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Name: 20220213_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 13, 2022
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The discussion revolves around the ongoing Durham investigation and its implications on politics and current events. The speaker expresses concern about self-preservation and the need to be aware of forces at play in current events. He criticizes Disney for its influence on mainstream media and censorship of content. He also emphasizes the importance of supporting Infowars and its sponsors who provide high-quality products and information to empower people. The video discusses how Disney has a history of promoting individuals with negative backgrounds, such as Connor McGregor, a violent, brutal, serial rapist, and presenting him as a family man in the media. In this segment, Alex Jones discusses the case of a woman who was allegedly assaulted by Conor McGregor, a famous UFC fighter. The speaker criticizes Disney for suppressing the story and not holding McGregor accountable for his actions. He also highlights the increasing censorship of information by large corporations like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Disney, which control a significant portion of news and entertainment in the United States. Jones urges listeners to support independent journalism through platforms like Infowars and Rockfin where uncensored content is available."

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The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this live Sunday, February 13th edition of the Alex Jones Show.
Myself, Jason Bermes, and Owen Troyer will be here for the next four hours of live transmission blasting out across the United States and the world.
Well, almost every broadcast I begin now, I say, this is the biggest news day ever because the world is just getting more and more intense.
I don't think anybody disagrees with that statement, but let me just, in this first five minutes, tell you what's coming up, ladies and gentlemen, right now.
You have the whole Durham investigation that's been going on for now three years, and it's had some indictments against FBI agents that falsified, or Justice Department agents that falsified emails on Russiagate and things like that.
You've also had Hillary Clinton's lawyer indicted, her main lawyer, and now they, in the investigation, have the documents and have released them, where they did infiltrate when he was a candidate and when he was president.
The Trump Tower, the White House, the President's phones, everything.
I mean, this is just unbelievable.
But we already knew this.
Remember, I told you this in 2016, and we knew that because of Sheriff Arpaio, and the DEA came to him and gave him hundreds of thousands of names being spied on in a database they were able to get into that was a CIA Justice Department database.
And we were the only show that would put it on air.
And let me tell you, all hell broke loose when we did that in 2016 and then 17.
And the reason I knew the documents were real, they had an old office landline that I used to do a lot of radio interviews on, but hadn't used in years that no one knew I had.
And it was that number.
And then it was Trump's private Mar-a-Lago number.
That I knew was real that nobody else, very few people had, in his private apartment.
And that really freaked me out, ladies and gentlemen, that they were spying on me.
And the DEA actually gave us the information through the sheriff, who they then indicted, not for that, but for other BS, and Trump had to give him a pardon.
So this is very serious business.
My memory is good, but there's so much going on that sometimes I forget.
So I called Roger Stone, who's got laryngitis, but he's still going to come on last segment of this hour, only one segment.
And I said, I can't exactly remember, other than the DEA documents, how we knew Trump was being spot on.
He said, well, remember they bragged during the campaign, and then once he got elected that, oh, we had him under surveillance.
Clinton bragged, we know he's a Russian.
So they had bragged they had him under surveillance, and then Judge Napolitano had a lot of sources and does, we should get him on this week, and he came out and said, indeed, he talked to people in the Justice Department and they said, no, Hillary was illegally spying.
He got suspended, if you remember, for a while over that, in 2017.
And the leftist media, what that was in March, in March of 2017, went completely
That's when all the lawsuits got filed against us.
I started having helicopters over the office.
They sent in CIA infiltrators, literally folks, to try to infiltrate my family and business.
It was not fun.
But the people were so scummy you could spot them quickly.
They did infiltrate.
They did pay some people off to go lie about us, but nobody believed it.
When I tell you all this, I've been living it, okay?
And those Judge Arpaio interviews are out there.
We redacted most of the names and just put out Trump's name and my name and some phone numbers, you know, blacked out partially to prove this was happening.
And so not only was I exposing illegal spying, I was exposing what was being done to me.
It was all my numbers, by the way, my cell phone numbers, office numbers.
But it was that landline that nobody had that I just kind of left on.
So I got all the CNN articles, New York Times.
Alex Jones is a liar.
Nobody's spying on Trump.
And of course we were next year's news today or five years from now today.
We nailed all of it.
We'll be right back with that and even bigger news.
Stay with us.
Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Sunday Live!
Deep State caught illegally spying on President Trump.
Tune in for exclusive details.
They're leftist arms of the CIA and others against us through all these law firms and groups, and it's been crazy.
But to watch their whole thing start to fall apart right before our eyes is incredible.
That's coming up.
Justice Department's released documents they got when they raided Hillary's top lawyer, and they were spying on Trump Tower.
They were spying on his cell phones.
They were spying once he was the president.
