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Name: 20220218_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 18, 2022
2103 lines.

Alex Jones discusses tensions between the US and other countries such as Iran and Russia, recent protests in Canada, and promotes his company's product X3. He warns about potential power outages due to Russia shutting down pipelines and martial law being implemented in Canada. He encourages listeners to spread information, take action by hanging banners related to vaccine mandates and the globalist agenda, and protect their privacy using Faraday cages. The video discusses globalist organizations like Bilderberg Group, Claus Schwab, and the World Economic Forum aiming to create a united world government since the early 1900s, with David Rockefeller admitting in his memoirs that they created international institutions like the UN, WTO, IMF, NAFTA for this purpose. Globalist plans involve infiltration, centralized power, and psychological warfare, as evidenced by topics discussed at Bilderberg conferences aligning with current events such as climate lockdowns, carbon taxes, and economic sanctions against Russia.

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Biden reiterates the commitment to attack Russia.
Either Russia fights back in any way, while NATO takes the country over and ethnically kills Russians.
Ethnically cleanses.
So there you go.
They kept telling you the war's coming, and of course it is.
The West has launched it.
Everything the left do is a lie.
They say Russia's attacking them, they are attacking.
And just like that, it happens.
Just like that it happens.
Because if Russia pushes back, they get their water war and their distraction.
If Russia gives in, they take the whole country.
And then they start the infiltration of the Russian borders itself.
Just like they've done to us.
The globalists have lost Russia.
They want to retake it.
For 85 years, they got to rape the children and put people in gulags and rape your wives and torture.
Now they, oh, that's, Canada's there now.
They brought in their special police.
You know their U.N.
The U.N., everywhere they go, rape and murder.
The C-130s land in any country, including Europe.
They load those women and children on who've never seen again.
They go into the hungry arms of Klaus Schwab.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order, it must be followed.
There's about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.
As president, I will make it clear.
That the United States will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack.
We will be ready with serious political, economic, and military responses.
They're voting for peace on planet Earth if they vote for Trump.
But if they vote for Hillary, it's war.
We came, you saw, he died.
With her, you'll end up in World War III.
I want the Iranians to know that if I'm the president, we will attack Iran.
Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia.
The U.S.
military has just raised the threat level to DEFCON 2.
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is still threatening Russia with military action, following unconfirmed reports of further hacking.
It's like she's not even concerned about the repercussions.
Of course not, because she's... Hang on, guys.
Look, there's a really loud noise.
Alright, looks like we're having a little bit of technical difficulties.
We'll try to get Leanne back on in a few minutes.
When the president gives the order, it must be followed.
[radio chatter]
Well, I hate to say it again, but we called what was happening.
NATO-backed forces have launched accelerated attacks into eastern Ukraine, into Russian-held areas.
The Russians, who make up about 98% of the population there, are evacuating.
And they're just going to ethnically cleanse them out.
And this is an attempt to get the Russians to come into their aid and start a major war.
Unbelievable to watch the globalists launch these attacks and launch obviously their own false flags on that kindergarten so that they can have the pretext for this.
And now here we are.
And Hillary Clinton, the people that represent her are basically president now.
It's a round table of the Clinton crime syndicate and Obama's crime syndicate and Soros' crime syndicate that are all interlocked, that are putting the world under biomedical martial law.
And now preparing to launch a full-scale war with Russia.
Putin's come out and said the situation is deteriorating quickly and that there's ethnic cleansing and quote genocide going on.
There is.
And he said they are attempting to push Russia into a conflict.
Russia is showing all the facts and evidence of this.
And instead of claiming that it's false flags that Russia staged against itself, the Western media is simply not talking about any of it.
So it's a bad situation, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, it's so horrible.
I don't even have words to describe it.
They are now arresting and holding without bail peaceful protesters across Canada.
You knew it wouldn't just be in the bridge situation or in the capital of Ottawa.
They are now arresting people and saying no bail and under the emergency we don't tell you why they're arrested.
And we have the son of Arthur Poplosky, the preacher, Who is now facing prison as a terrorist.
They're calling him a terrorist for praying with truck drivers.
And so you want to see what secret police, the end of America and the end of Canada, the end of freedom looks like?
This is it, ladies and gentlemen.
And they're getting us ready for the worldwide financial collapse and war that comes.
And COVID martial law was the training wheels, as I told you.
For all of it.
So, we are in the worst possible scenario now.
The globalists aren't giving up.
They're launching collapse, fake cyber attacks to be blamed on Russia, and giant crackdowns on all us.
Remember, globalism is the UN and corporations waging war against everybody.
The Chinese people, the Russian people, the Mexican people, the Canadian people, the American people, the German people, the South African people.
All people.
We're to be dehumanized and then killed.
Stay with us.
In the capital of the great nation of Canada, to our north here in the United States, what appears to be several thousand, if you look at all the videos, masked men with black ski masks in police uniforms are massing and they have already started the arrest of the leaders of the Trucker Freedom Convoy.
And they are not charging them and saying they're being held without bail.
So this is true martial law.
They're also saying they're not going to just take the bank accounts, but also the children and pets will be euthanized.
These are true terrorists.
This is the complete fall of our world, of the West.
It can rise again, but we have to find our souls and say no to it.
And I have all the documents where Klaus Schwab is in full command bragging, congratulating Trudeau for his loyalty, and carrying out the Great Reset.
He actually says, I run Canada, I run the Cabinet, he congratulates Trudeau, and he says that we are seizing their bank accounts.
So, the head of the Bilderberg Group is on TV, who's also the head of the Davos Group, saying, we are seizing their accounts, we are going to hold them without trial.
I mean, this is just unspeakable.
They have also announced, they have also announced that all leftist organizations, including the Communist Party, should be marching and should be demonstrating.
Only anti-lockdown protesters are banned nationwide.
Arthur Poplowski, the Polish immigrant preacher, popular preacher, Who went and prayed with the convoy, has been arrested, and they're not even charging him, and they're saying that he's being held without bail.
And that is also in the news for the other individuals who've been arrested in Ottawa.
They're saying we will not say where they are, what happened to them.
This is martial law.
They're clearly trying to start a shooting war, ladies and gentlemen, and They're trying to put people in a corner where folks have no other choice.
We do not need to go out and start a shooting war at this point.
The people that went to Ottawa and other areas knew what they were getting into.
And the left is coming for our children one way or another.
That's what this whole power grab is about.
And I use the allegory of a very good film that actually Matt Damon's in, which I'm not a big fan of, but it's actually a true story.
I actually many years ago read an essay about it.
There's several books out on it, but the movie's Last Duel, and there's a scene in the film from a historic battle where they're executing townspeople across the river in front of the French forces, the British are, so they will make them come across and lose the bridge so they can win the war, which they did win that battle.
I mean, they could put women and children on TV and slit their throats.
I'm not saying they're going to do that, but we should let them.
And not respond.
And that will defeat them, like Jesus did, and Mahatma Gandhi did, and Martin Luther King Jr.
There is a time to let the enemy hurt us.
If I was here with police, with billy clubs, I'd just be just like, go ahead, knock my teeth out, just break my nose completely in right now.
That takes real strength.
And I'm ready to have that happen.
I'm ready for them to take me in a field, shoot me in the back of the head.
Because they're losing the people, and they're losing their control right now.
They're losing right now.
So I understand his men, like Ben Marble was on a few days ago, he's a good doctor, and he says, you know, it's not my job to kill people, but he said, it's the military's job to protect us, and we really should see the globalists taken out.
Well, I understand his sentiment, but I don't agree with that at this point.
That's how they want to be the victim and misrepresent us, and then they're going to hit us with a cyber attack claiming the Russians turned the power off.
You've got to not just look at what they're currently doing to us, You gotta look around the world and understand they're starting a major war with Russia right now.
Now, they had to bring in special trained police that have volunteered for this, wearing balaclava, black mask, in Canada.
The vast majority of police are resigning or saying no, and the truck drivers and tow truck drivers, they ordered to go tow the trucks, they have now joined the protesters.
So this is quickly going to turn into a disaster.
And that's what Klaus Schwab wanted, but he wanted to act like Canada was just destabilized, America was destabilized, Europe was destabilized, Brazil was destabilized.
They didn't want it to be known that he's involved.
Now that it's out there, now he's acting powerful and like he's in charge and saying, I commend Trudeau for his loyalty.
We're going to use, read the quotes here, Klaus Schwab explaining the digital response network illegally used to freeze bank accounts, crypto wallets, and insurance of Freedom Convoy protesters as its donors.
And then we've got his minister that's on the board of directors of the Bilderberg Group and the Davos Group, Chrystia Freeland, laughing and giggling how they're going to take everything from everybody and it's so funny.
We have all these video clips, folks.
So you are witnessing the boa constrictor of the New World Order try to gobble Europe, try to absorb Canada, try to gobble up 800 plus cities controlled by the left in America, try to swallow South America, Central America, try to swallow Africa, try to swallow Asia, try to swallow Russia, biting off more than they can chew.
So, work like your lives depend on it to expose the Great Reset, to expose Build Back Better, to expose the globalist plan, because their stock in Moderna and Pfizer is plunging.
The scientists are all coming out exposing it was a soft kill weapon.
The wheels are coming off everywhere.
In their church of political correctness.
Their attacks on children.
Private citizens and corporate groups and the military and good people in the Justice Department and the FBI are busting government pedophile rings and corporate pedophile rings everywhere in MASH right now.
We are winning the hearts and minds.
That's in a clip last night when I got home from dinner with friends.
But a very well-known podcaster who's one of my best tipsters.
And I went and I watched and I researched it.
The head community organizer, like number three, I guess, overall in that at Facebook, he's launching the Metaverse, everything.
He's in a hotel room where he thought he was meeting a 13-year-old boy.
And that's one of the top Facebook executives right there, ladies and gentlemen, who flew to Indiana to meet with a 13-year-old boy in a hotel room.
It's up on Infowars.com right now.
So, they can run, but they can't hide.
Their religion is vampirically sucking the innocence and energy out of our children.
The children are the power.
And when we don't take care of them, God turns his back on us and might just allow nuclear war to teach us a lesson.
I wouldn't blame God if he blew the whole planet up tomorrow, but I hope we get a reprieve for our children's futures.
Now when we come back, ladies and gentlemen, we got so much to hit.
All the trucker information, video of the arrest, video of the announcements they're going to kidnap their children and animals, their dogs.
A lot of these people are homeless now under the two years of martial law in Canada.
So they're living in their trucks.
But Russia has tried to not escalate things.
And Putin has tried to play things down.
So that hardliners don't engage in a coup against him.
But he's gone ahead and just come out and said what we already knew.
There's a massive Western offensive attacking Russian-held areas of eastern Ukraine.
And they're engaged in genocide.
They're going house to house, taking people out from their houses and killing them.
And this is all being done again as a provocation, just like in the last duel, where they're slitting the women and children's throats across the river to make them come across to lose the bridge.
And that's a historic thing that's actually in the record books.
It happened and they lost the battle.
They lost the war.
We have to let them attack these people.
And these people have chosen this route.
And I'm going to pray for them and support them.
They're not going to slit the children's throats because that will be too much.
But that's the kind of stuff they're engaged in.
This is a very, very painful time, but I'm not asking these people to do anything I haven't done.
I have stood here peacefully and taken their attacks, and not let them manipulate me into violence.
He who shoots first loses the upper hand.
Don't worry, folks.
Those of you who want shooting in war and stuff, you're probably going to get a lot more of it than you ever wanted.
So don't worry.
We'll be right back.
Paramilitary police masking their identities?
Are preparing mass arrest and assaults, they said they'll launch, against the thousands of peaceful demonstrators who just didn't want to live under the UN Bilderberg Group corporate world government forced inoculation tyranny.
We've got all that information coming up with one of the political prisoner's sons, a pastor arrested for keeping his church open.
Everything else is allowed to be open but churches.
Arthur Polosky's son will be joining us starting next hour.
We'll go over all of that, but let's hit the biggest threat currently going on right now.
Hillary, Biden, the puppet, Vice President Harris have all said Russia is going to shut down our pipelines, though it's the globalist shutting our pipelines down publicly, and that there's gonna be power outages launched by Russia.
And then when there is power outages, We have to have a nuclear war, that Hillary and others have said, with nuclear war as the response.
Senators have said.
Sounds psychotic?
Because it is.
These people know their world system's going down, they know their big banking cartel's going down, and they need wars as the distraction when they let you know that you basically are completely bankrupt.
And they're desperate, getting all the trillions they can before it all goes down, building their armored fortresses everywhere.
But you notice, Pfizer and Moderna are plunging, plunging, plunging, as much as 70%.
It's unbelievable.
And then what's happening?
Same thing.
An escalation of violence in Canada.
Putting you in a corner.
Telling you you can't travel.
Telling you you're not essential.
Telling you you gotta take a deadly shot.
And then it's the same thing in Russia.
I just look at the history.
I look at the facts.
And I'm not a Russophile when the Russians were controlled by the globalists and were going around doing bad things.
My family confronted the Russians around the world.
So I'm a loyal American and loyal to freedom, but this isn't the same Russia.
And the globalists that did control Russia now don't control Russia and they're pissed.
And so it's barely even hitting the Western news that massive artillery barrages, rocket attacks, mortars, machine gun attacks into the eastern area that's highly dense.
Looks like Austin, Texas.
Highly dense eastern region of Ukraine.
And so you send in heavy weapons, you send in arms, you expand your offensive to push the Russians out of that buffer zone that they created in 2014 because of ongoing ethnic cleansing, and then the Russians have now announced evacuations of the Russian population.
Now their homes will be taken.
Their businesses will be taken.
And the Russians are pulling back.
The Globalist plan on staging false flags, obviously, what they accuse Russia of, as a pretext to escalate it, and they claim with no evidence the Russians are firing artillery barrages back into the West.
Eastern Ukraine situation deteriorating, warns Putin, so he doesn't want to call it a war, he's called it a genocide.
But the war is already there, the war is hot since 2014, and now there's a Globalist offensive into the country.
With heavy weapons and class-A weapons.
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that the situation in Eastern Ukraine was deteriorating and called on the Ukrainian President to launch negotiations with Russia to back separatists.
The comments came as separatist leaders in the Donbas announced mass evacuations of civilians into Russia on claims that Kiev was planning an imminent attack.
We had an American reporter on a couple days ago.
We should get him back on to talk about this now.
Unfortunately, right now, we see a deterioration of the situation in that area, Putin said.
He repeatedly telegraphed that Moscow wants Kiev to implement the 2015 Minsk Agreement, a ceasefire deal that is the only existing framework for ending the war in Eastern Ukraine.
So he wants a ceasefire, and the West is pushing in, now with armored vehicles, tanks, anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons, and just leveling the area.
And they're not denying that, they're leveling it right now.
