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Air Date: Feb. 20, 2022
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We're live!
Saturday, February 19, 2022, on the verge of thermonuclear war.
Called by the two and now!
The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order, it must be followed.
There's about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.
As president, I will make it clear.
That the United States will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack.
We will be ready with serious political, economic, and military responses.
They're voting for peace on planet Earth if they vote for Trump.
But if they vote for Hillary, it's war.
We came, we saw, he died.
With her, you'll end up in World War III.
I want the Iranians to know that if I'm the president, we will attack Iran.
Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia.
military has just raised the threat level to DEFCON 2.
The U.S.
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is still threatening Russia with military action, following unconfirmed reports of further hacking.
It's like she's not even concerned about the repercussions.
Of course not, because she's... Hang on guys, look, there's a really loud noise.
Alright, looks like we're having a little bit of technical difficulties.
We'll try to get Leanne back on in a few minutes.
When the President gives the order, it must be followed.
There are millions now waking up to the fact that they have been used in some sort of nefarious scientific experiment.
And many are suffering serious physical side effects as a result.
We can clearly see in the evidence presented by Dr. Yeadon's crew at HowBadIsMyBatch.com that different batches of the same vaccine are being deployed and monitored on a set schedule.
And studies from New Zealand and Spain have shown that there is cutting-edge nanotech in the Pfizer vaccine.
It is a massive human experiment.
It's killing people, injuring people, and destroying people's immune, neurological, cardiovascular, and reproductive systems.
People who trusted their government, and people who trusted the pharmaceutical industry.
Trust is a beautiful thing with someone close.
But not with strangers we see on the television.
And there is never a good reason to trust your government.
When a bloated government's main concern is profit and war, then psychopaths with degrees will be funded to research and develop more efficient ways of killing and controlling people.
This has been going on for a long, long time.
In 1932, the U.S.
Public Health Service began the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.
Patients were lied to about being treated for syphilis and were unknowingly kept sick and made worse.
During World War II, the Russians were using unsuspecting political prisoners to test lethal poisons on.
The U.S.
tested mustard gas on soldiers.
The Japanese tested biological weapons on Chinese prisoners.
And the infamous Angel of Death, Dr. Joseph Mengele, was performing all sorts of horrific experiments on people in the concentration camps.
Researchers at Vanderbilt University gave pregnant mothers radioactive iron, in what they were told were vitamin drinks.
In the 1950s, Dr. William Sweet was funded by the government to inject unsuspecting patients at Massachusetts General Hospital with uranium.
Immunology expert Chester Southam injected prisoners in Ohio with cancer.
The University of California experimented on newborns by freezing them and injecting air into their brains.
Israeli doctors killed tens of thousands of Arab children with radiation poisoning.
And in Montreal, Canada, Dr. Ewan Cameron was treating hundreds of patients with the same bizarre procedure.
Whether they were seeking a remedy for schizophrenia, depression, or an injured leg, Dr. Cameron treated them all by putting them into a chemical coma for up to months at a time, while subjecting their bodies to electroshock.
And just a few years prior to this, Dr. Cameron was invited to the Nuremberg trials for a psychiatric evaluation of Rudolf Hess.
Perhaps the darkest and most prevalent experiment on humanity prior to COVID-19 is MKUltra, an endless web of inhumane projects primarily involving trauma-based mind control and the torture of children.
While legacy media often shows you the lurid sex and drugs aspect of MKUltra, they don't show you the congressional testimony of victims who were kept in cages, raped, and tortured as children in part of the U.S.
government's human radiation experiments.
I was a subject in radiation as well as mind control and drug experiments performed by a man I knew as Dr. Green.
The first significant memory took place at Kansas City University in 1966.
Don Ebner took me there by plane when my mom was out of town.
I was in what looked like a laboratory and there seemed to be other children.
I was strapped down naked to
I was Brett Eagle, on a table, on my back.
Dr. Green had electrodes on my body, including my head.
He used what looked like an overhead projector and repeatedly said he was burning different images into my brain while a red light flashed aimed at my forehead.
I felt drugged because he had given me a shot before he started the procedure.
When it was over, he gave me another shot.
The next thing I remember, I was with my grandparents again in Tucson, Arizona.
I was four years old.
The victims were given an apology by a smirking President Clinton, which is more than most victims have ever gotten.
Nothing has changed.
These are only a few of the many illegal human experiments that we know of, and there has never been any justice.
As it stands now, Big Pharma is well protected from any liability.
Governments, corporations, and strangers on TV do not deserve our trust.
Their role should be to serve humanity and endure our eternal scrutiny and vigilance.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
To kill and control a brief history of unlawful human experiments by major governments in the last hundred years.
It went live just a few hours ago at Bandot Video in the Gregg Reese section.
It's Saturday, February 19th, 2022.
It is 2.07, now 2.08 Central Standard Time.
We are live, teleprompter free.
Unfiltered, uncensored, a last-ditch effort to save the Republic and the world.
And so don't thank me for being here on Saturday.
I want to thank the crew, and I want to thank all of you that care.
Out of the 8 billion people on this planet, the billions that are able to tune in, you are the millions that actually care, that are actually awake.
Are the spark of light we need to set brush fires the minds of men and women everywhere that Thomas Jefferson talked about to defeat the tyranny that we face in our time.
So please take the live feed links from Infowars.com forward slash show and band on video.
And share them with everyone you know if you have trouble sharing those links.
The current URL that they're not completely banned yet is future news dot news future news dot news and the propaganda.
Would not be necessary if the situation was hopeless.
If the situation was hopeless, they wouldn't need to do all this brainwashing and censorship if what they were selling was good.
But it's not what they're selling is slavery.
That's why none of it makes sense until you understand what these globalists are actually up to.
Well, it's unbelievable.
Let me just first tell you what's coming up today in this commercial-free live transmission.
That doesn't mean we might take a few breaks.
There might be an ad here or there, but we don't run the standard commercial 14 minutes an hour for TV and radio stations when we do these broadcasts.
And I told you coming up into March of this year, now only a few weeks away, I'm going to start doing at least three commercial-free broadcasts a week on top of the regular show.
These are very popular.
Millions of people are tuning in.
Okay, in the order of importance, put all this ties together.
There's been a proxy war going on for eight years in Ukraine.
The West is clearly running offensives.
Pressing the Russians up against the border in Russian held areas to trigger.
A response by the Russians.
And the Russians have been firing off.
Their new Mach 8 Mach 9.
Super missiles and it's it's it's just a real crisis.
Obviously we're going to be hitting all of that right here.
These two stacks.
Then Canada.
Unbelievable exercise in the Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, Captured, Elite, Debus Group operation.
By the way, I don't say those terms to sound fancy.
You can search and study each one.
Just like when I popularized the term false flag 25 years ago.
They credit me with popularizing it.
It's in all the history books.
It's in the military manuals.
Our military's taught.
False flags, in case they have to do them.
Yeah, the good guys do it too.
Folks, the point is, is that they don't want you knowing about this stuff.
You have the little kid table at Thanksgiving or Christmas with the three and four-year-olds, and you have the adult table.
InfoWars is the adult table.
And I know you know that, but you need to explain to your friends and family that laugh at folks that are informed, like you and I, or those of us trying to be more informed.
None of us are perfect.
We all see through rose-colored darklies, as the Bible tells us.
We all distort things, but the Holy Spirit gives us more discernment, more clarity.
That making fun of people that are informed isn't fun and isn't cool, and it's going to get us in a lot of trouble.
It runs the gambit from collapse of civilization to war and to mass death and extinction of life on this planet.
That's the spectrum we're on here now.
It runs from bad to worse.
I want to commend everybody that actually cares.
So that's one little quadrant of the massive news that I'm going to hit first here in a moment, but let me tell you what else is coming up.
These stacks, all right here.
All these stacks right here.
Canada is under a corporate martial law training drill, just like China with its police state in response to COVID that came out of the lab was to train us about police state and new world order and biomedical tyranny and world IDs and social credit scores and carbon taxes and
Martial law this is just the next extension of it with the Davos group Complete operative Trudeau under the command of Klaus Schwab Running over women on mobility scooters with horses the horses stomping men women and children.
It's all on video To Tasering people to flashbanging people to tear gassing them pepper spraying them
While saying leftist groups are allowed to protest, only anti-lockdown folks have been banned.
And he suspended the Parliament in his emergency declaration, first time in Canadian history with that, so that they can't speak.
But they still want to be heard Parliamentary, so they're letting them Skype in or Zoom in, and when they talk bad about Trudeau or Klaus Schwab, the Speaker of the Parliament shuts them down.
This is on international television.
You're not allowed to talk about the New World Order.
And they cut the guy off and they say, you are not allowed to talk about conspiracy theories.
Klaus Schwab goes on TV and says, I control Trudeau.
I control half the Canadian cabinet of the government, which we know the names.
Look at his cabinet.
It isn't half of them.
He controls almost two thirds.
The co-chair of his damn Davos group, the World Economic Forum, is the finance minister that declared the martial law.
And yeah, we'll show you the clip where he brags about it with David Gergen on TV.
But when members of Parliament talk about it, they cut their feed and then tell them, you are not allowed to speak to that.
You're like, that's like North Korea.
Yeah, here's how tyranny works.
Once you go over the edge, it's a free fall.
And it's a free fall right now, so that's coming up.
Unbelievable information in these three stacks.
Then there's the COVID stacks.
Three as well.
Unbelievable good news.
Unbelievably horrible news.
Unbelievably ugly news.
It's just insane.
But the wheels have come off.
The House of Cards has collapsed.
I mean, here's just one of them.
I have two videos that Bill Gates will actually have five or six, but I have two that we're going to definitely play.
Bill Gates says Omicron, sadly, that's a quote, spreads immunity faster than vaccines and helped everybody not die.
He actually says that.
He doesn't even try to hide it, folks, because he thinks he's invincible.
For these psychos, that's their favorite thing.
He also says we should always be forced to wear masks like pants.
That's coming up.
Then we have really good news.
Federal Appeals Court, United Airlines vaccine mandate violates the Nuremberg Code, the Geneva Convention, and federal law in coercing employees to violate religious convictions and that no medical procedures can be coerced under international, federal, and state law.
I've only told you that like 8,000 times.
I know you know that already.
We've had top lawyers, like the one that wrote the U.S.
biological chemical weapons law and helped write the U.N.
law, was the former chief prosecutor at the U.N., telling you this is all illegal.
On its face, just, oh, you're crazy!
You don't want us to put something experimental on you?
And it gets worse.
That's only three things out of the stack of more than 50.
It gets more insane.
There are suddenly government announcements everywhere, from the CDC and FDA, that heart attacks and strokes, including in children, are normal, and everybody should just get used to it, and that walking can make you have strokes or die, so walking's now bad.
It's not the deadly shots that all the scientists said would cause blood clots, myocarditis, heart attacks.
It's just the way it is, and the coroners and the pathologists all around the Western world say they're seeing massive increases
Multi-thousand percent increases in different heart attacks and blood clots, but that's okay.
Why is it okay?
Because Tim Cook's gay!
You know, I make that joke, but Bill Maher even came out Friday.
I got that clip, too.
I think I forgot to tell the crew to get it, but go ahead and get it.
It's on InfoWare.