Of course, they had spies inside the White House.
This is totally illegal!
I mean this is like 50,000 times worse than Richard Nixon spying on the other candidate and having people break into a psychiatrist office.
This is spying on the candidate and then the President of the United States for the other political party and of course Seth Rich and all the rest of it.
It's just history what happened to those that tried to get that information out.
And the system has been so incredibly scared and hasn't known what to do.
So we have that massive, massive, massive news dealing with Brennan and Obama.
And they're trying to hang Hillary out right now, but she was part of it.
But this is very dangerous stuff.
And the only reason I'm not in prison or dead right now is by the grace of Jesus and your prayers and support.
But let me tell you, we have been in the lion's den for six years in this fight.
And it's just getting more intense by the minute.
So, Roger Stone joins us for one segment.
At the end of the hour, he's got laryngitis, but he's still going to come on about this, because we have all the articles.
The New York Times, Washington Post attacking us.
Jones and Stone are insane.
No one was spying on Trump Tower.
No one was spying on the White House.
We knew exactly who was doing it.
We blew their moles inside.
Fiona Hill and others.
We had 60-minute shows about what victims they are, that I'm so bad, that she doesn't know anything about Jordan Soros, she just ran his foundation.
They just gaslight you as their enemy.
They just hate your guts.
Five seconds of research, they'll discover they're lying to you.
So that's all coming up.
That is a huge, huge, huge thing.
In fact, let me just go ahead and play 60 minutes.
This did not age well.
So it turns out they interviewed Trump on Friday.
They were going to air this on Sunday.
And it had just broken Friday that Durham had released part of these documents proving that indeed the Clintons and others were illegally using the Justice Department and fake information they gave the Justice Department that Trump was a Russian agent and all this to spy on them.
And once that was opened up, then the CIA could come involved saying it was a foreign intelligence operation.
Of course, they were involved the whole time.
That's huge, but Stahl just told Trump he was a liar, even though it had already broken that morning.
We learned they interviewed Trump in the afternoon.
He was offering to give it to her, and she said, you're full of it, and they're going to air it tonight.
I think it airs now, or what is it, next hour?
Depends on the time zone.
Saying he's full of crap.
Here it is.
The biggest scandal was when they spied on my campaign.
They spied on my campaign, Leslie.
There's no real evidence of that.
It's all over the place.
Of course there is.
Leslie, they spied on my campaign and they got caught.
Can I say something?
You know, this is 60 Minutes, and we can't put on things we can't verify.
You won't put it on because it's bad for Biden.
We can't put on things we can't verify.
Leslie, they spied on my campaign.
Well, we can't verify them.
It's been totally verified.
It's been, just go down and get the papers.
They spied on my campaign, they got caught.
And then they went much further than that, and they got caught.
And you will see that, Leslie.
And you know that, but you just don't want to put it on the air.
As a matter of fact, I don't know that.
This is the definition of something blowing up in your face.
I mean, it's the Justice Department put this out, and it's not like it's their normal made-up stuff.
Oh, there's record white supremacists, and anti-vaxxers are white supremacists.
Not the leftist PR stuff, the actual documents that they have now released from what the Clinton campaign was doing, filing false reports and data and involving a bunch of other criminal activity and hiring private groups.
To hack in and break in to the Trump campaign, to Trump Tower, and later, obviously, the White House.
And it's all coming down.
Talk about a house of cards.
This is historic.
This is, literally, just isn't even in the same ballpark as Watergate.
And I think Nixon, when he did it at Watergate, was wrong.
That is like stealing a stick of bubblegum or a candy bar when you're five years old versus raping an old lady in the alleyway.
I mean, the intelligence agencies spying on the candidate and then the president?
I mean, that is just over the top illegal.
And obviously they're all connected to China and Russia and that's coming out too.
And we're selling the data.
In fact, Liz Cheney's the bag lady.
That's coming out.
Man, I'm having a little bit of an anxiety attack.
I mean, this is just, this is so insane.
So we're gonna be talking about this obviously a lot.
And then here's the next big thing.
Here's the next big thing.
Russia just pulled today all of their personnel out of their Ukrainian embassy.
And more US troops and more equipment and NATO troops are moving in.
And so Russia on their news is saying, you're building up troops, you're giving them heavy weapons, anti-tank, anti-aircraft.
We don't want to invade, but don't take Ukraine.
And so what it looks like is, NATO's going to fully take Ukraine.
The Western Ukrainian forces are now moving into the East in larger numbers and taking those buffer zones that have historically been Russian away.
They're even talking about taking the Crimea away that was annexed in 2014 by Russia, that is the historic birthplace of Russia.
This is huge, ladies and gentlemen, and so what it looks like is the globalists are going to start a war and say the Russians started it.
