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Air Date: Jan. 31, 2022
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In this episode of The Alex Jones Show, Jones discusses the importance of maintaining one's immune system health with natural supplements from InfoWars Life, available at discounted prices. He also talks about how popular food brands are planning to raise their prices due to increasing costs.

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Joe was getting censored by YouTube two and a half, three years ago.
And having them call him up and having their vice presidents and presidents talk down to him and recommend things they wanted and, oh, why don't you have my friend on?
Them trying to make him their slave.
Kind of like Harvey Weinstein turned movie stars into slaves.
Joe thought, well, I need to get a contract with somebody.
So at least if they're going to censor me, then it breaks the contract.
And that's what he's got with Spotify, is a contract.
But if they can censor him, if they can control him, if they can shut him down, well, they can get away with anything.
And that makes Big Tech the real power, where they don't let you talk about the alternative treatments that have almost 100% rate of success that they're blocking.
Where they don't let you review other drugs they're putting out.
They want to silence you, which is the essence of authoritarianism.
And on a scale of 1 to 10, we're not a 3 or a 4 or a 5 or a 6 or a 7 or an 8 or a 9.
We are at a 9 and a half, ladies and gentlemen.
Well, I have lived in my 48 years to see quite a lot, my friends,
And we are just in such incredibly epic insane times.
There's a video that's five hours long that we put together that's on Bandot Video with all of the highlights of the multi-day conference put on by U.S.
Senator Ron Johnson.
Watching the five hours of it went by like ten minutes.
It was so horrifying and so documented because I've already researched all this up one side and down the other, so I know how real it is.
And it was freaking me out because I'd forgotten 95% of it.
I mean, we are being devastated!
And you know, when you're a little kid and you fall down and bust your head and your dad says, get up, be tough, don't cry.
That's a good thing to learn to be tough.
But with the globalists, they know that we adapt to being abused and just live with it.
And then they just slowly turn up the heat till we're all dead.
We cannot just tough it out and take the shots and get sick and die and suck it up.
Fauci needs to suck it up after he's been convicted for crimes against humanity in a supermax prison.
So I'm going to play some of the most important excerpts of this coming up at the bottom of the second hour today.
And then investigative journalist Lee Stranahan, who's really been the expert, the best well-spoken person
Most accurate I've seen in the eight or nine years I've been interviewing him, harping on Ukraine and Russiagate and basically everything else.
And boy has he been proven to be dead on.
So he's going to be joining us in the third hour today.
I also intend at the bottom of this hour to open the phones up and take your calls on any subject you wish to discuss.
Also, you know, I don't just try to cover things.
Because they're interesting or because it'll get people to visit InfoWars.com and listen to the syndicated censored show.
Just getting an audience is not my main goal.
Getting a big audience to know what's really going on, to take action and stop the New World Order is my goal.
And so, you know, I do know basically a lot of the inside baseball on Joe Rogan stuff.
And it's very exciting stuff.
But at one point, I don't want to give our enemies any ideas of what's going on.
And at the same time, Joe didn't tell me this stuff in confidence, but I think it basically is in confidence.
So I'm not going to get into much of it here on air today.
But it's a lot bigger, obviously, than Joe Rogan.
It's about all of our speech and where this is all going.
Coming up in the third segment, I'm going to go ahead and get into the Joe Rogan stuff a little bit.
Because when you've got that snot-nosed globalist prince, Harry, and his dumb wife running their mouth about Americans' free speech, it's just too much.
And their attempt to basically kick him off of Spotify
If they can do that, they've already deplatformed President Trump.
They can do anything.
And it just makes me ask, when is Congress going to act with these psychological terrorists that are running around engaging in all this activity?
But at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter because CNN and MSNBC and ABC and NBC, they've already all extincted themselves.
So they can shut down Alex Jones.
They can try to shut down Joe Rogan.
They try to shut you up, but they can't shut us all up.
So Joe Rogan's fight is all of our fights, just like InfoWars fight is everybody's fight.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Here we are on this Monday, January 31st, 2022 worldwide broadcast.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Very honored and pleased and blessed to be here in your presence.
All right.
I think the best way for me to start this broadcast is to just read over some of the headlines here and then drill into them for you.
Hong Kong government says commenting on its COVID strategy is not illegal, as the Chinese communists call for the arrest of anyone that questions the official COVID narrative.
48% of Democrats, registered Democrats in a large national Rasmussen poll two weeks ago,
So they want to put people that don't take shots in camps and take their children.
Just to give you an idea of who the authoritarians are here, ladies and gentlemen.
Sue Gray report reveals failure of leadership over boozy number 10 lockdown parties.
Notice that everybody's getting on board.
This is a psyop.
Oh, the rulers had secret parties when we were locked up in our houses.
That's how they train the little people to then enforce and call for more lockdowns because they're getting back at the establishment by demanding they be locked up too.
That's reverse psychology.
Report slams lockdown parties by Boris Johnson and staff.
Oh, are you talking about the 100,000-acre ranches and 200,000-acre farms and mountaintop armored redoubts and 300-foot, 400-foot yachts and how the globalists have a blue pass in the Pacific where they go all around to their private islands and then to Australia and New Zealand without going through any type of customs?
Oh no, there's not a real analysis of how the globalists are above what they've done to us.
It's all about, oh, Boris Johnson, after he dutifully serves the globalists, now he's politically destroyed, and now they burn him for not following the COVID restrictions, which again helps their overall agenda.
So see what it does for you to serve evil?
Bioethicists, mandatory vaccines should also be imposed for measles and the flu.
That's a big article on InfoWars.com.
Think twice before you vaccinate your kids, says Dr. Robert Malone.
Warns parents of COVID-19 shots, which are experimental and have, on the inserts, say can kill you.
And the EU regulatory body says don't give it to children now.
The UK body's now saying don't give it to children now.
They had to make three rounds of the boards that the FDA and CDC resigned last year when they said don't take it, it's dangerous.
But CNN wants Alex Jones taken off the air and Joe Rogan taken off the air because Dr. Malone came on InfoWars and on Rogan and talked about reality.
I mean, who does he think he is?
The inventor of this technology or something?
And then you get all the fake news push that's all been planned.
You wonder how they're gonna go at Joe Rogan.
I told him.
A month ago, I said, BlackRock's gonna come after you.
And then BlackRock did.
BlackRock is buying up all the major music catalogs, and then using that as political power to say, if you don't do what we want, we will pull this.
Because they have unlimited fiat money.
They're the top of the food chain.
Of the predatory system.
And so they already drive down the stock market with their Russia war garbage the last two weeks, and then they claim, oh, that's why Spotify lost $2 billion, because of Joe Rogan.
None of it's true, but it's designed to then spook other investors away to terrorize the alternate platform that, by the way, took me off years ago and is a big censor, to set the precedent that there's nowhere you can go, there's nowhere that you're going to have speech.
And I'll get to more of that next segment.
Dutch truckers join Canadians in convoying against lockdown measures.
Same thing in Australia, the U.S.
and more.
It's huge.
More Freedom Convoys launched in Europe and Australia to shut down COVID tyranny.
See some of the amazing videos and also memes at InfoWars.com.
Let's go... Brandu!
Freedom Convoy delivers a massive haul of hilarious Trudeau memes.
We've got the really serious news on this front, though, that I'm about to hit in a moment.
The death panels have been here for a long time, but now they're really coming out in the open.
But separately, I want this to really burn into listeners.
Joe was getting censored by YouTube two and a half, three years ago.
And having them call him up and having their vice presidents and presidents talk down to him and
Recommend things they wanted and oh, why don't you have my friend on?
Them trying to make him their slave.
Kind of like Harvey Weinstein turned movie stars into slaves.
Joe thought, well, I need to get a contract with somebody.
So at least if they're going to censor me, then it breaks the contract.
And that's what he's got with Spotify, is a contract.
But if they can censor him, if they can control him, if they can shut him down, well, they can get away with anything.
And that makes big tech the real power, where they don't let you talk about the alternative treatments that have almost 100% rate of success that they're blocking.
Where they don't let you review other drugs they're putting out.
They want to silence you, which is the essence of authoritarianism.
And on a scale of 1 to 10, we're not a 3 or a 4 or a 5 or a 6 or a 7 or an 8 or a 9.
We are at a nine and a half, ladies and gentlemen, with a level of surveillance and censorship and control.
And that last half a percent is mass arrest and mass roundups and forced labor camps and executions.
You're just one inch away from that.
That's where it always goes.
And that's why they've got bills introduced everywhere to put people in camps and, quote, make you work.
That's on the CDC website.
They said, well, yeah, once we shield people in place and take the children of the unvaccinated for their safety, we're going to keep the healthy in camps.
They've got to be made to work in the camp.
And on the CDC website says you will work in the camp.
And Hillary, back in the 2016 election, she said, we need camps for men to train them how to behave.
She was deadly serious.
And the camps are being built all over the world.
In Australia, in Austria, in the UK, in Spain, in the US, in Canada.
And they're just big, sprawling, giant facilities everywhere.
You think they're about to stop the lockdowns and stop the tyranny?
They're only backing off a little to make you go back to sleep, and then they're going to hit you ten times harder.
I heard time lapses of the camps being built in China.
And then, oh, everybody's got to copy China.
There's big articles out today.
Hey, China's going to make everybody eat synthetic meat.
Well, we will, too.
China's doing a new lockdown.
We should, too.
China uses the vaccine passport as a social score.
We should, too.
And it just sets the precedent that, oh, your pass is slashing red, report to the camp.
Now show folks the Australian camps.
Show them the UK camps.
Show them the US camps.
Yeah, there's the CDC website on screen for you.
What else is on the CDC website?
Not just the camps or the shield operations.
It's on their website from October 2020.
We're good to go.
In getting nurses and police and medical workers and the military involved in your body and your life, disappearing people in trucks when they dare go outside without a mask or their vaccine passport, and loading old women and children into the backs of paddy wagons so they just disappear to a place where they forcibly inject you.
Because remember, I've got it here in the news, we'll cover it coming up, bottom of the hour.
Now admits, oh yeah, it's not just a green symbol when you get a lot to go outside your house, it's red as well if you're a political dissident, we don't let you travel.
And this just trains you.
Walmart's putting in scanners when you come in in Canada, where you've got to scan to be able to even go in to the store.
This is the mark of the beast.
This is the control grid.
This is the beginning of the authoritarian takeover.
And anyone being part of it is aiding and abetting the destruction of humanity and nasty population.
Across the world, millions of people are marching and peacefully demonstrating and saying no to the UN World Government Biomedical Tyranny.
Now, I don't cover celebrity news, and I don't care about celebrities, and I don't care about Hollywood, or I don't care about D.C.
and New York and L.A.
I'm done with it a long time ago.
I didn't care about it 20 years ago, but I hate it now.
But with Joe Rogan, it's very fascinating because I always liked Joe.
Met Joe in like 1998, got to become friends with him in 99, and we have done a lot of stuff and hung out and just done a lot of amazing things publicly and privately in the last 20 plus years.
And it's very surreal to see the corporate media so angry that their top news shows on broadcast TV have two million viewers.
CNN's top shows have 800,000 viewers, their average show 100,000.
And to watch all of them up there as self-appointed thought crime police, as our prison guards over our minds, literally calling Joe's listeners stupid, when if anything Joe does have a wide-ranging free-for-all of liberals, conservatives, Christians, agnostics,
Scientist you know you name it on and the fact is they don't like free speech and they don't like people that are popular when they're not.
Joe's average show has 11 million views just on Spotify and that's people that go watch a large portion of it.
This show conservative
Internet wise, 2-3 million conservatively.
That's six times CNN's biggest shows or more.
Joe's 20 times bigger.
30 times bigger with their bigger shows.
40 times bigger.
And it's not about who's big, it's about the people want freedom.
The people don't want Oliver, Darcy, and
Super Mr. Potato Head from Mars Attacks, Brian Stelter.
They are a laughing stock.
They are a hated commodity.
They are a joke and they know it.
But here's why they're dangerous.
Because they're sitting up there knowing they have the full power of the military industrial complex that owns AT&T and the NSA.
And so they have the satisfaction that the power structure's behind them and that they are zombies.
They don't have viewers, they don't have listeners.
They're politically dead, but they still are alive.
And they have one mission.
What a zombie's mission?
That's the archetype.
They don't like the fact that we've got brains.
They don't like the fact we think for ourselves.
And they want our brains.
So if you ever wondered who the traitors would be, you're looking at it.
I mean, think about Brian Williams.
Disgraced, caught in lies a decade ago, caught in lies five years ago, caught in lies two years ago.
He was NBC's fact checker when he was the known liar.
He finally, with zero ratings, quit.
And declared that America was an evil, bad place.
No, America's a good, hard-working, amazing place that has woken up and recognized that you people are authoritarian monsters.
And we have rejected you.
So you can force-feed the Young Turks.
And you can force-feed Rachel Maddow.
And you can force-feed Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.
But we reject you!
I know the inside baseball on Joe Rogan, and there's no point in just telling this inside baseball just to say, hey, here's what's really going on.
Aren't I important?
But parts of this are important for people to know for the fight for liberty.
So I'll get into a little bit of it.
And I think it's all pretty much self-evident what's going on.
So I don't need to hold anything back too much because the enemy already knows what's going on.
They've got the phones tapped, everything.
Joe doesn't like being pushed around.
Joe wanted to believe in the system, but now knows it's at war with the people.
