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Air Date: Feb. 7, 2022
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Alex Jones discusses how people are being targeted by the New World Order, and how they can protect themselves through unity and resistance. He promotes X3, a tri-iodine supplement that provides numerous health benefits and funds information for a true 360 win. The speaker talks about various topics including the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan, the importance of standing with vulnerable people, and the CCP's treatment of minorities. He mentions how his organization is working to rescue Christians and provide aid to Christian communities in Afghanistan. Alex also discusses government plans involving shutting off food production and creating an uprising in order to blame it on the government, severe food shortages faced by the people of Afghanistan, and the consequences of lockdowns on developing countries. He emphasizes the importance of standing against atrocities committed by the CCP and encourages listeners to support InfoWars in its fight for truth and justice while emphasizing that the CCP and neoliberal elites will eventually be defeated. The hosts also discuss topics such as free speech, resisting the globalist agenda, and prioritizing the well-being of oppressed communities.

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These globalists trick us with people like Trump, and I'm not saying Trump's overall bad, but by bringing him in, making the left hate him, to get the left to do things, as a general public, they would never go along with.
And then now we get so mad at the left, when the right wing gets in power, it will then do things to stop them, and at the end of the day, all of our liberties are gone.
All of our freedoms are gone, and wars of global domination take place.
Because make no mistake,
They're not setting up censorship systems and AI control grids and kill switches everywhere because they want to take Alex Jones off the air, Joe Rogan off the air.
They want to take everybody off the air.
You will only get prescribed communications in the system that's coming.
You're not going to get the open free internet anymore under the nuclear war plan, under the biological weapon plan.
And those are just two of the plans.
Then they've also got the giant cyber attack they're going to blame on Russia or patriot groups already pre-planning and preparing the mines out there with that information.
So, I love my family.
And I love all of you.
And I just need to tell you that you need to get ready for absolute hell on earth.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news.
We are on day eight of this occupation.
Our city is under siege.
This group is emboldened by the lack of enforcement by every level of government.
They are terrorizing our residents, torturing them with incessant honking, threatening them and preventing them from leading their lives.
People cannot go to work or open their businesses.
They cannot sleep, walk, shop, go to medical appointments, or enjoy their neighborhood.
This group... Ladies and gentlemen...
What you're hearing is the Ottawa City Council that last week called for the $11 million in GoFundMe to be taken and given to leftist causes, and they announced that.
They said, we'll decide who to give it to and stole the money.
So there was a huge backlash and calls for criminal investigations by Governor DeSantis and others.
And now they said, well, we might give some people the money back.
This is incredible.
This is the left, always pushing the boundaries, always seeing what they can do.
But coming up, the bottom of the hour, I'm going to really focus in on what's happening with these amazing trucker convoys all over the world, and why these are so important, but also how I think the globalists are going to try to turn this great event against us.
So that's coming up at the bottom of the hour.
But the big issue here is that the truckers and their horns are, ladies and gentlemen,
The sound of freedom.
You hear that eerie sound?
It's not when they find the obelisk on the moon in 2001 Space Odyssey.
No, it's not a high-tech version of Flight of the Valkyries.
It is the very eerie sound of tens of thousands of trucks and cars
Honking their horns 24 hours a day in the capital of the seized nation under globalist control, Canada.
It's a beautiful example of non-violent resistance and solidarity.
And so that's why they're calling them terrorists.
They're not letting us sleep.
They're not letting us work.
They're taking our lives over.
This is what the bureaucrats have done to the people two years under martial law.
Under Klaus Schwab's control with the Prime Minister saying, I want to be a dictator.
We're getting rid of your basic rights.
You did have rights.
We're taking them away.
These are quotes.
I want a basic dictatorship like China's Xi Jinping.
We're taking away your rights.
Yes, you had these rights.
We're taking them away.
Your views are not acceptable.
You're not allowed to hold them.
Those are quotes.
Those quotes.
People are like, why is he like a cartoon character of a little spoiled rotten dictator?
Because he is a little spoiled rotten dictator.
He didn't win that last snap election.
He almost lost control of Parliament despite all the election fraud.
People absolutely hate his guts.
There's footage of convoys going into the border there at Canada and the United States from the US side.
Again, this is ongoing.
Now into day 10.
And they're now calling them terrorists, and the police are now arresting people that they give, quote, material support, like it's the Patriot Act or terrorism.
They have the same similar draconian laws there.
And so we're going to arrest anyone giving material support.
And what are they calling it?
If you're seen gassing up your vehicle, you're being arrested.
There is no law in the books.
They're just calling it a weapon of terror.
Oh, we're not the left burning everything down.
We're not trying to shut down society like Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset.
It's an incredible time to be alive, but that's not our top story.
Our top story is when we come back and it deals with Russia, and it deals with war, and it deals with the fact that
When you get so close to a problem like I am, you really forget how important it is to have this intelligence.
And I kind of sometimes dial it back because it sounds like bragging.
If you go back six months ago, we need to find it.
It's not.
Maybe the archivist can find it.
I did several shows where I said that I've talked to people at the top of the food chain.
And they said by January, February, there will be war with Russia.
That sounded crazy six months ago, but here we are.
Stay with us.
That eerie sound.
It is the people of Canada that do not want to live under tyranny, just as the people
Nations in Africa and nations in Latin America and Asia and Europe and Russia want to live in prosperity and freedom, not in the post-industrial New World Order.
All right, here's where I want to start today.
We've got particularly important news as the world becomes crazier as we head towards the satanic singularity here, but a lot of big news here today.
Obviously, but I just was thinking before the show about 30 minutes ago What do I want to cover first?
What's the most important thing and obviously imminent war with Russia is we're just calmly sitting around talking about it like it's the price of Potatoes or something at the store, but it's very very serious and it's got a lot of ramifications And I've done a lot of in-depth studying on it know exactly what's going on but then I remember
Six months ago, I did a whole show, six months ago, and then again about four months ago.
It was back in October, and then November and December.
And August was the first time, though, that I talked to folks that are high level in the Senate.
And then I talked separately to folks that are very high up at the highest levels of the corporate, international, scientific world.
And then I learned from a very well-known, prominent person who's good friends with the richest man in the world, on paper, and heard the same thing that he just heard from him.
And so that's
That's when I started really thinking about going on air and talking about it.
And then I made some more calls to people that are managerial level, but also need to know, in the Pentagon, on the ground folks.
And they said, yeah, yeah, you got good information.
They told the military six months ago that
The United States will have a provocation and will start an official, wide-scale, in-theater proxy war with Russia.
And I came on here and I told you that.
I didn't just pull that out of my rear end.
But telling people something like that is not something that's fun to tell you.
I've got children.
You've got children.
Or you've got family you love.
You've got businesses.
You like living, right?
I am beyond mad at the power structure in this country and the world.
These are mentally ill power addicts who need to be in rubber rooms, not running things.
And that's why I'm just over everything.
I mean, I've already seen the top of Hollywood.
There's nothing up there.
It sucks.
I've already seen the top of media, top of podcasting.
That's where it all is.
That's where the people are.
But I've seen the top of that.
And I've seen the top of the government.
I haven't sat down with Prince Charles or Klaus Schwab, but I've sat down with the people that work directly under him.
And they offered me to go join them.
And I could see where they're going, and I'm like, no thank you.
So it's very important for all of us to declare, we don't want to be part of the New World Order.
We don't want to be part of the transhumanism, we don't want to be part of the whole satanic system where our sacrament and communion is taking these poison shots, but at the same time not be enemies of these people, because they are our enemies.
When I say that, it's a very important distinction.
We do this for the love of our children, the love of justice, the love of life, and the love of God's creation that God gave us this planet.
Most importantly, our love of God.
We can't fight these people because we hate them and really get down on their level.
And I say that for someone who has really burned myself up and hurt myself with hate.
It's a very powerful engine of driving, and I can flick it on any time I need to, but it's like the ring of Mordor.
It's not good.
Love is the real long-distance winner that's going to get us out of this.
And so I'll just say this to everybody.
99.99999% of us are going to be hurt by the New World Order.
You can work for it, you can pretend you're part of it, you'll statistically be destroyed more often than those of us that don't serve it.
Because selling out up until this point has gotten people money and power, but we're down to the endgame now.
And so anyone serving evil, anyone going along with the globalists has a suicidal death wish.
Of course Joe Rogan
Three and a half years ago, flipped over to our side when he saw really how evil the globalists are.
It was inevitable, and I said it was.
Of course Tucker Carlson came over completely to our side.
Of course, because they're not psychotics that want to destroy their families.
And so, to the bureaucrats, and the academics, and the military, and the Justice Department, and the corporate leaders, and the everybody, the clergy,
You can pretend you're with the power structure, mimicking the talking points that come out of ABC News and CNN, but almost everyone knows it's lies and fraud and bad.
And so everybody should just stop pretending and stop it, because these globalists trick us
With people like Trump, and I'm not saying Trump's overall bad, but by bringing him in, making the left hate him, to get the left to do things, as a general public, they would never go along with.
And then now we get so mad at the left, when the right wing gets in power, it will then do things to stop them, and at the end of the day, all of our liberties are gone.
All of our freedoms are gone, and wars of global domination take place.
Because make no mistake,
They're not setting up censorship systems and AI control grids and kill switches everywhere because they want to take Alex Jones off the air, Joe Rogan off the air.
They want to take everybody off the air.
You will only get prescribed communications in the system that's coming.
You're not going to get the open free internet anymore under the nuclear war plan, under the biological weapon plan.
And those are just two of the plans.
Then they've also got the giant cyber attack they're going to blame on Russia or Patriot groups already pre-planning and preparing the mines out there with that information.
So, I love my family.
And I love all of you.
And I just need to tell you that you need to get ready for absolute hell on earth.
My gut feels it.
My intellect knows it.
And it's helped me grow up a lot too.
And really get my mind clear about how things work and what's going on.
And I am just overwhelmed with a sense of real sadness.
And a sense of failure.
People say, don't you feel great?
Everybody says, you're right, oh my God, you're like, you know, super popular, more than ever now.
Oh boy, you're successful.
I'm successfully telling people that horrible stuff's about to happen, and then it does?
I told you all this to try to stop it.
And if you don't feel the grave danger in your heart, it's not a feeling of fear, it's a feeling of get ready.
It's a feeling of get your ass squared away.
It's a feeling of doom.
And the globalists get off on the feeling of doom.
They love it.
It's what they get off on doing bad things.
They get off on hurting people.
They get off on raw, destructive exercise of power.
And if we let the psychotic crazies and the arrogant narcissists and that collection of criminals that run the State Department, the CIA, and the Justice Department do this, then it's our fault.
This isn't a game, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, why do you think the big billionaires knew about this six months ago?
Because they're all pre-positioned.
And the decision has been made to have brinksmanship with Putin and accelerate a proxy war that they plan to have go regional or even worldwide.
And so that's the news on that front.
We got a bunch of it right here.
But this is bad, bad, bad, bad, bad.
And when you look at the disconnected, crazy, super geriatric losers that have hijacked and run this country in the ground, they're just out of their minds.
I mean, Soros is a big part of this.
He can hardly talk!
And that guy's still giving orders and still commanding troops in the field against us and Russia and everybody else.
And you just think about that, okay?
We'll be right back.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the Infowar.
This is the future of humanity.
This is the fight against evil.
My whole life,
My gut's never been wrong.
My spirit.
And the sum of my brain power that it interfaces with.
But when you're young, you don't follow your gut.
And as you get older, you learn to follow that gut.
And then everything becomes even more clear.
And my gut tells me we're in a lot of trouble.
And you've just got to learn with your spirit to not
Pick things that aren't the source of your anxiety and your concern and learn to actually hone in on what it is, because the enemy is very sophisticated.
They'll put out like, oh, there's terrorists everywhere, there's racists everywhere, there's bad people that want to hurt you everywhere, because the globalists are, and they're bad, they're anti-human.
So your subconscious knows that they're child molesting, murdering criminals.
Your subconscious is really freaked out.
They're starting wars, they're poisoning people, they're killing people en masse.
Heart attacks are exploding everywhere.
And so you subconsciously, your brain's picking up these millions of pieces of data, billions of pieces of data over the weeks and months and years, and integrating, and it's hundreds of times more powerful than your conscious brain, and your conscious brain is getting messages from the subconscious saying, man, we're in danger!
And then there's the spirit that's able to navigate and discern that.
So it's that brain-soul interface that's going on.
And I don't come on the air and tell you that they're going to launch giant cyber attacks and turn the power off a week, a month, six months to totally break down society.
I don't just tell you that because I want to scare you.
The enemy loves to brag in front of their minions, thinly veiled battle plans.
I mean, Schwab starts smiling and wiggling in his seat.
There's going to be a deadly virus and we have to take everyone's rights away when it comes.
I mean, this is like three years ago, a year before it happened.
And now he's all over the place saying, cyber attack is imminent and it will make the COVID look like nothing.
And he starts smiling like Bill Gates does.
I mean, that's how dumb they think we are.
And so.
A man has to balance things and the reason and I'm telling you this usually where I'm coming from is how you're going to the same thing and I want to help you navigate that I'll help myself navigate it we need to talk this through so you're just like me dialed in but still trying to decipher all this incredible information as a man
At a flesh level, with these instincts, I would sell everything I had and buy an off-the-grid log cabin in the middle of nowhere, as far away from populations as I could, and as far away from nuclear strike zones.
And I had guest on 10 years ago telling you this, and Joel Skousen said by 2025, he thinks that's when the West will act like it's weak and then push China and Russia into an attack on the U.S.
And now, just as Joel Skousen said, that's all being announced.
I mean, this is a very evil long-term strategic plan, and Joel Skousen has extreme discernment as well, and knows what he's talking about, former Marine Corps aviator, Marine Corps officer, the whole nine yards, family was high-level FBI back when it knew about the conspiracy and was fighting it at certain levels.
And we got to get Joel Skousen, by the way, back on because, I mean, he laid it all out 20-something years ago on my show, not 10, hell.
So at a certain level, I'm constantly like, get out of here.
Get out of Austin.
Get out.
Go get your family.
Get out.
And then I want to even reach out, talk to my ex-wife and people and say, I don't want to fight with you.
I'm not your enemy.
Don't you understand?
The whole New World Order is here.
It's all going down.
And people need to just come together and defend each other and not fight with each other as they've trained us to do.
But this is such a dangerous time.
I mean, I look at my so-called enemies and like the people that attack me, the Democratic Party lawyers and people, and they're just such children.
And they believe they're making a name for themselves, that they're on a winning team.
And they have no idea we're on a sinking ship together.
And I'm worried about what we're going to do once we hit the icy water, because there's not enough lifeboats.
And they don't even know because they're in a trance, folks.
And you can't even get to them.
If you try to talk to these people, they think it's a trick.
Because they don't have anything genuine in them.
They believe I'm given scripts, and that I'm told everything.
You know, the Justice Department, all of them are like, and the Commission, tell us who gives you your orders.
Tell us who's in command.
Because they're all minions!
They cannot believe that I'm not getting orders.
They cannot believe that Joe Rogan is not getting orders from somebody.
So they tap our phones, and then they find out the truth.
No one's giving us orders, and they get even more scared.
You know who's giving us orders?
Our children.
Their survival.
Their future.
That you people, all you crazy lawyers, that are so smart you've convinced yourselves to throw your morals away, like morals are weak and stupid rules you shouldn't follow, when those rules are put in there as guardrails so we don't kill each other!
And now we've got nuclear and biological weapons and stuff way worse than that!
And it's all starting to go down!
And if you can't feel the death,
If you don't understand how serious this is, and how we're being targeted along with the Russians and everybody else by this multinational system, if you can't understand that, then I can't help you.
But I am physically nauseous right now over this.
And I'm just being completely real with you folks.
Completely real with you that I'm sitting here at my post.
I'm sitting here covering this.
I'm sitting there doing this.
And every bone in my body is saying, get out!
Get out!
Danger, Will Robinson!
And then I read the news.
I mean, you know how sick it is?
They got billboards all over Europe, all over the US, that they had pre-ordered before they ever gave the shots, saying, heart attacks are now normal in children.
Heart attacks are now quite normal.
And I have stacks of articles in the UK and here, over a million extra heart attacks they admit in the last year here, and 300,000 extra in the UK.
And they're like, it's normal now.
The stress of the virus made you have a heart attack.
No, even if you believe that the lockdowns caused anxiety, yes, some of it was caused by that, but the inserts on the damn shots now admit it causes this!
It was on the frickin' CDC documents three months before they rolled the damn shots out in October of 2020!
Why is anyone going along with this suicide pack?
I've got a stack of articles where there's buses and trains and TV ads.
They've already been going on for six, seven months.
They're everywhere now.
It's normal to have a heart attack.
It's normal for all the soccer players to have heart attacks.
It's normal for everybody to fall down and die.
I've got like six, seven articles a day of new people dropping dead.
Young athletes, 18, 24 years old.
And the articles say nothing about the fact, but you go look on their Instagram, I'm triple jab.
I mean, it's, it's insane.
Oh, suddenly women are having heart attacks at the rate of men.
It's never happened before.
What's going on?
I mean, come on.
It's like, well, you need to be a pathologist to know that if you put a 357 magnum to your head and pull the trigger, it's going to blow your brains out.
I don't need to be a pathologist to sit there and watch people take the shot and have heart attacks and die.
And then I've got the statistics, and I've had pathologists on.
And these people think they're cute, they think they're powerful.
