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Name: 20220202_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 2, 2022
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In an InfoWars segment, Alex Jones discusses the ongoing information war against the New World Order and globalists. He advises on preparing for a potential cyber attack and highlights personal preparedness due to supply chain issues and price increases. He interviews Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene about various topics including election fraud concerns. He also promotes Infowars Life supplements containing vitamin C and zinc. The speaker discusses various conspiracies such as the "great reset agenda," man-made weather control, secret military experiments conducted on civilians in St. Louis in the 1950s and 60s, and the agendas of powerful individuals like Ted Turner, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Prince Philip. He encourages viewers to support independent media through donations and purchases.

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Wednesday live, Reuters endorses Ivermectin, CNN Zucker resigns as world awakens to globalist lies, fraud and murder.
Marjorie Taylor Greene will be joining Alex Jones live on air.
Don't miss the most censored broadcast in the world.
And then it continues on.
Dealing with what the globalists are up to and how the world is awakening to them.
And now even John Hopkins has confirmed what we already knew.
Massive starvation and death caused by lockdowns.
Massive suicide, drug overdoses.
Roughly 10 times the number of people died from the lockdowns than actually died from the virus, even if you believe official numbers.
And again, it's just massive information.
We've got all of that
Here for you today.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Davos 2022 was largely a virtual event, where the Great Reset and the United Nations Agenda 2030 continued to reign supreme regardless of the growing worldwide pushback against their deadly premeditated vaccine ruse, assuming that they had gained enough ground with lockdowns and vaccination cards
Now they hurtled back onto the climate change agenda to usher in total control.
During the Davos agenda, we are gathering global leaders together on the imperatives of the year ahead.
We are hearing from heads of states, heads of governments, business leadership, international organizations, and civil society on approaches to the most urgent global issues.
Reformers are tackling the insidious spread of disinformation, such as Canada regulating online political ads.
But to tackle the trust crisis we face, reformers must scale up these innovations.
But for this, they face powerful vested interests.
In the last five years, the world has become more interconnected than ever.
But in many ways it's becoming even more fragmented and polarized.
China has made significant economic and social achievements under your leadership.
We should join hands and rise to the challenge.
I believe this is the best time for leaders to come together and work jointly for the world to become more inclusive, more sustainable, and more prosperous.
We now welcome His Excellency Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China.
We need to foster new opportunities amidst crises.
But President Xi's plans regarding the Great Reset have shifted as China reaches for a strong space-age future, infuriating chief enabler of leftist Marxist madness, George Soros.
Xi Jinping's underwing.
It is much more infectious than any previous variant, although it's much less harmful to those who have been properly vaccinated.
But Chinese people have only been vaccinated against the Wuhan variant, and Xi Jinping's guilty secret is bound to be revealed
Either during the Winter Olympics or soon thereafter.
Xi tried to impose total control, but he failed.
Given the strong opposition within the CCP, Xi Jinping's carefully choreographed elevation to the level of Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping may never occur.
It is to be hoped that Xi Jinping may be replaced by someone less repressive at home and more peaceful abroad.
This would remove the greatest threat that open societies face today.
And they should do everything within their power to encourage China to move in the desired direction.
Meanwhile, the engineers of hell carry on thinly veiling their dark intentions with technical terms.
But I think most people would agree that in Glasgow there was a very significant increase of ambition on a global basis.
Did it reach the level that we absolutely need?
Glasgow was exciting not because we actually solved the problems, but because the breadth of private sector companies showed up with the willingness to get involved in solving those problems.
We've got now a framework.
For how to draw them in.
We've got to change this.
We need a dramatic shift in how governments are behaving and how the world is behaving.
Listen to their words for yourself.
This is authoritarianism at its peak.
Unelected globalists rendering the public and private sector of governments worldwide as useless pawns to further their endgame.
John Bowne reporting.
It's Wednesday, February 2nd.
The year is 2022.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and we're going to be here live for the next four hours.
We have lived to the point to be under true globalist depopulation, deindustrialization attack.
We have lived to now be two years into their war against humanity, their covert war, their dirty war.
That their own documents show they are launching and controlling.
What a time to be alive.
The wheels are absolutely coming off everything they're doing.
John Hopkins, which is a very diverse scientific group, and is the preeminent
Planner for the Rockefeller Foundation of the COVID attacks that we've all been under and the subsequent lies and fraud is now covering its ass by the very working group that was heavily involved with Bill Gates planning all this coming out in a 60 plus page report saying lockdowns are a fraud
And have killed more people than the virus, and that the economic destruction of it is going to starve hundreds of millions of people to death.
Which is true!
Reuters has come out and endorsed Ivermectin and its incredible antiviral properties.
Covering your little dirty asses, aren't ya?
The head of Reuters on the board of Pfizer.
And its quarterback, the censorship.
Jeff Zucker, the America-hating
AT&T hatchet man for this country.
Has now resigned, and they always use the fall on the sword excuse of, oh, because he was having a relationship that was inappropriate with somebody that worked there.
Yeah, the big crime is men and women having sex, and God forbid any children come along.
It wasn't lying, it wasn't infiltrating groups, it wasn't overseeing the persecution of millions of people that CNN would covertly and overtly target and have deplatformed.
No, no, no, no, no.
It's not Cuomo and his brother that worked at CNN knowingly sending sick patients into hospitals to kill 20,000 people and then suppressing it.
No, no, that's not the crime.
The crime's not defunding the police.
The crime's not opening up the violent people out of the prisons and having five-fold homicide and carjacking numbers explode in blue cities, a doubling nationwide on average.
Spilling over into communities that aren't run by psychotic leftists, but still we pay.
The wheels are coming off.
The House of Cards is collapsing.
The New World Order is in deep, deep, deep, deep trouble.
They knew their system was going down.
They knew it was a Ponzi scheme, and they wanted to pose as the saviors when their Ponzi scheme went down, so they wouldn't go to jail like Bernie Madoff.
But instead, all over the world, leaders are standing up in government, in industry, and in media, and academia, and in the clergy, and just common people on the street, at city council and school board meetings, and are calling it out, and the public is rapidly getting up to speed on the Great Reset, the New World Order, and the Divide and Conquer strategies.
Now, before we get too excited about this, and I got some big old chills going up and down my spine.
Holy Ghost likes it when we hit right on the truth.
You better know these people aren't going to give up.
And they're going to stage false flags and blame it on people.
And they're going to go blow up and shoot up black churches.
And they're going to go shoot up gay bars.
And they're going to blame it on us.
And they're going to start war with Russia.
And they're going to try to gut our economy as fast as they can because they know they're going down, and they want to take us down with them.
And so, that's where we are right now, ladies and gentlemen.
And I can tell you, just like happened last year in February, it was officially in the Texas record, four days before the power went off, on Valentine's Day, they
The Texas Railroad Commission and the Texas Energy Department sent a letter to the Feds and Joe Biden and said, can we please up the power at our coal power and our gas plants?
The windmills can't supply the power.
And they said, no, you may not.
And the power went off.
And they have refused
All the major gas companies, forget coal, they're not even requesting it.
A couple coal plants could give us all the extra power we needed.
But as another big blue northern polar vortex descends on the Midwest and then towards Texas, we're being told we can't up our power again.
And it's even in CBS News.
But our leaders are so addled, and the general public is so ignorant about how infrastructure works, by design that's been done, that most people don't have a diesel generator like we do, that we had to put in a great expense to run this whole place when our little generators failed last year.
We were barely on air, but kept on air with one light, one feed, one backup.
And I will have to sit here, if the power goes off again tomorrow,
And watch the media wring its hands, and people not have power, and people die, asking why the damn power's off, when on record, it's the globalists!
They're doing everything!
They turned the damn Keystone Pipeline off the day it was supposed to open!
That's a sick joke!
And what's happening with this type of attack and siege on us, that's what the Great Reset is,
is emblematic of how these people operate and how for the mere fact that we're ignorant about how they operate, they're able to get away with this in plain view.
Because when you are wearing the spiritual glasses and the glasses of being aware and researched, it's like they live.
You see every damn thing they're doing.
And you're sitting there with the general public, you don't have the glasses, and they have no idea, like they're blind, what's going on.
So let me give you
The Big Kahuna.
And when I talk about this, I start getting chills up and down my spine because my spirit, my gut, my intellect knows I'm over the target.
And it's not hard to be over the target.
Klaus Schwab, that murderous criminal Hitler 5.0, has been drooling and giddy and giggling
With how there's going to be a giant terrorist who will take down the power and it will be terrible, but it will help the Earth and it will make COVID look like happy time.
And they're going to cyber attack us.
If they think they can get away with it, and if they think
That they won't get caught, and they think you're stupid.
They're gonna pull it, maybe next week, maybe next month, maybe next year.
But they've got their finger on the red button, because why?
Even if it comes out later, they know they control the federal police forces of every major western nation.
Same ones in Brazil are trying to put Bolsonaro, a damn hero, in prison right now.
Survived massive stabbing attacks, everything else, they're trying to put him in prison.
The UN wants to try him for war crimes for giving people ivermectin.
On record, they're preparing war crime charges.
Genocide charges.
Genocide charges.
Because they don't control their FBI.
We don't control our FBI.
We are literally run by criminal lawyers that sold us out to psychos like George Soros and Klaus Schwab, even though these lawyers and people in D.C.
are going to lose their country and their children's future, and they're having heart attacks, and they're having strokes from the shots, but they don't care.
They do to flee like it's a suicide pack.
Carry this out like SS soldiers in 1944, knowing they were going to lose their country, knowing they would lose tens of millions of more people, knowing that they could not win, but just having to follow Hitler's orders to the end.
That's what's happening to us.
So get ready, Klaus Schwab's going to kill you.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Thanks for joining us on this February 2nd, Wednesday, Global Transmission.
We'll put on screen if we can the live show feed headline for today that I hope listeners and viewers will share because you are
The equation.
You are the resistance.
When you decide to share the broadcast, it overrides the censors, it gets past big tech, it gets past the corporate globalists, and we score major victories for hearts and minds.
Wednesday live, Reuters endorses ivermectin, CNN's Zucker resigns as world awakens to globalist lies, fraud, and murder.
Marjorie Taylor Greene will be joining Alex Jones live on air.
Don't miss.
The most censored broadcast in the world.
And then it continues on dealing with what the globalists are up to and how the world is awakening to them.
And now even John Hopkins has confirmed, we already knew, massive starvation and death caused by lockdowns, massive suicide, drug overdoses.
Roughly 10 times the number of people died from the lockdowns than actually died from the virus, even if you believe official numbers.
And again, it's just massive information.
We've got all of that.
Here for you today.
You know, this story just broke on Twitter last night.
And I tell you, my biggest tipster, my two biggest tipsters who send me stuff that I wouldn't even have known about.
So it ended up kind of going viral on InfoWars, as Paul Watson wrote about it early this morning.
I think so.
Name drop the Joe Rogan thing.
It's just that's kind of a hat tip to where I get so many of my... It's like the circle is now complete, you know, like used to I would send Joe the stuff and now he sends me the stuff.
But I'm going to talk about this coming up next segment.
Sonny Professor says it's a mistake to think about pedophilia as being wrong.
Now I love Paul.
When I sent Paul Watson a message in the middle of the night to please write an article about this,
I said, by the way, the angle is that he said sex with one-year-olds is good.
But I guess that just seemed too hardcore for Paul.
I said, will you please write an article about how he says it's okay to have sex with one-year-olds.
We have the clip.
He said this on the internet in front of students.
He writes books about it.
I'm going to say that again.
Sex with one-year-olds is good.
Yes, this is good.
And he has a bunch of other professors agreeing with him, and of course they all look like Brian Stelter.
I'm not saying Brian Stelter's a pedophile.
I'm saying he looks like one.
I mean, they all, look at this guy.
He has that same weird look like Brian Stelter has.
I mean, these are some creepy bastards.
I mean, would you have these guys keep your five-year-old daughter or son
No, I mean, they all got the look, folks.
And they're, you know, celebrating how much courage they've got to talk about how one-year-olds, it's good for them to have some money and have sex with them.
So, got that for you coming up.
Remember that Germany, in one city alone, gave 30,000 plus children to live with men ages three and up to be gang-raped.
And then they were shipped around and sold to other men to gang rape them until their intestines hung out of their body.
That's liberal, that's trendy, that's loving.
And we told you about this years ago and now they've got articles about it in New Yorker Magazine.
CPS, family court judges in Germany,
Starting in the late 60s under a CIA mind control program to create the new system of love where boys are with men and girls are with women who rape them.
Because you don't want any type of cross-sex, because then men might be attracted and abuse women later, but kids might come and God would get something good out of it.
So, men with boys, women with girls, savagely raping them, and then by age 7 or 8, when they're sex slave trained, giving them to sex dungeons to be tortured.
Now, sounds a little unbelievable.
It's all in the news, buried in the fine print.
The German government is run by satanic child torturers.
The German government was run by the West.
This was set up as an occupied zone, as a training ground to then externalize the method in the UK, and in France, and in Belgium, and in Spain, and in the United States, and Canada, and Australia.
So when you look at the government ministers,
I mean, they admit Macron was a sex slave.
And they say, oh, it's cute that at 12 he would go to the palace and be part of group sex.
That's the tip of the iceberg, folks.
So, most of the people you see now, you notice they don't have children, the EU heads, because the majority of EU heads were involved in child sex slavery and torture as the recipients, as the victims, and then as victimizers.
So this is multi-generational, a new family, we have thousands of pages of documents, and you've got B.F.
Skinner and all the rest of these people, and Kinsey, who wrote books about the love of, you know, raping a two-year-old.
And they call it sexual liberation.
Oh, it's so liberal.
So when you see leftist controllers, why do you think CNN has had a bunch of its people busted trying to run sex trafficking?
It's not like you go to the bar and you got game and you take a, you know, a hot chick out or something like that.
That guy's got game.
With the left, you got game when you pimp the kids out.
The whole mission is expanding the cult of child rape.
What did the different CNN indicted people in just the last few months say to the women?
I want to train your daughter, your seven-year-old, as a sex slave.
We're going to make a lot of money with her to a lease.
Jeffrey Epstein had to get massages and complain that he had to have sex with up to 100 girls a week, trying them out for the men he was going to be supplying them to.
Industrial-level Satanism.
So when you see the heads of these IT companies, and when you see these congressmen and people, and when you see all of these people, they rape children.
They kill children.
They have more respect for a filet mignon they're going to eat, and the cow they killed, than they do your children.
In fact, it's not that they don't care about your kids, they want to hurt your kids.
They want to rape your children.
And if they can't stick their filthy genitals in them and pump disease into them that way, oh yeah, the Pope's one of them big time.
If they can't do that, they're going to inject them with deadly poison that mutates their bodies and attacks their DNA for multi-generations.
But God will deliver us from this evil.
It's all about raping.
And next segment, I'm gonna lay it out.
Remember they wouldn't let people see old folks while they murdered them all over the world?
Under UN control, in the nursing homes?
Well now they've announced a plan to take your children away from you all over the world.
Because you're uninjected and have their way with them.
The main goal is to get your children.
This is a pedophile army!
A pedophile army!
A pedophile army!
That's coming out in the open and announcing war on children.
Because what does Satan want to destroy?
The children.
The innocence.
The potential of the universe.
He'll be back, stay with us.
The Pentagon's main AI program confirmed 300-500% increases in myocarditis and heart attacks.
