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Air Date: Feb. 20, 2022
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In this segment, Alex Jones discusses various topics including potential conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the exposure of the globalist paradigm, vitamin D3 benefits, and Klaus Schwab's plans for an angrier world. He also mentions the importance of fighting against the New World Order and taking action by supporting Infowars. The speaker discusses the concept of a "vaccine passport" and how it relates to financial tools being used by the government against illegal blockades and occupations. They criticize nefarious human experimentation by the government and pharmaceutical industry, leading to physical side effects. The interview continues with Marjorie Taylor Greene discussing her experiences in Washington and expressing concerns about societal issues such as transgender individuals in women's spaces and sports competitions. She emphasizes the importance of grassroots activism and accountability in government actions. Marjorie Taylor Greene discusses the situation in Canada with Justin Trudeau acting as a dictator, implementing vaccine mandates, and declaring martial law against truckers who are providing essential supplies. She warns of potential consequences if similar mandates were imposed on Americans and praises the truckers for standing up against tyranny. In this conversation, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Alex Jones discuss January 6th events and how they are being used by Democrats to discredit conservatives. They argue that the media has been spreading lies about their involvement in inciting violence on that day and emphasize the importance of focusing on actions of the federal government and Democratic party.

You can cut the tension with a knife.
It's a Sunday, February 20th, 2022.
Info wars, tomorrow's news, today.
I come to you from Austin, Texas.
I'm very honored and blessed to be here, I know every day, alive and on air.
Still having some semblance of free speech in these dark days is a real blessing,
and I place my trust and faith and soul in God's hands.
But God helps those that helps themselves and gave us the good wits
and will and courage and common sense and friends and family
and other random people you meet on the road who also want freedom
to be able to stand up against this evil.
Evil always makes its move.
It always seems like it's impossible to defeat until humanity realizes
that there's no choice left but to stand up and say no.
We've certainly reached that point now.
Well, we have Marjorie Taylor Green, about to get her to the studio,
and she's going to be joining us coming up in the second hour in studio this evening.
We really look forward to that.
She has a lot of courage.
She's an example of what we need more of in Congress to say it lightly,
to put it lightly.
We have that and a lot of big issues.
We're going to be covering with her in studio here in Austin, Texas, tonight.
But obviously, front and center, there are a lot of conflicting reports
about what's happening in Eastern Europe, Northeastern Europe.
And what's really about to unfold in Ukraine where there's been an eight-year proxy war
between the globalists and the Russians.
Here's just some of the headlines.
Russia plans biggest war since 1945, says the British globalist prime minister
who I wouldn't believe a damn word comes out of his mouth,
but who knows, it might be true.
Russian troops receive orders to proceed with invasion.
The US intelligence shows the same US intelligence that says I'm a Russian agent.
That's the Daily Mail.
But what we do have is video coming out of areas of Russia itself
showing Russian armored tanks painted with the letter Z, which would normally be part of a drill,
moving towards Ukraine border in huge convoys.
So we're going to find out very, very quickly what's really going on.
Putin and Macron are meeting right now in an emergency face-to-face meeting, we're told,
to halt, quote, escalation.
Putin says they're shipping more weapons than they're launching artillery attacks
into Eastern Ukraine, Russian-held areas.
Well, we know that's been going on for eight years.
So there's an escalation by both sides.
And the Russians, again, have been beefing up their troops in the area
because the West has been beefing up troops in the area.
And George Soros brags, you're with Russia.
We are in Russia's backyard.
We can't even control our border.
The globalists have gotten rid of it.
Thousands of people die over a few days of fentanyl, many of them children.
But that's not a crisis.
That's not a problem.
That's ordered open.
But, oh, backing certain groups in Ukraine who are Russophobes
is what we're supposedly all supposed to back right now
so we can help the globalists bring in George Soros' style
brainwashing of the youth, which is going on now,
in Western-controlled areas of Ukraine.
So I believe in the Monroe Doctrine.
I know America's been an empire since the Spanish-American War
and the blowing up of the main.
False flag that triggered that.
The anniversary was just last week.
But I am not a Russophile at the same time.
I do not lionize all of Russia's activities or behaviors.
But you'd be a fool to believe that this is about America spreading
freedom into areas of the world.
This is about the globalists taking over and are so powerful now.
They're not just waging war against individuals and families
and our savings and our currencies and our borders and our very existence.
They're waging war against other countries and other systems.
They believe they can push around.
And that's how big war start.
And Russia is a nuclear power.
We've also got a pretty powerful video of Chuck Todd
as Secretary of State Blinken, why Putin didn't escalate
during the Trump administration, and he is speechless.
That clip's coming up as well.
But we've got some really good news when we come back in T-minus 60 seconds.
We're live.
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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome and thank you so much
for joining us on this live February 20th Sunday broadcast.
We're going to be here for the next four hours.
Myself, Alex Jones, Marjorie Taylor Greene,
great member of Congress,
probably one of the best members of Congress.
She's definitely up there in the top two or three.
Amazing courage, amazing understanding of what we face,
more of what we need in Congress, no doubt.
And Owen Schreuer, my great co-host, and so much more.
Okay, ladies and gentlemen,
here we are on the verge of a massively expanded war with Russia.
And when Chuck Todd asked Secretary of State Blinken today
on one of the Sunday news shows
why Putin didn't escalate during the Trump administration,
well, we know the reason that that happened.
And I'll be talking about that coming up at the start of the next segment.
We'll have that video clip for you.
We're going to be getting to all of that.
The answer is Trump did not ship $5 billion of anti-tank
and anti-aircraft missiles and give it to not just the Ukrainian military,
but to the, quote, anti-Russian militia
that's been attacking for seven-plus years
eastern border of Ukraine with Russia.
So, yeah, when they tell you there's a war going on,
yeah, it's been going on eight years,
and the Russians and others are sick of it.
And if you look at the polls, they're 50-50, whether they're pro-Russia, pro-West.
The point is it's not our fight.
It's not on our doorstep.
Our own borders wide open.
Our country's collapsing.
And this didn't happen under Trump because Trump didn't push the boundaries of NATO.
There's been five pushes.
This is the fifth push.
And Russia has said this far no further, we have nuclear weapons.
So it's not about picking a side here.
It's about being a pragmatist and realizing what indeed is going on.
We'll be covering that coming up, as I said, for you next segment.
I don't know if I can do justice to this today,
but who knows what huge news we're ranking tomorrow.
So I'm going to try my best here this evening just to talk about something so massively huge
and so incredibly positive.
But I don't know if this Sunday show is the place to do this.
I just don't know with the time we have whether we're able to do that or not.
But I'm going to do my best and I'm going to go ahead and just start getting to this right now
because it really is on a epiphany moment.
It's a Perry Mason moment where the sunglasses are on like they live
and suddenly you can see what's really going on and what's unfolding.
But I've been trying my best for a long, long time to get people to care about corporate capture, elite capture.
Now these are well-known terms to intelligence agencies and to national police forces
and to the Justice Department and to PhD historians and others,
but it's something they don't want the public to have any understanding about
because in a republic and in a populist system,
we're supposed to have the public in charge of corporate and elite capture.
And it's supposed to be done where the whole world sees what's unfolding
and the whole world sees what's happening
and we're aware of what these corrupt forces are doing
so we're able to come in because we're aware of that and block them and stop them.
But if we don't know what's going on and if we've been kept in the dark
and told by the New York Times and CNN for decades that there is no global conspiracy,
there is no Bilderberg group, there is no secret group, there is no plan for world government,
there is no plan for world ID, there is no plan to take children from their parents,
there is no plan to sexualize your children, there is no plan for forced inoculations,
then we can't ever form the political opposition to it
because the system won't even allow a discussion or a debate about it.
Well, yesterday, they had a member of parliament try to bring up Klaus Schwab
and the globalist takeover and the Great Reset and how more than half the cabinet of Canada
is openly controlled by him and he brags that he runs it.
And when the member of parliament tried to bring it up, they cut his mic and told him he couldn't speak
and then they had the socialist leaders say that's fake news, that's not allowed
and they shut down the member of parliament.
That's how hardcore the martial law is in Canada that like North Korea
when they have one of their staged Politburo meetings,
if somebody gets up and criticizes Kim Jong-un, they disappear.
Well, now that's happening in Canada and if you go on Instagram or Twitter or anywhere,
I spent hours last night today looking at it, it's incredible.
I had more than 20 clips here and that's just a bare minimum.
That's why I said I don't know about time to get to it all.
It's unbelievable.
The whole world's waking up including premiers, governors of major provinces of Canada are saying,
look, foreign banks threw the UN and Klaus Schwab took over and there's been a UN coup
and then people go to the local airport and there's just UN aircraft everywhere
and yeah, jets, big passenger jets landing with UN troops with the UN on the side
and so Canada's really waking up that it was seen as soft, compliant and weak, which it wasn't.
It was just confident and happy and working hard
and it's been targeted by corporate, global government takeover, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, since they showed this at night, it gets worse during the day.
This is all these jets, big jets with UN on them.
They've now blacked out the UN tags and it looks like put black paint over it.
