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Name: 20220127_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 27, 2022
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InfoWars host discusses global protests against COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine mandates, highlighting the Canadian trucker protests as part of the Great Reset agenda. The show emphasizes the importance of information warfare in resisting these initiatives, peaceful resistance, and cooperation among individuals and communities. It promotes supplements and criticizes celebrities for selling their music to private central banks linked to trillions of dollars in loans. Topics discussed include climate, globalist agendas, political developments, economic growth claims by Joe Biden, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer's retirement announcement, the Democratic party's focus on tokenism and identity politics instead of achieving noteworthy accomplishments, censorship claims by Jen Psaki, Fauci's involvement in covering up COVID-19 origin, a new COVID strain called Neocovid, mask mandates and forced vaccinations of children, the education system being run by liberal communists who are indoctrinating children into pornography at a young age, promotion of softcore content in schools, and covert migrant flights. The host encourages listeners to buy vitamins from InfoWarsStore.com and criticizes the media and politicians for not addressing important issues. The show also discusses election fraud and voter integrity, advocating for paper ballots and eliminating voting machines, as well as introducing Christopher Fulton's book on the Kennedy assassination and Faraday cages for protection against control measures.

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This is all a globalist test to see what you'll put up with, to see if you'll accept thousands of years of hard fought freedoms that took thousands of years to basically attain and cement into our way of life are being erased right now.
We have to wake up to that and realize this is a globalist authoritarian revolution against our human freedom.
To carry out a transhumanist agenda where the globalists want to use us as guinea pigs, they believe, to find the secrets to immortality.
This is really, really satanic stuff.
So, humanity's waking up, huge developments are happening across the planet.
I want to thank you all for joining us here today, and I just want you to know you literally are the heart of the worldwide resistance.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news.
History is happening now.
Across the world, populations by the millions have continued to peacefully protest and engage in peaceful civil disobedience against the UN corporate combined biomedical tyranny now being put forth across the planet.
This is the beginning of the end if they get this system in place.
Not just a worldwide cashless society, not just a worldwide planetary social score and a biomedical ID, but the means for cutting off the resources to the population of the Earth to carry out
For starvation and depopulation.
Justin Trudeau, who openly and publicly admires the dictatorship in communist China of Xi Jinping, and who said two years ago he wishes to turn Canada into a dictatorship, is now saying that it's unacceptable to not want forced inoculations.
It's unacceptable to not discriminate against the uninjected.
It's not acceptable to point out that the vaccine isn't a vaccine and doesn't work.
But as we speak, it's now hundreds of thousands of truckers.
It was 50,000 just a few days ago.
Over 150,000 truckers, it's now being estimated, are beginning to descend on the capital of Canada, Ottawa.
And on top of that, millions have pledged to go to the capital of the now captured state
I think?
And yesterday I played the clip of Klaus Schwab from the Kennedy Center last year admitting to the world on C-SPAN that they have quote, penetrated the governments and have up to half of the cabinets under our control.
Go to his Wikipedia page.
He brags about getting rid of democracy, getting rid of people actually running their own countries, and they call it stakeholder systems, where only the big corporations and the, quote, leaders of so-called ethnic groups have any speech.
That's why they're saying we have no individual rights and putting us into group collective rights, which are not rights at all.
All rights spring from the individual.
So the individual's under attack, local government's under attack, state government, national government's under attack by infiltration and by control.
And remember, the private central banks make Bernie Madoff look like a choir boy when it comes to fiat currency and Ponzi schemes.
And they're leveraging quadrillions of fake currency they've created to take over the planet.
This is economic warfare, but it's illegitimate and it's a fraud.
And if we all peacefully
Rise up and do not comply and do not submit.
We will win.
The Supreme Court has struck down the unconstitutional forced injection mandate for businesses.
So many other victories are happening.
Across the world, top scientists are coming out and pointing out that the masks don't work and the shots don't work.
And so now, the paid-for Big Pharma, Bill Gates' pimp, the so-called Surgeon General, in his little Star Trek outfit, is up there on TV saying, silence talk radio, silence podcasts, silence everyone, because they're not with the science.
This is the same guy that said just last year that there's no such thing as natural immunity.
These people are gaslighting us and they will fail if we hold the line and understand that this is an information war.
So just because you're already awake, you have to understand something.
Other people aren't, but they're looking for the truth now, and that's why.
The small fringe minority
of people who are on their way to Ottawa or who are holding unacceptable views that they're expressing.
Do not represent the views of Canadians who have been there for each other, who know that following the science
And stepping up to protect each other is the best way to continue to ensure our freedoms, our rights, our values as a country.
This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset.
This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts, to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.
Building back better means getting support to the most vulnerable while maintaining our momentum on reaching the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the SDGs.
Canada is here to listen and to help.
It's Thursday, January 27th, 2022.
And we stand on the precipice
of a tyrannical world government controlling our every move via a digital vaccine passport.
That is the holy grail of their operations.
And if we look at the entire planet and the worst places to be, it's Austria, Germany, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.
These are nations fully under the control of Klaus Schwab
Private corporate combine known as the Bilderberg group they admit this they brag about this just yesterday.
We played the clip of Klaus Schwab right there On national US television at the Kennedy Center at Harvard Bragging that they had quote penetrated most governments and had in many nations control of the major cabinets to carry out
Their operations with people that are true believers in the Great Reset and Build Back Better, which is a post-industrial world, which is a massive, forced depopulation operation on the Davos Group's website.
So when you see Justin Trudeau in Canada coming out and saying that people are holding bad thoughts and that people are doing things that
They shouldn't be doing.
When you witness that, that is classical authoritarianism.
Here's the actual quote.
Trudeau slams anti-vaccine mandate truckers for holding unacceptable views or thought crimes.
This is the same guy that said, as you just heard earlier,
Last year, that this is a great reset.
That this is a Build Back Better.
And we have Klaus Schwab particularly mentioning Justin Trudeau as the example of their penetration of our nation states.
And how they're quote, capturing our quote, democracies.
These are open, flagrant declarations of war against all forms of freedom.
Against every convention of common sense and liberty.
This is the very blood
Of tyrants.
This is the ocean in which they swim.
See, if you ask yourself, why are they being so naked?
They have to be.
They have reached the point of emergence where their entire program and operation is now out in the open.
And that's why they've announced the forced inoculation starting in just a few days in Europe.
That's why they've announced they're going to inject children without parental consent all over the Western world.
Because they've thrown down the gauntlet.
We're being conquered.
Our bodies, our very biology is being taken over.
And then we see world leaders on the payroll and medical leaders on the payroll of Pfizer and Moderna as well as Bill Gates openly telling us over and over and over again that we have no right to criticize them and no right to say no to what they're doing.
You hold unacceptable thoughts.
You hold them and big tech is surveilling you in live time.
It doesn't matter if you're Senator Rand Paul.
Doesn't matter if you're former President Donald Trump.
Doesn't matter if you're Joe Rogan.
If you don't do what they say, and I'm going to cover this a little bit later in the hour, well, they'll boycott you.
They'll debank you.
They'll sue you.
They'll try to put you in prison.
It's now been pointed out and confirmed that Neil Young sold his music catalog last year to, wait for it, the Blackstone Group.
Neil Young sold his music catalog, 50% of it, 50% control, to the Blackstone Group last year.
Think about that.
The Blackstone Group is just a consortium, hedge fund, investment fund, mutual fund system.
It is the largest in the world and is the investment arm of the big shadow private central banks.
The private families that own the private Federal Reserve, that own the private Bank of England, that own the private EU Bank, who have issued themselves trillions upon trillions upon trillions of dollars a month for years to buy up all the infrastructure.
And they have such arrogance as to sit around and brag at the Blackstone Group how they're going to bring in global carbon taxes and how they're financing what's happening with big pharma to take control of our lives and how once we have the vaccine passport in place, which is really the tracker system for the cashless society, the private Federal Reserve is announcing its new digital currency.
Then they'll try to restrict all the other competing digital currencies, but first they're letting a wild, wild West free market digital currency get everybody addicted to the system, which they will then consolidate control of and declare illegal, just like Russia and just like China have already done.
So I'm not against these new crypto and digital currencies.
The issue is, is you have to be aware that this is a trap and that we're going to have to have a fight to defend the right.
Of course!
And others who've been told, you must take an experimental Nuremberg Code violating shot in your body.
It's absolutely not linked, but confirmed to cause all sorts of neurological disorders, heart attacks, heart swelling, cancer, blood clots.
Or you can't do business in our country.
And the U.S.
government, via Biden, is telling U.S.
truckers the same thing.
But the southern border is completely and totally wide open.
And of course, the illegal immigrants, they don't have to be given any of the vaccines.
Because the U.N.
says, oh, we can't administer it.
There's too much liability in giving it to people.
It could make them sick.
We have been targeted in the West for depopulation.
We have been targeted as non-essential.
First, they shipped our jobs overseas.
They told us we'd be a service economy.
And now you're learning that if somebody doesn't have a use to them, they're not just worthless, they're seen as garbage that has to be disposed of.
And I'll tell you this.
If we don't recognize Klaus Schwab's statements, if we don't recognize the things that they've said and done to us, if we don't stand up for our sovereignty and declare value in ourselves, then the globalists will not consider us to have any value.
They'll consider it their right to depopulate us by slowly poisoning us, dumbing us down, and then sucking all the money out of us in the biomedical system they control.
This is the New World Order.
This is the Great Reset.
And this is the true war for the world in the 21st century happening now.
An open declaration of dehumanization and death against you and your family.
The small fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa or who are holding unacceptable views that they're expressing.
Do not represent the views of Canadians who have been there for each other, who know that following the science and stepping up to protect each other is the best way to continue to ensure our freedoms, our rights, our values as a country.
Hey everybody, this is an unbelievable emotional ride.
We've got up to the convoy here just by Dryden, Ontario.
You cannot see the front of it nor the back of it.
There is people, we have seen probably thousands of people along the road with flags flying.
There is even one place there with payloaders on both sides of the road and just wishing us well.
It's just so emotional.
Thank you.
So there you're hearing from one of the truckers in the convoy there as we head to break.
This is truly incredible, folks.
I mean, this is the salt of the earth.
This is the salt of North America.
These are the people that make the economy work, being targeted by medical, tyrannical fascists.
And they're peacefully, legally, lawfully pushing back.
This is how we win.
Death to the satanic New World Order.
Peace on Earth.
And we are back live here on this Thursday edition.
Owners Foyer is about to take over.
Alex Jones here in route back to Austin, Texas.
I'm going to file a bunch of emergency special reports this afternoon and this evening.
Things are moving very, very fast and breaking very, very quickly.
I'm also going to try to get on the War Room today and lay out more of the big picture as well.
That is again at 3 p.m.
Central Time.
InfoWars, one of the only independent, pro-human, pro-American networks left.
So I want to encourage you all to support us financially by getting great products that enrich your life at the same time.
A 360 win at infowarsstore.com, but most importantly,
Spread the articles and the videos everyone you know and then again remind them to share them with everyone they know creating the chain reaction Remember this is all a globalist test to see what you'll put up with to see if you'll accept thousands of years of hard-fought freedoms that took thousands of years to basically attain and and Cement into our way of life are being erased right now.
We have to wake up to that and realize this is a globalist and
Authoritarian revolution against our human freedom to carry out a transhumanist agenda where the globalists want to use us as guinea pigs they believe to find the secrets to immortality.
This is really, really satanic stuff.
Humanity's waking up, huge developments are happening across the planet.
I want to thank you all for joining us here today.
And I just want you to know, you literally are the heart of the worldwide resistance against this evil.
I'm going to hand the baton now over to Owen Troyer, live from the M4 Studios in Austin, Texas.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, there you have it.
Owen Troyer now.
Hosting the Alex Jones Show on this Thursday, January 27th, 2022.
And, you know, here's the big challenge.
How do I not get distracted by the bigger picture, which is the larger issue, which is what Alex was just talking about?
The globalist plan, the Great Reset, the New World Order,
One world government, medical tyranny, all the things that we're starting to see take shape and attack us, that most people still aren't ready to accept as reality.
Most people still aren't ready to consume and understand that that is the larger issue.
So I have to dive into the weeds, into the roots of it,
Explaining how it's all metastasizing and manifesting in all these different areas.
So I've got a stack of news like we had yesterday.
It's just unbelievable what's going on in the school system in America.
So we're going to have a stack of that.
We've got a stack of some political developments showing you how a one-party operation is masquerading as two parties right now, the Democrats and the Republicans.
We've got evidence of that.
We've got the continuation of the crime sprees that are happening in major Democrat cities.
We've got the censorship on big tech, but beyond just the censorship, the propaganda, the false information, overloading the system, tricking the unknowing, misinforming those looking for information but not knowing when they see propaganda versus the truth.
And of course, all in an effort to cover up for the complete, unmitigated disaster that Joe Biden is.
The massive stack, the vaccines, the side effects, COVID, all the new variants they're trying to get you to be afraid of.
The pushback, the truckers, that big story.
The political persecution and imprisonment of dissidents.
We've got more on that.
The corruption, again, and the cover-up of it, like Obama's spy gate and Hillary Clinton's Russia gate.
And so all of those and others are just the legs, the weeds, the roots of the One World Government Great Reset that we're going into, and I've got all the news to try to explain it.
And then we've got all kinds of video clips that we want to get to today as well.
But I'd be remiss, and I want to remind myself, I want to make it a habit to do this every day, hear your daily reminder, your hourly reminder, whatever the case may be, that government is satanic.
Government is satanic.
It is unnatural, it is inorganic, and it is evil.
Any form of tyranny, any form of control over the mind or the free will of man is satanic, and that's what government represents.
You know, as Americans, we all used to agree with that.
Somewhere down the road,
Some way, somehow, we have lost our destiny.
But, we will get it back.
You know, America has survived a lot worse things.
America has survived poverty.
America has survived starvation.
America has survived war.
America has survived collapse.
We will survive this evil Great Reset takeover.
We will.
And now is the time for us to raise our flag and recruit other patriotic, God-fearing, life-loving humans, Americans,
To see us having victory over this satanic takeover.
To see us having victory over this Great Reset.
To see us having victory over the propaganda.
Because it's a well-known psychological phenomenon.
People want to be on the winning team.
The local winning team goes to the playoffs, wins the championship game.
All of a sudden you start seeing hats and t-shirts and flags.
That's where we need to be right now.
We're the winning team.
We're going to win.
We're going to raise our flag.
And once others start seeing that...
They say, hey, I want to be on the winning team.
I want to be on the team of truth.
I want to be on the team of liberty.
I want to be on the team of justice.
I want to be on the good guy's team.
I want to win.
I want to be a part of that.
And then they raise their flag.
And then their neighbor raises their flag.
And then their neighbor's neighbor raises their flag.
And then their cousins and their grandpas raise their flag.
And then what do you have?
A 70 mile long caravan, the Freedom Convoy, of truckers and others, driving to Ottawa, where there could be millions of Canadians gathering to demand the resignation of Justin Trudeau, who's now gone into hiding!
Because he's a loser!
You know why?
And that's what losers do.
So Canada is winning.
Canadians are raising their flags.
Canadians are singing, Oh Canada.
