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Name: 20220217_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 17, 2022
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including opposition to COVID-19 mandates and vaccinations, geopolitical tensions between Russia and Ukraine, attacks on him and Info Wars, the globalist agenda, and the importance of supporting independent media. He promotes products available at InfowarStore.com such as Faraday Cages for privacy protection and Made in America products. The video discusses the situation surrounding Ukraine and Russia, criticizing those who amplify alarmist propaganda about the conflict. It also reports on the UK's crackdown on teachers promoting Black Lives Matter and left-wing political views in education, and CNN's lowest ratings due to credibility issues.

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Well, there you go.
Somebody blew a hole in the house in a war zone.
Russia has attacked with its tens of thousands of tanks, helicopters and jets.
There's the proof!
Doesn't matter they're pulling back their main military drills they do every year.
Doesn't matter that three years ago they did a drill with 250,000 troops, not 100,000 troops.
Even the German defense minister is saying that.
It doesn't matter.
Look, an empty house got hit by a mortar or artillery, a small mortar or artillery.
So, that's it, folks.
World War III, I sit on.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
We're doing emergency shows right now.
There's so much happening.
That they would next claim Russia is going to launch an imminent cyber attack and maybe turn the power off.
And Jiminy Crickets.
What do you think Biden came out today and said?
Just that.
And if there is a cyber attack and the power gets turned off, Putin did it.
And the U.S.
is going to nuke them.
That's right.
And darn it, the Russians cut off our Keystone Pipeline, too, and they opened our borders, and they had drag queen story time, and they promoted pedophilia in the news, and they devalued the dollar, and they run Hollywood, and they ship the fentanyl in.
No, no, that's the criminals that have hijacked our country.
That's who's doing all that, and we all know that.
Russia's under attack, just like the American people are under attack by the same globalist crime syndicate, but here it is!
says, not the U.S., I mean the criminals that have hijacked our government and hate our guts, the occupiers, say war appears imminent after shelling a Ukraine front line.
Well, that's it.
We're going to have to go to war with them.
But see, that's why we're the fake news.
Because we tell you exactly what's going to happen next.
Because the truth is, once you're dialed in to paying attention, it's like they live.
You put the glasses on, you see everything.
You take them off, you can't see jack squat.
InfoWars is the glasses.
Put them on.
See the reality together, and we can save the world.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Infowars has been banned.
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
Go to band.video.
Download the videos and share.
Support the Information War at infowarestore.com.
And never give up the fight.
Thank you, Randy, and thank you all for attending.
I'm not trying to be melodramatic here.
I'm a physician, I'm a parent, and I'm a Canadian.
Every life matters.
Every single life matters to a physician.
These are not statistics, they're not zeros and percentages.
The scale of death that's been happening in this country as a result of these
Of government playing medicine is in an order of magnitude never ever seen before.
It is utterly inexcusable and it makes me madder than hell as a physician to see the rights of physicians trampled on so mercilessly.
As Randy said, we have to be enormously grateful to truckers of all people, guys with dirty fingernails said respectfully,
To leaders at this momentous time when medicine and law and media and the church in particular have failed in their duty to lead the population through this and to oppose these draconian measures, none of which have any real support.
In fact, the measures that have been used, I could say quite bluntly, have not only not worked, but they've made a situation infinitely worse.
We would have been through with this mess six months ago, a year and six months ago, if it had been treated with common sense, like we've all done with previous flu epidemics, of which this really is not materially different.
Instead, we had politics playing medicine, and that's what's got us into this, this awful mess.
COVID is, in a very real sense, a fortunate experience.
Yes, tragically, people have died.
Many unnecessarily because of the denial of access to early treatment.
But we needed a focus.
We needed the point of the spear sticking at us, saying, finally, Canada, wake up.
You're losing freedoms that you fought for so determinedly for years, for decades.
And now is the time to rise up.
And that's why we have to thank the truckers for leading us at this important time.
And it's not just the truckers and vaccination.
And by the way, a little digression here.
Truckers can cross from P.E.I.
to Vancouver without vaccination.
American truckers can truck from New York to Seattle without vaccination.
And yet to go north-south, they need a vaccination?
This is absolute madness!
You don't have to be a rocket scientist or a medical specialist to figure that one out.
No, we've reached the end of the line.
It really is a catastrophic intervention that has to stop.
It has to stop immediately.
No dithering here.
People are dying now.
Pregnant women are being injected now with an experimental agent for which we have no data.
Does anyone here remember the word thalidomide?
That could happen all over again.
Look at our children, who've been affected the worst of all the sectors in society.
Our children, our most precious asset.
They've not only been suffering the absence of non-verbal communication, non-verbal education, the smile, a hug, being made to feel suspicious of anyone around them that's going to last them lifelong.
But now they're being attacked by a vaccine that isn't necessary and could well kill them.
Is child sacrifice what we're all about in this country?
To appease the new gods?
I don't think so.
And then beyond that, they're going to suffer for the rest of their lives, because they'll be paying off the national debt, with the net result being a loss of standard of living.
That's what this government has done to this population.
And it has to stop now.
Thank you.
So, we were told by the same globalists that have lied about everything that's ever happened, that Russia was going to attack on the 16th, yesterday, in the war-torn region of Eastern Europe, that is Ukraine, where there's been a proxy war going on for eight years.
There are
Thousands of devastated and burned out buildings, destroyed factories and power stations since the Russians took control eight years ago of that disputed border region.
And so the average American didn't really know that there was artillery battles and rocket attacks and all sorts of house to house frontline combat going on.
And so, it was very simple to predict what would happen next.
The corporate media, the controlled media, the ones that have lied us into all these other wars, the ones that are at war with us and our basic freedoms, the enemy of the people, that they would then say, oh look, they're shelling!
Look, a mortar hit the side of a house.
There's a hole in a house.
There's a photo right here from Reuters.
Well, there you go.
Somebody blew a hole in the house in a war zone.
Russia has attacked with its tens of thousands of tanks, helicopters and jets.
There's the proof!
Doesn't matter they're pulling back their main military drills they do every year.
Doesn't matter that three years ago they did a drill with 250,000 troops, not 100,000 troops.
Even the German defense minister is saying that.
It doesn't matter.
Look, an empty house got hit by a mortar or artillery, a small mortar or artillery.
So that's it, folks.
World War III.
Because they know the average American doesn't understand this.
Now, we were told that
Russia was going to stage a false flag, an attack on their forces as a pretext to invade.
But now we're told, oh, Russia's firing artillery into the disputed areas in eastern Ukraine.
I mean, Biden told us there was going to be war, and there is.
My goodness.
Of course, it's been going on
Since Jordan Soros and Obama overthrew Ukraine and put on their puppets in 2000 and... What was it?
2000 and... It was 8 years ago.
How many years ago was that? 2015?
So this has been going on and on and on and on.
And what did I say last week?
And what did I say Saturday and Sunday and Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday?
In fact, I know that our archivist does an incredible job.
He can go find it.
I said on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, we're doing emergency shows right now.
There's so much happening.
That they would next claim Russia is going to launch an imminent cyber attack and maybe turn the power off.
And Jiminy Crickets.
What do you think Biden came out today and said?
Just that.
And if there is a cyber attack and the power gets turned off, Putin did it.
And the US is going to nuke them.
That's right.
And darn it, the Russians cut off our Keystone Pipeline, too, and they opened our borders, and they had drag queen story time, and they promoted pedophilia in the news, and they devalued the dollar, and they run Hollywood, and they shipped the fentanyl in.
No, no, that's the criminals that have hijacked our country.
That's who's doing all that, and we all know that.
Russia's under attack, just like the American people are under attack by the same globalist crime syndicate, but here it is!
says, not the U.S., I mean the criminals that have hijacked our government and hate our guts, the occupiers, say war appears imminent after shelling a Ukraine front line.
Well, that's it.
We're going to have to go to war with them.
It says in eastern Ukraine, why a shell went through a wall.
And there it is, folks.
In fact, it shows a kindergarten class, of course.
Well, you know the Russians, they targeted that on purpose.
Which, according to Ukraine's military officials, was damaged by shelling.
And it goes on from there.
Oh, Biden says there's now every indication that we're at war with Russia.
That'll get you distracted from the fact that he's talking about putting dead dogs on people's porches and can't even say Obama's name, he's so addled.
There you go, folks!
Let's go ahead and play this clip.
If Russia attacks the United States or our allies through asymmetric means, non-conventional kinetic, like disruptive cyber attacks on our companies and critical infrastructure, we're prepared to respond.
We will be moving in lockstep, he always uses the Build Back Better Rockefeller Foundation words, with our NATO allies and partners.
Here's what he had to say.
And if Russia attacks the United States or our allies through asymmetric means, like disruptive cyber attacks against our companies or critical infrastructure, we are prepared to respond.
But we're moving in lockstep with our NATO allies and partners to deepen our collective defense against threats in cyberspace.
And of course we've got the US diplomats, the British diplomats, they're all running around saying, war is now happening.
Russia is going to war.
He's been told for a month.
It's imminent, 48 hours, total death, Russia.
And then, oh my God, an artillery hit a kindergarten building.
Of course, nobody was hurt, but, you know, we're pretty sure it's the Russians, targeting those kindergartners.
Here it is.
We are seeing information and data on Shelling.
We're also being informed about Ukraine's efforts.
So, can we say that Russia is trying to create a pretext for its invasion?
Well, that's right, ladies and gentlemen.
So it's the pretext for the invasion.
I mean, you heard it there.
It's the total proof.
We've got to have war.
And again, if the power goes off, the Russians did it.
If truckers protest being forcibly injected, the Russians did it.
If Americans don't like their currency devalued inflation, what?
The Russians did it.
If your car overheats, the Russians did it.
If you slip on the ice going out to your mailbox, who did it?
The Russians.
But no, it's not the Russians, it's the globalists, ladies and gentlemen, that are destroying our country, destroying our nation.
Absolutely insane.
And of course, Hillary is one of their top people, so she already said this years ago, she said, we need to go to war with Russia, you pull the quotes up, if they hack us in any way, if they break in one computer, and of course the whole Vault 7 CIA data dump shows that the CIA goes and frames not just the Russians, but everybody,
For hacking.
That if they hack us, we go to war.
And she said, including nuclear weapons.
Because she's a good person.
And because she said so, we should all do it.
And there are all these weird, old, crazy people that can barely walk.
Who are barely kept alive.
Like two or three ambulances follow Bill Clinton, Hillary, everywhere they go.
Same thing with Biden.
And there are these propped up, weird mummies trying to destroy the planet.
I mean, this is just ridiculous.
And there's more articles out today, USA Today, you name it, oh my gosh, false flag!
The Russians are going to stage a terror attack on themselves to launch a war!
I mean, it's just insane.
And you know why they're getting so scared?
The wheels are coming off.
They calculated their whole COVID-19 power grab, and their global ID and the social credit score that comes out of it, the carbon tax.
But because that didn't go as well as they thought, it triggered a big awakening.
We told you last week, oh, the Moderna CEO just dumped most of his stock and deleted his Twitter.
They're gonna dump Moderna stock next week.
I mean, that's a no-brainer.
Articles, PolitiFact, oh, it's not true.
He didn't dump it all.
Well, he did delete his account, but... And now, oh, Forbes.
Moderna stock crashes.
Loses $140 million as insiders sell millions of dollars in shares.
But see, that's why we're the fake news.
Because we tell you exactly what's going to happen next.
Because the truth is, once you're dialed into paying attention, it's like they live.
You put the glasses on, you see everything.
You take them off, you can't see jack squat.
InfoWars is the glasses.
Put them on, see the reality together, and we can save the world.
Well, this is an incredible time to be alive, and if you're not praying at least several times a day for peace in Eastern Europe with the globalists trying to start
A major war with a major nuclear power, then I think you're crazy.
I know this audience of activists and beautiful people from every race, color and creed who love God are on the same page with me, but wow.
You've got an ongoing war, 14,000 dead in the last eight years in eastern Ukraine.
Civil War.
Triggered by George Soros.
He went on for Eden Zakaria eight years ago and said, seven and a half years ago, that he got five billion dollars of US money to overthrow Ukraine.
Played the clip just a few days ago.
Anybody can find it.
It was all over the news.
They started it.
They created the discord, just like they do in America with all the racial division and all the sexual division and all the rest of the crap.
We know who the bad guys are.
It's the New World Order.
It's Hollywood.
It's the big corporations.
It's the ruthless people using behavioral psychology on us to control us and run our lives.
Let me do this in this segment, and then I'll come back and really drill into this next.
Let me just tell you what's in the news.
The Davos Group has officially released a big report I've got right here.
It's from them saying that your world vaccine passport will be the new digital currency and that private central banks are preparing to basically end all the currencies of the world once they've devalued them and used the funds to buy everything up while they're devaluing it.
And that you will be tied to a world ID for your currency, and that you will be the currency under Bill Gates' patent that we told you about two years ago.
Here it is, right here.
From them.
That's a small piece of what we've got here.
I mentioned this before the last segment.
We could talk the entire four hours today about this, but we won't.
Moderna stock crashes, loses $140 billion as insiders sell millions of dollars in shares.
That was ongoing last week, and it's continuing on.
The point is, is that we told you days before.
We have the incredible harassment of the Freedom Convoy.
And now, not dozens of articles like there were a few days ago, but so many, I can't keep track of it, it's everywhere, that whiteness is inherently bad, major universities are announcing it, everything, and private property is evil, and freedom is bad.
That's coming up.
Whole stack.
See this stack right here?
That's just a small smattering of this.
Then I got a whole stack here from all these different publications, corporate owned, where they talk about families and never show a man and a woman together.
They show women alone or men with men with children.
Again, total war on humanity.
That's all coming up.
And on the Freedom Convoy, Ilhan Omar, I guess, has a bottom.
She's not a bottomless pit of evil.
She says you shouldn't dox and persecute people for their political donations, especially women who you claim have been disempowered in culture.
Hey, Yohan, I don't care you're a Muslim, I don't care you're a woman.
Start becoming pro-gun, pro-freedom, pro-America.
We can be friends.
It's always not too late to turn back.
I've been a sinner, too.
I've been a bad person, too.
I just happened to repent when I was 18 years old.
Maybe she's got a little good in her.
Who knows?
But I'll give credit where credit's due.
She said they're bullies.
Yeah, they are bullies.
They're firing people by the thousands of the 90,000 that came in the trucker convoy.
But that's okay.
God's going to open doors.
You watch for those people that do the right thing.
But they want to intimidate us.
I've got that in a stack of articles.
And then I've got a little inside CNN information here that I'm going to go ahead and decide to respond to because I actually know the whole inside baseball story of this.
I actually know what's going on.
From the Hollywood top of the thing all the way through the feedback loop of John Ronson and CNN and how they're trying to create a fake story and fence it through the news first so Hollywood isn't liable when they put out a fake Alex Jones origin story.
So I'm putting them all on legal notice of lawsuits right now.
So we'll be getting to that.
And I mean, I've got to sue these people just because here's the deal.
I usually ignore attacks on me, but what we've done resisting the globalists and how the public has made Infowars a folk hero operation, not just me, but the whole idea of it.
We can't let them take that away from us.
And we won't.
They're not going to say that.
We're racist or Nazis.
They're not going to say we rape people.
They're not going to lie about us.
That's why I've got to stay on air and fight through this because we've got to battle these people at every single level.
Ladies and gentlemen.
And a lot of folks are like, well, just let Leonardo DiCaprio go ahead and make the movie about you and demonize you.
I don't give a damn about Leonardo DiCaprio or any of these damn people.
Won't you be more famous?
Yes, I know all about it, dumbasses, stupid asses over at CNN.
Hollywood, all of you are going down.
We're done with you.
But I'll tell you about that when it's time.
Because they want me to respond to a sit-down interview with CNN and respond to a raft of lies and half-truths and twisted disinformation.
