hydra heads.
And so you cut the Nazi head off, you know, five more sprout.
And it's just, it's pure evil, folks.
Absolute pure evil.
George Soros worked for it from the time he was 14.
He's an agent of it.
So is Henry Kissinger.
To survive the Nazis, they joined with them.
And they'll tell you that.
I did it to survive.
At what?
And then you continued on doing it?
I mean, it's ridiculous.
It'd be bad enough if he sold out to survive, but then you'd turn against it and say you were sorry.
No, he says, I'm proud of what I did.
Alex, how's it going?
Well let me just give a quick shout out to you and the crew for being on air and you guys are putting out almost like 60 hours of content every week and it's just it's amazing and that
Kind of brings me in to talking about this.
I hear you earlier talking about, you know, people wanting to get the info out and I can feel that and people need to start doing stuff where they're going and taking that link of you predicting the war and stuff like that that's going on and sending stuff like that out to people and then
People are calling in and they're talking about, oh, well, InfoWars needs to do this.
You guys can do this to get the word.
No, people need to start stepping up and start going and getting the word out themselves.
Making banners, like I see you guys got that promo going between the commercials where people are talking about making banners, and that's awesome.
The thing about that is don't put stuff like arrest Yates, arrest Fauci, because liberals are just going to look at that and they're going to dismiss it.
Put stuff like quotes from the WEF like, you'll own nothing and be happy, like stuff like that, or put stop the WEF.
So they got to go look up what the WEF is, and then they're going to look into it themselves and realize that this is a globalist takeover.
No, I agree.
I've seen some great banter hangs about listeners lately.
I guess it was my idea to say, arrest Gates, arrest Fauci.
And then the listeners followed my lead.
You're right.
It's probably better just to say, find the secret truth, InfoWars.com, or something like, you are ruled by the World Economic Forum, and then a website.
I mean, because people need to know.
And you're right.
Liberals, when they're exposed to this, actually wake up when they realize there's a private corporate group that's running things.
It's just, it's crazy.
It's insane.
I can't believe that we're at this point right now.
And that kind of brings me to the whole Russia-Ukraine thing.
What do you think?
Because obviously you predicted or you saw what was going to happen.
You didn't say Russia.
You weren't sure.
Well, no.
I mean, I know people that know a lot of people.
And I mean, hell, I'll just be honest.
Joe didn't say it was off record.
Joe Rogan at dinner in early October said, man, a lot of my big sources say all hell's going to break loose in January and February in major war.
What do you think?
And I said, what are your sources?
And I said, yeah.
He was like, well, you know.
And then I made some calls to some big people I know in the industry.
They said, yeah, we're told that things are going to be really crashing in late February.
And then I called some military people I know, and they said, damn right.
Don't you know that the tundra unfreezes in late February?
So if the Russians are going to launch, they've got to launch by the end of February.
And then the Chinese were saying, we're getting ready to invade.
I mean, it wasn't hard to see this.
You know what I mean?
Well, so do you think that Russia is going to actually occupy Ukraine, or do you think they're just trying to destabilize it to keep NATO and the UN out?
Because they've been warning NATO and the UN forever.
Well, it's both.
They are now completing the occupation.
And then they'll put in a puppet government or government that agrees, and then they'll have a security force that is around that puppet to make sure they follow that, and then they'll phase out that puppet once NATO's been backed off, and then continue on from there.
But that's basically the Russian model.
And so both.
I mean, if they don't get a full capitulation, they're going to put those cities under siege.
And every day that continues, Putin's going to look worse and is going to start losing.
So Putin took one hell of a big, bald gamble here.
I'm surprised that this is what happened.
I didn't think that this was going to happen this fast.
Yeah, I mean, is he hauling those things around in a wheelbarrow?
I mean, it's ballsy, brother.
But like Tony Montana says, there's only one thing in this world that gives orders.
Great points, Bone Crusher.
All right, we're going to come back.
We've got a special guest popping in in about 20-30 minutes, but I'm going right back to your calls.
Got a lot of cool names on the board, like Owl Killer and Carlos and everybody else, but we're taking calls the order they received.
Hour number three, straight ahead.
Stay with us.
I've been on air more than 25 years and long before I started selling high quality vitamin D3 8 years ago I've been promoting people taking vitamin D3 because it is essential and if you're not getting sunshine
I think?
Thank you.
All right, this mega massive NaturalNews.com story just broke.
It's at InfoWars.com.
I suggest you share it.
And this is another piece of the puzzle.
We know what's going on.
We know Omicron was made in a lab by White Hats.
The scan's complete.
It's got more than 50 changes, but 20 plus in one area, 30 plus in another, to kill the spike protein and make it weak.
I don't know.
What do you think COVID-19 is?
They didn't just give it to people through humans or through the shots.
It's sprayed in the air.
He approached the Pentagon about that in 2017.
That's all come out.
They said no.
Bill Gates developing needleless vaccine that spreads like a virus in the unvaccinated.
It is a virus.
We're gonna lay all that out.
Coming up.
But right now, let's go to your calls here.
Who has been holding the longest?
That would be...
Mark, in the great state of Texas.
Sir, go ahead.
Oh, great.
It's a big honor, Alex.
I'm a two-time 1776 point holder.
And what I really wanted to talk about was I'm running a Part 15 broadcaster.
And it's a great way of getting all of your podcasts out to all my neighbors.
And I hope that other folks will pick up on that.
And for folks who don't know about that, it says here, low-powered TV station.
It's a radio.
It's radio.
And it's more power.
You can run more power legally than you might think.
I love it, brother.
What's on your mind about the military docs, Russia and Ukraine?
That's fantastic.
Some of the news that I was seeing last night about Ukraine keeping all the men between 18 and 60 in the border, not letting them leave, got me to thinking, and I pulled up the military manuals about friend-to-foe ratios, and to delay an invading force, it's 1 to 6, and to defend, it's 1 to 3.
So if you keep all of the men between 18 and 60 engaged in militarily with a 1 to 3 to a 1 to 6 ratio, Ukraine actually has a stronger force than Russia.
Well, Putin has not really exaggerated his military.
And again, because I'm not in love with Vladimir Putin, I just cover facts.
He's admitted that their military is not that strong, other than nuclear.
They've got really hypersonic missiles that the U.S., by the way, does have.
But they've really produced some amazing aerospace products.
I just look at Russia as one big, delicious, juicy place full of resources and full of smart people and just where we should be developing.
I would love there to be a big open, free society and fly over there and own farms over there.
The place is untapped.
It's the biggest country in the world.
It's full of everything.
The globalists are always fighting over it instead of just having free market.
So let them have their Nord Stream 2 and let us have our pipelines and let's just stop all this war and get down to business!
Absolutely, and I think that's another reason that COVID has been unleashed, is to soften us up before the Civil War or Russia-China invasion.
Or if they don't get us softened up enough, then maybe they'll have to resort to nukes.
But I think it's all orchestrated.
It's all
I agree.
I agree.
But the UN's not going to come at us with blue helmets.
They're going to come to the Medical Corps, the lockdowns, the liberals, Black Lives Matter.
That is the UN Globalist Shock Force.
And sir, thank you for getting three of the coins.
Again, people are like, well, why is it an investment?
It's way marked up.
You're buying a piece of Keeping Us On Air, a piece of history, a limited edition event, and those coins are already going for four times what people bought them.
So thank you so much, Mark, for your support and all you do, brother.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you for all you do.
Thank you.
Somebody putting up a low-powered TV station or radio station that doesn't interfere with other stations and telling your neighbors, hey, I got some forbidden info up, goes out a mile or whatever, put up a few signs, people tune in, and if you reach 100 people that start tuning in, you've changed the world.
And so what he's doing is so amazing.
Little things together do huge things.
Many hands make light work.
We'll be right back with more of your calls in 60 seconds.
We're all going to have color coding.
The people that have got green are going to be so proud of it.
They're just going to be... I don't have that credit.
I've got green rating.
They just walk right through, you know, at the hotels and at the airports and train stations.
They scan the chip and the license.
I just passed that.
I've got EasyPass.
I've got everything.
I've got everything.
I'm first class and you're not.
Honey, I just got a letter!
I just got an email!
I'm yellow rating!
You didn't pay that boy on time!
It's alright, honey.
