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Name: 20220201_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 1, 2022
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Alex Jones discusses alleged use of nanotechnology in COVID-19 vaccines, claiming it as an "intrusive assault against humanity". He refers to a study by Fifth Column that found potential for controlling several nanomachines using graphene oxide, which operates at the same frequency as 5G signals. Jones also discusses climate engineering's negative impact on the environment and how it is used to maintain confusion among the population.

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Breaking bombshell!
Leaked Pentagon report confirms, and they admit this is real, skyrocketing illnesses and death caused by COVID Vax.
Meanwhile, globalist Kingpin George Soros publicly declares war on China's leader, Xi Jinping, as the Anglo-American establishment goes into full panic mode.
The third world isn't collapsing and starving to death because of COVID, it's because of the COVID lockdowns.
Giant hordes of refugees aren't surging into Europe and what's left of North America because of COVID.
It's because of the restrictions.
People aren't sick of COVID.
They're sick of the technocrats and the biomedical tyranny using it to wage war against our economies and put us into debt to collapse us and control us.
And I know as an audience, you get that, but if Congress doesn't get it, And if the people of the Earth don't get it, the globalists will continue to win, because every Hydra head we cut off, they'll just grow two more.
We have to defeat the heart of the Hydra.
We have to identify the Hydra.
We have to name the Hydra.
We have to demonize the Hydra with its crimes, and expose it, and laze it.
Target it politically, so that people know who's doing it.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say, "I don't know what's
going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
what's gonna happen at the end of this but you wanna fight You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
The fifth column recently published their findings and conclusions on the strange self-assembling nanotech they
discovered in the Pfizer mRNA vaccines via optical microscopy analysis.
The objects they found in the vaccine correspond with known items in the scientific record.
And the conclusion they come to seems quite clear.
That the well-documented scientific goal to use nanotechnology in living human beings to form networks capable of controlling several nanomachines is currently being deployed in the COVID-19 vaccines.
Which amounts to the most intrusive assault against humanity in all of recorded history.
While the media and government lie in cover for Big Pharma, the official ingredients are still unknown.
But we have thousands of brilliant scientists worldwide studying these experimental vaccines.
Some have died in highly suspicious ways.
But most have been able to share their findings.
And the work shows us that graphene oxide is a key component in all of this.
There have been dozens of official documented studies on the use of graphene oxide related to how we see it being used here today.
Among other things, as a power converter.
Graphene, a one atom thick layer of hexagonally arranged carbon atoms, is the thinnest and strongest material known to man, and an outstanding conductor of heat and electricity.
It can boost gigahertz frequencies into terahertz, which is exactly what these new nanotech machines need for power.
In order to do this, the graphene first needs a frequency to power it.
And the optimal frequency to externally power graphene is known to be 26 gigahertz, which is also the frequency put out by 5G.
In this model, the graphene within the body is activated by microwave signals in the gigahertz range, which it then boosts into the terahertz range, which then powers the novel nanotech machinery to self-assemble within the human body.
Once assembled, what do these nanotech machines do?
The images, compared to the scientific literature, suggest that they are the foundation of an internal electronic system with an endless potential for biomanipulation of the human host.
Nano-routers that emit MAC addresses, able to be registered via Bluetooth.
Nano and plasma antennas to amplify signals.
Nano-rectennas acting as rectifier bridges from AC to DC current.
Codecs and logic gates for encryption of communication.
The raw material for all this self-assembly is also Graphene Oxide.
And when we compare known side effects of Graphene Oxide to the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines, we find them to be the same.
Once Graphene Oxide is injected into the body, it acquires magnetic properties, predictably around the injection site, the heart, and the brain.
Graphene is seen as a pathogen by our immune system and will often result in paralysis and stroke.
Graphene is known to cause blood clots and heart conditions.
Graphene oxide can generate small discharges causing cardiac arrhythmia.
There is so much going on with these experimental vaccines.
And the evidence seems clear that there is a mass experiment going on.
With certain batches marked more deadly than others.
And with certain batches that contain a bold new technology akin to a man-made parasite intended to control the host human if it doesn't kill them first in the process.
Perhaps that is what the mad scientists and psychopaths are after.
Human genetics that can withstand this new invasive and deadly nanotech.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
There's no perhaps about it.
This is the nanotech transhumanist revolution.
We'll be right back with the rest of the story.
Stay with us.
I was getting my hair cut this weekend and the lady was a listener and she said, why haven't you had Dane Whittington on in years?
And I said, that's a really good question.
Author, filmmaker, geoengineeringwatch.org.
With them rolling out the public geoengineering now and the poisoning of the Earth's surface by nanoparticles, aluminum dioxide, barium salts, and others, and this now being mainstream news, total vindication of people like Dane Whittington, who's always up to date on the latest developments.
And it's been a good decade.
Since he's been on with us, it seems like five minutes ago.
So that's why I love talking to folks in the street.
He is joining us, coming up at the bottom of the next hour.
Then we've had some big developments happen with Reset Wars.
Really, people are loving it.
But massive censorship attacking it.
Jake Ducey's going to be joining us.
And Ezra Levant of Rebel Media.
Man, that guy's got more energy than the Energizer bunny.
He's been all over Canada, crisscrossing, and he's there.
Where the truckers have taken over the highway and have a blockade on the U.S.
side going into Canada.
Right dead center in the north center area of the United States on the Canadian border.
So they've got the exclusive situation here.
He's joining us at the start of the next hour and about 55 minutes.
And he's got exclusive information.
They have SWAT teams there threatening people.
Just absolute tyranny.
But meanwhile, that's what the Great Reset is.
It's a global blockade against small businesses.
It's a global blockade against families and schools.
It's a global blockade against our right to travel.
It's a global blockade until we accept a travel digital pass.
It's a social credit score.
It's a global blockade to bankrupt us, to put us on a social credit score system controlled by universal basic income.
And so, what do they expect?
We're fighting back with what they're doing to us.
And people there are exposing that it's a Great Reset.
People there are exposing that the government of the United States and the government of Canada, now hijacked and run by globalists, in the words of Klaus Schwab, he brags he runs the U.S.
government, on television in Harvard, with David Gergen, who ran five administrations.
Two peas in a pod.
Shadow governors.
And there they are clapping and there they are nodding.
Last year when he said, we control your government, we control others, we have half the world's cabinets under our control.
This wasn't Cobra Commander in some cartoon in the 80s.
I now control half the major governments with my agents.
I mean, I watched those in the early 1980s, you know, when I was like 12 years old or whatever.
And it's like we live in a Cobra Commander script, except They're now purging our own military with the force inoculations and the critical race theory and all of it, so they can get all the good people out and put the agents of chaos, the agents of Spectre, the agents of Cobra in control.
So I can cover a million things here today, but you have to understand this is a global, corporate, biomedical, dictatorship, tyranny, coming down on everyone.
And when you look at the globalists that go to the Kennedy School, and go to the CFR, and go to the Trilateral Commission, and go to the Davos Group, and go to the Bilderberg Group, the top hundred of them are on all the boards of all the groups and run everything.
Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller Foundations, and now Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations.
And they run the show, and they're mad scientists, and they brag.
The head scientist of the Davos Group says, we are colonizing your bodies with nanotech.
The future, quote, is not human.
So before I cover all this huge breaking news, and it's massive, I want to just be very calm and very straightforward with all of you about this.
I want this to sink in real good.
This morning I was hiking in the early dawn light with my son on the Greenbelt, and it really hit me that of course they're not just trying to collapse America and the West.
Of course they're not just trying to collapse our families and our borders and our currencies.
With their geoengineering on record, they are killing the major soils of the world.
The soil is a living thing when it's healthy.
They are murdering it.
And I can read the statistics and the studies of bees collapsing worldwide, except Cuba where they don't allow chemtrails.
And I can go to our own family ranch that goes back on my dad's side Over, it's almost, I guess you count babies in the family, nine generations, it's not almost nine, it's nine generations now, since the 1820s.
And when I was a child, it looked like Sherwood Forest.
Out of movies you'd see about Robin Hood, it looked like Lord of the Rings, where the hobbits are in the shires.
I mean, on our property, thousands of oak trees, five, six, seven, eight feet around, hundreds of trees, as big as you can imagine.
Five people couldn't hold their hands around it and get all the way around them.
Huge trees!
So gorgeous when I was a child, hiking out there and hunting out there, just looking at it.
We own property with this?
It's ridiculously gorgeous.
With all those old family homesteads and little cleared areas and little old dug wells and collapsed log cabins back in the woods.
You know, really spooky.
And you know what's there now?
95% of those oak trees are deader than a hammer.
And you know when they started dying?
Aluminum dioxide.
Barium salt.
And there's just all these giant, mega-beautiful trees collapsed and dead.
There are huge arms on the ground.
And we're there just cutting it up for firewood.
And that's emblematic of the death of our Earth.
They are murdering our Earth.
And Monsanto has come out with over a hundred seeds last time I checked.
This was a decade ago.
A hundred seeds, corn, and wheat, soybeans, everything that can grow in, wait for it, high aluminum soil, because nothing can grow in that.
They are making GMO crops that only will grow in the future.
Think of the evil of that.
Think of the will to carry that out.
I mean, our family land is still beautiful, but it's unrecognizable to just see dead oak trees
and barely hanging on pine trees and just nothing left but yaupon and scrub brush,
because it was chemically wiped out by Bill Gates in the Department of Energy.
And there isn't one-tenth as many insects as there was.
And the studies show that, too.
But I don't need studies.
I can see it.
Like, somebody flipped a switch.
I remember my uncle, who runs the cows out there and stuff, in the mid-90s, going, I don't know why all these oak trees are dying.
It's not oak wilt.
They had people come out and check.
They're just because they're spraying aluminum on them.
So we can sit here and talk about this all day long, but you heard about Agent Orange getting sprayed?
On the Vietnamese, well, that's nothing compared to what they're spraying us with.
And that's why they tell you, in about the year 2030, everything collapses and we all die.
And William Shatner says, I've been told everyone will soon be dead.
The Great Cataclysm is coming because they are collapsing the Earth.
They are killing the Earth.
They don't want to just kill humans.
They want to kill everything and create a new silicon life form.
And they're terraforming us for a new life form in their own words.
Now, I don't know If it's aliens, whatever you want, demons, whatever, the point is these people are killing the planet while they pose as the savers of the planet, but every action they carry out is to murder it with the 5G and the chemtrails and everything else.
And the Earth is dying.
And if it continues, it will die.
The ocean will die.
It will be a stinking mess of dead fish.
It's on.
We are all being exterminated.
The Earth is being genocided.
The Earth is being aborted right now.
Stay with us.
All right, so, Dane Whittington, expert on the geoengineering that's now publicly admitted, notice while they were building it and preparing it and launching it, oh it doesn't exist, don't look into it, now exactly what we told you decades ago is all confirmed, and they're rolling it out publicly and admitting that they spray poisonous chemical clouds on you to save the Earth.
That's right, Bill Gates funded chemical cloud, could help stop global warming, Associated Press and others.
We're not in Kansas anymore.
And the mad scientists of the world are in a race with each other to discover immortality.
And to do that, they're injecting the world population with self-replicating poisonous nanotech that is now replicating in our bodies and is now spreading from the vaccinated with this nanotech mutagen into the uninjected.
That's why we have this next gigantic piece of news that is so huge, and all three pieces of these news, the geoengineering, this Department of Defense news, I'm about to hit, and the George Soros news, all tie together.
Can we put the live show headline on screen, please?
This is a big, big deal.
Breaking bombshell.
Leaked Pentagon report confirms, and they admit this is real, Skyrocketing illnesses and death caused by COVID Vax.
Meanwhile, globalist Kingpin George Soros publicly declares war on China's leader, Xi Jinping, as the Anglo-American establishment goes into full panic mode.
And yet, if you're a new listener, When you hear the Anglo-American power structure, that does nothing to do with being white.
The original word means that, but it was seen as an Anglo-American, Anglo-Saxon power combine that's been in Europe for over a thousand years.
The Anglo-Saxons are first written about before that, an area in northern Germany by the Romans as the Anglo-Saxons, but that group was basically The Vikings inland that then formed William the Conqueror's conquest and all the rest of the founding of Russia and everything comes out of that.
And so that's why when Russia was talking about war with the U.S.
last week, they said, it's time for the Anglo-American Anglo-Saxons to stop their global domination.
And the Russians said, we saved you from the Muslims and the Huns in the last thousand years, and you must stop now.
You will not destroy us.
So they speak directly in the ancient tongue to their cousins and say, we know who you are, stop it now.
And then you've got the whole Rothschild combine mixed in with that.
It's serious, serious global business, folks.
They have decided that they don't want a wealthy, upwardly mobile West with people with airline tickets going to Vegas and swimming pools and flying to the Bahamas for the weekend.
Party's over.
And all the lazy, dumb people that are into the system, they think if they just jump their hoops, things will go back to normal.
And the system's playing on their weakness and their selfishness and their short-sightedness, saying, oh, take the shot, take the ID pass, do all this and you'll get to travel again, you'll get to go party again.
But no, once you put this in place, that'll actually all be taken away from you.
For 99% of you.
This is a post-industrial world.
This is a post-open-free society.
Now that's all going to be taken away from you, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's where we are.
And so we have polls out here today.
COVID fatigue.
70% of Americans say we just need to get on with our lives, according to a new poll, with an image of a dog wearing a mask, a sign of the mass mental illness.
It's not COVID that we want to just live with.
It's the Great Reset you want to end.
The third world isn't collapsing and starving to death because of COVID.
It's because of the COVID lockdowns.
Giant hordes of refugees aren't surging into Europe and what's left of North America because of COVID.
It's because of the restrictions.
People aren't sick of COVID, they're sick of the technocrats and the biomedical tyranny using it to wage war against our economies and put us into debt to collapse us and control us.
And I know as an audience you get that, but if Congress doesn't get it, And if the people of the Earth don't get it, the globalists will continue to win.
Because every Hydra head we cut off, they'll just grow two more.
We have to defeat the heart of the Hydra.
We have to identify the Hydra.
We have to name the Hydra.
We have to demonize the Hydra with its crimes, and expose it, and laze it.
Target it politically, so that people know who's doing it.
Justin Trudeau says people that don't want to be locked down for two years and go bankrupt and take five, six, seven shots and have their immune systems erased are Russian agents.
That's because he's a globalist, Klaus Schwab, Great Reset agent, and he's told by the social engineers, say those that want freedom are outsiders, and that you are the Canadian.
When he's bragging he wants a dictatorship, He's bragging he wants to take your children away.
He's bragging he's built these camps.
He's bragging he's using the Canadian military on you.
He's bragging he's surveilling you.
And he says the convoy is an insult to truth.
That they hold unacceptable views.
That's right.
You're like, well that's tyranny.
They've taken the training wheels off, folks, and they're just in your face trying to sell you, by pure gaslighting, this takeover.
Oh, you don't like your family being locked up for two years?
Oh, you don't like going bankrupt?
You don't like being told you can't go into business if you don't have these experimental shots?
You're a Russian agent.
Ezra Levant from not the Ottawa big ongoing event, we'll give us an update on that, but
from the border, hundreds of miles to the west of Canada.
Canada and the U.S.
where hundreds and hundreds of trucks again have done what the globalists have done on a small scale.
They're waging siege against the infrastructure, saying we refuse to be part of this.
See, the globalists want to slowly collapse the infrastructure.
They don't want us to realize their game and point out that they're the ones doing it on a massive scale.
We're going to do it on targeted scales to show how evil it is.
This is civil disobedience.
This is what we need to see more of.
But what we need to do is sue the great resetters.
Sue the people in the parliaments and in the legislatures and in the Congress that admit they're on the payroll of Klaus Schwab.
Because things are only going to get worse until this global corporate crime syndicate is brought to justice.
But we come back.
This is a Don Salazar article that went up last night.
Always his articles go up in the evening because he works late.
It needs to be reposted to the front page of Infowars.com.
I'm going to have it posted, a link to it, under the live show feed of the show today.
We're going to come back and cover this.
The documents.
See the leaked DoD database showing U.S.
military illnesses skyrocketing from the COVID jab.
And that ties into the public AI-powered DoD data analysis program That first reported this six months ago and has now confirmed it's getting worse.
And it mirrors the numbers we see from Europe and other areas.
300% increases in heart attacks.
1,000% increase in neurological.
5,000% increases in blood clots.
Same numbers everywhere coming in.
Different databases, different systems.
They're murdering us en masse.
All 100% confirmed.