And of course, we've got this addled Cryptkeeper President puppet in there.
And this whole thing is just a complete and total disaster.
And we just pray for peace.
But this could turn into a major regional conflict, not just a proxy war, and potentially a nuclear war, as even Biden said on television, while he was stuttering Friday.
So this is just unbelievable information.
So we have that.
Then we have all of the insane COVID-19 information.
I mean, one of these articles is so huge that when I got up this morning and saw it and read it, I just was speechless.
My mouth was hanging open.
Because I knew instantly when I saw the headline what the video was going to say, because I already knew what they were doing.
I don't think so.
To then make that new substance illegal so they'll make different variants of, say, ecstasy or different variants of whatever.
You read about synthetic drugs.
Well, it's the same thing.
He's saying, oh, this isn't gain-of-function because we made the whole thing.
We went and studied and scanned wild viruses, then made our own synthetic ones and spliced those.
He said that.
I have the video.
And the average person just hears it and goes, oh, you're making purely synthetic viruses.
How many times have I told you that's what this is?
Because the top scientists scanned the virus two years ago who didn't work at Wuhan.
...that Pfizer and others, through Peter Daszak and Fauci, were using to illegally do this crap.
And the scientists in India and Australia, who have CRISPR scanners, multi-billion dollar pieces of equipment, looked at it and said, we can see the insertion points.
These aren't just wild viruses that were spliced together in a lab.
It appears to be purely synthetic, including the spike protein patented by Bill Gates and Fauci.
Oh yeah!
I mean it's like a, it's like a serial number on a gun or a serial number where it was made and what on a carburetor or in a fuel injector system or I mean it has just like in Blade Runner folks where they go oh this snake superior craftsmanship that it's got frickin numbers on it basically I mean they know it's synthetic and so they know that's coming out so I oh yeah let me just come on a Sunday news show and tell you
It's no big deal.
We're making synthetic viruses, but it's not illegal.
It's not going to function because we completely made new ones by scanning real ones.
We'll be right back.
It's trending at the top of Twitter right now.
It just broke.
Roger Stone's joining us coming up last second of the hour.
A new version of the Mueller report has been released and reveals that Mueller declined to charge Donald Trump Jr.
and Roger Stone with computer crimes because what they've been told and what the FBI had been given was a bunch of damn lies.
But the left had that all cut out of the report because it exonerated President Trump.
And Don Jr., who I can tell you, Trump's got some problems and gets fooled and, you know, gets stabbed in the back, but he's not a bad person.
And he's certainly not involved in sophisticated computer crimes.
I can tell you that.
I know what's going on.
Who is involved in it is the deep state, the Democratic Party and the Soros affiliated groups.
And that's coming up.
This is just huge.
Let me get back to the COVID news here.
And obviously tomorrow on the weekday show,
I'm going to drill into this in massive detail.
But go see the full video at InfoWars.com, an article by Jamie White.
Jamie has been working so hard to get all this out for you all weekend long.
Pfizer CEO admits to COVID-19 created in lab.
And if you know the whole background, it's got links to Peter Daszak in 2019 saying, oh, we went and got all these viruses in the wild, coded them, then sent the codes back to Big Pharma so they could artificially create them.
That's how high tech this is.
Remember that cheesy 1990 movie, Species, where the radio telescope, SETI, picks up a transmission that is how to create a genome of a certain type of creature in a human.
And so they make a gene change in a human
It looks like a normal human baby when it's born, but it's not.
It's an alien.
Well, that's a movie, ladies and gentlemen.
That's a movie, ladies and gentlemen.
This is what they really do.
They can now encode it, have the pieces of the virus, mix them however they want, and then make new ones, and then own the damn patent on it.
Fauci, look it up!
For HIV delivery system, put that as the rhinoceros horn on the virus they've created.
It's totally synthetic, and then claim it comes out of a wet market from some bats.
And, you know, somebody had sex with a turtle or something.
This is so huge.
So we have that.
That's one article.
I could talk for five hours on that alone, okay?
This is so criminal.
LinkedIn blocked links to natural immunity data, including mainstream university studies on zinc, vitamin D, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, you name it.
And the FBI even raided medical doctors prescribing vitamin C to people as a preventative.
Talk about murdering people by keeping information away from them.
What's next, LinkedIn?
If somebody says humans need oxygen, will you ban that?
Hell, if Pfizer says oxygen is a bad substance, will the FBI raid us for it?
Hell, you're already starting to ban carbon dioxide.
The other life-giving gas, I guess so.
Man, these people are criminal.
Live updates.
Police forces attack and arrest convoy freedom protesters around the world in France.
In Australia, in New Zealand, and on the big Ambassador Bridge from Detroit going into Canada.