And if you fight back, it's like, what's the biggest crime?
Antifa's mugging you, Antifa's stabbing you, shooting you, you fight back, you go to prison, they don't.
Kamala Harris bails them out of jail, you go to jail.
You're Kyle Rittenhouse, you're being chased by pedophiles and criminals trying to murder you, shooting at you, you fight back, you're the devil.
It's the same thing, it's anybody fighting back against the globalists that have hijacked our country, they're destroying our country while they destroy everybody else.
Putin sees deterioration of situation in East Ukraine.
Donbass separatists announced mass evacuation to Russia.
Putin sees situation deteriorating.
As VP Harris warns Putin, U.S.
now says up to 190,000 Russian troops are near Ukraine.
And again, they're not in their own country.
How dare them?
Bleak new intelligence assessment, driving new urgency for Biden administration on Russia.
So they, they believe that Putin, here's the bottom line.
The globalists believe Putin, when they launched offensives into Eastern Ukraine to drive the Russians out, and then now into other areas the Russians control there in the South, that When they finally attack Crimea, the Russians will have a red line and that Putin will be deposed by hardliners if he doesn't attack back.
And so Putin's being driven into a corner to be induced to fight back, which will then be called a war and will be called an attack.
And if the Russians show anybody that's been killed, that's all a false flag.
That's all fake.
And so you see where the world is right now.
Just like the truckers.
They'll attack the truckers, attack the men, women, and children, have police thugs come in under martial law when all the left's allowed to protest, but the right wing isn't.
That's in the decree.
They brought in special police, just like in Tiananmen Square.
The first day or so, the police and the military didn't attack the demonstrators.
They wanted democracy too.
They wanted to free up China.
So they bust From a thousand miles away, a group of Chinese that even speak a different language, to attack them.
And they've now bust in paramilitary in special uniforms, probably most of them aren't even Canadians,
and they're there with their machine guns and their shotguns and their weapons,
and they're already arresting the leaders and saying in the news, they're being held.
They're being held and we won't tell you why, what's happening. We don't have to charge anybody.
So this is an ongoing situation.
So you want to see how the secret police system works.
They already set up the emergency camps for the quote unvaccinated.
Remember we told you a year before it was announced it was happening.
It's all over the world.
It's UN directed.
And now it's here.
And people need to understand that this is a worldwide move by the globalists, attacking in different ways, but overall destabilizing things, so that when you see the currency collapse, the new world digital currency rolled out, you'll accept it, believing they're the saviors, and that you'll blame Russia, or you'll blame the truck drivers, or you'll blame whoever for the detonator of the Great Reset, collapsing civilization in their own words.
This is such a dangerous time.
Please pray for a global awakening right now.
I remember Thirty plus years ago, before I was even on air, reading patriot publications like the New American from the John Birch Society, and actually going to the library and getting the books that they were quoting by Zbigniew Brzezinski, by people like Carol Quigley, by people like Cecil Rhodes, and
Reading it and seeing that they indeed said they would do these things.
And then later going and looking at the microfilm, when I read quotes about New York Times editorials written by David Rockefeller about how communism is good and how Mao Zedong is good and how we need to bring that here and we'll have to have a big collapse first though of capitalism to do it.
The most selfish, greedy, monopolistic people you could ever imagine running communism.
Because it's not what you think.
That's why V.I.
Lenin bust is in Klaus Schwab's office.
Because Lenin wasn't trying to do something for the people.
He was setting up a system where humans are like farm animals.
And a new elite controlled everybody.
Read 1984.
That's a communist that got to the highest levels of it.
George Orwell, Eric Blair.
And found out how real it was and how they plan to only hurt people.
And he worked with the communists in the Spanish Civil War before that, but it took him 20 years of working with the communists to get to the highest levels.
And to learn British intelligence was funding Stalin.
That the U.S.
Army was funding Stalin, even before World War II.
Just like McCarthy found out about it.
It's a long-term authoritarian plan.
And Klaus Schwab is just the latest frontman of this.
Head of the Bilderberg Group, now head of the Davos Group, carrying this out.
Yeah, there's Klaus Schwab with his boss, Henry Kissinger, and others.
So that's who these people are.
They think they can hide while they start wars and hide while they release a virus and shut everything down and consolidate control and bring out their world IDs and put out policy papers bragging how they did it to us?
And how Trudeau's loyal for what he's doing now to the Great Reset?
And Trudeau gets up on TV and reads that I'm doing this for the Great Reset and Build Back Better.
Yeah, there's Klaus Schwab with Prince Charles.
I mean, these are real supervillains that engage in what they call elite capture that Cecil Rhodes wrote books on, the head of the British Empire, 120 plus years ago.
You can go read his books, I have.
Now, British intelligence went in and bought up all the elites.
It's not British intelligence that runs it now, but it's that skeletal system they set up that is the New World Order, and it's bad news.
And Prince Charles and Prince Philip both say they want to depopulate 80 to 90 percent of the world population.
And they're cutting the resources off.
They're making you stay home.
They're making you go bankrupt.
They're promising you all this free stuff.
And once production collapses, who do they blame?
They blame the Russians.
Wall Street Journal, a repeat of what we saw a month ago, two weeks ago, a week ago, three days ago.
officials warn of imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine with tanks, fighter jets, and cyber.
And Biden says, and Hillary says, well, we'll go to full war with them if somebody claims there's a cyber attack.
So you wonder how the left and the globalists stay in power?
This is it.
And now Russia to stage massive nuclear drills amid Ukraine standoff because they pulled their troops back.
They said stop and NATO's taking the country right now and pushing ethnic Russians out of the country that have been there since before Ukraine existed.
And that's how you start a fight.
And so the criminals that have run our governments Have got martial law in Europe, martial law in Canada, martial law in all the blue cities.
They're maneuvering us towards financial collapse, total devaluation of currency, borders are wide open.
They have left us to the U.S.
and Canada, marching demanding masks never come off and that masks always stay on children while the teachers go out to parties at night and don't wear the mask because it's about a cult of their power over our children.
And now we have a top-level Facebook executive Who runs a whole division of Facebook, caught in a hotel room reportedly, thinking he was there to meet a 13 year old boy.
And you look at those zombie eyes, they've all got that weird, just vacant look like they're staring off 50 trillion miles.
and all they want, they don't even think it's bad, is your children.
They just want love.
They just want to steal your children's innocence.
Just let them, give us your children.
The transmission goes, give us them.
Give us the children.
Give us the children.
And that guy, and the Renfields like this guy are just like, oh, but the thing behind him is give me children.
Give me, yes, master and children.
And that's it.
They always act the same.
They always look the same.
I've studied these creatures, these blobs, and that's who they are.
But then you've got the controllers like the Klaus Schwab's and the Prince Charles's up there.
Prince Charles's pledged himself four months ago to a worldwide war against humanity for depopulation and a worldwide collapse in the Great Reset.
And he will be the King of England soon.
And I love how he fell down when he went up to the podium.
He fell on his face when he walked up to declare war against everybody.
That's a real good omen there, Jack.
And you and your little Transylvanian crew aren't going to be doing so hot down the road.
Because like all devils, you get your day.
We hate you.
We know who you are.
We reject you.
But we don't fight you because we hate you.
We fight you because we love our children and love innocence.
And we, with God's power, will break you.
You will not break us.
We will break you.
The situation is deteriorating incredibly fast with Russia.
Biden reiterates the commitment to attack Russia.
Russia fights back in any way while NATO takes the country over and ethically kills Russians.
Ethically cleanses.
So there you go.
They kept telling you the war is coming and of course it is.
The West has launched it.
Everything the left do is a lie.
They say Russia's attacking them, they are attacking.
And just like that, it happens.
Just like that, it happens.
Because if Russia pushes back, they get their water war and their distraction.
If Russia gives in, they take the whole country.
And then they start the infiltration of the Russian borders itself.
Just like they've done to us.
The globalists have lost Russia.
They want to retake it.
For 85 years, they got to rape the children, and put people in gulags, and rape your wives, and torture.
Now they, oh, that's, Canada's there now, they brought in their special police.
You know their U.N.
The U.N., everywhere they go, rape and murder.
The C-130s land in any country, including Europe.
They load those women and children on, who never seen again.
They go into the hungry arms of Klaus Schwab.
That's who they are?
They see us as lower than worms.
We are meat on the table to them.
They devour us because we will not see them for the monsters they are.
We will not find God again and pray for guidance and say, I will not be your slave.
I will not submit to you.
And because we will not wake up to the fact that they are evil, because we won't take the black pill and realize that things are bad and we got to stop it, they could win.
But God won't let that happen.
You'll wake up one time or another, and so many of you that serve evil think you're on the winning team?
You're pretending you're part of the New World Order.
No one is.
Not one human that serves Satan is actually part of it.
You're all fools.
You're all losers.
We'll be right back.
It's been said that necessity is the mother of invention.
And that's true, in my experience.
But survival is the mother of awakening.
We know who the Globalists are.
We know about their programs.
They've been very arrogant about what they've launched.
And if we're going to have any future, they're going to have to be stopped.
They believe in a cataclysm, they're playing God, where they trigger famine, economic collapse, wars, ethnic cleansing, to be the alpha predator.
You can argue, you know, in areas where they killed all the wolves, in the western part of the United States, that there was nothing to keep the deer populations and the elk populations down.
So they brought wolves back.
But really, hunting could just do that.
But when you read what Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote about and the rest of these people, they talk about, they are the apex predator.
And they come in and announce the world lockdown, and then when millions starve to death, they come and call for more money to the UN, which they then keep for themselves and don't actually feed the children.
So they get us coming and going.
Now, I'm not a Slavophile.
I'm not a Serbophile.
I'm not a Russophile.
I'm not an Anglophile, even though, you know, I'm part English.
Or a Germanophile.
A Deutschophile.
I'm a guy that follows Christ and tries to be a good person and loves humanity.
But I do study how the New World Order operates and how they do the same propaganda over and over again.
And if you go back to the 1990s and those two wars in the Balkans, you've got the Croats, you've got the Muslims, you've got the Serbs.
And it's on the historical record.
It's not debated that both times Islamic-backed and UN-backed forces started wars with the Serbs.
lands in the south and both sides committed atrocities and the UN admits
that twice as many Serbs were killed as Croats and as Muslims. Now I'm sure both
sides have reasons to hate each other or all the sides. I'm not even picking sides
here but it was the same thing that when the Serbs fought back well they were bad
even though it was the Serbs holding the Muslims back for a thousand years.
Right there at Pristina is the line where for a thousand years they held them until Bill Clinton rained down thousands of depleted uranium bombs on their cities.
And so the Serbs didn't have nuclear weapons.
And they were outnumbered and surrounded, and now the ethnic cleansings continued, up more into Serbia.
And it's, it's, it's, it's, the left's like, it's wonderful, we're killing Serbs, raping their women, murdering them, oh, it's so liberal.
It's that alliance of Klaus Schwab and Christia Freeland saying on Bill Maher, she wants Syria law, she wants our women to be under Muslim control.
It's a sick authoritarian fetish.
And it goes back to a plan that a member of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire royalty had, Over 100 years ago to merge Europe with Islam.
And they're following this satanic plan.
And now she runs Canada as the real Prime Minister.
She's a dictator.
And she works for Klaus Schwab.
He's on his board.
And she is taking your bank accounts and now has masked, unidentified men arresting and attacking and disappearing the peaceful people as we speak.
And that will be our fate in every town, every city in America and the world if we don't start saying no and withdrawing our consent and exposing that these are outside powers.
Notice they always tell you, oh, you're a Russian if you don't want Build Back Better.
You're a foreign agent if you don't want to turn your guns in.
You're a foreign agent if you don't want open borders.
Oh, if you're a part of the Freedom Convoy and don't want Klaus Schwab putting in your body what he wants, That you work for Russia?
No, because they're the outside power.
The globalists are a multinational corporate attack, and if we ever organize that it's an outside attack, whether we're in Serbia, or whether we're in Bosnia, or whether we're in Mexico, I mean, Mexico's got its problems, but it likes to be its own country and sovereign.
Mexico runs its own show, pretty much.
Got big problems, but their elites that run it, it's like, this is our thing.
The Mexican Socialist President said the vaccine's a scam, a power grab, don't go along with it, we don't want the Great Reset here, we don't want to make our people poor, we don't want to build back better.
He says that!
You ever see that on the news?
All we need is leaders that say, burn in hell to this!
And the people will get behind saying no to war, and no to famine, and no to devalued currencies, and no to rolling blackouts, and no to all this garbage!
You think Mexico likes all of Latin America being collapsed when it's the richest country, arguably, in Latin America?
And now everybody's flooding in there?
No, Mexico's like, no, we want to work with Trump!
Control the borders, this is bad!
But Trump's gone.
And so now Mexico is collapsing in many areas, worse than it was.
So, that's our fate, ladies and gentlemen, is a failed state.
Like Mexico.
And that's what's happening in Europe is becoming a failed system.
And what does Klaus Schwab say?
We're creating a post-industrial world.
We're getting rid of the social contract.
We're getting rid of civilization.
We are going to build back better after we collapse it under Claude Biven.
These are freaking statements out of him!
And his grandfather was the fourth largest manager of arms for the Nazis.
Chrystia Freeland's father was the direct captain of Joseph Goebbels and ran propaganda in multiple occupied nations under Nazi Germany.
Of course she works for Klaus Schwab.
What do you think Bilderberg was with Henry Kissinger and the Rothschild and Rockefeller money in World War II?
They went and got the whole Nazi intelligence network in Europe and all the stolen loot and let them all stay in charge and then recruited all their kids and put them in charge.
Of every major industry.
Because they were controlled, and they would follow orders.
It's not a Nazi conspiracy.
They used Nazi personnel, 36,000 of them, in one round of the Rat Line.
To create NASA, to create the CIA, to create every bit of it.
You know, even by the 1970s, there were still Nazis in charge of CIA operations.
And CIA people I've talked to would walk into a room in Central America, or even in East Texas or West Texas, and they would walk into a room with a bunch of military people and folks, and there'd be a frickin' famous Nazi giving the orders.
Because how would an American ever believe that?
How would anyone even get that through their head?
Because it's so crazy.
The King of England was a Nazi.
In World War II.
He advocated.
Because they were a professional control group that would follow orders and believed in elites.
Yeah, there's the former head of the Nazi's rocket program with President Kennedy.
And the point is, is that people need to stop being so naive about all this.
And realize who Klaus Schwab is.
And realize what their goals are.
And realize these people want to kill you and your family.
They want to cut your power off, make you starve, make you come hat in hand to them, so you've got to have a medical ID to take into your body, whatever they want, whenever they want, so you have the privilege of leaving your house or having a job, and that's just getting started.
And so now we know it's a Western offensive into Ukraine, pushing ethnic Russians out, trying to elicit a response by Putin.
