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Name: 20220203_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 3, 2022
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The speaker discusses a range of topics including politics, race, conspiracy theories, censorship, health issues among athletes, mask mandates in schools, protests against restrictions, censorship by big tech and fact-checkers, a French presidential candidate's proposal to boost birth rates, the Bank of England's spending on housing refugees, an actress apologizing for not being "black enough," and a London nightclub's pricing policy based on race. They also promote independent media like InfoWars, health supplements such as Alpha Power and Brain Force Ultra, and resistance against tyranny.

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That's who these people are.
Vomiting pure Satanism directly at you.
Radiating nothing but total division and tribalism and divide and conquer they call racism.
And just everything they do is pure poison injected into the psyche of humanity.
So you wonder why they're so damn evil?
Why they never stop?
Because they have signed on to the devil.
And those that aren't screwing and raping and torturing and killing the kids know about it and are helping cover it up.
From Atlantic Monthly, to CNN, to USA Today, you people are the scum of Earth!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It's Thursday, February 3rd of the year.
Tomorrow's news today.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live broadcasting worldwide.
I intend to open the phones up again today and take your amazing calls.
We also have former NBA star and current MMA fighter Royce White who's been exposing
The whole lepers agenda and the persecution of the Uyghurs in China joining us coming up in the third hour today.
And Paul Joseph Watson will host the fourth hour from her satanic majesty's command base London.
So that is coming up.
Here today, but in the last part of this first hour and for the entire second hour, I do want to take your phone calls on a raft of issues.
You know, I don't like to talk about CNN because it has such a low viewership, but it's important to talk about at the same time because it is the mouth of the establishment.
And of course, it's come out that
They're involved in a lot of really bizarre, corrupt, evil sex scandals, including indictments for trying to sex traffic little children.
And the word has been that Zucker obviously used that for control and blackmail inside the organization.
But now it is beginning to come out.
And so they want to have face-saving.
Oh, he had a relationship with a woman there for a decade and she gets to stay but he has to go because a man and a woman together is the greatest crime on earth.
No, it's helping kill the people in the nursing homes with the COVID patients.
It's helping cover that up and it's all the continued scandals there going back to the 80s when it was founded as a front for the CIA that uses pedophilia for control.
So, if you think Jeffrey Epstein is bad, it's all peas in a pod, or like Russian dolls, it all nests within itself.
So, I've been telling you a long time that CNN is a pedophile ring.
And as bad as it gets.
She has big articles constantly.
There is no pedophilia.
It's not happening.
It's made up.
Nothing's going on.
Everything's fine.
All academia and the New York Times and USA Today say, you know, sex with one-year-old children is just wonderful.
They love it.
We played sickening clips yesterday saying that grandmothers need to have sex with their grandsons and granddaughters, raping them for the love and goodness.
It actually says loving and good.
That's who these people are.
Vomiting pure Satanism directly at you.
Radiating nothing but total division and tribalism and divide and conquer, they call racism, and just everything they do is pure poison injected into the psyche of humanity.
I mean, even our headlines aren't hardcore enough.
Let's change that headline.
Professor, it's a mistake to think pedophilia is wrong.
He actually said you can't say it's wrong to have sex with one-year-olds if they're consenting.
S-U-N-Y, Professor.
Defend sex with one-year-olds.
I mean, this stuff's so sensational, and I understand why our writers are like this, we tend to dial it back because it's just too unbelievable.
But I'm up here describing what the German family courts did with different Western intelligence agencies at an industrial level, tens of thousands of children per sector, per region, in brutal gang raping.
Brutal, mass gang raping of little children.
Beating the living hell out of them.
I mean, that's in the reports.
Inside Catholic churches.
At night.
Because that makes the Satanism that much better to be raping children on the altar.
I mean, that's in DW.com.
That's in the biggest TV station in most respected in Germany.
So remember, that's who you're up against.
And that's who they are.
So you wonder why they're so damn evil?
Why they never stop?
Because they have signed on to the devil.
And those that aren't screwing and raping and torturing and killing the kids know about it and are helping cover it up.
From Atlantic Monthly, to CNN, to USA Today, you people are the scum of Earth!
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Welcome to the rest of infinity.
And as Buzz Lightyear says, infinity and beyond.
Wow, you know,
Recognizing truth-tellers that are doing incredible jobs that may not even be getting the attention they deserve.
I've got all this incredible news and all these amazing things.
And I had this clip yesterday, but got busy, didn't get to it.
So I'm going to play a short clip of this guy, who I think is right up there with Tucker Carlson when it comes to being hardcore.
In fact, maybe even more hardcore than Tucker Carlson, but not as articulate, which I'm not as articulate as Tucker Carlson.
He's definitely the top of the line when it comes to that.
But this guy's on his hardcore analysis and his courage is 100%.
OAN's Pearson Sharp breaks down vaccine lunacy.
That's coming up here in just a few minutes.
Just part of the reports he does.
They're like 10 minutes long and my mouth's just hanging open.
Because I already know it's all true.
I've done the research.
But the way he lays it out is just savage.
And he's got new ones every day.
And it makes me so mad they're trying to take OAN off the air.
And that's why out of the gates.
I want listeners to understand.
We cannot be defeated if you take action and speak out and spread the word.
Right now, we still have outlets that are hardcore.
And OAN's gone from being excellent to being fantastic.
But what do we got?
We got OAN, we got Tucker Carlson, we got Alex Jones, we got a lot of smaller podcasters, people, we got Joe coming along.
We got a huge awakening taking place.
We got a lot of members of Parliament in Europe and other places standing up.
But we need the people to take action.
And to realize that if you don't go to InfoWars.com or Band.Video and share that big Marjorie Taylor Greene interview we did yesterday, people won't actually get to hear what she said, they'll just see the hundreds of articles demonizing her and spinning what she supposedly said.
You are who carries the ball down the field and I salute you and thank you, but I want to encourage you again to realize we're fighting to stay on air.
I don't want to prove to you how dire the situation is for InfoWars and the rest of the independent media by us going off the air or imploding.
It's like telling somebody, hey, I got heart problems, and you know, hypothetically, which I don't, I'm saying, and then you see them dying of a heart attack one day, and you go, damn, they weren't joking.
So we need your word of mouth, your prayer, and we need your financial support.
So if you're a new listener and never tried any of our supplements or products or water filters or air filters or books or films, they're all the best.
They're all amazing.
And X3, you want to learn about the good halogen and what it does for your body, the next level for your immune system, everything, energy,
You name it, X3's back in stock, all three types of iodine that your body needs, 50% off at InfoWarsTore.com and just commit as a new listener or viewer that has never gone to InfoWarsTore to do it.
I want to thank those that are regular supporters.
I want to encourage everybody to help keep us on the air during this critical battle at point-blank range with the New World Order.
Here's just part of a report that Pearson Sharp broke down on the great OAN.
More and more Americans are standing up and fighting back against the tyranny of the COVID conspiracy theory.
Convoys of outraged truck drivers are sending a message loud and clear to cowardly leaders all over the world, from Canada to Australia and even here in the U.S.
And that message is simple.
Back off or else.
We the people will not tolerate this oppression any longer.
We have had enough.
Enough of watching our businesses get destroyed while hypocritical politicians like Gavin Newsom dine out at fancy restaurants with their friends during lockdowns or go maskless to public events they demand that we wear masks to.
We've had enough.
...of watching our loved ones get sick and die pointless deaths, all because the media and despots in Washington refuse to let us treat our sick with the safest and most effective drugs in the world, like ivermectin.
We've had enough of being denied basic services like being refused entry into a grocery store or restaurant.
Or being refused a life-saving organ transplant.
Unless we have a dehumanizing passport proving we're dumb enough to sign over the rights to our own bodies to these murderous tyrants.
Enough of seeing our children die.
After being forced to take this same poisonous drug that's making big pharma companies like Pfizer and Moderna over a hundred billion dollars a year.
Enough is enough.
They can try to cover up their crimes, but the evidence is mounting and they can't hide it forever.
The story that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated is laughable.
How do they explain the hundreds of fully vaccinated cruise ships coming down with the Fauci flu?
Israel is one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, and right now, nearly 1% of their entire population is coming down with the China virus every.
Think about that.
Really, let that number sink in.
1% of the entire country gets sick with this engineered virus
Every day.
And they're all fully vaccinated.
Wayne Allen Root, over on Town Hall, put together a great article on this, demonstrating how the German government claimed up to 90% of the infected and dead are unvaccinated.
But that was a flat-out lie, because it turns out the German government was actually classifying every sick and dying person as unvaccinated, regardless of whether they were or not.
Same goes for Canada, where they claimed 60% of the COVID deaths were unvaccinated.
But that was a lie too, because in reality, they just classified anyone who got sick or died within two weeks of getting the vaccine as unvaccinated.
And surprise, surprise, our own beloved CDC, the Centers for Democrat Control, pulled the same trick on us.
The CDC claimed that anyone who died within 14 days of getting injected wasn't vaccinated.
Even though the majority of the deaths and injuries from the vaccine happened within that first 14-day period.
Good way to cover up all the people they're murdering.
Just say they're not vaccinated.
Sneaky, sneaky.
Daniel Nagase, a Canadian doctor for over 15 years who was fired after saving the lives of three patients with ivermectin, says this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Nagase said, looking at Pfizer's own clinical trial data, the number of deaths and injuries from the vaccine are staggering.
According to their data, fully 31% of the people who got the vaccine either died or had permanent disabilities.
Even more shocking is what's happening in the military.
Since the armed forces rolled out the vaccine in one year,
Cancer rates are up 300% among military members.
But that's not all.
Infertility is skyrocketing as well, up 500% in women, along with miscarriages, which are up another 300%.
But those numbers pale in comparison to the rates of clinically diagnosed neurological disorders, which went up an astronomical 1,000 percent from 82,000 to nearly 900,000.
And that happened in one year since the vaccines were introduced.
Just think about what that's doing to America's ability to defend itself.
Our young warriors crippled by their own government.
And we still insist on giving this experimental drug to our children.
Even research published in the Toxicology Report Journal, one of the most well-respected medical journals anywhere, found that children have almost no risk from COVID, but suffer severe consequences from what the researchers themselves
called toxic inoculations, including paralysis, heart attacks, and even death.
The study found the spike proteins from the injections cause permanent damage in children's critical organs, including their brains, nervous, and reproductive systems.
After being ordered by a judge in December, Pfizer released its own data, which showed that out of 32 known pregnant women who received the vaccine, 28 women experienced fetal death and lost their babies.
This is tantamount to child sacrifice on the altar of Big Pharma.
Young athletes are another prime group to be targeted by this deadly vaccine, with 500% more soccer players in the EU dropping dead from heart attacks than one year ago.
Who is actually brain-dead enough to think that this is just a coincidence?
When Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are known
by the FDA to cause heart attacks.
This is a pandemic of the ignorant, and it's killing our country.
So, for all you progressives, and Democrats, and radical leftists out there, do us all a favor, please, and go get vaccinated.
In fact, don't stop there.
Get double vaccinated, and be sure to get all your boosters, all three or four of them.
Why stop there?
If more is better, get five, six, get ten boosters.
All the rest of us sane, freedom-loving Americans are counting on you to get your injections.
The survival of our country depends on it.
For One America News, I'm Pearson Sharpe.
That's the great Jimmy Levy bringing us in, songs topping the charts, talking about liberty and freedom that is so incredibly popular.
That's why the power structure is trying to suppress us and gaslight us all, because they know the awakening is here, and they know their corrupt system is going down, and they want to take us with them.
All right, let's start drilling into all of this, because I've got to get to all this news today, it's so important.
The FBI director has come out and discovered a giant new threat that's blown him away.
Kind of like the FBI until the mid 1950s told Congress that La Cosa Nostra, an organized crime by the Italians, did not exist.
Because they were being blackmailed by organized crime.
At least J. Edgar Hoover was.
That's come out.
Well now they tell us Chinese spies don't exist, even though they basically took over Hollywood, took over the Democratic Party, put their operatives in as the managers of senators and members of the House.
But now because George Soros said that China and the Communists are bad, because he's God,
Now the FBI is allowed to admit it exists, because Xi Jinping, for all of his evil and all of his corruption, has decided to not have forced abortion, and has decided to tell people to have three children, and has decided to be proud of being Chinese, and not wanting to destroy his country.
And so because he did that, and is not giving George Soros his sacrament of dead babies, well now, George Soros' minion
It's like discovering the moon when you're 50 years old or something.
FBI director reveals the one threat to the US that has blown him away.
But wait a minute, he just said two years ago and a year ago, got it all right here.
That white supremacy is the most lethal threat in America, says the FBI Director Anne Biden.
Isn't that just interesting?
What you guys can do with a document cam shot is,
I was going to do it off-air, but since you went to me.
Shoot right here.
This is where I show the articles.
Or you can do wide shots over... We've got a skeleton crew in today because of the ice storm.
They're doing a great job.
But you can either scan over the articles, which is how I like it, or you don't have to follow me around.
I'll always show you an article right here.
So if I pick one up out of the stack, if you just aim right here, right here, then I'll put it right there for folks, okay?
So let me get back to that now.
See right here?
We hear all about the white supremacists, they're the number one threat.
Not the Mexican drug cartels, not MS-13, not the communist Chinese, not radical Islam.
White people are inherently evil, and white people are inherently bad, and being white is inherently a bad thing.
You see that taught in the schools, taught everywhere by the Marxist-Leninist leftists that are using that as their divide-and-conquer strategy.
DHS, you said a couple years ago the number one threat was white supremacist.
Now that's official.
And what is white supremacist?
White supremacist is questioning open borders, questioning forced injections, questioning lockdowns, or questioning election fraud.
Homeland Security, emerging threat, domestic terrorism, and white
But now, the FBI director says, oh my goodness, goody goody gumdrops, we've got Chinese spies in the universities, and the media, and government, and they've basically taken over!
Because the left was controlling China, using them as a base of operations to do that, just like they had used offshore spies out of Israel to engage in some of their takeover operations, and MI6 out of the UK.
That's a classic thing.
In fact, when the Germans want somebody killed, they'll have U.S.
CIA killers go to kill the Germans.
And when an American wants somebody killed inside the power structure, they'll hire usually the Germans.
But they hired the Germans to blow up Oklahoma City.
The Southern Poverty Law Center and FBI and ATF did.
So, it's the same thing.
Because you always go over and do it in somebody else's yard, so there's even more plausible deniability with those teams.
So there you go.
Oh, and by the way, there were some good FBI agents that came out and blew the whistle on that and what really happened.
And now they had videotapes of the men inside the building putting the bombs in and now they disappeared those videotapes of the explosion coming from inside the building.
That even came out in the LA Times back in the late 90s, back when we still had some free press in the corporate media in this nation.
But that all ties in
To Whoopi Goldberg!
And she says she may just leave The View because why, she's got a Jewish last name and the ADL loves her and she believes, you know, that leftist Jewish organizations cannot be questioned and whatever they say has to go.
Because they represent supposedly Jews, and then if you don't do what they say, you are Hitler, you carried out the Holocaust.
That's how young white children are told.
You're inherently bad because you're white.
And so she's a little upset now, but remember what the ADL told us last year and again in statements last week.
Racism is only a thing of white people.
And brown people cannot be tribal or in gangs and cannot target whites because they're white.