Canadians are coming together in 20 degree, 10 degree, 0 degree temperatures.
And raising their flags in victory.
And what are the losers doing?
Like Justin Trudeau?
He's hiding.
Justin Trudeau was so desperate to have COVID so he can go into quarantine, he started rapidly testing himself, kept testing negative, said, well, I'm going to go into hiding in quarantine anyway, because I don't want to face my big loss.
I don't want to face the Canadian people telling me they've had enough of me.
So he's going into hiding like a loser.
You're a new EV factory and and that that Hummer before I talked about Dearborn and the f-150 but that that Hummer my lord you guys have you seen this vehicle it weighs three times what my Corvette weighs
When it was brand new, the Corvette was 0 to 60 in 5.2 seconds.
This is about 4.1?
Actually, model's up to 0 to 3 seconds.
0 to 60 in 3 seconds, yeah.
Okay, I'm looking for a job, Mary.
But anyway, all kidding aside, I'd like to, you know, what can you tell me about
What the investments will make in this legislation would mean to your business and your business moving forward.
So ladies and gentlemen, this was just the beginning, just a small part of the clown show that went down in the White House yesterday.
Biden meeting with a bunch of CEOs.
He eventually actually had to take his mask off because he was coming up short on breath.
He was struggling to breathe with the mask on.
Quite a strange phenomenon, but of course,
The other CEOs, they had to keep their N95 medical masks on the whole time because of COVID.
We're living in fear of a virus.
We've been conquered by a virus.
And so I'm not going to play the whole thing because it's just, I mean, it's long, obviously, and we could just sit here and we could observe the demise of Joe Biden.
We could observe the disaster that this man is as a leader of anything.
But we do have some other clips just to show you here, some other moments from this meeting that Biden had with the CEOs where he's just fumbling, he's short on breath, he's slower than molasses in January.
Anybody watching this and observing this
Would say, hey, what's that guy even doing there?
Like, if that was a CEO, you'd say he is, you know, it's time to hang it up.
You're not even with it anymore.
You can't even keep up with conversation.
But here's just some of the other embarrassing moments.
From yesterday's meeting with the CEOs and Joe Biden, where he fell short on breath, couldn't even get his words out, was fumbling, slurring, mumbling the whole time.
Here's a confused Joe Biden interrupting a CEO after calling on him in clip three.
I'm just going to demur on that one.
But it's really an honor to be here.
Thank you for inviting me to this event.
And I just want to say that... Come on guys, let's move this.
I just wanted to say that I think that climate change is the existential crisis of our time.
Oh, that's great.
So that was his meeting with CEOs to push the Build Back Better agenda, the Build Back Better plan.
Which, you know, this whole Great Reset, Build Back Better thing is nothing new to communists.
It's not.
They used to call it Year Zero.
And it's a matter of two things.
One, it's a matter of eliminating God and Jesus and the Bible from the equation and saying, ah, we're getting rid of that, this is Year Zero, no more religions, no more countries.
And then recognizing that, yeah, people see faults in civilization, people see faults in society, faults in the infrastructure, so you can kind of get people on board
Thinking, yeah, you know what, maybe this will fix some things, but that's just the cover, that's just the lie.
The very people responsible for all those problems are the very people running the Gray Reset, or as it's been called by communists in the past, Year Zero.
They just rebrand their old communist authoritarian agendas and rephrase things.
To get you to love it.
We're not that stupid.
We're not going to fall for it.
So yeah, again, Biden had to eventually take off his face mask.
He was becoming short on breath.
But at the end of it, the media tried to get some questions in and notice how the White House starts cutting the audio feed when reporters start asking Biden questions in clip five.
Let's get started with this meeting.
And then the confused Joe Biden starts to talk, but he doesn't know where he is or what he's doing.
What's going on?
Where's the feed?
The White House has cut it.
Joe Biden is about to go off script.
Joe Biden... ...announce it on their own.
There has been no announcement from Justice Breyer.
Let him make whatever statement he's going to make, and I'll be happy to talk about it later.
Thank you so much.
I'll be happy to talk about this later.
I'm going to get into this.
Hey, that's a dementia-ridden man.
Stop screaming at him.
He can't handle the noise.
He's confused.
So just another instance where the White House is cutting the feed, cutting the audio, cutting the visual.
They've done this dozens of times to protect Biden from saying something they don't want him to.
Biden even recognizes this.
He'll even say, oh, I'm not supposed to say this.
Oh, guys, what should I do now?
So, I mean, he's pretty much told everybody he's not even in control of whatever he's allowed to say or do.
And you just saw more of it yesterday.
Now, headline from that on The Gateway Pundit, Joe Biden's handlers cut the feed after he starts babbling about his father, the used car salesman.
So it wasn't just the one time, it was multiple times that they cut the feed when Biden starts going off script and making no sense and showing the world that he's suffering from mental illness.
Or dementia or whatever else is going on.
But they're trying to run a propaganda campaign right now via social media where they love to run their propaganda campaigns because they've erased all the dissidents so it's easy to dominate the narrative.
And so the presidential Twitter account puts this statement out
Early this morning, in 2021, we had the fastest economic growth since 1984.
The Biden economic plan is working, folks.
What economic plan?
Biden economic plan!
I'd love to hear someone explain that one to me.
But yeah, you'd have to be in 1984 to believe any of this.
And so people are pointing this out, how it's just a total farce.
Here's the actual graph right here.
You guys can put it on screen or give me a doc cam.
This is what they're talking about right here, folks.
This is what they're referencing as the greatest economic growth.
So here's the normal economic growth right here.
You can see it there.
And then because of the COVID nonsense, because of the COVID shutdowns, the GDP, the economic growth, everything just goes down to levels that we hadn't seen since Obama.
And then now that we're, you know, people are starting to get back to normal and starting to open up and they're done dealing with the medical tyranny and the fear mongering and all that, and they want to get back to life.
Okay, so things start to go open back up and it actually is just right back on track.
There's no record growth.
There's no record spike.
It's the V-shaped recovery, actually, that Trump was talking about.
You may remember Trump said it's going to be a V-shaped recovery.
It's going to be a V-shaped recovery after COVID.
Well, that was Trump being right, but of course it was right.
It was just America getting back on track, just reopening, getting back to business.
And so, but imagine the big lie.
Guys, give me the doc cam here just so we can illustrate.
So here's where it's actually at.
It's literally right on pace to where it was at post-Obama when Trump got in office.
So really, if you're claiming it's the greatest economic growth rate, it's actually still the Trump economic growth rate.
And this is what they did to us with COVID.
This is what the government did to us with COVID, sending us back down to Obama levels.
And now once we've opened up, we've just gotten back to normal.
And so here you are, you're right back to normal, right on the same path that you were pre-COVID.
There's no records here.
There's no Biden recovery here.
It's the V-shaped recovery that anyone would have told you was inevitable if you just reopened the economy.
Pretty simple stuff, but that doesn't stop them from lying.
So they made the hashtag Biden boom the number one trend on Twitter.
As Yossi Getzner points out, the economy in 2021 was only 2% larger than 2019.
The 1984 economy was 12% larger than 1982.
The 5% growth headline in 2021 everywhere is related to 2022, meaning it's 5.7% larger from a lockdown economy that was going to reopen due to Trump vaccines.
So they're holding a press conference right now for the forced retirement of Stephen Breyer, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.
It was news to him yesterday.
Well, his retirement was announced.
It was news to him.
And he was a little perturbed at how that got out.
So, uh, this is clearly a forced retirement.
I mean, let's just call it what it is.
I mean, obviously he was going to retire at some point, but, uh, the Democrats are probably forcing him out because it's all about putting another
Extreme left liberal on the bench while Biden is in there and the Democrats have the Senate because they're afraid they're gonna lose in the midterms and And then you know who knows the future after that so they got a squeeze a radical leftist in there while they have the Senate and Biden in the White House and so when the Retirement of Justice Breyer was announced yesterday.
It was news to him, but they're they're all saying now that
Biden stands by vow to nominate a black woman to Supreme Court.
Biden promises to nominate a Supreme Court justice based on sex and race.
Which is completely illegal and racist, but they're Democrats, so they're allowed to be racists and break the law.
That's just the game that we play with them.
And so the press conference is ongoing, but you know that whole notion of, I'm gonna go with a black woman, that's the most important thing, is for me to put a black woman up there as a token, because that's all it is, is a token.
How did that work with Vice President Kamala Harris?
How did that work?
And the funny thing is, I bet she's in consideration for being that nomination.
So, she was such a disaster as the Vice President, they're going to move her onto the Supreme Court to get her out of their way in the White House.
That's really working well for you.
And so, here's what it is with the Democrats.
If the times got so insane, which maybe they will, and I wanted to have, let's say, basketball glory...
And so I, as a full-grown man, would identify as a 14-year-old boy, and I'd go start playing basketball with 14-year-old boys, and if I won every game and scored 30 points a game and won the championship, I'd be a big man!
I'm the champion!
No, I'd be a loser going and competing with kids.
I'd be a total fraud.
But see, that'd be the easy way in.
All this tokenism that the Democrats engage in, and it looks like Biden's already done talking.
What did that last, guys, five minutes?
Was that a five minute presser from Biden today?
I was planning on going to it live.
He already shut it down.
I guess the old man had to, you know, clean out his britches.
They planned a big press conference with Biden and Breyer, and it looks like they ended it rather abruptly there.
But nonetheless, all this tokenism that the Liberal Democrats engage in now is just their easy way in.
They can't actually accomplish anything noteworthy or historic because they're losers, and they suck, and they're not smart, and they're phonies, and they're frauds, and they're crooks, and they're criminals, and they're liars, and they're deceivers.
So what do they do?
They just say, oh I know, I'll just appoint the first this, I'll just nominate the first that, I'll just be the first that, or this, and then I'll go down in history and I've done it and I'll be in the history books.
So all you have to do now, if you're a Democrat, is nominate the first black this, or be the first black that, or Latino this, or woman that, or transgender this.
And so that's all these Democrats are going to be doing.
That's all the liberals are going to be doing until their reign of terror comes to an end.
I nominated the first black this.
I nominated the first Latino this.
I nominated the first transgender this.
And they're just going to do it until literally there's nothing else that they can stake a claim of being the first two or nominating the first two.
And you're going to look up and your government's going to be run by a bunch of pedophiles and transsexuals and dumbasses.
But, oh, it's the first black vat.
It's the first transsexual vat.
It's the first female vat.
And you're like, well, that's nice.
You ever seen the movie Idiocracy?
Because that's where you're going.
But hey, who cares?
We got the first transsexual this, and the first black that, and the first female here.
Yeah, the economy's collapsing.
Yeah, the border's collapsing.
Yeah, the country's falling apart.
But who cares?
Look at how diverse we are!
We're the Democrats!
We made history!
As they destroy everything with their commitment to diversity.
It's reaching this weird point where logic and common sense and just basic decency are not even factors in the Democrat Party continuum of policy and thought.
It's just, it doesn't even rank.
It's not even on the map.
So it's like, this weird thing is how do you
How do you even go up against something like that?
It's like, oh, you go to get COVID treatment at the hospital like Harrison Smith did, or so many others have now, and they say, oh, I'm sorry, you're white.
You're not allowed to get treatment.
It's only for black people.
And you say, wow, thank God we have, this is so great.
Aren't you so glad we live in a country that's defeated racism?
And it would like break their brain and you're like, what?
It's like, yeah, it's so great that we've defeated racism now and that a person is being denied healthcare because of their skin color.
Isn't it great to defeat racism that way?
Aren't you so glad we've defeated racism as I'm being denied healthcare because of my skin color?
Aren't you so glad that we're living the dream of Martin Luther King?
That we don't see each other by skin color as you're here denying me healthcare for my skin color?
I'm so- Thank you so much for defeating racism!
Oh, thank you so much!
I'm so glad I'm gonna die now because I'm white.
Thank you so much.
You guys defeated racism.
Would they even get that sarcasm?
Like, would they even understand what it is they're doing?
And you could just use this on so many different levels.
But it's like, oh, thank you.
Thank you for nominating me because of my skin color.
Thank you for nominating me because I'm a woman.
Not because of my merits or accomplishments or choosing the best one possible, but all because of my skin color and my genitalia.
But oh, by the way, I can just decide to be a different gender tomorrow!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Woo hoo!
I'm a woman today!
I'm a man tomorrow!
I'm a man today, I'm a woman tomorrow.
Did you nominate the first woman or did you nominate the first tranny?
I don't know, I could change it any time.
I identify as Asian.
I identify as Latino.
I identify as black.
But you notice how they don't want to go there yet.
See, they've already run the gamut of female empowerment and feminism, so they don't mind just destroying women's rights and destroying women's everything by making men allowed to be women.
That's okay now.
So as soon as they're done using black people as tokens, the Democrats, the Liberals, as soon as they're done using brown people as tokens, as soon as all that tokenism has ended, you know they're going to start doing transracial garbage next, right?
You know that that's where they're going to go next.
And then you're going to have a bunch of liberals and psychos that want to take advantage of the victim economy, want to take advantage of all the advantages that have been put into the system for black people or for minorities.
And so you're going to see, I would say if this trend continues, probably by 2030, you're going to start seeing people identifying as black so that they can have the advantage of all the things Democrats have put into society for black people.
It's like, why would a man pretend to be a woman?
Oh, so he can get into the pool and compete with women and break all the records.
Why would a man, weightlifter, pretend to be a woman?
Oh, so he can weightlift in competition as a woman and set all the records.
Oh, I get it, I see.
So you see, it's going to be the same thing.
Oh look, a white guy can't get into college anymore.
Oh look, a white guy can't get a job.
A white guy can't get appointed.
I know, I'll just identify as black.
That's where this goes logically.
And again, if they can't see their insanity now, what makes you think they're going to see their insanity then?
These are sick people that need mental health care and they're not getting it.
So they're only going to go more crazy.
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It looks like inflation isn't going away.
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Your food prices are going to keep going up.
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They're not going to relent on all the medical tyranny.
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So you may recall, we played the clip yesterday.
I'm gonna play it again for you so you can hear it again, but...
Jen Psaki with massive whoppers of lies.
And so I want to play the clip again just for context of what we're going to do here with this exercise.
But see, I got distracted by all the lies that Jen Psaki said yesterday in her response to Peter Doocy's question about why they're banning life-saving treatment.
And so I got distracted by all the lies.
I missed out on the irony.
So I want to revisit this.
And so you can listen to the original clip here and hear the lies, but then I want to revisit that clip and then show you the irony of it.
So here's the original clip from yesterday of Jen Psaki lying to the American people about life-saving treatment that the Biden administration is banning.
What the FDA is making clear is that these treatments, the ones that they are fighting over, that the governor is fighting over, do not work against Omicron, and they have side effects.
That is what the scientists are saying.
We have sent them 71,000 doses of treatments that are effective against Omicron, and are effective also against Delta.
Uh, and they are still advocating, uh, for treatments that don't work.
Uh, we've seen, unfortunately, from the beginning, uh, in our pandemic response, a range of steps or pushes that have been made through social media platforms, unfortunately, from the mouths of elected officials, uh, and the advocate advocating for things that don't work, even when we know things do work.