Like we saw in Georgia in 2008.
That's what's happening.
We'll come back next hour and get to it.
We have the latest on the convoy, the arrests, the disappearances, the paramilitary police.
This is just so horrible and we need to pray for all the truck drivers and their families.
But we need to know this is being done to elicit the last thing Schwab wants is a violent confrontation.
Separately, we need funding.
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Probably not, but I mean, We're in that point.
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To be clear, a state of war has been taking place since ethnic cleansing began eight years ago in Ukraine, but now Western forces are accelerating to the Russian border with artillery attacks.
War has already begun.
I used to give out my phone number.
Can't do that anymore.
They don't even allow me to have a phone anymore.
Not only are you worried your child may die, but you're stripped of your dignity.
You're stripped of your sense of who you are.
Not being able to afford that child's needs.
I started the Cancer Moonshot, which I worked very hard on in the administration I served in last.
Meanwhile, Biden then addressed the country with flagrant, desperate propaganda, attempting to keep the doomed New World Order narrative going.
An invasion remains distinctly possible.
That's why I've asked several times that all Americans in Ukraine leave now before it's too late to leave safely.
If Russia decides to invade, that would also have consequences here at home.
But the American people understand that defending democracy and liberty is never without cost.
And if Russia attacks the United States or our allies through asymmetric means, like disruptive cyber attacks against our companies or critical infrastructure, we are prepared to respond.
But we're moving in lockstep with our NATO allies and partners to deepen our collective defense against threats in cyberspace.
I will not pretend this will be painless.
There could be impact on our energy prices.
So as the economy tanks and gas prices shoot past historic records, Putin, open to diplomacy, ordered the withdrawal of troops while the Russian Federation's side of the story was spun out of control.
Unfortunately, seven years down the road, we are increasingly thinking that the implementation of the Minsk agreements is not something that's in the plans of our Ukrainian neighbors.
Biden's handlers at the United Nations have been given their marching orders.
Their masters require a world war to feed the dwindling spending of defense departments and the reaping of war profits.
Russia plans to manufacture a pretext for its attack.
This could be a violent event that Russia will blame on Ukraine, or an outrageous accusation that Russia will level against the Ukrainian government.
We don't know exactly the form it will take.
It could be a fabricated so-called terrorist bombing inside Russia, the invented discovery of a mass grave, a staged drone strike against civilians, or a fake, even a real, attack using chemical weapons.
So we are concerned that Russia is trying to stage a pretext for an armed attack against Ukraine.
And we also know that there are many Russian intelligence officers operating in Ukraine.
They are present in Donbass and we have seen attempts to stage a pretext, false flag operations to provide an excuse for
invading Ukraine.
So Biden and company will unleash the beast no matter what.
The evidence on the ground is that Russia is moving toward an imminent invasion.
This week, the Russian government said that it would withdraw troops from the Ukraine border, and they received a lot of attention for that claim.
But here and around the world, How high is the threat of a Russian invasion right now?
which you've heard us say from coming from our administration.
In fact, we have now confirmed that in the last several days, Russia has increased its
troops presence along the Ukraine border by as many as 7,000 troops, with some arriving
in the past 24 hours. This is cause of serious concerns.
How high is the threat of a Russian invasion right now?
It's very high.
Bye. - Bye.
Bye. - Bye.
Because they have not moved any of their troops out.
They've moved more troops in, number one.
Number two, they have reason to believe that they are engaged in a false flag operation to have an excuse to go in.
We are now experiencing Gulf of Tonkin 2022.
Using reports of an exchange of live fire between Ukrainian and Russian forces and a supposed shelling of a kindergarten in the Luhansk region of Ukraine to fuel the false flag projections.
It is United Nations New World Order tool and compromised criminal President Joe Biden that is the aggressor.
Well, this morning I wrote a headline just about an hour and a half ago that isn't strong enough now.
It was that Putin was warning the situation has deteriorated very, very quickly.
Globalist forces launch major offensive in eastern Ukraine as Putin warns situation deteriorating quickly.
Watch live.
Well, now massive shelling and attacks as NATO pushes an offensive into eastern Ukraine up to the Russian border.
The Russians have announced an evacuation of Russian-speaking citizens of the 90-plus percent of the people there.
And it's all a provocation to get Putin to fight back.
But if Putin fights back, they get a wider war and a good political distraction.
But if they don't fight back, they get to go ahead and clear out the Russians.
And the next will be, of course, the main Russian military base there on the Black Sea in the south of Ukraine.
So this is how world wars start.
Biden to speak to nation as crisis of Russia over Ukraine escalates.
It's now being reported.
Bleak new intelligence assessment driving new urgency from Biden administration on Russia.
So the West has launched its offensive if Russia fights back.
They say that Russia has launched an attack.
If Russia doesn't fight back, the globalists win and take control of those Russian held areas.
And then they will turn towards the last Russian enclave that is not under globalist control there in the south of Ukraine.
So that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
I'll continue to watch this very, very closely as the globalists attempt their next leg of the Great Reset.
At bare minimum, a major European theater full-on war with the second largest military in the world.
His son is joining us here.
We can't talk to the well-known pastor and preacher because he's been arrested for keeping his church open.
You've seen that footage last year.
And now Nathaniel is here to speak for his father who has been arrested for praying with the truckers and they are announcing in the news that He's been denied bail.
He'll be held until his hearing on March 11th.
Other folks being arrested in Ottawa at the peaceful demonstration, it's being announced by the paramilitary police, are also not being charged.
They're not saying what they're charged with, they're just disappearing.
Another hallmark of tyranny.
Also Trudeau put out another order, got it right here, that any leftist group is allowed to protest anywhere at any time.
He lists Black Lives Matter, Islamic groups, any communist party, there's a whole list.
Only the communists are allowed, only the Soros people are allowed on the streets.
We're showing footage to TV viewers of the police arresting the peaceful leaders of the demonstration for walking down the street because they would not follow orders to tell people to leave.
True thought crime come to our northern partner, the beautiful country of Canada that has fallen.
So, Nathaniel Pulaski, your dad warned of this over a year ago on my show, and now he's a political prisoner.
How are you handling it?
How is your father doing?
And what do you make of the situation there in your once great nation?
Well, thanks for having me on.
And yeah, it's crazy what's happening in Canada.
It seems like Trudeau is Camping up, silencing all political opposition.
As you saw in that video, the trucker organizers, the trucker convoy to Ottawa, the organizers have been arrested.
My dad, Pastor Arthur, one of the leading voices opposing this tyranny, has been arrested.
He was arrested on February the 8th for giving a speech, for doing his job as a pastor, giving hope and motivating the truckers on February the 3rd.
Um, and he was arrested under three criminal charges and he has been denied bail twice.
He claims that he is a danger to society.
So, what's going on in our...
Once beautiful, free, Canada is absolutely disgusting.
It's deplorable.
The state of our justice system, the state of our politics, it really goes to show what this is all about.
It's not about safety or health or public health.
It's all about tyranny.
It's about bringing in a dictatorship, a totalitarian regime.
It's been tough on the family, seeing that someone who's innocent is being held behind bars in such horrible conditions, treated worse than a gangster, than a murderer.
I mean, I've heard of murderers and rapists being granted bail, and this pastor, he's the danger to society?
Oh, they let Black Lives Matter out in the U.S.
that shoot their political enemies on TV, and they're let out of jail.
Because they're good little communists.
The communists want their people to know, you can commit crimes, our takeover's happening, and you're going to be let out of jail.
Yeah, exactly.
So, criminals are allowed out, but pastors, no, they have to stay behind bars.
Our mainstream media and the Crown Prosecutor alleged that he incited violence.
Went twice in that speech that he gave to the truckers, he said he's talking about a peaceful, non-violent resolution.
Twice he mentioned that in his speech, and they still published the lie that he incited violence.
So they're making stuff up.
He's become a political prisoner in Canada because of his strong voice, his opposition to this tyranny, and they don't want to let him out.
They know that these are trumped-up charges.
Anyone can see that these are made-up charges that won't stick.
So the only way that they can get revenge on him, because this is a vendetta, I mean, he embarrassed them on a global scale.
He has been been exposing them on a global scale so they want to get
revenge, they want to hurt him, they want to silence this pastor.
So the only way they can do that is to deny him bail and keep him behind bars.
So is he even able to speak to folks?
Because I know the peaceful leaders of the Ottawa event have been disappeared.
Now he showed that footage earlier.
Have you been able to talk to your father and how are his spirits?
He's standing strong.
So we do get a phone call for him roughly once a day.
If the guards are nice, then they'll allow him to call twice a day.
He's standing strong.
He won't let this break him.
He thanks everyone for their support, for continuing the fight, for all We're just holding the line.
So he's standing strong.
They're treating him horribly.
He says the first few days they were essentially torturing him.
They denied him water for an extended period of time.
They placed him in an iron cage, like a tiny, what he described as a dog kennel.
They were flipping the lights on and off so they're not letting him sleep.
They placed him on a hard bench for hours without a mattress.
So they were really trying to hurt him.
Yeah, well they are the ones that are putting themselves in a prison with the devil.
They're the ones that we should be sorry for because the dishonor of these people is legendary and is so sad what they're doing to their own families and future.
This is really so sad.
Yeah, absolutely.
It's sad that we're allowing this to happen also because my dad represents millions of people worldwide who care about freedom, who care about religious liberties.
He represents millions of people who just want to live their lives in peace.
So if we allow this to happen to a pastor of all people, as he says often, for me, they'll come for you.
Be sure of it.
If you allow this to happen in a free and democratic society, then a precedent will be set and they will do this to
Well that's it, the cover was the virus and Klaus Schwab wanted martial law in all the countries
and to freeze bank accounts. He said it, Trudeau's done it, and they knew they kept you locked down
enough. They kept you locked down for two years, wouldn't let you drive, tried to put a poison in
you. So finally folks peacefully stood up and now they declared martial law and now they're purging
the good police and creating their army of bad police and they're hoping for a shooting war
which they believe they're going to win. How do you think we make it out of this just with Jesus
and with non-violent civil disobedience like your father has shown us? Yes, with God we win.
And I--
As my dad, this is why they're so scared of him.
My dad's message is very simple.
Civil disobedience, peaceful non-compliance, peaceful resistance, like Civil Rights Movement, like Mahatma Gandhi, like Solidarity in Poland, behind the Iron Curtain.
That's how you win this.
With peaceful non-compliance, with God on our side, and on the right side of history.
We are on the right side of history.
If we keep pushing, if we keep fighting, if we do not bend the knee, eventually we will win this.
We just have to stand our ground.
I agree, and all the polls show that Trudeau is totally hated now and destroyed in his own party.
For people that don't know, he only won by 30%.
That's how parliamentary systems got Hitler in.
He won 30-something percent as well.
And this is a guy that says he wants to be a dictator, so he's going to escalate to get himself out of this, and this is going to be Klaus Schwab's Waterloo when we take his man down.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
David Icke is joining us to talk about all the insanity in the world, war with Russia, and more.
And then, you know, I told the crew that I wasn't going to come in tomorrow and do an emergency Saturday show, but now this war is so imminent, it's already expanding, I'm going to...
Coming in may go live, I may tape.
I'll let you know by the end of the show today.
I've just got a lot to do personally and a lot of business to take care of to keep this operation going.
I'm not complaining, but we spend a lot of our time just getting the funding and keeping the wheels rolling around here.
So I really appreciate your support at InfoWarsaw.com.
But when you talk about a hero, when you talk about somebody that needs to be a model for everybody, If more people were like Arthur Polosky, we would not be in this bad situation.
In fact, if more people were just 10% like him.
And nothing good we have came free, folks.
And they have created this horrible nanny state that literally said churches have to stay closed in Canada, but the topless bars can be open.
And now they've arrested him for giving a sermon.
For his thoughts, for his speech, that is thought crime.
This is North Korea, and they are establishing a North Korean state in Canada.
His son, Nathaniel Pulaski, joins us, and it's just amazing under the civil emergency to hold your father until March 11th, without bail, without bond, for thought crime.
And we aired his speech here on the show back when he gave it to the truckers.
About following their conscience and standing up for what's right.
And when we saw black people with white people and others say no to being told they had to sit at the back of a bus or know that they couldn't go in to a restaurant and order food, they had to go to the back window and get it out.
Now we're told, unvaccinated, you got to go to the back window.
It's the same crap again.
And oh, you can't come in the restaurant or oh, you can't be on the bus.
It's wrong.
It's particularly black folks around the U.S.
that see that.
They're the main group getting arrested in places like L.A.
and New York.
Like over 90% of those getting arrested are black, refusing to take the damn shot.
They're not stupid.
This is pure evil.
101 by people claiming they're the left.
Trudeau's calling everybody racist that don't agree with him.
But even the Liberal Party, I've seen the videos, are countering him and saying you're full of crap.
He charged the conservative Jewish caucus, a small group in Parliament, of being Nazis.
I mean, this is preposterous.
And where do you see this going, Nathaniel?
FreePastorArt.com, StreetChurch.ca.
I know this is going to be used to magnify Christ.
I know that he now doesn't just reach thousands a week as he did at several churches, but now he reaches millions a week.
So we salute your father.
We all should pray for your father right now.
But in the six minutes we have left, what else would you like to add to the listeners about the situation happening in your country that is such of great concern?
Well, we can't allow this to happen.
We can't let them get away with this, because if we do, then they'll do this to everyone.
So, my dad is like the tip of the spear, but this will apply to everyone if we allow this to happen.
So, what we're doing is we're going to apply political pressure on the Canadian government to stop doing this, because he has not stood trial.
What happened to the notion, innocent until proven guilty?
What happened to due process?
He's being punished for something he has not been convicted of.
Well, this is martial law.
They disappear political prisoners and don't let them out on bail.
That's martial law.
Yeah, exactly.
So, what we're going to do is if you go to FreePastorArt.com, you can sign up and look for, in your area, there's going to be protests at Canadian embassies and consulates.
To show your discontent with what's going on in your neighbors to the north because they cannot get away with this.
They cannot just subdue the people.
The politicians are panicking right now.
So they're cracking down on their citizens and declaring martial law and silencing political opposition.
So we cannot let them get away with this.
If you go to freepastorart.com you can Join a peaceful protest vigil at Canadian embassies and consulates all around the country to stop this tyranny.
That's right.
The police are going around handing out notices even to businesses and coming to people's homes outside the city saying, we saw you on Facebook or Twitter that you support the protest.
Well, this is now a banned protest, but leftist groups are allowed to protest.
Let me show that live footage of one of the streets where hundreds of police are massing in groups and are preparing to start going
after these people.
This is just absolutely outrageous.
And I'm going to say this because I'm not in Canada and I'm not somebody that asks people
to do things that I'm not going to do, but I know if I was in Canada and I'd been on
the fence about this, I think everybody in Canada should peacefully go to Ottawa now
and should start just outside this, peacefully surround the paramilitary police that are
attacking and going after peaceful people inside so that everything basically gets shut down.