It's like an eight-minute monologue.
It's good to see him coming on board, just like...
Joe Rogan and everybody else, because you really want to choose productivity and prosperity or total destruction.
I'm not saying I trust Bill Maher as far as I can throw him, but he's like, what's up with the left all promoting death camps in China and how it's cute, but it's okay because you're all liberal or you're gay or whatever.
He's like, it doesn't matter whether you're gay or straight.
If you support death camps, you're a fascist pig.
What Tucker Carlson talked about on Thursday, he said the left knows how to pose in little pink outfits and non-threatening and you know they got that 70s hair and everything's cutesy but it's very authoritarian beneath the surface.
It's got a velvet glove on it.
That's why so many of these executives are doing this fake effeminate thing and acting all friendly and fake and nice like the number four guy at Facebook that just got fired because he flew to Indiana to have sex with a 13-year-old boy and got caught.
And he's this big, gnarly, six-foot-five guy, real sweet.
Yeah, I bet he's real sweet behind the scenes, folks.
It's an act by predators.
Like an alligator or a crocodile will act like a log until a deer comes up by the edge of the pond and then it kills it.
The guy's a frickin' crocodile.
But he puts on that little look, because that's how you catch the kids and get them in your car.
I've tried to explain this to everybody, but it's okay.
He's wearing a black sweater.
It's almost like a black turtleneck like Tim Cook's, so now it's okay.
So that's all coming up today.
That's four of the stacks.
Let me tell you what else is in the stack.
Jeffrey Epstein's European right-hand man on record reportedly supplied thousands of children as young as eight to Jeffrey Epstein and world leaders while he got
Found in his jail cell, hung himself, of course, ladies and gentlemen, right?
You know, there's only a few things out there that hang themselves, and it's not Christmas lights, it's not drywall, and it's not Jeffrey Epstein.
Oh, and of course, the cops, the jail guards that the federal prison had indicted, they dropped those indictments last month.
Surprise, surprise, the guards are all getting really lucrative security jobs being paid triple what they were.
Gee, that's really interesting.
So Jeffrey Epstein's close friend and pimp, Jean-Luc Brunel, found dead in apparent prison suicide.
He allegedly hanged himself.
Prison cameras were not working at the time.
Oh, just like two years ago with Jeffrey Epstein, or I guess 26 months ago now, how time flies.
Oh, there's a lot more.
I've got like 30 videos.
And I've got just so much stuff here that it makes my head spin.
And I'm just asking everyone to tune into the broadcast and to tell your friends and family to tune in because they want this show shut down, number one.
And I've tried to explain to everybody, I've been let in by top people that are not with The Globalist on their plan.
That's why I'm able to predict so much is because I actually have sources and I'm able to do my own research.
And the more successful we get and the more scholarly we get, the more people give us intel.
I mean, here's just a little example, not to brag.
You know, I told you a year ago, I said, Joe Rogan doesn't make $100 billion a year.
Joe Rogan makes $200 billion off one contract because he's told me all this.
And he said, don't get into details.
But, you know, I just want people to know that when they're all mad about Joe,
Like, people think that, oh my gosh, he might have taken the Rumble offer of $100 million.
Well, it would have to be $300 million a year.
And I said that a few weeks ago, and here's Forbes.
$200 million a year.
$200 million a year.
Now, stuff like that's not that important intel.
You know, Joe told me six months before he was going to Spotify and had done the contract but didn't tell anybody.
I'm like, damn Joe, why do you tell me all this?
Well, I really trust you, Alex.
Which he does.
But I never told anybody.
I never insider traded either.
I just love to rub it into the left and people that you don't get the intel.
You don't get the information.
Well, that information with Joe Rogan is really not that important, is it?
But let me tell you the other intel I've got.
Oh, I've got the intel.
And it's...
It's not really about Alex Jones.
It's about understanding how Hollywood and the scum work, and how they steal people's identities, how they lie about people, how they destroy history.
And so I've been let in on how these guys work years ago, and I was told about this long-term project they're doing.
I don't think the people even involved in the project, Leonardo DiCaprio's group and the other little creatures,
They even understand the long-term plan.
But they plan to have me dead in prison, in prison or dead or both, long before they roll out their whole fake narrative on me.
But I'm going to make sure long before that happens that we stop their whole operation with your help.
And if they even win this round of the war, you'll know the truth and you'll know what really happened with all this.
But yes, they have appointed my destruction, my imprisonment, and my death in jail, and then they can roll out their movies.
All about me and because they want to target populace.
They want to target you.
They don't want Alex Jones to be a folk hero when they kill me.
They wanted to be a horrible demon bully.
And that's why all the scripting is to do that.
But again, we know from the people in the damn meetings.
And so, ha ha ha, see how it works.
You're not the only people in the world that have access to information.
You scum.
You damn scum.
I am not the Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, and I'm not saying he's bad compared to the globalists, and I'm sure as hell not, you know, Leonardo DiCaprio and that movie he made where it's the con artist that pretended to be an airline pilot and all that crap.
I'm a good person, and the stuff they're putting in these movie scripts is lies, and it's not true.
I'm sure whatever happens to me, I will be avenged politically, in a legal, lawful way, whatever happens.
But they've got my destruction, my death, all appointed, all prepared.
I don't think the Hollywood folks even know that.
But see, they're collapsing.
They're over.
They're gone.
And that's why they want to target what they believe destroyed them and steal its identity and lie about it and turn an archetype for the people like yours truly.
Because I am an archetype.
You are the archetype.
All of us together.
This is just a focal point.
Alex Jones is much bigger than little Alex Jones.
But the big Alex Jones is all of us together.
The common man with the ingenuity, the smarts, the long-term understanding to be able to take on real evil and have a focus and a belief in humanity and then to overcome it as we've done before.
They need to destroy that image and turn that into something bad and that's why they need to steal InfoWars and shut us down and then silence us so they can lie about us once we're silenced and steal our identity and use that identity as a weapon against the people.
In fact, cue this up because, you know, it was the great Harrison Smith put this together like three years ago and it was titled
Why they silenced Alex Jones.
We're going to play that and I'm going to come back and hit the big military news and start going over all of it here.
But I'm just venting here the first 10-15 minutes.
And some people watch this and they say, wait, Jones says he's captured by the enemy and now being used against the people.
Is he saying he's got a gun to his head?
Is he saying he's been compromised?
No, that's not what I'm saying in that rant I did three years ago that he turned into a very important report.
Why they silenced Alex Jones, or why they took Alex Jones off the air, I forget the exact name of it.
Haven't heard in a while.
Tell me when you got it, guys.
It's on Bandaw Video.
What I was explaining is, is that by shutting me down off all these platforms, Twitter, Facebook, everything, I can't respond to lies, you can't respond to the lies about you as well when you're taken off there.
And then,
They can say whatever they want about you, and they steal your identity, and then turn you into something you're not, and use you against the people.
And that's what's so evil about censorship.
It's not just that it silences you about bad drugs the government sold, or chemicals in the water, or brainwashing of your children, or devaluation of currency, or, you know, major screw jobs.
No, ladies and gentlemen, that's not the issue.
It's that they can then sock puppet and misrepresent who you are.
Just like the Canadian media would not ever show the peaceful truckers and the families and all the multiracial groups out there not wanting medical tyranny against them.
They would just say they're white supremacist, they're racist, they're misogynist, they're all these things.
And because the people didn't have a voice on the main corporate media, a lot of folks actually believe that about them because they're still in the trance.
But if you can get people outside of the trance and ever see how they're being scammed, ever see how they're being lied to, well then it's game over.
So I'm going to take a break.
And when I come back, I'm going to get to all the different important things that I was talking about with the war and all those issues that are unfolding.
You guys were going to give me an expanded list.
Can I have that?
Can I just have the longer list, though?
Because I know I sent you guys... I know I sent you guys... I know I... Is my mic on?
Because when you talk to me, I can't hear myself anymore.
No, no, we're not going to do it now.
We're just going to stop for a while here and enjoy ourselves.
Because I don't care.
It's just the new system.
When you talk to me, I can't hear myself.
It cuts my mic off.
So I just want to know while we're on air, when you talk to me, does that cut my mic?
Okay, fantastic.
That's what I want to know.
Thank you so much.
I like it.
It's a lot clearer system now when you guys talk to me than it was before.
Here's the thing.
This is commercial-free radio and TV, so we can just talk and have fun.
That's why when I built all these studios, I put microphones actually in the studios for the crew if they ever wanted to be on air.
But we don't really use those, so we've got that information for you.
But what happened is I got up here a little late today, so I never had time to go over the list.
I sent the list to them.
We're talking 30, 40 videos.
I haven't gotten the other half of the list.
So that's why part of the roadmap of what I wanted to cover here today.
There you go.
At least you get to see the studio.
Look how cool that looks.
Look at all those folks in there researching and getting all the information together in live time and, you know, covering it and going over all of it.
And that's what the system's scared of is an independent people's media that gives you transparency into what we are actually doing.
Taking you behind the curtain.
And one of the plans I've got, once we launch these new shows soon, is we're going to put a camera, even behind the scenes, in here before I do the official show.
And I think I'm going to stick a camera in my office, too.
I think that's really the next level for everybody.
Because I was thinking about, I have nothing to hide.
I have nothing secretive, other than if I'm doing sources or
That type of stuff, and I mainly do that at my house or on the phone or whatever.
But that's something we've been talking about, too, is literally giving people a real behind-the-scenes view on all of this.
But like I said, I'm going to go to this special report that's from three-plus years ago.
And when I come back, I'm going to have the video list.
I'm going to be ready to go over all of this for you here today.
I appreciate the crew coming in on Saturday.
Please don't forget, ladies and gentlemen, that things like that Gregg Reese report that you just saw is so damn powerful, and people are just now realizing that's going on and just now waking up.
And I just, again, want to thank you all for sharing the videos for my future and your future and all of our children's future together because we're giving the globalists one hell of a run for their money and they're really starting to buckle, they're really starting to fail.
And people know, the long-term listeners, when stuff's negative and we're behind, I'll tell you, right now we're out ahead of them and that kind of concerns me because they're going to pull some rabbits out of that filthy hat they got.
We're good to go.
If they can steal my identity, that means take us off air, put me in jail, so they can then put out all these movies and TV shows they've got in production about us, they will see that as a victory to kill populism and kill you, kill your freedom.
But if you see through it, you understand it, and if we're all Spartacus, if we're all Alex Jones, then we have a real shot at beating these people.
Here it is.
This is an emergency transmission from deep in the heart of Texas.
resistance against a global corporate combine empowered and funded by Communist China, allied with the big megabanks that set up Communist China in 1949.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of U.S.
telecommunications infrastructure.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of Hollywood.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of the main universities.
This is all confirmed.
This is not a drill.
Big Tech in Silicon Valley is almost completely run by the Communist Chinese government.
They've officially become state-run.
Google is now making the transition and announcing a merger and total worldwide censorship.
Apple 100%.
They are now beta testing using me as the straw man, a demonized version of Alex Jones, to do that.
This is happening.
This is not like the other probes before that were meant to get you used to probes and censorship, thinking you would adapt to censorship by just putting up with it.
Now, this attack is thousands and thousands and thousands of times the magnitude of all previous attacks.