Because they still worship Hollywood.
To then, if they lie in the New York Times, if they lie on NPR, if they lie on CNN, and then create, oh, well, the news said this, so we're allowed to make a movie of lies, and you think I'm stupid and don't know all that.
That's coming up.
And so much more.
I mean, part two of the Veritas video got released that is just bone-shattering.
With the high level FDA administrator saying it's all about fraud, the vaccines hurt you, it's a total takeover of society.
I mean, this is just nightmare stuff that's coming up.
But ladies and gentlemen, I can't stay in attack formation against the globalists unless you are supporting us and unless you're praying for us second by second.
I need your prayer, number one.
I need your word of mouth in this fight.
I need your financial support.
Get info at warstore.com.
I don't fear death.
I don't fear prison.
I fear them shutting me down and silencing me because that means they've silenced you.
I am literally committed to you 110% because I'm committed to myself.
We are like timbers on a life raft that need each other.
You understand that?
We are in this together and I thank you humbly for what you've done and how you supported us.
I appreciate you and I'm telling you now, we need your support.
More than ever.
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Welcome back, thank you so much for joining us on this live Thursday, February 17th transmission.
Timothy Lassley is a great activist out in the Pacific Northwest who goes on a routine basis and bullhorns the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and more.
He's going to be popping in with us in the second hour.
We'll also put the phones up.
Edward Dowd is going to be getting into the economics and what's happening with Wall Street and the banks and where he sees all this economic warfare going.
You don't want to miss either one of those interviews today.
What's happening is the power structure, globally, the corporations are in decline.
And they've tried to impose their leftist ideology as a new religion, as a control system.
They themselves don't follow it.
I would call them elitist.
I would call them
Elite capture specialist.
And that's the term they use, elite capture.
And that goes back to the British Round Table Groups and the British East India Company and the Dutch East India Company, how they would go in and take over a nation by buying off the economic business leaders.
And then the military didn't matter because they would have already gotten together their round table groups or basic corporate mafia type systems.
And that's what globalism is.
And that's why if you go back to the Clinton's 1995, 96, 97, 98 documents that are in their presidential library in Little Rock.
That came out via lawsuits from the Western Journalism Center.
And it says right there in 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, where big articles written about this years ago.
That if we allow conservatives to even sell magazines or nationalists to make VHS films or have any culture or any type of economy, that they're the majority and they will
Organize and displace us by creating their own systems.
And so Hillary Clinton is in these memos that are in their library, the papers of the Clintons, talking about the Clinton Chronicles and how they had to stop it and talking about Newsmax and Chris Ruddy, how they had to stop him and how they had to stop talk radio and Rush Limbaugh.
And what they were really worried about was all these new magazines and newspapers popping up that were populist and conservative and Christian and how they were writing books and making films and building an infrastructure.
That's why they de-industrialized America.
That's why they sold the jobs out.
That's how you economically capture somebody, is you get them under your control.
And that's what the Great Reset is, is bringing you to your knees, bankrupting you to dominate and control you.
You will own nothing, you will have nothing, and you'll like it.
Or you won't get even food to eat at night, if you don't submit to it.
They wanted to domesticate you.
They want to make you a total and complete prisoner.
And so you can sit back all day and analyze different elements of this, but the globalists think they're in charge, they think they own us, they're behavioral psychologists, they're super ruthless, they're more mentally ill than anybody you can imagine, but they have a goal, and they're ruthless.
And they are taking control of civilization.
And if we recognize who they are, and if we recognize what their goals are, and if we recognize how their systems work,
And if we build our own systems, they will never succeed in their transhumanism takeover, turning us into a commodity they own, that they can play God with.
But if we don't build our own economies and our own systems, they're going to win.
And everything they're doing is about saying, you're a small business, you're a small school, you're a small bank, you're a small church.
That's not essential.
We tell you what's essential.
That's number one.
We tell you when you can leave your house and when you can't.
We track everywhere you go and what we do and we have ownership of your body collectively and decide to put in your body what we want, when we want.
And we're going to cut your resources off to save the earth because humans are what?
Humans are bad.
There's that example I showed from Germany put up by leftist big bank funder groups.
And it shows a woman, if you're a radio listener, breastfeeding a year-old baby, or eight-month-old baby, it looks like, with her three- or four-year-old standing by her knee.
The true image of civilization and humanity.
True beauty.
Everything you need right there.
The future.
And it says, is it the future or a climate killer?
But if they can't get women to not have kids right away, well, teach them men are bad.
Here's the cover of the last six issues of The Parents.
Two men with a baby.
Single mother.
Single mother.
Single mother.
Single mother.
Single mother.
The enemy is a heterosexual man.
Because they want you all alone.
They want you to be able to be run over believing the state is your husband, your pimp, and it's going to take care of you.
Yeah, look at that.
There's Parents Magazine the last few years, and nowhere is a man except a black man with a white woman.
Which if people love each other, that's fine, but notice you cannot show that.
95% of it is that.
Because there is a war on anything homogeneous.
That's why George Soros says China is the most evil country in the world because they have a culture.
There is a war.
Not because they're communist.
Not because they're killing people.
Oh, he loves that.
No, no, no.
He envies that.
No, no, because they're proud to be Chinese.
And they have their culture.
And they're not going to take on to themselves whatever new thing you're trying to put on them.
They're not going to teach their boys that they're girls and their girls that they're boys.
They're not going to do that because they know that's how you destroy a civilization.
Do we hate somebody that likes to dress up like a girl?
Absolutely not!
Do we hate adults that want to go have surgery and have their nose cut off or have their genitals cut off?
Hey, it's a free country!
But you don't target children with that.
All right, let me do this.
Because I really am overwhelmed.
I have too much news here.
I mean, this is just wild.
What we've got.
And you know, that Polish immigrant to Canada that's been arrested a couple times for opening his church.
They're now holding him without bail under the Emergency Act as a terrorist.
That's in the news.
He's now being held for trial.
And they're not even saying when the trial is, and he's not allowed out for peacefully holding church services.
He's been arrested, what, four times.
And now under the civil emergency, they've decided to hold him indefinitely.
There it is.
Controversial Calgary preacher denied bail pending trial on the border blockade charges because he went there and prayed with people.
And they said that was giving him aid and comfort.
He's a terrorist.
Yep, locking preachers up for preaching in Canada, folks.
And the woman that runs the country, the finance minister, is the co-chair of the Demos Group, on the board of the Demos Group, Klaus Schwab, and her grandfather was the chief Nazi propagandist in Eastern Europe over the newspapers as far away as from Poland to Ukraine to Austria in Western Europe.
He reported directly to Joseph Goebbels.
You may have heard his name.
He was directly under Joseph Goebbels at the highest tier of the Nazi party.
And of course, we could say, well, we don't blame a grandchild for their, you know, Schwarzenegger.
Oh, your dad was an SS officer.
But you support tyranny and say, F your freedom.
Screw your freedom, right?
And so you are a Nazi pig.
And that's why the Nazi pigs over at the ADL give you awards.
Because they're Nazi pigs.
And we're going to beat Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates.
And we're going to beat George Soros and all you Nazi pigs.
I want to just say something right here at the start of this segment.
I am so honored to know Arthur Poplosky.
We're good to go.
We're up against a lot here together, but we're going to make it through this one way or the other.
God's watching.
And so we're going to do the right thing.
We're going to stand strong and hold strong and not back down.
Now, I got a lot of world news I want to hit next hour.
A lot of big developments on the economy.
A lot of big developments on the forced vaccine.
A lot of big issues with the next phase of the globalist trying to launch a war.
Now saying Russia is going to launch a cyber attack and turn our power off.
And we're going to have nuclear war with them once that happens.
That's what Biden's saying.
He's invoking policy that's already been put in place under Obama.
Removed by Trump, put back in place by Biden.
Very serious situation.
That's why Biden said a week ago, last Thursday, that we are, quote, at world war with Russia.
Well, Russia's not at war with us, but the crazy psychos that have hijacked our country, just like the Nazis took control of Germany, we got people just as bad or worse in control right now.
And they mean business.
And then their own little globalist bubbles, they believe they can't be stopped.
But I want to play three clips for you here that really illustrate exactly what we're dealing with.
The first clip is very, very important.
They're all important.
And this is Peter Schweitzer on the Communist Chinese takeover on Tucker Carlson's Fox Nation show.
And he's explaining elite capture.
Now I want the term elite capture, I talked about this at the start of the show, to really burn into your brains.
Because it's not just the CHICOMs engaged in elite capture.
And they have done it big time.
In fact, there's a pattern they follow, that would take hours to go over, but they control most of the universities, they control most of the Democrat Congress people of any renown who've been there any amount of time, the committee chairman and others.
The Chinese don't give you all the payoff money and give you all the U.S.
subsidiary money and power unless you put a known Chinese communist agent
Over your booking as your secretary, so they can track and trace and control and watch everything that's done.
So your assistant, your main assistant, must be a CHICOM agent.
In the case of Feinstein, the case of Pelosi, the case of Swalwell, the case of Governor Newsom, the case of all these major governors, the New York governor, the last one and the new one, the Michigan governor, the Pennsylvania governor,
I mean, the New Mexico governor, I mean, the Chinese running, Chinese communist, and the FBI does this all of it.
Most of them are on the payroll high level as well.
And so...
There is an internal battle even within the globalist deep state with the Chinese now over full control because they were supposed to share power.
But now the Chai Koms have been bitch slapping the FBI and some of the people.
So now the FBI is like, Oh my God, the Chinese took over!
It's worse than I thought!
It'll blow you away!
They're everywhere!
Help us!
Yeah, yeah, exactly.
Yeah, we're screwed.
You figured that out now?
You're bringing the whole country down.
Your money won't be good anywhere, dumbasses!
Think it was cool to sell off your foreign power?
Think it's cute?
So, I mean, you can go down the line.
There's over a hundred Democrat Congress persons who have a Chinese agent running it.
The next level is they want you to have sex with their operatives.
And, of course, you've seen all that.
So it's just a standard deal.
The idea, though, that China runs elite capture is like saying Chinese play golf.
Well, so does everybody else.
Or, hey, there's Chinese pole vaulters.
Well, there's American pole vaulters, too.
So, we're not dealing with Chinese, we're not dealing with Russians, we're not dealing with Americans.
We're dealing with globalists who have agents in all those groups playing us off against each other for power and control.
And you're like, that's like a James Bond movie where Spectre's manipulating all the sides.
Yeah, that was written by number two guy at MI6.
Former number three at OSS.
They're telling you how it works.
So this is a battle of ideologies and a battle of actions.
I don't know who's a globalist agent and who isn't.
A lot of them we do, but we don't know all of them.
We only know a small percentage.
At least a lay person like I. People that have access to that have a better idea, and it's bad.
But we do know action.
Like Jesus said, a tree bites fruits.
I do know what people vote for, what they stand for, what they march for, what they promote.
And you look at the Democrats, it is the end of the country.
So I don't need to know they're CHICOM agents.
I don't need to know they're New World Order agents.
We have all the proof in their actions.
And then of course, you scratch the surface and they're a bunch of damn traitors.
But they're not even Chinese agents.
They're agents to anybody that'll buy them off.
Look at Hillary's foundation.
Just think of honor, they're the opposite dishonor.
And so here he is with Tucker in a short clip explaining elite capture.
Well, do the Chinese have half the prime ministers and presidents and premiers in the world?
Do the Russians have that?
No, the Russians basically have no puppets, except maybe a couple of Eastern European countries like Belarus and Tajikistan.
So, does America even have puppets anymore?
No, not really.
It's all been handed to the globalists.
The US, 50 years ago, controlled more than 60 countries.
And a lot of cases was helping them out and having good trade.
It was, you know, I'm not saying I don't like taking over their countries, but it was better than what they had.
We don't run anything anymore.
The globalists do.
So American influence is way down here.
All our influence is given to the globalists, who parlayed it into China.
And now China and the globalists are battling over who gets control.
Here's the clip from Tucker Carlson.
I really wanted to look at the whole question of why is the United States so unresponsive to China's threat.
And I wanted to look at it from two aspects.
I wanted to look at it from the China perspective, but then I also wanted to look at elites in the United States, what their motivations were, the sweetheart deals that they get from Beijing.
And what I found on the Chinese side was this is a very brilliant strategy on their part, Tucker.
They call it elite capture.
I think?
We can effectively lobotomize the United States by making them unresponsive to our threats.
So that became very clear just looking at the Chinese literature.
And then on the American side, I wanted to look at not just people in Washington, D.C., you know, political families like the Bidens who are kind of grubbing for money, you know, all the time because they don't have a lot.
But I want to know what would prompt a guy like
Bill Gates, who's worth 100 billion dollars, to go over to Beijing and say the most ridiculous things about President Xi and about the communist system.
I wanted to try to explain that, and that's what I try to do in the book, by exposing all these deals.
Because Gates can then be the guy that computerized China 30 years ago with IBM and Microsoft and take over the world, leveraging their authoritarian power.
He explains why.
Here's General Flynn laying out who the real elite capture group is, the Davos Group.
The World Health Organization, which has come into the news quite a bit because of all this COVID stuff and the responses.
But all of these global organizations, the United Nations is another one, all these global organizations, they think they see themselves and those that are sort of even above them
They see themselves as this is how we can rule the world.
This is how we can control societies.
This is how we can control humanity.
So let's introduce something called COVID.
And they did it.
And they did it for a couple of reasons.
One of the big reasons was was to steal an election.
I mean, if if the Democrats, you know, work as hard on on on foreign policy as they work on stealing the elections, maybe we would be better off.
But, you know, so there's a lot
I mean, there's a lot of things here going on.
But yes, these are globalist organizations.
These are world organizations.
And when you start to look at who is directing them and who is leading them, there are real people behind that.
Shrobb is one.
You've got George Soros.
You have the Arabella group.
These are real things.
These are led by real people who have placed themselves above some of these world institutions and they drive them.
They really do drive them.
Identifying the globalists is key.
Here's another clip.
Justin Trudeau is reprimanded in Parliament and accused by the main Jewish leader of the Conservative Party of calling Jews that are anti-police state Nazis.
Hopeful vision for public life isn't a naive dream.
It could be a powerful force for change.
If Canadians are to trust their government, their government needs to trust Canadians.
Those are the words of the Prime Minister in 2015.
These people, very often misogynistic, racist, women haters, science deniers, the fringe.
Same Prime Minister six years later as he fans the flames of an unjustified national emergency.
Mr. Speaker, when did the Prime Minister lose his way?
When did it happen?
Next hour.
They don't want this show heard, folks.
The enemy's fighting around the clock to stop it, but humanity's rising.
Take the live feeds from InfoWars.com for its last show.
Share them with everybody you know.
Tell folks about those local AM and FM stations.
Go to those stations.
Find their live feed, because that doesn't get censored as much, and share that.
And whatever you do, go to Band-Op Video and take the archives of these shows, and take the ones you think are most important, that, you know, touch you, and share those with others.
And then tell them to share them, completing the chain reaction.
Stay with us.
So I did it.
I signed up for the Austin Marathon.
I've been training, probably not as much as I should be, but thank goodness for prayer, and thank goodness for InfoWarsStore.com.
Before I set out on a run, I throw down some TurboForce to give me that energy I need to get going.
You know, besides the energy, TurboForce, it is giving me the vitamins I need, like vitamin C to keep me healthy, and the essential B vitamins, plus the amino acids for sustained energy, giving me the best chance at getting through the training.
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Even if you're not crazy enough to take on a marathon, good news, TurboForce, that can still give you the energy and clarity you need for every day, and Soreless can keep you moving and feeling great at any age.
Alex Jones is the greatest.
Dude, he's such a kind man.
He has been so cancelled.
Alex is right about far more than he's wrong.
How much heat have you gotten for being friends with him and having him on the show?
A lot, but I don't pay attention.
I just, I can justify it.