And Joe is very delicately in a process of letting them attack him and engage him to massively expand his broadcast.
And then if they are able to cancel his Spotify contract, which I wouldn't hold your breath.
He's got something even bigger planned, and I'll just leave it at that.
Because Joe knows that people want the rebel.
People want the American.
People want the people that are for the people.
People want populism.
I've instinctively always done that, so that's why we've always been popular.
I didn't, as a business model, go out and, you know, be a populist because I thought that would be the most successful thing to do.
No, I did it from AXS TV and local radio and from the top down.
The system has been attacking me the entire time because I came up from the bottom.
But with Joe, he really is a blue-collar guy from Boston.
But he doesn't like thugs and bullies in the system.
And he is a genuinely good guy.
That's why I told you five years ago, when I got really mad at him, that he needed to get straight and come out against the New World Order, because Joe knows everything I know, probably more.
I mean, I said this a couple years ago, people said, oh, Jones, quit defending Rogan.
He's a sellout.
And I said, you watch.
He told me that he's going to go after the system, but he's going to do it his way.
And now you've seen that done, and so that's why we should support him.
And so, that's where we are.
But Joe also understands if he died in a plane crash tomorrow, or if I got run over by a truck tomorrow, people want freedom and they have a thirst for it, and it's not gonna go away.
So you can try to take Alex Jones off the air, you can try to take Joe Rogan off the air, you can try to do all that you want,
But as long as the people stand up and speak out and support the truth, it will defeat the tyrants.
And so, the system messing with Joe and trying to censor him and trying to dominate him and trying to control him, is going to do nothing but backfire and have him come out against them.
But because of the decentralization of technology and systems,
Joe could start his own podcast tomorrow and serve out his three, four hour a day show to listeners.
He could have it up and running in a week.
Who knows?
Maybe he's already got it up and running.
Gee, I don't know what's here in South Austin.
Anyways, the point is, is that there are multiple Death Stars.
And the enemy knows that.
Also the listeners know that.
We got Death Stars built all over the place, not just in Austin.
We've got whole bases built, whole systems set up in other countries!
You think we're gonna let Brian Stelter silence us?
So, look, the enemy knows what's going on.
They got our phones tapped.
Just believe me listeners when I tell you, Alex Jones has been a busy beaver behind the scenes.
And a lot of other people been busy little beavers.
And so they can do whatever they want to me, but they're not stopping the signal.
And they're not stopping you.
You are the signal.
You are the resistance.
I've got more to talk about on this.
It's a big, big deal.
But man, historically, put me in that briar patch all day long.
I mean, I got that little snot-nosed prince trying to shut down American free speech.
You can't ask for a better fight than that.
Stay with us.
So here's what happened and I don't tell you the story again to impress people.
I tell you this because you need to know how powerful you are and what incredible things you can do with perseverance and action and what we've all done together.
God put me in places throughout my life where I met people and experienced things that I didn't understand at the time that I could later see the pieces of the puzzle put together and see God's incredible plan.
I can't see a lot of God's plan but I can see big pieces of it and it's amazing and I really experienced a lot.
And so I knew that I had a mission to say these incredibly scary things that I knew were true and that were coming
And to lay it out no matter what happened to me or how much I got attacked, because I believe that once they launched the phases of what they've now done, you would see that I was right, and then you would listen and form a resistance to the next phase, which is to kill almost all of us.
Which you can now see, and that's a mainline understanding of top scientists and others and religious leaders and so many others around the world.
I mean, some of the biggest yogis in India
Sound like the Alex Jones Show now.
And people say, well, okay, who cares about India?
Well, I do.
That's a billion, 200 million people.
And you've got the heads of the Greek Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church sounding like Alex Jones.
Well, they sounded like Alex Jones 2,000 years ago.
I mean, they know what's going on.
It's not like Alex Jones did all of this.
We were just one of the biggest voices early on, or the biggest, that was able to reach the most people.
I've done tens of thousands of radio interviews, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of podcasts and TV shows.
I've traveled the world warning people.
We exposed Bilderberg.
We did so much together.
But it was Matt Drudge, first, 15 years ago, linking to InfoWars to show Bilderberg that finally made the corporate media admit it even existed.
And it was you supporting us that allowed it to happen.
So a lot of people get the credit for how far we've come, but this isn't about credit.
It's about realizing that Joe Rogan, it's in an upcoming film, it's going to be in theaters, I'm not going to talk about it yet, but I will soon,
I hadn't even forgotten about this.
Joe Rogan called me on 9-11 on my show, because I had just told him the week before they were going to blow up the World Trade Center and blame it on Bin Laden and attack the Middle East.
And he's CIA.
And so Joe called me and said he wanted to go on air.
And he went on air.
And that's actually in the movie coming out.
It's called Alex's War.
But it's those seeds where Joe and Tucker Carlson's the same story.
Went from thinking I was crazy, but fun to hang out with, to going, oh, this guy's right about a lot of stuff, to man, dude, how do you know all this?
And then I'm able to basically say, hey, it's the Great Reset.
Hey, it's the larger plan.
Here's a document.
Here's a book.
And so it's that process, and to have lived through this, and to have like really felt a mission.
When I was 21, 22 years old, first getting on air,
of really having like a psychic imprint on me of knowing what was going to come and knowing what was going to happen and knowing I had this mission to execute it and then watching all these doors open at the grassroots level and just all these people that came through my life that knew so much that gave me their knowledge
That we really have gotten the jump on, the globalists.
I mean, they got the jump on us, building the system, dumbing us down, setting up all these programs and operations, and they thought they were totally confident.
They thought they would just roll us up and we'd all be drugged out of our minds, entertained out of our minds, and they would just slowly kill us.
But instead, we planted so many seeds
That when the tyranny comes, it's like the sunlight and the water that makes the seeds germinate, that makes the seeds sprout, that makes the seeds grow.
And so now it's the immovable object comes into contact with the unstoppable force.
And the globalists are this immovable object of evil that want total power and control and aren't going to ever give up.
And then you've got God's will of liberty and freedom through us that's an unstoppable force.
What happens when the immovable object comes in contact with an unstoppable force?
And so that's where we are right now, ladies and gentlemen.
That's where we are.
And so I have a lot of sense of satisfaction.
Like when you've been out doing a long swim in the ocean, get a little tired, gulp a little water down, scares you a little.
You got a half mile to swim back to shore.
You decided you were going to swim to that island because you're a man.
And you finally get back on that beach, you just roll over on your back and you just go, thank God I got back to shore.
And that's the feeling I've got right now.
But then.
I look out on the horizon and a giant tidal wave's coming to swamp the island we're on.
So, we've already made it through the ocean together.
We've already gone through this insane time together.
And as much as I want to lay here on the beach and drink coconut milk and hang out with my lady, sorry folks, get your binoculars out, it's coming.
And it's worse.
It's going to swamp the whole island.
What are we going to do?
And that's where we're at, ladies and gentlemen.
No time to lay on our backs.
No time to stare up at the palm trees.
Because our children are counting on us.
And this is so damn real.
But at the end of the day, realize it's about who you personally are inside.
And God's watching you in this test.
And it's about who you're going to be during these times of adversity.
And, you know, I used to want to make fun of Ryan Stelter and Oliver Darcy because they really are pathetic people.
But, you know, looking at a fallen, destroyed person that joined evil because they were so powerless is a defeat for all of us.
Their failure, their succumbing to Satan, their service to evil is a blemish on us all.
So when you see their arrogance and their hatred,
They're mad at themselves that they didn't join with populism and God's plan.
They didn't join with life, they joined with death.
Because they wanted power, they wanted substance.
And they can't even look around themselves and see how physically ugly everyone is, how physically weak everyone is, because that's a manifestation of who you are.
You're the losers.
You're Satan's cannon fodder.
And I just want to hope and pray that people like Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter and others and this woman have some type of soul so they can come back to reality before it's too late and reject what they're doing.
You've launched a biomedical tyranny that's designed to erase immune systems and cancer and heart attacks is off the charts.
You're never going to get away with this.
You're like political suicide bombers.
And you're not part of the power structure.
You're fools!
Here's some of what these control freaks had to say.
Yeah, you know, what I think is interesting about the backlash against Spotify vis-a-vis Joe Rogan is that, you know, people are fundamentally angry about not being able to stop his audience from wanting news that is bad for them.
You know, wanting something that's bad for them.
So, you know, we're all haunted.
Backing up the start of her again.
I mean, if you want a definition of being not self-aware, you want a definition of a control freak and an idiot?
Oh, people are mad.
You mean the power structure's mad?
No, the people are mad at you.
Brian Stelter has 200,000 views.
It's a joke.
People don't like you.
People are mad at you.
That's why they don't want to be around you.
See, when someone's real popular, that means it's the opposite.
It's like a restaurant that's got cars around the block and lines out the door.
You know that's got good food.
The restaurant with, like, one car and it looks like one light's on, you're like, I'm going to get food poisoning there.
So see, CNN is the rickety restaurant with black smoke coming out the back.
It looks like a crack dealer's out front, and you see maybe one person behind the counter.
You think, oh, that's a front.
If I want methamphetamine, I go in there.
Meanwhile, Joe Rogan's got lines around the block.
You can smell the hamburgers cooking.
And again, no amount of your censorship is ever going to stop the fact that we reject you.
We don't like you.
We're going to come back and put the rest of it.
Stay with us.
And we're back live here on the Alex Jones Show, only here because of your support and your prayer and your word of mouth.
I salute and thank you all.
All right.
I want to explain something to listeners, because I know if you understand this, you understand where I'm coming from.
And I think this is where you're coming from, probably most of you.
See, I don't take this as a radio talk show.
I don't take this as a popularity contest.
I don't take this as a game.
I'm in a war.
And my mission in risking my life and my treasure and my family is to beat these people because that's what the Holy Spirit demands.
And that's what I'm guided by.
I have become willingly possessed by it.
In fact, I constantly try to get it more in control of me so it can push out my worldliness and my sinful nature.
And the reason I raise that is the enemy's prosecuting a war against us.
Trump said it when he was speaking just a few days ago here in Texas.
And then again in other states, he said, they're trying to put me in prison, they're trying to silence me because they want to get you.
And it's true.
You think they just want to ship your jobs overseas and ship fentanyl in and teach your young boys they're really girls and cut their penises off?
They want you all.
That's just the start of this.
They want you dead.
Of course they're hitting you with a tainted bioweapon that the poor doctors and nurses don't even know what it is and now they do know.
When they speak out, they get censored.
Because it's so horrible what they're doing, how could somebody get their mind around it?
Well, finally, Joe Rogan got his mind around it.
I was on his show about 14 months ago.
Had about 40 million views plus.
And if you go back and watch that show, it's everything predicted that's now happened.
And you see, that's the final piece with somebody like Tucker Carlson.
Or Joe Rogan is they now know this is on purpose.
They now know this is depopulation.
They now know it all.
They don't have to tune into Alex Jones anymore.
Now they see it.
And that's the tipping point and the point of victory.
And that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
And so
Once we get the general public to that point, it's game over for the globalists.
We won't need a violent revolution.
We won't need any of that.
People will see through all of the agenda.
They will reject it at every level.
And the collapse of corporate media is emblematic of the fact that the system is over.
The collapse of Hollywood is, again, the main indicator.
And so everything they're throwing at us, all the nastiness,
That they're engaged in trying to break our will is their failure.
It's their death rattle.
It's their writhing angrily because they know they're going down.
I use the analogy of Blade Runner.
When Decker shoots Pris, the last female replicant in the stomach, and she knows she's dying and she throws that big fit.
That's what they're doing right now.
And they're devaluing the currency as fast as they can.
They're flooding the borders as fast as they can.
They are rolling out deadly vaccines as fast as they can.
They authorized, three months ago, GMO nanotech, untested, being sprayed on the food.
I mean, this is what elites do when the public turns against them in history, is they try to kill everybody.
But they can't get away with an overt war, so they do a covert war.
So, that's where we are.
And a lot of people have decided, because they're scared, to join with this and, well, let me be on the winning team.
They're the biggest fools of all.
Winning is standing up for what's right.
Winning is doing the right thing in God's eyes.
And then you'll be blessed.
And then you'll have an incredible life.
Serving evil destroys you very, very quickly.
So that's the reality of this.
We need to stay away from it while it's writhing around like a dying spider.
And not let it pull it down with us.
And look our children in the eyes and explain to them the government's captured, it's evil.
America is in a decadent cycle.
We're coming out of that cycle into rebirth.
But right now is the tipping point and we need peace and love and justice and understanding.
But we also need to recognize the flagrant authoritarianism and the flagrant
Normalization of censorship and control and dying corporate media running around trying to police all the other popular shows and take them off the air because they dare have medical doctors on to say masks don't work, which is now admitted.
Or that the vaccine isn't a vaccine and doesn't work, which is now admitted.
Or that it shouldn't be given to children, which is now admitted.
The truth is, they're doing something they know that's untenable, and that only if we're all silenced, and we all submit, will it succeed!
Instead, let's come together and believe in humanity, and say no!
So I decided, as it was four years ago, when Joe was really making a bad turn into the establishment, out in California, and had gone from being super awake, and knowing as much as I did about everything,
Because Joe's really smart to really going along with the system.
And I went after him on air.
And I said, Joe Rogan knows better.
He knows the New World Order is real.
He knows Kim Trails are real.
He knows all this stuff's going on.
And I said, and I know that he's trying to, like, coexist with the globalists, and that's not going to happen.