I mean, ladies and gentlemen, this is just, this is next level.
I mean, we have lived to see the attempted world government takeover
and it's collapsing in Australia, it's collapsing in New Zealand, it's collapsing in Europe, it's collapsing here.
They already had to back off force inoculation in Austria, Hitler's home
because their own police and military said we're about to overthrow the government
and the public got more aggressive once they tried that.
So this is all Klaus Schwab and the New World Order trying their takeover.
So I'll tell you what I'll do.
I'm going to have MGT in here in the second hour.
I'm going to go right through this hour and I'm going to hit the big Russian news in the last segment of this hour.
But when I come back for the next two segments,
I'm going to play you the most astonishing, amazing stuff we've ever played here.
Most of this is new, a lot of it's old, but I want to show you what's happening
and them in live time shutting down members of parliament who bring up,
hey, Klaus Schwab brags, he controls Trudeau.
Not true, sorry, can't talk or shut down.
That's fake news.
So it's not just fake news that shut Alex Jones down when he tells you something that's true.
Now it's live time having to shut up the members of parliament.
Now you've got to shut up Joe Rogan.
Now you've got to shut up Tucker Carlson.
Now like major famous Muslims are coming out against the great reset in the New World Order.
So Hollywood people are coming out against it.
Folks get this is bad.
Folks get this is evil and they've decided to reject this poison.
Evil is always trying to force feed you poison.
All you got to do is throw it up.
See, that doesn't sit too well.
You know, I think I'm going to, yeah, you know, you kind of make the decision to go ahead and eat something bad.
You know, I think that might have been bad fish.
That might have been, I think I'm going to go to the bathroom.
Well, I'll only do it every once a year or so, but I'll eat something that doesn't sit well.
And other people get food poisoning.
I go out to dinner with this happened before.
Not this guy.
I'm the opposite of believe it.
I love food.
But once a year or so, I'll eat something and it doesn't sit well.
And it makes me something ate at a gas station or something.
And I just go vomit that out.
And we just got to say, hey, you know what Klaus Schwab?
You know what Bill Gates?
You know what New World Order?
You know what Ted Turner and all you world government people were?
You force fed us all this, but we reject it.
What did God say in the Bible?
You were hot nor cold.
So I spit you out of my mouth.
You were lukewarm.
I spit you out of my mouth.
You got to spit them out of our mouth.
Well, they're right back.
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This is nothing more than a top down vertical consolidation of the world economy.
Because they couldn't take our guns because we wouldn't bow because the left,
which is the ideology of this world government system, couldn't win.
They released a biological weapon on us.
Now we know.
Two years ago, we learned about it about 20 months ago.
It's that simple.
They can't maybe because of our free speech and our guns.
So the global corporate combine released COVID-19 and you know the rest of the history.
Expose this paradigm and we win.
It's time to protect your privacy.
It's time to come to grips with the fact that even though you don't have anything to hide,
criminals, hackers, corporations, big tech government are stealing all of your data and
creating a map and a database of where you go and what you do.
So in the future, under their globalist takeover, they can shut you down.
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I'm so glad you called elaborate on this.
Now is the time in your small town or your big city to write something on the bathroom
wall or to put a sticker on your car or banner hangs over highways and it will be a chain
What do you recommend people say on these banner hangs?
I have a few ideas.
First of all, out there is a poison form, a rest out, rest while swab, the vaccine is
There's tons of things.
I say just keep it short, keep it concise.
Don't agree.
A rest vouchy, a rest bill gates, the COVID-19 vaccine is poison, beautiful.
There's ways that we could all be involved if we could all be affected, so that's what
I'm calling about.
God bless you, Chris.
In Atlanta, I really, really appreciate you calling us today.
Thank you so much.
Or all the other fights and the police actions and things the different countries have been
We think about an enemy with military trying to take over the infrastructure of the other
group and have the people surrender.
But you don't invade a country that is going to fight back.
You don't invade a country that won't submit.
You invade people that are known to be soft and passive and easily scared into control.
So you build a virus.
You release it.
You create incredible fear.
You block treatments.
You then inject people with more poison to make them sick.
So they're scared and under your control.
And we've got Klaus Schwab, who's the former head of the Bilderberg group, big globalist
secret power group that I've exposed and others have.
And you've got them creating the Debo's group in the 70s under Henry Kissinger's direction.
He worked directly for Kissinger, went to Harvard, trained by Kissinger, all of it.
And then by the 90s, they've gotten thousands of leaders, mainly the children of rich people,
billionaires, like Bill Gates and others.
And almost all the prime ministers and presidents you see now, trained by them in global governance.
And then he writes four books on the subject.
He gives speeches.
He goes all over television and brags that we've penetrated governments and we control
And if you go to his Wikipedia page, it has a quote, him saying, we capture your democracies.
The people do not need to be in charge.
So he's another crazy German that thinks he should rule the world.
And he works with a bunch of other evil groups doing it.
But what's important is I've been harping on this group and making films about it for
decades and warning you they were going to use the virus for control.
But now it's everywhere from Joe Rogan's latest podcast to Tucker Carlson to everywhere and
exploded online, people waking up and actually going and looking at who is in their parliament
and who is in the cabinet of the government and who are their presidents and prime ministers.
And they're finding out almost all of them, whether it's Latin America or the Middle East
or Africa or Europe or Canada is them.
And now you've got Eastern European leaders and the Mexican president that's a liberal
and conservative leaders, Bolsonaro, all saying this is a corporate coup, a scientific takeover
of the planet.
That is a magic moment, ladies and gentlemen, where people finally get it.
So I've got more than 20 of these clips and I'll probably make a documentary on this the
next few weeks, a quick film, because people are really ready for this right now.
And the Zeitgeist is here.
I'm also trying to write a book on this subject, we're working on it right now.
But this is just so huge.
Here is a major conservative member of parliament censored for pointing out the World Economic
Forum, the Debo's groups corrupt influence over Trudeau's government.
When this first broke on Friday, people thought it was fake.
They went and found the HD and off the government channel.
It's real.
But notice first they say, oh, your feed's bad.
We can't hear you.
It was true.
Then the socialist leader, who's there in person, minding it all, pops in and says, it's
not true.
It's disinformation that Klaus Schwab brags he runs Trudeau, even though I have five clips
of him saying exactly that, and we're going to get to him.
So this is really captured people's imagination, and they're finally getting it.
So they don't even want members of parliament in a country captured by these people to do
And the finance minister declared financial martial law, said they'll take your bank
accounts and track what you do without a warrant.
She announced yesterday at a press conference, it's permanent.
She said, we're permanently doing this.
And then another top liberal, they call him a labor member, said, oh, being a Trump supporter,
we're going to take your bank account.
And even people on mainstream TV are like, that's crazy.
And then the graduate of Klaus Schwab's system, his cult, his intelligence agency, his private
intelligence agency of New Zealand, they've got tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands
protesting there peacefully, and she says they're terrorists and that free speech isn't
And even the police tell her what she's doing is wrong.
So they're all following orders of the corporations that think they can put puppets in charge of
governments and have them lock us in our houses, forcibly inject us, tell us we're nonessential,
starve us, shut down our businesses, and that we're not smart enough to organize and figure
out what they're doing.
But whether it's Trudeau of Canada, or whether it's the puppet of New Zealand, or whether
it's any of these puppets, they all have one thing in common as a governor in Canada came
out and set up a premier, is they're all very weak-minded and very stupid.
And that's true, because these are the quizlings.
These are the useful idiots.
These are the people inside your fortress that lower the drawbridge for the enemy to take
And what does the enemy always do when they take over?
They put to the sword the idiots that open the gate.
Here it is.
Canada, a member of parliament, censored and censored for pointing out W.E.F.'s corrupt
Here it is.
Thank you, Mr. Speaker.
And I listened to my colleague's speech.
I had a constituent that wanted me to ask a question about outside interference to our
Klaus Schwab is the head of the World Economic Forum, and he bragged how his subversive W.E.F.
World Economic Forum has quoted infiltrated governments around the world.
He said that his organization had penetrated more than half of Canada's cabinet.
And I was wondering, in the interest of transparency, could the member please name which cabinet
ministers are on board with the W.E.F.'s agenda?
My concern is the deput— Order, order, order.
I know the member was in a really good question there, but the audio is really, really bad
and the video is really, really bad as well.
And I apologize.
I don't know if the member— Okay, let's try again.
The honorable member for Timbs James Bay.
Mr. Speaker.
My member is promoting open disinformation.
That's not debate.
We have to call up disinformation.
I'm going to get into debate again.
So, oh, I forgot it's worse than I've said.
Trudeau suspended the government and the elected representatives when he declared that a martial
law a week ago, and then they told all the other members of parliament, don't be there,
you can't be there, but then they opened it up for the left to be there.
Everything's a deception, everything's a test, everything's a see what they can get
away with, and so the conservatives and others, they're digital coming in via Zoom or whatever
system they use, but the left's there to honcho and run it all.
Now, this totally has freaked out the people of Canada.
