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Name: 20220212_Sat_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 12, 2022
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In this segment of Alex Jones' show, he discusses various topics including the globalist agenda, the Russian perspective on geopolitical tensions, the influence of corporate control over social issues, and the importance of staying informed and prepared. He also mentions rare deals and discounts available at InfoWarsStore.com for high-quality, storable food to support the website's operations amid opposition from globalists.

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The globalists are afraid of the light.
They work in shadow.
When you turn the light on, they run around scared.
We need to turn the light on.
We need the enlightenment.
We need to show what is really happening.
We need to show another point of view on what is happening in Ukraine and Russia and America.
It's Saturday, February 12, 2022.
Tomorrow's news today.
The globalist house of cards has collapsed.
It's not just Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan now openly calling the COVID tyranny a Hitlerian dream.
Now it's even Bill Maher.
When I saw the Bill Maher clip this morning from his Friday show on HBO last night, I actually went and looked it up.
It turns out it really is a Hitler quote.
The small fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa or who are holding unacceptable views that they're expressing.
We do not represent the views of Canadians who have been there for each other, who know that following the science and stepping up to protect each other is the best way to continue to ensure our freedoms, our rights, our values as a country.
We are not intimidated by those who hurl insults and abuse at small business workers and steal food from the homeless.
We won't give in to those who fly racist flags.
We won't cave to those who engage in vandalism or dishonor the memory of our veterans.
So to those responsible for this behavior, it needs to stop.
There's a level of admiration I actually have for China.
Because their basic dictatorship... Regardless of the fact that we are
Attacking your fundamental rights, or limiting your fundamental rights, and the Charter says that's wrong, we're still going to go ahead and do it.
Yes, we're going to get out of this pandemic with vaccination.
And we all know people who are hesitating a little bit.
We will continue to try to convince them.
But there are also people who are fiercely opposed to vaccination.
Who are extremists.
Who don't believe in science, who are often misogynistic, often racist too.
A small group that takes up space.
And there, you have to make a choice as a leader, as a country.
Do we tolerate these people?
Or do we say, well, let's see, most people, almost 80% of Quebeckers have done what had to be done.
They got vaccinated.
We want to go back to the things we like to do.
It's not these people who are going to block us.
Yep, those are Hitler quotes, ladies and gentlemen.
And on that same French show, French-Canadian show, they had elementary students on saying, I think we should put people in prison.
I think we should shoot people that don't take the shots.
And they clap and they smile.
They can get you to accept camps and forced injections.
They can get you to accept anything.
But the good news is the whole world is waking up right now, and this globalist takeover is in free fall.
Here's Bill Maher.
Last night, we've got some big guests for you today.
So much we're about to cover, but first I wanted to hit this.
Here's Bill Maher reading the quote and saying, that's a Hitler quote.
I thought, you know, that is a Hitler quote.
It's paraphrased, but it's almost the same.
It's almost identical, that these people are just taking up space.
What are we going to do with them?
We've got to make a decision about what are we going to do with these people.
When you start going, hey, the majority of us got to decide what we're going to do with this group of people that are bad.
Then they have little kids on the same show to say, I say put them in prison.
I say shoot them.
And they're clapping.
It's so sick.
This is to cover up their globalist takeover.
And finally, people like Bill Maher get, this will ruin his future, his life.
Why would you want to get rid of a free, open system that's got a few problems, but is wonderful compared to a tyranny, and replace it with a mix of communist China, North Korea, Hitler's Nazi Germany, and Soviet Russia?
With a large sprinkling of what we saw in Venezuela under Hugo Chavez.
Here's what Maher had to say.
But I'm asking about the bigger issue here.
It's like, why did this... And why truckers?
And I thought, you know, like, during the pandemic, you know, I talked about this many times, you know, we would see these ads, we're all in it together, and I'd think, no, we're not.
No, we're not.
There are some people who stay home and some people who bring them the food.
You know, if you're just ordering Amazon, and you don't ever have to go out, and your job you can do remotely, but who's bringing the Amazon things?
The trucker.
You know, it was just, it looked, you did not use that word elitist in your whole speech, but like, that's the word that I think is on people's tongues and minds and I mean that certainly is what populists, including bad ones like Trump, play on.
But there is this idea, and it's not wrong, that some people are staying home in their Lululemons and other people...
And you know I can afford to like wait out and get a free vacation and money from the government and other people can't and they're pissed off the people who can't.
I think you're totally right about that Bill.
I will say one more thing though.
I think one step beyond that is this is also
Furthermore, a group of people who have, further by the elites, been excluded in the name of capital-I inclusion.
I was a biotech CEO when the George Floyd protests played out in 2020.
I was still a biotech CEO back then.
Back then, every institutional elite in America, in other countries around the world, but especially in America, would step up and say, what we need to do is we need to listen and open our hearts and minds.
And I think those same institutional leaders would now do well to take a page from that playbook in listening to these truckers, too.
Right, I mean... Actually, listen to what they have to say.
I mean, Justin Trudeau.
You're laughing, but Justin Trudeau.
I mean, I thought he was kind of a cool guy.
And I started to read what he said.
This is a couple of weeks ago.
He was, or maybe this is September, but he was talking about people who are not vaccinated.
He said, they don't believe in science.
They're often misogynistic, often racist.
No, they're not.
That was not smart of him at all.
He said, but they take up space.
And with that, we have to make a choice in terms of a leader as a country.
Do we tolerate these people?
It's like, tolerate?
Now you do sound like him.
And recently he talked about them holding unacceptable views.
I'm surprised to hear that Trudeau said those things.
You didn't see the black face?
No, I'm kidding.
I'm not.
I mean, that was not a good look for him.
All right.
Just as we are here on this Saturday evening, I learned some news and I had to call and check it, but it's confirmed about Joe Rogan dealing with the attacks he's under for the First Amendment or standing up for medical freedom.
So we'll get to that after I go to this interview we taped earlier today with
Arkady Mamontov, who is a very popular talk show host in Russia.
He was also part of Russia's strategic nuclear forces back in the Soviet Union.
And he's definitely a well-spoken insider.
And I thought, hey, how about we actually hear from the Russians?
Actually, because we're about to have a nuclear war with them, and we're told it's so wonderful, and they're the devil.
So I've never been to Russia.
Though I got a passport to do it and showed it on TV and they went, Oh my God, he's a Russian agent.
And I had so much court stuff going on and issues that never got to Russia.
But I do want to go to Israel.
I do want to go to Egypt.
I do want to go to places in India.
I do want to go to, because I've been to Europe and stuff.
I've been to Central and South America.
You know, if I go to Brazil to see Bolsonaro, his son invited me a few years ago, I don't work for Bolsonaro.
And if I have the Russians on, I don't work for the Russians.
I do work for my own self-interest of wanting to live in a free, open society.
So that interview we did,
Was extremely informative and he insisted on me talking first, I guess for his show.
He's being very nice, but I really wanted to interview him and the lion's share of it is him being interviewed.
Because I know listeners are like me, you're like, Alex, you're okay, but we have your guest on.
That's really what fascinates me.
So this is a popular Russian TV radio host, really breaking down what's happening.
And I don't just believe him.
I've gone and looked at all the pieces of this.
And sure, did Russians probably do some atrocities during World War II in Ukraine or during the Soviet Union?
Absolutely, they had atrocities in Russia.
But Ukraine is as Russian as it gets, as baseball and apple pie as American.
And the West is starting this fight.
So big, powerful, 45-minute interview, commercial-free, about to come up during that interview.
But if I do not sit here, and if I do not promote things, and if I do not get your support, we will not be on air.
And I mean, I'm always on empty, but God always provides.
But under all the attacks, all the censorship, I'm not going to name it all, you know what's going on, the deplatforming, the stuff, it's only money that's kept us on air.
With the huge game-changing events, and the breaking news, and everything we've done together.
I want to thank viewers and listeners for keeping us in the fight.
And I mean that.
I mean, I fear failure against these globalists more than I fear death.
And I don't say that like I'm some stud or hero.
No, this is about self-preservation.
I'm trying to stop war with Russia because I don't want the globalists to win.
I'm not doing it for the Russians, and the Russians aren't doing it for me.
They're doing it for their interests as well, but together, all of us keeping our own houses clean, we'll build a better world.
We stay out of their business, they stay out of ours, until we collaboratively agree to work on something.
So, do I want to see all the investment flowing into Hollywood and pedophilia and leftist garbage?
Do I like black rock money that they get from everybody's investments?
Pushing this as you know.
Do I want to see
an alliance with Russia and all their resources.
I mean, the biggest damn country in the world got the most resources in the world, got more oil than North America and the Middle East combined.
But the New World Order for 85 years had their foot on Russia and controlled all of that.
And the dyspora of folks that had fled Russia in the hundred years before the czars were overthrown
With the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, went back over and took over Russia.
And the same type of dyspora, of this time a Nazi dyspora, is what's trying to start the war in Ukraine.
Does it mean the Russians were sweet to everybody in Ukraine in World War II?
Absolutely not.
I don't like the things Stalin did.
I'm not a supporter of Stalin.
The point is, is that the greater evil in the world today is the Western New World Order.
And it is diametrically opposed to Western values.
So, sorry, I've gone off on a rant here.
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You could have my kids lined up.
I just can't do it.
So, so, and that's not pigheaded, by the way, that's instinctive and spiritual that once you start giving in, you lose everything.
So I'm not going to be part of that.
I know you're not going to be part of that.
But everybody else gets censored.
Everybody else gets attacked.
But nobody gets attacked like us.
And I can tell you, I don't have $500 million in the bank like Joe Rogan.
And I'm glad.
That's great.
He's a good guy.
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With my four-and-a-half-year-old daughter, because you really love the little ones.
I'm feeling guilty.
There's a nuclear war.
I've got to stay here.
I've got to do this.
I'm telling you, I'm not a coward, folks, but I have nightmares about this.
I mean, the danger level of the globalists releasing bioweapons, and the next ones are going to kill kids, mark my words.
I just see that happening.
You watch, unfortunately.
I think you know this too, folks.
Wars, open borders, financial collapses, all of it.
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So I'm going to stop right now.
And I really appreciate you all, but how exciting news is it that the House of Cards is coming down?
