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Name: 20220224_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 24, 2022
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The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has led to various discussions on global affairs, including Putin's decision to invade, NATO's involvement, China's potential response, and the state of the West. There are debates over whether Putin's actions are due to historical territories or NATO expansion. The situation raises questions about Western leaders' hypocrisy in supporting war crimes and their handling of woke ideologies within their countries. Canadian authorities have revoked the Emergencies Act but plan to keep certain provisions seizing bank accounts of people who donated to the Freedom Convoy, sparking criticism for targeting innocent individuals. The conflict also highlights the importance of staying informed, maintaining close relationships, and trusting in one another for support during difficult times.

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Russia was literally invited into Ukraine.
They need a boogeyman.
Russia... They're already talking about how Russia does cyber attacks in Ukraine.
This is going to lead into Russia doing cyber attacks in the United States.
One of the most important things they want to do is bring down the Internet.
The Internet is a core of the financial system.
The Internet is a core of communication.
They need to bring down the Internet.
Russia will be blamed for bringing down the Internet.
And then...
It is also going to be a smokescreen for China to invade Taiwan.
The most important thing to understand is that everything tends towards China.
The Clintons, the Bidens, have been paid by China.
They are agents of China.
The China trade bill, which Clinton signed, literally took all our industry overnight and shipped it to China.
That China trade bill was the most important bill signed in the history of the United States.
These are agents of China.
And China is going to dominate the world.
They're already dominating Africa.
The vaccines that we're getting here have been given in Africa for years.
China, in 10 or 15 years, you won't see any blacks in Africa.
They will all be Chinese.
They're already in there.
Our country is being invaded by the Chinese.
If you look at the post office, many of the people that are running the post office are Chinese.
They have accents.
And one of the most important reasons why the post office is exempt from the vaccine is because the post office is the source of how they are planning these fraudulent elections through these mail-in ballots.
These are all fraudulent ballots.
The Chinese are running it.
And this war with Russia is a smoke screen for China to come into our country, to go
into other countries, and to put all the blame and all the focus on Russia.
Our internet will be going down soon.
Our power will be going out.
And we will have a boogeyman in Russia to blame.
This is what, this is the purpose of this act.
Absolutely, and now they'll blame Russia for everything bad that happens.
I think Putin just walked into a trap.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Well, we don't have to come in with our own canned air raid sirens from during the Cold War.
We got real air raid sirens in 2022.
As thousands of bombs get dropped on military targets across the birthplace of the Slavic peoples, Ukraine.
Russia jealously does not want George Soros to have it for himself, so Russia's grabbing it.
That's the reality of what's going on.
That's what Putin has been saying.
According to the UN and others, he's a war criminal.
That's something you've got to decide.
But here's the bottom line.
I don't play this video from October of last year because I want to toot my horn.
I play it because I came on air and told you that I had three different sources, one at the very top of corporate world, one at the top of media, and one, well several actually, in intelligence that are real people, not little leftist analyst types that sit around and pretend they're involved in policy.
And the word I got was, You know what you're doing.
You need to warn people that late January into February, Russia is going to move and China is going to move.
And China is openly talking about moving into Hong Kong and Taiwan, an even stronger way right now.
Let's just start the broadcast here.
Now that Putin has invaded Ukraine, is he just taking out the military targets so far?
But will he continue to ratchet up?
That's the formula.
That's how that's how the US does it.
That's how Hitler did it.
That's how you inchworm, take over a population.
In war, you never tell people what you're really planning to do.
You're going to get the inside scoop, the best analysis there is out there.
You can read the New York Times.
They say Biden's done a great job.
This is wonderful.
You can tune into the BBC and hear that Putin's the new Hitler.
Or you can tune in here and actually really understand the history of things and make your own decision about where all this is going.
But all hell is breaking loose.
So here's a few clips of yours truly back in October and November of last year.
Well, you're not just here talking about what they've already done to us.
We must ask ourselves, how would they carry out such a mass extermination operation that's already killed millions worldwide with these deadly shots that are soft kill binary weapons?
How would they get away with this?
And the answer is a massive financial collapse, a war.
And so you've got the IMF saying imminent global financial collapse.
They've never talked like that.
That means they're obviously trying to trigger that.
And oh, imminent cyber attack.
Oh, and imminent war with Russia.
So I guess China can then swoop into Taiwan, Hong Kong.
You already got Hong Kong, the South China Sea, they're saying they own part of Vietnam now.
And I don't want a war, but we're looking at a giant war in February right now.
Currently, that's the projections with the top people on the earth who claim they're not with the New World Order Combine.
He is war in February.
And This is the type of time, like right before World War I, right before World War II, when everything kicks off.
And I hope that doesn't happen.
But currently, that is the trajectory we're on.
And there is a consensus on that.
And of course, there's hours of that type of stuff out there.
That's just what people on Twitter found.
I'm going to have our archivists actually dig through and get the full context.
I've probably talked about it 15 times or so since October and November through December.
So, there you go.
And we've got some very interesting leaked documents that China confirms are real about what they're planning to do.
This is just insane.
The biggest COVID news.
It's always getting bigger.
This is the biggest by a long shot.
I mean, by light years.
It just, I can hardly even get my mind around the incredible information we've got on that front.
Stay with us.
Whoever tries to interfere with us, and even more so to create threats for our country, our people should know that Russia's response will be immediate and will lead you to such consequences that you have never experienced in your history.
Now Ukraine's president, Volodymyr Zelensky, he went on Facebook again to address the nation.
He says he's imposing martial law but urged the country not to panic.
Today each of you should stay calm.
Stay at home if you can.
We are working.
The army is working.
The whole sector of defense and security is working.
No panic.
We are strong.
We are ready for everything.
We will win over everybody because we are Ukraine.
Well, Russia has called the globalist bluff, ladies and gentlemen.
And of course, this whole thing's very incestuous.
The whole Russian system's deeply involved with the globalist.
And their Soros forces are deeply entwined with every major nation on Earth.
When I say Soros forces, it's his foundations that have the arm out of the Bilderberg Group that actually try to overthrow the governments with Velvet Revolutions.
So when I say Soros, he's more just an archetype of what we're discussing here.
There's so many angles and so many ways to look at this.
I really want to open the phones up today early in this hour, specifically On your view of what's happening and what you think is coming next here on the Alex Jones Show.
And I know Owen Troyer is going to be covering this in-depth very, very intensely today.
We'll be doing special reports and more at Infowars.com as it's needed.
and we'll also be hosting Saturday live show at a special Sunday six hour live show
that we're gonna be doing this Sunday.
And that's gonna be again, kicking off at 4 p.m. Central Standard Time
and going up until 10 o'clock at night.
Because CNN is running it every, get that clip ready please, 18 seconds.
CNN is running this promo every break.
And the only time CNN has viewers is during an election or during a war.
So they've gone from the lowest ratings I've ever had to their ratings are quite high right now.
And why would you be running promos about Alex Jones being the devil every single break?
I got told by folks it's every single break, so I did something I never do.
I went and tuned over to CNN this morning and the first time they went to break, It was Alex Jones, the devil.
And what does that tell you?
I mean, that is the mouth of the New World Order demonizing me.
Why is that happening?
Well, we know why.
They're putting massive pressure behind the scenes for the Justice Department to indict me for something.
And they've had, you know, obviously the FBI and the rest of it up our rear ends.
And I mean, we're as clean as a whistle, obviously.
That's just how I've been my whole life.
A straight shoe.
There's nothing going on here.
I don't take drugs.
I don't even speed in my car.
We're just above board American patriots, but they're running all these promos about how I'm a threat to America intertwined with war with Russia.
So, Rush is the enemy, and Alex Jones is the enemy, and this is just an incredible psy-op, and I'm told they've turned the promos up attacking me, not just this little short one, but others, more now that this war garbage started in the last 48 hours.
So, just pray for us, ladies and gentlemen, because CNN is a shadow of its former self.
It's a horrible organization.
It oversees censorship and control.
But when it is salivating like circling sharks, like I'm in a raft and there's like shark fins everywhere around it with CNN on the side.
And Brian Stelter hopping around like a demonic Humpty Dumpty.
It's just very creepy.
Absolutely creepy.
And I know what's in the piece because they sent me a bunch of questions that I refuse to answer or be part of.
You know, actually talking to them because they twist anything you say.
Same reason I won't talk to the January 6th Committee.
Because there's no honor amongst thieves.
These people want to set me up.
They want to put me in prison.
They know I'm innocent.
They know I didn't want January 6th to happen.
But it's this whole piece about how I'm a threat and I've got to be thrown in jail and then They go and create a fake origin story, because I know who went and did it, John Ronson, with just 100% whole cloth, made up garbage.
And again, they do that before they whack you.
They want to shut somebody up, and then they want to have the fake origin story, and destroy somebody.
But I know we're going to win in the end, and I trust in God, and God is way more powerful than these people, but I'm not stupid.
And just like I predicted the war in February, I need your prayers.
I'm going to continue on more hardcore than ever, but this is just becoming ridiculous.
I mean, at this point, it's freaking ridiculous.
I mean, they attack me in hundreds of newspapers a day, dozens of TV shows a day, national shows every week.
I can't even keep track of it.
It's just everywhere.
Alex Jones is Satan.
Because they see me As a representation of everything they hate about America.
A strong, honorable man, who's a father, who believes in freedom, and has rallied the people, and has survived their attacks for decades, and they think if we can just destroy him, and steal his identity once we've killed him, or put him in prison, then we can somehow defeat you.
You see, they see me as you.
That's something Trump always said, is they want to get through me to get to you.
They hate you.
They're your enemy.
They're at war with you.
It is absolutely true.
Now they're harassing Joe Rogan because of his association with me.
The Democrat lawyers that basically own the Sandy Hook people are now trying to suck him in.
It's stalking.
It's Democrat Party, deep state, stalking of everyone.
And all I want is a good, just society, and to not have a bunch of wars, and to go to space, and to have a system based on honorable competition, but not competition that's so insane, you know, you kill your competition.
And I just want to stay out of a feudalist nightmare.
And I just love you.
And I'm genuine.
And I'm teleprompter free, and they know it.
So, we've been through a lot together.
And I appreciate you all.
And I'm going to come back and hit all the news and take calls and more.
It is definitely two minutes to midnight, both on the case of nuclear war, but also the end of all of our speech and the global cashless society coming in.
And we are going through the birthing pains right now of something really nasty that's about to come on the scene.
But remember, you're all going to die anyways.
What matters is how you act and how you behave now in front of God and in front of your families.
And so, it's a spiritual fight.
The most important thing is changing the soul.
The most important thing is people realizing God's real, and the devil's real, and that choice is eternal.
That's everything.
Everything else doesn't matter.
Not the wrinkles in your face, or are you overweight, or are you losing your house.
All that is nothing.
Oh, your car broke down.
Your car's a piece of crap.
Who cares?
You're made by God.
You're amazing.
Opening that channel up with communion with the Holy Spirit takes you to the next level, and then nothing else matters, and then everything else will flow from that.
We're a rich, wealthy, powerful society because we were a little Christian, and the blessings were just like torrents on us, and then now we left God, and like you flip a light switch, the blessing's gone.
And we're ruled by evil, demonic creatures.
Like Pelosi and Biden who are emblematic of the rotting, collapsing, satanic world government.
And that's the archetype of evil leaders.
They're like Skeksis in the Dark Crystal.
Now that's a fictional science fiction film.
This is the real world with real Skeksis that want to subconsciously take you with them because they know they're already dead on the inside.
We've got Pelosi calling Ukraine a totally different country.
When we come back.
I shouldn't laugh, it's so damn dangerous.
These are the people in command of the nuclear weapons.
Just remember that.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we'll be back.
Tomorrow's News Today.
I don't want to set the world on fire.
I just want to start a flame in your heart.
In my heart I have but one desire.
Will we destroy ourselves like the mythical continent of Atlantis?
No other will do.
Because whether Atlantis existed or not, we are now the new Atlantis.
Old world.
An island in deep space, orbiting a standard star, two-thirds of the way out on the spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy.
Here we are, my friends, plunging into infinity.
Blasting off into eternity.
Putin's troops raise Russian flag in Ukraine as Z-tanks, Which have come from the East and O-tanks that come from Belarus enter deeper into the nation.
And there is no real resistance because just like the U.S.
bought off the Iraqi leadership in Gulf War I and Gulf War II, 90 plus percent of their generals, you see that Putin has already done his work.
And has already paid off the Ukrainian military.
And that's why the Russians know they can roll right in and face almost no resistance.
Because that's how real war is done.
Do you think the French military that actually beat the Germans in World War One, I mean, they were the main army, the Brits were the second army, the Russians were the third army, the US was a late, very small contingent.
Only came in the last year and a half.
Do you think the French just gave up in 10 days when Hitler invaded in 1940?
He bought off the entire French command.
And they were given dictatorship of France and moved their headquarters to Vichy for the next five years.
And that's how war's done.
You buy off your enemy before battle.
And then you just blow up some troops and their foxholes and declare victory.
And Putin is taking Ukraine.
He denied it.
They denied it.
They claimed, oh, we're just going to protect these zones.
And then, oh, we're just going to route out the Nazis, which, I mean, how does the left say no to that?
You got both sides calling each other Hitler.
A political party of socialists that hasn't been around in 75 years.
Except in Ukraine.
I mean, it was Nazi-affiliated groups from the old fissures of World War II, when Ukraine was taken over by the Nazis, that are actually in partial parliamentary power there.
They actually do the Hitler salutes and everything in Parliament.
So it's pretty wild stuff, ladies and gentlemen.
It's like gangs.
It's like the Mongols and the Hells Angels.
These beefs just go on and on and on and on and on.
And Soros and the West were backing the Nazis.
But that's not the whole Ukrainian groups that were against the Russians.
It's about 50-50 in the numbers of who wants to be allied with the Euro, who wants to be allied with Russia.
But Russia said, hey, you're Slavic.
You founded Russia.
We want you.
Because Ukraine's always been the good part of town for what is the Russian Empire.
It's mama.
And they're not going to let George Soros have mama.
And so that's what's happening.
Again, Russia was founded in Ukraine.
And there's all these memes of Hitler loving Putin.
But the truth is it was Hitler took over Ukraine in World War II and then the Russians pushed in and took it back and then killed probably a half million people in firing squads that they thought were associated with the Nazis and that kind of pissed off a lot of Ukrainians when you know dad mom get lined up and shot so and Putin apologized for that four or five days ago in that big address that we aired he said I know that the Soviets in World War II, after that, really killed a lot of people and did a lot of bad things, and I apologize for the Communists, and you want to decommunize stuff?
We're about to really decommunize it, because Lenin gave Ukraine away from Russia, and we're not doing it.
Because, like, Ukraine is, like, the head of Russia.
Moscow is what came in in the 1300s and saved what was really Russia.
from the Huns.
But listen, I'm not going to go into a history lesson here for anybody.
And I'm not defending what the Russians are doing or what Biden's doing.
I'm just giving people a historical basis of what's really going on here.
But that's why you're not seeing any real Ukrainian resistance because it was all for show.
And The comedian Hollywood president was a double agent the whole time.
Oh, yeah.
That's what all the smart money is on.
That's what all the experts I know, and I'm an expert myself, know.
And so Putin's fighting a war he already won before he pulled the trigger.
And that's why we're InfoWars.com.
Tomorrow's news.
And that's how Biden and the globalists got out, maneuvered completely.
Trump was smart.
He said, no, we're not shipping tow missiles and anti-tank missiles in.
Russia will invade and take it over.
Let's just leave it and have it be an economic development zone and a free-for-all, just like he told Kim Jong-un.
Let's just build condos on the beach and build casinos, dude.
Why do you got people in slave camps?
You can be running a giant Las Vegas.
Look at the 800 miles of incredible coastline you've got, dumbass.