They're going to end up censoring him.
They're going to end up messing with him.
They're going to end up trying to make you their bitch.
I told this on the phone, too.
Because Joe really just wants to go be a comedian and have fun with his kids and play with his, you know, golden retrievers.
I don't know.
To know that Joe's a good guy and that he was pissing off his own audience and pissing everybody off.
His show was going from being super popular and number one to becoming somewhat unpopular.
I was like, what are you doing?
Everybody's turning against you.
Be a populist.
Be a patriot.
Reject the New World Order.
Do it!
Or I'll give you something to be afraid of.
And that wasn't about me acting tough.
That was about my vision knowing when I first saw Joe get into podcasting and gave him some tips and he came to the office and saw the equipment and all the rest of it.
This is like 13 years ago.
I knew he'd be a key part of the fight in the future.
I always had that sense of things, that roadmap in my mind that I was talking about earlier that I've now seen unfold.
So that's the reality ladies and gentlemen and that's the important work we've done and that's why your support of us has been so incredibly critical because we, that's you the audience, us together have done all these things and
We're at least not going to go down without a fight now, and we've got a good chance of beating these people if the public can admit the full horror.
Let's just hear a little bit more of this control freak lady on the collapsed zombie program that is Brian Stelter, Reliable Sources.
Here it is.
Yeah, you know, what I think is interesting about the backlash against Spotify vis-a-vis Joe Rogan is that people are fundamentally angry about not being able to stop
His audience from wanting news that is bad for them, you know, wanting something that's bad for them.
So, you know, we're all haunted by the specter of this guy.
She's our mommy.
It's bad for you.
You don't get it.
It's like it's popular and tells the truth and you don't like it because you're a talking head on CNN.
The joke.
Again, this is the dying, failed burnout race car.
Saying that Dale Earnhardt in his prime can't be on the highway.
Because they want control.
They're supposed to have all the control.
They're the private fellow reserve.
They print all the money.
They're the elites, but you're not the elites.
Have you ever been to a globalist meeting?
I got invited to a couple of them.
Bunch of weird hunchback crazy looking inbred lunatics.
No, I don't want to be part of your elite group and hear how I'm an elitist and sit around and kiss your asses and pull chairs off for you so I can get 200, 400, 500 million dollars.
That isn't what I want to feather my nest with.
I want to feather my nest with globalist political scalps of systems we've defeated.
And we have defeated them.
And they know it.
And now they're trying to claw us back into the hole, back into the political grave with them.
Let's continue.
We're good to go.
And that's what's really scary, that Spotify could kick him off tomorrow, and it wouldn't make a dent.
It wouldn't make a dent in his audience, people would still listen to him, and crucially, they still wouldn't trust more mainstream media sources.
Oh, you finally get it, you witch!
You finally get it, that we're not going away, we're not shutting up, and people are hungry for the truth.
So folks, be the real rebels against tyranny.
Share the links from Bandod Video and InfoWars.com forward slash show.
With all the craziness going on in the world.
With the globalists plotting their next big lockdown.
With the next phase of the Great Reset being a staged cyber attack.
With the deep state pushing a civil war, not just here, but in Europe, and war with Russia.
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I mean, this is just insane.
Like these people are auditioning to be the new dictators of North Korea or something.
But next segment, I'm going to get into the real technocracy and what we're facing and why this is so diabolical and why it's a lot bigger than just tainted, poisoned injections.
That's coming up.
And then we're going to
I have a very special guest, investigative journalist, who's got the inside skinny on war with Russia, Lee Stranahan, will be with me in the third hour ahead of Gerald Cilente today, in the fourth hour ahead of the war room.
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We'll be right back.
All right, my friends, we're now into hour number two.
Stay with us.
And I'm going to lay some devastating information on you that I don't put out to scare you or to demoralize you.
I think you're like me.
I think you want to know something bad's going down, so you're ready for it, right?
Always give me the bad news first.
That way I can do something about it.
The worst things in my life is people not telling me about bad stuff going on.
And if we'd have had time, and we'd have known, we could have stopped it.
So bottom of the hour,
We got some huge news.
The truth is coming out about COVID deaths from the vaccine.
Even mainline top scientists, a whole new crop of them are going public.
Including people that push the shot and believe the lie.
Just in my stack today, four super prominent doctors
Have gone public saying, oh my God, they're covering it up.
They knew it was killing people.
What are we going to do?
It's a big deal.
Big deal.
In fact, here's one of the articles on Infowars.com by Dr. Joseph Mercola, who we've got to get back on.
The truth is coming out about COVID deaths.
And then he links to a bunch of these people.
And I mean, I don't know what they're going to do.
Some of these people, one of these doctors, his average videos get like five million views in the UK.
And he's basically come out now against it and said, my God, this is a monstrous criminal activity.
So I'll say it again.
People try to project logic onto psychos.
People ask, like, why did Hitler, if Hitler wouldn't have done the final solution and tried to kill
Tens of millions of people.
People always argue the numbers.
There's a lot more than six million Jews.
It was tens of millions of people.
Poles, Slavs, Jews, Germans.
He killed a bunch of people.
But the point is, is that his generals were telling Hitler.
It's why they tried to assassinate him.
It's why Erwin Rommel tried to assassinate him in Operation Valkyrie.
They made a movie out of it with Tom Cruise.
That's a true story.
Rommel was running the operation, the Ted Cruz character plays a part of the major that tried to kill him with a bomb, a satchel bomb.
And they go to Hitler and they go, listen, you're spending half the resources killing people and rounding everybody up.
We need those troops on the front.
They barely got beat by the Russians.
Barely got turned back.
But Hitler had millions of troops running around killing people.
And they'd say, it doesn't matter.
More important to kill all these people.
And see, he didn't just want to take over and dominate.
No, the journey for him was the destination.
He wanted to kill a bunch of people.
And he believed in what he was doing was a good thing.
Just like Klaus Schwab, just like Bill Gates believe what they're doing is a good thing.
So that's at the bottom of the hour.
It's a five-hour video, and it does make me take heart that
There's three or four different clips out of it that have all together got about 2 million views on Bandot Video.
But I mean, this needs 50 million views.
It needs 100 million views.
But we've got the full five hour boil down of the two day event with Senator Ron Johnson and others.
And see, I don't just
I don't just watch these clips or sit up, you know, late at night.
A lot of times I go to bed at like nine o'clock, but I wake up at three and then do research.
I don't just sit there and believe what I'm being told.
I already knew all this stuff.
The point was this is a hearing.
This is a meeting of experts confirming it all and triple checking it and with Department of Defense documents.
See, I'm never good at, like, just saying it up front.
Did you know the Maine Department of Defense AI program that's been surveilling COVID for two years has conclusively proven a 40% increase in heart attacks, a 100% increase in myocarditis, a 400-plus percent increase in different types of cancer?
Some cancers are up 20%, I mean, 20 times.
This is all, the Pentagon actually put the report out six months ago.
They put another one out two months ago, and that's what's covered.
Yeah, there's a bunch of versions of this.
One has 900,000, one has 600,000, one has 400,000, one has whatever.
But there's about 2 million views on Bandot video.
MSM blackout of medical doctors pandemic response roundtable is a crime against humanity.
That's under the Bill Gates is evil section.
But the one I'm going to play is only 20 minutes long in segment four and five today at the bottom of the hour.
and Fauci caught in massive scandal hiding death and damage from COVID vaccines.
And this is just 20 minutes that we're going to fit into those two segments of five hours.
Itself that is a boil down.
And this is from the Department of Defense.
They published these numbers.
This isn't off VAERS that they can try to poo-poo.
Oh, and it's funny.
Even Harvard estimated that between 1 to 5 percent of bad reactions from drugs get reported.
So let's say it's 5 percent.
So if VAERS is reporting a hundred and something thousand deaths and 800 plus thousand bad reactions,
Those are conservative numbers.
Then it's much, much larger than that.
Miscarriage is up 300 percent.
Cancer is up 300.
Again, the numbers vary.
Neurological cases, 1,000 percent.
This is from the Pentagon, hooked into everything, scooping up all of the hospital, Medicare, Medicaid, everything data.
And of course, it's way worse than what Vera says.
So I want that to sink in real good to everybody, okay?
You think I'm up here risking my life and my family and everything because I just like to risk my life?
No, I'm not a rock climber.
I'm not a skydiver.
I'm not scared to do that stuff.
I've done that stuff.
Not the skydiving, but I've jumped off 300-foot railroad trestles.
Rock climbed, and then later I thought, man, I just fell 20 feet and almost broke my leg.
I think I'm going to quit doing this.
And I'm not against folks that do it.
My point is, I don't take risk just to take risk.
If I need to take a risk, I can flip off the fear switch and make my ass do whatever I need to.
But I've got such concern about them winning that actually I do all of this out of fear.
Now, once you extinct fear, you don't feel the fear, but deep down I know this is evil and it's bad, so I've got to make a decision to fight it, and once I make the decision there's no more fear, now I'm committed to the fight.
Now I don't care what you say about me, now I don't care what you do to me, now I don't care because I've got to do this and it doesn't matter.
But if the general public knew how they've been conned and how they've been lied to, and how much danger they're in, these globalists would never get away with any of this, they'd all be in prison.
And they know what they've done.
And that's why they're so desperate to start wars and collapse society and civilization, where the situation is so bad, and so dire, where you can't put food on your table, that you're not even gonna sit there and think about going after the globalists, because you can't even get transport to drive down the street to protest.
And I remember minutes leaked out of the Bilderberg Group 20 years ago, 20 years ago, it was about 2002,
And they were talking about how we want to make everybody so poor that they can't move and they can't protest and they can't live.
And then we can do whatever we want by breaking down society and having a post-industrial world.
And that's what the COVID lockdowns are.
And that's what the vaccine passports are.
And that's what all of this is.
And I'll cover that when we come back.
You're being put into the jail cell.
You don't need to get put in prison, folks.
The whole planet is being turned into a giant prison.
And I've explained this to everybody.
And I've explained this to Joe Rogan.
It don't matter, buddy, if you got a billion bucks.
Oh yeah, Joe's got a lot more money than most people know.
It doesn't matter.
If you're not part of the globalist club, that money will mean nothing in the future.
Plus, do you want to be in the globalist club where they tell you what to do and tell you what to say, and you got to kiss their ass, lesser men?
And the answer is, no, I'm not going to be the slave.
I'm like, that's right, you're not, are you?
That's the same conversation I have with everybody.
You're going to belong to somebody else?
You're going to be another man's slave?
Or are you going to be free and part of the kingdom of Jesus?
We'll be right back.
All right.
Stay with us.
I was about to hit the global social credit score news and how that ties into banning real meat.
I'm not kidding.
I mean, it's all here, folks.
But before we do that, Justin Trudeau
Coward 19 has been hiding for five days from the truckers, even before they arrived on Saturday, saying that he might have COVID.
Well, now he's tested positive.
COVID's so real, it's so deadly.
And then he just crawled out from under his rock and gave a speech where he says, Black Lives Matter knows how to protest.
You have $3 billion in damage, dozens dead, people shot in the back of the head.
The organization stealing hundreds of millions of dollars, buying mansions and private airports and jets everywhere.
Yes, this is how you're mostly peaceful.
So Trudeau, again, rubbing it in, says, oh, they're hateful, they're mean.
I got articles, law enforcement's investigating the evil truckers.
How dare you not like martial law?
Oh, the Russians are behind it.
No evidence, but the Russians.
If you don't like being locked down and having a GMO shot put in you, you're a Russian.
So here is Justin Trudeau who said, quote, the truckers hold unacceptable views.
He said, I want to be a dictator.
I like Xi Jinping's dictatorship.
These are quotes.
It's the best.
The guy that said, I'm following Klaus Schwab's orders for Build Back Better Great Reset.
Well, here's his latest gaslighting you arrogantly.
That's their weapon is arrogance.
Here it is.
Rubbing it in your face.
I have attended protests and rallies in the past when I agreed with the goals, when I supported the people expressing their concerns and their issues.
Black Lives Matter is an excellent example of that.
But I have also chosen to not go anywhere near protests that have expressed hateful rhetoric.
Violence towards fellow citizens and a disrespect, not just of science, but of the frontline health workers and, quite frankly, the 90% of truckers who have been doing the right thing to keep Canadians safe, to put food on our tables.
Canadians know where I stand.
This is a moment for responsible leaders to think carefully about where they stand and who they stand with.
Everything he's done with the globalists is to shut off the food and cause a collapse.
And it's not 90% of the truckers that took the shot.
So everything out of his mouth is a fraudulent lie.
And remember, vaccine doesn't protect you.
It's not a vaccine.
Remember, the masks don't protect you.
Now they say you have four or five shots.
Last year, he bought shots at a 2026.
He's never going to stop.
This is their tyranny.
This is their takeover, hiding behind medical workers.
Unbelievable information.
Now, let's hit where this is really going.
I was born free and I'll die free.
The man's being denied a transplant.
He'll die because he won't take the shot.
That's death panels.
Unvaccinated NYPD officers set to be terminated next month.
New Jersey gym owner who defied cupboard closures running for U.S.
House seat.
Yes, I want him on, by the way.
Marjorie Taylor Greene, by the way, is on Wednesday.
Fins to end virus restrictions next month said they didn't work.
Well, they work to kill people.
And that leads us to these articles that I'm actually going to play you a very important clip that a very well-known podcaster sent me during the break.