How exciting news is it that
Bill Maher is calling Trudeau Hitler.
I mean, I call him Hitler all the time.
That's Hitler stuff.
I mean, you want real Hitler quotes?
Hitler doesn't say, kill the black people or kill the Jews.
He says, I need the power to round up whoever's not worthy and who's bad.
And what do we do with these people just taking up space?
Those are Hitler quotes.
And then he goes and kills whoever he wants.
So that is a guy in love with himself that's been told, you can be the dictator of the North by Klaus Schwab.
He thinks he is.
The wheels are off.
His engine's on fire.
He's in trouble.
He's scared now.
He knows.
And the truckers aren't backing down.
So, we're going to air this interview with this big guest.
I'm going to come back with the Joe Rogan news that I already have, but I want to go over it some more before I cover it.
And then I want to cover the latest on the truckers and what's happening there.
Big developments there.
And we have another whistleblower special guest joining us, Trevor Adams as well.
Infowars.com, tomorrow's news today.
I want to thank you all for keeping us on air.
You know who you are.
And I want to encourage those that have been on the fence and never gone to Infowars store to be part of this historic fight now while you still can.
Arkady Mamontov was an amazing interview.
It's so important.
Don't believe what he says.
Don't believe what I say.
Don't believe what Putin says.
Don't believe what Biden says.
Don't believe what CNN says.
Russian history, Eastern Europe history, all of that is incredibly interesting.
And what he said historically is true.
So I hope you check this interview out.
I hope we can stop a nuclear war together.
We'll be right back in a moment with the big interview.
Something very rare is going on, and it ends in just three days, as of the time I'm taping this announcement on Thursday afternoon.
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Well, it's really good to be here with you today, and I look forward to us being able to interview each other, because the last thing that the global corporate crime syndicate wants, in my view, is for nation-states to be talking together.
I don't see the U.S.
or Russia or China or the European Union
Thank you.
Alex, I'm also glad to hear you.
Finally, we have the opportunity to see each other.
I remember that we already have recorded an interview and it was very popular in Russia.
You are very popular among Russian people and that's a great thing.
Well, thank you for having me.
So, Alex, the first thing I wanted to ask you about.
Recently, the two presidents, the US president and the Russian president, have held talks.
Do you know something about the details of these negotiations?
Or you know...
Well, I've been following it just like you have been doing.
I don't have any insider information, but I know that
Biden is a puppet of the corporate interest and so he's not really the president.
I know that Putin is actually the president of Russia in this world where presidents and prime ministers
Are almost all puppets of globalist oligarchs.
It's very rare to have a real president.
And so what Biden tells Putin, I think Putin knows and we all know isn't real.
It's the string pullers that control Biden that actually matter.
And they want a provocation to expand NATO and a provocation to distract Russia from building up its economic systems and getting its Nord Stream pipeline into Europe that Europe desperately needs and that Russia
Thank you.
Tell us please, who are those people who are attacking not only Russia, but the United States?
And who want to see the confrontation between the American and the Russian peoples?
Ian Fleming was with OSS and later MI6, as most people know, that created the James Bond series.
And he even said before he died that was based on things he really saw happen.
Of course, it was fictionized, fictional versions, but where you'd have the Russians in the U.S.
almost having war, but it would be Spectre, this corporate group behind the scenes, getting rich and powerful off of the conflict.
And that's really what the Davos Group is and Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates.
Klaus Schwab is really the head of the Bilderberg Group.
It's this big multinational organization.
The only group not allowed in is the Russians.
And these corporations get together
They have operatives inside the governments and then they manipulate the countries against each other for their own gain and their own power.
So it is the remnants of the Anglo-American establishment and the East India and other companies that basically formed this corporate global governance that Cecil Rhodes officially launched about 120 years ago that has been the dominant form of the world order until now.
And so it's not a monopolar world with the U.S.
running the world.
The U.S.
is subservient to this global corporate body that is trying to maintain its monopolar control of the planet.
And we see Russia breaking away from that.
And we see China starting to break away from that globalist system.
And so all the real conflict from their own admissions comes out of that.
Is nuclear war on an agenda?
Or is it unlikely to happen?
I think since the invention of these weapons,
Or is it?
It's been a real possibility, and now that they've proliferated so much, it's one of the greatest threats facing our planet today.
That and biological weapons are common, or an asteroid are amongst obviously the biggest threats that we face here on this planet.
But I do think that the clock has gotten much closer to the doomsday of midnight.
I think?
Needs to happen for that to take place.
These globalist forces literally have their bunkers they believe they can retreat to.
So it's very psychotic, it's crazy, but there's a method to their madness and obviously the expansion of NATO with all these A-level weapons
and very sophisticated weapons into the area is a major proxy war escalation I believe meant to get hardliners to pressure Putin into some type of action to secure Belarus and of course Western Russia and basically trick the Russians into a defensive move to, in the words of U.S.
Senators, have a preemptive strike on the Russian forces that could actually start a nuclear war.
So yes, I think nuclear war is an extreme danger.
Alex, tell me please, why the Washington elite hate so much not only President Putin, that is an irrational hate against Putin, why do they really hate the Russian people in general?
Why are we so hated by them?
Could you please explain it to us?
Well, absolutely.
We don't have a Soviet flag anymore.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
Please continue.
We have no Soviet flag anymore.
When I was young, I worked in the perestroika era.
Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union an empire of evil.
We have no more communism.
We are democracy now.
We share international values.
We are decent people.
We are Russians.
We are not the Soviets.
Why are we so hated and face such a strong pressure?
I heard the first part.
That's a great question.
I'm glad you raised that.
If you look at the Hollywood elites and you look at the Davos elites, not the European people and not the American people, but the elites, they call themselves the elites.
They don't like any sovereign country that they don't control.
And so just as some of the New York elites and some of the Los Angeles elites hate the Midwest, they hate Texas, they hate the Rocky Mountains, they literally write articles how much they hate us and how we're evil and we're backwards and we're stupid Christians and we're hillbillies.
And so they have this elitist feeling that they own everything.
And as you know, there was a big leftist component in the Soviets.
And so the left romanticized the Soviets.
And so now that they see Putin saying, have children, be strong, be good, be proud of yourself.
They don't want people being proud of their great nations and great histories as Russia and America have.
And so the globalists want to get rid of any culture that stands in the way of their global corporate dominance.
And so, for the fact that Putin is strong, and the Russians are strong and getting stronger, and in America, the Christian, conservative, nationalist movement that understands this and wants to invest in Russia, what a great place, what a huge, rich place!
I mean, we all want to work with Russia.
That would make sense geopolitically.
That would make sense in the whole world, a U.S.-Russian alliance.
I think?
really see that potential alliance as the number one threat to their global domination and their transhumanist movement that they want to carry out against humanity.
But if Xi Jinping is saying, have three children, and Putin is saying, have four children, and Hollywood is here telling us to literally cut our son's genitals off, this leftist death cult,
People, just like people used to look from authoritarian regimes at America and think, wow, I wish I was there.
Well, now as Russia becomes more open and more free market and more pro-family than America, that shames the globalists, and so they can't have that.
They want a worldwide total dominance, and I know that's a long answer, but that's the reason Russia has a lot of resources and a lot of people, and the left
Basically owned Russia, they believe, for 85 years and they want to put their boot on your neck again.
Tell us, please, what is the ultimate goal of these people who are now calling themselves elites in America, those globalists, this world global government who is laughing at us all?
What do they want?
They're not afraid of a nuclear war, but are they seeking to get... What is their ultimate goal of this intrigue?
Their ultimate goal is to be like God and to have smartphones with a vaccine passport tied to a carbon passport and a global social credit score to track everything we do, but also control what we can buy, what we can sell using blockchain-type technology.
I'm not against blockchain, but it's going to use blockchain-type technology to then enforce on everyone the orthodoxy of BlackRock.
And if you look at BlackRock, it's at the very top of the pyramid with quadrillions under its control, not just hundreds and hundreds of billions, but not just trillions, but it's able to leverage thousands of trillions.
And it's been devaluing world currencies at a rapid pace to buy up all the infrastructure, and it wants to collapse the old human civilization.
And then during that process of Build Back Better, is what they call it, which is the Great Reset,
Build on the ashes of the old civilization what they call a technocracy, whose endgame is then depopulation of 90% of the earth.
And so that's why...
Russia and China breaking with that program of depopulation is cardinal sins.
And I think Russia is a much more Christian, open, better model society.
I'm not judging communist China, but I am judging the communists.
But even Xi Jinping sees the leadership of Putin turning back towards humanity, turning back towards what makes us great.
Turning back towards a human future, and Russia is even pulling China back towards a pro-human view, and that's what's enraging the globalist transhumanists who want to turn humans into a commodity that they own.
Thank you very much, Alex.
Now I'm ready to take your questions.
Please go ahead.
Well, I just wanted to have a big national host like yourself.
I know you're super popular over in Russia and many other areas in the world.
I've certainly seen your work.
We appreciate you coming on with us.
I just wanted my listeners, a couple million people on this Saturday, and we're going to rear some of this next week on the weekday show,
To actually hear from a Russian about where you stand, the history, a basic history of Ukraine, and some of the things that are happening, and what you really believe as a tied-in Russian, Putin's really planning, and what Russians really want, and where you think this is going, and the same question you asked me, how big a danger is nuclear war, and how do we mitigate that and try to stop that and live in peace?
You know, I will start with the question that ordinary Americans will like.
I've got a mother who is quite old and she has a housemaker, a citizen of Ukraine.
Actually, a lot of Ukrainian citizens work in Russia because they cannot gain money in their country after Maidan.
They just don't have such an opportunity.
That's why they work in Russia.
There are billions of them.
A woman named Gala, she's from Lvov, and she came to my mother's, and she says to my mom that she has just called to Lvov, and her mother saw that, told her that she saw on Ukrainian TV on a creeping line the following phrase.
Today, on the 12th of February at 4 o'clock, Russian tanks will enter Ukraine.
So this house maker asked my mom, will Russian tanks enter Ukraine?
And my mom said, let's just sit down and wait until 6 o'clock to see that.
By ourselves.
So, then, it was four o'clock, there were no tanks, and they just dropped.
