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Name: 20220128_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 28, 2022
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In this broadcast, Alex Jones discusses various topics including ongoing protests in Canada, financial struggles of InfoWars, environmental issues, censorship on social media platforms, the importance of DVDs for storing information, resistance against globalist tactics. He also talks about power struggles within the Republican Party, endorsements made by President Trump, false allegations against him regarding January 6th, election fraud, internet censorship, and fighting for honest, fair elections. Roger Stone discusses his views on the political climate in America, January 6th events, criticizes Democrats for trying to silence voices like InfoWars, encourages listeners to support defense fund and buy products from InfoWars store. Alex Jones provides updates on ongoing lawsuits, healthcare worker rights, vaccine exemptions, Walmart lawsuit, podcasts, nuclear war threats, constitutionalism, and attacks Sundar Pichai's denial of real-time location tracking on Google and ADL for defining racism as applicable only to white people. General Flynn discusses foreign policy issues with Russia and China while emphasizing family values, having children, and warning about potential nuclear war or domestic false flag events. The InfoWars show promotes supplements and emergency food supplies urging listeners to stay informed and engaged in their communities.

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We have done it, ladies and gentlemen.
InfoWars, that is you, the audience of activists, and our guest, and this whole family, have successfully launched a worldwide resistance to the globalists by being aware of them and understanding that submission to their program is death, resistance to their program is life.
We still have important work to do into the future, but I must tell you that we should, at a minimum, See this as a milestone of how far we have come together and that things will be much, much worse if you hadn't been there doggedly over the years praying for this broadcast and spreading the articles and videos and praying for us.
So I want it to sink in and I want you to get chills.
You are the tip of the spear.
You are the sword of truth.
You are the resistance to this evil.
And God loves you and sees you and appreciates you.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Here we are.
Friday, January 28, 2022.
The battle to retake Canada is peacefully happening right now.
Tomorrow's news.
I'm going to talk about the future of the United States.
The longest convoy ever recorded in Canadian history.
50-something miles long.
Some estimates from over a million truckers.
And more people are joining the peaceful civil disobedience fight.
This is how you do it!
We're not gonna take it!
And Trudeau literally announced he's gonna hide in his house, claiming he has COVID.
That's Klaus Schwab's man that he says he owns.
You'll see!
see. I was 10 years old, 38 years ago.
And I'm not gonna take it. I'm not gonna take it anymore.
No way.
Canada is under globalist attack.
Canada is now waking up.
This is literally a UN Great Reset post-industrial assault.
And as good as that news is, we're going to be tracking it as it unfolds.
The first of Close to a million trucks now arriving in the capital of Canada as the people seek to peacefully recapture their land from the clutches of the Bilderberg Group.
Ladies and gentlemen, the fight
The Save Our Republic and the Save All of Our Nations is now.
The front lines of that fight are Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
The globalists have seized almost every major blue city and still have them under their martial law system.
We must retake the hearts and minds of the people.
We must let them know about the Great Reset and the New World Order.
We must galvanize the resolve against it and call not just to cut the heads off politically
of this system, but to actually stab the giant evil Hydra in the heart by politically non-violently
digging them out of their holes and then prosecuting them for crimes against humanity.
And that's now being called for in parliaments and governments around the world by more and
more prominent people.
And the new world order has fear in its eyes.
The head of Pfizer, Fauci, Gates, all of them aren't laughing anymore because it's blown
up in their face.
They knew there'd be opposition, but not at the level they thought.
Now listen.
I just did a 40-minute interview, commercial-free, with General Flynn.
It'll be posted in the next few hours at Bandot Video.
We've got excerpts coming up, though, this hour, where he warns of imminent false flag in America to bring in martial law against the American people and a civil emergency.
This is serious business.
Tomorrow's news today, my Paul Reveres.
So here's your mission, if you choose to accept it.
Take the live feeds at Bandot Video and InfoWars.com and share them now!
Well, Canada is now The epicenter of human awakening and human resistance as millions of people take to the streets to cheer on a convoy estimated between 700,000 and a million truckers now beginning to enter the capital of the once great nation of Canada now under Davos Group command.
Now under Bilderberg Group command, Klaus Schwab brags on TV that he has penetrated Canada and now has the cabinet under his control.
These aren't James Bond villains in a movie.
These are James Bond villains for real.
And they're normalizing their corporate world government dictatorship, but China's turning against the New World Order.
Doesn't mean China's good.
Russia's turning against the New World Order.
The American people have turned against it.
We don't want the corporate world government.
We say no.
Now, I'm going to come in here tomorrow, and I'm going to do a live show.
We usually do tape to air on Saturday, where I'll tape an hour, two, three, four hours in the early morning or afternoon, and then we'll air it in the afternoon or evening.
I'm going to come in tomorrow, and we're going to go live at 2 p.m.
2 p.m.
Central for at least two hours commercial-free to take calls and to play clips of people in Ottawa and in this historic event and also chronicle all the other resistance movements that are peacefully standing up and taking action across the world.
So 2 p.m.
Central, 3 p.m.
Eastern, 1 p.m.
Mountain, noon, Pacific.
And I want everybody to know that link will be at the front page of InfoWars.com.
And this is not a spectator sport.
This is a full contact sport in the InfoWar to get off the bench and to share that link and cause a chain reaction tomorrow.
And tell those that you share it to, for them to share it, and tell them to share it, and them to share it.
And will we save the world tomorrow?
But together, every little bit we do will.
And we're so close, you know.
It is a bizarre, very surreal thing to now see the true talking points against the globalists and the Great Reset coming out of senators and congressmen and governors' mouths and all the big top podcast hosts and the top Fox hosts everywhere.
We have done it, ladies and gentlemen.
InfoWars, that is you, the audience of activists, and our guests, and this whole family.
Have successfully launched a worldwide resistance to the globalists by being aware of them and understanding that submission to their program is death, resistance to their program is life.
We still have important work to do into the future, but I must tell you that we should at a minimum see this as a milestone Of how far we have come together and that things will be much, much worse if you hadn't been there doggedly over the years praying for this broadcast and spreading the articles and videos and praying for us.
So I want it to sink in and I want you to get chills.
You are the tip of the spear.
You are the sword of truth.
You are the resistance to this evil.
And God loves you and sees you and appreciates you.
So as we feel the enemy's will thrown against us, and as we experience all the spiritual death and pain they're creating, that's their weapon.
Because we care, we have souls, we feel it.
And as they throw all this at us, know that God will take that evil energy and will translate it and will transform it and will use it for good and that that is God's great mysteries.
And that is how the Lord works mysterious ways.
So you're not going to defeat the New World Order by yourself.
You're going to do it through God in you.
And when I say that to you, I say that to myself because knowing all this is extremely painful.
And I know why a lot of people just go into denial and just go into distractions and diversions because it is very hard.
To really face up to the fact that there's this much evil on the planet.
Now, now let me issue an emergency warning right now.
Obviously, we walked into a trap on January 6th.
We had been to so many big Trump rallies around the country with almost no violence.
Always, if there was violence, it was the other side.
Literally, you could count on one hand the times Trump supporters did something wrong or were the people starting a fight.
We had rallies with hundreds of thousands, half a million people, weeks before January 6th.
And I just figured, well, the police won't stand down.
The Secret Service won't stand down.
Surely they refused Trump winning National Guard.
He should have overridden that.
But I was like, this is going to be okay.
But I had such a bad feeling that morning, while I was sitting there listening to all these boring Republican speeches, and then Trump got up there and it was an okay speech, that I had a horrible foreboding feeling.
And I thought, quit being paranoid.
Maybe you're just coming down with something, mate, because I felt sick.
And, of course, I was picking up what was about to happen, that we were being led into a trap, and that this was extremely dangerous, and that if it could have triggered a bigger, true riot, true violent confrontation, that could have actually triggered a civil war, and potentially millions of dead out of that.
But thank God that the globalist provocateur operatives were not able to really get the riot going the way they wanted, and that their minions and useful idiots were unable to actually capture any of the members of Congress.
Because if that would have happened, they would have brought in a civil emergency and martial law on the back of it, and that was the Deep State's plan.
They're planning that again, and I interviewed, right before we went live, for 40 minutes, commercial free, General Flynn.
Extremely powerful interview on Russia and Ukraine and Hunter Biden and Burisma and China and nuclear war and then he got into false flags and said that he is extremely concerned that the deep state is preparing with all their preparation and brainwashing a major false flag to declare a civil emergency in martial law.
Because that's the endgame of this takeover.
And they've been telegraphing that, and they've been saying that.
So, that interview is going to air in full today, it'll fit, in the fourth hour.
And right around that same time, we will post the full interview to Band.Video, so that you can share it.
But, General Flynn issues an emergency false flag warning of a new January 6th.
And obviously that now leads us to the beautiful Capital of Canada, Ottawa, where I went and covered the Bilderberg Group in 2006, and I got detained there and arrested for a day, and then they had to release me.
It was a big protest, because back then, even mainstream media said you shouldn't arrest a journalist coming to cover something.
And the first trucks of upwards of a million, with F. Trudeau on the side, are arriving at the beautiful neo-Gothic Parliament building, That is an extremely beautiful building, by the way, one of
the most beautiful I've seen.
But it's something right out of Harry Potter.
It's got gargoyles and demons all over it.
But it's still beautiful stonework.
It's got unicorns carved in it, lions, rampant and everything.
And I've been inside the building.
It's amazing.
My point is, is that the globalists are going to try to provocate her, to try to make Trudeau
They're going to try to make this look violent and you know they're going to try to provocateur a group to actually try to go in and occupy the Parliament.
Now the left does that all the time and burns down cities and the media says it's a good thing.
They even just dropped charges against somebody that, you know, firebombed the Portland building.
They just said, well he's an activist so he's allowed to do that.
The last thing we want Is anybody to be violent and learning from January 6, the Canadians that I've heard call in to the other shows.
That's why we're going to do a special show tomorrow from.
At least 2 to 4 p.m., commercial free, taking your calls from Canada, from the event, from the trucks arriving, from the citizens arriving, and everybody that lives in Canada.
You need to go there and peacefully document, and take photos, and shoot videos, and do interviews, and put it all out on every platform you can, and explain that Trudeau is a globalist, that Trudeau admits he wants a dictatorship, that Trudeau admits he works for Klaus Schwab, and Klaus Schwab brags about it.
And that they want to lock our societies down?
We're going to bring their system to gridlock.
Now, they intend to just wait everybody out.
And in a way, they actually want the collapse of society.
So they're probably arguing to themselves, well, this is good.
This will just further, you know, shut things down.
But if it's a learning experience, and people talk about the Great Reset and the globalists and how their country's occupied by a foreign multinational corporate takeover, this event will be nothing but a pure victory.
So we've got to keep it peaceful, and we've got to stop any provocateurs.
Because you know the Ottawa police are going to stand down and let the provocateurs attack.
How do you train the population that they're all suspects, they're all criminals, they're all bad, they all should be locked up and tracked and traced and controlled?
Well, cook up a virus and release it.
And then set the testing system where people that don't even have it are marked as guilty.
And create an enemy that can never be defeated, the common cold, and roll out your depopulation weapon through a so-called vaccine.
And now you've got your world ID, now you've got your pretext to put things in people's bodies, now you've got another way to divide humanity against each other while the corrupt globalists consolidate all the power and the control.
And if you want to illustrate how serious this is, there's a very important article on InfoWars.com by Paul Joseph Watson, everybody should go look at.
This is so Orwellian that when you see the video of it, it just stuns you.
Canadian Walmarts install vaccine passport scanner booths to screen customers.
So the same thing's happening in Australia, New Zealand at their big stores, their grocery stores, and Canada.
All a beta test.
To go everywhere else, and now Germany is installing scanners.
No humans needed!
You step into a box, it scans you, you're a good little slave, and then it lets you in.
And of course, what do the unvaccinated and the triple-jabbed or the quadruple-jabbed all have in common?
You're never fully vaccinated.
And then they say it's the American thing to do to censor people and not let medical doctors speak out and warn of all the heart attacks and cancer.
Oh, and then Pfizer goes with the FDA and says, don't release the documents for 75 years.
And the first documents the judge orders released three months ago say, thousands killed by the shot and thousands of miscarriages in the first few weeks.
And now the judge orders 50,000 pages released.
That was just 300.
And they say, we're not doing it.
We can't.
We have a secret agreement that President Trump signed, that other governments signed, where we don't have to under national security, for liability reasons.
Because they did it, folks.
They launched a bio-synthetic chem attack.
It's really not biological, it's synthetic biology, it's nanotech.
So it's bio-chem, nano-attack.
And let that sink in, ladies and gentlemen.
So humanity needs to not just galvanize against the lockdowns and the masks and being told they're not essential and forcing us into debt for the Great Reset, for the World Social Credit Score and Universal Basic Income to control every aspect of our lives.
It's about killing us.
And so here are the images.
Canadian Walmarts install vaccine passport scanner booths to screen customers.
Did you ever want to know what the Antichrist system would look like?
Did you ever want to know what it would be like when the Walmarts become the FEMA camps?
And there you go.
Amazon, Walmart, Target.
They'll be staffed by on-site nurses, and if you're not allowed in, they'll just usher you over, it says, and inject you free of charge because they care so much about you.
That's why they created it at Wuhan, and that's why they suppressed all the scientists that pointed out it was man-made.
And that's why I told you Peter Daszak was CIA, and now that's been declassified.
Obama developed the weapon, scientists protested in 2015, they moved it to Wuhan, and it is the deep state globalists that hate our country that control Obama that launched the attack.
And we're looking at the third administration of Obama where he has his puppet in there who will take all the blame while the globalists carry out the total destruction and bankruptcy and bio-attack, chem-attack on the people.
This is a very standard operation throughout history to have globalists carry out operations like this, and they've now done it yet again in a high-tech way.
They are the most selfish people You could ever imagine in your life.
And they believe that they get to have their great lifestyles of huge palatial farms and ranches and seaside resorts and private aircraft and all of it, as long as they kill a bunch of us.
And we sit here and we take it.
And we sit here, those of you that work for the system, and pretend you're getting ahead by playing along with it.
Just to be clear, Biden announced that 1.2 million un-vaxxed illegal aliens cross the border.
He legalized them.
Outside of law, the number is eight times that according to Border Patrol.
Because they turn back.
They say turnbacks are 80% when they're not.
They're not even 5%.
So that number is much higher.
But it won't allow un-vaxxed truckers to cross the border.
Well, that's because you're a productive, good little slave that does what you're told.
And you've got to be tracked and traced.
You've got to get used to them putting in your body what they want, when they want.
And Trudeau is hiding under the table.
"Mr. I want to be a dictator.
Mr. I've been trained by Klaus Schwab to bring in the Great Reset and collapse Canada."
Trudeau isolating at home in bid to dodge massive Canadian trucker caravan.
He smeared his fringe minority who he said have unacceptable views that will "not be
I will not tolerate your views of me and what I'm doing to you!
And Klaus Schwab goes on C-SPAN and says, the greatest example of our control is... Trudeau.
We've penetrated the controlist cabinet.
We control the other cabinets.
They are believers in what we are doing.
Absolutely creepy evil cult.
But what did General Flynn say?
We've got a short clip of it coming up next segment and the full interview will air in the fourth hour.
What did General Flynn warn of?
The next stage is false flags, not just here but around the world, to blame the anti-lockdown, to blame the anti-vax.
That's the next move.
And they're telling you the anti-vaxxers, who are just anti-Nuremberg violation, anti-GMO forced injection, are going to stage terror attacks. They're claiming we are
going to stage terror attacks against them when obviously they're going to do it to
themselves so they can be the victims. That's the only card they've got left other than war and cyber
attack. And they're telling you, oh, the Russians are getting ready to take the U.S. power grid
down. Sure. Did the Russians turn off the Keystone pipeline? No. Did the Russians implode the U.S.
Did the Russians have drag queen pedophile story time?
Did the Russians devalue the dollar?
Did the Russians invent fentanyl at MIT, give it to China and allow it to be shipped in?
Did the Russians do any of that?
I mean, I wish it was the Russians, because then we could do something about it.
That's a clear and outside group.
But no, it's people posing as if they're Americans and as if they're our leaders.
But they've all gone to the alumni of Klaus Schwab.
They went to the Bilderberg Group's Young Leaders Seminar.
And they got vetted.
And they got prepared.
And they got put in.
And now all over the news, oh, the power grid, it's imminent, American right-wingers.
Are preparing with Putin to turn the power off.
Meanwhile, Slob's like, Soon the power will be turned off and you will die.
It will be so good for Earth.
We also need climate lockdowns and rolling blackouts.
But Putin will turn your power off.
It is Putin.
He will do it.
Unbelievable times be alive, folks.
Have you shared the live link at InfoWars.com forward slash show?