Dealing with this,
What does social credit scores and world IDs have to do with geoengineering and soil death?
You didn't know soil's alive?
Yeah, soil that plants grow in, that black stuff, is a mix of bacteria and a lot of other little microscopic creatures and all these enzymes.
That keep the soil alive so it sticks to the ground and doesn't blow away.
Deserts are where the soil is lost and you get death.
Doesn't matter how much rain falls on it, there's nothing to cling to it, nothing to make it live, nothing to make it permanent.
The surface of the earth that is green is a living skin.
And barium salts and aluminum dioxide destroy it.
And that's why.
Our forests are all dying.
And the very people telling you they're taking over to protect the earth are the ones there to carry out the murder of our precious planet and our environment.
So here it is.
China's five-year plan is a blueprint for the future of meat, says Time Magazine.
Normal meat is hurtful and evil and hateful.
You will eat synthetic meat with nanotech.
And the Chinese communists are the model, just like they're the model for the lockdowns and the global social credit score and the Davos Group.
No Evil Foods, a vegan food company, laid off its production employees after giving them an ultimatum last year about working through the pandemic.
Nobody wants the ultimate burger that has hundreds of times the safe levels of estrogen in it.
Living by the code in China, COVID-era controls may outlast the virus.
The party has now announced, you can read the article, that it's officially going to use it as a social credit score and not let you travel if you've criticized the government in any way or done something they don't like.
That's the plan.
Of course it always was, but there it is yet again.
Beijing seals off more residential areas, reports 12 cases.
Oh my God, 12 cases of the cold!
We've got to lock everything down!
All an excuse for martial law.
Because if China brought in martial law, people would say, hey, that's wrong.
But oh, if it's Tiananmen Square to stop the terrorists.
But there's good pushback.
Virginia's new Republican AG bans college universities from mandating COVID jabs.
Kanye West will be banned from Australia like
Jokovic, if he does not get fully vaccinated, what's somebody that's never taken a shot versus somebody that's taken five shots?
Well, they're all, you're never fully vaccinated.
Kid Rock takes jabs at haters in the liberal media.
He announces he will not play venues with mask and vaccine mandates and announces where he's canceled it in Toronto.
Buffalo and other areas.
You want to shun us?
We are going to shun you!
All right, I'm going to go to break and I'm going to come back out of the break with the sum of the video, just a 20 minute boil down of folks that are fighting back really, really hard.
And I'm going to have the links to these different pieces of the conference posted in the live show feed today under the Alex Jones main feed on InfoWars.com.
and Fauci caught in massive scandal hiding death and damage from COVID vaccines from the Pentagon's own documents that I just showed you with Project Solace.
Here it is right here.
And another shot.
Here's Mexico.
Here's a Mexican airport vending machine.
You've got your Z-Pak.
You've got your Ivermectin.
You got everything else there.
Letting the people have what they want and what works.
Absolutely insane.
Please tell me
Apparently one of the whistleblowers is brave enough to come forward and give a name or I would not have allowed you to come.
So we've got three whistleblowers who have given me permission at this point to share their name.
Yes, Senator.
Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Theresa Long, D-O-M-P-H.
Dr. Samuel Sigloff.
We're good to go.
Miscarriages increased by 300% over the five-year average, almost.
We saw almost 300% increase in cancer over the five-year average.
Cancer is not being talked about except for by Dr. Ryan Cole.
Thank you, doctor.
We saw
This one's amazing.
So neurological issues which would affect our pilots.
Over a thousand percent increase.
A thousand.
Ten times.
That's a ten times rate and obviously that... Eighty-three thousand per year.
Eighty-two thousand per year to eight hundred and sixty-three thousand in one year.
I'm sorry.
Our soldiers are being experimented on, injured, and sometimes possibly killed.
Dr. Corey, thank you so much for your stance on the corruption.
That's precisely what it is.
They know this.
And Senator, when these doctors are attacked,
Not necessarily the people in this room.
I'm not giving names.
They call me.
I'm the one dealing with the medical boards.
I'm the one watching the witch hunts.
I'm the one fighting them off and I'm the one telling them where to go.
I'm going to keep doing that.
Senator, we also have... Let me give you this last thing and then I'll shut up and get out of your way.
Project Salus Weekly Report.
Project Salus is a defense department initiative where they take all this data that doesn't exist, supposedly, and they give it to the CDC.
They're watching these vaccines.
On that date, and around that date, I have numerous instances where Fauci and that entire crew were saying, it's a crisis of the un-vaxxed, it's 99% un-vaxxed in the hospital.
In Project Salus, in the weekly report, the DOD document says, specifically,
71% of new cases are in the fully vaxxed and 60% of hospitalizations are in the fully vaxxed.
This is corruption at the highest level.
We need investigations.
The Secretary of Defense needs investigated.
The CDC needs investigated.
And thank you so much, Senator, for having the courage to stand against these special interests.
So again, the Department of Defense
Thank you.
The Department of Defense, the Biden Administration is on notice.
They must preserve these records, and this must be investigated.
Thank you so much, Senator.
Thank you.
So, the increase in cancer is something I've been hearing about for months.
And quite honestly, I've told people that are reporting this to me,
I don't think the public's quite ready for that yet.
But you've just raised this issue.
Apparently, Dr. Cole, you're aware of this.
Can you talk a little bit about that?
Because this is frightening.
Thank you, Senator.
And this is a challenge in terms of aggregating data.
I saw a signal early on of certain viral conditions.
Dr. Parks pointed out mechanisms.
I noticed certain viruses increasing.
Well, these same T cells, immune cells, keep cancers in check.
So, I do about 40,000 biopsies a year.
I'm a busy pathologist and I thought, gosh, I'm seeing more of this type of cancer and this type of cancer and this type of cancer.
And so I've tried to talk to other laboratories and aggregate a bigger data set, which obviously these federal data sets are a very easy way to see that signal.
Obviously I've been cancelled, I've been ridiculed, I've been maligned, etc.
for saying so, but I've been observing it.
And I can't deny observation.
That's how science happens, initially through observation, then we confirm through hypothesis, experiment, and data.
So, yes, we're seeing it.
And now, when we travel with these groups and summits, I have oncologists, I have radiation oncologists, I am seeing an uptick in cancers, I'm seeing these odd stable cancers take off like wildfires after the vaccines.
It is happening.
We need federal funding.
The NIH isn't looking at this.
Getting a grant to look at anything related to the vaccines is next to impossible because they're perfect, safe, and effective.
So it's happening.
My data is anecdotal.
My observational group is significant.
But we need additional studies to happen.
And thank you to Tom for digging into what's actually happening.
I think we have some additional nurses.
And by the way, that's where I was getting the safety signal from.
I've got a question I want Dr. Cole to address.
Ryan, you know that
The experimental data on the genome in P53 in BRCA, can you explain that to everyone?
Yeah, real quick.
So we have genes in our body, we have mechanisms in our body, we have bad cells in our body every day.
Our body says, oh, I can kill that, knock it off, you know, shake hands with every cell, you're gone, you're gone, you're a bad cell.
There are genes, there are suppressor genes, p53, it's the guardian of our genome.
There's another breast cancer gene, BRCA gene.
We know that the spike protein binds to the receptors for these genes and can activate them.
That is a mechanism of the spike protein.
So putting this spike protein in the human body via a gene shot that is completely investigational, these are not approved.
And to mandate something that's investigational that can bind to cancer promoting sites.
I'd like to just clarify and take that a step forward.
What p53 does is it checks your DNA before it replicates and it makes sure that it's fixed.
So p53 is the one tumor suppressor gene that is most
Tied to cancer because once there's a mutation in p53 the mutation rate just skyrockets.
And you're going to develop enough mutations that that cancer is going to have a much more likelihood of becoming metastatic.
So p53 is the central tumor suppressor.
Now do we know for sure that the spike protein is binding it and inactivating it so that it cannot
Make sure that your DNA is replicated effectively and without any errors.
No, but that's why we should have tested these for cancer-causing potential before we started giving them to our kids.
There are some confirmatory in silicope studies.
I'll put it into the record.
A paper by Jiang and May, where it goes into this data.
SARS-CoV-2 spike impairs DNA damage repair.
Thank you.
One of the key points is we still don't officially know what the structure of these so-called vaccines are.
I mean, we do have some information now that's been published by a Nobel laureate group from Stanford looking at the sequence from discards and comparing it with the patterns.
And there are what are called untranslated regions.
Has anyone ever heard of this word, untranslated region?
A few people.
Everyone has been told that the RNA in there is just RNA that's making this spike protein that's going to make you a nice little cute little vaccine just like those mumps and polio vaccines that we've all had as children.
There are untranslated regions and I'm going to read you what they are.
There are three human gene sequences in those untranslated regions.
One of them, we think, I'm working with a group of molecular biologists and genomics.
One of them, we think, is targeting the mitochondria.
I'll tell you what that gene sequence is.
It is a, where is it?
The three prime
That's what a WHO document says.
Now, if that's true, that could mean, we don't know, we need to find out, that could mean that the expression of the spike protein is actually being expressed, partly at least, in ribosomal, in mitochondrial ribosomes.
This is so wrong.
That means it could be a kamikaze expression.
Dr. Wiseman, listen.
You're certainly letting us know you're qualified, but I don't know what you're talking about.
What I'm talking about, Senator, is in every single drug package insert, you see a chemical structure.
Do you not?
There is a chemical structure.
We need to know the exact chemical structure, the exact sequence,
Of course!
I agree with you.
We need a lot more information.
People have said these are mRNA vaccines.
mRNA only always goes to protein, and we can't do anything.
First, we know that people have reverse transcriptase.
Yes, it can make DNA.
Yes, it can go back into the DNA.
But there's something else about RNA.
RNA can make little hairpin loops.
RNA can regulate your DNA.
So when you put an mRNA vaccine or RNA into your body it can get in and it can be alternately spliced, can bind to your DNA and it can regulate it for positive or for negative.
It can change your gene expression and there's stuff in there that can do that either intentionally or unintentionally and we don't know.
It's completely unethical because we are just beginning to understand RNA silencing where these RNA molecules regulate our DNA.
So that makes it completely unethical to use this technology.
We have to get on to, there are great unknowns with respect to the vaccines, their mechanism of action, and disease categories like cancer, but there is a disease category upon which the FDA, the CDC, and all stakeholders agree that the vaccines cause, and that's myocarditis or heart inflammation.
I will tell you, as a cardiologist, it is crystal clear that these vaccines cause myocarditis.
Dr. Parks has already quoted the paper by Avolio that has shown, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the vaccines cause myocarditis.
The FDA indicates for Pfizer and Moderna that they cause myocarditis.
We now have over 200 papers in the peer-reviewed literature on myocarditis.
Sadly, showing the rates of myocarditis are far in excess of what the CDC ever imagined.
We've identified that boys have a predilection for this far more than girls.
The maximum age group, the peak age group is age 18 to 24, so it's actually the college age.
The risk extends up to age 50.
And I can tell you that in this age group, it is clear the risks of the vaccines are far greater than the risks of COVID-19, the respiratory illness.
Two papers, one by Tracy Hogue at UC Davis, one by Ron Kostoff, that these papers have been presented
At the FDA meetings, they have not been challenged as analyses.
One, and there are now fatal cases of myocarditis published by Washington University in St.
Louis, by Verma, and by Choi from South Korea.
More fatal cases accrue.
There is the father of a boy here in this room who's died of myocarditis.
One death is too many.
One, we have 21,000 cases of myocarditis and climbing in the United States that the CDC has verified.
One was too many.
Under no circumstances, under any circumstances, should a young person ever receive one of these vaccines, let alone ever be pressured to receive a vaccine, let alone ever be mandated to take a vaccine.
This is crystal clear.
The FDA agrees.
There can be no controversy over this.
There can be no normalizing of this, to say that it's mild, or it's transitory.
Talk about that, because that's why I say it's mild.
Is myocarditis mild?
I'm telling you as a specialist, myocarditis is not mild.
There are papers by Shower, and now by Tron, at the University of Utah at Salt Lake.
When they do MRI on these individuals with suspected myocarditis, 100% are having heart damage.
We have a paper by Tashopi and colleagues looking at the outcome of individuals prior to COVID in this age group with myocarditis.
13% will have permanent heart injury.
32% never actually get up to normal.
They don't get back to normal.
We are seeing unprecedented numbers of athletes dying on the field in Europe.
Of these cardiac arrests, half of them don't come back.
We now have a report out of the Heart Group in the UK where actuarial mortality for those under age 15, mortality in the UK, is higher than expected.
We're good to go.
And you combine that with the fact that there's at least suspicions that the Defense Department is doctoring with the data in their database affecting myocarditis.
I mean, I'm sorry, that just, that gets my suspicion antenna.
And the recommendations and the mandates are ignoring the FDA warnings.
I would contend, Senator, that there's not just a suspicion.
In August, when the report was run on acute myocarditis in the DoD website, there were 1,239 cases, and now when you run it, it's down to 307.
In January of 2022, there were 176 cases, and magically, they are now down to 17.
There is a word for that.
It's not suspicious.
We have in the military the single best data set we
That exists because we have baselines in there.
And acute disease across all categories in the preceding years, five years leading up to the vaccination year, was 1.7 million.
They introduced and mandated a COVID-19 vaccine for our U.S.
military when they had only lost 12 service members total to the disease.
And in the 10 months of 2021 after that, it jumped from 1.7 million all diseases to darn near 22 million.