Injecting disinfectant, promoting other pseudoscience, sowing doubt on the effectiveness of vaccines and boosters, and now promoting treatments that don't work.
We know it works, vaccines and boosters.
We have a range of doses of things that do work and treatments, and we're providing those to Florida.
Go ahead.
Okay, so, I mean, I'm not gonna sit here and break down all the lies she just told again.
You know, but again, the body language of this woman is just, it's so demeaning.
Like, she's perched on top of you.
She's the boss.
She's the authoritarian.
No, you work for us.
But again, I'm just getting distracted.
But see, she's pointing.
She's hen-pecking.
She'll tell you what's good.
She'll lie to you and you'll take it.
So I was so busy addressing the lies yesterday that I missed out on the irony of what she was saying because
If you take out just certain words that she says and insert a different word, it still has the same effect.
It's actually more honest.
So, this would be an honest Jen Psaki yesterday.
And you'll notice we did a little editing here, but if you said a different word instead of the words Jen Psaki was using, it would actually be honest, so this is gonna be a little clunky, but here's an edited version trying to make Jen Psaki appear to be honest.
What the FDA is making clear is that these vaccines, the ones that they are fighting over, that the governor is fighting over, do not work against Omicron and they have side effects.
That is what the scientists are saying.
We have sent them 71,000 doses of treatments that are effective against Omicron and are effective also against Delta.
Uh, and they are still advocating, uh, for vaccines that don't work.
Uh, we've seen, unfortunately, from the beginning, uh, in our pandemic response, a range of steps or pushes that have been made through social media platforms, unfortunately, from the mouths of elected officials, uh, and the advocate advocating for things that don't work, even when we know things do work.
Injecting vaccines, promoting other pseudoscience.
There you go.
Good job guys.
So you see, that's actually honest!
The vaccines don't stop the spread!
The vaccines aren't working!
The vaccines have side effects!
Now, even if you wanted to say that about the other treatments that they say they aren't banning, that they are banning, everybody knows they're banning it, and then Sasaki says, oh, we're not banning it.
No, you are banning it.
Everybody knows you're banning it.
Your own Democrat party has called you out for banning it.
But everything she says about the other treatments is true about vaccines.
So whether it's true about the other treatments or not, it is true about vaccines!
So you're welcome, Jen Psaki.
We just corrected the record for you there, and we made you a statement that would have been the most honest statement that you would have ever made in your life, probably.
You're welcome, Jen.
What the FDA is making clear is that these vaccines, the ones that they are fighting over, that the governor is fighting over, do not work against Omicron and they have side effects.
That is what the scientists are saying.
We have sent them 71,000 doses of treatments that are effective against Omicron and are effective also against Delta.
Uh, and they are still advocating, uh, for vaccines that don't work.
Uh, we've seen, unfortunately, from the beginning, uh, in our pandemic response, a range of steps or pushes that have been made through social media platforms, unfortunately, from the mouths of elected officials, uh, and the advocate advocating for things that don't work, even when we know things do work.
Injecting vaccines, promoting other pseudoscience.
I had to play it twice.
So nice.
Great job by the crew.
You're welcome, Jen Psaki.
We were just correcting the lies that you told yesterday.
We couldn't do it all the time.
We'd be here 24 hours a day.
But we decided to do you a favor.
We do you one solid right there.
Just correcting the record.
It's the vaccines that don't work.
It's the vaccines that have the side effects.
But you don't want to be honest about that.
How much money does Jen Psaki have in big pharmaceutical companies, I wonder?
Or does she just lie for fun?
I mean, lying for profit, I guess, is one thing.
Lying for fun is another.
Maybe Jen Psaki's on one of those sides of that coin.
We're in the second hour now of the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer here sitting in for Alex, and we are just getting started on the news.
In fact,
Let me get into the latest COVID news and vaccine news that we have here.
Now, a lot is still being uncovered, but it's really just additional information and proof to what we already knew about Fauci and Dasik and the Wuhan Institute of Virology
We pretty much, we know the story.
Now more evidence is being collected to prove it.
And not just prove Fauci's involvement and knowledge, but now we have all the evidence that he actually actively covered up the truth.
That he was involved in the Wuhan lab and that that's where the virus came from with payouts of millions of dollars to doctors and scientists who were questioning the official narrative.
Yes, that's how corrupt that dirtbag Anthony Fauci is.
Let's look at the latest.
Jim Jordan puts this out.
January 27th, 2020, Fauci learned that his agency had been indirectly funding the Wuhan lab.
So we now have that proof on record, so he can't deny it.
Now, he knew it before then, but as far as proof of receipts of him having knowledge of that, we now have that dated to January 27th, 2020.
So this was really before the COVID panic began.
January 31st, 2020, Fauci learned the virus looks engineered.
And so now we have the receipts on that.
Dozens of emails and phone calls going to Fauci saying, hey, this is not natural, this came out of a lab, and all scientists and doctors agree with it.
And so now we're learning of the behind-the-scenes communications and power plays that were made by Fauci to cover this up.
And everybody's starting to cover it, including Fox News.
Fox News special report outlines fresh questions on what Fauci and government knew about COVID origin because they're publishing all the receipts of Fauci covering it up.
Paying off people who questioned it, covering up his involvement, covering up the Wuhan leak.
We now literally have all of it on record.
It's all, I mean Fauci is caught red-handed.
This is ridiculous that he has not been investigated in a criminal investigation yet.
So now listen to this clip of Jim Jordan really explaining it with the massive bombshell that should land Fauci in jail after a proper investigation.
So here's Jim Jordan just laying it all out perfectly in clip 7.
Two years ago this month, Dr. Fauci has put on notice that the virus most likely came from a lab that was doing gain-of-function research.
He gets a letter on January 31st, 10.32 p.m.
He gets an email, excuse me, from Dr. Christian Anderson that says the virus looks engineered, virus not consistent with evolutionary theory.
Dr. Fauci goes into complete overdrive to cover this information up and not present it to the American people.
He organizes a conference call the next day with Fauci, Collins, and 11 virologists from around the world on that call.
Mr. Gary, Dr. Gary on that call says this, I don't know how this happens in nature,
But it would be easy to do in a lap.
Four days later, those people who expressed those sentiments start to change their position.
They write a piece in Nature Medicine Magazine on February 16th.
It first gets published online.
That piece is then cited on February 9th, 2020 in the now famous letter in The Lancet that becomes the gospel that this thing, according to Fauci and this group, didn't come from a lap.
All that happens in 20 days.
So they go from, this thing looks engineered, this thing is not consistent with evolutionary theory, this thing could not have happened in nature, this thing would be easy to do in a lab, to completely changing their position.
And here's the kicker.
The two guys who said those things, Dr. Anderson and Dr. Gary, three months later get rewarded with an $8.9 million grant from Dr. Fauci to continue to do research on coronavirus.
So that sounds like exactly what it is, ladies and gentlemen.
Anthony Fauci paid off doctors and scientists to cover up his crimes against humanity.
Now here's the next ripple here that
Is going to be, I think, realized perhaps by the individuals in the Republican Party like Jim Jordan and others who are investigating this, perhaps the doctors and scientists that are going around the planet warning of what Fauci has done, like Dr. Malone and the lawyers and all of it.
I mean, this isn't going to go away.
I mean, maybe Fauci gets away with these crimes, but the whole world is going to know
What a rotten scoundrel he is, and I'm being kind.
Here's the next realization, folks, to just put a cap on how evil Anthony Fauci truly is.
We all knew about COVID in January of 2020.
That's obvious.
The doctors all knew about COVID in January of 2020.
They were already doing research.
They were figuring out what's going on with it.
They were telling Anthony Fauci about it.
Now why didn't the American people start to hear from Fauci or the Trump administration or any of our health bureaucracies about COVID or shutdowns or border shutdowns until February of 2020?
Because in January of 2020, Fauci's number one priority was covering up his footprints.
Fauci's number one priority in January of 2020 was not warning America about COVID, was not stopping COVID from coming here, was not trying to figure out the origins of COVID or how contagious it was going to be.
It was covering up his involvement in the lab and paying off any doctors and scientists that could have figured it out.
So, we now have Dr. Anthony Fauci caught red-handed funding the Wuhan lab, caught red-handed covering up the truth of the Wuhan lab, and then caught red-handed delaying the information from getting out until he could cover up his own tracks leading back to the Wuhan lab.
That's your Dr. Fauci.
That's your Dr. Mengele.
That is perhaps one of the most evil bureaucrats in American history.
Anthony Fauci.
It's disgusting.
Now see, this is where we have to be careful because
I want Fauci protected.
I want teams around Fauci.
I want suicide watches on Fauci.
I don't want a little hair harmed on his head.
I am not calling for any violence against Anthony Fauci.
And if anything happens to Anthony Fauci, we want to hold that individual or group of individuals responsible.
I want a legal investigation into Anthony Fauci.
I want it all to come out in court.
And I want the world to see what Anthony Fauci has done in a criminal investigation, in a
I don't want any violence done against Anthony Fauci.
Not a little whisker harmed on his buttocks.
But I want him in court explaining his actions and the crimes he's committed that we all know he's done.
Yes, millions of Canadians heading to Ottawa to demand the resignation of Justin Trudeau, a trucker convoy, the Freedom Convoy, over 50 miles long, some estimates are 70 miles long, active right now.
And so what is Trudeau doing?
He's gone into hiding, like the coward that he is.
Why don't you just resign, Trudeau?
That's what the world wants.
Let me try to get the rest of this COVID news off of my desk.
So, the Biden Surgeon General has called for Joe Rogan to be censored.
I'm just curious, why doesn't Biden Surgeon General just go on the Rogan experience?
Why don't you just go on the podcast, you little bitch?
I'm the Biden certain general.
Joe Rogan should be censored for vaccine misinformation.
Joe Rogan needs to be censored.
Look at me.
I'm a big strong man.
I'm so confident in my stance on vaccines and COVID that I'm going to censor anybody that disagrees with me.
I'm not going to go on the Rogan podcast.
I'm going to hide like Justin Trudeau because I'm a coward and a little bitch.
The Biden Surgeon General is such a joke, I can't even remember his name.
You know what?
I don't even care to.
And you know what?
Just look at that pipsqueak.
Just look at that intellectual midget.
What a coward!
Go on the Rogan Podcast, you coward!
Hey Trudeau, why don't you stand and face the truckers and the Canadian citizens that you've wronged, you coward!
In a way, let me just draw back.
But you know what?
You know what?
Because this has been my, this is my attitude all year.
Democrats, keep censoring, keep mandating, keep making demands, just keep it up.
And then, and then when the time comes for the rubber to meet the road, go into hiding like the cowards that you are.
Keep showing the world who you are, Democrats.
You're phonies, you're frauds, you're liars, you're tyrants, you're authoritarians, you're fascists, and then at the end of the day, you're cowards.
Just like what you want.
Oh, they want war in Ukraine with Russia.
Why don't you go over there then?
Why don't you pick up a gun and a helmet and a bulletproof vest?
Why don't you go stand in the way of the Russians if they're going to go into Ukraine?
No, you won't do it, because it's like everything else.
You're a coward and a fraud.
But I can't belabor this too much.
Let's move on.
Here's more of the censorship.
In China, China has changed the ending of Fight Club so that the authorities win.
Is that where you want to live, folks?
You want to live in a Chinese censorship type of world?
You're getting a taste of it.
Anti-vaxxers making at least $2.5 million a year from publishing on Substack, says The Guardian's Dan Milmo.
You know, I don't even trust that as accurate.
I see the news reports that they put out about me or InfoWars and they're like, Owen Schreuer makes this much money here and this much money doing that.
Like, reporters claiming that I'm making millions of dollars on YouTube.
I've been banned for four years off YouTube, you jackasses.
I've never made a dime off of YouTube.
So I'm sorry that I don't believe this story about substack users making millions of dollars on vaccine misinformation.
I don't believe that one bit.
I've seen how they lie about me.
And then... I'll be careful here, but like...
You know, and then the people that think they're about to make a bunch of money off of me see that, oh, oh, oh, oh, Owen Schroyer's not worth millions of dollars?
How could this be?
I read the news reports.
Schroyer's got millions.
So, oops, yeah, you went and looked in my bank account.
You figured out, nope, no millions.
No Russian payouts.
No, no, no Jewish shekels.
No big money from YouTube.
No, not a dime!
But they just lie, so... Oh, but see, oh my gosh!
Oh, a journalist might make a million bucks reporting on the news in a good way, oh God forbid!
But big pharmaceuticals are making billions and billions and billions off the medical fascism, and you don't have a problem with that, do ya?
Like the good little fascist you are?
I don't know who came up with this, but the unvaccinated are not a threat to society.
They are a threat to authority.
That sums it up quite nicely.
Fully vaxxed and boosted Democrat Senator Mark Warner tests positive for COVID-19.
Yeah, the vaccines don't work, Jen Psaki.
Yes, keep censoring.
Dan Bongino permanently banned from YouTube.
You gave Dan Bongino his wish.
He is one of the investors in Rumble.
Now his Rumble channel will get millions of views a day instead of his YouTube channel.
Good job, YouTube.
And here's the other thing, too, because when InfoWars got censored more than four years ago or whenever it was,
People looked at it like, oh, it's just InfoWars.
Oh, it's just Alex Jones.
Oh, it's just the conspiracy nuts.
Oh, it's just the guy that rides around on a scooter coughing to make fun of COVID, Owen Schroer.
And they just had these wild, inaccurate views of InfoWars at the Times.
But see, now, because they know they're good people, they know they're telling the truth, Dan Bongino knows he's being honest about things, all the other people that are getting banned and censored out there know they're being honest, and so then they see it happening to them, and they're saying, wait a second, I'm telling the truth, I'm a good person, I'm not lying, why am I getting censored?
I'm not InfoWars, I'm not Alex Jones, I'm not Owen Schroer, why are you censoring me?
I'm telling the truth!
And then the thought process starts to
...happen of, oh, oh, I guess Alex was telling the truth.
I guess InfoWars was telling the truth.
Oh, wow, okay.
So just keep banning.
YouTube bans another prominent conservative over questioning effectiveness of masks.
Yes, the mask, oh, which Fauci said didn't work, but then he says it's the greatest thing ever.
Florida doctor, families sneak ivermectin to loved ones in hospitals with COVID-19, see improvement.
Yeah, oh, but Psaki says, we're not banning any treatment from COVID, and then you just look at all the areas and they are banning it.
And so you literally have to go onto the black market to get life-saving treatment for COVID because this fascistic medical authoritarian regime doesn't want you to use anything else other than a vaccine that doesn't even work and that actually destroys your immune system so you keep getting COVID.
Because that's what it is.
Why do all these vaccinated and boosted people keep getting COVID?
Because every time they get a vaccine they destroy their immune system.
So then they get COVID again and they get sick.
And then they get another vaccine, and they destroy their immune system!
Then they get COVID, then they get sick!
It's a never-ending cycle!
To make you a slave of Big Pharma!
I mean... Just... Wow, how am I living in this?
Like, wake up!
This is a dream, this is a nightmare!
You're just in a dystopian science fiction movie!
Just wake up from this, this can't be real!
