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Name: 20220129_Sat_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 29, 2022
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This text is a compilation of speeches and snippets discussing various topics including COVID-19 pandemic, vaccination policies, climate change, political views, and protests in Canada and Australia. The author critiques the government and media for manipulation and enforcing measures without proper scientific basis. Protests are portrayed as resistance against control and the need for a "reset" post-pandemic is emphasized. The text ends with quotes from different sources. The speaker supports peace and civil disobediance while condemning violence during protests, arguing that the Parliament is not the enemy but the Governor General of the Queen of England and Prime Minister Trudeau hold real power. They criticize Google for suppressing news about the protests and encourage people to use other search engines like DuckDuckGo or Bing. The speaker warns against the Great Reset, a world government, eugenics, and depopulation plan threatening human rights and freedom. The text discusses a convoy of trucks protesting COVID-19 mandates in Canada that attracted support from all walks of life. The government and media tried to downplay the protest but as more people joined, they became alarmed. Police forces were brought in to deal with the situation and some trucks were forcibly removed from the convoy. Protests are happening worldwide against tyranny with Canadians standing up against experimental vaccines, mandatory masks, and lockdowns. The million-plus people arriving in Ottawa to protest these measures have held the line and will not stop until change is made. The speaker encourages peaceful resistance and discusses vitamin C and zinc supplements. Canadians are mistreated by their government and now fighting back against experimental vaccines, mandatory masks, and lockdowns. A million-plus people are arriving in Ottawa to protest the measures implemented by the Canadian government. The tide is turning in Canada and it's about time for things to change. The speaker discusses how Canada is currently in lockdown due to Klaus Schwab and the UN to bring about a post-industrial world. He urges holding accountable those cutting off infrastructure, believes they are following UN orders, praises peaceful protest in Ottawa, and encourages people to expose it as a UN World Government Operation Lockstep plan. Alex Jones discusses how Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates are responsible for the economic collapse and subsequent inflation of everyday items such as milk and fuel. He urges listeners to hold these globalists accountable for their actions and to resist the policies they implement. Jones also plays a clip from Ricardo Bossi, the national leader of Australia One, who speaks about how malevolent forces have been attacking and undermining countries and that it is time for people in the Australian Defence Force to stand with the citizens instead of following unlawful commands given by their admirals, generals, and air marshals. The sleep support formula "Down and Out" is discussed as a potential solution for people experiencing sleepless nights due to stressful events happening both locally and worldwide. ConvoyReports.com is praised as having the best teams on ground in Canada, with Ezra Levant being referred to as the most important journalist in Canada. The protest in Ottawa against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's COVID restrictions is mentioned, with the trucker convoy being the catalyst for a broader movement due to its peaceful resistance and representation of various ethnic backgrounds. Criticism is directed towards political figures who have not stood up for the people, highlighting the void filled by the truckers and their convoy. In this episode, Ezra Levant talks about how even though money was released to shut down the protest in Canada, the fact that they raised 8 million dollars in just three days shows how desperate Canadians are for someone to fight back for them. He praises Alex Jones for his support and emphasizes the importance of resisting against the deep state, world government, corporate, fascist, neo-Nazi movement. Levant discusses how Canada is a beta test for America and how their media is in lockstep with Justin Trudeau's government. He also talks about how journalists in Canada take a government subsidy from Trudeau, making it difficult to have independent journalism. Finally, he warns of the great darkness coming and urges people to prepare themselves for the future. Alex Jones discusses the current situation with the Canadian trucker convoy and its implications for the global battle against tyranny. He speaks to Derek Sloan, a former member of Parliament and patriotic Canadian, about the historic events unfolding in Ottawa. They touch upon the positive atmosphere and sheer scale of the protest, as well as potential responses from the government and future developments. The host and his guest discuss the ongoing protests in Canada against COVID-19 restrictions and mandates, with a

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The small fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa or who are holding unacceptable views that they're expressing do not represent
...the views of Canadians who have been there for each other, who know... ...total gaslighting... ...following the science... ...following the Stockholm Syndrome... ...standing up to protect each other... ...following Klaus Schwab's enslavement... ...it's the best way to continue to ensure our freedoms, our rights... ...that's already starved 40 million people to death in Africa... ...this pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset...
This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.
Building back better means getting support to the most vulnerable while maintaining our momentum on reaching the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the SDGs.
Canada is here to listen and to help.
Men and women of the Australian Defence Force, both serving and retired, volunteers or National Service men and women, veterans all, we are at a point in history without precedent.
A war for the world.
Now many of you know that truly malevolent forces have been attacking and undermining our nation for longer than most of us have lived.
They, our adversaries, have executed their monstrous plans against innocent men, women and children.
They fight with a pre-biblical barbarity, without decency and without constraint.
They fight without courage and without compassion.
Their war against the people is undeclared total war.
It has been a traitor's war, a dirty war, a coward's war.
We know only too well that unless we halt and then reverse this unrelenting attack on every aspect of our lives, we will lose everything we love.
And enter a period of civilizational darkness more depraved than any period in human history.
We must act.
However, this is not a call to arms.
Our soulless adversaries and their mindless enablers would like nothing better than for a shot to be fired.
Because to do so would legitimise, in the minds of many subnambulant Australians, further unconstitutional and unlawful constraints on our rights, to our lives, our liberty and our property.
We will not give them that excuse.
We, no, we never fight on ground of the enemy's choosing.
We must fight, but in doing so we must win the people.
At every opportunity, we must stand with the people, unarmed but in uniform.
Our weapon?
Pure courage.
We took an oath to serve our nation, and what is our nation if not the people?
By our presence in uniform alongside and with the people, we are sending a powerful, unambiguous and galvanising message that in this war for the world, we the people are united and invincible.
We must demonstrate the pure courage born of love of family and love of country, that beats in the heart of every soldier, sailor and airman.
Because what is courage but love in action?
And if you love someone or something enough, you will do what must be done, regardless of the cost to you.
Perhaps we will lose our property.
If so, what of it?
We can always acquire more.
Perhaps we will lose our liberty.
If so, what of it?
We can eventually be set free.
Perhaps we'll lose our lives.
If so, what of it?
There are destinies much worse than death.
These sentiments are too much for most to understand, much less accept.
And that is all the more reason for us, for you, to stand with the people.
Now you might be challenged to explain why you chose such a course of action.
The answer is simple.
You will be doing what military law, civilian law, and just plain common decency require and demand.
You are disobeying the unlawful commands given by the admirals, generals and air marshals of the Australian Defence Force to participate in the genocide of the Australian people.
They are guilty and you will be innocent.
The oath to serve your country as a soldier did not include a contract for the normal luxuries and comforts enjoyed within our society.
On the contrary, it implied hardship, loyalty and devotion to duty, regardless of rank.
Ladies and gentlemen of the Australian Defence Force, it is time for you to serve not the admirals, not the generals, and not the air marshals, but to endure hardship, show loyalty, and do your duty for your country and your people.
And remember that in the words of GK Chester, we fight not because we hate what is in front of us, but because we love what is behind us.
I'm Ricardo Bose, National Leader of Australia 1.
Thank you.
As the 21st century began, human evolution was at a turning point.
Natural selection, the process by which the strongest, the smartest, the fastest reproduced in greater numbers than the rest, a process which had once favored the noblest traits of man, now began to favor different traits.
Most science fiction of the day predicted a future that was more civilized and more intelligent.
But as time went on, things seemed to be heading in the opposite direction.
A dumbing down.
Every time a hurricane or storm's coming, the gas stations just fill up with women with plastic bags they get inside, and then they put the gas in, and then wonder why the gas eats through it and spills, and they just don't know!
Now look at this woman, spraying gasoline on top of the car.
This is not a joke.
She thinks that's how you clean your car, and she's got her mask on!
So let me get this straight.
She's black.
She's Indian.
He's a reverend.
He's a hero.
And this guy is a woman?
I'm gonna grow a magnificent pair of wrists!
So that means that this is a peaceful protest, and this is a deadly insurrection.
This guy's a white supremacist, and this guy won the election.
The economy was in a state of deep neglect.
A great dust bowl had ravaged food supplies, and the number one movie in the country was called Ass.
And that's the Secretary of Health.
That's kind of stupid.
Today could be your lucky day.
California's first vaccine lottery drawing takes place tonight.
That's right.
You can win $1 million.
Get vaccinated.
Enjoy your extra big ass fries.
You're saying I could get this?
These delicious fries?
But there's also a burger element to this?
Joints for jabs.
That's what they're calling it.
Free joints today to those who could prove they got the COVID vaccine.
You sound really smart.
The answer is mass formation psychosis.
Did you just make that up?
I don't like them putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin frogs gay!
What a stupid son of a bitch.
You're the smartest guy in the world.
You're pretty dumb sometimes.
I'm kind of retarded.
Toilet to tap.
Like out the toilet?
So you're taking every single thing going down a toilet.
Every drop.
Toilet to tap.
It's got electrolytes.
When I mention our names like Mrs. Merkel, even Vladimir Putin and so on, they all have been young global leaders of the World Economic Forum.
But what we are very proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, President of Argentina and so on,
That we penetrate the cabinets.
So yesterday I was at a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau and I would know that half of this cabinet or even more half of this cabinet are actually young noble leaders of the world economy.
And that's true in Argentina, too.
That's true in Argentina as well.
It's true in Argentina, and it's true in France now.
I'm here with the President, with the young global leader, but what is important... It's estimated that more than a million people of the 33 million folks of Canada have now traveled to the capital, the beautiful capital, beautiful city of Ottawa.
And they are now surrounding the Parliament structure.
The National News has been showing shots of the back of the Parliament that is fenced off, saying no one's there.
I have the articles right here.
You ask, why would they tell such criminal lies?
Because it's all they've got.
The system, the establishment, what it's selling, we're not buying.
But reportedly, not just the main highway that had the 40-plus mile long record convoy, but all the other major highways are now blocked, people trying to get in,
It could be over a million.
Obviously, we want peace.
We want civil disobedience to peacefully occupy.
We don't want any provocateurs breaking into the Parliament.
The Parliament's not the enemy.
It is the Governor General of the Queen of England that's in real control and their minion, Trudeau, who said he wants to be a dictator.
All the evidence is he almost lost control of the Parliament and that's despite all the election fraud and the snap election he called a few months ago.
Google is only putting two and three day old news up and is blocking any new breaking information.
It's incredible.
You have to go to DuckDuckGo or even Microsoft's Bing, not saying it's perfect, to find the incredible info or go to Twitter or go to Instagram and type in Canadian truckers.
Truckers Canada, and it's just, all day I've been fascinated watching it.
It is amazing.
And historic.
But I want to be very, very clear with everyone.
Where we are today in the year 2022, as the first month of this year prepares to fade into history,
is the freest and safest and wealthiest we will ever be.
And healthiest.
Unless we turn back the Great Reset and to build back better.
World government, eugenics, depopulation agenda.
They don't want to just take down America because they don't want an example of wealth and upward mobility and freedom for the rest of the world.
They want to take down all systems that empower humans.
They want to teach you to live in a dystopia where you have nothing, you own nothing, you have no rights, you are literally a vassal.
With your resources cut off so they can have the so-called middle class that's tiny, the managerial class, engage in warfare against the underclass for diminishing resources.
The argument is an environmental one to quote save the earth, but that is only the cover story for this.
This, my friends, is nothing less than genocide.
The numbers finally came out last week.
In the first year of the global lockdown, an extra 25 million people starved to death, not from the virus, but from the lockdown.
That's more than 10 times globally what the virus killed, even if you believe the official numbers that are inflated.
Well, now they're reporting over 40 million extra starved to death in the last two years of the lockdown, because they're still under lockdown in Africa.
They're still under lockdown in Latin America, other than Brazil, because the IMF and World Bank, the private banks, own those countries.