As they chemtrail the planet, murdering the plants and the soil.
We'll be right back.
Let me do this.
I'm going to hit the DOD documents confirming what all the other documents show around the world that these vaccines are not vaccines.
They are chemical slash nanotech slash bioweapons.
That's next segment.
But I want to tie all this together.
People are asking me a lot of folks on the street.
A lot of other podcasters and talk show hosts have contacted me.
They said, Alex, what do you make of this George Soros situation?
In fact, guys, will you get me the George Soros compilation?
I think it's called Final George Soros.
We've had like 10 or 15 different versions of him on 60 Minutes and him on NPR and him on PBS saying he worked for Hitler.
It was the best time of his life.
He was the happy time, happy making time.
It was exhilarating, it was invigorating.
Him and his father were out doing all this.
Get that queued up for me, thanks.
I forgot to tell you that.
George Soros has come out and said that Xi Jinping is the new Hitler.
He said it again, but this time on video.
And that China is like Nazi Germany.
Now that's a very big statement, and part of it's true.
But why is George Soros telling the truth for once?
Well, because it's a competing evil organization to the globalist Anglo-American Combine.
And again, that just means the old British Empire and the United States and that whole power arm.
That is not pro-America or pro-UK, it's globalist.
It's been using us and our blood and sweat and ingenuity to build its corrupt system while it now quietly poisons and dumbs us down and bankrupts us ahead of murdering us.
As you now see with the deadly shots and the 5G and the rest of it.
So what does it mean when George Soros comes out And says that China is a horrible high-tech technocracy surveillance police state.
And that China poses the biggest threat to world peace.
And that China is an evil empire.
And that Xi Jinping is bad.
When George Herbert Walker Bush, as the ambassador to China in the 70s, made these deals, and when he was the head of the CIA afterwards, and when all that was done with Zbigniew Brzezinski and with Henry Kissinger, they wrote books bragging about it, they set up a one-sided trade deal and one-sided military technology transfer deals over to China so that they would be the new superpower.
Now, as we sit here and we witness all of this unfold, we have to ask ourselves, why is it happening now?
And it's because, as I told you last year, and as we had Darren Beattie on to talk about it a few weeks ago, Gigi Ping has said, we are not going to have sissy men on TV.
We're not going to have homosexuality, we're not going to have transgenderism, and we are going to basically be like 1950s America, but with high technology, and we're going to go to space, and we're going to build a pro-human future.
Now we're going to have the surveillance grid, and the human clones, and all of it.
We're the Wall-Wall West, but we are a ethnic, genetic, monostate of the most closely related group of people on Earth, the Chinese.
And the Koreans are an offshoot of that.
But the most closely genetically similar group of people, homogeneous, from the same genesis, And we are going to dominate the world.
We double-crossed you, we got all your jobs, got all your science, infiltrated your government, did all this, financed Hollywood to tell men to be girls and to celebrate cutting your children's penises off and cutting your daughter's breasts off, and you psychotics have drunk the poison, good job, you're dead, you're over, we're not doing any of it.
And so George Soros, who went from worshipping China five years ago and saying it was the model of everything, to now saying it's Hitler, Is because anything they don't like, nationalism, cultures they don't control, anything he doesn't own.
The Russians are Hitler because they've got their own culture.
The Chinese are Hitler because they have their own culture.
Anybody that is Christian and just wants to be a free market capitalist, you're Hitler.
Not because you'd worked for Hitler when you were a teenager and helped round up Jews like he did.
No, no, no, no, no.
Not because you said you love Hitler and your dad was an SS officer like Arnold Schwarzenegger who gets ADL awards.
When you were a real Nazi, you get ADL awards.
When you fight Nazis, you get called Nazis.
But China is an ethnic state.
An ethnostate.
And they are into their superiority.
And they are taking over the planet.
And they see George Soros and his like as their competition.
And George Soros is pissed because he wants to be the one.
Capturing the flag, which is your son's genitals cut off in a box.
He wants to be the one that salts the earth with aluminum.
He wants to be the one that kills the planet, that rules it in his total act of satanic dominance.
His happy making time, as he calls it.
So, that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
And so the left has told you, Xi Jinping's the answer, Xi Jinping's God, Xi Jinping's the best.
Just like Hitler said Stalin was great, right until he launched Operation Barbarossa in the early 1940s.
And on a dime, just like 1984, we've never been at war with East Asia?
The next day, we've always been at war with East Asia.
And if you come out and say, hey, we're just at war with them, now we're not, or we were and now we are, you get sent to a death camp.
And the left are in the news saying, arrest the unvaxxed, put us in labor camps.
Because these are real authoritarians that are competing with other authoritarians, and that's what always happens.
They work with them so long until one of the two sides screws each other.
We have the declining European globalist system.
We have the American-Anglo-American combine that was dominant, that sold out to China, but thought it could control China.
China's now double-crossed that.
Here is Soros, totally pissed about it.
Xi Jinping has done his best to dismantle Deng Xiaoping's achievements.
He brought private companies established under Deng under the control of the CCP and undermined the dynamism that used to characterize them.
Rather than letting private enterprise blossom, Xi Jinping introduced his own China Dream.
That can be summed up in two words.
Total control.
That has had disastrous consequences.
Hello, everyone.
2022 will be a critical year in the history of the world.
In a few days, China, the most powerful authoritarian state, will be hosting the Winter Olympics.
And like Germany in 1936, it will attempt to use the spectacle to score a propaganda victory for its system of strict controls.
We are at or close to important decisions that will determine the direction in which the world is going.
The German elections have already occurred.
The French election will take place in April 2022.
And in the same month, Hungary's voters, against all odds, May turn an authoritarian ruler out of power.
Together with Putin's decision whether to invade Ukraine, these developments will determine the fate of Europe.
In October, China's 20th Party Congress will decide whether to give Xi Jinping a third term in office as Party General Secretary.
Then the U.S.
will hold a crucial midterm election in November.
All right.
Climate change.
Oh, climate change, yes.
Got to shut everybody's power and energy off.
Got to nerve gas the planet.
I mean, this is a literal demonic demon hanging on to life by his fingernails, jealous of Xi Jinping, because Xi Jinping gets to murder more people and has a bigger ethnostate than what Mr. Devil's been trying to set up.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
So George Soros has come out and said that basically the Winter Olympics in Beijing should be boycotted, should be shut down, that Xi Jinping is a dictator, that Xi Jinping has set up an ethnostate like Nazi Germany.
But what has Xi Jinping really done?
Because the globalists that birthed creatures like Soros are on record putting the Communist Chinese in power with the CIA, who in 49.
So the West has backed Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan.
They've all backed Communist China and the Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping and all the rest of them.
And now suddenly, Soros says Xi Jinping's got to go.
Because Xi Jinping said, we're not going to sissify the men.
We're not going to promote transgenderism.
And he said, we're going to pay people to have three children.
We're breaking with your depopulation plan.
We're not going to collapse and die as a people.
We care about our people.
Care about them to the point of having the takeover of Mongolian areas and the ethnic cleansing to make room for the Chinese, which I'm not backing or saying is good.
But the point is, is that when they were killing Christians and Buddhists by the millions, George Soros loved it.
But now that China isn't taking orders from him and his controllers, The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and that criminal Bill Gates combine.
Well, now he's turning against Xi Jinping.
Putin is paying people to have children and saying people should be Christian.
And saying Russians need to be closer to Christ and so do we and we need peace.
He's a lot better compared to Xi Jinping.
On a scale of 1 to 10, Xi Jinping's like a 7.
George Soros is an 11.
Vladimir Putin's about a 2.
Joe Biden's about a 5.
When you come to actual policies, Tim being as bad as it gets, Soros is an 11, Bill Gates is a 12.
These people want total destruction of humanity, total destruction of our children.
And the nerve of Soros, we played the clip earlier, to come out and say that China is like Nazi Germany, when it was George Soros on record, That helped round up thousands of Jews.
The Nazis called him a bloodhound.
He was young, looked non-threatening, and he would go find hidden Jews.
And go report them.
He was the type that would hunt down Anne Frank.
And so we get to be lectured by the ADL and him about how good they are, and how Americans are bad, and how my grandfather's that almost died fighting Hitler, they're Nazis, but George Soros that worked for him, he's good!
What a sicko!
But he's a failure, folks.
He's an evil person.
Him and his son, Alexander, and their weird Aleister Crowley rituals they're on video doing.
I mean, these are some sickos, folks.
And they hate everybody.
Whether you're American, or whether you're a Russian, or Chinese, black, white, he hates you all.
He's gotten all these DAs elected, and they cut the police and just let crime and murder and rape quadruple, carjackings up fivefold, murders have tripled, everything falling apart.
He loves it!
He collapsed over 20-plus countries and stole the pension funds of old people.
He was a villain on the news when I was a kid.
George Soros crashed another currency and stole the pension funds.
Now all the old people have no money.
He's a frickin' demon!
Oh, but he's liberal, and the young Turks say he's a wonderful hero.
And now he's gonna tell us about how bad Xi Jinping is.
Because now Xi Jinping doesn't support castrating all our little boys.
At least he doesn't want the Chinese ones to have their balls cut off as a sacrament of the left.
It's no joke.
So, ladies and gentlemen, this guy thinks he's God.
He gave an interview in the 80s to a magazine, look it up, where he said, I know I am the Messiah, but if I tell people that they might lock me up, but I am the Messiah.
He is the Messiah!
Don't think so, buddy boy.
So, here is the Messiah, in his own words, talking about how much he loved working for Hitler.
It was actually probably the happiest year of my life, that year of German occupation.
For me it was a very positive experience.
It's a strange thing, because you see incredible suffering around you, and in fact you are in considerable danger yourself.
But you're 14 years old and you don't believe that it can actually touch you.
You have a belief in yourself, your belief in your father.
It's a very happy-making, exhilarating experience.
While hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews were being shipped off to the death camps, George Soros accompanied his phony godfather on his appointed rounds.
confiscating property from the Jews.
These are pictures from 1944 of what happened to George Soros' friends and neighbors.
You're a Hungarian Jew who escaped the Holocaust by posing as a Christian.
And you watched Lots of people get shipped off to the death camps.
I was 14 years old.
And I would say that that's when my character was made.
In what way?
That one should think ahead, one should understand and anticipate events.
And one is threatened.
It was a tremendous threat of evil.
I mean, it was a very personal experience of evil.
My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours, who swore that you were his adopted godson.
Yes, yes.
Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.
That's right.
Not at all.
That sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch
for many, many years.
Was it difficult?
Not at all, not at all.
Maybe as a child you don't see the connection, but it created no problem at all.
No feeling of guilt?
For example, that I'm Jewish and here I am watching these people go, I could just as easily be there, I should be there, none of that?
Well, of course I could be on the other side, or I could be the one from whom the thing is being taken away.
But there was no sense that I shouldn't be there, because that was...
Well, actually, funny way, it's just like in markets, that if I weren't there, of course I wasn't doing it, but somebody else would be taking it away anyhow.
Whether I was there or not, I was only a spectator, the property was being taken away.
So I had no role in taking away that property.
So I had no sense of guilt.
Are you religious?
Do you believe in God?
Now, most people when they play that don't play the part where he says, I had no role in it.
No, I play the whole clip in context, but it shows the delusion of this guy.
He bankrupted over 20 countries by design and crashed their currencies to destroy their pension funds and steal them.
Look it up.
He literally supports the destruction of our borders.
Wants total crime.
You've seen it.
Destruction of small businesses.
He supports the lockdowns.
He supports weaponized marijuana.
People made fun of me on this 10 years ago.
Now they know.
Schizophrenia, brain damage.
It's horrible.
Everything he does is to hurt people.
Everything he does is to make sure he's in charge.
You heard him.
Oh, it's not bad.
I just go with whatever is the power.
See, he doesn't believe in standing up for what's right and changing things for the better.
Oh, no, because if he wouldn't help round up the Jews, he'd have been dead.
So see, he just did what he had to do to survive.
A soulless, demonic sociopath.
A robot that thinks it's the Messiah.
No God consciousness.
No connection to God.
Cut off from God.
So, I'm proud of the fact that he's my enemy and finances the lawsuits against us and all these attacks.
Because if he wasn't my enemy, I wouldn't be doing my job.
Speaking of that, we need you to keep us on air.
We love you.
We appreciate you.
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Chrissy Lee went down to the border over the weekend with General Flynn, I got a big sit-down interview.
Also a great one with Ted Nugent.
Boy, is he on fire.
And that full interview is now at band.video and on Infowars.com.
I hope you share it.
And he points out that the left was even more evil than he thought they were with what he's now witnessing them doing.
We're going to get to this report and then Ezra LeVant joins us from the big trucker convoy on the U.S.-Canadian border.
Stay with us.
I'm in McAllen, Texas, and we're holding a rally here.
Yesterday, a small group of us did a tour of a couple of border locations, and we were briefed by not only former senior Border Patrol and ICE and Homeland Security officials, but also current members of the CBP that gave us an overview of what's happening at the border.
The statement that I heard yesterday that I take away Is that the CBP, the Border Patrol organization that we have that protects our borders, is broken.
They're not close to being broken.
They're not, you know, they're not at the edge.
They're broken.
So we've seen a lot of these military-age males being put onto airplanes and flying around, sort of low-level flying around and being dropped off all over the country.
All over the country.
So why?
We have to answer that question, and we have to ask our elected officials, why are you allowing this to happen?
And the only thing that I can, the only answer that I have right now from, again, from the reminder that I was given yesterday is that, to me, this is a purposeful, intentional process to destroy this country.
There's no other answer that I have.
I mean, what we have to have Because we have to have sanity, we have to have sovereignty, and we have to have security.
That's what we have to have.
And we have none of those right now.
We are absolutely showing no sanity when it comes to our domestic policy.
We're showing, you know, no sovereignty because we're in total violation of not only federal sovereignty, but states' rights and state sovereignty.
And so here we are in Texas, McAllen, Texas.
We've got a Governor Abbott.
What's he doing?
And then Governor Abbott will come out.
Maybe he'll see this and he'll come out and he'll say, well, here's all the steps that we're taking.
We've got, you know, the Texas State Guard coming down here.
We're up to plan.
You know what?
Get the people of Texas organized there, Governor.
But in their efforts to cover this up and what's happening here, now we're hearing from them throwing words out like World War III, nuclear warfare.
And how big of a threat is that?
Is our current administration provoking war?
I don't know if they're provoking it.
I just know that, you know, I think that they are, what I describe as very, they're masters of distraction.
And when we think about, you know, the potential for war in Europe or the potential for war in the Pacific, those are, you know, I've written about this a long time ago.
War is the norm.
Peace is the aberration.
Nothing is coincidental when it comes to staying in power in Washington, D.C., and that's both sides.
So we're in a different place here in the United States of America.
I think that we need people to wise up.
We need the American people to pay attention.
I don't want to just speak to the choir here, because the choir sings whatever it is.
Maybe that's a component of the MAGA movement, whatever.
I want to talk to the American people, and that's why I talked about Democrats.
Look what I've been described as.
But at the same time... I'm not as lefty as you can imagine, but I'm not a progressive liberal communist, right?
I am a lifelong Democrat.
But you can get it from both sides, and to that end, I did see some pushback on you from the right, or the extreme right if you want to call it that, when they felt like you were giving false hope that the election would be overturned.
Do you feel like you were getting bad information at that time, or can you explain that?
Yeah, no, I think that...
I think that what we underestimated was the scale of lawfare that we were up against.
I do believe that Trump won the last election.
I do think that there was massive fraud.
We're seeing it exposed every single day.
It's all of Trump's imperfections.
You know, he's the guy that showed this nation how corrupt our system of government is.
We wouldn't know, I mean, most people have been sitting on their rear ends my generation, and I tell people this, that it's our fault.
I don't blame the politicians in Washington, D.C.
or, you know, we're here in Texas.
I don't blame the politicians in Austin.
We put them there.
We are not a democracy, we are a republic.
Meaning that if you don't get out there and vote, if you don't like the people that are representing you
in a republic form of government...
If you're a TV viewer, you can see the dramatic footage that Rebel News has captured.
And there are multiple convoys still coming in to Ottawa, the capital.
There is a big U.S.
convoy that has blocked the highways now going into Daytube outside of Coates, Canada.
That's 100 miles south of Calgary.
And joining us is Ezra Levant of Rebel Media to give us updates on this and explain why they're doing this and what's happening.
And now the SWAT teams that have surrounded them, Trudeau's trying to say they're terrorists.