Have you shared the link from Bandai Video?
Because if you haven't, When I grow up, I want to take humanity to the next level.
I want our children to grow up in freedom together, with love of God, and a love of discovery and creation.
And we will have our victory.
We now take you live.
My job is to become obsolete, where everybody knows about the New World Order, and the Bilderberg Group, and the Great Reset, and the transhumanist cult.
And we've gone from maybe one half of 1% knowing who they were 28 years ago, when I first got on air, to now about 20% of the public knows and a large portion of government knows.
Not just the side of government and corporate governance that's working with the globalists, but now the other side waking up to what's going on and knowing how to strike at the root and how to resist it.
By showing it's illegitimate, it acts as a private corporate intelligence agency, it uses blackmail and control.
Once you know its tools and once you know its goal is the collapse of civilization, you understand that you can't work with it.
You can't make deals with it.
You can't sell out for a while and get rich with it because your children will be destroyed.
And you're not going to have to wait long now because it's here.
A lot of folks will still sell out and say, well, we'll just double-cross them later.
Now you know that's not the case.
All right.
Here is a little excerpt of some of what General Flynn talked about this morning when I taped an interview with him right before we went live at 11 a.m.
And we are going to again have this interview posted to Band.Video and InfoWars.com in full by the fourth hour, and we will premiere it here in the fourth hour as well today.
But it's absolutely the most important interview yet with General Flynn, the former head of Defense Intelligence, former National Security Advisor.
uh, to, uh, president Trump and a former would be political prisoner.
If they had their way, they are so scared of Flynn because he understands
where the bodies are buried.
Here is a little bit of a prelude, uh, of what's coming up.
Worst case scenario in this case, as I started to look at this buildup and
this, what I call road to war is this movement where you start to talk
about nuclear weapons and people that are talking about world war three.
I mean, this is not going to be some, you know, movie, right?
This is real.
And in a World War III scenario, World War Three scenario, which people in Washington, D.C., people in the legislative branch, some of these senators, some of these members of Congress, some of these people in the National Security Council, some of these think tankers, they are all like beating the drums, like we should be ready to go, we should go.
No, no.
Take a deep breath, everybody.
I think that we are going to see, and I expect something, again, another distraction.
You know, some, some, I really do.
I expect because of what was staged on January 6th and what was staged up in Michigan to kidnap, you know, the fake kidnapping of the governor up in Michigan, Whitmer.
I think we're going to see staged events.
I really do.
I mean, I really do think that, do not put past This administration, with their, you know, their thugs in some cases that they have access to, do not put it past them to stage something and then declare some type of national emergency in order to further shut down aspects of our freedoms.
I mean, I believe that.
So, you know, and I tell that to people and I'm telling it to you and I'm telling it to your audience.
You know, in 30 seconds, it has to do with this beautiful country that my father It was a World War II and Korea War veteran and my mother who decided to have nine children, thank God.
They handed my family, my generation, our generation, Alex, a beautiful country on a silver platter and said, you know, go forth and do good.
Be good to others.
and work hard and you'll have a good life.
And we, our generation has screwed this up.
And so when I look at my children and my grandchildren, especially, that's my long game.
So pay attention people, discover, learn, read, do whatever you gotta do and follow this great show
because Alex has been right on for over a decade.
Info Wars, tomorrow's news today.
Very powerful interview.
that weren't an information war.
You want to win it?
You share it.
You don't want to win it?
Then roll over and die, folks, because they're coming for everybody.
They're coming for everybody.
I got a USA Today article here.
That'll get you later when Roger Stone joins us, but just just wait till you see that Roger Stone bottom in the next hour.
Then a big prominent lawyer who's won a lot of lawsuits against these workplace vaccines is going to be popping in in the third hour and a lot of other news and then of course we are going to have the big Flynn interview in full.
It'll just perfectly fit in that one hour.
So that's coming up.
Something I need to announce to the listeners that's extremely serious, not just for me, but for all of you, needs to get said here, okay?
Nietzsche said, that which does not kill you only makes you stronger.
And it's true.
We've been boycotted and censored and attacked and lied about for 20 years of my 28 years on air.
And so it forced us to get our own warehouse and our own shipping department and our own products and our own everything because Our sponsors would get great responses, but then they would call up and threaten to kill their families.
And they'd say, sorry, people just threatened to kill our family.
They came to our house.
We can't be a sponsor.
And that was happening 10 years ago.
So we had to go out, start our own thing, sell our own stuff.
And I was in a hole, I don't know, two, three years ago of three plus million dollars.
And we got a lot of products in, the listers bought them, we got out of the hole.
And then starting about a year and a half ago, the supply chain broke down where you used to get t-shirts in 2-3 weeks, now it takes 5-6 weeks.
We can get supplements in 6 weeks, high quality, now it's 10-12, 14-20, now it's 25 weeks.
So we can't spend money out 25 weeks and then have an order coming in at 10 that we put in 20 weeks ago and then have to put in the next order and pay for half of it.
We don't have the money for that.
That's the shortfall of a supply chain 25 weeks out.
And I talk to people in business and energy and oil fields and gas and power plants.
The copper wire isn't coming in.
The repair systems aren't coming in.
They're going in and cannibalizing all the old wells around the country to go fix the ones that are still operating.
They can barely get enough power out of the ground right now to supply the U.S.
This has all been done by design.
So I get chills when I tell you this as a father and as an American.
We are screwed.
Now, the big globalist corporations, they've got their Chinese supply chain and others with all their chained garbage.
I could get chained stuff from China in 10 weeks.
You can't get clean, badass stuff, you know, from other parts of the world like South America and Canada and the U.S.
and things that are all triple certified in 25 weeks.
A lot of these companies are just closing their doors or they're getting bought up and just shut down by the globalists who have unlimited money.
It's like Neil Young's catalog got bought by the Blackstone Group.
They're buying everything.
A lot of it is just to shut stuff down and exercise control.
And so, whatever quality products we can get, we're going to have.
What we can't get, we're not going to have.
So a lot of best sellers have been discontinued.
A lot of other stuff has been sold out for 6, 8, 10 weeks.
If we had the product, you'd love it, you'd buy it, we'd have money.
Right now, we have a multi-million dollar deficit, because again, we have to sell $30 million worth of food to make $5 million or whatever to fund the operation.
It's the same thing.
It's not like all money we keep.
We keep a tiny part of it to fund the operation.
And hey, Bandot Video is incredibly successful, millions and millions and millions of views a day.
That's everybody else's videos.
We're hosting them.
That's a huge burden.
Millions of dollars a year to pay for the bandwidth on that.
So we need your financial support, plus we've got products you need.
I would go to infowarestore.com and whatever we've got in stock, like the fluoride-free whitening toothpaste that's so great, or the activated charcoal toothpaste, or The multivitamin minerals we've got, they're all top-of-the-line, high quality.
So much of the stuff is sold out, and we're talking 25 weeks till some of this stuff comes in, and I'm looking at the money, and not even having the money out that far to do it.
So I don't know what I'm gonna do.
But anything we're selling, we've got in stock.
Now there's a silver lining.
My Patriot Supply saw this, and their literal Christian mission is to feed people.
So they went crazy the last year and bought up every bit of food they could.
So everybody else that sells horrible food is either sold out or overpriced.
They actually have extra food right now, and they're Christians, so instead of 10% off, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
Not 10% off.
Instead of 10% off, ladies and gentlemen, it's 25% off.
25% off.
We are back live, broadcasting worldwide, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us.
I want to salute all of the amazing truckers and the millions of people descending on the capital of Canada.
The globalists want you bankrupt.
They want you totally under their control so they can put a biomedical tyranny over you and make your children wear carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide creating face diapers.
And we will say no to the cult.
We will resist it.
We will say no.
You know, why do they put biological males in women's sports and now let them dominate every level of it?
Because if you'll accept something that ass-backwards and that is that big a fraud, you'll accept anything.
And now Disney announced that Snow White and other female characters will not wear dresses.
They want to take the power of women and their culture and what they like and what they gravitate to and what they enjoy and celebrating their beauty.
Like a woman is a flower.
Why is a flower beautiful?
To attract bees for procreation.
It's the same thing.
Why is one species of bird colorful and other species not?
This is who we are.
This is what we do organically.
And they are saying no.
You can't do that because we're hitting you with so many chemicals and so much garbage that women will be like men and men will be like women.
And that's what they've done.
Because it's an enemy of the people.
It's social engineering.
It's depopulation.
It's sick.
And everything they push is pure death.
Look at this headline.
Trans child molester, 26, who sexually assaulted a girl, 10, is sentenced to just two years in juvenile facility.
Now this has never been done before, but it's just like men with penises are put in California jails and prisons to rape women, and then they'll have in the headlines, two women have had a baby!
Again, assaulting your mind with fraud.
And in this case they said, well no one's ever convicted an adult and put them in a juvenile.
But you see, if you identify as a child, That's how they want to get pedophilia legalized.
Oh, you identify as a cat, you identify as a dog, you identify as a child.
But they're blurring the lines here saying, well, he did this when he was 17, so now he'll pay in a juvenile facility.
They're just getting you used to all sorts of, oh yeah, let's put a child molester in with adolescents.
Let's put a child molester in with 12-year-olds.
That's as young as will be in the facility this man is in.
A transgender woman, you mean a man, now 26, has been ordered to serve just two years in juvenile detention center for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl after L.A.
George Gaskin refused to prosecute her as an adult.
Hannah Tubbs, formerly known as James, now 26, pled guilty in 2020 to sexually assaulting the young girl in a Denny's bathroom.
In 2014, when he was 17, prosecutors had pushed for it to stay in the Los Angeles jail and be tried as an adult, but the DA declined to file a motion to move the case out of juvenile court where it was filed, and so now he'll put the creature in, the child rapist, with children.
They're predators, folks.
The whole thing is about training you.
And now they've got all this anti-white garbage going on.
So it's not 10-to-1 black-on-white crime.
In many areas of blue cities, it's 20-to-1.
20-to-1 black-on-white crime.
Look at this lovely lady here, the now convicted rapist of a 10-year-old girl in Denny's.
Imagine that dude rapes your 10-year-old daughter, sticks his filthy proboscis in her, and instead of Being given the death penalty, he gets to spend two years with a bunch of children.
Locked up.
This is a pervert, pedophile revolution.
It's the transhumanist revolution.
And it continues on.
Federal judge cites climate crisis and decision to cancel oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico.
Oh, China's drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.
Mexico's drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.
Brazil and Chile and the Russians and everybody else.
But we can't.
We can't drill in our own Gulf of Mexico because of climate change.
That's right.
Total made-up garbage.
It's the siege against America.
A federal judge yesterday invalidated a massive oil and gas lease sale for 80 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico after a coalition of environmental groups, you mean Saudi funded, BP funded, sued the Biden administration to stop it.
The ruling cancels 1.7 million acres of oil and gas leases from the sale according to data from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.
And what was Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates obsessed with?
Using the UN to get control of the ocean to then transfer it to multinational corporations.
Oh, this is all going to get drilled.
Just not by us.
Oh, all that shale oil is going to come out of Canada.
It's going to get loaded on trains and shipped to the Pacific coast and shipped to China.
We're just not going to get it in that big pipeline we built over 10 years that came down to Houston and Shreveport.
Economic Total Warfare.
And it just goes on and on and on.
But oh, there's this article.
Out of local TV in District of Columbia.
Take only what you need.
asked people to limit supermarket purchases as empty shelves persist.
As empty shelves persist.
And they say, oh, it's hoarding that's causing the problem.
No, it's supply chain breakdowns and inflation.
It's economic globalist warfare against us.
The power to tax is the power to destroy, as the famous Supreme Court Justice said.
And here it is, San Jose to disproportionately punish low-income gun owners with liability
insurance requirement.
Roger Stone, judges, at the bottom of the hour.
He's really upset with Trump.
He's going to be as diplomatic as he can, but it really is scary.
Roger privately started telling me six months ago he was very concerned.
He went public two weeks ago on air.
And Trump is now disproportionately endorsing rhinos, neocons, and people that hate his guts.
Over bonafide patriots and populist and nationalist and good people and people that got Trump elected and people that Trump claims he supports.
So that's coming up bottom of the hour.
I've got a bunch of economic news and a bunch of world news and military news and Biden news.
That's coming up, ladies and gentlemen.
Next hour, also, ex-Clinton advisor, Biden should pardon nonviolent January 6th defendants, fulfill unity promise.
I mean, if they wanted unity, they would do that because they released people that burned down courthouses and said they did nothing wrong, but people that peacefully walked in have already spent a year in jail and are being given six month sentences.
So that's all coming up.
Separately, ladies and gentlemen, two quick announcements.
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We hope to back it off now, but if we don't in the future, this will be underground material punishable by FEMA camp and probably death.
I'm not joking.
The left says they're going to kill 50 million Americans in death camps officially.
All right, we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with our number two.
Infowarstore.com needs your support.
All right, we've got several powerful reports that have been filed by John Bowne.
One of them is titled, Cancel Silicon Valley Before It Cancels Us.
You want to fight the globalists?
Get that link and share it.
Another one that we're going to play later in the broadcast, Biden Administration Launches Proxy War in Ukraine.
That's what I'm going to be covering next segment
uh... but it's the best of times is the worst of times like they say in a tale
of two cities there's a huge awakening happening huge resistance is
beautiful it's wonderful but we've got to be honest with ourselves
the globalists have a bunch of tricks up their sleeves cyber attacks wars collapse
race war false flags will be covering that all coming up next segment
here is the latest report this believe it or not is the face of a tyrannical
psychopath stalking first amendment protected americans on the social media platform
twitter a platform that is way overdue from having its section two thirty
protection stripped Protections that have been blurred as new Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal acts as a dictatorial publisher editing the content of free speech to strengthen the left's demonic globalist narrative with the blatant
Our role is not to be bound by the First Amendment.
Where our role is particularly emphasized is who can be heard.
The scarce commodity today is attention.
There's a lot of content out there, a lot of tweets out there.
Not all of it gets attention.
Some subset of it gets attention.
And so increasingly our role is moving towards how we recommend After taking the reigns from Twitter founder Jack Dorsey.
People need to have their battle rifles and everything ready, their bedsides.
You gotta be ready.
Sent a chill up my spine.
How about yours?
It did.
I mean, there's a number of actions that we believe help a call to incitement to violence.
And those are the things that we need to make sure that we are taking action on.
Agrawal has been shutting down accounts at a rate that would make the communist Chinese jealous, targeting politicians, journalists, and virologists to keep the anti-American propaganda sputtering along.
Hey Beverly, there's more.
Parag Agrawal on this tweet comparing all white people to racists, quote, if they are not going to make a distinction between Muslims and extremists, then why should I distinguish between white people and racists?
Allegedly from a joke that he was parroting.
But regardless, was it that tough for Twitter to find somebody who didn't make comments like this to be its next CEO?
The hatchet recently swung down on Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene for allegedly violating its COVID-19 misinformation policy after posting information directly from the CDC's website, permanently banning Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology.
What the heck happened in Germany?
in the 20s and 30s, you know, very intelligent, highly educated population, and they went barking mad.
And how did that happen?
The answer is mass formation psychosis.
When you have a society that has become decoupled from each other and has free-floating anxiety,
and then their attention gets focused by a leader or a series of events on one small point, just like hypnosis,
They literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere.
Dr. Malone, there are members of Congress who believe that what the social media companies are doing to censor people like you, it's good, but it's not enough.
It's no secret that our social media companies have been part of their algorithms promoting disinformation.
And I think that these steps are important, but frankly, a little too little and a little too late.
Suspending just the news founder John Solomon for tweeting an article on the FDA's statement that the fully approved Comirnaty vaccine is legally distinct from the emergency approved Pfizer product which is more widely available in the United States.
Congress has allowed this cancer to metastasize as politicians nationwide gorge on COVID relief money, compliant doctors and nurses bathe in vaccine incentives and insurance money, and the Senate and House continue to be the kept minions of Silicon Valley donations.
Nothing will change unless we the people cancel Silicon Valley before it cancels us.
It's hard to believe January 2022 is almost over.
And that means our big New Year's special is about to end.
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Here we are, ladies and gentlemen, now into hour number two on this live, verboten, forbidden edition of the Alex Jones Show.
Friday, January 28th, 2022.
We are in the thick Of what the globalists call World War 4.
The economic, corporate, spiritual, biological attack on humanity of depopulation by the forces of the transhumanist criminal combine.
The global directive.
You know, it's incredible.
You know, I meant to play this last week and I didn't do it.
Will you guys queue up the new trailer for THX 1138 that came out in 1971?
George Lucas' masterpiece with Robert Duvall.
Because I'd forgotten that it was in that movie and then I re-watched clips of it online to show how dialed in George Lucas was.