They cleaned that whole thing out, attacking people and dragging them away.
But most folks had left by the time they'd made their point being there over a week.
They have not attacked the main peaceful group.
I think?
In places like France, brutal footage of people even in cafes being hit with tear gas and children getting hurt and armored vehicles slamming into people.
There is just so much of that unfolding.
Continuing, police arrest protesters blocking key border crossing between the U.S.
and Canada nearing an end to the economic crisis.
Yeah, amazing video.
It's all on InfoWars.com.
Australian police assault pepper spray Mad Max convoy driver.
Not allowed to honk your horn.
This is a very important video I'm going to play right now.
Rand Paul encourages truckers to clog up cities as DHS scrambles to stop convoy from disrupting Super Bowl.
And what did he say?
From slavery to civil rights to women's rights to everything.
People are supposed to have civil disobedience when you're told we're going to put something in your body, we're going to track where you go, we're going to control what you're doing, we're going to illegally spy on you, we're going to destroy your borders, we're going to devalue your dollar, we're going to sell you out to foreign powers.
People are supposed to do non-violent things that let the system know we're in charge.
Globalists are so scared of this.
So we need to have Rand Paul.
Good job, Rand Paul.
And other American leaders come out in defense of the truckers.
We need shirts that say, I love the truckers.
On the back, arrest Bill Gates.
Here's Senator Paul.
I'd also love to talk about this Freedom Convoy, the Canadian truckers who are protesting vaccine mandates for drivers who will be crossing the border.
We just heard this morning that there's a potential that there will be such a convoy in Los Angeles about the Super Bowl, and perhaps one later in D.C.
What do you make of all this?
I'm all for it.
Civil disobedience.
Civil disobedience is a time-honored tradition in our country, from slavery to civil rights to you name it.
Peaceful protest, clog things up, make people think about the mandates.
And some of this we started.
We put mandates on truckers coming across the border from Canada, so then they put mandates on.
And the truckers are annoyed.
They're riding in a cab by themselves, most of them, you know, for eight, ten hour long hauls.
And they just want to do what they want to do.
It's their own business.
And that's what healthcare used to be.
It used to be your own business what you and your doctor talked about or what medications you took.
It wasn't anybody else's business.
And it turns out that these injections don't work other than erasing your immune system and making you super sick.
Meanwhile, Trudeau convenes Incident Response Group.
For illegal blockades and occupiers.
But what is the Great Reset?
It's a blockade.
It's a siege to shut down small businesses and to shut down churches and only let big box stores operate.
It's corporate terrorism.
And if you don't show your papers in French or German cafes, you get tear gassed.
You get attacked.
This is the system trying to enforce the mark of the beast, and I don't have time to play all this, but you've got to go look at this article on Infowars.com.
There's a bunch of videos and a bunch of photos, but look at this one.
It says right here that kill the unvaccinated, and there's videos of this in communist flags, and you want to see the scum of the earth.
Go look at the few thousand leftist commie government workers, I'm not saying all government workers are bad, but these are admittedly most of them government workers, calling for an endless lockdown and saying they want masks on children forever.
What a sick cult.
And this is a really powerful article from BuzzFeed, I don't normally promote them, but it's so true and they're panicked.
The Ottawa truckers have shown how to occupy a city.
Now their movement's expanding worldwide.
And he admits that this is how you do it.
Not shooting people, not smoking crack, not setting up your communist utopia, but having a good time and peacefully occupying, and they're totally upset saying, we don't know how to shut these people down.
Ottawa police dealing with aggressive illegal behavior among anti-vaccine protesters.
And then there's no evidence.
They're just making it up.
Japan Times gets it right.
The era of pandemic restrictions is fast coming to an end because the people have said they're not going to take it anymore.
While drinking their delicious Canadian beer in makeshift hot tubs.
All right, folks.
Oh, by the way, Bill Maher has come out and said that Justin Trudeau is the new Hitler, and that what he's doing is Hitler-like.
People are getting it now!
Tomorrow's news today.
Stay with us.
All right, I did a three-hour special Saturday show yesterday.
It's posted at Bandot Video.
It's really powerful.
I talked to, actually, one of the top reporters in Russia.
He's got family in Ukraine about what's really happening there.
You need to go watch it later.
I was going to take today off and take care of a lot of accounting and business I have.
That's what I do most of the time when I take off the show is take care of planning and a lot of new projects we're working on that are very close to being done, but we're behind a few months on.
So I'm a very busy person.
I appreciate all your support and prayers to give me the energy to get that done.
I can feel your prayers and your support.
You're the wind in our sails.
But I had to come in tonight.
Because of all this news, I won't get to it all, but tomorrow I will.