It's got tens of millions of views, the different versions of it, and Canada's only 32 million
people or so.
So again, once you identify the shadow government, once you identify it's a foreign outside group,
once you identify that it wants to collapse you to then get you on welfare with a universal
basic income to control you, once you know that it's game over, baby, and it's happening
everywhere, very positive time.
Of course, I have a clip of Klaus Schwab talking about it.
Their answer is to launch a cyber attack and to basically cut the power off and bring in
total complete control using that, and wars.
Of course, I didn't just tell you that today, I told you that months and months ago, but
I have the clip of Klaus Schwab saying the power outage, the cyber attack will make
COVID look like a wonderful thing, and he smiles because he knows.
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From the words of Chuck Paulinique's Fight Club, dear globalist leaders of the great
reset, the people you're trying to step on, we're everyone you depend on, we're the people
who do your laundry and cook your food and serve your dinner, we make your bed, we guard
you while you're asleep, we drive the ambulances, we direct your call, we are cooks and we are
taxi drivers and we know everything about you, we process your insurance claims and credit
card charges, we control every part of your life, we are the middle children of history,
raised by television to believe that someday we'll be millionaires and movie stars, but
we won't, and we're just learning this fact, so don't f**k with us.
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Leading of frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Well, I'm really proud of humanity and I'll just tell you a point blank, I'm doing this
because I want to survive, I want to live, I want to have a future, I know God's real,
I want to stand up against evil.
And so every victory we have, I just see that as my mission and what we're supposed to do,
but I am really proud of all of you because I know this audience of activists is at the
very core of the fight and I don't have words to describe how amazing you are and really
makes me proud of this crew and everything we've done together that we're going to really
get attacked hard because the enemy knows we're the detonation point of this thing,
but Info War, standing on the shoulders of great patriots that came before us, has been
the tip of the spear.
And we've got a real fighting chance against these people now and humanity's really waking
up and fighting back because of you and your support of this broadcast in your word of
mouth and your prayer and what you did.
This is real world stuff and you did it.
Yeah, God's in charge, but God works through you and if you don't take action, well, then
the dog doesn't hunt and I'm here to tell you folks, this dog wants to hunt, but I can't
hunt without you and together we're doing it.
This is real.
This ain't Hollywood crap.
This isn't all the fake New World Order BS in the world.
This is real and this is happening.
Maximum Red Alert, Saturday emergency broadcast, Western leaders claim war with Russia has already
MTG, Marjorie Taylor Greene live in studio coming up next hour.
So let's continue here, ladies and gentlemen, with the biggest news and again, I'm going
to have to make like an hour long quick, fast mini documentary on this or something because
the wheels are coming off the New World Order right now.
All the best.
I say all at the top 20 best selling books last year, all about the great reset.
People get it now.
It's good news.
And so this is very exciting.
I just pledged to the member of parliament being censored for saying that Trudeau pledges
allegiance to the great reset.
Let's just start with clip 13.
Here's Klaus Schwab two years ago saying, use COVID to create an angrier world.
They want to solve angry and killing each other when the resources are cut off and people
don't go to work and the infrastructure collapses because that's how stuff works.
You may not think your job is very important, but especially if you're a farmer or an engineer
or a power plant worker or a guy that puts power lines up or a school teacher.
I mean, everything has an effect.
And if they don't go to work, stuff starts breaking down and people starve to death in
the third world and then we collapse and we starve to death.
And that's what Schwab brags about how great it is and how they're cutting the carbon footprint
and giggling.
He's a murdering depopulationist.
Sorry, let's get the clips.
So he's telling you what the angrier world is coming, but he doesn't think he'll get
the blame.
See, he'll keep doing this with his corporate controllers until he gets the blame.
The minute he doesn't think he'll get away with it, they're going to stop.
So I've been like, attack the establishment politically, expose them, emergency, emergency.
Everything we do is on this and now finally, finally people get it and it's amazing.
So God is good, my friends, God is real and God is in control.
Let's go ahead and go to this clip of this demon.
He's the front man, but he's the head demon with the devils above him, giving him the
orders and here he is admitting his plan.
I don't know how it will play out in November, but what we know is that we will end up with
as many more unemployed and particularly also people in the gray economy, which are not
counted for who lose their jobs.
So we will see definitely a lot of anger already now, but probably increased by the end of
the year because this crisis will be with us until we really have found remedy.
Okay, so his whole plan, he writes books, we're going to crash economy.
They order the lockdowns to make you poor and collapse and then offer you a new utopia
with a digital ID and universal income that he controls.
So here he is last year talking about a cyber attack and getting very excited.
How you think COVID was a bad lockdown, which he said was a good, he said was good for the
Well, wait till the cyber attack turns your lights out.
Here it is.
But still pay insufficient attention to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber
attack, which would bring to a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital
services, our society as a whole.
The COVID-19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison
to a major cyber attack, to use the COVID-19 crisis as a timely opportunity to reflect
on the lessons the cybersecurity community can draw and improve our preparedness for
a potential cyber pandemic.
So they're the saviors when they launch it.
They're prepared.
You're not.
They consolidate total control.
The top 100 billionaires double their money during this operation that they triggered.
And there he is admitting it all.
He wants a post-industrial world.
He pushed longer lockdowns, and when they collapse society, he poses as your savior.
Here he is on Charlie Rose talking about during the great reset, during the cyber takeover,
during the fourth industrial revolution, we change your genetics, not the earth.
Here it is.
For medical science.
And you see, the difference of this fourth industrial revolution is it doesn't change
what you are doing.
It changes you if you take genetic editing.
Just as an example, it's you who are changed.
And of course it has a big impact on your identity.
And offers certain kinds of possibilities that have to be careful about, you know, when
you begin to do that kind of gene editing, some people worry that you are changing what
it means to be human.
That's the problem.
Of course, it's a new industrial revolution, offers us many opportunities, but it raises
many fold questions.
Now you know what they did to you.
You know, I'm going to play clip eight, Alberta Premier Jason Kinney talks about the great
reset as the best job boiling it down in a very conservative way in four and a half minutes.
That's coming up.
Let's go to clip five.
She's on the board of the World Economic Forum, the Davos Group.
She works directly for Klaus Schwab.
She's written books about world government and depopulation.
Her grandfather was the number two under Joseph Goebbels, can't make that up, had propagandist
in Eastern Europe when the Nazis occupied it.
And Christia Freeland, who is the economic minister over Canada, the deputy prime minister,
she declared martial law last week, no due process, take your bank accounts.
Now they say it's permanent.
And then she mentions a economic system, Schwab is announced with the UN, a global system
that will cashless society track what you do.
Here's part of it.
In terms of the financial instruments, which our government is using right now to act against
these illegal blockades and illegal occupation, you know, a hip hop stop.
This is a two minute clip and I went to it about 30 seconds late.
I'm going to come back with that.
But when she says illegal blockades, they're blockading and saying, if you don't take shots,
you can't have a job.
They're saying you got to have five, six, seven, eight shots.
Trudeau's bought the shots out many years saying this is the new normal.
They're blockading us.
They're putting us under siege.
They're controlling us.
They're telling us we're not essential.
They admit it's their fourth industrial revolution to take over our bodies.
I have C-SPAN interviews with Bill Gates and Fauci saying, oh, we need a virus out of China
to blow up the FDA regulatory system so we can get instant authorization of this to have
our revolution.
When I come back, I'm going to play the clip of her saying we need this to be permanent.
Everyone watched in live time and then the other minister says, yeah, anybody, yeah,
there she is, anybody that supports Trump will have his bank accounts taken.
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Anything of real quality, anything of lasting durability, anything that's really satisfying,
empowering, and fulfilling is going to be hard to attain.
And when it comes to information, boy, is that true today.
We see the entire global corrupt into a human depopulation, great reset combine, trying to
collapse our society to build on its ashes, their transhumanist nightmare vision, suppressing
the voices of good people all around the world and of doctors and scientists and engineers
that are exposing all their lives, their COVID hysteria, their world's going to end in 2030,
carbon tax, global warming bull, all of it.
And none of it can succeed.
None of it can actually be carried out unless everybody is silenced and gas lit.
That's why truth comes with hard work and with research and with diligence.
And that's why it's hard to share infowar's links and band up video links.
That's why we've got to share them now more than ever.
The globalist social engineers always intended to push their COVID biomedical tyranny lockdowns
until the populations rebelled.
They would then use that as the pretext for permanent martial law and banning and arresting
anybody that speaks out against their lives.
But because of so many scientists and engineers and researchers and others coming public and
whistleblowers, now their whole project is falling apart because the people are aware
that it is a world government corporate takeover.
And so it's pulling back the curtain now more than ever.
The problem is some globalist controlled areas are not going to give up on their takeover.
Like Canada, where they've now declared a civil emergency and martial law in Ontario
and other areas of the world are following suit like Australia.
So pray for these folks big time.
It's a very serious situation and stay tuned into infowar's.com because truth is absolutely
bare mountain.
I have the greatest sense of loss deep in my heart, deep in my soul.