This is a titrated dose, reverse psychological warfare operation using adapt and overcome, subversion paradigm manipulation.
In layman's terms, they are manipulating the fact that we adapt to being oppressed.
We adapt to being pressed with the low dosages of oppression.
Now when the megaton hits us of the total takeover, we try to adapt to the poison infusion instead of not knowing.
It's a lethal dose if we accept the dose.
Total Internet of Things integration global social score complete command and control system.
It is the virtual reality AI.
I have been chosen for destruction because I brought you this information and have been battering, ramming it out as much as I can.
They want to double use me as they always do in any complex system of mathematical deception, where every angle of my good is turned against us.
So they take what I've said, being sincere, build me into an insincere person in the straw man.
I'm a person that cares about life and children and is against these wars, and so they make me a herder of children.
And then they build me into this lie to then set the distraction while they're actually censoring all of you to make a debate about Alex Jones!
So even if I didn't sell out to them, they've now used me as an archetype to serve them by being the main distraction.
I have now been captured by the enemy in the information warfare fulcrum, and it's being used against you.
Only your full understanding of this key will break you free from this paradigm.
I have given you the transmission!
Now break free!
And now, my friends, let's
And now, my friends, let's dive into the current crisis happening in Eastern Europe between NATO and Russia.
That is the hypersonic, up to nine machs, nine times the speed of sound.
And of course, the media is claiming, oh my God, Russia and China have missiles the U.S.
doesn't have.
No, the United States had these missiles in the 70s.
The Russians had them in the 90s.
The point is, they're being deployed, and when they fly at 200 feet above the ground, you cannot stop them.
Say that again.
You can't stop anybody's missiles.
They can't stop ours.
We can't stop theirs.
They've got nuclear weapons on them.
And from 500 miles away, in front of the whole world today, Russia blew up a bunch of small buildings with them.
They weren't carrying the nuclear warheads, the hydrogen bombs.
But from the ocean, they were blowing up targets on land to tell the world, leave us alone.
So here's the bottom line.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Here's what's really going on, ladies and gentlemen.
You can pick a side in this.
You can pick the Russian side, you can pick the Western side that's totally run by the globalists, or you can pull above all it and see how it's being manipulated by the deep state, by the globalists, by chaos, by Spectre.
That's not just a character or a group in James Bond.
That's real.
Again, I'm not going to go over the whole background of it.
Call it Hydra.
That's what it's usually described as during World War II.
Call it Spectre.
It's, you know, Get Smart.
It's chaos with little comedy shows on TV.
But this isn't a game, ladies and gentlemen.
And these are very evil forces that are playing everybody off against each other for power and control.
And the minute you realize why every James Bond movie there's a secret corporation trying to take over the world, that's because that's the Bilderberg Group.
And before it existed in 1954, under that name in the meeting they had in Oosterbeek, Holland, and there was the manager of the whole thing, the young OSS officer, Henry Kissinger.
And as all the other old spy chiefs died,
In the next 30 years, he became the main spymaster of this system.
And the spymasters of the Western governments decided to take over their governments.
And they did.
And that's the New World Order.
But systems like that existed before.
It's called elite capture.
That's what the Chinese have done.
They buy off and infiltrate your elite, your corporate elite, your academic elite, your governmental elite, your military elite, your ecclesiastical elite.
And if you go back, Rome would do this thousands of years ago.
Then the Roman Church would do it.
Then the British Empire did it bigger and better than anybody.
And after Bretton Woods, the United States of America officially became the steward of the British Empire and the Cecil Rhodes World Domination Plan.
And everything you see today is a struggle between that global corporate combine with its horrible, evil ideology of anti-God, anti-West, anti-Christian.
Do you see the elites that run our countries in the West empowering our values?
You see them waging war on it because they are more at war with America than they are with Russia.
And they thought they had China under their full control, and China is fantastically evil.
Their leadership is fantastically godless and incredibly bad.
I'm not endorsing them, but the New World Order is worse than Xi Jinping.
Xi Jinping is like Elon Musk.
He says we need to have three or four kids or society will collapse.
The entire
EU leadership are a bunch of damn devil-worshipping pedophiles who openly say, end humans as we know it and merge with machines.
These people signed on to something very satanic.
So, now tell me about Russia and Ukraine.
I mean, do people know about the borders over there?
Do they know about the historic background?
Do you think the average American knows that?
No, they don't.
Do you think the average Ukrainian even knows that?
No, they don't.
The average Russian does, and that's why they're strong.
Because if you don't know where you came from and you don't know who you are, you don't have any power!
Because power comes from knowing where you came from, your ethos, who you are, what your mission is.
And if you don't have any mission, you don't have any power.
The globalists have their mission of power and control and dominance and scientifically taking control of all human development, which is the final revolution, the final military takeover of
Men and women together creating new humans and our very institution of our species.
The conquering of our species itself.
That is the logical endgame of a sociopathic group that wants to play God.
And they've made the human system as dumb and decadent and mindless and ugly as it is, so it falls apart, and now they're locking it down worldwide to make it collapse further, so on the ashes of it, they can extract our minds, extract our energy, extract our creativity, and build their escape system.
In their own words.
At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child.
Miserable, as all spoiled children are.
Unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic, and useless.
Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.
PJ O'Rourke, well said.
And you know, I was thinking about Prince Andrew being defrocked of his medals and his royal titles and his Royal Highness BS.
And I was like, you know, I remember something about him today.
I said, let me look up
Prince Andrew, you know, Jeffrey Epstein's buddy boy, and stuffed animals.
And sure enough, he admits he sleeps with 69 or 72, it's different articles, teddy bears at night and they must all be arranged around him perfectly or he can't sleep.
That's the type of people we're up against, ladies and gentlemen.
Full-grown men who are pedophiles, who
Obviously got tortured when he was a kid.
And has a giant teddy bear collection.
An inbred, sniveling, insane person.
And I'm not saying adults are bad if, you know, I got stuffed animals in my office that belonged to my daughters when they were little.
And they had a little favorite thing or they gave me a little toy or something.
You know, I've got a couple of, not stuffed animals, little toys and stuff in my office.
A little Lego.
Really, we can't beat these people?
Because he wears admiral outfits, we have to kiss his ass.
What do you think Klaus Schwab goes and wears?
Klingon outfits.
Because they really believe they're superheroes and that you're an animal and they're better than you.
And you know what?
You keep kissing their ass, so maybe they're right.
But here's the deal.
I'm not rolling over and crawling to some grave for some dude that sleeps with 70 teddy bears.
You want me to die?
You want me to die, Klaus Schwab?
You want me to get off the planet so you can have it?
I got a better idea.
You will die.
And I'm not going to kill you.
But I'm just saying, you got this psycho move, you and Ghislaine Maxwell and all you people, you think we're just here to bend over to you and your sick brother who's about to be the king of England and that damn Jimmy Savelle?
Where they were killing kids, not just raping them.
Look it up, folks.
I don't risk my life to play games here.
I know full well these people kill people all day.
Well then, get it on there, son!
Because I'm not scared of you, and I'm not backing down, and I'm gonna defeat you with God's help in the end.
So, you wanna get back to Russia and nuclear war now?
A dude that travels with 70 teddy bears,
With his brother that's way worse than him, Prince Charles.
The Prince of Wales.
They're not even, they don't have one drop of English blood or Scottish blood or Irish blood.
They're a disgusting joke.
These people aren't even Western Europeans.
Sorry, I'm just going off the rails here.
It's disgusting, ladies and gentlemen.
And they think that you are their slaves.
They think you're idiots.
And they had cousins, the Tsars, that ran Russia until 1917, but because the Tsars wouldn't go along with what they wanted, they went in and killed them and put communists in charge, and you know the rest of what Russia went through for 80 plus years.
We're going to be here all day during this live emergency transmission.
I don't start drilling down into all of it.
I'm just giving you some of the background.
You can look all this up.
It's all there.
It's all real.
No matter how insane it sounds, it's not even debated.
It's a lot weirder than what I just told you.
But they are obsessed with defiling your genetics because you were made by God.
They want to vandalize you.
They want to mark you.
With their deadly shot that is self-replicating nanotech.
They've already done studies on animals and humans and that they are now implanting the general public with a wireless tracking system that is nanotech readable chips.
Not the 1960s little grain of rice chip, but obviously the entire concoction is a self-replicating nanotech in your body.
They don't admit it.
You know, two years ago we said that's probably the plan.
Now it's admitted in major journals.
I have articles today.
We'll be getting to it.
But let's get back to the current situation in Russia.
Russia is fabulously corrupt, has incredible entrenched elites, big problems.
But it's been going through a Christian renaissance and reforming itself and being pro-family, a lot of things that make the globalists mad.
And it's not run by the New World Order completely.
It's kind of like the Midwest or something.
There's big globalist influences and big globalist groups and a lot of double agents, but it's not completely in the grip, say like Los Angeles or New York, of the New World Order.
It's kind of like Omaha, Nebraska or something.
You know, it's got problems, but it's not... It's been kind of overlooked.
The New World Order hasn't gotten full control.
It's like...
San Antonio, Texas.
There's globalists, there's New World Order, there's minions, but there's still people that aren't completely sold out against humanity.
And so it's clear, eight years ago, a proxy war starts in Russia.
And Soros goes in and brags, he said it on TV, on CNN with Fareed Zakaria, that he got $5 billion from Obama and that they overthrew Ukraine.
And that the Russians then wouldn't let them have a very small area of southern Ukraine and an area of eastern Ukraine that are almost 100% Russian and that have Russian pipelines and gas systems in them.
And I said last week, I said, this is the West moving in more weapons, more troops, they admit, and accelerating attacks on those Russian-held areas.
And when the Russians push back in any way, it's going to be called a war.
And then when the Russians get attacked by artillery and by missiles and weapons, and when there's attempted assassinations of their leaders there in the breakaway areas,
They will then claim Russia has staged attacks against itself.
Now, obviously, you think Russia's perfect.
You don't think Putin hadn't staged false flags.
You don't think they haven't done that before.
Yeah, big governments, they do it.
It's a tool people use.
It's usually how wars start.
World War II started with Hitler doing it, and Operation Himmler at Glywots.
Look it up yourself.
It's declassified.
It's public.
Nuremberg trials came out.
But does Russia even want Ukraine?
No, they want their pipelines coming out of the East into Europe, Western Europe.
But the West, the globalists, are trying to cut those pipelines off just like they've cut off our pipelines.
We got the same enemies, folks.
So Russia doesn't want to run Ukraine.
Russia doesn't.
It can already buy all the goods out of it.
It can already do business with it.
It just wants its gas pipelines it paid for going through there.
And the New World Order
Doesn't want that and so they've been pumping in $5 billion of weapons.
They've been attacking it.
And the Russians have pulled back wisely and the Russians have wisely not taken the bait and are letting them basically ethnically cleanse the men in those eastern areas.
And if that won't get Putin to move, well then they're going to attack that area with the Russians only port there on the Black Sea.
In the south of Ukraine.
So that's where this is, ladies and gentlemen.
So I'm not like a guy watching a football game and I'm for the Steelers or I'm for the Rams or I'm for the Bengals or I'm for the Cardinals.
I'm looking at how this really works and what's really going on.