I'll tell you, that f***ing guy is right about a lot of s***.
He's a wild entertainer and a brilliant man.
Isn't he fantastic?
And no one is perfect.
I've known Alex for like more than 20 years.
I've hung out with that guy.
We've been hammered together so many times.
It's like, that is the most misunderstood guy on the planet.
Alex has been right on for over a decade.
Shout out to Alex Jones.
We love you.
Alex Jones is a journalist and member of the media.
End of story.
Recently, many of the biggest tech companies joined in a coordinated effort to censor content from broadcaster Alex Jones.
There's a reason why the mainstream media calls a guy like him a bomb thrower or a conspiracy theorist, because they're in fear of the truth that he does actually bring out.
Why are the most powerful companies in the world suddenly so threatened by an independent radio show host in Texas that they're willing to lose business
In order to make him shut up.
He runs a media organization.
And so when the January 6th Committee subpoenas him, they're basically violating our First Amendment protections.
The Department of Justice says not only is it investigating what happened inside the Capitol, but the conspirators and instigators who may have started this whole thing.
Now the committee has decided to shut down one of the most popular journalists on the right, Alex Jones.
Yes, journalist.
The House committee investigating the deadly assault on the US Capitol is subpoenaing Trump allies Roger Stone and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
The committee says he helped organize the rally ahead of the riots.
Alex Jones isn't simply innocent of inciting crime on January 6th.
Alex Jones actively worked to prevent crimes from taking place on January 6th.
Let's start marching to the
We're not running interference for Alex Jones, and we're not guessing about it.
We happen to know this for a fact.
Alex Jones is a journalist the same as Brian Stelter and Jake Tapper and Don Lemon are.
I was about to say the same thing.
Don't insult Alex that way.
Well, yeah, yeah, Alex Jones never lied us into a war.
Right, right, right.
Alex Jones never bought the Russia hoax, not for a second.
And if Jones said that with Tony Fauci, he would ask him real questions, just as journalists are supposed to do.
He wouldn't just slobber all over him.
Epstein, he was way ahead with that.
He told me about Epstein a decade ago.
Alex detailed all of that.
Alex Jones, Info Wars.
The media has tarnished him with all sorts of name-calling, conspiracy theorists, bomb-thrower.
The one thing that I know about this gentleman, Alex Jones, is that he loves this country.
He is as smart as a whip.
He absolutely believes in what he believes in, and he also does his research and his homework.
He's incredibly detailed in his research.
He loves this country.
He is a patriot, and he's somebody who
We better listen to, or others in this country better listen to... Is it a stretch to say that Tucker Carlson is the new Alex Jones?
There are no vaccine passports!
That's insane!
That's Alex Jones stuff!
And by the way, just so you know, as proof, if you want to get a job, you'll need your vaccine papers.
All right listen I started the show and had a lot of top news and I got distracted by the controlled corporate press announcing we're now at war with Russia because an artillery shell shot through a wall somewhere and I didn't get to the other top stories and I was looking at my stack and I'm like I just definitely need a vacation we all need a vacation because my brain is just
We're spinning at this point.
When we come back, we're going to tell you the news.
It's just huge.
I saw this last night and couldn't believe it.
And I went and checked the CDC website and they admit it.
And then it's almost no coverage today.
There's a big story about it on Infowars.com.
But man, it wasn't hard to know they'd do it.
I mean, we predicted they'd do it.
Because anything evil they can do, anything corrupt, anything that rapes us, anything that robs us, they do it.
But you know they did it.
And you know what it is when we come back, right, everybody?
You know what it is, right?
You know what they did when they stuck that thing up your nose.
So, last night, it's about 10.30, just put my four-year-old daughter down to bed, got myself a glass of ice water, went and climbed in bed, and heard bzzz, bzzz, bzzz, bzzz.
Oh, text messages.
Now, let me see who's text messaging me.
And it was Eddie Bravo on our group text with good old Joe.
And 99% of what Eddie sends me is accurate and real, but I mean, I saw this and I thought, okay, this, this, this, this can't be real because we knew they would pull something like this because they've done stuff like this before because he sent me a screenshot of it.
And then I went to Twitter and I went to the CDC's website and sure as the sun came up this morning, it's real.
And what was incredible is when I went to bed at about 11 last night reading this, I thought, well, surely by the time I get up in the morning, this will be all over the news.
But I said, nah, it probably actually won't.
Kind of like Durham filing the documents showing Hillary illegally spied on Trump.
I mean, he has the documents.
He has the company they hired, how they did it, the people admitting to it, but almost no coverage.
Hillary denies it.
That's what she does.
She denied that she was an ugly witch.
Even though we all know she is an ugly witch.
But her ugliness is not her real crime.
So building this up, what do you think the CDC just admitted to?
And of course when they admit to something, that's because they know lawsuits are filed and this stuff's starting to come out.
What did I tell you two years ago about the PCR test?
I said they don't work.
It's a fraud.
So they can call any virus they want COVID so they can lock stuff down.
Doesn't mean the virus isn't real.
Doesn't mean they didn't release a bioweapon.
And I said, when they stick that swab all the way up in your mucous membrane, they are getting blood cells.
They are damaging the walls and they are getting DNA.
And they're putting it in an illegal database.
Well, the CDC just came out and admitted and even put a video out.
And said, hey, guess what?
When you got nasal swabbed, firefighters, medical workers, police, factory workers, Department of Defense people, everybody.
When you got swabbed, your DNA was taken.
And put in an illegal database.
Every time they do it, it's a serious crime.
Blows HIPAA away.
You're stealing someone's medical data.
You are literally stealing the essence of who they are.
One big national talk show that I'm not going to mention wanted me a year and a half ago to nasal swab.
And I told the nurse, I said, this is BS and I know my name gets added to the database.
So she acted like she did it and just stuck it up on the side of my nose.
I'm not doing it.
People say, well, what are you paranoid about?
I'm not paranoid.
Once they get your DNA, they can replicate it in a test tube and frame you.
And federal courts ruled 20 years ago that babies that had their blood taken starting in 1975 in a secret Pentagon program had their blood samples given to the United Nations.
And I had a nurse break this in 1998.
And then later it came out in the news it was true.
We actually broke that.
And so we know this goes on.
You know that thing where they prick your baby's heel with a little stapler thing and they say, oh, we're checking for a blood disorder.
And I'm like, really?
Why do you mail it to the health department?
Why don't you just test it here?
Of course, I already knew when my children were being born that it was being put in a database.
And I said, hey, I'm not stupid.
We're not doing the blood test.
I know that's sent to the health department.
And they're always like, well, I know Mr. Jones, I'm actually a listener, I'm just told to do it.
And I'm like, yeah, we're not doing your heel test, where you prick my son or daughter's heels, and you stick their little feet on the deal and get their blood.
That's for a UN database.
It's on record.
I exposed it and blew it wide open with a nurse whistleblower from Fort Sam Houston in 1998, and then watched it break all over the news with lawsuits.
But they still do it.
It's organized crime through the medical system.
So what's the big announcement?
The CDC comes out yesterday and just releases a tweet with links to their site telling you how great it is.
Oh, we didn't tell you at the time.
We didn't give you informed consent.
We took your DNA to sequence new viruses so they can capture those, but also your DNA, and we put a database.
Oh, but don't worry.
It's only 10% of you, as if you can believe any damn thing these criminals say.
Oh, you mean you've sequenced 10% now?
Remember that hashtag COVID-19 no swab you took?
Remember that?
What happened to that swab?
If it was processed with a PCR test, there's a 10% chance it ended up in a lab for genomic sequencing analysis.
Learn about the process and its importance at the link right here.
And Wired Magazine's telling you about it and the CDC underscore AMD.
Isn't that just cute?
Everything they do is a biomedical tyranny, a takeover of society.
And, oh, thanks for your part.
Now we genetically keep track of you when we make you take these constant tests.
Now we admit we're taking samples from you.
And just like that, they've crossed the line.
No more medical rights.
No more nothing.
Where's Congress?
Where are the lawsuits?
Where are the laws blocking this?
The answer's nowhere.
That's why the Canadian finance minister, also a graduate of Klaus Schwab's,
Just came out and said, oh, we're taking conservatives money next and all Trump supporters.
Got the video clip.
The talk show host says, this is dangerous.
I mean, how wide is this going to get?
Well, it's going to go to Trump supporters.
Trump's an insurrectionist.
You're not allowed to be involved with Trump.
Folks, we're not getting into tyranny.
We're here.
And these criminals never get held accountable for any of the things they do, the abuse and the stealing of our data, and the surveillance of us.
This is a bureaucratic, corporate, biomedical rape of your body, of your future, of your medical identification, of your personal cells, your very DNA.
They're not just going to change your DNA, they're not just going to cut your double helix, they're not just going to give you cancer, they're going to take your DNA, because you're an animal to them!
Like a monkey, they shoot with a blow dart gun, or curare, and then take blood samples from, or a shark they catch and put a tracker on, because you act like an animal, because you let them do it to you, because you don't stand up for yourself.
You let them herd you through the squeeze shoots, oh, you can go to the mall, you can have your job, you can do this, just let us put this in your body, this experimental shot, and let us take
Your DNA and send it off to whoever we want.
Oh, they now admit foreign countries.
The CDC wants you to know.
Oh, we send it off to other countries.
Why would they say that?
They're just throwing it in your face.
Oh, we're going to have convicted pedophiles, by the way, come by Drag Queen Storytime.
Oh, the CIA in Germany, in one city alone, 30,000 kids over 30 plus years given to child rapists.
We're creating a new type of love.
They said that.
The new family is a man raping a three-year-old baby.
They said that.
Human-animal clones.
It's a revolution of just overrunning you with evil.
So it's a big story, but it won't get out anywhere unless you get it out, because no one's supposed to respond.
They just gaslight you with, hey, we're taking your DNA and do whatever we want with it.
Nobody else is going to criticize it.
Massive CDC admits to collecting COVID nasal swab PCR tests for genomic sequencing analysis.
The Centers for Disease Control, oh yeah,
A controversial post on Twitter Wednesday admitted that Americans who took the COVID-19 nasal swab PCR test may have their DNA harvested.
Oh, isn't that liberal?
Oh, and remember the Pentagon five years ago, back when it wasn't totally run by the globalists, said, don't do 20-whatever-and-me and all that crap run by YouTube's sister, the head of YouTube's sister.
They're giving it to the Chinese communists.
People are like, why do they want my DNA?
Oh, it's very valuable.
And it turns out that's happening.
So this is the same thing right here.
Oh, by the way, the head of YouTube, I have her right here in the stacks.
She's called for governments to silence free speech and that Google will enforce shutting down all conservative voices.
So they're moving to their last phase.
YouTube's CEO recommends governments pass laws to gain more control over online speech and elsewhere shut down people like Alex Jones.
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
Sheriff halted use of COVID testing provider because there's connections to China.
And now you learn they took everything from you and they will keep doing it.
So, Timothy, lastly, has been doing a lot of amazing work awakening humanity to the real tyranny of the globalists.
He's a local Seattle activist who was red-pilled on fluoride being in the water.
He was a Ron Paul delegate in 2009.
He's also number two on Seattle Antifa kill list.
He's a voted father.
He is the world's record holder for the most protest hours at the Gates Foundation.
He is an enemy of all eugenicists.
He's on Twitter at TI underscore M O T H Y L A S S L E Y or Facebook T I M
Lastly, Timothy, lastly, you can find him there.
Here's a few clips, there's literally thousands of these, of some of the things he's up to there in Seattle.
And by the way, you talk about a place under globalist control.
I literally cannot walk down the street in Seattle without being physically attacked.
Here it is.
This bullhorn right here has only five hours on it, maybe tops.
This one here has over 300 hours broadcasting the truth about COVID-19 from all the researchers that are not being paid by the Gates, the Fauci's, the Brasic's, the CDC's.
Nobody's got, anybody that doesn't have money involved in this is talking about what's really going on.
You've bought into the cult of conformity.
You should do your research.
Go listen to that Rogan Podcast with McCullough and Dr. Malone.
Go do some actual factual research.
Put on some skepticism for a while.
And maybe, maybe, you might come to the right side.
But until then...
This is in Cheyenne, St.
We're approaching 400,000 hospitalizations, ER visits, office visits, no vaccine injuries.
Sadly, we've topped 40,000 now, permanently disabled Americans because they've taken COVID.
I'll share links later on about the march, but this is Bellevue, Washington right now, and this crowd has been walking across the street for almost two straight minutes.
Two straight minutes so far, but we got a good another minute and a half of people.
That's right.
You know, I've wanted to spotlight this fellow for a couple years.
I don't know who he is, but anybody we do that to, they just censor more, but I'm sure he's okay with that.
T-I-M, lastly, T-I-M-L-A-S-S-L-E-Y.
But the point is, he's on the ground, he's taking action, and he's waking a lot of people up in the third dimension.
They're trying to censor us off cyberspace?
Well, we just fight harder in the real world, in the third dimension.
So, Timothy, thank you so much for coming on with us.
Wow, you've got to feel vindicated with Moderna plunging 30% in one week, and the CDC saying, and the FDA, don't give the shots to kids now, and just all of this.
It looks like their house of cards is starting to come down.
It's coming down, but the backpedaling isn't enough.
We need patriots, estate attorney generals, we need actual people that are going to put these people on trial for their crimes against humanity.
I mean, they've completely eroded and erased society as we know it, and uncloaked themselves, and how could we just ignore that?
We're never going to be able to walk away from this.
Well, I agree.
We now know they attacked us, we now know they killed a bunch of people, and now they've got to have Nuremberg Troops, because they're not going to stop until we have Nuremberg 2.
No, they won't.
No, none of us are safe until Gates and Fauci are made examples of, and that example has to last for generations.
And just like Hitler and others, they think they're invincible, they're not.
I think it's important nobody attacked them from the grassroots.
We want to take the government back, take the system back, and then we want them arrested, we want them indicted, we want them tried, we want them punished.
I don't want any harm to come to Bill Gates at all.
I've been here over maybe 220 hours and there's no violence, no cops, you know, it's peaceful.
I'm just here to get the word out.
I'm here to alert the masses that are around the Gates Foundation.
I'm here at all the passerbys and just to show them that I'm not afraid of them.
It's simple.
The moment you don't fear them, you are a weapon against them.
And all you have to do is just get the truth out.
And that's all I've been trying to do.
It's been ridiculous amounts of times here.
Today is 86.
I've been here 86 times.
What was it like for you waking up?
I mean, I see you were involved with Ron Paul in 2009.
Being aware, I guess, of the fluoride in the water and what it does, Harvard studies, you name it.
I mean, what triggered your journey where now you've been out there 80 plus times for hours bullhorning the true eugenics death cult center?
Brother, it was you.
It was you that woke me up.
I had kids.
You challenged me to enter the arena and have kids.
And I did.
And I've done it without vaccines, and I did it against the establishment.
But the head hospital pediatrician came down and confronted me, and he had media talking points.
And the only thing I had to go on was what you advised, was to ask for the box and inserts.
And that's what saved my family.
And once I realized that you weren't, you weren't BS because to tell you the truth, Jones, I found you and I said, I could probably write a book and debunk you.
And I did all the research.
I took notes for three weeks and I went out in the streets and I tried to debunk you and everything that you have talked about was true.
And so.
I was like, wow, it's, you know, off to the races.
Here we go.
But you're the one that woke me up.
It's your compassion for humanity that lit a fire in me.
And now I'm hopefully I can spread it to the rest of the people around me.
Well, I didn't know that, brother.
But yeah, I mean, I make mistakes here and there, but usually it's because I underestimate how bad it is now that people say, oh, I'm telling folks what to think.
No, I'm saying, go look this up.
And let me guess, once you started looking it up,
No, the actual reality of it is horrifying.
As humans in this, in this arrested development state, we can only address like, you know, certain things, but there's the infrastructure they've built around us is nothing more than, and I've coined, I'll coin the phrase right here.