Multi-thousand percent increases in neurological disorders.
It just goes on and on.
And they confirmed that four months ago with the first eight, nine months of data.
Now the rest of the data is out.
We talked about it yesterday.
And it's the raw Pentagon data, not VAERS, VAERS, but right from the hospitals, right from the files.
And of course, it's exactly what the FDA knew and the CDC back in October of 2020, before the single injection was given.
They knew exactly what it would do.
And there it is on screen.
And the enemies of freedom over at CNN and the other pedophile mouthpieces, the other vampire mouthpieces, that's what they are, psychic vampires, they just use words like, oh, discredited disinformation, but they never say what the disinformation is.
They never show you what they're talking about like we do.
They lie to you.
So let's tie the COVID revolution of tyranny
And the moves to take the children away and take the old people away to protect them in the SHIELD program the CDC's got ready that's right out of the UN.
People say, how did you know they'd do this two years ago?
Because it's in the UN plan!
Dr. Ryan, the head of their Rapid Reaction Force, wrote the book on it for all the governments following UN orders.
You see headlines.
Oh, Yahoo News reports that the young man who had a heart attack, the collegiate athlete, his doctor did say the vaccine caused it, but still the UN group said that you're not allowed to say that, so we took his video down off Instagram, because the UN said.
You just wake up and the UN says.
They never say what your disinformation is, because it's not disinformation.
So let's talk about just another window into these people.
We've seen the New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today, in the last month, all endorse sex with children and say it's the new liberation!
Really, can children sign up for credit cards?
Can children go in and buy liquor and cigarettes?
Can children go into pornography shops?
Can children join the military?
The answer is no, because they haven't developed enough of the life skill to be able to make those decisions.
In every culture, in every system, you're in the nest until you're 15, 16 years old.
Yeah, you could say they've extended it out to 18, we have arrested development, endless childhood.
You could argue, okay,
Are the Jews right that you're bar mitzvahs at 13?
I think if you raise somebody to be an adult by 13, some might be.
But the way our society operates, yeah, 18's about right.
18's about right.
I mean, I've got a 4-year-old daughter.
I've got a 13-year-old daughter.
I've got a 17-year-old daughter.
And do I want somebody having the right to come and say,
Hey, I'm a big, fat pedophile.
I want access to your 17-year-old daughter, or your 4-year-old daughter, or your 13-year-old daughter.
The answer is hell no!
These are my children!
They belong to me!
Not the state, and not you freaks!
Not all you weird, creepy, sick men!
Who are threatened by full-grown women and the responsibility and the power of it and all of it.
You want little children that you can lord over and have power over and screw up their lives and hurt their bodies.
And statistically, they're dozens of times more likely to be on drugs and in the sex trade or to commit suicide, but you left this love death.
And if you can't kill that baby before it's born, you want to wreck their life.
That's why MSNBC says, your kids belong to us.
That's a quote.
All your kids.
Belong to us.
So here it is, ladies and gentlemen.
S-U-N-Y professor.
It's a mistake to think pedophilia is wrong.
Yeah, that's a pretty hardcore headline by Paul Watson, but you know, in a way, it's not, because he goes on to say, evolutionarily, you know, sex with one-year-olds is fine.
Oh, really?
Is that why no mammals?
Have sex with the species when it's not of age and releases the hormones and the pheromones?
I mean, of course, you don't see eagles in the eagle's nest raping their baby eagles.
You don't see daddy whales coming over and raping the newborn baby whale.
Only sick demonic leftists are like this.
And so, this is her coming out now.
Remember the San Francisco Choir?
We're coming for your children.
We're recruiting them.
You will never stop us.
They all have that weird, zombie, crazed look in their eyes.
Sonny Professor, it's a mistake to think pedophilia is wrong, and he goes on.
We're talking about the evolutionary advantage.
Yeah, what do you think went on in Germany with the 30,000 kids just in one area alone being given by the state from Christian families to convicted pedophiles to form the new family, men raping boys, women raping girls?
And that's the new family that then goes out and recruits and keeps doing it.
And then they put them into government, put them into offices, and they can trust they're going to do exactly whatever they're told.
And you've got blues clues now.
If you look with Moloch, with children being sacrificed to it, with what is a woman now?
It's a big, fat, gross man dressed like a woman.
And that's what children are taught.
A woman is.
The woman that loves you and takes care of you and cooks food for you and reads books to you is now a big, fat, aggressive, demonic man.
And at the end of the day, what do they want?
They want death.
And we sit there and we put up with it.
We let them have access to our children.
So, I call this guy the Renfield type.
Again, it's all an archetype.
You've got Count Dracula.
And he's royalty from the Carpathian Mountains and he moves to London.
Because they all knew that the Saxo-Bargothas were Romanian, Hungarian, not even German.
And so it's all that archetype.
And he sleeps under the church.
But at night, he brings babies to be bled out for his mistresses, for his women, that are the daughters of the nobility that he has recruited into his coven.
And then they have a Black Sabbath where they drink the blood of the children, but he drinks the blood of the goddess.
He kills the mother.
And in turn, the mother feeds on the child.
So they must first take the woman over, and the image of a woman is now a demonic man eating a baby in front of you.
And this is what children are shown, and what the culture is shown, as they transmute not lead into gold, but gold into poison.
The goddess that God gave us, the power of regeneration and endless life, and the force of our people, and our future, and the power of men and women coming together in the office of the family, and in the divine creation of
New humans.
And inverting that and saying, no, we don't care about the children.
In fact, we're going to feed on the children.
We're going to heat the hospitals with children.
And we're going to keep children alive and graft them into animals and torture them.
Because we're God and we're selfish and we're bad.
And this is the world we're building that's ugly and stinking and failed.
But Dracula has Renfield, who he's not fully turned into a vampire, but a ghoul who eats rats and bugs, but Count Dracula promises him someday he'll make you, because he turns the women into his servants to destroy children, but the men he wants weak and stunted and pathetic, begging to be a real vampire, and then Renfield's very effeminate and weird and greedy and hateful and rat-like,
And that's because Bram Stoker's telling you what was really going on.
Just like George Orwell told you about Stalinism and Communism and the Indian Socialists in 1984, which was an allegory of the future they took over, Bram Stoker was telling you what these people really do, okay?
They don't live forever, but the spirit in them is ancient.
And it has a hunger.
And Renfield delivers children.
Well, these guys, if you're going to watch this video and we come back, are Renfields!
You could cast them, put them in a movie right now, Francis Ford Coppola could make a new Dracula, and these guys would be incredible Renfields, because they are!
Monday through Friday, we attack the globalists with hardcore truth, and with the cross of Christ, and with the high noon sun of blazing fire.
Thank you.
When I tell you that the Saxo-Bargothas are the line of Dracula, that's a fact.
Look it up.
When I tell you that Jimmy Savelle had the highest level security clearance in the UK to go into any royal areas, anywhere he wanted, into the Queen of England's own chambers, no one could stop him.
He was a Renfield of the highest order who had a sex dungeon where they killed kids.
This came out in the news.
And the government covered it up the entire time.
There is Renfield in the Superman outfit, and there is baby Dracula.
But if you want to know the King Daddy, he just went bye-bye.
And that, of course, was Prince Philip sworn to kill you and your family.
On record, look it up.
At least 80% of you, it's a deadly virus that he wanted to reincarnate as.
So, that's who these people are.
Who runs Build Back Better?
Who wants to cut your power off?
Who wants to put these deadly shots?
Who says it's a military campaign to save the Earth from humans?
The literal heir of Count Dracula!
Can't make that up!
There's his daddy!
Don't need any makeup there to be in the new movie, The Hunger.
They might remake, I guess.
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
Now let's talk about the facts.
Let's look at this little Renfield.
A SUNY professor is under investigation, that's an S-U-N-Y, after video clips emerged of him asserting that it's a mistake to think pedophilia is wrong and that there are evolutionary advantages to child-adult sex.
And he goes on from there.
As part of his libertarian philosophy, Kirshner believes, Stephen Kirshner,
The society's reaction to pedophilia is, what's wrong?
That's right.
And he starts out with, imagine an adult male wants to have sex with your 12-year-old daughter.
If she wants it, it's okay.
Because the school taught her to do it?
Like, oh, you're 5-year-old, we're teaching him he's really a girl.
By the time he's 10, we're going to cut his balls off.
Because, hey, if they can't rape him outright, well, maybe they can convince us that we're just going to cut their genitals off.
And if you don't like that, then you, quote, hate transgenders.
No, if somebody thinks they're a woman and has that proclivity and they're of age, that's their right, and I'm not against them and don't hate them.
But that's a far cry from people coming after children with these lies.
And now it's like, oh, we can convince your 12-year-old, and they go on to say that if your 1-year-old is consenting,
Oh, I saw that one-year-old in the backyard and just had to put him in the back of my van because, you know, that one-year-old really looked at me like, wink, wink, and wanted it.
That's the craziness of the left, folks.
That's how their minds work.
There was like a Daily Mail article about me like four or five years ago, and it was a former employee here, and they said, well, Jones never made any homosexual advances, but he could tell that I wanted to.
I mean, just think about that.
I'm not comparing that to this.
I'm saying, that's another example of why I never said anything to you.
I never, never, you were here 14 years, but I was grooming you.
Well, well, this guy, these guys are saying, oh, I saw the one-year-old at the mall and the baby stroller and it wanted me.
And your parents don't have any right to say, oh no, you can't, you can't court my, uh, you can't court my one-year-old.
And then you look at the evil look on this guy.
He looks as big a pedophile to me.
He doesn't just sing.
He likes, you know, it's a wonderful thing.
You know, the best thing.
It's a good thing, evolutionary.
But I mean, is he creepier than Brian Stelter?
No, no, no.
I think we may have someone that actually tops it.
I mean, does he not give you the willies?
I mean, does the hair on the back of your neck not absolutely just stand up?
When you think about this guy's talking about your children.
He's not going out and getting a woman.
He's not working hard.
He's not changing diapers.
He's not up with kids when they're sick at 2 a.m.
He's not taking them fishing.
He's not loving on them when they're scared at night.
He's just talking about how it's good for him to have a man stick his penis in him!
And how parents better back off and shut up!
And the schools are teaching white kids they're evil.
And the schools are teaching kids America sucks.
And the schools are teaching kids they can be another gender.
All of it is a war on humanity.
And now Australia is joining Canada saying, oh, if you're unvaccinated and your kid goes to the doctor, you can't come in the doctor's office.
You can't come in the school.
You can't come in the emergency room.
All about the state saying, your children belong to us.
And now the rapists are telling people in court, I identify as a child.
Oh, well then we're going to sentence you to a juvenile home.
You rape children?
You're 23 years old?
We're going to sentence you.
To four years in a juvenile home, or two years in a... I mean, these aren't jokes!
I told them there's these big movements with big fat pedophiles, they're always big fat guys for some reason, I don't know why.
And they're always like, I identify as a five-year-old, and I mean, look at this dude!
Look, just like Jeffrey Epstein!
And look at that greedy, hateful, selfish look!
So here, let's hear from him.
There's a bunch of the clips on Infowars.com.
It's hard to listen to.
Here he is drooling over how wonderful it is.
Here it is.
There's a couple things to say here.
One is, even if you are looking for a threshold, let's say there's a threshold.
I'm making this number up, but let's say it's at age eight.
Still, that tells you that some adult child sex is permissible.
Second, the notion that it's wrong even with a one-year-old
It's not quite obvious to me.
There are reports in some cultures of grandmothers fellating their, uh, the baby boys to calm them down when a colicky.
Now, I don't know if this is true, but this is sort of widely reported as a person, but you're telling us in at least one culture and it working that the grandmothers believe, believe this actually works.
If this were to be true, and again, I don't know what to be true.
If it were to be true, it's hard to see what would be wrong with it.
So yeah, I guess I think, no, I don't think there's a blanket.
period beyond which this is permissible.
If we're interested in willing participation, which is the way I structured it, then yeah, there's a point below which people aren't willing participants in anything, because they don't have intentions or they don't have the sort of mental states that allow for willing participation.
But no, I don't think it's a blanket wrong at any age.
Imagine that... Just shut up for a minute.
That's enough for now.
Look, there's a lot of this folks.
In fact, I had nightmares about it last night.
I woke up just asking myself, how do I get on air and explain to people how big this is?
You know when I talked about 30,000 kids in one region of Germany given to pedophiles to be gang raped?
And they were taken to giant gang rape events inside Catholic churches?
Because that's what Satanists want to do is desecrate things.
And then where lines of nuns and priests would rape little boys and girls and then beat them.
And then they would come back bloody and their intestines hanging out of their rear ends.
I mean, this is real!
I mean, this is who these people are!
And they're taking over the Boy Scouts, and the Catholic Church, and the universities, and the elementary schools.
Remember Jocelyn Elders?
Bill Clinton's Surgeon General nominee that said, I remember the tape, but it's hard to find out there.
Like, oh, we need to masturbate to little boys and girls.
Reach down and help them.
And you just heard him.
We need grandmas to rape their babies.
Grandmas need to rape their babies because they like it.
I mean, it's literally, imagine Linda Blair.
I mean, people thought it was shocking in the late 70s where she says, your mother's, you know, wadding in hell.
It was all so frightening.
They're on TV, the Surgeon General saying, look, we're gonna, we're gonna, we're gonna rape your babies!
And this guy's like, Grandma's gonna suck your babies off!
I mean, folks, they're just gonna vomit their evil on us.
They're never gonna stop until they all go to prison.
We got a major pedophile demon problem here, okay?
It's happened in every other culture.
It's repeated itself again and these people are coming after me because they know I know who they are.
That's why we need money to fight these monsters and the Democratic Party and all their armies.
Because that's what I'm fighting is pedophiles.
That's who runs them.
That's who I face.
And I can't beat these vampires without your help.
So go to infowarestore.com
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I need your prayers and I need your funds and word of mouth now, and I will never surrender!
I will destroy these people with God's help, but I need you!
I need you!
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Get prepared now.
This is absolutely essential for everybody that wants to be self-sufficient.
Welcome back to this special Wednesday, February 2nd transmission.
MTG, Marjorie Taylor Greene, is going to be joining us coming up
In the next segment.
And then she'll stay the whole hour if she can unless a vote gets called.
Pelosi's been moving votes around.
But first I want to play a very important report that really hits the heart of what's happening.
So that's coming up.
Here it is.
The Fifth Column recently published their findings and conclusions on the strange self-assembling nanotech they discovered in the Pfizer mRNA vaccines via optical microscopy analysis.
The objects they found in the vaccine correspond with known items in the scientific record.
And the conclusion they come to seems quite clear.
That the well-documented scientific goal to use nanotechnology and living human beings to form networks capable of controlling several nanomachines is currently being deployed in the COVID-19 vaccines.
Which amounts to the most intrusive assault against humanity in all of recorded history.
While the media and government lie in cover for Big Pharma, the official ingredients are still unknown.
But we have thousands of brilliant scientists worldwide studying these experimental vaccines.
Some have died in highly suspicious ways.
But most have been able to share their findings.
And the work shows us that graphene oxide is a key component in all of this.
There have been dozens of official documented studies on the use of graphene oxide related to how we see it being used here today.
Among other things, as a power converter.
Graphene, a one atom thick layer of hexagonally arranged carbon atoms, is the thinnest and strongest material known to man, and an outstanding conductor of heat and electricity.