Jason Burmess was loaded for bear.
He really prepares for shows.
It's first rate.
He'll host the second hour.
But Owen wants to come in tonight as well for Sunday Live, and that is 6 to 8 p.m.
So get ready for all of that.
I mean, seriously, there's no way to do any of this justice, the stuff that's coming out.
Let me shift gears back to what we were just covering last segment.
So Senator Paul comes out, and many others do, and say this is good civil disobedience.
This is good to say we're sick of government locking us down, bankrupting us, trying to put things in our body.
That's tyranny!
And then we've got all the compilations of mainstream corporate news calling them terrorists and traitors and arrest them and slash their tires and burn them down and shoot them and just crazy leftist garbage foaming at the mouth.
But then when they burn down billions of dollars of stuff, kill dozens of people, kill five cops in the summer of rage in 2000, it's a good thing and the then-presidential, vice-presidential candidate bails murderers out of jail.
A murderer in one case.
So, look at what's currently happening.
Suspected Antifa activist busted with pipe bomb, with direct action plan written down and the bombs, planning to go to a Jan 6 rally and bomb people.
The Soros DA has let him out of jail on bond.
So that's what's going on there.
And why is that important?
Well, that ties into the larger picture of what's going on.
Here's his actual bond.
Released on his own recognizance, no money put down.
People that walked into the Capitol peacefully, still in solitary confinement in some cases.
People that were outside the Capitol, like the Green Beret guy that tried to stop the violence, he's in solitary confinement.
Look at this.
Austin, this is the Fox News today.
Austin DA launches over 20 grand jury cases against cops who responded during George Floyd riots in Austin.
I was here.
They weren't just shutting down I-35.
Put 20 police in prison.
Oh, by the way, they were shooting fireworks, you know, those big explosive mortars at the police as well.
So just remember that and let all that sink in.
Okay, ahead of Roger Stone joining us in the next segment on the huge illegal spying against Trump, himself, myself, and all the documents, they're coming out via the Justice Department of all places.
Good, I'm glad they're doing the right thing.
But even the people in corrupt government circles know.
I mean, you can't have the CIA and the FBI and private intelligence groups spying on the president and candidate president and the president.
I mean, it's just next level, folks.
It's an internal deep state coup and it proves it all.
That's coming up.
But I wanted to play this short little clip because it's so informative.
And it's also a trend.
It's bigger than Alex Jones.
When you stand up for Alex Jones, when you stand up for Tucker Carlson, when you stand up for Joe Rogan, you stand up for everybody's free speech.
And nobody's more canceled than I am.
And so there's a trend of really prominent people coming out and saying, Alex Jones isn't a bad guy.
In fact, he's better than the mainstream media.
He gets things wrong sometimes and apologizes, but it's right most of the time.
The corporate media is lying on purpose.
So this is a lot bigger than Alex Jones.
I'm not up here playing this clip because Marjorie Taylor Greene went and visited Tim Pool and talked about Alex Jones.
I'm playing it because they get the trend of defending people that are marked and targeted is defending themselves.
And so I defend MTG.
I defend Tim Pool when they're trying to cancel him, which they've been doing.
We all defend each other and our right to free speech, even if we disagree with what we say to each other or to others sometime.
That's the American way.
And I know as an audience, you get that.
What I'm saying is we've got to stand up now and say no to the cancel culture and the dying corporate media that wants to be able to shut down all their competition.
Because being able to communicate with each other is paramount.
Here's part of the clip.
See the full clip at InfoWars.com.
Who cancelled today that you had to invite Marjorie and I?
Who cancelled?
We cancelled them!
We were like, everyone get out, Marjorie and Thomas are coming!
It was Alex Jones.
No it wasn't, I love Alex.
I love Alex.
Alex Jones is the greatest.
I love him.
Dude, he's such a kind man.
He has been so cancelled.
He's a wild entertainer and a brilliant man.
Isn't he fantastic?
And no one is perfect.
And everyone is capable of incredible violence and incredible love.
Shout out to Alex Jones.
We love you.
And I have no problem.
I don't know what these leftist media personalities think they're getting by trying to insult me or accuse me of things.
Because I literally don't care and it's not going to change my... I'm never going to bend the knee to their stupid whims or whatever.
Alex Jones is a journalist and member of the media.
End of story.
You can say he's wrong, you can say he's fake news, you can accuse him of being incorrect and not fact-checking, and I think there's valid criticism in a lot of what Alex Jones says, absolutely, but he runs a media organization.
And so when the January 6th Committee subpoenas him, they are basically violating our First Amendment protections.
The press isn't supposed to be, you know,
The press can say what they want to say.
And, you know, I love, this was really going to offend them all.