We'll go in and talk to the men.
They're in scheme-ass machine guns.
You wanna go in to see a director?
Please, I'm with the Neighborhood Command.
I deserve it.
Alright, go on in.
We can get that back to green rating.
I want 20,000 creds.
Oh, you've got green rating again.
Alright, we're out of time, ladies and gentlemen.
Long after I'm dead.
It could be a year, it could be 10 years, it could be 20 years.
I'm talking to the yuppies right now.
Do you hear me?
I defended this republic.
I did everything I could.
I fought as hard as I could.
Well, that's from 2005.
Vintage Alex Jones.
You got Bitcoin mining going on, you got Alex Jones old clip mining.
These clips are getting millions of views.
The people that grab them, it's all free to air.
A lot of them are running and they're making advertising, tens of thousands of dollars, mining Alex Jones clips.
But I'm not dead yet.
I'm still here.
Wow, what a world, what a time, what insanity.
Imagine what 20 years, 22 years from now will be like if we're still alive.
We haven't vaporized the planet.
Carlos in Canada, thanks for holding her on the air.
Thank you Alex, we're still here.
Just a quick, I don't think President Putin had a choice to do what he did.
President Zelensky, a few weeks back,
Threatened to reactivate the nuclear capabilities that were left in Ukraine from the Soviet Union days.
I thought the nukes, I saw the threat to rearm, but weren't the nukes all moved out?
Well, we don't know.
What we do know is that that sealed the deal.
And also, at the same time, there's another dimension which is not mentioned here too much, and that is that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline
Yeah, because they wanted their pipeline.
But why has Biden killed the Israeli pipeline too?
It's just insane.
And then when he did that, at that point, and they put, actually they put bombs in the eastern side of the, near the Lugansk area of the Central Pipeline.
At that point, Putin realized that he, you know, obviously had no choice.
He had to protect the pipeline to Germany.
This is not a bad thing for Germany, by the way, because if it would have cut that line as well, going through Ukraine,
No, you're right.
They did blow up some of the lines, and people said it was a false flag.
All I know is the globalists are cutting our pipelines off, the Israeli pipeline, the Russian pipeline.
I say the more pipelines, the merrier.
The Chai Koms want pipelines, even though I don't like communists.
People need more energy, don't you agree?
It's an act of war against poor people to artificially restrict energy being lower.
Don't you agree with that?
What we have here is, you and I talked about this in the past, this is the octopus, you know, playing Russia against the United States.
I agree.
I agree.
You know, the moment that Victoria Nuland came back to the White House, I began to take notes.
And for those that don't know, she's the one that helped run the coup eight years ago, with Soros on record, and the one that was caught, the Russians released the intercepts, where she says, F the Europeans and F Russia and F the Ukrainians.
They're literally in there just robbing the place.
I think the next time we talk longer, because I'd like to clear the lines, but I want to tell you, Alex, you're doing a great job.
Please, everybody, support InfoWars.
Do whatever you have to do.
I don't have any more money to buy iodine.
This is a fantastic product.
I hear you, brother.
We're under massive Democrat Party attack.
Remington went bankrupt and rolled over to them.
We haven't.
We've been fighting them for years, and they've just spent hundreds of millions trying to destroy us.
They got CNN specials out to try to annihilate us.
They got CIA spy op groups, but we're still, because of you, on air.
So we need your prayer, your word of mouth, and your financial support at infowarrestore.com.
And I'm just going to keep marching and attacking until no matter what happens, until we run out of gas or whatever happens.
And I just know as long as I go 110%, God's not going to be mad at me.
I'm just going to keep going, keep going, until they arrest me, kill me, put me in prison, or we win.
I'm just going to keep going and going.
Thanks for the call.
All right.
Up next here is... That would be Armand in California.
Welcome, Armand.
Hello, can you hear me?
Yes, I do.
Go ahead.
Glad to be on.
I just want to talk a little bit.
I have concerns about the pace of the Russian assault on Ukraine.
I don't know.
All the hardware in the first 48 hours of conflict.
Yeah, but he's about to seize all that hardware.
He's about to run the country.
So he wants him to get, he wants to do as much pressure as needed to get him to give up.
It's like spanking one of your children.
You don't break their arm.
You just do enough for them to stop going out in the street.
Does that make sense?
No, I'm just concerned of a really, really bloody ground.
Cause he seems like he's, he's digging his heels in for the long haul.
You know, I mean, he could have occupied Kiev by now if he really wanted to with an air assault.
The fact that they haven't, it's deliberate.
Well, tell me your theory.
I was just throwing out that they're mainly only targeting military targets.
They're trying to get them to just give up and stop becoming a vassal state.
Look, Russia's very jealous of Ukraine.
Ukraine has always been the big, sexy Hollywood.
It's where Russia came from.
It's always been richer and more powerful per capita than Russia, whereas Russia's been bigger and stronger and won the wars and saved Ukraine 900 years ago.
Yeah, right now, I don't know, it seems like Putin's just trying to sort of destabilize Ukraine, you know, as opposed to just a wide, full occupation.
Right now, he's just trying to empty out the cities and scare everyone out, essentially.
That's what it seems like.
He's throwing in a lot of conscripts who have been in the military for only a couple months.
He's throwing in cannon fodder from
I mean, look at this Reuters article that's out right now.
You're right.
Is that Bloomberg?
Putin calls on Ukrainian military to seize power to better negotiate with Russia because he knows it's a bunch of globalist factions in there and a bunch of former presidents jockeying for control.
He's like, listen, I'll negotiate with the military, which is a very smart move.
I would expect this to be over in 48 hours.
What do you think?
Right now it's very strange because the civilians are being mobilized in Ukraine.
There's so many variables.
But that's because they don't know.
The military already has turned tail and run.
There are no real military units fighting the Russians.
Those are just people that think it's their job to defend their country.
They don't know the deal's already been made.
I could believe that there's Western operators.
Yeah, I could believe that.
Most wars are won before they start, brother.
I appreciate your call.
Listen, I'll go back to World War II and with Poland and with France.
In both cases, deals were already made.
And so a fraction of the Poles fought back.
They didn't know they'd been sold out.
I mean, the Poles aren't wimps.
They would have held out years, okay?
They actually had real leaders.
The French only held out a few weeks because most of their high command had already sold out, who were then put in as dictators.
So Putin is taking a page from Hitler and saying, hey, you want to be Vichy French?
You want to be in charge?
Military, hey!
It's better than having NATO military running.
He says, okay, Ukrainian military, you want to be in charge?
And that's basically what's going down here.
And it doesn't mean I'm endorsing any of this.
This is the real world, folks.
We've got a very special guest joining us with a huge amount of information and more straight ahead.
You don't want to miss this guest.
What have I been saying for days?
It's not hard to say it.
It's 101.
In real wars, you invade and then you buy off the military leadership to give up, either before you invade or once you invade.
And that's what Putin's doing.
I've been saying behind the scenes, most of the military's already stood down.
They don't want to be known as traitors.
They make deals behind the scenes.
So Putin gives them the offer that Hitler did when he invaded France back in 1940.
He said, give up and I'll put the military in charge.
Now I know why Putin did this, and I'm not against the Russians, but I don't like these wars.
I know NATO was bringing in troops and weapons and they had no choice, but I still don't like any of this.
This is dangerous as hell.
And now they're getting ready to blame cyber attacks on Russia and escalate things out of control.
They got all the talking heads saying, they do one cyber attack, they invoke Article 5, and we go to war with Russia.
And if you think the globalists won't do it, and they're bunkers to depopulate us, you're stupid.
Putin calls on Ukrainian military to seize power to better negotiate.
Reuters, AP, Bloomberg, it's all being reported.
Reportedly gave a press conference.
We're getting the video.
So that's what you do.
And that's what I think is going on.
This is a real invasion.
But they got most of the military to stand down.
But you better do when you invade somebody.
Royce White joins us for two segments.
I really appreciate him coming on.
He just announced a few days ago
But he's running for Congress and he's a super smart guy.
I'm not supporting him in his run against Ilhan Omar because he's a famous NBA player and an MA guy or all that, but because he stood up for
Everybody and against tyranny and against the Democratic Party and against the corrupt Republicans and against the Chinese Communists and the Uyghur persecution.
And his website is RoyceWhite.us to find his congressional run or RoyceWhite.substack.com.