And the same globalist interests that don't want peace and don't want expansion and don't want Russia's main mission now is exporting fuel and energy and, quote, organic food.
And Russia's inviting Europeans and others that want to live in peace to come to Russia and have children because they got plenty of land.
It's like becoming potentially the new America, like America was.
300, 400, 500 years ago.
So, I've always said if there was some new free country, I'd go there.
Well, America is the freest and best.
I'm going to stay here and fight for it.
And you notice why everybody else is under restrictions, everybody else is doing forced inoculations.
Where are they not doing it?
In Russia and the United States.
You couldn't say that about Russia 30 years ago, 20 years ago.
But you can now.
Russia's not perfect, but
They're moving on their clock away from tyranny, while the rest of the world's moving towards tyranny.
So is Russia a strongman situation?
And is it a kind of place that's autocratic?
And is that a model for us?
But I can tell you this, Russia has the same enemies that we have.
And war with Russia is what?
People like Klaus Schwab and others won't.
Oh, the big corporatists at the New World Order act like they're pro-China, pro-Russia.
They're not.
They act friendly on the surface, but behind the scenes, they want war.
While they sell out America at the same time, they are selling out all those other interests because there's no honor amongst thieves.
So we move through this first group of stories and I'll move into all the others here.
Here it is.
I shouldn't have to go into all history lesson.
I know listeners and viewers get all this.
It's just that the West is moving weapons in.
The West is starting the war.
The West is doing all this to, again, destabilize the planet and destroy markets and to make sure energy prices go up because the private central banks have unlimited currency that they want to loan everybody and bankrupt everybody with.
I think?
Americans or Christians and conservatives of every race, color and creed across this country.
I mean, our only problem is we're just good, decent, hardworking people like our parents and grandparents.
And we can't even imagine people operate and act like this.
But that's how things are operating and that's how things are going all over the world right now.
And it is just a nightmare.
So here it is.
Biden is convinced Putin has decided to invade Ukraine.
He just keeps saying that every day.
He said it yesterday, he said it today.
Ukraine's Zelensky, that's their president, calls on Putin to meet as tensions soar.
That's a good idea.
And what did he say again, and what did their defense ministers say?
They said, it's not true.
Yes, there's escalated conflict in the east, but Russia isn't invading.
Huge explosion reported, possibly linked to gas pipeline, which is the Russian gas pipeline.
Did they blow up their own pipeline?
Who knows?
I mean, false flags are done.
But we're not supposed to talk about false flags, our media told us, because they don't exist.
Only when they tell us they exist, we're supposed to flip our brains on them and say they do.
NATO raises readiness level for tens of thousands of troops.
70 plus thousand children and others evacuated out of eastern Ukraine.
You got articles like this from Town Hall.
If Russian invades, they reportedly have kill lists ready for a variety of dissidents.
Meanwhile, they've just blown up cars and a bunch of other stuff.
And reportedly, if you believe it's not a false flag, tried to kill the separatist leaders in those two breakaway areas.
And then, of course, we started with this information.
Putin warns West
With launch of nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles.
And then, of course, our media always lies so they can get a bigger defense budget to make it sound like, you know, that America's in all this trouble.
We're in trouble with open borders.
We're in trouble with the devalued dollar.
But the United States military has underground bunkers and just huge bases of munitions full of these missiles since the 70s.
They were testing the damn things in the 60s.
They were deployed in the 70s.
But the media tells you only Russia and China have hypersonic missiles.
Putin warns West with launch of nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles that goes Mach 9.
Now granted, the stuff we had in the 70s only did like Mach 6.
But now God knows what we've got.
It's unbelievable.
Senator says nuclear first strike on Russia should remain an option.
Senator Wicker.
Don't rule out attacking Russia with nukes first and ground troops.
Yes, wonderful, wonderful idea.
And let me just show you some of the hypersonic weapons that alter the global strategic balance.
Here's some of the ones that the U.S.
admittedly has.
The group running the United States, using our taxpayer money and ingenuity,
for at least 30 years has large space planes that drop DU Shabo rounds at 30,000 miles an hour out of orbit and are infinitely more destructive than anything Vladimir Putin's folks ever fielded.
And by the way, I'm not happy about that because that actually encourages the globals to go ahead and try to decapitate everybody.
That's what they call that.
But you've got a whole list here of different countries and different weapons.
The Chinese have their hypersonic missiles.
The Russians have got theirs right there.
But the stuff the United States admits it has is 1980s stuff.
Well, you see that big space plane?
That flies around and can orbit the Earth in a matter of half an hour or less.
And it's only from what I'm talking to some folks about, that was some older technology, was about 100 pound DU Seibos.
Meteor gun technology, rocked from orbit, can carry hundreds of those.
And kill hundreds of elite command groups.
These things could decapitate world leadership.
Just a couple of these planes in a matter of hours.
Because they got to retract where they are while they're in orbit.
They got to change orbit.
They got to get in place.
But all those deep bunkers.
See, it's not a hydrogen bomb or an atomic bomb.
Let's say you've got a mountain.
And it's got a base under it.
And you know why?
There's sea level right here.
You know why they always put bases under mountains, right?
You know, once you get a mile or two underground, the temperature goes up to 150 degrees or more.
And it's true, you keep digging, you hit lava.
Thousands of degrees.
So, you'll have a road coming in, and you'll go into a mountain, and then you'll go down into a mountain.
Then you're at like 67 degrees.
And there you can have all your nukes and all your weapons and stuff in there.
He's got to have some snorkels up at the top.
A lot of these have other ways to get oxygen in.
But the reason I show you that is, let's say you got two miles of rock here.
You fire a meteor gun with a 100-pound DU Sabo, rocket-controlled.
It's going 30,000 miles an hour when it hits.
It goes in about a mile and there's so much kinetic energy that the whole side of the mountain collapses.
Everybody in it.
So that's what the USA has.
In orbit by 1979, at least five of craft.
It's got super classified information right there.
But they leaked it on accident so I can tell you that.
Because the globalists are so stupid they can't keep their damn mouth shut.
The Russians have fielded some similar systems.
And the point is, is you can't win a war like this.
Okay, so they don't have stuff as advanced as the United States.
Why would we want to kill them and do all this?
Plus, there's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of reactors that are nuclear around the world.
You have a nuclear war.
Those are going to melt down and now it makes Chernobyl look like a walk in the park.
So it's untenable.
It's not survivable.
Stop it!
It's like, I've got a .357 Magnum and I'm aimed at you and you've got a .50 caliber.
But we both pull the trigger at the same time.
You're going to die.
I'm going to die.
I'm just going to have a bigger... That's a great graphic you just put up.
I'm just going to have a bigger hole in me.
Yes, the Russians will have a bigger hole in them.
Because again, I mean, the Air Force leaked in 2002 that they isolated at the main nuke lab out in New Mexico antimatter.
And they're not testing it, but they went to NASA and tried to get an authorization to
Send a space probe out millions of miles from Earth and then detonate it there.
But their equations were all hypothetical, so they weren't sure whether or not, because they use these big complex fancy machines they've got that can create new elements, to actually build the new DU.
I mean the new antimatter.
And even the manufacturer of it, they thought might actually trigger it, but they still did it.
So we're worried about the Russians.
We're probably going to get blown up any minute.
I mean, animal, human, clones, super viruses being made in labs.
These mad scientists can't stop it.
They're completely out of control.
They're completely nuts wanting to become gods.
And whether Atlantis existed or not, they're about to blow all of us up right along with them.
So we've got all this.
And I mentioned this.
Ukraine defense minister refutes Biden, says low probability of major conflict with Russia.
So does the president.
But you know, if you run articles like that from Zero Hedge, every major news channel says you're a Russian agent because you actually run what the Ukrainians are saying and link to it.
Because you're not supposed to hear that.
See, I'm an agent of not wanting to die.
I'm an agent of wanting a future.
I'm an agent of wanting our children to live together and have a great chance.
But that's being a Russian agent.
But Bill Maher's starting to get it.
Bill Maher torches LeBron James, John Cena, and others for kowtowing to China.
Let me do this.
I've talked an hour.
Weird intro.
I've talked about 50 minutes.
And I'm going to be a good boy now.
I'm going to set this stack of World War III Russia news aside.
And then I'm going to tell you the rest of the story as best I can.
Again, I'm very honored to be here.
This infrastructure was not supposed to be built.
People were not supposed to be awake.
We were not supposed to be able to come together.
But good people around the world are now awake and understand the stakes.
And we've got a damn good chance of stopping these people if we just continue to be vocal and to point out what they're really doing, because then other people
We'll see what's happening in their area, and they will speak out, and they will whistle blow, and they will say no, and they will offer alternatives.
And by all of us good people, who care about the future, and aren't psychotic pedophiles, doing the right thing, and not just turning the world over to evil, we will be able to turn things around in a big, big way.
But in closing, what's happening on the border of Russia?
It's simple.
You send in weapons.
You send in troops.
You start a fight.
You start pushing on ethnic Russians, hoping Putin responds so they can do God knows what.
And then Biden saying over and over again, showing it's not just him and dementia.
He's been told to say it.
Well, I'll let Putin take part of Ukraine.
I don't believe that.
I think they're trying to get Putin to go into Ukraine so they can launch an even bigger war.
And so I've never felt like all of us are in more danger than we are now.
And I think you all feel that in your gut and your spirit, your subconscious as well right now.
Let's do this.
Let's go to break for a couple minutes, air promo, whatever.
I am then going to come back and I'm going to judiciously, because I only said I'm doing two hours today, because the crew's great and you're great and I'm sure if I can't say it all in two hours, I shouldn't say it.
But I think we've said a lot of good stuff.
I've been a bit long-winded in my view.
But when we come back, I'm going to try to be focused like a laser beam on the 36 clips I have.
And all of the incredible news and information that we're about to break down.
Jeffrey Epstein's right-hand man, dead, neck broken, jail cell.
Bill Gates, unbelievable COVID-19 news.
The latest developments unfolding with the riot police, tear gas, batons, horses running people over.
It's ongoing right now.
Just an orgy of evil, all run by Klaus Schwab.
And then the incredible footage
Or you're not even allowed to talk about it in Parliament now.
Yeah, martial law on the street, martial law in the Parliament now.
This even stuns me.
I mean, they are moving so damn quick.
What do they know is about to happen?
Total financial collapse worldwide.
They already engineered it.
They already lit the fuse.
So they lit the fuse, but now they're not in control.
And so, it's about to go boom.
I can just tell you this.
Oh, there's also some other incredible news.
All these big trucker convoys and others that weren't going to go all over Canada are now pissed and they're now all over the country flooding towards Ottawa.
And so the police running that woman over with the horse and then pepper spraying and like
Grabbing a guy that doesn't resist and then huge cops in military outfits, like six foot eight dudes, like literally some little guy that looks his hat was tall is in there, kneeing him in the chest and stomping and hitting him in the head.
People in America don't like that, folks.
People in Canada don't like that.
And so I'm telling you, Trudeau and Klaus Schwab are playing with fire.
Schwab intends to blow everything up.
Schwab intends to cause big crises.
Schwab intends to cause big problems.
But he doesn't want to get the blame.
If he knows, we know, he's behind it, they've got to stop.