They're now trying to, I know Ian, Ottawa trying to call the protesters racist and evil, and now the police are threatening them.
I mean, this looks like something out of Romania or Hungary in the fall of the Soviet Union.
And we've even got Trudeau saying he wants to be a dictator, he loves Xi Jinping, that people are holding thoughts that are not acceptable.
I mean, this guy is really trying to be the dictator he admires.
So, Ezra Levant, thank you so much, sir.
It's my pleasure.
Alex, last time we spoke I was in our nation's capital of Ottawa.
That has been the big focus for the trucker convoy.
That was their main destination.
That's where most of the trucks have gone.
But there have been lots of smaller echo convoys, supportive convoys around Canada, and frankly I've seen some in other countries too, like Australia and the Netherlands, and I understand there might even be a few symbolic convoys in America.
But in that border town of Cootes, Alberta, between the province of Alberta and the state of Montana, there's a smaller number of truckers.
It's not in the thousands, I don't even think it's a hundred, But they have blocked the border crossing as a protest against the forced vaccination of truckers.
And they're letting through emergency vehicles.
They're letting through school buses.
They're not, you know, they're not totally locking down the town, but they're basically doing what in a labor union environment would be called a wildcat strike.
They're really working to rule almost.
They're letting their presence be known.
Well, the Mounties, who are Canada's equivalent of the FBI, came in and said, fellas, you got to leave now.
We're going to start making arrests.
And the truckers had a meeting like a council, like a town council.
And they had a vote.
And they decided they're not going.
We've got two reporters embedded in that restaurant where they're holed up.
And they had a prayer.
I heard them say the Lord's Prayer and they had a meeting.
And we got two guys in there documenting it.
So the Mounties have sealed off the whole town.
You see they're having a vote there.
You see that right there on the screen?
They're having a vote.
And these guys, one of them goes on the record saying, the only way I'm leaving here is in a police cruiser.
That guy there.
So they're surrounded.
44 police vehicles, the SWAT team.
Locked down the town.
They're stopping food and medicine shipments to that building.
So they're trying to starve them out.
And if there's people in there who need meds, they're not letting it come in.
I spoke with that one guy there that you can see was sort of the leader of them.
He called me last night.
And he had a request.
He knows that we like to crowdfund.
As you know, Alex, it's one of the ways we do things at Rebel News.
He said, can you crowdfund us a lawyer?
I said absolutely.
So we set up a crowdfunding page called truckerlawyer.ca.
That's the Canadian web domain.
And by the way, you're highly respected and known for giving all the money to the people and only helping folks and doing an incredible job.
And you've helped us and other reporters out.
Many times, so you are just a real angel and so are the listeners when they support.
But I think everybody understands what these men and women are doing for all of us.
They're violating the Nuremberg Code, trying to put a poison in our body.
When black folks weren't allowed to go in and eat at lunch counters because they were black, blacks, whites and others shut down cities and towns with sit-ins peacefully to say no more.
Well, this is saying you can't go in restaurants or drive your truck or have your job or go to the doctor unless you or have a liver transplant.
Or a kidney transplant or get medical care unless you've done this and we've got to say no to this tyranny and this discrimination.
You're exactly right.
I mean, I know you've talked to one of our other people we're helping, Pastor Arthur Pavlovsky.
We've crowdfunded his legal defense going on two years now.
It's our viewers.
They love to get involved.
So I just got a report not half an hour ago that our lawyer has arrived at the scene and has made contact with the Mounties.
And we're actually dispatching three lawyers.
I won't get into the legal strategy.
But our goal is to de-escalate the situation, make sure the police don't do anything rash.
We have two cameramen inside that compound there, so we're hoping that the presence of our cameras also acts as a brake pedal so the cops don't go crazy.
And these are very principled men.
And you can go to truckerlawyer.ca to see some of the video clips of what they're saying, how they prayed about things, what they thought.
And they know that they're engaging in peaceful civil disobedience.
And they know that that will likely cause them to be punished.
And so I think that, in a way, these men have decided... There's our lawyer there, the guy with the... Did you see that guy there with the sideburns?
That's the lawyer.
Chad Williamson. So, he's an excellent lawyer.
And by the way, for people who don't know, you guys are battling them legally all across the country,
where they're trying to ban protests, ban reporters, arrest reporters.
I mean, Canada has gone fully authoritarian, and you are on the very front lines, Ezra.
Well, I mean, I fear that we're next.
Just yesterday, Justin Trudeau reintroduced an online censorship bill in Parliament that had been paused because of the last election.
I believe that we are the number one target of that censorship bill.
We are the largest independent news network in Canada.
We are one of the only news networks that does not take funding From Justin Trudeau.
I know you might find this hard to believe, but literally 99% of Canadian journalists get a subsidy paid by Trudeau.
So how can you possibly be independent?
How can you possibly bite the hand that feeds them?
It's simply incredible.
So dramatic footage of those, it looks like hundreds of trucks to me, blocking things, the SWAT teams and federal police.
Threatening them, and they're saying how, Trudeau's saying, oh they're keeping food and medicine from coming to us.
That's the Great Reset shuts down food and medicine.
Has starved over 40 million people to death worldwide, the UN admits.
200 plus million on the verge of starvation.
So the idea that us trying to end the global lockdowns and the internal checkpoints is our own form of siege.
No, we're simply exercising our people power to say we're not going to comply with slow incremental strangulation.
What's so fascinating about this trucker convoy is it was totally unexpected by the authorities.
In some ways, it's reminiscent of the Tiananmen Square protests, which really caught the Chinese authorities off guard.
They didn't, I think what scared them about the Falun Gong, and that's a Chinese sect That organized the protests in Tiananmen Square is that the Communist Party didn't know about it.
They couldn't see it coming.
They didn't have enough spy sources, so they panicked and they smashed it.
I think this trucker convoy is similar in that it was organized by no political party, no fancy ad agencies, no super PACs, just severely normal men and women, largely men, largely working class men, independent businessmen who own their own trucks, whatever.
And all of a sudden, the entire establishment said, whoa, we don't control this.
We got to smash this.
But the thing is, in Ottawa, they haven't given any pretext for a smashing.
They're completely peaceful.
So Justin Trudeau is demonizing them as racist, sexist, violent, but they're not.
And I think that it's fascinating.
And the public is inspired by these truckers.
They're salt-of-the-earth people, very authentic.
I'm excited about what these truckers are doing.
And when these truckers last night said, Ezra, give us a hand, we need a lawyer.
I said, of course, of course.
So we're doing that.
And as you can see, the lawyer is already on the scene.
Give us that website one more time.
That stands for .Canada.
All right, stay there.
I want to ask about big picture.
I want to come back with you one more segment.
Oh, you're busy.
I want to get into what's happening in Ottawa, what Trudeau's going to do.
Hiding out now for five days.
Oh, now he has COVID.
I mean, this is just ridiculous theater from the man that says he wants to be a dictator.
Justin Trudeau is truly the most sycophantic, horrible creature in modern times.
Brags that he's under the control and orders of Klaus Schwab.
Who brags on national television that he owns him and his cabinet.
And now they're the ones shutting down the economy.
They're the ones bankrupting everybody for universal basic income in their own plans.
They're the ones building all these camps.
And then saying that, oh, the Russians are making Canadians rise up and travel by the hundreds of thousands to the Capitol.
And then, oh, you don't want us putting something in your body that's experimental?
You only like black folks that were barred access to stores and businesses?
You're being barred access because you haven't had the poison shot?
You're going to peacefully protest and block a road?
We're going to arrest you!
Well, folks, We're already being put in a prison.
That's what these lockdowns are.
And that's what Klaus Schwab said.
They want climate lockdowns.
They said, wasn't it wonderful how quiet the world was?
They want to go back to lockdowns where you can't leave your house, except when they say.
Ezra Levant, I tell you, people kept wondering when are Canadians going to stand up like the Australians have been doing.
Because you guys have been under similar levels of evil.
And finally, it's starting to happen.
But even churches that try to reopen, they're arresting the preachers still.
Uh, but you can go to the topless bar.
This is just amazing.
So in the time we have left, what's happening in the Capitol there where you've got reporters?
I know you were just there with us Saturday for our emergency broadcast.
And what do you expect Trudeau to do as his unpopularity just continues to rise?
Well, there's a great battle, and I think I alluded to this when we spoke on the weekend.
You have all the official people, the official media, the official police, the official trade associations and chambers of commerce, the mayors.
There's a local city councilor who tweeted that the city should try to seize The $10 million that the trucker convoy had raised to bring them to Ottawa.
There was another city councillor just today who said that anyone who is against the lockdown should lose their Canadian constitutional guarantee for freedom of assembly.
If they actually let me phrase it accurately.
She said if they use their right to freedom of assembly.
They should lose any government services.
So you had two different city councillors.
One wanted to take all the convoys' money.
The other wanted to cut them off from government services.
Neither of those have anything to do with public health.
Both of those are a Venezuela-style punishment of anyone who dares to speak up.
Well, Ezra, that's the social credit score that Klaus Schwab, the UN, and the CHICOMS are putting in.
I mean, they admit that's their plan.
Well, let me say this, and I don't know if you know this, and you have such a broad interest, I bet you know this already, but in case your viewers don't know, the Deputy Prime Minister, the Finance Minister, really the second in command in Trudeau's government, her name is Chrystia Freeland, F-R-E-E-L-A-N-D.
And if you go to the World Economic Forum's website and type in Chrystia Freeland, she's on their Board of Governors.
So she is a member of Parliament, a senior member of the Cabinet, second in command to Justin Trudeau, and she still sits and serves the World Economic Forum.
If you wrote this into a James Bond spy movie, the studio would say, oh, that's too on the nose.
No, come on.
She's really a governor of the World Economic Forum?
While she also claims to swear loyalty to Canada?
Which is it?
Is she loyal to the World Economic Forum or loyal to Canada?
Because you can't be both.
She is on the board of the World Economic Forum.
Klaus Schwab has bragged That it's not just her and Justin Trudeau.
He brags publicly that half of the Canadian cabinet is World Economic Forum.
No one loves the United Nations more than Justin Trudeau.
He loves his trips to New York for obvious tourist reasons, but he's always given speeches down there.
He says he's part of the Great Reset.
He loves that phraseology.
Yeah, there you have it.
That is literally from the page of the World Economic Forum.
And let's talk about this.
He admits he quotes, wants to penetrate and seize control of democracies.
That's a quote even on his own Wikipedia page.
So if the Russians or Chinese tried to infiltrate, they'd get arrested.
But because it's a corporation doing it and it's a multinational corporate arm, well then it's okay.
And that is out of a James Bond movie.
That's what Spectre is and that's what Ian Fleming gave speeches saying.
No, there's real corporate groups that try to take over that we're actually fighting.
And so we see that's why he looks like and acts like a James Bond villain because that's really what Klaus Schwab is.
Yeah, you know, it's funny.
A lot of people on the left are finding commonality with people on the right, who two years ago, they probably would have had nothing in common, but a skepticism of the merger of big government, big business, big tech, big media, big pharma.
There are some legitimate people on the left, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
being an example, who are saying, whoa, what happened to the left?
And I think it's deeply troubling.
And again, I come back to these blue-collar truckers.
A lot of them are independent operators, so they own their own rig.
And these people, it's incredible in Canada to see this.
I never lost faith in Canada.
A lot of people say, why don't you move down to Nashville?
Why don't you move down to Florida?
Everyone else is.
Get out, save yourself.
I said, no, I've got to stay up here and fight.
This is my country.
But I have to admit, I was always pessimistic, but to see so many people... I was in Ottawa, people were chanting, freedom, freedom.
These are people who have never been to a protest before in their life.
I was walking down the street in Ottawa, a couple of guys in front of me spontaneously started singing, Oh Canada.
I've never seen this in my life.
99.9% of the people in this trucker convoy had never done anything political in their life.
It's fascinating to me to see so many new Canadians, cultural minorities, so to speak, Speaking the language of freedom, and it's particularly poignant since Trudeau claims to speak for them and claims anyone opposed to him is a racist.
In fact, I saw the National Post article Trudeau's panicking when around a third of the people out there that's demographically representative are not white.
That is scaring the hell out of them, this true populist movement.
As you said, You guys are the tip of the spear at Rebel Media with your reporters everywhere showing how giant these crowds are.
Corporate media is trying to black that out.
That's why people have to go to InfoWars.com.
They have to go to Rebel News.
They have to get these clips and share them because this is spontaneously now spreading around the world so Canada On average, people said was doing the worst job resisting.
Now it's the beacon and the example of resistance with huge trucker events like this from Canada spreading to Germany to Europe to the US to Australia to New Zealand to the UK.
This is very exciting.
I know you talk a lot about the Milgram Experiment and the Ash Conformity Test.
This is, writ large, the Ash Conformity Test.
When no one else disagrees, you might think, am I the only, am I crazy?
Am I the only one who thinks this way?
Am I the only one who's worried?
But when you see other people, when you see hundreds of thousands, when you see a million other people stand up, that gives you great confidence because you say, no, I'm not crazy.
They're crazy.
I'm not the one who's extremist.
They're the ones who are violating my civil liberties.
So, I encourage people who don't know what the Ash Conformity Test is, just to Google it on YouTube.
I know you talk about it a lot, Alex, but... Absolutely.
It breaks the gaslighting.
We are the majority, and we're not black, we're not white, we're humans that love God and justice, and we're together, and it's beautiful.
Ezra, what you're doing is amazing.
Tell us one more time, the trucker side, to find all the videos and support the great work these truckers are doing.
Thanks, Alex.
All right, Ezra, please, I know you're busy.
Pop in the next few days and give us updates as this unfolds, okay?
Thank you, I will.
Thank you, sir.
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All right, we haven't had this guest on a long time, but I've been following his work ever since he's been on with us.
And boy, has he been vindicated.
With now the admissions of the geoengineering all over the world, the aluminum dioxide, the barium salts, the other things that are killing the soil.
And he was covering this 10 years ago, specifically about the aluminum and what was happening.
We were covering chemtrails back in the mid-1990s, just saying, why do the trails not disappear now?
Why do they turn into whole cloud banks?
Then we found the Nobel Prize in the early 90s for developing the plan.
Then we found out about the Department of Energy Operations, but Dane Whittington Has been nose to the grindstone, going to their actual conferences around the world.
Chronicling the CFR and the CIA putting white papers out on it.
And so it's just like they're adding nanotech to the vaccines that aren't vaccines.
They just say, it's okay, just take it, don't ask questions.
And then it's hiding in plain view that they're making people sick.
Or that 5G gives you cancer.
That's even in Wired Magazine, major studies.
But they just say, no, it doesn't, let's just do it.
So there's a giant geoengineering program that's been going on since the early 90s.
We know they were testing it before.
It went operational by the mid-90s.
And I don't need to have Dane Whittington tell me it's killing the trees or the plants.
Even though the studies are out there, and he's right, I can go to our ranch we've had since, again, the late 1820s, and I remember until the mid-1990s, big giant oak trees everywhere, and they're almost all dead!
And they won't say why it's happening.
It's not oak wilt, it's not a parasite, they're just dying, but the aluminum has exploded in the soil.
So this is a big deal, and there's a bunch of articles, NBC, ABC, Sky News, all of it, like, oh, Dubai's controlling the weather now with ground radar systems that actually energize these particles.
Oh, and Bill Gates, CNBC reports, has funded chemical cloud that'll stop global warming.
Oh, he's going to block the sun out.
So everything we told you 25 years ago, everything this gentleman in films over a decade ago documented, has now been confirmed.
But that's the weird thing about it.
It's like they say the Bilderberg Group didn't exist 15 years ago.
And we have footage, and admissions, and documents, and yeah, it exists, no big deal.
It's the same thing now.
Yeah, we're spraying you, and yeah, there's secret treaties, and yeah, it's going on, just get used to it.
But then any scientist can tell you what these things they're spraying do once they get into the ground.
And not to mention our brains, with all the neurological disorders exploding.
So be with us for The next 50 minutes or so, I'm going to start doing... I've already started a two-hour live podcast this Saturday, commercial-free.
It's got about 2 million viewers.
So I will definitely have him back as soon as starting in March.
We're a month behind.
Three nights a week.
I'm doing a three-hour commercial-free podcast.
You want it, you got it.
This is designed for talk radio.
We're on over 300 stations.
It's great, it's wonderful, but people want commercial-free, you're going to get it.
Starting on March 1st, I'll make the announcements in the next few days, we're launching a three-hour show, three nights a week, commercial-free.