Of course, the Chinese control North Korea.
They won't let Kim Jong-un do that.
Un was like slobbering, wanting to do it.
Oh, you mean I could leave with the U.S.?
I could be a billionaire?
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Sorry, can't do that.
And that's what Trump was saying is, oh no, we're going to do deals with everybody.
That's how you conquer the world.
But see, Globalist forces don't want that.
They want to be able to shut down the Israeli pipeline, the U.S.
pipeline, the Russian pipeline.
They've all been shut down in the last year.
Nord Stream 2, the Israeli pipeline out of the Mediterranean, and of course, Keystone.
But again, it's not Biden doing it.
That's why you've got all these scientists and doctors and White House former top doctors saying that Biden is not fit to deal with this Russia crisis.
Of course, he's not dealing with it.
He's a puppet.
But you gotta ask, who's running him?
Well, Obama and other forces.
So, this is extremely dangerous, but make no mistake, the fact that the Russians are taking over all the nuclear power plants and coal power plants and gas plants And they're taking over the government buildings and the airports.
And then some of the military people I know say, yeah, I've seen the footage.
It looked like a bunch of young 18-year-old Russians, you know, that aren't even special operations, dragging rocket launchers around, and no one's opposing them.
This looks fake.
This doesn't look like a real war.
Well, that's because it's all a big drill.
The Ukrainian military was bought off.
And so now we'll see what happens with their puppet president.
A lot of times puppets end up getting hung, but we'll see what goes on.
But this is all directly because of globalist leftist Western forces with all their transgenderism and all of their pregnant flight suits and all of their CRT in the military and all this.
The entire world thinks we're a complete joke now.
And now China is getting ready to invade Taiwan.
We'll be right back.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live.
It is Thursday, February 24th, 2022.
Transmission, all hell is breaking loose.
Now, I'm going to open the phones up next hour into the third hour.
And we also have a guest for one segment who's in Ukraine popping in.
In the third hour.
We're going to take a lot of calls, second and third hour.
I thought I had Roger on middle of the next hour.
He's actually on now.
That's great.
Roger Stone has a lot to say about what's happening in Ukraine with Russia and so much more, but also some big January 6 news and other news dealing with the ongoing Russiagate garbage.
Everything is Russia, Russia, Russia.
But listen, when I start the next hour, I cannot be distracted by this Russia thing and then not get to the COVID news.
So two big things have happened.
One of them is a major German insurance company has come out and confirmed what all these other insurance companies in the U.S.
have said, 40 plus percent death rate from the shots.
I mean, this is just story of the century.
And then it gets even more insane.
Mainline news and mainline scientific universities with the CRISPR gene editing systems have confirmed 100% that COVID-19 was weaponized and made in a lab, and wait for it, is a synthetic gene-edited virus.
It's all fake.
It's all man-made.
Just like the head of Pfizer a few weeks ago said, oh, we don't do gain-of-function now.
We scan viruses and then artificially create new ones.
So it's like having a synthetic drug before Congress passes a law.
And the DEA is like, hey, they've changed the molecule.
It's the same thing as ecstasy, but we're not allowed to arrest them.
Well, they make synthetic viruses and go, hey, it's not from the earth.
It's new.
We're allowed to have it.
That's mainstream news.
is that broke last night. Now, I got a lot to say and a lot to unpack here, but I wanted
to get Roger Stone's take on it, but next segment he'll be with us as well.
I'm going to play a clip of Klaus Schwab saying, cyber attacks, power outages, and I'm telling you, where Putin has miscalculated, and I guess he just doesn't care he's got nuclear weapons, is that they're going to cut the power off in areas and pull a bunch of shenanigans and blame it on Putin.
You can bet your ass on that, okay?
That is the default move here.
A false flag to be blamed on the Russians, and the Russians That looks like taking the bait to me.
I would not have done what Putin did.
I know he thinks it's their country, their people.
It's being taken from them.
That's where Russia started was the Ukraine.
They're moving weapons in.
I get it.
But he's looking three, four moves ahead.
I'm looking 20 ahead.
And I think it's bad news for the planet.
I'm going to stop ranting.
Roger Stone, former top Trump advisor, always has the ear of the president.
We'll leave it at that.
They talk quite a bit and hang out quite a bit there in Florida.
He lives right by Mar-a-Lago.
And he's got a lot to say about Russia, January 6th, and so much more.
Roger Stone, thanks for coming on with us today.
Alex, it's great to be back with you.
Well, as we used to say when I was a correspondent for InfoWars, tomorrow's news today.
We predicted this a good 10 days ago, that the plan to war was inexorable.
This was, as I have said previously, entirely avoidable.
No, for those folks at Media Matters for America, I'm not an apologist for Putin.
I denounce the Russian system.
It's a brutal totalitarian system.
And Putin is a thug.
Of that, there is no question.
Although, I still doubt the narrative of the Biden administration.
And I notice a difference between what the Ukrainian government is saying and what the Biden administration is saying.
Let me say several things.
First of all, this never would have happened if Donald Trump were president, because there was a negotiable settlement for world peace.
And it wouldn't have matter, it wouldn't have included giving up any of Ukraine to the Russians territorially.
Putin has made it very clear from the beginning That his concern was the potential of the presence of Western missiles in Ukraine.
When he said, I don't want Ukraine to join NATO, I want assurances, they don't want NATO membership.
What he's saying is, we don't want Western missiles on our border.
This is not different than the position of President John F. Kennedy in 1962 when the Russians put Soviet missiles 90 miles off our shore in Cuba.
There was, therefore, a diplomatic solution.
But the Biden administration doesn't want a diplomatic solution.
They don't want peace.
They don't really care about the integrity of the Ukrainian borders any more than they do the integrity of our southern border.
This is about war.
War is extremely important, profitable to the deep state and to the Biden administration.
It occurs to me, Alex, the last time there was a Russian invasion of Ukraine, in which they took Crimea, it was under Barack Obama, not under Donald Trump.
So this is a tragedy that could trigger World War III.
The loss of life here could be extraordinary.
And the idea that we are going to punish Russia with sanctions is laughable because Joe Biden is propping up their domestic petroleum industry.
With oil pushing past 100 a barrel and are dependent on Russian and Saudi oil, he's the one who's rebuilding their economy.
He laughs at your sanctions.
Your sanctions won't bother him in the slightest.
So that is an ineffective response, to say the least.
Plus the Biden administration, as you know, removed the sanctions with the support of House Republicans on China only weeks ago.
So I think the agenda of the administration is clear.
It is war at any price.
It is war at any cost.
This is an international tragedy.
I agree with you, Roger.
I know you've been talking to the big man quite a bit lately, and most of that is off record.
What can you tell us about President Trump and what his real views are on this?
Well, he correctly recognizes this wouldn't happen if he were president, that there was a diplomatic solution.
As he said last night, having a dialogue with Putin is not a bad thing, it's a good thing.
We both have nuclear weapons.
World peace hangs in the balance.
We've been talking past the Russians.
Economically, until we propped up their economy, the president points out that they can't afford to sustain Ukraine as a puppet state.
What perplexes me every morning when I wake up is watching the New York Post, which has been terrific editorially on the fact that this was a soluble problem and the Biden administration was basically just beating the war drums as neocons, but now suddenly they've become bloodthirsty too in their front page.
So, one thing that did bother me, and that was that in one of the so-called unaligned regions where the Russians have already taken control, they're starting to force people of the Jewish faith to register.
I don't like that.
That bothers me a great deal.
Is that real?
That is a press report that I read this morning, shortly before coming on.
I hope that it is incorrect.
But again, we are hurtling towards war completely unnecessarily.
This is the manifestation.
Of a posture of weakness.
It's the whole reason that the Iraqis continue to rain missiles on Israel.
It's the reason the North Koreans have restarted their nuclear development program, their weapons development program.
It's the reason the Chinese are harassing our ships in the South China Sea.
The idea of harassing an American flag ship in the Pacific would have been out of the question under President Donald Trump.
And I'm sure that Putin laughs at Biden's claim of sanctions.
Sanctions are not going to bother him in the slightest.
In fact, at the same time, Biden turns off the Keystone pipe, so we have energy problems.
Yet he has now green-lighted their pipeline, which had been shut down by Donald Trump.
Trump was tougher on the Russians than any president in recent memory.
There's a lot of memes out there that show the Russians attacked under Obama and they attacked under Biden, but they didn't attack when Trump was in there.
Well, not only that, but that is, of course, the real irony of the whole Russia, Russia, Russia hoax.
John Podesta and those around Hillary made millions.
Tony Podesta made millions in their sweetheart deals with some of the oligarchs around Russia.
If there was anyone in bed with Russia, it was Hillary Clinton.
So, the idea that Trump would go soft on them, or that they favored his candidacy, that's nonsensical, it's false, and now it's been proven false.
That's right, stay right there, Roger Stone.
Alright, Roger Stone's riding shotgun with us a little bit at the next hour, then I'm gonna have two hours of open phones ahead of Paul Joseph Watson, and then I'm gonna be hanging around here, I'll be on the war room, and I'm looking to do some nighttime shows, this is all so huge.
Russia is invading the whole of Ukraine.
Putin has Use deception, as you do in war, and it is now moving into the whole thing.
Roger Stone is our guest riding shotgun.
Let me just briefly say this.
We're only on air after going up against the Democrats, the Globalists, the New World Order, all of it because of you.
And I don't spend our time defending ourselves, but maybe 2% of the show.
I'm not going to bore you with all the background stuff.
We've got bigger fish to fry, but you want to keep InfoWars on the air.
I want to thank you for it, and your support has been so amazing.
We need more support now.
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And Roger, speaking of you, you're an embattled person.
We're gonna talk about it next hour.
You got some big news on January 6th, big news on what you're planning to do to fight back.
We're gonna talk about that in the next few segments.
But getting back to Russia, what is your big picture view on this,
and where do you think this is going?
Well, Alex, first of all, and I'll get criticized for this, but I don't really care.
Brainforce in the liquid form is even superior than the old brainforce capsules.
This is a great product.
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I really like the new liquid formula.
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So I can't say enough about this product.
And Alex, I'm not compensated to say any of this.
So, no, we don't have some secret deal where Stone will plug our products.
No, I'm saying this because it's true and for no other reason.
And also... I've got to interrupt you.
You'll have plenty of time next hour, but it's funny you raised this.
Last time you just brought up, off air, how much you liked one of the products and the iodine.
And then I said, well, you ought to say that on air.
So we came back, you said it.
They made a huge, like it was a scandal that you promoted the iodine product and it was so evil.
Here's a new one.
Media Matters tattled and said Alex Jones Show is streaming on Spotify.
We weren't doing it.
Somebody else was doing it.
But it said, oh, following publication of the report, Spotify appears to have removed the Alex Jones Show from the platform.
So literal tattletale hall monitors that try to control things.
Oh, Roger Stone likes iodine.
Don't get it.
Oh, oh, Alex Jones is on Spotify.
Get him off again.
I mean, these people have no shame, Roger.
Talk about un-American garbage.
Well, they tried to say that I'm somehow selling quackery.
Iodine is indisputably extremely valuable in terms of boosting natural immunity.
There's no dispute about that.
All I was pointing out was that the iodine product sold at InfoWars is of the highest quality.
I mean, I've bought iodine down at, you know, the vitamin shop, and I've ordered it on Amazon, as much as I hate Giving Jeff Bezos a penny, but it's not of the quality that you can get at InfoWars.
That's all I was saying.
They make it sound like this is some kind of hucksterism or that I'm somehow compensated to push these products.
No, I said it because I'd just gotten over the Chinese virus and I was at the point where all I had left was this nagging cough.
Thanks to Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, I had a quick recovery.
That'll ensure that we're banned everywhere, just that I mentioned those.
And I talked about the quality of the product.
It's a joke.
Let's move to the question.
No, no, no, totally.
We're going to come back and do a few segments next hour to get into the other issues.
But yeah, Russia, where is this going?
Look, I think we're headed to potentially a world war.
First of all, there will be no military response from Joe Biden.
That's my prediction.
You're going to see sanctions that Putin will laugh at.
Meanwhile, Biden will be calling on the other lines, seeing if he can order more oil.
Because Donald Trump had this nation to oil independence, to energy independence.
We didn't have to rely on OPEC.
We didn't have to rely on the Saudis or anyone else in the Middle East.
We didn't have to rely on Russia.
Now we are propping up their economy with the one hand and trying to shut their economy down with the other hand.
It makes no sense whatsoever.
And let me throw this at you, Roger.
Why did they not ever invade during four years of Trump, but did under Obama, did under now Biden?
That's A and then B. Why would Biden telegraph, well, we're not going to militarily respond if they invade?
Trump would never say that.
Then of course Putin could invade.
Whether you're for what Putin did or not, or neutral, I'm not a military tactician, but you don't tell people we're not going to respond.
And that's crazy.
This is something Trump talked about prior to him ever being in politics.
Why would you telegraph your punch?
Why would you tell your adversaries what you will and will not do?
It's kind of like General Milley calling the head of the Chinese military and saying, don't worry, we're never going to launch a strike against you.
And if we do, if we anticipate any action against you, I'll call you in advance.
That's not stupid, Mr. President.
That's called treason.
Should he become president again?
I don't think there's any statute of limitation on treason, by the way.
So, uh, it is, it is outrageous, but look, this would never even happened under Trump.
Trump, uh, utilized the madman theory of Richard Nixon.
Henry Kissinger would go to the North Koreans and say, look, Nixon's out of his mind.
He might just push the button and blow you all to oblivion.
Uh, I don't know if I can contain him, but you need to make a peace deal now because he will use American power.
They knew Trump was a wild card.
First of all, they knew, and I've written this, he was the toughest president we've ever had.
In politics, he was the toughest man I ever dealt with.
I worked for Bob Dole, who was really a tough guy.
I worked for Richard Nixon, who is not exactly a cream puff.
Donald Trump has ice water in his veins, particularly when he's negotiating over something that matters, such as the security of the United States.
None of these things would have happened under Donald Trump.
He's kind of laughing at the Germans now.
The Germans are in more trouble than they've ever been.
The pipeline that we work so hard to turn off to now excuse me, Biden's going to turn it back on.
You can't sanction Russia economically at the same time you are propping them up economically through your energy policies.
But that's exactly what we're doing.
So all you can say definitively Is that the response of the Biden administration, who's egged on this war.
By the way, I don't think the Ukrainians believe this could have been resolved as well.
We saw the Ukrainian president essentially call Vice President Harris a liar last weekend.
They are pushing war.
They are advocating for war.
They need it to distract from the fact that the Chinese are taking this to the cleaners.
They need it to distract us from Hunter Biden's grifting and the fact that Biden and his entire family have been paid off by the Chinese.
That's right.
This is get-on analysis.
Roger, how do people find your websites and more?
They can go to StoneColdTruth.com.
Stay right there.
We're coming right back to you.
We're going to get into the election and more.
All right, Roger, you got some big news.
You're going to break in six minutes when some stations join us, but a lot of folks are tuned in now.
This little no-man's land.
What else is on your scope, on your radar, in the world, with the Democrats crashing and burning with 257 days out from the election?
What do they do to extricate themselves?
Well, they clearly need this war as a distraction, because between energy prices, the so-called supply chain problem, most grocery stores now in Florida, there are many foodstuffs, things you just, you can't buy, you can't find.
I'm sorry, in the richest, most prosperous country in the world, I refuse to believe that there are a shortage of, say, chicken wings.
Not buying it.
We are on the verge of a Canadian-type situation, which our Justice Department is out of control, has been unduly politicized.
There was a piece in the Washington Post yesterday trying to de-punk the absolute fact that Hillary Clinton got caught red-handed by John Durham, the special counsel, spying on Trump.
I love this.