Plus, whites are bad and deserve it.
So Whoopi Goldberg went off the latest download from the head of the ADL, who even though he came on and she groveled to him and everything, it's not enough, but she was following the new ADL directive from on high that racism is anything white.
And so she said, well, you can't have
White Germans killing white Jews, and that'd be racism, because whites cannot be ever persecuted by a racist attack.
I mean, the ADL said so.
So she went and said, no, the ultimate crime in history is not the Jews getting killed because other whites killed them, and whites are inherently bad.
And they're like, whoa!
Disney came out and said, that owns ABC, and said, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You cannot do that.
Do not do that.
You can teach five-year-old white kids in Indiana they're bad, and six-year-old white kids in Austin, Texas, but you, you don't say that Jews are white.
Because whites are the devil.
I mean, they're, they're all the Nazis that have got to be, but see how the racism works?
Which is all it is is gang tribalism, the same way groups control prisons, where you have the Hispanics, the Asians, the blacks, the whites.
And you're forced into that in general population or you're killed.
And that's how they're dividing and conquering culture in the name of unity creating total division.
Interim definition.
Racism occurs when individuals or institutions show more favorable evaluation or treatment of an individual or group based on race or ethnicity.
And it goes on.
Well, also, if you're going to do this, then let's be truthful about it, because the Holocaust isn't about race.
It's not about race.
But it's not about race.
It's not about race.
Because it's about man's inhumanity to man.
That's what it's about.
But it's about white supremacy.
But these are two white groups of people.
You're missing the point.
The minute you turn it into race, it goes down this alley.
Let's talk about it for what it is.
It's how people treat each other.
It's a problem.
It doesn't matter if you're black or white, because black, white, Jews, Italians, everybody eats each other.
If you're uncomfortable, if you hear about Mouse, should you be worried?
Should your child say, oh my God, I wonder if that's me?
No, that's not what they're going to say.
They're going to say, I don't want to be like that.
Well, hopefully.
I want to be cool.
Most kids, most kids, they don't want to be cool.
No, they don't.
And we're living in an era where people are comparing vaccine cards to the yellow stars, where people are comparing vaccinations to what Anne Frank went through.
So it is necessary for kids to learn about this.
To learn about man's inhumanity to man, however it exposes itself.
I have to cut you off.
I just want to say that Now was banned and it flew to the top 20 of Amazon's rules last week.
Of charts.
People, the more you ban it, the more we want to read it.
Man, who could listen to that jabbering, yipping group of mindless idiots?
So she's a high priestess because she's a black woman.
Everybody else is below her and bad because the whiter you are, the more inherently evil you are.
You've been taught that by the ADL that's here to fight racism.
But then you can't say Jews are white.
You've now said they're the devil.
So you've now got to be taken off the air.
And this is just evil globalist corporate leftist knowing that Christian Western nations invented not being tribal and invented bringing different groups together and giving people equal rights.
So our strength was that.
But our culture was dominant, the Renaissance culture, and the globalists don't want that.
So they come in and pose as that classical liberal structure, where yeah, you can be your own group or your own system, but Western Christian systems are superior to everything else that's been developed, and you should want to adopt this.
Now as we have not adopted Western culture, we're falling apart and being destroyed.
China is one of the other powerful, very superior cultures when it comes to organization and history, 5,000 plus years old, and they're celebrating their system, and that's why George Soros was pissed, because, oh no, you've got a culture, you aren't run by me, and the globalists.
So that's all this is, and I just had whiplash last segment, because last year they changed the definition of it,
And again, the ADL is the boss, so they say it.
If they say the moon's made of cheese, it is.
They came out and changed it again and said, and I've got the quotes right here, racism, the marginalization and opposition and oppression of people of color based on socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people.
I'll read that again.
The marginalization and or oppression of people of color based on a societal constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people.
Now, let's talk about that.
That's the new definition that got all the attention the last few weeks after we covered it.
And here's the then and now.
Before a few weeks ago, racism is the belief that a peculiar race is superior or inferior to another, and that a person's social and moral traits are predominated by his or her own inborn biological characteristics.
Racial separatism is the belief, most of the time based on racism, that different races should remain segregated and apart from one another.
Which is really a definition of tribalism.
Which is what they call racism invented by the communists 80 years ago as a way to create social disorder in the West.
Now, here's the new definition that they just changed back.
The marginalization and or oppression of people of color based on societal constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people.
Racism is only white people.
Then, they changed it again.
Ladies and gentlemen, and I just read that definition earlier.
Racism, interim definition.
Now they're telling you they're going to change it all the time.
The goalposts always move.
Racism occurs when individuals or institutions show more favorable evaluation or treatment to an individual or group based on race or ethnicity.
Professor Robert Livingston, The Conversation.
For more about the definition, click here.
So it's a little too much for the ADL to come out and say whiteness is evil.
Now, let's just talk reality here.
There are good Catholics and there are bad Catholics.
There are good Baptists and there are bad Baptists.
There are good Jews and there are bad Jews.
We've all met people that are great that are Catholic.
We've met Catholics that aren't so great.
We've met Jews that are wonderful people.
We've met Jews that aren't wonderful people.
So to try to say that you're part of a group, that's really mindless to say we're going to judge you off that group.
But the only group in the world as ethno-pure as the Chinese is the Jews.
I mean, the Chinese genetically select 99% of their Chinese.
The Chinese are proud of their ancient culture.
The Jews are proud of their ancient culture.
The Jews have a big 100-foot wall around their little country because they have tribal ancient enemies, you can pick any side you want, that do want to displace them and kill them.
And so, you can call that an apartheid state if you want.
I'm not defending the apartheid state of South Africa, but now they replace one bad system with one ten times worse, communism, and the big corporations totally looting everybody because the big banks don't want a middle class.
And so Israel has an ethnostate more intense than the most intense South African system.
In fact, put that back on screen.
Those are conservative
Ultra-Orthodoxes are called Jews, and they choose to like their system and their culture, and they want to keep it that way, and that's their right.
Now, do I call that an SS Nazi meeting?
Because they're wearing uniforms, they're one racial group, and they believe that they have gotten divine direction from God that makes them special.
Which I don't have a problem with.
I think all humans have their own special traits and special things and groups.
And I think celebrating our connection to God consciousness and the divine is a good thing.
And I have learned a lot from the Old Testament and Judaism and the writings of rabbis and people.
I think it's very rich, very powerful stuff.
But are there some really evil, wicked Jews and wicked Jewish Mafia out there?
The Jewish Mafia created the ADL in 1913 when a pedophile raped and killed a little girl.
And they didn't like the fact that he got in trouble, so they said, we're founding this organization to do this.
And that's who the ADL is!
And it's an evil organization that's very anti-American, who gives awards to George Soros, a Nazi collaborator, and awards to Arnold Schwarzenegger, who on record told Rolling Stone he loves Hitler!
I don't love Hitler.
I researched Hitler.
I don't think Hitler's cool.
I know Hitler killed a bunch of people, including a bunch of Jews.
And I think that's wrong.
But I will not now take on the identity of Hitler because the official terrorism perspective of the FBI and Joe Biden is, I think the election was stolen, and I don't like open borders, and I don't like forced inoculations.
You say I am a white supremacist.
That is the definition of that, is someone that doesn't turn my body over to you.
When I look around and I try to find something that's ghoulish and un-American and authoritarian, the ADL fits the bill.
The Southern Poverty Law Center fits the bill.
So I don't care if the Southern Poverty Law Center is a bunch of liberal lawyers of every group, or I don't care if the ADL is a bunch of weird, power-hungry leftists.
I don't care where you go to church or synagogue.
I'm not your slave!
And I'm not associated with Hitler!
And I almost don't exist because both my grandfathers almost died in World War II in the Army Air Corps, and I'm pissed off at you for you trying to put the identity of Hitler onto me when your leader, George Soros, literally suckled at the tits of Adolf Hitler!
Rounding up and killing your people!
And then you project your sick, freakish New World Order evil on me?
How dare you divide people?
How dare you try to hurt people?
How dare you become Hitler?
The ADL is Adolf A. Louis Hitler incarnate!
I get mad at the social engineers.
I get mad when I sit there and I read the WikiLeaks documents five, six years ago, where they talk about how they're going to use social engineering and social division and racism to control us.
I mean, it's cold-blooded.
Whether it's CNN, or whether it's ABC News, or whether it's NBC News, or whether it's the ADL, or whether it's the colleges, it's all the Carnegie Endowment, it's the Ford Foundation, it's the Rockefeller Foundation, it's Bill and Melinda Gates, they want division.
And then they pose as the warden of the prison, once they've divided us into racial groups, and they quote, take control of our lives as the arbiter, as the referee.
And we need to wake up to it, and say no.
But you know, it's pretty offensive.
To sit there and say the ADL is Adolf A. Louis Hitler.
But Hitler censored, and Hitler tried to take people's bank accounts away, and Hitler called the rest of his opposition, and Hitler based things on race, and that's what the ADL does now.
I mean, if you actually take the policies and things they stand for, and what they want, man, they're closer to Hitler than they are to the average American.
Think about how they teach in schools that being white is inherently evil.
We have the manuals, we have the training, you see it all over the news.
That is the opposite of what Martin Luther King said.
Martin Luther King was over here, here's a diagram, on one side saying, don't judge somebody according to what color they are, but according to their deeds.
And then on the opposite side over here, you've got Hitler saying, only judge somebody off of
Their background, what color they are, what their genetic makeup is.
Don't give somebody the potential to try to do greater things.
Just say they're subhuman.
So Martin Luther King Jr.
said, judge people on the character of their deeds and what they stand for.
Again, I've used this analogy a thousand times.
It's true.
I don't care who owns a restaurant or what color they are, as long as the food's delicious and healthy.
I don't care who's playing the music, whether they're an Arab, or whether they are a Jew, or whether they're black, or white, or Asian.
If I like the music, I'm buying it, I'm listening to it.
We're all like that.
We judge a tree by its fruits, as Jesus Christ said.
Jesus said, judge a tree by its fruits.
Don't just judge the book by its cover.
The ADL says, no, being white is inherently a sin.
And Whoopi Goldberg comes out and says, well, then you can't have racism.
Because you can't have one white group, because you're judging them by the color of their skin, killing another white group for dominance and control, which is tribalism.
I mean, you've got plenty of cases of British royals killing their brothers and sisters, or killing their nephews, because they might have a better claim to the throne than them.
That's their genetic line.
They kill people and their families, because grizzly bears kill their own babies, because they're threatened by them.
They kill the males.
This goes on.
Hell, over in Israel, they assassinate each other.
We assassinate each other over here.
Humans all act the same.
It's tribalism.
And Christianity, through the Christian ethos of the Renaissance,
Says, let's start judging people by the heart and the soul and by the fruit of the tree and let's try to come together under Christ.
Which is an exclusive form, Jesus said, I came not to discard the Old Testament but to fulfill it.
So an expansion of Judaism to everyone.
That's why people say, don't say Christian, you know, Judaic Christian history.
No, it is Judaic Christian history.
And so recognize those good parts and celebrate that.
And then don't let weird, horrible globalists say they're the Jews, and say they represent all the Jews, and then say you've got to do what they say, turn your guns in, take shots, open borders up, be bad because you're white, let people tell you you're evil because of what color you are, because you'll be called a Nazi?
That's how the Nazis took control with racial gangs and tribalism.
Hitler hated Christians.
Hitler couldn't stand it.
He didn't like that.
He saw Christianity as the biggest threat to his neo-pagan Reich he wanted to form.
So what does the ADL on the left have in common with Adolf Hitler?
They're as pagan as the day is long.
If you think the head of the ADL is actually a practicing Jew, I got a bridge I'm ready to sell you.
People like Dr. Zelenko are practicing Jews, and he understands God consciousness, and we're all together, and he has a desire for us all to be together in peace and justice under God.
And that's absolutely true.
So there are counterfeits, ladies and gentlemen, of the real thing.
And Dr. Zelenko is a real Jew.
The head of the ADL, whatever he is, he's not following the God of the Bible.
He is creating an occultic pagan world.
And they are selling us racism in the name of fighting racism because we are tribal and in our ancient times we had to get together in groups over which side of the river we lived in or what god we worshipped or whatever because we didn't organize another group could come and enslave us.
And so we have those instincts, and the social engineers, and I don't want to just say the ADL is the only big one, there's a bunch of them, are all ganging up big rich corporations to divide and conquer us, and I am fundamentally tired of it.
And Whoopi Goldberg should get pissed too!
She's been a total liberal leftist, pushed the whole America's racist and bad crap her whole life, worshipped the ADL, gotten awards from the ADL, even had the head of the ADL on saying, no, no, no, don't cancel her!
She followed the new definition!
And they only changed the definition yesterday.
You notice that?
That's why I had whiplash earlier.
They changed it three times last year from being white is racist.
And Whoopi was following her directive.
She's like, yes, whites are evil.
So you can't have one white group killing another white group.
This was just people being bad to people.
Because you can't have whites ever being persecuted.
Because now the globalists want to base civilization around that.
The super-rich elite organizing the majority, that they call a minority, into attacking whiteness, which they then label free market, jobs, police, security, as white.
So you get rid of all that and become a slave.
You destroy your own birthright of being a westerner by adopting western systems.
And we'll adopt some of the eastern things and some of the African things, but
The point is, is the globalists are at war with the Renaissance program that was growing and developing us to the stars, so they brought in their post-industrial neo-pagan system to destroy the new Atlantis, to destroy the new launch.
This is a reset, like God
In the flood, except Klaus Schwab.
Talk about a Nazi.
Talk about a eugenicist.
Talk about an elitist.
You're not going to hear a damn word out of the ADL.
They wanted to point out a real elitist, starving tens of millions of people who ended up in lockdowns and all the tyranny.
They'd say, Klaus Schwab!
Oh no, Klaus Schwab is wonderful, because Klaus Schwab is above the ADL.
But Americans know we fought Hitler, so we don't want to be called Hitler.
So we'll do whatever the ADL says, but please don't call me Hitler.
But it doesn't work anymore because people know that's a load of crap and they're sick of it.
So people need to stop being bullied by the left and political correctness, stop being scared of it.
It's the new religion and we have to get back in the face of the left pushing it as the real racist, using it as cold-blooded political control.
And that's why I get so angry about all of this.
Imagine the ADL waking up and going, oh my god, everybody's pointing out that we're saying whites are inherently bad, and that racism can only be whites attacking other groups, which is an asinine.
People call it reverse racism.
It's not reverse racism.
It's not like whites invented tribalism.
It's tribalism!
And our tribe is going to be Jesus, or our tribe is going to be nuclear war and death.
Wisely pick Jesus of Nazareth, or pick the old serpent, Beelzebub, the devil, Lucifer.
We're gonna go to break, we got so much to hit.
Oh, a young U.S.
Senator took the shot.
Having a horrible stroke.
We're gonna be talking about all that.
A bunch more heart attacks and deaths and sports from the shots.
Yeah, we're getting exterminated.
But don't worry though, five-year-old white kids are the threat.
Not the New World Order, not the depopulationists, just listen to the ADL, who is busy beavers trying to debank us and shut us down and silence us, which the last time I saw that was in the Soviet Union and in Nazi Germany.
Again, just another feather in their cap of evil.