I've ever had in my 47 years on this planet, I've had a lot of loss like everybody else
And it's because it's a loss of ancestral freedom that so many people fought and died
and bled and sweat for.
And now we're just throwing it all away and I see the general public, ENA, medically induced,
scientifically induced, behavioral, psychologically controlled, transient, and I know we're being
fed into this globalist meat grinder and it's so incredibly sad.
But this is the process of birth and then growth and then falling apart and then degenerating
and collapsing and then coming back to life again.
It's just the globalists are actively trying to steer and control this process of decadence
and collapse to actually end the species as we know it.
Speaking of frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
All right, Marjorie Taylor Greene's getting ready to come in studio next hour with us
here on the Alex Jones show and remember I said I have over 20 clips, it's actually more
than that, with them admitting they run governments, admitting they've taken over society, admitting
they're in full control and we're going to get to those.
But here is the finance minister, the deputy prime minister of Canada who openly is on the
board of directors of the Bilderberg Group's public organization, the World Economic Forum
that's running all this saying now this is going to be a permanent emergency, we need
permanent powers and now we have the police saying any conservative protesting against
lockdowns is illegal.
Biden has that in his national announcements as well from June of last year that any protesting
or against lockdowns is terror.
This convicts them, this proves how bad they are.
Let me finish that clip though that we went to with her announcing just, this is just
a Friday, this is two days ago, that oh we need to make the emergency permanent for anybody
we don't like without a court order, without anything, the government, that means them,
that's what they want is the world cashless society, the social credit score, based on
that vaccine passport, the bureaucrats say with the banks who can have bank accounts
and who can, here it is.
In terms of the financial instruments which our government is using right now to act against
these illegal blockades and illegal occupation, we reviewed very, very carefully the tools
at the disposal of the federal government and we used all the tools that we had prior
to the invocation of the emergencies act and we determined that we needed some additional
Now some of those tools we will be putting forward measures to put those tools permanently
in place.
The authorities of FinTrack, I believe, do need to be expanded to cover crowdsourcing
platforms and payment platform and their payment providers.
So that is something that we need to do and we will do and that needs to be in place permanently.
All right, let's shut that down.
It goes on the full clips on InfoWars and FinTrack's, this whole UN global government
system and you can go to the World Economic Forum and she is the deputy prime minister
and the deputy head of the World Economic Forum on the board of directors of it.
Here, here's Klaus Schwab.
You saw that member of parliament on Friday go, hey, Klaus Schwab brags that he controls
half the parliament, many other parliaments or half the cabinet of the government of the
prime minister.
They're like, sorry, that's this info, you can't talk about that, even though they brag
about it.
Here's one of the clips they're talking about.
Prime minister, good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, friends.
As you know, the theme of this annual meeting is mastering the force industrial revolution.
I couldn't imagine anybody who could represent more the world which will come out of this
force industrial revolution.
It certainly will be a world, hopefully, not certainly, hopefully, if it takes the
right decisions, which will be a diverse world characterized by plurality.
It will be a world which will combine significant investments into the future, into our soft
and hard infrastructure with fostering entrepreneurial activity.
He goes on to say in the clip that we have on screen that Trudeau is the ultimate example
of this great reset in their takeover.
Here's the actual clip I wonder, I guess we've got them mixed up for so many.
This is Klaus Schwab with David Gergen at the Kennedy Center bragging that he controls
the cabinet and controls many of the leaders of the world.
His favorite example of this is Justin Trudeau.
When I mentioned our names like Mrs. Merkel, even Vladimir Putin and so on, they all have
been young global leaders of the world economic forum.
But what we are very proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, President
of Argentina and so on, that we penetrate the cabinets.
So yesterday I was at a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau and I would know that half
of this cabinet or even more half of this cabinet are for our actually young global
leaders of the world economic forum.
And that's true in Argentina as well.
It's true in Argentina.
Let's cut that off, he goes on and brags it's everywhere people are on to him.
Now here's something good before we go to break and come back with MTG, Marjorie Taylor
Green in studio next hour, so excited.
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney talks about the great reset and lays it out in very simple
to understand terms.
This is so important and we're going to start the next hour whether you're listening on
AM and FM, local TV, however, tell folks tune in that they don't want you to hear this.
The revolution against tyranny is now, here's part of this patriot, a major governor, Premier
up in Canada.
Ricky Butterworth, or it might be Cindy Butterworth says, where do you stand on the great reset
the Liberals are planning on introducing?
Well let me just say that first of all what is this great reset?
Pierre Polyev, the Federal Conservative Finance critic recently raised concerns about this
and then he was attacked by some in the media and by the Liberals for supposedly circulating
conspiracy theories.
Well, the great reset is actually the name of a book by a very prominent advocate of
His name is Klaus Schwab, he sent me a copy, I guess he sent one to probably every government
leader around the world and Klaus Schwab's thesis in his book is that we should governments
and societies, the world should, quotes, seize the opportunity of the public health and economic
crisis to reimagine the world and radically change policies.
In what ways, I would describe it as a grab bag of left-wing ideas for less freedom and
more government, for more government intervention, for policies that would I think create massive
poverty, particularly energy policy, policies that he is advocating, so Klaus Schwab by
the way is the President and Founder of the World Economic Forum, also known as the Davos
I call it the biggest gathering of global hypocrites in history.
It's a little ski village in Switzerland and every I think February a couple of thousand
super rich people, a lot of billionaires, millionaires, global CEOs and politicians fly
into Davos with hundreds of private airplanes, they go into Switzerland and they spend a
week basically lecturing the rest of the world, especially working women and men, about how
they should reduce their carbon footprint.
The hypocrisy in that crowd is so thick you can't even cut it with a knife.
And so, no, I'm not going to be taking any policy direction from Klaus Schwab or his
And what I find offensive, look, the so-called great reset, it's not a conspiracy theory,
it is an actual set of concrete proposals being advocated by some very influential people
and including apparently by Prime Minister Trudeau, who's clearly alluded to it, referred
to it, quoted from it, the Schwab theory in a speech he gave to the United Nations a
couple of months ago.
So, it's not a conspiracy theory to talk about that.
Those are the folks advocating it, and I think it's perfectly legitimate for democratically
elected leaders for me to say, heck no, we're not going to exploit or take advantage of
a crisis to advance a political agenda.
If we're actually all in this together, like we keep saying, then how about we focus on
the crisis, on protecting lives and livelihoods, helping people get through this?
And how about after that, instead of exploiting the crisis to impose on democratic societies
a whole bunch of failed socialist policy ideas, how about instead we get refocused on generating
economic growth, on recreating some of the trillions of dollars of wealth that will have
been destroyed, of restarting some of the hundreds of thousands of businesses that will
have gone under, of obsessively focusing on getting the millions, the tens of millions
around the world back to work, those who have suffered most in the COVID era have been the
poorest around the world.
And so the notion that we would then drive them further into energy poverty through Klaus
Schwab's policy agenda is, I just frankly find it offensive.
So no, it's not a conspiracy and nor is it a conspiracy theory.
I think it's just very distasteful and regrettable that influential people would explicitly seek
to take advantage of a crisis like this to advance their own
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
There are millions now waking up to the fact that they have been used in some sort of nefarious
scientific experiment, and many are suffering serious physical side effects as a result.
We can clearly see in the evidence presented by Dr. Jeden's crew at HowBadIsMyBatch.com
that different batches of the same vaccine are being deployed and monitored on a set
And studies from New Zealand and Spain have shown that there is cutting-edge nanotech
in the Pfizer vaccine.
It is a massive human experiment, it's killing people, injuring people, and destroying people's
immune, neurological, cardiovascular, and reproductive systems.
People who trusted their government, and people who trusted the pharmaceutical industry.
Trust is a beautiful thing with someone close.
But not with strangers we see on the television, and there is never a good reason to trust
your government.
When a bloated government's main concern is profit and war, then psychopaths with
degrees will be funded to research and develop more efficient ways of killing and controlling
This has been going on for a long, long time.
In 1932, the U.S. Public Health Service began the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment.
Russians were lied to about being treated for syphilis, and were unknowingly kept sick
and made worse.
During World War II, the Russians were using unsuspecting political prisoners to test lethal
poisons on.
The U.S. tested mustard gas on soldiers.
The Japanese tested biological weapons on Chinese prisoners.
And the infamous Angel of Death, Dr. Joseph Mengele, was performing all sorts of horrific
experiments on people in the concentration camps.
Researchers at Vanderbilt University gave pregnant mothers radioactive iron.
In what they were told were vitamin drinks.
In the 1950s, Dr. William Sweet was funded by the government to inject unsuspecting patients
at Massachusetts General Hospital with uranium.
Immunology expert Chester Southam injected prisoners in Ohio with cancer.
The University of California experimented on newborns by freezing them and injecting
air into their brains.
Israeli doctors killed tens of thousands of Arab children with radiation poisoning.
And in Montreal, Canada, Dr. Ewan Cameron was treating hundreds of patients with the
same bizarre procedure.
Whether they were seeking a remedy for schizophrenia, depression, or an injured leg, Dr. Cameron
treated them all by putting them into a chemical coma for up to months at a time while subjecting
their bodies to electroshock.