Michael Sussman, who was one of Hillary's henchmen, who was busted by Durham, complains about the prejudicial media and the politicized charges filed by Durham.
Perhaps he never read the charges filed against me by Robert Mueller.
Let me remind you.
I was going to be found guilty of mail fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy against the United States, money laundering, millions of dollars, unauthorized access to a computer, trafficking in stolen data, misprison of a felony, accessory to a felony after the fact.
Mueller told multiple federal judges he had probable cause to charge me for all of those crimes.
He found no evidence whatsoever of any of those crimes.
Without unlimited financing and legal authority, they could find no crime.
So they fashioned the crime of lying about Russian collusion.
Now, let's be logical.
You cannot lie about something that did not happen.
The judge said specifically I lied to cover up for Donald Trump's involvement in Russian collusion.
And that never happened.
So my charges in the two-year hell that I went through in which I was vilified, smeared, threatened, obviously bankrupted, gagged, lynched, and then subjected to a Soviet-style show trial, the Democrats are now squealing that Hillary and her cohorts are being subjected to prejudicial media and presidential charges from Durham.
But let me come to the bottom line, and it's a sad one, Alex.
Durham has purposely run out the clock.
Hillary Clinton is not going to be prosecuted.
He's going to conclude that she and her retinue convicted were guilty of multiple crimes.
He's also going to say that he is time barred by the statute of limitations from, uh, from prosecuting her.
That's why I'm seriously thinking about a class action suit to sue Hillary.
I'd probably try to get general Flynn, Maven, Paul Manafort and others to join me.
And Roger, that's the big news.
I want all the 300 plus radio stations, we probably have 100 right now that carry the Snowman's Land because some don't want to carry news.
So they asked us like 15 years ago, hey, just do that first five minutes.
We do.
But I want to join the other probably 200 stations aren't carrying this.
That is a big announcement.
So save that for a minute.
What else you want to cover when we come back?
Lawsuit today against Adam Schiff and the January 6th Committee.
They are, on the basis of no evidence whatsoever, they are seeking all of my cell phone records.
I'm going to federal court to block that.
It's a phishing expedition.
There's no probable cause.
Believe me, they're doing it to me, they're doing it to our whole crew.
The listeners have no idea how much this costs.
The costs are astronomical.
So I want to talk about that lawsuit, and I want to talk about holding them accountable.
It's time for us to sue them.
It's time for us to see all of John Podesta's emails, at least the ones we didn't see that were dumped by WikiLeaks, which we had nothing to do with, which were absolutely accurate and very embarrassing.
I totally agree.
I want to say this very slowly to listeners.
I know they're smart, but I want to sink in with all this other news.
They're building the whole basis of their globalist world government takeover On that we're all terrorists of January 6 and this harassment.
So once they're done beta testing it on Roger and I and Joe Biggs and Stuart Rhodes, once they're done doing that, it's going to be everybody.
And you can see that now they admit that this is their attempted Soviet takeover of America.
So this is a big issue that people aren't focused on.
We're going to talk about it in 60 seconds with the one and the only Roger Stone.
We are no longer on the eve of war.
We are in a global conflict.
Showing amazing footage coming in of shot down Russian helicopters.
Full scale invasion.
One thing Biden said was true.
I guess clocks, even when they're broken, are right twice a day.
This is history.
But we'll get to that next segment.
Open the phones up.
Take your calls for several hours.
We've got so much big breaking news.
But Roger Stone is here with massive January 6th intel and information and why this is so important, how they're planning A civil emergency like Trudeau has done here in America and how we need to get on the offense peacefully, legally, lawfully against this.
Roger Stone, you've got some big news for all the stations that just joined us.
So let's be very clear.
Our goal when we went to Washington on January 5th and 6th was to win a 10 day delay in the certification of the election of Joe Biden to leave time for closer examination and investigation of extensive irregularities in the voting in Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and elsewhere.
That is not seditious.
It is not illegal.
It is not treasonous.
It's exactly what Hillary did in 2016.
You may not remember this, Alex, but Hillary demanded and John Podesta demanded that they make a special presentation to the electoral college to try to stave off the certification of Donald Trump's election.
Nobody jumped up and down and screamed treason or sedition there.
So the people who broke into the Capitol, that action was counterproductive to what we were trying to achieve.
We're trying to achieve something perfectly legal under our system.
Beyond that, however, just questioning the election results in a speech, in a podcast, on a show like InfoWars, whether you're the President of the United States, or whether you're Alex Jones, or whether you're Roger Stone, or whether you're Joe Smith, it's perfectly legal.
It's constitutionally protected speech.
Jerry Nadler questioned the election of Donald Trump in 2016.
Now, we thought he was a jackass, but we never called him a traitor when he did that.
So we have two different sets of a standard here.
The most important thing to announce today is that I received a subpoena for all of my cell phone records in November, January, and December, this past three months.
And I filed a lawsuit only hours ago against Adam Schiff and the House Intelligence, the House January 6th Committee.
This is a phishing expedition.
This is yet another witch hunt.
One of the lawsuits, one in which I'm actually not a plaintiff, was upheld last week because the judge ruled that because I had spoken to Donald Trump post-election, and because I had come in contact with members of the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys, that it was reasonable to assume that additional discovery would turn up other evidence of wrongdoing.
With all due respect, Judge, it will turn over nothing whatsoever.
There is no there there.
I went to Washington, as you did, Alex, and I exercised my First Amendment rights.
I never advocated violence or insurrection or unlawfulness.
In fact, doing so would have been completely counterproductive to what I went there for.
Which is to win a 10-day delay.
So, I have not only taken this action, but now in all honesty, with the Durham report out, and the clowns at the Washington Post trying desperately to spin it as if it didn't happen, I'm contemplating a massive class action lawsuit.
Suing Hillary, Podesta, and all of them.
You see, you can't sue the government.
I can't sue Mueller or the corrupt prosecutors, no matter how corrupt their actions.
You can't sue the FBI.
They're immune from prosecution.
But I can sue her and her retinue, and I'm seriously considering it.
But I have to be honest with you.
I can't even afford the lawsuit I filed this morning.
I had to promise the lawyers who filed it that I would go out and raise the money to pay them because the till at the Stone Defense Fund is empty.
It's empty because it's been eaten up with the six other harassment lawsuits I have to defend about.
And the fact that, frankly, in terms of my own ability to make money, I've been paying for my wife's alternative cancer care, which is effective but not inexpensive.
So... And Roger, let me expand on this.
We're running out of money.
You're running out of money.
And this is the critical time in the battle.
You know, the whole group coming after us, the Democratic Party, is now trying to, they
have sued years ago, the radio network I'm on that was not super profitable and has over
700 affiliates for their shows, but Ted was actually looking to offload it or just get
out of it because he's not making any money.
They just said, "Hey, just give us your network and we won't sue you.
We want Alex Jones off the air."
Next level stuff.
And then I've got this, look at this.
They're running this ad every break, Megaphone for Conspiracy, the Alex Jones story, and they sent me the questions, Roger, and like literally most of the questions are 100% made up.
100% made up stuff, though there's no truth to it.
Just like, it's so fantastical, and I guess CNN has no audience, but why do you think they're doing this?
Well, first of all, I want to point out they sent you the questions after their documentary was already made.
Of course.
So your questions, your answers are irrelevant.
But Alex, please remember Stone's greatest role.
The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.
No, no, I totally agree with you, but here's another example.
Sandy Hook families are requesting records of conversations between Alex Jones and Joe Rogan.
Now they're harassing Joe Rogan like every American can be subpoenaed and have their data taken because Alex Jones questioned a shooting.
It's just like January 6th.
It's a giant witch hunt.
There's no question about it, but Alex, we have no choice but to fight, and we can't fight if we are unarmed financially.
So people need to go to stonedefensefund.com.
Help me not only sue Adam Schiff and the January 6th Committee, but help me sue Hillary Clinton and her retinue.
I'm going to try to get Alex Jones and General Flynn and maybe even Paul Manafort to join me in that clash.
Oh, I'm on board.
I mean, I have to fight back.
We have to do it.
People can find books, films, t-shirts, and more on your other site, and find your podcasts and shows.
Where do we find everything Roger Stone?
You can go to StoneColdTruth.com and go to the shop.
You can get your iconic Roger Stone did nothing wrong t-shirt.
That's the t-shirt I was arrested in by 29 heavily armed FBI agents.
There may be some who argue, Alex, that we don't have ongoing damages.
Actually, the censorship of me on social media platforms because I'm alleged to be a Russian intelligence asset, that's an ongoing damage to me.
The personal threats, the death threats, this is ongoing.
So I'm happy to have filed this lawsuit today.
I can't wait to have Adam Schiff, you know, on the stand and under deposition.
I'm sure he's going to seek to hide behind his congressional name.
You have, because we talked over the weekend, a few days ago, you have sued Schiff today.
We filed a lawsuit against Schiff and the members of the January 6th Committee this morning to halt their attempts to achieve, to get my cell phone records for this past November, January, December, and January.
Because there's no probable cause.
There's nothing there to find.
By the way, I have nothing to hide.
If they do win them, they're going to learn nothing other than that I talk occasionally to Alex Jones.
And that, you know, and that we're good friends.
That proves precisely nothing.
Roger, thank you so much and God bless you.
We'll talk to you soon.
Great to be with you, Alex.
And folks, please, go on InfoWars now, buy the products, go to Stone Defense Fund, get a product.
This is the tip of the spear.
They want to close InfoWars down so Roger Stone can't appear anyplace.
Don't let them do it.
That's right.
God bless you, Roger.
We're going to come back at the number out and then take the calls and cover all the breaking news right now with this potential for worldwide war to break out.
But you want people in the arena, folks.
You want people to fight.
You want people to tell the truth?
Well, we can't do it without sponsors.
We're not funded by George Soros.
And that's why, if I got all the money I needed in one plug a day, we'd do it.
But I'm like a baby bird begging to be fed or I'm gonna die.
And I get Roger on because he's under the same attack.
And you want us to stay in the game?
You want us to stay in the fight?
You want him to stay on Trump's ear and influence Trump to really fight tyranny?
You've got to keep us on air, folks.
Our influence is just my influence, the show's influence, our guest's influence is just exploding.
And that makes the globalists and left get even madder and madder and madder because they haven't shut us down yet.
But you're like gravity keeping us in the sky.
You hold us in place.
You renew us second to second.
Got a lot of great products, by the way.
We're going to come back, hit big breaking news, give the number out and take your calls
on this Thursday, February 24th, Global Transmission, InfoWars.com.
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D3, eight years ago, I've been promoting people taking vitamin D3 because it is essential.
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50% off.
We've been starting the broadcast the last few years with air raid sirens many days.
I'm warning you, real air raid sirens are coming.
Now those are the real air raid sirens.
There's no doubt Russia is completely invading Ukraine.
So Biden actually told the truth for once.
I had said back in October, and I've said back in November and December, we'll play those clips here in a minute, that my sources said by late February at the latest, that's word for word, that you would see Russia and China move in.
And you know, I love the Twitter comments.
Most of them are positive, but some are negative.
They're like, he's definitely an insider.
He's definitely a Fed.
He's definitely Illuminati.
How's he know this?
Well, if you spent your time for 28 years being on air, reading books and documents, and we're covering real issues, Then you get successful and you meet all the thinkers, and then they call you and tell you stuff.
I told people that one of the richest people out there told me this, and that military sources confirmed it.
Elon Musk came out separately and said, look for the stock market to crash in February.
He said that about a month after I first started talking about it.
I mean, Elon was right here in Austin.
Think it was Elon I was talking to?
No, it wasn't him.
Listen, the point is, is that it's not about Hollywood, where I sit here and I name drop, and it's, oh, I'm in with a cool group.
I mean, I was freaked out when I told you in October that I was out to dinner with some folks, very famous.
They said, we heard this.
What do you think?
And I said, let me make some calls.
I made some calls, very smart people.
They said, yeah, that's what we're here as well.
How do you know that?
Not many people know that.
Well, when you're at this level, you get to know all that.
And so the issue isn't about, oh, look, I was right.
Alex Jones is Nostradamus.
Most of this stuff we already know because the globalists brag about it, and I'm telling you how to learn this stuff on your own.
And it's beautiful.
I got a big example of this right here.
But I won't give the number now so we can start taking your calls here.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
But I want to give people that are in Europe, in Ukraine, in Poland, in Russia, in Belarus, anywhere in that area of Europe, I want to ask the listeners to be polite in the first round.
We'll see if we get some calls.
We probably will.
From Ukraine, from Belarus, from Poland, from those other areas, I'd like to hear from you.
I'd like to know what you think about the situation.
The country code to call if your 1-800 number won't work where you're at is 01-512-646-1776.
That's 01-512-646-1776 or 877-789-2539.
That's 01512-646-1776 or 877-789-2539.
But let me show you this and then we'll go to break in six, seven minutes, come back
and take your calls.
This is what folks are putting out on Twitter and Instagram and everywhere and it's going
You can look it up.
It's true.
I don't just believe what people put out.
The World Economic Forum.
Countries where the Prime Minister is a member of the World Economic Forum.
And it's basically every country in Western Europe, except for Spain and Portugal.
That's a real cult.
That's what we're up against.
Here's an example in Canada.
You've got the premiers of all these different areas, members of parliament, conservative party, liberal parties, you've got the prime minister, the deputy prime minister, a bunch of the cabinet, it's all them, and they brag it's them.
So see, oh, how did Theo Foley, I don't know who this is, how did Theo Foley know this?
He must be an insider.
The CIA must have come and No, he went and looked it up.
And he went and made a graphic.
And you can go look it up, it's true.
See, you can do it yourself.
You could go get a piece of property and grow corn on it.
You could have an oil painting.
You could go pick up a nice girl, take her out, have fun with her, get married to her and have kids.
You could do something!
But oh, Alex Jones has got magic help from the magic elves of the... No, no, I'm self-made working with other great people that are self-made that want to fight tyranny.
So I attack the fact that I've been proven right about a lot of stuff because I'm magically given something.
Dude, we ain't operating on welfare around here.
We're not operating on people giving us a step up.
We picked ourselves up.
And I raise that not to talk about me and who I am and how great I am, but the people out there on the internet that don't get, they could go know all this too.
And as soon as people figure out how valuable it is, just from a business point of view.
Like, I don't own any stock, so I'm not going to get into some insider trade deal.
But I knew Joe Rogan was going to Spotify six months before he did.
Didn't tell anybody, didn't buy any stock, didn't do it.
Went up 50% or whatever in one day.
And I told you there was going to be a war in February for my sources.
And I said, you should get positioned.
I don't own stock, but you should.
I did that because I wanted to show you how the real world works so you would get into this and stop letting other people monopolize understanding how the world works.
The way we beat the bad guys is getting the good people to wake up and figure out how the world really works.
And that's what InfoWars is.
It's not me at the little kids table at Thanksgiving or Christmas, but at the adult table.
This is the adult table.
Let's play a couple of these clips where we predict all this in October, November, and December of last year.
Here it is.
We are not just here talking about what they've already done to us.
We must ask ourselves, how would they carry out such a mass extermination operation that's already killed millions worldwide with these deadly shots that are soft kill binary weapons?
How, how would they Get away with this.
And the answer is a massive financial collapse, a war.
And so you've got the IMF saying imminent global financial collapse.
They've never talked like that.
That means they're obviously trying to trigger that.
And oh, imminent cyber attack.
Oh, an imminent war with Russia.
So I guess China can then swoop into Taiwan, Hong Kong.
They already got Hong Kong.
The South China Sea, they're saying they own part of Vietnam now?
I don't want a war, but we're looking at a giant war in February right now.
Currently that's the projections with the top people on the earth who claim they're not with the New World Order Combine.
Is war in February.
And this is the type of time, like right before World War One, right before World War Two, when everything kicks off.