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Yes, you watching this video.
You see, what you have to realize is that you're part of something so vast that it's hard to comprehend.
I know when you look at an evil and large group of powerful individuals, you may think, what difference does it make what I say or what I do?
And that's exactly what these sick and twisted elites with a demonic agenda want you to think.
They want you to think that you don't matter, but you do.
In fact, you're amazing.
And that their plan is invincible.
But it's not.
They're not invincible.
But enough people take matters into their own spiritual and personal hands and make the decision that they can make a difference.
And they can fight back against
The corrupt power's in charge.
Then, without a doubt, we can defeat these power-hungry elites.
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How can you make sure they don't win?
Well, that's why I'm here talking to you today.
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All right, we're going to open the phones up here today, specifically on what you think about the state of the world and what you think they're going to do about Biden and their whole globalist program falling apart.
Now, I had said I was going to take some calls today and I'm going to take some limited ones because
We have some major breaking news concerning the Pentagon AI project, confirming massive death and illnesses from those taking the shots.
So a guest is going to pop in with that information at the bottom of the hour, then I'll continue on with some of your calls.
And then we also have a former NBA player who's been very outspoken about the Uyghur situation, the censorship in the NBA, joining us coming up for part of the third hour as well, ahead of Paul Joseph Watson.
But the toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
Alex, we're doing first-time callers again, 877-789-2539.
And let's just get about seven, eight callers on the board, so I'll be able to get to those.
And I want to hear from them, but I can't get to any more than that, because there's some big news broke that we didn't know about that we've got to get on air, though I want to take your calls.
And I want to tell listeners again, starting in March, just like we did last Saturday for two hours, commercial-free, took like
Twenty phone calls, had three guests on, members of parliament, you name it, up covering the trucker convoy, Ezra Levant and others.
I'm going to be doing at least two nights a week and at least on Saturday, most Saturdays and a lot of times on Sundays as well, a separate show, so at least three times a week, that are going to be commercial-free podcasts for people
And then folks are going to be able to tune in and just call in and just take call after call after call after call.
Nothing against talk radio.
I love it.
We're on over 300 radio stations.
They try to deplatform us and take us off air.
We only survived as we built back up our Internet presence because of the AM FM stations.
They're awesome.
And the average
Talk Radio needs to continue on.
But as people migrate away from it, as it contracts, as it shuts down, except for a few major stations and a few major markets in the next 5-10 years, maybe even sooner, we will then move and segue into a pure, quote, podcast format.
If we're even still here, if we're able to back the globalists off, stop them, slow them down, you know, it's all in God's will.
But we trust in God, but we were away from the rocks, as Hunter S. Thompson said, or that's kind of a ripoff of the Bedouins saying, trust in God, but tie up your camel.
God helps those that helps themselves.
So that's where we are right now.
And I sit here looking at all this news I've got.
And I wouldn't do a rant about the FBI director saying he suddenly discovered Chinese spies when we're just totally overrun.
He was too busy saying white people are inherently bad.
And the ADL spouting Hitlerian talking points for school children.
I have the training manuals right here that being white is inherently bad and that you have guilt as a white person, original sin.
I mean, this is just absolutely outrageous.
ADL teaching school children only white people can be racist.
They train the police departments, they train the public school children as young as five years old, that they're bad because they're white.
I just can't think of a more abusive, sickening evil.
And I don't want to dislike the ADL.
I don't want to have people divided off of Judaism and the rest of it.
But the ADL is a leftist group.
That lives off of racism and division and that lives off of people attacking Jews.
And so that's going to make their business better to brand the New World Order and all the evil stuff it's doing as an ADL enterprise when it's not.
And then you try to oppose any of the evil going on.
Transgender training for kids, drag queen story time, open borders, forced injections, and the ADLs out there pushing censorship and control.
And billions of dollars of bots spying on where you go and what you do on Twitter and Instagram and reporting it back and putting reports out about where the general public goes and helping publish names of concealed carry owners.
I mean, you're a bunch of crazy, horrible bullies that know you are, and you're making your move against America.
And I look at the tactics Hitler used, race-based systems, gangs, thuggery, de-platforming, de-banking, and
It's just wild to watch George Soros, who worked for Hitler, now help finance and run the ADL, literally brand America as Hitler.
I mean, we didn't work for Hitler, dude.
We don't like Hitler like you.
We don't create Hitlerian policies everywhere.
And of course, George Soros knows that.
He's a complete psychotic, sociopathic devil.
It's just...
Mind-blowing to realize that's going on and I you go off into the whole race division divide-and-conquer Tribalism crap and it just gives you a headache That's why I try to just stay out of it and away from it and just expose the operations of the globalist But man, we got to protect our children from these race mayors from these cult leaders.
We've got to protect them from these deadly shots We've got to protect them
from what these sinister establishment people are doing.
We have to recognize there's always been evil people in the world of every race, color, and creed.
They get together and they organize themselves to control good people.
And good people have to organize themselves with a basic code of freedom and liberty and then live by it and not let monster authoritarians tell us we're all bad because we're white.
So we have to bow down and worship Black Lives Matter as the new religion.
When it's not even black people.
It's a weird, rich, communist group that's got six million dollar communist command bases and four million dollar airfields.
It's all horrible, selfish people appointing themselves as the priest above you and saying they're good and they're pure and they will show you how to be a good person if you submit to them.
It's truly disgusting.
Alright, let's take a phone call right now.
Let's go ahead and talk to folks in Pennsylvania.
Tim, in Pennsylvania, go ahead.
I know that didn't go to you right away, Tim.
It's okay.
Go ahead now, Trump.
Yeah, go ahead.
Hey, you there?
Hey, Alex, how you doing?
I just like, I don't know, this vlog is going crazy, but I just want to like bring up a point, you know, bring up a point about the ADL, man.
It's like,
We have to have an honest discussion.
Like, if you look at the COVID stuff, I mean, so many of these people are Jewish, man.
Well, yeah, the head of Pfizer is Jewish, and is Bill Gates Jewish?
I mean, my point is there's a lot of Jews opposing the tyranny.
I mean, it's, in fact, I'd say there's a predominant number for their racial number of, what, 2% or whatever.
I'd say there's an oversampling of Jews fighting this tyranny as well.
I agree.
I mean, it's pretty sad.
Like, I have some Jewish friends, but I mean, it seems like... I mean, let's just say this.
Jews, on average, are in the game.
And some are in the game for the bad guys, and some are in the game for the good guys.
That's why I judge people off what they do themselves.
That's why I'm mad at the ADL.
They want to organize us into racial groups and tell me I'm bad because I'm white?
You're Hitler telling me I'm bad because of what color I am.
You are Hitler!
You are Hitler, not me!
Don't you project your weird Hitler crap on me, ADL!
I agree, I'm totally with you.
I think, though, it's important to look at, you know, the precepts of Talmudic Judaism.
They really are a supremist kind of organization.
It's not like a rabbinical, it's not the Torah.
Like, Dr. Zelenko... Well, I mean, if you read the Old Testament, it's go out and kill everybody that worships Moloch and eats their children.
I mean, look.
That's kind of manifest destiny for America.
Every group that has done anything has said, we're the best, we're going to do this.
And so yes, but I mean, I like the Old Testament.
And I mean, I think what I'm reading there is, hey, these people are eating their kids.
Let's wipe them out.
I mean, instead, we have the leftists that literally want to eat the kids running things now.
I mean, look, you're either pagan or you believe in God.
Does that make sense?
No, absolutely, but Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and I think it's... All our problems would go away if people would just accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God.
You know, with the Muslims and Jesus not fighting... Yes, yes, yes, absolutely, and accept God-consciousness.
Become conscious of God and God's will.
Yeah, absolutely.
I think we just got to be more... Listen, you got to stop being afraid to call out the bad actors in each group, you know?
Listen, I mean... Look, the media doesn't give it attention.
You know how many Jews call out the ADL?
You think they want that group representing them?
I mean, you think the KKK represents me?
No, they don't!
We got some really incredibly important COVID news coming up with lawyer Tom Renz.
Next segment, then we'll continue with your calls.
And we have a special guest joining us, former NBA star and current MMA fighter who's doing a great job standing up against globalist genocide.
There's been some very exciting developments.
I was already intending to talk about Melinda French-Gates.
Today and tie it into Jeff Zucker and how all of the pedophilia stuff start to come out.
Because we never knew if she herself was a eugenicist and she never made statements about wanting to exterminate black people.
And folks always wondered if she was a beard for Gates, not because he could be homosexual or bisexual, but a beard just to make it look like he's married and a family man.
But she is really coming out against Gates.
And so she's now pulling her money out of the foundation.
So that is a big, big, big deal.
So that's coming up.
Right now let's go to Stewie in Illinois with a point about the UN Charter.
Now Biden invited the UN and NATO in.
Want to find out more, we'll talk to Lisa and Josh after him.
Stewie, thanks for calling.
Hey Alex, man, it's good to talk to you.
Alright, so I just learned this, and this kind of blew my mind a little bit.
Article 6 of our Constitution says any treaty that we will make becomes part of the supreme law of the land.
Now, Article 48 and 49 of the UN Charter requires all member nations to carry out the decisions of the Security Council to maintain the maintenance of international peace and security.
Now, Biden invited these people in, and I believe that's all part of the Disarm America movement, and he was saying it was to investigate racism.
He did that earlier in the year.
I just want you to think about that.
Well, you're absolutely right.
All of this is about the UN being in charge.
Remember what Loretta Lynch did right before Obama left office five and a half years ago?
Remember what happened?
They went to the U.N.
and had a strong cities convention.
Henry Kissinger was there, George Sulz was there, they had tears in their eyes.
And they signed the U.S.
cities under U.N.
control and promised to fire the police and bring in U.N.
approved police through a process called munialization.
And Schwarzenegger gave a speech saying, we will bring in it.
We're going to bring in the control for the
Carbon tax through the cities, doesn't matter what presidents do, or Congress.
And so this is how they're taking over everything, is the UN, which is again just the front group for the big corporations.
And now you see that openly, where, oh you can't say Ivermectin works, doesn't matter if it's a major study, the UN doesn't allow that, they're the boss.
Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking.
And when I heard he was inviting a man to combat our racism, which is all completely made up, I mean, that's just going to be the way that they try to disarm American citizens.
Well, we forget that last year he, quote, brought in the U.N.
That's right.
to oversee the southern and northern border and brought him in to help combat racism in America.
Oh, world government that runs around running slave camps and exploiting third world labor, especially Africa, and stars people to death.
Come in and teach us.
Teach us how to not be bad, U.N.
Yeah, yeah, 100% man.
So I just learned that, that kind of blew my mind.
I had one more question too and that's unrelated.
You guys still doing Summerfest?
Because I know you guys have been going through hell lately with all that.
We're still doing what?
I know you guys are talking about it.
Owen was talking about getting big on it probably beginning of the year before they turned up the heat on you guys.
No, I never made a big thing out of that.
Owen, I remember vaguely, wanted to have a party out at the lake or something back during lockdowns a couple years ago.
I'm not against that.
I'm just not really doing big events just because that's not our strategy.
They can also try to infiltrate those, but I appreciate your call.
Nothing against Owen doing that.
It's just that
I'm not big into the Patriot Fest type deals.
I'm not against them, it's just not what we're doing here.
We're getting strategic information out in the public, talking points to counter the globalists and for people to understand their larger narrative and operation.
Alright, let's go ahead and talk to Lisa in Florida.
Lisa, you're on the air.
Yes, welcome Lisa.
Hi, I wanted to talk about the restart war.
And also talk about afterwards some of the product plugins.
Absolutely, please give us your view.
The Reset Wars is a great course.
I took a similar course a couple of years before COVID started and it was a longer course and it was the same stuff except it was, you know, I wanted to point out that it's really important with this material to repeat it frequently.
Because when you, it's about your subconscious mind and how it really imprints in your subconscious.
And yeah, I mean, it's just, it's like everything that happens to you.
It's like when something goes in your subconscious mind, you don't realize how it's imprinting on your life.
You know that is so beautifully said and I didn't go plagiarize this, I didn't go reverse engineer somebody else's course.
A lot of what you're going to see is going to be out there with other thinkers and folks that are dialed in because it's the truth.
And then it's also in CIA documents how they're using the same technology but to keep people in this artificial construct.
And so absolutely, look the things I know in the course
I implement 10% of it and it's changed the world.
I'm trying to be not under their control.
I'm trying to not be under their construct.
And just being aware is powerful, but it's a process because we're not God.
We're not Jesus.
We're not perfect.
In fact, we're absolute, you know, fools.
But being aware of that allows us on the journey to really get out of the globalist control and then help others.
And so that's why we made Reset Wars.
It's really powerful info, but you get out of it what you put into it.
And I agree, it's something you've got to watch, you've got to take notes, you've got to really focus on it to deprogram yourself, and then literally God's real will help come in and deprogram you.
But the Holy Spirit isn't like Satan's spirit that pushes its way in.
It's very, very gentle, and it's like a gently, gently catchy monkey.
You've got to really try to get it into you.
Does that make sense?
I put it in my car.
Yes, yeah.
I listen to it when I'm in the kitchen.
It's just really important that when you're in that state of mind, when you're in it, sort of like the trance-like state, it's just seeping in.
It's sort of like the globalists do when they have you in that trance state when you're watching TV or you're in that sort of state of mind that
You know, where you're not really, or when you're driving your car, it's just sort of going in there in a gentle way, and you just keep listening to it, and the next thing you know, you just feel your life changing, and in ways you probably wouldn't imagine.
It's just, sometimes it's like yo-yo dieting, like the thermostat in your home, where you might, it's set, and you may not realize where that's set.
And so you can lose weight, but then you gain it back.
And I hear a lot of people think they don't really know why.
And it's because you have that imprint in your brain.
Until you change your lifestyle, until you get that change in your subconscious mind, it will, you know, keep coming back in a way.
You are saying that so well, and again, just like the advice I give, when I'm pointing one finger at you, three more back at me, this is so real and it's so powerful to get into that expanded consciousness state, to open up to God's creation, a larger universe, and then it will slowly start blocking out
We're good to go.
God bless you for your testimony.
And right now, Reset Wars is 50% off at ResetWars.com.
They've been trying to censor it.
I want you to get it.
They've been trying to block it.
It really is powerful information.
ResetWars.com, 50% off.
Thank you so much.
Tom Renz joins us.
And I appreciate him coming on on short notice.
I saw that he was on American Journal with Harrison Smith this morning, and he was the first person a long time ago in this last two years, he can give you the actual dates, to come out and point out Project Solace, not Solace or Salus, Solace or however you say it, the big Pentagon AI program that
I don't know.
But there have been some new developments there, so I appreciate him coming on to lay this out for us.
Tom, thank you so much.
Please give us the 35,000-foot view on Project Solace.
Study 5.6 million vaccinated Medicare beneficiaries.
Warning, mRNA vaccine effectiveness raises questions.
Mapped Medicare data helps U.S.
military deliver pandemic support.
I mean, these are mainstream news articles about this real
Pentagon program and now I'm told, because I saw you talking about it, that they're doing some damage control and trying to fudge the numbers.
So tell us what's happening.
So we've got multiple things happening here, Alex, and it's really easy to get it mixed up.
So I'm going to try and hit you from a few different directions.