And just a few years prior to this, Dr. Cameron was invited to the Nuremberg Trials for a
psychiatric evaluation of Rudolph Hess.
Perhaps the darkest and most prevalent experiment on humanity prior to COVID-19 is MKUltra,
an endless web of inhumane projects primarily involving trauma-based mind control and the
torture of children.
While legacy media often shows you the lurid sex and drugs aspect of MKUltra, they don't
show you the congressional testimony of victims who were kept in cages, raped, and tortured
as children in part of the U.S. government's human radiation experiments.
I was a subject in radiation as well as mind control and drug experiments performed by
a man I knew as Dr. Green.
The first significant memory took place at Kansas City University in 1966.
Don Ebbner took me there by plane when my mom was out of town.
I was in what looked like a laboratory and there seemed to be other children.
I was strapped down, naked, spread eagle on a table on my back.
Dr. Green had electrodes on my body, including my head.
He used what looked like an overhead projector and repeatedly said he was burning different
images into my brain while a red light flashed aimed at my forehead.
I felt drug because he had given me a shot before he started the procedure.
When it was over, he gave me another shot.
The next thing I remember, I was with my grandparents again in Tucson, Arizona.
I was four years old.
The victims were given an apology by a smirking President Clinton, which is more than most
victims have ever gotten.
Nothing has changed.
These are only a few of the many illegal human experiments that we know of and there has
never been any justice.
The purpose of fear is to call us into action and there is plenty to be afraid of today.
Both the population has lined up for an untested, deadly and debilitating experimental injection
because they were told to be afraid of an invisible asymptomatic disease.
The perpetrators of all this have clearly stated their goal of having 80% of the population
hooked up to an artificial intelligence hive mind in less than nine years.
For those of us who have awoken from the spell, we know this is all really happening and it's
unbelievably unsettling to see, but there is only two things to do.
We continue sounding the alarm because it's a numbers game.
If enough people awaken from the cold spell, then we win.
But even when we win, and we eventually will, the days of convenience are soon coming to
an end.
And so we must prepare, get up to a years worth of storable foods, water filtration, survival
gear, seeds, shortwave radios, and lifesaving knowledge at infoorstore.com.
Well, I can care less about Hollywood stars, I can care less about politicians, I can care
less about anybody but my family and other hard charging patriots that love liberty.
But I get some butterflies and excited and was pacing up and down before she got here
because I am extremely excited to have MTG, Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia's 14th
district with us right now because of all the great people, there's quite a few good
people in Congress, quite a few bad ones.
I got to say, she's probably my favorite.
There's a few good ones up there, but I tell you, she is just the most genuine and she's
the most popular of anybody that got elected in the last round, but the system's coming
after her big time, she's up for re-election, we're going to tell you all about that, mtg4america.com.
And I wanted to talk to her about the tipping point and the global awakening and the elites
against the people.
And I said, what do you want to cover first, right before we went live?
And she said the first thing on my list, and my list was in this folder she hadn't seen,
it's weird definitely, synced up right now.
So MTG, it's great to have you in Austin, Texas, it's amazing to have you in studio.
Thank you so much.
I'm so happy to be here with you, Alex.
I think this is some of the most fun type of interviews I can do, so I'm so happy that
I'm here.
Well, we're all excited to have you here, it's amazing.
So I don't want to try to recreate what you said, repeat what you said before we went
live about how the establishment sees us now that you've gone from Georgia as a business
lady and a mother and a patriot, now you've been there two years, you've been in the belly
of the beast, you had a great description of what's happening.
Well, I tell you, for me what I see, and I'm just a regular person, I've never been in
politics before, and going to Washington, the most disturbing thing that I have found
is that the people in Washington, it's like a little bubble, and it's this tiny little
world, and if you really look at it, it's a small percentage of people, but they truly
look down on the rest of America, and they think that everything they think in their
little bubble and what they want for our country is the most important thing, but they look
down on the common American man and woman, and they just don't care, they're so disconnected.
That's why all they want is like war in Ukraine, instead of even thinking about truckers who
deliver food and supplies, they don't even care about kids wearing masks, they don't
care about our border with fentanyl pouring across killing young people and being the
number one cause of death, not COVID-19, and it just bothers me so much.
They treat me as if I'm some kind of crazy person, or like I have three horns coming
out of my head, but what they don't understand is they're the ones that are crazy and they're
the ones that are so disconnected.
Well, that's the gaslighting that they're engaged in, I mean if you look at it, the
trends worldwide are the populism and the people, not even about conservative or liberal,
and deep down they know that, they're trying to gaslight us, at least the controllers at
the top are, but I think the average leftist, I agree with you, actually does think you've
got five heads or I've got six heads, and that they actually believe their own BS.
I think they do too, and I tell you why.
I think they're really scared of the American people, because here's what they do know.
They know that if the American people actually woke up from the dream that they're living
in, the so-called American dream where it's more like entertainment, like Roman games
or something like that.
And I think the elites in Washington, you know, the ones that sit in the think tanks,
the political consultants, the neocons, the ones drumming the drums of war, if they really
look hard at America they know that the American people can end everything they're trying
to do if the American people wanted to.
So not only do they look down on the American people, because they can never make it a day
in our shoes, never make it a day in your shoes where you're working, you get up early,
you go to work, you balance your checkbook, you pay your bills, you're not in debt like
the federal government is.
You're taking care of your kids, driving them to school, helping them with homework.
You're making all the right decisions for your family, and they couldn't do it, not
a single day like the American people, American people can and do.
And by the way, you're not just saying that, I mean, you had a good idea of this when you
ran for Congress and won, but now you've seen it.
And I've been around these people as well over the 20-plus years I've been on air.
They literally pull you aside and they're like, why are you helping the average scum?
They're commoners.
And I'm like, no, you're the scum.
People need to know how these corporate elitists, not just Democrats, some Republicans, literally
their whole world is that they're an elite and you're scum.
And then they tell you America's scum and America's bad and America's racist when this
elitism is beyond racism.
They hate everybody that isn't part of their power structure, including independently wealthy
people and middle-class business owners, they want full control.
It's like in that movie, There Will Be Blood that's based on a famous novel that's based
on composite of real oil men.
And there's this one guy that becomes one of the top oil men and he goes, I have a competitiveness
in me.
I don't want anyone else to succeed.
Well, that's not what America's about.
It's about competitiveness and we want to see everybody succeed.
These people literally do not want to see anybody succeed, but them.
What was the journey running like for Congress and winning by record numbers and being demonized
and attacked and being the woman in the arena that Teddy Roosevelt talked about?
What has that process been like?
Because it seems like in the last three years, it's made you stronger, not weaker.
It's made me stronger because I know who I am and I know exactly what the American people
think and feel.
And going to Congress for me was all about taking what I know can happen at home, what
I know it takes to be successful and taking that into Congress in the place where I see
failing America, completely failing the American people.
It's been crazy.
It's been the wildest ride.
I feel like I'm in a movie every single day.
And here's what I can tell you.
When I got there, this is what they told me, Marjorie, that's not how we do things.
You see, they wanted me to come there.
They want all the new members of Congress to come and learn.
So talk about that.
Talk about so.
So I mean, how did it happen?
They kind of pull you aside, taking the launch.
What happens?
Well, it just comes gradually from different people.
And so they have their committees, everything set up on committees, and what you have to
do is you have to vote the way the chairman or the leaders of the committees want you
to vote.
And that's how you're being a team player, and that's how you're doing the right thing.
And if you're not doing that, then they want to minimize you.
They want to punish you.
They want to push you out.
They do not want your bills or your voice to be, you know.
So you're saying it's not just the Democrats doing this, it's the Republicans?
Oh, a thousand percent.
It's both parties.
They do it because here's the truth, Alex.
It's really a uniparty in Washington.
See, there's very few people on the outliers.
It's mostly a uniparty, and that's why the power that swings back and forth, the pendulum
swinging back and forth, it never changes.
It doesn't matter if it's Republicans in control, Democrats in control.
We're still where we are.
Well, that's right.
So who's more evil?
Really like AOC that's an admitted communist that flies first class and wears $8,000 outfits,
but says a hard-working mom or dad running a business, making $50,000 a year is greedy.
Is she bad because she admits she's evil?
She admits she's out in the open, or is somebody like Mitch McConnell more evil because he
claims he's with us, but he makes sure that that power structure stays in place?
Well, there's a big comparison there.
I would say AOC is definitely anti-American.
She's against our American ways.
She's a communist.
She's honestly about it.
She's honest about it, though.
She'll tell you.
Whereas Mitch McConnell, he lies to your face.
He says he's a Republican.
He's the leader in the Senate of the Republican Party, but he's married to Elaine Chao, and
they are fully bought and paid for by China.
On record.
On record.
And everyone knows it, but no one does anything about it.
Just like Feinstein, just like Pelosi, just like Swallowswell, they're literally on the
payroll of the CCP.
Yeah, absolutely they are.
And so are many others.
Think about it.