That was a 20 million increase.
We need to not be calling this suspicious.
With all due respect, we need to be asking hard questions of the DOD.
And I will close by saying they are charged, at least in part, with protecting
The sanctity and welfare of the brave men and women who are defending this country.
And right now, these numbers indicate something is drastically wrong.
And I know of only one reason that databases roll math backward.
Who are you?
Identify yourself.
So sorry.
My name is Lee Dundas.
I'm a human rights attorney that's working with Tom Rents on the whistleblower issue in the military.
I would ask that Congress listen to these whistleblowers, put their testimony on record.
These are brave men and women of very high rank in the U.S.
military because not just do we, Congress, in this building need to hear about it, the world needs to hear about what is going on.
Whether they were present that day or were otherwise criminally responsible for the assault on our democracy, we will follow the facts wherever they lead.
The days of independent media are numbered.
The government has made it illegal to oppose them.
They are now debanking us behind the scenes.
They want to bankrupt us and make us go away quietly.
With practically half the population wanting to lock the unvaccinated up in camps.
The traitors know they can shut us down by force.
But that would accelerate the awakening exponentially.
So be it.
Make them silence us by force.
This is the final battle of the information war.
Give now.
Buy products.
Before everything changes.
We need you to carry us through to the end.
Victory or death.
Go now to infowarestore.com
Thanks to you kids, we now know the virus is a hoax.
They included flu, pneumonia, and other infections to boost the numbers.
Let's find out who is really behind it all.
Like, President Trump is definitely behind one of these phantoms.
Gigi Pink?
Dr. Fauci?
Like, I thought doctors were supposed to help people, not scare them.
Microsoft's Bill Gates?
Not only a computer guy, he's a notorious vaccine pusher who wants to reduce the world's population.
I get it.
So Bill Gates wanted to vaccinate everyone after Fauci convinced them there was a deadly disease outbreak.
That's diabolical.
Yeah, that sounds pretty bad.
Don't worry, kids.
These globalists won't get away with their pandemic hoax this time.
Where they're going, they'll be locked up for a long, good while.
In the big house!
Better than a rock round at home!
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
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You know, I know we all grew up hearing about how imminent war with Russia was about to happen, but now it really could happen.
And Lee Stranahan's a great investigative journalist.
He's really been one of the most accurate people out there with what's happening for years.
And so he's going to be joining us coming up in the next segment.
Separately here, a lot of listeners have called into the show and a lot of people on the street have said to me, hey, you were really promoting Reset Wars for about a month and then you stopped promoting it.
Why aren't you promoting it?
We love it.
Got great reviews.
We think it's great.
And the truth is,
I'm really into reset wars and I think it's amazing and some of the most important work I've ever done.
But I have gotten so pinned down with building infrastructure in case they try to shut this operation down to stay on air.
You know what happened with my wife and that chemical imbalance situation and a lot of family issues.
So the fact that I've not been talking about reset wars has absolutely nothing to do with me not liking it or thinking it's the best thing I've ever done.
In fact, it's the contrary.
It's so important.
It's so game changing that I just see everything we covered in it really manifesting right now and
I feel like I'm not giving it justice.
So I've been resetting to promote Reset Wars again, and I've been really looking at all the things Elon Musk has been saying, all the things that are happening, and all this discussion of mind viruses, and so much more, and getting ready to do the first teleconference
I don't know.
Cause I enjoy no commercials, no breaks, just two, three hours of calls and special guests.
And so I'm going to be doing that not just once a month, but I think at least every couple of weeks for folks that are Reset Wars members.
And then I'm also going to be doing two or three nights a week.
A live event where I take calls, but I'm going to be at a bonfire in somebody's backyard, or I'm going to be on top of a building, or I'm going to be somewhere else.
We're going to be outside doing things.
Because I love being here in the studio, and it's interesting, and the crew's great, but when you're on top of a mountain, or on top of a building, or out in the woods somewhere around a campfire with a live feed going, that makes it so much more real, and really gets me into another place where
Just a lot of more interesting, informative things come out than just what we cover here on air.
So we have a lot of new things we're getting ready to launch.
I'm a couple months behind because of congressional subpoenas and family issues.
And you're all dealing with it, too.
The world's just crazy right now.
But we are on course to a lot of things while separately working with a lot of other people to make sure that major backup infrastructure is built to keep this show on the air.
And to keep other broadcasts on the air.
And boy, does CNN get the intel.
Because nobody watches them, but you got to watch them to hear what the enemy's doing.
I mean, literally, they're like, yeah, if we take Joe Rogan off the air, he'll just go do his own show somewhere bigger.
Yeah, you dumb bastards.
But you got to build the server farms.
You got to put the infrastructure in, in other countries.
It takes money to fight big tech.
It takes money to fight the globalists.
And that's what we're doing.
So, I'm not going to give it all away to everybody, but obviously, as I've told you, 80% of what I do is right here on the surface in these broadcasts and my reporters and we've changed the world together.
But that other 20% is all about having a huge effect in the future if they attempt to shut us down or take us down.
So thank you all for your support, your blessings, and sharing all our articles and videos.
We're going to break the chains.
Stay with us.
You can't stop us!
So, Justin Trudeau, that says he admires dictatorship, and Xi Jinping, has come out and said that the truckers, the hundreds of thousands of people in the Capitol protesting, are violent, hateful people.
And should not be allowed to have their views.
This is what a authoritarian corporate minion looks like.
This is truly disgusting.
Now, Lee Stranahan's an investigative journalist of many, many years.
He's worked for Breitbart.
He's worked for a lot of other leftist publications, you name it, like the Huffington Post.
And I've been having him on for eight, nine years now.
But I remember he would just harp on Ukraine and harp on what was happening there and how it was where the globalists laundered their money and all the rest of it and Russiagate.
And now he's really been vindicated.
And so we see the headlines.
About imminent war with Russia, and Ukraine goes, actually, Russia's not about to invade.
And we see Western troops massing in Poland and other areas.
What is really going on from all his research and all his sources?
Because this is a big deal.
It already crashed the stock market several thousand points last week on fears of this.
Is Biden just using this as a political distraction?
Lee Stranahan, thank you so much for joining us.
Alex, great to be with you.
Thanks a lot for having me on again.
Your website, I should add, is CitizenJournalismSchool.com.
You bet.
So, give us a 35,000-foot view if you can, and let's zoom in on what's happening.
Well, first off, Alex, you'll be able to appreciate this, and your audience will, because you know history.
People need to understand that what we're seeing play out right now is part of something that's been going on since around the end of World War II.
Since the end of World War II, when the CIA was set up in 1948, right?
When the CIA began their operations.
One of the early operations they did involved Ukraine.
And don't take my word for it.
Anyone can go to the CIA, just type, go to any search engine, type in CIA FOIA,
And you'll find the CIA's own website.
And type in L-E-B-E-D.
That's for Mikola Lebed.
Lebed was a war criminal.
He was a Nazi collaborator.
And the CIA knows that, and it's right in their own files.
And, you know, he was a Nazi collaborator from Ukraine, who's with the 14th Waffen-SS, which is the Ukrainian Nazi group.
He was working with the CIA.
Do you know where this guy died?
He's a war criminal.
He lived and died in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Alex.
And anyone can look it up.
It's very clear.
Now, this background of the CIA working with and really using Ukraine, using the worst elements, the literal Nazi collaborators, continued on for decades.
He set up a
This is Operation Aerodynamic.
And by the way, the left's all obsessed with Nazis.
What you're saying is totally true.
The Nazis took over Ukraine, and they had stay-behind networks after World War II, where basically the Nazis kind of continued on there.
And that's the new fissure, basically, that we see going on in Ukraine.
I mean, we saw the main opposition party, and then the party that got into power, hailing Hitler in the last few years.
And right now, what's happening in eastern Ukraine, in the region that's called the Donbas, the eastern part of Ukraine, is you've got militias like a group called the Azov Battalion, A-Z-O-F Battalion, or Right Sector.
Now, these guys are neo-Nazis, and they're not even hiding it.
They're very clear about it.
And they're supported by the Biden administration.
And it makes perfect sense when you look at the history.
Because again, the CIA's been supporting us.
Now what they were doing was, the CIA in the 50s, 60s, and 70s was ginning up.
Because what the CIA was saying is they were anti-communist.
But really that translated to anti-Russian.
And they played up the ethnic hatred of Russians in Ukraine.
That's what Prologue was doing.
And look, you know, you and I are not big fans of communism at all.
And I don't like the Soviet Union, USSR at all.
But when the CIA doesn't like communism,
They still like authoritarian.
I'm sure the reason, I just want to ask you, why do you oppose communism, Alex?
It's ultimately, they're authoritarian, right?
That's a problem.
But the CIA is pro-authoritarian, but anti-communist.
Does that make sense?
At least they were in the past, exactly.
So it's a proxy war.
It's heating up.
You're giving us some background on history.
That's always important.
People don't know that Russia was literally born, I guess, 900 years ago out of Ukraine.
And then there was the Hun invasion.
And then they were occupied 200 years, and Moscow rose up, overthrew it, and then went and saved Ukraine.
And so the very birthplace of Russia is Ukraine.
That's mainline history for folks that don't know.
Why is Russia upset?
Why is Russia bringing in troops from the border?
Let's fast forward to what's currently happening.
So what's currently happening is that narrative, just think about this Alex, think about it for just one second.
Why would anybody suppose that the media that lies about everything, you can't name an issue they're honest about, would get this one right?
There's no reason.
So when they're reporting since November that Russia is about to invade, Russia, Sergey Lavrov, who's the foreign minister, Putin, they've been very clear.
They're not about to invade.
And in this phone call that happened last Thursday, the head of Ukraine said to Biden, Zelensky, this former Netflix comedian, who's now the president of Ukraine, he said,
To Biden.
We don't think Russia's about to invade.
So let me be clear on this.
By the way, I'm going to start the interview with that.
How big is it that the West's own puppet says the Russians aren't invading?
Stop it.
You have the lava rock.
The foreign minister is saying we're not doing it.
And Biden responds with brace for imminent attack.
What the hell is going on here?
Well, Alex, how many times have you heard there's 100,000 troops on the border of Ukraine?
A zillion times, right?
That's the narrative.
The troops have been in a place called Yelnya.
Anyone can look it up.
It's about 120 miles from the border.
It's not right on the border.
This is a town where they have troops, right?
Yeah, but I'm not even... The West is massing troops.
Russia would be insane to not put troops on their border.
But they don't.
They're in...
Yelnya is closer to Moscow than it is to Kiev by a lot.
It's not close to the border.
So I just want to point out the whole narrative.
Since November has been a fake one saying that there's that they're acting like there's 100,000 troops ready, you know, right next to us.
Listen, I know the audience knows some of this.
I know some of it.
And I get you're giving us good historical background.
But bottom line, do you think war is about to kick off?
What is the big reason Biden's doing this?
What the hell's going on here?
Well, first off, it's part of the U.S.
policy that I talked about before, historically.
So it's a through line.
What they're doing is they're sending money and support, and the CIA is involved right now.
This is why I mentioned the CIA in the 50s.
Right now, the CIA is supporting the neo-Nazis in eastern Ukraine.
Yeah, they admit they are.
They're supplying billions of Javelin missiles and everything.
It's insane right now.
And the only thing Russia cares about at all is that there's ethnic cleansing of ethnic Russians in that eastern region going on.
But there's no... Sure, so the Western Ukrainians have pushed NATO-backed military in, they're pushing people out of their farms or businesses, and the Russians, which have been there forever,
I mean, only 900 years, folks.
They just showed up yesterday.
They're not liking what's happening.
Because, again, the West wants a provocation with Russia, so they're persecuting ethnic Russians to get a fight.
And what Putin brought up, and Lavrov brought up in his talks, is don't forget what happened in 2014 under the Obama administration, under the Obama-Biden administration.
That was when the Euro-Madonna happened, and where we took a democratically elected government, the government of Viktor Yanukovych, that was elected, no one questions that, that was elected and certified and everything else.
And we overthrew that government and put in a puppet government.
That's what the U.S.
And Soros was behind it.
He's got a group called International Renaissance.
Soros went on Fareed Zarkaria six years ago and spragged.
He overthrew it.
And I'll tell you what else he said.
He said the Nazis were in eastern Ukraine because of Russia, which is a complete fabrication.
They were in western Ukraine, Galicia.
That's where they were.
So, yeah, obviously the western Ukraine was Nazi in World War II, yeah.
And he was working for Hitler!
Hold on, Lise.
Stay there, stay there.
Alright, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Lise Stranahan, investigative journalist, is riding shotgun with us.
He really is a Ukraine expert.
And I get you're giving us the background, the history, World War II, it's been part of Russia, at least the eastern part.
What do you make of why Biden's doing this now?
Why they're having press conferences about imminent war with Russia and Russia's like, no, we're not getting in today.
This is made up.
Now, even Ukraine comes out and says, it's not true.
Please stop.
You're crashing our economy.
What is really going on here?
What's really going on is Biden wants to get rid of Vladimir Putin because Biden has been sponsored by a Russian oligarch that no one ever talks about.
And when I talk about this history stuff, you know, let me just plug the DVDs you were just plugging in the commercial break there.
You, Alex, have been talking about stuff like Skull and Bones and the background, Carol Quigley, stuff like that forever.
And understanding the history has helped me understand today.
You know what I mean?
Every time I learn history, I go, well, this explains the inexplicable.