They've got them by the balls.
They've got them with the debt.
And they tell them, you don't open your small businesses, you don't open your farms, you don't open your ranches, you just let all your milk cows get slaughtered.
Because you can't just leave milk cows there producing milk.
People asked a year and a half ago during the lockdown, why in the U.S.
are they just dumping milk in the gutters?
Because there's no trucks to come get it to take it to the store.
That's why you didn't have milk.
And then the cows keep producing, and so you've got to dump it.
That's the supply chain.
That is the shutdown of our systems.
That is the economic war we're now under that is already going to cause and has caused a worldwide depression.
And if the lockdowns continue, it is going to accelerate genocide by starvation.
So remember when some maskey and some virtue-signaling turd
is telling you, be a hero, like Trudeau said, wear a mask, take your shots, go through the hardships of the lockdown together.
We're heroes under Stockholm Syndrome and learned helplessness.
Remember that that's the weak-minded followers being programmed by the abusers to go along with that while their first world economy is destroyed and while the third world is literally killed.
And listen, I don't want our borders wide open and third world brought in here unlimited, dependent to become voters to displace my rights.
That's one end of the globalists collapsing the third world to use them as a weapon against us.
But it also doesn't mean I sign on to their genocide and their death.
Going back six years ago in Venezuela, they were having over 2,000 deaths a week from starvation.
The government passed a law, 10 years in prison, look it up, if you registered as a nurse or a doctor that someone died of starvation.
So now they don't say starvation.
And now the numbers are over 5,000 a week that starve to death in Venezuela, but they call it other things.
See, when you start starving, you get a cold, it kills you instead of you just getting sick.
And 40 million people
And now over 300 million are on the verge of starvation, the UN's own numbers.
Over 40 million people, most of them children, died in the dark with no electricity, with no food, dying because of your precious leftist lockdown and your damn virtue signaling.
And is there any
Doubt why almost every corporate pitch person is black now.
I mean, you turn on cable, you turn on TV, you turn on radio, all the voices are, quote, black because the corporations that are murdering everybody and they're completely racist against humanity, period, are literally wrapping themselves in blackness so people think AT&T is black or people think that Lockheed Martin's black.
And while the ADL tells you, you do what the left says, you give up all your rights, you give up your guns, you accept lockdowns, or you're a racist.
What do people say all over the news?
From The View to CNN, if you're against lockdowns, they call you a white supremacist.
I saw over 20 videos, we played them last week, when they had that big rally against the mandates and the forced injections, and talk about true tyranny in DC with hundreds of thousands of people, and the left came up and screamed at them and said, you are white supremacist!
You need to be in jail!
What the hell does not wanting an experimental Pfizer or Moderna shot from Bill Gates and me that doesn't work, that erases my immune system, that causes serious health problems, what the hell does a World ID to track what I do have to do with white supremacy?
And the answer is everything.
Because the globalists want to get rid of everybody.
Not just the poor, but the wealthy as well that they don't control.
And it is about tribalism, globalist death cult, control of the media, control of the resources, stolen all the wealth, believes it owns the planet, and it wants to teach us to fight with each other over what color we are and play us off against each other while they, the new super race, the uber mention, the super men that Hitler talked about, take over the planet.
And they're white, and they're black, and they're Asian, and they're Hispanic, but predominantly they're white, inbred old families, and they are literally carrying out their 2.0 depopulation wrapped in leftist ideology.
Now, I'm going to open the phones up and I'm going to take your phone calls.
That's what we're going to do, phone calls.
And I want to hear specifically from people in Canada,
I want to hear specifically from people in Ottawa.
I want to hear specifically from truckers.
So let's open the phone system up, guys.
I do not want to hear from people in Texas or people in California or people in Albuquerque, New Mexico or New York City.
I want to hear from Canadians, but first and foremost, truckers and protesters and demonstrators that we salute that are on the ground right now in Canada, the front lines of fighting tyranny.
Because if we don't turn this back now, and if we don't understand it's a great reset, and a world government, and a post-industrial world,
And if we don't say no to this system that's literally designed to shut off our resources and bring in an authoritarian control grid and depopulation, they're going to win.
You don't just fight heads of the Hydra, you got to go at the heart of the Hydra and where this comes from.
And that's why they're trying to shut us down because we get the full paradigm and are not trying to monopolize this information.
The globalists monopolize this understanding of enslavement and control.
We are demonopolizing it.
And distributing it to everyone, the truth, so you can defeat them, because I believe in you.
The globalists, when they've tried to hire me to join them, at the highest levels, and I don't say that like bragging, it's real.
They say, it doesn't matter if you warn these people, they're profane, they're low, they're going to be destroyed.
They will destroy you if you try to help them.
Well, my soul doesn't feel good pretending to be God like Klaus Schwab, and so I'll go with how my soul feels.
And my soul feels good standing up for poor people, and black people, and brown people, and white people, and any people, children.
My soul feels good standing up for prosperity, and justice, and human innovation, and going to the stars.
It doesn't feel good pretending to play God and joining with you people.
You tried to get my dad to join you, he didn't join you.
You tried to get me to join you, I didn't join you.
And I'm here to tell the general viewers, this show is not my opinion.
This broadcast is not a game.
This is real.
So let me give you the toll-free number.
And the first caller, and I'm so nice about this, is from Georgia.
We're not taking that call.
In fact, we won't take calls, fine.
Shut the calls down, because I'm a nice guy, but I mean, I'm like in a weird hallucination here, where we're taking calls from Canada, and there's calls from the U.S.
already on the board.
I'm not being a prima donna here.
We're taking calls from Canada.
They need a shot to get on air.
They need a shot to tell us what's happening there, so we can talk to them.
That means no calls from the United States.
We are doing an emergency live Saturday broadcast to honor the million-plus people on their way or who are already in the capital of Canada under that insane level of Great Reset tyranny.
Because if they can take down Spain or Australia or Canada, they can take any of our nations down.
This is a global attack and I love the propaganda on Australia and Canada.
Or Germany.
So what?
We're starting forced injections next month in Germany, they say.
Stay out of our business!
Oh, really?
Big multinational corporations come in, buy off the governments, buy off the media, force-feed all this garbage down on top of people, and we know it's a worldwide plan, and then we're not supposed to say, hey, what's happening in North Korea looks bad.
What's happening to the Uyghurs in China looks bad.
What's happening in all these tyrannies are our business.
When other humans are being enslaved, when other humans are being told they're obsolete, when other humans are being attacked and annihilated, that is our business.
All of our businesses.
And we better get involved or it will happen to us!
That is what empathy is about.
Now I want to air a Greg Reeves report as we get these calls lined up that deals
I want to air this Gregory's report that deals, it's a few minutes long and we'll go to our guest, that deals with the red states and the confirmed documents from the former chief scientist at Pfizer that these injections are causing mass death and that it's being deployed to red states.
We have that ready, right?
Here is that report and we'll come back with our first guest on the ground in Ottawa, Canada, and then calls from Canada.
I'm gonna go make a note in there right now.
Calls from Canada at 877-789-2539.
Here's the report.
This is so important.
Ex-Head of Respiratory Research at Pfizer, Mike Yeadon, and researchers, including Craig Pardecouper, have sourced VAERS data on vaccine death and injury in the U.S., a database of over 700,000 adverse reactions caused by the Moderna, Pfizer, and Janssen vaccines.
These vaccines have been deployed in different batches, officially referred to as lots.
This has allowed Yeadon's team to back-engineer Big Pharma's COVID-19 vaccine deployment agenda in the U.S.
All their information is published at howbadismybatch.com and howbad.info.
And what we learn is quite telling.
About 0.5% of all the different batches are highly toxic, resulting in hospitalization, disability, and death within days or weeks of injection.
Other batches cause minimal adverse reactions and most appear to be harmless placebos.
When plotting on a timeline, we can see that these three companies have been working together to quietly monitor the lethal effectiveness of specific deadly batches.
While one company is deploying a lethal batch, the other two deploy harmless ones, creating the scientific environment to perform dose range finding, or the maximum tolerated dose for each specific batch.
The timeline shows that each lethal batch deployment is preceded and followed by a quiet period, allowing them time to establish their baseline before the next deadly batch is deployed.
Private leaked documents from the CDC show a list of expiry dates and only certain lots are included.
The very same lots found to be highly toxic in part of Cooper's database.
Which makes sense.
There would be no reason to list expiration dates for saline placebo.
Only the deadly ones.
This mode of deployment allows governments the ability to direct deadly batches into specific populations, such as red states.
Analysis of the number of dying per 100,000 vaccinated in 50 states shows us that the overwhelming majority of vaccine deaths are happening in red states.
Some red states are experiencing 11 times more vaccine deaths than other states.
On average, red states are experiencing twice the amount of vaccine death and injuries than blue states.
After ruling out other possibilities, Parda-Cooper concluded that this can only be due to the fact that red states received at least twice as much of the lethal batches than blue states did.
Among several other crimes, they are tipping the scales of the democratic process by killing people who voted against the New World Order's woke, build back better, great reset.
While at the same time, endlessly flooding the borders with unvaccinated foreigners.
And it's happening right now.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, you can see a live feed that just shows a tiny part of Ottawa, the capital there of the great country of Canada, now under great reset globalist takeover, where they're literally training him to live in a martial law society.
Klaus Schwab brags on U.S.
television that he controls cabinet of Canada and he controls the Prime Minister.
Jeremy McKenzie is a 14-year combat veteran in the Canadian Infantry and served in Afghanistan.
He's a comedian, professional boat rocker, and host of the Ragecast.
I think he's been on the show before.
And he talks about politics, culture, and events.
And he's with us at RagingDissent.com.
And he's been covering this, so I wanted to get him as a Canadian.
On first to give us his take on how big this is and the different angles of what's unfolding here And I want to get his take on my concern that just like January 6 They may try to provocateur something and what does he advise people do to stop them turning this?
So far huge victory into a defeat for freedom So Jeremy give us your take on that
Thanks for having me back, man.
Hey Alex, how's it going?
I appreciate it.
Yeah, there is thousands and thousands of people downtown.
I came down with the convoy from the east end of the country on Thursday, Wednesday, Thursday.
It's, you know, people are crying in the streets.
I'm high-fiving people out of the side of my truck.
It was insane.
And I share your concerns.
There's problems.
There's been police raids.
We've got undercover cops following me around.
On the CBC National, it's one of our biggest mainstream media shows, just on Friday night,
They were inferring that I, personally, I'm a potential domestic terrorist, this kind of thing.
A friend of mine, a comrade I do this with, they were running clips of him.
So they're definitely going with that angle, because that's the only card they've got.
He already said, everyone there holds views that are not acceptable.
I mean, he sounds like Kim Jong-un.
That's right, and it feels as though
They want something like that to happen, and if they can't make it happen organically, maybe they'll incite something.
I'm getting reports from people saying that there's police, there's agitators, there may be something that's going to happen here.
And if they do, I mean, they're just another step away from what happened with you guys down there in the States.
And then, you know, as you know, you can outlaw your political opponents.
Then you've got it in the bag then, and they'll have every excuse in the world they need to shut this down.
Nobody in the convoy, nobody I've known or talked to or spoken with has said anything remotely close to any kind of violent rhetoric or anything like that.
Everyone has always maintained this is a peaceful movement.
They're going there to shut down the city, and they're calling it a manifesto on TV.
They're running with the anniversary of the Moss shooting and terrorism.
They're talking about terrorists and shootings and dangerous people and fringe extremists.
The messaging, constant, constant, constant like this.
And, you know, the manifesto is a list of, this is what they want.
They want the mandates gone, the testing gone, the vaccine passports gone, get rid of it, coast to coast, every city, province, and territory.
And more than that, everyone that's lost their job as a result of these draconian, insane overstepping, to have them reinstated immediately, and they're not going home until it's done.