And I hope that doesn't happen.
But currently, that is the trajectory we're on.
And there is a consensus on that.
So there you go, folks.
And why was Alex Jones right?
Because Alex Jones did his homework.
Not because it was work.
I mean, you start reading all the history stuff that's out there, it's fascinating.
So while full grown men are watching Marvel comics and imaginary battles and all this crap, I'm actually learning how the world really works and saying, wow, there's this evil group that's betting everything on us not knowing their plans.
The damn plans are right there.
Oh no, he's got a secret contact.
He's got a blah, blah, blah.
Well, that wasn't true when I first researched their own stuff.
It was books they wrote.
But now I'm at the level where I do get all those contacts.
And then I tell you!
Because I believe in you!
So take the info instead of saying, he's a fan, he's evil, why'd he give it to us?
Because you don't want to have to take action, do you?
You want to be a jellyfish?
All right, we've gotten some calls from Canada and Australia, but no calls from Ukraine, no calls from Germany, Poland, Russia.
So we're going to open the phones up for everybody right now.
We've got Clayton and Grant and Daniel that are not in the U.S.
The toll-free number is 877-789-2539, 877-789-ALEX.
But let's talk about brass tacks here, ladies and gentlemen.
Do I like watching wars?
Do I like watching invasions?
Absolutely not.
Did NATO ship weapons into Ukraine and have a proxy war for the last eight years with Russia?
Did Putin say, say you will not recognize Ukraine into NATO, which he had him tell they were about to do, or I'm going to invade?
And they wouldn't do it, so he invaded.
And he has done it.
And I'll give credit where it's due.
Blinken and Biden and all his controllers did not lie about this.
People lie to you constantly, and it's almost always a lie.
You tend to not listen to anything they say.
But, you know, I said back in October, I said Russia's probably going to invade Ukraine.
But when Blinken and them are like, it's guaranteed, I'm like, these are such damn liars.
Can Satan tell the truth?
Maybe the Bible says he can quote scripture and masquerade as an angel of light.
Here we are.
But I know this.
We've had over a million people the last couple of years die of fentanyl, and that's just the ones that get listed as that.
I know our southern borders are completely wide open.
I know the Mexican border has been smashed open.
And millions of people from all over the world, by boat and by plane and by you name it, go to Guatemala and other areas.
We'll show you some of the B-roll of that.
Everybody knows about the border.
They know about everything that happened.
and and and you know owens reuer in san antonio showing the big
masses of of of the illegals coming in and the people down the border as well
and so we're here Bye for now.
And Watching all this unfold, we're here watching this as it takes place, and then we're told that the borders of Ukraine are the most holy thing in the world, and that the Russians shouldn't be there, when the people controlling and running our country, when the very sovereignty of our nation
Is being erased in front of the planet.
And here's the bottom line.
It isn't just that they don't care and broke the border.
It's that the globalists of the UN have told the third world to come here.
They have shut down the third world.
They've been in years of lockdowns to then flush them up here to be now political pawns and a new permanent underclass of the globalist, making us the third world.
Not to empower the third world, but to permanently Use these masses of people they've been exploiting as an invasion force they control.
And so, the invasion of the Russians to secure their interests and destroy military hardware that the West gave some of the Ukrainians to attack Russia, I understand why Russia did that.
Doesn't mean I agree with it.
But you don't have military hardware streaming across the border of the U.S.
to secure U.S.
No, from NATO.
We have the globalists bringing people in that are dependent to use our social safety network to steal a bunch of money into the leftist movements and then implode the country itself.
So they're running up Russian flags on top government buildings in Ukraine, and it looks like Putin is taking the whole country.
And boy, all the threats of NATO, all the threats of Biden, all the big talk, all of it doesn't matter anymore, does it?
So I ask you, is Putin invading America?
Is Putin devaluing the dollar?
You know, they're saying on the news, inflation is all because the years of inflation, the trillions that have been printed up, all of that now suddenly, overnight, two days ago, is the Russians.
And make no mistake, cutting off Russian oil and gas to the world is going to increase prices.
And the Russians cutting their fertilizer off, that is going to cause more inflation.
But that's like adding fuel onto a fire that's already going.
The fire was started by the globalists.
And there's a lot of articles that get this.
And there's a good article by Brandon Smith at Alt Market.
It's on Infowars.com.
Order Out of Chaos, How the Ukraine Conflict is Designed to Benefit the Globalist.
It's a very good article.
And that's why in an angrier world, a collapsing world, a two-year lockdown doubled the profits of the average billionaire.
Double their net worth on average, more than just profits, because they control the crisis.
Putin will get richer.
Klaus Schwab will get richer.
They'll all get richer, and now they use this crisis to do what they want.
And that, my friends, is the rest of the story.
All right, for the rest of this hour and the next hour, I want to go to your phone calls now.
We've got a lot of great callers here.
Chris in North Dakota, Daniel in Toronto, Canada, Mamed in Florida, Tim in Texas, Grant in Australia, Steve in South Carolina, Brian in Texas, Andrew in Texas, Clayton in Canada.
No calls from Europe, but that's okay.
I understand.
Let's go ahead and take a call from Australia, on the other side of the world.
Grant, in Australia, thanks for calling.
You're our first caller today.
What do you make of all this?
Alex, hi.
It's pretty intense, isn't it?
It's wild.
First, folks were saying, oh, this isn't a very strong invasion.
Footage I'm seeing is it's full scale.
Yeah, yeah.
So I've heard there was a news report That Australia's war with Ukraine started.
But you asked people to call in about things that they felt were important and so I've sort of called in about that.
Sorry for about downs.
So the main point that I want to make is I've been writing letters to my local members and to my government officials discussing The Global Corporate's plan that they've published to throw government under the bus when they institute their medical technocracy, one world government.
So I've been doing that.
I think that's pretty important.
Let them know where they stand in their outcomes.
Well that's beautiful because that's the key piece of the equation they don't want is governments that are on the payroll of the WTO and the UN need to get, they're being set up for the fall, they're selling their country out, they're not building some great utopia.
Yeah, I think that's pretty important.
So, also Australia Post has stopped processing international parcels.
So I can't get my InfoWars products now.
I'm rationing what I've got out because, you know, I don't know when I'll be able to get them.
So I've started to, like, donate to InfoWars because I figure if there's anything that's going to get Australia Post processing those parcels, it's keeping you guys on the air with donations because I can't get the products.
Well that's it brother, yeah, Australia as you know is really getting clamped down.
But I've seen a big push back, when do you think they're going to back off?
Most of the other countries are backing off.
Yeah, so, well we've had a bit of a, apparently, I don't watch regular news, just it makes me feel sick.
Some people were saying that our In my area, that we don't have to wear masks from today.
So, but I'm just waiting for the, for them to ratchet back on even harder.
Oh, exactly.
Now that they know they built enough opposition to send them to prison, they back off doing, we're nice people and we'll kind of go away.
No, now we got to push harder than ever to expose them.
And I'm glad you raised that.
I haven't hit the COVID news yet.
Uh, it's so huge.
I want to finish up calls and then I'm going to get to that.
Thank you so much, sir.
Folks, here's the big news.
It's all over the place, but it's not getting a lot of attention.
Another major insurance company, this time in Germany, came out and said they see similar numbers to the major U.S.
insurance companies that are seeing a 40-plus percent increase in death after the vaccines in 18 to 64.
That's working age.
And then it gets even more insane.
A major scientific group scanned the virus, completely confirmed it's man-made.
The whole thing's man-made.
Alex Jones, the king of conspiracy theories.
He will just straight-up lie.
Could he be a threat to American democracy?
There is a war for your mind.
The Alex Jones Story, Sunday at 9.
You know you don't get the answers over at CNN... ...till you tune in to InfoWars.
Ha ha ha!
You ask Bobby Dillon.
You ask the Beatles.
You didn't ask us.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are back live taking your phone calls, but Biden just started speaking.
So please be patient callers.
I love you, Larissa and Virginia and everybody else.
I'm going to get to you in a moment, but let's, let's hear some of Biden.
If he can get his words strung together.
Here it is.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Good afternoon.
The Russian military has begun a brutal assault on the people of Ukraine.
Without provocation, without justification, without necessity, this is a premeditated attack.
Vladimir Putin has been planning this for months, as we've been saying all along.
Like shutting Keystone down?
He moved more than 175,000 troops, military... Are you telling millions to invade the U.S.?
...along the Ukrainian border.
Right over the border?
He moved blood supplies into position.
You mean pedophiles in the schools?
He created a building with field hospitals.
He funded Black Lives Matter to burn down cities.
Which tells you all you need to know about his intentions all along.
That's all we need to know about you.
He rejected every good faith effort the United States and our allies and partners made to address our mutual security concerns, to dialogue, to avoid needless conflict, and avert human suffering.
For weeks, we have been warning that this would happen.
And now, it's unfolding largely as we predicted.
And I love how they do the sign thing, which is a virtue signal, when all TVs and phones have closed captions.
It's just some weird leftist thing, like, look, we don't just have him talking, we do this, so you feel like we're inclusive.
Look, we're good, we added that.
Cyberattacks against Ukraine.
It's called BS.
We saw staged political theater in Moscow, outlandish and baseless claims.
That Ukraine was about to invade and launch a war against Russia.
That Ukraine was prepared to use chemical weapons.
That Ukraine committed a genocide.
This is everything they say.
Without any evidence.
We saw a flagrant violation of international law.
Was this Iraq?
Hit pause.
You know, even if Putin's bad, let's just say he is, for the point of debate.
Everything he's doing is what he learned from America.
False flags, lying, saying there's WMDs.
I mean, he learned that from Obama and Clinton and W. Continue.
We create two new so-called republics on sovereign Ukrainian territory.
It's possible.
The left teaches no borders, no walls, no USA at all.
And we don't have borders and they shouldn't exist, but now sovereign Ukrainian territory, which was part of Russia for a thousand years.
And at the very moment that the United Nations Security Council was meeting to stand up for Ukraine's sovereignty, to stave off invasion, Putin declared his war.
Within moments, moments, missile strikes began to fall on historic cities across Ukraine.
then came the air raid.
Pause, American historic cities get pulled down, American historic monuments get pulled down,
American plays and books get banned.
But now history matters when it's military equipment being blown up.
I'm not even defending Putin.
I'm just, this vomit, this diarrhea spraying out of his mouth is too much to handle.
Followed by tanks and troops rolling in.
We've been transparent with the world.
We've shared declassified evidence about Russia's plans and cyber attacks and false pretexts.
So there could be no confusion or cover up about what Putin was doing.
Putin is the aggressor.
Putin chose this war.
And now he and his country.
Yeah, if I move in on your doorstep and I just say, I'm gonna live on your porch now.
And then I aim a machine gun at you when you walk out your door every day.
It's actually true.
If you finally walked out and punched the dude in the face that aims a machine gun at you, you're the aggressor.
I mean, really.
Does anybody buy this crap?
It's just not true.
In all the videos, we're gonna kick Russia's ass, we're gonna blow them up.
Oh, the State Department tweeting photos.
We just delivered a thousand anti-aircraft missiles.
We just delivered 500 today.
We're delivering more next week of javelins.
We're gonna blow your tanks up.
We're gonna frickin' take your ass out.
On the doorstep, like in your face, I'm going to kick your ass.
I'm going to kick your ass.
I'm going to kick your ass.
I'm going to, I'm going to kick your ass.
You can do that long enough, man.
Okay, I'm going to kick my ass, but I ain't going to sit here and take it.
And of course, usually what the guy's saying to kick your ass doesn't get the ass kicked.
He gets his ass kicked.
And that's where this is all going, folks, with this, this, this idiot.
Let's continue.
Where are the consequences?
Today I'm authorizing additional strong sanctions and new limitations on what can be exported
to Russia.
I can't listen to any more of it.
And of course, Klaus Schwab loves that because that will just shut down the economy more.
And I wish Russia wouldn't have invaded.
And I wish they wouldn't have done their counter-sanctions.
It's going to hurt everybody.
But we are now here.
Now let me treat you to Pelosi, where she's saying a country in a whole different area
of Europe is Ukraine.
She doesn't even know the country of Ukraine, and she says a totally different country.
Here it is.
some of the leadership of...
Well, if you look at the map and you see Hungary, and you see how it is encircled, Russia, Belize, Crimea,
which they have taken over but have, you know, it's still a danger now to Ukraine,
and then you see Poland and Romania and all of those countries
just abutting against Russian influence.
So, you heard Russia invaded Hungary, right?
What do you think foreign leaders think when they see a literal witch, who's obviously on 4 or 5 Adderall and a gallon of vodka, doesn't know what planet she's on?
Is a Chinese puppet.
And she's saying Putin invaded Hungary.
That is the Speaker of the House of Representatives.
And that's why our country and our world is in so much trouble.
We got loaded phones.
I'll at least get to these 11 calls.
Who's been hold the longest?
Will that be Larissa in Virginia?
No, that would be Tim in Texas.
Tim in Texas has got friends that live in Ukraine.
He's got his take on it.
What do you think?
Hey, brother!
How you doing?
Hi, Alex.
I have a cousin over in Ukraine, and the fact of the matter is what's going on over there, we know it's terrible, and I told him I was on hold with you, and he wanted me to personally ask you Why do you keep banning accounts off your Banned.Video?
He does all this research about the truth about your organization.
Listen brother, I appreciate your call.
We don't screen your calls and we don't screen stuff on Bandai Video.
There's like some keywords and things that are banned like the N-word and stuff and you
know calling for killing people and stuff.
Believe me, I don't have people even on Bandai Video.
It's like algorithm thing of words of like kill, you know, murder with another word.
So, in the middle of these wars starting, with all this happening, you call in to give us your take on this war starting, and it's about how we're censoring people.
Fine, if it makes you feel morally superior, I censor everybody.
In fact, I love CNN.
I love Brian Stelter.
I'm censoring everybody constantly, sir.
No, but none of that's true.
I can't even check the messages on my phone.
I don't even have time to hardly update my insurance.
I've got a tiny crew here.
We're not peering at Band.Video.
But does Band.Video get slow sometimes?
Does it lock up sometimes?
Because I'll see like comments like, why am I being censored?
Why am I being censored?
Why am I being censored?
Because your thing didn't go right through.
Sorry, we're not instant gratification like Google.
Don't worry, we may not be here soon, and you won't have us to kick around.
The little babies that call in sometimes.
And my cousin, he can't comment because you're censoring him.
You're on air, jackass!
You can talk.
You can say what you want.
You're not being censored.
You liar!
That is my cardinal rule, man.
I had a talk show host worked here.
I fired him because he was on air saying he was a censored.
May I be struck down by lightning if I ever censored that person.
On my children, I didn't.
But that's all they've got is, they're censored by Alex Jones.
Because that's the ultimate thing.
Oh, they're pure, and you're bad, and you're censoring them.
And all they try to do is use the comments to set us up and send me to jail.
They try to put porn links on there, child porn links on there, all this crap.
But we still battle to get you the comments on InfoWars and Man Not Video.
But it ain't good enough for the big man that called up.
Because he's better than Alex Jones.
He's pure.
He's good.
He confronts the Alex Jones that he's trying to stop the people.
What a load of hell.
Thanks for waking me up, though.
Hour number three, your phone calls and more.
Straight ahead, InfoWars.com.
Your phone calls right now are going to Mohammed in Florida, then Larissa in Virginia, and many others.
Mohammed, thank you for holding, sir.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I just had a comment.
You said that Biden was telling the truth about Russia.
Biden literally invited Russia to invade the Ukraine.
The Ukraine was telling Biden to shut up.
They were asking, why are you talking?
Why don't you just be quiet?
It was an invitation for Russia to invade.
They needed a boogeyman.
And Russia now is a boogeyman.
So when the power goes out, when the lights go out, when the internet goes down, that's going to be Russia's fault.