So Project Salus is the program that they're using in conjunction with the CDC and that crew to monitor the danger and injury from all the vaccines.
Now what we just got and what we were talking about, we brought that up and we talked about that and that showed 71% of new cases are in fully vaxxed and 60% of new hospitalizations are in fully vaxxed.
So yeah, that came out about the time that Anthony Fauci was running around telling us all that it's a crisis to the un-vaxxed.
The un-vaxxed are, you know, filling up our hospitals.
Well now,
We get another set of whistleblowers from the military, and they're using a database called DMED, and that's the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database.
So, this is the premier database in the world for analyzing what's going on with health trends and epidemiology, and it focuses on our soldiers.
So, all the data that's in there comes through a system called DMSS, which is a Defense Medical Surveillance System, and that's the medical records, electronic medical records for all our soldiers.
And DMED is there, and we pay millions of dollars per year for a whole bunch of people to sit and watch DMED, and to watch for injuries, and to watch for trends, and to make sure that it's good, strong, solid data, and that it's real good.
So we had some whistleblowers from the military that had the courage, and here it is.
I'm so glad we got these graphs to you.
This graph that you guys got on the screen right now is from DMED.
And what you'll see is the years there are 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and then 2021.
And what those numbers are is it's a total, it's the total count of ICD codes for each year.
ICD codes being the injuries or, you know, the things that are put into the computer, things that are issues with soldiers, right?
So on a normal year, you have roughly 2 million per year with our soldiers.
In 2021, and I want to point out, you see the downtick in 2020, not an uptick.
The COVID year 2020, there's a downtick, right?
Probably because everybody's locked in their house.
2021, you see a jump by a factor of a thousand percent over average, right?
So what happened?
What's different?
Well, that's the year the vaccines were given.
And by the way, Tom, you've got all the science, the same numbers in Europe, everywhere showing what these Pentagon numbers are showing.
But what's incredible is I anecdotally had a bunch of family die.
I knew a bunch of people that took the shot that died.
My dad almost got killed.
Dr. Malone explains that this created mutations that actually did it.
But the point is, all over the world, when they start the injections, the illnesses and deaths explode.
Absolutely, and this shows that our Defense Department knew it, Fauci and crew knew it, and they continue pushing this, they continue shoving it out there, and continue trying to force our soldiers to be injured and or killed.
This is sick!
This is sick on a level that's mind-blowing.
So we have all this stuff, it's all going to be on Wren's Dash Law as soon as I can get it up there.
We're going to be submitting it to the courts under penalty of perjury.
So our whistleblowers are standing behind this data.
And Alex, this is the incredible part, right?
So this, oh, by the way, this is neurological issues.
You see the neurological diseases?
Then in 2021, we jump up to 863,000, right?
So 80,000, 80,000, 80,000.
It's over a thousand percent of average or 963 percent over average.
It is mind-blowing how high this is jumping.
This is unbelievable, these numbers.
And there's nothing different but the vaccine.
That's it.
And it's just like we've seen everywhere in the world.
So these guys were covering this up and they were hiding it.
Well, guess what happened, Alex?
We go and we make this public and it's blowing up all over the internet.
So, you know, the fact-checkers have to come up with something because, you know, they're bought and paid for by Big Pharma, so they've got to come up with some sort of an excuse somewhere.
They go to the DOD, who I've got three different whistleblowers telling me in the last few days how panicked the DOD is over this, because the truth is coming out.
And it shows that they're aware that they're killing our soldiers.
The DOD comes out and says,
Well, we made a mistake for the last five years.
Now, let me explain that to you.
Now, they could have said, well, we made a mistake in 2021, but that wouldn't have worked well because they want to keep forcing our soldiers to get this.
And so they know that the new baseline for injuries is going to be way high.
So now what's going to happen is they had to go back and they're saying that the premier military database, you know, watching our soldiers' health,
was wrong.
We pay millions of dollars a year for this database.
It was wrong for five years, and they didn't notice until I blew the whistle with a sitting senator.
Then all of a sudden, oh my gosh, we found a mistake.
By the way, that mistake was magically remedied at the end of 2020, even though they didn't know there was a mistake, and fixed in 2021.
We're supposed to believe that these guys didn't notice this mistake, even though we have teams of people whose job it is to watch us.
We're supposed to believe they didn't notice it until I blew the whistle, but even though they hadn't noticed it, somehow it magically got fixed.
We've also seen that graph that we will have next segment, where it shows a hundred countries in the world, off John Hopkins UN numbers, that right when the first shot is given, illnesses explode,
Uh, and then right when the second shot, it goes up even more, and then triple shots, and then Israel, most vaccinated, highest rates of hospitalization, death.
And it just goes down the line.
The more injections, the more death, and they call it COVID.
And then they lie and say, oh, 90 plus percent of people in the hospital are unvaccinated, and you look the numbers up, it's not even true!
It's incredible!
This demonstrates it all.
This is the best information out there.
The best.
There is no question what's happening.
And you know, the next step is, along with submitting this in the courts and everywhere else, we're going to be sending this information to the leaders of the House and the Senate, and we're going to be asking them, hey, are you guys going to hold these people accountable?
Are you going to do something with this?
Are you going to stand with the soldiers and the American people?
Or are you going to continue to be bought out by special interest, Big Pharma, and the billionaire crowd?
Now, we've got all sorts of information, and I plan on asking our House and Senate leadership, hey, how much stock do you have in Big Pharma?
How much do you own?
By the way, your mutual funds, BlackRock, all these guys, how much do they own?
Because having a straw man own it for you doesn't make it any better.
So I want to know how much money these guys are making off of it.
Now, I'm telling you, I'm going to ask.
It's coming.
I'm going to be asking this.
So my advice to you elected officials, sell your stock and get on board here, because it's time for you guys to come clean.
This house of cards is coming down.
I don't just say that to be positive and hoping.
It really is.
I wonder what the hell they're thinking.
Even Melinda Gates is running away right now.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
You can see the statistics.
I mean, you can watch people around you die if they take the shot.
Got a U.S.
Got the article right here.
Took the shot.
Had a massive stroke.
Fighting for his life.
And here's some of the numbers from John Hopkins and UN numbers all over the world.
This is already eight months old.
Everywhere, after you take the shot and then they have the boosters, it just explodes.
Hospitalizations, deaths, you name it.
Tom Renz is one of the most important lawyers out there fighting this tyranny and just doing a great job.
Breaking this down to members of the Senate and the House at these important committee meetings.
And we just cannot thank him enough for what he's doing.
And he's not BSing you.
He's going off the facts that the House of Cards is coming down very, very quickly.
Two weeks ago, we had the head of the UN vaccine program say, don't give it to children.
And it can cause heart attacks.
So they're all trying to cover their ass right now, aren't they?
Quietly coming out, OK, we're going to put on the insert that was blank before it can kill you.
Hey, don't give it to kids.
But then the big companies and the corporate media that's bought off, they just keep pushing, saying it's wonderful.
There's no side effects.
It works perfectly.
It totally protects you, destroying all of their credibility.
How are they going to extricate themselves from this?
And what do you predict coming next?
Well, I gotta tell you, Alex, so I don't think there's a good... I don't think they have an exit plan.
That's part of the reason there's so much panic.
They were hoping this would quietly go away, but now with this, I mean, we're going after justice, right?
I'm a justice guy.
Let me tell you what they're doing.
So you saw right before the break, you guys showed a couple of those graphs, and you saw things that looked like the same graph, but the numbers were different.
Well, that's because once we went public with this, and they said that, oh, we just made that mistake, they went in and started doctoring the database and changing all the numbers.
And they're trying to argue that for five years in this premier database, they were off by a thousand plus percent in some cases.
A thousand!
So, I mean, listen, this isn't like we made an oops.
They're claiming that the premier database in the world that we spend millions of dollars on was off by a thousand plus percent.
It's incredible and it's just stupid.
They're trying to cover their tracks, but everybody knows.
I've talked to so many veterans and current military that have been made to take it.
It's wrecked their lives.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, well, and listen, I mean, it's no wonder, right?
For these guys, they're going to say, well, you know, it's better for us to show it as a glitch or being a little bit off.
And, you know, maybe we wasted some money, but that's better than us going to jail for killing our soldiers.
I mean, listen, Alex, if I point a gun at you and I shoot you in the shoulder and you die.
And I say, well, I wasn't trying to murder you.
I shot you in the shoulder.
I'm still guilty of murder, right?
If I do something that with reckless indifference towards your life and you die, that's murder.
If these guys know, which they do, that these shots have a high and real likelihood of injury or death, they cover it up and force people to get it.
What is that?
What is that?
What has Anthony Fauci done?
What are they doing to our soldiers?
And you know, their fear is what's going to happen.
Because, you know, realistically, as the American people wake up, they're going to demand justice.
And what's justice going to be?
I mean, you know, everybody talks about Nuremberg 2.0.
I don't know what else we could have.
This is a global attack on humanity.
I agree.
Let me add this.
All the politifaction people said it's a lie that maths don't work.
Now it's proven it's a lie.
They're the ones lying.
They're all doubling down, defending and trying to cover this up.
But it's not just
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Oh, well, and Alex, I'm going to tell you one of the real secrets that nobody's talking about is that we've got, remember, we've been talking about whistleblower data for months.
We've had lots of whistleblowers, both on, now we've got on the military side, and this data is incredible.
It's next level.
These guys are heroes.
I mean, absolute heroes.
By the way, I want to make a public statement.
If you screw with my whistleblowers,
If you corrupt monsters, screw with my whistleblowers.
I will see you in court.
I don't care who you are or what you're doing.
You screw with them, I got their back.
And I got a whole team of attorneys now that have this data.
We have backup on backup on backup.
It doesn't matter what you do, we will protect these whistleblowers.
These are American heroes.
So, you know, you're right though.
Everywhere we look,
There's more and more evidence in everything we see.
How many times do these guys have to keep lying and lying and lying before people wake up?
And you know, here's the thing.
You look at my guys, Peter McCullough, Robert Malone,
Yeah, Cole, all these guys.
These guys are heroes.
They're out there fighting.
But look what's happened.
Their reputation's attacked.
They're maligned in the media.
They're not only not making money, they're losing money.
None of us
Unless they're making money on this.
Again, we know they're trying to suppress the truth about this and trying to suppress the illnesses and the problems, but it's coming out everywhere.
So as you said, they don't have an exit plan.
You predicted a lot of this, you know, what would unfold.
You're a smart guy.
What do you see happening next then?
Well, you know, right now, my next step is to ask our elected officials where they're going to stand.
And, you know, they're either going to stand with the corrupt bureaucrats, the billionaire crowd, the drug company and special interests, or they're going to stand with the American people in this election year.
And, you know, I want to know that answer.
Once we see that answer, it'll be interesting.
I wouldn't be surprised to see these people thrown under the bus because that's where they belong.
Now, the question is,
How many people can we make accountable and how far can we get with justice?
My intent is to bring as many bad guys down as I can.
But we will be pushing for accountability and justice in this.
And I'm going to tell you, there's nothing they can do.
We've got this data in so many places and with so many people.
They can't stop this.
And Alex, here's me telling your viewers, guys, if you're not trying to get more people to watch Alex's show,
You're not doing your job.
Everybody says, what can I do to help?
Well, you can share this information and get it out there, okay?
You know, for me, you can pray, you can go to Ren's Dash Law, we've got to give Sen Go, I need some help there, please, you know, but you can share Alex Jones' show.
Alex has been talking about this, but for people like Alex, but for the alternative media that tells the truth, none of this is out there.
Alex, you're a damn hero in this country for being willing to have the courage to speak up.
So, you know, one of the next steps is to make sure every American in this country hears this, is aware of it, and it's time to wake up.
You know, Klaus Schwab wants a Great Reset.
I agree.
We need a Great Reset.
But the Great Reset we need is one that takes us back to freedom, takes us back to our Constitution, wakes people up, makes them realize that they have to stand for our nation, stand for our country, and standing for freedom means fighting for freedom.
You don't roll over when someone tells you you've got to wear a mask.
You don't roll over when they lock you in your house for 14 days.
And you sure as hell don't roll over when they say we're going to inject an experimental jab into your children so you can watch them die over the next 20 years.
Beautifully said.
Do five more minutes with us, my friend, ahead of this NBA player who's fighting all this joining us as well.
But Tom Renz is our guest.
He's out there, probably the most prominent lawyer, getting stuff done, filing suits, getting in front of legislatures, getting in front of committees, just kicking ass.
He's all over the place.
I don't know.
I cannot express enough what he just said.
This is a damn war.
Yeah, we got lots of videos that get a million views every day.
That ain't enough, folks.
We need to reach everybody.
So I'm not mad at you.
I'm saying we're in this together.
If we're going to get out of this, you've got to get aggressive with the Bandai video videos.
And they try to block you sharing that link, so it's futurenews.news.
And you've got to get it out on your email list, your text message, by hand.
Take clips of it.
Put it up everywhere else.
This is an information war.
If you're going to have a covert kill system, you want to be able to give a bunch of people saltwater placebo
And then others, the toxic injection.
And that's what I've seen.
I've talked to military people at the grocery store and gas stations and basically all the military that's active that we've had in here.
We had a Green Beret doctor in here a few weeks ago.
He said, my God, he goes, I've had hundreds of shots over the years.
He's 50 something years old, was in the military in the eighties.
And he says, I have brain fog now.
I've never been this sick after they gave me the two shots.
He goes, I probably can't.
We saw him on air.
He sat right here and talked about it.
He was here with his cool dog because he's working in the task force down on the border for the governor.
And so there he was.
Then we have the Greg Reeves report showing out of these databases, I want to see what our guest thinks of this, that certain areas are being targeted with the more toxic lots of this.
Tom Renz, you're right at the tip of the spear on this.
What do you think is going on here?
Well, it's an experiment in my opinion.
OK, so I've got a lot of evidence on this.
And so I don't mind talking about it.
You know, I don't like talking about it unless I can show it.
But the evidence I've seen is very, very strong, in my opinion, that different lots are different formulations.
Now, whether they're different ingredients or not, I don't know for sure, because naturally everything is super secret.
But we're seeing massive increases in side effects in some lots versus others.
And the analysis that's been done on this, I got a few really, really brilliant scientists that have analyzed the heck out of this, and it really strongly indicates that this is what we all know it is, one giant experiment.
Now, I'm going to tell you, Alex, so some of this stuff, you know, we're not arguing in court, but I, again, I've seen enough evidence that I'm comfortable talking about it.
What we see
Is the money in this is not going towards the COVID shots.
So right now, if they could, I think they would let the COVID shots go away and then just put the money in the gene therapy, which they're already moving into the flu shots, right?
The money is in the gene therapy.
That's where the investment money is.
That's where the global investment is.
That's where all that's going.
So, gene therapy, if you look historically, there's been a lot of talk about this.
They've been trying to get it handled and get it to become mainstream for a long time, but no one would take it.
So, now with this whole COVID nonsense, they've forced people to take these gene therapies.
By the way, I've got Pfizer and Moderna documents openly admitting that these are gene therapies, so I don't need to get into that.
It's from Pfizer, it's from Moderna, they admit it.
It's not disputable, right?
So, what do you do when you put out something new that's untested?
Well, you've got to test it.
So, to me, it looks like they've got different formulations that are going to different places.