Uh, this is the front lines of human liberty.
This is so important.
This is so historic.
This is Berlin Wall level stuff that we're facing here, and I hope everybody, uh, will just go there peacefully, uh, and just as media, as observers, Document what's happening.
You're not going to be part of the demonstration.
But go there.
I mean, look at this.
Tell us, who are these gentlemen in olive drab?
Well, they look like the Ontario Police Service, but they're basically soldiers.
This is martial law that they've declared on us, and this is basically the terrorist squad.
They've sent in the best trained soldiers to subdue the people, to make sure that They go home.
They're trying to scare us.
And Trudeau has called you, called any Canadians that want to peacefully demonstrate, he said, are terrorists.
They've used terrorism provisions.
He called us misogynists, racists, terrorists, because the truth is they have nothing on us.
We're just peaceful, freedom-loving Canadians who want our rights and freedoms back.
That's it.
So he has to call us names, defame us, lie about us, because that's their tactic.
That's the tactics of the communists, of the fascists, and that's what my dad grew up under.
That's why he is one of the loudest voices about this, because he saw this growing up behind the Iron Curtain, and he sees it unfolding today.
History is repeating itself.
Well, I knew the jig was up last year, whenever Biden stuck himself in 11-12 months ago, and they immediately said, any protesting lockdowns is terror, we're going to seize your funds and take you.
Of course, they hadn't implemented it yet, but they announced it.
Clearly, they were going to do more lockdowns.
Clearly, that was their plan, but they knew the U.S.
wouldn't go along, so they're using Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, and Austria as the beta test.
It's just wild.
Yes, that's exactly right.
And now we've shown them that they can get away with it.
That's why the people now, more than ever, have to resist, have to peacefully not comply, and show them that they cannot do this to their own people.
Because if we let them do this, this will spread globally.
Tyranny is spreading globally, and we've got to stop this.
We have to rise up, stand up, and keep fighting.
Yes, yes, of course.
FreePastorArt.com, StreetChurch.com, everybody should share that link.
I bet you're proud though of your father.
Yes, yes, of course.
He's a beacon of hope and he is one of the front runners of freedom and he is showing the world right now
that despite there being consequences, we cannot give up.
We have to keep fighting because in the end we will win.
Well, we're very, very proud of your father and obviously they put him in the cage
and did all that to him, trying to make him get mad so they could beat him up, but he was smart
and didn't let him do that.
And I would imagine he's stronger than ever in Christ inside that political prison, isn't he?
Yes yes he is he's standing strong he's actually fasting he's on this 11th day of fasting in prison and he is stronger than ever.
Well I think next there should be a demonstration where is he a peaceful demonstration where is he being held?
So actually, we're there every day.
We're at the Calgary Remand Center, which is the prison that he's being held in, and we are there every single day at 7 p.m.
protesting and letting them know that they cannot do this to a pastor in Canada.
This is North Korea.
Come to North America.
Thank you, Nathaniel.
Only reason we're still live on air and the only reason we are millions and millions of unstoppable watts just in AM and FM and shortwave stations around the world is because of you.
What have I told you?
World government's making its move.
Not out of strength, but out of weakness.
And now that the thermonuclear war clock is two minutes to midnight, David Icke, the most prolific individual, the trailblazer, the most accurate person.
You know, you see the bumper stickers everywhere.
Alex Jones was right.
Well, David Icke was right first.
Truly prophetic.
We're honored to have him here with us for the next, I don't know, 70, 80 minutes as long as he can stay with us to talk about the Russia crisis, the ongoing escalation there, are the globalists backing off the COVID tyranny, China and what it's doing, so many things.
And then tons of executives busted in pedophile stings, including the number four person at Facebook, Flying to Indiana to have sex with a 13-year-old boy, he believed.
This is the head of the metaverse.
I mean, it's just all coming out.
The Queen of England preparing to advocate, and I guess hand things over to Charles, they're saying.
Just an insane time in the world, a major point of inflection.
David Icke, of course, best-selling author and researcher, DavidIcke.com.
He has a great channel on Banned.Video as well, and Iconic.com.
What would you call this moment in history and time and why are so many changes happening so quickly?
I would guess you'd say, as you predicted 20 years ago, that by this time we would see the emergence of the New World Order no longer hiding itself.
Are we seeing the emergence, David Icke?
Yes, we are, but we're also seeing the pushback against it and the gathering awareness that it exists.
You know, you can only manipulate under the radar for so long, and you can do it for a long time, and they have, where the events in the world don't seem to have a common theme, they don't seem to have a common thread, but there comes a point where what you have been manipulating in the shadows to create, in terms of a transformation of human society, has to break the surface where you can see it, or human society is not going to change.
And so this is the position we're in now, where since the COVID card was played, they've walked into the room, and ever more so.
And the more they move along towards this endgame, the more cards that are going to be played, the more things they're going to try to give us to Have to respond to and react to and understand.
It's going to get rat-a-tat machine gun numbers of things that are going to be happening.
I said back in the late 90s that one of the big parts of this plan, if they can pull it off, was to have a war between the West and an alliance of Russia and China with countries like Iran thrown in.
Because the idea is that China wins that war and the blueprint for the global dystopian Orwellian state is China.
So if you look at what happened after the Covid story broke in China, The West has become more and more like China, not least the technological surveillance and the technological tracking, etc.
And so that's the blueprint.
You know, I've said before that this global cult that I talk about that's behind all this, that's orchestrating events in all these different countries, that's running Canada currently, they were behind the Mao Revolution.
And the idea was to create a closed society within which a position of total control, that a method of mass human control, not least with technology, could be incubated and could be perfected.
And the idea was that once that had happened, you play it out across the world, because that's your blueprint for the world.
I've said for years and years and years, if you want to see what they want for the West tomorrow, then look at China today.
And what we're seeing, Alex, quite demonstrably, it couldn't be more obvious, is the systematic dismantling of American society through the southern border just being wide open, through the extraordinary Implications, financial implications of what's been happening in the COVID years and the extraordinary levels of inflation that are coming through.
All these different things are being brought together to dismantle American society.
And the idea is that the Chinese part of the world becomes the dominant global force.
And so because you've got this Global cult, which is like this global web of secret societies, semi-secret groups, etc.
Working in all these different countries, which is why you've got Schwab World Economic Forum graduates, school graduates, in Canada, in Freeland, the Deputy Prime Minister, and Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Freeland, the Deputy Prime Minister, is on the Board of Trustees of the World Economic Forum.
Schwab and the WAF are running this whole deal in Canada, but they're running the whole deal in America.
And people have said, you know, over the years, why are these American corporations making decisions that are obviously damaging to American jobs, American economy, by outsourcing all this stuff to China and the Far East?
And people say, Why is the American government doing this when it's obviously going to benefit China?
Why is the American government importing vast numbers of, quote, COVID tests from bloody China?
Why are they doing that?
But when you... Why are they cutting off Russian pipelines and US pipelines but letting China open pipelines?
Everything is greased towards China being preeminent.
Yeah, yeah, and so...
It starts to make sense when you realize that this cult, which is operating out of China, it's one of its major global centers, obviously it's a global cult, it's not just China, but that's a real major center now because they've developed the blueprint there for the world.
But they also are controlling the Biden administration.
They're controlling the administrations in Europe.
And therefore, decisions are being made by these Western governments that benefit China.
Because you've got to see the cult level of this and not just in terms of national governments, because they're just burning pawns.
I mean, we're seeing now in Canada, Trudeau is not running that.
He's just a little boy in short trousers doing what he's told.
Well, that's right.
And we've got Klaus Schwab and Chrystia Freeland, who's on the board of the Davos Group in Bilderberg, bragging that they own Trudeau.
We're going to break in one minute, but David, why do they love to brag?
They've gone from hiding it to bragging.
Well, you know, they do have an incredible level of arrogance, but, you know, a lot of it's whistling in the dark.
Because they know that they're dealing with 8 billion people getting on for, and the number of people in full knowledge of what they're doing, and you add to that, you know, a great deal of the gophers and the others that are working with them, often not even knowing what they're working for, but you're still talking tiny, tiny numbers.
And therefore, anytime enough people want to wake up and stand up, Then there's nothing they can do.
So, um, if you look at, um, what's happening in Canada now... No, let's talk about Canada.
You read my mind.
That's where I want to go next, where they're starting to round up some arrests right now with David Icke.
Stay with us.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show with the iconic David Icke riding shotgun with us during this incredibly historic time.
The bedrock Of people being able to peacefully demonstrate is sacrosanct in the West.
It's the hallmark of tyranny that's curtailed.
And now in Canada, we're watching Twitter, we're watching Instagram, but they are jamming the cell phones.
They did start arresting last night the leaders of the peaceful demonstrations and their reports are pouring in right now.
We're posting them to InfoWars.com as they come in to the live show feed.
That they are now, yeah here's footage, breaking out the windows of people's vehicles, dragging them away, taking their children.
They are paramilitary with loaded firearms, pointing guns at people, dragging people away.
It's just amazing.
While saying the left can demonstrate and do whatever they want.
It's like any authoritarian movement, same thing in Australia and New Zealand.
They are randomly picking people and dragging them away and disappearing them.
This is not the dress rehearsal for tyranny.
This is the takeover ahead of the organized world financial collapse and the new digital global currency based on Xi Jinping's social credit score that they admit they are rolling out.
I've got the Davos Group's documents right here while David's talking.
I'll be showing those.
But this is the footage coming out, ladies and gentlemen.
And I just think Canadians should peacefully go there as observers, as independent press, And show what is now happening.
David Icke, you were getting into this during the break.
This is now coming out as we speak, footage coming out.
The live feeds are cut, but folks are going back to other areas and uploading what's happening.
This is not North Korea.
This is not Nazi Germany.
This is not Soviet Russia.
This is Canada.
David Icke, what is this all really about?
Well, it's Nazi Canada.
And you know, what we're seeing Alex is what's always been there.
You see, they don't want to put themselves on public display through all these years of manipulating under the radar.
They want to tell you that it's a democracy and that you're electing your government and that the government is serving you.
But in the background, the whole time, and gathering more and more, has been this global cult web Which has grasped and seized control of everything.
It seized control of governments via puppet politicians like Trudeau.
It seized control long ago indeed in terms of the modern version.
It created the world economic system.
It's got to the point now through these fantastic Asset management operations like BlackRock and Vanguard and Fidelity Investments and State Street, where they are holding assets and investment possibilities of so many trillions of dollars that they are dictating to the corporations, even major ones, how they're run and what they do and how they act.
And so, something like GoFundMe, when they get told you're not giving that money to the truckers, they don't give that money to the truckers.
And because they also control the courts, when they go to the courts to ask for permission to freeze trucker accounts, you know they're going to get it.
They own the The drug regulatory agencies, so you know when Pfizer and Moderna go and ask permission to fake vaccinate and damage and kill more people of younger age groups, you know they're eventually, if not immediately, going to get it.
Man, this is so surreal, David.
Just interrupting.
Just for TV viewers, you can see it.
Radio listeners.
This is paramilitary police, people in black uniforms, green uniforms, peacefully attacking peaceful protesters, beating them up, while the left, Trudeau said, communists are allowed to demonstrate.
People that don't want to be injected with this garbage, people that don't want to be tracked and traced by Klaus Schwab's garbage, they are being attacked.
I mean, is this a test to see what the globalists can get away with?
Because that's what I see it as, David.
Well I think that's part of it but also you see what the truckers have done is to produce the biggest threat of all to this cult and that's the threat of a good example.
If you can do what they've done and the Canadian government has to Admit that they can't impose these vaccine mandates because of public pressure and all this stuff, and so they say, okay, we'll do what you want, then that is a massive, massive statement to the rest of the world.
That the people have the power.
That the people have the power.
So when this trucker protest began, My immediate response was, I can't see how they can let this go.
Because if they do, the example set to the rest of the world would be monumental.
You're already seeing other trucker protests happening around the world, inspired by the Canadian one.
And that's why this, what's happening in Canada is pivotal.
And, you know, like I say, they don't want to do what they're doing in the sense that they don't want to put absolutely in your face, you are actually living in a fascist tyranny.
But because of what the truckers have done, They are instigating this because they simply can't let them prevail.
Well, that's right.
One of the Chinese get leaked videos of people standing up somewhere else or one of the Australians or one of the exactly.
They've got to make example of this now.
But I got to tell you, David, I sense and see this backfiring really big time.
Well, you know, we're at a point now, I mean, you know, I mean, we've been in this in this arena a long time, how Difficult it has been over the decades to concentrate the minds of people that this tyranny existed, that events in the world were not random, they were coordinated to a particular end, and that actually the world is controlled by very few people to a very sinister endgame.
But every time they do things like this now, every time that what's happened in Australia, what's happened in Italy, people in greater and greater numbers have lost the getaway car.
They've lost that, oh, it's just a conspiracy theory.
Of course, you know, the morons of morons still can't see it because they're too frightened or, you know, clueless to see it.
But more and more people are seeing it.
I agree.
What happens, what happens if millions of Canadians seeing these horrible images march peacefully now?
Would that finally break the will of this tyranny?
Is that the answer?
Alex, that's what has to happen.
You know, People in Canada who are looking from the sidelines who could get there.
What are you doing?
What you're seeing is not just your future disappearing into a fascist tyranny, but your kids and your grandkids into an even deeper one.
What are you doing?
Watching the telly!
Oh, Ethel, come and look what they're doing to the truckers now!
Get your arses in gear and get down there and grow a pair and grow a backbone because what we're looking at here is a pivotal moment when we make the choice between freedom and fascism.
Between a global version of Nazi Germany and the kind of world that most of us would like to live in and see our kids and grandkids live in.
This is not standing on the sidelines looking on time people anymore.
Everybody in Canada that could get there should get there.
The more that go, the more that get involved, the more people will see that they have the power and not this cabal.
Well, that's right.
And David, you've always said this.
We're going to break in a moment, but...
You talked about me in Europe and Bilderberg was having a meeting and there were the police down there guarding the very group destroying their future, which is Klaus Schwab and his Davos group, his Bilderberg group.
And that's it.
These police are having their own future destroyed, but there they are incrementally closing in and attacking the truckers, men, women and children.
These are despicable, horrible people.
There's such a shame on humanity.
But it doesn't matter.
They're good people.
We'll be right back with our number two, with David Icke.
His new book, Perceptions of a Renegade Mind, find it at davideicke.com,
and find all of our products at infowarestore.com.
That's how we stay on air, that's how we fight the globalists at Point Blank Range.
So infowarestore.com, our great vitamin D3, Winter Sun is back in stock, 50% off, we'll be right back.