It can boost gigahertz frequencies into terahertz, which is exactly what these new nanotech machines need for power.
In order to do this, the graphene first needs a frequency to power it.
And the optimal frequency to externally power graphene is known to be 26 gigahertz, which is also the frequency put out by 5G.
In this model, the graphene within the body is activated by microwave signals in the gigahertz range, which it then boosts into the terahertz range, which then powers the novel nanotech machinery to self-assemble within the human body.
Once assembled, what do these nanotech machines do?
The images, compared to the scientific literature, suggest that they are the foundation of an internal electronic system with an endless potential for biomanipulation of the human host.
Nano-routers that emit MAC addresses, able to be registered via Bluetooth.
Nano and plasma antennas to amplify signals.
Nano-rectennas acting as rectifier bridges from AC to DC current.
Codecs and logic gates for encryption of communication.
The raw material for all this self-assembly is also graphene oxide.
And when we compare known side effects of graphene oxide to the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines, we find them to be the same.
Once graphene oxide is injected into the body, it acquires magnetic properties, predictably around the injection site, the heart, and the brain.
Graphene is seen as a pathogen by our immune system and will often result in paralysis and stroke.
Graphene is known to cause blood clots and heart conditions.
Graphene oxide can generate small discharges causing cardiac arrhythmia.
There is so much going on with these experimental vaccines.
And the evidence seems clear that there is a mass experiment going on.
With certain batches marked more deadly than others.
And with certain batches that contain a bold new technology akin to a man-made parasite intended to control the host human if it doesn't kill them first in the process.
Perhaps that is what the mad scientists and psychopaths are after.
Human genetics that can withstand this new invasive and deadly nanotech.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Alright folks, we just connected with...
Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.
Really looking forward to this interview.
We're going to come back in 60 seconds.
For everybody you know, however you're listening, tune in and share the live link to get past the censors.
Well, there's a lot of great new people in the last few years that have gotten into Congress who are defending this republic.
But out of all of them, the most informative and interesting and brave has got to be Marjorie Taylor Greene.
We really appreciate her joining us because, you know, CNN, MSNBC, they try to say people shouldn't interview her.
They try to say she shouldn't be allowed to be on the Internet or be on shows.
She should be banned.
And she has been.
And, oh, you shouldn't talk to Alex Jones either.
We should all be scared of each other as nationalists and as populists.
But we're not.
And we're coming together.
CNN, on average, has 100,000 viewers.
Joe Rogan, on average, 11 million conservatively.
That's more than 20 times bigger.
This show has over 3 to 4 million viewers conservatively a day.
The people have spoken.
They're a joke!
They want freedom.
They want justice.
And now you have Zucker, the head of CNN, stepping down with the same fate as Cuomo and the rest.
We also have Reuters coming out.
Doing an article about, okay, big studies from Japan and Brazil and the U.S.
Ivermectin really is a miracle drug.
They've got egg on their face in so many ways.
So she joins us as long as she can this hour.
If a vote comes up, she's gotta go.
It's really amazing to have her here.
We wanted to get her on for a while.
You can find her on Getter.
Thanks so much for having me on, Alex, and I am a huge fan of yours, so I'm thrilled to be here.
I'm a big fan of yours as well.
I hope to meet you sometime in person.
Where do you want to start?
Maybe the state of the country?
Where things are going?
Well, I'd basically like to let all of your viewers know that I'm the exact type of person they never wanted to be elected to Congress and to come to Washington.
And the reason why is they have a system that runs here that has hurt our country for so long now.
And they've completely sold America out and it's the Uniparty that's the problem.
It's the Republican rhinos who walk and talk and act like us.
And then they do different things behind closed doors with the way they vote and legislate.
And the people they take money from.
And unfortunately, those Republicans have joined with the Democrats and it's been happening for a really long time, but they serve the globalist agenda.
And as a matter of fact, today, I'm waiting to have to go vote here in just a little bit against the COMPETES Act.
And that's what Nancy Pelosi is bringing to the House floor today.
She's working on getting that done while we're working through amendments.
They don't want the Republican amendment, so change it.
And this is a so-called bill that's supposed to go against China and help America to compete.
But the all honesty, the truth is it serves the climate change radical agenda.
It serves China first and America last, and it's all Build Back Better and Green New Deal just rewritten into something that she lies and calls America Competes Act.
So it's the same song and dance, but it's Mitch McConnell and
And the Lindsey Grahams and many Republicans here that have allowed these things to happen to our country.
And this is why primary season is so important.
This is why everyone needs to get involved and we have to make sure that we send the right people to Congress.
People like me, people who are willing to fight because we have to save our country.
And sadly, it's in a bad place right now.
They've been doing everything they can to suppress you.
They've really been scared of you without going on the laundry list of censorship and things that have happened.
What are some of the big issues you want to get across to this audience so they can help amplify it?
And what is it about you that scares them so much that you're a private businesswoman, that you've been successful, that you're loyal to the country?
Yes, absolutely, but I don't back down and I refuse to stop doing and saying the things that I'm doing.
You know, I just got kicked off of Twitter and I wear that with like a badge of honor.
Joining you and so many others that have been kicked off that hateful, evil, leftist platform that just spread lies and basically controls politics and messaging in the media.
And I'm so happy I got kicked off.
You know, anyone that gets persecuted by these type of platforms, you really are the greatest Americans.
It's when the evil left comes against you in such a way that they can't even stand your voice and they kick you off their platforms.
Well, that's a message that you're saying everything right.
And these are the things that we have to figure out how to stop.
But Republicans have failed us, Alex.
They promised to rein in big tech and do something about it, but they didn't do it when they had the opportunity.
And that's why we have to hold Congress accountable.
That's what I care about.
I care about the American people knowing everything that happens here in the swamp and what happens in these hallways and behind closed doors.
Because I think if the American people could truly see the things that I see and hear every single day, the American people would never allow it.
And it's this institution that is responsible for all of the failures that have us at $30 trillion in debt, has a media press that hides behind free press,
That really is nothing but propaganda news for the deep state.
This is why our borders wide open and we have illegals, drugs, terrorists, the worst people coming across our border.
And then Joe Biden and his administration paying for their flights all over the country, coming to any one small town and where they live, even though it's not a border state.
But the worst things that are happening to me, Alex, is the purge in our military and the purge in all the agencies and law enforcement and all of these different strong institutions where, you know, it was really the strong people, the alpha males that protected our country, protected our cities and protected our homes, but now are being purged because these are the people that are so strong and courageous and refusing to take a vaccine that they don't want.
And I stand with them and support everyone that's standing against the vaccine.
I'm unvaccinated, and I think that we have every single right to say, hell no, we are not taking that vaccine and putting it in our body.
And it's these mandates that are crippling our country, and now they're forcing on children even as young as five months old, and it's absolutely disgusting and evil.
Well, it certainly is.
Senator Paul has called it child abuse to give children this injection.
Even if you believe it works, which they're now admitting it doesn't, there's no reason to give it to a child.
This is pure evil.
No, it's pure evil.
And what's even worse is how the FDA has said that doctors can't prescribe ivermectin.
And now they're saying monoclonal antibodies can't be used against COVID-19 because they're saying it doesn't work against Omicron.
And they're forcing masks on children and on people across the world.
I mean, this is truly mental illness.
Wearing a mask today after two years of this Chinese virus that has infected our country, this man-made Chinese virus that Dr. Fauci sent our tax dollars to and contributed to, but people still wearing masks.
I mean, it's truly mentally ill.
We know the masks don't work.
And the vaccines don't work.
People that are vaccinated are still getting COVID.
But I think that people really have blood on their hands that have stopped the prescriptions of ivermectin, refused people who have had sick family members in the hospital of not being able to take ivermectin or any other kind of life-saving treatment or therapy.
I mean, I truly think that we need to investigate all these people and investigate the deaths that are reported on the VAERS system and hold people accountable because it's Dr. Fauci and anyone at the CDC or anyone involved that stopped life-saving treatments and therapies and people died.
Well, I think they're guilty of murder.
You're absolutely right.
We've got to go to break in a few minutes.
On the subject of this biomedical tyranny and Fauci, it's come out they cooked it up at the lab.
It's come out they lied to Congress.
It's come out that they then controlled the whole story and the rollout of it from the beginning until now.
And I mean, I just want to see these people brought to justice.
And that's why it's so important that you and others like you are in Congress.
What is Congress trying to do right now to bring that little monster to justice?
Unfortunately, this Congress is doing nothing.
You see, I'm a member of the 117th Congress, sadly.
This is the Congress on day one.
Nancy Pelosi passed in her rules.
She totally erased gender and family names.
You can't even say mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister, son, daughter, he, she, all of these proper names that so importantly tell us what God did when he created us male and female.
Nancy Pelosi
Destroyed that on day one.
And I'm also part of the 117th Congress that was so disgusting and evil that they were actually able to pass a bill here in this Congress that I'm a part of that would murder babies up until the day of birth.
So to think that this Congress is doing anything about Dr. Fauci or rather we should call him Dr. Frankenstein.
To think that this Congress would do anything about him and do anything right for the American people to help them get treatments against COVID-19 and stop these insane, tyrannical vaccine mandates and ridiculous masks that's basically child abuse.
Congressman Greene, please stay there.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Well, there's all this talk about put a black woman on the Supreme Court or elect women to office.
I'm all for that.
They're like our guest, Congresswoman Greene.
Because I don't care if they're a man or a woman, I care about what's inside their mind and their soul.
We had a great conversation during the break and she wanted to get back in to this compete bill that she was telling me is the whole leftist agenda, the build back better, the whole carbon tax agenda.
Tell us about this bill.
Well, this is the bill that Nancy Pelosi is pushing to the floor, and I'm going to show you guys.
It's going to be hard for you to see, but this is the bill.
It's approximately 3,000 pages, and it's unbelievable.
They gave it to us on Monday as if we're supposed to all be able to read it and then vote on it likely, possibly today, maybe tomorrow.
But this is how Congress operates, and it shouldn't operate this way.
It's filled with complete garbage.
Everything in there totally hurts our country.
It serves all of AOC's climate change Green New Deal agenda.
It gives $8 billion for climate change.
It gives billions of dollars to the UN.
It gives all of this money away that does nothing for our country.
And get this, Alex.
It only mentions the word fentanyl one time, but yet Chinese fentanyl from the CCP is what's coming across our border, killing our young people every single day at record numbers.
But that's Nancy Pelosi for you.
That's what she does with her bills.
You know, I'd like to see you as the Speaker of the House.
They're really scared about the midterms in 279 days, but I'm concerned about election fraud.
I am too.
I'm very concerned about it.
And actually most Republican voters are concerned about it.
And they've been very upset that Republicans up here on the Hill haven't taken it serious.
But we should take it serious because a stolen presidential election is the most serious thing that could happen in our country.
And we've seen the outcome of Joe Biden becoming our president for the past year.
And it's been horrific and we've been suffering ever since.
Didn't you win the last congressional election by the record number in the country?
Or am I wrong about that?
Oh, I won.
But I have a strong Republican district, so even they can't question my election.
I won huge.
Well, sure.
Well, the reason I raise that is you're what people want.
An amazing, powerful, smart, beautiful woman promoting freedom.
And that...
Is what scares the Democrats, and that's why they want to demonize you and have tried to expel you from Congress for January 6th.
They're trying to say I'm involved, the Democrats are as well.
I mean, how crazy is that?
Because I know you wanted to have the 10-day Senate investigation that's in law and totally legal.
That's what I wanted.
The last thing we wanted was that fiasco.
But I'm really concerned about the vast majority of folks who are not violent and are innocent political prisoners.
And we really appreciate the fact that you've gone and tried to shed light on what's happened to them.
I remember that.
And you did absolutely nothing wrong.
I saw the videos.
You were telling people not to go.
You were telling people not to do anything.
And you were doing everything right.
But it's people like Ray Epps who were telling people to go into the Capitol, urging people to go in the Capitol, take the Capitol, and all these horrible things that Ray Epps said.
And I didn't see Ray Epps in the D.C.
jail, Alex, when I went in there, when I saw these pretrial January 6th defendants being held
Yeah, absolutely.
Is the one question that no one can answer.
Then the fact that Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney, and the rest of the disgusting January 6th clown committee is defending this guy just shows you and exposes all of their lies.
They can't dare come after someone like you, Alex, or innocent people that got legal rally permits, or people that worked for Trump's administration, staffers, and so on.
They shouldn't come after any of you if they're gonna stand there and let Ray Epps off the hook because we know what he did.
He is clearly guilty of more than anyone.
Well I'm glad you raised him because it's now come out that they had close to a thousand FBI and military commandos surrounding the Capitol that morning.
They had plainclothes everywhere confirming what
The Revolver News put out, confirming what Tucker Carlson put out.
And so there I am with a few others trying to warn the peaceful crowd, but they'd open the doors to not go in.
Most of them couldn't hear me, but thank God a lot of them did.
It didn't go in.
And there were the feds, over a thousand of them, watching while the first group of a few hundred broke through the police, a lot of those being anti-provocateurs.
So I think the investigation should be there, but this committee doesn't really have any real Republicans on it, does it?
No, it doesn't.
They have Republicans that left our party, and now we're actually doing the bidding of Nancy Pelosi.
The January 6th committee is the same playbook we saw with Russian collusion.
It's create a bunch of lies, tell a bunch of stories, and get their mainstream media propagandist to tell their lies for them and put it in the headlines consistently.
Rinse and repeat.
Dirty up Republicans.
Dirty up President Trump.
Dirty up anyone that supports him so that they can hopefully affect elections going forward.
And keep selling the propaganda so they keep people believing things that just aren't true.
And the playbook is old and people are really sick and tired of it.
Speaking of Russiagate, we now know that was a fraud.
Democrats have been indicted for lying and setting it up.
But they've now moved on again to use Russia as another distraction.
What's your view, being in the Congress, seeing the intelligence about what's really happening in the Ukraine?
Well, you know, I'm really angry about that.
And I wrote a piece that should be out later today.
And I wrote, it's called Screw Karl Rove.
And you know, it's people like Karl Rove and this political consulting class that has supported the Bushes and supported all of these Republicans that are the neocons that beat their chest and want war.
And so people like Karl Rove and all of these other rhinos.
I think.
It is infuriating.
And when they're attacking Tucker Carlson and anyone else that's standing up and actually speaking the truth on how most Americans feel, well, you know, that just shows exactly who they are and it's typical of them.
They make a lot of money off of these wars.
They love the contracts that serves the State Department and the Pentagon.
And it basically just all the neocons, this is what they love to do so that all of their donors
Well, the good news is they've got Rasmussen and Gallup polls that show 15 to 20 percent of Americans support any type of troops to Ukraine.
America is speaking up, and Republicans more and more are becoming the party, thanks to Trump and you and others, of not wanting war and being a peace party.
And that's what people want, and that's why liberals should abandon their party and come to the new Republican, populist America First Party.
That's right.
Well, you know, I think Americans really are there.
It's the people here in this town, people on the Hill, and a bunch of egotistical, arrogant politicians and the consultants that work for them running these polls that really don't ask the right questions a lot of times.
They just haven't caught up with the people.
Or maybe they were never with the people, because look at what has happened over these decades.
This is the party that produced Bush, that failed, led us to Barack Obama.
And now here we are at $30 trillion in debt.
And it's just like, it's so bad.