And I think that they're literally testing out to try and figure out how to best create and develop this gene therapy stuff.
Now, we've got evidence that I would say is credible.
Of a lot of other things, but it gets out there far enough that I don't feel comfortable talking about it publicly.
Sure, and I spend all day researching this as well, but you're a lawyer, you've got the documents.
They, as you said before they did this, admitted they were going to do gene therapy, and now they say, oh, make flu shots and make other shots mandatory gene therapy, and they even said in 2019, right before this was launched on C-SPAN, with Fauci,
We need a new virus out of China to blow up the old system and make people accept gene therapy.
So you're right, this is all about their revolution of gene therapy.
Yeah, yeah, they've been very clear about that.
I mean, this is really, the money is pushing the gene therapy and you've got to understand that the money and the power is pushing genetic therapy.
Now why is that so important?
That I can't prove.
But what I can tell you is that's where it's going, that's what they're pushing for.
And, you know, they've already tried to integrate this into the flu shot.
So if you're getting the flu shot, I think next year, I don't know if it's in this year or not, there'll be gene therapy in it.
So, you know, they're going to try and quietly have the COVID vaccines, you know, maybe we get justice, maybe they don't.
But what they're going to try and hold on to is the gene therapy.
So just FYI, guys, we'll be suing over that too.
You know, we do know what they're doing.
We're going to fight them every step of the way.
That's why we need your support.
So please do support us at Renz-Law.com and our gifts on GoAndAll.com.
Sir, this is so big.
Join me again tomorrow or on the Sunday show.
I want to do a full hour on this.
Tom Renz, thank you so much.
Incredible information.
And he's totally right.
Thank you, sir.
It is a total genetic corporate takeover.
In their own words, they admit all this.
And thank God he's out there fighting.
Stay with us.
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There is a fight against humanity happening around the world.
And do you want to be on the side of the eugenicists, the death cult, the Nazis 2.0, or do you want to be on the side of humanity?
A couple weeks ago,
The co-owner of the NBA's Warriors, we played the clip like five times, we'll play it again coming up next segment.
He said, I don't care about these three million people in death camps being used as slave labor.
I don't care about, they don't even rise to my beautiful mind.
Remember when Herbert Walker Bush's wife said, I don't even care about those dead Iraqis.
They don't even, they don't even rise to my beautiful mind.
Well, he made the same sick, psychotic statement of no empathy.
And then at the time, I said, can you please get Royce White on?
Because he was out there eloquently speaking out against this and even being attacked some places.
Like, how dare you not want slave camps in China?
So he's an author.
He's got, you know, an amazing background.
To go over his whole bio would take a long time.
Been a big successful person in the NBA and now is doing mixed martial arts as well.
He's born and raised in Twin Cities, Minnesota.
He's currently a professional athlete, former NBA player in a professional mixed martial arts.
He's the author, political activist, and he's been outspoken on issues such as mental health, the Uyghurs, the CCP.
Man, it's an honor to be here, and I want to say thank you for all the work you've been doing.
And honestly, man, it's an absolute honor.
I appreciate the time.
And first, we'll get to Chalmers in a second, and I'm glad we got a little bit of time because I want to be able to flesh this out.
A little bit from the ground up of where I'm coming from on this issue and many of these issues.
I know a lot about you, obviously, but but many people in your audience and you probably don't know very much about me.
And that's a deliberate effort on behalf of the establishment.
So I first arrived in the public eye as an All-American athlete, playing basketball.
And I first entered into the public discourse
I don't know.
I didn't really want to have a conversation about mental health in terms of how much treatment, adequate treatment, the players were getting, although that was lacking and it was in need of some type of addressing in the NBA ecosystem.
But that wasn't the central theme of what I was trying to convey, although the mainstream media took what I was doing, advocating for, and kind of morphed it, as you've seen and as we've all seen the mainstream media do.
And so what I was trying to convey was something more like mental health is the greatest social issue we face.
And there's an epidemic of mental illness that is fast on the rise and going to explode in the years to come.
And also I was trying to say the NBA represents a global corporate community.
Professional sports represents a global corporate community.
It's the watering hole for a global corporate community.
And mental health is a way to say the human condition where mind, body and spirit converge into our perceivable existence.
So how the corporate world feels about the human condition is a great indicator of the overall health of our society, right?
And I was blackballed for that, right?
And ever since I've been fighting the establishment and I guess back then I had this arrogant and naive belief
That the troubles I was having in trying to discuss mental health policy with the NBA came from some lack of knowledge on their end.
There were all these doctors and people around in this conversation behind the scenes that were really perplexed at the NBA's resistance towards a mental health policy, because mental health wasn't full-blown in the mainstream yet, but it was on the move, right?
And by the way, I totally agree with you.
The number one issue is mental health.
We can all see it in our lives.
I mean, everybody's disintegrating.
I mean, we are in trouble.
And so and what I realized in retrospect, this was about five years after this initial scuffle between me and the NBA and around policy.
And again, arrogantly as a 21 year old, I'm sitting there thinking, you know, maybe there's something I can communicate to them that they're just not getting that this is the greatest issue of our time.
And there's a conversation that needed to be had.
But five or six years later, around when big tech started to admit
That their growth model was to go after the psychological vulnerability of common people.
It all clicked for me that, of course, the NBA didn't want to have a role in spearheading a genuine mental health conversation because the entire growth model of this global corporatocracy was predicated around them exploiting the vulnerabilities in the human psychology.
And an information warfare.
And here I am today, happy to be on InfoWars, and I've watched you a lot, and I know you've talked about that a lot.
And as I went through that, I started to look out at people who the establishment and the corporatocracy had tried to silence.
Whether it be you, whether it be Minister Louis Farrakhan, whether it be a guy now like Robert Malone, or Steve Bannon, or, you know, Peter McCullough, or whoever these guys are.
If you go look at who they're shutting down and trying to put in prison, that's the truth tellers.
Those are all the truth tellers.
And I was kind of on that initial wave, although my story never really got a lot of traction.
A lot of people would say, well, you were the Colin Kaepernick before the Colin Kaepernick.
It's like, well, not really, because the issue I was talking about didn't come with all of the conflation, like racism.
It was more straight down the middle.
And they had plans to exploit this more directly.
Yeah, that's kind of the background story.
Kaepernick's a rabbit hole or a rabbit trail.
You're going right at the issue.
Hey, we're falling apart.
And then you learn, as I learned too, Facebook documents come out where they want to make you depressed.
They want to control you.
They want to make you alone.
And they're hitting everybody.
They don't care what color you are.
They're coming after everybody's children.
I mean, you think of the growth model and, you know, you saw a guy like Chamath who now says, well, we don't care about the Uyghurs.
He's the same guy that was in the clip.
During the I forgot what the documentary was, but it was basically the social media whistleblowers controlled opposition documentary.
And he came right out and said, listen, we went after the dopamine.
So instead of now, and I say now that, you know, a lot of people are concerned about the cartels in South America and the crisis on our Texas border.
And I agree that we have one.
I believe in the nation state.
I believe in borders, but make no mistake about it.
The biggest drug dealers are in Silicon Valley and the biggest drug is produced inside your mind already with the dopamine, you know, sensors and transport.
So, you know, this was all by design and we are now in a full blown mental health crisis.
And you can see it with liberalism, of course, but you can see it across the political spectrum as well, whether it be self-doubt, you know, being timid, being fearful, being faithless, all of these things are what Robert Malone called, you know, mass form psychosis.
So it's really profound for me to be able to look back at my own story and say, man, I entered into this public conversation talking about mental health and now we're in a full-blown mental health crisis.
Well, that's right.
So you instinctively saw the problem and then tried to help.
And then when they oppose you, same thing happened to me.
Then you learned who they were and what they were doing by trying to do good and then being blocked by them.
And then, and then, and then understanding the bigger picture.
Is that what you're saying?
A hundred percent.
And even more so, I think there is a, you know, I think a lot of people miss how evil spirit-ness coalesces.
And the intuition of people who are working on behalf of evil forces, right?
It's did David Stern and the Wall Street crew in DC and Hollywood and all of these different institutions know exactly or the central banks.
Did they know exactly how Facebook and the whole big tech movement plan to to roll out?
There's another example.
Maybe not directly, maybe not every individual, but there is a tilt and an intuition toward evil spiritness and in that
They saw it fit to blackball a young man like myself who had the talent and skill to play at the highest level in order to preserve
The effort that they had planned in the future.
All right, former NBA player and current Mixed Martial Arts fighter Royce White is here.
And I was familiar with his work even though I didn't really follow the NBA in the last 20 plus years.
I'm just focused on what's happening with the New World Order.
I followed it before that.
I was a big sports guy.
I definitely liked basketball and football and golf, baseball, everything.
But I stopped watching it over 20 years ago just to focus on the news.
But he's right.
The real brainwashing, the real political power is in the sports.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Yeah, well I mean, I think that evil forces have a way of coalescing.
And they have a way of building a natural intuition of people who lack metaphysical faith in God and want to move in a direction further away from God.
And I think that the New World Order is largely predicated on that evil force.
Yes, there is direct conspiracy and we should never forget that and never overlook that because the evidence of that is right in front of our face.
But they're also, what I like to say is,
When the evidence can't be found, we can look at the metaphysical to understand how evil forces conspire.
Please continue, that's powerful.
Well, yeah, and I think a guy like Chamath, you know, I don't know how high up he is in this.
He doesn't strike me as a huge force, a huge decision-maker in this entire movement.
But his natural just brazen attitude towards the Uyghurs seemed more spiritual to me.
And again, I'm not privy to exactly how involved Chamath is with this New World Order agenda.
But as I see it, the New World Order is a five-headed hydra of the West.
We're good to go.
All of them, whether directly involved with people like Klaus Schwab and all the Bill Gates or all of these globalists, you know, out-out-outedly, admittedly globalist pushers, they seem to be privy to try and, you know, shill or cover up for China when the time comes.
And when Chamath is asked about the Uyghurs, he just brazenly says, look, I don't care.
And I don't, again, I don't know if that's direct, him being in collaboration at the highest level of this agenda, or if he's just in spirit
You know, moving further and further away from God.
And in spirit is even more important being inspired by the evil and by that wavelength than even consciously being part of it.
But I think he's been told, shut up, go along with it.
So he decided to love it.
But he shows real hate in his eyes.
His eyes gleam when he's like, I don't care about you.
They don't even rise up to my, like they're trash.
They're not even, they don't even exist.
So that's very evilly spoken.
I mean, he didn't just say, well, that's not my issue.
He, he kind of showed an enjoyment in that they're not human to him.
Troubling coming from a, you know, I said on my Oh My God Jason Whitlock show the other day, we have to be very mindful of these 40 year old, you know, mid 40 year old cosmopolitan, omnisexual, atheist billionaires, right?
And their, their, their incoherence and logic is actually quite profound.
I mean, this guy is
He's an immigrant himself.
He comes from a refugee geopolitical situation.
Like, you know, let's just say the same thing about the situation that your people were in.
But that's how they view the world.
It's relative.
It's all a moral selectiveness that they can determine whenever they want to suit their own needs.
And right now, the needs for him are to ride a global agenda which expands market and creates this monopolistic sort of synergy amongst evil forces, amongst atheists.
But then also, right, it's the chips in Taiwan.
So he'll say, we don't care about the Uyghurs, but we are concerned about Taiwan.
There's nothing more assaulting to the intelligence of free people everywhere than when an oligarch says something like that.
And the way you said it, they flip on the morals when they want and flip them off when they want.
And that's what so many of them say, is that I decide when I care, I decide when I don't.
I notice that's a hallmark of these people.
Arbitrary rule changes, arbitrary morality is a hallmark of authoritarianism and it's a hallmark of evil spiritness.
How do we counter that?
Well, I think we have to make a decision right now about American citizenship, to be honest.
I think American citizenship is the first and last line of defense
Against tyranny and against evil around the world.
And right now, Americans have really dropped the ball in understanding how our citizenship is being taken from us every day.
It's sort of this quid pro quo, and I see it on the right as well.
To me, the left's political ideology is something like, we have to create a man-made solution to deal with all of our existential anxiety, which ultimately comes from them being too far from God.
On the right, you have a metaphysical anchor in some respects, although all of us who say we're Christian or believers in God aren't necessarily good Christians or firm believers in God.
But the right-wingers do something like they have a hyper-inflated belief in the state.
They don't understand that when lawmakers become corrupt,
And the people who enforce the law are also corrupt, and it all undermines the rule of law.
So they have too much belief in the state, i.e.
the situation with police and how there was this, you know, profound police lives matter, thin blue lines, support our police, support our troops.
But we all know when the time comes and authoritarianism is at its peak,
The police and the troops who just take marching orders are going to be the ones forcibly vaccinating you and your kids.
That's where you got the Cube Movement as well.
The government can't be bad.
It's got to be a secret magic group.
Everything's really okay because for right-wingers, they had made the state God because we were the Christian country.
We really weren't.
And they'd understand individually they made it the nation that was strong.
And so they had to be delusional because it was too scary to admit, no, the government's captured.
Because then you got to actually do something about it.
Well, yeah, and my point is, you know, and I'll say this here, I led all of the peaceful protests here in Minneapolis after George Floyd was murdered.
But I'm not a part of the Black Lives Matter organization in any regard.
Actually, I vehemently oppose all of their cultural and community methods.
And I know that it's a part of a bigger agenda, race is this new three-card Monte, as well as gender and feminism, too.
But I will say this.
Black Lives Matter has the right energy, they have the wrong ideas, and they have a poor, a bad motivation, a wicked motivation.
Well sure, you got Soros and the Globalists, one of the street cred, coming out and manipulating groups of people that actually have real issues and real beef.
And here's what the right has done, and I think it's, this has dropped the ball, even for the populist movement, which I'm a fire-breathing populist.
Steve Bannon is a mentor of mine, and I support him, and I support the populist movement 100%.
But here's what the right has done.
The right has tried to, in a full swipe, denounce BLM.
I totally agree, Royce White.
Instead of going in and recruiting all these people to be the revolution of populism, no, it then disregards all their real issues and then just basically negates it.
We'll be right back.
So I don't want to just make claims, because some people might not have heard this a month ago.
It was a top story.
Chamath Palahathapathy, I'm probably pronouncing that wrong,
I don't know.
Nobody cares about what's happening to the weakers, okay?
You bring it up because you really care, and I think that's nice that you care.
The rest of us don't care.
I'm just telling you a very hard ugly truth, okay?
Of all the things that I care about, yes, it is below my line.
Okay, of all the things that I care about, it is below my line.
Now, what did George Soros say in that 60 Minutes interview?
He said, well, if I wouldn't have helped round up the Jews, somebody else would have done it.
So like the market, I just picked the winning side.
When everyone has that attitude, we all get enslaved and destroyed.
That's conquest versus civilization.
And so it's this attitude of it's not my problem.
I'm not going to worry about it.
Well, then what is your problem?
I mean, do I stand up for you if somebody's trying to kill you?
It's just such a soulless disconnection and that whatever the satanic force is, the devil behind it, but however people see that in their mind, it is funding and creating and promoting these type of little
Pathetic jellyfish.
And I'm not putting him down because he looks wimpy.
I mean, I'm probably wimpy compared to you.