You look at these little followers, they think by getting on board with this, they're getting ahead.
They're not!
They're stepping into slavery, into mass Stockholm Syndrome.
Meanwhile, childless Ottawa mayor says it's disturbing to see kids in bouncy castles having fun at protests.
My God.
I've also got some big Joe Rogan news.
I hung out with him, gosh, five or six hours last night.
I've never seen Joe so on fire.
I mean, I've never seen anybody like this.
Now, I don't know what's going on, but I mean, he's like Skeletor meets He-Man or something.
And man, bouncing off the walls with energy.
Talk about in the zeitgeist.
Joe Rogan is the zeitgeist.
We'll tell you about that.
A lot of good stuff.
Stay with us.
That's real, authentic sound.
That is an orchestra of tens upon tens of thousands of people inside their machines, laying on their horns, creating that eerie warning to the tyrants of the Bilderberg Group, of the Davos Group, of the UN, that have Canada caught in the grips of martial law.
What an incredible time to be alive.
I want to play a clip here of the City Council members saying that people protesting are terrorists, that they're horrible, that they are the worst people ever, and labeling them, quote, insurrectionists.
And the police are now arresting people who have gasoline, putting it in their vehicles,
Saying that that is aiding and abetting material support to terrorists.
That's in the news.
Of course, obviously, the government doing that are the terrorists.
The people have been incredibly peaceful.
But leftist provocateurs are going out as usual and throwing themselves onto the hoods of vehicles.
We've all seen in the NBA when somebody does a fake foul.
You barely touch them and then they just fall down.
Well, this is the worst acting, I mean, a six-year-old
In a first grade play could do a better falling down than this.
It's unbelievable.
And they're doing it all over.
And the news doesn't show it.
They just say, well, there's now right wingers running over people.
Meanwhile, four people are still in the hospital with broken bones from actually being run over on purpose by a person screaming at them on Friday evening.
But that's OK.
Again, like when Apple runs death camps in China with Uyghurs, Tim Cook's skinny rides a bike and has a turtleneck.
So it's like, well, I mean, he's got a turtleneck.
I mean, he's not an alpha male.
He just runs death camps.
So that's how this works.
So when they actually run over people for real, oh, it's good.
It's liberal.
You know, it's broken bones, broken ankles, you know, broken arms.
It's loving.
That's no big deal.
But it's terror when the left walks up and bumps into your car.
Hell guys, pull up the video of our armored vehicle.
People ask, why did you get an armored vehicle?
Well, we knew Antifa was going to go crazy.
This is CNN.
Closed caption provided by Bell Atlantic, the heart of closed caption communication.
So, here we are, my friends.
That's, and you'd ask yourself with a headline like that, well that's ridiculous, that's gaslighting.
Well that's actually what they do.
Remember, a truck in Kenosha killed five people, or six people, finally died, one of them a three-year-old girl, and injured over 50.
But it was an out-of-control SUV.
No, it wasn't an out-of-control SUV.
He didn't like white people.
Because Black Lives Matter, run by George Soros, told him that white people were bad.
And so he went and found some white people and killed them.
The truck didn't kill them.
When somebody shoots you with a gun, the gun didn't premeditatedly kill you.
It doesn't have a consciousness.
The person killed you.
And I know as an audience you get that, but imagine the left tries to gaslight us that when somebody kills somebody with a truck, it's the truck.
And when a criminal shoots people, it's the gun's fault and it's all gun owner's fault.
When some crazy Adderall, Prozac head that plays shoot-em-up video games all day goes into a school and kills a bunch of kids, it's your fault, it's my fault, because they said so.
We reject that.
We reject you.
We reject the Soviet Communist Fascist model of where, oh, the guy down the street from you didn't pay his taxes so we're going to make you go to the gulag for six months or a year.
That's how it worked in the Soviet Union.
Or maybe you get killed.
Or maybe the local secret police want to have sex with your hot wife.
And if you don't let them have sex with your wife, you're going to go to the gulag.
And after he has sex with your wife, he says, you know, I need my garden tended.
I want you over there Saturday morning to
Pick up all the weeds, clean it up, and get it ready for me.
You like to live like that?
Well, that's how you're going to be living under the New World Order.
You like how that works?
You like how that operates?
Because that's the world that these immoral monsters
are involved in, and that's the world they want to sell us.
So, Ottawa city officials police label trucker convoy as terrorist insurrection.
Gee, wonder where they got that idea in the official government plans now in the U.S.
saying protesting lockdowns is terrorism.
Same thing in Australia.
Same thing in New Zealand.
Same thing in the UK.
Same thing here.
But all over the world, the people don't care.
And so, oh, what are you going to do?
Arrest 100,000, 200,000 people?
What about a million gathering in Australia at Canberra right now?
Ottawa Mayor declares a state of emergency.
Well, they put us into the emergency to take our rights and freedoms.
So listen to the
Purest projection I've ever seen in my life, because everything that the City Council is talking about, there's a whole hour long of it, but this is just two minutes, is what they're doing.
They're locking us down.
They're making us depressed.
They're saying we're not essential.
They're bankrupting us.
They're saying we all carry a virus.
And so we're all terrorists, have to be tested by them with their fraudulent PCR tests, and we've all got to take their shots, and they're not going to let us out or do anything till we do, or they'll put us in jail.
That's all happening.
That's bills introduced here.
It's the law in Austria.
It's happening now in Canada.
This is pure evil.
On a scale of 1 to 10, it's a 10!
It ain't coming, it's here!
And I felt like I just fell off a turnip truck last week.
I told you decades ago about these plans and Operation Lockstep 11, 12 years ago.
It's here.
The good news is people are getting it and understanding it.
It's a new type of war.
We took time for folks to get caught up, but now people are getting it and the globalists are panicking.
So they're going to have to kill switch the power outages soon.
Here's the video.
We are on day eight of this occupation.
Our city is under siege.
This group is emboldened by the lack of enforcement by every level of government.
They are terrorizing our residents, torturing them with incessant honking, threatening them and preventing them from leading their lives.
People cannot go to work or open their businesses.
They cannot sleep, walk, shop, go to medical appointments, or enjoy their neighborhood.
This group is a threat to our democracy.
What we're seeing is bigger than just a City of Ottawa problem.
This is a nationwide insurrection.
This is madness.
Arla, stop right there.
We're going to come back and play the rest of this or start over.
This is the biggest goldmine I've ever seen.
They wouldn't let people go to medical appointments.
They shut down all the small businesses.
Churches are still shut down in many areas.
They're arresting preachers.
And she sits there and talks about what they've been doing to us for Klaus Schwab to bankrupt small businesses, cause massive depression, make us take deadly shots that give you blood clots, heart attacks, and cancer, and then she's up there, oh my gosh, they're hulking their horns, they're not doing what we say, I mean, we're just proving that we're the masters over them and running everything and they don't like it, I mean, I'm a big liberal, I wear purple glasses, so.
I'm trendy, I'm cool, I'm wearing brightly colored glasses.
So Hitler wore really, you know, Hugo Boss sharp uniforms.
They were scary.
But as long as it's a woman with frumpy pink or purple glasses or it's Tim Cook going, oh, I'm gay, it's fine if they run death camps.
It's fine if they force inject.
Because it's a woman with snaggle teeth and purple glasses.
She's your boss.
Go in your house and die!
And just shut up, they're telling us.
And we're like, nope, sorry.
And she's so upset!
You were supposed to do what she said!
When I saw this headline by Jamie White on InfoWars.com,
I thought it was a joke.
And then I read the article and I linked through to the White House and I'm going to cover this at the start of the next hour.
Biden administration to fund crack pipe distribution for racial equality and to make sure that blacks and whites are both given crack pipes by the government.
I guess because it's a CIA invention and product, I guess that's a good idea for them.
You see, you read this, you're like, what?
Well, yeah, they already let the fentanyl be shipped in.
They already say MS-13 is all God's children.
This is not a joke.
This is part of the demoralization.
I mean, you already accept that men are women and women are men and that five-year-olds can sign up to have their genitals cut off by age seven.
I mean, a kid can't have an adult convince him that, hey, you want liquor, right, kid?
Hey, you want heroin, right, kid?
You go to jail for that, but, oh, hey, kid, you want to cut your balls off?
Here, just sign up here, your parents have no say, and we'll get a judge to order it when you're seven, we'll cut those right off for you.
You see, this is when behavioral psychologists, who themselves are completely mentally ill, are running things, and they just want to demoralize you and break your will.
And that's why when, because that makes them feel powerful.
You know, you want to hike up a mountain or you want to go out in the freezing cold and, you know, really do a good hunt and shoot your own food and butcher it and eat it because it's a satisfying human instinct?
They see that as evil and sick.
But if you want to derange children, and you want to screw people up, well, now that's powerful!
That's messing up people!
And they know how they're doing it, and they're in charge of it, and they've got all the dirty tricks, and these are sick people, folks.
By the way, this is not The Onion, this is not Babylon B. I love Babylon B, by the way.
This is not The B. This is real.
I'm going to cover that coming up, man.
You know what's crazier than handing out crack pipes?
Yeah, I just said that.
You know what's crazier than handing out millions of dollars worth of crack pipes?
War with Russia.
Thought I'd just throw that out there.
We got more news on that coming up.
Jim Hoff, the Gateway Pundit, is going to be joining us.
Man, I gotta tell you.
It's just unbelievable.
All this news is just totally insane.
Got a former BlackRock executive coming out saying that the evidence is coming in that there is mass death and casualties.
They can see it in their actuaries because they own a bunch of insurance companies.
That's the biggest company financially in the world.
I mean, we're just completely screwed.
We are literally living through them, killing us, and then normalizing it.
Look at this headline out of the Standard in the UK.
Up to 300,000 people faced heart-related illnesses due to post-pandemic stress disorder, warn physicians.
That's why there's been an extra 300,000 myocarditises and heart attacks.
That's a conservative number.
That's why it's doubled.
Yeah, right.
I mean, you can't make this up, man.
But that's the thing about followers, is they follow, they do what they're told.
That's why those of us that are alphas and are leaders, not twisted alphas like these Satanists, but real alphas, protectors, have to get informed, have to get involved, have to get aggressive.
Because you can sit there and look at the sheeple and
You know, say to them, well, they're a bunch of idiots, they deserve to die.
And now you're kind of becoming a mouthist, you're becoming a eugenicist.
We don't get out of this if we don't lift everybody up.
So the globals want to kill a bunch of poor, dumb people?
Well, I want to see them off the planet.
How about they get their own spaceship?
Our technology is that advanced.
How about you just leave?
That would be nice.
So you just go off with yourselves, that's called hell, all the evil people together, and we just, bye-bye!
We'll just maroon you over here on this planet.
How about that?
Oh, I guess that's who we already are.
I guess we already are those bad guys.
And we're here to work through this, ladies and gentlemen.
So, that's what's going on here.
And I want to go to the next level.
And we're not going to do that nuking each other.
That's called game over.
That's called losing the game.
We don't want to do that, do we?
Let's go back to just the greatest example of projection for those that don't know about psychology, I know most of you do.
Projection is where you say other people are doing what you're doing.
And this is what unconscious people do constantly.
They're having anxiety about their own life, they have anxiety about your life.
They can't run their own life, they want to run your life.
They're trying to oppress and control you, they will tell you that you're oppressing and controlling them.
And they won't debate it with you when you want to talk to them.
They'll censor you.
They'll shut you up, and then talk about how if you say they're wrong, that's censorship.
No, me disagreeing with you is not censorship.
You trying to silence me is censorship, and is the hallmark of society going over the edge of the cliff.
So here is the over-the-top, from the beginning, just two minutes of the hour-long video I watched last night, or yesterday afternoon.
Here it is.
We are on day eight of this occupation.
Our city is under siege.
This group is emboldened by the lack of enforcement by every level of government.
They are terrorizing our residents, torturing them with incessant honking, threatening them and preventing them from leading their lives.
People cannot go to work or open their businesses.
They cannot sleep, walk, shop, go to medical appointments, or enjoy their neighborhood.
This group is a threat to our democracy.
What we're seeing is bigger than just a City of Ottawa problem.
This is a nationwide insurrection.
This is madness.
We need a concrete plan to put an end to this now.
To date, we have taken all of the actions requested of us.
Chief, I have called this meeting to ask one specific... Chief!
Back it up ten seconds.
Pause again.
They hate the police, they hate the FBI, they hate the CIA, they hate the military, because they're threatened by the old Alpha system.
But now it's theirs, so now it's like, go!
Get them!
Attack them!
Martial law!
They're terrorists!
I'm a general now!
Go out, yes, go out and arrest people.
Yeah, use the military on them.
See how that goes.
You guys are just inches away.
But see, the offshore banks know that, and they want to wreck Canada and the U.S.
That's how they want to take us down, you dumb, stupid witch.
You were put in power because you're an idiot, because you'd carry this out, you moron!
You're carrying out the Great Reset!
That's a post-industrial world, you chicken-neck witch!
You don't even know how to wipe your ass!
Much less farm!
You couldn't take care of yourself!
You're helping burn down our house around us with you in it, you stupid dumbass!
Excuse me, go back to this moron.
We need a concrete plan to put an end to this now.
To date, we have taken all of the actions requested of us.
Chief, I have called this meeting to ask one specific question in accordance with the Police Services Board mandate, which is to provide adequate and effective policing to the citizens of Ottawa.
And a reminder to all, the definition of adequate and effective policing means all of the following functions provided in accordance with the standards set out in the regulations, including the standards with respect to the avoidance of conflicts of interest and with the requirement of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Human Rights Code.
Crime prevention.
Law enforcement.
Maintaining the public peace.
Four, emergency response.
Five, assistance to victims of crime.
Turn it off.
I can't let you know the left there as well as trying to defund the police to take full control of them.
And they're the ones letting Black Lives Matter burn down cities and stuff.
And then she's telling them for their rights, you must not let them peacefully protest because they don't want to be locked down and have deadly shots to be able to have their jobs.
Oh yeah, Trudeau, you will not be allowed to go to the grocery store, you will not be allowed to go to the mall, to church, to anywhere.
And the police go in the churches now and want vaccine cards or you're arrested.
They say five or more people are not allowed to be in your house.
That's North Korea, you chicken neck monster!
And just because you're wearing a blue shirt and you're a woman and have snaggleteeth, doesn't mean you're allowed to make us your slaves.
If you were wearing an outfit like Hitler, he was letting you know, I'm in the military, I'm an alpha male, I'm gonna kill your ass.
We're like, you're not gonna kill our ass, we're gonna get you!
But you people, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh
Be my slave.
Don't ever leave your house.
Let me put deadly Pfizer shots in you.
Do what I say.
Take a vaccine passport.
Let me track everywhere you go.
No, no, no, no!
And we salute the Canadians and everybody else that's standing up.
Separately, I need funding.
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And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Championship in the heart of the resistance.
China's cyber threat is greater than any other nation.
China's hackers, their hacking program is greater than every other major country combined.
The FBI director has come out and discovered a giant new threat that's blown him away.
You came back to the government.
You've been in the Justice Department before.
And when you came back as FBI director, were you surprised at the scale of Chinese spy?
You know, it's a good question.
I obviously had worked on a lot of this before when I was Assistant Attorney General.
The counter-espionage section reported up to me, so I thought I knew a lot about the Chinese espionage campaign and theft campaign.
But maybe more than any other threat I've seen since I've come back into government, back into law enforcement in this role, this one blew me away.
And I'm not the kind of guy that uses words like blown away easily.
Unlike the FBI, until the mid-1950s, told Congress that La Cosa Nostra, an organized crime by the Italians, did not exist.
Certain people may find out certain things which you might not want mentioned.
I'm sorry you said that.
I'm sorry it had to be said.
Well, now they tell us Chinese spies don't exist!
Even though they basically took over Hollywood, took over the Democratic Party,
And Xi Jinping's guilty secret is bound to be revealed.
Either during the Winter Olympics or soon thereafter.
Now the FBI is allowed to admit it exists because Xi Jinping, for all of his evil and all of his corruption, has decided to not have forced abortion and has decided to tell people to have three children and has decided to be proud of being Chinese and not wanting to destroy his country.
And so because he did that and is not giving
George Soros' sacrament of dead babies.
Well now, George Soros' minion has come out and discovered the Chinese communist threat.
It's like discovering the moon when you're 50 years old or something.
You've said recently that the Chinese probably have the data of every American adult they've stolen.
Why should I care if the Chinese have my personal data?
Why should that matter?
Well, China's government is engaged in an effort to, both at home and abroad, to engage in monitoring, surveillance, espionage, and other kinds of targeting.
And the information, the data that they steal, helps them advance those efforts.
And so, you know, back in China, you might see that reflected in things like social credit scores and eavesdropping and other forms of oppression.
But part of the problem is that they're exporting parts of that police state here in the United States.
FBI director reveals the one threat to the U.S.
that has blown him away.
But wait a minute, he just said two years ago and a year ago that white supremacy is the most lethal threat in America, says the FBI director, Ann Biden.
And we won't ignore what our intelligence agency has determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today.
White supremacy is terrorism.
And I will say that a majority of the domestic terrorism cases that we've investigated are motivated by some version of what you might call white supremacist violence, but it includes other things as well.
We hear all about the white supremacists, they're the number one threat.
Not the Mexican drug cartels, not MS-13, not the communist Chinese, not radical Islam.
White people are inherently evil, and white people are inherently bad, and being white is inherently a bad thing.