It's so disgusting.
You can hardly wrap your head around it.
But this is where the American people have always been.
We've always been populist.
We've always been nationalist.
We always have been America first.
We've always wanted our tax dollars to go towards things that help us and protect our small businesses and help our people be independent and protect our freedoms so that we can succeed as Americans.
So that our children can have the same future that God has given us here in our country.
You've got one more second before the vote.
We're going to come right back.
She's on fire.
You can follow her and find her on Getter, and we'll give you that address when we come back.
MTG for America.
Stay with us.
Marjorie Taylor Greene, MTG, who I hope becomes president one day.
Hell, she'd probably be better than Trump coming up in 2024.
Can we get you to run for president in the next few years?
Because I think you're one of the few people that would probably have a better voting record and have a better chance than winning than even Trump.
Or maybe a green DeSantis ticket?
Well, Alex, I don't know what's going to happen.
I'm a very strong supporter of President Trump.
But in the future, we'll definitely see what happens.
I'll see what the people think about something like that.
But we need a green agenda!
Build back better with President Greene!
Well, my agenda would be all for this country.
I just, I love our country and I hate, absolutely hate, what the federal government has done to the American people.
Sure, absolutely.
Before CNN spends that, I'm not actually endorsing their fake Greene agenda, their communist agenda.
It's a play on words.
We need to go Greene with President Greene, Congresswoman Greene.
And so you already won the last election in a landslide, and I guess you're set to win it again?
Yes, I'm so grateful to all the wonderful people in my district.
I have such strong support with them, and it's just because I keep doing and saying what I promised them I would do, and I'll never stop doing that.
So I'm grateful to Georgia's 14th District.
Cut off an earlier break, we were getting into what a little monster that clown is, Fauci, who wants to censor everybody and wants to enforce injections on children and masks that don't work and the rest of it.
Everything he says turns out to be a fraud, including lying to Congress, obviously, about getting to function.
But what do you make of Laura Logan getting deplatformed and getting attacked for coming out and comparing him to Joseph Mengele?
I think it's a very fair comparison.
I think it's a fair comparison.
It's basically been one big human experiment, right?
That's what COVID-19 vaccines have been.
That's what COVID-19 has been, especially since we know it was engineered in a lab and then when it went all over the world.
And that's what a human experiment is.
There should have never been a COVID-19, but the gain-of-function research that Fauci funded through a grant, through a third party, is what made it possible.
So that is an experiment.
And then these vaccines, which were in emergency use only, that's how they were labeled, emergency use, that allowed the FDA to speed this up and these vaccines to go forward.
They very much have been an experiment, but the right questions haven't been asked.
Why are there so many deaths reported on the VAERS system?
Why are there so many vaccine injuries reported on the VAERS system?
Why are so many people having blood clot issues, heart issues after they've been having these vaccines?
Healthy soccer players in foreign countries dropping dead after they've been vaccinated.
These are the questions that need to be asked about this giant human experiment that the world has been going through.
And why is the Pfizer vaccine, why is big pharma vaccines
The only answer, instead of real treatments like Ivermectin, which we know works, monoclonal antibodies, which we know works, hydroxychloroquine, all of these other wonderful things that brave doctors have been treating their patients with, why aren't those things allowed?
And who does that serve, really?
So do I think Lara Logan should have been deplatformed or attacked for what she said?
No, absolutely not.
As a matter of fact, I tend to agree with Lara Logan, and I think most people do as well.
I think maybe she should run for office.
That's what we need, you guys, to get in there and clean up the house.
There are so many things happening, but the entire agenda is based on censorship.
And thank God that you're a passionate, hard-working Congresswoman.
You've got a lot of connections, a lot of energy, so you're able to get around the censors.
But for so many other people, they've been destroyed by this.
And even the former president, the real president, he's been
And one of his big failings was not getting Congress to take action when he did have the House and Senate his first two years.
If Republicans win the House and Senate back, what are you going to push for?
And what do you think Trump should push for to finally stand up to big tech in their reign of terror?
I think we have to break apart their power.
We have to break apart their monopolies.
You see, it's their monopolies that stop the little guys from being able to compete with them.
And that's the whole problem with globalism, right?
It's this nasty combination of powerful corporations with government power and policies that creates something that I call corporate communism.
It's where the communist and the government
We're good to go.
And therefore, we fact-checked you and you're wrong.
And so, these are all the things we have to stop.
But I think breaking apart the monopolies is a huge first step.
We have to look at how we view these companies, looking at them in a different lens, and then being brave enough to pass legislation and signing it into law, getting the job done, not promising our voters one thing about big tech and never delivering.
It's time to actually do something about it when we take power back.
Congresswoman Greene, in the few minutes we have left, I'm glad that you raise globalism.
That was my last question.
You understand Bill Backbetter.
You understand the Great Reset.
You've read, because I see your speeches and interviews, about Klaus Schwab.
You're one of the few members of Congress that gets this.
If we don't understand, it's a corporate
I think?
I don't
Consolidation of control.
And can you speak to the Great Reset and your views on this?
And do you agree with me that it's paramount to expose the real enemy?
Like in World War II, the enemy was Hitler.
Well, this time, it's Klaus Schwab and the Bilderberg Group and the public arm, the Davos Group.
I absolutely think they're the enemy.
You know what makes a fool of you and me is when we don't take people at their word.
And we're taking them at their word.
And so we're not fools, Alex.
We know what they say.
We know what they want to do because they say it out loud.
But what is foolish is not believing them and not taking them at their word.
They are very serious about the Great Reset.
They're very serious about globalism.
And this is, this is something that America was never meant to be a part of.
And it's the people that align themselves with this group right here.
You know, I've had a few of my colleagues actually go to Davis and I think that's wrong.
I don't think that anyone in the Republican conference should be a part of that.
Or take money from these types of people.
That's where you get misled.
And a lot of politicians take money from big corporate executives and big corporate donors who are aligning themselves with this project, aligning themselves with this group right here that is leading us down the wrong way because they're forgetting that they work for the people that voted them into office.
And those are the regular Americans, just great people that do not want our country involved in any kind of global economy.
We don't want the future to be about destroying the dollar and having some global currency that everyone has to serve.
We don't want to move into those type of things.
But very sadly and tragically, that is the hard and fast direction our country is going in.
And that's why it's so important to stop it.
Well, that's right.
Via the vaccine passport, we have the social credit score and the global carbon tax system officially being rolled out in Europe, Australia, and now it's popping up on people's phones here, on the apps.
Very, very dangerous.
And of course, people like Tulsi Gabbard, she went to Davos, but she's now rejected it.
People like Crenshaw need to reject it.
And not come out and claim that you don't have a good voting record that he does, when the truth is it's the other way around.
I'm not attacking him.
I want Crenshaw to join us, but we've got to really hold his feet to the fire.
Congresswoman, you're amazing.
We'll put your website back on screen for people to find you.
It's MTG4America on Getter.
And again, I look forward to speaking to you again very, very soon, and God bless you.
Thank you so much, Alex.
We'll talk again.
Wow, that was great.
Well, there she goes, folks.
That was amazing.
We need 400-something like her in Congress right now.
I tell you, that lady is even more amazing on that HD Skype.
She just makes me excited.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
What we're witnessing is a coming out of evil.
The public has been put into a near trance
On average, brainwaves are at a near sleep level than many people daydreaming.
Highly suggestible.
And the globalists are probing.
The globalists are testing.
I woke up about 3 a.m.
I had trouble going back to sleep.
this morning.
I was just so freaked out about all the news.
And that horrid clip I was sent before I got to bed of the professor with other professors saying having sex with one-year-olds isn't bad.
You know, because they agree with it.
It's just so sick.
It just hit me.
You've got to start the show tomorrow with this fact.
Everybody already knows this innately.
I'm not telling you something you don't know.
I'm reminding you of this and how important this is.
This is all a test.
By the Deimos Group, by the globalists, by the perverts, by all the different consortiums of evil.
To see what we'll put up with and what we'll go along with.
And so as bad as the last two years has been, and all the insanity that's taking place, this is them probing to see what they can get away with.
And they're compromised, controlled individuals for stuff way beyond, oh, the head of CNN stepped down because he had an improper relationship with an employee.
No, folks, you don't get in a position like that unless you are a pedophile,
Or unless you've killed people and they have all the dirt on you.
They don't trust you.
Look, everybody knows that gangs, whether they are old-fashioned 1950s greasers, you know, gearheads, or whether it is black gangs, or Hispanic gangs, or white gangs, white supremacist gangs, all over the world, Japanese, Chinese gangs, African gangs, how do you get in the gang?
Well, before you become a member, you've got to go out and be a support person that commits crimes.
To prove you'll do it, and so they have dirt on you, so when you commit crimes with them, that when you commit crimes with them, that when you commit crimes with them, they have dirt on you to destroy you if they want to.
Except, starting in about the 50s, in Europe and the US and other areas, they started letting people plea bargain, commonly, if they would rat out the superiors in the crime.
But see, nobody's gonna let the FBI or the Justice Department or state prosecutors plea bargain with somebody that's part of a baby raping cult.
Because, no one even wants to go on the news and say, we busted a baby raping cult.
No one's gonna believe that!
No one's going to believe that through the leftist arms of Harvard and the CIA, because there's good people in those agencies, there's good people at Harvard, good people in the CIA, but in the leftist arm of the CIA, on record, farming children out through the CPS and family courts in occupied Germany, starting after World War II, running till today, hundreds of thousands of children, 30,000 in one region, one state alone, given to rapists of children to be raised by them.
That's to create that culture and that pool of people that they know are so horrible and so evil, no one will be able to believe it.
That's how they took over the Boy Scouts, the Catholic Church, Penn State, Boys Town, all of it.
You're like, why are there so many damn pedophiles?
There's not, folks.
They're not even 1% of the population.
But they make people do it to be in the club.
It's come out in FBI documents.
I remember Ted Gunnarsson telling me this 25 years ago.
And then the finder's documents last year got released by the FBI, thousands of pages, and I went over it, and so much of it was exactly what he told me, because he knew about the case.
And it would describe these rich, powerful people who were like already worth hundreds of millions that wanted to be higher up in the globalist club, and how the husband and wife would be marched into a room with a six-year-old girl tied up.
They'd say, all right, have sex with her.
And the woman would be throwing up, and like her husband couldn't get, you know, didn't want to do it, couldn't get an erection.
And then the people walk him out, punch him in the face, and say, listen, we already got video of you with that kid.
Now you get a hard-on and you get in there and you screw her!
I'm sorry to talk like this, folks, but you go read that stuff yourself.
A CIA base in D.C.
doing that with people.
Marching in, husbands and wives, and saying, get in there and rape that toddler!
And that's how they talk to them, too.
Now you imagine that, and you think about that, and you think about who these people are.
And then you understand why we're in so much trouble.
Because they can't ever have a plea bargain on that.
That can't come out, can it?
Except it is coming out.
And that's what Epstein was doing, folks.
Because a lot of times they'd tell him, alright, we got this 8-year-old, yeah, he's been
In our hands for five years.
He's been fighting back, bit one of our people.
I want you to go in there and strangle him.
Listen, I got into this for, I mean, I've already... Listen, we're gonna kill you and your family if you don't get in there and strangle that little piece of crap.
They get in there, and they strangle the little kid.
They go, now get your crap and get out of here.
That's exactly how they talk to him.
Imagine federal prosecutors or the FBI.
They got a bad guy.
They're like, listen here, buddy.
You're going to prison for a hundred years.
Except it's like you raped that child.
You don't do it.
You get in there and do it.
And that's who runs your government.
That's who runs your country.
And 99.9% of us aren't involved in this.
And it's so horrible that we don't even know how to deal with it.
And we don't know.
And I understand.
I understand why people don't want to believe this.
I understand why it's so painful.
I understand.
But it's real.
And it's right there confirmed now.
And I know the people that expose this and folks discovered it.
And they just, it would ruin their lives because they like couldn't believe it.
They couldn't even believe this was going on.
Because you would never be like that.
I would never be like that.
But they are.
And now they're all over TV saying they want to have sex with your one-year-olds.
Because you can bet your bottom dollar that they got tortured and raped when they were children.
And a lot of people just decide to adapt to the evil and become what was attacking them.
The majority of people, when put under that type of pressure, and no one saves them and no one helps them, and they're tortured and raped for years, they become what they fear.
And so just like you take a sword and you heat it up and beat it with hammers and fold the metal for Damascus steel, and it takes weeks and weeks and weeks to make that sword, you made something strong and good, they torture and beat these children until they create something that is an abomination.
That's why it came out last year that the CIA would only put people in charge in Afghanistan that were pedophiles.
And it would supply them with little boys and girls.
And there's discrimination against boys.
You wonder why most of the time it's boys being raped?
They found that people will just go crazy on them and start killing people, even inside their system.
They might rape girls for a couple years, go on with it, and just suddenly they'll just start shooting people.
Because it's something about little girls.
We're built to think of boys as expendable and be tough.
So it's kind of like, well, they're torturing raping boys, but they're boys, they can handle it.
But people really get flipped out when it's little girls.
So I'd say about 80% of the rape and torture is of little boys.
And it's sick, ladies and gentlemen.
And these mothers go to drag queen pedophile time, and they bring their child to sit on the lap when a man has an erection, and the children, and the man humps on them now.
They hump on them on TV.
I've shown you the videos.
Big fat man, clown outfit, kids laid on top, he lays there, starts humping, and the mothers all get off on the satanicness of it.
This is a satanic energy.
We're going to go to break.
I'm going to come back, give the number out, take calls next hour, ahead of Jason Burma's coming up.
And I want to think about the topics I want to throw out, but I do want to take first-time callers, so that's coming up.
I'm not giving the number out yet.
I'll give it out in a moment.
I just had a bunch of topics, but my brain's all over here.
I've got a lot to hit.
Separately, we won't be on air fighting these demons, these murdering, psychotic criminals that we're fighting at point-blank range that I've got to go out and face every day, which I'm willing to do, but I need your backing, and I need your prayers, and I need your support, because I'm all in, and I'm totally committed, and we are really having a big effect on the enemy.
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All right, I want to open the phones up in this hour for first-time callers to give you a chance to be on air to really call in about any subject you want, but just have your point ready and I'll move the next person so we get to a lot of people.
And dispense with the pleasantries, as they say, because I want to hear from you and the actual information.
I appreciate you.
You appreciate me.
It goes without saying.
But I'm all for these freedom truck convoys, and they're great, and they're wonderful, and they're breaking the back of the leftists.
But now they're saying there's a big one going to go to D.C.
And we've seen trucker and farmer convoys before that went to D.C.
where the police just outright attacked them.
And I'm concerned Americans are so mad, it might not end up having to be a false flag.
People are pissed, and if the cops make the wrong move, this could blow up and get out of control.
And I don't want that.
We're beating them politically right now.
The globalists are falling apart.
So you can't be paralyzed, though, and not go to D.C.
just because you think they're going to try to set things up.
It's because we weren't thinking about that enough on January 6 and didn't get there early enough to stop it.
And the Feds did stand down that this happened, but I think people are really aware and ready for false flags and stopped any of that type of behavior, we're told, in Ottawa and on the US side of the border.
And so I'm all for people peacefully going to D.C.
Because if you get to the point of, well, they might stage a false flag, then you're paralyzed and they've already won.
But you've just got to have your video cameras, your phones going.