Well, brother, it's just insane, because I'm reading the same news.
You were just out in the crowd.
You popped back in to, I guess, a hotel or apartment to join us, and I appreciate that.
But I see the Yahoo Top Story this morning.
Without me even looking, it pops up on my phone.
Joe Rogan and Elon Musk praise the truckers, but police say they're dangerous and are going to arrest them.
And so, again, there's this aggressive stance that, how dare you?
And we know that illegally they've used military PSYOPs in the U.S., the U.K., and Australia, as well as Canada.
And they brag in Canada and say, of course we're using PSYOPs in fear to control you.
So they're using military technology, brainwashing technology, that I know the U.S.
wouldn't even allow our PSYOP people to use against Al-Qaeda, but it's now being used against Americans, Canadians, and others.
That's right, they've been using the military about that, and even our federal police force here, which is
Similar to, you could say, the FBI in the United States just recently is telling Canadians to report anti-government behavior to the RCMP.
And, you know, it went in doubt, just report it.
And I don't know how long, I don't sleep too many hours a night, but is it possible I've slept so long?
You know, we've gone into the Soviet Union, has things changed that much?
I don't know.
But it's very scary.
This is an authoritarian revolution.
It's not coming, it's here.
How big is this convoy?
Because I'm told it's coming in from multiple roads, 40-something miles long, 20 miles long, 10 miles long, a million plus people descending.
What's really going on?
Because we're all getting snapshots of, you know, it looks like 100,000 here, 20,000 there, 5,000 here.
Looks like folks just everywhere.
What's happening?
It's impossible to tell, but it is by far the biggest, this is the biggest civil action movement I've ever seen in this country.
When I came back from Afghanistan, there wasn't this many people to greet us.
And just in the Fredericton area in New Brunswick, we drove through there, there was hundreds, maybe a thousand people in just one overpass.
And it was like that the whole way here.
The Western Convoy is by far the biggest one.
I think they may be arriving now or shortly.
They've been on the road for days.
It's 75 kilometers long, potentially.
Talk about the different convoys.
Describe this for listeners.
Sure, so we've got the biggest one has left Western Canada.
It's about 75 kilometers long, thousands and thousands of trucks, more people are joining in every day.
There's another one coming from the south towards Ottawa and the guys I came in from with the east, we landed here just recently and there's more and more people pulling into the city.
There's, again, I don't know how many people are downtown, 10,000 and there's more coming.
And it's from all over the country, all walks of life.
You know, the indigenous people, the African Canadians, everybody.
The Sikh Indians have a convoy there.
You know, my friend Derek posted a video.
They're calling us, you know, fringe extremists.
It's a small, tiny group of white nationalists.
No, this is a beautiful, unifying event.
Everybody knows they're under attack.
Exactly, and they're so desperate to make it something that it's not, when in reality, the irony that this government has tried so hard to divide and put everybody against each other and use identity politics as they preach unity and tolerance.
The irony is that their authoritarian approach in attacking all of our people, our cultural heritage, has actually united everyone against them.
And now they're terrified of it.
The Prime Minister isn't even here.
He's fled.
He's hiding somewhere with commandos.
Yeah, they admit that.
They say he's hiding literally with commandos.
Yeah, because he's such a great leader.
You know, when Black Lives Matter was here, he came out and welcomed them and stood with them in the streets and marched around.
Like, what a leader does is when you should approach these people and ask them what their concerns are, face them like a man.
And talk to them and try to find some kind of conflict resolution to figure out... No, but he's done the worst possible thing with Klaus Schwab bragging he controls him.
How huge is this then?
What are the real estimates?
Because corporate media is trying to spin this.
They don't know what to do.
They're in total panic mode.
What are the real estimates of numbers here?
Because it looks incredible.
Because we're checking, you know, cameras on top of churches, on top of government buildings, everywhere.
It just, all the roads are just jammed with trucks and cars coming in.
This looks epic.
It is.
It's insane.
I mean, people are, you know, grown men are crying.
You know what I mean?
It's a beautiful thing.
I get emotional thinking about it and talking about it and seeing it.
It could be half a million people coming to the city.
I don't know.
It's really, everything is booked.
There's nowhere to go.
You can't get downtown.
They're talking about, they've shut the bridges down so people can't get across the river from Quebec to get into the city.
They're talking about shutting the trains down.
There's police coming from all over the country.
Now, it's funny that they said
You know, they tried to downplay this and ignore it, and they're like, oh, it's only 2,000 people.
It's a fringe minority.
Now they're bringing in police forces from across the country.
I was about to say, a day ago, before the main convoy, they said, look, one truck.
I saw on, like, ABC News, because they only showed one truck.
But now they are really crapping their britches.
And the media is getting caught lying.
There was another one of these overpasses as people come out of their communities.
And Alex, it's minus 30.
It's so cold.
And they're out there with their kids.
They're just out there braving the weather to support this country.
It's finally, you know, coming back to life and I, you know, it has restored my faith here in these people and I couldn't be more proud of them.
The media was filming the tail end of it.
Watch, like, 20, 30 people as there's a thousand on the other side.
And, you know, these people there, you know, citizen documented, they're just screaming at them like, you're, you liars!
Like, look over there!
And they chased them away.
And then they go on CBC and say, well, we fear for our safety because these people are so extreme.
We, we don't, you know, they're, they're so crazy.
They don't want us to lock them down and bankrupt them and starve them and force injections in them that kill you.
What's wrong with them?
I mean, Klaus Schwab's nice.
It's crazy and it's just basically, they've had enough.
People don't want to live like this.
And a fringe of minorities, not even Canada, this is now starting, this is spreading all over the world now.
There's similar movements.
I was about to say Germany, France, England, Australia, the truckers are pissed.
Humanity's coming together.
I love the PSYOP out of Canada and Australia.
Don't get involved, you Americans or anybody.
If we were under this tyranny, I want Canadians involved.
I want everybody involved.
I want Mexicans involved.
To help us!
We're all in this together!
It's a global war on everybody, on all free people and anybody that just wants to live their lives and be free and they're coming after all of us.
You can count on that.
I've said that.
If this works, and I don't see how they're going to get out of this unless they can spin something or invent something, these guys are, when it's done and they win, they're going to pack up and they're going to turn right around and they're coming to Washington next.
This isn't going to stop.
Until it's over.
It's a beautiful thing you see happen and they're desperate.
They're desperately trying to figure out a way to stop this.
Well listen, I'm doing the regular Sunday show, 4 to 6 p.m.
Please join me tomorrow, Jeremy McKenzie, RagingDissent.com.
I can talk to you for five hours.
We've got all these amazing Canadians on the phone to go to.
Anything else in the last 60 seconds you'd like to add?
Not really, just be careful, keep your head on a swivel.
I would recommend anybody, if you see anything strange or going on, get it on camera and get out of there immediately because as we know what they did to their political prisoners you guys have down there in the United States over what happened last year.
This is, again, peaceful movement.
All we have to do, it's like the end of a championship boxing fight, you're up, it's over.
Just don't get knocked out in the last three minutes of the last round and you're going home with the belt.
That's right, you've won the last 11 rounds, the dude is bleeding, just don't let him knock you out.
Even if he low blows you, he elbows you, he headbutts you, doesn't matter.
I don't care if people spit on you, throw eggs at you, smile and wave, because the clock's ticking and they're going to lose.
Jesus taught us how to do it.
Gandhi did it.
Martin Luther King Jr.
This is the time.
Because you're a tough guy, but you understand, a lot of people are trying to provocateur into anger.
The real tough guys know how to take a punch when it means winning the whole game, right?
And like I said, that's why
That's why I'm here.
They're trying to paint me as a terrorist.
They're trying to paint Derek here as a terrorist and everybody.
If it means it's better for the movement, I'm not going to take anything away from this.
I'll hide under a rock if that's what it takes, because it's about the country, it's about the people.
But the military and police ought to look at that.
You're a decorated, honorably discharged combat veteran, and then here they are demonizing you because you're a veteran.
That ought to tell all those people how expendable they are by this corrupt alien system.
If you go against it, it doesn't matter who you are.
You can be the most loyal soldier to the Empire until the very last day, and on the last day you do something it doesn't like, they'll throw you away as fast as anybody else.
All right, very powerful.
We'll talk to you tomorrow on the Sunday show.
Thank you so much, sir.
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Coming up in a few minutes, Dixie Rose is a trucker's wife who traveled with her family to hold the line for her Canadian family, Canada-Unity.com.
We're getting her on the line, but I want to get to Derek and Decker and Alex and Alan and Jay and Trina and Brett and Ben and Jason and Miles.
We'll get to all of you here on this live emergency transmission.
Let's go first.
To Trina in Ottawa, right there in the capital of the incredible country of Canada.
What a gorgeous country.
I'm sorry, I've been up there.
Beautiful place.
So sad it's captured by the globalists.
Gotta free it.
Trina in Ottawa.
You're saying it's massive, awesome.
You're right in the middle of it.
What are you saying?
Alex, thank you for taking my call.
Oh my God, I can't believe what I'm talking to you.
I also want to tell you thank you for giving Canada so much exposure.
I've been listening to you for hours.
Well, I mean, you're on northern flank.
The enemy's taking you over.
My God, we're all in this together.
Are you kidding?
We are in this together, and in solidarity.
And it is a proud moment to be Canadian today, to be driving down around Parliament Hill and seeing everyone, from children, no masks, no nothing, just everyone is happy, and this is an amazing moment to be alive here today, that's for sure.
Well, I want to go back to the point, because isn't it just like, and I agree with you in solidarity, that's wonderful, but it's like a risk game.
The more territory the globalists get, the more power they have.
Every piece they take is, is, is, I'm closer to a FEMA camp.
So I have empathy because I care about your freedom and hate seeing you be slaves, but you understand, this is self-preservation I'm engaged in.
They, if they can take you down, we're screwed.
They've already got almost every U.S.
city under their control.
I know that.
And we're experiencing this here too.
And I've been afraid as a Canadian for the past, I don't know how many months, 22 months, because it felt like we were just rolling over and we were just allowing these invaders to take over our country.
And we have never been more disappointed in our leader.
I don't even want to call him that.
He's not your leader.
He is literally a globalist occupier.
He is literally vetted and says he wants to be a dictator.
Well, we are on to him, and we are not taking it.
And these truckers, they have given us all hope, and people are just coming out of the woodwork.
We have never been so proud.
Beautifully said.
Trina, what else would you like to add?
I'd also like to add that your products are amazing.
I'm going to give a, I absolutely love the winter sun and up here in Canada, we don't get enough of it in the winter.
I love your brain force.
So I'm definitely a supporter and I am just so pleased to just be talking with you.
We love you here in Canada.
Well, I love you, and I'm gonna fight to the end, and I see humanity rising up peacefully.
It's beautiful.
Be safe.
Don't let a provocateur stop any provocateurs that try to firebomb or attack to demonize the whole group.
But if they do firebomb or bomb something to blame you, say, we didn't do this.
The globalists have the motive.
Probably a false flag.
Don't turn tail when they stage something, because they could truck bomb anything.
People are real patriots doing this, bringing their children there.
I salute them.
I'm so proud of the sleeping giant that is the Canadians.
Because I'm telling you in my life, I've learned, the quiet, nice guy is the guy that'll whip your ass in a fight.
He ain't looking for a fight, he's not looking for trouble, but once you start it, they're going to finish it.
The Canadians are so nice, but now they know they're in trouble, and now they're firing up!
And this is what it's going to take to win!
That's why we're here on Saturday, to salute our Canadian brothers and sisters, and our Australian brothers and sisters, and our German brothers and sisters, and people in Central and South America, still under lockdown.
They're our brothers and sisters.
This is wrong!
This is evil!
And it has to end now.