You see that taught in the schools, taught everywhere by the Marxist-Leninist leftists, that are using that as their divide-and-conquer strategy.
You know, I don't pull stunts on air, unless they're super obvious stunts, where I dress up like the Joker, you know, 15 years ago, and go out and tell kids, drink fluoride water, it's good for them, where I'm being sarcastic.
When I'm doing a stunt, dressed up like Cobra Commander, it's extremely obvious.
And I very rarely joke around anymore, like I used to, because the world's so serious.
But I think, you know, sometimes it is important to joke around a little bit.
Now, I'm not saying Rumble pulled a stunt, because I like Rumble.
We're on Rumble.
It's very popular.
We love it.
We get millions of views every week now just on Rumble alone.
And they're a great free speech platform.
We love Getter.
We love Gab.
We love it all.
But they put out a press release over the weekend.
Everybody called me about it.
And I asked Joe about it last night.
He said, yeah, he was actually sent the offer.
It's not just on their Instagram, of $100 million to come work for Rumble.
Well, that's great.
I could say, hey Joe, come over here and work at InfoWars and I'll give you a hundred million dollar a year contract.
Because Joe, let me just give you a little newsflash.
They don't want to make people too jealous or anything.
It's a lot more than a hundred million dollars.
A, the money's devalued these days, but B, Joe is a huge draw and has advertisers throwing money at him.
They've got a list of advertisers, but he's refused most of them, he has to believe in it.
So, let's just be clear.
In the whole culture war, Joe Rogan is the Roman standard now.
They want to capture and take down, and then like dominoes, even more free speech will be taken.
But last night,
I went out and hung out with Joe and went to one of his shows, and I mean, he gets there early, a couple hours before, he stays hours after.
So we probably talked four hours last night.
He also did two plus hours of his new comedy set that's super top secret.
And it was amazing.
It's the best stuff he's ever done.
It really is incredible.
And so hopefully that'll be out soon.
But man, it was a jam-packed house.
People don't really realize that he does comedy three, four nights a week.
And he travels all over the place.
He does UFC.
He does his podcast.
I mean, he is a machine.
And I've known Joe since I met him in 1998, became friends in 99.
And I've never seen him on fire like this.
Now, he is doing ice baths.
He is doing barometric chambers.
He only eats at night one meal.
And I was like, dude, you you look like a gymnast.
You've always been big.
He pulled his shirt off in the green room.
And I mean, he looked like
Who's that famous bodybuilder that was natural and it wasn't super muscular but like Schwarzenegger, like Frank Zane I think is his name.
I'm not a big bodybuilding guy but I think his name is Frank Zane.
I mean just huge, six pack, everything else.
And that's an example of dedication and what Joe does.
And the guy works.
Fifteen hours a day.
But he loves all of it.
He loves the podcasting.
He loves the working out.
He loves the jiu jitsu.
He loves the comedy clubs.
And he just is super serious, doesn't eat, works all day long, only takes some vitamins, and then at night eats a steak and maybe a salad.
Yeah, that's what he looks like at 54 years old.
I was like, what the hell?
Because I mean, I've seen Joe plenty of times with his shirt off and on TV and stuff.
But I mean, it's incredible.
And it just made me think, like, this is a specimen.
Yeah, he's even way better shaped than that now.
And like, people will sit there and think, why is Jones kissing me?
Jones is kissing Joe Rogan's ass.
No, I celebrate families.
I celebrate women, I celebrate children, I celebrate men.
And people don't like men, because men are what's going to lead us out of this with God's help.
That's why they're targeting masculinity, that's why they're targeting the family, they're targeting the office of the woman, the goddess, all of it.
And to see Joe get better and better and better over the years at everything is just incredible.
And to see, you know, because Joe told me, for whatever reason, I guess he can trust me, but I mean, Joe tells me just everything.
And he told me all this incredible stuff.
And I'm not going to tell you any of it, because I can't.
But let's just say this, it was extremely, extremely exciting, all the things he was saying.
And so for everybody hoping Joe Rogan's broke down and crying and giving up, do not hold your breath.
In fact, the quote that I would give you is one from Mark Twain, and that is, rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.
And it's the same thing for Infowars.
But see, I don't just look at this as how is Alex Jones doing and how popular is Alex Jones.
I look at this, have we stopped the forced inoculations?
Have we stopped the checkpoints?
Have we stopped the tyranny?
Have we stopped war with Russia?
And the answer is no.
So there's this paradoxical view where I don't even care.
That the biggest Hollywood production house with the biggest star is in development to do an Alex Jones movie.
And if you told me this, you know, 10 years ago, I wouldn't even believe you.
But you know what?
That doesn't even mean anything to me.
I could care less because Hollywood's dead, ladies and gentlemen, and it knows it's dead.
So that's why they're making the Alex Jones movies.
That's why they're making the Joe Rogan movies.
Is because the only way they can stay relevant, oh they're making the Joe Rogan movies, don't worry.
There's like, that I know of, ten Alex Jones documentaries in production.
Nine of them are all negative, one of them is positive, or more fair, Alex's War, that's coming out soon.
The other nine, HBO, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Netflix, the list goes on and on.
Vicious fictions.
Because I've had people inside send me the rundown of basically the script, because these aren't real documentaries.
And it's literal fiction, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, just... Jones beat up all the nerds in school, so one time they kidnapped him and tied him up and knocked all his teeth out.
Never happened.
No teeth ever knocked out.
Never beat up little guys.
Give me a break, folks.
Now, I did, when people attacked me and started hurting me, I did beat the living hell out of people bad, and I hurt them bad, and I'm not proud of that.
I wish, you know, you got to learn once you get somebody on the ground not to give a couple kicks in the head.
But the point is, you know, stomp on their ribs, but the point is, is that we are the zeitgeist.
This audience of activists, you did this.
God gets the credit.
This is how the credit goes.
God, the audience of activists, and then my crew, and then Alex Jones.
I want you to really get that to sink in deep, okay?
That you are the power, look at the trucker convoys, look at the demonstrations around the world, look at what's happening.
You are number one.
Not Hollywood, not Brad Pitt, not Leonardo DiCaprio, not any of that.
That's not what's important.
The people are.
Our families.
We're humans.
Our homes.
Our parents.
Our children.
Our brothers.
Our sisters.
Our nephews.
Our nieces.
They're trying to take that away from us.
Our grandparents.
We are human.
This is who we are.
We are male and female.
We were made by God.
We have a mission.
And since the beginning of civilization, evil elites have been trying to get control of that paradigm to play God, and we're not going to let them do it.
Hell, by law, all over the world, kill switches are going in all the new cars.
Why do you think they totally control you?
They're planning hellish stuff for us, and we're going to fight it in the end.
We're going to beat it.
So why don't we just start now?
Why don't we admit we're under attack?
Why don't we get up off our asses and do something about it and be leaders and get in the animating contest of liberty?
I'm not, other than, listen, you know why the other reason I don't care about Hollywood?
That's not even going to exist soon.
Most of these movies and things in production under the New World Order collapse, if Klaus Schwab gets his way, aren't even going to come out!
It's all over, folks!
Unless we get together and say no!
There's no more games, there's no more time to screw around!
So, here's a draft of it, because I wanted to review it before Paul put it out, and it should be up on InfoWars.com and Summit.News very soon.
Joe Rogan is under unprecedented censorship attack, and he's never been happier.
So it's a short, exclusive deal, and I said, this is all amazing stuff, Joe.
He said, yeah, and this is off record, and that's off record.
So nothing off record is in here.
Boy, I wish I could tell you.
Believe me.
But it gives you what's going on and the fact that he's never been happier.
But also, he legitimately said, look, the N-word stuff hurts some people's feelings.
And I didn't mean it as a way to hurt people.
I was just doing shocking comedy and making fun of racists.
It's funny stuff.
But I can see how the media twists it.
So for those that are hurt, I'm sorry.
And he just does that so he can.
He didn't do that because anybody told him to do it.
He didn't do that because of pressure.
He did it because he genuinely, hell, he apologized to me a few years ago.
About not defending me, so I appreciate that, Joe.
And that was a legitimate thing he did.
But I got a bunch of inside baseball I can tell you about with all of this, and so that's coming up.
But first, Jim Hoft's going to be on the broadcast, but if you want to see that article, it should be going up on M4.
All right, my friends, Jim Hoft, one of the most important independent journalists in the world, and a man on the front lines of the fight for all of our freedoms and futures, is our guest for the rest of the hour.
But I wanted to just say this up front before we go to him.
I have done deep research on January 6th, as a lot of you I know have, and as Mr. Hoft has, and I want to clarify some things.
We know there was a thousand plus commandos there, FBI.
We know that there were provocateurs, Antifa and others.
We know about Ray Epps.
We know that they opened the doors and let the people in.
We know it was not an insurrection.
It was angry people that got manipulated.
A tiny minority of a million people that were in D.C., including Jim Hoft, who was sitting literally two seats away from me there in the second row in front of Trump at the Ellipse.
That said, everybody who went in was suspect as being a provocateur.
Some people weren't.
They got tricked to go in.
I've now read the indictments.
I've now watched Stuart Rhodes's ex-wife.
I've done deep research and I've known Stuart since he came on the scene.
I never thought Stuart Rhodes was a Fed.
I don't think Stuart Rhodes planned an attack on the Capitol.
I think they had contingencies in case Trump declared some big deal or whatever.
I think he's a political president and should be released and I think people should support Stuart and that Stuart should be released.
Because, and all the Oath Keepers, because they just went in the building.
He didn't even go in the building.
You know, we've seen Fox News' Tucker Carlson covering all the provocateurs, the stuff we know, just because everybody has to be suspect.
Then as we learn more, we find out people are innocent.
And so I never even said he was suspect.
I told my crew, I don't think he's a fed.
I know Stewart.
I think he's been set up.
But I think there were obviously might be infiltrators in the the the Oath Keepers.
Stewart would get mad at that idea and say I was bashing him.
No, I wasn't.
I mean, obviously there's infiltrators everywhere.
I really.
I had nightmares about this, because I don't want to talk about people that are innocent.
And I know Stuart's innocent.
I know the Oath Keepers are innocent.
And they certainly don't deserve to be in solitary confinement or being shipped off to a gulag.
So we're going to go to Jim here.
He has a big exclusive letter from the Oath Keepers founder, Stuart Rhodes, at the Cimarron Prison and Correctional Facility, Oklahoma.
Now he's being shipped, we're told, to D.C.
in that hellhole.
So we should all pray for Stuart Rhodes, who really was upset about what's happened to America.
We're good to go.
Hey Alex, it's a joy to be with you today.
Thanks for inviting me on.
Thank you.
I just ran it for half the segment.
You've got the floor.
Tell us why you, again, are the spearhead here doing what others aren't willing to do.
I appreciate you, for all of us, standing up for the January 6th prisoners.
Well, thank you.
Thank you, Alex.
You're doing extraordinary work there at InfoWars, as you know.
And isn't that just bizarre that we're living in a time now where you're in these Hollywood movies and these cartoon classics?
It's just really
Strange times we're living in, but I'm glad you're getting some recognition.
I doubt, though, that they're going to report on all of those news items that you've been correct about over the years, but that's the way it goes.
We expect that at Gateway Pundit, too, the same sort of treatment.
And I want to apologize because I'm not mad at anybody, but I wasn't given the sheet.
I was going from memory.
It's AmericanGulag.org.
For people who want to follow what's happening and donate for their defense.
Please continue.
We set this up about six months ago now.
We've been raising some money for some of these political prisoners in Washington, D.C.
We tell their stories.
Every week we tell two or three different stories of these people who are locked up.
We just reported another story.
Yesterday, it was this new, he's a former model.
He was at the DC protest.
He got arrested and now he's in Pinellas County, Florida.
He's actually in the same prison, I believe, as Jeremy Brown.
You're very familiar with Jeremy Brown.
He was the former Green Beret, who the FBI went to his door in December of 2020.
Knocked on his door.
There's video of this.
He's released this.
Wanting him to work with them at the January 6th protests.
Wanted him to be one of the infiltrators that they had.
One of their operatives.
He turned them down.
He actually recorded the conversation at a restaurant he had with them.
Well, he went to January 6th.
He actually, we have video of him rescuing a woman who was getting beaten by cops.
Brutally beaten and Jeremy Brown rescues her.
He never went inside the Capitol, but they arrested him a few months ago and said that he was trespassing.
He was inside this invisible perimeter that they had set up that about 10,000, 20,000 people were standing in.
And so he's still sitting in prison as we speak without bail.
It's atrocious what's happening to this country.
I totally agree.
I mean, what's happening to him is even worse than Rhodes.
I had the guy on, blowing the whistle on the FBI, trying to get him to infiltrate the groups, and just because they're mad at him, he didn't even go in the Capitol, they're now still keeping him in jail.
That is just unbelievable.
It's because he's a highly decorated veteran.
We've looked up his record.
He's a great guy.
He's a great patriot, a gentleman.
And so they're persecuting him because they're scared of him.
They don't like American patriots.
Absolutely, and it's a disgrace as these same people who lecture us about China and the human rights abuses, and I agree with that, but look what they've done to this country in just a couple years, what these Democrats have done.
It's unrecognizable what's happening to these people.
And there you're showing right there, this is where Jeremy Brown
Rescued this woman who was getting, again, pulverized by the police that day.
So we have a lot of stories like that.
In fact, on American Gulag and Gateway Pundit this week, we're going to release an exclusive.
Everybody saw that guy getting tossed off the building.
He got pushed off the ledge during the protests that day on January 6th.
There's been a lot of reports on it.
Some people said he died, but he's actually alive.
We interviewed him and we're going to release that this week, so that ought to be something.
Of course he's very scared because he sees what the government is doing to its citizens.
So, um, you know, he has a lot of courage to stand up just like, uh, you know, everyone else, you know, just like, you know, you, you've had the courage to speak out for so long.
So, uh, there's that.
And you also have been following the new footage that got released that Ashley Babbitt, the reason she was yelling and screaming to the door was she was trying to stop people breaking in and she was yelling at the police to come help and the others were standing down.
So they killed her for that.
This is just insane.
That's worse than I thought.
Yeah, yeah, absolutely.
And this Lieutenant Robert, uh, Mike Byrd, who was shot or dead, there's video of this guy running around with his finger on the trigger all day.
I mean, what the hell?
This guy is so reckless.
He's left his gun in the restroom a couple times, and he's running around that day.
He's all hyped up, and he's got his finger on the trigger, and he shoots Ashley Babbitt dead without warning.
Then runs away like a coward.
It's unbelievable that that man's still allowed to have a gun and to work inside the U.S.
Really unbelievable.
So another story from the D.C.
Jake Lang, who rescued Philip Anderson.
Philip Anderson got knocked to the ground when Roseanne Boylan did, this other victim who was killed that day.
Philip Anderson is knocked out cold and Jake Lang actually pulls him to safety.
He's a young guy, 26-year-old wrestler.
He crawls out.
He was underneath the pop mush pile.
Hold on, Jim.
Stay there.
Let's come back and talk more about this.
Because the Democrats are betting the farm on January 6th.
Why are they doing that?
But the Green Beret you talk about, who's in studio with us, we should talk more about him.
Honorably discharged, great record, wonderful person.
FBI comes and wants him to infiltrate January 6th.
He says no.
He releases the video.
Absolutely it's frightening.
We had a great article up recently, Alex, and it was a comparison of what the communists under Lenin did in 1917, how they treated the opposition, how they treated protesters.
If the protesters were on their side, if they were doing the bidding of these communists, then they got perks, then they were rewarded.
Just like we saw with Antifa, they're rewarded, they're bailed out of jail.
If they're not on their side, just like the January 6th protesters,
Then they're punished, and even worse, in Lenin's Soviet Union.
So, again, we're starting to see a lot of very frightening things that's happening with our country today, and it's absolutely disgusting.
I actually heard word from Jeremy Brown's girlfriend this past weekend and found out that the feds, the prosecutors, were angry that he had a Gibson Go campaign because he was using
A defense attorney that was paid for by the state, so he can't raise money now.
So this is what they're doing to these people.
They're trying to destroy their lives, absolutely.
Not just for this month or this week.
You've been following the case closely.
What are they saying he did?
Because I read articles, they won't even say what he did.
I mean, what about the Green Beret?
I had him in studio.
I mean, he's a great guy.
What did he do?
He was standing outside of the Capitol.
There's video of him rescuing a woman who was being pulverized by the police.
That's what he did.
And so that was his crime.
And now he's sitting in isolation in the Pinellas County Jail in Florida.
So it's disgusting.
This is how they're treating Americans.
I tell you, Alex, it really just burns me to see that this is what's happening to our country today.
I never thought I'd see anything like this.
I'm glad that we're doing what we are.
On Gateway Pundit, we raised $35,000 for some of these prisoners and their families last week.
We raised another $40,000 in December.
I'm really proud of the fact that we released this money to some of these families.
But it's atrocious what's going on.
The mainstream media ignores it.
Yesterday, I put up a story.
It was about Liz Klayman, who I actually enjoy.
She's on Fox Business Network.
But she's on with Howie Kurtz's horrible show on Sunday morning, Media Buzz.
Uh, where, you know, they, they're just leftist dribble.
But, um, anyway, uh, she's talking about the January 6th protesters and how they need to be locked up and how there should be no mercy on them.
And, uh, you know, how Lindsey Graham is right.
And Donald Trump is wrong to say that he's going to pardon them.
She doesn't even know the names of any of these people.