But the point is, there's something about these little, weird, effeminate, chicken-neck men.
In fact, it's not right to say effeminate, because they're not like women.
Women are powerful.
They're like these weird, metrosexual wimps who also then love tyranny.
Like Tim Cook, it makes me sick.
Well, first I'll say, the Uyghur genocide is one of the defining issues, if not the defining issue of our time.
It's a litmus test for all of our ideas about justice and freedom.
And for an institution like the NBA and many of its owners and oligarchs that surround it, who want to make claims about social justice and human welfare and global eradication of suffering,
They certainly have missed the mark with the Uyghur genocide, and I think it should be a huge indicator to all of us.
But, you know, I believe that when you become demoralized, right, before the mass form psychosis comes demoralization.
And when you become demoralized, oftentimes you'll opt for tyranny.
These people crave tyranny.
They want it for themselves.
But in their lack of ability to manifest tyranny for themselves because they're too weak to really run roughshod over the people around them, they'll just jump onto a tyrannical bandwagon.
And that's Chamath, and that's the ethos of this entire beta project that has risen to the top of a new era.
Royce, I'm not kicking your ass.
I'm kissing your ass.
You are so damn on target, because I always mean to try to articulate that.
The way you're explaining that is so true.
These people are weak, and they get reflected glory out of evil, and feel like when bad stuff's happening, because they pretend and agree with it, that somehow they're winning when they're not.
That is the heart of this, that these people serve something that will destroy them in the end, because they're missing their soul.
They're like not connected.
They're demoralized, like you said.
I mean, tyranny is the friend of the lost, right?
And we see that way.
And I know that personally, because let's use gangs, for example, in the inner cities and black communities, right?
There is a gravity towards this sort of moral relativistic
Do whatever it takes to survive.
It's me or you, right?
And if I can find people who have lost their soul and they feel that sense of, you know, that loss of civility and morality, then I feel more comfortable next to them than I do standing up for freedom and justice.
And in the same way, you could say that the police departments have fallen victim to that under this corporatocracy, that I'm going to just do my job.
I'm going to just follow orders.
But the reality is that, like you said, the people who are getting
Targeted by the establishment, silenced, deplatformed, blackballed.
Those are the people who need to rise up and be the leaders in this next generation or else we will perish.
I could ask a lot of questions, but you've got a lot of points to make.
Where else should we go here?
You know, the one that's really been troubling me the most is obviously the vaccine mandates.
For me, I led the protests around the George Floyd situation, and I knew from watching the situation from afar, as it pertains to politics and corporatocracy and all these things, that that moment was going to be used to again further hijack what should be a very populist movement.
And so I led a protest, for example, from US Bank Stadium, where the Vikings play here in Minneapolis, to the front door of the Federal Reserve.
And there are only 12 Federal Reserves, and we have one in Minneapolis.
And that never made the mainstream media headlines, but people took notice.
And that's kind of how I got hooked up with Steve Bannon and other populist figures around the country.
But, you know, I heard people say the whole system is guilty, you know, F the police, tear the whole system down.
Three months later, you know, they were all in support and in favor and even willing to fight on behalf of a medical-industrial complex that is patently the system.
And the fact that they can't separate the medical-industrial complex from the rest of the system shows you how well the psychological warfare has, well, how successful the psychological warfare has been.
And we have to fight back again.
I mean, we just have to dig our heels in.
We have to stop being so civil, especially on the right, especially in the GOP, especially in the Republican Party.
Stop being so civil.
Stop believing that we can appeal to reason and logic because certain forces in this world are not interested in reason or logic.
It's not enough.
And I love Tucker Carlson.
I think he's got his finger right over the target as well, but it's not enough to just debunk the logical fallacy because many of them aren't interested in logic anyway.
Who's going to report to the front line when tyranny really rises?
Me, I'll be there.
And I'll be there alone if need be.
I know you'll be there.
I know there are a good number of people in our society that will be there when the time comes.
And we have to get coordinated.
We have to invest as much energy
We're good to go.
Literally think that if they network, somebody's wanting money or something.
We need money to operate.
Sure, I want money, but it's on my hierarchy of needs.
It's not even near the top.
I'm trying to network and empower everybody.
I don't care if Joe Rogan's bigger than me.
In fact, I just hope he gets more hardcore.
I don't care if Tucker Carlson's huge.
I want him to be.
And they figure that out, but so many other people, they still think it's about a competition between us.
We're in a war against the globalists.
Look, I believe that the neoliberal globalist agenda has hijacked the status quo, right?
They've hijacked the status quo, and now their plan or their strategy is to hold that position by creating an ever-expanding middle, and they're going to use a twin turbo engine
Of the ever-expanding definition of gender.
Oh, yeah.
And the ever-expanding definition of sexual misconduct.
And it's not that everybody's going to subscribe to those lifestyles or those ideologies, but they're going to be forced to bend the knee through civil normalcy.
And I think we saw Joe Rogan almost, you know, sort of waver on that.
And it's not Joe's fault.
We need to become more coordinated and more binded
For a populist movement to let Joe know that he will never, he should never have to bend and conform to the establishment.
No, I totally agree.
Cause he came out and said, you guys have been wrong about the mask and the vaccine, everything, but I'm sorry, I'm not smart.
I'll do better.
I'm sorry.
But I mean, that's him.
That's I know Joe.
Well, that's, that's him giving the Satanist what they think is a victory.
It's kind of a judo move he's doing.
Uh, but, uh, I mean, I'm not going to try to judge Joe cause he's come so far, but yeah, you're right.
Yeah, I mean, I like Joe.
I've been a fan of Joe.
I think you and Joe's podcast is probably the best podcast in history.
But at the end of the day, I think it's a two-prong issue.
One, Joe has to find the courage in his own heart to know just how much of a crisis this is, which I think he does to some extent.
But each battle has a bigger impact on the overall war.
But us as the people around Joe, and people like Bannon, and people like yourself, and people like Minister Louis Farrakhan, or Dave Chappelle, we have to get louder, as loud as the church of LGBTQ, and let them know that we are here to support them, and that regardless of whether or not the establishment goes after them, we will be there to support them and fight alongside of them.
Royce White, folks.
We'll come back on the other side and give you his website.
Very impressive stuff.
Stay with us.
All right, final segment with our guests and Paul Watson takes over.
I want to invite Royce White back anytime he wants.
I'm starting to do commercial-free podcasts that got a lot of viewers.
We'll invite him back to that and to come on any other shows or host a fourth hour or something like that.
Royce White is at RoyceWhite.substack.com.
Yes, sir.
I 100% agree with you.
I think, you know, part of this entire big tech social media movement has been to make
Common people docile.
The common folk have continued to vote and purchase against their own interests now for many, many election cycles.
So that's one issue.
But I think the biggest issue, in my opinion, is Christians right now.
Our Christian brethren, brothers and sisters, especially on the right in America in the Republican Party, for example, seem to have this view or approach that says when all is said and done, God will sort it out.
You hear Jesus is coming back.
These are the end times.
God has the final say.
Of course, I agree with those things.
I'm a Christian.
I grew up Catholic.
But they seem to have overlooked that there are righteous and divine wars.
And once again, the criticism on BLM is for the logical fallacy that does exist.
But it's also to weasel their way out of a righteous and divine war that needs to be fought physically, possibly.
out in the streets in this country.
And that's something that I caution us towards.
Yes, God will have the final say, but he's also equipped us with the knowledge and the faith and the spirit to know when it's time to actually fight a righteous and divine war.
I one billion percent agree that Faith Without Works is dead and God is in charge, just like the sun makes plants grow.
But we're the plants.
We're supposed to interface with that.
And we have a job to do to oppose this evil and take action against it.
We can't just sit back and say, well, I'm not going to breathe because God ought to do it for me.
No, you got to breathe or you're going to, I mean, I'm not going to get up and cook my breakfast.
I'm not going to get up and mow the lawn.
I'm not going to get up and change the baby diaper.
No, you've got to do that.
God ought to do that.
God helps those that help themselves.
Then God gives us the inspiration and the discernment and the spirit to prevail if we have courage, because God hates cowards.
And the question we should all ask ourselves is what we should put on trial internally, which is why mental health is probably still the greatest social issue we face.
The mental health topic is the one that forces you to look in the mirror.
And in looking in the mirror, we have to ask ourselves, are we refraining from the divine and righteous war because we think God has a better or bigger plan?
Or are we really interested in our own sins?
And I think a lot of it, especially in the GOP establishment,
With the neocons and the rhinos and many of those who are still on the fence and against Donald Trump and, you know, all of those things.
I think many people are still interested in their own sins, more so than they are doing the work of God.
Well, that's how it works.
If you have sin, it blocks you from God.
And then the Holy Spirit says, get out of the way.
I'll take control.
And then you don't want to get the sin out of the way.
So then God can't come through.
Absolutely, absolutely.
Look, I know there are many good people, great people who don't believe in God, but us as Christians, we do.
Here's part of what the globalist move is, and I think Christians aren't privy to this yet, or they don't see the urgency in that.
In a global society where citizenship is lifted, and you have the rise of an atheist movement, the two billion Christians that are a majority demographic now become a minority.
And while all of these leftist movements want to talk about the persecution of women, of black people, of Latinos, of minorities, the LGBTQ, and whoever else they want to say, which is really a three-card Monte, the next people to get rounded up in this country and around the world are going to be Christians, or believers in God, let's say.
And the example has already taken place in China, and their capitulation and their support of China is an indicator of what's to come for the rest of us.
Well, Royce, you said it.
They're either going to be unified by Christ and that energy, or going to be unified by something else, the beast, the Antichrist, which is a global social credit score AI surveillance grid that when you follow its directives like a robot, it lets you live and have food, but you've given up your free will and gone beyond a slave.
And so that's really it.
God gives us the Holy Spirit, real power, all the gifts, everything that's good, but it's going to come against that, and it's going to say, we can see it now manifesting, but it's also in Revelation,
Our world would be perfect.
We could all unify spiritually and be one mind if we just had these Christians out of the way.
And that's what the Satanists actually say in their deeper writings.
Not, you know, naked cheerleaders, devils, race cars.
That's not really the devil, folks.
But it is total unification of thought under its spirit and its control.
And they believe once they've killed all the Christians, then the utopia begins because they can sync with Lucifer.
Right, right.
And what Chamath did there, you know, you can just imagine your Henry Kissinger's and your Klaus Schwab's making the phone call and saying, man, would somebody get this kid Chamath under control?
Because he's trying to pull the mask off too directly.
And we're not ready for that all out assault on the two billion Christians just yet.
But that was playing with that energy.
And, you know, the West, though, the West has four heresies, four particular heresies throughout history.
Okay, the first was a scientific method, then you had democracy, then you had computer technology, and the fourth is going to be artificial intelligence.
And all of it is this attempt to reconcile the gap between us and God through man-made invention.
And I say that because I think there are people who are good scientists.
I think there are people who believe in democracy.
I think there's utility to computers.
I think artificial intelligence may even have a place in our society.
But the overall commitment to them, the indoctrination, the dogma of these four heresies is really an indicator of our distance from God and our distance from goodness, really.
And that's why all of these industries and their success and their market share is really predicated on one central human downfall, impulse, right, and temperance.
And that's what Christian doctrine teaches.
It's one of the four cardinal sins, right?
But it's porn, social media, drugs, the list goes on and on and on, and temperance, impulse, giving away to your fleshly needs, right?
And not having a real sense of self and a sense of a bigger picture or metaphysical.
You're absolutely right, and they're trying to get us to give up that higher connection and just plug into it.
But if we look at all those things you mentioned, because we're a republic, we're not a democracy, all of them destroy the individual and enslave us in the end.
So they all sound great, they all look good, they all have things that work, but there's an evil force using those to knit them together to destroy us and make us weak.
And they all suggest that.
No goodness in earth can ever again come from the individual.
That it all has to come through this authoritarian, totalitarian edict, right?
And that's the real bait and switch.
That we're the only ones who can usher in goodness, right?
And that's a direct heresy of God in the first place.
But again, that that's kind of the ethos of this.
No, you're right.
It's putting AI and the technocrats that run it.
That's like THX 1138 as God.
It's just it's like this superclass is God.
And then they're like the worst people ever.
There is no God.
We are God.
We will decide what's good and what's wrong.
We will be the arbiters of morality.
And when we need to, we'll be selective because some of you just aren't as valuable.
As we are, like the Uyghurs.
And we need to move forward with our agenda.
And if the Uyghurs stand in the way between our relationship with the CCP and the greater good they could bring about in our futurist technocrat world, then the Uyghurs are no mas.
Why do you think they're trying to wipe them out?
Obviously, they want the land.
I know they rape the women and make them, you know, have Chinese babies.
But why do they really want to wipe them out?
Well, I think they were a vulnerable population.
And I think that China sees them as, you know, it's called testing the waters.
And I was watching, you know, studying up for today and going back and looking at some of your work.
You said that they test you with some of these things, like when they put something in the paper or a magazine and they float an idea that they plan on really going after, they want to see what the people will do.
So they took a vulnerable population like the Uyghurs and they said, let's see how the world will react during a second Holocaust or a second global genocide.
Let's see where we are today.
The George Floyd one almost brought things to the brink, but the race issue divided the true populist movement that needed to emerge out of that situation.
See, my view on the state, the reason why I view George Floyd as a pertinent issue, is because the state has a monopoly on violence.
And the monopoly on violence is the proper mechanism for the state.
I actually believe that the state should have a monopoly on violence, as long as there isn't an abundance of corruption.
And the abundance of corruption is what makes George Floyd's murder and a cop or the actions of police officers so detrimental to the rule of law and justice and democracy and freedom.
Royce White, if you can, we're going to break for two minutes.
Come back and do five more minutes with us.
I want to ask you a few more questions and then Paul Joseph Watson takes over.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com and Bandai Video.
Only way these articles get out is you share them.
Well, there's a lot of great men out there, and we're not singling out women and saying you're not important, but in history, it's men that are designed and made to stand up against corrupt forces.
And that's why they've tried to remove men from the equation.
But we've got an amazing man, Royce White of RoyceWhite.substack.com here with us, former NBA player, current MMA fighter.
But really, I like him because he's a smart guy and he understands what's going on.
He's fighting back.
In closing,
What do you think Biden's going to pull in the next 278 days for the election?
What do you think is going on with Russia?
Just big picture, gut level.
What are you most concerned about?
Because obviously, I think the globalists are in big trouble.
Their system's falling apart.
But we know biblically, that's why they try to take over is to stay in power.
So it's this constant process.
And then they get their Antichrist for just a short period.
It's collapsing even as they build it.
Well, I think the great mechanism is fear right now, right?
You don't have enough power as a citizen or as an individual to really make a dent in what we have planned.
And that's why, you know, I think you will see more and more institutions, more and more people who have credentials, you know, people who are doctors such as Dr. Robert Malone, and they will sound the alarms that will wake up smaller groups of people.
But ultimately, the globalist agenda is arrogant.
It's it's
Motivated, and it will move forward through these checkpoints, and as it gets resistance, it will become more tyrannical.
It will double down on tyranny, and the actions will become more drastic.
That's already what really happened in these last... You just said it.
It's setting up the checkpoints of total enslavement right now.
It's putting us in the cage right now.
And folks, they're not just putting us in a cage to be nice to us.