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You cannot make up the evil we're witnessing, the forced inoculations, the stock prices plunging of Moderna and Pfizer, or how leftist groups, a whole list, is allowed to demonstrate in Canada, but anybody else is arrested.
It's just like the Ottawa police, and the state police, and the rest of them.
They are all exempt from the injections.
And then these truck drivers don't want to be made to take it, so they go to jail and get beat up.
Imagine being one of these police officers, being part of this, when they don't have to do it, but you do.
That's next level.
David Icke, please continue with this historic moment we're witnessing right now.
Well, we are now seeing what's been in the background all along.
And it hasn't been necessary.
And like I say, they don't want to show you what they really are, if they don't have to.
But now, because of what the truckers have done, they've had to.
And what we are looking at now is decision time.
You know, are we going to capitulate and look at a ongoing future in which what you're seeing on the screen from Ottawa is the norm, or are we going to draw a line in the sand?
Because I've said so many times, what is coming, what is planned, is far, far, far worse and more extreme Than anything you can imagine in terms of the consequences of standing up now.
When people say, oh yeah, but what are the consequences for me of doing this?
Well, I can tell you the consequences of not doing it are enormously greater than standing up and doing it now.
And you know, we have to look our children in the eye and our grandchildren in the eye.
And then we have to look in the mirror every morning and not have to avert our gaze if we walk away from this or stand on the sidelines and don't get involved.
Because the more we wait, the more power and control will be accrued to make it harder and harder to do.
We've left it too long already.
We should have been dealing with this a long time ago.
But unfortunately, it has to be in your face two inches away before so many people can actually see the bloody obvious.
Well, David, I don't want to interrupt you because I've known you at least 25 years and I've never seen you this upset and crying on air.
I mean, I feel the same way.
Why are you crying on air right now?
Well, I'm not actually crying.
I've got a frog in my throat.
That's what's made my eyes go.
But I could be crying.
I could easily be crying.
You know, the frustration in many ways of all these years of saying, look, this is coming.
This is coming.
Wake up.
And and here we are.
So we're in a situation now where we have to deal with the way things are.
And we are looking fascism in the eye.
And in Canada, you know, what more evidence do you need?
Now, the point is this.
Because the cult, through things like the World Economic Forum, etc., etc., are running a global agenda, what you're seeing in Canada now is what is planned for everywhere.
It's just that because of what the truckers have done, there has been a response from From the fascists in the Canadian government to what they face and the danger of actually the threat of a good example.
So for that reason, we're where we are in Canada.
But what you're seeing is planned for everywhere.
Look at what's happening in Italy.
For instance, to the non-fake vaccine.
Wow, powerful footage of a little child, what looks like a six-year-old, giving the police a flower.
This is unbelievable.
Back in 60 seconds, some stations join us.
David Icke is on fire as usual, but he is really on fire today.
Stay with us.
Let's turn to other breaking news tonight from our neighbors to the north.
In just a matter of weeks, Canada's so-called Prime Minister, wannabe, little cowardly, authoritarian, dictator, jackass, Justin Trudeau has single-handedly now upended civil liberties in order to squash what has been a peaceful protest, a real one, that he doesn't agree with.
Trudeau once praised the violent BLM group That group that said, what do we want?
Dead cops, when do we want them now?
And even, by the way, took a knee with them in 2020 in solidarity, but now he's treating peace-loving truckers in the Freedom Convoy like they're terrorists, literally, by freezing their bank accounts.
Threatening to seize their rigs, their livelihood, suspending, revoking their licenses, throwing them in jail, and threatening $100,000 fines that I doubt they're going to be able to pay.
Now listen to Justin Trudeau's Justice Minister, who is now threatening people on both sides of the border for merely donating to what he is calling a pro-Trump movement.
You're blaming Trump for this?
Take a look.
You've just compared people who may have donated to this to the same people who are funding maybe a terrorist.
I just want to be clear here, sir.
This is really important.
A lot of folks say, look, I just don't like your vaccine mandates and I donated to this.
Now it's illegal.
Should I be worried that the bank can freeze my account?
What's your answer to that?
Well, I think if you are a member of a pro-Trump movement who's donating hundreds of thousands of dollars and millions of dollars to this kind of thing, then you ought to be worried.
Now, of course, that maniac is only following orders from Canada's little dictator.
And the little dictator, meanwhile, claims he's treating protesters like terrorists for their own good, to protect them from COVID-19.
In reality, Trudeau just can't handle any dissent.
Today, he actually accused a Jewish member of parliament of supporting Nazis because of her support for the Freedom Convoy.
You can't make this up.
Take a look.
Mr. Speaker, when did the Prime Minister lose his way?
When did it happen?
The right honorable prime minister.
Mr. Speaker, conservative party members can stand with people who wave swastikas.
They can stand with people who wave the confederate flag.
I wanted to play that for David Icke who joins us here on the Alex Jones show on this Friday,
February 18th transmission because when I tell you this, I don't tell it to drop names.
The system already knows it's why I'm under attack.
I know David knows a lot more famous people than I probably do.
But I helped wake up Joe Rogan.
I told you a few years ago, he was about to get hardcore.
He did.
Tucker Carlson helped wake him up, but the world helped wake him up.
But I can't even begin to tell you the other people like Bolsonaro and others that we helped wake up.
And so to even see Sean Hannity, who's had his own problems, I'm not going to get Sean in trouble, but you know, we've helped wake him up.
And it's what David said earlier, this stuff's going to get so bad down in the open, you're going to have to choose a side.
And we're now at this moment where, what is it like for you, David Icke?
Because I know you want to talk about the world and what's happening currently, but just you as such an iconic person, I'm not trying to say I'm like super iconic, but I mean, who is out there?
There's like, you know, David Icke and Alex Jones are like in the fight against the globalists, the most preeminent, which is a dangerous position.
I'm, I can't believe it.
It's surreal.
But what is it like to know this is all coming?
For 30 years or so, you've been on 30 something years, 32 years or so you've been fighting these people.
So I was following you three or four years into your awakening.
What is it like now to actually be in the middle of the actual globalist emergence?
Because to me, it's just so It's very mixed feelings like it's happening and it's vindicating and people are waking up that you can't believe other humans are going along with it.
What is it like for David Icke to have lived through this and now been vindicated but then it's to me bittersweet because we're vindicated because we couldn't stop it?
Well, we were never going to stop it before it reached this stage because I used the term a few minutes ago, a getaway car.
And while people have a getaway car for the mind, a getaway car for actually doing anything, they will take it, overwhelmingly.
And so, when it was over the rainbow, sometime never, oh it's just a conspiracy theory, oh a load of rubbish, oh he's talking nonsense, never gonna happen.
Then, you know, If people weren't being directly impacted by it, as more and more have been in the last two years and more and more now as we're seeing in Canada, then they'll make an excuse to leave the room and do nothing.
So it was always going to get to this point.
It was always going to.
You reach the point where you can't, if you've got half a brain cell on active duty, you can't ignore it anymore.
And that's where we are.
And, you know, everything is a danger and an opportunity in these situations.
So obviously, what we're looking at now is the danger of fascism in Canada, topically.
But it's also an opportunity because Fewer and fewer people are going to be able to deny the truth of what's actually going on and the forces that are actually running the world and, more importantly, to what end.
And I can't emphasize to people enough that what is planned would make George Orwell shake his head, put his head in his hands and say, how could I possibly have understated it as I did?
Because we're looking, see, one of the hardest things, you'll know this too, to get across over the years has been the scale of pure undiluted evil that we are dealing with.
You know, you're faced with, well, up to this point anyway, they would never do that.
No, no, no, you would never do that.
They would do it and get off on it.
They would do it and it would give them great pleasure to see people suffer as a result of their actions.
To see people submit because of their actions.
So there are no limits.
These people are extreme, almost we need another word, psychopaths.
And the top trait of a psychopath is no empathy and no compassion.
So when you're seeing these pictures, Alex, and you're seeing all these kids and you're seeing these morons, these brain donors in uniform, you're looking at psychopaths, only people that have no empathy, no ability to put themselves in the emotional state that they're forcing other people to experience.
Empathy is the fail-safe mechanism of human behaviour.
It's because we have empathy that our behaviour is limited, because we can have the empathy, the compassion of feeling what others would feel in the situation we're putting them in, and that curtails what you do.
These people have no limits, because they have no empathy.
And thus, What they've been doing systematically, I go into this in my books, is recruiting more and more psychopaths into the military, into the police, into government, into government administration, whereby they do not have this fail-safe mechanism and thus they will do anything and have no emotional consequence for it.
And because we are dealing with that mentality, we have to get streetwise to it.
They wouldn't do that.
They love it.
And they're the people that are running your world.
And when you get to the level of the Gateses and the Schwabs and the Fauci's, what a bloody mass murdering psychopath he is.
Then you're looking pure, undiluted evil in the eye.
I was about to say, stay there.
Next segment coming up.
Can't wait to hear from you, David.
But absolutely, there are those that just don't care.
That's the minions.
Then there are the people above it who enjoy it.
The Prince Charles, the Prince Phillips, the Bill Gates, and then those above them, as you pointed out, that are not of this world.
David Icke, David Icke.com.
Find his great channel on Bandoff Video, as well in his new book, Perceptions of a Renegade Mind.
I'd get one while you still can.
We'll be right back with David Icke.
Please stay with us.
Tomorrow's news today.
We are witnessing peaceful demonstrators being arrested and their property attacked in Canada for not wanting to be injected with an experimental shot that the police themselves are exempt from.
The iconic David Icke, best-selling author, researcher, former head of the Green Party, former BBC presenter, the guy that trailblazed exposing the pedophile networks, how they use pedophilia for control.
We'll hit some of that next segment.
Continuing with what you want to lay on the viewers and listeners about this critical time.
Then meanwhile, while we're watching Canada, We see the whole situation in Ukraine, David.
Well, you know, one of the encouraging things that I've heard quite a number of times in the last few months are people that have awoken to the world as it is, perhaps relatively recently, and then I hear them say things like, It's a spiritual war, isn't it?
And, you know, when you break it down, that is what it is.
Because human behavior comes from human perception.
And human perception is human consciousness.
And what we're looking at is two extraordinarily different states of consciousness.
And what I found fascinating over the years, as you look at the religions and you look at the non-religions and the ancient cultures, that this tussle, this ongoing tussle between a consciousness that wants love, that wants peace, that wants joy, opportunity, fairness, justice, And another consciousness, state of consciousness, that wants control and suffering and what we call evil.
And evil is the word live written backwards appropriately.
And what this evil does, under its different names, is invert everything.
This is why the Satanists that are an expression of this evil They invert their symbols like the pentagram and the cross.
They invert everything.
And what this consciousness has been doing as it's grasped more and more control of human society is to invert human society.
Everywhere you look you see this satanic inversion.
You're seeing it now in Canada where people that want freedom are being attacked And on the grounds that they are threatening freedom and democracy.
Everything is inverted.
We've had two years of a transformation of human society on the basis of protecting the health of the population, when that entire time has been destroying the health of the population.
Everything's an inversion.
And, you know, I think what we need to do, those that follow this religion or that religion or no religion, we need to see what we agree on and not just see what divides us.
So, Christianity talks about Satan and the devil and demons.
The Gnostic belief system talks about Yaldabaoth, that's the Christian devil.
It talks about archons, they're the Christian demons.
You've got the jinn in Islam and in the different cultures around the world.
In the Native American culture you've got Wotiko, which is a name for the same thing.
This consciousness has sought to impose its will upon the human mind.
That's why Wetiko is known in the Native American culture as a mind virus.
It's exactly what it is.
That's what this Satan is, this Yolda Beoth.
It's a mind virus.
And its expression in human society is this global cult.
It has no empathy, it has no compassion, it has no ability to feel, and therefore its expressions, personifications, are exactly the same.
So what you're seeing in these pictures in Canada is this pure evil under its different names in different situations, seeking to impose its will On the consciousness, the love that it wishes to suppress.
And, you know, I've been on anti-war marches and stuff like that over the years, going way back.
These marches in London, these gatherings in London, are nothing like that.
The energy is totally different.
It's one of love, of joy, of unity, of togetherness, of mutual support.
And every time I've heard people at the protest in Ottawa describe the atmosphere, they've described it in exactly the same term.
Euphoric love.
It's that wavelength the enemy's scared of.
Yeah, that's what they're trying to suppress.
And the way they seek to suppress it is through fear.
Now, you know, I'll tell you something, which I've kind of noted over the years, is that This cult, and this, I'll call it Wateco, its modus operandi is inversion, and it's the use of fear which is an inversion of all these emotions that we wish to bring into the world.
I would say this, this consciousness, this Watiko, this Satan, is fear.
That's what it is.
Because it's fear, it feeds off fear.
And so it has to pull other, its targets, into states of fear, because then not only can it control them, because they're... And that's why they want to start wars and threats of wars, it's always getting the fear, getting that energy.
That's what you're looking at now with this thing with Russia.
It's what you're looking at with the thing with China.
It's what you're looking at with Canada.
And what we need to do is to rise above that and not allow fear and intimidation.
to impose itself upon us.
That's right, stay there David, I will come back, long segment coming up,
but I've seen brown people, black people, white people, all these events,
they say I've never been so high, it's so great, we love you, we love each other, this is so good,
and that totally scares the system, is people coming together and doing that
with bouncy castles and with hot tubs and with hot dogs and with everything,
and the system's like no, this is terrorists, ban this, it's so incredible,
and now they're physically attacking them as we speak in broad daylight, folks.
We'll have live coverage of this continuing, the war room's coming up later,
and then tomorrow I'm coming in live, 2 p.m. central, to cover all this at InfoWars.com.
That'll work seven days a week right now, David Icke, stay with us.
And the great David Icke is riding shotgun with us.
David, I know you've got other key points to make.
We appreciate your time, but I wanted to ask you a question.
I see the Moderna stock down 70%.
I see Pfizer stock down 15%.
I see scientists and top doctors everywhere saying the shot is deadly.
I see their whole program in trouble.
People think of the globalists as being invincible because they're in charge.
They're not.
Obviously, they've stolen power.
We have the power.
But how would you gauge how things are going for them?
Because it doesn't look like their operations are going too well.
They'd have backed off six months ago, a year ago.
They could have kept some of those games.
and some of those gains in place.
But now it seems like they push too far and all over the place,
people are talking about the great reset.
They're talking about the new world order.
They're talking about population control.
It seems like they push too far.
What do you think's happening?
Well, I think when you look at the way most places have pulled back,
I see today Austria is rolling back some of its, some of its extremes.
You know, I keep going back to the fact that it is globally coordinated.
So when you see these things happening, it's because it's meant to happen.
It really started in England.
The rollback here started really the first and others have followed on.
In fact, I meant to ask you that when I was trying to get you on a month ago.
Why did it start in the UK?
You're right.