No, I totally agree with you and I should start the whole show with this.
In fact, I'm going to take your call when we archive today's show and put it out, guys, please.
I want you to have the floor for a few minutes because I meant to start the show with this and say that you really think Biden's controllers are that dumb that they would tell Russia, go ahead and invade, we won't do anything, so they could have an excuse for the Great Reset.
and collapsing the economy and then launching a bunch of stuff and blaming it on Russia
and launching a new Cold War. And the question is, is Putin in on that? And I can tell you,
some of the folks I know that are high-level military, they actually believe Putin's done
a double deal behind the scenes. I was just in the main making the statement, Mohammed,
that, OK, they did say Russia was going to invade, and they did, just to put that out there.
But obviously, there's a lot of manipulation. So we've got three minutes to break. You've got the
floor. Start over, Mohammed, and tell us what's really happening.
Yeah. So literally, it was an invitation for Russia to invade Ukraine. And the fact that
Biden has destroyed our petroleum industry and made Russia's energy so lucrative.
Russia's energy, the cost of Russia's energy has gone up.
I apologize.
You're going to get the floor now.
I didn't know my mic was on.
I was telling them to put a clip of this in front of the show.
This is third time's a charm.
Start over again.
Okay, so yeah, so Russia was literally invited into the Ukraine.
They need a boogeyman.
Russia, they're already talking about how Russia does cyberattacks in Ukraine.
This is going to lead into Russia doing cyberattacks in the United States.
One of the most important things they want to do is bring down the Internet.
The Internet is a core of the financial system.
The Internet is a core of communication.
They need to bring down the Internet.
Russia will be blamed for bringing down the Internet.
Then it is also going to be a smokescreen for China to invade Taiwan.
The most important thing to understand is that everything tends towards China.
The Clintons, the Bidens, have been paid by China.
They are agents of China.
The China trade bill, which Clinton signed, literally took all our industry overnight and shipped it to China.
That China trade bill was the most important bill signed in the history of the United States.
These are agents of China.
And China is going to dominate the world.
They're already dominating Africa.
The vaccines that we're getting here have been given in Africa for years.
China, in 10 or 15 years, you won't see any blacks in Africa.
They will all be Chinese.
They're already in there.
Our country is being invaded by the Chinese.
If you look at the post office, many of the people that are running the post office are Chinese.
They have accents.
And one of the most important reasons why the post office is exempt from the vaccine is because the post office is the source of how they are planning these fraudulent elections through these mail-in ballots.
These are all fraudulent ballots.
The Chinese are running it.
And this war Absolutely, and now they'll blame Russia for everything bad that happens.
I think Putin just walked into a trap.
countries and to put all the blame and all the focus on Russia. Our internet
will be going down soon, our power will be going out, and we will have a boogeyman
in Russia to blame. This is what this is the purpose of this act. Absolutely and
now they'll blame Russia for everything bad that happens. I think Putin just walked
into a trap. So we don't want to get target fixation. That's where in World
War II they'd have a Spitfire, a P-38 Mustang flying over a train or a column of tanks
and they would just start firing their cannons or firing their machine guns and
not think about it just fly right into their target because you get so focused
on Taking the enemy out.
We can get focused all day on Russia and why Russia was founded in Ukraine.
The West sent in weapons and they won it and all the rest of it.
But what's it doing to global markets?
Continuing to collapse things.
The Great Reset.
And that's something that's really, really important to talk about and understand.
How does that help China now move in against Taiwan and others?
Because there's a globalist group above all this.
And now you've got Klaus Schwab.
We have the clip.
I want to go to calls.
I want to play Klaus Schwab.
The short clip, last year, saying this cyber attack is what is coming.
It will make the COVID-19 look like nothing in comparison.
Power will be out.
And then everything they're doing is around that.
And now they're saying the Russians are going to cut our power.
So Biden's in clips saying, oh, last week, this week, today, we're not going to fight back against the Russians to get them to invade.
And like I said, I think the Russians have been led into a trap.
I really do.
Here is Klaus Schwab.
We all know, but still pay insufficient attention to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack which would bring to a complete halt To the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole.
The COVID-19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyber attack. To use the COVID-19 crisis as a
timely opportunity to reflect on the lessons the cyber security community can draw and
improve our preparedness for a potential cyber pandemic. That's July 8, 2020
actually, so a year and a half ago.
Translated, give me full control, give me absolutely everything or I'll turn your power off.
I've got an article here.
In fact, I've already lost it.
I had it.
Oh, here it is.
I found it.
Electric vehicle charging prices in Munich expected to rise as much as 81% as electricity prices go up.
Because your electricity comes from fossil fuels.
But oh, you're so avant-garde with an electrical vehicle, when on average half the power is lost from the generation station to the battery, and it takes more carbon to build the car.
Even if you believe all that, it's unbelievable how people just buy into this idiocy.
All right, let's go to Larissa in Virginia.
Larissa, thank you for calling and holding her on the air.
Hi, Alex.
It's the first time I'm talking to you.
I did call before.
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to speak on your platform.
I just want to express my own opinion.
So some people maybe disagree, even most politic people.
No, but that's okay.
You're allowed to have your free speech.
I don't know what you're about to say.
Go ahead and say it.
Thank you.
For example, we all need to go back in 2014, February, when during Obama time, they committed a turnover of the government.
They call it Maidan Revolution.
And that's when the legitimate President Yanukovych was removed and targeted for death.
But Putin actually airlifted him in Crimea.
To save him and his family, and that's what happened.
Now, next thing is, when they had that Maidan, they had snipers like we had on January 6th, everything.
And Nuland, what in the world was she doing giving cookies to all these people?
I heard they were paid to be there.
But anyway, whatever happened, they put their regime in the Ukraine government, okay?
And they selected a millionaire, Poroshenko.
So then, some of the regions The speaking Russian regions like Odessa, Kharkov, Lugansk, Donetsk, Melitopol, Mariupol, all of these people were not happy and they fought back, just like what we do right now with the government.
We are not happy, right?
And so these people, some of them were fighting and some of them were repressed and some of them were killed and they had all kinds of terror attacks.
And for example, nobody ever talks about what happened in Mariupol when they killed like over 20 police people locally.
Nobody wants to talk about Odessa, Odessa, when that was actually May 2nd, when they
burned people alive.
That was a major genocide and nobody's prosecuted. Nobody's looking for those people. They burned.
They claim officially 48 people alive in that building. It's called Prof. Seuss building.
So the only two regions that were able to stand this aggression were Lugansk and Donetsk,
because they had a little time and they had more patriotism ongoing.
And so, let's see.
Sure, it's on record.
There was a NATO-backed coup over the country and people are pissed off.
Well, yeah, yeah, especially people were fighting back.
They did not want that.
They did not want that government.
They knew what's coming because I know I was there.
I have Ukrainian passport myself and I was at the time.
When I come to Kiev, for example, you know, they look at me, so I better say I'm American and not to say my true that I'm actually Russian.
So, but anyway, they do not, the genocide is going on there for years, for years.
That war with Lugansk and Donetsk for eight years, they murder it.
Nobody want to talk about it.
Sure, so to replay what happened in the Balkans in the 90s, starting there.
I don't know about Balkans.
The Balkans, Serbia, a similar thing happened there.
Oh, there, yeah, yeah, yeah, basically, yeah, because that's exactly what they did in Libya, too.
They're just hiding some of the information.
They just say, oh, Putin invaded.
He is defending those people that ask for help.
Where do you see invaders being greeted with Russian flags and fireworks?
So where do you think this goes?
Because now they're going to blame the Russians for any cyber attacks that Klaus Schwab is going to launch.
Oh, they will certainly use that as a cover because that's why they continue to do that over and over.
But I think the last drop of pudding was basically when Zelensky said that he wants to get nukes this time.
And Zelensky, by the way, in two and a half years of his presidency, earned over a billion dollars and bought himself a mansion in guess where?
All right.
Thank you so much for the call.
Amazing call.
I'm going to go to the order these are received.
Let's go to Daniel in Toronto, Canada on the police state, Ukraine, COVID, everything.
Daniel, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hey, how's it going, Alex?
I just want to say you're a hero of mine, man, since I was like 12 years old.
I've been watching since I was 8, so it's a real honor to talk to you.
You're a hero of mine.
Everybody standing up is a hero.
God bless you.
Absolutely, man.
So I've been in the entertainment industry for quite a long time up here in Canada, and I can tell you, man, I've been seeing this stuff coming, listening to your information, your documentaries.
I've seen sort of the transgender ideology creeping up, like I said, in the entertainment industry.
I've worked on a few different shows up here in Canada.
I have just been watching it be pushed.
I've been trying to talk to people about it.
It's really hard, but you know, we all know how that goes.
I actually have a question for you regarding Putin and what's going on with this whole crisis, and it kind of just popped in my mind.
Is Putin another one of the graduate guys that went through the whole young leaders thing with the World Economic Forum?
Klaus Schwab got him to go to some of the conferences, like Trump went.
I don't think that means Trump's under Klaus Schwab's control or Putin.
It doesn't mean Trump's perfect or Putin's perfect.
But I mean, Schwab will exaggerate some.
Most of these big conference guys do it.
But with Schwab, it's actually the Bilderberg Group's public conference.
So they do have incredible power.
He's just tried to normalize it.
So most of the time, Schwab is not exaggerating.
But the case of him saying he controls Putin, we've seen no evidence of that.
I know I've talked to some high level people.
They say Putin's a triple agent.
And by triple agent, they say he works with a bunch of deep state groups and the Russians and some other groups.
But I mean, anybody that's a spy chief like that is interfacing with all the groups.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, absolutely.
Considering the whole KGB path, I wouldn't be surprised.
I mean, we definitely got some of those World Economic Forum guys up here in Canada.
Trudeau, for sure.
Deputy President... Daniel, don't hang up.
I got a special guest popping in for one segment from eastern Ukraine.
We're going to go back to you and then to Lisa, Sam, Chris, Donna, Elaine, Andrew, Clayton.
We're getting to all of you.
you stay with us.
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Well, he joins us from Donetsk, one of the breakaway republics there in eastern Ukraine.
Patrick Lancaster is a U.S.
the next level. It is 40% off at InfoWarsTore.com for a limited time. Thank you all for your
support. If you haven't tried these products, you really need to because they are amazing.
Well, he joins us from Donetsk, one of the breakaway republics there in eastern Ukraine.
Patrick Lancaster is a U.S. Navy veteran. For over eight years, he's been in Ukraine
and he's been covering the war for seven and a half.
He's gotten some of the most incredible frontline battle footage of the 14,000 plus people killed, mainly with the proxy operatives attacking the Russian population.
That's just a fact.
And now we've got Putin saying he's invading to stop Nazis.
Well, when you hear Donald Trump's a Nazi or hear I'm a Nazi, it's made up.
But in the case of Ukraine, people don't know that even when Germany fell, Ukraine held out for six months with Nazis.
And stay behind networks.
The Russians did come in heavy-handed, and Putin apologized five or six days ago for it, even though he didn't do it, because they did slaughter a bunch of people to kick the Nazis out.
So, Patrick, you've been there in the middle of this.
You were on right before this began.
What precipitated it?
What are you really seeing with your inside knowledge as an American living over there as a journalist?
What's really going on?
And thank you for joining us out there in that war zone.
Hi Alex, thanks for having me.
It's great to be back.
Yeah, this has been one hell of a week here.
I've been filming bodies in the streets almost every day, and there's many that I haven't been able to report on.
After the last time we talked, things considerably Uh, uh, changed.
There was a change in the mood with the local population here, especially when, uh, just a few days ago, Russia, uh, uh, uh, decided to officially recognize the republics, the breakaway republics of the Donetsk and up to the north the Lugansk People's Republic.
And the people were here in this square celebrating.
Not a lot, because it's an act of war and an escalation going on, but people came out, huge fireworks show here, and just people crying out of happiness that Russia has stepped up and recognized the republics.
It's something they've been waiting on for almost eight years now.
And the people thought that that would bring an end to this war.
That was their hope.
This morning, well earlier in the week I should say, there were two schools hit directly in the courtyards by Ukrainian shelling.
I was at those schools.
I brought those reports to the English-speaking population because there's no Western mainstream media here.
It's just me doing English reports here.
From near one of those schools, I filmed a man who, in the morning, he was walking to his job to take a bus.
He was walking to a bus station to take a bus, waiting on the bus.
He was a minor.
And I said, I filmed him.
Well, I filmed half of him.
The only thing that was left was his legs because his body was half completely obliterated
by a Ukrainian shell that was launched on his neighborhood, just about 400 meters from
the school that was hit.
That same day I went to another area of Donetsk where there was another school hit.
There were just yesterday there was a local TV station here in Donetsk, the media center
where the big antennas that give the TV for Danietta.
There was an IED put outside the fence line.
And let me raise that point.
As you know, three weeks ago, two weeks ago, they even attacked me at the State Department.
Saying, oh, that's Alex Jones stuff.
They're saying those were false flags.
Obviously, there's no evidence of that either way.
How do we prove it was Russia?
How do we prove it was NATO?
I mean, I'm not putting you on the spot.
I'm just asking, how do we know who's attacking who?
With the school in particular that was near the man who was killed, I stood there and showed my report, and all could be seen on the maps.
The two impacts literally happened on the side of the school that's facing Ukraine-controlled territory.
For the explosion to have been shot from the direction of the main area of the anti-government, into Ukraine-government territory, The show would have had to have been a ghost show and gone through the school before it exploded.
I understand, so obviously it's not debated that Ukraine's been attacking that area for seven and a half years, so you're saying it's a continuation of that.
I see this footage we've been showing.
Is this the Ukrainian-Russian ethnic groups conscripting, signing up to be in the military?
This footage right here we're looking at, this is just a few hours ago, today.
I was at a location where there was a, it was called a mobilization center, a draft center, a recruiting center, whatever you want to call it.
But these people on the screen right here, these are the deputies, the lawmakers of the Republic, who is the ones who have been running this Republic.
So the earlier footage I showed is people lining up to sign up for the military?
Yes, this is the deputies, the leaders of the Republic to join the Army.
So the earlier footage I showed is people lining up to sign up for the military?
Yes, this is the deputies, the leaders of the republic to join the army.
And they're already off to the front.
Wow, so what do you expect Ukraine to do?
I know Putin has given Ukraine an opportunity to capitulate and to surrender.
He says he won't make it a puppet state, but he doesn't want Western weapons in there.
He wants it to be a demilitarized zone.
What do you make of those statements?
I'm honestly, when I woke up this morning and saw what had begun in the nights, I was very shocked.
I didn't think this was really going to go past the original borders of the republics, but with the attacks on the civilian population here, Over the last almost eight years, it seems Putin had enough.
And like you said, the denazification, because that's a fact.
It's not even just after World War II.
Now, in the ranks of the Ukrainian military, there are Nazi people that fully believe in the Nazi ideology.
You're talking about the Azov Battalion, right?
The Azov Battalion?
Among others, yes.
We also saw the report that they're registering Jews.
A, is that true?
And B, is that so they'll be protected?
Is there any truth to that?
That I can't comment on.
I'm not over there.
I'm not involved with that story.
Let me ask you this.
What do you make of the situation with like thousands of tanks and helicopters going in to the main country?
I mean, this looks like a full scale invasion.
Yeah, I mean, it looks like Ukraine doesn't have much time left.
I mean, cities are falling by the hour.
So much territory has been lost by Ukraine since this morning.
And all day we've been hearing rumbling from the shelling and explosions.
And it's hard to say at this point what's incoming and what's All right, stay there.
Your Skype connection is cut out if you can't come right back, because I want to talk about this.
And again, for listeners tuning in, those helicopters, those Russian helicopters you see are not firing weapons right there.