He's written a great new article, an open letter to Democrats.
We'll get to that next segment.
But Royce, obviously people want to know they should vote for you for Congress.
Anybody would be better than Ilhan Omar, but my goodness, an amazingly smart,
You know, Christian, patriot, great looking.
I mean, you got everything we need, brother.
And to unify the people, I couldn't think of a better type of candidate.
You could be the new model instead of these people like, you know, Ilhan Omar and this idiot woman, AOC.
I don't care if women get elected, that's great.
But my God, these communist idiot people is really a problem.
But with all going on, I'm sure you want to respond to Russia and to all the news coming out.
Well, thanks for having me back, Alex.
You know, it's an honor, man.
I'm a big fan.
I've been watching the show for some time, and I'm thankful to be able to share, you know, my story and who I am with your audience.
We're in a crisis, right?
This country is in trouble.
I think the free people of the world are in trouble, but this country is in trouble.
And, you know, there's a lot of crisis across the board, but I really believe the front line of crisis is citizenship, right?
And ultimately,
You know, we are in a battle where there are a lot of people in this country that just believe America is dead, right?
And there are a lot of people in power who believe that, you know, we're in this sort of managed decline.
And I'm not willing to give up the American dream, right?
I'm not willing to give up on America.
I'm not willing to give up my stake in America.
I think that people like Ilhan Omar and AOC think that they're getting some type of quid pro quo deal where when the authoritarians take over, when tyranny really comes down to bear, that it'll miss them.
And I see past that, and I'm trying to urge, you know, this sort of free people of America, this populist movement, to press down on the gas and fight back against tyranny, against authoritarianism, against this technocracy, against new world order, globalism.
I love that.
Recognize we're under attack by globalists and press on the gas.
How do we do that?
Well, I think it's two-tiered, right?
The grandiosity of the federal government is undermining the meaning of community.
And the arrogance of globalism is undermining the value of country.
And so we have to understand that our citizenship, American citizenship, is the front line of defense against tyranny around the world.
And we have to take up that mantle.
We have to hold that responsibility.
We have to hold the line here in America for our citizenship and the value that it holds and the rights that it holds in order to slow down the momentum of tyranny from here all the way to, you know, the South Pacific.
Man, I just want to get you in Congress.
Wow, you make, I mean, you're absolutely right.
You're dead on.
You got a great way of just authoritatively laying it out so simply, whereas I tend to extrapolate forever.
Keep going here.
Yeah, well, I mean, look, again, I said that the crisis and let's let's let's take a step back.
The crisis is really spiritual, right?
But we do have to delineate between the spiritual and the political.
And when I first came onto the public scene, I was a mental health advocate.
I battled the NBA and this sort of global corporatocracy about mental health policy.
That was 10 years ago when only people like you and a few select others were talking about globalism, a global corporate community and the
Economics-only conservatism and this sort of business-first money-by-any-means model and method.
But when I was doing that, I sort of saw the psychological and mental health as divorced from the political.
I thought that the political was beneath me, right?
I thought that mental health and the psychological was so much deeper that I could ignore the politics.
But in reality, I was mistaken.
I was bravely mistaken.
Because when the political is potent, it has a profound impact on the psychological.
And I think that's what we're seeing in this country, and I think that's how globalists have been able to sort of mobilize this liberal American movement.
That's right, they take our pride.
They tell us pride in America is bad and dirty, but who are we?
We're not Americans.
They get us to not take on our birthright, to then be alone and hate ourselves, so they can give us the new download, which isn't some new pride or better system, but is that we're all at each other's throats, and we're all scum, and everything's over, and then we believe that and die.
And the biggest lies hide behind the greatest truth, right?
And I think America's original sin was slavery.
And I'm a black man, obviously.
But I believe in America.
And I think, actually, a lot of Republicans, and we've talked about this before, a lot of Republicans and people on the right, conservatives, miss when they say racism is no longer an issue in this country.
It's a profound issue.
No, it's an issue.
The issue is that neoliberal racism is more profound than any racism we've ever experienced in this country, and it's able to mask itself behind the caricature that they put on the right and on the Republicans.
And the prime example of that, as a black man, sitting here with you today in front of your audience,
There is no greater sign of racism in this country than for a bunch of affluent, metropolitan, neoliberal whites to want to make this unilateral decision that America is dead, American citizenship isn't worth it, and although black people may have not been fairly compensated in the first iteration of the American dream, we should give ours up for their new global dream.
I mean, that's racist.
That's paternalistic, low-expectation, low-worth bigotry in its most pure form.
Instead of taking on the birthright that you fought for that's yours right at the moment we were actually getting it, now you hate it and say it's not yours like you're... and you throw it off a cliff and then join Klaus Schwab, the most greedy, murderous scumbag we've ever seen.
And Ilhan Omar and AOC
And many other puppets who fit the criteria to build this sort of front or use black people as this front for intersectionality, which is, you know, the church of LGBTQ and the Brotherhood of Globalism.
These are the people who they strategically place and use their identity as a calling card to the sheep and the people who
Are, uh, let's say headline reading tacitly, uh, Democrat, Democratic participants.
We got a real leader joining us, Royce White.
Find him at RoyceWhite.us.
He's running for Congress.
If you don't back him for Congress, you're part of the problem.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Napoleon started a war with Russia and got defeated.
So did Hitler.
And now Russia is fighting again.
Probably not going to go too well.
Joining us is somebody that
He's already been really successful fighting for human rights and was a trailblazer in the NBA, not pushing a bunch of division and George Soros crap, but mental health and standing up for the Uyghurs and you name it.
Now he's an MMA fighter.
I really like Royce White.
I've known who he was for years, but once I got him on, really impressed.
I know leadership when I see it.
I know.
Not a diamond in the rough, but a diamond right there.
That's what we need.
And you know, women are great.
I hope we get a bunch of women in Congress.
But at the end of the day, we need men to be men again.
Can you imagine Congress full of men like Royce White at RoyceWhite.us?
Can you imagine black, white, Hispanic, old, young, I don't give a damn, but men again?
We need men to stand up and realize it's their responsibility to be leaders.
It's a genetic fact.
The whole enemy attack is about denying the office of men.
And women have their office, and women can do anything they want!
Women want men to lead.
They don't, on average, want a bunch of power to be running stuff.
And any system that sells women being in charge, it doesn't really want women in charge.
It wants people they can push around and charge.
So in the time we've got left in this segment, Royce, and I want to get you back for a full podcast, cover any topics you want for an hour, two hours.
I'm going to start doing more and more of the Joe Rogan style, long form interviews I did 20 years ago and stopped a few years ago.
But Royce White, what else do you want to impart in the eight minutes we have left for the listeners?
Yeah, I think that I want to stress again, like I did in one of our previous episodes about this righteous and divine war.
The central reason why I'm very drawn to getting involved and jumping into the political arenas is one, we're in a crisis of citizenship, but it's just very concerning to me.
As an average, everyday American who comes from a blue-collar family and a Christian and a Catholic, that our mainstream political establishment has basically tried to create, promote, and sustain a culture, a social culture, that suggests Jesus Christ and Christianity are anti-Semitic, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, and racist.
I mean, and some people, whether or not you believe in God or Christianity, may not understand that the attack on Christianity and the Bible is a bigger global agenda, number one.
But it's an attack right at the heart of the United States Constitution, because if you get rid of the Bible, then the Constitution is out.
So, you know, these are the real dynamics and culture wars that are going on.
And I said that there's a
Keep laying it on us then.
I mean, I think, you know, the central liberal ethos, you could say,
is an unholy alliance, where you got your technocratic scientism overlords and beta males who see the best way to sort of insulate themselves with an unexpecting populace was to go after this intersectionality propaganda.
And the best people to use or partner with was the liberal white woman.
And then, by way of, attached to the LGBTQ movement, and then ultimately used black people as the calling card, because of a history of, a true and genuine history of oppression.
They steal the crimes that have been done to black folks and their families, and literally put blackface on their corporate, world government, neoliberal takeover.
Is that fair to say the left puts on blackface for all their corporations and systems to, like, hide who they really are?
And the worst part about it is it's very, very obvious.