Where they're describing, this is the global government of the bio-collective directive.
We have decided, and it's all a technocracy, because that's what they were actually planning back then.
So when you see Dr. Strangelove in 1964, where they've got plans for underground bases and turning us into basically suboid slaves, this was being proposed by the Rand Corporation.
And in the movie, Dr. Strangelove's like, I happen to have a development plan right here for just such a scenario.
By the Bland Corporation, yes.
Not Rand, Bland.
So when you see THX113A, and you see Dr. Strangelove, they're making jokes about fluoride in the water.
This ain't a frickin' joke!
It's an underground global government, literally and figuratively, that is a breakaway civilization.
We'll play the trailer next segment.
And then Robbie was pointing out during the break and I said, wow, that's pretty amazing.
Let's get those clips together.
How they're showing a camera shot.
In Ottawa, of the Capitol building, because on the back side it's like a giant park.
An area where cars can't park.
So he was showing me that they're showing a camera shot from the Parliament, no cars, no trucks.
Saying, look, no one's here.
Because they're all in the city on the other side.
And upwards of a million are now arriving.
So again, just, I mean, they had over 2 million people for the March for Life.
No coverage.
They had at least 300,000 for the anti-vax tyranny operation.
Yeah, there it is.
All of that.
So they're saying, here's a live cam shot, here's what's going on at the Parliament, and then they show you the back of it so you can't see what's going on.
That's how the deception operates.
Oh look, no one's there!
Trudeau's staying in his house.
He's not coming out for five days.
He has COVID.
That's coming up next segment as well, but let's get to the really big news.
And then I did a very important interview with General Flynn on the danger of nuclear war and how serious this is and how he believes they're getting ready to stage a false flag as a crackdown on the American people and basically declare a civil emergency, which is admitted.
So that's all coming up in the fourth hour today.
But let's just look at some of these headlines.
This is NPR.
This just came out a few minutes ago.
And I don't just believe NPR, we went and checked this, it's true.
China's ambassador to the U.S.
warns of military conflict over Taiwan.
The Globalists have put Biden in to be weak.
They put Biden in to be compromised by the Chinese and the Russians so that it encourages them to start a war, because Biden didn't really run in the show.
The Globalists won a war with Russia and China.
They're luring them in, just as Joel Skousen predicted 15 years ago, that by the year 2022, 2023, 2024, they would lure us into this war.
China's ambassador to the U.S.
warns of military conflict.
Veteran Chinese diplomat, Qin Gang, China's ambassador, To the U.S.
speaks with NPR's Steve Inskeep at Quinn's official residence in Washington, D.C.
Interviewed him yesterday.
They aired the interview today.
And in this one-on-one interview, since assuming his post in Washington last July, Quinn Gang accused Taiwan of walking down the road towards independence.
And added, if the Taiwan authorities in Baltimore and the United States keep going down the road for independence, it will most likely involve China and the United States in two big countries in a military conflict.
You can hear the whole interview.
In fact, let's grab that and air that later next hour.
That's pretty big.
And then you've got this.
Biden warns Ukraine President Zelensky, prepare for impact, Russian invasion virtually certain.
Fueling tensions, CNN claims Biden told Zelensky Russian invasion imminent, White House denies it.
I mean this is just a leaking disinformation operation and basically Biden is just a lever of power that all these different globalist groups are battling over.
So one day it's the Soros arm driving it, another day it's the Justice Department arm driving it, another day it's the Atlantic Monthly crew, and then it's the New York Times crew, and then it's the Jeff Bezos operation, getting what they want, reminds me of the hags in Greek mythology that don't have an eye.
They pass the one eye around and fight over it.
And then they're literally, I mean, I want to explain something to the DC crowd.
I don't want political power.
I don't want Hollywood power.
I want away from you.
I want you to leave us alone.
And that's all the Midwest and Texas and rural areas across this country want is to be left alone by you.
But you see, they're not going to leave us alone.
They're coming for our children.
They've already come for our children.
They're coming for our very lives.
They're coming for our jobs.
They're telling us that we are non-essential, ladies and gentlemen.
So we just showed you the dot cams that they're showing on TV because they have a fence up.
They've put up about 150 yards in front of the parliament in Ottawa, Canada, their capital.
And then they're just showing it and saying, "Look, no one's there."
That's on the news.
They're like, "No one is here.
No one showed up, despite what they claim."
And then actually the whole city is just full of trucks and people everywhere.
And they're saying they're going to occupy there until the lockdowns and all the tyranny
They need to beat the drum over and over and over again that it's tyranny, that it's illegitimate,
that it's a great reset takeover.
In fact, I don't mean to give you guys a heart attack here as a crew.
You guys did such a great job.
Will you guys pull up what we aired yesterday, please, of Klaus Schwab, or maybe it was two
days ago, bragging on C-SPAN that he controls Trudeau, that he controls Canada, that he
controls half the cabinets, that they've penetrated the cabinets, and that they are following
the belief of the great reset?
Because that's what this is about, is Trudeau's controlled by a multinational criminal conglomerate that has sold us out to China and others and is now trying to start a war with Russia.
Here is the clip, ladies and gentlemen.
When I mention now names like Mrs. Merkel, even Vladimir Putin and so on, they all have been young global leaders of the World Economic Forum.
But what we are very proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, President of Argentina and so on, that we penetrate the cabinets.
So, yesterday I was at a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau and...
We know that half of this cabinet, or even more half of this cabinet, are actually young global leaders of the world economy.
And that's true in Argentina as well.
It's true in Argentina and it's true in France now, with the president, with the young global leader, but what is important All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to go to break and come back.
And there's been some big developments with Russia and China that are just now breaking.
We'll get that information for you on the other side, and we'll get more into how the media manages perceptions and won't show all the big crowds out there.
But corporate media has almost no viewers now, and Independent has massive views.
And no matter who they take off, Alex Jones, Dan Bongino, or Joe Rogan, Just more people than fill the shoes and become massive overnight, because folks are simply looking for populist information, and that's why the tyrants will fail.
But instead of just cutting the heads off of the Hydra politically, we got to go in and wipe out the globalists politically at the heart of the Bilderberg Group and their public arm, the Davos Group, enemies of humanity.
All right, Roger Stone just sent me a message, and I can't tell if this is on his Getter or his telegram or what it is, because those sites pretty much look the same.
They're all great sites.
But Roger Stone sent me this message right here.
We can do an overhead shot.
And it says, I join Alex Jones today at 1.30 p.m.
Eastern Time, that's next segment, to talk about the Trump endorsements and what is really happening in the Republican Party.
And then he sent me this message.
He says this will be the most significant broadcast I've done on InfoWars since 2016.
So get ready for this information next segment.
I want to make a quick announcement here to the listeners and to the viewers.
We are in such dangerous, perilous times in this world right now.
That it is so important for you to behave and act like, in my view, this could be the last show we ever do every day.
And it could be the last time you're able to talk to your family across the country for a long period of time.
It could be the last time you have electricity for a long time.
It could be the last time you have food in your pantry.
The last time you can go to the store.
If you think the deadly vaccine is bad, if you think What you've seen so far is terrible.
If you think the supply chain breakdowns, and the open borders, and the devalued currency, and the inflation is bad, and all the wars and rumors of wars, let me give you the bad news.
You ain't seen nothing yet.
And if we don't realize how much trouble we're in, and if we don't get on our knees and pray to God and repent, and ask for a reprieve, We're going to look back at 2020, 2021, 2022 as the good old days.
I'm a person that's been ready for this for a long time.
I'm a person that doesn't scare easily.
And I can tell you, I'm shook up all the time right now.
Because this is it.
This is the fabled New World Order, World Government, Antichrist takeover.
I'm not saying the Antichrist is here, I'm not saying it's about to happen next week, but all the pieces are being put in place, and the training wheels for it are being engaged in right now, and you go to these big churches, you hear nothing about this.
Instead they ask you to check your QR code, make sure you got your vaccine passport to be there.
They are nothing but induction systems or feeders, funnels into the belly of the beast.
And I'm not judging these groups.
I'm just telling you folks, it's time to get right with God right now.
Big time.
And it's also time for us to fight the hardest we ever had to spread the word and to get the word out and to warn people so they know what is going on.
So, we need to build up our war chest.
We don't need to be running on empty here at InfoWars.
We need to go strong into the future, with as much capital as we have, to operate as best we can.
And, I gotta tell you, this could be the last chance you ever get to get these supplements, or to get this great fluoride-free toothpaste, or to get a book, or a film, or a t-shirt, or storable food, because the world's so dangerous, you can wake up just like that, the power's out, and we're at war with Russia.
Because the globalists are going to cut our power off and say the Russians did it.
They're all over the news.
I told you years ago they do it.
Saying the Russians are going to cut the U.S.
Type it in.
Pentagon warns Russia planning cyber attack.
Pentagon warns Russia turned off the colonial pipeline.
No they didn't.
The globalists did.
The globalists turned off the Keystone 2.
The globalists just said we can't have any oil drilling in the Gulf.
That's the Democratic Party!
That's the New World Order!
That's the eugenicists!
They did it!
And I'm not here defending Russia.
If it was Russia doing all this, we could stop it easily.
But we can't.
Because we have an enemy within the gates that runs our system.
And everybody that works for the system, that pretends like you're on the winning team, you're fools!
You have thrown your birthright out the window, you've destroyed yourself, and there's still time for you to turn back.
But I'm not going to talk to people that serve evil.
Most of them are a lost cause.
I'm talking to those of you that know what's going on and know how serious things are.
You need to get your head straight.
You need to get focused and get out of that fog and decide what you're going to do politically, spiritually, economically, culturally to not go along with this and not comply like the million people descending on Ottawa, Canada right now with caravans 50, 60, 70 miles long.
Coming in from every major direction.
Exposing the Great Reset.
Exposing the New World Order.
Exposing what's happening.
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A true 360 win.
All right, Roger Stone says he's breaking the biggest news since he's done in 2016 on the broadcast.
Straight ahead, the General Flynn coming up warns of imminent globalist false flags and declare martial law.
Well, fresh off trying to put transgenders in frontline combat, and trying to purge the military of anybody that's pro-America, and trying to make the troops take experimental deadly shots in violation of the Nuremberg Code, the odd couple of evil, Austin and Milley, have had a press conference where they urge Russia not to invade and to stand down, and where they say the Russian attack is imminent!
And Russia says, you're massing troops on our border, we've only put some troops on our border, In case you do, we're not going in.
Stop it.
But there's just a hysteria here with CNN.
Biden told the Ukrainian president last night to brace for impact, imminent invasion, and then the White House says that's not true.
So, the Pentagon's busy trying to start a civil war with the American people.
They're busy trying to put everybody in jail for January 6th.
They're busy saying white people are inherently evil and that the Capitol was about white rage when it wasn't.
What a time to be alive.
Roger Stone joins us with exclusive huge news.
And Roger doesn't hype stuff that isn't...
Hype for a reason.
He sent me a message just 10 minutes ago saying, this is the biggest news, biggest show I've done since 2016 election.
This is going to be absolutely massive.
And what is he about to talk about?
Well, he's about to tell you.
Trump faces a mega revolt, a MAGA revolt over his endorsements.
So what started out in the last year as a problem, Endorsing some really bad neocons and others that hate President Trump and hate his supporters now has become an avalanche Where he's not even basically endorsing anybody good So Trump is destroying himself ladies and gentlemen by pushing the poison vaccine everything.
It's very very sad I've been persecuted for supporting Trump.
He did a lot of good.
I hope we can salvage this but joining us is Roger Stone, former top advisor to President Trump, longtime confidant, 40 plus years.
Roger, thank you so much for joining us today.
Alex, it's great to be back with you and the whole crew at InfoWars.
Look, there's no one alive who loves Donald Trump more than I do.
I started trying to get him to run for president in 1988.
I was willing to go to jail for seven to nine years rather than bear false witness against him under extraordinary pressure from Robert Mueller and his thugs.
I think he could be the greatest president in my lifetime.
And can you imagine what he could have accomplished had he not been surrounded by quislings and traitors?
I mean, he gave us the most vibrant, robust economy in our history.
He rebuilt our national defense, in fact, our offensive capability.
He instilled fear in our enemies around the world.
He told the red Chinese that we would not be patsies anymore.
So there's much great to be talked about here.
But it's important to understand the backdrop of what's going on here, Alex.
Donald Trump's nomination was, in essence, the hostile takeover of the Republican Party.
And what's going on right now is a systematic effort by Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy to retake control of the Republican Party and take it back to the country club.
Now, there are times when the president seems to understand this.
For example, only weeks ago, it was Donald Trump himself who was aghast at the vote by Congressman Christopher Smith of New Jersey for Joe Biden's build back better trillion bonanza.
And Trump himself went on social media to call for a primary challenge to this rhino.
Fortunately, Mike Crispy, who is a broadcaster with Right Side Broadcasting, lives in the district, stepped forward and said, me, I'll take him on.
And now this rhino's in deep trouble.
By the way, Chris Smith has been in Congress for 40 years.
Who called him out?
Donald Trump.
And he's going to get beat.
So there are times when the president appears to understand exactly what's going on here.
And the president has certainly called out Mitch McConnell.
And Mitch McConnell's ties to the Chinese and his desires to compromise with the Deep State.
What we saw here in Tennessee 5, which has got everybody in an uproar, is where the President endorsed a bushy, a rhino, a woman named Ortegas, who certainly looks like a bad actor considering her connections to Jeb Bush and Mike Pompeo and other Deep Staters.
And hopefully this is an early warning.
I'm not all that impressed with the MAGA candidate.
Robbie Starbuck seems like a nice enough fellow, but it's a multi-candidate race.
The races to watch here, Alex, to determine whether the President really understands what's going on are several.
First and foremost, the most important one in the nation, the number one rhino in the country, the guy who is Mitch McConnell's right-hand man, is Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma.
It was James Lankford who sat on the Senate Intelligence Committee for four years and never once criticized the Russian collusion hoax.
It was James Lankford who made the motion on January 6th to certify the election of Joe Biden and then apologized to Black Lives Matter in Tulsa because he had briefly questioned the results of the election saying it was racist.
In fact, it was James Lankford who said that he was open to a third impeachment over Donald Trump regarding January 6th.
This guy is the number one rhino in the country.
He is a certain vote for Mitch McConnell to return to the leadership.
Now, he's being challenged by Jackson Lawmire, a hard-charging pastor and businessman who has built an extraordinary grassroots campaign and is beginning to press the senator.
Jackson Lawmire is one of the most exceptional first-time candidates I've ever seen.
So what will the president do?
Will he throw a lifeline to this enemy?
Or will he support a legitimate MAGA challenger?
By the way, you can go to jacklaw.com or Jackson Lawmire to read more about this guy.
He's incredible.
There are other examples.
What about Laura Loomer?
She's running an incredibly hard-charging race against Dan Webster in Florida.
Webster didn't even bother to show up to vote against the second impeachment attempt, and he didn't even bother to send a proxy, which is allowed under House rules.
That's how much he cares about the President.
Recently, in a public forum, when a show of hands was asked for in terms of who thought the election was stolen, Dan Webster didn't raise his hand.
The dichotomy Alex, between the grassroots and the leadership of the party is like day and night.
At the grassroots, furor about the last election is still red hot.
It is the number one issue among Republican primary voters.
I don't care whether you're in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Tennessee, or New Jersey.
I'm not going on the basis of my gut or my instincts or what I think.
I'm looking at sophisticated polling.
And while we look at these key races, we're going to determine whether the president understands that he is being undermined by those who seek his endorsement.
Let's talk about why they do so.
Despite his positions on vaccinations, which I also disagree with, as you do, do not underestimate the strength or potency of Donald Trump at the grassroots level of the Republican Party, even today.
87% of Republican primary voters in Oklahoma are more likely to vote for the candidate endorsed by President Donald Trump.
In New Jersey, I can tell you right now, and that's a blue state, it's only 69%.
And that's why we can criticize Trump and put pressure on him to do the right thing on issues, which he tends to do, but we can't throw the baby out with the bathwater.
That's why the Democrats fear him so much, is because if he gets behind people, they win.
That's why this battle to get him to endorse good people is key.
We're going to go to break in a moment, but real fast, Roger, let's just name names.
Who the hell is advising him to endorse his enemies?
That's an extraordinarily difficult question because Donald Trump is a guy who likes to pick up the phone and consult with many, many people.
He also hates it when people go out and say, Oh, I just talked to the president.
Here's what I told him.
And I think in some cases he has been sold a bill of goods.
But the most important contests are yet to come.
We've already had some disappointments.
So for example, He's endorsed Verne Buchanan, a Wheeler dealer, often called the most corrupt member of Congress, being challenged by Martin Hyde in Sarasota.
Martin Hyde's a real patriot.
I mean, he is a MAGA Republican.