So what I'm trying to say is that the hysteria exists, exists in Western media, and it's beyond description, what is happening here.
Russia is shocked.
We're good to go.
And the following things are happening in Ukrainian media.
Your program is called Infowars.
And I, myself, saw what an infowar was in reality.
And it may be interesting for Americans to know how their secret services conduct this information war on other countries' territories.
In the American embassy in Kyiv, there is a department who is in charge
We're good.
The same thing is done by American secret services represented in Kiev.
They work with bloggers, with presenters, with journalists, forming an anti-Russian public opinion.
And it all started to happen after 2014.
What is it happening?
I'll try to explain.
Everything started in 1945 when the Soviet army set free Ukraine and Europe from fascism.
Then Soviet troops entered the Western Ukraine and there were clashes.
The so-called SS division waged war against us.
It was a fascist division.
That killed millions of Jews and prosecuted everyone who were not like-minded.
And out of Ukrainian nationalists, they created such a division called Kalichina.
After that, those who stayed alive after the clashes fled to the United States.
And settled in Washington as well and in other cities and also in Canada and they started to gain force there to become stronger than a Ukrainian diaspora developed.
And it wasn't only a diaspora who just lived in Ukraine and got children.
No, they wanted to take revenge for the losses they suffered in 1945.
Though they entered Washington, the elite
And they brainwashed really well the American elite that was ruling at that time.
And that Ukrainian story has been going on for more than 50 years when people are brainwashed, when people are told that the Ukrainians and Russians are different peoples.
But that's not true.
And the last thing I want to say is that Beginov, one of the leaders who is a Pole and who was in a Soviet prison, set a goal of his life to make Russia collapse.
He is dead now, but when he was alive, he did everything to revive Ukrainian nationalism and to attack Russia through Ukraine to make it collapse.
He has a very famous statement.
With Ukraine, Russia is a superpower.
Without it, it's just a small regional country.
And, Alex, since that very moment, we believe these contradictions started in 2014, during the putsch, when the legitimate Ukrainian government of Yanukovych was overthrown.
It all started.
Of course, Yanukovych was a bad leader, but he had been elected, elected by the people.
So, he was toppled during a coup, though before that there had been agreements according to which everything was supposed to be fine.
The Ukrainians had been promised that they would live just like in Europe.
And when in Russia we were asked as to who would feed them, where they would get money from to live like in Europe, where they would work.
Now, as we see, they work in Western countries, in Polotsk, but they still come to Russia, though they believe that we are an aggressive country.
And the situation is deploring in Ukraine.
In Ukraine are a subject of a terrible propaganda, which is global, it's globalistic, it depicts Russia as an enemy, it demonizes Putin and all the Russians.
But there are reasons to this, it's a revenge.
I'm sorry to say that, but they want this bastard Ukrainian-American revenge.
We're good to go.
And they wanted to use the television to brainwash people and to watch two people killing each other.
In reality, it's one people, but just divided.
For example, if we take Texas and make it aggressive against Arizona, it would be the same situation.
Alex, I need to be honest.
We are living through a national tragedy.
You know that for me,
It's very painful, personally, because, you know, the Russians say the following thing.
They say that the Americans call... What the Americans like to know how we call Kiev?
We call Kiev the mother of all the Russian cities.
That's where the Orthodox Christianity came from and spread throughout the whole territory.
That's where our living space came from.
And now Kiev is no more the mother of Russian cities.
Now it's a place where people started to do everything they want.
I think we are an open platform, so I will tell everything that I think honestly.
Oh, that's very important.
That's very important.
That's very important because they don't want to actually hear what a Russian has to say.
And I don't just believe you.
I've gone and studied the history of it.
It's well known what going back to 1100 or so.
And then that's where the Russian culture kind of got started.
And then the Huns came in and then Moscow came and saved Ukraine.
And then that's the whole history and the whole Russian ethos, right, comes out of that.
Is that a basic way I said it?
Or can you go back, back to Ukraine and back to how important that was and some of the leaders that were there?
That's what I'm trying to say, Alex, and what we're witnessing right now is a ridiculous situation.
There are nationalist parades, parades of those people who burned the Jews under Kiev.
So they are successors.
I think?
Holiday the 9th of May is also witnessing horrible things.
Because you can see young people blinded by this fascism and nationalist propaganda beating veterans of war.
You would see it with your own eyes.
You just haven't seen it.
You just didn't know it.
And this deceived youth is just coming to the borders of Donbass to kill.
Just to interrupt briefly, just as an American who tries to be informed, a perspective.
There's old lines when the Nazis took over Ukraine during World War II, where some people in the West were allied with them.
The Nazis set up stay-behind networks when they fell to take Ukrainian Nazis to D.C., part of the rat line that we know about that's on record, where they got their power, set things back up.
They had a lot of stolen wealth and things, and kind of set up an alliance with the CIA
to go back to their stay-behind networks 60, 70 years later and start the same basic war over again.
Unfortunately, it is the truth.
And what I would like to say with regard to Donbass is the following.
There is a history broadcasted in all mass media.
Pay attention to what is told by American mass media, by CNN and other globalist structures in Europe and in America.
You're absolutely right.
This is a globalist voice.
This is not mass media's war.
Those are not journalists.
Those are globalist propaganda people who are brainwashing millions of people.
You know what is going on in TikTok?
Alex, it's a subject to be investigated now.
Jews all over the world are trained to hate Russia.
And what is going on is horrible.
And everything started in 2014, when nationalists and Nazis took power in Ukraine.
The first question raised by them.
On the following day was the language issue.
For example, I am a Russian person living in Ukraine, and I am deemed to be a second sort human being.
And I'm not supposed to speak my mother tongue, only the Ukrainian language.
For example, when a Russian journalist takes an interview in Russian,
In Ukraine, Ukrainian girls answer, I will not use this language of dogs to talk to you.
While Russian citizens live in Donbass, you know that Donbass, Kherson, Odessa, it was a part of the Russian territory.
Absolutely, and our listeners know a lot about that, and I want you to have time, sir, to talk about
That as well, just fascinating history.
Let me ask you about the reports of Russian troops massing on the eastern border of Ukraine in those famously Russian-habitated areas.
Why is Putin massing troops, or is that not true?
I mean, I've seen Putin say, hey, it's our land, we can mass troops there.
I see Putin massing troops because it's your border.
And the West is moving in class A anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles and saying that there's going to be an imminent attack.
So my first question, just to make it simple because I know I can run on, is what is the real sentiment and do you think what Putin is saying about, hey, just don't take Ukraine, we think you're about to take Ukraine,
You're already sending the troops and weapons in.
If you do that and invoke Article 5, within a blink of an eye, all of Europe will be brought into this.
So, as Putin's saying, our red line, our line in the sand, is if NATO openly takes over, we're going to do this.
And so, then NATO responds back and says there's going to be an imminent Russian attack, and says that if Russia claims it's attacked, it's a false flag.
So that if Russia is attacked, then the West says, no, you weren't attacked, but now the war has started.
So that's a lot of pieces.
But let's talk about what's currently happening.
And why do you think the Western media is just saying war is imminent the next 48 hours?
And Putin is saying, absolutely not.
That's not going to happen.
I'm concerned that the globalists or others are about to provocateur an attack on Russian forces as a pretext to launch war.
What is the best thinking on that right now?
I'll explain what's happening.
Let's begin from the very basic things.
The thing is that both Donbass and Lugansk didn't recognize in 2014 the new Ukraine authorities.
They started to resist the Ukrainian regime.
They enjoy a special territorial status in Ukraine.
Well, to make it understandable, you live in Texas.
Let's say in Mexico we see things that are now happening in Ukraine, in Eastern Ukraine.
Imagine the house you live in, and imagine that it's about 30 kilometers, your house is 30-40 kilometers away from the clashes.
We have mortars that can shoot being 40 kilometers away.
Any country, be it Nicaragua, South Africa, the United States of America, will respond to a military conflict on your border.
When you have a conflict in this special area near your border, within the inter-Ukrainian conflict,
The Ukrainian military amassed 130,000 troops.
I repeat, 130,000 people who are armed, have necessary heavy equipment.
They have over 5,000 mercenaries from the United States, Canada,
We're good to go.
There's no such thing as a border between these two former Soviet republics.
So it's very easy to sabotage things.
It's very easy to blow up railway stations.
It's very
It's very simple to blow the nuclear station that's located there.
So what do you think would be a response of a sane leader of a country?
That's why we have amassed troops near the border, because we are monitoring what's happening there.
We're afraid of what's going to happen, because we should have the opportunity to respond.
At the beginning of the conversation, I told you about the story that took place in the city of Lvov, about the alleged... about the possibility of Russian tanks going into Kiev.
We told them, if you are afraid of such scenario, let's withdraw our troops from the border, both Ukrainians and Russians.
Let's respect the Minsk agreements, which were signed by President Poroshenko in Minsk, that were approved by the UN Security Council.
Just withdraw your troops.
Move away this 130,000 people from the border.
It's for you to understand what's happening there.
Donetsk is a coal area where there used to be coal mines.
So there are no forests there.
And the cities are very densely located.
It's like 1 km from one city to another.
And it's a step.
It's a very densely populated territory.
And there are 130,000 troops are concentrated.
And they're highly motivated to take by power Lugansk and Donbass and want to make everyone speak the Ukrainian language.
So let me just stop you, sir, because, again, I'm not a Russophile.
But I do follow the truth, and I've done deep studying on this for an American, and I totally agree with what you're saying, and I'm telling my listeners, they can research as it's true, is that you started, you had this overthrow of the government in Ukraine, going back, what, seven, eight years ago, and then you had Ukrainian-backed government with NATO starting wars, trying to push Russians out of their areas that's 100% where they've been forever, and then now there's all these high-tech weapons, and C-130s landing, and galaxies landing,
Rolling off $5 billion in weapons the last two months, massing troops, and of course the Russians are going to put troops there.
And then I get called a Russian agent by the news because I don't want war.
General Flynn does, and they try to put us in jail, but I've never even been to Russia.
But I love studying history, and I know what's happening, and I know that
Putin cut defense spending five years ago and doesn't want this conflict because he wants to do business.
I want to do business.
I want the Nord Stream 2 turned on.