And the way you can tell what makes it so obvious is any black person for all of their pandering and propaganda and promotion of an idea like Black Lives Matter, let's say, any black person who deviates from the political agenda, who thinks for themselves,
Who loves this country, who wants to be a Christian, an unapologetic Christian, is automatically ostracized and attacked.
And they are the party, they are the cultural movement that says we can't attack, shame or bully.
But they do it.
And so, you know, what we have to understand is that
The problem in America, really, is not between the two parties.
The problem is the ever-expanding middle.
And the liberals have been able to hijack the ever-expanding middle through the media industrial complex and by grabbing a hold of the legacy institutions.
Well, that's right.
While we're all losing our incomes and our future, they've got us fighting with each other.
Well, they've been able to create a makeshift
Generic template for your average American voter who just doesn't know any better, right?
Hey, you don't want to be racist?
Well, vote for Democrats then.
Let me raise this, because you're a big, tough guy, MMA, NBA player.
You're an alpha male.
I'm an alpha male as well, and I believe I've got a job to do, and I'm confident in the rest of it.
Growing up and being around a bunch of other big alpha males that were tougher than me made me feel big and strong.
But I notice beta liberals, they get threatened by it and want to extinct it.
So what's the difference between males that feel strong around other strong males, and it makes you feel stronger, makes you want to be stronger, versus the left that's so threatened by male vigor that we need to get to the next level?
We're good.
And it's like men have incredible power, women have incredible power by recognizing that we become more powerful together, and then they're pissed at powerful women and powerful men.
Why do I feel good around powerful men and make me feel more powerful, but the left then always hates it?
Why can't they embrace the power and become more powerful themselves?
It's just an anti-competitive ethos, right?
That there's a genuine, deep, profound, anti-competitive spirit.
And it's part and parcel of a heresy.
And the best example I can... This whole dynamic is the traditional Loki versus Thor motif, where, you know, and the feminists have aligned themselves with Loki.
And in one of my open letters, I stress to women, you have to understand the reason why Loki
We're good.
Occupied, if I can get him incapacitated, if I can kill Thor, then my sort of wickedness will be able to run roughshod over all of the women that are left.
And that's the true spirit and sort of motivation of that Loki beta male type character.
They want the alpha males to be in prison, to be handcuffed by under the table or back room sellout agreements, or they want us dead.
And that seems obvious to me.
No, you're right.
And you've got a great way of putting things.
Join us again soon for a full hour, my friend.
We're so glad you're running for Congress.
We're so glad you're in the arena like this.
And you're right.
The Thor versus Loki ethos is really the greatest way to describe it.
Scams and fraud versus strength and honor.
Royce White, RoyceWhite.us.
People should go there.
They should support you.
In fact, stay there.
We've got callers I've got to get to, but I'll go in the next hour.
Callers will be right back with us.
I want to talk about how do people volunteer?
How do they get involved?
How do we get excited and get you elected?
Royce White.
Find his great writing at RoyceWhite.substack.com.
We need this guy in Congress.
Can you imagine?
I love it!
Humanity has awakened!
We are rising from the sleep!
This is an incredible time to be alive, and we're going to discover just who's on our side and who isn't.
Welcome back, folks.
Final segment of this hour, about to go right to your phone calls.
But you know, if folks wouldn't have believed in me, we wouldn't be here today, and all we've been through together.
You did it, listeners and viewers.
And I got to tell you, I support a lot of congressional candidates and quite a few of them, like Senator Paul, we got elected, and others, and Trump.
But if we ever give up, they win.
And so I come to you constantly and say, you should support people.
But I got a really good feeling about Royce White.
My spider sense just loves this guy and just senses victory all around him.
We need to get him in Congress.
And even if he doesn't win this round or the next round, it doesn't matter.
This is who we need to get in, people like this man.
And it could help bring people together and short circuit all their lives.
This is the type of guy we need.
I think he could beat Ilhan Omar despite all the gangster money she's got and establishment funding, if you get excited.
So Royce White, I'm glad you threw your hat in the ring here.
How do people in two minutes get behind you and go against Ilhan Omar?
And thank you for having me, Alex.
I really appreciate it in your audience and all the work you've done.
I would say we have to stay active.
We have to understand that the way the liberal agenda, the globalist agenda has taken a hold of the masses is by controlling them through fear.
The fear of this ever-expansive, indifferent middle.
All of the people of this country, or the great majority of the people in this country, do not believe in these authoritarian, elitist pipe dreams.
They are afraid of isolation.
And when they see a person like me step up and speak out about freedom and ideas that have been deemed radical by the establishment, and Alex Jones as well, they feel afraid to be able to support us and to be able to open up and say that they believe in these ideas.
So, we have to hit social media and everything
That has tried to bring tyranny down on us and we have to fight and be loud and be loud as the left that has tried to hijack people through fear.
We have to become the new energy of this country and we have to be committed to that fight.
That's beautiful.
So how do people get behind your campaign right now?
Because you've been a great activist for the Uyghurs and great activist for mentally handicapped folks in the U.S.
You've been fighting for a decade.
How do people right now, not play games, help get your campaign going and get behind you right now?
If you're able.
If you're able.
If you believe in freedom, if you believe in the resistance against tyranny, RoyceWhite.us.
You can go to our page, you can sign up to volunteer, join our newsletter and email list, and obviously donate if you're able.
That's right.
It takes money to win a war.
And our listeners are the best.
That's why I come to you and people who felt led by the spirit to do it.
We need to get this guy in Congress.
Spend a minute on this.
What are you going to do, Ibn, when you get into Congress?
And take... I mean, just unseating Ilhan Omar is like the most... I mean, if we had a crappy candidate, we should back him.
You're like a dream candidate, brother.
I appreciate that.
But the first thing I think that we have to do is decouple ourselves from the CCP.
We can't be a country that says we're based on the values of freedom, on the values of justice, on the values of democracy or constitutional republic, and be dependent on a country that is explicitly opposite.
And corrupt as the day is long.
We have to decouple ourselves.
We have to bring our manufacturing and jobs back to America.
And when we do that, we can start to build a new culture and identity about labor, about work, and restore national honor.
I totally agree.
All right.
Royce White, RoyceWhite.us.
Thank you so much.
Very exciting.
Imagine him in Congress.
He was right in the middle of nowhere.
I'd support him.
He's going up against Ilhan Omar, folks.
All right, let's jam your calls in.
I want to get to Mankind, James, Anonymous, Greg, Al Killer, Tom, and Charles.
Thank you so much for holding.
We're going to go to the order that received Mankind in Arizona.
You're first up.
Thank you for holding.
Go ahead.
Alex, what's going on, man?
Great broadcast today.
Royce White, man.
He's just incredible.
I'm so glad you had him on.
Oh, I go and I go watch his podcast and I'm busy.
I barely watch Joe's.
I love Joe Rogan.
I watch his podcast.
That guy's smart.
When he goes over like an hour, he, you know, I learn stuff from that guy.
Yeah, absolutely, and especially when he was talking about the part of him having stakes here in America as a black man.
You know, that's something I definitely resonate with as well.
You know, black men are out here building for America.
Well, this is your country, and they're telling you that you don't have any part of it.
He has stakes here in America.
Ilhan Omar does not.
She is not from here.
Yeah, exactly.
She could come here and embrace it, and then she would, but she decides to piss on that stake.
Exactly, exactly.
And it just, man, I'm really moved in the spirit today because every single phone call, and I'll try to make this quick, I just kind of had two questions.
Just number one, you know, our culture is our infrastructure.
And, you know, real men are out here building.
While we're going through all of this and we're listening to you and you're doing what you're doing but you know the other caller that called earlier too with solutions to these problems that we know are coming as far as for the guy who was saying that he was getting that low broadcast TV show or something like that.
Yeah, Micro FM, Micro AM.
They're cheap.
The transmitters are everywhere.
They're easy.
You plug them into the internet.
You tell your neighbors about it.
They can pick it up on AM, FM, UHF, VHF.
You just pick a channel.
It's open.
It's beautiful.
People love it.
Yeah, absolutely.
And again, that was kind of one of my questions.
It's kind of like micro-brew out beer.
Like 30 years ago, nobody knew what it was.
20 years, now nobody wants regular beer.
They want micro-brew.
It's kind of like, imagine putting your own little station in.
Sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, exactly.
Everybody loves the micro brew now because they see how effective it is.