Alex Jones is a journalist the same as Brian Stelter and Jake Tapper and Don Lemon are.
I was about to say the same thing.
Don't insult Alex that way.
Well, yeah, Alex Jones never lied us into a war.
Right, right, right.
And why does the New York Times and CNN get to say that Trump is guilty of Russia collusion?
When it was never proven.
And it's actually proven false.
I want to make a point.
You don't have to try and prove you're a journalist to enjoy First Amendment protections.
Also, yeah, exactly.
Occasionally, you know, the big newspapers will come to Congress with suggestions for extra protections that they might receive.
And it should extend to anybody, whether there's one person listening to your podcast or whether there are 10 million people subscribing to your newspaper.
And that's exactly what's going on.
So the reason I raise this is, here's a big article out of the Guardian of all places, who's just as discredited, just as bad as CNN, who lie on purpose.
I don't lie on purpose.
I get things wrong though.
Scandals, firings, and tabloid-like news.
What is happening at CNN?
I mean, if I was a sociopath, I'd want to tell you the truth and be ahead of the news.
I'm not a sociopath, but I mean, that's how you get popular.
People like you when you give them good tips, when you're accurate, when you know what you're talking about, not when you're lying to them on purpose.
People want justice.
They want truth.
And I'm trying to deliver it as best I can, though I'm an imperfect soul like everybody else.
But it goes over the whole collapse of CNN, and how it's collapsing.
I mean, you talk about tomorrow's news today, nobody's been more accurate on the real stuff going on in the world than we have.
And that's all by the grace of God.
Look at this latest video on InfoWars.com, the Band-Op video, going back to April, May, June, and July of 2020.
Lockdowns will loosen, then tighten again.
And I predict everything that happened in the next two years perfectly because I know the enemy.
Just like I, it's not about me, me, me, but it's about we know what we're talking about when they're trying to shut us down saying we're liars or we're wrong or we're stupid.
Just like we told you exactly how they were spying on Trump and exactly who was doing it and who the organizations were and how did we do that?
I'll tell you how we did it when we come back with Roger Stone.
This is a big deal.
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You talk about super quadruple vindication.
Roger's gonna join us for a whole hour tomorrow, not in the second hour, because we're gonna unpack this.
Napolitano's vindicated.
I'm vindicated.
Roger's vindicated.
We now learn that they scrubbed the Mueller report, that they knew Roger was innocent, basically.
So much is breaking, but illegally spying on the candidate and when he was president.
How did Roger Stone and I know that?
And how did Napolitano know that?
Because he checked from our sources and his after we broke it and confirmed it.
We'll tell you in a moment.
But first, here's Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes.
Interviews Trump Friday.
This is breaking then.
He brings it up.
She says it's a lie.
And now the details are out.
With the documents from the raid on Hillary's former chief lawyer that they were running private groups, worse than the plumbers, breaking into the president's computers.
This is huge.
Here's the clip.
The biggest scandal was when they spied on my campaign.
They spied on my campaign, Leslie.
There's no real evidence of that.
Of course there is.
It's all over the place.
Leslie, they spied on my campaign and they got caught.
Can I say something?
You know, this is 60 Minutes.
And we can't put on things we can't verify.
You won't put it on because it's bad for Biden.
We can't put on things we can't verify.
Leslie, they spied on my campaign.
Well, we can't verify that.
It's been totally verified.
It's been, just go down and get the papers.
They spied on my campaign, they got caught.
And then they went much further than that, and they got caught.
And you will see that, Leslie.
And you know that, but you just don't want to put it on the air.
No, as a matter of fact, I don't know that.
Talk about having something blow up in your face.
They run this promo all weekend, knowing what he said is true, now reportedly the show's out, and they attack him more, saying it's not true.
These people are crazy.
Roger Stone, how big a deal is this?
Alex, this is enormous.
First of all, special counsel John Durham says in his latest filings, how's that Leslie?
There's your proof right there.
In a federal court filing by a special counsel.
Who says definitively that Trump was being spied on at the Trump Tower during the time he was running for president.
Now correct me if I'm wrong, Alex.
Wasn't that what Watergate was all about?
Wasn't that about Dixon's plumbers breaking into the Watergate to spy on the Democrats and the McGovern campaign?
So this is a scandal far bigger than Watergate.
It is nothing less than the use of the full legal authority
Roger, I'm going to have the clips tomorrow.
We already found some because of time.
CNN, ABC News, New York Times attacking us by name saying we were insane liars, that no one infiltrated the servers at Trump Tower, that no one was spying on him as a candidate or president, but I remember they bragged that there was a national security investigation.
Yeah, it is absolutely enormous.
This is a bombshell.
And the President is completely vindicated.
My friend Judge Napolitano, who said this, and was vilified by the mainstream media, he is now vindicated.