Let's go a few more calls and we have Dixie Rose yet?
All right, I'm gonna get one more call and we're gonna go to Dixie Rose.
Let's go ahead and talk to...
Let's go ahead and talk to Miles in Ottawa, also in the Canadian capital, where a million-plus people conservatively are now arriving.
Literally turned out I was in hiding under a rock where he belongs.
Miles in Ottawa, tell us what's going on in Dixie Rose.
Alex, it has been so difficult the last two years to be a Canadian.
They have disparaged and gaslit the population.
We're having legitimate questions about an experimental vaccine.
We are coerced by our employers.
I can't get on a plane in this country.
I have to drive across the country for work.
Brother, you're under martial law.
You're under the World Social Credit score.
You're under it, yeah.
And just the absolute state of hypnosis.
So many Canadians are walking around in.
They speak these positions that they can't defend.
With the slightest bit of cross-examination.
We have a drone population.
It's pathetic.
We don't have any critical thinking.
But today, I left with my fiancée at five in the morning.
We drove to Ottawa.
It was convoys of trucks, pickup trucks.
It is, everybody has flags on their cars.
We go, we stop at rest stops.
Nobody's wearing masks.
It's absolutely incredible.
It's the first time in two years I have been proud to be Canadian.
We're not going to stop, Alex.
This is just the start for those hiding out in a bunker somewhere, pretending that nothing's happening.
But as of today, the tide is turning in Canada, and it's about to change.
So beautiful, brother, and I could get into
We're good to go.
So part of why Western civilization is able to thrive and build incredible things, our strength is being used against us.
And now is the time to not comply and to not follow the orders.
Miles, closing comments, my brother.
You know, Alex, thank you, first of all, for covering it.
I just want to mirror that last caller.
Thank you to all of the American patriots that are talking about it, that are supporting Canadians, that are donating to that GoFundMe.
You know, these truckers are there to stay, and I'm going to have to return back to my home, but as long as they're there, I'm going to show up on the weekends, I'm going to be there side-by-side with my Canadian brothers, and we're going to get this country back.
And, you know, I was planning on moving to Texas with my fiancé, and I still would love to at some point in time, but until then, I want to live in a free country here.
And I want the children of my friends, the children of my family, to be able to live in a country where we can speak our minds, where we don't have to live in some weird leftist
It's disgusting, and thank you just so much, Alex.
No, don't thank me.
I want to thank you, because we're in this together.
We salute Miles from Ottawa.
We are all standing with our Canadian brothers and sisters against this evil.
All right, more of your calls coming up.
Everybody, I'm going to get to you.
This is amazing.
I want to thank the crew coming in on Saturday.
Dixie Rose is a trucker's wife who traveled with her family to hold the line.
That's right, with our Canadian family.
Canada-unity.com, Dixie Rose.
Dixie, thanks for joining us.
You're there in the middle of this.
Nothing is more important than human intelligence to give us a boil down and a gestalt of what you're witnessing.
Thank you for joining us.
Thank you for having me on.
So tell us what's really happening in Canada and how big this really is.
What's happening in Canada is amazing.
I'm sitting here at the Vancouver
Sorry about that.
I'm sitting in Detroit, Michigan and at the bridge crossing over to Canada.
And we're holding the line here because we can't cross the border.
We can't go help our family in Canada.
And that's really sad to me that they're under such a martial law that we can't even go over there and be able to come back.
You know, that's important.
I should have said this up front.
They're trying to make Americans that go there being shot.
Canadians that come to America have the injection.
That's a martial law keeping two families, especially, like you said, up in Michigan and Canada or, you know, all these places.
This is tyranny.
And so that's what you're talking about.
Yes, exactly.
There are families that haven't seen their families in two years or more.
And just like me, I have family in Canada.
I haven't seen my nephews there.
And it makes me really sad that I can't go over there and help them in this and be there in their territory, you know.
So I'm sitting here with the convoy out here underneath the bridge.
We're honking horns.
We're showing our spirit for them because that's the only way we can do it on the U.S.
We're not leaving here
All we can do is sit here.
Until they finish what they need to do in Canada.
We are standing tall.
We are holding the line here.
And that's an important point.
I've had a lot of truckers try to call in today from the U.S.
and we really appreciate them.
We're not discriminating against them.
We mainly want to hear from folks in Canada.
But exactly, there are people, I have family that has family that works in Canada in the oil fields and they haven't been able to see him in two years as well.
It's, you know, my cousin Jerry Earl's son works up there.
He hasn't seen him in two years.
Yeah, that's what they're dealing with.
I have listened to people cry.
I've listened to little kids cry for a couple of days now.
I started this journey last Sunday coming up here and I've been pushing it out, pushing it out.
The media just runs it over.
You can't get nothing out and some truckers don't even know about it.
To be honest with you, some found out yesterday because we can't get the word out because media
If we didn't have total AI censorship, we would have already risen up peacefully and defeated all this.
And that's why word of mouth, every person calling friends, calling family.
I had my hair cut today by a lady that was a listener, but she hadn't listened in a few months because she's busy.
I get it.
She didn't even know about this.
And I told her and she got all excited.
That's why, folks, person to person, every little bit you do is not a little bit.
It changes the world.
It's that human interaction that trumps all this evil.
And you know what?
I love my country, but my country is blind to what's going on right now.
We're so divided we can't come together.
Look what Canada's doing.
They're bringing us all together, and I will support them.
They are, to me, the North part of America.
They're strong, bonded, loyal.
That's what this country needs.
And by the way, Canada's almost as big as the U.S.
and got more resources.
We want that to be a free country.
Not some new North Korea north of the U.S.
And we gotta free these babies.
I have been talking to them for two days.
I mean, there's some I've actually been grown attached to.
And it's absolutely amazing to sit here and be able to have this kind of bond with our family up there above us.
And we need to open these borders and we need to be able to move across.
Are you going to be able to get across?
Because for folks who don't know, Detroit's the closest city to the capital of Canada, Ottawa.
Are you going to be able to get across or what's happening?
So we're not going to be able to go over there, but we're going to hold the line here.
We will be here as long as it takes.
All right, Dixie Rose.
Well, obviously, you know how important it is to expose that they want to lock society down with all this COVID garbage and not have us know that it's them.
We're locking society down to point out it's Klaus Schwab and the UN and the globalists bragging
That they're bringing in a post-industrial world by shutting down our society.
It is war by bureaucrats cutting off infrastructure and it's a war crime.
And these people need to be held accountable legally and lawfully.
We need to get the word out on this.
We really do in our country.
We really do.
Dixie Rose, thank you so much.
Thank you.
I'm going to race through more of your calls.
Toll free number to join us, 877-789-2539.
And I'll be taking calls on the Sunday show.
Monday I'm going to take a lot of calls next week and have very call-based shows next week on the Alex Jones Weekday Show.
But realize they're fighting across the board to suppress this rebellion, this peaceful rebellion against the permanent emergency and the biomedical tyranny of the Klaus Schwab UN, Club of Rome, Bill Gates UN takeover.
That's why everybody has to go to InfoWars.com.
And take the live show feed of this and say, Canada is fighting back against the martial law.
Canada is saying no peacefully.
And we need to get charged up and awake and out of our comfort zones and realize it isn't NFL playoffs that matter.
It isn't going and acting cool with our buddies and playing pool, which is all fun to do.
You've got to spend time engaged in freedom or it'll be taken away because the globalists see us as weak and pathetic.
This is a permanent lockdown.
It's only going to get worse unless we push back.
Push back now.
All right, let's go to Jay in Ontario, Canada.
Jay, thanks for holding.
You say you have family that are in the protest.
Tell us what they're saying.
Yes Alex, thank you for taking my call.
I have my brothers there, my cousins are there and they're saying it is amazing the amount of love people are getting.
So this whole narrative that this is a white nationalist extremist movement is completely wrong.
I am Sikh and a lot of Sikhs are taking part in this and they're saying it's so amazing.
I mean no one expected this to be this big and my cousins from Vancouver were there.
It's just
Overall, it's such a positive feeling.
Freedom is contagious.
How big are they saying the numbers are?
Oh, they couldn't even get to it.
So they had to stay in the outskirts of Ottawa because they couldn't get into it.
All the hotels were booked.
And getting in, it takes about an hour.
Now, I mean, normally it's about a 10 minute drive.
So they're totally just overwhelmed by the amount of people there.
I mean, the media is totally lying.
And, you know, living in Canada for the last two years,
It is scary.
It is scary because you don't know when they'll change the law, when they'll make you a criminal, just for being an organic human.
That's it.
You're just an organized... I mean, Trudeau says he wants to be a dictator.
Trudeau says you can't have your own thoughts.
Trudeau says he owns your body.
Trudeau says he works for Klaus Schwab.
He's a damn criminal.
Trudeau says that in the coming months, they'll make vaccines mandatory.
And if you don't comply, they'll then subjugate you to fine and or arrest.
That's right, he's following the U.N.
Say that again, explain it.
Forced injection now.
And you know the political dissidents get the special shot.
And then it's all covered.
The nurses just go, okay, and they just do it.
Look, look, they've lost.
They want to cause a civil war in every country.
This is because they're failing.
This is because they failed.
So, I'll give you an example, right?
There's this guy named Jagmeet Singh.
He's an NDP leader.
Now, he's a Sikh, and most Sikhs are now totally against his position, because he's fanatically pro-vaccine.
His brother-in-law donated $15,000 to the convoy, and now that became a big story, and now he's saying, no, we should get these vaccines, because yeah, you're getting a special vaccine.
While people are dying, families are dying, my aunt died from this vaccine.
I mean, who's going to say anything?
The doctors refuse to recognize the connection between the vaccine, the blood clot, and my aunt's subsequent death.
And there's also been massive miscarriages up multi-thousand percent.
Yeah, I mean, it's insane.
This is a bio-war.
They're setting the president to put you under martial law and put in your body what they want.
God bless you, Jay.
Thanks for the call.
Let's talk to Derek.
Derek in Victoria, British Columbia, on the Pacific Ocean, his perspective from the West Coast, many rallies.
What is the response of the Canadians on the Western side, Derek?
Oh, great to talk to you, Alex.
Can you hear me?
Yes, sir.
Well, OK, so it's an honor to talk to you.
Oh, wow.
I've been a longtime listener for over 10 years.
It's my honor.
It's my honor.
I'm just following the great leadership of Infowars.
And I just want to let everybody know, so the last month a lot of Canadians have been really depressed, okay?
Trudeau announced in December the launch of this universal basic income.
It's called the Canada Lockdown Workers Benefit or whatever.
And so I think that this... Yeah, that's it.
They lock you down and make you go on a payment system so they control you.
They admit that plan from the beginning.
Totally diabolical, totally criminal.
That's right.
And so I think that this is
I was feeling depressed about a month ago, and I thought to myself, man, something's got to give here.
And so this is it.
This is the polarizing moment.
This is our moment.
And I'm telling you, a lot of Canadians, we're very nice.
We're very passive.
But this is it.
Trudeau's gone too far.
And I want everybody to know that they can follow rebelnews.com.
Oh yeah, by the way, I meant to tell the crew.
I know Ezra LeVant's on the ground.
Can we get Ezra LeVant today or tomorrow?
I love Ezra.
He's so amazing.
Can we get Ezra?
Have we tried to get Ezra on?
Let's call Ezra right now.
I want to get Ezra on today or tomorrow.
I've absolutely got to have him.
I think I'll go longer in the next... We've got one hour left of this, but I'll keep going.
I want Ezra on.
You're absolutely right.
Rebel News is getting incredible coverage.
Yes Alex, they're on the ground and they've hired a bunch of brand new reporters and I've been watching them talking to the truckers.
The truckers say, okay I'm going to give you breaking news here, they are not going to leave.
They have provisioned themselves with enough food and stuff like this.