And again, that's actually what we're doing as a culture.
And so, you know, we're out here building infrastructure.
I've built my infrastructure with a website that I put up because, again, if that's beautiful, tell us, tell us the name of the website.
It is prophetic.net.
That's P-R-O-P-H-E.
P as in Tango.
C as in Charlie.net.
I've been putting out content.
I've been helping redistribute broadcasts and taking things on my own.
It's beautiful what you're doing, sir.
We love you.
We're going to jump to the next person.
Thank you so much.
We won't get to everybody.
Have a great weekend.
Let's talk to James in Oklahoma.
Welcome, James.
Yeah, I just want to talk about, give thanks to God and Jesus Christ.
Give Him all the praise for opening up our eyes to what is going on in this world, the deceits of the devil.
And let's be clear, people that are devil worshipers don't get it.
They think God needs, quote, worship.
No, us recognizing God opens the channel.
And, oh, Jesus, we love you.
God, thank you.
That opens the channel.
Our recognition makes the connection.
God doesn't need to be worshipped.
Worship means once you're in the presence, you're like, oh my gosh, this is incredible.
I totally agree with this.
I am in Congress with this.
We have to open up the channel and say, I love you, Jesus.
I love you, Holy Spirit.
God is a free will God, not like the devil.
Help me.
The devil rapes you.
Christ is not going to rape you.
You have to open up.
Does that make sense?
That's perfect, that's perfect, that's right.
And you know, we do that by prayer and fasting.
And fasting is a big thing, and I just encourage everybody to be able to do that, even this weekend, and just seek God and what He wants you to do, who He wants you to give money to, who He wants you to talk to, and how He wants you to prepare for what is coming ahead.
Because we're going to go through these trying times.
I agree.
What do you think is about to happen with Russia and everything else, sir?
Um, you know, I see it de-escalating possibly, but if China invades Taiwan, then it's on.
It's just, we're going all the way.
We're going all the way.
I agree.
If they attack Taiwan, the U.S.
is going to go over to China.
So, I mean, hopefully it doesn't get to that point so those that are waked up to it can prepare even more.
But the time is short.
James, the time is short.
Thank you so much.
Beautiful points.
Let's talk now to Tom in Canada.
Tom, welcome.
I think Putin's going to look at the Baikonur Cosmodrome.
I think Putin's going to take a look at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.
It's like the Russian version of the Kennedy Space Center.
You might make a play to connect that with the rest of Russia.
You talked about Kazakhstan and their main NASA base, the Russian space base is there, yes, but your phone's a little distorted.
What are you saying you think Putin's going to do?
He might look at
Connecting the Baikonur Cosmodrome with the rest of Russia, because right now it's in Kazakhstan's territory.
Yeah, he wants to ensure Russian control.
Of the Baikonur Cosmodrome.
Alright, we're going to take more phone calls straight ahead in hour number four on this Friday broadcast.
Then, Saturday, look for emergency reports at InfoWars.com.
Every day we're on air is a blessing.
Every day is amazing.
And we thank God for putting us in attack formation.
I just want to say to everybody listening,
So, I donate $30 a month on top of all the supplements that I purchase from you.
At least, the way I figure it is, a dollar a day for all the information you're putting out, and anytime I can, you know, I'm buying supplements.
Well, if you weren't supporting us, we wouldn't be here, brother, so thank you.
So, I'll give you an example of information that nobody was putting out.
I remember in 2014, when I was stationed in Bahrain at the time, when Russia, there was a vote in Crimea where
The people have voted to join the Russian Federation and Russia annexed Crimea.
You said if NATO pushes that Vladimir Putin will take all the way up to Kiev and that's where we are today.
And again, I don't like to see any type of loss of life at all.
You know, war is a reaction and peace is a thinker's man game.
If you listen to Vladimir Putin, that speech that he gave earlier in the week, and you know a lot of people apologize for the communists and said communism is evil and we want you to be your sovereign country, but you can't be a vassal of the West to attack us.
It was powerful.
It was true.
And now the other thing that people don't pay attention to was he also brought up Bosnia and Kosovo and his reaction to it and how
He saw NATO basically just killing people and destroying... Oh yeah, NATO dropping thousands of tons of DU on the people.
But another reaction that he had, I remember when Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown in Libya, and how he, the outcry that he had, he was like,
How he was murdered in the street like that.
Qaddafi, not a great guy.
It's just the reality of the situation.
Qaddafi, though, came into the West, invested billions in Europe, was set up and wanted to love Obama and believed Obama was really a Muslim and wanted to work with him and they set him up and killed him.
So I'm not going to even say Qaddafi was a bad guy.
I think Qaddafi really meant well, actually.
He was born into that and he did that coup and everything.
He wasn't perfect.
But they set him up and raped him to death with a Kalashnikov
Yep, and it was Putin's reaction to that.
That was a NATO operation, so that is the fear he has of NATO on his borders.
That's why he is so disturbed by the encroaching military bases and, you know, the weapons being put, that are being sent to Ukraine.
But at the end of the day, this whole Great Reset, you talk about why does Ram Paul or Ron Paul talk about this?
Because at the end of the day, Ron Paul was right.
It's the bankers.
You talk about the BlackRock, how they're buying everything up with money that they have.
They're buying up all the tangible assets before the dollar is basically worthless.
And at the end of the day, they are the ones that are pushing these wars.
Lee Stranahan was on your show last week, and he brought up the Miguel Khodorkovsky issue with Russia when Putin had
When he had nationalized Yukos Oil.
The shares went to Jacob Rothschild.
You cannot make this up.
Rothschilds have been involved in everything evil forever.
I mean, it's they're like cancer.
I mean, it's just they funded Napoleon.
They funded Hitler.
Then Hitler killed Rothschilds.
Wherever the power is at, they're going to be funding all sides of it.
But they don't care.
They just can't help it.
They own the economists.
It's just all out of control.
I appreciate you, brother.
Appreciate your call.
All right.
We're going to go to break in one minute.
Because, again, while we're still on air, because we have 300 radio affiliates, and radio has 15 minutes of ads an hour.
That's the standard deal.
We do it.
Everybody spoiled the podcast, so am I. It pisses me off, but that's how it is.
We love our stations.
We support them.
So we're going to go to a one-minute break, join stations, and go to Anonymous in Maryland, Greg in Florida, and Charles in Utah, and then Kate Daly's about to take over here.
And then the great Owen Schroyer, who does such a good job.
He was great when I hired him six years ago.
He's even better now.
He is amazing.
So is The Morning Show with Harrison Smith, 8 a.m.
And of course, they've had Matt filling in, doing a great job while he's been off.
8aminfowars.com, American Journal, 3pm Central, The War Room with the great Owen, the cup destroyer, Troyer.
That is what it's all about.
Your word of mouth, we win.
You don't spread the word, we fail, and so do you.
But you're not failing.
You've been promoting everything we're doing, and I salute you.
Let's talk to Anonymous, Greg, and Charles, before we hand the baton to the next amazing guest host, Kay Dally.
Take it over.
Greg in Florida, thank you for joining us on this incredible Friday edition.
What's your view on what's happening?
Hey Alex, how are you?
I mean, it's getting close to the next level here.
I am definitely concerned.
Hey brother, Godspeed and all the force be with you.
Last time I spoke with you a couple months ago, I brought up the pandemic bonds.
And I wanted to go over a couple things with you real quick.
I just, oh about an hour, about an hour and a half ago I just spoke with a friend of mine who's outside the country.
He's a former special ops, special force guy for the U.S.
His wife is from the Ukraine and last week he got, they got most of her family out except for her parents.
I don't know why they stayed behind.
They're outside of Kiev right now and
They said it's not really that, it's not bad yet, but of course standard military op is, you know, for them to close down the roads and everything.
You know, getting into Poland, that's where the rest of the family went last week.
The next thing I wanted to touch base with you, and this, do you remember back in the Obama administration,
All of the bonds that were written, China was basically giving the U.S.
a lot of money, and we're basically turning over these bonds to them.
Yeah, China was buying the majority of our sovereign debt.
And then China, still during the Obama administration, before he left office, they
There was no other country in the world that would buy, even at a huge discount, the paper, because China knew they weren't going to get paid back.
When this was happening, you know, I started hearing stories.