I want the Keystone Pipeline turned on.
And what you're saying is all true, according to what I know, and it's disgusting and makes me sad.
But when I turn on our corporate media, it's all lies.
Everything you've said so far that I know has been accurate.
Everything our media says is in reverse.
It's a lie, but I want to make the point, it's not our media.
Just like you were occupied by the globalist leftist scum.
And we have been partially occupied by them, and I just hope Russia and America and others can all have solidarity and wake up to the big corporations and the globalists and how they're exploiting us, the oligarchs, and start arresting the oligarchs like Russia did to put a stop to this and actually empower the people.
I'm not saying Russia's perfect, America's far from perfect, but clearly the new world order, globalism, is the enemy.
And I think it's very clear, I'm just going to state this, that the West is trying to start, the criminal elements of the West, are trying to start a war, they already have a proxy war in Ukraine, with Russia, and are going to stage a provocation and kill Russians, or Russian-Ukrainians, and blow up a plant, exactly, a provocation, and then say Putin did a false flag.
When Putin doesn't have the motive, in Latin we call it qui bono, who gains.
Russia does not gain from war.
Russia does not gain from false flags.
But the same New World Order collapsing my borders, the same New World Order trying to take my guns, the same New World Order trying to brainwash my children and literally cut their genitals off, the same New World Order that hates America and hates Russia and hates Christianity,
Is the one attacking you and so I'm a hundred percent against it and hope that we can stop it So in the few minutes we have left and I really appreciate your time today, sir Tell us how people can find what you're doing how people can find reports and things and just in you know Take five minutes or as long as you'd like to try to talk about any solutions of how to stop this because there is a hysteria
by the deep state here that knows America is rejecting it and the truckers all over the world saying no to the biomedical tyranny and saying no to the deep state's launch of COVID-19.
And so I see their only hope, they think, to distract us from their failed COVID takeover with the COVID crisis is a war with Russia.
And we cannot let this happen.
Again, please give us your analysis.
You know, the story is very simple.
The thing is that globalists now are looking for the so-called Cazus Belli, the reason to start a war.
Now everyone has Internet.
Everyone has an opportunity to petition, to organize demonstrations, protests.
You don't even have to go outside.
You can send a lot of messages in support of those people who want peace.
We want peace.
We can agree on practically everything.
We need to talk to each other.
You are very popular.
And you can organize with the Russian political scientists, with Ukrainian political scientists in Russia.
Organize and maintain conversation with the Russians, Russian political scientists.
Because the globalists are afraid of the light.
They work in shadow.
When you turn the light on, they run around scared.
We need to turn the light on.
We need the enlightenment.
We need to show what is really happening.
We need to show another point of view on what is happening in Ukraine and Russia and America.
That's what's important.
I saw your reports on what happened near the White House.
When the Trump Authority was trampled, and when ordinary people who went to the White House to protest against globalist counter-revolution, they were all arrested, they were thrown in prison.
And the globalists dubbed them terrorists, they thought that these people, they said that these people must be shot dead.
And I think that information is the power, and the information, true, real information from people who have first-hand experience, it will in the end prevail, but we need to talk more and more, we need to talk truth, and then those dark forces will run around scared when we turn the light on.
That's what I think.
I think we should do this, both in Russia and in America.
Well, Mr. Mamontov, we really appreciate your time and everything you just said here today.
I'm in total solidarity with the Russian people and the Ukrainian people.
And I just hope everybody can see through this and all these young people being manipulated.
Someday we can take these institutions over and abolish them or reform them.
And I hope that, as Martin Luther King Jr.
said, someday all of our children can be together, regardless whether they're from Africa or whether they're from Asia or whether they are from the Slavic nations or the Western nations or Latin America.
It doesn't matter.
Just have science and an investment in the future and explore space and just move forward together.
But this is a very dangerous time, obviously, because
The globalist establishment is collapsing.
The globalist establishment is falling apart.
And they need a war to maintain control.
It's very simple.
And so we all have our differences, and we all have bad problems, and we all have bad people.
And good people.
But we know the globalists are liars, and we know everything they say is a lie, and we know that they want war with Russia, and we just can't have it.
I mean, if Russia was invading other countries and killing people and doing all this, we still couldn't have a war because they've got nuclear weapons.
But as Putin, in closing, said, I'd like to get your take on this, we appreciate your time, when he said, listen, you may have a bigger military than us, but in the blink of an eye, if you do Article 5 and take Ukraine and those Russian people,
We are going to draw you into a larger war, and don't forget we have nuclear weapons.
I see that not as a threat, but as a warning, because I see U.S.
Senators saying, we'll nuke Russia first in both parties.
Very dangerous provocations.
And I think because those threats were made, I don't take it as a threat from Putin.
I don't lionize Putin.
I don't think he's perfect, but I get he's like, listen, you got a bigger military, but don't forget we got nuclear weapons.
Nobody wins in this.
You need to stop right now.
I basically quoted him right there.
In closing, what do you think your president, Vladimir Putin, was saying right there?
Alex, when I was young, I served in the Soviet army, in the strategic troops.
I was guarding missiles which you called Satan.
You know what's the motto?
After us, only silence.
After us, only silence.
So, in closing, what do you make of Putin's statements?
Just what you said?
This is another attempt to prevent the course of events, to stop those mad people who want war to happen.
Russians are very patient, and our President is a very patient man.
We cope with things for a long time, but then we start acting very fast.
That's why we won against Napoleon, who conquered Europe.
We conquered, we defeated Hitler who came to our homes.
Stop interfering with us and leave us in peace.
You are far away from Kiev and Moscow.
Deal with your problems.
Why are you interfering into our situation?
Why do you want this war?
Bunker will not save you.
You don't want to hear this deadly silence.
Biden has a son.
Nuland, I don't know whether she has children.
But Washington globalists, listen to me, you have children.
That's good children, but these are your children.
You have grandkids.
You don't love your grandkids, your children?
Good point.
All right.
Raqqadi, thank you so much for spending time with us.
We're going to put some of your sites obviously up here on air, but where's the best place for Americans or anybody else to find an authentic Russian voice to counter what we're seeing from the warmongers over to CNN?
Thank you, Alex, and I hope to see you again.
All right.
Thank you so much and be safe.
Good interview.
Thank you.
Should you wear a mask if you're healthy?
And if you're not sick, you shouldn't be wearing a medical mask.
But if you are, then you should.
Right now is our insistence now on wearing masks.
Masks do not work for the general public.
People should not be walking around with masks.
There's no reason to be walking around with a mask.
You do not need to wear a medical mask.
Masks don't control viruses, they control you.
That's what this is about.
I really believe that if we get rid of the masks, the rest of this house of cards fall down.
It just blew my mind how the entire world just rolled over and put on a mask.
The biggest issue with face masks is the impact they have on our children.
But children in masks is absolutely dangerous.
And this has to stop!
Defend our children!
The air should not be illegal to breathe.
And welcome back ladies and gentlemen.
I want to thank you for joining us on this special Saturday evening emergency transmission.
We just went from discussion of
Nuclear war and Russia to racism.
Now, obviously, tribalism, gangs, what you call racism, has always existed.
Different groups of people fighting with each other over religion, over where they're from, over what color they are, over what their sexual preference is.
We know that.
We're about to talk to a brave whistleblower, Trevor Adams, in a big viral story that came out a few days ago on Project Veritas of just the terrible level of
Really discrimination and craziness going on at ESPN towards white people, by white people in a lot of cases.
I've tried to follow the story because it's the white people saying having whites, you know, to be talk show hosts is inherently bad.
They're the ones using it as a social engineering, but a lot of black folks are involved as well.
But the reason I wanted to get him on is there's been some new developments.
And we also just now learned today that Joe Rogan,
Has been canceled from UFC's current big bout that's coming up.
Jake Paul rips ESPN Disney's decision to pull Joe Rogan UFC 271 broadcast, but stand behind Dana White.
So we'll talk more about that.
After our guest leaves us and I put a call into Joe.
He hasn't called me back yet when we were during the break, but he usually does pretty quick.
So as soon as I get more details, I'm going to give you the actual scoop.
on what's going on, but this is a big deal.
But before we go to our guest, who I appreciate you joining us on Saturday evening, Trevor Adams.
You can find him on Instagram at The Real Trevor Adams and GibsonGo.com ESPN Whistleblower for you to see more of this.
This is ESPN, owned by ABC, owned by Disney, that suspended Whoopi Goldberg for saying Hitler was wrong to kill a bunch of people, but it wasn't
Well, technically, it was Hitler killing white people, so you could kind of say that.
Still, it was genocide.
But she didn't mean it as mean.
It doesn't matter.
She's now suspended.
It's insane.
But then that same group will sit there and spew through all the properties it owns, the biggest media company in the world, with all these Hollywood movies that white people are bad, to create racial division.
So it's very sick, and it's how they're controlling things.
But I wanted to air a short Tucker Carlson clip that is dead on.
from what Thursday night that we can get to on Friday, where they explain BlackRock leverages quadrillions, has trillions in assets, trillions and trillions, and it's your money, it's not theirs, and they're using it to push this because they know we want to be open-minded.
They know the average person wants to love everybody.
We're Christians, on average.
Even when we don't follow Christianity anymore, we say, hey, judge a person on what they do, what they stand for, like Martin Luther King Jr.
That's a Christian idea he was promoting.
All God's children together.
So if the corporations can get us to follow their orders saying, do what I say or you're a racist, do what I say, take an injection, as Trudeau said, or you're a racist, now they've got a control switch into your mind.
And now they can move it on to any issue they want.
So that's how these big corrupt corporations like BlackRock, connected to all the slave camps in China and Africa in the very worst conditions, instead of them being on the defense,
They just bought off the left now, and now it's the new church you're supposed to worship.
So I'm going to play a short clip from this and then go right to our guest as we zoom in on people that are beyond racism.
Not the average idiot following that, but people that actually use it for political control.
Here it is.
Every American deserves to know who Larry Fink is.
He is what I call the king of the woke industrial complex.
As you said, he is the CEO of the world's largest asset manager.
And what they do is they cause companies to bend the knee to woke orthodoxy because BlackRock says that we won't invest in your company unless you abide by these progressive standards.