But if he can just have a civil war, and he doesn't get any blame for it, well, they're going to do it.
And that's why when Parliament brings it up now, they cut the feeds and admit it.
And that's their Achilles heel.
That's smog missing the scales on his belly.
Where the Black Arrow's got to go.
Of truth.
But you've got to be able to climb up on top of a citadel when the dragon's attacking.
You've got to be strong when it's coming in with a fire shooting right at you.
And you've got to fire the black arrow politically right into its heart.
And that's where we are right now.
The dragon is burning down.
We're in a sort of nuclear war.
We've got to realize, if we don't stop it, it's going to burn everything down.
There's nowhere to run.
So they've got a bunch of promos and a bunch of stuff.
I'm going to take a break.
I'm going to reset.
And I'm going to come in here with about 50 minutes of live, uncensored transmission straight ahead.
Have you shared the live link?
Have you shared the articles?
Have you?
Because you are the power.
You are the resistance.
It's like I'm paralyzed, the neck down.
But when you take action, we have victory.
You are everything in this resistance.
We'll be right back.
Certainly for some, Alex Jones can be scary and abrasive.
But if you can get through all that to explore what he has been saying, to see for yourself what it is that the establishment wants to hide from you, then the information you find could be life-changing.
He predicted 9-11.
And if there was an outside threat like a Bin Laden, who was a known CIS in the 80s, he's the boogeyman they need in this Orwellian phony system.
He exposed the cremation of care ceremony at Bohemian Grove.
He educated us about the relationship between the Third Reich and modern globalism.
He helped reveal the so-called Bilderberg Group et al.
He was the loudest voice reporting on the union between the Communist Chinese and Silicon Valley.
They falsely edit him.
They lie about his reporting of Sandy Hook.
They lie that he pushed a child down in a viral video.
And now he is being deplatformed by Facebook, Apple, and Google.
Private companies are being harassed and encouraged to stop doing business with him.
And then we get hit and say, you can no longer use our software.
YouTubers are being censored for talking about him.
We just got taken down by YouTube.
They just killed our stream.
And some Americans are actually celebrating this.
This is America in 2018.
Will you sit by and allow liberty and freedom to be taken away right before your eyes?
Will you do nothing?
While history is being recorded, will you sit and do nothing?
Or will you do your own research, discover the truth, and stand for freedom?
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
Banning people.
They're dictating the opinions that everyone on the platform is allowed to have.
I'm a conservative Jew, so I guess that makes me such a dangerous person.
Spreading articles, spreading videos, spreading links.
You're going to get demonized.
You're going to get attacked.
You're going to get hate.
It's going to do something terrible like help Trump get re-elected.
That's really what all this is about.
...said that they deem our content and our brand unsafe.
It is the right to be, do, and say whatever you want.
It's about freedom of expression.
I'm a journalist and the left is not interested in telling the truth about me because I don't fit the stereotype.
They can say whatever they think and I respect their constitutional right to do it and I hope they respect my constitution.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Here we are, 310, 311 now, Central Standard Time, February 19th, 2022.
Thank you so much for joining us today.
All right, let's talk about what's happening in Canada.
When Black Lives Matter, funded by George Soros and the globalists, almost all white people,
Went around murdering, killing, and burning down two plus billion dollars worth of people's homes, including homeless shelters.
It was wonderful.
It was mostly peaceful.
It was the best thing.
And Trudeau endorsed it and said it was wonderful.
And when leftists took over areas and set up their own autonomous zones in Canada and the U.S., he endorsed it.
But when peaceful truckers came for three weeks and took over the downtown area, the capital of Canada, Ottawa,
He called them terrorists.
He called them racist.
You know what he did.
And now, starting two days ago, he sent in thousands of paramilitary police to target members of the press and to target other peaceful individuals and take them to jail.
I think Tucker Carlson, last night, had the best monologue
on the whole thing.
We're going to play just a couple minutes of what he said last night here in just a moment.
But this is staggering stuff.
But then you go to New Zealand and Australia and Austria and Germany, and they are Billy clubbing women and men in the heads.
They are using microwave cannons and sound cannons to physically attack people.
And it's just so criminal.
And it's all the Davos Group alumni admitting, build back better, great reset, we're doing this for Klaus Schwab.
And then when the Parliament that's been suspended demands, well, we should still be able to teleconference in and give speeches.
But now it's only the Speaker of the Commons there, the Speaker of the Parliament.
And oh, you talked about Klaus Schwab.
Oh, I can't hear your feed.
Oh, someone wants to comment?
Oh, that's a conspiracy theory.
I mean, a dude on a throne literally not letting you say it's Klaus Schwab.
Why is that?
What have I been saying?
for two years.
You expose who runs this, the corporate globalist attack, and that it's above nation states and that it's their program to collapse society and then bring in a global social credit score and a universal basic income tied to the vaccine passport, which they announced again last week.
And then they they conquer the world.
It's a corporate takeover.
So what can they not handle?
That being exposed.
And then he suspends the parliament.
But like the left always does, they give you a little out.
Oh, you can call in on their Canadian C-SPAN.
We'll still have the manager.
He'll still be there.
Oh, you called in?
You're a member of Parliament?
Oh, no, no, no.
Klaus Schwab's not involved in anything.
You're not allowed.
So see, oh, it's just like COVID, but now it's a martial law.
No one's allowed in the Parliament
But the Zoom operators and a few leftists that can jump on the mic when they don't like what you said.
See how not being physically there is so powerful?
See how now most of the courts, even murder trials, are being done over the internet?
Who knows if you're even actually talking to the person?
Could be some internet creation.
Like Mad Dog Ben Richards in 1986 in The Running Man.
Committing all those heinous crimes, but it was all CG.
What's the term they use for all the fake CG stuff?
Well, we don't need to know about deepfakes, ladies and gentlemen.
We've got them in front of us.
Hey, Klaus Schwab brags he runs Trudeau and has captured our parliament.
I'd like to know who he's captured.
Well, you go look the names up.
He's got people on his board of directors of the Bilderberg Group that's job, they say, is to capture countries for the greater good and to remove the general public from the decision-making process.
That's a quote!
And what happens once the Parliament knows about that?
What happens once they go to his Wikipedia and see links to videos of him saying it?
It's game over!
You piece of filth!
It's a family show, but I'm just going to say it.
It's game over, motherfucker!
You goddamn piece of shit!
You New World Order piece of trash!
You eugenicist garbage!
Excuse me.
You want—excuse me for taking the Lord's name at the end.
I apologize, but God forgives me.
These people are damned to hell, though.
And I'm not damning him to hell.
I'm saying
They're enemies of humanity, and they just think they're so arrogant that he hikes his leg and pisses on us, and brags how we're stupid, and how he's taking our bodies over, and how it's a post-industrial world, and you'll have nothing, and you'll own nothing, and you'll like it, and we run your government, and you don't have a say anymore?
You know what?
If I'm that pathetic that you can beat me, then I deserve swab for you to beat me, but you're not gonna beat me, or my family, or humanity.
You ran the lockdowns, you ran the virus release, you and Bill Gates, you killed all those people by cutting off the food around the world.
You are a mass murderer and you will be held accountable one way or another.
He thinks all the corporate media in Hollywood can prop him up.
He still thought he had enough power to make his run at us and he'd get away with it, but he isn't.
Problem is, the crew's great.
I got so many clips here.
This is all unscripted that I just send them clips and then I don't... What was I saying I was about to play, guys?
Tucker Carlson.
While I look at these clips and figure out what I want to play next.
Yeah, we'll... After we play the Tucker Carlson, we'll show you the Parliament.
And then we'll go to Parliament Schwab.
Wait, wait.
First, just go to the Carlson clip.
Here it is.
If it looks like something out of Belarus, it is.
But it's happening right here in North America.
When they arrived downtown, the police shattered truckers' windows and dragged the drivers away.
They need several demonstrators in the head.
At one point this afternoon, horses began trampling Canadians as they protested.
You're seeing that footage on your screen right now.
The horses ran over several demonstrators, including a woman on a mobility scooter.
Reportedly, one man had a heart attack in the face of all of this, at least one.
Instead of helping, the police stood around him.
This kind of violence, sponsored by Justin Trudeau, continued all day.
Police repeatedly tackled Canadians, arrested them for the act of protesting.
Journalists for the act of filming it.
On camera.
Here's just one example.
This is disgusting!
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
So here's the definition of tyranny.
It's oppressing your own citizenry, ignoring the most basic standards of human rights, and then preventing the rest of the world from seeing what you're doing.
And that is exactly what Justin Trudeau has done.
He's ordered police to target independent media.
There aren't many in Canada.
They're the only reason we know what's happening there tonight.
But that's exactly what Trudeau's forces have been doing.
Today they threatened to throw a Fox News camera crew in jail.
A Rebel News reporter was thrown to the ground.
Police also arrested the live streamer Zot, someone whose footage we've been using for two weeks now.
They arrested him while he was recording.
So where's our State Department on this?
This is our closest ally in the world.
Canada is one of our biggest trading partners.
We share a border of 5,500 miles with Canada.
So what happens in Canada is of deep concern to the U.S.
Our State Department exists to wag its finger in the faces of foreign governments and lecture them about human rights.
Well, so now let's go ahead and go to the next clip here.
This is yesterday.
Trudeau has suspended Parliament.
I've got some articles on that.
I'm going to show you in a moment what that means and read you some of the code.
But again, you've got the Speaker of Parliament.
They've ordered everybody out, but Parliament is allowed to call in and go out over C-SPAN and give their views.
And oh, you're a member of Parliament saying Klaus Schwab brags he controls Justin Trudeau?
Or that he controls half the Parliament or half the Cabinet?
And they just go, oh sorry, can't hear you, can't see you.
Of course, it's totally clear.
Cuts it, and then the other voice pops on and says, that's not true.
That's a conspiracy theory.
But why is this important?
Because it's on record that it's true, and we have the clip.
But we don't just have one clip of Klaus Schwab saying this.
He runs around like a demonic parrot.
Saying it constantly.
That's what pisses me off.
It's like, they have this weirdest thing where we're going to say it, and we're going to do it, and then you're not going to criticize it and say it doesn't exist, or we're going to shut you down.
I mean, the whole Parliament ought to be awake.
Trudeau should be instantly removed.
But do you know what the Canadian Constitution says?
Queen Elizabeth, it's not really a free country.
Canadians are great.
I've told them this for decades.
They can't believe it.
Look it up.
Anytime the Queen wants, she can dissolve Parliament and have her Governor General put in charge.
Well, I say that force her hand, just like we did in 1776.
I mean, that witch is fighting for her life right now.
I don't wish any harm upon her.
I've never seen evidence she's a pedophile or a Nazi or a mass murderer, like her sons and her husband.
But I mean, she's a bad person.
And she's the longest-serving monarch in history.
Oh, great.
That's just disgusting.
And you produce sons that are pedophiles and have 70 teddy bears they sleep with at night.
I mean, give me a freaking break, lady.
The sooner she climbs in her grave, the better.
Oh my God, you talk bad about the Queen!
The American sacrament now is worshipping the Queen!
The Brits?
The Irish?
The Scots?
We're not ruled by hereditary groups, folks!
That's the most racist thing there is, is to be ruled by a genetic group!
America is about what you can do, what you can produce.