They're firing flares in case any aircraft missiles are fired at them.
That's to stop heat-seeking missiles.
See if we can reconnect with him.
We'll finish up with him, and then we'll go to Daniel and everybody else that is patiently holding here with us today.
What a broadcast, ladies and gentlemen.
Yeah, yeah.
Stay there, Patrick.
We just got your Skype back or whatever we're using.
We'll come back to you in three and a half minutes.
Patrick Lancaster.
Patrick Lancaster News Today on YouTube and so much more on Twitter.
PL News Today.
The guy's got a lot of courage.
We'll be right back.
Tomorrow's News Today.
This is historical stuff going on.
Nobody can deny that.
All right.
He'll be gone here in a few minutes.
We really appreciate his time.
He's out in the middle of the night in a war zone.
Patrick Lancaster.
He was an independent American veteran living over there through the whole war.
We're going to go to your phone calls here in just a few minutes.
And I wanted to ask you about where you think this is going, what you think the West is going to do.
I'm really worried the globalists are going to launch cyber attacks, blame it on Russia, because I know they've been really pre-programming that's coming.
But first off, you are independent journalists, the life-risking things you do.
I know you've got a Patreon.
How do people support you if they want to?
Um, yeah, thanks, Alex.
People can find me on Patreon, which is on the screen there.
Patrick Lancaster News Today, PL News Today, same as on Twitter.
And yeah, I'm totally crowdfunded.
I used to work with other Western mainstream agencies like Associated Press, Reuters, and many others.
No, no, I remember I used to see you on national TV.
Yeah, that's how I already knew who you were, and then I saw your independent stuff.
So what, would you shoot incredible stuff they wouldn't air it?
Well, actually, they would change the narrative.
At one point, I shot a video where there was shelling of a soup kitchen in the Lugansk Republic, and many outlets came out and said that it was the Lugansk rebels that fired on the soup kitchen, when in reality, it was Ukraine.
And I filmed the witnesses, and I filmed it all, and I was there, and I reported it all, and they just cut and changed what they wanted.
So after that, I decided I wasn't going to work.
They don't just not report it, they flip it and say the opposite.
Alright, I've been asking questions here.
I know it's dangerous out there in the middle of this war zone.
Explosions going off around there.
I could ask a lot of questions, but you're the expert.
What else do you want to get across to people?
Give us your boil down on what's happening right now in this historic moment.
Well, the main thing that throughout this war the West has been pushing is that Russia has been the occupiers of this area, forcing Ukrainians to bend to their will and all the same as the West said about Crimea, when the fact is it's ethically Ethnic Russians that live here in this territory.
They speak Russian.
Down in Crimea, the same.
And these people, when Maidan happened, and when their president Yanukovych was removed from office in 2014, they felt like their Ukraine was already dead.
And they wanted to break away.
And they democratically voted in a referendum in 2014 to break away.
It wasn't an occupation, it was a people Wanting to say what they wanted with their own land and their own families.
And that's why I've been trying my best to show exactly what's been happening here over the last eight years and basically Ukraine's been punishing them for it and I just keep on trying and hopefully soon the world will understand what has been happening here and what is happening here.
Well, I just see a trap, and a lot of other smart folks do.
Why did Biden say, go ahead and invade, we won't do anything?
Because they wouldn't do that because Trump might have done something.
And I get Russia has its issues and its beefs, but I just sense a trap here.
I really, I want peace.
I understand that it's a Slavic area, the birthplace of Russia.
I get all the arguments.
I get NATO brought weapons in.
I just think we play four or five moves ahead here, Patrick Lancaster.
I think something bad is about to happen.
Yeah, this is a point where this could really boil over into a... I mean, I hate to say it, but something along the lines of World War III.
Because this is unprecedented.
Just every month, every week, every year, we just keep having more unprecedented events happen like this.
I mean, I'm still, like I said, still in shock waking up this morning and seeing what's happening.
The people here on the ground in Donetsk and Lugansk are in tears of happiness.
One woman told me that she's so thankful that Putin is going to stop the war here and she can finally feel like a real person again.
Thank you so much for the time.
Closing comments.
What else do you want to tell people?
Just do your own research, try to watch videos, reports from every side of the contact line that's possible.
I'm here in Donetsk in the anti-Ukraine side.
There's journalists on the other side.
Watch both sides.
Think for yourself.
Don't listen to the narrative the Western mainstream media gives you.
Research and find out the facts.
And you can find my reports on YouTube.
Patrick Blaine Let me expand on that before you go because I'm a servant of the truth and when I see Putin come out and say the media makes fun of him that he's fighting Nazis I mean they call everybody Nazis but in this case I see major rallies with the major opposition hiling Hitler and if there's really a big group of Nazis involved it is in the Ukraine
So everybody overuses the Nazi thing to where it becomes like a joke.
But I don't think people understand that probably, what, half the opposition group are Nazis?
I mean, when they first had the coup eight years ago, it was the Nazi party that was in control.
I mean, they actually have swastikas at their events.
They're not joking.
What do you say to that in closing, Patrick?
Yeah, it's a fact.
I mean, I was shocked when I came here eight years ago and saw that there really is still Nazis in the, not only in the civilian population, but the military and the paramilitary that are fighting this war.
I mean, they even put the emblems on their helmets and things.
And this isn't just, you know, this side saying that the BBC did a report on this as well.
I mean, this is a fact.
So, So again, if I was aligned with Nazis, a 75-year-old dead party, I'd be in trouble and I'm not aligned with them.
If you were, you would be.
How does Biden and the left always be involved with them?
Whether it's Soros or whether it is Schwarzenegger.
He told Rolling Stone he was a Nazi in an interview.
And people said he was.
I mean, the point was his dad was an SS officer.
I'm just saying I'm not connected to Nazis.
I'm sick of being called one.
And these people are as thick as thieves with Nazis.
Yeah, I mean, I don't really know.
I mean, this whole Nazi phenomenon in Ukraine is just something that seems like Putin is going to put an end to now.
We can say that much.
Well, there's no doubt in closing.
We'll come back and take calls, folks.
Be patient.
It looks like Putin's fully committed now.
I mean, this is a full-on invasion.
I guess he told them, don't join NATO, I won't invade.
Then I'm going to take these back, don't attack the areas.
Once he took control of those Russian areas that are historically part of Russia, then those got attacked.
So I guess he just keeps escalating and they keep escalating back.
Now he said, you will have a historic response, the likes of which you've never seen if you move against us to the West.
That sounds like a nuclear weapons threat.
[Paper rustling]
You got any comments on that, Patrick?
I mean, the threats that have been going back and forth between the West and the East, I mean, it's...
It's just hard to say what's going to happen in the near future if there isn't some sort of agreement and neutral zone put here in the middle.
That's kind of how it seemed the republics were acting as, but now it might be all of Ukraine.
So we'll have to see what Ukraine is after the next couple of weeks.
Well, things have definitely escalated to the next level.
Thank you so much for being with us.
We'll talk to you soon.
Patrick Lancaster.
All right.
I promise I'm going to get to every caller, Daniel, and then Chris, and then Andrew, and then Clayton, and Elaine, and Donna, and Lisa.
We're going to get to every one of your calls when we come back from break right to them.
But man, what a crazy, crazy time to be alive.
And you better know all this war and all this crap's got something else behind it.
And we better be looking for that.
We will be looking for it.
Paul Watson is going to host the uh...
We'll do a little bit into his hour and then we'll go into the War Room at 3 p.m.
Please don't forget, because I'm not going to plug next segment, I'll go right to your calls, it's the last day to get X3, the good halogen, the opposite of fluoride, at 50% off.
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That ends today.
Winter Sun, high quality vitamin D3 and vitamin K, it's 50% off.
And we have Brain Force Ultra at 40% off.
All at infowarestore.com.
And that keeps us on air.
I want to thank you all for the amazing job you've done.
Stay with us.
Let's go right back to your phone calls here.
Daniel in Toronto, Canada.
Old Trudeau pulled his horns in, pulled back that emergency declaration.
It was backfiring on him.
But as long as we remember what he did, and he's holding a bunch of political prisoners, he will fall, not us.
It's the long game that wins.
Daniel, what else you want to say from Canada?
Hey man, I just wanted to touch on that again, I guess.
Yeah, Trudeau, man, he is something else, isn't he?
He was just talking about authoritarianism, and we have to protect Ukrainians and democracy overseas while he literally cracks down and, you know, conducts martial law and beats veterans in the streets.
It's just absolutely ridiculous.
It's like, you know, here we are, man.
Wars, rumors of wars.
We're watching absolutely biblical things going on, but I think I think considering everything going on, man, from the backspaces, crackdowns, peaceful protests, it's like total sensory overload at this point, you know what I mean?
Oh, I agree.
I never even got to the giant COVID news today, where they, mainline universities say it's 100% man-made, not even viruses mixed, it's all man-made.
It's a synthetic, totally lab-made, none of it came even out of nature.
Yep, yep, and none of us up here have got the vaccine in my family.
Like, we're staying away from that.
We knew that from the get-go, and that's from information that you graciously shared with us.
So, you know, it's more important than ever, I think, to have, like, a real serious moral grounding.
I agree with you.
You say graciously.
If I don't get out of this, you don't get out of it.
If you don't get out of it, I don't get out of it.
We're in this together.
That's absolutely right, man.
In my opinion, you know what?
Let God be true and every man be a liar.
It's hard to rely on the vast majority of information right now.
Like, I heard you talking there to Patrick in Ukraine.
It's really hard to figure out exactly what's happening on the ground, and I think that's why people love your show so much, Alex, is because you're parsing through it live with us.
You know, right along.
No, exactly.
I don't claim to have all the answers.
I mean, on stuff that's established, I do, but I'm not like, like, I don't get some talking point like, say Putin's bad or say Putin's good.
God bless you, brother.
Thanks for the call, Daniel.
All right.
Who's been holding the longest now?
That would be Clayton.
Clayton in Canada.
Clayton, welcome.
Hey, how are you?
Man, I'm pretty freaked out, quite frankly.
I think I might.
I went to bed last night about 10 o'clock, woke up at 3 a.m.
and it was already war in Ukraine.
Yeah, I kind of feel like just the right piece of information just might make you explode, right?
Yes, sir.
What's going on?
Well, there was a bit of a flip-flop overnight, and I haven't been able to confirm it, but when Trudeau revoked the Emergency Act while the Senate was about to strike it down, apparently, I believe it was Rebel News put out a story that he's going back on it again, saying that he wants more federal powers outside of the Emergency Act.
Oh yeah, that's confirmed.
So first he's never going to expand it, then he wants it permanent, now he doesn't want it permanent, but he wants censorship powers selectively when he wants.
So he wants martial law selectively, which is even worse than full martial law.
But I think there is actually a purpose behind it, and it kind of falls on the left and the right shoulder of China and Russia.
If they are in cahoots and they don't actually double-cross one another, that would basically be bad for Canada, because you're probably aware that Iceland, Northern Canada, and Alaska aren't very well defended.
Um, and I don't know, like, what angle to go with it, but there is equipment up there that they could use if they got a hold of it.
I don't want to give anybody ideas, but, or, you know, do the conspiracy theorist thing, but, I mean, HAARP is an actual technology and it is located in Alaska, or at least one of them is.
But the Russians already have, that's even in the news, the Russians have it too.
But you have to be in the location where the equipment is to affect change.
I mean, you could probably push things around on the other side of the planet, but it's not going to be as effective or predictable.
No, you're right.
Capturing the weather weapons would be key.
So what are you saying?
I'm saying that, you know, in chess, when you have the whole back line emptied and you can kind of flip the rook and the king?
I think that's what they're doing right now, but it's going to be Russia to China.
They're basically gonna, you know, they've already got momentum, and if they decide, well, North America's weak, look what our leader's doing, look what Biden's doing.
Well, the left's so programmed to attack anything they call Hitler, if they said we're gonna blow America up and fight Hitler, the average leftist would walk outside and blow their head off.
They'd say, I'm Hitler!
Putin said I'm Hitler!
I mean, I hear you.
I appreciate your call.
This country's committing suicide right in front of us.
Let's take another call here.
Who has been holding the longest?
That would be Andrew in Texas, then Lisa.
Andrew, welcome!
Hey Alex, long time listener, second time caller.
Hey brother, real quick, happy belated birthday, brother.
Thank you, sir.
Happy belated birthday.
I just want to give a real quick plug, man.
Krill Oil and Down and Out, amazing product, amazing product, great Okay, so here's the deal.
If the market does crash, aren't there circuit breakers to prevent the market to crash?
Yes, the globalists have the Plunge Protection Team, the President's Group on Open Markets, the Russians already put their... Yes, they have systems.
If it crashes, it's because the system let it crash.
Okay, so this would probably be why HR 8336 never made it through, right?
Trying to take the powers from the President to try to kill the Internet, which would probably be in combination with the market crash.
Am I right or am I wrong?
I think you're absolutely right.
Everything is about how to crash the market and convince the public to go along with it to bring in the new global currency.
Well, what should somebody do that's low-level now, doesn't have a lot of cash, maybe some savings here?
I'm the same as you, man.
It's kind of a freeing feeling to have a lot of extra money, but it's also kind of scary.
Nothing is safe now, other than friends and family you can trust, and some basic food, water, and guns to protect yourself.
The most valuable thing now is family that knows what's going on, and our friends that will stick together, brother.
I think that's the most important.
And, of course, above all that is a relationship with God.
Hey, brother, fasting and prayer does miracles.
Hey, I want to just just say everybody have hope, trust Jesus and stay close to family.
God bless you, Alex.
Love you, man.
Thank you, Andrew.
Andrew asked me the question.
He already does it.
It's God and family and then country.
But countries, I mean, this is bad, folks.
But this way it is.
It's the way it is.
We killed 60 million babies in this country and we're going to get hurt real bad for it.
You don't get away with stuff like that, folks.
You don't.
You don't get away with it.
You can hurt real bad for it.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Jam another one in.
Who's holding the longest here, did I say?
Lisa's next, but Donna's been holding the longest.
Donna in Texas.
Donna, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Donna here.
How are you?
I'm pretty... It's all wild.
We're living in the middle of it, aren't we?
It is, it is, and I honestly, Alex, when I watched your show yesterday, I have been chomping at the bit for actually so long to share two practical skills because I want to encourage, you know, just everybody.
Well, Donna, you're awesome, and you got two and a half minutes.
Tell us about it.
Okay, yes.
Okay, so warfare going on right in the physical.
Ukraine, bio, medical, people fighting wars everywhere.
We know it's spiritual warfare.
And what I want to share is that this year, the year 22, 2022, so it's year 22.
22 in the Hebrew alphabet means completion.
It means fulfillment.
The last chapter of the Bible is Revelations 22.
Fulfillment in Christ.
Fulfillment in Christ.
And so when we surrender to the Christ essence, It's not just a religion.
I'm not talking religion.
I've been a spiritual teacher, and I teach quantum physics of consciousness.
So I go deeper into the quantum physics of the world.
Well, you also know the return of Pluto, whether we believe it or not, also matches up with the Bible and with the Torah and the rest of it of this year.
And the last time this happened was on Tuesday.
1776, July 4th.
So you can ignore it, but the globalists believe in it, and it's definitely happening.
It is, and I love what you just said, because 22, the globalists call it the Great Reset.
It's the greatest reset.
The greatest reset is Christ.
So the last chapter of 22 is a revelation, but the revolution is our greatest reset, which is Christ.
So I'm going to share with you a practical skill, and this has to do with COVID.
And this Because I'm like, how come people don't know this that you know?
Because your show, Alex, is called Info Wars.
The war is on our mind.
The elite know.
They know what mass consciousness doesn't.
They know that every word has a frequency.
Every letter, every number has a frequency that either kills life or gives life.