It's nothing but a forced eugenics labor camp.
It's borderless.
And that's all America has been my entire life, but they've had so many celebrities and, and actors just shielding away the truth.
And now they're a part of the establishment and it's, it's plain as, you know, it's plain as day.
It's a open air forced eugenics labor camp.
And we have to, as human beings, we have to oppose it.
We have to save lives.
Well, define that, because that's what it is.
It is an open-air forced eugenics death camp.
They suck you dry, they use you, and then they kill you.
Well, no matter where you go, a child is facing a threat, whether it's a chemical weapon in the food or it's a weaponized teacher.
You know, it's now they have masks on their face, you know, so there's there's no.
And it's all based on eugenics.
It's all Malthusian.
It's all, you know, the eugenics society just spreading across the world and building an infrastructure that built in Africa, Europe, South America, everywhere that we think that we might find refuge.
So we have to stand our ground where we're at.
It's there.
And just realize that we have to fight in all directions.
You know, we have to mitigate.
We have to inform the public.
Who wants to be murdered by a chemical?
Specifically, they want to give us cancer.
They want to reap the benefit of us being sick in the medical establishment.
And that's a horrifying fate.
And that's how it's nothing but a forced eugenics labor camp.
You can't participate in the system without getting some sort of side effect disease, diabetes, cancer, you name it.
And they're waiting for us.
They got all kinds of protocols waiting for that.
You're a smart guy, Timothy Lassley.
I want to come back and hear from you on where you see this going and how you think we stop it together.
Because if 1% of what people out there listening did what you're doing, our problems will be over very, very quickly.
Stay with us.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Timothy Lassley, a great father and activist out in the beautiful former city of
Seattle now under globalist control.
That's a perfect metaphor of what InfoWars and all our guests and our callers and what we do is
We're just not controlled by the globalists.
We're not always right, but we're trying to be accurate.
And most of the time we are right because we can see what's going on.
Doesn't matter if Snopes tells you, he's not selling his stock, Moderna's fine, stay in.
Their job's there to just make you doubt long enough so they can screw you.
That's how this works.
And, you know, learning how the corporate system operates, it really is amazing the more you get deep into it.
So I appreciate Timothy joining us.
So in your big awakening in Seattle, what you're witnessing, I haven't been in Seattle in four years.
We're into quite a few fans, but if I walked down the street, cars would stop, people would try to run me over, people would jump out and throw coffee on me.
I yelled at folks back.
I mean, they really thought I was the devil.
Is Seattle deeper in the throes of globalist mind control and mass formation psychosis, or is Seattle coming out of it?
And then just key points you'd like to add about this whole
Biomedical tyranny you were talking about.
Seattle is definitely waking up.
There's a woman by the name of Victoria Palmer that has, man, she's brought thousands of people together and me and her are co-leading marches.
She helped me, she's the organizer of most of these marches in Seattle.
We had a thousand people, damn near, in Seattle a few weeks back.
Then Bill Gates, of course, decided to chemtrail, make it super cold, but we won't talk about that conspiracy.
We can, but that's just another reason to protest Gates and his megalomania, is the fact that there's so many crimes against humanity that this guy has been, is, he's got his hands in so many pies that are killing so many people that how can we not, you know, oppose him?
But Seattle is definitely waking up.
There's still definitely an entrenched liberal streak that will be hard to uproot and remove, but I mean, according to everybody's research, they're gonna all be dead pretty soon with these COVID shots if they keep taking them, so
You know, who knows what the world's going to offer us.
But, you know, as far as our efforts, hey, this is how it's going to be.
We're going to oppose the tyranny.
We're not going to allow Inslee.
We're not going to allow the mayor.
We're not going to allow the school boards.
We're not going to allow them to push us around again.
This has really opened up everybody's eyes, and we are not going to let them turn away and close their eyes after this.
We can't.
Well, that's right.
I mean, the new New York police chief.
Or the new New York mayor who was one of the senior police.
He ran on stopping the mandates and stuff.
And now he says, I got the article right here, it's racist to not want to take your shots.
I mean, how transparent is that?
Trudeau says the truckers are racist because they don't want to take an experimental shot.
I mean, that is just outrageously, obviously bull.
Well, Alex, identity politics is the new down syndrome for the masses.
It's what it is.
I mean, they're just basically dumbing people down every time they bring up race.
I don't care about your race.
I don't care about anything.
I just want, I want you to not be murdered by Bill Gates.
And hopefully you have that feeling for me at the same time.
And all of this eugenicists, you know, and I hope, and I hope that my efforts are putting, I don't want the Gates Foundation to have a victory lap.
You know, I've been out here when you put out that Francis Boyle interview about the gain of function.
That's when I decided to come out here and start protesting the Gates Foundation because I knew they were involved and I knew it would all come out, you know, and it slowly is, you know, it's just we have to, yeah, we just have to just shed our fear and become
I'm not violent.
There's just no violence on my record.
But I'm definitely going to be here.
I'm tenacious and I'm never going to give up.
Showing everybody that he was bad.
He came out day one and predicted it would give you HIV-like symptoms.
He came out and predicted that it would erase your immune system.
Because obviously he didn't just predict that, he has a lot of sources.
Very frightening stuff to now see it all happen like you said.
It's horribly frightening and I got a hold of a documentary, In Lies We Trust.
You know, I don't know if you've watched it.
It's with Dr. Leonard Horowitz, the guy that designed infomercials back in the 80s.
Man, that really woke me up, and to see it all just explode in our faces the way it has.
Oh yeah, Horowitz was a complete and absolute trailblazer.
And then I think all the knowledge of this kind of went, he went a little, I've gone crazy too, I'm not putting him down, but Horowitz definitely was way ahead of his time, and I think the knowledge drove him mad.
It's easy to do.
If you don't see positive returns and you just see darkness at every horizon, I feel for you.
Well, that's a problem with people that have 150 IQs.
I mean, I know Horowitz well.
He's a very smart guy.
But he just, it's just, I mean, I have trouble not going crazy knowing all this.
How do you handle it?
Because, I mean, this is some, this is like, it's like, you know, the military gets tired of being in the 2-3 or war.
Special Ops are even more intense.
They all go crazy doing it.
I mean, this, once the world wakes up that we're all in a war and under attack,
People are going to, I mean, because I've been doing this forever and I'm all like saying I'm some veteran, I'm some great soldier.
But let me tell you, I have been in a damn war for 28 years.
I know how real this is.
And as the public figures that out, I wonder how they're going to handle it.
How have you handled it?
Sometimes I've handled it well.
Sometimes I haven't handled it right.
I've lost all of my family because of this, because I've, you know, I wanted them to wake up.
I didn't want them to be hurt, but I might've pushed them away.
So it's, it's cost me tremendous.
I mean, I, I flew way, way too close to the sun.
And I'm, I don't care.
You know, at the same point, I did it for, I did it for all the right reasons.
So if my road to hell is paved with good intentions, so be it.
I still know that I'm right and I'm not going to shut up.
And I hope that it affects people because if I don't, if see, that's the thing, we've got all this darkness in us because we've learned it all.
But if we don't do something with it,
If we don't oppose the evil, then it's just gonna, it's gonna eat us alive.
I get upset by night and then empowered by day fighting it.
Like I'll be researching this stuff and it's just like, I can't believe our own fellow humans act like this.
I mean, this is evil.
They're hostages.
They're hostages by the PSYOP.
No, you're right.
Most people serving under, I'm sorry, elaborate on that.
Well, we were raised by Madison Market and Edward Bernays.
I mean, he already had America Co-Opted and everything established before I was born and before you were born.
And so, our parents just thought that that was the way to get along.
And now, they basically just threw us in the bear trap and nobody sprung it up until now.
But it was always a bear trap.
It was never designed to be this peaceful society.
We're not supposed to go to the stars, Alex.
We're supposed to be in mass graves by 2030, right?
According to the Diegel Report.
And they've got new TV shows where we eat bugs in the future.
The rich do.
So they're telling you, you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing.
Robots run your life and you eat bugs.
And people think, well, we'll never do that.
No, it's part of their ritualized humiliation of us, which is their religion, vampirically destroying our incredible potential is their energy source.
Absolutely, and I will not be in that ritual.
I'm not going to be ritually sacrificed.
My kids aren't going to be ritually sacrificed.
I know with the intentions upon all of the message that they put at my children and at me, and I refuse to be in the sacrifice, you know.
So that's what we all have to come to grips with, is that are we going to participate in the sacrifice?
And that sacrifice, it's every freaking second.
You know, we have to keep our guard up.
We have to pray to God.
I mean, I've got, I'm in God's hands right now.
Thank the Lord for his protection at this point in time.
It is, it has been tremendous.
And you've brought me, you literally, I mean, you've, you know, I've come across your research and I've listened to your words because they're powerful and you've got a way of, you have a yearning to touch people's hearts and souls and it's,
And it's true, and it's convincing, brother, and you've brought me to God and Christ, and I hope that I'm worthy of this incredible responsibility, but I'm not afraid.
Well, brother, none of us are worthy, but through Christ we're all worthy, and we're all brought to the next level.
But you're right.
This is the big challenge.
This is the big war.
This is the war for the future.
And it's all very transactional.
They're going to try to cut the resources off so we transactionally give up our free will knowingly to the system, and then lose our eternal capital they're trying to steal.
So don't fear who he can kill the body, but he can kill the soul.
We'll be right back with our special guest who's bullhorned 80 plus times for hours on end at the Bill and Melinda Gates
Worldwide death center.
When you project your own good intentions onto corrupt tyrants, whether they be in history books or in current days, you have handicapped yourself.
You cannot know psychotic evil unless you are of these people.
You just have to study how they operate, what their goals are, and oppose them.
You don't want to kidnap a child out of their backyard and take them and torture them.
But these people do.
You don't want to launch a war.
You don't want to see cities burn.
You don't want to see poisoned billions of people.
That makes them feel powerful and substantive.
And if you go to the Rider of the Jungle that then got made into a film, There Will Be Blood, they have the character who says, I have a competitiveness in me.
I don't want to see anyone else do well.
Well I have a competitiveness in me that I don't want to see people dominate and control me and not have me do well, but I actually see other people doing well and being successful when they build new things and are innovative as if my wealth has gone up.
I admire them.
I admire great artists and I admire
Great musicians, and I admire great poets, and I don't feel weak when they're strong.
I say, wow, I'm part of this species.
I can interface with this person and commune with the food they've cooked, or the clothes they made, or the crops they grew, or the guns they made, or the things they forged.
I'm connected to these people.
And the globalists know we're collectivists innately.
We're individuals that are collectivists.
So I'm an individualist, but real individualists create collectives, but are based on free will and what's best for the species.
So they manipulate us and say, oh yeah, sacrifice yourself for us, for the collective.
Do what we say for the better good, and then we take the shot, wear the mask, abuse our children, but we're not doing it for the greater good.
It's a lie.
The sociopaths, the psychopaths, are using our collectivist will against us
And we have to get the average leftist who's not an evil person but deceived to understand that.
Do you agree with that, Timothy?
Lastly, how do you think we deprogram the left before it's too late?
Or should we just move on from them and just build our own civilization and hopefully by example they will follow?
Um, no, I do agree with that 100%.
But I definitely believe that we've spent a lot of time trying to wake up people that hate us.
And, and that just goes to show our good nature and everything.
But maybe it's time to build a society that has doors for them to enter when they're ready.
Because at this point in time,
Everything, like I said, man, everything that they have constructed is a weapon system against humanity.
And it's entrenched in their psychology that we're evil and they're superior to us.
And I refuse to let them rule the world.
And these guys are psychopaths.
I mean, they're not, they're not even scientists anymore.
They've stripped them of their credentials right here and there.
They're not scientists.
They're not, they're not philanthropists.
They're not,
Influential, they're not celebrities, they're just monsters.
They're just monsters.
And so, we have to build a society that doesn't have as many monsters in it, or this will happen again, and again, and again.
I agree, and I'm gonna explain how the math works, this is an oversimplification, because I've had a lot of economists tell me, we've got one on next hour, and the numbers vary, because it's so fiat, it doesn't matter.
But let's say there is
We're good to go.
Paying all these people.
Why should they keep taking care of them?
And that's why they say, you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing, you'll eat bugs, is they've stolen the world, they believe digitally, they own it a hundred plus times over, so we literally are obsolete, and now they're trying to have us accept robots, so we are literally obsolete, so they can kill us!
Why would anyone want to go along with that?
Well, because they were born into this, as you said, and don't know.
That's why it's our responsibility to warn people, and then if they won't listen, that's fine.
But it is our responsibility.
It is.
I am my brother's keeper, 100%.
And if anything was to happen to you, it's going to happen to me, because I experienced it with you.
The establishment
There's no hope for them.
There's no reasoning with them.
And so we just have to move on.
We just have to literally set down what we've been taught about them and move on.
They're monsters.
And I encourage everybody to do this.
Klaus Schwab is not... He has no power when you take it from him.
He has no... Bill Gates doesn't have any power over me whatsoever.
He might have power over somebody else, but I took my power back.
And all of us individually, as a collective, we can do that.
I mean,
Every single country has globalists in them.
They all have UN offices.
We can take back our power.
We don't need to be in the United Nations.
We don't need to be in the World Economic Forum.
It's clutches.
By the way, if you study the globalists, they're actually pathetically weak.
They are.
They are.
They have, no, they're bumbling idiots with generational wealth and military systems.
That's it.
That's all they have.
And their science is back ass words.
They're you know, the inbred the whether they're inbred or they're just completely so it out.
I don't care anymore the brain damage It's it's taken and so we you know, unless we can rehabilitate them, too I doubt that will happen But what we have to do is we have to fight them because these kids are not safe.
No, nobody's safe they're gonna sterilize the world and belly laugh at the end of the night and
And we can stop that.
Me and you.
You and I. Everybody.
We can stop that.
We don't have to sit on our asses.
We don't have to be pushed over.
We don't have to go into the woodchippers.
I agree with you.
I want to play a paradoxical example here.
We've got Ilhan Omar coming out saying it's wrong to dox tens of thousands of people, including private women that own private businesses and people threaten to kill them.
I agree with her.
That's bullying.
It's evil.
It's wrong.
And then we've got the clip.
Of the leftists that took credit for doxing these folks.
I'm going to go ahead and play that clip because when you see the really anti-human, gremlin-like spirit of this guy saying he'll do it, he'll do it again, he'll do it over and over again, it's this weird spirit that the men who carry this out engage in.
And some would call it effeminate.
I'm not about to insult women.
This is not effeminate.
It is a
It's like a toddler throwing a fit.
I forget his name.
What clip is he?
This is apparently the person that hacked Give Sin Go.
And here he is saying, I'm an effing cyber terrorist.
And now they're firing people, they're terrorizing them, they're breaking windows out of their businesses, because they supported peaceful truck drivers saying they didn't want a deadly shot given to them.
Here it is.
First some demonic sheathing.
Nothing scares me.
I doxed the truckers!
I did it!
It was me!
I hacked Gibson Go, baby!
And I'd do it again!
I'd do it a hundred times!
I did it!
I did it!
Come at me!
What are you gonna do?
What are you gonna do to me, huh?
That's Aubrey Cottle.
That's who wants to be in control of your social credit score, writhing like a snake.
And I'm telling you, the human traffickers, they all act like this.
Put him back on.
I hacked Truth Social!
I hacked!
Gibson, go!
I don't care!
You can literally put my name into the news tab on Google, and you can find everything I've got!
Let's do five more minutes with our guest before the Economist joins us, but here's some of the headlines.
CNN doxes, blackmails, WWE gift creator.
Remember all that?
And the whole corporate media, a bunch of them, jumped on board
But Ilhan Omar said it was wrong.
We've all confined our humanity.
I don't care if you're a woman, a man, a Muslim, a Christian, an agnostic.