Chinese scientists warn of potential high fatality transmission rate of the new COVID strain, Neocovid.
Neocovid, the newest COVID strain.
You've also got B.A.
COVID that they're finding out.
What's next?
Or is it just straight B.S.
You also have the Omicron sub-variant, they're saying.
Omicron sub-variant, even more contagious.
Oh my God!
We've got Coronavirus Neo-Co-V.
We've got B.A.
And now we've got Omicron Sub-Variant.
Pick your flavor.
Which one do you want to be afraid of?
Which one do you want to vaccinate against?
Pick your flavor.
We got all kinds of flavors of tyranny.
We got all kinds of flavors of propaganda here.
And don't worry, in two weeks we'll have another made-up name for a virus that's a vaccine variant that the vaccine won't stop, but you'll definitely get it because you took the vaccine.
Because you're a good big pharmaceutical slave now.
Oh, when did Big Pharma conquer the planet and not tell anyone about it?
I guess they wouldn't want to brag about that.
Boy, then you might be on to them.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
I will tell you that Alex Jones is in the building.
So, who knows when he could come smashing through the video board behind me like the Kool-Aid Man and say, oh yeah.
So we will be monitoring, but he's having some business meetings right now.
Let's get into some of the sickness that's going on at schools.
Now I want to start with a phenomenon that continues to happen, and that's parents that dare, you know, not want their kids to be forced to take a vaccine, or not want their kids to be forced to breathe in their own exhalation.
And suffocated under a face mask, or parents that don't want to see their kids watching porn in schools.
They're getting arrested.
This is still happening.
A caller on the nationally syndicated Chris Plant Show, based out of Washington D.C.'
's WMAL, told the story of how he showed up to say he's sick of the restrictions on the kids at schools.
And so what did the principal do?
Called the police on him.
Listen to this story in clip six.
The bottom line up front is that my kids were denied education three days now.
On Monday, they were segregated to the library for the entire day, my older two anyways.
And when my wife and I went to pick them up at the end of the day, I refused to put a mask in the school office or refused to leave until I had my kids and the school principal instructing the staff to call 911 on me as if I the parent and the threat, because that's what they view us as.
They view parents as a threat.
It's not anybody else.
It's us standing up for ourselves, and I pressed the principal on if he was okay segregating my kids, and I didn't have a good answer.
They seem to be okay with segregating our kids, and this is an okay thing.
So there you go.
So yeah, you ask the teachers, hey, why are you segregating students?
Why are you forcing them to wear a mask when it's illegal?
Why are the schools still shut down?
What's the response?
9-1-1, we have a terrorist here!
Oh my God!
They're asking me to do my job!
They don't want me segregating kids!
They don't want me torturing the kids!
They don't want me showing the kids porn!
I don't know what to do!
Save me!
It's happened in Virginia, it's happened in New York, it's happened in Texas... Yeah, you dare try to...
Have a good education for your kids as the Liberal Democrats running your school try to destroy them, and they call the cops on you.
The cops that they want to defund, by the way!
Isn't that convenient?
They love calling the cops when they need them, but when their violent rioters and looters and arsonists are running around, then they don't want the cops involved.
Just incredible to be witnessing this, ladies and gentlemen.
Just truly incredible.
But there's more!
Uh, now, I use this as some more context to go into the continuation of children being attacked by the school system, but this story came out the other day from The Sun.
Most Pornhub-obsessed cities revealed, and New York isn't the top of the list!
We were surprised.
America wasn't the most obsessed country with porn, and it turns out that London and Paris, so England and France, seem to be more addicted to porn than the US, at least in those cities.
And then you had New York and Los Angeles following, and then Milan, Sydney, and Rome and Houston also following along that list.
So, I mean, I guess the education system being overrun by liberal communists
Is that true?
That's why you see all the pornographic material being revealed to children at schools.
That's why you have all the new social media apps that are marketed to young kids, showing them softcore porn.
That's why you have the Cardi B's and the Meg the Stallion's doing softcore porn for kids on TV.
I guess they don't like this.
They want Americans obsessed with porn.
We should be trying to reverse this trend.
We should be trying to say, hey, you know what?
Let's have America not even on the list of most porn-addicted countries.
It's an unhealthy, disgusting habit.
We all know it.
But no, let's make the kids love porn.
And then Lena Dunham, the bull walrus, says, porn is actually healthy for me.
Look at how sick it is.
Getting back to the school issue.
Texas school district requires parents sign an NDA form to challenge pornographic books.
So, so, because here's what it is.
They don't want any of this getting out to the media.
They don't want people to know that they're literally showing kids pornography.
They don't want parents and the media to find out that they're suggesting books for children that depict pornographic acts and sexual acts and homosexual acts.
It's disgusting!
And they've been caught doing this all across America!
Liberals teaching children as young as 10 years old and younger how to have sex, how to give blowjobs!
And then when the parents show up, because it's the most disgusting thing ever, what parent wants their kids watching porn?
I mean, are you kidding me?
It's just the teachers that don't have kids.
It's just the liberal communists that want that, I guess.
And so the parents show up to these school board meetings or the book challenge meetings and they say, hey, stop showing our kids porn!
And they say, well look, you're not allowed to discuss anything you've seen here because we don't want people knowing that we are sexualizing the children like a bunch of pedophile perverts would do.
So sign this NDAA and then maybe we'll consider taking out the pornographic material from the libraries.
Wink wink, we're just gonna put it in a special section now so that the kids are more drawn to it.
And that's what they do.
That's literally what they've been caught doing.
It gets even more insane.
School district denies litter boxes for students identifying as furries.
My God.
The bigotry.
For people that don't know, I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but some people identify as a furry, and that's when I guess they believe they're a stuffed animal.
And so they walk around in animal onesies pretending to be stuffed animals that come to life.
And this is a whole identity, I guess, that children are getting into now?
Again, you know, I used to like riding bikes, and skipping rocks, and climbing around creeks, and building treehouses, and, God forbid, maybe firing a firework off sometimes at the neighbors, or ding-dong ditching, or, you know.
But now kids are trying to be furries, and they want litter boxes at schools?
What in the hell is going on?
But imagine the bigotry of a Michigan school district that won't let your kid have a litter box at school because it identifies as a furry?
Teacher fired for not meowing at student who identified as a cat.
It's, look, you know, we'd like to have an education system that works for us, but it doesn't, folks.
And unless you have full confidence in your public school district, you just gotta, I wouldn't go anywhere near it.
Mother claims school locked child in library for not wearing a mask.
Yeah, we've seen all the barbarism of the treatment of these children, eating outside in freezing weathers because of COVID, segregated based on vaccine status or mask status.
It's just disgusting.
And then here's the kicker.
University of Pittsburgh report tries to explain away barbaric experiments with aborted babies.
Oh, we're not experimenting with aborted babies?
Hey, what's this experiment with aborted babies?
Oh, well, that?
No, that's a good thing.
What has happened to our education system?
Oh, that's right.
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Ladies and gentlemen, you're gonna have to hear it to believe it, but listen to CNN
Discussing how important it is to have a border in Clip 2!
This is incredible!
Why should Americans care about what's happening in Ukraine?
Because it goes to a very fundamental principle of all nations, which is that our borders should be inviolate, that our sovereignty should be respected.
If the international system is to mean anything, it should mean that no country can change another country's border.
Oh my gosh!
That's the White House National Security Deputy Director talking about how important it is to have a strong border!
You don't have a country without a border, he says, but he's talking about Ukraine.
Ah, because we're getting invaded right now.
In fact, I would stand to guess that there were more people that invaded the U.S.
at the southern border last year than Russians will be going into Ukraine.
And do you think the Russians are just going to suck off the Ukrainian system and break the economy?
And replace the Ukrainian workers?
So, the White House Deputy National Security Advisor goes on CNN, talks about the importance of borders and how you don't have a country without borders, and yet allows the U.S.
to not have a southern border.
Okay, that's all right.
That's the country we live in.
That's our government.
Got you.
That's our leadership.
I see.
Okay, we're gonna play that game.
This is your daily, hourly reminder that government is satanic.
Let's take a look here.
Now, the DHS Secretary Mayorkas had a meeting with Border Patrol agents the other day, and folks, it was a disaster.
Now, they didn't want any of this going public.
Some of the audio did link.
Some of it is at Town Hall.
They aired some of it on Fox News, but basically Mayorkas is just getting his ass chewed out by Border Patrol agents.
And now former Border Patrol agents are going on record as whistleblowers talking about how bad it is and how essentially Border Patrol under Biden has turned into a human trafficking operation.
That's how bad it is, folks.
See, and I was thinking to myself last night as I'm watching Fox News cover all of this a year behind InfoWars, that's fine, hey, okay, fine, we're the tip of the spear, I get that, but I'm sitting here and I'm thinking, you know, imagine
Imagine if I had video of busloads of pregnant women coming across the southern border illegally being dropped off into Texas.
Imagine if I had video of busload of COVID positive illegal immigrants being dumped off into hotels in the United States of America.
Imagine if I had video
of a woman who has all the ear markings of a gang member with multiple Santa Muerte tattoos, carrying unaccompanied children to the airport, and then when cameras are on her, she freaks out, hands the baby over to another unsuspecting woman, who's like, she doesn't know what's going on, says, oh, this is your baby, and the woman's like, what?
This isn't my baby.
And then that baby gets loaded onto an airplane unaccompanied with no parents.
Who knows where she's going?
Imagine if I had all that video.
Oh, that's right.
I do.
I do.
Oh, remember how they were using a fake taxi to move the illegal immigrant hordes?
Yeah, there she is right there.
Oh, that's right!
We have all that video!
We even have him getting on the planes!
We even have him taking the children!
The pregnant mothers!
We have all of it!
We covered it all for weeks!
It's just... You just see all this going on and you just wonder... How much longer can this go on?
I mean...
How long can you run criminal operations in broad daylight?
But see, that's what it is.
They're getting us used to crime.
They're getting us used to just having normal, everyday activity being, yes, you're going to experience crime.
So it's like we have to retract and we have to say no.
Crime is not normal.
It is not normal for crimes to happen at this rate every night in American cities.
It is not normal to have Border Patrol acting as a human smuggling operation.
This is not normal.
This is not normal.
It's not normal for Anthony Fauci to be funding bioweapon creation and then covering up his research by paying off doctors millions of dollars of taxpayer money.
None of this is normal.
But see, that's what they want you to get used to the crime in your local life.
They want you to get so used to the crime, the carjackings, the muggings, the stabbings, the shootings, the theft.
They want you to get so used to that.
They want to make that so normal in your life that when you see the massive crime of human trafficking operation by the Biden administration, when you see the massive crime of Anthony Fauci covering up bioweapons research that he funded, you just think, oh, it's just normal.
This is just the planet, just a crime ridden planet, crime world.
It's not clown world.
It's crime world.
And they just want you to think that that's normal.
No, it's not normal.
We can live in a civilization that's not overwhelmed with crime.
San Francisco police mark 567% increase in anti-Asian hate crime reports in 2021.
Now, you have to ask yourself,
What has caused this, such a dramatic increase in anti-Asian hate crime?
Now, remember they first said that this was white supremacists doing anti-Asian hate attacks.
Except now you've had more than a dozen people, it's dozens now, of individuals have been arrested for the Asian hate crimes, and guess what?
Not a single one is white.
So why all of a sudden do you have a 567% increase in anti-Asian hate crime?
Is it the tail wagging the dog?
Where the media says, look, Asians are discriminated against and it's white people doing it, so non-whites just go out and start doing it under the guise that the media is going to say that it's whites doing it?
Did the media foment this?
By putting the narrative out there, is it just because people are reporting it as anti-Asian hate crime where they weren't before?
I mean, something is going on here with a 567% increase in the crime, and the reason they gave us white supremacy is obviously a lie.
So what's actually causing this?
Or is this just more of a side effect, just another statistic in the Democrat crime spree that's taking over this country?
Hospitals aren't even safe.
No, I'm not talking about how they're killing people.
Gunman opens fire in waiting room of Bronx Hospital.
Man steals huge 70-inch TV from Seattle store released without bail.
I mean, folks, remember the video we played yesterday where Michael Rappaport is stunned?
He's like, I just watched this guy fill three bags of stolen goods and now he's just walking out of the store like, no big deal, right in front of security.
Yeah, that's a Democrat-run city with Democrat judges and Democrat politicians and Democrat voters.
So it's so ridiculous.
This individual who has 33, 33 crimes in the last couple of years, 33 times, I believe it was,
And it's so ridiculous now, he loads up a 70-inch flat screen TV onto a cart and just walks out of the store with it.
I mean, that is ridiculous!
Oh, I'm gonna take three backpacks into my local Rite Aid and I'm gonna walk out with all of the stolen goods and no one will do anything.
Oh, I'm gonna take a 70-inch screen TV and I'm gonna walk out and nobody's gonna do anything.
That's how out of control it is.
By the way, this individual not only has a long criminal history, with 33 cases, he's also tried to or attempted to steal from that same target 22 times in the last three months.
Now look, I am against non-violent criminals being in jail, let me be clear.
I do not believe non-violent criminals belong in jail, but I mean, this is just ridiculous.
We've got political prisoners being tortured in jail cells when real criminals roam the streets.
Crime, homelessness, high taxes, why Hollywood elites are leaving LA.
And then voting Democrat in the cities they leave.
Biden's DOJ says arsonist who killed someone during BLM riots should get lesser sentence because he was protesting.
There you go.
A BLM murderer.
Caught up in the riots of the Democrats from 2020, kill somebody, and the DOJ is saying he shouldn't even be punished.
He only burned down a pawn shop and somebody died inside of it.
That's not his fault.
He's a peaceful protester.
But that, that grandma that walked through the Capitol with American flag, I don't ever want her to see the light of day again!
Well, here we are in the year 2022, and InfoWars is now more important than it's ever been.
We are truly in the zeitgeist.
I want to thank you all for keeping us on the air, and I want to encourage you to take advantage of a true win-win situation, or a 360 win, as I've called it, at InfoWarsTour.com.
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Justine Brooke Murray was asking DC liberals how they feel about vaccines and she caught a wild one.
One of the goofiest
Leftist liberal Democrats you're ever going to see in this video talking about how he'd take as many vaccines as he's told to.
Look at this wild one in clip 9.
If I have to get one every year or once every six months and so I do not run the risk of suffocating to death as 860,000 plus people have in this country, I'll do it.
As much as it takes, I guess.
I feel like there's gonna be more and more throughout time and I guess if that's what's needed, I'll do it.
What if the CDC upped that number to five booster shots or more than that?
I'd do it, because again, why would I want to suffocate to death?
Do you agree with vaccine cards?
I agree with all that, yes, because... My feeling about that is other people's rights and privileges and their liberties and where my health and safety begin.
What are you, morons?
I mean, folks, where... These people... How do they even exist?
This guy's wearing a mask, talking about how he doesn't want to be suffocated.
I mean, he falls for any propaganda he's ever seen, and he's sitting there, like, bobbing in place?
These people have been broke, man.
The propaganda, the leftist, communist propaganda has truly broken these people.
It's really sad.
It is really sad.
Here's another example.