As soon as the Prime Minister said, we're not doing it because they were about to remove him, both the Democrats or your Labour and your Tory Conservatives came together and were about to remove him.
That was a big moment, wasn't it?
Well, the thing was that, you know, they played this Omicron card, you know, yawn.
And everything was moving towards a kind of lockdown over Christmas in England.
They pretty much did that in Scotland and Wales.
And then right at the death, Johnson said, oh, no, we're not going to do any more measures over Christmas.
We'll see in the new year.
And the new year came and they didn't do it.
And, you know, then this Partygate thing started to appear.
All the parties at Downing Street when everyone else was locked down in 2020, Christmas.
And his credibility, his ability, obviously, to say, well, you know, we're going to have more restrictions.
Well, hold on a minute.
You didn't keep the ones before, you know?
So his credibility in that way went.
But I think it's more than that.
And of course, in England, there has been a tremendous amount of pushback.
And there's a lot of people in England who are aware of the game now.
I agree.
So what are they going to do now?
As they act like they're pulling back, what comes next?
Well, you know, there's a... I have this phrase, know the outcome and you'll see the journey.
So we know what the outcomes plan to be.
Total global control and at the end of countries and the connection of the human brain body to AI and all of that.
So that is not gone away.
That's the goal.
How they get there is they'll have a plan, but they're going to have to change it here and there.
So This pandemic, fake vaccine response to the pandemic, restriction response to the pandemic, that's not gone away.
They're still going to play cards like that.
But they're going to throw other ones in as well, like the, like, you know, frightening people over a global war and stuff.
And I think the other thing, Alex, is that by this time, they've pretty much in this cycle, Fake vaccinated everyone who's going to have it.
Of course, there will be some more still who will succumb, but they're pretty much there.
So they'll play other cards because they are going to want to get this fake vaccine into everybody.
That's the whole idea.
And now I want to ask you what sent it from your deep research and understanding, but exactly.
Austria, as listeners probably know, announced a few months ago forced inoculations, giant fines, you leave your house.
It made nobody, they reported nobody else took it.
In fact, it caused people that had taken it to start asking questions, so they backed off.
They want this in us like their lives depend on it, and then we know it's turning off immune systems, it's changing DNA, it's causing cancer.
They're literally just seeing how many people they can get to slowly die.
What do you, from your research, know is in the vaccine, the so-called vaccine, and where does this go?
Well, they're doing it in a way that seeks to Keep the levels of people dying, certainly in this earlier period, to a level, catastrophic as it is, where they can kind of keep some kind of lid on it as best they can.
And to do that, enormous numbers of these vials are actually just saline solution.
And what it means is, you know, as people get them and they say, oh, I had it, it wouldn't do me any harm and all that stuff.
And, you know, all those people are not going to die.
By the way, David, I'm going to interrupt you and give you credit.
I remember you six, eight months ago or so saying most of this is saline.
They're only targeting old people and military and certain groups with it.
And then now they had major top scientists go off the government's own data and show that they're actually targeting conservative and nationalist and awake sectors with the poison shots.
They actually were able to map it out.
Gregory sent a report on it showing it.
So what you said eight, nine, ten months ago, I forget it was a long time ago, actually came true.
Well, this process of more and more fake vaccines for more and more Manufactured reasons means that in the cycle of more and more, everyone in the end who has it is going to cop about it.
But they're kind of they if they put the bad stuff in every vial, I mean, enormous numbers of features.
So again, they're doing a test.
This is a test run.
And and so in this stuff is Things like graphene and nanotechnology, and there's basically two levels to it.
One is mass depopulation, and the other one... And to test and see if they can cover it up, and the next is transhumanism.
Yeah, and the other one is for those that can survive the transition through this synthetic genetic material, this mRNA etc, that is a transformation of the human body from human 1.0 to human 2.0.
And this is a point too I think is worth mentioning if we're talking about censorship.
If you go back To 2020, in the spring of 2020, when they started the lockdowns and they really played these cards.
You imagine if there was no alternative media.
You know, we've had all this incredible hysterical censorship.
They would have totally taken over.
We'd all be in vaccine camps.
They started new platforms and the information has gone out.
Now imagine if that hadn't happened and there was no alternative media.
Where would we be now?
We would be long, long down the road to tyranny.
I mean, what you're seeing in Canada would be the world.
And these fake vaccines, enormous numbers of people, more probably, would have had them because they wouldn't be exposed.
So what we're seeing now in this next stage, Alex, you've mentioned it in terms of yourself, is a onslaught beyond anything we've seen.
Of censorship, because the idea is to destroy the alternative media, so that in this next cycle, which will include the pandemic card, there will not be the ability to expose what's going on.
That's right.
This is the final segment.
Stay there, David.
This is the most important thing you've said.
This is the beta test, and now they're about to try to take everybody off the air ahead of the next attack.
I want to hear your expert, you know, gravitas.
Cutting into the ether, jacking into, you know, the consciousness and tell us what you think we can do to stop this, what lizards can do to stop this.
Perceptions of a Renegade Mind.
Find this book at DavidIke.com.
And you can find this great channel at BandOffVideo and Iconic.com.
We'll be right back, folks.
Every show could be our last, is what David's saying.
This is such a critical time right now.
My eyes are blind, but I can see, my friends.
There are so many that can see, but they can't see spiritually.
They can't see what's being done to them.
David Icke is with us here in the final segment of this hour.
I really appreciate him joining us.
David, I think what you're getting at to the listeners here is, I don't want to put words in your mouth, but I've meant to say this to the listeners, this is the time right now.
I think now is as good a time as any on the eve of massive escalated war with Russia and cyber attacks they claim Russia is going to launch that obviously will be a false flag.
And the tyranny in Canada and Australia and everywhere, and the stocks plunging of the big death shots, just to say that you've been on air fighting this 30 plus years.
You were on air long before that with the BBC and being a championship goalie and the rest of it.
But I think it is important for listeners to understand that in case farewells can't be made later, and I hope we're here a year later, 10 years from now, I hope we turn this around quickly, hope things can be crash landed in a safe way, but I think it is fair to say Parting is such sweet sorrow.
This could be the last time you and I ever talk.
But our spirits are eternal.
This could be the last time we're ever on air.
Today, next week, next month.
We're in that area.
We're in that house of total censorship.
And I don't let my enemies have the enjoyment of hearing about what they're doing behind the scenes.
But I'm sure you've gone through some similar things.
It's been very intense.
The attacks have been much more intense.
We're barely on air right now.
And I've had like family members that have cancer. You're like, oh your uncle he's alright. He's got cancer. He's oh,
he's dead You know, it's kind of like they don't make a big deal
about it. It's just suddenly they're gone and we are literally barely hanging on like everybody else and
The old systems of protection are falling The old human constructs of free speech in the West and the Renaissance is going down right now because the enemy is launching their main offensive.
That doesn't mean they're going to win in the end, but people need to know what they hear today, or a book they've got on their shelf, or a film they've got, or a recording they save, could be in the future the only way we have to communicate.
But what we say today If the lights go off, if we get shut down, we'll be more powerful than ever when you can share it with others.
So, David Icke, we've got about eight minutes in closing.
I really appreciate you joining us.
Can you elaborate on what you were saying about the next phase and what we're about to deal with?
Well, I'll give you an example of the next phase.
In Britain, the government has a bill going through Parliament called the Online Safety Bill, and it has widespread Support, it seems, by MPs.
And what it does is give the government broadcast regulator called Ofcom an organisation so utterly appalling it was created by Tony Blair in 2001.
And what it says to Ofcom is you can demand that anything is taken down Including on the internet, that you feel could be harmful.
It doesn't have to be illegal, it doesn't have to be unlawful, what you can say in the street, if Ofcom decide you can't say it on the internet.
And David, just as you said, This is coordinated worldwide from Germany to the UK, from Scotland to Canada to the US.
They have bills introduced like this here.
They have these censorship bills introduced and racing through including Canada.
So this is a organized worldwide program.
Because it's the global cult that's behind it.
And so the idea is that they destroy, through this means, the alternative media and Ofcom is being given the power to make crippling fines and even jail sentences for those that refuse to comply and take down what they demand.
And it's the same scam that was used again by Tony Blair to part enormous numbers of children from their loving parents.
Because he introduced a new criteria for taking children from their parents, which was emotional harm.
And that is completely in the interpretation of social services and the family courts, which are secret and cannot be reported.
So this thing about emotional harm, you're going to hear more and more about that.
Is the ruse to justify mass censorship.
And let me just back you up.
The head of YouTube just said we're going to have AI watching for stuff that we think might be harmful, even if it's not against our rules.
So they're the ones being harmful.
But now they're just saying we're going to shut everything down and AI is in control of it.
We're being lied to by the second By people who say we must take this down because of your misinformation.
Everything's an inversion.
But, you know, the numbers are still on our side.
If only people would focus themselves on where we are.
You know, like I said earlier, don't kid yourself.
But standing up now is going to be worse than just doing nothing.
Oh, it's going to be a thousand times harder not to.
I agree.
I think everybody, peacefully, should go to Ottawa right now, where they have a few thousand police brutalizing tens of thousands of people who sit there and take it.
Don't attack them.
Go surround them peacefully.
And more and more show up.
This could break the back of this Ceausescu 2.0 right now, couldn't it, in Ottawa, David?
Exactly, because, you know, what are they, 30 million people or so in Canada?
33 million, yeah.
Yeah, and look at the number of people that are doing this.
I mean, talk about the tail wagging the bloody dog.
And why aren't people who are still on the sidelines looking on, why aren't they in in Ottawa, in downtown Ottawa, in the face of what's going on?
Because they're frightened of the consequences.
And you're saying you better be frightened of the globalist takeover consequences, which is a trillion times worse.
Well, I'll tell you something, that when you're coming from an open heart, And an open mind.
You don't go through consequences.
I'm sure the truckers didn't go through consequences.
No, you're right.
You just get more empowered by it, is what you're saying.
It's the path you're supposed to be on.
You do what you know to be right.
And to consider the consequences of doing what you know to be right is to consider not doing what you know to be right.
Consequences are irrelevant.
We have to do what we know to be right.
And what's right now, for anyone that can get to downtown Ottawa, is to get down there and show your support in great numbers for the people being abused by these fascists.
And by the way, David, you're not leading from the rear, you've had It's got to be dozens I've seen, half a million people or more, when they tried to arrest you and did attack people.
So you've actually gone and done what broke their back in the UK, what you're asking Canadians to do right now.
You're not asking people to do things you haven't done.
Well, the point is, if this was happening in London, I wouldn't be talking to you now.
I'd bloody be there if this sort of stuff was going on.
And so would enormous numbers of other people.
So it's no good standing on the sidelines and just complaining and then doing nothing about it.
These people couldn't care less what you think of them.
They couldn't care less if you complain.
They're not even bothered about your votes anymore, given the way they've stitched up the system.
And this is such a pivotal point.
Where people Do you think we're going from here?
Where, Canada, do you think you're going from here when this is going on?
All right, we're at the edge of the slide.
David, you're hard to get on.
You're prolific.
We see your videos every day at BandOutVideo and DavidIke.com.
Join me again, even if it's 30 minutes next week, to give us an update, because things are moving very, very quickly.
We promise you'll join us next week.
Okay, mate.
Thank you so much.
DavidIke.com, the book, Perceptions of a Renegade Mind.
We're about to have Jay Dyer take over.
I have a few closing comments, but you're right, David.
It's good to know you during this time.
It's amazing.
And as you said, everybody's got to peacefully stand right now.
It's such a critical period.
30-second closing comment.
Well, it's always, it was always going to come to this.
And now we have to deal with it.
And if we don't, Then we are looking at a tyranny, an ongoing tyranny, in which even the human mind, as we've known it, will no longer exist.
So we really are looking the dragon in the eye.
And are we going to blink?
Because if we do, then have a word with your kids and your grandkids and tell them the kind of world they're going to have to live in.
And tell them what you were doing When we had a chance of standing up to it.
Beautifully said, David Icke.
Join us as soon as you can next week.
Could be our last show, who knows?
That was God bless you and thanks so much, David Icke.
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So again, X3, back in stock.
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Alright, we're going to have Jay Dyer take over here in about 15 minutes.
I've got a lot of news to hit before he takes over.
A lot of clips I didn't get to, but here's the big announcement.
We will go live tomorrow at 2 p.m.
Central for at least two hours and take your calls from Canada and other areas, but from the truckers specifically.
I'm not going to tell Owen Sawyer what to do.
He's a smart cookie.
He usually has his veterans call-in show on Fridays.
Veterans, I'm sure, can call in.
How about veterans of the demonstration in Ottawa?
How about people on the ground there and the live feeds of people getting beat up and attacked?
I'm not going to tell Owen what to do, but I would imagine he's going to have live coverage.
And I hope you'll share the links and I hope you'll get it out to everybody because the police are descending on it street by street and viciously beating and attacking people.
We've already played a bunch of the footage.
They now say the word freedom is evil and bad in Canada.
I'm not joking, folks.
That sounds like a joke.
It's not a joke.
I have a whole stack of news saying that.
with a straight face. This is an authoritarian corporate takeover, seeing what they can get us
to go along with and if we'll give our birthrights of liberty up. So Jay Dyer's going to take over.
I got some other news I'm going to hit, but Owen Schroeder, 3 p.m. Central today, I would guess,
hell, I wouldn't guess. I mean, I give such free leeway to all our great hosts that I never even
I just hire them because I respect them and care about them.
But I can guarantee Owen Schroer is going to be covering what is happening today at 3 p.m.
But whatever happens on Twitter and on Gab and on Getter and on all the establishment platforms, non-establishment, rumble, you name it, people need to get on there.
And they need to share the live feeds and the clips getting out of what's really happening.
Because the system doesn't want that seen.
We're also going to create a whole live update section on InfoWars.com right when the show ends.
There's a bunch of articles up there and there's a bunch of links.
We're going to create a live update page for the Tiananmen Square of Canada.
That's what's happening.
So we can add all the links and show it all and also grab the footage.
Because when footage goes on Twitter or Instagram or YouTube of somebody getting beat up by cops for no reason, including little young people, children, I saw some of it earlier, they pull it down.
So we, that's why independent news organizations are special, why we're important, why you keeping us in the fight is important because we can grab those clips and post them to The attack on Canada, the martial law in Canada.
We'll create a new section titled Martial Law Canada.
Something like that.
Right now.
And then I'll just have my crew just upload the interview with Arthur Polinsky's son, the political prisoner.
All of it will be uploaded there.
So there's a place where that's at, because that's why they want to shut down.
They don't want us, when they're carrying out Just incredibly corrupt, out of control operations.
They don't want us on air, on 300 plus radio stations, and on over 100 TV and cable stations, and on all these other systems, and reaching you via InfoWars.com.
I mean, I've been around the left, I've been around the globalists.