She doesn't even know who these people are.
She doesn't know the stories of any of these people.
There was 900 people who got arrested, right?
The FBI is storming old ladies, their homes, at 6 in the morning.
And Jim, as you know, there's also the backdrop of billions of dollars of damage, dozens killed, police killed, burned down buildings, attacked federal courthouses, 100 night attacks in Portland, and then you've got the then vice presidential candidate, now vice president, via fraud,
It doesn't at all.
It's disgusting.
It's a two-tiered system right now, the judicial system.
It's really gross what's happening to these people.
And it really, again, it makes me weak for my country to see that this is happening.
How dare they do this to Americans?
And where the hell are the Republicans?
That's why I'm so angry when I hear people like Liz Klayman, who I respect, and she's so ignorant about what's going on that she has no idea what the hell she's talking about.
And she's unwilling to defend people like Dr. Gold.
They busted in her door.
She was inside the Capitol talking about hydroxychloroquine and the FBI comes in and busts down her door.
It's unbelievable, this treatment.
The FBI, what the hell is going on with that group?
You know, it's just shocking.
And this is going on all over the country.
And, you know, Alex, you know, and I know they're still arresting people.
This this guy we wrote about this this this past weekend.
Um, he was just arrested in Florida just, uh, I think this past week or a couple weeks ago.
So, um, they're still going after people for misdemeanors.
They're spending millions and millions of dollars on this.
They're, they're pushing lies, complete lies.
Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are trying a bunch of lies that they're promoting.
They have no idea how this thing started.
They're not willing to listen to the people who are there.
And that's the main question I wanted to ask you.
Why are they betting everything on Jan 6 and rolling out this new terrorism directive that white people and people that protest lockdowns and people that protest elections, that's the definition of white supremacist.
And then white supremacist is a terrorist.
I mean, that's official.
I think it's a bad bet.
I think Americans are going to catch on.
Because as you know, Alex, the truth is always going to spread, you know?
They can't, they can't...
Kill the truth forever.
It's going to come out.
What happened that day was atrocious.
The video of the cops shooting down on these people, these grandmas, these veterans, these children, these Americans who were there to protest had no idea this was coming.
They're shooting down rubber bullets and flash grenades on top of them.
And they're not going to show that video.
They're not going to show the two guys who had the heart attacks and the cops ignored.
Yeah, and let's not forget that there's what, 14,000 hours of footage they won't release?
I don't believe anything they say.
It's just like the Russiagate thing with Russia.
The AP says, show me the proof Rush is going to stage a false flag.
And they go, we're not going to show you the proof, just believe us.
Holding back that footage is insane.
Obviously they're provocateuring.
We know they had a thousand federal police there in plain clothes and three hundred and something hostage rescue team, and they didn't stop the police, the few dozen that the provocateurs broke through.
So bare minimum, there was a government stand down Jan 6.
Another video we released was the one guy, we saw the weapon, you know, for months we heard there was no weapons there, but there actually was video of one protester with a weapon and for some reason he didn't get arrested.
Now this guy who was arrested, this protester, confronted that guy in Arizona and said, hey, how come you're not in jail?
You had a freaking gun that day.
And it's on video and the Daily Beast wrote about it.
And for some reason, you've never been arrested.
You know, so a lot of stories like this we're seeing, again, the truth is being hidden.
I don't think Liz Cheney is going to be able to hide the truth forever.
You know, I don't think Adam Kinzinger, no matter how much he cries, he's not going to be able to hide the truth.
But the American people will find out.
And it's absolutely disgusting what they've done to the American people.
And the fact that they give these Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists who burned down Kenosha, burned down Minneapolis, burned down Ferguson, Arizona, years before that, where I live, it's outrageous that these people get a free pass and yet Grandma, who carried a MAGA flag through the U.S.
Capitol on January 6th, gets the FBI storming her house at 6 in the morning.
It's really unbelievable.
Just pulling back from this, there's a real blind spot with the Justice Department and the Feds.
I mean, Ruby Ridge wasn't popular, Waco wasn't popular, Jan 6th attacking people is not popular.
You guys are making yourselves the enemies of the American people.
That's stupid.
We don't want to be your enemy.
We want you to serve us and keep us safe, not be political enforcers for a bunch of crazy, out-of-control, insider-trading, New World Order, Chi-Com spies.
Jim Hoft, a frontline general in the fight against tyranny, is here.
And look, I come to the audience constantly with my hat in hand.
And I really liked Rush Limbaugh, and he grew a lot as he went on, but I knew people that managed him, and I'm going to leave it at that.
Roger Ailes, you name it.
And their rule was, we'll have Dick Cheney on, or we'll have Charlton Heston on, but nobody that's another talk show host, nobody that has their own media outlet, and nobody that's asking for money.
Well, you notice my show is constantly this charity, that charity, this organization, that organization.
I'm not getting a cut of that.
I know Jim Hopped is giving all the money for the January 6th people.
He's making himself a target doing that.
So I'm having him on because what he's doing is a good thing.
He's a hero for doing it.
Not, oh, he's some guy that wants to get money.
He's being sued by the globalists, attacked by the deep state, just like I am.
We need to support Gateway Pundit.
You need to go to AmericanGulag.org if you want people that don't have representation
You heard my point, Jim, as we went to break about I don't want to be an enemy with the FBI.
I want it to be a good institution.
It's in the Constitution.
You can have federal magistrates and federal law enforcement and people, federal marshals.
But I mean, really, it's like they're auditioning to work in North Korea or something.
And it's just crazy.
They're in their own bubble up there, not getting that outside of that bubble, people don't like them.
And they're being ordered to go out and carry out things that are destroying their institution.
Where do you see this going?
It's not a good direction, is it Alex?
And again, what they did to you.
I mean, there's a video of you on January 6th telling people, don't go inside.
Stay away from there.
Don't go inside the Capitol.
And yet they come and arrest you?
I mean, it's ridiculous.
It's beyond that.
It's outrageous what they've done and what the FBI is doing.
Sitting at Team DeGramma's house in the morning, or busting down Dr. Gold's door, who was just standing inside talking about hydroxychloroquine, which she was right about, by the way.
So, it's the FBI better get it together.
I hope they do.
I'm sure that I'm a target.
I know you must wake up in the morning and when you're on the phone or something, just like Gateway Pundit, we figure
Probably somebody's listening.
We don't have anything to hide.
It's come out in federal court that we're all wiretapped and Roger Stone is and everything else and they're just listening to everything we do.
And it's not because we're bad, it's because we are powerful, because listeners support us because they're powerful.
It's because we're populist and people want freedom, and so they think that they can punish the leaders, we'll just go away.
No, we're Americans and that's not going to happen.
Your intimidation makes me get up earlier in the morning and makes me work harder.
That's how it works.
And I think as people learn the truth, when they learn that Alex Jones was there that
To tell people not to have an insurrection, as they would call it.
To tell people to stay away from the Capitol.
That it's a setup.
I think when people hear that, and they hear more truth all the time, I think what we are seeing is a great awakening right now, Alex, and that is
People are tired of being lied to.
The media has lied to them about everything for the past couple years.
I wake up in the morning and my thought is, how am I going to get gas lit today?
What's going to come at me first?
Is it going to be the COVID lies?
Is it going to be the DC January 6 lies?
Is it going to be something about Joe Biden's miraculous numbers that he had in employment numbers?
If they just throw this garbage at us all day, and I think people are getting lies.
Nobody likes being lied to.
And people will strive to find the truth whether they have to go through a couple extra steps
You go to InfoWars or GatewayPundit, they're going to do that because they know that we're going to tell them the truth.
And if they don't believe it today, come back in six months.
I totally agree with you.
We got a big article up on Infowars.com.
Joe Rogan is under unprecedented censorship attack, and he's never been happier.
I hung out with him.
My gosh, he stays at those clubs the whole time.
It's hard to believe.
We were there like six, seven hours at the Vulcan Gas Company, a great little place in downtown Austin.
And it's just packed, and he's about to open his own big club.
I'm not going to announce that yet, or he's not going to announce that yet.
But what do you make of Joe?
Yeah, it's endless, isn't it?
These globalists, these Democrats, they don't give up.
They'll make up lies.
If it doesn't work, then they'll spread more lies.
As you know, Alex, they just don't give up.
I'm glad that Joe Rogan actually has another offer today.
As we saw, Rumble offered him to move over to their platform.
So that's exciting news for him.
I think it would be another few million a year for Joe Rogan.
So it might be something to think about.
But, you know, he obviously is having an impact.
Are they going to go after him?
You know, Rumble are great folks.
And I talked to Joe last night about that offer.
And let's just say this.
We didn't really put it in the article.
It wasn't really an off-the-record thing, but I'm gonna let Joe say it himself, but Spotify is standing behind Joe at this point, and I think that's good, but that's why they now have New York Pension Fund worried about Spotify.
So now BlackRock and the big money, they wanted to get him canceled just by saying he's disinfo, he's a racist, because that's not working.
Now the real power is coming in to try to get Joe kicked off.
Yeah, well, I trust he'll make it out of this just fine.
I certainly hope so, and I pray for him.
It works out for him, just like with you, Alex.
All right, Jim.
Thank you so much for the time.
And I want to get you back soon to talk about the midterm.
Just in 30 seconds, though, with 274 days out, I don't see how the Democrats have a free and open election.
They're going to lose in a record realignment landslide.
What do you think happens?
That's my view.
Yeah, I think the Republicans need to make sure that they can't commit as much fraud as they did in 2020.
And I think they'll be fine.
I'm worried about Alex, and I know you are, too.
Once they take control of the House or the Senate, who are they going to put in charge?
Kevin McCarthy isn't up for the job.
Just isn't.
We need a major peaceful political rebellion if they put a bunch of milquetoast rhinos in there.
I totally agree.
All right, Jim Hoff, thank you so much, brother.
Everybody should go to AmericanGulag.org to find out more about these political prisoners.
I mean, hell, who knows?
I could end up being one.
We need to stand up for these folks.
God bless you and thank you.
Thanks, Alex.
All right, folks, I'm going to go to break.
And we have a really interesting fellow who's been all over the world standing up for the Uyghurs and the Christian Afghans.
Movietomoment.com, thegreatcampaign.org, the Jason Jones Show host.
Jason Jones is going to be in studio with us coming up next hour.
And let me do this or we won't be here.
I'm going to be completely honest with listeners.
A sick part of me is tired of being committed seven days a week to this because I'm either totally committed like a rampaging goblin or I just want to go fish and feed horses and cut limbs and God, I love it.
I just want to run a chainsaw and cut up a tree and just drive around in a bulldozer.
I mean, do you want to know what I want to do?
I'm like hired to kite growing gardens and fishing and I just want to be a farmer.
I'm a farmer, folks, but I'm in a war and if I don't get money,
We're going to start laying people off in about six months.
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There's a lot more going on.
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And I just, I spend a third or more of my time jacking with money.
And I'm not complaining, but I'd rather be shooting reports and doing interviews and strategizing the victory.
But I get revolutionaries always got to fund themselves.
They usually rob banks and kill people and hold hostages.
We're not doing any of that.
We're just selling high-quality supplements and great products.
So go there.
Be part of the revolution.
I want to thank all of you that have.
But I'm telling you, there's nobody bringing it like us.
I mean, it's actually just biblical what we've done.
It's all God.
Folks, this operation blew the New World Order.
They're going down.
The question is, can they take us with them?
We blew their operation.
We did it.
I mean, whoo!
Whoo, baby!
But am I on a power trip?
The opposite.
I am walking a tightrope with Hades underneath me.
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It's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
We are on day eight of this occupation.
Our city is under siege.
This group is emboldened by the lack of enforcement by every level of government.
They are terrorizing our residents, torturing them with incessant honking, threatening them and preventing them from leading their lives.
People cannot go to work or open their businesses.
They cannot sleep, walk, shop, go to medical appointments, or enjoy their neighborhood.
This group is a threat to our democracy.
What we're seeing is bigger than just a City of Ottawa problem.
This is a nationwide insurrection.
This is madness.
We need a concrete plan to put an end to this now.
To date, we have taken all of the actions requested of us.
Chief, I have called this meeting to ask one specific question in accordance with the police service
If the government served the people, then the government would have nothing to fear from the people.
But it is clear that now the government fears us.
After years of persistent abuse of the Constitution during which time they have betrayed, robbed, injured and killed the Australian people, we have had enough.
And we are not alone.
Internationally, the people are rising up peacefully against the unlawful and criminal excesses of those whom they have elected.
Millions of good and decent men and women around the world have decided that this war for the world must end.
And they know it will end when enough of us stand up and declare in one voice, no more.
Here in Australia, the people are gathering in the nation's capital, Canberra, in order to communicate their intent that the Governor-General should meet his constitutional responsibility by dissolving the Parliament and appointing a new Executive Council in order to prepare for free and fair elections.
In the long journey from barbarism to civilisation, days such as these are rare.
Seminal days, when a people bands together, putting aside their petty differences in order to secure their lives and their liberty.
In other words, to earn their rights to their sovereign nationhood.
Now is the time to play your part in the liberation of Australia.
Now is the time to stand alongside your fellow Australians and resist the tyranny.
Now is the time to ensure your children and grandchildren are free.
You are here because generations ago your ancestors sacrificed all for you.
It is now time to pay that debt forward.
Now, nothing else matters.
This is not about politics.
This is a non-political event.
This is about our very lives and our very future.
You must drop everything and get to Canberra as soon as you can.
Some have made their way from far afield as Adelaide, Melbourne and Rockhampton.
What's your excuse?
And they plan to stay until we win.
Remain calm regardless of the force used against you.
They will provoke a reaction which ultimately will see the use of police snipers opening fire.
This is a reality.
Regardless of the force used against you, you must, we must, remain calm in order to win.
Fly, drive, walk if you must, but we need an army of millions in Canberra to win this war.
And we will win if you attend.
Pack up as much food and water as you can.
The people already there are sharing and cooperating as never before.
If you can't find accommodation, sleep in your car.
We must come together now.
This is our time.
We the people.
Do it for your family and do it for the future of Australia.
I'm Ricardo Bozzi.
I'm looking forward to seeing you there.
Eight, nine months because he's been all over the world, all over the world, saving Christians.
He's got one of the, probably the most successful organization actually getting Christians out of Afghanistan, out of Iraq, out of other areas.
And he's on the front lines defending the Uyghurs and pushing that into the group consciousness.
We'll be right back in 60 seconds.
Stay with us.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
The eerie sound you're hearing is not produced in some Hollywood production house.
It's the sound of honking in Belgium, and Australia, and Germany, and the UK, and of course Canada.
As farmers and others understand, they're under attack.
And everywhere, there's an explosive understanding that it's Klaus Schwab and the corporate takeover in the UN, that they've infiltrated via the Bilderberg Group all major institutions.
And now the police are resigning en masse all over the world and giving incredible speeches.
I've been watching.
We can't even give credit to it.
There's too many.
Royal Mounted Police, you name it.
FBI, you name it, saying this is evil.
I've been there.
They plan this to never end.
The New World Order is a suicide pact.
The devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy.
The devil loves death.
Those that hate me, Christ said, love death.
Somebody who loves life is Jason Jones.
He's a great filmmaker.
An activist and he has traveled the world.
To defend Christians who are under unprecedented attack.
The UN admits that the persecution of Christians doubled in the last 20 years and now tripled in the last two years.
And so he's got so much to talk about.
Standing with the vulnerable truckers and the Uyghurs and for our own families in this battle.
Standing up for Hawaii that's still under this horrible lock of evil.
Being arrested in the name to stand with Christians in Afghanistan and Uyghurs in Chinese concentration camps.
You've been arrested in Hawaii.
And we will defeat the global enemy when we stand with those they target or abandon to violence.
Somebody being enslaved in Mongolia, or somebody being enslaved in places like Austria, where they're forcibly injecting now people.
People always thank me, like in Australia or in Mexico, and I stand up to people and they go, thank you for caring, thank you.
What do you mean?
Them being attacked means we're next.
When we let evil grow one place, it comes back on us.
Now, obviously, I have empathy and I care about them, but God put that in us to protect ourselves.
If we don't have empathy, we are dead.
We are not connected to God.
So, Mr. Jones, it's great to have you here.
You've got so much to cover.
I've been trying to get you on for six, eight, nine months.
You've been all over the world.
Where do you want to start?
Well, Alex, first of all, I just want to say that they had to de-platform you before any of this could have happened.
It was like a military operation.
And I want to thank you because you have been a consistent voice for the vulnerable, for my friends and my families in Hawaii.
You have been a consistent voice.
Thank you, brother.
One of the most beautiful things I've seen in my life is when you wore the dopa standing with the Uyghur.
I'll do it again.
Yeah, that was just there.
Beautiful people.
When you wore that dopa for the most persecuted people in the world, three million Uyghur in concentration camps, a million Tibetan children separated from their families.
And you've been the voice.
And they're crying out to God for help, and God sends us to help.
And you've been the voice, and your audience.
To be here with you, I was telling my assistant as we were driving here, it's such a privilege.
We're going to be with Alex Jones and his audience.
The victories we are seeing now, with the horns of Jericho blowing, and the New World Order is going to collapse.
Isn't it amazing?
Their horns.
I didn't think it's Jericho again!
It's Jericho!
The horns of Jericho and the walls of the New World Order are collapsing.
They're done.
You nailed it.
They are done.
Are they going to take us with them?
We need to... You were standing with the J6.