This happened at a Holy Chow in New York, where some non-vaxxed tried to get food, and then this happened.
I'm not trying to argue with you right now.
I just need you to understand that you have a mandate in the county.
A mandate is not a law.
What's the difference between a mandate and a law?
But you still have a mandate in the county, which means that we are not allowed to argue with you if you're not in the Supreme Court.
It's a law.
It's not a law.
Degregation was legal.
Jim Crow law was legal.
It's not a law.
The Holocaust was legal.
It sure was.
Why do you guys take a stand?
I don't understand that.
I'm annoyed.
I'm irritated.
Look, I'm not refusing your service.
Okay, but you're texting me on the phone like I'm not human.
I know I had to eat in your car.
I know, you can place the order already, but then you have to go to the store.
What's the difference?
We're already inside.
We already infected everyone.
The difference is that the longer you're in the store, the faster you're infecting people.
So, please, if you could just leave the store.
If you could just leave the store.
You're wearing a dirty mask, synthetic fibers on your face?
Oh, no.
No, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Holy cow.
Holy cow.
We're in the middle of a restaurant here in New York.
You're in the middle of a restaurant here in New York.
You're in the middle of a restaurant here in New York.
You're in the middle of a restaurant here in New York.
You're in the middle of a restaurant here in New York.
You're in the middle of a restaurant here in New York.
You're in the middle of a restaurant here in New York.
You're in the middle of a restaurant here in New York.
You're in the middle of a restaurant here in New York.
You're in the middle of a restaurant here in New York.
You're in the middle of a restaurant here in New York.
You're in the middle of a restaurant here in New York.
You're in the middle of a restaurant here in New York.
You're in the middle of a restaurant here in New York.
You're in the middle of a restaurant here in New York.
You're in the middle of a restaurant here in New York.
You're in the middle of a restaurant here in New York.
I'm going to say what I want to say.
You could have serviced us because your colleague gave us the menu, right?
She didn't say to go outside in the cold.
You have the menu so that you can order from outside.
I'm not going to give you my money if you're telling me to go outside.
It's inhumane.
It's inhumane.
Listen, when you go sleep at night, okay, I hope you guys think about the Holocaust, slavery, all of that stuff was legal.
A mandate is not a law.
You need to stand up for what's right.
No, no, no.
You need to know that because I lost my job because I didn't comply with mandates.
Okay, okay, I hope you think about it, because you're going to continue to escalate, and then they're going to come for you.
What are you going to do?
What are you going to do?
What are you going to do when they start coming at you?
I'm sorry.
What are you going to do when they start coming at you?
You should be ashamed of yourself.
This is a Jewish establishment.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
Yeah, the Holocaust.
Yeah, a kosher.
This is not kosher.
This place is not kosher.
You might as well eat bacon.
You might as well eat some bacon and cheeseburger.
This is not a kosher place.
Not a kosher place.
Not a kosher place.
Bye, Josh.
Thank you.
Have a good night.
Just look at what they've done to us.
It just breaks my heart.
None of this, none of this is necessary.
None of this has to be happening.
It's just, it's just devastating that we're, oh man.
And we know who did it, and we know why they did it, and we know how they did it.
And you look at all the victims of it, you look at how we're being divided, look at how these people are being conquered by lies, and then they want all their big corporations to take over everything so that everyone works for the big corporations, there will be no dissidents, there'll be no resistance, it'll all be controlled, any dissident or resistance will be arrested, everybody will work for the big corporations that own the planet, vaccines every day, masks every day.
And then the hatred of anybody that doesn't willingly obey like a good slave.
It's just so evil that we're experiencing this.
It's just so evil.
The Democrats seem to be upset if a Russian dare cross a border like Ukraine, but what about when they cross the U.S.
border illegally at the southern border?
Then they love them.
Yes, many Russians have been apprehended illegally crossing the southern border, and is that Russian invasion?
Do we need to stop that?
Is that a problem?
Do we need to go to war at the southern border?
Or is it just in Ukraine for whatever reason?
Don't worry about trying to make sense of these things.
They only just affect the entire planet and the future of the country.
We should let criminal, psychotic, old perverts like Joe Biden just destroy America, I think.
That's loving.
That's liberal.
Let's just, let's just flashback for a second.
You know what?
Just, just guys, let's just flashback to remember what a lying fraud Joe Biden is.
Honestly, this guy's been caught in so many lies, it's ridiculous.
He lies about his entire life.
He lies about life experiences.
He lies about basic policy.
He lies about economy news.
I mean, he just, the guy honestly lies more than he tells the truth.
Here's an old flashback.
When Biden was running for president and he got caught in a massive lie and the media back then, which was more honest, said, look, a lie like this he'll never recover from.
Yet here we are.
Here's the flashback in clip eight.
Biden may have more explaining to do.
The new questions stem from taped remarks of Biden during an April campaign appearance in New Hampshire.
I went to law school on a full academic scholarship, the only one in my class to have a full academic scholarship.
Went back to law school and in fact ended up in the top half of my class.
I was the outstanding student in the political science department at the end of my year.
I graduated with three degrees from undergraduate school and 165 credits, only needed 123 credits.
Biden now concedes he did not graduate in the top half of his law school class, that he does not have three degrees from college, and that he was not named outstanding political science student in college.
Newsweek says Biden actually went to school on a half scholarship, ended up near the bottom of his class, and won only one degree, not three.
Joe Biden ranked 76th in a class of 85 at the University of Syracuse Law School.
I mean, this guy comes off this whole thing as a flyweight.
Now Biden says Newsweek is right.
His memory had failed him.
And I'd be delighted to sit down and compare my IQ to yours if you'd like, frankly.
Joe Biden was victimized by the truth.
Bye-bye Biden.
He may not know it yet, but I think this is going to be very difficult for him to recover.
Is Joe Biden dead meat?
Yes or no?
I think so.
Terminal condition.
Hell it all.
Yes, unless he comes in third in Iowa.
I say dead.
How is it that this man, who's been a known liar, a known pathological serial liar for four decades, is perched on top of America right now?
It just shows how corrupt the world has become.
And it's sad.
It really is sad.
But this is where we're at, folks.
And Biden's just gonna go full racist.
Says, I'll only appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court, so it doesn't matter who or why or where, just as long as it's a black woman.
And they've released their list of potential candidates.
And it's all just dyed-in-the-wool radical leftists.
Federal agents.
Man, oh man, it's like it's just this country is in big, big trouble, but then also there's the glimmering light of hope of the Great Awakening that's happening.
Now, President Biden is set to meet with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on February 7th.
So that's just two weeks from now.
And they're going to be discussing how Biden is going to invade
Or excuse me, um, send troops to Ukraine.
So I mean, I, you know, cause I sit back and I'm like, there's no way they're actually going to do it.
Nobody wants this.
It'll look horrible on the world stage.
It'll, it'll, sadly, it'll show how, how weak America is under Biden.
They're not actually going to pull this off.
Like it's not going to, and then you just see just every day, new developments, like, wow, they, they really want to, to go invade Ukraine.
Biden really wants to invade Ukraine.
Biden really wants to invade Eastern Europe and the Baltic area.
He really wants to send an invasion force there.
It's just unbelievable.
It's just, I can't believe they're going to do it.
But I guess I should be glad.
I mean, I guess I should be glad.
That's my attitude.
Hey, keep mandating, keep invading, keep the military-industrial complex going, keep the medical-industrial complex going, keep enriching yourselves, keep lying to the American people, keep forcing people to take experimental vaccines and shut off their breathing holes.
Just keep showing the world how corrupt you are.
Maybe that's the only hope we have to get rid of you.
Pelosi has announced she's gonna run for re-election.
And so, we'll play the video that she released.
This is her announcement running for re-election.
We did a little editing to make it a little more accurate, but just look at this doddering old wench announcing her re-election as the city that she's from, San Francisco, burns in the background.
Hello, it's Nancy.
Thank you for the opportunity to share some thoughts with you, our VIPs, our volunteers in politics, in our ongoing engagement for the people.
Thank you for being a constant source of new, fresh ideas and political activism to help Democrats deliver.
And to defend democracy.
Thank you for giving me the privilege to represent our city and our San Francisco values in the Congress.
Human rights, reproductive justice, LGBTQ equality, respect for immigrants, and care for each other.
When people ask me what are the three most important issues facing the Congress, I always say the same thing.
Our children, our children, our children.
Their health, their education, the housing and economic security of their families, a clean, safe environment in which they can thrive, and a world at peace and where they are all welcome and in which they can reach their fulfillment.
That is my why.
Why I am in Congress.
For the children.
This is my story, and this is my song.
As you hear me say, when you're in the arena, you have to be able to take a punch, or throw a punch, for the children.
In terms of health, my first words on the floor of the House were to fight against HIV-AIDS, to fight the disease and discrimination.
Working together, we passed the Affordable Care Act, strengthened Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, lower prescription drug prices, and now are fighting COVID with equity.
In San Francisco, the climate is not an issue, it is an ethic.
Education, the economy, and the environment are all part of how we address the climate crisis.
Creating good paying green union jobs, affordable housing, clean energy, infrastructure, transportation justice, and education.
Educating the next generation to succeed in safe schools with 21st century skills.
Our safe communities require gun violence prevention, addressing the root causes of crime, and supporting law enforcement with justice in policing.
Our vision for a world at peace requires a strong democracy at home as an example to the world.
We are grateful to our men and women in uniform, veterans and military families, and honor their sacrifice with our insistence on securing voting rights, an end to big, dark money and politics, and amplifying the voice of the grassroots.
Well, we've made progress.
Much more needs to be done to improve people's lives.
Our democracy is at risk because of the assault on the truth, the assault on the U.S.
Capitol, and the state-by-state assault on voting rights.
This election is crucial.
Nothing less is at stake than our democracy.
But as we say, we don't agonize, we organize.
And that is why I am running for re-election to Congress and respectfully seek your support.
I would be greatly honored by it and grateful for it.
Thank you so much.
What a disingenuous lying witch.
And I'm being kind.
Now I'm sorry for torturing you like that.
You didn't deserve that.
And I apologize.
But you know what?
Face the evil that this nation is enduring.
Face the lying, corrupt, sickening creeps that we are dealing with in this country.
How did that video make you feel?
How did listening to that liar make you feel?
Well, it's being reported that severe weather may be hindering the current Freedom Convoy of truckers in Canada standing against the vaccine tyranny.
We'll continue with updates on this.
The situation is developing.
Justin Trudeau has gone into hiding because he's so embarrassed at his lack of popularity and support for his medical fascism.
You know, I gotta say this, though.
I'm not trying to deter anything positive here, but let's just be real.
Let's not forget what happened on January 6th, and let's not let this Canadian Freedom Convoy turn into that.
Now hopefully those Canadians will learn from our mistakes on January 6th and not being ready for a setup and not being ready for provocateurs.
Hopefully they will be ready to stop any behavior like that.
But it's something that I hope they're very aware of, how this is the exact same type of energy and momentum that was positive and good
So, good on the brave Canadians.
Again, I'm not trying to hinder anything.
I think it's great what you guys are doing.
It's all peaceful.
It's all legal.
It's all lawful.
It's all for freedom.
You're out there in the freezing cold, too, but just learn from our mistakes on January 6th and make sure that your great event and your great movement does not get derailed and scuttled and ruined and then twisted and contorted against you by provocateurs who want to do just that.
So, having said that, I'm very honored.
I'm doing a switcheroo with Harrison Smith tomorrow.
Been kind of all over the board this week here, hosting the Alex Jones Show, hosting the War Room.
And then tomorrow is the annual Truckers Call-In Show on the American Journal.
Every weekday, hosted by Harrison Smith, 8 a.m.
to 11 a.m.
I'm going to be switching with Harrison tomorrow.
This is something we had worked out previously, because I had some prior commitments.
That I had to be to So we so we're flipping duty tomorrow, and I am very honored to be hosting the truckers call-in show Tomorrow morning on the American Journal 8 a.m.
To 11 a.m.
Central Time you can tune into the live stream at band dot video on the American Journal channel you can share that link and
Futurenews.news is the new URL to share that's not banned by big tech.
If you want to share that with your trucker friends, let them know where to tune in.
It's the Truckers Call-In Show tomorrow morning on the American Journal, hosted by me.
So very excited to be doing that.
Harrison Smith will be hosting the War Room for me tomorrow.
And this was something, like I said, we just had worked out because I had somewhere to be over the weekend.
But really looking forward to doing that.
I think it's going to be a very important Truckers Call-In Show for obvious reasons tomorrow.
And remember...
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That is the formula for victory here, all of us together.
Alright, now.
I guess Trump has pretty much announced he's going to be running for president.
I mean, I guess it's hard to tell if he's being serious.
I can't even imagine this guy.
First of all, he's out on the golf course almost every day.
Who isn't jealous?
Out there at Mar-a-Lago in the beautiful weather.
So here's Donald Trump trying to play a round of golf and it's like, you know, the guy can't even play a round of golf without the people
First on T.
Forty-fifth President of the United States.
Forty-fifth and forty-seven.
I love that.
Mr. Trump.
Ladies and gentlemen.
And then he's about to lace one down the middle, too.
The only uglier golf swing I've ever seen is Charles Barkley's.
I think it's pretty boring to be middle all the time.
But apparently Trump hits it right down the middle every time, so good for him.
Getting out there playing golf.
Pretty jealous.
But is that an official announcement?
Well, obviously not.
Is that a joke?
Was he joking?
Is he planning on running?
Well, people are going to be talking about it.
But there you go, Trump enjoying a round of golf with the gallery there, cheering him on.
Can't even play a round of golf in private.
That's the life of Donald Trump at this point.
Meanwhile, the criminals that tried to frame Donald Trump were learning more about their activity.
John Durham says Department of Justice watchdogs slow to hand over info on Alpha Bank investigation.
So, Durham's getting all this stuff and now I think we're starting to have a better idea of why it's taken him so long to reach this point in his investigation because they haven't been cooperating!
And so he's about to conclude one part of his investigation involving Michael Horowitz, or with Michael Horowitz, but involving Sussman and other Clinton lawyers, and they're about to move on to the next part and they say, oh wait a second, in the Justice Department,
They say, oh, oh, wait a second.
We do have more bank records for you here.
We do have more text messages for you here.
They could have turned them over years ago.
They never did.
And now all of a sudden they're turning them over.
And so people are asking, what did Hillary Clinton know?
And when did she know it?
The Russia gate evidence builds.
We know Obama illegally spied on Donald Trump.
And we know that they used opposition research paid for by Hillary Clinton as the premise to do so.
Now people are asking the same question that I actually asked.
I don't remember when, but were the stories that they were alleging about Donald Trump actually about the Bidens?
You know, getting peed on by hookers in Russian hotels.
Who does that actually sound like?
Hunter Biden?
And in fact, it was the New York Times in 2015, when Biden was thinking about entering the race for president, who wouldn't want Biden to enter that race?
Well, Hillary Clinton.
Well, what would they do if they didn't want Biden to enter the race?
They'd say, we have compromising
News on Hunter Biden that you don't want to get out and the New York Times even reported on it in 2015.
Did they just literally replace the name Hunter Biden with Donald Trump and use it against Trump?
I wouldn't put it past him.