You know, I do a lot of international trade for the last 30 years.
You're hearing about more and more Chinese people, what they're doing here, etc., etc.
Then, you know, the last 10 years,
They've been the largest VC, you know, venture capital investors here in the U.S., even more than the U.S.
And, you know, that's one thing.
And another thing, I will tell you this, you made some comments about a half hour ago about wars being won or decided before they're ever fought.
And that's so true.
I had a company.
We're good to go.
Yeah, I told Gorbachev, you know, there's nothing you can do to us, okay?
And that's basically... Greg, are you saying you were the director of Lasertech?
No, no.
I own Lasertech.
You own Lasertech?
Yes, yes.
Actually, I know some about that, so let me put you on hold.
Your name and number.
Would you like to... We'll prove who you are, I believe.
I recognize your voice, actually, from somewhere.
And will you come on the show and talk about this?
This is big news.
Alright guys, put his name and number.
Guys, get his name and number.
I want him on as a guest like Sunday or Monday.
Thank you so much, sir.
Wow, incredible people call in.
That is just amazing stuff.
So don't let him go away.
Please get his name and number.
Okay, let's go to Anonymous in Maryland.
Anonymous, you're on the air.
Then we'll go to Charles and we'll wrap it up.
Go ahead, Anonymous.
Decade-long listener, first-time caller.
Thank you.
I just want to respond to just everything on a universal level that you're talking about today, and I just want to say a quote here to start it out.
Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it and institute a new government.
And time and time again, people ask you what to do.
No, you're right.
The Declaration of Independence is there.
You know, and they ask what to do.
We have three vessels.
We have the body, the mind, and the spirit, right?
They can't break our spirit.
Our will lives through our courage.
Buy reset corn.
Buy the storable food.
For your body to be prepared, you have to feed it the right things.
For your mind to be prepared, you have to feed it the right things.
For your spirit to be prepared, you have to feed it the right things.
Your products work and they elevate you in a way that's unexplainable.
I suffer from RA.
If you don't know what RA is, it's Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Until I had bodies in my life, I was a miserable person.
And I put on a fake smile for a long time.
It's a lot easier to absorb information, to want to get on and have the time to listen, to connect and meditate, not only with the universe, but with yourself.
We're building, right?
We're building these three things, the body, the mind and the spirit.
We're backing those things up.
With good things and the good stuff that's out there.
No, you're absolutely right.
Like, I know all this health stuff and I try to follow it, but I wouldn't even be alive if I didn't take the supplements with all the stress I'm under, the things I do to my body.
But beautifully said.
I want to thank you so much.
Anonymous from Maryland.
What's your final view on Russia?
What do you think is about to happen?
I mean, I think that we're going to be at war.
I think that they already have this in our minds, in their minds, not in our minds.
Sorry, I cracked myself there.
And that we need to be prepared.
You know, the next step that we can take is spreading word of mouth.
No, I agree.
You've got to take the evil you know about and expose it or it kills you.
It's cancerous.
Thank you so much for your call.
Charles in Utah, ahead of Kate Daly about to take over.
Go ahead and thank you so much for holding.
Truckers are going to DC and we have Homeland Security announcing they're watching them.
Ooh, Americans are peacefully driving their trucks and Saki says we're watching you.
She's totally
Punch drunk and doesn't realize what she's doing.
Hey Alex, this is Charles.
I was just going to say I wish the convoy well.
But I think the best thing we could do is get a Canadian lawyer and perhaps that lady lawyer from California that's representing the convoy.
And if we get all the truckers independent and company drivers, which all of them could participate in what I'm talking about, all of us take the convoy.
The country's about to go home for 10 days.
The major cities will start ripping themselves apart in about three from lack of food.
Fuel will be out in about five days.
And then we can get a list of demands of whatever we want and kind of make the government pay for their dues.
People say, oh, don't do a siege.
Well, that's right.
That's what the Globals did.
But they did it saying take a digital ID to make us more enslaved.
If we have lockdowns done by the people to say no to Klaus Schwab, no to the New World Order, no to Bill Gates, we break their will.
Absolutely, brother.
And it'd be peaceful on the truckers' park, because all we have to do is sit at home.
All these liberals in these big cities, they'd start tearing their local governments apart.
They'd come down on D.C., up there in Washington.
Because they won't say it.
I agree with you.
And before they put the robots in charge of everything, and the self-driving cars, the rest of it, we've got to get our information in place so that we can exercise our power before we lose it.
Thank you so much for the call, sir.
That's why they're so scared of what's happening in Canada and around the world, because they want to teach us, we have no power to stay in your house, starve to death, give us your children, but we're not going to do it.
All right, folks, I'm about to hand the baton to the next great guest host, Kate Daly.
She's about to take over.
Please don't forget.
Sunday, I'm doing like a special six hour live show and so much more.
Owen Schroeder's coming up in 45 minutes.
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And the way we are beating the censors and beating the globalists is your word of mouth.
So don't call in thanking me.
I want to thank you.
You are everything.
Stay with us.
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Thank you, Alex.
Alex is a good guy.
I'm Kate Daly, your guest host, and you can go to katedalyradio.com to stream my live show right after this, right after this hour.
I'm happy to have you there.
Before we get to our amazing guest, just a side note about Ukraine, Russia situation.
Everybody's talking about it.
Me too.
I don't think it's World War 3 as many are saying and I don't think that will happen until our economy is flattened and and until we are unarmed quite frankly and I also obviously it's going to involve us but I will be talking to Joel Skousen next week about this right here and we'll have a we'll have a great conversation about that.
In this hour, I actually think it'll end pretty quick, too.
In this hour, I have an amazing guest.
Her information blew me away so much that I had to have her here with me to speak to you, and I really want you to hear her.
She's going to be talking about the shots, reproductive, what she's finding in the reproductive systems, what she's finding with possible sterilization, you know, all of these types of things.
And then also the massive cover-up on Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.
She's got some mind-blowing information.
And welcome to the show, Dr. Janci Lindsey.
How are you?
Thank you so much, Kate.
I'm great.
Glad to have you.
She is a Director of Toxicology, Molecular Biology for Toxicology.
She holds a Doctorate, a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.
She has extensive experience in analyzing the molecular profile of pharmacologic
...responses as they pertain to the dose and response relationship.
Her expertise centers on evaluating the complex dynamics of toxicity.
You name it, she knows it.
Very, very smart, smart lady.
Dr. Lindsey, you blew me away on the information that you had.
Will you please tell everyone what you've been finding on, and it's scary, on the reproductive nature of the people that will be taking these shots and getting these shots right now.
Yeah, absolutely.
First of all, just a little relevant background.
Back in the 1990s, I participated in the development of a contraceptive vaccine.
I was working as a research technician at Baylor College of Medicine, and I worked on the zona pellucida immunocontraceptive vaccine.
So, I'm well aware of the technology.
I have worked on vaccine development myself, and I've since worked in a lot of animal models over the years to study various diseases.
And looked at different endpoints, including reproductive and pulmonary endpoints.
So I have a bit to say about what's going on reproductively.
I can tell you that a lot of it's being hidden.
There is no way that pregnant women should be getting these shots at all.
There's no way that anybody of reproductive age or future reproductive age should be getting these shots at all.
I believe that the spike protein immunogen is going to act as a syncytin analog, and syncytins are proteins that are important in our reproductive systems.
They regulate a lot of things.
Syncytin 2 regulates immune tolerance to the fetus, so the mother doesn't attack the fetus.
Syncytin 1 is important in placental development and trophoblast invasion.
They're both important in the maintenance of pregnancy.
This is very important in fertilization.
Sperm to egg, they're fusion proteins and they have similar conformation and amino acid sequence to the spike protein that they've chosen as the gene therapy immunogen.
Immunocomptroceptives don't always work right away.
In fact, many of them take several boosts in order to induce sterility.
So, papers coming out now in the beginning saying that if you had one dose or two doses and they don't really see much of a reproductive endpoint in some of these studies they've done does not guarantee that they are not acting in an additive fashion over time that they won't induce sterility or that there isn't a difference between younger people and older people.
In fact, we've seen with different immunocontraceptive vaccines that if you immunize someone before they've reached fertility,
That can sterilize them while if somebody's already reached ovulation age, it takes a few boosts to sterilize them.