It ain't about what color you are.
It's about what you can get done.
How good's the work you can do?
How smart are you?
How hard do you work?
How trustworthy?
How good's your music?
How good can you cook?
How good can you, yeah, how good can you fight?
Not about who your great granddaddy was.
You want nepotism on steroids?
It's Prince Andrew and all the people who had to kill to cover up his
Criminal actions.
I mean, really?
You got some 70-year-old, spoiled, rotten, buck-toothed, inbred witch that we're all supposed to bow down to?
Oh, well, that's England!
Be for sovereignty!
No, sovereignty is sovereign countries, not those people!
And the worst is Prince Harry.
He's the worst of them all.
The little leftist arm of the whole thing.
That's all a psy-op as well.
Prince Philip said he wants to come back as a virus to kill 80% of us and add some worth to the world.
Because, see, he's a beautiful person.
You're not.
You need to die and get out of the way for him so his son, so he can raise a son that sleeps with 70 teddy bears.
Really, dude?
And you wear Admiral and Disneyland outfits?
You're disgusting.
You're anachronism.
Let's go to the incredible footage.
A parliament that's suspended, but they're able to have members of parliament call in and make statements, and then now that they're not there, oh, they figured it out!
Because remember, Trudeau was getting shouted down the last few weeks at all the events by liberals and conservatives, and calling Jews Nazis.
They were shouting him down, members of parliament, and so what was he going to do?
Oh, I suspend parliament, and I suspend you being able to be here, but an archaic part of the law is they can still call in, so now they've got to be censored in live time!
I mean, see how it works?
They're not just going to censor the truckers out there in the snow with their own money and their own gas going bankrupt.
No, now we're going to censor Members of Parliament and act like it's because their audio and video doesn't work, but then they can't help it once they're silenced to jump on and say, it's not true.
Klaus Schwab's not involved in anything!
But that's exactly what we want, isn't it?
Because once people go, there's a global corporate group that bought off our leaders and that wants to wreck everything and release the virus?
Oh, you ain't so smart-mouthed now, are you, Klaus Schwab?
Now you got orders in there to that parliament you control to not talk about you!
Because you don't care if Trudeau gets destroyed in the process, it just can't be you and Prince Charles you report to!
Oh yeah, it's on record.
Prince Charles calls this his War to Save the Earth Against Humanity.
That's a quote.
So Prince Charles, the pedophile, the degenerate, the heir of Count Dracula, on record, look it up, I'm not joking, he literally has this ghoul, Klaus Schwab up there, that bought off our leaders and has done all this, and they think we're gonna submit to them, and the answer is, we have only begun to fight!
In the words of John Paul Jones.
So let's back-to-back play both clips.
Here's what happened yesterday in a suspended parliament, now not letting people even have free speech, cutting the feed.
And not like, because, you know, the speaker is smart enough to like cover it up and say, oh, sorry, your feed's cut.
We couldn't hear you when it's crisp.
But the other guy says, no, it's not true.
On top of it, they just always got to go too far, don't they?
And then the next clip is last year.
At the Kennedy Center with David Gergen, Klaus Schwab bragging that they've taken over parliaments all over the world, but he's most proud of Trudeau.
Here it is.
Thank you, Mr. Speaker, and I listened to my colleague's speech.
I had a constituent that wanted me to ask a question about outside interference to our democracy.
Klaus Schwab is the head of the World Economic Forum and he bragged how his subversive World Economic Forum has quoted infiltrated governments around the world.
He said that his organization had penetrated more than half of Canada's cabinet.
I was wondering, in the interest of transparency, could the Member please name which Cabinet Ministers are on board with the WEF's agenda?
My concern is the Deputy... Order, order, order.
I know the Member was in a really good question there, but the audio is really, really bad, and the video is really, really bad as well.
And I apologize.
I don't know if the Member... Okay.
Let's try again.
The Honourable Member for Timmins James Bay.
Mr. Speaker, that member is promoting open disinformation.
That's not debate.
We have to call it disinformation.
When I mention now names like Mrs. Merkel, even Vladimir Putin and so on, they all have been young global leaders of the World Economic Forum.
But what we are very proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, President of Argentina and so on, that we penetrate the cabinets.
So yesterday I was at a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau and I
We know that half of this cabinet, or even more half of this cabinet, are actually young global leaders of the world economy.
And that's true in Argentina as well.
It's true in Argentina and it's true in France now, I mean with the President, with the young global leader, but what is important
These guys, if you watch their hands, they're rubbing everything.
They're all fetishizing everything.
They are literally in love with each other.
That's Klaus Schwab and Kissinger.
And they just think they're invincible.
Your body's going to give out.
You're going to die like everybody else.
God is going to bring you down.
And your whole system will fail.
And I tell you, Klaus Schwab will live to see his new world order die.
He's such a mass murderer, though.
So, again, it doesn't exist, he doesn't brag on his own website that he controls half the countries in the world, and you can't say that in Parliament or they shut you down.
Well, of course!
They declared martial law!
You're like, I elected a member of Parliament who's been kicked out of the building but is allowed to call in?
And then they censor him?
By the way, don't get that member wrong, guys.
That's a big person I want on.
That's the essence of this.
Of course they did that.
Because now they're identified.
Now they're spotlighted.
Like those cockroaches that Ted Nugent talks so much about.
This is why my show's impossible.
Because this is an awesome broadcast.
The crew's badass.
But, I mean, this one thing we've talked about 15 minutes.
Because it's a big deal, isn't it?
I've got stuff even worse!
I mean, it just, it's so incredible.
Let me settle down.
Get Bill Gates ready saying he's mad that Omicron saved so many people and gave people immunity.
We'll get, and then him saying you've got to wear a mask, wearing pants.
Get those clips ready.
I'm gonna go to those, but thank you.
We'll go to it in a minute.
Let me say why I'm so pissed.
I've got over 100 articles just on what happened, and I've been spending
Hours last night and hours today watching all this like you have.
And it's just so freaking evil.
I mean, it's like you walk out in your garage, there's an eight-foot Count Dracula eating a baby.
I mean, you know, it's not good.
The articles on Infowars.com video, Canadian Member of Parliament accused of spreading misinformation, disinformation for pointing out WEF's corrupt influence over Trudeau's government.
You know about this, but do your friends and family know?
Because this is just next level.
I mean, it's not just... See, the headline, Jamie's a great guy.
He can't even get it as bad as it is, and I get it.
Member of Canadian Parliament censored!
For pointing out Klaus Schwab's admitted control of Trudeau.
They use that magic word.
If you go to the Wikipedia, and it links to Klaus Schwab's own website, he says, we have penetrated the governments, we control half world government now, and half the... When he says we control half the... See, the Member of Parliament got it wrong.
When he says we control half of the cabinets, he means he's got half the cabinets.
Not he's got half the cabinets someplace.
There it is.
Capture of Democratic Structures and Institutions.
Democratic Structure.
Democratic Elite Capture is what it's called.
I mean, it's a declaration of war.
They're annihilating us.
They're bankrupting us.
They're trying to put deadly poison in our bodies.
They're laughing at us and we're supposed to just sit here and take it while he says it all over TV and then a member of Parliament tries to bring it up and they're shut down!
While police beat up and run over women on mobility scooters with Clydesdales?
I've got the video, in slow motion, of the horse stomping on her chest.
Her ribs are being broken.
And then the cops rush in and start billy clubbing.
You couldn't be more disingenuous.
You couldn't be more satanic.
And there's the woman that the horse runs over in a minute.
Imagine growing up your whole life being a cop, and then you're going to run over old women.
I mean, I just, I can't even look at it anymore.
But this is what evil is, ladies and gentlemen.
This is who these people are.
Notice the left didn't say get rid of the Canadian police, because they're lock, stock, and barrel, and line.
The good ones have already resigned.
No, it's the better police departments they want to control.
Because they don't have control yet.
Canadian police use pepper spray, stun grenades to
Look at this.
Push, clear the Capitol.
And I love this AP headline.
Because this morning, the headline was, Canadian Police Use Pepper Spray Strung Grenades to Clear the Capitol and Restore Normality.
But I guess that was a little too obvious.
Because it's not normality.
Oh, back to checkpoints.
Back to vaccine checkpoints.
Back to forced inoculations.
Back to total surveillance.
Back to normality.
No, we want the normality back, dumbasses.
That's why they're there protesting.
But they changed the headline to,
This is Reuters.
Sorry, I said AP.
Canadian police use pepper spray, stun grenades to push to clear the Capitol as if people are in the Capitol.
Yeah, there it is.
Canadian officers, Canadian police officers move protesters towards Parliament Hill as they work to restore
Normality, oh, to the Capitol while trucks and demonstrators continue to occupy downtown.
They're the ones blockading.
They're the ones shutting down the bad people, not Klaus Schwab and his minion he brags he controls.
So let's go ahead and look at some of the controlling sections of this.
And this is, Hitler was elected like Trudeau with 30% of the vote, strangely enough.
You're like, well, how are you elected with 30%?
Well, it's a parliament.
He was elected president of the lower house of the German Reichstag, Bundestag.
It's a parliamentary system, different than America's congressional system.
And then they firebombed the building and blamed it on people.
It was later declassified that they staged it in Nuremberg.
But back then, our media didn't want people knowing government staged stuff.
They said, no, it's not true.
Hitler did not firebomb his own Reichstag with Hermann Goering.
Of course, it was admitted that it happened previous to that.
But why is this important?
Because the emergency powers declared by Hitler then von Hindenburg stepped down as chancellor and Hitler merged the presidency and the chancellorship into the Führer or the leader.
And the Weimar Republic ceased to exist.
Don't you know Q and the leftist CIA operatives wish they could have got folks
to burn down the Capitol on January 6th, but they didn't, so they didn't get their full Reichstag.
And boy, are they pissed.
So here's a breakdown of this.
Allowing Trudeau tyranny under the guise of protecting us from an entirely peaceful Freedom Convoy can only end badly if left unchecked.
Trudeau even suspended Parliament, which is needed to efficiently pass the Emergency Act and is making some powers permanent.
So he suspended Parliament so they can't challenge him again.
Silenced them and is in now complete control.
Last time that happened to a major Western government was February 27th, 1933.
So let's move on to the next little piece here.
He's figuring out what's going on.
This is all a beta test.
They admit Obama and the globalists are in DC running this right now.
Hitler's Enabling Act was passed in March of 1932.
Again, you have the Reichstag fire in February, then the Enabling Act the next month.
Hitler's Enabling Act was passed in March of 1933.
It gave him extraordinary powers to bypass laws and fundamental human rights, to detain and punish anyone without courts for no stated reason, confiscate bank funds and other assets, and essentially do whatever he pleased.
Trudeau has done the exact same thing.
But don't criticize it or you get your feed cut even though you're elected because you've been suspended.
Oh, but Trudeau let you still call in, but now you're controlled.
But people in Dresden, by the hundreds of thousands protesting, they're not controlled.
A report of this woman is in critical condition, stomped by the Clydesdales along with others.
The cops rode her over on purpose.
That's the new Tiananmen Square.
Then I've got this clip.
Trudeau's deputy, Chrystia Freeland, whose grandfather literally was directly under Joseph Goebbels' second command in his region and ran the propaganda of the Nazi occupation of Poland and Austria.