There'll be a few breaks, a few promos, but we're not going to have hard breaks.
It's going to be a podcast format.
So joining us is Dane Whittington.
I'm not going to go over his whole bio.
He's executive producer of the groundbreaking climate engineering documentary film, The Dimming.
He is also the lead researcher administrator of the website geoengineeringwatch.org.
Dane has a background in solar energy and was a former employee at Bechtel Power Corporation and was a licensed contractor in California and Arizona.
He has devoted the last 20 years of his life to constant research on the issue of covert global climate engineering operations and the effort to expose and halt them.
His personal residence was featured as the cover article in the world's largest renewable energy magazine, Home Power.
He manages a wildlife preserve next to Lake Shasta in Northern California.
Dane has appeared in numerous films and interviews in his effort to educate the public on the extremely dire environmental and health dangers we face in the ongoing Global Climate Intervention Program.
Dane, thank you so much for joining us after these years.
We've got to get you on more often.
You know, you blink and five years goes by.
Total vindication, but I would imagine you don't feel good about being vindicated.
You wish you could have stopped this.
Long ago, Alex, but I'm immensely grateful to you for your voice, for your tenacity, and trying to pull back the curtain, and especially with what's happening in the skies above us.
And every single particulate that they spray tens of millions of tons
annually are all floating down through the air column. We're all inhaling them and affecting our
cognitive abilities you just stated.
Well give us the 35,000 foot view and then you'll have the floor for the end of the next hour
drilling through this. Bottom line climate engineering operations were first deployed
over the polar regions immediately after World War II.
As you correctly stated, more over the urban regions later.
Big ramp-ups in the 90s, as you correctly stated.
Bottom line is, the more damage climate engineering does to the climate and the life support systems of the planet, the more they double down on these operations.
Climate engineering is the crown jewel weapon of the military-industrial complex.
The weapon with which they can bring populations to their knees without those populations ever even knowing they're under assault.
They can target crops.
Again, the cognitive effect.
We have a decline in IQs in the U.S.
alone of six to nine points.
That's staggering.
This is making us dumber by the day.
That's a scientific statistical fact based on the science study on aluminum and its effect on our brain function.
The bottom line is this is an assault from every imaginable direction.
If we don't deal with this hole in the bottom of the boat, the boat's going to go down.
How horrifying is it for you, an engineer that knew this 20 years ago and had the documents, to see it now progress to the point where the Earth's dying, the very people doing it are saying they're our saviors, and as you said, they're only doubling down their projects.
It's just nightmarish.
It is.
And again, that's key to consider.
There is no benevolence in the climate engineering operations.
There are many layers to these operations.
Again, the ionizing of the atmosphere is used to make it more electrically conductive for over-the-horizon communication, for EMP offense and defense.
But again, we have weather as a weapon.
A weapon with which, again, populations are completely unaware that this is occurring.
And now that we have These operations going on on a global scale with all governments either actively or passively participating and that's what the climate conferences are all about Alex.
It's not about changing business as usual in any way shape or form.
It's about strong army nations to go along with the climate engineering operations because you can't just engineer the climate over your own country without affecting the entire world.
And what the screen's showing right now, various forms of ground-based weather mod, but all of those are negated by the exponentially larger and more impactful climate engineering operations.
So they have a lot of red herring climate modification methods, the single engine propeller airplane with some flares on the wings, which are completely negated by a military tanker that can dump a hundred tons of climate engineering materials in one payload.
And one key aspect of this, Alex, that almost none yet understand is happening, the engineered surface cool-down events, like the engineered snore storms that we get week after week, theatrically named, often, as we have happening this week again, Winter Storm, quote Landon, which is going to be fueled with moisture out of the record-warm Gulf of Mexico.
How do you get a winter storm with moisture out of the record-warm Gulf of Mexico?
You seed the clouds with chemical ice and cleaning elements.
These are patented processes.
We have those patents posted at GeoengineWatch.org.
And why suddenly in the last five years did they start going public?
Because the pressure you and others put on them?
Because, I mean, you got the CIA director on TV saying, yeah, we control the weather.
Big deal.
Of course we keep it secret.
You don't need to know.
And like Bill Gates coming out, yeah, I'm spraying you.
It's for your own good.
It's a barium salt, aluminum dioxide.
Exactly what we knew they were doing.
It's incredible.
We have some covert acknowledgement, but at the same time we still have emphatic denial from official sources, even though we have, for example, in regard to the engineered winter weather events, i.e.
engineered snowstorms, in 2009 we had Fox News, Popular Science, MSNBC, CBS, all of them covered the fact that the Chinese government was engineering snowstorms.
They did a billion dollars worth of damage to Beijing, but now they all pretend that this isn't happening.
And again, when we have Alex, you've seen now the constant ice storms that we have with these engineered winter weather events.
We'll have, quote, the warm side of the, quote, winter storm and the cold side of the winter storm.
That's not nature.
That's chemically nucleating vast amounts of atmospheric moisture and eventually, as you move into this system, they are able to convert that liquid precipitation into various forms of frozen material.
It's not a naturally nucleated snow at all.
Bottom line, again, these are patented processes, and we encourage people to look up these patents at geodringwatch.org.
So it's not just blocking the sun, not just solar radiation management, which is an express stated purpose of climate engineering, to block some of the sun's incoming thermal energy by putting these toxic-like scattering particles into the sky, but they are also engineering winter weather events, and that confuses and divides the population as to the... That's right, they even got documents like Control the Weather 2020, 2020, 2030, Dane Whittington is our amazing guest.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Four years ago, today, this photo was taken by my wife.
Myself and my daughter, who was six months old then.
She's now four and a half, and I mean, we walked to the airport with her, and her eyes were so piercing, people would like stop and go, what?
I'm telling you, most intense child I've ever seen.
And her eyes just will blast right through you.
These children are so special.
She was talking at six months.
First word she knew was help.
She'd want to get out of a seat or something and say, help, help!
But I'm telling you, our children are so precious.
And here's my four and a half year old daughter at six months old.
And that's, look how much I've aged fighting these monsters.
But that's okay, I've put it all in here folks, it's worth it.
But this is so real, and they're spraying aluminum dioxide, barium salts, they admit, in quote, secret operations.
But they admit the operations are going on, and the soil, that's what his films and documentaries and information is covered and documented, is going way up in these poisons.
It's absolutely diabolical.
So, Dane Whittington of geoengineeringwatch.org, and of course the seminal film, The Deming, What is the endgame goal of all of this?
Because everything they're doing is poisonous, is destructive, as you said, but what is the endgame?
Or is it just more mad scientists control the world stuff?
And why would the globalists spray themselves and their own children, I guess most of them don't have children, as I answer the question, with barium salts, aluminum dioxide, and other things that literally eat our brains?
First, ultimately, Every aspect of these programs is about power and control.
And at this point, it's also about thinning the herd.
And to answer that question, why would they do this themselves?
I would challenge people to consider the fact that those in power have detonated about 2,400 nuclear weapons on planet Earth, which has contaminated every single fiber of the web of life.
We have now Fukushima, we have Chernobyl, it's descending into meltdown again, and we have 440 more new plants around the world.
They're building 60 more right now.
Every single one of those plants will descend into meltdown at some point in the likely very near future.
So again, we have many examples of what they do to themselves.
Because we know from psychoanalysis, those in power, those who are addicted to power, and I know you know this better than anyone, Alex, They have various forms of deficiencies, and here's the common thread based on psychoanalysis.
There's a near total lack of comprehension as to the consequences of their actions, even to themselves.
That power is so addictive that they cannot stop, will not stop.
And climate engineering, again, the crown jewel weapon to the military-industrial complex.
And one more blank to fill into what we're breathing.
We have the world's second most recognized geoengineer, Dr. Ken Caldera.
We have an audio of it, if you want to watch it, of him stating on the record what he did for the U.S.
Department of Defense was to design ways of spraying pathogens into clouds to infect the populations below.
Saying it in his own words, again, we have a recording of it.
Now he works for Bill Gates.
Bill Gates has called him his most amazing teacher.
We have Italian researchers with peer-reviewed study that have proven CB-19 particles have been found attached to airborne particulates.
We have, as of 1977, 239 acknowledged open-air biological tests by the U.S.
military over U.S.
populations without their knowledge or consent.
Why would we think that they're not engaged in biological dispersion?
Let me stop you and just back you up.
Operation Fishbowl went on in 1962.
Hundreds of high-powered hydrogen bombs detonated.
This is declassified in an attempt to ignite the world atmosphere.
Could have, they thought, maybe burn the earth up.
They still did it.
This is Really nihilistic, insane behavior.
We're not dealing with sanity.
That's why so many people try to walk away from an issue thinking that, quote, they, i.e.
ultimately those who print the money, wouldn't do this to themselves.
They have been, they are, and they continue to do this to themselves.
They are not sane.
And that needs to be acknowledged.
And if we don't stop this interference with our life support systems and every breath we take, we're in a very limited time horizon, Alex.
Well, bottom line is, again, no functional habitat, no humans.
Although we have countless forms of damage to the planet and its life support systems from human activity, I don't think anybody can argue we've been poor stewards of the planet, the single most destructive human activity of all, by far, is the intentional intervention in Earth's life support systems, and that is everything that's encompassed in so-called climate engineering.
And as you correctly mentioned earlier as well, the manipulation of these electrically conducted particles in the atmosphere via radio frequency microwave transmissions from facilities like HAARP in Alaska.
We have about 100 of that type of ionosphere heater around the globe.
Most people can't fathom what that kind of facility can do.
It literally causes a chain reaction, an electrical chain reaction in the ionosphere.
Which causes heating into the thousands of degrees range over hundreds of square miles.
They can create a bulge in the atmosphere up and down.
That downward push creates pressure zones in the atmosphere that can steer upper level wind currents.
With steering upper level wind currents, they can then steer atmospheric moisture.
They can focus in on specific regions.
They can cut it off from specific regions, creating drought and deluge scenarios.
So back to the engineered winter storms, the parade of theatrically named winter storms.
Again, we had Landon, winter storm Landon this week.
We had Keenan that just hit New York.
This is with moisture off record warm bodies of water, off the record warm Atlantic, off the record warm Gulf of Mexico.
It's being chemically nucleated.
That's why we have the The ice storms that are so often accompanied with these engineered winter weather events because this material is hitting the surface.
And clearly they're pushing for something.
What is it?
Because they tell us Earth is bad, humans are bad.
William Shatner comes back down to Earth after the space mission with Bezos and says, too bad everybody has to die.
You've got all these globalists saying the world's about to end.
They're telling us it's about to end because we're bad.
That super viruses are about to come out of the forest because we're bad.
But they're really making the viruses in labs.
They're really manipulating the climate themselves to, I guess, create catastrophes, which they then use as a pretext to depopulate us, and then they pose as saviors, and the remnant are told, give up all your rights, in the name of stopping the cataclysms that the social climate engineers have actually launched.
All accurate, Alex.
And again, I'm so grateful for your voice and trying to shine the light on this single greatest human assault against the entire web of life and the Earth's life support systems and the paradox and the rocket launches and William Shatner and Bezos and the rest.
Every single rocket launch doesn't just blow a hole in the ozone layer, it tears a giant gash in the ozone layer.
No ozone layer, no terrestrial life on Earth.
Very simple equation.
The single greatest factor that's destroying the ozone layer today is climate ensuring operations.
That's not negating other sources of damage, but This is the biggest single source.
Based on the current mathematical trajectory, we have a former NASA contract engineer that works directly for GeoengineeringWatch.org metering UV radiation on the surface.
We're getting UV-C on the surface now.
That's the last spectrum before X-ray.
At the current rate of ozone destruction, we face probable total ozone layer collapse later this decade, 2025 or 2026.
Game over.
So again... So who are these people?
I mean, I know you only go off the science and what they're doing, but God, what type of establishment would want to vapor... I mean, look, the trees are dying everywhere.
I can see it.
There's no bugs.
I used to drive, you know, during the summer or spring, dead bugs everywhere.
There won't be one dead bug.
I'll drive 200 miles.
Our beautiful ranch, all the beautiful oaks are dying.
Now the pine trees are dying.
What the hell's going on?
You're 100% right on all counts.
Geoengineeringwatch.org was the first major source to disclose insect population collapses.
We disclosed 80-90% of terrestrial insect populations had perished.
Aquatic insect, the same.
We have the climate science community and the science community as a whole trying to marginalize our work.
Now they admitted to it.
If your listeners search insect apocalypse, they'll see exactly what's happening there.
There are some insects that are benefiting in a sense off what climate ensuring is doing.
As you correctly stated, these elements are poisoning soil microbiome, killing the soil microbiome, changing soil pHs, The aluminum affects the root systems of all organisms, including trees.
They shut down nutrient uptake.
They start to die a slow, protracted death.
And yes, then, certain species of beetles do finish the trees off.
But the beetles are a symptom.
They are not the core causal factor.
And we don't have official agencies admitting to everything that you've correctly stated.
Climate engineering, again, destroying every aspect of the web of life at this point.
And in regard to the trees, the forests die off.
Single greatest factor.
For multiple reasons, climate-insuring operations.
Well, we know the globalists want to depopulate, and they said they were going to do it by covert means.
I don't know how they think they're going to reverse this later, but regardless, they're doing it.
They're absolutely doing it.
Again, it's a weapon which they are not going to let go of.
An example I've used in the past, The villagers in Africa can trap a monkey by putting a clear fruit in a jar and tying it to a tree.
The monkey reaches in, grabs the fruit, won't let go, and he's on the menu.
And that's the mentality of those in power.
They're not going to let go of that fruit.
They're not going to let go of their various tools.
That's right.
They can't help but play God.
Stay right there.
Dane Whittington's our guest, uengineeringwatch.org.
Find his films and more there.
This is such important information, and I promise if he'll come on, we'll do a two-hour commercial-free or three-hour podcast and show all the documents and the clips and really walk through this.
But for everybody listening, you've got to check this out for yourself.
We're going to go to break.
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Experience X3 yourself.
All right, hour number three, straight ahead.
All right, this is a short segment, a couple long segments coming up with our special guest, Dane Whittington, the preeminent expert on geoengineering, what the globalists are doing.
So on one side, they're pushing it with conferences and TV announcements and, oh, the Chinese government is now creating rivers in the sky and, oh, Dubai's controlling the weather with ground-based systems.
So while they roll it out and sell it as good, they simultaneously say,
"Doesn't exist when we criticize it."
And Kim Trails, 20 years ago, 10 years ago, was the biggest thing ever.
And I've hammered it and covered it ad nauseum.
To me, it just becomes frustrating, Dane, when I don't see the mainline environmental movement,
'cause the Earth is obviously dying and has big problems, I want to do something about it,
but all of their solutions, it seems have nothing to do with actually addressing
ruling class that is doing everything it can, as you said, to kill the planet.
It's just, it's psychotic.
What's going on here?
You're exactly right, Alex.
In regard to the so-called environmentalist community, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, WWF, Earthjustice, all of them.
Their hypocrisy is mind-numbing.
They will not address the climate engineering issue because they don't want to lose their 501c3 nonprofits.
And we know that because our attorneys at geoengineeringwatch.org have communicated with their attorneys.
They will not address this issue.
And in regard to those in the so-called environmental movement that continue to pretend climate engineering is some sort of a proposal.
Everything they described is exactly what we see in the sky.
Jets dispersing particulates, and in regard to jets dispersing, again, there's no argument about that.
We have up-close film footage of these aircraft at altitude, KC-10s, KC-135s, C-17 Globemasters, and commercial aircraft with retrofit nozzles mounted on the jet pylon, the wing pylon, aimed at the exhaust jet stream, turning on and off, end of argument.
If film footage proves it's happening, if people don't believe what they see with their own eyes,
then there's nothing we can do to get them to acknowledge this truth.
Bottom line, environmental groups, again, unimaginable hypocrisy, and at this point,
again, they're pretending that so-called green new deals are going to save us.
Total smoke and mirrors, divide and distract, nonsense, Alex, and if you haven't,
your listeners haven't seen the film "Planet of the Humans,"
I would encourage them to watch that because so-called renewable energy is not going to save us.
It's simply a hydrocarbon fuel extension at best, comes at great cost to the planet.
Again, the single greatest factor we need to acknowledge and halt is climate engineering operations.
Well, here's the problem, and it's covered in Stanley Kubrick's famous film that was based on a composite of some true events that happened with Curtis LeMay and General L.L.