There is a thin line that connects those J6 defendants with the Uyghur.
With the Hong Kongers, they are connected with the families in Hawaii that were placed in horrible food insecurity with the global shutdowns.
You have been a consistent voice, but the secret to defeating the New World Order, the deep state, the deep church, the mainstream media, the secret to defeating them is thoughtless and radical solidarity with those who have been abandoned, with those who are vulnerable.
We have the truckers, we have the folks,
We have the Infowarriors, we need the 3Ps, we need the people, we need the police, and we need our pastors.
And I would say as a Catholic, our pastors and our priests, our bishops, have really fallen down.
When they stand with these truckers, the salt of the earth, the hardest working people on earth, they're the ones that feed us, they're the ones that have made us so prosperous.
When we have the courage to stand with them, they're calling them fascists!
We're having an Olympic in a neo-fascist regime.
NBC and Nike and Coca-Cola, they're all participating in this with the fascist regime and they're calling the Washington Post and others have had the nerve to call these truckers fascism.
So we stand with these people.
Well, they're not calling them terrorists.
In fact, roll some B-roll.
The left is now jumping in front of the trucks, acting like they're being run over.
It's the worst acting I've ever seen.
So what would you call this period of time, Jason Jones, we're in right now?
Because this is biblical.
I mean, they're openly trying to promote a Mark of the Beast, all of this.
Yeah, in the culture of death, when we look at what we call neoliberalism, which it's not a good word, but it's the word we have, neoliberalism is merging with this ideology of the CCP.
We're beginning to see that they are the same ideology.
They are partners.
NBC is partnering with the CCP to cover up the greatest genocide of our era.
People say this is like the Berlin Olympics all over again.
It is not like the Berlin Olympics.
The Berlin Olympics took place in 1936.
The Wannsee Conference wasn't until 1943 that made these mechanized death camps.
The invasion of Poland wasn't until 1939.
The CCP invaded Tibet and invaded East Turkestan in 1949.
The Uyghurs have been in concentration camps now.
They've blown up over the past few years.
That's right.
The left used to care about the Tibetans.
In 1949, they brought artillery in and blew up the Tibetan temples.
Killing thousands inside.
I mean, this is just insane.
And to watch the left go along with all this, it's just so sad.
Well, I wrote an article in LifeSite News this week where I listed all of the corporations with all their presidents and CEOs and board members.
I listed their names and it was a letter to the Woke of 2092.
Because the Woke today don't have the courage to condemn them.
So maybe in 2092 they can look at this list and anything that was named after them, any university, dorm, or any award that's given.
But Airbnb, um, you know, to think that like Savannah... The Warriors owner says, I don't care about Wiggers.
I mean, he said, I literally don't care about mass execution camps, slavery, people literally in jail cells being tortured to death.
He just thinks it's funny.
He's totally disconnected.
Well, and then if you bring this to Afghanistan, this abysmal... Tell folks what you've been doing the last nine, ten months.
The reasons why I have been really hard to get on the show for the past nine months is we were very active in Iraq during the genocide, the ISIS genocide.
In fact, I was there.
I traveled with the Peshmerga.
I documented the ISIS war.
I don't know.
We began working to rescue these folks that approached us and what happens when you rescue one person or one family?
10 families contact you and now my friends joke that every Christian in Afghanistan has my cell number.
We have been working relentlessly since the middle of August to rescue Christians, SIVs, those are people who have been
Yeah, you can't go in there and for 20 years build it up and do all that and then suddenly just pull the rug out.
No, and this is our organization delivering food and coal to Christian communities.
On Christmas Day alone, over a thousand families woke up to over four months of food and coal outside their door.
If you go to our website, you can see pictures of people looking.
And again, this isn't like the joke of Santa giving you coal.
Coal's a good thing to be given, because that's how they, they don't have any trees there, basically.
Very little forest left.
That's how they heat their food, heat their houses.
Yeah, that was our sort of hook to get people to pay attention.
We said, coal for Christmas, help us deliver coal for Christmas.
Because in early December, it struck me as ironic that here we are as an organization delivering coal for Christmas and you think coal is for bad kids.
We were delivering coal to keep beautiful families alive.
And we're still doing it every day.
Our organization, the Vulnerable People Project, can get food and coal to a vulnerable family within 24 hours anywhere in Afghanistan.
And most places within four.
And my team is amazing.
They'll drop the food in cold, they take pictures of it outside the door, like your Amazon Prime delivery, and we'll show up people who are starving to death.
We've showed up at places where it's too late and we find people that have already died eating grass soup.
You know, that was part of the lockdowns killed.
40 million people probably died.
200 plus million had starvation.
It's so sick.
Like you get there late and they're dead.
Mainly children.
And Alex, the only place I could get that message out in 2020 was your show.
I was on your show and said we were about to starve the world.
We were about to have hunger like we have never had it.
Thanks to President Trump.
That gets me tears in my eyes because literally the left and this lockdown is murdering people, not the virus.
And God is going to get really mad at us if we don't stand up.
And they're not letting you know.
So it was hard to believe a year and a half ago now.
That is the whole Jonathan Swift, Ma's proposal, 250 years ago, saying, hey, you Irish are complaining you're all starving to death.
How about you just raise your babies up like little baby pigs and the English lords and ladies can just eat your children.
So I said, OK, I'm going to, if they shut things down and starve everybody to death, I got to start sizing up my neighbors who are going to collapse to eat them.
Now, I gave the proviso, but the media cut that out and said Jones is literally going to eat and kill his neighbors.
I mean, that's what they do.
Imagine the dignity of people in Africa and Asia and Latin America and everywhere.
When they starve to death, they just quietly sit in their home.
They don't get food.
They just start sleeping and they die.
And they call it, oh, they just died of the flu or died of a cold.
And that's what we're talking about.
I'll be honest.
Actually, yeah.
I'm not going to go after regular folks, but if people are starving to death, I'm going to go find New World Order people and I'm going to take their food.
Hell, I probably actually would eat them before I'm going to let my kids die.
So I'm not as good as these Afghans or Iraqis or others that are starving to death and just sit there and die in their house.
You get hungry, you go out and find food, and that's what the studies show, depending on studies.
Within about 15 days, 90% of people become cannibals.
Okay, so when I bring this up, this isn't a joke.
Cutting off the world infrastructure will cause a giant collapse and end-of-the-world type scenarios.
Jason Jones, you've been all over the world and witnessed this, and witnessed the lockdowns, and you were here when it all began, warning it would cause mass starvation, now we've seen it.
So real crimes against humanity, not from the virus, but from the lockdown.
Yeah, when I was arrested in Hawaii, I may have had the privilege of being the first person in the world arrested protesting the very first COVID shutdown.
And as I said there in my speech, that I'm really here for food security.
Hawaii, being the furthest place in the world from anywhere else in the world, would become the most, it is the most food insecure place in the developed world.
But I also knew that those countries that were on the brink of hunger would fall into hunger.
Those communities that were on the verge of starvation would fall into starvation.
Just a small contraction of the global economy.
And that's why Bolsonaro, Bolsonaro wasn't going to budge because he recognized that Brazil had to be really concerned about their poor starving to death.
Oh, it was a classic communist plan to shut off food production, have an uprising, blame it on the government.
He got Klaus Schwab.
Angry world, we take over after the angry.
Yeah, and we'll eat cricket meat and we'll love it.
I mean, they want to feed you cricket meat.
Well, with my organization, when we go around the world, you know, we're working with communities that in the best of times are really on the brink of starvation.
And it didn't take much to see that going into these shutdowns, I remember I wrote an article before we shut down saying that if the world follows Italy's example and shuts down, that the global economy is going to contract.
The poorest of the poor in the world are going to starve to death.
And even places in the developed world, like Hawaii, would be food insecure.
We saw in the state of Hawaii food lines seven miles long.
We saw our homeless being shuffled around from place to place, being harassed for months and months and months on end.
And so, but then when you take a place like Afghanistan, that we pulled the carpet out from underneath them, Alex, you and I and the Infowar audience weren't advocating regime change, we were nation building.
This is my organization feeding people in a country that the neoliberals, the neoconservatives invaded that country, throwing around promises like Mardi Gras beads.
And they didn't keep a single promise.
Not a single promise.
And the people that helped us, just like the Kurds that helped us in the first Iraq war, the people that trusted us, we betrayed.
The people that believed in us, with all of their heart, believed in us.
And risked their lives, and they are dying.
And risked their lives.
I've had two employees, one employee was hospitalized.
Who had a nervous breakdown because he had to deal, he was an Afghan-American, who had to deal on the phone every day with people that he was communicating with on signal one day.
The next day they were dead.
Well that's the thing, caring is painful.
Like God says in the Bible, the beginning of knowledge is the beginning of sorrow.
But we have to do it.
Yeah, and you said something at the end of the last segment, Alex, that, you know, you may be in trouble now.
When you stand with the vulnerable, you become as vulnerable as they are.
When you stand with a vulnerable person up against a mob, you become indistinguishable to the violent from the person you're standing with.
When you stand with the Uyghur, the CCP will try to honeypot you.
It's going to happen.
When you stand with the J6 defendants, they're going to smear you and call you the same names they're calling the J6 defendants.
But something beautiful happens.
That when you stand with the vulnerable, you inspire other people.
And now these Infowars have been standing.
Now what do you have in Italy?
The streets are filled with Italians having meals in front of restaurants.
You have truckers all over the world.
You know, when you stand with... Who was at the cross with Jesus?
Everyone left!
Who was at the cross with Jesus?
His mother and then the thief and the murderer.
Yeah, well, in the Pieta you had John, you had John and Mary and Mary, right?
Everyone else was gone.
But what then happened?
Everyone else slowly crept back.
So what we should pray for as Christians, and even if we're not Christians, to me, I always want to be with the one person that's left alone.
If the world is spitting in Nick Sandman's face, I'm going to stand with Nick Sandman.
If they're spitting on Kyle Rittenhouse, I'm going to stand with Kyle Rittenhouse.
If they're attacking
Alex Jones or Joe Rogan or Dave Chappelle, the Uyghur or the Tibetans, that's where you need to stand.
We need to train ourselves to stand with those who are abandoned.
And then we give courage to the Joe Rogans and people to be even more hardcore.
Yeah, they see who's who.
They maybe thought that the lion wasn't as bad as we said.
They could pet the lion or feed the lion.
We misunderstood the lion.
Because they're such good-natured people.
And all of us find it hard.
We find it hard to believe that the CCP has separated a million Tibetan children from their families.
We find it hard to believe that ISIS killed Yezidi children.
I don't even want to say this out loud.
This is what they did.
Go ahead and say what they did.
They killed Yezidi children.
This beautiful community, the Proto-Semitic people, Jews, Kurds, Arabs, all descend from them.
Abraham came from them.
They fed Yezidi children, they killed Yezidi children, then made a dish and fed the children to the mothers.
Yeah, I've seen the videos that were sent to me.
They're secret videos, we never aired them.
What's up with ISIS making you eat dead people?
Yeah, ISIS is to Islam what National Socialism is to Christianity.
It's not fair to even, because that goes against everything even Muslims teach and believe.
ISIS is this radical gang, they're a street gang.
They're violent, they're satanic, they're grounded in no religious tradition in the world.
But it's hard, when you hear that, you don't believe that.
When you hear that there are 3 million Uyghurs in concentration camps having their organs harvested when they're not picking cotton for brands like Nike, you don't believe that.
Because you wouldn't do that.
But it's real.
Yeah, but it's real.
And by not standing up, you become an accomplice.
And that's why they want to censor us so we can't convict people's heart, because they'll do the right thing.
But it's too late.
I mean, you said it, Alex.
They're defeated.
And I felt it.
These Olympics?
It's the end for the CCP.
It is the end for the CCP.
It is over.
Game over.
I was telling the Uyghur community two years ago we launched, we first launched the Boycott the Beijing Olympics campaign, the genocide Olympics.
I remember, yeah.
And I told the Uyghurs, a stumbling block, a scandal, is a stumbling block.
This is a scandal, like no scandal ever.
Partnering with the regime in the midst of a genocide that's horrendous.
But a stumbling block, you can stand on it, and it becomes a stepping stone.
You stand on that stumbling block and then you can amplify the message.
What is our message?
I think, Alex, you don't even really see yourself as you are.
You don't even completely understand it.
Your message has always been the incomparable beauty of the human person and standing with those who have been abandoned.
People don't get that.
But people are getting it.
This audience gets it.
And the world is getting it now.
And the word is getting out.
So what's going to happen?
The neoliberals have lost.
The CCP is over.
We need everyone to support InfoWars.
Like Alex says, it's always a battle, but InfoWars will be here, and the CCP will be gone, and the neoliberal elites behind all of this nonsense will be washed away.
Jason Jones, man, always brings tears to my eyes, because the Holy Spirit is strong with this one.
Jason Jones is in the house, Gerald Solente coming up, and then the war room with Owen Schroyer, 3pm Central.
Remember, the only way this dog hunts is you sharing the links and the articles from the demonized and attacked and
PunishedinfoWars.com and FreeWorldNews.tv, which takes you right to band.video.
So, God's people have been asleep and in a coma.
We're all in this awakening process right now.
And evil knew this was coming, so it's tried to get all its pieces in position now.
But I would say the battle is now being joined.
We're going to see some spectacular things, but all I know is this, Jason.
If we don't stand up and speak out against evil, God is going to reject us, and we don't want that, and it's going to be worse for us on top of it.
So submitting to this makes it worse.
Maybe short term it's okay, but very quickly people now see, wait, submitting isn't getting me ahead now.
It's gonna hurt me.
So people ask, well, why is the elite doing this?
Because they're of the devil.
They can't help but kill, steal, and destroy.
Please continue.
Why would an NBA owner, a billionaire, look a camera in the eye and say, I do not care about three million Uyghurs?
In concentration camps, organ harvesting, forced abortion, slave labor.
I make 10% of my income off of my team's partnerships with China, so it doesn't rise above my level.
How would you want that mojo?
Like, imagine, like, just the fear, people say fear of God, fear of the fact of doing something evil, God removes himself.
And I can't even imagine killing one innocent person, much less signing on to death camps.
And why would he say he didn't care?
Only one reason.
He didn't care.
And we can't understand that people would be thoughtless to this.
Well, who's the most vulnerable in all of this?
It's our posterity that's yet unborn.
Our grandchildren, our great-grandchildren.
So whatever we have to do to leave our grandchildren a culture of life, a civilization of love, kindness, beauty, joy, love, romance, all of the wonderful things about life, it's in our hands.
They're going to have no say.
Those Afghan Christians that are hiding, I deal with them every day.
Imagine if... Yeah, break down how bad it is.
Imagine if Anne Frank had Signal.
And could communicate her diary to you every day.
This is what my staff has to do with thousands of messages every day from young girls.
I just got, I can show you at the break, a young girl sent me a message today.
It was her birthday.
She said she hopes that one day, we rescued her.
We got her to a safer country, but not a safe country.
And we hope one day to resettle her to a safe country.
And she turned 24 today.
But imagine if a young, a person hiding in a safe house.
That is, that is, fearing the Taliban.
They can hear them searching their house from time to time.
Or they're in their neighborhood.
They're messaging you.
They message us.
We can message them back.
It is really something that even, there was a picture of me with the Yazidi girl that had just been rescued from ISIS from several years ago that I just saw out of the corner of my eye.
This is harder than that.
It's strange to be in my beautiful home in the hill country of Texas with my children playing outside, and I can smell dinner, and I'm talking to someone that is cold, and they're afraid, not just for themselves, but for their wife and for their children.
There's nothing in my life that prepared me for that.
But for me, it's just very simple.
That our mission at the Vulnerable People Project is to stand with the vulnerable, but really that's all of our mission, and no one's done it better than InfoWars.
Because the evil targets who's vulnerable because that's who they can get now.
They want us all.
And the vulnerable are weak.
You know who the perfect example of it is?
Joe Rogan.
He's vulnerable right now.
The world, could you imagine?
Well you can't, you don't need to imagine.
I don't know, I want to know about you.
I want to interview you on my podcast to see how your nervous system works.
I just want to know how your mind and your nervous system works that you can take this day in and day out for so long.
But for most of us, we can't imagine what Joe Rogan's going through right now.
He is a very strong man, a kind man, a man that was loved by the whole world.
They're trying to turn the world against him.
They did try to do the same thing with Dave Chappelle.
I see the same thing with the Christians and others we're helping in Afghanistan.
They're like Joe Rogan's.
They're very smart people, they're very good people, they're very strong people, but they've been placed in an impossible situation.
That they can never get out of on their own.
Because the Taliban won't let you work or leave your house, just like the left won't, if you don't submit to what they want.
If they come out of their house, they die.
There was a family that we had in a safe house, and we were getting them food and coal, but they really thought they could just go home, and they wanted to go home, and we begged them not to go home.
The family of seven was killed.
So there was imprudent for them to leave the safe house.
Yes, there's nothing they can do on their own.
And there's nothing really that Joe Rogan can do right now on his own or Infowars can do on his own.
When you step out, when you become vulnerable or stand with the vulnerable, you need others to stand with you.
And then when we stand, we win.
We break them.
And then we laugh at them.
One thing that this whole COVID nonsense has taught me,
Is you can look at the Nazis, and they seem kind of comical.
Fauci's comical.
Even up close, tyranny's a ridiculous... It's like Revelation says when they capture the devil and the archangel puts him in the cage, everybody says, this did this?
This is a joke!
It's a joke.