Now, for decades now, corporations, the American corporation, they have totally blended into
the system in China, in the CCP, and what has that done to us?
It's completely sold out the small businesses, sold out the Americans, sold out the American
taxpayer, sold out the people that love our country, and will do anything to stand for
our freedoms.
And that's what we care about, but it's these people in charge, and it comes from lobbyists.
It comes from former members of Congress who become lobbyists, and they push these policies
that sell America out to China.
And so are we in trouble?
Oh, yeah, we're in big trouble, and it's, you know, sometimes I wonder, is it too late?
But I don't think so.
I think I still hold on to hope constantly, because I do believe in the American people.
I think the Americans.
I mean, I believe in you.
I mean, I know you're for real.
I know your voting record is amazing.
And I know you're an example of a grassroots, hardworking, smart person standing up and going
against the system, and if you can inspire others, and if we can inspire others, we're
going to win this fight.
Thank you, Alex.
I really appreciate it, because I think it's regular people that can win the fight.
And this is something that we're seeing.
We're seeing parents going to their school boards and fighting on behalf of their kids.
But I think they have to keep going.
It's not enough to just go to your school board and demand to stop this mass.
It's not enough to back them off.
We got to remove these criminals.
We have to get them out of their position.
The TG in the house, ladies and gentlemen.
That sounds better than DJ T. Who knows, maybe she'll be his vice presidential candidate
coming up in a year.
But she's running for Congress right now.
Keep her in there.
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Mike in California, thanks for calling.
I think we're barking up the wrong tree calling this gain of function research.
Now, if you read the actual 2014 legislation, the U.S. government gained of function deliberative
process and research funding pause on selected gain of function research involving influenza
and MERS and ZARS viruses.
There's nothing about ZARS-like viruses, and if the research funding pause, it's not
a stop, it's not a prohibition, it's when you come to a four-way intersection, there's
the stop sign, you stop, you look both ways, and then you proceed, and so it doesn't pause
all gain of function, just selected gain of function.
They'll argue that this is actually characterization and qualification research, though Rand and
the others, maybe Fauci was right, they don't quite know what they're talking about, calling
it gain of function, that's why he didn't perjure himself, that's why he hasn't been
Because they're literally creating new synthetic life forms that mimic what the viruses do,
but in the main definition, it's still a gain of function.
They're making something deadly that spreads more easily to hurt people.
Thank you, Mike.
We love you.
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Meeting of frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
We got the little angel from Georgia with us right now, the MTG, and I got to tell you,
I like Gavin Nunes, he did a great job down his left, run the social thing with Trump.
I really like Jim Jordan, I really like Matt Gaetz, I really like so many great people
but I got to tell you MTG, every time I see you on TV there's no telling what you're
going to be saying but it's always true and you're so popular because people can see,
you're unscripted but you're really smart and you're real and that's scaring the power
Well thank you Alex, I hope so because I'm tired of the power structure.
They've sold out our country and they're selling out our kids.
And that's where you wanted to go next and I happen to have a giant stack of news.
Let me just read a few headlines because you can't make this up.
This is from KTLA, okay that's one of the biggest stations in the country, get ready
for this, outrage parents demand answers that for non-binary male counselors were allowed
to sleep in fifth grade girls' cabins at school sponsored camp event.
There's video of biological men sleeping with the fifth grade girls.
It gets worse, Facebook LGBT activist caught in alleged child sexting operation flying
to Indiana, number four at Facebook to have sex with a 13-year-old.
This one, trans swimmers face off in Ivy League, we told you it just did all be men
in women's sports.
Trans swimmers face off in Ivy League meet and the results up in transphobic arguments
against their participation, yahoo thinks it's great because both men competed against
each other.
Now what does that even mean?
Transgender Ivy League swimmers face off and it goes on from there.
Look at this ladies and gentlemen, I don't hate somebody if they want to be a woman,
they think they are.
But I love even how Fox News says two women competed like two women in a federal prison
had a baby or two women in a state prison had a baby, no a man saying they're a woman
did it.
It is incredible gaslighting going on and MTG is here to give her take on this, so much
to deal with her.
Oh, I think it's straight evil.
First off, if I was a parent and my fifth grade daughter had to sleep and shower in
some kind of cabin at some summer camp that I paid money to send my child to and there
was a man calling himself a woman sleeping in her cabin, showering with her, that guy
would be in jail.
He would be in jail.
Well first off, my husband would have beat him into the ground and then he'd be in jail.
But this is exactly how we need to stand up against this stuff.
And then the men, this guy, Leah, Leah Thompson, I'm sorry that's William and he's not a she,
he's a he, he should not be competing in women's swimming.
Any time he wins, he did not win whoever came in second place, the real girl in the race,
she's the winner.
He should be thrown out of swimming completely.
All of the men I do not care about, it shouldn't matter about what they do in their bedroom
if they want to wear a dress, fine.
But what they're doing is they are defeating women.
It's about beating women down and the left stands up for it.
And this is where America needs to say enough.
Most Americans agree that this is wrong and it's absolutely ridiculous.
And I don't know why Fox News or anyone else goes along with the whole pronouns, the he's
in the she's in the she's in whatever.
These are men.
We need to call them what they are.
They're men that makes them a he, a him and not play this pronoun game anymore.
And let's expand on that.
Dave Chappelle is no conservative.
He came out and said, listen, women need their own space just like everybody else does.
I have three daughters, but even if you don't have daughters, can you imagine what it's
like to have full grown men around the country showering with your daughters because they
say they are biologically a woman?
This isn't just other male students that claim they're female.
This is adults.
And this is causing people just to totally freak out.
And like you said, they're stealing women's spaces and children are being taught with
drag queen story time that a big fat man and a clown outfit is a woman.
I'm sorry.
That's not a woman.
That's a big fat man or a little boy dressed up like a girl.
This is all very, very sexualization of children.
In fact, I can't show this video in Austin, part of what we have.
They had men on stage with little kids giving them money who had no G-strings on saying they
were women with glitter on their genitals and hugging little kids, naked men.
This is four years ago in Austin, naked men literally grabbing children.
No, how did we get here, Alex?
I can't even understand that.
That should never, ever happen, ever.
This is so evil.
I can't even believe these videos.
No, but here's what we have to do.
We have to draw the line in the sand and say we are not willing to cross it.
This is such perversion, but it's also grooming children.
It's grooming them to believe things that are lies and that are completely wrong.
No, children are not born a certain way thinking they're another gender.
It's their parents that are training them that way.
It's these mothers that think it's like a handbag.
They need to have a boy, a girl, and a trans child, like as if there's some kind of accessory.
Exactly, it's like Hollywood stars and all the things they've engaged in, exactly.
Look at this photo of the progressive leftist not wearing their mask, but showing how the
kids all wear a mask.
It's literally a rite of passage that they have destroyed a child.
They've enslaved them in their MKUltra operation.
Oh, it's sick.
And then, yeah, they don't have masks on and the kids have to be masked.
It's just so, it's completely wrong.
It's absolutely wrong.
And I don't think it's a bad thing.
Here's what we have to do.
We have to speak out.
I don't think it's wrong to stand up and say, we aren't going to tolerate this.
Men, get out of our bathroom, get out of our sports.
These are our private places.
And think about how it's done in the name of helping women.
Oh, we're going to let, it's like that huge 300-pound dude going, it's ma'am.
It's ma'am while he smashes the store because the guy's like, hey, dude, come on up.
It's like a huge dude with pink hair.
Hey, bro, come on up.
Oh, it's a ma'am.
It's a ma'am.
It's an excuse to mess with people.
Weird psycho dudes.
Yeah, no, it's really disturbing, but here's what bothers me the most is so many good men
are silent with it.
They won't say anything, Alex, like they don't stand up and protect us.
We want real men to stand up and say, we're not going to allow you in our daughter's bathrooms.
We aren't going to allow you in our girls' cabins at camp.
We aren't going to allow you to beat down our women and our daughters.
Like in the UFC or the UFC so much, but other MMA fighting, they let biological men literally
kill women in some cases.
Yeah, that's what they would love to do.
They would like it.
It's like they want it to happen, and I can't comprehend it.
I don't understand it.
I mean, look at this dude.
He looks like Frankenstein.
Oh, the top weightlifter is a man in the women's sports.
The top bodybuilder in women's sports is a man.
The top swimmers, the top three are all men.
They're all men.
They're all men.
And we sit here and let these leftist, weirdo, sicko groups send a man in to women's sports
to unseat them.
That is just sick.
It is sick.
And then they praise them.
And I'll tell you, I've been an athlete most of my life.
I've competed.
I've been in plenty of races.
I've competed in CrossFit.
My daughter's a D1 athlete in college.
This is such a joke.
Actually watching this guy right here go out there and compete against women, beating
women, and then look, yes, celebrating, oh, wow, wow.
And then people allow that to happen.
I mean, what a mercury.
It's a fat slob that beats up on girls.
Yes, that's right.
A fat slob that beats up on girls.
And we sit there and tolerate it.
And then we sit there and say, oh, we have to be nice.
We don't want to hurt his feelings and call him a woman and allow him to do that.