Emmonser who wanted to launch a sneak attack on Russia, and Kennedy stopped it.
That they said, if we don't launch a war, they will.
Or if we don't create a doomsday bomb, they will.
So it's this attitude, well, somebody else will make it.
So now the Air Force, what, a decade ago, admitted they're trying to build antimatter bombs that could blow the whole planet up on accident.
So it's just like they can't help it.
Like you said, they're like a monkey, knows he's going to get killed, putting his hand in the trap, but he has to have the piece of fruit.
And that's who they are.
They just cannot help themselves.
That's exactly, exactly right.
And in the case of climate engineering, and CP19 as well, there is no chance that either of those scenarios is occurring without global cooperation.
You're actively or passively between all countries.
We have Senate documents posted at GeoengineeringWatch.org in the documents section.
as long as 800 pages outlining global cooperation with these programs, even amongst nations
that have otherwise quote adversarial relations.
They're all working together behind the scenes with climate engineering operations,
all for their own purposes, again to control their own populations.
And just like mafia families, Alex, who work together to a certain point for a common end,
at some point they began to infight.
And that point may be coming soon as the Earth's resources continue to wait.
But bottom line is climate engineering is the, again, mathematically, statistically,
the single most destructive human activity ever deployed by the human race.
I mentioned the insects earlier.
In regard to global wildlife populations, again, all this is related.
Polluting from the clouds to the ground, the entire air column, the Earth's protective layer starting with the ozone layer, you affect everything else from the soil microbiome up.
In regard to global wildlife populations, they have declined 70% in the last 40 years at the current rate of decline mathematically, statistically.
We face zero hours with no functional wildlife populations left on planet Earth.
That's right, the Earth is being killed and then all the fake environmental acolytes say, it's the end of the world, the humans did it, you're guilty.
But it is humans, it's the breakaway civilization, technocracy killing the planet.
For whatever deal they've made or whatever it is, I mean, it just, it boggles the mind.
But the science is in, the facts are in, there is a giant, covert, Geoengineering program that is killing the atmosphere and killing the plants and killing the soil and killing us.
Dane Whittington's our guest.
Stay with us.
Dane Whittington is a engineer, filmmaker for two decades, plus he's been exposing the covert geoengineering program that's now being brought out in the open.
Exactly what we said was happening, exactly what was in the patents, and for some stations that don't care that first five minutes, you were getting into the globalist infighting with each other.
They can't help but try to discover all the secrets of the universe, to control the weather, to control our bodies, to control language, to censor everybody.
But they always end up fighting with each other over who's going to have the power and control.
We now have George Soros coming out against Xi Jinping saying he's Hitler.
We've now got Soros saying, oh, they're a technocracy.
They're surveilling you when he's pushing all that here in the West.
So it's two evil predator groups fighting over control.
And then you've got these so-called gene therapy vaccines that have the graphene oxide and all of this
that we know are growing some type of weird matrix in our bodies, and our bodies are being seeded
with all these other things.
And you have the head scientist from the Dabo Script saying we're colonizing your brain with nanotech.
The FDA just said we're not gonna even regulate nanotech.
Anything you want can be put in food now, three months ago.
And they admit this is their transhumanist move, their mad scientist raping of the earth and everybody.
And I think the message is, they're not just trying to depopulate us.
And we go, yeah, we do hurt the environment.
Maybe we should cut back what we do.
That makes sense, but it's not.
They get us on board like we're trying to save the earth when they're doing the exact opposite.
I think that's what you're hammering home here to people.
Exactly, and thank you for bringing up graphene oxide.
We found two science studies and posted those underneath a video called "Graphene Skies"
that's advocating.
and promote the use of graphene oxide for a chemical ice nucleating element.
Is graphene now coming down through our air column along with the rest of the
toxic particulate brew that I mentioned earlier? Again, science study advocating
for graphene as an ice nucleating element. Part of these constant
engineered winter weather events that we have, we know the snow is extremely toxic
It also contains surfactants.
Surfactants are what make soap, soap.
This is like soap-soaked snow, Alex.
So we have people who thought they knew how to drive in the snow, they can't drive in this.
We have a frozen material on the surface that behaves very different than any naturally nucleated frozen surface.
We have, for example, images that are highly sensationalized of ice and slush, for example, in Boston Harbor in recent years with seawater that was 40 degrees.
Seawater doesn't freeze till 28.4 degrees.
How do you have ice and slush on seawater that's 40 degrees with chemical ice and cleaning elements?
Your listeners can search, for example, Lake Michigan ice balls, and they'll see 75-pound perfectly spherical boulders covering beaches in Lake Michigan.
This is also a result of chemical ice.
Oh, that just happened two weeks ago in Chicago.
They've never seen that before.
There you go.
That's exactly what it's from.
And again, the more damage they do with these programs, and this is key, Alex, there you go.
Thank you for that image.
This is very key with climate engineering.
And again, as you correctly stated, yes, there are many human activities that need to cease because it's very destructive to the planet.
We're not denying that.
But we're saying, as you're correctly saying, that the single most destructive factor is climate engineering operations because it is prohibiting the planet from responding to the damage done.
In the case of the forests, Around the globe.
They're cutting off precipitation from the forest.
The rain that does fall is toxic, so it doesn't rejuvenate the trees.
It further finishes them off.
We have a destroying of the ozone layer, which fries the trees from the top down.
Again, from every conceivable direction, climate engineering is pounding the nails into our collective conscience.
And by the way, nobody can deny that.
Again, I can see it in Austin, and they claim, oh, it's a beetle, oh, it's a mold.
We've got a big family ranch in East Texas, and whether it's a pine tree or an oak tree, first the top burns off over a few years and dies, and then it just collapses.
I mean, the trees are frying in front of us.
You're exactly right.
Now, this is where the equation becomes even more complex.
The wildfires are serving the geoengineering agenda.
In fact, I encourage your listeners to search that video, which YouTube and Google is trying to suppress.
If they search wildfires serve geoengineering agenda, one of our most important reports,
the climate engineers are utilizing incinerating forests to help load the atmosphere with particulate matter
to help assist their solar radiation management operations just like an artificial form of volcano.
So again, the level of their desperation is mind-numbing.
Well sure, that's just like they go and hit a cloud bank to make it a horrible storm.
They use that potash, which is the classic nuclei agent to then accelerate what they're doing.
Coldfly Ash.
The constituents of coal fly ash have been found in atmospheric testing as well.
And again, that accomplishes two things for those in power.
Alex, you know that they try to accomplish as many things as they can with every move they make.
Disposing of a toxic waste and utilizing something to block out the sun at the same time, making all of us cognitively sicker as well.
There you go.
Now, that image that you're showing right now, that is very key.
The high-pressure dome, which I mentioned earlier, ...called the Ridiculous and Resilient Rage parked over the U.S.
West, completely blocking our precipitation, which is happening right now.
They're drying out our forests again in the West, right now, preparing for another summer of incinerations.
They push that moisture up and around us because of the clockwise rotation of the high-pressure dome.
They chemically nucleate it the whole way, and they drop it down in portions of the East Coast to create another engineered winter weather mess.
If your listeners search, geoengineering is creating freeze-fry extremes.
They will find a full report on that.
By the way, you're not like the fake U.N.
that when a dust storm hits a country, oh look, it's humans, we didn't pay U.N.
You were saying 20 years ago, 16, 17, 18 years ago, you were saying get ready for polar vortex, get ready for this to happen, and that they were going to be steering these, and now the Chinese admit, as you just said earlier, it's on Sky Television, but they admit it, they're steering that winter vortex down to merge with the It's not my opinion.
It's verifiable science fact.
So, in many instances, they are, yes, by steering upper-level wind currents there, in a sense, robbing what cool air there is in the Arctic, pushing it south, Think about this Alex, since 2012 the most anomalously, that image you put up right now is so appropriate, the most anomalously less warm region in the entire world since 2012
Is the eastern half of the U.S.
lower 48?
Because that's the most populated portion of the U.S.
and that's how they can keep the confusion and division going in regard to the true state of damage to the climate.
And as far as how long the damage has been going on, it's something that's really key Alex.
A climate feedback loop, a positive feedback, and positive doesn't mean good in this case, The Bermuda Triangle, Alex, you know the ships have been sinking there for how many decades?
And aircraft going down.
We know that's from methane hydrate deposits on the seafloor that are thawing and releasing, migrating through the water column, then into the atmosphere.
Methane's 120 times more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas.
And they're blaming it on the cows and cow flatulence and not talking about what they're doing, what geoengineering is doing, by altering upper-level wind currents, thus altering ocean currents, thus pushing warm ocean water where it shouldn't be.
Siberian methane craters.
Then it floats into the atmosphere.
Again, from every conceivable direction, climate engineering is pounding the nails into our
collective coffins.
And the whole Bermuda Triangle thing is methane hydrate and clathrate releases from fine deposits
on the sea floor.
Now it's happening in the Arctic.
If you can pull up Siberian methane craters, that would be an incredible energy show.
Siberian methane craters.
Tell us about those.
Siberian methane craters.
The images have to be seen to be believed.
Is that some of those big explosions that they thought was meteorites and now we know it's methane exploding?
Methane is thawing and exploding into the atmosphere, and climate engineering is making it worse, not better, by altering, again, upper-level wind currents, thus altering ocean currents.
We have warm water pumping into the Arctic now.
There you go.
And that should be frightening, unimaginably frightening to anybody, everybody.
This methane is exploding into the atmosphere.
Again, methane over a 10-year time horizon, 120 times more potent than CO2.
Climate engineering furthering this process, not mitigating it.
not curbing it, but actually further fueling the methane release process.
So again, climate change interference with the Earth's attempt to find a new equilibrium
is actually pushing us over the edge of the abyss, Alex.
They are terraforming to destroy the planet.
Dane Whittington's our guest.
Final segment with him, straight ahead, geoengineeringwatch.org.
And I want people to understand, it's not just collapsed the borders and the currency and our families, it's collapsed the animals.
It's collapsed the plankton.
It's collapsed the soil biome.
Everything is under attack at every level.
And that's why I say it's got to be aliens.
I don't speculate about flying saucers.
I'm just saying, why would our own elite be trying to kill everything?
And I mean, I guess, why did Jeffrey Dahmer kidnap people and do that?
I guess they're just psychos.
So I'm trying to ascribe some higher power to it.
Whatever it is, these people are out of control.
And whether it's Beto or AOC or Leonardo DiCaprio making movies about don't look up, don't look up at the chemtrails, we're being killed.
We're being shot down.
The earth is being raped.
The insects, the plants are dying.
It's all collapsing.
And you don't hear a damn thing out of the environmentalist of what's actually causing it.
Spraying poison in the air everywhere!
They're erasing the ozone layer!
It's incredible!
We'll be right back, stay with us.
The social engineers are mad scientists.
And when we begin to research how the world really works and address them eye to eye, we will start to fix the problems on this planet.
But they've got us entertained to death by Hollywood and the system, and people have no idea that they're in the grip of something very, very destructive.
Dane Whittington's here with geoengineeringwatch.org.
In closing, I want to thank you for coming on.
Let's not wait years until you come back on.
Let's do a commercial-free podcast soon, and you can send us a bunch of clips and articles, maybe do a kind of PowerPoint presentation for everybody.
But just in closing, in the four or five minutes we have left, what else do you want to impart to the viewers and listeners right now about what we're facing?
I mentioned, as you mentioned, graphite, graphene oxide earlier, Alex, and we have science study that pushes that as an isoclinic element that may and likely is part of the mix right now.
Graphene oxide is also a biological carrier.
Why wouldn't those in power, if they feel they're losing control of an area, they certainly are, why wouldn't they at any point of their choosing, if they're not doing so already, use such a biological carrier to, again, infect the populations below, which is what the world's second most recognized geoengineer said he did for the U.S.
Department of Defense, as I stated earlier.
So, when we have people being infected with COVID in very isolated regions that apparently had no contact with the outside, Why wouldn't we suspect this type of application as well?
And in regard to, again, the various aspects of climate engineering, much broader than what people, most people understand, I encourage your listeners to search the engineering winter section on the home page of GeoengineeringWatch.org.
Full section, patents and lab tests shown about chemical ice nucleating elements.
We have the engineering wildfire section.
We have the engineering drought section.
And in regard to certain aspects of climate engineering and the food and controlling populations by controlling the food, as you correctly stated earlier, When we have satellite imagery of climate engineering operations off the U.S.
West Coast in the Eastern Pacific, and we can see them breaking up and cutting off the flow of precipitation to the U.S.
West, Whatever anyone wants to speculate as agendas or objectives, the fact that climate engineering is cutting off precipitation to the west is inarguable at that point.
We can see these operations on satellite imagery and again when we have a federal gag order, illegal federal gag order on the nation's weathermen, how can that not be a massive glaring red flag?
And for those that want to help, your listeners, again, we must reach a critical mass of awareness and if we can expose these operations in our skies, Alex, I would argue there'd be a shockwave around the globe as well.
is we have populations taking to the streets with their proverbial pitchforks and torches
to find everyone responsible.
A picture's worth a thousand words.
At geogenewalsh.org, we have printed, high-quality materials we sell for less than our cost
to try to get them into circulation.
That's how we wake up those around us and ask them to do the same.
That's how we reach a critical mass of awareness.
Absolutely, and you know, I found one of the successful ways
is not just getting the grassroots active and to say no, but a lot of people in the power structure right now
that thought we were full of it are now realizing this is real, but they were compartmentalized,
but they're still high And as they become decompartmentalized and realize that this can destroy their own future as well, I think that gives us a better shot.
I just don't see the breakout point when, take the Fuggy, which were in writings a thousand years ago by, you know, different leaders there in what is India today.
And even by the 1800s, people didn't want to admit it existed, that there was a group of hundreds of thousands, you know, and probably total, but in some regions, 10,000 plus, a cult of people that would rob and secretly, you know, kill people.
And of course, that was in their own writings, their own documents that came out later, but people couldn't believe that existed.
Kind of like, until the 1950s, the FBI said Lacosa Nostra didn't exist.
It was too scary to imagine organized crime.
That just couldn't exist.
That's how naive people were.
And so now we have the scientific elite and the globalist UN corporate combine that's bigger than Russia or China or America that really wants to play God and their mad scientist and see us as their guinea pigs.
We have to identify and realize this transhumanist cult is humanity's enemy.
And that's just a fact.
You're exactly right again.
As you stated that those behind the curtain, those that didn't realize these operations were going on now are.
And that's why in the dimming we have again testimony from two U.S.
Air Force generals, former Canadian Minister of Defense, former U.S.
Presidential Cabinet member, former government scientist.
These people are realizing what they are not being told.
And that's the point we need to reach quickly.
And again, as you stated with the globalists and those behind the curtain, that most don't want to admit to.
And we look at what Zygmunt Brzezinski stated, and I know you know this quote, Alex, because you're the biggest voice of all in the world that's been trying to... He said, it's easier to kill a million people now than to control them.
Thank you.
I knew you would know.
Thank you.
And that's where we're at.
Well, I wasn't saying that to impress the viewers.
Just these are the real things anybody that's awake knows.
We want to show listeners.
We're not just making this up, folks.
There's video of him saying that.
Easier to kill a million people with today's technology than it is to control them.
Those in power know they can't support their populations any longer, much because of the paradigm they helped to create.
And now they are most certainly curtailing food supplies, using weather as a weapon to wreak havoc on populations around the globe, and very likely for biological dispersions as well.
The evidence all stacks up to that conclusion.
And they believe via survival of the fittest or social Darwinism that they must play the role
of the apex predator to call and control us and that they're guardians of the earth.
It's very sick, megalomaniacal thinking.
And they're just self-appointed scum and they thought we wouldn't know
about Bill Gates' programs or we wouldn't know about Klaus Schwab, but we do.
We forced them out in the open showing they are not the uber-menschen they claim.
But we are aiding and abetting these psychos if we don't confront them and politically and culturally
and economically, peacefully stop them.
All right, geoengineeringwatch.org, Dane Whittington, thank you for coming on
and let's do a special podcast in the next few weeks.
You name the time, my friend, thank you.
Thank you, Alex.
Find all his films and materials at geoengineeringwatch.org.
All right.
We got some really big news next segment about the denial of health care to people that don't take these poison shots.
And it's the same thing.
Oh, we're going to hurt you if you don't take it.
We're going to hurt you if you do take it.
I'm going to break some of that news and some big updates on a host of censorship fronts as they try to shut us down and try to shut down the human awakening.
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So we're very, very proud of it.