They're a joke.
And they're breaking.
And it's breaking with beauty and joy.
You know, Italians and the Swiss filling the streets with meals.
I wish I could go there.
Oh, show that Belgium footage of the tractors pushing back the armored vehicle.
It's powerful.
They'll dig it up in a minute.
There's police officers right now that are watching this show that agree with everything you say, but they have to go to their shift.
And they have a mortgage, have to pay child support, and it weighs on them, and they don't know what to do, and they're watching right now!
And part of me wants them to stay in, because the good guys leave, and that's a purge, but then part of me wants them to leave.
Yeah, but what they can never do is bully and abuse those who are standing up for our rights.
They just cannot do that.
So where do you see, because a lot of people are saying, well, the convoys shut everything down, they're going to blame the collapse of civilization on that.
I think the public
We're smart enough to get.
We're already under siege.
These are the people taking things back and letting the globalists know we're not submitting.
I'm totally behind all these convoys, but how do you see the power structure striking back?
False flags, staging violence, saying the collapse of civilization is caused by the convoys?
What do you see happening?
Here's what I think we can never do, is underestimate their ability to escalate the chaos.
And so we just can't sit here and go, we're winning.
Although it feels like it, right?
Where we feel like there's this great success.
I don't know what they're going... I fear war with Russia.
This is my big fear.
And again... And you're an army veteran yourself, been around the world.
What do you make of what's happening currently?
Yeah, I've been getting messages from my friends.
You know, my son fought in Iraq and Syria.
I was an infantry veteran.
My dad and grandfather were both infantry veterans.
I would hate to be a parent of someone deploying to Eastern Europe right now.
I would hate to be Ukrainian or Russian.
This is horrific.
And how do we keep repeating the same mistakes?
They call us the racists, the misogynists, the warmongers.
They're the ones that don't care about Uyghur women being forced into sex slavery.
They're the ones that don't care about ethnic and religious abuse.
And they're the ones that have fomented every catastrophe, every war, and we let them get away with it.
I think we need to hold the line.
There's going to be no war over the Ukraine.
We're not going to participate in that.
We're not going to allow them to escalate.
We're going to keep this what it has always been about.
And by the way, I'm very proud of Americans.
The polls are 76 to 82 percent.
A bunch of mainline polls are against war.
Liberal, conservative people are sick of this.
Yeah, we won the day, right?
I think you and Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard and others have changed America on this.
I think just going back six years ago, it was a real battle to stop a regime change war in Syria.
And this was horrific.
These are the same people that wanted war in Syria.
Do you know what would have happened if Assad collapsed in Syria?
Wherever Assad was pushed back, Yazidis, Christians, and Kurds were literally liquidated by ISIS.
We're literally liquidated by ISIS.
They wanted their houses and their farms.
Yeah, and an IDF General said, an Israeli Defense Force General wrote about six years ago, when this was all, when they were pushing to topple Assad, he wrote that if Assad falls, 800,000 Christians and Alawites will die.
800,000 Christians and Alawites will die.
They flinch at this.
They shrug at this.
They shrug at the winter of death in Afghanistan.
And I texted your producers some photos of this winter of death.
Mass starvation.
The media is not covering it.
Why are they not covering it?
We'll show that wonder of death when we come back on the other side with Jason Jones.
We'll take about 15 minutes to the next hour, then the great Gerald Celente is going to take over, but I want to get into just Jan 6th, the politics, the deep state, the globalists.
Jason Jones is here.
Jason, what's the best website for people to find all the amazing stuff you're doing?
Yeah, thegreatcampaign.org.
If you go to thegreatcampaign.org, you can see all of our work.
Our mission is to stand with the most vulnerable people in the world when it's the most challenging, when no other groups will arrive.
When the Calvary shows up,
We ride off into the sunset, but we go with the vulnerable and no one else will go there.
Beautiful, we'll be right back.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Filmmaker, amazing humanitarian activist Jason Jones is in studio with us.
And give out, you've got so many great websites, so many great films.
The most important site right now for people to visit.
TheGreatCampaign.org, you can see our work for the Uyghur, you can see our work for the Christians in Afghanistan, and our boycott the CCP Genocide Olympics.
And again, you don't make a big deal about this, but let me guess, I bet as an Army veteran
You're in a lot more danger now going to all these places than you were in the military, or is that not true?
Yeah, no, and I remember being in Mosul watching U.S.
planes, you know, fly overhead bombing ISIS and thinking, I'm the only American in this part of the country, and it's a bit horrifying.
But then you remind yourself,
So you're around a bunch of starving children?
And my wife is watching this and so I always downplay the danger and say it's not dangerous at all.
It's safer than going to Chicago.
But you remind yourself kids live here.
Their whole life.
That's right.
You know, and... Exactly.
Whenever I have any fear, I think of the children.
Everything I do is through the eyes of a father wanting to protect his children.
And I know there are fathers out there who are struggling to protect their children, like in Afghanistan, like Uyghur fathers in Chinese-occupied East Turkestan.
So for me, it's like father to father, I want to be with you to help you.
Because I know they're smarter than me, they're better looking than me, they're better, maybe oftentimes, better educated than me, better moral character than me.
But I have been placed in a position to help them, which is kind of, it's embarrassing sometimes, to help people that are wiser.
Who's wiser?
Well, the people that these vulnerable communities you go into and you're helping, these just wonderful people, and you realize... Because they're not watching Hollywood, they're all zenned out of nature, like, really connected to the gods, you're saying?
Yeah, and they're just good, decent folks.
And they're just like us.
They want to talk about barbecue and sports and their family, and they want to brag about their kids.
And this is when you go into the Nuba Mountains of Sudan, or when you go into the Kurdish region of Iraq, or when you're hanging out with the Uyghur community.
We all have a lot in common.
Then the State Department sends their aliens into that country and they're like, these Americans are weird.
Yeah, those people are weird to us too.
But when you deal with these folks, and that's where I always said that the vulnerable are not weak, they're strong people placed in impossible situations, then we have an obligation to stand alongside with them.
And if all of us stand with those who are vulnerable, there's no one vulnerable.
Like right now, Peng Xue, a world famous tennis player, is very vulnerable.
You can see CCP agents scowling at her as she's speaking.
And yet our media goes along with this charade.
That discredits all the real political prisoners, all the real refugees who are being persecuted.
And not only does our government not let them in, they cover up the persecution.
So that's the next level of this.
Yeah, they cover up the persecution and they like mass migration.
Disrupt social order, but for example when I was in a refugee camp in Iraq during the purge during the war against Isis I was with Yazidis and Christians, and I had asked them naively You know would you are you hoping to go to America?
They got angry
Why would we want to go to America?
Our home is six miles down the road that way.
This is where my family has lived for thousands and thousands of years.
I just want to go six miles down that road.
But there's ISIS between me and my house.
Which was fun about the globalists.
So there was an ISIS purge against them.
They just want to go home.
But that's why Obama and the left funded the Arab Spring to drive all those people out.
And could you imagine, there was a beautiful documentary called God Grew Tired of Us about what happened to the Sudanese refugees once they came here.
It can be very lonely.
You know, not every refugee needs to be resettled in the United States.
International law says they need to go to the closest safe country, and that really makes most sense for the refugee because that's where they're going to feel most at home.
I would feel more at home in Canada than I would in Mongolia.
It just makes sense.
Now, some refugees, if you fought alongside the United States, and you're an ethnic minority in Afghanistan, you are not going to be safe in Pakistan.
You're not going to be safe in a neighboring country.
You may need to be resettled in the United States.
And a lot of listeners are like, why do we even care about this?
Because they're collapsing the U.S.
This is the future we're all dealing with, is displacement and war.
That's where the world's going.
Yeah, I'd like to answer why we should care about that, Alex, because I'm not a do-gooder.
The last thing I want to be is the white guy on a horse gallivanting around the world.
I'm not trying to free the Dalit or change Indian social structure, but the problem is what happened in Afghanistan happened in our name.
They went to that country.
They made all sorts of promises.
And blew it up?
And then they blew it up.
And men and women served alongside our men and women.
And our missionaries went there.
And not just Christians.
Christian missionaries went there, but leftists went there.
Planned Parenthood went there, selling their garbage.
And they made believers.
And I think that's what made it actually fall, was they told the Afghans, a man's a woman, a woman's a man.
We're going to cut your son's genitals off.
That's probably what turned the Afghans against us.
Yeah, it's interesting how the neoliberals, like the Taliban and the CCP have been working, I had an article at the stream with Prime Minister Salih Hedayah, outlining the over 30 year connection between the Taliban and the CCP.
In fact, in 1999, two CCP generals wrote a report that has since become public, saying they could use Al-Qaeda to take down the World Trade Center towers.
This was in 1999.
On September 11, 2001,
The Taliban and the CCP made an economic pact on September 11, 2001.
So you have the CCP working with the Taliban.
You have the Biden administration calling the Taliban our partners, our partners now.
You have NBC and the world governments and all of these big multinational corporations parading to Beijing.
They're all in bed with the CCP because they can exploit
Not just slave labor, but Chinese labor, where people have no rights, no right to own property even, no right to freedom of speech.
And so there's this strange thread that connects the CCP, the Taliban, the deep state.
The same thread.
Because they're all criminal networks.
Yeah, I'm Catholic.
Pope Francis has never once mentioned the word Uyghur.
He supports the lockdowns.
He supports the deep state, the deep church.
They're the same.
Archbishop Higinio wrote a letter to the mothers of Italy and he said the deep state and the deep church are the same.
The only difference is one wears a tie and the other wears a Roman collar.
We need to stand up against... It's not really even that we're standing up against the deep state or the deep church.
It's that they're so relentlessly violent and cruel.
To the vulnerable that we must, there is no excuse, we must stand with those who are suffering.
And why do we do this, really?
I think maybe my inner psychological motivation is a thoughtfulness to my posterity.
You know, when the Armenians were destroyed by Turkey,
Hitler used that as his justification for the Holocaust.
When Kristallnacht happened, when the Berlin Olympics happened, it empowered the Nazi regime.
When we turned our back on what Hitler was doing, we doomed so many men, our grandfathers, they would have to die on the beaches of Normandy.
And if we don't stand up to the CCP now,
Um, your grandchildren will be, um, in a war with the CCP.
I oppose the invasion of Iraq, saying Americans don't have, um, the fortitude to stick this thing out.
And it'll be catastrophic in the long run and lead to genocide.
Sadly, that's what happened.
And I remember saying at the time, the neoconservatives, the neoconservatives and the neoliberals that support this war,
Um, their children aren't going to fight.
I said, my son is going to fight in this war.
Now, at the time, my son was, I think, ten years old.
Well, sure enough.
He's in the war.
Sure enough, my son fought in Syria, he fought in Iraq, nose-to-nose with ISIS.
In fact, while I was with the Peshmerga in Iraq, my son was with the U.S.
Army in Syria.
Was that a crazy feeling?
It was crazy for a time when there was a bit of a tension between the U.S.
and the Kurds.
And I remember telling my son, you tell your commander that you're Peshmerga and that your dad's over there and you're not going to, you know, you're not going to, if it goes south, you're not going to deal with it.
But I'm very proud of my son because he's an island boy.
You know, he's half me, half Pacific Islander.
He likes to barbecue and lift weights.
And, um, and for, and just, he loved Hawaii so much.
I was really surprised.
I always tell my boys, you're going to have no choice.
Jones has, since this country was founded, have served in the infantry.
I never thought he would do it, and he went and he served with dignity and with honor, and he doesn't talk about it much, but it's going to be us.
By the way, I didn't support nation building in Afghanistan.
I said, go get the bad guys and leave.
They supported nation building.
I didn't want to make promises to the people of Afghanistan.
But you know what?
If my wife takes out a credit card, I got to pay the bill and vice versa.
And this country incurred debt to the people of Afghanistan.
And what we're trying to do is pay some of that debt that we're trying to save lives.
And it can be overwhelming.
Let me ask that question when we come back.
Why would Biden pull out that way and not stabilize it?
Why would they want it to fail?
Because they're nasty.
I can prove they lied.
InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, Tomorrow's News Today.
It is a revolutionary act to promote those websites.
And what's the best site for people to visit with you, Jason?
TheGreatCampaign.org and you can follow me on Getter at Jason Jones Show.
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Wow, Jason Jones just showed me.
Patriot classified photos of massive food deliveries taking place in Central Asia and the Middle East.
He's with us for the rest of the hour.
This is a short segment.
Some stations don't carry it, but Jones, you got a lot to cover over there about what's really happening in the world and how crazy it is.
And people think of America as not having freedom, having problems.
And I agree.
We need to keep our freedoms.
We need to defend our freedoms.
But notice.
We're the place the lockdown's in at first.
We're the place where all the BS is being shut down except blue cities.
So we're the best house in the bad neighborhood.
We should thank our lucky stars and thank God we're here.
Yeah, and not because of our elite, but because of our tradition.
Our people.
The deep, deep, deep root.
It's our people.
The elite is trying to get rid of that.
That's right.
And you said something, you always say it.
1776 is the answer to 1984.
What is 1776?
It's not a political break from another country.
That happens all of the time.
It was, they gave a declaration of why they were breaking, and it was the most thought-out, beautiful declaration, political document of all time.
It's because they said, we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and are endowed with inalienable rights.
When we say we want to make America great again... It was the Constitution recognizing God.
And we're the only country founded on a vision of the human person.
There's no other country in the history of the world that is founded on a vision of the human person that's having inviolable dignity.
And that's why slavery, segregation, abortion, those were brutal denials of our founding principle.
They undermined it.
But we worked it out.
We worked it out.
Heroes like John Adams and John Quincy Adams and George Mason from the very beginning that were horrified by slavery and they recognized it undermined that declaration principle.
When we say we want to make America great again, we want every country to be great.
Montesquieu said that in times of peace, we want what is best for other countries.
And in times of war, we want to do what is least harm to our enemy.
The least harm, not the most harm, not to smash them.
The minimum to beat them.
Eighty-five percent of the districts in Afghanistan had already fallen.
It was like when you see the Twin Towers halfway collapsed, saying those buildings... Why would they lie like that?
They just don't care.
They're idiots.
You know, you have to wonder.
We left $85 billion of the most sophisticated weapons in the world to the Islamists.
We turned Afghanistan into the world's biggest
Weapons market.
So when are they going to start using those as anti-aircraft missiles?
And when will those weapons find their way to China?
And when will those weapons... Well, China paid the Taliban in 1998 when a Tomahawk missile fell unexploded.
They sold it to 10 million dollars to the CCP.
We left sophisticated communication equipment, intelligence equipment.
It was all left behind.
And the media doesn't talk about it.
They just move.
Imagine if... So is that like a technology transfer to China, you think?
You know, you have to ask yourself, are they that stupid?
Are they that thoughtless?
Are they that clever?
And, you know, hmm, I don't know.
Imagine if we spent as much time in this country talking about the hunger in Afghanistan.
If we spent as much time talking about $85 billion in weapons being left to Afghanistan, to the Taliban.
As we talked about Joe Rogan.
Imagine if the media did that.
Imagine if the media spent as much time focused on the CCP's crimes in the world.
Not to mention, I got the CCP virus twice.
I don't know if you got it.
I did twice.
Stay there.
Jason Jones is our guest.
Stay with us.
Jason Jones, a great filmmaker and humanitarian activist, is with us.
He's been all over Iraq, Afghanistan, you name it, to witness the globalist devastation that's taking place.
But at the bottom of the hour, as we host this fourth hour, we're going to get into the latest COVID news.
And it is over the top, ladies and gentlemen.
We have just incredible information here.
This is just devastation.
Funeral industry insider, there's thousands of them going public, says she is inundated with heart attacks, stroke, and blood clot victims.
The news is reporting over a million extra heart attacks and, my car dies in the US, 300,000 in the UK, but they're saying, oh, it's stress from the lockdown.
That's doing it.
We have a popular doctor comes clean about witnessing Covid-Vax adverse reactions.
I mean, the globalists made their move, but humanity is waking up and they are completely panicked.
You look at Fauci or Bill Gates, they look like a deer in the headlights, a weasel in the headlights right now.
So we'll talk about that at the bottom of the hour.
But I want to get back right now, Jason, you have a lot to say about that, I know, into your outreach and what's happening and just the targeting of Christians worldwide.
Yeah, worldwide in Nigeria and one of the problems about pulling out of Afghanistan is we work a lot with Christians in Nigeria and Sudan and other places, Iraq, Syria, Iraq and Syria, Yemen, but we've been just so... Afghanistan right now is the most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian.
It's also the most dangerous place in the world to be... We rescued the last Jew in Kabul.
Because you're not bragging.
I already knew this, but you're like probably the most successful A group that isn't full of BS, isn't full of hype.
You're actually doing it.
Yeah, and it's because of our Afghan friends and partners and sort of the networks we've built over the years that we have people that I really trust, that are hardworking, that they're unbelievable.
We recently had a very prominent nun.
And she said this community of 13 people, we've been trying to get them out for months.
They're in hiding.
The Taliban found out where they are.
We're scared.
We were able to move them in less than 24 hours, get them to a home, filled with food, with coal, with heat.
And this is because of our trusted, our friends and partners, the guys that work for me, that are Afghan, in Afghanistan.
Yeah, it can be a very lonely battle in a lonely place.
What's crazy is this is a video game like where if you lose, the game's over.
I hear what you're saying.
You are working around the clock.
I know you haven't been able to come on for nine months.