And that's what's happening here.
Biden, first off, is following U.S.
policy has been to support the Nazis in Ukraine for decades.
But also there's this guy, Khodorkovsky.
Senate Resolution, you'll like this, 3-2-2.
Does that ring a bell?
Senate Resolution 3-2-2 from 2005.
Easy number to remember.
Anyone can look that up.
That's a Russian oligarch, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, sponsored by one guy.
Joe Biden was the sole sponsor.
And there were only two co-sponsors, Obama and Biden.
So what is putting pressure on Russia, claiming they're going to invade, about killing the Nord Stream 2?
It's partially about that, but it's mainly really they want to get rid of Putin.
And that's because this guy, Khodorkovsky, was put in jail by Putin.
Sure, but don't they get messing with Putin like this only makes him more popular?
Well, it doesn't hurt his popularity, I'll say that.
But this is why they keep doing it.
This is why I've been saying for years, the real target in Russiagate wasn't Trump.
It was actually Putin.
And it's hard for people to get it, because Trump obviously was a target.
But the main target, this goes back to this thing, the Magnitsky Act, from 2012, that was sponsored by this guy, Khodorkovsky.
Anyone look up Senate Resolution 322, and tell me why no one's ever done a story about it.
There's no stories out there.
Sure, so Lee, so obviously the left wants control of Russia, they got to rape and murder and kill for 80 years as their private Hollywood murder ground, when the left of America and the UK took control of it as their
We're good.
On Wednesday, if you'd asked me, I would have thought this was headed towards war.
Ironically, this guy, Zelensky, by publicly, don't forget, they leaked that phone call.
Yeah, how big is it that the president of Ukraine, who's a puppet, doesn't want war?
Because he knows it's BS.
That's huge.
It's gigantic.
But I'll tell you where it's going, and I'll tell you where to get the clue.
Oddly, Saturday Night Live, which you didn't because no one does.
It was a cold open where they made jokes about Russia for 10 minutes.
No, I saw it.
Well, what they did was they're trying to set up that the only reason Ukraine would be doing this is that they were tricked by Russian disinformation.
So what they're setting up, you watch, the narrative is going to be that the head of Ukraine was tricked by Russia.
Instead of the guy who's the head of Ukraine.
Oh yeah, they're now saying the truckers protesting lockdowns are Russians, agents.
That's right.
Russia is, and again, once you see the pattern, it's very clear what they do.
They do everything you don't like.
There's two things.
It's racist and
It's Russian.
It's both of those.
And what's odd is, of course, the Nazi past to the Ukraine is what we're defending.
So the Democrats, and sadly, most Republicans, no one wants to actually look at the situation and go, maybe Putin's telling the truth, and he has no intention of invading Ukraine.
And I don't think he has any intention of invading Ukraine.
And I don't think the U.S.
is going to be able to push it.
But I'll tell you where this is going ultimately.
They're not going to drop this until Putin leaves power.
Because they don't want him in there.
There's this guy Khodorkovsky I mentioned.
He really doesn't want Putin in there.
Anybody can look him up and see.
He says he wants to get rid of Putin because he wants revenge for Putin putting this guy in jail.
And Putin pardoned him, which I think was a mistake on Putin's part.
But everybody, this Russia's hate stuff, not Russiagate, Russia hate,
is not going anywhere anytime soon.
And the Republicans should come out and say, look, why are we defending Nazis in Ukraine?
That's what they should be doing.
Why are we defending an Obama overthrow, an Obama soros?
Well, sure, but I mean, Lee, the average American, like 70 plus percent, almost 80 percent, don't want any conflict with Russia.
I saw another poll, like 15 percent want conflict.
So you talk about it.
I think Americans get
That it's the left opening our borders, it's the left bankrupting our dollar, it's the left teaching drag queen story time.
I don't think anybody is buying this delusional, you know, Russiagate garbage anymore.
Well, I don't think, you know, what's happening is they're grassroots people, I've noticed that.
But in government, you can't find really almost anybody who doesn't take
The establishment line in the Republican Party right now.
Oh, you got Republican Senators saying preemptively nuke Russia.
Like the manly thing to do is talk about nuclear war.
Right, no, it's crazy.
That's crazy.
And even the people who are brave enough to question this at all, Thomas Massie, a few people like that, Bowler, right?
But they're getting attacked as Putin's sycophants now.
Which, by the way,
Again, I agree with you.
The grassroots people get it.
And they've heard... You know who's said stuff criticizing woke culture?
It's Vladimir Putin.
He's come out against that.
He's one of those guys where if you look into what he says, what he actually says, a lot of people would like him, I think, even more.
And go, oh, I see why they're demonizing this guy.
He's a Christian.
He's an avowed Christian.
Who, you know, believes things as pro-family, very pro-family.
Folks, folks, understand that's what I'm asking is where do you see this all ending?
Because they really hyped up war with Russia and that it's imminent and then it looks like none of it's true.
None of it is true.
And because of what Zelensky did, not only had the phone call and told Biden to back off, but also leaked the phone call.
Here's where I think it's going.
I think the US is going to try to, they brought in this guy, this puppet, Petro Poroshenko.
He was the guy who helped gin up the stuff against Trump during the last election.
Poroshenko, they recently brought him back to Ukraine.
So you watch to see if they try to get rid of Zelensky and get the puppet Poroshenko back in there.
They're going to try to get rid of Zelensky.
They're going to slam him.
They're going to say he was fooled by Russian disinfo.
They're already calling Zelensky a tool of Putin.
Already they're playing that card.
Meanwhile, Communist China has totally infiltrated everything and there's still no discussion of that.
Yeah, and by the way, there's a communist party in Russia, and I'll tell you who they don't like.
Vladimir Putin.
One bit.
And even Ted Cruz.
Ted can do some good stuff, but he came out a few months ago and said, Vladimir Putin's a communist.
Well, he's not.
I understand that.
Let's do one more segment.
Lee, I want to ask you about other political issues and what this signifies that Biden's so desperate trying to start this Russian war.
What does that really signal?
All right, investigative journalist, author, researcher, Lee Stranahan's our guest.
And I appreciate him joining us today.
And he's given us some good backstory and talked about the lies.
But I mean, everybody I know knows that already.
My question is, what did Biden and his controllers think they were doing?
Saying there's an imminent attack, saying brace for impact, and then it doesn't happen.
Crying wolf like that.
Was it just a desperate distraction?
Or just to see what they could do?
Or to make America look like clowns?
Because everything they do, I think, is to destroy America.
The biggest enemy of America are these leftists that are running the country.
Yeah, no, of course I agree with you on that, Alex.
I think they thought, first off, they were correct if they assumed that the media would have their back and the media would not question their narrative at all and just dutifully be stenographers for whatever they said.
You just hit the key.
I'm interrupting.
I meant to start the show with that today.
The people running things still think only ABC and NBC and CNN matter when everyone hates it.
They keep delusionally acting like because the media is going to support it.
When the media endorses something, people turn against it.
I told Politico when Rand Paul got elected like six years ago, they said, what could we have done to beat him?
And I said, endorsing.
But see, they don't get that, do they, Lee?
No, they definitely don't.
But when they're strategizing, when they're wargaming this stuff out, they know that the New York Times and the Washington Post and so on are absolutely just going to dutifully report with headlines, oh yeah, there's troops on the border.
And what they got everybody to repeat is two phrases.
Troops on the border, and the other one, which is I think the equivalent, remember the phrase
Iraqi WMDs?
The equivalent here is Russian disinformation.
Everybody talks about Russian disinformation.
But you know what they can never do?
They can never point out one thing that Russia's saying that's incorrect.
Well, it's like they label anybody questioning their lies as a Russian to make them an outsider, when it's the globalists that are anti-freedom, anti-country, anti-America.
So they just literally project what they are onto us.
And anti-free speech, because they use Russian disinformation as a smear to attack anything they don't like.
And that's why the SNL thing, I've been talking about this for a couple weeks, the cold open, as you mentioned, was so funny that it was called Russian disinformation.
That they're falling right into line.
This is a culture war.
On Saturday Night Live, playing out.
And they're setting up a narrative that you, again, you're going to start to see play out.
So I think they thought they could get war going.
How could they have counted on Zelensky, who's been a puppet?
This is a guy's former Netflix show.
I can't overstate how big it is.
The puppet globalist president, comedian of Ukraine, came out and said, it's not a war, they're not invading, stop it.
I mean, he finally is finding his common sense there.
That's right.
And I don't think they counted on that at all.
Because thus far, Zelensky has been a good little puppet for them.
But not only did he have that call, this is really significant.
As you know, that was leaked by Ukraine.
So Ukraine wanted the world to know how badly that call went.
And you know what?
You know, I mentioned the way the CIA used Ukraine.
They really did use Ukraine, because obviously not everyone in Ukraine is a Nazi, right?
And the people getting killed in the eastern part of Ukraine are Ukrainians, okay?
So, this BS has gone on long enough, but the Biden administration, and I'll tell you where it's happening.
We're at a very interesting time, and you know it too, with things like the Joe Rogan
thing happening with this, the Freedom Convoy that happened over the weekend.
One of the, I saw Russell Brand talking about it, and I like the stuff Russell Brand's saying a lot lately.
And Russell Brand talked about how creative that truck convoy was.
Who would have thought, let's do a truck convoy, and that'll be huge, right?
That's a creative idea.
And someone needs to get creative.
If they want to stop these warmongers, they need to do it in a creative way.
Because the warmongers know how propaganda works.
And they're, and they can, you, again, we know what they control.
Even though no one watches CNN.
But as soon as we're aware of it, then two can play at that game.
That's right.
And, and that's what we're starting to see.
That, that truck convoy was an example to me of citizen activism that worked.
And part of why it worked is, as Russell Brand had said over the weekend on a video, applauding them.
He pointed out what a creative idea it was.
That was a creative idea.
And by the way, Trudeau came out with like a canned response like they thought there would have already been violence and said, oh, they're violent.
Oh, they're bad.
They're not good.
And then they said, these are Russian agents.
This is the people not wanting to be locked down, not wanting a GMO shot in them.
And here's the so-called leader that admits he wants a dictatorship that is the minion of Klaus Schwab saying, no, you're not a Canadian.
You're a Russian.
Here's the clip.
My friend Erwin Cotler said on Saturday,
But Nazi symbolism, racist imagery, and desecration of war memorials are not.
It is an insult to memory and truth.
Hate can never be the answer.
Over the past few days, Canadians were shocked and frankly disgusted by the behavior displayed by some people protesting in our nation's capital.
I want to be very clear.
We are not intimidated by those who hurl insults and abuse at small business workers and steal food from the homeless.
We won't give in to those who fly racist flags.
We won't cave
To those who engage in vandalism or dishonor the memory of our veterans.
So they're the ones shutting the economy down, they're the ones bankrupting people, and then they've got these big war memorials.
I've been there, like anybody can walk around in.
People walking around at the war memorials, they call desecrating it.
Like if you walk through Arlington Cemetery.
I mean, this is the cheapest propaganda, Lee.
Well, do you know, and you know what it is, you know who Christina
The Canadian government, whose grandfather was literally a Nazi propagandist, and she denied it for a long time.
And in the situation in Ukraine, some of the biggest supporters of the Nazis have been the Canadians.
And up in Canada, I forget where, I think it's in Edmonton, I think, there's a cemetery dedicated to the Waffen SS 14th Division, which is the Ukrainian Nazi division.
And anyone can just look up, if you go to YouTube and look up Canadian Ukraine Nazi, you'll find lots of stuff about this.
For Trudeau to come out, you know what?
It's very interesting.
Biden, see, don't forget what they do in Ukraine every January 1st is a tiki torch march in honor of this guy, Stefan Bandera, who's the Nazi euro to these evil Ukrainians.
Who the U.S.
They're not all Ukrainians, but those guys, they do a big Tichy torch march.
Which is, by the way, where Lindsey Graham and John McCain were in 2016, January 1st.
Sure, the Lincoln Project has their own, and we've exposed that all.
Alright, Lee Stranahan, everybody can find your work.
What's the best website for you?
I'm about to launch a big course on Russia-Ukraine stuff over there.
It is.
So that's a big... All right, buddy.
We appreciate you.
Always on target.
Thank you, Lee Stranahan.
People can find him at citizenjournalismschool.com.
I got some final stuff to hit ahead of Gerald Cilente.
All right.
Taking over.
We're going to come back and hit some of this final news straight ahead.
And every day we're on air is so precious.
Simply insane, though, to watch what's happening and to see all this unfolding.
It really is wild.
We'll be back, ladies and gentlemen.
Please remember, only way the truth gets out is when you share it, and you're having a great effect, so keep sharing the videos from InfoWars.com.
All right, final segment of hour number three, then Gerald Cilente takes over.
Man, the news pouring in is just insane.
Ottawa City Councillor requests lawsuit to cease Freedom Convoys GoFundMe funds for these truckers that are out of money and don't even have money for gas.
And they've raised the money they need, and boy, they want it seized.
The left doesn't want you exercising your free speech.
What a group of fascist scum.
That story's up on Infowars.com.
But this tweet says it all, put out by a Canadian artist.
It shows a guy with a rebel flag and a KKK guy and whatever, and the media all showing just a few people, and then you got the millions of folks about love and hope and justice and opening up their country.
It's incredible.
Stop Castro's little bastard.
Yeah, as dad said, I love Fidel Castro.
I want communism.
Well, don't blame the dad.