They're talking about sitting at Ottawa for three weeks.
They're going to make Trudeau resign.
This is historic.
I saw that and that's what the media is so scared of.
Stay there at least three weeks but make it about the Great Reset and how he works for Klaus Schwab and how it's designed to collapse society and bring in the social credit score and the universal income.
Because if people just protest, hey, this doesn't make sense, hey, unlock our country, people think, oh, they're just protecting you from a virus.
If you expose it's a UN World Government Operation Lockstep Plan, and if that million people educates the rest of the capital, that'll be a total conversion against the enemy.
You understand?
You're correct.
Absolutely, Alex.
And I'm going to give you some more breaking news.
All across the country, at every single legislature and parliament building, they're having mini rallies.
I'm standing on my balcony right now, I can hear the vehicles.
I live in a small city, just maybe 400,000 people, and there's about 1,000 people that have gathered in the downtown area honking their horns.
They're all protesting.
They're all going to the individual capitals, and they are basically... Look, I work in construction, and let me tell you,
The Canadians, the economy here, you know, that's what's really going on.
Canadians are sick and tired of paying ridiculous $10 for a bottle of milk, and all this, and the grocery stores not being full, and also the jobs, you know?
I mean, people have had enough, and that's really what it is.
You squeeze the people economically, and they will fight back.
And so this is a major... And let me be clear what you just said.
Klaus Schwab in the UN, it goes back to 2002 when a BBC reporter, back when BBC was good, we should get Greg Palast on next week, I want Greg Palast on because I finally heard Joe Rogan talking about him and Tucker Carlson.
He got the thousands of pages of IMF World Bank documents where they planned the collapse of society by regulations
Klaus Schwab thinks we're so dumb that when we're paying $10 for a gallon of milk up from $3, and $4 for a gallon of fuel up from $2, that we won't know it's him.
He thinks we'll all just kill each other and he'll ride in as the savior.
You and Bill Gates and the globalists, you get the blame.
Derek, God bless you.
Listen how informed these Canadians are.
They are under economic globalist attack, just like you and I are.
But they had more control in Canada, a bigger country, smaller population, didn't have a Bill of Rights and Constitution, so they're being fried right now.
And they finally get, hey, submitting makes it worse, resisting, resistance makes it better.
But don't just resist the policies.
Realize where the policies came from and who's behind it and call for Trudeau's arrest for international crime syndicate manipulation of markets to collapse markets to be able to buy them up for Blackstone.
And there I said it.
I want to air a special report here.
And then I'm going to come back with the callers and the order that they have been received.
And that's going to be Alex in Canada, and Ron in Alberta, Canada, and Mike in Edmonton, and Andre.
But first up are Brett and Ben and Jason and Christine.
We will get to all of you here on the other side.
You know, there's so many amazing reports that John Bowne has put out, but I'm going to go here and pull one up for you.
And Ezra Levant is going to be coming on here in about three minutes.
You know, I rarely air the same special report in one show, but I want to air Ricardo Bossi's point about Australia because this goes for the U.S., it goes for Canada, it goes for Germany, it goes for every nation because we're being attacked by the Build Back Better U.N.
It's the U.N.
policies that Trudeau follows.
So let's play first.
Trudeau says it's time for Build Back Better last year, and then we'll play Trudeau saying that Canadians aren't allowed to have their own views.
So let's play clip two and clip one, and then let's play the Ricardo Bossi clip, and then we'll get Ezra Levant of Rebel News.
That's why I love calls, because I wouldn't have thought of that.
I think?
And that's how you defeat the tyrants, is you take that feed and say, here's a two-hour boil down of callers and people on the ground of what's really happening and how this Canadian fight is your fight, and here's what big tech doesn't want you to see via your email, via your text message, via word of mouth.
Whatever you do, take clips of it, put it out on Twitter and Instagram.
Whatever you do, use your power as a human to speak out.
They fear you.
They've made their big move on you.
Alex Jones Saturday live broadcast.
Canadian truckers peacefully occupy Ottawa in fight against COVID tyranny.
This is it.
This is exciting.
This is the heart.
I think?
Why, I don't know, but it has been my mission, and I've been given a directive, and I can see the path, and I knew what would happen, and I knew that we would trigger together the Great Awakening, and that all these greater leaders would come out of what I did, and what you did together, and now it's happening!
It's incredible!
The Holy Spirit's real!
God is real!
But the devil's real as well, so you better get right with God.
Here's these reports.
We'll go right back to your calls after Ezra Levant of Rebel News.
The small fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa or who are holding unacceptable views that they're expressing.
Do not represent the views of Canadians who have been there for each other, who know that following the science and stepping up to protect each other is the best way to continue to ensure our freedoms, our rights, our values as a country.
Next question.
This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset.
This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.
Building back better means getting support to the most vulnerable while maintaining our momentum on reaching the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the SDGs.
Canada is here to listen and to help.
Men and women of the Australian Defence Force, both serving and retired, volunteers or National Service men and women, veterans all, we are at a point in history without precedent.
Now many of you know that truly malevolent forces have been attacking and undermining our nation for longer than most of us have lived.
A war for the world.
They, our adversaries, have executed their monstrous plans against innocent men, women and children.
They fight with a pre-biblical barbarity, without decency and without constraint.
They fight without courage and without compassion.
Their war against the people is undeclared total war.
It has been a traitor's war, a dirty war, a coward's war.
We know only too well that unless we halt and then reverse this unrelenting attack on every aspect of our lives, we will lose everything we love.
And enter a period of civilizational darkness more depraved than any period in human history.
We must act.
However, this is not a call to arms.
Our soulless adversaries and their mindless enablers would like nothing better than for a shot to be fired.
Because to do so would legitimise, in the minds of many snambuliant Australians, further unconstitutional and unlawful constraints on our rights, to our lives, our liberty and our property.
We will not give them that excuse.
We know we never fight on ground of the enemy's choosing.
We must fight.
But in doing so, we must win the people.
At every opportunity, we must stand with the people, unarmed but in uniform.
Our weapon?
Pure courage.
We took an oath to serve our nation, and what is our nation if not the people?
By our presence in uniform alongside and with the people, we are sending a powerful, unambiguous and galvanizing message that in this war for the world, we the people are united and invincible.
We must demonstrate the pure courage born of love of family and love of country that beats in the heart of every soldier, sailor and airman.
Because what is courage but love in action?
And if you love someone or something enough,
You will do what must be done, regardless of the cost to you.
Perhaps we will lose our property.
If so, what of it?
We can always acquire more.
Perhaps we will lose our liberty.
If so, what of it?
We can eventually be set free.
Perhaps we will lose our lives.
If so, what of it?
There are destinies much worse than death.
These sentiments are too much for most to understand, much less accept.
And that is all the more reason for us, for you, to stand with the people.
Now you might be challenged to explain why you chose such a course of action.
The answer is simple.
You will be doing what military law, civilian law, and just plain common decency require and demand.
You are disobeying the unlawful commands given by the admirals, generals, and air marshals of the Australian Defence Force to participate in the genocide of the Australian people.
They are guilty, and you will be innocent.
The oath to serve your country as a soldier did not include a contract for the normal luxuries and comforts enjoyed within our society.
On the contrary, it implied hardship, loyalty, and devotion to duty, regardless of rank.
Ladies and gentlemen of the Australian Defence Force, it is time for you to serve not the admirals, not the generals, and not the air marshals, but to endure hardship,
Show loyalty and do your duty for your country and your people.
And remember that in the words of GK Chesterton, we fight not because we hate what is in front of us, but because we love what is behind us.
I'm Ricardo Bose, National Leader of Australia One.
Sleepless nights seem to be a lot more common these days, with everything that's going on both at home and the world at large.
If you are having trouble getting to that deep sleep we could all use more of, our new sleep support formula, Down and Out, is just the thing.
It's our new, faster-absorbing liquid formula that is specifically designed to help you get the shut-eye you deserve.
I think so.
Well, ConvoyReports.com is the site with the best teams on the ground in Canada.
Ezra Levant is, I would say, the
Most important journalist in Canada, period, ever.
And has done James O'Keefe level work, but also just a lot of important reporting, been persecuted, been shut down, been attacked, was on national TV, until they took his license away a few years ago because he was too successful.
Just like they're doing to OAN.
You know, it's hard to get an accurate balance.
How many people are here?
Because the authorities have blocked the road.
They literally shut down one of the highways.
They've blocked a key bridge.
They're turning off the highway traffic webcams so people cannot actually see the amount of cars and trucks on the road.
The province of Nova Scotia issued a bizarre and unconstitutional order banning people from waving at the convoy from the side of the highway.
Clearly unconstitutional.
Not even pretending to be about public health.
Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister, does not have COVID.
It's a negative test.
He's triple vaxxed.
But he said I have to hide for five days.
Because I met someone who had COVID.
He came up with an excuse to run away.
After he ran away, the Sergeant-at-Arms in Parliament warned all Members of Parliament to escape from the violence.
I've been here all day.
I've seen thousands of people.
I have not seen a single act of violence, or a threat of violence, or even anything more than mild profanity directed at the political class.
The only violence I can see is that perpetrated by the lockdowns.
And I think that's Trudeau's trick.
I think he's projecting what he does onto the people.
He called this mighty protest, he called it a fringe movement.
He literally gave a press conference where he said people here have quote, unacceptable views.
So, people here are standing in defiance, but in that Canadian way.
In a friendly way.
Not in a violent, uprising kind of way.
And I think that's frustrating, Crudo, because he really does want that Reichstag fire moment.
He really does want that January 6th false flag.
And I've been keeping my eye out
For the Canadian version of those FBI agent provocateurs.
And so far, I haven't seen any of it.
I think this is a pretty great group of Canadians, but Trudeau needs to demonize them.
He's calling them racist and sexist, obviously.
He's calling them violent, but they haven't shown a speck of violence.
Very interesting and very multi-racial and very multi-ethnic.
And that's important in Canada because Trudeau likes to call everyone he doesn't like a racist.
So that's what it's looking like on the streets of Ottawa today, Alex.
Well, Ezra, I am just saying, I'm not gushing.
I am gushing, but I'm not gushing for no reason.
I just admire you.
I admire Canadians.
I admire how you're standing up and all the hell you've been through and what a great job you're doing.
Canadians are calling saying, thank you for caring about us.
This is a globalist attack.
This is a Great Reset.
We're all being attacked by the same enemy.
And any piece of the world that Klaus Schwab and these literal neo-Nazis can take control of is, I'm one step closer to a gulag.
So I want to explain.
Solidarity isn't some pat on the head here with Australia or Germany or the UK or Canada.
We're all in this together.
Can you speak to that?
Yeah, well I saw a video just the other day of Claude Schwab of the World Economic Forum boasting that Justin Trudeau and half his cabinet are acolytes.
In fact, it's even worse than that.
Alex, you might find this hard to believe, but our former Deputy Prime Minister, our current Finance Minister, her name is Chrystia Freeland, she's literally on the board of the World Economic Forum.
So, Canada is deeply embedded in that kind of group thing.
Um, the problem in Canada isn't just that Trudeau has that point of view.
It's that all the opposition parties have the same point of view.
There is, at least in America, you have your Ron DeSantis, you have, you know, Texas, South Dakota, you have some red states.
In Canada, every federal party with seats in Parliament, every provincial party, and every opposition party
So this is a great example of what the globalists do when they have full control.
And as you know, you mentioned it, Trudeau does video saying he takes Klaus Schwab's orders and that this is all part of a UN takeover.
I mean, this is UN governance trying to bankrupt people for a universal income.
Do you want to explain that to international audiences, what this is really about?
Well, I mean, Trudeau is a huge fan
I don't know who came up with it first, Trudeau or Joe Biden or someone else, but it's sort of weird to hear the same refrain, whether it's in the United Kingdom, Canada or the U.S.