They're going to hurt us once we're in the cage.
Absolutely, and that's why I want to go back and address one thing and make it very clear.
I don't necessarily believe that those who may have been involved in a Black Lives Matter agenda, that the right or that the populist movement can reconcile the ideological gaps.
What I do know to be a fact is that there are many people who have been voting Democrat for a long time, many people who were out there protesting for George Floyd, who don't even know what the Uyghurs are, who don't even know what the Federal Reserve is and how it functions.
Now, do they have a spirit of
That leans towards sin and in that they are more prone to gravitate towards leftist ideologues?
But there are some on that side that can come into the fold and expand what is needed as a real genuine populist revolution in this country.
And I'm there and I was there to go in and get whatever voices that were left in that
I'm very disappointed.
You know, I have a friend of the family that's an NBA ref
And he asked for a religious exemption for the vaccine mandate for the referees there in the NBA.
And he was told by the NBA that, hey, the Pope says the vaccine is good.
So even the Pope now has been weaponized in his centrism, I'll say, to put it nicely.
In his centrism, his words have been weaponized to force citizens to get vaccinated.
And that shows you just how high up and how widespread the lack of courage is.
Well, exactly.
It's the new sacrament.
It's GMO secret concoctions into our bodies to be able to buy and sell.
It is literally revelation coming true.
And I say we've got to stop it, folks.
We're in a fight.
You have the biggest awakening ever during this period.
And then God comes in and wins at the end.
But we're in that fight.
We're on the team.
And we've got to stand up because this is all a big test.
I want to thank you so much for joining us.
The website, RoyceWhite.substack.com.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, brother, for having me.
I appreciate it.
Huge fan.
Keep going, brother.
We appreciate you.
God bless you, brother.
Please come back anytime you want.
Wow, that was a powerful hour!
Another powerful 55 minutes is coming up with Paul Joseph Watson.
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We are live, it is the Summit News Hour and we've got a lot of news to cover this hour as ever.
First though, I'm going to get into what should be the biggest story in the world right now.
It isn't.
There's basically no mainstream media coverage whatsoever.
The day after this came out, the day after it proved us right in everything that we've been saying about this pandemic, about this lockdown for the past two years,
The kind of stuff that goes viral, the kind of stuff that gets fact-checked by the esteemed information authorities, the Ministry of Truth, is never this kind of information because they can't fact-check it, they can't debunk it, they can only distract from it and that's precisely what's happened in the media landscape over the past two days.
And I'm talking about not just one study,
But a major meta-analysis of 24 different studies proving that lockdown had no impact whatsoever on preventing death, on stopping the spread of the pandemic.
This is Johns Hopkins University study.
This is up on summit.news.
Lockdowns have had little to no public health effects and, quote, imposed enormous economic and social costs.
Again, this came out two, three days ago.
It's received nowhere near the coverage, the traction that it fundamentally deserves.
And I'm going to get into it in depth because we can't let them just brush over this.
This proves everything we've said right in triplicate.
They can't dismiss it as the rantings of fake news conspiracy theorists.
They can't fact check it.
Again, they can only distract from it.
A new study out of the renowned John Hopkins University has concluded
That global lockdowns have had a much more detrimental impact on society than they have produced any benefit, with researchers urging that they are ill-founded and should be rejected.
That's a quote.
Lockdowns from Johns Hopkins University are quote, ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.
This is what we were saying before the first lockdown.
Why are we locking down the healthy?
Why are we not just protecting the vulnerable?
That's what we've done in every instance previously.
Why are we following China's draconian communist restrictions?
Only now, as the World Economic Forum moves towards its Great Reset Agenda.
Well, we know why, but this proves it in triplicate and that's why it's being ignored.
The study was authored by Jonas Herby, Special Advisor at the Centre for Political Studies in Copenhagen, Denmark, and a bunch of other experts which we list in this article, which by the way is the master article of all the top experts who we've been desperately trying to showcase, to amplify, telling the public, warning the public, that lockdowns are causing more harm than good.
Esteemed experts
Not expert enough for the mainstream media, the kind of experts that get deplatformed and silenced even though their credibility is beyond question.
The authors wrote, quote, well it's meta-analysis and again it's 24 different studies across the world that they're looking at.
Includes that lockdowns have had little to no public health effects.
They have imposed enormous economic and social costs where they have been adopted.
That's getting into poverty, that's getting into hunger, and it's not even getting into the vast number of people who have missed treatments, been denied cancer treatments, treatments for all these other horrible illnesses, as the entire health industry went 100% COVID.
COVID obsession!
The focus of the study, according to the authors, was to quote, determine whether there is empirical evidence to support the belief that lockdowns reduce COVID-19 mortality.
They define lockdowns as any government mandate that directly restricts people's possibilities, such as politics that limit internal movement, close schools and businesses, and ban international travel.
They further noted that, quote, To answer our question, we focused on studies that examine the actual impact of lockdowns on COVID-19 mortality rates based on a number of different factors.
Did lockdowns reduce COVID deaths?
The conclusion of this esteemed study of 24 different studies
Is no.
Quote, lockdowns have had little to no effect on COVID-19 mortality.
That's it.
That's your narrative gone.
Rubber stamped, thrown out in the bin.
More specifically, index studies find that lockdowns in Europe and the United States only reduce COVID-19 mortality by 0.2% on average.
And then when you factor in all the missed cancer screenings, appointments, people not being able to see specialists for their myriad of health morbidities,
Which pre-existed COVID, existed during the lockdowns and will exist at an exacerbated level far, far into the future, thanks to lockdown, doesn't even include the impact of that.
And even absent all that, 0.2% impact on COVID-19 mortality, without all the attendant devastation that lockdowns have caused.
It adds shelter-in-place orders were also ineffective, only reducing COVID-19 mortality by 2.9% on average.
Further noting specific non-pharmaceutical intervention studies also find no broad-based evidence of noticeable effects on COVID-19 mortality.
And what do they mean by non-pharmaceutical intervention?
Specifically, masks.
Mandates which are still in place in numerous states across the United States, across Europe, across the world,
They've now had no effect whatsoever, yet they still claim that masks work.
There's literally no study that says they have any meaningful impact.
Never has been for the entire two years of the pandemic.
The authors conclude, I quote,
They analysed lockdown versus no lockdown, face masks, closing non-essential businesses, border closures, school closures and limiting gatherings, and also found, quote, no broad-based evidence of noticeable effects on COVID-19 mortality.
That's it!
Bottom line, 24 different global studies, esteemed experts looking at it from a perspective, a meta-analysis of all those studies, and they found no evidence that lockdowns prevent the spread of the virus, and in fact the psychological, the catastrophic health impacts that lockdowns have had on the population.
As we've quoted top experts as saying, we'll kill more people than the lives saved by lockdown, which according to this, at best, was 0.2%.
And again, I say this is the master article for this because
We've quoted numerous other experts who we've been amplifying for the past two years, including Professor Carol Socorro, an NHS consultant oncologist, who said there would be 50,000 excess deaths from cancer as a result of the first lockdown, not even including the ones after it.
Professor Richard Sullivan, his title is literally Professor of Cancer.
He's an expert.
He's one of your vaunted esteemed experts.
Also warned there'll be more excess cancer deaths in the UK than total coronavirus deaths due to people's access to screenings and treatment being restricted as a result of lockdown.
Peter Nielsen, Swedish Professor of Internal Medicine and Epidemiology, said it's so important to understand that the deaths of COVID-19 will be far less than the deaths caused by societal lockdown when the economy is ruined.
We also flashed back to a major study by German scientists at Munich University who found that lockdowns had no effect on reducing Germany's coronavirus infection rate.
Quote, no direct connection between the German lockdown and falling infection rates in the country.
No correlation whatsoever, yet they did it again, again, again, and again.
He previously reported on academics from Duke, Harvard and Johns Hopkins, concluding there could be around a million excess deaths over the next two decades as a result of lockdowns.
This should be the biggest story in the world.
It should be the biggest story for weeks on end.
It's received barely a whimper of coverage from the media.
Headline, John Hopkins professor slams media, own institution, for hiding bombshell study that found lockdowns are ineffective.
He went on Tucker Carlson to state John Hopkins itself did not even put out a press release about this study.
If you look at the media coverage, it's one of the biggest stories in the world today, yet certain media outlets have not even covered it.
He said they haven't covered it because quote people may already have written their own narrative about the effectiveness of lockdowns.
They are desperate not to be proven wrong.
There's an entire cottage industry that sprung up of experts who constantly amplify and recycle fear-mongering hand-in-hand with
State bureaucracies, governments, media elites who want the clicks, the clickbait, they want people inside, sat on their backsides, watching television, they love the reviews, the views, they love the audience figures, they love the giant checks from pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, and it's all for nothing, it's all one big grift.
Well it's quite ironic that before the first lockdown, right at the start of the pandemic back in January, February 2020,
We saw the proliferation, the amplification of videos of people on the streets of China in different cities collapsing suddenly, convulsing on the ground, being forced to have medical treatment on the spot, in some cases apparently dying.
Because they caught COVID.
We now know that that was complete BS.
It was likely part of psychological operations to convince people that this was a disease, a pandemic, that was far more deadly than it in reality was.
We know that governments orchestrated entire propaganda campaigns based on that premise, weaponizing behavioral psychology to make people more terrified of the virus than they needed to be so they would comply, so they would submit, so they would be obedient in vast numbers without questioning what was happening.
Turns out that that was all, again, propaganda.
A side effect of catching COVID isn't suddenly
Collapsing in the street and convulsing.
But what we have seen over the past several months is people in peak physical condition suddenly collapsing and convulsing for real, in some cases surviving thankfully, but in others tragically dying.
And these cases, unlike the ones that happened in China as part of psychological operations, are very real indeed.
And particularly affected by this have been footballers, soccer players, as our American audience would refer to them, throughout Europe and indeed other sportsmen throughout the world.
And there's been yet another example of this that has come to light today.
Bear in mind that last weekend alone, we have three different incidents in football stadiums in England alone, where spectators in the crowd
Collapse suddenly had to be taken away by paramedics.
Now that happens on rare occasions.
It doesn't happen in three different football stadiums on one afternoon without something seriously going on.
And it's also happening to young professional soccer players, another of whom has tragically died.
His name is Alexandros Lampis.
He is a Greek footballer, and he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest just five minutes into a game before subsequently dying.
Again, headline, 21-year-old Greek footballer suffers sudden cardiac arrest during game.
This was at the First Municipal Stadium.
Yesterday, he was playing for a third division team.
Just five minutes into the game, he collapsed.
With heart problems, there was no defibrillator at the stadium, the ambulance took 20 minutes to arrive, they couldn't resuscitate him, and he tragically died.
You see clips here of other sports professionals in different tournaments, different sports, suffering the exact same fate.
Now, the Daily Mail reports that, quote, football has been rocked by a series of high-profile incidents among players.
And boy, you can say that again.
But again, the Daily Mail is the same publication that carried an article saying, Experts have dismissed it as just a coincidence.
They list some of the names here.
Sergio Aguero, who had just completed a major transfer to Barcelona Football Club.
He was one of the world's most well-renowned players, forced to retire after experiencing chest pains playing for Barcelona.
There were also scares for Victor Lindelof, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang,
This season, Wigan striker Charlie Wick collapsed in training.
Sheffield United's John Fleck, again, 28 years old, 30 years old, collapsed on the pitch at Reading.
Adama Traore, 25 years old, went down clutching his chest while playing in the Champions League.
A Sheriff Tirispol, Icelandic midfielder Emil Pausen, also required resuscitation after a cardiac arrest in October.
These are all fit, healthy young men whose entire career is dedicated to maintaining peak physical health for peak physical performance.
Early 20s, mid 20s, late 20s, early 30s, suffering cardiac arrests, breathing difficulties, collapsing, in some cases tragically dying.
We showcased another example a few weeks ago, 25 year old Guatemalan soccer star Marcus Manaldo.
Again, collapsed during training, tragically died shortly after being rushed to hospital.
Now, German newspaper Berliner Zeitung published a report that last November, a few months ago now, seeking to answer why, quote, an unusually large number of professional and amateur soccer players have collapsed recently.
Somebody did a statistical analysis and found that there was about a 4,000% increase in this happening amongst professional soccer players over the course of the last year.
And again, I go back to the example of Fabrice Muemba, who, I think it was 2011 or 2012,
While playing again, I think it was for Bolton Wanderers, collapsed, clutching his heart, required resuscitation.
Many people thought he would die.
He was down on the pitch for a good 20-30 minutes.
It was a massive, huge story at the time because it was so rare that a young, fit, healthy professional athlete would suddenly collapse on the pitch with heart problems.
At the time, there was a big outcry.
There was a big call for a massive investigation into why this had happened, because again, it was so rare.
Now it happens several times a week, but the experts assure us that it's just a coincidence.
Now, when anyone tries to talk about it on national radio stations, for example, like ex-England footballer Trevor Sinclair, and we featured this video before, when it's reported that, yeah, another professional has collapsed and died or has been taken to hospital,
He brought up the question of vaccines.
Somebody on the big red button, the big delay button there at Talk Sport radio station didn't press it in time and he just got the word vaccine out and then he was cut off and then the screen faded to black.
Interesting that, isn't it?
Of course, Dr Peter McCulloch, who was responsible partly for the massive targeting of Joe Rogan and the attempt to de-platform him by the regime,
Pointed out that myocarditis has become at least 50% more common than predicted by US public health experts.
And he said that could be one of the links, that could be one of the explanations why these top athletes are suddenly collapsing.
Matthew Letizia, another ex-England footballer,
came out and called for an investigation, because there's no call amongst the establishment for one, despite the fact, again, that there was a massive uproar when one football player had this condition ten years ago.
There was a massive outcry, demand for investigation.
Now it's multiple times weekly, and everybody's strangely silent.
Letizia said, quote, it's been very concerning for me watching the sport I love, and I played for 17 years,
In all that time that I played, I never once saw any footballer leave the pitch because of heart issues.
You went on to say, and I'm sorry, but if anybody can look at what's happening now in the world of sport and say it's normal for all these players to be having heart issues in football matches, cricket matches, basketball matches.
Any sport you wish, these people, the amount of people that are suffering is going through the roof and we have yet another example of that today with the tragic death of 21-year-old Greek footballer Alexandros Lampis.
Thoughts and prayers go out to his family, but unfortunately he's become another victim of this mysterious sudden collapse illness which just happened to come about six months ago when everybody started getting double-dosed.
Gee, I wonder if there's any connection.
Summit.News, we'll be back.
No, go away.
Well, as the COVID narrative collapses, the rebellion continues to grow.
We're going to talk about the mask mandate protests sweeping American schools in a moment.
But on that subject, we had this headline yesterday.
70% of Americans say it's time to accept COVID and get on with our lives.
Oh, no, you can't say that!
The technocrats need their prestige.
They need their television appearances.
They need their great reset.
But a new Monmouth poll finds that 70% of Americans think it's time to live with Covid and get on with their lives.
And rather interestingly, as I point out in this article, those who have been infected with Covid are more likely to want society to move on from it than those who haven't.
Again, proving that those who haven't think it's this deadly killer that's going to wipe them out.
Not turned out to be the case with the vast majority of people.
Of course we've featured the statistics before where even for the over 70s the survival rate of Covid is over 97 percent.