And then you were saying earlier, you get guilty then when you go to the house and they've starved to death.
Even though you're trying as hard as you can, you get there, they're dead.
I mean, that is so painful.
Meanwhile, globalists don't even care.
I think that's funny.
No, I don't understand.
I have to tell you, it was not for Indica gummies.
My fingers didn't stop shaking until October because we were working 20-hour days.
I didn't sleep the first... I was on prednisone for the COVID pneumonia in August, and so I didn't sleep for two weeks.
I couldn't sleep.
And if we would have slept,
We couldn't sleep.
You know, we had families at the Abbey Gate, and we got the notice within hours to move everyone from Abbey Gate, and then the bomb went off.
If I would have slept that night, we had a pregnant woman or husband or children, they would have died.
And I wonder how, I look at these State Department officials, and now at the State Department, because their image has been scuffed up in the public, they're allowed to bring stress dogs to work.
They're stressed out because of how, you can Google this, they're stressed out because of how people perceive them.
They're not stressed out because they're- I saw that.
State Department has stress dogs.
Meanwhile, they're trying to start a war with Russia.
Instead of- If they really wanted America to lead, they'd be saving people like we used to do.
Yeah, sometimes you have to wonder, you know, who's the evil empire these days?
But we are radically committed to standing with those who we've abandoned, and by God's grace we've moved many, many, many to other countries, and the United States is not letting us bring Christians in right now, so we're working with other countries to move in Christians.
Anybody can flood across the southern border, any Islamic, literally with rape charges, murder, they're brought in, but Christians specifically can't get in.
Oh, that's key!
When ISIS was raping its way through the first century Christian homelands of Iraq, where the Christians speak Aramaic, while ISIS was raping their way past there, the Obama administration... Oh, and don't lose that for people who don't know.
That's Jesus' speech.
That's Jesus' language.
These were the Christians that were made.
They were the Jews and others who became Christian in Iraq in the first century when St.
Thomas went there, the Apostle Thomas went there.
Those ancient communities, where some of those churches go back to the first, second, third century,
Some Chaldean Christians in San Diego were arrested and sent back by the Obama administration.
I remember it was confirmed they wouldn't let Christians in.
Why is that?
Because Christians, they know in the battle between Satan and God at the end, Christians are going to be a key part of that.
And we now see the Bible being fulfilled as it all becomes to come true.
Yeah, and you can't virtue signal with Christians, right?
So if you're trying to, you know, try to.
But I wish they would virtue signal again.
I wish they would virtue signal for the Uyghur, virtue signal for the Tibetans.
I wish the Me Too movement would discover Peng Shui, the tennis player who was raped and is now being
Basically kept under house arrest, persecuted under house arrest and made to say things like John McCain by the NBA to the world press and the media is not calling BS on this.
So it's come to us, right?
It's come to us.
A friend of mine when I was driving over here
I said, hey, I'm sorry I didn't answer your call.
I'm going on the Alex Jones Show.
He goes, what are you going to talk about?
I said, well, the theme is that we defeat the New World Order by standing with those who are vulnerable.
If we always stand with those they seek to destroy, they'll never destroy anyone.
And we defeat them.
There's the weakest of the first domino.
Yeah, they go for the week.
And then my friend said, man, I wish I was doing something grand like that.
All I'm doing is fighting the VAX mandates in my county.
I said, that's the battle.
That is the front line.
That's the battle.
That is the front line.
And I love how these great people think they're not important.
You are incredibly important.
I feel what I'm doing is thin, thin soup.
It's thin soup.
When you are fighting in your county, when you are fighting in your town, when you are fighting for your children, when those truckers, did those truckers that started this convoy in Canada think they were about to free the world?
No, and they got wives and children at home and the bills are running out.
That's right.
And they ain't got the money, but they're just sick of it.
Sick of it.
And we need to stand with them.
Stand with the truckers.
Stand with the Hong Kongers.
You know, and those who stand with us, when they turn on them, we need to stand with them.
And notice that's what triggered this.
Rebellions at home, rebellions in Hong Kong.
Then China with the Bill Gates deep state releases the virus.
It's all about the statist against the people.
Yeah, can you imagine what's going to happen when we win?
The energy, the beauty, the life.
One of my favorite movies... The love?
The love?
One of my favorite movies is Jojo Rabbit by Taika Waititi.
He's this Maori, and coming from Hawaii, it's this very Polynesian, in a way, sense of humor.
Everyone should watch Jojo Rabbit.
The last scene is this little girl, this little boy who's in the Hitler Youth, his imaginary
Best friend is Hitler, and he discovers a Jewish girl living in his house that his mother's protecting, and Eros awakens in this boy in love.
The very last scene, when the little boy and the little girl step out of the house, and they start to dance.
And they do this sort of montage of all of the dances in post-World War II West.
That capturing of the eruption of liberty.
This is what we want.
We want a free China.
We want to defeat the CCP.
The first victims of the CCP were the Chinese, the Han Chinese.
We're the people and we are the resistance and we should celebrate the fact we're being persecuted because it means we're on the right side.
That's right.
If you're not being persecuted, as Christ said, you're not with me.
Yeah, most of us can hide out for most of the time and avoid persecution.
Most of us can do that.
We're privileged, being Americans.
Well, you said our ancestors put money in the bank.
So because of them, we're like, as the water rises, we're the tallest part of the mountain.
Everybody else is being flooded.
And so we don't have to go down there and fill sandbags and load boats up, but we must.
And by the way, you know what I tell people?
When you go to the foot of the cross, you meet the most beautiful people.
You meet Mary.
I get to know Alex Jones.
I got to meet you simply because I was worried my neighbors were going to go hungry.
I got to meet you because I was worried my neighbors were going to go hungry.
And so when you stand with the vulnerable, the next thing you do is you look to your left and your right, and you go, how am I meeting the most beautiful people in the world?
Well, that's the best part about my job is that I get to meet all the real people.
I mean, that is so great.
Like, I get to find out who people really are.
I get to meet the good people.
And then I look at the people that serve evil, and they're so alone.
They're so fake.
They pose.
You feel sorry for them.
They're not real.
You meet them.
I meet them in my work in film and as a political consultant.
I've been nose to nose with these people.
And I honestly pity them.
You can't even hate them.
You really, really just pity them.
And I look at them and go, what are you after?
What are you looking for?
You have nothing I want.
What did you get in the trade?
Well, that's why they want to make us poor and control us with the lockdowns is so that we're so starving.
Finally, they've got what we need, food.
As you said in Hawaii when I first got you on a couple years ago when it started.
They want to cut the food off.
This is the basis level.
They want to train us like seals for that food.
That's right.
Everything's about cutting the food off, folks.
Getting rid of the farmers, getting rid of the families.
We'll be right back with Jason Jones.
We're going to finish up with the world view and then we're going to move into the deadly vaccines.
All right, folks, we're leading a frontal assault on the New World Order.
I want to be clear with everybody.
This is not a Netflix fiction show.
This is not a comic book.
This is not the funny papers.
This is the real world.
Jason Jones is a major filmmaker.
He has a bunch of huge films, big actors, you name it.
He also runs a bunch of major charities all over the world in harm's way.
This is not a simulation.
This is real.
What we do here at Infowars is real.
What Jason Jones does is real.
Next time we'll hit the latest COVID news and that tyranny and the rest of it.
Jason, finishing up, you can't even mention the countries, things you're involved in.
You're literally saving thousands of Christians on a routine basis that would be exterminated.
Even the U.N.
admits there is a worldwide extermination campaign against hard-working, good Christians by these satanic governments.
And the U.N.
and others absolutely, like in the case of Rwanda, side on the side of the anti-Christians.
Yeah, it's strange.
And I'll even hear Christians say to me, they'll write me, well, the blood of the Christian is the seed of the church, or the blood of the martyr is the seed of the church.
That's something you can say when you're being martyred.
When you're an adult and decide to not, like in the Roman Colosseum, say, no, I don't reject Christ, or Paul, yeah, exactly.
That's an adult thing, not starving kids.
That's what you say.
But that's not what I say when I see you suffer.
You know, Mel Brooks said, what's the difference between a tragedy and a comedy?
A comedy is when I see you walking down the street, fall through an empty manhole sewer, break your neck and die.
That's comedy.
Tragedy is when I stub my toe.
Exactly, but that's so sick to say.
Hallelujah, it's the end of the world.
We're glad the Antichrist is rising.
God's not going to recognize those people.
That's so big what you just said.
Go back to that.
Repeat that.
That's a big deal.
The Mel Brooks line?
The thing about how Christians will write me and say...
Christians being persecuted is like a good thing.
No, you're supposed to stand up and fight and then get persecuted because you're fighting the devil.
Not, oh look, they're being killed by the devil.
That's supposed to happen.
No, I get those emails every day and I just, I don't know how to respond.
I usually just forward them to my assistant and say remove from our list.
But, you know, 75% of the time in the New Testament when Paul talks about tithing, he says you should serve the persecuted church.
And it's not just the persecuted church.
We always say that these people we deal with, when they request help from us, we vet them.
We have a very sophisticated system of making sure they're good people.
We vet them, and then we want to treat them with the highest amount of hospitality.
We want to treat them like we would treat Christ himself.
Because these people are in an unimaginable situation that I myself could never begin to empathize.
I don't know what it's like to know that if the Taliban kicks down my door and finds out where I'm hiding, they're going to rape my wife and kill her and take my daughters.
In fact, we saved these Christian girls and they sent me a letter and they said, Mr. Jason, we had given up praying for God to save our life.
We just asked that he would preserve our chastity before the Taliban killed us.
We just wanted our chastity preserved before they would kill us.
This is our responsibility.
By the way, and it shows the gospel of Jesus Christ.
And by the way, these are the oldest Christians in the Middle East, Afghanistan, because Islam didn't come around for 400, 500 years, 600 years.
These are the oldest Christians.
Yeah, my Iraqi friends would say that the Christians in Iraq are their older brothers.
And the Jews are their oldest brothers.
And the Yazidi are the oldest brothers because they're who they all descend from.
They're the proto-Semitic people.
They're who all Semites come from.
And what an honor it is to actually stand with them.
And for me to be in Iraq and to travel and walk with the Kurds, the Christians.
And it's truly anti-Semitic to not stand up for the Yazidis and the Christians.
Yeah, those are Semitic people.
And these are beautiful people.
I had a Muslim gentleman we rescued email me today and said, thank you for showing me the face of Jesus Christ when you rescued me.
Without you, I would have been with no hope.
None of us can really empathize, and I pray that we can never begin to empathize and understand what they're going through.
Well, that's a great point.
How many Muslims that you've saved have you converted?
A lot?
Yeah, I mean, I can say that I know a lot of Muslims that we've worked with have become Christians.
And, you know, even when we're in Iraq or other places, we don't share the Gospel because ISIS, for example, the Yazidis, they're not Muslims.
ISIS, which they're not Muslims either, they're a sick... Devil cult.
They're a devil cult.
You know, they used violence to quote-unquote convert them to Islam.
I'm not going to use love to convert them to Christianity.
I say that's sort of like being that slimy co-worker that has a girl he works with, a woman he's being abused by her husband.
He tries to feign concern for her to take advantage of her.
We just want to go there and love them.
And that's their decision all to do.
Yeah, and they know, then they research why we do it, and I'll tell them why.
You know, I met with Al-Qaeda in Iraq, and when I was in Sudan, we met with the Janjaweed, and a Janjaweed, a member of the Janjaweed, asked me why we were doing what we were doing.
And I said, well, you asked me, so I'm going to tell you.
I said, my religion teaches me that we are, you are made in the image of God, and that you and I are all brothers.
And I'm here because your children are my nieces and my nephews.
And a member of the Janjaweed guy hugged me.
And so, you know, St.
Francis of Assisi said that, you know, preach the gospel all the time.
Use words only when necessary.
I use words a lot, like you.
I have a podcast.
I write.
But when I'm rescuing somebody that has a sucking chest wound and his wife was just killed, I'm not going to hand them a religious tract.
I'm not going to preach at them.
Well, actions are louder than words.
Actions speak louder than words.
Yeah, we want to.
One of the things we do do, you know, when I, for example, when you're in Iraq, the Yazidis, Christians, even Christians, Alex, and Jews and Muslims will not eat something a Yazidi touches.
So when I was with the Yazidi, I would eat off their plate all the time, or I would offer them food from my plate.
And I've read some about it.
Explain who the Yazidi are.
This is like a pre.
This is a very ancient group.
Yeah, they're an ancient people.
They've lived there forever.
Look, we're English.
My ancestors hadn't even landed in England from Normandy yet.
They may have still been stomping around Norway.
So they've been there forever.
But their religion, the Koran, offers them sort of no protection because they have multiple emanations of gods from its
There's this transcendent reality that has multiple emanations of gods that they give prayers to.
Gnostic God.
Yeah, it's a different religion.
And so they have no protections.
So when you saw, even Christians will have protections, when you saw these girls covered from head to toe, shackled, being dragged to markets to be sold, those were Yazidi girls.
And that's who I want to stand with.
That's who I want to be with.
I always pray, even from when I was an atheist until I was 30, I think my first prayer was, God, if you exist, always push me between the vulnerable and the violent.
And I think that's the impulse of everyone that watches InfoWars, that you recognize there are very powerful people that are like raging lions seeking to destroy those who are vulnerable.
The Bible describes it perfectly.
Kill, steal, and destroy.
Literally a lion.
They just want to hurt people.
People go, why are you doing this?
Because that's their nature.
They just want to hurt people.
And we know it now.
The Olympics prove it.
The Beijing Olympics are as destructive to the deep state as they are to the CCP.
Because it demonstrates, once and for all, an absolute thoughtfulness.
Nothing they say they believe.
Peng Shui, an international celebrity tennis star, is raped, says she's raped, then she disappears, then she shows up with handlers saying what she's told to say.
Where is the Me Too movement?
Where is NBC?
Where is Savannah Guthrie?
And we got Angie Pelosi saying don't criticize it.
Nancy Pelosi said if you speak on human rights, you'll be arrested.
Don't do it.
This is un- they're proven frauds.
It is us.
There is no Calvary.
We're the Calvary.
You're right.
And it's all coming out in the open.
We're going to shift gears and get into the worldwide great reset, new world order, COVID takeover with Jason Jones.
InfoWars.com, tomorrow's news today.
Don't forget, Owen Schroer goes live in 32 minutes from now with The War Room.
Stay with us.
All right.
Jason Jones is here on the Alex Jones Show.
We really appreciate him joining us and riding shotgun with us.
Anything else you'd like to add about the international refugee crisis and Christians being persecuted before we get into the globalist big power grab that, thank God, a lot of big organizations now understand is the Great Reset, is the Davos Group, so that that learning curve has actually happened where folks get who the real enemy is.
They even did polls.
In Canada, the majority say, we know Trudeau works for Klaus Schwab, we know about the New World Order, and the articles go, oh that doesn't exist, they're insane!
Walt Trudeau says, I want to be a dictator, I follow the orders of Klaus Schwab.
Klaus Schwab brags at the Kennedy Center on C-SPAN, I control the Canadian Parliament.
I mean, it's just crazy that we're being attacked by a corporate world government that used a virus they created as the fear mechanism, and we stand up and say, hey, we're against you.
They say we don't exist.
That game's not working anymore, is it?
No one buys it.
I mean, I just saw Klaus Schwab say, we've changed your genetics already.
The fourth revolution is on.
He says, we've marked you.
Well, just because you raped somebody don't mean you're married to him.
That's right.
I would like to ask Alex, if I could ask your audience, because we are, it is the working class, middle class of America that's serving the Christians in Afghanistan.
And LifeSiteNews set up a fundraiser for us.
We didn't even ask them to do this.
They saw the work we were doing and it's LifeFunder.com backslash AfghanWinter.
And a donation of $250 gets family food, coal for heat, and a house through the winter.
And let's talk about that.
I mean, LifeSiteNews, nobody does more out there for the unborn.
And yes, folks, we need funding here at InfoWars.
If we don't get it, we're going to shut down.
But I think it's just as important that
Those of you that can give, especially the upper middle class, the middle class, the wealthy who are on the sidelines, I find that it's so many of our working class listeners that give everything they've got, and I almost say don't.
It's up to the wealthy and the middle class who are still on the sidelines, who are having their money devalued.
Having your country overridden, all of this, and God's watching, you should definitely give over there to save these starving families.
You cannot give a better place where it actually works.
So tell folks how they do it.
Well, you can either do it at thegreatcampaign.org, which is our website, thegreatcampaign.org, or LifeSiteNews has set up lifefunder.com backslash afghanwinter.
And there is no mistake about it.
The deep state wants to destroy the Christians and other atheists.
There are children starving to death right now, and if they don't get help, they're going to die.
Yeah, and they want them to die, just like they turned their back... Their stomachs are empty, they're crying, begging for mommy.
I'm not trying to be gravid, but I've seen footage we never aired of children starving to death in Africa and other areas.
It is heart-wrenching.
Yeah, and it's so heart-wrenching that we've had to even recycle employees from dealing with this because they have mental and nervous breakdowns.
It's so hard to deal with.
And so when you stand with the vulnerable Christians in Afghanistan, you are standing up to the deep state and to those who felt led by it.
They need to give right now because I know your charity is really doing a great job.
How do they do it again, Mike?
I mean, how do they do it, Jason Jones?
TheGreatCampaign.org is our website.
You can always donate there.
Or, LifeSiteNews's campaign is LifeFunder.com backslash AfghanWinter.