I don't quite get it.
In Canada, what's so strange is that as the vaccination numbers allegedly hit 90 percent, I'm not sure if I believe that,
Instead of getting more lenient, the politicians are becoming stricter.
Quebec reintroduced the nighttime curfew again.
They recently just lifted it, but I'm in a province right now that does not allow people to go into restaurants, in fact, they're not.
Schools did not reconvene in person in Ontario, the province I'm in, until last week.
So what's so bizarre is
They're getting stricter and harsher.
They're not getting more lenient.
They're bringing in fines in the province of Quebec.
They're bringing in fines.
And we know that's always the plan is to get more power, get control.
What finally triggered the truckers?
What finally got this movement going as every major highway into the capital of Canada jam-packed 20, 30, 50 miles back?
You know what, I flip it around.
I don't think that someone triggered the truckers.
I think the truckers unleashed the country.
Here's what I mean by that.
It started off as a trucker's thing, because truckers are being forced to get the jab, which is bizarre, because truckers are the most isolated job other than, I guess, the lighthouse keeper, Alex.
But the truckers sparked everyone else's imagination.
Because truckers are of every ethnic background.
Truckers work hard.
They're individuals.
Everyone knows it makes no sense to pick on truckers.
Truckers were the heroes who kept us fed and clothed and gave us medicines in the early days of the pandemic.
And so to pick on the truckers at this late stage is so bizarre.
So you're saying Canadians got pissed by the picking on the truckers with forced injections?
Not just that, but when people saw the convoys physically, they got excited because it was a physical manifestation of peaceful resistance.
And people could go and do something about it.
They could go to the highway and cheer.
They could join and drive along in their own car or truck.
And it was a large physical proof that people were no longer alone.
And the truckers filled the void left by these so-called conservative politicians.
You have a phrase down there, rhinos?
Republicans in name only.
We have conservatives in name only.
That's what we call them up here.
Or we call them Red Tories.
They haven't filled the void.
No judges, no politicians, no media, no one in the establishment has stood for the people.
And all of a sudden this big physical convoy did.
And what was so exciting is people said, I can join that, I can greet that, and I can film it with my own cell phone.
And so they didn't have to rely on the media party anymore.
And so the truckers inspired the country.
One last point.
The truckers set up a crowd fund to pay for their gas and meals and stuff like that.
It quickly rose to seven, eight million bucks, something like that.
And all the leftists tried to have it shut down.
But even, and in the end the money was released, but even if it had been shut down Alex, the fact that they raised 8 million bucks in like three days shows how desperate Canadians are for someone to fight back for them.
It's amazing.
Well, I want to say this, Ezra, and I don't say this because you want this, but I want to tell you something.
You know, I know you know a lot of people.
I don't care about Hollywood people.
I don't care about billionaires.
I get excited talking to you because I know how much hardcore fighting you've done for me and my family.
And I want to salute you and all those other people out there because this is historical.
This is the front line.
And as you said, the more we submit, it gets worse.
We've got to resist.
I'm hearing folks are going to stay there three weeks.
I'm hearing that millions are now descending on it.
There's already 400, 500,000 there.
They're now admitting.
Where do you see this going?
And again, we already alluded to this.
How does the deep state, world government, corporate, fascist, neo-Nazi movement?
I don't use Nazi like the left does.
I use it because it's real.
Klaus Schwab and all them are Nazis, folks.
The Queen of England, all of it.
How do people
How do you expect them to strike back?
Because this is beautiful, and the system, you know, has got their wheels turning on how to make you guys look bad.
Well, I think they've already announced their plan.
It's basically to call people here violent.
I haven't seen the false flag moment like Ray Epps yet, but I think that's their plan.
And Justin Trudeau has talked about bringing in a new internet censorship package.
I think he will use this as an excuse for that.
I think they're going to try and criminalize political dissent the same way.
And by the way, Canada and Justin Trudeau's team works very closely with the U.S.
So the same idea of domestic violent extremists replacing the Islamic terror threat with a domestic threat of, in your country,
They're moving from Islamic or Chinese communist threat to people that don't want lockdowns.
That's exactly so.
Canada is a beta test for America, is what you're saying.
Yeah, I mean, I think they cross-pollinate bad ideas.
And I think Canada, because we don't have our First Amendment, we're probably going to go first and I think we're going to be worse.
I think they're going to really restrict the Internet.
They've already announced that.
I think they're going to try and... I mean, for example, the Public Safety Minister of our country has literally demanded that Twitter take down one of my tweets.
Like, he wrote a public letter saying, take down the tweet, even though it didn't violate Twitter's rules.
So, they are so far gone down the censorship road here.
I'm scared about them criminalizing and deeming as terrorists these truckers, and it's going to be a real battle, because the media party
We're about to find out, Alex.
I mean, I went to Google this morning, I got up at 5am, and it was two, three day old news.
Nothing was new.
I went to DuckDuckGo, found all this new stuff, went to Twitter, searched it, found incredible stuff.
So they're literally just panicking, they're just blocking any new news of what's happening coming out.
Yeah, you know what, I'm really glad that you're interested in this.
Alex, like I said, the Canadian media is in lockstep with Trudeau.
Ironically, there has been more and more fair coverage of these trucker protests from outside Canada than from within Canada.
That's how bad our media is.
I don't know if you know this.
But literally 99% of Canadian journalists take a government subsidy from Justin Trudeau.
So how can you possibly be an independent journalist?
Explain that to people.
Explain that because they don't know what a couple years ago they passed a law to pay money to quote loyal journalists.
Talk about state run.
I mean, this reminds me of eight years ago in the Arab Spring with Anderson Cooper saying the Muslim Brotherhood was liberating people as they burned down thousands of churches in Egypt.
I mean, this is insane.
Explain that to people.
Yeah, well, I mean, Justin Trudeau has always been the boss of the CBC, that's the state broadcaster.
So they obviously, I'm just walking into the sun for you, so they obviously do what he says.
A couple years ago, Trudeau announced a $600 million bailout for dying newspapers, and they all signed up.
The thing is, if you take that kind of money from Justin Trudeau, well, you know, whoever pays the piper calls the tune.
And so it's amazing to me
I don't think so.
But here, you have all the journalists literally on the payroll.
I just stepped in out of the cold.
There's about minus 22.
Forgive me, it's a little chilly out there.
Listen, Ezra, you're amazing.
I hope you can join us tomorrow, 4 to 6 p.m.
You are so incredible.
I mean, I know you've got the Trucker site for folks to find that.
How do we find everything?
Rebel Media, the very cutting edge of Liberty.
Thanks very much, Alex.
Go to ConvoyReports.com.
Well, I would just say there's more of you than you think.
In Canada, I think the number one effect of this convoy was letting other people know that they're not alone, that other people are skeptics, other people don't accept it as well.
So never think that you're the only one thinking the way you do.
In Canada, we've proved that hundreds of thousands share our views too, Alex.
Well, Ezra, you are amazing and we love you and we salute you and thank you for fighting for my family and our future and I'm fighting for your family.
We're in this together and God bless you.
Right on you too, my friend.
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Get prepared now.
This is absolutely essential for everybody that wants to be self-sufficient.
Man, Ezra LeVant.
I mean, there's not more important work, folks.
Because that guy's literally trying to haul our bacon out of a world government depopulation takeover!
And the great darkness is coming.
I've told you folks, I don't tell you stuff to sit there and just try to get clicks and views.
All that's going to do is put my ass in prison.
I don't tell you stuff for no reason.
I tell you because it's what I believe and know.
And those damn psychos love to monologue and love to brag about what they're going to do.
That's basic criminology.
And the great blackout is what's coming next.
Schwab and all of them have said they're going to cut the power in regional tests first, already did it last year, and then hit you with the big one.
Because they stole the world's resources.
And they have nothing but disdain for you and your family.
You know, it's kind of sad that Hollywood collapsed.
I'm going to go to your calls.
Because we were worshipping the globalists.
They actually wanted to keep us alive.
But as soon as people got out of the trance and left Hollywood, which was healthy and good, because Hollywood was injecting evil, they wanted to kill us with propaganda and have us submit.
But as soon as we broke with that, they went, hit them with the real stuff, baby.
Race war, division, all this crap.
I don't care if a baby's pink or white or brown or black.
I love it.
I want to empower it.
I'm not killing it.
And God's watching us, ladies and gentlemen.
So I don't like the new world order.
I don't like going up against them.
I don't want to get killed or put in prison.
But man, God's watching me right now.
And I just like, I'll do whatever you say.
I'll prosecute this fight all the way to the end, whatever the cost is.
But I do selfishly wish people would just wake up.
I mean, do you gotta see the next level of this before you wake up?
The FEMA camps?
The power outages?
You wanna be starving to death?
You'll never get... You can wake up one day, you don't have power for a year.
You never hear Alex Jones again.
The only memory of Alex Jones is in your head.
It's like a memory of your grandma.
Joe Rogan won't be on the air.
This is all gonna be done.
And then we don't want to fight, but it's going to be a resource fight.
And we're going to be fighting the robots and everything else they got ready.
Because once this war kicks off, they're going to open up all those bases and all those facilities.
You're going to be dealing with helicopters and drones and nerve gas attacks.
I mean, it's not going to be pretty, folks.
And that's the strong people that are going to be fighting for their lives.
I've done my work, folks.
I already knew I already passed the line of my complete operation.
Everything else is gravy at this point.
But I, as a man, am ready to die.
I, as a man, know how real this is.
This isn't talk.
And I just think for all of you out there, you need to get right with God right now because this is real.
They're using our industry.
They're using the fact that we have complex delivery systems to control us.
And they don't want to control us just to run us, or like the old days, have sex with all our women.
That was the old genetic thing was, you know, promote your genetics.
This is to kill your ass.
This ain't human.
This is an alien attack.
And you can put whatever face you want on that, it's anti-human.
All right, we've got a special guest joining us, Derek Sloan, who's a member of Parliament and has been an outspoken critic of the Globalist and what they're doing.
And we're going to talk to him here in a few minutes.
We're getting him on right now, but let's go to a few calls for folks holding.
I appreciate you all holding.
Who's been holding the longest?
That would be Ben in Toronto.
Ben, thank you for joining us for this historical transmission.
Wow, yeah, it's great to, it's an honor to talk to you, man.
Yeah, I was with the convoy from Niagara Falls to back to Hamilton.
Love you.
I got to drive and like seeing everyone on the overpasses was crazy.
It was like the first hope we've had really in like two years in Canada.
It's funny, like a week before I made a banner, this 10 foot banner that said Honk if Trudeau should be in jail before I even knew about the truck convoy.
So after I drove from Niagara Falls back to Hamilton,
I went and hung it up on the closest overpass and literally everyone was honking and giving thumbs up.
It was pretty amazing.
Well brother, this is history happening right now, and I just cannot impress on everybody, whether you're in Mexico, or you're in Brazil, or you're in Tanzania, or whether you're in Japan or Russia, or whether you're in Saudi Arabia, this is a global attack against humanity.
Every country under the lockdown attacks is us.
So when Canada's under attack, or Australia's under attack, or Germany's under attack, we're under attack.
Does that make sense?
Oh yeah.
Yeah, I'm going to head to Ottawa probably tomorrow, actually.
Like, hopefully around the time when Sockboy comes out of quarantine.
Because I feel like there'll be a lot of action going on there.
I don't even know if I'll be able to get into Ottawa.
No, no, I agree.
People shouldn't feel bad they can't get in now.
People should just head to Ottawa.
Head to Ottawa in the next month and never let it in, peacefully exposing them.
Thank you so much, Ben.
Great points from Toronto.
More calls coming up.
Derek Sloan is a father, a husband, lawyer, and freedom fighter.
A former elected member of Parliament and patriotic Canadian.
I've seen many of his videos battling tyranny.