It's just incredible how much news there is to cover these days and we do our best to cover it every day here at InfoWars.
That we're still on air thanks to your support at InfoWarsStore.com.
I got
Some other news on my desk, I'm going to try to clear it all off before Kate Daly takes over in the fourth hour.
And then, the plan is, we're going to have Christy Lee hosting the War Room today.
She's got a lot of great guests coming on, but Alex Jones is roaming the studios like a wild buffalo, so he may pop in at any moment too, with his take on the latest developments.
Now, look at, this is an interesting thing that my crew brought to me.
What would they do to get rid of all these truckers in Canada that are standing up against the medical fascism?
New rule for trucking industry allows 18-year-old drivers.
Facing a shortage of truck drivers, pilot program turns to teenagers.
And so, is that what they're going to do now?
And of course we could all see the disaster that that might be, but hey, it's better to let some big rigs get driven by teenagers with no experience as everything hangs in the balance.
I mean, that's better than experienced truckers that believe in freedom driving around.
I mean, who wants that?
Am I right?
I'm a liberal Democrat!
And now, this was their mistake, was going to GoFundMe in the first place, but
GoFundMe withholding $4.7 million from Trucker Convoy until plan presented.
Look, guys who's ever running this, forget about GoFundMe.
Remove yourself from there immediately.
Transfer your entire fundraising operation over to GiveSendGo.
You're not going to have these problems.
You should have never worked with GoFundMe to begin with, and them telling you they're just waiting to present a plan until the fund's released, that's not gonna happen.
Even if you give them the plan and it's perfectly legal and lawful, it won't matter, they're still gonna ban you.
Let's be serious.
So, I would, if I were them, and if this message gets to them, shut down the GoFundMe and immediately start directing everything to give, send, go.
I know you're like, but what about the 4.7 million?
You're not gonna get it.
GoFundMe's not going to give it to you.
So understand, it's like, well, why would I want it?
We've got $4.7 million here.
Let's make this work.
Move it over to GiveSendGo.
The sooner you do it, the better off you'll be.
They're not going to let you see that money anyway.
There's way too many examples.
Justin Trudeau slams anti-vaccine mandate truckers for having unacceptable views.
Don't you know?
He tells you what to think and how to feel.
He's your God.
And he's in hiding right now because he's scared.
Because he's unpopular.
And his mandates are destroying Canada.
So he's in hiding.
You know, this is actually a very big and interesting story in the New York Times from yesterday.
Cawthorn Challenge raises the question, who is an insurrectionist?
Now, I could go into, uh, here's, there's two takeaways from this.
They, first of all, in the New York Times, they make a list.
That's what communists do.
That's what authoritarians do.
They make a list.
And so they're basically saying that all these people are insinuating that all these people are potential insurrectionists.
House Republicans, Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Kevin McCarthy, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Pence, Mark Meadows, Scott Perry, Jim Jordan, Fox News anchors, big tech firms, far-right figures, Roger Stone, Alex Jones, Infowars, Steve Bannon, Mike Flynn, Phil Wadron, Jeffrey Clark, John Eastman.
Now see, here's the problem.
Everyone on this list should band together immediately and have a press conference or a roundtable denouncing the lies being told by the New York Times.
But getting conservatives and Republicans together is like herding cats and there's always infighting and all this stuff, so it's never going to happen.
Not to mention that people are just too busy working
Democrat liberals don't get that concept, but that's the problem is we're busy working.
So, that's one takeaway.
They're making their list and they're just saying, oh, all these people are insurrections.
I mean, we should be able to sue these people for libel.
There was no insurrection and they know it.
But so, here's what they're trying to do now.
And the reason why they're using Madison Cawthorn as the example because, and this is not a shot at Madison Cawthorn, that's just kind of the light, first level kind of punching bag, let's see if we can get Cawthorn on this precedent and then go to the next.
They really just want Donald Trump and then everybody up the ladder to get to Donald Trump.
But they list in this thing.
They want to imprison us.
But here's what they're trying to say.
That's their final goal.
They're trying to say that because of a law that was written over a century ago, after the Civil War, when Confederates wanted to go back to their post in Congress, there were laws written basically saying if you were involved in specific acts of violence or specific
You know, things like insurrection against the Republic or the Union that you couldn't be allowed back into Congress.
So it was specifically post-Civil War to keep these Confederates from coming back into Congress and, you know, voting whatever they wanted to back into existence, like slavery or something.
Now you could argue whether you agree with that now or not but the point is that's the precedent that they're trying to claim here in the New York Times that they have Madison Cawthorn on so he can't run again.
So they're saying because Madison Cawthorn questioned an election
He's not allowed to run again, and that's what their connection here is.
They're not even claiming violence, but they're saying if you questioned an election, and that led to violence, that therefore you're basically a violent insurrectionist.
That's the leap, that's the conclusion that they're making here, and they're using Madison Cawthorn as the example, but ultimately they want to go after everyone else on this list because they don't want people running for office against them, folks.
That's what this is them trying to literally, it's not only that they want to imprison all of their opposition, they want to make them illegal to even run for office.
That's how serious and hardcore these radical left-wing communist Democrats are, ladies and gentlemen.
But now here's the kicker.
The same set of standards that they want to apply to Madison Cawthorn or Donald Trump or anybody else could very easily be applied to, if not even more easily be applied to, Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters, all the members of the media that fomented violence in the year 2020 with all the Democrat riots?
All of you can be connected to that.
We could even go back to Ferguson.
Any Democrat who claimed hands up, don't shoot happened with Mike Brown, you should no longer be allowed to run for Congress.
According to the New York Times and the current Democrat agenda.
Because hands up, don't shoot never happened.
And it caused
Severe damage to a community in Ferguson Missouri over the span of months of months this was going on.
What about Kamala Harris sharing the bail efforts for violent criminals in the year 2020?
So you see how easily their standards could be applied to them even easier than they could be applied to their opposition but yet they'll never let that happen because it's
A double standard.
It's one set of rules for them, a complete different set of rules for you.
Nancy Pelosi gets to go get her hair done during the pandemic, not you.
Lori Lightfoot gets to have her hair done during the pandemic, not you.
Gavin Newsom gets to have big parties mask-free at restaurants during the pandemic, not you.
Barack Obama gets to have a massive blowout party without mandates and masks, not you.
So the Democrats get to be violent and riot and lie all day long, but when they tell the truth, or when, excuse me, they don't...
When you tell the truth, they say you're lying and they want you barred from running for Congress.
So you see how that works?
So keep your eye on it.
I think that this is just the New York Times kind of throwing out the next Democrat move for their readers to kind of chew on to see how it takes.
But believe me, they're going to do it.
They're gonna try to make these moves, and they're gonna try to say that Republicans can't even be eligible to run for Congress, and anybody who questioned election can never run for Congress.
Oh, wait!
So all the people that said that Al Gore won, or that Hillary Clinton won, can they never run for office either?
Oh, they're Democrats, so that's fine.
Well, I about fell out of my chair laughing when I saw this meme for the first time.
Joe Rogan attempting to interview Neil Young.
But hold on a second, guys.
No, wait.
Hold on.
No, no, no, no.
Put it back on the screen because... Hold on.
Just let's really soak it in here.
But hold on, guys.
I think we got another angle of it, too.
Let's check it out.
Let's check the other angle here.
I think we got another angle.
There it is.
Oh man, it's just, you know, I don't even know if Neil Young knows what's going on, if he even knows who Joe Rogan is or who he is, but boy oh boy, somebody either really sabotaged Neil Young's reputation in his twilight years, or he made a complete fool of himself in the process.
But I had to share that with you.
That just, oh man, I was dying last night when I saw this.
And then how about Supreme Court Justice Aaron Rodgers, guys?
Can we get Supreme Court Justice Aaron Rodgers on the screen too?
If possible, if we don't have it handy, I got it on the desk there if you want to doc cam it.
Ah, yes, Supreme Court Aaron, Supreme Court Justice Aaron Rodgers has my vote.
Aaron, Aaron, look, you were a great NFL quarterback.
But I think it's time for you to come out as a black woman and get nominated to the Supreme Court of the United States.
Aaron, it is your, it is your destiny.
The great Aaron Rodgers Supreme Court Justice meme.
We can dream.
We can dream.
All right.
Let's do a News Blitz here, final segment for me, Kate Daly taking over for the fourth hour.
And then just again to remind you, Christy Lee hosting the War Room today.
She's got a lot of great guests coming up.
Alex Jones is in the house as well.
I know that he's probably going to be chomping at the bit to go on the War Room today.
He may pop in in the fourth hour here too, not sure.
But I know he's in house, so you never know when he may pop in.
Let's go here on the News Blitz.
Representative Tenney, that's Claudia Tenney from New York, calls for Biden's impeachment after covert migrant flights revealed.
Now again, it's, it's... I don't really know how to put this because it's not a credit thing.
It's not a I told you so thing.
It's, it's just like to say that the Biden
Covert migrant flights have just been revealed.
We've known this for a year!
And so it's just, it's just moron level stuff to say, oh my gosh, it's just revealed.
And I'm not trying to be mean to Claudia Tenney or Nicole Milonakis, who are calling for Biden to be impeached.
I'm cheering them on.
I'm saying, thank God, great for them.
I love them.
I'm just saying, it's this weird thing where like,
I don't even know how to explain it.
This has been going on for over a year.
As soon as Biden got into office, they started running their illegal immigration pipeline.
I mean, it was day one.
And we were out there a year ago, for months, covering it.
We had the footage of the planes.
We had the footage from in the airports.
We had the...
The whistleblower testimony's on air!
I mean, we had the insider reports from the bases!
We went to the bases!
We got kicked off!
We got the footage from inside the ca- I mean, literally, like, all of it!
And then they say, oh my gosh, it's just been revealed, like, oh, InfoWars doesn't exist.
Oh, but when Fox News does it, it does exist.
Oh, when InfoWars does it, it's not real.
But when Fox does it a year later, it is real.
And again, cause I'm not trying to sound bitter.
It's not about bitterness.
It's just like, it's about victory!
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to yell at you.
It's just, it's just so frustrating because it's just like, what are you doing?
We've known this was going on for a year.
And again, I'm not mad at Fox News.
I got Fox News at the house.
I like monitoring Fox News, and they do a good job.
There's some good reporters over there.
I think they're getting better with time.
But it's like, oh, InfoWars doesn't... InfoWars reports it so it doesn't exist, but Fox News reports it so it does exist.
That's just moron-level behavior, is what I'm saying.
I want us to start being smarter.
I want us to start being smarter so that we can have victories and I want to start acting sooner so that we can have victories and the gravity and the momentum can be used and clutched at the opportune time to have a victory instead of after years of this going on.
But yeah, Biden should be impeached.
For the Afghan withdrawal, for the illegal immigration pipeline.
I mean, the list just goes on.
His illegal payments from China and Russia and Kazakhstan and Ukraine.
I mean, you could just... But let's move on.
Tennessee representative files bill to relocate illegal immigrants in Tennessee to home states of Biden, Harris and Pelosi and Schumer because here's what they're doing.
They're taking the illegal immigrants
And they're keeping them in Texas, they're keeping them in Tennessee, they're putting them in all the red states, hoping to get amnesty and turning them into voter blocks so that you'll have no more red states.
They're literally just immigrating voter blocks into red states so that the Democrats, the Communists, can conquer this country.
Really sick stuff, but that's our satanic government.
The Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot looks an awful lot like entrapment.
That is from Reason.com yesterday.
And it just highlights again what we already know, but it's just getting more press, more coverage now as the case is ongoing and the FBI is trying to cover it up.
But yeah, the FBI ran an operation to kidnap the governor of Michigan, and then they framed other people for their own operation.
And of course, reasonable people are saying, is that exactly the same thing you did on January 6th?
Most likely.
So is it entrapment then?
Of course!
But that's why this case is so important, for the Feds to cover this up and the Democrats to get this out of court, so that
We can't have a precedent here saying if the feds are involved actively, knowingly, either supporting violence or encouraging violence or setting up violence or illegal activities, then can anybody else that they set up and framed be held responsible in a court of law?
Or is that entrapment?
Well, that's obviously entrapment, but they have to have this case removed so it doesn't set precedent for January 6th.
And so that's kind of the ongoing legal situation there.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's stock trades attract growing following online.
Yeah, wouldn't we all like to trade stock like Nancy Pelosi?
We'd all like to dunk like Michael Jordan.
We'd all like to hit home runs like Mark McGuire.
We'd all like to score goals like Wayne Gretzky.
And we'd all like to trade stocks like Nancy Pelosi.
How does she do it?
How does Nancy Pelosi make her millions?
Yeah, Nancy, why don't you share the wealth?
Why don't you tell us?
Wouldn't you like to know Nancy Pelosi's next big moves and trades?
You'd be as rich as she would.
Another House Democrat announces retirement.
Democrat Representative Jim Cooper will be leaving Congress after 32 years in office.
By the way, guys, if you can't find it, I'm not mad, but the Democrats just released some presser.
And they want to have emergency meetings because they realize they are in big trouble for the midterms.
They're not going to be able to get away with cheating.
People are well aware of the big cheating that goes on in elections more than ever before, so that's going to be difficult to pull off.
They'll still attempt it in the cities that they've run that are so corrupt, like Detroit and Atlanta and everything else.
They can only do so much in those regions.
But the Democrats put out an emergency memo.
Basically, they're calling like all Democrat think tanks, all Democrat thinking heads, bring them all to the table.
What are we going to do?
We've got like 30 incumbents that are retiring in the midterms.
Biden is a complete disaster.
How are we going to salvage the midterm elections?
What are we going to do?
So that's going on.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle,
There it is, guys.
Great job.
Democrats in hypersonic panic over the midterms and 2024.
And I don't know if the Ingram angle is talking about the same document that I saw, but it's the same story anyway.
Now here's an interesting thing on the other side of the aisle.
Robbie Starbuck has been a great American truth-teller patriot for a long time.
He's running
In Tennessee's 5th District.
And then all of a sudden, an anti-Trump, pro-Biden Republican that you see everywhere on the mainstream news, Morgan Ortegas, announces she's running for the 5th Congressional District in Tennessee, and then gets Trump's endorsement!
You know, the more I see from this Republican Party, the more I realize that they're just as corrupt, and they're actually working with the Democrats, and Rahim Khassan actually has the receipts of who the real Ortegas is,
Leaked email shows Trump-backed Tennessee congressional hopeful Morgan Ortegas pledging to faithfully serve the Biden administration.
So, is this how diabolical the Republicans are?
They take an awesome candidate in Robbie Starbuck and sabotage his campaign before it's even off the ground with Morgan Ortegas, who looks to be a Democrat plant?
And I don't think this is the only example, folks.
Alright, this is my final segment on the Alex Jones Show today.
Kate Daly about to take over.
Again, a reminder though, tomorrow morning, I'll be hosting the American Journal.
Trucker Call-In Show.
This is definitely going to be a can't-miss transmission tomorrow morning.
I'm very happy to be a part of it with everything that's developing.
Harrison and I planned this switch a while ago, as I had some other commitments this weekend.
I couldn't be there for the war room, so I'm very honored and humbled to be hosting tomorrow's Truckers Call-In Show.