Or we'll dock the pay of a CEO or fire a CEO who refuses to bend the knee to woke orthodoxy.
But here's the rub, Tucker.
It is not their money.
That $10 trillion doesn't belong to BlackRock.
Say what you will about George Soros, at least it's his money.
In this case, it is money that belongs to you, to everyday Americans in this country whose blood would boil if they actually knew the way their own money was being used to force a progressive social orthodoxy back onto them.
That is the defining scam of our time, and I think it's high time that everyday Americans wake up to learning how their own money is being used as a weapon to advance values that they would find repugnant if they actually knew what was going on.
So to simplify it for the non-economists among us, including me, you invest money, you imagine this is your retirement.
Larry Fink has influence over where that money is invested and he invests it in ways that are repugnant to you and your core values and your family's future.
Is that kind of what you're saying?
That's exactly right.
That makes him the puppet master behind the scenes of corporate America.
So when you wonder why the CEO of Coca-Cola or whoever does what they do, Larry Fink and BlackRock are a big part of that.
But Tucker, there's one more part that makes this story even take a darker turn.
The puppet master behind the scenes of BlackRock
Is, of course, China.
There is no greater friend of China on Wall Street than Larry Fink today.
He supplicates to the Chinese Communist Party.
He actually helps them in trade negotiations here while criticizing the United States and social inequity and injustice here.
He is actually doing the bidding of the CCP at the same time while getting political favors from China.
So I think this is something that the American people ought to know a lot about.
His decisions affect the lives of everyday Americans more so than most politicians.
And you know this, we're going through this thing that everyone calls the Great Reset, the stakeholder capitalism revolution, where we dissolve the boundaries between government actors and private companies to advance a single progressive globalist agenda.
Well, I think it's time to reset the Great Reset.
And I think the first step is to see with clear eyes what's actually going on.
And Larry Fink's a big part of the story.
Wow, it's time to reset the Great Reset.
Tucker Carlson and his guests are on fire.
We salute both of those amazing people.
When Larry Fink's running slave camps in China with Tim Cook, it's all cute and funny because they're the moral authority.
They're teaching how America's racist and bad at funding Black Lives Matter while they take all of our futures and devalue our currencies and surveil us.
It's absolutely critical that we get back on the offense.
And if Americans, on average, don't care about slave camps in China or Africa, which they should, or Uyghurs, they do care about race.
And they've been taught, hey, I want to be good.
Well, OK, well, you need to know that Larry Fink
Rat Fink is literally owning and running companies that are teaching racism as a mode of control because the majority of people are brown in the world, 90%.
So if you can teach that majority that the whites are bad, and you're the big corporate bosses, you can now direct them, because where's a lot of the wealth?
In the West, in Europe, in the US, to take that wealth.
So, this is very classic Divide and Conquer.
Trevor Adams, I appreciate you joining us.
He began his television production career in 2004 at NBC's The Apprentice.
With Donald Trump, he continued to work in reality TV for a decade.
We're good to go.
They expose how evil companies like Disney are, at least their leadership.
Instagram, the real Trevor Adams.
Trevor, thank you for joining us on Saturday evening.
There's so much to cover, so many angles.
I'm good at interrupting.
Why don't you just take the floor about who you are, what you witnessed, what happened, what's really going on?
Yeah, first of all, Alex, thank you for having me on the show tonight.
So yes, I started ESPN.
I witnessed nonstop discrimination, racism.
And if anyone in the company thinks you're in the middle or on the right whatsoever, you are labeled as a outcast pretty much.
They treat you a lot different in the company.
We know that just like with your previous segment, China has infiltrated the entertainment industry and Hollywood altogether.
And you see it in Disney and ESPN today.
You see it, we see it in our corporate training videos and classes that we are required to take.
Like lately, Project Veritas released footage that we gathered about they're using colorism to further segregate us and divide us.
They're using lighter shades of color of people who they feel more comfortable in the company, whereas darker shaded people feel like they're not part of the company.
So these are just more videos and training methods of theirs where they're going to try and divide us even more because we know these big corporations, the more divided we are, the more control and power they have over us.
And so it's white racism, it's black racism, it's all a tool of control just like the universities, and schools are now segregating black from white from brown, and then you actually caught it on tape, they know what they're doing even at the mid-level.
And if you've seen the Project Veritas video, these are a number of employees that I have on record speaking about what they've seen and witnessed in the company.
It's not just me.
I don't look at myself as a victim here at all.
I'm just glad I'm in this position to expose what's happening in this company.
Well, take your time, because the Project Veritas video is on Veritas' site.
It's posted on InfoWars.
That's why I wanted to get you on, but walk through, again, not racism because you're ignorant and actually believe it, racism being used to control people.
This really gives us a bird's eye view into Larry Fink.
Yes, exactly.
I've seen instances where we have daily reports from directors.
They have to write people up after their shows where one director had a problem with one studio operator and he happened to be black and he wasn't doing the job right.
And someone said, we need to write them up in your report.
And the director, who's also black, basically went on record and saying, no, I can't do that because it's going to make our look people make our people look bad.
And that shouldn't be happening.
Whereas I know if there was somebody in that position that was white, they probably would be written up immediately.
So that's just one example.
Another example, you have black employees who are in departments where they're around sexual and racial innuendos all day long.
And instead of the company dealing with the issue at hand, they just take these people and they remove them out of the department that they're qualified for, and they put them in brand new positions to just get away from it all.
And they hope that that's put a Band-Aid on it
That will fix it, and it just makes things worse.
Well, it also is like a snake eating its tail.
Corporations have introduced all this on record to control people and as the new religion, but it's destroying even their own systems.
I sent an email out to the CEO of the company when this was all going down, because I've seen over the years, I have years of records and emails where I brought this to their attention, say this is, I say this is happening.
They don't do anything about it.
So I finally sent an email to the company and the CEO, James Pataro.
And what happened next is I had an HR call two days later.
We went over the allegations and immediately after that, they said, Hey, we looked at your social media account and we saw four words that say, come see what happens in regards to the vaccine mandate.
So we know what happened here.
I brought some issues to their attention and they turned around and they started investigating me.
So with that said, they put me on leave for several months and they started to smear my name within the company.
I actually had an HR manager from Bristol, Connecticut contact one of the employees in Charlotte, North Carolina and said, Hey, do you know this man, Trevor Adams?
And have you seen his social media account?
The management up here thinks this is an issue and they're worried.
And I'm going to go read her text message, word for word.
This is the HR manager in Bristol, Connecticut writing to my coworker.
And she goes, look, bitch, if he comes to shoot up the club, I need you to not be at work.
So, and this is after they've discussed that the fact that I'm a Trump supporter as well.
So you have a company here that's probably looking at my skin color.
I'm a Republican.
I'm a conservative.
I'm a pro-freedom, love and patriot.
And they're trying to smear my name and make me look bad.
So instead of investigating the allegations in this company, they're trying to investigate me and make me look bad.
And within days after sending that email, they sent the police to my home.
And I have my little daughter witness all of it, and she's like, what's going on, Dad?
And so that's the big takeaway.
I should be a better reporter.
You're breaking this exclusively here.
This isn't the Veritas report yet, but I've got the emails right here.
I just didn't know we had permission to show, but I'm glad you're covering it.
They send out emails saying you're going to come shoot the place up with no evidence.
Then the police show up at your house.
I mean, this just shows that people are racist.
People are terrorists.
People are... This is what not just the Democratic Party
Or not just Trudeau in Canada says, if you don't want forced inoculation to drive a truck, you're a misogynist Nazi.
It's preposterous.
It's crazy.
And I tell people who are in the shadows, who just want to blend in, this is the time we need to speak up.
We see what's happening in the world today, not just in these companies, but like you said, and with Canada and out in the world and how people who are unvaccinated, we are being treated differently and we can't blend in anymore.
We have to be brave.
We have to come forward.
We have to expose what's happening.
I mean, I watched the video and I've seen the reports, but for TV viewers watching right now, what happened when the police came to your house?
So he pulled in and basically said, I was told to come report and see if you were here.
And we got details that you put up on an Instagram post about the company and the vaccine mandate.
And I showed it to him on my Instagram feed.
And he's like, I don't see that as a threat whatsoever.
I don't know why I'm here.
So he's like, if I were you, I would probably start recording.
Little did he know I was recording everything, but I felt like I was a couple steps ahead and I'm glad I did because I could see what they were doing to me since day one.
So, this is how the left operates, is they create these tags, and then they use it against somebody they don't like, and it's destroying our civilization, and then meanwhile, ruthless bankers own and run these companies that run literal slave camps with three million people in them in China.
Larry Fink is the largest basic investor in that, and he sits up there while teaching Americans to hate each other for what color we are.
What a sick joke!
Where does this go from here, Trevor Adams?
So, I have been terminated from the company.
And, as we know, the entertainment business, they will blacklist you.
If you come against them, go against their narrative and agenda, they will blacklist you from the industry.
So, I will probably have to look for a new career.
I will probably not be able to return to the job I loved doing for almost two decades now.
And, yeah, it's going to be tough.
I'm not sure which direction I'm going to go.
God has the right path for me.
I do have strong faith.
I believe he will lead me in the right direction.
And if any of you out there would like to help me and support me in this situation, because it is tough.
I've lost all my income.
I've lost consistent income.
And I'm out of a job.
And you can visit my page at GiveSendGo forward slash ESPN Whistleblower.
And I would really appreciate the support if you could at least pray for me.
I want to be clear.
You've done this for us.
You're a champion of truth.
We need to champion all the big whistleblowers that come out, especially at Project Veritas, because the globalist emails have come out in lawsuits and documents.
They are panicking, even during Wikileaks over this.
And as more people know, they've got a little bit of a safety net.
To jump out and do this, it's going to make more and more whistleblowers come out that is going to bring down their entire system.
So I totally agree.
That's Instagram, the real Trevor Adams.
GiveSendGo.com, ESPN whistleblower.
And GiveSendGo, folks, is standing with the truckers, not handing the donations over to the government when Trudeau and Doug Ford ordered it.
And that's all so we can donate to us there at Save Info Wars for our lawsuit fund.
And it takes money to fight these wars.
But here's the good news.
Rose McGowan.