Increasingly greater numbers when you go down through the age groups.
Now fully 7 in 10 Americans agree with the sentiment that, quote, it's time we accept Covid is here to stay and we just have to get on with our lives.
Including 78% of those who report having gotten Covid and 65% of those who say they've not been infected.
So again, if you've had it, you're more likely to say, not a big deal, let's move on.
The main difference, predictably, was between Republicans and Democrats.
47% of Democrats say we should move on, so you've still got a slight majority who are absolutely predicated on maintaining this Covid pandemic religion and imposing it on everyone else, even as
The fever for it, the anticipation, the drive for it fails amongst the American public.
The poll numbers will make problematic reading for those who have turned taking multiple vaccines and vehemently spotting lockdown mandates and mask rules into a high status symbol religion.
The one downside of this poll was the number of Americans who think the pandemic will be under control by the end of the year is only 34%, which again suggests that they know the technocrats will try to prolong it for as long as possible before the next promised pandemic that Bill Gates says we've got waiting for us.
But 28% think a return to normal life will never happen ever again, entrenching this idea that these COVID rules are going to become like the post 9-11 rules
Not being allowed to take liquids on carry-on luggage.
Akin to being forced to wear masks everywhere, but on the subject of masks.
Post-millennial reports, LA Mayor defends going maskless in photo with Magic Johnson, because he held his breath!
I guess mask man, I guess if I just go through the airport, or go into a shop, or go into a library, or a sports stadium, or wherever, and just say, well, I held my breath.
Then you don't need to wear a mask.
It's good enough for Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.
It's good enough for Governor Gavin Newsom to not wear a mask.
Well, that has rankled some parents throughout California.
Headline, hundreds of students segregated in gyms after protesting school mask mandates.
And in fact, let's first go to this clip, not from California, but from Washington State.
Same activist cause though, students walking into school, refusing to wear masks.
There was one student who gave an eloquent speech about why they were doing this and why optics were so important in doing this.
And this was posted on Twitter.
It got over a million views.
It went viral.
Let's play this speech by the student outside the school in Washington State.
Here it is.
Everybody shut up!
This is not an excuse for any of you freshmen and sophomores to disrespect your teachers.
If I hear of anybody disrespecting teachers or staff tomorrow, that makes us look bad.
We want this to be a peaceful, respectful movement.
We are just trying to gain back our rights as citizens.
We do not care about... The teachers in the end are just doing their jobs.
It doesn't come from them.
It comes from the state.
Now, what we're hoping is that they kick us out.
This sounds bad, but we're hoping that they kick us out.
Because they have to report that attendance to the state.
And if the state sees a day where a hundred or I don't even know how many kids are here, are absent, they're going to start asking questions.
Our hope is, is we can get this statewide.
Now I might get in trouble for this, but the plan still stands for Wednesday.
For tomorrow, I mean.
Everybody is gonna meet at the back row of the senior parking lot, and we're all walking into the school with no mask on.
You can get me in trouble, they can suspend me, I don't care.
We're done with this.
And obviously all of you are too.
Shut up!
Shut up!
Obviously all you are are done with the mask too.
Now again, we're doing this peacefully and respectfully.
If a staff member asks you to put a mask on, you say no thank you and keep walking.
And if they kick you out, then go home.
And if people need rides home, then some of the seniors, I'm sure we can start giving people rides home.
That's about it.
That was an eloquent speech by a young man outside Washougal High School in Washington State.
Again, in anticipation of them walking into the school without wearing face masks.
This also took place across California.
Headline, hundreds of students segregated in gyms after protesting school mask mandates.
Again, they were responding to both the LA Mayor and images of Governor Gavin Newsom maskless at a 49ers Rams football game over the weekend.
And it was organized with the blessing and involvement of the parents.
There's one of them quoted in an article here from KCRA3.
Jennifer Henry, she said, our own governor doesn't follow these rules, so why should our children have to be wearing a mask?
He's at this football game with all these people.
Yeah, because they know the virus is nowhere near as bad as they tell everyone else it is.
That's one of the reasons why they don't wear masks or follow any of the rules.
Another parent, Jennifer Poth, said her eight-year-old son went to school without a mask on Tuesday, prompting school officials to call her on the phone!
Oh my God, the horror!
They called me to ask me to pick him up, and I refused.
I said, no, it's your job to educate my son.
He has every right to be there.
So what they decided to do to this eight-year-old dissident, this thought criminal, this non-mask wearer, was to force him to go outside in 43-degree weather and sit there to do schoolwork.
Now, when this was made public, the superintendent, Dave Kline, had to issue an apology
KCRA 3 reports more students district-wide went to class without a mask on Wednesday and indeed there are videos showing hundreds of high schoolers being forced to sit in cafeterias, gyms, segregated, socially distanced because they dare flout the Covid pandemic religion.
So that's a big positive development.
Of course, the UK government did a study of face masks in schools before they introduced face masks in schools.
And their own study found they had no impact whatsoever, but they just went ahead and introduced them anyway.
Of course, the upshot of that in the UK, vast numbers of kids just refused to wear them.
So again, the resistance continues to spread across both sides of the Atlantic.
Of course, this is another article which should have been one of the biggest stories for a week.
It was reported by a tiny local news station.
Speech therapist, 364% surge in baby and toddler referrals thanks to mask wearing.
How many parents do you see?
I saw one, a baby in a pram wearing a frigging face mask.
You see toddlers, you see young kids being forced to wear face masks.
There's not even any rule or law, and never has been, that kids of that age have to wear face masks.
Their parents are so petrified, they make them do it anyway.
I mean, how, to what degree can you claim ignorance, or to what degree is that literal child abuse?
Speech therapist Jacqueline Feak told WPBF News
That she's received a 364% increase in babies and toddlers being unable to cognitively develop speech patterns because they can't read people's faces.
They can't lip read.
That's how they develop language skills.
Now they're screwed.
We've had reports of mean IQ scores of young children born during the pandemic tumbling by as much as 22 points because of cognitive development problems caused by mask mandates and lockdowns.
It's a disgrace!
We'll be back.
Now last week the Pope came out, the false Pope, the globalist Pope, and said that the fact-checkers need to censor even more information as it pertains to vaccine side effects.
Bear in mind this is the same Pope, Pope Francis.
Who, a few months ago, called on Big Tech, quote, in the name of God, invoke the Lord Almighty to censor, quote, hate speech.
Again, another completely arbitrary term defined by political extremes.
In the name of God, censor hate speech, which is, of course, free speech.
Now he's calling on fact-checkers to send some more information related to the vaccine.
He's pushed mandatory vaccines in the Vatican, in Italy, across Europe.
Well now someone's fighting back against the globalist fake Pope.
Headline protester interrupts Pope to assert face masks are not of the Church of God.
This happened during the Pope's general audience yesterday morning and it was caught on camera.
The protester calmly stood up and said the church is not the way God wants it before adding quote masks are not the church of the church of God.
Again he was calmly explaining his position as he removed his face mask and held it aloft.
The Pope basically responded and said, oh, he's suffering, tried to make him make out as if he was mentally ill when he obviously wasn't.
He obviously wasn't some disturbed, deranged individual trying to cause a scene.
He was very eloquent, very calm in explaining his grievance.
But I guess at least the Pope didn't say he was doing the work of the devil, which is the slur he uses against all his other critics.
Still in Europe, we have Eric Zemmour, we have the French presidential election coming up in April 2022.
Marine Le Pen, in a poll that came out today, has pulled up to within five points of President Emmanuel Macron.
Of course, she's vying to be the main right-wing populist contender to Macron with Eric Zemmour.
Zemmour himself came out a few days ago with a very interesting policy to boost, yes, God forbid, boost native domestic birth rates in France.
And I made a short video about this subject.
Here is the clip.
French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour is vowing to fund a nativist baby boom.
The firebrand intellectual says he'll give parents in rural areas of the country 10,000 euros for each new child they have.
The goal is to raise birth rates amongst the French and quote...
Take back the countryside!
The idea is similar to a policy enacted by Viktor Orban in Hungary.
He offered over €30,000 to married couples who have three children.
The loan has to be repaid until the couple have three children, but after that, the debt is completely forgiven.
Zem's clever baby bonus policy, €10,000 per baby, but only to families in rural areas.
Nothing for the urbanites who hate him.
Politics is about rewarding your supporters.
And for this proposal, Zamor has been demonized as a racist!
Bet he hasn't heard that one before.
Helping French people have bigger, happier families and leading more financially stable lives?
How dare he!
That money could have surely been spent better on convincing everyone of the unquestionable certainty of the fact that diversity is a strength.
10,000 euros is 10 times less than the cost of social assistance to foreigners.
It's 20 times less than the cost of benefit fraud in France.
And it's infinitely less expensive than the futile, unforgivable task of rejuvenating France's notorious migrant, crime-ridden ghettos.
The most popular baby name in France's neighbour Belgium, the de facto EU capital Brussels, is Mohammed.
Recently published data showed that Islamic names made up 43% of total registrations in the Belgian city.
In France, demographic replacement is an integral election issue.
Unlike in many other countries, including America,
It's considered at least somewhat socially acceptable to be allowed to talk about it.
Another presidential candidate said he wanted France to remain French.
Oh, dreadful, right?
Both police and active duty military in France have warned political leaders that thanks to the ethnic separatism caused by runaway illegal immigration, the country is on the brink of civil war.
Meanwhile, a poll by Harris revealed that the majority of French people are concerned about, quote, European white and Christian populations being threatened with extinction as a result of Muslim immigration.
Turns out that populating your country with people from failed third world states who have no understanding or respect for Western principles isn't necessarily a good thing and causes huge problems.
Wow, who knew?
Now on the subject of spending too much money to prove that diversity is a strength, we have this headline today.
Brits told to reduce living standards as government spends £4.7 million a day on housing refugees in hotels.
The Bank of England came out today and said they were raising interest rates.
They say that GDP is going to be slashed.
They say inflation will surpass 7%, of course, mainly due to disastrous lockdown policies, eco-mentalism, green taxes.
So we're going to have to tighten our belts, but guess what they've got money for?
Housing refugees in four-star hotels.
£4.7 million a day goes on that expense.
They initially said it was £1.2 million a day, then said there was an accounting error, and it turns out taxpayers in the UK are footing the bill to the tune of £4.7 million a day.
25,000 migrants to be housed in hotels
Again, cheek by jowl with holidaymakers, by the way.
And if you go and read the reviews of those hotels where the migrants are staying with the holidaymakers, they're not exactly five star.
Let's go to another story now, which just happened before I came on air.
Black actress cries, apologizes to darker skinned actresses for not being black enough.
This is Thandui Newton, who says she's mortified at not being black enough and wants to apologize every day to darker-skinned actresses.
We have a clip of her explaining this and breaking down and blubbering about it, and here it is.
You must have got my note, though.
I put it on your truck yesterday.
I now realize that my internalized prejudice was stopping me from feeling like I could play this role.
When it's precisely that prejudice that I've received.
It doesn't matter that it's from African-American women more than anyone else.
It doesn't matter.
I received prejudice.
Anyone who's received oppression and prejudice feels this character.
I've wanted so desperately to apologize every day to darker-skinned actresses, to say, I'm sorry that I'm the one chosen.
My mama looks like you.
It's been very painful to have women that look like my mum feel like I'm not representing them, that I'm taking from them, taking their men, taking their work, taking their truth.
But I do think that any women of colour, whether they're pale or whatever, who've managed to help other actors, you know, get into this business,
We matter.
Whenever they say that black women have watched a movie, and it's really, really, really mattered to them.
I just thank God that my light skin didn't stop that from happening, and so that it didn't cause more pain.
So again, we're now at the level of that insane, crazy,
intersectionalism and racial grievance that this actress is literally apologizing for not being black enough.
Her mother is black.
You heard her.
Oh, my mama looks like you.
She's literally crying about and apologizing over the fact that she's got a white dad.
Oh, my God, she's got a white dad.
So she's not black enough to play this character.
By the way, it's OK to be white.
This movie
They already replaced the old white guy as the lead character!
The movie is called God's Country, reports Sky News.
It's been adapted from a short story by James Lee Burke.
But has swapped the lead character from an older white man into a black woman.
So they've already dismissed and replaced the old white man, the bigoted old honky, with a black woman, but that's not enough.
She has to go on camera in an interview and start crying about the fact that she's not black enough.
Like, who is offended over this in the first place?
You've already replaced the whitey.
Surely that's something to be celebrated, right?
No, because she's got a white dad.
She feels guilty and she feels like she has to blubber on camera about it.
Absolutely incredible.
I guess another example of institutionalized white privilege.
As is this headline.
London nightclub charges straight white males six times more than ethnic minorities for entry.
London nightclub organisers stoked controversy by charging straight white men an entry fee six times higher than the price gays or members of an ethnic minority had to pay.
Now why any straight white men would seriously entertain the notion of going to Pussy Palace at the E1 nightclub?
For this evening of total debauchery and degeneracy, is anyone's guess.
But I guess if you wanted to go to it, you had to fork out £112, which is about $150, because you're white.
I guess, again, that's another example of white privilege.
Just gonna wrap it up.
Infowars is all about setting new trends, starting new systems of awakening.
We are not here chasing and following Hollywood or the DC crowd or the New York elitist or any of these people's worldviews or ideas.
We know who they are.
We know what they're pushing.
We know that their transhumanism is not a new idea.
It goes back to the Garden of Eden.
It is a satanic lie that we can transcend our bodies and become gods by merging with these different systems that the corrupt globalist priesthood has built.
And to get us to accept transhumanism, to get us to believe our bodies are evil and bad, and that only the state or biomedical systems can save us, they have created the whole COVID-19 hysteria and fear.
To brainwash and abuse our children with masks and poison shots to teach us that we're inherently evil and bad and have to have the satanic sacrament of the GMO gene therapy injected into our bodies for the privilege to go outside and go to the park or have a job or fly on an airplane.
And that's why it's more important than ever to realize that humanity is desperate for the truth.
And with the almost total censorship happening in mainstream television and now even the internet, that makes info wars more precious than ever.
And so a lot of times we set trends that are new and trailblazing.
In other cases, we bring back things that are old, but that are absolutely crucial because of the changing battlefield that we face.
And a great example of that is DVD.
I've made 20 plus films.
We always sell some of them, even though DVD in the last decade has been phased out.
And suddenly, I noticed that we were selling out of all of my old back catalog of films.
And I asked myself, why is that happening?
So we emailed some of the customers and asked them, why are you suddenly buying DVDs?
And they told us, it's because we know we need to have a hard copy in our library.
We know because of censorship, we've got to go back to the old days, Alex, when you would put your films out
To the public and tell them to make copies of the DVD, and we had a huge effect.
Millions of copies were handed out to folks.
And so organically, the listeners are trailblazing by going back to low tech to get around the sensors.
They're making copies of the DVD, giving it to others and telling them, make copies of the DVD.
So COVID land, the mask, part two, incredibly powerful, an activist tool.
It's now out.
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I cannot express to you enough how important it is to let people know this is censored information.
Both the films on The Occult and The Globalist, and both the documentaries that are out, Part 1 and Part 2, on COVID land, of the real history and what really happened, and the real science that The Globalist are desperate for you not to learn.
So thank you all for your support.
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