Derek got involved in politics because of his concern for his children and the kind of country and province they're going to inherit from Doug Ford, who is a total monster, and Justin Trudeau.
Ontario is a province where freedom of speech is spoken but not practiced.
A province crippled by debt.
A province where an empty
Impotent clicks and hollow virtues signaling not effective governance shape our policies.
This has to change.
Derek Sloan, OntarioParty.ca.
All right, sir, thank you for joining us.
Historic things happening right now.
I could ask a hundred questions, but what do you want to say as a Canadian, as all liberty-loving eyes in the world are on Ottawa right now?
Listen, it's phenomenal to see.
Even though it's negative, it was negative 25 Celsius this morning, it's almost like Woodstock, but it's with 100,000 Canadians with Canadian flags, and I've seen many American flags too, taped to hockey sticks, coming up to the Parliament Hill here to protest what we've been seeing.
It's almost like everything from the last two years is breaking loose, and we're seeing real movement.
How big is this?
Because reports are over a million people are now descending on the Capitol.
Where do you see this going?
What's going to happen with Trudeau?
Klaus Schwab's on TV bragging he owns her prime minister.
You know, we think about Russians or Chinese infiltration.
What about corporate infiltration?
What about the Great Reset?
Listen, it is big.
I mean, it's tough to say.
I was out in the crowds all afternoon.
It's certainly many tens of thousands of people.
I would say certainly over 100,000.
And that's just where I was.
Obviously, this is a big city.
You're right.
There's many interests at play right now in the world that are acting against
Average people.
Average Americans.
Average Canadians.
And I think many Canadians and others are starting to wake up.
I don't think, you know, this is the day that the Berlin Wall, so to speak, will fall.
But I think this is, we're on that path.
And, you know, soon enough we'll see major changes.
A lot of folks have criticized Canadians in the last 22 months putting up with this, but now it seems once they woke up, it's been a bigger event than we even saw in Australia or Europe or UK.
Tell us about the Canadian psyche and where you think this is going.
Listen, there's a big divide between the average Canadian and a Canadian politician.
And I think Canadians, more so than Americans and others, have kind of assumed that, you know, our government is, you know, doing a good job.
Generally, over the years, we've been, you know, less, we've been more hesitant to kind of, you know, get involved.
We think, you know what, our government's not that bad, let's just do our thing.
And I think now regular Canadians are realizing that our government does not have their back, and they're reacting, and they're reacting in a strong way.
I could ask a thousand questions, but just reporting to the world here.
Millions are watching right now.
What do you want folks to know about what's currently happening?
What do you predict Trudeau's going to do?
I'm worried they might try to, like, provocateur something like January 6th.
Listen, that's possible.
I would say being out in the crowd.
This is this is a festival with such a positive vibe.
There's there's people giving out, you know, free pancakes, free hot dogs, you know, packages for the truckers.
It has such a positive atmosphere.
I would think if there was anybody there that was trying to start something, the crowd itself would shut it down.
I didn't get any inkling of any negativity or anything like that.
What will Parliament do?
Difficult to say.
This is the biggest protest I have ever seen.
Obviously, it's just beginning.
How will they respond?
They'll try to dismiss it at first, but they won't be able to ignore this forever.
I totally agree, Derek Sloan, and I'm not there.
Former Member of Parliament up there and a great Patriot leader.
The reports are that there's convoys coming in on five or six highways.
I've been to Ottawa a few times, so I've been there.
It's normally no traffic, not a problem.
Beautiful city.
Reportedly, it just backed up dozens of miles in every direction.
So, I guess nobody knows how big this is going to get.
Because like you said, one spot you were at was 100,000.
We're checking webcams all over.
It's just jammed traffic everywhere.
Well, it's crazy.
I mean, we came in here very early this morning.
We were able to get to our hotel.
But things have really, really backed up.
The entire street along Parliament was already completely filled to the max with trucks.
You know, and again, we are hearing reports of tens of thousands of trucks coming from different areas.
So it'll be interesting to see how long this lasts.
It certainly has a very positive and freedom loving vibe.
It almost feels like you're at kind of a festival.
Everyone there is, you know, very serious, but at the same time, friendly, respectful to everybody.
It's kind of like if you're there, they assume that you're on their team and everybody is treating, you know, everyone else with the utmost courtesy and respect.
Well, I've seen a lot of live footage of police.
They seem to be, like, celebrating as well.
So we're not enemies with the police.
They seem, on average, and I've seen the reports, they don't like these lockdowns either.
Well, listen, I think the average police officer is very concerned about what we're seeing.
And it's certainly the case that, you know, many police officers are speaking up and some are being punished for it.
But, you know, this is a time for all Canadians to rise.
And I think that this event is capturing the hearts and minds, certainly of Canadians, but also of many others around the world.
And this is the most remarkable thing I've ever seen.
I was a member of Parliament for several years.
This is far bigger than any other protest on any other issue.
And the funny thing is, is that on some of these other protests, you know, Justin Trudeau would be at the front of the line doing some symbolic gesture.
And yet on this one here with, you know, the biggest that I've ever seen, he's nowhere to be found.
I've been asking my questions to Derek Sloan with OntarioParty.ca, but what else to this audience do you want to inform them of?
What else is on your radar screen?
Well, you know, there's a lot of things that we're seeing out there.
The one thing that is seeming to unite everyone is, of course, you know, a love of freedom and so on.
But Trudeau is not very well liked.
And it makes me think of, you know, some of these ancient Roman emperors, you know, maybe Nero and so on, who thought that they were, you know, very well liked.
Well, at the same time, the populace grew to, you know, just despise them.
And there is, you know, chanting in the streets of, you know, F Trudeau, F Trudeau and other kinds of things.
You know, he is certainly losing popularity very quickly.
A lot of Canadians are absolutely sick of Trudeau.
They connect Trudeau with all of the problems that they've had the last couple of years.
Now, there's others that could and should be blamed as well, but he's the figurehead of the anger.
If you look at Klaus Schwab, he says we're going to make him angry, we're going to end the capitalist society, we're going to collapse civilization and build back better with our neo-capitalist, vulture-capitalist, communist utopia.
But they're getting the blame.
Klaus Schwab says Trudeau is his greatest protégé and he is hated and failing.
That's why this fight is literally like Stalingrad in World War II.
This is a key fight.
Well, you're totally right.
And again, it's about, you know, do we trust regular Canadians or Americans to make decisions for themselves?
Or does it have to be, you know, this elite group of people that are making all the decisions for us?
And that's the question that we have.
And Canadians are beginning to understand what's going on.
What does Trudeau do?
You're not just saying that hyperbole.
He's literally hiding with commandos at his
Facility claiming he has COVID how do they get out of this because it looks like it's gonna get bigger and bigger I think it may go on for months
Well, listen, I would think that Trudeau is hoping that, you know, people will have their fun for a couple of days and then kind of move on to other things.
So it depends on the determination of the Trekkers and of the Canadians.
You know, when we went by the Trekker line, there's a lot of people here that are, they're bunked in to stay for a while.
So we'll see how long this lasts.
For now, my guess is politicians will be quiet for a couple of days and see if things go away.
But, you know, for now, and listen, let's see what impact this has on the supply chain, right?
I mean, obviously, we're having supply chain issues to begin with.
And if this rally grows and more and more truckers turn to protesting rather than, you know, bringing our goods to and fro, we could have even further issues that highlight this.
They want supply chain breakdowns to the Great Reset.
That's right.
We have to have supply chain breakdowns to say no.
It'll be an endless breakdown if we don't expose them and stop them now.
And so I think it's a battle of wills.
As you said, Derek Sloan, thank you so much.
Thank you so much, sir.
Glad to be here, thank you.
It's hard to believe January 2022 is almost over.
And that means our big New Year's special is about to end.
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History happening right now.
The very friendly, nice, hardworking Canadian population now in a rage.
A peaceful, loving rage of truth.
Having a great party out there.
And if they can occupy a month, they will break the back of the globalist.
Because they'll be educating everybody about, oh, this lockdown is because you want us to be held in a lockdown.
It's like some bully starts a fight.
You're like, hey, I don't want to fight you.
And they punch you.
Listen, I really don't want to do it.
And they kick you down on the ground.
You're like, all right, I'm going to beat your ass.
I mean, you know, I don't mean that literally.
I'm saying politically.
All right.
You want me to go ahead and open up a can on your ass?
I'm going to do it now.
And I warned your ass.
And when that head's going on the ground,
They always beg for their mommy.
So, we don't want to be violent, but we want to politically, with the truth, and with free speech, annihilate them.
They are the enemy.
They killed millions of starvation.
They're locking things down.
They're holding you hostage to the bureaucracy.
Klaus Schwab is your enemy.
David Gergen is your enemy.
Damn these people!
They think they're going to sit back and do this to us, and we're not going to know who did it?
No, we know you did it!
You understand that, you little maggot?
Let's go to your phone calls.
We've got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 calls.
And then, so it's a nice two hours clean.
We're live right now.
We're going to restream it at Band.Video and InfoWars.com so millions see it.
And all of you can take that feed and take the archive and share it, share it, share it.
What a powerful hour and 43 minutes so far.
Okay, who's up next here?
Let's go to Brett in Winnipeg.
Brett, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Hey, so I'm in Winnipeg, and we went out and checked out the convoy on Tuesday, and they're definitely lying about it on the media.
They're saying that it's going to be a few hundred trucks.
That's what they said on Friday as I was coming into work.
They said that, oh, it's just a few hundred trucks.
Oh, I saw it.
They said a few hundred trucks, yeah.
Yeah, and they're shutting down the cameras on the highway, now they're shutting down the cameras in Ottawa, so nobody can see what's going on.
They're jamming people's phones so that you can't livestream, so there's really only one source of media out there, and that's the mainstream source.
That's why InfoWars is here on Saturday, is you're right.
They're jamming the cell phones, they're cutting off the feeds, they are in full panic mode right now.
It's not 50,000 truckers, folks, it's a million.
It's huge.
Oh, for sure, Alex.
Just being there, we got there probably 3.30 and the trucks rolled through for probably about six hours or so.
We left when the sun set.
We had to go and let the dogs out at home.
And by the way, that's just the first wave.
Yeah, that was the Western Convoy.
Think of the power of our seven and a half billion humans that want to colonize space if we just unleash it.
We have unlimited power, God gave us, of creativity and will.
We can do anything, and the globalists are scared of that.
Think of our power.
We are billions.
Klaus Schwab is hundreds.
Yeah, Alex, it comes down to care.
Do we care enough to get the knowledge required so that we can learn
What we need to do to take the action to make positive change.
Are we happy just to watch TV and get a check from the government for a year or two while they undermine us and starve us to death and murder us?
We recognize an attack, we rise to the occasion, and we say no!
You're right.
Love you, brother.
Thank you.
Incredible callers.
All these callers are incredible.
Okay, let's go ahead now and talk to Alex in Woodstock, Canada.
Alex, thanks for holding.
Hey Alex, can you hear me?
Yes sir brother, welcome.
I've been listening to you for about a decade plus now and I've never called in before but this is the most important show you've ever done for Canadians.
I saw Derek Sloan speak about a week ago at Queen's Park in Toronto and right at that time there's been hardly any mention of this trucker convoy.
So it has just blown up in just a week's amount of time.
Yeah, the AI globalist system failed again, thanks to human intelligence.
Thanks to you.
So I work in the agriculture industry with lots of ties to trucking.
I know a lot of truckers.
I'm about an hour and a half west of Toronto on Highway 401, which is one of the busiest highways in North America.
It's like the I-95 equivalent or like those giant LA highways with 20 lanes wide and some parts around Toronto.
And I was on an overpass with hundreds of Canadian patriots waving flags all day in minus 20 degrees Celsius weather.