He was Ukrainian.
Quite a pedigree.
He ran the newspapers in occupied Austria and Poland.
And she's on the board of directors of Klaus Schwab's Debus.
But you don't talk about her.
And it just goes on from there.
Folks on Twitter say, absolutely surreal.
Script written by Alex Jones, Ottawa police say, protesters, we told you to leave.
We gave you time to leave.
We were slow and methodical, yet you were assaultive and aggressive with officers and the horses.
Based on your behavior, we are responding by introducing helmets and batons for our safety.
Think about that Orwellian statement.
We want you to let Pfizer, and he's already bought it out many years in the future, Trudeau has, injections and track you and let us run your body.
And if you don't like that and you peacefully protest, we're going to ride over you with Clydesdale horses and then run our mouths about how great we are.
But the good news is Canada is not giving up from all over the country, from the east, from the north, from the west, and from the south.
The people are flooding in now that they've seen this attack.
And now I'm really concerned because the police are just following orders.
And I'm not defending them.
I'm not saying that they're not bad and shouldn't be held accountable.
Most police refuse to be part of this and to bring in these special units.
But Canadians have to stand up now peacefully.
They can't say no.
They've got to go.
And I salute these men and women.
But we need to be praying for them right now because now they're going to set off the truck bomb, the false flaggers, something along those lines, the mass shooting to blame the truckers, and then set the precedent.
Anybody protesting endless lockdowns worldwide is the enemy.
And Biden's thinking about doing this in the next 262 days.
I hope you're listening to me, folks.
I don't just say this stuff up here.
You think I'm up here doing all this because I like to hear myself talk?
I don't.
My wife complains that I barely talk to her or anybody all day long.
I don't.
Hardly talk when I'm not here.
I'm not telling you all this so I can hear my mouth run.
This is the takedown of the entire civilization and everything we know is here.
And they're going to stage a false flag like bananas are yellow and the sky is blue and roses are red.
Parliament isn't allowed to criticize Klaus Schwab.
On TV, they're shut down.
You think we're in a good spot, folks?
You think they're pulling crap like this because they don't have the keys to turn the power plants off right now and put us in darkness?
They're thinking about... You know my main fear?
They're gonna turn the power off.
Oh, you... Because here's the deal.
Trudeau is weak.
Biden's weak.
Schwab's weak.
They're all bad.
They're evil.
But they've got the technocracy.
And because our engineers
Have let everything be hooked into AI and centralized systems.
It's like the 1970s show and it got remade.
I'm not a big TV guy, but I did watch the first few seasons of Battlestar Galactica.
And only Battlestar Galactica survives because all the other Battlestars are hooked into the AI.
And that's how they can take all the power systems down right now.
You might as well have aliens that are running this right now.
Because that's what they're doing.
They hate us.
They want to get rid of us.
And now, in all their telegraph reports and all my intel from high level, people at the highest levels is, they have their finger on the button to turn the power off for six months.
Within two weeks, all the cities will burn.
That's why I'm telling you folks, if you don't realize that the most psychotic, evil people in the world who are getting off on this, you're like, why would they be ruthless?
Why would they be reckless?
They like that!
They fly around on jumbo jets!
They screw kids!
They're pedophiles!
They get off on doing bad things!
And they're in control now.
And if they can demonize the truckers and set that precedent, they're going to duplicate it here.
And so now's the time for all the bureaucrats.
I don't care if you're a truck driver, or work at a power plant, or work at a school, or work at the police department, or the FBI, or in a university, or at a factory, or you're a farmer.
You better hear me and know this is the enemy war.
I've known this stuff
My whole life, I've just always understood it.
I've always been drawn to it, and I know the enemy's plan.
And I can tell you now, this is what I was born for, and what you were born for, and this is the main assault.
And any day now, it can be the last show you ever see me again.
And then you're on your own.
I'm on my own.
You think they're releasing
The restrictions all over the world?
They're getting ready to clamp them down ten times tighter.
They want you to relax so they can sucker punch you right in the gut.
And I don't want you to relax.
Because they're scared of you videotaping everything.
They're scared of you talking to everybody you know.
They're scared of you watching.
They're scared of you right now saying, the power's going off.
Klaus Schwab did it.
You know, they've got NSA systems that Schwab has access to where they get the daily mention.
It's in V for Vendetta, too.
You know, Meg.
16, 17, 18 years ago, where the trucks are driving around, listening to everybody.
They're like, these got an 80% positive and the dictator's so mad.
They know if you know they did it.
And if you know the UN and David Rockefeller and his system and Bill Gates is behind this, and that when the lights go out, you know what they're planning to do, they won't do it.
But if they think you don't know, and if they think you don't know it's Klaus Schwab, they're gonna do it.
Because Klaus Schwab wants to be the savior when they turn the power back on.
Klaus Schwab's gonna have the social credit score and the universal basic income when the power goes back on.
But if everybody knows his plan, then he can't do it!
If I thought it got your attention, I'd take scissors and I'd just cut a couple fingers off here on TV and let blood spray everywhere.
Because maybe that would get your attention, but I don't think it would get your attention.
I'm serious, folks.
This is like, if I thought it would get you to wake up, I'd cut a couple fingers off right now on TV.
Seriously, I'd do it right now.
Because here's the deal.
I know they're starting a nuclear war.
I know they're getting ready to turn the power off.
I know they're getting ready to blame the Russians.
And it ain't because I love the Russians.
That's the one group they don't fully control.
You know, that's my frustration is there's no way to cover all this properly.
You think I should keep going over all this?
I mean, I think the main message here is anybody that thinks you're going along with evil and thinks you're going to get ahead is a moron.
Maybe I'll go back to Canada in a minute.
God, is it bad?
And then, oh, by the way, I should probably add this.
Marjorie Taylor Greene is going to be in the studio tomorrow.
She's in Houston tonight.
She called me Friday and she wants to come on.
We're really happy to have her.
We're going to go get dinner tomorrow night.
And I love her.
She's a great lady, got a great spirit.
She's the future of people like her.
She'll be on with us if we're even here tomorrow.
And I'm serious, folks.
If you don't think when you go to bed at night you can wake up with nuclear bombs dropping, or if you don't think you can wake up and the power never comes back on,
Unless you got a bunch of diesel?
Or solar panels?
I mean, I'm gonna be real clear here.
I don't tell you stuff to BS you, okay?
If I tell you something, I know it's happening, okay?
I mean, I would be surprised if the power's on in a week.
I mean, by doing this, we may stop them.
But that's how much trouble we're in.
And you know why?
Because we're winning.
You know why?
Humanity's coming back from the dead again.
Humanity's waking up from the dead again.
Humanity's coming together again.
Humanity is seeing through the lies and the system cannot stand it and is going to try to overturn the tables.
And that's why I'm not worried about waking people up anymore.
I'm worried about letting the Bill Gateses and the
Austins and the Millies of the world know that I know you're sacks of garbage, that we're putting power because you'd carry out whatever order you said, but you ought to be smart enough to look into the face of what you're doing and know your underground bunkers, a large percentage of your personnel are listening to me right now.
That ain't a freaking bluff.
They know it.
I don't bluff.
It's not about how powerful I am, it's about how powerful you are.
I'm just a messenger.
We know who you are.
We know what you're doing.
And don't you think that once you vaporize and once people see their families dying,
You didn't get your robots in place in time.
You still got humans you got to deal with and you won't get away with this.
You think you purged the military?
You think you brought in a bunch of woke retards who are going to sit there and carry all this out with you?
You better think again.
You better.
Slap yourself upside your head and you better get the religion right now what you're facing or you don't have any future.
And I'm not the one threatening you.
You're threatening us signed on to this satanic suicide call.
Get the hell off the course you're on now before it's too late.
Because as for me, I'm not scared.
I'm ready for whatever has to happen.
I signed on to this a long time ago.
But I'm telling you something right now.
You candy-ass globalists are all about your own personal power and your own personal largesse and your own personal sensuousness.
You're in love with yourselves?
Well, you can be in love with the skeletons that you're going to be real soon.
By your own freaking hand, you idiots!
But I know talking sense to one of you people doesn't matter.
So I'm talking to your minions.
If your minions are listening right now, and they've got any inkling of humanity left in them, and they've got any soul left, and they've got any connection to God, then they know that they can cry out to God and say, I repent.
I don't know what to do.
Holy Spirit, tell me what to do.
And don't follow what Alex Jones tells you, because I'm not about to tell you what to do, where you're at, and what you do.
I'm not omnipresent.
I'm far from it.
I'm a dumbass.
God will tell you what to do right now, and you can jack in.
This ensures you can plug your iPhone into a computer, you can jack into the Holy Spirit in eternity right now, and God will tell you what to do if you're a police officer, if you're a school teacher, if you are in Cheyenne Mountain, if you are inside the White House, if you're at Fort Bragg right now, if you are in Moscow right now, if you are in Durban, South Africa right now, if you are in Buenos Aires, it doesn't matter where you are,
You can say no to these people right now.
You can say no to nuclear war.
You can say no to Satanism.
You can say no to pedophilia.
You can say no to following legal orders.
You can say no and you can help all of us together transcend this evil.
Let's do this.
Look at this stack.
Right here.
Let's look at these little jewels.
Let's start with this.
See, unlike MSN, when I tell you something, I show it to you.
This is Bill Gates on international television yesterday.
Saying that Omicron, quote, sadly spreads immunity faster than vaccines.
Imagine what he's saying.
The natural world, your body, your immune system, this is terrible.
We're not going to be able to inject 70% now because Omicron, because the natural immunity came to this.
Think about how disconnected from God he is to make a statement where, see, he's got to be God.
We got another clip, let's just play them back to back, where he demonizes people not wearing masks despite the trauma and the oxygen reduction and the brain damage.
He says, it's just like wearing pants!
And he's a damn little demon gremlin up there with a bunch of female tarts trying to pick him up for the night.
We're not supposed to have kids, but he can.
And then you've got a whole room full of mass people watching him, not realizing it's the mark of their veil of death, and that they're in the cult, and they're silenced, and they're gagged, and that he's fetishizing the whole thing.
Here are the clips.
I wanted to kick off, actually, and get a bit of a scene-setter from Mr. Gates, because this is, I know, a topic that you've spoken on again and again.
You were ahead of the curve prior to the beginning of this pandemic.
Where would you assess where we are today?
You know, hit pause, back it up.
Look at that gremlin physiology of him, like, crouching like a demon.
Back it up to the start, please.
Oh, you were ahead of the curve!
You were so smart!
You bought up all the major government agencies!
Including the NIH and the CDC on record, that were literally owned by his consortium.
You didn't know that?
They own part of the patents.
And you're ahead of the curve.
Yeah, you made the weapon, you attacked us with it, and now you're attacking us with the poison gene therapy on record, causing all the heart attacks.
And here's this woman worshipping you.
It's disgusting.
Here it is.
I wanted to kick off actually and get a bit of a scene center from Mr. Gates because this is, I know, a topic that you've spoken on again and again.
You were ahead of the curve prior to the beginning of this pandemic.
You were ahead of the curve.
He's on record spending billions a year paying for these conferences, paying for the media so he can sit up there and these idiots paid to say this can see how wonderful he is.