So we just need to keep that in mind that the game is not over here in terms of assessing their effect on reproduction.
And I don't know if you want me to go through the numbers, Kate, as we are now.
Sure, because I think it's, we all know that these are eugenics.
We all know their game plan.
And I think this needs to sink in for the American people is that we may have a lot of people trying to get pregnant that won't be able to.
You're starting to see very, very scary things in the lab and have shared those things because you're trying to go around, speak and talk about all these things to people and saying, stop doing this to your kids.
And stop doing these to the young adults.
In the FDA document, which we were talking about a year ago, the FDA.gov document on Pfizer, it said if you want to plan a family, if you want to start a family, do not take this shot.
No one reads the pamphlet when they're getting that shot, I guarantee you.
They don't read through the fine print.
Yes, let's have the numbers, Dr. Lindsey.
Yeah, so I think some really important numbers come from the DMED database.
This is the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database and it is extremely reliable despite the fact that they said they got their numbers wrong for five years before the latest numbers came out.
They have seen a 437% increase in ovarian dysfunction since the shots came out, a 393% increase in infertility diagnoses in males, a 577% increase
In the VAERS database, we have now
23,958 reports of menstrual disorders.
We have 4,080 miscarriage, 8,936 vaginal and uterine hemorrhage, 470 cesarean preterm labor birth difficulties, 115 stillbirths.
And we have to remember that the VAERS database is only estimated to hold less than 1% of all adverse effects and deaths.
And we have an additional 11 databases that are being reported into
At this time that hold vaccine adverse adverse reactions in death.
So we expect it to be much smaller as well.
This is devastating.
I don't know how to get people.
Because this is 1%.
So everybody needs to calculate that.
And I know everyone in this audience knows that.
VAERS is 1%.
And they shut down the swine flu shot over 50 deaths.
Look at all of the things that are happening.
I know everybody here is aware that the military came out with all of their numbers and increased cancer.
You're talking about all the numbers with miscarriages and all kinds of things that are going on.
You can't ignore this.
Even with the VAERS numbers at 1%, you cannot ignore this.
I just, it blows my mind that they're sidestepping this.
Media, robots, you know, won't talk about it, won't say a word about it.
That doesn't shock me because they've sold out a long time ago.
But I love that you're telling people this because people need to be very aware.
We don't have a pandemic.
A pandemic is when people die all around you.
We have people dying in ICUs.
That is not a pandemic.
And people are going in for this shot even though the rate of having a sniffle is 99.8%.
They're running in for these shots and they don't realize they might be sterilizing their children for life.
We'll be right back
With Dr. Jancie Lindsey.
She's got some more amazing information you need to hear about.
What they were finding with women that donate eggs.
All kinds of things I want to talk to you about.
And the massive cover-up with ivermectin.
So we'll be right back.
Hi, I'm Kate Daly, your guest host this hour.
I appreciate you tuning in right now because this is such important information.
I really am.
We need to share this.
People need to know what they're messing with in the reproductive side of things.
I have Dr. Jancy Lindsay on with me.
Dr. Lindsay, what were people finding or what were you finding when you were realizing women were trying to go and donate eggs as they had in the past?
What was happening after they received their series of crap shots?
Hi, Kate.
You're referring to a whistleblower at an IVF clinic came forward after I spoke to the CDC about my concerns.
She told me early on that they were seeing very different results in her IVF lab with some of the embryos arresting in development at about day five.
These were from donors.
They were previously healthy match donors.
When somebody takes one shot versus all of the boosters, I feel the booster's a drip system.
I want to know how you feel about that, and is it making it worse and worse and worse?
I remember the doctor that studied animals and said he came up with a sterilization shot.
Not just a contraception shot, but a sterilization shot.
But it was done in a series of shots.
They had to have a series of shots that had a certain amount of time between them in order to sterilize the animals.
He died mysteriously in the summer of 2019, right before 2020 hit.
Murdered, I think.
But I would like to get your take on that as far as all of the shots versus one shot.
Let's say somebody got one shot and they went, oh, I'm not taking anything else.
Do you have any information on that?
Yeah, so as I said, I worked on the zonopelucida vaccine, which was probably the vaccine that you're speaking of at Baylor College of Medicine.
It's an immunocomprehensive vaccine.
And for several species, it takes several shots to induce sterility in the animals.
It's an additive effect.
We see the same thing with the HCG immunocontraceptive vaccine.
You need several boosters.
In Africa, when HCG was mixed into the tetanus shots in order to sterilize that population or do an experiment in the population, I'm not sure what they were doing.
It was just there intentionally, clearly.
It took several boosters to induce sterility in that population.
So, we don't expect it to be all at once, but it might be for kids because you get a differential response in kids.
With the zonopellucid vaccine, what we saw in animal models is that you get a complete ovarian destruction following.
We were developing it to be a temporary immune contraceptive and it would have been really attractive is that because it would have prevented
Fertilization rather than preventing implantation like a lot of contraceptives do.
So it stops early on.
It stops it early on before the fertilization and that's what's a little different here.
Yeah, so we may be talking about the same vaccine if he was working on the porcine zonopellucid vaccine, which is used now.
That's interesting.
I feel like I've come full circle after all these years.
It's so true.
Quite interesting.
I think people don't realize is the spike protein is not natural and the spike protein I think can be transferred because Pfizer admits it called occupational transference section 8.3 in the documents that they had to release they wanted 75 years but they had to release them and so what you're saying is is this is this is congregating in the reproductive areas and nobody's really talking about this I haven't heard I've heard you and I've heard a couple of doctors talking about this and
And you're blowing the whistle on it, which I so appreciate from you.
What a smart woman you are in doing this because we have a severe, severe eugenics issue going on underneath the myocarditis, underneath the stroke, underneath all of the death.
I mean, if that wasn't bad enough, we really truly are proving the case for eugenics right now.
I mean, if this is the case, if we're going to see kids 10 years from now trying to get pregnant in their 20s or 30s and can't, it just blows my mind.
That's my fear.
Yeah, that's my real fear, Kate.
And parents are going into this just really blind.
And they're also being told by people that, frankly, you should know better.
They do not have the data on pregnancy and long-term outcome.
They do not have the data on teratogenicity and carcinogenicity.
And shame on these doctors, these physicians, these health boards for telling people that they do because they don't.
I don't know what else to tell parents besides please don't give your kids these shots.
They don't need them.
They have more of a chance of suffocating or drowning than they do dying from this virus.
There is absolutely zero reason to give your kids this vaccine.
Myocarditis cases are exploding in children.
In just four months, 69, we've had a 69% increase in cases.
We've gone from 10,000-something in October to 32,000-something as of February 11th.
And we know that the main target population for myocarditis is our young kids, teenagers, and young adults.
12 to 20 is the prime group.
Of course, we don't know in the 5 to 11-year-olds because we don't have reporting on those cases yet.
And we absolutely know, as you've heard, that the CDC is withholding cases.
So it's impossible for us to know the real numbers.
And if they're withholding cases, folks, if the FDA and the CDC is messing around and they're corrupted and we can't trust their data, do not trust your child or yourself with this vaccine.
It is not a vaccine.
It's a gene therapy and it will hurt you.
Don't do it.
And when they keep saying safe and effective, I want to cram safe and effective down their throats because everything is safe and effective.
How can you say that when it's been on the market for a nanosecond and everyone knows it?
It's amazing to me that they could get away with that.
I'm sure it just shocks you every day when a doctor stands there like a robot and says it's safe and effective.
It's safe and effective.
Bizarre, right?
Yeah, those are talking points.
The data shows us that it's not safe and it's not effective.
I think I said rotavirus vaccine was pulled after 10 cases in 1999 by Sophia Ventis.
The CDC looked into it after 10 cases of bowel obstruction.
They were doing all kinds of studies and by 15 cases, Kate, they had pulled that vaccine and were no longer recommending it on the childhood schedule.
Now we have hundreds of deaths in kids and nobody's doing anything.
Healthy athletes are dropping dead and nobody's doing anything.
It's just another walk in the park.
Oh, kids have heart attacks, too.
Kids have strokes, too.
Come on, folks.
Be smarter than that.
I saw an ad that said if you chew gum with GMO, you can get rid of COVID.
I'm not joking.
It's getting to the point where it's just a comic strip every day, and I hope people are seeing through it.