You've got to be peaceful.
You've got to document that.
And you've got to just absolutely expose these different federal groups that black out their license plates and dress in the same khaki pants and all the rest of it, which are 100% Southern Poverty Law Center, ADL,
Lincoln Project Group Run.
And the Lincoln Project's been caught out doing it.
They wear the same uniforms so the police know they're there and the feds know they are.
Yeah, well that's a group of feds right there, but young cadets have just gotten graduated out.
But the other folks wear the khakis, they wear the certain color shoes, they wear the certain color tops, the same sunglasses.
And that's a uniform, so that they're identifiable.
And they all get out of the back of U-Hauls, they all black out their license plates.
Notice the police don't stop them doing that, because they've been told, leave these guys alone.
And so that's all they are.
That's what they're doing.
Can you imagine being a piece of garbage like that?
I mean, at this point.
Because, okay, it's fine to have undercover people out places, but not when you're there for the media to create a fascist image of the Liberty Movement.
You're now involved in black propaganda.
That has nothing to do with black people, folks.
The terms white, gray, and black propaganda.
See, not all propaganda is bad.
If I'm promoting
You know, my company or my business and saying it has great products, and that's true, it's white propaganda.
Gray propaganda can be promoting something good, but you kind of cheat to sell it, the idea or the product, that's gray propaganda.
Black propaganda is lying to also oppress you and take your freedoms and hurt you.
Again, sell something good, but lie about it, that's gray, shouldn't do it.
Sell something great, be totally honest about it, that's white propaganda, I engage in it constantly.
The word propaganda just means to propagate, to promote.
So I am a propaganda machine of the truth.
I'm a propaganda machine of exposing tyranny.
I'm a propaganda machine of spitting truth and facts.
And that's what we do.
I'm not perfect, though, and I make mistakes.
And I've been hateful, and that is a form of black propaganda.
Even though it's reasonable to hate these people, at the end of the day, we don't want to fight them because we hate them.
We want to fight them, like Ricardo Bossi says, for what's behind us.
For love.
Love, because I mean, hate's not good for you folks.
And it's a good propulsion system and I've had success with it.
It's totally natural and wasn't fake.
But it's hurt me bad, you know, to just burn with hatred of these people.
Because I could easily be up here at 7 o'clock totally exhausted,
See something they've done and energize and the crew would ask, like, are you using drugs?
You were totally, I just, did you see this?
I'm pissed off.
That's an inner thing, but that would be hate.
And it's hurt me over the years doing it.
I've trained myself now to go, I'm doing this for love and I'm not going to get angry.
I don't have as much energy when I do it, but I'm loving.
I'm doing this out of love.
And it's usually better what comes out of the love fighting evil than what comes out of the hate.
Even though I'm being hateful for good reason,
And there's a place for hate.
I'm just saying, you don't want it to be your main driver.
You want love to be your driver.
Because it's longer, it's stronger, it's pure, and in the end, it has better outcomes.
So let's do this for love of our children in the future, not for hate of the globalists.
They're not worth our emotions.
All right, listen, I could only play one of these clips earlier in the first hour.
There's a bunch of them, but it's got to be played.
And I'm not going to apologize for playing it, but children should not be listening to this.
But at the same time, people are like, well, then don't play it.
Well, no, this is what's happening to children.
This is what's being done to children, and we need to go ahead and face this.
And I know it's hard.
Believe me, it's hard to look at these people.
I mean, God, they're so sick.
And when I look at Jeff Zucker or I look at people like, well, just all of them on their CNN,
I mean, we don't just know from the facts.
We don't just know from the background info.
We don't just know from the indictments.
We know from the whole thing who they are.
And you're talking about people so demonic, so selfish, so sick, that they are protecting this psychic, spiritual, vampiristic cult that is attacking our children.
And folks, there's so much evidence of giant pedophile rings and murder rings that I can't even research it anymore, okay?
People send it to me like, hey, are you gonna cover this?
And I just want to throw up.
And then I see my innocent children, other people's innocent children, and I feel like a bad person.
Because I'm not going and finding these people and physically protecting the children.
But see, they would then be the victims and they would win through that process because they haven't yet been identified.
But they do need, when they're found to be running pedophile conspiracies, to organize the rape of children, execute it.
After they're found guilty, I... They need to have it.
I'm not into cruel and unusual punishment, but I think they should be thrown into, like, starving dogs or something.
Seriously, for what they did to kids.
And I'm not a vindictive person.
I'm saying, they need the fear of God put in them.
They need to watch starving pit bulls rip these people into pieces.
They need to be drawn and quartered by horses.
I mean, they sure as hell don't need to be running their mouths on TV how it's okay to have sex with one-year-olds.
Do I have to go into how evil that is?
How much it hurts the children physically, mentally, spiritually?
How sick this is?
And talking about grandmothers raping their babies because they love them?
I mean, this is what they tell you!
So what do we do about these people?
Because I only play one of the clubs and I just... I don't even know what to say at this point.
It's almost like we become them to even know they're doing this.
Like, who ever thought of stuff like this?
Like the Pope said, those that don't want to take vaccines or those that question authority love to eat poop.
Where does he come up with that?
He's raining down eating feces into your mind and then I've got to say what he said to counter him.
He said it makes him sick at his stomach three years ago to hear about the Christian roots of Europe.
He's not a Christian leader, he's a devil!
And I'm not attacking Catholics, it's all the major institutions have been taken over by devils!
They're sexualizing our children, they're teaching pedophilia, they're teaching every form of evil, they are teaching white children that they are inherently bad, and that, statistically, will turn those children into racists.
That's how psychology works.
70-80% of kids taught they're bad because they're white are going to grow up and resent the people that did it and actually believe that black people came up with the idea.
It's a bunch of sick, globalist, behavioral psychologists, the same ones promoting pedophilia, that are raining that type of crap down!
And they're literally saying white people are inherently evil so they deserve to be killed and robbed.
And so we go from 10 to 1 black on white crime to 20 to 1 black on white crime.
And still the vast majority of black folks aren't racist, aren't tribal, don't want to kill white people.
But there's a large minority of idiot black men that believe it and go out and do it because they think whites deserve it.
And that's all the evil globalists manipulating that to destroy all of us.
I don't want the black babies aborted.
I don't want the white babies aborted.
I don't want some guy that claimed he was black running over a bunch of people in the media covering it up.
I don't want a white guy going to church and shooting and killing non-black people.
I don't want any of this dumbass evil garbage anymore.
And I'm asking listeners, what do we do to stop these people?
I mean, look at this New York SUNY professor calling it libertarian
And saying one-year-old babies can consent to being raped.
And he's up there with a bunch of other people that just... I mean, just look at that dude.
They got to look, man.
Look at that guy.
Does he not look like the former mayor of New York, de Blasio?
Does he not look like all these guys?
All these guys.
And he can be black, he can be white, they all got that weird, demonic look.
And they're predators.
Whether he actually acts on the things he talks about, or whether he's just putting the poison out to legitimize it for his fellow travelers, it doesn't matter.
They're raping our souls.
And they're putting masks over our children, and telling them they're bad, and indoctrinating them in the schools, and brainwashing them, and Brian Stoker goes and says, don't believe Alex Jones and Marjorie Taylor Greene on CNN to little kids held captive in New York by this network of filth!
That want to destroy our children, our borders, our currency, our future, because they are a psychic, satanic virus, or poison, injected into the body politic, to kill and destroy us, as the Bible says!
I'll give the number out in a moment, but let's play clip 13.
The others are already too horrible to play.
Imagine how bad they are.
Here it is.
There's a couple things to say here.
One is, even if you are looking for a threshold, let's say there's a threshold.
I'm making this number up, but let's say it's at age eight.
Still, that tells you that some adult child sex is permissible.
Second, the notion that it's wrong even with a one-year-old
It's not quite obvious to me.
There are reports in some cultures of grandmothers fellating their baby boys to calm them down when a colicky.
Now, I don't know if this is true, but this is sort of widely reported as occurring in at least one culture.
And it's working.
The grandmothers believe this actually works.
If this were to be true, and again, I don't know it to be true, if it were to be true, it's hard to see what would be wrong with it.
So yeah, I guess I think, no, I don't think there's a blanket
Thank you.
But no, I don't think it's a blanket wrong at any age.
Imagine that an adult male wants to have sex with a 12-year-old girl.
Just turn it off.
He just goes on into how it's a good thing biologically and evolutionarily for children to have sex with adults as young as one year old.
That's just not true.
But you want to have people so unnatural and so turned around and so screwed up that they're brought up in this believing it's the new way.
That's what the left and Harvard and the Carnegie CIA group did in Germany.
Of course, Putin said 12 years ago, you can't have any more Russian orphans.
We found out you're putting them in sex rings.
The media is like, how dare Putin say that there's sex rings with these kids?
Because it turned out there were.
You want to get cut off from God, hurt children.
And that's why these people all look so weak and their eyes look so dead.
It's because they're cut off from God.
You don't get power serving Satan.
You become a slave of Satan.
But if you serve God, you're going to get a lot of power, but you're going to have a lot of responsibility and you're going to have omissions.
And it ain't to candy ass around and be loved by this world.
We're in the world, not of it.
Toll free number to join us.
Toll-free number to join us is 877-789-ALEX.
And we will come back and take your phone calls for first-time callers on, What Do We Do About These People?
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
That's how.
Oh, my.
Dad's grandmother was, she died.
She was Ma Jones.
Her real name was Moon Jones.
So I can feel the rain.
There was a full moon when she was born.
Grave digger.
Outlived all four of her five sons.
One lived longer than her.
Good old
Uncle Leonard.
Those guys all are like John Wayne, man.
I can definitely see men degenerating and getting weaker.
That's a sad thing.
Humanity's falling, folks.
We're degenerating quickly.
When I see how far humans have fallen,
Makes you really believe the Old Testament that some people live to be 500, 600 years old.
You know, they've dug up people in Africa, they've dug up people in ancient England from 4,000 or 5,000 years ago, and they're twice as strong as we are today, our best athletes.
What's happening to us?
What's happening to the whole planet?
The planet's dying.
And the globalists know that.
They're helping kill it, for whatever their big, evil, satanic plan is.
Only God and Satan know what's going on in that sick brain, that sick mind.
But they claim they're the ones protecting the Earth while they do all this, and that's not the case, ladies and gentlemen.
It's bad.
And you don't need me to sit up here on some high horse and tell you that everything the New World Order pushes is pure death.
And needs to be rejected.
And not just physical death, but spiritual death.
Now, I want to take your calls.
Michael, and Joseph, and Duke, and Christian, and Gene, and Moxie, and Neil, and Daniel.
And that's the calls we're going to take.
We'll get to all of them, even if I take some of Burmese's time, and he's always informative, so I don't want to cut too much in on him, but I need to hit at least some of these headlines here, and some of these big developments, because this is really important stuff.
But first off, I was thinking about
That's the Bible verse that we are wonderfully and fearfully made.
I mean, making a human with conscious will and what we can do, that's like a Bengal tiger is beautiful and fearful.
Well, that's a scary damn thing right there.
Well, so are we.
A lot more powerful than a Bengal tiger.
Or an elephant.
Or a rhinoceros, because of our mind.
I was thinking about in Revelation and also in earlier books because it always foreshadows that when Satan's finally bound for a thousand years before he's released again to test us again for a very short time that people will marble and look at him in the hologram in the pit in his cell
In that black hole, and say that's the creature?
So let's pull up the footage from yesterday, just a short 40 second clip, not the longer babbling of George Soros, he believes he's the messiah.
He loves to steal old people's pension funds.
I mean, he's a horrible person.
So upset about Xi Jinping.
And I mean, look, look, that's the thing that did all this to us?
See, everything the Bible explains is a foreshadowing of the final event.
There are many Antichrists.
There are many Satans.
There are many devils.
There's only one final personification of it, but it's one spirit.
And there it is!
That's the thing that did this to us?
That's the thing that we can't defeat?
Get that other Biden clip of him.
Literally not knowing where he is at a factory with a bunch of other people, nothing against blind folks, but there's a blind guy and some other people shuffling around, and Biden doesn't know where he is, and it's the perfect medieval image.
I got a painting of it hanging over there in one of my offices, of the blind leading the blind.
Guys, pull up the medieval painting of the blind leading the blind.
It's a Renaissance painting, it's about 400 years old.
But the point is, is that
I don't have a copy.
I don't have a real renaissance.
I'm saying it's 400 years old, the actual one if you find it.
It's like a hole, and there's some blind people holding on to sticks, falling.
There it is, it's the blind leading the blind.
I got that hanging in our conference room.
That's the new world order.
And I mean, so just imagine, and look at the general public that's addicted to their phones, addicted to all the media, addicted to porn, all of it.
They all have that weird zombie look.
They're spiritually blind.
So here's Soros.
This is out of Isaiah chapter 14.
How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning?
How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations?
They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble?
That did shake kingdoms?
That made the world as a wilderness and destroyed the cities thereof?
What's happening now?
That opened not the house of prisoners?
All the kings of the nations, even all of them, lie in glory, every one in his own house.
Here's Revelation chapter 21 through 3, and I saw an angel come down from heaven having the key of the bottomless pit and the great chain in his hand.
And he laid hold on the dragon, the old serpent, which is the devil and Satan, and bound him a thousand years and cast him into the bottomless pit and shut him up.
Let's look at an echo, a psychic echo of Satan.
This is Satan.
This is our enemy.
Look how pathetic he is.
Xi Jinping has done his best to dismantle Jiang Xiaoping's achievements.
He brought private companies established under Deng, under the control of the CCP, and undermined the dynamism that used to characterize them.
Rather than letting private enterprise blossom, Xi Jinping introduced his own China Dream.
Why do we associate in archetypes really wicked evil ones as super old?
Because a beautiful soul is beautiful when they're old.
But evil wants to hold on to power and doesn't translate it to new generations.
The real goals become obsolete and build up people better than you.
But see, these evil ones, they don't want that.
They want to hold it on.
That's why they won't go away until the moment they lose the Scepter of Power, like that Skeksis in the Dark Crystal.
Speaking of Skeksis, here's Biden.
Where am I?
I'm right here.
Hey, won't you turn around to your right?
And the way Biden is a total empty puppet, not knowing where he is or what he's going, that's who they want you to be, a robot for them, because Satan is a failed creature.
You're more advanced, you're more beautiful, you're better, but you are in an embryonic level.
And he is enraged with jealousy and envy because you were made by his creator
In the image of that Creator, realize that your power is with God.
Here we are, ladies and gentlemen.
On the edge of eternity.
And then you realize there is no edge of eternity, you're already in eternity.
You already are totally complete.
You just have to reach out and take that desk in your hands.
I have been to the other side.
I have been to completion.
I am not complete, but I have tasted of completion.
Beyond fullness, beyond ecstasy, beyond timelessness, absolute, total completion, contentment, beyond the term even Zen.
I have felt it.
And once you have tapped into that eternity of eternities, of eternities, of eternities, of eternities, of eternities,
You will then finally transcend what's happened on this planet.
But unlike what some of the Hindus and others teach, they say, well, you know, it's a process.
And so people are dumb and they're losing their souls and they're becoming like animals, so they'll be destroyed.
That's a process.
So don't feel bad about it.
Just be glad you're awake.
That's a deception.
I'm not picking fights with Hindus and people like that.