And look, he's got his dingaling bouncing around his pants.
I'm sorry, but he didn't even have the nerve to cut it off.
They can't.
If they're going to go all the way, they should go all the way.
And I'm not attacking these people.
I'm not even against him.
He's obviously completely mentally ill because who's going to go out and compete?
I'm against him.
I don't hate him personally.
No, no, I don't hate him personally.
I hate what he's doing.
I'm completely against him.
Stay right there.
I'm against him.
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to build on its ashes their their transhumanist nightmare vision suppressing the voices of good
people all around the world and of doctors and scientists and engineers that are exposing all
their lives their COVID hysteria their world's gonna end in 2030 carbon tax global warming bull
all of it and none of it can succeed none of it can actually be carried out unless everybody
is silenced and gas lit that's why truth comes with hard work and with research and with diligence
that's why it's hard to share in full wars links and band up video links that's why we've got to
share them now more than ever leading a frontal assault on the lies of the new world order it's
alex jones and it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say i don't know what's
going to happen to me into this but you want to fight you better believe you got one from the
front lines of the information war it's alex jones
mtg is on fire as usual a really powerful woman a powerful mother a powerful member of congress
that scares the entire corrupt political system and i'm telling her i got a hundred topics to
cover but i said where do you want to go next and she's got a lot of inside baseball on congress
and roll calling votes and also i asked her hey i'm hearing everybody's really excited 30 members
of congress are not running again democrats you said oh that's not the good news you think it is
so she'll tell you about that as well take it away yeah so alex here's the thing you know we're
hearing about all these people retiring and we're hearing about 30 democrats retiring but the real
question is who's coming in behind them if they're retiring from their seat a lot of those seats are
democrat districts they're not necessarily being flipped to a republican so what kind of democrat
will take their place and i'm afraid it could be the wrong kind that just means the progressives
will get stronger and the squad will build so and you're not just saying that i've seen the numbers
they're pushing a lot of moderate democrats in almost everywhere and like actual communist aoc
america haters are getting in yeah no that's what they want because they're so extreme they're so
radical and they definitely want to build the democrat caucus that way they want the entire
democrat conference to be progressive that's what aoc is trying to do she's pushing her power
but here's something that a lot of people don't understand about congress so most of the bills
that get passed are passed by voice vote that is until this year and you know everyone remembers
the story of me being kicked off committees not that big of a deal because democrats are in control
and republicans can't really do much on committees anyways when the democrats control the house and
that was a badge of honor absolutely because that means you know what that means the swamp knew
exactly who i am they knew that i wasn't gonna hand over my they didn't want you looking at the
legislation sorry go ahead well they didn't want me they didn't they knew they know i'm going to
stand my ground i'm not going to say oh i'll do whatever you want me to do i'll vote however you
want me to vote i'm willing to go along they know that i was there for a reason to actually do what
i told my district my voters i would do and so when i lost my committees i started sitting on the
house floor and i don't know if you've ever heard this story but i started sitting on the house floor
and what i wanted to do is learn the process and so i started watching them debate the bills back
and forth and they would the person in the chair that was supposed to be speaker polosi she would
or he whoever it was with a mask on i had no idea but it usually wasn't nancy they would ask for
the voice votes and so after they debated the bill the democrats would say yay and then the
republicans on our side would say nay and then the person sitting there in this in the speakers
here with the gavel would say the bill passed and like 10 members of congress would have voted
saying yes or no well i'm not kidding you and so what i started doing is i started using floor
procedure and i started asking for roll call votes so they would debate the bill back and forth
and then this person in the chair you know speaker mask face or whoever it is would ask for the voice
votes and before the bill would pass i would say madam speaker i asked for the recorded vote
well that means that all members of congress had to come in and actually vote you see we have a
voting card and we're supposed to use it it's supposed to be an electronic vote and it should
record all of our votes whether it's yes or no and so i would put my we all are supposed to put
our card in there push yes no or present i don't even know why there's present but either yes or no
and i've been doing this since february the house freedom caucus joined in with me
and at this time alex we have over 500 bills that are on record that you can actually look up any
member of congress you can look up their vote and even see did they even show up for work that day
did they actually vote did they vote yes did they vote no you're saying is they're doing it
not just to manipulate the votes but to hide the record that is exactly what i'm telling you so
they all love to vote uh by voice because then you don't know how we vote and i noticed crenshaw
who is uh one of your main targets and i agree with you he's a very disingenuous individual
overall in a day was group graduate of claus Schwab unless he wants to come on the show and
challenge that he's on their website he got up a few weeks ago when he was endorsing this new
candidate uh and he said don't listen to the freedom caucus they're lying they don't really
vote conservative i do and people went in fact check team and it wasn't true so that blew up
in his face so he's i guess really pissed there's a record that you have such an amazing record
and so many others do that's right and it's because i was willing to ask for recorded votes
starting back in february and then by the end of march freedom caucus had joined me and we
have a floor schedule and we've kept the schedule so that every time congress is in session every
time we're voting we are calling for recorded votes and so that no one can no one can slip away
we and we should be held accountable that's that's and i wasn't aware of you doing that i wasn't
aware it enraged them a year or so ago they kind of shut up those they don't want too much attention
on this yeah that's right well so this is why talk about a watchdog folks and you you never
bring this up but even though you won with a record level in georgia they're coming after
you they got packs after you they're running scams we need you to win with a record level or they
could remove you from congress when you're such an important person there how do people
donate to mtg well i really appreciate you asking that so it's so important i'm only supported by
regular people i don't take money from lobbyists or packs mtgforamerica.com mtgforamerica.com
it's your five dollar donations twenty five dollars maybe even a hundred dollars that's
what is what helps me get reelected and just if you help me out i'm so grateful and it'll send
me back to congress so i can keep putting congress on record well absolutely i mean i
listeners get this my listeners are awesome and i have all these great people on that i support
but you particularly it takes money to win wars yes it does and and if we had the money that
george soros and the globalist did we'd have no problem we don't we have pockets of resistance
but because freedom is so popular we're able to still hold them back and have victory despite
that but it's so close the margins of victory for your family and your future are so close
no matter where you live in the united states you need to donate right now to marjorie taylor
greens reelection campaign there isn't a better champion who isn't afraid of the censors who
isn't afraid of the demonization who who who they wanted expelled from congress who they
want arrested for not wearing a mask i mean you know a person by their enemies and the enemy
of me and my family absolutely goes into a red rage over you that makes me love you even more
oh thank you so much no it's true i mean that's the same enemies absolutely we do well you know
it's the elites in washington and it's really those that serve the global economy that's
that's the biggest problem you know that alex those that really don't care they claim they care
about our country but they've sold us out oh they talk about america first versus the globalist
well what it is you know and i think i think the american people know it the american people
are so smart and they they know exactly what's going on i think that's why there's so many
people in our country that don't engage and don't vote and we need them to engage and we need them
to vote and that's why primaries are so important but the difference is is so many people in
washington you know it's the most powerful place on earth richest city on earth yes it is and it's
a dangerous place and people get sold out and isn't crazy it's the richest place on earth and the
most dangerous it is the most dangerous well it's a dangerous place because it steals people's
souls you know i think so many people go there with good intentions but there's such great
temptations in washington and it's easy to get sucked in and before they know it and before
they realize it next thing you know they're actually voting and they're actually investing and they're
actually making deals to serve countries like china and not america and that's what's happened
it's really sad i totally agree when we come back we'll hit whatever topics you want but
what do you make of bill mar even coming out and saying the left is evil the left supports
communist china what do you even make of him saying censorship is wrong it seems like even
a lot of people that have been leftist get now that it's an authoritarian movement well i think
it's interesting hearing him say that and and i don't know him at all so i'm not sure but i hope
he's being sincere in what he's saying you know it's really the thing the what upsets me alex i'll
tell you this when i got kicked off in my personal twitter account i still have my congressional
account but i'm limited on what i can say there i can't campaign for myself i can't fight certain
fights i can't ask for money but this is what upset me alex so many of my republican colleagues
stayed silent that's right and the republicans are the ones constantly saying that they're
going to fight big tech and they're going to hold them accountable and they're going to stop
censorship and protect free speech but it's republicans are the ones that are failed and i
would let's talk about that we got to go to break hard break but you can find her on getter at mtg
for america and at mtgforamerica.com stay with us i've been on air more than 25 years and long
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contemporary study in the world of the planet's ruling class not in communist china not in mexico
not in the united states not anywhere is there a real study of the planet's ruling class and
that's done by design the large central banks that basically control the planet will penalize
and target any academics that look into say the anglo-american establishment the founder of the
builder bird group the trilateral commission of the united nations the whole project of the roth
shawls and the rock folks until 10 years ago the media said the control corporate media the builder
bird group didn't exist well now the builder bird group is public and its former head still in the
steering committee is claus Schwab and he has set up the great reset in global government and give as
a liberty movement worldwide we don't address the globalist head on about the second figure worldwide
authoritarian corporate takeover we don't have a shot you expose them we can beat them easily
mike in california thanks for calling i think we're barking up the wrong tree calling this gain
of function research now if you read the actual you know 2014 legislation the u.s. government