She came out first five, six years ago.
I don't get the dates right, but I'm going from memory.
Teleprompter free here, folks.
But five, six years ago, she comes out and says these things about Harvey Weinstein.
And they attack her, they blackball her, they demonize her.
But within a year or so, the truth comes out.
Within two years, he's arrested.
And now he's in prison.
And now the House of Cards is coming down.
Same thing with all these other sickos and rapists.
And so it's going to be the Trevor Adamses and the Rose McGowans that have the courage, even though she's been attacked, her house broken into.
I know the tactics the Clintons and others use on you folks.
I've gone through it.
I don't ever give them attention with the things they pulled on us, but you know, it's been substantive.
And, you know, we have to do this or we're going to wake up and they're going to totally be ruling us.
So I see them in decline.
I see them in trouble.
I see the wave of resistance and whistleblowers and demonstrations and scientists speaking out is getting bigger and they're getting smaller.
Now, they're going to start wars and they got other tricks up their sleeves, but at least we're not taking it lying down, Trevor.
We are going to start fighting back.
We have to at this point because if you want to blend in, we're not going to have a job to go back to.
We're not going to have a home to go live in.
They're doing everything they can to cancel us and censor us.
And we shouldn't have to be uncomfortable going to work every single day or living our life or being ourself.
And ESPN, Disney and these major corporations are making us do that.
And they're trying to quiet us.
And I don't think it's going to work.
We are standing up more and more every single day.
And I'm going to reach out to those out there who are
In these businesses and they're in the shadows.
This is the time we need you.
We have to start fighting back right now.
Well, again, you're not a victim.
I'm not a victim.
We're champions who are backed by good people standing up telling truth.
But I never made a big deal about this.
But the EEOC thing got closed.
They said it was false, you know, false claims or whatever.
I literally had the New York Times and others run like intelligence operations on us, contact everybody that worked here through Facebook, start relationships through liaisons, offer people jobs, offer them money, meet with them, and then seduce them over the period of a year.
This is right when Trump won, just because I'd supported Trump.
And then literally, whole cloth, make up 100% lies.
And like you're reading major national news, New York Times, Daily Mail,
And it's 100% not true, and then it's NPR, and then it's all of it, and they literally go pay people like Judas Iscariot to bear false witness, and it doesn't even make me hate him.
It makes me feel sorry for him, and makes me feel weak that there's this many people around us.
Thank God
Almost all the other crew got contacted one way or another.
They didn't sell me out.
But of course, the weakest, saddest people that I kind of kept on because I felt sorry for them, it's like in 300, which is a compositometry story, but it's obviously cartoonized, when they won't make him one of the 300, they won't make him one of the Spartans, so he gets mad and becomes a general for the other side.
But they kind of kept him around and were nice to him, but because they did that, they then opened the pass up and they get destroyed.
I just don't know how to deal with the level of how they use race as a weapon.
When I was brought up that I'm a Christian, and I come from a good family, and I come from smart people, not because we're white, because we're good, hard-working people, and we're not going to put other people down.
We're going to be an example to build people up, and we're strong.
I mean, we believe in unification of humanity, and then to have the scum like Larry Fink spend all their money and time trying to silence Joe Rogan and everybody else,
When Joe Rogan was such a unifier, it makes me sick.
And to all these idiots, the fools that buy into this race narrative, and buy into, they'll be good.
Oh, it's for a good cause.
Just lie about Alex.
Just say he wears Hitler shoes.
Just say he loves Hitler.
How asinine is that?
I'm sorry, I'm ranting.
It's like a religion, is what I experienced, of how the left operates.
And they know it's a lie, but they think they're getting power out of it, but only because we buy into it.
So, if you don't see somebody specifically attacking somebody for what color they are, or if you don't see it cut and dry, don't buy into it, because it's a diversion and a distraction.
What do you think?
Oh, for sure.
It's just so hypocritical.
I mean, you look at the Roseanne Barr and the Whoopi Goldberg situation.
The treatment is completely night and day.
I mean, Roseanne lost everything, and Whoopi Goldberg gets canceled for a few weeks if, you know, that's it.
I mean, it's just so hypocritical in their actions, and they know it.
It's just sad and it's just pure evil.
Well, what else do you want to get across to our audience, brother?
Because you're here, unedited, live, right now, and people are getting a chance to hear you.
I mean, I think a lot of us are just fed up with the big corp, treating people like crap.
I mean, it's happening more and more, and we need to speak up and do something about it, because it's not going to get better unless we do.
So your bottom line is the corporations are using racial division as a smoke screen for treating everybody like crap.
Oh, absolutely.
I mean, they use the political and medical persecution as well.
I mean, people, I wear my heart on my sleeve, so people at my job, they know that I'm a Christian-based man.
I'm a pro-freedom patriot.
And they do use that against you.
And it's just unfortunate.
I mean, there's comments where I've had directors, there's times where I've had directors comment on our headset during shows, you know, this is just another Trump voter.
You know, I wish he would do the job better or just stay away from politics and things like that.
You go to ESPN these days in our building, CNN, MSNBC, politics is on almost every TV in the building.
So it's just unfortunate they live their lives by politics in this company.
It can't be just sports within ESPN.
It's very unfortunate.
And if you're vaccinated or unvaccinated, that's a whole nother ballgame right there.
So it's a cult of bullies.
All right.
The real Trevor Adams, GibsonGo.com.
ESPN whistleblower.
Thank you so much, sir.
And please join us again as new developments unfold.
We appreciate your courage.
Thank you, Alex.
Give up a good fight.
I'm trying, man.
I tell you, I'm really, really trying, ladies and gentlemen.
All right.
I got a few other stories I want to hit.
Dealing with the economy and dealing with the poison shots and the rest of it.
But man, I got to tell you.
To sit there and watch people that literally run slave camps around the world cancel Joe Rogan from the UFC at the weigh-in and from the deal at UFC 271.
A lot of people say, well, Joe Rogan's rich and he's got his podcast.
The point is, folks, if they can start shutting him down, they can start shutting us all down.
That's what empathy is all about.
And I know as an audience of great activists and informed people, you get that.
But you got to tell your friends and family when they're like, why do we care about what's happening in Africa or what's happening in Asia or what's happening on the border with Russia?
Because it affects you.
And it's a global government attacking people.
And it's a system that wants to screw you over.
And it's counting on you being ignorant to be able to do that.
And these corporations want to smokescreen all the corrupt things.
They're pedophilia with Me Too.
And they're slave camps, and they're oppression of workers, and they're destruction of all of our savings as, oh, well, they're going to be the champions of black people.
That's why you tune in to any channel and, man, 80%, 90% of the spokespersons are black.
It's like, oh, they're hiring black folks to be the spokespersons.
I don't care if a company hires none of the black people.
That's their business.
But what I'm saying is they are, the corporations have taken on blackface.
They have literally taken it on because they know everybody's waking up to them.
Just like Trudeau puts it on.
And I'm tired of it, and I see right through it, ladies and gentlemen.
And I talk to folks all over the world, it doesn't matter if you are in Australia or you are in Europe, wherever you are, you turn on the telecoms, you turn on the government channels, it's black people.
And then that way, well, you can't criticize the big corporation, you can't criticize because, you know, Apple's got slave camps in China, literally, but that's okay because, you know, they got a black spokesperson.
It has nothing to do with reality.
They are exploiting everybody, and particularly Africans.
The New World Order has got a mile-long hard-on to kill Africans.
And meanwhile, of course, they camouflage themselves with exactly what they're out to get.
These globalists are predators.
They target everybody.
So we're going to take a short break.
I'm going to come back with some final comments here.
I really appreciate the crew coming in and working so late on Saturday.
This has been a long, powerful show.
And I hope and pray and beg that viewers and listeners take clips out of this.
There's copyright free, free to air, share links everywhere.
I've got a Tiger Fox tail!
He never gives up.
He's Alex Jones, broadcasting from deep in the heart of Texas, worldwide.
Well, not just here, but around the world, Joe Rogan's been bigger news than the U.S.
and Russia, and NATO perhaps having a nuclear war.
Or the fact that Biden's completely senile.
Because it's a corporate global battle to silence
The few pockets of resistance there are around the world to Larry Fink and Klaus Schwab's attempt to lock us all up in a permanent COVID police state.
So I don't name drop about Joe Rogan stuff, despite the fact we're pretty close friends and Joe, in his own words, says he really trusts me.
And then most of the stuff he tells me, I got to say, that's off record, right?
He goes, yeah, that's off record.
This isn't off record.
But I can tell you before we hit this next story, the reason I know about it, Joe Rogan, he asked me last night, he said, is this real?
What do you think of this?
And I sent him a bunch of stuff.
We had a little bit of a talk about it.
And that was 1995.
Bill Clinton apologizing for a U.S.
government spectrum of programs that tested different types of radiation on men, women and children, including lethal tests.
Where they would give pregnant women uranium and plutonium pills.
They'd put foster kids in chambers and radiate them to death.
But it ran the spectrum.
And the European countries did it.
And the Israelis did it.
Under the ringworm children it was called.
They'd say, oh, you're getting your ringworms taken care of.
The fungus.
They'd fry you with radiation.
Some kids were cooked onto the chamber floor.
They were told, do these tests from some that were ethical, some that weren't ethical, some that were lethal.
And the reason I raise that is, that's what Joe Rogan's doing on Friday night, is sending me a little clip we'll play that's got music on it.
But if you type in, Bill Clinton apologizes for unethical radiation experiments, you'll get the press conferences and the AP and the Reuters and all of it, 1995.
In fact, let's just do that.
Yeah, there it is.
There it is, 1995.
It shouldn't have 47,000, it should have 47 million views.
So when people ask why I'm so paranoid, why I know all this, I know all this stuff, but I'd forgotten about it.
And that made me remember other syphilis experiments around the world that Clintons apologized for in 98.
But it was all being done cynically because bigger tests like the rollout of the mRNA injections and all the cancer and heart attacks and
Carries the HIV delivery system in it, the autoimmune disorders.
They just hit us with all this.
And all the studies are clear.
The actual injection is much worse than the virus itself.
So they are really taking down the West because we're in the way of them.
You know, what's the biggest cause of polio worldwide?
Bill Gates polio program.