This has got to stop, folks.
I would love to embrace Ilhan Omar.
I'd love to have her come out in support of America, the Second Amendment, thank the U.S.
military that saved her and her tribe that was being exterminated, and just to have her convert to Americanism.
She can keep her Islam, all of it.
She just needs to join us in freedom.
And that's good.
We don't want to hate Ilhan Omar.
We want to embrace Ilhan Omar.
We want to embrace everybody.
We want to win.
We want a human future.
And we can do anything together.
We'll be right back with our special guest.
People can find Timothy Lassley just by typing in his name.
You can find him on Facebook and Twitter until they ban it.
But it won't matter because he's going to be out there in the third dimension taking action and reaching a lot of people and leading big demonstrations.
We got a, speaking of big, big third hour ahead today.
A lot of news we haven't gotten to.
I only scratched the surface, but I want to give him some closing comments when we come back in T-minus two minutes.
And please don't forget this hour.
My goodness, I almost forgot.
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Back in stock, ladies and gentlemen.
We have several of our best-selling items.
Winter Sun is discounted, and so is Brain Force Ultra.
All right, Timothy, lastly, thank you so much, my friend.
I'll have you back again.
If I ever go out to the West Coast, hopefully I can meet with you.
What else do you want to get across to listeners that are out there and the viewers?
Just don't give up.
Even a small person like myself out in the middle of the obscure world, you know, you have that power.
You just have to just just believe in yourself, believe, believe that what you're doing is worth it and just go out and do it.
I mean, that's that's it.
You just get off your ass.
I was talking with Sabo and I was telling him I needed to build a crew and he's like, no, no, no, you don't need a crew.
You just need to look out why you do all the work.
So that's basically what you need to be doing.
We have a lot of work to do and the time is now.
We have the momentum.
The world is looking at us.
They know that we're right and now they're making a decision whether they should side with the normalcy bias or they should go into the future with us.
And we can take them over the horizon and I'm so excited to do it.
We just have to
Make Bill Gates and Fauci and all the eugenicists accountable so that we never have to worry about wasting our time and resources on this.
You know, Nazism obviously is a failed experiment.
So let's put it to rest.
Let's ash heap the Nazis and move on with humanity.
And by the way, you're totally right.
Everybody calls this a Nazi, that a Nazi.
If you look at Bill Gates and his dad and grandpa and all these groups, they're the groups that created the Nazis.
I mean, so it's beyond the Nazis.
This is literally who people think the Nazis are.
Absolutely, and I'm going to point my fingers.
I'm not afraid of them.
Don't be afraid of what they can do to you.
Be afraid of what they'll do if you don't oppose them.
And so, that's it.
Just listen to Alex.
Alex Jones is basically 100% correct.
All the time.
You know, and I'm putting it to, I'm putting your words into effect in real time out in the 3D world, brother.
You're putting so much fire in my soul and I really appreciate it.
We are on that, that wavelength, that transmission of God.
And I, dude, we, at the end of this, you deserve a plaza of statues.
Well, I don't want those.
I just want our children to be together in the future.
But the point is, brother, we're going to win this.
And you're right.
We're going to get past this evil together.
There'll be other hurdles we have to face, but this evil will be deceited.
And, you know, definitely their whole system is falling apart right now.
My big concern is what do you think they're going to pull next?
I mean, Biden now says the Russians are going to hit us with a cyber attack and turn the lights off.
I mean, that's easy to predict he'd say that next.
I don't think they'll do the lights off thing because all of the power plants, the new power plants are tied to the electric grid and we don't really have that much of a fuse if those things go off like you said.
Um, I think they're gonna try to do more scandemics.
They're gonna, like the monkeys, they're gonna try to see how, how traumatized we are.
And, you know, a large portion of the population is severely traumatized, so it might have some effect, but we have to close the labs.
We have to get these quote-unquote authority figures, these politicians, we have to get them to close the labs.
We don't need any, I mean, without these labs in operation, they basically don't have that much, you know, weight.
You know, nobody's gonna nuke, they're not gonna nuke us.
You know, I don't think that they're going to set forth any news.
I think they've figured out... That's right.
The Globalists get these news because that might kill them.
They're going to keep creating labs and claim it's leaks.
Like Rand Paul says, we've got to shut down the weapon labs.
I totally agree with you.
I mean, Hillary Clinton's afraid of fallout.
So she put that in her email.
So they're not going to nuke everybody.
What they will do is they will poison us either soft kill weapons or maybe they'll just say the hell with it and load up a couple planes.
But in the meantime, we could be building a resistance that changes the paradigm in the infrastructure.
We need attorneys.
We need the state attorneys to prosecute gates.
We need at least one state to come forth and lead humanity out of this.
That was an amazing interview.
Edward Dowd is an ex-Wall Street professional, worked at HSBC, Donaldson, Lufkin, BlackRock, you name it.
He is about to expose what's really going on with the global economy and what you can expect to happen next.
That is in 60 seconds, here in the third hour of the Alex Jones Show.
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I've been following Edward Dowd for a long time.
He's a former Wall Street professional, and you could say a BlackRock insider, HSBC, you name it.
And I've read a lot of his work and seen a lot of his predictions come true.
He's worked all over Wall Street, the sell side, the buy side, expert in fixed income, equities, capital markets.
He's currently trying to start a hedge fund and got a lot of other stuff going on.
And he's here to talk about the Pfizer fraud, the VAERS database, insurance companies.
I'd like to start with what's going on with Pfizer because if
People wake up to the fact that it's fraud.
We can end the vaccine programs right away, and that'll be a good start to ending this nonsense and madness that's going on across the globe.
So let me start there.
What would you like to know first?
No, you're the expert on this, and I know you've been predicting a lot of this.
I've seen your writings.
It's now happening.
We see Moderna going down.
We see Pfizer putting out stuff to their shareholders saying, get ready for bad clinical data to come out.
They try to suppress.
I mean, lay it out for us.
All right.
The CDC and the, I'm sorry, the FDA and Pfizer together are now trying to prevent the clinical trial data from the first initial vaccines that launched in January.
And so for me, when I heard that, I immediately thought, that's fraud.
You do not hide data from the public unless you've committed fraud.
And we saw all the deaths and the disability going on, so we knew that this is a cover-up of crimes.
Once I went public with that and appeared on the Steve Bannon Show, Brooke Jackson, the Ventavia whistleblower who was overseeing some of the clinical trials back in September of 2020, reached out to me and I did a podcast with her on the Thomas Paine podcast.
And it's become clear to me, the clinical data is fraud.
And interestingly enough, since that podcast went out and the news is kind of floating around Wall Street, that the whole clinical trial may be fraudulent, which I believe it is 100% in my opinion.
No one from the mainstream media has reached out to her.
I'm going to break some news today.
She's been contacted by Wall Street Investment Bank.
To get her on a call with institutional investors, pension funds, hedge funds, and they also wanted to go to a perhaps a live conference they hold to speak to 4,000 people.
So let me make a point here.
The mainstream media may ignore this.
Wall Street is not.
Wall Street is going and it's already started.
Moderna stock is down 70% from its high.
Pfizer's down 19%.
So we don't need the mainstream media because my goal has been to get these stocks to start underperforming.
And they started underperforming before I started to get more notoriety.
So it's not it's not due to me.
People smarter than me were already figuring this out.
And I want you to know Wall Street's rallying to this.
I'm getting lots of inquiries from former colleagues and people want to know what's going on.
So nothing will convince a sleeping public or those not awake yet.
Then red stocks are collapsing stocks money talks BS walks.
So this is my goal is to wake up the country through people saying that there's something going on and Wall Street is away.
And you know, Edward, I saw you a week and a half ago or whenever it was on Steve Bannon, and the news was so big because I separately had researched it and knew what you were saying was accurate.
That's amazing.
I didn't have the level of understanding you did.
And then immediately started to see the actions.
I think it's fair to say you telling the truth and bringing this out has contributed a lot.
You know, I also want to say, this hallucination nationally, the propaganda and the people who got the jabs, there's lots of people who got these jabs.
That didn't understand what was going on.
And a lot of them are in the investment world.
A lot of them are smart people.
They were duped too.
And some of these people that got the job are doing the work on shorting these stocks because, you know, you can guess they're mad as hell.
And you've awakened the sleeping giant known as Wall Street.
And Wall Street is on the move.
The smart money is moving first.
As always, there's lead steers.
Nothing gets going faster than a red momentum downtrending stock.
So I think those of you who still think nothing's going on, you don't want to be what I call the bag holder.
You don't want to be the guy taking the fourth jab booster and holding these stocks down to Moderna's going to zero.
And I think Pfizer eventually goes sub $10 once the lawsuits come out.
Now, there's a lot of questions about the indemnity that they have.
Well, if fraud can be proven, which I think the case is, you know, 100%, then fraud eviscerates all contracts.
There's multiple case law about this.
When one party enters into a contract, say a government,
And fraud was occurring when they entered into that contract.
The other party didn't know that.
The contract is void and numb.
So, there's no indemnity if this can be proven, and I think it will be.
Well, please continue because, again, I saw your Big Band interview.
I was already familiar with some of your work.
I said, please get in on my producers.
And now since a week and a half, everything you said started to come true.
I mean, I'm just blown away by this.
And as a layperson, that's what I thought was happening, was these moves against Moderna and now Pfizer seemed like a lot of powerful people in Wall Street were going against it.
And then to see the top executives, not just the head of Moderna, but others deleting their accounts.
This shows me that it wasn't a pump and dump, but it shows a true real panic going on, which shows me this is a seismic event.
Yeah, the Moderna is clearly in a downtrend.
People are dumping it.
I think it's a zero once the fraud comes out.
They're a single product company.
Pfizer has a lot of other products, but they're going to get a lot of lawsuits.
And so that's going to cause their stock, in my opinion, humble opinion, to go, you know, sub $10 at some point.
So Wall Street is waking up.
Not everyone's awake.
There's still a lot of what I call asymmetric information, meaning some people are figuring it out and others are still unaware and asking questions why these stocks are underperforming.
I'd like to highlight the mainstream media seems puzzled
As to why these stocks are going down, and I'd like to alert the mainstream media, they're going down because of the vaccine deaths and injuries that are starting to show up in insurance company reports and funeral home company reports.
Funeral home companies are gross stocks.
They had a great year in 2021.
Compared to 2020, they outperformed the S&P 500.
The peer group of funeral home stocks was up 40 plus percent.
The S&P was up 26.
And they started accelerating price wise in 2021 during the rollout of the vaccines.
OK, so, you know, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to connect the dots here.
I totally agree, and I want to give you the floor when we come back in the next 40 minutes to really lay this out.
Again, I don't know whether I would call Edward Dowd a whistleblower, a Wall Street insider.
That's why my intro, I wanted to build it up because it's so huge what's happening.
What's the best definition for what you're doing?
Because I know our listeners are going to ask me, well, I mean, what is this?
A whistleblower?
An insider?
A forecaster?
What would you call yourself?
Well, Alex, you know, my whole career,
My job was to be ahead of the news and be a lead steer.
And we didn't wait for the Wall Street Journal.
So you're a futurist.
You're a trendsetter.
Well, that's what we call stock picking.
And you know, what's funny is when I take my stock picking skills outside of the realm of stock picking, I'm called a conspiracy theorist.
So basically, you're a stock picker, Alex.
You don't even know that, but you are.
That's what we do.
That's what I did my whole career was to connect the dots with 30% of the available information and bet capital on my predictions.
So this is an investment thesis.
That I'm making.
I can say that it's fraud because I'm talking to investors.
I don't need to prove it.
And you said this a week and a half ago, and it's all going down just like you said.
That's what's credible.
Edward Dowd, stay right there.
We'll be back in just a few minutes.
Thank you for joining us.
Edward Dowd is our guest.
He's worked for BlackRock, he's worked for HSBC, you name it, as an analyst and stock picker.
And of course, he went on a week and a half ago or so on
Steve Bannon show and just laid out his predictions about what was about to unfold and what was about to happen.
And his predictions have come true.
We've seen a 70% drop in Moderna.
We've seen a 13% drop or so in Pfizer.
We're seeing major governments say, don't give the shots to children.
We're seeing even UN officials come out against it.
A huge event is taking place.
I've got an article we're printing right now.
We'll cover it next segment.
The government of Scotland will no longer release death data, saying it's being misrepresented by anti-vaxxers, because the death numbers are way up.
And then he was mentioning this earlier, huge, huge numbers.
Insurance groups sees death rates rise up to 40% over pre-pandemic levels.
That broke a few weeks ago.
Now other major insurance companies are showing similar or higher numbers.
So again, joining us is Edward Dowd, laying all this out as an analyst and where he thinks it's going next.
Again, thanks for joining us.
Please continue.
Yeah, let me just back up.
So the first company to report this was One America in January.
I saw that report and I got it on Zero Hedge.
I grabbed the Chamber of Commerce video, got it to Dr. Malone, Steve Kirsch, and that started to go viral.
So that was the beginning.
I said, OK, we have one.
Let's see what the others say.
And they reported the first week of February.
Let me just give you some shocking numbers of what we saw.
Unum insurance.
Now I'm comparing Q4 loss ratio or death claims versus the 2019 base rate.
Unum plus 36 percent.
Lincoln National plus 57 percent.
Prudential plus 41.
Reinsurance Group of America plus 21%, Hartford plus 32%, MetLife plus 24%, and Aegon, which is a Dutch insurer, saw in their US arm plus 57% in the fourth quarter.
In the third quarter, they saw 258% increase in deaths or claims.
We don't know the actual numbers, but it's a shocking number.
And let me just also note one thing that happened in Agon's quarter.
On the conference call, they were asked about what their expectations for mortality were in the U.S.
They raised expectations by 300,000 for 2022 over 2021 due to COVID and what's called indirect COVID.
Which I think we know what that's code for.
They also did in the fourth quarter interesting transaction.
Now this is speculation on my part, but I think it's good speculation.
They did a 1.4 billion dollar reinsurance deal with Wilton Reinsurance or Winston.
I can't remember Winston or Wilton Reinsurance.
Uh, and on the conference call, I went into the conference call transcripts.
A sell-side analyst seemed very confused about why they would do the deal.
The economics of the deal looked very unfavorable to Agon.
Um, I suspect, uh, in a year or two, the deal will look very favorable.
And what they were reinsuring were high face amount individual policies.
These are policies, you know, from 1 million to 10 million, these big, big policies.
I think there's an asymmetric information situation going on in the insurance industry where some people have figured out something's going on and they're offloading their risk.
They're not going to say what it is because they don't want that information to get out as they unload the risk.
So someone's going to be the bag holder on this in the insurance industry.
So that I find very interesting.
Let me just back up.
You know, I believe this is fraud, and unlike other frauds where people lost money like Enron or, you know, just other classical frauds we've seen throughout our financial history, people are dying and being maimed.
This is a fraud that goes beyond the pale.
And we now have three sources of information that something's going on.
We have the VAERS database, which a lot of people like to poo-poo.
We now have the DOD leak that Tom Rents got.
And now we have the insurance company results and the funeral home results.
And they're reporting good numbers.
Services Corporation International today or yesterday reported they had great numbers and they're looking for, you know, continued growth.
They didn't call out COVID, they didn't call out a vaccine, but we don't need to
Think too hard about this.
Death should have gone down in the year that the miracle vaccine was rolled out, not gone up.
And that's what we're seeing.
So this is the most egregious fraud in the history of the nation, and it's global.
I totally agree with you.
The numbers don't lie.
Plus, my own anecdotal evidence is people are devastated by these shots.
I don't think this is going the way Bill Gates and BlackRock and some of the kingpins up at the top like Klaus Schwab thought it would go.
Um, you know, I don't have the information to definitively say any of those people are involved, but all I know is Feising's involved.
And they committed fraud.
No, I agree with you.