The word COVID, now get this, the word COVID-19 or coronavirus, when you even see it, think it, speak it, it kills life force and cuts off the connection to our source of life, to our Creator.
And they know that.
Why do we think, when everybody heard about it, when it first came around on TV, that's when people got it?
People started getting it all over when it came through the TV.
And so, a practical way, here's the meat.
A practical way that goes, and listen, I bless doctors, everybody... Man, I appreciate you.
I told you you had two and a half minutes.
I appreciate your call.
Very, very interesting.
But there's no doubt that what we imagine, we're able to manifest.
We're made in the image of God.
We'll be right back.
All right.
Let's jam in some phone calls here right now.
Let's talk to Chris in North Dakota.
Thanks for holding, Chris.
Hi Alex, can you hear me?
Yes, sir.
Go ahead.
Yes, Wayne, I heard you talk about already a bunch of the points I would like to get to.
It's just that everybody knows that Ukraine is basically a vassal colony, like Putin said, of the U.S.
You know, Russia is run by oligarchs, and everybody knows that.
Well, what people really don't get to see is that Ukraine is also run by oligarchs, but they are American politicians, they are NATO ambassadors, They're EU politicians.
And when Mitt Romney and Nancy Pelosi are on the steadfast together of a solution, you know America is in distress.
You go opposite of that thinking.
No, I agree with you.
I mean, it's on record that the West has set up an oligarchy there, and that's what's going on.
And I had no idea.
I really didn't think that.
That Putin would actually go towards Kiev.
And I thought he would take the Donetsk and Luhansk region and hold them.
But yeah, today we woke up in a different world.
Well, there's no doubt that the world's going into a major orchestrated crisis, and they want to bring in a cashless society, global IDs out of it.
We must oppose those, no matter what group or what government, whether it's the Russians, or the Chinese, or the US, or the EU, or the UK, or the Mexicans, or whoever it is.
We say no to the global ID.
We say no to the lockdowns.
We say no to the tyranny.
Thank you for the call, Chris.
Great points.
All right, let's talk to Lisa in Rhode Island.
Hey, Alex.
Can you hear me?
I can.
So I want to thank you, first of all, for taking my call.
And second of all, I'm in the most small state, most corrupt state in the Union, Rhode Island, which Tucker Carlson noted, which I'm sure you'll laugh at.
It's okay.
You're in Rhode Island.
What's your take on all this?
I want to thank you, first of all, for waking up Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan, because I listen to them now.
And I buy a lot of your stuff, which I have all over my car and people are responding to it, which is awesome.
My take on this is I don't think we should be focusing on Ukraine in the news with Alex Jones or anybody else.
I think we should be focusing on Canada, our brothers, our friends, and what's going on there.
Because I think that's important to the United States right now, what is going on in Canada.
And if we can help our Canadian friends, I think it's going to make America a little bit stronger.
I totally agree that this Russia thing becomes a distraction from the economy and the open borders in Canada.
Thank you so much, Lisa.
God bless you from Rhode Island.
Elaine in Maine, you got about a minute and a half.
Go ahead.
Thank you for holding.
Hi Alex, how you doing?
Man, I'm just whacked out actually, it's crazy.
I'm calling because I just wanted to say, in my opinion, I think the whole thing is theater over there.
I think it's Biden has worked a deal, Biden and the UN has worked a deal with Putin, it's just my opinion, that Putin can have Ukraine and in exchange That Biden is going to blame Russia and Putin when the deep state sets off bombs or whatever and cancels our grid, shuts down our grid and I just think they're going to blame Russia and it's been a
It's been theater, the whole thing.
Elaine, don't hang up.
If you want to give me your name and number, I want you at the start of the show tomorrow to come on for a full segment with me, because I tend to think you're right.
Just like Hitler made a deal with Stalin, and then they turn against each other just like other deals have been made, I smell that as well.
I'm not saying that's what's happened, but I think you're right.
So Elaine and me will be the first caller tomorrow at 11 a.m.
Paul Watson's about to take over.
I signed up for the Austin Marathon.
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We are live, everybody, on what I'm sure you will agree is quite a slow news day here on the 24th of February, 2022.
Of course, we had the end of Covid restrictions, full end of Covid restrictions here in the UK.
Today, across Europe, Covid restrictions are ending as well.
And lo and behold, we have another great catastrophe with which to terrify the global population.
Now of course I'm going to get into the latest on the Russian attack on Ukraine.
A narrative that has emerged though on social media over the past couple of hours and this has been picked up by the official at Ukraine Twitter account.
They're now moving to censor, to silence, to ostracize.
Eventually they hope to lock up people who they will call traitors, who they will call anti-American, merely for questioning NATO's narrative, NATO's regime messaging.
We've seen that over the past couple of weeks with Tucker Carlson, him coming out on Fox News and basically saying that Vladimir Putin isn't to blame for high inflation in the United States.
He's not to blame for their infrastructure crisis.
He's not to blame for fentanyl sales.
He's not to blame for rising crime in major cities.
We've seen that narrative that that makes Tucker Carlson a traitor, a pro-Putin asset, and anti-American.
We've seen in the British Parliament today in response to this Russia attack on Ukraine, MPs getting up and saying that Vladimir Putin should be arrested, taken to The Hague and put on a war crimes trial because flagrantly violating the sovereignty of independent nations and launching a bombardment against them to topple their governments is morally wrong and an international war crime.
Of course, Only when Vladimir Putin does it, when Barack Obama and David Cameron, the President and Prime Minister, did it back in 2011 with Libya.
Again, supported rebels in the regions, gave them weapons, launched a complete air bombardment of Libya, taking out their air defences, just like Russia did last night to the Ukraine.
That was morally good.
That was a good thing because we're the good guys and it's okay when we do it.
Okay when we send weapons to terrorists, to freedom fighters as we would call them.
Okay when we support rebels in contested areas.
Okay, when we launch missile strikes on airports in Libya, that's all fine, but when Vladimir Putin does it, it's an international war crime, he should be dragged in front of the UN.
And anyone who gives him aid and comfort, including people like Tucker Carlson, should maybe not only be stripped of their free speech, censored, banned, ostracized, but maybe even thrown in prison.
In fact, The word traitor is trending right now on Twitter, it has been for the past couple of hours, with Nigel Farage saying basically that NATO was to blame for this escalation, their weakness and their unwillingness to negotiate with Putin as it regards their expansion in the East.
They're to blame for this escalation.
For him making that statement, he's now being accused of victim blaming.
Yeah, they're literally trotting out feminist narratives now.
And they're saying that he's Lord Haw-Haw, that he's like the people who appeased Hitler, and that he should be punished.
Now they're literally slowly rolling out this narrative that anyone who doesn't completely agree, completely swallow and sign on to the Biden White House narrative, the NATO narrative that they want people to believe, is in fact a traitor and basically akin to the people who supported Hitler in World War II.
And as I said, Ukraine Because apparently, banning the AtRussia account on Twitter is going to stop Putin's war machine, apparently.
Just like, by the way, lighting up 10 Downing Street in blue and yellow colours as a show of support to Ukraine is going to stop Putin's war machine.
Thoughts and prayers.
Apparently, we're yet to settle on a hashtag which will stop the T-90 tanks rolling into Kiev.
But again, it's probably going to have a massive effect, isn't it?
That's the other indignity that we have to endure, is celebrities.
And I'm not going to sit here and lecture you on the geopolitical strategy or the history of Ukraine and Russia, because I'm no expert on it, but we have celebrities already coming out Giving their completely worthless, pointless take and trying to get people to promote narratives that back NATO, that back the Biden White House.
In fact, there was an article, and this is posted on reclaimthenet.org, Where Twitter came out and they said, in error, censored a bunch of pro-Ukraine accounts that were posting the manoeuvres, the actions of Russian military forces.
They said that these accounts were banned in error.
But listen to this, a Twitter spokesperson also said, quote, we've been proactively monitoring for emerging narratives that are violative of our policies, and in this instance we took enforcement action on a number of accounts in error.
So they've openly come out and said they're monitoring in live time, quote, emerging narratives about this Russia-Ukraine war that they will then take punitive action against.
So it's gone beyond Questioning lockdowns, it's gone beyond questioning the efficacy of vaccines.
Now the social media censorship is moving into the sphere of banning, censoring, ostracising people who question the narrative of war, no matter which side you support or don't support in this debate.
So they're already moving on to talking about people being traitors for not saying that Vladimir Putin is basically Hitler.
You don't even have to support him.
If you don't support the NATO narrative, then you might be a traitor too.
Meanwhile, anti-war protesters in downtown Moscow are being quickly detained, brutally, by police.
And again, Vladimir Putin, he's bad for doing that.
Maybe they should have their bank accounts freezed too.
Oh, sorry, that's what Justin Trudeau did in Canada.
That's what his riot cops did when they trampled disabled people in Ottawa.
It's okay when we do it.
New York Times reports, Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Russian cities on Thursday.
There are also some in St.
Petersburg, by the way, who, based on the latest video, haven't been violently dragged away yet.
Maybe, again, Putin's on the phone to Justin Trudeau to get tips on how to do that.
The police detained more than 600 people in Moscow alone, according to a rights group.
Also, on how this ties into Canada, Chrystia Freeland, the Deputy Prime Minister in Canada, She, of the incredibly bizarre nodding during press conferences, which I'm going to get onto in a later segment, she's come out and said that Putin should, quote, F off.
And again, that is something which will definitely stop the Putin war machine.
You have Ukrainians huddling in bomb shelters, terrified for their lives.
But the Deputy Canadian Prime Minister has, in the past hour, told Vladimir Putin on Twitter, I believe, to F off.
So, another stunning act of diplomacy there.
Of course, Biden, in the past couple of hours, after going to sleep last night, When the bombardment began, as Ukraine's air defences were being wiped out, as the military air bases were being eviscerated off the map, as soldiers, and in some cases civilians, were being slaughtered, what did Joe Biden do?
He went straight to bed.
The White House put out a press release last night saying that Biden would only publicly address the issue, which he did about an hour ago, quote, later in the afternoon.
There's a potential for a world war, a massive conflagration, and Joe Biden, the leader of the free world, the guy who can't even pronounce Kiev, calls it Keev, is basically on his third nap of the day.
He finally came out earlier today and admitted that the sanctions against Putin have basically had no effect whatsoever.
So what's the solution to this latest escalation, according to Joe Biden?
More pointless sanctions.
He literally said in the next sentence almost, the sanctions are pointless, so what we're going to do is have more pointless sanctions.
And again, this is testament to the complete impotence and the weakness of the West.
And this is the video that I put out earlier.
We're going to get onto it in the next segment.
We're running out of time here.
Basically, the Pentagon, NATO, they've been transfixed with diversity, with inclusion, with multiculturalism, with self-loathing.
The West as a civilizational whole has been completely transfixed with self-loathing for the past decade, 15 years plus.
And now we expect these esteemed leaders to take on the military might of Vladimir Putin's war machine.
Let's see how well that goes.
We'll get into that on the other side.
Well, Ivan, the same people who supported the disgraceful war crime, the actual war crime that was the bombing of Libya, supporting of jihadist rebels, sending weapons to thugs in the region, toppling a regime which led, of course, not only to the rise of ISIS, which is directly what the invasion and bombing of Libya led to, But of course, the international migrant crisis and the invasion of Europe itself in a different manner, which we're still paying the price for today,
And of course a spate innumerable mass casualty terror attacks throughout Europe for a decade which is still happening on a basically monthly basis at this point because of the illegal bombardment of Libya by NATO.
The same people, the US, the UK who are now morally grandstanding over Vladimir Putin doing basically exactly the same thing to Ukraine.
Scott Greer just tweeted 19 years ago, America invaded a sovereign nation over made-up national security concerns.
All the people behind that effort now claim that Russia invading Ukraine over national security concerns is a threat to the rules-based global order.
Very strange.
And of course we have this bizarre dichotomy where Russia and China for years now have come out and said that they recognize that this woke-ism within the United States, within the West itself, this civilizational self-loathing, is basically going to cause the collapse of the West, at least in the long term, giving them the opportunity to step into the breach and impose their influence.
And this video Very much touches on that subject.
This is Woke World War.
Here it is.
Well, that escalated quickly.
Explosions right across this vast country.
Turns out that electing a president who can't even say Kiev properly... The capital city Kiev.
...and who responded to the attack by going to bed didn't deter Putin.
The White House issued a press release saying that Biden will publicly address the crisis sometime, quote, tomorrow afternoon.
Presumably after he wakes up from his third nap of the day.
Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi doesn't even know what country Russia invaded.
Well, if you look at the map and you see hundreds And you see how it's been served at home.
Turns out that repealing Trump's ban on transgenders in the military didn't deter Putin.
Turns out that the Pentagon's effort to help non-binary people who identify as they-them serve openly in the military didn't deter Putin.
Putin's manly recruitment ads stand no chance against Ukraine's they-them army.
Really, how did that work out for you?
Turns out NATO's commitment to inclusion and diversity didn't deter Putin.
And NATO Diversity is our strength.
Putin waited until the West was weakly led, low on patriotism and manhood, with the media obsessed over domestic trivialities and politicians with a penchant for waging war on their own citizens.
Perfect timing!
Meanwhile, there still seems to be a lot of confusion about whether this represents a world war or merely woke world war.
I feel like I'm watching George Floyd I've got a question for you.
country version. We all stand around knowing this is wrong but helpless to stop it. What
can we do? #UkraineIsGeorgeFloyd Reports that Russian Spetsnaz soldiers have already begun
tearing down George Floyd murals in Kiev have been denied. I've got a question for you. Do
you think what Putin's done is worse than racism? But Putin said he attacked Ukraine to
fight the Nazis. Wait, didn't the legacy media and political class just spend the last five
years telling us that political violence is justified so long as you're fighting Nazis? Antifa
literally means anti-fascism.
They're fighting Nazis. How could you oppose that? Putin literally used the antifa excuse.
We're fighting Nazis, therefore we're virtuous. Isn't Putin just on a grand scale punching a
Nazi? So yeah, save me the contrived sanctimony of a political class that has venerated political
violence as a force for moral good, suddenly wetting the bed in response to an overwhelming
show of political violence.
Save me the feigned outrage of a legacy media that dismissed and ignored the riotous destruction of American cities.
Now being up in arms about the destruction of Ukrainian airports.
of fiery but mostly peaceful obliteration of Ukraine's entire military infrastructure.
Save me the crocodile tears of NATO apologists.
The same people who vehemently supported NATO bombing Libya in much the same manner that Russia bombed Ukraine.
Save me the moral grandstanding of people who hate America.
Saying Americans who don't blindly swallow Biden White House narratives are anti-American traitors.
The way the right wing is openly rooting for Russia and its authoritarian leader is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen.
Save me the cope and seethe of those who voted for the deep state war administration.
Now suddenly complaining about war.
Sold uranium to Russia?
Crimea invaded?
US domestic pipeline shut down?
Nuclear power halted?
Ukraine invaded again?
Starting to notice a pattern.
Now the same people who usually hate the mere concept of nation-states and borders have all added the Ukraine flag to their Twitter bio.
One thing about the Democrat Ukraine-Russia narrative is that it serves the purpose of giving liberals a sort of pseudo-patriotism to use as a virtue signal.
This takes the place of their obvious lack of real patriotism.
They will use it to look down on you as an anti-American.
220,000 illegal immigrants have evaded US authorities since October.
America's borders are about as resilient as a chocolate fire guard.
Yet the same people who champion all that are suddenly all big mad about Ukraine's border being violated.
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz warned Boris Johnson that Germany would not support kicking Russia out of SWIFT and neither would the EU.
Nord Stream gas cooks?
Wow, turns out Europe being totally dependent on utterly inadequate green energy isn't a good idea.
Does the West have the resolve to face down Putin?
Or has years of civilizational self-loathing finally taken its toll?