A huge disappointment.
And then you turn around and the President has endorsed Mario Diaz-Balart in Miami.
The President doesn't know Mario Diaz-Balart.
We've got to come back and talk about this, Roger.
You've got a lot of sites, you've grown back your alternative social media.
How do people find all things Roger Stone as we go to break?
Go to StoneColdTruths.com.
That's the best place to go.
I'm big on Gab.
I like Gab because they're really committed to free speech and no censorship.
You won't find me on Getter.
They won't verify me there.
We'll be right back.
Stay there.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central, it's the Alex Jones Show, still on air, despite all the attacks and all the lies, and in many ways, more authoritative, more influential than ever.
But that just enrages the globalists and makes them more than ever want to throw our ass in prison.
Big ol' article in USA Today talking about Roger Stone under investigation for supposedly maybe being behind the insurrection at the Capitol.
We'll talk about that some at the start of the next hour before he leaves us because General Flynn did an interview with me this morning.
It's going to air in the fourth hour.
And he said imminent false flags.
He sees Biden preparing the public for that to try to outlaw the Republican Party in his opposition.
Even Mitch McConnell two weeks ago said, what is this that Republicans are domestic enemies, including Republicans in Congress?
What are you trying to cause?
A civil war?
And Democrats are everywhere, Roger.
We're saying we're in a civil war.
They've got to arrest us, not just censor us.
You've already experienced them try to set you up and try to put you in prison.
You had to be pardoned.
This is serious business.
Explain to people from your deep political understanding where we're at and how much danger you think we're in.
And then again, your call to Trump, why you're saying this is the most important broadcast you've done here in five years and why it is the most important.
Here's why it's the most important, Alex.
What I'm calling for is to let Trump be Trump.
Let him return to his roots.
This was a historic takeover of the party.
What you're seeing right now is nothing less than an epic struggle by Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy to take the party back to the country club.
Nobody has exposed this as effectively as Laura Loomer, who crashed a National Republican Congressional Committee event in Miami, and basically exposed the fact that Kevin McCarthy and the House Republicans don't want to talk about honest, clean, fair elections, don't want to talk about the internet censorship and deplatforming of conservatives, and Trump supporters, and libertarians, and independent thinkers.
They don't want to talk about any of these things.
They want to bury them.
But I can just tell you, the people at the grassroots, the people who love Donald Trump and the job he did for this country, are not over it.
They're not going to be over it.
Big news, by the way, today, the breaking just a little while ago out of Pennsylvania, where the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Courts have ruled the mail-in ballots used in the last election to be unconstitutional.
It was pretty clear to most of us, but again, the rhinos in the Republican state legislature, House and Senate, threw Donald Trump over the side and legalized mail-in ballots.
Now it will go to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, which leans left.
If the next election is held in Pennsylvania under the old rules, you're not going to elect a Republican governor and you're not going to carry that state, which I'm convinced Donald Trump did in the last election.
Epic news.
Not only that, but the governor has appointed a woman by the name of Lee Chapman as the Secretary of State.
Where was Lee Chapman previously?
Well, she was working for George Soros while living in Washington, D.C.
So they want to make their theft of Pennsylvania permanent.
This is the kind of battle you would expect the Republican National Committee to be fighting.
But they are M.I.A.
Donald Trump has raised and continues to raise record sums for the Republican National Committee.
Where were they in the fight over election integrity?
Why did General Michael Flynn and his allies have to go raise the money and great patriots like Wendy Rogers have to go out and raise the money for audits in Arizona, for audits in Wisconsin, to fight the fight in Pennsylvania?
Where is the Republican National Committee?
The chairwoman of the committee, Ronna Romney McDaniel, did that give you a hint?
She is so busy counting the money that Donald Trump is bringing in, she's not spending any on it other to make sure that we have honest, fair elections, or doing anything about the fact that our candidates across the board are being kneecapped with internet censorship.
And then meanwhile, Roger, all of us, whether it's OAN or Newsmax or you or I that tell
the truth, we're all being targeted for destruction.
That's what listeners have to understand.
Praying for us, financially supporting us, spreading our articles and videos is beyond
key because they wouldn't be trying to shut us down if we weren't affected with the truth.
And as you said, all over the country, the election fraud is coming out in Wisconsin,
in Pennsylvania.
It's being certified.
It's being proven.
And the legislators are saying, we're not going to have consent decrees with Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama's lawyers just to say we're going to accept fake ballots mailed in by the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.
This is going to stop them dead in their tracks.
That's why they're in total panic mode.
Do you agree with General Flynn that they're trying to frame us for a new January 6th false flag?
I believe they're cooking up.
Well, we both know that there is no evidence.
As Reuters reported a month ago, longer than that, the FBI investigated extensively.
They found no connection between Roger Stone or Alex Jones regarding any conspiracy or any illegal activity on January 6th.
And even today's USA Today said that their star witness had no contact with me or no information.
That's because any claim or assertion or even implication that I was involved in any illegal activity on January 6th is categorically false.
It's BS.
But that doesn't stop them from recycling it.
And then beyond that, Alex, the Business Insider This is a vile lie.
yesterday saying that my wife and I are under criminal indictment for a failure to pay our
This is a vile lie.
The Biden Justice Department has filed a civil complaint against us regarding our 2007 taxes.
It is highly sensationalized and it reads it implies that we have either hidden assets
or failed to report income.
Categorically false!
And I won't fight it because it's not true.
Only because my lawyers contacted the Business Insider and demanded a retraction and a correction does it now correctly point out that it is a civil complaint.
Let me put it another way.
I made payments to the IRS for three years running without missing a single payment until the Mueller investigation bankrupted me and now they charge me with not being able to pay their payments.
Had they continued to work with me, they'd continue to be being paid.
It's a perfect example of the kind of harassment you have to put up with.
Yeah, I need lawyers to defend myself.
So go to StoneDefenseFund.com.
Put it up there, Daria.
I need help.
So let's talk about this.
We are champions in this fight.
We're seen as symbols of American liberty and populism.
That's why the globalists want us destroyed and taken off air so incredibly badly.
And You do have the presidency here.
We're not going to make a big deal about it.
But everybody knows that.
That's why they hate you so much.
And I know that you and others are working on him to get him to endorse better candidates.
Not just for his future, but America's future.
I mean, is there any way to get him a good advisor that he can run these things by?
Because this is really bad, Roger.
Well, we're going to see here.
Again, let's look at those bellwether races.
Oklahoma is absolutely crucial.
The President has totally figured out Mitch McConnell and what a con man he is.
And the President has made it clear that he intends to challenge him.
Why, then, would the President turn around and endorse James Lankford?
Will Rogers never met James Lankford.
This guy is an obnoxious rhino snot who's not nearly as smart as he thinks he is.
He never once in four years on the Senate Intelligence Committee did he defend President Trump.
And now he says he's open to a third impeachment regarding January 6th.
Well, the president didn't do anything wrong on January 6th other than exercise his constitutional rights to question the outcome of the election.
Challenging him is Jackson Laumeyer, a hard-charging pastor and businessman who I've gone down there to endorse because I'm so impressed with his candidacy.
Now, the president can either give Mitch McConnell what he wants and cut his own throat, or he can stand with those who stand with him.
Jackson Laumeyer, by the way, has been endorsed by the Oklahoma State Republican Party chairman, John Bennett.
Former Marine, the first state legislator in Oklahoma to endorse Donald Trump for president.
So you know where we stand.
Look, I love Donald Trump, and I think he can be the 45th and the 47th president.
And I disagree with him on some things, but look at the great things he did.
And don't underestimate his strength.
A Reuters poll last week.
Republican primary voters nationally.
Trump, 54.
Ron DeSantis, 11.
Mike Pence, 7.
Chris Christie, 2. 2!
So, for those who want to believe that the president has lost his mojo, you're dreaming, folks.
It's not true.
He is stronger than he's ever been.
The question is, will he continue to lead a revolution, or is he going to let the party be hijacked by the rhinos and taken back to the country club?
So what headline do I give this interview?
Something like exclusive Roger Stone says Trump is stronger than he's ever been, but must Endorse patriots?
I mean, what's the headline here?
What's the takeaway?
The headline is Roger Stone breaks down the internal struggle for the Republican Party and control of the future.
The Republican Party is the last, best hope for this country.
They're trying to outlaw us.
They're trying to frame us for crimes we have nothing to do with.
Why are they so afraid of Donald Trump?
Why are they petrified that he's going to run again?
Could it be because he beat them twice and they fear that he's going to beat them again?
He has to watch out for the Trojan horses.
Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell are running their candidates in on it, like Corey Mills in Florida.
Roger, you're on fire.
Stay there.
I want to play that clip of him on the golf course a few days ago, saying I'll be the 45th and 47th.
Get your take on that and more straight ahead.
Then we have another special guest joining us.
Roger Stone's our guest, and he is over COVID, and I've never seen him so fired up.
And he's got something to say about January 6th's next segment.
But right now, I wanted to play this clip of Trump a few days ago, saying, I'm going to be the 45th and 47th.
Remember, six months ago, the media didn't pick it up.
Roger, you know, met with Trump.
He didn't want to get specific, but Trump had gone from wasn't going to run to them messing with him, going to run.
And the Afghanistan thing was the final deal.
And here was Trump confirming it, that he will be the 47th president.
That has got to scare the hell out of the left.
Here it is.
You're so lucky to be one up.
We'll be lucky if we're up.
First on tee, 45th President of the United States.
45th and 47th.
47th, yes.
I love that.
Mr. Trump.
Ladies and gentlemen, Trump National.
What an easy game.
I think it's pretty boring to be in the middle all the time.
So, Roger, looks like he's running for sure.
That's got to scare the hell out of him.
This is why I love Donald Trump.
I mean, that is just so cool.
Not only the perfect quip, but also the perfect shot, right?
Straight down the fairway.
Because Trump is a winner.
That's why they are scared to death of.
Meanwhile, let's be very clear.
In Michigan, the Republican leaders are urging him to endorse the chief of police of Detroit for governor.
The same guy who provided a police escort of the Detroit Police Department when they dropped off the 300,000 phony ballots at 3 a.m.
at the Voting County Center in Detroit.
Why would he endorse a current Democrat who switched to suddenly say, oh, I'm a Republican For Governor.
Or let's look at Nevada, where party leaders are urging him to support the Sheriff of Clark County, Joe Lombardo.
This is the same guy who not only covered up the Las Vegas shooting crimes, but who says even today, he's seen no evidence whatsoever of voter fraud in Nevada.
Well, it's because he must be wearing a blindfold.
It is outrageous to see these rhinos in every state trying to take back the country.
Pardon me, trying to take back the party.
Meanwhile, anyone watching this broadcast who gives a penny to the Republican National Committee or to the National Republican Congressional Committee or the National Republican Senate Committee needs their head examined.
This money is not going to go to save America.
This party's not going to go towards winning elections against socialist Democrats.
This money is going to go towards kicking the Trump people out of control of this party.
This is Donald Trump's party at the grassroots.
And they are so petrified of the Trump movement that they've tried to frame you and I. Look at those blaring headlines.
Roger Stone and Alex Jones now under investigation.
This is an absurdity.
Yes, I went and I answered their subpoena.
Because by law, if you don't, they can charge you with all kinds of things because you refused.
But I also invoked my Fifth Amendment right many, many, many times.
Not because I've done anything wrong.
Not because I know something that I want to hide.
But I have first-hand experience with the Democrats' ability to take things you say that are innocuous, Immaterial or irrelevant and twist them into a crime.
And boy, they'd like to lock me up because they don't want me helping Donald Trump in the next election.
They don't want me helping to get Jackson Lawmire in Oklahoma elected to the U.S.
They don't want me helping Mike Crispy in New Jersey.
I have selected a very handful of people who I believe to be true patriots.
Martin Hyde in Sarasota.
I mean, these guys are warriors.
They're prepared to take the Democrats and the Socialists on, and they don't want me out there on the battlefield.
Had I been on the battlefield in 2020 instead of sweating out going to prison, the results might have been different.
That's right, Roger Stone, stay there.
Let's talk some about January 6th.
The General Flynn interview I did this morning is going to premiere in the fourth hour, coming up in 55 minutes, and he's really worried about a false flag built around January 6th.
We'll come back and talk about that straight ahead with Roger Stone.
Well, have you ever wanted to live to see the multinational corporations try to take over America and the rest of the Western world?
You live to see it.
The biomedical tyranny, the open borders, the devaluation of the currency, the Bilderberg Group, the Davos Group, getting hundreds of presidents and prime ministers elected that they brag on TV, that they control.
We got big Russian news coming up, China news, there is so much.
But Roger Stone and I are here.
Talking about January 6th, he just spent, he just joined us the last 40 minutes or so drilling into Trump and some of the bad endorsements he's making and how dangerous that is and how we can hopefully get Trump back on the straight and narrow just because it's the right thing to do and it's common sense.
But if we look at January 6th, big USA Today article out today that's not as bad as the other ones, you know, saying that we're guilty criminals and need to go to jail and, you know, with no evidence, admitting that what the FBI said in August of last year, they investigated us all, that there was no plan from Trump through Roger Stone and Alex Jones to attack the Capitol.
And they go on to say that they have now interrogated all the Oath Keepers and that the Oath Keepers told them, no, no one told us to do that.
Well, of course I didn't tell them to go in there and blow our feet off.
I don't shoot myself in the foot with a frickin' shotgun.
I mean, we were trying to get a 10-day investigation by the Senate.
We had the damn votes, probably.
And the few morons that went in with Some of the provocateurs that helped break through, and the police stood down, and a thousand FBI in plain clothes, we now know, stood and watched.
That's confirmed.
That's the story here.
And we've got Trump trying to get National Guard out there and being overridden.
He could have then overrid that.
He didn't.
But Milley got on his ass and said, don't do it.
So the truth is, they stood down.
A million people came to D.C.
A few hundred broke through the police.
A few thousand then walked in peacefully.
And I agree with what Some of these Democrats have been saying, former Clinton advisor, Biden should pardon non-violent January 6th defendants, fulfill unity promise.
If somebody, you know, beat a cop over the head with a riot shield, give them five years in jail.
But you can't have Democrats burning down cities, firebombing buildings, burning down courthouses,
shooting people, and then having the vice presidential candidate bail them out.
And then try to say it's all a big conspiracy.
There is no connection between Trump and any of us and what happened.
It was a disaster.
It hurt us.
It didn't help us.
We did not have the motive to try to get a few hundred people to beat up cops and enter the Capitol.
It is fraud.
But the media keeps hammering it, Roger, and saying that they want us arrested.
This shows what authoritarians these criminals are.
Give us your take on it.
Yeah, if they were to investigate, then they should be investigating
the death of Roseanne Boylan.
This is one of the most horrific things that I've ever seen.
I've watched the video.
Being bludgeoned with nightsticks, being sprayed in the face with mace.
This is an unarmed woman who's peacefully protesting and she's not inside the Capitol.
She was literally trampled to death after being savagely beaten by Capitol Hill police officers.
And then there's Ashley Babbitt, unarmed, killed in cold blood.
Who was she menacing?
And they make a hero out of the cop that shot her.
And we now know from the full footage that hadn't been released till now, it came out in court, that she was freaking out because she'd been a police officer in the military, telling everybody to stop and demanding the police stop the crowd.
Now we know it was the opposite.
She wasn't even trying to jump through the window.
Not only that, but I guess that you just put your finger on it, which is we've been accused of a lot of things, but stupidity is not one of them.
What happened January 6th was counterproductive to our legitimate political goals.
The real problem here is they want to criminalize constitutionally protected political activities such as free speech, such as the right to peacefully assemble, such as the right to To petition your government to redress your grievances.
They want to make these things crimes.
Oh, you're guilty of speaking your mind.
Yeah, I gave a speech on the 5th of January, and I put it up on YouTube.
And guess what?
It's gone.
They've taken it down.
Because it was, as Donald Trump would say, a perfect speech.
That's why.
I didn't advocate lawlessness.
I didn't advocate anarchy.
I didn't advocate that anyone hurt anyone.
At the Capitol or anyone else.
I did talk about my apocalyptic view of the struggle this country faces, and I did say it is a struggle between good and evil, between dark and light, between the godly and the godless.
By the way, it is anti-Christian bigotry to say, oh, well, that means you're for violence.
No, that means I believe in Jesus Christ.
That's what it means.
And I have a right to say that, but they want to snuff out your right to say that.
That's why I'm spending all my money, all my time raising money to pay lawyers.
I'm so sick of paying lawyers.
I'd like to go back to having a normal life, but that's not going to happen.
So folks, go to stonedefensefund.com.
And after you do that, go to the InfoWars store and buy a product.
People don't understand the importance of InfoWars as a beacon of freedom and truth over the last five years.