Just realize behind the curtain what a fricking enemy he is of you and your family.
Put him back on screen!
We are today in beating COVID-19.
Well, the, uh, you know, sadly the virus itself, particularly the, the variant called Omicron, uh, is a type of vaccine that is, it creates both B cell and T cell immunity.
And it's done a better job of getting out to the world population, uh, than we have with vaccines.
If you do,
I think?
You love those Africans so much.
Folks, back it up just a second.
Hit pause.
It's sad that they have a much lower level of getting sick or dying because of Omicron.
He just said that.
Because the vaccine erases your immune system and basically kills you.
So he's saying it's too bad Omicron, God, Mother Nature, got out ahead and Africa has the lowest COVID death rate in the world.
Like, ridiculously low.
So imagine what he's saying.
He's telling you that it's terrible that
Africans got immune naturally and didn't die.
Here it is.
To various variants and so you know what that does is it means the chance of severe disease which is mainly associated with being elderly and having obesity or diabetes those risks are now dramatically reduced because of that infection exposure and
You know, it's sad.
We didn't do a great job on therapeutics, you know, only here two years in.
Do we have a good therapeutic?
Vaccines, it took us two years to be in oversupply.
Today, there are more vaccines than there is demand for vaccines.
Alright, let's stop there again.
They block vitamin C, they block zinc, they block hydroxychloroquine, they block ivermectin, they block everything, and then now they've got a Pfizer pill that eats your kidneys like Rendesivir does as well, and now we've got a therapeutic.
I mean, when you know what's going on, it's like this guy is literally a supervillain pissing in your face.
Demand for vaccines and you know that wasn't true and next time we should try and make it instead of two years we should make it more like six months which certainly you know some of the standardized platform approaches including mRNA would allow us to do that so you know it took us a lot longer this time than than it should have.
That's right because we can't have natural immunity they'll learn they have an immune system.
What about masks?
I think there are a lot of people in America who are confused about whether they should be wearing a mask.
And in the United Kingdom, for example, they've scrapped that altogether.
Well, that's interesting.
You know, what is the downside of wearing a mask?
I mean, it's got to be tough.
You know, you have to wear pants.
I mean, this is tough stuff.
These societies are so cruel.
Why do they make you wear pants?
I'm trying to figure it out.
We're very glad you have yours on.
That will be on the web.
For sure, it will be on the web.
So none of them are wearing masks.
The whole damn audience is.
Just so sick how they're inducting everybody into slavery.
You know, I've been live here for about an hour and 50 minutes.
We've been on air for two hours.
And I've covered two stacks and I've begun the latest stack.
So let me just do this.
Let me, in the interest of time here, because everybody, you know, is tuned in and we appreciate you.
Let me just run through the headlines with quick comments.
Here we go.
How's that sound?
So Bill Gates says Omicron sadly spreads immunity faster than vaccines.
Think that's Orwellian?
Well, he's a good person.
You're not.
Bill Gates says it's too late to vaccinate 70% of the world's population, because again, they've already gotten better from Omicron.
But Bill Gates says there's no doubt that misinformation enhance vaccine hesitancy and must be shut down.
Yes, silence people.
And he says the new pandemic's coming.
The answer is an omni-vaccine that basically erases your immune system.
Believe in COVID vaccines, even if it means you die.
Spike, just boosted.
There's a lot of other great memes that are out there right now.
How effective is the vaccine?
He runs out of the room, 96%.
Jumps out the window, 84%.
Down the road, 42%.
And now we learn, it's AIDS.
And you know, we can joke about that, but man, boy, folks that took the shot aren't going to want to admit they got killed.
They're going to get mad at us when we tell them what we did to them.
That's how it works.
Why are you pimps so good Fauci?
General Flynn exposes it all.
No correlation here at all with the current events in Canada that he's a World Economic Forum menu.
You're not supposed to talk about it.
He's got his little matching socks.
He's so cool.
He's got it all together.
And it just goes on and on and on from there.
Look at this article.
Patrick Howley put this out.
The world should not be governed by these types of women.
Ottawa City Councilor describes weekend protests as if it's her Vietnam.
She says she's afraid to wear her COVID mask.
Masks have become a psychological symbol of leftist protectionism for her.
I'm not going to subject you to the video, but we're all being put into our own little camps here.
Let me show you these headlines that I want you to see.
Federal Appeals Court, United Airlines vaccine mandate coerced employees to violate religious convictions and violated federal, state, and the Nuremberg Code.
Kind of important.
New York State will not require health care workers to get boosted due to potential staffing shortages.
It was collapsing things a little worse than people thought it would.
Everyone is at risk of blood clots.
CDC and Pfizer issue urgent warnings on blood clots, even in the healthiest of athletes, and say it's normal to have thousands of percentage points of people increasing blood clots, heart attacks, and myocarditis.
They just say it's normal, but has nothing to do with the shots.
Just an absolutely amazing admission here, an MSNBC reporter notes that the biggest challenge for Democrat governors ending their mask mandate is that Liberals have made mask wearing such an important part of their identity.
We have videos all over the US and Europe and Canada, people protesting, demanding everyone wear a mask, including children.
Here, let's go ahead and hear this clip right now.
Trend lines have been clear that a growing number of Americans, including a lot of Democrats, are heading towards, if not already at the point of saying, you know what, we just got to get back to normal.
And you see this kind of emerging message from some Democrats basically saying mission accomplished that, you know, the policies of the Biden White House, the Democratic
I think?
Yeah, these folks had to be rehabilitated.
They were put literally under a mind control cult, which I started the show with today.
Greg Reese's new report on Train Us To Die, Train Us To Be Slaves, MKUltra.
So powerful.
Look at these headlines.
Crisis in America.
Deaths up 40% amongst those 18 of 64 major life insurance companies.
Confirm what previous companies have said.
Moderna stock loses $140 billion as insiders sell millions of dollars of shares.
We told you that a week before it even started.
They called it a conspiracy theory.
And so is the Pfizer stock plunging.
So these guys are in a lot of trouble.
Let's look at some of the numbers from the VAERS reporting system.
A 279% spike in miscarriages.
Actually, that's in VAERS, but this is even worse.
This is from the insurance company numbers and the Pentagon numbers that are coming out.
487% spike in breast cancer.
1,048% spike in nervous system.
155% spike in birth defects.
350% spike in male infertility.
369% spike in testicular cancer.
Don't tell that famous biker about that.
2,181% spike in hypertension.
664% spike in malignant neoplasms.
680% spike in multiple sclerosis.
551 spike in Guillain-Barre syndrome, 468% spike in pulmonary embolism, 302% spike in tachyardia.
452% spike in migraines, 471% spike in female infertility, 427% spike in ovarian dysfunction, 269% spike in mitochondrial infraction, 291% spike in Bell's palsy, 479% spike in pulmonary embolism.
Here's another one by Steve Watson on InfoWars.com with a link to the Senator.
Rand Paul vows to force a repeal of the federal regulation mandating masks.
University students protest against a mask mandate being dropped.
You gotta see it, folks.
And yes, they wave-con his flags as well, of course.
Mall cop kicks out young man for wearing Trump face mask.
And it goes on and on and on.
The FBI is announced again.
Anyone questioning lockdowns are the enemy.
Wow, must feel good to work for that agency.
I mean, this is just so ridiculous.
But California passed a law where you can give somebody hepatitis or HIV and you don't get in trouble.
But you got to wear that mask, though.
What a very, very sick group of people.
Well, I really appreciate the crew coming in today.
And I really appreciate everybody that's here.
And like I said, we have Marjorie Taylor Greene.
In studio tomorrow with us.
I think she's going to host both hours with us tomorrow.
So definitely look for that.
I hit five or six of the stacks today.
I hit five or six of the stacks today.
But I tell you what I'm going to do.
I'm going to hit all these other stacks.
That one over there, this one here, and these.
Was it 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
Eleven, twelve.
Twelve stacks I didn't hit, and whatever's new, as long as we're still on air tomorrow.
But, whatever I do, I'm not going to be a conspiracy theorist.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I think it's totally normal that the admitted pimp that reportedly got thousands of underage girls and kids, or Jeffrey Epstein, and other people that visited, you know who they are, the Bill Gateses and
Others in the world?
Well, we're not supposed to think he might have actually been suicided.
We're not supposed to think he might have been Arkansas-ed or actually murdered.
Epstein accomplice Jean-Luc Brunel reportedly hangs himself in a French prison.
Let's show a few images of this guy before we get the transmission.
Oh my goodness.
If you go to the site, InfoWars.com, you can see him on the Lolita Express.
And with the Epsteins, and with Ghislaine Maxwell, and with Bill Clinton, just like all these other guys, it's so much fun to feed on people.
Jeffrey Epstein's close friend and pimp, Jean-Luc Brunel, found dead in apparent prison suicide.
He allegedly hanged himself.
Prison cameras were not working at the time.
Well, are they ever working?
That's all up on InfoWars.com.
And then we've got the sound cannon attacks on the Australian population protesting in Canberra, endless lockdowns.
And then I haven't gotten to this CNN letter that I got last week that I've mentioned, but I haven't covered it yet because it's important.
It's a lot bigger than Alex Jones.
It's how identities are stolen and how Hollywood operates.
And they think I'm so stupid.
They don't know this because they believe they own my story.
They believe they own me, and they don't.
John Ronson doesn't own me.
Leo DiCaprio doesn't own me.
None of you.
I mean, you talk about the garbage of the planet you're in.
You don't own me.
And this whole thing, I'll either read tomorrow or the next day on air, because I want to get this on record.
The incredible fake origin story they've created, which they're putting in the news,
Which then they think will allow Hollywood to put out, well, well, NPR and CNN reported this, so we're allowed to put this garbage out.
They're gonna fail.
Hollywood's already a rotting husk.
In fact, if Hollywood came out and endorsed me, it would destroy me.
But, because we exposed them, it's the other way around.
They don't get it, though.
They don't know it's all over for them.
And so that's another amazing sector of this.
I'm not funded by stolen taxpayer money.
I'm not funded by George Soros or the degenerate Queen of England.
May she burn in hell.
I'm funded by you and I appreciate your support and everything you do.
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Whatever you do, spread the word about the articles and the videos, and realize the enemies of humanity, your enemies that are attacking you and literally want to kill you, that are degenerate, satanic, pedophile globalists.
On record, this is monstrous goblins.
They think they can shut you up, and they can't.
So pray for the broadcast, pray for Global Awakening, buy the products, and whatever you do,
Just say no to the New World Order, and I'm not your slave.
And I defy you, and I say no to your tyranny.
Incredible job of the crew.
This is the end of the live show at 412 Central.
We're going to loop this with this great infrastructure and great crew until 4 p.m.
tomorrow, where I'm going to be back live for four hours Sunday, because we're working seven days a week.
We're doing two shows a day soon.
We're not backing down in the face of tyranny, because this is a major test and we want to win the fight, but only you keep us in the game.
So I want to salute and thank you all.
You've been coming through.
We're doing amazing things.
We're breaking the will of the globalists.
There's that great crew.
So God bless and good luck.
Now go share that Gregory's report on illegal secret testing on the people of the planet.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
I've been on air more than 25 years, and long before I started selling high quality vitamin
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