gain of function deliberative process and research funding pause on selected gain of function research
involving influenza mers and stars viruses does nothing about stars like viruses and if the research
funding pause it's not a stop it's not a prohibition it's when you come to a four-way intersection
there's the stop sign you stop you look both ways and then you proceed and so it's also it doesn't
pause all gain of function just selected gain of function but they'll argue that this is actually
characterization and qualification research so you know rand and others you know maybe fouchy was
right they don't quite know what they're talking about calling it gain of function you know that's
why he didn't perjure himself that's why he hasn't been arrested because they're literally creating
new synthetic life forms that mimic what the viruses do but in the main definition it's still
a gain of function you're making something deadly that spreads more easily to hurt people thank you
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mtg m studio
just to get into the truckers in canada and what's happening with the truckers now traveling
across the united states to dc and the feds are talking about putting up barriers and fences around
the capital again so much going on so marjorie taylor green what is your view on canada and
the great reset and everything well i think i think it's something to really be scared of
this is the country that's just north of us we share the border the northern border and here
we're seeing justin trudeau the prime minister of canada act just like his father he's turned into a
dictator and i think that should terrify every single american but what is so disturbing to me alex
is the truckers these are the very people that provide food because they they drive they they
deliver all the supplies critical supplies medicine clothes you know people's food everything that we
need to survive comes from truckers doing their hard jobs and it's the truckers were the ones
that were so willing to stand up against the tyranny in canada with these vaccine mandates
but yet we're seeing justin trudeau turn into a dictator declare martial law and go to shut
these people down arresting them throwing them in jail but this is why it's terrifying the the
democrat party would love to do the same thing they would love to do the same thing to americans
and now we have this bigger big truckers convoy go into washington dc and what's the first bit
of news that came out of washington the fence is going back up because now they're trying to make
the image that the fence needs to be there because truckers are so dangerous and that's the biggest
lie and that's the biggest bunch of propaganda that washington wants to sell to the american people
truckers aren't dangerous democrats are they've tried to claim that you and i had never talked
until you came on the show a few weeks ago and i saw you say some nice things about me on the
on the show a tv show it's like we called got you on and and and we're very glad you came on but
they've had thousands when i say thousands that's conservative of articles claiming
you and i and trump plan that violence that there's a conspiracy that you need to be expelled from
congress i had to be arrested that's all a giant lie you want to respond to that yeah it is a it
is a giant lie because here's the truth those are the people that we should be holding accountable
the ones telling those lies it's that the news media that wants to sell the propaganda and
say terrible things about you alex say terrible things about me calling us names um you know and
and selling these these lies to the american people but it's really the federal government that is so
out of control and hurting our country enslaving americans and 30 trillion dollars in debt trying
to tell us that our children need to be brainwashed with crt taught to be racist that our kids need
to be told that they can choose their gender and that grown men can go in our in our children's
cabins and showers at camp i mean it's just it's outrageous so what is your synopsis you're great
at boiling things down we've looked at every angle what really happened on january 6 i see a million
people showed up they had some levy's provocateurs the capital police basically stood down they open
the doors and now almost a thousand innocent people have been charged with stuff i mean this is and
now they're calling every day january 6 they're calling the truckers january 6 they're saying
arrest everyone where do you see the skillings it seems like democrats are betting everything on
january 6 of course they're betting everything on january 6 that's all they have no actually i
here's you know what's every day every day should be the riots of 2020 that should be every day
that's when the democrats showed us who they are and isn't it funny now that biden is in office
there are no more riots but has anything changed has police violence changed no crime has gone up
have black lives stopped being murdered or black lives stopped being killed no they're being killed
every single weekend in chicago the numbers are up oh yeah the numbers are much higher as a matter
of fact it's so much worse but the the reality is every single day is we should be looking at who
justin trudeau is we should be looking at who the democrats are never forget kamala harris
ilhan omar funding blm sending out these links with the minnesota freedom fund to bail out violent
rioters who were burning us uh businesses rioting in the streets against innocent americans that
wasn't the capital those were american cities and it went on night after night but the democrats
have shown us who they are and that should be what our focus every single day not january 6 you
know what happened on january 6 alex there was a lot of beautiful people that had a wonderful time
there and they never want to talk about that they only want to show the small amount of rioting that
happened they don't want to talk about ashleigh babbit being shot they don't want to talk about
the other woman that was trampled in the tunnel that you know i've seen the video of what it's
horrible they like grab her back and kill her and beat her brains out and you know that's the thing
we have a million people there and then a very small group go in most of them waved in by police
when you have a lakers game and they went to championship you don't blame the 30 40 000 fans
that showed up for the thousand people that rioted but that's what they did here yeah of course well
here's what they should be doing they should be talking about ray epps we should be talking about
the people that were encouraging regular americans to go into the capital you know most of people
that were there that day that was their first time at the capital wow they didn't know that there was
a certain line they weren't supposed to cross they had no idea that they were supposed to stay behind
the barrier because ray epps and others had torn them down before they had even gotten there when
they had left the ellipse and walked down to the capital so yeah people got charged that day for
for fighting and different things but they've been charged but they should they shouldn't be
rotting away in jail that shouldn't be happening but the real question is why did police just open
the doors and tell them they could go in were there fbi agents or or different informants or
people working with the fbi involved in what happened on january 6 because that's the truth
that we should be talking about and my biggest question every single time alex is what happened
to nancy polosi and why did she not have the national guard there why did was right trump
tried to get him and they blocked him he asked repeatedly and they blocked him and i was you
know i don't believe that's on record they call that a conspiracy theory that's on record oh absolutely
it's on record they want to lie and say it's a conspiracy theory but it's not you know it bothers
me i was a brand new freshman member of congress i'd only been there a couple of days you know they
nancy polosi put all of our lives in danger because she refused to have the national guard
she it's it's as if they obviously got a million people coming you should do that
but yeah well president trump asked but they had intel they knew that there was possibly
going to be violence that day so if nancy polosi cares about the capital like she claims
she calls it a temple why didn't she have the national guard there i totally agree so what do
you think the deep state the corrupt system that is out of gas collapsing everybody's turning
against it what do they do now to grab victory from the jaws of defeat that's my concern start
a war with russia what do they do i don't know it's hard for me to even fathom starting a war
with russia i i don't even think that way so it's hard for me to understand look at her reviewing
her troops right here oh yeah of course well that's all for the camera she's got to stand out there and
and talk to them and act like she actually cares but nancy polosi doesn't care it's such a it's just
a big charade and there she stands with her mask but i guarantee you as soon as the cameras went away
she took it off while oh absolutely so with 261 days the midterms what is mtg's prediction what's
your gut level feeling right now i think we're going to take back the house but to me it's very
important how we take back the house i don't want to take back the house with a republican conference
that's just going to continue to do the same thing they always do and that's just work across the aisle
with the democrats i'm fighting inside my gop conference and i have no problem with it to me
you know they talk about the civil war in the gop well i fully embrace it because i believe that iron
sharpens iron and we need to be the gop conference that actually does something for a change instead
of talking about it on fox news you see i think republicans have a job to do and that is to become
the american party we need to be the american party i agree not left to right the american party
yes the american party and i'm working on something with my staff i can't talk a whole lot about it
but it's called the american revival and it's the plan that i think that all of us need to embrace
it's the plan that i think we need to bring our country back to save our country and to revive
america not just in our economy not just our border but so much about who we are as a people
exactly if we don't know who we are we can be enslaved if we know who we are in our mission
we cannot be enslaved we cannot be defeated american revival with mtg at mtgforamerica.com
and get our mtg for america you can also follow your congressional site on twitter
in 60 seconds thanks for being here closing comments oh thank you well first off i would just
want to say thanks for having me alex and and to everyone watching at home i really appreciate
your support and if you can support me in my reelection i greatly appreciate it at mtgforamerica.com
stay strong keep fighting and always keep the faith and the hope because you can never let it go
no matter how dark it looks i think it's always important to stay focused on fighting and i truly
believe we can have an american revival and that's what i'm working on well you're not afraid to
defend free speech and you're not afraid to defend people that have been ostracized and attacked
that's another great sign but i just really appreciate your great voting record and all you've
done and everybody out there there's not a place that you can fight for freedom better than marjorie
taylor green and her reelection oh and shroyer and sunday live is about to take up uh the show
and we're gonna have mtg's just taped an interview with him it's gonna be airing tomorrow on his
show right before she came on live with me so marjorie taylor green thank you so much for being
with us thank you alex wow that was an amazing two hours the alex jones show 11 a.m tomorrow
the alex jones show kicks off oh it goes live in two minutes
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social engineers fear that so much so that's why i repeat that famous internet saying that nobody
knows who first came up with the boy is it true the propaganda would not be necessary if the situation
was hopeless they need all their propaganda and all their lies and all their evil and all their
cultural death because they know we are strong and they know in the end they signed on the god of
this world who is a loser and that's why it's so important that everybody keep info wars in the
air now more than ever because even you don't believe in god what the globalists are manifesting
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