I think a lot of people are waking up.
In your industry, for what you do for a living, because you're on top of all of this, I hope you guys took in her bio because, man, she knows what she's talking about.
Because I know that most doctors are kind of told you follow the line we give you.
Are you getting a lot of pushback, Dr. Lindsey?
So I have a little bit of a different practice.
I'm a consulting toxicologist in litigation.
I do chemical exposure cases, some medical mal, some missed pill overdose cases, toxicity of different chemicals.
Toxicity of different formulas and whether or not certain chemicals in certain formulas cause cancer or not in reproductive organs and other organs.
So I deal primarily in the litigation industry and in the insurance industry.
And I have had a couple clients that have said that, quote, my political views were not something that they wanted to be expressed, which I found extremely interesting since
My toxicological views have nothing to do with my political views.
We're going to talk about Ivermectin when we come right back, but there's just so much to say on the subject that she just brought up and pushed back, but we'll come right back.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host.
We'll be right back.
Please stay with us because we're going to be talking about the big Ivermectin cover-up, and this is a big deal because they knew, the doctors were telling them, and they ignored it.
We'll be right back.
Hi, we're back.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host.
Go to katedallyradio.com to stream my show live.
For three hours right after this, I'm on the dial all over the nation.
And I also, my guest that you know right now is Dr. Jancy Lindsey and she's amazing.
Very, very smart woman.
Her information blew me away on fertility, what they're finding after people are taking these shots and the problems that they're having with fertility.
And so I had a guest, Dr. Lindsey, whose husband died of a heart attack four days after the shot.
I don't
Only since these shots and so I don't think we realize to the degree of the kind of damage it looks very very different than even what people would think would a normal heart attack versus a heart attack after these shots and what it's doing to our system.
I'm sure we just don't realize.
No, we don't but if you go back to the early coronavirus research that was done in the 40s in the 60s even
It was found early on.
Interestingly, this is a fun tidbit, coronavirus, the coronavirus most closely related to coronavirus now, was found as a contaminant of Trepidema pallidum, which is the causative agent of syphilis in the John Hopkins nickel strain of syphilis that was being shipped around the world to study the disease.
It was only found in the John Hopkins strains and John Hopkins had been manipulating coronaviruses for some time.
Thank you.
Coronavirus that's causative of heart damage and cardiomyopathy and myocarditis was found.
In fact, Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina picked up this propensity for coronavirus, this particular coronavirus, to cause heart damage and proposed to use it to infect animals purposefully in order to study cardiomyopathy and myocarditis.
And he published a paper on that in 1992.
Anybody can look it up.
So it's no surprise that these shots cause heart damage and cardiomyopathy because they've been known to do so since at least the 60s.
So people should know that.
Go ahead.
I'm just shocked.
Let's talk, what are we doing to our society and what are we going to see in about another year to two years?
You know, the insurance companies are buying reinsurance policies because they're expecting a windfall of death over the next year.
Year to two years.
Cancers are going through the roof.
I'm sure you're seeing this.
And I was just blown away.
They are expecting something of a 40% jump in deaths, which is huge.
They may be at every one in 200 year occurrence.
So it's getting crazy.
Yeah, we just have to stop these shots.
I mean, that's the thing.
We don't need them.
And we get bound up in all this, the efficacy, the safety of the shots.
We don't need them.
We've never needed them.
Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine work wonderfully, which is a good kind of segue into what I had talked to you about with regards to the Mississippi State Health Officer, Dr. Thomas Dobbs.
Covering up the efficacy of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine in his state when doctors brought it to him and were very excited about their trials in a 1500 patient cohort where they had zero deaths and only 6% hospitalization which was fantastic compared to the rates that
Everybody else was happy.
Very excited.
They go to him.
They say, oh, we need to publish this.
We need to write a paper and get it peer-reviewed.
And he absolutely quashes it.
He wants to bury it.
He says, don't call HCQ ivermectin.
By the way, all this was found out through a FOIA request that was undertaken by Dr. Carol Hill, an OB-GYN who's now retired.
But she, through
Ask for emails that had anything to do with hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and Dr. Thomas Dobbs, the Mississippi State Health Officer, and she got a collection of emails back which indicate
That in July of 2020, he seemed to be partially okay with hearing some information on the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, but by September of 2021, he was actively trying to bury the wonderful results that a group of doctors in his state had that were trying to publish in a journal and get this out to doctors so that they could treat patients.
In my mind, this is just as good as killing patients.
When you cover up good results and you try to bury it.
He said, don't call HCQ ivermectin antivirals.
Acknowledge that... Say that!
Now, at this point, there were already over 65 trials that showed that ivermectin was useful, including Peter Corey's large study.
He said, acknowledge that it's impossible to discern the impact of any drug given the multiple drugs used.
Again, not true.
They were extremely successful using hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin in this population, some of the poorest populations in Mississippi, who historically hadn't had great compliance with medications, were doing wonderfully in an outpatient environment, getting these prescriptions.
And he says, state that the observational trials are biased and RCTs would be needed to validate any findings.
And then he says, just a beginning.
You know, I really feel badly for these doctors, among them the past president of the Mississippi State Medical Association, Dr. Michael Mansour, who tried to bring this to Dr. Dobbs and get this published so that they could help patients in their state.
It's pretty alarming to me.
I can't believe they can say hydroxychloroquine isn't antiviral.
And also, we know that ivermectin kills even cancer cells.
I mean, this information has been out by the NIH.
They've done their own studies, for Pete's sakes.
How are they doing this?
How are they doing this major lockout of Ivermectin with all of the world studies?
I mean, obviously, everybody knows the Nobel Peace Prize, all of these things.
How are they doing this?
Can you go after them?
They obviously have talking points and they're obviously making a lot of money.
We also had a discussion with Chief Medical Officer of the Mississippi Singing River Health System, Dr. Michael Roth.
Trying to convince him, Dr. McCullough, Dr. Ammerling, Dr. Brett Barker and I. CERNA from our hospital reached out to me after seeing some posts on LinkedIn that I had posted, asking me to speak to his department.
They were having alarming numbers of deaths in the hospital system.
Nothing was working.
And he said, please talk to
The CMO and please talk to these pulmonologists in my department and tell them that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are working with your doctors and see if we can adopt a protocol and other medicines.
There are also many medicines that are permitted on the McCulloch protocol.
He seemed very receptive to making that change and initiating some new treatments.
So we did.
Unfortunately, nothing happened after that.
I wonder if people can sue.
I wonder if people can sue for them just ignoring the information, suppressing the information.
I mean this is a cover-up.
This is a massive cover-up.
Yeah it is, and it's killing patients.
This isn't an abstract, oh they just decided not to use it.
It's actively killing patients.
When you know, when you have doctors telling you, I've treated thousands of patients and I haven't lost a single patient by using this protocol.
None of my patients have ended up in the ICU and you choose to do something where you know the patients on that other protocol such as Remdesivir or these other medications are dying
At alarming percentages, you know, 20 some percent in the hospital if you go on remdesivir and you choose to give your patients that protocol instead of the one that you know is working, you're killing patients.
You are actively participating in killing patients and that is not the job of a physician.
I was blown away because there's emails, there's information on this with all of these doctors going, and they take in the information and do nothing.
And still pimp out their Remdesivir.
Remdesivir failed the trials, has been on the market for about a blip, but it's safe and effective.
But this one that's been around for 30 years worldwide is not safe and effective?
Absolutely a cover-up.
And I really do hope people start suing, don't you?
Ivermectin has over 24 different mechanisms of action as an antiviral.
And so for someone to say that it is not an antiviral, furthermore, it was noted by EcoHealth Alliance, as was hydroxychloroquine, NINF-gamma, and the NIH, as being effective towards the SARS family of viruses.
So this false narrative that it doesn't work,
It's only out there to kill people.
I don't know how to say it any different than that.
Well, I so appreciate you.
Dr. Jancy Lindsey, thank you for joining me.
Great information.
I really do hope people share this and share it widely.
You've been speaking out and I really appreciate you whistleblowing on this.
Thank you.
Thank you so much, Kate.
You too.
Kate Daly, katedalyradio.com.
Thanks a lot, you guys.
See you next week.
You are insane if you are not supplementing vitamin D3 and vitamin K in your life.
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