They don't understand it.
The truth is, and you can read this in my book, The Making of the President 2016, how Donald Trump orchestrated a revolution.
If it were not for InfoWars and us getting the Trump message out, Donald Trump wouldn't have been nominated.
There was no stronger advocate.
For Donald Trump's America First agenda than Alex Jones.
And he has suffered for it.
He has been punished for it.
He has been vilified for it.
He has been sued relentlessly, as have I.
Why do they want to lock us up?
Why do they want to lock Stone and Jones up?
Because we are threats to them.
Because the truth is always threatening to them.
No one is as hated as the truth teller.
I believe that's what Plato said.
And it is absolutely right.
So, go to stonedefensefund.com.
Make a contribution.
Go to the InfoWars store right now and buy one of the great products.
And if you're not in the mood for a product, you can make a donation.
There's a donation button.
I'm sick of being called a grifter.
I lost my home, my insurance, my car, my ability to make a living because I was gagged for 18 months.
I put it all on the line, just like the founding fathers.
I was subjected to the most relentless pressure you can imagine to turn my back on Donald Trump.
Get yourself off the hook, kid.
Turn on the president, lie, betray him, and maybe we'll go easy on you.
And I said no.
And I put my fate in the hands of Jesus Christ.
And I fell on my knees and I prayed.
And that's why I'm here today.
And no, for those who say, Stone, you should retire.
You should withdraw from the battlefield.
You should give up.
That's not happening.
I love America and I'm in the fight.
It doesn't mean I'm going to go out and break the law.
I'm not an idiot.
But that's why they fear us.
I'm not going to give up, Alex.
Wow, Roger.
I have never seen you this fired up.
What's going on?
Well, I mean, I had a little bout of the Chinese biovirus that they put on me.
And thanks to ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, I'm 100% back to full health.
Now we'll probably get banned just because I said that.
Those drugs work, folks.
By the way, another peer-reviewed study confirmed it.
These murderers blocked it.
This is just a criminal establishment completely out of its mind.
In closing, Roger, it's beyond a political realignment worldwide against globalism, Hollywood, the New World Order.
Everybody hates it.
Statistics show it.
70 plus percent of Americans, including black Americans at the highest level, see the media as the enemy, the mainstream media.
They love independent media.
The system's been defeated.
It just wants to start a civil war to smoke screen that.
We've got to not be violent and not let them do that.
And I'm really worried in Ottawa with all those truckers that...
We're going to try to provocateur something there, so peace is so incredibly key.
But, Roger, just in a one-minute closing comment, how would you describe the political class right now?
I mean, they're on the ropes.
They're like zombies.
I mean, don't they get how hated they are?
And no amount of martial law, no amount of censorship, no amount of bullying will ever put their New World Order back together again?
That's why they have put so much stock in deplatforming and censoring us.
They are petrified of Donald Trump.
They really are afraid that he's going to come back.
That's why they want to disqualify him now by falsely claiming that he's responsible for the actions of January 6th.
They're still bruised from the beating he gave them in two prior elections.
And he lives in their head rent free.
I'm not giving up on Donald Trump, and I'm not turning my back on him just because I disagree with him on vaccinations.
He's still the greatest president in my lifetime, and I'm still ready to fight for America.
But the fight now is for the soul of the Republican Party.
Are you with the Stones, and the Loomers, and the Lawmires, and the Patriots like General Flynn, or are you with the RINOs?
Do you want to go back to the way it was before?
Wow, Roger, amazing.
Roger, got to come back again sooner.
Thank you so much.
We'll be right back.
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it is completely sold out at it for store dot com.
There are a lot of different ways to fight back peacefully.
And with civil disobedience against this biomedical tyrannical takeover
that's taking place across the world, not just here in the US.
Their peaceful fight against this takeover in Canada and places like Australia
and places like Germany and Austria and the UK is our fight as well.
It is Klaus Schwab.
It is the corporations taking over our bodies.
And now from multiple highways upwards of a million truckers are beginning to descend on Ottawa and the corporate press is completely silent and giving an almost no coverage.
And Trudeau The Bilderberg Group, Davos Group, alumni of Klaus Schwab is hiding in his house, literally.
Well, there's other ways to fight and Brian Festa has been recommended to me by a lot of people, and I've seen him on national television, but a lot of people I know in the legal department say he's one of the most effective It's fighting these illegal mandates.
And we've seen some Supreme Court rulings.
We've seen OSHA pull back.
But you know they're going to try to bring it back.
And so he's involved in a lot of the lawsuits against big companies that are trying to still, despite the government mandate being pulled back, trying to force these experimental Nuremberg violating systems on us.
So we, the Patriots, USA.org.
We, the Patriots, USA.org.
He's a civil rights attorney, along with business partner Dale, Don Joy.
Founded We the Patriots and I'm not going to go over his whole background, but they're great folks and they are exposing what's happening.
Brian is the father of a vaccine injured child who became involved in medical freedom activism and legal work several years ago after his son was seriously injured by the flu shot.
Yeah, half my family's been almost killed by these things.
Dawn is a Navy veteran, former Pfizer executive level employee with a personal vaccine injury story of her own.
Dawn was almost two decades of experience in the fight for medical freedom.
And I'm not going to go over all the rest of what they're doing, but they're very, very active and he comes highly recommended.
So, Brian, thank you so much for coming on with us.
You probably need to give people the 35,000 foot view because you really have got a bird's eye view of what's going on.
Yeah, thank you so much for having me, Alex.
It's absolutely insane what's going on.
You know what's going on.
I know what's going on.
The rest of the world, much of the world has woken up to what's going on and that's what we do at We the Patriots USA.
We fight and we also educate because, as you know, spreading truth is the most important weapon that we have.
Where to start?
I could ask you a million questions.
You're suing a bunch of big companies.
You've already had some big successes.
How about giving us the overview of where the U.S.
is right now with this biomedical takeover?
Well, the United States, obviously, and the world is in a very, very dangerous place.
We are on the precipice of a turning point in Human civilization.
This isn't just about the United States.
This isn't just about a handful of people in the Biden administration.
I mean, he's nothing more than a puppet, as you know, a shadow puppet, I like to call him, for what's really going on at the globalist elite level.
And this was all part of a plan.
I mean, they instituted this very purposefully, starting with fear to break everybody down, get most people to comply and take these shots.
And then the remaining that wouldn't, put them out of work, destroy their livelihoods, so that we couldn't pull together and fight back.
But we're saying we're going to prove them wrong about that, okay?
Because we do still have good people.
I have people contacting me who have lost their jobs recently, completely out of work, Don't know where to turn but they say I'm still gonna throw you $10 because we're not gonna let these SOBs take us down.
We're gonna fight back.
And so we are creating at We the Patriots USA a litigation machine to take down this tyranny because that is our strategy.
You asked what is sort of the 35,000 foot view.
Our strategy is to file as many of these lawsuits in as many places in this country as many circuit Courts of this country dozens and dozens of lawsuits because otherwise all you're doing Alex is you're playing whack-a-mole You got one here.
You got one there.
Meanwhile, they're coming at you with untold trillions of dollars, right?
They've got we're talking about the gates of the world the sources of the world the federal government the state governments the pharmaceutical industry big tech They're all in on this together as you know, and they've got untold trillions of dollars, but we can pull together patriots That's what I'm told by a bunch of lawyers I know and other people.
because that's all we have, right?
And I'm not, we're not PC here, we the patriots, but we are fighting back everywhere across the United
States, coast to coast and beyond.
I have people calling me from Alaska, Hawaii.
Well, that's what I'm told by a bunch of lawyers I know and other people.
They just say, "You guys are on fire."
Yeah, I mean, we've been already, one of our cases, the New York healthcare workers case,
'cause the state of New York, Kathy Hochul, decided that healthcare workers don't have the right to
request a religious exemption.
We've already been to the Supreme Court on that case.
We didn't get the emergency injunction in place, but we do have that case ongoing through the system, and we do believe that we'll be back at the Supreme Court very quickly.
Well, I just heard this week, if I'm wrong, that right now it is being blocked, though, by another suit, right?
Yeah, well, there's several suits.
This is what happens when they push this tyranny and they throw us all together.
There's several going on at once.
But yes, temporarily, there has been a block, but we are going to keep fighting so that we get this before the United States Supreme Court.
And there's a precedent on the books that says This can never happen again in any state that a state
government in violation of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution can say you are
not allowed to have a religious exemption. We also have a couple of huge lawsuits, one
against the largest brick and mortar retailer in the United States and the world, Walmart. Bill Salyer
denied Ivermectin.
Went to his pharmacy after he had a prescription from his doctor.
Dr. Molly James, you may know her.
Fantastic doctor.
Gave him a prescription for Ivermectin.
He was critically ill.
He and his wife.
The pharmacist hung up on his doctor.
Said, I'm not filling that prescription.
We filed a federal lawsuit against Walmart in Minnesota about two weeks ago.
We have another one pending against CVS, the largest pharmacy chain in the United States.
So this is what we do. We strategically file these lawsuits against the biggest fish out there
Because if we can take them down if we can win those lawsuits that will trickle down to everyone else
That's our strategy. We the Patriots USA org. The biggest need like I said is
donations And we just need people to pull together. I know time
It takes money to fight a war and that's why I have so many of the real activist groups that the enemy is attacking that are having victories on the show because you have little people and the middle class and even wealthy folks who love to hold on to their money They don't start spending and it's going to be worthless anyways with all this inflation.
Our bodies are our most important asset.
They are our castle.
And this assault under all law, common law, international law, U.S.
law, federal, state, it's just outrageous.
It really is medical rape.
There's no better term for it.
That's absolutely what that's not hyperbole.
People accuse you of hyperbole.
But guess what?
What's going on in this country right now is not hyperbole.
It is the destruction of the human race.
All right.
They are trying to take us down.
It's a depopulation agenda.
We know that as well as you know that Alex.
And we intend to stop it, do everything that we can with God at our backs.
We want to tell you, too, if you want more education about this, because that is another part of our mission is education, check out our podcast, Faithful Freedom with Taryn Gregson.
She's a PGA Tour reporter that we are defending.
She was fired for defying the mandate.
She's awesome.
And also check out our Telegram channel, We the Patriots USA, as well, because we have a ton of great information.
That's right.
I love you, Brian.
And I love what you're doing.
Let's come back and talk about what the Supreme Court already said, what you expect the dark side to pull now, and so much more as our brothers and sisters are up there peacefully occupying Ottawa right now, the capital of Canada.
We salute them.
And tomorrow, I'm doing a special live broadcast, 2 p.m.
You know, I tell you, I'm sitting here trying to write a headline during the break for this General Flynn interview that we're going to premiere next hour.
And I just can't even come up with something hardcore enough.
General Flynn issues emergency warning of nuclear war imminent, deep state, false flags.
General Flynn warns of nuclear war.
Deep state staging false flag to implement martial law.
General Flynn warns deep state planning false flag to institute martial law, nuclear war with Russia.
I mean, that's that.
And the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, former chief advisor to Trump.
This is real.
This is the guy that convinced Obama to have the pivot to deal with China.
It's not like he just fell off a turnip truck yesterday.
And That's what's going on.
They're betting their whole thing on, we're scared of a virus, we'll take a world ID, we'll let them put things in our body, they'll be able to cover up if we get sick, they'll wait 75 years until they tell us what's in the damn shots or what happened when they gave them to people.
You can't make this up, it's not a Monty Python episode.
Brian Fiesta is a very well-known lawyer that heads up WeThePatriotsUSA.org, that's fighting hard to file lawsuits against Walmart and all the rest of these people, trying to enforce inoculations.
And Brian, let me ask you that question.
What do you make of how guilty it is that first they ask the federal court for 55 years, now the court says no, start releasing it, so Pfizer joins the suit and says 75 years.
I mean, what does that tell the public?
We don't want you to know what we did to you for 75 years?
This is incredible.
And if people can't see it by now, Alex, I don't know what to tell them.
All right?
Because it is crystal clear.
It's not even... There's a phrase there, hiding in plain sight, right?
It's not even hiding anymore.
All right?
It's all out there.
Obviously, they are trying to stop the public from knowing the truth.
They don't want the people knowing what they're doing.
That fact alone should be enough automatically for them, the plaintiffs, to win the case.
Please continue.
So what we're doing, and just to sort of expand, you mentioned the Supreme Court case, the OSHA mandate.
That was a great victory, but it was not a perfect day.
We had a great decision for the OSHA mandate, and we had a bad decision the same day from the same court
for the CMS mandate for health care workers.
And people are scratching their head and say, how can they rule with us on one way
and rule against us the other way?
Well, because they're still buying the lie that this is such a deadly.
Virus, okay?
And wasn't Sotomayor a great window into how ignorant?
She says there's a million people in the hospital, 4,000 kids dying every day or whatever.
None of it was even true, just totally made up.
100,000 kids, she said, are on ventilators from the Omicron variant.
That was it, yeah.
Alright, absolutely ridiculous, and this is what's scary, folks.
When we have a Supreme Court Justice, now luckily she wasn't in the majority, but still, when we have a Supreme Court Justice that states that as fact, these are really, really scary times.
So what we need to do, absolutely, is pull together, file as many of these lawsuits as possible because, listen, I know people have lost faith in the justice system.
I saw an example of that with the Kyle Rittenhouse case.
Okay, there are still good constitutionalist, liberty-minded judges and justices that will
uphold the rule of law.
I still believe that.
If at any day I come to a contrary conclusion, I'll turn in my law license and come on your
Well, I saw an example of that with the Kyle Rittenhouse case.
That judge was very fair.
Well, I mean, this is what we need.
We need to have more judges like him who actually look at the evidence, okay?
Who aren't swayed by public opinion and by the media, because they're not even supposed to be watching that stuff.
Oh, that's what's going to happen to me and Sandy Hook.
The judges go, give us your marketing on Sandy Hook, and we go, it doesn't exist.
We know you have it.
I don't have marketing about what I say on air.
But again, they project onto you what they want.
But I've also seen courts do great jobs in cases I've had.
So you're right, it's a mix.
But more and more, it does seem like Democrat judges are just doing whatever they want.
Well, I mean, this is why it's a numbers game, Alex.
This is why I'm saying we need as many of these lawsuits as possible.
Each one of these lawsuits, by the way, folks, can be $50,000 to $100,000, sometimes more, as you well know.
And that's a pretty good discount.
You know, we have great lawyers we work with.
One of them, in the interest of full transparency, is your counsel, Norm Pattis.
Pattis and Smith Law Firm in New Haven, Connecticut.
Absolutely phenomenal.
They do a lot of work for us.
But these lawsuits add up very, very quickly.
And this is why, because we have Unfortunately, some very bad decisions also coming out from the federal judiciary.
We need as many of these suits filed as possible.
Bottom line, there's a total war going on to usurp a thousand years of common law that goes back to Magna Carta.
A thousand years of people fighting and dying and bleeding for the freedoms that we have, that have been enshrined.
They weren't given to us by those people, but they fought and died to point them out to us, and now we're just giving them up.
We're just crapping down the toilet all of this hard-fought freedom.
Exactly, and this is why we need to respect and honor our veterans as well, and that's why we're standing up for Bill Salyer, the U.S.
Marine who was denied ivermectin.
My business partner, Dawn Jolly, an amazing woman who is a Navy veteran, so we are a veteran-owned business, and who put herself on the line for her country as well.
We need to stand up for all of our ancestors who fought so valiantly to preserve our constitutional rights, our God-given inalienable rights that are preserved for us in the Constitution.
We need to honor their names, okay?
Honor their legacies, because right now, if we give in to this, This is it.
I mean, you thought Nazi Germany was bad?
This is going to make that look like a child's play.
And I know I'm going to take heat for that, but I don't really care.
All right?
Because it's the truth.
Oh, this is worldwide.
This is basically Nazi ideology through the medical system worldwide run by behavioral psychologists.
Look at these convoys that have taken over.
That's last night.
Reportedly, it's even more insane today.
I mean, these are brave patriots that we connect with.
These are the type of people we connect with.
We have actually heard from some people in Canada, although we only operate in the United States.
But this is Ottawa.
This is awesome.
This is what we need to happen in the United States as well.
Joe Biden doesn't want them coming down through the border, but he's fine.
Well, if we tried to do this in DC, they would just hire 50 thugs at the front to throw them all off cocktails at the police.
They would then blame all the, you know, all the truckers.
But that's what we got to keep exercising our free speech, even if they try to set us up.
We got to be peaceful, though.
You know, we do not advocate for violence.
I mean, a convoy of truckers is not violent.
Standing out like you see those brave men and women right there, those patriots with their flags, that's not violent.
Filing lawsuits is not violent.
There's a lot of ways we can fight back without resorting to violence and that's what we advocate for is peaceful resistance.
And effective resistance.