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Man, I'm sitting here now.
It's not a trickle of articles.
It's hundreds a day.
It's just everywhere.
I open up my phone, open up a computer browser, whether it's Yahoo, whether it's Apple, whether it's Drudge, whatever it is, it's, yeah, this little kid's getting denied kidney transplants because his parents wouldn't take the shot.
Yeah, all these cops are getting fired.
They wouldn't take it.
Yeah, this lady was on an organ transplant for a liver.
She'd been on it four years, but, you know, she isn't going to get it.
Well, this guy was on a heart transplant list, but he won't take the shot.
He's denied.
Just brutal tyranny, brutal abuse.
Boy refused heart surgery due to un-vaxxed parents.
That's an RT article up on Infowars.com.
A three-year-old boy in Cyprus, that's in the Mediterranean, has been flown to Greece for emergency surgery after doctors in Germany refused to treat the child because his parents were not vaccinated.
It's terrorism, ladies and gentlemen.
And so when we see the censorship and the shutdown and the debanking and the harassment of medical doctors and scientists and researchers, this is one of the last stages before roundups and arrest and total takeover.
And to go through these hard times we're in right now, we have to connect to God and transcend and realize how the globalists are trying to program us.
Now, we promoted and shot over six months and then put out in December reset wars.
And man, the enemy came after us at the financial level, the company level, the private level, the spiritual level, everything when this came out.
This scared them so much.
And despite the fact it's not even a political seven-hour course on mind wars, spirit wars, they took away the banking.
Nobody knew about that.
We're announcing it now.
Then they took away the video hosting, but we scrambled and got it back up.
They came after this.
They are so scared of this information that if people actually watch it and research it and use it, it will empower you.
You'll get more out of this than anything else because you can know this bad stuff all day long, but if you don't have the spiritual connection to God to renew you every day, when you're under attack, you will be debased and destroyed.
So, I want to thank everybody that did sign up for the course.
I've gotten people on the street have told me they love it.
Tons of emails.
Families loved it.
Incredible reviews have come in.
Just flood us.
I want to thank all the reviewers so much.
And because of this, because we're trying to build an infrastructure and do a bunch of other courses and do a bunch of things with the money that's coming in.
So you're like founding a university, and the most important first course is mind wars, spirit wars, but you're building an infrastructure.
You're building something special.
We can't show our hand with this.
And so we put a decent price for a course.
A lot of courses are way more than this, but we put kind of a middle-of-the-road price on it.
And then they censored it.
And so despite the fact the course is done extremely well, because we know the cost might have been prohibited for some people, or prohibitive, we've decided because they censored it and did a bunch of dirty tricks behind the scenes, and I've got screenshots of it all right here, that we're going to do it 50% off, ladies and gentlemen, for Reset Wars at ResetWars.com for the next 72 hours starting right now.
Take advantage of this unprecedented censorship sale as Facebook and Vimeo.
Oh yeah, Facebook's banned even promoting it.
Reset Wars is so dangerous to the controlling elite, they're trying to take it down from every platform.
So you don't learn the powerful information contained within it.
Which is so powerful, I wish I could fully absorb it.
That's why I watched it again last weekend.
I want to make sure that everyone gets this course before they totally try to shut me down.
And that's not a PR thing.
This is real.
Reset Wars is now 50% off.
because we have been banned and we're not gonna let them have their victory.
Get it now at resetwars.com before you might not be able to get it.
I mean, and get it and show it to your friends and family as well.
So Jake Ducey, he's a bestselling author, researcher, he helped me put together Reset Wars,
the first installment, Mind Wars, Spirit Wars, 'cause if you ain't got that together,
you're not gonna win the fight.
And this is, they are so scared of this.
And now Elon Musk is talking about mind viruses and how to unload 'em and get rid of 'em
and dial into the infinite.
I mean, this is really, people always know, we're tomorrow's news today.
Well, this is next year, next decade's news today, folks.
And it funds the info war and it builds a new infrastructure
and it helps and empowers you and all of us together a true 360 win.
An absolute total 360 win.
So Jake Ducey, a lot's happened since we launched this.
It's been a huge success.
I want to thank everybody that was part of it to help build the foundation.
And now for those that couldn't afford it, 50% off for 72 hours.
Tell us about the censorship and what's been going on.
Yeah, you know, I think this is the censorship special, is what this is.
So we've had, just woke up in the morning, all of a sudden the course is just no longer available.
Facebook shutting it down, online video hosting platform shutting it down.
And the reason is, is because there's three things that are being pushed with the agenda right now.
And one is to shut down thought, two is to shut down spiritual awakening, and number three is to shut down empowerment and hope.
Reset Wars is a blueprint to do that.
We've seen some amazing things happen, like this course has really changed a lot of people's lives.
It's 50% off for a limited time.
It's resetwars.com.
And the next thing is, we started to look at Alex doing a book.
I mean, imagine Alex doing a mass market breakdown of The Great Reset and imagine that being the number one New York Times bestseller book.
And what we found out is publishers were very afraid to do it.
And if you want to see Alex as the number one bestselling book out there in the world breaking down the Great Reset
and exposing the agenda.
We have an opportunity to do that and we have a publisher that is willing to bite the bullet
but wants to see social proof and see how much people care about what's happening with
the Great Reset and the Reset Wars.
That's right, because they go after any organization, obviously the Alex Jones book, Neil Strauss,
everybody wants to do it.
One of the best-selling authors of all time.
You know, hundreds of millions of books sold.
All hell was pulled out.
So anybody that bites the bullet is literally going to war with the globalists.
But you said it.
They don't want empowerment, which the opposite is hopelessness.
They want hopelessness.
And this isn't just giving you hope, folks.
This is literally showing you what they've done to you.
We all have this fake ego they built.
We all have this fake construct that even though you get rid of most of it, bad things happen, you're stressed out, you're tired, it kind of grows again.
But you're always shrinking it down.
You never get rid of it because we're not Christ-like.
We're not perfect.
And my son watched Reset Wars and it's helped him so much.
Rex is great, way better than I was at 19.
He has issues, he gets mad, he gets into that construct and literally he watched Reset Wars and it's helped him transcend it because it helps you focus for seven hours on this artificial thing they've created that they make you.
This is the technology they don't want people to have.
Yeah, and you know what's crazy, Alex, is obviously I've been a big fan of your work for a long time, and I've seen just from the news cycle, the censorship that's happened to you over the years.
But it's another thing to see it happen firsthand with Reset Wars, and it shows you that what they fear most is actually the thought, the spiritual awakening, and the empowerment and hope.
I don't know if you saw that beautiful clip of the truckers that were voting to continue the blockade, and they were doing a very powerful prayer.
It gave me the chills watching that.
And by the way, we have prayers in this because that's what's empowering.
It's real.
I say real heartfelt prayers in this.
There's a whole section on the power of prayer, which they know is real, and they want churches shut down, they want prayers shut down.
Exactly, and that's why they came, that's why Jesus was so scary to them, because he was teaching the awakening, because this is a dark agenda about controlling consciousness.
So it's ResetWars.com, 72 hours, it's 50% off, we're putting together the social proof on a sense, this is the censorship special.
They don't want this up.
We just had the video pulled down.
We're putting together the social proof to get a publisher for Alex to put together a number one New York Times best-selling book to expose the Great Reset.
So if you want to see that happen, head to ResetWars.com right now and sign up.
It's 50% off for a very limited time, and we're going to have some big things coming.
I mean, I just think about what are they going to do if Alex has a number one New York Times best-selling book.
I mean, you talk about censorship before.
Well, let's be clear.
Out of the last ten Amazon bestsellers, they've all been great reset books.
Robert Kennedy Jr., others.
We promoted those.
We sell those.
It's wonderful.
But we need a book that really boils it down.
The books are excellent.
I've read three of them.
But we need one that absolutely just devastates the whole story, the whole thing.
We've got it all ready, and that's how the Lord works in mysterious ways.
You are building the genesis of the next human level of victory when you support us, and we're doing this all together.
So ResetWars.com, 50% off right now.
You've got to see the course.
Go there, be part of this, and show it to your family.
We'll be right back.
All right, folks.
Jake Ducey, best-selling author, researcher, really helped me put together Reset Wars.
He's really fighting to get our information out on so many levels.
A real angel when it comes to that is going to be hosting the fourth hour today ahead of the War Room at 3 p.m.
But I just want to be clear about something.
I don't bring you things that are hype and BS, but if you don't take action on the information, it doesn't have any power.
We have the seeds of destiny, but if the soil isn't there, if the water isn't there, if the sun isn't there, and that's you.
We've got the seeds, you've got seeds as well, that's why you're here, it's all the same mission, but we have to plant the seeds, it has to have good soil, and it has to have sunlight and water, like Christ talks about, some of the seeds go on the rocks, and you know, some sprout up and get burned by the sun.
It's got to be just right.
And InfoWars has hit just right through God's plan.
And so if you get excited, that's why they're banning and censoring Reset Wars.
And if you get excited about this and believe it because it's real and put it into action and get others to, it's a chain reaction.
And we've hit the chain reaction over and over again, all glory goes to Christ.
But it's got to be you taking action.
So get it.
Watch it.
Research it.
We love the reviews.
And share it with others.
It's 50% off.
And yes, we have to charge for it because they're trying to shut us down.
We have to have our own infrastructure.
We have to pay more for banking.
We have to go through hell and build our own.
I mean, folks, we're building.
I'm not going to let the enemy know what we're doing, but obviously, I let you in on a little bit yesterday and just explained some things.
But this is a real war.
And we can win this together, but we need your support.
Plus, you need this information together.
And most of this you already know at a spiritual level.
It's going to reaffirm it and help you focus it, if you give it your time and energy.
So that's what this is all about.
ResetWars.com, 50% off right now.
And I never show personal things about my family.
You know, my son has been on air because he wanted to be on air since he was about 10.
He had wanted to be on the air the last few years.
He hadn't been on air.
I didn't make him do it.
He's a great guy.
I wish he'd be on air now.
He's super smart.
My older daughter, super smart, doesn't want to be on air.
My middle daughter, amazing, doesn't want to be on air.
But my four and a half year old daughter, I saw a compilation on my phone of some photos of us going back four years ago.
There she is.
Think about her and her future and her destiny.
She's already connected to God and the system wants to block her from that and wants to manipulate her and cut her off from God.
We're not going to let them do that, to quote the High Woman song, I'm going to live forever.
Don't let the darkness take him.
Don't let him feel forsaken.
Just lead him selfly to the light.
When this whole world is blown asunder, ladies and gentlemen, we will be together in eternity.
This is only A manifestation, not a simulation, but a manifestation for our spirits to manifest here and to be tested.
And Reset Wars is all about how you can jack in, whether you're in a prison or whether you're, you know, being, whatever it is, because I've got to face those things, that I can jack into this anytime I want and connect to God and no prison bars can stop that.
That's why they want you locked in your house, depressed, so they can brainwash you and break you.
This is the opposite of being broken.
This is being energized.
Take action now, support the InfoWar, and go to the next level.
We need you as the electrical connection to make this happen.
It's you that makes it happen.
Yeah, and guys, you've got to realize some really big things are happening.
That's the third major platform that has shut this down.
I heard about all these types of shutdowns that happen, but it's another thing to see it.
And this is the exact same thing that happened when Jesus Why did they not like Jesus?
It's because they were breaking out of the world.
They were breaking out of the conditioning.
And that's what the agenda fears most.
And we have some huge news that if we can get social proof that tens and tens of thousands of people want reset wars and they want a breakdown of what's really happening with the Great Reset, We have an opportunity to get a publishing deal for Alex
to have what very well will be the number one best-selling book of the year.
And let's be clear, it's not that we're pathetic begging for it, everyone knows it'll be the top book.
They're scared, we've gotta have people, but we're at that tipping point where suddenly
all these congress people are calling me.
Suddenly, okay, we're not scared now, we know you're good, we know being rebels is fun and rebels is right.
So all these people that are good souls but on the fence, they're right there on the tipping point
and they need you to step forward and show that.
Yeah, guys, look, we have a publisher that's willing to bite the bullet here and there's a lot of people afraid.
We need to show them how much people are ready to take on and defeat the Great Reset.
This is a 72-hour, 50% off sale on Reset Wars, and this is the momentum that is needed for the next leg, which imagine what they're going to do when Alex Jones has the number one New York Times best-selling book in the world, exposing the Great Reset, and it was funded by you and me.
And that's what this is about.
This entire agenda is about shutting down thought, spiritual awakening, empowerment, and hope.
And it's about damn time that we wake up.
They're starting to run scared, and I think we're starting to see that happen, aren't we Alex?
Well, that's right.
They launched their entire globalist COVID hysteria freakout brainwash thing, and now it's only generated more resistance.
And so they don't know what to do at this point.
They're in full panic mode, which is why they're trying to start wars with Russia and everything else.
So that's why.
Looking at it from the CIA brainwashing perspective of how they cut you off from your real self and cut you off from God.
We show this in the film and that's just the CIA's way of erasing you and programming you.
We show you with our own terms and then theirs how they're doing it and how once you're aware of the psychological attack you can remove yourself from it and it no longer has the power over you.
And here's the big thing.
In your course, you talk about a term called the emotional control grid, the ECG.
And the whole goal is to trap us in the ECG so we're trapped in our physical forms.
The whole message of Jesus was about getting us out of our physical forms.
And you've seen these testimonies, maybe you haven't, of people quitting drinking, quitting smoking, people that were awake of what's happening, but totally disempowered, totally depressed.
And recent wars has changed lives by the thousands.
That's why they're shutting this down.
If this was just another thing, they wouldn't shut it down, but they recognize what they ultimately have to shut down is thought, spiritual awakening, and empowerment.
That's right.
We are in the world, but we're not of the world.
It doesn't mean we hate the world.
It doesn't mean that we don't love the sunsets and our family.
But we are transcendent.
We're in it, but not of it.
This is only the third dimension.
We are in it, but not of it.
That's what the enemy hates.
Everything is about keeping you in material control.
Not the material's bad, but it's low level.
And making that your God.
It's the connection to God that is the transcendent.
Then you'll have all of the actual control panel under your control, not their control.
So it's the 72 hour censorship special.
They just shut down the video platform that was hosting it.
We've been prepared for all this.
We've had website shutdowns.
We've had email hacks.
We've had Facebook shutting this down.
And we have a really incredible opportunity.
Banking shutdowns?
banking shutdown, the list is going on and on and on.
I run around like a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest or a chicken with his head cut
off doing what you had to go through.
That's why I'm like, you guys are not, okay, here you, I mean, it's crazy.
And here, the most exciting thing is we, while many of the biggest publishers in the world
are far too afraid to publish Alex Jones on an expose of the great reset, we have one ready to go.
But we need the social proof for them to bite the bullet and see how many people want to hear this information.
So when you sign up right now at ResetWars.com, it's 50% off.
Not only are you funding the Info War, not only is this some life-changing content and information, An epic course, but this is the seed that we are using that is going to propel Alex into a massive book deal, number one on the New York Times bestseller list that could come out before the midterms this year.
This is all happening fast, and that's why we're putting together this 50% special censorship special for the next 72 hours.
All right, Jake, you're going to be hosting in the fourth hour today.
What are you going to be covering?
What I really want to cover is the question is, who really controls the world?
And it's something I've been thinking about a lot, right?
Because we think, you know, you were one of the first people to crack the Bilderberg.
Now it's turned into the World Economic Forum.
We all know about these types of centralized control systems.
But what I've really been thinking about is, do they actually control the world?
No, they don't.
They pretend like they do.
They're trying to get full control.
They pretend they do.
And there's a quote by Edward Bernays.
He has a quote.
He says, the conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society.
Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government.
The invisible government is just trying to build the pattern plans in our minds.
And it made me start to think.
That's right.
They build the roadmaps in our minds and hope we conform.
So who controls the world?
You and I do.
And that's why I'm so inspired when I see those truckers saying, no, we're going to keep going.
And they put that prayer together.
We control the world.
And when we realize that and we stop giving up our power from a quantum physics, subconscious, subatomic level, These people cannot win.
We are almost there.
Reset Wars will bring you across the finish line.
That's right.
And by the way, you talk about the truckers and the Lord's Prayer.
We're going to play that next.
I'm going to hand the baton to Jake Ducey straight ahead.
Hour number four.
This is key info.
They don't want you to know.
This is victory.
In heaven, hell would be thy name.
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.
Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
For thine art the kingdom, the power, and the glory, forever and ever.