I was on Joe's show a year ago and said that he didn't believe it.
He pulled up Reuters and said, Oh my God, number one cause of polio, Bill and Melinda Gates vaccine, Reuters.
This is not even hidden, folks.
And so just remember what we're dealing with here, what we're talking about.
But notice I tell Joe this stuff.
I knew Joe a couple of years after Bill Clinton, about three or four years after Bill Clinton gave that speech.
And I tell Joe this stuff, and he just couldn't believe it.
He knew a lot of stuff, but he just couldn't believe it.
And all these years later, that's see how you plant those seeds.
He's reminding me about what's going on.
There it is.
Clinton apologizes for radiation test experiments.
Cabinet will study compensation for some victims and their families.
About 4,000 secret studies.
That's different studies, not people.
Through 1974, we're just now partially declassified.
So they were building an army of mad scientists then that would follow orders who they then took out and went from beta to operational with the geoengineering and all of it.
So I just want to bring you things that people forget about.
And you know, I like Trump overall.
I think he means well.
He least cares about the country.
He can be conned easily.
But he's getting some good people elected.
My gut tells me Trump's not bad.
But regardless, I'm sick of talking about Trump.
And we're not going to beat the New World Order getting him back in.
If he gets back in, fine.
We're going to beat it becoming informed and aware of all this.
And we need to know about the global syphilis experiments, not just Tuskegee.
We need to know about the radiation experiments.
We need to know about the Bayer Pharmaceutical putting HIV and hepatitis knowingly in the blood products to millions of people and then bragging we're depopulating folks in their corporate documents.
I mean, that's real!
And so I use an example of that like, yeah, Joe, learn about Bayer.
This is back in the 80s and 90s putting HIV in.
And see, you'll see Joe Rogan.
Look into that himself and talk about it.
Because he has a heart.
He has a soul.
And then he'll get, he might lose his UFC job.
At least he didn't show up to the big UFC championship.
Because you know, Disney was the one sponsoring it and they don't want him there.
Larry Fink.
You know, Larry Fink's reading about radiation experiments on little kids on Friday night?
Joe Rogan is.
And once Joe Rogan, because I know Joe, he's super focused and he's very regimented.
Like even when he relaxes and has a good time.
He studies, he reads, he mastered Taekwondo and Jiu-Jitsu and shooting and bows and podcasting and commentating and movies.
And I'm not kissing Joe's ass.
I've watched Joe through the years and I've learned what he does.
I wouldn't call it OCD, but he gets very... Before he goes out nationwide and does a big comedy tour, he's in little comedy places, like the Vulcan Gas Company here in Austin, three nights a week, running over like ten versions, because I've seen five of his shows just in the last six months that he's invited me out to, and each one's 30-40% different, while he gauges what the crowd likes best and what's the best of his material.
I mean, that's dedication, folks.
Other comics aren't doing stuff like that.
That's on top of what he does.
But I didn't mean to go off on a Joe Rogan jag.
It's just that no one's going to care if we talk about secret testing of radiation, killing little kids and maiming them.
It was a whole spectrum of testing from non-lethal to dangerous to lethal.
But if you mix a little Joe Rogan in, which is true, then it's a big story.
And maybe we can stop the current stuff that's going on.
So here's a clip.
Thousands of government-sponsored experiments did take place at hospitals, universities, and military bases around our nation.
The goal was to understand the effects of radiation exposure on the human body.
While most of the tests were ethical by any standards, some were unethical, not only by today's standards, but by the standards of the time in which they were conducted.
They failed both the test of our national values and the test of humanity.
Informed consent means your doctor tells you the risk of the treatment you are about to undergo.
In too many cases, informed consent was withheld.
Americans were kept in the dark about the effects of what was being done to them.
The deception extended beyond the test subjects themselves to encompass their families and the American people as a whole.
For these experiments were kept secret.
And they were shrouded not for a compelling reason of national security, but for the simple fear of embarrassment.
And that was wrong.
So today, on behalf of another generation of American leaders, and another generation of American citizens, the United States of America offers a sincere apology to those of our citizens who were subjected to these experiments, to their families, and to their communities.
So there you go.
And you can go watch the full 30-minute press conference on YouTube.
They'll probably pull it down for medical disinformation.
But that's how you whitewash it.
They didn't kill these kids for national security.
They just did it because they were embarrassed.
No, no, they did it to see what the doctors and scientists would do.
And you go read, I remember when this came out, I was just getting on air then,
And I remember reading it and going to the archives and pulling it up.
You had to go to the library to get this then.
And it was like murdering kids, frying them, putting a baby in a microwave.
And he calls that, well, some of it wasn't ethical.
Even by those standards, where they'd put 10,000 troops a half mile from a giant hydrogen bomb going off to see what radiation would do to them.
They told everybody it was safe.
And half of them got lung cancer within a decade.
Some of them within just a few weeks.
So that's why this broadcast is important.
That's why you're important.
So you can get this information out to people.
But let's talk about our future.
Let's talk about the mass experiment, the Nuremberg Code violations, the Geneva Convention violations.
You can't make somebody at the Geneva Convention wear a mask over their face.
The police can't make you do that, unless you're spitting on them and they have a law that kicks in.
But they do it to our children, and it causes carbon dioxide poisoning, and it lowers IQ, it destroys cognitive development, and it's so bad, but they did it.
And here's that video.
I know I played it 10 times on Friday, but here it is again.
Our children being experimented on.
Oh, and I forgot.
Gosh, guys, I wanted to have this top story today.
It was in Reuters.
Such a victory.
Pfizer pulls requests.
Pfizer stops requests for authorization
To vaccinate five and unders.
That broke Friday after the show.
I saw Owen covering it and I saw him covered about 4.30 in my office and I literally got tears in my eyes.
Because you know they injected kids in the secret trials and public trials and the children were so strong they rejected it and their bodies were so powerful the spike protein couldn't even replicate it.
They defeated it.
So they're not backing off because it didn't work.
They're backing off.
Because it didn't work in that it didn't hurt them.
And they know the public's awake and mad and angry because the children's immune system is so powerful that it actually, in almost every case, some got sick, but the vast majority would not even produce immunity, wouldn't create antibodies because their bodies were so powerful.
That's right.
Put that back up.
I should have started the whole damn show with that.
In reversal, FDA puts brakes on COVID shots for kids five and under.
Oh, print me those guys.
Oh man, I'm going to do a victory lap.
Not to say we're right, but to say we are right and we're going to defeat the globalists.
Not we're right, hey we're cool, but we're right, we're not lying.
Europe said no.
The UK said no.
All these countries said no and their own people resigned over in our own FDA and CDC boards.
Repeated boards resigned, the majority of them, until they finally got boards that were so crazy they get on TV for the FDA board and goes, well, we got to see what it does.
We won't know if it's good for the kids or bad until we do it.
Everybody knows that's illegal.
Everybody knows that's wrong.
Everybody's starting to understand that.
And so, wow.
Guys, print me that article real quick.
Thank you.
And while that's happening,
Let's go to that video in Vegas of these first graders celebrating, who have been under Stockholm Syndrome, been submitting, not been complaining, because they're under peer pressure, and they believe the deadly thing's about to kill them, and now they're told the deadly thing is no longer there.
Well, the deadly thing was there, it's the deadly shot, and right now they're protected, thanks to all of you spread the word.
We all did this together!
To all the listeners, badass job sharing the links and getting censored and getting attacked and losing your jobs.
You saved a lot of kids.
And the fight's not over.
But dammit, we just won this battle.
Here's a clip.
Starting tomorrow, we don't have to wear masks anymore!
Is anybody excited?
I'm excited!
Because I'm not doing this to lose.
I'm not doing this because I don't think we can win.
I'm doing this because I believe in you!
And damn it, I believe in you!
I got a bunch of scum like Larry Fink!
Run debt camps while they lecture us how we're bad!
Put up with this crap!
They push and push with their murder and their power grabs, their 90 million at Pfizer, until they knew that, oh my god, we pissed them off, they're rising up, they're awake, law enforcement, military, doctors, scientists, they're all going public, oh my god, it didn't work, back off quick, back off quick!
They're going to just attack again until we've rooted them out, and just like the Nazis, until they're marched up to gallows, legally arrested, indicted, convicted, and then they need to die.
They need to have their necks broken.
Because they killed us.
They killed a lot of members of our families.
They made that virus.
They released it.
And they're going to do it again!
So I don't want any vigilante stuff.
But I want to take back our Congress.
I want to take back the Justice Department, I want to take back all these major governments, and then I want them open and shut, prosecuted, and I want Fauci and all of them marched up there in striped suits, and bags put over their heads, and nooses put around their necks, and then I want that switch lever kicked, and I want that rope to fall, and I want them to sit there and do a dance at the end of that rope.
Because those children demand we do it for their future.
And if we don't, God is going to not know who we are.
Now, they're going to launch wars.
They're going to do cyber attacks.
They're going to pull a bunch of stuff in the future to stop us.
But I want to ask everybody that serves the system.
It's what I kept saying every day for years.
You're going to have your future destroyed serving this.
You may be an evil person.
You may kind of like corruption.
You may get rich working with the system.
But at a certain point, you've got to stop because you're going to destroy yourself.
I don't get up here and talk about executing Fauci to act big, to act tough.
That makes me a major target.
I got to do it, folks.
I didn't do all this to not continue on to the end, whatever the cost may be.
As Churchill said, we shall go on to the end, whatever the case may be.
We shall fight everywhere, in every way.
We shall never surrender.
These people have literally slaughtered tens of millions.
They have starved to death 40 plus million, and they're just getting started, and they're the enemy.
Disney's the enemy.
Hollywood's the enemy.
All these leptist kingpins are the enemy.
They are the satanic scum of the earth, and they will fall!
In reversal, FDA puts breaks on COVID shots for kids under five.
Their own people are just going public saying, you're not doing this, you murderers.
They now know it turns off the white blood cells.
They now know.
And let me tell you, the globals are going to have a big problem managing what they already did.
I mean, when everybody starts getting AIDS, that's what it is.
It's, it's, it's VAIDS vaccine acquired autoimmune deficiency disorder.
That's just what the Nobel Prize winner that discovered HIV said would happen.