I've just read what they say and what they say is totally true to a certain point.
But you're not reincarnated from the same thing back again.
You're already eternal.
And the only thing that's composite is our spirit's collective creation on this planet as our project
So that we can build composites of ourselves together in communion, just as God created us for communion with Him.
And so, yes, the genetic line of humans is a composite of our multidimensional energy forces manifesting on this planet and then building an organized structure according to our time-space vision.
And so that colony entity is individual and is transcendent and is a connection to our higher selves, but it itself is a lower creation from who we are.
You're not going to read this stuff in books, folks.
You're not going to see this anywhere.
This stuff is what enrages the enemy because they have a good idea, but they haven't been there.
They've not seen it.
And they know that if you realize this, it's game over for them.
So they are weaponizing the medical system to attack your double helix and try to cut that off.
Because when you go into times of crisis, all those ancestral memories of your kindred spirits, the energy God created of other souls, are going to be here with you.
Just like you love your children, and they love you, and you love your grandparents, they love you, and you have this feeling that they're there with you.
That's not a ghost.
That's not Casper walking through walls, folks.
That is the reflection of their genetics and that code in you that resonates.
They've gone on to the higher plane, but they have left there a copy of their essence with you as your shield, as your blanket, as your refuge, just like God gave us the planet.
That's how beautiful God is.
And so people go, I have these memories, I know about ancient times, I already know about these weapons, and I already know how to do this, and I already know how to, you know, I'm 12 years old, but I know how to go and pick up a 25 year old woman if I wanted to.
How do I, why am I a man and I'm 12 years old?
Why do I know all this stuff?
Because God gives us free will, but God
Doesn't leave us alone.
I'm going to call it cheating, but God gives us an owner's manual.
God gives us the training.
God gives us the instincts, the common sense, the will, the what's the term?
The conscience.
To know what's right and to know what's good.
And if we simply go with that conscience and go with that program, because we have free will, but God says, listen, I'm not going to just throw you into this thing and not give you the secret.
I'm going to give you everything you need, and I love you, and, and, you know, I created you because I care about you.
I love this headset, but man, this clip.
See, I don't need a new headset.
It's not the earpiece I hate.
They're ordering like a molded piece.
The crew thinks I hate that.
It's the clip.
This new clip.
I said this off air, but nobody seemed to understand me, so I'll say it on air.
It's this clip.
This clip is the issue.
This, it's the clip.
I'm not mad, I'm just like, God, the damn thing falls off like five times a day, man.
You don't touch it, nothing, and it falls off.
So, they're like, we'll get you a new earpiece, sir.
We're sorry, you don't like the earpiece.
I'm like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
I want a new clip.
Hell, an alligator clip would work.
Anyway, sorry.
I said I'd take your phone calls, and I'll host the fourth hour.
I didn't mean to get poor Burmas all lined up to host the show.
I didn't take it away from him, but I mean, I do need to hit all this news.
And I do need to take your calls.
If Burmese wants to do 30 minutes, he can, but I really need to take these calls.
Because, you know, we're talking about all this super heavy stuff here today.
And the question is, will we have time to do all these calls?
And the answer is, yes, we will.
Because we're going to start right now.
I'm going to stop my preaching.
And I'm going to go to, I guess, Daniel in Germany first.
We need is a
New Awakening, we've got Neil, we've got Moxie, we've got Gene, we've got Christian, we've got Dan, we've got Joseph, we've got Michael.
We'll get to all these calls before I get out of here.
Let's go ahead and go to Daniel in Deutschland.
Daniel, you're on the air.
Hello, hello Alex.
How you doing?
I know you've got a lot of calls.
No, we love you, brother.
Go ahead.
We've got plenty of time for you.
Go ahead.
Okay, you know, Will, the way I look at it is that we have to realize that last time there was a flood of water and this time we're in a flood of lies.
We're dealing with a flood of lies from the plant of lies.
And so everything is a deception.
You know, there's a mass delusion that's going on.
And they've been lying to us a long time.
So when it comes to the Bible, I don't think most people know what the game is really about.
The way I look at it from what I've been reading, it's about obedience to the Creator, the Maker.
He wants to know who's going to listen, who's not.
It starts from Adam and Eve not listening, and it goes on to every day.
Who's listening?
Who's obeying the commandments?
Who's not?
Who's not?
And the game that we're playing is that we're trying to reach the first level of holiness.
If you reach the first level of holiness, right, through obedience,
Then you will become a son of the Creator yourself.
You'll become a God yourself on the next level.
You know, He is the Elohim of Elohims.
He's the God of Gods.
His sons are God.
If you're adopted back into His family, you will become a God also.
That's what we're playing for.
And I don't think most people think they're just going to go up to heaven and float around on clouds.
They have to be obedient because He has to be able to trust you.
You know, he has one example, the Messiah, a son that listens to everything he says to do, right?
And he's real pleased with that son.
There's another son that he has divorced from the family because he betrayed them.
He thought he could do whatever he wants to do.
It's right in front of people's face.
It just comes down to obedience to the word.
Well, there's no doubt God says we're made in the image of God, and that Satan is jealous of that, and wants to be God, and you're absolutely right.
I appreciate your call, Daniel.
Thank you from Germany.
I talked to that guy for an hour.
All you guys are great.
I'm going to shut up now, and I'm going to go to your phone calls straight ahead.
Up next, we're going to talk to Michael in Virginia, Moxie in Indiana, and so many others.
Please stay with us.
I'm going to try to jam five callers in the next 11-minute segment.
We'll be right back.
Well, we had
Marjorie Taylor Greene on today in the second hour.
It was an incredible interview.
It'll be archived soon.
Infowars.com if you missed it.
And restreamed out to stations everywhere.
We're going to your phone calls again right now.
I have the transcript.
They're getting the video right now.
There's video of this I'm told.
We'll air it next hour.
I'm officially envious and jealous of Joe Rogan at this point, okay?
Because I loved it when the White House and Hillary and Obama attacked me.
That's when you know you're over the target because they hate doing that.
Because it elevates you.
In the eyes of their minions.
But White House urges Spotify to take further action on Joe Rogan.
So you have the White House officially saying he should be taken off the air.
I've got the transcript.
The video's ready.
Here, go ahead and roll it.
Just go ahead and roll it right now.
So our hope is that all major tech platforms and all major news sources, for that matter, be responsible and be vigilant to ensure the American people have access to accurate information on something as significant as COVID-19.
That certainly includes Spotify.
So this disclaimer, it's a positive step, but we want every platform to continue doing more to call out
Look at the facts.
As she goes on, I got the transcript of the attack, Rogan and the rest of it, and said we gotta stop this information.
These are the biggest liars on the planet who want total surveillance of what you say and do.
Because that's what censorship means.
It doesn't just mean you're being censored, it means you're being watched to be censored.
Let that sink in.
Censorship is the byproduct of the surveillance.
It is a symptom of the disease.
All right, let's go to your phone calls.
Let's go to Michael in Virginia.
Michael, thanks for holding.
Go ahead and tell us what you think's going on here.
Oh my God, Mr. Jones, this is my first time calling to speak with you all these years trying to get through.
First of all, I want to say hallelujah to you and the production staff for all the hard work that you're doing and have done throughout these years.
I want to say hallelujah for our crew as well.
They're awesome.
Yes, sir.
And I'd also like to commend you for your introduction of the quantum mechanics, the quantum physics study of our reality.
That's amazing that you did that, and I want to commend you on that.
In 2008, I took and studied your endgame.
It was a significant change in my life.
I studied the brain.
I studied quantum science.
And for over 15, almost 20 years, 15, 16 years now,
I've come to the conclusion and studied this and understand that we make a change not through weapons, we make a change not through arms and these types of things that the globalists want us to do.
We make a change by using the power of Almighty God, which is the power given to us in our mind.
Our Lord has given us the power to control and manipulate and control these evil demons.
Now, first, second, my friend, Marjorie Greene, Marjorie Greene said you asked for more?
Well, let me just say this.
What you're saying is absolutely true.
And the thing is, Christ said it's love.
And then if you love people, you're going to work hard and build good things.
If you love, you're going to be strong and beautiful.
So love is the driving spirit, and then out of love flows everything good.
So we do this for love, and we do it for love of God, and then love of everything that comes out of that.
I totally agree with you.
Something about Marjorie Greene in Congress, something about the Congress, the change in Congress to that character is going to happen.
This is the power of the quantum science that I've studied.
And Mr. Harrison Smith and I have been speaking, and he's aware of these things.
And I want to, again, say thank you for the battles that you have fought.
We are winning.
Every battle is a step toward victory.
Stay in the fight, and never back down, never give up, never surrender, sir.
Beautifully said.
I want to say I love you, Michael.
I appreciate your call.
Instead of you using it for yourself.
So if everybody goes to ResetWars.com and we're running a special right now of 50% off again at InfoWars.
Store.com has links to it, but the main site is ResetWars.com and that's what keeps us on air as well.
So thank you all for the support.
Okay, who's been home the longest now?
That would be Christian in Michigan.
Christian, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hi Alex, can you hear me?
Yes sir, welcome.
Hi, I don't have time to be starstruck.
I celebrated my one year wedding anniversary recently.
My wife was born and raised in Moscow, God forbid, and we've been through all the legal channels.
We've paid our lawyer and the Department of Immigration roughly $10,000 so far.
And we've received notification that because we won't take this sick vaccine, that they intend to deny our application and deport her on March 7th.
And I can't imagine... Well, just go to Mexico and come across the border there and there'll be no problem.
Because they don't make those folks take shots.
Yeah, that's what I was saying.
I think that our lawyer, he's very pro-vax.
I think that there are other... Yeah, I think your lawyer's pushing you around.
I think he's a leftist.
You need to get rid of him.
Yeah, we've already basically done that, but we're basically up the creek.
We've got four weeks left.
I'll even leave my contact info with your crew.
If there's anybody that wants to take, it could be class action, this should be an open and shut case, what they're doing at the southern border versus what they're doing here.
I love it.
You're married to her, it's your wife, but oh, you can't do that because you won't take the poison shot.
You know, you should get in touch with some of the lawyer groups and organizations
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
I'll be 65 this month, and I was an avid Rush Limbaugh listener for 30 years.
I talked to the man probably twice a year on his radio show.
He read a couple of articles I wrote for American Thinker.
And when he passed away, I started watching you.
And I'm going to tell you something.
There's a huge difference.
Rush Limbaugh was superficial politics.
He's a great guy, did a lot for the conservative movement.
But you, Alex.
You go deep.
You go to the spiritual truth.
And you... It's a spiritual war.
And one of the things that I think you understand more than anybody is Ephesians 6, verse 12.
It says, "...our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places."
Our warfare is out of this world, but we are on this planet, and you, my friend, are doing God's work.
Well, brother, so are you, and I love you, and you're right.
You know, Limbaugh, though he came before a lot of other people, he got better as time went, so we can't look back and say, oh, he should have done a better job.
Without him, the country would probably be lost.
He wasn't perfect, he did some bad things, so have I, but he meant well, and God judges the heart.
And so, absolutely, we love Rush Limbaugh, and we appreciate him.
You know, I didn't fight over radio stations and try to, like, steal the throne from him when he died.
You know, he went through a lot, and we really appreciate Rush.
Well, can I give you a word of encouragement?
Yes, sir.
You know, Noah was asked to build an ark, and you know, the Bible scholar said it was between 55 and 75 years that it took him to build that ark.
And I know that in the past, recent past, you've been talking about you could just give it up and what's the point?
Listen, you're building an arc, man.
You're building the arc.
Keep it up.
I will, brother.
And my problem is I wear my heart on my sleeve and I'm never going to give up.
I just get angry and frustrated and work too much sometimes and just get nasty and I apologize.
Hell, I can't give up.
That's my problem is I can't even take a break.
And so nobody's supposed to be like that.
And so I get a little bit nasty and burnout.
And I've had a lot of, I don't feel sorry for myself, but man, a lot of nasty stuff behind the scenes.
I mean, I just want people to pray for me.
And I don't say that selfishly.
I think I'm doing good work, but I really need those prayers, folks.
I would not be here without you.
I would not be here without your support.
There's no way we could do this without you.
And, you know, I know it's God's plan.
I signed on to this, but it's gotten pretty painful.
And, you know, it's, I mean, folks, I'm literally haunted by the pedophiles.
I mean, I have to, you know, they're just, they're like flying monkeys or something, man.
I mean, they're just unbelievable.
And it's having to be around them.
It's not like I'm even scared of them.
I just, they're so horrible.
And imagine being harassed and stalked by the pedophile ranks, the Renfields.
And it's just, I just pray to God that I'll be renewed and not have to get so upset.
I'm just so sad they're so pathetic.
Like, just the mere existence of them.
It's an abomination.
It's always nice when a plan comes together.
Marjorie Taylor Greene was on a few hours ago.
And enemies of humanity are flipping out.
They believe they dictate reality.
But as they are now discovering, they do not.
And your murder of our innocent children will be repaid one trillion fold.
You will be dumped into a black hole for all of eternity with your own energy.
Consuming yourselves.
By your choice.
Not ours.
Alex Jones and Marjorie Taylor Greene defend Fauci being compared to Nazi Dr. Joseph Mengele.
I'm not happy that I'm in some article.
I'm happy they took the bait.
I'll explain it tomorrow.
But it's always good to expose these people.
Let's go ahead and go to your phone calls.
Who's holding the longest here?
Is it Joseph?
Is it Gene?
Is it Moxie?
It's Moxie and then Gene and Joseph and Dan.
Moxie, you're on the air from Indiana.
You got a lot of Moxie holding.
We appreciate you.
Go ahead.
I got a message for the truckers throughout the world and the United States.
So listen up.
God is with you.
It's always been you.
You have been chosen.
No one else is coming to save us.
God always wins.
God chooses the humble and the meek.
It's not going to be the politicians, and it sure as hell isn't going to be Trump.
Go in God's feet and have faith, and he will provide a way.
He will open doors.
Beautifully said.
I mean, humanity's rising peacefully to resist this, and
We can't not show up in DC or Ottawa because it could be provocateurs.
We have to expose the provocateurs.
We have to do the right thing and stand up.
Anything else, Moxie?
She's hung up.
All right.
Well, thank you, Moxie, for holding to say that.
It was very, very true.
All right.
Next up is Gene in Georgia.
You're on the air, Gene.
Brother Alex.
Welcome, sir.
You want to talk about Operation Fishbowl?
Go ahead, tell us about it.
Yeah, let me tell you about Operation Fishbowl.
It's been going on since the days of, uh, you know, when they built the Tower of Babel.
When Hillary Clinton said it, we gotta break that glass ceiling.
These evil people trying to get back to heaven, they've already been cast to the earth.
They're among us, brother Alex, you know that.
Let me tell you about truth.
It's about the lambs, it's about the children.
It's what Jesus said.
Like, Brother Owen and Harrison, he's been out with microphones.
He's been out speaking against Planned Parenthood.
If we can't take care of the children, what good are we?
Well, that's right.
God judges us by how we treat the children.
Christ said, if you don't defend the children, it would be better for you to kill yourself.
Hang a stone around your neck and be tossed in the sea.
But I got to tell you, I want to puff you up a little bit about
The things that you are doing.
You were born for this generation.
Your mind's like a computer.
God gives you that gift.
I don't see how you sleep at night.
But let me tell you something, Brother Alex.