This is what scares them is our connection to the infinite and God and saying no to their program.
So I never get into private stuff, but I wanted to just show a little video that popped up on my phone of a compilation of four years ago with my daughter, who's now four and a half years old.
She was only a few months old then and just how connected and beautiful and amazing she was and how we can't let these evil people cut her and your children off from God.
We have to stand for them.
Here's a little clip that my AI phone put together.
I'm worried about the nutrition.
It's for our children, folks.
These vampires are coming for them, and we can't let them have them.
It's just that simple, and that's what Reset Wars is all about.
Jake Ducey, I can't wait while I'm doing some paperwork and eating my lunch to listen to you coming up with the fact is, you're right, the globalists don't control the world.
They want to convince us they do and create these programs in our mind that we follow.
We're going to kick those viruses out, and we're going to download the Holy Ghost that is the real transmission.
Yeah, absolutely.
And there's a beautiful and I think quite empowering message behind that prayer, right?
And that prayer gives me the chills when I watched it every single time.
It almost makes me go into tears because here you have these individuals, incredibly brave individuals.
Maybe they're full of fear, but they're calling on God.
They're calling on Spirit.
And They're risking a lot.
I mean, they could be arrested, who knows what happens.
Oh, they're being threatened by Trudeau!
They're being threatened every day.
Who knows what's going to happen?
And they're calling on this spiritual power.
And we can yell.
We can protest.
They can fight back against that.
What they can't fight back is if we bring the spiritual dynamic into it.
That's what scares the enemy, because then that gives us operational control and oversight.
And now we have the light in the darkness.
They don't want us calling on God.
They do not want us to do that.
And that's why I was so excited when you put Reset Wars together.
And it's been amazing to watch what's happened from putting it out and tens of thousands of people going through it and all these people saying their lives were changed by it.
And this incredibly powering thing.
But then at the same time, they want to shut it down over and over and over again.
Remove for terms and violations.
Well, that's how I knew it was.
I mean, I knew it was important, but the attack, anything that's really important, the enemy attacks.
They are very scared of this.
And they're going to be really, I laugh thinking of it.
Excuse me, I got too excited.
I laugh thinking about what they're going to do when they find out Alex has the number one New York Times best-selling book in the world.
We're very close to that.
If you go to ResetWars.com right now, 72-hour, 50% off special, this is the social proof that we need for the publisher to bite the bullet.
That's right.
Fund our war.
It's your war.
We appreciate you all, and it's 50% off, and it's going to build a whole other infrastructure as well.
But the course is the reason you want it.
It really is powerful.
They want us to stay disoriented, and they want us to stay confused.
And the Reset Wars is a course to navigate the psychological, spiritual, and political war to prepare yourself.
That's right.
They don't want a battle plan.
And this is a real battle plan of victory that God gave us.
50% off for 72 hours.
Go get it.
Show it to your friends and family now.
Jake Ducey.
In 60 seconds, takes over on the other side.
Can't wait to listen to this.
In the War Room in 55 minutes with the one, the only, Owen Schroyer.
We'll be right back.
Something needs to change.
I just want to reach out and give a recommendation to Reset Wars.
It's really powerful.
Reset Wars was absolutely amazing and eye-opening and revolutionary.
If you want to change your life for the better, I highly recommend this.
Alex, thank you very much for putting the course together.
I found it to be awesome.
It was worth it to me.
You have taken ancient wisdom and ancient knowledge and crystallized it with scientific method.
This isn't about Alex Jones.
So what you're about to see is a lengthy, powerful, well-documented spectrum of information and experiences and understanding that the power structure is censoring and is deathly afraid of.
To think the way we were intended to think by God.
That's what this series is about.
Reset Wars has been a great tool during this time of uncertainty and it has rejuvenated my hope.
It's been helping me a lot.
With a lot that's going on in my life.
Everybody needs to purchase this product and watch it and then share the information far and wide.
There is an awakening.
Join in to help yourself and others to wake up.
Reset Wars has been a great tool in both recapping what I've come to already know.
And also learn new material.
I'm not disappointed.
I plan on sharing it with as many people as possible.
I hear you coming more and more with that.
And I feel it more and more.
It's moving me.
We need to have courage and focus in order to accomplish that mission.
And I felt like I got a lot of that from Reset Wars as well.
The confidence and hope gained from Reset Wars is priceless.
This isn't magic.
This is the real code of the universe, or what Max Planck 120 plus years ago called the Matrix.
Start your journey to true freedom now at ResetWars.com.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm filling in on the fourth hour.
My name is Jake Ducey, and I'm filling in in honor of Alex's brand new online course, Reset Wars, which gives you a game plan, a blueprint for the psychological, spiritual, and political war that we are in the midst of in the Great Reset and how to prepare for it.
There's a reason that they're shutting it down.
There's a reason they're shutting Joe Rogan down.
There's a reason they're shutting down InfoWars or attempting to.
And it's because they don't want us to have a plan.
They want to keep us disoriented.
And over the last while, we've had major attacks on banking, on email servers, on video servers, trying to shut Reset Wars down.
Tens of thousands of people joined Reset Wars, and we've got these incredible stories.
And I'm thinking, man, we're doing this really cool thing that's empowering the world, and then all of a sudden we wake up, you violated terms and service on this, and it's one after another after another.
And it's obvious they don't want us to have this information.
And so right now we're doing a 72 hour, 50% off censorship special, right?
We have Christmas specials.
We have New Year's specials.
But what do we do at InfoWars?
We have censorship specials.
So, for the next 72 hours, you can get 50% off at ResetWars.com right now.
This is game-changing.
And another, before I get into the topic we're going to be talking about today, which is who really controls the world, just some breaking news that I haven't even fully discussed with Alex yet, because I've been telling him, Alex, you've got to put together a book.
That goes to the top of every single major bestseller list that exposes the great reset like mass market Great reset.
What is it?
What's the history of it and how to prepare for it?
That's how we win and That's how it's game over.
Well The trouble is most people are a little bit afraid of Publishing an Alex Jones book and we have a publisher that is ready to go They're a little bit Maybe unsure, right?
Because Alex is being attacked from all angles.
And they said, look, let's see the social proof.
So not only when you sign up right now for the 50% off special censorship special at ResetWars.com, not only do you get a game-changing course that's going to really help you totally deprogram your mind, we've had people writing in that have Cured themselves from alcoholism depression people that have found hope people that have changed their financial life people that have overcome Cigarettes all types of amazing things But also this is the social proof that we need to prove in the next few days To get this book deal going and get the InfoWars message the great reset expose to the top of the New York Times Bestseller list the Amazon bestseller list we know it'll happen next they'll start censoring the book and all these things
So this is the opportunity for you and I to be at the founding level of that.
So it's ResetWars.com, 50% off.
That's what's coming down the pipeline.
And that's the big why of going right now and signing up.
And let's talk about the question now of who really controls the world.
And in order to do that, I want to bring a graphic onto your screen right now that looks like a little stick figure.
It looks like quite a little simple graphic.
And you know, this is what they don't want us to know.
They want us to think they control the world, right?
They want us to think the political regime, the banking regime, they want us to think they control the world.
Here's how the world really works, and this is what Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud, used.
So, right over here at the bottom now, this is a stick figure drawing that was coined in the 1930s by Dr. Thurman Fleet, who is the creator of the concept therapy movement.
It's been repopularized by Bob Proctor, but it was invented by Dr. Thurman Fleet.
And the concept therapy movement.
So right over here at the bottom, you see your subconscious mind.
So the subconscious mind controls 95% of our life.
Our conscious mind controls 5% of our life.
Well, up until the time we're about six years old, we're in a total brainwave state of hypnosis.
So we're like a sponge where it goes directly into the subconscious.
And what has happened is, as you know, they've set up a very intelligent propaganda system that began with Edward Bernays when it started back in the day when he started working for the United States government to improve their image.
And he changed the name from the Department of War to the Department of Defense.
And then this kept picking up.
He got women to smoke.
And they built this entire system that's went directly into the subconscious mind that controls 95% of people's life that's made them believe they do not have the power.
Now, if you watch InfoWars, we're aware of what's happening in the world, right?
We know what's going on.
But here's what happens in Reset Wars.
You find out how your subconscious mind was actually programmed around spirituality, around your finances, around your happiness, and most importantly, you find out the techniques that the ruling quote-unquote elite have been using in order to program your subconscious mind.
The subconscious mind controls everything.
And the whole point of this entire agenda is this quote right here by Edward Bernays.
It said, we are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, and he goes on to say, largely by men that we have never heard of.
These are the men that control the strings of an invisible government.
So, why is it That they want to shut down something so empowering like Reset Wars, right?
Why do they want to shut down something that's empowering like that?
Because the entire agenda is about keeping us stuck in lower dimensions of consciousness.
This whole agenda is what Alex talks about in the course.
It's a term called the Emotional Control Grid that he coined, the ECG.
The Emotional Control Grid is the state of the emotional and mental planes where we get trapped into lower dimensions.
We cut ourselves off from our higher spiritual faculties and that's where they keep us stuck.
That's where hopelessness breeds.
That's where disconnect breeds.
That's where we feel a disconnection from God.
So the entire goal is to keep us trapped in these lower dimensions of consciousness.
And that's what we're seeing.
It's starting to fall apart.
That's what happened in that beautiful prayer that we saw in Canada.
What was that?
That was a bunch of people tapping into the power of the Holy Spirit, right?
When we're in our minds, we may think we're hopeless.
When we're in our minds, we may think we can't defeat this.
When we're in our minds, we may think that, you know, they've already set up the whole control thing.
They're censoring everyone.
They're shutting us down.
What can we do?
But when we call on that higher spiritual power, which is what I'm inviting everyone to do right now, is to call on it right now in this moment.
Take a deep breath in and out and see if you can feel that spirit pulsating in your hands.
Ask yourself, can I feel spirit energy in my hands vibrating?
And just take a breath in and out.
Silence your mind.
Don't ask yourself yes or no, but bring your attention to your hand.
Can I feel spirit energy?
This is what they don't want us to wake up to.
That this whole agenda is about making us think we are just physical bodies.
So who really controls the world?
Well actually our subconscious mind does.
Our subconscious mind controls the world.
But the whole agenda is about trapping us in a Newtonian model of physics where we think we live in this little physical world of little physical matter and we're out of effect to the elites and we're out of effect to censorship and we're out of effect to their agenda.
But here's what I think.
It's about time that we all wake up and we realize.
It's about time that we drop the despair because we're closer than we think.
You may feel alone.
You may not feel connected.
You may feel disparaged.
You may feel unsure.
We're almost there.
We are almost there.
And so if you go right now to ResetWars.com, you can be a part of something huge.
50% off the censorship special.
This has been shut down by Facebook, online platforms.
This has been shut down by banking.
They don't want this out.
The reason that they don't want this out is because they're pushing the Great Reset agenda and they don't want you to have a plan to combat it.
They don't want you to be able to make sense of it.
They don't want you to prepare yourself mentally, spiritually, emotionally, financially.
They want you confused and disoriented.
Put a plan together for yourself and when you sign up right now, this is what we need to get Alex Jones and a book to the top of the New York Times bestseller list.
It's ResetWars.com, the 50% off censorship special.
Go ahead and sign Sign up right now.
Our future can be extremely bright.
Our society can become the equivalent of heaven on earth.
A world where every human is able to flourish and prosper so they can enjoy the world in a way not intended.
However, the future can also be Very dark, nightmarish.
What difference does it make what I say or what I do?
And that's exactly what these sick and twisted elites with a demonic agenda want you to think.
They want you to think that you don't matter and that their plan is invincible, but it's not.
But this is just not the case.
They're not invincible.
But if enough people take matters into their own spiritual and personal hands and make the decision that they can make a difference and they can fight back against the corrupt powers in charge, then without a doubt, we can defeat these power hungry elites.
Now, the question is, how do we do this?
Start your journey to true freedom now at ResetWars.com.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I am Jake Ducey filling in here on the fourth hour in honor of Alex's censorship special.
For Reset Wars, the censorship special.
You know, I've been a fan of Alex, probably just like you, of Reset Wars, just like you of Infowars, excuse me, for quite some time.
And, you know, you hear about all these stories of censorship.
It's another thing to see them firsthand.
Reset Wars was put out, and since that time, deplatformed in a myriad of ways.
Terms of service violations across the board.
And we're talking about a course that's empowering people, that thousands of people are sending videos of their lives being changed by it.
Why don't they want it out there?
And it's the same question.
Why is it that they feared Jesus?
Why is it?
Is it because he knew they were corrupt?
No, that's not why.
They feared Jesus because he had the power of Holy Spirit.
He had the power of God.
He knew that he could not, as he said, be not conformed by this pattern of this world, but be renewed by the transforming of your own mind.
So what is it?
What did they want?
They want to keep us trapped in lower states of consciousness.
That's what this whole thing is about.
It's obvious that's why they've been shutting down reset wars.
So, we're doing a 50% off censorship special.
It's resetwars.com for the next 72 hours.
The 50% censorship special at resetwars.com for the next 72 hours.
And, you know, what I was thinking about is how much these elites fear people That are connected to God.
How much they fear people that are not stuck in fear.
How much they fear people that don't really believe they control the world.
Who controls the world?
We do.
We've just given into this illusion that they're in control.
But the 100th monkey effect shows us something.
What they found out is eventually when you got all these monkeys, when enough of them would do the same thing, then boom, all of them would.
Because they were connected on a collective unconscious level.
And we're moving to that point.
And that's why signing up to Reset Wars is so important.
It's about raising our consciousness.
It's about raising our connection to Spirit.
It's about raising our connection to God.
And then, just as this graphic shows, we all tap in to this collective unconsciousness.
And we're starting to see that.
More and more people are waking up.
It's about time!
There's nothing for us to be afraid of anymore.
They're the ones that are afraid.
Because why?
They're not connected to God.
They're not connected to the creative power of the universe.
They're not connected to the Holy Spirit.
They're in fear.
And they can only win when we are in fear.
And I was thinking, you know what they would really fear?
Is just imagine what would happen if Alex Jones had the number one New York Times best-selling book in the world.
Imagine if he was number one on Amazon for an expose on The Great Reset.
In the past, Alex had tried to do a book with Neil Strauss and got shut down by almost every publisher.
And we've been working on this behind the scenes.
Most publishers too afraid.
But we have one.
And they're willing to bite the bullet here.
And they need to see the social proof of how much people are ready to defeat the Great Reset.
And so we're running the 50% off censorship special right now.
When you sign up, not only are you getting a practical game plan on how to defeat the Great Reset, the psychological warfare dimension, the spiritual warfare dimension, how to prepare your family.
In an entire history of how we've come to this place, Alex breaking down in 11 chapters, everything from The history of the Great Reset and what it's really about to the nature of reality, quantum physics, how we can use the observer effect to recreate reality from a subatomic level instead of letting them imprint into our subconscious and control us, right?
So this is a perfect example of it.
We think we're consciously creating reality, but our whole life's governed by the subconscious.
They say you can't see the whole iceberg, just the tip.
Well, the subconscious is the bottom of the iceberg.
And this is what controls literally all of our reality.
But here's the very cool thing.
The more we wake up spiritually, not just wake up to what's happening in politics, but the more we peel back the layers of our own programming, the more we send that energy into the collective unconscious field, and the more it helps more and more people wake up, right?
Because that's all reality is.
It's a bunch of electromagnetic fields, and the goal is to keep them in very frenetic, dense, fear-based states.
But that's what Reset Wars is about, breaking out of it.
So not only when you sign up right now, do we get that, do we also get to laugh at these censorship individuals that we just woke up again the other day and they had Shut down one of our new accounts and for violation of terms and service.
We said obviously they don't want people to have this.
So let's run a 50% off Spencer censorship special.
Then we found out we have the opportunity for Alex Jones to put together probably the greatest expose book mass market book ever on exposing the Great Reef at reset and defeating the Great Reset.
But we need the social proof to show that people are ready for this information so we can move forward with this book opportunity.
And when you sign up right now to ResetWars.com, you're also in the founding level of that.
Because I was thinking, what would they do?
Obviously, we know there's going to be a big push right before the book would come out, and they're going to try to shut it down, and they're going to try to pull it off of all the accounts, and there's going to be people, you know, trying to burn the book and whatever else they're doing.
And I just think that it would be funny to see that, first of all.
Second of all, this is how we reach new people.
You and I are info warriors.
We're we're a part of the of the fundamental group.
But we need to reach new people.
And this is about voting with your dollars.
You know, you know what's happening.