And I was thinking about the guest hosts we're going to have on in a couple days.
Jason, I mean, again, I know you're for real.
I know you work around the clock.
I've seen your films, the work, what you do.
People need to understand, there are good people in the universe.
So many people get cynical, and I notice the enemy attacks General Flynn,
They attack other prominent people, like Jim Hoft, who's doing so many great works.
And then they attack his personal life and things.
I judge a tree by its fruits.
I'm not going to judge his personal life.
He's not committing crimes.
I'm not perfect either.
The point is, he's a tree by its fruits.
And I watch these so-called Christian right-wing groups that spend all their time policing other Christians and saying who's good and who's bad, instead of being like Christ, going out and doing things.
And that's what I see you doing.
It's not judging people.
You're a great man, a family man, an upstanding guy.
You don't make that your point.
Is that I just see so many Christians that say, that's not a perfect organization.
I'm not going to give to that.
Well, when you do that, folks, you better go start your own charity.
You better go to Afghanistan or you better go to Iraq because God's watching you.
And you just put it off on somebody else and say, well, they're not perfect.
Or somebody told me they're not perfect.
So I'm not going to support them.
Yeah, no, I mean, and I understand that.
I understand how people are cynical.
They should be cynical.
I'm cynical when I'm dealing with my Afghan partners.
We're very disciplined when we say we need receipts, we need photos.
Every food drop, we need photos.
We need signatures.
We need to know.
We actually go interview the families.
What you guys are doing is the model of helping folks.
You know, what it is, I think, is the people that work with me, they have lost family members.
They themselves, people that we've rescued, are now key members of our team.
So when somebody, like the gentleman that's leading our logistics, was in Afghanistan, in hiding until December, he saw me on TV.
He saw me on EWTN News Nightly while in a safe house, hiding.
And because he saw me, reached out to us, we saved him.
Now he's, he's actually was an American citizen.
I'll tell you about him offline.
A US citizen was with special forces, an Afghan guy, um, who was abandoned by the Biden administration.
We finally got him to the United States in December.
And I said, brother, I know what it's like to come back from a war zone for about a month.
Your nervous system, your body's going to collapse.
Within two days, he was up and running and working.
He said, there's, I have no time to rest.
Well, I asked you that question earlier.
You said you would answer it when to break.
You forgot.
I forgot, too.
I get it.
Why did Biden not leave the 5,000 troops Trump had planned?
Why didn't they stabilize?
Why did they just give it all up and give it away?
What is the larger strategic goal?
Chinese spies in our government?
I mean, well, what is the point?
Does it help China?
It definitely helped China.
China never left.
China never abandoned their embassy.
You know, Afghanistan was how we projected power to the CCP and to Russia.
It was our closest base to both Russia and the CCP.
When Biden said on July 7th that we will not see helicopters on the roof, he literally said that of the embassy.
He knew he was lying.
How do we know he was lying?
Because 85% of Afghanistan had already collapsed.
85% of the districts had already collapsed.
So why would he say something so discrediting to himself?
Because he wants to discredit faith in America.
They're collapsing the country.
You would have to believe that.
And leave $85 billion in weapons.
I mean, can you wrap your mind around it?
$85 billion in weapons were abandoned.
That is the equivalent of...
90% of all aid the United States gave Israel from 1949 until today was just left for the Taliban.
So it's almost as much as we've given Israel in their whole history.
I saw it like missiles, rockets, hand grenades, machine guns, helicopters, tanks, armored vehicles.
Yeah, unbelievable.
And our friends.
American citizens.
There are still American citizens in hiding.
All across Afghanistan.
The media does not talk about it.
How are we not talking about Americans in hiding in Afghanistan?
So, I see that as a sign of weakness to elicit Russia and China thinking we're weak.
I remember in the mid-90s I was in college and I was obsessed with trying to understand what the New World Order was up to and I finally realized
I can figure out how to stop them without knowing what they're up to, because I can't figure it out.
Because it's a satanic logic of destruction.
Which I can't figure out what they're up to, but I know this, that if all of us, when we look at our neighbor, we recognize the incomparable dignity and beauty and worth of the human person, well, then they fail.
Don't try to beat the satanists by understanding them.
That's right.
Understand God and do good, and they'll be beaten.
Recognize human dignity.
Stand with those who are being persecuted.
If we had a culture of not allowing... Cancel culture is the culture of death.
It is the culture of revolution.
If we don't engage in the cancel culture... I came out and defended Whoopi Goldberg.
People thought I'd lost my mind.
I said, here's one thing I know.
Whoopi Goldberg's not an anti-Semite.
So I'm not going to engage in smearing somebody for something... Plus the ADL's new definition was, whites can't be abused.
Racism doesn't exist against whites.
She quoted chapter and verse.
Well, that incredibly racist idea that whites can't be persecuted, and all she did was quote the new definition?
Yeah, the rules are always changing.
That's why if you're on the left, you will be cancelled sooner or later.
Look at your buddy Cuomo.
You're never going to keep up with them.
I mean, look at Jeff Zucker.
And again, we now know it was covering up sex scandals, pedophilia, all sorts of other, you know, stuff.
I mean, it's a frickin' circus!
Yeah, so what do we do?
We stand with the vulnerable, we acknowledge human dignity, we fight for private property rights, we support, we break up transnational, unelected bureaucracies that are trying to control us.
We do this, it doesn't matter what they're up to, we defeat them.
We have our code, we execute it, no matter what the enemy's doing, we'll win.
Stay with us, we'll talk about the big vaccine tyranny straight ahead.
Final segment here in the fourth hour today with Jason Jones.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
The war room's coming up in about 15 minutes with Owen Troyer.
Only way it gets heard is you sharing those links.
You're doing a great job folks.
We're in such a fight here.
So you were mentioning during the break a friend of yours that took the shot and then had myocarditis.
I've got all these headlines right here.
UAE golf mourns loss of promising youngster Vigo Sorensen.
And he had a heart attack at 17 years old after the shot and died.
Dem Senator Ben Ray Lugin suffered a stroke at age 49, halting Dem's slim majority.
I mean, I've got stacks of these articles right now, Jason Jones, dealing with this.
This is insane.
Yeah, and this is where that thin line of the vulnerable comes to us, and now it's us.
I just saw a news report yesterday, NBC News, a local news affiliate, a young man, teenager, high school student, just wanted to go to in-school classes, was vaccine-hesitant, got the vaccine, then died.
And they interviewed his parents, and on the NBC News program, they acknowledged that he died from a vaccine injury.
They asked the doctor, have you seen this before?
The doctor was taken aback by the question, and then he said, I have to admit, we're dealing with several patients right now who are suffering from vaccine injuries.
We've got a video of another doctor blowing the whistle on InfoWars.com right now.
Save lives.
Get the article.
Share it.
Look at this.
It's over a million in the U.S., in the U.K.
it's 300,000 people facing heart-related illnesses due to post-pandemic stress disorder.
So, oh, now little kids are having heart attacks, not from the shot, but stress.
Well, then let them out.
Let them play.
You know, we left Hawaii a year and a half ago, and they're still torturing those kids.
A year and a half.
I love Hawaii.
I wouldn't let them do that to my children.
It's such a beautiful place.
We had to get out.
And it breaks my heart that my kids are running around outside playing and they said, Dad, our friends in Hawaii always want us to be online so they can play with us.
Because they're locked in their houses.
What a cult!
It's unbelievable.
And you know, every week since I left, they never stop with their weekly gatherings.
So those of you who are fighting behind enemy lines, you know, even when I come into Austin sometimes, I feel like I'm going to East Berlin.
I go to DC every month and it's strange.
You can't go in a restaurant without your vaccine passport?
Like aliens took over.
The only thing that makes sense is that aliens hack their brain because they think men can get pregnant and they want to show a passport to go into a restaurant.
That's what I said.
To be safe from a virus that Fauci made.
Yeah, the CCP virus.
And we're going to have the Olympics there.
I mean, nothing and none of this makes sense.
And here's what people won't remember, Alex, but we remember that it was Infowars was the only place when this all started, the truth could be told.
And then other people were listening.
And now it's becoming an avalanche.
And pretty soon, you know, the mainstream media is going to pretend they were leading the way on all of this.
And they're going to wash it all away.
And they're going to leave it behind.
Like they left Afghanistan behind.
They're going to leave a catastrophe in their wake, just like they did in Iraq, just like they did in Afghanistan.
Well you answered the question just now.
Why do they do it?
Because they steal trillions of dollars, and then they just shut it down, not even leave any good there, because they want to hurt those people.
It's so satanic.
It's like total greed on parade.
We're getting people, LGBT groups, people that work for left-leaning human rights organizations that promote things that I'm against, like abortion, begging us to rescue them.
And guess what we do, Alex?
We rescue them.
But guess what?
Where are the aid organizations that were grifting in Afghanistan that they worked for?
Abandon them!
Where are the military contractors?
Abandon them.
The only people to reach out to us in Afghanistan that have Westerners fighting for them are Christians, they'll have pastors reach out to us, or those who fought with the military, their cohorts, their commanders will reach out to us.
But anyone that worked for some left-leaning aid organization that the Taliban is hunting, and I say, can I get in contact with your former employer?
And I call their former employer.
They don't want to hear about it.
They have their HR department send them an email, a formed email, basically telling them they're free to go.
These are selfish monsters.
They're unbelievable.
I can't, for the life of me, begin to understand.
And I guarantee you these are the very same people that put their pronouns on their LinkedIn page.
They put their pronouns on their LinkedIn page, but they abandon their co-workers.
You know, these are people that worked with in Afghanistan for years and years and years.
Imagine if your staff was abandoned behind enemy lines.
And they're calling me for help.
I'm saying, not just, hey, let me help you.
I'm not going to talk to you.
No, here's a letter from the legal department telling them that you've been released and that they have no liability.
That's what happened in August.
All these organizations that were grifting in Afghanistan, the military contractors, the left-leaning NGOs, they abandoned their people.
They got nothing but a letter from an HR department saying, you're free to go, we have no liability.
And again, now when the U.S.
tries to do operations, no one's going to support us because they know you get abandoned.
Yeah, I would tell them, please no.
You know, with friends like our State Department, who needs enemies?
When I met, when I was in Iraq during the war with ISIS, I met with a prominent religious minority leader, and I had asked her if she had met with the State Department.
She said, I had one meeting with the State Department.
They looked me in the eye.
They were facing genocide.
She goes, they looked me in the eye and said, we're focused on LGBT issues.
Well, you know what, in Afghanistan, there was LGBT groups that were abandoned, that were being hunted.
They came to us, we rescued them, and they were shocked because they knew we were Christian.
Of course we're going to rescue you.
I don't want anyone to die.
I don't want anyone to be murdered.
Of course we're going to rescue you.
You don't have a litmus test like the left.
Yeah, I wonder where's the State Department now?
When they looked, Yazidi's in the eye, they said we're focused on LGBT issues.
What did they tell the LGBT folks?
By the way, for those that don't know, it's admitted to the State Department that Afghanistan fell
They admit because they were doing transgenderism as the main mission.
Not reading, not writing, not how to dig a well, not how to have a communications job or farming, but literally how to turn boys into girls.
And that's why the Afghans rejected us.
I mean, think about what a cult this is that people overseas think America wants to chop your son's balls off.
It's bizarre.
It's crazy.
They're aliens.
You know, so of course the people we send over there, they're so bizarre that they look at them and go... We send a bunch of pedophile perverts!
This is what you are?
We want nothing to do with this.
But you know what is a mystery to me?
Same thing in Afghanistan, same thing in Iraq.
They do know the heart of the American people.
They really just desperately love the American people.
That's what I've been told all folks.
So they get like, what they're being sent is the enemy, not the real people.
Yeah, they know these are weirdos.
You know, for example, even in Iran, Americans have a very high approval rating.
Higher than any other country in the Middle East.
So even the regime's propaganda... You know, as a people, Americans, we have a very good reputation.
And maybe we're too naive.
We believe for too long that our government represents our will.
But they understand that our government doesn't represent the will of the American people.
They recognize that maybe we've been a bit... And the Russians know that.
And the Chinese.
Chinese have their own problems, and we've got a lot of them on board with evil, but I know a lot of Chinese actually want to be free.
I had interns.
I used to do an internship program for Chinese students to come into Hollywood, and they would work on films with us, and they would always say that they were taught in film school that Americans are honest people.
We need to learn from the Americans that we can never become successful unless we can trust each other.
Americans can trust each other.
Now, we may snicker at that and go, well, I don't know how trustful you are.
Well, the left is attacking our trust.
Our power was that.
Yeah, our word is our bond.
You know, in Afghanistan, I was in the Army.
Every branch, every special forces unit will have an oath.
And what is key to that oath?
Always somewhere embedded in that oath is we leave no one behind.
We leave no one behind.
And what did we do in Afghanistan?
We left American citizens behind.
We left Americans behind.
That the globalists are failing, they're falling apart.
They're already beaten, but they want to take us with them.
How do we not let them take us with them?
Look, this is an opportunity right now.
We stand with those truckers across the world.
Not one minute of the Olympics, not one product.
If you go to thegreatcampaign.org or go to ccpgenocide.com, we have a list of all the sponsors.
Not one minute of the Olympics, not one product of any of the sponsors of the Olympics.
Not one minute, not one product.
Did you see how NBC won't run ads exposing it?
America, you can't buy an ad saying Uyghur genocide is wrong.
You can't boost an ad on Facebook for years talking about the Uyghur genocide.
We stand with the truckers, the J6 defendants, Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, Dave Chappelle.
You never know who they're going to attack next.
What we say is whoever you attack, I'm not asking questions.
That's where I'm standing.
I'm not asking any questions.
I just see you forming a mob and throwing rocks.
I look to see who you're throwing rocks at.
I go stand with them.
That is how we defeat the New World Order.
And then what do you find?
You find the most beautiful people in the world.
Pretty soon, there are going to be all these beautiful people...
And a handful of thugs throwing rocks at all these beautiful people, and it's over.
It's checkmate.
It's game over.
And I think we're at a very important time.
So for the three Ps, the police officers watching, the priests and pastors watching, and the people.
Go stand with those truckers, those farmers, those cowboys, everyone who's coming together.
If you're in Rome, go have dinner on the street.
It's beautiful.
To see what is happening right now is going to be very beautiful and romantic when we look through the rearview mirror.
Right now it's not so pleasant.
But when we look through the rearview mirror, we're going to say, what a beautiful time.
And a lot of people are going to wish they'd been part of it.
Share an article.
Share a link.
Go to an event.
You don't think yourself as powerful?
You are powerful.
God made you.
And those little events add together to change the world.
We're going to win this.
We don't have a choice.
God is demanding it.
The children are counting on it.
Jason Jones, thank you so much.
InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, Tomorrow's News Today.
And what's the best site folks visit for you?
Join the team.
Jason Jones.
Hadn't been here in a while, but a busy guy.
We love you and we appreciate you.
Love you.
The War Room's coming up.
Stay with us.
I bought this from a museum.
It wasn't that expensive, a couple thousand dollars.
But the paleontologists that curated it and mined this out of North Africa estimate that this is 30 million years old.
These are fish that lived their lives and floated down on the bottom and died.
Now whether they died 10,000 years ago or 30 million years ago, like the scientists say, regardless, they were living little creatures that had a life.
Went through the different paces.
But what about humans?
We can envision all this incredible art.
A photo of my daughter, a painting I did, a painting my older daughter did, a painting my uncle did who's been long dead when he was eight years old.
Another painting my older daughter did.
A painting my young daughter did.
All of this is precious because it's consciousness.
And it's things we're interfacing with.
And the globalists don't want us to have any consciousness except ideas they pour into our brains.
That's what the surveillance and the censorship is all about.
And they're doing everything they can now to silence us and shut us down because they know I'm a populist.
They know I believe in you.
I believe in myself.
I believe in humanity.
So that's why as we hurdle
Into the year 2022.
Hell, today is February 2nd, 2022.
Two, two, two, two.
How would you say it, Rob?
Two, two, two, two, two.
Yeah, two, two, two, two, two.
Here we are together, ladies and gentlemen.
And just look at this, you know, my grandmother.
50-something years ago.
Hell, my mom's 70-something.
60-something years ago, my mom was a little girl.
She watched her mother
Knit that little hedgehog together.
And here's one of my great daughters.
My middle daughter with my younger daughter.
This is so magic.
This is what life's about.
It's about this great experience that we have together.
Here's a little painting I did years ago, probably 20 years ago now, of the Japanese wave.
Here's a little art piece my four-year-old daughter did, and here's something I did.
The point is, this is all what life's about, is our experiences and our love together.
And these tyrants are trying to shut that down, and we can't let them.
And we can't let them shut M4s down.
And so now, I tell the listeners and viewers, we need your support more than ever.
And everything we promote, everything we sell, empowers you as well.
It's a 360 win.
So please, word of mouth, spread the word.
Please pray for us and please go to InfoWarshaw.com right now and get the great supplements, the great t-shirts, the great products that keep us on air because I don't want the globals to be successful.
I don't want them to shut us down.
I don't want them to silence me or you or anybody else.
I know we're going to win.
And Infowars has come so far together.
And I don't think our fight has ended.
But if it does end, I understand I've had a big, successful role here.
But regardless, whatever you do, I want you to keep on fighting and never stop and never surrender.
God bless and good luck.
I really regret it when I forget to take high quality iodine supplements.
It is the good halogen.