That's 8 to 11 a.m.
Central Time.
On the American Journal channel at band.video you can share the links using the futurenews.news URL and that live stream will be taking place tomorrow morning.
Looking forward to hearing from the truckers and your take on everything that's going on, the Freedom Convoy, the mandates here in America.
Really looking forward to that.
And also, this is your last final reminder from me today, that government is satanic.
Now, let's just clear the rest of this news off my desk.
Not much here.
We were able to get through most of it.
Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers drops 88 bills.
We are going back to in-person, one-day, one-vote, no machines, and paper ballots with watermarks.
This is the way.
And you know, I don't want to get in politics at all, but you know, if I had to do it,
I'd want to be like a mediator.
I'd want to bring people together because I'm really in touch with a lot of people and I know of all the infighting that goes on and I just don't talk about it.
I don't want to be a part of it.
But it's like you've got people that are running similar campaigns but aren't collaborating with one another when we have the same goals.
I just don't get it, guys.
But aside from that, this is the way.
I would say that there are ways that we could actually compromise with Democrats.
Because here's the thing, why do Democrats want the two-week voting window?
Because they want to be able to bus as many people to and from the polls in two weeks as they can.
Obviously you can do a lot more busing people to polls in two weeks than in two days.
But I'd be willing to compromise on some level with the Democrats, but there has to be things that Republicans must demand.
Voter ID, one person, one vote, and paper ballots, no more machines.
No more machine voting.
Now, we could maybe even be willing to compromise with, you could use a machine to scan the votes if you wanted to make the process quicker, but it'd have to be real
Just basic technology, not even an internet thing, but like an old Scantron machine where you just plug in your ballot or whatever into the Scantron and it just is a machine that reads it.
It's not on the internet, it doesn't have any algorithms or anything, it just takes an image, reads it, and puts out a result.
I mean, maybe you could make that compromise to kind of speed up the process.
And if you say, hey, one day to vote, it'll take forever to vote, it'll be a torturous thing.
Okay, fine.
Well, if you want to do multi-day voting or early voting, well then let's make laws where you can't bus people to polls.
That's illegal.
You cannot bus anybody to polls.
We have to stop all the money from going in to get the vote out that's all the Democrat billions that they pour into Democrat cities every year.
So there's certain compromises, I think, that could be made.
The problem is Democrats don't actually want voter integrity.
They want to make it easy to cheat.
And so that's why it's hard to compromise with these people.
But this is the way.
Paper ballots.
Eliminate the machines.
One person, one vote.
It's pretty simple, folks.
Pretty simple.
Caught on video.
California Republican Party endorses Democrats and a sheriff who will kick ICE out.
Jessica Patterson, the chairwoman of the California Democrat Party.
Sounds like a liberal Democrat to me.
Biden administration cancels two Minnesota mining leases granted under Trump.
But he wants you to have jobs!
He wants the economy back!
He's looking for the little guy as he squashes the American economy.
Mysterious particle from time of universe's birth finally identified at Large Hadron Collider.
Boy, what are they doing at the Large Hadron Collider?
Are they opening up portals?
Are they going back in time?
I don't know.
It's wacky, wild stuff out there, though, folks.
And, you know, I actually disagree with Ron DeSantis for once.
DeSantis says it's not okay to hate whites.
Actually, it's okay to hate people.
That's legal.
But, uh, it's the Democrats that are hateful ones.
Well, I'm very excited for several reasons that two of our very popular products are back in stock.
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So it's a 360 win.
Get something essential for your body and your health and your longevity and your immune system while funding the info war.
I am Kate Dally, your guest host.
So glad to be here today because I have such a special author for you, somebody that you really need to hear from.
In fact, out of my 10-year career in radio, can I just say that this is probably in my top five all time over the course of 10 years, the top five
Best, most intriguing books I've ever read.
Talk about putting the pieces together finally and some of the unanswered pieces from something that happened in history that I think has over the years woken a lot of people up to what our government's really doing, what the CIA is really doing.
And so, I have a guest for you.
Christopher Fulton joins me.
The book is called The Inheritance, Poisoned Fruit from the JFK Assassination.
And it is, honestly, you can't put this down.
I can't say enough about this book.
If you haven't read it, you're really missing out because this puts in all the pieces.
I welcome you, Christopher Fulton.
How are you?
Kate, thanks for having me on.
Good seeing you again.
You too and I'm so happy to be able to be here with you today on Alex Jones Show because you have such an important message and what you went through in fact it all comes down to a key piece of evidence that Christopher had possession of and the CIA wanted very very badly enough to throw you into prison for how many years Chris?
The overall time frame would have been about just under a decade, nine years of this fight and being incarcerated.
It's amazing to me.
Can you please tell people a little bit about your story and about what led you to write The Inheritance?
I'm serious, this is one of the best books I've read in 10 years that's saying something.
This is exactly why I wanted Christopher Fulton on the show today.
Tell us a little bit about, kind of give us a rundown of what happened to you.
Well, I wrote the book, Kate, for the people of the United States and the world, not to leave this, the lies and deceit in which our government has been operating under for such a long time to my children and to the children for our future.
I didn't want to dishonor the people that had died, my close companions and friends and family that had been murdered, involved in trying to get information and the truth
Of what happened to President John F. Kennedy, to the American public and to the world.
And a lot of people were involved in this at the time that I was working on this through 95 up until 98.
And we thought we'd be successful, especially leaving it in the hands of JFK Jr.
to go ahead and proceed to run for the presidency.
John F. Kennedy Jr., I met with him in Florida, transferred evidence that Bobby Kennedy had held on to that was important evidence.
I transferred that to him for a million dollars.
The royal family of Great Britain had offered me six million dollars for it.
I turned that down because the information needed to be exposed.
And, uh, therefore, uh, again, there was a lot of people, uh, behind this effort, including, uh, Mr. Reagan and, uh, Alexander Leavitt was also, uh, helpful in the Kremlin itself.
I spent time over there and discussed this with him in the Kremlin.
Uh, also, uh, Mr. Trump at the time he were in New York, tried to give us a platform with CNN and others, uh, to open up this discussion.
Unfortunately at that time.
When John and JFK Jr.
had gotten on board, the intelligence community was given a green light by the White House, and the information that we had in our possession was declared a national security breach.
And therefore, I had to be attacked, I had to go to prison, I had to be indicted under sealed indictment, extradited, put through Con Air, flown all over the place on Con Air, then put into maximum security prisons,
Finally broken and debriefed and signed agreements with the Justice Department and the intelligence services that I had no right to be the one to make these decisions to disclose this to the American public.
All based on a piece of evidence, a couple of pieces of evidence that you had in your possession that came down to you from his secretary.
Do you want to talk about that?
Well, there was multiple pieces of evidence that had to do with the process of documenting the assassination and what actually took place.
One of those was a filing with the Attorney General of Texas that happened four days after the assassination.
There's not many people that are aware of this because it's been classified by the CIA since Johnson.
But it was filed out of the Pentagon.
Uh, and, uh, it was accepted and, uh, filed with the DOJ, uh, or the, not the DOJ, but the AG of Texas four days after the assassination, November 26, which, uh, asked for a provisional government of the United States at that time that Lyndon Johnson was complicit and that our president had been assassinated by members of our, uh, our government military.
Now, this was a important, uh,
Document that needed to be exposed and discussed with the American public, but it was the AG of Texas had brought into the White House with the head of the CIA and Lyndon Johnson.
As a matter of fact, it was done in the White House pool room.
Swimming area and at that time they discussed it and said no, we're not going to lose two presidents within a week of the United States wouldn't survive it.
So therefore they classified that that document and the American people never got to see it.
I was also in possession of the second autopsy, the one that they claimed was burned.
It was not burned.
This was signed over to Bobby Kennedy from Admiral Berkeley, who was the physician to President Kennedy, and basically gave a clearer picture of what happened to President Kennedy in Dallas.
It showed that President Kennedy was hit in the right temple by a military round, a frangible military round, that carried a mercury load.
Uh, it talked about the round itself.
It talked about other, uh, wounds, uh, and, uh, so forth.
And that, and that narrative had been changed by the third autopsy.
They had come up with a different story.
Of course, uh, Phil Spector or whoever the gentleman was, uh, involved in, in that, uh, lie.
Arlen Spector, I'm sorry.
Our inspector was cc'd on my case along with the Ted Kennedy and a lot of other individuals that were very concerned about what was going on in my prosecution and my debrief.
They all wanted to keep a lid on this and that's what to happen.
But of course, unfortunately, in all the effort I did to protect individuals and protect the information, John was murdered.
And so therefore, he never got to run for office.
He was John was going to be drafted by the DNC.
John was, uh, they weren't going to give him a senatorial record.
They realized that his numbers at polls were off the charts and he was going to go ahead directly to the White House.
They were going to draft him and give him no choice.
And, uh, there was a lot of, uh, money that was going to be distributed, CIA money and so forth.
It was going to be distributed to him for the re-infrastructure of the United States for his campaign.
And, uh, he was going to go straight ahead to head with, uh, with Mr. Bush.
So it's going to be read my lips versus ask not.
Who do you think would win?
So it was a situation where their back, their backup was against the wall.
They knew that their agendas would be stopped dead, that people would be held accountable.
And John was going to use evidence that I transferred to him either for be able to keep power and to put these people in their place.
Or he may have addressed it with the American people openly once he got into the White House.
But either way, they weren't going to let that happen.
And he was murdered, which gutted me.
I had worked so hard to try to get this information to the American public.
I had avoided being drafted into the White House under the Clintons and talking with them.
They had asked and requested that I speak to this about them.
I had avoided so many pitfalls and traps.
So that I could continue to operate and get this out in a genuine way with somebody that had the ability to do it.
Of course, when John came out, any words that he had spoken and said to the American public when he was ready would not have been fact-checked.
It would have come out and been immediately recognized as the truth.
And this is what made him so damn dangerous.
It made Princess Diana so damn dangerous.
And that's why they're not here.
That's why they're not here for the people of the United States and the world.
You're right.
And they had to take him out.
I can't imagine anybody not knowing that by this time.
With all of the assassinations that have taken place.
We're going to come right back with author Christopher Fulton.
The book, The Inheritance.
The poisoned fruit of the JFK assassination.
What an important book.
Puts so many pieces together.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host.
I will be right back with Christopher Fulton talking about a key piece of evidence.
Hi everybody, I'm Kate Dally, your guest host for this hour, and I have such an important person for you to listen to right now.
Christopher Fulton, one of my all-time favorite authors and one of my all-time favorite books.
That's saying something because I do 350 interviews a year.
I am telling you I could not put this book down because it put pieces together for me.
Pieces that were still hanging out there that I had not really digested or understood yet.
And I think this goes for a lot of Americans in a time when we could be talking a lot about COVID and what's going on right now.
Well, you have to start at the foundation, and that foundation is knowing about the Federal Reserve, understanding what happened to JFK, understanding who did it, most importantly, and who's behind some of these things.
This is what people need to know and make the connection to, so that they can understand what's happening today.
And I think this is why Christopher Fulton is so important for the American people to listen to right now, because when you go back into history and you learn these pieces,
These missing pieces.
What did JFK know about what was going to happen in maybe 2001?
Who was Marilyn Monroe?
I don't think we know enough about her role in all of this, but this book defines that, and it literally shocked me when I read about this.
Also, so many pieces of information, like the piece of jewelry that JFK was wearing
On this day that Jackie gave him at the last moment is key and vital to this book and what happened to Christopher Fulton.
I applaud his courage and his bravery for speaking out and knowing that he was incarcerated for almost a decade for having this knowledge and information and evidence.
And so I don't know how you made it through this.
What gave you the grit to get through all of those years knowing that you were only in prison for this reason?
Chris, how did you do it?
I love the, uh, this country.
And, uh, I love the truth.
And when you have truth on your side, you stand on that.
The, uh, they tried, uh, desperately to control this narrative.
They threatened me.
They threatened my family.
They murdered, uh, individuals I was involved with.
And being incarcerated for that amount of time, being under those maximum security prisons where they have German shepherds come up and people were beaten to death.
This is in the United States.
I realized that they'd taken everything that I loved away.
And all I had to do was left was to stand and say, well, you can either take my life now or I can stand on the truth.
I hope I survive it so that I can get to a point where I have the ability to speak again, to have life again.
My story is a cautionary tale for the American people, people at work.
If you don't understand history, if you're doomed to repeat the same mistakes that people that have been strong and willing to sacrifice their lives, you're going to repeat those errors.
And I'm asking the American people not to repeat the errors.
I'm asking the American people to stand together.
Our strength is in our numbers.
Our ability to have the truth be spoken by people of integrity and not to have all this misleading false narrative from these sources that people trust so much that are fake and false.
One of the things I'd like to say is when you go into the federal system and you're in that
Breaking down of yourself and of everything you love and you know.
They desperately want you to pull you into the game, their game, their rigged system.
And they gag ordered me and I couldn't speak in front of the judge.
I couldn't, I had to make deals with the justice department, so forth.
And I was facing 50 years in prison.
And, uh, when you go in.
One of the things I realized is the way to circumvent this, the only way to circumvent this, is not to play.
Don't play the game.
Don't cooperate.
Don't capitulate.
Don't recognize their authority over you.
People who have authority over you have to be given by the American public.
That's what this country is about.
If somebody is going to be a tyrannical about this and take the authority away from the American public, we have to call them out on that.
We've had too many people that have been brainwashed over time and like to be told what to do.
They're comfortable with that.
And America isn't about that.
America is about freedom.
And without freedom, what are we going to do?
Once the AI system is there, and I'd like to say this, I hear these things spoken by people that are in power.
I hear these things spoken by intelligent people on podcasts.
Why do we have the vaccines?
Why do we have this agenda?
Why do we have these things that people recognize?
If you have any common sense that something's wrong.
The AI system only works with the data that you input.
You need to vaccinate or get a passport, a vaccine passport on every man, woman and child in the world for this system to operate.
That is why they want to vaccinate everyone.
That's why it went from two weeks to two months to two years.
That went from the elderly to everybody else.
Now to the children, because they have to get all the data collection into the system.
In order to operate it to control the narrative, control everyone on the planet.
That's what this is about.
They don't give a damn about your health.
This isn't about health.
This is about data mining and information on every person in the world to plug into super quantum computers, AI systems to control the narrative for the rest of our generations to come.
Humanity is at stake.
We have to not comply with this.
We have to say no to this.
I mean, I don't.
I, first of all, don't know how you made it through it.
I don't know how you're surviving putting this book out because there's so much information given that ties so many pieces together for people.
This was this is a huge wake up moment.
The FBI comes by my place every once in a while and says hello.
I have a number attached to my name.
Anything that I go and do, they monitor what I do.
If I were to leave the country and have a meeting with somebody of importance and they don't know what's going on in the CIA, I would go bananas.
Because people that have been involved in any kind of information that the American public doesn't have access to, they want to control.
They want to be able to suppress it, or make sure that you understand that they're in control of you, your family, and so forth.
And this is a scary way to have to live.
I'm monitored all the time.
And I know people that have been, that have worked for our national defense, that have risked their lives and put their, everything they had on it, and they can't leave the United States for the rest of their lives, ever.