What I'm saying is just to speculate as an American, as a man, how would the system roll something out this disastrous when top scientists a year and a half ago warned us what happened?
I mean, it's not like they didn't know that spike protein injections do this or that it causes microcarditis and heart attacks.
I mean, that was in CDC documents in October of 2020 before they gave the shots.
Why would you do this?
Well, look, I
I'm on record speculating, and again, this is a thesis.
It's not proven yet, but I put out a pinned tweet on my Twitter, which I couched under the term of a dystopian movie.
And pretty much everything I laid out in May of 2020 came true.
And how did I get there?
Well, you know, a lot of us in the financial world have been wondering when the debt bubble that we've been blowing the last several years is going to end.
And when it ends,
Um, it's not going to be pretty.
And so when I saw COVID go down and I knew there was a debt bubble that had to end eventually, I said, well, if this is, we can speculate whether it was released on purpose or a convenient excuse.
But I was able to come up with my pin tweets because if I wanted to cover up the debt crisis, um, I would do exactly what I said in my pin tweets.
Um, I thought like a criminal and it wasn't that hard to come up with that, uh, because
You know, if you're going to have a debt crisis and the pensions can't get paid and the social contract is already broken, most people don't know that yet, you're going to have to have a system in place to control the riots, limit travel, control bank accounts.
We see Trudeau controlling bank accounts under the guise of medical tyranny to help us because, you know, we're
And here we are.
We're so at risk from a virus that 99.9% of us survive.
So that's speculation on my part, but my tweets are very accurately proven to show
That's what I would do if I was in a group.
That's right, and we're going to come back in the next longer segment and show those, but your analysis is mine, exactly.
You've got the end of a Ponzi scheme, the social contract's broken, what do you do?
You hit people with a devastating event, so now the very people that orchestrated the event pose as the saviors, and then have the organized collapse, which they pretend to be the saviors of during said collapse, and that's basically the globalist post-industrial Great Reset model.
And then the question is, how is the Great Reset going?
And I would say, not too well.
People now know they're behind it.
This is explosive.
Stay with us.
Steve Bannon and predicted all of what was about to happen with the stocks plunging and all the rest of it.
The interviews are out there.
We'll link to it today.
Once the show isn't live, the archive of this interview at Bandot Video with that interview under it.
So he's calling it like he sees it.
His analysis with his pinned tweets here is like a prediction going back months and months ago of exactly what has happened.
So please continue with the
Funeral home numbers, and I see those as well, that's not hidden.
All over the Western world they say it's unprecedented.
You got the cancer diagnostic facility saying they're seeing explosive numbers.
We got the VAERS system, and then you were pointing out, you know, some of the other areas that are bringing numbers in.
This is really something that can't be suppressed.
And then I agree with you that this was done as a way to kind of have a pretext for why society broke instead of it being the fractional reserve banking and the fiat currency and the derivatives and the scams that were run.
But I don't see it going well for the managerial technocrat class, kind of the Davos class, that obviously all the evidence shows is trying to ride this tiger.
I think they're not riding a tiger.
I think they've got a tiger by the tail.
What do you say?
If this is a plot, which I don't have any evidence for, but, you know, if I was running the show, this is exactly what I would do if I wanted to prevent people from figuring out that I blew up the world with the sovereign debt problem.
It's not going well for them.
At all.
You know, you can't hide the bodies.
And that's the sad thing about this.
The bodies are piling up.
And, you know, I know people are going to want to fact check me, and I want to say something about some of the things I've said to you.
First of all, when I went on the Steve Bannon Show, people, I said I wanted to be a lightning rod, and people said to me, oh, are you worried they're going to come after you?
I said, no, I want to be a lightning rod of people reaching out to me.
And that's occurred.
I have a team behind me.
Brooke Jackson reached out to me, the Ventavia whistleblower.
An ex-insurance sell-side, highly ranked institutional investor, a sell-side analyst reached out to me, and he's helping me with this insurance analysis.
This isn't just me.
Although I'm capable of it, he saved me about three weeks worth of work, and he has some good insights, and he's an insurance expert.
So the thing I want to point out about these insurance numbers that the fact-checkers might come after me on, is these are group, we focused on group life policies.
And that's important because you're going to see the results there first, because that's market to market.
Contracts are signed every year.
For instance, if you join a mid-sized company or a Fortune 500 company as a 25-year-old, you get, you know, your health benefits, your dental, and you get some sort of life benefit.
It's the minimum is 100 grand, 200 grand, something like that.
And so these are working age people.
These are not
People that are depressed, without jobs, that are suicidal, overdosing on fentanyl.
Which is what the fact checkers will try to say.
These are people with jobs that are working and employed.
So that's an important thing to distinguish.
And these contracts are mark to market.
They renew them every year.
So the data is fresh.
The individual policies are done under a different accounting system and will show up in different ways more slowly because it's Byzantine insurance actuarial and accounting.
So we're not focused on that.
We're focused on group life policies.
And that's where these numbers are coming from.
So fact checkers, fact check me all you want.
Well said.
Where do you think this is going?
You extrapolated the numbers out months ago.
It's happened.
What do you think is going to come next?
This route in biotech stocks, in gene therapy stocks, is accelerating.
Obviously, rats are going to leave the sinking ship.
A lot of people are opportunists.
A lot of folks, once they see Gates and Fauci and others are in trouble, are going to turn against them.
More whistleblowers are coming out faster than I can keep track of them.
Project Veritas has a high level.
So, let's talk about what's going to happen.
You know, part of my thesis is that Pfizer and the FDA conspired, much like the rating agencies were
I think?
50% of the budget from the FDA comes from large-cap pharma.
So, over years, the whole institution's been corrupted, and the rubber-stamping results, and that's why they want to hide the data, because the fraud would be exposed if the data is released.
So, what do I think is going to happen?
Let me put it to you this way.
They're caught.
They're caught.
What does that mean?
Well, this is a different kind of fraud than we've ever seen, because when other fraudsters got caught, there were regulatory agencies that would come in and save the day.
DOJ, SEC, FDA, if there was any kind of fraud in a clinical trial.
They're all captured, or don't care, or they don't... The government is not coming to save us.
I would call that a type of corruption singularity.
So, you know, the corruption has moved in the dot-com era.
It was corporate fraud.
Then the central banks pumped up the money and then the fraud moved on to it's a Ponzi scheme corporate.
The fraud always has to find a home and it moved on to the balance sheets of the central banks and not the central banks, the banks and the great financial crisis.
Then they pumped up the money again after 2008, 2009, and the corruption's now at the central banks and the governments.
So, this corruption is just corruption writ large.
And so, because no one's coming to save us, the only way this is going to end is through political, you know, the politicians will turn on these
Partners of theirs.
They may be on winning partners with these these people and they will turn at the court of public opinion turns and that's what we need to wake up more and more people across the nation as to what's going on so that the politicians will rat out
Uh, everybody, because that's what they do.
They're rats themselves.
Um, secondly, um, I expect it's going to get worse before it gets better because they're caught.
They're going to triple down.
So I expect complete and utter chaos the next three or four months.
Um, you saw what Homeland Security put out, um, a week ago, that if you, um, raise questions about the government institutions that sow seeds of doubt, you're a domestic terrorist.
Cause they, they see what's coming.
I mean, I agree.
None of this is a sign of strength.
This is a sign of extreme panic and weakness.
So what does a criminal do?
So they're caught.
Think like a criminal.
There's an old saying on Wall Street, think like a criminal to figure out what a criminal is going to do.
So when the cops bust the person robbing the bank, he grabs the teller and puts the gun to their head.
Uh, you know, what's the criminal, what's the criminal, what are these guys going to do?
They can, they can run while it's a global thing.
So there's nowhere to go.
So, uh, they're going to triple down and they're gonna try to scare people into silence.
I'm not going to remain silent.
I agree with you.
So the answer is telling the truth.
Final segment with our special guest, Edward Dowd.
Where do people find your work?
I know Twitter, at D-O-W-D-E-D, Ward, and also on Getter.
Where else can folks find the great work you're doing?
I dump everything on Getter and Twitter, so it's Twitter at Dowd, Edward, D-O-W-D, Edward, and Getter at Edward Dowd, D-O-W-D.
All right, Edward Dowd, stay there.
Final segment straight ahead, but I can say this.
This is one hell of a time to be alive.
I think they're trying to start this war with Russia as a diversion.
They don't know what to do.
What else are they going to pull?
A cyber attack?
You know, Biden says, oh, the Russians are about to launch a cyber attack.
This is such an important time.
What can we do to try to land this plane with no casualties is my question, because I don't want war with the globalists.
I don't want their scalps on the wall.
I'd like to see them go to jail.
People don't do this anymore.
But I just want to stabilize the economy and not live in this evil.
It's that eerie sound, going now for more than 20 days, in the capital of Canada, that sends shockwaves of fear into the establishment.
They thought they could control the media.
They thought they could control the population.
They thought we would accept the obvious depopulation right in front of us, but we didn't.
You go back to Operation Lockstep and Event 201 and others, it's very clear.
This is an orchestrated event.
And if you go back two years ago,
And Edward Dowd's tweets, as I was just showing earlier of your TV viewer, he was predicting all of this as an analyst and a stock picker could do.
And he's here now.
So in the six, seven, eight minutes we have left, I really appreciate you.
We'll be watching what you're doing.
We hope you'll join our other shows like Harrison Smith, Weekday Mornings and Owen Troyer, 3 p.m.
Central, whenever you like.
But other things you'd like to impart to the several million people tuned in right now.
Thank you, Alex.
First of all, I just want to say thank you for your bravery and what you do without alternative voices.
And you're a guiding light to a lot of the alternative media, so I just want to thank you for your bravery and the multiple lawsuits you seem to be under, and the amount of your personal capital you've had to spend on that.
So I applaud you.
Well, God bless you, brother.
It's well worth it.
But thank you for the kind words.
So, you're a smart guy.
You predicted all this, and you're dead on that the rats are leaving the sinking ship.
What comes next, or what else do you want to tell folks?
Well, it's going to get worse from here, but there's light at the end of the tunnel.
They're not going to win.
The awakening is happening so fast.
And I saw your show a couple days ago where you drew a graph of the awakening and it's going parabolic, like you said.
And if I'm any indication of that, let me tell you what's happened in the last four weeks since I started really getting notoriety.
I've had old Wall Street colleagues reach out.
Many have had these thoughts that I've had, but haven't been able to express them for fear or not wanting to be seen as crazy.
And I've had so many inquiries into all sorts of social media and people expressing the same kind of things.
So the awakening is going parabolic.
And we're going to win.
So that's that.
But it's going to get worse before it gets better.
Don't be afraid.
There's just not enough people to, you know, I guess what I want to say is I implore people to be brave now.
And what that means is however you want it to be.
It could be as simple as taking the information you've seen from Alex or myself about this fraud and showing it to a loved one who still thinks that this vaccine is the way to go and show them the stock price and say Wall Street's smelling something bad.
So this is a battle for the marginal mind, and everybody in the country needs to start acting and having tough conversations with people that they love that may not agree with them.
And we can change it one mind at a time.
My job the last four weeks has been to have one Wall Street mind changed at a time, and it's happening.
It's one phone call at a time.
And what finally pushed you over the edge?
Because I saw the stuff on Twitter going years back, you predicted this, but what made you really go on the offense four weeks ago?
Well, so, you know, look, God is involved here.
My voice was a lot smaller, and in September of last year, I was praying to God to make me useful and of service, and then Dr. Malone came to the island in October, and I was lucky enough through, I think, an act of God to go to the private dinners he was at.
to be able to present to him a document called the Malone Doctrine which we don't need to talk about now and he and I have become friends and due to my association with him I'm now put in the spotlight so I've had these thoughts I just had a bigger microphone to get them out and unfortunately the data is so overwhelming that
That's why my voice is rising.
It's obvious to most people now that are awake that this is not a conspiracy theory.
This is happening.
People are dropping dead.
People are being maimed.
I agree.
Well, it's like at a wedding, in case somebody wants to challenge it.
You say, if anyone wants to challenge this wedding, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.
Maybe the groom doesn't want it.
Maybe the bride doesn't want it.
Maybe the father, the brother, the cousin, old boyfriend.
Well, this isn't a marriage of a man and woman.
This is a marriage of death and evil and the New World Order.
Speak now and forever hold your peace.
Like what you said, courage now.
This is the time to be speaking out.
This is the zeitgeist.
Because they've made their big move and if you don't stand up now, I think the Rubicon for them was the children.
Even with the regulators in Europe and here saying, no, don't give it to kids.
And finally, that seems to be the breaking point is, like with Tony Montana, the fictional character, where they want him to blow up the little girls in the guy's car.
He goes, I told you, no women, no kids.
There's that point where you're like, I can't be part of this.
I agree.
It's basically, they crossed the Rubicon.
And it's a problem.
And people are not going to stand for it.
Well, I'm a decent judge of body language.
I don't take pleasure in this because they're dangerous.
They're cornered.
But I look at Fauci and Bill Gates.
They don't look arrogant anymore.
Klaus Schwab doesn't look arrogant anymore.
They look scared.
And it happened about two months ago.
They look really scared now.
And they're also acting scared.
And you see that with the Moderna CEO and others running scared.
I'm concerned, though, what are they going to pull now that they are cornered animals?
Well, let's talk about what I am an observer of things.
Fauci has been a no-show on the morning shows.
He's kind of disappeared the last three weeks.
That's very interesting to me.
Janet Yellen, Treasury Secretary, is a no-show as bond market yields are rising and stock markets wobble.
Where is she?
Where are the cabinet members?
I don't see a lot of news coming from them.
The only people I'm hearing from are
The Crypt Keeper, POTUS Puppet, Biden, and Pisaki.
Those are the only two people I see.
So there's something going on, I think, behind the scenes because of the strange silence from a lot of the officials.
Yeah, I mean, look at her body language.
She looks like she's in front of a firing squad right there.
She's not arrogant anymore, is she?
And, you know, I think they know they're caught.
And this is, you know, when you're caught, you disappear.
And that's what's happening.
Well, we got three minutes left, brother.
What else you want to tell folks?
We really appreciate all your great knowledge.
Well, let me think.
I mean, we hit a lot of great stuff here.
Why don't you ask me a question?
Well, you know, once you leave, there's something you wish you were going to say.
That's why I can always ask other questions.
But what else is it you want to get out there?
We're having an impact.
And you're having an impact.
And, you know, I think the big point I want to make out to people is what I said at the beginning of the broadcast.
Wall Street is awake.
And they're not happy.
A lot of these people were forced to take jabs because of the firms they work for.
As they start to awaken to the fact that they were jabbed with a, let's call it a poison, the capital behind
These stocks will quickly dissipate, meaning the people who own them will sell the stocks, and the hedge funds will jump on these like sharks when they smell blood.
And these stocks will get pummeled, and that will waken up a lot of people.
That's my biggest point when I drive home, is you're trying to convince someone that there's something going on.
Show them the stocks and say... That's the smartest thing I've heard.
I never even thought of that.
I'm so dumb.
Tank the stock.
That's what people really look at.
That shows them.
That creates a reality on its own.
So many people don't actually look what's in it.
They look if everybody's lined up to get it.
But if we can show them that, absolutely.
So my biggest concern is war.
I think this whole Russia thing is how they try to distract us.
But luckily, the Russians aren't playing along, so that's got to really piss them off.
In closing, in one minute, what else do you think the establishment pulls?
Just gut level.
First thing in your mind, what do they pull next?
Yeah, you just triggered, I was going to say something earlier, but I forgot to.
Go ahead.
I had no idea who Klaus Schwab was before COVID, or what the World Economic Forum was.
But, you know, they seem to have had a coming out party.
And this Bond villain, Bond accent villain speaking weirdo who wears a Klingon outfit, told us in 2020 that the next threat is a cyber virus.
Okay, that's interesting.
So let's take him at his word.
Well, then what happened in the fall?