Yesterday, and we'll talk about this tomorrow, they released their final secret report that said that I was spared charges in the Russian hacking case.
That's because there was no evidence of my involvement whatsoever in the Russian hacking case.
So, no charges, no, pardon me, no evidence, no crime, no charges.
Why did they release this?
They released this to blunt this news today, which definitively proves that the Obama administration was spying on the candidate Donald Trump in 2016.
A crime far bigger than Watergate.
This dwarfs Watergate.
And they are completely busted.
They are.
Here's some of the headlines.
Clinton campaign paid to infiltrate Trump Tower.
White House servers to link Trump to Russian.
Says federal filings.
They have the documents.
Bigger than Watergate.
Trump furious at the Durham spy scandal.
Bonchel demands prosecutions reparations.
I hope Donald Trump sues them all for everything.
This is the biggest scandal we've ever seen.
Glenn Greenwald says the same thing.
Durham says Democrat-allied tech executives spied on Trump's White House office.
Trump responds, punishable by death, he's saying.
It is treason to spy on the President.
Clinton allies spied on Trump White House.
Internet traffic.
Durham confirms.
Gates predicts Jan 6th committee will try disqualifying Trump.
What does this do now though?
And then it just goes on and on from there.
Evidence shows Hillary team paid tech company to infiltrate servers in Trump Tower and later in the White House.
Continuing Liz Cheney's husband, his partner,
At the place that runs on behalf of the companies like the China's military and individuals connected to spying on President Trump.
I mean, this is a mess.
And then here's the articles with Alex Jones and Roger Stone demonized back in 2017.
Did Obama wiretap Trump?
But it was just one of the president's and GOP's top conspiracy theories in 17.
Trump goes full Alex Jones and Spygate falls apart.
Vanity Fair, Trump media allies push Spygate conspiracy, Alex Jones, Boston Globe reports, and of course you're in all these articles, Roger, Fox News, all of it.
Are we not completely vindicated?
I mean, this is just gigantic.
How much this discredits them?
You're absolutely right, Alex.
They are busted big time.
Now watch them try to bury this immediately.
See, that's how the mainstream media works.
When they are caught red-handed,
They will come up with some new scandal.
So this is yesterday.
Their big story was they could have indicted Donald Trump Jr.
for using a password and looking up WikiLeaks, which is nonsensical because there's no crime there either.
But that's the counter narrative.
They're very good at the counter narrative.
They are just as busted as can be.
And had this been known at the time, Obama would have been impeached.
Let's be very clear.
They spied on candidate Donald Trump.
They spied on President Donald Trump.
This is an abuse of power, again, that makes Watergate look like small potatoes.
And it is now, watch, in the 24-hour news cycle, particularly on Super Bowl Sunday, they will do everything possible to bury this.
Thank God that there's an InfoWars, because we won't let it be buried.
Absolutely, Roger.
And of course, tied to this notice, on Friday they come out with a story that vindicates you, but they spin it like, oh look, there was a secret report
He and Don Jr., meaning you and Don Jr., almost got indicted for computer crimes, but then they didn't do it because there wasn't evidence of it.
That's exculpatory, but the media spins it like, oh, look, here's the proof.
What the hell were they trying there?
Yeah, actually, BuzzFeed, when this story first broke on November 3rd, 2020, the Department of Justice actually put out a press release at midnight on Election Day
The busiest media day of the year, and even they admitted that I was vindicated.
Again, I had no connection to the Russian hacking, if it even took place.
See, I wanted to prove at my trial, with the use of forensic evidence and expert testimony, that there was no online hack of the Democratic National Committee, not by the Russians or anyone else, that the information stolen had been downloaded to some kind of a portable drive.
All of the experts, such as Bill Binney, were prepared to testify to that extent.
But the judge would not allow it.
Their entire narrative has now just blown up.
The only people that were spying, the only people that were engaged in cyber crimes, were Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.
So, we now know Hillary Clinton and her lawyers paid for the dirty dossier, the phony dossier.
We now know that the CrowdStrikes report
That alleged that the Democratic National Committee was hacked by Russian intelligence.
And that information was somehow given to the Trump administration.
That was proven in the declassified documents unearthed by Rick Grinnell when he was the acting Director of National Intelligence.
So their entire narrative has fallen apart.
Well, Roger, let me ask you this.
You got to go.
You'll be back with us tomorrow for a full hour.
What happens next?
I mean, does this say Durham's actually got teeth?
Because this is a big deal.
I don't see how they put the genie back in the bottle.
Well, Durham has the bully pulpit.
Remember, he does work for Merrick Garland.
He would have to have the approval of the Attorney General to bring any indictment.
But it is very clear that he is hot on their trail.