They will not be able to have a patent, because our government doesn't trust them.
To leave the United States.
We'll be right back with Christopher Fulton.
The book, The Inheritance, The Poison Fruit of the JFK Assassination.
You just have to read this.
You have to.
I'm Kate Dally.
Be right back.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host for this hour.
Big thank you to Alex Jones and the availability to be on this show.
I love this and I want to bring you good authors and good guests that you can learn from as much as I have.
I'm a syndicated live show right after this show.
Every single day you can go to katedallyradio.com and click listen live and listen to our live show every day.
I'm syndicated in multiple cities.
Christopher Fulton is my guest, one of the most intriguing guests.
On my list.
I mean, it's absolutely intriguing, page-turning, can't put it down, and I applaud Chris Fulton, Christopher Fulton, for writing it.
I applaud him for speaking all over about this and about the events because there are so many things that he is able to fill in that never got answered, and who were the real culprits and why, and the evidence that points to it.
As you've written this book, what has the reaction been, Christopher, when you go around and you speak and you're signing books?
What has been the reaction to this book?
Some people are interested, obviously, in the narrative of what happened.
Others are... I've been contacted by a lot of professional people.
Special forces, lawyers for the 9-11 Commission,
People in high office and so forth and sometimes they're looking for suppression I've had been contacted by the vice president of time out of New York Who told me if I didn't sign with him and change the narrative of my book to the?
That it would be suppressed and never go anywhere and made some threats One of the things I want to share with people especially since Ukraine is on the topic
War with Russia, this narrative that we still hold on to to this day.
I was, I had the honor of having President Kennedy's Oval Office recordings that were not National Security Review.
This was transferred to me to review and then to reach this with the American public.
I never got a chance to do that.
But one of the things on the recordings is during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
And people have never heard this.
Governor Rockefeller is on the phone with President Kennedy.
And this is the president of the United States when the presidency still had a lot of power and prestige in that office.
And Mr. Rockefeller is ordering Kennedy, telling him what to do, cutting him off, giving him instruction on how he was going to operate during that crisis.
And that we were going to show slaughter of American service personnel on ships to incite war with the invasion of Cuba and going to war with Russia.
Why is Russia such a big deal?
Why is that such a big deal?
Because they're a holdout.
They're a strong nation under Putin against the cabal.
They're not interested in the cabal's control of Russia.
And they've basically kicked out Microsoft's infrastructure.
And they're going to protect themselves as they're having their own Cuban Missile Crisis now at Ukraine.
They don't want missiles in the back door four minutes from Moscow.
And they have every right to protect the integrity of Russia.
Now, why is Ukraine so damn important to the American establishment?
Because the cabal uses the gold and money and information out of the corruption of Ukraine to pay off our politicians.
When you see our politicians, Democratic or Republican, saying, let's do what we have to go to war with Russia, they're worried about their goddamn money.
And then it's pretty clear who's who in Washington, isn't it?
This isn't about border integrity.
Can you?
That's laughable.
You get up and they talk about border integrity.
Look at our own borders.
And they're sitting there.
They're stupid enough to make that argument to the American public.
President Kennedy did everything he could to avoid war with Russia.
And he understood that they wanted to go first strike, to take out Moscow, to take out China.
And that he wasn't going to allow that to happen.
He wanted the cameras off those ships.
He did not want to show the slaughter of our American service personnel.
And there's a lot of information that's still classified about submarines and what happened during that period of time.
And the sinking of submarines tit for tat that the American people still don't know about.
There's so much the American people need to know and there's so much information that I believe is going to be continually coming out so that the average person just taking care of their family and so forth can understand the lies and deceit and theft.
How many people know that the Bushes stole all of Howard Hughes' money?
How many people know about all of these backdoor deals and thefts and lies and murder and deceit?
All in the name of the American government and the American people.
I didn't authorize that.
You didn't authorize that, Kate.
Alex Jones didn't authorize that.
These people don't represent us.
You're right.
Absolutely right.
And there's a lot to do with Turkey, too, that's never talked about.
It's always the countries that aren't talked about are usually the issue.
But, you know, what's interesting, too, is you're talking about the Northwoods document and all the things that the Joint Chief of Staffs outlined that they were going to do to innocent Americans to pull off the manipulation of war.
And JFK knew about the manipulation of war.
He knew how involved the CIA was in the manipulation of war.
I've heard that on the recordings.
I've heard them speak, which name gets brought up, who has what idea, what UN plane, what emblems is going to go for where and how we're going to do this, etc, etc, etc.
I've heard it.
It's hugely important to understand this big piece of it and I think when you wrote this book and you disclosed so much in this book about things that people will finally go, oh my gosh, now I get it, now I understand how big it is, I think it really was the opening to
This is how large and vast this criminal network is.
And that's the thing that I know this audience, out of any audience in America, is going to get.
But even then, I think we don't realize the vastness of this criminal network at large.
Do you?
You don't.
You can't.
You can't.
Before I wrote the book, someone from the U.S.
Senate flew out.
Old family from the Senate flew out to see me and said, listen, you're going to write this book.
You're not going to put anybody in a corner.
You're not going to put anybody in court.
You understand?
I said, yes, sir, I understand that, but I'm going to write the book.
And they said, listen, we want you to meet with Mr. Pompeo.
Come on out to Washington.
We'll have you set up in Virginia in a safe house.
We guarantee your safety.
We own the property.
I said, why does why does Mr. Pompeo want to speak with me?
He said, well, we want he wants to clean up the CIA and he wants to get debriefed by you on this subject.
I said, excuse me.
I said, I've spent all this time in federal prison.
My life has been threatened.
I've had people that I've loved and murdered.
I said, I don't know Mr. Pompeo, but I don't understand and fully have faith in his ability to clean up a system that's been murderous and deceitful for so many decades.
I'm not going to put myself back in that position.
So I have not taken these meetings.
I did take a meeting with Larry Elder.
I met with him briefly in a public setting.
I met his CIA handler who was there.
There was defense contractors there.
My interest was what was going to happen with Sirhan Sirhan.
How was he going to release Sirhan Sirhan if he became governor of California?
Of course, they didn't allow that to happen.
They weren't going to allow that to happen.
Of course, our vice president Kamala, you know, VP
She was big in not letting Sir Hansa hang out, giving them instructions to make sure he stayed back there, because nobody wants the truth of what happened to Bobby Kennedy out either.
The CIA murdered Bobby Kennedy, and it's understood at this juncture more than it ever has been, but at the same time, you need a public
An acknowledged forum, an open discussion with the American people to come clean on these issues.
And who we are and who we want to become from here.
You can't fix something when you don't have a foundation, you don't have the ability to recognize where we come from and what has actually happened.
And all of our rights are a constitution.
Most of them, other than one, which is the right to bear arms, and they're working on that, has been dismantled in the last two years.
We're going to come right back with Christopher Fulton in just a moment, author of The Inheritance.
Stay with us.
I'm Kate Daly, your guest host.
My guest is Christopher Fulton.
He wrote the book The Inheritance, the poisoned fruit from the JFK assassination.
What an important book, because if you want something to slice through cognitive dissonance, this is the event in history that they got away with, the JFK assassination, where so many layers of truth
still need to be exposed, are exposed, and weren't exposed for so many decades.
And I think this is why this book is very, very important still.
And for some reason, so many Americans look back on this moment and it rocks their world too much to think that we were so lied to in this moment, so lied to.
And this is why I love Christopher Fulton's book, The Inheritance, is because it goes right back to this and fills in all the gaps, the important gaps
They can absolutely slice into cognitive dissonance in a way that I've never seen before.
That's what's so important.
And I think for you, Christopher, on your journey through this and being imprisoned and being flown around by the CIA as far as held captive by them and the excruciating experience that was, you know,
I think that you probably, even after meeting with JFK Jr., I'd love to know what he knew, because I think most people want to know what he knew about his father's death, so you might want to fill in that gap too.
But also the fact that you met with him right before his death, and
Was he thinking that more and more people were finally figuring out what happened to his dad and who did it and who was to blame and to why?
Did you get that feeling when you were speaking with him one-on-one?
I think John felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility.
He felt the American people wanted him to fix the problem.
And his mother had talked to him
About someday he would have to stand up and be the one to take his place in the White House.
That's an enormous amount of pressure for one individual.
And John realized that he was going to be drafted by the DNC.
That he was not going to be able to turn that down.
And that he would have to prepare himself for the responsibilities
Of guiding the nation in the correct way and taking on the cabal, as he called it when he spoke to me, the cabal.
Which is the same cabal that killed his father.
Go ahead.
I have a question about that though.
So, was he on board with these extreme leftists, these communist treasonists, the populist that has enveloped the DNC?
I don't think he was on board with that because he knew too much about the cabal that runs the parties, both parties, both party systems.
I'm sure that he wanted to represent some change in that and to maybe make sure people understood and were aware of what was going on and who was at the helm, right?
He was definitely aware of that.
He had talked with Mr. Reagan extensively about this subject.
He had talked with Castro.
And Castro
Was out of hand at the time.
It's a complicated story, but President Kennedy was back channeling to him to avoid murdering, having Castro murdered and solving this problem permanently so that we wouldn't have this person off the coast of the United States that could cause such harm.
Of course, the Russians were at their wits end with Castro, too.
But Castro believed that President Kennedy was sincere and that he could be worked with and he could be the best president of the United States that ever existed.
And President Kennedy was well on his way to making those changes.
John was going to reinstate and take over the policies of his father.
He was going to go back to where we had started with this, to end the Cold War, to end the lies.
The manipulation out of the Pentagon and these warmongers that continually make profits and engage in death as a diplomacy tool.
Our foreign policy has been simply this.
If you cooperate and we put in a foreign government with you and we work in a way that uses monetary to get our way in the world, we'll allow you to operate.
If you don't do that, you're an enemy and you go on the list and we're going to make war with you.
That's the way that U.S.
foreign policy operates.
It's not a live-and-let-live encouragement of strength, diplomacy, and democracy so that we can be a beacon of light for the world, that we bring the best and the brightest here, that we're allowed to shine, the best and the brightest are allowed to shine in the United States any longer.
It's the people that are most corruptible.
It's the people that can be bought and paid for.
The people that care about their own backside and their own greed more than the humanity.
John was going to change that.
John was one of the most dangerous persons in world history because the cabal knew, the people that have worked so hard to gain power, because these people that gain power are useless.
They've got nothing to contribute to society other than enslaving you and telling you that you need them.
Put you into a system that says you've got to have my genetically controlled food.
You've got to have my permission to do this the way I want you to do it.
Or you don't have the freedoms that God gave us to move on the board.
We don't need these people.
We don't want these people.
These individuals are enemies of humanity.
And we need to have a real Nuremberg.
Not the fake one that we had after World War II and we never really won that war.
Because the Russians and the United States employed even so many people out of that, the Nazis that went across Europe and so forth.
We need to have a real Nuremberg trial.
We need to have a real exposure.
I tried to get my case put in the Hague court.
And of course, they weren't going to allow that to happen.
They weren't going to allow any kind of international authority to subjugate the American policy.
And the American policy was simple this.
We are not prosecuting or following any investigative
Stuff in the death of our President Kennedy.
This comes right out of the White House and they weren't going to follow up on anything.
The only way that it could have been open is through Texas, which still owes the American people a murder trial in the case of President Kennedy.
If John or I had tendered evidence through Texas, the FBI would have had to cooperate with that and it would have been a mess.
And of course, the Bush election would have been finished.
And this is why it's so important to take me off the table.
Take John off the table.
To take the Secret Service agent that was assigned to John secretly to protect him in New York off the table.
To make him vulnerable.
And to murder him.
It's just heartbreaking.
It really is.
It's heartbreaking.
And it's heartbreaking to look at this web of lies and the vast network, like I said earlier, this vast network.
And I think that's what you open up, you know, learning about Marilyn Monroe and all of these different figures that all played different roles than people think they did.
And this is why when you, after you read it, after you read the inheritance,
We're good to go.
Well, the first thing is that the American people need to be told the truth.
They need to have a legitimate source of information so that they can make a direction.
If you're going to go down a road, you take a left turn, not a right.
Go down the right or to the middle ground.
I'm not making a statement about left and right specific.
I'm just saying a direction.
If you make the wrong direction, it could be fatal.
If you make the correct direction for you and your family, it could be fantastic and prosperous.
This is what the American people need.
People like Alex Jones have been doing this for decades.
Trying to get information out to the American public.
I commend any person, including yourself, Kate, that gets information to the American public.
And I commend the mothers all across the United States that have stood up for the children of this country.
God bless you.
You've shown backbone.
And the American spirit, this is what we need.
We need people to come together and stand on the truth and protection of our family and our future, of this nation.
And the world!
I also commend the Canadians, for God's sake, I never thought I'd say this, but the truckers that are going across, 50,000 strong and 1.4 million Canadians marching on Ottawa, demanding the resignation of the traitor Pierre Trudeau, or that all of these
Christopher Fulton, thank you.
The book, The Inheritance, The Poisoned Fruit of the JFK Assassination.
Get the book.
You must read this book.
And then hand it out to everyone else you know so that we can get through this cognitive dissonance and realize what we're up against so we can be in this fight.
Christopher Fulton, my hat's off to you.
Much respect for what you've done in letting people know exactly what's going on.
I absolutely love you.
Thank you.
People ask me all the time on the street, Alex, how have you made so many incredible predictions that have come true?
And the answer is very, very simple.
I actually study what the international globalists are saying and doing at the highest levels of major corporations, the United Nations, the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, the Davos Group.
And when you look at what the Big Global Corporate Consortium is doing and what their plans are, then you understand what they're going to be doing next.
It's very, very simple.
Now, I want to be clear.
Just because I give advice to people on a lot of different subjects doesn't mean that I always follow my own advice.
In fact, when I'm giving advice, I'm usually actually giving it to myself and just sharing with you my own experiences.
So when I lay these things out, it's from a place of total respect for you.
And a total respect for myself as well, but...
I've talked about this before and I'll just, again, be very clear about it.
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I feel healthy.
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Or vice versa?
It happens.
Thank you for watching!
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When they feel their lychee steel plan to enslave and rob the people, there is an awakening.
Reset Wars has helped me to navigate
And to pinpoint and lock onto the deep-rooted psychological tactics that were being used against me.
And now I'm not scared anymore.
I have to say I was blown away.
I feel so much better every day listening to it.
To Alex, thank you very much for putting the course together.
You're absolutely right.
We are reflections of God.
We are emanations of that.
And we can use that God energy to do really anything we want to do in this life.
Romans Chapter 12, Paul talks about how we're transformed by the renewing of our mind.
And that's a process.
Most of our thoughts and actions are subconscious.
Most people go through their day and don't think about many things.
You can drive along a long journey and not even remember half the trip.
In this process, we need to have a concerted, active effort, physically and mentally, to reprogram that subconscious mind.
That's what this series is about.
Is resetting our mind.
Because there's a war on for our mind.
He's exactly right.
And he's become a great voice in our generation, and in this new Great Awakening.
And I encourage everybody out there, if you haven't gone there yet, go to ResetWars.com.
That's where your journey begins.