We had Cyber Polygon.
A bunch of nations got together to war game this.
So I wouldn't be surprised if we saw the internet or electrical grids go down and they blame it on the Russians, the Chinese, Iranian hackers, North Koreans, whatever.
I mean, this is not beyond something.
This is something I actually expect.
I mean, if I had to predict something, it's going to be some cyber
I totally agree.
I absolutely think you're right.
All right, Edward Dowd, thank you so much.
Former Wall Street professional, HSBC, BlackRock, you name it.
And you can find him at D-O-W-D-E-D-W-A-WARD.
You can find him right there.
And we really appreciate you joining us and coming on the show.
Great job.
Thank you so much, and I really appreciate your bravery.
Thank you.
Appreciate you.
All right.
Paul Watson takes over.
I got five minutes to do before he comes on.
And Paul Watson takes over.
Every day we're on air is precious.
But what you just heard is dead on, folks.
And we are kicking their ass right now, but I'm not an arrogant person.
Let me tell you, we got these people cornered and we're like taking them out.
They're going to fight back.
So fight as hard as you can, folks, because this is Minute to Minute Warfare.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, my friends, Paul Joseph Watson is set to take over.
And what a powerful broadcast we just had.
What a great crew we've got.
What an amazing time to be alive.
I want listeners to understand something.
Everything you've done keeping us on air for decades has been incredible.
But it's like having a woman eight and a half months pregnant.
If she decides to abort that baby at eight and a half months in America, it's still legal as hell.
Doesn't mean it's right.
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Hell, we're more like eight months, 29 days pregnant.
I mean, we are, everything we've done is now bearing fruit.
Everything we've done, you did, is now having a giant effect.
And that's not hype.
Hell, I've never seen anything in my life that's delivered like InfoWars.
But you delivered.
You did this.
And now our most important work is at hand.
I look at decades of work, it was nothing compared to what we do in a week now.
We are hitting on all cylinders, ladies and gentlemen.
We are in the moment we were born for.
We are winning right now.
Despite all the death and all the obstacles and all the casualties, we are still where God wants us to be.
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Have courage.
Stand up and take action.
Because I'll tell you, there really is no courage in that.
It seems like it takes courage to fight evil, but the courage would be to just sit there and let evil take over mindlessly and let it beat you.
What I do is not through courage, it's through self-preservation and instinct and a spirit to fight hard.
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We're live, everyone, on this new edition of the Summit News Hour, 17th of February, 2022.
Got huge news coming up on Russia, with Blinken coming out and having a Colin Powell movement, or moment, of course, the Associated Press came out a few days ago, or last week, in fact.
And said that the US State Department was having an Alex Jones moment by saying that Russia was preparing a false flag with crisis actors.
Now Blinken's come out in front of the UN, gave a speech and accused Russia of planning a chemical attack as a pretext to invade Ukraine.
Where have we heard that before?
In every single instance that the Deep State is trying to justify its own involvement in another theatre of war.
Also going to get into the latest with the Canadian truckers.
Of course, the media has hysterically exploited the hack, the doxing of give, send, go donors, which happened on Sunday evening.
To try and pursue, harass, intimidate, bully out people, ordinary people choosing to give their hard-earned income to political causes that they support.
God forbid they would do that!
Name and shame them!
That's not journalism, that's harassment, that's intimidation, that is exploitation of doxxing.
We're going to get into more information about that.
First though, I want to start with the
100% safe and effective COVID vaccine.
Because we have an update on the comedian who collapsed on stage after bragging about taking a booster shot.
Tried to make a joke about it.
Literally 10 seconds later, was face-planted on the floor.
Headline out of Summit News, comedian who collapsed on stage after bragging about booster, says she won't be getting the fourth shot!
I'm sorry, but you have to laugh.
She's perfectly fine.
She ended up coming to no harm for now, so you have to laugh.
This was absolutely incredible.
Heather MacDonald.
Did a show in Tempe, Arizona earlier this month.
She said, and you've probably all seen the clip by now, I'm vaxxed, double vaxxed, boosted, flu shot and shingle shot, haven't gotten COVID and Jesus loves me the most.
Literally 10 seconds later, slam!
She was face first on the floor.
Well, now there's been an update to this because she went on Dr. Drew's podcast.
Who, to be fair to him, Dr. Drew's been pretty based on some other issues.
But she revealed that she had taken two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, but had a Moderna booster shot three weeks previously to her incredible face-planting collapse on stage.
Dr Drew pointed out that the most common time period for adverse reactions to occur from the 100% safe and effective, according to Fact Checker's booster, was, quote, two to three weeks after taking the booster shot.
And that one of the side effects was fainting.
Drew also asked McDonald if she was aware of any, quote, evidence of myocarditis, and proving her complete ignorance, which is probably why she took the third booster shot, McDonald said she'd never heard anything about myocarditis.
A lot of Premier League footballers and others across Europe certainly have heard about it now after multiple
Coincidental, according to the experts, collapses of soccer players minutes into games, some of whom have tragically died at the peak of physical health and physical conditioning.
Again, just a coincidence.
So, McDonald didn't express any dreaded anti-vax views, but she did say the collapse had made her reconsider getting jabbed again.
Quote, I mean, you know, what can I do now?
I don't think I'm going to get the fourth booster shot, though.
I will say that, she said.
I think I'm done.
Meanwhile, the Glasgow Times reports Covid data will not be published over concerns it's misrepresented by anti-vaxxers.
Move along, nothing to see here.
Public Health Scotland, that's the official public health body over the Scottish Government, will stop publishing data on Covid deaths and hospitalisations by vaccination status
Over concerns it's misrepresented by anti-vax campaigners.
Now, you would think if, as the narrative goes, the people who are unvaccinated are more likely to die from Covid or more likely to need serious treatment, ventilation treatment in hospitals from Covid, if they haven't taken the vaccine, you would think Scotland's public health body would be more keen to make those statistics, those figures, as public as humanly possible.
But no, they've gone the exact opposite way.
The Public Health Watchdog announced the change in policy in its most recent Covid statistical report, saying the frequency and content of the data would be reviewed.
Now they're literally trying to hide the information from the public.
It says, PHS officials say significant concerns about the data being misused deliberately by anti-vaccination campaigners is behind the move.
The report published on Wednesday will be the last weekly publication to include the data on infection rates among the vaccinated and unvaccinated.
It also includes hospitalisation and death rates broken down by the number of doses received.
So they're literally trying to sweep under the carpet the number of people in hospitals in Scotland who are dying from Covid based on whether they're vaccinated or unvaccinated.
You would think they'd be singing it from the rooftops if it backed up their narrative that the unvaccinated in far greater numbers would be dying from Covid, but they're not.
They've gone the exact opposite way and said they're not going to publish the data at all.
Interesting that, isn't it?
Meanwhile in Austria, which by the way it looks like they're going to drop this mandatory vaccination policy next month at some point,
Of course, in England, we had the NHS mandate for NHS nurses to get vaccinated.
The government has backpedalled, backtracked on that and dropped it.
Looks like a similar thing is going to be happening in Austria.
And in fact, the people that they hired, the government, to quote, hunt down vaccine refuseniks won't be needed for very much longer.
Turns out, according to studies, forced vaccination policy in Austria has no impact on jab uptake.
Austria's best-selling newspaper says the government's introduction of a mandatory vaccination policy has had no discernible impact on jab uptake in the nation's capital and could have even caused a drop-off.
Yes, it only caused the backlash, the rebellion, to be fuelled to an even greater degree.
Since the compulsory jab mandate came into force on February 5th, Kronen Zeitung, that's the big newspaper in Austria, reports that the law actually caused a reduction in the number of people being vaccinated.
Newspaper reported, quote, there's no mandatory vaccination effect and if there is then rather in the other direction.
So the day after they introduced the vaccine mandate in Austria, they found that fewer people than the day before actually decided to get vaccinated.
Doesn't work!
Their intimidation, their threats did not work, and now they're having to drop the mandate.
Good news!
Meanwhile, Levi Brandt, President, says she was offered $1 million to shut up about being fired over criticising Covid restrictions.
This is Levi, former Prime President Jennifer Say, who is a former gymnast, who made the assertion in an article posted on Barry Weiss's Substack, where she was indeed fired by Levi's after a targeted mob campaign because, God forbid, she dared to suggest that children wearing masks and forcing them to miss school would have an impact on their education and, as we've seen with speech therapists, their cognitive development.
364% increase!
In children displaying symptoms of autism and problems with cognitive development as it relates to speech because of adults wearing masks.
They learn how to develop language by lip reading, by watching and hearing people talk.
When you take that away from babies and toddlers, their emotional, their cognitive development gets stunted.
Which is why it's still an absolute disgrace that I still see parents
Today, in the park, pushing prams with babies, they're both wearing masks.
Outside, there's never even been a law in England that you had to wear a mask outside.
They removed all the restrictions for wearing them inside weeks ago.
Why in the blue hell are these
Religious not jobs, which is what it is at this point, and it's an extremist religion with their little trinkets, their little sacrifice, their little devotion to it.
Why are they still wearing masks?
Some of them even make their babies and children wear masks.
It's causing massive damage.
Don't go away, we'll be back.
Well, February 16th yesterday, of course, saw the despicable Russian invasion of Ukraine.
200,000 troops pouring into the country, missiles raining down, as we were told by US intelligence officials, as we were told by the mainstream media, would happen at the end of last week.
No, that didn't actually happen.
Nothing happened, and now they've started to remove the troops from the border.
Let's start off with this short video I made yesterday.
And then I'll go on to talk about the latest developments today.
This is But The Regime Promised Me A War.
Here's the clip.
Well, here we are, February 16th, Russian invasion day.
Russia set to invade Ukraine at 1am tomorrow with massive missile blips and 200,000 troops.
That didn't age well, did it?
Neither did this from Friday.
Russia will start a physical assault on Ukraine as soon as February 16.
Multiple US officials confirmed to Politico.
What actually happened?
Russia started withdrawing troops and weaponry from the Ukrainian border after their exercises in Belarus ended.
Moscow announced that all their troops currently stationed near Ukraine would return to their normal positions within four weeks.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky awkwardly said his declaration of a public holiday to mark the Russian invasion that never happened.
...have been a joke.
And now top Zelensky ally David Arakamia says there's a 99.9% chance that absolutely nothing will happen.
The Russian Foreign Ministry has called on Western media outlets to publish a full list of dates on which Russia will invade Ukraine for the year ahead, so Russian diplomats can schedule their vacations accordingly.
This is not satire!
They did this.
But the legacy media promised me a war!
The same legacy media that constantly whines about misinformation and fact-checking
We'll now have to fact-check itself.
Or maybe not.
It's okay when we do it!
So Russia has been saying for weeks that the US and NATO's insistence that they were going to invade Ukraine in mid-February was alarmist hysteria and baseless propaganda.
We pass mid-February!
And nothing happens!
So are we to conclude that Russia was correct?
How dare you, that's Russian propaganda!
Anyone who doesn't amplify breathless regime media propaganda about how Russia's definitely gonna invade any day now, promise.
Anyone who isn't maniacally twitching with glee about the imminent prospect of another catastrophic war must be a Russian agent, right?
Low bar these days, isn't it?
Pretty low bar.
And that's not even a joke, by the way.
The AP came out a couple of days ago quoting US intelligence officials who have proven so spectacularly wrong time and time again and said that zero hedge was Russian propaganda because they, God forbid, showcased, posted articles by people who didn't completely 100% agree with the NATO propaganda line
We're good to go.
He told reporters Thursday Russia is prepared to go into Ukraine, attack Ukraine.
The risk is very high.
There's every indication we have.
Every indication they had at the end of last week proven completely incorrect.
So now Blinken, the Secretary of State, has gone in front of the UN and had a Colin Powell movement headline out of Zero Hedge, the Russian propaganda outfit.
Blinken lays out Russian false flag chemical attack claims in dramatic UN Security Council speech.
The same false flag chemical attack presumably that the Obama administration talked about happening in Syria back all those years ago that turned out to be actually a false flag carried out by the Obama administration backed Syrian rebels.
They're playing that propaganda card once again.
Blinken went in front of the UN and basically had a Colin Powell moment, surprised he didn't hold up a vial of water, and said, I'm here today not to start a war, but to prevent one, because they really don't want a war.
They just talk about one happening every single day, and it never happens, but they don't want a war.
And he's talking about Russia carrying out terrorist bombings inside Russia, again, using crisis actors, false flags, because the US deep state would never do that, would they?
Discovery of fake mass graves, they were talking about even an attack on an orphan facility, similar to the whole Saddam Hussein line, you know, throwing babies out of incubators in Q8, which again was another completely contrived false flag by the US deep state.
So they know of where they speak because they've done the exact same thing.
So Blinken's been humiliated once again, even the Czech president,
...has come out and said Russia would be, quote, crazy to start a war with Ukraine.
This is Milos Zeman, who says Russia would be crazy to start a war with Ukraine.
And he's compared the constant false claims that they are about to attack to the embarrassments of failing to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the Taliban takeover of Kabul, which, of course, the Biden administration said would never happen.
He said, quote, as for the US intelligence services, this is their third embarrassment.
The first was in Iraq, where no weapons of mass destruction were found.
The second was in Afghanistan, when they claimed Taliban would never conquer Kabul.
Well, the third is now.
But again, Biden says it's about to happen tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.
You can trust them now.
They've got a stellar record, right?
An absolute stellar record.
Even one of the Ukrainian president's top allies has come out today and said,
Western media reports of Russian attack were, quote, obviously fake news.
And he's come out and said that this actually harms Ukraine because it massively negatively impacts their economy to the tune of three billion dollars a day.
This is David Arakamia, the head of the Servant of the People faction in Kiev's parliament, who said that the crisis would be all over in a matter of weeks.
And that US media propaganda, namely CNN and the Wall Street Journal, was just as bad as Russian propaganda.
He said, quote, I think that when the phase is over in the two or three weeks, we should make a retrospective analysis of how a large well-known media began to spread information worse than the allies of Vladimir Putin.
He said, quote, obviously fake news in CNN, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal.
We have to study this because it's part of a hybrid war.
He went on to blame legacy media, quote, fake news for negatively impacting the Ukrainian economy, saying that the invasion rumours, the fake invasion rumours, are costing the country up to three billion dollars a month.
The Russian officials in the Kremlin are openly now mocking Western intelligence agencies.
Remember, we had the Politico report on Sunday.
It's definitely going to happen.
It's going to happen on the 16th, yesterday.
Now they're mocking them with memes.
After the establishment media hyped up and predicted a Russian invasion of Ukraine for this past Wednesday that didn't happen, the Russian government took to Twitter to mock them.
Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs tweeted comments made by spokeswoman Maria Zakharia, who said, quote, Today we mark another day of the start of war with Ukraine, which did not happen again, to the Western media outlets.
Regret no matter how hard they whip up the hysteria.
And they posted an image of tumbleweeds basically saying that nothing's going to happen.
Nothing is happening.
The fact that they keep insisting that it's going to happen.
There's going to be a false flag.
There's going to be a Russian incursion.
There's going to be a Russian invasion being proven wrong time and time again.
So now you've got the Czech President coming out and saying the same thing.
That this is only causing a further discrediting of the US deep state of NATO officials.
And now you've got the Ukrainian President's own ally coming out and saying that this is not only complete BS, fake news, that it's actually harming the Ukrainian economy, harming their national confidence because their own population
They're starting to believe that this invasion is imminent when it is not going to happen.
It's not in Putin's interest to do it, at least right now.
We'll be back.
Don't go away.
We are back and it is the Summit News Hour.
We're going to go to this video now because we have the continuation of the valiant, courageous Freedom Convoy protest against the Trudeau regime as the Government of Canada continues to demonise, smear and monster those brave demonstrators as literal violent extremists and terrorists.