Well, the son says he likes Xi Jinping.
I mean, these are monsters.
It's so unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen.
But let me talk about this.
I launched Reset Wars a month and a half ago, promoted it for about three weeks.
It was very successful, and it's really important work.
Something special we haven't done on air.
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But then I had family attacks, and I had congressional subpoenas, and I had a lot of other stuff that happened, and so I got distracted and didn't promote it.
And some listeners called into the shows, the American Journal in the morning, and into Owens and Mines, like, why aren't you promoting reset wars?
I'm like, because I can't give something this important justice while I'm off balance.
And also, the company that do a lot of the great top self-help people, you name it, they never had this happen.
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Very dark.
What difference does it make what I say or what I do?
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They want you to think that you don't matter, and that their plan is invincible.
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This is just not the case.
They're not invincible.
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Tens of thousands descend upon D.C.
for a defeat that mandates medical freedom rally.
While most mainstream media ignored the event altogether, some chose to misrepresent it, bringing you what's ignored, sensationalized, unbalanced, misleading, or just plain false.
Here's your media malfeasance for the final week of January.
Washington Post leads with the sensational term, anti-vaccine activists.
Never mind that it is in no way accurate in describing the rally.
A prominent vaccine developer was among the speakers, and many have exhaustively repeated that they're pro-vaccine, just anti-mandate.
But who expects accuracy from legacy media anymore?
Other outlets zeroed in on less than two minutes of a 25-minute speech given by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
CNN misrepresented the point RFK Jr.
was making about seeing the warning signs of authoritarian rule that inspired segregation, discrimination, and ultimately death leading up to the Holocaust.
Just the mere mention of Anne Frank earns RFK Jr.
the label anti-Semite, according to CNN.
But it was always okay to make Hitler and Nazi Germany references when it was this guy at the helm.
So when people ask why you support Donald Trump, you just tell them... He's going to take our economy from here to here.
All the feigned outrage was to distract from the two and a half hours of other info-packed testimonies preceding the RFK Jr.
So what's an actual Holocaust survivor have to say about totalitarian measures surrounding the jab mandates?
So my question is, if these injections don't prevent infection or transmission, why then are the vaccinated special?
They're allowed to do all kinds of, they have all kinds of freedom, which the government allows them from time to time, right?
They still have to wear masks.
But the unvaccinated are being vilified as the Jews were in the 1930s and 40s.
What's the difference?
Also this week, CBS actually asks a decent question of its panel.
Who feels they are better off with Biden than they were with Trump?
But perhaps they didn't expect this response.
No one believes we're in a better spot now.
Unfortunately, I don't think that our public servants are actually, they're kind of on a lag with the science.
I was not vaxxed, had COVID, I didn't even know I had it.
I had the sniffles for two days and body aches.
If I hadn't lost my sense of smell, I wouldn't have known the difference.
Turning now to someone who doesn't like questions.
Yes, President Biden calls a reporter a stupid for asking about inflation.
Kelly O'Donnell of NBC News plays cover.
It's on the subject of the event, which was related to the economy.
So Peter Doocy of Fox asked about inflation and got that insulting response in front of a microphone and an audience.
So Biden was upset the reporter wasn't staying on topic.
They were talking about the economy and Doocy dared to ask about inflation.
Right, the rising cost of goods and services for all Americans that has nothing to do with the economy.
No wonder he called a member of the media a stupid SOB.
Who's the bully now?
MSNBC's Tiffany Cross takes it beyond bullying and just jumps to inciting violence.
It is indeed a war and I have to say they have won some battles, Jasmine, but we have to keep our eye on the war and everybody needs to pick up a weapon and get involved.
And here's one for the Miss Info Police.
Germany has to acknowledge its pandemic of the unvaccinated narrative is fake news.
But the health minister says it was just a computer glitch.
An investigation from area newspapers there found that Hamburg's social services department's numbers were skewed.
In most cases, they didn't know who was vaxxed or not.
That didn't stop them from classifying all unknown vax statuses as unvaccinated.
And you would think a cop killer would make headline news, but most of the media are ignoring the alleged shooting of Harris County Constable Charles Galloway during a traffic stop.
Why isn't MSM interested?
Could it be that the one facing capital murder charges is an illegal immigrant?
The PR machine for the administration wouldn't want to draw any more attention to the border crisis or the violence and ramifications that come with it, now would they?
And that's your Media Malfeasance for the week.
For KLIM.News, I'm Christy Lee.
It's hard to believe January 2022 is almost over.
And that means our big New Year's special is about to end.
The highest quality, whole food based, multi-vitamin and our best-selling vitamin C with zinc and rose hips formula that absolutely turbo charges your immune system.
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It's all available at InfoWarsTore.com right now.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And wow, we are, the censorship is beyond belief what's going on in the world.
In America, freedom is dead.
You know, one of the, this Canadian
Trucker's convoy, the Freedom Convoy, is really, really big.
And it's being ignored, lied about, and downplayed by the major media.
It is something that is a mega trend for freedom.
Freedom Convoy.
Truckers cause chaos in Ottawa.
After second day of protest.
That's the BBC.
Truckers cause chaos?
How about truckers are taking to the streets because their rights are being denied by a little daddy's boy, a silver spoon little
Frady Cat.
Justin True Dope.
You go back last Thursday.
Fully jabbed.
Three shots.
And he goes into hiding.
Because, oh, it was somebody got COVID.
Wait a minute.
You're telling me that if you get all the shots
You're fine.
There it is.
This is totally ignored by the media.
Before I got on, before I came up here, I said, I googled up Canadian truckers protest.
I got hardly anything.
And I got news from yesterday and the day before.
Pick up today's toilet paper of record.
Oh no, excuse me!
The paper of record!
Self-exclaimed by the New York Times.
Not one, not one shred of coverage of that rally.
Wall Street Journal.
Truckers protest in Ottawa against Canada's vaccine mandate.
This is some Al Jazeera.
The so-called Freedom Convoy is a rally against a vaccine requi... Wait a minute, wait a minute.
It's not a so-called.
It's not a so-called.
It is called.
This is, this is how bad the media is.
This is Nazism.
This is communism!
This is not, hey, Americanism!
Oh, it is what it is now.
Then, here's the next line.
Now, this is how they open it up.
Hundreds of truckers have driven their giant rigs into the Canadian capital, Ottawa.
Wait a minute.
Not hundreds of truckers.
By all estimates,
The lowest number that I've seen is 50,000.
Maybe, hey, maybe Al Jazeera can't count that high.
This is outright propaganda.
Totally blackballed by the media.
I shouldn't say blackballed.
I'll be called racist.
This is totally, totally being shut down.
You know why?
This is real.
And now it's going on in Australia as well.
And what does the media come out with?
Oh, oh, oh, oh.
And then the Washington Post, the Bezos rag.
Yeah, the Bezos rag.
You know what their thing is?
The Ottawa officials are angry.
And so is Little True Dope.
Little True Dope in hiding after he got two jabs.
Oh, and now he's tested positive?
Someone urinated on a statue!
Someone urinated on a statue?
And all those people?
Who the hell are you talking to?
I'll tell you who you're talking to!
You're talking to the morons of the world!
Who buy this crap and swallow it.
Look at that little coward Trudeau.
They asked to speak with him and he won't.
I got COVID, I got... Hey, what'd you get vaxxed for?
What'd you get vaxxed for, little boy?
Little boy or nothing.
In a country near you.
This protest is big.
I was on a number of... I did rallies out of Alberta.
Where they zoom me in.
Of course, I couldn't go there because I'm not Vax.
And I told the guys, I said, listen, they have to go and not leave.
I said, I don't know the first thing about trucking, but I know a lot about politics.
Briefly, at a graduate school, and my degree was in public administration.
I was a guy running, involved in major political campaigns in Westchester County, the richest county in America.
Yeah, Angelo Martinelli became the longest running mayor of Yonkers.
Oh, it's only a city of over 200,000 people.
Yeah, I was the campaign coordinator.
Worked on district attorney, Senate, state senators.
Been there.
I was the assistant to the Secretary of the New York State Senate at 26 years old.
I designed and instructed American politics and campaign technology, how to run political campaigns, and how to get things done the way you want.
And I taught it at St.
John's University.
I was the Chief Government Affairs Specialist of a major trade association.
I was killing environmental legislation at the height of the environmental movement.
Back in the 1970s.
That's what my head was.
I bought into the system.
But then I wised up.
I wouldn't know what I know if I wasn't on the other side.
So I told them, the only way this is going to work is if the truckers go and they don't leave.
Day in, day out, until these draconian mandates are lifted.
And if you don't believe me, look how the Berlin Wall came down.
They went, they didn't leave.
Look at how the Indian farmers, they got rid of that bill that Modi was going to pass.
They went to the streets day after day, night after night, week after week, month after month, until they won.
They just stopped Rio Tinto and Serbia from building a lithium mine.
They didn't want it.
The people took to the streets, they didn't leave.
They beat them.
We can beat them.
Going to a rally for one day and going home means nothing!
And if you don't believe me, you can ask that guy Kasper Weinberger, who was the Defense Secretary under Ronald Reagan.
They had a massive protest here in New York, I'll never forget it.
March from Washington Square Park up to Central Park.
A million people almost!
A million people!
Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger in an interview taped Friday for broadcast tonight in New York said, quote, the fact that a very large number of people turn out for a particular event is certainly something that people notice.
But I don't think that anybody rushes back and says we have to change our policy or something because there's been a rally.
Get it?
Get it?
You're useless if you go one day and go home.
What the truckers are doing now is gigantic.
And it can make a great difference in freedom, peace, and justice.
This is big.
And the media is ignoring it.
This can change things in a way that we haven't seen before.
We're going to come back in a bit.
InfoWars has been covering this.
And remember, support InfoWars because they're robbing us of our truth, freedom, and justice.
We'll be right back.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And again, do you can to support InfoWars.
What's going on, you know, with Spotify and going after Joe Rogan and the way they announce it and say it.
You know, you're not allowed to, you're not allowed to disagree with the official information coming out from prostitutes.
Media whores who get paid to put out by their corporate pimps and their government whoremasters.
Everybody that comes out against what they're saying is chastised.
This is terrible.
Again, that little clown chewed dope.
The little daddy's boy.
Who's this guy?
He'd be nobody if daddy wasn't Justin Trudeau.
Calling it a minority that against it.
A jerk!
A little boy!
A little actor!
I gotta believe a majority?
Oh, you mean the same majority that believe little daddy's boy George W. Bush?
Another little clown!
Another little boy of nothing!
Would be nobody if Grandpa wasn't Prescott Bush and Daddy wasn't President George Bush!
Yeah, that one!
That 88% of his people, the Americans, the majority, believed is BS!
We're gonna get that guy who saw me be lying dead or alive!
And I got this little jerk telling me I'm a minority?
I have to believe the dictates of the dictators?
Where's the outrage in this country?
How come this isn't happening with the farmers?
Oh yeah, they had a rally in D.C.
with RFK Jr., who I deeply respect, and I was a speaker at Ron Paul's War on Us event, and I was a speaker just before RFK Jr.
How many people showed up in D.C.?
What, about 30,000?
Out of 330 million?
The only way you win this is by going and not leaving until you demand a MET.
And you make it peaceful as they're doing.
And that's what I told the people in Alberta.
This has to be peaceful.
It has to be continual.
If they demand that you move the trucks, move them.
Go nice and slow and stop, stop and go.
Oh, when you run out of gas, ask the police to get you gas so you can move on.
And you don't leave until your rights are returned.
This is terrible what's going on.
The language that they're using to discriminate against people who refuse to follow their mandates.
That, that, that...
Yeah, I'm going to make up a story.
We're going to go back two years ago.
Oh, you know what?
Today the Chinese, the Chinese equity markets are closed down.
You know why?
It's Chinese Lunar New Year.
Let's go back to Chinese Lunar New Years ago.
The year of the rat.
When COVID was launched in the city of Yuan, they couldn't stop the Hong Kong protests, by the way, that were going on in 2019.
And I used to be on Hong Kong TV, talking to the reporters, you know, I've got like 20 minutes.
So what are you guys doing?
Mr. Salenti, we're not stopping.
We're going to fight this.
They stopped it.
They locked down Yuan.
They locked down a couple of cities.
They locked down Hong Kong.
It was over.
So here's the story.
We're going to go back to... I'm going to show you how stupid, ignorant, and how easy the people follow.
So what did they do?
I'll cover the Trends Journal back on January 28th, 2020.
Coronavirus, 106 dead in China.
Big news.
Our next line was 1.4 billion still alive.
What are you telling me this stuff for?
The reason they wear those stupid masks is because of air pollution.
Used to make fun of them.
The people of America got so afraid of the COVID, you can't make this stuff up.
The first thing that they did was they ran to the grocery store to buy toilet paper.
All right?
You can't make this up.
It was a science fiction movie.
You could not make this up.
Shows you what a bunch of crap heads the people are.
Hey, you know, the Neanderthals were using Scott toilet paper too, I think.
Do you have your water?
Gotta buy toilet paper, gotta buy toilet paper.
This COVID fear, of course, as the people that watch InfoWars know,
This is a plan to take over more power from the dictators in charge that have robbed the people of their freedom, peace, and justice.
This is draconian.
That people are being forced to take an Operation Warp Speed MRNA injection.
The first ever injected into a human being.
They're usually tested for what?
5-12 years?
Rushed into market.
And they refuse it.