I'm not going to file a lawsuit, Alex, just to get a flashy headline.
I could do that and I'd probably get a lot of donors.
But I only file lawsuits if I think I have a real chance of winning them.
Because that's the name of the game.
And we notice it is the legal victors we've had so far that have been holding back, because the Democrats, as you know, and a bunch of states have introduced legislation to come to your house and take you away if you're un-inoculated and have it taken the shot and take your children.
So they're really trying to start a war, I think.
Yeah, that's where this is headed.
And, you know, obviously we're trying to prevent that because we know in America where we do have something called the Second Amendment, if they start banging down doors and forcing shots into people's arms, it's not going to be pretty.
All right.
This isn't Australia.
This isn't New Zealand.
If they start doing that here, it's going to be really, really ugly.
I think they're smarter to get this.
The globalists want to start a civil war here to destroy the country and devalue it.
Then they're going to come in with the IMF and World Bank like we're a third world country.
We've got to stop this.
That means the feds and the bureaucracy have to back off and stop doing illegal stuff.
And as citizens, we've got to have a cool hand as well and realize Klaus Schwab's the enemy.
Bill Gates is the enemy.
We're not each other's enemies.
And we're all children of God.
We're all Americans.
We all need to stand together and fight back peacefully, as you said.
And I believe that we're going to win.
I still believe that because we have God on our side.
And when God is for you, who can be against you?
That's right.
Stay there, Brian.
Folks, it's now time for everybody that's a new listener.
Whether you work in private government, or private systems, or you're retired, or you're whatever.
You gotta choose a side.
This is open worldwide evil, open global government, world cashless society, vaccine passports.
Okay, we're gonna play the 40 minute interview with General Flynn next hour.
And halfway through that hour, we will post the full, unedited, again, interview on Bandot Video.
And it's just really important to stop this war with Russia.
It's really important for a lot of reasons everybody shared, but especially where he gets into clearly the globalists are laying the ground for false flags on New January 6th to try to go after the American people.
It's all over the news.
But he talks about that and so much more.
And then he talks about What his long game is, because the media says he's a terrorist planning all these overthrows of the government and all this, totally made up.
He says his long game is his grandchildren.
Powerful interview coming up next hour in the War Room, Owen Schroyer, 3 p.m.
Central today.
And then tomorrow, I'm getting my hair cut, I've been so busy I'm almost a hippie over here.
I almost got a mullet going here.
I haven't had hair this long in 30 years.
I'm getting a haircut tomorrow at noon, but I'll be up here by 1, and then at 2 o'clock Central, we'll do it at 2 o'clock Central, we're going to go live for two hours, commercial free, and take calls from Canadians at the giant demonstration in Canada, and really focus on that, because the corporate media They put a fence up around the Parliament.
They're showing a shot of it and saying, look, no one's there on the news.
Look, no one's there.
That's their deception.
That's all they've got is their lies and their fraud.
But they forget the million people or so that are now starting to show up.
Should be over a million total.
Well, the globalists can't stop them from videoing and getting it out.
And even if every person that puts it on Twitter or Instagram or wherever and only gets 100 views apiece, that's tens of millions of people that'll see the truth.
But a lot of folks are putting it on Getter and on all the other platforms like
the great folks over at Gab and the people over at Rumble, amazing site.
And that's exploding and that's so exciting.
And people like Senator Paul are moving away from YouTube where they're censored for telling the truth
and they're going to places like Rumble and promoting it and more and more going to places like Mandot Video,
which we didn't have a business model for Mandot Video.
We put it up.
The average video gets tens of thousands of views.
We don't even run ads on other people's videos.
We're probably going to have to change the contract and actually run one up front to pay for the bandwidth, because now it's getting so popular, the bandwidth bills are just insane.
And that's great.
We want people that have been banned and knocked off to have a channel.
It's just that we're victims of our own success.
I want to thank folks for that support.
And that's why Brian Festa is here on the air saying, hey, You want to sue?
You want to stop these employers?
You want to fight back?
You don't want to lay down?
Go donate with an organization that I know for a fact is taking action with real lawyers, with real lawsuits, with real results.
We the Patriots, USA.org.
Now, Brian, other points about where this is going.
It's run by the UN, it's run by the Davos Group, it's run by big corporate systems to take over.
I know you're targeting things over individual rights and things.
What about The data sharing.
What about the surveillance?
What about big tech being involved in all this?
What about the racketeering?
What about the monopoly capitalistic, vulture capital combines?
I mean, that's probably above your pay grade, my pay grade, but we really need some antitrust lawyers to get involved.
We really need Congress to take action.
Look what Congress has put up with.
The censorship, the surveillance, the lies of Fauci.
I mean, this has just been insane.
You're 100% correct.
And I'm glad you mentioned we need antitrust lawyers.
We need more civil rights lawyers, more constitutional lawyers.
We absolutely need to get them involved.
So please, if you are an attorney or you are a doctor, we need more of them in our network as well.
Please reach out to us because we're building our network every day of more and more attorneys across the United States.
Yeah, I mean, big tech is a huge part of this.
I've always said, because as you mentioned in the open of this segment, my son was very seriously, a vaccine injured by a flu shot years ago, and he's 10 years old now, but still has lifelong disabilities, and I blame big tech Almost more than I blame the pharmaceutical industry.
And the reason I say that is because they've prevented the truth about vaccines from getting out there.
They owned the media.
The smartest thing that big tech ever did, that actually the smartest thing that the
pharmaceutical industry ever did was buy up advertising the media.
They own 70% of the advertising on network news and cable news, okay?
And big tech, same thing.
By censoring all of us and kicking us off all the platforms, because social media is where information is shared now, by kicking all of the big names off there, you've been booted, we've been booted, my business partner, she's not on any platform anymore except Telegram, Uh, you know, it's, it's just insane.
And they've stopped the truth from getting out.
Because think about it.
If, if most of the country knew what you and I know, if we could just freely go on NBC Nightly News, or if we could go to any mainstream media outlet, or if we could go onto Facebook, And Twitter.
And nothing was censored.
And instantly we got millions of likes and millions of shares.
How quickly would this end?
And organizations like mine would be funded overnight.
And they know that.
So big tech is the biggest culprit, in my opinion.
Totally true and beautifully said and that's why they're now moving to debanking.
They're now moving to denying people through databases Uber or hotels or any of this.
They literally want to unperson us with the global social credit score and this is a very vicious big global corporate move.
To take over our bodies, surveil us, and get away with it.
So all the tech surveillance and all the home assistants that watch you and spy on you, that's just the tip of the iceberg.
That's just the opening salvo of this very cold-blooded takeover.
And I remember all those hearings ten years ago, five years ago.
I was there three years ago when Sundar Pichai, the head of Google, was in the committee hearing while they were attacking me by name, and I didn't get to speak.
I'm at the back of the room with Roger Stone.
And they were asking, so is it true you track people's location in live time?
I mean, that's a question a 10-year-old should know.
And somebody goes, no, we don't do that.
And lies to Congress.
So they have no respect for Congress.
And I'm not trying to be mean to judges, but I've been in these courtrooms.
These judges, a lot of them probably can't even use a calculator or don't know how to I'm not even a techie guy, but I know about the systems and what things do.
Not the code, but how they work.
And it's just frightening that some of these 60, 70, 80-year-old judges literally are like Rip Van Winkle that woke up under a tree 100 years later, and they are just being bamboozled by big tech and have no idea what's going on.
But you're right.
The wedding of big tech with big pharma is the only reason they've gotten away with these incredible horrors and the ability to gaslight everybody.
Yeah, yeah, and you know, truth has a way of bubbling to the surface.
That's a line from an amazing book by a friend of mine, J.B.
Hanley, How to End the Autism Epidemic.
If you haven't read it, check it out.
But he said that and it always stuck with me because it's true.
Sooner or later, the truth is going to come out, okay?
We are absolutely going to win this.
It's a matter of how soon.
And unfortunately that does come down to money because they have unlimited resources.
This is a David and Goliath battle we've got in our hands.
But guess what Alex?
We know who won that battle.
That's right.
Well I'm impressed Brian.
Give us updates as lawsuits unfold and things go forward.
The last few minutes we have left of this hour before the General Flynn interview.
Other key points you'd like to impart to folks?
Well, again, I just want to stress that this is a collective effort, okay?
We are networking.
We've partnered with amazing organizations throughout the United States, such as Stand for Health Freedom.
My friend, Aaliyah Wilson, runs that.
We've got my friend, Simone Gold, who runs America's Frontline Doctors, who's also a partner of ours.
Just some amazing organizations.
We need to come together because no one person, no one organization is going to do it.
I am incredibly grateful that you've given me some airtime here in a platform to share my message and let people know about our organization.
We are going to win this.
Like I said, as long as we trust in God first and foremost.
Everything will go according to his plan.
And, you know, I'm encouraged by what I'm seeing by the courts.
Yes, we get a lot of setbacks and the media likes to play that up, right?
They hype that up every time there's a defeat on our side.
It seems like that's all that's happened because it's all over the news.
But these ivermectin cases in particular, I'm really excited about.
We also have, it's totally unrelated to medical freedom, but Critical race theory in schools.
We're taking that on as well.
Guilford Public School District, parents were, they are alleging in the complaint that we're about to file, seriously harassed to the point where the lead plaintiff, Danielle, her seventh grade son, was sexually assaulted in school as part of this harassment
campaign by other students because they spoke out of a critical race theory. I mean
this is really, really bad.
Oh yeah, it's really causing racial attacks on white people and it's totally evil,
the opposite of what Martin Luther King Jr.
taught, and the opposite of what Christ taught, and the opposite of... And a lot of the left tries to deny critical race theory, but then all the manuals and the videos come out.
It is the most vile, racist, divide-and-conquer crap ever, and the people that brought this into the schools and devised this, I think should face criminal charges, because this is organized, racketeering, criminal, race-based conspiracy.
It is.
We talk about crimes against humanity.
Well, that's one of them too.
Hold on, hold on.
I got the Michael Flynn interview coming up, but that's at 6 after.
We'll do five more minutes, Brian Festa.
I want to hear about your work on the critical race theories.
Also, you're doing a great job there.
We're going to come back hour number four straight ahead.
General Flynn interview is only six minutes away.
Tell everybody you know, tune in.
This is going to be history making stuff.
We'll be back.
Well, when that bioweapons producer, mad scientist, Fauci, got caught creating the Wuhan virus with gain-of-function, they just changed the definition of gain-of-function.
Well, the ADL, our masters, I mean, they literally control reality, they say, they have now changed the definition of racism.
And it's impossible for anyone who is brown to be racist.
You understand?
That's right, ladies and gentlemen.
Only white people are racist.
So really, this is tribalism.
You can have blacks that are tribal and hate the other black tribe, or you can have, you know, a tribe that's Muslim that hates a Christian tribe, or vice versa.
You can have, you know, the Jews and the Muslims that are always fighting with each other.
That's tribal division.
But now none of that exists.
It's all just white people.
This is so evil, folks.
This is so bad.
And it's meant to make white people racist.
It's meant to put people in groups.
It's meant to destroy the real liberal, egalitarian Christian system.
Racism, the marginalization and or oppression of people of color based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people.
And that's the definition they're giving America to then dismantle America and the capitalist system for the middle class, telling brown people, you can't be the middle class, which is the ultimate form of actual racism.
Seriously evil.
This just got changed yesterday.
And there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
So they're getting rid of tribalism and real terms like that and sectarianism.
Because racism is really just a term for that based on skin color, tribalism based on skin color.
And now they're moving towards just saying being white is inherently bad, as they now teach everywhere.
So you are getting Brian Festa, who's fighting this with WeThePatriotsUSA.org.
Got a few minutes left here.
Tell folks what you're discovering in your lawsuits about critical race theory.
Well, this one that I just told you about in Connecticut was the most shocking one I've seen.
It's loud and county all over again, but almost to another level.
There's elements in here, not only, like I said, the sexual assault, there's also sex education curriculum, really disgusting stuff that was being given and shown to kids in the school.
That's going to be an element as well.
of this lawsuit, but the critical race theory, this superintendent, this is what Danielle told
me, okay, she went into a private meeting with him and said, "What's going on? I got this email
that you're going to be changing the curriculum, you're going to be promoting this new kind of
perspective on race. This sounds a lot like critical race theory and the 1619 Project."
And he said, "Well, yeah, you know, it is. It is. I'm trying, my goal, my mission in Guilford
is to elevate the whiteness of Guilford." That's what he said. Now, I don't know what that means,
but he said he purchased $6,000 worth of Abraham X. Kendi's book, "How to Be an Anti-Racist."
You're probably familiar with it.
He purchased that book.
Yeah, this is America's evil.
White people are inherently bad.
America must be gotten rid of.
So this is America killing poison being injected by the establishment right into our children's minds.
And he purchased that for every staff member in the district, including kindergarten teachers, K-12.
So he wants them to be reading this so they can implement this in their curriculum.
And the Pentagon is force-feeding this to the troops.
I mean, this is just so criminal.
It is.
We have to put a stop to this.
Listen, this is what I'm always telling people.
We have to race to the courts to create good precedent before they create bad precedent.
Because once they create bad precedent, we're done for decades, folks.
Look what happened in Roe v. Wade.
All right?
That was 1973.
And look at what we're still dealing with now.
And it turns out that baby never even died.
That was a false flag.
The new definition of racism, being white, ADL, Declaration of War Against America.
The closest thing to Nazis in America, folks, is the ADL.
Very shameful.
Do not represent wonderful Jewish Americans and others.
They are just a leftist, Marxist-Leninist, globalist organization to destroy this country.
Absolutely unbelievable.
All right, Brian Festa, thank you so much, sir.
Thank you, Alex, and I hope to talk to you again.
We'll have some great updates coming back soon.
Yes, sir.
Please join our other shows, American Journal with Harrison Smith, weekday mornings at 8 a.m., and The War Room, 3 p.m.
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The worst case scenario in this case, as I started to look at this buildup in this, what I call, road to war, is this movement where you start to talk about nuclear weapons and people that are talking about World War III.
I mean, this is not going to be some, you know, movie, right?
This is real.
And in a World War 3 scenario, World War 3 scenario, Which people in Washington, D.C., people in the legislative branch, some of these senators, some of these members of Congress, some of these people on the National Security Council, some of these think tankers, they are all like beating the drums, like, we should be ready to go, we should go.
No, no.
Take a deep breath, everybody.
I think that we are going to see, and I expect something, again, another distraction.
You know, some, I really do, I expect because of what was staged, on January 6th and what was staged up in Michigan,
the fake kidnapping of the governor up in Michigan, Whitmer.
I think we're going to see staged events. I really do.
I mean, I really do think that do not put past this administration,
but their thugs in some cases that they have access to, do not put it past them to stage something
and then declare some type of national emergency in order to further shut down aspects of our freedoms.
I mean, I believe that.
So, you know, and I tell that to people and I'm telling it to you and I'm telling it to your audience.
You know, in 30 seconds, it has to do with this beautiful country that my father Who's a World War II and Korea War veteran and my mother who?
Decided to have nine children.
Thank God they handed in my family my generation our generation Alex a beautiful country on a silver platter and said, you know go forth and do good be good to others and and work hard and you'll have a good life.
And we, our generation has screwed this up.
And so when I look at my children and my grandchildren especially, that's my long game.
So pay attention people, discover, learn, read, do whatever you gotta do and follow this great show
because Alex has been right on for over a decade.
InfoWars, tomorrow's news today.
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Tomorrow's news.
Well, he doesn't need any introduction on this Friday, January 28th broadcast.
He's General Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, former top advisor, national security advisor to President Trump.
And of course, a embattled individual in the fight for this Republic.
He wrote a very important article that I saw widely syndicated exclusive from General Flynn.
Biden might get hundreds of millions killed over Ukraine.
And then Biden was in the news last night with statements like brace for impact.
to the capital and to the president of Ukraine trying to really escalate things.
So we couldn't have a better expert, 'cause he is a China and Russia expert on,
than General Flynn.
General, thank you.
I know that you're on the road, on your way to McAllen, Texas.
You're in Houston right now to survey the collapsed border.
So thank you for stopping on the road to do this quick interview.
Absolutely, Alex, and thanks so much for having me.
And you have a great audience.
And I want to just thank that your terrific audience for supporting me.
So thank you.
Well, absolutely, sir.
We love the great work you're doing for this Republic.
So so please get into this editorial that came out a few days ago.
And then since then, a lot has developed what you really think is happening, because I'm not a military mastermind like you, but it looks to me like Biden is trying to distract from all of his problems here at home by trying to start some type of proxy war with Russia.
I mean, these are people that are masters of distraction in the White House today and in running our government, running our intelligence agencies, running our Department of Defense.
So the reason why I wrote that article is because when I look at Russia, you know, Russia has really three big problems.