They are enraged that they can't shove a sock in your mouth and tie your ass up, that we're
still here, we're still fighting because they're the trash that sold out to evil.
And they're the trash that was promised they'd be made a real man or a real woman once they
serve Satan.
And then Satan goes, "Sorry, you didn't get what you wanted.
You got to serve me more.
You got to be even more evil.
You got to silence our enemies and then you'll be a real boy."
Think about how disgusting that is and thank God every millisecond you're not one of these
But it is an act of total defiance against evil, and it is the defense of the innocent when you share a video or an article from man.video or from futurenews.news or infowars.com when
you tell others it's a revolutionary act to share this link and tell those you tell to share it and
tell them to share it and tell them to share it and tell them to share it and tell them to share it and
tell them to share it and tell them to share it and tell them to share it them them them them
it's february 18 2022 on this friday [MUSIC]
In 55 minutes, Owen Froyer will host The War Room with live calls from the Tiananmen Square of Canada.
It's, the footage is just horrible, them beating and attacking people and smashing their windows out, stealing their dogs and children.
I mean, I just feel like a coward not going up there and fighting, but we've got to be Christ-like.
Christ was so powerful, just annihilated all those people.
We're going to have to sit here and take it like Martin Luther King Jr.
and Mahatma Gandhi.
Everybody knows who the bad guys are, but this is really sick.
Owen Schroer, coming up in 54 minutes, you're going to be hosting the War Room.
Tell us what's coming up.
Well, Alex, you know, we're with the Canadian people up there.
What's happening today is just stunning.
What's happening to Pastor Artur Pawlowski is stunning.
And so, hey, we're still licking our wounds and cleaning up from our battles on January 6th and learning from that.
So this is the Canadian people's battle here, just like it's the Australian people's battle, the New Zealand people's battle.
But we're definitely going to be covering the developments for all three hours on The War Room, Alex.
The footage that's coming out by the minute is stunning, the police just beating people senseless,
disappearing people, arresting them, no bail, no court date, nothing.
Martial law, fences going up around the Capitol, I mean it's crazy, we're witnessing... By the way, let's just
change the war room's name today to live coverage of Canada martial law
and let's just, everything will be uploaded...
This is our neighbors to the north.
This is our Canadian neighbors.
We shouldn't be concerned about what's going on in Ukraine.
I mean this footage here is nothing compared what we've been showing of them attacking men women and children you
name it Owen Well, I can't believe we're witnessing this. This is our
neighbors to the north. This is our Canadian neighbors We shouldn't be concerned about what's going on in Ukraine
We should be concerned about what's going on in Canada Because that's the that's the real issue not Ukraine right
now now. It's the tyranny in Canada that will come here next.
Canada Martial Law live coverage.
Canada Martial Law live coverage.
And we'll show it all because the stuff we're showing now is just some stuff from earlier.
Them breaking in cars, attacking people, kicking people when they're down, grabbing men, women, and children.
Just all of it is truly disgusting.
Owen, thank you so much.
Alright Alex, we'll talk to you at three.
And then, tomorrow, 2 p.m.
Central, if we're even on air anymore, who knows, might be a war in Russia, God knows.
I mean, because, you know, and you know, here's my biggest frustration.
Here's my biggest frustration.
They have busted a bunch of top executives, Facebook, you name it, in pedo rings just the last 24 hours.
And we haven't even covered that.
The articles are on Infowars.com.
I mean, this is just crazy.
So, let me go to a little video we put up six years ago, five and a half years ago, on the eve of the election about Hillary wanting nuclear war, and then we're going to come back and hit the other news.
The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order, it must be followed.
There's about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.
As president, I will make it clear.
She's a demon.
She wants to blow Earth up.
The United States retreats cyber attacks just like any other attack.
We will be ready with serious political, economic, and military responses.
They're voting for peace on planet Earth if they vote for Trump.
But if they vote for Hillary, it's war.
We came, we saw, he died.
With her, you'll end up in World War III.
I want the Iranians to know that if I'm the president, we will attack Iran.
Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia.
The U.S.
military has just raised the threat level to DEFCON 2.
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is still threatening Russia with military action, following unconfirmed reports of further hacking.
It's like she's not even concerned about the repercussions.
Of course not, because she's... Hang on guys, look, there's a really loud noise.
Alright, looks like we're having a little bit of technical difficulties.
We'll try to get Leanne back on in a few minutes.
When the president gives the order, it must be followed.
In World War II, 22...
22 million Germans, or more than a third of the population, died.
20 million Russians died in that war.
And I don't want to say the US and England weren't in World War II, or the Japanese, we were, but we were backbenchers.
Doesn't take away from the valor of our soldiers, or what they did, or the half million dead Brits, the 800,000 dead Americans, but 22 million dead Germans.
20 million dead Russians.
And that was without nuclear weapons.
Half of me is like, let's just get it on.
Okay, you globalists want to blow the planet up?
Let's just do it.
At least you won't be able to rape kids all day.
Speaking of that, ladies and gentlemen, here's this footage.
It's on InfoWars.com.
Facebook LGBTP activists caught in alleged child sex sting operation.
And this is the number four guy at Facebook.
He heads up the metaverse, virtual reality, of course.
And he thought he was flying to Indiana to have sex with a 13-year-old, reportedly.
13-year-old boy.
And you can read the whole article at Infowars.com, but here it is.
So you're telling this 13-year-old boy that he makes you horny.
Could be perceived as such, yes.
Quit the bullsh**, bro.
I'm sick of your bullsh**.
I won't have any restraint around you if I'm horny.
What does that mean?
It means I was flirting, I was talking to him.
Throughout all of this, I'll let you know, there was never any intention of ever meeting up with him.
But you did set two meets with him.
That I never intended to go to or show up to.
But you set up, correct?
I gave information, location, and all that stuff.
I mean, how did I find you?
It's not like I just pulled this out of my ass.
It's true.
You gave the hotel in the hotel room.
So you set the meets.
So you're okay with talking sexual online as long as you don't meet the children.
That Brian Stelter's brother?
This is the one time I've done this.
The only time.
Okay, so you are okay to talk sexual to 13-year-old Cory because you knew in your head that you would not meet up with him.
That was my rationale.
He asked you, what do you do?
I am the head of global community development for Meta.
That's a pretty fucking good job, right?
Yes, ma'am.
You get good money, right?
What was the title again?
I mean, what is your official title?
Manager of Community Development.
And you said, make out with you, touch you, suck you.
Is that what you said?
I did.
You said that to a 13 year old boy?
I did.
He said my cousin or Uber.
He said Uber would be expensive.
He said my cousin's rich.
He doesn't care.
He owes me.
He said, ha ha, that would be crazy.
And you're talking to this other boy.
Can I see a pic of him?
Why do you want to see a pic of him?
I just want to see what it looks like.
Part of the conversation.
All this stuff.
We're hoping that this 13-year-old somehow got a ride here and somehow got up here.
And you weren't going to push it.
You weren't going to be like, yeah, I'll come get you.
You weren't doing that.
Maybe because you're scared.
All right, that's enough.
We'll have the rest in post when I post it to Infowars.com.
But in Bandai Video, here's the deal.
If he had just dressed up like a clown, he'd been at the public school with your five-year-old.
You never know.
And he's going to teach your five-year-old to have their balls chopped off.
It's transgenderism.
It's a damn cult that want your children's energy.
If you don't stand up for them, God is going to let us get nuked.
It really gets that simple.
Hollywood is cancer.
CNN is cancer.
They're all cancer.
We got to reject them spiritually and recognize what they are.
A bunch of lying trash.
Please spread the word.
Jay Dyer is about to take over 45 minutes.
And then Owen Schroer with live coverage from the police state attack in Canada.
And Winter Sun, the highest quality vitamin D, three of your immune systems back in stock.
50% off with RainForce Ultra.
Incredible nootropic.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer, and today we're going to be talking about another one of the global elite texts and the Bilderberg Group and how this ties into Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, showing a continuity of plans and agenda over the last century.
If we think back to the famous book by David Rockefeller, his memoirs, you've heard me mention in the past the famous chapter, Proud Internationalist.
This is a chapter where David Rockefeller says that his plan is known to the world as a conspiracy.
And he kind of laughs at this.
He chuckles and he says that many have considered me as the head of an international conspiracy to create a world government.
And he says, I stand guilty as charged.
So within a couple pages, he admits this and he says that if you think about it, what we actually did as the head of the Rockefeller Foundation and this family essentially donating a lot of money, a lot of land to international institutions, he says we were able to create or help create the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the IMF, NAFTA, And he says that because we've done this for you, you should trust us to be the beneficiaries of the future, and thus we must create a united world government.
And then he goes back a little bit and says, let's look at my family's history as a proud internationalist in setting up these institutions.
It begins by talking about the Council on Foreign Relations.
He moves to the Trilateral Commission.
He moves to talking about people in the CIA that were really close buddies of his, particularly the Dulles family, and how they did have Nazi ties and how this was really no problem because really everybody, whether you're a Marxist or a Nazi or whatever, they're all looking towards a global government.
And he says, so me as an international monopoly capitalist, I don't really have a problem with these systems.
These are just systems working towards the same end goal.
And really what matters is what works.
He says, so I would move around these different circles with the influencers of various ideologies.
So the ideology is not really the issue here.
And then he gets into talking about Bilderberg.
And he says that this was an excellent project that he said was spearheaded by former SS Prince Bernhard.
And then later by Etienne d'Avignon.
And he says that this group also had ties to Catholic organizations like Opus Dei.
He mentions this as kind of tied into this with its connections to the CIA.
So you can look at the CIA and these entities as kind of being part of or the busy bodies, the worker bees of this global institution.
And keep in mind that that doesn't make the socialists or the communists or the Marxists the good guys, because as David Rockefeller wrote in his late 1970s editorial for the New York Times from a China traveler, he says that the China, the revolution in China was a great thing.
He says Mao's revolution was a really great thing.
He says it's a model technocracy and he says there's nothing wrong with it.
It's just we have to see which strategies and which plans for world government work the best in which regions.
And so you can see then that he has no problem with any of these other Marxist revolutionaries or dictators or whatever, because to the internationalist, it doesn't matter what your ideology is.
What matters is what works.
And in some places, a radical Bolshevik or a radical Maoist attitude or ideology works great to destroy the existing culture and integrated a new technocratic order.
And you're going to see that what we're going through today is no different than Bolshevik Revolution 100 years ago or what we're seeing David Rockefeller talk about with Maoism and how these were great things.
And this is a key thing to get here because we just saw this week, right, Klaus has a bust of V.I.
We know that the Western elites put money into the revolutionaries.
And so if we understand this key point that the revolutionary is typically You can't understand revolutionary movements without understanding where their money comes from.
Always ask, where do they get their funding?
And then you'll start to see, wait a minute, there tends to be a really rich guy behind the socialist agendas.
And so what we start to notice is that corporations, private tax-free foundations, this is something the Reese Committee looked into several decades ago, Norman Dodd's famous talk.
Why is it that these really, really wealthy people and families and foundations And tax-free NGOs, whatnot.
Why is it that they're putting so much money into these leftist liberation-type causes that are not really liberation?
They're all just about consolidating power and shifting and transferring the money upwards.
Well, Rockefeller goes into that in his chapters where he says, well, I got to be good buddies with Zbigniew Brzezinski.
I read his books and we decided we would have to set him up a His own little committee, the Trilateral Commission, will put him as the head of that, and he says, me and Kissinger decided that.
He says, and the goal would be that we would have to set forth a new economic world order.
He says that Jimmy Carter was my choice guy for this, and this is, he even hints at the fact that Bilderberg was behind the 1970s oil crisis that Kissinger was involved in, and that was spearheaded by Kissinger at Bilderberg.
So we start to realize that even in David Rockefeller's chapter on Bilderberg that there's these admissions that Bilderberg is setting world policy.
And he, Rockefeller, says that there have been a few people who stepped up to think at different times they might challenge this international network.
And he says Reagan, for a little while, thought that he might make a move against the international order and challenge the Trilateral Commission.
And we can all remember what happened to Reagan when he, for a brief time, attempted to do this.
And that's exactly what happens, is that they will, you know, basically take care of you.
So let's look at a little bit of Bilderberg and how Bilderberg actually gives us a window into decades ago planning back to the 1950s for the very thing that we're seeing rolled out right now.
So remember, just think about these patterns of fake revolutions, revolutions, liberal revolutions, socialist revolutions, funded by really rich people to consolidate, destroy, and bring in the technocracy.
That's all it is.
So austerity and these different things will be tools that were planned decades ago.
By the entities like Bilderberg.
And remember, that's where Klaus comes out of.
Klaus was formerly headman over at Bilderberg.
Now he steps into this more public role of head of World Economic Forum.
And all that is, is just kind of the frontispiece or the front pop version of what Bilderberg represented back to the 1950s when it started.
So, if we go back to 1955, there's a famous document that was leaked from the Bilderberg meeting back then called the Garmisch-Hartenkirchen Conference.
And this is back in 1958.
And, excuse me, the original Bilderberg was in 1955.
This was a 1958 meeting.
And this proposed in the 1950s the EU Common Market.
So what we start to realize is that the EU common market was not something, you know, 20, 30 years ago.
This was planned back in 1958.
And it was known from this leaked Bilderberg document.
There's actually a book on this, Bilderberg.
Well, there's two books.
There's Bilderberg book group by Daniel Esselstyn, and then there's Shadowmasters by Daniel Esselstyn.
The Shadowmasters book has several of the leaked documents towards the end of the book.
So what that shows us is that it's not just that they had had a plan for EU common market.
It's that they had planned for a new world economy.
That David Rockefeller was talking about back in the 50s and 60s.
In the 1970s, they started rolling out that terminology of a new economic order under Carter.
And when we come back, we're going to look at more recent Bilderberg meetings that tie in directly with what the World Economic Forum is rolling out right now.
And we'll see that this is a completely continuous agenda.
In this case, going back 50 years to the original Bilderberg meetings, 60, 70 years back in the 50s, right?
And there are about 10 points that are laid out that we're going to look at that you're seeing roll out right now.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer.
You can follow me on YouTube, Twitter.
Roktion is where I post a lot of the spicier content that you can't find anywhere else.
And of course here on Band.Video, FutureNews.News, you can look under Jay Dyer and you'll find my videos.
And about a year's worth of lectures that we've done now through many, many, many dozens of global elite techs now.
And we're talking about the Bilderberg Group as one of these key central cornerstones, you could say, of the coming technocracy, of this century-long, at least, plan to work the world towards a world government.
Now, I'm not saying Bilderberg's been there for a century.
Bilderberg dates back to the 1950s, almost a century.
But in Estalin's book, for example, he mentions a few years ago, I think it was Bilderberg 2009, there was a leak of the plans of Bilderberg that year.