You know how they're trying to shut him down.
And this is about voting with your dollars.
So go to ResetWars.com right now.
It's the 50% off censorship special.
Sign up right now.
It's the 50% off censorship special at ResetWars.com.
and we want to thank you for your support.
(upbeat music)
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
My name is Jake Ducey and I'm hosting the fourth hour in honor of Alex's 72 hour censorship special.
For reset wars, it is 50% off.
Probably the fourth or fifth place that has now censored us, removed us.
We just had another big removal that just happened in the last, I don't know, three to five days.
And Alex said, they don't want this out.
Let's do a censorship special and let's get some big, big, big movements as we all begin this next stage of what I believe is the Great Awakening.
They have the Great Reset and we have the Great Awakening.
And since that transpired, actually an incredible opportunity seems to have surfaced.
Obviously, Alex has got one of the biggest platforms out there in the world, so it should be a no-brainer for Alex to be publishing books all over the place.
But no, everyone, you know, they're told, do not publish his books.
Or the people that aren't told that, they're just, there's too much of a backlash.
But we have a very, very, very powerful And very spiritually connected individual company that is ready to publish a Great Reset expose book, get it to the top of the number one New York Times bestseller list by Alex Jones.
And they said, look, just show us the social proof that people want this.
So when you go to ResetWars.com right now and you sign up, not only are you getting a step by step guide on how to navigate the Great Reset, How to use and reverse engineer quantum physics to transform your own life.
We've had stories of people healing depression, saving marriages, overcoming alcoholism.
It goes on and on and on, right?
Because this whole agenda is about making us feel defeated.
It's about making us feel disconnected from spirit.
It's about making us feel disconnected from God.
And it's about making us feel disconnected from our own lives and our own world and feeling like, well, why the heck am I even in this world?
Paramahansa Yogananda, he used to always say that That this realm is actually a lower dimensional hellish realm.
Now I'm not sure whether that's true or not, but I do know that the goal of the ruling elite is to make us feel like that.
So we feel disconnected.
So even you and I that are awake to what's happening in the world, we've lost that energy.
And Reset Wars is about regaining that.
That's why they've shut it down.
That's why they've censored it.
It's 50% off for the next 72 hours.
It's the censorship special.
And we were told that if we can show the social proof, we've got a book coming out by Alex Jones this year.
So not only are you getting that, but you're also voting with your dollars and becoming of the founding members, co-authors, you know, essentially of this mass market, great reset expose by Alex Jones, that'll be coming out soon.
If you go to ResetWars.com right now and sign up.
And, you know, I thought, In honor of those beautiful truckers and in honor of that beautiful prayer that we're seeing, I thought, why don't we take a minute here and wherever you are in the world, you may be in America, you may be in Los Angeles, you may be in the Midwest, you may be in Canada, you may be in South America, you may be in Australia, you could be anywhere.
You'll be driving on the freeway.
Let's all take a moment and let's offer a prayer.
Dear God, we call on you.
We call on We call on Spirit to work through us and make us an instrument of empowerment and awakening.
Right now in the world, there's people down, there's people confused.
We call on you to make us all instruments with each breath we take, removing our minds, removing our egos, renewing our minds with the Holy Spirit and helping to raise and elevate and inspire this world because that's what they do not want.
They don't want us inspired.
So take a deep breath in and out, say amen, and call on spirit to move through you right now, and let's harness that energy.
Let's bring that energy from the heavenly realms, and let's become instruments of that right here in this dimension, because that's what they fear the most.
That's what they fear the most.
They don't fear anything other than people waking up in mass to their true self.
Which is that you're a spiritual being in a physical body, as Alex said earlier.
We are in this world, but not of it.
And when we access that power, that's when God fills us with the creative ideas to transform our community.
That's when God gives us the inspiration that can truly not only change your life, not only change your family's life, not only change your community's life, but it gives us the spiritual perseverance and the spiritual strength to carry on when they do not want us to carry on.
And so I'm inviting you right now to pull out your phone, pull out your computer, go to ResetWars.com and sign up right now.
They've censored this so many times.
You know, I watched Alex for years and I always heard that they were doing this stuff.
But it's another thing to see it firsthand.
This is really happening, folks.
This is really happening.
And they do not want this message and they do not want this information to get out.
So, for your mother, for your brother, for your sister, for your friend, go ahead and sign up.
It's 50% off.
This is the Censorship Special.
And if we can get the social proof right now, we can get a number one New York Times bestseller, millions of people all over the world to get exposed, mass market, to the Great Reset, what is happening, what it really is, and how to prepare.
So not only are you getting this online course that they don't want us to know about because they don't want us to have the preparations, they don't want us to have a game plan to navigate the Great Reset, But we're voting with our dollars, and it's coming down to crunch time.
It's coming down to crunch time to get this book out before midterms, and we need the social proof.
We need you.
You know, I've heard Alex talk about on air, hey, look, we need your support.
And I've been really blessed over the last while to get to know Alex and see what's going on behind the scenes at InfoWars.
And this is really happening.
This is really happening, folks.
And it's up to us to all come together right now to vote with our dollars and to help everybody else wake up.
We're almost there.
We are almost there.
So it's ResetWars.com 50% off.
And I just want to talk a little bit about some inspiring things that are happening in the world right now, right?
We have Tucker Carlson waking up in mass and also just being absolutely hilarious every single day.
We have millions of people standing up for freedom of speech with Joe Rogan.
Even people that are leftists.
Marianne Williamson even saying, look, we can't do that.
Let people talk about what they want to talk about.
We're seeing this free will, this freedom, this spirit of God starting to inch its way through.
Inch its way through.
And every time you feel afraid, every time you feel doubtful, every time you feel like they're about to put the clamps down, every time you feel like, man, I wish I didn't know how the world really works.
I invite you to take a deep breath in and out, say a little prayer, call on the Holy Spirit to move through you, to be an instrument, because people need you right now.
Your community needs you right now.
And this whole agenda is about keeping us trapped in that subconscious mind.
We're being programmed to believe we aren't good enough.
We aren't smart enough.
We can't do it.
We're not as powerful as Alex Jones or Joe Rogan or Tucker Carlson or whomever it is.
But I want to tell you that if you can close your eyes right now and you can say, God, how do you make me an instrument?
God's going to speak to you and it's going to give you a message and it might be to run for a local office.
It might be to start your own podcast.
It might be to build your own nonprofit.
It might be to rebuild the education system.
And in Mass, when we start to follow that inspiration, inspiration is in spirit.
When we stay connected to spirit, that's how we win.
And I know I've heard Alex before talk about, hey, look, you know, I don't want to cover all this bad stuff happening in the world.
And I've heard people say, look, you know, covering the news is beating me down.
What do we do?
And I'm really proud that Alex put together Reset Wars to be a practical guide, to find that inspiration, to reverse engineer the control systems of the world, and recreate reality from a subatomic level.
So go to ResetWars.com, 50% off, censorship special.
We know they want to shut this information down.
It's happened more times than I could ever have imagined would occur.
So open up a phone computer right now.
Sign up 50% off the censorship special ResetWars.com.
Hey there fellow InfoWarriors.
I just want to reach out and give a recommendation to ResetWars.
That's really powerful.
So if you guys are looking Transcend the mind to a higher level more advanced knowledge than it's for you They did a great job on getting everything together for this, you know So if you guys are looking to take it to the next level, I definitely recommend it So keep up the good fight and we are the resistance so stand together
The way Alex lays out the most critical information makes it all very easy to absorb.
But the confidence and hope gained from Reset Wars is priceless.
This course has not only confirmed my purpose, but has given me the ability to walk in confidence towards my new path.
The Reset Wars program is honestly one of the first times I've seen Alex at this deep level of God connection and love for the world and pushing out these good things with all the science, all the information to back it up.
So I just want to say thank you to the InfoWars team and Alex for putting all this together.
Anybody would benefit from watching this program.
Alex goes into deep detail about what we're fighting against and who we are.
We were created in God's image.
We're children of God and we have the power to fight what's going on in this world.
We have the power to fight it back and I just feel rejuvenated.
I feel on fire.
I feel like I'm ready to do this.
This thing is off the hook and Alex Jones is trying to preserve tens of millions of lives with this program and you can help I'm helping.
If you want to change your life, if you think it could matter to you to change your life, try ResetWars.com.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show. I am the host Jake Ducey and I'm here in
honor of the recent 50% off censorship special. We were just shut down and
attacked again.
But we've been ready for it.
And watching those testimonials, it brings, it definitely brings chills.
And I was trying to, I didn't want to come in and have tears in my eyes.
But the reason that it makes me so emotional is because this is the key, right?
Like, if you've been wondering, how do we win?
What do we do?
Are we screwed?
We are not.
You know, Christ may not have returned yet.
But if he was here, what would they fear most?
They would fear the movement and connection to our own spirituality and the movement and connection to God.
There was a beautiful part of that one of those testimonials where a woman shared that, that the hope and confidence that she gained was absolutely priceless.
And, you know, they're up to their censorship and they're up to their political games.
But at the core of what this is about is a psychological and spiritual warfare to trap us in despair and to trap us into hopelessness.
And the only way that they can win is if people like you and I that are awake continue to feel hopeless and continue to feel despair.
And the fact is that this course was created really based off of one quote out of the Bible to be not conformed to the pattern of the world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
And what Reset Wars is about is showing you how they built the control grid.
How you've been programmed on an unconscious level and how to use the hidden science that they've had to not only reprogram your mind to not only find the spiritual strength, but then be able to become an instrument as we defeat the Great Reset.
If you've asked yourself, why did they put together Reset Wars?
Reset Wars was put together to be that bridge to help you be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
Because they want us to stay in the pattern of this world.
They want us to stay in the pattern of this world.
That's why they've shut down, you know, Four, five, six different platforms and services we've been using for Reset Wars because they don't want this information out there.
So I want to encourage you to go to ResetWars.com right now.
Sign up for the 50% off censorship special.
And I want to encourage you to do something bold and do something big and do something brave.
And even if you aren't sure, I don't know how, I'm not sure if I'm capable, I don't know if I have the time, I invite you to call on the Holy Spirit and ask yourself and ask God, what am I meant to do?
What they want us to say is, how do we get out of this crap?
Oh my gosh, why is this happening?
Why have I incarnated into this dimension?
They want us to stay trapped in our physical selves.
But remember, we are spiritual beings in a physical body.
We are in this world, but not of this world.
And if you look at everything that's happening, from the lockdowns, declaring people non-essential, censorship, what is it really about?
And it's about making us feel like we don't have power and they control the world.
But all of reality and what Alex breaks down in the Reset Wars course is that reality is really a game of consciousness that is created from a subatomic level based off of our own perception of reality.
One individual in that last testimony was talking about, I have never seen Alex like this.
This is Alex.
Not only in a totally calm, spiritually connected state, delivering what he's been studying for 28 years, but reverse engineering it for how we take control of the world.
It is an illusion that they control the world.
The truth, the ultimate truth, is that we are creating reality right now.
We are creating reality right now and we have a choice.
Are we going to give in to the fear?
Are we going to give in to the anger?
And are we going to get trapped into the emotional control grid, which is a term that Alex coined for the course, the ECG, the emotional control grid, which traps us into lower dimensions of energy.
And if we think of how do we defeat the Great Reset?
Think of it all as an energy game.
Think of it all as a spiritual game.
And it's all based off of momentum.
So, the lockdowns, the planned shutdown and collapse of the economy.
What is this?
This is about building momentum of fear so that we harbor images of collapse, shutdown, we lost our power.
And what happens?
We influence reality from a subatomic level and we create their own prison for ourselves.
They do not do it.
We do it.
In the same way, We can free ourselves from this system and it's all about building spiritual energy and building spiritual momentum specifically.
And I want to ask you, what is one way that you can show up in the image of God, the likeness of God, the power of God through which you were created?
Is it to run for your local office?
Is it to double the sales of your business so that you have additional funds so you can extend the good you can do far beyond your own physical presence?
Is it to quit drinking?
Is it to quit smoking?
Is it to quit falling back into the self-defeating patterns of anger and negativity so that you can uplift your household?
So that you can uplift your family?
We're almost there.
And Reset Wars is a game plan in order to do that step by step.
And just recently, we had a big shutdown of our hosting platforms for violation of terms and service.
And it became incredibly obvious that this is what they fear most, is people waking up.
What do they fear?
They fear a bunch of truckers that are offering prayer and calling on the Holy Spirit to give them the spiritual strength to persevere.
Because once we tap into that energy, we are not bound to the prison planet as Alex originally coined.
We're not bound to it anymore.
So if you're wondering, what can you do?
What can I do to start to push the needle forward?
It's all about momentum and it's all about the hundredth monkey effect.
ResetWars.com is the bridge to do that.
It's the bridge to peel back the onion layers of the way that we've been programmed and the way that we've been conditioned.
And it is a way that today you can start to push the spiritual energy and the energetic momentum towards God, not towards fear, not towards the demons, not towards the dark elite control system that wants us to believe that they are in control.
They are desperate to make sure that we do not wake up.
That's why they've always burned books.
That's why the Vatican has its hidden library.
And that's why they didn't like Jesus.
They didn't like him just because he said, hey, don't do this with money.
Don't do this with the central banking.
They didn't like him because he showed people they are more powerful than they believe.
And Alex put together a system for that.
That's what Reset Wars is all about.
We have some exciting things on the way if we can show the social proof.
So please, vote with your dollars right now.
50% off, censorship special at ResetWars.com.
If we get enough social proof, we're gonna have a major, major book launch for Alex coming out before the midterm elections.
We're gonna go to the top, all of us, we're gonna go to the top of all the major New York Times, That Amazon bestseller list and we're going to show them it's a reset InfoWars is all about setting new trends starting
New Systems of Awakening.
We are not here chasing and following Hollywood or the DC crowd or the New York elitist or any of these people's worldviews or ideas.
We know who they are.
We know what they're pushing.
We know that their transhumanism is not a new idea.
It goes back to the Garden of Eden.
It is a satanic lie that we can transcend our bodies and become gods by merging with these different systems that the corrupt globalist priesthood has built.
And to get us to accept transhumanism, to get us to believe our bodies are evil and bad, and that only the state or biomedical systems can save us, they have created the whole COVID-19 hysteria and fear to brainwash and abuse our children with masks and poison shots to teach us that we're inherently evil and bad and have to have the satanic sacrament of the GMO gene therapy injected into our bodies for the privilege to go outside and go to the park or have a job or fly on an airplane.
And that's why it's more important than ever to realize that humanity is desperate for the truth.
And with the almost total censorship happening in mainstream television and now even the internet, that makes info wars more precious than ever.
And so a lot of times we set trends that are new and trailblazing.
In other cases, we bring back things that are old, but that are absolutely crucial because of the changing battlefield that we face.
And a great example of that is DVD.
I've made 20 plus films.
We always sell some of them, even though DVD in the last decade has been phased out.
And suddenly, I noticed that we were selling out of all of my old back catalog of films.
And I asked myself, why is that happening?
So we emailed some of the customers and asked them, why are you suddenly buying DVDs?
And they told us, it's because we know we need to have a hard copy in our library.
We know because of censorship, we've got to go back to the old days, Alex, when you would put your films out.
to the public and tell them to make copies of the DVD and we had a huge effect.
Millions of copies were handed out to folks and so organically the listeners are trailblazing by going back to low-tech to get around the censors.
They're making copies of the DVD, giving it to others and telling them make copies of the DVD.
So Covidland, the mask, part two, incredibly powerful, an activist tool.
It's now out.
It's now available.
We want you to get it.
We want you to make copies of it.
We want you to share it.
And when you do that, you get two films on one DVD, absolutely free with it, Dark Cigarettes Inside Bohemian Grove and The Order of Death.
And then that funds our operation and the filmmakers operation when you buy the one film.
So it's available until the 13th at infowarsstore.com.
February 13, 2022 is your last chance to get COVIDLAND, the film, Part 2, The Mask, for $19.95 and get two other films for your library.
And then I want you to take all three of these films and make copies of them and share them with everyone you know.
We can only offer this again for the next two weeks until February 13th and then this deal is going to be over.
I cannot express to you enough how important it is to let people know this is censored information.
Both the films on The Occult and The Globalist, and both the documentaries that are out, Part 1 and Part 2, on COVID land, of the real history and what really happened, and the real science that The Globalist are desperate for you not to learn.
So thank you all for your support.
Get your copy of COVID Land, The Mask, Part 2 and Part 1 as well at InfoWarsTour.com.