They have a historic problem, they have a geographic problem, and they have a cultural problem.
And when you have this historic problem, which is really Europe and NATO, and this continued encroachment, I mean, I really think that we have to take, you know, sort of a step back and look at the historical perspectives that we are all facing, and particularly in the decision making when it comes to the potential for going to war.
When you have nuclear powers, you know, vis-a-vis Russia and the United States of America, at a potential, you know, Stance against each other with some of the incredibly stupid foreign policies that we have coming out of our White House, which are just showing enormous weakness.
And all the other adversaries that we have, like China, like Iran, like North Korea, they're all watching what it is that is going on.
And I think that a couple of weeks ago, probably, I'd say a month ago, Putin probably wasn't where he's at, but he has seen such weakness in Biden.
And, you know, I think there's so many things that we have to take into perspective here.
So, you know, the recent phone call by the White House, by Biden to Ukraine President I think that we have to understand what kinds of things they discuss, and there'll be bits and pieces that'll come out of that.
But we're really talking about the standoff between the United States and Russia.
And this is really, to me, strategically, this is really a European problem right now.
That's why I'm getting ready to go down on our Texas-Mexican border here.
to rally for our own border because we're getting so worried about the Ukrainian border all of a sudden.
This is a European problem and I think we can talk about Germany,
we can talk about some of the issues with where the Germans stand.
I mean, this is a really very, very serious time.
I wrote that article because I wanted people to understand who read it, that we are talking about the potential for nuclear powers, and this increasing rhetoric about going to war.
I've seen people that serve or served in that White House, the current White House, talking about World War Three, the foreign policy think tanks, the defense think tanks out of Washington, D.C. want to continue to
drive us to a war with Russia.
And we just we cannot afford it right now, number one. But number two, this is not really our
problem. This is a European problem. And I think that Europe needs to resolve this as much as
much as Russia needs to resolve this. Well, since you raised that, a very respected head of the
German Navy resigned last week. I think you were alluding to that and said some really important
things about China's the enemy, Russia wants to work with us, they're becoming more Western than
even us.
Putin talks about how we need to become Christian in America, Russia needs to become Christian, Putin says we need to have children, we need family values, and is not trying to expand its borders, while China it seems has taken over the world.
You were one of the main architects that convinced, I think one of the few good things Obama did, But you're credited with convincing Obama and others to pivot towards China.
Now it's clear that China is expansionist.
Why do we see this move away from confronting China and confronting Russia?
Well, I think that there's a lot of reckoning that has to take place and I think the world of journalism could do some more investigations when it comes to, because we're not, you know, maybe we want to talk a little bit about You know, Hunter Biden and Burisma and Hunter Biden and, and the CCP and the intelligence community of the... Yes, sir.
Take us wherever you want.
You've got the floor.
Tell us.
Big, big deal.
So, you know, there is this focus, this over focus on Russia and always has been, particularly from those left-leaning institutions in this country.
And basically away from China, you know, the sharks, In the water right now smell blood when it comes to the stupidity of the foreign policy of this administration.
So again, I'm going to go back to Russia.
Russia has three principal problems.
I just mentioned Europe and the historic problems with Europe.
They have a geographic problem with China and they know it and they have to deal with it.
We're talking eight time zones in Russia and a lot of it touches on their border with China.
That geographic border has a lot of challenges for them and they have to deal with it.
That's just that's the neighborhood that they're in.
And then the third problem is cultural.
This gets to the heart of what you just asked me and what this German Chief of Naval Operations, actually, I think he was alluding to.
I mean, the cultural problem is the rise of Islam and radical Islamists inside of the Russian Federation.
When you look at the southern tier of nations all the way over to places like, you know, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, into the Central Asian Republic.
So, Putin sees all of these things and he's got to deal with every single bit of it.
I think that, you know, if you can put that That German naval officer's link on your site today, people can understand.
This is a very serious guy.
I know who this guy is, and I think that he was right in what he said, because China is the principal adversary that we face.
I'm looking at this from a military perspective.
People in the State Department, they can look at them as colleagues if they want.
I don't look at them as colleagues.
I'm talking about China.
I look at China as a nation state that is in the pockets, or they have us, they have this administration in their pockets, and we really are having a difficult time.
And I'm going to tell you, While Russia is considering whatever they're going to do, while Europe is considering whatever they're going to do, and you can see the political leaders of Germany, they don't want anything to do with war with Russia, because if they do, their Nord Stream oil pipeline gets cut off, their access to energy.
I mean, one of the things that Trump did During the Trump administration, he took this issue on and he made the United States of America energy independent.
Well, now all of a sudden we're not energy independent.
So whenever a guy like Putin can raise the barrel of a price of oil, which he does, And he takes advantage of Europe, which he can.
It's because the United States of America is showing incredible weakness.
When we are energy independent, meaning we're taking care of ourselves from an energy perspective, but we also can take care of the rest of the world, Alex, I mean, then there's a lot more leverage.
There's a lot more strength.
And we don't have that right now.
And that was one of the first, actually, things that Biden, the Biden administration, did was they started to shut down our energy independence, our pipelines.
I mean, just incredible.
So there's a series of issues that are in play right now.
And when we talk about war in Europe, this is not a small thing.
And I think that in Putin's case, I think that he has the upper hand when it comes to Biden, and he knows it because he knows all of the Crookedness, particularly when it comes to the kinds of things that the Biden family got involved in in Ukraine with Burisma, right?
I mean, with Hunter, I don't know what he was getting paid, you know, $60,000 a month or something for his energy expertise.
Give me a break.
And so these kinds of leverages are held over this administration.
So regardless of whatever the conversation was that Biden had with the president of Ukraine.
I think all of it amounts to nothing more than another demonstration of weakness, particularly in terms of the foreign policy of this administration, this current administration that's in there.
And all the other adversaries that we have, like China, like Iran, like North Korea, let's just see what these other countries start to do.
Let's see what kind of pressures the Chinese start putting on Taiwan.
I can tell you, I watch the Japanese media on a routine basis, probably every day, if not every couple of days, to see what they're senses in their country about the Chinese incursions over
the Taiwan Straits.
And I will tell you, there's a lot of concern.
And I don't feel right now that the Japanese feel like they can count on this administration
to stand strong with them.
I know that we have a great military-to-military relationship, but when it comes to the foreign policy, this administration is showing extraordinary weakness.
And I mean, I just think it's just stupid.
I mean, I think foreign policy right now is just stupid.
When you start to listen to these defense and foreign policy think tanks, That in Washington, D.C., that want nothing more than the United States to get back into another war where we're continuing to participate, you know, instead of getting in there and fighting and winning and getting out and with clear objectives.
I mean, I just I'm very concerned right now.
And that's why I felt compelled to write that article.
Well, it's very important, and I'd like to walk through a few of the points that you've mentioned here.
What do you make of even Republican senators saying things a few months ago like, we might have to nuke Russia first, first strikes, and other statements like that, and then Biden saying a week and a half ago, Okay, we don't care if there's a small incursion by Russia.
The next day saying, no, you know, any incursion, we may take military action.
Then the next day saying, no, no, we'll never have military action.
NATO threatening to attack, then saying, no, we'll never do that.
I mean, this seems like the worst policy is to go hot and cold off and on.
That sounds like how you'd try to start a war to me, being an expert on this at the Pentagon level and White House level.
When you look at this, what does this signal to the world?
I mean, is there even any strategy here?
Or is it just a bunch of crazy leftists that have hijacked the country in a stolen election and don't know what they're doing?
Well, a couple of things.
So first of all, there was some type of a leaked article or leaked communication recently by one of the media outlets, and it had to do with Victoria Nuland.
Victoria Nuland, who's one of our senior state department directors.
And it's interesting.
We're so much more deeply involved in this Ukrainian issue than most Americans would want.
That's number one.
And I think that people need to know that.
American people need to know that.
I would tell you, for all these people that get up and tout all these things that we should do, what I would ask people to do, and that's what I really have said or stated, was we need to take a deep breath.
And we need to step back.
And this is where relationships do matter.
It doesn't mean that you have to like somebody.
It just means that you have to have a relationship with somebody so you can pick up a phone, call them up, and you're talking to them on an equal or even a stronger foundation or basis.
And this is why I think where in the case for the, you know, for Donald Trump, and I'll go back to his administration, because I think he had actually a very sort of man on man or president on president Strong relationship with Putin.
They didn't always agree on everything.
And I can tell you, Trump never gave in to him if he just followed along with what kinds of things that the Trump administration did over the time that he was the president when it came to Russian relations.
But we have to have these types of strong relationships with the leaders of these countries.
And isn't that what the head of the German Navy said when he resigned?
He said, we got to get eye to eye with these people.
That's how we're going to stop wars.
We got to get real.
I mean, it's not just a call to the Ukraine president.
I mean, they're in a mess.
Why is the President of the United States dealing?
You know, again, this gets back to, you know, having zero relationship or having a relationship where it's one of weakness and you're afraid.
He's afraid to make this call and afraid to see what's going to be said.
And I think that all that we really need to do here is we need to take a step back.
We need to see who has the strongest relationship.
And we need to get involved at that level, not the President of the United States talking to the President of Ukraine.
Why isn't the President of the United States calling up Putin and saying, hey, look, we don't want to go here?
And this is, let's figure out how we can move around this.
But the reason why... Exactly, so why would Western establishment that's always been engaged with foreign countries, especially superpowers, be paralyzed?
Because what you're describing sounds like people that are asleep at the switch.
Yeah, well the big message to our adversaries is one of weakness.
And it's not just people that are asleep at the switch.
These are people who who look at foreign policy as a way to enhance their own equities and particularly in this particular administration to distract because I really do believe that And I say this, I think I maybe I said this at the very beginning.
These are these are people who are masters of distraction.
I mean, the fact that we're up now talking about Ukraine, you know, we're not talking about the lockdowns and the mandates.
We're not talking about that.
This is why I'm going to the border today.
The Mexican-Texas border, Mexico-Texas border.
This is why I'm going down there today to visit it and then have a big rally down there.
And it's because we need to start to look at what's happening domestically.
We need to say, really pay attention to it.
This administration is causing us to look in places where we really don't have huge national security interests.
And the reason why we are where we are in the Ukraine is because of just incredible weakness and frankly, stupid foreign policy.
And I use that word, you know, just what it means, stupid.
I mean, these are people who have gotten us into this mess because of all of the things that we have allowed to happen.
And I go back to this business about energy.
Energy is a big deal globally and when Russia is providing Germany, I think it's they're providing like 70% and then the Germans then export that around Europe.
So they're providing them like 70% of their energy needs right now to Germany.
So, you know, what does Germany have to say about all this stuff in the Ukraine?
I'd be interested and I and I think we're going to see very little coming out of there.
I think I from a military perspective.
I think they talked about sending some some helmets or something like that.
I mean You know, I do not want to get involved in a conflict in the Ukraine because I just don't see the objectives.
I don't see what it is in terms of our national security interest.
I don't think Putin does either, to be honest with you.
I really don't think Putin does.
But I think that what we have to do is we have to develop and get better at these relationships.
But we're not going to get it.
Sadly, we're not going to have it, Alexander.
This administration has blown it.
Our foreign policy is in a state of shambles right now.
And when we start to I don't I don't use in my article, the article that was written there, I don't use and I don't talk about nuclear weapons in a very in a light way.
I mean, when we talk about the use of nuclear weapons or the capabilities of nuclear weapons, and let me tell you something about Russia.
Russia is no lightweight.
Russia and Putin, particularly in the time that he's been in charge, I mean, he's developed some very sophisticated technology, some sophisticated weaponry.
They have increased their level of readiness and training.
I mean, they do a lot of annual exercises and we pay very close attention to them and I still do.
I watch who they're trading with and their relationships with and what kind of technologies they have in their military and their ability to communicate and their cyber capabilities.
I mean, this is a very, very sophisticated enemy.
And we cannot take them lightly.
And frankly, in terms of our military, I pray that our military and our leadership is more focused on fighting and winning our nation's wars, which is what it's designed to do, instead of worrying about what critical race theory is going to be, or continuing to shove these jabs into the arms of our troops who, frankly, are trying to fight that back.
So, I mean, we have our priorities, Alex.
We have our priorities right now, so upside down.
And we are in a very, very dangerous position here for the United States of America going forward, not only with the Ukraine, but in the Indo-Pacific basin, particularly when it relates to Taiwan.
And I and I really and I know you got listeners in Japan that pay attention to this and I know they'll listen to this.
You know, we stand with Japan.
We always have stood with Japan.
And I know the Japanese are very, very concerned about the foreign policy decisions.
And I will go back again to the relationships because I think that the compromised people in the White House and the compromised people around this particular president And I mean, you know, within his own family, everybody knows it, Alex.
Everybody knows it.
You know, if this were Donald Trump Jr.
or Eric Trump, oh my God.
But since it's Hunter Biden, nobody does anything.
Nobody says anything.
I mean, I, you know, I listened to Peter Schweitzer the other day talking about some of this stuff.
It's just more and more things keep coming out.
And so these people are compromised.
They know exactly what's happening because they've been able to infiltrate right inside of our, our decision-making system.
And they're just waiting.
They're just, you know, the debate is there and they're about to, you know, they're about
to jump all over it.
So in general, aren't the big corporations, the kind of globalist consortiums, they're
trying to play countries off against each other to consolidate power and control and
divert from their biomedical COVID-19 power grab.
Aren't they playing a dangerous game here?
Because they're just acting like superpowers and weapons and all this is a chessboard or something.
This isn't a chessboard, is it?
I mean, you described at the end of your article that, hey folks, all that money, all that money you big hedge fund people have, you're not gonna be able to even have a bank to keep it in.
You're not gonna have electricity if we have a nuclear war.
Can you spend a few minutes describing how this could kick off?
Because it just seems so historically insane To be on Russia's doorstep, moving troops into Russia's theater, and then threatening Russia when they mass troops in response to that.
It just seems like folly to me.
Here's where I'm at with war.
And this is for everybody.
War is never clean.
When you start talking about going to war, it never ends up the way you want it to.
You know, it's unfair.
It's very unfair.
Warfare is not meant to be fair.
The escalation of activities once you begin fighting each other, once you begin the war, starts to go into a direction that you never planned for.
I don't care how many options you put on the table.
I don't care how many options your military has presented.
It will never go the way you want it to go.
And so you have to be prepared for a lot of, for a range of things.
And one of these things that you have to be prepared for is this, what, what a lot of us in, you know, in my whole world was, was planning for the worst case scenario.
And the worst case scenario in this case, as I started to look at this buildup and this, what I call road to war, is this movement where you start to talk about nuclear weapons and people that are talking about World War III.
I mean, this is not going to be some, you know, movie, right?
This is real.
And once we start, once we get into something like this, and we begin to impose, you know, horrific foreign policy decisions, particularly over a military that is not our military, that is not ready in a place like Europe, and I think that NATO is not in a place today where they're trained and ready to, I mean, NATO, we just look at the debacle coming out of Afghanistan with NATO, right?
And not only the United States of America, but also NATO.
So we're in a different place today.
This is not World War Two.
People always go back and say, well, World War Two.
No, this is a new, this is a new, this is a new Russia.
They're well trained.
They're ready.
They have a leader who appears to be in charge.
We are in a different place militarily.
We're in a different place from a foreign policy strategically.
Europe is in a different place.
I mean, I think this is a European problem right now.
And I think that Europe needs to step up and they need to start calling to action what they are going to do.
And they may have to Putin has enough problems internally to Russia.
He knows that.
He's got plenty of problems internally to Russia.
dealing with Putin and starting to have a conversation with what it is that he wants
and what he needs.
I mean, Putin doesn't want to go to war.
Believe me, Putin has enough problems internally to Russia.
He knows that.
He's got plenty of problems internally to Russia.
He doesn't need another external war to distract anything.
Maybe the people in the White House need that external distraction, and maybe they're trying
to lead us toward that.
And God help us if they are, because the escalation of war can take us to a nuclear exchange.
And like I said, to all these tech titans and all these corporate...
You know, leaders out there across our country who are dealing with China right now.
I mean, you better start paying attention.
Otherwise, we're not going to have a country here in the United States of America to be able to do the kinds of things that we've always cherished our ability to do, which is to live in a democracy with a capitalistic type system.
That's fine.
A constitutional republic where we have all of our freedoms.
We're going to lose these things if we end up escalating to a point that that Is now no longer in our control, and that's what happens in these large scale wars, Alex, and in a World War Three scenario, World War Three scenario,
Which people in Washington DC, people in the legislative branch, some of these senators, some of these members of Congress, some of these people in the National Security Council, some of these think tankers, they are all like beating the drums like we should be ready to go, we should go.
No, no.
Take a deep breath everybody.
Washington DC, how about shutting down for a week?