And they're demeaned.
And let's go back.
Little True Dope over there.
You're fully vaccinated and you got the virus.
You're around vaccinated people all the time.
How did you get the virus?
You mean the vaxxers spreading it?
Oh, you're blaming the un-vaxxed?
No, no, no, you're all vaxxed!
You're all vaxxed, you got the virus!
Oh, but I would have died if I didn't get it!
Yeah, that's the BS they put out there, but how about the other people that are saying how sick they got from it?
So, what happened to the 96% efficacy rate that they were selling a year ago?
I'm not making that up.
That's the number they said.
Two shots, 96% efficacy.
Oh, and now according to the Israeli Health Ministry, it's 39%.
Oh, and it doesn't last that long, does it?
This is going to be a shot a year.
Just like the flu.
And as bad as the flu.
Because they don't have a great track record either.
Follow what's going on in the Canadian truckers protest.
Do what you can to support them.
Spread the word, because it's being blackballed by the media.
I've been looking all day to see what's going on today, and I can't find it.
I was getting loads of links yesterday, live links.
What are the police doing?
What are the people doing?
What are the truckers doing?
And we need one here.
It's happening in Australia now.
It needs to be in America.
We'll be right back.
Hey, great, great, great being on the Alex Jones Show, InfoWars.
What a team of people they have over there.
The work that they do.
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Never a peep.
Never a peep.
And again, the first book I worked on many years ago, 1980s, was Natural Healing.
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So you gotta build your immune system up.
You gotta get strong.
You gotta get into good health.
And that's something nobody talks about anymore.
Those are dirty words.
And if you don't believe me, go to CNN, the Cartoon News Network.
Two of America's favorite foods are about to get more expensive.
The makers of top foods and consumer good brands plan to raise prices in the spring, dashing shoppers' hopes for a quicker drop in their groceries bill.
So I said to myself, what are two of America's favorite foods?
Well, how about Oscar Meyer cold cuts?
That's what they got over here.
The hot dogs.
Oh, they're great for you.
Boy, they eat those hot dogs.
They're just great.
Cold cuts, hot dogs, bacon, sausage, and Velveeta cheese.
I don't understand why people are getting sick of COVID.
Because when you look at the data,
These are the facts.
These are the facts, Freaky Tree Dope, Gutzon Gavin Newsom, Witless Whitmer, the clown-playing governor of Michigan, and Huckleberry over here in New York.
Oh yeah, who just extended the mask mandate to February 10th.
Why, why not February 9th?
Why, I say, I say, February 11th.
No, no, no, no, Salenti.
February 13th, the day before February 14th.
You got a bunch of jerks off over there making up crap.
Who's dying from this thing?
Oh, let's go back to the food.
McDonald's expects its costs to soar and
McDonald's Corp said it expects the rate of costs in increase of food, paper and other materials in the United States to roughly double.
McDonald's said Tuesday that price increases
And promotions are helping to boost its U.S.
The Chicago company reported a 7.5% increase in U.S.
same-store sales.
Keep eating that crap!
Keep eating that crap!
Shove it down your throat!
Junk food?
How about crap food?
Going back to the data.
From January 2020 to January 7th, 2022, two years, a grand total of 693 people between the ages of 1 to 17 died in the United States, allegedly from the COVID virus.
According to the Centers of Disease Control, out of that 693,
61% were obese.
Got it?
Now you put the number into perspective.
There we are.
America, America.
Can't, well, I don't understand why I got sick.
Can't figure it out.
Boy, it blows me away.
Goes back to buying those products from Infowars to get into good shape.
It's all connected.
The better health you're in,
Unless your chances of getting the virus.
Again, 1 to 17 year olds, 693 died from January 2020 to January 7, 2022.
693, 61% had or were obese.
Yeah, great.
You'll never get sick.
Oh, yeah.
And you'll have a lovely time of life.
It's great.
You love being like that.
Keeping that number going.
You're approximately 74 million
People between the ages of 1 to 17 in America, 693 died in a course of two years.
That's why 350 a year out of 74 million.
What are you telling me this war and 61% of the world peace and you're telling the kids they got to get ejected with this?
This is demonic.
This is this is hell on earth.
Look at the junk people are eating.
Look what it looks like.
I said they used to have this expression.
Pigs can't fly.
Been to the airport lately?
Again, the whole culture's gone downhill.
And the only way to reverse this as I see it is a renaissance.
Go back to when it was great.
I saw pictures of people online during the Great Depression.
Long lines in New York City, as far as you could see.
And the men were dressed up with hats and ties and jackets.
There was a thing called dignity of America.
It's gone.
Until we bring back dignity and respect and self-respect, it's going to keep going lower.
But we could change this.
And InfoWars is doing what it can to do it.
So get these great products.
Build your immune system.
This isn't a hoax.
It's the truth.
The products are there for you.
And what the people are giving to put out, you know, we're doing the best we can to give you information you could use to prepare, prevail, and prosper.
Because we're on a rough road ahead.
When I get back, I'm going to talk about the markets.
Ooh, they're up today.
What a surprise.
We'll be right back.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
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Go to InfoWarsStore.com.
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It's a weekly like nothing else in the world.
Nothing comes close to it.
And if you could show me one that does, let me know.
Last week was 149 pages a week before 161.
And again, no ads, you know, so we're giving people everything they can because we're on a rough road ahead.
And you look at the markets today.
Oh, they're up.
Yeah, there we go.
When all else fails, they take you to war.
And that's, we'll talk about that later.
But first, I want to talk about the equity markets.
And yeah, they're up.
And so are interest rates going up.
But how far will the Fed raise interest rates?
And what effect will it be?
So here's the deal.
You have inflation now, and the CPI number came in at, what, 7%, right?
So if they raise interest rates 50 basis points,
You're still deep in negative territory.
And then you see the markets, they're down a thousand points.
And all of a sudden, boom, they're up.
Did you ever hear of the Plunge Protection Team?
The game is being rigged.
The game is being rigged.
Fed Daily supports rate lift off in March.
And they're gonna say they're gonna raise them more.
Will they?
I don't know.
But here's what I do know.
If they didn't rig the markets, January was going into the worst month since March when the COVID war really hit hard of 2020.
They had three weeks in a row it was down.
And now, again, they're down, they pop up all of a sudden.
They can't take higher interest rates.
Excuse me.
It's not the supply chain disruptions only that caused rising inflation.
What really caused it was all the trillions of dollars of cheap money the government and the Federal Reserve dumped into the system.
And when I say government and Federal Reserve, they're really one.
Because all you have to do is look at who the Treasury Secretary is.
Fatshah Brut, Janet Yellen, and
Only a woman was in charge.
I'm tired of that crap.
Black, white, green, yellow.
Save it.
Don't want to hear it.
Good and bad comes in all of them.
Anyway, where would she come from?
She's our Treasury Secretary and she was the former Fed head.
All right?
So the Federal Reserve is the government.
It's not we the people.
They're going to do everything they can to keep the economy going.
But here's my forecast.
You ready?
They're going to do a Paul Volcker 2022.
Paul Volcker was the Federal Reserve Chairman back in the 1980s.
Matter of fact, 1982.
82, 22.
History is repeating itself.
What happened?
Inflation was skyrocketing.
They raised interest rates by 18% or something.
It was ridiculous.
That's right.
Went into a severe recession.
I ended up buying in Rhinebeck, New York, which is right up in Kingston now, right across the river.
Because Rhinebeck got too white for me, so I don't like it there anymore.
The arrogant people of money.
Oh, I have a lot of money.
Don't you know who I am?
Oh, screw you.
Anyway, I bought 38 acres in an old house.
I have demolished every little place.
But anyway, 38 acres, three lots for $28,000.
That's right.
That's how bad it was in 1984 when they raised interest rates like that.
Then what happened?
They dramatically lowered them before the election in 1984.
And guess what?
You just saw the GDP jump for this year because of all the cheap dough they threw in?
The GDP jumped in 1984.
This is the highest rate it's jumped now since then.
So the Feds are going to do the same thing.
They're going to slow down the economy.
And then before the election in 2024, they're going to lower interest rates dramatically.
And boost the economy.
And there used to be a campaign slogan back in 1992, when murderer, lying, low-life, piece of scum, garbage, arrogant, crap, Bill Clinton was running for president.
The line used to be, it's the economy, stupid.
That's all the people care about.
So that's my take on it.
It's going to go down.
And then the plan, whether it works or not, is that they're going to lower interest rates dramatically before the election, because the midterms are shot already.
They're not going to, they're going to go down.
And they know it.
They only care about themselves.
They don't care.
And that's the presidency.
So that's how I'm looking at a lot of the economy.
On the COVID war front, this thing's going to wind down late March, mid-April.
You're going to start feeling the wind down because it's destroying businesses at levels that are unprecedented.
And the political, the politics, the many ticks that suck the life out of us, these little clowns and the bureau craps
These are people that can't get a job in the real world and they're into the political system.
They suck their way in.
They gotta get revenue coming in.
So they can keep their jobs and doing nothing and making up crap.
So they're gonna have to boost the economy.
So my forecast is they're going to start winding down the COVID war.
And there's gonna be a boost.
There's going to be a sharp boost.
No question about it.
That's anyway, that's my trend forecast on this.
I mean, that's why I was talking about the phonies, the frauds and the freaks.
And you have you had this thing with Spotify where you had Neil Young and Joni Mitchell asking for their music to be removed.
You know, we wrote about this in the Trends Journal about the so-called actors over the over the months selling the vaccines.
Joni Mitchell and Neil Young, weren't these the hippies back in the day that were protesting against government dictates like the Vietnam War and other things?
Look at what little corporate sellouts they are.
And that guy, what's his name, Neil Young, is a year older than me.
I hope I don't look as bad as he does.
What a bunch of little low-life sellouts.
This little clown boy with more chins than Chinatown over there?
Telling me what I should believe and understand about facts?
You sing and play guitar!
Take it easy, Junior!
You don't know crap about details, Junior!
I'm an entertainer!
Go screw yourself and shove it, man!
You're a little coward!
You're a corporate sellout!
You all are!
You're a bunch of corporate sellouts!
I listen to- Oh, a celebrity!
Oh, yeah, George Clooney said- Oh, another- Oh, he's a daddy's girl!
Oh, yeah, his mommy was Rosemary Clooney!
You'd be nowhere!
You'd be nowhere if your mother wasn't there to get you there!
And you're shoving your crap out here?
Shove it up your you-know-what, man!
That's how low this country's gone!
Listen to these little morons!
Oh, speaking of which, Meghan McCain said that despite being vaccinated, she contracted COVID-19.
Oh yeah, but it wasn't bad.
Oh, oh, it wasn't bad.
Well, here she goes.
My husband and I both fully vaccinated, McCain, blah, blah, blah.
And Dr. Fauci told the country months ago that it wasn't a matter of if, but when everyone would eventually catch the Omicron virus.
I haven't gotten it.
You know, knock on wood.
Haven't been sick.
I haven't been sick in two years.
Every year.
I hope I don't get a cold, don't get a flu.
But anyway.
But if everybody's going to get it.
So I don't know why I was so surprised when I finally tested positive.
Mercifully, when she was my daughter.
But my husband and I got very sick.
More sick than the mild Omicron.
Megan Moricron?
Megan McCain Moricron?
Yeah, your father was a murderer!
Killed all those people in Vietnam!
Oh yeah, let's salute him!
Yeah, that's the him!
Now listen to this crap she spews out!
A war here, we want a war here!
A plane got shot down!
It only killed three million people, innocent people in Vietnam!
And now we're buying, by the way, we're importing number two importer of clothing and shoes, Vietnam.
Going on, what I experienced wasn't mild, it wasn't easy, and I am fearful of the lockdown long-term side effects that I may experience.
Why'd you get vaccinated?
Why'd you get vaccinated?
I know why!
I know why!
Yeah, because you listened to Joni Mitchell.
Yeah, maybe that's why.
Support info was,
Infowars is all about setting new trends, starting new systems of awakening.
We are not here chasing and following Hollywood or the DC crowd or the New York elitist or any of these people's worldviews or ideas.
We know who they are.
We know what they're pushing.
We know that their transhumanism is not a new idea.
It goes back to the Garden of Eden.
It is a satanic lie that we can transcend our bodies and become gods by merging with these different systems that the corrupt globalist priesthood has built.
And to get us to accept transhumanism, to get us to believe our bodies are evil and bad, and that only the state or biomedical systems can save us, they have created the whole COVID-19 hysteria and fear to brainwash and abuse our children with masks and poison shots to teach us that we're inherently evil and bad and have to have the satanic sacrament of the GMO gene therapy injected into our bodies for the privilege to go outside and go to the park or have a job or fly on an airplane.
And that's why it's more important than ever to realize that humanity is desperate for the truth.
And with the almost total censorship happening in mainstream television and now even the internet, that makes info wars more precious than ever.
And so a lot of times we set trends that are new and trailblazing.
In other cases, we bring back things that are old, but that are absolutely crucial because of the changing battlefield that we face.
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Millions of copies were handed out to folks.
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I cannot express to you enough how important it is to let people know this is censored information.
Both the films on The Occult and The Globalist, and both the documentaries that are out, Part 1 and Part 2, on COVID land, of the real history and what really happened, and the real science that The Globalist are desperate for you not to learn.
So thank you all for your support.
Get your copy of COVID Land, The Mask, Part 2 and Part 1 as well at Infowarshore.com.