Every overpass for thousands of miles along our highway systems have had hundreds and hundreds and thousands of patriots on them with families, little kids, and people who took off work to cheer on this convoy pack.
These convoy packs all the way through Canada.
And isn't it exciting to see humanity come roaring back with all this resistance?
It's beautiful.
Oh, it was beautiful to see Alex.
Amazing thing is that it's kind of, it's all being done without a real leader.
Our leader's in hiding right now.
Can you imagine what this country could do with an actual leader?
Well, you could do anything, which the globalists don't want.
They want to deal with Satan to end humanity.
They don't like us.
They're not for us.
They're not with us.
I totally agree with you.
And the media is on their side.
They're not on our side, the mainstream media.
You're going to love this one today.
It's something Ezra Levant alluded to earlier in his call, and that's the CBC state-funded media has thrown out every excuse in the book and every distraction trying to call the convoy racist and misogynist and it's all wrong.
And today they went as far as saying that instigators of the convoy and perpetrators are likely Russian agents.
Can you believe that?
Totally ridiculous.
That's all they've got.
They're globalist Klaus Schwab agents.
See, they know to tell Canadians it's an outside power, which is a lie.
That it's Russians, or, no, it's globalist, Klaus Schwab, New World Order, outside power, and that's why they fear that coming out, that it's a Great Reset, and Klaus Schwab, and permanent martial law to steal Canada's resources.
That's why we have to make it about how it's an outside, multinational takeover.
Thank you for the call.
That's what we're talking about here.
Premeditated evil, folks.
This isn't just a UN takeover.
It's an anti-human takeover.
All right, next up here holding patiently is Andre in British Columbia on the other coastline.
What is your view on this?
Hello, Alex.
Thank you very much for taking my call.
What is my view?
I am so surprised and very thankful for the trackers that they brought Canada and the world back together.
I've witnessed two communist rulers being removed from power due to people's protests.
One in 1970 and one in 1980.
Then, I am witnessing another protest here in Canada that is fighting mandatory vaccination.
Oh yeah, this is important.
This is as important as what happened in the Soviet Union, what happened in Poland, what happened in East Germany.
This is history, folks!
Absolutely it is, Alex.
You're right.
I believe Justin Trudeau did not learn history lessons very well because he should already know that if he's going to be squeezing people as he has to that point, he will be removed from power as the other rulers were.
So I would like the trackers to say on the rally that we, the people of Canada, declared the pandemic is over and now you, government,
You need to do the job to finish it.
And if you identify Fridell as an outside globalist, corporate looter, he will fall.
He has to be identified as Klaus Schwab brags on TV.
He owns your cabinet.
He owns your leader.
They own our leader.
We have to admit this is an outside force and reject it.
Like when you eat poison, you throw it up.
We need to create one party that is coming from the bottom.
You bet, Alex.
The people will choose who they want.
Worldwide populist pro-human party.
Worldwide pro-human populist party that wants to expand human consciousness and human will and freedom.
That's what we want.
Not Hollywood trying to hurt humanity.
Not a system trying to make us fight each other.
But a pro-human party.
Thank you.
That's very good.
That's what we want to hear, Alex.
Please keep doing a good job.
We love you, Andre.
Thank you so much.
All right.
Let's take another caller.
Let's talk to Ron in Alberta.
Ron, thank you for joining us.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Ron Valent calling from the Texas of Canada, which is Alberta.
And I've been in the InfoWare's front lines since 1984, warning of the
And now you live to see it, brother.
Boy, in and out in the open now.
We love it.
I'm going to check it out.
Go ahead.
Ron Valent on YouTube.
Yep, and I've been spotlighting, you know, UN Agenda 21 that Brian Mulroney, the Conservative Prime Minister, signed on to in 1992.
And in 2030, and this is what people don't understand in Canada, in 2015, Stephen Harper and the Conservatives signed on to UN Agenda 2030.
And what's happening in Canada right now is Trudeau and the Premiers are all in lockstep, and they are simply implementing it.
So to go ahead and to get rid of Trudeau,
And then to go back to the Conservatives... No, you're right.
The Conservatives are part of it as well.
That's why they're so confident.
Yeah, absolutely.
And the main reason I'm calling is that something has absolutely happened in Canada that's blockbuster, and I've been trying to get on your show for a year to talk about it, but anyhow, what has happened in Canada is that we have now effectively lost our private property land rights.
Someone else can now claim our land as their right.
And also we're under the U.N.
That's right.
doesn't care about Native populations, but they claim they represent them so they can come take your property.
The U.N.
Yeah, when you hear about reparations and stuff, that's not about actually helping groups.
That's about the state saying, I'm a Native American or I'm a black person.
No, they're not.
Yeah, exactly.
So this is actually a play to destroy private property ownership in Canada.
They're using the Native population in order to do that.
And it's a document called UNDRIP.
Have you heard of it?
Yeah, I have.
Yeah, I know.
It's the globalist big banks posing as groups they've already robbed and raped.
Ron, God bless you.
Appreciate the call.
All right, jamming in two more calls, and that's going to end this live transmission.
But I'll be back, Lord willing.
Four to six p.m.
tomorrow night and then Sunday live six to eight p.m.
with Owen Schroer tomorrow night.
Every day we're on air is precious and we're so thankful to all you keep us on air.
All right, Christine in Quebec, Canada.
Thank you for holding her on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, great to talk to you.
I think the straw that broke the camel's back that that made people really furious lately was they've they've they've blocked the unvaccinated from Walmart and they've blocked them from HUD.
Like hardware stores, we're not allowed to go in there anymore.
Yeah, they're putting up blue boxes that scan you to make sure you've been taking the poison shot to go into Walmart.
I mean, what a sick joke.
This is incredible.
And the vaccinated, when they have to go to the stores now, they have to spend like a half an hour figuring out on their phones with the person at the store whether they can go in or not.
So it's slowing down the bottom line of everything.
Total medical ID to live your life.
Mark of the Beast.
Absolute North Korea level tyranny.
And I'm so glad the truckers are doing this.
This is so encouraging.
This is making me feel better.
It makes us feel like we're not alone anymore.
Well, here's the deal.
Walmart sold out America to China.
Walmart has American flags in it, but nothing's made in America.
It's a globalist corporation out to get the country.
And so, everybody just needs to... I understand.
There won't be anywhere to shop at Walmart soon.
It's a FEMA camp.
We've got to not go there.
I just hope that this whole trucker thing comes to fruition.
And that they make them get really, really scared and that they start changing things, because that's what I want to see very badly.
It's total intimidation, just like Hitler picked a group to go after, to get the Germans behind taking rights, and then once they went after a minority, then all the Germans lost their rights.
This is a tried and trusted plan, Christine.
So, I'm so happy to talk to you and I use a lot of your products and you're great, Alex.
No, you're great for keeping us on air and you're a beautiful person.
I mean, how big do you think this is going to get in Ottawa?
Oh, I think it's going to keep going because people are so excited about this and they're checking out all the different news feeds with, of course, Rebel News and all that.
And I've told my friends, but my friends are totally brainwashed.
And they say, oh, this is just a small minority of people doing this.
And I'm like, yeah, don't they get the lockdown never ends under the Great Reset.
They need to wake up.
Thank you for the call.
Thank you so much.
Last caller, Mike in Edmonton, Canada.
You're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex, I got a lot to say.
Go ahead.
I just want to remind everybody in Alberta that our Premier, Jason Kenney, went to the Bilderberg Group two years in a row.
Well, he was the Federal Immigration Minister, and also the First Lady Premier that we had was invited to Bilderberg as well.
So they're in on this.
My wife and I are getting ready.
We got our megaphone, our signed Alex Jones Don't Tread on Me flag, and we're headed right to Parliament in Edmonton.
And a lot, this convoy is really
Let a lot of dread that I've been feeling out.
I think people are really coming together finally.
And you know, makes me emotional.
It makes me so happy now, brother.
You've been under martial law for almost two years and now you're seeing your people stand up and we're all singing.
We love it too.
And yes, we got to expose the Great Reset, got to expose it's a permanent lockdown, got to expose it's martial law training so people get it.
It's not about saving lives.
They created the virus.
They released it.
Now they've rolled out the poison vaccine.
They must go to prison.
Yeah, and it's peaceful.
And it's remember, Trudeau said something about our inclusivity or our diversity is our strength.
And I heard a Sikh caller and I heard other people
And I see people, you know, just living.
Everybody is in on it.
It doesn't matter about race, color, religion.
We all want to be free.
All of humanity is under attack.
God bless you, brother.
Thank you for the call, Mike.
All right.
I'm going to end this broadcast here in a few minutes.
And then we're going to reloop it because we were live.
If you're watching between 2 and 4 p.m.
Central on Saturday, we're going to reloop it until I'm live tomorrow, 4 p.m.
And of all of you,
Simply tell folks tune in tomorrow night.
It's exponential.
And then tell their friends to tune in.
And it causes the chain reaction.
I know I harp on this, but it's everything.
Everything the globalists are doing is about censoring and controlling.
When you take action, we win.
When you spread the word, we win.
When you don't, we're dead!
So tune in tomorrow night, 4 p.m.
Central, and share the live links now.
But let me show you this.
Here's the flag of Ottawa.
1902 to 1987, it was the colors of Canada.
Then they changed it to have the seal of Ottawa.
Then they changed it to this cool-looking flag that's a V for victory with the Canadian maple leaf.
Then they changed it to like a white flag of surrender.
And then they just changed it two years ago to 666.
And the U.N.
and all of them use that symbol.
666. 666.
And they're bringing in a 666 system for you to be able to buy and sell and to go into stores.
Build back better.
How evil is that?
In closing, I'm going to say this.
They're cutting off the supply chains.
They're destroying the economy.
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But I want to thank the crew for the amazing job they've done.
Every day we're still on air is precious.
Every day we're still here fighting the tyrants is amazing.
So I want to thank you for keeping us on air.
I love, look, listen, if we didn't have, it's over 300 now, 300 commercial AM and FM stations.
Big Tech acts like that doesn't exist.
It's still huge.
If we didn't have over 100 cable and TV stations that the enemy hates and wants us not to be on, when they deplatformed us four years ago, we'd be off air right now.
But thanks to those stations, we're still on air.
But our main outreach, because talk radio is folks that are already awake and go hear it.
They know to go check it.
Mainly, it's an older audience of great patriots that built this country.
The young people are ready to hear the truth.
But the only way it gets out is if you take clips from the show or you take an archive or you take an article and you share it to your grandson or granddaughter or brother or sister, aunt or uncle, I don't care, but we got to get it out.
People are hungry for the truth now.
And it is just so paramount that you take the live links from infowars.com forward slash show and futurenews.news.
That's the new URL that they're not blocking at this time.
We went eight, nine months with freeworldnews.tv on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram.
They weren't blocking and now they are.
FreeWorldNews.tv, but the URL is futurenews.news.
And you have the power, like the Canadians right now, and others fighting back.
If you decide to get excited, if you decide to share the links, it changes the world.
If you don't, we're dead in the water.
You are the engine.
You are the drive.
You are the mind.
You are the guts.
You are the bone.
You are the skin.
You are the sinew.
You are the soul of this fight.
So I salute the crew for the amazing job they've done, and I hope to be here, coming up in 24 hours from the time of the live transmission ending for the Sunday show, 4 to 6 p.m.
We salute the folks in Canada.
We pray for peace.
They'll definitely try to provocateur, but there's so many Canadians awake and know what's going on.
I don't think it'll be successful, but this is history happening right now.
If they can take down Australia and Europe and other areas, they're going to take us down.
That's so important.
All right, great job to the crew.
I want to thank you all for tuning in tonight.
We're going to end this live transmission.
But as I said, it's about to archive and restream at InfoWars.
And it's your mission to share this link if you want to beat these people.
It's all in your hands now.
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