It is very clear that he is unloading more and more of the criminal conspiracies of the Clinton campaign.
He has a terrific reputation for integrity.
We shall see.
We shall see.
Roger, how do people find you?
I know you have great t-shirts, great books, great information, and it's stuff the left doesn't want people to have.
We need to keep you, you know, fighting.
How do folks support the great worker Roger Stone?
Well, I still am fighting six ongoing harassment legal suits against me, all frivolous, all defamatory.
Go to stonedefensefund.com, stonedefensefund.com.
I'm ready to keep fighting.
And now, Alex, I'm looking at whether I can sue.
I need to get back some of what they took from me and my wife.
Me too.
God bless you, Roger Stone.
All right.
Great job.
Good to see you.
Big second hour.
All right.
Totally loaded with critical info.
The Globalist don't want you to have.
It's coming up.
Have you shared InfoWars link today?
You're how we defeat the new world order.
Stay with us.
All right, folks.
While we're busy, we'll look at the Durham investigation and the illegal spying on Trump.
We told you it was going on.
This was happening to us five years ago, four years ago.
That's big.
The Pfizer coming out and just hiding in plain view.
Oh yeah, we actually create synthetic viruses in the lab.
We made COVID-19.
We made our own version of it.
Totally illegal, they just admit it.
To just this, I didn't even get to.
In reversal, FDA puts brakes on COVID shots for kids.
The whole house of cards is coming down.
And that's only the tip of the iceberg.
This is mind-blowing.
Bill Maher comes out and says, Trudeau is acting and sounding like Hitler.
This isn't a liberal-conservative thing, folks.
It's a self-preservation thing.
When people finally get to, I really want to live in a surveillance state.
Do I really want Big Pharma to be able to put in my body whatever they want?
Do I really want Google and Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and all of them to ban being able to go visit mainline medical sites that talk about vitamin C and vitamin D helping you?
They want you hopeless.
They want you under their control, as the Facebook documents that came out years ago showed.
Hopeless and alone.
So they could exploit you.
But you exploit people and it blows back on you.
You don't want to build a world like that.
So I'll be back tomorrow, Lord willing, 11 a.m.
So crazy.
I wasn't going to be here today.
I was excited Jason Bermas was going to host the first two hours of Owen Takes Over Sunday Live.
But this was so big.
All this coming out, I had to be here.
But while we're busy watching all this, the Russians evacuating their embassy is the biggest deal.
And then NATO's pouring troops in, pouring weapons in.
I'm not saying the Russians are perfect either, but our media doesn't talk about how the Russians say, stop pouring troops onto our border.
So they put more troops on their border, and then the West goes, oh my God, you're about to attack us!
Last time I checked, Russia's not attacking anybody except Al Qaeda, and worked with our own military to get rid of them in Syria.
Something good that happened that Trump did, and that Russia did.
So this is just crazy.
And them saying that Russia's going to stage a false flag?
The globalists have a lot bigger history of doing that.
I'm saying anything's possible, but we're on the eve of a major escalation from a proxy war and a... What do they call it?
They've got a term for it here, where they call it a hybrid war.
Well, what do you think a proxy war is?
Of course a hybrid war's been going since before 2014!
Because the Ukrainian government are trying to take the Russian-held areas that Russians had for a thousand years.
So all of this is very, very serious.
Separately, I've got to make a correction.
When I get stuff wrong, I make a correction.
And I didn't really get it super wrong.
I just went off the news yesterday during the Saturday show, I hadn't talked to Joe.
And it said, oh, he's not speaking at UFC, not doing the commentating at UFC 271 because Disney controls it.
I didn't let him.
Dana White came out, and Joe's also said that the pure bull, he's just busy taking care of stuff in his comedy shows and his podcasts.
He decided not to go host that.
They'd have him host every one of them if he wanted to.
He's a busy guy.
And so Joe decided not to host that, and we had reported what the National News had said, and so we got something wrong by going off the National News as a source.
So the good news is, he was not canceled off of the UFC.
So that is some positive news on that front.
And then I've got this.
We're going to cover this tomorrow.
I mean, there's so much news here.
World Economic Forum insane pro-CRT propaganda draws sharp rebuke.
Who do you think's running all the CRT crap that America and Europe's evil and racist and white people are bad?
The Davos Group and the Communist Chinese because they're undermining former Western free countries because our free systems challenge their authoritarian systems and make them
Look bad, and the globalists are wrapping their agenda in blackface, saying, accept our New World Order, accept our open borders, accept our carbon taxes, accept our universal basic incomes, or you're a racist!
And people have to reject this and see through it.
The corporate media allied with the big banks is using race as their cover, and it's disgusting.
Tomorrow's news today.
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