You keep going, because you ain't going nowhere.
There is evil in this world.
God's lifting the veil, and he's showing it, and you're telling people about it.
That's what matters.
People got to start standing up, praying to God, praying to our Father in heaven,
You're teaching, you're not a preacher, you're just a man that God has sent you like John the Baptist, crying in the wilderness.
That's all you're doing.
And I just want to tell the people out there to keep defunding you because you're not going nowhere.
God's already got plans for you.
Brother, I love you and I appreciate you.
And thank you so much for calling.
All right.
Dan and Joseph, your calls are straight ahead.
On the other side, and then Jason Burmas, great researcher, always groundbreaking, informative stuff, is coming up in 15 minutes.
Final segment with Potbelly Goblin, straight ahead, stay with us.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide in defiance of tyranny.
Alright, two final callers, Dan and Joseph, and then Jason Burmas takes over.
Dan, in New York, thank you for calling, go ahead.
Yes Alex, I just wanted to say that I mean over the past two years of them completely going for broke you have
Complete and utter resistance and people just completely denying.
I think there's a lot of positivity going on right now and you even have you just said the historic I think it's as historic as Hillary Clinton saying your name as them going after Rogan and free speech in general as they are they are freaking out at the top levels.
I think it's something to celebrate and continue to push forward.
And that's the thing if they because Joe's not perfect.
I'm not perfect.
If they hadn't harassed Joe, I know the behind the scenes stuff and mess with him at YouTube and other platforms.
He wouldn't have done this.
He was just trying to live his life and get along but like he will fight back.
And so the more they do this, they just that's what bullies don't get like I can fight pretty good if I need to.
I'm not the toughest guy around.
I don't just walk into a place and pick the biggest guy can start a fight.
But that's what they do because if you're Fauci or Psaki or David Rockefeller or Bill Gates, they are just jerks, man.
They are evil.
Of course, yeah.
Like you said, Joe's not someone to be pushed around, and he just wants to go about and do his podcast as well as you, and then people want to hear that.
People want to hear alternative views, and once they want to shut you out of that, people are like, what's going on here?
And people on the left and on the right as well are like, what's going on with all this?
Especially with people sloughing this vaccine and just walking around like zombies.
People are like, what's going on?
They want to know.
Well, it's all going to work out in God's plan, but you're absolutely right.
That's why people are sharing the articles and the videos.
You get persecuted for doing it, but it wakes so many people up.
So the articles, the videos, you are the core people, just as important as I am, that share not just the material at InfoWars or FreeWorldNews.tv or Man.Video, but all the great stuff that's out there, all the great truth.
We really appreciate you and thank you for the call.
It's up to you.
All right, Joseph in Canada.
Wow, so much happening there on the trucker convoy.
Give us the latest developments.
We're like, what, day five now in Ottawa?
Yes, sir.
Can you hear me?
Oh, hi, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
Thank you.
So what's going on with the convoy?
You're up in Canada.
Yeah, well it's absolutely crazy.
I actually went to a rally on Saturday here in Winnipeg and there's just so much energy and it's just like an unbelievable amount of vehicles and I'm watching the videos of what's going on in Ottawa and at the borders and everything and this just looks absolutely revolutionary.
Like I was hearing as much as like 500,000 people or something in Ottawa and per capita that's, you get to think like Canada's like a tenth of the population of the U.S.
so it's like this is
Absolutely insane, and it brings me a lot of hope.
Oh yeah, but my question, my concern here is, it looks like we're winning, and Omicron's just like a joke, and the COVID narrative is falling apart.
I'm concerned about the globalist next move, and I know you're talking about provocateurs, but I'm wondering if they're going to maybe release another virus or something nastier than COVID.
I just want to hear your thoughts on that.
Well, I think you nailed it, Joseph.
Bill Gates has said, oh, terrorists are about to release a new one.
And he's the one that cooked it up at Wuhan.
He's the one that released it with Fauci.
And so they're the main suspect if any of that happens.
But the big thing being hyped by Klaus Schwab and others is a controlled power outage, a cyber attack they blame on some nebulous group or a patriot group to just turn the power off.
And people don't ask, oh, who's doing this?
Same folks opened the borders.
Same folks killed the dollar.
Same folks did drag queen story time.
Same folks attacked everybody.
This is their siege against us to get us to politically forget how they're bad, forget how they're a fraud, because they're failing.
With 279 days in the midterms in the US, with populist parties rising in Europe and Canada and Australia, they're going to need something to reset everything, and Schwab has been telegraphing
To his criminal syndicate members and cult members, his believers as he calls them, to the cabinets he controls, that we will still defeat them.
Cyber attacks shut things down.
Many times worse than COVID.
Ah, yes, cyber.
So, that's what we got to worry about.
The enemy, psychotic criminals, love to tell what they're going to do.
And he is saying, I'm going to blow your power systems out.
I'm going to starve you to death.
I'm going to kill you because I am your God.
I wonder when they're going to do it.
I thought maybe it would happen this winter, but we're in February now.
Brother, I mean, that's the thick of winter around here, so we'll see what happens.
But any day now, I hope it doesn't happen, but he's been like, this cyber attack is the issue, huh?
You will think of COVID as fun, huh?
So, I mean, he loves to tell you what he's going to do.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call.
All right, Jason Barmas is about to take over.
Wow, he'll have a lot to say.
The War Room is coming up in about 50 minutes from now with Owen Schroer.
But look at these articles.
Department of the Army to initiate separation of COVID-19 vaccination order refusers.
So now the beginning of separating them and then locking them up, just like Democrat Congress people have called for and the bills are introduced.
Oh, but
It's all the triple vacs are the most sick.
It doesn't protect you like they said.
That's a lie.
That's been disproven.
The UK government had to pull ads saying 90% of hospitalized didn't take the shot.
No, it was actually 87% injected were in the hospital.
It doesn't protect you.
It's not a vaccine.
It's a poison.
That's coming out.
They don't know what to do.
And then even Reuters runs a story about ivermectin antiviral effect in a major Japanese government study and others that it is an incredible antiviral, including COVID-19.
And then John Hopkins' study, lockdowns did not reduce COVID deaths, but had devastating, it's a quote, effects on society.
Impose enormous economic and social costs.
That was the plan.
Great reset.
national debt skyrockets to $30 trillion three years earlier than expected after borrowing surged during pandemic.
You're being bankrupted.
You're being put into a position of control.
Here's the actual John Hopkins report.
Extremely important.
We'll be covering this more on my show tomorrow.
Owen's covering it coming up today on The War Room.
Now they have national polls, which you know they skew 15 points on average of the US and Canada for pro-globalist policies.
But now even with that, the vast majority of Canadians support ending the lockdowns, the forced injections, and the tyranny because they saw others stand up and didn't feel alone.
Majority of Canadians now want COVID rules to end after trucker revolt.
Big story on InfoWars.com.
Only way it gets out is you sharing it.
Illinois Democrat calls for quarantine to observe those refusing vaccines.
Told you about that.
There's the article.
Austria embraces, the number two guy in the government, the opposition leader, says Austria embraces communism.
Freedom Party condemns vaccine.
Chinese social model says it's medical communism.
Toddler refused heart surgery in three separate countries for parents being unjabbed.
West Australia threatened $50,000 fine and jail time for people who are offensive to workers checking vax cards.
Next it'll be life in prison or death.
Oh, they're just up in the size of the stick.
Unvaxed parents in Western Australia banned from visiting children in the hospital so they can have their way with them.
They want to separate children from their parents.
That's the pedophile holy grail.
We're going to go to break.
Jason Burmas is going to take over.
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Hey, everybody!
Jason Burmess here, sitting in for the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show, and we've got so much important information to go over in the next 40 minutes or so.
Let's start!
With the announcement that your toddler, your six-month-old, up till five, is now going to be injected with three shots of hate and lies.
That is the new promotion.
That's what I had to watch.
This ghoul, this guy right here, couldn't be faker, we're gonna play the clip, okay, with a Stanford, um, I don't even want to call him a doctor.
We're good to go.
And now, this smiling, fake-voiced, nothing-head.
I mean, how do you live with yourself?
You put on a suit, you smile, you talk in a fake voice, hey everybody!
How do you live with yourself?
When you're talking about injecting infants and toddlers, and acting like you're doing this as part of protecting people.
It made me want to vomit in my mouth, okay?
And I'm not sure how much of that we're actually going to be able to play because it is so over the top.
In that clip, they take a woman and they shame her, okay, for not being vaccinated as she's having a baby.
She doesn't even know that she's tested positive for COVID because she has no symptoms.
They take her baby away.
They isolate her from her baby and now it's, oh, now I am going to get the vaccine after I tested positive for COVID, after I had no symptoms, after I was isolated from my child, and then I have to decide whether I want to pump this stuff into my infant.
Now, on the contrary to that, we are going to play Alex Berenson finally having his come-to-God moment.
Going on Tucker Carlson last week and saying nobody should be taking any of the mRNA shots.
You know who told you that from the beginning?
This guy.
This guy, Alex Jones.
Took you a little too long, Alex.
But when you watch him on Tucker, you can hear the crackling in his voice.
So meanwhile, I want you to think about this reality right now.
ABC primetime news
is telling you to shoot your toddler up three times.
Once, two weeks later, eight weeks after that.
And don't think that shots four and five that are coming won't be a part of that schedule if they have their way.
And they act like they're so concerned.
Meanwhile, Berenson is telling everybody, under no circumstance, take any more of these shots.
About time.
About time.
We're also going to be talking about how, apparently, constitutions no longer matter in this country.
There have been two huge, massive state constitutional decisions that the media then completely spins out of control and acts like they don't have standing.
One of which happened last week.
New York State mask mandate temporarily back in place after Judge Grant's motion to stay.
No, that's not true.
None of that is true.
This is the lie of CNN.
All right?
What actually happened, and we're going to show you the document, is that a Long Island judge in Nassau County heard the case, finally, and ruled correctly.
I was as shocked as anybody else.
I was literally as shocked as anybody else because I couldn't believe it.
We're going to read it for you right now because it is so important.
Now, the lawyers brought this up, and these were all the mask mandates in New York, school or otherwise.
And you know, when Alex talks about these things that are happening to children, at bare minimum, if you're not fighting for your kids not to be masked up and tortured every day, what is wrong with you?
What is wrong with you?
I moved across the country.
I took my two nieces with me.
I just picked up my niece at school.
When I go to pick up my niece at school,
One of the most joyous things that a normal person likes is a bunch of smiling faces coming out the door and playing with one another, having a good time with that childlike innocence.
No, they're stealing that.
They want three shots of hate and lies in your infant.
So, I'm going to highlight this right here.
It says it's a law, and not a permissibly enacted rule, null and void as a matter of law, improperly enacted, constitutionally impermissible, violative of their constitutional rights, and unenforceable.
Let me repeat that.
The mask mandate is unenforceable, and this judge
On every single count.
Ordered and adjudged.
Ordered and adjudged.
Ordered and adjudged.
What does that actually mean?
Because the media won't tell you.
Let me tell you how it's supposed to work.
As stated previously, there can be no doubt that every person in this state wishes, wants, and prays that this era of COVID ends soon, and they will surely do their part to see that it is accomplished.
That's Johnny Nonsense.
There is a sect of individuals that lick the boots and bend the knee to the predator class so that they can be social climbers as well and get a little bit of power and think they're in control.
However, enacting any laws to this end is entrusted solely to the state legislator.
While the intentioners of Commissioner Bassett and Governor Hochul appear to be well-aimed squarely at doing what they believe is right to protect the citizens of New York, they must take their case to the state legislator, which they have not done, and will continue not to do.
Because now there's a new word.
It's called appeal.
State constitutions, when they're upheld by judges in constitutional rulings, appeal.
We appeal.
Should the state legislature, representative of and voted into office by the citizens of New York after publicly informed debate, decide to enact laws requiring face coverings in schools and other public places, then the commissioner would likely be well grounded in properly promulgated and enacted rules to supplement such laws.
But that never happened.
So it got shut down and they had form letters ready at 10 p.m.
Acting like they were going to be localized.
They had them ready.
Saying, we don't care.
Your kid's going to be tortured in our institution tomorrow.
Let me show you something else.
Another huge State Supreme Court decision that you're not hearing about.
Court throws Pennsylvania's mail-in voting law into doubt.
And this is the AP doing a hatchet job.
Just like CNN just did.
Letting you know that all of the mail-in ballots
In the state of Pennsylvania, we're completely unconstitutional.
Remember that Time Magazine article?
Where they fortified the election?
Where they bragged about it?
They said that they went to the edge of the law!
No, they broke the law!
Every single one!
I'm going to repeat this, and this isn't going to get Trump into office, and I'm not part of the fantasy team, and I warn people that eventually it would come out that all of these things actually did happen, and they were unconstitutional, and there was collusion, and they did steal this thing.
Doesn't mean they're going to reinstitute the guy.
So I want to repeat that.
The state constitution was upheld and they said none of these ballots mattered at all.
We appeal.
That's what we do now.
So on the flip side of this, we got plenty of clips and you heard Alex talking about Prince Andrew and eugenics?
Yeah, we're going to play you a clip from 1984 where he basically calls all of humanity a plague.
Except for him and his cronies.
InfoWars.com, SaveInfoWars.com and InfoWarsStore.com to support the broadcast right now and Alex Jones.
And we are back.
I am Jason Burma sitting in the fourth hour for Alex Jones.
We are going to go to this clip.
Now this is Gio Benitez at ABC News Live Prime.
You know how many views this video had?
It's pathetic.
It's pathetic.
Barely anybody listens to these people.
But unfortunately, it's spread across the entirety of the mainstream, whether it's ABC, CBS, NBC, and yes, Fox, even though we're going to show you a Fox clip after this, portraying a much harsher reality.
Finally, Alex Berenson, when you're not taking pot shots at Robert Malone, right?
You're finally coming around.
This guy is as fake as it gets.
Let's start the clip.
With some breaking news, possible relief for parents across the country, Pfizer has requested emergency youth authorization from the FDA for their extra low dose child vaccine, saying it will protect kids as young as six months old.
Now this could bring families one step closer to near normalcy.
Right now, near normalcy!
A woman with her baby in a window with a mask on!
Are you watching?
And this goes on for eight, nine minutes.
I can't play the whole thing, especially going over it.
We've got other important stuff to play, but just the framing of this makes me nauseous.
19 million children under five are still not eligible to get vaccinated.
Pfizer submitted data for two doses, but says eventually young children will likely need three shots.
The first two weeks given, the first two shots given three weeks apart, the third coming in at least eight weeks after that.
And it's not just three.
They will keep going and going and going and going.
Data shows that just two doses are safe, but not extremely effective.
Remember when two doses were safe and effective for everybody?
But now they're extremely safe.
Okay, but not very extremely effective.
They're not extremely effective anymore.
See, I mean, wow!
Read to you by an automaton puppet, a parrot.
The FDA's advisory committee will meet this month to review Pfizer's application, and young children could get their first shots before March.
Last week, more than 808,000 children tested positive for COVID-19.
And notice they ramp up the fear numbers.
It's positive tests!
It's a positive test.
I want to skip over a little bit, because again, it just makes me so nauseous.
Here's this woman, she's injecting all of her kids, six months to four years, three doses.
Three doses.
But I want to get to this woman, this poor woman right here, after this, you know, Pfizer lackey, that she tests positive.
