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Name: 20220203_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 3, 2022
84 lines.
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Fuck you, you fucking cunts!
Fuck you!
Die, bitch!
We're coming for you!
As we all know, the left and the corporate media that defends it have an extreme double standard.
When Black Lives Matter and other leftist Marxist groups burned down billions of dollars of people's homes and businesses, including public housing, it was called mostly peaceful.
When they tried to destroy the federal courthouse on a hundred plus evenings, they called that a peaceful protest.
And in fact, the current vice president, who was a candidate then, helped bail out some of the people that were involved in it.
So now we have the Capitol Police using January 6th as the pretext to set up offices around the nation to quote, protect members.
But at the same time, not protecting Republicans, not protecting conservatives, not protecting populists.
So what we're seeing is selective enforcement.
Well, Marjorie Taylor Greene was on my show yesterday and talked about running for president perhaps, talked about the tyranny of the COVID mandates, talked about Fauci, talked about a lot of amazing subjects, and it went super viral all over the news.
But today she sent me some new information.
You just heard a small clip of it of just...
One phone call of many she's gotten, specifically threatening her and threatening to basically sexually assault her.
Now the point is, imagine if someone was calling up female members of the Democratic Party and saying similar things.
It would be all over the news.
But when things happen to her like this, there's almost zero coverage in the mainstream media.
That's why it's so important that places like InfoWars exist so people can see what's actually happening.
It's green!
We're coming for you!
January 6th!
It's January 6th!
It's the anniversary, but we're coming for you, motherfuckin', you fuckin' cunt bitch!
You insurrectionist!
You fuckin' traitor!
You Trump cop-suckin' bitch!
We're coming for you, bitch!
You and Trump!
And all the rest, you fuckin' insurrectionists!
And you fuckin' traitors!
We're coming for you!
We are the true patriots!
You motherfuckin' Nazi cunts!
Fuck you, you fucking cunt!
Fuck you!
Die, bitch!
We're coming for you, bitch!
Truly disgusting, incredibly hateful, and quite frankly, frightening to hear that level of hate just because
Congresswoman Greene supported Trump just because she's a populist.
The left is completely crazy because they can hold two completely different ideas in their heads at the same time and believe both.
That if you just mildly say you don't like the left and disagree with them, you deserve to be censored.
But if you threaten people...
And make all sorts of weird sexual assault comments at them as long as they're the bad party, the conservative party, the Christian party, then it's okay.
Well, MTG also sent me this statement and these photos.
People are vandalizing my signs right outside my office in Longworth and they work in the building and Cap Police won't do anything and nothing about all of my death threats.
And she went on to add that they still check her and search her when she goes into the Capitol.
So they've got Capitol Police, they're in Georgia, but they're not protecting her because again, they're only for the Democratic Party.
Even when the Republicans get in power, coming up with the midterms, which has been predicted by all the numbers of polls, if we can override the election for all the Democrats.
You will still see the Capitol Police predominantly being served as the Democratic Party, because the Democratic Party is the deep state establishment.
And here are some of those signs.
You can see where, right outside her office, they said, there are two genders, male and female, trust the science.
And they attacked her.
And they said, mask for me, but not for thee.
And then it goes on to say, free Palestine.
On another one, they stuck
Basically these anti-Jesus signs on there as well.
And they're very, very upset with her free speech.
So the left isn't just trying to censor things in cyberspace.
They're also going around in the third dimension, trying to suppress it.
That's why it's more important than ever that we support good members of Congress like Marjorie Taylor Greene.
In closing, the good news is all of this leftist intimidation is not having the effect that these bullies thought it would.
It's causing people to support other great candidates like MTG.
That's why she won in the biggest landslide of any Republican candidate in the last congressional election.
We'll continue to defend MTG and all of your rights to free speech at InfoWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
I don't know.
The days of independent media are numbered.
The government has made it illegal to oppose them.
They are now debanking us behind the scenes.
They want to bankrupt us and make us go away quietly.
With practically half the population wanting to lock the unvaccinated up in camps.
The traitors know they can shut us down by force.
But that would accelerate the awakening exponentially.
So be it.
Make them silence us by force.
This is the final battle of the information war.
Give now.
Buy products.
Before everything changes.
We need you to carry us through to the end.
Victory or death.
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