Don't listen to him.
That's how I knew.
How Jones know?
It's all over Twitter.
Without me even looking.
How Jones know it would give you HIV?
He's one of them.
He's in with them.
The freaking Indians scanned it two years ago and said it would do that.
They're a major university.
Then the discoverer of HIV said it.
What do you think?
I just pull this stuff out of the air?
I said back at the time, 24 months ago,
In February of 2020, I said, if they create a whole virus vaccine that's attenuated, but it's the actual virus, that's the old-fashioned good way to do it if it's actually going to work, the body will think it's HIV and you'll be HIV positive.
In fact, guys, queue that up.
It's in my list.
And I've always shown you the Australian news articles, but I didn't know there was a video from six months after I said that where they were creating five million doses, I think is what they said.
To start with, and it's false positive HIV.
It's not false positive, sweetheart.
It's real.
They're giving you HIV.
And then I'll give you the bad news.
You understand that black people have a larger insertion site for that injection point.
And that's why you see the numbers, not just vitamin D deficiency in black folks, but the fact that they have
A larger insertion site that the virus is able to plug into in their cells.
So it's going to kill white people, it's going to kill old people, it's going to kill auto-suppressed people, but it's designed, as usual, to kill black people.
And the very people running the entire sickening murder operation are wrapped in blackface with all their TV ads.
I mean, it's just disgusting.
Did you guys find the clip I wanted?
Really wanted for Christmas was a local vaccine, but... The University of Queensland vaccine will not be able to proceed.
50 million planned doses scrapped after triggering false positive results for HIV.
As in science, things don't always go right.
It's certainly a tough day for the team.
The UQ vaccine applied a molecular clamp, closing the coronavirus spikes using an HIV protein, which falsely triggered infection markers.
Everybody who had the vaccine did show some level of false positive result.
One of them, Mel Stott.
I can totally understand where they're coming from, but I still have no concerns about my health or anybody else's health.
The vaccine was proving effective in trials and the participants were at no risk, but... The risk to vaccine confidence was the principal issue here.
Vaccine expert Professor Nikolai Petrovsky says he raised the alarm early.
Our feeling was it was too experimental a technology to be rolled out.
No warnings were ignored at all.
Professor Murphy says the risk of false positives was always known but considered small.
Unfortunately, it just became a bigger problem than anyone had anticipated.
And that's because their university didn't get the word that everybody being given this is now going to have HIV, at least as a test.
The truth is there's ways to mitigate it, like Magic Johnson, and there's treatments.
Not the treatments they give you, AZT and things, just like Rendezivir they give you for COVID kills you on record.
Fauci ran the HIV attack in the 80s as well, and that's why they gave you AZT and stuff that kills you.
They keep you from the real treatments, and they give you the poison treatments.
That way they poison you, and then they kill you while they suck the money out of you.
It's a tried and true plan.
Here I am in January, more than two years ago, 25 months ago, predicting all of this.
People that are taking the COVID vaccine are getting HIV AIDS.
There it is.
They're giving you a new weaponized HIV with the vaccine, not the original virus.
It has nothing to do with bird flu, nothing to do with Corona, nothing to do with SARS.
They've taken a pneumonia virus and put HIV in it.
They call it a vaccine.
The notion that these were false positives, I find a cover story.
I think they were giving people HIV in these frankenshots.
But what really happens is, when you read the medical literature on the mRNA vaccines,
It goes in and turns your immune system off and actually gets it where you will then accept similar viruses, which obviously they're going to be releasing.
That's what the scientists are saying.
They're going, this isn't even going to protect you.
Why the hell are they doing this?
It makes no sense.
The magnitude
of the HIV virus delivery system being added to an airborne pneumonia is beyond Stephen King's stand.
And that's what's admitted.
Mainstream media admits that the Indian University is right that it has the HIV delivery system in it.
I was trying to tell listeners that, hey, this coronavirus probably isn't that big a deal.
It's a big UN drill.
That's why you're seeing this overreaction, and I still hope that's the case, but Zero Hedge got suspended on Twitter for posting this article and then linking to the scientists that are in the major scientific paper published two days ago by one of the most prestigious, it's in the top two or three,
Colleges, Kusma School of Biological Sciences, Indy Institute of Technology, New Delhi.
And this big report that's got scans of the virus, the RNA breakdown, the proteins.
Alright, let's stop right there.
If you want to see the full videos, they're in the Alex Jones Predictions section of Bandot Video.
And I know a lot of you already know this, you probably knew it before I did, but your friends, your family, and neighbors are impressed with people predicting what happened
Before it unfolded, so we need to wake them up so they understand what's going on.
It was a little too much for the bioethicist and the globalist to inject all of our children and do this to them.
But again, our children are so strong that in the Moderna and Pfizer tests down to newborns, they just totally rejected it.
Their immunity was so incredible.
That's fetal immunity is what they call that.
A very small percent did get very sick, but it's just so alien, so outside, so never before even been in a human.
That the body just didn't, it didn't even, that's a real blessing.
You can argue they stopped trying to inject them because it wasn't working.
They'll just cook something else up.
You can make of this what you want, but it, you know, they said don't give it to children.
And you'll notice COVID didn't make children sick because it couldn't replicate in them.
Just like the virus, the vaccine, they say, is five, ten times worse, depending on which type.
And that's what the scientists have said on the show.
So it's having trouble replicating as well in their little bodies.
So we praise the Lord for that.
I've got two more pieces of news and we're going to end this special Saturday transmission, which again, it's so important you spread and use and share.
That's how it gets out.
And I want to thank you for that.
Jamie White wrote an article for Infowars.com that just broke this afternoon.
Clinton allies spied on Trump White House internet traffic.
Durham filing confirms.
And so there's new indictments coming down on that.
Remember when we had the headlines in January?
of 2017 that the NSA and CIA spied on Trump campaign and White House as he was coming in.
And they said, Jones is insane.
He just made this up.
All the news.
And of course, then they all found out that it was true.
Then they put me under full CIA, FBI surveillance.
And really freaked out and had emissaries come and say, all right, you're not working with the Russians.
How do you know this?
We know that.
And I'm like, you dumbasses, not them, but your bosses, here they are in news articles bragging three, four months ago they were, quote, had intercepts proving he was a Russian.
They admitted they were spying on him.
It's just bizarre how this is, most of this is open source.
I mean, that is what is so frustrating about this, is that they brag how they're doing it, and then they completely flip out when we figure it out.
Remember Pelosi said, oh, we're going to remove Trump no matter what and we're going to use the military against him and, you know, we got a plan to remove him from office.
She was in the news saying that in the months during the contested election.
And then it became a big breaking news when Trump said Pelosi had a plan to remove him from office and she denied it when it was in the cover of CNN saying it, with her quoted.
So, look, they're counting on all of us not having attention spans.
And they're counting on us not remembering what's happening.
I don't want America to be a declining power.
I don't want America to fall apart.
I don't want the dollar to be gotten rid of because the new world reserve currency is going to be far, far more controlled and worse.
But Buchanan, Pat Buchanan's right.
Stress tests for a fading superpower.
And what's happening with Russia and all of this
is just what an aging, collapsing empire does.
And can you imagine this decadent, spoiled nation still full of a lot of great people during a total devaluation and during a real collapse?
I mean, and the left knows it's coming, so they want to get rid of the cops and bring in their own people and just have a big leftist shindig.
And that's going to explode like gasoline and fire.
And I want nothing to do with it.
Because if Americans can't see this and wake up to it and fix it peacefully, it's not going to be fixed.
And that's why they want a violent confrontation, because they know they're losing right now.
So I legitimately don't want violence, not because I'm afraid of violence, not because there's no legitimate targets.
The military?
What, the cops?
They don't know what's going on, on average.
And they know more than the general public.
What do you think killing a bunch of them is going to do?
Okay, you go wipe out a bunch of Democrats.
They got people behind them.
They're all Chinese and globalist agents.
It's the bureaucracy, it's the Black Rocks, and it's the Microsofts, and it's the Apples, and it's the Googles.
And they themselves are front men for these big shadowy mega-combines and crime syndicates.
So we have to just dismantle these organizations and groups legally and lawfully.
Antitrust suits, action, huge awakening.
We don't believe anything they say.
We all come together, every race, color, and creed, old, young, and just call for global peace and no to the New World Order.
I'm going to close with something.
We're just going to go to break and end here in a moment.
And that is the woke Boston mayor, Michelle Wu, finds her Instagram live town hall flooded with critics.
I'll just play a few minutes of it.
But after five minutes, she ended it and she didn't know what to do.
It's like when Bill Gates and others attacked Joe Rogan and myself about 14 months ago.
And then Joe put a short clip of Bill Gates up there saying what I had said he said.
And it had like 10 million views and had
Millions of comments, literally.
One version had like six million views, one had like four million views.
But the point was, hundreds of thousands of comments, I guess it's millions now, 99% were saying, we know what you're doing, we know what you're up to.
And so, that's why they're trying to get rid of the comments on YouTube, it's why they're trying to get rid of the comments on newspapers, because they don't like getting outside their bubble and knowing people aren't buying what they're doing and what they're saying.
So we're gonna play this clip,
Please share this report.
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With your support, we will win together.
So here she is like a deer in the headlights, and that's it for this transmission.
Lord willing, I'll be back tomorrow evening with Christy Lee, Owen Schroyer, Harrison Smith, and everybody else here on the Embattled Infowars Network.
Thank you so much.
Here is the boss and mayor in the headlights.
Oh, she's unable to join.
Owen did a version that's better when he reads them, but that's not bad out of any of it.
I just destroy her.
In the meantime, I will... try to just... Oh, they don't let me carry it out?
Build back better?
...answer any questions anyone has.
Um... I see a lot of friends who, uh... have different... Oh!
Happy New Year.
Yes, Year of the Tiger.
See, she's a globalist.
Pretty nice lady is the front for the Global Crime Syndicate.
For Larry Fink.
For George Soros.
Jordan Soros is getting ready to go into hyperspace.
While we slept, they launched their attack.
But no longer.
InfoWars lives.
The people live.
The people no longer sleep.
They have awakened.
Tomorrow's news today.
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Great job, Corrine.
What's my favorite thing about Boston winter?
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