Of course we have the give, send, go, hack attack and doxing of the 90,000 donors to the Freedom Convoy protesters occur on Sunday.
And then the mainstream media, CBC, Washington Post and others immediately exploited, seized upon that, weaponised it to harass and intimidate the people who donated
I mean, God forbid people donate their hard-earned income to political causes that they support.
We can't have that, can we?
So let's go to this video, the mob and the media, and then I'll come back and talk about the latest developments.
Here it is.
The media-hyped hacking of GiveSendGo and the doxxing of Canadians who supported the Trucker Convoy protest is now causing real world harm.
Threats close Stellar Luna Gelato Cafe after owner's name appears in GiveSendGo data leak.
After Tammy Giuliani's name was doxxed, vile leftist thugs threatened to ransack her business and violently attack anyone who worked there.
We got a call from the team saying we're getting phone calls here, Giuliani said.
I said, what's going on?
And they said, they're demanding to throw bricks through our window.
They're threatening to come and get us.
We said, lock the door and we'll find out what's going on.
Note how the Ottawa citizen frames the cafe owner as being in the wrong.
Not the cretins who threaten to smash up her business!
Oh, God forbid ordinary working people should be allowed to express their political proclivities via their hard-earned income!
Any act of decency or valor can make you a target.
Let's not forget that this hack was facilitated by media-driven hate-mongering directed towards the protesters.
The demonization, monstering and dehumanization of them as racists, homophobes and extremists.
Absurdly claiming with no evidence whatsoever that they were being controlled by Russia.
Then given the veneer of approval by the Trudeau regime, carte blanche announcing that they had unacceptable opinions.
This same narrative was then amplified again by the media after the hacked details of the donors were made public.
Here again we see the axis of evils.
State-directed discrimination and oppression bolstered by the media and then inflicted on good people by the foot soldiers of the mob.
Real-world harm crafted by government, greenlit by the media, and then weaponized by the mobs of social media.
The very thing they accuse the Freedom Convoy of doing.
Hate mongering, intolerance, violence.
They're doing to the Freedom Convoy.
And again, without the media's feverish campaign of hate and violence, none of this would be happening.
And you wonder why people don't trust you.
You wonder why ordinary working class people despise you, when this is what you do to them.
Will you ever have the mental capacity for a single moment of self-reflection?
Now of course this hack has been claimed, the responsibility, the credit has been taken by an individual named Aubrey Cottle, this infamous anonymous hacker who obviously is so independent, liberal and courageous he sides with every regime missive imaginable.
Via TikTok, you've probably seen the video by now, it's there up on screen, literally radiating demonic evil energy, the kind of behaviorisms, mannerisms and tics that you would expect in somebody who is completely insane, a psychiatric patient.
He's free on TikTok to openly admit that he's a quote, cyber terrorist, as he gleefully celebrates committing this crime.
And he's literally got about a dozen videos on TikTok in which he's saying, I'm a cyber terrorist, I'm committing crimes and it's great.
Any action taken against him by TikTok?
Not the last time I checked.
This is a social media network, TikTok, that bans the mildest political commentary, and yet this guy is free to brag and boast about his evil demonic crimes, which he obviously really enjoys, gets demonic energy from, on TikTok, the most censored social media network in existence, and they do absolutely nothing about it.
Now, of course, last night we had Ilhan Omar.
Ilhan Omar-based?
She actually came out and blasted journalists for exploiting doxing of Freedom Convoy supporters.
Came out with a tweet, and that was in response to the article I mentioned there in this video.
By the Ottawa Citizen, where they basically went to this cafe owner and said, yeah, it may not be very nice that you're getting violent threats and threats from Antifa members to throw bricks at your windows, ransack and smash up your business.
That may not be very nice, but aren't you regretful?
Aren't you the bad person for donating $250 to the Canadian truckers?
They made her out in the story like she was the immoral actor in the whole situation.
Absolutely incredible.
And then another Ottawa citizen, journalist.
By the way, journalism isn't intimidating ordinary working class people who send 250 bucks to a protest movement.
Why not ask some actual questions of people in power?
That's what journalism used to be.
Washington Post today doing the exact same thing.
So this Ottawa Citizen editor retweets or quote tweets her colleague at the Ottawa Citizen to try and push this report which celebrates basically the doxing of this cafe owner.
Ilhan Omar responds, quote, I fail to see why any journalist felt the need to report on a shop owner making such an insignificant donation rather than to get them harassed.
It's unconscionable and journalists need to do better.
So it's like that meme of, you know, the worst person in the world you agree with.
But props to Ilhan Omar.
She actually came out with a respectable reason based comment.
But now today, Canada's Justice Minister says Trump supporters should worry about having their bank accounts frozen.
Is this Trump supporters in the United States?
Is the Canadian government going to have the power to reach out to banks in America and get accounts of customers in America cancelled?
Well, they're all part of the same system, so why not?
Canada's Justice Minister, David Lametti, says Trump supporters who donated money to the Canadian Freedom Convoy, those dangerous extremists,
...should be worried about having their bank accounts frozen.
He made the obscene comment during an interview with CTV.
He said, quote, By the way, this is all with the background of, of course, massive, unruly, fiery, violent protests by Black Lives Matter activists over the past two years.
An actual extremist violent organisation that has carried out assassinations by its most vehement members, that has carried out attempted bombings of police stations in Ferguson, whose member, as I'm going to get onto in the next segment,
Prominent activists promoted, platformed by the mainstream media, literally tried to assassinate a mayoral candidate in Kentucky.
Yeah, that organization that the media has uplifted, venerated for the past two years, it's okay to donate to them.
And in fact, it's okay to donate bail money to bail out literal attempted murderers, as I'm going to get on to.
That's all fine.
But if you give 20 bucks
To the Freedom Convoy truckers in Canada, well you're a bad person.
Maybe you're a terrorist and maybe your bank account should be frozen too.
Absolutely despicable.
And then there's another tweet today by this individual from a, I think it was a local newspaper in Utah.
Indeed it was the Salt Lake Tribune.
He said on Twitter, I've been reaching out to people from Utah who appeared on the leaked Canadian trucker donation data.
Exploiting a criminal hack deliberately designed to expose people for completely legal, completely normal political donations.
Exploiting a literal crime, which is what the mainstream media and what these journalists are doing.
He said, I've been reaching out to people from Utah who appeared on the leaked Canadian trucker donation data.
Hoo boy!
Some of the replies have been aggressive, to put it mildly.
What do you expect?
That's not journalism.
Trying to expose, intimidate, dox ordinary people.
Joe in Utah for giving 20 bucks to a protest movement that he supports in Canada.
What reaction do you expect?
Absolutely despicable, once again, from the mainstream media.
Summit.News, we'll be back.
So again, the legacy media, the deep state, the regime relentlessly promoted the Black Lives Matter movement, particularly over the past couple of years.
Lied to the public, said they engaged in fiery but mostly peaceful protests, as they were literally gunning down Trump supporters on the streets of Portland.
Of course, what was it?
Two billion dollars in damage.
The most devastating riots ever seen in America.
Those people of Venerator, they're lifted up.
If you donate to them, you're a hero.
You're the best virtue signaler on the planet.
Nothing happens to you.
They bail out literal criminals, literal attempted murderers.
That's all fine.
And we have another example of that today in Kentucky.
Headline, Black Lives Matter media darling who allegedly shot politician and they, you know, they found him with the gun and the magazines and the mayoral candidate says it was him so we say allegedly but it seems pretty locked tight.
Black Lives Matter media darling who allegedly shot politician campaigned against gun violence.
Oh the irony.
Black Lives Matter activist Quintez Brown, who previously enjoyed a prominent platform thanks to legacy media outlets, allegedly attempted to shoot dead a politician after campaigning against gun violence.
This was a guy
Who was given such a prominent platform, even in the UK by the BBC, Guido Fawkes called him their, quote, go-to US Black Lives Matter activist.
This guy was named as a rising face by Barack Obama's foundation in 2019, and previously featured as a venerated BLM speaker on numerous mainstream media news outlets.
He was indeed one of their own, a creature of that establishment.
He was also an ardent gun control campaigner who repeatedly spoke out against gun violence.
And in fact Defiant L's, which was banned by Twitter a couple of days ago for merely posting other people's tweets and exposing their hypocrisy, thankfully they were back on Twitter yesterday, pointed out that Quintez Brown himself wrote an article for the Courier-Journal headline, Kentucky's Concealed Carry Law Shows Your Life Doesn't Matter to Gun Loving Republicans.
That's followed up with an article from the same newspaper, headlined Activist Quintez Brown named an attempted shooting of Louisville Mayor candidate Greenberg.
This brave anti-gun violence campaigner, who allegedly went on to try and shoo his political rival, also tweeted, quote, gun violence reveals the interconnected nature of our reality.
What affects one directly affects all indirectly, especially in our segregated conditions.
Brown's attorney, Rob Eggert, has attempted to pin the blame for the alleged shooting on the suspect's, you guessed it, mental health issues.
And police say there is no known motive, despite the fact that the activist was standing as an independent candidate for election to the Louisville Council in District 5 of the city.
Greenberg, the mayoral candidate who he tried to, presumably, allegedly assassinate, said, quote, we asked if we could help him and he pulled out a gun.
This is the brave anti-gun violence campaigner, aimed it directly at me and opened fire.
I was fortunate that one of my brave teammates slammed the door shut.
They were able to throw some desks on top of the door and the suspect fled.
He said, despite one bullet coming so close that it grazed my sweater and my shirt, no one was physically harmed.
So he fled the scene and they later found this brave anti-gun violence campaigner
With a 9mm and a bunch of bullets!
So it seems like he may have been involved.
And then of course you had this video where the local Louisville bailout fund for violent Black Lives Matter people in Antifa posted a check for $100,000 to bail out a suspected attempted murderer.
Again, because Black Lives Matter is so peaceful, they only engage in mostly peaceful, somewhat fiery, but mostly peaceful demonstrations.
They don't cause two billion dollars worth of damage.
They don't attempt to bomb police stations.
They weren't literally founded by people who said their inspiration for founding Black Lives Matter was Assata Shakur, a convicted cop-killing domestic terrorist who is still in exile on the run.
None of that's real.
They're a peaceful, liberal organization.
Let's go to this video now, because we have the Super Bowl back last weekend.
There was a lot of contrived diversity during the Super Bowl ads and now it's become so extreme that even Redditors are finding the forced TV diversity a little bit weird.
A little bit too much.
Here's a clip.
When even members of Reddit are expressing surprise at the contrived level of diversity on television, you know something's up.
The left-wing dumpster fire with an appetite for censorship that dwarfs that of many autocratic countries is on fire with discussion of the dodgy demographics that were on display during the Super Bowl commercials.
A Reddit user recorded the race of all 433 actors who featured in the 2022 Super Bowl ads.
Whites and Hispanics were underrepresented compared to their population percentage, while black people were overrepresented by about 3 to 1.
The black population according to the 2020 US Census is around 12.1%, and yet they featured in nearly 40% of Super Bowl commercials.
So who cares about what race people in the Super Bowl commercials were?
Apparently, judging by the responses to this thread, a lot of Redditors care, the vast majority of whom are certainly not right-wing.
Also, interracial couples seem to be over-represented compared to their prevalence in the population, which would be more defensible if it were actually consistent about promoting dating diversity, instead of being weirdly selective about only showing black, male, white, female, and white, male, Asian, female couples as the only two acceptable combinations.
OMG, yes, this drives me crazy.
So I'm not the only one seeing that shit.
It's really weird.
The funniest shit is when they only feature a single family but they want max diversity and we're somehow supposed to ignore the fact that a white dad and a black mom gave birth to an Asian girl and an Arabic boy.
In the UK, I'd estimate that 75% of commercials feature interracial couples, whereas the amount of mixed-race couples in real life is probably about 15%.
I don't know why they do this, but it's very noticeable since the BLM movement got big.
It's very strange for people that live in areas like Wales and Scotland that are around 95% white
To see that every advert on TV exclusively has people of colour only.
Do the marketing people know there is an entire country outside of London?
Feels like it's got to the point of parody now.
The UK is 87% white British, something like 7% Asian British.
I believe the black population is like 3% or something.
It's therefore amazing how prominent they are in adverts and so on.
Companies are now staffed to the gills with diversity and inclusion officers.
And the true meaning of diversity is no white people.
We're not included.
It's somewhat odd that given the black population of America isn't expanding at all.
So it's not even like it's a prescriptive form of social engineering.
Mixed race relationships are also still quite rare.
But if you only took your information from TV commercials, you'd think half the population was in one.
But by significantly reducing the presence of the dreaded whiteness on television and in the culture generally, wokeism can realise its CRT agenda of disempowering white people by subtly convincing them that their presence isn't welcome and that their whiteness is something to be ashamed of.
And when even Redditors have started to twig that something very bizarre is going on, chances are that something pretty bizarre is going on.
Now let's continue on that theme because there's actually a couple of good news stories here at the tail end of the show.
This is out of a remix.
UK woke teachers banned from promoting BLM and left-wing political bias in education crackdown.
Now according to the 1996 Education Act in the UK, teachers aren't supposed to promote any political viewpoint.
But now they've been specifically banned from promoting the agenda of the Black Lives Matter movement.
Yes, this is an actual rebellion against CRT in the UK, and have been warned not to push left-wing political bias about the British Empire and historical figures onto children without providing full historical context.
So they have to take what British political figures like Winston Churchill are best known for, their actual positive traits,
And teach that primarily to children without none of this woke CRT crap that, oh but Winston Churchill was a racist because of comments he made 150 years ago.
Under the new guidance handed down, teachers will not be permitted to teach children one-sided accounts of British historical figures.
That is good news.
Also, woke psychodrama causing harmful division in Western societies.
That is the UK Conservative Party co-chairman Oliver Dowden speaking out against that.
Then we have this.
How low can it go?
CNN records worst ratings in eight years.
They continue to plummet and wonder why no one trusts them as they again become involved in the doxing and outing of people who donate to the Canadian truckers.
CNN hit a new low last week, failing to average half a million viewers in a day, meaning the network registered its lowest ratings in the past eight years.
Even in primetime, CNN couldn't top half a million viewers, averaging just 491,000.
They managed to scrape 444,000 total day viewers, a level not seen since 2015.
They're collapsing, they're striking out, they're becoming even more desperate to portray the half of the American population as dangerous extremists.
The DHS is coming out and saying that alternative narratives are a terrorist threat.
The establishment is in a blind panic and it's fantastic to see.
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Let's go to Michael calling in from Mississippi.
Michael, you're on the InfoWars War Room.
Go ahead.
Hey, Owen.
It's truly an honor to speak to you.
So, quick product plug.
I just wanted to plug COVIDland Part 2, the mask.
If people are still on the verge of getting it, get it.
Get it, share it, post it, whatever.
Because, I mean, I watched the first one.
First one was great.
Second one, I mean, me and my wife were literally in tears when it went over.
The impact on the children, I mean, it's just, it's very powerful.
When I started hearing the schools start talking about putting children in masks in order to be able to go back to school, I thought it was a joke.
I thought, who in their right mind would put a mask on a child?
Masks on children is quite the slippery slope.
Look at your children.
They're confused.
They come home lethargic.
They're frustrated.
You may see variances in their mood.
It's because when you are wearing a mask, it makes you tired.
We elected the five of you.
We chose you to make difficult decisions for our children.
We chose you to make decisions that would be in our children's best interest.
Enforcing five, six, seven, eight, and nine-year-old little children to cover their noses and their mouths where they breathe for seven hours a day, every day for the last nine months for a virus that you know doesn't affect them.
That is not in their best interest!
And this has to stop!
The mask has been used for millennia to subjugate the human spirit.
It hides the endlessly changing expressions that allow us to express our emotions and empathize with one another.
The mask becomes our only expression.
It is fixed and unchanging.
This is the purpose of the mask.
To turn us into expressionless animals and submissive slaves.