This poor woman has no symptoms, isn't sick, they're in biomedical outfits.
Apparently, all these people that have been exposed should have natural immunity after getting infected.
Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.
Have rolled their sleep up.
Not enough.
How many times?
Not enough.
Let's separate you from your babies.
There'll be more coming in the future.
At DHR Health in McAllen, Samantha Reyna, who was unvaccinated, testing positive while she was in labor.
And totally fine!
She tested positive while in labor.
Think about that.
The baby
Is inside her.
It is a part of her life force.
But you know what they're gonna do?
They'll separate ya!
Oh, I didn't even know I had it!
They told me that I was positive and I didn't know.
Were you shocked?
Yeah, I was.
I was actually completely shocked.
Samantha quarantining away from her newborn to protect him.
Until they could be reunited after her release from the hospital.
She now wants to get vaccinated and is considering the shot for her son too.
So again, they tell her she got it.
She's not even that sick.
The pressure is because she's separated from her child.
That's the reality.
So, you know, I'm going to skip over all this where she now tells you the most heavily, you know, let's play it.
Because they're heavily vaccinated in this area, but now there's a surge, another buzzword.
So that's how safe and effective these things have been.
Now, Medea, you are still there in Texas where you visited that overwhelmed hospital.
The surge there is also connected to underlying health conditions?
That's exactly right, Gio.
A lot of what they're dealing with here is, the good news at least, is that they have high vaccination rates, right?
So especially among the elderly, that plays into it.
However, a lot of what they're dealing with isn't just the coronavirus, it's the comorbidities.
Things like diabetes, hypertension, obesity as well.
So don't let me just stop you.
All those things were issues way before
They never talked about them, but now because they're in a highly vaccinated area, in other words, I'm gonna translate this for you, the majority of the people in there have taken the shots.
They've taken the hate and lies.
Doesn't stop this smiling ghoul, this guy right here, okay?
Look at all these kids, man, en masse.
This guy pushing three shots on your children, this Stanford ghoul.
For being here, an important night to really get all of this information out to parents here.
Gio, thank you for having me.
It absolutely is.
I cannot tell you how many parents, even teenagers, caretakers, babysitters, pediatricians, who have been asking, where is this vaccine?
We know that even though kids are less likely to get severely ill or hospitalized, they absolutely still can get severely ill, pass on COVID to others, get long COVID, and more.
So it's important we protect them.
Again, it didn't protect the general populace.
These are hate and live shots.
This guy just made up that so many people are in fear.
The ones that are in fear
Are in fear because of your propagated lies.
Your hate and lies.
Your Defense Department Psy-Warfare.
That's what it is.
It's Psy-Warfare.
DOD style, baby.
With your DARPA mRNA shots.
Moderna and Pfizer.
So, we got a few minutes.
I can't stand that guy.
Here's Berenson.
Finally having that moment where his voice quivers and he says, nobody should take these shots.
We're at a very dangerous moment, Tucker, and I'm not exaggerating.
I think this is probably the most important appearance I've had with you in the last two years.
It is completely clear now that the vaccines don't really work at all against Omicron.
In these highly vaccinated and highly boosted countries rates of infection are incredibly high and rates of serious disease and death are also rising.
The Israelis are predicting that they're going to have more serious cases than they ever had at the peak last year.
And the idea that we would solve this with another booster is just off the charts insane.
I have not said this to you before because I'm pretty careful and I'm pretty careful with the data, but these vaccines, these mRNA vaccines, the mRNA COVID vaccines need to be withdrawn from the market now.
No one should get them.
No one should get boosted.
No one should get double boosted.
They are a dangerous and ineffective product at this point against Omicron.
The spike that they make your body make, that you then produce antibodies to, is not the Omicron spike.
And earlier today, Tony Fauci said, we're not going to give people monoclonal antibody products, the first generation products, because they don't work against the Omicron spike.
The same logic applies to these mRNA vaccines and giving people... And by the way, the same logic doesn't apply, Alex.
You need to go further.
They're withholding and have been withholding working treatments, not just monoclonal antibodies, not just ivermectin, not just inhaled budesonide, not just hydroxychloroquine, not just vitamin drips, not just other types of steroids.
I could continue.
They refuse people ibuprofen, Alex.
Alright, so I'm glad that you're coming forward.
Meanwhile again, ABC is smiling that your six-month-old is gonna get three.
Berenson's telling you they're an ineffective product and they need to be taken off the market.
You know, the next day after this aired, Fauci and the CDC head got asked about it, and they just went with their talking points.
They ignored it.
They act like this data doesn't exist.
Boosters, even if in the very short term it knocks down infection rates, there's a boomerang effect and that's what they're seeing in all these countries.
We are at a dangerous moment and these products need to be withdrawn.
When you say, so you say they're ineffective and that's demonstrable to anybody who lives in this country, everyone you know who's had it, you know, has had COVID and most of them are fine.
But when you say they're dangerous, what do you mean by that?
Well, there was a JAMA paper today, actually, that showed that rates of myocarditis, which is again a heart inflammation that can be very dangerous and can affect people of any age, but myocarditis in young men, actually in college age people, especially men, is 50 to 100 times as high as the background rate after the second shot.
There's another issue here, which is that when I say there's danger, there's danger, and the danger is dose-related.
That's a general rule in medicine.
The dose makes the point.
The dose makes the poison.
Three shots for your infant.
Berenson went far.
He didn't go far enough.
On the flip side of this, we're going to show you a couple clips, including Prince Philip, the recently deceased, talking about how humanity's really at plague-like proportions back in the 1984 era.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I am Jason Bermas.
Get over to InfoWarsStore.com and support the broadcast.
We love you.
We'll see you on the flip.
Final segment of the Alex Jones Show.
I am Jason Burmess, sitting in in the fourth hour.
And I wanted to accentuate a couple of things that I heard Alex talking about this week.
Now, aside from the Prince Philip clip, which we will be playing, Alex highlighted geoengineering, solar radiation management, and how this has now been going on for decades.
Well, I put out a film in 2013 with Shepard Ambelis.
It's heavy on the Alex Jones that not only exposes the true power structure, but gets into both geoengineering and bioengineering, including, yes, medical experiments.
That we're done on who?
By our government!
Through the Department of Energy and others post-World War II.
It's something that we have to, have to, have to acknowledge if we want to understand what's going on in the world.
Also very Bill Gates-heavy, by the way.
Warren Buffett-heavy.
Ted Turner, good guys, called heavy.
If somebody had warned people about this a decade ago, oh wait, I did.
Alex Jones did.
That's why these broadcasts are so important.
But where we're really going to start is one of those experiments.
And this is, what?
Cadmium sulfite, okay?
Cadmium sulfite being poured on you in St.
Louis, Missouri, in the skies and through station wagons and the tops of buildings.
I didn't think it could possibly be true, but after receiving thousands of records and declassified reports from the Army, it's confirmed that during the Cold War, the United States military conducted secret tests on unsuspecting people in the city of St.
Lisa Martino-Taylor's life work has been to uncover details of the Army's ultra-secret military experiments carried out in St.
Louis and other cities during the 1950s and 60s.
This study was secretive for a reason.
They didn't have volunteers stepping up and saying, yeah, I'll breathe zinc cadmium sulfide with radioactive particles.
These Army archive pictures show how the tests were done in Corpus Christi, Texas in the 1960s.
In Texas, planes were used to drop the chemical.
But in St.
Louis, the Army placed chemical sprayers on buildings and station wagons.
City officials were kept in the dark about the tests.
The Cold War cover story was that the Army was testing smoke screens to protect cities from a Russian attack.
The truth, according to Martino Taylor,
So let's just stop it right there.
The cover story, oh wait!
The Defense Department's allowed to lie to the American people?
They have cover stories?
Couldn't be what's going on in this COVID-1984 nightmare.
And speaking of 1984...
This is what, and by the way, take a look guys.
Please go watch this.
This is one of my best and well-produced works.
Again, big on the Bill Gates, explains the Warren Buffet, goes over the geoengineering and the bioengineering.
But right here, there's the Good Guys Club.
There they are.
There's Buffett.
Yeah, he's such a nice man with an ice cream cone.
And the Good Guys Club here to save you.
Really what this is about is the dehumanization.
Oh, there's Teddy Turner telling you he wants 2 billion people.
Should we play that clip?
Should we play Mr. United Nations Foundation himself?
We'll stick that in.
Because humans are so bad.
You think I'm kidding?
Mr. Turner, Mr. Turner, I was wondering if you think it's a good idea to reduce 90% of the population because we are being overpopulated by a lot of... What's 90%?
Prince Philip said 80, sir.
I think 2 billion is about right.
I go with 85.
2 billion is about right.
Now we won't play you the clip where he gets confronted on that and he walks away.
But you can watch that here.
But what you're looking at here is Webster Tarpley
Describing this generational idea that we're overpopulated and human beings that are not oligarchs, part of the predator class power structure, are really animals, okay?
The population seems to grow out of the quest of the oligarch to find a way
to define other people as subhuman or non-human.
The oligarch attempts to say that the common run of mankind, the average person, Joe Sixpack, is really an animal.
But the oligarch, the people of wealth and family and whatever other criteria that they may want to drag out, these are inherently superior.
But the basis of
It's one of the living species of the planet, but it's reaching plague proportions.
So there it is, right there, Prince Philip, in 1984, ironically, telling you that human beings are at plague-like proportions.
We're at about 8 billion people on this planet, and Ted says we need two.
That guy, at a time when westernized living, okay, usually it was a one-car home, sometimes two cars, a lot less people, a lot less pollution, and Ted Turner will tell you, the reason we have climate change, aka global warming, because he calls it global warming back when he's talking to Charlie Rose, is because you got too many people doing too many things.
Well, Ted Turner and his ilk, Warren Buffett and his ilk, okay, Bill Gates and his ilk, Prince Philip and his cronies, they're not going anywhere!
So who is?
And why?
As they get you prepared, not for the track trace database society they already have in place, but a very real
Transhumanist agenda.
And that's why I focus on this so much, because things are moving at a rapid pace.
These people need to be exposed.
And by the way, that film, along with all my stuff, is all free.
You can watch it uncensored over at rockfin.com slash Jason Burmess.
R-O-K-F-I-N dot com.
And we have just expanded.
I'm on Spotify now.
I'm making these into audio broadcasts.
We're putting video podcasts on Podbean.
We're trying to expand on this end as well because it is going to take expansion of truly independent media that is not about right or left but always about right and wrong and exposing what is going on and challenging
The great narrative and this great reset agenda that is repackaged, globalist, New World Order garbajo.
That's all it is.
That's all it is.
And they want to have their way with you?
They want to have their way with your kids?
You think it just ends with a multitude of shots for your toddler for this thing?
It doesn't.
They're trying to give your children
Okay, autonomy over their bodies without their parents' permission to take more hate and lie shots in other states as young as nine!
As young as nine!
And then, as Alex showed you, there is this mass movement to lower the age of consent.
And why is this?
Well, as they program and dehumanize your kids, as they take away their faces and their interactions with others,
They say you're really smart and you're actually smarter than your parents.
And you can decide.
And they'll be able to decide that they can sit in a kiosk, a robot kiosk brought to you by Elon Musk, the new savior.
My arse, the new savior.
And you'll sit there in about six hours.
They'll weave a nice little brain chip through four fiber optic cables.
You'll be able to learn languages and learn math and you won't even really need an education.
All the information you need will be pumped in directly.
And you will be rewarded with endorphins when you go along with that great narrative.
They are currently trying to sell you on.
And it is a great delusion.
It is one of lies.
It is one that will take away your humanity and your free will as you know it.
And this is all real.
We've got over the documents.
We have the documents, folks, and we've been over them.
I would encourage everybody to check out my source material.
But in these last 90 seconds, I want to give a big shout out to Alex Jones.
I can't imagine
What it would be like to be involved in these type of court cases on top of trying to run a media operation at the level that Alex does.
And that's why I am encouraging you right now to go to infowarestore.com, get whatever you want, including some of the great documentary films.
COVID Land 2 is out right now.
Paul Wittenberger, a great filmmaker.
I mean, A-plus grade films that you can show people
To expose this nightmare.
I mean, it came out this week that the White House is worried that Zombie Jay, a.k.a.
Joey B, a.k.a.
Joe Biden, the poopy pants puppet president, they're worried he might get COVID.
Because then it's going to show everybody how safe and effective it really is.
And I mean, the guy's allowed to say whatever he wants.
And he said what?
It was going to prevent you from transmission or infection.
Something they had no data on.
No data to provide at all, at all, at all, and that's why they want to hide it from you.
So go to SaveInfoWars.com, make that donation, InfoWarsStore.com, make that purchase, and support independent media.
Today I am Jason Bermas.
You can find me across the board, and all those documentary films are free, and I want to thank Alex Jones for producing several of them and appearing in others.
We'll see you on the flip.
Infowars is all about setting new trends, starting new systems of awakening.
We are not here chasing and following Hollywood or the DC crowd or the New York elitist or any of these people's worldviews or ideas.
We know who they are.
We know what they're pushing.
We know that their transhumanism is not a new idea.
It goes back to the Garden of Eden.
It is a satanic lie that we can transcend our bodies and become gods by merging with these different systems that the corrupt globalist priesthood has built.
And to get us to accept transhumanism, to get us to believe our bodies are evil and bad, and that only the state or biomedical systems can save us, they have created the whole COVID-19 hysteria and fear to brainwash and abuse our children with masks and poison shots to teach us that we're inherently evil and bad and have to have the satanic sacrament of the GMO gene therapy injected into our bodies for the privilege to go outside and go to the park or have a job or fly on an airplane.
And that's why it's more important than ever to realize that humanity is desperate for the truth.
And with the almost total censorship happening in mainstream television and now even the internet, that makes info wars more precious than ever.
And so a lot of times we set trends that are new and trailblazing.
In other cases, we bring back things that are old, but that are absolutely crucial because of the changing battlefield that we face.
And a great example of that is DVD.
I've made 20 plus films.
We always sell some of them, even though DVD in the last decade has been phased out.
And suddenly, I noticed that we were selling out of all of my old back catalog of films.
to the public and tell them to make copies of the DVD.
And we had a huge effect.
Millions of copies were handed out to folks.
And so organically, the listeners are trailblazing by going back to low tech to get around the sensors.
They're making copies of the DVD, giving it to others and telling them make copies of the DVD.
So COVID land, the mask, part two, incredibly powerful, an activist tool.
It's now out.
It's now available.
We want you to get it.
We want you to make copies of it.
We want you to share it.
And when you do that, you get two films on one DVD, absolutely free with it, Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove and The Order of Death.
And then that funds our operation and the filmmakers operation when you buy the one film.
So it's available until the 13th at infowarsstore.com.
February 13, 2022 is your last chance to get COVIDLAND, the film, Part 2, The Mask, for $19.95 and get two other films for your library.
And then I want you to take all three of these films and make copies of them and share them with everyone you know.
We can only offer this again for the next two weeks until February 13th and then this deal is going to be over.
I cannot express to you enough how important it is to let people know this is censored information.
Both the films on The Occult and The Globalist, and both the documentaries that are out, Part 1 and Part 2, on COVID-land, of the real history and what really happened, and the real science that The Globalist are desperate for you not to learn.
So thank you all for your support.
Get your copy of COVID-land, The Mask, Part 2 and Part 1 as well at InfoWarsTour.com.