How about shutting down for a month?
And let's let's let cool heads prevail.
I think if you shut down for a week or two, maybe you would come back and go, OK, yeah, things are OK.
And guess what?
The rest of this country will be just fine.
Beautifully said, General Flynn.
I know you in about six, seven minutes have to get on the road to get to McAllen for this big event.
You've got down there, we're gonna have reporters down there as well.
Hell, I may even come down there.
But the point is, you talked about what Ukraine is distracting from.
Let's spend a few minutes on that, the central issue of COVID-19.
You're one of the only leaders out there that gets that it's a political weapon of control and fear and economic shutdowns to consolidate power.
Finally, a lot of leaders like Rand Paul and others are talking about the Great Reset.
They're talking about Klaus Schwab, that other power group.
We talk about China, we talk about Russia, we talk about the U.S., but then there's that globalist arm that manipulates all the different groups.
I know that you are an expert on that.
You observed that when you were the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency.
Without getting into classified aspects of the different power blocks, can you explain this in a nutshell, what the globalists are up to and how you think we counter them?
I think just identifying them and exposing the U.N.
conglomerate is the way to go.
What do you think?
Yeah, I mean, absolutely.
So the, you know, this idea of the Great Reset is not a conspiracy theory.
I mean, these, Klaus Schwab wrote a book about it.
I mean, so let's not kid ourselves anymore.
Let's not let the, let's not let the mainstream media try to box us into a bunch of conspiracy theorists.
This is very real.
This whole issue with COVID, You know, so COVID is a real type of disease or whatever you want to call it.
But it's treatable and I don't want to get into the medical or the science part of it, which has really, you know, come out in droves.
This is all about control.
And it's controlled by a group of elitists around the world, and that includes some of these tech titans, some of these corporate titans, not only in the United States but around the world, and certainly some of these other organizations.
So a couple of organizations, and everybody can go look these up, World Trade Organization, the World Bank, the European Union, The World Health Organization, which has come into the news quite a bit because of all this COVID stuff and the responses.
But all of these global organizations, the United Nations is another one, all these global organizations, they think they see themselves and those that are sort of even above them They see themselves as, this is how we can rule the world.
This is how we can control societies.
This is how we can control humanity.
So let's introduce something called COVID, and they did it, and they did it for a couple of reasons.
One of the big reasons was to steal an election.
I mean, if the Democrats, you know, worked as hard on foreign policy as they worked on stealing the elections, maybe we would be better off.
But, you know, so there's a lot I mean, there's a lot of things here going on.
But yes, these are globalist organizations.
These are world organizations.
And when you start to look at who is directing them and who is leading them, there are real people behind that.
Schwab is one.
You've got George Soros.
You have the Arabella Group.
These are real things.
These are led by real people who have placed themselves above some of these world institutions and they drive them.
They really do drive them.
I'm just a guy out here in the United States of America.
I've been I've been given a great platform just by the people of this country and I appreciate it very much so.
I get attacked all the day.
I get attacked constantly, Alex, as you know, and that's okay.
I'm going to continue to fight.
I'm going to continue to fight for what I believe are the right things.
We're dealing with an administration that has an open border policy for this country.
An open border policy for this country.
What's been reported by By our own government institutions.
Two and a half million people, illegals, have crossed into the country since this administration took over.
Two and a half million.
That's been what's been reported because that's how many they have tracked.
But there's some that are watching this very closely that I'm in touch with and we think it could be double that.
We think it could be double that.
And now they're sneaking them in like we've seen recently in the last 48, 96 hours.
We've seen recently where they're flying some of these military age males, they're flying them below the level, below the screen into some of these smaller airport hubs around some of these, you know, out in some of these states and some of these cities.
And this is all known.
All of these Republican senators, all of these Republican members of the House, they should be jumping up and down on the Capitol steps and the White House steps and saying, enough is enough.
We cannot handle this.
This is going to destroy our country.
And that's why we're going down to the border here today and tomorrow to have this rally.
So if you get a chance to come down, Alex, I'd love to see you.
I'd love to have you.
I'd love to get you up there and speak to this crowd of people that we're going to have.
And we need to keep fighting for this and other things in our country, because domestically, we've got massive problems.
And we don't need all these distractions that I think that this administration is actually attempting to use to distract from the real problems we're having right here at home.
Well, that's right.
GeneralFlynn.com is the place to find all the great articles and videos and work you're doing.
Looking at Biden, looking at the election coming up in 284 days, I see the new National Terrorism Directive of the President, the open announcement that Trump supporters are terrorists, that people that question lockdowns are terrorists.
That they believe that patriots are about to stage terror attacks, which I believe will be false flags.
Looking at the climate in closing, General, what do you make of the attempt to take January 6th, which we know was a federally provocateur event at many levels, there were also some useful idiots that got sucked into it in my view, to now project on that, no, it's not radical Islam that's
the big threat, it's not communist China that's the threat, it's the
American people and patriots that are the threat. And with straight faces, the CIA has come out and
said, oh, we believe a civil war has already begun. We're going to have to arrest all the
leadership. I mean, this is what a real authoritarian takeover looks like historically. Can you
speak to that with your historic understanding? Yeah, so in this country, I will tell you
that Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda are all real threats inside of this country.
And they're real.
And what we just saw in this hostage situation in Texas within the last couple of weeks was very, very real.
It wasn't fake.
It wasn't a conspiracy theory.
I think that we are going to see, and I expect something, again, another distraction.
I really do.
I expect because of what was staged on January 6th and what was staged up in Michigan to kidnap, you know, the fake kidnapping of the governor up in Michigan, Whitmer, I think we're going to see staged events.
I really do.
I mean, I really do think that do not put past This administration, with their, you know, their thugs in some cases that they have access to, do not put it past them to stage something and then declare some type of national emergency in order to further shut down aspects of our freedoms.
I mean, I believe that.
So, you know, and I tell that to people and I'm telling it to you and I'm telling it to your audience.
So, as we move forward, what we have to be is we have to be above all this.
We have to maintain, like I used to say, you know, to the troops, we have to maintain the moral high ground.
We have to be stronger morally.
We have to be stronger ethically.
We have to be, you know, we have to stand ready on our principles and our values.
And we have to promote those people, particularly those people that are now getting involved in primaries and in our election systems and our And in our stepping up, we have a lot of veterans now, a lot of police.
I'm endorsing a lot of police, a lot of veterans now who have never been in politics for political office, whether it's a state senator, whether it's a county commissioner, whether it's a U.S.
senator or a governor.
I mean, a lot of people that are now stepping into the political fray because they're sick and tired of what's happening in the country.
And that's what we need more of.
We need more of, you know, sort of, I call it local action.
We'll have a national impact, and I believe that truly.
So pay attention, people.
Discover, learn, read, do whatever you gotta do, and follow this great show, because Alex has been right on for over a decade.
And I keep saying that to you, Alex, because, I mean, you know it, but God, the beating that you've taken, and I know the beating that I've taken for the last five years, and still do.
I mean, I have been subpoenaed by the By the Insurrection Commission, led by the new Pontius Pilate of this era, Pelosi.
And so, I mean, this is insane, and it's just, it's horrific, and it's costing tens of thousands of dollars for all of us who get subpoenaed, because you gotta, you know, you gotta respond, right?
So, anyway, I just, I really want people to pay attention, maintain the moral high ground, America, and get involved in your communities like you've never been involved before.
So, God bless you, Alex, for having me.
Thank you for the time, and I hope to see you down on the border in McAllen, Texas.
General, since you mentioned this one other point, I'm sure you saw the New Republic, the New York Times, all of them are branding you as somebody that wants violence when you've never done that.
They're branding you as the new rebel leader with rebel flags and all this other crap saying, what is your long game?
Please spend a minute or so telling us who you really are, because I know they're attacking you from the low level, the high level.
They're attacking you from fake grassroots groups.
I mean, I've seen the similar attacks on myself, but it's more intense with you because they know you're a very viable leader.
To really, you know, galvanize Americans to fix this peacefully.
How do you want to respond to the deep state trying to cast you as a supervillain?
Yeah, my long game has to do with my grandchildren.
And in 30 seconds, it has to do with this beautiful country that my father, who was a World War II and Korea War veteran, and my mother, Who decided to have nine children, thank God.
They handed my family, my generation, our generation, Alex, a beautiful country on a silver platter and said, you know, go forth and do good.
Be good to others and work hard and you'll have a good life.
And we, our generation, has screwed this up.
And so when I look at my children and my grandchildren especially, that's my long game.
And I've been given, for whatever reason, this platform and I'm not going to, you know, just sort of dry up and go away because I look at my grandchildren and I say I just cannot, I want to turn over to them another silver platter, beautiful experiment in democracy that's a constitutional republic called the United States of America.
That's my long game.
That's what I care about and that's why I do what I do.
They can describe me any way they want.
You know, and I'm not a perfect guy.
I make mistakes.
I say stupid things sometimes.
But I know what I know.
And I will tell you, folks, that we are being taken over by a socialist, communist, Marxist element on the left.
And they are very real.
This is not a conspiracy theory.
The media is part of it.
The corporate world is part of it, the tech titans are part of it, because they censored the President of the United States of America while he was the President!
Never mind a bunch of us others.
I mean, this is incredible.
That's communism, folks.
That's the tail wagging the dog.
GeneralFlynn.com, going down to the Texas border.
Thank you so much for the time.
I know you're very busy and God bless you and Godspeed.
A beautiful site.
People can also find just a lot of amazing materials there.
And is that a book?
I didn't even know you had a book out.
Tell us about that.
Yeah, it's a letter to America.
I got a long story behind it, but I call it a letter.
It's really a letter.
It's a long letter to America.
The time to fight for your faith and family is now.
And in it, I lay out five things that if we focus on those five things, then we can save our beautiful country.
And it's really my letter back to the American people who sent me, while I was being persecuted for this whole Russian nonsense, who sent me tens of thousands of letters, and I got into the habit of responding to every one, and I just, it was a, it was very, you know, it was very good for me.
I mean, you know, just helped me get through that, helped me and my family get through that.
And so I, instead of trying to continue to get out there, I just decided, you know, I'm going to write a letter back to all of America and just thank them for what they Did for me and my family, but also offer some ideas about how we can save our country.
Letter to America, the time to fight for your faith and family is now.
You can find it at GeneralFlynn.com.
So thank you very much, Alex.
Well, I'm definitely going to read it.
The new site looks amazing.
This is the first day I looked at it because I look at your other sites as well all the time.
And of course, follow your work.
But congratulations on the new site.
That's about the best looking site I've ever seen.
Thank you so much, General Flynn.
Be safe on the Texas border.
All right.
God bless, Alex.
God bless.
All right, General, that was an excellent interview.
Thank Joe for me, and anytime you want to come in studio, I'll fly you guys up here, okay, sir?
I would love to do it, you know, as often as we can, particularly, Alex, as, you know, new distractions come in, because there are going to be many of them.
Sir, my show belongs to you, and you can always just, anytime you want to call and record something, we'll just put it out, and so we're like a dispatch, like a telephone.
You just pick it up, and you're on the air.
God bless you.
All right, God bless, buddy.
See ya.
Alright guys, I'm going to tape a little outro on that.
Leave that up right now and I'm going to tape a little outro, about a two minute outro here at the end, okay?
You ready?
Ladies and gentlemen, you just saw an unscripted, teleprompter-free, in-depth, 35-minute discussion with General Flynn.
The guy's the real deal.
And the system absolutely fears him.
They also fear you.
They fear this audience because they know they work for multinational corporations that have hijacked this country.
But here's the big takeaway, for me at least.
I'm sure you've got your own takeaways from this powerful interview.
The establishment is disconnected from the policies they're carrying out.
And wars will start and wars will get out of control very quickly with Russia and China and it needs to stop now.
And the whole leftist instinct to see flyover country and the American people as their enemy and their wish to have a domestic civil war while they confront other foreign powers Is what you see with megalomaniacs throughout history biting off more than they can chew?
And that's why we have to really have this sink in and come home right now.
We want peace in this country.
We want reconciliation.
We want justice.
That doesn't mean we agree with the left, doesn't mean we don't confront the left, doesn't mean we don't stop the left with civil disobedience and voting and so many other legal things.
But anybody trying to provocateur you into offensive violence is either a globalist operative, a Southern Poverty Law Center, ADL operative, Or they've been provocateured by the media and basically brainwashed.
And you do not want to have anything to do with them.
In the next 284 days.
This is the season of false flags.
This is when they're going to play that card.
And they are all over the news saying Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones and General Flynn caused January 6th and that we need to be arrested.
Hundreds of thousands of tweets a day, millions of views on videos, nightly news everywhere, because we know the game plan and we know this ruling class are a bunch of drug addicts Out of control, disconnected, crazy people that live on 50,000 and 100,000 acre palatial ranches and estates, who have beautiful giant jumbo jets, jumbo jets some of them, just everything, and then huge private islands everywhere, and then they don't want us to have food and water, and want to cut our resources off to save the earth.
How do they think they're ever going to get away with this?
They're not going to get away with it.
It's insane.
It's Antichrist stuff.
And so, let me just make this announcement, because I was driving into work this morning and it really hit me.
The New World Order has already failed.
The globalist system is dead on arrival.
I've got national polls that are even skewed towards the establishment, where 70 plus percent of Americans say the media is the enemy of the people.
Eighty-something percent of Republicans, almost 50 percent of Democrats think the election was stolen.
CNN, on average, has 100,000 viewers.
Joe Rogan's smallest podcasts have 11 million.
My smallest shows have 5 million.
Tucker Carlson shows have 5 million.
But this isn't a measuring contest here.
What I'm explaining to everybody is that they're already destroyed themselves and all they're trying to do is claw us into the grave with them.
What does the movie War Games 1983 say?
It's a strange game.
It's a strange game in the computer voice.
The only way to win is not to play.
And that's why they're having pedophile story time.
That's why they're having open borders.
That's why they're devaluing the dollar.
That's why they're rubbing it in and saying mostly peaceful protesters burning down buildings and firebombing federal buildings.
And then the feds are dropping charges saying, well, they were protesting.
But oh, you walked in the Capitol nonviolently.
You know, you're getting, you've been in jail a year.
Now you get six months in jail.
On top of a year in solitary confinement.
This is the power structure thinking that if it can just start a fight with us, somehow it'll at least win that war.
Hollywood is over.
Nobody thinks it's cool.
Nobody thinks it's neat, except for the lowest IQ morons, and that's in major studies.
Wall Street has created a Ponzi scheme that makes Bernie Madoff look like an angel.
And it's all coming to an end, and they're going to try to use authoritarianism, and world IDs, and digital currencies, and all this to control us, and to make us get in line.
And all it's going to do is accelerate the collapse of society, which they've convinced themselves that is okay.
There's going to be a controlled collapse that they come out on top.
That's not how this is going to work.
Yeah, in the first phase of the pandemic, they've had a 99% increase in their wealth than the average billionaire.
But it's all fiat garbage.
And as they destroy the real economy and destroy the mom and pops and destroy the small farms and small factories, they are getting rid of the diversity that created the economy that allowed them to become powerful and wealthy.
They're cutting off their own nose to spite their face.
So this interview needs 5, 10, 20 million views.
And it needs to get out to everybody.
People need to see General Flynn's message to trying to stop a nuclear war that could kill hundreds of millions and General Flynn's message warning of imminent false flags as the deep state attempts with the CIA and the FBI and the bureaucracy to form up and start a war with the American people.
You're like, well, that'll collapse civilization.
So will firing a third or half the nurses and the police because they won't take the shot.
So will defunding the police.
So will shutting off the resources and the supply chains.
It's all going down.
It's all happening.
And let me just say this in closing.
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All right, I want to thank General Flynn.
We're coming on this special Friday Emergency News Bulletin.
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We're fighting hard for you because we're all in this together.
God bless and good luck.
The days of independent media are numbered.
The government has made it illegal to oppose them.
They are now debanking us behind the scenes.
They want to bankrupt us and make us go away quietly.
With practically half the population wanting to lock the unvaccinated up in camps.
The traitors know they can shut us down by force.
But that would accelerate the awakening exponentially.
So be it.
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We know who they are.
We know what they're pushing.
We know that their transhumanism is not a new idea.
It goes back to the Garden of Eden.
It is a satanic lie that we can transcend our bodies and become gods by merging with these different systems that the corrupt globalist priesthood has built.
And to get us to accept transhumanism, to get us to believe our bodies are evil and bad, and that only the state or biomedical systems can save us, they have created the whole COVID-19 hysteria and fear.
To brainwash and abuse our children with masks and poison shots to teach us that we're inherently evil and bad and have to have the satanic sacrament of the GMO gene therapy injected into our bodies for the privilege to go outside and go to the park or have a job or fly on an airplane.
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