While Russia wipes out a country's entire air defense system, the U.S.
Joint Chiefs of Staff are more concerned about wiping out racism.
I want to understand white rage, and I'm white.
While China moves to snuff out Taiwan, the Pentagon moves to snuff out white privilege.
Autocratic leaders believe in hyper-masculinity, raw physical power.
They believe that might makes right.
America has spent decades fetishizing soft, cuddly emotional power, Putin and Xi don't respect it at all.
This is the result.
And how confident would you be in, say, 20 years' time?
In the American military, the way it's heading, successfully defending Americans in a war against Russia and China.
As I already explained in a previous video, the State Department was told directly that China thinks wokeism will subvert and collapse the West.
Now Putin is imposing his will, safe in the knowledge that the Biden White House and the US Deep State are seemingly more concerned about the threat posed by American parents who complain about critical race theory at school board meetings than they are about actual foreign adversaries.
And then we're left with the key question.
Would any of this have happened under Trump?
There we have it.
And I'm not even joking, I'm not being flippant about this whole wokeism thing.
The initial response, and not just on Twitter with the Ukrainian flag in the bios, with the hashtags, with the thoughts and prayers, the initial response to this from the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been to highlight the fact that they've put up A blue and yellow impose flag over Downing Street.
They've flashed blue and yellow colours onto the front of Downing Street, and that's their response.
Their response to this invasion, this brutal attack, is just another virtue signal, and now in the past 30 minutes, he's on Twitter bragging about it!
Oh my God, look, we're good people, we're virtue signalling, thoughts and prayers.
This is how they think, they're completely impotent.
We'll be back now, go away.
So the celebrities are already out in force saying that we need to amplify NATO narratives.
That's sure to stop Putin's war machine.
The official Ukraine Twitter account is telling Twitter to ban the official Russia Twitter account, which I'm sure they'll do.
They've banned the President of the United States after all.
That's sure to stop Putin's war machine.
The government of the United Kingdom is blasting the colours of the Ukraine flag onto the front of the building of 10 Downing Street, that's sure to stop Putin's war machine.
And then we have this, this is out of the Times.
This is from today.
Spies told, this is British spies, this is James Bond, right?
Spies told, mind your privileged language.
This is what's important according to our military-industrial complex, and we wonder why Putin sees us as weak and impotent.
British spies have been encouraged to consider their white privilege.
Bear in mind that literally the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as I highlighted in that video, came out after January 6 and said that, quote, white rage was one of their major concerns.
Not China taking Taiwan, no, white people in the United States exercising their white rage.
British spies have been encouraged to consider their white privilege.
And avoid gendered terms such as manpower in a guide to improving diversity and inclusion in the security services it was reported last night.
They're literally wasting time on telling them don't use the word manpower rather than educating them, training them on how to spy on our adversaries.
This is taking up resources and time.
This is why we're seen as fools by China, by Russia.
And they say it!
I had a video on it last week.
Ten years ago, the US State Department was told directly, in a voluminous report, stop hyper-focusing on all this identity politics woke crap.
Ten years ago they were told this, because it's a weakness.
And China thinks that they're not even going to have to do anything.
That it's going to lead to the collapse, subversion of your societies, demoralization of your societies, without them having to lift a finger.
The leaked document also advises MI5 and MI6 officers, that's James Bond, not to use words such as strong and grip because they can reinforce dominant cultural patterns.
Oh my God, I'm sure the Russian Spetsnaz soldiers are quaking in their boots.
They're going to meet people, they're going to get spied on, they're going to get interrupted by people who are afraid of using the word strong.
The advice?
Again, they're quaking.
They're crapping bricks.
The advice titled Mission Critical was thought to have been written by Sir Stephen Lovegrove, the National Security Advisor, in October and to have raised concern in other areas of government.
Critics have argued that security officials should have been less focused on inclusion and more alert to events in Afghanistan and Ukraine.
Oh, do you think?
No, we need to worry about offensive words.
The Taliban's taken over Afghanistan.
China's about to invade Taiwan, take it back.
They basically took back Hong Kong.
Russia's taken Ukraine.
But no, we're worried about the word strong and manpower.
Brendan O'Neill writes in spite on this issue, quote, You couldn't ask for a clearer snapshot of the divide between the West and Russia today.
In the West, institutions are riddled with political correctness, incapacitated by wokeness, And increasingly incapable of being serious about any, almost any issue, including geopolitics.
And in Russia, there's a leader who is a keen observer of this Western decay as he sees it.
Remember Zirinovsky?
I made a video on this as well.
He said that white Americans would literally end up fleeing to Siberia because of the domestic political strife being fostered by these same regime deep state forces within the United States itself.
He continues, the West is beset by socio-cultural disturbance, as Putin recently said.
They recognize this.
We're basically committing cultural suicide.
Where Russia under Putin is reviving pride and nostalgia for Russian history, at least the version of history that the Putin regime prefers, in the West they pursue the aggressive deletion of whole pages of their own history.
That's a quote from Putin.
Again, this civilizational self-loathing that puts us on such a pathetic weak back foot.
He continues, quote, The West is too busy teaching that a boy can become a girl and vice versa to be able to defend its own traditions and truths.
Putin chastises and now we have British security bosses obsessing over pronouns.
As Putin spies more territory for the Russian Federation, fiddling while Ukraine burns.
Absolutely incredible.
But again, I'm sure, again, transposing the Ukraine flag on Downing Street will deter Putin.
Once he sees that, the T-90 tanks get pulled back immediately.
Meanwhile, the Ukrainian president And this is actually a news story today.
Zelensky, while his country is being invaded and bombarded, while his military infrastructure is being completely wiped out, guess what the President of Ukraine is doing?
He's conducting a sit-down interview for a documentary with Sean Penn!
Remember that guy who was the guy in South Ossetia, the Georgian president, where he was eating his own hair while the Russians were invading?
That's basically the equivalent.
Information Liberation reports, Zelensky finds time to chat with Sean Penn for documentary amid Russian siege.
Ukraine's comedian president Volodymyr Zelensky took the time to speak with actor Sean Penn as part of a documentary on the Russian invasion as his military was being destroyed.
Yeah, you'd think he'd have quite a full schedule today, don't you?
You'd think that the Sean Penn documentary interview would get pushed back a little bit.
Zelensky released the embarrassing video himself Thursday on Instagram writing quote
"The more such people in our country now true friends of Ukraine who support the struggle
for freedom the sooner it will be possible to stop Russia's treacherous attack."
I'm sure him doing a sit-down interview in a Sean Penn documentary
is really going to deter the might of the Russian military.
Absolutely incredible.
Zero Hedge reports, Russian forces seize Chernobyl nuclear plant.
Kremlin willing to talk Kiev's terms of surrender.
Ukraine's government has confirmed the Chernobyl power plant site has been seized by Russian forces.
Of course, they can't bombard it because it will release radioactivity throughout Europe.
The Prime Minister made the announcement in a televised briefing saying Russian troops had taken control of the zone and nuclear power plant.
Biden presented with menu of options for massive cyber attacks against Russia.
Oh, they're going to take down the Russia dot military site.
Oh my God, that's really going to stop.
They're going to take a website offline for about an hour.
Oh my God, the absolute power and strength.
The manpower.
You can't say manpower, don't say that.
Meanwhile, China might be there tomorrow, warns Chinese state pundit and dire Taiwan-Ukraine comparison.
The influential former editor and current commentator for China's state-run English daily, Global Times, issued a shocking comment hours into Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Hu Jihin weighed in on Thursday's PLA fighter jet breach of Taiwan's air defence identification zone, that's right, and they've got ships in the South China Sea once again, by saying, quote, get used to it, there may be more PLA aircraft flying there tomorrow.
So China sees that Biden is weak.
China sees that the UK Ministry of Defence is more concerned about people using correct pronouns and not using the word manpower.
And what was the other one?
Yes, grip.
Not using the word grip is more of a concern than fighting, than spying on our aggressive foreign adversaries.
These are the people representing us.
And yet now we're being called the traitors for simply pointing out that somebody who is obviously cognitively deficient and can't even say the word Kiev correctly, somebody whose first reaction to the most dangerous military escalation in Europe for decades, His first reaction was to go to bed and his White House's first reaction was to issue a press release saying that Joe Biden may make a public appearance, may talk about it sometime tomorrow in the afternoon.
We'll be back.
So the same legacy media, the same political class that says borders are bad, national sovereignty is bad, Ownership of... private ownership of firearms is bad.
Patriotism is bad.
Suddenly, that's all good, but only in the context of Ukraine.
You had CNN yesterday come out again.
This is a tweet from John Berman.
The Ukrainians will fight like hell if every Ukrainian takes a gun.
Russians don't have a prayer.
So the Second Amendment's good now?
And in fact, on that very subject, Spectator Index reports, Ukraine's Interior Minister announces 10,000 automatic rifles have been distributed to civilians in Kiev!
Suddenly, private ownership of guns is a good thing!
What a turnaround!
Now, I was talking before the break about the MOD, telling British spies To use the correct pronouns, to not use words such as manpower, strong, and grip, because that could offend people.
These are our spies who are literally tasked with combating Moscow and Beijing, but they're being taught, educated, trained, that the words they use, the sounds that come out of their mouths, are more important.
Well, on the day that Russia bombards Ukraine, the MOD LGBT network, which apparently is a thing, It's come out, and Darren Grimes just tweeted this, I retweeted it, and they say, again, this is MOD, this is the British Military Industrial Complex, Ministry of Defence.
Today, for LGBT History Month, we hosted a coffee morning in the main building, which had a great turnout.
In the afternoon, we hosted a book club webinar, where we discussed our favourite LGBT plus books.
Wow, Vladimir Putin was bombarding Ukraine.
This is what our Ministry of Defence was talking about.
What is your favourite book and why?
And then they have a couple of handy definitions, including pansexual refers to a person who's romantic and or sexual attraction towards others.
is not limited by sex or gender.
This is the Ministry of Defence doing a virtue signal tweet about how they had a gay coffee book club event earlier today.
Putin and President Xi are indeed laughing at us.
Let's try and cover some other news though in this final eight minutes.
Let's go to the video now because of course we had the brutal Treatment of the Canadian protesters by the Trudeau regime.
Again, it's only bad when protesters are getting violently brutalized and denied their free speech.
It's only bad when Putin does it.
When Trudeau sends in the riot cops and the police horses to trample disabled people.
It's liberal and progressive.
They abandoned or declared that the Emergencies Act was now over.
It was revoked, of course, yesterday, despite simultaneously saying that they would keep provisions of the Emergencies Act, seizing bank accounts, freezing assets of people who merely donated to the Canadian Freedom Convoy truckers, including single mothers who donated $50, before the Trudeau regime even declared it all illegitimate.
And Trudeau had a press conference but people noted his Deputy Prime Minister in the background who has this bizarre facial tick where she nods throughout in a way which is absolutely bizarre.
Let's go to the video, it speaks for itself.
The video is called Weird Nodding Woman, and here it is.
One thing almost as grating as the Trudeau regime's brutalist authoritarianism is this kind of glib assumed moral high ground sanctimony used to disguise it.
And while the lights sliver out of Trudeau's serpent-like mouth, his deputy prime minister, Chrystia Freeland, behaves like this.
In a democracy?
You can protest.
You can share your opinion at the top of your lungs.
You can disagree with elected officials.
You can certainly disagree with me.
But you can't harass your fellow citizens who disagree with you.
You can't hold a city hostage.
You can't block a critical trade corridor and deprive people of their jobs.
You can't attack journalists for reporting.
Which is essential to our democracy.
What you can do is vote.
What you can do is run for office.
That's how change happens in a democracy.
In a democracy, You can protest, you can share your opinion at the top of your- What are you doing?
Do you think relentlessly nodding like that somehow makes your behaviour righteous?
This is the same woman who just announced that parts of the odious Emergencies Act will become permanent, namely the part where people can have their assets stripped and bank accounts Frozen.
Merely for expressing an anti-regime opinion by donating to political causes they support.
Single mothers who donated $50 to the Freedom Convoy, even before the Trudeau regime declared it illegitimate.
are having their bank account seized.
That's nothing short of vile.
So why do you seem so proud of yourself?
Which is essential to our democracy.
You're an enforcement goon for a malevolent globalist regime that targets good, honest, hard-working people merely for opposing your agenda.
You don't have the moral high ground, so what's all this weird affirmative nodding about?
Are you trying to convince yourself or what?
When you have Captain Blackface himself!
Canada and our allies will defend democracy.
We are taking these actions today to stand against authoritarianism.
The people of Ukraine, like all people, must be free to determine their own future.
Yeah, because you're the perfect voice to speak out against authoritarianism, aren't you?
You just sent riot cops and police horses to trample disabled people for exercising basic free speech, and you've got the nerve to lecture anyone else about authoritarianism.
And there she is again, the nodder-in-chief, doing her best Mussolini impersonation.
Doesn't matter how many times you do it, it doesn't make you a good person, doesn't make what you've inflicted on Canadians anything other than what it is, an utter disgrace.
Now let's talk briefly in this final few minutes about the 100% safe and effective vaccine.
Of course the vaccine mandate was what the Canadian truckers were protesting against before they got trampled by police horses because Justin Trudeau's so progressive.
Daily Skeptic reports Coronavirus, key genetic sequence for furin cleavage site, patented by Moderna in 2016.
Daily Mail has the story, fresh suspicion that Covid may have been tinkered with in a lab emerged today, after scientists found genetic material owned by Moderna in the virus's spike protein.
Oh, really?
This is awkward, isn't it?
They identified a tiny snippet of code that is identical to part of a gene patented by the vaccine maker, Three years before the pandemic!
It was discovered in SARS-CoV-2's unique furin cleavage site.
The part that makes it so good at infecting people and separates it from other coronaviruses.
Gee, I wonder what could have been going on there?
Daily Skeptic also reports vaccine side effects up to 10 times higher than official figures.
But again, it's 100% safe and effective.
A board member of a large German insurance company has spoken out over the alarming data his company has found regarding Covid vaccine side effects, which don't exist because it's 100% safe and effective.
Up to the end of 2021, the German government recorded 245,000 Vaccine side effects.
However, the analysis by health insurance company BBK Pro Vita suggests the true figure is up to 10 times higher.
But again, it's 100% safe and effective.
So safe and effective that several times a week now we have medical emergencies at English football matches where either the players at the peak of their physical condition suddenly collapse on the pitch after three minutes with heart problems and breathing problems Or indeed, medical emergencies in the stands with the spectators watching the game.
Headline, English football match hit with yet another medical emergency.
This took place on Tuesday night at the Sunderland-Burton-Albion match, which had to be delayed by nearly an hour after a fan collapsed in the stadium.
And again, this happens several times a week.
Obviously, if you get 20,000-30,000 people attending a game, some of them are going to collapse because the vaccine's 100% safe and effective.
Referee Robert Lewis was forced to suspend the game after just four minutes after a supporter situated in Sunderland's West Stand required treatment.
And of course, the German newspaper Berliner Zeitung published a report seeking to answer why, quote, an unusually large number of professional and amateur soccer players have collapsed recently, but then experts chimed in, the fact-checkers looked into it, and don't worry, move along, there's nothing to see here.
They said that this massive unprecedented increase in footballers and people who watch football matches suddenly collapsing for no apparent reason whatsoever is just one big coincidence.
Meanwhile, Four million French discover their vaccine passport has expired because they didn't get the latest booster.
A dystopian sign of our social credit.
It's got future.
Four million French people woke up to discover their vaccine passport has suddenly expired because they hadn't got the latest booster shot.
And then who knows, maybe in the future your permission, your passport to go to a bar,
a restaurant, an entertainment venue, wherever, may suddenly expire if you express the wrong
opinions about Russia's invasion of Ukraine on social media.
Because that's where it's all going.
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