So here we go, let's go back to 2009 and look at this list and let's see if we've moved from 2009 to 2022 in this direction.
One of the, so the list has number one, to create one international identity by empowering international bodies to completely destroy national identity through subversion within.
Thus, they would establish a universal set of values and no others would be allowed to
flourish in the future.
I mean, now that we've seen the rise of technocracy, we've seen the proposal of the QR codes, the
social credit score, the passports, vaccine passports, clearly we can see with the censorship
that they are rolling out this plan right away.
Contingent also upon this one national identity would be the destruction of the existing nation states and cultures.
So degrade and destroy from within, that was key in the lockstep documents if you remember.
Not just that you would have a totalitarian control from these young global leaders that Klaus talked about, right?
The lockstep document says these young global leaders would intentionally provoke and roll out the hard-fisted approach.
Jackboot approach to make the population mad.
We know you're angry.
We know you want to.
It's just an angrier world.
That was part of the plan, right, to make it.
And I'm not saying you can't get mad.
You have to, right?
But the point is that the people like Trudeau are there on purpose to wreck the existing system.
This is a key point that a lot of people understand.
It's an idea of creative destruction.
It's a psychological warfare technique.
To from within subvert and destroy the existing system.
And when you understand people like Biden and Trudeau and these various ministers and so forth, from that perspective, suddenly their actions make sense, right?
They're not just dummies.
They're not just, well, I guess they just, they're not that intelligent.
The liberals are so stupid.
They don't know how to run anything.
Some of them are stupid, right?
But they answer to a higher power and higher people that are not stupid.
And those not stupid higher people tell them what to do.
They have their job and they must complete their job or else they will suffer ruin.
And in the case of Trudeau, great example, right?
If he doesn't get this under control and bring it in, reign it in, he's going to be politically thrown out.
But that's part of the way the system works by design is that the political class can be thrown out.
You know, Biden can be gone in no time and then we'll get another puppet in there, another goober up there rambling and just basically as a mouthpiece of Klaus and these people.
And so it's important to understand that the first point that's laid out from the 2009 Bilderberg meeting was subversion from within.
And that's precisely how to understand these people, right?
Their job is to muck up the system, destroy and subvert from within.
I was just reading a book on the Vietnam War by Douglas Valentine called The Phoenix Project, Phoenix Program, excuse me.
And one of the things that the Viet Cong had as their strategy was to infiltrate the structures of the other side and destroy it from within.
Just do anything and everything that will mess up the system, gum up the works.
So keep doing things that make people mad, keep provoking, and if you do this well enough, then the people will back down, the people will submit, and eventually the existing system will collapse so that you can integrate it into the global order.
The next point in the Bilderberg meeting from a decade or so ago was centralized control of the masses by means of techniques of that came out of MKUltra, mind control,
direct all humanity to obey a central planning committee's wishes.
The blueprints of this plan would be chillingly similar to what's described in Zbigniew Brzezinski's famous book,
"Between Two Ages, America's Role in the Technocratic Era."
So Brzezinski's classic technocratic book, which we've covered many times here,
is the model by which Bilderberg, and remember, these are early old school
Bilderberg people, right?
Kissinger, Brzezinski, Rockefeller.
They're behind these technocratic books that are published decades ago that we've covered.
And those books are the sort of constitution of the world government.
They're the operating plan.
Of course, new ones are updated, like Jacques Attali's book, which we covered last week.
But it's the same plan.
You understand that the things that happen in our day are not random organic events that just happen, right?
History is just one dang thing after another, some university professors will say.
No, it's not.
It is not.
It is, in fact, a plan that is rolling out at least in the last hundred years or so.
It's a plan.
And the next point is very crucial, right?
Remember, this is Bilderberg 10, 12 years ago.
The next point on their agenda was a zero growth society.
Now that's not just population, that's also economy.
So they want to get the economy stagnated and the population growth stagnated.
And by the way, stagnating the economic growth also helps in stagnating population growth.
The sexual agenda that's going on out there right now, that's a big part of zero population growth, right?
Messing up the ability of men and women to pair bond so that they don't create more humans.
That's the main reason for a lot of the promotion of the extreme sexual forms of degeneracy that are being promoted right now.
And it only gets worse, right?
It only goes from one extreme to another.
Next, it's going to be the bestiality and stuff like that.
And that's on purpose and by design.
You have to understand that degeneracy and toxic culture is a key element of psychological warfare because it's about demoralizing the population, getting them to destroy themselves And thus, as a foreign enemy, you have a lot less work to do.
If the enemy is destroying themselves, then let them have at it, right?
The betta fish, right?
From Russia With Love, right?
The villain sitting there watching the two fish destroy each other as a model for how Spectre works.
So zero population growth and zero economic growth would lead to a post-industrial society, which would lead to Klaus's fourth industrial revolution.
So notice, Klaus's plan Absolutely perfectly identical with the ZPG, Zero Population Growth Society, and the Austerity Society.
What have we been hearing in the last two years as a result of the lockdowns?
Look how beautiful it was for the planet.
Look how the planet was able to come alive and flourish.
Mother Earth is now, you know, basically giving off her pheromones.
She's alive now, Gaia's alive, and now we need climate lockdowns.
That was always what they wanted to do, climate lockdowns.
Now we can have Carbon taxes.
Now we can have carbon credits based on blockchain.
That's all in Klaus's book.
Zero population growth is thus connected to a banker-run, IMF-run, World Bank-run, austerity-based society.
If you don't go along, we'll bankrupt you.
And they just announced right now if Russia does not back down, they will enact economic
sanctions against Russia.
And they claim that Russia has hacked the banks in Ukraine.
Of course, we all know from Vault 7 that the CIA has the ability to spoof hacks and that
they've done that many times.
They'll say, oh, it's China.
Oh, it's Russia.
Oh, it's the Russians hacked the DNC.
Come on.
Everybody knows what Vault 7 is.
Give us a break.
The next point after zero population growth would be international treaties like NAFTA,
as we said, by the way, would be part of that ZPG, future versions of NAFTA and North American
Union type treaties, as well as integrated treaties in other continents.
A state of perpetual imbalance, crisis, crisis, crisis, chaos.
I mean, that is perfectly analogous to what we're seeing right now, right, with The situation in Ukraine, constant war, the situation of these exaggerated pandemics, right, the exaggerated lockdown threats, the new variants, oh this variant, this week's variant, exaggeration, exaggeration, and hype up the crisis to keep people in a perpetual state of imbalance and anxiety.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
We are covering the past Meetings and points of plan from Bilderberg and how they seem to reflect things that are happening today.
Now, I said, by the way, I was wrong.
I said 2009.
Actually, I think this is the 2005 Bilderberg conference, which its plans match very closely to things that we're seeing rolled out now.
Now, remember, of course, they were planning for decades ahead, and that's why this is relevant.
The next point was, as I said, the perpetual state of crisis and imbalance keep the world in its political situation in constant uproar and upheaval.
The next point was try to centralize.
These are these are goals, by the way, right?
So this was this doesn't mean that in 2005, this would all be the case.
These are the future goals that we're seeing rolled out now.
So what this demonstrates, the reason I'm doing this is to show you guys the proof that what they were planning, you know, 10, 12, 15 years ago is what rolls out now.
Next point was the centralization and control of all education.
And some of you that know the history of, say, Marxism, if you've read the plan, the planks of the Marxist Party, the Communist Party, you know that some of these line up with that.
And you probably, well, this is a bunch of communists, right?
How can communists, we said, no, that's the point, right?
Communists have always been funded by very wealthy people.
Marx was funded by Engels, a wealthy stock owner.
Trotsky, Lenin, those people, they got money from bankers and elites in the West.
Even the fascists, even those groups got money from industrialists in the West, right?
So, revolutionary movements, and this is something most people can't grasp, is that revolutionary movements are tools of destruction.
And if you can make a revolutionary movement big enough, it can move and impel the world into a new world order.
And that's why the revolutionaries of today, according to Jacques Attali in his book, he says, now the tip of the spear for democracy and world revolution liberalism is transhumanism.
That's the future revolution.
That's where we're going.
But at this point, we're looking back and we're saying, OK, so the communist planks that Bilderberg is promoting, right, the biggest capitalist on the planet, the bankers, The Fortune 100, the Fortune 500, the top universities, the top media people.
They go to Bilderberg.
By the way, many of them also go to the Trilateral Commission.
And many of them are also members of the CFR.
I know you guys probably have that chart, right?
It shows that the same people that go to Bilderberg are the same people that go to the Trilateral Commission.
They're the same people that are part of the CFR.
There's a giant chart that people have drawn up that shows this just in media.
That alone proves that this is a coordinated plan.
And so remember, The communist socialist plans are just as useful to the monopoly capitalists as they are to the lower-level dumb liberals, right?
The college professor liberal with a ponytail that thinks he's fighting the system, promoting his communism and his socialism.
He's just a tool of very wealthy people.
That's it.
Centralization of all education.
So whether it's the European community, the future American Union that they would like to eventually have, where they have a total North American Union, the future Asian Union would seek to integrate education into a global standardized education model.
Thus, the youth of the future would be completely ignorant of any real lessons of history Or any notions of civil rights, freedoms, and liberty.
That would all be deleted and done away with.
And if you remember when we covered Jacques Attali's book, I covered it in more detail on my website for the members section, but in the later sections of that book that he predicted in 2006, what would be rolling out right now, he says by 2030, 2050, when they roll out the technocratic Skynet government, He says that education will be basically the AI bot that's in your house controlling what you see and what you know about the external world.
So eventually Alexa will evolve into some sort of AI bot, probably something like the AMC show Humans or whatever that show was where everybody has their own private AI bot or whatever walking around.
I think about I Am Robot, right?
The Asimov story with Will Smith.
The AI bot will be your human assistant for your living, for your education, and that will be the medium by which you understand the external world.
And they will have it totally controlled, such that you will not know about the history of the world.
You won't know about the past.
So the children that will be born into the 2030 to 2050 period will be completely brainwashed and controlled via an AI assistant tech thing that will be, you know, if they don't already have the neural link, you know, sort of mind meld stuff by then, the full on matrix.
Atali says that your education and what you know about the world will be controlled via this bot.
That's it.
You won't go to, you know, link into a free search engine to figure out, you know, doing your own research.
You will accept what the robot tells you, basically.
That's what Atali says.
And so even though Bilderberg is saying this back in 2005, they're saying that in the future, there will be a single global education.
It'll be globally standardized.
And you will not get access to information that does not fit with the technocratic myth and narrative.
There will be a centralized control of all foreign and domestic policies.
In other words, you can't have nation states, you can't even have governments doing their own thing.
Everybody will be submitting to the centralized government and eventually it will be a technocratic computer run government.
The UN will be able to take on greater and greater roles in determining global policy.
Wow, did we see that in the last two years.
Who has run the whole program about medicine and the technocracy in terms of the stabbies?
The UN tells the national governments what is true, what is false, what is scientific fact, what is not.
They just dictate it.
And so the regional bodies, regional medical institutions or whatever, they don't have any say so.
You submit to what the UN says.
The tech overlords just censor and submit to what the UN says.
So back in 2005, Bilderberg was saying this is what will come in the future and we're seeing it right now in 2022.
Eventually, the greater and greater evolving power of the United Nations, they say, they hope, will lead to a world citizenship and a world tax.
You will be taxed for your existence because you're a carbon-emitting toxic entity.
What did we just see when we covered the UK transhumanist document?
The same idea.
The future is biosecurity by which your very existence is now a threat.
You are a biospreader.
You are an entity, an engine that's basically just creating diseases.
And so since you're a potential biothreat, we need biosecurity by which the international government, through medicine, Will regulate everything that you do, including your carbon allotments and your diet.
And it will all be tied into insurance and actuaries.
And they have planned this for decades.
You understand this has been planned for decades.
They write books on this.
So if you don't recognize this and resist this, they're going to do it.
And the main reason they can get away with it is that most people don't believe that people are doing this.
They just refuse to believe it.
You can't refuse to believe facts.
Facts, as people on the internet say, don't care about your feelings.
Facts don't care about your feelings.
Isn't that a Ben Shapiro quote?
Facts don't care about your feelings, and that's true, right?
I mean, you can't deny this if it's in your face, and if you deny it, you're going to be a slave.
That's the point.
And they're counting on you not believing this is real and being a slave.
Next point.
We will create a complete Western World trading block.
The entire Western Hemisphere will be a block, and then there will be a Southern Hemisphere block.
And this will be similar to the models of the European Union, which it was the Bilderberg Group that set up and planned the European Union, as we saw.
Next would be the expansion of NATO.
NATO would be expanded to put pressure on Russia.
Whoa, what are we seeing right now?
That very thing.
NATO was supposed to go away, right?
It wasn't supposed to be this offensive thing.
Oh, surprise, it actually is, by the way.
And that helps explain what's going on right now, right?
Russia, that's at fault here, it's not Russia that's doing false flags.
Did you notice that was all those claims a few weeks ago of Russia will stage a false flag?
It even says sponsored by Raytheon, sponsored by Boeing, right?
So the very propaganda now even lists that it's sponsored by the military industrial complex corporations.
We're living in an Orwell world right now.
Russia is not hacking Ukrainian banks.
All right.
Nexus says we need a global legal system.
They're already moving to do that.
International courts will be set up.
All the nation states will submit to international courts, and if you don't, you'll be called a rogue state, a terrorist state.
And then finally, a socialist welfare state, that is the social credit system, that is the universal basic income, that will be set up to get you onto their system on the basis of being on the dole, right?
And getting you on the dole is precisely how they will control you.
You will now be required to have their social credit, their system, their blockchain.
I'm not saying all blockchains are bad, but theirs, and that will be the world government.
That's what Bilderberg planned. Bye.
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Go ahead.
Hey, Owen.
It's truly an honor to speak to you.
So, quick product plug.
I just wanted to plug COVIDland Part 2, the mask.
If people are still on the verge of getting it, get it.
Get it, share it, post it, whatever.
Because, I mean, I watched the first one.
First one was great.
Second one, I mean, me and my wife were literally in tears when it went over.
The impact on the children, I mean, it's just, it's very powerful.
When I started hearing the schools start talking about putting children in masks in order to be able to go back to school, I thought it was a joke.
I thought who in their right mind would put a mask on a child?
Masks on children is quite the slippery slope.
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We elected the five of you.
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Enforcing five, six, seven, eight, and nine-year-old little children to cover their noses and their mouths where they breathe for seven hours a day, every day for the last nine months for a virus that you know doesn't affect them.
That is not in their best interest!
And this has to stop!
The mask has been used for millennia to subjugate the human spirit.
It hides the endlessly changing expressions that allow us to express our emotions and empathize with one another.
The mask becomes our only expression.
It is fixed and unchanging.
This is the purpose of the mask.
To turn us into expressionless animals and submissive slaves.